Aging Transformation Scenes

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11 year old Darling, The
- (male AR) AKA "My darling is 11 years old". 9/15/2009, NHK, Tensai TV-kun MAX, 35 min.
The drama has started. Maki and Seigo are a newlywed couple. Seigo was rejuvenated from 22 to 11 years old because he felt a magic lamp. Maki is a teacher at the elementary school that Seigo will now go to. The two do not speak of the secret to anyone. However, the primary school pupils begin to doubt the relationship between them.
- Info link - (Akira)

14 Getsu Tsuma ga Kodomo ni Kaette Iku
- (AR) Japanese teledrama involving the regression of a woman based on novel "Separation", which has been translated to "14 Months: My Wife Is Turning Back Into A Child".
Info link - link - Double 1st Ep link - (Vended, Areg5)

14 months
- (AR) AKA "The Place to which you Return" 2003/07/07, Yomiuri miniseries. Saki Takaoka plays a formerly popular announcer on the crossroads of 35 years old. She worries what to do with her life. The shock of an accident at work causes a miscarriage. A medicine taken for the shock causes rapid rejuvenation as her husband watches the process. Takaoka performs from ages 35 to 25. While being bewildered by having regained her beauty, the rejuvenation does not stop. It changes her into a girl. Around episode 4 the heroine's role is handed over to a 17-year-old actress. Takaoka appears in flashbacks after that. In the end she is said to become a baby. The series ends with the return to an embryo, and the body is no longer viable. Takaoka said she was "highly motivated and looked forward to playing different personality according to age." Based on Mr. Ichikawa's novel "Separation" of wife returning to a child in 1 year and 2 months.
- Cover - 2 - 3 - manga cover
- ARed
- Clips - 5 - flash intro - (Akira)

2030 CE
- (slight OA'd effect, teens mentally somewhat like adults) Canadian series, 2002.
The world was afflicted with Progressive Ageing Syndrome, a disease that causes aging to accelerate exponentially as one approaches their 30th birthday. They typically don't live much longer than that. In order to make up for their short life spans, people are assigned careers at a young age and put through intensive schooling specific to their assigned careers - they graduate and start work at age 14 as experts in their fields, but ignorant about almost everything else.

30 Rock
- (FF) then & now
- (flashback) - years
- (male adult mental age stasis)
"Ludachristmas" S2Ep9, 12/13/07.
- Liz's brother Mitch Lemon has "Trauma Induced Nivea Aphasia" which means that his memory is stuck on December 7, 1985 and he believes that he is still 17 years old, when he is actually 40.

4 gegen Z
- (AR) German children's program.
Ep18, 2.5, 6/10/06 "Die Stadt der Kinder".
- Using a magical slot machine, Zanrelot turns 2 male and 2 female city councilors into children 1 hour before the important press conference. Can the guardian kids restore them to normal?
- Short extract video link - AR screencaps - ARed screencaps
(StatueConversionZone, Jeffr_2bya)

4 gegen Z
- (male AP CB, male adult age increase, RNed)
"Gefahrliches Spiel" S1Ep4, 4/30/05, Germany.
Z's software bug caused rapid age increase. Later his father chased him away.
- Direct video links: clothes rip - older form - reverted overnight.
- Screencaps: boy to teen - new manhood - restored to normal.

4400, The
- (APed) Baby Isabelle's mom finds an empty crib. We then see a walking female nude adult from behind. No shredded clothing in the crib or clinging to her body, but most of the growth could have happened between the scenes. APed

4400, The
- (AR) "Daddy's Little Girl" 4.09 8/12/07.
No on-camera process, just cuts to a new hairdo or actress, but there are some shots of her in oversized clothing. 2-year-old Isabelle: Jordan Lasorsa-Simon (original baby Isabelle in season 2). 8-year-old Isabelle: Madison Pettis (looks like a young Megalyn Echikunwoke). Richard sends Isabelle to a kid's room, and locks the door for the night. The next day, Isabelle awakens, screaming. She sees in the mirror that her hair is shorter, and her body seems to be changing. She tells him that she may be shrinking. Richard reveals that he met a woman named Cora who can make people younger. He also drugged her so she would lose her memory, and they can be a happy family again. Isabelle says that he is taking her life away, and pleads for her father to stop the process. By now, she is 14 or 15 years old. She realizes that the water he gave her in the car contained the agent which made her turn young. Isabelle runs out of the house. Richard finds her crying in the barn. By now, she looks to be about 10 or 11 years old, and is starting to lose her memories. He calms her down, and gets her to eat some noodle soup. Realizing he may have been wrong to turn her back into a child, Richard gives her the choice of drinking the rest of the water. He tells her that he can take her to Cora and see if she can reverse the process. Isabelle is still able to weigh the pros and cons of getting younger, and drinks the water. Richard awakens to find Isabelle is now a happy toddler, and they hug. AR (Tazz, Kricket)

4400, The
- (CBed?) Did Isabelle's clothes tear as she grew up in her cradle? Or they might have exploded off. This is a very important question - blur

4400, The
- (flash forward, male flash forward) 2004 miniseries.
After a temporal anomaly, a mother comes back and discerns that her daughter has grown in a way that is not depicted or described. Male high school student has become stronger and is not going to take it anymore - flash forward
- (unseen AP) "Mommy's Bosses" 2005, season 2 finale.
Most of the 4400 have a virus. Lilly takes her daughter Isabelle, who is only an infant, into hiding. At the end Isabelle goes from infant to adult. Isabelle's mom comes indoors and can't find her. The next shot shows a full grown woman walking into Shawn's (another of The 4400) office, and saying her name is Isabelle. (Tazz, Derydan)
- (old age, unseen AP) "The New World" 06/06 S03ep01.
Richard has to deal with the bizarre occurrence of his beautiful 29-year old wife Lilly aging to 75, while wearing her normal clothes. Daughter Isabelle 'grew' from Baby to Babe (20 y.o. Megalyn Echikunwoke). However at the end of her accelerated aging, she was nude. She grew so fast she's uncomfortable with clothes and prefers not to wear any? We learn that for Lilly to be young again, Isabelle has to die. Sadly Lilly dies at the end of old age. Tippi Hedren played the elderly part - (Tazz, Merlin)
APed, old age discovered - APed, old age

4400, The
- (unseen APed) "One of Us" 4.10.
Richard regrets what he did to his daughter, so he gets Cora to return her back to normal. She takes toddler Isabelle into another room, and Isabelle comes back out as an adult wearing a blanket to cover herself. No reports of ripping sounds from behind the door.
- AA APed RN (Tazz)
- (adult rejuvenation effect) Old woman could have a youthful out-of-body experience by going in trance, becoming a ghost which looked like her younger self
- (AA) Age episode list: "Audrey Parker's Come And Gone", "Life Interrupted", "Mommy's Bosses", "A New World"

55:15 Never Too Late
- (adults rejuvenated to teens) Thailand, 16 Eps, 2021.
55-year-olds approaching the end of life look back regretfully. Whether through fate or a joke from heaven, they are made to restart again at age 15.
- Legendary dancing queen Jarunee is losing her fame. While renewing her secondary ID card for the last time, her earliest card was also copied. The next morning Jarunee finds herself at age 15 again for no reason. She decides to revisit her alma mater, now also attended by 18 y.o. rising rival idol Greta with 55 million views. Renamed Jeniya, who can only be a junior, must get close to Greta to climb the ladder of success once again.
- Four other humans with the same gift from the skies gather in the school cafeteria. The victims of the ID de-aging incident include the most brutal teacher in school, who gets in a relationship with the young journalist next door. Happy playboy dreamer wants to prove himself in the boxing ring again for the Under-17 Championship. Teen voice actor who lost his job wants to get close to his childhood crush who also regressed. Is he her only straight fan? Gay restaurant owner who hid his sexuality from conservative mother got connected to his crush's teenage son.
- They run back to the store where it all began, but the owner of the photocopier has died suddenly? Some of them may not want to revert anyway.
- Full episode playlist link - poster - caps - (Dylan)

7 Days
- "" Ca. 2000. Quote: "I made myself older for you."
The AP - AR: age 25 to 18 - age 17 to 0
- (old age) "Time Gremlin"

7 zyczen
- "Siedem zyczen", "Seven Wishes" Polish comedy series, 1984.
13 y.o. Darek rescues a black cat from violent youths. Grateful to have been saved, Rademenes promises to grant one wish each Wednesday.
- (male AP CB fade) - Ep03 "Byc doroslym" To be an adult. A child becomes a man but retains boyish voice.
Episode link @23 mins - screencaps
- (mental AR) - Ep02 "Spojrzenie faraona" The Pharaoh's Look.
Episode link @45 mins.

7 zyczen
- (male RN ARed OC, cutaway) screencaps

7th Heaven
- (FF) 7-year-old Mackenzie Rosman was cast as 5-year-old Ruthie Camden. By the end of season 11, she'd matured so quickly that her character had been aged up to 18, skipping 2 years somewhere along the line.

7th Heaven
- (male UC) David Gallagher's PJ's no longer fit him.
kinda looks like male APed

8 Simple Rules
- (mother-daughter body swap) "Freaky Friday" 2005, Kaley Cuoco - mom daughter swapped

A Minha Sogra e uma Bruxa
- (AA ) Ep1. Two kids use magic to AA into adults to spy on a lady in the restaurant. Later they reverted back.
Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

A Minha Sogra e uma Bruxa
- (AA flash AR) Portuguese Vid link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

A Minha Sogra e uma Bruxa
- (AA flash male AP) - Ep39, extr. title: "AP Boy into Man 29".
Portuguese Vid link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

AA curse (much hated trope)
- (age appropriate clothing; the clothes "grow" with)
We will continue to add info about television AA TF scenes here, but fervently wish none of them existed. We don't want AA. In fact we hate it.
We would be immeasurably happier if no more AA were made ever. Instead of AA, there would be nothing, which would be an improvement.
In that case, if they HAD to make an AP scene, it would have to include clothes tightening or tearing. They wouldn't even have to show the fabric ripping. They could just show the amazed reactions from the other characters (with sound effects), and then a bare arm grabbing a sheet or blanket to cover themselves.

Aba Ranger
- (AA GTS) - Giant teen AA
- (old age, RN) Japan Ca. 2003. This work is broadcast as the "power ranger" series in the United States. A subtitle is "Abare Idol Old ?" Youth is sucked from the child/idol girl in her teens (Lily Yarn) by an enemy's monster. She becomes a white old woman. Although she is going to commit suicide, the best friend pulls her back. She beats an enemy and returns to her original figure. (Akira) link

Absolutely Fabulous
- (adults as teens dream) S01E04, "Iso Tank". Mental flashback from mature adult to teen in AA school uniform.

Acampamento de Ferias
- (male adult to OA) 2009 miniseries, Brazil.
The water from the fountain of youth wears off fast.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

According to Jim
- (BE'd teens) "Jim Almighty", 1/1/08, S07E01.
Jim complains to God about his troubles with women. His first change request is "giant boobs on all of 'em!" Then he watches in horror as his 2 young daughters come down from their rooms with large breasts. "I get a do-over?" - video link 5 min 50 sec. (Lurker)
- (teens BE'd) - daughters (Process)

Acemi Cadi
- 2006 Turkish adaptation of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
- (OA effect) Ep23. Magic perfume gives older teen Ayseg├╝l more mature pose, hairstyle, and wardrobe but she just can't stop.
Slow age effect video link - screencaps - RN video link - screencaps
- (women ARed?) Ep10 - (Grenzgaenger)

Adam Ruins Everything
- (AA "AR" dream poof) "Debunking The Tale of Pocahontas" 2018/03.
CollegeHumor, TruTV series with animated episodes, young adult into kid. Reanimated history: the "love story" of Pocahontas and John Smith was actually a very sad tale.
- Video link - - gif - (Tazz)

Addams Family
- (FF AA) costume fan dressup - scene

adult rejuvenation
- (face/hand fade)
Video link - screencaps - (lbh)

Adventures in Wonderland
- (flash forward) Disney Channel live-action series, 1991 to 1995.
Elisabeth Rose Harnois (5/26/1979) grew from a 12 year old preteen into a 16 year old high schooler on the show.
"To Tear Is Human" 76.
Alice rips her pants during a game of charades. All tip-toe around the crabby girl, until she learns that the only way to get over being embarrassed is to not take herself so seriously - link

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., The
- (adult rejuvenated, OA'd) "Fountain of Youth", 1/14/94, S1 Ep17.
Lillian Coles, the beautiful young relation of the Orb scholar, Professor Ogden Coles, is returned to old age. The orb scholar tried to cure his aging mother's arthritis with water touched by an orb rod, and ended up restoring her to the pinnacle of her youth and beauty... until the medicine runs out. The truth about her youthful appearance is revealed: "Ogden gave me water which had been touched by the Orb rod... to help me with my arthritis. But it also gave me what I wanted most... to be young again. Gloriously young."
Aged video link - screencaps - (bluehinter)

Adventures of Hatim, The
- (male ARed AA, aftermath, RNed AA) India, 2013+.
Hatim the Prince of Yemen went on a journey to solve 7 riddles to defeat evil sorcerer Zargam.
Prince Hatim touches a magical chalice to get teleported into a new realm. He became a boy again because that chalice also contained a curse:
- Ep63 link - curse @2:00, ARed @3:10, disguise @35:00 - caps
He bathes in a magical waterfall to become an adult again:
- Ep64 link @36:00 - caps - (Dylan)

Adventures Of Sinbad, The
- (male AR) S01Ep09 "Double Trouble" 11/23/1996.
In the opener to the City of Magic (where the sorceress shrinks Sinbad), an old magician turns himself into a little boy - Ep. link

Adventures of Superboy, The
- (adult youth draining, AR) AKA Superboy - S01Ep25 "Succubus" 5/20/1989.
T.J. and Lana interview author Pamela Dare for the college paper. T.J. falls in love but Pamela politely dumps him, saying that perhaps he will appear in one of her books. That night, T.J. sees a glowing Pamela walking into the room he shares with Clark. Pamela can't drain Clark because he isn't afraid of her, but T.J. gets the wrong idea about what's going on. Superboy learns that Pamela is a succubus who drains life energy from others to extend her life, and her books are true stories. She shows Superboy that Lana and T.J. are in danger and, knowing he fears them getting hurt, begins to drain his life energy. Pamela is overloaded with energy and grows younger and younger until nothing is left.
- ln - th - (TBTC, JeffR_2bya)

Adventures of Superboy, The
- (AP AA TF) "The Basement" S04 Ep04, 10/27/1991.
Little girl: Cassandra Leigh Abel.
Lana goes to investigate reports of a ghost in a family's basement. A little girl slaps a device on Lana's neck, and through an identical device on her own neck, transforms herself into an exact duplicate of Lana. She reveals that she is an alien from a world where the beings steal the identities of others to survive. She activates the device once again to transfer Lana's memories, but it malfunctions. She does catch a glimpse of Superboy, and wants to get closer to him so she can take his identity and his powers. The alien convinces everyone that she is really Lana. Luckily, Clark gets worried and flies to the basement. When he arrives, he finds two Lanas, identical in every way. Which one will he save?
Age progression - screencaps - video link
- (male adult age stasis, adult OAs, RN) "Metamorphosis", S04 Ep20, 5/3/1992.
A gym owner uses the blood of his younger customers to keep himself young, which accelerates their aging process. Lana also falls prey to the man.

AFK: The Webseries
- (ARed aftermath, elf AR) "VANYA'S CAMP - DEBUFF" 7/6/2017.
Very short episodes. Gaming/fantasy web series follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake in the bodies of their MMO characters. Vanya discovers that building an elite army of followers isn't as easy as it sounds with a cursed gauntlet of Age Regression. "What just happened?"
- Minisode link - screencaps - (Thesaint137)

- (young adults, 3 year reversal into younger selves) TBS, MBS drama based on Mitsuro Kubo manga.
10 Eps, 2014. Kinichiro Imamura wasted his years in high school. On the last day he falls down the stairs in school. Soon he realizes he has returned to the day of his high school entrance ceremony 3 years earlier! Yoshiko Usami, the captain of cheerleading squad, talks to him. Kinichiro's high school days are about to start again...

age progression scene
- (CB) The rarest of all transformations in all media, in which a young girl is seen to rapidly grow up into an adult woman, splitting her clothes.
- An example of the kind of transformation NOT repeat NOT shown in Tv episodes.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- See: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ala... Dina!
- (AR AA, AA RN AP) - 2000-2002. S2Ep5 "Magia en peligro" 34.
A Spanish version of Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie. A redhead woman is reverted into a child (19:20) and returned to normal (23:56).
- Episode link - AR AA gif - RN AP AA gif - screencaps - - (FARfan)

Ala... Dina!
- (male AA body TF AP)
2/8/2000, S1Ep6. Spanish Disney sitcom, "El Estreno" ("The Premiere").
- The boy asks female genie Ala Dina to turn him into a handsome celebrity so he can go to a famous actor party. She can meet a celeb she has a crush on. The TF aftermath is great because he asks if EVERYTHING is the same as the man he wanted to look like. Confused, she says yes. He runs into the bathroom and yelps with delight as she gives a surprised look. At the party, he gets into a fight with the would-be boyfriend of his sister, who mistakes his familiarity for being a rival, and punched him out. The next day he nurses a "black eye" and tells Ala Dina he can wait a while to grow up.
- Video link - screencaps - (Muscledrain)

Ala... Dina!
Spain, TVE series about a genie housemaid.
- (woman OA to old, back to woman) S02Ep18 "La Boda" 2001.
Episode link
- (baby girl AA'd into little girl, boy ARed to baby to boy, to babyman) S03Ep01 #50 "El sindrome de Dinita" 2002.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Aladdin Di Beliin Mainan Baru
- (male AA poof TG "APed") Indonesia, Ep11.
MNCTV. Genie boy flashes into adult woman form.
- Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

- (young/old mind transfer) Indonesia, 2012, MD Entertainment, MNCTV - Vid link @9:08, 10:46 - info link - caps - (Guest)

Alegrijes y Rebujos
- (female adult to old age, male "pseudo OA" without size increase) Mexican telenovela, 2003.
Ep43 link - screencaps - Ep44 link - (Sickboy)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
- (unseen male ARed)
"The Pearl Necklace" 5/2/1961, S6 hosting segments.
- Hitchcock says he is looking for the Fountain of Youth, but so far his dowsing rod has only found oil, which doesn't make you younger but can be sold to make your old age more enjoyable. Leading out of the story, Hitchcock has found the Fountain, which has a sign reading "Do Not Overindulge." He says it hasn't worked on him but will try one more ladle-full as we watch the final commercial. After the commercial we see only a baby buggy from which an infant's loud cry emerges. A nurse leans over to listen, then tells us, "He says night-night til next week."
- (PixChick)

- (Ared AA dream sequence) 2003, 3.9, "Conscious"
Jennifer Garner exploring her dreams. She is walking along in the park and suddenly she is wearing a blue dress that looks like it is styled for a little girl. She looks at her hand and it is that of a child. The camera pans around and she is suddenly 7 years old. She cuts a birthday cake. Syd chokes Lauren, who becomes a Sydney doppleganger. (Trixie)
Sydney looks down and has little girl hands. She has transformed into a young girl. Some taller, older girls wave and say "Happy Birthday". A birthday cake with 7 candles has "Happy Birthday Sydney" on it. Young Jack tells little Sydney "Happy Birthday honey. Make a wish Sydney." As she is about to blow out the candles, she turns into her adult self again. The writing on the cake has changed to "St. Aidan's". The little girls cheer and observational Sydney smiles happily. Young Jack tells her that it's time to cut the cake.
ARed dream (

Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis
- (adults rejuved, old people into younger adults) Philippines, 2012 - Ep88 link - link - (SickBoy)

Alice Bungisngis and Her Wonder Walis
- (girl & teen magic mind swap) AKA "Giggly Alice and Her Wonder Broom", GMA Network, Philippines, 2012.
Ep52 - link @15:40 - Esmeralda has to raid the orphanage to lure Alice to steal the magical stone.
Ep53 - link - Due to Esmeralda's dark magic, the bodies of Gelay and Alice have switched.
Ep54 - link - The lost daughter.
Ep55 - link - Everyone is in peril as they remain unable to determine which is which.
Ep58 - link - Gelay and Alice transitioned back into their original forms.
Ep59 - link - Can they reunite as a family? - (Pinoyworld)

- (kinda like ARed AA) 2009 Syfy, 2 night event - info link.
There were 2 scenes in the 1st episode. While in Wonderland, adult Alice is dreaming that she is about 10 years old in her old house. In the 2nd scene, her mind is being controlled by Dee and Dum, and they put her back in the house while 10 again. They don't show her getting younger, but it's still nicely done. It's hard to tell if she actually did get younger. It really looks like she is dressed like a 10 year old.
(wynter, Tazz)

Alien Nation
- (adult rejuvenation dissolve effect) S01Ep03 "Fountain Of Youth" 9/25/1989.
Glands are cut from Newcomers to rejuvenate an elderly woman.

All My Children
- (SORAS continuity errors) Soap. J.R. Chandler (b. 1989), has been an adult husband and father since 2003. Jamie Martin (1990), also grew up too fast. Colby Chandler (1999) celebrated her 16th birthday in 2006.
- (not allowed to grow up) In 1993 Lily Montgomery was played by 8 year-old Michelle Trachtenberg. In 2006, she was 18, and played by a 16 year old.
- Dr. Karen Wexler was aged years in seconds.

All My Children
- (adult age retcon, adult de-SORAS) When the show debuted in 1970, Erica Kane's date of birth was said to be 1954; in 1993, it was 1956. In 2002, the year was 1962. Actress Susan Lucci is believed to have been born in 1946.

All Souls
- (OA) S01 Ep05: "Running Scared" 8/24/01. Serum used on female track stars led to implied and briefly depicted female old age - (TBTC)

All That
- (AR) before/after - compare - compare
- (AR, AA baby ARed, RNed AA) s03 ep09.
Travelling backwards in time automatically causes age reduction. The time machine mostly left the kids in oversized clothing, but it made their shoes smaller as appropriate.
Episode video link - AR at start.
Screencaps - cast AR, RN scenes - male ARed aftermath.
(Power Struggle)

All That
- (AR) Ep46 "Katrina's Time Machine"
Katrina tests it by going 10 years into the past... and turns herself and the other teens into kids. An annoying stagehand comes up (apparently the teens are the only ones affected) and, angered when they say they're too young to perform, flips a switch, returning them to normal so they can do the show, while ARing himself into a kid - (Steven)

All That
- (male teens AA AR into boys) Milkman was not guilty.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Ally McBeal
- (AP fade)
- (CB) Ally BE - BE
- (dream sequence ARed) 4.23, 90. "The Wedding" 5/21/01.
Season finale starts with young Ally playing with her dolls. Ally awakens to a dancing baby in a tuxedo singing "Never going to get married". Ally pleads with the baby to come towards her, but when she tries to hit it with a tennis racket, it morphs into a huge monster with special effects worthy of Jurassic Park. Later Ally and her dad do their usual dream regression (she turns into a little girl; his hair darkens but the creases in his forehead remain), as they sing "Dulcinea."
(flashback to young girl, old age dream sequence) Ally has a nightmare on the morning of her 30th birthday. (Youthdrain vidcap) 1

- (male adult to OA) "The Quick and the Dead" S02Ep02, 07/30/2012.
Young man Eli's super-speed powers caused him to age rapidly - (Jeffr_2bya)

Altered Carbon
- (mind transfer) Ep01 "Out of the Past" 2018, Netflix. In the future, people can be "re-sleeved", their memories and personalities kept in a stack for safekeeping. A 7 y.o. girl's body died in a car accident, so her mind was moved into the body of a 50-60 y.o. woman. Her family is startled that their preteen is now middle-aged - (Gooddemon)

Amanda Show, the
- ("old age") $ 1.49 age make up 1

- (male "APed", FF) GMA Network 2011 epic-serye, Philippines, Marian Rivera. An enchantress sings aboard a Karakoa warship about how Rajah Mangubat was born and magically grew up in one day, then lived his life as a great warrior.

Amazing Stories
- (male AA, male OA to youth mind swap) "Magic Saturday", S2Ep3.
A young boy and his ailing grandfather trade bodies for a day. This is the only instance in film or Tv I know of that shows a grandfather and grandson switching places.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Amazing Stories
Standalone episodes in the style of Ray Bradbury - INFO PAGE
- (male old/young body swap) S02Ep03 "Magic Saturday" 10/6/1986.
- (male reborn) S02Ep11 "What If...?" 12/8/1986 - (Pixchick)
- (adult postmortem stasis & rejuvenated) S04Ep19 "Without Diana" 3/27/1987 - (Zietgiest)

America's Got Talent
- (AA shadow FF) 2013 quarter finals.
"Catapult Entertainment" told a life story from a girl on a beach, to riding a bike, graduating from high school, a boy proposing to her, welcoming her own daughter, and then watching her play - (Tazz)

America's Got Talent
- (male "ARed" gag) 2020/07/14. Because of the virus they allowed contestants to audition from home. The judges commented about Heidi Klum's PJs. Simon Cowell said he had similar PJs, and would put them on. A minute later Howie Mandel remarked how amazingly young Simon looked with makeup. Cue Simon's camera, and we see a boy (his young son had sat down while he was away) wearing similar PJs - link - 1 - (Tazz)

America's Next Top Model
- (UC) 2005 Tv model contest. In the 3rd cycle, the girls have to walk into a room wearing high heels that are 2 sizes too small and a dress that is too tight.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse
- (male demon unseen cutaway APed) #90 S8 Ep6 "Return to Murder House" 10/17/2018.
Anthology series. Constance tells them what it was like raising Michael Langdon through the stages of a serial killer. She woke him for the first day of school to find a strange man in his bed. Her grandson had aged 10 years into a teenager. This explains the timeline as he is an adult in the next season. The scene was filmed in such a way nothing could be seen?
- @26:00 - screencaps - (Tazz)

American Horror Story: Coven
- (adult old age stasis, adult rejuvenation, male adult to old age) Ep01.
"Supreme witch" Jessica Lange is out to restore her adult youth. She sucks a scientist dry of his life force, making him age at an accelerated rate until he succumbs and dies within seconds. Unfortunately the restoration of her adult youth only lasted a few seconds. I'm just disappointed that it wasn't a female scientist - (YouthDrain, AgingWomen)

American Horror Story
- (adult ghost rejuvenation)
Moira video link - caps - (MySpecialFX)
- (adult flashback) "Murder House"
Constance (Jessica Lange) was digitally rejuvenated 28 years for the 1983 shooting scene at a reported cost of $150,000 - face

American Horror Story
- (adult rejuvenated) 2011.
Housekeeper Moira O'Hara (Frances Conroy) appears as a younger, sexier version of herself (Alexandra Breckinridge) to Ben - 01

American Horror Story
- (aged ghost) The Infantata is a monstrous overgrown "baby"-like being.

American Misfits
- (male adult OA) "Age Machine 300", S1 Ep5, 7/30/2006, Fuel TV.
The Boss turns Ted and Laban into 80-year-old men after a focus group yields poor results at the senior citizens home.

- (mental age behavior swaps, looks like adult baby/toddler) S1Ep6 "Hilfe, ich bin erwachsen" 1981/03/25.
West German series. Candy for breakfast? What's not to like. Children and parents have switched roles overnight. Thanks to a magical wish, kids act like adults while adults now behave like their children.
- Info link - Episode link - Alt link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (male adult TF age appearances) "The Test", 1/7/2005, 510, 98, 10.
Old man Prysis (Prieus?) is slain. It's revealed the stranger and Prysis are the same person. A Paradine from the future, he could alter his appearance, making himself look older or younger.

Andy Milonakis Show, The
(male APed) 2005 Tv series. In every episode, Andy undergoes a bizzare transformation in some way or another from a pre-pubescent boy to an adult African-American man in sunglasses and a hat who holds a fish and smokes. Milonakis (1976) has a growth-hormone condition that gives him the appearance and voice of a pre-adolescent boy, when he is in fact a grown man. (KitsuneKit)
- (male APed CB) in season 2, when Andy discovers that Wubby puked on the floor, he starts to transform into The Incredible Hulk, but once he's done transforming, he's turned into the fish dude. Slight growth AP in "Hulk" parody. male

- (adult age stasis undone) S05.
When Jayne shows up to replace Eve, she loses her immortality. Of course, we don't know how old she was.
- (mind transfers, adult youth exploitation) S01 "Lonely Hearts" Ep02.
A demon jumped from body to body in search of one it could live in permanently, a metaphor for searching for the perfect mate.
- (male adult mind transfers) S03 "Carpe Noctem"
An old man shuttles his consciousness in and out of young men, mainly because the spell he uses eventually reduces his host bodies to liquid ruin. Then he ends up in Angel...

- (adult swap) "Carpe Noctem" A spell switches Angel with old man Marcus.

- (male FFed) S03Ep01 "Heartthrob" 9/24/2001.
Angel's son was born, kidnapped, and sucked into another dimension where time moves faster, coming back as a 16 year old.
- Also used when Buffy apparently kills Angel, but actually sends him to a hell dimension at the end of season 2. When he returns months later in Season 3, he is actually centuries older. Of course, being an immortal vampire, he looks exactly the same. His mind, on the other hand... - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (mental ARed) S04Ep06 "Spin the Bottle" 11/10/2002.
A spell cast to restore Cordy's memory backfires and turns the group into mental 17 year olds. Angel forgets he is a vampire and has an Irish accent. Gunn turns into a street kid. None of them know each other - (Time)

- (minor scenes) Ep 4.18, #84 "Shiny Happy People" Cordelia gives birth to a nude woman-like creature. "Jasmine" isn't really born as a child who grows up at an accelerated rate. She manifests as a fully-grown adult. The series had another sci-fi/fantasy child that aged to an adult in seconds and then suddenly continued at a normal rate (Connor's birth and development?) Connor was raised by Holtz in a horrid dimension called Quor'toth.

Anne of Green Gables
- (coming of age) 1985, CBC 4 hour mini series.
Megan Follows (3/14/1968) is Anne.
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel
- (FFed) 1987. AKA "Anne of Avonlea: The Continuing Story of Anne of Green Gables".

Any Day Now
- (looks like CB) Lead characters shown as women and as girls. 1999 Ep 37 "A parent's job", Shari Dyon Perry. Rene wears a costume that fits her perfectly. However, it is torn in such a way that you could say it looks outgrown. 1 2

Arabela se vraci
- (AR) Czech, 30min. eps, 1993-.
In later episodes there is a world where people age backwards, with children behaving like adults. They have apples that turn old people into babies - (Sickboy)

Arabela se vraci
- Ep05: The evil wizard reaches the land of switched age.
- Ep07: The princess is pregnant with old people.
- Ep21: Return to the land of switched age.
- (Sickboy)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
- (AA FFed to OA, ghosts AA ARed)
S03 Ep02: "The Tale of Watcher's Woods" 1/29/1994.
- Long ago, 3 young girls attending camp got lost in the woods, only leaving behind their whistles. Sarah and Kelly learn they should never enter the scary section occupied by the ghosts of 3 old hags.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
- (adult rejuvenation effect) "The Tale of the Many Faces" Struggling model Emma visits Madame Visage for a face powder that makes girls' faces younger and the skin smoother. Visage wants the faces to be in peak condition so that she can steal them to keep looking young.

Are you Afraid of the Dark?
- (excellent AP episode, UC, AR RN, BE) 1992 Ep 7 "The tale of the captured souls"
Danny and her parents vacation at a house overseen by a young boy who is very unusual. He has mirrors all over the house and never seems to like getting his picture taken. Danny soon learns why the boy is so strange. The haunted mirrors steal peoples' youth. She gets pimples and her shirt got tight offscreen. She put on a huge oversized shirt to contain her larger body. She briefly glances at her new curves in a mirror. Parents are aged to extreme old age. They become so decrepit they don't notice daughter's rapid development. 230 MB rar file was hosted at Process AP/AR forum - (TheBard)
- (ghost AP) TV Series. Season 02, Ep 2, 07/3/93. "The Tale of Locker 22"
A young girl gets Candy's locker and soon finds herself haunted by Candy's ghost. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (Ghost AR/AP) Season 03, Ep 2, 01/29/94. "The Tale of Watcher's Woods"
3 girls attending camp got lost in the woods, only leaving behind their whistles. When 2 present day campers get lost, they find that there's definitely something evil in the woods. (Jeffr_2bya)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
- (male AP to OA) "The Tale of the Silver Sight" Part 3, 2000. Midnight Society encounters odd boy at Playland carousel.
Male aging glimpse - (ArArchive, 2BYA)

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
- (mental maturation) "The Tale of the Dark Dragon", 7/24/93.
A male young adult teenager took a serum that made him into his "true" self (more good looking, confident etc), but also brought out a demon form born from his anger and self-loathing. A female young adult teenager was similarly afflicted. Once they were able to accept their deep psychological issues, the positive transformations became permanent - Info link

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
- (mirror world adult rejuvenation) "Tale of the Lonely Ghost " - absorption
- (flashback, flash forward) "The Tale of Locker 22" Young girl inhabits Candy's body in the past and saves her life allowing her to live into present. (2beYoungAgain) 1
- (last known Western Hemisphere female live-action AP plot element, accelerated puberty FF, breast development BE glimpsed, pimples, OAd)
"Tale of the captured souls" - This has NOT happened again. Exceedingly rare depiction of a female teen growing up at an accelerated rate due to age transfer mirrors hidden inside old mansion. She scrutinizes her fuller bust in the mirror - Rapid development

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Haunted tales and uncanny specters - INFO PAGE
- (minor ghost AA pseudo AR at end) S01Ep03 "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost" 8/29/1992.
- (adults to old age, pseudo "puberty" glimpse) S01Ep07 "The Tale of the Captured Souls" 7/26/1992.
- (ghost AA pseudo "APed") S02Ep02 "The Tale of Locker 22" 7/3/1993.
- (ghost AA pseudo "APed") S03Ep02 "The Tale of Watcher's Woods" 1/29/1994.
- (adult age stasis) S03Ep08 "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse" 3/5/1994.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Ark II
- (old age) 1976 Tv series. Geoffrey Lewis' spring water causes instant aging

Arrested Development
- (flashback) - years
- (kinda like mental ARed) 2005, season 3. Charlize Theron plays the world's tallest preschooler in the eponymously themed 5-episode story arc. Michael thinks she's a teacher, and the perfect woman. She wears animal backpacks and jumps up and down on the bed. "Let's have lie-down kisses!" Comments: "Look at the way she stands in front of the preschool, holding hands with the kids -- not as a teacher, but as their equal. This is why she picked that goofy restaurant -- she just likes eating donuts. She just likes riding the space shuttle. Listen to her simple sentences; listen to Dave asking how Michael would feel if he messed with "some stupid person in your family." He isn't Rita's spymaster; he's Rita's protective father. She's not concealing microphones in her crazy hats -- she wears crazy hats because she has a child's sense of style."

- (adult rejuv) S6Ep1 "Fallout" 2017/10/12.
Middle aged woman to young woman (transferred to alternate universe or afterlife) - link - - (Tazz)

- (cutaway adult rejuved effect) "Fadeout" 2020/01/28 finale.
"Crisis on Infinite Earths" aftermath. Future Felicity is taken through a portal back to where she was during the show, and is reunited with Oliver. No TF scene. She went through and appeared in her late 20s again - (Tazz)

- (non-canon suggested OA plotline) The CW. Young adult heroine Thea Dearden Queen, AKA Speedy, is imagined as being made much older.
c2018 - fan edits - (Expansion Zone)

As The World Turns
- (old age, RN) Soap, 3/20/02. James took Carly, Emily and Rose to a creepy spa against their will, where they were given a serum to severely age their skin. When Rose D'Angelo got home, she found that she'd suddenly aged 30 years! She looked like an old woman and felt ugly around Paul, who assured her that he loved her and wanted to marry her anyway. Not long after, Rose was healed. Jack discovered Carly in a coffin, severely aged due to the treatments from Dr. Weston. Bob Hughes performed a procedure to restore Carly's face. Quotes:
Paul: Please, just let me see you first.
Rose: No. I can't. You see, something happened to me, and something happened that changed me somehow and --
Paul: Lily said your face was injured.
Rose: Well, that's one way to put it.
Paul: So what are you afraid of, Rose? That some wound or change is going to make me stop loving you?
Rose: Yeah, something like that. There's a catch there. You see, I'm not me anymore.
Jack: Something's wrong with Rose's skin. She aged 20 years overnight. That's why they did the biopsy, to see if it was true. She's 20 years older so far.
John: There's been damage on the cellular level. It's as if the cells had aged 20 years in 2 months.
Jack: Which is why she suddenly looks so much --
John: -- So much older.
Jack: Have you ever heard of a scientist -- or a researcher, I guess you'd call him -- dr. Weston. He's the doctor behind all these treatments that Rose was forced to take at the spa.
Lily: Is that Libby?
Rose: Yeah. That's her.
Lily: Wow, she looks so old to be working in a spa, that's hard work.
Jack: And who's the girl, her granddaughter?
Rose: Let me look on the back of Libby's picture, see what it says. "Libby Mueller, 2001." Let me look on the other picture, see if there's anything I can figure out here. "Libby Mueller, high school graduation, 1999."
Rose: The photographs. They're both wearing the locket. Don't you see? It's the same person!
Craig: She went from 18 to 80 in 2 years?
Craig: So -- so there's this doctor, maybe, or somebody who calls himself a doctor up on a mountaintop maybe, who's making young women into old and -- there's a market for this?

As the World Turns
- Dan Stewart (b.1958) came back from medical school in 1966 as a grown man about the same age as his mother Ellen.
- Jennifer Munson (b.1990 -d.2006) was married twice and had a child during her accelerated lifespan.

Attack Of The Show
- (BE) Spoof of home exercise equipment and breast enlargement remedy called "EasyCurves".

Attack of the Show
- (slight mental "OA'd") G4 channel, Olivia Munn, 2009.
Some skits about the perils of wearing a red shirt on Star Trek.
- video link

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers
- (male ARed to boy form, RN AA poof) S1Ep9 "Don 9: Worn Out Taro and Robotaro" 2022/05/01.
A young boy floats in the air, shouting to the busy crowds it is time to play. The boy AAs back into Tokumeiki, and the people disappear because they broke the game rules - caps - (Akira)

Avataro Sentai DonBrothers
- (TF rejuvenations) 46th Super Sentai series.
Ep02 "Don 2: Big Peach, Small Peach" 2022/03/13.
- A woman with a desire for youth transforms into Resshaki. Due to her desire she could de-age herself.
In the bathroom, Sanae laments her age in the mirror and wishes to be younger. A red aura emerges. At Shirokuma Express, a woman in her early 40s appears wearing Sanae's work uniform and ID. They think she is her younger relative. She asks Taro her age, and he once again responds she is 68. This upsets Sanae and she gets a headache, desiring to be even younger as the red shadow returns. Sanae reverts into a woman in her 20s and smiles in a mentally unstable way. Taro, despite Sanae being 40 years younger, still recognizes her, and once again says she is 68. He kindly tells her to head back to the office as it is too cold for elderly persons. Sanae demands to be even younger, as train tracks emerge from her body and she drains the life of several bystanders. Haruka tries to transform into Oni Sister to stop her.
- Voice Actors: Sachiko Matsuura (Elder), Sanae Yuki (40s), Momoka Kuroki (20s) - caps - (Akira)

Avengers, The
- (adult mental AR) The Avengers - S05Ep14 "Something Nasty In the Nursery" 5/5/1967.
Missile and other secret sites are leaking from high sources. When one source mentions the name of his nanny, Steed pays a visit at a nanny training school. An impostor tests a drug with a curious delivery mechanism - a "baby bouncer" - to extract information. Extreme mental AR is the modus operandi of the villain whom Steed and Mrs. Peel must stop.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Aventuras en el Tiempo
- (OA man/woman) Mexican telenovela, 2001 - Ep38 link - (SickBoy)

Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens
- (adult FF older) Comedy Central, 2020.
The grandmother's past was seen in S01. Korean Soap Opera parody set in 1960s China? Her best friend Shu Shu is played by Stephanie Hsu. In 2021 the actress returns as an old lady. While looking good on the outside, inside she's "prolapsed". I love how the old ladies acknowledge how good she looks - caps - (Wazzupdawg)

B-Robo Kabutack
- (robot TF "APed"?) Ep2 "Let a Miracle Happen, Kabu", 1997.
Metal Hero tokusatsu, Toei. Chibi bot battle upgrade - blocked vid link - (Akira)

Baal Veer
- (male TF body swap, OC/CB, AR/AP-like aspect) Ep200? c2013?
The "boys only law" is the strongest law. Manav becomes Montu in a magical male exchange.
- Episode link @08:00 - screencaps - (Akira)

Baal Veer
- (mental sudden maturity increase, AA) Ep223, 8/1/2013, SAB Tv, India.
Manav and Meher suddenly begin acting like mental adults. Meher becomes a pint-sized teacher and Manav an honest mini-lawyer.
Kids based super hero show. In wonderland Pari lok the power fairies reside to fight the fears - caps

Baal Veer
India, SAB TV, 2012-2016, 1111 eps.
- (mental AA, kids act older) Ep223 link
- (mental RN, oldkids to kids) Ep230 link
- (adult rejuv, elderly to woman) Ep712 link
- (male AA cuts, pseudo old man) Ep752 link
- (male RN cut, pseudo "rejuved") Ep755 link
Male AA, pseudo "age forms" 752-755 screencaps - (Sickboy)

Babylon 5
- (male adult OA) "Babylon Squared" 8/10/94.
Pilot sent out to investigate anomaly comes back dead, apparently of natural causes - he's only 30, but his internal organs look like those of a man 3 times his age. Later, the same rift makes Sinclair age as well, but he manages to survive.

Babylon 5
- (male adult OA)
- Someone caught in a temporal anomaly died of old age, even though his ship didn't have enough supplies for him to live that long.
- Sinclair's affliction in the 2-parter "War Without End".

Babylon 5
- (male adult to OA) - "Babylon Squared". A Starfury pilot passes through the time field around Babylon 4 and dies of old age.
- (male adult rejuvenation) - "A Voice in the Wilderness". Draal, Delenn's mentor, takes control of the Great Machine. Its life support functions age him down from his 70s to a man in his 40s.
- (male adult to OA) - "War Without End". Due to having passed through the Babylon 4 time field in "Babylon Squared", when the team travels back in time, he rapidly ages.

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain
India, SAB TV, 2014-2016.
- (mental ARed) Ep162.
- (male AA TF APed, boy to man) Ep237 link
- (male AA OA to oldman, male ARed AA to baby, RN AA to man) Ep405, 406, 407 link - link - link
  Male AA ARed morph caps - (Sickboy)

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger
- (OA/rejuv woman to old woman to woman) - Ep06 link
- (AA girl to woman) - Ep37 link
- (AR woman to girl to baby) - Ep47 link - (SickBoy)

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
- (AA AP, AR) "Wonderful Abare Queen", 37. Rije was forced to grow up into sexy woman Rijewel to enthrall Mikoto. She later changed into good girl Kasumi, and then an infant.
Rije's body glows brightly, and the ghost is expelled. Then she grows and wakes as an adult, eyes bright. She runs her hands over her new armor, then bursts into giggles, realizing she's grown up. Nakadai comments that she has a nice body now. She greets him delighted, "Miko-sama," then corrects herself. As an adult she will call him "Mikoto." And she decides she will be called "Rijewel." Her little ghost decides to go back to Earth.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
- (AA AP/AR) Ep37 "The Pleasant-Sensation Abare Queen" 11/9.
Rijie who had been in pain transforms herself into an adult, and gets the nice body she's always wanted (she said she wants to look well so Killer will stick around). The new Evorian declares herself Rijueru. Her first plan as Queen is to collect the tears of children to make jewelery using the Giganoid "Tragic". Children's parents begin to disappear.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
- (AA APed) From The Dark Sect (San Kanbu): Disciple of Dawn Lije (Rije) (ep 1-36) transformed into Evolien Queen Lijewel (Evorian-Kuiin Rijueru) (ep 37-47).
Child-like metaron, daughter of Asuka and Mahoro until the Dino-Earth Dezumozorlya entered Mahoro's body and created an infant to serve as its host. She was later force-grown into an adult.
Giganoid #6: Giant (ep 24): Voffa caused Emiri to grow into a giantess, who threatened to eat him unless he restored her to normal.
- (AA APed) Rije / Rijewel age forms

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
- (adults zapped to old age) Ep06 "Abare Idol-Aged Daughter" 2003/03/23.
A rival idol from Ranru's past has reappeared! A Trinoid turns her into an old lady!
- The American Power Rangers were based on Japanese series, often using similar plots and characters, and recycled Japanese monster scenes. "Power Rangers Dino Thunder" follows this season of Abaranger.
Ep06 revolves around Donkeyvac, the youth-draining monster. There are some differences from the American version:
This show is MUCH more dramatic; the pop star character is actually portrayed by an elderly actress once zapped; Donkeyvac was unaware of his power at first, and seemingly develops a fetish for draining adult youth; Donkeyvac targets female victims specifically. The group of already adult schoolgirls who were aged @12:25 might be my favorite.
- So many great quotable lines like:
"You're not garbage! You're a star!"; "One youth scoop please!"; "I think turning girls old is way more fun than fighting you two"; "I may be an old lady now, but still, if I was a dinosaur it'd be great!"; "It looks like he sucked up too much youth and now his tummy's messed up!"; and of course: "Once you eat some pomegranates your tummy will feel all better and you can take some nice donkey dumps!"
- Episode link - (MeanMark, Chronoeclipse)

Balika Vadhu - Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte
- (coming of age, FF) India, 2008-
"Child Bride - Strong Relationships of Tender Age"
Purnendu Shekhar. Set in rural Rajasthan, Anandi was married to Jagdish when she was 8. It shows mental phases of puberty in a girl's life. At this age, a girl should be with her mother, who could explain the changes to her. But by the time she reaches puberty, Anandi is already married and away from her parents. Although the Mother-in-Law is traditionally like a mother, she is not a replacement.
- Avika Gor (1997): Anandi Jagdish Singh (07/2008-06/2010)
- Pratyusha Banerjee (1987): Anandi (07/2010-02/2013)
- Toral Rasputra (1987): Anandi (03/2013-)

- (pseudo "oa") Ep186, 2000-2001, telenovela infantil, Brazil. Vid link - cap

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
- (male adult mental infancy) S1Ep175, 9/7/12, India. Male adult Sagar will be operated upon to turn to mental adulthood. He will become a mental "big boy" after the operation.

Basil Brush
- (ARed) "Thanks a Million" 1/19/06 UK Tv comedy, 4.1. Aunt Maddie gets a makeover all over, except for her feet which remain old due to the fact that she ran out of cash. (Grim)

Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, The
- (AA curse, unseen TFs, age forms) 2022/10. UK.
Ep5 @41:00. Based on the novel "Half Bad" by Sally Green. Nathan discovers his true identity as the son of a dangerous witch. His half-sister Jessica (Isobel Jesper Jones) has the ability to shapeshift. She AA'd off-camera into Nathan's deceased mother and his girlfriend to torment him, after abusing Nathan all through their childhood. She also used her power to torment rival Hazel. When torturing the boatman Habir, she shifted into him to experience his pain for herself. She shifted into Zale's little daughter to kill him and cause a massacre, and used the power to kill Max and Odette. She shifted into Soul to lure Annalise.
- Scenes link - caps - (Tgfave)

- (AR AA) Blink TF screencaps - (Time)
- (AR AA, RN, blink TFs) "Joker's Provokers", 1966.
The Joker gets control of a key that can alter the flow of time. He uses it to speed up, slow down, or reverse a few crowd scenes (trick camera work). He decides to put something in the town's water to control all of Gotham. Alfred the butler goes undercover and catches Joker, the henchmen, and Cornelia (Kathy Kersh) at the water supply. He makes them drink a sample, and a struggle breaks out. Joker and the henchmen are forced back a few seconds in time. However, when Cornelia starts to move forward, something happens. Kersh is wearing a skintight outfit, and she is extremely curvy. She states "give Cornelia the little old key". The butler turns the key, and Cornelia blinks into a child in pigtails wearing a little girl's undertights about the same color as her adult costume. In a high pitched voice, she says "Mommie". The butler says "a bit too far" and quickly turns the key the other way. Cornelia is promptly restored to full adulthood.
- Direct video link (Time)

Battlestar Galactica
- (flashback face close-up) - years

Battlestar Galactica
- (some ARed) Old series. A group of adults were turned into teens.

- (dream sequence AP AA) - AP

- (AR, AA APed)
AR, AA APed - AA APed, ARed (TBTC)

- (AR) S01Ep10 "Riddle of the Nymph" 1/15/00.
Dar and Tao have to rescue a Nymph who persuades people to drink the water which brings eternal youth. Nymph is forced to control a Fountain of Youth till someone solves the riddle. Several people are reverted into children.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Beauty Inside, The
- (monthly TFs, young and old body forms, TG) "Byuti Insaideu", South Korea, 2018/10.
K-drama based on the 2015 film, Song Hyun-wook, JTBC, 16 eps.
- A-list actress Han Se-gye suffers from the unusual condition of changing her physical appearance every month for one week. At that time she always disappears from the scene. When she transforms mid-flight, Seo Do Jae can't be sure because he suffers from prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. In order to hide his disorder, he remembers people's habits to recognize them. When he meets the "older" Han Se Gye again, he notices she has all the same accessories, voice, clothes, and mannerisms. He's present when she transforms back from the ajumma version to her original form in her house, emerging with the same clothes plus other details like the same signature and phone, but still isn't able to piece the puzzle together - screencaps

- (male ARed dream sequence) Reggie starts dating a much younger man (he is still in college, while she is about 40). Near the end of the episode, she is close to having sex with him, but she keeps imagining him as a little kid. (Tazz)

Being Erica
- (adult to teen mind transfer/possession flashback) "Born This Way", 10/17/11, S4Ep4.
30-something Erica returns to her high school days in order to help an exchange student fit in.
- Direct video link - screencaps - (Thomas)
Early teen Erica was originally played by Samantha Weinstein.

Being Erica
- (flashback, body swap ARed AA) SoapNet, 2009, Erin Karpluk.
Main character is so depressed with her life she gets a chance to go back in time to fix things, starting with her high school days. Erica revisits her Bat Mitzvah in the 80s, which is usually conducted when a girl reaches age 12.
(Vivid1, wynter, kARth)

Being Erica
- (mental time travel to younger adult or teen self) The Canadian cult series will be remade by ABC for the US market. An attractive woman can go back in time to repair mistakes she made in her own past. She may also visit her future in a special episode.

Being Human
- (male age stasis) S3.
40 y.o. vampire was stuck at age 14 mentally as well as physically. He had been taken care of by his family, but after they died of old age he was left to fend for himself.

Bely y Beto
- (AA cutaways, AR & RN) "Bely es Nina Otra Vez" 2022/04.
Woman into little girl. When she turned back, an anthro rabbit also became a kid.
- Video link - - caps - (Tazz)

Benny Hill Show, The
- (adult BE TF, height increased) She-Hulk parody TF
- (old age) A woman dressed as Wonder Woman spins into an old lady superhero - Wonder Gran.

Benny Hill Show
- (She-Hulk parody, pseudo "CBed") - caps
- (adult BE, "expansion") "She-Hulk" parody gif

Best Friends Whenever
- (ARed AA, AA RNed) "When Shelby Met Cyd"
Soon to be deleted link - Episode screencaps

Best Friends Whenever
- (Disney AA episode, AR stages) 10/25/2015. "When Shelby Met Cyd", S01Ep10.
2 teen girls reverse back to little girls after going back to their kindergarten days. The biochemical reaction causes their bodies and clothes to instantly revert offscreen. First they look about "13", then 9, then they are 5. The show involves two friends who can mentally travel back in time. Usually it's either to the recent past (not far back enough for much physical change), or to before they were born (so no AR, or else they would be unborn). Syd refuses to return to 15 by drinking milk. A life lesson was at the end about growing up. They AA RNed during cutaways.
- trailer link - cap - (Tazz, Iceman, Jeffr_2bya)

Beverly Hillbillies, The
- ("UCed" unseen aftermath)
Granny: Ellie May done popped the buttons off her shirt again.
Jed: Ellie May carries herself proud with her shoulders throwed back.
Granny: It ain't her shoulders that have been poppin' these buttons.

Beverly Hillbillies
- (CB) 1962 pilot "The Clampetts Strike Oil" Elly May has to stop wearing boys' shirts because she keeps popping the buttons. It's not her widening shoulders that are causing the damage (but her "developing" breasts).

Beverly Hills, 90210
- (male flashback) years

- (flash forward) Tabitha (Erin Murphy) wears the same sailor girl dress in Ep 118 (Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds), 131 (How Green Was My Grass), 140 (Splitsville), 143 (Samantha on the Keyboard), and 151 (I Don't Want to be a Toad). By then Murphy has completely outgrown the dress, it is so short that her panties are showing.
- (male AR) Ep 193 "Just a Kid Again" Tabitha zaps a store clerk into a 10-year old boy.
- (male AR) "Serena's Youth Pill" 2/5/72 (TBTC) male AR scene - male AA AP RN
- (male old age, RN) "Samantha's Old Man" 12/3/70 (TBTC) male old age
- old age - male AR

- (adult appearance TF into old) S07Ep14 "The Mother-in-Law of the Year" 1/14/1971.
Grown daughter Samantha AA poofed into her mother - Ep link - alt. Ep link - (Metamorphose)

- (male AR AA, bodyswap, AA TF)
International remakes of the American sitcom include:
- Hechizada
Argentina, 2007, Telefe.
- Meri Biwi Wonderful
India, 2002.
- Bewitched
UK, 2008, BBC pilot.

- (male AR AA, RN AA) "Just a Kid Again"
Video link part 1 @ 02:13 - link part 2 - end link RN @ 09:25.
- AR screencaps - RN caps - (Otaru)

- (male AR)
"Junior Executive" regression
- regression - (ArArchive previews)

- (old/young adult mind transfer) S03Ep27 "The Crone of Cawdor" 1967/03/16.
Endora doubts Darrin's trustworthiness when she learns his new client is an attractive young woman. The Crone has stolen the body of the daughter, and if Darrin kisses her, they will trade places - (Eric)

A witch with magical powers married a mortal human - INFO PAGE
- (AR, male TF) S02Ep07 "Trick Or Treat" 10/28/65.
- (age delusion) S02Ep17 "And then There Were Three".
- (doubling, adult rejuvenation) S03Ep04 "Accidental Twins" 10/6/66.
- (male AR) S07Ep24 "Out of the Mouths of Babes" 3/25/71.
- (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult rejuvenation & age stasis, adults to old age, male/female AR) - X元素 - Singapore Chinese drama, 2012-13.
20 Eps, MediaCorp Channel 8 - "Youth Stealer" storyline (Eps.05-08):
- Ye Rongguang's immortality secret makes other adults age rapidly so he can look younger. He can appear to be 31 y.o, but is actually 176. Aged when Dayu first saw him, he died as a 70+ y.o. in Ep05 after revealing the secret. Dayu's colleague who learned the secret died in Ep07. The executive passed out due to rapid ageing. Jay's 27 y.o. girlfriend looked 40 years older when Zhiqing saw her. After stealing Jay's youth, Dayu found himself turned into a boy. A mental asylum patient wanted to avenge his wife after Ye Rongguang stole her youth. The perpetrator was caught in Ep08.
- Chen Dayu transfers youth to a middle-aged woman (characters switched ages):
Ep07 full link 41:17-41:54 (offscreen).
- We see that woman as a child (kid) in the same clothes:
Ep08 full link 38:25-38:45.
- Mediacorp Private Limited video streaming service - Toggle link - Episodes summaries link
- (Dmitriy)

Bez Bebek
- (man/boy mind transfer) Ep29 c2009.
Emre swaps bodies with his father Hakan. Now little Hakan has to go to school and Emre to the office.
- Video link male old/young body swap @21:00, RN @1:16:00, female mental AR @15:00 - caps - (Dylan)

Bez Bebek
- (maturity swap, AA) Turkey, Ep47, S2, 2008.
A dollgirl from Toyland moves to the human world where she works as a nanny. The world's adults and children mentally trade places through magic.
- Video link 90 mins. - screencaps - (Grenzgaenger)

- (AA poofs, 3 girls to women) Ep196 "yang lalu" c2004. Sinetron drama Indonesia.
Video link @32:25 - gif - (Sickboy)

Big (television series)
- (male APed aftermath) In pre-production.
Fox, Kevin Beigel, Mike Royce, c2015? From the creators of Enlisted.
- The Tom Hanks comedy classic is being adapted into an event series for the small screen told through 30 minute episodes. A 13-year old male makes a wish on a fortune-telling arcade machine. The next morning his dream to become big has become a reality. The premise "will explore what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid, and how in today's world those two things are more confused than ever."
- (Muscledrain, Tazz)

Big Bad Beetleborgs
- (morphing) Boy & girl AA AP
- 9/27/1996 "The Littlest Brattleborg"? age change (Akira)
- (changing body) "Jo's Strange Change" Ep 38, 04/10/97. This is the debut of Brittany when Jo (Shannon Chandler, b. 9/12/86) transforms her form (Brittany Konarzewski, b. 9/22/87). At the end she is relieved of the transformation (but Brittany is still Jo) - Shannon

Big Bad Beetleborgs
AKA Beetleborgs Metallix - Fox Kids.
- (man woman AR?) Unconfirmed - S01Ep19? "Convention Dimension"? 1996/10/05? The Beetleborgs go to a comic book convention? - - (Akira)
- (male demon ARed form) S01Ep48 "A Monster is Born" 1997/05/09.
The Magnavores leave a baby on the Hillhurst steps. Suddenly, the entire household is talking like babies. Unfortunately the baby was the Rocket Man monster in disguise.

Big John, Little John
- (male age TFs) An episode where John thinks he's finally figured out how to anticipate the changes features him transforming in the shower (We see his silhouette through the glass door expand as his voice deepens). In another episode a series of circumstances convinces his wife and son he's regressed to babyhood while he's actually off somewhere else. As Big John, our hero keeps a change of kid clothes in his briefcase in case he reverts, while Little John carries adult clothes in his bookbag. The Johns' voices become interchanged, Little John speaking in Big John's voice and vice versa.

Big John, Little John
- (male AP CB, male AR) info page
- CB - transformation - opening credits - closing credits - 6
- (male AP) John thinks he's finally figured out how to anticipate the changes. As he transforms in the shower, we see his silhouette through the glass door expand and hear his voice deepen.
- His wife and son believe he's regressed to babyhood.
- As Big John, our hero keeps a change of kid clothes in his briefcase in case he reverts, while Little John carries adult clothes in his bookbag.
- The two Johns voices become interchanged, Little John speaking in Big John's voice, and vice versa.

Big Kids
- (mental AR) S01Ep01, performance by hypnotist, BBC, 2000.
13 eps. The parents of the Spiller family are entranced by a travelling hypnotist into mental kids whenever a key word is spoken. Can they find Ming The Magnificent to undo the changes? No one in the family even knows what word sets off the change! - (TBTC)

Big Meg Little Meg
- (body swaps) scenes

Big Meg Little Meg
- (mother/daughter body swaps) Opening credits - screencaps
- (mother/daughter swaps) 2000 UK. Because of a crystal 12 year old Megan Johnson periodically swaps places with her mother - always at the most inconvenient moments. The two Megs confuse everyone with their constant changes.
- 1 - Meg

Big Meg, Little Meg
- (AA mother/daughter soul swap, mental self age forms) S1Ep4 "Home Alone" 2000/03/22.
So when they swap souls other people can't tell (except by their behavior), but they see themselves still the same while wearing the other's clothes (which always fit perfectly).
- This wasn't one of the ones on YouTube as far as I'm aware - screencaps - (Guest)

Big Wolf on Campus
- (adult rejuvenation, male old age) Violet
- age transfer

Big Wolf On Campus
- (male OA, adult rejuv) S01Ep14 "Interview With A Werewolf".
Merton's girlfriend Violet is somehow draining the life out of him. Merton and Tommy (in werewolf mode) get aged, and Violet Thorn, originally elderly, is reverted back to high school age.
- (mental AR effect) S01Ep16 "Time & Again" first version 7/30/99.
Merton acquires a watch that can take him back in time to fix his mistakes. Each time he tests it, he has to sacrifice some time-earned intelligence/mentality, leaving him with the capacity of a 2y.o. boy.
- (FB kinda like ARed) S02Ep03 "Time And Again" second version AKA "Commie Dawkins" 4/1/00.
Not true AR/AP - listed to differentiate from above version. Tommy and Merton find a wormhole back to 1989, meeting their younger selves; but when they return, Pleasantville is communist. A 'red agent' used the wormhole to change history.
- (canine AR & AP only) S02Ep09 "101 Damnations" 5/20/00.
Tommy finds an adorable puppy who is really the fire-breathing hellhound Cerberus. Merton & Lori try to cure the evil in the dog, but can Tommy 'wolf out' as the alpha male in a supernatural 2-wolf pack?
- (TBTC)

Big Wolf On Campus
- (male young adult to old age) "Interview With A Werewolf" 7/9/99.
Violet uses a special charm to steal the youth out of Merton, and he starts aging and turning into an old man. During the fight scene Tommy gets aged in his werewolf form, but Merton helps him defeat her and their youth is restored - (Nathan Forester)

- (male adult 18 to 30) 2012, KBS, South Korea romance drama.
A young man facing a stormy time suddenly finds himself in his thirties - Trailer link

Birds of Prey
- (male AP, CB) "Three Birds and A Baby" 10/30/02. (TBTC) Boy lives his life in 3 days. He grows whenever he sleeps, bursting out of his child restraint seat. Quote: "why is this seat belt so tight?"
- male AP - male AP - male AP - male old age
- male AP

Black Lightning
- (male adult was AA'd to OA) S3Ep1 2019/10/07. Last season, big bad Tobias Whale was finally arrested. Being a metahuman made him not age a day for decades. In the season premiere, he is dying of old age as time finally caught up with him due to withdrawal - (Tazz)

Black Mirror
- (adults rejuved simulation) S3Ep4 "San Junipero" 10/21/2016.
It was revealed to be a simulated reality where the deceased can live and the elderly can visit, inhabiting their younger adult selves' bodies.

Black Mirror
- (FFed AA, CoA) S4Ep2 15 "Arkangel" 12/29/2017.
Sara grows up with a tracking device that censors obscenity and stressful stimuli. She becomes emotionally immature due to a lack of exposure to harsh reality. Wish they had more OA of the mom - (Thetreerollins)

Black Scorpion
- (male old age) Tv series 2/23/01 Season 1 Ep 8. "Crime Time" Time villain Benjamin Tickerman/Clockwise seeks revenge on the jurors who wrongly put him away for 25 years. He rapidly ages to death and crumbles to dust when one of his time-controlling machines backfires. This ep was repackaged into the video/DVD collection "Sting of the Black Scorpion".

Blake's 7
- (adults to OA) 1981. The Villains of the Week in "Rescue" and "Orbit" were old aged.
The first had a Picture of Dorian Gray plot, so the villain aged and disintegrated to dust after his death. In "Orbit", exposure to Hoffal's radiation for a millionth of a second was enough to age a young research assistant into an old man! He later used it to kill his abusive partner in a Murder-Suicide.

Blake's 7
- (male old age) "Orbit" Ep50. When neutrons are exposed to intense magnetic force, they generate Hoffal's radiation. Pinder was subjected for less than a millionth of a second, causing him to age 50 years in as many seconds, going from a golden-haired stripling to a silver-haired dotard. (Egrorian)

- (adults rejuvenated) Stan, Australia, S1 2019/01, S2 2020/04, 12 eps.
After a devastating flood, a new plant is discovered with the power to restore adult youth to the elderly. This miracle for locals brings dark consequences... - poster - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (animal AR, adult rejuvenation, RN) 6-parts, 2020.
In an idyllic country town, a mysterious plant appears to restore adult youth. But there is a dark side.
- Trailer link - - screencaps - (Jeff_2bya)

Blue's Clues
- (paw silhouette shrunk) "The Pawprint Turns Into A Baby" c2000+? - Mixed animation link - - (Tazz)

Body Challenge: Hollywood
- (adult weight loss documentary) 2004.
Former preteen actress Susan Olsen grew up - and out onscreen. 12-week reality competition with Erik Estrada, Kim Whitly, Charlene Tilton.
- cover - 2

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) Based on Kei Sanbe manga. 2017.
J-drama, 12 episodes, Kansai TV. Yuki Furukawa: Satoru Fujinuma - Reo Uchikawa: Satoru Fujinuma (young).
Satoru Fujinuma's special "revival" power allows him to travel back in time before terrible incidents occur, and to right whichever wrong occurred. He travels back continually until he finds the person who killed his mother. Satoru is sure her death is related to a serial child murder case 18 years ago - poster

Bold and the Beautiful, The
- (de-SORAS/re-SORAS retcons) 2004. Twins Phoebe and Steffy Forrester were rapidly aged to 14, temporarily de-SORASed to pre-teens, aged to 14 again, and SORASed once again to 171/2.
- (SORAS) Taylor gave birth to Phoebe and Steffy in 1999. By 2002, the girls were aged 8, and in 2005, the roles were played by 16-year-olds.

Bone Chillers
- (male old age) S01Ep01 "Art Intimidates Life".
Jock is about to pounce on a classmate who has an enchanted note pad and draws the jock as an elderly man. The jock is seen, in an excellent morph, aging to old age.

- (male old age disguise) "A Change in the Game" 5/19/2011, season finale.
Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will go undercover at a bowling league. Booth will reportedly be made up to appear to be in his 70s.

Bosom Buddies
- (adults FFed to OA dream sequence)
"Not the Last Picture Show", s02ep17, 3/25/1982. They imagine themselves much older, still having to go around in drag.
- Video link - screencaps - (J.A.)

Bosom Buddies
- (OA) "Not the Last Picture Show" 1982. After the gang has a terrible time at a new wave concert, Kip daydreams about what life will be like for them as they get old - (angeliquejuno8)

Boy Meets World
- ("age disguised") S5Ep19 "Eric Hollywood" 1998/03/20.
Eric goes to Hollywood to work on a sitcom. He meets an actress who plays a little girl on the show, but is actually 42 y.o. She then hits on him by grabbing his ass!
- George Feeny: And who might you be, little girl?
- Aggressive Actress (Lindsay Ridgeway b.1985): I'm not a little girl. I'm forty-two! I just play little girls on TV! (She walks by and pinches Eric on the rear.)

Boy Meets World
- (gigantic teen, height comparisons) - also Larisa Oleynik (AKA shapeshifter girl Alex Mack) - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 Angela.

Brady Bunch 35th Anniversary Reunion Special: Still Brady After All These Years, The
- (flashback, FF) 2004. Jenny McCarthy meets the adult Brady Bunch. Susan Olsen grew up before the viewers very eyes as the sitcom progressed. Before pics: 1 2 3 4 5
adult reunion - reunion - FFed

Brady Bunch, The
- (slight age disguise) While most of the kids were allowed to age with their actors, the character of Cindy was forced to continue to wear her hair in pigtails far beyond what is normal for her age. Possibly this was done so as not to change the theme song, although technically her hair was braided, not curled in later seasons.

Brady Bunch
- (6 years flash forward, also slight old age)
Marcia grows up

Brady Bunch
- (FF face) girl years

- (male) 1998. One of the escaped souls is an abused kid with multiple personality disorder. He has 2 male and 1 female personality. When the personalities manifest, they physically change his body to match, with several morphs.

Bubble Gum
- (flashbacks, FFs) "Poongsungeom", Bubblegum, TvN series, 10/2015, S.Korea.
A boy and a girl grew up together as friends. Will they end up together? Ages 7, 15, and adults. FBs & self-image appearances.
Ep01: Haeng-ah greets the restaurant employees. We see her imaginary reversion to her younger self before she takes back her answer that there was a special someone - screencaps

Bucur Cadi
- (AA age form poofs) Turkish show about a little witch girl and her mother, who punish bad people by transforming them.
-18: Man into old man.
-57: Girl into skeleton and back.
-58: Girl into African native man and back.
- (Grenzgaenger)

Bucur Cadi
- (mental pseudo "ARed") Turkey, Ep148-149, c2004. Teacher & Schoolgirl "infantilized".
Vid link - Vid link - screencaps

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- (mind transfer AR, RN, turned into statue) "The Witch" A jealous, obsessed witch steals her 16 year old daughter's body so she can relive her youth and become a cheerleader. The girl is stuck in the mom's body. 1
- (TF) "Showtime" 7.11, 01/07/03 This episode after "Bring On The Night" has the First taking on the figure of Eve, a recently murdered potential slayer. In the only morphing scene Eve instantly morphs into Buffy (looking from another camera angle). No detailed face-to-face transformation like the previous 2 episodes, just a quick head-turn. TF
- (mental AR) "Band Candy" 11/10/98 Buffy's mom and Giles are mentally reverted to teenagers. 3

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- (flashback) years

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- (male adult FF OA'd) "Anne", 9/29/98.
Why does an old guy have a young person's tattoo? Young men are going missing in L.A., and then they turn up old and dead. Buffy discovers they're being sucked into Hell, where time runs faster.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- (male adult old age stasis) The Master is thousands of years old, and as such has become less human-looking and more monstrous than the typical vampire. Also, when he dies his skeleton doesn't turn to dust with the rest of him.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
- (male FF) The Anointed One: In a typical Joss Whedon moment, Spike shows up and takes "The Annoying One" down within an episode. According to rumors, he was killed off because the actor was growing too rapidly for a dead kid.
- (kinda like age stasis?) "Gingerbread" features a demon who poses as the ghosts(?) of 2 murdered children.
- 12/14/99. "Hush" opens with Buffy dreaming of a spooky little girl, complete with a nursery tune. What makes the girl spookier is that she looks like a kid-version of Buffy.

Buyumus De Kuculmus
- (male AR OC, male RN AA) Ep01, 2003, Turkey.
AKA "Out of the mouth of babes" - age disguise meme link
- "Man into Boy 01"? video link - gifs/screencap page - (Grundverkehrt)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal