Aging Transformation Scenes

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13 Going On 30
- (AA mental AR, amnesia AA movie) 2004. No growing, no shrinking, no transformation, no age changes, nothing but AA scenes. Wrongly described as a female or "girly" version or remake or update of "Big"; a successful magazine editor is mentally reverted to 13 years old. Her body doesn't change, only her mind. Gawky girl Jenna is picked on by her peers and classmates for being too eager to be popular. Locked in a closet 5 days before her 13th birthday (after an embarrassing round of the "7 minutes in the closet" kissing game), she makes a wish to become popular, and when she gets out of her entrapment, she discovers that she's skipped ahead 17 years to become a sexy and successful advertising executive just 5 days shy of her 30th birthday. In "Big" the setting never changed, just the boy's age (he aged rapidly), whereas in this movie, the girl skips parts of her life that the rest of the world (as well as her grown up self) experienced at a normal rate of speed. "Nerdy kid next door" grew up good-looking. Boyfriend is hockey player. She's happy to learn that she's become rich, powerful, and beautiful but is discouraged to find out she didn't get to that point in a very admirable way. - review
- pic - pic - poster
- 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

13 Going On 30
- (AA movie crap) mirror scene, age disguise attempt - age wish.
- (AA RN mind transfer, face close-up fade) ending
- (adult OA'd) "18 going on 80" parody fan art - (micumouse)

14 Going On 30
- (male excellent AP CB, AR, RN) 1988. Best AP ever. Boy uses his friend's growth accelerator to become an adult. Romance blooms with his attractive home room teacher, and they both end up as teenagers again. Friend ages himself to seem more mature. Quote: "it didn't work, it only shrunk my clothes." (Shortysboy)
- cover - pic
- (male) ad

14 Going On 30
- (male foot AP CB glimpse) - gif

16 Wishes
- (AA "16" to 22 pseudo "age increase" is actually mass-delusion) Disney AA-curse "TF" scene.
- (AA self image discrepancy, young adult appearing as younger adult, mass delusion/mental adult rejuvenation effect) 6/2010.
Eager to "grow up", Abby Jensen has been planning her Sweet 16th birthday party ever since she was a little girl with a list of secret wishes. On the big day, a peculiar woman appears. Abby has suddenly become fashionable, athletic and popular! Things go horribly wrong after she makes her 9th wish however, which is to be treated like an adult. This backfires when everyone appears to see her as an adult, even though her body has not changed at all. She misses out on her Sweet 16, has no more friends, and is forced to move away from her parents' house and stop attending high school. Abby must race against the clock and make everything normal again before midnight, after which she will be stuck. Celeste comes at the last minute and points out she never had her 16th wish, and she can start the day over...
- Disney AA video link - 9th wish: the world has changed around Abby.

17 Again
- (male adult AA ARed) New Line, Zac Efron, 2009. 36 y.o. soul transferred into body of 17 year old - AA

18 again
- (male) 1988 George Burns. A grandfather and grandson swap bodies after an accident. The grandson in Burns' body spends most of the movie in a coma.

2001: A Space Odyssey
- (male age forms, cut-aways) Astronaut David Bowman, after experiencing a massive array of colors and shapes, finds himself appearing gradually older as he enters each room. He first looks middle aged eating dinner, then a few minutes later, he looks really old. After seeing the monolith, Dave has turned into a fetus-like being encased in an orb of unknown energy. He later sees the Earth as he floats by in his new form - (Christopher)

2001: a Space Odyssey
- (male old age, male AR, AA) 1968 male

- (possible flashback, flash forward, age stasis) 2004, Kar Wai Wong. Writer thought he wrote about the future, but it really was the past. A mysterious train left for 2046 every once in a while. Everyone who went there had the same recapture their lost memories. It was said that in 2046, nothing ever changed. Nobody knew for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back- except for one. He wanted to change.

20th century nostalgia
- (flash forward) "20-seiki nosutarujia", 1997.
With Ryoko Hirosue. This movie was filmed over 3 years. She "grows" from 14 to 17 - (Akira)

30 Years to Life
- (male AP) 10/15/1998 "UPN Night at the Movies" Wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to age 30 years overnight, a 15 year old boy transformed into a fully grown man seeks the true killer.

3096 Tage
- (preteen to 18 FF) German drama film, 2013.
Based on the true story of 10 y.o. Natascha Kampusch, and her 8-year ordeal being kidnapped. Grownup actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes (1982) portrays her from age 14 to 18 in the basement. In late 2012 concerns arose about her drastic weight loss for the film, but she stated she wanted to suffer as much as Kampusch did.

- (FF, coming of age) 2013, Germany. Amelia Pidgeon, Antonia Campbell-Hughes.
The true story of Natascha Kampusch, who was held captive from age 10 to 18.

32 Dekabrya
- (adult mind transfer?) "32 December". 2004, Russia. In an old folks pension on New Year's Eve, Sergei, retired hypnotist Karen, and the charming Margarita have the same secret desire: to become young again for 1 night - poster

- (coming of age BE wish) Ireland, 2007.
Set in the "in-between" time, when she is no longer a child and not yet a woman. We open with our 13 y.o. heroine, Maeve, putting on her new bra, and stepping out into the world. She has an obsession with breasts and bras and can't help but stare at other girls and women.

36 fillette
- (UC) 1988 France. Coming of age story. "14 year old" Lili still wears the "dress of a child" but has the body of a woman. The title refers to the "child-size" dress which she is "literally" "bursting out of".
- Snug top glimpses - 01 - 02

41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It, The
- (male adult AA pseudo rebirth) 2010.
After a case of sexual mistaken identity, Sarah shows up heavily pregnant the next day, explaining that she's half-Mexican. In Hawaii she appears even bigger while wearing a bikini. With a ridiculously huge belly she gives birth to the Verizon guy, and 4 babies from 4 fathers - (The Belly Guide)

4D Man
- (old aged) Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. Scott Nelson dinks around in the fourth dimension. Anytime he uses his newfound abilities, he ages rapidly. He seeks medical help, having discovered the after effects, but accidentally takes a life (unwittingly drawing forth a man's energies). At first he reacts horrified. By sharing the same space with another (presumably adult) living creature, he can draw from their life force... the only downside is the person he draws from ends up aging to the point of death. People crumble to dust before our eyes!

5 Children & It
- (male AA APed) 2004, based on 1902 E. Nesbit book. Also BBC TV series (male AP morph, AA). Robert wishes to be "bigger than the baker's boy": "He's a rude violent boy, and it'll do him good to be the wrong size for a bit" and AA-"grows" about 11 feet high. Their baby brother pipes up with the kind of wish fulfillment that "growth" offers: "Me grow-me grow big boy, have guns and mouses-an'-an". Cyril wishes that he would "grow up now!" and, to the children's horror, he does. Suddenly he is tall and has a moustache. Worse, the Lamb is now an authority over them. "Had his mind grown up together with his body?" Both incidents use humor to show the children's lack of readiness for a grownup state.

Aao Wish Karein
- (male AP, CBed) 2009, India.
12-year-old Mickey falls in love with 21-year-old Mithika. But age's no bar when he finds a wishing well that allows him to grow into an adult overnight. Now he can actually serenade the woman he loves. He sings songs with her, treats her to gifts, invites her to share his Playstation, and welcomes her in Spider-Man slippers. The girl can't tell something's amiss and simply thinks he's cute. She even cajoles him into marriage and waits for him at the altar, veil et al. Will the romance survive once the wish is over? (O', DannyGrowth)
- Movie video link - the male AP starts at 6:28.
- Trailer video link
- poster - vidcap

Aao Wish Karein
- (male APed CB)
male AP - magic wishing well. What will happen next?
male AP - bedroom discovery scene in the morning.
male AP - the bathroom scene: hiding from younger sister.
male AP - secret escape from the home.
male AP - friend at first has trouble believing the truth.

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars
- (adult to OA'd) 1953.
The all-woman population hasn't aged since men were banished from Venus. A 4 y.o. girl is said to be over 400. After Costello disappoints her, the queen rules that any woman who flirts with a man will loose her eternal youth. Near the end, a woman who flirts with him instantly turns into a crone, scaring the hell out of Costello - (PixChick)

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe
- (accelerated pregnancy) 1990. Evil alien Secundus impregnates a woman who not only gives birth in a matter of minutes, but doesn't even get her pants off. Sonia names the normally-aging boy Tommy.

Absolutely Anything
- (male adult muscle, also TG) 2015. Some male adult revitalization/rejuv.
TF scene link - screencaps - (Romain)

Acid House, The
- (male AR) 1998 movie triptych, Paul McGuigan, 3rd part. Coco Bryce takes one acid tab too many and an electrical storm switches his mind with an upper middle class enwombed baby. How to deal with a drunken, foul-mouthed baby? A nasty, conniving, sodding little brat, to be sure, but a baby nonetheless. His return to reality at the end is gratifying because anything would be better than the little Baby Chuckie. The infant was transformed into a rampaging Hibs fan.

- (elder daughter/ younger adult mother role reversal, adult age stasis effect, possible slight OA?) c2012?
Veteran actress Angela Lansbury was set to play Katherine Heigl's daughter. Like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in reverse, the title character was killed in a car accident in her 20s, but brought back to life by a bolt of lightning. From that point she is rendered ageless, and is cared for by her daughter as her health declines. Reportedly she could lose her immortality by finding a great man.

- (adult rejuvenated) 2015 Netflix movie.
A 40-ish woman undergoes a procedure that gives her a different, younger adult body. She goes from Asiatic to somewhat Hispanic or Arabic, as she gets a mix of ethnic genetics by using the procedure. It doesn't feel like you're following the life of the same character. Apparently the lead's daughter has trouble accepting this new, younger woman as her mother.
- (Vended, Filthymind)

Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The
- (male adult rejuvenated) 1987.
After landing on the moon, the old Baron finds himself a young man again. "A good adventure always rejuvenates me," he explained. To his little girl companion, he said, "Good heavens, don't you get any younger, or we'll need a wet nurse!". ln - th

Adventures of Captain Marvel
- (male) 1940. Short Bill Batson transforms into mighty Captain Marvel by saying "Shazam!" to save the world from the curse of the Scorpion - (Eric)

- (demonic degeneration) Singapore horror anthology, 2014.
3rd film, TF scene in the elevator - screencaps - (Dutch Bull's TF Dimension)

Age of Adaline, The
- (adult age stasis) 4/24/2015.
Woman born around 1900 miraculously remains a youthful 29 y.o. for nearly 80 years after a strange incident, never allowing herself to get close to hide her secret. After years of a solitary life, a chance encounter with a charismatic philanthropist makes her reconsider her immortality.
- Blake Lively: Adaline Bowman - Anthony Ingruber: William (young) - Harrison Ford: William Jones.

Aimée Price
- (adult rejuvenation) age forms - trailer video link - screencaps - info (AR Board)

Aimee's Price
- (adult rejuv wish) 2005 White Swan Films.
Young adult Aimee Price meets mysterious antiquarian, and exchanges one year of her adult youth for a life of happiness: the very next day her husband dies and she inherits his wealth. Twenty-five years later she falls for a talented but self-absorbed painter much younger than herself. Convinced only adult youth and beauty can attract the artist, Aimee demands her 24th year back from the antiquarian, who agrees, but... - (Anonymous)

Airport 79: the Concorde
- (body double, continuity error kinda looks like AP)
looks like AP

Alice in Wonderland movie
- (unconfirmed rumor, flashed forward, possible TFs) CANCELLED - 2008, Sarah Michelle Gellar. Alice has "grown up" into a young woman in a movie based on the game American McGee's Alice.

Alice in Wonderland(?)
- (AA adults) 1976 porno, possible shrinking scene.
- CORRECTION: There is no growth at all in the movie, only a shrink scene. She doesn't grow out of her clothes, but rather shrinks out of them (leaving her nude) - (Allogagan) It should be noted there were persistent reports of an Alice movie in which an adult female grows out of an age-appropriate costume. Decades of extreme disappointment and pessimism have ruined that hope.
- Modest budget adult treatment of Lewis Carroll's classic. Kristen DeBell made a believable but naive Alice - (Process forum)
- AA scene

Alice in Wonderland - Through the Looking Glass
- (unconfirmed rumors, in pre-production, AA "growth" TF) Live action adaptations of Lewis Carroll's works were announced. Les Bohem would adapt both books as separate features and planned to stick extremely close to Carroll's original work.

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA FFed) 2009 years
- (AA size changes) Alice's size-adjustable wardrobe concept art

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA size increase) change

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA) 2010 age costumes
- (CB) 2009, Tim Burton - manga fan art
Intensely frustrating. As this was a Disney movie, the implied "clothes bursting" was not shown in any way whatsoever.

Alice through the Looking Glass
- (AA) 1999 UK. Kate Beckinsale plays a very "grown-up" Alice, still wearing a now larger pinafore, who is transported through the looking glass while reading the story to her daughter - FFed.

Alice Through the Looking Glass
- (canine AR glimpse) 2016 trailer - gif - (FARfan)

- (AA size changes) 1999 NBC version - TF - TF - TF
- (AA size transformations) gif - gif - gif

Alien 3
- (implied AP, not shown) 1992. During the autopsy Newt is reportedly 12 years old, ie. 6 years older than she is in "Aliens" (1986). If Newt is now 12 years old, then it raises more questions. Why has she aged 6 years in hypersleep when Ripley doesn't seem to have aged? It may affect children differently than adults. It is not known what happened to the white shirt she wore at the start of the hypersleep during her years of slow but steady growth. In real life, the actors did age 6 years since the last movie.
APed not shown

Alien 4
- (AP morph, face close-up) 1997 Little girl "grows" into Sigourney Weaver.
- 01 - AP scene

Alien Resurrection
- (AP) - clone

- (adult FFed to OA) In a deleted scene, Ripley's daughter, now a senior citizen, was played by Elizabeth Inglis, Sigourney Weaver's real-life mother.

Alison's Birthday
- (mind transfer, old age/ARed) 1979 Australian movie, Joanne Samuel. A cult is plotting to switch a 19 year old girl's body with their 104 year old leader, who has lived for many centuries by stealing the bodies of girls on their 19th birthday. It's poignant when the young girl wakes up in the old body, and then sees her former beautiful young body come into the room. The body stealer just smiles gloatingly, as the girl in the hag's body just screams and screams looking at her hands! (Eric)

Alison's Birthday
- (old/young adults mind swap) 1981. They plan to sacrifice Alison for demonic female spirit "Mirna", whose soul is currently manifested in Grandmother Thorn's body. As Ms. Thorn is aging quickly, they plan to switch bodies between the two. This ritual has been practised for centuries. Pete discovers he is too late and that Mirna has possessed Alison. When Alison wakes up, she realizes what has transpired, and the films ends with her screaming.

All Cheerleaders Die
- (young adult mind transfers) 2013.
After the young adult cheerleaders die in a car crash, the witch swaps their bodies. They wake and react. Younger sister Hanna feels her chest, knowing she is no longer in her body. She runs to the mirror, and does about three seconds of grabbing excitedly. Older sister wakes and sees herself (controlled by younger sis) and they all freak out. "You put me in my sister's body -- why!?" The shy personality of the younger in the sexy older sister's body is strange to see. They go to adult high school in promiscuous cheer outfits. The younger sister gets looks from guys, and starts to enjoy being the older, sexy sister. Boys laugh at the older sister because of her now smaller breasts, even pulling on her bra strings. The older sister gets mad her boyfriend had sex with her former body, and ends up killing him...
- (Tehswitcher, Guest)

All the Right Moves
- (UC) Leah Thompson wears old outgrown PJ's under her clothes? Marginal.
- UC

- (small possibility of accelerated development FF glimpse?)
Movies based on the myth and 1911 novel.
- "Alraune" Hungary, 1918, lost version.
- "Alraune, die Henkerstochter, genannt die rote Hanne" Germany, 1918, Eugen Illes.
- "Alraune" Germany, 1928, AKA "Unholy Love" Galeen, Brigitte Helm, definitive adaptation of novel.
- "Alraune" Germany, 1930, AKA "The Daughter of Evil" Oswald, Brigitte Helm.
- "Alraune" Germany, 1952, AKA "The Unnatural" Rabenalt, Hildegard Knef.

Always Will
- (flashback, flash forward) 2006. After uncovering an old relic from his elementary school, high school senior Will discovers he can change his past mistakes. An architect of his life, Will creates the kind of popularity every teenager yearns for. But when his unhappy mom shares regrets of her own, Will is faced with his toughest decision yet - (JeffR2bya)
Jake Voigtsberger: Young Will - Andrew Baglini: Will - Matthew Petrilla: Older Will
Colin Hartzell: Young Danny - John Schmidt: Danny
David Rhoton: Young Wheeler - Andrew Sammaciccia: Wheeler
Jeff Vent: Young Jacob - Mark Schroeder: Jacob
Gina Aversa: Young Julie - Noelle Meixell: Julie Foster
Jody Seymour: Lydia - Katie Fitzpatrick: Jennifer Cooley

Always Will
- (male life reboot) 2007.
High school nobody and buddies dig up time capsule from their elementary school. They discover it's a sort of time machine able to change the past. Its magical powers that can make them popular set other problems in motion. True magic is found in the heart and the development of one's own character.
- (Process) ln - th

- (flash forward) 2001 France. Has a quick time lapse of Amelie's nude mother and her pregnant belly growing (we also see her bare breasts) after seeing a brief microscopic view of her father's sperm (and hearing about it making a dash for an egg in his wife).

- (AA FF, coming of age) Cattet, Forzani. Phantasmagoric 2009 Franco-Belge Giallo film about a girl and her discovery of desire and sensuality. There are little stories for 3 ages from girl to woman depicting Ana's tortured erotic universe - link

- (metaphorical coming of age, dream sequence AP scene) - screencaps

American Carnage
- (adults OA'd) Illegal immigrant teens are forced to work "community service" at a nursing home. One by one they're turned old for a pretty gross reason. Jenna Ortega is half aged around the 5:20 mark. Weird that only one side is aged while other characters are fully aged. Just looking at the clips, it would make more sense to make her middle-aged if the process was interrupted halfway - link - (MeanMark)

American Carnage
- (young adults to old age) 2022/07.
The Governor orders the arrest of all immigrant offspring. Young adults may avoid deportation by volunteering to provide care for the elderly. But the facility has a dark secret.
- Full spoilers link @07:10, @08:15.

American Reunion - American Pie
- (adult flash forward) 1999 - 2012 movie posters - (F5)

American Rickshaw
- (adult to old aged) Sergio Martino, 1989.
AKA American riscio AKA American Tiger - Victim befriends ageless Asian witch, as evil reverend chases magical statue.
Old Madame Luna: Michi Kobi - Young Madame Luna: Regina Rodriguez.
- - screencaps - (Dutch Bull)

Amityville 1992
- (adult to OA, male AR cut) It's About Time.
Clock messes with a family and their dad's girlfriend. At the end, the haunted clock turns the teenage son into a toddler, and the dad's girlfriend attacks the clock with an axe. The clock hands start spinning forward rapidly, and she sees that her hands are beginning to wrinkle, she turns to the mirror, and sees that she has aged to about 80 y.o. The plot, atmosphere, and makeup are very good, but the scene is quick and occurs only at the end of the film. (AR done via cut)
- (Zietgiest) - th

Amityville: It's About Time
- (male AR, OA'd, unseen RNed) AKA "Amityville 1992", "Amityville 6". Republic Pictures Home Video, 1992.
A haunted clock causes many problems for a family and their neighbors.
- Screencaps - male AR scene - OA scene
(ArArchive, AR Group)

Amusement Park, The
- (adult mental age degeneration) George Romero, 54 mins, filmed 1973, 2021 re-release.
The Amusement Park was a psychological thriller/educational film, made as a commission for the Lutheran Society about elder abuse and ageism. An allegory about the nightmarish realities of growing older, an older man ignores vague warnings by a battered version of himself. He then experiences horrific things at an amusement park where the rides highlight aspects of aging. He finds himself disoriented and increasingly isolated as the pains, tragedies and humiliations are manifested through roller coasters and chaotic crowds. A nightmarish hellscape in which senior citizens are scammed, ignored, and worse - (Tylerjmcmaster)

Ang Panday
- (adult to OA) Philippines, 2017. Based on the komiks superhero - gif - caps - (TFDimension)

Angel at My Table, An
- (flash forward, coming of age) 1990 dramatization of New Zealand author Janet Frame's autobiographies, originally produced as a television miniseries. Different actresses portray Frame: Karen Fergusson (child), Alexia Keogh (adolescent) and Kerry Fox (adult).

Annabelle: Creation
- (blurry ghost TF kinda looks like AP) 2017.
Flashback scene in which Esther meets the preteen Annabelle apparition at the tea table, only to have her twitch, crack, and stretch into a figure as high as the ceiling. It was a very dark and backlit scene. Maximum enhancement attempted.
- Scene link - screencaps

- (AA ghost age-up) 2014.
Trailer jump scare. The evil "Conjuring" doll returns. The ghostly little girl AA'd into a screaming grown-up specter.
- Video link - screencaps

- (young/old adult soul swap) AKA "Mark of the witch", Jason Bognacki, 2014.
Old and ugly witch steals beautiful young woman's body - (4of11)

Ant-Man and the Wasp
- (shrunken man, adult male disguised as boy toddler) 2018.
Mistaken for a kid moment: Scott, shrunk to 3 ft tall, goes into his daughter's school to retrieve a valuable part hidden in a trophy. A teacher thinks he's a boy (he wears a tiny kid-sized hoodie outfit that still looks oversized). When he gets back to the van, still 3 ft tall, Hank jokes, "How was school today, champ? Would you like a juice box and some string cheese?" "You really have that?" They missed an opportunity to have him burst back to normal size.
- Lo-res clip link - caps - (Kidsized)

As Boas Maneiras
- (boy werewolf TF CB glimpse) AKA "Good Manners", Brazil, 2017.
A dark fable of animalistic passion and isolation - scene link - gif - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

Askeladden i Soria Moria slott
- (male age stasis to extreme OA) - The Ash Lad: In Search of the Golden Castle - Norway, 2019.
Someone poisoned the King and Queen. Younger brother and Princess Kristin go on a quest to find Soria Moria Castle, made of pure gold with a well containing the Water of Life. It will cure injuries and keep you alive for almost two centuries. There might be initial rejuvenating effects too? Made me laugh out loud when they kept looking for the father of the house. No he's over there, nope not me he's over there, 6 older guys later.... He's on the wall lol. Imagine if it was both female and male characters.
- Full movie link @43:24 - screencaps - (Keith943)

Asphyx, The
- (male adult oa) "The Asphyx", 1972. Twilight Zone style movie. An individual is immortal so long as their asphyx remains imprisoned. The protagonist is rendered deathless, but unfortunately not incorruptible. An ancient, disfigured Cunningham roams the streets of London - (Buckaroo Robot Monster)

Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar
- (female to female TF) 1999 Laetitia Casta

- (male growth CB muscle AP) Rage causes barefoot boy to experience massive growth spurt.
- Male burstout - rampage
- (male growth CB, muscle development) 2007 Mallu movie. Rage causes a 10 year old boy to grow taller in seconds. His feet instantly burst through his shoes, but his clothes survive a few moments longer. His mother is distraught by the change.
boy CB growth link
trailer link

Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader
- (very slight UC glimpses) 2012, Epix.
caps - caps - caps - caps

Attack of the 50 ft. Woman
- (CB growth scene) Aliens unlock the power of Daryl Hannah's body, causing her to grow through all obstacles.
- Ring, necklace pop off, shoe bursting - growth CB scene.
- Parody movie - nude aftermath scene

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
- (AA "TFed") Young woman Tara used to be a tomato, until Dr Gangrene transformed her into a human being? She only transforms into a tomato when salt is added to her. To turn her back into a human, just add pepper. She could carry condiments to control the process? Of course her clothes vanish and reappear as appropriate.

attribute theft scene
- (kinda looks like AR) reduction

- (male demon AA TF AP, accelerated pregnancy, pre-birth to adult) India, Telugu film by Kodi Ramakrishna, 2014.
AKA Meendum Amman - Tale of the Simha Rashi people. The goddess Akkamma defeated a monster from another world.
- Full movie link @26:50 - screencaps

Avengers: Endgame
- (adult age FFed) Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) sacrificed herself in 1987, saving millions of lives but becoming lost in the Quantum Realm. Hank Pym's wife was stuck inside until the present day. She was freed as an evolved human with superhuman powers, but several decades older.
- She also appeared as a younger adult in Ant-Man and the Wasp
- Scott/Ant-Man ARed - (Akira)

Avengers: Endgame
- (male ARed OC glimpse) 4/2019. Initial comments:
Klatuk4u: I don't think my heart can take it if there is no female AR... The AR gods spit on our heads so often... *grabs chest and prepares for worst*
There's male only, sorry!
Sigh... Thats it... I give up... I think thats it... I think I quit.
Oni: No. That is why you write. Set things right.
- Ant Man funny AR, 1 scene only. Time travel is very complicated: Scene link - screencaps - (Utopianfubar, Tazz, Ricky)

Avengers: Infinity War
- (postmortem spirit AA age form) Following her sacrifice, Gamora appeared in the Soul Stone as a child, similar to when she'd first met Thanos. Thanos' consciousness briefly faced his adoptive daughter.

Baby Geniuses 3
- (role reversal?) In pre-production? Children awake to discover that they have switched roles with their moms & dads? The babies are now the caretakers of their parents? - (Babysimba89)

Baby Geniuses Two
- AKA Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, 2004.

Baby Geniuses
- (baby adventures)
All babies are born knowing the secrets of the universe, and have the ability to speak with each other. What adults hear as baby-talk is actually sophisticated conversation. But when babies reach 2 y.o. and begin to speak our language in full sentences, they "cross over" - forgetting their secret language and becoming "one of us."
Doctor Elena Kinder is the scheming and wildly ambitious woman heading BABYCO, the world's largest baby products corporation. She also funds a secret research lab devoted solely to cracking the special baby language code. It will mean enormous profit and power. But when Sly, the best and brightest baby genius, escapes from the lab, Drs. Kinder and Heap have to get him back before he blows the lid off of their secret. Sly organizes the babies in the outside world to invade the secret lab. ln - th

Baby Mama
- (AR AA dream sequence) 2008. Tina Fey imagines co-workers as babies as her biological clock ticks down. regressed

Baby, The
- (male adult mental baby AA) - The Baby - 1973, Ruth Roman.
Forcible infantilization aftermath. Tough lady keeps adult son diapered and in a crib, only to have social worker try to get the "baby" away from her. It turns out her husband was infantilized in an accident, and he needs a playmate. The highlight is the showdown between the women: "You want the baby for yourself!"

Bad Girls from Valley High
- (young adult to old age) 2004.
The 3 Alpha Bitch Protagonists suffer Rapid Aging. They believe it's a curse wrought upon them by the ghost of a girl they murdered a year ago, but it turns out the girl's grandmother did it using bio-chocolates. The Token Good Teammate who regretted the deed is the only one who avoids aging to death, since she only ate two of the chocolates.

- (AP, old age AR) Tv movie, 1973. Rachel Roberts: Mrs. Farraday, Vera Miles: Andrea Glenn, Jewel Blanch: Jennifer Glenn.
A manor, an old woman in wheelchair, a famous actress and her very young daughter. Jennifer excuses herself from the table and runs into her father, Duncan. She appears to be in a trance as Duncan places a medallion around her neck. She hides it under her dress. The next morning Michelle is convinced that Faraday is looking younger than she did before. Jennifer walks by dressed in a high mini-skirt and go-go boots. Michelle comments it took her 3 years to get from 12 to 15 but Jen appears to have done it overnight. Mrs. Faraday and Jennifer giggle and talk girl talk. Jennifer wants to go into town and meet some boys. Mrs. Sanford stands up and discards her wheelchair. The old woman in a wheelchair gets younger and can walk, while the young daughter gets older and acts like a teenager in heat. Jennifer trips and falls, shattering the medallion in the process. She reverts to her old self and starts to cry, finally released from the spell. As the Bentley roars away, Faraday rapidly returns to her rightful age. She runs the car right over the cliff into the sea. Faraday's de-aging process is directly linked with Jennifer's maturing behavior - (The Gambler)
- (maturity magic) Teen girl came of age at unnatural speed - vid cap

- (AA "TF" poof disguises) Ouguro Akihiro. 1987 Tv movie starring Rie Hatada. Girl has toy-based magic powers to flash into different people - link - link @52:10 - caps - (Justin)

- (unseen AP command) 1971.
Esposito: "From this day on, the official language of San Marcos will be Swedish. Silence! In addition to that, all citizens will be required to change their underwear every half-hour. Underwear will be worn on the outside so we can check. Furthermore, all children under 16 years old are now... 16 years old!"

Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back
- (AP, RN) 1989. King Ankaris' young daughter Tamas (Cecilia Tijerina) uses black magic to transform herself and seduce Aurion. She prays to a small version of the Mona Lisa to make her an adult, and after a brilliant magical display she is "turned into" a grown up woman. She uses this "disguise" to infiltrate the rebel camp but then quickly blows her cover by saying a bunch of totally characteristic things and by trying to kill everyone. She returns to the castle and is killed by her own father. When she changes back into a little girl, he realizes that he has killed the joy of his life and quickly takes his own life. How can anyone who's ever spoken with 13 year old Tamis not recognize that voice? Tamis has some crazy accent that's pretty much unmistakable. Basically she transforms from a teenaged girl into a teenaged girl with slut makeup and permed hair. So the extent of Tamis magical powers is to have makeup magically applied and get her hair permed? - cover

BE scene
- (very slight UCed) - gif

BE scenes (theme)
- (TF swell) Vid link - caps

Beast Within, The
- (male CB) 1982, Philippe Mora. "He Was On The Verge Of Becoming A Man... Eater!" A 17 year old teen undergoes a transformation that is truly a work of art. Naturally his clothes rip.

Beau Is Afraid
- (male adult dream FFed appearance) Surrealist horror film, Ari Aster, 2023.
Beau escapes into a forest with Jeeves in murderous pursuit. Finding sanctuary with a troupe of actors, he is pitched into a parallel animated narrative, where Beau became an aging family man.

Beauty Inside, The
- (male overnight TFs, young and old body forms, TG) "Byuti Insaideu" K-movie, Baik, South Korea, 2015.
Woo-jin transforms into a different person every night, who can be any age and even female. He has all sorts of clothes, shoes, and toiletries to fit any body type. He also uses a phoropter to test his vision and a Brannock foot measuring device to select the right shoes.
When Woo-jin develops a crush on Yi-soo, he begins to visit her furniture store everyday, but she doesn't realize because he comes in as someone else every time. He waits until he is someone handsome to ask her out on a date. Woo-jin inevitably falls asleep again, and turns into someone else. He decides to stop contacting Yi-soo, but she visits him at home and discovers his secret.
They devise a plan to reunite every time Woo-jin has transformed. Whenever Woo-jin grabs Yi-soo's hand she'll know that it's him. Yi-soo has to fully trust that the stranger grabbing her hand is Woo-jin. One time, he woke up as a really pretty woman. "Yesterday, my hand was bigger than my face, but today my face is twice as big." People begin to gossip, saying Yi-soo is always going out with different men.
- Scene link - screencaps - ARed effect - (Richard)

- (unconfirmed UC) 1967. Raquel Welch didn't get topless but she did burst a couple of button on a tight top she was wearing.

- (adults aged) - INFO PAGE 1988.
Ghostly couple are aged somewhat toward the end of the movie - (Jeffr_2bya)

Before I Hang
- (male adult possible rejuv?) 1940.
A physician on death row experiments with an adult youth serum using the blood of a criminal. He is pardoned, but becomes a character similar to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Before I Hang
- (male adult rejuv) 1940, Boris Karloff. Imprisoned for euthanizing a patient, Dr. Garth spends his time on death row creating a serum to reverse aging. He miraculously becomes a younger man, but is tainted by the blood of the homicidal maniac used in the formula. Garth returns to his loving daughter, but is compelled to go on a murderous rampage - (Jeffr, SF-Enc.)

Being John Malkovich
- (mind transfers) 2000 - swim

Ben 10: Race Against Time
- (male AA TF AP, male AA AP) (Akira)
- Male TF scene - Disguise morph male AP

Ben 10: Race Against Time
- (male alien old aged, male age forms) 2007 live action Tv movie. Eon escaped from containment facility, after using his powers to age his guardian to near-death. Ben is transformed into a younger version of Eon. The older one retreats since there are now 2 of him. Reborn, Eon activates the Hands of Armageddon. Time stops for everyone but Ben. The older Eon reappears, angered at Ben's victory - (Jeffr_2bya)
Haley Ramm (3/26/1992) plays Gwen Tennyson, who's only 10 in the cartoon version. Haley was also cast as a young Jennifer Aniston in "Rumor Has It" (2005). In the upcoming animated series Ben will be 15, and Gwen will be an older teen with different clothes and hairstyle ("FF BE'd" AA)

Ben 10: Race Against Time
- (male AP, male age forms creature TF, male muscle development)
- video link 01: male muscle growth TF, adult age form (1min 35sec)
- video link 01: male AP AA scene, boy to man TF (8min 25sec)
- alternate link : male (5min 40sec)

Bernard and the Genie
- (male AA AP) Christmas wish scene
- (male AA AP cut-away) UK 1991. Genie grants children's wishes. One child enters as a little boy and comes out a full grown man.

Between the Darkness and the Dawn
- (young adult to middle age, mental timeskip) 1985 Tv movie.
17 y.o. Elizabeth Montgomery falls into a coma and wakes 20 years later (though Montgomery was 52 when she played the part, which adds to the age effect). Some GREAT aged scenes, including when she finally sees herself in the mirror after waking and wondering why she looks so old as she thinks she is still 17. Some good scenes of her having to figure out how to dress her new age, to feeling only comfortable around teenage girls, to not recognizing her little sister in her 30s and her former boyfriend, etc. She is a 37 year old virgin too.
- Video link - (Agingwomen)

Beyond Skyline
- (accelerated growth) 2017 sequel to 2010 film "Skyline".
Pregnant girlfriend Elaine is still alive. At the end of the first film she was barely pregnant, but now she's about to give birth due to something the aliens did. She delivers the baby with help from the new hero, but dies during childbirth. He protects the baby, but the survivors start noticing she is aging fast from a newborn, to an infant, to a toddler, to a 3 y.o. in just one day. At the end Rose (Lindsey Morgan) is 10 but looks 20 - (Tazz)

Bicentennial man
- (old age flash forward) A woman and her daughter were played by the same actress. Various types of old age make-up used - (Merlin) adult face

Big Baby
- (male cutaways, APed to adult man, unseen CB, male RN ARed OC) 2015.
When a mad scientist invents a genetic transformation machine, a group of evil businessmen scheme to steal his billion dollar idea. His 4 y.o. grandson steals the device, accidentally turns into a naked 30 y.o. man while stepping behind a tree, and runs off after being partially re-clothed offscreen! Baby Bobby's siblings must catch him and change him back before their parents get home or before the bad guys get him first!
- Full movie link - YouTube full movie link - screencaps - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Big City
- (children acting like adults) 2007 French film.
In a town in the Old West, the townspeople go to fight Indians. Many are killed, and the remaining adults hide in a fort.
Though it seems unlikely they would abandon all the children (even the women go to fight), the movie explains some kind of powerful magic causes the Indians to avoid the town.
After the adults leave, the children decide each kid will take up his father's or mother's profession. The main character takes over his father's role as sheriff. The mayor's evil son takes over as mayor. All the children begin to dress as adults and behave like them as well.
The movie takes a dark turn when the evil mayor's son and his cohorts don KKK robes to terrorize the black children of the town, but the good boy sheriff puts a stop to it. Scenes also include a girl crush talking to him about marriage prospects, kids drinking milk at the saloon (and smoking cigars), girls of the saloon exchanging money for kisses, and a great deal of children fighting, as well as taking over more ordinary roles of shopkeepers, farmers, miners, etc.
For me, a good French movie! "The Western where kids lay down the law" in the 1880s, in the Far West...
- Video link Part 01 - (Derek Anthony)

Big City
- (kinda looks like ARed) 2007 French western, Djamel Bensalah. Children act out the roles of adults after their parents have temporarily departed.

Big Fish
- (male AP growth, CB) 2003 Tim Burton. Trailer link (wadet12)
- male AP growth scene - FF

Big Fix, The
- (mind transfers, older/younger adults) "The Big Fix" - Caronna, Tobler. 2018 Christian movie.
A family was body swapped at the church. Mom and Daughter switched, and Dad and Son switched. Each member selfishly asked God to "fix" the others, only to miraculously have to experience life through the eyes of the other. High schoolers must run the family business, and parents have to go to high school - (Gnosis, Switchchick)

Big Man Japan (US remake)
- (in pre-production, possible male adult CB, giant size increase TF?)
c2014? US version of Japanese mockumentary. Matt Manfredi, Phil Hay.

Big Top Pee Wee
- (AR) 1988. Pee Wee invents cocktail wieners that turn the cranky old townsfolk into cheerful children. ln - th

- (AR) Alleged alternate ending.
From "E!'s 101: Best Kept Hollywood Secrets":
- "At the end the man turns back into a boy, but his adult girlfriend then decides to wish to be small, and she turns into a 12-year-old." - (Tazz)

- (deleted female ARed scene) The original ending had the female character join the protagonist in childhood, but it was killed at the last minute. The scene is different than the one in "14 Going On 30". In "Big", Hanks was changed back to a boy. He is in the classroom when a young child comes in, who looks like someone he used to know. The teacher introduces her to the class, and she gives the same name as his adult friend. It is never confirmed that it is her. Supposedly, the only people who saw it were in foreign areas or on airlines. Perhaps the alternate ending was only shown overseas.
In "14 Going On 30" the young man (not a child) is in the homeroom where Miss Noble was the teacher. He is looking very upset. Then the new principal, who he had been imitating, comes in... - (Ferver, Time2)

- (male AP, unseen CB, male AR RN) 1988 movie starring Tom Hanks.
- (male UC) In the musical version - male AR
- Teen boy wants to be "big" - male - male AR - male AR - 4 - fan poster.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
- (male AR flashbacks) 1991 - male ARed

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
- (male adults, nightmare ARed AA) Attempting to escape from Hell, they must relive their worst boyhood fears.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
- (male FB ARed effect) In Hell, Bill and Ted literally relive their childhood nightmares.
- (JeffR_2bya) ln - th

- (kinda like male ARed) 2004. Nicole Kidman plays a woman who believes her dead husband has been reincarnated in the body of a 10-year-old boy.

Black Oxen
- (adult rejuved) 1923 silent film, 80 mins. Corrine Griffith, Clara Bow.
Lee falls in love with Countess Griffith. Unbeknownst to him, she is actually 58 years old, having regained her adult youth through rejuvenating glandular treatment and X-ray surgery. A former admirer reveals her embarrassing secret. In the end, Lee discovers happiness with Bow -
- In real life, Griffith (b. 1894) claimed to be decades younger upon marrying her 4th husband in 1966. She said she was her younger sister, who had taken her place.

Blade Runner Final Cut
- (android adult FFed, kinda slight OA'd) 2007, 1982.
Joanna Virginia Cassidy (1945) reprises her role as the replicant Zhora, even wearing the same costume in a reshot version of the window scene. She first became known in the 1973 "Smokey Bear" unmasking commercial. "If you had known this was me, would you have listened?"

Blade Runner
- (male adult aged) J F Sebastian in is in his 20s, but looks around 50 due to an aging disease.
- Replicants are created as young adults and have a 4 year lifespan.

- (FF) 2012, Pablo Berger, B&W silent cinema.
"Snow White" adaptation. Young Carmen practises her toreador moves while dancing with laundry, using pegs like banderillas, suddenly moving from girl to grown woman.

Blood Ties
- (BE) 1991, directed by Jim McBride. The one must-see scene happens when Celia is captured, gagged and bound to a chair. She manages to look erotic and does this amazing parlour trick of expanding her bust so that the buttons pop off and hit the guard.

Blue Bird
- (FF APed UC, coming of age) Gust Van Den Berghe, Belgium, 2011 art movie.
2 African youngsters wander off on a journey both real and metaphysical, where they meet death in many forms and the King of Time. They finally return home where their mother bathes them, but when she tries to dress them she finds their clothes are now too small - these may be the same children, but they have grown and changed in subtle ways.

Blue Lagoon, The
- (FFed UC) 1980. After many years on the island, her clothes didn't look the same anymore - Brooke's white dress

Blue Lagoon, The
- (FFed, coming of age) 1949 British romance/adventure.
Susan Stranks: young Emmeline Foster - Jean Simmons: adult Emmeline.
Peter Rudolph Jones: young Michael Reynolds - Donald Houston: adult Michael
- 2 young Victorian children survive a shipwreck on a lush tropical island with a source of female adult-sized clothing. Attractively grown up all alone on the bounty of their remote paradise, Emmeline and Michael become nubile young adults, tanned to a flawless bronze and fitter than Olympic gymnasts. Years pass and eventually their raging hormones lead the 2 young castaways into each other's arms - screencaps
- There was also a chaste 1923 silent version.

Blue Lagoon
- (flash forward AP scene, male and female coming of age, UCed aftermath glimpsed) - Brooke Shields 1980 underwater aging sequence.
- (UCed, FF) - 01 - UC - flash-forward - (JeffR)
- (UC) EXCEEDINGLY RARE movie about 2 children who grew up on an uninhabited island, with clothes that eventually became "too small" for them. Unfortunately the original novel or script did not mention outgrown clothing. A locker full of adult sized clothes also washed ashore. "Brooke's child-size dress survives on borrowed time, but is ultimately no match for the force of her growing body."
- UC - UC - FF
- (FF UC) - age - poster

Blue Lagoon
- (looks like "APed") - Lui #225, 1982/10.
Brooke Shields photo shoot for French men's magazine. In this shot they recreate her appearance from the movie a few years before, though her body has grown even more magnificent since then. We can't say for sure it's really an outgrown dress that she still has to wear after years of being trapped on the island, but the style is the same as in the earlier film, and her larger bust has now pushed open the front. Like we said many times, literally nothing in the world is more difficult to find than this sort of thing - photo

body swap (theme)
- (AA adult soul exchange) Chinese film: a beautiful young adult princess has her body stolen by an evil older witch - link - caps - (Eric)

- (ARed AA dream sequence) - dance reversion

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) based on Kei Sanbe manga, 2016.
"The City Where Only I Am Missing" Japanese fantasy mystery thriller, 2016.
- In 2006, aspiring manga writer Satoru Fujinuma works as a deliveryman. Satoru has the ability to "Rewind," flashing back to the near past to prevent fatal accidents. One day Satoru's mother, Sachiko, senses a man about to abduct a girl, reminding Satoru of a tragedy 19 years before. Satoru gives chase to his mother's killer but is captured by the police, who accuse him of the murder. His Rewind activates and he is sent 18 years into the past, back to his elementary school life in Hokkaido.
Satoru remembers his Rewind activated after the murder of a classmate by a serial killer. Kayo is still murdered, and in frustration Satoru flashes back to the present. Believing that Satoru is innocent, teen colleague Airi helps him track down Sachiko's killer. When Satoru is again captured by the police, he notices that one of his captors is the killer, activating his Rewind and sending him into his past again.
To prevent Kayo from being alone, Satoru takes her away from her mother, but the killer throws Satoru in the river. Satoru is returned to a 2006 where both his mother and Kayo, who is now pregnant, are alive, he is no longer estranged from his childhood friends, and his manga is successfully published.
Airi no longer recognizes him. Yashiro tells Satoru his demented motive: he kills to prevent children from having a bleak future. Satoru stops him from committing suicide, causing himself to be mortally wounded instead. Ten years later, Sachiko memorializes the 10th anniversary of Satoru's death, attended by Kayo, Kayo's daughter, and others, while Airi, now a photographer, finishes reading Satoru's manga, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.

Boku wa Asu, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru
My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
- (time reversal age forms) Japan, 2016 - Spoilers link - (Mystery Recapped)
The story: 20 y.o. Takatoshi falls in love with 20 y.o. Emi. He finds her to be strange, being able to predict things that will happen to him. Emi reveals she is from a world where time runs backwards. Emi was the adult woman who rescued him from drowning at age 5. Because her memories of him fade as time goes backwards she keeps a journal. They can only meet 1 month every 5 years, and this is the last time to pursue a relationship. 5 years later, 25 y.o. Takatoshi meets 15 y.o. Emi, and gives her a sketch of her at age 20. 10 years later, 35 y.o. Takatoshi rescues 5 y.o. Emi from a fire.

Boy Goes To Heaven
- (male APed) "So-nyeon, Cheon-gook-e Ga-da" 2005 South Korea. Director: Yun Tae-Yong. The boy in question is 13 and turns 33 before reaching his ultimate age of 93. The young Nae-mo loves singing the popular songs of the 1980s. His life takes a drastic turn when his mother commits suicide out of despair and sorrow. Nae-mo is now living alone, managing his own household. He falls for Bu-ja since she is the dream-come-true woman for his life. The transformation happens at a movie theater. When a fire breaks out, Nae-mo rescues Bu-ja's son and dies instead. A death messenger gets things mixed up and Nae-mo's real father plays a role to resurrect him. The catch is that his life restarts at the age of 33 (body only) and his age advances rapidly. He is supposed to live until 93, but thanks to the pact with the death messenger, it translates into just 60 more days. The 33-year-old Nae-mo, played by Park Hae-il, pretends to be his own father since nobody believes he's the young boy in a grown-up's body. His quest for marrying Bu-ja gains momentum. The film is designed as a fantasy tale for adults. Actor Park is dubbed "Korea's Tom Hanks."

Boyfriend for Christmas, A
- (FF) Hallmark, 2004. 13 y.o. girl asks Santa for a boyfriend, which he promises to deliver in 20 years when he reunites her with a male she met briefly in her youth.

- (male AA AP flash forward, FF glimpses) 2013 Richard Linklater drama about the actual "growing up" of a child, and the changes in him and his parents. Literally filmed each year since 2001. Registration required: IMDB (Accafeet)
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Shane Graham (12/21/1990) as Stanley, Cassidy Johnson (8/5/2000) as Abby, Ellar Salmon, Kiera Collins & Breanna Mikaki as Children in Classroom.

- male face FF

- ("age disguised") face ripout gif
- (FF) aka "Dead Alive" 1992 Peter Jackson. Has zombies having sex and then the zombie woman rapidly gives birth to a zombie baby, which then goes on to be rather a vivascious little skamp.

Bram Stoker's Dracula
- (male adult shifts) 1992. Dracula changes back and forth into many different forms, including a wolf, rats, mist and a bat. He also changes adult ages frequently - (Lilithmina)

Bridge of Resurrection, The
- (male AA mind transfer into adult man) "Modori-bashi", 1988, NHK, Keuki Saegusa.
Faced with hopeless love for his teacher, young Jun becomes entangled in a web of legends and fantasy.
- Video link near end - screencaps - (Akira)

Bridge Of Time
- (adult stasis) 1997 Tv Movie. Shangri-La tale with new age/millennial twist. People survive plane crash in Africa and are taken to utopian city. Learning that she is destined to replace its dying spiritual leader, she finally accepts her fate, a new love, and fulfilment in the hidden city - (TBTC)

Brood, The
- (possible unseen slight accelerated growth) "The Brood", David Cronenberg, 1979.
Psychoplasmics causes patients to undergo radical physical changes. A woman has developed the ability to parthenogenetically give birth to mutant children, who represent all her negative emotions and exact bloody vengeance on anyone who has done her wrong, whether real or imagined.
- (TF) - caps

Brothers Grimm, The
- (old age AR) 08/26/05. Terry Gilliam. Matt Damon and Heath Ledger are a couple of olden days con artists fleecing townsfolk by pretending to fight monsters and ward off evil enchantments. They stumble into a town that is under a REAL curse however, that will require REAL skill to overcome. Apparently the evil Queen has been abducting girls in the enchanted forest in order to restore her own youth... trailer (Lady Sekhmet)

Brothers Grimm, The
- (old age stasis) A queen gains immortality to protect her from a plague, but ends up indefinitely prolonged. She must kidnap 12 girls and steal their youth to revitalize herself, a project the aforementioned Grimms are eager to stop. Will incredulously comments about how old the queen must be and Jacob replies, "Yes, but [the years] haven't been kind to her."

Bruce Almighty
- "Sorta AR" - (ArFreak) - "It was a very cool morph anyway. I guess we can call it AP" - (Jeffr>
- Deleted movie scene: male wish 1
- (BE'd glimpse) - Bruce subconsciously enlarged Jennifer Aniston's breasts - BE

Bugsy Malone
- (kinda like AR) 1976 musical, Jodie Foster. A gangster movie where all the gangsters are children. Instead of real bullets they use "splurge guns" that cover the victim in cream. The now controversial scene in the speakeasy has girls of about 11 doing high kicking dances and sensuously running their hands along their legs.

Bulletproof Monk
- (male AR, AA, RN) Using the power of a magic scroll, a very old Nazi becomes young again.
(AP, AA, cuts) After passing on the scroll to his successors, Chow Yun-Fat's character reverts to his true age - (O')
- (male OA) At the end of each monk's tenure, when he passes the power of the scroll on to the next monk after 50 years of agelessness and bulletproofness, he reverts to his natural age, which kind of seems like a raw deal as retirement packages go.

Burnt Offerings
- (old age) 1976. Family rents old house and is told to take care of former occupant's mysterious grandmother. The wife becomes obsessed with the unseen old lady upstairs, and begins to exhibit signs of aging, as does her mother-in-law, who dies of old age in the house. By the end, the wife only has a few tiny wrinkles and gray streaks in her hair, but suddenly she becomes very old... she has become the former occupant's grandmother, who never existed in the first place... until now. A good movie, but the aging is not spectacular.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Burnt Offerings
- (old age) A house transforms itself from old to new. Karen Black undergoes very subtle changes until the very end when she is suddenly changed into an evil old matron.

Butterfly Effect 2
- (male lifetime FB/FF) 2006. Guy has the power to move back and forth through time. ln - th

Butterfly Effect, The
- (male AR, mind transfer to younger self, flash back, flash forward) 2004. Sarah Widdows: Kayleigh at 7, Irene Gorovaia: Kayleigh at 13, Amy Smart: grown up Kayleigh.

Butterfly Effect, The
- (male blurry mind transfer into fetus glimpse) Director's Cut.
He returns to his mom's womb and strangles himself with the umbilical cord, causing a miscarriage and sparing everyone he loves from the pain he caused. The mom mentions she had 3 miscarriages before, hinting at siblings with the same power who made the same decision.
- Vid link - caps - (John)

Butterfly Effect, The
- (male lifetime FB/FF) 2004.
A guy has the power to move back and forth through time, trying to fix his life and save the love of his life at first. Every time he fixes a mistake something else gets screwed up and he keeps going back. ln - th

Buying the Cow
- (age disguised) 2002. It turned out his first crush was much younger than she looked - screencaps

Camille Redouble
- (time travel into past self) "Camille Rewinds", 2012, France. Noemie Lvovsky.
Abandoned by her lifelong love for a younger woman on New Year's Eve, 40 y.o. struggling mother Camille awakens in a hospital bed back in 1985 where everyone else sees her as a 16-year-old again. Scenes where middle-aged Camille tries to seduce a sophomore and a physics teacher are hilarious. Before long she's falling for Eric's boyish charm all over again, an unexpected development that puts a serious wrinkle in her brilliant plan. Can she change the past? Guesmi plays Eric's teenage self as well.

Captain America II: Death Too Soon
- (male adult OA scene) 1979.
Cap tracks down an evil businessman who acquired an aging serum and sprayed it on the adults of Portland, OR. None of the region's adults is aged more than a few years, and mostly only livestock pass away. Christopher Lee ends up covered in the formula at the end, and dies of old age in a pretty good scene.
- Movie review video link - (Zietgiest)

Captain America II: Death Too Soon
- (male OA) Screencaps:
Rapid adult unseen aging gas - male OA scene.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
- (adult face FFed to OA) link - caps - (AW Boards)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
- (older adult disguise) 2014.
Black Widow removes her holographic face mask. Video link - screencaps

Captain America
- (old age) International terrorist released drug that caused rapid aging - (youthdrain)

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
- (old age) 1973 movie. Horst Janson, Caroline Munro. Profesional Vampire Hunter tries to find out why, in a small village young girls suddenly age 50 years! It's the work of a unique vampire who drains its victims not of their blood--but of their youth.

Captain Nova
- (ARed AA) Netherlands, 2021.
She travels back in time from the future to save the world from environmental disaster, but a side-effect turned her young again.
- Trailer link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Career Opportunities
- collage - Jen

Career Opportunities
- (sorta looked like mental ARed) 1991 - pony scene.

Case 39
- (preteen TF APed glimpsed, possible unseen UC/CB? age disguised form) 2010.
Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) expanded unseen into her demon form behind a strategically placed seat back. Her adult-sized hands and forearms were no longer covered by her child-sized sleeves, which formerly came down to her wrists. The scene was too dark and blurry to answer the question of how her child-sized clothes were affected by her sudden size increase.
- Spoiler screencaps

- (adult rejuv) Patience inadvertently discovers her employees are developing a new moisturiser called Beau-Line, an anti-ageing cream that is somehow addictive, and causes your skin to melt if you stop using it.

Chandra Mukhi
- (male AP CB) - male AP - RN

Chandra Mukhi
- (male AP) - New alternate full movie link @36mins - (Akira)

Chandra Mukhi
- (male AP) 1993 Hindi comedy, India. Debaloy Dey; Sridevi, Salman Khan.
Moon queen's beautiful daughter Chandra Mukhi comes down to retrieve magic wand. Chandra finds out that 14-year-old Raja is being mistreated by his stepmother, and magically changes him into an adult. What happens when the adult Raja falls in love with Chandra?
- Male AP CB direct video link
- RNed scene direct video link - (Akira)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
- (old age disguised) 2003. Very short scene where they showed Drew Barrymore's character in an elderly state. It only lasts a few seconds but they did a great job on the make-up - (Agemagic) - male

Chasing Baby (unproduced movie premise)
- (male AP) Roger Tessier, c2010 concept.
Father Time struggles to get a totally uncooperative and accidentally adult New Year's Baby (with the mind of a curious child) prepared to take over on Jan 1st or time will stop.
- As Father Time enters, he sees a 21 y.o. adult Baby New Year, athletic and handsome, getting up - yawning and stretching. Swaddled only in the bed linen, he is apparently naked. Father Time faints dead on the spot.

- (AA FF, 11 to 26) AKA "Growing Up", "Chéngzhǎng", "成长". China, c2016?
Similar to "Boyhood". Zhong Yu, Kelly Chen, Hailu Qin.
Filmed from 2000 to 2015, when Xiao Xue was starting her journey from an adolescent to a young woman under the influence of family and society.
- Trailer link - screencaps

Child of Peach
- (AP) AKA "Kung Fu Wonder Child (parts 1 to 4)" Hong Kong 1987, Lin Hsiao Lan, not to be confused with other movie of same name based on Tv-series. New Wave fantasy. A Demon Clan was awakened after a 1000 year curse has been lifted, and they start wreaking havoc upon everyone. The Peach Kid is the only one able to defeat them, however she's too young. A fairy-like creature notices this and casts a spell that turns her into a grown woman.

Christina Ricci (movie scenes)
- (flash forward)
- ages - the movie scenes are from: Speed Racer, 2008 - Penelope, 2006.

Christina Ricci
- (FF) Allegedly she had to have her growing breasts tied down when she played Wednesday Addams in the movie version of The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. Puberty did not miss her.

Christmas Trade
- (father/son soul swap) 2015 Freaky Friday type movie.
Mitch Taylor is in way over his head as he tries to be a dad and become partner at his firm. 12 y.o. son Robbie tries not to be a total nerd in front of the girl he likes. Mitch and Robbie definitely think the other has it pretty easy - until a mysterious toy causes their spirits to switch bodies. What it's like to spend the holidays in each other's shoes? - (Jeffr_2bya)

Chronicles of Narnia, The
- (flash forward, AR RN) C.S. Lewis books, BBC movie, 2005 movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Children "grow up" in Narnia and find their way back to the magical wardrobe door. When they return to our world they are kids again.
- FF age forms.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The
- (older teen into young woman AA TF AP) 2010.
Lucy magically becomes Susan while gazing in a magic mirror.
- Part 1 video link - screencaps
- Part 2 video link - screencaps
(pitviper18, Jamball videos)

- (1 hour inanimate flash forward) IMAX movie about time. No AR or AP or growth.

- (male adult rejuvenation) 1993, Guillermo del Toro.
An aging shopkeeper receives a device that turns him into a blood-sucking vampire. With each feeding, he gets younger and more purple. A very strange film with no definite ending...
- Trailer link - (Zietgiest)

Church, The
- (adult to old age face) AKA La chiesa, The Church, Cathedral of Demons, 1989 Italy. Dario Argento.
A haunted church torments a group of young adults. One young adult girl, a performer, looks at her reflection in the mirror and sees an old woman. Terrified, she tries to take off the mask, but since it's her skin, she ends up ripping most of her face off. Gory, but interesting... I hope memory serves me correctly.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

- (adult FF) 1931 Western. Long suffering wife ages through the years from a young adult to an older woman.

- (adult rejuvenated) 2015, Disney.
The Fairy Godmother appeared as an old lady and then used her magic staff to change into a younger woman to make herself comfortable before helping Cinderella get ready for the Ball - (Juupton)

Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man
- (flash forward) IMAX film follows a boy's life from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

Citizen Kane
- (male old age, flash forward) 1941. Orson Welles ages 30 years in 30 seconds behind a paper, using make up effects. Orson began playing King Lear, who is meant to be over 80, when he was 10. For his first appearance on screen, in Citizen Kane at age 25, he mummified and mortified himself inside pads of sponge rubber and latex pouches; membranes like cobwebs were applied to his sagging face, and lenses with rheumy fluid covered his eyes - male FF

City Hunter
- (AA to adult cut-away) Her red overalls "grew" to adult size offscreen - Vid link - caps

City Hunter
- (flash forward) 1993 movie based on manga. Private investigator Jackie Chan's killed partner asks him to take care of his little girl, Kaori. The whole scene is done in an absurd - unreal - almost Busby Berkely surrealistic style that signals to the audience not to take anything seriously. The girl quickly "grows up" (in a matter of seconds on the screen) to the fetching Joey Wong who becomes Jackie's girl Friday. Joey is very much in love with Jackie - but sticking with 1 girl is not City Hunter's style - he is a ladies man to the end.

City of Angels
- 1998. Brief scene. Girl discusses her growth. Quote: "Listen, can you hear? I'm growing." AA

City of God
- (flashback AR scene, flash forward) "Cidade de Deus", Brazil, 2002 - male

Clan of the Cave Bear, The
- (FF) 1986.
Fair-haired Cro-Magnon girl Ayla is adopted by Neanderthals. 7 y.o. Emma Floria into 12 y.o. Nicole Eggert into Daryl Hannah.

Clash of the Titans
- (adult demon decay to OA) 2010 Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Clash of the Titans
- (old age) 2010. Early in the film, the King and Queen of a City Kingdom proclaim themselves above the gods. The queen is bashing them, and how her daughter is more beautiful. Then Hades, the god of the underworld, floats over to the Queen and breathes his dark magic into her face, causing her to age into an old crone. She does not appear again, so she may have been aged to death.
(lbh, Tazz)

- (FF AA APed) - daughter
- (FFed APed, male old age, male weight gain) Adam Sandler is surprised that Lorraine Nicholson has aged into a 14 year old teen.
"Is that you? When did you get boobs??"
"Same time you did, Dad."
The scene was severely condemned by critics who felt it was inappropriate for a father to comment on his daughter's breasts - screencaps
- (male flashback, flash forward, kinda AA ARed/APed, old age FF) 06/23/06. Kate Beckinsale.
Workaholic architect Adam Sandler has a scientist in Bed Bath and Beyond invent a "universal remote control" that works with everything and everyone around him. Among other things, he turns down the volume of his dog and pauses his boss so that he can slap him. In the movie trailer, the button gets stuck, and he fast-forwards his 5 year old daughter to her teen years. There are credits for Samantha at age 5-6, age 14, and age 27 - (Tazz, jasobres)
- Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices - (Tazz)
Tatum McCann (Samantha at 5 Years Old) AA morphs into Lorraine Nicholson (Samantha at 14 Years Old). Seen in trailer only, not in movie: AA APed trailer morph link

Clive Barker's The Plague
- (coming of age) 2006. David finds his son comatose. The same thing has happened to every child on Earth. Every baby born since the event is also catatonic. Twice a day at the same time, they all have a brief seizure. Vast resources go into caretaker facilities for the children, who continue to grow normally. 10 years later, the teens wake up with strange powers and a thirst for blood. They start killing people in an organized way with a secret goal, pitting young against old in an unholy battle waged the world over.

- (male old age, male AR) The same male character starts at 25, ends up like 50, and returns to about 13. It shows the old man, then cuts to a scene a couple days later with him in the backseat of a convertible (at about age 13), dressed as a normal teen (who is supposed to be the old man regressed) at the very end of the movie - (Timmy)

- (kinda like rebirth reincarnation) AKA "Womb", Matt Smith, 2010.
Knock off of "Birth", another movie that crossed the taboo line.
- After many years, Rebecca returns as a young woman to find that Tommy still cares deeply for her. After his death, Rebecca gives birth to a new Tommy by cloning. He is raised as Rebecca's son, and the two have a close relationship. Years later, Tommy has grown as old as he was when he died in his first life. He struggles with what appears to be sexual tension between himself and the still-youthful Rebecca - (Jeffr_2bya)

Closed for Winter
- (face FF) years

clothes don't change with (TF depictions)
- (very rare OC, or slight UC glimpse?)
Someone transforms (no matter what kind: gender, age, animal, etc) and their clothes do NOT change with them.
- 1991, gender swap into Ellen Barkin
Mr Ya Miss
- 2005, India, similar to Switch
- 1940, overnight couple swap
Rendez-Moi Ma Peau
- 1980, gender swap
Dating the Enemy
- 1996, Australia, boyfriend/girlfriend swap
The Hot Chick
- 2002, teenage girl into 30 y.o. criminal
The Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide
- 1972, gender, adult movie
In Deep with the Devil
- 1992, gender, adult movie
Kelly's Heroes: Operation American Pie
- 2001, gender, adult movie
- 1989, gender in own clothes
Sexual Chemistry
- 1999 gender, adult movie
Equinox Knocks
- 1999, gender. Popular teenager transformed into boy. Not only do the clothes not change, but neither do hair length, makeup, etc.
Sword of the Valiant
- 1984, fantasy, animal
- (Jeck L)
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
- 1995. Sean Young into Tim Daly while wearing teddy, a dress several times, and a nightie. Rather suggestive, showing BE and even the loss and gain of his penis
- (Also Interested)
- 1973 UK. Animal TF (frog?) in own clothes
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
- 1971 UK, gender
- (Dato)

clothes ripping scenes
- (sometimes kinda looks like CBed) shirt rip-off

Code Name Phoenix
- (age stasis) 2000, UPN Tv movie.
In 2020, global peace prevails. But there's a sinister threat to world stability: a genetically engineered virus that stops human aging.
A Hong Kong martial arts expert teams with a US Marshal to track the illegal marketer who conspires with a beauty products magnate to auction the virus' rights and ensure worldwide chaos - (Jeff)

Color Purple, The
- (FF AA) 1985. We see the main protagonist's shadow sit on a chair as a child and then the shadow suddenly "grows" into a woman. The use of shadows could be interpreted as representing Celie's life. We see that all the characters have also gotten older.

Comedie Fantastica
- (male FF AA) Romania, 1975, "Fantastic Comedy".
The Professor sends a spacecraft into deep space for 2 million years to artificially birth a new kind of male, brought up by a robot who will shape the growing child with a selective archive of human knowledge - screencaps

coming of age (theme)
- (fake "APed" implication) - posters

Comme une actrice
- (TFs into younger adults) French, 2022.
50 y.o. actress uses shapeshifting potion to impersonate younger women to find back love. When Antoine decides to leave Anna, she uses the magic of reincarnation to become young and attractive again. Most of the shapeshifting was done offscreen. How the shifting grows on Anna like an addiction is interesting, though not explored enough sadly. She mainly impersonates one woman with the potion, with other impersonations not really explored. Gradually, the game turns against her.
- At first, she transformed into a young actress, then a random young woman in the bar whom she impersonated. I quite liked the first one at the bar (c.24 mins) and the one where she stole the coat of the woman she impersonated (c.30 mins). Then she copied the face of Delphine and used it for a long time. At 1:03:30 she transformed into a woman from the cellphone and impersonated her. Next she transformed into a random blond woman and went to the club. The transformation at 1:05:45 is my favorite (she takes off her sweater in public, and as it goes over her head she transforms into what I think was a guy's Tinder date) - link - trailer caps - (2B, vbvb, Tal, troll)

- (male adult rejuvenated or cloned) 1977, 1982. "The Final Eye".
In the distant future year of 1995, the last private eye investigates Eden Isle, a complex for people who want a perfect life. Interestingly, their boss Korter is found on a beach 20 years younger than before - (TBTC)

Congress, The
- (adult simulated age stasis) "The Congress", 2013, Folman. Animated/live action.
Loosely adapted from Stanislaw Lem's 1971 book The Futurological Congress.
The story of an aging Hollywood actress. Robin Wright plays a version of Robin Wright contemplating her last contract offer. She eventually agrees to a unique deal with the devil "Miramount" studio boss: to have her chemical makeup scanned so that an eternally young and digitally animated Robin Wright can go on acting for years, while the real, ever-aging Robin Wright is contractually bound to never act again. Robin experiences memories of her son's life - being born, seeing his mother, as an infant, as an older child, as a young adult watching his mother leave, finding his mother in suspended animation and finally taking the ampule leaving the real world.

- (male FFed) 2005 - years

Countess Dracula
- (AR, old age) 1970, Ingrid Pitt. A servant's blood splashes onto the Countess, who is delighted to find that it rejuvenates her skin. Imre is introduced to the Countess' beautiful young daughter, Ilona. They are about to make love when the Countess reverts to her real age. Fleeing, she is horrified to discover that she looks older than before.
old age (TBTC)

Country Bears
- (male adult UC scene) - male

Coup de jeune
- (male AR) France, 1993, Xavier Gelin, 88mins.
Old prof Gaudeamus (from the Goscinny comics) accidentally consumes an experimental youth potion that restores him to age 4 while retaining his adult faculties. Industrial spies attempt to seize the formula. He also appears at age 35.
I'm interested in that movie. From what I can tell, it never got converted to DVD from VHS. All I found was a clip and a few random images online.
- Screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- A largely unknown goofy French comedy with some second rate known actors. Scientist working on youth potion ends up accidentally drinking it down into a 4y.o. The camera doesn't even bother turning away when he takes a bath shower in the background. It's just intended to show innocence, when the adult scientist was an alcoholic. The movie focuses on him trying to escape government agents (his assistant was a spy) by going back to his adult son whom he wasn't seeing anymore, in a "reuniting family in hardship" fashion.
The plot is an homage to an old black and white French comic of the 1960s, "Docteur Gaudeamus" - (Vended)

Coup de jeune
- (male AR) French movie link
Post-AR discovery @12:30. Some good following scenes with the 4 y.o. boy driving a car, using an ATM, and so on, interacting with dumbfounded adults. Post-AP to young man @01:15:30, male OA process @01:20:20, some last post-AR twist @01:25:30. It's a very B-movie. Some characters like the maid are purposefully overstupid, and the thick-glasses one is a very goofy spy - (Vended)

Coup de Jeune
- (male ARed cutaway) - Vid link - caps - (Cuteageregression)

Covenant, The
- (male adult slight OA) "The Covenant", 2006. Coven of 4 young men fights a supernatural legacy and each other. Their age increases slightly each time they use their powers.
- (very minor old age) 2006 Using magic has side effects.

Coz Takhle Dat Si Spenat
- caps - cover

Coz takhle dát si spenát
- (male AR, some adult rejuvenation, TFed) Czechoslovakia, 1977.
AKA: A Nice Plate of Spinach, What Would You Say to Some Spinach?, Wie wär's mit Spinat?
A genial crazy scientist invents a rejuvenating machine, which is promptly stolen by the owner of a beauty salon. While the machine is successful in bringing youth to old customers, it isn't quite perfect so far as removing wrinkles. In fact, instead of shrinking wrinkles, it shrinks people. The machine is 100% successful only on those who have recently dined on a hearty bowl of spinach.
Vladimír Mensík: Zemánek
Michal Kocourek: Zemánek (boy)
Jirí Sovák: Liska
Ondrej Hach: Liska (boy)
Frantisek Filipovský: Grandfather Liska
Iva Janzurová: Lisková / Marcelka (big)

Coz takhle dat si spenat
- (male ARed, female mental & physical ARed, male RN APed CBed glimpses) Czech comedy, 1977.
Two thieves steal an invention used to rejuvenate old cows, but end up as boys after eating spinach. The title means "How about spinach?", a sentence the server ask the men @00:24, followed by the wake up scene. There's no process, and worst of all the boys retain their adult voices, but it's a fun movie. The two thieves returned to their old selves overnight, in outgrown cracked boy clothes.
A woman around the 1 hour mark wakes up still adult, but mentally regressed to a baby with a baby voice. A woman was also regressed to a baby's body, still with her adult mind and voice. The baby became an adult woman again?
What surprised me most when I discovered this movie some years ago is the ending, which is quite dark for a comedy. The two thieves somehow end up shrunk down to 10 centimeters. I think they purposely tried to get younger again to evade arrest, but it somehow went wrong (something to do with spinach?). They successfully escape by hiding inside some pastries in a man's bag, only for a dog to eat the men alive as they scream. The movie ended with the woman wondering what was that noise. Oo
- Full movie link - screencaps - caps - (Vended)

Coz takhle dat si spenat
- (TF, unseen male ARed) Czech, 1977. The following non-AR-related TF clips "SIZE Cow is shrunken 36" (link) and "SIZE Tiny Men eaten by Dog 37" (link) are parts of a movie. The main characters are two thieves who are reverted into boys by a machine. It's a bit weird to watch because the cineast chose to have them retain their adult voices - (Vended)

Craft, The
- (morphing TF) "The Craft", 1996 movie. Nancy (Fairuza Balk) magically disguises herself as Sarah (Robin Tunney).

Crazy Legs
- (BE AP) AKA "Off The Mark". 1986 Terry Farrell. An up-and-coming track star wins a race via her chest blossoming at a strategic moment - change - (last ever BE Archive AP alert)
- (puberty BE scene) A developing teen girl wins the race since breasts grow faster than athletes can run.
- growth scene - minor BE'd scene

Creature of the Walking Dead
- (male adult rejuv, male OA degen.) 1963.
Dr. Malthus kidnaps a young woman and transfuses her blood into himself to maintain his youth, however he is hanged for his crime. Grandson Casanova inherits the house and discovers the decomposing remains of young women killed in the experiments. He kidnaps another and brings the old man back to life. The young blood causes his grandfather to become a young man again, but he needs constant blood to maintain this youth. The gradually decomposing grandfather is forced to kidnap another young woman for her blood, and tries to take his grandson's place and marry his fiance.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (FB, FFed, CoA) 1977, Carlos Saura. A film of memories set in Madrid. Sometimes of 8-to-10 y.o. girl Ana Torrent, sometimes of the woman she becomes. The memories may begin as the girl's and end as the woman's. Gerraldine Chaplin plays the girl's mother, and the woman the girl becomes. The child can summon the image of her deeply loved mother at will, and the girl-as-woman will suddenly enter the world.

Crimes of the Future
- (kinda AR) 1970. Scientist who created a plague that killed all women on earth is reincarnated as a little girl.

Cube 2: Hypercube
- (adult old age to death) 2002.
Canadian series similar to Saw in which strangers wake in a giant cube filled with rooms that rotate randomly. Go on the right path to escape (there is a pattern with prime numbers or letters), or on the wrong path to get killed in a trap (acid, dices, etc).
In the second film, 2 characters fall in love. Separated from the group, they find themselves in a room where time runs strangely. You will see someone moving super slow, while the other sees them moving super fast. They realize they are trapped, and make love as time passes so fast they age to death between scenes. We next see them in a mummified embrace.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The
- (male AR, flash forward) 5/2008. A man born in his eighties ages backwards.
Chandler Canterbury (age 8), Patrick Holland (age 36), Brad Pitt, Peter Donald Badalamenti II, Robert Towers, play the title character at different apparent ages.
Elle Fanning: Daisy at 6, Madisen Beaty: Daisy at 10, Cate Blanchett: adult Daisy.
Katta Hules: Caroline at 12, Libby Foster: young Caroline, Julia Ormond: adult Caroline.
- (male life cycle AR) Brad Pitt as an elderly infant. A man is born elderly and ages backward. At 50 he falls in love, and must deal with the consequences at each stage of his life, including finally infancy - AA link (O')
- Age forms - FF - male

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The
- (male reversed) parody

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The
- (OA makeup, male reverse lifetime ARed) 2008 OA caps

Cybele AKA
Les Dimanches de Ville d'Avray
- 1962, Serge Bourguignon.
Rapture AKA
La fleur de l'age
- 1965, John Guillermin.
 (coming of age, unintentional FF comparison) - French.
Both B&W films feature the same story with the same actress (only bigger).
Patricia Gozzi (age 12 in the first and age 15 in the other) depicts the impossible love between a young girl and an older man - caps

movies: A to C - D to J - K to R - S to Z

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal