Aging Transformation Scenes

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G.I. Joe
(adult face rejuvenated) "Glamour Girls".
Madame Vail's youth transference machine can revert older people into beautiful young adults. She kidnaps the world's top models so their youth and beauty can be transferred to the machine's user. The Joes infiltrate Lady Jaye and Cover Girl as undercover models, but they are hypnotized by the camera like the others were. The models bust out of the dungeon as Una is taken to the transference machine. The Joes save Una, but Madame Vail is left without a face.
- Video link - (Minerva)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
- (adult rejuvenation start, AA RNed) "Grey hairs and growing pains" - Lady Jaye is reverted at the Cobra Health Spa.
- Start of the process - face rejuvenation - fully restored
- (AR, RN) Ep 82. 3 of the Joes are turned into 7 year olds while 3 others are aged to about 70 when the Spa is sabotaged. link (H4)
(Weary Traveler vidcaps)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
- (adult rejuvenation) "Glamour Girls" - Matron is restored to her full prime - adult youth theft.
- (ARed) - Kim Possible crossover: Bonnie fan art - (WT)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
- (AR, OA) - scene link - caps - (Star Regression)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
(more AR processes) Lady Jaye's involuntary regression.
- animation compilation
- The shock of the discovery. Original DAZ CGI fan art
(Weary Traveler)

G.I. Joe
- (male adult FFed to OA illusion) Shipwreck awoke to find himself gray-haired and retired from the military, living in suburbia with a wife and children. He's told he's suffering from amnesia, but it's all a COBRA hoax using synthoids, designed to get him to reveal a formula.

Gahan Wilson's The Kid
(flash forward) 2001. A colorful television feature based on the Playboy comic strip "Nuts" about a kid growing. One of the segments has a boy wondering what a woman looks like naked. There is even BE in the show.

Galtar and the Golden Lance
- (young adult to old age, adult OA rejuvenation, RN)
"Mursa the Merciless", S1Ep3, 9/16/1985.
Mursa the witch traps Goleeta and steals her adult youth, but Galtar gets help from the mysterious White Knight.
- Video link - screencaps - (J A)

Galtar and the Golden Lance
(old age) "Mursa the Merciless" 9/16/85, 1.3. Witch Mursa steals Goleeta and other princesses youth. (H4vy8pT20Q)

Garfield and Friends
- (feline ARed/APed) "Change Of Mind", 9/24/1994, S07Ep01.
Nermal has had enough of Garfield treating him badly so he makes a wish on a shooting star that him and Garfield would switch lives. The next morning he awakes to being an older fat version of himself, while Garfield is now a very cute kitten whom Nermal tries to send to Abu Dhabi - Vid link - (Tazz, 2BYA)

Garfield and Friends
- (feline male "ARed") "The Automated, Animated Adventure", 11/9/1991, 73.
Mr. Sprocket uses Garfield to demonstrate computer animation to Jon. Cat into kitten - Alternate video link - (Thomas)

- (AA age forms, unseen TF AA ARed, OA, TF)
The Weird Sisters (Luna, Phoebe, and Selene) can appear as little girls, young adult women, old hags and demons, and various TF forms. They served the Archmage and his younger self.
- ages adult battle and ARed forms - OA and age-demon forms.
- ages young adult & preteen forms - TF statue and owl forms.
(2 Be Young Again)

- (FF accelerated) In Avalon, an hour passes for every day in the outside world. Since Gargoyles age at half the speed of humans, this allowed Goliath's daughter Angela to mature into a young adult from an egg, while Goliath and the rest of the clan spent the time frozen in stone.

- (furry, demon AA AR OA RN)
AR scene - male OA - old age - adult rejuvenation RN - adult rejuvenation RN - RN scene.

- (male adult OA, female adult rejuv) "City Of Stone", Part III.
Demona and Macbeth swap adult ages in a mystic ceremony.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

(accelerated development) Thailog, being a clone who was artificially aged, reached the end of Gargoyle adolescence after only 19 weeks. Gargoyles normally age slower than humans.

(old age) "City of Stone 3" (D.Dragon) In order to save his family, MacBeth trades his youth to an aged Demona with a spell. old age
- (CB scenes) - TF - TF - TF - TF

Demons and spirits and their transformations - INFO PAGE
- (female/clothes always change with/older age forms/AR) S02Ep09 "City of Stone" Part 01 9/18/1995.
- (fem adult age forms/AR age forms) S02Ep11 "City of Stone" Part 03 & 04 9/20/1995.
- (fem older age forms/AR) S02Ep12 9/21/1995.
- (AR, old age) S02Ep30 "Grief" 12/28/95.
- (AR/RN, male adult OA) S02Ep45 "The Gathering, Part II".
- (Jeffr_2bya, D.Dragon, Stonegate, Dragoniade)

- (AA to old age) c2008 "The Curse of Old Age"?
Elspeth is aged after an argument with a witch, but still has to rescue Xiao.
- Video link @ about 5 minutes - screencaps - (April)

- (male ARed AA cutaway & aftermath, AR AA poofs, adult AA size & weight gain) S02Ep13 "Baby Questers" 2008.
Princess was shrunk by evil wizard. Young girl tried to undo the spell, but the male knight broke the crystal, so she bounces between tiny and giant sizes. They find fruit which AAs the princess into a fat giantess. The knight AA'd into a baby for most of the episode. The 3 kids seek a witch to restore everyone, but the kids eat the fruit and AA-poof into babies at the end.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Geckoman The Series
- (male demon AR AA poof & aftermath, dog ARed/RN, male AA RN, female reflection AR)
AKA "Cicak Man" - Ep09 "Not Some Little Kid" c2016? Kartun Studios, Malaysia.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Gen 13
- (adult expansion CB) burstout scene.

Gen 13
- (reversion) Caitlin Fairchild loses something going back to her smaller self - RN fan art - (bradbarry2)

General Immortus
- (male old age stasis) Character who appears in Teen Titans and Batman: The Brave And The Bold.

George Shrinks
(shrinking, AA "growing") "Becky in Wonderland"
"growth" AA, shrinking

Get Blake
- (males AA to OA, tree sapling to tree, car to antique, egg to chicken, dog & squirrel alien to OA)
"Get Old", 3/6/2015, 5. The Squaliens zap Blake and Mitch into seniors.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (male AR) S01Ep61 "Back To The Past" 11/28/1986.
Filmation's Ghostbusters is the lesser known of the 2 animated series, starring 2 men and an ape named Tracy. Halloween episode featured evil witch Sassella arriving at the Hauntquarters claiming she will scare the Ghostbusters into another line of business by transforming them into 5-year olds. The original Ghostbusters once again rush to their sons' rescue with a horde of Prime Evil's ghosts in their way.
- (Bakura) ln - th

- (male, witch, & furry AR AA) "Back to the Past", 12/1/86, S1Ep61.
Video link
- caps - caps - caps - (Thomas)

GI Joe
- See: G.I. Joe - (A Real American Hero).

Gladiator Academy
- (AR) 05 "Babies in Gladiatorland" 2002.
BRB Internacional. A magic potion turned warriors into babies in Cornucopias Coliseum, where they must fight barbarians before Emperor Gluteus Maximus.
- Full episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

God, The Devil, and Bob
- (adult OA'd effect) Ep13 "Bob Gets Involved" 2000/2005.
He is shocked at his wife's older appearance in a stage play. Episode link @14:15 - screencaps - (Kappa)

Goof Troop
- (male adult canine age disguised) Goofy goes to class with Max in order to spend more time with him and pass elementary school, dressing in the typical sailor suit. Everyone except Max and P.J. was fooled.

Goofy Movie, A
- (male furry TF AP) - Video link - screencaps

Goofy Movie, A
(male furry AP CB dream sequence) 1995. At the beginning of the movie, Max has a nightmare where he slowly turns into his dad, Goofy. Nice Transformation. link (KitsuneKit) Young teens are about to kiss. Roxanne recoils in fear. Max looks down to find that his two front teeth have become huge. He stiffens and watches in horror as his feet grow equally huge, bursting through his shoes. Roxanne backs away, terrified. Standing, Max's hands burst through his gloves, finger by finger, growing large and exaggerated. Max's entire body grows, dwarfing Roxanne and the surrounding landscape. His face changes, stretching and flattening, similar to Goofy's. Finally the camera pulls back to reveal Max, now looking exactly like Goofy, standing in the remains of his torn clothing. Max grabs his throat, but is unable to stifle a harsh, terrible Goofy-laugh as the music peaks. Max wakes up, screaming, and sits up straight in bed.

- (AA TF creature forms & battle age-ups)
"The Invincible Lords of Nature", "The Lords of Nature Return!", c2009, Italy.
- Cheesy cartoon series features kids/teens AA-transforming into "Gormitis" to save the world. The battle avatars they AA-morph into or that poof-replace them, have larger and more mature bodies, and their voices becomes lower. The girl Jessica is the only one to AA-transform into a more "human-like" talon-footed bird monster.
- The shows feature different TF coreographies, and even RN. Since her preteen human form can't fly, she may be doomed. Done very quick, but if slowed down you can appreciate the changes. I found all TF sequences in Season 01. Season 03 doesn't have new ones beside the generic TFs in the video. Season 02 is pending. More to come:
- Overview of the TF scenes: video link
- TF age-up caps - AR AA RN caps
- (The Ap Master)

- Multiple TF AR AA screencaps - TF AA AP screencaps - (AP Master)

Gotham Girls
(AR AA) "Baby Boom". Warner/DC Flash web toon series.
Poison Ivy's special plant toxins accidentally transform Harley Quinn into a toddler while robbing the wax museum. - AR

Gravity Falls
- (FF) - fan art - (Asp3ll)

Gravity Falls
- (male AR) "Blendin's Game" S2Ep8, 28, 11/10/2014.
During a time-based gladiatorial fight, one man is aged while another is regressed into a baby. They continue fighting.
- Video link @05:50 - screencaps - (Nerdulon5)

Gravity Falls
- (size changes) "Little Dipper", S1Ep11, 9/28/2012.
Dipper feels self-conscious that Mabel is one millimeter taller and becoming the new alpha twin, so he uses height altering crystals. Mabel still believes she'll be taller in the end.

Gregory Horror Show
(age stasis, AR) "The Guest from Hell" DVD Vol 2. CGI animated. We learn that Gregory's mother has a penchant for collecting guest's souls in an effort to make herself younger.

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
- (AA FF) "Mandy Through the Years" - Mandy years - (pretty and dangerous)

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
- (adults FFed to OA) Count Dracula found love in the '70s and ended up looking like this! - caps - (Kappa)

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
- (male FFed) "Test of Time", S4, 10/15/2004.
In the future, old Billy has almost finished his homework - card - (Richard)

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The
- (AA AR) "Mommy Fiercest / The Taking Tree" 8/12/05, 55. Billy's mom, Gladys, experiences a mid-life crisis as she finds crow's feet wrinkles on her face. Grim, who wants to use the bathroom real badly, uses his scythe to remove Gladys's wrinkles, which makes her a little girl. Young Gladys comes up to Billy with a new slice of bread. He thinks she is another child wanting to be friends, during which he names her "Corn". Mandy and Gladys fight over Billy, pulling him from movie to movie. Billy's dad fools around with Grim's scythe, and also becomes a child! Billy's parents meet, fall in love, and drive away in a car.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The
- (dedicated AR) - "Mandy Baby" stages - (Annie Mae)
- (FFed) Mandy fan art (Aslan)
- (kinda like male death head swap ARed) male
- (flashed forward) Future Mandy: AA fan art

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The
- (male APed AA) "Billy's Growth Spurt" title screen only - cover
- (AR) "Halls of Time" 2004 male AR, male old age - AR
- (AR) "Mommy Fiercest" 2005. Billy's mom and dad are turned into kids.
- (kinda like APed) "Substitute Teacher" 2004. Billy's cousin, Junior, has the ability to change his form, and when the class bully is picking on him, Nergal Jr. takes their teacher's form. We later see that the teacher was "slimed" to the ceiling in the bathroom, and Jr. had the ability to become a clone of her, albeit a demonic one. (FlipTroopa)

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The
Smart sister/dumb brother INFO PAGE
- (AR) S02Ep08 "Terror of the Black Night/Battle of the Bands/Halls of Time" 8/1/2003 - (Puckie)
- (body swap) S02Ep09 "Grim for a day" 8/15/2003.

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
- (AA FFed) - Mandy Matured fan art (blitzart01) - fan art

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
- (AA OA'd aftermath glimpse) "The Childhood Snatcher", S2Ep6 - Vid link - caps

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
- (age disguise) "Kiss and Make Up" S5 ep8. 2006, CITV, Carlton Television. Adapted from "Me! Monsters" books.
Meet the girl who wears make up to make herself look older than she really is - she loses face! Holly Hotlips is desperate for a kiss, but the boys tell her she looks too young. Two-Faced Fairy, a back-to-back good and bad fairy, uses enchanted vanishing cream to steal the youngster's face for herself, and gives her an ugly one in return.
- (AP, old age) S2 ep4, 2001. "The Childhood Snatcher". Amos Stirling denies his daughter a childhood. A phantom called the Childhood Snatcher turns the little girl into a wrinkled old woman before her 4th birthday.

- (AP to OA)
older and taller teen form.
APed - mother doesn't recognize bustier adult form.
final spurt to full womanhood. She was about to try on a shirt that would have become too small.
age disguise + creeping middle age in undersized battle costume. Longer and stronger legs help win the race.
old age - time is running out very fast.
male AA AP - male AA RN scenes.
returned to early teenhood.

- (toonoid AA AP to OA) Ep16 "Oldie But A Goodie" '07.
Pimple supervillain exposes heroine to slimy substance that causes her age form to elevate rapidly.
- Full episode link - (Mysteryshadow)

- age increase caps

(AP to old age) More info about "An Oldie but a Goodie": Lance Boil hits Abby with greenish pus, which causes her to age at 6000 times the normal rate. It starts off with a massive spurt of body hair, but soon she just looks like a taller version of herself. Later on she gets streaked hair. After another squirt, the aging speeds up even more, till she turns into an old grannie. (Shadow)

(AP, old age) "Oldie but a Goodie" ep 16, 3/4/07. Lance Boil has a green ray that ages people. When Abby Archer defuses a mysterious device, she starts aging at 6000 times the normal rate, soon leaving her teen years behind! Now, she and Ty have to track down Lance, reverse the process, and stop him from unleashing the ray on the entire city - turning everyone into octogenarians! Worse, they have to do it before Abby ages her way into diapers again! (H4vy8pT20Q)
- (AP) Abby hides growth spurt while talking to mother. gif - (Process)
- (APed) - teen

Growing Up Creepie
- (FFed) Junior Goth Creepie Creecher was raised by insects. Her creative efforts regularly terrify her teachers and schoolmates. Ghost stories and urban legends merely arouse her curiosity, usually leading to her debunking them, usually followed by an "Or Is It" twist that only the audience sees.

Guardian Brothers, The
- (male) 2016 Chinese CGI animated movie.
Two brother spirit guardians protect those who put up their images in their homes, though in modern times few still believe in spirits. One brother decides to make them believe again by unleashing a demon. However, each time he breaks a seal he loses some youth. At first it's not much, but by the second seal it's very visible. When he breaks the third final seal, he doesn't age that much more. In the end he defeats the demon, and his adult youth is restored - (Tazz)

Guardians of the Galaxy
- (male demon AA cutaway APed) S02Ep11 "Rock Your Baby" 4/15/2017.
The sarcophagus opened and baby Warlock was born. The Guardians must raise it. As the Warlock "grows", they must keep it out of the hands of the Universal Believers, the Nova Corps, and Titus.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon
- (male AR AA, RN AA) Toei, 1965. Gariba no Uchu Ryoko, Space Gulliver.
Japanese international-style anime movie. Old man into young man. A boy into a baby. Dog into puppy and crow into egg. Then all back.
- Video link (starts after 29:00) - screencaps - (Thomas)

Gumby Adventures
- (clay age forms) Claymation S01Ep33 "Time Out" 8/13/1988.
Father Time was asleep and couldn't wake up, so time was unbalanced. Gumby's alarm clock wouldn't stop ringing. While Father Time is asleep, people "age fast" and objects become younger. A male baby becomes a full grown clay man, the car turns into a carriage and then a dinosaur. When they visit Father Time, Gumby starts to age. He goes up to the bed "can you fix my clock?" Father Time wakes and everything is back to normal.
- (Tazz) ln - th

Gumby Adventures
- (clay AR) S01Ep16 "Young Granny".
Granny is cheated out of yet another life savings by the dastardly Blockheads, who trick her into thinking they've made her younger by... ALL: spray painting her hair and removing the lenses from her glasses so she can't see her wrinkles. Granny visits her loving family and finds she's been cheated. However, she's in luck: Professor Kapp has discovered the flashing light thingy of youth and offers to make her 37 years old again. Minga, the meddling little girl that she is, reprograms the machine to make her 7 years old - (Jeffr_2bya)

Gumby Adventures
- (multiple plasticine ARs) 4/16/88, S1Ep60 "Young Granny"
Stop motion old dog into young dog, old woman into kid, elderly into clay kids.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Hairy Legs
- (mental AR) S01Ep38 Babies! Baby-itis! 3/28/2017. ABC Aus, 12 mins.
When fairies catch colds from human babies, they pass those colds on to older humans. But because they're fairies, their special powers turn these older humans into "babies"! (might be mental based on the one picture I found) - (Tazz, AgeRegressionFan01)

Hamster & Gretel: Chibi Tiny Tales
- (male adult OA'd) Ep1 "Ice Cream Rewind" 2022/09/24.
Disney Channel short toons in chibi-style animation based on Hamster & Gretel. When Professor Exclamation melts their ice cream cones, they use the buttons of the video they're in to trick the villain. Hamster pushes the fast-forward, resulting in Professor having aged into an old man.
- Video link - - caps - (Tazz)

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
- (male AA AR) "King Midas and the Golden Touch" S2Ep12, 6/29/97.
Direct video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
- (male AR) "King Midas"? 6/29/97.
One of the king's men brings back water from the fountain of youth. Pouring it on an old man in a puff of smoke, he was turned into a baby. The King of course did not care for water.

Happy Heroes
- (anthros OA'd) S10Ep28, 2016, Chinese manhua/donghua-style series.
Planet Gray monster uses aging gun to turn Careful-S and Kalo into senior citizens.

Happy Tree Friends
- (adult furry & inanimate anthro FFed to OA) iS03Ep58 "A Sucker for Love part 2" 2008/02/08.
Violent series Valentine's Day Special. Nutty and a chocolate heart box are seen to have aged over the years. It wore off again.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Harry & Bunnie
- (male AR, AA age-up) S1 "Penny the Nanny" 2017. Netflix, Disney.
Kid magician's rabbit is secretly a demon. While being chased by Harry, Bunnie shoots lollipops into the mouths of people. An elderly man becomes young again (maybe 20s), a baby AAs into an adult (to the shock of its mom), and Harry becomes a baby. Bunnie runs off at the first sign of Harry crying. Harry is found by elderly woman Penny, who takes care of him after she fails to find his parents. The spell wears off at an awkward time, but he turns back after sucking a lollipop again. Later, it wears off at the very worst time.
- (male furry "ARed" glimpse) "The Lost Baby" Title card scene only.
Harry is shown chasing after Bunnie as a baby. In the episode, Harry takes care of a demon baby that got separated from its mother - cap
- (Tazz)

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
- (male AR, RN) "I Wish It Were Yesterday!" Ep18, c2006.
The funfair was the best day ever, so Harry wishes it were yesterday again. When Sid suggests that time travel can be possible in Dino World, the gang waste no time before jumping in the bucket to go on rides and play games. They turn the clock back to enjoy yesterday again, but catastrophe strikes when they find themselves shrinking and getting younger. It's up to Steggy to save the day.
- Episode video link - male AR screencaps - male AP screencaps - (Entropic)

Harvey Beaks
- (furry AA FFed, some CoA) 2015.
"Harvey Peaks" SB99Animation - Parody vid link - caps

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
- (male soul transfer) S03Ep10 "Mindless" 9/23/05.
Mentok swaps Spyro's mind and loses it. His body ends up flipping between a dog and a 4 y.o. for most of the episode, while Mentok tries to remember where he put his mind - (Lady Sekhmet)

Haunted World of El Superbeasto, The
- (adult to more mature adult BE) Semi-edgy horror/pornography by Rob Zombie.
DVD deleted storyboard scene: Stripper character has the supernatural and unexplained capacity to inflate her breasts like balloons. One intro had her first appearing as a skinny, flatchested, bookwormish type, before mysteriously inflating her body to cartoonish supermodel proportions -

He Man
(male AP, muscle growth sequence) "Mekanek's Lament" 11/22/02, ep 12.
Mek meets an old man, who promises to give him powers if he will get an amulet. Miro captured Marzo, turned him into an old man, and put his amulet where he couldn't get it. 'O'
- male growth, AA

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
- (creature TF AP, creature mental reversion) "Valley of Power", Ep38, 1983.
Baby monster bird into adult. A creature mentally into a baby, monster bird mentally into baby.
- Alternate video link - (Thomas)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
- (male adult decrep) "The Last Stand", c2002. Marzo was struck down.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

He-Man trope
- (parody AP) - Uncle Grandpa gif

- (male AA adult muscle) male rapid development.

(Animal AP) Animated season 1, Ep 9, 9/8/83 "The Dragon Invasion" (Jeffr)
Skeletor transports dragon's eggs into Royal Palace. With their special growth enhancer, the dragons soon hatch and grow, attacking the Palace.

Heavy Metal
- (flash forward) First movie. Boy gets more muscular. Girl's hair changes to her adult color but body does not grow.
- (male adult growth CB) Courtroom testimony triggers sudden hulk-out scene.
- male rage muscle

Heavy Metal
- (male APed) 1981 movie. Den increased in age.

Hellboy: Blood and Iron
- (adult demon rejuvenated, demon old age TF) Hellboy Animated series, #2, Cartoon Network, 2007.
Erzabet in a restored but withered body appears. She bathes in blood and rejuvenates, but begins to wither and decay again as it was poisoned with Holy Water. She turns back to dust - screencaps

Hellboy: Blood and Iron
- (TF adult rejuvenation, TF RN to OA) 2007 animated film.
The vampiress Erzebet Ondrushko bathed in the blood of innocents to remain a young adult.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Hercules: The Animated Series
- (AR) Pain and Panic try to kill Hercules again with water from a spring that reverses aging. They accidentally splash not only Hercules, but also Icarus, Adonis, Pegasus, and Pain himself. Panic and Cassandra have to watch the infants until they can find a cure.

- (male AA ARed) - various ages

- (male ARed AA revert, serpent AR) "Spring of Canathus" - Video link - caps - (Stonegate)

- (male OA) Disney.
Hercules jumps into the River Styx to get Meg's soul back, and rapidly ages as he swims in a manner that could easily be Nightmare Fuel. However, this selfless act causes Hercules to become a true hero and god, so he is unable to be killed when the Fates try to cut his life string, and he emerges from the River with his body back to its usual appearance.

(male AR) Disney movie. 2 transforming servants of Hades named "Pain" and "Panic" take on various forms including little boys.

Hero High
- (male AR AA poof) 1981-82. A high school for superheroes.
Teens into babies @6:50, return to normal @7:20.
- Video link - screencaps
Also shown partially in the opening of each episode: Vid link - (Entropic)

Hero: 108
- (grown toons to OA glimpse) "Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train", S1Ep19, 3/25/2010.
When the train moves, everyone turns old and Lin Chung falls off. They need to figure out how to turn him back.
- Video link - screencaps - (JA)

Hey Arnold!
- (FFed) - fan art

Hey Arnold!
- (male adult age disguise attempt)
Perpetual loser Oskar Kokoshka used a schoolboy disguise with a huge lollipop in an attempt to infiltrate a school talent show with a big prize but failed to convince anyone.

Hey Arnold
- (FFed) "girls grow up" - fan art - (minos336)

Hey Arnold
- (FFed) How they appear now:
fan art - fan art - fan art - (Rebecca)

Hey Arnold
- (male FFed to OA dream sequence) - "Part Time Friends", 12/7/98.
Gerald Johanssen and Arnold stop talking to each other. In the imaginary future they can't agree about the reason for their disagreement - (deniz)

Hey Arnold
(male flashback)
male flashback

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
- (adults FFed to OA) "Oldie AmiYumi"
In the future they have become old and are forced to retire to a celebrity home.
- Video link (06:45) - screencaps - (J A)

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
- (AR OC poof, TF) S1Ep2 "Talent Suckers/Ole!/Mini-Puffs" 2022/10/08.
Live action scene before the end credits with Outfit Change, AR, animal poof. Yumi takes the remote from Ami and points it at her, changing her outfit. She presses the button again, poofing Ami into a small child in oversized clothes. A final click turns Ami into a small dog before Yumi runs off.
Kaz creates a new band called The Mini-Puffs composed of 2 babies. The toddlers soon become more popular than the girls. Ami and Yumi plot to get their jobs back.
- AR scene link @21:06 to 21:18 - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
- (younger forms, baby to toddler AA "APed") "Talent Suckers / Ole! / Mini-Puffs" 11/19/04.
Kaz clones a new band called The Mini-Puffs composed of toddlers. Can the girls get their old lives back, or are they doomed to a life of changing diapers?
- screencaps - (Tazz)

- (half-fairy ARed) Netflix, 2023. In the finale, Johanna was turned into a little girl offscreen - (Matteso586)

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh
- (AA mother/daughter AP/AR) S04Ep15. Some creative abstract age animation on Tip (would've liked to see her hips grow, given how she looks as an adult). At the end, the age bubbles are used as ending gags, and Tip, her mother, and Oh are aged/de-aged with less process.
- AA AP screencaps - AR/OA poofs screencaps - (Meticulan23)

Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh
- (teen AR, AP) S4Ep8a "No Age Like The Present" 7/20/2018, Netflix.
Tip's Mom hates getting older, wishing to be 18 again, while 13 y.o. daughter Tip would like to be 18 already. Oh creates an Age Bender which makes Tip and her Mom both into 18 y.o's for 24 hours.
The TF is very weird. After having fun, they zap themselves again, but Oh is turned into a baby (maybe his species are still babies at 18). At the end, they turn a tiger back into a cub to save themselves, but the shrunken cat plays with the devices and messes up their ages: Tip to 18 and then baby. Oh to old and then adult. Mom to baby and then old.
- Screencaps - (Tazz)

Horrid Henry
- (dream adults mentally reverted) S03Ep13 "Horrid Henry: Grown Up" 9/13/2011.
A boy dreams that his parents have started acting like kids, and now he must parent them.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Horrid Henry
- (dream FFed to adults, RN) "Henry Gets Married".
Henry wakes up as a 27 y.o. man, married and with a baby.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Hoshi no Orpheus
Winds of Change
- (kinda adult rejuvenated effect, furry demon TF) 1978 Japan/USA theatrical anim.
Medusa - monster CBed.

Hotel Transylvania: The Series
- (demons ARed AA, ARed aftermath, RNed AA poofs) S02Ep16 "Holy Babies" 2019/10/21.
Mavis and Pedro lie about their birthdays to get free ice cream. Death decides to turn them both into babies to correct his records.
- Episode link - screencaps - (JayTee)

House of Mouse
- (male anthros age disguised) "Music Day", Ep33, Toon Disney, 2002.
Mickey Mouse found out that male fowl preteen band "Quackstreet Boys" broke up after an argument. He, Donald, and Goofy must impersonate the band until they can get them back together - 01 - (Richard)

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
- (male AR OC) "Future Shock", 31, S2Ep6, 11/9/2014.
The Hulks are transported 1000 years into the future where the High Evolutionary has de-evolved everyone into lizard-like creatures. In the final battle he remarked if his minions didn't stop the Hulks, he would de-evolve them back into hatchlings ... hm maybe we will see AR. In the end, Skaar hits High Evolutionary's de-evolution staff, and he is engulfed into a baby. "Hope they don't eat him!" Good level of detail they put in.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Hulk Hogan's Rock n Wrestling
(ARed, male AP RN CB, APed CB sub-micro-glimpse) ARed - male - male - 4

Hulk Hogan's Rock N' Wrestling
(AP RN, AR) "Small but Mighty" 10/5/85 cartoon. Good wrestlers Wendy Richter, Hulk Hogan, Tito Santana, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Andre the Giant, Hillbilly Jim, and JYD eat soup with de-aging agent. Wendy doesn't feel so good, and they start to change into little kids. Their clothes are too big for their little bodies. Andre is the biggest of the kids. Hulk tries to convince police officers some punks stole his HulkMobile. Young JYD and Andre fix up a child's version of the HulkMobile, and little Wendy helps her friends get kids' clothes. The police talk to the kids, and then little Wendy doesn't feel so good again, and they change back into their adult forms. (Kris Rothacher)

hulkout (meme)
- (male adult muscle CB) A hint of what a girl-to-woman AP scene might look like, something we may never see in a cartoon. Unlike the Hulk, she wouldn't end up topless, but (in real life) Marvel's "magic pants" effect won't apply either, so she could end up in her panties. Obviously they won't show that - gif - screencaps

Human Kind Of
- (AA curses, monster "TFs", CoA themes) 2018. Nerdy teen Judy Reilly learns her estranged father was an extraterrestrial. Surviving half-alien adolescence seems pretty hopeless. With the help of her dangerously upbeat mother and comics-obsessed best friend, can Judy learn to control her powers? - Episodes link

I Am Weasel
- (furry male AA ARed) "Drinking Fountain of Youth", 1999, S5Ep3, 55.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

I Am Weasel
- (male furry lifetime FF) S02Ep20 "I Am My Lifetime" 2/24/1998.
Not really a direct AR/AP episode, but it does show both Weasel and Baboon - the two main characters of the show - develop from diaper dependant infants into diaper dependant old timers. A good episode!
- (male furry adult babies) S04Ep02 "I Am Cliched".
Another semi-AR episode. Nothing direct, but we get to see both Baboon and Weasel pretend to be babies when their director decides to try a Muppet Babies-Rugrats approach to increase the ratings. Their funniest episode ever, in my opinion =)

I Got A Rocket
- (male AR, pseudo OC, AR AA) "Father to the Prof", S01Ep28, 2007.
Anti-ageing pretzels turn man into a baby who has to be cared for, numerous people into babies in throwaway gag at end.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Ice Age: Collision Course
- (furry APed or OAed, ARed) 2016 CG.
Several animal transformations, first from young to old, then old to young. Not very good but reasonably cool. Sid removes a stone, inadvertently aging all Geotopian animals to their true ages. An asteroid piece rejuvenates a hot spring, restoring the Geotopians', Sid's grandmother's, and Brooke's sloth youth. - (JayTee)

Ice Age: Collision Course
- (furry old age rejuvenation) 2016.
Manny and the "herd" go to the world of crystals Geotopia. Animals living among these crystallized rocks do not age and stay young adults. Shangri Llama, for example, said he's 329 years old. After this world is destroyed by saving the Earth from an asteroid impact, they age to their real ages, and become very old. Later, some of the crystals fall into a fountain which becomes the "Fountain of Youth". The Geotopians rejuvenate back to their young adult selves, along with one other Granny (Sid's Grandmother) regaining the prime of life.
- Info link - ("Tuxedo" Will)

Il etait une fois... la vie
- "Once Upon a Time... Life"
Direct video link - screencaps - (flash forward AP, male OA)
Direct video link - screencaps - (male AP scene)

Il etait une fois... la vie
- (male AP) France, 1987, Procidis, 26 eps. Male intro
- (male AP, FF AA scenes) AKA "Es war einmal das Leben" 1986 French animation. Documentary series about the human body.
- Male growth opening credits - video link

Illusionist, The
- (coming of age) "The Illusionist", Sylvain Chomet, 2010. Girl-like young adult Alice becomes mentally more mature.

Impossibles, The
- (male AR) The Impossibles - S01Ep32 "The Fiendish Doctor Futuro" 12/24/1966.
Rock and Roll Group became anti-crime crusaders with a battle cry of "Rally-Ho!" Dr. Futuro: A villain from the 40th century who travelled to the 1960s to steal a gold brick to finance his crimes. He accidentally ran into an age-reversing machine and was turned into a baby - (Agetheater)

Impossibles, The
- (male OA, male AR) "The Impossibles" - "The Fiendish Doctor Futuro" 32, 1966.
Young adult hero into old man. Villain into baby.
- Video link - OA - AR - (Thomas, 2BYA)

Incredibles, The
- (AA FFed) "The Incredibles" - Violet fan art (Liquid Mark)
- (flashback) DVD deleted opening: Violet already used her powers as a baby.

Incredibles, The
- (dedicated age swap aftermath) 2015 fan art

Inkwell Imps, The
- (AR AA) Out of the Inkwell series - "Ko-Ko the Kid", 1927 - screencaps

Inkwell Imps: Ko-Ko The Kid
- (AR) 1927 short.
In live-action, Max and Dave Fleischer give Koko the Clown a beard; in trying to lose it, he seeks the Fountain of Youth, and sprays the entire city with its magic waters.
- Vid link - (TBTC)

Inside Job
- (mental FB) S01Ep10, "Inside Reagan" Part 2, 2021/10/22.
Brett enters Reagan's mind to bring her teen self to a high school dance. Reagan learns her dad erased memories of her disreputable childhood friend Orrin.
- (male rejuv, male AR, male celebs to OA death) S2Ep2 "Whoas-Feratu" 2022/11/18.
Rand takes a youth serum from Andre to make a movie, which regresses him into a baby as filming proceeds. Other Hollywood actors have been staying young by drinking blood. Reagan uses Rand's contaminated blood to age Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicolas Cage, Larry David, Bradley Cooper, and Johnny Depp to dust. This also restores Rand's original age.
- Scenes link - screencaps: male rejuv - male AR - male RN AP - male OA - (Kumaguma)

Inside Out
- (slight mental coming of age) 2015. This CGI movie will be set inside an 11 y.o. girl's mind, as told from the perspective of her emotions brought to life.

Inspector Gadget's Field Trip
- (male AA ARed) "Florida; Williamsburg", 11/29/06.
Direct video link - cap - (Thomas)

Inspector Gadget
- (APed BE'd) Penny made herself older to loosen the ropes - fan art (capcomixxx)
- (APed CB) Penny: fan art

Inspector Gadget
- (ARed AA cutaways, canine OA, RNed cutaways) "Fountain of Cortez", Ep17, 2015 CGI.
An archeologist and The Chief are AA'd into babies by the fountain of youth. As if that's not bad enough Brain then falls in the fountain of age. Penny is animated a bit older in this series as a foil for teen henchman Talon. Are feelings developing between them? It's still early, and he would have to reform first.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Inspector Gadget
- (dedicated AP CB) "Go Go Gadget Growth" Penny fan art - (Wilmel)
- (TF "AP") "Hulk Girls: Penny Gadget" - fan art - (Kruzer)

Inspector Gadget
- (old age AA, no size increase) S2Ep21b "MADthuselah" 5/18/2018.
Dr. Claw plans to turn everyone in the world old. Penny was OA'd from a teen to a senior citizen. A side-character got OA'd from a middle aged woman to old (and Brain the dog gets OA'd briefly to an old dog with a cane and beard). @14:00: a teenage girl at what looks like a prom gets OA'd. She's about to kiss a boy, and turns into a pruney looking old woman still trying to kiss him. If I didn't know better I'd think *I* wrote this!
- th - (Chronoeclipse, Agingwomen)

Invader ZIM
- (alien mental AR) S01Ep18 "Plague of Babies" 9/7/01.
A band of baby-looking aliens is mentally regressed by the alien Zim to match their looks - (Jeffr_2bya)

Invader Zim
(FFed AA) Gaz fan art

- (AA TF, possible AR?) Amazon Prime series, c2021.
In the superhero comic Invincible, we meet Monster Girl. A 29 y.o. woman was cursed to AA into a monster that gets bigger and stronger each time, but she turns slightly younger upon reverting! There is no cure. At the start of the series she was a preteen, and a possible future showed her as a baby that can turn into a skyscraper-sized monster.
The trailer briefly shows her AA-ing into a monster at the end - link - (Tazz)

- (slow AR, demon AA TF TG) Amazon Prime, 2021.
The superheroine Monster Girl is a "Hulk-like" AA-character whose human form gets younger every time she transforms into a monster. She claims to be 24 but looks like a preteen already, and laments to another character that it makes dating hard. Later the character Robot falls for her, and copies his consciousness from his broken body to a younger body around her age in order to be with her.
- Power-up screencaps - (Sen)

Irmão do Jorel
- (AA APed, ARed) S01Ep13 "Aterrorizante Vida Adulta" 2015/02/09.
After swapping ages with his school bully by blowing on a magic candle, he and his friends have lost their youth.
- Jorel's Brother, Brazil - Episode link @06:00 - caps

Irmao do Jorel
- (AA APed) - fan caps

It's Punky Brewster
- (AA APed, AA ARed, RNed)
"Call me Ms" No one can believe she really became an adult.
Video Links - Part 1 - Part 2
- Screencaps:
02 - Punky makes a magic wish.
03 - too heavy for the swing.
04 - wider hips get stuck down the slide.
05 - adults need to get a job.
06 - adoptive father doesn't recognize her adult form and thus rejects her.
07 - too far back into time!
08 - returned to normal.

It's Punky Brewster
(AP, RN, AR) First DVD of Punky Brewster. Season 02, #05, "Call Me Ms." Punky bristles when Henry hires a babysitter, so she wishes that she was older and she becomes a woman. Later, in a panic, her magical friend transforms her from adult to infant. (Jeffr_2bya, ARarchive pics)
- screencaps

- (AR) Ep 2 "Hopping Back to the Future" Alternate link for previously posted video. A woman hops to become a girl again, the same age as her already rejuvenated husband.
- Alternate direct link - (Inkognitolord)

- (multiple poof ARs) "Hopping Back to the Future", S1Ep4, 1995.
Iznogoud hires the Wizard De Jacqual to scrawl a hop scotch to regress the Sultan, but many others turn into squabbling children instead.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (male flashback, male old age) Time travel adventure with younger versions of Jackie and Valmont. The villains are aged to old age when they take "the long way home" - male male
- "Little Valmont, Big Jade" 1/25/03. Jade wishes to be older. Instead, Valmont returns to boyhood. She becomes a giantess (clothes seamlessly grow with) - male AR - male AP RN - giant Jade
- (AR AA, clothes shrink with, RN AA not depicted, clothes grow with) "The J-Tots" 81, 02/07/04 - 6
- (male AR, old age AA no size change, RN AA) "Lost City of the Muntabs" 23, 10/22/01 Jackie and Jade find a village that never ages due to the fountain of youth, but when it's stolen they age rapidly. The thieves drink it and turn into babies. The tribe turns back - 7
- (flash forward) (#4.11 1/26/2004) "J2: Rise of the Dragons." Lucy Liu was the voice of Adult Jade.
- (TF, CB) Little girl "grows" bigger in abnormal way - girl "growth" TF, CB
- (flash forward, AA) Cartoon. "J2: Rise of the Dragons" # 4.11, 1/31/04. (photos by TheBard) - adult Jade

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (AR, OA, TF) Jade Chan - INFO PAGE

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (ARed AA) "The J-Tots" AA AR
- (flashed forward) Jade Chan by wagnerf AA fan art
- (dedicated age swap) - c2014 fan art - (Dracoknight)

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (dedicated AP CB) "La Piedra Misteriosa"
Since Jade Chan is still small, her clothing can only endure her growth spurts for a short time.
- Fan Art sequence - (locofuria)

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (flashback) "Through the Rabbit Hole" 9/8/01, S2Ep1, 239.
Kepler's cronoton beam sends Jade back to 1976. She gets 10-year-old Jackie and younger Uncle to help her, but the Enforcers locate 10-year-old Valmont, and 36-year-old Jackie comes to help. The Enforcers are sent back to the early 1900s.

Jackie Chan Adventures
(some CBed TF) - preteen TF scene - fan TF edit.
- (FFed) fan art "purple haze" - (Deathloc)

Jacob Two-Two
- (male TF CB expansion, pseudo AP-like aspect) S05Ep08 #59 "Jacob Two-Two and the Too Big Tomato" 2006/08/13.
Jacob just wanted to be bigger. He borrows Mr. Moleculus' formula for growing giant tomatoes for himself.
- Episode link - gif - screencaps - (

Jake and the Never Land Pirates
- (poof AR AA, AA RN) "Pirate-Sitting Pirates", S3Ep6, 64B, 2/7/2014.
Disney AA. Kids, captain, and crocodile into babies.
- While fleeing Tick-Tock Croc they fall into the Pirate Pool of Youth, which has the ability to turn anyone into wee pirates. Captain Hook, Jake, his friends and Croc were turned into babies. Now Smee and the other pirates must take them to a flower that will turn them back.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male teen mind swap) S01Ep16 "The Wish" 12/22/1973.
After Corey's football victory, Henry feels outdone. Jeannie grants Henry's wish to swap bodies with Corey, which causes confusion. Corey's date Linda is about through with him.
- (poof?) "The Kid Brother"? 11/10/1973.
Jeannie's and Babu's powers misfire?
- (Jeffr_2bya, TBTC)

Jeff & Some Aliens
- (male AR) - screencaps

Jeff & Some Aliens
- (male OA, AR, AA RN) S1Ep2 "Jeff & Some Energy Trading" 1/18/2017.
Jeff uses an energy trading device to get rich by trading time energy, which ages him. The aliens save him by trading too much gold to change him back into a baby. Toward the end they get it right. Man gradually into old man and then into a baby. Baby into adult.
- Video link - - (Mad0charles, Tazz)

Jelly Jamm
- (AR AA, RNed AA) "My Little Queen"
Bello wishes for the the Queen to become a young girl again so she can let him do anything he wants. Now he has to act like the crazy little Queen's older brother.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Jelly Jamm
- (AR AA) "Queen's Birthday", c2012, CGI.
Queen revert @ around 5:00.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

- (furry AR) S2Ep2 "Baby Shenanigans" 2022/03.
HBO Max takes on classic Hanna-Barbera characters like Yogi Bear. Augie, Shag, and Yakky accidentally turn everyone in Jellystone into babies in hopes of having other kids to play with.
- Trope info link - left-corner blurry link - (Tazz)

- (furry/animals ARed aftermath) "Baby Shenanigans" - Augie and her friends turn back the clock to make the adults kids again, but ended up turning them into babies - aftermath scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

Jetsons, The
- (adult FFed to OA) "Future Tense" 11/12/85. Jane's new glasses show her the distant future when George, Elroy and Judy are old. She finds it hilarious, however it's not so funny when she gets a glimpse of her own aged self - male - (Deniz)
- (male AA AR, AA RN, canine) "Boy George" It starts at 10m 20s.
Video link - caps - (TF Theater)
- (male AR) "Boy George", S2Ep29, 6/1/85.
George tries to rejuvenate himself by taking a potion after being told he is too old to do something athletic. He meant to make himself college aged, but instead he becomes the same age as his son. A police officer arrests him for driving his hover car, and he winds up being taken into his son's classroom, mistaken for a child playing hooky from school - (Otaru)

Jetsons, The
- (AR) - Jane fan art - (Weary Traveler)

Jetsons, The
- (male AA pseudo AP OA'd, RN) S02Ep32 "The Wrong Stuff" 3/30/1985.
After winning a school science contest, Elroy and Astro the talking dog are invited with the family to view a rocket launch on a five-year mission. They get more than they bargained for when they are launched into a deep space vortex, and return to Earth significantly changed in terms of age. What this means is that they appear much older, without any size increase. By reversing the rotation they are soon restored.
- Video link - caps

Jimmy Two-Shoes
- (male AA poof AP, male to OA, male TF AR AA)
"Good Old Jimmy", S02Ep26, 7/15/2011, 226.
Rabbit into adult and elderly. Boy into adult, then middle age, then elderly. Man into teen, then kid, then small kid.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time
- (AA AR & OA age forms) Justice League of America toon movie released on 1/21/2014 (I recommend it, it's a lot of fun). Near the very end, the villain Time Trapper rapidly ages and de-ages Wonder Woman back and forth. Animation is really good for the brief amount of time it happens. - clip link - screencaps - gif - (Meticulan23, Dragoniade)

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time
- (age TFs) 2014 animated film.
The Justice League faces off against the Legion of Doom. A mysterious being known as the Time Trapper arises, and Lex Luthor sends the Legion of Doom back in time to eliminate Superman. Wonder Woman is briefly aged/ARed when she goes up against the Time Trapper - (Jeffr_2bya)

Johnny Bravo
- (age disguised) girl pursuit by Little Suzy
- (male AP CB RN, male AR) "Look Who's Drooling" (TBTC) Johnny gets turned into a baby and spends the day in day care. When his caregiver wants to bathe him, he AP's out of a bunny suit. The AP is a ripping sound behind closed doors but the aftermath is shown. Quote:"Unhand me, I say!" male AR - male AP
- (old age, flash forward) 3

Johnny Bravo
(female adult muscle UC) Studio guest experiences burst of feminist rage at Johnny's antics.
- Fem muscle
- Little Suzy (Mae Whitman) AKA "neighbor girl" - very cunning and talkative 8-year-old red-haired girl from the neighborhood, seemed to have a crush on Johnny in earlier seasons, and bonded with Mrs Bravo in the later seasons, whilst retaining some feelings for Bravo. Revealed in an episode about her birthday to be Farrah Fawcett's cousin, and also related to all other celebrities by blood or family ties.

Johnny Test (fan art)
- (dedicated TG AA TF AP) "Superhero Serum" by Deviant Artist TheGxJudgement, 2023/07.
Commission from Anonymous. Johnny Test is subjected to another serum experiment by his genius sisters. Little did they know that Johnny will not only became a very hot superhero, her personality and affect will be permanently altered if they don't turn her back.
- Fan Art link - alt - (NightElf37)

Johnny Test
- (FFed to OA) S1Ep9b "Sonic Johnny" 2005/11/26.
Johnny and Dukey travel into the future where Susan and Mary are old ladies in a maximum security nursing home. The genius sisters do actually act elderly - Ep link @17:20 - (Rayc5678)
- (male mind swap) "Papa Johnny"
Kid and his dad swap bodies - Alt. link - - (Tazz)

Johnny Test
- (male mind transfer) "Papa Johnny" 6/19/11.
Johnny and his father switch bodies to determine once and for all who has the harder life.
- Video link - screencaps

Johnny Test
- (teens to babies AR aftermath, offscreen TF RN)
"Johnny's new baby sisters"
- Video link - screencaps:
Male intro - AA AR - AA RN - (Age Theater)

Johnny Test
- (TF CB glimpse) - caps
- (TG poof APed, AA RN TF) - link - screencaps - (TGhero)

Johnny Test
(AR) 11/9/2009, "Johnny's New Baby Sisters".
Susan & Mary Test accidentally age regress themselves into baby twins thanks to an experiment gone haywire. Johnny, Dooky & Bling Bling must cure Susan & Mary, keep them safe from the irresponsible baby sitter, hide their predicament from their parents, and have adventures in the mean time.
There is no process. Basically, they go in a pod, and poof, they are babies in a cloud of smoke, identified by moon and star hair clips.
- "Papa Johnny" is a "Freaky Friday" homage, in which Johnny, his Dad and then Susan and her Mother swap brains. (akhter13)

Johnny Test
(male AR) "Johnny vs. Bling Bling 2" 2006. Bling Bling boy turns himself into toddler to get a kiss from a girl, and when Johnny and his dog find out they turn into toddlers as well. (Tazz)

Josie & The Pussycats In Outer Space
- (poof AA AR, AA RN) S01Ep12 "The Forward Backward People of Xarock" 11/25/72. Extra-terrestrial age changing - (TBTC)

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space
- (AA poof TFs, AR, "OA", RN) Ep15, 1972.
The Gang is captured by aliens who want to dominate the earth by age regression. This is an old cartoon, don't expect too much quality animation.
- Video link - screencaps - (Username)

Josie and the Pussycats
- (dedicated fan art, old aged) Ep16 "Don't Count on a Countess" 1971.
As you all know, I really like this episode, so I had SketchArmstr0ng make me an elderly version of the Pussycats - link 2020/10. Also a commission drawn by SerisaBibi, 2020/02 - Fetish fan art - (JackpotMans)

Josie and the Pussycats
- (OA) "Don't Count on a Countess" 1/2/71 - The Pussycats are invited by a Countess to perform on her island estate, only to learn that they're going to be the test subjects for a mist that can make them very old! - (angeliquejuno8)

Josie and the Pussycats
- (teen ARed) - Alexandra panel - (WT)

Josie and the Pussycats
(AR AA, RN AA, "old aged" scenes) A veritable cornucopia of AA scenes as the gang and their pursuers are spritzed back and forth in age.
- screen caps - screen caps
(Age Regression Group)

Josie and the Pussycats
(AR AA) AR screencaps
(Weary Traveler)

Journey to the West - Legends of the Monkey King
- (canine AR) Xiyou ji, China 2000.
A dog changes his shape to a puppy.
- (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord ln - th

Journey to the West - Legends of the Monkey King
- (male porcine AA TG AR TF flash, male simian furry AA TF AR flash, aftermaths) - Xiyou ji - 1999 Chinese animated series.
Ep06A: - TF scenes video link - screencaps - (World TG)

Judge Dredd: Superfiend
- (adult OA rejuvenation) "The Angel Gang", Ep2, 2014. Tv/web mini-series.
It's very quick, old lady injects herself and turns into a coed in a few seconds.
- Episode link 01:45 until 01:55 - screencaps - (Comicbookbabe)
- (male adult AR, deconception to egg/sperm) Ep3 "Judge Death". He injects the regressing serum.
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2bya, Entropic)

Jumanji The Animated Series
- (AP, RNed) Full episode review link with detailed screencaps - (Age TF Captions)

Jumanji the Animated series
- (APed glimpse) - caps

Jumanji the Animated series
(AP, male AP)
- The kids are exposed to the Water of Age - introduction
- The male AP scene - the female AP scene
- As adults
- (OA, male OA, AR, RN) End of episode screencaps: old age, AR

- (male growth) "Oh, Grow Up" 1998 ep36, 3.4 . Frustrated by his small stature, Peter trades Slick for an elixir made from the juice of the extinct shini-shali berry to make him grow. This is a "huge mistake"... clue: "One small trade makes fortunes rise, but what remains is just your size."
- (last female Western AP, excellent growth, also male AP, old age scenes) 11/30/97, 3.13. "An Old Story" Based on 1996 Kirsten Dunst movie. The two kids accidentally fall into a whirlpool that is like a reverse fountain of youth. At first, they don't notice, but as time passes, they get older and older. Judy Shepherd goes from a preteen girl to a smoking hot blond with a great rack (not known if her cartoon clothes were damaged.) I'm not surprised about a rack that big on a kids show. That studio was also responsible for Duckman, and there were some legendary sized ones there. Trader Slick sells the kids a compass that he claims will help them find a magical golden goblet to stop their accelerated aging. Probably the last great American AP that will ever hit the Tv screen - (Zetta)
(old aging) - adult progression
- There will be a significant AR scene at the end, after they compete to find the water of youth. A rival hunter beats them to it. He drinks too much of the water, and is turned into a young boy. The brother and sister finally get a sample, and you see each step of their aging in a backwards flow as they return to normal - (Time)
- (adult rejuvenation, AR RN) - caps

(excellent blurry APed CB glimpse, male AP, old age, AR RN) "An Old Story"
The final girl to woman AP UC/CB depiction permitted in the western hemisphere occurs approximately 6 minutes and 11 seconds after the start of the episode. Sitting alone at her desk in Study Hall, where she was teased earlier by the more mature girls, Judy Shepherd is suddenly looking a lot taller. As she puts down her book, it is revealed she now has breasts. She looks at her reflection in the window, and gasps in surprise when she sees she has aged into a teenager with an hourglass figure. Her blue overalls have become much too short and too tight. At some point during the accelerated puberty, her lower hips and upper thighs had ripped through the denim, but the straps have held. "What the? ... Oh no!" She sneaks out and steals adult clothes without being detected. Brother Peter grew up in the janitor's closet while being chased by bullies. The siblings continue aging into senior citizens, but revert back in the nick of time. By the start of the next episode, Judy's torn overalls have been replaced with an intact pair.
- Video links: APed CB, male AP link (part 1) 6:11 - Aging to old age link (part 2) 0:51 & 5:45
- Old aged, AR RN link (part 3) AR at 4:13. Some changes occur off screen - (teknoman01)

Justice League Action
- (kinda looks like "ARed") S01Ep13 "Trick or Threat" 2017/03/18.
Halloween story. 4 trick-or-treating children dressed as Justice League heroes investigate the spooky House of Mystery, but what terrors does it hold? - caps - (Thomas)

Justice League Unlimited
- (AA, age stasis, adult rejuvenation, male old age) Morgan Le Fey wears a mask all the time so nobody can see her face. She has to continually absorb Life Energy to stay young. Her son, on the other hand, stays young all the time... until he gets sick of being a child in "Kid's Stuff" and magically makes himself older... which breaks his eternal youth and causes him to quickly reach his true age. As the episode ends, he is an extremely old man and Morgan is taking care of him, like she would with a baby.

Justice League Unlimited
- (male AA TFs)
"Clash": Superman defeats Shazam - "A Knight Of Shadows, Part 1": Morgan Le Fey steals adult time.
- Vid link - caps - male RN AR TF AA.
- Vid link - caps - male adult to OA.

Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen: Part One
- ("teen" forms "reverted"?) 2023/04.
Justice League transported to the RWBY Universe and "changed" into teenagers? - Trailer link - caps - (Speechjon)

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
(male old age) DVD animated movie. In another universe the heroes are the villains and vice versa. The Batman of that world wants to destroy every universe by destroying Earth Prime. Johnny Quick (that world's Flash) spun so fast that he was aged into an old man, and dies. (Tazz)

Justice League
(AR, AA, RN) "Kid Stuff" 2004. (Troy)

Justice League
(old age) "A Knight of Shadows" old age Morgana Le Fay drains the youth out of her victims. link (H4)

Justice League
The animated series - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) S01Ep20 "A Knight of Shadows".
- (AR) S03Ep06 2004.
Justice League Unlimited:
- (age increase) S04Ep07 "Clash".
- (Jeffr_2bya, Quadhouse, Stonegate, Dragoniade)

- (anthros "APed") S01Ep30 "Let's Play Grown-Ups" c2010, France.
Kid animals into adults. Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack use a machine to turn themselves older. Mr. Cat has to return them back to normal.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (furry male APed) S04Ep41 "Let's Play Multibirthday" 2020/01/06.
Kaeloo learns Stumpy hasn't had a birthday party since age 5 and throws him a "multibirthday" party to make up for it. Unfortunately this winds up turning him into an adult who keeps getting older.

Karate Kid, The
- (adult age stasis, old age) Daniel-san and Mr. Myagi travel to snow-covered mountains, where they encounter a group of youthful adults living in a village kind of like Shangri-La. Daniel falls in love with a local young woman, who keeps having to end their conversations for some reason, running out of sight. Myagi thinks something is weird, and drinks from the village well, only to become younger! It is later revealed that all the villagers remain young adults due to drinking the water. During the end of the show, the well is covered in rock during an avalanche, cutting the village off from their water supply. It ends with all the villagers, now aged, accepting their lives as elderly people. Daniel-san says goodbye to his sixty-something "girlfriend," and he and Myagi leave the village.
- (Zietgiest)

Karate Kid, The
- (age stasis, male adult rejuvenation, adult OA) "Over the Rainbow" 07/14/1989.
Deep in the Himalayas, team Miyagi follows a magic rainbow to paradise and a flowing fountain of youth - OA'd - male - (AR Group)

Katie and Orbie
(AA APed) 1994. There was an "age progression" scene in this preschool show. link to group with screencap (teknoman01) AA APed (teknoman01)

Khoanh khac ky dieu
- (male rejuv AA, female rejuv AA AR) "Suoi Nguon Tuoi Tre" - "Fountain of Youth" c2020, Vietnam.
Old man into strong younger man, old woman into beautiful young woman and then toddler.
- Episode link - - Male adult rejuvenation screencaps - Female rejuv & AR screencaps - (Tazz)

Kidd Video
- (AA ARed, AA RN, furry ARed) age spells
(AR, AA RN) "Master Blaster Brat" Ep 22 (MySpecialFX) link

Kim Possible
- (male AR, male AP, flash back, flash forward, Kim shown at different ages) "A Sitch in Time", 2003.
- male scene.
- (flash forward) Kim AP
- flashback - flashback
- flashback - male AR - male AR - involuntary male RN

Kim Possible
- "The Golden Years" Kim has to fight own grandmother.
- "The Full Monkey"
monkey TFed

Kim Possible
- (AA ARed, male AA AR/RN, AA RN)
ARed, male infancies.
Babies AA'd to normal - RN TF's.
Too many transformations cause clothing errors - male diaper aftermath - (AR Group)

Kim Possible
- (AA FF) "Kim and Ron through the Years" character years - (jurneejakes)
- (AA FFed) fan art
- (APed) - fan art
- (male AR, male APed AA RN) "Nursery Crimes" 2007
When new villain Nanny Nane begins turning rebellious teenagers into babies, Kim must use her natural baby-sitting skills to save the day. Ron is AA ARed. "These aren't like the babies you're used to. They're as strong as full grown men!" (O')
Video links: part 1 - part 2
- (male muscle) male

Kim Possible
- (dedicated) "age swaps" fan art - (tfsubmissions)
- (excellent AR) special fan art commission - (Malekim)
- (TF) "Camille Leon v. Shego" fan art battle - (Jose Ramiro)

Kim Possible
- (male "growth") "Ron the Man" 20, 04/25/2003. Ron Stoppable uses molecular enhancer for muscles. Kim and other female students not impressed.
- male muscle - male muscle - male muscle
- "Monkey Ninjas in Space" Kim has to wear child-sized T-shirt - UC scene.

Kim Possible
- (male FF)
Twins Tim and Jim Possible are the younger brothers of Kim Possible, whom she affectionately calls the "Tweebs". Their appearance from season 1 to season 4:
Age: 10 to 12.
Height: 4'0 to 5'0.
Weight 100lbs to 110lbs. Build: Short and pudgy to slimmer.
- (male size increase) "Grande Size Me" S04.
Ron turned into an enormous, yellowish, Incredible Hulk-like thing that talked in Hulk Speak and craved fast food. When he turned back, they had him reduced to his boxers, which were intact.

Kim Possible
- (TF ability) Only the twins recognize her. Camille Leon caps

Kim Possible
(coming of age, slight FFed) Series Finales - "So The Drama" deals with Kim and Ron "growing" up and apart ("Maybe I don't want to grow up"). Their Relationship Upgrade at the end makes for an optimistic upswing though. "Graduation" deals with the uncertainties of the future.

Kind of Magic, A
- (male AA APed form) AKA Magic, France. S1Ep5 "Big Love" 2008.
Boy into young man to help older sister. At the end his hand shrinks back first. He runs outside.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Kind of Magic, A
- (OA) A Kind of Magic - AKA "Magic", France - S01Ep23 "Deep Freeze" 3/22/2008.
AKA "Debout la-dedans!" At 17:34 the parent starts aging due to a miscast spell. Nothing really, except they don't have teeth, the hair is frizzy and a few wrinkles. The mother's chest sags a bit though.
- Episode link - (Anonguy)

King Arthur's Disasters
- (male multiple AR) S1Ep9 "The Fountain of Youth" 6/7/05.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

King of the Hill
- (dedicated ARed) '15, Luanne Platter fan art
- (male adult as teenager disguise attempt) Dale applies for a job as paperboy for the Arlen Bystander (God knows why). He even uses the Totally Radical "jizzob" in place of the boring old "job." Again, no one is fooled and Bobby instantly recognizes him.

King of the Hill
- (male FF) Joseph
- (male FF) character futures fan art
(male flash forward) Neighbor Joseph got taller over the summer.

Kippo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
- (male anthro arthropod, age form TFs) Netflix 2020.
Mutant insect Dave can change his life cycle at will. Throughout the show, he daveamorphasizes into baby, child, adult and elderly versions of himself. Usually for humor, like turning old when there is danger, but becoming a super buff young adult when it has passed. If he dies he can still be reborn, restarting his life cycle anew - caps - (Tazz)

Kirikou and the Sorceress
(male AP) French animated film. Kirikou grows up mighty fast: barely born, he asks for a kiss that turns him into an instant marriage partner. male AP scene (Jeffr_2bya)

Kong: The Animated Series
- (AR AAs, AR aftermaths, RNed AA offscreen) S2Ep8 #28 "Dangerous Melody" 2001.
Our heroes find the fantastic Forgotten City of Burma. Trying to remove the Primal Stone of Time, Tann starts playing a magical instrument and turns the trio back into children. After covering their ears, they also revert the Professor and his henchmen into little boys. Jason and his friends figure out how to reverse the Stone's power, and AA everyone back to normal.
- Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Kong: The Animated Series
- (AR) 1.28 "Dangerous Melody" 2/26/06.
When the Professor activates the Primal Stone of Time, Jason, Tann, and Lua attempt to stop him but are transformed into children by its powers. The giant ape has his hands full dealing with the younger versions of his friends. The children are recaptured along with the Stone. Kong attacks De La Porta and in the chaos, the Professor and his men are also turned into children. Jason and his friends figure out how to reverse the Stone's power and return everyone to their normal ages - (FARfan)

Krypto the Superdog DC Comics, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Kids' WB
- (male AP, male AR) 57 "Growing Pains" 4/26/2006, 203. Mechanikat uses an aging ray on Superdog, but accidentally hits Kevin in the process as well, aging him into an adult. Reportedly his clothes grew with him. Can they restore their bodies back to normal? In the last few minutes Kevin regresses back to his normal age, leaving him in oversized shirt and pants.
- (AA size increase) 42 "Big Sister" 5/2/2005. An alien AA ray turns Melanie into a 50-foot giant toddler.

Krypto the Superdog
- (canine AR) "Puppy Problems", S01Ep20, 4/29/2005.
The Dog Star Patrol are turned into Puppies.
- (Tazz) - th

Krypto the Superdog
- (furry AR & RN) S01Ep38 "Puppy Problems" 2005/04/29.
Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

Krypto the Superdog
- (male AP, RN jump) screencaps - male AP - male RN AR

Kumbh Karan
- (AA replacement cutaway poofs, ARed) S2Ep7 "Chhote Sardar" c2010. Hindi.
Old bird into young. Boy imagines other boy into baby. Old man into baby, old woman into little girl.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Kung Fu Dragon: Pleakley
- (male creatures AA ARed) Disney short cartoons attached to "Stitch" anime. "Babyfier": aliens into babies and then elderly - Vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Kuu Kuu Harajuku
- (AR AA poofs & aftermaths) Ep20B "The Young and the Reckless" 4/28/2017.
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Kuu Kuu Harajuku
- (AR illusion) S01Ep03a "Game Over" 10/5/2016 - Episode link
HJ5 accidentally gets trapped inside a cute video game filled with evil cheeseburgers and flowers. When you see them in the game they look like little kids.
- (multiple ARs) S01Ep20b "The Young and the Reckless" 4/28/2017 - Episode link
Stegosaurus Stan changes everyone in the Harajuku Retirement Home into babies/toddlers to win back glory. It has super fast AR, and mostly offscreen. Probably the best scene is when their manager Rudie tries to restore them with the Yesterday Ray, but turns himself into a baby by holding the Ray the wrong way. I don't get why Stegosaurus Stan didn't use the Ray to make himself a young man again. Very cute episode. I actually wish it was a movie and a lot longer with a lot more AR.
You have to Sign In and choose your television service provider (this might be good for Canadian members).
- (Tazz, AgeRegressionFan01)

Kuu Kuu Harajuku
- (male ARed AA & aftermath, RNed AA) S03Ep18a "Baby Rudie" 2018/12/08.
Let's never speak of this again - Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

La Brujita Tatty
- (AR AA, OA'd) "Tatty se Convierte en Bebe" 2019/04/12.
Girl witch wants to play mommy by turning her talking cat Misifu into a kitten, which it doesn't want. So while it flees, a bird was zapped into an egg, flower into bud, tree into smaller tree, butterfly into caterpillar, cat into kitten, then girl witch into baby. Then everyone back to normal, but at the end the girl and cat were poofed elderly.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

La Corona Magica
- (adult rejuvenated) 1989-90 series.
Evil Queen Idun steals the blue crystal and transforms from an old hag into a beautiful young woman:
Is that you your majesty? You are unrecognizable!
You've done a great job, servant, an excellent job! The effects are permanent, aren't they!
That's true, you will keep your beauty forever! Only another blue crystal could turn you as ugly as before!
Watch your tongue! I've never been ugly!
Maybe she returns to an old hag later?
- Episode link - caps - (Chriskim019, Captain Ash, The AP Ninja)

La vuelta en cuento
- (old dog to puppy, male adult rejuv) "La fuente de la juventud" 2017.
Old man wanted to rejuvenate to marry young woman.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (anthro AR AA & AA FF TFs) S3Ep9 "Age Gun".
Chicken into egg, caterpillar into butterfly, apple into seed, cop into elderly, Lamput into elderly, goons into baby & teen, old woman into young, egg into adult bird, thief into kid, teen into baby, Lamput into baby, goons into elderly.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (anthros poof TFed) India, S03, 2020.
  S03Ep11 "Age Remote" - link
Lamput and the docs mess with a special remote that can change any living being's age.
  S03Ep17 "Transfer Gun" - link -
People and things swap bodies. Like a cat and a fish, Lamput and the villain, a dog and its master, little crying boy and his mom, mom proposing to girlfriend. It's funny as you see their roles being reversed, like a little boy dragging a crying mom.
  S03Ep23 "Memory Loss" - link -
Goon gets amnesia and believes self to be a baby.
- (Tazz)

Last Airbender, The
- (ARed) babality fan art - (The_Padded_Room)

Last Unicorn, The
(TF) Young woman can transform into unicorn. tf

- (AA short, rejuvenation and AR poofs, RNed) Scott Wiser, TheCGBros, 2019.
CGI 2D animated short. I found this really amazing animation of an old woman who has to climb a steep mountain. She whirs away magical layers of clothing, which store her life's most vivid memories. With every layer she removes she gets younger. The creator is looking to make a full length film from this.
- Animation link - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Le monde secret du Pere-Noel
- (AA GTS) A wish to be taller was temporarily realized.
"Weihnachtsmann & Co. KG", "World of Santa Claus". "The tall little girl", 1997.
- screencaps

Legend of Korra, The
- (cutaway self-image AA ARed, AA RNed) "A New Spiritual Age" Ep22, 11/8/13.
Sequel series to "Avatar: The Last Airbender".
- In the Spirit World, new Avatar Korra and Jinora get separated. Korra calls out for Jinora. She then turned into a little girl. Her spirit clothes conform to her new size. She was 16 but stays about 4 throughout the episode to learn to channel the spirits. She acts like a kid being easily frightened and angry. Along the way she meets the spirit of Iroh.
In the end she returns to normal when she overcomes her fears. It was mental and physical. She mentally entered the spirit world where her self image automatically changed.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Legend of Korra, The
- (FF AA) Female lead Korra was everything a heroine should be. "I'm the Avatar, and you gotta deal with it!" a pudgy little girl said. She would "grow up" (in about 15 seconds) to be the most inspiring female hero yet on television.

Legend of Korra
- (dedicated TF age-up) "growing up avatar" c2014 fan art - (Racoonfactory)

Legend of Snow White, The
(AP) Italy, Mondo TV, 52 half-hour episodes.
- Ep 1 & 2: flash forward from birth.
- Ep 31: "A Gift From Mary" Mrs. Bauer and the children organize a big party. Little Mary gives Snow White her gift, but suddenly the little girl transforms into the evil Queen. Snow White wanders in the kingdom of the dead and is turned into a marble statue.

Legends of Valhalla: Thor
- (male young adult to OA, RN) 2011.
A teenage Thor goes against the giants with his newly acquired magical talking hammer Crusher. Since Thor isn't a king, he must face the giants' champion... a little old lady. Thor gets his butt kicked and is aged into an old man. He was facing the one opponent no person can defeat: "Old Age" - (Tazz)

Legion of Super-Heroes
Men made older or younger - INFO PAGE
- (age stasis) S02Ep04 "Chained Lightning" 10/13/2007.
- (male adult to old age) S02Ep0 "Trials" 03/15/2008.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Lego DC Shazam!: Magic and Monsters
- (plastic figures AR) CGI movie, 2020/04.
Sequel to "Lego DC Batman: Family Matters", which had Billy Batson about to become Shazam for the first time. Now he poofs into the adult hero when shouting "Shazam". Justice League are interested, but he fears they will change their mind if they discover his secret kid identity.
- Mister Mind, the super-intelligent talking Worm, creates the "Monster Society of Evil" of monster-like villains. They kidnap the Justice League. Brainwashing adults is hard, so they use a gas to turn Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern into child figures. Shazam must work with the youthened Justice League to stop the villains.
- Clip video link - (Tazz)

Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale
- (adult face FF to OA) "Uninvited Guest" c2015-
- Clip link - screencaps - (MeanMark, Dragoniade)

Lego Harry Potter
- (male adult block rejuv) -COOKING WITH WORMTAIL-THE COCKTAIL OF YOUTH, lluukkyy28, 2011.
Old man into young - Vid link - (Thomas)

Lego Monkie Kid
- (plastic figurine cutaways, adult age forms) S3Ep13 c2022 - manhuanime Villainess manifestations - Ep link - caps

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
- (male brick AR) INFO

Les Aventures de Carlos
- (male cutaway AA AR, AA RN) Ep21, 1992.
AKA "Around the World in Eighty Dreams". The waterfall of youth turned male explorers into babies @ 14:50; back to normal @ 18:10.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Les Legendaires
- (ARed AA aftermath) The Legendaries, 2017. A group of heroes failed to stop a dreadful warlock. Everyone on the planet including themselves turned into kids. Now they're 12 years old again, and struggling to defeat Darkhell to restore balance to the world.
- Trailer link - - screencaps
- (mental ARed) Ep15. A spell makes people also mentally into little kids - Ep link -
- (Tazz)

Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The
- (adult rejuvenated poof) S3Ep9 "Little Big Mah" 11/10/2006.
Images of the 20-something y.o. Jasmine Lee - screencaps - (Alexander)

Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The
- (kinda like TG APed) "Oh Brother What Art Thou" 15, 1/14/06 cartoon. Rei Rei, Junipers little brother, drinks a "growth" potion and turns into a big dinosaur like creature. In an attempt to change him back they make clones of him, but each clone is different, One is a humanoid dog, another part elephant, and even an adult female version of himself. (Necros)
- (unseen TG AA body doubling) "I've Got You Under My Skin" 5/12/06 animated, 2-10, 23. June tries to create a body-double to be in 2 places at once. Little brother Ray Ray becomes June's copy (TG). Monroe becomes Ray Ray's copy (dog TF). Nobody becomes Monroe's copy.
- (flashback) 3/24/06 "Adventures in Babysitting". A whole episode of Juniper Lee at a much younger age. (maniac78)

Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The
- ("growth" scene) Ophelia fan art (skipperbird)
- (AA sibling duplication) swap

Life and Times of Juniper Lee
- (AP RN, AR) 11/10/06 3.35 "Little Big Mah" Juniper's grandmother Ah Mah first gets transformed into a young woman, then into an 11 year old girl by a goblin. At the end of the episode she returns to her normal age, after staying the night in Juniper's room and going to school with her. (Steven)

Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States
(kinda like ARed) Comedy Central, 6 eps. Cartoon satire based on 5-minute clips offered by Amp'd Mobile re-imagines President Bush and key executives in his administration as elementary school misfits. The title character is surrounded by close pals like Lil' Cheney, who grumbles unintelligibly, and Lil' Condi, who pines for Lil' Bush and does his homework for him. When Lil' Bush's school serves falafel instead of hot dogs for lunch in one episode, he and his pals torture the cafeteria employees with methods made famous during the Abu Ghraib prison scandal - cast

Lil' Hollywood
(kinda like ARed or flashback) 2007 Amp'd Mobile shorts. Weekly parody series follows the misadventures of the hottest celebrities. Featuring Lil' Mel Gibson who can't hold his candy, Lil' Paris Hilton, Lil' Lindsay Lohan and Lil' Tom Cruise. Lil' Britney's nether regions voiced by Carson Daly.

Lilo & Stitch: The Series
- (Disney AA curse, AR AA, AA AP RN) "Baby-fier" 01/12/04 1-36.
Lilo is grumpy because Nani says she's too young to go to a scary movie. So when she and Stitch catch an experiment that turns adults into babies, Lilo is thrilled. But she quickly learns that being the "responsible adult" in the family is tough work, and wants nothing more than to return everyone to their proper age. When Nani AAs to adult her childbearing hips "almost" crush plastic stroller:
AA APed - AA APed.
- (flash forward AA AP) "Skip" 2005. Experiment #089.
7 year old Lilo moves forward 10 years and AAs into a curvy adult. Stitch appears jealous he didn't "grow" too. Big sis Nani is first relieved and then angry. Then Lilo skips another 10 years:
AA 7 to 17 (500K) - AA APed (500K) - 17 to 27 AA (500K)
- "Retro" 2005.
Just as Lilo attempts to distance herself from embarrassing family elements before meeting a pop idol, Retro (Experiment 321) attempts to conform everything back to its primitive state. Lilo and 2 adult women turned into "cavegirls".
neanderthal TF (500 KB)
- (TF's, including "age changes") "Morpholomew" 2005 Ep 56.
Lilo finds an experiment that can change any living thing into any other living thing. Lilo gets transformed into her crush and into Jake Long - (StorytellerWJK)

Lilo & Stitch
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Lilo & Stitch
- (dedicated TF AP scene) 2017 - Lilo video link - fan art caps - (Schinkn)

Lilo and Stitch
- "Baby-fier" - AR - AR
- (AA swelling) - "French-Fry" - AA weight gain
- (AA AP) - caps
- Height wish - 11
- (APed AA) - "grown" up - (DCRmx)

Lilo and Stitch
- (AA FF) Future Lilo fan art - (O', DeviantArtists)
- (dedicated age swap) - 2014 fan art
- (Disney AA curse, adult couple TFed to OA) Gramma & Mr.Hasigawa - screencaps - (Shadowlord)

Linus & Boom
- (male AP) S01Ep34 "Le prix de l'age" 4/6/2009.
French, AKA "My Giant Friend". 12 y.o. Linus McLoon is a hero in secret. Trying to rescue an alien chased by Special Agents, he is exposed to a strange aging compound. The next day he finds himself in an adult skin! They must hurry as Linus continues to age.
- Unknown ep. scene extract link - screencaps

Linus et Boom
- (ARed, male ARed to baby, APed revert)
French CGI series. "Cure de jouvence" Ep46, 2009.
- Kids protect their alien friend from an organization. Agents infiltrate their classroom after making themselves younger. At the end, hot female Chase returns to normal to attack the Astronomy clubhouse, apparently losing her child sized shoes.
- Direct video link to AReds - link to RNed scene.
- Screencaps: ARed scene - male ARed to baby - APed RN

Little Charmers
- (AR AA cutaways, RN AA cutaways) "Charming Babies".
To earn a Charm Scout babysitting charm, the girls attempt to AA themselves into grownups, but the baby interferes with the spell, and their parents are poofed into babies instead. At the end, they feel the babies getting heavier, and they are AA'd back to normal offscreen.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Little Charmers
- (male AR AA) "Add a little Parsley", CGI cartoon, 1/14/2015.
Segment starts around 12:00. Boy made younger, then back, then into a baby. Another man into a baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Little Charmers
- (mind exchange) S1Ep5a "Switcheroo" 2015/01/21. Hazel and Hazel's mom AA-switch through so-called magic aging cream.

Little Charmers
CGI. Unrelated AR arcs in two consecutive episodes (though the cause is the same).
- (avian AR) S2Ep3 "Egg Treble" 4/5/2017.
Hazel tries to rewind time to unshatter a potion, but regresses Posie's pet bird Treble into an egg they must guard. Pickles tries to sit on the egg.
- (AR) S2Ep4 "Goo Goo Ga Ga Charmer" 4/6/2017.
The girls lose track of time. In attempting to rewind the day, Hazel changes herself into a baby instead. Only a hug from a baby will change her back, so they go to baby ogre Swampkin's first birthday party.
- (Tazz)

Little Charmers
Newly restored links:
- S01Ep11 "Add a little Parsley" - Boy into little kid, then back, then baby - link -
- "A Little too Much Parsley" - Older boy swaps bodies with younger girl - link -
- "Goo Goo Ga Ga Charmer" - Girl into baby - link -
- "Egg Treble" - Owl into egg - link -
- (Tazz)

Little Flying Bears, The
- (male furry adult OA'd, RN) "Fountain of Youth", 1990, Canadian/Croatian co-production.
Middle age bear aged to elderly when the fountain of youth dried up due to oil exploration.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Little Lulu Show, The
- (male preteen "babies") #25c S2Ep19c "Five Little Babies" 6/28/1996.
Adapting the classic Lulu story. After Lulu gets pranked by snotty rich kid Wilbur to win a dare with Tubby's gang, she and Annie get back at them by stealing their clothes and dressing them in diapers. Some cartoon boy bums, I hope that's okay...
- Spanish episode link - screencaps - (Doctor Anguish, Reina Watt)

Little Lulu
- (AR) "Bored of Education", 1946, Famous Studios.
History book dream sequence with Little Lulu and Tubby.
- Episode link - gif - caps - (Richard)

Little Lulu
- (more AR info) "Bored of Education".
At the end of Lulu's American History dream, she is at the Fountain of Youth and gets splashed with a bucket of the water. Okay, Lulu is maybe 10 years old, and she regresses into a baby. But there is thought in the animation. The features on her face contract as they would in reverse growth. Her skinny arms and legs shorten into baby-fat-like limbs. Her dress, shoes and socks shrink to nothing, while her frilly panty takes on the look of a diaper. In the end, she looks both confused and innocent as she takes baby form, loses balance, hits bottom and cries.
- (PixChick) - th - th

Little Prince, The
- (male AR glimpse) 2015 CGI/stop-motion film. The serious little girl finds the Prince on an adult-only world, where he has become a man. A teacher attempts to forcibly turn her into a submissive workaholic adult. They escape to his home world, and after watching a sunrise he regresses to a boy once more. Sadly the AR happens off camera, and we only see his hand shrinking in the girl's palm.
- Trailer link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Littlest Pet Shop
- (creature APed) "Are You my Mumsy?" Dragon progressed.

Lloyd In Space
- (male AA past/future age forms, male AP)
"Daydream Transceiver" 2/24/2001, 106.
While Lloyd goes through puberty, his innermost fantasies come to life out of his antennae and create embarrassing moments.
- "Nerd from Beyond the Stars" 5/26/2001, 111.
Larvel joins the class and Lloyd is forced to help him out and everybody laughs at him. Soon he becomes a cool teenager and starts to hang out with Britney and the gang, which leaves Lloyd jealous.
- "Lloyd Changes his Mind" 11/3/2001, 204.
Lloyd is sick of Francine always reading his mind so he uses a mind scrambler, but Francine tries so hard that they end up switching minds. Lloyd seems to like it inside Francine's mind but Francine hates it. Will Lloyd in Francine's body save Francine before she gets scared of the dark and starts bawling
- "Commander Lloyd" 3/13/2003, 407.
Lloyd becomes commander after a gas freezes everyone except the kids.
- "Day One" 2/13/2004, 408.
Lloyd wonders why Britney hates him so much. He goes back to the year he first came into school, stops his little self from tripping, and becomes popular, but feels bad for his former friends, so yet again he goes back to make things the way they were.

Lloyd In Space
- (male OA'd scene) unknown episode - (deniz)

Lloyd in Space
- (mind transfer) 2001 ep 15: "Lloyd changes his mind"
He and his little sister swap bodies. The ep. focuses on the age differences between them - (elding) - swap - link
- (male) Lloyd manifests older version of self. male

Loonatics Unleashed
(boy TF scene) 2005 male TF

Looney Toons
- (AA adult rejuvenation) "De Aging Granny" fan art - (JoseRamiro)

Looney Tunes Show, The
- (male avian AR) "Casa de Calma", 6/14/11, s1ep7.
Bugs and Daffy go on vacation to a resort where they spot a beautiful bikini-clad human celebrity.
Daffy pursues her with too much zeal only to get repeatedly beaten up by her bodyguard while Bugs charms her.
Bugs and Daffy decide to take a Mineral Bath which revitalizes you and makes you look younger, with a warning not to exceed 10 minutes. Daffy claims he is going to stay in longer so he will look super young and handsome.
Bugs goes back to find a baby duckling floating in the water, asking Bugs if he looks younger.
Bugs pushes baby Daffy in a stroller humming Rockabye Baby and pulls up to the hott celeb who compliments Bugs on being good with children. The bodyguard gets in Daffy's face and Daffy says "even you wouldn't hit a baby" and the bodyguard puts a pacifier in his mouth.
The episode ends with Bugs leaving Daffy on the doorstep of his hick duck uncle's trailer wrapped in a blanket and with the pacifier still in his mouth. He then gets in the limo with the girl and says "they get a baby and I get a babe," and they drive off laughing.
- Video link - screencaps - (Babyrc, Jeffr_2bya)

Looney Tunes
- (AA anthro poofs) - INFO PAGE
Looney Tunes:
- (adult rejuvenation) "Broom-Stick Bunny" 1956.
- (male superhero AR) "Goofy Groceries" 1941.
- (male adult rejuvenation)
- (monster AR) "The Impatient Patient" 1942.
- (bear AR) "Injun Trouble" 1938.
- (avian AR) "Porky's Garden" 1937 Warner.
Looney Tunes Show, The:
- (male anthro duck AR) s1ep7 "Casa de Calma" 06/14/2011.
- (Babyrc, PixChick)

Looney Tunes
- (adult AR) "Broomstick Bunny" Old witch accidentally drinks magical potion and transforms into young lady. ( vid link
- (adult rejuvenation AA) Witch reversion

Looney Tunes
- (male adult AA TF, male AA poof AR to infancy)
"The Impatient Patient" 9/5/1942.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Looney Tunes
- (male adult hare age disguised) Bugs Bunny dressed as children or toddlers a few times. Sometimes all the way back, as it were.

Looney Tunes
(male/furry flashback AR, flash forward to male old age, dream sequences) 1944, "The Old Grey Hare" In the year 2000 an old, wrinkled Elmer and an old, bearded Bugs reminisce about their very first meeting as babies. Elmer chases baby Bugs; they take a nap and resume the chase.
- male FB - male FF OA

- (male AR, male cutaway OA'd) "Baby Daddy" episode link - screencaps

- (male teen to baby AR OC, male baby to OA APed AA glimpse) "Baby Daddy" S01Ep12a 5/4/2016.
They had diaper problems at school. In the final scene everything was back to "normal".
- (male FF or age-up sequences?)
"A Glitch in Time" S01Ep22a. Every day is Monday. "Out of Time" S01Ep22b.
- (Deniz)

Loud House, The
- (CoA) - "The Puberty House" c'16 puberty parody by SB99 - Video link - pic page

- (adult & male anthro FF to old) S1Ep2 "The M.O.D.O.K. That Time Forgot!" 2021/05/21.
Marvel, Hulu, stop-motion adult animated television series. Time travel episode. MODOK and Jodie get stuck in the past. They watch themselves grow as a family and prevent themselves from time traveling, erasing their development.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (AR AA poof, RN) S01Ep05 "If Bureaucracy Be Thy Death" 2021/05.
Monica zapped back into kid, man into monkey, both back to normal, then both into 2d and back.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male reverse aging) "The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman" S2Ep4, 30, 2011.
Parody animated trailer about imaginary movie about a man who lives his life turning younger every year and is also Batman.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (male/female AR) "Pirates of the Pair of Tweens" 2011, S02Ep30.
Cutout/collage animation. After finding the fountain of youth, Angelica and Barbossa drink its waters in the hopes of living forever.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Magic Key, The
- (male and adult AR, RN) "The Fountain of Youth" 3/12/2001, s1ep25.
Boy into toddler, dog into puppy, woman into teen, monster into baby, RN scenes.
- Video link
- male AR, AR caps - male RN AP caps - monster AR, teen RN caps - (Thomas)

Magic School Bus Rides Again, The
- (TFs, AR AA, aftermath, AA RN) S02Ep16 "In the Zone" 2020/12/26.
"Time Zones" song. Kids invisible (10:20), Mrs Frizzle and girl into eggs and back (10:52), girl into moth and lizard made blue (13:01), invisible kids into moths (14:15), Lizard into dinosaur offscreen and everyone back to normal (16:30), boy into snake (16:53), Keesha into baby (18:08), woman into monkey (18:25), bus into various vehicles (18:47), the three previous people back to normal (20:45), boy into old man (21:24), girl into corn (22:08), girl into elephant then into elephant trunk (23:17), boy into bird (23:22), girl into dog (24:10), boy into stone block, woman shrinks, girl into ice cream cone, boy into skunk (24:24), everyone back to normal offscreen, boy into clam, girls into rabbits, boy into tortoise, boy into cloud, girl shrinks, women into penguins (26:35), boy who was clam into rock giant (28:20), then back to normal (29:42).
- AR scene link - screencaps - RN screencaps - (Tazz)

Magic School Bus
- (FFed) fan art

Magician, The
- (male adult rejuv) The Magician - S01Ep09 "The Prophecy" 1997 FR.
New element strontium has the power to bring dead cells back to life. Crime boss Blackjack wants it to be a young man again. Rival crime boss Sonny Boy has other plans.

Magician, The
- (male slight AP spurts, slight UC) "The Magician", Le Magicien Ep 31 "Junior" 1997, 1999.
On a rainy night, Ace and Cosmo find a howling baby at their door. Cosmo is soon pinned under an artifact by the crawling infant. Mona remonstrates Cosmo for failing at babysitting. Ace decides to name him Junior. Through the night, Mona is shocked to discover the baby grew into a toddler. Angel finds the boy grows older each hour. Junior steals the Magic Rider and starts causing all kinds of trouble. He uses the ejector, and ends up on a high-rise. A strange man picks him up in a turbocopter, but Junior jumps and is rescued by Ace. Aldus Teron goes back to Ingen Laboratories, and learns his nurse Nataschia kidnapped the prototype baby. Teron plans to transfer his mind into Junior's body to live longer, but his plans are foiled by Ace and Cosmo. Junior uses his genius intellect to stop his rapid aging. In the end, Teron is sent to jail, and Nataschia decides to adopt Junior and raise him as her son.
- Episode link - gif - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Magician, The
(male AP) "The Magician", Gaumont Multimedia. "Junior" 8/7/99 Man plans to transfer his mind into new body. The baby ages to toddler, then young boy while causing a lot of trouble. Ace Cooper only has two days to save him before he dies of old age. (TBTC)

Magilla Gorilla Show
- (adult rejuv) S1? An old witch becomes hot and beautiful again? - (Time)

Mala carodejnice
- (adult stasis) Czechoslovakia, West Germany, 1984 series. Also a film adaptation.
14 eps. "The Little Witch" keeps the Witch's vast age, but changed her appearance to that of a little girl.

Martin Matin
French, 2002. AKA "Martin Morning". About a 9 y.o. boy who wakes up different every morning - (Tazz)
- (male height reduced) - S01Ep19 "Mini Martin".
In this episode he wakes up smurf-sized - link -
- (male APed) - S01Ep27 "Middle Aged Martin".
In this episode he wakes up as a middle aged man - link -

Martin Mystery
- (male old age) "The Creeping Slime" The transformation was not a very great one. - (Deniz)

Martin Mystery
- (man mentally into baby) "Curse of the necklace", S1Ep16, 4/13/2004 - Vid link - (Thomas)

Martin Mystery
(old age/AR RN) Animated, 4. "The Creeping Slime". The Centre sends Martin, his sister Diana and his friend Java to investigate the disappearance of all the workers on an oil rig in the South Pacific; they find a slime creature called "The Black Spirit" that steals the energy of people. When this happens the person turns older. The creature drains Diana and Java and they turn older; when the creature is destroyed they revert back to normal. (Highlander)

Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack, The
- (male age disguised) A "little kid" of the sailor suit variety asks to play a "bathroom game" with Flapjack. After Flapjack tells him, "You need to grow up," the "kid" then replies in a raspy voice, "Grow up? I'm 38 years old!" followed by a close-up of the middle aged man's face.
- (male disguised age swap) Captain K'nuckles and Flapjack switched places to see whose life was harder. Everyone mistook K'nuckles in his Flapjack costume for the real Flapjack and vice versa.

Mask, The
- (adult to OA, AR, RN) "The Mask" - "A Comedy of Eras"
The TFed scenes start at 7:50:
- Video link
- Screencaps - old age - AR TF - RN TF - (Thunderagent)

Mask, The
- (male AR) "Little Big Mask", 7/5/1997, S3Ep2.
The Mask creates an anti-aging cream which makes him and Stanley Ipkiss younger by the minute.

Mask, The
- (OA/rejuv?) The Mask - S01Ep03 "Shadow of a Skillit".
The Mask battles Skillit, an evil youth-stealing immortal child, supposed to be a parody of Peter Pan.
- (canine AR, old age, AR) S02Ep01 "A Comedy of Eras?"
The Mask fights evil time villain Chronos. She uses her time device on the dog, changing him into a puppy. Later the mask uses the device to turn Chronos into an old woman and a baby, and finally back to old age
- (AR, male OA) S02Ep13 "What Comes Around Goes Around" 9/19/96.
Chronos becomes Time. During her transformation two joggers are affected. The man ages to an old man and the woman gets de-aged back into a baby.
- (male rejuv & AR) S03Ep01 "Little Big Mask" 3/1/97.
The Mask invents a youth cream. Stanley wakes up as a teenager and youthens during the day until he returns to infancy. The Mask uses the cream on Stanley's female friend at the end.

Mask: The Animated Series, The
- (adult rejuvenation) face
- (old age) Stanley's girlfriend (?) is aged.
- (male AR, male AP scene) Shortysboy male AP pic

Mask: The Animated Series, The
(old age) 1.3 8/26/95 "Shadow of a Skillit" The evil Skillit steals adult persons' shadows in Edge City to remain young (2 cases shown). They grow old incredibly fast. Stanley's girlfriend is aged, and it's up to The Mask to save the day. (H4vy8pT20Q)
source video link:
screencaps: old age

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation) Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov.
It is unknown whether any of these full length animated films include the depiction of Margarita being rejuvenated by the devil's cream from age 36 to maybe her 20s?
- Ch1&3 - Charmet, Klimoff, based on Jean-Francois Desserre graphic novel. France, 2002.
- "The Master and Margarita", Chapter 1 - Terentij Oslyabya, the movie illustrates the novel. Israel, 2010.
- "Master i Margarita" - Rinat Timerkaev unfinished animated film. Russia, 2012.
- "Mistr a Marketka" - Katariina Lillqvist animated puppet film. Finnish-Czech, 2015.
- "Master i Margarita" - Alexander Golberg Jero. Russia, in production 2017-2022.

Mavka: The Forest Song
- (adult rejuvenation, ARed OC) "Mavka. Lisova pisnia" - English-language CGI film, Ukraine, 2023.
Based on the play "The Forest Song" by Lesya Ukrainka, 1918. In a post-credits scene, Kylina finds the Tree of Life, bathes and drinks from the spring, and gets younger than she was planning. We briefly see her form shrinking inside her clothes.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Mad0charles)

Meet the Robinsons
- (male AA FF AP) 2007 Disney. Near the beginning of the film, Goober grew up to his older self as Bowler Hat Guy. (Film017)
- (male FF AA) 2007 CGI movie - male

Men In Black
- (male AR) S03Ep12 "The Baby Kay Syndrome" 3/25/2000.
Stellairian leader comes to Earth for peace talks. When daughter Kima is kidnapped by Frostifarians, her "age regressing" hypo-spray breaks loose. Now as Kima "grows" older while staying the same size, Kay begins turning into a baby. Agent Kay still drives the car with the help of a unique baby seat.
- link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Men In Black
- (male mental rejuv) S01Ep06 "The Neuralizer Syndrome" 11/15/1997.
While trying to stop alien thieves known as Chop Shoppers, Jay's accidental use of the Neuralizer erases Kay's memories and makes him think he is sixteen.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Men in Black
(male AR, alien old age) "The Baby Kay Syndrome" #314, 38, 3/25/00. Kay regresses to babyhood but retains his adult voice. Alien girl ages to old age without size increase.

Merrie Melodies: Goofy Groceries
(male AR AA) Warner Bros. 1941, 9mins, theatr.
Grocery store products come to life, along with take-offs on Superman and King Kong.
- Male screencaps
(ArArchive upload board)

Merrie Melodies
- (duck FF, AP) "Nasty Quacks", 1945.
Baby Daffy grows fast into an overbearing, obnoxious, regular-guy loudmouth adult telling tales of late-night drunken debauchery while daughter eats breakfast and father sits sullenly.
Daffy decides to feed baby duck vitamin B-1 growth tablets so he can kill someone "my own size". Baby instantly grows into a sexy adult female duck with red lipstick, long eyelashes, and a rack. Daffy is dumfounded.
- caps - caps

Metric Marvels, The
(TF) 1970s cartoons. One of the heroes was Wonder Gram, a parody of Wonder Woman who could change her size and weight to any measurement in grams.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- (AR)
"Goofy Baby", 2008. Goofy went in Ludwig Von Drake's time machine and turned into a baby.
"Goofy Babysitter", 2011. The time machine is still not working right, but this time it is Mickey's and others' turns to be babies. Can Goofy and Clarabelle keep an eye on 5 kids?
- (soltiger)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
(male canine AR) CGI. Goofy is turned into a baby. The machine resembles a scene from a certain Bojay pic.
- Video link - (johndee)

Mickey Mouse
- (adult anthro rodents FF OA'd) S4Ep7 #65 "Three-Legged Race" 9/15/2017.
Mickey is determined to win the race without cheating, but it takes a very long time. When he crosses the finish line, Mickey and Minnie have become old mice.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Midnight Gospel, The
- (male dream AR, adult FF, AA regrowth) Ep8 "Mouse of Silver" 2020/04/20.
Main character goes to a virtual world where he is intercepted by Mom. He regresses to a toddler, but grows back up during the discussion they have in the show. Be ready for a lot of "touchy-feely, why was I born?" stuff.
- Cap - (Username)

Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone
AKA Potsworth & Co.
There was said to have been a "2-part age regression episode"? Nothing is known.
- (unknown) Ep09 "I Was a Teenage Babysitter" 10/27/1990.
8 y.o. Rosie must take care of the Greystone Giant's little son Rocky? Rosie's babysitting career is threatened when she falls asleep on the job? The Nightmare Prince traps her in the Dream Zone?
- (AA TFs, older form) Ep13 "Rosie's Fuss Attack" 11/24/1990.
Rosie changes form every time she complains, and the Midnight Patrol must find a special cure for her.
- Episode link - screencaps
- (Utopianfubar, Azerty47)

- (male AA) Hanna-Barbera cave boy used magical club to transform into adult superhero. An equal blending of Thor and Captain Marvel set in prehistoric times.

Mighty Ducks
- (creature TF AP) The Animated Series - S01Ep11 "Bringing Down Baby".
An alien baby ages into a giant monster-like alien - Episode link - (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord)

Mighty Ducks
(AP, AR) 11/23/96 "Bringing Down Baby" (Jeffr_2bya) From egg to adult and back.

Mighty Man & Yukk!
- (mental regressions only) "Baby Man", 6, 10/6/1979. The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show. Baby Man and his nanny henchwomen make City officials act like babies by spraying them with a formula.
- Video link - (Thomas)

Mighty Man and Yukk
- (male adult baby, adults mentally reverted) "Baby Man" 10/6/1979, S1E6.
Video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Mighty Raju
- (AR zaps, OC, RN AA) "Aging Chemical Locha" c2016, Hindi.
Supervillain attack, adults into little kids and babies with comeuppance.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Mila and Morphle
- (dream AA "APed" GTS) "Mila Grows Up AGAIN!", 2020.
Episode link

Milo Murphy's Law
- (AR) Ep15b "Backward to School Night" 9/27/2017.
Milo and his friends' parents and teacher are regressed back into 3 year olds due to a misfire of Dakota's stolen time weapon - (Steven)

Milo Murphy's Law
- (Disney AA poofs, multiple AR, RN poofs) Ep15B "Backward to School Night"
Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (alien AR) Ep18 "Fungus Among Us".
A time juice tank ruptures and falls on the Pistachions, turning them back into sprouts. Some were disguised as humans who lock up everyone they are impersonating.
- Episode link - (JayTee)

Mini Beat Power Rockers
- (AA age poofs, AR & age-up) "La hermana menor" The younger sister, Argentina 2017-21.
CGI series. Teen girl into baby, another baby into teen - link @01:10 - caps
- (teen/baby mind swap) S3Ep8 "La paradoja del ukelele".
Magical ukulele causes Wat & Dolores to trade bodies at the beach - link @01:20 - - (Tazz)

Mini Beat Power Rockers
Discovery Kids Latin America, Spanish. The rhythm-filled adventures of a band of preschool musicians under the watchful eye of a babysitter who frowns upon their antics.
- (AR AA & aftermath) "Baby Dolores" 2018. Teen babysitter into baby.
Episode link - - screencaps
- (AA cutaways) 2019. They want to enter a music festival. Babies poofed into adults.
Episode link - /wwDXIqX0W4o - screencaps
- (Tazz)

Miniforce X
- (male anthro bear OA & ARs, people AA-poofed into babies, AA RN poofs) PART 2: Ep10 "Go, Baby Max" 2019.
Full episode link - - screen caps - (Tazz)

Miniforce X
- (mass AR poofs, AA) Ep09 "The Witch's Curse" c'19. Anime-tokusatsu CGI toon, S.Korea.
Episode link - - screen caps - To Be Continued - (Tazz)

- (anthro AR) - "Change play with Miniforce", South Korea, 2019.
A team of four adorable animal friends. Creatures made into babies, elderly, caveman, robot, egg, kid (begins @14:50).
- Scenes link - - (Tazz)

Miraculous Ladybug
- (FF) fan art

Miss Moon
- (male AR AA, male RN AA) S01Ep41 "Back to Childhood" 10/31/2016. French.
Portuguese episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Mission Hill
(dream sequence) AA

Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor
Space Ghost
- (male adult maturation poof TF) "The Meeting".
Video link - Video link - screencaps
- (Stonegate)

Mom - A Mother, Missing Home
- (lifetime FF to old, FB reversal at end) Viddsee, CGI manhwa, S.Korea, 2016.
A story about a woman who was a baby, daughter, lady, wife, and mom. Can you go back home? - link - (Kappa)

Mona the Vampire
- (male AR) S02Ep09 "Time Shift & Timeout" 10/18/2000.
The mayor hires a repairman for the town clock. Mr Kroner is getting younger and younger. Mona and company discover he is using a 'Time Machine' to stop time for everyone outside the Clock Tower so that he can steal things; each time he uses the machine he has to give up some years and thus regresses. Regressed to a prepubescent boy, he locks Mona and co in the Clock Tower, and goes to steal the money from the bank. Mona sabotages the machine, sending it haywire, and Mr Kroner regresses into a young child. The last scene shows a bawling Mr Kroner padding down the street in his too big shirt, and being led off by the mayor, who thinks he is a lost child.
- (Entropic) - th

Mona the Vampire
- (male/female possibly mental "AR" & "age-up"?) S03Ep11 "The Baby Charmer" 11/25/2001.
Mrs. Bryerson's daughter Bernice brings her baby with her. Mona and the gang notices that around the baby everybody acts like babies - (Jeffr_2bya)

Monster by Mistake
(male TF AA) 1996, Canada, CGI cartoon series.
8 year old allergy-sufferer Warren accidentally gets mixed up in a magic spell that turns him into a 7 foot tall blue monster every time he sneezes.
(Michael Binary)

Monster Farm
- (creatures ARed) "Pablum Problem" c1999.
Corn into giant corn and small corn; monsters into babies; slice of pizza into giant.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Monster High
- (AR AA, furry) "Clawbacks", S3Ep49, 10/3/2013, 112.
Webisode. A spellbinding audition mishap leads Cleo and Toralei to win unexpected roles. A cat-girl and mummy accidentally overdosed on a youth potion, even though it looks as if they were shrunk instead.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Monsters & Pirates
- (AR, RNed) Ep8 "The Island of Eternal Youth" 2009+ Italy.
Pirates into teens and kids.
- Episode link - screen caps - AG6dq8PsDWM - (Tazz)

Monsters Inc
- (FFed) "My Inspiration" BOO fan art - (Dakotaa)

Monsters vs. Aliens
- (AA GTSed) 2009 CGI. California girl Susan Murphy was unexpectedly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk on her wedding day, and mysteriously "grew" to 49-feet-11-inches tall.

Monsters vs. Aliens
- (male AR) "Danger Wears a Diaper", S1Ep2, 4/13/13, Nick.
It's the president's birthday. As a gift, the mad scientist Cockroach created a ray gun to make him young again. Of course it's used too much, the president turns into a baby, and hilarity ensues. It was a mostly fictional character, no real holder of that office past or present. Susan/Ginormica can now control her size, so that she can be normal height most of the time.
- Video link - screencaps - (Steven, Tazz, MaleKim)

Monsters vs. Aliens
(adult rapid size increase) Church burstout

Moral Orel
(adult accelerated aging, OA'd) Miss Censordoll looks like she could be in her 70s, but when someone calls her a senior citizen she shows her ID, and it turns out she just turned 40. Her mother had her ovaries removed at a young age.

Mork & Mindy
- (male AR, AA RN) Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour - "Meet Mork's Mom", 12/11/1982, Ep12.
A brief male sequence in the 6:30-7:30 time slice. Mork has to bring his parents to school, who age backwards and are children in our world. An elderly businessman gets the idea they have the secret to eternal youth, and kidnaps Mork's parents. Faced with an ultimatum, Mork gets a changing device from Orson. At the request of the businessman to be transformed, "the younger, the better", Mork pushes the button. The elderly businessman disappears behind a cloud that dissipates, leaving a wiggling heap of clothing and out pops the businessman, now a baby clad only in a single pinned diaper and pink ruffled bonnet. The infant laments he did not want to be this young, then worries who'll take charge of his empire and asks to be turned back. Mork grants his wish and he is poofed to normal. Mork then asks his immature older looking younger siblings to impersonate his parents.
- Video link - screencaps - (Pawl)

Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind
- (male adult rejuvenated) 2022 film.
Shang Tsung absorbs enough souls to become a mighty young man again - Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

(transformations, no AR/AP reported) 2007 Stan Lee film. Teen stage actress gains the ability to "shape-shift" into other people and animals by copying their DNA (as well as invisibility, super-strength and climbing walls). An ancient race of people have been hiding among humans, born with the same powers she received in lightning storm.

Moville Mysteries
- (male ARed, OA'd glimpse, male FF old age scenes) Ep23 "A Hitch In Time" 2003.
A watch can rewind and bring forward time. Main character uses it to go to a time where he can escape a bully, but no matter where he goes he is tormented. First to when they are babies, then elderly at the old folks home (other characters glimpsed in background), and then unborn fetuses.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, The
- (male AR, male OA, male RN, TF) "Ponce de Leon", Ep08, 3/18/2016, Netflix.
They help Ponce de Leon find the fountain of youth, but he bathes in the Fountain of Old instead. Turns out the fountains cancel out. Through trial and error they become old themselves, but Ponce is now a little boy. He can't explain how he got young at the old folks home.
They notice 2 old people walking into a room marked Private, and they come out young. The Sauna of Youth restores them back to normal. Ponce's crew won't let him aboard since he is a little kid (must be this tall to sail). Peabody uses enough of the Fountain of Age to restore Ponce - (Tazz)

Mr. Pickles
- (adults FFed to OA) S1Ep5 "Dead Man's Curve" 2014/10/19.
The Kid and his love interest Sally back in the '50s and now. He was trapped in his car all that time until the rats bit through his seat belt - link - link - screencaps
Also in S2Ep2 "Cops and Robbers" 2016/04/24, Tommy mistakes a midget for a child his own age.
- (Kappa)

Mummies Alive!
- (adult rejuved to teen, AA RN glow) S01Ep21 "Tempting Offer" 10/20/1997.
Villainess Chontra makes a deal with Scarab to capture Presley in exchange for lifeforce from the Prince. After she made herself into a 12 y.o. called Cheryl offscreen, Chontra bumps into Presley at school, and he promptly falls in love with her. She convinces Presley to check out a closed-down fast food restaurant. When Presley is grabbed by two Shabti, she magically AAs back to her rightful age, and reveals who she really is.
- Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Mummies Alive!
- (male AA ARed poof)
"Kid Scarab", 23, 10/22/1997.
- Scarab turns himself into a boy while Heka hides in his backpack to infiltrate opponents @02:20.
Video link - screencaps
- (AA to OA, no size increase, male OA'd)
"Tree O'Clock Rock", 31, 11/5/1997.
- Scarab believes the Tree of Life can make him young again. Bes moves the Tree, but never said anything about delivering it. With the Tree of Life removed, every living thing gets old.
Video link - screencaps
- (Thomas)

Mummies Alive!
- (male rejuv/age-up) S01Ep06" High Nuhn" 9/23/1997.
While Scarab yearns to be younger (invoking water spirit NUHN to find the fountain of youth), Presley yearns to be older to win an eighth-grade girl's heart.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Mummy: The Animated Series, The
- (adult male and female old age, adult rejuvenations RN)
"Old Friends" s2ep11, 5/17/03.
- The father ages when Anck Su Namun steals his youth. Then his mother suffers a similar fate before they are both reverted to young adulthood. Efforts to age the young teen son did not succeed.
- Video link - old age screencaps
- Adult rejuvenation screencaps - male adult screencaps and aftermath.

Mummy: The Animated Series, The
- (male rejuvenation) S02Ep03 "Dark Medjai" 3/1/2003.
Toth is in the desert performing a spell that returns his adult youth. Instead of looking like the old man he did at first, he looks exactly the same age as Ardeth - (Jeffr_2bya)

Mummy: the Animated Series, The
(old age, possible AP?) (24 "Old Friends" YTV: 12/14/02) Girl mummy Anck Su Namun escapes from Underworld and drains youth from the adults to replenish her own. A rebellious Alex must battle her alone - he manages to release the energies from her ring, restoring the adults and banishing Anck back to the Underworld. info (H4) old age

My Gym Partner's a Monkey
(male AP, male old age) "The Two Jakes" 20, 8/21/06. Jake and Adam create clones of themselves because they think it would make life easier. The clones are mischievous troublemakers who age quickly. They start off young in the middle, then teenagers, adults, and old folk at the end - (

My Life As A Teenage Robot
- (FFed) "MLAATR: Twenty Years Later", 2021/03.
Fan video link - caps - (Kappa)

My Life As A Teenage Robot
- (male AA FFed vision) "Indes-Tuck-tible" S3Ep9, 2/28/09.
Tuck learns that he'll live until his 80s so he can just do whatever he wants. He sees himself as an 80-year-old cussing on a chair - screencaps - (deniz)

My Life as a Teenage Robot
- (male FFed to OA, male AR, RNed) S3Ep7b #64 "Good Old Sheldon" 11/9/2008.
He got sent up to space by mistake. Next episode, they comment on how Sheldon hasn't been to school. They then run into the character aged by 50 or so years. He explains that when he was in space, he didn't speak the language and went through a whole bunch of shit, including being kidnapped by space pirates before he could return home. Since Sheldon was in space, he aged 50 years in a few days. Something fucky happens, they de-age him too much, and he is a baby again. They stick him on a rocket and send him back to space so he can age into a teenager again. Sheldon returns at the end pissed off, because he has essentially looped his whole life in the span of a week, and remembers everything.
- (android puberty metaphor) S1Ep9a #17 "Hostile Makeover" 10/24/2003.
When Jenny starts to develop face-bolts, voice changes, and excess wires growing out of her body, Brad chalks it up to puberty. However, it is actually the doing of Queen Vexus, who has infected Jenny to warp her into a Cluster-controlled monster.

My Life As A Teenage Robot
- (male old age, male AR) "Teen Idol/Good Old Sheldon" 1/13/2006.
Jenny did not realize from "Teen Idol" that she sent Sheldon back to space with the aliens. When he comes back, Sheldon has been aged due to traveling at light speed. Will Jenny succeed in turning him back to 16 years old? Sheldon is regressed into a baby toward the end. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (kinda like mental ARed) "Sibling Tsunami/I Was a Preschool Dropout" 1.8, 10/3/2003.
It is discovered that Jenny is only 5 years old, so she is sent to preschool. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (coming of age TFed) "Hostile Makeover" 10/24/2003.
When Jenny starts to develop zits and ample body hair, Brad chalks it up to accelerated puberty. However, Queen Vexus of the Cluster infected her with a virus to warp Jenny into a loyal monster. This episode was considered edgy, since animation doesn't usually deal with girl puberty.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- (animal AA forms) S09Ep22 "Growing Up is Hard to Do" 2019/09/28.
Equine TF. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders are magically transformed into grown horses, they discover that growing up simply can't be rushed - (Soltiger)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- (equine AR) Age spells can only be performed by high-level unicorns. Trixie is able to turn Snips into a baby and Snails into an old stallion with her magic boosted by an Alicorn Amulet; Twilight Sparkle is unable to reverse it. In order to rid Trixie of the corrupting amulet, Twilight fakes having an equally powerful artifact while having Granny Smith and Sweetie Belle impersonate Applejack and Rarity.
- (monster "AP" poof) S01Ep23 "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" 2011/04/15. Twilight pulled it off unintentionally. During her entrance exam to magic school, she lost control of her magic, turning the not-yet-hatched Spike into an adult dragon.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- (equine AR) S07Ep24 "Uncommon Bond" 167 10/21/2017.
When Starlight Glimmer gets a visit from Sunburst, she starts to wonder if they still have anything in common. Starlight turns herself and Sunburst back into foals so they can enjoy a board game.
  Starlight: wait, there's more!
  [magic zap] [wind whirling]
  Young Starlight Glimmer: Cool, right?!
  Young Sunburst: Um... sure.
  Young Starlight: Now we can play Dragon Pit! Just like we used to! ... I mean, nothing was better than just you and me playing this game when we were foals, right? ... Do you want to be red or blue?
  Young Sunburst: Starlight! I don't want to play the game at all!
  [magic zap] [whoosh]
  Starlight: I was trying to have fun doing the one thing I thought we still had in common, but I guess we don't even have that anymore.
  Sunburst: Starlight and I have known each other since we were foals, but that doesn't mean we have to be foals to hang out.
- Episode link - unrelated fan art - (JayTee)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- (equine AR) S3Ep5 "Magic Duel"
Twilight turned Applejack and Rarity into small fillies - 01 - (Steven)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
- (furry AR) "Ail-icorn", 2/2019.
Unicorn/Pegasus mix back into foal. Every time Twilight Sparkle sneezes, something odd happens. Pinkie brings a cure to her sickbed - with a tiiiiny side effect at the end of the short toon.
- Episode link - ROtTk71qN7Y - (Tazz)

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale
- (equines ARed) 15 "Making a Foal of Me", c2022/06.
Short toons. Ponies into toddlers and back (all off screen).
- Full episode link at the start - - (Tazz)

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale
- (furry AR) S01Ep15 "Making a Foal of Me" 2022/06/23.
Ponies into toddlers and back (all offscreen) - link - - (Tazz)

My Little Pony
- (dedicated ARt) c'22.
Non-human, but still AR - fan art Halloween filly
- Magic regression (fixed) by JennieOo, '23/02 - fan art link - (NightElf37)

My Little Pony
- (youth draining attempt) One-shot villain witch Somnambula created a carnival trap for the Ponies to drain their youth and the unicorns' magical power for herself.

My Magic Pet Morphle
- (AA flash APed, RNed) "Mila is grown up", 6/2019.
The professor sprinkles her with AA glow-up potion. Being an adult is harder than it looks.
- Full episode link TF at the start - screencaps - - (Tazz)

My Magic Pet Morphle
- (ARed AA) "Mila the Baby" 2019. Dog into puppy, Toddler into baby.
- Episode link - .be/g4XwJ6voc1A - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AR AA, babied aftermath scenes, unseen RNed) S01Ep21 "Three Mysticons and a Baby" 1/13/2018.
Nelvana, Playmates, Topps. Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom's sanctuary is clocked by fairy magic. The orphanage's motherly matron is overprotective about the children she takes in. Only pixies and babies are granted entry, so Arkayna has Zarya drink a potion that AA-poofs her into a toddler, much to her disgust and annoyance. Baby Zarya manages to break the antidote vial, and roams the orphanage in tears. Mrs. Sparklebottom shows Arkayna her twin sister as an infant. Her long-lost fraternal twin is none other than: Proxima!
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz, AgeRegressionFan01)

Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend
- (old age, adult rejuv RN) S2Ep1 "Psyche and Eros" 1999.
It starts around 19:00. I just wish the voice actress had done an old age voice.
Earlier in the series, Persephone "aged" from a teenage-looking female to a grown goddess in later episodes. Likewise, Aphrodite (and Athena) "shifted" from a giggling pencil-thin "schoolgirl" teen to a conniving armor-clad lust goddess with mature voice and demeanor.
- Full episode link - OA screencaps - RN screencaps - (Deptx)

Napoleon Dynamite
- (OA dream sequence) "Scantronica Love" 1/15/12.
Deb imagines herself suddenly much older standing at Napoleon's doorstep.

Nate is Late
- (AA curse to OA cutaway, limited size increase) 29 "The Grandpa" c2018.
Boy and girl into elderly. They accidentally bump into a witch who zaps them old.
- Spanish episode link @01:00 - - (Tazz)

Nate Is Late
- (male AA upgrade muscle TF, male AA ARed) S01Ep10 "The Genie" 4/25/2018.
Every morning something goes wrong on the way to school. Tween boy muscle development; tween boy to baby boy ARed.
- Clips link - - screencaps - (Entropic, Apuleius)
- (male/fem preteens OA'd) S01Ep12 "Grandpa".
An elderly witch turned Nate and Malika old simply because they bumped into her while racing (they even apologized for it) - (JackpotMans)

Ne Zha zhi Motong Jiangshi
- (male demon accelerated age, AA fire TF upgrade) China CGI film, Yu Yang, 2019.
"Birth of the demon child Nezha". The Li household invites a nervous town to attend a lavish birthday party for their son. Shen reveals the truth of his nature. Ne Zha angrily unleashes his older demonic form with fire as the band plays the Terminator theme. Eventually unleashing his full demonic form, he defeats Ao Bing - (TF Dimension)

New 3 Stooges, The
- (adult rejuv) S01Ep118 "Three Wizards of Odds" 1965.
They turn an ugly queen into a beautiful woman. She transformed 3 times. It starts at 7:57 - Ep link - (Morph, TF)

New Adventures of Nanoboy, The
- (toon boy & humanoid male & m/f microbes to old age, humanoid female microbe ARed to infant)
Ep3 "Nano Elders" 12/21/2008, Singapore/China.
The series follows the adventures of 9 y.o. Oscar, who shrinks down to microscopic superhero Nanoboy to save the Microcosmos from microbe villains.
- Episode link - screencaps - AR gif - (Chrono Eclipse)

New Adventures of Superman, The
- (male AA AR poofs) "Merlin's Magic Marbles", S1Ep4, 1966.
Men into boys @02:00, man into boy @05:30.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

New Looney Tunes
- (furry flashback/FF "AR" OA) AKA "Wabbit". S02Ep17A "Quantum Sheep".
Dr. Clovenhoof creates a device that transports himself, Bugs and Squeaks to different stages of their lives. They start off as Babies, then jump to High School, and then to Old Age. At the end Bugs and Squeaks return to their right ages, but Dr. Clovenhoof becomes a Baby again.
- Info link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

New Looney Tunes
- (rejuvenation) - Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production - S02Ep22b "Ponce De Calzone" 10/2/2017 short.
The explorer of the same name asks Daffy Duck, who seems to be rejuvenating, to help him search for the Fountain of Youth - (Tazz)

New Looney Tunes
Wabbit - A Looney Tunes Production
- (AA male anthro age form poofs, babies to old) S02Ep17a "Quantum Sheep" 9/28/2017.
Episode link - screencaps
- (male ARed OC) S02Ep22b "Ponce De Calzone" 10/2/2017.
Episode link - screencaps
- (AgeRegressionFan01)

New Teen Titans (DC Nation Shorts)
- (chibi young adult fashion style flashback, male adult rejuvenated glimpse, male OA) 4/21/12 "Turn Back the Clock".
The Titans get retro as they fight Mad Mod and time itself. They are drawn more in a super-deformed style.
- Vid link - cap - cap - (Jeffr_2bya)

New Teen Titans (DC Nation Shorts)
- (male AR AA) "Groundhog Minute", #13, 2013, Cartoon Network.
Vid link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
(flashed forward, male old age FFed) 2008 DVD. Set in a future Marvel Universe with new characters. The Avengers' teenage children decide to become superheroes after their parents are killed by Ultron. Also features an elderly Tony Stark (who mentors the new heroes), and an elderly Bruce Banner.
Info links: info 2

Nightmare Ned
- (male AA APed dream) S1Ep5b "My, How You've Grown" 1997/05/17.
About a boy who goes to sleep a lot and ends up in all kinds of creepy events. In this episode, Ned wants to "grow up" and dreams of having been AA'd into a teenager, who is being guided by his little friend Norm to do things like shaving and getting girls.
- Episode link - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Nilba e os Desastronautas
- (AR AA poofs, RNed) AKA Newbie and the Disasternauts, Brazil.
S3Ep9 "Desastrobebes" c2012. Woman into baby @2:33, people and monkey into babies, baby into newborn and woman into kid @3:03, everyone back to normal @5:28, aliens into babies @6:05.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Nilus the Sandman
- (mental/dream pseudo-"ARed") S1Ep2 "Rockabye Baby" c1991.
12 y.o. Todd must deal with the troubles his baby sister causes. Nilus gets diapered in a giant nursery. Might have been Nightmare Fuel for some kids who watched it.
- Episode link - (Username)

- (AA blur TFs, TG ARed form) Animated film, 2023.
Immensely powerful teen shapeshifter joins rogue knight on a CGI fantasy quest. During the big reveal of her magical powers in the broom closet, Nimona is briefly seen glowing and getting taller, before cutting to a POV of Sir Ballister Boldheart's stunned expression as her perspective lurches upwards. Nimona's rhino form explodes out of the closet and through the waiting guards. Her subsequent pink animal shifts occur in full view of the camera. After a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure and a flashback to her traumatic past, Nimona transforms into a gigantic Kaiju monster. We only see Nimona's face beginning to change as she gives in to her despair. Ominous Obsidian Ooze begins to replace her skin, before cutting to her body erupting outwards across the park - TF scenes video link - TG AR screencaps

Ninjala: The Series
- (male/female AR) Ep3 "A Beautiful Intruder" 2020/09.
Japanese/American 2D cartoon anime. 20 y.o. Jane visits the research lab, where she finds empty clothes strewn about. She absentmindedly chews a ninja gum while hacking. It enhances ninja ability, but has a side effect of turning adults into kids...
- Episode link female @6:45, male offscreen @8:40 - - screencaps - (Richforce)

Norman Normal
- (global AR AA, male cutaway ARed AA, AA cutaway APed, RNs AA) S1? "S.O.S. Bebe"? "Six Billion Toddlers"? 1998/99? 2005/03/14?
French, Irl. The Nicelys zap the world's population into toddlers because it's nicer that way (including the main character's superhero parents and their talking dog). He and his genius baby sister turn everyone back, but she became a teenager offscreen, and he a baby. She doesn't want to be reverted as her new appearance better matches her inner self but it's for her own good. In the end all members of the Power Family were restored, along with everyone on earth.
- Full episode link 14:40 cut 16:10 - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male teen AP to OA) "Old Cold" 1.11, 4/22/05. Thanks to the weirdness, sneezing makes you old - before/after faces - (Deniz)

(15 to 30 AP, old age)
15 to 30

Oblongs, The
(OAd) "The Oblongs" - Face - aged

Octonauts, The
- (anthro jellyfish AR) The Octonauts - "Octonauts and the Immortal jellyfish", 17, 3/20/2014. Peso discovers an adult Immortal Jellyfish that changes into a baby when scared by predators - Video link - (Thomas)

Oggy and the Cockroaches
- (male anthro cats AR, RN, male anthro insects AR) S04Ep72 "Back to the Past!" 3/12/2015.
The three roaches blame the cats for tearing up a witch's hat, getting them AR-poofed in retaliation. Olivia finds the child cats quite a handful, and must drag them to school. At the end they get restored, and the roaches find themselves in the cats' shoes.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Oggy et les Cafards
- (male old age felines, male roach OA, male AR glimpse)
France - AKA "Oggy and the Cockroaches" - 76 "Oggy Van Winkle"
After receiving a zapping from the Chronofreezer gun, the cockroaches meet future Oggy and Jack at a very old age.
- 6 min. video link
- Screencaps: cat OA - roach OA - babied
- 31 "The Time Machine" - Jack builds a time machine. Unfortunately turning forward - and back - the clock may yield unwanted results.
- 91 "Perpetual Motion" - Jack accidentally creates a device that can control time and chaos breaks out.

Oh No! It's an Alien Invasion
- (male AA AP to OA) S1Ep4b "The 'Stache'" caps

Oh No! It's An Alien Invasion
- (male AA AP to OA) S1Ep4b "The 'Stache'" 2013/08/24.
CGI figures animation. Shakes is blasted with a ray that Briiian developed to use on Nate. Shakes is an old man by the time they get the ray to turn him back to normal. Episode link

Oh Yeah!
- (male pseudo-AR giant attack form TF/CB) S02, 1999-2000, Ep19B, Nickelodeon.
"The Forgotten Toy Box" in: "Curse of the Werebaby"
- male screencaps - video link - (GooGooGirlie, John)

Ollie's Pack
- (AA older age disguise, male old age effect) S01Ep11a "Getting Oldie With It" 2020/05/13.
The 3 main kid characters lick a creature to disguise themselves as adults of the same size to see a certain movie. Two let themselves turn back, as being an adult was boring, but the other licks more to experience it more. But lick too many times, and you will turn to dust...
- Episode link - "TF" caps - 2 - (Tazz)

Ollie's Pack
- (male muscle growth AP) S01Ep11b "Big Bern" 2020/05/12.
Scenes link - caps - 2

Olliver's Adventures
- (male AR AA baby & AA OA poofs, d/evolution poofs) Ep08 "Time Out" 2002.
Olliver and his imaginary lizard visit the Land of Time to end schooltime. A cuckoo-clock bird zaps Olliver into an old man and the lizard into an egg baby. Then it zaps them into a super intelligent lizard, and Oliver into a baby. Another zap turns Olliver into a caveman and the lizard into a dinosaur.
- Episode link @03:22 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Om Nom Stories
- (entities anthros TFs) S13Ep06 - Super-Noms 6th - "Baby Om Nelle" 2019.
Zeptolab YouTube channel. Bird into elderly @0:42, then baby @0:46, girl Nom into baby @1:04, villain into elderly @1:29. Boy Nom into elderly @1:33 then baby @2:08 then elder again @2:20 then with villain @2:57 into baby (Nom) and young (villain), then vice versa, then back to elderly, then both babies, then back to normal @2:57. Nom girl back to normal @3:09.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Ovide and the Gang
- (avian TF AA APed, RN rejuv) creature changes - (Jeff2beyoung)

Ovide and the Gang
La Bande a Ovide
- (furry/anthro AR, RN) "Second Childhood", 62, 5/14/1989, French.
Cactus thorns cause rapid regressions but the villains get their comedownance.
- Episode link - screencaps - (StealthPornucopia)

Owl House, The
- (adult demon AA TF, limited OA transfer) S01Ep19 "Young Blood, Old Souls" 2020/08/29.
Lilith's Redemption / Shares curse with Eda. Big Sister gains strands of grey to save demonized sister.
- Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Ozzy & Drix
- (male CoA issues) S02 #18 "Puberty Alert" 2003/09/20.
Hector discovers hair growing on his chin. When a group of rowdy Testosterone invades the streets, Ozzy and Drix must contain the hormones before they turn Hector delinquent. The hormone leader tied up Mayor Spryman and took control of the Brain, turning common sense off and transforming Hector into a bad kid, especially when he sneaks out to an all-night party in a dangerous part of town.

Packages from Planet X
- (AR AA, male AR AA, male young adult FF AA & male OA AA, unseen RNed)
"One for the Ages", S1Ep2, 8/3/13.
- There is an Age Adjuster Device. With it, the three main characters change to different ages.
Squirrel OA, chicken into chick, older teen female to child @ 2:50, male young adult FF, then one into a baby and back @ 3:20, male young adult to elderly @ 5:50, soldiers reverted.
I was rather hopeful the guys would get de-aged into babies or toddlers, and end up in mom's daycare. The girl would have to come and rescue
- Episode video link
Furry, AR screencaps - male adult FF & AR screencaps
Male OA screencaps - battle screencaps
- (Entropic, Steven, Misha1, Jeffr_2bya)

Panda Monium
- (AR) Early '80s. A trio of talking panda bears follow man and woman explorer on their adventures. In one episode, the man and woman regress into toddlers, and the three pandas chase after them - (Zietgiest)

Paranormal Action Squad
- (AA poofs, adult/teen forms) Ep2 "The Shape of Shifts to Come" 2016/11/16.
They are hired to take care of a Shapeshifter problem at the school. The creature falls in love with Eddie. After poofing into a cheerleader who kicks him in the groin, it assumed the form of his wife Jill who was earlier killed by Sasquatch. They start a relationship based on lust, until Sasquatch savagely rips the Shapeshifter to pieces also.
- Episode link - caps - (Guest)

PAW Patrol
- (male dream ARed) S4 "Pups Save Baby Humdinger" 1/27/2018.
Mayor Humdinger finds a golden coconut. Tracker dreams the coconut water caused him to be regressed back into a baby. Humdinger is lying in his crib as Carlos arrives with the antidote in a baby bottle. A few sips restore him to his adult self, leaving him puzzled why he is in a crib. It collapses under his weight and he asks for his mommy - (Soltiger)

Peabody's Improbable History (The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show)
- (males ARed to babyhood) "Ponce De Leon" 1960.
Video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Peabody's Improbable History
- (male AR) "Ponce de Leon" Ep24? 9/25/1960, S2Ep4 of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Penguins of Madagascar
- (avian male AR) "Rock-A-Bye Birdie", S02Ep46, 6/15/2011.
Kowalski's ray to freshen spoiled food accidentally turns Skipper into a baby penguin, albeit retaining much adult personality.
- Alternate video link - (Thomas)

Pepper Ann
- (AR/AP mind transfer, partial clothes swap, slight UC implied) "My Mother, Myself" 4/26/00.
Pepper Ann and her mother switch places. Quote:"Why is your mom wearing your blades?" - caps
- (flashback AR) caps
- (UC) caps

Pepper Ann
- (AR AA) "Cocoon Gables", S2.
Pepper Ann asks why anyone would judge another because of their age. The busboy hassles "you kids" to free the table for paying customers. Pepper Ann AA's to about 7 years of age. As she goes home, adults treat her like a little child and she keeps getting younger. When she gets home she is only about 1 year old, crawling through the pet entrance, drinking from a baby bottle, and wearing diapers. As if that wasn't bad enough, mother tells her that she is going out and will be getting a babysitter - (Cobe)

Pepper Ann
- (AR AA) s2ep2 "Cocoon Gables" 9/19/98.
Video link - caps - caps - (Tinybeerm, Onideusmadhatter)

Pepper Ann
- (AR) S01Ep12 "Have You Ever Been Unsupervised?"
Feeling like she is being treated like a baby, Pepper Ann shrinks throughout the day to a baby.
Vid link - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (mind swap) S04Ep14 "My Mother, Myself"
Pepper Ann and mom Lydia switch places by saying the same sentence at the same time, and have to figure out a way to change everything back to the way it was before.

Pepper Ann
- (dream ARed) Preteen into toddler offscreen (really not, it's just a gag).
Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (accelerated growth AP) Marjane's rapid growth spurt causes her to lose her balance after damaging her footwear - sudden puberty
- (AP FF) 2007 animated film based on graphic novel listed in comics section. Parents send protagonist to Vienna, where she becomes part of a group of misfit students. She grows up physically in seconds in the animation - the film's most eye-catching sequence.

- (AP) In a brief sequence, Marjane's cartoon counterpart grows into a young woman. We witness her body awkwardly stretching out and morphing into her adult figure. It's hard to explain, but it is one of the better growth scenes seen in a film.

Pet Alien
- (male AR AA) "The Boy Who Cried "Waaah!", S2Ep18 , c2006, #44.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Pet Squad
- (AR, anthro AR, RNed) "Be My Baby", 10/25/2011.
A villain gets a youth ray gun that will turn anyone zapped into a baby. The henchmen, the mayor, police chief, two of the furry heroes and the avian villain get turned into babies. It starts at the halfway mark but has a lot of ads.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Peter Pan and the Pirates
- (male AP UC to male old age, male outgrown shoe CBed, RN)
"Ages of Pan"
- Peter gets more than he wished for when he decides to grow up.
Episode video links:
- Male AP - part 1 - part 2
- Male OA - part 3 - part 4
Episode screencaps:
- boy to teen - male middle age
- male old age - old age/RNed

Peter Pan and the Pirates
(male AP) "The Ages of Pan" S1 Ep64, 11/25/1991
Hook calmly assures Peter that he will die contentedly since he has lived a full life as a child, youth, and man. Peter's existence will always be limited since he's stuck being a boy forever. Peter surprises the Lost Boys by sparing Hook's life and leaving without explanation. Hook then sets himself free through an impressive feat of strength that scatters the Lost Boys. Peter starts drawing lines on his face to make himself look old. Wendy and Tinker Bell make fun of Peter and he storms off.
The Darlings and Lost Boys finally find Peter. Our hero was so determined to grow up that he's actually aged into a teenager in a matter of hours! He is only interested in finding people his own age to hang out with, and heads back into the forest.
Neverland begins to wither away. By now Peter has aged into a full-grown adult!

Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon Segment:
Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey
(adult rejuvenation, old aged, male TFs) "Witch Is Which", 1964.
An old ugly witch invades the castle and turns the king's worker into a dog and the king himself into a frog because of high taxes. He sends his three swordsmen, Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey, after the witch to get her to turn him back. Meanwhile, she uses a potion to improve her energy levels, but it turns her into a young knockout beauty (wearing a very tight G-rated outfit). She drinks another potion, and turns back into the old ugly witch (no change in voice). The three swordsmen take on the witch in a comic manner. After a few minutes, she turns back into the young beauty, and her career is ruined because witches can't be beautiful. The king is transformed back, but as they leave, the three swordsmen find themselves turned into frogs.

phenakistiscope (video device)
- (young adult face to old demon or back) Fantascope spinning animation disks, c1835+.
Joseph Plateau & Jean-Baptiste Madou. It shows the head of a young woman morphing into an old witch and then a monster - Vid link

Phineas and Ferb
- (AA APed) "Teened up Ginger and Gretchen" fan art - (Expatkiwi)

Phineas and Ferb
- (AA TF ARed glimpse) "Fly On the Wall", 1/11/13, 178.
Towards the end they are cycling through transformations and Candace is a baby for one.
- Video link around 1:07 - screencaps - (JayTee)

Phineas And Ferb
- (AA TF GTS) "Attack of the 50-Foot Sister"
Candace uses the boys' "growth potion" to "grow" an extra 2 inches, but it makes her gigantic instead.

Phineas and Ferb
- (AR AA poof transformations)
Baby Phineas and Ferb. Poor Candace...
- Video link - screencaps
Doof poofs into a baby.
- Vid link - caps - (Thomas)
- (dedicated AP CB) c2010 Isabella fan comic - (criticalartist33)

Phineas and Ferb
- (Disney AA, TF TG age-up) "Night of the Living Pharmacists" S4, 10/4/2014.
Very quick TFs of people turning into zombie Doofenshmirtzes.
- Vid link - caps - (Darkra)

Phineas and Ferb
- (FF AA) Isabella fan art - (Fuchsia, Masterghost)
- (FF APed AA) Candace 12 to 16 fan art
(right image was drawn by Lurker12763412)
- (male AA APed WG, OA AA)
Screencaps - male - OA (agingwomen)

Phineas and Ferb
- (FFed into full adults) "PHINEAS AND FERB ARE DRUG LORDS" - by AOK animated shorts, 2019/12/10.
They also did grown-up Dora and Caillou and Arthur.
- Parody episode link - Channel link - (Kappa)

Phineas And Ferb
- (height/age issues) Candace says explicitly that she's 5'8". Despite this, she and her teenage peers are still shorter than every adult in the show, except the humorously short old people.
- (APed aftermath) fan art "Isabella's bee activated growth spurt" - (Denisestar)

Phineas and Ferb
- (male AR AA) The Babe-inator - caps

Phineas and Ferb
- (male AR, female AR) S03Ep47 "Agent Doof" 05/19/2012.
- (AA TF ARed) S04Ep01 "Fly On the Wall" 1/11/2013.
INFO - (JayTee)

Phineas and Ferb
- (OA AA) "Lights, Candace, Action!" Ep5 S1 2/3/2008.
Doofenshmirtz shows Perry an Age Accelerator-inator, which turns a baby on a see-saw into a grown up in a diaper. When Perry eats an entire wheel of cheese, Doofenshmirtz turns the once peaceful, cheese making Age Accelerator-inator into a device of evil. One blast hits a movie theatre filled entirely with teenagers, turning them into old people complaining about the noises and whatnot, who leave instantly. Perry is cornered by Doofenshmirtz, who turns the dial to dangerous, blasting them both into seniors, which makes Doofenshmirtz laugh at Perry.
AA video link

Pig Goat Banana Cricket
- (anthros ARed, male adult anthro rejuv) S01Ep18 "Angry Old Raisin" 2/5/2016.
Pig, Goat (f), Banana and Cricket into babies (they turn back the long way) at the beginning of episode. Old Raisin into teen; Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket into babies... again at the end of the episode.
- Info gallery link - (Tazz)

Pink Panther and Pals
- (male demon cutaway ARed AA RNed) S1Ep11 20c "Pink! Pow! Kaboom!" 2010/8/13.
Pink Panther is pulled into his own comic book. Villain was redrawn offscreen into baby monster.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Pink Panther And Pals
- (male undead AR) S01Ep15 "And Not a Drop to Pink" 5/13/2010.
Pink Panther is an archaeologist exploring an ancient pyramid in Egypt guarded by Mummy Big Nose, who wants to add him to his collection of animal mummies. After avoiding traps and giant guard dog, Pink is able to find a fountain of youth which turns the mummy into a baby - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pink Panther, The
- (furry male AR/RN, female AR) S03Ep04 "For Those Who Pink Young" 10/13/1995.
Pink is accidentally shrunk by Professor Von Schmarty's fun machine - (Kidsize)

Pinky Dinky Doo
- (AA TF size increase) "Tyler's Tall O'Meter" 3/28/07, S1Ep26.
Pinky runs into problems when she uses her Tall O' Meter to make herself "grow" super big! - caps - (SesameWorkshop)

Pinocchio and Friends
- (mahou poof ARed AA) "Baby Fatina dispettosa!", Baby Fairy.
Italy-India CGI toons, 2021. Blue Fairy turns into a baby - link - - caps - (Tazz)

Pippi Longstocking
- (male AA size increase) 1997 series - caps

Pirate Express
- (AR) Fountain of Misspent Youth" 4/28/2015.
About the grandson of Poseidon joining a pirate crew. The Crew turn into babies after falling in the fountain of youth - (Tazz)

Pirates of Darkwater, The
- (adult rejuvenation) S01Ep07 "A Drop Of Darkness".
A witch uses a drop of dark water to regain her adult youth - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pirates of Darkwater, The
- (female adult to OA) S01Ep06 "Andorus" 1991.
Tula gets aged to old age by a monster.
(old age) In 1 episode Tula gets aged to old age by a monster - (H4)

Pixel Pinkie
- (preteen rapid spurt) S01Ep25 "Tall Stories" 2009 AUS.
Series info link - growth gif - (by Qwertyhatter45)

PJ Masks
- (kids, pigeon, robot into mental toddlers) S3 "Terrible Twosome" - link -
- (kids into mental toddlers) S3 "Big Sister Motsuki" - link -
Motsuki steals Romeo's Baby Beam from "Terrible Twosome" and zaps big sister Luna Girl, PJ Masks, and Romeo. She and PJ Robot babysit the mentally regressed heroes and villains.
- (Tazz)

PJ Masks
- (mental infantilization) S2Ep4a 59 "Terrible Two-Some" 2/2/2018.
Romeo uses a mental baby ray on Catboy (Kitty Boy) and Owlette (Chicklet) to make them think they're babies. It's up to babysitting Gekko to stop Romeo from mentally infantilizing the whole town.
- Clip link - caps - (Soltiger, Tazz)

- (anthro AR) Elly's Magic Wand (Halloween Special 2020 II).
CGI. Object to giant size. Kid and duck into clay wads, balloon versions. Bird into cow creature. Kid into mouse, duck into octopus, then chair. Kid into baby and duck into egg that hatches @ 05:15.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Popeye the Sailor
- (adult AA TF disguise, adult age forms) "Popeye's Double Trouble" 1961 #410.
The Sea Hag turns into Popeye's girlfriend to steal back a lucky coin.
- Video link - screencaps - (Metamorphose)

Popeye the Sailor
- (male adult rejuvenation, male AR AA, AR AA) "Kiddie Kapers" 1961, S2Ep18, King Features.
The Sea Hag provides Brutus with a youth potion.
- Video link
- Screencaps: male rejuvenation - male AR - male spanking - final AR - (MaleKim)

Popeye the Sailor
- (male AR AA) "Popeye De Leon" 1960, S1Ep138.
Dubbed video link - screencaps - (Johndee, Jeffr)

Popeye the Sailor
- (male AR) "Childhood Daze" 1960, S1Ep17.
Professor Wotasnozzle invents an aging machine. Brutus reverses the dial, and Popeye comes out as 3 y.o. "Baby Popeye." Brutus spanks Popeye and humiliates him. Popeye eats some spinach after many unsuccessful attempts to come back to normal, and he's restored to normal size and age. Popeye rebuilds the "Atomic Youth Machine". A small door opens to reveal a crying Brutus reduced to a diapered infant (but still with a beard!). "Brutus is much cuter as an infink," Popeye declares as he attempts to coo Brutus under the chin, only to have Brutus use his one baby tooth to nip Popeye.

- (male adult OA'd) photorealistic fan art

- (male adult size increase)
- Popeye plays the role of Jack and the Beanstalk. He was a real wuss until he got thrown into some spinach and not only got muscles, but went into "puberty", with hair growing on his chest.
- Popeye and Olive were in a jungle and came across an incredibly built Bluto-like Tarzan. When he took Olive away, Popeye ate his spinach and buffed out to a Tarzan character too.
- (Rocky)

- (some adult rejuv poofs) Sea Hag (crone witch character with TF AA forms).
Discovering that Popeye already has a girlfriend, the Sea Hag tries to be rid of her. Popeye makes it clear that under no circumstances would he be interested in a relationship. Enraged, she gave Popeye's archenemy Brutus a potion to become young and handsome to win Olive Oyl's heart.

(male AR, male old age) male (ARarchive pics)

Old foes made young and back again - INFO PAGE
- (male AR, RN) "Childhood Daze".
- (m/f AR) "Kiddie Kapers".
- (male adults age disguised as boys) "Seein' Red White 'n' Blue" 1943.
- (male AR) "Popeye de Leon" 1960.
- (male AR) cartoon unknown, ARed into babies.
- (male AR) "The Ace Of Space" 1953.
- (Jeffr_2bya, ARthur, Louder, PixChick)

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw
- (canine AP) 1988 movie.
A group of puppies are aged into full grown bull dogs by an evil villain.
- (Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord)ln - th

Powerpuff Girls (parody)
Animation Domination High-Def
- (FFed to adults, weight gain issues) S01Ep100 "HBO's POWERPUFF GIRLS" 2014/11/24, Fox ADHD gag short.
Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice, and Narcissism. These are the ingredients of the chubby Powerpuff Girls, all grown up in the city.
- 2 minute episode link - screencaps - (Kappa)

PowerPuff Girls, The
- (AA FFed) - fan art
- (AA APed) - fan art
- (dedicated TF AP) "Bubbles's Growth Spurt" - fan art scene - (wilmel)

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (AA'd to OA) "The Wrinklegruff Gals", 2016 series, S01Ep12.
To fit in with the big kids at their new school, the girls consume a potion that AA's them too far, and they find themselves turned into senior citizens of the same size - caps - (Tazz)

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (dedicated TF AP) "Bubbles to Sedusa", c2018 fan art - (Toongrowner)

PowerPuff Girls, The
- (FFed AA) adult angels - college years fan art

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (FFed to adults) - fan art
- (more info) "The Wrinklegruff Gals", 12.
The girls (Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup) are promoted from the destroyed kindergarten to elementary school, where they are mocked as babies. To fit in, they consume a potion by Professor Utonium to age them. He gives them each a few drops, but they sneak a large dose and end up as senior citizens the next day. Process was NOT shown. They return to normal at the end after being given the antidote - ("Tuxedo" Will)

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (pseudo oa'd) c'18 link - caps

PowerPuff Girls, The
- (TG age disguised) different
- (dedicated TF AA AP) "Princess Morbucks" fan art
- (flash forward) "Get Back Jojo" 42, 05/04/2001.
male flash forward of Prof. Utonium.
- (AR, AP, AA) "Seed No Evil / City of Clipsville" 11/25/03 The girls remember adventures they had that never aired. In one they and the people in Townsville are shown as babies, and in one as teenagers. It also shows what the Rowdyruff Boys will look like as teens - APed AA
- (flash forward to old aged) old aged
- GTS - 5

PowerPuff Girls
- (AP) "Blossom's a wonder" fan art - (wilmel)
- (CoA FFed) 2010s "ppg puberty", "ppg after puberty" - fan art - (Pyeah, Tuttava)

PowerPuff Girls
- (FFed AA) fan art
- (APed AA) fan art
- (AA APed) Erotic fan art

PowerPuff Girls
- (male pseudo "puberty") '16 gif
- (male TF CB) male

Princess and the Frog, The
- (flashback) Disney musical comedy - Princess Tiana

Problem Solverz
- (AA age wrinkled, AR, RN) "Time Twister" s1ep1, 4/4/11.
Kids into "elderly" and RN; monster into younger form, baby form and RN. Alfe got older. After elementary students are turned "old" on the Time Twister ride, the Problem Solverz make them young again and close the ride, but they can't resist the tempation.
- RN vid link - caps - wrinkled - (Metamorphose)

Producing Parker
- (adult degen TF, adult rejuvenated at the end) "Age Dee-fying", 2009, 9.
Dee mutates after being treated with snake venom. Simon undertakes a mission to determine her age.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Proud Family Movie
(flashed forward) 2005 Disney crAP. Penny was said to be 2 years older than in the regular series? She still wears the "same costume" at age 16, but her breasts were drawn slightly larger? She learns she must always obey her parents - CoA

Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, The
- (FF puberty APed) S01Ep01 "New Kids on the Block" 2022/02/23.
It opens with 14 y.o. Penny waking to discover she's grown several inches taller and developed breasts and a full butt overnight. This version of Penny is becoming a woman, which means now is the time to deal with her budding sexuality. Oscar tries to keep her conservative through various means. Her friends underwent similar massive growth spurts, though not enough to cause their clothing to tear.
- Scene link - caps

Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, The
- (flashback) - Suga Mama link @00:30 - caps - (Kappa)

Proud Family
- (AA, rejuv, pseudo AR/AP) Black family comedy INFO PAGE
- (Disney AA curse, pseudo "AP") "A Hero for Halloween", Ep 23, 10/18/02.
"Halloween is for kids," protests 14-year-old Penny Proud. Her parents insist she don a "Snack Girl" costume. But the night's more trick than treat. That is until Penny gobbles a magic snack that changes her attitude...and appearance. She suffers a weird case of "AP". In the TF, besides acquiring superpowers, her body transforms: she turns taller, her muscles get inflated, her voice sounds a bit older... Even her costume turns into a "cool version". At the end Penny turns back to herself again. (Eddieursa)
- (AA AP, male AP, AR RN) "Twins To Tweens" 4/24/04. The twins are aged and Penny becomes jealous - APed scene - AR RN scene
- Giant baby

Proud Family
- (male AP) Ep 48 12/5/03 "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly":
- male "growth" during commercial for "Tween Idol" contest.
- "Makeover" #1.12, 14/12/01. Talking baby
- (adult rejuvenated, old age) "Wedding Bell Blues" #222, 9/19/03. Suga Mama is magically made to look younger but returns to elderly after gobbling forbidden cake:
- ARed / old age scene.

- (adult to OA, AA AR) 28 "Break My Day" 3/10/08.
hamster time wheel (AR Group)

Pumpkin Reports
- (AA TF size-up) CGI series. S01Ep17 "Monster grow" 1/30/2016.
Alien plant creature disguised into girl to enslave humanity. Teresa Green is, upon first inspection, a perfectly polite, neatly-dressed, well-behaved over-logical preteen, but is actually the alien creature Loom Prxbtlyp. She chose her 12 y.o. cute disguise based on a movie billboard. She is capable of retracting and extending, as seen in the love episode where Teresa makes herself "grow taller" when the boy insults her height. Due to a fertilizer, Teresa has an "adolescent" "growth spurt" so extreme she can't fit in the house. Max and Team Alien believe it's a plot to stomp the town flat.

Pumpkin Reports
- Character art
- (AA "spurt" glimpse) Ep03 "Crazy in Love" - caps
- (AA growth spurts, plant growth, AA GTS) Ep17 "Monster Grow".
The process gives her an insatiable thirst. Her clothing is actually part of her plant body? As always, the parents are oblivious. The stretching sounds are good.
Quotes: "I do think you're growing! Let's go check your pencil mark. You've grown 2 dress sizes this morning! ... She might take your place on the basketball team! ... Did I say 2 inches? That's gotta be more like 3! We're gonna need a bigger house! ... She grew! As I was watching!" The GTS TF happened outdoors between scenes - screencaps

animation: A to F - G to P - Q to Z - short toons - fetish toons

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal