Aging Transformation Scenes

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link page: "old age"

Aging Women boards

Aging Women Group replaces Agemagic
Merlin's Aging Women Extension with female old age stories, young adult APed aftermath captions, and more.

(adult FF to OA) TimeThumper from Fading Beauties has started his own aging women blog:
- Girls Gone Old - (Youthdrain, Agingwomen)

- (dedicated TG captions story site with age change) - Always Older TG
- (dedicated OA) - manga art TFed
- (dedicated OA) - old age edits

- ("OA'd" makeup) - Amanda McCants "I Am A Gilf" skit. "Old ladies" are getting young male f*ckbuddies at - (Wazzupdawg)
- (OA TF info) - I consolidated the album links into one site. Again, if you have anything you'd like to donate, feel free - media list - (Jackpotmans)
- (demons OA'd) - I've aged some fictitious characters that I like - (Paron)
- (AA AI) 2023/05 - aging
- (AA) - software "aging" demon face
- (FFed to old) - "Rainbow Brite" AI aged
- (character FB/FF) - toons - Lightyear - Alisha: Young & Old - (Kappa)
- (face OA) - AI video
- (pseudo young adults to OA) - photos link (Kingfaraday)
- (adult FF to OA) - Hannah Stocking as an elderly InstaModel.
  "You know this isn't going to last forever right?" the cop asks before a flash forward ensues.
  She is seen 50 years later still wearing her cute, modern outfit. A terrible actress but a neat idea @00:40 - (Wazzupdawg)
- (adult FFed) - Ellen Pompeo aging years - (Ark) - (old adults aged) - nudes - (123anon987)
- (adult nude ageing) Amazing website about women changing, with a section on aging over time. You will find here various photos of models, pornstars, camgirls, ... naked. We see their body evolution in time - Christy breast drop - (123anon987)
- (adult to OA FF) - 4 pics AI
- (accelerated time flashby) - Tv Dimension 404 Ep06 "Impulse" 2017. A gamer finds an energy drink that lets her slow down time, but her life fast-forwards every time Spoilers (Keith943)
- (adult age disguised as old) - experiment - (adult age disguised as old) - roleplay
- (adult aging sketch) - Old ladies hair explained. Article diagram with some good multi-stage OA FF depictions.
  Mmmhhmm I love how much life those ancient, long sagging hangers lost... - (Lunkpil, Saggydreams)
- (adult aging) - When do you start losing your looks? article - (123anon987)
- (adults aging to old) - Been considering new ways to look at the countless gradually aging female characters of DC, Marvel, and other future genre franchises...
  What about these obvious crones, yet still gorgeous beauties:
  Wild woman sisterhood - Love the crone - Welcome crone wisdom - Reclaiming crone power
  If you would like, any of you could consider incorporating them in your OA stories and artwork - (Keith943)
- (adults aging) - unflattering bikini celebs - Sagging cheeks in 30s - (123anon987) - Christina Aguilera re-creates "Dirty" look 20 years later - (Kappa)
- (adults FFed old) - before/after - (Kappa)
- (adults FFed old) - celebs then/now - (123anon987)
- (adults FFed old) - centenarians then/now - (Kappa)
- (adults FFed older) - AI celebs
- (adults FFed to old) - "Friends" cast aging prediction
- (AI FF morph) - "Extrapolate" face aging app
- (adult age appearance legends) - WG glitch - AA shirt glitch
- (young adult to OA) - "Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane" #40. Note: when you click on the link, remember, it's a site where you can read free comics. You may have to search for it when you're there. Pop up ads - link - (Kappa)
- (young adults to old age) - AI edits
- (young adults to old, FF photos) - There didn't seem to be an active subreddit dedicated to real-life adult aging, so I made one a while back.
  Just wanted to make you aware, since Reddit is hard to find stuff on - AgingUp - (Katsumend)
- (young/old adult mind swaps) - unknown film spoilers
- (extreme aging info) - Super centenarians - (AgingWomen)
- (face ages) - 2023. Disney's Face Re-Aging AI for movies.
- (face aging) - filter
- (kinda looks like "OA'd") - 2 random characters from Encanto and Up fused together! - (Kappa, Audity)

- (future aging predictions) - Article written by 60 y.o. woman imagining Millennials in 2070.
  It's clear she thinks Millennials just means all "young people" and...
  She's resentful from bad experiences with tattooed 20-somethings at the gym - (Chronoeclipse)

  Do you like TG? No? Then heads up, a lot of their young adults to MILFs captions are TG. A lot are also WG.
  But adult FF Fans WILL FIND A GEM or two, PROMISE. They also have another blogspot - Random TG Captions - (Deleted)

In Praise of the Crone: A Celebration of Feminine Maturity
- (adult aging) Dorothy Morrison, 1999. Menopause was the best thing that ever happened to her.
  She reveals her discoveries for making this the best time in her life - metaphors - (Keith943)

- (adults FFed) - 2022 AI predictions: 26 celebs - (Bob)

- (adult "OA'd" disguise) - Sofie Dossi - Old Lady Prank, 2021/05.
  I aged 70 years! Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I transformed into an old grandma.
  I then went public to prank people and get reactions after I fell and ran away in a backbend - (MeanMark)

- (adult "OA" disguise) - In the film "X", Mia Goth plays both "Max" Minx and elderly Pearl - (Fan2000)
- (adult "OA" disguise) - White Rabbit ASMR - Makeup "TF" into Granny Nonna - (MeanMark)
- (adult age obesity) - photo edit and story by Ken4444 featuring Penny from The Big Bang Theory warped into a downgraded reality.
  A Big & Round 30-something Cheesecake Factory manager experiences the humiliation of her friends now being supermodel skinny.
  Notice how her weight really shows off her age, love that. Account required to view photo story

- (adult aging effects) - short film "Friend Fights: 20s Vs 30s" - (Kappa)
- (young adult FFed to old) - Samurai Jack S3Ep2: Rave Girl - S5Ep6: Rave Girl 50 years later
  In an apocalyptic future, I have hope knowing Grandma DJ's, drugged out young men in astronaut suits, and techno beats still are a thing - (Kappa)

- (young adults "FFed", OA makeup) Trevor Wallace shorts, 2022/02 - F*ckbois (and F*ckgirl) in the future login required - (Wazzupdawg)
- (young to old FF or predictions) - Edited/morphed celebs - celebs - celebs - celebs- celebs - celebs @01:03 Emma Stone - (all by Kappa)
- (young/older adult) - same pose FF
- (younger adults FFed) - Parents See Their Kids Aged to Their 80s. Special FX Makeup involved - (Fan2000)
- (dedicated adult OA) - Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) fan morph
- (demon OA) - Pinky, You Got Old! Teen-Z short toon
- (FFed to old) - "Fairly OddParents" toon scene
  Timmy Turner as an old man... though that's a pretty old looking 60 y.o. We see Timmy's Mom cooking at the end, late 80s / early 90s - (AgingWomen)

- (adult demon OA'd) - Special Unit 2 - S2Ep3 - Alt. scene
- (adult elderly disguise) - The fun begins @10:00 - looks like they still have fun in "old age"!
  Rickie Carmella, 2021. Night Out... Dressed as Old Ladies - (MeanMark)

- (adult face "OA'd") - Jo Steel, 2021. Half Face makeup - (MeanMark)
- (adult face "OA'd") - Kristen Bell's IG gives us a peek at what she'll look like as a first-time grandma. I love it when actresses & women in general seem playful about their aging.
  Would love to see her progressed further to great-grandma. Face filter - (Chronoeclipse, Deptx)

- (adult face appearances) - fat filter
- (adult face FF "OA'd") - Mandy Moore's hair & makeup Transformation - (MeanMark)
- (adult face FFed) - YOUNG woman into very OLD lady shopped
- (FFed) - The Nanny then & now cast - (Kappa)
- (adult CoA FF) - A Woman's body at 20 vs 50 years - (123anon987)
- (adult demon FB/FF) - Note: This probably won't satisfy the majority of people's OA fetish. All in all, two very sweet and funny scenes.
  toons - Disenchantment - Queen Grogda as a young woman with her half-elf child, and Grogda reunited with her half-elf child.
  If only they showed that old fairy when she was younger I bet those tits would've looked amazing... - link - link - (Kappa)

- (adult FB/FF) - "How I Met Your Father" Kim Cattrall as older Hilary Duff? Works for me! trailer - (Kappa)
- (adult fb/ff) - Gen Z parents/grandparents are going to be veryyyy interesting. Mayuhnaisemaya, 2020.
  Young woman fears what her future grandchildren will think looking back Grandma's TikTok - (Wazzupdawg)

- (adult FF to OA) - I like how they judged an old lady who successfully climbed Mount Everest with a walker.
  Like, objectively, no one in the world is more of a bad ass - ETrade commercial - (Kappa)

- (adult FF) - porn stars then & now - (123anon987)
- (adult FFed old) - Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" - Alt. music video - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed older WG) - celeb then & now
- (adult OA) - I think it's been long overdue but I've finally set up my Patreon page
  I'll be creating new exclusive content for it and also images that will eventually be uploaded to my DeviantArt - (Drainage)

- (adult toon faces aged) - Baldur's Gate D&D system RPG:
  Someone did some age work on the character portraits - (Ronin)

toons - The Boys Presents: Diabolical
  (very light OA ) - Intro: middle aged nurse Barbara is somewhat younger in a flashback @01:33.
  S1Ep2, 2022 - We also get to see how Ghost's mom looks 10 years older @01:45 - (Kappa)

Owl House, The
- (FFed) - Time Passing Comic - Next generation Comic Dub
Plant Coven head witch gives off that crazy old drama teacher vibe... Terra Snapdragon Middle Aged - Elderly - (Kappa)

- (OA makeup application) - Jess Ransom - Instagram video - (Ark)
- (OA poofs) - Josie And The Pussycats S1Ep16 - Alt. toon scenes - (Kappa)
- (OA rejuv) - Galtar and the Golden Lance, Ep3 Alt. toon scene - (Kappa)
- (OA, rejuved) - Motherland: Fort Salem S1Ep3 "A Biddy's Life" 2020/04/01.
  One of the biddies passes away at the end. We see her revert back to her young adult self as she dies in bed. A young adult recruit puts her hand on General Adler's shoulder and ages into an old woman.
  Scene link - (Kappa)

- (toon FF) - Steven Universe Vidalia young - old
- (OA) - age makeup - (OA) - Alt. scene - (Kappa)

South Park
- (FFed) - Here's the adults 40 years from now - Stan's Mom
  Their younger models: - Sheila Broflovski - Mrs Tweak - Linda Black - The Mayor - Ellen Malkinson - Laura Tucker
  They all have their elderly forms on their wiki - (Kappa)

- (adults FFed to old, flashbacks) - Alexa CM "I Only Have Eyes For You", 2021.
  Young couple dancing in the past into the present day still dancing as an old couple - link - (Chronoeclipse)

- (adults FFed) - grey heirs - (adults FFed) - future selves oa face - (adults FFed) - old photos recreated
- (FF) - Every Peggy Carter (MCU) appearance in chronological order clips
- (FF) Before and After Age collages - (Kappa)
- (OA edits) - Parents see kids aged to 80 - makeup
- (oa gag) - "Aging" 2016 stick toon
  Boy, do I just love the way those old milkers melt in this. So yummy mhmm - (Lunkpil, Saggydreams, ButtonMuncher)

- (dedicated adults to old aged aftermaths) - photo story captions - (Chronoeclipse)

- (old age makeup) - tutorial - tutorial - (Keith943)
- (adult age disguise) - old lady - (Kappa)
- (adult FF) - Brigitte - (kid character FFed) - Ramona Quimby at 48
- (FB replacement) - cutaway glitch - (adult to OA) - Evil Queen TF from Disney's Snow White - (Lunkpil)
- (face app "OA") - Tiktok age transformation meme - (adults) - ffed
- (adult toon age appearances) - Why 30 y.o.'s in the past looked much older than now article - (Kappa)
- (adult face photo aging) - fiancee prank

- (adult toon FFed to OA) - "Alone Again, Naturally" - Immortality Isn't Fun, 2018.
  Steven Universe Animatic fan toon - (JankyBones, Kappa)

- (adults FF) - 1988-2021, Coming 2 America actors - (Kappa)
- (some adult FB/FF to old) - 30 years of "hi-res aging". Her husband takes these sHots - albums - (Thetreerollins)

- (adult toon weight gain OA) - Suga Mama looked decades younger while thin. When the pounds packed back on, so did the wrinkles.
  I heard they're bringing back Proud Family. Hope Penny gets new friends. Besides Sticky, they were all pretty shitty friends - Scene - (Kappa)

- (oldsters acting like young adults, "OA'd" disguises) "City Girls - Senior City Girls Twerk", 2019.
  Cardi B and Yung Mami redid their twerk videos disguised as old ladies together with real ones. You can twerk at any age.
  Music video - (Wazzupdawg)

- (face app "OA") - Buzzfeed celebs put through the faceage app. A lot look really believable! - (Chronoeclipse)
  Would be great to have a full body nude aging ai to show how her chest would sag and her butt get flabby and weak kinda like this - (123anon987)

- (adult dream "FFed" to OA) - s1ep5? Mohawk Girls fantasy sequence. Bailey feels trapped in marriage - (Wazzupdawg)
- (adult age) - Paulina at 54

- (AA adult younger age disguise effect) - Japanese moms fit perfectly in their daughters high school uniforms.
  Keep in mind they are all in their 30's & 40's. Who's your favorite? Wish it wasn't in 240 lol. c'08 Contest - (Hideyoshi lacan)

- (adult to OA) - Wizards of Waverly Place "Max's secret" - Alex uses middle aged spell - (Hideyoshi lacan) @07:35
- (adults FFed) - middle age weight gain article - (AgingWomen)

- (adults "OA'd") - "50 years in 5 seconds" - "legend"/report - other:
  Super weird! I recently had an experience where I saw an adult turn into a little kid. Freaked me the fuck out, was shaken all day from it. I'm convinced what I saw could be a cryptid or some kind of haunting/possession experience - (P3tM3tt, ayyyy1steaksauce)

- (teens disguised) - as oldsters
- (mostly old age) - Jack's old Dailymotion channel - Tv commercials thread
- (adult CoA) - middle aged appearances story from the perspective of a woman and husband - (Ark)
- (adult age crisis) - The Onion, 2012. Angry middle-aged woman was once carefree youth, onlookers speculate - report - (Hideyoshi lacan)
- (dedicated adult to old age TFs & aftermaths) - Deviant Index - Index
- (adult FFed to old) - then/now Bond Lady
- (adults FFed to old) - "The Liverbirds", UK former girl band - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Kelly Ripa looks to be getting them grey hairs as well!! Would love to see if she goes full grey in 20 years - (Oaoaox)
- (young adults FFed to middle aged) - Zach Morris, "Saved by the Bell" cast - (Kappa)
- (adult changes) - Butt ages - (123anon987) - (adult) - face
- (adult WG FF) - 20-item sequence, adult decades obesity story - (Kappa)
- (anime chars FFed) - Naruto drawing by xXUnicornXx
- (adult mental ages) - Interesting story idea, internal battles between Taylor Swift's younger and older selves - (Hideyoshi Lacan)
- (adult youth gag) - gets the imagination firing up, also it's funny! 30 y.o.'s secret - (Chronoeclipse)
- (medical) - Woman shrinks as she ages Vanishing Bones
- (adult rapid aging) - Kolchak: The Night Stalker - Ep19 info
- (adult FFed to old) - Teri Hatcher well on her way to a grandma!! I do think she should go all the way - (Oaoaox)
- (adults FFed to old) - Playboy centerfolds - (Kappa)
- (adults FFed to old) - 50 supermodels - (Kappa)
- (adult FFed to old) - Always knew Eva was getting longer in tooth... but she is really grey for her age!!! Let it all go EVA!! - (Oaoaox)
- (AA OA) - Lilpri anime Ep45 "Otohime's Hospitality" previously posted episode - alternate link - (Joseph)
- (adult CoA FFed) - differences from your 20s to your 30s.
- (YA FFed glimpse) - Stacy's Mom then/"now"
- (dedicated demon entities etc) - fetish comic art
- (adult faces slideshow, FFed to older) - former supermodels - (Acca)
- (adult uglification) - vid - (adult age FFed) - Yasmine older.
- (adult FF) - She has like 30 years of adult aging... was thick and super hot a few years ago - - (Thetreerollins)
- (FFed) - "Caillou The Grownup" Old Caillou sure did a number on his folks! - (Kappa)
- (dedicated weight gain, AA obesity, furry demon TG) - Deviant Art - Examples: toon lineup - lineup - (Kappa)

- (adult face "aging") - face filter
- (adult women FF) - Didn't check link, but this may be of interest to others. Porn star "growth" etc: Buxoms
- (adult face OA) - FF morph
- (dedicated OA) Yayame left the internet again, but their art will love on - e-hentai - (Anonguy)
- (adult ff, male muscle) - Asian chubby cheeks, '19 toon
- (adult face) ff
- (OA) - Foolish-Water Deviant Gallery - (Fan2000)
- (dedicated OA edits) - Fountains of Age - (Addwulf)

- (old age media collection) 2019. I have collected most of the aging videos into albums on Google Photos.
Some Nudity - Videos - Anime/Manga - Toons - Comics - Tv/Movies - Photoshop - Misc - Games
- (JackpotMans)

- (old age transformations) - Aging Repository - (Jackpotmans galleries)
- (mental oa'd impersonation) - face
- (OA prediction) - I think we probably all do this with most people we see - The Onion article - (Chronoeclipse)
- (adult) - face
- (adult to old) - nude

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Dr. Transformo
- (dedicated adult face edits) - - Scarlett

- (old age media gallery) - Jackpotmans
- (2-stage OA) - makeup - (ChronoEclipse)
- (dedicated AA adult mental) - maturation
- (young adult toons OA'd) - Totally Spies fan art - (JackpotMans)

- (adults FFed to OA) - Commission by John Gallagher & Rayc5678. "Pitch Perfect 4: Golden Oldies" (2062)
Starring Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, and Rebel Wilson - fan drawing - (Fan2000)

- (AA to old) - Hero 108 "Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train" - toon - (Tazz)
- (dedicated OA'd) Commissioned Elderly Teen Angels from "The Creepy Claw Caper" - link by qMargot (link) - (JackpotMans)

- (AA size-up to OA) - "Time Stretch" experiment with "Aging Morphs 3 for Genesis 3 Bundle" - CGI
- (face to OA) - Daz Studio Iray Genesis 3 Female Aging Experiment - CGI
- (adult face FF) - article
- (adult FF) - Shannon is 48 now per her husband who takes the pics. We have seen her go from mid 30s to menopause over the course of her thread. And wow ...the latest photos.
  She always got me going but this is incredible - Flickr album - (Thetreerollins, Agingwomen)
- (adult face) - oa
- (dedicated adult to OA, rejuv story scenes) - new contest at AgingWomen group (registration required).
- (FFed movie villains) in their twilight years
- (dedicated old age/rejuv) - The Great Age Shift stories at the new OA forum.
- (age forms AA) - Atomic Betty: Mission Earth Ep16 "Bold Age" episode
- (old age) - Agingwomen Supplemental Board - (AJ)
- (adult FFed) - Brooke
- (menstrual) - month
- (adult normal aging) - I always hoped to see Katherine Heigl age. Figured she would gain weight. No such luck, but couldn't help noting
  the wrinkles and slightly sagging skin: photos - (Thetreerollins, Agingwomen)
- (AA age-up to OA) - Found a new and longer version of Fast Forward! short film - (Super Man)
- (adult FFed to old) - Ipanema Beach girl at 71 - (Myspecialfx)
- (adult FFed) - "Girl from Ipanema" song 17 to 71 - (Myspecialfx)
- (adult FFed) - time stop story
- (adult) - "daughters into mothers" ages
- (young adult) - face
- (young adult) - face
- (mostly adult obesity, slight unintentional UC) - board topic
- (adult) - appearance
- (OA, AA videos) - new channel pw is jackpotmans.

- (adult age) - Woman reflects on losing her youthful face - (stankyleandcartman)
- (adult aging) - The special aging of Liz Hurley, 51 (photoshoot).
It's a rare and special treat to watch the gradual deflation of her breasts. Watch her boobs in the first three photos. On the inside of her cleavage we can actually see her skin growing less smooth and capable of containing their beautiful pert shape. It's amazing to watch, a true turn on - (Agingwomen)

- (adult faces) - music legends
- ("oa" edit) - tutorial - (adult FFed) - "Goldfinger" Bond Girl Shirley Eaton after 50 yrs - (MySpecialFX)

- (adult) - Brie Larson talks about aging - (StanKyleCartman)
- (dedicated AA FF to OA) - Lady Kariyan lifetime
- (face) - aging
- (mother/adult daughter) - comparison
- (adult FF) - face morph ff
- ('oa') - makeup 1 - 2
- (adult FF) - 4 women over 40 years: Brown Sisters - (StanKyle&Cartman)

- 500 mugshots
- (then & now) - architectural comparisons - couple - lynda - (Matt)
- (mom daughter) - reshot

- Japanese text-only links:
- (OA) - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - TFed - (Yayame, TM)
- (oa face) - makeup
- (OA male & female glimpse, no size increase) - Kamen Rider W, Ep43 & Ep44, alternate videos - (Akira)
- (aging) - supermodels
- (adults OA'd) - A few more imaginings of the Disney princesses much older - (Timewarper, Agingwomen)
- (adult face age) - Couple in their late 20s uses makeup to preview their 50s, 70s, 90s - (Ryu Hayabusa)
- (adult face) - ff
- (adult height loss) - disguise
- (adult morph) - loop - (Qwertyhatter45)
- (adult OA'd) - Reddit NoSleep story - (DeptX, Agingwomen)
- (adult) - "fatality" play - limited face age effects
- (adult) - stretchmarks
- (adult) - age
- (adult) - face
- (adult) - Groom storms off after bride made herself look old
- (adult) - Lois BE gif
- ("aging" boy) - Chuck E CM

- (AA) - Ep45, "Otohime's Hospitality".
Urashima Taro character Otohime from Fairyland passes out food to people. Unfortunately, it makes them suddenly old as a side effect.
- Alternate link - (Vincent)

- (AA) - oa scene story
- (male "oa") - channing
- (dedicated toon edits) - anime characters aged - (multiple contributors)

- (dedicated OA) - Flickr page with a vast collection of Old Age pics and a few videos. Some of the pics are marked restricted. I checked for girl to woman live action clothes tightening pics but no.
- Gallery - (Jack, Aging Women)

- (fem adult CGI oa'd) - clip - clip
- (slight "oa") - face
- (weight) - gain

short stories
T.F. Wright
- (dedicated TF scenes, adult made older, WG) - The Transformation Mall.
2015, crowdfunded TF ebook. Ch01 "Cougar Clothes" - link - (Mytransformations)

- (male) - oa
- male oa
- (young adult ff) - high school years face
- (young adults to OA) - "Bad Girls From Valley High" - movie link - (J A)

My Transformations Blog
- (dedicated AA, OA stories, TF) - Includes some AP stories as well as several AP ebooks - blog - search - mall
The Transformation Mall: where supporters can commission their own custom chapters. All TFs can come to life through custom commissions, your idea just the way you want it. An age changing tanning bed or a clothing store, personality changes, a candy shop that causes different kinds of aging, whatever your AP desire, it can happen - (TF Wright, Aging Women)

books & short stories
- (mostly adult age changing tales) From My Transformations blog.
c2015. The author is T.F. Wright. Purchase & free links:
Older and Wiser
- (dedicated adult to older) 7,000 word ebook.
Sophia Rossi is a struggling college freshman with an unrequited crush on her older friend. At a cosplay convention, she meets a woman who sells her a "magic potion" that will supposedly solve her academic and romantic troubles. Of course, there is a price.
Trophy Cougar Wife
- (dedicated female adult to OA, male AR) 7,000 word ebook.
Sherry is a trophy wife - a young little thing married to a rich older gentleman. But she has a resentful stepdaughter and feels unfulfilled compared to her successful husband. If only their roles could be reversed...
Golden Girls Spa
- (dedicated adult to OA) 7,000 word ebook.
A television executive wants to re-create a TV show about older women - but no older actresses return his calls. So he decides to drop some young actresses off at a very special spa that will quickly help them look the part. A tale filled with vivid transformation sequences in the perfect setting.
The Transformation Mall
- (dedicated TFs, age increase & AR stories) 34,000 word ebook.
The first ever crowd-funded transformation ebook contains 11 vignettes and short stories, brimming with all manner of transformations as fantasy meets reality. Visit age increase clothing stores and liquor shops, a gym with a "Role Reversal" special, a comic book store that turns cheerleaders into nerds, and much, much more. You can read the first chapter Cougar Clothes online for free.
Becoming the Handyman
- (dedicated male adult age increase/decrease & TF) 7,000 word ebook.
Clifton has hired a fat, oafish, low-class bum named Frankie to fix his pipes, who talks himself into moving in. Every day, Clifton starts to become more like Frankie - he's getting older, losing his trim figure, and he's becoming low class. A tale of male age increase/rejuvenation, weight gain, and class change with homoerotic themes.
Claus and Effect
- (dedicated adult to older) 4,000 word ebook.
A short Christmas themed transformation story. Misty, a young woman who thinks Christmas is lame, finds herself working for a Christmas themed fundraising company. She's not sure she'll fit in, but they say this is a job that can grow on you...
The Sacrifice
- (dedicated male adult rejuvenation & age stasis) Online short story. A man learns a secret about his best friend, and why he always stays young.
Cougar Clothes
- (dedicated young adults to older) Online short story. A special clothing store gives "fashion makeovers" that turn silly young girls into drop-dead sexy older women.
- (dedicated young adult to older, weight gain) Online short story. A new "energy drink" has some surprising effects for a young, female aerobics instructor.
Midlife Crisis
- (dedicated young adult to old age, weight gain) Online short story. Time can pass faster than you expect as a housewife...
Relationship Realignment
- (dedicated young adult to older, male rejuvenation) Online short story. When William has to leave for work, Maggie decides to make some changes.

age progression stories old age
Age Magic: stories and captions about aged females archive
aging beauty
female AP TG swaps from high school senior to senior citizen
wicked queen
kinda like old aged

- (face ages) - Side-by-side, inter-generational comparisons in the same family - (BeetleCrumb, Agingwomen)
- (young adult) - face
- (adult) - FF - (Matt)
- (adult fat loss) - ~263->~170 Face - 2 years 67 lbs - fat girl gone! 234-144 lbs. - Zoe Pineau transformed
- (adult make-up) - Johnny Depp - M2F Transition
- (age forms interact) - Celebs with their younger selves - album

- (adult weight loss) - 210 to 142 - 115 to 121 - F/24/5'7"
- (adult weight loss) - less fat - less fat
- (adult weight loss) - 245-185=60lbs - 7 years - 1yr/83lbs
- (adult weight loss) - Size 22 to 4 - achievement - Bye bye boobies - 270->140
- (adult weight loss) - -100 lbs - -200 lbs - -300 lbs
- (adult weight loss) - Fat loss - 273-183lbs - Change - lost 140 pounds
- (adult weight loss) - couple - -100lbs. wife - -90lbs. - fat loss
- (adult weight loss) - 100+ pounds down 4 years - Husband and i -197 lbs - weight loss journey
- (adult weight loss) - 4 years, 20 minutes, now... Time - college formal freshman & junior
- (adult weight loss) - 60 pounds 6 months (Rob Ford for scale) - 70lbs. later
- (adult weight loss) - Down from 300lbs. - from 341lbs. - Slow and steady comic
- (adult weight loss) - F/25/5'6" One year - Down 100 pounds - Three Women - 6 yrs -300lbs 2007 to 2013
- (adult weight loss) - Journey: -130 lb - Driver's License -180lbs - Male: 250-190lbs - /r/keto
- (adult weight loss) - Justin lost 600lbs! - face change 120lbs - 190lbs
- (adult weight loss) - Oh and I also underwent a gender transition: 265lbs>167lbs - reduced - 2011-2013
- (adult weight loss) - wife's secret weight loss - -400 lbs.
- (adult weight loss) - Woman bets and wins - gastric result

- (adult) - Beauty queen's shocking weight loss
- (photo edit) - oa face tutorial
- (AA) - Fountain of "oa": mental - (Thomas) - adult AA
- (adult age forms) - Oscar nominees past/future selves
- (adult age makeup) - info
- (adult age) - manga candy ad - (multiple contributors) - oa
- (adult aging) - stars - (Timewarper, AW)
- (adult aging) - fitness - (Timewarper, Agingwomen)
- (adult FF) - 2007 Flickr - 2014 music vid - (Acca)
- (adult ff) - sisters oa
- (adult gag "oa") - how Russians age
- (adult to OA) - live makeup - (Yayame)
- (adult) - face
- (adult) - face
- (83 y.o.) - model
- (AA adult) - disguises
- (adult age) - stasis
- (adult clothes swaps) - AA commercial - (Hskfmn)
- (adult face edits) - 102 Y.O. lady & Hindu GRANNY! rejuv - by PhotoshopSurgeon - rejuv
- (adult face) - toon
- (adults AA FF) - Brown Sisters - (Matt)
- (mental) - not oa
- (hands FF) - cuts
- (make-up appearances) - age, die and be reborn Illusion - shocking punk rocker Stunner - Wooden Doll
- (makeup) - oa
- (adults normalized) - Alternate dimension celebrities
- (adult themes) - Cartoon Character Psycho Killers
- (adult face OA) - short toon
- (adult face to OA makeup) - GIF - (Matt)
- (adult face to OA tutorials) - info - info - info - info
- (FF) - Daz3D CGI
- (FF) - Pokemon (left to right) years - years
- (FF) - The trees grew with me: Time
- (adult FF silhouettes) - Anniversary Cake
- (adult FF) - "The Sopranos" cast - "Angel" cast - "Princess Bride" cast
- (adult FF) - "X-Men: Days of Future Past" fan poster
- (adult FF) - Audrey
- (adult FF) - Madonna
- (adult FF) - 20 to 50 info
- (adult FF) - Beverly Hills, 90210: Time
- (adult FF) - mother is a vampire: 20 years
- (adult FF) - Olene 100 y.o. - BFFs gif - Brent Rambo meme
- (adult FFed) - Christie Brinkley @ 60
- (adults FF) - Bree Walker 20 years - Christie Brinkley FFed age 60
- (adults FFed fate) - China. Identical Twins grown up
- (adults FFed) - Amazing Spider-Man #700.5: Fantastic Four future
- (adult comparisons) - Weird Celebrity Look-a-Likes
- (adult evolution stories) - convicted criminal free for 13 years - brain injury math genius
- (adult face age makeup) - info
- (adult face degeneration) - Meth Morph video
- (adult face FF) - Thelma and Louise after 23 years
- (adult face rejuv) - CGI
- (adult face) - FF
- (adult face) - age fade
- (adults) - Vietnam deserters - recreated photo

- (OA makeup) - face
- (OA'd disguise) - more Heidi Klum golden years - (MySpecialFX)
- (old adult couple FF) - Loss - (O')
- (toys FFed to OA) - article - (Ion)
- (slight OA) - Young Girl Becomes Older Woman glimpse
- (possible slight "OA"?) - "Lifeforce" series option
- (face OA) - Commercial close-up
- (adult face ff) - daily photos
- (adult face makeup) - Carly Paige - Cher - Val Kilmer to Mark Twain - boring boy to fabulous fish!
- (adult face to OA) - faces - (MySpecialFX) - slider
- (adult face) - Time
- (adults age predictions) - Back to the Future: Makeup vs. actually aging 30 years
- (adults FF) - Wedding photo reenactment - 45 years later
- (adults FFed) - Girl Meets World - What are Cory and Topanga up to!
- (adults FFed) - Cheers cast - School of Rock cast - reunion
- (adults FFed) - Dawson's Creek then/now
- (adult faces) - They make a huge difference: Haircuts
- (adult FF Stages) - My yearly photo with a maple creamee: Time
- (adult FF) - Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews 50 years later
- (adult FF) - Seven Years: prom to wedding
- (adult FFed) - Superman & Wonder Woman Fanart
- (adult FFed) - woman reappeared after 11 years
- (age disguise) - 20yr old Eniko Mihalik photographed as if she were 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 y.o: Makeup - (O')
- (adult to OA full body disguise) - Heidi Klum loves Halloween - (AgingWomen)
- (adult to OA photo edits) - A new Fountain of Age contest - (Fan2000)

- (young adults aging) - 2 high school students make a magic wish for wisdom and now they are aging rapidly.
  So far they are in their mid-twenties and it doesn't look like they are slowing down! Gallery - (Merlin)

- (adult face FF) - Broke the 2-year milestone. Ovarian cancer happens to young people too.
- (adult faces FF) - Meth
- (adult faces) - My grandmother and I both at age 20 - (O')
- (adult faces) - plastic celebs
- (adult split/faces) - Genetics are awesome: Comparisons
- (adult maturation) - aging guide parody
- (adult OA makeup) - prosthetics application - (FXwarehouse)
- (adult reassignment) - Before and After
- (young adult faces) - Here's a pic of my mom and I around the same age - (O')
- (young adult FF) - Amanda
- (young adult FF) - Norwegian singer 19 to 28 - vid
- (young adult FF) - They all started out as cheerleaders... - (O')
- (adult weight gain) - Recovering from anorexia - Change
- (adult make-up) - stars appearances - (Matt)
- (adult appearance) - Believe it or not, all these celebs are the same age - (O')
- (adult appearances) - Historical Figures & How They Would Look Today... - (O')
- (adult appearances) - celebs as everyday people.
- (adults FB) - 80 year old triplets celebrating their birthday
- (adults FF) - A Few Aging Rock Stars, Then And Now
- (adults FF) - Celebs aged badly: Time
- (adults FF) - Famous TV Show Stars (22 pics) Then and Now - (O')
- (adults FF) - The Cast of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Then and Now - (O')
- (adults FFed) - 'Cheers': Where are they now?
- (adults FFed) - Love that stemmed from the Holocaust - Time
- (adults FFed) - The cast of Return of the Jedi reunited recently: Time
- (adults flash forward) - "Stages" Comic This is so hot - (O')
- (adult FF to aged) - Brown sisters - (John)
- (adult FF) - 1990s heartthrobs
- (adult FF) - 3rd time round... this year I'm gonna run the damn race! Trained
- (adult FF) - Back to health Change
- (adult FF) - Back to the Future cast
- (adult FF) - Class of 1943 finally gets their prom 70 years later.
- (adult FF) - Dayuumm Africa! What happened?? Mean Girls
- (adult FFed to OA) - Barbara Eden "I Dream of Jeanie" Then and Now - (Matt)
- (adult FFed) - Comic: Doodle Time: Me in the Future - (O')
- (adult FFed) - Christian Serratos - Ned's Declassified: Now
- (face wrinkling) - I look 45 but I'm only 15: Zara on her battle with rare ageing disease - (O')
- (adult face) - "morphing" from different angles of light - (O')
- (future faces) - human evolution
- (older characters FFed) - New Crusaders, Book 1: Rise of the Heroes - (O')
- (dedicated TF attribute increases) - Suckermouth Ink Boob CGI clip preview
- (dedicated TG, TF AP) - swap scene
- (adult to OA AA FFs) - Worth1000 Photoshop contest.
  An awfully well-done progression of Natalie Portman by Johnrmcconnell won first place.
  Fountain of Age 19 - (Youthdrain)

- (toon OA, RN) - "Josie and the Pussycats" episode - (Timewarper)
- (adults FB) - 6 decades of love - (O')
- (slow-motion bouncing) - gravity aging illusion
- (young adult evolution) - My weight-loss journey - (O')
- (adult face age) - makeup video.
- (adult face aged) - 'Drinking Mirror' app shows how alcohol ages you - (O')
- (adult face blink oa'd) - time
- (adult face FF) - mug shots
- (adult face FF) - years
- (adult face FF) - time
- (adult face FF) - 90210 cast - (Acca)
- (adult face FF) - Everyone seems excited the old cast might return for Episode VII... then/now - (O')
- (adult face FF) - Excited to start the new year 60lbs lighter - (O')
- (adult face FF) - How certain substances affect the aging process: Parody - (O')
- (adult face to OA) - what 2 daily glasses of wine can do to your face in 10 years
- (adult face) - age cues perception
- (OA makeup) - info
- ("OA ARed") - My friend just sent me this. I now have a plan for teaching my future child to walk - (O')
- (adults FF) - "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" then and now - (O')
- (adults FF) - Good Guy Jeff Bridges: Gets Married, Becomes Famous, Stays Married for 36 years - (O')
- (adults FF) - The Third Before Sunrise Film Is Not Just Good, It Is Nearly Perfect - review
  Before Sunrise - Before Sunset - Before Midnight - (O')
- (adults FF) - 'Veronica Mars': Where are they now? time - (O')
- (adults FFed) - 'Boy Meets World' stars to reunite for Disney sequel Girl Meets World - pics - (O')
- (adults FFed) - 'Friends' stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite for 'Go On' - (O')
- (adults FFed) - Rock Stars: Then and Now - (O')
- (age makeup) - info
- (adult FF parody) - Mila Jovovich Has Really Let Herself Go - (O')
- (adult FF) - (90s) Stars Then and Now - (O')
- (adult FF) - celebs
- (adult FF) - 1 year - (Matt)
- (adult FF) - Many people post before/after weight loss pics. I went from 85 to 115 lbs. Anorexia recovery FTW - (O')
- (adult FF) - Michael Caine with his wife Before - Now - (O')
- (adult FF) - Nurse on Blink-182 cover before and after career - (O')

- (adult mental time loss) - 10 yrs gone: "I can't recall my life" amnesia flashback
- (adult OA'd faces) - Worth1000 "Fountain of Age" Photoshop contest Gallery 18 - (Timewarper)
- (adult FB) - Phyllis from The Office was once a big-haired NFL cheerleader - (O')
- (cleavage enhanced, disguise, maturity TF) - Lipstick changes ordinary woman Sakurako Kintoki into villainess Sedusa - (Christopher)
- (adult aged) - celebrities who are older than you thought.
- (face aging make-up) - grandma effect.
- (CGI face age) - Photoshop demo - (F5)
- (CGI maturity disguise attempt) - photo fail - (Acca)
- (adults FFed) - 5 captains on stage! Bakula (Enterprise), Brooks (DS9), Mulgrew (VOY), Steward (TNG), Shatner (TOS) - (O')
- (adults FFed) - Bond Girls then & now
- (adults FFed) - classic movie/Tv posters recreated - (Brian)
- (adults FFed) Star Trek TNG reunion: Cast - Proposal - (O')
- (future self encounter) - meeting
- (reincarnation FF) - What The Heck Is Cloud Atlas? Movie info - (O')
- (adult daughter/mother comparisons) - Article about aging - (Ark, Agingwomen)
- (AA pose comparisons) - "like mother like daughter" photo contest
- (female adult FF) - years
- (timewarp) - "When old and new stars meet." compare - (O')
- (adult age) - Christie Brinkley
- (slight young adult face age) - makeup
- (simulated OA experience) - age suit
- (adult face age) - makeup
- (adult face) - Aging Animation
- (adult FF) - 14 years later... still got it.
- (adult FF) - aging badly slides.
- (adult FF) - Aimee Mann (1960) "remakes" the music video "Voices Carry" (1985) as "Labrador" (2012) - (Matt)
- (adult FF) - My grandparents on their wedding night, and 60 years later - (O')
- (adult FF) - our friends got married exactly 5 years apart. 5 years later, we're still doing the same thing - (O')
- (adult FF) - Rachel McLish: 1980s - 2010s - (O')
- (adult FF) - XKCD Five Years - (O')
- (adult FF) "Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter: 01 - 02 - 03 - (O')
- (adult FFed aftermaths only) - retired Playboy bunnies.
- (adult FFed to aged) - Stars' lost looks
- (adult FFed to OA) - Brigitte
- (adult FFed to OA) - celebs
- (adult FFed) - Pamela swimsuit CM.
- (adult FFed) - Just Lucas hanging with Luke and Leia - older - (O')
- (adult FFed) - Mario and Peach: The Later Years parody pic - (O')
- (adult FFed) - Where Are The Cast Of Voyager Now? - link removed by request - (O')
- (young adult FF) - My girlfriend and I have been dating since she was a junior in high school. The evolution of our prom pictures - (O')
- (young adult FF) - Saved By The Bell plastic surgery
- (young woman daily face FF) - years
- (adult face FF) - meth
- (adult face FF) - Ines weekly
- (adult face FF) - Sabine Delafon, 1987-2007 photo booth years
- (adult face FF) - Tom Cruise Wins: 26 years - (O')
- (adult face FF) - Twenty Celebrities that have Aged Miserably: decades
- (adult face FF, male face FF) - the Diego annual photo collage up to 2007 - family - (O')
- (adult face to OA morph) - Katie 60 Seconds Of Ageing - A Film by Lubomir Velev - clip
- (adult face) - AnnaLynn McCord: "...woke up and decided I'm over Hollywood's perfection requirement.
  To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I'm not perfect - and that's okay with me" makeup removed - (O')
- (adult FF OA, FFed) - Onion stories: stress effects - 2 - 3 - (MySpecialFX)
- (adult FF) - old pose recreated.
- (adult FF) - swell - (Acca)
- (adult FF) - 80s teen queens
- (adult FF) - My grandmother (black) and my grandfather (white) at their engagement party in 1957 - and now - (O')
- (adult FF) - Nudity before and after child birth - (Acca)
- (adult FFed) - aged celebs
- (adult to aged faces) - middle aged Anne Hathaway - old aged Anne Hathaway - (MySpecialFX, Agingwomen)
- (adult weight gain) - pics - pics - pics
- (OA'd illusion) - The Suit That Makes You Feel 75 Years Old. MIT suit simulates being in one's 70s - age suit - (O')
- (OA'd) - "Pair of Kings" clip - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (OA morphed) - Emma - Lea Michele
- (old age progressions) - Yayame is now on Pixiv! manga artworks - (Dragon FangX)
- (line of age, face close-ups) - 100 people ages 1 to 100 - (F5)
- (time window) - Berlin - 65 Years Later: then & now - (O') - architecture FF
- (architectural FF) - locations then & now.
- (nostalgia FF) - things that will make you feel old - time flies

- (OA effects) - The Girls Get Old Age Makeovers: Steve gives the girls a terrifying glimpse into their future -- and what it's like to be alone forever. Aged video does not play in all browsers - (Timewarper)
- (OA reaction) - The hard truth about getting old:
Sixty isn't the new 40, and 80 isn't the new 60. I know it. You know it. So why do we buy into it? - Salon article - (O')

- (adult age forms) - "Misfits" info - Ruth
- (adult OAd) - Another article about the woman who aged 50 years in just a few days - mystery condition - (O')
- (adult same pose FF) - 1936 to 2009, flash must be enabled: shooting
- (adult to OA) - A woman rapidly aged 50 years - news - video - (Acca)
- (adult weight gained kinda looks like adult aging) - Xenical commercial.
- (OA adult face photos) - edits
- (toon adults face FFed to old age) - Wilma Flintstone And Betty Rubble... the later years - (O')
- (young adult face FF) - evolution of girl - (Acca)
- (adult face FF, hair growth) - 8 months
- (adult face history) - Evolution of Woman through the ages - (Acca)
- (adult face OA) - I age myself: latex disguise attempt part 2.
- (adult face weight gain photo edits) - FatBooth models.
- (adult FF poses) - Punk Mom - (O')
- (adult FF to OA) - Golden Age actresses

- (adult FF to OA) - Photo and motion commit to a long life together in a movie made from 4000 pictures:
- "The Long Haul" - 2009 stop-motion short - (Sylvaindumais)

- (adult FF) - "Princess Bride" reunion, Entertainment Weekly Magazine 1986-2011 - cast - (O')
- (adult FF) - My grandparents met when they where 18, been together ever since. Took the left when they met, the right last summer: time poses - (O')
- (adult FF) - Still together after 42+ years: Woodstock couple - (O')
- (adult FFed) - "Home Improvement" cast reunion. "Tool Time" girl DID NOT AGE: 2011 - official photo - (O')
- (adult flash forward) - The Asian Aging Process: comic decades - (O')

- (adults flashed forward) - "American Reunion", 2012 movie.
Jim, Michelle, Stifler, and friends return for their high school reunion
Sequel to 1999's American Pie - (O')

- (face age comparisons) - How much do you and members of your family really look alike? - Split Family Faces - (O')
- (face and hairstyle progressions) - InStyle Transformations - From Alexa Chung to Zsa Zsa Gabor: large celebrities archive - (O')
- (adult FFed) - famous street photo model 60 years later: Florence passerby pose.
- (adult flash forward) - Meryl Streep 30 years later Bonus: same dress (design, at least) - (O')

- (old age disguised) - 24 y.o. Page 3 girl Peta Todd agreed to let herself be made to look like an 80 y.o. to investigate how Britain treats its seniors - undercover OA day - (Acca)

- (adult FF) - 11 years and one baby later... Then/Now - (O')
- (adult FF) - 15 years of photos from her late 20s to early 40s. No head shots, but it's nice to see her body age - milfbee - (Thetreerollins, Agingwomen)
- (adult face editing) - A few before and after gifs feature aging effects. There is a particularly good one of Helen Mirren - image retouching - (Dr. Dan)
- (adult face FF) - Plastic Surgery Stars. Can you still recognize them? - Before & After - (O')
- (adult FF) - Before & After: 63 years, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth - then & now - (O')
- (adult FFed) - older
- (adult flash forward) - Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Golden Globes 1998/2009 - maturity- (O')
- (adult flash forward, aging) - Stars Who Lost Their Looks: then & now slideshow - (O')
- (adult flash forward, weight gain) - From Dimes To Deuces: 10 Women Who Used To Be Hot - aged - (O')
- (adult weight gain) - fast food hotties
- (late middle age FFed) - What if Diana had lived?
- (young adult FF) - Celebrity years: Julie Bowen - the damaging effects of time - 1996 to 2010 - gallery - (O')
- (young adult flash forward) - That 70s Show cast - changes - (O')
- (middle aged face) - skincare ad lawsuit

Flexible Kid
- (TG) by Youkihi, Manga Library Z. Boy changed into girl!!
Vol01 -
Vol02 - - (Akira)
- (TG AR, RN) - transforming into a little girl and back - magic
- (TG kid) - hidden camera prank
- (TF variations) - creature AA - (Chriskim019)
- (TG) - cut ?
- (TG, boy/woman mind exchanges) - 2014, digital media, manga. Japanese artist Nappy just did a Pixiv story about a little boy who can swap his mind into an adult body. He did the same for another boy. They ended up in the bodies of two grown women while their own bodies went to sleep with the women's minds inside. In previous chapters the boy who can transfer minds was briefly trapped in his mother's body, and she in his while they remained conscious. Appears to be an ongoing story that cries out for a translation. Hopefully someone will oblige - PIXIV - (Xifan)
- (adult reassignment) - 365 days
- (TF age forms) - Fukumen Mania preview - (Akira)
- (TF ages) - fan character info
- (adult appearances) - I cut off and donated all of my hair! Effect - (O')
- (adult appearances) - What if Disney villains were beautiful? fan art - (O')

pet progressions
- (canine FF) - 9 months - 16 to 28
- (canine FF) - change - young v. older - 10 months - change - (By O'Melissokomos)

- (feline FF) - Growing up - Feline + ferret - Fat loss
- (furry friends) - Canine - Canine 3 years - Feline 10 months.
(by O'Melissokomos)
- (pets progressions) - changes - changes - changes - changes

- (pets FF) - 7 months - 7 years later - 8 years apart - Pup - 8 yrs later
- (pets FF) - K to College - husky-cats - still standing - 2 year turtle
- (pets FF) - Walter - 12 years - Winner - changed - Shepherd - 13 years
- (Pets FF) - Brandy and I 14 years - Same dog, same dude One Day
- 7 months - gym bag - inseparable - 3 years - 1 year - Bao Bao
- (animal kingdom) - 18 years - grown up! - armful
- (carnivore FF) - Lion, Tiger, Bear 12 years - 11 years - Mila - bigger
- (dog versions) - breed "improvement"
- (furry FF) - Canine - Canine - Canine - Canine - Canine - Feline
- (canine) - AR - (Matt)
- (canine FF) - Left for a year, a lot less cute - I think someone's still hungry... Time - (O')
- (canine) - Super Mario - Months - Sasha at 9 months and now at 14: change - (O')
- (canine) - They grow up so fast: Change - (feline) - Then and Now: Change
- (carnivores) "Kreacher" Canine - Nuba the day I adopted him, and at 6 months: Canine - my cat all grown up: Feline
- (feline) - Cuddle buddies for life: Time
- (pets FF) - Canine - Feline - Feline

- (geographical FF) - Normandy D-Day landing sites: Then & Now - (O')
- (urban FF) - split/time Kiev
- (urban FF) - Then and now photos of: Detroit - 20 years later: Shanghai
- (architectural FB/FF) - Paris then/now - (Matt)
- (architectural FF) - building decay long film

(TF old age disguise deception, RN adult rejuvenation)
- Are there any artists out there who would be willing to do some artwork (transformation or other scenes) for the short novel "The Promotion"?
A stunningly beautiful but ruthless young adult witch uses magical spells to physically transform herself into several older women, to defeat her rival for a coveted promotion, and as a stepping stone to gain even more power.
- Mistresses of Disguise Yahoo Group - The Promotion (in "Files") - (oceileachairmor)

(adult face decay) meth face effects
(adult face FF to OA) - adult aging: actors then & now
(adult surgical FFed) What on Earth happened? Lara Flynn Boyle is unrecognisable in Los Angeles - face change - (O')
(face OA) adult CGI morph mask wrinkling.

- (face OA'd) - adult "age swap" - Melinda Messenger disguise - age make-up
- (adult face aging video edit) - morphed
- (adult FF) - 10 Primetime Icons of the '90s Who Are Now Total Nobodies - then & now - (O')
- (adult FFed, slight OA'd) - Stars Lost Looks - slides
- (slight OA story) - older by the minute.
- (well-preserved 41 y.o.) - Heather Graham looks somewhat younger
- (young adult FF) - 'That '70s Show': Where are they now? - older - (O')

All the videos from the deleted Youtube group "Female Age Progression":

Smoking Girl Turns Into Old Woman PSA

Disney Pixar Up - Married Life - Carl & Ellie by Michael Giacchino - The cut
from BluRay disc

How to create aging effects/wrinkles/makeover with Paint Shop Pro

Scrubs - Our True Lies (S09E10) 2/3

watch me grow old in 30 seconds

AE FX (young girl to old woman)

90s Smoking Joanne (anti-smoking ad)

Aging Animation.wmv

Hex season 2 episode 6 (3)

Witchblade 01e03 Conundrum - Part 5

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion Part 7

First Wave S01E05 Elixir Part1

Get Smart Se5 Ep11 "Age Before Duty" (3/3)

Get Smart Se5 Ep11 "Age Before Duty" (2/3)

The Fear (1995) Movie 6/9

Bewitched, Samantha's Old Man (3 of 3)

Warehouse 13 - Age Before Beauty - Snaek peek 1

What Now - The age machine

What Now - Our old presenters

Prof. Atlantean and Igor meet Clementine. Video.wmv

Medium: Time keeps on slipping 1/5

Sandra Kim - J'aime La Vie (25 years later)

un tour de manege

Aging Beauty

young girl changes into old lady

miller old couple millertime

Outer Limits - Paradise (1of5)

Outer Limits - Paradise (3of5)

X-Play 1000: The 1,000,000th Episode


iPhone app: HourFace

Ungrowth age - dungeons and dragons

Fear of Growing Old

Penangkal Ilmu Teluh Part 5 (1979)

Forever Knight - If Looks Could Kill

Age Progression

Photoshop makeover - Age progression

The Weird Sisters

Hollywood Stars after 40 years

Taylor Swift is CUTE

Beyonce Knowles is SEXY

Megan Fox is HOT!

Marilyn Monroe looking FABULOUS

Simple - Ageing Viral promoting the New Repair Anti-Wrinkle Range

Advert Old Lady ageing

Gerovital anti-ageing


Best Pepsi Commercial in the world

Smoking will make you look older

Honey, We're Young at Heart 1

Honey, We're Young at Heart 2

Honey, We're Young at Heart 3

Honey, We're Young at Heart 4

Dagway nku!

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe June 1 2009 Nicky

Young Girl Morph

GI_Joe.S2E17.Grey Hairs and Growing Pains_part_3

Doll morphing video - age progression - 8

Nicole Richie Growing Old and Creepy

Lindsay Lohan Getting Creepy

age morph

Old Age Makeup

The process of aging

Pretty Sammy AP

Trasformazione Creamy Mami Geri halliwell transformation

melty lancer BE

Anime: Fashion Lala

Cristal Beer HOT breast expansion

Fancy Lala Episode 1 (3/3)


Magical Angel Creamy Mami 37 - part 1

Merumo 1(a)

Earth Defence Family - Young girl into woman

Mahou no Rouge Lipstick Opening

A young girl suddenly grows up

Artesian Breast Cancer commercial

Ice Pirates Timebomb


Strange - Episode 1 - Zoxim (Part Six)

Gummi Bears - 0612 Rocking Chair Bear3

Gummi Bears - 0612 Rocking Chair Bear1

Morphing Girl-Grandmother Paris Hilton Young-Old

Female Transformation 2

Fast Aging Woman Slideshow

State Farm® "Young Driver" Insurance Commercial

Victoria Vitale-Lewis, MD: Fighting Father Time with "The Feminine Face Lift"

Ungrowth age - dungeons and dragons

Ungrowth age - Gargoyles

Nationwide "Baby Room" Car Insurance Commercial

waffle crisp commercial

Young woman suddenly Aging woman

Nationwide Commercial "Bedroom" Life Comes at You Fast

Provemed - Age Progression

Female - Natural Aging

Avril Lavigne - TimeLapse

So Weird Widow's Walk 1

Over the Rainbow

Beginning to End (a The Sims 2 movie)


D&D - Quest of the Skeleton Warrior 2

Fast Forward

Smoking. Pretty ugly.

Robotboy - Promień Strarzenia (2) (3 sezon)

ABC - Magic Mirror

Jumanji Animated 36 1/3

Jumanji Animated 36 2/3

Jumanji Animated 36 3/3

PRDT Episode 6.2 Diva in distress

PRDT Episode 6.3 Diva in distress

S4 Ep8 - Aging, Not So Gracefully - Part 3

S4 Ep8 - Aging, Not So Gracefully - Part 2

PSNS: Fox & Kay - "Forever Young"

Celebrity Extreme Makeover

Age Progression - Effects of Smoking

Your Future Face - Effects of Smoking - FOX29

anime girl gets older

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 3

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 2

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 1

Celebrity Transformation :: Age, Sex, Race!

CrazyTalk & Morpheus Demo - Little Girl

Magical Angel Creamy Mami 01 - part 3

I don't want to get old

♪♫ HSM Cast Laughs at Teen Choice Awards Parody of HSM!

My Face


Gargoyles 2-30-3

Vampire High - Ep. 9, "The Withering," Part 2 of 3

Packard Bell Commercial

tenchi muyo toko muyo scene 4

Poof! You're a catgirl!

Stargate: Unending

Face Morphing

8 year old girl briefly turns 18

Britney 2032

Brookers time machine

HUTCH The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Times



A little girl grows up (French)

a little girl grows up

girl poofs older

City of lost children

10 Years- Mackenzie Rosman

aging machine

Black Lady Transformation - Japanese (Full)

Mitsuki transform

Sony Kiss

To Rapidly Age Someone

Child Actresses Then & Now


age progression morph 3

age progression morph 5

Growing Older Together

The Fruit is Swelling clip 1


How It's Made - Special Effects Make-up

4 to 64 in 30 seconds

Switching Sisters!


Aimée Price - Trailer

Milk PSA 1989

Lily's Magic Wand

Catanooga Cats - Birthday Suit

Mazda 6 Old Age Commercial

kristin ageing

suns ageing



Face Morph

(story archive OA) You are welcome to post any and all old stories you fear may be lost to our site, Foreverchanging.
There is a small but growing collection of old age AP stuff there already. (Bruce, Agingwomen)

(AA age forms) You can create a cartoon character avatar and then make it older (virus warning) - faces (Angelique)
(OA clips) Yoshihiro

(adult age and other female disguises)
Yahoo Group
Mistresses of Disguise
This replaces a similar group which was shut down some time ago.
The group specialises in female disguise stories, including photo stories - many have an age increase component as part of the disguise - (UTBTC)

(adult aging) Demi's big gray streak. Just let it all go, babe - changes (Luke, Agingwomen Group)
(adult face aging) billboards
(adult face FF) - aging mistakes - adult years (Luke, Agingwomen)

(adult FF to OA) Betty White official aging timeline.
(adult FF to OA) TV Land awards - Some great photos of aging actresses from popular Tv shows from way back... slide show features Pam Anderson, Marilu Henner, Cheryl Lad and Jaclyn Smith... Older celebs (kluangDude, AgingWomen Group)
(adult FF) - aged sex kittens.
(adult FF) - celebs young to old - years

(adult FF) years
(adult FF) celebs
(adult FF) Where are they now? - cast of Who's The Boss.
(adult FFed to OA) If anyone's wondering what Shakira will look like in 20 years, this will give you a good idea - video parody (Vincent, Agingwomen)
(adult FFed) "aging well -- not aging wel" celebrity discussion board - face changes - (acca)
(adult FFed) celebs without makeup - face closeups.
(adult FFed) The best old aging Photoshop tutorial - Worth1000 (YouthDrain, AgingWomen Group)

(adult flash forward predictions) - Joe Mullins - future celebs (Luke, Agingwomen)
(adult flash forward) - 7 Stars of the 60s and How they Look Now - adult years (O')
(adult old age disguised) Aging by Design: Inclusivity for the Lifespan. From 1979 to 1982, in an exceptional and daring experiment, Moore traveled throughout the United States and Canada disguised as a woman more than 80 years of age. With her body altered to simulate the normal sensory changes associated with aging, she was able to respond to people, products, and environments as an elder - video - Patricia Moore, Journey Into Time (1985)
(adults FFed face) Top Gun reunion

(OA) Youtube agedcelebrities (myspecialfx)
(FF OA face) aged stars
(OA FFed) Previously posted link has started updating again - Fading Beauties - (Accafeet)

(adult flash forward photo comparisons)
TMZ's Good Genes or Good Docs?
- Ann-Margret - Bo Derek
- Brooke Shields - Claudia Schiffer
- Donatella Versace - Melissa Gilbert
- Meryl Streep - Sarah Jessica Parker
- Sigourney Weaver - Sophia Loren
- Susan Sarandon - Uma Thurman
- Winona Ryder - Phyllis Diller - Dyan Cannon

- Worth1000 fake photo contests
Weight Gain Morphs 2 3 4
Fountain of Age Morphs 2 3 4 5 6
- a b c - 7
old age contest
"detouching" kinda looks like old aged
When hip-hoppers age old age 2

old age make-up tips
bikini pics 18 to 45
woman aging clip
Britney 2032 old age, AR to 17
documented lives
Graveyard of Beauty
old age makeup
kinda like old aged

(OA adult weight gain) Deviant art
(OA'd) 4 pages OA scene - magic pond
(OA'd) Angelina Jolie aged to elderly. (Max) face
(old age) Info about aging effects and mature beauties at over-18 blog: Fading Beauties (Mike)
(OA) change my face
(adult weight gain) Comic series about 2 women playing a dice game that causes them to gain weight. Access restricted, must join Yahoo group to view. (Myspecialfx)
(OA) OA'd

(adult FFed face close-up) Brooke
(adult flash forward) The Power Rangers: Then and Now - older actors (O')
(aged retouch) Madonna
(aging) Ella Dreyfus older
(doll OA'd) Barbie's 50th birthday cartoonists gags
(OA face prediction) aged
(OA make-up technique) video
(oa normal adult rapid aged) face aging year.
(OA) links combining the "ungrowth" and "old age" fetishes: ungrowth
(OA) ungrowth
(OA) ungrowth
(OA) ungrowth
(OA) ungrowth

(OA, AP) Yayame's mangagallery
(OA'd) Aged comics superheroes
(old aged face) Caution smoking makes you look older than your years - age
(old aged) Fountain of Age OA
(stick figure FF AA) xkcd (O')
(weight gain FF project) expansion

(100 female nudes) century project 100 females, 100 ages
(adult flash forward) female celebs then and now
(aged makeup list) vid
(old age contest) worth1000
(flash forward adult) Who Got Old? Celebs Then and Now. (O')

(FF adult) Where are they now:
Christmas Vacation the movie actors. Note: fast growing teen actress Dana Barron was not in this movie, but appeared in the sequel National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2, and the original "Vacation" movie.

(slight aging) mirror Anti-smoking PSA
(OA FF) aging stars
(OAd age disguises) Eniko Mihalik 20-year-old model photographed as if she were 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 years old, with make-up and lighting. Vogue Paris, 11/2008, "De 10 à 60 ans"
(old FFed face closeups) future celebs Britney and Madonna.
(old face aging retouching) age mirrored
(TG AP) Yahoo Group The TG AP Temple
(face aging software) old age photo modification
(old age face closeup morphed) Jolie old aged
(old aged corpse) vid link The Shining
(old aged) face
(old face FF) aging beauties
(OldA flash forward) 74 year old catwoman - 2
(mostly old age) Worth1000 photoshop contest
(normal aging) more celeb imperfections
(old age AR) anime The 3 youthen again + pretty snazzy transformation sequence with their clothes (Sutibaru)
(old age face) old
(old age face) oldage portrait
(old age make-up) old aged
(old age) old age morph caution not safe for work
(old age) old age morphs
(old age) old age superhero comics blog post (MySpecialFX)
(old age) atavar smoking and aging demo
(old age) atavar aging demo
(old age) oldage story
(old age) old age contest 8
(old age) old age tutorial
(old age) Painkiller Jane
(old age) video link old age prosthetic makeup
(old age) Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie trailer youth cream causes slight old age
(old age) old age kiss Sony Handycam 2007 Australian commercial (spong,
(old age) Hercules (old age) "The Greeneyed Monster" 3.7. Agingwomen link. Old age scene is at 9:35. video link
(old age, male AP) Youtube agepro group
(old aged) old aging pic info
(old aged) old age very fast change
(old aged) 1 sec morph
(old aged)
old age Playboy morph
(old aged) anime
Grey hair at the end that gets reversed (old aging) Marcia Brady at 50
(old) age puff another link to the smoking girl
(older) aged Spice Girls
(40 year old) Pam Anderson at 40
(50 year old) well preserved 50 year old looks younger
(old age) anime The trio's hair gets faded, and wrinkles on their face at the beginning (Sutibaru)
(slight old aged) old face morph
(age disguised) Jamie Weiss Make-Up Artist (some age TFs) Yahoo group mistresses of disguise
(mother/daughter comparison) breast generations
(adult to adult weight gain, weight loss) adult weight gain/loss
(adult weight gain, adult weight loss) Dove commercial
(young adult to older adult face flash forwards) celebs (O')
(young adult to older adult flash forwards) Saved by the Bell Where are they now? (O')

misc TFs

- (human "TF" wishes) - Can subliminal videos morph your body? News story
- (blocked link, men TGed into Milfs captions) - Story scenes written for repurposed non-TF photos.
- (AA TF) - animorph AI art
- (AA TG TF, teen boy into costumed battle heroine) - anime Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure
  Ep9 "Wings of Courage, Fly Cure Wings!!" 2023/04/02 - Trailer link - (Akira)
- (dedicated TG AP) - Abby's Transformation Stories, '23 art story
- (dedicated TG mind/body swaps with some age differences) - interactive story
- (dream belly expansion) - in the night
- (overnight TG, teen male to female) - manga Ore ga watashi ni naru made (Until I become me).
  by Hatsuki Sato, c'23 - - (Akira)

- (AA "TF" morphs) - Macy's "Own Your Style" 2022 Spring commercial @00:20 OA.
  Ad has a bunch of tg transforms. I like the subtle morphing effects. They should have chosen some hotter people - (Fgghyfff, JayGee)

- (AA mini gts) - swimsuit sketch - (Andu22)
- I have a new Odysee channel with lots of TFs including age videos - The Transformation Channel - (TGManiac)

- (mom/son head swap) - Bandai, 2021. Charapaki excavation dinosaur chocolates! CM - (Akira)
- (BE'd aftermath) - "Golden Girl" fetish comics purchase link - link
  Superheroine teen sidekick Audrey Page hit puberty like a truck. She juggles her newfound maturity with forceful breasts.

- (dedicated demon TG TFs, possible age change?) - Hentai stories Danna - (Andu22)
- (dedicated TG age up) - fetish story
- (adult AA F2F TFs, some age forms) - From Dusk Till Dawn S2Ep4 "The Best Little Horror House in Texas" 2015/09/15.
  Santanico drains the blood and soul from Madame Diana and takes her form - Scenes link

- (adult AA TG "shapeshifting" morphs) - The Misfits S2Ep1.
  There's nothing I hate more than linking to AA scenes, but kinda sorta looks like slight face rejuv - TF scenes
- (adult alien lesbian AA replacement) - Marvel's Runaways S2Ep12 morphs - (The Transformation Channel)
- (demon FB) - Momma Orc reminisces, showing her younger form - toon
- (TFs, some age forms) - "Covert" international spy adventure by Complexmachine, 2018 - Wattpad chapters
  High school senior tired of bullying discovers she can copy anyone's DNA to become them. Many of the bullying stories actually happened in reality.

- (super sentai warriors) - 1975-2021 480 people including some who were AA "APed" - (Akira)

- (TF preference survey) - '20. Tales from the Crib Keeper 10: DA Poll - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (TG, boy to girl) - Jigoku Sensei Nube S, manga Vol04 - - (Akira)
- (woman to dragon?) - Juukou B-Fighter Ep10 blocked - (Akira)

- (dedicated TG fetish) - The Abstract Vanity - some "age" photo captions
- (toy gorilla ffed cut) - stop motion @2:30 - (Akira)
- (tree APed) - aftermath only
- (animal poof TF power-up) "Za Urutoraman" - "The Ultraman" anime. Ep43, Tsuburaya, 1980.
Monkey monster link @0800 - (Akira)
- (MtF TGed) - "Daily life of TS Gakuen" Boys school manga. A number of students with OTMS constitutions temporarily became female. The childhood friend suddenly became a beautiful girl and felt confused. Intro - (Akira)
- (adult mini-GTS, femuscle edits) - women bulking up Massive Changes
- (frog) - vid
- (dedicated demon TF, power upgrade) - Elf album link
- (dedicated TFs) - fetish comics Gallery - (Username)
- (anthro age poofs) - Mickey album - (Tazz)
- (dedicated mini-GTS) - tall tale
- (woman has turned into larger woman) - "Don't look back" vid

- (body/soul swaps) - Jana's TG List
- (includes many TFs) - Anime list updated. You can find old and new episodes - (Zubair)
- ("TFed") - Jumborg Ace 1973 tokusatsu. Boy/girl to "monster" Ep33? - - (Akira)
- (poofs) - Doraemon head - swaps - (Akira)
- (TFs) - Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku translation has begun - (MysteryShadow)
- (cat FF) - feline

- (TF forms) Not sure if there is age change? - link - link

7200-byou no Romance
- (TF forms) Not sure if there is age change? - link
- (Andu22)

- (adult TG rejuv poof) - "The Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour" W/Sally Struthers & The Jackson 5, 1/30/1974. Sadly it's only age stasis with implied TG - Adult "Youth Pill" sketch - - (FARfan)

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
- (pseudo adult TG M2F) Ep11. Toei tokusatsu, 42nd Super Sentai series, following Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, 2018.
Japan-only link - info link - (Akira)

- (TF replacements) - MISC Woman disguised as other Woman, Boy, Man 05 shifter?
- (dedicated TF server) - Discord age transformations and roleplaying forum server - (TheFunHero)
- (dedicated TF story) Yuna, 2 Polos Opuestos - 2018 translation - (Age Progression Zone)

- (demons TFed) software Thief: The Dark Project TF
Upon receiving The Eye gem, Constantine reveals himself to be the demon Trickster, while assistant Viktoria reveals herself to be a dryad. She binds protagonist Garrett with her vines then plucks out his right eye - scene - (Christopher)

- TG scenes: low-calorie chewing gums:
- (adult TG) 2016. Female student infiltrates male athletics.
Japanese commercial - (Akira)
- (adult TG) "Morph" c2014. Adult men/women morph into each other at the lakeside.
Beach commercial - (ChangerxD)

Best Friends Whenever
- (TF) - S02Ep06 "Night Of The Were-Diesel" 10/2/2016.
A young adult AA's into werewolf make-up - Ep link - TF link - (Sandlot)

- (adult head TG) - Multigrip "Agripino" c2015. Because of a cold, a woman's head turned into an older man's - CM - (WackyWildTvAds)
- (adult AA TG, F to M age-up) - 2016 Maruchan Seimen ramen noodles CM link - (Akira)
- (adult fake BE) - enlargement
- (adult TGed) - Maru-chan noodles chef commercial - (Akira)
- (TF) - 1996 Space Jam movie. The Nerdlucks AA into the MonStars! TF - (Sandlot)

- (creature FF) - comic
- (adult AA miniaturized) - German film: boy's teacher was shrunk - (FARfan)
- (dedicated TF poofs) - Gallery - (The Vanishing Boy)
- (dedicated TF age forms) - Bela04 - (ArArchive)

- (history) - "Music through the Ages" change
- (dedicated furry) - TF
- (dedicated TF stories) - Tales From The Crib keeper 3. Winner made into comic! Contest - (Natasha)
- (dedicated TF) - upgrade
- (dedicated TF) - 20 y.o. Stephanie Chapman is just like any other girl - except for her uncanny ability to morph into any animal at will. "Morph" story
- (dedicated TF) - Tservo96's gallery of F2F restricted stories
- (furry fan chars.) - tf - tf - tf
- (furry toon clip) - floppy - rabbit - skunk - squirrel - bunny
- (furry) - toon
- (furry) - toon
- ("tg") - fade cut
- (TG) Rintaro panic! Girl changes into boy - buy - (Akira)

- (adult gender disguise) - My favorite Halloween transformation. Bros before hos. before/after - (O')
- (adult hair growth FF) - years
- (adult makeup) - Same couple, different styles - (O')
- (adult morph) - CGI
- (adult muscle FF) - Muscle Building Testimonials - (O')
- (adult reassignment TL) - feminizing - (Acca)
- (weather FF) - 2013 timelapse: The Blizzard - (Acca)
- (interior decay time windows) - Then and Now Detroit - (O')
- (AA TF) - aged-up
- (canine FF) - A year later and she's still just a big baby - (O')
- (canine FF) - Not so big now, are ya mom?! - time - (O')
- (canine FF) - This is Panzer, amazing how much difference 2 years makes - (O')
- (canine stages) - Edward - (O')
- (canine/feline) - 13 years later, they still sleep together every night - (O')

- (dedicated AA furry age/TF stories) - "Roberta Lapin" - 2012 transformation series on Deviantart.
  She is affected by a magic ruby that can transform her into a Rabbit Humanoid.
  As it contains sexual/mature themes you must register first - link - (Christopher)
- (doll AA) - TF
- (dedicated young adult TF) - short comic - art - art - (Locofuria, Wandering Spirit commission)
- (Catgirl TF AP) - Send Tuna story - (Somnium, Praedatorius, Danio13)
- (implied unseen TF CB) - woman into panther reaction scene.
- (canine FF) - goldendoodle
- (canine FF) - She got big (puppy to adult dog) Time - (O')
- (carnivore FF) - Growing Up Dog and Cheetah - (O')
- (AA GTS) - adult expansion commercial - (MasterMini)
- (TG face morphs) - different stages
- (urban time collages) - Time warp: An awesome photo mixup of San Francisco today and back when it was hit by an earthquake in 1906 - (O')
- (pet FF) - My dog's last mark on the world. RIP Chica - APet - (O')
- (female adult muscle FF) - Jodie Marsh transformed her trim physique and bulked up: timeline - (O')
- (adult TFed or hybrid) - Centaur shop - (Acca)
- (adult GTSed, slight CB glimpsed) - "Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader" trailer - (Matt)
- (Ursine TF CB) - Winnie the Pooh - (O')

- (social stasis) - The culture has stopped: article
- (feline FF) - Friends through thick and thin: years - (O')
- (male/female adult TF) - changed - transl. - (O')
- (TF) - adult "growth" product proof
- (TFs) - "Smallville" Tina Greer morph forms.
- (TF AA costumed forms) - Seitenshi Yumiel Shadow Crusade - H-game sexy transformation - registration required - (Power Chan)

- (TFed adults) - metamorphosis - (Acca)
- (adult gender identity FF) - changing - changing - changing - (O')
- (canine FF) - Time Lapse: Puppy to Adult in 40 seconds - dog months - (O')
- (dedicated TF art) - Sparkster has drawn many great AR/AP sequences - (manut)
- (dedicated TG stories) - age themes

(TF) List of shapechangers
(TG AA AP, RN) Mahou Shounen Majorian - manga archive - (Akira)
(male transgender to female adult comparison) side by side TG
(BE adult) very minor BE skit woman had delayed puberty
(BE adult) breasts growth
(BE ungranted wish) story Boob wish for Xmas
breast hypnosis info
(BE) video link Breast growth CB
(BE, anime AP) (DQ5)
(BE'd adult) breast augmentation morphs
(BE'd kinda like APed) (low quality) boob simulator
(body elongation) A. A. Allen Faith healer magically causes little girl's leg to grow 1 inch longer
(body swap) body swap movies
(body swap) video link 8 Simple Rules - "Freaky Friday" mother/daughter swap.
(body swap) AA 2 sisters soul transfer video
(body swap) Japanese body swap info site
(Group TF) Yahoo! furry age changes
(Group TF) TF 2 5
(Group TF) Dungeon of Female TF's
(Group TF) body swap F2F 2
(Group TF) female bodyswap
(Group TF) female disguise media
(Group TF) Yahoo female foot TF
(Group TF) Yahoo! femaleTF's 2
(Group TF) Fur TF
(Group TF) Yahoo Lion King Furry TF's
(Group TF) 2--4
(Group TF) she changes at will
(gts) Giant Kids
(minor tree flashed forward) slight flash forward
(plant growth) timelapse
(tf aa morph) my parents are aliens ar
(tf AA) Wonka Blueberry TF (long version) kinda sorta looks like AP for 1 sec. Her outfit grows right along with her. Original movie had belt snapping.
(tf AA)
Wonka Blueberry TF Annasophia Robb AA growth scene (short version)
(tf female muscle growth CB) Gen 13. Caitlin Fairchild growth, no age change. CB video link (O) also looking for child to adult CB scenes
(tf growth) video link Ginger Snaps teen growth. Ginger turns into a werewolf.
(tf makeup) Dove "Campaign for Real Beauty" makeup and editing transformation scene (accafeet)
(TF teen) Alex Mack liquid morphing sequences
(TF) Japanese child to animal TF site--board
(TF) werechild comic about 10 year old werewolf coming of age
(TF) morphing sample
(TF) shapeshifter emporium
(TF) list of TF books
(TF) site about changing size
(TF) TF art board no AR/AP
(TF) gay furry TG links 2 3
(TFs kinda like APed) Digimon Frontier Evolution Clips (Akira)
(TG AA AP) TG AP Attempt AA (tehninjabunneh)
(TG adult ared) "Who's Inside My Baby?" UK video of TG male old age to young adult woman kinda like ARed
(TG AP) TG AP stories
(tg flash forward) male
(Tg) German TG site
(Tg) Fictionmania age search
(Tg) TG AR
(Tg) Sapphireplace
(Tg) Cesprite
(Tg) TG stories

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal