Aging Transformation Scenes

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music videos

- (male AR) "Fly away from here" 2001. 3 AR morphs. male

age progression song (trope)
- (FF AA) The musical equivalent of a Time-Compression Montage: a song that describes a long timespan by highlighting a few key moments. For example, John the lumberjack may first talk about how as a boy he wanted to be a lumberjack, then as an adult what a fine lumberjack he was, then as an old man thinking back to his times of lumberjacking.
Often a ballad about a person's life, with verses assigned to different points from youngest to oldest. The chorus points out the commonalities, and sometimes changes in the world at large. Often coincides with Dual Meaning Chorus.

age regression song
- ("AR" parody song) Rare but not unheard of. In Japan during the War, children turned around the meaning of school songs about wanting to grow up to be soldiers (boku wa gunjin daisuki yo) text - instead "growing down" into babies or less.

Aimee Mann
- (adult FF) - Aimee (1960) "remakes" the music video "Voices Carry" (1985) as "Labrador" (2012) - (Matt)

Alanis Morissette
- (AA ARed flashback) "Eight Easy Steps", 2004.
Alanis appears to perform the song as herself as seen in some of her earlier videos. The process ends in the delivery room. - flashback
- (AR) "Eight Easy Steps" She's taken all her old videos and cut them together. The AR goes all the way back to birth. clip link (TickTock)

Alessia Cara
- (AA lifetime FF to OA, cutaways) "Seventeen", 2016.
It begins with her as a young girl in the bus and she is replaced with a teen, young woman, middle-aged mother, and older woman.
"It symbolizes my hopes," the 20 y.o. wrote - Video link

American Idol
- ("OA'd") S5. Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and Elliott Yamin rap to "Young at Heart", 2007 - link - screencaps - (Jackpotmans)

Amy Studt
- (kinda like AR) "Just A Little Girl" 2003. Adult woman dresses as a little girl. (Jeffr)

Anastasia Prikhodko
- (some adult face FFed) - Eurovision Song Contest - "Mamo", 2009, Moscow live Tv.
The graphics on the stage screens show the Russian performer's face somewhat "aging" throughout the course of her song, while singing the lyrics in sync with the actual performance - link

Andrea Bocelli
- (dream sequence AA "ARed" & RN cuts) "Amo Soltanto Te" (I just love it) ft. Ed Sheeran. Italy, 2018.
Opera singer Andrea Bocelli, Ed Sheeran, and an entire wedding party appear as children. We see flashbacks of the couple as adults. @1:53: brief shot of the Bride as a little girl, a face flash as an adult, another flash as a little girl, then back to adult face. When the couple finally marries, everyone at the wedding has "poofed" back into adults. At the end everyone is shown as kids again.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Architecture in Helsinki
- (AP AA glimpsed) pixel animation - bubble girl.
- (APed) "Do the Whirlwind" Subtle sprite animated TF. At 0:43, a kid blows a bubble that has an embryo in it, which suddenly grows up to a teenage girl and magically gets dressed. The Bubble-girl joins the line-up of characters. video link (Kagamaru)

Art vs. Science
- (male adult rejuvenation, face close-up) "Magic Fountain", 2010.
The lyrics speak to the Fountain of Youth. An old man made a sonic device that harvests peoples' dance energy. At the end their vital force is sapped, and the old man is restored to the prime of life.
- Video link - screencaps - (kARth)

- (male AA FF stages) "From a boy to a man" c2016 cover

Bad Ronald
- (AA, kinda looked like mental ARed) "Let's Begin (shoot the shit)" 2001.
Somewhat messed up version of Mr. Rogers featured teen girls dressed up as little girls.'S+BEGIN/1090592
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AA age upgrade cutaways) "Key Key Karimba", 1987.
The video features a class of schoolchildren looking bored, before Jimmy McShane arrives. By the second verse, one highlighted young girl has apparently been AA'd into a woman who dances with McShane, and by the second chorus the remaining schoolchildren have AA'd offscreen into dancing adults too - Video link

Barenaked Ladies
- (AR) "I'll Be That Girl" 1998. A woman in her 20s sitting on a swing gets younger as she swings back and forth - (2BYA)

- (AA FF cuts, flashbacks) "De Nina a Mujer", specially made 2008 fan video by produccionesla: "xv años de niña a mujer belinda"
ages - ages - after
- Video link

Belles & Whistles
- (dream AR fade, dream ARed age form) "Princess", 2014.
Video link - screencaps - screencaps

Between Us (triptych)
- (CoA theme) John Hollenberg, Netherlands, Tweekunst, 2008.
Music cycle about the evolution of a young girl into an adult woman in relation to her father.
- Between Us I: a vulnerable, questioning child.
- Between Us II: a searching young adult.
- Message from the west: a strong self-determined woman.
- (Louise)

Billy Joel
- (FF) "We Didn't Start The Fire" compacts decades of current events into one fast-moving List Song.

Billy Joel
- (flash forward, AA) "We didn't start the fire" 1989. Training bra to bra burning.

Black Box Recorder
- (AA girl/woman age forms) "Child Psychology" Banned 1998 single and music video from "England Made Me".
- Bathtub transformation screencaps
- (AR/RN) "Child Psychology" 1998 banned music video. The lead singer goes into a bath tub (hmm sort of Fountain of Youth) and appears in another shot as a little girl singing the lyrics of the song. Later she appears with her adult head, then you see the little girl version of the lead singer singing; it's pretty much AA TFed cuts till the end, then you see them both - (Clock Virus)
- Video link - video link

Blind Melon
- (AA FFed) Bee Girl years - FFed

Blue October
- (male AA FFEd) "Hate Me" male
- (male flashback, male flash forward, AA) "Hate Me" 2006 Baby to toddler, boy, man. (Jeffr_2bya) male video link

Bob Sinclar & Cutee B
- (TG AA "APed") "Sound of Freedom" Feat. Garry Pine, 2007. screencaps

body swaps (music video scenes)
- (adult poofs or cuts)
Imperial Teen
- "Runaway" 2012. Gender, clothes swapping or body swapping without clothes - link - (Guest1)
Sheryl Crow
- "A Change Would Do You Good", Michel Gondry video, 1997. Gender? - link - (Switcher)
Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown
- "Freaky Friday", 2018.
Multiple swaps including Dicky, Brown, DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran and Kendall Jenner which is so freaking hot. M2M at start, M2F at end - link - (Throwaway)

- (male AR AA fades, male AA AP RN fades)
"Kwaam Cheua" AKA "Khwam Chuea", "Belief", Thailand 2005. Riding a baggage carousel causes age increase or decrease depending on the direction.
- male AR to baby - male AP RN - male AP jump - male AR to nothing.
Video link - (jeff2beyoung)

Britney Spears
- (dream sequence looks like reincarnation AR) "Everytime" 2004.

Buck 22 & Billy Ray Cyrus
- (male AA AP, male adult FFed) "Achy Breaky 2", 2014 visual remake of "Achy Breaky Heart" (1992).
Direct video link - screencaps - original video link - (O')

Buggles, The
- (AP AA fade) "The Buggles" - "Video Killed the Radio Star" Little girl transforms into disco woman.

- (ARed Dream sequence) "Back and Forth" 1986 - screencaps
(AR Group)

Cattanooga Cats, The
- (furry FB "ARed") Hanna-Barbera cartoon series about a feline themed rock band.
Soundtrack album: Side2 Track5 "My Birthday Suit" 1969, by Hatcher, 01:40.
- Early bubblegum pop, cartoon music video featuring the Cattanooga Cats. It's oh so wrong on so many levels... The titular characters briefly shown as babies could be considered AR, but the catgirl is shown progressively older.
- Video link - - caps - (Tazz)

Cattanooga Cats
- (furry ARed, RN AA) "Birthday Suit" animated series, bubblegum pop, 11/1/1969. We see Kitty Jo and Country as kitties, though they progress to adulthood near the end of the video. (ARarchive) vid link

Celine Dion
- (some adult face photos FF) "On ne change pas" 1999 - Video link

Charlatans, The
- (male AA AP FF) "The Charlatans" - "My Beautiful Friend", UK.
Life cycle screencaps - video link

Charlotte Church
- (AA blink age changes, male AA AR) "Moodswings" 2006 music video. In her newest video she changes ages. Her clothes fit her changing size. At the end she changes gender for a second, but the man also changes age and his head becomes a pig head. link link (him, Jeff R)
- (AR AA, male AR AA, RN) "Moodswings" - screencaps

Chemical Brothers
- (AA FF APed) skeleton GIF
- (AP AA) "Hey Boy Hey Girl" 1999. X-Ray girl flashes older in mirror.
- (FF AP) skeleton fade mirror change - (KnightFace)

Chemical Brothers
- (AA toon stages) "Under Neon Lights" featuring St. Vincent, 2017 WebVR experiment.
Animated VR music video by Within has us "chasing" a young girl as she runs through landscapes and undergoes 2 AA TFs.
- VR link - Video link - screencaps

Cheryl Merkowski
- (some OA-like degeneration) "Walls Fall Out", 2014. Gladys Freak, Richard Bluestein.

Chew Lips
- (slight AP growth, AA FF age swap, RN) "Slick", album "Unicorn". 2010, Resident Creative Studio.
Surreal CGI animation. Little girl based on lead singer Tigs trades places with her adult reflection to close the loop and start her life cycle again.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kevinf100)

childhood nostalgia (song theme)
- (time reversion or age stasis wish)
Wistful reminiscences about more innocent times:
- Lynn Anderson - "I Wish I was a Little Boy Again"
- Tom Waits, The Ramones - "I Don't Wanna Grow Up"
- Evanescence - "Field Of Innocence"
- Madonna - "This Used to be my Playground"
Lost youth - caught in time.

- (AA FF cut) "Crescer (crecer)", c2008 - Vid link - caps

Chris Benoit
- (male "APed" face close-up) Wrestling video. A little boy screams and then in a flash he is Chris Benoit. male video link (Tazz) male screencaps

- (pregnancy FF AA) "When The Night Falls" 2011.
A large number of women wearing loose clothing suddenly becomes pregnant.

Cinderella Sanyu
- (wardrobe malfunction UC effect) c11/2015 Inspire women concert, Lugogo, Uganda.
Cindy Sanyu's pants didn't fit quite right. "She should admit that she has outgrown that pair of pants - does she think that clothes also grow?" one reveler was heard saying - caps

Coheed and Cambria
- (female facial AR, AA) "Eraser", 2015 lyric video. It's a previously posted clip-art face morph.
Vid link @02:25 - (Thrandrall)

- (minor time reversal) 2003 "The Scientist" music video. 1 minute AR. 1

coming of age (theme)
- (also some FF)
"Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon" - Urge Overkill, Neil Diamond.
"Butterfly Kisses." - Bob Carmichael. On his daughter’s wedding day, a father looks back at her childhood and adolescence, and the moments they shared.
"Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" - Neil Sedaka. The birthday girl’s course from awkward tagalong to young beauty.
"Paper Doll World" - Bobby Vee. Girls want to handle grown-up love before they’re ready. Vee advises her to return when she’s matured a bit.
"Mary Jane’s Last Dance" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
"Coming of Age" - The Damn Yankees. Hair-metal hit about boys and girls growing up horny.
"Once Bitten Twice Shy" - Great White. Woman’s development from innocence to promiscuity through a series of rock-and-roll encounters.
"Forever Young." - Rod Stewart. Boys and girls growing up from a parent’s perspective. He expresses his desires for his child to be happy and wise and vows his support.
"Young Girl" - Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

coming of age (theme)
- (FFed aftermaths) Songs about girls who became women.
"Sweet little 16" Chuck Berry, The Beatles.
"You’re 16, you’re beautiful and you’re mine" Johnny Burnette/Ringo Starr.
"She was only 16" Dr Hook.
"Just 14" The Original Sins.
  "See her walking home from school, see the ribbons in her hair, see the way she looks so cool, just 14 and I don’t care".
"Francine" ZZ Top "Francine just turned 13".
"Jolene" The Dirtbombs "Jolene Jolene, teenage queen, just 13, Jolene Jolene".
"Into the night" Benny Mardones "She's just 16 years old, leave her alone, they say".
"When you were sweet 16" The Fureys.
"Seventeen" Winger.
"Christine Sixteen" Kiss.

Cookies, The
- (flash forward) "The Cookies" - "Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys" 1963 cover

Counting Crows
- ("AP") 1999 The video "Hangin' around" has a quick schoolgirl age cut.

country flash forward (theme)
- (FF cuts, time skip glimpses & montages)
Through the years. The following music videos contain slight flash forward cuts:
Tim McGraw
- "Don't Take the Girl", 1994 - Ages 8, 18, 23.
Bryan White
- "Rebecca Lynn", 1994 - 2nd grade, high school, young adult.
Clay Walker
- "One, Two, I Love You", 1997 - Ages 5, college age, and family age with children.
Patty Loveless
- "How Can I Help You to Say Goodbye", 1993 - First as a child, then her divorce from her husband, then the death of her mother.
Brooks & Dunn
- "Cowgirls Don't Cry", 2007 - She is told not to cry by her father as a girl falling off a horse, as a wife whose husband is cheating on her, and finally at her father's death.
Crystal Shawanda
- "You Can Let Go", 2008 - Chronicles 3 major events in the singer's relationship with her dad: Learning to ride a bike, walking her down the aisle, and his death from cancer. A very sad song.
Sawyer Brown
- "The Walk", 1991 - Starts with the singer's first day of school, goes through his last day before moving out on his own, and ends with the last days of his father.
Pat Green
- "Dixie Lullaby", 2006 - With his parents dancing to, him singing to his kids, and the singing to his dead father the titular lullaby.
Kenny Chesney
- "Don't Blink", 2007 - Ages 6, 25, their children becoming parents, 50 years of marriage, 102.
K. T. Oslin
- "80's Ladies", 1987 - Life from girlhood in the 1950s to 1980s mature years.
Trace Adkins
- "You're Gonna Miss This", 2008.
Bob Carlisle
- "Butterfly Kisses", 2005 - (also Raybon Brothers, Jeff Carson) Daughter childhood, age 16, marriage.

- (male old age) "My Sacrifice" 2001. Lead singer Scott Stapp morphs into an old man. male

Crescer Chiquititas antigo
- (CoA theme, AA FF) 2016 - screencaps

Daniel Amos
- (AR scene?) "¡Alarma!" Newpax, 1981. Alarma! Chronicles, 2000.
In a short story that accompanied the album, an entire church congregation reverted to babies before the narrator's eyes. This was meant as a satire of real-life Man Children - (TvTropes)

Danny Brown
- (male FF AA glimpse, kinda sorta vaguely looks like male ARed)
"Grown Up", 2012.
- Young boy performs Danny's lyrics until the end - Vid link - cap

Darkness, The
- (male unseen TF AA APed) "The Darkness" - "Growing On Me".
The band started the video as boys, but they were turned into men after their helicopter was struck by lightning - caps

- ("rebirth" reincarnation) "The Ancestor", 2012.
Getting older over and over with your soulmate? - Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Dave Matthews Band
- (AA "AR/AP" RN, blink morphs, dream sequences) "Dreamgirl" 2005. Julia Roberts "ARed" into little girl and runs around in "oversized" clothing. She AA "APed" to normal. "AP" RN, AR

Days of Thunder soundtrack
- (FF fade, face close-up) 1989. Little girl "changes" into Nicole Kidman.

De nina a mujer (theme)
- (FF AA cuts, CoA) - screencaps

Del Amitri
- (ARed from neck down only) "Roll to Me" The funny 1995 video includes babies that look like their heads were APed, and hot attractive model type mothers. link (Clock Virus)

Demi Lovato & Marshmello
- (mental FB interaction with teen selves) "OK Not to Be OK", 2020/09.
They wake up again in their teen bedrooms, appearing as younger versions in the mirror. Lovato and her teen self trash her bedroom - Video link - info link

Destiny's Child
"Bootylicious" remix featuring Missy Elliot, 2001. Child and adult versions of the performers dance together.

- (FF) J-pop - 2014-2016 Vid link - caps

Dirty Vegas
- (male adult flash forward, flashback) 2002 "Days Go By" male

DMC featuring Sarah McLachlan
- (minor middle age flashback) "Just Like Me" 2006 music video. TF, flashback

Drowning Pool
- (old age) "Sinner" 2001. Dave Williams, Stevie Benton. Agemagic pics: old age

Dusty Springfield
- (coming of age, flash forward) "Son of a Preacher Man" Lyrics: "Learnin' from each other's knowing, Lookin' to see how much we've grown"

Ed Sheeran
- (male FF cuts) "Photograph", 2015. Home video footage shows the 24 y.o. pop star at various stages from birth onward - Video link

- (minor flash forward) "Mockingbird"

- (time inversion) "Return To Innocence" 1994 video link (flashbacks) Shows the life of a person going in reverse, starting with him dying and ending with his birth, where he returns back to innocence. (2 Be Young Again)
- (time reversal to infancy) - screencaps

Erykah Badu
- (ARed AA) "Bag Lady" - toddlers
(ageregression group)

- male

- (age forms, dream sequences, possibility of UC) "Wonderful" 2000.
- Careful analysis of the music video reveals the girl underwent several slight regressions into a younger form to symbolize her unfulfilled longing for the recent past. The sleeves which came down to her elbows descended slightly closer to her wrists.
- Age screencaps
(2BYA data source)

- (age forms) girl

- (mental flashback illusion) "Wonderful". Sort of an AR moment when he says "And I don't want to start over again". At that point you can see the dad carrying a baby out of the room - Video link @2:55-3:00 very brief - - (Jeff 2bya)

- (ARed AA cuts) "Kids Again", 2014.
A group of young adults becomes kids again.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Explosions In The Sky
- (adult FF to OA) "Postcard From 1952".

Faith Hill
- (AA FF cuts) "This Kiss" 1998.
Two kids are seen kissing inside a flower at 0:46 and appear at older ages throughout the video.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Faith Hill
- (FF? "AP") "This Kiss" 1998 album "Practical Magic." Boy and girl are "APed" to teens. (Jeffr_2bya, clips traded here)

FB/FF (themes)
- (AA cuts) - c2014, "se crecio la nina", caps

- (adult AA, TG, TF, interracial rejuv) "Flying Daggers", 2013.
Woman creates potion and uses squirt-gun to douse elderly women into hot young Asian girls armed with similar guns. These adult girls go through the city changing men and women who catch their eyes.
- Video link - screencaps - (Nyorker,

Five for Fighting
- (male AA FF/FB age forms) "100 Years" Ages 15, 22, 33, 45, 67, and 99.

Five for Fighting
- (male adult AA flash forward) "One Hundred Years" 2004 Proprietary media player required to view: male link
- (male AR, cut, AA) "Superman (It's not easy)" 2001.

Foo Fighters
- (AA FF/FB cuts to OA) "Bridge Burning", 2012.
Girl in party dress was seen at different ages. In some scenes she was tall with big breasts, in others not - link 03:01.

Foo Fighters
- (adults made up to look old) "Run", 2017 - Video Link
- Link - Behind the scenes videos of the Foo Fighters themselves showing off the prosthetics.
- Link - The dancers sans makeup working on the choreography for the video.
- Link - Makeup artist Alterian: Behind the scenes stills of the women.
- (Fan2000, Chronoeclipse)

Foster The People
- (male AR, male adult to OA, implied ARed aftermaths)
"Helena Beat" 2011. Involuntary post-apocalyptic age transference scene.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sumner)

Fountains of Wayne
- (coming of age) teen
"Stacy's Mom" Grown mother/growing daughter comparison. 1

Fratellis, The
- (some lifetime FF) The Fratellis - "Starcrossed Losers", 2018.
Album "In Your Own Sweet Time". A couple is seen through several years.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Fray, The
- (minor male flashback) "The Fray" - "Over My Head (Cable Car)", 2006.

Freaky Friday (parody)
- (young/older bodyswaps, ARed effects) 2018 parody of the Lil Dicky video.
- A father and his teen daughter magically swap bodies. We spend a little time with each as they run around enjoying each other's lives. SPOILER: In the end the daughter swaps bodies with her younger sister, and her mom, and then apparently ends up stuck as her baby sister!
- Clip link - screencaps - (Filthymind, Reina Watt)

Game featuring 50 Cent, The
- (male flash forwards) "Hate It Or Love It" 2005.

- (male AP) "The musical box" from "Nursery cryme". Boy is killed and sent back to Earth in musical box. He pops out, and over the course of the song his body ages rapidly, until he is an old man.

Girls Aloud
- (pseudo FFed to OA) Girls Aloud Party, Old Kimberley & Cheryl Sketch, c2008. They wonder if they'll be together forever.
Vid link - caps - (ChronoEclipse)

Godley & Creme
- (face close-ups, fades) "Cry" 1985.

Goo Goo Dolls
- (person to person fades AA) "Let Love In" changes

Good Charlotte
- (OA disguised) "Girls & Boys" 2003 - dancing seniors

- (coming of age) - fan art
- (FF AA) 10-year old Noodle arrived at the band's doorstep in a shipping crate in 2001. After bursting out, she blasted a facemelting guitar solo, cementing her place in the band in spite of the fact that she doesn't speak English. Aging in real-time, she was 14 when Demon Days came out. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: she was made more feminine in avoidance to assumptions that she was male. There's a big physical difference between a 10-year old and a 14-year old. By then she was noticeably taller with relatively thinner legs, and her hair was purple with Blinding Bangs. In "Plastic Beach" she is an adult, looks more Japanese, and has breasts. (TvTropes)

- (FF) Noodle fan art

Hawthorne Heights
- (flash forward, AA) "Saying Sorry" 2006 music video - flash forward
- (AA APed, old aged) "Ohio Is for Lovers" 2004, from "The Silence in Black and White".
Little girl turned into busty adult shadow. Album art photography by Emily Driskill shows little girl standing in front lawn. The booklet shows her aged to an older woman - APed

Head Automatica
- (young adults FFed self visions) "Graduation Day", 2006.

Hootie and the Blowfish
- (male AA AP) - male

Huckleberry Finn Novelty
- (chorus "evokes AR"?) 1917 song. "Huckleberry Finn/If I were Huckleberry Finn ... I'd do the things he did/I'd be a kid again..." - (TBTC)

Iam Siam
- (FF AA) "She Went Pop" 1983.
Girl group video about life and death of Marilyn Monroe? Late in the video, an infant is shown being nurtured by a group of adult men. In quick cuts, we see the baby "growing" rapidly into a child, then a preteen, then a young teen, and then a young adult woman, as the same men appear to prepare her for stardom. "Has to be seen to be believed" video - (SC)

Iam Siam
- (FF) "She went pop" 1984. Novelty one-hit wonder.
- (FF AA) - A baby girl is raised into an adult star by a group of shady men - screencaps

Ich & Ich
- (AA TF faces only) "Vom selben Stern", Germany.
People morph into different people. There are multiple age related, male to male, male to female, female to male, and female to female changes.
- Video link - ( boards)
AR's at 25s, 1m5s, 2m41s, 2m48s, 3m4s.
- (face fades, TG, AA) - faces ages

In Flames
- (slight age disguised effect) "Come Clarity" - caps

Inferno Doll, The
- (AA age-up) 2015 caps

- (younger adults into young adults) "You and I" 2011.
Fairytale-like plot set in an old clock tower. A young man is in a deep slumber. A young woman counts down the time until she becomes a Korean legal adult so she can be with the young man she loves. The eager IU decides to take a risk to speed up time. She finishes her time machine, hoping to turn into a legal adult older young woman. The young man awakes to see her fastforwarding away. Years later, the man walks into a clock shop, finding the lady at the counter strikingly familiar. After a while, he and IU finally recognise each other.
- Video link

J. Cole
- (FFed glimpse) - "Daddy's Little Girl", 2011.
Dancer later became a stripper working for her dollars - time cut cap

Jackie Wilson
- (male clay face AR) "Reet Petite", 1986 UK claymation version of 1957 song. Video link - caps

Jean Sibelius
- (lifetime themes) "Symphony Nr. 7", 1924. Said to be a poetic journey of a life from birth to death concentrated in a single movement of some 20 minutes? A commentary on the motifs of life ending with sudden silence - (Paulin)

Jessie J ft. B.O.B.
- (implied AA AP) "Price Tag", 2011.
It happens when she walks around the bear at the start. Multiple size shots.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thrandrall)

- ("ARed" AA video was never made) "Ten", 2010.
Proposed script was not used:
- A couple is filmed in slow motion, as fingers are pointed and faces distorted with yelling and anger. A dish is hurled. Intercut with a 6-year-old boy and girl, dressed immaculately as adults, engaged in adult type fighting. The girl wears a fashionable dress, and the boy a suit. It is comical because these are children dressed as adults, behaving as adults, but really it drives home how childish fighting is. We see the two kids slam doors. The girl has locked herself in her bathroom. Shockingly, we see she "turns" back into an adult woman, and she cries, her head buried in her knees. Outside we see the boy "morph" back into a man, as he stews, sitting on the floor on the other side of the door, just inches from his wife. The door opens to reveal the kids have now fully morphed into adults who are dressed as the kids were.

- (AA TF "AP, AR, old age") "Break Me" 2002 morphs.
- AR - AP - TF - old age

John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls
- (male AA "AP" cut) 2002 "I'm still here (Jim's Theme)" male

- (AR from old woman to young woman, old age RN face closeup) "Ghost Opera"
3:20: Old woman at piano sees her rejuvenated reflection rise to join the band wearing a red dress.
3:55: Old Age RN morph.

- (dream adult rejuvenation/OA scenes) "Ghost Opera"
Mirror rejuvenation - old age

- (FFed, CoA) "De Nina a Mujer", 2015 Vid link - caps

Katy Perry
- (adult FFed to OA) "The One That Got Away", 2011.
Katy plays 18-year old and 80(ish)-year old versions of herself (looking rather well aged) - link - link
- (Dr.Dan, Fan2000)

Katy Perry
- (age forms) "Wide Awake", 2012.
She encounters her younger alter ego around 1:50.
- Video link - screencaps

Kelly Clarkson
- (AA FF) "Breakaway" Kelly prays to be flashed forward into her adult life arriving at the premiere of the "Princess Diaries" movie.
- age-up

Kelly Clarkson
- (flash forward, flashback kinds looks like AA ARed) "Breakaway" 2004. Young girl lip-sync's Kelly's lyrics.
flashback, FFed
- (flashback) "Because of You" 2005 music video. Kelly looks in mirror at younger self. 2

- (adult rejuvenation, face close-up) "Love is Dead" screencaps.
- youthening

- (OA face rejuv) "Love is Dead" The song seems to be about a failed relationship. The entire video is process from old to young adult, which is pretty rare - vid link - (kARth)

Kid Lario, The
- (young adults FFed to old) The Kid LARIO "I Guess It's Love?" 2023.
This got my attention with its thumbnail. He and real-life girlfriend Katarina Deme do Instagram reels "over the years". Katarina is in old age make-up at the end, but I can't tell if she goes through a "mid-life" crisis with huge implants and questionable plastic surgery, or that is a young woman who LARIO dates during his mid-life crisis (former).
- Music Video link - outtakes link - (Fan2000)

kinderwhore style
- (AA) Clothing style invented by some riot grrrl bands in the 1990s, featuring "childlike" babydoll dresses, layers, and torn stockings. Courtney Love was possibly the Most Triumphant Example.

Kirin J Callinan, Kim Gehrig
- (male muscle FB/FF cuts) "You Think You're a Man", 2018, Australia.
Male short film / PSA commercial sequence that was really well filmed. About drink-related violence, and the dreadful legacy of throwing a punch at an unsuspecting victim. Flashbacks between a grown bodybuilder, and his childhood, teen and young adult years.
- Video link - screencaps - (MuscleDrain)

Kou Shibasaki
- (ff slides, future older self at end) "Birth", 2020 - link - (Uk)

- (males "ARed" below the neck only) "iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty)", 2017.
It shows the 2 singers heads on kids bodies. Fun video anyway.
- Video link - screencaps - (Atsuyo)

Kylie Minogue
- (giantess) "Giving You Up" features Kylie strolling around town as a 15 ft. giantess. (Process)

Lady Gaga featuring New Kids On The Block
- (coming of age) "Big Girl Now"

Lana Del Rey (fan video)
- (FF AA "AP" cut) "Young and Beautiful", 2013 - Vid link - caps

Leela James
- (FF, FB, AA) "Music" - ages

- (male muscle APed CB dream cutaways) "Closer featuring Jennie A." (UK Version), 2016.
Angry schoolboy keeps "growing up" offscreen whenever something goes wrong, before going on a rampage. His uniform was torn.
- Video link - gif - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

Less Than Jake
- (kinda ARed) "The Rest of My Life" 2006. Adult situations acted out by children. Two men in a car accident, a married couple fighting, a hooker being arrested. Toward the end, the characters act on their better natures, and we see them as adults. The Married couple begins to fight again, and the last shot shows them as angry children once more. (lbh)
- (self image ARed, RN, male and female) - Immature behavior is represented as physical reversion - screencaps

Lil Dicky
- (adults FFed to OA) "Lemme Freak", 2014.
Relationships are hard. Staying with a young hottie for 60 years is even harder. Future scene starts @03:30.
- Video link - screencaps - (Wazzupdawg)

Lil Wayne
- (FF glimpse) "How to Love" 2011.
The first half portrays a girl growing up in a single parent home, being sexually abused, turning to a life of stripping and escorting and finally hitting rock bottom after testing HIV positive. The second half is her alternate life where her mother marries, she stays in school, graduates from hair college and happily becomes pregnant.
- Video link - caps

Lindsay Lohan
- (flashback) "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" 2005 music video. Little sister Aliana Lohan (AKA Ali, b. 1994) plays Lindsay's younger self. She's supposed to have just returned home from a ballet class (she's wearing a tutu) and is running around her bedroom in a frenzy as her "parents" fight in the next room. She's the spitting image of Lindsay, but still very much a child.

Linkin Park, Chrono C(h)ross, Azure-Skye
- (male AA? AP) "Crawlin" (Video Mods?). Boy is APed to an adult? (Jeffr)

Lisa Marie
- (coming of age) "Something's jumping in your shirt" Malcolm Mclaren, 1989 (Waltz Darling) Bootzilla Orchestra.

Livy Jeanne
- ("OA'd") "We are the Young", 2014. The 19 year old country singers get done up as 65 year old versions of themselves. Seems the group thinks "acting young" means "throwing things at strangers". Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX, Agingwomen)

Lords of Acid
- (BE) Some fan videos - "I Must Increase My Bust".

Low vs Diamond
- (adult couple faces to old age dream sequence) "Heart Attack", 2009.
Video link - screencaps - (MySpecialFX)

- (looks like ARed from neck down only) "Stand Up" 2003 - screencaps

Luke Bryan
- (adult FB/FF to OA cuts) "Waves", 2020 - Scenes link - caps - (Ethan Damron)

Macy Gray
- (kinda looks like ARed) "Sweet Baby" 2001. Young girl lip-sync's Macy's lyrics.

Malvina Reynolds
- (FF song) "Turn Around", Harry Belafonte, 1957. "Turn around and you're two, Turn around and you're four, Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door. Turn around and you're tiny, Turn around and you're grown, Turn around and you're a young wife with babes of your own."

Mandy Moore
- (AA TF, kinda like "growth") size increase scene vidcaps.
"Faith in me" 2003. It looks like she is "growing". In an angle shot towards the end, she appears to double in size - (mmmlonger)

Mariah Carey
- (Old age to young adult morph at end) "Through the Rain" 2002 old age AR

Mark Wills
- (male flashback cuts) "19 somethin"

Marshmello ft. Bastille
- (AA lifetime FF) "Happier", 2018.
Video link - (Kappa)

Massive Attack
- (unseen AA CoA'd aftermath) "Psyche", 2010, John Downer, Heligoland releases. "A literal metamorphosis as insects change into their adult form and a metaphorical metamorphosis as a girl becomes a woman and breaks free of her past." - Vid link - caps

Meat Loaf
- (unseen stasis) "Bat Out of Hell". People stay teenagers but it's not paradise. Featured in Steinman's Peter Pan-inspired 1977 musical Neverland with "Heaven Can Wait" and "All Revved Up with No Place To Go". What Neverland feels like: Tink: Year after year. - Baal: Sooner or later - Tink: they'll never grow up.

Melanie Martinez
- (adult to old aged, vore) "The Bakery", 2020/09.
Near the end Melanie is in old age makeup eating a cookie version of herself. Overall, it's okay in my opinion. I would enjoy it more if it was better video quality.
- Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000)

Melanie Martinez
- (adult baby/sissy, kinda looks like mental ARed)
"Cry Baby", 2016. It has her in a number of infantile situations.
- Video link - caps
It's worth pointing out that she's explored similar themes in a few of her other music videos.
"Pity Party", 2015.
- Video link - caps
Also "Training Wheels", 2015 - link - not so much in "Sippy Cup" or "Dollhouse" (preteen doll TFed AA).
- (Sebtomato, Anostus)

Melanie Martinez
- (mental CoA life themes) c2021. Rumors of 3rd studio album "Growntown" AKA Childhood Home, Growth Spurt, Time Traveler. Rumors of tracks "Wrinkles" or Wrinkly or Wrinkling, "Withering", "Rocking Chair".

Melody Chiang
- (old aged to young adult ARed dream sequence) AKA Chiang Mei Chi, AKA Jiang Mei Qi, "remembers". Taiwan.
vid link - reversed time - (Yoshihiro21)

- (male adult time reversal) 2003 "Frantic"

Michael Jackson's Ghosts
- (male adult "OA'd") 40mins short film with 3 songs, 1996.
The pop star played the 60-something white mayor and his opponent, the performer who entertains children with magic tricks - 1

Miki Nishino (performer)
- (FF) - same uniform changes

Miley Cyrus
- (adult baby) "BB Talk", 2015.
Well-acted video protesting her resistance to being babied by her lover.
- Video link - screencaps - info link link - (Dexas)

Mission, The
- (male reduction) "The Mission" - "Like A Child Again" 1994.
Camera angles and oversized furniture kinda simulate decreased-size infantilization - posed

MNEK & Zara Larsson
- (FF lifetime trope, time cuts) "Never Forget You", 2015.
The girl is shown at different points from her childhood to old age, but the monster stays the same age - Video link - screencaps

- (male old age, male face FB glimpsed, male reincarnation AR) "Natural Blues", 1999.
At the end his life comes full circle.
- Video link - screencaps

Monique Smit
- (FF AA AP) "2 Kleine Kleutertjes Deel 2", 2016 album, "Ik Groei". Netherlands.
Kids documentary song. Vid link - caps - gif

- (male cutaway ARed glimpse) "Follow The Map".
From "Hymn to the Immortal Wind" album, 2009, Japan. Influenced by experimental rock and shoegazing, classical/contemporary music periods, and noise and minimalism - Vid link - caps

- ("vampiric" body swap, young/old adults) "Take Me to the Ballroom", 2004-2007.
At a secret Ball, a sinister Ritual occurs. The time has come for a Matron to switch minds with a new young adult body. You are cordially invited.
- Video link - screencaps - (Eric)

- (AA AP morph) "Blindfold" - age walk
- (AP AA) "Blindfold" 1998 UK. Walking girl morphs older.

Morning Musume
- (AA TF GTSed glimpse) "Love Machine" Shortest group member Yaguchi Mari was very briefly seen to have "expanded" in size.

Morning Musume
- (adult AA TFs) "joshi kashimashi monogatari", 2004 "noisy girls story".
Members of the Japanese girl group introduce themselves while morphing into each other in the train - (DMZ)

Moving House
- (AA "FFed" cuts) "Body For a Hole", 2013. A collection of home movies follow a young girl through the years. A generation in a glimpse - link

Ms. Jade
- (AP morph) "Big Head" 2002, director Chris Robinson. "It's a little girl that morphs into me," 22-year-old Philadelphia rapper Jade said of the first video she's starred in. AP
- (CoA trope) "Not a little kid now", 2016, 15 sec vids.
Based on Melanie Martinez "Alphabet Boy" lyrics "I'm not a little kid now Watch me get big now" which has a slight AB theme link

Mylene Farmer
- (AP, cocoon) "Comme j'ai mal" - 1
- (old age) "Plus Grandir" 1985 France. 5:30 minutes into the video she does an old age transformation dance.
- (OA) "Plus Grandir" - aging dance

Nastyboy Klick
- (adult rejuvenation) "Down For Yours", 1997 hip hop.
The crew go to a senior home in the middle of the desert where some girls throw CD's into a pool and a geyser erupts. This causes all the seniors to become hot young adults and the clip ends with them chilling at the pool. Only 2 TFs are shown sadly, 2 older men morphing into younger men.
- Video link - screencaps - (MVZ, metamorphose)

New Pornographers
- (male AA face FFed) "Moves" c2010 - years

Niana Guerrero
- (AA AP) Filipina dancer/singer/TikTok - c'21 gif

- (kinda looks like FFed) "Photograph" Changing camera angles and jump cuts look like FF. 1

- (male/female cutaway AA ARed) Century Child, alternative metal, 2002. "Bless The Child".
The story is kind of cryptic. At the very end, after a wedding, the male finds his wife in a field near some trees (could be "paradise"). The video cuts away, and when it returns the couple have regressed to children. They walk off camera together as it ends.
- Video link - screencaps - (kARth)

Nina Simone
- (male AR, cut-aways) "Sinnerman" (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) Running old man regresses to boy. Director J.G. Biggs. male AR

- (male before/after) "Nevermind" album cover FF - older

- (younger forms) "One Wish", 2014, Sweden.
A kid version of the pop trio in a lost forest land. Near the end they are seen as adults emerging from the forest. The "AR" could be wishful thinking (pun intended) for a nostalgic dream party. Sorry, no symbolic transformations necessary, just representing childhood perceptions.
- Info & video link - - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Notorious B.I.G. featuring 112
- (kinda looks like ARed) screencaps - aftermath

- (adult rejuvenation smoke poofs) "Give Me Twenty", 2016.
The sexy artist Novel pays a visit to a retirement home. She blasts the seniors with smoke and makes them young adults again. It seems at the end some return to their original ages, but some stay rejuvenated. Similar to Nastyboy Klick's "Down For Yours".
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Oddity Road
- (male ARed OC cutaway) "Why am I like this?" 2019.
At the end of the video the lead singer was regressed into a toddler while his clothes remained big.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Offspring, The
- (male age change effects, AA) "The Offspring" - "The Kids Aren't Alright", 1999 - male AR, AP

Oh Mercy
- (adults rejuvenated cut-aways) "Stay, Please Stay", 2011.
Older crowd into younger crowd. It happens after about 2 mins.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Oh Wonder
- (some adult OA'd make-up) "Happy", 2020.
Video link - (Kappa)

- (maturity form) "Yo La Tengo", 2013. Cigar chomping baby.

Oingo Boingo
- (adult women pretending to be younger) "Little Girls" age disguise (strawman1985) Girl dressed younger at 1:46, vid link:

Ojej ft. Tomasz Organek
- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath) "Feel Low", 2016, Poland.
A babies-version video centering around a baby boyfriend and girlfriend. Also their home is baby sized.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (AP AA morph, AP AA cutaways, male APed AA) "Into the Night" summer 1996 Eurodance. Young girl Ondina eats a magic apple and morphs older. Then she AA's her preteen male and female friends into an adult party with her new powers (TFs not depicted). Video link - (smrwilly, s2325)
- (AP AA) "Into the Night" screencaps - video link

- (AA shoe "growth" & AA size increase) "Labyrinth", 2008, German.
Wonderland-inspired music video. She encounters a double of herself with white hair and glowing eyes. The flexible-leather foot expansion glimpse looks kinda like the first second of an AP scene, before her toes would break through the front and the straps would snap.
- Shoe gif - Height gif - screencaps - (Process)

Panics, The
- (AR) "The Panics" - "Endless Road" 2011 fan video.
Genero TV competition. Five office workers find a doorway to another world that unleashes their inner child.
- Video link - Screencaps:
AR - AR - AR - (Edwardeddie)

- (kinda like self-image mental FBed, RN) "Brick by Boring Brick", 2009 caps

Paul McCartney & Beck
- (male adult "rejuvenated") "Find My Way" 2021.
Paul was faked into a younger adult. But not all is as it seems? Video link
- This is similar to "The Beatles: Rock Band Commercial Spot", c2009, where The Fab 4 come to modern day life - link

Peter Gabriel
- (flash forward fades) "Big Time" 1986.
- (male APed AA) "Steam" male (ARarchive pics)

Peter, Paul and Mary
- (coming of age FFed) "Puff the Magic Dragon" , 1963. The song ends with Jackie Paper growing up and abandoning his imaginary friend, leaving Puff alone and in sorrow.

Phibes, The
- (male CB TF) "The Phibes". Young man transforms into wolf monster - male screencaps (Akira)

Pink Floyd
- (male AR AA dream sequence flashback) "Comfortably Numb" 1979, "The Wall" album.
Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home? - Time blurring

Pink Floyd
- (OA fade scene shift) face overlap.

- (kinda like ARed) "Family Portrait" 2002 Pink and younger version of herself. 1 2
- (breast swelling scene) "Stupid Girls" 2006 music video. Pink pulls string to make her breasts expand at bowling alley. BE

- (coming of age FB) "Conversations with my 13 year old self"

- (AA APed AA ARed, TGed) "Electric Surfin' Go Go" 4 Japanese schoolgirls turn into adult female and male band members at the beginning and back. ( 1

- (kinda looks like age disguised) "All Mine" features an extremely unnerving little girl lip-synching the song.

- (male, kinda looks like FB AA ARed) "The Miracle", 1989. The band members are depicted by kids.

- (male AA AR dream sequence morphs) "Whap-pa".
Video link - screencaps

- (male flashback, male flash forward) "Whap-pa" 2006 music video. Moldovan former member of O-zone (famous for Numa Numa song) sings about a childhood love. You can see Radu regress to a small boy and AP back into an adult but you don't see him regress again until near the end where he regresses twice, then he's APed back into an adult and the song ends. male link (Ararchive)

Reba McEntire
- (adult FFed) "The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia" - Make-up makes her look like a 60-year-old woman - (Jeffr_2bya)

Reba McEntire
- (flash forward & flashback fades) "I'll be", 2000. Mother remembers daughter's childhood.
- (male flash forward cuts, flash forward, AA) 2003 "I'm gonna take that mountain" male
- (FF, FB, AA fades) "I'll Be".
- "Growing" daughter

Residents, The
- (AP) "The Residents" - "Gingerbread Man" nude CGI (Process)
- (Poser APed) "The Gingerbread Man" Poser animation APed link - (s2325)

Rey de Reyes Kids
- (FF AA) "Me haces crecer" 2013 caps

Rhonda Vicent
- (FF) "If Heartaches Had Wings" 2004. As woman steps into car to leave, she is shown as child, then a teen to a young adult, before fading into current self - (Jeffr)

Rockster featuring Paul Cless
- (male AR cuts) "How I Feel", 2013.
2 guys regressed into kids while having a drunken bender night on the town.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (flashback/flash forward AA) "Ciao Bella" 2007. (Laurent, LezloShig)
Video: link
Screencaps: ARAP

- (male muscle) 2000 "Chuckie Chan" Disney music video from "Rugrats in Paris". male

Runaway June
- (AA mental age/maturation form cuts) "Buy My Own Drinks", 2018 country.
Scenes link - screencaps - (Ethan Damron)

Ryan Weaver
- (middle age illusion) "Crank It", 2013. About looking under the surface to find the beauty inside someone - link

Ryn Weaver
- (AR AA poof glimpse) "OctaHate" - 2014.
Video link - screencaps

Sandra Kim
- (flash forward AA, side-by-side split-screen comparison) "J'aime la vie" - used in Delta Lloyd retirement commercial, 2010, Belgium.
13 year old starlet who won the 1986 Eurovision song contest recreates her original music video as a 37 year old woman to advertise the fleeting nature of time.
- Music Video Link - (acca)

Santana f. Steven Tyler
- (flashback, flash forward) "Just Feel Better" 2005 1

Sapnal Denise
- (AA FF glimpse) 2013 "The Bread Tree" - screencaps

- (AP) "VVIP" 2011, S-Korea.
The Wonderland potion made her older so she could kiss VI (the Mad Hatter) who wanted her grown up at the end... but even if she looks older, isn't she still too young, just saying!
- Video link - screencaps - gif

Shania Twain
- (flash forward to early old age, AA) "Forever and For Always"
- 1 - 2

Shawn Mullins
- (male FF AA) "Shimmer" - years

- (AR AA) "Deck The Halls", 1999.
From "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas", Disney movie. Old woman to child swirl around @02:00.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Jeff_2bya)

- (kinda sorta looks like ARed) "Chandelier", 2014. The 39 y.o. singer is portrayed by 11 y.o. wunderkind dancer Maddie Ziegler as Sia's pint-size manifestation in the music video. Tattoos were faithfully replicated - Vid link
- Maddie also appeared in "Big Girls Cry" and "Elastic Heart".

Sigur Ros
- (kinda like OA mental rejuvenation) "Hoppipolla", 2005.
Old persons act like young hooligans.

- (old age to young adult rejuvenation, mutant TF) "Freak", Freak Show, 1997 - sweat extract turns back the clock of age - pics - video link

"Freak" old age to young adult AR video link (The Process Forum, RedGroon)

Since The Time
- (male AA APed cut, ARed AA cut) "Behind you" (Za Toboy). Vladislav Udintsev, Russia, 2017.
Romantic story about people that turn into children when they fall in love. After the boy kissed the woman, they have swapped ages.
- Video link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

size increase/giantess themes
- (AA sudden expansions) "Alice in Wonderland" c2015 rapid spurt - gif - gif
- (dedicated adult height) "Giantess" c2015 fan edit caps

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner
- (slight ff cut, FB dream) "The Devil's Den", unofficial music video, 2012, link

- (male shadow FFed) "Bangarang", 2011 - link - caps

- (age unlayering) "Progression through unlearning". Inner child emergence
- album cover

Sonny & the Sunsets
- (AR AA) "Reflections on Youth" 2011.
Near the end of the music video @ the 03:00 mark, the band members one by one poof into 5 y.o.s and remain that way to the end.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Sonny With A Chance
- (adult babies) "Making Babies Cry", 2010.
- Video link - caps - (Thomas)

Spice Girls
- (flashback/FF AA cuts) "Mama" 1997 - years

- (male age disguised) "Hourglass", 1987. In the chorus, the band is in diapers, then schoolboy uniforms, teenage punk clothes, business suits, old codger clothes, and coffins.

Stacie Orrico
- (hairstyle morphs) 2003 "(There's gotta be) more to life"

Stone Sour
- (male old age) "Bother", 2003. Corey Taylor watches himself age - male old age

Stuck In the Sound
- (male ff) "Let's Go", 2012.
Animated music video. The theme is that you shouldn't let your life go by trying to achieve some super ambitious goal, but remember to live in the moment - Video link

- (male flash forwards) "Dare you to Move" 2004.

- (male flashback/FF) "Dare You To Move".
c'04 vid link - caps

System of a Down
- (AP AA flash, face close-up) "Question!" - time berries (Process)
- (AP, face close-up) "QUESTION!" music video. Little girl swallows pill that causes her to transform from child to adult. (mr small)

- (14 to 20 AA FFed) "Day by Day" & "Sexy Love" drama version. Magical Dani was kidnapped by evil Queen Jiyeon, and brainwashed into grown woman Eunjung. She keeps having flashbacks of her old life with Mama Hyomin, causing her to flip out during a party.

Tai Verdes
- (line animation FF) "momma told me imma be" 2021 - link - (Kappa)

Taking Back Sunday
- (male AA AR morph, AA) "MakeDamnSure" 2006 male AR

Talking Heads
- (AP AA cuts, male AR) "Road to nowhere" 1985. Fetus "grows" into young woman (cuts and different actresses stretch themselves). Couple goes from newlyweds to old age.
- (FF AA stretching, OA) - fast "growing" daughter - OA'd aftermath

- (ARed AA face close-up) Girl's mother was magically reverted at end of music video.
- mother - (AR Group)
- "El Patio de Mi Casa" music video from "Brinca" album, Mexico 1996. Little girl wanders into poor but happy neighborhood. The girl is shy at first, but Tatiana beckons her into joining them. The girl's mother bursts in and yells at her. That night Tatiana takes her back to the neighborhood. Everyone is in colorful costumes now, the place is brightly lit, and the people are all singing and dancing wildly. The girl's parents have followed and are soon yelling. Tatiana comes up to Mom and peels off a star, revealing a smile on Mom's face instead of the anger she had just seconds earlier. At the end, they all hold hands and the mother is transformed into a little girl too. This seems to be the actual theme, that adults ought to become kids again in order to think like them and have fun with them. Tatiana's own image is sort of that of a kid who never really grew up (her earlier "adult" albums notwithstanding).

Taylor Swift
- (coming of age) "Mine" 2010 - love story from schoolgirl crush to married with children - screencaps

Taylor Swift
- (FFed to OA) "Mary's Song (Oh My My My)".
Woman looks back at ages 7, 16, her marriage and children, and finally reveals she and her sweetheart will soon be 87 and 89.

Tegan and Sara
- (young/older adults comparison photos) "I Know I'm Not the Only One" 2020 video link - (Kappa)

Thomas Ian Nicholas
- (age forms AA, OAd?) "Without Warning"
- screencaps - age girl
- Several quick age fades throughout, starting at 0:17-0:23, 2:31-2:34. He's looking a lot older too from his American Pie days.
- Video link

Thomas Rhett
- (dream sequence adult rejuvenation twirl cut) "Remember You Young", 2019.
Old age to young couple one last time - link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Three 6 Mafia
- (male flashback kinda looks like male ARed) "Poppin my Collar" 2006 music video. male
- (male ARed) 2006 (metamorphose) male

Three Days Grace
- (flashback, flash forward) "Never Too Late" 2007 Quick blink fade of girl/woman.

Timo Maas
- (AR AA TF) "Shifter feat. MC Chickaboo" 2002. Collapsing young woman's hands and face are seen to shrink to girlhood. She then meets other people similarly reverted.
video link AR process starts around 2 minutes 5 seconds.
alternate link remix
- (AR AA) "Shifter" screencaps

- (adults FF to old age) "Repeat", 2020 - Video link - (Kappa)

Tori Amos
- (face AR, ARed AA, AA TFs) "Glory of the 80's", 1999.
She is trapped in Goth attire and make-up, and fastened with heavy cable bars to the frame of the cage. At one point her face regresses into a baby, and then she has turned into a naked infant. She transformed into a fox, sprouts wings, and turned into a raven.
- Video link @01:11 - screencaps - ( AgeRegressionFan01)

Tori Amos
"Strange Little Girl" 2001, sudden age changes.
("AR AP" AA blinks) Age change blink TFs at the start, at 90 sec, at 143 sec, at 179 sec. AP AR

Travis Tritt
- (male flash forward) "I See Me" 2005. A father sees himself in his son as he grows up. (Shurimon)

- (male) The "Boy" album explores the phenomenon of a child (or boy) turning into a man.
- (AA blink cuts, "AR AP", TG) "Walk on" People transforming into each other. 1 2 3 4

- (AP) 1980s (?) music video. A long time ago I saw a rock video. I remember the story but not the title. The clip began with a darkening night sky over a college or orphanage. A group of girls were going to bed under the eyes of 3 old women. They go away, then a starship arrives and a band of rockers appears through the wall. The leader is dressed in a leather jacket, he scares the girls, burns a teddy bear (I think), then proceeds to play a guitar, changing the girls into women. The 3 old women return and the leader pulverizes them. The crew and the new women return to the starship and the leader destroys the building. The title could include the words "bad wolf". If you remember the title, please use E-mail on Update page. (Stefano)

- (AR scene?) Animated (anime?) scene or music video portrayed older people playing in a band? As the band members jam, they slowly revert back to their younger years? I think it was a Summer-like song that took place near a beach? Any help would be appreciated... - (Maxwell)

Used, The
(male AA AP, face close-up, animated) "The Used" - "All that I've Got" 2005 animated male

Vacant Lot, The
- (ABDL) "Pamper Me (Put Me In Diapers)". Parody video from 1994 CBC/Comedy Central show, Ep02.
- Video link - (Shlalom Masters)

Van Halen
- (male flashback/FF comparisons) "Hot For Teacher" 1984 - male ages.

Walk Off The Earth
- (AR AA, age forms) "Gang of Rhythm", Kids' CBC, 2013.
Music video of a band performing with younger versions of themselves.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Weird Al Yankovic
- (male adult babies) "Dare To Be Stupid", 1985.
Video link - cap - (Thomas)

Weird Al
- (male infantilized glimpse) "Polka face" 2011. Animated Justin Bieber was shown as a pre-toddler.
Video link - caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Wet Wet Wet
- (head swap ARed) "Strange" 1997
- (head swaps look like ARed from neck down) "Strange" - screencaps

White Stripes, The
- (kinda sorta like ared) "My Doorbell" Kids acting as adults - 01
- (sorta looks like symbolic ARed) "Blue Orchid" - 01

Willem en Jan
- (male rejuv/AR AA) "Tussen Jou en Mij", 2022/06. Netherlands.
Animated music video, nostalgia/reminiscence. Two pals take a DeLorean back to their high school years in the late 90's - link @02:20 - screencaps - (maletf.blogspot)

Within Temptation
- (old age to young adult morph, old age RN) "Memories" 2004 vid link (

- (adult rejuvenation, male AR scene at end) "Rayda", 2004, Czech.
Husbands bring their older wives to a Clinic were they test the women and prepare baths with what looks like tomato juice. The older women helped by men in white coats go into the baths and come out as hot 20-something bikini models who end the clip dancing. However the situation deteriorates when the old men break in.
- Video link - screencaps - (MVZ, metamorphose)

- (adult to OA face fades, RN) "Someday", from Redwood Tree, 2010. aging years - adult rejuvenated.
Video link (yoshihiro21)

Your Favorite Martian
- (adults FFed to old) "Friend Zone", animated music video, 2012.
Warning: there's no kissing in the Friend Zone. Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal