Aging Transformation Scenes

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Age Regression Of Gemma: Forced Regression Fantasy
- (dedicated AR) by Delilah Nicolai, 2015, 62 pages.
PG13, revenge age regression, TF, diapers. 19 y.o. man-hungry Gemma loves to dress up in short dresses and stilettos and spending her nights in nightclubs sleeping around and forgetting her lovers names and even stealing other people's boyfriends! She is cruel about her friends appearances and judges every other girl as lesser. No wonder people want revenge. Shallow and beautiful Gemma finds her world turned upside down when someone forcibly regresses her from her well-developed adult body into that of a child. And it doesn't stop - she gets younger and younger... and younger. It's a complete nightmare!
- Purchase link - (Gooddemon, Douglas Greene)

Age Regression Story Archive
- (dedicated AR stories) since 1997 - link

American Association to Aid Age-Regressed Girls
- (dedicated AR) AKA "AAAARG".
3 stories written by ARthur, c2000, with comics illustrations? AR Archive stories section:
- "Who You Gonna Call" "The Ex-Women" "To Ling Chin: Thanks For Nothing. Naomi Claussen" - (PixChick)

Arnaud, petit a petit...
- (dedicated male AR) Nora Aiko, 2014, $8.84, 31 pages.
The first french EBook featuring an AR change. Part01: About a mature man with an 18 y.o. girl who wants to regress him more and more.
- Purchase link - (Aikotgar)

- (dedicated AR) 4/2018 Sebtomato photo story.
Part 1 of 8, exclusively for my Patreon supporters (Baby and up) - Purchase link - (Sebtomato)

August D. Adams
- (dedicated mental AR) c2016 Smashwords stories.
Purchase link - "The Sunflower Girls: An Age Regression Tale"
Purchase link - "Back To School: The Age Regression Game Show"
(Gooddemon, Douglas Greene)

Brett Kiellerop
- (dedicated male TFed) "Growth Spurt" 2011, $1.50.
What happens when a Mother wishes her son were a bigger man? He has a growth spurt.
- Download link

Buttons & Blocks Regression Series, The
- (dedicated male AR) by Barry Oliver, 2019-2021.
"The Rehab Regression", "The Daycare Regression", "The Reporter Regression" - AKA "The Regression Trilogy: When becoming a baby again gets real".
- The entire series is moving. The emotional, mental and physical aspects of the regression are breathtakingly beautiful - (Kelvin)

CalebTheReaderWriter: "Jacob's Regression"
- (dedicated male AR) 2019.
Can you imagine being forcibly turned back into a toddler? Depressive 22 y.o. man Jacob was regressed back by his therapist and his wife as a second chance. A so-called fresh start as their own baby. The drug-induced AR was not the focus of the story, which is centered on his gradual mental adaptation as his emotions and knowledge adjust to his new body. Initially, the tot struggles mightily against his self-proclaimed new parents. It eventually turns sweet, as he slowly begins fitting in mentally.
- Story chapters link - (Vended)

Candidate, The
- (dedicated young adult to 50 y.o.) "The Candidate", T.F. Wright, 2014 ebook, 8,000 words erotic story.
Young liberal activist Becky was warned she might grow more conservative as she gets older. She didn't expect to be targeted by a top-secret GOP group intent on molding her into the perfect candidate for President. Her body and mind are radically altered, with plenty of unexpected side effects...
- Purchase link - link
- (Mytransformations)

Changed into a little girl: Two strange tales of transgender age regression (collection)
- (dedicated male AR & TG) Mindi Flyth, 2014, 8,300 words.
Could anything be more humiliating for a man than being transformed into a little girl? To lose his power, prestige, and very manhood? To start over as a tiny, helpless girl young enough to be his own daughter? 2 dark fantasy tales take us inside the minds of men who refuse to accept the cute little girls in the mirror. We know their frustration as the world refuses to treat them like the adult men they feel inside. And we know their desperation as the truth begins to sink in that they may never be men again.
- "Big Words":
Ethan was changed into a 6 y.o. blonde by a lab accident and struggles to cope with his changing role in his family and increasingly childish behavior.
- "Sugarplum":
Arrogant man Vern learns that if you cheat on your witch of a wife, she may do something far worse than divorce you. She may just transform you into the daughter she's always wanted.
- Purchase link $2.99.

Changed into a Little Girl: Two Strange Tales of Transgender Age Regression
- (dedicated TG AR collection?) 2014, Mindi Flyth, Kindle Store.

Changed into an Asian Schoolgirl
- (dedicated adult slight TG rejuv) Mindi Flyth, 2014. Redneck killer Mike on death row is offered a most unusual deal. An experimental procedure transforms him into a gorgeous 18 y.o. Asian student at a special college. Purchase link

Christmas Pudding (Sebtomato's Exclusive Age Regression Stories)
- (dedicated AR story) Sebtomato, 2013.
Parkdale's brand new 13,800 word short story is out just in time for Christmas and available on Amazon.
- Purchase Link and free sample.

Christmas Wish, A
- (dedicated male AR, reality change, mental regression) by GeorgianSandwich, 2021.
Christmas story commission. Don't hesitate leaving a review if you found it as good as I did.
- Short story link - (Vended)

Courtney Captisa
- (dedicated TG adult rejuv) - "2 TG Age Regression Stories Bundle: For The Better!", 2016.
Purchase link

dads into pretty girls (story themes)
- (dedicated TG rejuvenations) I'm looking for stories or comics where middle-aged fathers are transformed into beautiful young women and teenage girls. The dads become girls about their sons/daughters' ages. Maybe they turn into their sisters, or they swap bodies with a young woman or teenage girl, or are turned into young wives. I also like race changes, and any story or comic where a white middle-aged father was TFed into an Asian or black teen girl.
- Possible examples include: Gothic Horror by aspqrz | Altered Fates: Temptation | Favor for Anna 1 and 2 (middle aged man, but not a dad) | The Mirror By Cajin | Finishing School | The Clarks | Daddy's Destiny by Darkoshen - Purchase link | Daddy's Prom by Infinity Sign, from a story by Chrissi - Purchase link | Perfect Secretary by Alissa Angel, illustrated by Smooch | Chromosome Change - link | A Devilish Predicament by Callie Messenger - link | TG comics: Brownsville - link
- (Overlord Star, Big Fan, IndyJ, yoyo, maxxxx, mad charles, aaaa, Eric)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated AP/AR/growth story, CBed nudity) "Moonlight Secret (Part Two)" 2017.
Witchcraft is very powerful. The second part contains age progression (growth spurt, clothes bursting and nudity) and age regression.
- Part Two story link, or the PDF Version link - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated AP/AR/growth story, CBed nudity) "Moonlight Secret" 2017.
New Fan Fiction on Deviant Art. It is based on characters from the Dreamtales comics universe, and posted with their permission.
Marilyn and Suzy meet young Mandy as she plays in her grandmother's front-yard. Marilyn makes fun of the poor little girl, who deep down admires the two women. The grandmother overhears and decides to help her granddaughter get revenge through witchcraft...
- You can read it here: Deviant Art link - PDF version link
(Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated TF AP/AR story) "Moonlight Secret (Part Three)" 2017. Magic can be most powerful.
- Part Three story link, or the PDF Version link - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: AikoTgAr
- (dedicated TG AR) 2019.
AR captions under "Paupiette" - link
Aikotgar, AKA Nora Aiko - TG/AR stories (Francais) Purchase:
- "Petit a petit 1" link - "Petit a petit 2" link
AR POV Deviantart pages - English link - French link
- Contact: Aikotgar at gmail - Discord: Aikotgar#0248 - (Arnaudtgar)

Deviant Artist: Ambrose65
- (dedicated AR stories) - Deviant story link

Deviant Artist: Anthony22FP
- (dedicated AA TF mahou upgrade, young adult maturization) "By a Thread", 2023/06 - story link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: BoyFromAnotherPlace
- (dedicated male infantilization stories) c'20.
"Becoming Baby Brother", "Little Tina", etc. - Stories link - (mARc)

Deviant Artist: Brotherwobbles
- (dedicated old age morphs) c2017. He's been doing some cool adult to old face morphs. The previews don't show up, but click on any of them and you'll get to see the images, and some even have a cool little story summary in the description.
- Gallery link - (Agingwomen, MySpecialFX)

Deviant Artist: Ekul48
- (dedicated adult to OA, edited face/body aging stages) Photo stories, c2022. Check out their gallery. They have some pretty old age sequences - link - (Kappa)

Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated demon shoujo AR/AP) "The Seven Deadly Brats", 2017.
A little series of super short stories I'm doing that could perfectly fit into captions. AP from teens to adults, AR from adult to young adult, and AR from teen to loli. The source anime: "Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai" (Seven Mortal Sins) has a porn demonic vibe.
- Story link - (The AP Ninja)

Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated shoujo TF scenes, age form TFs) c2017.
"Insta-Cosplay" - The story is about a marvelous pill with...interesting effects. I bet cosplaying would be a ton easier with it XD
- AP to Tenjo Tenge's Maya Natsume link
- AP to Highschool of the Dead's Shizuk and RN link
- AP to Bayonetta and RN link
- AR to Toradora's Taiga link

Deviant Artist: Fungip
- (dedicated adults aged/WGed) OA/gaining captions - A good story, 2020/12 link - link - Alts - (Kappa, Deleted)

Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated fantasy AR replacement) "The Mirror Mistress", 2019. Art by Secretagentmittens.
Enter the ancient realm of Zumbia, an oriental city like in the Arabian Nights. Never meant to be told for its terrible dark magic, one story was almost lost in time. On a fateful day, the Mistress of Zumbia gained possession of a wondrous looking-glass from the devious merchant Alrak. A mirror, which grants its owner a second childhood. For some a blessing, for others a curse, such a gift always comes with a price: Whosoever shall walk into the magical mirror, shall emerge a child; and from the other side the adult's reflection is ready to take their place in their former life.
- Story link - (Captain Ash)

Deviant Artist: Ken4444
- (dedicated adult WG, bimbo, maturation) photo edits/collages and short story fragments.
MJ, 2021/10 link - The Mean Girls as milfs, 2021/03 link I LOVE HOW THEY'RE DRESSED LIKE MILF VERSIONS OF THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - Katee Sackoff and Tricia Helfer, 2021/08 link The hottest women at the cosplay events made the wrong nerd mad. Now they were a couple of retired high school teachers... - alts - (Kappa, Deleted)

Deviant Artist: Kronostar
- (dedicated young adult women into Matures) photo caption stories: Meredith Retirement, 2016/08 link - Workout to Saggy maturity, 2019/10 link - Alts - (Kappa)

Deviant Artist: MadeofSpaces
- (dedicated male AR stories) "Power Play", 2022/04.
Co-written with Nebirosity - Ch01: AR to boyhood for our pair of protagonists, with further regressive fun to come.
Story page link - Co-author link - Ch01 link - (Carmelita)

Deviant Artist: Ms-Viral
- (dedicated AA AP) "Names" - 2023/08, illustrated.
Poor Samantha and Terry got into a Minor feud and it's the structure of this happening.
Samantha: ... nice that Annie is letting us explore this weird area!
Terry: You forgot to mention that she was acting weird and even sent a babysitter to watch after us...
- Story link - alt - (Nightelf37)

Deviant Artist: Pettyexpo
- (dedicated AP/AR swap story) 2015.
Age Swap story in the works:
- "They Grow Up So Fast" link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Rivazza06
- (dedicated TF scenes) 2019+ short stories.
I write AP-related stories and captions. I'm also "continuing" Faky3ah's series "Insta-Cosplay" with his blessing.
- Main Page link - (Alessandro)

Deviant Artist: Sephzero
- (dedicated young adult age form TFs) - INFO PAGE 1 - INFO PAGE 2 - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: StephenAlterOD
- (dedicated female-to-female AA TF APs) c.'23+, with AI art illustrations. Account required to view.
"MechaGirl Storia" - Mechanization/AP TF series. Tales of two young girls transforming into actual mecha-like superheroines via reverse-engineered alien bodysuit technology - link
"Oracle's Realizer Changes" - FtoF/AP TF story/artwork series. Persona 5's Futaba Sakura ordered a mysterious package from the Dark Webs out of boredom. A black smartphone and a suitcase with a powerful 3D printer allows her to turn into anyone she desires - Chronicles link
- The related Pixiv pages are mostly geared for my Japanese audience, but content is occasionally imported to DeviantArt:
AI AA TF vertical timeline: Futaba Sakura to Wakaba Isshiki (Persona 5) link - Futaba Sakura to Ann Takamaki (Persona 5) link - Futaba Sakura to Cammy White (Street Fighter) link - Anya Forger to Yor Forger (Spy X Family) link - (StephenAlterOD)

Deviant Artist: Tservo96
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - age swap link
Deviant Artist: RegressingAger
- (dedicated age reversal TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link

Deviant Artist: WaverCD
- (dedicated adult TF, size/power expansions)
He normally does TG, but there are some BE, increased beauty, and lately one AP TF.
- Prequel link - AP story link - "Slimming" and IB link
- IB and BE links: Ikaros TF link - Sorceress TF link - Tina Armstrong TF link
- Soraka TF link - Inner Strength link - Miss Fortune TF link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artists
- (dedicated TF fiction, furry or fantasy AR)
The list is very incomplete - (Klatuk4u, Vended)

Disobedience is Forbidden
- (dedicated AR, AP, multiple) 2018. c20+ pages.
My re-entry in the process fetish story writing world. Top Russian spy Nadya is given a simple task: break into a low security lab to steal "Project Yggdrasil" in a glass bottle. It should be no problem for a beauty like her. Breaking in was easy, but getting back out is the problem. Nadya is captured and learns the true horror. It involves primarily regression and progression, but also other transformations.
- Google Doc link - Mediafire link - (Godleydemon)

- (dedicated male AR) Fictionmania author - "The Chamber", 2015 - Short sequence where he partially regresses himself into infancy, and briefly describes the experience - Stories link

- (mostly TG, but some female to female TFs) - search link
- Emma Finn: "The Golden Gloom: Slag", "The Golden Gloom: Whore", "Turning Around", "Criminal Record 1 and 2", "Maureen", "Class", "Give anything"
- Dale: "State of the Union"
- Eric: "Another Girl's Life", "Finishing School", "The Trickster Plays Musical Bodies", "Wonder Woman and Catwoman Mix it Up" (with Steve Zink), "Merry Go Round" (with Dale),"Dealing With Aunt Delilah", "Test 4"
- Morpheus: "Auntie Em 2"
- Raven, Caleb Jones, Eric: "To Cheat Fate"
- Zapper: "The Nature of Evil"
(Metamorphose boards)

Gift That Keeps On Giving, The
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) Cezar Nix, 3/2015 eBook, $2.99.
Mark wants to be dominant in the bedroom, but Emma wants to know what it's like to be in charge for once. She finds a magical trinket that puts her in control of his body and mind. Mark is a big, strong, aggressive man--but by the time Emma is done with him, all that will change!
Mental and physical rejuv to age 18 (so I could keep the sexy stuff), plus: M/F sex, M2F transformation, shrinking woman, F/f sex, breast expansion, lactation, adult regression, domination/submission, and mind control. Fun stuff!
- Purchase link - (Qzar9999)

Going Out
- (dedicated AA CoA adaptation themes) 11/2017. She's tired of being a "little girl". Female progression is not something Parkdale tends to do. But this isn't a Parkdale-approved adventure...
Main story page link
- (Sebtomato)

gymnast progressions (trope)
- (dedicated AP CB slight pic edits, BEd)
growth spurt - growth spurt

He Was a Daddy... Now He's a Little Girl: A Novella of Transgender Age Regression
- (dedicated TG AR) by Susan Donym, 2018 ebook.
Divorced dad Larry desperately wants to be closer to bratty 5 y.o. daughter Madison. He buys a magic ring to transform into Madison's identical twin. Larry and Madison have lots of fun playing together, but things go horribly wrong when Madison gets a hold of the ring, turns herself into grown-up Larry, and refuses to give it back. Now Larry's daughter is his daddy... and he's her little girl!
With every passing moment Larry finds himself acting more like a child, his manhood slipping away, while Madison is acting more and more grown-up. He keeps begging to change them back, but she's having too much fun teasing him and making him go to ballet class. Will Larry have to start over as a pretty little 5 y.o. girl? Darkly comic fantasy by the author of He Became a Farmgirl.
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym)

He's stuck as a schoolgirl
- (dedicated TG ARed) A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice. 2015 eBook fetish novel by Mindi Flyth.
What would it really be like for an average guy to suddenly find himself stuck as a pretty 8 y.o. girl with pigtails?
Wanna-be warlock Joe Withers loses his job and decides to transform his boss into a cute little redheaded schoolgirl. Unfortunately Joe turns himself into a girl instead... and now he's the one who's going back to school. The other girls bully him, the boys have crushes on him, his big brother treats him like a kid, and he even has to take sex ed class again! If Joe doesn't figure out how to change back soon, he'll be stuck as Josie forever.
A twisted comedy, a drama, a supernatural tale and a transgender adventure, capturing all the confusion, terror, frustration and fun of Joe's regression TF. Life as a little girl isn't all sugar, spice and everything nice!
- Purchase link - 60,000 words including author's afterword. Not intended for younger readers - (Filthymind)

HiddenInSight (TF author)
- (dedicated old/young adult TG) "The Old Lady", 2020. It's rare for media involving older women turning into young hunk men to focus on the rejuvenation aspect instead of the gender change. Young man Jack has his body stolen piece by piece by an older married lady on an interesting weekend adventure. Inspired in part by "Becoming my girlfriend" - Fictionmania link

Holly's Dream
- (dedicated AR) "An Age Regression story", Sebtomato novelette, 2016.
The final chapter in the "Snowed Under" series - 15 years in the making. Parkdale made a deal - They've changed their mind.
- Two years since the events of "Getting Holly", Peter and Holly have a routine of regular visits in Peter's London flat. But a seemingly innocent decision has life-changing consequences.
Sebtomato's other AR story links: Coming Home - Snowed Under - Nursery Rules - Christmas Pudding
- $9.99, 16,000 words, 4 high-resolution teaser images, PDF. Purchase link

Jodie Delight
- (dedicated adult baby, mental sissy stories) 70+ infantilism eBooks,, 2017+

- (dedicated young adults to old aged) Stories & Captions - Main Page link
2022 works: "Gram School" Kappa did this idea a few months ago. Basically it's a pun of Cram School. The American Equivalent, more or less, being SAT Prep link link - Kappa realizes now they also could've done SA&T Saggy Ass and Tits Prep link - link - "MomLifts" link - "See Ya Next Year!" link - "Ego Feeder" Doing commissions lately. Here's a specific caption from the series I've been doing I think you guys will like link - "Short Time Tales: The Hour Glass" link - "Short Time Tales: The Bootstrap Paradox" link - Yo Girlfriend So Old "Lupe and Paul" link - Suggestion ~She gots them swishy wishy bingo wings! link - "Oblivious: Yoga Class" link - "Oblivious: The Cursed Apartment" link - "Oblivious: The Cursed Apartment II" link - "Oblivious: Senior Home DJ" link - "Oblivious: Cool Girl" link - "Oblivious: Phone Upgrade" link

Kat Rose (author)
- (dedicated AR or rejuvenation) Short and longer stories, c2021?
The author had a vast collection of low/mid quality erotic horror tales featuring age reduction. Access has been lost on Amazon Kindle.
- Her stories included the following titles:
"Betting His Adulthood", "Trapped in the Nursery", "The Diaper Cuckold Trap", "Losing His Manhood", "Under Her Gentle Care", "Cutie Star", "In the Crib", "The Loss", "The Regression Service", "Regression and Revenge", "Toddle for Her", "From Husband to Doll", "The Toddler Process", "Setting Boundaries", "The Doctor Decides", "She Scares You", "Made Little", "Cuckold in Plastic", "Sissified by the Sisterhood", "Punished with Pastel", "Pretty Pigtails", "Michael's Secret", "Surrender in Plastic", "Forfeit Maturity", "Let It Out", "Nanny Taylor", "Very Cute Vengeance", "Doctor Marcie's Procedure", "Cheated into Diapers", "Changing Jonathan", "The Invitation", "The Decision", "Trusting Jason", "Tricking Noah", "Helpless in the Hospital", "Always in Charge", "Therapy is Good for You", "Surprise Regression", "Trusting the Wrong Girl", "Completely Regressed", "Cheer Sitter", "Silly Teacher", "A Father's Daughter", "Safely Trapped", "Beautiful Punishment", "The Reveal", "My Diapered Nightmare", "Safe in Captivity", "Soft Captivity", "Curing Vincent", "Little Guys", "Amy's Absolute Authority", "A Cute Prison", "Her Rules", "Little Man on Campus", "Toddler Makeover", "Humiliated Boys", "Humiliating Performances", "Boy Toddler", "Kelly's Promotion", "The Demonstration", "Shrinking His World", "Cheated and Diapered", "The Right Punishments", "Helpless Little Husband", "Regressed by a Woman", "Adorable Dolly", "Bound Boys", "Mean Sisters", "Domineering Displays", "Safety Locks", "Magical Regression", "No More Authority", "Our Plans", "A Plastic Task", "Trophy Boys", "Utterly Helpless Boys", "Absolutely Helpless", "Cute and Owned", "Teasing Girls", "Regressing Ian", "Yes or Yes", "Taken Boys", "Adorably Male", "She Makes the Rules", "Demeaned Boys", "Rebecca's Rules", "Her Dolly Boy", "Replacing Her Toys", "Interior Regression", "Surrendered Adulthood", "Sweet Guy", "Loving Discipline", "Toy Boy", "Toddler Games", "Taking Care of Her Boy", "The Discipline Store", "Win or Lose", "Cheated Boy", "Infantile Performance", "Sissy Sitter", "Layers of Cotton and Plastic", "Cute Control", "Helpless Little Guys", "Plastic Nightmares", "Mistaken Boys", "Danny's Surprise", "Helpless Boys", "Punishment Lines", "Bulky Punishments", "A Helples Little", "Capturing Cute: An Age Play Anthology", "Training Pants", "Bound and Babied", "Irresistible Babysitters", "Females in Charge", "Soft Padding", "Drops of Surrender", "Gently Bound", "The Visit", "Tasty Temptation", "Adorable Boys", "Secretly Little", "Secretary to Babysitter", "Demonstrated Power", "For His Own Good", "Locking Cover", "Professionally Regressed", "Meeting Shawn", "Belonging to Lena", "Babied Men", "Enchanted Error", "Little Men", "Totally Cute: An Age Play Anthology", "Trusting Kelsey", "Sweet Little Boys", "Feeble Boys", "Toddler Boy", "Little Games", "Forceful Concern", "The Graduate's Toy Boy", "Men to Boys", "Talking It Out", "The Regressed Cuckolds", "Taking His Business", "Back and Forth", "The Movie Test", "Plastic Power Plays", "Diapered Frat", "Taking Kyle", "The Letter", and many more.
- Full title Info link - (Caleb)

Kristi's Mom: A Transformation Novel
- (dedicated TG mind swap, teen/adult ages) by Liam Slade, 2021.
Looking for stories where a teenage guy (15-18) swaps bodies with an older attractive woman (21-27)? I love those swaps, especially when the guy doesn't want it or the woman is stealing the guy's identity. This is an online novel about a 17 y.o. guy who gets his body stolen by his friend's (youthful) 37 y.o. mother.
- Purchase link link - (gambler, liamslade)

Madrigal16 (Giantess writer)
- (dedicated male size reduction) "Jealous of His Own Child", c2019.
This isn't technically AR, more like size change, but interesting. A "Giantess" tale with flaws - chief among them that just when the story was getting good, the author abandoned it.
- A man waits till his wife and daughter leave for a week to try out a shrinking formula that makes him smaller than his 4 y.o. daughter. He wears her clothes, deals with his house from a 3 foot tall perspective, and jerks off in his daughter's pajamas. So he has not become a child again, but is child sized. He would love to have them come back and be that size (or does he dread it?), but the story ends there. Could have been interesting if he actually became a young boy again with this strange concoction, and turned into the "son" of his wife and "brother" of his daughter (though he could go back to normal if he so desired)
- Short story link - (Kidsized)

Marvel: Early Retirement
- (dedicated female young adult metahumans to OA) by Spyguy, 2019.
Superhero fan fiction mini-chapters with original comics panel illustrations. This one's based on a "What If" idea from the old Yahoo Groups forum way back when. Basically, the conceit was that Captain Marvel vanished only to turn up as an old lady at an intergalactic nursing home. This turns out to be a trap to steal the adult youth of numerous Marvel heroines. Hopefully the original creatives don't mind if we all run with it for a bit?
- Original storyline link - If blocked: Alt 01 - 02 - 03 - text - (Spyguy)

Mindi Flyth (author)
- (dedicated age regression & unbirthing) Books, stories & TG AR gifs.
2020 Patreon purchase link - (Filthymind)

Mindi Flyth
- (dedicated TG ARed eBook) - "The Samantha-Morphosis: He Became a Little Girl", 2016.
26,000+ words. Sam wakes to find himself transformed into a 5 y.o. girl with a face like an angel. As a busy sales executive, if Sam doesn't change back into a grown man soon, it will ruin everything! Somebody's dressing him in pretty little princess outfits, his kid sister is treating him like her kid sister, and he keeps calling his parents Mommy and Daddy! A surreal, dark, funny and sweet short novel of personal transformation.
- Purchase link - trailer link - (Filthymind)

Mindi Flyth
- (dedicated TG male AR unbirthing novella) "The Unbirthing: An Age Regression Novella", 2015 Ebook.
Handsome, arrogant college guy Trevor longs to meet a sexy older woman, but Maggie isn't quite the cougar she appears to be. She lures Trevor into her bed and begins to transform his body, to become a baby girl and start life over in Maggie's swollen belly. The evil but irresistible Maggie slowly strips away Trevor's smug confidence and bulging muscles, leaving him small and helpless. He turns into a girl at age 5. The more Trevor struggles, the more Maggie loves it. Will Trevor give in to his desire and be trapped inside a gorgeous woman's womb? The author lingers on the evocative details of the process, making it frightening and powerfully seductive.
18,000+ words. Adult erotic horror with a streak of wicked dark comedy. Sexification/pregnancy process, mothering, rapid male personality shifts, vore.
- Purchase Link - Read more of Mindy Flyth's work (and sexy short films) at - (Filthymind, Authar)

Mommy Curse, The
- (dedicated adults mentally reverted) "The Mommy Curse", Annette Benefice, 2014, ABDL.
Kimberly Adams will cast mental regression spells against opposing college team adult players to win a victory. Hey, if these young women can't handle being psychologically turned into helpless children, that is pretty much their problem.
Yet what happens to our bewitching coach when she finds her own players secretly using the same mental regressive spells against her? Can she handle being mentally reverted back to a baby, even humiliatingly tricked into wearing plastic pull ups again? Will she plot revenge? A squad of college cheerleaders gets involved as well. Will they end up wearing diapers too?
- Lesbian erotica, spankings, psychological and physical control - Purchase link - (Time)

My Wife Turned Me into a Little Girl
- (dedicated male AR TG stories) "7 Stories of Transgender Age Regression", Susan Donym, 2015 ebook.
7 mature twisted tales, with the changes ranging in age from 16 years old all the way down to a baby still in the womb. Age regression, transgender, unbirth, babyfication, infantilization, turned into a little girl.
- For many men, few things are as terrifying as the idea of being transformed into a little girl. To be so small, helpless and delicate, forced to rely on grown ups to care for you, your adulthood and masculinity stripped away forever...
We watch as grown men suffer the supreme act of emasculation, shrinking down and becoming cute, precious girl children. Some of these men find themselves trapped in high school again, while others become sweet-faced toddlers or baby girls. One unlucky man finds himself regressed all the way back to the womb, forced to start life over as his wife's daughter. And their changes aren't just physical. As these men regress and feminize, they find themselves craving the embrace of their mommies, loving the taste of the formula in their bottles, even feeling strange new feelings for that cute guy on the high school volleyball team. You'll be there as these men become girls in body and soul.
- "Princess" - A man was turned into a little girl by his wife. About his frustrations as she treats him like a kid and prepares for her date with a new guy.
- "The Eternal Mother" - A guy goes out with a girl into new-age magic. When she suggests doing a little ritual to bring out his inner child, he doesn't take it seriously and lives to regret it!
- "Loud and Clear" - An unbirthing story. A woman performed a spell to transform her husband into a baby in her womb - plus some sexy lesbianism going on.
- "Lucky Star" - "Small Parts"? A vain actor undergoes a procedure to make him 21 again. Things don't go quite as he planned!
- "Freaky Freida" - The sexiest story? A man changed into a high school girl finds himself attracted to the school bully, struggling to resist the powerful cravings of his teen girl body.
- "A Fussy Baby" - A fun one about a guy who starts dating a girl with an infantilization fetish. He's learning to enjoy being babied... but he never imagined it could happen for real!
- "Back to School" - College student performs a spell to get revenge on one of his teachers, only to see it backfire.
Not to be confused with an ebook by Mindy Flith. Specific story: "My Wife Changed Me into a Little Girl" by Jenn Drake. It's not nearly as dark as my stories usually are!
- Purchase Link

Neil and Yuki- Unexpected Changes
- (dedicated minor male age adjustment?) Jasmine Marie, Krystal Jo-Lynnelle, 2012, 165p - Purchase link - link

old men stealing young women's identities (story themes)
- (dedicated adult TG, adult body/mind thefts)
"A Perfect Student" by Jimmy Zappa.
- Primarily F2F body possession. Grandpa decides to steal granddaughter's young body. She fights back but he's ultimately victorious, being the stronger witch. She becomes absorbed into his mind as his soul overpowers her.
"My Obsessive Ex" by Jimmy Zappa.
- The girl's ex (secretly a 70+ y.o. body hopper) steals her body through an ancient necklace, after she ruined his previously stolen life. By masturbating and having sex with her friend, he slowly devours her until he's the only mind controlling her young body.
"Making Her Mine" by Jimmy Zappa.
- Old man steals young female's body to escape imprisonment on an island. He does this by tricking her to wear a ring (which she thinks is going to protect her), and uses her friend's body to help seal him in his new body through intercourse.
"Trading Bodies: Body Swapped With The Girl Next Door" by Sophie Pert.
- Old man past his prime switches bodies with his neighbor. Kindle Unlimited free story that I highly recommend.
"Pendants of Aeternitas" by Zapper.
- Old man swaps bodies with young newlywed woman. Each time he swaps, the memories and personality of the woman becomes absorbed. If I remember right, his old body's memories and personality also start getting absorbed while the woman is trapped in his body. In the end he successfully takes her body and lives her life.
- (W)

Old Mrs. Palfrey
- (adult age swap, rejuvenation & OA scene) F2F story by Macan, 2023.
Sexy young wife's body and life are stolen by her elderly neighbor, who is secretly a witch. Adaptation expanding on Eryka's "Old Mrs. Jenkins" - Story link

Older and Wiser
- (dedicated young adult to middle age & weight gain story)
2013, T.F. Wright, ebook. 35p.
- By "My Transformations" website author - Purchase link

princess progression (story theme and meme)
- (dedicated AP) Royal heiress age curse - (Attack Team)

Red Riding Hood
- (dedicated AP) fan art - (Moremorphing)
- (FFed to adult) cosplay
- (FFed, PE'd) adult art
- (dedicated AR stories) - Author Site for promoting the regression stories by the creator of "Broderick" (Kindle story "Babysat") and "In the Sandbox" (college boy is regressed to toddlerhood and put in diapers by someone with a vested interest) - (Sarah Baum)

Rigel Regression, The
- (dedicated mental rejuv & AR) Annette Benefice, 2014, 188p.
Fetish novel. The story includes the slowly unfolding mental regression of many characters, physical regression from adult to teen, the use of childish and babyish clothing and items, the connection between childhood wants and treatment with sexual stimulus, giant aliens who treat the characters as small children, a heavy gravity world that makes it difficult to walk, and more. Oh, and every regressed character is a woman.
I've bought AR/AB stories online before. The vast majority are good enough for one thrill and nothing else. Most are, well, what you find in a diaper. But this one... it's like reading an actual Star Trek episode with minor character development, foreshadowing, and plot. Anyway, it's like every plot connection that should have been made between Sci-Fi and AR/AB was made.
If you know Star Trek, you know the ship can replicate any clothing, food, objects, etc. Imagine that the Artificial Intelligence on that ship, nicknamed 'Mother', turns on the crew and treats them as babies. All clothing becomes babyish, play-mats are on the floors and walls, baby bottles, giant playpens, changing tables, rocking horses, etc. And all the while the crew is fighting back and losing, and forgetting how to be adults, even how to do things they were trained to do.
Hmmm, in the Sci-Fi vein maybe the story WAS written by a computer, programed to utilize words and descriptions that would stimulate anyone of a specific fetish. Maybe like Poser they will create porn for us now. Nawwwwwww.
- Purchase link - (Oni)

Rose St. Andrews
- (dedicated adult mental infantilization) 2014.
Several of my stories have been published as eBooks! No real kids in them, as it's adult material.
- "The Jellyfish" - on Amazon as "Reforming Little Anya"
- "Little Woman Big Trouble" - Selena, Arthur and their teleportation machine.
Purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

Sebtomato: AR artist
- (dedicated AR stories) 2023/02 - Purchase link
My website has been eaten by malware, so I'd like to pop in and let y'all know about the new stories on my Patreon. A "birthday" themed month:
Exclusive tale - Jessica is furious when her cake reads that she's turning 2 instead of 22, but the "mistakes" don't end there...
Flash tale 1 - Robin wonders why a baby's smash cake has been ordered for her 21st birthday.
Flash tale 2 - After a lost bet, a young man has to dress up for his younger brother's birthday party...

- (dedicated AR) - 2023/06 Purchase link
Lola keeps dreaming of being a baby in a crib. As much as she'd like to move past this, her new therapist keeps bringing it up... He's pretty sure he's just a baby, until the nasty dreams where he's as big as Mommy and Daddy start... Zach lives in Ngatea with his mom and special brother, but he's having nightmares of changes to come...

- (dedicated AR) 2023/04 - Purchase link
- (male AR) - Dinner and drinks turned into waking up in a crib. He'll need to find an escape before his mind regresses to match his body.
- (female mental AR) - Sequel to Tatas. Valerie tries to escape her fate as the girl with the biggest boobs at Ngatea's special school.
- (male mental AR) - He only went to the church to donate his daughter's old toys. Now he must escape the mothering woman at the playgroup.
- (TG/AR tales) - Things can swing both ways in the 'Blowing Rock' universe:
A Blowing Rock man refuses to regress his feminist wife. Perhaps he will be more agreeable as her baby sister?
When a young man tries to warn the single woman next door what's about to happen to her, he might just end up as her little sister.
Cassie doesn't want to be her best friend's Mommy, but in Blowing Rock she'll either change diapers or wear them.

- (dedicated AR) Patreon flash fiction - "Bear", etc. Exclusively for $5 tier patrons and up - Purchase link

- (dedicated ARed) 2023/08.
What happened? Replacing my Patreon is a shiny new website - link and 4 new ebooks on Amazon:
- Foggy | Four Male Mental Regression Tales - link - Prodigy | Four Female Age Regression Tales - link - Simple | Four Female Mental Regression Tales - link - The Snowed Under Collection - link

- (dedicated male AR) "Shaving Foam", 2015, Parkdale special edition #2.
90% more words (9500), teaser poster, female mind-control fun - Purchase link

2023/06 Purchase link
- (female & mental AR) - After finding regressed girlfriend he plays their song to jog her memory, but is found by her new "daddy"...
- (male mental AR) - A new Ngatea teacher doesn't know what he's getting into when a co-worker bets he can't last a day working in the infants room...
- (male mental AR) - Sister-in-law returns lost phone, but parental controls now prevent him seeing anything but the most babyish content...

She Changed You Into a Baby: 10 POV Tales
- (dedicated unseen male POV AR scenes) Susan Donym, 2015 eBook, short story collection.
You'll feel the scrunch of your diaper, smell the fresh cloud of baby powder in your crib and know the terrors and joys of being stripped of your adulthood and regressed to a helpless little infant in the arms of a beautiful, gloating woman. As you become a baby, you may also experience a change of gender or race... or you may find yourself being unbirthed, taken all the way back to the womb... and you'll love it.
These are second-person stories, with your new mommy talking to you as if the woman who just changed you is gloating over your transformation. It's kind of like a hypnosis session, being talked to like you've been regressed. The level of mental regression varies. Generally the men retain their adult minds but they can't speak or walk. A couple are compelled to breastfeed. Almost all are babies, but one girl is old enough for preschool and another is old enough to use chopsticks. Two unbirths back to the womb. Only one regression is permanent. The rest will grow up again the normal way. Most regressions are playfully sadistic. Unbirthing is just something she does, and she may feel a little guilty for doing it to you.
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym)

Susan Donym
- (dedicated AR stories, TG) - Author Purchase Page
- 11/15/2014, $2.99 - "Women Transformed into Little Girls: Stories of Female Age Regression".
- 09/28/2014, $2.99 - "Unbirthing Stories: 5 Twisted Tales of Age Regression".
- 09/04/2014, $2.99 - "Babyfied: 3 Age Regression Tales".
- 07/28/2014, $2.99 - "One Sip, and You're a Little Girl: 4 Short Tales of Transgender Age Regression".

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories) -2015.
Ebook Purchase links
 "Four Friends, Four Transformations"
- (includes adult to old, downgrade, WG, MG) - 64p. Four college women are best friends - but their bonds are about to be tested. A supernatural trickster alters their reality and identities. Weight gain, downgrade, beyond middle age, and female muscle growth, all via a unique TF method.
 "Golden Girls Spa: A Tale of Age Progression"
- (OA) - 32p. A television executive wants to re-create a TV show about older women - but no older actresses return his calls. So instead, he decides to improvise, dropping some young actresses off at a very special spa. A spa that will quickly help them look the part. A tale filled with vivid transformation sequences in the perfect setting.
 "Older and Wiser"
- (OA, WG) - 35p. College freshman has unrequited crush on her older friend. At a cosplay convention, a woman sells a "magic potion" to solve her academic and romantic troubles. Of course, there is a price...
 "Claus and Effect"
- (OA, WG) - 13p. Short Christmas TF tale. Misty, a young woman who thinks Christmas is lame, finds herself working for a Christmas themed fundraising company. She's not sure she'll fit in, but they say this is a job that can grow on you...

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories)
Short stories on the website
- Erotic Special Interest Stories with a specific kink, fetish, or conceptual idea. Some are quite dark, so be warned! Life Control, Downgrade, Aging.

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult OA, WG, male adult rejuv) "Trophy Cougar Wife", 2015 erotic Ebook, 7,000 words.
Trophy wife Sherry is married to a rich older gentleman. If only their roles could be reversed...
Reality change, impeccable writing. There is no process, just after the fact observations without anyone being aware of the changes.
"Listen, Megan, I know you're not comfortable calling me Mom." ... "I'm 16 and you're a 22-year-old gold digger, married to my 50-year-old father!" ... she certainly didn't starve herself to stay slender like I did.
- Purchase link - (Mytransformations)

T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult WG/OA) "From Marcy to Mob Wife", 2015 ebook. The Ring of Change Saga.
A complete culture change. Big Tony gives the magical Ring to an undercover cop, wishing she was instead a woman after his own heart. Marcy goes from a young, valiant police officer to a mob member, and eventually, Big Tony's wife. Marcy becomes a stereotypical Italian mob wife.
- Purchase link - (Mytransformations)

TF Artist: Jaytee_fa
- (dedicated adult AA WG FFed) - Photo morphs and stories Gallery link some captions - Mean Girls High School Reunion, 2018 - link - alt - (Kappa)

TF artists: young/old adult body/soul swaps
- (dedicated adult swaps) Erotic body theft stories where old hags switch their spirits into young adults.
Grumpy TG - TG adult to OA/rejuv body swap stories.
- "LadyLumps; It's Happening!", 2020. Based on "I was a teenage soccer mom" (changed into a sororite for legal reasons) - link
M. Wills - Captions and stories on BodySwapFiction.
- He's made a new release every few weeks for years. Most of his works are M2F, but the F2F old-to-young adult stories are real gems. My favorite is "Primed for Takeover" where an old woman befriends a young and sexy one to steal her beauty/wealth. She taunts the young woman while older woman Jenny controls her body from inside - Author link
Jimmy Zappa - Half his erotica stories are old women stealing young women bodies. A good one is "Inside Her Perfect Student", where an old college professor tricks her student aide into giving up her body. They fight for control over her beauty. "My Husband's Secret Crush" had a Skeleton Key type of ending.
Most of his stories are Kindle Unlimited only, they might go on Smashwords?
20-story F2F body swap and possession mega bundle "Erotica Megapack: 20 F2F Body Swap and Possession Short Stories" on Amazon. Favorite ones include "Let Her Inside Me" (old grandmother steals granddaughter's best friend's body) and "Make Her Naughty" (older witch tricks young woman into tainting her soul with magic to steal her body) - link
A handful of Blogspot caption writers that I've followed over the years had a lot of F2F old-to-young body swaps:
link Kawaii Switcher - not as active as she used to be (sensitive content warning for all blogs).
link Body Swap Fiction
link Secret Switch used to have a lot more captions. I think she had a meltdown and deleted a bunch due to negative comments. She claims Blogspot deleted them but I hope the best for her. There were SO many old to young captions.
Teh Switcher link - The Swapping Grounds link - no posts.
The Swapping Grounds is still active with very good caps at their new link
- (Dee Cypher, DBFinale, Kelin)

TF author: ChronoEclipse
- (dedicated OA, rejuv, AR, AP) 2021.
I wanted to invite you to check out my Patreon. I mostly write Old Age TF; almost all my stories involve female age changes. I also wrote stories involving: old age & middle age rejuvenation & AR; infant to adult AP & child/parent age swaps. I'm open to writing all kinds of age TF genres if you are interested in joining and making your preferences heard! - Patreon link

Transformation Park: Erotica Extravaganza
- (Weight Gain, Adult To Old Age, Gender Change) T.F. Wright, 2016.
"Hansel and Gretel" An Excerpt link - (Mytransformations)

Twist of the Knife: Six Stories by Little Trip
- (dedicated AR short story anthology) 05/2014.
"Attarb's Brat T.A."
- Professor Roland's methods are a little unorthodox. For his dissertation, he's going to choose the least successful, self-absorbed prick. Bradley is about to get a comprehensive lesson in minding one's elders, a population that seems to be growing - Dark content, young men, diapers, public humiliation, erotic mind control.
"Last Resort"
- Dr. Simmons runs his therapy sessions like no other professional. When his clients emerge they've been humbled. The social worker witnessed every humiliation... and changed her field of study so that she'd never end up as singularly power-mad as the doctor who knows your every vulnerability - Female and male mental and physical AR, spanking, sexual humiliation.
- Graem's reputation for responsibility has led him to become his neighbor's go-to guy for babysitting her teenage daughter. However, successful, bland-as-beans Graem's secret vice is age regression. "Give me an A... give me an R!!!" - Male mental and physical AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"They're So Cute at That Age"
- In a matriarchal society women rule without restraint. A drug greatly overcompensated for man's new-found impotence, necessitating diapers designed to filter viable ejaculate. As the men lose control of their lives, they have to take their pleasure where they can get it... - Male mental and physical AR, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"13 Hours in the Lives of Rising Children"
- If you've got the cash and you've got the womb, we've got the stash and we've got the room. An experienced midwife guides the willing and the less-than-willing into second gestations. See what happens when the world's best-kept secret risks exposure - Female and male physical AR, unbirthing.
"Meeting of the Minds"
- A magical patron of AR and AB/DL literature proposes LT that, as long as no bodily harm comes to another living thing, Trip will write lush, descriptive passages depicting any scenario he desires. But things soon take a turn... - Female and male mental AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
- (Little Trip)

Twist of the Knife: Six Stories
- (dedicated AR story collection) Little Trip, 04/2014.
4 community commission stories, "Demonstrate for the Class", and the spiritual sequel to "21 New Messages": "Cadavre Exquis" - (Little Trip)

Unbirthed: A Prisoner In Her Belly
- (dedicated unbirthing, vore, AR, TG) 2014, Mindi Flyth, short eBook. Erotic horror, 10,425 words.
"Do you fantasize about becoming a baby again and getting cuddled and kissed by a beautiful, loving mommy? If so, I'm just the woman you've been looking for..."
Martin is an arrogant writer running a popular blog making fun of weird sex fetishes. When he sees Abbie's ad seeking a guy who wants to get treated like a baby, he thinks this will be his most hilarious article yet. But Abbie isn't quite what she seems, and Martin is about to get babied in ways he never imagined were possible. He begins a new life he never asked for. Abbie wants a new baby to love... and she will not be denied.
- Purchase link - (

Unbirthing Center, The
- (dedicated AR & unbirthing stories) "The Unbirthing Center". Groblek, 2014 ebook collection.
AR-themed set that involves unbirth. Only one of the 6 stories appeared online before. I reworked Intensive Care, then wrote 5 more stories.
- c20,000 words - Amazon purchase link - Smashwords purchase link
Feel free to email me at groblek at gmail with any questions - (Groblek)

Unbirthing Curse, The
- (dedicated unbirthing AR) "The Unbirthing Curse", Mindi Flyth, 2016 full-length fetish novel. 40,800 words.
A sexy, darkly funny horror story about unbirthing with AR, BE, bimbofication and even some TG. Vanessa Hatch is a beautiful young marketing exec who angers a powerful witch. Vanessa never wanted to have children, but now she finds herself transforming adults and regressing them into babies in her belly. She's losing control of her strange new cravings... and unbirthing is the ultimate thrill. We follow Vanessa as her orderly life falls apart and she becomes a sexy monster mommy, as seductive as she is terrifying. She'll kiss you, cuddle you and baby you... but you're gonna stay babied!
- Purchase link - info link - (Filthymind)

Unbirthing of Edward Neezer, The
- (dedicated TG AR book) "A Novella of Transgender Age Regression", by Mindi Flyth, 2018.
Kindle, iTunes, Nook. A kinky, Freudian re-imagining of Dickens' holiday classic.
- Edward Neezer has been a very naughty boy. This arrogant, macho pick-up artist will be visited by three Christmas Giantess Goddesses. Twice his size, these powerful and seductive beauties will unbirth Edward into their magical bellies, transform him into various women he's wronged, and take him on a journey through the decades of his life. He'll become a little girl, a sexy young wife, a pregnant mother and other ladies from his past, present and future, with all the pains and pleasures of womanhood.
You'll experience regression and feminization with Edward in vivid, detailed scenes you'll never forget. Edward tries to resist but finds himself helplessly drawn back to the warm embrace of the womb. Will he be changed for good?
- Purchase info link - (Filthymind)

Vicky Innes
- (dedicated TG AR)
"Joel's New Life As His Wife's Little Girl (Magical Age Regression and Gender Swap Fantasy Book 1)".
2015, 48p - Purchase link

Virtually a Baby
- (male ARed simulation) by Monique Zyler, Disciplinary Erotica, 2017. 72,000 words.
Colin is at a bar when a beautiful girl slips something in his drink. When he wakes up, he's in an entirely new reality where he's completely and absolutely helpless. The women around him seem to be able to do anything.
If this was Female AR I'd have already read it. Surprised more people haven't used virtual reality for an AR story. It's realistic and would likely lead to mental AR on the subject over time, especially with time dilation (One day in the real world could last a year in the virtual world), like that game in "Rick and Morty".
- Purchase link - (Oni)

We Got Changed into Kids!
- (dedicated AR) "3 Age Regression Tales". 2015 ebook.
One longer story and two shorter ones, 34 pages. A step-sibling regression, lengthy scenes of breastfeeding, a transgender regression and more. We spend the story with the transformed man and see how he's coping as a schoolgirl.
- "Farm Fed"
Sexy farmgirl Molly is sick of getting bossed around by her older stepbrothers. She uses a magic wishing ring to show the boys what it's like to be treated like a kid. With two hungry babies to care for, how will Molly feed them?
- "The Examination"
Doctor Sherry visits an elementary school to immunize the kids. One of the little girls insists she's really Mr. Lawrence the teacher!
- "Clumsy Clara"
Trophy wife Angie is going to have a few years taken off in one of those new rejuvenation clinics. Bratty and demanding, deep down Angie is terrified of the procedure. Who knows what might happen?
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym)

Werechild: The Man Who Became a Little Girl
- (dedicated TG AR/RNs) by Susan Donym, 2015. +22,000 words.
Veronica and Al are in love, but the men of his family are cursed: every night at sunset, Al turns into pretty little girl Alice. What will Veronica do, when she finds out the man of her dreams is also a girl young enough to be her daughter? A bizarre yet sweet fantasy romance that explores a relationship like no other. No matter how much Al wants to be a man, when the sun sets, Veronica stops being his babe and becomes his babysitter - Purchase link

Wrong Way Kids
- (dedicated AR info & stories) c'10. The monthly newsletter for AR enthusiasts at, with new writings and views from one and all - (Little Trip)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal