Aging Transformation Scenes

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M. Rectitude Et Genial Olivier
- (male AR, male RN AP) "Un Genie Ingenu", #10, 1982, Jacques Devos.
A genius boy invents a youth elixir and tests it on his uncle. The elixir works too well, turning his uncle into a baby again.
- (Jeffr_2bya

Mad Magazine
- (male excellent CB twice, UC, BE) 1954 "Gasoline Valley" Gasoline Alley parody. Many growth scenes, including AP's of Skeezix and Alexander Bumstead. AP growth scene
- (male AP, TG) #212 Australian Edition. Back page has a boy explaining the wonders of milk as he grows up. In the last square the hormonal problems from cows have changed him into a woman.
- (male APed) (#4, April-May 1953) Parody of Captain Marvel. When Billy Spafon speaks the name "Shazoom" he is transformed into a parody of the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marbles!
- (flash forwards) 2003 "50 worst things about the movies" Christina Ricci and Harry Potter cast shown APed to young adults.
- (male adult) AA FF
- (flash forward) progress

Madame Xanadu
- (adult to OA) #6 DC 12/01/2008.
Nimue is trapped in a cell during the French Revolution. Unable to reach her youth-restoring potions, she's growing older by the minute. Desperate to save herself, she casts a spell to summon Death herself - as in Morpheus' uber-cool Goth sister from Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series - to persuade her that it's not actually her time to die.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Madame Xanadu
(adult growth UC) #16 "Broken House of Cards: Chapter One: Ladies' Harm Journal", Vertigo imprint, DC Comics. Wagner, Hadley, Friend, Major.
Betty Reynold's perfect life as a housewife in 1957 begins to change in a decidedly unsettling, physical way. Her daughter, friends, and husband remain oblivious as Betty grows 5 inches taller, her clothes no longer fit, and she develops dark shiny roots in her hair.

- (anthro ball entities AR, male AR) Star Comics, #08.
Dr. Frankenbeans and bumbling assistant Snivelitch discover the Fountain of Youth. Frankenbeans tricks Horn Head, Wolf Breath, and Touchdown Terror into diving in and becoming Madball Babies. These were even more difficult to deal with, so he restored them to normal in the toxic pond where the Madballs were created. In retaliation, the age-restored Madballs turn Frankenbeans and Snivelitch into children.

- (rejuv or AR?) #08 Marvel "Madball Babies".
Fountain of Youth plotline with the Madballs.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Man Who Grew Young, The
(reverse lifespan) Daniel Quinn, Tim Eldred graphic novel, 2001.
A funeral is not as it seems. After the coffin has been dug up, the corpse is taken to the hospital, comes back to life, and recovers from an illness. The unburied dead go on to have careers, unmarry their spouses, forget their education, turn back into children, and become reverse incontinent. They are eventually reunited with their mothers. This is a world in which time has reversed itself. However the story's main character, Adam, has lived for centuries without being reunited with his mother. The protagonist travels "the length of Palestine and Syria" and circles "the shores of Asia Minor" and finally enters a land called Mesopotamia. There he meets a woman named Eve. The two children they care for, Cain and Abel, grow younger each year.

- (coming of age metaphor, TF CB glimpse) Chelsea Cain, Image Comics series, 2019.
In the near future, a Toxoplasmosis mutation will cause teenagers having their periods to burst out of their clothes and transform into ferocious killer wildcats. Easily provoked and extremely dangerous, the giant beasts devastate the area. Don't worry, the symptoms can be controlled by chemically blocking the process of menstruation.
- Purchase link - TF - Art - Pics

- (male adults to old age) v1 #7 Marvel 7/01/1974.
- (stasis) #8 8/01/1974.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (looks like AA age forms)
"Picture story library for Girls", #66 "Pandora's Box", 1983, 64p.
- Someone posted a scan of only the cover - (JeffR_2BYA data)

Martian Manhunter
(TF TG ared) Part of the World War III tie-in event. In Book One, J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, briefly assumes the form of a young girl before battling Black Adam. He also appears briefly as the same girl in Book Three. (rugal, metamorphose)

Marvel Adventures Avengers
- (AR) "Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos", #34, 2009.
Several Avengers start slipping "randomly" through time, meeting up with Nick Fury and his Commandos from WWII. The time anomalies are caused by a pair of Ancient Egyptian sorcerers, trying to make the Pharaoh immortal by stopping the flow of time around his body. While powerful, they're not particularly competent, and thus caused all the time weirdness. Finally, the pair attempts to summon a massive burst of time magic to destroy the heroes, loses control over it, and turns themselves into babies.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four
- (alien AA age disguised) #1 2005/07.
Female skrull took the form of a little girl and a female fighter - (Guest)

Marvel comics series
Classic superhero storylines - INFO PAGE
Marvel Family:
- (OA) #69 "The Menace of Old Age" 04/1952 Fawcett.
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense:
- (male adult frozen) #2 "I Lived A Million Years!" 06/30/2008.
Marvel Mystery Comics:
- (possible old age) #1 "The Aging Plague" 12/30/1999.
Marvel Science Stories:
- (AR or so it seems) "A Mechanical Fountain of Youth" 4-5/1939.
Marvel Spotlight:
- (male adult stasis) #31 "Death Hunt" 12/01/1976.
Marvel Super Hero Squad:
- (AR) v2 #01 "Baby on Board" 03/01/2010.
Marvel Tales:
- (age stasis) v1 #118 "When A World Went Mad" 1956 Atlas.
- (male AP and/or old age) #128 "The Man Who Meddled!" 1956.
- (male AR) #137 "King of the World" 08/30/1955.
- (male adult age stasis) #149 "The Thief" 08/30/1956.
- (male adult to old age) #151 "A Phantom In The Sky" 1956.
Marvel Team-up:
- (male reverse life) #31 "For A Few Fists More!" 05/1975.
- (Jeffr_2bya,

Marvel Family, The
- (young adults to extreme old age, adult rejuv, AR AA glimpse scene)
"Menace of Old Age!", 03/1952, v12, #69, Fawcett Comics.
The bound and gagged young adults are brought forward to old age. The adult youth thieves then head to adult city where they turn everyone into decrepit oldsters, and the buildings into worthless ruins. Reverted to young adulthood, the baroness poofs innocent bystanders into babies as a diversion. At the end the damage is undone.
- Full comic link (21 pages).
- Extracts only: cover - old age - AR, rejuv - (Joe A.)

Marvel Super Hero Squad
- (AR) 2009, #1 "Freaky Fractal Friday!".
Dr. Doom plans to get all the fractal crystals by grabbing them in the past before they were originally found. When the heroes go stop him, a malfunction turns everyone except Reptil (the only teen) into babies, and Redwing back into an egg. A battle brews between the babyfied heroes and villains until they turn back - (Tazz)

Marvel Tales
- (male adult rejuv and male AR) "King of The World", #137.

Marvel Tales
(FF OA'd AA) #128 "The Man Who Meddled!", AKA "Where Monsters Dwell" #33.
A scientist tries to speed up the life cycle of lab mice to hasten research trials. His success in the lab spills out as his newborn baby dies of old age within 3 years, and the effects are spreading to him. (Jeffr_2bya)

Marvel Team-Up
- (male adult AR to baby and nothing) "For A Few Fists More", #31. Spider-Man and Iron Fist.
- (male AR past birth, OC remnants) Vol 1 #31 "For a Few Fists More!" 03/1975.
Spider-Man meets "Drom the Backwards Man" for the first - and last - time - (JeffR_2bya)

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection
- (male age stasis) Comic miniseries, #1 2020.
Earth was invaded by zombies some years ago. We learn Franklin Richards has lost his powers and stopped aging (he is between 12-14 normally). Younger sister Valeria likes to joke he is her younger brother, which he hates - (Tazz)

(male AA APed) 1954. Marvelman fought crime with cohorts Young Marvelman and Kid Marvelman. Renamed as:
(male AA) Earth-238 adult amnesia characters. Marvel Super-Heroes 387 (UK) 1982, Daredevils 7 (UK) 1983. Newspaper copy-boy Michael "Micky" Moran was an orphan chosen for government experiments. By saying "Kimota", he turned into an adult hero with the powers of flight, speed and durability. Young Miracleman Dickey Dauntless transformed by saying "Miracleman", as did Kid Miracleman, Johnny Bates. The three boys faced their evil counterpart Young Nastyman. Kid Marvelman eventually became a murderous psychopath. After a brutal confrontation he says his magic word by mistake and reverts to 13 years old.

Mary Marvel
- (male adult rejuv attempt, male adult to old age) #16 Fawcett "The Youth Pills" 7/30/1947.
Old Doc Younger is released from prison after 40 years at age 75, but has a scheme to regain his adult youth. In his haste to outsmart Mary Marvel the plan backfires, and he returns to prison aged 90.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Mary Marvel
- (male adult rejuv, male OA) "The Youth Pills", 1947, #16.
The AR pill has no effect on the world's mightiest girl.

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation) Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, c.1940.
The comics may or may not depict the scene where Margarita applies the devil's skin lotion to reduce her appearance from age 36 to her 20s?
- Rodion Tanaev. Russia, 1997.
- Jean-Francois Desserre. France, 2002.
- Akishine, Zaslavsky. Russia, 2005.
- Klimowski, Schejbal. UK, 2008.
- "Moscou endiable, sur les traces de Maitre et Marguerite" - Bettina Egger, 2013.
  Interweaves the story with Bulgakov's life and her own explorations.

Master Comics
- (male adult to OA, adult IB) #74 "The Fountain of Age" 12/1946 Fawcett.
Sivana, Jr. uses aging water on Capt. Marvel, Jr.

Mauro Laurenti: Young Again
(adult rejuvenation) Pornographic comic - adult youth

Maximum Man
- (male TF AA adult rejuvenated) WorldStorm #1, 12/06.
Kevin Trueblood was given the ability to transform into a "maxi-hero" by Indian fakirs by saying the magic word "Hecatean". He is now an old man, but when he remembers the magic word he still turns into a 30 y.o. superhero.

- (TF expansion) 2005. Superman/Batman encounter a team of expies of The Ultimates. The Incredible Hulk expy was cute little girl Becky who turned into a big blue Monster.

(AR AA, old age, RN) Band 2. French comic by Clarke, Gilson about 119 year old teen witch. (Chica) source

Men of Mystery Comics
- (rejuv or AR?) #79 AC "The Elixir of Youth" 2009 reprint of 1950s.
- (

- (male adult AS) #3 Marvel "You're Gonna Live Forever" 6/30/1953.
A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever and goes to hide in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand: devoured by worms forever.
- (

Mickey Mouse (series)
- (anthros AR & OA AA poofs) c2013.
International versions:
Mickey - (Abril) 853 (Brazil) "O Dr. Tic-Tac" - Aku Ankan taskukirja - 438 (Finland) "Tohtori Tiktak"
Super Picsou Geant - 191 (France) "Les enquetes de Mickey & Iga Biva contre le docteur Tic-Tac!"
Lustiges Taschenbuch Maus - Edition 6 (Germany) "Der mysteriose Doktor Ticktack"
Komix V’ Periodos - 2 (Greece) "Doktor Tik-Tak"
Topolino (libretto) - 2998 (Italy) "Topolino e il Dottor Tick-Tock" - Speciale Disney - 70 (Italy) "Doktor Tikk-Takk"
Donald Duck med Fargesmell - 3 (Norway) "O doutor Tic-Tac" - Disney Comix - 196 (Portugal)
Mickey & Iga Biva are intrigued by a newspaper story about an old actress made young again. "Docteur Tic Tac" is selling a youth treatment to rejuvenate old adults. They start investigating the place and discover a room with toys, but are thrown out by the employees of the hidden Dr.
A little boy is being handled roughly by a late middle aged couple. They believe the true doctor has been kidnapped, as well as his grandson the boy. They follow the couple from earlier in disguises, and discover the couple also run a homeless charity with strange tanning booths. For some reason, the homeless guys look very old. The device "takes" the years from them, and empties them out equally to others.
Mickey and Iga are taken prisoner and meet the boy again, who they discover isn't the doctor's grandson, but himself. The fake Dr. Tic Tac is of course Pat Hibulaire. The invention was to make rare trees healthy again, but the couple tricked him into believing it destroyed the forest, and the police from that foreign country would arrest them. So they hid by making him a little boy, and the couple got a bit older. In Mickey & Iga Biva's country, they then made a deal with Pat Hibulaire to sell rejuvenation services for money, intending to get young again later.
Pat and Mickey fight over the age-transferring ray gun. They accidentally become old men anthros fighting with canes, and then poof into babies. The good guys win and restore everyone except the Dr., who will destroy his invention and start over.
The End - (Vended, Tazz)

Mickey Mouse (series)
- (possible male anthro rejuv/AR/RN) #307 Netherlands "The Fountain of Youth" 05/25/1977.
 AKA Donald Duck #12.
- (possible male anthro rejuv/AR/RN) #348 Brazil Disney "A Fonte Da Juventude" 10/30/1981.
 AKA Almanaque do Mickey #1, Mega #345, Mickey #348, Super Picsou Geant #37.
- (male anthro AR) #630 "O Raio Da Juventude" 10/30/2000.
 AKA Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #654.
Mickey and Friends:
- (male adult anthro, mental AR) #32 UK Disney "Back To Childhood" 8/7/93.
 AKA Donald Duck & Co #31, Mega #451, O Pato Donald #2043.
Mickey Mouse:
- (possible male anthro rejuv/AR/RN) #6.
 AKA Donald Duck #478, Mickey Parade #35.
- (chicken AR) #66 & #154 "The Secret of the Swamp" 6/30/1959.
 AKA Mickey Mouse #66.
Mikke Mus:
- (possible male anthro rejuv/AR/RN) #3 Norway Disney "The Wee Dram From Scotland" 1/30/97.
 AKA Mega #481.
Micky Maus:
- (male anthro rejuv/AR/RN?) #4 Germany Disney "Der Jungbrunnen" "Fountain of Youth" 1/26/69.
 AKA Donald Duck & Co #13.
Mickey Parade:
- (male anthro rejuv/AR/RN?) #30 FR Disney "Le mot de la fin!" "Picsou perd... mais gagne 30 ans!" 6/15/80.
 AKA Le Journal de Mickey #1459.
- (male anthro rejuv/AR/RN?) #35 "Archimedes and the time reversal" 3/8/92.
 AKA Mickey Mouse #6, Donald Duck 478.
Le Journal de Mickey:
- (female anthro AR, egg AR) #1274 France Disney "Un age plus sage" 11/28/1976.
 AKA "The Fountain of Youth"  AKA Donald Duck #36, Ze Carioca #813.
- (implied anthro rejuv or AR) #1459 "Le mot de la fin!" 06/15/1980.
"The Spring Of Instant Youth".
- INFO PAGE - (, Jeffr_2bya)

Midnight Tales
- (frozen preteen stasis) #1 Charlton "The Doll" 12/30/1972.
AKA Professor Coffin #19. A little girl spent 43 years in suspended animation until a cure for tuberculosis could be found.
- (adults to old age) #5 "Honeymoon in Hell!" 9/30/1973.
A couple spends their honeymoon in hell, and they aged 40 years because of the experience.
- (male adult to old age & age stasis) #13 "The Scarab" 6/30/1975.
AKA Haunted #50. The Baron learns that he should not have broken up the set of scarabs.
- (

- (possible AS/AR/OA?) #2 "Forever and Ever" 07/30/1957.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- (ARed AA aftermath on cover only) #27, 5/16/2018, BOOM! Studios.
Alternate cover features aftermath glimpse of the 90's storyline where they were kids again. You see all 6 kid versions of the Rangers looking up at their adult Ranger selves - cover - (Tazz)

- (age stasis) - Winter Moran birth scene, child age form - art
- (APed) #9, 1985. Winter Moran, daughter of Mike and Liz Moran, allegedly developed a bit fast at first.

Mister Mystery
- (male adult to OA) #7 Aragon "The Wedding Eve" 9/1/1952.
A man travels through a doorway and comes back aged.
- (male adult age stasis or OA?) #9 "Everlasting Life" 10/1/1952.
A man makes a deal with Satan for some wishing candles.
- (mind transfer to younger body) #16 "Immortal Brain" 4/1/1954.
A brain is switched from body to body.
- (goldenagecomics)

Mitico Thor
- (male adult stasis) V1 #131 Editoriale Corno "Vivo per l'eternit" 4/20/1976.
A gangster drinks a serum that will allow him to live forever, and goes to hide out in the bayou where he falls into a pit of quicksand. Weird Wonder Tales #08, Menace #03.

- Jean Giraud (b. 08/05/38) French comic artist has drawn many TF scenes including possible AP/AR? Looking for any info.

Monster Girl
(AR) comic, 2005 A beautiful and spoiled young woman attending a private school in Europe was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had been having an affair with. Later, on a flight home, she turned into a yellow skinned monster. Whenever she transforms, her monster form becomes larger and stronger. But when she changes back, her human form becomes younger! She currently appears to be prepubescent, and an active member of a superhero team. (CaseScenario)

Monsters of the Silver Age
- (male AR AA dream poof) #4 "The High And Mighty" 3/11/2015. Johnny Boy Comics, Nelson.
The Earth is besieged by giant ants while Valhalla is laying siege to Olympus! Immortal Victor must battle Donner the Norse god of storms! - art - (Jeffr_2bya)

Morphine Somers
- (FF power) Marvel character can rapidly age everything he touches.

- (ARed) #117 03/2000.
Lena returned to taunt her father during the "Our Worlds at War" saga. Somehow reverted back to her infant form (with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac was defeated. Superman: War of the Worlds?

(male FFed) #1. Killpower "Julius Mullarkey" is a genetically engineered supersoldier designed to mature at a rapid rate. By the age of 18 months he reached his adult size of 6 feet 8 inches and 325 pounds. He had a childlike mentality, but was not taught any morals.

Ms Victory
- (adult femuscle power restoration upgrade) Femforce comics. Dr. Joan Wayne regains her former adult strength and much more.
Deviant Artist: Mercblue22 Fan Art link

Ms Victory
- (old age rejuvenation) Femforce comics. Dr. Joan Wayne developed the V-formula in the 1940s to increase strength/stamina. It also affected her aging, so she can still be a young, attractive woman at over 80 years old. When she uses a special pill, she gains super powers and her youth back. (Agemagic, bradbarry2)
- old age rejuv - old age rejuv

Ms. Marvel
- (AA character, TF size & appearance changes) Ordinary Muslim teen Kamala Khan gained AA polymorph powers due to a strange gas - adult age disguise form

Ms. Marvel
- (TF forms) vol03, c2014.
16 y.o. Kamala Khan was turned into a super-powered Inhuman by the Terrigen Mist. Her power is shapeshifting, which includes changing her size completely (growing bigger and smaller) and turning into other people.
- TFs: Carol Danvers, both guises. Disha Khan, her mother - (Rugal)

Ms. Marvel
(AR AA dream sequence, RNed, oa'd)
- Flashback illusion AR 1.1 MB scan. (sixsodacola)
(ARed) fan art
(Weary Traveler contribution)

Mutant, Texas: Tales of Sheriff Ida Red
(growth) 2002 4 issues, Oni Press. A little girl can change her height at will?

My Greatest Adventure
- (male adult to old age) #73.
Man surveying cavern discovers a pool which has a strange effect. He appears to age into an old man. He heads back to town where he finds himself compelled to steal a quantity of heavy water and radium. An alien has controlled him. He steals a gyroscope, and the alien is finally able to leave Earth behind.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

My Greatest Adventure
- (possible rejuv/OA?) #33 DC "Fountain Of Youth" 07/1959.

Mysteries Of Unexplored Worlds
- (adult rejuv/AR?) #4 Charlton "The Forbidden Room" 7/30/1957. Mirror makes people younger by aging other objects in its reflection.

Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds
- (male AA face APed) #4, 3/57, Charlton "The Forbidden Room" - cover - (2BYA, TBTC)

Mysterious Adventures
- (adult age stasis) #5 "The Pool of Eternity" 12/01/1951.
A young murderous couple drinks from The Pool of Eternity to stay young.
- (goldenagecomics)

Mysterious Adventures
- (creature adult stasis, male adult OA?) #8 Story "Flowers of Death" 6/1/1952.
A monster feeds on men to stay young.
- (goldenagecomics)

Mysterious Stories
(AA old aged glimpse, male old age) #2 "The Man Who Wouldn't Die" 01/01/1955, Premier Comic Book.
A man and a little girl are aged after getting too far from the magical water that kept them young - OAd

Mystery Comics Digest
- (male adult stasis or rejuv or AR?) #5 Gold Key "The Man Who Stole Immortality" 7/30/1972.
An evil man discovers the secret to immortality, but things don't turn out the way he imagined it? Boris Karloff T.o.M #86 #07 #2.
- (

Mystery in Space
- (AA adult old age glimpses, AA adult male old age, RN)
- Hour-Glass of age.
- X-Box of age.

Mystery in Space
- (male adult OA) DC. Star Rovers story. Aliens are testing weapons to use against Earth. Two of the Star Rovers are affected.
- (male adult to old age, RN) #92 DC "The Alien Archer" 06/1964.
Space Ranger is affected by bizarre arrows.

Mystery in Space
- (possible male adult stasis) #1 "The Men Who Lived Forever" 5/30/1951.

Mystery In Space
- with Captain Comet; #1, 2006. cover
- (possible AP, old age, male, RN) "The Coins That Doomed Two Planets" DC, #96, Dec. An hourglass from a coin starts to age everyone in a city.
- (possible AP, old age, male, AR) "The Billion-Dollar Time-Capsule" #103, 11/1965, National Periodical Publications. Space gang steals device that can reverse aging, but, unless operated properly, greatly increases age.

Mystery Tales
- (possible AR/AP)"Fountain Of Youth" or "Strange Meeting", #30, 07/30/1955, Marvel. Reprint: Strange Tales #56.
"He Lived Again", #53, 05/30/1957.
- (

Mystic Comics
- (male ARed) #02 "The Forbidden Drink" 1951.
An older stage actor makes a desperate bargain with a diabolical visitor to regain the state of his glory days as a young man.
Full comic - (Thomas)

(TF's, shapeshifting, TG, age changes) Comic series. Garcia's visuals are up to the task of Mystique's transformations, but don't have the precision that Maguire brought to her changes in X-Men Forever.

Namor, the Sub-Mariner
(rejuvenation) #12 "The invaders fight again" 3/91, or "Namor Annual #2".
- Info link 1 - link 2
- Lady Jacqueline Falsworth, AKA ex-World War II era super heroine "Spitfire", was critically wounded after being bitten by her vampire uncle, Baron Blood, while helping the Sub-Mariner fight revived Nazi villains. The original android Human Torch gave her an emergency transfusion of his synthetic blood, resulting in her recovering her health, youth and faded super-speed powers. Spitfire also has vampiric abilities, as shown in the comic series, MI-13.
- Somewhere in the teens, one of the side characters was regressed from an elderly woman to a teenager of about 16. After being shot, she received a blood transfusion from the 40-something Human Torch. Great shot of loose clothes on the operating table. Her hair was originally still white from age, but it began turning blonde again. For a number of issues, you see her adjusting to her new age, including a few good clothing scenes. No further information about the conclusion of the arc.

National Lampoon
- (male young adult to OA) "Too Old For Menudo" telenovela-style comic.
We follow a member who, on the eve of his 16th birthday, leaves the Boy Band in accordance with their policy. The next morning he looks to be in his mid-50s, and can't get a singing gig anywhere.
- (TvTropes)

- (AP) covers
- (AP) Character first seen in Mantra #18, 1993. The stork makes a visit. Marinna Necromantra, the daughter of Lukasz and Eden Blake, is born and literally grows up overnight.

- (APed CB TFed glimpse) - Marinna suddenly grew up into adult warrior.

Neil Gaiman's Wheel of Worlds
- (excellent AP CB glimpse, adult growth CB) - AP CB scene - adult CB scene - (GlassThorn)
- (excellent AP scene, CB) #1. Little Ashley had the soul of a woman but the clothing of a child. Glassthorn - AP CB (Glassthorn)

New 52
- (male AA demon upgrade, age forms) The New 52, 2011+.
Living as a homeless boy, David Reid's rage was the catalyst for an occult experiment by Circe. A magic artifact used to create Beastiamorphs changed Reid into a superpowered adult with amnesia. Wonderstar's rage resurfaced, and he renamed himself Magog, almost making him Captain Marvel's Evil Counterpart.

New Earth
- (male preteen rapid size/strength increase, muscle development TF) DC.
A victim of the Scarecrow's experiments, 10-year-old red-haired orphan Colin Wilkes can willingly become the hulking-vigilante Abuse (with reverse-embossed knuckle-dusters to match). When he concentrates he can activate it, changing into a giant behemoth - male forms

New Mutants - Magik
- (some AP) Magik #1-4 series, 12/1983 - 03/1984.
"Little Girl Lost/Cold Iron Hot Blood/Soulquest/Darkchild" - A look at the 7 years Illyana spent in Limbo. Once Illyana has grown to a teenager, the one piece animal skin she wore in Limbo became a two piece outfit. The cover of issue 4 is another example of 14 y.o. Illyana being sexualized - covers

New Mutants Annual 2
- (AP, AR) 10/86 Why Do We Do These Things We Do? Mojo and Spiral regress Captain Britain back to a teenager (first mentally then physically), and later hypnotize the young members of the New Mutants. Mojo has collected Rahne, Roberto, Leong, Nga, Butch, Darla, and Alfie and transforms them into adults and makes them his Bratpack. They finish capturing all but Warlock and Doug, and then transform them into adults. Brian is regressed to childhood. Magma is regressed to childhood. Betsy is transformed into a Mojo-like being - link ('O')
- Meggan was born in a gypsy camping. She has mutant power to change her shape to any form, reading other people's desire to become what they want. She helped form Excalibur. Her powers may rival Storm´s.

New Mutants Special
- (age?) #1 Marvel.

New Mutants: Dead Souls
- (unseen age control) #1. A kitten was aged by Illyana - link

New Mutants
- (AA age TFed) - Bratpack
- (adult aging) vol 1, #9, Marvel Comics. Selene Gallio can move at super speed, though this can cause her to age rapidly and require more life energy. Selene must drain human life force to rejuvenate herself.
- Magik, AKA Rasputin. 7 years of Illyana's life (6 to 13) in Limbo.
- (adult rejuvenations, ARed illusion) Annual #3. Holographic simulacra of the Avengers revert into Teen Avengers.
- rejuvenation - into teenagers.
- She-Hulk - her teen form is less muscular, but still a formidable opponent.
- Captain America - reverted into a teenager, he can't hit Wolfsbane's young girl form.
- Black Knight - reverted - Magik found his weakness.
(WT - Hobbs)

New Mutants
(AR theme, AA AP's) Annual #2. A few compiled panels. There are no transformation scenes for Captain Britain, though he became much weaker as a youth, and none for anyone when they are returned to their proper ages either.
- AP AA scene
- Magma/Amara - two AR scenes - plus another AP AA.
- ARed - her elastic costume became loose and baggy.
- ARed - emotional breakdown.
(WT - Hobbs)

New Teen Titans
- Vicky Grant
- Annual #1 1982 "Final Conflict!" Wolfman, Pérez, Tanghal. 1st account of the origin of Xhal. 1st adult appearance of Ryand'r.

New Titans, The
- (male AP) Lord Chaos evolves himself to adulthood, kills his mother, and within a month rules alternate Earth.
- (male AP) "Wildebeest" (1992) #85 First appearance. #86-87 Baby Wildebeest bonds with Pantha, much to her chagrin. #88-89 Baby Wildebeest exhibits the ability to grow in size and strength. Despite her objections, Pantha relents to being Baby's 'momma.' #91 Baby grows up quick.
Baby Wildebeest acted as a normal toddler, with the body of a miniature Wildebeest. However, when angered, Baby instantly transformed into an adult Wildebeest powerhouse - fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones - particularly Pantha (or "momma", as he had grown to call her). The Wildebeest baby has incredible strength. When provoked, it can juggle 16-wheel trucks with little effort.
male - male APed cover

New Universe, The
- (male rebirth) Star Brand is reborn as a Star Baby a la 2001. He was born fully possessed and conscious of his power, growing at an extremely accelerated rate.

New Warriors
(male APed) Rage Elvin Haliday, after being mutated by toxic waste, is a 14-year-old in the body of an adult built like a mountain.

Next Avengers
(male FFd OAd) male

Nightmare on Elm Street, A
(dream sequence mummy OA'd) nurse

- (male AP, AA, possible female AP/possible old age in other issues?) #144 "Freefall: Chapter Five" DC Comics 07/01/2008.
The League of Assassins decides to grow their undead army using The Great Ten's Mother of Champions (Niang Guan Jun). She gives birth to a male stream of super-strong progeny, in litters of 25 every 3 days. Her sons age 10 years for every 24 hours that go by. She has thousands of these short-lived offspring, used as cannon-fodder by the Chinese government. Each batch of superhuman children are conceived by suitors whom she hand picks. The front of her dress is pleated to expand with her belly.

- (male AP, male old age) "Freefall: Chapter Six" #145 DC Comics, 08/01/2008.
Multiple babies are aged into men with wings.

- (AA TFs, TG, furry, AA age forms) webcomics by ND Stevenson, 2012+
The shapeshifter Nimona's true age is unknown, but she typically looks like a young-looking human who can transform into any creature. Different outfits appear as she warps into any age/gender or red/pink animal form - comics art

Ninja High School
- (AR) "The Prom Formula" #1? #2, 1980?, Antarctic Press.
A punch bowl is spiked with a youth mixture at the prom. Chaos ensues.

Nyoka the Jungle Girl
- (possible AR/AP) "Flower of Youth", #29, 03/30/1949, Fawcett - (

(teen TF CB ability) Tatiana Caban can transform into werebeast. She is saved by X-23 - cat form.

old age tropes
- (adult characters old aged) Age transformations of certain kinds have been common in comics almost since the beginning. The two permitted types are adults somehow poofed into babies/children (the RN process is glossed over), and adults aged into oldsters. Sometimes the change may only be mental, but is visually depicted by exaggerated expressions and age-altered activities. Many classic covers depicted their characters aged to decrepitude through various means:
- Comics covers

- (adult rejuvenated) Webcomic, Ch04, 2013.
Luke Dugans interviews Shirley Kidd about her role in the mysterious movie Marvedyne. Shirley suddenly de-aged 40 years to young adulthood with no explanation, though there was a conspicuous cup of coffee in the scene.
- Scene link - link

- web comics rejuvenation art

Out Of The Night
- (female & male adults to old age, RN)
"Fiend of The Undead", #6, 01/01/1953, ACG.
A woman is aged after a show.
"The Fountain of Age", 07/01/1953, #9.
A man drinks from a mysterious fountain only to age later. The love of his life drinks the water in order to lift the curse from him onto herself.

Out of the Shadows
- (male adult age or AR) "Fountain Of Fear", #11, 01/01/1954, Standard.
An escaped convict forces an Indian chief to reveal a secret in return for his daughter's safety.
- (goldenagecomics)

Out of the Shadows
- (male AR OC) "Fountain of Fear", #11.

Out of This World Adventures
- (male AR to nothing) "Crom, the Barbarian" At the end, v1#1, 1950.

Out of This World
Tales of the bizarre - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) #1 "Crom The Barbarian" Charlton.
- (AR) #6 "The Secret Room" 11/01/1957.
- (age stasis) #7 "Lifetime" 05/01/1958.
- (male adult age stasis & male AR or rejuv) #8 "At Last My Eyes Have Opened" & "Phantom Cargo" 05/01/1958.
- (male adult AS) #10 "To Live Forever" 10/01/1958.
- (male old age) #11 "The Time Chamber".
- (Goldenagecomics, JeffR)

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuv and later ARed) "Final Curtain", #13, 1964.

Outsiders, The
(APed) "The Outsiders" - Halo aka Gabrielle Doe, possessed the body of Marissa Barron. She has difficulties adjusting to her new body, and the age and status it brings with it, since she is often known to act like a teenage valley-girl; for instance, she enters into a relationship with Faust because her new body is adult and therefore it's allowed.

Owl House, The
- (AA demon TF, pseudo teen "height growth") c2022. The basilisk Vee is disguised as Luz Noceda. It looked like she forced her body to grow taller (which is extremely rare and should happen more often) - link - art

Paladin: Protector of the Universe
(male AP, AR AP RN) Issue 1, World Wide Villains.
12 year old Adam Walker is empowered by the mysterious "Source", and becomes the Galactic Guardian known as Paladin (a highly muscular hero in his mid 20s).
Amanda Miller, Adam's homeroom teacher, is really a beautiful 20-something who uses the "Hyper Particle" to become the pre-teen heroine Hyper-Girl!
Jason Roberts is endowed by the Goddess he transforms into, the wise and beautiful Athena: Maiden of Might!
The book should be on-sale soon from World Wide Villains direct. (Ferver)

Paper Girls
- (future/past selves interact, CoA) Mystery SF, Vaughan & Chiang, Image Comics, 2015+.
Through time travel, the girls are frequently displaced between different centuries. They encounter future versions of themselves and are forced to come to terms with who they will become.

Paul Jenning's Round the Twist
- (male excellent AP, male/female ARed)
"Pink Bow Tie", 1993 #1, Lumsden, de Vries.
- From the Tv series "Round The Twist" - ArArchive Gallery link - (Entropic)

Pep Comics
- (possible age stasis?) #157 Archie "Eternal Youth" 9/30/1962.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return
(growth, coming of age) Marjane Satrapi, 2004. Persepolis detailed her childhood in revolutionary Iran. This second graphic book picks up in 1984 and finds the author fleeing the Iran-Iraq War for what she hopes will be a more liberating life in Vienna. Because Satrapi's adventures in Vienna take place during her teenage years, we get to witness the physical transformation of her character and girl body. In an aptly titled chapter, "The Vegetable," Satrapi writes how she grew an astounding 7 inches between the ages of 15 and 16 and then proceeds to take us on a more elaborate explanation of her other growth spurts, which include the elongation of her face and the repositioning of her beauty mark.

- (FF) years

Phantom Stranger, The
- (possible adult to OA/AS) #2 DC National "The Girl Who Lived 5,000 Years" 8/30/1969.
- (

Phantom, The
(adult rejuvenated glimpsed) "The Phantom" - "Romantic Witch" disguised appearance to seduce Phantom - scan

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey
- (male adult OA & adult rejuv illusions) #5, 2018.
Jean Grey is still alive (she died in the 90s) because the Phoenix Force put her in a dream world. It tries to convince her to stay by resurrecting Cyclops, but she knows he shouldn't be there, and says goodbye before making him vanish. It is kind of OA to death (though could just be draining his life force). The Phoenix then creates illusions of her past selves, including when she first joined the X-Men around age 15. Her breast sizes, and in 1 panel her height, appeared to change slightly.
- Gallery link - (Tazz)

Picture of Dorian Gray, The
- (male adult AS, male image OA) 05/01/2009, Marvel.
Painter Basil Hallward has done a portrait of a strange subject - youthful Dorian Gray, a man with a mysterious and tangled history. The young man broods on how unfair it is that he will age and his portrait will remain ever young. He wishes with all his might that it were otherwise - and in some bizarre, magical way - it is! A novel of dark wonders brilliantly brought to life in the heralded Marvel Illustrated style.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Pink Panther
- (male ARed) Pink helps somebody holding him up at gunpoint find the legendary Fountain of Youth. The person ends up an infant, unable to do anything with the wealth he acquired earlier. Pink names himself the man/child's legal guardian to have access to his fortune.

- (male adult age stasis) Wildstorm Universe, DC. 2 characters with the birthday January 1st, 1900 are older than they look: Elijah Snow, who permanently looks about 40, and Axel Brass, who figured out how to stop his aging when he was 43.

Pogo Parade
- (ad.stas./rejuv/OA/AR?) #1 Dell: "The Fountain Of Youth" 08/1992.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Poison Ivy, the Mighty Mite
- (male AR OC, RN) Gill Fox, Feature Comics, 12/1942, p23.
"Grandpa's Age Change" gag - Page

- (adult age stasis, mental "ARed") Pool of Youth adventure. While it doesn't actually make you younger, it extends your lifespan indefinitely and gives you a younger mentality. One man claimed to be over 200 but felt like he was 6. The Pool was guarded by the Sea Hag's sister and her army of cavemen.

- (male AR AA, rejuvenations, RNed) Vol4 #109 "Young Wimpy Rides Again!" 1971/08.
Professor Wotasnozzle invents a youth pill and gives it to Wimpy, who then sells some to Pappy and Granny. Wimpy gets younger, Pappy and Granny get younger, Prof gets younger and hilarity ensues. 3 pages, poof & off-panel TFs.
- Full chapter - (Thomas2)

- (male AR) - INFO PAGE
"Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History", Fred M. Grandinetti book, 2004. Contains comic strips.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male/fem ARs OC, male APs, RNs, "magic pants" effects) Classic issue #19, Bud Sagendorf, c1948.
Dell/Gold Key/King/Charlton. 2000 reissue: IDW Publishing.
On an uncharted island, Olive Oyl and Popeye find a fountain that regresses them. It ages Sweetpea, who then becomes an abusive adult. Popeye returns to normal to win the match.
- Full issue link - Age scenes extract pages - (Thomas2)

Power Girl
Secret Origins
(minor AP, age stasis) "Ancient Histories" 2nd Series, 31809, 11. Power Girl learns about her true past.
Showcase Presents Power Girl (AP age stasis) "When The Symbio Strikes!" March, 98, 99. Back story on Power Girl. (2bya)

Power Man
(male APed) "Captain Hero" (male) Marvel. (Power Man and Iron Fist#113) Iron Fist used his superhuman healing power to try to cure a young boy named Bobby Wright. Exposure to radiation enabled Wright to transform himself into an adult superhuman who called himself Captain Hero. John Byrne later revealed that he had been the Super-Skrull all along.

Power of Shazam!, The
(APed) 1996 Annual. Thunder is the super-powered alter-ego of a young girl named CeCe Beck. An aged Captain Marvel serves as a mentor. Whenever Beck speaks the magic words "Captain Marvel", she is transformed into Thunder, an adult super-heroine.
Captain Marvel Billy's twin sister Mary Batson (adopted as Mary Bromfield) says the magic word "SHAZAM!" The classic-era Mary Marvel remained a teenager, while the modern version is transformed into an adult like her brother, with a yellow on white costume.

- (male AP muscle) Comic about a 13 y.o. male who can change into a giant adult superhero. His clothes are lost when he does. Prime would not only face villains, but stayed in superhero form to sneak into a bar, and faced molestation charges when he continued to visit a girl his 13 year-old alter-ego had a crush on.
Movie version in pre-production.
- male: 01 - 02
- male - male - male
- (occasional TF APed themes) cover

Prince Valiant
- (mental adult rejuvenation, mental AR) 2010.
A life extending potion is mistakenly taken by Valiant, his wife, and several others. They all start acting like love sick newlyweds.
Another knight and a woman companion start to act like lovesick young teens, while the last woman acts like a playing child. She wants to ride horsey on another character's back.
- (Time2, Steven)

Professor Coffin
- (female age stasis) #19 "The Doll" 10/30/1985 Charlton - AKA Midnight Tales #1.
A little girl spends 43 years in suspended animation until a cure for tuberculosis could be found.
- (

- (adult rejuved/OA?) #28 ABC 1999.
As Promethea nears New York, time and reality shift around her. The epicenter of the end of the world? The Four Swell Guys solve the Painted Doll mystery, and Tom Strong gathers his onetime science-hero allies.

Punisher, The
- (male adult hero FFed to OA) c2013 "The Punisher" fan art

Radicals, The
(TF) "The Radicals". Scheherazade (Kashmira Raschim) looks like an attractive teenage girl of Middle-to-Far Eastern descent. Transforms into a voluptuous, beautiful adult woman clad in a harem-type costume.

Ralph Azham
- (male adult stasis or rejuv, males aged to OA) Franco-Belge comics, 2010.
The King's superintendent Malek Ostaviane is actually the king changing his physical appearance. He kills others by aging them at high speed. Raoul dies thus in his sleep, while Yassou passed from age 10 to an old man. He owes his life to Ralph who jostled Malek.

Real Ghostbusters, The
- (male AR) #22, "Ecto-Baby", Marvel UK, 1988.
An Ecto-Baby raiding a toy store turns them into little kids! The young Ghostbusters face a second childhood unless they can grow up and give that ghost baby a time-out.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Recombatants, The
(force grown clones) "The Recombatants". New super team, "Tales of the Teen Titans" #48. Male shapechanger Pseudos.

Red Robin
- (AR AA illusion)
Everyone gets caught up in the virtual world, and as a result Tim Drake sees Lucius Fox's daughter Tam as he first did: a chubby baby girl.
- dream reversion - (dawnofmawl, Magegg)

Red Robin
- (female AR, RN) #19 DC 01/30/2011.
Red Robin and his friends are trapped in the Unternet by the Calculator's fail-safe. Which Batman and Robin come to the rescue? Villains' telepathic gestalt dreams come true. Can Red Robin become their waking nightmare? - (Sixsodacola)

Red Rube (character)
(male age form boost) Roly Poly Comics #1, 1945. Reuben Reuben, a "cub reporter" for the Daily Sun, can call upon the powers of his ancestors by simply shouting "Hey Rube", which causes him to transform from a non-child into all-powerful adult superhero Red Rube.

Requiem Chevalier Vampire
(reverse aging) Anglo-French graphic novel, 2000, Heavy Metal magazine. AKA Requiem: Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Requiem.
The vampires and other undead age in reverse in the world of Resurrection, until they become foeti and are forgotten.

Resurrection Man
(male) Features a hero who must die to use his ability to be reborn - each time with a different power.

Richie Rich Vault of Mystery
- (AR poofs) "The Baby-maker", Harvey Comics. A camera-like regressing device.

Richie Rich
- (AR) "The New Youngsters" Part 1, 5p, Ernie Colon? c1976-
Fountain of Youth story. Richie's parents are missing and when he finds them, he learns that they, and his aunt and uncle, have been turned into children.
- (AR?) "Not the Fountain of Youth (The New Youngsters Part 2)"
Richie calls Professor Keenbean to help solve the mystery of the Fountain of Youth, which turns out to be a prank pulled by Reggie.

Richie Rich
- (male AR OC twice, RN AA) v1 #62, 10/1967, Harvey.
Cadbury the Perfect Butler: "The Butler Of Youth", "Oh, Baby!", 10p.
- Part 1 - Part 2

Richie Rich
- (male FFed to OA dream) He slept into old age and appeared on Jackie Jokers' version of "Here Is Your Life" with all his friends, family members, and even adversaries being much older.

Rick and Morty
- (male younger version, clone or pseudo-AR impersonation) #25, 4/26/17, 201, Oni Press. looks like AR comic cover.
Special one-shot. Morty meets an old friend: Tiny Rick + Morty forever and a hundred years. But is Tiny Rick hiding a tiny secret? When I saw the cover, I thought Rick was ARed into a kid. Spoiler: Nope he wasn't. It's an alternate-dimension Rick who goes around killing older Ricks.
- The comic was inspired by the episode "Big Trouble In Little Sanchez", where Rick makes a teenage version of himself to temporarily contain his mind, also known as Tiny Rick, and attends Harry Herpson High School with Morty and Summer. His down-to-earth style impresses the other students and he becomes popular. However, his youthful personality overpowers his old consciousness in order to stay young forever. His old consciousness resists his younger mind by singing original songs with lyrics that are a cry for help, such as Let Me Out. Tiny Rick attempts to destroy his old body, but Summer uses an Elliott Smith song to get through to old Rick. At the end, Rick's mind is transferred back to his old body, causing him to fall out of the vat completely nude. An underground lair contains several other clones, including slightly younger Rick, older teenage Rick, child Rick, and baby Rick. Tiny Rick now sits unconscious on a chair. Rick then grabs an ax and brutally slices the clones to pieces.
- In this issue it appears Rick did it again to hide from an alternate universe Rick who is killing all other Ricks. We find out Killer Rick is actually the real Rick, and Tiny Rick is the killer. Never is it revealed if he made himself tiny, or was always that way.
- Cover - (AgeRegressionFan01, Username, Tazz)

- (AP, UC) 2015, Che Grayson, Sharon De La Cruz.
Black girl comics, rapid sketch style, multimedia?
- In the midst of family loss, 6 y.o. Kera Moore discovers that her goldfish has died. As she cries, her tears fall in the fishbowl. The next day the fish is revived, but her ability to restore life is in direct correlation to years off her own life. Kera wakes to find herself 9 years old. A hasty sketch glimpse of her foot no longer fitting her shoe was found.
Kera must make a choice: should she use her power for the greater good? Saving Aunt Carolyn takes her to 16 y.o, that much closer to her own death. Kera does not hesitate to save the life of Troy, a 16 y.o. boy that she just met. It ages her tremendously to 65, and this is just the back story - Cover

(adult rejuvenation) A voodoo crone's true form emerges.
- Scene01 - Scene02 (from deleted TBTC comics scans)

Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire
- (male adult rejuvenation, male AR, male old age RN)
"The Youth Serum" The Trigan Empire, 1974, Philip Cork.
- ArArchive comic scans link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire
(male AR, male old age) "The Three Princes" 1968 comic by Mike Butterworth, Don Lawrence. Scanned and translated by Gunther
male AR (500 KB)

Robert Crumb comics
(kinda like ARed from neck up, mental ARed) "The Big Baby" is a character who looks like a huge curvy woman with a baby head sucking on a pacifier who just says "goo". She thinks men are pacifiers. When she appeared on the cover of the "Complete Crumb" he put a little blurb saying "relax folks, she's 18". In the stories there's no reason to think that - cover

Rom The Space Knight
- (old aged) AKA "Rom: SpaceKnight". #17, "Hybrid!" 4/1981, Marvel - transformed

Roots of the Swamp Thing
- (possible AR/AP?) #1, 07/30/1986, DC.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (old age) Jeff Smith, Charles Vess, 2002.
Prequel to Jeff Smith's Bone series.
The Lord Of The Locusts transforms the young sexy Briar into an ugly aged crone - (Dale Ribbons)

Round Table of America: Personality Crisis
- (meta-humans ARed AA scene) Vol1 #1, 2005. Image Comics.
Half-page depiction of ARed superheroes. As this comic seems to be a parody, there wasn't a story by Image or Big Bang Comics to depict the Regression.
In the present, Ultiman was surprised to see Christine older and with powers, as she was 4 y.o. before. Ultiman fought his daughter and was defeated.
- Read link - info link - extract - (Thomas2)

Round the Twist
- (male AP CB) - boy to man - (2BYA, ArArchive)

- (age stasis, AR OC cutaway, adult to 13) #6-9, 2017. Marvel.
Prepubescent Junior High student Molly Hayes learns her best friend is actually 100 years old. Abigail ate a magical cupcake offered by a witch to stay 13 forever. Now she tries to make Molly do the same. But instead, Julie Power "suffers a fate worse than death" which could affect her lesbian relation with Karolina Dean.
- Julie comes over dressed in a short-pants, short-sleeves outfit that ends up fitting her pretty well. She also signed the poster of herself at 13 with "don't grow up too fast". What I find interesting is that she stayed in that chair for at least half a Lord of the Rings movie, apparently crying. Or maybe the transformation took that long? Too bad we missed it for dramatic reveal purposes. I'm not looking forward to her continued waterworks drama, but do want to see how old she acts.
- Page scans link - - end panel - (Shlalom_Masters)

- (ARed aftermath, RNed?) #10. The situation was rolled back in a flash. No real RN AP either. Her younger form was well drawn all chapter, though. It does make Abigail look bad. Not only is she acting like a bitch to her so-called best friend, intending to have her stuck forever at age 13, she planned to keep the antidote for herself a few decades later. Why would the goddess give her two AR doses, but only one AP then. You could just drink a few drops to grow a few years closer to full adulthood. It's weird nobody thought of it. Abigail should have pleaded to leave some antidote for her. Fun situation, but damn if this plotline isn't a mess - (Vended)

- (ARed, RN AA AP) #10 - extract

- (coming of age) when Molly Hayes powers developed, she kept trying to talk to her parents and friends about the weird things her body was doing, but they thought she was just talking about normal puberty.

- (flashed forward)
- Alex is shocked "that dorky girl" Nico grew up during an absence. A flashback shows young Nico had short hair, glasses and a conservative wardrobe.
- Julie Power from Power Pack appear as a 20-something woman despite the fact that 3 years earlier her miniseries form was only 14.

Saban's Go Go Power Rangers
- (reincarnation life swap, kinda like ARed) #28 "Necessary Evil" 2020.
Crossover with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For 10,000 years, Rita Repulsa and her minions were trapped in the dumpster prison to hopefully rehabilitate them, where they are put into simulations of their desires. Rita wakes in the body of a 7 y.o. alien species female. At first she claims to be the evil empress, but soon shrugs it off as just imagination. Rita lived a normal lifetime with a loving family instead of being abandoned, before dying in a monster attack on the planet. She is shocked to awaken back in her cell as Rita, wondering where her family went. This was only the first cycle. We learn the woman whose life she lived was a victim of one of Rita's many monster attacks, and she would be living through the lives of countless other victims. She then starts a new life as a 6 y.o. of a different race.
- Comic pages link - (Tazz)

Sabrina series

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (young/old adult swap) #10 "The Crone of Crystal Lake" 1997.
An evil old witch stole Sabrina's body. They switched bodies, and a kiss from Harvey will make the change permanent - (CJ)

- (FF AA APed) - magic spell timestream acceleration - 13 to 18
- (kinda like APed) vol 2 #38 (Michael Gallagher, color, 32pg $1.99) Everything old is new again as Sabrina returns to being a teenager! Enchantra suddenly accelerates Sabrina from a young adolescent to a 16-year-old girl! Unfortunately, the time stream is a little muddy and they wind up bouncing all over the place -- from the distant past to the far-flung future!

Sacred Heart
(slight FFed, coming of age) The orphanage story. 2009, Kathy O'Connell mostly autobiographical tale of childhood spent in Catholic orphanage and with foster families. link

Saint Sinner
- (male adult FFed) No. 2 "Earth Angel" 11/1993, Clive Barker. Newly empowered hero returns home 9 years older overnight, and wanted for murder?

- (male AR) "L'Elixir de jeunesse", #12, Cauvin/Berck, 1977.
An elderly and irritable millionaire believes the elixir of youth is in a sunken galleon in the Caribbean and gets Sammy and Jack to accompany him to find it. As if dealing with a bad-tempered and demanding old man was not enough, there is also his ambitious nephew and his henchmen who intend to get their hands on his wealth.
- (male ARed, mental AP) "Les Bebes flingueurs", #17, 1983.
A group of gangsters turned into babies by the elixir of youth set off to settle their scores with their enemy. Jack and Sammy find that armed toddlers can be just as dangerous as fully-grown adults.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AP AA) - Level 12.b AA curse: growing children are "coincidentally" mostly unclothed when the growth occurs (see: Smallville).
There is no classic immediate growing process in which their clothes rip, but many characters, including a newborn girl, 3 y.o. boy, 5 y.o. girl, and 7-8 y.o. boy age thru puberty, adulthood, old age and death. The newborn girl, 5 y.o. girl, and 7-8 y.o. boy are shown naked after the transformations, with breasts, chest hair, penises and pubic hair.
Once the 5 y.o. girl and 7-8 y.o. boy hit their teens they have sex, and the newborn is the result. The girl becomes pregnant, has the baby a few minutes later, and as mentioned the baby eventually grows up and shows naked breasts and pubic hair at the end of the comic story. Never seen AP so graphic before.
- Gallery link - (Steve)

- (male AP, AP? old age to death theme)
2011, ill: Frederik Peeters, Pierre Oscar Levy.
- 13 swimwear-clad people live a perfect summer day trapped on a nightmare beach where time has altered, each half hour aging them one year, living their whole lives in a day. On page 26 the mother realizes her son has grown unnaturally fast since they got there. Escape is impossible as death nears.
The children became adults. Unknown if there were any UC/CB glimpses or growth process depictions - Cover extr.

Sandman, The
- (AP RN, AR, "age changing ability") "The Sandman" #24.
"Season of Mists 3", DC, 7/24/98. Woman "regresses to little girl at will" - (Jeffr_2bya)
Page 18 panel 4: Coming out of the cave towards Matthew is an old woman - Eve: She's in her 70s, a little overweight, with shaggy white hair and a shapeless dress.
panel 5: Eve now looks about 50: her grey hair is streaked with black, her face is less lined, her dress beginning to fill out.
panel 6: Eve has brought Matthew up to the level of her breasts. She's holding him -- really holding him, her 2 hands encircling his folded wings and body. His tail peeks out 1 end, his head comes out the other. She now looks about 35: Her hair is all dark, her face relatively unlined, except at the eyes.
panel 7: On 1 side, Matthew's head and beak, on the other, Eve's head. Both in profile. Eve now looks about 20.
Page 23 panel 2: Walking toward us through the corridor -- toddling toward us more like it, is a small girl, no older than 4. Her face is made up like a clown's, and she has a clown's red nose on. She's dressed in something that's much too large for her so it's hard to see what it is, really -- a dress or something, or even an oversized pillowcase with holes cut in it at the top for her head to poke out through. It drags on the floor and hides her feet -- get the feeling you do when tiny kids dress up in adult dressing-up clothes. She's holding a red balloon. She looks small and vulnerable and sort of cute.
- (ARed) Eve, based on the biblical character, lives in dreams. Her age shifts from one panel to the next to show every aspect of this archetypal character - (
- (AA OA'd, AR) - age forms comics scans - (2BYA)

Sandman, The
Secret Gods and dream forms - The Sandman INFO PAGE
- (female AR and AA RN forms) #24 "Season of Mists 3" 7/24/1998.
- (female adult reborn AR) #28 "Season of Mists 7" 11/28/1998.
- (female/old age) #40 "Convergence" 08/1992.
- (female AR) #63 "The Kindly Ones" 1995.
- (male AA age forms and AR) #65 05/30/1995.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (kinda like ARed) "A Game of You" arc.
Despite her name and nature, The Cuckoo (arch-enemy of the Narnia-like dream-fantasy "Land") mostly appears in the form of a young, pig-tailed, freckled blonde girl - in fact, the childhood form of Barbie, the arc's protagonist.

Savage She-Hulk
- (adult stasis) #7 8/1/1980.
Richard Rory came into money and purchased a swamp. Jen Walters went to Florida to check out the property. After turning into She-Hulk during a gator attack, she was gassed by the two Fathers and bathed in the calming waters of eternal adult youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
- (adult AS, OA) #8 9/1/1980.
The waters reverted She-Hulk to Jen, who joined la Hacienda. Jen led the villagers to build a fence to keep out the gators. The Fathers were furious at Jen for generating stress and worry and sentenced her to death for the "Crime of Doing." However, she managed to convince them that life without self-improvement is no life at all. The people of la Hacienda were so moved by her speech they shattered the Fountain, sacrificing their eternal adult youth in exchange for actually living life.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Scarlet Witch Vol2
- (adult to OA, RN) 2016-2017.
The series involves a lot of Old Age, as Scarlet Witch discovers that using magic drains some of her life force each time; so in many issues we get glimpses of her aged with grey hair and wrinkles etc. In issue #14, she fights the cause of all her problems, and temporarily ages into an ancient crone.
- (Chrono Eclipse)

Scary Tales
- (adult rejuv) #4 "The Eyes Of The Beholders" 2/28/1976.
A dancer makes a deal with the devil to become a young adult again.
- (

Scary Tales
- (male adult rejuv) #30 "Turnabout" 1/30/1982.
A man discovers a youth serum and takes it to fall in love with young woman with a secret of her own - Ghost Manor #14
- (

Scooby Doo
- (male adult AS, male AR OC, unseen male RN) "The Phantom of Youth", #8 - (Tazz)

Scooby-Doo Team-Up
- (poof ARed AA) #3, 2013.
A magical imp is causing havoc in Gotham City, and Batman and Robin look for help from Scooby and the gang. As one of many transformations, the cast is changed into "baby" forms.
- Gag - (SKJAM)

Secret Origins
- (age stasis, minor age increase) 2nd Series #11 DC "Ancient Histories" 02/1987.
Power Girl learns about her true past.
Comic Book Cover

Secret Wars
- (adult appearance improvements, slight GTS & BE) #3, 1984.
Dr. Doom, angered at being rejected by Magneto, decides to expand his army by giving extraordinary abilities to two normal women eager to be powerful: overweight Marsha Rosenberg and diminutive and plain Mary "Skeeter" MacPherran.
He gets them to transform. Inside the tubes, it becomes obvious that Mary is much taller now. Marsha emerges as Vulcana, who is pretty much made of magma. When she reverts to her human form, she's noticeably slimmer. Filled with rage, Skeeter becomes the massive Titania, an incredibly muscular and curvy Amazon woman who is the strongest female in the Marvel canon.
- Transformations - (The Planet of the AP)

Secrets of Haunted House
- (adult OA scenes, FB)
- old age scene - youth stealing witch is foiled.
- old age glimpse - battle of the magicians.
- flashback trauma.

Secrets of Haunted House
- (ghost AA AR, OA'd to death) - age forms (2BYA)
- 46, 3/82.
- (female AP) "Young At Heart" A witch steals youth from children to stay young.
- (female AP/AR) "Seeker" Woman ages from old age to a little girl. (JeffR_2bya)
- (old age) "Duel Of Darkness" 29, DC Comics. During a warlock duel, one wizard turns a young woman into an old woman. (JeffR)

Secrets of Haunted House
There is always a price to pay... INFO PAGE
- (male adult brain transfer rejuvenation) #12 DC "Life Sentence" 7/30/1978.
- (female adult rejuvenation) #15 "Tales Of Destiny: Curtain Call" 8/30/1979.
- (adult rejuv/stasis) #27 "Souls For The Master" Aug.
- (adult to old age) #29 "Duel Of Darkness" Oct.
- (male adult to old age) #31 "The Morbidity Factor" 12/30/1980.
- (male adult to old age) #41 "Time Piece" 10/30/1981.
- (female AR, OA?) #46 03 "Seeker".
- (adult rejuv stasis, AA decrepitude?) "Young At Heart".

Secrets of Sinister House
- (male AA comic, accelerated growth rate) #18 DC "The Baby Who Had One Year To Die" (July).
Comic Book Cover

Secrets of Sinister House
- (male adult OA) #07 DC "The Hag's Curse" - "The Hamptons' Revenge!"
800 year old curse causes a man to be aged to death.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Secrets of Sinister House
(male accelerated growth) "The Baby Who Had One Year To Die" #18. Orphan boy grows up in a matter of months.

Secrets of the Unknown
- (possible adult stasis or OA?) #175 Alan Class "Forever Is Too Long" 1980. Journey into Unknown Worlds #43.
- (

Sensation Comics
- ("AR") #31 "Grown-Down Land" 07/1944.
Wonder Woman saves the Modern kids from their parents, who don't like children. The Amazon Princess joins the kids in their dreamworld Grow-Down Land. She brings the Modern family together by showing the parents how to act like children.
- It's pretty weird no matter how you slice it. This confirms WW and the 2 parents get "ARed" to 9 y.o... but it's more shrunken, the way it's drawn. A real shame they just become mini versions rather than actual children. The father looks pretty terrifying when he shrinks.
I love the concept though, and it reminds me of the episode "Kid Stuff" from Justice League Unlimited... probably my favorite mainstream AR ever, on top of seriously exploring the regressed foursome of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.
- Full comic link - Missing some frames/pages: alternate link - (SKJAM, Louder, Alessi, Stolas)

Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer
- (AR, TF) - INFO PAGE - (JeffR_2bya)

Sexcional Colegialas Y Estudiantes
- (male adult rejuvenated, male RN OA) 10 105, Mexico. The professor was reverted overnight.
Full comic link - small extract - (Oracle1990)

Shade, the Changing Girl
- (old to male teen/baby, unseen TF cutaway & RNed) #9 "In the City, Part Two: Band on the Run" - "Babes in Arms", 2017/08, DC.
Shade attends a concert by aging rock group "The Sonic Booms". She's shocked the band and her favorite TV Show, "Life With Honey" became old. An audience member clues her in to "Listen with your old ears and see with your young eyes". She then AA-poofed back the crowd's ages, and a fun time for all ensues.
- Full page scans: before - after the AR - (Thomas2)

(adult rejuvenation, OA'd) original series, Valiant Comics. Ancient voodoo housekeeper Nettie, who normally looks about 70, is super-charged by magic and reflexively reverts to her devastatingly beautiful 20-something appearance. She reveals she was ALWAYS capable of making this change, but never wanted to - in fact, she's incredibly annoyed by her youth and just wants to go back to being old.

- (TF ability) Individual who can change their size, form, and appearance.
Examples: Courier controls every cell in his body and can regrow cells as well. Also: the mutant Morph, Warlock, skrulls like Z'Cann , Meggan, Masque, Wolfsbane, Colossus.

- (reciprocal AR/AP, RN?) V1 #3 "A Switch in Time!" 06/1973.
An age swap? Billy Batson "is granted his wish to be an adult", but...
- (TBTC)

(male TF APed AA)
- Before & After poses: male - male

- (adult ARed dream sequence, adult APed RN) Mind Field # 13 Vol 3, 2006. Starfox is on trial for the improper use of his powers. The villain Thanos appears with damning testimony. She-Hulk has the psychic Moondragon put her directly into his mind. There she has the physical form of a time when Thanos fought the Avengers, a teenager in her first year of college, before she had her powers. As she moves deeper into Thanos' mind, she takes the form of herself at her graduation, and finally returns to being She-Hulk. (lbh,
- (very small amount of CBed) TFed

- (AA size increase) c2015 preteen fan art

- (adult stasis/rejuved) II #07. Fountain of Eternal Youth: grants immortality when bathed in, but removes capacity for emotion; those who drink it are transformed into purple-skinned humanoids (ogres/fathers).
- (age?) II #8.

- (adult TF) In human form, she wears a baggy T-shirt that covers the important bits. She transforms, and suddenly her painfully stretched panties are visible below the shirt. The now-tight T-shirt reads "CBLDF".
In the Dan Slott run she managed to shred her work clothes, as she had a psychological addiction to her powered up form, but for various reasons had to stay in her human form at work. Such was her desire to change, that she hulked out almost immediately when she got out of the office, with a sigh of relief. She was still decent, but the suit looked utterly ruined by the growth spurt.

- (BE UC pop) fan art.
(adult rejuvenation, obesity reduction) #33.
- before the rejuvenation
- after the rejuvenation
(WT - Hobbs)

- (dedicated foot growth shoe CB) "She Hulking Out" '15 - fan art - (Werewolfgirl)

- (adult stasis, OA) V3 #2 Stanley "Lady of Death" 9/30/1969.
A couple uses injections to stay young adults. Adventures Into The Unknown #35.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult rejuved to teen) #34 DC.
- (adults rejuvenated) #63 "Conquer Man-Mountain -- Because He's There!" 8/30/1966.
- (male adult rejuvenation) #95 11/30/1977.
Showcase Presents: The House of Mystery #3:
- (young adults to old) "The House of Endless Years" 1/30/2009.
AKA House of Secrets #83, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24, Welcome Back to the House Of Mystery #1, House of Mystery #224, and Showcase Presents: The House of Secrets #1...
Showcase Presents: Power Girl #98 #99:
- (female age stasis, age-up?) "When The Symbio Strikes!" 03.
INFO PAGE - (, Jeffr_2bya)

Shrinking Violet
- (size changes, TFs) DC character.
Salu Digby can shrink down to any size, from a few feet high (Adventure Comics 310) to insect-size. The smallest height she has ever attained is sub-molecular. It takes a few seconds for Violet to dwindle to tiny size (AD 350) and she can "grow" back up again right away if necessary (AD 358). She is quick enough to shrink to avoid being hit by ray-guns; the blasts go over her head as she dwindles in height (AD 355, AD 361). The momentum of her growing adds to the force behind her punches (AD 364). Normal clothes do not shrink with her, as when she was turned into a small child, making her costume oversized. But upon shrinking as a child, the baggy clothing reduced proportionately with her (AD 317, 2/64). When her power was "beefed-up" by Ambassador Thora, Violet gained the ability to "grow" like Colossal Boy (AD 368).

- (adult mind transfer into old body) 06/2010. DeConnick, Stegman. Self-titled, Women of Marvel one-shot.
Loki forced her consciousness into the frame of a dying elderly woman. The story of how she deals with that, cowed at first - for a woman as fierce and proud as Sif, that's insult added to injury. She comes to own that fury, and rises to full stature once again.

- (young adults OA'd) #4, 2022/04.
Old Lady Cindy! Silk becomes her newest villain's latest victim! How will she save the day when she can't even cross the street by herself? #1 included some male adult OA. The villain is an adult youth-draining character akin to the Vulture from the Spider-Man animated series - cover - (Chronoeclipse)

- (TF CB scenes, ARed glimpse) - Higher quality scan of previously posted artwork - AR TF scenes - (GlassThorn)
- (excellent character, AP/AR, TF) 2001 Dark Horse. As a participant in a secret CIA experiment, agent Sandra Silke's genetic structure is altered, giving her the ability to morph her appearance to almost any form she can imagine, including the power to change her age at will. She struggles with powers she can barely control. 4-issue series - covers only (no age change) (Glassthorn)

Silver Sable
(AR, APed) #16, 12/93. Bio-Genes are mutants with special abilities. Mali wished to avoid violence and bloodshed, but was driven into combat by Leecher. As a young girl, she used a blowgun armed with a quick-acting paralytic. She could "transform" into an adult form skilled in hand-to-hand combat - Mali

Silver Spider
(male AP AA, RN) Joe Simon said that Spider-Man was based on a 1953 project. A young boy makes a wish on a magic ring to morph into a full-grown superhero. The character wears a Batman-like cowl with goggles, clings to walls, and carries a net.

- (male adult TFed rejuvenated form) DC, 1987.
As part of their bargain, the Falcon restores Jonathan Lord to being physically 30, the age when he made The Silver Blade film.

Simpsons Illustrated
- (male adult rejuvenation) #13, 10/1/2014.
Halloween issue. Mr. Burns learns of a Pygmy elixir that makes people 20 again. The cannibal tribe looks exactly like Bart. He tells Burns and Smithers the cooking pot contains the elixir, but they enjoy 20 year old meat. Bart saves them, but Burns is now just a 20 year old talking head in a jar while Smithers is whole and 20 himself - (Tazz)

Sin City
- (flash forward) "Skinny little Nancy Callahan. She grew up. She filled out." Movie adult Callahan appeared as Jessica Alba straddling a stripper pole.

Sins of Youth
- (ARed) Young Justice and other titles, TPB.
The cute Baby JSA and teen JLA have trashed Young Justice's cave. teen WW: "Young Justice are going to be ticked." Teen Bats: "Don't tell Robin I was here." J'onn: "I think you all look ridiculous!" Diana *desperately* tries to hold up the top half of her costume. Plasticbaby bounces around just because he can. Someone's personality hasn't changed... Black Canary: I want an ickle Dinah! So cute!

Sins Of Youth
- 2000 DC 12-part AA comics series - INFO PAGE
Klarion the Witch Boy alters the ages of the Justice League, Justice Society and Young Justice. The "kids and teens" are now adults and the adults are now children.
- Part 01 - Young Justice: Sins of Youth #1
"Justice for All" 05/2000
- Part 02 - Superboy (Volume 4) #74
"Game, Set, and Match - The Evil Factory Pt 5 of 5"
- Part 03 - Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files and Origins #1
"Disaffected Youth"
- Part 04 - Sins Of Youth: JLA, Jr. #1
"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
- Part 05 - Sins Of Youth: Aquaboy/Lagoon Man #1
"Turning Back The Tides Of Time"
- Part 06 - Sins Of Youth: Batboy & Robin #1
"Big Magic"
- Part 07 - Sins Of Youth: Kid Flash/Impulse #1
"Media Blitz"
- Part 08 - Sins Of Youth: Starwoman & The JSA (Junior Society) #1
"Stars and Tykes"
- Part 09 - Sins Of Youth: Superman, Jr./Superboy, Sr. #1
"The Adventures of Superboy ... When He Was A Man!"
- Part 10 - Sins Of Youth: Wonder Girls #1
"Coming of Age"
- Part 11 - Sins Of Youth: The Secret/Deadboy #1
"Looking For Trouble ..."
- Part 12 - Young Justice: Sins of Youth #2
"Sins of Youth: The Stunning Conclusion"
- (TBTC, JeffR_2bya)

- (male growth TF ability) One of the Hulk's sons can change between a small gray child-like form and a bigger Hulk-like form.
- (male TF maturity forms) The son of the Hulk was born in 2008 - 602-611 male reversion

Skeleton Hand
- (adult to OA) #3 "True Uncanny Experiences!" 2/1/1953.
A woman is aged in a vision. For her soul, she can stay a young adult?
- (goldenagecomics)

Skeleton Hand
- (male adult to old age) #2 ACG "Tomb of The Unholy Dead" 12/1/1952.
A man is aged due to a curse on a tomb.
- (goldenagecomics)

- (AA FF) Raina Telgemeier, 2010, 224p.
Comic about a girl's dental problems as an auto-biographical framework from middle school through high school.

Smurfs, The
- (anthro AR) - info page

Smurfs, The
- (anthro entities ARed) Les Schtroumpfs #13 "Les P'tits Schtroumpfs" 1988/04.
"The Smurflings", Franco-Belge comic by Peyo. The noise of Smurfs practicing for an upcoming concert causes Papa Smurf's hourglass to break. Natural, Slouchy, and Snappy Smurf go to Father Time's house for a new one. Natural's butterfly sneaks into a magical grandfather clock that goes backwards and de-ages them. They find they like their new childhood and return to the village.

Solo Avengers
- (accelerated growth) #18 #20 Moondragon's consciousness is transferred into her new clone body, which will mature at an accelerated rate. She soon gets tired of being trapped in a child's body.

Sonic the Hedgehog
- (furry AA TFed) Amy upgraded

Sonic the Hedgehog
- (furry TF APed) "grew up too fast there Amy" fan art - (Serafinathehedgehog)
- "Amy Rose growth spurt" fan art - (Dark Zadar)

Sonic The Hedgehog
- "The Sonic Adventure- part 1" #79 #80. Amy uses the Ring of Acorns to make herself older.
- Amy is outraged Tails is allowed to go on the mission, and he's the same age as her! Amy calls upon the powers of the Ring of Acorns to make herself older - transforming herself into her "Dreamcast" counterpart. Can they survive Amy's amazing transformation?

- (AA APed, RN ARed) age forms fan art

- (younger forms) #34, 1998, Claypool Comics. B&W fantasy adventure series.
All the members of Soulsearchers as kids.

Space Ace
- (male AR AA & RN poofs, male age restoration) #1 #2 #3 CrossGen 2003.
INFO - (Skyes Dad, Jeffr_2bya)

Space Ace
- (male AR, possible AP or OA) #1, CrossGen Comics, 2003.
Ace, who still AR's unexpectedly, returns from the game mission with baby Bork in tow. Ace is examined to find a possible cure for his rejuvenations. A villain shows up with a ray that does the opposite of the Infanto Ray - (Skye's Dad)

Space Adventures
- (fake AR) #27 "Elixir of Youth" 02/30/1959 Charlton.
A con-man gets tricked into thinking his Youth Elixir works.
- (

- (TF "ARed") 2013, Catastrophic/Sideshow.
Shape-shifting prostitute Dawn changes into Sparks' ex-girlfriend and Lady Angelic to have sex with him and other people. Dawn also disguises herself as a young girl - (DaveS)

- (adult rejuvenation) - Creepy Magazine - adult youth restoration - (s2325)

- (AP) DC. Wildfyre, a red dragon who wishes to create worshippers, transforms Tember (Tenah) and a group of gullible teenagers into adults with big, beautiful bodies. ('O')
- (male 16 to 18 APed CB) Young Tember makes a deal with a dragon, but at what price? (O'Melissokomos) male CBed cover

(male APed) Darkdevil origin: Reilly Tyne was the son of a Spider-Man clone. Before reaching his teens, he was placed in a regeneration tank to slow clonal degeneration. Daredevil's soul and a piece of the demon Zarathos inhabited Tyne, leaving him with a demonic appearance. Through meditation, he learned to project a human image - but now he looked to be in his 20s, almost twice his actual age. He seemed to prefer it that way. Darkdevil's mind has 3 inhabitants, including Reilly as a young teen.

Spider-Man and Power Pack
- (male ARed, male RN APed) age changes

Spider-Man and Power Pack
(male AP RN UC, male AR) #2 miniseries 12/6/06. Spider-Man is exposed to "Age-Reversing goop" and becomes a pre-teen version of himself. In order to get around, Peter must don a kiddie costume. When he reverses the AR, that costume is a little...tight. (SKJAM)

Spider-Man Team Up
- (old aged) cover
- (old age, male old age, RN) #4 "Webs Of Time!" 09/1996 featuring the Avengers. Male and female old age, return to normal. A Spider-Man copy creates webs that age anyone caught in them. Many innocent adult bystanders were aged. Spider-robot traps and ages a young couple who sneaked into the Temple of Tirod in its web, stealing their temporal energy. It then ages the guards who discover them. In America it drains a bunch of gang-bangers. 4 Avengers bump into the robot in Brooklyn and wind up decrepit victims of its temporal web as well. The remaining Avengers and Reilly head to the Temple, but most are aged into incapacitation by the temporal energies. The survivors fight the robot, and the temporal energy released by its destruction reverts the victims to normal. Not to be confused with Marvel Age Spider-Man Team-Up #4 "Out of Time" in which a horde of trolls freezes time. (myspecialfx)

Spider-Man/Deadpool (MU)
- (AR cutaway poofed, cutaway AA'd RN) 2016, #1 "Monsters Unleashed" tie-in.
Spider-Man is possessed by the deceased Headmistress of an all-girl boarding school for witches. When the teenagers attempt to rebel against her to help Spidey, she uses an "Age Regression spell" on them to AA them back into toddlers. After Deadpool and Spider-Man defeat the headmistress's spirit, it is revealed the girls have all AA'd back to normal.
- Partial extract - (Chrono Eclipse)

- (accelerated aging) 2004 "Sins Past" Gwen Stacy, Peter's first real girlfriend, secretly gave birth to twins, Gabriel and Sarah, who, told by their father Norman Osborn that Spider-Man killed their mother, attempt to kill Spider-Man in revenge as adults. Gabe and Sarah, as a result of Osborn's unique physiology, were blessed with superhuman strength and stamina, but cursed with a rapid aging factor that caused them to grow older several times faster than a normal human.
- (accelerated aging) "Sins Remembered: Sarah's Story" Sarah Stacy looks just like her deceased mother. She developed feelings for Peter and, after thinking Peter liked her as well, attempted to kiss him. Sarah insists that instead of trying to kill herself, she merely took a large dose of painkillers for the headaches that her aging condition causes, because only a large dose helps her.
- (accelerated aging) Spectacular Spider-Man #24: Flashback of Sarah's lonely but luxurious upbringing in an empty, Osborn-owned estate.
- (male AR) One of Silvermane's schemes was to use a neogenic device and make himself young again. Unfortunately it backfired and he was turned into a baby.
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (TF) #2 Yekaterina. Prostitute from Chernobyl, USSR. Yekaterina is a mutant with the ability to change her shape and form.

- (AR, rejuv, OA, FFed) - INFO

- (dedicated fan art, adults OA'd) "Old Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson" by Dkidrawer, c'20. Found this artist on DeviantArt and got this commission for $25. They're very receptive and open to doing old age - Fan art - (JackpotMans)

- (male mental rebirth) Superior Spider-Man #27, 2013.
Dr. Octopus stole Spider-Man's body. A small part of Spidey's mind remained in Doc's mind. We learn he kept 31 memories. Spider-Man must hide in Dr. Octopus's memory of his own birth. It ends with the baby being named and saying "no, Peter Parker".
- Page scan - (Tazz)

(male reverse aging, male AR) "Drom the Backwards Man" villain, 1975.
Drom aged backwards since he was exchanged a few minutes after his birth with his elder self. From that moment on, he was an old man slowly getting younger. His touch drained the life energy of living beings and things. Chronal gun was capable of decaying objects and aging living beings. To slow down his de-aging process, he had to constantly absorb the life energy of humans. Spider-Man smashed a mirror over Drom's head, and Drom rapidly regressed to infancy and disappeared (only his costume was left behind).

Spider-Woman: Origin
- (flashed forward) Little girl wakes up as adult. aftermath
- (flash forward AP) #1, 2005. The intriguing secret history of her journey from child experiment to Hydra agent to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to super hero to private eye to Avenger! The Doctors Drew funded by a military slush fund, have created a whammy DNA compiler. A freak accident lasers Miriam pregnant with Jessica. In her room little Jessica Drew is completely bored with her dolls. With her nose bleeding she pulls her hands away with part of the window sill still attached to her fingers. She falls back and slips into unconsciousness. She releases a poisonous spider. Mrs. Drew discovers that Dr. Drew is using his own daughter for his research. She confronts him as he's taking more blood from Jessica. Dr. Drew chases young Jessica back into the lab with Mrs. Drew following. As the room starts to become blurry, Jessica falls unconscious to the floor. Fade to black and then we see the words "DADDY?" Then we see a pair of hands emerge from some kind of liquid, and a young woman comes out obviously much bigger than before. A variety of well-choreographed poses of an underage Jessica Drew strategically-standing naked before General Wyndham and half a dozen Hydra soldiers. We see her scared face as someone off panel says "No, not daddy".

- (adult age disguised) #21, 12/1979. The original Spider-Woman wears an old lady rubber mask.

Spirit: The New Adventures
- (male reversal) #1 Kitchen Sink "Gossip and Gertrude Granch" 03/1998.
Follows one man's marriage until he's gone - link

Spirou et Fantasio
- (male adult OA, male AR) "Il y a un sorcier a Champignac", 1951. Franco-Belge comics.
There is a sorcerer in Champignac. The Count invented X1, X2, X3, and X4 serums. X3 ages the subject 70 years in an hour. Thankfully, the only creature to whom this was fatal was a cow. Two thugs are tricked into taking it and end up as old men. The count tries to de-age them back, but decides to stop after reverting them into small boys.

- (adult age stasis) #1 05/1991.
Woman has magical waters that kept her a young adult.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(male age stasis) AKA "Eternal Sprite", Marvel Comics character. "The Eternals" #9, trickster. He was so frustrated at seeing his fellow Eternals do adult things while always being considered a child, that he used the Sleeping Celestial to become a human boy.

Stan Lee's The Traveler
- (time manipulation, possible AR/AP?) - 2010.
A new superhero can slow down or speed up time to make a quick escape or cushion his fall, but the Traveler cannot suddenly jump forward 50 years like his enemies. The villainous Split Second Men can decay anyone and anything - (Jeffr_2bya)

Star Spangled Comics
- (possible AR/rejuv?) #37 DC "The Fountain Of Youth" 10/1944.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Star Trek 3
(male AP) 1984 movie adaptation - male AP

Star Trek series

Star Trek
- (male ARs, OC) "The Youth Trap" Gold Key #8 Parts 1&2.
- (male AR, reverse lifespans) "World Against Time" Gold Key #42 Parts 1&2.

- (AR ability, RNed)
#2, 01/2011, Boom! Studios.
- Benjamin Warner discovered that his childhood crush Tara Takamoto is a shape-shifting bodyguard. Tara is briefly seen changing from a burly security guard. Later, she shows Benjamin that she has been protecting him for a long time by changing into the 7-year-old Tara he met as a kid.
- FF ages - adult form - (DaveS)

(male) After the destruction of Pittsburgh Debbie's son was violently born into the world. Several months later he tracks down his father Ken, an older version of himself.

Stepford Cuckoos, The
- Clones of Emma Frost who were aged-up from birth to their teens to infiltrate the X-Men. They're only a few years old chronologically.

Steve Ditko's The Thing!
- (male adult rejuv) Pure Imagination "The Elixir" 3/1/2006.
A man drinks a potion and ends up thirty years younger. AKA Strange Suspense Stories #36.
- (goldenagecomics,

Storie Viola
- (excellent AP CB scene) 10 "La vergine corrotta" c1986.
Italian fumetti series, Ediperiodici. Dutch edition Demonische verhalen 10 "De korrupte maagd" 1987.
- Mysterious stranger from the Lost Continent zaps a preteen alone at home for a sacrifice, causing her to grow up suddenly. She quickly goes out to have adult fun. However, her parents are "swingers" who believe they are dealing with a lunatic. They take her to their secret torture basement to a bad end. We would have preferred it to be like Fancy Lala instead (with clothes bursting) where she keeps her age changing a secret, but this was strictly a one off.
- Full comic page scans link
Extracts: before the AP - during the AP - after the AP - the end - (Andu22)

Strange Adventures
- (adult old age) "How Can Time Be Stopped?" 163. Star Rovers are turned elderly.
- (male AP) "Tomorrow's Hero" #112 Jan. DC. A boy ages himself into a man in order to become a hero and save mankind - (2BYA)
- (male AA AP) - Genius boy invents age accelerator - male scene.

Strange Adventures
- (male AR to nothing) "The Ghost Planet", #23.
- (male AR, RNed AA) "The Man Who Aged Backwards", #96.

Strange Adventures
Captain Comet
- (reverse lifespans) "The Planet of Ancient Children", #42, 1954.
Soon after birth, Gleteans are quite large and also very old. They rejuvenate as their grandparents fade into babies.

Strange Adventures
Uncanny mysteries of the cosmos - INFO PAGE
- (possible male adult OA/AS) #1 DC "The Man Who Lived 2000 Years" 9/30/50.
- (reverse lifespans) #42.
- (male adult OA/AS?) #145 "The Man Who Lived Forever" 10/30/1962.
AKA From Beyond the Unknown #24 - (
- (male adult rejuv, males OA) #163 "How Can Time Be Stopped?" Star Rovers, 4/64.
- (male adult to old age) #172 "The Pendulum that Stole my life!" 01.
- (possible AS) #177 "I Lived A Hundred Lives" 6/30/1965.

Strange Power of Simon Drudd!
- (male AR) The elderly Drudd was a chemist trying to create a "youth serum". Using all sources, from the legendary formulas of the ancients to the most modern medical findings, Drudd and his assistant Bentley struggled onward despite growing ridicule. One day Drudd cried out in triumph. He ordered Bentley at gunpoint into the freezer. Drudd then revealed he always intended to use the formula only on himself for his own selfish purposes; planning to take the serum every twenty years, he would become immortal. Drudd drank the serum, becoming younger and younger. From old man, to young man, to teenager, to boy, to infant, Drudd continued getting younger. The police arrived and freed Bentley from the freezer; going into the lab, they found an empty pile of clothes, the only thing remaining.
- Speculation: Drudd's "youth serum" may have been an unstable variant of the immortality elixir used by the evil alchemist Diablo - Fantastic Four #30.
(John Kaminski)

Strange Stories Of Suspense
- (male adult stasis/rejuv?) #15 Marvel "The Liquid of Life!" 6/30/1957.
A diver finds the fountain of youth in an undersea city, but when he drinks it he finds he can no longer breathe air and must remain in the sea.
- (

Strange Suspense Stories
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Elixir", #36. Alien elixir had side effect.
- (male adult rejuvenated, RNed) "Second Chance", #38.
- (adults rejuved) "To Live Again", #56.

Strange Suspense Stories
- (male AR) "The Kazmachine", v1 #72.

Strange Suspense Stories
Fantastical experiments and experiences - INFO PAGE
- (male adult age stasis) #33 Charlton "Forever And Ever" 8/1/1957.
- (male adult rejuv) #36 "The Elixir" 3/1/1958.
- (male adult FB rejuved, RN) #38 "Second Chance" 9/30/1958.
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #56 "To Live Again" 11/30/1961.
- (male AR) #72 "The Kazmachine" 10/30/1964.

Strange Tales Annual
- (male adult to OA) - "I Was The Invisible Man", #2.
- (male AR) - "I Was The Man Who Lived Twice", #2.

Strange Tales
- (male adult rejuv and AR, male AA accelerated growth, male end swap) "The Pin", #2.
- (male adult rejuv) "The Monkey Glands", #21.
- (male AR OC) "The Treasure of Planetoid 12", #107.

Strange Tales
- (male AP? AR age swap) #02 v1 Marvel "The Pin!" 8/1/1951.
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #21 "The Monkey Glands!" 7/1/1963.
- (adult rejuv/stasis?) #56 "The Fountain Of Youth" 3/30/1957.
- (male adult stasis, fake rejuv, male OA) #64 "The Secret Laboratory of Dr. Domino!" 07/01/1958.
- (male adult rejuv/OA/Soul Transfer) #80 "Trapped in the Room of Shadows!" 1961.
- (male adult stasis) #90 "A Thousand Years Later ...!" 11/1/1961.
- (male adult stasis) #92 "Somewhere Sits a Lama!" 1/1/1961.
Strange Tales Annual #02 7/1/63:
- (male AR) "I Was the Man who Lived Twice!"
- (male adult old age) "I Was the Invisible Man!"
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Strange Tales
- (male AR, male AP)
v1 #02 "The Pin!" 08/01/51. Art by Russ Heath.
- Walter finds a male baby on his doorstep, and soon after the boy grows while the man gets younger and younger. At the end they have switched ages completely. A scientist invented a serum which reduces age without affecting the mind. He found himself reduced to an infant, but he developed a transfer formula which he placed in a pin in order to stick someone with the same blood type and steal their years - (Jeffr_2bya)

Strange World of Your Dreams
- (male adult dream image, unseen "ARed" appearance, mental or illusion) #3 "You Sent Us This Dream" 12/1/1952.
A man dreams he is a "child" again. He still looks like an adult but everyone treats him as a child at first. Later at school everyone seems to notice and force away.
- (goldenagecomics)

Strange Worlds
- (male AR) #3 Marvel "I Was the Man Who Lived Twice!" 4/30/1959.
Boy adopted by gypsies refuses to work hard and lives a wasted life. As he reaches middle age he is given a second chance when he is shown a fountain of youth and returned to infancy, to be found and adopted by another gypsy couple. AKA Strange Tales Annual #2.
- (

- (AR AA infiltration) 11/09 - page scan.

(AR AA) #3, 2010, Marvel.
Dr. Strange has taken on a new apprentice, a teenaged girl named Casey. They're called to the site of a child beauty pageant. One of the mothers has made a deal with a demon to win the pageant. They don't know which mother made the deal, so Casey is put under an illusion that makes her look the right age to be a contestant herself, so she can go undercover as a child while Dr. Strange checks up on previous clients of the rule-breaking demon.
(SKJAM, Master_E1)

Sugar & Spike
- (FF/FB looks like AA AP/AR)
Future selves arrive from the 1980s when time travel has become commonplace to revisit their youth but things are misunderstood - scan (TBTC)

Super Friends
- (male AR & OA) #9 "Happy Birthday, Superman!" 1/1/2009.
Lex Luthor shows up at Superman's big parade and steals his birthday by regressing him to Superbaby. After the Flash fixes that problem, Lex steals Superman's future birthdays by turning him into an old man. Fortunately, with age comes wisdom, and Superman is able to resolve the situation without further violence.
- (SKJam)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (chibi ARed AA) "Marvel Super Hero Squad" #1, 3/2010 - ARed scenes - (Tazz)

Super Wombman
(AP) Storyboards published as comic in Sugar Diet #2, 1988, Labelle/Trembles/Cups Von Helm. Also on LP cover "Decensortized" by American Devices.
Scenes: "Brain transplant a complete success... pituitary gland acceleration granted." Rapid growth process about to occur to baby. Strange incubator dome lowers over babe in lab. Strange electric light and sound fills incubator dome. Before our eyes, the child blossoms into a full grown woman. Healthy brain remains same size throughout as the rest of body fills out and catches up. Close-up of this woman reveals her to be spitting image of Bianca (pelvis donator) with erie glow in her eyes. While incubator is rising, Bianca emerges immaculate, celestial glow just subsiding. Her arms are outstretched, beckoning. Bob runs into her arms. She doesn't respond (catatonic expression on her face).

- (adult rejuv and AR cuts) #91 V1.
- (male young adult maturation to full manhood) #121 "Jor-El's Visit to Earth" 06/1965. Superboy father Jor-El comes to earth and Superboy uses some red kryptonite to turn him from a teenager to adult man.
- (no AR or AP in story, adult rejuv illusion) #126 "The Wild Teen-Agers!" 06/1966. Cover art only. Superboy thinks his parents were rejuved back into teenagers.
- (rejuv or AR) "The Fantastic Faces!" #145. Aliens use rejuvenation to punish criminals. They watch Superboy on TV, and decide his life would work better if Ma & Pa Kent were younger.
- (apparent male adult aging, RN) #184 "The Glass Nightmare" 04/1972. A mystic curse ages Superboy's reflection every time he uses his powers.
- (male adult rejuved & aged) #74 V3 "Game, Set & Match!" 05/2000. "Sins of Youth" Part 2. Superboy, previously 'locked in' at age 16, is affected more than anticipated by the magic of Klarion.
(TBTC comics info pages, JeffR_2bya data)

- (adults rejuvenated) "The Fantastic Faces", #145, 3/1/1968. His parents were restored to adult vigor.

- male cover
- (male AP) "Jor-El Visit to Earth" #121, DC Comics. Superboy father Jor-El comes to earth and Superboy uses red kryptonite to turn himself from a teenager into an adult.

(male accelerated growth) "Return of Superman" The Superman clone is well under 10 comic years old, but looks at least 15. He was supposed to look even older, as his growth was being accelerated to the point where he could replace the original Superman, but he was broken out before he was ready.

Supergirl (Matrix)
- (adult to adult TF) Superman, vol2 #16, 4/1988-2002.
AKA Linda Danvers, Mae Kent.
Using a protoplasmic matrix, Lex created a red-headed woman who resembled Lana Lang with the powers of shapeshifting. Mae began to wonder if she was even a real person. This was solved when she held the hand of dying girl Linda Danvers. Matrix's shapeshifting ability merged the two into the new Supergirl.

- (adult maturation) fan art

- (adult to taller adult shape-shifting) 1996, Linda Danvers/Supergirl body transformations, identity merging.
- 01 - 02 - 03
- shifts - (female TF Groups)

- (dream AA ARed form) #24 10/16/2013.
Kara's consciousness joined the I'noxian planetary collective. She manifests as a child version of herself because, the collective member taking the form of her mother assumes, "your subconscious must long for the days of your youth". Alura is likely expecting L'il Kara to produce a pussy cat or a dolly. What she forms is the shape of her murderer - which she promptly squishes - panel

- (FF) 1984 novelization and comic adaptation of the film. It's made clear that when Kara leaves Argo she ages several years from pre-teen to teen. Supergirl leaves Argo City in Kryptonian attire and arrives on Earth in a Supergirl costume. This was eventually discarded for the film so that Slater could be introduced from the beginning. Kara sits on red-yellow-and-blue material when the rocket leaves - the makings of a super costume.
- (BE) Peter David, 4th series #1-9, 1996-1997. The modern Supergirl merges her psyche with that of the murdered Linda Danvers, gaining her memories, friends, family. Supergirl gradually unravels her unsavory secrets. When Linda becomes Supergirl, her breasts enlarge.
Action Comics
- (AP from 15 to 25, RN) "The three Super-Heroes" 1960 #267. While digging the Trans-Earth tunnel, 15 year old Supergirl is changed into a woman. Quote: "The meteor's radiations changed me from a girl into a woman! It's a good thing my super-costume can stretch to any size."
- before the AP - AP - RN

- (FFed) Turner version: she's a girl from Krypton who came in a spaceship and "outgrew" her clothes. The pseudo-nudity was tastefully done.

- (flashback, FF AA) - years (2BYA)

- (male adult AA age forms) "Be careful what you wish for..." V6#21, 6/19/2013.
The I'noxian Delacore meets Supergirl in the form of a young male and an old man - (DaveS)

(female AR, male adult rejuvenated) Action 260. A higher quality scan of the AR scene has been found!
- AR scene
(WT - Hobbs)

- (male AA TF teen muscle AP, RN)
2010. He gets one magic wish...
Simon Pooni was a popular athlete at his school, until his condition deteriorated to where he feels like a prisoner inside his own body. That night he's awakened by a monkey alien, and transformed into the muscular adult hero Superior.

Superman and Batman: Generations III
- (male adult rejuv) #5 "Century 24: Family Secrets" 7/2003.
A now-benign Lazarus Pit heals and rejuvenates - (TBTC, 2bya)

Superman Annual
- (male younger form) #1. Super-baby is featured in this comic.
- (male adult old age disguise) #8 "The Rocking-Chair Superman" 1964.

Superman dailies
- (AR) Newspaper strips. #112: "The Cry-Baby of Metropolis" 5/26/1960.
Lois Lane was reverted into a baby with all that entails - (Jeffr_2bya)

Superman In The House Of Mystery
- (male AP, RN) "The Haunting Dooms Of Halloween" A little boy suddenly finds himself changed into an adult superman. (Jeffr)

Superman: Metropolis
- (rejuv or AR?) #2 "Love Springs Eternal" 05/2003.
The Tech "fixes" some of Metropolis' senior citizens - (TBTC, 2bya)

Superman: Secret Origin
- (male flash forward APed) 2009. 4 preview covers of a 6-part story chronicling the definitive (Post-Infinite Crisis) origin of Superman. link (O')

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane & Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
- (male ARed) (O) male ARed covers

Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane
- (adult to crone TF, RN) - Vol1 #1 Dell "The Witch of Metropolis".
  Lois snorts test tube fumes and turns into an old hag with witch powers! - Comic panel extracts
- (simulated male ARed) - #3 DC 08/1958 "Lois Lane and the Baby of Steel", "Lois Lane Adopts a Super-Baby!"
  Superman & Superbaby switch time periods.
- (AR, RN) - #10 "Baby Lois Lane!" 07/1959.
  Lois is worried about looking older, and a scientist's experimental spray just might do the trick.
- (male ARed, RN) - #32 "Lois Lane's Revenge on Superman!" 04/1962.
  Lois has the antidote for Superman's return to toddlerhood.
- (simulated AR & AP, RN) - #40 04/1963.
  Reprinted in #95 09/1969 "Lois Lane, Hag!". Lois get old.
- (multiple AR scenes, AA RN) - #42 "The Romance of Super-baby and Baby Lois!" 06/1963.
  Repr. "Superman in the Sixties", "Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years". link
- (male AR, RN) - #57 "Lois Lane -- Super Baby-sitter" 05/1965.
  An infantilized Superman shows up on Lois' doorstep. At end of story, he is able to marry Lois and Lana simultaneously.
- (AR, RN) - Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane Annual #1 "The Cry-baby of Metropolis" Sum.1962.
  Lois is worried about looking older, and a scientist's experimental spray just might do the trick.
(Time, TBTC, JeffR_2bya data)

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
- (male AR, male old age) "The cabinet from Krypton" male AR old age cover (O'Melissokomos)

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
- (male AR) #54, "Baby Jimmy Olsen".
- (male old aged) "The Cabinet from Krypton" 1963, #66, 1st panel - intro - (Deniz)

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen
- (simulated AR, RN) #18 "Superbaby - Jimmy Olsen's Pal" 02/1957. A 'time-reversal' ray plays havoc with Jimmy's pal.
- (male adult future self) #29 "The Amazing Spectacles of Doctor X" 8/30/1966.
- (male young adult to full maturity, RN) #47 09/1960 "Jimmy Olsen Grows Up" 09/1960.
- (male AR, PC, RN) #54 07/1961 "Baby Jimmy Olsen".
- (male AR, male adult to OA, RN) #66 01/1963 repr. in #131 08/1970 "The Cabinet From Krypton!"
- (male adult baby) #78 07/1964 "The Baby That Saved Metropolis".
- (male adult immortality) #147 "A Superman in Super-Town!" 3/30/1972.
(Jeffr_2bya site & data)

- (ARed age forms, AA) #51, #52. 8/2008. The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight discover little versions of themselves fighting a threat in Metropolis. Where did these tiny heroes come from? Things worsen with the arrival of the Li'l League. In the 2nd half, the adult heroes team up with the Li'l League to battle an army of Li'l Villains, who meet their grownup counterparts. Li'l Lex hatches his plan to take over the world. (O')

- (male younger age forms) - #51, 2008 - Mini-Heroes meet-up - (O'Melissokomos)

- (AP, AR RN) Lena Luthor. First Appearance: Sup #131 01/98. Lex Luthor flashback to youth in Superman Y2K #1 02/00. Superman Vol. 2 #154 03/00: Brainiac 2.0 uploaded his consciousness into Lena Luthor's (Lex's baby daugther) body. Lena was rapidly aged into an adult and became Brainiac 13's lackey. All grown-up and under the influence of Brainiac, Lena returned to taunt her father during the "Our Worlds at War" saga. (MOS #117) Somehow reverted back to her infant form (yet with the mark of Brainiac on her forehead), Lena was returned to her father after Brainiac was defeated - Lena

- (male adult rejuvenations to early teenhood, adult to teen rejuvenations)
"Think young and die!" 11/76 - 12/76, Issues #465, #466.
Clark Kent can't explain why he's turned back into a teenager.
- (male AR) - cover - cover
Batman and The Flash were rejuvenated first:
- preview intro page.
- male discovery scene.
- office party male embarrassment.
- group AR scene.
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs)

- (male adult to OA) vol2 #11, 11/1987. He faces off against Mr. Mxyzptlk, who shows his power by making Superman old, fat, stupid (Alfred E. Neuman from Mad) and weird looking (huge head) - (Tazz)

- (male adults to old age, RN, AR) v1 #015 "The Evolution King" 4/30/1942.
- (rejuv or AR) v1 #066 09/1950. Prankster finds Fountain of Youth. IBs, Superman & Lois affected.
- (ARed) v1 #212 12/1968. Issue devoted to Superman and Supergirl when they were turned into babies.
- (male AA? AP, male AR, RN) v1 #224 "Beware the Super-genius baby!" 02/1970.
- (male adult OA) v1 #250 12/30/1997. Aging superman.
- (AA APed or aged) v2 #154 "For Truth. For Justice. FOREVER!" 03/2000.
(by Jeffr_2bya, TBTC, ARarchive)

- (male age disguised) #218. Mr. Mxyzptlk was disguised as the kid and the mother was a magical creation. When Superman got Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards, the woman ceased to exist. "How I wish I was really your wife, Superman!"

- (male AR) 80-Page Giant #2, "Jimmy Olsen - Who Do You Trust?" - (Vended) - 06/1999. Jimmy Olsen is exposed to chronal bacteria & ends up back at age 10 - (JeffR_2bya)

- (male AR) Sunday color strip, 10/1947 to 02/1948.
From "The Golden Age Superman: Sunday Pages 1946-1949" collection. Maybe the earliest Superman AR tale.
A strange atomic radiation turns him into a baby. He appears in oversize costume and can only say "Goo." He eventually gets his voice, but after tripping over his adult-size costume says he needs clothes more his age. Lois has a suggestion. The following Sunday we get three panels of the regressed Superman in diapers. He eventually settles on a kiddie costume, suffers humiliations for being a baby, and creates a fake Clark Kent to fill in for him - (PixChick)

- (male ARed AA) shrunk - future adult cover (TBTC)
- (male FF muscle) 2009 origin progression: male (O')

- (male size / age appearance reduction) Vol01 #115 "The Midget Superman" 1957.
Dreamtales has archived a quasi-AR story. Not sure if this quite counts but I ain't gonna quibble and besides, it's uber-weird. A little person couple have a vaudeville act where they play mini-versions of Superman and Lois. When a freak accident somehow makes the guy expand to normal adult size, Superman fills in for him. He does so by traveling through the time-stream, and meeting up with the younger version of himself and temporarily swapping places with him temporally, so "Supertot" can take over the role. It makes no sense whatsoever, but it was late Golden Age so you have to expect that...
- (Doctor Anguish)

(male AR) Action Comics "The Babe of Steel"
- cover - male AR blackmail scene.
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs)

Suske en Wiske
- (adults rejuvenated, FFed) "De ongelooflijke Thomas", 2001.
Our friends flash to the distant future year of 2020, and discover the regular cast has all become elderly. We also see their future selves as overworked parents. An old man is restored to the full vigor of adult youth, but the children whose energy was stolen became listless and apathetic. It will take them almost a year to make a partial recovery. This timeline was erased.
- (Louise)

Suske En Wiske
- (AP) "Amber" 1999, Belgium.
Unfrozen Neanderthal toddler was aged to early teenhood by the growth accelerator. As Wiske was jealous she then aged her to young adulthood - cover - (Louise)
- (male AR) "De Tijdbobijn" 2009, Belgium.
This is listed as having been inspired by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Grampa Snor begins to grow younger, disrupting the time continuity - cover - (Louise)

Suske En Wiske
- (ARed) - covers
- (AR) "De Sterrenplukkers" Belgium 1954 AR comic. (Wodca)

Suske en Wiske
- (male APed UC, ARed OC glimpse) #346 "Chronos en Chaos" 12/5/2018.
Something has gone wrong with the world's time! In a 1-panel throwaway gag, Suske has become a few years older, and Wiske a few years younger. (Obviously it couldn't be the other way around) Wiske now looks like in her first album from 1946 again, so naturally mentions rationing coupons to buy new shoes, associated with her brother's disappearance in that year. (Many children worldwide must have burst their clothes, but of course this was not hinted at) They travel to the Land of Time to set things right again.
Note: in recent years, the characters have been depicted as young teens, whereas in their old albums they were children. Otherwise they are drawn in a more classical style.
- Pic - (Louise)

Suske en Wiske
- (males AR AA poofed) "De 7 schaken", 1995.
When they were flashed back to Antwerp in 1925, Lambik and Jerom turned back into boys.
- (adult aboriginal stasis, 1 year AR) "De blinkende boemerang", 1977.
At the end everyone feels a tingling sensation and becomes a year younger, but even the 2 child characters weren't drawn very differently. In the final panels Aunt Sidonia is seen throwing her Crow's Feet medications out the window.
- (Louise)

Swamp Thing
- (adults rejuvenated, adults to old age) v1 #18 "Village of the Doomed" 9/30/1975.
- (male old/young mind transfer) #125 11/30/1992 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sword, The
- (male 16 to 21 TF) "The Sword" - male
- (male adult APed AA, slight male muscle) Captain Courageous Comics #6, 1942, Ace Periodicals.
Scrawny schoolboy Arthur Lake discovered the tomb of King Arthur, complete with the fabled sword Excalibur sheathed in stone. Pulling the sword out, he transforms from his teenage form into the slightly older superhero "The Sword", with the strength of many times ten men. He fights Nazis, saboteurs and ancient enemy Morgana. His friend Lance also transforms, becoming the Lancer.

Sword, The
- (male adult rejuv) The Sword - #5 Image 2/1/2008.
Dara determines to bring her family's killers to justice. What do they plan for the sword? Elderly FBI agent picks up magical sword and is restored to prime adult age.
- (male adult rejuv) #14 2/1/2008.
Dara confronts Knossos' personal army, dropping her sword by mistake. Victor, the most loyal of Knossos men, found the Sword, and now Knossos will have to kill him to recover it.
- (Jeffr_2bya & Comicvine)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal