Aging Transformation Scenes

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link page: "AR"

- (dedicated AR/AP comics) - DreamTales AR/ap Comics store.
Many different dedicated AR comics, also with AP depictions.
New titles are released from time to time.

- AgeArts - (Lonebeatle, JasonSlayer)

- (dedicated TG AR) - The Fictionmania Story Archive
Search stories by choosing "age regression" above and "Diapers or Little Girls" below: - search - search - Ex.: "Dealing with Aunt Delilah", "The Neighbor" - (Ambrose, Eric)

- (dedicated AR chat) - Future official Discord of the ArArchive? Join to submit stories - (Maniac78)

- (dedicated TF/age change art) - Wyattx is open for commissions! - example - example - (Mechaghost2003)
- (some AR?) - Stories, pictures, concepts - Shrinking Women blog - (Jsdoom)

- (AR scenes playlist) - Over 233 Classic & new videos from across the web: YouTube Channel - (Star Regression)
- (AR video finds) - Star Regression YouTube Channel
- (AR video links) - My YouTube playlist with everything AR-related - (Maintoygamer/Diego O.)
- ("shrunken" illusion) - doll-like
- (mental FB) - You can use AI to talk to your younger self
- (mother/son AR, boy to baby) - A story about how one kindness leads to another, but petty spitefulness and laziness lead to misery.
  "Old Pipes and The Dryad" - short story by Frank R. Stockton (1885) - - (Syann Storytelling, Jeff 2bya)
- (pseudo adult babies) - Infant Body Suit "onesies" for executives AI art Imaginary product.
- (pseudo female "adult preschooler") - Love's Baby Soft 1975 commercial Innocence is sexier than you think.
- (AA toon age TFs) - Fairly OddParents up/down
- (adult medical research) - "rejuvenation" article
- (adult face rejuv) - "(de)-aging" actors CGI
- (adults "rejuved") - Photoshopped celebs - Faith Hill - (123anon987)

Myriad Colors Phantom World
Musaigen no Fantomu Waarudo
- (male AR & RN AP CBed) S01Ep11 "Tiny Haruhiko" - New video link - - (Entropic)

Pokemon Journeys: The Series
- (AR) S23 Ep87-90.
Showdown At The Gates of Warp! - Previously posted content, new dubbed link - (Adam)
- (adult "age disguised") - catfishing story
- (adults mentally acting like children) - short films - Too Little - 2022.
  Exploring the world of "age regression" and re-experiencing childlike wonder as a coping mechanism.
- (AI) - fake celeb flashbacks
- (celebs "ARed") - AI babies
- (character flashback) - toons - Infinity Train
  Alrick always found a way to prank his teacher and make Amelia happy. FB to a posh Boarding School kid - (Kappa)
- (dedicated AA TG AR, reality shift) - story

- (dedicated AR story) - "A Cursed Reversal of the Mighty", 2023/07/15.
  Enter a realm of dark fantasy where the beautiful yet cruel Mistress demands high tribute from her subordinates.
  Those who cannot pay are condemned to become helpless children, enslaved to hard labor.
  But when the Mistress’ own magic turns against her, she must find a way to undo her own magic...
  Protected link - site registration required to read novella - (Captain Ash)
- (FB like "ARed") - AI celebs
- (FB pseudo ARed) - Star Wars cast into AI kids
- (FB) - celebs
- (FBed or pseudo "ARed" characters) - "Friends" AI babies - Star Trek AI babies - Harry Potter AI babies
- (old/young adult body theft film) - The Skeleton Key - (4of11)
- (old/young adult body theft film) - Alison's Birthday
- (older/younger adult mind exchange) - Witches' Brew old witch/young wife swapped scene - (Eric)

- fetish fiction
  Great Shift: Four Going On Thirty-Nine
  (dedicated mind swap) by Kurisu, 2021 - 4 y.o. girl swapped bodies with 38 y.o. woman with no intelligence gain in it.
  The former woman now acts exactly like a little girl - story - (921XA)

- (dedicated adult caption tales) - Sometimes they act like babies or ARed - Tcheser's Story Archive
- (dedicated AR) - comic panel
- (AA AR) - Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk - Alt. scene - (Transformation Channel)
- (AA mind swap) Ep1 "When Your Child Wishes She was GROWN" - SWITCHED
- (AA poofed back) - Narnia "Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" TF @00:50.
- (man woman ARed OC) - Ninjala anime Ep01 alternate - (Akira)
- (adult baby) - identification
- (adult looks younger) - smaller woman
- (ageism) - Dakota Johnson wrongly cast as elderly villainess
- (amnesia pseudo "ARed") - news story
- (AR cut) - Red Dwarf - S8Ep7 Alt. scene - (Transformation Channel)
- (teen FB) - 24 to 13 interview
- (old adult to young FBed) - Encanto opening scene flashback 50 years - (Kappa)
- (old adults flashbacks) - Vivo, Netflix, 2021 trailer
  Kinkajou embarks on musical adventure to deliver love song to Marta for his owner Andres. Some adult FB & character exposition - (Kappa)

- (old/young adult selves) - The Twilight Zone - S5 "Spur of The Moment" 1964:
  Middle aged lady on horseback chases down younger self to stop her marrying a loser - (Kappa)

- (rejuv) - "Putri Cantik" Ep01 - AA potion
- (AR) - Pokemon Journeys Ep90 - English dub link - (Adam)
- (ARed) - Ninjala 2D - alt. Ep3 - (Adam)
- (female TF rejuv) - "Merlin" S1Ep1 witch
- (female/male adult rejuvenation/OA) ParangNormal Activity Ep12. Old woman regained adult youth by drinking blood of 3 men who became elderly.
  Near the end, the antidote aged her to dust and restored the adult youth of the three men - Scene - (TGManiac)

- (mental FB) - amnesia
- (mental transfer into teen past?) - what if? question.
- (old adult FB to young adult) - Google Shopping - "Shades", 2021 commercial - in the past at the end - (MeanMark)
- (then/now) - celebs
- (OC glimpsed) Minami Kun No Koibito AKA "My Little Lover", 2015 J-drama series - shrunk
- (mother/daughter mind swap) - The Secret World Of Alex Mack S4Ep7 "The Switch".
  Alex and her mom accidentally switch bodies, leaving both confused - Alt. scenes - (Transformation Channel)

- (TFs) - I have a Terabox account where I am storing AP/AR & BE/BR content in case anyone is interested in taking a look at it.
  Code: 8gbj - AR/AP Website List - (Andu22)

- (FB/FF) - young & older selves meeting photo edits
- (time travel episodes) - info list
- (face OA/rejuv) - Face morph - morph - morph - morph - morph

- (AR) - story - (age play) - Zity roleplay community.
- (mental "ARed") - Charmed 7x03 "Remaster" scene - (Tazz)
- (adult rejuv) - face CGI - (flashback) - voice glitch - (FB) - sister 21-7 legend
- (furry pseudo "ARed" manifestation) - "In Shapes" 2020 CGI/mixed short toon
- (fetish info) - The difference between age regression and ageplay talk

- (dedicated male mental / infantilization) c2011+ The #1 Gay AB/DL Community. For gay, bi, or curious guys into diapers.
Their stories section is heavily focused on Reality Change aspects. Also check out their forum archives for great old stories - Forums - (mARc)

Reality Change stories
- (dedicated RS mental infantilism stories) I've commissioned a ton over the years and put them all in one place.
Reddit - (FoxingtonIII)

- (AA poofs) - "I turned into a BABY then into MOM! Time Machine FAIL - BODY SWAP" 2021.
  After the box fort time machine fails, Alexia turns into a baby instead of going back in time. Austin then presses the fast forward button but goes too far and Alexia became a grown up!
  When Alamo Mom gets home, she freaks out and faints after seeing Alexia as a grown up - video

- (adult rejuved & RN OA) - He's having a lotta fun with this sexy "young" blonde, turns out she wasn't as young as he thought!
  Wouldn't say I found it horrifying, but he sure did! Imagine a grandma suddenly on top of ya! - Misfits episode @06:53 - (Kappa)

- (male AR) - W.E.I.R.D World 1995 SciFi movie. This has intrigued me for a long time, never been able to see the whole thing.
  It's all pretty interesting, haven't watched it properly, yet, just skipped around. A lot of the scenes look subliminally like a hot guy is regressing.
  Different than the subject of the popular screen shots. I'd love to know what you think - link - (Magicformula)

- (AR) - Caramelle 29mins short film AKA Sweeties, rated X.
Anna's bloom is fading. Each sweet will make her 7 years younger... which might be tricky for a compulsive eater - English dub - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (unseen adult as teen disguised) - Online predator article
- (reality shift?) - time jump question
- (age disguised?) - Orphan
- (AA mother/daughter compare) - same dress
- (dedicated chat) - AR Central Discord - (Bmunk)
- (AA teen mind and voice exchange) "Popular Mechanics for Kids", c2000. Elisha Cuthbert and Tyler Kyte swap - scene - (Akira)
- (AA age poof) - story "AR" ch12
- (infantilization fetish) - 27 y.o female adult baby
- (AR, some AA AP) I have set up the classic videos/large media collection within the 2005 story archive - Video List - (Heidegger)
- (life reset FB) By the same author Kei Sanbe: manga about man returned to his past was made into movie "City without Me" - trailer - info - (Akira)
- (ARed) - fantasy story
- (adult inadvertent age disguise) - 30+ y.o. looks younger
- (adult FBed) - time anomaly
- (dedicated AR comics) - ArArchive payable works
- (AA costumed age swap) - Sailor Moon alternate clip - (Akira)
- (ARed) - aftermath story
- (AR info) - Superheroes Who Turned Into Kids - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (AR) - Kaii to Otome to Kamigakushi - 3+ manga chapters - (Vended)
- (younger impersonator) - 8 y.o. "mini-AOC"
- (AA age forms) - Drew Barrymore self interview
- (dedicated TG, TF, rejuv/AR effects, etc) - New story projects - Changing Comics - 2019+

- (AR) - The Story Lady - "The fountain of youth". A bedtime tale for the kiddies. Sleep tight! Story - (Username)
- (rejuv) - science cells
- (dedicated purchasable ARt) - previews
- (future AR info?) - site
- (dedicated TF, some ARed) Tumblr TotallyTransformed Access restricted - (Daddy_C)
- (AR cuts) - Evian Baby Double campaign - (Reina Watt)
- (AR) - Daughter of the Demon Lord - webcomic baby AR full Ch04 - (Suning)
- (minor baby age changes) - The Boss Baby: Back in Business Ep04 - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (shift ARed/RN) - Fantasy curse fan story
- (AR roleplay) - on Wattpad - (TheFunHero)
- (kinda sorta like pseudo AA ARed?) - "They Grow Up Fast" Baxter Street Films, 2016 PSA CM.
- (ARed) - "When time turned" 1901 story
- (ARed) - "The prodigal father" story - (Vended)

Skye Sparkler
- (AR book) Now available as an e-book on Kindle for a whopping $5! For those who don't know, it is essentially Shazam! in reverse. A 25-year-old woman who is an aspiring comic book artist is turned into her character, 12-year-old super-heroine Skye Sparkler.
- Purchase link - (MaleKim)

- (old to young woman rejuvenations) Manga stories - link - link - link - link - link - link - (byTakanuva89)

The Unbirthing of Edward Neezer
- (unbirthing) 2018 promo clip. It features plenty of belly expansion and gross/sexy growly tummy sound effects to depict the process. It's not super dirty but it's got some NSFW shadowy pregnant lady nudity, so don't go clicking this in your cubicle - video - (Filthymind)

- (face photo morphs, old to young) - I had the idea to try and look into some of those gimmicky photo morphing apps that exist out there and apply some actual before and after AR character photos for a more in-depth transformation. The best looking one was FantaMorph Deluxe, which carries a premium membership.
I tried messing with my favorite childhood AR exposure, the Power Rangers reversion. As I prefer female AR, I just did some of Kimberly, Aisha, and Katherine. Stopping them halfway gives you a good idea about what the older actresses really looked like as kids.
- While AVI export is supported, I don't know how to not make the videos crazy huge (80MB for a four second video!), so I went with the smaller GIF option and uploaded them to Tumblr for anyone interested - Imgur - (AveRage Joe)

- (face photo morphs, old to young) - Morphing software & Tv AR. Taking a break for now, but I made a couple more and uploaded the higher-quality (but bigger file sized) AVIs to Mega if anyone wants to check them out.
- Imgur - Mega - (AveRage Joe)

- (AR fan community) - New podcast from Tainted Sins. Who would have thought that Long Rifle would have such a high pitched squeaky voice? Just kidding... or am I? I guess you'll have to listen to find out. "My Play-Date with The Master of Mental Mayhem: Long Rifle pt 1" interview - (Heidegger)

- (dedicated size reduction tales) - Daring Diane's blog
- (male TF AR) - Black Panther Killmonger's "manga" regression - (Shlalom_masters)
- (AR) - PJ Mask episode - (JayTee)
- (face morph ARed) - Premiere can export in a reasonable file size - edits - (AveRage Joe)
- (AR) - Salon Madam - Suntik Botox. An age treatment goes too far - Episode - (Sickboy)
- (father ARed, cutaway) - Lactel, "Matin Leger", 2002. At the breakfast table. French Commercial - (Ricky)
- (adult age stasis illusion) - Chinese Weather Woman 22 years
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) - caption stories
- (dedicated AR?) - 5 minute teaser trailer with my upcoming projects - (TaintedSins)
- (adult flashback) - Winona - (F5)
- (male AR) - Avengers Assemble - "The Age of Tony Stark" Iron Kid episode - (Akira)
- (AA episode) - "So Weird" age "swap"
- (dedicated AR fics) - Jsdoom accused of stealing other's stories? blog - blog

- (parents ARed) - "Crayon Shinchan Invasion!! Alien Siriri" 2017 anime movie.
  One day an alien came to the house! By the mysterious beam of Cirili, Hiroshi and Masae are reduced 25 years - caps - (Akira)

- (male AR) "My boy Japanese baby" by Nagaregawa Yuu - manga - (Jeffr_2bya)
  TOO YOUNG TO LOVE! Teacher Aiko Minoru (30) longing for high school student Nanami tried to rejuvenate with the power of chemistry, but has the body of an elementary student! Years of difference love comedy!

- (male ARed) - Orlando commercial - (Super man) - (female ARed) - Orlando commercial - (Super man)
- (dedicated AR) - Wayback Machine for Nomdreserv's old page - (PixChick)
- (male AR toon) - The Mask "little big mask" episode - (Username)
- (AA) - magic of reducing age poof?

- (TF AA age forms) - "Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku" - Basically your regular mahou anime with not too expectacular process.
  To give it credit, one of the few animes where the butt may get fitter and tighter instead of bigger.
  Also a mahou AR & RN, but so lazy it makes my process fan tears drop - Alice Rondo - (The AP Ninja)

- (AR) - Kidd Video "Master Blaster Brat", 80s animation - Part I - Part II - (Username)
- (mental pseudo ARed) - short
- (ARed from neck down) - Del Amitri "Roll To Me" 1995 music video - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (dedicated AR chars) - Are you a gamer who likes Age Regression? Join our Discord server!
 We have neat roles to show if you're a little or a caregiver (new roles can be added for authors/switches as needed!) Come on in and tell us what you're playing, show us what you're reading or just talk about whatever the heck you want - (Bmunk)

- (dedicated fantasy entities) - AR art
- (dedicated AR edit) - Regression from actual age 24 to 10. Rough and not quite ready, would be pleased if someone can help with that - Victoria Justice - (Gooddemon)

- (dedicated AR edit) - A Tom and Jerry image I made to look like regression had taken place. Jerry's baby nephew Nibble caused him many headaches.
  I always wanted to do an image of what if they swapped ages. Did this using normal Paint, zoomed in, erased the color inside the lines, then matched the character color and inserted it.
  Used a different darker tone to redraw the outlines. Might be first of many - original - edited - (Tazz)

- (dedicated AR stories) - 2017 AR-centric DeviantArt focusing on AR fiction: - First story: "The Technician" - (Carmelita)

- (dedicated AR story commissions) - Totally Transformed tumblr Login required - I mainly do short captions, but some longer commissions.
  While I've dabbled in petplay and ABDL/diaper lover stuff, my real passion (and actual interest) is regression! - Patreon - (ElisaEve1985)

- (dedicated AR tales) - The leaves are falling in Parkdale. The nights are drawing in, and the kids are back at school and already planning their Halloween costumes...
2017 commissions are now open. Bring your AR story to life. Email me your story idea (commissions at sebtomato dot com), whether it's just a few lines or something more detailed, and I will let you know if I can write it for you, and the timing and pricing.
- Purchase info page
Sebtomato stories that are available for download right now - Purchase on - (Sebtomato)

- (dedicated AR) - Princess Peach transformed into a baby. Some details as she shrinks into her clothes, and really cute as a whole - 14.1MB GIF animation - (Azerty47-2)
- (mental AR) - Teen Titans S04Ep10 "Mother Mae-Eye" Mom - (Crazyboy4826)
- (rejuv wish) - question
- (AR vids) - playlist
- (dedicated ABDL) - Wattpad story
- (anthro ages) Lego Marvel's Avengers 2 - Baby/Adult Groot - - (Tazz)
- (AA, uneven AR/AP) - Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star and Marco chasing time @0:40 - (Somnium)
- (adult rejuvenation movie) - Divorced bickering grandparents watch their grandchildren. Experiment gone awry transforms elders into grown teenagers - Seventeen Again - (Ricky)
- (dedicated AR) - They have some ARt - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (age disguised) - Man wearing rubber mask of little girl's head. The illusion is uncanny - Mask Video - (Filthymind)

- ("AR" edits) - Adults Photoshopped into Kids Cristian Girotto photo project - (Piper)
- (AA younger forms) - 2016 Gatorade commercial
- (adult lesbian rejuv dream) - Stutterhug comic - (Bstgate)
- (mental flashback) - old photos bring back the past - reminiscing
- (face FF clip-art) - Anti aging study - woman aging/youthening animation - (Ryu Hayabusa)

fetish comics
EduartBoudewijn's AR/AP Updates
- (dedicated TF) c2016. Multi-page Process Forum thread (approved registration required) - link - (EduartBoudewijn)

- (dedicated AR/AP CGI comics, age swaps) - The Forgotten One
  New age swap comic for sale at my DeviantArt page. Also a couple of age swap mini comics for free.
  "To Love is to Lust", "Sibling Swap", etc. - Registration may be required.

- (dedicated female & male AR/AP CGI tales)
  After bela04's Deviantart site ( was banned, he moved to a new site.
  You can reach him and follow all his work at the bela04Arts blog

- (dedicated AR tales) - gallery - gallery - gallery - gallery - stories - (Oni links)

- (questionnaire) - DreamTales Comics reader Survey
- (rebirth cycle) - story writing prompt - (Matt)

- (adults disguised) - younger look - Selena shoot controversy story - story

- (AR past birth into sperm) - Like Mageocracy by joeberan: story - story - story - story - (Snowmannn, Impaction1967)

- (dedicated AR stories) - This stuff will take years off you: Shaving Foam 2015 - Carly's done with Parkdale. Or is she? Coming Home timeline - (Sebtomato)

- (dedicated AR story) - sub
- (dedicated AR tale) - The Nightmare Wars: Teaser - (TaintedSins)
- (dedicated AR) - Reversion Story universe info
- (oc) - coat
- (dedicated AR edits) - animated DeviantArt gifs - (Filthymind)

- (dedicated AR/TG) New animated gif for the holidays!
  Nico was a very naughty boy indeed... and Santa has a special way to teach Nico to be nice! DeviantArt - (Filthymind)

- ("ar") - clip - swap - (dedicated) - stories - (Godleydemon)
- (dedicated adult baby) - comic preview - (Thrandrall)

- (women AR or AP audio) - It's quite rare. Shifting voice tone from young to mature back and forth instantly isn't easy for voice actors to do.
  It's complicated and puts strain on the vocal cord - 01 (17:46) - 02 - 03 (4:41, 9:47) - 04 (5:52) - (Chriskim019)

- (adult AS) - review
- (baby) - silhouettes
- (face ages) - Snapchat faceswap
- (dedicated AA) - swap captions
- (casting FB) - Spider-Man trend - (Matt)
- (age stasis) - story prompt
- (marriage) - 12 & 65

- (AR) - All new Vimeo channel
- (some dedicated rejuv captions) - Hammster's Transformation Stories Collection
- (ARed fur) - Gugure! Kokkuri-san commission (upcoming pic from ArtieCanvas) - (Micman4202)
- (ARed power) - question
- (ARed) Johnny Test extract
- (blur) - micro face pseudo ar glimpse at end? fairy
- (dedicated AB/DL) - gallery - (Ricky)
- (dedicated adult baby) - 2nd Comics & Stories Pack: Purchase
- (dedicated AR captions) - Mostly F2F Caption Page! - (Noliwankenobi)
- (dedicated AR) - Grunkle Stan and Wendy exposed to the waters of Itty-Bitty Pond. "Gravity Falls" fan art - (Nico)
- (age disg.) - cut
- (age) - swap - swap
- (kid manager) - CM
- (kinda like) - ared
- (FB) - "Kinder" short film - back in time?
- (kinda looks like ARed) - Cutest trend on Instagram: funny baby dressed in adult clothes - (Purpgurl11)
- (AB) - mummy fetish - adult preschool
- (adult "stasis") - grandma, mom, adult daughter generations
- (adult baby) - prank
- (adult face VFX) - "age reduction" demo
- ( pseudo "ar"?) - lo-qual clone swap
- ("age disguise") - Selena looks too young
- ("ared") - blurry b&w

Sister Swap
- (dedicated CGI AP/AR) - 2015. Lingerie age swap comic/toon story between Poser/Daz sisters. Be careful what you wish for. Little sister trades places with big sister when trying on her bra and panties.
- Video - talk - (Forgotten One, Chriskim019)

- (dedicated mind swap) - Stern Mom swaps bodies & lives with 5 y.o. Daughter - "The Other Side" story
- (pseudo "ared" question) - txt - (Matt)
- (pseudo male AR AA) - cut - poof
- (reversed) - vid - drugfree
- (some rejuv/ARed?) - A Tumblr to post Dante's TF work - (TFandTGFan)
- (TG rejuv) - blog
- (toddler impersonating) - adult
- (toonoid) - AR
- (AA) - reverse life story
- (adult rejuv edit) - vfx - "oa'd"
- (adult rejuv) - Leprechaun 3. Really well done. Too bad the "young" actress is not so hot... scene - (Albedo, Kreaf)

- (adult soul rejuv) - story
- (face edit) - rejuv
- (face rejuv) - edit
- (hentai reverts?) - manga Adult to Preg - (ZodiacX)
- (mental rejuved) - HISTK series mother
- (mind swap) - scene @6.20 - (Jacobs) - (mind swap) - toon possession - (Polover)
- (shifter cutaway) - younger form @ 4 mins?
- (some slight OC) - short

Werechild: The Man Who Became a Little Girl
- (dedicated TG AR story) Susan Donym, 2015 novella.
A sweet, romantic storyline. Veronica and Al are in love. The men of Al's family have been cursed, and every sunset he turns into a pretty little girl named Alice. What will Veronica do when she finds out? A relationship like no other. No matter how much Al wants to be a man, Veronica stops being his babe and becomes his babysitter.
- 22,000+ words - Purchase $2.99.

- (parodies) - Seinfeld babies - Scooby fetal - (Thomas)
- (male ad. rej. glimpse) - glitch
- mom/daught. faces
- attic woman younger self?
- (dedicated AR CGI comics tales)
You can watch or download all of Areg's video stories from Mediafire:
- Evil Girlfriend
- Intro to Archeology
- The Sims AR Photo Story Part 2
- Missadventures at the Mall - Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three
- All new vimeo channel
- (Areg5)

- (rejuv) - "Miss Granny" - Elderly woman overhears her family planning to put her in a nursing home. She visits a photo studio for one last portrait for her probably soon funeral. But when she comes out, she looks 50 years younger! Hilarity ensues - Restricted trailer - (SKJAM)

fetish comics
Playing House
- (dedicated age swap CGI comic animation) 2015.
3D regression and AA age-up - story - (Nskop900)

My Little Dashie
- (minor furry ARed) 2014. My Little Pony fan film where Rainbow Dash as a fillie is somehow in the real world.
- Mini Movie - (JayTee)

- (some age tf) - corrected link - on p06 & p09
- (voices ARed) - The Making of Harry Potter. 2014 CM
- (dedicated adult rejuv) - scene

- ABDLstoryforum
- age-swap-club
- ageregression-aging
- Sankaku Complex
- chibiregeneration
- Danbooru
- E-Hentai
- Gelbooru
- hourglass-of-youth
- Inkbunny
- Sissykiss
- Archive of Our Own
- Aryion
- Dailydiapers
- DeviantArt
- Fur Affinity
- Hentai Foundry
- Sanakuku Complex
- Shadowlord

- story - story
- (compilation) - ar - (AR Board)
- (dedicated AR comic) - "The Potion" The controversial comic is back on sale for a limited time only. BoJay is currently working on a sequel too - (Alec Leamus)
- (dedicated infantilization) - comics
- (dedicated swaps) - AA story - TF art (Marthlord) - AA Poser gallery.

- links were provided by O'Melissokomos
- (adult FB) - Woman who passed over Jon Hamm info - John Wayne
- (rejuved offscreen) - "Leprechaun" scene
- (1-sentence story ideas only) - "AR" list
- (AA TG GT TF RN ARed) - Comic: Dr. McNinja
- (AA) - dressing style Jennifer
- (adult FB) - Clintons/Gores 1992 - Jonathan Banks
- (adult FB) - Sofia Vergara - Matthew McConaughey - Ozzy Osbourne - Ben & Jerry S. c1978 - Bob Odenkirk
- (adult flashback) - Hillary and Bill in 1975 - HIMYM: Photo of the gang in 2006
- (dedicated AR) - CGI tales Vimeo Channel - (Areg5)
- (dedicated infantilization) - Includes mental regression Litle Miss Smarty Pants = Babes In Diapers Comics - (Parker)
- (ABDL) - Xylophone Stories - Tumblr - (Xylophone)
- (AR, swap) - 40 MB download, 62 pics - - (Acca)
- (TG AA rejuved) - Snickers Brady Bunch commercial
- (AR centric) - captions - (Alessi)
- (AR) - Told in the 2nd person so you can imagine yourself in the story
- (baby hero) - "Iron Baby" parody
- (baby tl) - trend
- (backwards life) - problems
- (pregnant 10 y.o.) - prank
- (fountain of youth) - story - (Matt)
- (girl in adult clothes) - bank CM - French short film
- (mental age only) - machine
- (mental coa, silhouette, "ar") - AA - AA - AA
- (kinda sorta like "ared") - modern woman
- (male ARed face) - morph
- (dedicated) - change story - Starting Over story
- (face shrinking illusion) - zoom-out effect.
- (fake preteen) - avatar
- (FB or reverted heroes?) - Superman kids' books
- (FBed) - Sean Connery - Diana Rigg/Natalie Dormer GOT
- (flashback) - STAR WARS 80's High School Fan Art
- (dedicated age) - swap - (Chriskim019)
download - The Sims AR Photo Story Part 2
download - Intro to Archeology
download - Evil Girlfriend
Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

- (adults voice AR) - Haribo UK Starmix 2014 "Boardroom" commercial - (Alagatery)
- (AR) - "Magical Warfare" anime lipstick - (Master_E1)
- (TG AR) - Transgender-AgeTf on deviantART group
- 2014 illustrated story! - original - Ch01 purchase - (Areg5)
- series - series - gallery - gallery
- (adult rejuv) - story
- (adult split/face comparison) - mom and sister 30 years
- (TF ages) - It's in many parts with ads. Anyone have caps? - Video - Video - (The Ap Master)

- ("AR") - commercial
- ("bodyswap" with mom) - Vid
- (AA mind transfer) - mother/daughter Life Swap - (Matt)
- (adult age stasis) - The 17 yr old teenager since 1995: Bianca Lawson
- (adult face effect) - Before and after make-up - (O')
- (adult fat loss) - Minus 40kg/88lb - two years - 80lbs lost
- (adult face) - power of makeup
- (chibi versions) - Media info
- (child versions) - Arkham Daycare
- (AA age forms) - CGI - (Matt)
- (child versions) - JL8 comic - comic
- (child versions) - Vintage flash cards with DC heroes. As babies

Island of the Giants: Trapped in Daycare
- (AB) 2013. Illustrated forced adult baby story focusing on my usual themes (giants, spanking, diapers, etc).
c13,000 words, 17 b&w ills, plus a few smaller drawings - $5.99.
- When a prize-winning journalist hears unbelievable stories about an island nation filled with unusually tall people who keep petite adult foreigners as child-like submissives, she is compelled to investigate. She infiltrates a local daycare, thinking that it will be fun to imagine being a kid again, with all the cuteness and carefree opportunities that it would bring. Kim may find her visit to childhood to be far less temporary than expected...
- Purchase - (Aus_dpr)

- (size change illusions) - Syndrome
- (young adult FB) - Tiffani Thiessen
- (young adult FB) - Eva Mendes and Alyssa Milano: Then - (O')
- (young adult flashback) - An old photo Snoop and Britney
- (younger versions) - Young Marvel TPB Little X-Men Little Avengers Big Trouble - Chibi Comics
- (young adult age forms) - old and new Mileys
- (TG AR) - magic
- (time change) - recreated wedding photos
- (dedicated age TF) - scene
- (dedicated age TFs) - DeviantArt AR - AR - AA story
  Age Swap Club
- (dedicated AR & AP stories)
Blankage on DeviantArt (registration is required to read the stories):
- story - story - story - story - story
- Kannelart's AP sequence - (NightElf37 links)

- (dedicated AR CGI) - I uploaded video versions of Evil Girlfriend, The Sims 2.0 AR Photo Stories, and Changing Clothes.
  More to come: Areg's YouTube Channel - (Areg5)

- (dedicated ARed comic) - 2013. A witch is addicted to eating children. Except one child isn't as young as they look...
  No process, we see the person after they've gotten their younger body. On the other hand, there's some incontinence - Witch's Feast - (SKJAM)

- (adult flashbacks) - Lady Gaga - Santa's lap
- (adult old age disguised) - Jessica Lange
- (adult photoshop edit) - 30 second model retouching - (Acca)
- (adult rejuvenation glimpsed) - product info
- (CoA) - Disney Princesses as teens
- (dedicated TF) - female transformations
- (toon "age shifter") - character
- (dedicated male ARs) - Deviantart
- (FB) - Ghada Karmi & Ellen Siegel 1973 to 2001
- (fat loss) - Down 126lbs! - Change your stance!
- (fat loss) - Disappearing! - Sep '11 to Aug '13 - Lost 40lbs so far
- (face & make-up) - Half-drag - Contouring - Movie Makeup - Zombie - Lookalikes
- (face morphing) - Amira Willighagen "Maria Callas is back" Reincarnation? - (Acca)
- (adult weight loss parody) - My transformation
- (adult weight loss) - 9 pics
- (adult weight loss) - 4 years - Couple - Couple - Adam Richman
- (adult weight loss) - 60lbs - change - 5 years
- (adult weight loss) - -90lbs Gif - Loss - 80lbs Gif - male 100lbs - male 8months

- (adult weight loss) - Avoiding sweets: Stages - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Closer to my goal but still no fashion sense - Change
- (adult weight loss) - was inspired to post my 2 year difference

- (AR text fragments) - AR - AR - AR - AR - AR

- (dedicated adult vids) - New category for adult mental regressions & POV unseen AR: Clips4Sale - (Crash77)
- (AR TG) - "Age Regression by MentalCrash"
46 pages. A man is turned into a 5 y.o. girl. The process is mainly at the beginning.
- DeviantArt Comics - (Funkydealer)
- (AR) - "Baby Wifie" - Japanese "Fountain of Youth" flashcard audio tale, $30 Purchase - (Siegfriedx)
- (AR) - I may use the artist who did "MyxOlympics". What would you add? Comics Script - (MaleKim)
- (AR, RN) - "Ebiten" anime scene
- (adult face stasis) - Cindy - Cindy
- (face age reduction) - photoshop tutorial
- (kinda like ARed) - Cristian Girotto
- (AA multiple mind transfers) - Disney's "Freaky Freakend" 2013 Tv episodes Trailer - (F5)
- (adult appearance) - Japanese Woman Spends $100,000 On Surgeries To Look Like A French Doll - (O')
- (adult FB) - Helen Mirren long before "Red": Then
- (adult flashback) - I heard Madonna graduated from my highschool... Then
- (adult flashback) - Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth) was a dame back in the day: Then
- (adult flashback) - Young Charlize Theron in Playboy, 1999 [NSFW] - (O')
- (adult maturity restoration) - A woman has been mentally infantilized but is cured by a magic ball - video

- (humiliation diapering) - Pornographic manga art: Chun-Li being diapered.
  Warning: gore hentai site - or you can download here - (Shlalom_Masters)

- ("ARed" what if) - Disguised as your 6 y.o. self - discussion - (John)
- (revert) - "4 Gegen Z" alternate link vid
- (dedicated AR) - DeviantArt gallery - gallery - gallery - (2bya repost)
- (adults age disguised?) - Google Glass virtual people
- (adults disguised) - Before and After: Photoshops
- (adults flashback) - Casting photo for "That 70's Show" Then
- (adults flashback) - Familiar faces of Seinfeld guest stars Now/Then
- (adults in onesies in giant cribs, diaper & bonnet dressup) - "Big Brother" Big Babies - male - (Thomas)
- (adults) - "Like mother, like daughter" taken too literally: Compare
- (age forms) - character - (Matt)
- (mental "AB") - "teen girl" babyfied - (Matt)
- (messages to younger self) - letter to 13 y.o. me - re-enacted

- (dedicated adult aging, adult rejuvenation story)
  Juno and cranky old lady Ya-ya don't get along. How will Juno survive when Ya-ya becomes even sexier than her? story - (Somnium)

- (dedicated AR comic) - "Don't drink the water" The mother drinks from the fountain, and changes start occurring.
  page01 - page02 - page03 - page04 - (Emperornortonii, Bstgate)

- Age Regression Fiction without the "ouch"
I've put together a special website for my Parkdale tales, to make them easier to read. In the future, I will add new stories to this website.
- AR Stories - (Sebtomato)

- (adult babies) - Spankalot blog - (Aus_Dpr)
- (adult baby prank) - pram gag - unrelated CM
- (adult rejuvenation) - Older cougar lady finds herself reinvigorated into fresh hot cougar: Animoto - (Stringchange)
- (flashback) - movie Grown Ups 2
- (flashback) - She started early. Young Flo Progressive commercial - (Matt)
- (flashbacks) - Actors laughing between takes: Then
- (flashbacks) - What happened to...? Obscure actors, famous characters Now/Then
- (furry ARed) - Hourglass-Sands - (F5)
- (young adult flashbacks) - An album of celebrity prom photos
- (face flashback) - country stars - (Acca)
- (AA ARed) - age cut - (Matt)
- (adult age disguised) - Uber Cougar - anti ageing cream commercial - (Matt)
- (AA story) - age character

- (adult body) - Body Transformation: Body Fat Meets Brute Force! Change
- (adult fat loss) - 210lbs > 150lbs. Never felt so good: Change
- (adult fat loss) - 6 months Ketosis, 29, 5'7", -74.95 lbs: Change
- (adult weight loss) - 2 year change... about 200 pounds gone forever - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - before and after pic. Pole fitness (not stripping ;D) changed my life.
- (adult weight loss) - 38 y.o. lost 165 lbs: Change
- (adult weight loss) - bullying victim: Since high school, I lost 56 lbs and feel like a new person.
- (adult weight loss) - Feels great losing 50 pounds
- (adult weight loss) - Got tired of hating my appearance and changed everything. May 2009 & today
- (adult weight loss) - My wife, before and after losing 116lbs
- (adult weight loss) - One year on, 113lbs off - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Time to make some lifestyle Changes
- (adult weight loss) - Wife loses 100 pounds while husband deployed.
- (adult weight loss) - changing 280+ to 140lbs. Had a baby in the middle, only gained 2 pounds! - (O')
- (kinda like adult babies) - Mardi Gras Baby Dolls - (F5)
- (kinda looks like mental ARed) - adoption photos - (F5)
- (FB time windows) - Art: "Then" comic - (O')
- (kinda slightly like POV mental reversion) - whispering videos info

- (dedicated AR tale) - Who wouldn't give everything to be a child at Christmas again?
  Flora tries to help a man save Christmas, but what does he need her to do? Find out now, and Merry Christmas!
  - 'Tis the Season to Play Dolly - (Praedatorius, Somnium)

- (male "ARed") - fan fic
- (male TG ARed, AA RNed) - Waverly Place "Back To Max" alternate episode video - (Akira)
- (AA fashion maturity levels) - celebs styles.
- (maturity disguise) - Frieke Janssens smoking photos
- (mini-me's) - fashion
- (adult actors playing "teens") - Collegehumor - (Matt)
- (adult age delay) - 11 Celebrities Who Are Aging Backwards - (O')
- (adult babies) - An honest and open documentary - (Matt)
- (adult rejuvenation) - old2younger (withered2voluptuous) TF scene Registration required - (Bstgate)
- (adult rejuvenation) - SciFi ~ Bucket Of Youth Promo - (Coodie2)
- (some AR, male & OA TFs) - Shadowlord videos.
- (slight time anomalies) - warning
- (split/face) - Me and my dad Pretty eerie right? - (O')
- (split/face) - siblings - (O')
- (split/faces) - Genetics - (O')
- (AR dedicated) - reduced
- (AR) - "Ar Genie" comic part 2 - (Theregressed)
- (AR) - "Regression Chronicles: Wittle Chief Takou". Manga style, read left to right.
  Comics pages - (Mikewolfskin, Glaciusess)
- (AR/AA AP) - "Ouran High School Host Club" ep13.
  Main character dreams of Wonderland version of host club where older brother and younger sister eat magic mushrooms.
  The older brother shrinks down into his clothing and comes crawling out an adorable baby.
  The younger sister progresses to her late teens with a full curvy figure - Direct video - (Ouroboros)
- (ARed aftermath) - glimpse
- (adult flashback) - Bill and Hilary Clinton's college photo - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Famous '90s actresses - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Great-grandma at 30 and now at 92. Isn't she still gorgeous? Decades - (O')
- (adult flashbacks) - Rare behind the scenes and promo pics from The Breakfast Club - (O')
- (adult face) - before & after make-up - (Acca)
- (adult faces dematurated) - Makeup before & after - (O')
- (adult FB, FFed) - Christmas stars back then - Christmas Vacation cast
- (TF info) - Heroes RP
- (TG AR) - 2012 Christmas story borrows the Aeternalae concept from Majorkerina's stories.
  Grouchy old man is visited by spirit on Christmas Eve. The end result: a girl of about 11 - An Aeternal Gift - (Apsm)
- (time travel FB) - Comics: in the near future an agency can go back in time to save loved ones before they die - "Comeback" - (O')
- (time windows) - Historian mashes up historical images with modern-day reality: photo fades - (O')

- (adult weight loss) - 191 pounds gone - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Down 102lbs. since May, 58 to go - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Fitness Formula - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Lost 30 pounds in 3 months at 40 years old - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - me, before and after. 44kg/7stone/98pounds lighter! - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - the best thing i have ever done for myself: changes - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Took 5 years but as of today, I've lost a total of 89 pounds - (O')
- (adult youth) - ageless celebs
- (adult FFs) - Ever Think A Jaw-Dropping Physique Is "Impossible" For You? Changes - (O')
- (adult fitness progressions) - Relaxed Focus "training" posts - (O')

- (AB/AR) - I'm friends with this ABDL couple who recently started an ABDL blog. They have also made some AR art - Blog - (Magicgirldiapers)
- (adult age disguised) - fake teen actors
- (adult age disguised) - the oldest actors to play teenagers - Dawson casting
- (adult age disguised) - younger looking celebs
- (adult age form comparisons) - similar older/younger actors
- (adult age stasis) - medical problem - (F5)
- (adult age stasis) - 70 y.o. looks like 40 y.o. vegan
- (adult appearances) - BBC, 2008- Snog Marry Avoid? - makeovers & makeunders - (Acca)
- (adult aunt/niece costume reenactment) - Emma & Julia Roberts "Pretty Woman"
- (adult delayed aging) - This woman was born in 1937: swimsuit - (O')
- (adult face age stasis effect) - Masako Mizutani
- (adult face disguise) - Katy Perry with and without makeup - (O')
- (adult face disguise) - Model-Morphosis - before/after makeup effects - (O')
- (adult face rejuvenated) - Mom Cut 20 Years in a Week Using This 1 Weird Trick - (O')
- (adult fitness) - Fat Loss: Amazing transformations before/after: what the gym can do - (O')
- (adult fitness) - Females: S3xy before and after photos - (O')
- (adult flashback) - The Obamas - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Marilyn (Norma Jean) bathing suit - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Bob Odenkirk as guest stars in Seinfeld - (O')
- (adult flashback) - John Travolta and Princess Diana dancing in the White House: 1985 - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Lucille Ball, circa 1930 - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Picture of Betty White from yesteryear, looking radiant and beautiful - (O')
- (adult flashback) - Sigourney Weaver 1980s
- (adult flashback) - Stages: Anniversary photo in an anniversary photo in an anniversary photo - 3 levels down - (O')

- (adult flashbacks) - Golden Girls when they were young:
 Estelle Getty - Betty White - Rue MacClanahan - Bea Arthur - (O')

- (adult flashbacks) - Rare photos of the old and the dead: classic celebs - (O')
- (adult rejuvenated effect) - The wonders of Photoshop - (O')
- (adult rejuvenation effect) - Advertising done right: Adobe Day Cream - (O') - related story
- (adult weight loss and/or muscle development) - MuscleBomb Personal Training Success Stories - stages - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - 1 year of paleo progress! (184 lbs to 127 lbs) - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - body change - One year later. (Because I know how much you guys love the same outfit pics!)
- (adult weight loss) - body change - Screw EVERYTHING about that girl on the right!!!
- (adult weight loss) - before/after - (Acca)
- (adult weight loss) - 133lbs down. Christmas dress acquired. (July 2010 - December 2011) transformed - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - 290lbs to 175lbs: Progress pics - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - 310 to 197 2009-2012 - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Before & After: Successes Slideshow - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Body Transformation: Natural-Born Instructor - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Ended a miserable relationship, lost 140 lbs: before and after - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Fat Loss/Muscle Development: Life Science - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Fat Loss: Christmas 2009 vs. Christmas 2010 - 1 year and 20kgs later - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - International Transformation Of The Month: Aussie Bests The Bulge - vanished fat - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Me, after losing 100lbs. (5'2", 230lbs down to 130lbs) before/after - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - One way running has changed my life... 2012 & 2005 - (O')
- (adult weight loss/gain) - Celebrity Weight Watchers - (O')
- (adult) - Fat Loss: My favorite weight loss photo - (O')
- (adult) - Best weight loss transformation I've ever seen: changes - (O')
- (adult) - Fat Loss: Down 45 lbs and gained a smile :) change - (O')
- (adult) - Fat Loss: It's not a drastic change, but roller derby and a bad breakup helped me lose 30 lbs! - (O')
- (adult) - Fat Loss: My girlfriend is my biggest motivator for working out. Her transformation from hot to hotter... - (O')
- (adults age disguised) - Fountain Of Youth For The Famous: Young Looking Stars - (O')
- (age disguised) - baby recreates classic movie poses
- (age swap) - It's an interactive flash with male and female AR/AP: double transformation - (Ser-j, TheTGArtist)
- (AR description) - My Next Life by Woody Allen - (O')
- (AR theme) - The ARarchive on fetlife - registration required - more - (Nitrous, LitLOne)
- (AR) - "The Dragon Doctors" 2012 webcomic - male AR - AR, GTS CB - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (AR, AP, MT, TG) - "Trading Places" 2012 short comic Commission: preview - (Timeguardian)

- (ARed) - Phineas and Ferb fan comic
- (baby dressup as adult) - careers
- (dedicated AA ARed story) - slide
- (dedicated adult baby) - infantilized
- (dedicated AR & AB/infantilization tales) - Reina Watt some stories & Second Life AR pics.
ToddlerGirl made an AR picture commission of Reina Beaumont going from adult to infant.
- (dedicated AR comic) - latest installment is ready for pre-order - Sanderson Step Sisters - (Theregressed)
- (dedicated AR/AP) - Another TF blog. 18 or older only caption story - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (dedicated male AR morphs) - Age Regressor
- (dedicated male AR) - story
- (dedicated male AR) - Only 2 pages for now, but it looks promising - Charlie's Regression - (Vended)
- (dedicated male ARed effects) - superhero high.
- (dedicated manga age swap) - Mouretsu Pirates: Gruier invited Marika and Chiaki to the beach and absorbed their age so that now she can be the older one ^^
- Part 1 - Part 2 - (Jan110)

- (dedicated toon TF AA AP/AR) - 2012 Flash interactive animation by Thetgartist with a cartoon baby you can progress or regress with adjustable transformation speeds.
  It is the best age animation I have seen in a long time. Content blocked by mature filter so you must set up an account to get past it.
- link - (Omega)

- (disappeared breasts) - movie trailer parody - (Acca)
- (flashback) - Elijah (Wood) and Scarlett (Johansson) in 1994 - (O')
- (flashback) - adult models as children: how they looked back then - (Acca)
- (flashback) - Harry Potter: First Day of Filming (Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini) actors - (O')
- (flashback) - I thought I met my husband 9 years ago at school, turns out I met him at a party much earlier: now & then - (O')
- (flashback) - Recently found out my Fiancee and I went to the same Kindergarten and even sat right next to each other for the class picture - (O')
- (flashbacks) - Just the Avengers in their younger days: yearbook pics - Nick Fury - (O')
- (hand bone flashback) - X-Rays
- (kinda like AA ARed or FB) - X-Babies versus Baby Avengers fan art - (Jester)
- (kinda like ARed) - Will Ferrell meets the toughest cop in the world: Good Cop, Baby Cop - (Thomas)
- (kinda looks like AA ARed aftermath or like voice APed) - "Little Miss Perfect" 2008, WEtv commercial - (Alagatery)
- (kinda looks like ARed) - 1 y.o. acting older short film - (Matt)
- (kinda looks like male adult rejuvenated) - Got my first haircut in 4 years. Is it an improvement? styles - (O')
- (looks like male ARed) - Best photo idea for a baby ever - birthday suit - (O')

- (male AR) - "Choushinsei Flashman" Ep41 video - video - Unfortunately, the video may not be viewed outside of Japan.
  Some proxies have been added to a banned list and are refused connection - (Akira)

- (male AR) - Bewitched "Out of the Mouths of Babes"
  Darrin insults Endora so she turns him into a little boy. He takes advantage of the situation to befriend another little boy, who helps him find out what will make his newest client sell his soup. Darrin's outward appearance changes to that of a child, but his voice remains the same.
  Authorized video - Warning: does not play in all browsers - (Otaru)

- (manga AR/AP info) - Galician blog post. I had to translate my page - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (maturity loss) - The Factory of Youth (part one) comic - (Okayokayokok)
- (mental "AR" effect) - "toddler" report
- (older teen mental AR) - "Operation: Heavy Diaper": BAAllinVids, 2010. Time machine sends 4 people back in mental age - (Coodie2)
- (picture frame flashback) - zoom back to birth.
- (some dedicated AR) - The Transformation Repository - (Drifter)
- (some male AP/AR content) - Male TF Blog
- (TF AP, AR) - Bleach doujin chock full of fan service gallery - (Ninja Jay)
- (TF, M/F F/F body swaps, AR/AP aftermaths) - age swapped captions - (Eric, Teh Switcher)
- (young adult age disguise) - Dawson casting
- (young adult age disguised as teen) - art student
- (young/old head swaps) - ManBabies: i personally think the last female one with the pacifier is adorable. could make for some very interesting stories! - (GooGooGirlie)
- (younger versions of self) - IMDB movie theme
- (younger/older adult selves) - Dr. Who: Amy encounter
- (AA TG "ARed") - clothes change

World of the Immortals: A Diplomatic Incident
- (dedicated adult forced diapering, adult giantess comic) 2012.
It's quite dark, with ageplay spanking. Somewhat divided, so that the first half is story, and the second half is 'action'.
- Synopsis:
Bored college student Nadia sets off for an alternate planet, expecting to be a famous scientist before the day is out. What she doesn't expect is to encounter immortal giants - a race who consider her nothing more than a baby, not even old enough to be out of diapers, and definitely not too old to be spanked.
Will Nadia escape her new Mommy and Daddy? Or will the college girl be trapped in a life of diaper changes and nursery playtimes?
- $14.99, 63p. PDF, several hundred images.
Purchase link - (Aus_Dpr)

- (AR/AP) - Age regression/age Progression Group on Deviant Art - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (AR) - Deviant Art - Chibi Regeneration - (Jeffr)
- (AR) - Deviant Art - Hourglass of Youth - (Jeffr)

- (age wishes) - What Age Would You Like To Be? intro answers.
A research project into a girl/woman's ideal age. I believe women want to be younger and girls want to be older...
- (AA TF, body switch AA AR) - "The Transformer" - (RdDrfJames)
- (kinda like male ared) - change

- (kinda like mental ARed effect) - Sheridan College - Recess Opening Scene remake! Adults re-enacting the opening of Disney's Recess, side-by-side with the original opening: comparison videos - (O')
- (male AR) - "Choushinsei Flashman" Episode 41 will be re-broadcast on Monday December 19. Flash Man Dai will be returned from a 25-year-old to a 5-year-old boy. His memory will also return to a child's. Link only viewable from Japanese IP addresses - boy AR! - (Akira)

- (sorta slightly like mental ARed) - "La Fille et La Femme", 2010:
Young woman has been acting immature and realizes she needs to adopt her adult identity - video
- (adult flashback) - Sigourney 1979 - (O')
- (adult flashbacks) - The Impossible Cool -- Actors, musicians and other celebrities in their youth: early days - (O')
- (adult muscle, tone-ups) - Before & After: Body Transformations: Best Of The Gethin Trainer - (O')
- (adult weight loss TF) - full-body toning aftermath c2010 HGH commercial - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - before/after - actor poses - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - Body Transformation: Goodbye Fat, Hello Fabulous! How to shed over 100 lbs. - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL!!!!! 170 to 125 :) - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - In which I lose 71 pounds and finally begin to resemble a normal human being! :D stages - (O')
- (adult weight loss) - slideshow Hall of Fame several tons of body fat were lost - (O')
- (adults looking like younger adults) - Before & After by Sue Bryce - (O')
- (adults slight age stasis FF) - celebs
- (adult face rejuvenated) - Photoshop
- (AR) - ageregression-aging Deviantart - (2BYA)
- (adult dental age disguise trend) - Japanese crooked teeth
- (some AR/AP info) - Japanese text only

- (adult as 80s-teen disguise) - retro flashback.
- (adult weight loss) - Incredible but true. She lost 50 kilos in 1 year - extreme shrinking - (acca)
- (face flashbacks) - Celebrity Yearbook Photos - before they were famous - (O')
- (mental AR to teenhood) - Another story about the famous amnesia incident - real-life "15 going on 32" - (acca)
- (mental rejuvenation feels like adult APed) - 2011 "I woke up in the wrong life" - 15 going on 34

- (flashback to infancy) - Potter Babies
- (flashback to young adult) - Glee Stars' Real Yearbook Pics!

- (flashback) - 20 years later: Belgian singer from the group Sylver used to be Silvy Melody, discovered at age 9 by a child talent program. She reminisces about the start of her career - interview video - (acca)

- (some AR) - long-term Deviant Art project: Reality Of Fate: Beaumont Series - (Reina Watt)
- (time loop FF) - mission to the past - (O')
- (young adult age disguised) - older actors playing teens.

- IRC channel formerly advertised as "XXX RP":
1- A lobby for people to meet who want XXX RP.
2- A place for writers and friends to gather.
3- A location wherein all is allowed and no one is judged.
Download an IRC client. Open it, /server /join #hARdcore
- (little trip)

- (Harry Potter fan fiction AR/AP) - A few deaging - stories - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (AR AA glimpse) - Power Rangers season 3 opening
- (AR AA TG morph) - Phil of the Future: parents into teens
- (dedicated photo edits kinda look like mental ARed) - Celebs in Diapers - (Douglas Greene)
- (adult actors playing teens) - Dawson Casting
- (slight AR) - fan fic
- (some AR videos) - telentertainment55
- (flashback to infancy looks like ARed) - 2011. The gang's all here: Archie Babies debut in their own original graphic novel - (O')

- (flashback) - Proposed story series about 11-year-old Lois Lane just starting her investigations, but it was not meant to be.
Lois Lane: Girl Reporter - With age-appropriate character designs for Lois, Clark, Bruce and Alfred - (O')

- (flashback, flash forward face) - Pictures of Celebs when they were little.
- (furry AR) - Ouroboros's stories are now on deviantART - (Entropic)

- (old to young adult rejuvenation) - edit

Petit AKA Piccolissimo
French Tv movie. After a heavy night's drinking, a newlywed man wakes up as a child.
- info - a few pics can be found here
(ccwr89, vended, Jeffr_2bya)

What makes a good AR/AP story? - Process ani/manga Forum discussion - registration required to view.

(adult age stasis disease) skin condition.
(age/body swap) movie cliches

(AR videos) Since Youtube isn't doing groups anymore, I created a new board where people can post age-change videos: new video site - (Tazz)
(AR) Lisa younger
(AR) comics info site - (Jeffr_2bya)

(AR) Deviantart Chibi Regression - (Lance_II)

(AR, RN/APed short story segment)
Japanese woman went into hiding from persistent assassins after learning she could alter her age whenever she wished.
- Age Shifter tale.
(ARed info) 2 Be Young Again has been updated! News info page.

(cellular regeneration) Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice - now for humans - news report - (O')
(adult rejuvenation) "Death Becomes Her" intro - part 2

(infantilized effect, kinda like ARed from the neck up)
- 2010 PS3 Latino commercials - toddler head - (Master_E1)

(kinda like mental ARed) Grown woman impersonates five year old girl.
(kinda like mental ARed) teen hypnosis

(male AA "ARed") male AA clip.

(oversized shoes kinda looks like ARed) video - part of a series.

(ARed or younger clones) 2009 mini-series, and other versions.
pics - info - (O')

(preteen slight age disguised) beauty pageants

(AR) - Another great illustration by F-AYN-T.
Here she's been regressed into a kid, though she doesn't notice it, as she's too busy giving the customer his order:
- Waitress AR commission
How she looked before the AR scene - (Silver Spoon)

(AR) The Emperor's New School - Ep17 "Kuzcogarten" - contains an offscreen AR of Yzma - video (Marco255)
(rejuvenation) part 01 - part 02
(AR) Unfortunately, the huge free comics archive htmlcomics appears to be down. Legal problems have been cited.
It contained the web's largest collection of female and male AR, such as Action Comics #466, in which Lex Luthor turned Superman, Batman and Flash into kids (O')

(furry AR) - fur - fur
New detailed AR sequence by the wonderful Kalida:
- AR fur sequence.
- An AR Animation!
Many good Furry AR and Babyfur scenes have come from Kammy or someone connected to her:
fur - fur - fur - fur - fur
fur - fur - fur - fur
(Kammy, Oni, Ouroboros)

(AR/AP) Ranma 1/2 anime - YouTube english dub copy Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (0000user0001)
(ARed) 2010 Thor comic - Now you can see some pictures from issue #2, including the AR'd immortals (SKJAM)
(male feline AR) Leon - "Youth Serum" animation - furry AR @ about 35 sec - (Jeffr_2bya)
(mother/daughter mind transfer) The Secret World Of Alex Mack - The Switch - video part 01 (Jeffr_2bya)
(AA adult face flashback) celebrity yearbook photos.
(adult mental AR) Some fetish material can be found on
- regression to various stages
- regression to "babies" - (crash77)

(adult rejuvenation) - morph
(age stasis problem) Girl frozen in time may hold the key to ageing. Scientists are keenly studying the DNA of a 17-year-old girl who still has the body and behaviour of a baby - info
(flashback discovery) It's a Small World after all: Walt Disney World vacation photo captures familiar face - photo encounter. (O')
(flashback to young adulthood) Queen Elizabeth through the decades (O')

(flashback) Thor: Son of Asgard
- 2010 comic - info details - pic - Explore the early years of the God of Thunder in this adventure full of Marvel myth and magic! Join young Thor and his godly companions, Balder and Sif, as they travel the mystical land of Asgard on a quest of cosmic proportions. (O')
(kinda looks like male ARed aftermath) - baby situation.
(kinda, sorta looks like male ARed) Boy looks like poor victim of AR Virus trying to get his point across - baby talk - (dawnofmawl)

(AR, AP) 2bya shall return. The updates will be monthly or more - new Home Page
(age stasis) 28 year old woman trapped in body of baby - Brazil news report
(AR stories updated link) Story page - Forever Changing - Tainted Sins - more stories
(AR) Regression artist on Deviantart. Mostly single pics, some sequences - micman (mecham)
(adult baby kinda like mental ARed) Freckld1, 2006 - Teenage Baby (johndee)
(flashback AA photos) I used to be younger - album

TBTC forum
AR/AP art links--alternate

Skyscraper II (male adult shrunk, male adult forced infantilization, POV, GTS UC) 2009 comic.
2 foot tall Frank - shrunk but not regressed - is captured by a pair of nutty German women who like to play nanny and wet nurse. The scene involves diapers and spanking. (Dreamtales)
- info - buy

X-Babies (looks like ARed aftermath) - Marvel Comics, 10/2009, 4-issue mini-series.
Little X-Men, Big Adventure, Other stars Reborn! Things have changed after Mojo's ouster by Mr. Veech, who replaced the The X-Babies with something newer, safer, friendlier, and...more adorable! The X-Babies aren't going to sit by and let that happen! - info (O')

(AB caps) Adult baby photocaptions gallery (high)
(AR AA) Negima anime ep03, slight vampire levitation AR around 16:14. (Dragonfly) vid
(AR scans) comics and comic book section - nav
(AR stories) Nomdreserv's stories can now be found at forever (arfan5890)

(AR) The future city Iyapopolis visual novel with multiple plotlines, translated into English, originally listed at ArArchive. The space AR theme continues for several pages. This site may be deleted by Geocities in the future.
- main index - start of the AR scene.
(Koopus C Kroupa)

(AR/AP comics and stories)
Comics by DreamTales: store
Other AR/AP comics by DreamTales: index
Shrinkers' Literary Companion: stories

Keroro Gunsou
- (shrunken persons, giantess illusion, plant growth)
Ep175 "Keroro, Dive! Plastic Pool / Fuyuki & Natsumi, A New Morning Arrives"
- When the local community pools are too full on a hot day, Keroro-tachi return home to find an old plastic blow-up pool in storage that Natsumi and Fuyuki swam in as children. Fuyuki returns to find the Keronians have shrunk themselves and are swimming in the children's pool. From their perspective the pool is huge. Mois-chan uses a machine to shrink Fuyuki and Kululu puts him into the pool. She and Kululu eventually shrink as well and are happily swimming when Natsumi and Koyuki return home from the crowded community pool dissuaded. Natsumi-chan sees the pool and recognizes it as the one she swam in as a child. After Koyuki-chan uses a ninja quick-change technique to get Natsumi into her bikini, they both jump in (normal-sized), never seeing the others since they are so tiny. Natsumi and Koyuki are giants from Keroro-tachi's point of view and fun ensues. Giroro's cat eventually saves the tiny souls from being squished by deflating the pool after hearing their cries of distress. Their return to normal size is not shown.
- part01 - male shrinking video link
- part02 - crushing crisis video link
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

Dragon Doctors
- (AR) Webcomic with a bit of regression - link - link - link - (Jeffr_2bya)

(ARed) Character on Deviant Art. Myrcury mentions the ability to appear any age she wants. When she spots a kitty while on a romantic stroll through the park with Luke, her "inner-child" takes off after the cat, leaving Luke perplexed:
- AR scene - info about character: oc

(furry AR) Comic Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
- General furry AR art: FA page
- A complete rundown on the effects of the Fountain of Youth: Water

(furry AR) Sonic character "mean" AR scene (where the person either doesn't want to be regressed, and/or does not return to normal).
- The Contraption - main (micman4202)

(kinda sorta looks like male ARed in places) "Just like daddy" Boy wears oversized clothes - male
(shrinking) Deviantart Process gallery (Shrinkmaster22)
(some age TFs) - mental ARed - ARed
(story contained some girl AR) (Akira) anim
(shoujo AP was reported in this serial) hentai site (Akira)
(male and female AR, adult rejuvenation, and old age) Many previously unknown comics containing AR have been found. (2BYA) news

AR blog the aftermath
Amazon AR/AP info
kinda AR photos
AR cartoons voice credits
rejuve universe? spanking stories
Eternal Youth youthizer
Tainted Sins
AR--bicycle repair
nothing yet
gotham girls
Renart over 18 art

AR Stories
slight ar - magic in a young girl's heart
story interactive stories
AR story story
AR fanfic
AR/old age story
PicARd pARody
BE interactive AR

AB content
anime nursery
AB AR Anime
storyline has some slight AR
AR greeting card
AR story
AR game
AB forum
minor AR
unbirthing stories
male AR morph
minor story
AP/AR board
furry AR--furry AR
wikipedia info
mIRC DALnet channel: #arroleplay

Big Lil Boys male babality
AR role playing
sorority of change
Youngtown Families ageplay
smartgroup role reversal
Adobesplace 2 some AR

(ar male mini-me infantilization) Head swap, size swap, role reversal. man babies (O')
(AR) new videos uploaded
(AR) Dreamtales comic
(AR) Sixsodacola DeviantArt gallery.
(AR)Coz takhle dát si spenát
Unconfirmed download links:

(ARed aftermath) PS2 commercial convalescence home. (FurryAR)
(ARed male)Re-Do
(male ARed from neck down)
Judd Apatow's "Funny People" will feature a series of fake movies starring comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler).
Unfortunately, there may not be anything more to "Re-Do" than one clip. At any rate, it's certainly not its own feature-length film =/
- Funny or Die - Baby Video

(ARed) Danbooru tag 'age_regression' Most of these images can also be found by searching for the tags 'young', 'oversized_clothes', 'baby', etc. In almost all cases you can find adult versions of the characters on Danbooru also. alternate

(ARed) Tori's Transformation Art: Age Regression Gallery (gribs)
(ARed) Diapered Anime (Ararchive)
(ARed) Star Trek: TNG "Rascals clips
(adult age disguise) 75 y.o. looks almost 20 years younger
(adult age disguise) 50 year old mother had plastic surgery to resemble daughter
(adult to younger adult TF TGed) "Cat in Boots" movie scene
(adult rejuvenation AA effect) comic, "Fountain of Girl". A magic fountain results in reduced age. link
(aftermath ared) "Not In Ohio" Teaser Trailer vid
(age stasis problem) 16 yo with developmental delays stuck in toddler-like body - medical
(furry ARt) baby/cubby regression pics. (Tavi Munk)
(infantilization) story incontinence
(kinda like ARed) 2009 Evian CM is kinda AR, but kinda creepy too lol. rollerskating babies (Ouroboros)
(kinda like ARed) Celebrities are cast for a live-action Simpsons movie actors
(parent/child reversals) Head swaps (ChronoEclipse)
(slight adult ar morph) commercial at start
(very slight adult rejuvenation, BE) the Hospital Group: plastic surgery commercial - face change.

(AR artwork) deviantart
(AR captions) Capst caption site's new home
(AR wish?) art film A dark fairy tale about a young woman trying to kill her adult self, in order to become a child once again.
(AR) Oni links: AR and commissions. - (AR) Baby Teen Titans - (AR) Osakatan
(AR) Lance
(ARed adult, looks like rejuvenation) morph Old witch impersonates young woman
(ARed, APed, RN, UC) 26 minutes vid link Sailor Moon "Pegasus Revealed"
(slight age disguise) AA the Major and the Minor
(AR old adult) part 1 - part 2 Legend of the Seeker - Sword of Truth (s2325)
(AR shampoo face close-up fades) AR commercial (Tazz)
(AR) Simpsons couch gag ar (sixsodacola)
(AR male) Dawn of Magic Hack n' Slay game, from Deep Silver trailer scene (ageregression group)
(infantilization play) Ageplay Board for Inner Kids or adults who want to take care of them. A place for you to be a kid again, to relive those times with someone to look out for and take care of you. (LitLOne)
(kinda looks like male ared) little O'Reilly
(AR) Lois Griffin regresses back into a Japanese child. (bettyboop)
(AR) Glockens Art site
(AR) Magic Box
(AR) AR role-playing forum. (AR anime brain)
(AR, AP AA) story
(AR, some AP) Shrinker's Literary Companion Dreamtales' classic stories and images (and some new stuff) (Heidegger)
(ARed adult) Map of Heaven
(ARed caption) Rachel's Haven Captioned images and role-play topics. Registration required for access.
(ARed furry) pic
(ARed question) What if you could age backwards?
(ARed stories) Harry Potter (Chronoeclipse)

(ARed story, RN AA) part 1
"she was small. Really, insanely small"
"Uh-huh... but... Tan you tate off ma dwess? Wansa 'eeps it..." Cassie really, really wanted a memento from all of this. Besides her pacifier, anyway, which she still clutched firmly in her right hand. "If I were it when I 'et bid... guh-onna get tore up..."
"Oh. Right. Arms up!"
Gently taking the torso of the fabric, he slowly pulled the dress up over Cassie's head, leaving the tot in just a diaper.

(ARed) art
(ared) De-aging Ray
comics (ARed) ARed comic covers mostly male
(ARed) Baby Titans
(ARed) slight ARed
(ared) Kim's Baby Blues fan fic
(ARed) Galaxy Angel Rune
(ARed) PowerPuff Girls Z anime (Tazz, ARArchive links) 1 2
(ARed, APed info) Japanese language board text only - wiki
(brief ARed illusion) Ghost Whisperer "Melinda's first ghost" at 6:20
(diaper pix) Katy's Krib
(flashback) Angelina Jolie sweet 16 pics
(flashback) famous people when young
(slight mental AR) bra Brazilian model acts younger
(kinda like age stasis) news story microscopic 14 year old
(immature adult) tantrum mom kinda acting like baby
(interaction with younger self) 15 year old Maggie Northern Exposure
(kinda ARed) McDonalds inner child
(kinda like age stasis) vid link Sorta like ared virus. Will Ferrell skit with his 2 year old landlord.
(kinda like ARed) McDonalds inner child altern. link
(kinda like old age rejuvenated) link fit grandmother
(kinda looks like ared) Celebribabies
(kinda slightly like ARed) celeb mini-me's celebrity cloning photoshop contest
(furry AR) Furry Regression
(flashback) Luann comic (O)
(age delay) puberty ban until 18
(AR AA) X-Men 3 minor ARed scene
(AR AP) ShoujoFiction Story Archive Several stories have AR/AP in them.
(AR AP) ar/ap interactive story
(AR BE) Dokuro-chan ARed ( jclz888)
(AR humiliation) AR themed comic "Jade Chan Adventures"
(AR maybe)
scanlation works by mangaka Itsuki Natsumi some of his mangas may have AR.
(AR photo captions) AR link (BBoy)
(AR question) link What if you were 13 again?
(AR) Tainted Sins: the Dark Fantastic AR
(AR) AR story link
(AR) Yahoo group kidified fiction
(AR) regression stories
(AR) Kids Next Door AR story
(AR) AR in gallery
(AR) AR in gallery
(AR) ARarchive media page large files
(AR) AR caps
(AR) some ar here
(AR) Skye Sparkler AR book
(AR) AR supergirl (AR) ARed story "Three Men And A Little Theoretical Astrophysicist"
(AR) Ouran AR scene
(ar) ar morph
(AR) link Frosted Mini Wheats commercial.
(AR) "All That" ARed large clip (ARarchive link)
(ar) AR Jungle wa Hale
(ar) Marin AR Brigadoon
(AR) found by rgalvani: ar gift -Subi-chan (metalictaboo)
(AR) Orlando ads 2007 (TheMasu, O) ads
(ARed APed) some stories
(ARed joke) ared

(ared mental) - (mental AR video) Spanish hypnotist hypnotizes a Spanish model into thinking she's 2 years old. In video two or B she acts like a baby. It's really cute, she cries and crawls around and even plays like a toddler. She still talks eloquently and succinctly. (Clock Virus) Hypnotist A video link - Hypnotist B - Mental AR
(ARed slight) very slight rejuvenation
(ARed TFed weight gain) weight gain / AR board
(ARed to younger adult) old age to younger adult ARed story
(ARed) Guardian Island Adult Ageplay (ageplay spanking daddy mommy diaper age play schoolgirl discipline OTK)
(ARed) Yahoo ARed group
(ARed) Japanese AR AP manga scans (Akira link)
(ARed) art
(ARed) Transformansion stories - AR story
(ARed) Dove ARed commercial
(adult AR face) CGI 3d
(adult AR) Yahoo Group adult age regression
(adult ared) younger adult AR "My parents are aliens" morph
(kinda sorta like ared)
talking baby
(Poser ared) Poser AR
(slight age stasis)
child for life syndrome
(very slight age stasis) art film
(younger adult ared) Water of Youth 0:52
(some AR) tainted sins Ballpointkeyboard successor site focuses on multiple transformations and tales too dark to be hosted elsewhere.
(stop motion animation) Playmobil search for Fountain of Youth. 38 min. (JeffR_2bya)
(mental AR, flashback) kinda ARed The Charmed sisters turned into younger adults the same size as their older selves and played by the same actresses.
(mental ared) mental AR 29 to 18 Korean
(furry AR) furry Nameles One artwork, caution cartoon undiapered nudity
Tv (adult age stasis) - - Get Smart "Age Before Duty" featured Dorian Grey paint. Special Japanese registration required to view (fan2000)

(mirror ARed) Reflecting on the Past "Dream Vs Reality" Beautiful & creative ideas using Photoshop which depict a wide range of emotions. From the grandma who wanted to be young again to the cat that wished it was a dog. From (O')
(adult flashback question) what if you could go back to being 20? What characteristic or belief would you instill in yourself to make your life better?
(adult photoshop) age disguise Photo retouching, wrinkle removal, female adult deflation
(AA AR) Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo This AMV has a shot of Beauty ARing about 10 or 12 seconds in.
(AA AR) Negima! Magister Negi Magi Negima AA ARed Anime clip link (The Process Forum)
(adult APed, ARed) Yahoo Girls TF
(AA AR AP) Sims 2 link "Go ask Alice" AA ARed music clip
(AA AR aped) "Strange Little Girl" music video (AA APed/ARed)

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal