Aging Transformation Scenes

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L'enfant qui ne voulait pas grandir
- (age stasis, AP RN, UC) French. Paul Eluard, Jacqueline Duheme ills. Pocket jeunesse, 1998.
Caroline was a happy little girl until she learned the news about how adults treated each other. Vowing never to grow up, her head never crossed the line on the wall. Nobody understood how her height remained the same. The doctor examined her extensively, and her distraught mother measured her every month, but Caroline was happy to stay a little girl. She began to read a lot of novels, especially her favorite tale about the charming prince. One night she dreamed she was rescued, but he told her she was too small. The next morning she wanted to get dressed, but her clothes were too small. Caroline had grown! Her mother bought her new clothes and shoes and Caroline was happy with her new life.

L'enfant qui ne voulait pas grandir
- (APed) "...impossible to squeeze into her shoes, they had suddenly become two sizes too small. She managed to pull on her dress while ripping the seams, but she found it ridiculously short..." - 01

L'homme qui rajeunit
- (male AR) cover - (2BYA)

L'horloge des siecles
- (time reversal event, slow rejuv) by Albert Robida, French, 1901. "Clock of the Centuries".
Time suddenly begins to flow in reverse. The dead have reappeared, babies are no longer around, and everyone has to live their life backwards again - (Jeffr, SF-Enc.)

La fleche du temps
- (slow adult rejuv & AR) "The Arrow Of Time" Ann Lamontagne, 1994.
An old woman inexplicably starts aging back, one year younger each year - (Vended, 2BYA)

La Mia es Fa Gran
- (CoA, FF) Catalan, c2016. Puberty education book - toon art

La petite fille qui voulait grandir
- (age wish) She wanted to grow - cover

La Puberte
- (CoA) - cover

Lab Coat Girl
(male AR) Margie Palatini. Whenever Benjamin eats something, he turns into it. He eats some baby food and turns into a baby.

lady and the unicorn, The
- (female size increase) Rumer Godden, 1969. No further information could be extracted.
"She had grown so much while she was in bed that her mauve cotton frock barely reached to her knees. When Robert took her up in his arms she had to hold it down for decency. "Oh, I wish I could have some new dress," she moaned. "If I had any money," said Robert, "I should..."

Lake of Fire
(excellent AP scene, dream sequence) "Lake of Fire, A Fire in the Heart & Jupiter's Hills" David White novel, 2004. The books are experimental in nature, surreal, stream-of-consciousness and satirical. 4th grade teacher has a big surprise in the classroom.
Page 326: "...and were no longer eight or nine years old. They were both about fifteen or sixteen. They were bursting out of their clothes that were now too tight for them. One had a rip up the right side of her dress all the way from her hip to her underarm. She looked at me and blushed. She had a crush on me I could tell. The other one did too. I could see the line of her young breasts through a tear in the front of her dress (and both girls dresses rode much of the way up their thighs). I turned away, afraid to look at them. I started to blush at their blossoming beauty.
I fumbled at the blackboard to avoid eye contact and listened to the sound of what must have been a man on the roof going up and down, up and down over and over again in compulsive action, never stopping or slowing down. I'd have to go outside soon and investigate why this was happening.
It was unavoidable. I was going to have to turn and look at the girls again at some point, look at the girls and their bright and beaming faces full of love for me. I turned and was terribly startled and frightened. I could now see into them, into their flesh and see their internal organs, their bones.
I could also see into their wombs, see the bones of their feet in their thin undersized shoes...
It was at this time I decided I'd better do something so I stopped my lesson (I guessed I had been rambling on about something or other) and asked, "Would one of you girls put some more wood in the stove. I'm going outside to see what all that commotion is on the roof." They raced each other to the wood pile. They were both eight years old again and snug inside their dresses and shoes."

Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, The
- (FFed) 2012, Chris Colfer. Twins enter a fairytale world where some of the characters are now older.

Last Election, The
- (adult rejuv & oa'd) The Last Election - Pete Davies, 1986.
In the not-so-distant future, a rejuvenation drug was disseminated to 13 million OAP's (old age pensioners). It eventually caused premature aging - (Jeffr, SF-Enc.)

Last of the Wilds
(age changes) By Trudi Canavan, Age of the Five trilogy.
ch 15: She was in the process of changing her age. He could only see her face, but it showed subtle signs of change. Skin that had been fresh and firm with youth now hung slightly looser on her cheekbones. The faintest lines had formed around her eyes and mouth. Strands of hair had fallen out, forming a golden coating on the rough mattress she had made. He picked up a few strands. There were stripes of variation along the first hand span of its length. Successive dying, he guessed. Weaker each time. She said she had been an old woman before this. Her hair could have been white. It could have stayed that way, despite the rest of her body changing to a more youthful form, but from then on it grew in her natural color. She must have dyed the white, first with cheap pigment, then with better dye that the brothel provided.
p. 88: "Then why not be a child? No one would suspect a child of being a sorceress, and people would feel compelled to help you."
"The change wastes me. If I'd gone back so far I'd have been too weak to fend for myself. The city was full of desperate childeren."
"So you became young and beautiful. A fine way to avoid drawing attention to yourself."
She looked up at him and he saw her pupils enlarge with anger. "Are you suggesting I did it out of vanity?"

Laughing Gas
- (male AA mind transfer) P.G. Wodehouse, 1936.
Reginald, third Earl of Havershot, and golden-curled Joey Cooley, child film star and the Idol of American Motherhood, swap bodies while under sedation at the dentist. After a collision they switch back.

Law and Outlaw
- (UC scene, unseen FFed) Mrs. Alfred Sidgwick.
"Victor hardly knew her when he went to see her. She had grown much taller, her face had filled out.
Two long, slim, black legs beneath a skirt several inches too short danced beside him...
His ward was a credit to him- except as regards the shortness of her skirts, which he told her at once was scandalous.
"Nurse did let down the hem and put in a false one. She couldn't do more," said Peggy.
... "I have grown so fast that mine are too tight and too short for me."

Lazarus Cane
- (adult TF, age appearances) Jeremy Kline, 2011.
Scott Cane was part of an experiment that gave him shape-shifting abilities by sampling DNA. After he takes over the life of a young heiress, Cane changes shape multiple times to try to throw off his pursuers, and to chase a serial killer who was in the same experimental shape-shifting program - (Metamorphose)

Leaves of Flame
- (male age forms) Benjamin Tate, 2012.
Colin stood, leaning on his staff. He appeared older than when Aeren had seen him last, but Aeren knew he could change his age at will. He wondered why Colin had chosen age over youth in this instance...

Left Behind (series)
- (AA age replacements) 1990s. The Rapture "rejuvenates" older Christians when they receive Glorified bodies, while children and teenagers are brought up to the same age level as adult believers. At the end of the Millennium, even the longest-lived naturals (who at that point are all believers) are restored to the prime of adult youth.

Left Behind series
- (male adult OA) "Glorious Appearing", 2004. Nicolae Carpathia ages into a decrepit corpse of a man whenever Lucifer leaves his body.

Legend of the Teenage Sages, The
(AP AA, male AP AA) Jacob Cortez.
"Hey, I was thinking guys..." said Becca, "what if we had the power to make our costumes immediately appear on us but also make us look a few years older?"
"You can do that?" asked Mike, taken aback. "But why would we want to look older?"
"Well, some people out there might not take us seriously because we're younger. But, if we could seem to be more mature teenagers, around seventeen or eighteen, they couldn't dismiss us so easily."
"Would we be able to go back to our normal selves?" asked Toni concerned.
"Definitely," said Becca. "I mean it would be tough to explain at school why we all suddenly look so much older. Besides, I'm enjoying my young teenage years."
"What if our parents find out? How could we possibly explain when..."
p77: "So, not only are we sages, but mutants too, in a way," said Becca.
"Well," said Toni, "I want to see what my costume looks like."
"I almost forgot," said Becca. "Let me see the drawings, Jake." "Okay," she said with a smile, "not bad. I'm sure they'll look better once we're in them. Let's give it a shot!"
Becca lined them up across the room, giving each one an appraising look. She began to glow and then snapped her fingers at each of them in turn. The teens looked each other up and down with amazement as they began to morph slowly into older forms of themselves.
Jake studied the expressions on the others' faces. "I guess you like them then?"
"Oh yeah," the others all agreed enthusiastically.
Mike was now taller and more muscular than before, with a short black beard.
Mike's long dark hair hung down just past his muscular shoulders, allowing his tattoo and amber stone to still be visible.
Becca pushed him gently to one side so she could see herself, too.
She was also a lot taller, and her hair was longer and a brighter gold.
"Hmm...not too shabby" she said softly as she turned from side to side.
Toni was taller too, but not as tall as the others. Her baby fat had finally turned to sleek, strong muscle. She had darker, longer, hair and wore a long, royal blue silk hooded cloak.
Under the cloak, she wore a shiny black bodysuit of form-fitting leather.
....she pushed the others out of the way to twirl in front of the mirror...
"I said I would grow out of the awkward puppy stage! Too cool, Becca!"
Jake was now taller than ever, and had longer brown hair down to his shoulders. He was just as muscular as Mike and had a short beard in dark brown flecked with blond.
The rest of the teens beamed at Becca, and she blushed. They couldn't believe how different they looked.

Legends of the Prophecy: The Seventh Child
- (male AR fantasy curse, level 03 variant AA curse) by LaTrisha Jones, 2013.
...before everyone's eyes, the man began to shrink ... Not just shrink, he was growing younger. When Ira removed his hand, what was once a grown man was now a boy of about 9 or 10 years old ... "If you want to be an adult again, you will lead us out of here." The little boy soldier now had tears in his eyes, but he nodded in agreement.

Lemony Snicket series
- (FF AA) cast years fan art - (Trieste Sokaris)

Leopoldina's Dream
(possible AP, possible UC?) Silvina Ocampo, translated 1988. Fantasy and ghost stories. Access highly restricted. Snipet view found online, P 104:
"Some day, this little dress will no longer fit you:' she would continue; ...
When she got up she had grown four inches. She felt a great loss, as if ...

Let the Right One In
- cover
- (age stasis) "Lat den ratte komma in" John Ajvide Lindqvist, Sweden, 2007.
Also a 2008 movie, Tomas Alfredson, Sweden.
12 year old Oskar lives with his mother on a dreary housing estate at the city's edge. Young girl Eli moves in next door. She doesn't go to school, and never leaves the flat by day. A 200 year old vampire forever frozen in childhood, she is condemned to live on a diet of fresh blood. The vampire develops a deep friendship with the 12-year-old boy. A unique and brilliant fusion of social novel and vampire legend; and a deeply moving fable about rejection, friendship and loyalty.
Oskar: Are you really my age?
Eli: Yes, but I've been this age for a very long time.

Let There Be Darkness
- (past self vision) R.M. Veal, 2004.
A young Chris walked down his driveway. He thought it was good to be young again, except for the fact that his endowment had decreased. He pulled the waistband from his running shorts to check; yep, he was fourteen again...MacKenzie began to turn toward him with her head drooped down and her eyes looking upward, only to transform into a grown woman. The young Chris didn't recognize her as Valoria; she was long after his fourteen-year-old time. What the hell? She just turned into a grown woman...

Liar's Moon: A Long Story
(coming of age) Philip Kimball, 1999. A Marian Wood Book. Mythical tale of how the American West was won, featuring two children, Will and Sojourner, who fall off the back of wagon in 1859 and are raised by coyotes.

Life After Life
- (rebirthed life cycles) Kate Atkinson, 2013.
High-concept conceit-heroine Ursula Todd dies over and over, only to be reborn to try once more to get her life just right in the first half of the 20th century. A meditation on fate and free will. What life are you meant to lead? Happy, sad, in love or lost? And if you can change the world, should you?

Light of Other Days, The
- (male face close-up, reverse time-lapse video) Arthur C. Clarke, 2000.
"WormCams" harness the power of wormholes to see absolutely anyone or anything at any distance. As if that weren't enough, they figure out how to exploit a time-dilation effect, allowing them to use the holes to peer back in time. All religions are wrong.
"David wrapped his fingers around a small joystick control, and pressed it forward. Hiram's face smoothed out, growing younger ... He pressed at the joystick, and the rattle of days and nights resumed. The face grew girlish, its changing ..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (age stasis) M. John Harrison.
Seria Mau is a 12-13 y.o. girl who refused to grow up and has become mad as a result.
Seria Mau's physical age is around 30, but her mental age is still 13; the age when she was voluntarily imprisoned as a K-ship. She is shown to have tantrums, and not have the understanding one would expect of a sane, unbroken adult; her body is also unable to grow past the age she was when she merged with her ship.

Lily Tetue veut grandir trop vite
- (AP) Gagnon, Gauthier, c2010.
French children's book, ils.
- Lily has had enough of being little. She wants to skateboard, go to school, and wear fancy clothes like the big people. Grandma Zazou learns her secret and uses her special powers to make her grow up with a swoosh! Now Lily can live the day of her dreams. But wouldn't it have been better if she had stayed small? - Cover

Lin Carter (author)
unknown work?
- (AR?) 1973?
Unnamed reference entry on original 2bya archive:
- A group of men take certain people hostage and then discover a hidden valley? When they discover the pool of life a globe comes out of it and touches the female scientist? She is restored to innocence (read virginal) and her memories of her sexual abuse by her brother are removed? Other members of the group are touched? One is turned into an infant?
When the Green Star Calls
- (rejuvenation?) Lin Carter, 1973.
A failed experiment of immortality produced a compound known as "Elixir of Light". The Elixir lengthened the lives of male Kaloodha but sterilized them. Karn is invigorated and strengthened greatly by the Elixir, but cannot break the chains fastened to him.
Valley Where Time Stood Still, The
- (rejuv or AR?) Lin Carter, 1974.
Life on Mars began in the legendary valley of Ophar, land of eternal youth. The victimized Inga and hard-bitten dancer Zerild recover their innocence. The evil Chastar and abusive brother Karl are regressed into monsters. The protagonists leave the valley and go their separate ways, McCord paired with Inga and Thaklar with Zerild.
- (Time, JeffR_2bya)

Lindy: A Fantasy
- (age forms, time cycle) Jeremy Luke Hill.
...a much older woman ... There was much about the older woman that reminded her of Amena, and she was wearing the same clothes ... but she was easily old enough to be Amena's mother ... her smile was the same open smile ...
"I'm just a little older now, and I will be older still by the time you go sleep tonight ... It's just the way I am. Each day I grow older. From daughter, to mother, to grandmother, and each morning, at the very first hour, I become a girl again..."
"There was a beautiful girl standing at the door of the cottage. And that was you?"
"...I will be the same again .... when the last hour of night turns to the first hour of morning ... The way I've always been..."
...she could see a very young girl, young enough to be Amena's daughter...

line of age
- (FF) - how the growing up process is often represented in textbooks etc.
Outline/diagram stages

Little Girl Who Didn't Want To Grow Up, The
- (age stasis, AP spurts) Veronique Tadjo, 2010.
Traumatized girl decides to stop growing until she realizes she needs to catch up - page scans

Little Girl Who Loves Leggings, The
- (FF, slight UC) c'19, ills. extract

Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Big, The
- (AA size increased) Dave Engledow, 2018.
Photographic adventure. Her dad told her that she had to think big. So she "grew" taller than the tallest buildings and larger than the largest mountain. What's the biggest girl in the universe to do when she's "grown up" a little too fast? - Cover

Little Gods
- (FFed) Anna Richards. A biologically overgrown girl finds her place in the world through the chaos of the Second World War.

Little Miss Liberty
- (FF) c2011 - ills.

Little Princess, A
- (flash forward, UC) Frances Hodgson Burnett. "No one looked at Sara in these days. She had begun to grow very fast, and, as she was dressed only in such clothes as the plainer remnants of her wardrobe would supply, she knew she looked very queer, indeed. All her valuable garments had been disposed of, and such as had been left for her use she was expected to wear so long as she could put them on at all. Sometimes, when she passed a shop window with a mirror in it, she almost laughed outright on catching a glimpse of herself, and sometimes her face went red and she bit her lip and turned away."
- (UC) She grows thinner but her clothes become shorter, tighter, and shabbier. She is no longer recognizable as the little girl whom everyone called "Princess Sara".
- C7: "She looked instead a strange, desolate, almost grotesque little figure. She had put on, without Mariette's help, the cast-aside black-velvet frock. It was too short and tight, and her slender legs looked long and thin, showing themselves from beneath the brief skirt."
- C8: "Sara looked pale and unlike herself, and she was attired in the queer, outgrown frock whose shortness showed so much thin black leg."

Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy
- (accelerated development) Anne Rice 1990-94.
Rowan gives birth to fast-maturing vampire stud Lasher who rapes her immediately. She becomes comatose as her fully-grown Taltos daughter Emaleth is born. Mona delivers a new Taltos, Morrigan, a spitting image if taller version of her mother.

Locked in Time
(age stasis) 1986 Lois Duncan novel involves a young woman and her new youthful stepmother, Lisette, who seems to have no sense of time. Lisette and her family stay young because of a potion. Daughter Josie is miffed that her mother's eternal bargain means she will never age past 13, and can't have a boyfriend. She ends up with Nore and her father. Nore is delighted that Josie will be watching her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren even after she dies. (ARarchive)

Locked In Time
(age stasis) Lois Duncan, 1985. Josie has to live forever as a preteen. Characters must deal with the concepts of aging, death, eternal youth and everlasting life.

Lockwood & Co.: The Creeping Shadow
- (age stasis, minor rejuv or AR) Jonathan Stroud, 2016. Book 04, toward the end.
Series about a group of teenage ghost hunters. The skull ghost in a jar tells Lucy that Penelope Fittes is NOT the granddaughter of Marissa Fittes, but is really Marissa Fittes herself! Marissa looks even younger than decades ago. She might have found some way to reverse the aging process - (Jeffr_2bya)

Lona, A Fairy Tale
- (some FF & size reduction themes, blurry RN expansion?) by Dare Wright, 1963.
Evil wizard Druth enchanted Princess Lona as a baby. He placed her in an enchanted castle, to be raised by invisible servants. "Lona is mine until she grows old enough." An enchanted toad went to visit child Lona. He left every year to seek magic to defeat Druth. She did not fear him, but grew tall and lovely.
Lona must set out to find a magic shell. In fright, she fled back to her room. Like a child, she scrambled into her nightgown, got into bed, and pulled the covers over her head. Druth spent his spell toward her! She shrank until she was no bigger than a doll. Now her clothes were too large for her to even wear. "Why, I can make a dress out of my handkerchief!"
An enchanted hand arose from the sand, offering the shell that delivered Murlain's freedom. The people of Murlain awoke, but Lona continued to wander for 3 years. Her clothing grew thin as spiders web, and her feet as tough as a peasant girl's.
A crown descended from the swirling mists. Suddenly, Lona felt herself growing taller! Then she was back in her bedroom. Everything was just as she left it, except for three years of dust. The toad faded away, leaving the prince in his place.
- The woman photographed as the adult/human Lona is Dare Wright (the author) herself - Book illustration photos

Lonely Book, The
- (FF) Kate Bernheimer, illustrated, 2012.
A delightful story about the life-cycle of books and the attachments that kids make to the books they love.
It ends up in the library's basement, dreaming of the little girl who loved it so well. The girl grows up never quite forgetting the book she loved. They reunite at the book sale and the happily ever after begins.

Looking Glass: A Novel, The
- (UC scene) Michèle Roberts, 2002.
"You're positively bursting out of that dress. - You should have noticed before, her husband told her: you should get her something more decent." - text scan.

Lord of the Rings series
- (male old age stasis) Bilbo started to feel the effects of The One Ring in The Fellowship of the Ring, describing it as feeling like too little butter spread over too much bread. After he gave up the ring, his 111 years really caught up with him. It is explained that the Ring cannot grant new life, but simply stretches what's left over, slowly warping the bearer into a shade of what he was.

Lord of the Rushie River, The
- (preteen to somewhat older preteen FFed) Cicely Mary Barker, 1938.
The "Lord" is a swan that a sailor's young daughter used to feed. The swan rescues her from the town where she was taken, and carries her back to the river. As she grows taller, it is mentioned that her dress became unsuitable rags. At the end, the father returned. One of those books that is happy but makes you want to cry - Illustrations
- Original Wish List request:
For years I have been trying to find the name of a children's story involving a teen girl with a crush on a sailor. She says good-bye wearing a pretty yellow dress. He promises to come back someday, and asks her to be wearing that yellow dress when he returns. Every day she goes to the harbor wearing her yellow dress, but he does not come. Then many years later, when her dress is washed thin and no longer fits (because she is now a young woman) her sailor arrives at last.

Lord Of Time, The
(AP CBed, OA) Stephen J. Wolf, self published. Chapter 13: Plant Seeds
"Then I felt so strange. I turned around to look at Father for help, and did so without losing my balance. He seemed impressed, because he immediately rose to his feet. And I noticed, he wasn't as tall as he used to be. Then his stomach started to sag and his eyes turned away from me. My hands kept getting bigger and bigger, but the clothes were getting smaller and smaller." He rubbed his upper thighs. "Luckily the clothes Mother gave me had some room in them. I grew so fast, and they split in the back and on the sides, but they somehow still wrapped around my waist. And when I noticed that I was cold, I heard my father gasp. I went to him, and he was holding a very old woman, who was my mother, though I didn't know until later when Taniata said so.
"So, I got up and stood near my father, and he looked at me as if he knew me, but didn't know me. He didn't say my name until after Taniata and Felotod came down the stairs. I guess the three of us in the same room jarred his memory." He shrugged. "I looked at Taniata when she came down, and she was wrapped up in a sheet. I understood why -- she grew out of her clothes like I did. For the same reason, Felotod had grabbed a towel. Taniata looked even more beautiful than ever, but I couldn't stare at her. After all, she's my sister, and besides, Mother and Father weren't well."

Los Zapatos De Munia
- (slight FFed, some UC, CoA) by Asun Balzola, 1983 - Transl.: "Munia and the Red Shoes", 1984.
Although she followed her mother's advice and avoided jumping into puddles, Munia's shoes seem to be shrinking. Transparent watercolors of Munia extend across the pages. The reader is obliged to imagine which are the features of this girl who grows unstoppably whilst her teeth fall out, her shoes become too small, and she learns to say sorry to be accepted.

Lost Boy Lost Girl
(ghost APed) Peter Straub novel. Lily/Lucy appeared before Mark's mother as a seething spirit in the form of a little girl, then she transforms herself into the most beautiful 19 year old in the eyes of Mark. The beautiful ghost seduces a young teenager into leaving his world behind and entering hers.

Lost Children, The
- (male AR, age stasis) The Lost Children - Carolyn Cohagan, 2010.
12 y.o. Josephine is lonely until she meets Fargus in her garden shed. Josephine is magically transported to the Higgins Institute. A time-slip fantasy in a world where childhood is threatened yet infinitely prolonged to satisfy hunger for domination.
"The Master's hair turned black once more, the wrinkles disappeared, his body grew smaller, and he quickly became the boy they had all known. But it didn't stop there. He was an eight-year-old boy, then seven, then six.
"Make it stop Seaworthy! I order you to help me!"
Then he became an innocent toddler, sucking his thumb, and then, finally, he became a small baby, curled into a ball, playing with his feet.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Lost Children, The
- (male OA, male AR, age stasis) Carolyn Cohagan.
12 y.o. Josephine is magically transported to a world in which childhood is threatened yet infinitely prolonged - (Jeffr_2bya)

lost kids stories
- (accelerated mental coming of age)
Genre in which all the adults suddenly disappear, leaving the children to fend for themselves.
Lord of the Flies
- (male) William Golding island dystopia.
- (CoA) Michael Grant. Everyone over 14 in the town of Perdido Beach vanishes suddenly, causing almost immediate chaos. Some of the kids may be developing mutant powers. What if Sam vanishes on his 14th birthday?
Girl Who Owned A City, The
- (CoA, FF) O. T. Nelson, 1975. A deadly virus has killed off everyone over the age of 12. Lisa moves the "child-families" and the entire contents of the warehouse into the local high school, transforming it into a fortress-city.

Lottery of Life II - Boulder King
- (AP, RN) A. Pen.
...he couldn't even change himself into an adult, he had already used up both his chances, and the third would have changed him into a man permanently. Turning into a man for good, at the age of twelve, was a prospect that did not appeal to him greatly.
Even if Theo now reached for his sword to put up some defense, he would still need the extra power of the charm to turn him into an adult if he wanted to halt Tuo-Loo-Loo's surprise assault.
... worst still his charm had slipped off his neck... Once again transformed back into a six-year old, he found himself locked in the grip...
"You know that we are as adults with a slip of this charm, and our chances are as good as any grown-up, I can not wait, this is something I must do," said Kay more determined than ever.
...perhaps if she changed herself into an adult it might alter her fear factor, could it open up safer avenues which were closed to her as a child?
There was no better time than now to try out her theory. All she had to do was slip the charm over her head, and she would know. She reached into her pocket and scooped up the charm, she felt an instant tingling sensation, sparking excitement that spread rapidly through her body. The prospect of changing into an adult created the greatest thrill, the knowledge that she could rewind at any moment and reclaim her child status...
She gently lifted the charm up over her head, in her mind's eye she could see an aura of her adult self emerge, like a silent apparition waiting to come to life. Her eyes flickered with muted anticipation in a semi-closed state.
Just before she released the deluge of excitement over her, it suddenly all evaporated ... she spotted Wroth as he approached.
"There you are," said Wroth, relieved he had found his young charge.
Kay scrunched the charm back into her pocket, she had wanted the help and wisdom of an adult, and it had produced one out of thin air.
How she had grown! Kay, who had been determined...
...without a second thought slide it over her head and drop around her neck. Her instant transformation was both physical and mental; her adult thoughts governed her every move, ready and controlled, focused on a combat to win.
"Kay let's go, don't fight her," Theo urged his grown-up and confident sister. If there was any female ready to take on the serpent queen, ...
It was that young pretender wearing her grown-up disguise...
...these two opponents seemed so easy to flick away, yet fighting the fully grown child was the uphill struggle ... Kay had never felt more invincible, she wore the charm, ...
Kay removed the charm from around her neck and found herself shrinking down to normal size. Her adult form disappeared like a faded memory, and once again she was the young sister everyone knew.

Love and other games of chance
- (AR) Lee Siegel, 2003.
Swindler, performer, and entertainer, he travels the world: from childhood appearances in turn-of-the-century sideshows to his attempt to be first on top of Mount Everest - all in one exceptionally tall tale.
... she sneaks drinks behind his back, guzzling so much of the rejuvenating waters that, instead of merely remaining youthful, she actually becomes younger and younger until she was young enough to be played by Shirley Temple. The diminutive star wears a petite nun's habit in her song and tap dance number "You're Only as Old as You Think You Are" The cute little bride of Christ continues to tipple so voraciously from the Fountain of Youth that she turns into a baby. Crawling up onto the edge of the fountain to slake her thirst, the infant nun falls in and disappears.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Love and the incredibly old man: a novel
- (male adult age stasis) Lee Siegel.
71: "the very old man didn't look a day older than...20 years earlier in Sevilla."
132: Having been in my fifties for a couple hundred years made me quite...
211: I realized I was actually drinking the waters from the Fountain of Life in the Garden of Eden and that I would cease to grow any older...
215: ...there will be a painting of an older man, then another older still, 7 men in all, delineating, and I hope capturing, the changes...
223: I must look a little older now. The waters don't stop you from aging, they merely slow... You become older at the same rate a redwood tree does.

Love and the incredibly old man: a novel
- (OA) Lee Siegel, 2008.
P189: I was made more acutely aware of the fact that the woman whose legs were wrapped around me was getting older by the second, second after second, closer and closer to death. Chronos devours his children. "Before I had this watch..."

Love in the Time of Cholera
(doll growth CB) Gabriel Garcia Marquez. p 125: "This conviction became even more bitter after the fear caused by the black doll that was sent to her without any letter ... it was dressed in an exquisite gown, its hair rippled with gold threads and it closed its eyes when it was laid down. It seemed so charming to Fermina Daza that she overcame her scruples and laid it on her pillow during the day and grew accustomed to sleeping with it at night. After a time, however, she discovered when she awoke from an exhausting dream that the doll was growing: the original exquisite dress she had arrived in was up above her thighs, and her shoes had burst from the pressure of her feet. Fermina Daza had heard of African spells, but none as frightening as this."

Love Letters to God
- (UC glimpse) Victoria Teran, 2004.
...not noticed how much they've grown until I tried to get the baby dressed ... purple cover alls. She was adorable until she bent or turned a certain way. Then, lo and behold, she began to pop out everywhere. Much to my surprise, she had grown right out of her clothes; arms and legs shooting out everywhere.

Love You Forever
(male AP) Story by Robert Munsch, Illustrations by Sheila McGraw. Story about a boy growing up and a mother who doesn't want him to. Every page the boy grows up more. The pictures show you how the mother feels and how that little boy suddenly becomes a grown man.

Lovely Bones, The
(ghost mind transfer AP) 2002

Luke and Angela
- (UC scene) Christine Neostlinger, 1981.
"Now the grand lilac dress is two years old, and I hadn't worn it since last autumn. "Darling, you've grown bigger," sighed my mother. "Pull your tummy in, or I'll never get..."
"I had certainly grown taller. The waist of my dress was somewhere near my breasts now, and since a normally shaped person goes outward from her waist upward, the dress simply would not do up. And the shoulders were..."

Lullaby of Polish Girls, The
- (CoA FF) Dagmara Dominczyk, 2013. It follows 3 friends from girlhood to adulthood.

Lulu's Lovely Dress That's Too Small
- (slight UC) 2010 Gretchen Pyne children's book.
Inspired by a real life event. Young Lulu has outgrown her "most favoritest dress," but insists on wearing it to school. "I grabbed a pair of shorts ... and let her wear them under the dress." The teachers giggled when Lulu came into school - as it was picture day! The story ends with Lulu agreeing to give the dress away for some other little girl to wear - cover

Lurchis Abenteuer
- (anthro reptile ARed) #165 "Der Jungbrunnen" 2021/03.
German children's books illustrated with comic panels about an anthro salamander and his adventures. Lurchi's elderly aunt Elfriede is unhappy about age-related wrinkles. The friends learn from Professor Badger about a fountain of youth on a distant island. The right dosage turns out to be difficult. You see her at the fountain with the shocked group as a baby barely out of her egg crying. Elfriede finally has to admit there are disadvantages to being young again - Info link - (Tazz)

Lydia Thrippe!: A critic's diary followed by the Lydiad
(age stasis) Daniel Sloate, 1999. "Lolly, or Ars Celare Artem".
"Lolly was a mechanical doll,... Her mother, to distinguish doll from girl, .... had their dresses made so their asses always showed.
Over the years mother grew nervous however and took to chewing sideways on her hair bun since her daughter stubbornly refused to grow any older than her doll, whose age for all eternity was ten.
Lolly-girl made people nervous for sundry reasons: her white hair betrayed her real age (in her late fifties); her cheeks were as pink as a ten year old's; her dresses were terribly out of fashion and too snug; her ass showed quaintly whenever she left the room.
...since Lolly-girl was too feeble to protest (she was in her early nineties by then), they buried Lolly-doll in the..."

Lyonesse: Suldrun's Garden
(male flash forward AP, male magician age stasis) By Jack Vance. Young prince is rescued by Suldrun, who becomes pregnant. Her baby is raised by fairies and grows up at an accelerated rate. Aillas attempts to track down his son, who is now 12 years old. The boy's innocence leaves him vulnerable.

- (FF, coming of age) Bret Harte, 1868. After the passing of several years, wild, unkempt tomboy orphan M'liss of the Sierra Nevada mountains has matured and transformed into an educated young woman who marries the schoolmaster.

Ma Anandamayi
(sudden height increase) 1946. "She seemed to have suddenly grown much taller than she actually is and I was puzzled. A few days later Mother explained it thus - "When Kriyas or Yogic exercises take place in the body, then it undergoes much change ; it may become taller. ..."

Mabel Tarner: An American Primitive
(coming of age) Harry Kemp, 1936, p. 144 "To her wonder, surprise, and pleasure, her breasts were developing. She drew her dress tight, first, over her breasts to admire their contours, ... She stopped, stock-still, discovering herself a-new. She grew ... through her, that sent her heart thumping up and sucking down. Coming out of her self-absorption, she had scarcely time to press her breast back;"

Maddie Wants New Clothes
(UC FFed) cover

Magic by the Lake
- (AA APed) - art

Magic by the Lake
(AP) 1957 children's book. The protagonists are 4 siblings. 2 of the sisters wish themselves into teenagers and go on a double date, and their brother and sister have to chase them down and undo the wish before the date goes too far.
'I mean to be popular too', said Jane with decision.
'To fraternity house parties,' said Katharine, not sure just what these were, but thinking they sounded dashing.
'And midnight canoe rides,' said Jane.
'I wish we were sixteen right now, don't you?' said Katharine, trailing one foot in the water.
'Yes', said Jane, trailing one of hers, 'I do.'
Immediately they were.
Mark felt the change coming just before it happened, and started to cry out, but what could he say? All he could do was watch, horrified, as his sisters' figures lengthened in the middle, and their scratched legs grew slim and elegant, and their faces changed from tan and freckled to pink-and-white and powdered and uppity.
'I don't like it! Tell it to stop!' cried Martha, gazing at her expanding sisters in dismay.
'It's that magic,' said Mark. 'We said not every day, but nobody said anything about the night-times!'
Of course, if the magic had chosen to be really mean, it could have made Jane and Katharine grow up, still in their short smocked frocks and circle-combs, and they might have looked like little girls, only stretched, the way Alice did after she ate the cake that said, 'Eat me'.
But it took pity on their faltering youth and provided suitable dance dresses, one pink and one turquoise. And their straight un-sixteenish hair curled rapidly into a fashionable frizz, cut in the new shingle bob.
'Eek!' said the vision in pink (who seemed to be Katharine), pulling her foot quickly up out of the lake.
'What nasty cold water!"
'Paddling with the little ones, how quaint,' said the altered Jane.
And the two smartly-dressed flappers hurried to pull on the silk hose and satin slippers the magic had thoughtfully left in place of their cast-off socks and scuffed oxfords.
'Run along children,' said the Jane one. 'Go tell your mother she wants you.' And she and the Katharine one turned towards the dance floor.
Mark grabbed Martha's hand, and they hurried after them anxiously.
...'Hello, darlings, having fun?' said their mother, not noticing a thing of course.
But two white-flannelled young men seemed to notice Jane and Katharine quite a lot (which proved that they were perhaps not quite such grown-up young men as they thought they were).
'I say, Topsfield,' said the blond one affectedly, 'What say to a spin on the floor with yon fair damsels?'.
'Some keen chickens,' said the dark one, smoothing his hair.
'Did you hear that?' whispered Jane to Katharine.
'How about a bit of the giddy whirl?' said the dark one to Jane.
...What if they eloped, and then Jane turned back into a little girl again, right at the altar?
-- p59-71 not previewable --

Magic Goes Away, The
(adult age stasis) All mages use youth spells to extend their lifespans. However, female mages choose the lowest physical ages.

Magic: The Gathering novels
(FF acceleration) Pre-reviz novel, The Whispering Woods Trilogy, Clayton Emery.
Initiate druid Greensleeves was spirited away in her late teens by an archdruid for a crash course in advanced magic. Her brother finds her a few weeks later, and sees she has grown taller, from a skinny youth to a woman with curves in all the right places. She may even be older than her brother, who's in his early twenties, and she has lost her stutter. The implication is that her mentor compressed time for her, so she could learn what she needed to know.

Magic: The Gathering
- (adult age stasis) Jhoira was exposed to timewarped water that dramatically extended her lifespan after a horrible accident at Urza's Academy. By the events of the Time Spiral storyline, she is over 1000 years old, but looks only 19.
- MtG also has a literal Fountain of Youth card.

Magic: The Gathering
- (APed) covers only.

Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl, The
(mind transfer) Virginia Hamilton 1986. A legendary god-child travels to America 'within' Pearl. Once there, when Pearl needs the wisdom and experience of her 'future' adult form, Mother Pearl emerges (a future self-within-a-self adult role) to serve as both personal and communal Great Mother. Then Pearl has a parental form to fill her with stories, and she is able to assume her own future role as griot.

Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The
- (OA) Michael Scott, 2008.
Nicholas and his wife are rapidly aging after losing the book containing the recipe for the elixir of life. They can't rebrew it using the same process as last time because it changes every month, and old recipes cause them to age faster. It is standard punishment for an immortal who displeases their master Elder to have their immortality removed and quickly age into dust.
- The alternate universe version of Nicholas Flamel only has a limited supply of the elixir remaining. Just enough, Dumbledore says, to put his affairs in order and finish up last-minute business before he and his wife pass on.

Magician's Tale, The
- (coming of age) David Hunt. "...a point where the gender difference became too pronounced to be ignored. Timmy's voice began to change and he started shooting up, while Ariane's hips began to widen and breasts began to bud."

Magicians, The
- (AA APed or OA'd?) "The Magicians" fantasy trilogy? Lev Grossman, 2009?
In the Tv series they were cast as fully grown adults from the start, so NO AP.
- (The Watcherwoman?) Fictional books "The Wandering Dune"? "The Secret Sea"? At age 13, Jane Chatwin returns to Fillory? After destroying the time traveling stopwatch, she rapidly ages? Posing as a paramedic, she... - (Jeffr_2bya)

Magnificent Folly
- (BE slight UCed glimpse) Iris Johansen, 2010.
P67: His words were a heady aphrodisiac. She could feel the cotton of her shirt tauten as her breasts swelled. "Just once," he said coaxingly.

Maisie Dobbs (series)
- (CoA FF) Jacqueline Winspear, 2003. Maisie becomes a maid in 1910 at age 14. It is best to read these in order as she goes from a teen to a woman.

Malaf Al Mostakbal
(AP) Egypt. SF novel series by Nabil Farouk, Modern Arab Association. AKA "The Future File". Nour and Salwa get married in #13 "Lost Time". Their daughter, Nashwa, becomes the team's computer expert after her growth is artificially accelerated to adulthood as part of an alien weapons test in #63 "The Inflamed Ocean". She marries Ramzy in book 101.

Man Who Folded Himself, The
- (male adult age forms?) David Gerrold, 1973.
A man finds a time belt that allows him to travel in time; he can go to any time, and use the belt to make copies of himself.
- (Brat) ln - th

Man Who Folded Himself, The
- (male time travel age forms) David Gerrold, 1973.
The protagonist has orgies with himself at different ages, has a family with himself as a female, and finally gives himself (as the son, as he's his own father) the time travel device.

Man Who Grew Young, The
- (reverse lifespans) Daniel Quinn, 2001 graphic novel.
Adam lives an ordinary life in an ordinary world, where the sun just happens to rise in the west, and people begin their lives when they are taken from their graves and end them 'uniting' with their mother. But unlike everyone else, Adam doesn't seem to have a mother...
- (TBTC) ln - th

Man Who Lived Backward, The
- (male reverse lifetime) Malcolm Ross, 1950. This purports to be the diary of Mark Selby, who was born in 1940 and lived backwards to die in 1865 - (SF Encyclopedia, JeffR_2bya)

- (male AR) Lin Carter, 1987.
Man is reverted into a baby - (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys
- (cover kinda looks like male ARed) Kay Hymowitz, 2011 non-fiction - unmanned

Marvelous Adventures of P Baptiste, The
- (growth phantasm) 1999 "The Trouble I Took To Wife".
And with no warning at all, a STORM broke sudden...
Verite, maimed and reviled, ... arms raised to the sky. She and she grew taller, till she and she were taller than the tallest palmettos, ... tall as a storm head. Her and her best clothes fell away in rags ... her body gleamed in the rain, the scars of her previous master's torture glistening in light cracks...

Marvelous Effect, The
- (adult stasis & OA) by Troy CLE, 2007 juvenile.
... the crazy events in town, her sudden aging, ... his mother saw the situation as it truly was, and she was in his corner. He looked over at his mom. Her previous aging had begun to melt away. She was now the same mom that he had always known ... If he stayed close, she would always be young.

Mary Janice Davidson
(TF) Author of YA book about 13 year old girl who can morph into dragon.

Mary Margaret's Tree
- (preteen TF dream sequence) Blair Drawson, 1996. Mary Margaret plants a tree in her garden, and, wonder of wonders, it immediately starts to grow. In a matter of minutes, it has become a magnificent towering tree. Mary Margaret climbs up to the top and watches the seasons unfold. Cuddling up with some hibernating animals, she sleeps the winter away. She wakens to find that her feet have grown roots and her fingers are sending out green shoots. Soon Mary Margaret, herself, has transformed into a full-grown tree.

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation) Mikhail Bulgakov, USSR c1940.
36 y.o. Margarita applies a magical lotion from the devil. Her whole body grows firmer and more youthful, and she flies away on broomstick. Very many adaptations were made in other media.

Matière de rêves
(growth CBed dream sequence) Michel Butor, 1975. Extremely rare type of growth glimpse. The dreams recounted in these volumes are of continual metamorphosis and transmutation. He participates in a process of expansion and generation by enjoying sexual relations with well-known fictional characters and engendering their daughters.
"I'm growing; my double body surrounds these legs; soon that gives me two legs also, and the rings of my body around her chest divide into two arms which grow two hands which feel her. Her clothes burst. We grow. The chapel bursts; we discard its debris like the shells of an oyster."

Maxis Blake
- ("ageshifter") unwritten book, Scratchthatguys, 2010. 6 y.o. Angelina "can change age at will". Her attitude changes with the age.

Me ... Jane
- (FFed) Patrick McDonnell, 2011.
In a magical sequence, Jane goes to bed, says her prayers, and dreams of being in Africa working with animals. And then one day she wakes as an adult, and all her dreams have come true.

Mediochre Q Seth Series
- (male age stasis) Calum P Cameron, self-published novels, c2012. The titular character is unable to mature past 15 due to an accident involving dragon's blood.

- (hair growth, growth) E. Nesbit, 1989. Cursed by an evil fairy at her christening, Princess Melisande grows up bald but finds herself facing another set of problems when her wish for golden hair is fulfilled. "I wish I had golden hair a yard long, and that it would grow an inch every day, and grow twice as fast every time it was cut..." You can imagine what happens next. According to the formula, they promise the Princess's hand in marriage to the Prince who can solve this problem.
- (AA) One unfortunate attempt leaves her "growing" into a giant a la Alice in Wonderland - cover

Memories of my Melancholy Whores
(slight flash forward, coming of age) Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel 2005. 90 y.o. protagonist watches young prostitute develop in her sleep over months. "Her newborn breasts still seemed like a boy's, but they appeared full to bursting with a secret energy that was ready to explode."

Memory Palace, The
- (male adult rejuv) Gill Alderman, 1996.
The man Archmage looks old but a vigour belies his greying beard and bent back. He grows younger and stronger as he opens the door into the Memory Palace.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Meq, The
- (age stasis) "The Meq", Steve Cash, 2005.
The orphan Zianno searches the world for his true heritage. The Meq stay 12 years old until they meet their soul mates, and can elect to commence normal aging and live out their allotted life spans as normal humans.

Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson Series, The
- (TF) Patricia Briggs urban fantasy novels, since 2006.
The adventures of a Native American shapeshifter. Mercy is a mechanic and a "walker" who transforms into a coyote. Described as a beautiful and exotic mix of Native and European American, she bought her auto repair shop from Zee, a member of the fae who is glamoured to appear as an old man.
Clothing is not retained during shifting, and for werewolves, who become larger when they shift, it is torn. Werewolves and other shapeshifters will therefore discard their clothing prior to shifting if there is time to do so. As a side effect, shapeshifters (and those who live with them) tend to be comfortable with casual nudity.

Mesaventures de Grosspafine, Les
- cover
- (male AP CB scene) "La confiture de reves" Marie Christine Bernard, France. On p. 123 a little boy suddenly discovers that he has magically turned into a grown man.
Traduction: "Suddenly, taken by a strange feeling, he looked at his hands. But... but... there was hair on the back of the hands! And... the hands had grown large! There were the hands... the hands of... the hands of a man! He lowered his head to examine the rest of his body. His clothes had become too small. Hairy legs exceeded out the bottom of his trousers, long toes pierced through the end of his sneakers, his belly winked at him from between his shirt (of which the buttons had popped out) and his pants."

- (male old age, male adult age stasis) Keith Ferrario.
"You are finished Kahir."
The children continued their new chant. "I hate you,"...
Kahir grew older and older by the second. This was his true form. Kahir had stolen the life from children...a parasite - a leech.
...they all watched their former leader transform into a man of unknown age. His hair grayed, withered, and dissolved. His flesh dried and pulled back on his skull. His lips cracked and split, revealing rotting teeth. A skeleton-like hand raised and lunged out in a final desperate act to reach the closest child.

Meta-Morphing: Visual Transformation & the Culture of Quick-Change
(TF) Vivian Sobchack, 2000 social science book about morphing. P 89: "In addition to this, Starman (1984) featured a sequence in which the alien starman metamorphoses from an infant to a full-grown adult in a matter of seconds."

Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, The
(AR) Roger Williams online novel. Lawrence and Caroline survive crash and are rejuvenated.

Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon
- (AR glimpsed?) - John Haines.
- p106: He turned to Juliette and said "Well, Sis, do you want to tell him, or shall I?"
"Don't be mean, Vincent, just tell him!" All of a sudden, she de-aged by about seven years, giggled, and clapped her hands in childish anticipation of Mike's reaction.

Mikey Turns Three
- (age stasis) Merete Kruuse, 1983. Doctors give children pills that stop them from growing at age 2 or 3 - (Brat)

Mind-Warp Era, The
- (TF changes, BE) W.C. Leadbeater, 2003.
"Could you give me big tits like I've always wanted? Turn me into a ravishing beauty?"
Green sparks caressed her frame as I modulated the genes for breast size.
Suddenly her entire body changed slightly: it was impossible to affect one system without changing the whole. The tall woman was a couple inches shorter; her long face was rounder and her breasts were spherical as they strained at the seams of her green shirt.
All at once she threw off her shirt. The bare breasts of the tall woman dangled just inches away.
...Somehow, the teenager I'd just met had become much older; I perceived that time to her was fluid and that she was old to Sisyphus while young to me, could be any age for anyone.
...I devolved from the Slime-thing into a small child.
...The child grew, became a woman...
...I realized that I was slowly growing breasts...
My bosom budded up faster and faster. The nipples contained violence: They thrust up against my red shirt, stretching the fabric. I knew that in another minute the cloth was going to rend, tear. I tore my gaze away from the silver-glass and it actually did rip.
I sat helplessly, tatters of ruby cloth about my shoulders.
She pulled back, puzzled, clutching at the tattered shirt...She tenderly plucked away the ripped apparel.

Mine-Haha oder Uber die korperliche Erziehung der jungen Madchen
- (CoA, FFed) Frank Wedekind novella, 1903.
"Mine-Haha, or on the bodily education of young girls" - 7 y.o. Hidalla is placed in a coffin and transferred to a location hermetically sealed by high walls, where she spends the next 7 years. The older girls supervise the younger ones, the aim being to learn to "think with the hips". The girls must perform "pantomimes" of an adult nature they do not understand. With the onset of menstruation Hidalla and her peers are required to take an underground train to the outside world where they are united with boys of their own age.
- Mine-Haha was the basis for the films Innocence (2004) by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, and The Fine Art of Love (2005) by John Irvin.

Mirror, Mirror
- (APed, CBed?) Gregory Maguire, 2003.
The book mostly sidestepped the question of how her clothes were affected by the growth.
- Snow White rewrite mixing in the historical Borgia family of the 1500s. Bianca de Nevada's idyllic lifestyle is turned on its head as a year goes by. Lucrezia becomes jealous of Bianca, who is still a child, and hires the huntsman to kill her. The huntsman is infatuated with Bianca who is only about 10, and he leaves her in the forest where the stone dwarves take her in. She slips into a coma for about 5 years and wakes up as an adult woman who suffers through immediate menstruation. Lucrezia keeps tabs on her through a magic mirror and finally gets Bianca to die. She stays like that for another 5 to 10 years until the huntsman shows up confessing his love for Bianca. He's probably 30 years her senior and was living as a monk to repent for not killing her. Then Lucrezia's son shows up and wants to kiss her awake.
- Extracts:
...we were ready to notice the girl who fell, faint from hunger and cold, at our threshold.
We took her in.
Her lower trunk was clad in a skirt the color of dried moss, and her torso in a tunic of meadowlark brown.
We had nothing better to do but sit and keep watch over her until she had finished her rest. It was likely that she slept three, perhaps four years, before she stirred.
She breathed in and out several times, and sat up.
Her hair had become longer as she slept, and as she blinked her eyes she caught her hair in the crook of her arm and shielded her bosom with it. (Her tunic had fallen away into separate threads and couldn't behave as a tunic any longer.)
She sat amidst us, more or less naked as a human baby...
Her clothes had fallen and rotted off her, nothing less than that - and she was naked beneath the slightly clammy sheet.
How peculiar to be naked, she with her lifelong shyness about her form.
...pushed her hair back from her forehead-the hair that fell now almost to her waist...
She stood again, height being all she had against them.
...her fingernails had gone long and witchlike...
Her toenails curled like tusks, and nestled into one another like the overlapping segments of a flattish, chambered shell.
Her breasts, though modestly sheathed in their gown of bedding, moved of their own new weight, and brushed against the cloth bib.
The tender tips of her breasts blistered with a curious sort of pain, and she shook from her elbow to her spine. The convulsion drew the cloth against her breasts again. She exhaled with a spasm of her cheeks and tongue, releasing a wordless sound of surprise.
"I've become a mature person. But I only remember falling in the forest."
I am older-my arms feel like paddles, my breasts turn at their own speed, my legs are monstrously long. Look at these nails. It'll take days to file them down.
"You've been here long enough to grow, I suppose..."
She'd been what, six, seven when he left? And now she must be seventeen.
And here she was, older and mature, but now as good as dead.

- APed covers
- (AP) - covers - covers

(possible dream sequence APed, AR) Maasi J. Smith novel. Homeless woman becomes entangled between dimensions. Melissa Shelton is enticed by the gifts from the netherworld, as she becomes the unwilling participant in a plot by lost souls. Quotes: "Jackie's energy drains from her body. She pants and hyperventilates as her chest tightens. Grasping her mouth, she makes a desperate attempt to conserve energy, fighting to maintain strength. Her small size allows her to squeeze between branches that would prove impassable in her adult form. Spitting out the thick blood and cracked teeth, she rises and continues to run. The farther away from the carnival grounds she gets, she feels her adult strength returning. Her shredded clothing drapes along side as the strands sway with her every movement.

Misenchanted Sword, The
- (male old age stasis) Lawrence Watt-Evans, Ethshar novel, 1985.
The protagonist comes into possession of an over-enchanted sword which ensures he will not die until he has slain 100 men; however, it offers no protection against disfigurement, maiming, or aging. 50 years later as he begins to suffer from cataracts, he realizes the last thing he wants is to endure an eternity in an aging, blind body. To avoid this fate, he goes adventuring to finish up his kill count, which is harder than he'd like due to his age.

Miss Mabel's Magical Magnolia Tree
- (adult rejuvenation to baby) Christopher Setterlund.
"In her mind, Miss Mabel figured that her body was back to around age forty-five, it had been about forty years since ... First off though, she wanted to pay her skeptical friend, Hazel, a visit to show her what had happened overnight. ..."

Miss Mabel's Magical Magnolia Tree
- (male/female adults rejuvenation, one male or female adult to baby AR scene) Christopher Setterlund, 2010.
What if the Fountain of Youth existed in your backyard? The blessing and curse discovered by 85 y.o. Mabel. It flows beneath her majestic magnolia tree, filling all its flowers with the magic elixir of life. After making a batch of a sweet tea, Miss Mabel turns back into a vibrant 25 y.o. She shares the gift with best friends Hazel and Gertrude and they suggest she sell the sweet tea to other oldsters. Miss Mabel rakes in more money than she could have ever imagined. But, what happens when her love of money overtakes the reality that the magnolia tree only has so many flowers?
- (JeffR_2bya) ln - th

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
- (kinda like age stasis effect, time anomaly?) Ransom Riggs, 2011. Welsh orphanage with superpowered children supposed to have been killed decades ago.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
- (undepicted AP) The children live inside a time loop - (JeffR_2bya info)
"... a young girl under my own care ...
Charlotte managed to evade the older children minding her and wander out of the loop ... in 1985 or 1986 ... she was discovered by a constable. When she couldn't explain who she was or where she'd come from ... the poor girl was shipped off to a child welfare agency on the mainland. It was two days before I could reach her, and by that time she'd aged thirty-five years.
"I think I've seen her picture," I said. "A grown woman in little girl's [style] clothes." [NOTE: It was taken after she was returned and dressed in AA clothing: "Found" photo]
"She never was the same after that. Not right in the head."
...people could live the same day over and over for decades without losing their minds ... it might take a person years to notice, and by then it would be too late; leaving would be too dangerous."

Missing, The (collection)
- (FF imagery) "The Missing", Margaret Peterson Haddix, 2009-. "Found; Sent; Sabotaged; Torn".
It took Jonah a moment to realize that the baby was growing up before his eyes, in a weird sort of time-lapse photography...clearly the same baby...wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt now.
The baby grew even more into a toddler wearing an Elmo sweatshirt, a preschooler carrying a book of fairy tales, a six year old holding a soccer ball...the images flew by, one blurring into the other. Jonah couldn't have said how old the child was before she was clearly recognizable as Andrea. Eight? Nine? She kept growing, changing, maturing. In the last seconds of the flashing images, Andrea's appearance changed again, even more dramatically than the switch from the infant in the old-fashioned nightgown to the baby with the Mickey Mouse image might as well have been pulled from a mirror...exactly as she was now...
"That is so cool! Can you do that for me? Show what I've looked like since birth I mean?"

Missing, The (novel series)
- (AR, OC, RNed) The Missing (novel series) - Margaret Haddix.
The Missing: book 7 - 2014.
-- Don't you just hate it when your parents and all other adults in town are reverted into teenagers and then babies? Once again Jonah Skidmore must save the day. Ages are easier to adjust through time travel than by other means.
- Her clothes fell down. Her silky red sweater slipped down on her shoulder ... What if un-aging grown-ups back to thirteen was something that could kill them? ... I think I'm going to be able to deal with this whole thing better if I'm not scared the whole time my clothes are going to fall off ... frightening to have Jonah's father seem so lightweight and frail ... Having Mom and Dad suddenly become thirty years younger was every bit as strange as the messes he'd faced ... It was kid Mom in Katherine's clothes, an even more disturbing sight ... This was the best I could do. I feel ridiculous. You know I was a total tomboy as a kid ... As an adult, Angela had probably been about six feet tall. As a thirteen-year-old she wasn't much shorter. For the first time, Jonah noticed that changing ages hadn't created any clothing problems for her, like they had for Mom. Angela had rolled up the legs of her jeans an inch or so ... baggy pants made him look ridiculously scarecrow-like ... somehow, having so many adults suddenly become much younger, Jonah kind of wanted to act younger himself ... Lindbergh went back into the cockpit and took off. The camera stayed trained on his face, which seemed to be smoothing out, growing younger ... At what point would he realize he himself was turning back into a baby? ... boy looked exactly the same as Jonah, but so much younger ... carrying a baby wrapped in a teenager's clothes ... her eyes were little and squinty, and her nose was often wrinkled up ...
The Missing: Book 8 - 2015.
-- To help his un-aged parents, Jonah sends his family to the future. In a time hollow, he watches the entire lives of his siblings. After befriending Kevin, Jordan convinces him to help re-age the adults? Kevin himself is un-aged into a baby. Mr. Rathbone was old aged.
- We've got dozens of adults within a one-mile radius who went back to being thirteen-year-olds. An entire middle-school staff is now the same age as the students ... how do you prosecute babies for crimes they did as adults, in a totally different life? ... Rich parents who have, say, an unruly thirteen-year-old have been paying Rathbone's company to un-age the kid ... Done with people aging into dust in the blink of an eye? ... Jordan stared down at his hands, motionless against the marble floor. Were they aging? Were they the hands of a fourteen-year-old now? A thirty-year-old? ...

Misspent Youth
- (male adult rejuved, RN to death) Peter F Hamilton, 2002.
A celebrity is chosen for the first rejuvenation experiment, leaving him with the body of a young man. He is embarrassingly unable to resist an old pal's granddaughter, his own son's girlfriend, and so on. He impregnated Annabelle with a genetically improved girl. The treatment wears off rather suddenly - (Jeffr_2bya, SF Encyclopedia)

Mistborn series
- (AR/AP, male adult age forms) - Feruchemists store age in the metal Atium, allowing them to shift as young or old as they want. Using Equivalent Exchange, they can only make themselves young by spending the same amount of time old, and vice versa. The Lord Ruler can do both Feruchemy and Allomancy, meaning he has eternal youth so long as he spends a few hours every few days as an old man.

Mistborn series
- (male OA) 2006, 1st book.
The Big Bad has been emperor of the world for 1000 years. He managed to obtain immortality by abusing multiple forms of magic, essentially keeping himself young with a number of magical trinkets. When they are removed, his youth goes too.

Mistborn: The Final Empire
- (old to prime adult rejuv, adult OA to death) Mistborn Trilogy Book 1, Brandon Sanderson, 2006.
In Luthadel, scrawny street urchin Vin is recruited by Kelsier's thieves to steal Lord Ruler's Atium stash and free Skaa the Mistborn Allomancer. Vin attacks Lord Ruler. Marsh, thought to be dead, rushes to aid her as a Steel Inquisitor. Vin manages to separate Lord Ruler from his bracelets that keep him from aging, thus making him age rapidly.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (slight unseen adult FF acceleration, unseen adult RN)
Michael Ende, 1973, Germany.
AKA "The Grey Gentlemen", "The Men in Grey"
- A strange tale about the theft of time.
The Timesavings Bank promotes "timesaving" among the population. Time can be deposited to the Bank and returned to the client later with interest. In reality the more time people save the less they have left; the time they save is actually lost to them. Life becomes sterile, devoid of social activities, recreation, art, imagination, or sleeping, and the rhythms of life become hectic. As children have "all the time in the world", they are a difficult target: children can't be convinced that their games are time-wasting. Preteen Momo tries to restore the stolen time.
- "Momo", 1986 Italian/German live-action movie.
Momo was played by 10 y.o. model/actress Radost Bokel (6/4/75).
- "Momo" 2001 - cartoon feature.
- Various stage plays and operas.

Monday begins on Saturday
- (male reverse life) "Ponedel'nik nachinayetsya v subbotu", by Boris & Arkady Strugatsky, 1965, USSR.
Highly classified magical research occurs at the "Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry". At the end of Ch03, the young scientists figure out that institute director Janus Nevstruev, specifically his U-Janus version, is a "contramote", i.e. he lives backwards in time. A-Janus was the original, who, at some point in the future, will subject himself to an experiment that makes him jump 48 hours back every midnight. This created U-Janus, who remembers the future, having lived through it already, but not the past, which is his subjective future - ( Jeffr_2bya)

Monday Begins on Saturday
(male adult age forms, reverse aging) Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, USSR, 1964, Sci-Fi/Sci Magic parody.
The director of the Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry, Janus Poluektovich Nevstruev, is known as one man in two bodies. Janus-U is visibly older than Janus-A. The characters learn that Janus-U is future Janus-A, who began living backwards as the result of a magical experiment. A parrot with Merlin Sickness keeps getting resurrected.

Monkey See
(growth CB) Walt Maguire.
"There is much confusion in the laboratory ... Gigi is growing too fast, bursting her cage like another cotton dress.
...the pathetic curtain she'd fashioned into an almost-pretty sundress was already tight, but suddenly it shredded, even as the straps tying her to the slab burst like noodles.
She felt the light-headed waving of the coming change, and it only took a minute for her to realize how much she had grown, how she was growing, ... She slid as her growing feet struggled for consistent footing, while the ground and her legs changed position. Finally, she rose from her knees..."

Monster Blood 3
(male "growth") R.L.Stine In the previous monster blood stories Evan's dog grows, the teacher's pet hamster grows, and now it's his turn. He drinks some gooey slime by mistake and starts growing real fast. Clothes also splattered grow with. People try to catch him.

Moor's Last Sigh, The
(male AP) 1995 Salman Rushdie. Moraes Zogoiby grows and ages at double-speed. (TBTC)

Moorchild, The
- (AR, male adult OA) "The Moorchild", Eloise McGraw, 1996.
Time runs different in the Mound. A human who's kicked out can discover that decades have passed and he has aged accordingly. When Moql's biological father leaves the mound, he ages instantly into an old man, because five and fifty years have passed in the normal world, where only a season has passed in the Mound. Yanno and Anwara's real daughter de-ages upon leaving the Mound.

Mopsa the Fairy
(size increase) 1869, Jean Ingelow. Physical growth is treated as the natural miracle it is. Writers often use the word "wonder" to describe the "expanding" body. Fairies grow exponentially, as Jack discovers to his amazement, but one fairy is unfazed: "We never take such a long time to grow up as you do . . . . don't argue with me; I am older now than you are-nearly grown up in fact". Jack's affection has slowed Mopsa's physical growth, and given her a depth of character that the other fairies lack. It heralds her growth to the height of queen before she does grow beyond the usual limit, rather quickly for Jack's taste: "I hope you will not go on growing so fast as this, or you will be as tall as my mamma is in a week or two-much too big for me to play with". He constantly measures her growth: "After tea, he measured Mopsa again, and found that she had grown up to a higher button". However, he cannot control it. Jack admits, "If you are not a queen yet, you will be by tomorrow morning; for when our shadows danced on before us yours was so very nearly the same height as mine that I could see hardly any difference" Mopsa herself does not want to grow up at first. "I wish I was in Jack's waistcoat pocket again; but I'm so big now . In the castle, Mopsa was "the size of Jack, and looked like a sweet little girl of ten years, but she did not always behave like one; sometimes she spoke as wisely as a grown-up woman, and sometimes she changed again and seemed like a child". The difference in maturation is further made clear by John Millais's illustration of Mopsa saying goodbye: she looks matronly, embracing Jack from a higher step, whereas he looks like a schoolboy.

Morphodite novels
- (AR, TG) Foster, M. A. - "Transformer" DAW, 1983. "The Morphodite" 1981. The main character can voluntarily transform itself through a painful process, always remaining human but becoming younger and changing gender with each transformation.

Mostly Harmless
(AA APed FF) Douglas Adams novel. Trillian's daughter Random goes into intergalactic daycare as a preteen and comes out past puberty.

Mr. Teedles: The Gland Old Man
- (male adult mental rejuv) Thomas Le Breton, 1927. Comic animal gland transplant-inspired novel - Info link

Mr. Teedles: The Gland Old Man
- (male adult mental) - illustr.

My Clothes Are Too Small
- (male FFed UC) by Anthony Curran - pages

My Little Girl's New Breasts
- (CoA BE'd info) Gene Constant, 2014. It is difficult for parents to prepare their little girl for the change. 50 interviews from age 18 to 50 - Purchase link - cover

My Neighbour's Shoes
- (AA TFed?) "or Feelings for Others" Maria Charlotte Tucker, 1863 Victorian moral fable.
A wicked boy is reformed by being transformed successively into the shapes of those he has mistreated?

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
- (slow time reversal AR) Jason Ayres, 2015, UK.
54 y.o. man on his deathbed in the year 2025 starts going backwards in time one day at a time, essentially living his life in reverse. Everyone around him is getting younger as well, including his 25 y.o. daughter. The book has some sexual content from the male perspective. The AR descriptions are pretty good and I think you will enjoy them - (Time Minder)

My World Is Not of This Kingdom
(male growth CB scene) Joao De Melo.
"...Maria's body. First his wrists and muscles grew thicker, then a beard the color of moss on rocks sprouted out from all the pores of his face, and finally the bulge of his Adam's apple ... stuck in his throat ... Hair was also growing on his chest, arms and pubis, and his spermatic animal shook with a seismic convulsion, becoming immediately thick and erect like a pole."
"Crowning that growth process, José-Maria's body underwent a final muscular stretching, making his clothes burst and tear apart at the seams - and she had before her now a man as solid as concrete, in whose eyes a great will to dominate the..."

My Year of Meats
(accelerated growth) Ruth Ozeki 1998 novel. Jane visits Dunn & Son, Custom Cattle Feeders, where she meets the family, and John and Bunny's daughter, Rose. It is revealed that Rose was so poisoned by growth hormones that at 5 years old her body has matured into that of a grown woman.

Naissance des fantômes
- (kinda like mental ARed effect)
Marie Darrieussecq, France. 1998 fantastical novel.
Translations: Esther Allen USA, Helen Stevenson UK - "My Phantom Husband"
- From: "Redefining the Real: The Fantastic in Contemporary French and Francophone...", by Margaret-Anne Hutton:
After her husband leaves ... her adult self and her adult corpo-reality give way, and she regresses to a childlike state that emerges into her narrative.
In her mother's presence the young woman's demeanor is plausibly child-like.
She wryly asserts that in her mother's company she would habitually regress by one year every five minutes.
After 90 minutes she's six...
...she could spend no longer than 2 hours, for fear of regressing to the state of foetus.
...desires resurge in her revivified female body.
...woman's intense somatised experience of her (bodily) boundaries and realities...
Dragged into a world of visions, she is besieged by childhood terrors.

(mind transfer AR) Keigo Higashino 2004. About a mother trapped in her daughter's body after a bus accident. This is being published by Vertical. There is also a movie (Himitsu) and it sounds it will be remade in America. (Metamorphose)

- (FF, CoA) Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, 1985.
Chronicles the obsessive love of Joji for a 15 y.o. bar hostess.
"It was a sort of diary, in which I concentrated on Naomi's development from a girl into an adult. Remembering that I'd pasted in photographs of Naomi's various expressions and of every change in her form...I'd recorded in detail how her limbs were growing every day."

Narnia series

- (AR) Michael Dempsey, 2011.
In a future where death is a thing of the past, how far would you go to solve your own murder? NYPD detective Paul Donner's wife gets shot dead in a "random" crime. 50 years later, Donner is revived courtesy of the Shift, a process whereby inanimate DNA is re-activated. This new "reborn" underclass is also growing younger, destined for a second childhood.
The freakish side-effect of a retroviral attack on New York, the Shift has turned the world upside down. Beneath the protective geodesic Blister, clocks run backwards, technology is hidden behind a noir facade, and you can see Elvis every night at Radio City Music Hall. Using retro-futurist maglev Studebakers and plasma tommy guns, Donner searches for those seeking to control a terrified nation...
Maggie watched Nicole stagger through the tombstones. She crashed into one, leaning over its cement cross, gasping, twenty-five years old now, her face young and gorgeous and filled with mortal terror. She pushed back, kept staggering forward. Twenty years old now.
Cursing, screaming, as the rain abruptly stopped and the skies softened.
Nicole stumbled against a tree, clinging to a low branch, her hands thinning, shortening until the branch was too thick to hold onto.
Now sixteen, now twelve, her clothes falling away as she shrank, her face dissolving and reforming, then dissolving again.
She saw Maggie. She ran toward her, begging in a voice strangled by shrinking vocal chords. A gold ring dropped from her too-tiny hands into too-large shoes. She stumbled out of them. Her stockings swam around skinny preadolescent legs.
Her knife sheathes slipped off her forearms into a tangle of weeds. Her veil fell to the earth, forever discarded. Four years old, naked, Nicole finally dropped to her knees, threw her head back and screamed at the sky. But it was a child's scream, without power, without even understanding anymore.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Neil and Yuki- Unexpected Changes
- (male age forms?) Jasmine Marie & Krystal Jo-Lynnelle, 2012.
p18: "Maybe stick with the 16 year old..."
Neil: "I could change my age so I'm older too you know. I learned how." ... "That's very cool; you could have some major fun with that."
Neil: "I forget how old you are Yuki. In looks. How long...

Never Kill a Dolphin: And Other Short Stories
(CBed scene) Writers' Guild of Queensland, 1959. No further info found. Unknown short story, page 191 Snipet View:
... She wore no shoes, and her dress had broken away at the side seams in its effort to accommodate her changing figure. Her round, honey-brown face was smeary ...

Never Trust a Dead Man
(adult rejuvenation wish) Vivian Vande Velde. Witch Elswyeth spends much of the book collecting ingredients for a spell to make herself younger. Her motives are practical rather than aesthetic (fewer aches and pains, a longer lifespan), and her young form is not particularly attractive.

New bodies for old
- (male adult brain & animal swap) Maurice Renard, 1923.
"...a life prolonged indefinitely, resuming its course at each new incarnation ... I shall restore to you all your desires, at the same time as your youth."

New You, The
(flash forward) Kathleen Leverich. Abigail Hunter, the protagonist of this short novel for pre-teens, is hunting for a new identity. She cuts off her long braids and tries in various unsuccessful ways to look grown up. What if there were a store, Abby wonders, where you could buy a new identity? Though she's surrounded by mirrors, Abigail doesn't recognize herself. Viewing a computer-generated image of herself at age 8, Abby realizes that the confident, accomplished Gail that she met earlier is actually a grown-up version of herself.

Nice Girls Do--and now you can too!
- (mental ARed dream) Irene Kassorla, 1980, sex therapy.
"Your Beautiful Hidden Room" chapter. Release of repressed erotic childhood fantasies a la Freud - text scan - (Matt)

Nicholas Nickleby
(age stasis disguise attempt) 1838. "The Infant Phenomenon" is billed as a 10-year-old, but is really several years older. Her parents feed her lots of gin to keep her looking young.

Night Angel trilogy
- (male adult age stasis, baby POV) by Brent Weeks.
Titles: The Way of Shadows, Shadow's Edge, Beyond the Shadows.

Night World (series)
- (accelerated age increased?) 10 Young Adult fantasy novels by L. J. Smith.
Lamia are born as vampires. They age, eat, reproduce, and grow as humans do, but also have the ability to stop the aging process at any point they please; however, once a lamia who has stopped aging decides to begin aging again, the aging process will be accelerated so that their physical appearance will match their true age in a short amount of time.

Night World: Witchlight
- (TF) 1998. Keller is a black panther. At least when she's not being a tough, no-nonsense 17-year-old girl. She's a shapeshifter who grew up on the streets and will do whatever it takes to survive. She is searching for a new Wild Power. But can the dizzy human girl, Iliana, really be it?

(AR) Robert Silverberg, 1969. The characters are going to the ancient holy city of Jorslem to have their souls cleaned, which involves AR. One woman has a soul so blackened she regresses to a point where the AR can't stop. Most of the AR is not depicted, but there is a good description of what happens to her. (Time)

Nimrod Flipout, The
Etgar Keret short story collection 2006. 4th grader discovers parents shrink inch for every inch he grows.

Nina: Adolescence
(flash forward) Amy Hassinger. At 15, Nina realizes that her mother's painting is the only way to rescue her from despair. At Nina's urging, her mother returns to the studio, where she begins a series of nude portraits of her remaining child - paintings that will chronicle the slow unfolding of a girl's body into a woman's. The novel examines the central questions of adolescence, sexuality and identity, and raises questions about the limits of artistic freedom, and the tenuous balance between serving oneself and serving the other in intimate relationships. For anyone who's gone through the pain and joy of growing up.

Nine Lives and One
- (UC glimpse) Baxter, Loblay, 2005. Biography.
"In less than six months, most had outgrown that old life as their bodies had outgrown their clothes. Everywhere he looked, jackets strained over shoulders..."

No Howling in the House
(growth wish) 1996. Jack Howl can't wait to teach his son how to howl like him. Wanda plans to show her daughter, Thistle, how to fly just the way she does. In "Purple Pickle Juice", Thistle Howl drinks a concoction to make herself "grow". 1

No Laughter Here
(documentary visual effects AP) Rita Williams-Garcia.
"...the words Paths to Discovery popped up on the screen ... Something so shocking that six of our classmates couldn't watch it."
"Then, without warning, they showed a naked baby..."
"...the baby girl and boy had stood up and transformed like teenage Autobots, sprouting hair under their arms and around their privates. The boy's "thing" and his "other stuff" grew big and just sort of hung there, and the girl needed a bra."
"The class was going wild. Everyone was laughing like..."

No Place, Louisiana
- (UCed glimpse) Martin Pousson, 2002.
But he says nothing - not one word - through all this. Not when he finds that Jo is wearing exactly the same clothes she wore the year before. Not when her shirts stretch tight over her growing breasts and her pants become culottes...

No Small Tempest
(UC, coming of age) Evelyn Richardson.
"Her sunbonnet dangled in its customary neglect ... As she moved, her dress drew tight across her budding breasts and a button rolled, tickling, down her back.
Serena's right. It's high time the blue gingham went into the rag barrel.
She knew that she clung to last summer's dress as part of her carefree and vanishing childhood, and her eyes grew softly vague as her berry-wise fingers went about their business and left her mind free to recall last summer's Adria, who had fitted loosely into the new blue gingham. Not only had her body burgeoned into unfamiliarity; she often had a nightmarish feeling of being caught halfway through the open ..."

No Time to Die
- (teen age stasis) Kira Peikoff, 2014 thriller.
20 y.o. Zoe Kincaid has a problem. Her body stopped aging when she was 14, and she will remain a young teenager forever. A gene makes it impossible for her to get older. She finds herself at the center of a dangerous battle for her DNA. "I decided to freeze my college-age protagonist at an age that would maximize her frustration. Writers have to be tough on our characters after all, so she is stuck for good at 14."

North Child
- (male TF, male FFed) Edith Pattou. White bear used to be young boy who was transformed through magic. Every night, he returns to human form; every day, he becomes the white bear. Eventually he is turned back into a man permanently, and is made to forget his transformation - until he becomes disenchanted and remembers everything clearly. (Ash)

- (age stasis, FF) Joe Hill, 2013.
Messed-up kid Victoria McQueen aged into messed-up parent. Vintage Rolls Royce driven by Christmas-obsessed Manx drains children's spirits and sends them to Christmasland where they live as little vampires for eternity. Manx uses their energy to stay young. Children who go for a ride slowly drain away, and what's even creepier they enjoy the experience. Manx thinks he's doing a good deed by "saving" them from adulthood.

- (AA AP scenes to old age, RNed) Mircea Cartarescu; transl. Julian Semilian; Andrei Codrescu. Romania, 1989.
- A group of little girls uses a magic watch to physically advance into their own futures.
"It had no movement; it was just a toy designed to learn how to tell time.
She belted out a short scream of surprise because the hands of the watch had disappeared.
She poked her finger inside but pulled it back instantly, staring in fright at a drop of blood. The watch's hands were still there, but they revolved so fast that you couldn't see them.
...each one of us would have to cross the alley and, as we stepped over each line, mime the respective age.
Whale stepped over the 10 line -she was already eleven- and started off with small sporadic steps across the alley.
We would have continued to wonder at the mysteriously animated watch had we not suddenly noticed what was going on with Whale, waddling like a somnambulist along the brick-paved trail. first we thought she was playing at being mature in a disturbingly truthful manner. But it wasn't merely miming: Whale had grown tall, her hips and breasts had become heavier, her hair lighter. She was now indeed worthy of her nickname: a totemic female, as big as Jupiter.
Her clothes were changing shape during her journey, the hem of her skirt rose or fell, her shoe heels were thin at times, stumpy at others.
Halfway through the third section, a thick golden wedding band began to shine on her finger, and when she stepped over the fourth line, her hair started to turn gray. She was much wider than she was tall. She had developed a triple chin, and her breasts hung down to her bellybutton.
She had grown a sparse mustache, and thick strands of hair shot out of her chin. A little before reaching the fifth line, Whale collapsed within herself. We drew back, mad with fear. In a matter of seconds, all that remained were a few bone fragments, wrapped in rotten rags: an earth-hued maxillary, a thigh bone, a few ribs...They became dust and turned to impalpable matter, nothing. We were about to howl, but suddenly Whale appeared next to us, ...
It was now Ada's turn, who took the watch off and left it on the throne. And instead of being frightened, we suddenly got very curious: We wanted to know how the other girls would look when they aged and died. Because the idea of death didn't faze us...
When Ada headed for the first line, Carmina ran after her and took her hand. ...because we didn't want to separate the twins, we allowed them to begin at the same time, shoulder to shoulder, in their little white dresses spotted with tiny red polka dots, with the same glassy, coffee brown hair fluttering behind them, the same idiotic-charming grin on their identical faces. Their clothes changed right after their first step, while they, dissimilar enough to those who knew them closely, were impossible to tell apart.
Approaching the second line, they became two young women in green and white, ... smiling with raw, full lips.
At forty, they were stout women with proud bosoms and high shoulders, veritable mares in delicate black-leather shoes, delicate lame dresses. Their chests sparkled with identical broaches... They didn't reach the fifth line either. Abruptly, one of them dissipated in the wind so quickly that for several moments the skeleton remained standing in its high heels, silk rags suspended from it. The hair fluttered for a time atop the skull, then turned to ash. The fingernails fell to the ground, twisting in the air like the petals of a red rose. The other twin hadn't yet had time to react, and as her sister's skeleton sagged, turned to dirt, and disappeared, she stared at it in bewilderment. She fell to her knees and spread out on the ground, one hip joint sticking out. She froze into place, turned white, and turned to stone. ... which pulverized into chalk dust.
Ada and Carmina were now next to us again, in their usual clothes.
Ester and Carnation took on the traits of their races. Ester grew large and red, with her piles of furs and sophisticated hats, and after fifty she became monstrously fat. Her teeth lost their gums and became horse like between her Asiatic lips, and a mole showed up next to her nostrils. When she crossed the seventh line, she became a disgusting corpse. Carnation, on the other hand, dwindled and darkened... At fifty, she was an old hag in a ragged trench coat with torn pockets. ... she waddled along on bowed legs, a hunchback crow. She croaked before sixty. But there they were again, next to us, quacking and trembling as though they had retained something incommunicable... Not one of them knew what had happened to her own self along the brick alley.
I also prepared myself for the great departure.
When I stepped over the first chalk line, I felt suddenly as though I was coming out of myself. Before that, I had been scattered in the thin body of a little girl, crammed between the intestines, the arteries, and the lungs, twisted around the spine's marrow, sunk into the fingers and the thighs. Now I was leaking out through a craggy surfaced tunnel, elastic and gelatinous. The tunnel's walls were rushing backward at infinite speed. I felt far-reaching and pure. Hurtling head-first out of the tunnel, ectoplasmic and gleaming with happiness, I forged through the night on a trail as wide as the distance between stars. Having arrived at a barrier -which was inside me rather than out- I saw a fantastic aurora approaching me from the unthinkable places on the other side, in which every gleam was a world, in which every point of light was a god.
However, I couldn't go beyond the barrier ("not yet" I heard a voice within me), and I turned back. I was again among my girlfriends, in my aunt's courtyard under the summer's opulent skies. I didn't recover till evening.
Certainly, I was tempted to find out what had actually happened, what the other girls saw, how I looked at each age (I am certain that between the third and fourth lines I looked as I do now), and especially I wanted to know the end. But I knew that no one would tell me. That was the rule of the game."

Novice Bride, The
- (FFed) Carol Townend, 2008.
Emma pulled away and stripped off her kid gloves. Cecily noticed they were split at the seams and a greyish brown rather than the cream they had once been...The boots that peeped out from under Emma's bedraggled skirts...The transformation took her breath away.

Now That You're Big
- (coming of age, FFed) Dr. Seuss sex-ed parody

Now you see her, now you don't
(AP RN CB, AR plot) Sabrina, The Teenage Witch #16. Diana G. Gallagher, juvenile fiction, 1999.
Aunt Hilda wishes to be younger and experiments with various spells. Only a tiny fraction of the text could be extracted. p151: "The tiny T-shirt and bunny jumpsuit burst at the seams. Sabrina quickly pointed, dressing Hilda in her "Witchfest 76" t-shirt and gray sweat-..."

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal