Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (AP FF AA) Character's in-game appearance can be adjusted from ages 10 to 17 - age potion

- (AR) MMO game.
The regression is more than just an appearance potion, you can actually become a child again. You get the choice Rebirth, which basically resets you back to level 1 while retaining your skills. This allows for smoother leveling up. You can only regress back to age 10, and you age one year a week. You can Rebirth again every six days, and if you get over level 20 you can Rebirth sooner.
- Very rare: the Tin Potion can shrink your character down to toddler size. This will work differently depending on the race you're playing, staying in effect until you age a year - (Reina Watt)

Magic: The Gathering
- (age stasis, rejuv?) Card games. Jhoira was exposed to time-warped water that extended her lifespan. By "Time Spiral" she is over 1000 but looks 19. Fountain of Youth card: The archmage Jodah came to be 1000s y.o. by the time he met Jhoira.

Magic: The Gathering
- (rejuv or AR?) Card game with a Fountain of Youth card.

Magical Drop 3
- (AR) 1997 (AKA Toretate Zoukangou) Bad woman gets ared. link (Jeff)

Magical Drop 3
- (AR) Ending scene.
Video link - screencaps - (Ttt47)

Magical Kanon
- (teen to adult warrior) 1998.

Magical Treasure
- (AR) Shoujo inadvertently regressed. (Process Forum) ARed
- (AR/AP) RPG hentai game. (Sutibaru, bellda)

Magicians Dead Next Blazing
- (AA TF, APed form) 2017.
Expansion update to Japanese arcade game features new character "Tam", a 5 y.o. mahou shoujo who can steal and accumulate energy from opponents to AA into her 19 y.o. battle form. Surprisingly for a 3D character, her introductory clip actually has quick but visible TF.
- Video link - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Mahou Shoujo Rina
- (APed) Family Soft, NEC PC98.
The first adult adventure game about a magical shoujo. Bad story, but good AP scenes.
- AA APed - (Tjohnta, Process)

Mai-HiME: Fuuka Taisen
- (AR poofs?) AKA My HIME Fuuka Taisen? PC 2d fighting game, c'07? Yukariko's Child turns her opponents into young children?

Makai-Mura for WonderSwan
- (AR) AKA Makaimura, Ghosts 'n Goblins
Capcom, Bandai, 1999 - (TottieTa)

- (adult face roughening) 2017. In the tradition of Snapchat filters and FaceApp, this app digitally removes a woman's makeup, giving her face a less smooth, wrinklier and blotchier appearance, and making her appear more mature.

male old age
- (image editing) face morphs

Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al Revis
- (AA TF sprite AP) combat age-up

Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Alrevis
- (male age disguised) Vayne, being an artificially-made Mana, looks like any normal 16-17 year old teenager, except that he is actually 6 years old.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis
- (AP) PS2 2007. Anna Lemouri is a great loli character: fast, powerful, eccentric, mature, adorable. As a mahou shoujo, she can transform into an older sexier version.
You can see grown up Anna at 1:09: sprite TF link. Of course, grow up Anna is too hot. (Sun_Xiao)

- (adult OA face) ABC 20/20 "age progression" photo commission - alternate prediction

Mario World
- (dedicated AP) Peach fan comic - (Attack team)

- (dedicated slight ARed) - Found on Danbooru, 2012 - fan comic aftermath - (The Wanderer)
- (male OA FFed) "cargo Mario 1" personal piece featured in GEE Magazine - elder Mario fan art - (notgf3)

Mario Worlds
- (dedicated TF BE AP)
10-year-old Princess Peach tampers with a time manipulation device.
- Progression fan comic

- (ARed) h-game. 1

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
- (ARed) PS2. "Bad to the bone" level when you encounter a rogue wizard - video link - (TottieTa)

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
- (male AR, male old age) Capcom PS2 2001. Based on the classic Ghosts 'N Goblins. Just as in the classic titles, Maximo can be transformed into an older version of himself or a baby Maximo.

Mega Man 7
- (AA TF APed glimpsed) 1995, Roll AP tf gif

Mega Man Battle Network
- (dedicated TF AA APs) MegaMan Battle Network AKA "Rockman.EXE" Capcom, 2001.
Roll.EXE transformations:
- fan art - (Azarelskyy, Miha)
- fan art "Roll hourglass commission" - (Kojiro Brushard)

Mega Man
- (dedicated AA age forms) Roll transformations - (Kojiro)

Melty Lancer: The 3rd Planet
- (AA TF APed) PSX strategy game, Tenki, Konami, 1999.
Mahou shoujo anime spin transformation - Full Ep link @17:58 - TF Scene link - screencaps - (Andu22)

- (male baby stasis) 2000. I would think that embodying a winged baby would be not completely unlike being ARed at times. Game link - cover - (Piper)

Metal Gear Solid 3
- (clothes ripping scene) Tanya is electrocuted by Volgin. During the process, her stockings shrink and it looks like she's growing! (Lorekeep)

Metal Gear Solid 4
- (male old aged) Solid Snake is in his early 40s, but looks like he's in his 80s because he was genetically altered to age prematurely and die as a form of planned obsolescence.

Metroid: Other M's
- (ARed) Early Ridley fight affecting Samus personal issues - (TottieTa)

Metroid: Other M
- (AP scene) Nintendo, 6/2010. Opening sequence pre-rendered cinematic. The outline of a little, blonde baby floats in the aftermath -- it's very 2001-esque. The baby ages, its hair growing in length, and before too long it is a full-blown shoujo, and then it's Samus. (Mr_DNA)

- (age suction AR) - TF artist: Klatuk4u c2010.
It's classic fan art of Samus getting de-aged by a Metroid - (Gavin)

- (dedicated adult Milf FF) "What if Samus was a Soccer Mom?" 2019/08.
Deviant Fan Art by GraphicGinger Link The Metroid took some of her vitality and made her older - alt

- (dedicated AR) "Samus Aran" age suction - (The Padded Room, Mikewolfskin)

Micro Maniacs
- (male ARed) PlayStation, 2000. Man into baby @ 1:40.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen
- (adult to OA) 1992 PC Game.
There is a ghost town. Contact with ghosts ages your characters by 10 years. If you visit each standing stone in the four seasons, then all premature aging gets removed.
Your character starts the game at age 18. By hacking the stats, I found that dropping the ages below 18 has a profound effect - about minus 10 on every stat for every 5 years removed.

Miko Miko Changing - Chiisai no Ookii no, Docchi ga Suki
- (demon age forms, AA APed, RN ARed) Hentai game by Hormone Koijirou, 2014.
Because it's in Japanese, I can't discern much, other than that the mahou loli lead apparently has two age forms.
- Uncensored but pixelated link - link - Game full cover - censored screencaps - (NightElf37)

- (AA TF) age forms fan art - (Process)

Miracle Twins - Koi no Mahou wo Anata ni
- (AA TF, heroine battle upgrades, APed) c2012? Hentai game.
Video link - screencaps - (ElAnimefilo)

Mirror's Edge
- (dedicated AR) 2008 game fan art - (Glockens)

Moai Better Blues
- (male furry AA ARed) "Sam & Max" Ep2 S2, 2008.
Video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
- (kinda AR ending) LucasArts 1991 adventure game - (ArArchive)
- (male AR) Hero defeats evil zombie pirate but finds himself trapped in a curse where he is a child again... and his parents are scolding him for running away. He tries to explain that he is a swashbuckling pirate, and that he was fighting LeChuck, but they won't believe. Then he just loses his will and runs along playing - (The Pizzadude)

Monobeno: Sonogo no Natsuha no Nanatsu no Natsu
- (AA AP) c2012 manga or game, PlayStation Vita etc.
She apparently "became an adult overnight" or something? - stages - (Katsumend)

MORPH (face database)
- (FF) NCU, 2006.
A large longitudinal face database for researchers investigating adult age-progression, e.g. face modeling, photo-realistic animation, recognition, etc; spanning from a few months to over 20 years.

Morpheus Software
- (male AA APed) Flash ads for morphing software. The same kid morphed throughout? male AA flash forward grades
male morph baby to man (O)

morphing (short aging animations)
- (dedicated AP) - 1-second grow-up scenes

morphing (visual effect)
- (dedicated age TFs) - AP

morphing ages
- (FF face AA AR face) AR - adult to older - adult to older, "Still Me" - (bluegoddess16)

morphing software
- (FF AP) Programs/apps to transform one image or shape into another.
Morph animations became very popular in the early 1990s. For the first 20 years, morph source and target images had to be manually edited and geometrically defined by the video creator.
See example puberty time-lapse animation (also this site in 1999 but AVI's don't work anymore).
After 2010, morphing software began to automate more common tasks with Smart Assist etc. FantaMorph 3.5. added Face Extractor, Face Locator and Face Mixer functions.
Deep learning/machine learning made it even easier to smoothly blend and transform image features and videos together (see: DeepAI). Artbreeder (link) uses a generative adversarial network (GAN) to identify and metamorphose selected features in multiple images.
Our favorite use for morphing software is to create realistic looking aging animations (or the reverse).

- (AA AP) sample soccer morph
- (male adult face aging) close-up years

- (AP) frontal pose, standing growth aging - example of a simple morph clip.

- (face FB) - reverse caps

- (face FF zoom-out) - screencaps

Mortal Kombat (parody)
- (male AA "ARed" poof) Kock up vid link - cap - (Tazz)

Mortal Kombat 11
- (flashed back to younger past self) Jade ending, 2019.
Jade rewound time to when she was a young girl to prevent certain events. So she relives her youth with future knowledge.
- Scene link - - (Tazz)

Mortal Kombat 2011
- (AA AR) - caps - caps - caps - (ArArchive)

Mortal Kombat 2011
- (AR AA TFed) AKA "Mortal Kombat 9".
Classic game AR: Babality returns. There are bald baby animations for various fighters. Shang Tsung starts the story as an old man like in MK1, and like in MK2 he has his adult youth restored by Shao Kahn.
- Info link - link
- Long video link:
1:55 - Scorpion, 3:50 - Kano, 5:40 - Cyrax, 8:20 - Kitana.
- Shang Tsung link - Raiden link - Reptile link
- Kratos link - Smoke link - Goro link
(Tazz, jeffr_2bya, TottieTa, Entropic)

Mortal Kombat 2011
- (AR AA) - TF - TF

Mortal Kombat 3
- (male AA AR) Jax finishing moves.
Video link - screencaps - (powerstruggle55)

Mortal Kombat Khristmas, A
- (male AA Ared poof) Dorkly, 2014, fan vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Mortal Kombat X
- (entity life cycle evolution, AA muscle cut) 2015.
Klassic Tower arcade ending for Ferra/Torr symbiotic pair. When Ferra comes of age, a grunt transformation occurs from pipsqueak to brute. Her race goes from amazon to bulky giant, with a new partner as rider.
- Video link - screencaps - (GreatDragon AD, King_of_tf)

Mortal Kombat X
- (male adult stasis) Revealed in the endings.
- Johnny Cage finds a book on how to be young forever in his ending.
- Erron Black is revealed to be over 150 years old (that's why he is a cowboy) thanks to Shang Tsung halting his aging.

Mortal Kombat: YO MAMA SO UGLY!
- (male AR) Man into baby: web toon.
Fan vid link - cap - (Thomas)

Mortal Kombat
- (AR AA) More babalities.
Video link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps
- (GooGooGirlie, RoosterTeeth)

Mortal Kombat
- (babality) - INFO PAGE - (Zietgiest, TBTC)

Mortal Kombat
- (male ARed) "BABALITY", AshraFilms, 2013.
Fan video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Mother 3
- (age stasis) Nintendo RPG, 2006. Porky is also a Time Abyss.
- (AP AA) 2006. Kumatora ages suddenly - fan art - (s2325)
- (male old age, old age stasis)
Also in: Earthbound, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
- Pokey Minch (Porky Minch) has traveled through the time stream so often that he has rendered himself unable to die by any means. He is shown to be very immature even when his body ages beyond his own measure.
"I haven't aged like a normal person. But despite that, I'm still the same kid at heart! Is that funny? *cough* *wheeze* Are you laughing at me?!"

Mugen Souls
- (AA TF "APed" disguise appearance) 2012 RPG.
Undisputed god Chou-Chou Infinite seeks to enslave the 7 worlds.
- "Chou-Chou Sadist" battle form:
Her outfit changes to match that of a dominatrix and her body "developed" into a grown woman's - Age forms

Mutants & Masterminds
- (unseen age disguise) role playing game. 2006 - "Ultimate Power" sourcebook offers expanded powers for any comics hero or villain.
AGE SHIFT Effect: Morph 4, Shrinking 4, Cost: 8 points. Change apparent physical age, growing "younger" or "older" in an instant. Size may decrease by one category to child, with all the modifiers. Other abilities don't change, even if in use (see Aging and Abilities, Mastermind's Manual, p22). The primary use is disguise: +20 bonus to Disguise checks, and suffer no Disguise penalties for portraying a different age. People who know you still get a bonus to recognize you at different ages (you still look like yourself, just younger or older).

My Emma
- (FF AA) 2014 mobile game, CrazyLabs, Android and iOS casual gameplay.
In which you will adopt a baby and take care of her and watch her grow into a beautiful girl, feed, bathe, dress her up, care for her & more - (GamePlayTV)

My Princess is the Cutest
- (AR before/after art) c2016 mobile game AR.
Another Pajama Party AR event. Normal Princess and Pajama Princess (no before images but baggy clothes can be seen) - screencaps - (Suning)

My Princess is the Cutest
- (AR poofed icons) 2015 mobile game.
Japanese version has the cutest AR event called child princess. No process since it's a card game, but does have the baggy clothes.
- Video link @01:57 - characters - (Suning)

My Princess is the Cutest
- (AR poofed) '16 mobile game.
Princess Wedding AR - Princess Cat maid AR:
- There were two new events with AR. Too bad there was no before image, just the AR aftermath. They still show the baggy clothes though.
Even with different baggy clothes and artists you can see it's still the same mahou shoujo in a reduced state.
- Amelly, Anna, Cindy, Emma, Gabriela, Hanasaki, Justy, Koishikawa, Lina, Magi, Stella, Viviane, Yuuna:
Heroines - Heroines - (Suning)

My Princess is the Cutest
- (magical beings AR OC poofed, before/after stages)
Suning has posted illustrations of the manga-style heroines in both their age forms - Character Artwork - (Suning)

My Tribe
- (possible AR) Create a prosperous island paradise. A certain potion restores youth to your older tribe members. (Jeffr_2bya)

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident
- (adult rejuv) puzzle adventure, Wii, 2011.
Magical dust has the power to rejuvenate people, the source of Malgrave Island's thermal waters curative properties. The elderly Winston Malgrave wants to collect some for his dying wife, or himself?

- (male AR AA poof) Stuck In Attic, c2024 adventure game by the creators of "Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure".
Many fantasy scene animations, including a man zapped into a little boy by magic. Maybe that spell will work on several characters? - link - caps - (Sickboy)

- (anthro furry AR) virtual pet site. Boochi is a random event NPC Baby Bruce with a ray gun that zapped players' active Neopets with the Baby Paint Brush after a successful hit.

New Adventures of the Time Machine, The
- (AR, old age) This game will be disrupted by several "temporal storms" that change your physical age from an adult, to a child, to an elderly person.

Nidaime wa Mahou Shoujo
- (AA TF shoujo boost) 2008 PC game.
Spiritual battle form costuming sequence.
- Video link - screencaps - (Nightelf, APzone)

- (AR, some OC) Nintendo Switch, 2020/05/27.
Prologue: Ninja Gum is born. Cutaway TFed into boy and girl, some baggy clothes.
- Scenes link @06:40 - screen caps - (Armatic, Klatuk4u)

Nocturnal Illusion
- (age forms TF) 1995 bishoujo eroge H-Game.
Red Riding Hood's real age is 13, and Arisa is 9, although she makes herself "grow up" to 14 before having intercourse with Shin'ichi.

Nokia Game
- (male) 1999-2003. Mobile game about the speed of life and technical developments. Mika is a 6 year old boy at the beginning of the game but grows up at an accelerated speed. Sisu and Mika are 1 person in different time frames. Sisu is wheeled into a hospital after he has collapsed. The emergency team shocks him. Not only Sisu survives, but Mika gets alive too (we saw flashbacks from his youth). To catch up with Sisu again, Mika starts living at an accelerated speed. When Sisu lives a year, Mika lives 12 years. Mika thinks, speaks and communicates too fast and can only talk to Sisu using technical devices such as SMS. There is only 1 moment where Sisu and Mika can meet, and that's when Sisu and Mika are exactly the same age.

Nursery Rhyme
- (AR) H-game. AR

- (adult CGI) 2015 stock caps

- (AA TF age form upgrade) 4th DLC, Wii, 2009. AKA "Muramasa: The Demon Blade".
You play a little demon shoujo with the power to transform. She can AA from child to teenage form, and finally muscle-up to her demon form.
- link - screencaps - (RoteTapete)

- (AR) Game character Sakuya is a wood sprite linked to her tree. When the game starts, she is tall, statuesque, and buxom, clad in a green outfit cut to show off her breasts and butt (Basically, peach shaped holes showing very pink cleavage and most of her ass). She gets rejuvenated, her tree going from nearly dead to vibrant green to bright pink peach blossoms. When you see her after this scene, she is wearing something much more revealing, but she looks considerably younger (her breasts are smaller). (Zetta)

- (male age forms) Urashima's immortality failure results in a happy ending, as he is once again the same age as his wife.

old age edits
- (adult face OA morph) - gif - (

- (face aging software) c2013 Apptly LLC iTunes app.
How will YOU age? Ages AND animates your face in 3D! See your future.
It's hilarious :) "the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!"
- Download link

- (face OA editing) c2016 - caps

Omikron Exodus
- (looks like AR) male - 2

One Hour One Life
- (lifetime FF) survival MMO by Jason Rohrer, 2018.
Each player lives for 60 minutes, each minute representing a year of life - info link - (Lunkpil)

One Piece Unlimited World Red
- (OA, rejuvenation) 2015, Final Boss + Ending.
Some 3d model process on her legs. Luffy wants to become Pirate King, but his old age leaves little time. A fruit grants him vampiric powers to drain others' age. Luffy is caught in an OA but RN's back. Too bad the girl's breasts remained big even when her age was drained, so her RN AR didn't need BE. Thigh expansion would've gone great with BE as well.
- Video link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Chriskim019)

One Piece
- (AR) c2010 fighting game for handheld system. All other characters get kid-sized sprites to reflect new character Jewelry Bonney's AR attack powers - (ArArchive)

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
- (adult rejuvenated) 2006. Old hag into young adult.

- (adult rejuvenation) - TF
- (adult rejuvenation) Xbox 360 - Magic power TF scene
(Process Forum)

Oneechanbara VorteX ~The Descendants of The Cursed Blood
- (adult rejuv F2F) Xbox 360, 2006, alternate title.
You fight an old vampire and after her defeat she drinks special blood to become young again - Vid link - (Kreaf)

Onesama no (are) ~Moe Kishinku no Junan!?
- (age forms AA) Futanari manga game. Little child like fairy responsible for the main character had loli and APed forms.

Onesama no Are - Moegi Shinku no Junan
- (AR) Eroge game.
- Reversion shrink-down

Onimusha Warlords
- (AP) Action-adventure, PlayStation 2, 2001.
If you collect all of Ako's Haori, you get an alternative ending where she desires Samanosuke's attention and therefore transforms herself into an adult - (ArArchive)

Operation: "Sleepover"
- (dedicated AR, AP text) c2000 text game, Quest Player.
Main character uses magic pocket watch to control his age and regress others - (Jeffr_2bya)

Operation: Sleepover
- (female/male AR) c2005 comedy text game.
A teenage boy wants to take a peek at his sister's slumber party, but her guardian faery decides to stop him - link
- Also see:
Operation: Babysitter
- Unfinished Quest game - (ArArchive)

Orphen Scion of Sorcery
- (AP) (PS2) Orphen, Magnus, and Sephy come across a shoujo who is rapidly aging. She's 10 and describes herself "getting bigger and bigger with each day". (Much bigger) Lorekeep

Outlast 2
- (time travel "ARed") 2017, 1st person POV horror survival game.
You keep having flashbacks to the Catholic school you attended as a little boy, and see everything from his POV. Your girl friend is around the same age, in a very detailed 1995-ish dark school. The game gives you a child's perspective, and everything around you is big - (Filthymind)

Overwatch (fan art)
- (dedicated young adults to OA) Fetish artists draw aging versions of the heroines.
- "Over-Clocked 1" by Dragon-FangX, 2019/05.
Tracer is aged along with Sombra. Lotta people are doing stuff with her - Sequence start link
- "AuntD" by KilBe, 2018/10. Commission from Sutibaruart.
Continuing the strange Auntification epidemic with D.Va into a hard working office lady with an outfit change, much plumper figure, and a switch from energy drinks to coffee. It does suit her pretty well - link - alt
- "Tracer's Auntification" by SutibaruArt, 2017 - link
- "Olderwatch" c'20.
I'd been wanting to see someone utilize Tracer's time powers for ages! DFang does really good work, and seems down so long as it's fun/story driven and not too fetishy.
"Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler thought nothing of the momentary hiccup in her Caduceus Staff's healing output. Suddenly, there was a shout and the doctor turned to find a now grandmotherly Tracer gripping a thrown out back. Beside her, Pharah withered away inside her armor while a wrinkly Zarya put a hand to her ear in order to better hear her comrades. A senile Mei shuffled away using a cane made of ice.
Behind her, Sombra pulled up her custom aging program and considered pushing the now geriatric heroes into their eighties with a few swipes of her nimble fingers. After a flash of orange light, Mercy's skin started to wrinkle and sag, while her lush blonde hair shot through with gray, her back bent, leaning on her staff for support. Sombra laughed at the now ancient sexpot, wondering if the aged Swiss scientist and the withered old Egyptian rocket queen would still be an item now that they were old enough to be each other's grandmothers.
The laugh turns into a cough as her throat suddenly gets dry. Sombra brushes her silvery hair out of her eyes, the last streak of purple turning white. She massages her weirdly aching fingers. She squints at her holo-screen, crows feet carving into her face as her pruny lips curl in confusion. She puts her hands on her stiff hips, confused as to what the out of focus text is trying to warn her about..."
Aftermath Scenes - (Spyguy)
- Femuscle aspect: there is controversy in the Old Age community about how far adult aging should be taken. It could end in complete decay and disintegration, but that seems to defeat the point for most. A minority of OA fans suggest a third option: women's expanding muscles could just continue to strengthen past their 120th birthdays. The wrinkles of their skin merge into an impenetrable leather-like armor. By the time they reach their 170s, they have basically become Titans - CGI art

- (boy & dog into elderly & babies) AKA Switch. Puzzle point & click, Sega, 1993.
The object is to transverse young boy Slap and his dog Stick through a labyrinth - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Paranormal Girls
- (ARed) c2010 h-game - vidcap (Suning)

- (male blurry old aged) 8 bit 64 pixel 2-D scrolling. Gamma256, Jason Rohrer. Memento Mori game presents an entire life from young adulthood through old age to death in 5 minutes.

Peria Chronicles
- (AA avatar options) 2015 Sandbox MMO, character generation demo.
Little clip @02:32 shows off character age generation, with some subtle facial aging.
- Trailer vid link - screencaps - (Piemur1)

Perpetual Change
- (dedicated Adult Baby/Diaper Lover game) Artist: Piece of Soap. c2022.
We created a game with altered reality, gaslighting and mental AR. Survey link - Patreon link
- First 4 (of 5) game chapters link with last chapter and the entire game for just $1.00 - (Personalias)

Persona 4
- (OA'd) AKA "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4", Atlus RPG, 2008.
c'2020 - I had some art commissioned by Rebelminder based on my story of the Persona 4 Seniors playing the King's Game! - (JackpotMans)

- (dedicated adults OA'd) c'20+ fan art pics - (AgingWomen)

Phantasy Star IV
- (age disguised) Rika looks to be in her late teens/early 20s, but is really only a year old. Nei and Neifirst from Phantasy Star II have only existed for a few years.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
- (AP TF) Manga game. 8 year old Pearl and 17 year old Maya Fey gain Mia's height and huge bust while channeling her.

photoshop contest
- (face rejuvenated) flashback - (Hart)

- (ARed body photo edits) Adult nude stars can be easily morphed to look many years younger.
Caution Nudity! - morphed - morphed

- (AA face FB fades) 2018 beauty filter app, "girl grow", China - caps
Resembles those videos where they smudge-edit paintings older or younger (South Korea, 2014), such as: "Live painting show - Woman's life" by Stonehouse, Yirigun, Painter11. Or: "Diary of a young girl growing" - More caps

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
- (male adult age disguised) Team Galactic leader Cyrus looks middle-aged with a somewhat wrinkled face, but in Platinum his age is given as 27.

Portrait Professional
- (adult face rejuvenation or aging effect)
Face editing software removes blemishes and smoothes imperfections.
- Software link - demo caps - (acca)

Poser (CGI picture stories)
- (dedicated AA age forms) DGN Penny - CAUTION: nudity caps

Poser progressions
- (AP) - expand - expand

- (AA AP) - girls - boys - Aeon

- (AP) 3-D body modeling and posing software. Characters can be morphed to different ages.
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
- AP scene - APed

- (AP)
Coming of age predictions - AA AP TF scene - (deleted Yahoo Groups)
- (AP)
Girl to woman sudden AP scene, BE'd CB
- (height increase/comparison) age-line

Power Instinct Matrimelee
- (AR) Goketsuji Ichizoku (Goketsuji Family). 2002.
Tane suddenly becomes younger. Her sister Ume experiences a similar AR during an attack regression, and you can play as her younger form for a little while. Otane and Oume have both always been able to AR themselves by kissing their opponents. Kurara Hanakouji has an AP transformation as well.
(Sutibaru, Shmendrick)

Power Instinct
- (AA AP, AR RN) Atlus 1993 fighting games. Kurara Hananokoji is a young shoujo with magical abilities. She is obsessed with matrimony. She entered the Goketsuji tournament to earn money to travel around the world to find a prince who would marry her. Kurara can change into an adult version of herself; in this form she changes her skirt and magic wand for roller skates and completely different moves.
Kurara - Age: 13 Height: 153 cm
Super Kurara - Height: 168 cm B87cm W56cm H88cm

Power Instinct
Purikura Daisakusen
- (AA age forms) Arcade game, 1996.
Kirara is the immature Apricot sister. Like her similarly-named sister Kurara Hananokoji, she can AA-transform into a grown-up woman - TFed - th

Primary: Magical Trouble Scramble
- (AR) caps

Prince of Persia
- (male ARed AA poof) "DBX: Ezio (Assassins Creed) vs Prince of Persia" - 2019 fan video.
DEATH BATTLE! Which of these wall-crawling warriors will make it out alive? Linked to the Sands of Time, the Dagger of Time enables its wielder to slow, stop, and reverse the flow of time.
- Fan vid link - - caps - (Tazz)

Princess Crown
- (AA TF battle upgrade form) Sega Saturn.
In the game you control Gradiel, a 13 y.o. warrior princess who must protect her kingdom. Near the end of the game she is forced into a mental struggle against a more mature evil doppelganger. When you defeat her, you gain the ability to switch over into your sexier and more developed "evil side", with a touch of Fan Service during the wardrobe replacement scene.
- Power Boost screencaps - (Adrian)

Princess Crown
- (AP) 1997 Sega. As Proserpina, your mentor offers to make for you a Magic Potion, which will transform you into an adult. Once you have collected all the required ingredients, your mentor makes the potion for you, and you drink it, and "poof!" you're now adult Proserpina.

Princess Crown
- (AP) JP Sega Saturn, PSP. 13 year old Queen Gradriel's mental struggles manifest as an evil older incarnation of herself. After defeating her "darkside", Gradriel gains the ability to magically transform into Evil Gradriel to devastate her foes in battle. The game animation shows her clothing disappear as she spins around, while developing large breasts, longer legs etc. Gradriel's rival, red/pink little witch Proserpina, has a similar AP during her storyline. (rick404)

princess game (fan art)
- (FF AP) Pixiv post.
clothed - lingerie - nude - (The Process Forum)

Princess Maker 1, 2, Legend of Another World and 3
- (AP) - flash forward AP - PM2 & LAW - PM all
- Original versions: 1 - 2 - 3
- You have 8 years to raise your virtual daughter. Depending on how you raise her and her stats, she could grow up being an actual Princess....or a Prostitute. You can modify her age, bust, and several other things about her, and have her at 5' 11" by the time she is 12. There was a Rei Ayanami Japanese PC game, and a sequel, where you raise her much like Princess Maker 2. Definitely more bishoujo in nature, as you could do lots of things to/with her.

Princess Maker 2
- (FF AA AP fades) year older.

Princess Maker 5
- (FF AA) AA (Process)
- (flash forward APed BE) - AP - AP - AP BE - (etopirika, Process)

Princess Maker
- (FF AA APed)
- PM2 growup - seasons - seasons
- PM1 & PM3 - stages

Princess Maker
- (flash forward) H-game FF

- (dedicated AP) CGI expansion

Puberty Hits "app"
- (face FF/FB) 2017 #transformation. Wow what app is this - faces

Puchi Carat
- (AA AR) 1997 Peridot AR (Process)

Puchi Puri Yuushi
- (age stasis) Shoujo is stuck at age 10. 1

Puyo Puyo 7
- (AA age forms) Rivals can power up and down through the ages - TFs
- (blob ARed/APed) Sega. Newest puzzle game features "Daihenshin" (Big Transformation) which can make your characters regress, thus making the puyo blobs on screen smaller. When they progress, the blobs get bigger. (Soup_Sandwich24)

Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos
- (furry TF AA APed) PSP 2011, Bandai Namco.
Samurai Showdown. Cham Cham does a loud roar at the enemy to stun him, which gives her time to power up and get older. She looks taller and her breasts are bigger in feral mode.
- Video link - caps - (GreatDragon AD)

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness
- (age stasis) 1993. little vampire girl Tanya is pretty darn creepy Nightmare Fuel. One of the main quests involves turning her back into a human and reuniting her with her parents.

Radiata Stories
- (AP, AR) RPG for PS2. Young girl Cornelia is a kid during the day. At night she casts a spell on herself to become an adult so she can work as a singer. She desperately tries to keep her secret.

Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki
- (ARed aftermath) 1996 text adventure game, Square, Satellaview Super Famicom.
Kid was revealed to be Schala from the previous game. After the Ocean Palace incident, she was overcome by grief and guilt. The Frozen Flame transformed her into a baby. One cutscene in Chrono Trigger DS (2008) shows Lucca finding baby Schala/Kid and adopting her.

Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen
- (AA TF AP, RN) Parts 1 to 6, 2003-2009.
Anime slot machine games. "Dorisuta" features characters from the anime "Rio: Rainbow Gate".
- Pink-haired shoujo Mint can transform into an older fighter.
1:43-1:50 video link - gameplay TF video link - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Realm of Magic
- (rejuv or AR) Viagara is a quest item that temporarily reverses the aging process 10 years or so... port 4000 - (BloodLust)

Red Carpet
- (adult rejuvenation, OA'd) The object of this game is to make an old woman young again so she can perform on stage. It's not sexy, but it is cute - link (TB Tabby)

Red Stone
- (APed AA) cover (Process Board)

Red Stone
- (TF age forms) c2013 Free MMO, 2D fantasy MMORPG, L&K Logic, OGPlanet.
Princess / Little Witch class, mystical transformation ability.
They have learned the useful art of slinging liquid medicines and restoratives at their friends, providing lifesaving healing power at a distance. A Princess can transform into a little witch, going from a small shoujo to a full-grown adult instantly. The stories say their magic comes from the power of the stars themselves - (JusticeDuck)

Rei no Mono Fuuka Taisen
- (AA poof AR) Reverting move - TF

Resident Evil (series)
- (FF age forms)
- Resident Evil 2 -
1998. Preteen Sherry Birkin first appears.
- Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles -
2009. Home alone due to her parents obsessive work schedule, Sherry is instructed to seek shelter in the T-virus outbreak.
- Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -
2012 appearance link
- Resident Evil 6 -
2012. 27 y.o. Sherry returns as an experienced agent to retrieve a mercenary's blood.
"Mercenaries" minigame: her alternate unlockable outfit "attempts to fit" grown Sherry in her Resident Evil 2 attire for the sake of sex appeal.
- Art/caps - character - sailor uniform - then/now - cosplay

Resident Evil
- (dedicated fan art, young adults GTS TFed, some maturation) "Ashley Dimitrescu" by Saturnxart, '21 - fan art link - alt - "CM: Mia Winters to Lady Dimitrescu Transformation", '22. She finds herself infected by the ever-present D Parasite, transforming her into a Lady Dimitrescu - fan art link - alt - (Kappa)

- (dedicated rejuvenation) semi-nude 10 years off the top Poser/Daz - (Yahoo AR Group)

Romancing SaGa 3
- (male adult aged, RN) Square, Super Famicom, 1995.
39 y.o. ex-pirate Black was cursed and lost his youth, however defeating Forneus' clone with Black in your party reverts him back to his original adult self. "I, who got back my youth, will be invincible!"

RPG Maker 2000
- (AR TG) RM2K - sprites - (Suning)

Rule of Rose
- (AR AA) alternate video link @ 8:40 or so.
- (AR, age ambiguity, coming of age) 2006 banned survival horror game, PlayStation 2. Set in 1930s England, a world is ruled by young girls.
Wendy smirks. With a mix of sadness and anger, 19 year old Jennifer clenches her hand into a fist. She stands up. She has reverted from a young adult and become a child again. Her dress also shrunk and changed style. Later, Jennifer awakens in the Filth Room in her adult form. Her clothing has been cleaned.
It has been suggested that adult Jen was a self-created construct.
- video link goes directly to AR at 09:30.
- (ARed AA) - scene

- (age TFed) "Salt in the Wound" quest. Kennith "made himself grow up" but was unable to make his brain grow along, like the baby girl who made herself grow up subconsciously with her magic to protect others around her?

Saints Row 2
- (game restart) After waking from a coma, the player undergoes extensive reconstructive surgery, which may involve age changes. (metamorphose)

Sakura Strasse
- (AR) Eroge visual novel, Palette, 2008. AR - (Suning)

Sakura Taisen
- (AA AP dream sequence) PS2, PSP game. In the 3rd episode, Iris from Sakura Wars is upset because everybody has been treating her like a child (it's her 10th birthday). She imagines herself becoming an adult and running into the arms of Ensign Ichiro Ogami, her group's leader. The story is set in 1920s Tokyo, in a world where everything from automobiles to telephones is powered by steam. Our heroines are the Imperial Assault Force, Flower Division, a group of teenaged shoujos who fight supernatural evil using steam-powered armor called Kobu, which amplifies their natural spiritual power (they are selected for their talent in controlling spirit energy, which is why the group is all teenagers). (Wes13, Sailordolly)

Sam & Max
- (ARed) "Moai Better Blues" Ep202 2008.
Easter Island is in jeopardy. There's a volcano about to explode, and a prophecy for Sam & Max to fulfil. Most people are babies because of the Fountain of Youth. The puzzling depends on manipulating the environment. Play with the triangles - (MacemanDerek)

Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues
- (AR) 2008. Game with a "Fountain of Youth" theme, and celebrities transformed into babies. The two main characters change also.

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate
- (male AR, old age) 2010 adventure game. Help Samantha find the Fountain of Youth!
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2BYA)

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate
- (male AR/female adult to old age) #4 "Mumbo Jumbo" 2011.
Samantha follows the trail of Cortez. The rare artifact she possesses may be the key to unlocking the Fountain of Youth! Travel the globe to find...
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (self image ARed form) Adventure game has an excellent level where your character is turned into the character's little sister. Takes place in a circus trapped on a tall hill when a dam broke destroying the town the circus was visiting. They are gradually being picked off by a freak show escapee. Later you wander through the main character's childhood home. It's a real good game.
- (Anonymous) ln - th

- (OA to rejuvenated adult) 2011, Black Cyc, 18+ anime game.
There was a 9 image TF scene. Also some light breast expansion, and a M2F TG.
- Info link - Caution Nude gif - (Godleydemon, Gadflow)

- (dedicated AR game) 2021/06.
I have been developing an AR/ABDL RPGmaker MV game. You can find the full information for the game & new demo on FTT or my Discord.
- FTT link - Discord link - (NEP)

- (ARed) 2009, Nintendo games.
You play as Maxwell solving puzzles by typing in words, and if it's in the dictionary it will manifest.
2 items are Youth Potion and Fountain of Youth. If you drag an old man, old woman, grandma, or grandpa onto the items, they will turn into a baby.
You can even manifest clothes for Maxwell to wear, and they include baby clothes: Diaper, Bib, Bonnet, Rattle, and Pacifier. So he can dress like a baby - (Tazz)

- (creature AP) Dreamcast. Basically, you raise a Seaman from birth in an aquarium. Your daily duties include talking to your creepy little pet. As they develop, your young Seamen "learn" new words, and diminish their numbers by killing each other off. This continues until you are left with only 2 Seamen. At this point, they suddenly become adults. Yep, their voices change from that of a cute little child to a deeper, more mannish tone. Also, your cute baby Seaman has suddenly developed a huge attitude problem. These guys can spit out put-downs that would make Dennis Leary blush. The pregnant Seaman gives birth to little Frogmen.

Second Life
- (AA age forms) child to teen avatars - ShannonV age forms - (JusticeDuck)

Second Sight
- (age stasis) The psychic Zener Children were afflicted with a developmental disorder that stopped them from aging past puberty.

Seiken Densetsu 3
- (delayed aging) Carlie looks like a toddler because she's half-elf, but is actually 15.
- (reportedly contained AR?) "Holy Sword Legend 3" - action RPG, Square, Nintendo Super Famicom, Mana series, 1995 - (TottieTa)

Seitenshi Yumiel Shadow Crusade
- (AA TF hentai appearance enhancement) 2009 H-Game.
Video link - screencaps - (Nightelf, APzone)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
- (oa'd effect) Action-adventure, FromSoftware, Activision, 2019/03.
Sengoku period, Japan. The shinobi Wolf seeks revenge on a samurai clan. Towards the end, certain enemies can "drain" your vitality, giving you an "Enfeebled" status with full hunched-over walking and wheezing and such - (Niddlyby43)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD Unlimited
- (mahou AA age swap) Bushiroad mobile RPG, 2017.
In the event "Stand Up! Girl!!" the youngest sister is older and the oldest younger.
- Video link - link - link - ages art - ages art - (Andu22)

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson
- (AA TF age-up) DLC character "Kagura".
A little transformation from her toddler form to a teenager with slightly animated hair and breast growth.
- Vid link (18:10-18:40) - caps - (Chriskim019)

Senran Kagura Estival Versus
- (OA rejuv AA cut) 2015. Video link @4:40 - caps - (Chriskim019)

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
- (AA TF age forms) 2015.
The newest DLC is adding loli character "Kagura" who, opposite from Sayuri, can flash into an adult form by swallowing mysterious orbs. It happens during her intro. She has 3 age forms: toddler, teenager, and adult. The clip shows her TF from toddler to adult directly, and skips her teen form.
- Video link - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
- (adult rejuvenation) 2015. Anime-style cutscenes.
Sayuri, the 81 y.o. wife of Hanzo, changes with her Ninja transformation, making her look young again.
- Artwork link
- Ryobi's TF link (8:15) - Her TF in previous "Shinovi Versus" link - screencaps
The previous title made it look like her breasts were expanding, whereas here she just has bigger breasts out of nowhere. Sayuri/Jasmine's whole body will have to change.
- (RoteTapete, Chriskim019)

Senran Kagura: New Wave
- (AP CB cuts) 2016 Valentine event, mobile game.
Only 2 shots of the mystical heroines transformations.
- Murakumo - Yomi - Kagari
- Cover - (Suning)

Septem Charm
- (APed) "Majigaru Kanan" ADV for WINDOWS by Terios, 1998. Starts with clip of a very cute little shoujo running around with her pink little magic pet... then she transforms into an older shoujo with magic power. If you kiss Chihaya she turns into a magic warrior!

Serene Serendipity
- (life reboot game) c'16 CYOA/Role-Play chart. You were turned into a 10 y.o. kid by a goddess and then allowed to pick aspects of your new life; from your body, to where you live, to your new family - Game link - (Alessi)

Shadow Hearts: From The New World
- (male age disguise ARed) Playstation 2, 2005.
Johnny Garland's actual age is... complicated, but he looks about 13 most of the time. Towards the end of the game, he unleashes his hidden power, and gains the ability to temporarily transform into a rather adult-looking Bishonon with unstoppable superpowers, and no pants. In the Best Ending, he ends up living with ridiculously attractive and voluptuous Shania, but he still looks like a kid most of the time. Most people choose not to bug them about it.

Shadow of the Colossus
- (male creature rebirth) Mono finds an infant with tiny horns on his head.

Shikigami No Shiro II
- (AR) cover
- (unknown age anomaly) KSG/Alfasystem, 2003. (Hill)

Shining Song Starnova
- (FF CoA) c2016.
A dramatic story about the path to stardom. Aki Kashiwagi looks 12 but was actually 18 at the start. She's evidently a late bloomer, and goes through one hell of a growth spurt in several of the Multiple Endings.

shockwave flash animation
- (AA FF) age doll

- (CGI AA OA, some male AA AP) c'17 short stock footage of Sims aging.
- Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif
- Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif

- (adults FFed) 2022.
Characters full aging evolutions, male & female (age 20-75) - link - (Dax)

Silent Hill 2
- (adult age disguised) Angela Orosco is only 19, but looks to be at least in her 30s. Her abusive past has prematurely aged her. It was also done to emphasize that she isn't to be sexualized in any way.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
- (age form delusion) 2009.
At the end of the first game, Harry defeats an incubus and takes the newly created baby.
Harry's manifestation created by Cheryl Heather Mason's mind is oblivious to the fact that his daughter is now a 25 y.o. woman rather than a 7 y.o. girl, and searches for her throughout the game - game art

Simple 2000
- (AP) series Vol.36 "the Daughter Rearing Simulation" 2003 Gamecube, Playstation 2. The protagonist leads a university life. The bell of the entryway sounds suddenly. The protagonist does not expect door-to-door delivery service. Timidly he tries opening the door. The strange girl yearns to be the protagonist's daughter. The story of the father and the daughter who was born after a shocking encounter starts now. You are the father. The girl appears to grow at a speed which usually cannot be thought! The period of raising is 3 years! Rising to junior high school from the elementary school and then high school, you must select the student clothes. Due to the growth extent of the daughter, the type which can be selected changes. There are maximum 10 types of uniform! While the daughter grows, also the rival who was created at the same time appears. Is the daughter whom you raise to be attached to some occupation? The daughter can be 20 types, from the waitress to the nurse, depending on the method of raising.
- cover - cover
- (AA growth, GTS) "Vol 50" Teen girl has grown and must be stopped. 1

Simple 2000
- (AP AA FF) Accelerated growth rate - fast expanding daughter

Simpsons, The
- (FF AA) "Simpsonize Me" - user-generated age forms - (Process)

Sims 2, The
- (AA AP face poofs) - '04 age caps

Sims 2, The
- (AA) Elixir of Life Aspiration reward. The "milk" produced by the cowplant in the University expansion after it eats a sim is more potent (making a sim 5 days younger rather than 3).

Sims 2, The
- (adult FFed) - caps

Sims 2, The
- (flash forward AA AP) The characters will actually grow older and change during the years. (Accafeet)
- link - link - link - growup pic
- Age Quicker. Cheatcode "agingquick3" allows your toddlers to grow up into an adult in 5 seconds. Select the todler you want to grow up and then type in the cheat! Turn off aging type: aging off. Turn on aging type: aging on.
- (AA AP) - girl to teen

Sims 2
- (AA AP) - Teen to woman - TF
- (AA TF AP) Infant to child - AA
- (AP) - CGI (prettybird)

Sims 3, The
- (AA) The Generations expansion added the "Young Again" reward and the Age Freeze reward. The Fountain of Youth came with the Hidden Springs neighborhood.

Sims 3
- (AA AP) screencaps

Sims 3
- (AA FF) c2010. There is no AR cheat like in the last game, but there is an aging one. (Tazz)

Sims 4, The
- (AA age forms) The Sims 4, 11/17/2017 on PS4, Xbox One.
Console game will be almost exactly like the PC version. We all remember Sims 2 had a cheat code to age up or down. Sims 3 had a way to edit sims in the creation menu. Sims 4 had an age cheat that randomized their look for every age (by the time the toddler stage was added the cheat was gone), and it also has the sim edit feature. That allows you to make and edit sims as toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults and elders (though the height from teen to elder is the same) - (Tazz)

Sims, The
- (AA FF) lifetime aging project timeline (EmotionalFireball)
- "Makin' Magic" Expansion Pack has grow up spell for kids.

Sims, The
- (AA TF) "The Sims" age-up poof

Sims, The
- (quick AA AP scene) dress expansion.

- (AA AP) TF

- (male old aged to dust, embryonic reversion) 2009 time manipulation FPS game. Fighter pilot wakes up on island with a weird device on his hand which is capable of manipulating time for whatever it picks up, including enemies.

Snapchat Baby Filter
- (face "AR"ed) 2019 - Celebs "regressed" link

- (face "aging") 09/2015 "Old person Lens", selfie photo & video wrinkling.

Sofia's Secret
- (dedicated magical AR battle) AR/AB/DL. Windows, 2019 demo.
Fox Tales Games, Magician Game. Stand alone based on visual novel. You engage in a spell duel with a Dark Magician to babify the other. Sofia will try to reduce you to a baby state, with mind and clothes changes (18 bad endings). You can strike her with 3 different spells, or defend yourself and collect mana.
- Download link - (WARNING: 18+) - (Shlalom Masters)

Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
- (AR text?) 1984 Basic computer game.
Solon the Master Wizard has concealed the 13 stars of Power. The Castle contains further spells but beware -- as an apprentice you may find the results unpredictable! - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sorceress Quest
- (AR) 2013, classical Click & Point Adventure game, Rm2k. There is an AR right at the beginning of the intro.
Video link - screencaps
- A playable demo is available - Info link - (Inkognitolord)

Space Ace 2: Borf's revenge
- (some Ared) Sanitarium level: your character is turned into the character's little sister. it takes place in a circus trapped on a tall hill when a dam broke. Later you wander through the character's childhood home. (Ararchive Board)

Space Ace
- (male ARed AA RN) Evil Borf plans to use Infanto Ray to turn Earth's population into babies. Videogame was inspiration for cartoon series.
Space Ace 2: Borf's Revenge
- (male ARed) 1991 ReadySoft - INFO - (Jeffr_2bya)

SpongeBob's Truth or Square
- (male adult anthro OA) Xbox, 2009/10.
In the video game if you're idle (do nothing) for long enough, Spongebob will begin to age - Scenes link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (AA age forms) 01 (AR Archive)

- (AA AR) Battle scenes Gif poofs - (Metamorphose)

Star Virgin
- (AA APed) 1988 8-Bit game. (s2325) AA APed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
- (male flash forward CGI) LucasArts, 2008.
"Galen Marek" character info link - pic - (O')

Stolen Beauty
- (adult to OA'd, RNed?) NevosoftCOM, 2012. Interactive illustrated ebook adventure.
You play Eva Sanders, a journalist investigating an exciting mystery! Scandal is running amuck in the world of glamour as beautiful top models, dancers and actresses lose their beauty! A Brazilian carnival star ages 15 years, a Paris-based prima ballerina inexplicably gains weight overnight, and a top model ends up covered with spots...
27 levels of play keep you thinking about who's behind these bizarre events. A fascinating fashion story with an unpredictable ending! - Download link

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life
- (FF lifetime game) - Bokujou Monogatari 2023.
Remake of "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life" (2004). You are a young male starting with an empty field. Your farming life continues for 30 years as you marry, have a child, grow old and die, with your son choosing a different career based on how you raised him. I wish I had aging captures of the girls. Put down roots in Forgotten Valley, and tell your own generation-spanning tale - Trailer link - screencaps - (Kappa, Rafael1907)

- (adult OA'd & rejuvenated glimpse) Nintendo Switch, 2023/03.
Fun clip where a pretty young woman was cursed into an old lady and the goal is to fix that. Experience history's greatest stories.
- Trailer link @01:15 - caps - (Kappa)

Street Fighter 5
- (accelerated FF AP) 4/24/2018.
Downloadable character Falke is, like Ed, an artificial human clone. Since Ed grew up much faster than average, Falke went through the same process. Not really a fan of the 'animu' art style, but that's not related to the TF at hand. Despite how kinda bland and dumb it is, she technically does have a "progression" moment.
- Scene art link - screencaps - (TheMan3033)

Street Fighter X Tekken
- (male furry AR, male partial adult face rejuvenated) 2012 fighting game.
Heihachi and his partner Kuma (a grizzly he trained in martial arts) find Pandora's Box. Kuma pushes Heihachi out of the way and there is a bright light. When the light fades, Heihachi is partially young again... well half of his face anyway (at least one side of his hair is black instead of grey). He looks around for Kuma to find that he has regressed into a bear cub, and Heihachi screams it's not fair. He wanted to be young again.
- Guest fighter Pacman after finding it becomes gigantic.
- Zangief and Rufus lose weight and muscle after finding it.

Street Fighter
- (AR AA) battles

Suffering, The
- (kinda like OA'd) The Infernas drop their disguises and transform into charred, giggling corpses.

- (age forms AA) Viki, AKA "Bikki" is a clumsy magic shoujo who appears in 5 games as the Chitatsu Star. In Suikoden III, big Viki first appears in the mountains. When her concentration breaks, her power rages out of control, and she can possibly warp through time. She sneezes, is ported many feet upward, and young Viki replaces her. She has a shorter appearance, but her behavior and manners are more mature than old Viki's, and she lacks the clumsiness and obliviousness of her grown-up counterpart. The child version is a mature genius, while the original is a dumb innocent shoujo. Young Viki is very rational and serious for a child.

Summertime Saga
- (dedicated "FFed" to OA) Dating Sim/Visual Novel, 2023 - game info link - daughter Becca's never moving out, aged Tina fan art link - alt - (Easyrival)

- (age retardation) Space visual novel/tactical RPG, Love in Space, c'15.
Cosette Cosmos may look 12, but that's only because toxic runoff stunted her growth. Calling her little or mistaking her for a kid serves as a Berserk Button.

Super Mario sisters
- (AR) fan art - (Suning)

Super Marisa Land
- (age forms) New Super Marisa Land
"Marisa and the Six Mushrooms" 2010.
- child/adult battle selves - (Marmalade-Beat)

Super Marisa Land
- (FF AA) Doujin game - age proportion lineup - 1 - (Suning)

Super Meat Boy Forever
- (adult anthro entities to OA, RN) 2020/12 sequel.
Animated cutscenes link OA @15:10, RN @20:30 - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

Super Robot Wars Z2
- (female AR) 20 years since the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb's dimension-shattering incident, Crowe Broust joins a team dedicated to defeating the dimensional threats.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Super Robot Wars Z3: Tengoku-hen
- (adult rejuvenated) Everybody is weirded out that Noriko's "big sis", who Noriko told them was a middle-aged woman, appears to be the same age as Noriko. Kazumi giggles and says that she has the same body as when she first piloted Gunbuster with Noriko. After being pulled into the black hole her wish overcame time itself, and thus she was reborn - (TvTropes)

Supreme Candy
- (AR, AP) "Oudou ni ha Oudoutaru riyuu ga arundesu!" Makura-Soft, 2008 eroge.
Yuu spots a strange bottle with red and blue pills candies and finds out that they can transform him into a kid and vice-versa. This grants him a window of opportunity to visit the all-girl's school because several girls play with the local children. The moment the candy went missing it became clear Tokimi might use it to make herself older once she figured out what it did.

Tales Of Symphonia
- (age delay, mental age stasis) Namco. Lumberjack Presea Combatir had her biological and mental growth stunted by a magical implant, leaving her with the body and heavily traumatized mind of a 12-year old at age 28. Height: 4'6"/138cm (ToS), 4'11"/150cm (DotNW). Weight: 58lbs/24kg (ToS), 84lbs/38kg (DotNW).

Tales Of Symphonia
- (age stasis) Presea Combatir was subjected to an experiment when she was a child, giving her immense physical strength, but severely suppressing her emotions, and stopping her from aging. After regaining her emotions and learning of just what she has been made to do all these years, she has a total breakdown. It's revealed that she's actually 28 years old chronologically, yet she still looks no older than 12.

Tales of Symphonia
- (AR) "Teiruzu obu Shinfonia"
Marta fan art - (Tcwoua, mikewolfskin)

Tales Of Vesperia
- (AR) Rita fan comic - (Jonesycat79, mikewolfskin)

Tan Tower
- (AR, fairy TF, RN, BE) 2010 Cotton-Soft h-game.
- AR before/after - ARed kiss - AA AP RN
- fairy TF - kinda 16 to 18 BE - (suning)

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
- (AR) Japanese adult visual novel, Lump of Sugar, 2008. A kitsune is reverted.
- before/after

Team Fortress 2
- (male dream adult babies "ARed") FPS, Valve, 2007.
"Meet the Pyro", Teamfortress short, 2012. It's revealed that the masked arsonist Pyro sees the other mercenaries as cute babies that he enjoys playing with (but cuts to the real world show that he's actually brutalizing them) - Video link - screencaps - (Gavin)

Tech Romancer
- (AP AA, RN, age forms) Pollin: 2 - 3 - (Process Forum)
- (Dreamcast) A "magical girl" type character named Pollin ages occasionally from 9 to 17.
- (APed) Pollin (Process Forum) 1

Tech Romancer
- (AR) "Choukousenki Kikaioh", 1998.
Simon story mode:
The human inside Rafaga meets Yale, who must merge with final boss Goldibus because she is a part of him.
Simon loves her and tries to rescue her after the merger.
After the defeat of Goldibus, the soldiers find a regressed Yale. No process was shown.
- Image creator unknown: before and after - (PDM)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male anthro AR) 2007, 4th arcade version.
Turtles in Time: Shredder can turn any turtle into a baby turtle - franchise INFO PAGE
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Teenagers From Outer Space
- (AR) 1987 comedy tabletop game. The rule book includes an "AR scenario" - (TBTC)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
- (male rejuv) 2011, Playstation 3.
Heichachi: The opening story has him drink a serum that makes him younger and stronger - (Nathan F)

Tenchi Muyo
- (AP AA, RN) Anime game. Washuu turns Sasami into an older teen again. When she reverted, her clothes became too big. classroom encounter.

- (male AP) 1995 SNES action role-playing game. Ark from the underworld dies after meeting his light-side version. Light-side Elle finds a baby Ark on her doorstep and begins to raise him. Underworld Elle fails to kill the baby. Yomi and Pandora's Box magically age the baby into a fully grown light-side Ark.

- (male rebirth) Super Nintendo.
Inverted, one of the villains gains maturity again, and is 'reborn' as the hero destined to defeat Dark Gaia and complete another revolution - (Jeffr_2bya)

text to image generation
- (possibility of automatic AP pics) 2022/04. Neural adversarial networks trained on image/text pairs like OpenAI's DALL-E semantically generate images consistent with text descriptions. As you know they won't let you ask it to portray lifelike people, and it's still too early for realistic results anyway. First, the software would have to be pre-trained on millions and millions of images of persons at different ages and poses/clothing etc.

text to image websites
- (face FB or "ARed" effects) 2022/08. For some reason they are good at rendering younger images of celebrities. However it's no use trying to make AP CB scenes, as the software has nothing to work with. If girls often transformed themselves into women in real life, there would be many photos of this phenomenon (that Deep Learning could use as training data). But that is just not the way things are. Craiyon is the least elaborate, NightCafe seems to add hidden prompts for more artistic templates, and Midjourney took this too far - 1

Thayer's Quest
- (male adult face zombie "OA") 1984 Laserdisc game, RDI Video Systems, Halcyon.
He dies many times - Video link - caps - (Jeffr2bya)

The Way of Life
- (male age form perceptions) '14. A business man, an old man and a child find themselves on a road which changes upon their perception. The goal is to explore each point of view. The player will switch from one character to another to interact with the environment.

- (face "OA" edits) Formerly known as, 2018. #elderlyme Challenge.
Social media app (AKA Douyin) for sharing videos, musical clips, lip-syncs, and edits with built-in effects and stickers.
- Compilation of uploads with Aging Face filters. Not all the clips are gems, but still worth a look - Video link - - (Youthdrain)

Time Machine Jump to the future
- (face FF) 2011 iPhone app.
Jump on the Time Machine and take a trip to the future, to see how you will look when you'll get old. This app allows you to see how your face (and your friends' faces) will change in time.
- link - (Touchmultimedia)

- (FF) 2011, timeline software.

- (AR) h-game policewomen reverted into little shoujos. (The Process Forum) AR

- (hentai age forms) AR - (Tjlemke)
- (ARed, AP RN) H-Game. Girl was regressed to childhood but grows back up in 2 days. ARAP

Tomodachi Ijo Koibito Miman
- (AR) H-game. The main character gets regressed from 16 (normal) to 10 to 6 to 4 - (Suning)

Tomodachi Life
- (AA poof AR/AP) 3DS game for your Nintendo Mii avatar. Age-o-Matic sprays.
One reward is the Kid-o-Matic. You can make yourself a kid (really shrink). A cutscene will play with you playing games wearing kiddy clothes. To turn back you use the Adult-o-Matic. It can make kid avatars into adults (they "grow"). A cutscene shows them doing adult stuff. To turn them back you use Kid-o-Matic. Sadly, if the avatar has facial hair and turns into a kid, they still have it.
- Video link - (Tazz)

Tomodachi Life
- (creatures accelerated) Baby Miis age up 1 year a day. Once fully grown, you can have them stay on the island and age like a normal Mii. The game sets them as children by default, but you can make them even older than their parents.

- (18 to 16 age forms) AA forms - (Process)
- (muscle AP AA) - female expansion forms - (Suning)

- (AA game, blurry age forms) PC, PS4, 2015. Indie action adventure. The Moonchild climbing the tower starts as an infant and is AA'd older the higher she climbs, ending up as a young adult. They show various age states, but not how she or her clothes grow up.
- Trailer link - Walk Through link - (RoteTapete)

- (TF AA age forms) Tomy, c2009. "One of the female fighters attacks with a stuffed toy and transforms from a girl to a woman."

Touhou Project
- (AA AP BE) ZUN - Cirno fan art - (Kojiro Highwind)
- (age stasis) Many cute young shoujos are thought to appear too womanly, but that just obscures the fact that even the youngest youkai are centuries old. The relationship dynamics between mayfly humans and capricious long-lived spirits are glossed over.

Touhou Project
- (demon upgrade) - by Pixiv artist: Rei Usaka - link. Rumia nude fan art - (Andu)

Touhou Project
- (FF) Doujin game Nude character

Touhou Project
- (FF) How Alice Margatroid in a matter of years grew from an 8 y.o. child into a fully grown woman is unknown. She resides in the Forest of Magic.
- "Mystic Square", "Perfect Cherry Blossom" (Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss).

Touhou Project
- (kitsune ARed) "Project Shrine Maiden" - Ran Yakumo after (mikewolfskin)

- (age stasis) Incredibly creepy 495 year old vampire Flandre Scarlet still has the mind of a child, with mental and emotional insecurities and insanities to boot, plus the ability to destroy whatever she wants by clenching her right hand into a fist...
- (size changes) Suika Ibuki's most famous use of her density manipulation comes in the form of her 'Missing Purple Power' spellcard, which causes her to roughly triple in size. Normally Suika is one of the shortest characters. She can also generate mini-Suikas which are roughly 3 inches tall.
- (AR) regression incident - (Buck39)

transformation scene
- (CB glimpse) princess to monster TF.

- (adult CBed) female monster

transforming girl to a woman
- (FF AA edit) c2011 Photoshopping tutorial.
Video link - caps

Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2
- (old age scene) 2008.
Reina Mayuzumi was using the Alethia strain of GUILT to preserve her youthful looks. When Mercer decides to inject her, it immediately drains Mayuzumi's body into that of an old woman.

Treasure Legend
- (chibi shoujo TF AA AP) 2012.
"Pachi-slot" anime-style slot machine game. Treasures of Den, door and sun stone.
Mysterious little shoujo Claire can AA poof herself into bikini battle form to help main characters throughout the story.
- TF intro PV link (3:12-3:23) - TF full link - Poof cutscene link (0:33-0:42).
- Screencaps - Screencaps - (Chriskim019, Lightbulb)

- (age disguised) 800 year old Arcueid only looks like she's in her late teens, and may well be much younger than that mentally.

Twinkle Star Sprites
- (AP AA BE TF) Anime intro costume AP scene - (Process)
- (APed) LordRun, a 10-year-old magical girl, transforms into 14-year-old Sprites on her quest. 1

Twins - Magic of Love, The
- (AA TF APs, RN) 2011 hentai game scenes - (ElAnimefilo)

Twisted Metal 2
- (male adult below the neck rejuv) Warthog's ending was played for laughs. Upon winning the tournament, his 105 y.o. driver asks Calypso to give him the body of a twenty-year-old. Calypso did give him the body of a 20 y.o, but his head on the other hand...

Twisted Metal 3
- (male AR AA) ending

Twisted Metal Head-On
- (male ghost AR AA) PlayStation, 2005.
"Mr. Slam's Ending"
- Video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Twisted Metal Head-On
- (male rebirth ARed) 2005.
The ghost of Simon Whittlebone AKA Mr. Slam wishes to be reborn.
- (Anonymous ln - th

Twisted Metal III
- (male AR) 2006. Auger wished to let people see his inner child, and this wish was granted.
- (Anonymous) ln - th

Ultimate Human Body, The
- (FF AP) 1994. Morph of 32 images.
- Video link

2015 RPG.
- (AP fast forward grow-up) Fan video link - screencaps - fan art - (Lmvm16)
- (male AR game scene) Asriel starts to feel the love the monsters feel for Frisk, loses the will to fight, and reverts to his boy form.

- (old age) PC/NES computer game, 1986/1991 ICOM Simulations. After biting into a strange fruit, you age at the rate of 1 year a second. This is just 1 of the many ways to die in the game. cover

- (AP AA) screencaps

Game with AR. (Sutibaru) AR

Unstable Unicorns
- (equine ARed storyline) 2017 card game.
There is a card called "Unicorn Shrink Ray", which replaces all unicorns an opponent has in play with baby unicorn cards, forcing them to start over building up their field. While the Unicorn cards affected by the Shrink card go to the discard pile, the idea is that your opponent has to "raise" them again - that is if you don't destroy them first - (Ghost909)

Urban Rivals
- (AP AA) Character "ages" as she levels up. Nellie has always had everything she wanted. As Princess of Poldachie-Golgovine, what else would you expect? (fakespam)
- (TF, age) Nightmare Azel, Sentinel Miranda - adult forms - 1 (fakespam)
- (AA AP) Nellie - (Process)

- (dedicated AR) Singing synthesizer app/vocal synthesis tool like Vocaloid by Ameya/Ayame.
Request 4 step regression Carmen Star, 2012 character fan art - (Remilia_san)

Vagrant, The
- (TF APed) The Vagrant - 2016.
Child covered in bear fur, Betty the Bearborn, can flash into toned adult form. The process is like the yokai barbarian from Muramasa: a dark glow covers her body, leaving us with the process silhouette. She discovered her powers in a journey of self discovery.
- Vid link 00:37 or so - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

Vampire Savior 2
- (AA TF ARed) Combat finishing moves.
Japanese vid link reg. required - screencaps - (Power Chan)

Vampire The Requiem
- (age stasis, OA) Tabletop RPG, 2004. Elder vampires turn to dust when they die. Human ghouls do not age as long as they get a dose of vampire blood once a month. If they miss it, they rapidly age-up until they're where they should be.

Vanguard Princess
- (AR) Doujin fighting game - battle scene - (Suning)

Village Life!
- (AA FF) c'13 game caps

Viper BTR
- (AP, CB) Anime game. The main character starts as a young shoujo (~10) and transforms into the pink haired ~20 year old.
- 1 - 2 - AP clip - 4 - AP clip, caution non clothed
- (AP) (Process) Manga nudity: AA AP

Viper BTR
- (transformation scene AP)
A longer/higher quality TF AP gif link - (NightElf37)

Viper M1
- (male AP) "Green Boy" Anime game. 3 sisters receive a seed. A baby is brought to manhood. male

Virtual Villagers Origins 2
- (rejuvenation poof) Last Day of Work, 2017.
Mobile game where you build an island settlement with micro transactions, paywall.
- The unlockable trait "Look of Youth" makes an older villager look 14 again, till their death as if they had aged normally. In the mausoleum they'll look 14. They can't have kids with this necklace unless they were between 18-49. The Look of Youth necklace will also age children to 14 years. If you reincarnate villagers, then buy the "age all children to adults" potion, you can have instant baby makers. There are traits that add 20 years or double to a villager's life using the Lavastone spin.
- (Reina Watt)

- (ARed) Miku Hatsune after - fan art.

- (dedicated AP, Androxi Effect) c2015 "Megurine, Luka" 5-panel scene fan art - (Yukiko_sakurey)

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
- (AA TF AP) "Chojin Gakuen Gokaiza", "Superhuman Academy Gowcaizer" 1995 superhero-themed head-to-head fighting game - battle TF forms.

Walking Dead, The
- (FF) Telltale, Skybound, 4 seasons, 2012-2019.
Episodic graphic adventure game series. Clementine was introduced as a preteen at the start of the zombie apocalypse. She is found and cared for by Lee Everett, who is eventually bitten. Over several years, she becomes a guardian to Alvin Jr., and raises him as Lee did with her.
- Clementine character Art stages.

Walking Dead, The
- (mind travel into younger self) "The Walking Dead", S2Ep5, 2012.
In the final S2 Ep, Clementine gets shot in the shoulder. As she lies bleeding, she mentally time travels to when she was 8, halfway through S1 (2 years earlier). One of the choices relates to why she is there. She eventually wakes back in the present - (Tazz)

Warhammer 40,000
- (age stasis) 1987+ tabletop games. With the use of rare rejuvenation devices, it's possible for certain humans to look only middle-aged while pushing 80 to 100.

- (adult rejuvenation & age stasis) Tabletop RPG game. The Hag Queens of the Dark Elves regularly bathe in blood to keep their eternal youth. Hellebron is only able to get a few days of youth every year. Neferata is obsessed with living forever, and invented vampires to preserve her beauty.

Watch Me Change App
- (timelapse FF) 2011 iPhone app.
Take a photo of yourself or someone else everyday. Then over time, you can create a time lapse video of your child growing up, your face aging, or your pregnant belly growing.
- link - (1mikehall)

- (male AR) revert

- (male AR) One of the bosses you beat has the "life" sucked out of him.
Video link @ 39:00 or so - (TottieTa)

Wild Hypno Town
- (mental) RPG c2019? Game of pet play. A detective is pursuing a serial hypnotist who is making the town act like animals. The author stated they will add a mental regression chapter as a bonus. Not to be confused with Hypno Town - info link - (Utopianfubar)

Witch came to my house, The
- (AA AR) H-game. Witches revert when they use too much power.
- AR - AR

Wolf Among Us, The
- (AA ARed disguise, cutaway) "A Crooked Mile", Ch05, Ep03, 2013.
Graphic adventure game. Little girl was revealed to really be an old woman - Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Wondering Repair
- (AA AP) - caps
- caps 03

Wondering Repair
- (AP AA, RN) Hentai game. Boy lives with his grandfather who runs a watch/clock repair shop. When a little shoujo shows up at the shop, he tries to repair her clock himself. Once fixed, he gives it back to the little shoujo, and when she puts it on she transforms into a teenager. It looks like she can transform from small child to a full grown adult at will. (DQ5) Caution slight nudity: AP

World Neverland Plus 2: The Waktic Republic of Pluto
- (face FF AP) the girls - (deleted old age progression site restricted galleries)

World Neverland
- (APs, face close-ups) Part 1, 3, & 2 "the Waktic Republic of Pluto" 56 growing girls! Galleries were password-protected.

Xeno Saga
- (male age stasis) Rubedo, an artificially created human with the power to slow down cellular growth, stopped his own aging at age 12. While technically older than Guignan, he presents himself as Guignan's son, Jr.

- (AA age forms, BE) - Fan art @ left is Maria Balthasar, Pixiv works - (Kero, Andu22)

- (AP) Emeralda Kasim grows herself up! A child she appears, of no more than 8 or 9. Before expanding into her 16-year-old form, her clothes are ridiculously outsized in comparison to her small frame. The sleeves and legs come down to the elbows and knees. A waistband secures the too-large clothes, while her legs are entirely swallowed up by floppy black boots that rise around her skinny thighs, kept from falling by bands below the knees and around the arch of the foot. Designed as the perfect, ideal human, Emeralda is talented in many areas. She's nigh-well indestructible and immortal. Emeralda's body rapidly heals wounds, taking maybe 2 minutes for tiny scratches to days, maybe weeks, for things that would kill anyone else. Virii and bacteria have a hard time getting established. Also thanks to the nanomachines she is, she can temporarily shift various parts of her body into interesting (and occasionally nauseating) forms. It only holds for as long as she focuses her mind on it. The shifting can be all-inclusive, changing her entire body. The newly-created nanomachines must be destroyed when she returns to her preprogrammed DNA. The biological side does require nutrient intake, but she can also absorb nutrients from the very air. She matures, but doesn't age beyond that. Oddly enough, special attention was given to ensure that she was quite fertile. The process functions much as a normal pregnancy, but doesn't take as long. When she is angry, she may well manifest spikes or plates and other such formations; when her mind matures, her outward appearance matures, as well. Her clothes are not nanomachines themselves--after all, there's no code in the DNA to allow for them. Occasionally her clothes might end up bunched in odd ways when she returns to her original form.
- AP power - 1 - 2 - 3

Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose
- (unused male AP scene) Soraya Saga's original script called for Jr. to suddenly unpause his development and rapidly mature into an adult - (KimDong)

- (age forms FF AA) Orange-haired Citrine returns in her adult form in the Episode II part of Xenosaga I. When present in her youths, she talks with an air of superiority to the other U.R.T.V.s. due to the way she was raised. As an adult she adopted ruthless battle styles.

- (male age stasis, man as boy) "Jr." (Gaignun Kukai) appears to be about 12 years old, but is actually 28. His genetically engineered powers stuck him with a kid's body due to major trauma when he was actually that age. His younger clone brother has aged normally. Being so young in appearance makes it acceptable for Jr. to have a romantic interest in an artificial Loli shoujo.

Xiaolin Showdown
- (AA) - Kimiko fan art - (Eduart Boudewijn)

Yamasa Time Cross 2
- (AR) Pachislo machine game by Yamasa, c2011?
Yamasa's characters include a professor and cute young shoujo "Win-chan". The professor concocts a youth potion and walks to another room, and Win-chan inadvertently drinks it and turns into a baby. No process, obviously (I had no clue some pachislots even had scenarios in the first place), but we do get a visual of her in oversized clothes.
- Game story link - caps - (Azerty47)

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
- (FF AA accelerated growth, clone rebirths) 2018 survival RPG, Spike Chunsoft, PS. Danganronpa team.
8 clones must find their way out of a dangerous city. They start as kids, then are seen as adults, and then old people who rot away. Kids can't use weapons, but attack faster. A machine "extends" their lives by giving them a new body, or healing them completely by recreating them as kids.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (TheMan3033)

Zanki Zero
- (OA) USA: 3/2019, PS4 - trailer link - comparison art - (Chronoeclipse)

Zwei Worter
- (furry AA cutaway TFed age-up form) Clock Up - link @4h59m - caps - (Andu22)

software: A to L - M to Z

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal