Aging Transformation Scenes

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P.E.T. Detectives
- (male mental APed) "Funny Bunny" 2003. New Zealand children's series where kids solve "X-files" cases. After Evan gets bitten on the backside by a rabid bunny, he wakes up next morning with rhythm, not to mention serious chest hair. (derydan58) male

Painkiller Jane
- (adult OA) face aged.
- (old age) "Portraits of Lauren Gray" 6/22/07 SCIFI. Jane and Maureen go undercover at a fashion show to find out what is rapidly aging young women. A model collapses on catwalk. When the body bag is unzipped we see her face has aged. (theknieghtrieduz)

Pair of Kings
- (adult rejuvenation)
Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pair of Kings
- (male young adult to old age) "The Young and the Restless" 2/6/12, Disney XD.
While on a date, Boomer and Brady are tricked into activating Kinkow's legendary Fountain of Youth, which steals their youth and morphs them into old men to keep the fountain flowing. Now it's up to Mikayla to save the kings and destroy the fountain - (Steven)

Pair of Kings
- (OA disguised) "The Young and the Restless" - Alternate episode link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Panji Manusia Milenium
- (woman to OA) c2000, Indonesia.
Ep51 link @11:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

Papa ga Watashi de Watashi ga papa de
- (TG young/older adults swap aftermath) "Daddy is Me and I'm Daddy", 01/1989 TBS drama.
6 episodes, 22 mins. Father and 19 y.o. daughter were mentally swapped through a lightning strike.

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
- (TG mind transfer) "Father Daughter Seven Days" Series. TBS 2007. A Japanese version of Freaky Friday, with father and daughter permanently swapping. This home comedy tells the story of Kyoichiro (Tachi Hiroshi) and his teenage daughter Koume (Aragaki Yui). One day, they ride a train together after visiting Kyoichiro's mother-in-law. He sees it as a chance to get to know his daughter better, but ends up getting more than that - by some mysterious force, both Kyoichiro and Koume end up with their minds in the other's body! Unfortunately, they have no choice but to swap lives, pretending to be each other at school and work. (Eric, Repulso)

Paper Girls
- (future/past selves interact, CoA) - AA age caps
S1Ep1 "Growing Pains" 2022/07/29.
- In 1988, Erin, Tiff, Mac, and KJ begin delivering the morning paper. The girls rush back to Erin's house, only to encounter Erin's older self in 2019.
S1Ep5 "A New Period".
- Adult Erin leads a daring mission to 1988 and a big secret about her future.

Parang Normal Activity
- (AA OA make-up /ad.rejuv, ad.youth stealing witch) Ep12, Philippines.
Restricted episode link - (Sickboy)

ParangNormal Activity
- (adults AA to old age, OA to adult rejuvenation RN) This video is not available in your country.
Old age and rejuvenation serum screencaps - OA/RN & male old age screencaps - Male OA, OA to dust, male adult rejuv RN screencaps

Paranormal Witness
- (adult OA AA incident) "The Real Conjuring", Syfy show, 2015 Halloween.
Documentary about a family battling a malevolent force. They did some decent aging makeup on the actress portraying real-life OA victim Carolyn Perron, showing how she had aged prematurely while in the haunted house, even walking with a cane - (Deptx, Agingwomen)

Parker Lewis Can't Lose
- (male APed RN, male ARed dream sequence?) "Science Fair" Season 1, Ep 12, 11/18/90. Parker and Mikey help Jerry overcome stage fright so he can win the district science fair. Luke Edwards plays Young Jerry.
- (male AP growth) "Jerry's First Date" 3/24/91, 1.21. Larry goes through some growth spurts. Jan Rabson plays Future Jerry.
- (male APed RN dream sequence, male AR dream sequence) "Money Talks" 2.22, 4/26/92. Mikey AR's to a 5 y.o. kid (Asher Metchik) as a representation of his maturity. Mikey goes to a 10-year-old then back to his normal age.

Parker Lewis Can't Lose
- (male present/future age forms AA) "Jerry's First Date". He meets his future self in a dream sequence.
Video link - caps - girlfriend age caps - (Otaru)

Party of Five
- (flash forward, coming of age) 1994. Teen actress Lacey Chabert went from adorable moppet to stunning adult during the show's 6-year run.
Maxim interview (2007):
You've grown up a lot since Party Of Five. What was it like being an awkward teen growing up on national television?
"I had to go through everything on that show - my first kiss, my first bra. I was 11 when it started and a late bloomer. They wrote an episode about how I'm changing in the locker room in junior high and all the other girls have bras, but I'm just in a little undershirt, so I get a wonderbra and stuff it. I had a fitting to figure out what they'd stuff my bra with - tissue, silicone, padding. For a week everyone analyzed how I looked with boobs and said maybe I should grow some one day."
Looks like you took that advice to heart
"Yeah, when they finally arrived, they came with a vengeance."
Lacey can't help but laugh when strangers approach with comments about her grown-up body. "Someone asked me where I got my boobs the other day and I said 'puberty'."
She wore various favorite blue overalls at different ages, adjusting the straps to accommodate her growth:
- APed - 13 to 18
- (flash forward, coming of age, growth) "Summer Fun, Summer Not" Season 3, Ep 1. Claudia (Lacey Chabert) arrives back from camp. She grew 2 inches! She announces that she met a boy and fell in love.

- (AA TF blink AP) Endora poofs into a young adult.
Direct video link - screencaps - (Derread)

- (old age disguised) A magic spell wreaks romantic interference.
Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000)

- (old age) Ep 1564, 9/7/2005. Tabitha casts a spell on Kay that turns her into an old woman, but little Endora is determined to make a love connection between Kay and Fox, so she conjures up a counter spell. Vid at group
- (male SORAS) Theresa gave birth to Ethan Martin Crane in 2002. Over the next 3 years, Little Ethan was aged to approximately 9 years old.

- vidcap
- (AP, RN) Soap, Ep 1929, Season 8, 2/9/2007.
  Nicole Cox (b. 5/20/2003): - Endora Lenox.
  Turiya Dawn: - grown up Endora Lenox, Height: 5'7".
Conceived on a night when both her parents were under the influence of MarTimmies, Endora Lenox is the only child of powerful witch Tabitha Lenox, more powerful even than her mother; while Endora's magical side does give her a bit of a devilish attitude, her father's mortal genes have granted her the ability to love. Since birth, Endora made things happen with her own special brand of magic. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Endora is not easily controlled, and sometimes her magic does things even Tabitha isn't expecting.
Endora zaps the Scissor Sisters and herself into the Blue Note club. When Julian spots her, she magically ages herself, so her father won't recognize her. She also ages herself into a teenager in:
- (AP) Ep 1963, 3/29/2007
- (AP) Ep 1964, 3/30/2007
- (AP) Ep 2000, 5/22/2007
- (AP) Ep 2001, 5/23/2007. Endora continues to work mischief at her sleepover, magically aging herself and her friends! Luckily Endora fixes it so the other mothers do not catch on to her and Tabitha's wiccan abilities.
  Emma McCoy & Abby McCoy: - young Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald.
  Stephanie Cantu: - grown up Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald. Apparent age: 18, full adult height: 5'10"

Pat Paulsen Half A Comedy Hour
- (male AR AA) 2/12/1970.
Sketch punchline. Paulsen was a TV repairman warning a woman her new color TV must be turned off while he works on it due to advanced high-voltage circuitry. But the set is repeatedly turned on, burning Paulsen's uniform, rendering him toothless, and turning him bald. In the final turn-on, after the sparks stop, a little boy (bald with reduced size uniform) emerges from behind the set and says, 'It's all fixed, and if you have further trouble, call someone else.' - (PixChick)

Pee Wee's Playhouse
- (male AR AA poofs) 1986-1990, mostly live-action series. "Penny, Boys" stop-motion toon.
"Penny" low-relief claymation shorts by Aardman Animation. An immature group of boys appear to poof into babies one by one - Video link - gif

- (adults pseudo disguised as teens) Hulu series. Erskine, Konkle. S1 2019.
Sometimes adults play children's roles for absurd effect. Both the 31 y.o. creators portray themselves as uncool 13 y.o's in the year 2000. Surrounded by actual teens, they navigate the treacherous world of middle school.

Penn & Teller: Bullsh**!
- (adult rejuv/stasis) S02Ep08 "Fountain of Youth" 5/20/2004.
From nutty diets to expensive facial creams that don't do anything, the magicians blow apart the efforts of those claiming to turn back the clock, whether through Botox injections or extensive plastic surgery.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Penn & Teller: Bullshit!
- (male ARed effect) S02Ep08 "Fountain of Youth" 2004/05/20.
They discussed false claims about attempts to look younger via cosmetic surgery and the like. The show opens with the two getting their makeup retouched as Penn explains the premise and talks about their need to look good for the cameras. In a quick cutaway they were replaced by two tweens in the same outfits. "Penn", speaking with the actual Penn's dubbed voice, compliments the makeup artists for doing a great job, then throws to the title sequence - (Doctor Anguish)

personal stories
- (FF) 12 year old girl had weight reduction surgery. before/after

Phil of the Future
- (AA teen to adult AP) "Age Before Beauty", 2004.
Some screencap collages of this episode were previously posted, but they found a much higher quality video source. The blog post contains a full image summary of this extremely rare live-action 14-to-25 transformation episode. Will we ever see its like again?
Also hints at the stunning expansion teen actress Alyson Michalka underwent. Large file sizes - Episode review link - (Age TF Captions)

Phil of the Future
- (multiple mental AR's) "Maybe-Sitting" 9/23/2005. Child voices indicate multiple mental reversions - caps

Phil of the Future
- (15 to 25 AP, male OA, male ARed)
High-resolution screencaps - (ArArchive previews)

Phil of the Future
- (AP) "Age Before Beauty" 2004. 15 year old Keely (Alyson Michalka) makes herself 10 years older (Brittney Powell).
- before the AP - male ARed - APing - APed - AR scene - AP, male old age - the AP collage

Phil of the Future
- (male AA APed ARed) "Halloween" (AKA "Future Halloween") 10/8/04 Ep 1.15. Phil's past costumes are shown: a toddler and an adult male wrestler. Apparently he used his morpher to become those forms in the future. (

Phoenix Five
- (AR) "Back To Childhood" Live action, Season 01 Ep 9 1970. Tina and Adam are sprayed with pollen from a rare 'Cannibalis' plant and revert to a childish state. (Jeffr_2bya)

Phoenix Five
- (male adult OA) S01Ep21 "Spacequake" 1970.
The planet Deldum is drifting out of orbit and must be destroyed. A criminal doctor injects Adam with an ageing serum and will only supply the antidote in return for safe passage to another planet - (TBTC)

Pink Windmill Kids (meme)
- (teen to middle aged FF) 1984-2017, UK.
I love that they cut off the comparison before the kids do the high kick. The middle-aged adults are like "Nope! I'm not attempting to do that anymore!"
- Side by side comparison video link - screencaps
Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show
- Ep01 "Can't Stop the Music" 1984/07/13. ITV. The kids introduce themselves - link (before)
The Return of the Pink Windmill Kids
- "Comic Relief: Red Nose Day" 2017. BBC. The viral sensation Kids reunited at last - link (after)
(Kappa, Chronoeclipse)

Poltergeist the Legacy
- (adult to middle aged face) adult aged.

Poltergeist: The Legacy
- (TF AR) "Pilot - Part 2" 1998. A demonic child is born which can assume any form and uses this ability to prey on the Legacy's weaknesses and desires. First, he appears to the priest as his fiancee Anna and seduces him. Next, he appears as the recently-deceased Julia. Third, he takes on the form of the the little girl - Kat.
- (TF) "Doppelganger" Small age change. 1
- (old age to middle age AR, mind transfer) Live-action Tv series. "Sabbath's End" Ep 4x19, 10/1/1999. Kat's friend, Miranda, is an old dying witch who needs Kat's body. Miranda shapeshifts to a middle aged woman in order to be her own mother. Once Kat has gone, Miranda transforms back into an old crone and says she is already feeling better. She leans across to the nightstand and blows out a black candle, as she pulls back, she transforms back into Miranda. Later she transfers her soul into Kat's body. A strong breeze begins to blow around the room and Kat opens her eyes to see Miranda has become the old crone. Kat screams and tries to break away, but the old crone says they are one. There is a flash of light and the crone is absorbed into Kat. She doubles over and the crone appears in front of her. As the wind howls around them, Rachel tells the crone that she is finished here. The crone collapses and is consumed by a bright light, which fades to reveal Kat. (The Gambler)

Poltergeist: The Legacy
- (AA, old age) - INFO PAGE

Poltergeist: The Legacy
- (male adult to OA AA) "Town Without Pity" S01 Ep04, 5/3/96.
Eugene (young): Curtis Bechdholt.
Eugene (old): Hagan Beggs.
- Rachel, Derek, Nick and the "boy" find themselves in the forest. Samuel rushes out, hugging the "boy", his brother, as he ages from a teenager to an old man in only moments. Derek turns to Rachel, apologizing for the danger he has put her in. Shivering, she says she finally understands her place in the Legacy.
- Male OA video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (BE) Teen tried to make herself look larger with overinflated pump-up bra.

Port Charles
- (OA) ABC soap spinoff of General Hospital. c2001.
Chris was experimenting on Gabriela's vampire blood. Dr. Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson?) discovered him about to inject himself, and in their struggle she was jabbed with the needle instead. She began developing superpowers and an increased libido. The horrible side effect was that she would quickly age and die. Lucy's angel cousin Rafe managed to have Karen cured.

post your tv show ideas (open forum)
- (unproduced show concept) 2014.
My show will be divided into 12 episodes. In every episode we watch how the body of a young girl matures as she hits puberty. Would you watch it or do you not like science documentaries? I would certainly have the viewers, sounds like a goldmine.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
- (old age AA) The adults-only aging monster zaps random citizens in the city - screencaps

Power Rangers DinoThunder
- (AA, old age, rejuv RN) "Diva in Distress", 2004.
Donkey monster extracts adult youth from grown "high school students" around city. It first ages young woman pop singer who is a "friend" of female Ranger. It then goes through town aging adults, including Cassidy (the bratty female foil) and the dumb guy she bosses around. No Rangers are aged and once they destroy the monster, everyone reverts back to adult youth. Cassidy and the dumb guy try to get senior discounts in movie theater when they revert back. Senior citizens chase them out of theater. Only the singer, Cassidy, and the dumb guy were given wrinkled faces and gray hair wigs, everyone else was replaced by older actor/actress in same clothes. (fan2000)
old age - old age - adult AR - adult AR

Power Rangers S.P.D.
- (AA AP) Ep 15 "Wired, Pt. 2"
Emperor Gruumm has finally had it with previously ARed 10 year old Mora (Olivia James-Baird, 4'6"). Forced to AA into grown-up Morgana (Josephine Davison, 5'8"), she thinks she looks hideous. Quotes:
Gruumm: I told you, if you failed me, you would not be happy.
Mora: Please, don't do it. Don't turn me back.
Gruumm: I think it's time the grownups had a talk.
Mora: No!!
[transforms Mora and clothes back to adult inside magic cocoon]
Morgana: [crying] How could you?!
Gruumm: They grow up so fast.

AP scene

Power Rangers series
They did have a good wardrobe department. Adult/child clothes were well matched.

Power Rangers SPD
- (AA AR, AA age forms) Mora/Morgana's adult battle form - AR scene

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
- (male AA AR, ARed aftermath, AA RN) Haim Saban, Toei. 25th Power Rangers season, S2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
Ep17 "Happy To Be Me" 10/13/2018.
- Tynamon used the Ninja Power Star to steal the voice of Ranger Levi Weston. Young man to boy @05:50; RN @14:10.
- Full episode link - gif - screencaps - - (Entropic)

Power Rangers Turbo
- (male hero AA aged-up) Blue Ranger turbo change figure.
1997 toy review link - caps - (Akira)

Power Rangers Turbo
- (male hero AA aged-up) 2021 action figure concept. - toy collectible - (Akira)

Power Rangers Zeo
- (male AA young adult to old) Billy's aging and goodbye. He was written out.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Power Rangers Zeo
- (male AP) Billy, the former blue ranger, is beginning to age fast.
- (male old age threat) Billy ends up suffering a delayed side-effect of the regenerator he used to restore himself to his teens in the previous season. He has to go to Aquitar for doses of water from their Fountain of Youth so that he doesn't die.

Power Rangers: Zeo
- (adults FFed to OA) #29 S04Ep50 "A Season to Remember" 11/27/1996.
Christmas special. I've always wanted to see the female Rangers aged. I know that they've done some old age TFs in later series, but I was surprised to see an elderly Katherine "Kat" Hillard, along with an elderly Tommy Oliver (Pink and Red Rangers respectively). In a possible future Tommy and Kat are married (currently it's unknown if they ever got together). Kat is in relatively good health, but still old. In real life she's in her 40s. And this (link) is her two years ago:-) Side note Amy Jo Johnson I believe is 48 this year... - Info link - (RayC, Agingwomen, Thetreerollins)

Power Rangers
- (AR RN) AR
- (male AA AP) Blue ranger changes into adult during morphs: male AP
Gao Ranger(s) Japan. A golden robot can disguise himself as a 10 year old boy. (Akira)
- (male APed) After Diabolico was destroyed, his star power was given to Impus, which made him grow into an adult. As Olympius, he took over command of the demons.
- (AR) 3

Power Rangers
- (AA ARed, RN form) Kimberly - (ArArchive galleries)
- (AR AA) Kat - Aisha - (ArArchive previews)

Power Rangers
- (male AA TF APed) transformation scene

Prank of God
- (mind swap) "God of Mischief" 2/2013, TBS series.
Junior high school freshman Sayaka Osawa has neither courage nor confidence. One day, God played a trick on the spur of the moment. There is a story of a female and her grandmother being turned over. Tragically pranks of God never include clothes tightening or bursting.
Hiraizumi Ujiki, Chiho Watanabe - site - (Mermoz)

Prank of the Goddess
- (male mind transfer)
BeeTV network Japan, 3/2011 mobile-only drama. Tori Matsuzaka, part 1.
A boy and a young man switch souls after accidentally colliding.
- Video link - caps - (Akira)

prank shows (age gag themes)
- (adult "age changes" only) Hidden camera pranks played on unsuspecting bystanders sometimes feature young adults suddenly replaced by old adults to elicit comical reactions. In one gag a young girl "transformed" into a dog of similar size draped in her clothes - "OA" scene

Prenses Perfinya
2008, Fox TV Turkey series.
- (mental AR/clothes) - Ep27 link
- (mental age-up/clothes) - Ep28 link

Preston and Steve Show
- (UC) c2010 webcast video was taken offline.
What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Lauren and Amanda test the strength of their shirts.
- Slow swelling - button-pop high-speed frame by frame.
The rising pressure caused the button to tear off.
- checkered shirt straining - close-up - busting out.

Pretender, The
- (dream sequence) flashback

Pretender, The
- (male accelerated but younger clone) The Pretender - S03Ep21 "Donoterase" Pt.01.
Jarod's reunion with his father is marred by news of the Centre's latest project - a teenaged clone of Jarod himself. The Centre sends Assassins - (Jeffr_2bya)
- S03Ep22 Part 2:
Jarod and his father plan to rescue the clone - (Jeffr_2bya)

Prisoner, The
- (male adult mental "ARed") The Prisoner - S01Ep16 "Once Upon A Time" 1/28/1968.
Attempting to understand Number Six, all previous attempts to break him having failed, Number Two decides to use 'Degree Absolute' and mentally regress him. If Six wins, he will have survived the ultimate test and meet Number One - (TBTC) ln - th
- (male adult age?) S01Ep17 "Fallout" 2/4/1968.
The Prisoner watches the trials of Nr.48 and the resuscitated Nr.2. His chance to finally meet Number One. As chaos breaks out, The Prisoner leaves the Village and heads for London.

- (AR, AA, dream sequences, cuts) 2000, Ep 2.21, "Syd in Wonderland" Lead character changes into younger version of herself, wearing Alice in Wonderland costume.

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
- (flash forward) #1, 1996 "Dream House" Girl is haunted by future version of herself.
- (old age) 1996 "Two lost old men" Three students wander into a dead zone and age 50 years.
- "Regeneration" Lindsay and Peter rescue a young girl and learn that the girl was cloned from Lindsay's DNA. She eventually gets pregnant from the Conner clone and dies. 04/29/00 - The Connor clone and Lilith "grew" up together. She was less mature, perhaps Spurvey was able to control her growth more, because she had access to Lindsay's cells, while she couldn't get any of Connor's so his alien side took over, forcing him to mature more rapidly.
- "UFO Duplication"

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
- (AR) "Devolution" A lady gets younger. info (strawman1985)

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
- (AR) S02 Ep06: "Devolution"
An old woman sheds her skin and becomes progressively younger in a process outside her control. This lets her work out problems with her estranged daughter. She ends up ARed to about 6-years-old, with no memories of the experience or her former life - (Time)

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
- (brief female old aged) S01Ep09 "Two Lost Old Men" Episode link - (Chrono Eclipse)

- (no AR/AP) Coming of age pranks.
- Ep 201, 10/26/03 Hilary Duff driving lesson goes awry? Quote: "That's my f****** purse!" - 01
- Ep 210, 12/28/03. Lindsay Lohan must use female knowledge to aid woman giving birth over phone? She let publicist take call? - 02

Punky Brewster (character)
- (AA APed) fan art
- (AP CB) fan art - an accurate reconstruction of Soleil Moon Frye's growth process.

Punky Brewster
- (role reversal, dream sequence) "Vice Versa" Ep 83, 5/19/88. When Punky is grounded, she has a dream that she is an indulgent parent who lets her kids do whatever they want to do. In season 4, 11y.o. Soleil's breasts were allegedly restrained with tape as they began to develop. However this could not stop her growth.

Pushing Daisies
- (flashback) "Young Chuck" & Anna Friel - Charlotte "Chuck" Charles - ages

Putri Cantik
- (AA age TF) Indonesia, 2004, 20 Eps. About an evil witch.
Episodes of interest:
01 - rejuv: old woman becomes younger.
04 - OA: woman to elderly.
18 - size: woman shrinks and enlarges herself.
- (Grenzgaenger)

Qiangu jue chen
- (demon/goddess AA ARed disguise, AA RN cut) - "Ancient Love Poetry" - "Dust through the ages", China.
Ep22, 2021. Qingmu has AA'd Houchi into a little girl so that she can go with him without anyone's suspicion. She was AA-restored standing offscreen to the side.
- Blocked link - aftermath link - caps - (Dylan)

Quantum Leap
- (AA mental FB/FF) - screencaps - screencaps

- (male adult to OA) "The Old And The Beautiful", S1Ep2, 3/3/1978.
Assigned to save the galaxy by having an extended romantic interlude with the incredibly sensuous Princess Carna, Commander Adam Quark catches a space virus and suddenly ages to 80 years old just before the big rendezvous - (TBTC)

Rang Ngao
- (AA FB/FF) "Powerful Shadow", Thai, c2012, Ep1.
Moonin causes Moota to fall into the water. Moota is now under water, and then suddenly the little girl "turns" into a young woman. Ahhh!!! screams Moota as she jolts up from bed. It was a dream of her childhood.

Rattikarn Yord-Rak
- (male ghost "AP") Thailand. A playful little ghost likes to make himself into a grown man named Jook.

Raven's Home
- (TG body swaps, teen boys / women) S02Ep16 "Switch-or-Treat" 2018/10/19.
Raven and 13 y.o. boy Booker swap bodies on Halloween. Elderly Aunt Maureen swaps bodies with 13 y.o. boy Miles, who is Nia's crush - link - (Guy, KJ, theobserver)

Ray Bradbury Theater, The
Wistful tales with an AA twist -
- (male teen age stasis) S04Ep10 "Hail and Farewell" 9/29/89.
- (male AR, RNed) S05Ep04 "The Black Ferris" 08/10/90.
- (age stasis) S05Ep11 "The Long Years" 11/16/90.

Ray Bradbury Theater, The
- (male age stasis) "Hail And Farewell" 9/29/89.
A 12-year-old boy is unable to grow up. For 40 years he puts his strange nature to use by becoming a son to couples who have lost their children. As he prepares to move on once more, Willie tells his story to his newest parents - (2BYA)

Ray Bradbury Theater, The
- (male age stasis) "Hail and Farewell" 9/30/89.
An ancient immortal in the form of a young boy explains to his adopted parents that he must journey to find a new home and a new family, to prevent discovery of his immortal status. We do not ever find out what made him immortal in the first place, alas.
- Video link - link - (Otaru)

Ray Bradbury Theater, The
- (male mind transfer, male age stasis) "The Playground" 6/4/85.
One of the creepiest AR storylines ever filmed. A father (William Shatner) is reluctant to take his son to the local playground. As a child, he was tormented. As an adult, he is pushed around at work. He has "never learned to adapt" to the cutthroat world around him. He sees a boy at the playground who turns out to be the same child who tormented him so long ago. The child has not aged and is seemingly immortal. Making a sacrifice to prevent his son from ever being harmed in childhood, he goes down a magic slide resulting in a body switch at the end.
- Video link - link - link - (Otaru)

Ray Bradbury Theater
- (male age stasis, AA body swapped) - (Otaru)
screencaps - "The Playground"
screencaps - "Hail and Farewell"

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!
- (ARed AA, offscreen, AA RNed) 2013 webisode. Ep3, "Lachy Shrunk the Wiggles!"
2 members were turned into young children. Starting at 1:00-1:45, ARed at 3:10-4:10, concluded at 6 mins.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Realnaya Mistika
- (adults poofed older or younger) True Mystery, Ukraine, c2015+
The project seeks to find a rational explanation for mystical events in persons' lives.
- "Kniga molodosti" Book of youth.
Episode link - caps - At 2:00, a ghost makes an old couple younger.
- "Magicheskaya karusel".
Episode link - caps - At the start a carousel regresses a woman to a child.
- "Rezinochki" Rubber bands.
Episode link - caps - A man becomes older at his wedding to match the bride.
- (Sickboy)

Red Dwarf
- (AR, RN) caps
- (AR) Season 8.
The gorgeous Chloe Annett and the dude that played The Cat are briefly ARed by a time wand, then restored after a stop through the disco era on the way back. This content has never previously been posted or listed on this site.
- Video link (gribs)

Red Dwarf
- (male rejuv attempt) "Lemons" S10. The Dwarfers attempt to construct a rejuvenation shower but it sends them back to 23 AD.

Red Dwarf
- (male reversed lifespan) S03Ep01 "Backwards" 11/14/89.
The crew are forced to spend ten years on a reverse planet, waiting for a chance to escape. If he doesn't get off the planet soon, he's going to have to go through puberty again. Backwards. Lister will carry on growing younger until he becomes a baby, then an embryo.
- (male AR & OA) S05Ep02 "The Inquisitor" 2/27/92.
He roams through time, weeding out life's wastrels and deleting the worthless - the Red Dwarf crew are in big, big trouble. Lister gets (de) aged. ln - th

Red Skelton Show, The
- (rejuv, AR AA) S09Ep26 "Clem's Fountain Of Youth" CBS 4/14/1959.
Red portrays his stupid rustic character Clem Kladiddlehopper, whose farm's well is discovered to contain water with rejuvenating properties. Naturally, he is hired to give Hollywood starlets mud-packs using water from the well as the main ingredient. His client is an aging leading lady who insists on playing romantic leads, even though she has been in films since the late 1920s. Her plastic surgeon refuses to give her another facelift because she'd end up 'breathing through her toes.'
The first mud-pack turns the actress from a plump frump into a beautiful blonde in her early 20s. She gets cast in a Middle Eastern version of 'Pocahantas'. The scene being shot has the sultan condemning a British officer to death, only to have the actress, dressed in a harem costume, run up and yell, 'Don't kill him, father. I love him.'
Between takes, the actress decides that her wrinkles are returning, so Clem very messily gives her another mud-pack. When work resumes on the scene, instead of the blonde coming out to shout the 'I love him' line, we get a 5-year-old girl in a costume shrunk to her size. She turns to the director and crew to yell, 'Now what did I do wrong. And how did you guys get so tall?' End of sketch.
- (PixChick)

Relic Hunter, The
- (male adult OA) S02Ep01 "The Put Back" 9/18/2000.
Instead of hunting down a treasure, they must return one - or unleash a curse on the Kuba people. After Ross 'liberated' an idol from the Temple of Woot, an African god of regeneration, he began degenerating at an alarming clip. Ross morphs back from an old man to a young one. ln - th

Reply 1997
- (young adult FF/FB intercuts) 2012, South Korea, AKA "Answer Me 1997"
The series centers on the lives of five friends as 18 y.o. high schoolers in 1997 and as 33 y.o's at their high school reunion dinner. The show has been credited for its laser-sharp attention to detail, re-creating the late 90s with an accuracy that has fans singing its praises.

Rerun Show, The
- (BE development) "The Facts of Life: Shoplifting/The Jeffersons: A Bedtime Story" 8/6/2002. Parody remake of "The Facts of Life" episode, reportedly with Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey BE. Blair gains weight from scene to scene. In the original series, Kim Fields grew up and out in a major way. In the flashback episode where the girls formed a 60s girl group, Kim maxed out a tight yellow sweater during the big finale. Her growth was mostly played down, unlike the physiques of Nikki Cox on Unhappily Ever After, or Laura on Family Matters once she reached puberty. (BEArchrive)

Reset - Hontou No Shiawase No Mitsukekata
- (adults mind-transferred back to older teen selves) 2012, MBS Japan 2 hr. fall drama.
"Reset - How To Find True Happiness".
- Women in their 40s do not run out of trouble. 3 older classmates return to their high school era through a 28-year time slip to restart life at age 17. The younger actresses enjoyed recreating the background social conditions of the 1980s. The game of life unfolds in situations wacky and vividly drawn.
- Based on the novel "Reset" by Kakiya Miu - Info link

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (AA "ARed") - caps - (Akira)

Ressha Sentai ToQger
- (AA age forms) Station 32, "Determination", 10/12/2014.
"Ressya Sentai Tokkyuja". Toei, 38th Super Sentai series.
- The 5 heroes are puzzled. The defense team was sentenced to dissolution by the railroad president. They see figures of themselves young in the mirror, for they remained an all-children squadron. In this state they still fight the Eaters of Darkness. It's causing a burden to them. Can their city be restored? The children came back into adulthood. For the parents it would be complicated even if they believed.
- Screencaps - (Akira)
- (boy & girl AR reported) 45th station, "home you were gone", 1/25/2015. Subaru kehama has returned to the original. There is a way to get back to the child.
46th station - - caps - (Akira)
- (AA age forms) Station 47, final episode.
5 children were turning into adult forms compulsorily. The enemy's Z emperor was beat. They have returned to their original schoolchild forms, losing all memory of their days as ToQgers.
- caps - (Akira)

Ressha Sentai ToQger
- (AR AA poof) Scene link - gif - screencaps

Return of the Condor Heroes, The
- (flashed forward AA scene) 2006 series Ep 3. The adventures of Yang Guo, an orphaned boy in a mid-13th Century China. Net in the Sky scene takes years of practice.

Return of the Condor Heroes, The
- (male FF AA, kinda looks like male AA AP)
- Male training montage scene

Return of Ultraman, The
- (male TF age disguised) "Kaettekita Urutoraman" 1971-72 tokusatsu/kaiju/hero series.
Ep31, "In Between A Devil And An Angel...". An alien disguises himself as a boy. Alien Zelan is an adult alien in a child disguise. He removes the disguise once the MAT captain shoots him in the neck.
- (Christopher)

- (male adult baby) "The Kingdom" S1. Dr. Petersen's pregnancy develops at a frighteningly fast rate. In the finale, she gives birth to a fully-grown man.

- (male creature AP) "The Kingdom" - stages

Rincon de Luz
- (male AA, boy/man) 2003, Argentina, Canal 9 telenovela. Ep124 link - caps - (Sickboy)

Ring Wrong Ring
- (male AP/AR, boy to man to boy) India, 6/8/2011 - Episode 77 link - link - (SickBoy)

- (males/females reappear as younger adults) 2010 miniseries, Syfy.
Artificial reincarnation world. Here every human is effectively immortal. They remain forever as young and healthy adults, regardless of their Earthly death age. If they die they will be resurrected elsewhere along the river at different times, the "suicide express".

Rod Serling's Night Gallery
- (adult ages mind transfer) "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay", 9/29/1971, S2Ep3.
Scary old witch Aunt Ada steals beautiful young wife's body - (Metamorphose)

- (age continuity retcon, FF) Vorena the Younger is 8 when she first appears, and little Lucius is an infant. When the series ends 20 years later, Vorena is still played by the same actress, and Lucius seems no older than 6. Octavian ages from 12 in the pilot to his 30s when the show ends, and Caesarion (who isn't even born until Lucius is 4) shows up around 10 years old.

Room 401
- (OA) S1Ep3 "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" 7/31/2007. Short-lived MTV hidden camera prank series.
Young bikini-clad woman is dunked underwater in a hot tub. When she emerges, she is a wrinkled old lady, much to the shock of the other pool-goers.
- (male adult baby) "Return to Sender" A man in a diaper comes out of a small box - (MeanMark)

Rooster Teeth: Million Dollars, But...
- (interactions with your past self) S5 "Sleep Demons & Wind Tunnels" 2023/03.
Discussions. You get a million dollars, but have to go back 20 years and relive every embarrassing moment? Or talk to your past self for 5 minutes, but as a crazy looking creep?
- Episode link - - caps - (FARfan)

- (male dream AA AP, RN) "Milk it does a body good" parody male - FF

- (male adult to old age) S03Ep13 "Panacea" 2/12/02.
Max Evans, at gunpoint, is forced to try to 'heal' a dying old man. But Max is the one who ages - apparently beyond his physical limit.
- (male adult rejuv) S03Ep14 "Chant Down Babylon" 2/26/02.
Clayton Wheeler, the recipient of Max's energies in the episode above, undergoes a startling change, and develops a crush on young Liz.

- (male old age) male

Round The Twist
- (AR, rejuv, male-only excellent AP) 1993, 2.4, "Pink Bow Tie"
The Age Rager can AR or AP males and adult females all the way and beyond - in both directions - (TBTC)
- (male AP CB, adult rejuvenation, male AR)
Stolen age-changing device is capable of turning older women and men into middle-aged or younger adults; adult men into old men, young boys or baby boys; and underage males into fully grown men of any age.
- male AP CB
- male ARs
- adult rejuvenations
- male ARs, male OAs
- adult rejuvenation, male AR to baby

Round The Twist
- (male AP CB, male AP, male old age, male AR, adult to adult rejuvenation) "Pink Bow Tie". A plethora of male age transformations, plus old woman to younger woman reversions - (Wolfrolf)
vid links:
part 1
part 2 (male CB)

Round the Twist
- (mental AR, m/f) S04Ep05 "TV Or Not TV" 2/28/2001.
Pete, Bronson and Linda are sucked into the Tv and discover the truth behind their "heroes" - (Unknown Fan)

- (male adult mental) 98-01.
Turkish comedy show about a man whose wife comes back as a ghost to prevent her husband from marrying again. She transforms mainly her husband but other people as well.
- Ep05: man wears baby clothes - Ep48: mental AR - (Grenzgaenger)

Rush Limbaugh (Tv series)
- (male adult "ARed" effect) 1992-1996.
George Stephanopoulos complained that the show edited his picture to make him look like a baby in some of the clips. They then changed them to make him look like a toddler.

Sabrina series
AA show about a teen witch for kids - INFO PAGE

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (unseen male AP CB, AR RN) "The true adventures of Rudy Kazootie" 1996. Sabrina gets a baby-sitting job and invites Harvey over to study for a test, but she ends up turning the baby into an adult baby. The first few seconds of the growth were shown. His legs grow a few inches, stretching his romper, but not yet to the bursting point. She sneaks him out and goes looking for her aunts at parents night to turn him back.
- (teen to adult AP scenes, AR, RN) "Hilda and Zelda: the Teenage Years" 1997. It sorta looks like the increasing pressure of Aunt Hilda's developing breasts forces open her coat:
AR - ARed clothes change - ARed - AP - AP - AP
- (BE) 147, 01/11/02, "Sabrina Unplugged" Sabrina is involuntarily transformed into a voluptuous siren. 1
- Sabrina transforms into the snotty Libby. There is another suprise impersonation at the end. The actress who plays Libby does very well at impersonating Sabrina. Sabrina is definitely disgusted to be Libby, but she HAS to be her for a short time. VERY good acting on Green's part. Where Libby is so snotty and insensitive, Sabrina is innocent and caring.
- (leg growth scene) Sabrina makes her legs grow but her feet stay the same size. 08
- (growth TF's) 09
- (TF) 10 - 11

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (AA adult body/age forms) OA disguise - interracial TF
- (AA adult teen-to-teen swap) Sabrina to Libby TF

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (ARed AA aftermath) Aunt Zelda turned herself into a little girl before the start of the season to save Sabrina, as most of the original cast was let go - after
(ArArchive, AR Group)

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
- (FF AA, some adult age disguising) Sabrina's lead actress, Melissa Joan Hart, was 27 when the show ended. She went from looking young enough to be a teen, to the 1st episode of the penultimate season, where she and her college friends film a video with a genuine Vampire. The light strikes her, and she suddenly looks much older.
- (maturity increase) - Magic spell enhances identities. Timid teen classmate became more powerful self - changes

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (OA) face + fan art.
- ("UC") Sabrina worries about her adult "growth". She's "too big" for her dress - UC scene - UC
- (goat TF) Libby TF
- (FF, CoA) Rival mini witch Amanda played by MJH's younger sister Emily Hart (5/9/86) grew up on show. 15
- Muscle growth scene.

- (AR AA, RNed AA) Saiyuuki, Monkey, Monkey Magic. "The Fountain of Youth", S2Ep13, c1980.
Japanese series based on Chinese novel "Journey to the West".
Men into babies (2:07 and 3:06), Young woman into baby (25:01), Man and woman into toddlers, (27:17), Woman into skeleton (36:45).
- Episode link - screencaps - (ttt47)

Salatut elämät
- (SORAS) Finnish soap opera.
- 4 children grew up in a short period of time. In 1999 Sauli Kiviranta was about 10 years old. 2 years later he was an adult. The babies Sofia Salin, Oona Kiviranta and Niko Vainio, born in 2001-2003, had grown into teenagers by 2007.

Salon Madam Suntik Botox
- (AR) 2014, Indonesia, K-PRO 1hr drama Tv film.
Trailer link - gif - poster - screencaps

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
- (possible AP?) 2009 (Akira)

Sana Bir Sir Verecegim
- (male AA TF, younger age form) Ep03, 2013-14.
Episode link @55:25 - caps - (Richard)

- (male OA) S01, 2008.
James Watson finally dies after living for over 100 years thanks to a combination of Applied Phlebotinum and a special mechanical device that kept him young. When the device finally failed, Watson died from accelerated aging.

Sandman, The
The Sandman - Netflix.
- (male dream ARed cutaways) Ep01 "Sleep of the Just" 2022/08/05.
Morpheus the god of dreams is captured in a glass prison for decades and says nothing. When the capturer's son is an old man, Morpheus is freed by a guard. In his dream, the son walks down a corridor gradually appearing younger. Because of the son causing the world to be in turmoil, Morpheus gifts him eternal sleep.
Scene link - - screencaps
- (adult to old aged) Ep02 "Imperfect Hosts".
Ethel has lived a long life thanks to Morpheus' stolen pendant. After she gives it to her son, time catches up with her and she ages decades.
Scene link - - screencaps
- (Tazz)

Santa Clauses, The
- ("OA'd" effect) "The Santa Clauses", Christmas series, Disney+, 2022.
Based on the film trilogy. After being Santa Claus for 30 years, Tim Allen considers stepping down and finding a worthy successor.
Around the 45 sec mark, we see Elizabeth Mitchell as a graying blond-haired Mrs. Claus, as compared to the rest of the trailer - link - Weirdly she is shown more as Mrs. Claus in the teaser trailer, 0:12-0:14 from behind and at 0:57-0:58 - link - It resembles her aborted look for the third film. She actually becomes the proper Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve, but unlike the credits dancing scene she's not plump - screencaps - (Fan2000)

Sapphire and Steel
- (male APed) The baby has gone missing, but shreds of fabric can be seen on the floor? - start of the change - boy to man APed

Sapphire and Steel
- (male cutaway APed) "Assignments 1-3" 1979. For the final assignment (6 episodes) in this trilogy, a couple from the future (Catherine Hall & David Gant) take a trip in time to the present day. As time is resentful and bitter about this, their young male child is transformed into an adult.

Sarah Jane Adventures, The
- (AA) "Sky" Part 1, S5Ep1, 10/4/11.
Sarah Jane discovers a baby on her doorstep. Miss Myles reveals baby Sky is a weapon against the Metalkind. During the attack Sky transforms from a baby into a 12-y.o. girl. She stays with Sarah Jane as her adopted daughter.
- Direct video link - screencaps

Sarah Jane Adventures, The
- (FF) The titular adult heroine's teenaged friends started out at 13 being the same height or only a bit shorter than her, and 3 years later were all taller than her.

Sarah Jane Adventures, The
- (male age disguised) BBC, 2007. "Invasion of the Bane" Luke Smith was grown and born in an alien laboratory in the first episode as a 13/14-ish year old boy who was more capable than your average teen, but acted naive and innocent as he had no life experience. The story focused on Sarah Jane's investigation of an addictive soft drink called "Bubble Shock!".

Sarah Jane Adventures
- (age-up) Sky Smith.
The 4th Whoniverse infant calmly ignoring violence and excitement in 2011, after Melody Pond in "A Good Man Goes to War", Anwen Williams in "The New World", and Alfie Owens in "Closing Time".
Baby Sky is destined to be a weapon like the infant Melody Pond. The way she suddenly aged into an adolescent is a lot like both Luke's "birth" as a teenager, and River regenerating - (Sarahjanead)

Sarah Silverman Program, The
- (AA flashback, FF) years
- (male flashback) face

Saturday Night Live
- "Growing Up Skipper" sketches.
- "Embryo accelerator"
- 5/1/04, Lindsay Lohan. Harry Potter parody about Hermione's growth. BE'd
- 5/15/04, "The Swan" parody. Olsen Twins BE
- (old age) 1/17/04, hosted by Nick and Jessica Simpson, with a "flash foward" clip to 50 years in the future. The segment is called MTV Future. The Olsen Twins are also parodied as hosts of the 2054 MTV Awards, it's just a double picture of the same old woman showing what the Twins might look like in 50 years. (fan2000) - SNL

Saturday Night Live
- "TV Funhouse" animated segments.
- (adult smurf pseudo-FFed to middle age) "The Smurfette Show" 2002/10/05.
Parody of the cartoons. An obese middle-aged Smurfette stars in a spoof of The Anna Nicole Show.
Segment link - screencaps - (Kappa)
- (adult rejuv RN effect) "Cokee, the Most Expensive Dog in the World" 2003/05/17.
In the future, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were rejuvenated offscreen with plastic surgery. It happens very, very fast. Too bad they didn't show elderly J.Lo's backside as they entered.
Segment link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Saturday Night Live
- ("UC" BE'd FF, coming of age) 9/25/10 "Bronx Beat" sketch.
Wearing a "tight", red, and almost "impossibly small" t-shirt emblazoned with Elmo's face, Katy Perry played the part of a young neighborhood teen whose recent, erm, growth spurt was causing some trouble. 16-year-old public library volunteer Maureen DiChico appeared to have suddenly developed breasts over the summer since she last saw the hosts, and was "bursting out" of her Elmo shirt. The Peacock singer wore a "tight" red Elmo shirt with her breasts spilling out of a slit down the middle of the Muppet's forehead. She completed the outfit with a plaid skirt, pig tails and black horn rims.
"Honey, you've exploded - kaboom! Those are some bazooms," Rudolph exclaimed.
"Look at Elmo's head, it's all stretched out," Poehler added.
"Looks like today's show is brought you by number 38 and letter double D," the host said.
"Double D? More like 3-D!" Rudolph concluded.
But it was clear who the NBC cast supported in Cleavage-Gate. After Maureen revealed that the library told her to wear looser clothing to read to children, Poehler's and Rudolph's characters came to her defense.
"Who cares if kids are looking at boobs - boobs feed babies, alright?" Rudolph said. "I see 'CSI' last night and there's a dead guy with worm in his eye - and we can't watch the top of boobs? So dumb, America."
Perry later performed "Teenage Dream" in an equally sparkly take on a high school uniform.
- Video link - caps - caps - shirt gif

Saturday Night Live
- (AA cutaway rejuvs & TF AA APed)
TV Funhouse animated segment. #66 "Charlie Brown Christmas" 12/14/2002.
- After fixing Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, the Peanuts gang discover they can make anything better by crowding around it and waving their arms. The animated group turns a beat-up car into new, a man into woman, middle aged prostitute into young adult Christina Aguilera, Ben Affleck's hands big, old woman into Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Jackson's baby into giant angry baby, old woman into man, Charlie Brown got hair, birds into human women, 2 boys (Schroder & Pig-Pen) into 4 men of Phish, 2 girls (Peppermint Patty & Marcie) into adult lesbians, Snoopy into gold cow statue, and Tom Brokaw into Brad Pitt. However, Linus Van Pelt declares this to be an abomination, reciting Exodus 32:33.
- Segment link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Saturday Night Live
- (adults acting as aged characters) The cast often appears in "old age" makeup for various sketches.
"Visiting Grandma" 2020 - Family attempts socially-distanced visit at grandma's (Maya Rudolph) nursing home.
- Clip link - caps - (Rayc5678)
"Active Jack" 2017 - Cast of 1970s kids exercise show reunites in the present day.
- Clip link - caps - (Kappa)

Saturday Night Live
- (adults disguised as little girls, AA) - 4/14/07, S32 Ep17. Another episode of the "Dakota Fanning Show"
Hulu video link (Highly restricted video, will not play in all browsers)
Avril Lavigne wore adult sized copy of Elle Fanning's dress style - interview skit (ArArchive)

Saturday Night Live
- (coming of age) "The Fun Friends Club" 1/18/03.
"12 1/2 year old" Maria (Rachel Dratch) still performs in a young kids show.
"'s just that, uh.. you've had a real growth spurt in the last year now.. As we grow older, you know, girls become women, their.. their bodies change, well, uh..."
"You came back from hiatus with JUGS!!"
- Video link - caps

Saturday Night Live
- (father/son soul exchange parody) 04/2018.
Fake "Hollywood Update" interview with the creator of the "Switcheroo" reboot. This was an extremely controversial dad/son body swap sitcom from the 1980s: "...we focused exclusively on the sexual ramifications of the switcheroo."
- Info link - Info link - Video link

Saturday Night Live
- (implied future FF, unborn not ARed) 12/19/2015.
This much criticized sketch could indirectly elicit an AR scenario. The set-up is kind of the opposite - men who will become wealthy in the future meet the girls who will grow up to become their younger wives - maybe even implying "AP" as one imagines what the ungrown girls will be like when they marry the "contestants" - but if you take the scenario outside the context given (watch it on mute for example and pretend these 3 "second wives" are the contestants' adult spouses regressed to the ages shown) I think it could inspire an interesting story or two.
- SNL sketch clip link - (ChronoEclipse)

Saturday Night Live
- (implied UC possibility) 3/4/2006 s31 ep13. Audience member asks 25 year old Natalie Portman if she still owns the costume she wore in "The Professional" at age 11.
- (kinda like adult baby) sketch

Saturday Night Live
- (lower back morph OA) S29 "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover" 2004/05/01/
When hot young girls become Milfs they should lose their lower back tattoos. Erase regrets in an "easy" application process.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Saturday Night Live
- (male adult anthros FFed to middle age) animated segment "Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles" 2020/04/11.
The Turtles are updated to face middle-aged problems - Toon link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Saturday Night Live
- (male adult FF) 1992-2011 "Wayne's World" Then and Now - years - (30fps)

Saturday Night Live
- (male FF old aged) Chevy Chase on Weekend Update reported that Popeye turned 80 at a home for retired sailors near Marblehead, Mass. (pic of a Popeye lookalike). "It takes the onetime cartoon figure a half hour just to cut the cheese." (shrinkingman13)
- (old aged) Demi Moore jokes about her age difference with Aston Kutcher. old aged

Saturday Night Live
- (pre-flashback) Meet your much younger future wife as a child - caps

Saturday Night Live
- (premature adult "aging") Cold open, 2022/05/07.
In the year 1235, an 11 y.o. woman who looks older worries about childbearing. A haggard woman with gray hair enters.
"My god, an ogre!" Cumberbatch's character exclaims. "No no, just a woman in her thirties," Kate McKinnon responds - Scene link

Saved by the Bell
- "Dancing to the Maxx" 8/20/1989
- (AA "AP" dream sequence) "Jessie can't stop growing." 01
- (height comparison) 02 03

Saved by the Bell
- ("oa'd" FF dream sequence) "Rent-a-Pop", S2Ep7, 1990. A "Rip van Winkle" scene.
Zack thinks he can fool the principal by hiring an actor to impersonate his Dad? What a dumbass. He imagined himself grounded for 70 years.
- Rifftracks episode link - screencaps - (Deniz)

Schoolhouse Rock
- "Unpack your adjectives" production. "Girls who are tall get taller, and boys who are small get smaller". It shows a girl growing and a boy shrinking, and eventually she steps on him with her sandal.

Science Fiction Theater
- (male adult stasis) S01Ep13 "One Hundred Years Young" 7/1/1955.
The secret of eternal life. Retired chemist admits he's over two centuries old. By small doses of a powerful drug, Bowers will live forever. But the drug turns out to be poisonous for everyone else. A case of murder a hundred years old - (TBTC)

- (adult dream age anomalies, mental infantilization & FB/AR AA glimpse, male old age)
S03Ep17 "Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap" 2/20/2017.
- The toxin causes them to face their worst fears from the orphanage and the loss of control - screencaps

- (ARed dream glimpse) S01Ep19 "My Old Man" 4/9/2002.
Quick scene where adults were regressed back to kids with loose clothing and childish behavior. Done in a cut and all happens inside the guy's imagination.
- (male ARed dream glimpse) S04Ep10 "Strong Woman" Brief male reverted scene at the end - (Anonymous)

- (ARed dream sequence) S5ep10.
Carla is having an age crisis because of a new nurse who is referred to as looking like a "younger Carla". She sees everyone around her as younger, and has a vision of the staff running around in diapers. JD is rushing across the lobby, needs to take a tinkle, looks down at what he's wearing, and says, "Why am I rushing?" tee-hee.

- (flash forward to old age, dream sequence) S09 ep10 "Our True Lies"
Lucy imagines what she and the rest of the Med students will look like in another 50 years time. (MySpecialFX)
- (AR dream sequences)
Parents treat their adult children as if they were kids - AR
- Women make their men feel like insecure boys - male AR

- (male flashback) Young J.D. / Braff ages

- (OA illusion) "Our True Lies" long wait - (deleted OA Group)

- (male "age stasis" disguise attempt) Second City Television Oh That Rusty! sketches, 1976-84.
Fictional sitcom has been running for decades with the same over the hill "child star" well into his 40s. Martin Short's memorable Beaver-like character Dickie is clearly an adult who basically runs the show now, but his character Rusty is still an 8 y.o. boy. The show recast the other characters and redesigned the sets to hide this.
- Clip link - Clip link

SeaQuest DSV
- (adult rejuvenated) One of the sailors meets a young woman who turns out to be his mother on some type of illegal cosmetics. They are supposedly poisoned, but she doesn't want to give them up. No actual scenes of adult age change to the best of my memory - (Time)

Search for Tomorrow
- (flash forward AA) Patti Barron Tate aged in real time from 1951 until 1986.

Second Chance
- (male adult brain transfer into younger adult body) 2016 series.
75 y.o. former cop Jimmy Pritchard was morally corrupt and forced to retire. After he is killed in a robbery, he is brought back to life in the improved body of a younger man by billionaire tech-genius twins. However, despite having a new life, old temptations continue to haunt him - (Jeffr_2bya)

Secret Invasion
- (AA TFs) Disney+ miniseries, 2023.
Skrull TFs in Ep1: many male to male TFs, FtM Talos reveal 42:34 offscreen, Gravik girl to old man 47:10 transition, "rejuv" reveal 47:50. Gravik old man to young woman 47:26 transition. FtF G'iah reveal 42:42 transition - Ep2: Multiple TFs 05:14 & 24:53. FtM Talos 09:42 & revert 14:43 offscreen - Ep6: partial limb TFs during G'iah & Gravik's fight @18:13, with the Hulk's arm on G'iah Nick Fury - Lucas Persaud portrays Gravik as a child. G'iah was portrayed as a child in Captain Marvel by Auden & Harriet L. Ophuls - (Generic guest name)

Secret Storm, The
- (flash forward AA) Amy Ames Brittain was played from 1954 (age 11) to 1974 (age 31) by Jada Rowland who grew up on the show.

Secret World of Alex Mack, The
- (adult toddler) Season 3, ep 43 "Muckraker" 11/7/96. Alex's mom goes back to college and runs into a familiar professor. She dreams the professor is a little boy in oversized clothes saying, "you're not my mommy." Turns out she used to baby sit him. (Blastoise)

Secret World of Alex Mack, The
- (dedicated "AP CB") 1994-1998 Larisa Oleynik fan art only.

Secret World of Alex Mack, The
- (male ARed dream sequence) "Muck Raker" Alex's mom, Barbara, sees her college professor as a little boy.
Direct video link - screencaps

Secret World of Alex Mack, The
- (mother/daughter body swap) "The Switch" Mother/daughter soul transfer episode. Teen actress Larisa Oleynik aged from 12 to 16 during the 4 year run of the show.
- video link part 1 - video part 2 - video part 3 (rob_0778,

Secret World of Alex Mack, The
- (TF) Larisa Oleynik. About a girl with various powers, including telekinesis, morphing into liquid, doubling, and super strength.
- (body swap) 10/14/97, 3.26, "The Switch" Alex accidentally morphs into her mother when Barbara steps in her liquid form. She realizes that she's not ready for adulthood.
- 1 - mother daughter swap
- First morph

Secrets of Women
- (adult TG kinda looks like) - 여자의 비밀 - 2016, South Korea, 104 Eps. KBS2 Melodrama.
The 1st second kinda looks like start of BE AP below the neck. Other parts kinda look like start of male AR into sleeves and slight OC aftermath close-ups.
- Clip link - gif

Seigi no Shinboru Condorman
- (adult to old, face to dust) Symbol of Justice Condorman, Seigi no Shinboru Kondoruman.
Ep 12, 1975. Her adult youth is stolen, causing her to disintegrate in the end.
- Japan-only video - link - link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (adult to older adult face age illusions) "The Strike" S9 Ep166, 12/18/1997.
This episode popularized the concept of a "two-face": someone who sometimes looks attractive, and bad at other times, depending on exterior conditions such as lighting. Jerry meets Gwen, an attractive woman with whom he plans a date. At a party, it turns out she is two-faced: sometimes she looks great but other times she's plain; it all depends on the viewer's angle and the local lighting. The look of Jerry's girlfriend just keeps changing. Jerry decides that Gwen looks best in the back booth at Monk's, something she grows to dislike. The bagel place becomes very steamy, and also makes Elaine look ugly. Gwen learns from Kramer that Jerry is seeing another woman: Kramer saw her on the street, and she looked so different that Kramer thought she was someone else. Gwen thinks Jerry is two-timing her with an ugly woman. Everyone comes together at George's father's Festivus dinner.

- (age disguise) "The Shoes" 1993. Denise Richards (b.02/1971) played 15 y.o. daughter Molly Dalrymple with magnificent breasts but she was already 22 y.o. when the episode was filmed.

- adult face

2006-2008, Turkey, Sinem Kobal, Serkan Senalp, Gokhan Keser.
- (male AR/AP?RN? - man to baby) - Ep61 link - Ep62 link
- (male AR/RN - man to boy to man, AA cutaway APed, AR, RN - girl to teenager) Ep72.
  His voice remained manly as a boy. Girl wished to be flashed older. Episode link Fem. AA scene starts @21:00 - screencaps
(SickBoy links and data)

Sentinel, The
- (flash forward) 1997 #34 "Sleeping Beauty" After spending 8 years in a coma, Stacey is a 12 year old in the body of a 20 year old: Stacey wakes up abruptly. Now an adult, she sees herself in the silver tray on the floor, stops for a moment, then backs away onto the bed. Stacey escapes out of the room and down the hallway.
Tarloff: "Physically, she's a young woman. Emotionally, Stacey's a 12-year-old girl."
Blair: "She is, man. She went to sleep as a child. She woke up as an adult."
Stacey looks out the window to see 2 girls playing on the lawn with Barbies. She leaves the bedroom. Jim and Blair look at each other, then follow.
~Cut to outside. The 3 of them walk toward the 2 girls, who are playing. Stacey sits down a few feet away from them and picks up a Barbie. The 2 girls look at her, then start whispering to each other.
Stacey: "Well, you know, I look in the mirror and I see this grown-up person. Inside, I still feel small. Actually, I'm a little scared." 1

Seriously Funny Kids
- (AA, age disguised) c2011.
Supermodel Heidi Klum, her hair in pigtails and wearing an adult-sized schoolgirl uniform, pretended to be 6-years-old for her new TV show. Mother-of-four Heidi, 37, dressed as a youngster to try to fool two 5-year-olds that she was nearly the same age as them. "I'm a 6-year-old, honest! Check out my pigtails." The kids weren't entirely convinced, with the little boy saying: "But you look like a mom!" During the skit she also spoke like a youngster, and said at one point she had to go "pee pee". When she left the room, the children discussed her real age. The little girl, who was unnamed, said: "I think she is 7." At the end, Heidi revealed her true age and was hugged by the kids.
- Screencaps - (Daily Mail)

Seriously Weird
- (male AA ARed disguise cut) S02Ep "Weird Brothers"
It's more like an illusion than a shapeshift. Unfortunately like all the others, it's pretty short.
- Episode link - caps - (Metamorphose)

Sesame Street
- "Big Bird Wishes The Adults Were Kids" - link - more caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sesame Street
- (AA AR, RN) Vid link - caps
- (male adults) cosplay

Sesame Street
- (AA dream FF or "AP") A little girl of preschool age sits down at a concert grand piano on a stage. She starts playing. While she's playing, she matures into an adult woman.
- (AR AA) screencaps (ArArchive)
- (AR AA, RN) "Big Bird wishes the adults were kids" 9/5/2006, S37, Ep 4119.
Exasperated that no one wants to play with him, Big Bird wishes that the adults were just like kids. To his surprise, his Fairy Godperson appears and offers to grant him his wish! With a wave of his magic wand, the Fairy Godperson turns busty Maria, Alan, and Gordon into children, then leaves to respond to other peoples' wishes. Later, Fairy Godperson reappears, and reluctantly turns Gordon, Alan, and Maria back into adults upon Big Bird's command.
- info link

Sesame Street
- (AA preteen puppet/adult male body swap) "When You Wish Upon a Pickle" 2020/06.
Prime-time special. A mysterious wishing machine is delivered with a magical talking pickle inside. Elmo wishes to "grow up" and run Hooper's Store, and switches bodies with Chris.
- Clip link - caps - (Isabella)

Sesame Street
- (AR AA smoke poofs, RN AA) Ep 2341.
Maria wants nothing to do with Mumford's magic, but he accidentally turns her and the others into kids anyway.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Sesame Street
- (AR) Ep2341, 4/27/1987.
The Amazing Mumford shrinks a big tree, and also reverses Maria's age. Later Mumford accidentally turns Luis, Gordon, and Uncle Wally into little kids, and then changes them back to normal.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Sesame Street
- (FF) Gabi and Miles grew up in real time, while the kid Muppets of course stayed the same age.
- (height measurement) how tall?

Sesame Street
- (male forms) - fan art

Seven Little Monsters
- (regressed?) "Dinner for Breakfast", 32, lost episode - (Regression Master)

Sex and the City
- (females FFed cut) Promo for "Sex and the City". It shows the 4 women of the show in 1982 as high school students talking about boys in a cafeteria. Then it jumps to the present day with the characters in a restaurant talking about men - (Lurker)

- (AA demon age forms) 2016. Child form: Lola Flanery. Adult form: Sarah Hyland.
Based on the novels. The red-haired Seelie Queen "changed her age" to fit the situation at hand. Despite being ancient, she magically manipulated her appearance offscreen to stay young. She sometimes bears the appearance of a 12 y.o. girl, and sometimes that of a young woman. Like many Seelies, she also has markings on the right side of her face that resemble branches and leaves.
- Screencaps Page

Shaka Laka Boom Boom
- (AR AA morph zap) India - scene link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Shaka Laka Boom Boom
- (AR AA poof) Ep433, 2004, India.
Sanju, Zoya and Shaan are AA'd into adults by a wishing well. When they wish to return to normal, they go too far back and briefly become infants.
- Video link (after 14:30) - screencaps

Shaka Laka Boom Boom
- (RN ARed, man/woman back into kids) 2004. Like the age-up scene in Ep433, it is presumably AA - Ep439 link - (SickBoy)

Shake It Up
- (OA FFed dream) "Reunion It Up", S1Ep15, 4/10/2011.
CeCe and Rocky fear they will no longer be friends. Rocky wonders what life would be like without CeCe 60 years in the future. Rocky is entranced with white hair and a scooter. CeCe marvels at Rocky's inhumanly large butt - Episode link - (J A.)

- (AA poof AR, AA poof RN) Ep69, 2008, Indian sitcom.
Sushma gives some advise to Jiya about grooming. She expresses her desire to go to an amusement park and briefly turns herself into a kid.
- Video link @1:10 - screencaps - (FARfan)

India, 2004-2009, Star Plus.
- (male AA baby to man, RN AA, glow morphs)
Ep011. Male baby being babysat was AA'd into a man wearing larger overalls of the same style - Episode link - AA gif - RN gif - screencaps
- (AR, old woman to little girl, AA to old woman)
Ep069 - Episode link
- (adult rejuvenation effect, RNed OA)
Ep085 - Episode link
Old lady transforms into teen granddaughter to do her chores at mean neighbors home. The teen didn't know and also went, causing confusions - (Metamorphose)
- (AR AA woman to little girl)
Ep096 - Episode link
- (AR AA woman to little girl, AA RN)
Ep133 - Episode link
- (AR AA woman to little girl, AA to old woman, RN to woman)
Ep179 - Episode link
- (by Sickboy)

She Spies
- (age disguised) 2002-04.
Shady charity uses little girl in wheelchair as their poster figure. However, the 10 y.o. has been used in that role for a decade. It turns out she's a 30 y.o. criminal mastermind, with a genetic disorder that makes her look like a kid. The spy chastises her for abusing the trust of people as she drags her out of the wheelchair... only to discover the woman really is paralyzed.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
- (older adult demon disguised as younger adult) Ep3. Annoying district attorney Dennis Bukowski seeks damages from older adult "light elf" Runa, who used her New Asgard disguise illusions to convince him he was dating the actual Megan Thee Stallion. When the court rules in favor of Dennis, the chart-topping star is revealed to be in the crowd.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
- (TF CBed glimpses) - art - Scenes vid link

Shiv Puran Ki Kathyen
- (male AA) upgrade. Ep15 link He suddenly "grows" into an adult called Andhkasur who is Hiranyaksh's son. After some time he would get his sight.

Shortland Street
- (SORAS) New Zealand soap. Tuesday Warner (b.1995) was aged 14 by 2007.

Si Entong - Abu Nawas dari Betawi 2
- (male TF AP CB) Indonesian Tv show, Ep17 2019.
A boy undergoes a transformation in his bedroom. Hulk-out scene link @09:20 - (Kevrai)

- (AR cutaways, slight OC) 319 "Siebenstein plotzlich klein" 10/2017 German kids show.
After finding her first gray hair, when a fountain of youth potion is accidentally dropped in Siebenstein's bathtub, she turns into a child... but don't expect many special effects from that low budget show.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Sihirli Annem 1
- (AR AA TFed, woman to little girl) Ep41, c2003. Episode link
- (AA adults to old, reality change) Ep70. Episode link
Sihirli Annem 2
- (woman to OA, rejuv to woman) Ep30, c2011. Episode link
- (AR AA women to girls, AA to women) Ep102-103. There seem to be many magical AA flashes between situations.
Episodes link - link - caps
- (all by Sickboy)

Sihirli Annem
- (AA TF, male ARed) - Ep63 - male AR @49:00.
Grandfather Taci was turned into a dog by his wife but poofed human again. However, his wife made him into a little boy of granddaughter Ceren's age - link - caps
Ep64 - Little Taci becomes a dog again at the end of the episode - link
Sihirli Annem 2
- (AA replacement zaps, age forms) - Ep72 - Various body and age swaps - link - caps
Ep73 - Everything returned to normal - link - (Dylan)

Sihirli Annem
- (age transformations) Turkish sitcom mini-series, 2003. "My Magical Mom"
Secret fairies sometimes transform ordinary people. A lot of episodes contained "AP", old age, regression - (Deniz)

Sihirli Annem
- (FF, TF) They use a spell to go to their future. After 6 years the cast members have really changed a lot - (Deniz)

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (AR AA flash, old woman/man to girl/boy)
Ep01 "Festa Do Faz De Conta", Brazil, 2012. They drink strange water near end? - Video link
- (ARed aftermath, AA RN flashes, girl/boy to old woman/man)
Ep02. A genie restores them - Video link - screencaps
- (unseen ARed AA, old woman to little girl)
Ep13/14 "A Dama dos Pes de Cabra". Cutaways only - Video link - screencaps
- (AR TFed, AA AP)
- (all by Sickboy)

- (male AA ARed flash) 2012, India, Tamil mythological soap, Ep145.
Episode link @19:30 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (face age illusion, shadow effect)
2007-2013 UK teen drama followed a group of "teens" through the years of sixth form - gifs

Sleepy Hollow
- (male acceleration) "Mama". Katrina puts the baby down to cast a spell. She discovers the baby has aged into a grown boy. At this rate, Moloch will be a grown man in days?

- (adults to OA) S04Ep21 "Roads Taken" 4/16/1999.
Quinn and Maggie age prematurely on a war-torn world - (TBTC)

Small Wonder
- (FF, AA, TF) 1985-1989, Tiffany Brissette. Vicki is a robot in the form of a young girl able to shrink to the size of a Barbie doll or grow as tall as an adult. She "grew" an inch or so during the series via the telescopic joints of her titanium skeleton and can stretch her arms, legs and neck by many feet. Tiffany being 10 years old when the series started, and 14 at the sitcom finale, never appeared to age. There are unreliable rumors that she began the series wearing platform Mary Janes, and as she grew her shoes were gradually decreased with growth spurts to further the appearance of eternal youth.
- 1 - 2 - shrunk

Small Wonder
- (FF) Fetish Fuel: Basically, "Vicki" (VICI: Voice Input Child Identicant) is a robot girl in a Lolicon dress who has trippy powers and will do anything you ask. Evil Twin Vanessa will be her successor. She is upgraded in season 3 to look older. The plastic vest Tiffany Brissette wore to simulate Vicki's access panel had to be periodically refitted over the show's 4-year run. In the 4th-season episode "Double Dates", Brissette shows us how uncomfortably tight her wardrobe had become due to her growth.

- (flashbacks) cast

- (male adult rejuv) S01Ep06 "Hourglass" 11/20/2001.
Clark faces an old killer turned into a person around his 20s by falling into a pond in his electric wheelchair. The pond made him young because it had Kryptonite in it. Later he turns back and then falls back in again and returns to his 20s - (Taz)
- (male adult clone aging) S07Ep09 "Gemini" 12/13/2007.
A mysterious man who claims to be a product of Lex's latest project plants a bomb on Chloe and uses her to force Lois to get the truth from Lex. He is an aging clone of Grant.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male AP) 12, "Warrior", 2/12/2010.
After stealing a Warrior Angel comic book, adolescent Alec is transformed into a super-powered adult. With his new abilities, Alec saves Chloe's life. She tries to get to know him, and recruit "Steven Swift" to Clark's super-powered team. The curvy magician Zatanna Zatara informs Clark that her father, "the world's greatest magician", cursed the comic that transformed Alec. When Chloe tries to convince Alec to have the curse reversed, Alec turns on her and attempts to throw her off a building. Clark saves Chloe and Zatanna reverses the spell, returning Alec back to normal.
- Boy Form (Alec Abrams): Owen Best (b. 1/21/1997)
- Man Form (Stephen Swift): Carlo Marks
- Zatanna: Serinda Swan
Young Alec gets the cursed comic book - video link
Transformed to manhood, admiring self - video link

- (male AP) 2010. A young boy steals a rare comic at a convention that no one has ever read. When he reads it, he transforms into the male adult hero. It turns out the comic was cursed by the father of Zatanna (the female magician from the comics), after the idea was stolen. In the end, the grown-up boy almost becomes the villain Devilicus (the character's fate) before the curse is lifted, and he reverts to normal. (Tazz)

- (male slow AA AP) 2010.
In the season premiere, Tess finds a lab full of clones of the deceased Lex Luthor, including one of him as a child. A much older and more evil Lex breaks free and kills all the clones except the youngest one. Tess later brings the young Lex home in hopes he won't grow up like the real Lex. A few episodes later, the clone has aged from age 6-8 to around 10-12, indicating that he will die in a few weeks. The clone ends up becoming evil and starting to remember Lex's memories. Expect him to soon reach the age of the original Lex on the show - (Tazz)

- (TF adult "age increase", TF rejuv, TF TG) "X-Ray" 11/06/01, Ep 5? 104:
16y.o. Tina Greer (Lizzy Caplan) has the ability to change her shape at will to look like anyone else. She is obsessed with Lana, wishing Lana's perfect life was her own. Tina impersonates Lex and robs a bank, throwing Clark through a window. She takes the money home and shows it to her mother who disagrees with her robbing the bank. Tina kills her mother by accidentally pushing her down the stairs. She hides the body and disguises as her mother to run the antique shop. She tells Lana that she wants to move in with her and her aunt.
- (morph TF's) 16 y.o. Tina Greer morphs her body into different people at will. TG TF
- When Martha Kent goes to the store, Tina disguises herself again as her mother but has no clue what Mrs. Kent wants. As Martha exits we see Tina disguised as Clark driving on the sidewalk, almost running over his Mom! We learn Tina was born with a soft bone disease, showing marked improvement after her 3rd birthday. Tina goes on a shopping spree and buys clothes like Lana. She also borrows Lana's sweater. She morphs into Lana to visit Clark and they kiss. She morphs back into Tina and throws Clark through the barn wall. Tina disguised as Lana meets Whitney at school and borrows his jacket. She disguises as Whitney and meets Lana at the cemetery where she locks her up in a tomb. Tina wants to take Lana's place. Clark then arrives to save Lana. He uses his X-ray power to find her. He saves her out of the tomb and battles the shapeshifter, Tina. Clark slams 'Whitney' against a tree and Tina, unconscious, morphs back to her normal self.
- (late middle age to young adult AR) - Tina Greer - Tina AR
- More Tina TF's: 4 - 5 - 6
- (TF) 2.11 "Visage". A military officer visits Mrs. Fordman to tell her that her son Whitney is missing. He doesn't expect to see Whitney alive at home. Whitney knocks him out and then ties Mrs. Fordman to a chair. Then Whitney changes into non other than Tina Greer (the shape shifting girl). So Tina has taken Whitney's place. Tina realizes that Lana wants Clark and because Tina loves Lana, she tries to take over Clark's life. She puts Clark in the storm cellar.
- TFed - Tina Greer disguises herself as Chloe (Allison Mack) to be with Lana: TF - TFed (Kristin Kreuk)

- (TF, old aged, TG) Teen shapeshifter Tina Greer. old aged - TF - TF

- (TF) "Craving" In the bathroom, Jodi weighs herself. She weighs 168 lbs. Suddenly, she feels a grumbling in her stomach. She lifts up her sweater to see inches disappear from her waistline. She looks in the mirror and sees her face morph to a much thinner Jodi. She gets back on the scale. It appears that she's lost 29 pounds in the last 2 minutes. A little while later, she weighs herself to find that she has dropped down to 112 lbs. Before she can smile at her success, she is overcome by a ravenous appetite. Her metabolism has accelerated. She kills and devours a deer. Clark finds a very skinny version of Dustin, barely conscious and begging for help. It looks as though Dustin's been visited by the same fat-sucking vampire that got to the deer. teen weight loss
- (old age) "Redux" 206, 10/29/02. Chrissy steals other students' youth. male old age - old age
- Lana's friend Emily was cloned and her growth accelerated to 10 years old (not depicted). Quote: "You're so big!"
- (unseen male AA) "Ageless" 2005. Clark and Lana discover an abandoned baby boy. When Clark changes him, he ages to 7 years old. By chance, he only APs while naked for other reasons (a common fantasy curse). They frantically search for a cure before the disease kills him.
- (TF) "Skinwalker" 2002. Native American girl Kyla Willowbrook (Tamara Feldman) turns into a wolf to scare Lionel Luthor and his employees. She falls in love with Clark. At the end of the episode Kyla in her wolf guise is mortally wounded after crashing through the window of Lex's mansion. Clark finds the wolf in the woodlands, and he sees Kyla morph back into her human form before she dies. Unlike shows like Animorphs, Kyla is naked when she morphs into a wolf. (Clark)
- (male APed, AA) "Ageless" 2005. Baby boy APed in stages. male AP
- (APed, AA) Accelerated clone of Lana's deceased friend Emily rapidly grew into teen and abducts her to relive her missed youth - APed

So NoTORIous
- (flashbacks) 2006 flashbacks

So Weird
- (canine TF) 1
- (hand close-up, cuts) "The Storm", Season 3, 2001. Opening: little girl wishes to be older at wishing well. Her hand becomes middle aged, then a skeleton. Sleeve gets too short as arm extends, then the right length again. No seam splitting. The buttons of her dress don't change, they don't tighten or burst off. (The Man)
- (AA) "Lost" 1999 Cara DeLizia. Girl in coma mentally stays a child as her body grows.
- 1 - info
- 3 - flashback - 5 6 - "Werewolf" 1999. 10 year old weregirl. 7
- (male cloning) "Second Generation" 10/22/99. Fi's first kiss is complicated when there's an older version of her boyfriend. clones

So Weird
- (flashback AR) 12/10/99, 26, "Fountain"
Rachel Victoria: 6 year old Fi. On Christmas Eve, a magic soda fountain sends Fi back in time for an important lesson, and she gets to see her father again and learns about something she never knew.

So Weird
- (hand AP, cuts) "Widow's Walk" Girl aged as the camera zoomed in on hand. APed
- Cara Delizia 46. S3 1997 3-1 "Little Big Mask"

So Weird
- (teen age stasis) Rebecca, an old friend of Fiona's mother, bumps into her again. She looks exactly the same as she did 30 years ago as a teenager. Turns out she's not trapped in time, it just takes Rebecca 100 years to age a normal person's 1 year.

So Weird
- (time reversal to increasingly younger self) In this episode they pretend that Fi finds herself wearing a red dress that she "outgrew" last year, but it fits perfectly again, and she acts as if she thinks she seems shorter.
14 to 12 - 12 to 8 - 8 to 4

Some Assembly Required
- (flashback, pseudo OA) S01Ep14 "Ricky Van Felt" 4/14/2014. YTV, Netflix.
2 dorky guys discover that hot female coworker Geneva modeled a bikini in a commercial. They scheme to find the video only to learn that it was a REAL while back, and she was a toddler at the time. They then use software to age progress her image in the video to see her in the bikini as an adult - only they go too far, and when they watch the video again she appears as an elderly woman in the bikini. Very brief but interesting - (ChronoEclipse)

Son of the Beach
- (male AA) Giant baby, growth not shown. 1

Son Pari
India, 2000-2004.
- (adult woman gets grey hair) - Ep48 link
- (AA curse, teen to adult) She fades into a differently dressed woman - Ep122 link - caps - avi
- (multiple adults rejuvenated) - Ep123 link
- (old woman rejuvenated) - Ep125 link
(by Sickboy)

Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, The
- (unseen adult men TG/rejuved) 1974 vid link - caps - (FARfan)

Sonny and Cher
- (AR TG) "Youth Pill" skit. Guest star Sally Struthers. A scientist invents a youth pill which turns old men into beautiful young women.

Sonny With A Chance
- (pseudo "AB" glimpsed) "You've Got Fan Mail" S01Ep04, 2009. Teen "dressed like a baby". Sonny is the only cast member who hasn't been getting any fan mail. "I'm not gonna let this bother me. I'm way too mature" - Vid link - cap - (Thomas)

- (male cutaway ARed OC glimpse, AA RNed) S03Ep01 "Sooty's Baby" c'04?
UK puppet show. Man into baby @7:30; RN @13:20.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Entropic)

Sorcieres, mais pas trop !
- (young adults ARed offscreen into young teens, AA RN curse) Ep02 "Les rois du karaoke" 2013.
French, AKA "Which is Witch".
- Episode link - ARed screencaps - RN mp4 - (Sickboy)

Space 1999
- (alien AA TF poofs look like age changes, AR, OA) - Maya TF list link - (Batmen276)
S02Ep06 "The Taybor" 1976/11/04.
- Taybor likes to be surrounded by things of beauty, that's why he kidnapped Maya. She transforms into a crone-like "female reflection" of him, saying she has locked herself in that form. Unable to bear the thought of being with this ugly woman forever, he returns her to Alpha.
S02Ep20 "The Seance Spectre" 1977/08/18.
- Maya wakes from the crash to Koenig pounding on the door. She has been thrown behind one of the cockpit chairs and can't get out. She transforms into a little girl to free herself, and opens the cockpit door - caps

Space Cases
- (AR, RN) "Forever Young" Originally titled "A Second Childhood" 8/28/95. A probe transforms Goddard and Miss Davenport into children. AR-AP - AR
- (ARed male & female) - ARed - ARed - RNed

Space Sheriff Gavan
- (woman AR?) AKA Uchu Keiji Gyaban, Space Cop Gabin.
Ep28 "The Dark Sea of Space, Wandering Witch Monica" TV Asahi, 1982-3. 1st Metal Hero series.
- Japan-only link - (Akira)

Space Sheriff Shaider
- (male AP, baby to boy) "Uchuu Keiji Shaider" Tokusatsu.
Ep32 "Our Melody" 11/2/1984 - (SickBoy)

Space: 1999
- (adult OA)
"The Exiles" - Maya
"Death's Other Dominion" - male old age

Space: 1999
- (adults to old age?) Travel through a space warp affects the crew in differing ways until normal space is restored.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Space: 1999
- (male AP, male AR RN) "Alpha Child" 1.10, 11/28/75. Jackie Crawford: Wayne Brooks, Julian Glover. The first child born on Alpha ages 5 years instantly. He has both precocious innocence and quiet malevolence. The grown man he morphs into calls himself Jarak. His costume, an aluminum foil mini-skirt and halter top, was one of the worst of the 1st season. At the end the writers seem to waver between making him evil or just misunderstood. He regresses back into a baby. Quote: "Cell growth has accelerated far beyond the capacity of our instruments to measure." male - male morph

Space: 1999
- (OA) "The Exiles", 1976.
A man had his youth preserved by a skintight membrane covering his body. When it's ripped, he rapidly ages. Old Lady Maya: Peggy Ledger.
- (age stasis) "Death's Other Dominion", 1974.
Something about a certain ice world kept the survivors of an exploratory ship unaging for centuries. When one of them tries to leave...

Special Unit 2
- (adult demon cutaway TF OA poof, adults OA'd) S02Ep03 "The Years" 2001/10/17.
Enigmatic fashion designer could be a "Year Witch" that kills its victims by sucking their adult youth right out of them - screencaps - (TFDimension)

Special Unit 2
- (male adult to OA) S02Ep03 "The Years" 10/17/2001.
Femme fatale cosmetics executive is suspected after a 19 y.o. male model is found mysteriously dead of old age. Using Nick as bait, they must prove the glamorous tycoon is a witch who has lived for centuries by literally sucking the adult youth from her adult victims.

Special Unit 2
- (male old age) 10/17/01. A strange girl kisses teen boys and causes them to rapidly age. (pequod)
- (male old age, female aged demon) "The Years" 2001, 2.3.
Detectives Benson & O'Malley track down a seductive "Year Witch", who kills her victims by sucking the youth out of them. O'Malley becomes attracted to an enigmatic fashion designer. "I'm older than I look. How much is one of my secrets". Male old age scenes in parts 1 and 3. The time witch's wrinkle demon form is seen at the end of part 3 and in part 5, with some rippage.
male link 1

Ssshhhh...Koi Hai
- (AR AA flashes, RN AA) Ep60, 2002, India, STAR One.
After passing through the mysterious golden door they were flashed younger. It's not so bad being short. He pushed the hero through with him to avenge his loss. Only one remains unaffected.
- Full episode link - Female AR screencaps - Mixed AR screencaps
- Male AR screencaps - Male AR screencaps - RN AA TF AP screencaps - (SickBoy)

Stairway to Heaven
- (AP FF AA dream sequence) S. Korea 2003. Jing Shu rides on a carousel as a kid, and magically transforms into an adult when coming around the bend.

Star Crossed
- (adult aged, adult rejuv RN) S1Ep8, "An Old Accustom'd Feast", 4/7/2014.
Near-future series follows a romance between a human girl and an alien boy in a suburban high school. Drake's mother appears to have aged due to being imprisoned with heat lamps. Atrians need water to stay young looking. After a quick dip she appears 20 years younger - (Jeffr_2bya)

Star Trek Phase II
- (accelerated life) Fan-made episode, "The Child", 4x07, 2012.
A mysterious light force enters the ship and impregnates Ensign Isel who, within days, gives birth to a baby - link

Star Trek series
- (some AR & OA episodes, AA APed poof) - INFO PAGE

Star Trek: Deep Space 9
- (male alien accelerated growth) The Jem'Hadar are able to fight within hours of being born from their test tubes. They're considered "honored elders" by the age of 20, because they were created with almost no survival instinct in order to be cannon fodder for the Dominion.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- (flash forward APed) "Time's Orphan" 1998, Michelle Krusiec. 8-year-old Molly falls into a vortex. The rest of the crew reactivates the portal, but their calculations are off by a decade. When Molly materializes, she is a wild, dangerously unsocialized 18-year-old.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
- (male) "The Visitor" showed Jake Sisko as an old man.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
- (male "OA'd" dream) S03Ep18 "Distant Voices" 1995/04/10.
Doctor Bashir was "aged", but it turned out to be all in his mind (literally) because he was in a coma.

Star Trek: Discovery
- (dream sequence looks like ARed, adult rejuved disguise illusion) S2Ep8 "If Memory Serves" 3/7/2019.
Michael Burnham takes her adopted brother Spock to Talos IV, to explain his murderous visions of the red angel. Towards the end of the episode, she basically mind melds with him, and they have an argument inside his memories. They go back and forth from their current ages to the age when they met (around 8 to 12) - (Tazz)

Star Trek: Enterprise
- (adult & future elderly self) S03Ep21 "E squared" 2004/05/05.
The 2 T'Pols meet in an alternate timeline - link - link - (Deleted)

Star Trek: Enterprise
- (male AP, AA) "Similitude" 11/19/03. An accident leaves Tucker mortally injured, inspiring Phlox to create a clone of the engineer in the hope that he can rescue the ship from the destructive space cloud in which it is adrift. According to the actor credits, the symbiote is shown at ages newborn, 4, 8 and 17. Links: male AP caps - male AP caps
- male AP

Star Trek: Enterprise
- (male APed AA) "Similitude" male

Star Trek: New Voyages
- (male old age) "To Serve All My Days" 9/8/06 Radiation burst causes Chekov to age rapidly.
- (male flash forward) Sulu lives 30 years on planet while seconds pass on the Enterprise.

Star Trek: New Voyages
- (male adult to OA) "To Serve All My Days" 2006.
Unofficial web-only fan sequel to "The Deadly Years".
- Back then Chekov was unaffected, but now the aging disease has finally caught up with him - caps

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
- (adult flashed forward) 2007, 3-part fan mini-series with original Trek actors.
12 years after Captain Kirk was swept away by the Nexus, Uhura, Chekov, and Janice Rand return for what may be their final mission.

Star Trek: Phase Two
- (possible AP?) "The Child" fan episode #7.
Following original script from 1970s, in post-production.
- (male old age) "To Serve All My Days" 2006, 2008.
More info: Kirk and his landing party almost age to death in the episode "The Deadly Years." Only Chekov is immune to the rapid-aging sickness... at first, anyway. In the fan-created continuation of the original series, it turns out that Chekov wasn't immune after all - it was just in remission. He starts growing old fast, and this time Dr. McCoy can't do anything about it - and Chekov actually dies at the end of the episode. The original Chekov, Walter Koenig, returns as the aged Chekov, and original series writer Dorothy C. Fontana wrote the episode. "Special edition" Chekov wakes up to realize it was all a dream.
- (male FFed to OA) "World Enough and Time" 2007.
Sulu comes back 30 years older... with a daughter.

Star Trek: Picard
- (adult aliens to old) S2: Guinan has chosen to age with the customers drinking at her bar to put them at ease. When Q reappears at Picard's Chateau, he looks the same as he did in TNG. "Oh dear, you're a bit older than I imagined! Let me catch up. There, now we're even." - 1

Star Trek: Picard
- (male adult android face dream oa'd) 2020 finale.
In the movie Star Trek: Nemesis, the android Data died saving the Enterprise. We learn Data's memory file still exists in a simulation. He asks Captain Picard to erase it so he can essentially die. As they remove the file, Data (who looked unaged) begins to "age" rapidly before disappearing - (Tazz)

Star Trek: the Next Generation
- (adult OA) Dr. Pulaski was aged.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (adult to OA) S2Ep7 "Unnatural Selection" 1989/01/30.
Doctor Pulaski was rapidly aged due to an accident at a genetic research station that exposed her to a virus that rewrote her DNA.

Star Trek: the Next Generation
- (AR) Part of the ST:TNG storyboarding project - "Rascals" transformation scenes.
- Screencaps: transporter accident - kids - restoration
(Weary Traveler)

Star Trek: the Next Generation
- (ARed) "Rascals"
- (male accelerated growth) "Unnatural Selection" 12 y.o. boy looks like adult man. male
- (male AP) "The Child" 1988 male AP
- (male AP, AR RN, AA, flash transformation) "Hide and Q" 1987, Riker grants Wesley Crusher's wish to become an adult. male AP-AR male
- (AR, RN) "Rascals" 1 - male RN: bald
- (male flash forward, male flashback) "All Good Things" 1995 male old age

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (male adult OA'd dream sequence) - lifetime
- (male FF prediction) - Wesley 1987/2012: the reality - (F5)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (male adult rejuv) S01Ep16 "Too Short a Season" 1988/02/08.
An elderly Admiral who must negotiate a hostage situation seems to keep getting younger. We find out he takes an alien drug, but the strain on his body kills him.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (male) - FF

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- (multiple old age scenes, male old age, adult RN) S06 ep03 "Man of the People"
Ambassador Alcar uses adult women as receptacles for his negative emotions. When his latest 30-year-old victim dies of extreme old age, he chooses Counselor Troi as his new receptacle. First her behavior becomes inappropriate, then she begins to age at a rapid rate. When all women are beamed out of Alcar's immediate vicinity, he rapidly ages to death himself. Troi is resuscitated and returns to normal. (MySpecialFX)

Star Trek: Voyager
- (AA FF) Naomi
- (FF fade face close-up) flash forward
- (male OA) Harry Kim was aged once.
- Kes was fully grown at only 1 year old.
- Naomi Wildman's "accelerated growth" in 2 seasons is caused by her alien father's Ktarian genes.

Star Trek: Voyager
- (adult FFed to OA, adult rejuv) S6 "Fury".
7 y.o. alien Kes returns 3 years after she left the show. She now appears much older due to her race's aging process. Using her psychic ability she transports herself into the past, 56 days after Voyager got lost in the delta quadrant. To fit in, she turns herself back to when she was less than 2 y.o. (or about 30 in her race's years). She of course subdues her younger self to avoid confusion.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Star Trek: Voyager
- (aliens reverse lifespan looks like slow AR) S02Ep22 "Innocence" 1996/04/08.
An alien species called the Drayan has a reversed life cycle. So what we would see as children are actually senior citizens. Like the Orkans from Mork & Mindy!? What's it like being a teenager for that species? When you're a kid, you're what we'd consider physically a senior citizen, so when you're a teen, you're by our standards in your fifties? Man, what would High School be like?! - info link info link - (Kappa)

Star Trek: Voyager
- (male adult dream "oa'd") S02Ep23 "The Thaw" 4/29/1996.
Harry Kim was trapped in an evil "circus". Monster Clown quips that Harry doesn't know what's going on, so he makes Harry "old" for a few seconds.

Star Trek: Voyager
- Kes time

Star Trek
- (adult rejuved TFed illusion) "The Cage", 1964.
Captain Pike meets the Talosians. Vina was revealed to actually be an ugly old crone, instead of a superhot young adult babe. (Also in ST: Discovery) Pike was himself illusion-rejuved at the end of "The Menagerie".

Star Trek
- (OA'd illusion) mirror
- (old aged) "The Deadly Years" 12/08/67. old aged

Star Trek
- (old age) S01 ep02 "Charlie X"
Charlie X terrorizes the Enterprise crew with his mental powers. One victim is a young female crewmember, who instantly becomes an old woman as she walks around the corner. (MySpecialFX)

Star Trek
- (very slow aging, AA OA) "Miri", 10/27/66, S01 Ep08.
Children live for centuries due to a virus, but when they finally reach adulthood they quickly grow old and die.

Stargate Atlantis
- (male old age) Some really nasty, evil aliens are essentially life suckers.
- (TFed) Jewel Staite will reprise her role as Dr. Keller, a physician who joins the Atlantis expedition. Staite previously appeared on the series as Ellia, the Wraith child who was transformed into a human in the season two episode "Instinct."
- (male adult rejuvenation) Sheppard's tenuous Wraith ally returned the years he had borrowed, plus a bit more to balance out the 6 months he spent in a time dilation field.

Stargate SG 1
- (male adult OA) O'Neill discovers a planet where people age rapidly during the night. Jack's hair grows very long as it goes gray. After being cured he does NOT magically revert. He is told his still-actually-young cells will repair the ravages of fake age, but it will take a few weeks.

Stargate SG-1
- (male AP) "Show and Tell"
A boy's accelerated growth causes his organs to fail. Unless he receives expert medical help he will die soon.
- (flash forward) "1969"
SG-1 meets an older Cassandra in a brief trip to the future, and she helps them to return to 1999. By "Rite of Passage" she has become a young woman - 2
- (male APed, male old age) "Brief Candle" 108, 09/19/97.
SG-1 discovers a race of healthy and attractive people who age extremely rapidly. All people on planet live entire life in 100 days. R.D.Anderson (O'Neill?) gets the sickness and grows old for entire episode until they find way to cure everybody. There is a woman giving birth at the beginning, and her child growing up very fast. (LC)
link - male old age - male old age - male AP
- (ARed) "Past And Present" season 3.
Everyone on a planet has amnesia, they also don't have any elders or children. Sam discovers that Linea has found a way to make herself younger, but it went wrong, and everyone was made young (thus no elders) and given amnesia. They come up with a solution and test it on Orner, and it cures him.
- (kinda like male AR, male AP) "Fragile Balance"
O'Neill is cloned without his knowledge and meets his teenage clone. The show had AR themes throughout. The teenaged clone THOUGHT he was regressed several decades into a teen. And others thought that as well.

Stargate SG-1
- (AA accelerated aging cuts) S01Ep09 "Brief Candle" 9/19/97.
- (male AA accelerated) S02Ep20 "Show and Tell".
- (adult FFed) S02Ep21 "1969".
- (rejuvenation) S03Ep11 "Past and Present" 10/15/99.
- (adult rejuved) S05Ep06 "Rite of Passage".
- (male ARed) S09Ep10 "The Fourth Horseman" Part 1&2 9/16/2005.
- (AA accelerated) S10Ep01 "Flesh and Blood" 7/14/2006.
Stargate Atlantis
- (adult old age) S01Ep01 "Rising".
INFO PAGE - (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

Stargate SG-1
- (adults rejuvenated) S03 Ep11 "Past and Present" 10/15/99.
SG-1 travels to a planet whose inhabitants seem to be suffering from mass retrograde amnesia. They have no memory of their lives before the unknown event they call the "Vorlix," and report that their elders and children are missing. The planet faces complete devastation unless the people's memories can be restored. The Vorlix has made everyone younger, but also inadvertently caused the amnesia - (TBTC)

Stargate SG-1
- (male adult aged) Jack O'Neill was rapidly (albeit artificially, and therefore reversibly) aged by nanobots.

Stargate SG-1
- (male adult FF) "Unending" series finale, ep50, 3/13/07.
Carter slows down time, and they end up staying 50 years aboard the ship. General Landry ages enough to die of old age. Later, the 50 years are erased, except for Teal'c - (Gungnir)

Stargate SG-1
- (male ARed) "The Fourth Horseman" 9/16/05, 910.
Orlin was brought back as a kid instead of his adult form. A child's human mind can contain far more information for a longer period. He became a boy to preserve as much of the Ancient knowledge as possible. Because of human social conventions he could not renew his romantic relationship with Sam. "I had no choice but to take this form. It's me. Orlin."
- (unseen APed) "Flesh and Blood" Season 10 Ep 01, 7/14/06, 195. Next ep: "Morpheus".
On an Ori warship Vala gives birth. The midwives take the child away and refuse to let Vala hold her. The child starts to grow at an abnormal rate, a manifestation of the Ori in human form. Vala demands the return of her daughter, who now looks 4 years old. She wants her to give her a name. The Ori wove their knowledge into her genetic structure. Adria is unimpressed when Vala tries to assert her maternal authority. "As your mother, you will listen to me, young lady. There will be no leading of these ships and armies on a mass-murdering crusade. Or else." Vala again meets with her daughter at age 12. In hopes to get through to her, Daniel and Vala plan to show her her mistakes. They sneak off after capturing Adria, who is having trouble processing the implanted Ori knowledge.
Emma Cooper (Adria age 4), Jodelle Ferland (Adria age 7), Brenna O'Brien (Adria age 12), Gwenda Lorenzetti (Nursemaid). (Prophet Tenebrae)

Stargate SG-1
- (male cloned ARed delusion) "Fragile Balance" Jack O'Neill - age forms

Stargate: Atlantis
- (adult to OA) The Wraith uses "a series of complex chemical processes that we only barely understand" to make its victims suddenly grow enough extra skin to become wrinkly. Their bodies rapidly go through an accelerated aging process, and their hair turns grey/white.
- (adult age transfer) Sheppard's tenuous Wraith ally returned the years he had borrowed, plus a bit.

Stargate: Atlantis
- (male adult aged, unseen accelerated growth, creature TF) "Instinct", S2Ep7.
The young Wraith girl Ellia transformed unseen into an adult Wraith while being hidden by what appeared to be her human family, until her hunger for life force became predominate. Zaddik let Ellia feed on him briefly during the time he worked on his serum, which made him look older than he was. Sheppard: "So it's a teenage thing. Pimples, rebellion, life sucking." - cap

- (male adult mind transfered) Ra was an elderly, decrepit alien before taking over the body of a teenage Egyptian boy.

Starlost, The
- (AA) "Children of Methuselah" S01 Ep05, 10/12/73.
Children - nothing but children, are discovered to inhabit one of the ship's pods. A youth serum is mentioned.

Starlost, The
- (age stasis) Ep5. Kept young by a youth serum, a group of almost machine-like human children believes they have been piloting the Ark since it left earth. Rachel tries to introduce the idea of "playing" to them - Video link - - (Jeff 2bya)

Starlost, The
- (male mental OA'd?) "The Pisces" The adult crew of a scout starship discover Relativistic Time Dilation has No Ontological Inertia, so that once they slowed down they start rapidly aging to their "real" ages? The intense time dilation is causing Garroway's brain to rapidly deteriorate into senility.

Step by Step
- (UC) 1997 "A Star is Born" Al (Christine Lakin) tried on similar dresses that were too small, too big and just right. Kinda vaguely like an AP/AR sequence.
- tight - bursting out
- "First bra" episode caused acute embarrassment for Al - coming of age
- (coming of age) Dana and Karen were surprised that Al had suddenly "become a woman" - grown up Al
- developed - too tight - size comparison

Stephen King's Rose Red
- (flashback) 2003 3-part miniseries. 1

Storyteller, The
- (male adult age stasis) The StoryTeller.
- Live-action/puppets. "The Soldier and Death" 1987.
- An honest soldier receives a ruby whistle, a comparable dance, an unbeatable deck of cards, and a magic bag that he uses to imprison Death himself (a very scary-looking guy). Despite dominion over Death the soldier is unhappy by the end.
- Vid link - (Ann Arbor) ln - th

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
- (male AP CB, AR RN) "Lifetime" 2002. A younger male is bitten by a mayfly and begins to grow fast.
- male AP wish - male CB - male slow old age - male AR RN
- (AA) "Shrink" Josie's roommate is said to have outgrown her clothes, but Josie isn't getting any taller. When she wishes for this to change, puberty hormones cause her to shrink instead of growing. Puberty hormones also cause clothes to start changing at same instant, speed, duration.
- 5 - shrinking teen - shrunk
- (male body swap, AA) - male

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
- ("clone" AA?) "Culture" Ep7. When Josie's bubble gum is zapped it forms a (fully grown and appropriately clothed?) "clone" of Josie!

- (adults to old age) "Zoxim", 5/31/2003, S1Ep1.
Dr. Sita is found dead, prematurely aged in a matter of minutes. Hospital volunteer Emily Hawthorne is murdered in the same way and aged by 20 years.
- Video link - screencaps

- (old aged) "Zoxim" 5/31/2003, BBC. A doctor and a lady psychic are rapidly aged to death. Nurse Jude (also to be aged) joins John Strange to track down the demon responsible.
index - video link

Stranger Things
- (ARed illusion) S2Ep7 "The Lost Sister" 10/27/2017.
Eleven finds an older girl who also has psychic powers, and was experimented on at the same time by the same company. They make it their mission to hunt down the men responsible for taking them from their families when they were younger (Eleven was taken at birth, and the other girl around age 5). They track down a guy to his home. To show him they are the girls, they use their psychic powers to make themselves appear 8 and 5 (around the ages they were experimented on) - (Tazz)

Strangers With Candy
- (male adult disguised as teen) A cop in his thirties tries to infiltrate the school drug trade by wearing a t-shirt and a backpack and badgering the students about weed. No one is taken in, although for some reason they never pass comment on the main character, a high school student in her forties who never even attempts to dress like a teenager.

Studio C
- (adults FFed to old, lifetime metaphor) "The Restaurant of Life", 2015. BYUtv sketch-comedy.
They rarely bring you what you want to order in this restaurant.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The
- (adult AA infantilization, kinda like mental ARed) Disney Channel.
attack reversal - (AR Group)

Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The
- (AP) age-morphed fan art

Suite Life of Zack and Cody, The
- (mental maturation) S03Ep04 "Super Twins" 7/13/2007.
Zack and Cody wish for superhero powers when they see a shooting star. Their wish comes true and they learn Mr. Moseby is their villain, who wants to "transform" all kids into miniature adults - (BabyGaara)

Suite Life on Deck, The
- (FB & FF) S03Ep15 "A London Carol" 2010/12/03.
"Christmas Carol" episode showing past and future selves. Brenda Song wears tight gold pants while shuffling around in a walker. Debby Ryan needs help getting out of her chair now. Solid OA'd depictions.
- Trailer link - caps - (Wazzupdawg)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuvenated, reality shift) Tv-Asahi.
The heroine's appearance as a 45-year-younger woman. An unheard of rejuvenation love story!
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Akira)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuvenated) TV Asahi starts broadcasting the serial drama from 2016/01.
A fantasy love story about the challenge of redoing life. The elderly heroine of 65 had no boyfriend. She is returned to adult youth for the ultimate first love story. Suddenly, by the mysterious power of shoji cat Lai, Kiritani is reborn to the appearance of a 20 y.o. in University with the new name of Violet, who will redo her youth with inflated expectations.
- "I studied language and culture to prepare the tone of voice for the shooting. I explored favorite phrases of the people of each age and observed older women." - (Akira)

Summer in Transylvania
- (parent/Y.A. offspring TG mind transfer) "It Lived in a Brain Jar", Ep9, 11/26/2010.
Dad accidentally swaps places with a brain in a jar, and gets placed inside his 19 y.o. daughter's body - Vid link

Sunset Beach
- (adult to OA, RNed) NBC. An odd jewel had magical powers. Most of the adult characters fell under a curse, and started to age rapidly. On 12/23/1998, the missing jewel was replaced in a crown in a statue of the Virgin Mary. The winds stopped, and the elderly-before-their-time characters returned to their true adult ages.

Sunset Beach
- (FFed degeneration) Vanessa dreams she suffers from Martin's Syndrome.
Video link - screencaps

Super Rescue Solbrain
- ("TFed" cutaways, male "ARed" form, TG fade) Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain, Special Rescue Command Solbrain.
TV Asahi, 1991. Toei tokusatsu, Metal Hero sequel to "Special Rescue Police Winspector".
Winspector was of course famous for its brief, partial glimpse of a live-action girl to woman clothes bursting transformation, perhaps the last time we will ever be permitted to see such a thing.
- Ep21 - link "The Returned Winspector".
- Ep22 - link "Heartless Fire".
The robot "Messiah" had a transforming body. A male form was usually used. He had transformed himself into a boy child from a male, then into an adult lady. New clothes must have been acquired each time. The time to transform itself was limited to 3 hours - screencaps - (Akira)

Super Rescue Solbrain
- (male mental swap) Ep29 "The Revolt of the Children's Empire" 1991.
Boy/man brain exchange - Japan-only link - (Akira)

Super Spy Ryan
- (anthro feline AR) Ryan's World 30 mins toon/live action movie, 2020.
Anthro cat into kitten (plot revolves around characters being turned into babies) - Scene link - - (Tazz)

Super X
- (male AR AA, male adult rejuvenation, AA RN) Súper X - S2Ep7 "Súper pequeño" 2018.
Univision NOW, Blim, Mexico. This show has also featured a body swap and M-to-F TG.
- Episode link @08:00 & 11:00.
- Male AR screencaps - Male rejuv & RN screencaps - Male ARed & RN screencaps - (Backdrop1234567)

- (old age, AR) "Succubus" Ep 25, 05/20/89, had a good AR sequence at the end. A succubus posing as a romance novelist seduces T.J. as part of her plot to drain the life force from Superboy.

SuperCops vs Supervillains
- (AR, RNed) S03Ep16 "The secret of life and death" India, c2015.
Multiple regressions and progressions. A magical fountain can cause people to undergo age TFed-like effects - Region blocked link - (Dylan)

SuperCops vs Supervillains
- (AR) AKA: Task Force: Khatarnak Khalnayak
Formerly: Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath - Ep83, Hindi, c2016-17? "Reverse aging" - (FARfan)

SuperCops vs Supervillains
- See: Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath

- ("OA'd" face glimpse, AA "TFed" glimpse) S4Ep5 "Parasite Lost" 11/11/2018.
Clip link - screencaps
- Also, the villain stole the "shapeshifter's" ability and AA'd into the form of a little girl to escape from DEO.
- (Gnosis, Guest2, Elizabeth Ann Hawkings)

- (unseen male AA TFed AR, male AA RN TF "AP" morph)
"Myriad", S01Ep19, 4/11/2016.
- Hank (Martian Manhunter) and Alex (Supergirl's adopted sister) are running from the law while looking for Alex's supposed dead father. We see Alex wearing a blonde wig next to an 8 y.o. boy, who we soon find out is Hank in disguise (he can shapeshift). Later we see him revert back to his normal form. He "ages up" and becomes black, the race Hank is - (Tazz)

- (AA cut away APed) S7Ep13 "The Slice Girls" 2/3/12.
It must be reported with infinite sadness that this episode contains no undersized clothing, clothes tightening or clothes bursting scenes.
- Dean impregnates young woman he meets at bar. Hours later, Lydia gives birth to daughter Emma. Lydia lets Dean in and he catches sight of Emma, already speaking clearly even though she is seemingly a 2 y.o. Several women emerge with Lydia and Emma, who now appears to be around 10 y.o. At a Warehouse, Madeleine leads Emma and several other young girls as they undergo a ritual for their kind. The Amazon mating cycle takes place every 2 years and the murders jump towns every time. Dean comes to accept that Emma is his daughter despite the fact that he used a condom. Now a teenager, Emma (Alexia Fast) is branded.
- caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (cut-aways, ARed, male ARed, male RNed)
"About a Boy", S10Ep12, 2/3/2015.
- People are disappearing into thin air with only clothes left behind. Hansel (from Hansel and Gretel) is kidnapping them and making them younger to placate the evil witch. Dean Winchester gets turned into a 14-year-old, and spends the episode crabbing about it. He is normally a very macho, tough guy, so it was fun to see him struggling with being small and looking (as he pointed out) like Justin Bieber.
- J.P. was also ARed but did not make it. Sexy MILF-y barfly lady became a baby-faced 14-year-old:
"Dean? It's me, Tina! ... I'm a friggin tween and you look like some One Direction reject."
- Bonus fun: she ends up stuck that way at the end of the episode, and is fine with it! Had she grown back the same instant as Dean, the ropes binding her might have snapped:
"Can you turn me back?"
"The hex bag went up in flames. I'm so sorry Tina."
"I got 3 ex-husbands, 50 grand in debt, and not much else. I was kind of a crappy adult ... Maybe I'll do better this time around."
They don't really go into detail about how she's going to live like that, they give her a bus ticket and we can assume they were sending her home to family to start over as a happy girl. Yay!
- Episode video link - video link - info link
- Episode screencaps - male RN screencaps
- (Vended, Filthymind, Backdrop1234567)

- (demon forms, age disguised) - S2Ep21 "All Hell Breaks Loose" 2007/05/10.
Acheri demons take the form of little girls so that people trust them. It can reveal its true form when killing prey. Acheri are physically stronger than humans and can rip them apart. One was able to write "I will not kill" all over a blackboard in seconds before speeding towards a victim in a blur - 6
- (demon TFs) - S6Ep2 "Two and a Half Men" 2010/10/01.
A shapeshifter is imitating men to impregnate their partners, returning when the child is 6 months old to kidnap it. Sam and Dean rescue one baby, which changes from a Caucasian baby to an African American one based on an image on a pack of diapers. Christian agrees to raise the baby shapeshifter, but they are soon attacked by the Alpha shapeshifter, who can transform in a few seconds just by looking at somebody.

- (flashed forward, ghost age stasis, self image ARed) "Bedtime Stories" Season 3 ep 5, 11/1/07. Disturbed child ghost of teenage girl in coma possesses victims. Ava Rebecca Hughes: Callie age 8, Tracy Spiridakos: grown up Callie.

- (ghost children, age stasis)
Enfantes Terribles, usually ghosts, possessed, or just plain crazy, turn up in:
- Dead in the Water.
- Bedtime Stories.
- Family Remains.
More Creepy Child episodes:
- Ep01: creepy brother and sister.
- "The Benders" - a 13 year old cannibal named Missy.
- "Playthings" - a creepy girl ghost manipulates the daughter of the owner of an inn.
- "All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1" - an Acheri demon appears as a little girl.
- "The Kids are All Right" - changeling children feed off mothers' synovial fluid.
- "Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester" - 2 little girls terrorize Bobby.
- "Jus in Bello" - new Big Bad Lilith has the form of a small child and is pure nightmare fuel. She decided the Creepy Child was so nice, she did it twice.
- S04 "The Rapture" - Claire Novak was possessed by the angel Castiel while poor Jimmy begs to be possessed instead.

- (male adult appearances, maturation wish) "Swap Meat" - Young man wishes he was more conventionally masculine looking - caps

- (male adult OA, male adult rejuvenation) "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester", 10/29/2009.
Bobby risks death by betting 25 years of his lifespan in a backroom poker game run by a witch, where players gamble to win or lose many years of their ages. 25-year-old Dean tries to save Bobby, but ends up drastically aging and drops dead. When a 60-something man goes missing only to turn up young and extremely healthy, the Winchesters investigate. Chad Everett: Older Dean.
(Jeffr_2bya, digthetman)

- (male adult old age, male adult age stasis)
S3 - Doctor Duncan Benton gets immortality through alchemy, and the formula is not even dark magic. It does not keep him young, however, and he avoids it by cutting out other people's organs and replacing his own.

- (male adult to OA, male AR) S05 ep07 - a male witch plays poker for years of peoples lives. There are 2 separate male adult age progressions followed by regressions.

- (male mind transfer) "Swap Meat"
Sam inadvertently switches bodies with a 17-year-old.
- There are numerous instances throughout the show of demonic possession and shapeshifters stealing unfortunate victims' identities, including the episode where Sam and Dean discover an immortal old man has been killing people and replacing his body parts with his victims'.

- (male young adult mind swap) S05Ep12 "Swap Meat" 1/28/2010.
Teenage nerd conjures up spell to trade bodies with Sam. After the switch, he investigates a case with an unwitting Dean and enjoys the perks of being good-looking and older. Meanwhile, Sam is stuck in the kid's body and deals with intrusive parents and high school. ln - th

- (male/female adults old aged?) S07Ep12 "Time After Time" 1/13/2012.
While trying to rescue Dean, who was thrown back to 1944 by the God of Time and must deal with Eliot Ness, Sam deals with the unexpected return of an old friend - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (mind transfer) Ep5.12 "Swap Meat" A teenager casts a spell that switches his body with Sam's.

- (slight age stasis) There has been a ghost child or two.

- (TF AA TG older disguise form) "Hello, Cruel World", S7Ep2.
Dr. Gaines hears Annie singing creepily to herself. "Little girl, can I help you?" "Are you a Dr. Sexy?" She grabs him by the arm and twists him to his knees. "I want to be a surgeon when I grow up. And I want to grow up now!" she says. Then she morphs into his shape and eats him.

- (unseen AP) "The Bad Seed", 11/03/2015.
Little Amara steps to a mirror where a dark cloud transforms her reflection into the adult version of herself. Crowley orders her new nanny to cut back on Amara's feedings. When Crowley notices the dead meatsuit of the nanny outside Amara's door, he enters it to find a now 12-year-old Amara, who gleefully tells Crowley she's hungry. When Crowley attempts to dissuade her from eating, her demeanor becomes more aggressive.

- (unseen, b/a aged-up) "Our Little World", 11/11/2015, S11Ep06.
Profoundly disappointing. Once again they didn't show ANY UC/CB process whatsoever. 12 y.o. Amara (wearing oversize dress?) sucked the soul of a grown teenager who hated her parents, and "aged" off-camera into a teenager. She was barefoot when walking back, but they didn't show her shoes before the age-up, let alone imply that her expanding feet had grown several sizes larger inside them, possibly causing her toes to burst through the front. Apparently, between scenes, she did remove a form-fitting undershirt after the transformation, and she stole the older girl's adult sized coat - screencaps

- (useless unseen AP) S11Ep02 "Form and Void".
Level 04 AA curse: clothes damaged by rapid age increase, but it happens off-camera between scenes.
- Intensely frustrating. Once again, the baby's rapid growth spurt into a girl happened offscreen, with not even the start of her size increase being depicted at 36:50. There was a sort of stretching sound effect, but only slight face change without expansion. No tearing was heard. In the next darkened scene, the shreds of her burst-off baby coveralls were NOT glimpsed on the small part of her body that could be seen (bare feet and bare right arm and part of shoulder) when she stepped out of the crib and reached in the bin to put on a larger dress at 37:10. The torn remnants were NOT shown lying in the empty crib after she had left the room, and they were NOT shown strewn on the floor. Only her undamaged baby hat was shown lying on the blanket at 39:39. Once again, nothing whatsoever was shown. As deeply horrible as the Isabelle storyline in "the 4400". Similar execution to "Sapphire & Steel".
- screencaps - gif - (Jeffr_2bya)

Susanghan Hanlyuseuta
- (male ARed OC) S.Korea series, 5 eps, 2020.
My Secret Star - An unusual romance between a Hallyu star hiding a big secret and a beautiful entertainment reporter. The problem is that he reverts into a boy after touching a woman. Unable to tell the world, Jin has no choice but to lie to his fans. Hard-nosed Chi Mai must ask herself which is more important, reporting the truth or protecting it? They can only communicate with translator earpieces.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Old is Gold)

Swamp Thing
- (adults rejuvenated, male adult to old age) S03Ep30 "The Chains of Forever" 2/27/93 - (TBTC)

Swamp Thing
- (old age, TFed disguised) "The Living Image" 9/7/1990. Dr. Arcane transforms his partner in crime into the "living image" of Swamp Thing's lost spouse, hoping to trick him into revealing the formula for the bio-restorative recipe, which can modify DNA and stop aging. Martha Smith (Linda Holland/Accomplice). (myspecialfx)
video link

Swamp Thing
- (old age) old age makeup

Swiat wedlug Kiepskich
- (age stasis continuity error) Polish sitcom has been on the air for almost a generation, but daughter Mariola Kiepska remains a teenager. The 29 y.o. actress was on the show from age 14 and has always appeared to be about 16-18 years old. She dresses, acts and speaks like a teenager, lives with her parents and is often told not to "snap back at daddy".

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal