Aging Transformation Scenes

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Tales from the Crypt
- (male adult rejuv, male AR to nothing) "A Corny Story", #28, 1952.

Tales From the Crypt
Horror curses - INFO PAGE
- (adults rejuved AS or OA) "Staired In Horror".
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Tales from the Fringe
- (OA) aged

Tales of Horror
- (female adult to old age) #5 "Sisters of The Witch" 04/01/1954 Toby.
One woman is magically aged into an old woman.
- (goldenagecomics)

Tales of Horror
- (male adult stasis or OA) #12 "Fate of Alberto" 08/01/1954 Toby.
A man gets his wish for immortallity.
- (goldenagecomics)

Tales of Suspense
- (dedicated ARed OC) #15. Klatuk4u & Lordbwargle commission.
Goom regressed Emma Frost and Madelyne Pryor. Experimenting with comic line art, stark black shadows and (cross)hatching.
- Temporary backup pic for areas where DA or Process are blocked. Fake issue cover fan art - (EduartBoudewijn)

Tales of Suspense
- (male adult stasis) #13 "I Lived A Million Years!" 01/30/1961.
AKA Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense #2.
- (male AR) #15 Marvel Valentine Special #1/3 3/15/1961.
AKA Man-Thing Giant-Size #1.
- (adults rejuved) #23 "The Creature from the Black Bog!" 11/1/1961.
- (male adult stasis) #30 Marvel "The Man Who Couldn't Grow Old!" 6/1/1962.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Tales of Suspense
(AR) #15 (Marvel Valentine Special #1/3) Goom (mental powers, immense head) has a time machine able to change the age of others.
male ARed
male AR (Ricky)

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes annual #5
- (male FF to adult form) Unborn male child is FFed into a monster? The plot involves Darkseid secretly kidnapping one of Saturn Girl's male twins at the child's birth, sending the boy back in time, making him a villain, and trying to get Saturn Girl and the child's father, Lighting Lad, to unwittingly kill their own offspring - cover - (2BYA)

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
- (male AR) "Greed", #5.
- (male AR) "What Wilbur Saw...", #2.

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
- (male ARed) #2 Charlton "What Wilbur Saw..." 2/01/1957.
- (male adult rejuv/AR) #5 "Greed" 11/1/1957.
- (adult age stasis, adult OA) #11 "Valley of Eternity" 2/01/1959.
- (male adult OA'd) #13 "Time Waits For No Man" 6/01/1959 - (goldenagecomics)

Tales of the Unexpected
- (male adult OA) #96 DC "The Captives Of The Time Stone" 09/1966.
Not that Unexpected... No girl to woman AP. Never that. Paleontologists discover strange crystal that transports menaces from the past to the present. Adult warriors from the past are aged into dust.
- (

Tales of the Unexpected
- (male adult rejuv) #8 DC "The Four Seeds of Destiny" 12/30/1956.
A man returns to the years of his prime.
- (male adult stasis) #95 "I Was A Prisoner Of Death" 07/1966.
Victor Webster has been searching for the secret of immortality, and thanks to the Green Glob he discovers it. However Death is following close behind, determined to kill anyone around him since it can't claim him.
- (

Tales of the Unexpected
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Four Seeds of Destiny", #8.

Tales to Astonish
- (male adult return to past adult self) "The Hands of Time", #36, 1959.
- (male AR to nothing) "What Was The Strange Power of Simon Drudd?" Youth serum, #10, 1960.

Tales to Astonish
- (male adult to OA) #43, "The Mad Master of Time!" cover - (O') - art

Tales to Astonish
Vista Marvel comics series - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) #10 v1 "What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd?!!" 07/1960.
AKA Fantastic Four #30 - (John Kaminski)
- (male AR) #36 "The Hands of Time" 10/1960 - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male adult to old age) #43 "The Mad Master of Time!" 05/1963 - (TBTC)

(disguise) looks like ARed

- (male AR) Jules Feiffer, 1979.
Graphic novel about 40-something businessman with wife and 2 teenaged children who, in response to the pressures of his life, spontaneously turns himself into a 2 y.o. Darkly humorous book tells of the man-baby's misadventures, including a visit to a convention of regressed adults [!] and an encounter with the man's sister-in-law, who has her own ways of making herself shrink...
- The original cover shows a screaming baby-size Leo (in his yellow jammies) running past the title letters. Feiffer did a 6-week dry-run of 'Tantrum' in his Sunday newspaper panel in Sep/Oct 1978. That story centered on first/last book chapters. Most of the jokes are repeated, although in the newspaper version Leo does get piggyback rides from his wife and teen son.
- (PixChick)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR) #23 "Misadventures in Babysitting" 08/2017.
Superman has been turned into Superbaby by red Kryptonite again. The Justice League drafts the Titans as babysitters. Since they are the "Go" versions, it doesn't work too well. The story is about the difficulties of caring for a pre-verbal infant with Superman's powers.
- - ArArchive link - (SKJAM)

Teen Titans: Titans of Tomorrow
(flashed forward) Future adult versions of famous teen heroes. The Titans travel back in time to stop a crucial historical event. DC Universe, 7/2/2008.

Teen Titans
- #94, 2011. This crew has experienced Raven's rebirth, Superboy's clone rage, and Kid Flash's sudden age progression and death.

Teen Titans
Occasional age change arcs - INFO PAGE
- (male adult old age, male reverse aging storyline)
V2 - #22 #23 #24 "Titans Hunt Concludes!: The End" 09/01/1998.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Teen-Age Home Breaker
- ("teenaged" adult age disguises) page scan - (ARarchive content)

Teen-Age Home Breaker
- (AA psychological manipulation) 1950s romance comic. Young ward visits newly married couple. Expecting a sweet little girl, the wife buys her a doll, but instead the ward turns out to be a scheming bombshell. The Teen Home Breaker flits back and forth between a casual teen and a sexy knockout in a low cut dress, while the wife frets that she has her claws on her hubby.
- Comics page free download link - (DreamTales)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male AR, OA) - INFO PAGE
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male reptile AR effect) Original series.
"De-evolution" functions in the same manner as AR. One of the turtles gets his mutagen sucked out by a leech, causing the leech to progress into a walking, talking humanoid, while the TMNT member slowly regresses back into a regular pet shop turtle. At first he takes on the mentality of a human toddler/infant... then he slowly starts decreasing in size and mobility. It lasts for 3 issues.
In-depth summaries: link - link - link
Also, near the end, a much, much, much quicker AR sequence happens to an old man, taking him back to infancy and then pre-birth. (Master_E1)

Tense Suspense
- (male AR) #2 Fago "To Be Young Again!" 2/30/1959.
Scientist invents a youth serum at the Forrest Research Foundation. Owner Henry Forrest secretly injects the serum and is turned into a newborn baby.
- (

Tense Suspense
- (male only AR) Vol01 #2 "To be young again" 1958, Fago - link

Terry Moore's Echo
- (AP RN) #30, Abstract Studio, 2011 Final Issue.
Julie and Annie must stop the Phi Super-Collider. An earlier regression is reversed - (Jeffr_2bya)

Terry Moore's Echo
- (female AR) c2010.
#22, #24, #25: The developers of battle suit HeNRI have dispatched young woman Ivy to locate Julie. The alloy enhances Julie's physical form, making her noticeably taller and more powerful. Prolonged contact causes Ivy to decrease in physical age to her young teens.
#28: Ivy gets even younger, becoming a preteen child.
- (female AP/RN) c2011.
#30: Julie and Annie, sharing the Alloy 618-covered body, must stop the Phi Super-Collider army from destroying Earth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Thanos Annual #1
- (young adult FFed to OA) 2018.
The most evil act in comic history may well have been when Thanos helped an old lady cross the street. By delaying the bus for a few minutes, Thanos prevented young woman Stephanie Kircher from having a crucial inspiration that would eventually solve world hunger and disease. These breakthroughs would end social ills and turn Earth into a paradise, whose example would inspire other worlds to abandon war and conquest - Spoiler art - (Kappa)

Thanos Quest, The
(male old aged, male AR) "Games and Prizes" #2, Vol 1. Marvel Comics, 1990. Starlin, Lim, Beaty. (Entropic)
male old aged/male AR

That's Because You're A Robot
- (male age forms) Quantick, Kane, 2014 one-off.
Neither cop knows who is the robot as they try to solve an unclear case. Their informant is a character called The Ager who can age and de-age at will, changing his appearance in the process.

Thor and the Warriors Four
- (ARed) #3 6/2/2010.
Oh noes! All of Asgard has been turned into tiny little babies! Volstagg? Baby! Sif? Baby! Odin? Teeny, tiny wittle baby. It's up to Power Pack and Thor, Tot of Thunder, to set things right.
- (ARed) #2 5/3/2010.
The Power Pack reach Asgard!

Thor and the Warriors Four
- (male ARed) 2010 Marvel, guest-starring Power Pack. Thor, Odin and Beta Ray Bill get reverted to infancy, and the Pack must take care of them for a while. (SKJAM)

- (male AR, male adult OA) - time attacks to infancy or death. (TBTC)
- (presumed old age, possibility of AP AR) 244 (1st series) "This Is the Way the World Ends!" 2/76. Alien eyes emit strange beams, affecting innocent people. (TBTC)

- (misc male flashback, male AR) various comics - ARed extract - (ARArchive)

- (possible rejuv/OA?) #201 Marvel "To Live Again! To Die Forever!" 7/30/1972.

- (male old age) Belgium.
He was aged once when a magical effect wore off, and through Reality Warping by the villain.
When a time device (which allowed the villains to drink the same potion of youth over and over) got broken, the effects were utterly horrifying.

Thunder Girl
- (age forms illusion) Big Bang Comics, 1994.
On Earth B in 1940, pretty little Molly Wilson was a 14 year old orphan chosen by Mother Nature to become a powerful hero by saying "Alakazam!"
On Earth A, Molly Wilson was a grown woman archaeologist who had gone missing looking for the lost Fountain of Youth. Everyone assumed the younger, amnesiac Molly must have been the result of an encounter with the Fountain.

Thunderbolt Jaxon
- (male AA TF poofs to powerful battle form) Amalgamated Press, 1949. UK/Australia expy of Captain Marvel. Reboot by Wildstorm, 2006.
Orphan Johnny Jaxon is framed for a crime by his unpleasant uncle Jasper. He is sent to borstal, where he finds the magic belt. Putting on the belt poofs him into a large superhuman with all the powers of the Norse god Thor himself - as long as he is acting for good. He later tackles saboteurs, kidnappers and prehistoric monsters. When wearing the belt, Jaxon has incredible strength and endurance, and can fly.

- (male furry AA TF APed) Lesser-known 1982 comic in which a boy transforms into a grownup anthro rabbit superhero.

- (male teen muscle TF AA AP, male FFed)
2010. The first Thunderstrike, Eric Masterson, died a hero. Does his son Kevin have what it takes to live up to his father's legacy?

- (male teen to man AA TF APed) aftermath

Time Twisters
- (male adult mental AR) #2 Fleetway Quality "The Time Machine" 10/30/1987.
In death a man travels back into his past reliving his life. AKA 2000 AD #324, Alan Moore's Twisted Times.
- (

Time-Keepers, The
- (AR, adult OA) Marvel.
They have great power to manipulate temporal energy, aging entire armies to dust or reversing them to pre-life. The three Time-Keepers use the Forever Crystal to remove countless realities.

Tod Holton Super Green Beret
(male APed) Comic from the mid-60s about a young boy who magically changes into a super-powerful adult.

Tod Holton, Super Green Beret
- (male AA TF APed) 1967 - 01

Tom Strong
- (AR, RN) "The Land of Heart's Desire!", #14, 10/2001, DC.
Tom & Dhalua discover why a planet has been declared off-limits.
- (JeffR)
Comic Book Cover

Tom Strong
- (male and fem adult rejuved to grown teens, male ARed AA) "The Land of Heart's Desire", #14.

- (male adult stasis) #120 DC "The Coward Who Lived Forever!" 02/1969.
A man moves though time failing to avoid the greatest wars ever known.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Tomb of Darkness
- (male adult stasis) #17 Marvel "The Secret beyond Belief!" 11/30/1975.
A scientist invents a rejuvenation process that a fellow scientist wants him to share with the world, but he refuses. The creative people who have gone through the process are no longer productive as they have all the time in the world to perfect their craft but never finish anything. AKA Astonishing #63.

Tomb of Dracula
- (male AP, AR RN) Janus After the newborn son of Dracula was killed by one of his rivals, the child's mother (Domini) attempted to raise him from the dead. The baby was possessed by an angelic force and transformed into an adult sized male. After Dracula's death, the golden angel left the body and restored his form to that of the baby.
- (AP) #5, Giant-Size Chillers #1. Lilith was born to Vlad Dracula and Zofia. Gretchin used spell to transform Lilith into an adult vampire. Should Lilith ever die, she would be reborn in the body of another woman.
- (face close-up AP) - Dracula's daughter was rapidly aged to womanhood. It's just not possible to know what happened to her clothing. - TF

Tomb of Terror
- (OA) aged
- (old age) "Rat Man" 10/1952. link panel 5.

Tomb Raider
- (dream AR AA) #16 "Nest of Vipers" 2014, Dark Horse.
Lara is rowing a boat in a dream. She sees her friend Grim but then spots the Loch Ness Monster, and is AA'd into a little girl.
- Full comic link - extract - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Tomorrow Stories
- (male AP, no further info) #12 "JACK B. QUICK: The Facts of Life!!" 2002. Boy genius Jack B.Quick spends the majority of his time inventing incredible things, most of which tend to backfire. When Jack forces a childhood friend into a place called Puberty, the boy ages - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (multiple mostly or entirely male AR depictions)
#11 "The Case of the Infants of Death" 1/30/1941.
The Skull goes on a kidnapping spree as his shrinking potion turns his victims into infants.
News photographer Barbara Sutton snaps a "secret" message indicating the Skull's next kidnapping. She informs patrolman Kip Burland (secretly the Black Hood), who visits the victim's home. Barbara witnesses the Skull and the Black Hood fighting it out. He grabs her and leaps out the window.
Vapors choke the police force and turn them into infants. The Skull's nose filters fall off and he begins to choke into an infant himself. After his arrest, the whole police force, the Skull, and the kidnapped "infants," have become adults again due to the potion having worn off.
- (Coodie2)

- (postmortem adult "rejuvenated") #8 "Another Cold Morning" 1998, Vertigo.
If you get your brain frozen after you die, they can eventually make you a new young adult body - extract

Trigan Empire, The
- (male AR, male OA, male adult rejuv) "The Youth Serum", 1974, Mike Butterworth.

Turma da Monica
- (growth spurts AP) "Monica's Gang", Brazil. In 1 story she kept growing but it may all have been a dream in the end - glimpse 01
- (FFed AA) future versions.

Turma da Monica
- (male cutaway ARed into baby) "A Fonte Da Juventude" c1980s?
Comic extract - Source link @7:25 - (Entropic)

Twilight Zone, The
- (male adult rejuv, adult rejuv and weight loss, adults OA RN )
"Cover Artist", #87, 1978.
- (male AR to baby, feline AR) "Specter of Youth", #21, 1967.

Twilight Zone, The
(male AR) "Specter of Youth" After drinking a potion, a man shrinks out of his clothes and reverts back to infancy in a few steps. Comic scans posted at

Twilight Zone, The
Beyond the unknown - INFO PAGE
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #1173 "Specter of Youth" 3-5/1961 Dell Publishing.
- (male adult rejuv?) "Beyond The Window" 5-7/1962.
- (adult rejuv?) #87 "Cover Artist" 10/1978, Western (Gold Key).
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Twilight Zone
(AA APed) "Perilous Journey"
A group of odd children are ice skating, dressed in modern attire. Only one child, a girl in a purple dress, seems hospitable toward Larry, mutely directing him to follow her. The pair crosses a bizarre icy canyon. They enter a room with reflective icy walls. The girl begins to admire her image in the mirror-like walls. When Larry looks up at her reflection, he is amazed to see not a little girl, but a buxom and beautiful woman in a red dress! "Your reflection," Larry sputters, "you're beautiful! What happened?" This time the girl finally replies. The seductive brunette explains that it was actually Larry that had magically made her reflection appear older. Before he can utter a response, the reflection appears in front of him, grabbing his hand. The two sit down on a couch while the transformed girl explains that only in that room with him would she be a woman, and upon leaving she would revert again to being a child, a transformation she desperately hopes to avoid. Larry lofts the bench high above his head and throws it into a mirrored wall. He succeeds in shattering the mirror, but then the entire room begins to collapse. The dark-haired woman bemoans,"I will grow older --always older! Old and ugly!" - AA forms - (2bya info)

Twilight Zone
(AP) "Perilous Journey", #1, #92. 1st series. Western Publishing Company, Gold Key. A little girl changes into a woman through magic.

Two Faces of Communism, The
(flash forward AA) 1961. FF

Ultimate X-Men
(AR AA) Comic scans.
- 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
(ArArchive Board upload)

Ultra Comics (character)
- (male adult OA/rejuv) DC, The Multiversity #1, 10/2014.
Earth-Prime meta character. Ultra can move through the events of his personal narrative and reverse his aging. Intellectron aged him to near-death, but Ultra traveled back to the start of the book to regain his adult youth.

Umbrella Academy, The
- (male RN "ARed" aftermath) Dark Horse.
#1 "The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Berserk" 9/2007.
- The comic the 2019 Netflix series was based on had no on-page AR. Number 5 was introduced sometime after he dropped in the present, already having been ARed back to age 10. The time travel didn't happen, as Number 7 begins a new arc - (Tazz)

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, The
- (furry adult time acceleration, FFed to OA) #31.
Single issue arc. The two females are zapped by a mysterious ray into Hypertime, living life super fast while the real world moves suuuuuper sloooow! They realize they'll live out their entire lives before the weekend is out, but that doesn't stop them from several decades of hobbies, heroics, and science! Always love this sort of plot and aging.
Another multi-issue arc had Squirrel Girl trapped in the 60's because of Doctor Doom. She met an elderly version of herself who lived her life the long way round.
- Issue link - extract - (Spyguy)

Uncanny Tales
- (male adult age stasis) #51 "I Lived Forever" 01/30/1957 Marvel.
A man during the Crusades receives a boon from a Muslim sorcerer for letting him go, but the gift of immortality turns to a curse as all those he loves grow old and die, and he has to wander from place to place lest people wonder why he does not age.
- (

Uncanny X-Men, The
The Uncanny X-Men:
- (male RN AP) #104.
- (AA FFed) #160. Illyana AA AP in New Mutants #14, AR RN in #73.
- (AR) #248.
- (ARed) #265 "The Return of Storm" 10/1985.
- (reverse lifespan) #347-#350.
- (old age, AR) #452 "Chasing Hellfire" 2004.
- (AR) #461 "MOJO Rising" 06/05/2005.
The Uncanny X-Men Annual:
- (group AR, RN AP) #10.
- (baby forms) #12.
(Anonymous Guest, Lillian, JeffR_2bya)

Uncanny X-Men
- (ARed) 1st series. The villain Nanny sealed Psylocke, Dazzler, and Havok in battle suits, and mentally regressed them to childlike behavior. #265: Nanny has physically regressed Storm, who was then referred to as prepubescent. #270, 11/1990: Storm tries to come to terms with having been de-aged. When rejoining the team she looked younger than the New Mutants, who were 16 or so. They said they could find no biological advancement in Storm, yet she looked older from her reappearance issue to just before they were abducted, not to mention her hair grew longer. Claremont wanted to develop the idea of a kid team-leader, but the editors forced him to reset to 1980s status. I believe he got a chance to revisit it with X-Men Forever in the late 2000s? - (Heat, Piper)

Uncanny X-Men
- (female slow AR) #347, #348, #349, #350. 1997.
Spat and partner Grovel met Gambit and formed a friendship. Someone fired a blast at Remy (Gambit) and Spat took the bolt. As a result she has been aging in reverse, becoming an adult trapped in a child's body. According to partner Grovel, she gets younger everyday. Gambit eventually gained the Tomorrow Stone and Spat returned to normal? Spat info link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Uncanny X-Men
- (male adult ARed illusion) Vol3, #25, 2014. "The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier".
Prof X found a young boy with a very dangerous power. He makes the boy see him as someone his own age to make friends. Prof X manages to put the power in hibernation. He spends several years checking on the boy, aging his image as the time passes - (Tazz)

Uncle $crooge
- (male anthros stasis, rejuved, AR?) #32 Dell "That's No Fable!" 12/30/1960.
Donald Duck and his nephews feel great after swimming to an island. They discover young conquistadors stranded there for centuries. If they try to swim back, they'll be too young to survive.
AKA Carl Barks Library #4, Uncle Scrooge #32 #97, Uncle Scrooge Adventures #18 #97, Walt Disney Comics Digest #56.
- (

Unexpected, The
- (AP) "The Unexpected" #111, DC Comics, 02/69. "The Baby Who Had... But One Year To Die".
Mysterious baby is left on the door step of an Orphanage and grows at amazing rate. (Jeffr_2bya)

Unexpected, The
Supernatural shock twists - INFO PAGE
The Unexpected:
- (female old age) #106 "The Doorway Into Time" May 1968 DC.
- (male accelerated) #111 The Baby Who Had But... "One Year To Die"... 03/30/1969.
- (male old age) #115 "Abracadabra..You're Dead"11/30/1969.
- (male AR/RN) #124 "The Incredible Rebirth of Martin Phipps" 05/30/1971.
- (male AR or rejuv & male old age) #132 "Death Watch" 02/30/1972.
- (fake female AR or rejuv) #158 "The Fearsome Fountain Of Youth" 08/30/1974.
- (male adult Soul Transfer) #183 "Golden Grave" 02/30/1978.
- (male adult to old age) #188 "Murder Can Be Fatal" 12/30/1978.
- (female reborn ST) #199 "Project Eternity" 06/30/1980.
- (female adult mental infantilization) #204 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" 11/30/1980.
- (male adult to old age) #209 "The Curse of the Pharaoh Ras Kama!"04/30/1981.
- (female & male adults to old age) #212 "Quarantine" 07/30/1981.
- (male AR) #213 "Bring Me Back To Life" 08/30/1981.
- (female/male unseen AA APed) #221 "The Day After Doomsday" 04/30/1982.
- (, Jeffr_2bya)

- (old age) "Quarantine" #212.
The crew of a starship are infected with a strange illness causing them to age suddenly. (Jeffr)

Union Jack
- (adult rejuv) In attempting to rescue Human Torch & Sub-Mariner from Master Man, Jacqueline was mortally wounded. After an emergency blood transfusion from the android Human Torch, Jacqueline's metabolism returned to superhuman levels and her Spitfire powers reactivated. A side effect of her returning powers caused her to become somewhat younger, as she reverted to the body of a 16 y.o. Jacqueline returned home to Crichton Manor - (Jeffr_2bya)

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction
- (male adult age stasis) #3 "...Not Long Before The End" 05/01/1975 Curtis.
A warlord uses magic spells to stay young.
- (goldenagecomics)

Unknown Worlds
Dealings with obscure forces... INFO PAGE
- (age?) #32 ACG "A Good Mixer" 07/30/1964.
AKA Adventures into the Unknown #98 "The Scrambler".
- (age?) #36 "The People vs. Hendricks" 1/30/1965.
- (male age-up/reduction) #40 "Time To Set Things Straight!" 7/30/1965.
- (female adult old aged) #43 "The Hundred-Year Witch" 11/30/1965.
- (female adult younger?) #46 "The Man Who Watched over Me" 3/30/1966.

Unusual Tales
- (male AR) "Prof. Carlin's Invention", #17, 07/01/1959, Charlton.
A man makes a fountain of youth machine by accident.
- (JeffR, goldenagecomics)

Uriel Worthington (Marvel Comics character)
- (OA-like effect?) Uncanny Avengers #7, #8. Earth-616.
He can bend space and time to create pocket dimensions of accelerated years, releasing waves of artificial time to instantly kill his victims.

UT (magazine)
- (BE UC) "Sunday Sport Presents UT", 1991-93, UK.
"Mammary Woman", MAD-like parody.
- The life of a put-upon nerdy "schoolgirl" with a very flat chest changed forever when, on a visit to an underwear factory, she was bitten by a radioactive bra-strap. Later that night, the inevitable Fetish Fuel-esque sequence occurs, as in the space of three frames her assets swell from bee-stings, to basketball-sized (bursting her "school blouse" in the process), to 3 metres across and a triple-Z cup... EACH. The world's bustiest superheroine expands them even further in a matter of seconds to the size of a military hovercraft to buffer a crashing train.

Valeria Richards
- (FF age appearances) Marvel, Earth-616. After Franklin's powers were depleted, Valeria reverted to an unborn child within Susan Richard's womb.

- (limited age poofs) #17 DC.
A villain named Glorith, who has the ability to change ages in objects at will, attacks the Legion.

vampire comics
- (kinda OA TF) life-form extraction - (Aging Women)

Vault Of Horror, The
- (male age stasis)
"Minor Error", #4, Gladstone.
Short story about a boy that doesn't age. What is his secret?
- (adult youth theft, adult old age)
"Fountains of Youth!", Gemstone, EC
#11, #22, 1/30/1952 - #2, 1982 - #11, 04/30/1995 - Vol03 #11-15.
- Eileen reads a newspaper ad asking for a traveling companion for a Madam DuBois, who is traveling abroad. Her brother Ken is not too happy with the idea, but Eileen goes and sees DuBois, who wears a heavy veil over her head ...she and Madam DuBois then board a cruise ship. Unfortunately, Eileen gets seasick and Madam DuBois has her lie down in her cabin, where she takes the young lady's hand and begins singing softly to her. Eileen begins to waste away and die, and when Ken hears the news, he's determined to get to the bottom of it. He travels to see Madam DuBois, who no longer wears the veil, but doesn't believe her story of what happened to Eileen. The next day, Ken sees an ad in the paper, again asking for a traveling companion for DuBois. Once one is secured, Ken follows her and books passage on the same ship ...and sure enough, a few days later, the new young woman has come down with a strange illness. Ken visits the doctor and tells him of his suspicions, so the ship's doctor orders the young woman to the ship's hospital and Madam DuBois locked in her room. The doctor informs him that Madam DuBois is similar to a human vampire, who prolongs its life by sapping the adult youth of their victims. By the time the pair get to DuBois' cabin, she is already withering and dying before their eyes!
- (Jeffr_2bya,)

Velocidad (Gabriel Cohuelo - Marvel Comics character)
- (male slight aging) When 16 y.o. Gabriel first used his powers he appeared to be stuck in a state of superspeed. Unable to slow down, he aged several months while only a day had passed for everybody else. His powers are speeding up his aging greatly, and he already has gray hair.

- (FoY) #14 Marvel, Leading "The Fountain of Death!" 06/1951.
The reporter Venus travels to Mars with German rocket inventor so the media will believe the journey actually took place. He finds the Fountain of Youth there but was not rejuvenated? The story is so incredible her editor can't publish it, unfortunately - info link

- Vol01-14 - th

(mind transfer) "Turnabout Is Fair Play", 122, 12/01. In this riotous sequel to #109 "Please Don't Repeat Yourself", it's deja vu all over again yet again when the mystical pendant returns! Back then, Veronica was doomed to reliving her day over... and over! Now the old body switcheroo makes Veronica live in her blond, refined pleasant mom's body and vice versa! Can Riverdale adjust to a Mrs. Lodge who acts young, fresh and trendy? Better yet, can they adjust to a Veronica with manners and culture? They swap for 24 hours and of course embarrass themselves. Neither one is happy with the switch. Best moment is when Veronica glances in the mirror and screams "I'M OLD!"

Vertigo Pop: London
- (male adult to younger/older adult mind transfer) 2003, DC.
Aging British rock star Rocky Lamont picks up young indie-rock protege Sean and attempts to use a magic hookah to switch bodies with him. To set it up he builds a career for the kid while increasingly faking the dementia-induced belief that he IS the kid, so that when the swap happens they'll lock him up. The old guru responsible has stolen a young woman's body.

Vindicator III
- (male adult rejuvenated illusion)
Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 19-20.
- Comic book hero. Real Name: James MacDonald Hudson (clone). Status: deceased.
- When Guardian I discovered dark secrets behind Department H, the scientists created a semi-organic synthoid replica with his memories in it, while ejecting the real deal into space. The copy looked about 12 years younger, explained with a cover story of removing Guardian's alien implants with a devolving machine, but overshooting and regressing him to younger than anticipated.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AP CBed scene) Rapid grow-up potion
The scene is a nod to Asterix, and Spirou & Fantasio comics. Violine drinks from a gourd like Asterix. She grows up into Seccotine (journalist competing with Fantasio). Belphégor the mouse becomes Spip, Spirou's squirrel. (Process)
- (AP glimpse) Fabrice Tarrin. Purple eyed little girl looks for her lost father. In 1 scene she is seen drinking a magic potion which causes her to rapidly age into an adult. Fortunately for her clothes, shoes, socks, and under-garments, she was almost nude at the time. (GLKnight83)

- (adult specter to old age) "Thief of Souls", #4, 11/01/1952, Four Star.
After a woman's soul is taken, she appears as a ghost, but greatly aged.
- (JeffR,

- (AA curse) #91 "So Much More" c2009.
Adult F-to-F poofs. The heroines encounter magic user "Leah", who can AA-"transform" her own adult appearance in cutaways. At one point she had briefly taken the appearance of an older woman. Her true young adult form was found at the end.
- - extract

- (dedicated AR)
Magic Mirror fan edit - fan edit

- (TF AA AP) W.I.T.C.H. Chapter Book: The Disappearance - Book #2
- Irma uses her powers to look noticeable at a party. The transformation energy whisks her clothing away. She makes herself older and more mature looking, but gets the wrong kind of attention! When a boy tries to kiss her she turns him into a frog. The girls just laughed at Irma when she confessed.
- (TF AA AP) Will before/after TF scene - 18

(AA TF AP's)
- Since the characters are mainly teenaged girls, breast size features heavily in their major concerns. Team leader Will is a Pettanko who uses her enhanced Magical Girl form to offset her lack of size, while tomgirl Irma is already the biggest, but tries to make herself bigger anyway out of pure vanity.
- Will (short for Wilhelmina) is explicitly stated to feel insecure about her underdeveloped chest size, and prefers her Guardian form because she's bigger. As an older, taller Guardian, she upgrades to D-cups.

- (furry/demon AR) Tome 1.09, 2012. The heroes end up turning into children and a baby after drinking from the Fountain of Youth by accident. I could only find one image so can't tell if there's process, but their clothes do appear baggy - art - (Gwadahunter2222, Azerty47-2)

Walt Disney comics
- (male and female anthro AR, adult rejuv, old age)
INFORMATION PAGE - (to be expanded)
Walt Disney's Brer Rabbit:
- (possible AR/AP) #? "The Fountain of Youth".
Walt Disney's Christmas Parade:
- (AR, RN) #6 "The Fountain of Youth" 11/30/1954.
Walt Disney's Comics And Stories:
- (possible AR/AP) #426 "The Youth Potion" 3/30/1976.
- (male AR/RN) #654 "History Re-Petes Itself" 03/30/2005.
Walt Disney's Comics Digest:
- (female anthro old age, rejuv, AS, RN) #25 "The Youth Machine" 08/30/1970.
Walt Disney's Duck Tales:
- (possible AR/AP) #7 "The Fountain of Youth" 09/11/1990.
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse:
- (possible AR/AP) #66 "The Secret of the Swamp" 06/30/1959.
Walt Disney's Donald Duck:
- (possible AR/AP in all of the following titles:)
- #?? "As Young As You Feel".
- #?? "Elixir Of Youth" 1989.
- #?? "Fountain Of Youth" 06/11/1980.
- #?? "Second Childhood" 08/03/1989.
- #?? "The Spring Of Instant Youth" 12/22/1974.
- #?? "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" 1994.
- #10 "The Fountain of Youth" 1956.
- #12 "The Fountain of Youth" 05/08/1975.
- #36 "The Fountain of Youth" 1967.

Walt Disney comics
Walt Disney's DuckTales:
- (male/AR/RN) #17 "A Dime In Time" 10/01/1991.
Walt Disney's Gyro Gearloose:
- (male adult anthro to old age) #1267 "Fountain of Youth Goof" 02/01/1961.
Walt Disney's Mickey:
- (possible AR/AP) #348 10/30/1981 - #630.
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse:
- (AS) #? "Itching Gulch" 08/08/1949.
- (minor animal AR) #66 "Mickey Mouse in The Secret Of The Swamp" 07/01/1959.
Walt Disney Comics Digest:
- (possible AR/AP)#25 "The Youth Machine" 10/30/1970.
Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge:
- (possible AR/AP in all the following:)
- #?? "Medea's youth potion" 07/30/1988.
- #?? "The Wee Dram From Scotland" 02/30/1996.
- #32 "That's No Fable!" 12/30/1960.
- #32? "Fountain of Youth" 10/30/1965.
- (AR and old age) #43 07/30/1963.
- (Jeffr_2bya data)

Walt Disney's Gyro Gearloose
- (male anthro AR/RN) "Fountain Of Youth Goof", Disney, #1267, 11/30/1961. One Shots.
Gyro invents a youth serum. He and Uncle Scrooge are ARed.
- (

War Machine
- (young adult to old age acceleration) 1996, issues 19-24.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sheva Josephs has developed "Time Fatigue" from time traveling with War Machine, and suddenly finds herself aging rapidly.

- Issues 1 to 4 Maximum press

Warlord, The
- (male AP) #20 DC "Enter The World of The Warlord".
Baby boy is cloned to full manhood.
- (John L.)

(male AP) #19-21 Deimos ages Joshua's clone to manhood and sends him to kill Morgan.

We Can Fix It!: A Time Travel Memoir
- (messages to younger self) Jess Fink, 2013.
She got the opportunity we've all daydreamed about, thanks to the time machine on her porch (and the awesome green jumpsuit she bought). Jess goes back ever further to avert all the stupid mistakes her younger self made - Info link

Weapon Brown
- (male FFed parody) by "Clarissa" artist Jason Yungbluth.
AKA "Blockhead's War", 150+ pages.
Across the apocalyptic landscape rides lone cyborg blockhead "Chuck", a single hair curled across his forehead, a tattered yellow shirt with a single stripe concealing his Schultz 777 gun. With his dog Snoop and a bionic arm, he battles the likes of a kite-eating tree, the Cthulhu-esque "Great Pumpkin", the wicked Dr. Lucille VanPelt, a 12-story orange creature with a voracious appetite called a "Garf", Annie, etc.
The adult incarnation of a famous bald comic strip star was pushed too far, and now walks the wastelands seeking wishy-washy revenge! The evil Syndicate have just unleashed their ultimate weapon against him, a next generation cyborg known as C.A.L-v.1N.
- cover characters: Weapon Brown (Charlie Brown) and CAL-v.1N (Calvin & Hobbes).

Weapon H
- (monsters AA TFed into preteens, RNed) #6, #7, 2018.
Skrull monsters disguise as preschoolers and a blonde woman - link - art - (Guest)

Web of Evil
- (male AS/rejuv/OA?) #21 "The Man Who Lived Forever" 12/30/1954.
- (

Web of Mystery
- (adult stasis?) #25 Ace "The Keeper of the Flames" 7/1/1954.
A man makes a deal with death to extend his wife's life.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Web of Mystery
- (male adult to old age) #3 "True Tales of unexplained mysteries #6" 6/1/1951.
A man ages to bones after his elixir is lost.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Weird Adventures
- (male adult reversing lifespan) #10 "The Man Who Lived Backwards!" 8/30/1951.
The day before his wedding, a man's life begins moving backwards...
- (

Weird Fantasy
- (male AR past birth?) #4 "Second Childhood".
AKA EC's Weird Fantasy #16 11/1950.
- (FFed to adult/OA) #6 "Space-Warp!"
- (clones to OA) #9 "The Duplicates".
- (male adult to OA, FF) "The Connection".
- (adult to old age) #15 Entertaining "He Who Waits".
- (male AR past birth) #16 Russ Cochran "Second Childhood" 7/30/1993.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Weird Fantasy
- (male AR to baby) "Second Childhood", #16, 1950.

Weird Fantasy
Entertaning Comic, #9
- (AP to OA) "The Duplicates" - Bob and Lee create a process to make clone copies. The (F?) clones age to old age after a while.
- (male AP to OA, flashback/flash forward) "The Connection" - Thomas Branch has fallen in love with younger adult Doris Martin, but he hates the age difference. He ends up aging himself into an old man when he travels to the future. When he travels back into the past, he returns to when Doris was a 4-year-old little girl. He ends up becoming Doris Martin's guardian after her parents die, raising the little girl he once loved as a woman.
- (2BYA data)

Weird Mysteries
- (male adult stasis) #6 GillMor "Life Sentence" 9/1/1953.
A man must spend a century inside a sealed room if he drinks some very special water.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Weird Mysteries
- (male rejuv/adult stasis) #10 Gillmor "Eternal Death" 5/1/1954.
An older man gets a younger body.

Weird Mystery Tales
- (adult stasis?) #4 "To Live Forever" 2/28/1973.

Weird Mystery Tales
- (male adult to OA death) #12 "Time Plug" 7/30/1974.
A man is aged to dust after he is shot dead by a pair of thieves.
- (

Weird Terror
- (female adult to old age) #10 Allen Hardy "Witch Girl!" 3/1/1954.
A woman is aged after another woman casts a spell on her.
- (goldenagecomics)

Weird War Tales
- (adult to old age) "Night of the Seminole", #88, 1960. Squaw was aged in canoe.

Weird War Tales
- (male adult to OA) #04 DC 4/30/?
A soldier wishes it was twenty years from now. After a gypsy girl tells some stories, he is aged twenty years.
Weird War Tales
- (female adult to OA, age stasis) #88 "Night of the Seminole" 03/30/?
Not until the Third Seminole War were they driven from their Florida homeland. How did these simple peace-loving indians withstand the armed might of the U.S. Cavalry for so long? Startling Answers revealed here.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Weird Wonder Tales
- (male adult stasis) #8 Marvel "You're Gonna Live Forever" 2/28/1975.
A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever, and he goes to hide out in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand. AKA Menace #3, Mitico Thor vl #131.
- (

Welcome Back to the House of Mystery
- (young adults to old age) #1 DC Vertigo "The House of Endless Years" 7/30/1998.
Physically fully grown young adults Judy and Peggy search for Peggy's lost brother. They enter an old house where lives an old hag who warns them to leave for their own good. They find the evil house drains the life from those in it by leeching on their fear of death, condemning them to an endless eternity.
AKA House of Secrets #83, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24, House of Mystery #224, Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery #3 & The House of Secrets #1.
- (

Welcome to Tranquility
- (male adult rejuv poof) Gail Simone, Neil Googe, Wildstorm, 2007.
The town is home to retired superheroes and supervillains ("Maxis") and their families. Kevin Trueblood/Maximum Man is now an old man, but when he can remember his magic word "Hecatean" he turns into a 30 y.o. superhero. As a timid accountant, he was first granted the power of "Indian Fakirs" with enhanced strength and invulnerability.

West Coast Avengers, The
- (adult to old age, RN) V2 #12 "The Attraction Between Two Bodies" 9/30/1986.
While fighting villains Zzzax, Quantum, & Halflife, the latter ages Mockingbird every time she touches her, until Wonder Man makes the save.

West Coast Avengers
- (adult to OA) V2#12 1986/09.
Halflife: Banca Rech was recruited by Graviton. If she touched a victim, they would age halfway to the point where they'd die of old age. Doing it several times in succession aged a victim so much they died within minutes. Fortunately, this effect had No Ontological Inertia, so the victim regained his true age if Halflife was knocked out.

What If: Secret Invasion
- (adult rejuvenation) If - (ArArchive)
- (adult rejuvenation) Marvel, 12/2009.
5 part mini series about alien shapeshifters who invade earth by replacing heroes with skrulls.
What if the skrulls had won? The youth immersion could be a religious hoax to give the impression of eternal youth to gullible humans. (Tazz, ArArchive)

What If... Miles Morales
- (male young adult monster muscle TF CB) #3 2022/05. Piper, Salazar, Medina. Ongoing series with alternate origins. What if... instead of being bitten by an enhanced spider, Miles Morales was blasted by gamma radiation?! Is Miles man or Hulk? Or maybe he's just a kid trying to live a normal life: school, dates, a rampaging ABOMINATION... Miles may be the strongest there is, but that won't make growing up easy - growth - (maletf.blogspot)

What If
- (AP, AR RN) V2 - #33.
The Shadow King tries to defeat Jean Grey by accelerating baby Rachel's aging and possessing her. Rachel is left with an adult body and infant mind. Jean uses the Phoenix power to regress her back to her proper age. (2bya)

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader
- (male life reset)
"Some people go to Heaven... Do you know the only reward you get for being Batman? You get to be Batman. And - when you're a child - you get a handful of years of real happiness, with your father, with me. It's more than some people get."

Where Monsters Dwell
Atlas Marvel series - INFO PAGE
- (female adult rejuvenated to prime) #9 "The Magic of Mordoo!" 10/1/1955.
AKA Journey Into Mystery v1 #75.
- (male adult to old age) #12 "The Black Clock!" 11/1/1971.
AKA Journey Into Mystery v1 #67.
- (female adult to old aged) #30 "The Thing in The Black Box!" 9/1/1974.
AKA Journey Into Mystery #74.
- (AA accelerated lifespan & growth, male old age) #33 "The Man Who Meddled!" 1/1/1975.
AKA Marvel Tales #128.

Whiz Comics
- (male multiple AR & OC scenes, police ARed) Captain Marvel, #13, 1940, "Sivana's Fountain of Youth". Many men were turned into boys that day before being AA RN'd again.

Wild Girl
(flashed forward, coming of age) 2004 Wildstorm. Young teen Rosa must raise herself into magic warrior. covers - 2

- (male adult hulkout CBed) AKA WildCats, WildC.A.T.s.
When Nobel-prize-winning genius bruiser Maul experiences powerful rage, he increases his mass at the cost of his reasoning capability. If seriously provoked, he sometimes forgets himself and grows past the point where he can tell friend from foe. He discovered he could increase his intelligence by decreasing his body mass, but this proved to be physically depleting.

(age stasis) #37, Warren Ellis 1997 Stormwatch revamp.
Jenny Sparks AKA "The Spirit of the 20th century" stopped aging as a young adult in 1919. Sequel is Authority series. (Jeffr_2bya)

Witches Tales
- (male adult to OA) #9 Harvey "Fatal Steps" 4/1/1952.
A man is aged after making a few wishes.
- (adult to OA)
#14 "The Devil's Own" 9/1/1952.
A woman ages after she uses a few spells. Later she is transformed into an old witch:
- (male adult rejuv)
#19 Harvey "The Pact" 6/1/1953.
A man makes a deal with the devil to live forever in a young man's body:
- (goldenagecomics)

Witches, The
- (age changing ability?) "The Witches" - cover
- (AP, AR) The empath Topaz, one of Dr. Strange's angels, could, supposedly, "change her age" according to some online blurb? She teams up with Jennifer Kale and Satana.

Witching Hour, The
- (AP, age stasis) #9, DC Comics. "The Lonely Road Home" "The Last Straw" 07/70. 2 related stories. One about never growing old and the other about a cursed magic broom. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (presumed old age, possibility of AP, male AP, minor female AR) 74 "Death Can Be Contagious" 10/76? A 75 year-old witch has an anti-aging potion. (--Jeffr_2bya)
- (presumed old age, possibility of AP, male AP) 69, 3/76? Anything a man touches with his bare fingers ages to death in "Five Fatal Fingers".
- (implied AR) "The Girl Who Grew Younger" - (Jeffr_2bya)

Witching Hour, The
- (AR AA illusion) "The Girl Who Grew Younger", #69.

Witching Hour, The
Scary curses and much more - INFORMATION PAGE
- (minor female AR) #4 "Disaster in A Jar" 09/30/1971?
- (male adults, old & young mind transfer) #8 "Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty" 05/30/1971?
- (age stasis, old age) #9 "The Lonely Road Home" "The Last Straw" 07/30/1970.
- (females ARed to babies, OC) #10 09/1970.
- (female old age) #18 "The Face Behind The Mask" 01/30/1972.
- (adult female to old age form) "When Satan Comes A-Creaping!".
- (male old age) #19 "Stop Beating, Heart! You're Killing Me." 03/30/1972.
- (male adults to old age) #51 "The Phantom Theater" 02/30/1976.
- (female & male to OA) #69 03/30/1976? "Five Fatal Fingers".
- (implied female AR) "The Girl Who Grew Younger".
- (animal AP to death) #73 "Don't Dare Pick Up a Stranger" 09/30/1976?
- (female & male age increase, minor female AR) #74 "Death Can Be Contagious" 10/30/1976?
- (male old age) #76 "The Man Who Bought Death" 01/30/1976?
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Witching Hour
- #18, 01/1972.
- (old age) "The Face Behind The Mask" A con woman fakes that she is over 300 years old to swindle money out of a man she loves.
- (old age) "When Satan Comes A-Creaping!" A man's beautiful wife turns into an ugly old witch.

Witching Hour
- (adult age stasis, old aged glimpse) - adult age witch (2BYA)
- (old age, male old age) - old age to death scenes.

- (male adult to old age) #61 #62, sep-oct-1992, Mastodon.
INFO PAGE - (Comicvine)

Wonder Woman
- (AA age forms) v1 155 cover
- (AA AR, AA RN) #132.
Wonder Tot 1MB page scan - (ArArchive)
- (age forms) "Wonder Woman & Wonder Girl" fan art

Wonder Woman
- (AA AR, costume fit, AA RN) "The Skyscraper Wonder Woman", #122.

Wonder Woman
- (AA flash forward, flashback)
In some adventures Diana was a girl, sometimes very young, almost a toddler. We'd see Diana at different stages in her life, all in one story... or young Diana looking at herself in a time viewer, or using time travel to catch up to her adult self. Different-aged Dianas in the same story called each other "sister," WW #307 (1983).
- It was claimed that Wonder Girl of the Teen Titans was Wonder Woman as a girl - #105, 04/1959 features Wonder Woman as a teenaged Wonder Girl. Her beau was a merboy named Mer-Boy. When the stories showed that Mer-Boy had grown into a man, they called him Manno. The Impossible Stories began with Hippolyta splicing film of her daughter at different ages together to form one adventure, with young Diana viewing herself in a time monitor. WW 113: The first Silver Age appearance of Wonder Tot, though it's Diana as a kid. We see how every year disaster befalls Diana's birthday cake.
- ages/stages

Wonder Woman
- (adult rejuv effect, RN) WW Vol2 160, 2000/07/26? "Infinite Crisis": Clayface resurfaces as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. He seeks to further increase his powers by absorbing Wonder Woman (a clay construct similar to him). This caused her to regress to a teenage appearance resembling Donna Troy. They were able to trick Clayface into entering a train carriage while Wonder Woman was disguised as Donna, who used the Lasso of Truth to swing the carriage around into a mystical centrifuge, causing the clay Clayface had stolen to split away from him and re-merge with Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman
- (AR, male ARed, RNed) #175, "Wonder Woman's Evil Twin" - cover - AR scans

Wonder Woman
- (AR) Queen Clea of Atlantis. Presumed deceased; reverse-aged in WW v.2 #183
- (AR) Doctor Poison (Princess Maru) Succumbed to her own poisons; reverse-aged herself to nothing in WW v.2 #151 Just a reference to the character going bye-bye and no issue sidenote. (John L)
- (age forms) Devastation cover
- (old age, APed, RN) WW Vol 2, #3 4/87 "Deadly Arrival". At first young Vanessa Kapatelis AKA "Nessie" was jealous of Diana's beauty. She ran upstairs to phone her friend to keep him away, because of what he would do if he saw Diana. Nessie fell asleep in the lounge. The statue she had forgotten about awaits! Diana and Julia heard a scream and ran to see what was happening. Decay was standing over an "old" Nessie.
- In "A Long Day's Journey Into Fright!" 5/87 Diana rescued her from Decay who had magically aged her by decades, and Nessie started to love her as an elder sister. The high-school student dreamt of fighting evil alongside Diana. Dr. Psycho and Circe used her traumas, mental conditioning and physical implants to transform Vanessa into the third Silver Swan, and released her against her former friend. After Circe was defeated, Diana took Nessie to a hospital, but Sebastian Ballesteros, the man behind Nessie's transformation, abducted her. Veronica Cale transformed her further into a cyborg, and sent her back to fight Diana. Doctor Leslie Anderson removed the cyborg implants.
- Nessie

Wonder Woman
- (rejuvenations) Vol01#07 - Hippolyte shows Diana a possible future where Di and Etta Candy invent Life Vitamin "L-3" when Etta's mother Sugar is dying of old age. Sugar drinks the vitamin and rejuvenates back to her twenties. The rest of the vision shows the vitamin made available to the public, erasing death of old age as a concern. Diana and Steve live together for centuries.
- (AR) Vol02 - When Villainy, Inc. tried to take over Skartaris, the villain Trinity spreads a "virus" which de-ages many inhabitants into infants, and even to death in some cases.

Wonder Woman
- (teen ARing) & Black Canary - fan panel - (Weary Traveler)

Wonder Woman
Sensation Comics
- (reverse lifespan?) #31 DC "Wonder Woman's Adventures in Grow Down Land" All-American 07/1944.
- (TBTC)

Wonder Woman
(flashback scene AA) Sub-aquatic encounter - forms
(WT - Hobbs)

Wonder Woman
The Amazonian superhero - INFO PAGE
- (young form) v1 #113 DC "Invasion Of The Sphinx Creatures" 04/1959.
- (young form) #122 "The Skyscraper Wonder Woman" 5/30/1959.
- (female AR?) #129 "Return of the Nuclear Villain Multiple Man" 4/30/?
- (AR stages) #132 "Wonder Tot And The Flying Saucer" 08.
- (AR?) #133 "The Amazing Amazon Race" 10/30/?
- (rejuvenation) #175 Startler! "Wonder Woman's Evil Twin" 04.
- (adult age stasis or AR?) #266 "The Perfect Crime" 4/30/1980.
- (reverse lifespan?) Wonder Woman Hardcover Volume 4.
- (unseen ARed) v2 #151. Nothing was shown.
(TBTC, Jeffr_2bya, Tazz, John L.)

Wonderland series
- (AA FF TF AP) Grimm Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland #1 (Zenescope).
She's a very young girl when she enters Wonderland and becomes the prisoner of the Jabberwocky. I do question how Alice got into the outfit she's in when she grows up, how did her stockings lose the black stripes? I can see her having to modify the dress as she got older, but then anything in this realm is possible. Once she's reached young adulthood, the rabbit comes back and frees her.
- covers - the APed scene - before/after

Wonderland Trilogy
- (FFed) Zenescope Entertainment.
Grimm Fairy tales presents:
Return to Wonderland
- Alice, the first person to go to Wonderland, is all grown up. She is the mother of Calie & Johnny Liddle. This version of Alice is not only older, but her experiences in wonderland have cost her her sanity. Now her daughter must follow in her footsteps.
Tales From Wonderland
- When two young twin girls are pulled into another dimension their purity will not be enough to save them. Lost, scared and unable to escape, the girls must find ways to adapt as they eventually realize that being raised by madness itself isn't all that bad...
- Before the horror that tore a family apart, there was a child named Alice who entered a foreign world only to return forever changed. Her sanity would be taken, but her life would not be wasted. Witness the story of the girl who lost everything only to become an unlikely hero...
Escape From Wonderland
- The final piece of the Wonderland trilogy brings the powerful story of Alice's daughter, Calie Liddle, full circle. Calie's infant daughter was taken from her arms and brought into the realm of madness known as Wonderland. Now Calie must go back to the one place she has tried for so long to escape in order to rescue her baby. The moment of truth has arrived as the girl who became a woman sets out to become a hero.

- (FFed AA) Adult Alice

Woody Woodpecker Giant Size
- (anthro AR/OA) #1 Harvey "Air Mail" "Dangerous Water" "Stranded on Kua-Kua" "Remedy for a Dragon" 1992.
One of many versions of this comic. They are stranded on an island divided by a steep mountain range where one side has water that makes you younger and the other has potatoes that make you older. So, if you're living off the land on that island, you need to balance these foodstuffs to maintain your true age. Unfortunately, the one pass through the mountain range gets blocked, and the characters on both sides realize they are in terrible danger of overbalancing on one of these materials and dying or disappearing as a result, unless they can get to the other side.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
Book Cover

World of Fantasy
- (male adult rejuv wish) #14 "The Three Dead Flies!" 10/1/1958.
A man loses his chance to use some youth serum.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

World of Fantasy
- (male adult rejuv) "The Clock Strikes Never", #18. Time travel back into his own past.

Worlds Unknown
- (male adult rejuved) #4 Marvel "Lost...One World" 11/01/1973.
A time traveler finds himself a young adult again, with no memory of his older self.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Wundarr the Aquarian
(male FF AP, male mental AP) Character. First appearance "Adventure into Fear" #17, 10/1973. Infant son Wundarr was placed aboard spaceship that crashes on Earth. He stays onboard for years, growing to physical maturity though keeping the mind of a child. Cube brought him to adult intelligence as the pacifistic Aquarian.

X Men/Gambit
(OA) Amanda Mueller AKA "Black Womb", part of a secret mutant-breeding program, was very long-lived, but slowly aged into a shriveled form more decrepit than any normal elderly woman, almost mummified but still alive.

(flash forward, accelerated growth) Character. Clone warrior girl grows up fast.
- age 10 - training phase
- age 13 (age disguise)
- age 16 - mature skill

X-Babies (characters)
- (preteen copies of adult characters) A group of Mojo-manufactured child clones of the X-Men.
Some appearances:
- Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, #12 - Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem (1989) - X-Men #46-47 (1995) - Exiles #8 - Uncanny X-Men #461 (2005) - X-Babies 4-issue mini-series (2009/2010) - A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1 (2012) - (RyuuAinaki)

- (younger duplicate versions) Marvel, 1998-200x. The X-Men are babies, or actually baby clones.
X-Babies Murderama; X-Babies, Pint-Sized; X-Babies Reborn "Beware The Babymaker!"
- Wiki - (TBTC)

- (teen versions of adult heroes) 2008+ Alternate Marvel universe. The X-Men are back in high school! And who said high school wasn't hell...
- Issue covers - (O')

- (FFed) Layla Miller returned as a young woman, with hips and "things" as Jamie observed.

- (adult to old age illusion) #75 Marvel.
Selene found an Asgardian runestaff but the spell went awry. Moonstar chased her away with her greatest fear: turning physically old with her powers deserting her.

X-Men (fan art)
- (dedicated OA'd) "X-Elders" by BootyFreeze, c'20. Commission of some of the X-Ladies as X-Grannies - fan art - (JackpotMans)

X-Men 2099
- (male AP) #34 "The Drowning City" 07/96. evil mutant Vulcan steals a very powerful mutant baby. While in a hidden mountain fortress he ages the baby to boyhood and then finally to manhood. He plans to use the man-boy to rule the world. (JeffR)

X-Men Forever
- (younger teen form) Storm/Ro

X-Men: Forever
- (teen form of adult character)
An adolescent Storm with short hair appears. The younger version is called Ro, and wears the standard blue and gold uniform.

X-Men: Magik
- (AR) Marvel - AR

- (old age stasis) Amanda Mueller, AKA "Black Womb" for her part in a secret mutant-breeding program, was very long-lived, but slowly aged into a shriveled form that looked mummified but still alive.

X-Men - GeNext
- (flashed forward) 2008 info
Marvel Comics allowed fans to vote on Chris Claremont's next X-Project. What if the X-Men aged in real time instead of that crazy thing fans call "comic book time"? Set 10 years after "the X-Men: The End" storyline, GeNext shows the next generation(s) of mutants, as well as the fate of the remaining (much older) fan-favorite X-Men. (O')

- (AA AP glimpse, AA RN ARed glimpse) - Rachel Summers.

- (AA AR) #248. Regression of Psyloche panel - (Areg5)

- (AR to early teenhood fan art)
Daz artwork fan adaptation, Part 1. Storm, Rogue, and Dazzler find they have been mysteriously reverted into young teens, and the other X-Men are missing.
- original sample page
- Links open in new page:

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 -  Dazzler takes sound and converts it into light to smash through a barrier:
 -  Page 08  -  Page 09
 -  Page 10  - 

- Before the AR: Rogue
(Weary Traveler submission)

- (AR) Claremont-era. Extra-dimensional media mogul Mojo manipulated enemies ages:
Uncanny X-Men Annual #10: Mojo de-aged the X-Men into children.
Uncanny X-Men Annual #12: The X-Babies are a group of child clones of the X-Men.
X-Babies Reborn The Mitey 'Vengers are based on the Avengers.
Uncanny X-Men #461: 2005. The X-Men were once again reduced to infancy by Mojo. As kids, they were able to defeat the villains and restore their rightful ages, though Juggernaut had second thoughts.

- (ARed AA) Poser image of costumed heroines who've just discovered they were returned to their early teens - fan art
(Weary Traveler)

- (ARed) Final frame - back to babies - (dawnofmawl)

- (ARed) story page scans - (Mazoku)
- (FF APed) Illyana Rasputin's greatest shock when returning from Limbo as an older teen was that none of her clothes fit her anymore.
- (kinda like mental ARed) Kitty Pryde - adult baby (Pink Diapers)

- (coming of age, flash forward) Layla Miller, Marvel character.
First seen in "House of M", 13 year old mutant Layla can sense what will happen. She has been depicted as appearing childlike, and more mature. When Daisy Johnson approached Layla to become a member of the Howling Commandos, Layla appeared several years older than before.
Layla snuck to the future by jumping on a time machine just as Jamie Madrox was about to travel. There she changes her surname from Miller to Madrox. They are taken away, shaved, branded with the "M" mark, and put in a concentration camp, where they find Lucas Bishop as a child.
X-Factor Special: Layla Miller 8/20/2008 1 shot issue.

- (flash forward) Illyana Rasputin appeared to age suddenly during her vist to Limbo. After the "Inferno" (S'ym) storyline, she regressed back to age 6; on reverting to a prepubescent state her mutant powers returned to latency. girl to woman
- (kinda looks like ARed) - cover

- (male accelerated growth) "Emperor Vulcan", Earth-616.
Gabriel Summers was removed from his mother's body and placed in an incubation-accelerator used to breed new slaves, aging him to prime adolescence.
- progression - (O')

- (male AP) Cable. Aged by temporal displacement.
- (accelerated age) Marrow Real name: Sarah. She should only be about 9 or 10, but in the alternate universe where the Morlocks re-located, time accelerated her aging rate, and an imature child with mutant powers is very dangerous.
- (APed) Madelyne Pryor. Clone of Phoenix aged by Mister Sinister.
- (male AR, RN) Magneto Turned back into a baby by Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, later turned into a younger adult. Joseph is his younger copy. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was reduced to a state of infancy.

- (male AR AP) PsyShadow (Bobby Grey) can alter his age.
- (AP) "X-Tinction Agenda" Gumbo was at least a wee bit jealous of Forge when Ororo was once more turned into an adult.
- (AR, RN) # 78 Psylocke and Ainet jump into the Psy plane looking for Storm. They find Storm as a child hiding and the little Storm says she doesn't deserve to be in the real world. She says she was too small to save her parents from death. Ainet says she was not bad but misguided. Storm wants to leave and turns back into an adult.
- (TF) Elizabeth Guthrie was the sister Sam worked with in AoA, she was called Amazon there. Elizabeth could change her size, strength and weight.
Uncanny X-Men (flash forward) 06/99 Storm - Ororo Munroe
- (AR, AA RN) Storm was abducted by Nanny II and regressed to childhood, with little control over her powers. She joined forces with Gambit. However, the Genegineer who transformed her programed a failsafe that restored her mind and regrew her to adulthood in #272 when she touched Cyclops.
- (male AR, RN) Magneto was turned into a baby and brainwashed by Xavier and Moira MacTaggart, and had his growth accelerated.

- (male ARed, RN)
Sr1 #104, 4/1977 "The Gentleman's Name Is Magneto"
- Flashback of Polaris, Havok, and Erik the Red turning baby Magneto back into full-grown Magneto. They went straight to the cell and used a ray gun to grow him to an adult in moments. Magneto was furious about being turned into a baby, and he and Erik agreed to an anti-X-Men alliance.

- (male ARed) Before his regrowth, Baby Magneto was placed in the care of Moira McTaggert, who not only played with baby Mags but gave him a happy and more or less loving home, until she decided to experiment on him by re-writing the infant's DNA, in an attempt to remove the gene that she believed was responsible for making him evil.
When Magneto returned to normal he went BALLISTIC and tore apart her lab, almost killed her, and went after the X-Men with a vengeance. It turns out Mags had the mental faculties of the adult Magnus while he was infantilized, but he had the motor control and lack of power of a baby.
To him, being trapped as an infant was a waking nightmare. His focus was damaged, his abilities were stripped, and he was being cared for by a human who tried to change him by force. The ordeal nearly drove him insane - (Ferver, Skeletor)

- (TF into teen) Mystique used her shapeshifting ability to disguise herself as 13 y.o. Foxx - 01

- 1991 Storm AR - Storm AP - 3
- (APed, clothes stretched with) 272 cover
- (old age, AR) #452. Marvel Girl gets her age changed during a psychic battle, and the White Queen Emma Frost gets aged and fattened.
- (APed) Uncanny X-Men #160: Belasco kidnaps seven year old Illyana Rasputin; she falls into the demon dimension of Limbo and re-emerges what seems to be seconds later - but aged to 15 years old.
New Mutants #14: the Mutants see a younger Illyana in Limbo. - New Mutants #73 (Inferno): Illyana returns to childhood. - Magik LS #2: Illyana encounters S'ym, learns hand-to-hand combat and ages a few years.

Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem
- (juvenile forms looks like ARed) 1989, Arthur Adams graphic novel.
The X-Babies are manufactured beings from another dimension, designed to do battle for Mojo. They were never adults... at least not yet.
ARed X-Babies do appear in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9.
- front cover - expanded cover art, inking stages 2
- group pose
- art stages
- TF aftermath
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs)

(adult age stasis) Selene has to drain life from others to prevent herself from aging past 29. If she goes too long without a Life Energy fix, she will start to revert to her true age of about 10.000 years.

Young All-Stars, The
- (age change?) #27 "Meanwhile..." 4/1/1989 DC.
Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, Seven Soldiers, Squire are battling the Skull. Retelling of Leading Comics #5 (1942).
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Young Avengers
- ("growth" CB) "Stature" When 14 y.o. Cassie Lang gets emotional, her body goes through extreme "growth" spurts. Her clothes are instantly annihilated, but she wears a costume underneath that can stretch to 100 ft. It is thought she could "grow" even taller under pressure. Her "growth" rate depends on her emotions. Her parents don't approve of her trying to become a superhero. She must deal with typical teen problems and fight villains on the side - (Process)
- Cassie "growing" - Stature

Young Avengers
- (controversial CB scene) 2005 #2.
- 13 year old Cassie Lang (daughter of the first casualty of "Disassembled", Scott "Ant-Man" Lang) discovers she can "grow"! She has hit puberty, awakening her mutant powers, and wants to join the Young Avengers. She's lost everything, but her goal in life ties her path to Kate's... they both guide each other towards their clear destiny as heroines... Cassie and Kate try to get into Avengers' Mansion to steal Scott Lang's spare costume. Cassie intends to be the new Ant-girl. After getting inside, they come to the spot where Cassie's father was killed. Kate tries to comfort her. Cassie explains who she is, but Patriot thinks she needs to go home. In a burst of anger, Cassie arm-throws Patriot before getting more angry. There's an extreme close up of her face as she's yelling that she is not leaving until they allow her to get her dad's belongings. Final shot? She's freaking huge! The girl has "grown" an extra 15 ft or so, with a certain degree of apparent clothes rippage. Panties are shown through torn jeans. It's shocking to everyone, including herself. You could almost fool yourself into believing that she wears clothes that can stretch to enormous size but underestimated her "growth" extent? The moment of revelation comes out of nowhere, but on a second read, it becomes perfectly obvious. Guess we can call her Giant-Girl now.
- Cassie's "growth" scene has started a controversy on several fronts. Previous reviewers have made clear that clothes expanding to avoid nudity due to Pym particle related "growth spurts" is pretty much mandatory if said "growth spurt" takes place on the body of a teen girl... they are not yielding on this. There are male readers Cassie's age that probably wanted more than the partial ripping. But older fans who have little sisters that age don't want to see that. There are major legal problems. Cheung and Dell walk a fine line while attempting to show what happened to Cassie without it being the classic: "So, why did her clothes grow with her or shrink with her?" The opening act of #3 shows Cassie Lang fainted after her power outburst, majestic yet fragile, surrounded by 3 generations of heroes. Everyone shows concern and hurries to her side, seeking the chance to aid her... watching both the experienced and the inexperienced heroes show the same reaction, yet act differently because of their difference in experience is joyful, and brings a human side to both parties.
- (teen "growth" ability) - CB scene - Stature Stature

Young Avengers
- (size changing ability) - Cassie / Stature

Young Justice
- (male ARed, OA?) #3 DC "The Issue Before the One Where the Girls Show Up!" 12/1998.
- (male AR) #20 "Look Out For Little Lobo!" 06/2000.
- (multiple AR & AA age-ups) DC "Sins of Youth" Part 01: "Justice For All" 05/2000.
- (multiple AR & AA age-ups) "Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion".
- (multiple AR & AA age-ups) Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files #1 - misc.

Young Justice
- (male slight ARed cover, young adult to old adult face, male age forms)
male AR, AA OA glimpse
- Reverted heroes storyline - INFO PAGE

Young Men
- (male AR) #25 "The Return Of...The Human Torch" 02/01/54 - INFO PAGE

Young Protectors, The
- (male ARed) "The Young Protectors" webcomic, 2017/05.
Duncan/The Annihilator became a youth again after his deal with the devil Laampros.
- Male ARed link - Adult rejuved link

Zatanna: Everyday Magic
- (AR glimpsed, RN) DC 2003. Fleeting use of AR for backstory - (ANONYMOUS)

Zero Hour
- (male rejuv) #01 #34 DC "Crisis In Time" 09/1994.
The Atom ends up at 16. Series numbered as countdown from 5 to 0.

Zero Hour
(male old age) "Crisis In Time" #03, 13, 09/1994 DC Comics. Heros are aged into old age. (Jeffr)

Zora La Vampira
- (age stasis, AR, possibility of RN AP UC or CB?) 1972-1987.
AKA "Zara la Vampire", Elvifrance censored.
19th century aristocrat was possessed by the spirit of Dracula, remaining a young woman to satisfy her lust and bloodlust through history. Zora Bapst's physical appearance was inspired by Catherine Deneuve.
- Unsorted 1978-81 covers

Zora la Vampira
- (AR, possible RN AP) AKA "Zara la Vampire", France.
Italian fumetti (puffs of smoke AKA speech bubbles) comic book magazines, 393 issues.
- An extremely well-developed vampiress is forced to drink a youth serum which turns her into a 13-year-old nymphet. The resulting sex scenes would have any UK or US publisher run out of town, yet these books are freely available at any Italian newsstand.
- (Jeffr_2bya, vended)

Zora la Vampira
- (AR, RN???) #75 1977 - Zora Bambina, Baby Zora, Zara retombe en enfance (FR #66).
Someone posted very very few (3) images taken from this missing issue. An exceedingly rare "realistic" AR depiction (not furry, toon, avatar, chibi shoujo, etc). Although technically still non-human, you can't tell from her appearance.
- Zora returned from a woman into a girl after drinking son Richard's miraculous Urine of the Last Incan... Able to rejuvenate in small quantities, it returns the beautiful vampire to late childhood. The comic was deemed obscene at the time because of pedofilia themes and withdrawn?
They kept the preteen up all night taking Art Photographs. It's OK because she's really several centuries old - Cover Art

- (male FF) 1984-90 manga-inspired comic. Short-and-nebbish Woody, who has a crush on Jenny (who of course only has eyes for hero Zot), goes to France for the summer. When he returns, he's 6 inches taller and quite a bit buffer. Jenny's reaction: "My God, he's adorable!!"

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal