Aging Transformation Scenes

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H.R. Pufnstuf
- (male AA old age, "AR") Sid and Marty Krofft, whacko live-action muppet kids show.
S1Ep11 "Dinner for Two" 11/15/1969.
- Jimmy, Freddie and Pufnstuf are summoned to Grandfather Clock who tells them he has fixed the Time Machine and is able to set it to the day before they arrived on Living Island. Jimmy says a quick goodbye and is locked inside. He and Freddy are both aged 70 years after the Clock Family's time machine malfunctions. The villainess Witchiepoo finds senile old Jimmy and decides he's her Prince Charming and plans to marry him. He's restored to normal and Witchipoo is turned into an infant, an effect created by putting a little person in baby clothes and Witchipoo makeup and having her talk baby jabber while the heroes laugh.
- 21 min. video link - screencap - (Doctor Anguish, Jeffr_2bya)

H2O Just Add Water
- (AA mermaid TF's) Australia. About 3 teenage girls who stumble upon an ancient mermaid, and are transformed into mermaids. It is believed their clothing adapts to the change. Network Ten, Disney Channel.
- (TF AA) Teen girls into mermaids. TFed

Hannah Montana
- (male old age dream sequence)
"Promma Mia" 5/3/09, 3.14.
Jackson ponders what would happen if he worked at Rico's for the rest of his life.
Video link - screencaps - (Deniz)
- (male old age disguised)
"It's the End of the Jake as we Know it" S4Ep5, 8/8/10.
Jackson as Rico's dad - video link

Happy Days
- (male) "Chachi Sells His Soul" 09/17/79. Chachi makes a pact with the bedeviled Melvin Scratch to be transformed into a debonair older guy.
- (coming of age FF BE) Erin Moran played Joanie Cunningham, a barely visible student and daughter - until she started growing breasts, and the camera man started zooming in. Spinoff: "Joannie Loves Chachi". As Erin's breasts grew, the relationship with Baio became less believable.
- (male adult FFed) "Fonz" gif

Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal
- (ARed AA cutaway, also male ARed) Ep79. Hindi, BIG Magic, c2014+
Indian historical comedy series, AKA Naya Akbar Birbal
- Episode link @22:50 - caps

- (male AR, RN) Japan 2002. The title means "hurricane" and "ninja". The youth in red is 20. He becomes a child wearing a 5-year-old's clothes by an enemy's magic. It was through morphing. He licks a candy and rapidly returns to an adult. 1 (Akira)

Haunted Hathaways
- (AA mind transfers) The boys possess/shapeshift into the mom as part of their shenanigans - (Guest)

Haunted Hathaways
- (mind transfers AA) 2013. Family moved into house haunted by the ghosts of a former family. Multiple possessions ensue - (CJ)

Haunting of Hill House, The
- (future self demon form) 2018. Nell's fate was particularly horrifying. She flashed back to all the times in her childhood when she appeared as the very ghost she's always feared, the Bent Neck Lady. Nell was haunted by her future ghost her whole life - Spoiler link

- (female TF adult rejuvenation) S1Ep5 - Scene link - screencaps - (Female AR & AP TFs channel)

- (male adults rejuvenated, RN, adult face disguise) "Reunion", S3Ep12, 1/17/2013.
A motivational speaker who was bullied in High School has turned several of his tormentors back into young adult teenagers and killed them. He reverts one of the main characters into an adult teen, but he survives the attack.
The only process was the killer reverting himself into an adult teen of the same height to try to kill a couple of classmates. After he gets shot, he turns back with no memory of what he has been doing.
Eventually one of the main characters turns back when the man learns to control his power.
- Episode video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male old age, unseen accelerated pregnancy) "Ball and Chain" s1 ep5, 8/6/10.
Every Friday night Beatrice Mitchell (Jennie Raymond) morphs into a different woman by the name of Helena (Carrie Neville). The prematurely aged men all had sex with Helena, who leached the vitality out of them. The men's energy was turned into babies born just a day later, who grow up at a normal rate of speed.

Hawaii Five-0
- (face FF, age progression software) 3x22 - caps

height comparison
- (height/strength intimidation) Very occasional Tv Trope in which taller and shorter females acknowledge or make fun of their height differences - scene

- (adult ff, OA makeup) 1984 West-German miniseries. Maria Simon, played by 31 y.o. Marita Breuer, is shown from age 19 to 82.

Helena Paparizou
- (AA FF) Greek/Swedish singer - "Young Me/Now Me Project"
Video link - compare

Hello Dollie
- (male rejuvenation) AKA "Princess Dollie Aur Uska Magic Bag". Ep209, "Sindbaad crosses second magical door". India, 2005.
Indian "Sinbad" turns younger around the 7:20 - 7:30 mark. Shaidaan magically changes Sindbaad. Urvi humiliates Shaidaan for winning the fight this way.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Hercules the Legendary Journeys
- (male AR) episode vidcaps - (ArArchive previews)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
- (male AR, RNed) "Hercules and the Amazon Women", 4/24/94.
Hercules tries to comfort a little girl, but she transforms into a Hydra.
Using a magic candle, Hippolyta turns Hercules into a baby. As Hercules reverts to infancy we are shown flashbacks of his youth, and times when he was told how to act toward women. Later he returns to his adult state, realizing that his attitude toward women is wrong.
- Video link - screencaps - (Age Theater)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
- (male demon AA TF disguise TG AR) S5Ep6 "Norse by Norsevest" 1998/11/02.
Scene link - gif - (The Transformation Channel)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
- (old age) "The Green-Eyed Monster" S03 Ep07, H44/307, 11/11/1996.
Aphrodite is consumed with jealousy at the notion that mortal Psyche is as beautiful as herself. To make matters worse, her son Cupid falls in love with Psyche. Aphrodite ages her into an old hag to try to sway Cupid from loving her, but her plan fails miserably. Finally Aphrodite allows Psyche to keep her beauty, on the condition that she live with Cupid on Mount Olympus.
- OA scene

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
- (TG ARed AA) "Norse by Norsevest" 1998. Loki, the Nordic God of Tricks, transforms himself into an 8 year old girl to deceive Hercules.
- (old age) A young woman drinks a potion and ages.

Herman's Head
- (AA AP, fade, dream sequence) 1992, Ep 25, "Twisted sister" Little girl turns into Jennifer Aniston.

Heroes From Shaolin
- (AR, old age) "Mo Chun Siu Lam" 8/16/93, 20 eps. Governor Yin Kon is after a booklet that is supposed to make anyone younger and healthier, and guarantees longer life. Mung Sak escaped with the booklet and used it to make herself younger. She is at least a decade older than Sai Fun, but Sai Fun doesn't know that. The mystery of the booklet is revealed, as Mung Sak suddenly grows really old, surprising Sai Fun. But Sai Fun tells her that no matter how old/ugly she looks, he will still love her. When she turns down his love for her, he goes to Shaolin and becomes a monk.

- (AA FB/FF age forms) Hiro - male ages
- (minor male flash forward, teen wound healing) 2006. Won't somebody please save me? Hayden Panettiere plays Claire Bennet, an indestructible cheerleader. Hiro can stop time. His future self appeared.
- (kinda younger adult ARed morph) ".07%" 2007. Candice Wilmer, our mistress of illusion, plays with Mr. Bennet by taking on the form of his adoptive daughter, Claire. Mr. Bennet sees through this disguise. (metamorphose)
- (adult rejuvenation illusion) - Candice Willmer.

- (AA TFed, young adult/older adult)
Scenes where a shapeshifter impersonates a mother and tries to play along like she's actually her.
S01Ep19 at 35:55 - S01Ep21 at 09:16.
Heroes Reborn
- 2015 miniseries:
S01Ep09 at 14:10 - S01Ep10 at 16:15 and 24:52 - (A friend in need)

- (flashback self) "Our Father"
Claire Bennet refers to her past self (a baby) with the nickname "Claire-Bear" to her adoptive father Noah Bennet in the past (who is unaware he is talking to grown-up Claire), thereby putting the name in his head for him to use later.

- (male adult mental ARed) S03Ep09 "It's Coming" 11/17/2008.
Flint and Knox launch attacks on Hiro, who has his mind reduced to 10 years old by Arthur Petrelli. It is really just a very short part of the episode.
- (Mummy2000_10016)

- (male ARed AA, TG AA) 2009, Season 3, "Fugitives".
In Vol.4 they introduced genuine shapeshifter James Martin, whom power thief Sylar promptly snacked on. Drastic size changes are possible using this ability. This power does not seem to alter the user's base DNA. At first, Sylar only used his new power to shapeshift into people of roughly the same size and weight as him (he still wore the same clothes before and after shifting). After a few episodes, Sylar is able to shapeshift his clothes, and also turn into a kid. In "I am Sylar" he is shot while impersonating 11 y.o. Micah Sanders.

- (male OA'd) Adam Monroe ages when Arthur Petrelli steals his ability.
- (male old age) When Adam loses his healing factor, he ages super-rapidly and crumbles into dust.

- (old age FFed, implied unseen adult RNed possibility) S04 Ep418, 2/8/2010 "Brave New World".
Hiro's vanished girlfriend Charlie reappears in the same hospital as him as an elderly woman. She explains that The Butterfly Man abducted her from the present, and stranded her in 1944. Hiro contemplates rescuing her from the past to make her young again in the present time.

- (AA, OA, male accelerated & stasis) 2004, UK. Prophecy children age quickly. Ramiel's scheming leads to Ella's commitment in an asylum. She rapidly ages as she is stripped of her powers, but Leon helps to revive her. Malachi is now a teenager and eventually has sex with Ella. They are both 17 forever.

- (age stasis aftermath, OA) "With A Little Help From My Friends, Part 2", s02 ep06, 10/30/05, UK.
Immortal witch Ella Dee gets sicker as mortality creeps up on her. She has been 17 years old for 500 years. Azazeal foiled her powers with St John's Wort, which had the effect of rendering her mortal.
- Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX)

- (AA size increased) "Sharing Stories" segment: "I want to be big" - Vid link - caps

Highlander the series
- (male age stasis) Child immortal Kenny had difficulty creating new identities for himself. He would never age, be able to get a job, or go on dates, and had severe physical disadvantages compared to other immortals as well. He learned to convince powerful immortals to adopt him, and then slayed them when they were vulnerable.

- (male age stasis) The apparent physical age of immortals is fixed at the age of their first death; 2 episodes featured an evil immortal who had undergone this at 7 years of age.

Himitsu x Senshi Phantomirage!
- (young adult to more mature, AA zap) Ep13 "Phantomi Dia's Identity!" 2019/06/30.
Young woman uses the Phantomi Dial and hensou key to disguise as Hikaru's editor-in-chief. Phantomi Diamond transforms and reveals her true form.
- Scene link @00:25 - (The Transformation Channel)

- (adult mind transfer into past adult body) 2015 VH1 dramedy series. It's 1995 again! 40-something Becca, while wrestling with doubts on the eve of her second wedding, finds that she has traveled back to the day of her first wedding.

History of a Salaryman
- (male AR or rejuv?) Selreorimaen Chohanji - 2012 South Korea, SBS series inf.

Hitchhiker, The
- (adult mind transfer?) The Hitchhiker - "Spinning Wheel", 8/5/1989.
The tale of a viper-tongued performance artist and the demons who plague her on and off the stage, and in her nightmares - Vid link - (Jay)

Home and Away
- (flash forward AA) Australian soap, 1988.
Kate Ritchie, aged 9, has a delightful smile, a twinkle in her eye and, in OshKosh B'Gosh overalls, a preternatural sense of fashion. As a projection thrown onto the wall, she is a spectral, intangible shadow behind the real Kate Ritchie, now 27. The gulf between the two seems at once vast and momentary. The smile is the same and her sense of style has kept pace with the times. "I know that's me but at the same time it's not me," she says of her ghost-like former self. "She's the little girl who grew up on Home and Away and in some ways that person belongs to somebody else. She belongs to the people who have watched the show." Ritchie's 18-year run as busty Summer Bay sweetheart Sally Fletcher is a record-breaking tale of longevity in an industry known for high turnover. Vid link

Home improvement
- (male flash forward, cuts, AA) Late season opening credits shows the three sons growing up. male

Honey we're Killing the Kids
- (face close-up AA FF morphs) This showed how 2 daughters would grow if they changed all their habits - girls
- (male face close ups) male

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- (male UC, AP, AR RN) 5/6/00 "Honey, growing up is hard to do!" 1 2 3 4 - the male AR scene
- (AR, AP morph RN) "Honey, we're young at heart" 11/7/98. AP scene - AR sequence - adult rejuvenation - old age - old age
- AR, RN collage.
- (mental AR) "Honey, You're Living in the Past" 12/15/97. Mom thinks she's a teen. 1 (TBTC)
- (unknown AR episode?) Not "Honey, You're Living in the Past"? The house is haunted and the mother is possessed by a ghost that turns her mentally into a 3 year old with appropriate clothing (a very juvenile outfit). It aired during the third season, and was one of the last shows aired. For some reason this show is not posted on any of the AR sites. The mental AR along with the clothing is extremely good. I can not find the title of the episode. (Time)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- (AR AA, OA) "Honey, we're young at heart" - slightly larger screencaps - (JackpotMans)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- (Diane mental AR twice)
- "Honey, You're Living In The Past" 12/15/1997. Diane uses invention to mentally reset herself into a teenager.
- "Honey, I'm Spooked" 2/26/2000. The kids come in possession of a haunted trunk. When Diane becomes possessed and thinks she's a child, not only do her clothes change, but she talks with a higher voice. ( girl dress

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- Reversed gif - (JackpotMans)

Hot in Cleveland
- (adult flashback, reverse age makeup) Ep6 "How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?" 1/4/12, '80s episode.

Hot in Cleveland
- (toon dream sequence AR, partial AA) S05Ep18 "The Animated Episode" 7/30/2014.
Our ladies go 2-D in a fun-filled animated episode that involves questionable beauty treatments. Wendie Malick's character appears in a Willy Wonka-style scene, taking "chill pills" to feel younger. Of course she gets excited and takes more, resulting in a quick but well done AR scene where she becomes a baby.
- ArArchive Gallery link - (Kingschnopszilla, Klatuk4u)

House of Anubis
- (adult OA, male AR) - INFO PAGE

House of Anubis
- (female "OA", male ARed) "House of Heists & House of Alibis" 2/14/2012, S2.
He got turned into a 5 y.o. calling himself "Flash" in an earlier episode, and at the end into a baby.
- Video link - OA screencaps - AR screencaps - (Thomas)

House of Anubis
- (male adult stasis, male OA) Victor looks like he's in his 50s but is actually 95 thanks to the elixir. Rufus looks about 40, but is also 95.
Robert Frobisher-Smythe looked 50 but was over 100. When the curse was broken, he reverted to his actual age.

House of Anubis
- (male AR, OA) "House of Heists/House of Alibis" S2, 54, 2/14/12.
link - Young adult Amber has turned even older. Alfie, who was turned into a boy earlier in the season, turned into a baby. All AR occurred off-screen. Alfie RPs in the current episode - (JayTee)

How I Met Your Mother
- "Time Travelers" 3/25/13. They are visited by their near future selves.
- (male adult to OA disguise) "Intervention", 10/13/2008, S4Ep4.
Barney tries to attract young women in old man makeup to prove he will still be hooking up when he is 80. He tells one that "young Barney Stinson" cannot solve global warming unless she sleeps with him. He returns a moment later and hooks up with her. The show flashes forward to 2009 when they decide a $2500 bottle of scotch is no different from a $10 bottle. Barney enters the apartment in his old man makeup to see the "INTERVENTION" banner up. The group tells him to stop doing the old man thing.
- Marshall: Enough with the "old man" bit!
- Old Barney: What about the old sand pit?
- Lily: Let it go!
- Old Barney: "Let It Snow"?

How I Met Your Mother
- (adult FF/FB) A scene relating to the identity of the mother, involving Ted's future children, was filmed near the beginning of Season 2 for the show's eventual finale. This was primarily done because the actors will be older adults by the time the final season is shot - 2030

How I Met Your Mother
- (adults disguising as teens) Lily and Robin attempt to infiltrate a high school prom in order to see a band perform. Despite Barney's advice on how to pass as "today's kids" (i.e. dress as sluttily as possible), they don't fool anyone - 1
- (male FFed) Neil Patrick Harris appearances meme

How I Met Your Mother
- (male FF/FB) In 2006, Bays and Thomas realized they'd better film that final scene right away. After all, the actors were growing up, would soon look different, and wouldn't even be able to fit in the clothes they wore while sitting on the couch.

how tall am I?
- (child measurement) height and growth rate - annual door pose.

Howdy Doody
- (male "ARed" cut) 02/1957.
Chief Thunderthud's Indians were the protectors of the Fountain, but evil Prospector Pete seized it from them. Late on the Friday episode, Pete finally got around to sipping a ladle-full of the Fountain's water. Next came several camera shots of other program characters with shock/awe looks on their faces (overdone). Then the camera provided a shot of a baby. No, the kid wasn't sitting in Pete's oversize clothes. The kid didn't even wear Pete's adult-size hat. It was some stagehand's baby in a 1950s baby carrier dressed in a snowsuit, as any mother would dress a child during a New York winter. With time running out (it was broadcast live), Buffalo Bob added insult to injury by wrapping up the story in two sentences. He reportedly said, 'And they had to feed him frog soup to make him grow up again. So, kids, let that be a lesson to you.' Apparently frog soup is a good antidote, as Pete was providing villainy again the following Monday - (PixChick)

Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry
- (male adult flashback/flash forward)
Actors: from "A Bit of Fry & Laurie" (1989-1995) to "House" era (2004-) - Now and Then - (O')

Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath
- (AR scenes & aftermath)
Ep57, 1/19/2014, "Superheroes vs Supervillains", India.
Uniformed crimefighters are involuntarily regressed to childhood and toddlerhood. They returned to normal offscreen. Morphs and cutaways.
- Video index links
- screencaps - screencaps
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath
- (ARed aftermaths, oblivion TF AR) SuperCops vs Supervillains Crime detective/supernatural, Life OK, STAR India.
S9Ep7? #232? A number of adults living in a society have turned back into children. While working the case, a supercop was also reverted to boyhood offscreen. Can his team get him back to normal before it's too late? Some glowing AR past birth @11:00 & @20:10.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath
- (people ARed to non-existence) SuperCops vs Supervillains, India, 9/24/2016.
Episode link - (Sickboy)

- ("age play" request, CoA) S1Ep2 "Episode 2" 2015/06/21.
Niska was created by David as a sibling for his son. After David's death she was kidnapped and sold to a brothel while pretending to be a normal synth. Her 14th client that day wanted her to pretend to act young, scared, and powerless like a little girl. When she refused the man throttled her. Enraged by his twisted fantasy, the renegade synthetic then strangles the man to death and removes the anti-theft chip from her neck.
- Young adult teen Toby Hawkins was infatuated with the family domestic synth Anita. He goes downstairs in the middle of the night while she is charging and tries to lay a hand on her breast. Anita warns him that inappropriate interaction would be reported to his parents as the primary users.

Hunger, The
- ("TFed" effect) The Hunger - S2Ep6 "Week Woman" 1999/10/17.
A man marries an unattractive lesbian to avoid deportation. He discovers his new wife can transform into a new woman each week?
- Unrelated reports on A painter was convinced to pretend to marry a woman. However, she wakes as a new person every time she goes to sleep. It's the same actress who plays the new person with a different look. As I remember, from the man's view there was a new person there as his "wife" when he came home each day - (Nixon, guest5011)

Hunger, The
- (adult mind transfer rejuvenation effect) "The Hunger" - "Menage a Trois" 7/20/1997.
Soft porn thinly disguised as horror short story. A person has been possessed by another and experiences sexual thrills vicariously.
- Good help is hard to find. Young nurse Steff (Lena Headey, 1973) comes to do live-in work for Mrs. Gatty (Karen Black, 1939) who lives in a large house with her young handsome handyman. She holds young Steff's hand for comfort and seems to transmit some sort of erotica into Steff who must take pleasure from Jerry. The longer Steff "cares" for Mrs. Gatty the more she seems to change.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
- (AR OC) Toei's 25th Super Sentai series, Ep06, 2001.
Villain monster sucks out beautiful brides' and young women's vital energy, turning them into mannequins. Saori Shimada was manipulated into aiding it in exchange for regaining her youth (though she still looks good and youthful enough to me, but whatever). When the monster keeps its promise, Saori gets too much vital energy, transforming into a baby. And of course, when the monster gets its ass kicked, Saori and the "mannequinized" women return to normal, Saori is forgiven, and all's well that ends well.
There actually is process as you see her revert, and she ends up in oversized clothes. I'm pleasantly surprised to finally see female AR to infancy with process in a live-action series! The series is the basis for Power Rangers Wild Force, with this episode serving for Ep20; too bad they didn't keep the AR element there.
- Screencaps - (Azerty47)

I Dream of Jeannie
- (adult rejuvenation) S05 Ep05 "Jeannie's Beauty Cream" 10/14/69.
Jeannie gives Mrs. Bellows some face cream which unknowingly turns her into a gorgeous teenager. Doctor Bellows is confused when the beautiful girl, who sounds like his wife, throws herself into his arms. At home, he tries to hide her from his wife. Roger breaks all the mirrors to keep Mrs. Bellows from seeing herself. She smears some youth cream on Tony, who wishes he were 10 years younger so he could have more energy to deal with Jeannie's shenanigans, turning him into a 16-year-old. Doctor Bellows begs for his wife's forgiveness.
- magic restoration - (Zietgiest, Zenmoonman)

I Dream of Jeannie
- (mental AR, male old age) "My Master the Swingig Bachelor" 60. 2-30, 17/67. Jeannie serves a cake which affects Mr and Mrs Bellows, Tony's girlfriend, and one other young woman. They all begins to act like small children. At the end Tony is served a piece, but becomes an old man both physically and mentally. (Time)

I Dream of Jeannie
- (revert effect, boy disguise, man to OA) S02Ep30 "My Master, the Swinging Bachelor" 04/17/1967.
- (male AR) S03Ep04 "My Turned-On Master" 10/03/1967.
- (male adult to OA) S03Ep24 "Have You Ever Had A Genie Hate You?" 3/12/1968.
- (male/female adults rejuvenated to teens) S05Ep05 "Jeannie's Beauty Cream" 10/14/1969.
INFO PAGE - (Zietgiest,

I Love Lee Tae-ri
- (male AP) 2012, tvN, S. Korea, "I Love Italy".
Eun-dong starts out the drama as a 14-year-old middle school student who suddenly turns into a 25-year-old man. Disguised as the secretary to a haughty chaebol heiress, he becomes engaged to a woman who is actually 7 years his senior...
- Male AP Scene:
Direct video link - screencaps

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!
- (boys only, male AP CB glimpses, male RNed OC) He suddenly has a man's muscular arm in the classroom. "The impostor forced me to put on his clothes!" - Episode screen caps - (Derek Anthony)

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!
- (male AP) AKA My Best Friend is an Alien! - "Gro-Gro-Grown-Up Dementia!" S01Ep18.
A teen boy uses a ray gun to age himself into an adult with the help of his space-alien friend. He gets mistaken for a teacher and wacky hijinks ensue!
- Episode link - (Derek Anthony)

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien
- (male AP) "Gro-gro-grown-up dementia" 11/14/99, Ep 20. One of the students is APed to a young man. Both Tim's AP and subsequent AR start with his voice, then his right arm experiences the change, signaling that the full-body process isn't far behind. His bicep grows to adult size, then the rest of his body catches up. Preview only: Full clip can be downloaded from ArArchive, new images submissions section. male AP (2bya pic content, Kidpopeye)
- (male AR) 2000, Ep 32. "McNally the menace" Pleskit's alien Plunklefort rewinds McNally into a pint-sized 8-year-old with a penchant for mischief.

I Was A Sixth Grade Alien
- (male APed glimpse) S01Ep18 "Gro-Gro-Grown-up Dementia!"
Pletskit's alien Hevi-Hevi technology includes the 'Growthuptor,' a yo-yo-like device his race uses to temporarily age themselves in order to find out in advance what their hat size will be. For Pletskit, the effect is instantaneous, but apparently there is a delayed reaction for humans. When his friend Tim Thompkins tests it, he goes from 6th grader to adult, and has to pose as a teacher! - (TBTC)

I'm a Virgo
- (male FF, size increase, "UCed" glimpses, CoA) Prime Video, 2023. Cootie is a 13 foot tall, 19 y.o. Black man who was secretly raised by his Aunt and Uncle in Oakland. He is accidentally discovered by a group of teenage political activists - Trailer link

- (CoA, FF) 2007-2012, Miranda Cosgrove & Jennette McCurdy (1993, 1992).
Carly's "flat-chestedness" during early (S01) and middle (S02, S03) puberty was humorously referenced.
- "iSaw Him First":
Sam: Why won't you ask your new helping bra?
Carly: (looks down and gasps) There's nothing wrong with a little help.
- "iFight Shelby Marx":
Carly: I'm not a twig. I'm getting curvier every day.
Freddie: I know.
Carly: Eyes up, dude.

- (flashbacks)
Sam Puckett age 7: Harley Graham - S03 - "iWas a Pageant Girl".
Sam Puckett age 8: Olivia Hosken - Carly & Sam's memory flashback, S01 - "iDon't Want to Fight".
Sam Puckett teenager: mainly Jennette McCurdy.

iKid, You Not!
- (male AR, aftermath, RN) Singapore, Mediacorp, 2020 shorts.
Simon and Ah Chuan are constantly on their phones working and neglecting their kids. The mysterious app iKid pops up. The only way to get rid of it is click Download. This magically transforms the fathers into their 8 y.o. selves! In their oversized clothes, they are horrified and struggle to explain what happened. The kids smuggle their fathers into their homes to get a change of clothes without mother knowing.
- Series link - Ep01 link - - Ep02 link - - Ep03 link - Ep04 link
- Male ARed Screencaps - Male APed Screencaps - (Entropic)

Ilha das Bruxas
- (male ARed AA, cutaway into baby) Ep19, 1991.
Episode link - screencaps - (SickBoy)

- (AA curse) Ep7, 2010, Philippines. Young twins submerge and reemerge as differently attired young women. The time almost seems to jump forward in that scene. The AA in question happens at the end of the episode.
- Video link - caps - (Sickboy)

Immortal, The
- (male adult stasis, rejuv?) The Immortal - S01Ep01 "Pilot" 1970.
Through a genetic fluke, test driver Ben Richards was born with natural immunities to every known illness. He should live longer than anyone. An elderly billionaire discovers that periodic transfusions of Ben's blood can cure diseases and rejuvenate adults. The old man becomes obsessed with caging Ben as a personal fountain of youth. Ben escapes his captor, and is forced to stay on the run to avoid the billionaire's goons while searching for his long-lost brother Jason, who may have the same kind of blood - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (soul transfer) S01Ep04 "Not So Dead".
A demon body-jumper steals different bodies at will.

- (TF CB glimpse) Philippines - female werewolf - (Process)

In From the Cold
- (TF TG, size increases, adult TG older age) Netflix, 2022 - FtM TG TF scene link
The first episode looks like a typical spy thriller, but in the final scene Jenny suddenly shapeshifts into a man! She is the only survivor from the top secret Yaroslav Program. A bio-augmentation lets her "body morph" to appear like other people. She has a complex past with various spy agencies.
Jenny has to strip before body morphing, or else use clothing that fits both forms.
Only Jenny/Anya's first shapeshifting scene is shown in its CGI glory, with the others occurring through cutaways. Most later scenes feature Jenny's skin glowing and the lights flickering before she drops out of shot. We cut to the reactions of the onlookers, Jenny's transforming shadow being cast on the wall, and then the completed transformation.
The morphing has a distinctive electronic buzzing sound, accompanied by loud cracks and crunches as her skeleton reshapes itself. It's not uncommon for Jenny to groan in agony, her voice audibly shifting to different pitches and registers. It can put incredible strain on her internal organs, and she can only copy a body whom she's already touched.
To make up for the iron lost from morphing, Jenny gorges on foods rich in it (largely meat). Jenny can heal from even severe injuries so long as she has energy.
In prison and elsewhere Jenny somehow morphed into older men much heftier than herself.
The colleague of a woman whom Jenny impersonated fails to notice she's now wearing a completely different outfit.
In other scenes she copies the palm print of a club owner by changing her hand into his. Jenny also alters her skin pattern to hide against the wall behind her.
In episode "Little Bird" Jenny morphs into Damien to take his place at the meeting after killing him. Then her powers begin glitching, forcing her to head to the bathroom where she painfully reverts. She must beat a hasty escape through the bathroom window.
In the final episode, Jenny's shapeshifting kicks into overdrive to save her teen daughter, who didn't know what she's capable of. She throws off snipers targeting her by transforming so quickly that none can work out what's happening. An extended tracking shot of her marching down the corridor reveals her transforming into everyone she's ever sampled over the course of her career, at a speed she's never been able to utilize until now. The ending indicates Jenny has actually been lying about the limitations of her powers.
Violent action girl Gaia is her Evil Counterpart.

In Living Color
- (AP AA, male AA AP, TG) S3Ep6, "Vera de Milo" milk commercial parody.
Video link - screencaps

In Living Color
- (AP cuts, AA) "Milk, it does a body good" parody.

In the House
- (BE) Maia Campbell as Tiffany expanded outward many inches above and below the waist on this LL Cool J sitcom. Wayans sister Kim's breasts grew from scene to scene while dating an LA Laker. (BEArchive)

Incredible Hulk, The
- (adult mental "rejuvenation") David helps a woman move back into her childhood home. We learn she was really her twin, and the ghost was her imagination releasing the truth. The woman then talks with a childish voice - (Tazz)

Incredible Story Studios
- (mind transfer daughter/father TG, OC appearance) YTV.
Ep07 The Great Switcheroo "The Great Pizza Disaster" 1997.
They would make episodes based on stories kids sent in. A daughter wishes she were in charge after being treated unfairly. She gets to relive the day in her father's body while his consciousness is on vacation, and has to take care of her own bratty self. When the day's crazy hijinks are done, she decides to double-ground her clone self. The daughter in dad's body is depicted Quantum Leap style but speaks with his voice. Dad's body only appears in mirrors. Mostly a young girl around 11 y.o. wearing his oversized clothes - (DB Cooper)

Incredible Story Studios
YTV Canada, based on script ideas submitted by kids.
- (mental AR) - "The Game", c2000 - S03Ep04 link
- (mind transfer) "Life swap" c2001, S04Ep01 link
(by SickBoy)

Innocents, The
- (adult TF TG, possibility of UC?) 8/2018 UK.
It's not as bad as we first thought, despite shapeshifters appearing as their "real selves" in the mirror. We thought that meant it was all an illusion, but apparently there's a real physical transformation. That means their clothes don't change with them, but the person who they copied falls unconscious. The "teen" runaway involuntarily turned into a larger man. Still no child to adult transformations.

Inside Out
- (male adults body swap, old adults to young adults) 1991-92, vol 01, vol 03, Playboy Videos.
A collection of "Twilight Zone"-like segments.
An older prisoner in for life switches places with a younger man who is being released - while the younger man is trapped in the older man's body (and jail).
In Volume #3 there's a story (done without dialog) concerning an elderly gardener who spies other elderly men and women going into but not returning from a location. When he dives in, it leads to an underwater grotto where one emerges younger. It ends badly and abruptly - (Time)

- (mind transfers, old/young) 8 eps, 2014, BBC.
Based on Michael Marshall Smith novel The Intruders (2007). Detective investigates strange occurrences related to attempted suicides. Secret society "Qui Reverti" ('who return') chases immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of younger persons after their own deaths. "Shepherds" find the hosts of returning souls and show "triggers" to the returning Qui Reverti members to "awaken" them. The intruding soul then battles the host's soul. His marriage was destroyed when his wife's body was taken by an intruder. A serial killer returns in the body of a young girl (Millie Bobby Brown), causing a desperate battle - (Ben50)

Invisible Man, The
- (adult to OA) S01Ep06 "Impetus" 7/14/00.
Project Gloria, a bio-weapon experiment, goes badly wrong, aging a 39 y.o. woman to her 80's - (TBTC)

Invisible Man, The
- (OA'd, adult rejuvenations) "Impetus". 2 adults were aged by a virus but return to normal. - reversal
- (old age) "Impetus" S1 2000. A virus that causes people to age from their 30s to their 70s rapidly affects 2 characters in this episode. (Metamorphose)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- ("ARed" from the neck down) season 5 ad - (JeffR)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- (age disguised) "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation" S3ep6, 9/27/07.
Charlie starts a relationship with an Asian girl. His friends conspire to get Sun-Li to participate in a wet T-shirt contest, but to their horror they discover she's only 12 years old. Luckily Frank was able to jump in front of the water blast aimed for her, and Charlie never so much as kissed his fiancee. Everyone leaves the pub - 1

Itti Si Khushi
- (CoA FFed) India. 2014 serial story of a 14 y.o. teenage girl who lapses into a coma. She wakes as a 26 y.o. adult who missed the determining years of her life. A battle of sane grown-ups versus retaining youth and enjoying life.

- (mental ages) "Zombie knows best".
To keep her craving for brains in check, she works in the morgue and eats the brains of the recently dead. A side effect is that she temporarily gets their personalities and tendencies, no matter their age, gender or preferences. In this episode she eats the brains of a middle-aged man, while her ex (also a zombie) eats the brains of the 15 y.o. old daughter.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

- (mental rejuv, aging, impersonation) The CW, 2015-.
A woman who works in the morgue is also a zombie. To keep her desire for human brains at ease, she feasts on the brains of the recently dead. A side effect is that she gets their memories and mannerisms while the brain is still in her system. So for example she becomes an alcoholic if the brain is from an alcoholic. She once ate the brain of a dead pregnant woman (the baby survived) so she got maternal instincts, etc.
But sometimes she'll eat the brain of someone young or old, and start acting that way. After eating the brain of a teenage girl she started acting very perky. In another episode she eats the brain of an old man - (Tazz)

Jai Jag Janani Maa Durga
- (male TF APed) 2013. India, mythological series.
The younger Batuk (Soham Kadam) will transform into a grown up man (Amit Pachori) to fight demon Jwarasur.

- (mental age anomaly) UK experimental horror comedy sketch show, Chris Morris, Channel 4.
"Jam 6", 2000. Parents believe daughter is really 45 y.o. man trapped in little girl's body.
- Easter egg: "London/Tokyo Jam Exhibition" deleted scene is similar to "45-year-old little girl" sketch. Adaptation of "Optician" sketch from Ep02 of radio show Blue Jam.

Jdrama (genres)
- (adults to old age, TF & FF) - 3 scenes

Jeannie Aur Juju
- (male AR AA poof) India sitcom, SAB TV. Ep90, 2012-2014.
Episode link - caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Jeannie aur Juju
- (TF AA, adult rejuvenation effect) Indian version of "I Dream of Jeannie". Ep32, 12/18/2012, SAB TV.
From search for scenes where old witch/women impersonate young women, like granddaughters or nieces. Priya is shocked to see 2 Jeannies. Massive confusion takes place between Priya and Jeannie. Will Jeannie marry Vela or Vicky? Will Vicky marry Priya?
- Episode link (TFed at 1:00) - gif - (Zach)

Jenny Jones
- (coming of age) Overdeveloped teens - 3
- (coming of age) Overdeveloped teen
- (coming of age) - 5

Jenny Jones
- (flash forward) "Help my wild teen is out of control" FF
- (flash forward) Many comparisons. 1

Jersey, The
- (male AA body swap APed) male body transfer.

Jersey, The
- (mind transfers) From 1999.
- male AR: 1 - 2
- male AP: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
- male - male
- male - TG AR - TG AP - TG AP
- male AR AP

Jikuu Senshi Spielban
- (AA AP) Toei tokusatsu Metal Hero series.
"Space-time warrior Supiruban"
- Ep2 "Goodbye Mama! The two high-tech heroes", 4/14/1986.
Silver-suited boy and girl grew up while resting in a hibernation pod.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards
- (male reverse aging) "The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman", 2009.
Man born old ages backwards.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (woman AA "ARed" to pseudo "baby", RN AA'd to pseudo "adult baby") Ep 10 "Minty Freshman" 2009.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Joan of Arcadia
- (age appearances) The first time God showed himself to Joan as a teenage boy, then a black female lunch lady, one time as a little girl, "You are so cute I want to slap you", a construction worker etc.

Joanie Loves Chachi
- (APed) fan art

- (flashback, flash forward) NBC 2007 series. Dan travels randomly through time and sometimes meets the same people at different ages. He tracks Emily through her troubled adolescence.

Juan dela Cruz
- (adult monster disguised as innocent child) 2013, Philippine series. Tiyanaks appear in week 32.

Judy & David's Boom Box
- (adult babies, clothes swap) "Rockababies", 2000.
Even when Judy & David find themselves magically "turned" into "babies", they can still rock and roll.
Video link - AB caps - TG caps - (TF Theater)

Jue Ming Gua Shi
- (adult mind swap, young/old) "Breaking Bad Fortune Teller" - Ep28. LeTV China, 2016.
Episode link @19:25 - caps - (SuperGuest)

Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde
- (animal TF) 1995 BBC children's show where young genius Julia Jekyll (Olivia Hallinan, who aged from 11 to 14 during the series 3-year run) drinks a potion and periodically transforms into the large and furry Harriet Hyde. (YouKnowWho)

Junior G
- (AA fade AR) Ep66, Ep67, India.
"AR Woman into Girl 02" Video link - Video link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Junior G
c2002, India, superhero AA TFs.
- (male adult to old age) Ep12 link
- (male adult to old age, RN) Ep14 link
- (AA curse, girl -> woman) Ep48 link - gif - caps
- (AR girl -> woman) Ep66 link - Ep67 link - Ep69 link
(by Sickboy)

Just Add Magic
- (mental ARed only) S1Ep6 "Just Add Birthdays" 1/14/2016.
Kelly and Hannah bake a cake for Darbie when they forget her birthday. Cookies with carob chips from Mama P cause people to start acting much younger than normal.

Just Beyond
- (male age appearance reduction) S1Ep7 "Standing Up for Yourself" 2021/10/13.
Larkinville is tormented by violent bully Trevor Larkin. Can he be brought down?
- Scene link - screencaps - (Maniac78)
- (young adult teen "increased beauty") S1Ep5 "Unfiltered" 2021/10.
Smart yet "plain" high school Quiz star wishes that someone would think of her as beautiful rather than smart.

Just for Laughs Gags
- ("OA" replacement) - Video link - screencaps

Just for Laughs Gags
- (adult rejuvenated cutaway) "Fountain of Youth prank" c'23.
Episode link - link - caps

Just For Laughs Gags
- (adult to male OA TG)
Canadian silent comedy show. Funny hidden camera pranks for the whole family.
- "Funniest Japanese Girls Prank", 2011.
2 young adult Japanese girls turn into 2 old Japanese men and there's a photo to prove it!
- Video link - screencaps

Just For Laughs Gags
- (male muscle TFed AP "AA") 2011.
"Little boy turns into adult Hulk" - hidden camera pranks record the reactions of unsuspecting bystanders.
- Video link - screencaps - (O')

Just for Laughs
- (adult to OA) UK 2003-2007 hidden camera show.
Video link - caps

Just Kidding Pranks
- ("TF" replacement) "Girl turns into dog", 2014.
Gaby gets people to take her picture. However, almost as if by magic she turns into a well-dressed canine!
- Video link - screencaps

Juukou B-Fighter
- (male AR) "Juko Bi Faita", "Heavyshell Beetle Fighter", 1995. Insect magic housed within three suits of armor.
- Ep39 "The B-Fighter Boy's Adventure", "Sonen Bi Faita no Boken". A man is rapidly reverted after a fall, and his clothes become too big.
- Video link

Juukou B-Fighter
- (male AR) screencaps (Akira)

Juukou B-Fighter
Armor Beetle-Fighter
- (male AR) (AKA Armor Bee-Fighter, B-Fighter, Heavyshell or Heavy Shell B-Fighter, JuuKou Bii Faitaa) 95/96

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger
- (male ARed, male AP unseen CB) Ep 15. Related to Power Rangers. 2 male members were ARed by an enemy (not depicted). One was turned into a child, and the other into a baby. The Yellow ranger then became the Mother of the 2. The episode was about a mother's love overcoming hatred. Close to the end, the baby and child AP back to their real ages. male AR AP

Kagaku sentai Dainaman
- (adult to OA face) Ep50.
The evil queen was accelerated to oblivion. It starts after about 12 mins.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Kagaku sentai Dainaman
- (male AR & AP)
"Science squadron Dynaman", Toei. S1Ep38, 10/22/1983.
- "Rejuvenate! Genius Brain" - This episode contains boy AR and it contains boy AP.
Official video link - access blocked outside Japan.
- (Akira)

Kagaku sentai Dainaman
- (male AR, APed to rejuvenated adult, RN AA, canine & tree AR & RN)
An alternate video has been found!
- Low res episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

Kagestar, The
- (male AP TF) "Shadowstar", "The Kagesuta".
1976-77 Toei tokusatsu hero series.
- Ep 21, "Phantom gorilla rampage strategy Gori Oliver".
Young shadow puppeteer Kageoh Sugata gained, thanks to an electric shock received while rescuing his wealthy boss's daughter from kidnappers, the ability to merge with his shadow and transform into Kagestar.
- Restricted video link is viewable from Japan only - (Akira)

- (old aged) "Mr. Monster" 2010 NTV drama serial, "24 second" episode. The prince of the land of monsters visits the human world, where he has adventures with other monsters. Inamori Izumi: Demorina role. Gradually aged woman is surprised to notice wrinkled face in the mirror. We wish special makeup was used for the proper aging. The evil costume queen turns into Mutchimuchi at the conference. The sexy dark suit was pretty tight. (T-White Board)

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
- (AR) 42nd Super Sentai franchise. Ep33, 9/23/2018.
"Phantom Thief Squadron Lupinranger VS Police Squadron Patranger". Lupine did not know Envy's unique ability. A gust of wind made them all children. The international police seized the transformation gun.
- Info link - Clip link - screencaps - (Akira)

Kamen Rider - New (Skyrider)
- (male accelerated growth UCed, monster TFed) S01Ep25 "Heavy! Heavy! The 50-ton Baby" 1980/03/21.
6th tokusatsu series. Hiroshi takes a woman in labor to the hospital, but she disappeared after giving birth. The group must raise baby boy "Bongo" who proves very disruptive. Offscreen growth spurt aftermaths.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

Kamen Rider Decade
- (male AP) 2009 series. A 10 year old boy morphs into an adult masked rider to do battle. Wataru (AKA Kamen Rider Kiva) was the boy protagonist in the 2008 series.
male link

Kamen Rider Den-O
- (AR) 33 "Time Troubler Kohana" 9/16/2007.
Hana finds herself turned into a young child. The next day Ryotaro goes to meet her, astonished by her current form. When he brings her to the Milk Dipper, Ryotaro claims Kohana is Hana's younger sister. Yuto discovers Hana's state, and takes her on the DenLiner. The Owner shows Yuto and Hana the twisted set of tracks, which he speculates represent the original time period of both the ZeroLiner and Hana herself.

Kamen Rider Den-O
- (AR) A necessary permanent regression. The actress who played female lead Hana quit the show unexpectedly, but her character was too important to write out. So the producers replaced the 20-something actress with an 8-year-old. A subplot was added in which Hana was de-aged due to a time anomaly... and then stayed that way. None of the characters, including Hana herself, seemed to have much of a problem with this, and hardly any effort was made to find a cure.

Kamen Rider Den-O
- (male cutaway "ARed") c2008. After the 3rd movie the star moved on to other projects, and thus AR happened for protagonist Ryotaro as well. They simply brought back the actor who played his preteen version in the first film. This sort of thing happens when you mess with time travel. Due to retaining his adult spirit, the de-aged Ryotaro was able to transform normally into Den-O's costumed combat physique. Kid Ryotaro's actor later became a regular on Kamen Rider Ghost, so he could have returned to normal via The Slow Path.

Kamen Rider Double
- (male OA'd) One Monster of the Week had the ability to cause rapid aging, resulting in Shotaro getting a few scenes as an old man.

Kamen Rider Ghost
- (AR OC poof TFs) "Kamen Raida Gosuto", 17th Heisei Kamen Rider tokusatsu series.
"Bizarre! Power of the Gammaizers!", Ep31, 5/15/2016.
- In the Gamma world, Adel uses his new power. Adults become children around the city, including Shibuya's mother. The Daitenku Temple soon fills with children.
- Trailer link - female gif - cap - male gif - cap - (Akira)

Kamen Rider Ghost
- (AR) - screencaps - (Akira)

Kamen Rider Ghost
- (ARed, RN) Ep32.
screencaps - screencaps - (Akira)

Kamen Rider Kiva
- (possible male AP, male growth) 01/2008. 20 of the hero boys transform into Kiba, with the appearance of monsters known in the West. One transforms into a vampire, and flies through the sky, another becomes a werewolf, and Frankenstein. Their form becomes more muscular in appearance, with glowing wings. Info links: 1 2 3 4 (Akira)
I am Kibarenjar, transformed by energy. My body grows up to an adult size at a dash. I have gotten excited. It is because of the sword that has a tiger's face. The body has grown up rapidly as it transforms the size of the child's body.

Kamen Rider Saber
- (adult age stasis) 2021. Tetsuo, Ogami, and Sophia appear to be from Wonder World, and stopped aging over 15 years ago.

Kamen Rider Super-1
- (male adult TFed) Ep14, 1981.
"Dogma Annihilation? The Demon Doctor's Laughing Gas" - caps - (Akira)

Kamen Rider W
- (AA OA, male OA) Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Raida Daburu - 11th series, Heisei period.
Preteen daughter was aged into old woman of exact same size - screencaps

Kamen Rider W
- (AA old age, no size increase, male old aged) 7/18/10.
2 children competed for the theatrical company's leading part. The mother of the girl not elected throws hatred at the winning girl. She paid the psychic Ager to turn Miyu elderly overnight. Next week the 2nd-place girl will be changed by the winner's mother in retaliation. The tale expressed the egoism of 2 mothers changing each others' daughters into old women. Kamen Rider W was also transformed into an elderly person.
- Direct video link - (Akira)

Kamen Rider W
- (age disguises) 07/2010.
The new enemy will be a mystery man with the ability to operate at various ages. The girl and the boy have previously been changeable to elderly persons' appearances.

Kamen Rider Wizard
- (male AP?) Ep48 or 47? 8/11-8/18/2013? - (Akira)

Kamen Rider
- (male TF AA APed, RN) - Metal Hero

Kayip Prenses
- (male AR flash) Ep21, c2009, Turkey.
Scene link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt, SickBoy)

Kayip Prenses
2008, Turkey.
- (OA woman) - Ep02 link
- (OA/reduced woman) - Ep05 link
- (male TF ARed, man to frog to boy to man) - Ep21 link
(data by SickBoy)

Khayalan 2
- (AA time skip, RN) "Khayalan Sr 2"
Ep4 S2, 4/2011 "Lipstik & Pisang" MediaCorp Suria, Singapore, Malay.
- Mariana loves to play pretend grown up and dress up with her elder sister's clothes and make-up. She wishes to become a grown up instantly so that she can wear her own fancy clothes, go to nice places, and have her own job and car. Her wish is granted by Sang Nenek. Mariana wakes up and finds herself changed into a working adult complete with a daughter of her own! Though it was fun when it started, the realization that adulthood is a lot harder than it looks starts to sink in and soon Mariana wishes to be a child again. Trailer link - cap

Khayalan 2
- (AR) "Sr 2" Ep3, 2011.
To young Nadia, old people are slow and boring. She has to help her grandmother down the staircase, her elderly English teacher is forgetful, and the old cleaning lady at the shopping centre blunders. In a fit of anger, Nadia wishes that she has the power to make old people young again so that she does not have to tolerate their clumsiness. Her wish is granted, and Nadia has the power to make people younger just by touching them. The first people she changes are her grandparents. She later moves on to her teachers and even the cleaning lady. Nadia has so much fun with her new friends. However with each touch, the people she changed keep getting younger. Soon Nadia is surrounded by children, making her the oldest person around. If the new oldies remain as they are, Nadia will be responsible for taking care of them. She realises that she should have been more appreciative of senior citizens and wishes for everything to be back to normal. Moral: Respecting your elders.

Kidou Keiji Jiban
- (male mind transfer AA) AKA "Mobile Detective Jiban". Japanese tokusatsu, Metal Hero Series by Toei, TV Asahi. 1989-1990, 52 eps.
Ep44: A Suitorunoid (suck up monster) swaps a boy's and a man's souls into each other's bodies.
- Male video link
- Male screencaps

Kids in the Hall, The
- (flashback cut) Chicken Lady years

- (male accelerated growth AP) Syfy. Fun-loving trio of interplanetary bounty hunters chasing deadly warrants.
S4Ep4 "What to Expect When You're Expecting... An Alien Parasite" 2018/08/10.
- Delle has gone into labor, but the male baby is growing/aging too quickly for the birth canal, and Kendry's healing powers are working too fast to cut the baby out.
S4Ep5 "Greening Pains" 2018/08/17.
- Delle's baby continues to grow quickly, turning into a 5 y.o., then a teenager. They devise a bio-solution to slow down the aging. In a nod to actual biology, he eats a ton of food rather than just gaining mass from an unknown source.

King of Queens
- (dream sequence flashback, height comparison) 100, "Shrink Wrap" 05/20/02. Carrie (Leah Remini) meets younger version of self (Madison Lanc) at childhood party.

Kingdom, The
- (male accelerated age) AKA Riget, 1994, Lars von Trier.
Judith is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child, but Dr. Hook is willing to love the child as if it were his own. The future seems bright, until Judith starts to exhibit strange behavior and "Little Brother" begins to grow at an accelerated rate - scene

Kingdom, The
- Denmark, 1994. described as "ER meets Twin Peaks". Hospital conceals dark secrets in riveting "soap"
Kingdom 2, The
- (kinda male AP) 1998, ep 5-8. Judith has just given birth to her mutant child (Udo Kier).

- (adult age disguise) German sketch show, 1973-79.
In an SF setting, the bratty pre-puberty daughter says she has bought bionic boobs - and proudly shows them (the character is actually played by an adult woman, so they are her own real ones) - (TvTropes)

Knight Rider
- (copied person) 2008 series. "Knight of the Living Dead" Halloween episode. The cute Asian girl was duplicated. They discover that the impostor was an employee who underwent surgery to impersonate Zoe. (spathicblond)

Knight Squad
- (male AA OA flash) S1Ep11 "Working On The Knight Moves" - Fizzwick uses a pocket watch to alter his age. At first he obtained a mustache, but later was AA'd into an old man - - - screencaps - (TF Dimension)

Knots Landing
- (male age retcons, de-SORAS) Jason Avery was recast with a succession of younger actors, remaining a child while Olivia grew into her teens and adulthood.

Kodomo Keisatsu
- (ARed aftermath) 2012 J-Drama, TBS, 10 Eps.
Police officers remained on the job after being reverted to children.
Gif link - Gif link

Kodomo Keisatsu
- (ARed aftermath) The detectives continue to pursue leads - screencaps

Kokey @ Ako
- (AR AA) Philippines, Ep42, 11/16/10.
A man and a woman are regressed by an alien phone. Starts at the 5:30 mark.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Kolchak: The Night Stalker
- (old age) "The Youth Killer" 3/14/75 Tv ep. Helen Of Troy is the owner of a singles dating service, her way of finding perfect physical specimens to offer as sacrifices to the goddess Hecate. Helen's spells keep her young and beautiful, but cause her victims to age to death, going from their 20s to about 90 in mere minutes. (Dale Ribbons)
Night Stalker
- (old age) A woman ages while exercising. old age (Clayquartermain)

2nd TBS series, live-action with animated character - (SickBoy data)
- (male AR AA to baby) 1979, Ep33 link - screencaps
- (male baby AA'd into adult baby, time reversal RNed) 1979, Ep66 link - screencaps

Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite
- (mother/adult daughter body exchange) 2014 NHK drama.
The story of a mom who never met her daughter in 12 years. When they finally meet again they accidentally swap bodies. Physical aftermath glimpse on poster? If they exchanged cellphones it may have been mental TF only?
- Poster - Japanese search link - (

Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite
- (young/older adult body swap) 2014. 47 y.o. mother and "17" y.o. estranged daughter magically switch bodies when their elevator plunges down.

Korean stars (appearance alterations)
- (face FF)
years - Kim Ah Joong double eyelid surgery, Koda Kumi before/after.
years - Dawn Yang cosmetic surgery 97 to 08.

Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
- (AR, TF) 13th Super Sentai series, Toei, TV Asahi.
- Ep17 "The Teacher Who Became a Child" 1989/06/17.
Yohei is forced to watch over Ms. Yamaguchi after a Boma Beast transforms her back into a child.
- Ep25 "The Fighting Puppy" 1989/08/12.
A Boma Beast changes a puppy into a human in order to turn Pink Turbo into a dog.
- Japan-only purchase link - (Akira)

- (male AA TF APed) AKA "Shri Krishna". Ramanand Sagar, Doordarshan, 1993.
Mythological adaptation. Water from the seven holy rivers is used to bathe the baby Praduman.
- Video link - screencaps

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
- (AA episode; adult stasis or rejuv, preteen "degeneration" pseudo "oa'd")
"Dinosaur Squadron Beast Ranger" - 16th Super Sentai tokusatsu. Toei, Bandai, TV Asahi.
- Ep13 "Fire! The Golden Arrow" 5/22/1992.
- Dora Monster launches magic apples that knock out children. Stalks grow from their heads. Bandora states that with Mei gone, the apple seeds will suck out the children's "youth" as the apples grow bigger, pseudo-"shriveling" the children while ripening to be eaten, and giving Bandora eternal adult youth. Tottopatt gives her a mirror to admire herself.
Jun, Keiko, and all the infected children got sickly ill from the apples eating their bodies. The apples on their heads kept growing bigger. The doctor states it would be dangerous to remove the apple from Keiko's head. Elsewhere, children are still being infected by Dora Ladon's apple seeds and running from the Monster.
In the spiritual realm, Mei declares not to partake in the baptism of the holy Ptera Arrow, shooting the Golden Apple on its head and leading the team to finish it off using the Howling Cannon. On the Moon, Bandora rages that she lost her adult youth, while throwing things at her minions. Back on Earth, Mei congratulates the children for recovering from their sickness.
- Temporary link @10:10 - official link blocked - (Akira)

Kyoudai Ken Byclosser
- (AR) At about the 16:45 minute mark, a woman was converted into a baby (better loose clothing on that one).
decrepit - AR flash - (John)

Kyoudai Ken Byclosser
- (boy muscle) Ep04, 1985 - Vid link (Japan only) - caps - (Akira)

Kyoudai Ken Byclosser
- (kids into babies AR, kids to senescence AA) 1985, ep16.
AKA "Brother Fist Bycrosser", "Kyodai Ken Baikurossa". Tokusatsu serial, Toei.
- Video link - Full episode link
- male AR - male AR - AR - aftermath - male wrinkles - (Thomas)

Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger
- (kids to oldkids to apples) 1992 - Ep13 link - (SickBoy)

Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger
- (male AA GTed) - caps

Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoV
- (male AR OC poofs, RN poofs, male AA AP?) 1999, TV Asahi.
The heroes were involuntarily reverted back to boys by a villainess. They struggle to return.
- All episodes overview link
- Ep 24 link "Little Rescue Soldiers" - screencaps
- Ep 26 link "The Fiery Dragon Prince is Born" unconfirmed.
- (Akira)

La Croisière Foll'Amour
- (AP) France 1995, 134, "Strellina". Young Strellina from the planet Vega transforms into grown-up Valerie. Quote: "I don't want to learn my lessons. *PING* Now I am big. I can do what I want." (FDM-Group, Tim) AP

La Gata
- (FF teen to adult AA AP cut-away, OA'd cut-away) 2014 Mexican telenovela. Esmeralda age 12 to 31 FF.
Video link - caps - caps

La Malquerida
- (FF teen to adult face fade) 2014 Mexican telenovela. Acacia video link - caps

La Mujer en el Espejo
- (adult TF, possible expansion, some "rejuvenation" effect?) "increased beauty" tropes - screencaps

La Pandilla de los 7
- (male AP CB cutaway, male RN AR cutaway) Ep25, Venezuela, RCTV, 1991.
"Boys only law". His clothes were ripped after he drank the serum that turned him into a man. His sister finally forced him to drink the antidote. He returned to normal behind the bed when the police entered.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)
- (adults to old age) Ep45.
Episode link - (Sickboy)

La Rosa de Guadalupe
- (adult daughter/mother soul swap) "En Sus Zapatos", Ep174, c2009.
Mother and daughter fight constantly. The Virgin exchanges their spirits to live for a moment the life of the other.
- Video link - cap - (Mexican,

Lab Rats: Bionic Island
- (male adult baby) S4Ep9 "Spike vs. Spikette" 7/15/2015.
Video link - screencaps - (Ricky)

Lab Rats: Elite Force
- (Disney AA curses) S01Ep15, #160, "They Grow Up So Fast", 10/15/2016.
A baby being babysat was accidentally AA'd into a somewhat talking teenager (or replaced by a teenager wearing larger overalls of the same style) when playing with an "aging device". They try to fix this but end up with her shrunken teenage head still on her baby body. "My neck hurts." At the end, they finally AA her back when mom arrives. No process since they used a light to cover her body, a very common method to hide an AA "replacement TF".
This is the third time an AA "aging device" was used. Twice in Mighty Med, and once in Lab Rats when Donald Davenport was OA'd.
- Video link - screencaps - (Mad0charles)

Lab Rats
- (adult "TF rejuv" disguise hologram) - "Morph" scene link - reversed caps

Lab Rats
- (male mental AR) S02Ep16 "Memory Wipe", 8/19/13, Disney.
Leo comes home with a bad report card, and tries to use a memory erasing device to erase the last 24 hours of Davenport's memory. Instead, he accidentally erases 24 years of his memory, causing him to think he's 15. When they try to fix it, they instead erase more of his memory, making him think he's a 4 1/2 year old.
- (Anostus)

Land of the Lost
- (flash forward) 1991 series, 2 seasons, 26 ep. Jennifer Drugan (Jenny Annie Drugan, who also played Young Winnie Cooper): Annie Porter, the younger daughter. No birthdate online, High School class of 2000. Adult height: 5'7"
- (flash forward) Beautiful "cave girl" Christa (Shannon Day) came from the United States during the 20th-century, but was trapped in the "land of the lost" at a very young age, and grew up alone. Strange fish-like human Namaki befriended Christa when she was just a little girl. Christa says "Acuba Ne" as either "hello" or "goodbye".
- (age disguise) "The Crystal" 1.5 10/5/91. Shung owns a crystal sword that can perform telekinetic feats and control minds, but it corrupts the mind of its user, as Annie discovers. She was made to look older and more powerful. - "Annie in Charge" 2.9 11/7/92.

Land of the Lost
- (slow growth, height increase, real life BE) 1974 to 1977. 2 kids and their dad got trapped in the past and wore the same clothes every week. After a while Holly started to fill out, but her clothes always fit. Holly Child actress Kathy Coleman had her teen growth spurt on the show. The 3rd season brought concerns that she had grown too much to continue playing the part of Holly. Rather than explore the problems a lone young girl might face maturing in a lost land, the Krofft people put Kathy in low-heeled shoes and ran comparative camera tests, ultimately deciding that, although much taller, she looked enough like the old Holly to pass. Holly was somehow still wearing the same jeans and shirt she was lost in, despite the fact that she was a foot taller (same height as Will) and developing a bosom. Months/years of running from dinosaurs and climbing rocks seemed to have not worn any holes in the knees or made any stains on the shirt. I bet a lot of parents wish they could buy their kids an outfit like that... This issue also discussed in fan fiction.
- (flash forward) Holly met herself as an adult with the help of a Time Doorway.

Land of the Lost
- (FF AA)
As in the original "Lost in Space" series, the growing teen's outfit "grew" with her, so it always fit perfectly.
- Holly's future self encounter screencaps - Growing shirt years, unsorted screencaps

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
- (kinda like adult AR, face close-up) Mariska Hargitay. Age regression software tested. 1
- (adult age disguise) Janie Spear has Turner's Syndrome, so even though she is 17 years old, physically she looks like a 12-year-old child. The episode focuses on her relationship with a 30-year-old employee of her father's; since she's 17, it's not statutory rape, but none of the detectives are comfortable with this.
- (adult age delusion) A girl in her late to mid 20s not only poses as a 16-year-old, but is under the delusion that she is one, despite having a complete memory of all the years she has spent creating false identities.

Law And Order Special Victims Unit
- (adult disguised as teen) A rather serious case, with a teenage girl who two boys literally fought to death over... only it turns out she was in her late 20s, and had been passing as a high-schooler for years in an effort to reclaim the childhood she'd been denied. Then again, that meant she had to deal with a "lot" of statutory rape charges...

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
- (age reduction disguised) It would have helped if the fake teenager hadn't gone around in little doll-like outfits accessorized with matching purses and barrettes in her hair. You'd think a character whose entire motivation was wanting to attain a little sexual freedom by not being mistaken for a little kid would try not to look like her mother had dressed her for Easter Mass.

Law And Order
- (adult age disguise) A seeming teenager is arrested for the murder of a teacher, followed by the arrest of another teacher for sleeping with her. In actuality, the teenager is a con-artist in her 30s, who killed the teacher to prevent her from revealing her real age.
- A very similar plot forms one episode of Psych. The premise of 21 Jump Street was cops who looked young enough to go undercover as high school students.

Law And Order
- (adult disguised as teen) Original series. A woman was changing her name and resetting her age to 16, bringing statutory rape charges to block her attempted murder charge. The Investigation revealed she had done it many times and was at least 29!

Lazy Town
- (male AR, RN AA) "Little Sportacus"
Direct video link - screencaps
Direct video link - screencaps
- (Age Theater)

- (AA FFed) fan art

- (coming of age) Stephanie's "growth" aftermath - gif - gif

- (FFed AA) Some fans have imagined Stephanie older.
- fan art - fan art - fan art
- (FFed) fan art
- (male AR) Little Sportacus" Part 2. He gets ARed by Robbie Rotten to a 10 year old. (hazface)

- (FFed) Steph
- (FFed) Stephanie's adult cake gif

- (adult demon face OA'd) S4Ep8 "You Will Remember Me" 2021/12/09.
Hope tracks down and swiftly dispatches the Witch and Werewolf members of the Triad. The Witch was using magic to remain a young adult until Hope showed up at her backyard pool. A Black candle is lit and all magic is canceled. The Vampire (Aurora) outsmarts Hope by Freaky Fridaying them.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Legend of Dick and Dom, The
- (AR) S2Ep3 "Hag Puss" 2010/03/17.
BBC show set in the Middle Ages. A puddle of youth causes involuntary AR.
- Episode link - Male AR @05:40 caps - Male RNed caps
- 3 witches AR @25:35 caps - Male AR facial hair aftermath @26:50 caps - (ARFan)

Legend of Dick and Dom, The
- (male rejuv or AR) S2Ep3 "Hag Puss" 3/17/2010, 30min.
The heroes need the pus from an old hag's zit, whose magic is very powerful. Sadly, a lot of stuff from that time is really hard to come by - (TravellAR)

Legend of the Seeker
- (adult rejuvenation) - morph
(AR Group)

Legend of the Seeker
- (male adult rejuvenation) S2 Ep5.
Zedd falls victim to a mysterious spell that strips him of his memory - and his old age. Emboldened by his newfound youth, the once-wise wizard arrogantly faces a lethal showdown with the Keeper of the Underworld. (Bodyswap1)

Legend of the Seeker
- (male AR, male AP) S02 ep05 - the wizard forgets who he is and regresses in age, but later progresses back. The main character follows and becomes an old man with him, before being reverted back.

- (male AR AA fade) Brazil variety program, c2016.
"Gustavo Almeida no programa dos Legendarios - Fonte da juventude" Fountain of Youth skit.
- Video link @50sec - screencaps - - (FARfan)

Legenda MD Series
- (adult age swap, old woman/young woman) MD Entertainment series, 2013, Indonesia.
When the rejuvenating witch stole her adult youth particles, the victim poofed into dust.
Episode link @20:20 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

Legends of Tomorrow
- (AA ARed cutaway) "Wet Hot American Bummer".
Scene link - screencap - (Tazz)
- (demon AA "TFed") Anything is possible when mAAgic is involved. Charlie the "shapeshifter" was trapped in the form of Amaya.

Legends of Tomorrow
- (AA curse AR) S4Ep4 "Wet Hot American Bummer" 11/12/2018.
Fantasy curses will change your clothes as you wear them, and you won't even notice. The Legends go undercover as camp counselors to find vanished kids.
Halfway through, Sara and Ava drink an adult-to-teen magic AA-potion. Later, they AA back to normal just before a lesbian kiss. There was no process. Something does start, but before any changes are seen they cut to a counselor walking in on them as early teens.
- (Megaman3451, Tazz)

Legends of Tomorrow
- (gynoid entity TF, AR AA morph) S05Ep09 "Zari, Not Zari" 2020/04/21.
Nonhuman Multiverse deity Charlie (a shapeshifter) confronts her super powerful older sister. She makes Charlie feel like a little girl by using the term "Younger sister", which causes Charlie to appear as her younger child self. During the battle with Constantine, Sarah helps Charlie flee. She ran from behind a tree restored to normal.
- Scene link - gif - screencaps - (Tazz)

Legends of Tomorrow
- (male adult mind swap) 2017, Arrowverse. Prof. Martin Stein (1950) and Jefferson Jackson (1993) merge to become Firestorm. Trying to go their separate ways, they accidentally swap bodies. So Jackson is in an older body and Stein is younger. Jackson in Stein's body complains of arthritis, having to go to the bathroom constantly, etc; while Jackson's actor acts much older since Stein is in his body - (Tazz)

- (body swap possibility) S1Ep3 "Chapter 3" 2/22/2017.
FX show set in X-Men universe. Female mutant's power is to switch bodies for a while with anyone she touches. She mentions she once switched bodies with a 5y.o. The main characters also dig into David's subconscious by accessing memories of his mutant powers as a child. The World's Angriest Boy chases them through a version of Haller's childhood home - (Tazz)

Les 7 vies de Lea
- (F2F, TG body swaps) "The 7 Lives of Lea". French, 2022/04/28.
After finding a skeleton, 17 y.o. Lea wakes up in 1991 in the body of a young man who disappeared. She swaps 7 times, once into an older body?
- Trailer link - (Spyeye, Ben, Ludivine)

Létající Cestmír
- (live-action male AP, adult rejuvenation, male AR, AR, APed) AKA "Der fliegende Ferdinand" 1984 Czechoslovakia, West Germany. 16 episodes? Ferdinand is on his way to school when suddenly he finds himself on the planet of the flowers. If he smells one flower, he briefly becomes an adult, looking precisely like his father. The other flower lets him fly. At the end of the series Professor Langmeier becomes a child. Ferdinand changes himself into his father and adopts the youthful professor. (Michael Binary)
- Ep 2: Ferdinand and his friends age themselves to adult and sneak into movie for 16-year-olds.
male adult rejuvenation scene
male ARed
male AP
age changes

Letajici Cestmir
- (male AR, male swaps) - INFO PAGE
AP? What's that?? This is one of those programs where you hope there might be something good, but of course there never is... However; there IS a little bit of good male AR, and also some indirect male TFed AP scenes.

- (AA adult rejuvenation, weight loss) metamorphosis

Librarians, The
- (AA'd to old age, RN) The Librarians - S4Ep5 "And the Bleeding Crown" 12/27/2017, TNT.
An ancient and powerful enemy let loose in the modern day; there can only be one Librarian. In a small town, everybody has mysteriously been AA'd into old folks, and then the cast too!
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Librarians, The
- (adult to old age) Ep9 "And the City of Light" 2015/01/18.
A grid built by Tesla in 1915 trapped the town's original inhabitants in a pocket dimension. Releasing Eve removes Mabel's immortality, causing her to age and die - backstage makeup pic

Librarians, The
- (male AR) The Librarians - S4Ep3 "And the Christmas Thief" 12/20/2017.
On All Thanksthieving Day, Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins to save Christmas from Santa's grinch brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves. Near the end, a thief gets his punishment from Santa by getting transformed into a spoiled little boy - (Carlton)

- (male pseudo "ARed") "The Old Hat Home" ends with evil magician Hoodoo accidentally zapping himself into a baby. The effect is done by dressing Charles Nelson Riley up in a baby bonnet and dress, and superimposing him into the picture so he looks tiny - (Doctor Anguish)

- (OA, AR?) 15 "The Old Hat Home" 1971. Live action, puppets.
The nasty Hoo-Doo AA's the human and fedora-like inhabitants of Lidsville older. They manage to effect a cure, but when Hoo-Doo tries to reverse his spell, they'll all be ARed! - 01 - TBTC

Life Goes On
- (FF) 1989 - 1993.
- S4ep1. A 40-something Becca (Pamela Bellwood) tours the house she grew up in while remembering the events of 25 years earlier. Becca would move on and marry a man named David.
- The series itself ended ambiguously but upbeat, showing Becca 5 years later, married, and with a son.
- Imaginary AR scene did not occur in series - fan art

Life Goes On
- (growth wish, opening credits) 1989. 13 year old Becca (Kellie Martin) gazes in mirror and commands her breasts to grow. "Come on, where are you guys already?" Later they got big.

- (not male AR) Ep01, 2015. There is a part where a guy mentally flashbacks to being in the womb - (Jeffr_2bya)

Lincoln Heights
- (some male FF growth) 2007-2009. All the Sutton kids grow a little, but Tay is the most noticeable and he becomes far less wimpy as a result.

Little House on the Prairie
- (age disguise) # 80 "The Rivals" 1/9/78 Laura puts apples in the front of her dress to make herself look older and more developed.

Little House on the Prairie
- (coming of age) "Sylvia".
The town’s sinister blacksmith spends his days stalking young girls while wearing a mime mask. 15 y.o. Sylvia's puritanical father believes she’s inherently evil because she hit puberty. He forces her to bind her burgeoning bosom and is outraged to find the neighborhood boys peeping at her - Video link - cap

Little Rascals
- (AR, RN) S13Ep04 "Shrimps for a Day" 12/08/1934.
Rich couple holds a party for the nearby orphanage. During the party they find a lamp and wish they were small again. They become the same age as the orphans and are mistakenly taken back to the orphanage. After escaping they are restored to adulthood. Considering the era, some really good TF effects. ln - th

Lizzie McGuire
- 8 - swap
- (male) male flashbacks
- misc age scenes
- (AP) fan art
- (mind transfer age TG) "Freaky McGuires" Older sister swaps bodies with younger brother - discovery scene

Lizzie McGuire
- (CoA) "I want a bra" gif

Lizzie McGuire
- (coming of age show) - FF - FF

Lizzie McGuire
- (kinda like toon age stasis, mental CoA themes) The animated "mini Lizzie" who comments on the storyline in every episode never grew up from her original tween appearance, even as the live actress expanded through puberty - caps

Lizzie McGuire
- Ep 2, 102, 01/19/01. "Picture Day Lizzie" School photo ep: 1
- (AR TG, mind transfer, RN) Lizzie and her younger brother switch bodies. First cap: 2 - link
- (coming of age) 05/11/01, Ep 12 "Between a Rock and a Bra Place" first bra episode
- (flash forward to "old age", dream sequence) Lizzie's "old age"
- (youth disguise, age disguise, flashback scene) Ep 65, 02/14/04 "(Lizzie and Miranda's) Magic Train" When Lizzie and Miranda discover an old childhood favorite, "Clover and Daisy's Magic Train" will be taping in their town they decide it would be fun to attend. What would people think of 2 teenagers attending a children's program? They are selfconscious so they make themselves look younger to sneak into kiddie show. After they are caught they try to look older. age disguises

Locke & Key
- (AA, TG, young adult age forms) S1Ep8 "Ray of F**king Sunshine" 2020/02/07.
Netflix. 3 siblings discovered magical keys, and 40-something villainess Dodge is after them. We learn Dodge is really the siblings' dead father's childhood friend Lucas. He had been using the Identity Key (to change anything about yourself) to switch between teenage male and adult woman. We even see her use the key (insert under chin) to go back to Lucas - (Tazz)

Logan's Run
- (AP) "Fear Factor" 11/14/77. A hidden society is kept going by slaves who are AP'd from childhood to adult in minutes by means of lost technology.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
- (adult rejuvenation RN/old age) 10/20/96 "Brutal Youth" A scientist discovers a way to steal the youth of younger adults and transfer it to older adults, and one of their victims is Jimmy Olsen, who becomes an old man. Sandy Ward as old Connor Schenk, Don Keefer as old Benny Rockland, Barbara Pilavin as old Lois Lane. (Jeffr_2bya)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
- (AR) S04Ep05 "Brutal Youth" 10/20/96.
A woman invents a machine that steals adult youth to transfer to other adults. She tries to use it on Superman, and the receiver is transformed into an infant.
- (OA) - Tempus ages Lois.

Look Around You
- (adult and elderly forms interact) S2Ep4 "Food" 2005/02/21 UK educational parody.
In 1980, 30 y.o. Olivia Colman's character Pam gets to meet herself at age 90!
- Episode link @22:02 - caps - (Chronoeclipse)

Los Protegidos
- (male "teen" cut-away AA TF AP) - morphed

Los Protegidos
- (male AA morph TF, some possibility of age disguise) Spain, 2010.
A family of kids has super powers. 15 y.o. Lucas (Mario Marzo) can "shapeshift" into other people - screencap

Los protegidos
- (male AA TFs, teen to boy age forms) S1Ep3.
Episode link @34:37 - screencaps - (Richard)

Los Protegidos
- (TG TF AA de-aging, RN) S3Ep4.
While cheering up the little kids in the living room, Lucus transforms into the little girl and chases the brother.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kim)

Los Serrano
- (male "FB" looks like mental FB) Spanish sitcom about a family, Telecinco, 2003-2008.
S8Ep7 "Desmontando a Diego" 2008/07/17. Series finale.
The wife has died, two children were involved in incest, and the other ended up in juvie. The father went to end his life, but he woke as if nothing happened. The whole 8 seasons were just a dream! So the final episode is the guy starting the series again to a normal family. Which was extremely weird because his sons and Lucia's daughters had obviously grown, but were put in "kids"-style AA clothing and hairstyles and they also acted like kids. To this day it is still referenced in Spain as a meme.

Lost Girl
- (age stasis) S01Ep03 "Oh Kappa, My Kappa" 9/26/2010.
Bo and Kenzi open private investigation office. They go undercover on the local college campus to find a missing sorority coed, and discover a surprising Fae connection - (Jeffr_2bya)

Lost in Oz
- (ARed AA, age stasis) 2002. Cyclone hurls Alexandra Wilder into Land of Oz. A mysterious hooded man has not aged for 60 years. Loriellidere motions to a little girl on a bed, saying that she enchanted Ozma into a child. She sees Alex is the new Dorothy Gale. There was no scene where Ozma grew back to her teen body.
Episode video link
ARed screencaps

Lost in Space
- (FF, coming of age) 1965-1968.
Angela Cartwright (9/9/1952, 5'5", 1.65 m.)
- Penny Robinson's space clothes had to be constantly enlarged. "I grew into my teenage years on the show. The taller I became, the more inches they added to my pants until finally they gave up and put me in a mini skirt for the third season."
As you can see the inside back lining had material added during the season. Angela was growing so fast that they had to make the costume bigger for her.
- Fan fiction link - link
costume - costume - suit - suit - (ClassicTVfan)

Lost in Space
- (male adult to old age) S01Ep28 "A Change Of Space" 4/20/1966.
- (male AR, RNed) S03Ep03 "Kidnapped In Space" 9/20/1967.
- (age stasis) S03Ep19 "The Promised Planet" 1/24/1968.
INFO - (JeffR_2bya)

Lost in Space
- (male ARed, male AP) "Kidnapped in Space" 9/9/67. Preview only. Full clip can be downloaded from ArArchive, new images section. male AP (2bya)

Lost World, The
- (adult AA ages) "The Source"

Lost World, The
AKA "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World".
- (old ages, rejuv/stasis?) S01Ep07 "Paradise Found" 11/13/99.
The protagonists, alerted by a prematurely elderly old friend, stumble upon a Shangri-La like culture, whose magic tree and fruit keep them young adults. ln - th
- (beast AP) S02Ep07 "London Calling".
A T-Rex hatches from an egg and grows into an adult T-Rex in less than a few seconds. ln - th
- (adult stasis, OA?) S02Ep10 "The Source" 1/27/01.
During a crippling drought, the adventurers are saved from thirsty raptors by a magnificent young woman who invites them to her pueblo. She is a survivor of the original colony which discovered the Fountain of Youth. Her supply is diminishing, and she must return to the Fountain cave - or surely die!
- (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord TBTC)

- (flashback, AA, flash forward) - main collage
female - female - female
- Young Kate / Evangeline Lilly - female - ages
female - adult years
- There were many flashbacks showing the characters lives before reaching the Island, and apparent spectral AA age forms.
male - male - male - male - male - male - male
male - male - male - male - male - male

- (kinda like male AA ARed) Smoke Monster Evil Fake Locke sees a young boy with blonde hair. It is revealed via flashback that the young boy is Jacob (the ruler of the island who was killed in last season's final) when he was 13. Jacob's ghost walks the island speaking to Hurley, appearing at different ages. In the episode right before the final, Hurley runs after young Jacob, only to catch up with him as an adult. Adult/teen Jacob won't appear again, as he said that once a fire made with his ashes goes out, he will be gone forever.
- Video link - (Tazz)

- (male adult age stasis) Richard Alpert has been on the island since AT LEAST the 1950s, and has not appeared to age at any point. Jacob appears to be in his 30s, but was alive in his present form during the 1800s. Richard was an adult in 1867.

- (male adult mental flashbacks, flash forwards) 2008. Desmond and Sayid are on a helicopter heading to a rescue boat. Desmond's mind is sent back to 1996, when he was in the army. He barely remembers the future time line. Then he skips back to 2004, but doesn't remember a thing. He still thinks he is in the army. He goes back and forth between 1996 and 2004 trying to find his constant (someone he knows from both times). (Tazz)

- (male age shifting) Walt started the show as a small kid, but grew older and taller for his subsequent appearances. According to the show timeline not much time had passed since the initial plane crash. Reportedly the show planned for this from the beginning. Recent episodes have dropped hints about time irregularities.

- (male APed dream sequence) "Fire + Water" 212, 1/25/06. 48 total strangers survived a horrific plane crash on a deserted island. The episode starts with what appears to be a flashback, but after one of the children turns into a grownup version of Charlie's band mate, Liam, we realize it must be a dream. In another flashback we see Liam and Charlie doing a commercial or music video - they are in diapers in an oversized crib. Liam continues to mess it all up.
- (male flash forward looks like male AP) "Fire Plus Water" 1/25/06, 2.12. Charlie is a washed up heroin addicted rock star. We see Charlie as a little boy on Christmas and then his older brother (who is also a kid in the flashback) ages to the grown man we have seen in a previous flashback. Charlie the kid then ages to the man we see every week. The whole family starts chanting "Save us Charlie". The TF's were off screen but kind of cool. (Tazz)

- (male AR AA dream cut) "Gym", S01Ep12, 9/7/2010.
Louie dreams he interacts with a female newscaster. She responds why would she have sex with him... he is just a little boy. We then see him as a kid wearing pj's for a moment. She then starts saying "Daddy" a few times, which is just Louie's daughter trying to wake him up. Scene is about 2:20 in. Link is reported to be loaded with adware, pop ups, and spyware:
- screencaps - (Tazz, Entropic)

Love Spell
- (adult rejuvenated, adult RN OA) "Sweet Sixty", Philippines, S4, 4/29/07.
60-year old Doña Rosing never seems to run out of conflicts with her liberated granddaughter Anna. When Doña sheds a tear on a magical rose, she unexpectedly transforms into a young lady! Shocked, Doña names herself Rose, and enjoys life with her new-found adult youth and vigor, much to the frustration of her granddaughter!
- OA Video link - OA screencaps - (Tazz, Carltonwils24)

Love Spell
- (adult rejuvenation) Video link - screencaps

Love, American Style
- (male adult mentally reverted) "Love and the Hypnotist", S2Ep3, 10/9/1970.
A hypnotist at a pre-wedding party makes groom Rich Little regress mentally into a 3-year-old whenever he hears a certain sound. Guess what happens at the wedding repeatedly? - (Time2)

Lovin' Lakin
- (FFed) 2012 comedy mini-series.
Mockumentary on child actor Christine Lakin's return to Hollywood.

Luccas Neto: A Giovanna Virou Adulta de 30 Anos!
- (AA curse, also some limited RN "ARed") Web channel series, 2019/05/07, Brazil.
I've already made it clear how I feel about AA, so won't comment about this one. However, there are slight AA "AR" replacement poofs at c09:45, 10:54, 12:25 and elsewhere.
- Episode link - screencaps - cover

Luna Blanca
- (flash forward) 5/21/12, GMA Network, Philippines.
Twin sisters Luna and Blanca grow up through 3 generations towards discovering their ancestry and fulfilling their personal destinies. The sisters are born with completely different features. Making Luna even more unusual is her mystical twin shadow.
- caps - caps - (O')

- (AP) 3-11, 1/4/88 "Kill Zone"
- (no AR/AP) "Mountain of Youth" (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult to OA'd cutaway) S03Ep11 "Kill Zone" - screencaps - (TFdimension)

- (adult to OA) S03Ep11 "Kill Zone" 1/4/88.
Female scientist exposed to aging virus gets old rapidly.
- (age stasis legend?) S07Ep14 "Mountain Of Youth" 5/21/92.
Mac and Jack search for a mythical Fountain Of Youth in a land of paradise.
- (TBTC)

- (OA) An organism created by a scientist caused plants and animals to rapidly age. It brought plants to maturity faster, but animals died of old age in a few minutes.

Mad About You
- (flashback scene) First meeting.
- BE'd

Mad About You
- (flashback/flash forward juxtaposition) "Natural History" S2Ep7, 206, 11/4/1993.
Jamie and Paul unwittingly reenact their first meeting as children at the museum, as fate destined them to be together.

- (BE) 11/18/00 #607 includes "Girly Time". Parody of a 1954 B&W sex education film. Pepper (Alex Borstein) is jealous of her friends because the boys ignore her. Suddenly, in the girls' bathroom, the onset of puberty is represented by a ray of light extending out towards her crotch. She starts growing taller - and outward - and starts ovulating! Her parents appear to explain the changes. The guys are lining up outside the bathroom (despite pimples and hairy legs).
- (flash forward) "Olden Twins" 1 fat, 1 thin.
- (male TG ARed) KISS and Michael Jackson did battle on at least 1 occasion.
- girl disguise

Maddigan's Quest
- (AA curse, baby could retroactively be seen as "ARed" form) S01Ep13 "Solis" 2/16/2006 (final Ep) New Zealand.
Replacement curse. There is a bright light over Baby June, and she is gone. Meanwhile the light reforms nearby. A well-dressed woman claims full continuity of identity with the now-vanished infant.
- Scene video link - (Grundverkehrt)

- (looks like old aged aftermath) "Wheel of Fortune Sketch"
Vanna White is played by a 90 y.o. actress as a spoof on how she's not a young model anymore.
- Video link - (Chrono Eclipse)

magic is real
- (transformation scenes and aftermaths, possible UC/CB)
2011/12 Tv series in pre-production with fantastical elements in realistic settings:
17th Precinct
- (small possibility of age TF?)
NBC 2011.
"Harry Potter for grownups" cop drama. In the fictional town of Excelsior magic and supernatural elements rule over science.
Once Upon a Time
- (small possibility of age TF?)
ABC 2011.
A young boy in Storybrooke, Maine, is introduced to a separate reality where evil queens, dwarves and other characters are very real.
- (small possibility of age TF?)
NBC 2011.
Cop drama set in a world where characters inspired by the Grimm fairy tales actually exist. Detective Nick Burckhardt starts to see some people as beasts and monsters and discovers that he must protect the human race.

Magic Warriors Mir and Gaon
- (AA TF AR) 2005 Korean children's show, sequel to "Magic Kid Masuri". Mabeob jeonsa mileu gayeol?
Ep12 scene link - screencaps
- Also F2F TFs in Ep2, 12-13, 17, 65-66, 84, 92-93, 160... and many possessions - (Usnavi, JP)

Magicians, The
- (AA'd "APed") The Magicians - S3Ep2 "Heroes and Morons" 2018.
Fairy Queen claims that Fray is Eliot and Fen's infant daughter aged up to young adulthood in 2 months, but Eliot and Margo are skeptical. They refer to various Tv and movie AA stories where something similar happened:
Margo: What a cliche. The baby that becomes a teenager practically overnight?
Eliot: Right? Angel.
Margo: Twilight.
Eliot: Buffy.

Mahabharat Bangla
- (TF AA upgrade "AP") Ep221, STAR, 2014.
Nand's baby girl transforms into a goddess.

Maharakshak: Aryan
India, superhero series, 2015 - (Sickboy info)
- (male adult OA, man into old man) - Ep23 link
- (male adult rejuv, old man into man, adult OA, fairy into old woman) - Ep24 link

Mahou Shoujo Chuuka na Pai Pai!
- (AA TG TFed) Magical Chinese Girl PaiPai! - The Good Little Witch.
9th Toei Fushigi Comedy series. Ep5, 1989/02/12: Old man into schoolgirl? Nuruhachi magically transformed into young lady. Japanese text link

Make It or Break It
- (coming of age, gymnast FF BE) ABC Family, 2009.
Teen gymnasts strive to make it to the Olympics.
Top gymnast Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell, 10/7/90) has been training since she was 4 years old - "I am so close!" - but the changes in her body after her injury require her to start almost from scratch. She ran into a rather unique problem: during her downtime, her metabolism finally entered puberty. The resultant growth spurt made her an inch taller, much heavier, and too curvy to keep her balance. This raised the issue of why she competes, leading to a warm mother/daughter moment - 01

Malcolm In The Middle
- (BE'd, coming of age)
After the summer holidays, Malcolm doesn't understand why a female friend is suddenly slouching around in baggy jumpers snapping at people. Turns out she... filled out, and isn't used to the male attention she's getting because of her sudden size increase. Malcolm tries to be understanding, but can't quite concentrate...
- (weight loss, flashback)
An incredibly sexy babysitter hired for the boys turns out to have been an old classmate of Francis. He calls them from military school, and we see his image of her as an obese, awkward nerd.

male AA APed
- (cut-away) Growing Super Fast PRANK, OmarGoshTV, 2013 - Vid link - caps

male timelines
- (male adult face FF) years - (Jacob)

Man Called Sloane, A
- (adults to OA'd) "The Shangri-La Syndrome", 12/22/1979, S1Ep12.
Robert Conrad as a secret agent. There was rapid aging in young women through hormones, seen at about 5 mins and 37 mins.
"It just doesn't seem possible that a person can age 50 years in 5 minutes time."
- Blurry video link - caps - (Merlin)

Man From U.N.C.L.E., The
- (male AR, male adult rejuvenation) "The Bridge of Lions Affair" 1966.
A scientist has invented a rejuvenation process (part chemical/part machine) and uses it on a retired British politician so he can keep up with his young new wife. But the process needs to be replenished monthly, and the politician's wife has inserted herself between him and the scientist so he'll do as she says. The process took him from old to middle age. But then the evil THRUSH agents kidnap the wife to get the process and control it. UNCLE agents try to prevent that. The politician soon sees the process as a curse and suggests the scientist destroy it. Realizing that THRUSH could torture the information out of him, the scientist commits suicide with his own process, as on reaching pre-puberty his body gives out. (We see a 12-year-old boy with a now dark mustache).

Man Show, The
- (AR) #319, 1/27/02. "Wife Disguise Kit" looks just like AR. Jimmy's mom also explains "the birds and the bees".

Maniac Mansion
- (male AP cutaway "CBed" glimpse) S01Ep01 "The 10th Anniversary Special" 1990/09/14.
Turner Edison was accidentally zapped from a toddler into a huge balding adult in a transformation chamber.
- Video link @08:30 - screencaps - (Akira)

Maniac Mansion
- (male APed, male AA AP morph, RN ARed) Canadian sitcom.
An invention mishap before the start of the series caused a genetic mutation turning toddler Turner Edison into a fully-grown man with the mind of a child.
- S1Ep22, "The Cliffhanger", 3/26/91.
Fred and Tina finally discover a way to get Harry and Turner back to normal, but Turner doesn't really want to be small. When the experiment is finished, the family takes one look at Turner and Harry and screams their guts out.
- S3Ep1, "The Long Hot Mansion", 9/7/92.
One day Turner is mysteriously returned to his small self. It turns out the meteor is causing strange things to happen at the mansion.
- Opening credits video link - caps - (Akira)

- (male adult TF) On a few occasions his clothes were torn during his transformations - man to animal change.

Married With Children
- (AA FFed) adult female cast
- (FF AP flash forward, AA, cuts) 1990, #90, 510 "one down, two to go" Peg takes it hard when Kelly moves out after Al keeps beating up her boyfriends, and Al takes it hard when he sees her great new place.
Kelly - grew up

Married With Children
- (male adult FFed) Al Bundy is a slow reader.

Married... with Children
- (male AA morphing, TF/TG age forms) S10Ep05 "How Bleen Was My Kelly" 1995/10/15.
A morphing montage where Kelly is testing various Bleen antidotes on Bud. Refers to the classic music video "Black or White" by Michael Jackson from 1991 - link

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- (dream simulation FB AA mental "ARed" form) S6Ep6 "Inescapable" 6/21/2019.
When Fitz and Simmons are locked in a Chronicom mind prison, Fitz goes through his marriage proposal again. Despite enthusiastically accepting, Simmons is terrified of telling Fitz the truth about time travel. She "turns into" her 7 y.o. self, and hides from him in her childhood bedroom - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Marvel's Daredevil
- (mirror "AR" dream illusion) Netflix, Ep08, '15. "Shadows in Glass".
We see the past of Kingpin. Early in the episode, present day Kingpin looks in the mirror and his reflection is a young boy who does what he does. Flashbacks show the boy is a young Kingpin - (Tazz)

Mashin Sentai Kiramager
- (mental ARed) Ep6 "Suddenly Turning 5 Years Old" 2020/04/12.
Toei, 44th Super Sentai tokusatsu series. A camera monster is attacking the city!? The photographed people seem to disappear on the spot. Moro eats Garza's assault on Saya! Ryuru rushes to Saya who wakes up safely, but timidly asks "Who are you brothers?" The source and identity of Saya's Kiramental are needed for restoration - info link - preview link - (Akira)

Masked Rider 555 (Faizu) The man who died is reincarnated and disguises as a ghost fighter with the supernatural power of various animals. 12-year-old boy begins to attack people unconsciously. His shadow changes to a grown-up size, and voice turns into grown-up voice. He disguises himself as the king of Orphnoch. Height: 2m 16cm. Weight: 149kg. He is transfigured into an immortal body, and is proud of wonderful physical strength, such as having a grip which crushes steel with a thickness of 1.5m. link link - link (Akira) - TF alter ego adult rejuvenated

Masked Rider Black RX
- (AP) #14, 02/05/89, "Hitomo chan Yuukai" - "Hitomi-chan's Kidnapping"? Princess Garonia is killed in an accident. From the earth, a similar 10-year-old girl is kidnapped. Her memory is operated on, and she is made to grow to age 20 (same as the princess) with the Water of Growth. Her 12 year old brother goes to help her together with a Masked Rider. Can he still boss her around? (Akira)

Masked Rider Black RX
- (unseen AA AP. AR RN) screencaps.
intro abduction - AP - sibling rescue - RN AR

Masked Rider Kiva
- (male TFs, costume hero aging) There are 3 subordinates in Kiva. They have Frankenstein (strength), fish creature (swimming), and werewolf's combat ability. They unite and give Kiva further power. They usually disguise as a man's appearance. The young boy of 13 years old and 156 centimeters in height wears a sailor blouse and short trousers when transforming to Hangyojin - info link - link It is a man who has fish scales and body. Kiva has a meaning of "Fang" in Japanese, by which Doracara breathes in blood - info link - link

Masked Rider Ryuki
- May have boy AP. (Akira)
Masked Rider Agito
- AKA Kamen Rider Agito Nazo? An enemy's boss appeared in the form of a child dressed in black. He grew to 20 years old. (Akira)

Masked Singer, The
- (giant baby impersonation, "adult babies") S6 "Baby's first performance", "Baby's second performance/reveal" 2021.
Unknown mystery masked celebrity in a big baby costume with dancers dressed up and acting like babies, reveal who it is at the end.
- Scenes link - - link - - (Tazz)

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation?) All based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. We don't know if these Tv episodes included the use of the devil's magical rejuvenation creme. Afterwards, she flew away on a broomstick.
- "Mistrz i Malgorzata".
Tv miniseries by Maciej Wojtyszko, Poland, 1988.
- "Master i Margarita".
Aleksandr Dzekun, Russia, 1989. Only 21 chapters were adapted from the play.
- Vladimir Bortko, Russia, 2005. 10 episodes.
- "A Mester es Margarita" 26 min. short film by Ibolya Fekete, 2005.

- (side by side comparisons) 2002 "My daughter looks like my twin" looks like adult progression.
- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

May Contain Nuts
- (adult age disguise) 2009 Ep01, UK. Foreseeing a life of prostitution for her 11-year-old daughter, Shirley Henderson (b.1965) dressed as her in order to pass a test to get the girl into a good school. The ironic thing is that her character in the Potter films, Myrtle, is actually older than her- but as a ghost still looks young.

Me, Myself & I
- (male face flashback AA "AR" & FF) 9/25/2017, CBS.
The show looks at the 50-year life span of inventor and businessman Alex Riley: as a 14 y.o. in 1991, a divorced 40 y.o. in the present day, and at age 65 in 2042.
- Trailer link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Me, Myself & I
- (male teen/adult/old, past & future selves) - Trailer-only caps

- (AA mental time jumps, AA dream sequence OA'd to same-sized octogenarian)
"Time keeps on slipping" 5/7/10.
- Ariel DuBois: Sofia Vassilieva
- Old Ariel: Shannon Welles
- 10 Year Old Brendan Kerrigan: Pierce Driessen
- 5 Year Old Anna: Taylor Groothuis
- 12 Year Old Anna: Paloma Stark
17 year old Ariel is having a difficult time. Like the AA protagonist in the movie "13 Going On 30", she seems to be mentally jumping ahead to her future life, but without any memory of what happened in the intervening period. The biggest jump occurs 10 years into the future. She is married to high school sweetheart Liam and has a 5 year-old child, but in her mind she's still a teenager in high school. Ariel's future self begins to have visions.
- OA'd video link - screencaps - (MySpecialFX)

- (AA, mother/daughter mind swap) "Bring your Daughter to Work Day" 9/24/2010, Season 7 Ep1.
Allison and her 12 year old daughter Bridgette Dubois (Maria Lark, b.6/20/97), who is growing to be almost as tall as her Tv-Mom, swap personalities after receiving visions about a missing homeless man. Bridgette in Allison's body has to learn how to walk in high heels. She has a vision that her classmate Cameron may not be the murderer. Allison in her daughter's body has to take a math test in Bridgette's place and gets asked out for the first time. They switch back after solving the case.
The Swap video link - (

- (AR dream sequence) "Baby Fever", 10/23/09, CBS.
Allison is dreaming as usual. She is in her daughter's bedroom, but everyone is a baby. Her husband walks in wondering what in the world is going on, and she turns around and sees that he has become a crying baby too.
(mummy2000_10016, Tazz)

- (FF AA, possible OA makeup?) 1/21/11.
Series finale will be set 7 and 47 years in the future.
- (AA ARed, male ARed dream sequences, cut-aways) S06E05 "Baby Fever"
Video link - screencaps
- (Age Theater)

- (mind transfer) Screencaps:
discovery shock - chest changes - first day

Meet the Browns
- (male mind transfer) "Meet the Switch" 11/18/11, S5Ep7.
Will and 10 y.o. Joaquin magically switched bodies after Joaquin wished to be an adult.

- (OA, pseudo AR, no size change, mental) "L'orologio stregato", 2012, classici, Italy.
Scene video link - screencaps - (SickBoy, Grundverkehrt)

Mentari dan Jinny
- (teen spirit, body theft of full adult) MNCTV Indonesia 2022.
She possesses the nurse at 3:20 - link - caps - (Guest)

Merlin (2008)
- (adult OA'd rejuv RN) S5Ep4 "Another's Sorrow" 10/27/12.
Morgana's elderly age-disguise - link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

Merlin (2008)
- (adult rejuvenation) S1Ep1 - screencaps

- (adult face ages) "Another's Sorrow" Morgana caps - (Fan2000)

- (adult rejuv) BBC.
Scene link - caps - (Cathy)

- (adult rejuvenation) 1998 miniseries - screencaps

- (adult to OA'd face) "Another's Sorrow" 10/27/12, 56 s5e4, BBC.
Katie McGrath's character Morgana age-disguised herself to kill her half-brother Arthur and take over Camelot. At night she returned to normal because it was too tiring - (Fan2000)

- (adult to old aged)
"A Lesson in Vengeance"
- Morgana aged herself to meet Guinevere.
"The Eye of the Phoenix"
- Morgause used an age spell to take on the form of a poor old beggar woman to meet Morgana in the market. Her true form could be revealed in a mirror.

- (adults rejuv) 1998. Merlin and his girlfriend have grown quite old at the end, but Merlin has one magic trick left. With a wave of his hand, both of them revert to their younger selves in a nice display of morphing. A quick, but well-done scene...
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

- (male adult OA'd) - Vid link - caps

- (male adult OA'd) "Queen of Hearts" 11/13/2010, BBC, Season3.
Merlin uses an aging spell to disguise himself as the real culprit and save Gwen.

- (male adult to old aged)
"Queen of Hearts"
- To divert the blame for practicing sorcery, Merlin used an ageing spell. In his chambers, he prepared an unknown powder he threw in a cauldron while chanting. The powder exploded, and as white smoke rose to his face, Merlin transformed into an old man. Moments from being burned at the stake, Gaius finished an antidote which he seized in the commotion, changing him back.
"The Wicked Day"
- Merlin used this spell again to transform into "Dragoon the Great". Gaius prepared the potion to reverse the effects so he would not be trapped again.
"A Servant of Two Masters"
- Merlin sneaked into Morgana's Hovel to kill the Fomorroh. This time his old age caused him to be rather slow when he tried to run.
"The Sword in the Stone: Part Two"
- Merlin used the spell to enter the conquered castle of Camelot.
"A Lesson in Vengeance"
- Gaius lowered the potion into Merlin's cell, and the sorcerer escaped in his aged form. Merlin broke the enchantment and turned back into himself in time to save Arthur's life.
"With All My Heart"
- To free Queen Guinevere from Morgana's control, Merlin disguised himself as Old Emrys again so old hag Dochraid could not recognize him.
"The Diamond of the Day"
- When he magically broke through Morgana's prison, Merlin was revealed to have turned into his older self, with renewed strength and eternal life.

Merv Griffin Show, The
- (growth) Nipped in the bud: On the last day of the show for Westinghouse, Merv was introducing 14 year old singer Julie Budd. Talking about old times, Merv came out with this blooper: "since we discovered Julie when she was 12, she really developed (chuckles from audience). Oh, come on," Merv replied.

Messengers, The
- (AA TF, old/young adults) The Messengers - S1Ep7 "Deus Ex Machina" 2015/05/29, The CW.
"You're not my mother". Koa Lin (Jessika Van) joined the team to regain lost money. Her Gift is shapeshifting, but she loses her own memories. Koa set off to find the hacker only to end up his captive. The attempt to heal Koa nearly costs Erin her life due to her healing powers.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Transformation Channel)
- adult AA TG link - adult AA TG link

metal heroes
- (male AA TF APed) Power Rangers, Aba Ranger, etc. - male battle form (Akira)

MI High
- (adult age stasis) "Forever Young" Vanessa Zeitgeist used scientific means to avert aging.
- (mental AR) "Forever Young" 2/19/07. BBC children's spy drama.
Police officers wear diapers after an ageing beautician unleashes a youth potion?
In her quest for beauty, Vanessa Zeitgeist creates Formula-66. But instead of renewing looks, it regresses the mind. The Grand Master's overjoyed - with the police in nappies, no-one can stop SKUL. St Hope's becomes a school for troublesome toddlers. Daisy goes undercover to retrieve the formulae from her. Will she convince ageing Vanessa that beauty is only skin deep?
- A request has been received for any info about regression scenes featuring soldiers or cops.
(JeffR_2BYA, Ricky)

Mi Pequeña Mama
- (AA unseen APed, AA unseen ARed) Aftermath age forms

Mi Pequeña Mama
- (AR, AP) Telemundo, RTI Colombia, "My Tiny Mother". Family of witches propel themselves forward in time to 2001, but the trip mixes up their ages. Witch mother Ursula is returned to gray-haired 8-years-old while preteen daughters Chantall and Kassandra are blown up into adult women. Ursula works to maintain her authority, while the daughters (Kassandra acts very childish) assert themselves as women. Ursula (despite being 8) dresses like a matron with her hair in a bun, yet at times wears girl's clothes, including a school jumper, and is enrolled in school. Ursula also has forsaken her broom for a levitating skateboard, and wears a helmet as she glides. The daughters are into dating, but cannot handle it because they are immature. Kassandra sneezes away her clothing. (PixChick)

Mickey Mouse Club, The
- (FF BE) 1955-1959.
Outfit: Mouse ears/Oh-so-tight name sweater/1st pair of covered noticeable boobs ever on Disney Television.
- "See ya real soon!" Annette Funicello was the first teenage TV sex symbol. Her wholesome cuteness (and her ever-growing breasts veiled beneath her slowly stretching name sweater) garnered her international fame, and left the entire teenage male population stammering.

Mickey Mouse Club, The
- (FF, coming of age) 1955-1958.
Doreen Tracey (4/3/1943)
Breasts became a particular obsession on the show, as producers asked the growing girls to bind their bosoms to keep the program as chaste as possible. The binding fooled none of the boys who'd gleefully tune in to "watch Annette grow!". Panicked Disney memos asked costume designers to "try larger sweaters" and cameramen to "keep from shooting the girls in profile." Curvy Mouseketeer Doreen would later tell an interviewer that executives requested she and Annette wear "silly tight T-shirts under our sweaters to try and flatten us out. Naturally, we used to punch holes in the right places."
1976 and 1978 nude spreads complete with Mouse ears and little else on.
- Caution some unclothed: years - years
- Cast years - (ClassicTVfan)

Midnight, Texas
- (cutaway human/demon APed, furry TFs) S1Ep4 "I Put a Spell on You" 2018/11/16.
A pregnant woman stumbles into a church, as her baby tears out of her stomach explosively. The baby had turned into a toddler in minutes. Mary the weretiger grew offscreen at an accelerated rate, having become a teenager after one day. Mary kills her two hunters. One of the hunters' ghosts explains they wanted the girl for their supernatural fighting ring.
  Mary age 03: Delilah Hanscum.
  Mary age 18: Sydney Wease.
- Info Page - text and screencaps.

Midnight, Texas
- (young adult AA TF into demon hag) - caps

Mighty Boosh, The
- (rejuv or AR?) S02Ep12 "Fountain of Youth" 2005/08/16.
BBC comedy. Howard and Vince visit Naboo's home planet Xooberon in search of the Fountain of Youth?

Mighty Med
- (boys only AR, AP, OA, RN, Disney AA curse) "Growing Pains", S01Ep15, 4/7/2014, 117.
Oliver accidentally steps in a superhero beam. He goes from 14 to 4, then 30 and older, and back to 4. There is also some animal AR and plant AP.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Steven, Jeffr_2bya)

Mighty Med
- (male AA age forms) "Growing Pains", S01Ep14.
I found a much better quality video of the age switch themed episode. In the other videos the submitter mixed the voices so they sounded really high pitched, but this is much better because his voice actually drops as an adult.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Mighty Med
- (male future adult self AA) S2Ep8 "Future Tense" 1/12/2015.
A middle-aged Caz comes back through time to meet his teen self and avert a catastrophe. Teenage Caz expresses relief that he will not be bald in middle age.
- Clip link - episode link - (Muscledrain)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
- (AA AP cutaway, AA RN APed) - "Hogday Afternoon" Part 2, S3Ep43, 2/17/1996.
Khanya Mkhize: child - Nakia Burrise: adult.
- Master Vile reversed time and turned the Power Rangers into children. Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell traveled to Africa and encountered young Tanya Sloan. Aisha wished to stay in Africa to save the animals, so Tanya agreed to return in her place. When the five Zeo subcrystals were reunited, Tanya became a beautiful grown teenager, along with the other Rangers. It was weird for her because she was truly a kid. She comments there is stuff she has to get used to. Aisha also became a grown teenager again in Africa.
As for the only question that matters: what happened to her clothes? Well, it appears the Saban production company wardrobe department enlarged her tribal dress to fit absolutely perfectly. The same happened for blurry Aisha in Africa, who appears to wear larger overalls.
- Tanya - Aisha - Rangers - Both
- Partial trailer link - (Tazz)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- (AR) The Alien Rangers half-season was an extended plot-arc in which all the regular characters were regressed to young children.
This also happened in a season 2 episode. All the high-school-age heroes were now in elementary school, with the same teachers and principal.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
- (AR AA) S02Ep39 "Rangers Back In Time" Part 1.
 Ms. Appleby assigns the class to bring in pictures of themselves when they were younger. Lord Zedd uses the Rock Of Time to reverse the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to AA-revert in age by 10 years! The Ranger Teens become elementary schoolers (attending 2nd grade in the High School) with no memory of ever being Rangers. Zedd sends down his Putties to attack the Powerless Kids.
- (ARed, AA RNed) S02Ep40 "Rangers Back In Time" Part 2.
 Trapped in Photomare's picture, the Rangers turned little kids are helpless. Young Bulk & Skull steal the picture and try to convince Mr. Kaplan (who has HAIR now). Alpha 5 knocks the two little bullies out, takes the picture, and frees the Powerless Kids. The six children allow Alpha to use a device to AA-restore their ages to normal. They race to destroy the Rock Of Time. Earth's rotation reverses, time flows properly again, and the world is AA-restored.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
- (AR AA) S03Ep33 "Rangers In Reverse" 11/27/95.
The Rangers are turned back into kids. Story continues in the "Alien Rangers Of Aquitar" 2-parter (2/5 & 2/6/96) - (TBTC)

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
- (AR) The episodes with AR have been put up for sale on iTunes in the TV Shows section under Jetix. "Rangers Back in Time", Pt. 1 & 2, Rangers in Reverse, Hog Day Afternoon" Pt. 1 & 2. (AveRage Joe)

Mike's Super Short Show
- (shrunkman dream sequence)
Mike dreams he has shrunk down to doll size, and is about to be handled by Alyson Stoner. He wakes up at the last moment - POV scene

Miraculous Mellops, The
- (reverse lifespan) 1991-92, Aus.
The Mellop children learn someone in their household has been chosen to be the new Grand Baby, ruler of the Moon. On the Moon you see people age backwards - adults are the babies, while the younger people look, the smarter and older they actually are. With the help of two moonlings they must find all the pieces and determine who is the Grand Baby - (TBTC)

Mirai Sentai Timeranger
- (TF ability) "The Fabricated Invitee" Case File: 6. 3/19/2000. Jewel Thief Rouge is able to assume the form of any women she pleases.

Misfits (US version)
- (possibility of old age to young adult TFs) 2013?
Proposed remake of UK drama (E4). Young offenders get caught in an electrical storm and develop superpowers.

- (adult rejuvenated OA RN, cut-aways) nude adult ages

- (adult rejuvenated, old age scene) s01 ep02, 11/19/09. UK, E4. OA occurs around 30 mins in.
Nathan's mum won't let him come back home, so he's kipping in the community centre, where he meets Ruth (Amy Beth Hayes), an attractive volunteer. However their midnight drugs-and-boozy-snogging session goes awry. Nathan and Ruth have sex on a sluggish stair-lift on their way upstairs to the bedroom, where Nathan learns the awful truth mid-coitus. Youthful, buxom Ruth is transformed into a climaxing, wrinkled 83-year-old woman! It turns out Ruth was affected by the thunderstorm that rolled across town, and it granted her desire to be young again. Nathan then pegs it out of Ruth's house in a dressing gown.
Nathan: "I shagged someone's gran?!" Ruth: "I haven't got any grandchildren."
Video link

- (adult/OA ageshifter was glimpsed in one scene) UK '09. For a while there was hope there might be AP - Nude screencaps no TF.

- (male young adult to OA age swaps) S5Ep4, 2013.
Rudy sees the old man's tattoos and recognizes Rudy 2. A young man admits to being the younger version of Mr. Johnson, and to having the power to swap ages with people. Young Mr. Johnson swaps back ages with Rudy Two - (Jeffr_2bya)

Mission: Impossible
- (adult rejuv promise) S03Ep07 "The Elixir".
The IMF offers an adult "fountain of youth" to the vain and dictatorial widow of the late president of a small South American country in order to depose her (cut).

Mission: Impossible
- (adult stasis/rejuv deception) S07Ep17 "The Fountain".
An underworld figure with access to the syndicate's top secret computerized records is convinced by the IMF that he has found the fountain of adult youth.

Misteri Dua Dunia
Berburu Harta Di Rawa Demit
- (demon AA TG AP) Indonesia? SCTV? 2005-2007?
Tv movie part of "Misteri Dua Dunia" or "Misteri Ilahi" series? Little male djinn transforms himself into a woman.
- Scene link - caps - (TF Channel)

Mists of Avalon, The
- (flash forward) 2001 Miniseries.

- (mirror AA FF fades) S01Ep14 "True Colors" 2020/01/28.
Rainbow Johnson's experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the '80s. As Rainbow prepares for her 13th birthday, she doesn't feel as adult as expected. Parody of 1980s Milk commercial, where she has a conversation with Grown-Up Rainbow, who lets her know that change is coming. "'re drinking milk, which builds strong bones and teeth. And boobs. Super strong boobs."
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Modern Family
- (adult shirt UC) S4Ep2 "Schooled" 10/10/2012.
Gloria's adult shirt got too small and popped open - Trailer link - gif - caps

Mokuyo no Kaidan Final: Time Keepers
- (old aged effect) 1997 Jdrama series.

- (young/old body theft) Ep21, 2010, ABS-CBN.
Philippines series. Ghost girl possesses woman's body - link - caps

- (adult demon age stasis, cutaway to old aged) S01Ep20 "Cocoon" 1989/04/29.
A detective enlists his psychic girlfriend to help investigate a strange woman. The male victims were spun into cocoons to steal their life energy. It's a bit dark and hard to see but still pretty good OA aftermath.
- Episode link @17:10 - caps - (Freeforumuser)

- (male adult rejuv, male adult RN OA) S02Ep11 "Half as Old as Time" 1989/12/17.
Ready to pay any price, a dying old man asks his archaeologist daughter to find the forbidden Native American fountain of adult youth protected by the Snake God.
- Scenes caps - caps - (TFDimension)

Monstruos Supersanos
- (UC scene) "Mover las manos como nubes" Ep2 , 7/1/12.
Spain, Sesame Street version.
- Short film: Celia discovers that she has outgrown her shoes and clothes.
Video link - screencaps

Moomoo & Me
- (male adult body size changes) 2009, Philippines.
Nerdy man Yolo is turned hunky by a mysterious tramp who grants his wish to become a super beefy guy. After eloping with Mayumi, he finds himself torn between keeping his new identity and going back to his old self.
- Video link - screencaps - (DivXeur Corp.)

- (age stasis) 2007-, CBS paranormal romance drama. Private dick Mick St. John was turned into vampire by his bride Coraline 55 years earlier. He struggles with his attraction to mortal woman Beth Turner. Flashbacks show Mick rescuing a little girl kidnapped by Coraline. It is revealed that the girl grew up to be Beth, and that Mick has tried to keep her safe over the years. Monster Of The Week was a vamp stuck in puberty for 100 years.

Mork & Mindy
- (male) "In Mork We Trust" 3/15/1979. Bickley thinks Mork's Orkan age machine is a calculator and when he starts playing with it, he turns Mork into various different ages.
- (male old age, RN) "Old Fears" 11/30/1978. Mindy's grandmother loses one of her best friends and becomes seriously depressed until Mork uses his Orkan technology to increase his age and become a fancy old man interested in dating the poor woman.
- (male slow AR) 1981. Mork gives birth to a baby named Mearth in a giant egg rolling downhill. He has the full-grown body of comedian Jonathan Winters and ages from elderly to infancy.

Mork & Mindy
- (male adult mental AR) S01Ep10 "A Mommy For Mork" 11/16/78.
Mork becomes a mental baby so Mindy can see what it's like to be a mother. ln - th

Mork And Mindy
- (reverse aging) All the members of Mork's species age backwards. This way the elderly would be cute and cuddly, thus more likely to be willingly cared for. The advantage of having to potty train a geriatric toddler was not given.

Mortal Kombat: Conquest
- (male old age) 1999 Ep 17 "The Master". Shang Tsung is turned into an ancient old man but is rejuvenated.
- (AP) "Kreeya" 3/6/99. Kung Lao discovers "hive" with thousands of incubating female warriors who will grow to adulthood in a matter of weeks - all spawned by Kreeya! (TBTC)

Mortal Kombat: Conquest
- (adults to old age) S01Ep04 "Immortal Kombat".
- (adults to old age) S01Ep05 "The Essence" 10/31/98.
INFO - (Zietgiest, TBTC)

Mortal Kombat: Conquest
- (AP) "Kreeya" 3/6/99 16. Kung Lao discovers "hive" with thousands of incubating female warriors who will grow to adulthood in a matter of weeks - all spawned by Kreeya! (theperv584, Max AP)
- Screen caps: frame by frame AP scene
- Link to the source video: video link part 4 few seconds at start only.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy
- (flash forward) Eps. 4 & 5 "Kitana & Mileena", 2011 web series.
Long ago, the Queen and infant daughter Kitana escaped. Mileena the clone was also created around the same time.
- Video link - screencaps - (O')

- (flashed forward, growth CB) Live action version of Morumo 1/10 manga about girl suffering from size increase. 15 year old Japanese schoolgirl experiences sudden growth spurt alone in her room, ruining her soccer uniform. She has to learn to control her body. FF, CB screencaps
(Source: growth at 6:57)

Motherland: Fort Salem
- (adult rejuv/OA glimpsed) S01Ep10 - Adults crepuscular age swap link - caps - (TF Channel)

Motherland: Fort Salem
- (adult rejuvenation, adult to old age) In an alternate universe, the US Military has witches. General Sarah Adler is over 300 years old but stays physically in her late 30s, thanks to a group of 7 witches that sacrifice their adult youth to her - "The Biddies". These are all young witches who became physically old. They travel with the general and share a sort of psycho-symbiotic relationship. When one of them dies they revert back to their younger selves, but the general gets ancient and needs another young woman to give her adult youth to her.
- Ep03 "A Biddy Life" 2020/04/01.
One of the biddies passes away at the end of the episode. We see her revert back to her young adult self as she dies in a bed. A young recruit is brought in, who puts her hand on General Adler's shoulder and ages into an old woman.
This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping, who played Samantha Carter in the Stargate franchise. I find it funny that Amanda directed an episode with some OA, seeing that in the series finale of Stargate SG-1, Amanda's character was aged into an old woman, and she (along with the rest of the regulars) wore old age makeup.
- Ep10 "Witchbomb" 2020/05/20.
In the climax the main characters are attacked. Two of the biddies are struck down, causing General Adler to become a dying gray haired old woman. Main character Tally, portrayed by 27 y.o. Jessica Sutton, sacrifices her adult youth to become a biddy in that moment, aging rapidly into an old woman thanks to make-up effects. It's very well done.
Excitingly, Tally being an old Biddy will continue into season 2! Hopefully we'll get some scenes of General Adler replacing the other biddy she lost, as well as Tally whenever they make her character younger again.
- (Spyguy, Chronoeclipse, Rayc5678)

Moya lyubimaya vedma
- (male AR AA, male AA RN) "My Favorite Witch"
Russian version of "Bewitched", 2008.
- Video link - male AR screencaps - male AP AA RN screencaps
The mom also turned herself into her daughter - (Metamorphose)

Mr. Young
- (male older teens to old age) "Mr. Time" S03Ep07 59 1/8/2013.
This episode contains male progression to elderly gentlemen. Adam builds a machine that causes time to move incredibly fast, but Derby is slacking off as usual and wrecks his work, causing both to grow older.
- Spanish only: Pt1 link Pt2 link Pt3 link - (Deniz)

Mr. Young
- (male young adults to OA, RN) "Mr. Time" - screencaps - screencaps

Mrs Merton Show, The
- (adult old aged disguise) 1994 BBC mock talk show. When Mrs Merton graduated to her own TV chat-show, Caroline Aherne, then 30, had to undergo a complex make-up procedure to age herself into the perky pensioner.

Munsters Today, The
- (male AP UC, male AR)
- Screencaps: male AP UC - male APed UC - male ARed aftermath

Munsters Today, The
- (male AP UC, male ARed) S3-13, Ep 61, 2/1/1991, "Large"
The bratty son of Herman's boss is accidentally aged by one of Grandpa's experiments. When he emerges from the growth chamber as a young adult, his formerly oversize shirt has become much too short and too tight, and his pants are riding up his legs to the knees. He still wears the same training shoes. He hits on teen daughter Marilyn but is rebuffed. When it's time for the rejuvenation scene, Herman accidentally set the controls to 8 months old instead of 8 years. His mother was delighted to have the chance to start over. Video player does not work in all browsers.
- Video link - (Tazz)
- (male AP, male AR) The Munsters have to babysit a 6-year-old boy who is a troublemaker. Grandpa has invented a device which can make people older or younger. The boy uses it and becomes an adult. Later on, the man-boy, trying to revert back to his old age, turned into a 6-month-old baby - (TBTC)

Munsters Today, The
- (male AP) S3Ep13 "Large".
Grandpa changes a young, rich, spoiled brat of a boy into a fully grown and very immature man. At the end, Grandpa agrees to change him back but accidentally turns him into a baby, much to the delight of his mother. TF begins at 9:00.
- Improved video link - (MuscleDrain)

Munsters, The
- (male age disguise) The Munsters S01Ep19 "Eddie's Nickname" 1/28/65.
Eddie wants to grow up, and Grandpa obliges him, but he stays the same stature, only with a full adult beard - (TBTC)

Muppet Show, The
- (AA size change) - Brooke Shields in Wonderland gif link

Muppet Show, The
- (male AR/OA?) S02Ep07 "Edgar Bergen".
Mortimer Snerd, a shy, slow-witted country bumpkin, and a Muppet scientist conduct experiments with rejuvenating drugs while singing "Time in a Bottle."

My Babysitter's a Vampire
- (age stasis) S2. A member of the Vampire Council resembled an 8-10 y.o. girl. Several members of the main cast were turned at age 14-17 in the movie, and now look 2 years older.

My Babysitter's a Vampire
- (young adult age stasis, cutaway to early OA)
"Three Cheers for Evil" 3/2011, #2, Canada.
- The boys infiltrate the cheerleading squad. They discover Stephanie is really a witch from their grandmother's high school days, when the other cheerleaders made fun of her. She casts a spell to gain immortality by draining the souls of those at the pep rally. After the witch is defeated, she transforms back into her older self. Benny's grandma removes Stephanie's powers and a now-aged Stephanie ends up as the lunch lady.
- Video link at 17mins. - screencaps - (Metamorphose)

My Babysitter's a Vampire
- (young adult age stasis) "ReVamped", 2014.
Sarah laments about how Ethan will soon get a job, get married, and have kids while she will be stuck as a 17-year-old forever.

My Favorite Martian
- (male AR, AP) "Uncle Baby" 4/4/65. A rejuvenation ray turns Uncle Martin into an infant of approximately 9 months in age, and he is taken to the hospital by Detective Brannigan as an abandoned baby. While trying to rescue his friend, Tim restores the wrong infant to full adulthood. (TBTC)
- (mental AR) "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception!" 11/1/64. An ESP expert comes to the Martian's home. He and Bill have to hide his ESP or otherwise they will be discovered. Somehow it passes to Mrs Brown, who becomes mentally younger and younger. She passes from young adult to teenager to child to toddler to baby. The Martian manages to stop the process and revert it before she becomes dust. One of the better mental AR episodes. (Time)

My Favorite Martian
Black and white sitcom - INFO PAGE
- (female adult mental AR) S02Ep06 "Extra! Extra! Sensory Perception" 11/01/64 - (Time)
- (male AR episode) S02Ep27 "Uncle Baby" 4/4/1965.

My Hero
- (male AP, RN) UK sitcom. "Big" 30, 9/19/03, 4.7. (Finlay Stroud: Ollie age 8, Kurtis O'Brien: Ollie age 10, Damian Hunt: Ollie age 17, Elspeth Rae: Olivia, Emma Pierson: Dr Chelsea)
Talking baby Ollie's half-human, half Ultronian physiology causes a few problems when he starts to grow at an accelerated rate. In 24 hours he grows from a 9-month-old baby into a 19-year-old boy with a 'serious' girlfriend. Janet and George are distraught at being robbed of the pleasure of watching their only son grow up, especially when he turns into a girl. They employ the services of an eminent Ultronian doctor to cure their son, who, despite her impeccable qualifications, looks and sounds like Britney's irritating kid sister.
Quotes: (Ollie just slept with Debra) Janet: That's mine and your father's bed, you know. Ollie (pointing toward his cot): Well, I could hardly use mine could I?
- male APed scene.
- (flashback) "Time and Time Again" 33, 4.10. George and Arnie travel back in time to stop 7-year-old Janet from breaking her arm in a tree-climbing accident. Unfortunately their interference in the space-time continuum has catastrophic consequences in the future/present. Arnie persuades George to turn back the clock one more time and fight to get his life back.

My Hero
- (AA show, male old age, male AR, RN) "The Older Man" 17, 06/28/02. (Alex Thorne: Young George, Jimmy Gardner: Old George)
It's George's 327th birthday, and he starts to age! George selects 3 replacement bodies (handsome, young,masculine) when Janet's parents visit. She tells them George is George's Grandfather but Janet's Mum catches them kissing! Janet tells them she's left George and taken up with his Grandfather. When George is so old he can hardly walk he decides to try the time tunnel of youth that Ultronian woman sometimes use. However, he goes too far and ends up as a baby! Janet takes him to the bathroom and he surprises Janet with an old model body of his usual self.
- (male AP, slight male "UCed") Fast growing son

My Hero
- (male AP cuts, TG, RN) "Big".
One of the characters is a talking baby (talking babies are never a good thing). In one episode the baby Oliver rapidly grows up due to health problems. We see him at 6 months, 7 years, 10 years and 17 years old. Due to the medicine, Oliver also changes sex and becomes Olivia for a short while, before turning back into talking freakchild baby Oliver - (Desire)

My Parents Are Aliens
- (AA show, old age) UK sitcom. 5.1 "Age Concerns" 22/10/03 Josh's voice has broken. Brian and Sophie decide they too should set about ageing and Brian targets a local old folks' home!
- (male BS AR) 1.3 "The Date" 22/11/99 Josh falls for Tania, the ice queen in his class. Brian decides to be a good father by morphing into Josh and asking Tania on a date. The only problem is, Brian asks out the wrong girl...
- (male BS AR) 1.6 "The Makeover" 13/12/99. Brian decides to try to hang out with Josh, Frankie and Pete. He morphs into Pete and goes to school in his place.
- 2.8, "The Family Way" 04/12/00 When Sophie appears 6 months pregnant, Brian puts it all down to a tin of baked beans. When you're 12, explaining the facts of life to your father isn't exactly the easiest talk to have.
- (TG BS AR) 2.9 "First Christmas Part One" 11/12/00. Brian morphs into Mel and goes on a date in her place - but gets on with Scott rather better than he bargained for...
- (kinda BS AR) 3.1, "Crazy For You" 24/09/01. Mel decides to skip school and asks Sophie to cover for her by morphing into her. Sophie makes a pretty ugly looking Mel who has a real problem acting normal, and ends up getting Mel referred to a child psychologist. And when Sophie tries to morph back she finds she can't, and decides to stick with her new red-headed look.

My Parents Are Aliens
- (AA TG TF "AR" morphs) - S1Ep3 "The Date" 1999 - link - S2Ep7 "El Presidente" 2000 - link - S3Ep7 "Magic Johnson" 2001 - link
- Screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

My Parents Are Aliens
- (male shrunken adult baby) "Nappy Rash" 12/3/03, S5Ep13.
Sophie helps herself to a baby in the supermarket. Shocked, the kids insist it be returned, which leaves Sophie feeling broody. Brian obliges her by morphing into a "baby" with... disastrous results.
- Video link part 1 - link part 2 - link part 3.
- caps - Lucy's "dog sized" school uniform caps - (Thomas)

My parents are aliens
- (TG ARed AA morph) S1Ep3 - Vid link - caps

My Parents Are Aliens
- (TG BS AR) 4.5 "Operation Date" 07/10/02. Brian agrees to morph into Mel as part of a cunning plan.
- (TG) 4.11 "The Invosibibble Mam" 18/11/02. Brian is jealous that Trent has given Mel a music festival ticket and morphs into 'Spam' - a hip and trendy girl that will catch Trent's eye.
- Publicity stills
- (TG AA ARed) "Brian Of The Brownies" Season 3, ep 27. Brian changes himself into a 10 year old girl.

My Puberty
- (coming of age) 1988, Ep 406 of "New Television". Ilene Segalove plays herself in this dramatization of puberty. As "Little Ilene," she soaks up cliches about womanhood. She attempts to buy a bra, and begins to experience longing for boys. She outlines a rapid succession of crushes on boys (played by actual youngsters). link

My Three Sons
- (FFed UC?) sitcom, 1960-1972.
Child star Erin Moran (b.1960) was forced to wear ridiculously inappropriate short dresses way past her growth spurt?

- (maturity wish) "Jennifer Wants to Be a Grown-Up", BBC, 11/29/10.
Children from across the UK talk about their passions. 10 y.o. Jennifer can't wait to be a grown up. It may seem a shame to want to leave childhood, but Jennifer lists the grown-up things she likes.

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, The
- (flashback) Saban, 1998-1999. Ep28.
A young Rohan and Angus inadvertently brought a curse upon Kells ten years ago, incapacitating the castle's soldiers.
- Video link - caps - (FARfan)

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog
- (AR) 09/98 to 05/99. This show had an AR episode. Either that or it was flashbacks, but I'm pretty sure it was about them going back into time, and ARing into children. (AveRage Joe)

- (male mini-me's) age forms - (F5) - time

- (younger/older woman mind swap) AKA "Room No. 9" South Korea, tvN 2018.
A beautiful but manipulative lawyer with a 100 percent success rate and a death-row convict exchange bodies and fates - link - poster - (F2f)

Nanny, The
- (flash forward, coming of age) Child actress Madeline Zima grew up and out on the show. After a few years she mentioned having a training bra. "What does it train them to do?"

Nanny, The
- Madeline Zima character AP fan art

Nao-chan wa shougakusan nensei
- (AA adult men appear as schoolboys) "Nao-chan is a third grader", TV Tokyo, 2021/01/08.
A slightly black human comedy-drama about the daily lives of 4 adult men who "became" real third graders? They are men but everyone sees them as schoolboys? Including a rich and smart boy, a poor and rough boy, and a crybaby boy, walking again the path that everyone took? They became visible only to elementary school students?
"I'm sure many viewers can't imagine what kind of work it will be, but hope you see it from various angles."
- link - 1 - (Akira)

Naotora: The Lady Warlord
- (unconfirmed female AR or FB report?) AKA Onna Joushu Naotora. NHK's 56th taiga drama series set during the Warring States Period.
Last Ep 12/30/2017? Naotora Ii must become a lord? The constant love from her fiance, whom she became engaged with at a young age, helps her move forward? Will the protected Aphil's orphan be handed to Tokugawa? - trailer link - (Akira)

- FF
- (adult age disguise) "Singled Out" S4 Ep73. 10/3/2006.
Missing lieutenant was profiling men to find a perfect man for herself. The team discovers Morphpro software on the LT's hard drive, and a test run in which she morphed herself into an older version. Tony compares it to the end of Saving Private Ryan (1998), when Matt Damon's character is morphed older.

- (adult middle age disguised) - Abby
- (slight adult age disguise) Pigtailed Goth "Abigail" Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) is actually 41, but looks younger - link

Ned's Declassified
- (AA growth dream sequence) Jennifer Anne "Moze" Mosely (Lindsey Shaw) is the athletic co-captain of the school's volleyball team. She's strong, somewhat insecure and a tomboy, a powerful girl who knows how to stand up to a bully or a psycho. She's worried she's growing too fast, and imagines herself expanding out of the classroom. teen AA spurt

Neighbors, The
- (AA TF height reduction, skin and mental age) - The Neigbors, S2Ep2.
Marty and Debbie need Larry's help after Dick accidentally makes the kids Max and Abby shorter but denser and more wrinkled - Vid link

- (SORAS) Australia.
- Hannah Martin was aged 8 on her arrival in 1992, but was 14 by 1996.
- Summer Hoyland (Marisa Siketa) went from 10 years old in 2003 to age 14 in 2005.

- (possible age stasis) c2011 4-hour Syfy miniseries, Keira Knightley voice.
A prequel of sorts to Peter Pan. Power-mad Anna Friel and her band of 18th century pirates search for the secret of eternal youth guarded by a Holy Man.

Nevers, The
- (unseen GTSed) - The Nevers - 2021.
When young adult teen Primrose Chattoway (Anna Devlin) was Touched, she became 10 feet tall? This increased her physical strength commensurately. It's unclear whether she might be able to alter her size once gaining more control over her Turn? Another of the Touched at the orphanage made a crop of tomatoes grow in seconds.
- Scenes link

New Amsterdam
- (male adult age stasis, flash forward) 2008 Fox. There was an old age flash forward blink in one of the trailers.

New Worst Witch, The
- (ARed in somewhat oversized clothes, AA RN)
"The Odd Couple", S2Ep13, 9/15/06.
- Hettie Hubble has once again caused chaos at Cackles. She tried a spell to help Cressie sleep like a baby, but it can't be reversed!
Video link after 8 mins. - screencaps - (Thomas)

Nguoi me nhi
- (reincarnated age disguised) "A Mother's Soul in a Child's Body", Vietnam, 2006.
Version of "Mi Pequena Mama"?
- 500 y.o. mother with 2 older daughters is stuck in the form of a 10 y.o. girl. The instinctive magic use is sometimes quite unwarranted, causing unfortunate misunderstanding for ordinary people around them.

- (simulated FF BE un-blurred cuts)
Japanese network used BBC footage for a documentary on adolescence instead of filming their own - breast stages

Night Court
- (adult age disguise) Dan's boss, the district attorney, tries to fool a suicidal children's show hero by donning a kid disguise. The adult is either a dwarf or a midget. The effort fails, although the costume is used as a joke later in the show.

Night Court
- (male AR) "Teacher's Pet" sitcom, #8, 11/13/91. Just before he gets married, Bull signs up to have his virginity restored. Roz and Dan think it's a scam until Bull is transformed into a bald 10 year old. Since it involves sex, Dan has himself reduced to a boy too. (DB Cooper)
- "I knew a girl in 6th grade that developed this quickly."

Night Gallery
- (adult AA mind transfers)
- "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay", 9/29/1971.
Based on "The Witch" by A. E. van Vogt. Did the witch succeed in stealing the young wife's body, and did she pretend to be her or run away?
- "The Housekeeper", 12/16/1970.
Man swaps the bodies of his rich wife & ugly old housekeeper.
- (Jay)

Night Visions
- (mental AR aspect) S01Ep24 "Switch" 2002.
Sydney, a woman with multiple personality disorder, seeks to uncover a shocking childhood event. After her next session a violent personality takes control. Sydney wanders through the rooms within her head and finally faces her real self: the girl who killed her parents. She gets taken over by the child personality. In the end she talks and acts like the evil little girl - Vid link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King
- (old aged) "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band" 2006. A couple on vacation get lost in the middle of nowhere. Husband goes out to get rid of tree stuck in road. Wife has hallucination that he is now old, then when she looks in the car mirror her reflection is that of an old woman. They get stuck forever in a town called Rock and Roll Heaven with all the great dead rock and roll singers. (Tazz)

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
- (AR, male AR) Ep14 "Crybaby and Candies" "Nakimushi to Amedama" 2002-03.
Toei, 26th Super Sentai series, used in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. This was previously listed as Hariken(ja).
The villains randomly regressed various people into 5 y.o.'s, both physically and mentally. One of the heroes was also affected and became a clingy, frightened child who must find courage to help his friends triumph. The kids were shown in oversized clothes, but that's pretty much it.
- NOTE: Super Sentai kids Tv shows were re-edited to create Power Rangers. Several episodes of the various series involved AR, with the "teen" heroes being regressed into children, sometimes along with supporting cast members. One series had an extended arc where the Sentai remained children even in superhero form.
- Small caps - (Doctor Anguish)

No Ordinary Family
- (AA curse, TF) S01Ep15 "No ordinary Powell" 2/15/2011 - The mother and father were both impersonated by clothes-shapeshifter Victoria Morrow.
- link - link - (Zach)

not allowed to grow up
- (age disguised) Growing teens are sometimes made to continue playing child roles while wearing enlarged child-style clothing.
- Janet Jackson: "On our first day of shooting [the 1977 sitcom Good Times] they bound my chest because they thought my breasts were too big. I got the part when I was 10, we started shooting when I was 11 - I was developing early."

O Tempo Nao Para
- (adult OA & RN) "Crashing Into the Future", Brazil telenovela, Rede Globo, 2018-19.
A large block of ice approaches the beach. Samuca is fascinated by the frozen face of Marocas. The defrosted humans are taken to Red Island or a cryogenics laboratory. Much has changed since 1886.
- Video link - old age screencaps - adult rejuvenation RN screencaps - (uk)

OA scenes
- (old adult decay) - caps

Odd Squad
- (AA 12 to 21 poof) S01Ep25 "Trading Places/Bad Lemonade" 5/26/2015.
Villain reverses the agent's digits in order to AA her 9 years older. The change happens in a flash - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Odd Squad
- (AA episode, some OC, older forms poof & cutaways, RN AR effects) S02Ep30b "Villains Always Win" 06/18/2018.
Invention: "Older-Cousin-Inator". It will zap you into one of Oona's older cousins. Be careful not to sneeze, as you will immediately shrink back. They wore oversized clothing to begin.
Teen to woman & boy to man, RN, boy to man again @14:20, man to boy RN, boy to man again @16:55, final woman to teen RN sneeze.
- Episode link - Rk7dQDTLUjY - gif - screencaps - (Entropic)

Odd Squad
- (age stasis, ARed) PBS Kids.
- "Skip Day" - Olive remarks on being young again. Two men transform into boys thanks to a vehicular Fountain of Youth before running off to ride bikes.
- Stated to be physically 7 when an Odd Squad Director, Millie Davis was 13 when playing Oprah at age 231. As Big O, she can "control her aging", assuming her current age out of personal choice.
- "Orla's Birthday" - Orla just turned 500, easily the oldest of the group despite appearing the same age. Due to living in ancient times she is unfamiliar with the modern world.
- "O is Not For Over" - Orville is noted to have served his precinct for 2,000 years, making him the oldest known agent. He appears the same age as Otto.
- "Party of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" - While claimed to be 12, Olive states they don't make Odd Squad kid cars like they used to.

Odd Squad
- (AA TF/RNs look like male & female AP/AR) S02Ep30b "Villains Always Win" 06/18/2018.
Male and female shapeshift - Boy and girl were poofed into their oldest cousins.
- New Spanish link - previous caps - (Carlton)

Odyssey, The
- (flash forward) Ashleigh Aston Moore grew up on the show. FF
- (kinda like AR, flash forward) Canadian Tv series, 1992-1994. Alpha/Donna Archipenko: Ashleigh Aston Moore (AKA Ashley Rogers, b: 11/13/81)
- When 11-year-old Jay Ziegler is pursued by bullies, he ends up in a coma - in the real world (known as the Upworld). In the Downworld (Jay's mind), Jay finds himself in a world entirely populated by children. He meets Alpha and Flash (the Downworld counterparts of Donna and Keith) and the trio embark on a mission involving his deceased father's precious telescope. The childish ideas of some of the rulers are really something to laugh about.
- "The One Called Brad" Ep 13, 01/25/93. Jay finally meets the Downworld's ruler Brad, and is shocked to discover he looks exactly like his father - at 15 years old!
- When Brad turns 16 he leaves this world. Jay goes inside a giant clock that transports him to a middle-world where his father is alive. The kids go through a wall to the "adult" side and are pursued by Iceface, who makes sure that adults stay on their side. By the final season the main characters are full grown teenagers, and bear little resemblance to the adolescents appearing in the first season.

Odyssey, The
- S2Ep4, Whispers Like Thunder. The quantum barrier was broken, kids can suddenly grow up without even noticing that they are growing...

Oh Ternyata Eps
- (adult daughter/mother body swap) 2014 Indonesian soap opera. "Oh Ternyata Eps Jamu Penukar Tubuh".
Old witch has herbal body exchanger - Ep. link - alt. link - (Eric)

Oh Ternyata Eps
- (adult swap) - caps

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
- (AR) Ep43 "The Overlord's Deadly Sin" 2024/01/07.
Gira and the others are in a terrible state of disarray?! The team minus Rita all de-aged by 17 years! Douga and Goroge are seen aged into old men! - Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
- (male/female mental ARs?) Toei, Ep45, 2024/01 - trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Oka Tokat
- (demon witch body theft) !Oka Tokat - Ep99 "Death after Life" 1997-2002.
Philippine paranormal horror, ABS-CBN - Episode link - caps - (Filho)

Okusama wa Majo
- (male AR, RN) AKA "Bewitched In Tokyo", Renzoku, TBS 2004.
- The wife is a witch! But she likes humans and loves her husband. Arisa is so fascinated by humans that she leaves the magic world, but her broom is faulty and she winds up in Japan. Joji Matsui works at an advertising agency. After they marry, Arisa swears never to use magic again. However, Arisa's mother Daria wants to take her back.
- Male screencaps

Okusama wa majo
- (male AR) 2004 mini-series, ep6, Japanese version of Bewitched.
Naoto Takenaka becomes younger and returns to a child. He grew to his original age gradually. It was just a little sprouting. We would have liked Ryoko Yonekura to become younger in her mini-skirt.
(from archived Hill Board)

Om Namah Shivay
- (male AA TF "APed") Indian serial "Om Namah Shivaya"? "Shiv Puran Ki Kathyen"? DD-1, Ep15, 1997? Hindi legends.
Shiv appears with Hiranyaksh's son, who suddenly "grows" into an adult called Andhkasur.

Om Namah Shivaya
- (ARed AA poof into baby) S05Ep92, c2016. Maa Tv, India.
Video link - screencaps

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
- (AA size changing ability) Ep1. Alice knows full well that the mushroom will change her size. She threatens to eat the other mushroom half to shatter Cyrus' genie bottle with her sudden "growth spurt".

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
- (possibility of age forms?) 10/10/13.
Sophie Lowe: grown up Alice.
Millie Bobby Brown: young Alice.

Once Upon A Time
- (adult FFed to OA, male adult stasis) "Beauty" 10/27/17. ABC show.
Belle French/Mrs. Gold (Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin's wife) was shown aged. Rumple tells Belle that he wants to be mortal again to live out his life with her. When Gideon is 18, Belle comes across a prophecy. However, an aging Belle eventually figures out the "sun" actually referred to her death marking the start of his journey.
- Previously there was old age via magic for a minor character - (Rayc5678)

Once Upon a Time
- (adult rejuv disguise) Captain Hook was told a witch is holding Rapunzel captive in her tower. A flower spell will release the force field. However, Rapunzel was really the witch Gothel in disguise.
- (male adult rejuv) In an earlier episode Captain Hook was an old man, and wished for the life of younger Hook in the main realm. He asks Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's step mother) to use the fairy godmother's wand to make him a young man again, and she does so.
- (Tazz)

Once Upon a Time
- (age stasis) "Dark Hollow", 2013.
Pan sent men to destroy Pandora's box. He has been holding their sister hostage for a hundred years. Their sister's name... Wendy Darling. So despite rarely aging, they are adults. Back in Neverland, we see Wendy, and she is still 12 years old (the age we saw her last season) - (Tazz)

Once Upon a Time
- (age stasis) 2011. After 28 years, the Storybrooke town clock starts up again, and the enchanted inhabitants resume aging.

Once Upon a Time
- (FF AA) c2013 Snow White Ages

Once Upon a Time
- (male AA AR) "Selfless, Brave and True", 3/24/13.
Pinocchio was turned into an adult puppet who died selflessly to warn the others. The Blue Fairy thinks this is enough to restore him to human, but he turns into a kid... sadly with no memory of the first time he became human.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Once Upon a Time
- (male AA poof) In S2 August was reverted back to Pinocchio, from adult puppet to human child. Since he can't remember anything, the witches AA him back to adult human and the Ep. ends - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Once Upon a Time
- (male AA to full adult RNed cutaway) S3Ep11, "Going home"
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Once Upon a Time
- (male AR) "Think lovely thoughts", 2013.
We get a flashback of when Rumplestiltskin was a young boy. As the shadow flies off with Rumplestiltskin, his father is engulfed and becomes a boy again....who is Peter Pan.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Once Upon a Time
- (male ARed) 2017 season finale. The villain Gideon was brought forward in time by the Black Fairy. After Emma defeats him, Rumplestiltskin & Belle find him as a baby again to have a new start - (Tazz)

Once Upton a Time
- (fairy adult to OA face) S6Ep9, "The Changelings", 11/27/2016.
We see Rumpelstiltskin age one of the adult fairies to elderly to show his plans.
- Video extract link - gif - screencaps - (Tazz, Johnmadixsmith)

One Life to Live
- (FF AA) Starr Manning has been portrayed by Kristen Alderson since age 6, from 1998 to 2012. Alderson will continue playing Starr on ABC's last soap opera, General Hospital - years

One Life To Live
- (flash forward AA, coming of age) 6 year old Kristen Alderson started playing Starr Manning (b.1996) in 1998 and grew up on the show.
- (male SORAS) Rex Balsom went from a 17-year-old high school senior to a 26-year-old from 2002 to 2006.
- (retcons, de-SORAS) Rachel Gannon stayed 21 years old, interacting less and less with her normally aging college peers as they moved on in life, and she remained somewhat immature.

Only Fools And Horses
- (male adult as teen disguise) "The Unlucky Winner Is..." UK sitcom, 1/29/89 - Rodney Trotter has to pretend to be 14 years old to enjoy a Spanish holiday.

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit
- (flash forwards) Beeban Kidron, 1989, UK. Coming of age story about iron-willed young girl raised in strict evangelical environment, whose lesbianism scandalizes her equally iron-willed adoptive mother, and pretty much the rest of the church, too. Based on novel by Jeannette Winterson.

Orville, The
- (looks like male leg ARed only) S1Ep5 "Pria" 10/5/2017.

Orville, The
- (OA to death & tree AP) Ep01.
On the crew's first mission, The Orville visits a science station that is working on a device to age things 150 years. A female scientist tries to stop an uprising, but is shoved into the field and quickly OAs to death as she screams in pain. Near the end they are facing the Krill villains, and decide to give them the device along with a redwood tree seed. When the device is activated, the seed ages 150 years (the time it takes to fully grow), and destroys the alien ship - (Tazz)

Orville, The
- (partial OA) The Orville, 2017 Star Trek parody.
A team of scientists have developed a machine that can manipulate the speed of events. In other words, it makes things age faster. One poor woman appears to have gotten her head and shoulders stuck inside, and they are being rapidly aged. Considering that this is a Seth MacFarlane show, I'm guessing that the results won't be pretty.
- Trailer link 0:53 & 2:53 - (Generallyawesome)

Orville, The
- (younger adult form) S02Ep13 "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow" 4/18/2019.
Due to a temporal anomaly, a 7 year younger version of 35 y.o. commander Kelly Grayson suddenly joins the ship, causing some new conflicts. She was digitally de-aged?

Os Mutantes Caminhos de Coracao
- (AA shapeshifting TF) Brazil, c2014. Sacha Bali (Metamorfo).
- Ep099: He turns into an old woman briefly about 1 minute in.
- Ep110: at 11:46 he morphs into an adult man to make out with a girl.
- (Jay, Metamorphose)

Other Space
- (AR OC) - link - caps

Other Space
- (ARed glimpse) 2015 Yahoo series follows astronaut group exploring unknown universe. A brief glimpse of the crew as babies, so maybe there will be more regressions in the future? - Trailer screencaps - (by Vended)

Other Space
- (female software mental AR) S01Ep06 "Powerless", 4/14/15.
The ship gets stuck in a space storm and hit by a bolt of lightning that messes with the electronics. Natasha, the ship's AI that appears as a young woman, regresses to infancy and has to be taught adult skills by Kent. She gets back up to a teenage mentality before the ship is fixed and they're able to restore her from backup.
- (Anostus)

Out of Jimmy's Head
- (mind transfers) "Out of Jimmy's Body!" 5/22/08.
Cartoon Network live-action/animated series.
- Jimmy asks Sonny to make him older to see a movie. Instead Sonny switches bodies with Jimmy. Jimmy's dad, a parrot, Robin and her piano teacher also switch bodies. An old lady swaps with a young girl, who then proceeds to enjoy being a young girl again.
- Male to male, female to female, human to animal swaps - (

Out of This World
- (2 age change episodes) - INFO PAGE Caution Nudity.

Out of This World
- (AA to OA, AA ARed, poof TFs) "The Three Faces of Evie" S1Ep23, 5/21/88.
13 y.o. Evie wants to look older when Chris goes gaga over a young woman. After mistakenly making herself elderly, she "gleaned" herself into a comely 21 y.o., but when mom was about to catch her, she overshot the mark a tad and became a 5 y.o! Child Evie has no powers to return to normal - @ 7m30s & 12m20s.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Out Of This World
- (AP AA, AR, RN) 1986, Ep 20. 13 year old Evie (Maureen Flannigan) uses her powers to become 70, 21 and 5 years old. 21 year old version was played by same actress made to look older. Quote: "Twenty-one! Twenty-one!" "Me too! Me too!"

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuv, OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise".
Helen runs away from the care center with Gerry. A beam of light from the Stone rejuvenates them and they have intercourse. The 3 women who aged to death, along with Helen, first trespassed there many years ago. Gerry returned to his old age but healthier, while Helen remained young but became pregnant.
- Scene link - caps - (The Transformation Channel)

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuvenation, RN OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise" 1995.
A strange case of women aging rapidly to death. It appears old ladies were restoring their adult youth to have sex. Helen becomes a young woman again and has sex, her abdomen glowing golden. At 35:00 she's shown heavily pregnant while topless. She and the other 3 women met a benevolent alien who implanted each with an egg that takes 50 years to mature. The alien also provided a method for them to temporarily become young again to attempt to have the egg fertilized. Helen gives birth to a normal-looking baby inside a sac - (The Belly Guide)

Outer Limits, The
- (male AR) "Last Supper" Near the end of the episode, an old man injects a rejuvenating agent. He regresses to a younger age every 10 seconds. After becoming a baby, he melts into sludge and dies. (film017)

Outer Limits, The
- (male AR) S02Ep04 "Last Supper".
Doctor overdosed himself with woman's mutated blood which has anti-aging properties. His transformation is both immediate and violent as he's wracked with convulsions and becomes visibly younger. However, the process doesn't halt, and he regresses continually from a young man to a teenager to a boy, until he's little more than an infant lying confused and helpless on the floor. The baby then dissolves into a puddle of raw cells as he becomes unborn - Alternate vid link - (male TF blog)

Outer Limits, The
- (male OA'd) TOS "The Guests", 3/23/64.
Several adult people are trapped in a house where Time Stands Still. If they leave, they grow old rapidly and die.
- (OA) Something like this happens in a new series episode. A scientist finds a way to seemingly keep people young by hyperstimulating their cells, causing them to eventually grow old and die in a matter of weeks.

Outer Limits, The
- (old age) "Paradise" 6/16/1996, S2 17. 3 healthy young women suddenly grew old and died, while 3 elderly women have disappeared without a trace.
- aging
- (old age) "Paradise" Ep 5.10. 3 apparently healthy young women age and die within hours.

Outer Limits, The
Adult-to-adult age changes of various types - INFO PAGE
1st series:
- (small time skips/blurs) S01Ep16 "Controlled Experiment" 1/13/1964 - (TBTC)
- (adult FF to OA) S01Ep17 "Don't Open Till Doomsday" 1/20/64.
- (age stasis) S01Ep26 "The Guests" 03/23/64.
- (entity FF) S02Ep08 "Wolf 359" 11/7/64.
2nd series:
- (age stasis) S01Ep04 "Blood Brothers" 04/07/1995.
- (adults to OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise" 06/16/96.
- (FFed to OA) S02Ep21 "Vanishing Act".
- (adult age stasis) S03Ep04 "The Last Supper".
- (male adult to OA) S04Ep05 "In The Zone" 2/20/98.
- (adult rejuv) S04Ep22 "Balance of Nature".

Outer Limits
- "Balance of Nature" photo
- (male old age, male old age AR to young adult) "Balance of Nature" 9/4/98, 4.22, Fiona Loewi (1975).
Dr. Noah Phillips moves next door to couple in their 60s. Noah's feelings for Barbara deepen, despite the fact she's old enough to be his mother. He continues his research on the Cellular Regressor, learning that if one organism's cells are to become younger, another similar organism's cells must become older. Greg has beaten Barbara within an inch of her life. Noah can give her the chance to be young again, but is he willing to give up years of his own life to do so? Will Greg, who wants his youth restored more than anyone, stand by and let him do it? Other ar vid link (french)
- male vidcaps

Outer Limits
- (female & male adult rejuvenation, female & male old age) "Balance of Nature"
rejuvenation - rejuvenated - old aged dream sequences.

Outer Limits
- (male adult age stasis, adult FFed to OA) "Don't Open Till Doomsday", original series. Groom becomes trapped inside a box on his wedding night in 1929. He spends 35 years inside the timeless void, remaining young while his bride becomes a crazy old woman.

- (male adults aged) "Cuts Like a Knife", 1/28/2001, S4Ep12.
To solve overcrowding, the fast aging pill would age prisoners who are supposed to serve 20 years. The pill would take away 20 years of their lives, and they would be set free.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal