Aging Transformation Scenes

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0-10 Years in 4 Minutes Flat!
- (male excellent timelapse AP FF, UC/CB glimpsed, slight female AP FF at the end) 2010.
Finally! A video that took 10 years to shoot and another 10 to edit and find a home for on Facebook!
Slides taken of mother and son on a '63 Valiant every coupla weeks for 10 years. Not only were those similar clothes, they wore the SAME clothes throughout. Robbie wears and eventually rips thru the same onesie he started out in!
You can see the ripping in the last coupla years when it got too tight.
Ten years of shooting slides bi-weekly was not easy to keep doing without (too many) complaints!
- Video link - (1IndyRob)

0-10 Years in 4 Minutes Flat!
- (male FF AP CB) screencaps

0-x Years in 4 Minutes Flat!
- (AP CB glimpse) - screencaps

1 year older
- (adult FF) change - change

1 year older
- (adult FF)
- year - year - year

1 year older
- (face FF) c2016 school year photos

1 year older
- (flash forward F/M AA) c'19 - More proof that if a girl were to suddenly grow 1 year older, her clothes wouldn't necessarily tear, especially if her shirt was already oversized to begin with.
The only exception might be if a sleeve was caught behind an extending arm, the increasing pull of her elbow ripping out the shoulder seams, or if very tight jeans were involved. Those could explode completely (involuntary flexing might also cause her shirt to rip along the back).
In this case, that problem was averted by changing into bigger pants for the 2nd photo. Grade 7/8 comparisons: last days of school - (Acca)
- (AA FF poses) - teen young adult - Comparisons collage

1 year older
- (slight FF) year - year - year

1 year older
- (teen slight FF, same dance costumes) c'19 pix

14 to 16
- (face FF, AA self-portraits)
When girls reach their full adult heights they may become less self-conscious. One of the earliest daily photo projects: timelapse years

14 to 16
- (young adult face FF) - face years - one is actually 14 to 20.

18 to 21
- (adult FF) Abby Pollock stages

18 to 21
- (adult FF) change from 20s to 30s - slight BE'd comparison.

18 to 21
- (adult FF) Tits in Tops forum "growin' em" thread.
Content blocked by mature filter so you must set up an account to get past it.
- Featuring group photos of young women taken at parties and on the beach. Those with sharp eyes can see subtle changes.
years - years - years - (Brittany)
- (slight young adult FF) - years - years - years - years
- (slight adult FF) - years - years

18 to 21
- (young adult FF) - Zafira Nudity - FF - FF

18 to 21
- (young adult FFed, CoA) - Caution Nude art photos

7 Years Of
- (flash forward) 1998 photo book. Gakken, Perfect Visual Scene. Retrospective photo book of Megumi Okina from age 12 to 18. The photos seem to come from the idol magazine Bomb. The book starts with a cute baby photo (age 2 or 3) and age 12. (Very mature-looking 6th grader.) Then we see her at age 18. Then back to age 13 in a lot of swimsuits and yukata kimono. Even as a child, she had the looks of a top-class model. For ages 14 and 15, there are only a few shots. But at age 16, she's in a swimsuit again and there are many photos of her. It seems that sweet 16 is an important age. More swimsuits at age 17, but none at age 18. Her face hardly changes during these 7 years. cover

Adam Fuss
- (male) Photo exhibit. Photos of Fuss from infancy to 11. 2003, Cheim & Read

Adolescent Period, The
- (excellent AP glimpse) Transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. Period of maximum growth.
Medical photography of the growth process, "The Adolescent Period", 1951.
3 girls:
- child to adult
5 girls:
- 9 to 14 - 10 to 15
- 9 to 13 - 11 to 15 - 11 to 15
2 girls growth comparison:
- 8 to 14
5 girls before/after:
- back
male growth stages:
5 males rear:
- before - after
growing male, 4 views:
- front - back
2 boys:
- 10 to 17 - 11 to 17
2 males growth comparison:
- 11 to 17
3 males, front view: 11 - 15 - 18
3 males, side view:  11 - 15 - 18
3 males, rear view:  11 - 15 - 18

adult face
- (FF to OA) c'19 decades - (Acca)

adult flash forward
- Clint Nielsen of before/after
- Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow after - (O')

adult progression
- (body) - FF

age illusion
- (kinda looks like AA APed) "Plaid Sisters" My sister and I put on the same oversized dress! Age poses

Aja 0 to 18
- (FF) link

- (FF AP glimpses) "0 to 18" 2013, Daughter "growing in 4 minutes".....
- Zoom-out & height corrected timelines

Alessandra Sanguinetti
- (flash forward) Photo project, Argentina. "The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams".
In 1999, Alessandra began working on a series of photographs which register the saga of 2 young cousins, then 9 and 10 years old. Cultivating an intimate relationship with the pair over the years, Sanguinetti collaborates with the girls to record the psychological and physical transition from childhood to adulthood. Guille and Belinda use costumes, props, and their imaginations to produce visual tableaux imbued with references to art and literature that explore the diffuse boundary between fantasy and reality.
Sweet expectations : "In this portrait series I am attempting to capture the moments and attitudes that reflect the advent of behavior and gestures of children that, to the adult, might seem borrowed, but that the children experience as their own. I focus on that border just before puberty, when the child glimpses the contradictions of the adult world. Childhood dressed up in grownups clothes, wondering what will be. These expectations and the metamorphosis that awaits at adolescence are rehearsed each day, like someone posturing before the mirror, looking for a hint, perhaps, of what is to come.
- (flashed forward AA) ff

- (FFed AA, coming of age) years

all grown up (media trope)
- (FFed AA photos) Occasional news stories about former child stars. You won't believe what they look like now - cover

Ana Oliveira
- (FF AA) "Identidades" c2012.
"Identities" mostly adults, Then and Now - link - link - (O')

Anabelle Hubaut
- (FF) "Les Escargots 1975-1988" kitchen table years

Ani Time Lapse: Birth to 14 Years Old in 2 min 19 sec
- (FF glimpses, AA, face zoom-in effect) Acopian, 2014. Related to 2008 Natalie FF. Partial 10-year-wall effect.
My dad took a picture of me everyday as I was growing up. Stop-motion human growth! Thanks Dad! - Video link

Ani time-lapse
- (FF face, daily photos) - In a few pics you can almost see her elongating arms slide out of her sleeves - screencaps

Annegret Soltau
- (coming of age) "Puberty / Daughter - Pictures" (Pubertät / Tochter - Bilder) consists of photographs created and sewn together between 1994 and 1997. All works are colour photographs of bodies of female members of the artist´s family, and 4 generations, from the girl in puberty to the great grandmother.

Annelies Strba
- (FFed) 1997 "Shades of time" Book and slide show documenting nearly 20 years of her life. In one arresting passage, a daughter suddenly grows up: stripped to the waist, she confronts the camera; soon she appears with a man, then with a baby.

Annie Van Gemert
- (FF AA) "Jongens en meisjes" (Boys and Girls) photo-book, 2003 to 2009, Netherlands. 30 boy-like girls and girl-like boys aged from 6 to 18. They were made to look like the other sex, and photographed as they got older. The children describe their changes. The feminine boys got rougher, while the tough girls couldn't help but soften.
- Eline tomboy age progression
- ages - FF - FF

Anya 6-yo to 16-yo (?)
- (FF) "Anya development from age 6 to 16. Watch her breasts grow from a flat chest to a full bosom". AKA "Anya & Masha". No further information could be found.

Art Rogers
- (FF AA) growing

Art Rogers
- (flash forward, some old age) Marin County photographer records subjects at milestones in their lives in the same physical settings. "Yesterday and Today" exhibit, B&W.
In his "Three Little Cowboys," pint-sized cow pokes perch on a loveseat in their ranch home; 10 years later, they're gangling teenagers who fill up that same couch, as well as their once too-large cowboy hats. In "The Pincurl Girls," 4 little girls smile shyly into the camera, only to morph a few years later into tentative preteens on the cusp of discovery and finally, expectant young women. A little boy named Ethan sits on his pony in a field. In the next, Ethan's all grown up, sitting astride a motorcycle in the same spot. In "Four Generations of Poncias," birth and death leave their indelible mark on one ranching family. His subjects stare right into the lens as they sit around the dinner table, gathered on the lawn in front of their houses or standing in the barn with brand new calves. The setting is always the same as the original photograph, although something different sometimes manages to insert itself. Time glides on but also stands strangely still. "Going back to the same spot has a very powerful dynamic," says Rogers. "Somehow, it instills all the things that stay the same but all the things that change, too." Rogers feels lucky he was relatively young when he started taking the family photographs. He figures he'll be there to shoot at least another generation in the coming years.
- AP - AP - male - male

Audrey French
- (adult aging FF) The "holy grail": 14 years later. Nude aging evolution - - (Ark, Agingwomen)

Awkward Years Project, The
- (AA FB/FF) Tumblr project, 2013+.
Time windows. Portrait comparisons of adults posing with awkward school, childhood, and teen self photos. Merilee Allred started it all to exorcise memories of her own painfully awkward childhood - Project link

babies in suits (meme)
- (looks like male ARed aftermath) c2014. Dress up your baby in adult clothing. Could be repeated at older ages? - Photos

baby growth
- (male FF UC) first year

baby's first year
- (FF) months

baby's first year
- (FF) The most common type of time-lapse grow-up project.
01 - 02 - 03 - (various)

baby's first year
- (male FF) months

baby's first years
- (male FF) c2011 months

Back to the Future 2
- (AA FF AP, BE'd) Irina Werning, past/present photo poses, 2011 update.
New Page Link - side by side progressions.
- (O')

Back to the Future
- (AA FF age poses)
then/now - then/now - then/now - then/now

Back to the Future
- (AA FF AP pose) - then/now - then/now
- (male flashbacks) - then/now - then/now - then/now

Back to the Future
- (female & male flash forward, same poses at different ages look like AA AP or OA, zoom-out effect) 2010-.
I admit being a nosey photographer. Most of us are fascinated by their retro photos, but to me, it's imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today... A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future.
- ONGOING PROJECT - link - (Irina, O'Melissokomos)

back to the future
- (FF)
male collage - male collage.
young growth - elder face.

bathing beauty
- (adult FF BE) one year older swimsuit comparison
- (AA FF) c2010 user-submitted photo poses at different ages - then/now
- (adult face FF to OA) Cristiana Oliveira, Kelly McGillis - then/now

Betsy Schneider
- (banned AP project) "Since her birth in 1997 I have made 2 photographs of my daughter Madeleine every day. She is standing up and looking straight into the camera. When my son Viktor was born in 2002, I expanded the project to document his development. Each day I make a full length vertical image of each child and a horizontal shot of their face. The aim of these pictures is not to provoke or to shock. The idea is to show time, change and growth. I came to it wanting to keep a record, wanting to hold on. More than 5 years later it remains an integral part of our lives, the first (sometimes the only) thing we do together each day. I decided that the body-shot would be unclothed for what seemed to me to be quite obvious reasons: I wanted to show how the body changes over time, I also wanted to record the incidental changes which happen day to day: their cuts and bruises, dirt, drawings on themselves, temporary tattoos, tans and sunburns. With clothes on, the work would have been more about what they wore each day, I am more interested in what their bodies look like each day. The work is very much about the child's body: the way it grows and absorbs life as well as the way the child's relationship to his/her body changes over time. I have found that people respond more strongly to the movement and the changes in the body-shots than the headshots. I am working on morphing the headshots into a video which I plan to eventually have as an extension of the work. The images are divided into 63 day / 9 week blocks, the digital prints measuring approximately 42x50 inches/110x130cm. The tiny, gradual changes in a child's development become the raw record of an individual's growth."
- (small AP FF) Daughter daily photo art project continued for at least 7 years. (JeffR-2BYA) flash forward - 2

Betsy Schneider
- (FF) Daughter unclothed daily photo art project.
As she aged she began to wear more layers and the sessions became less frequent until hitting the "10 year wall" when they stopped.
- Caution Nudity - flashback - months & years

- (FF growth) Posture photos size increase.

birthday girl
- (FF) From 1948 to age 15 - birthdays

birthday video projects
- (annual FFed tradition) c'15. The focus shifts above the neck during puberty - caps

body swap
- (looks like before/after TF stages, slight adult UCed) - Sara/Julia changed over.

body swap
- (TF TG age forms) swing scene

boy to man
- (male face FF) - b&w school years
- (height increase) Cody Simpson major growth spurt - 1 year older

boys only (unwritten law)
- (male growth time-lapse) Deliberate growth photo projects showing height increase and pubertal body enlargement can only be of males - c'14 screencaps

brace faces
- (AA FF) before/after dentistry
years - years - years - years - years

brace faces
- (before/after) orthodontics FF

brace faces
- (dental flash forward) - Before/After pics:
11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17

brace faces
- (face FF) - smile - smile - smile

brace faces
- (slight FF) B/A dental changes.

Brandy Yearous
- (FF OC CoA stages) The dress stays the same size (obviously), but Allison gets bigger. Since her first birthday in 2004, the Idaho tween posed in her mother's 1999 wedding dress. The tradition was inspired by older brother Ryan growing into his adult jeans - Female - Male

Buster Keaton
- (male flash forward growth) 11/15/1924 issue of Movie Weekly: "A unique film of his children which will take twenty years to complete. He has already put in 20 months on the picture of his first boy, Joseph Talmadge Keaton. Each week a photographer from the Keaton studio photographs little Joseph. Buster intends the two films to show the growth of his two children from babyhood to manhood. As soon as the boys attain their full growth, the pictures will be considered finished. Each time the moving pictures are taken, the baby is placed on the same spot against a dark background. Already the film shows his progress from a helpless baby seated on the floor to his first steps. The film will be shown only to members of the family."

- (face FF) - caps

- (face FF) female celeb changes - (Acca)

celebrity years
- (adult face FF) changes

celebs now and then
- (face flashbacks) ages

- (FF) - years - years

- (coming of age)
2004 photo exhibit at the Australian Centre for Photography deals with the watershed between childhood and adulthood. Each photographer explores, some with telling text, experiences ranging from awkwardness with burgeoning sexuality to teenage suicide.
Julie Sundberg Photographs of her daughter Sheena at 14 are remarkable for their candor. In one telling triptych, Sundberg portrays her daughter nude with an expression on her face that suggests this 14-year-old's surprise at her developing breasts.
Polixeni Papapetrou There will be much debate about the flirtatious nudes of her daughter Olympia - they seem calculating and cynical, perhaps providing unnecessary fuel. Wonderland and Dreamchild Series.

Chiaki Kuriyama
- (FF, coming of age) Japanese child model, 10/10/84.
1997 photobooks "Shinwa-Shojo", "Shojokan". Magazines: Nicola (1997-2001), Pichi Lemon (1996-2001). Many movies, including "Kill Bill".

Child Development: Physical and Psychological Growth Through the School Years
- (time lapse growth photos, FF AP) Marian E. Breckenridge, E. Lee Vincent, 1943. Case studies and illustrations appear throughout.

child photographers
- (coming of age themes)
Photographers who have focused on the transition from child to adult include:
Edward Weston, Richard West, Sally Mann, David Hamilton, Graham Ovenden, Starr Ockenga, Fabia Castral, Les Wiegman, Ron Oliver.

Cindy Model
- (flash forward) Art model photos, slight growth can be seen since Archives sections. 13 to 15 growth link
- In April 2003, child model Cindy appeared with her mother on The Oprah Winfrey Show. When Oprah told Cindy that modeling would never get her fame, the child responded with "It got me here." The show host was unwilling to reply.

Claudette van de Rakt
- (FF) "I am a Girl 2001-2012" Netherlands.
She created a series of portraits of 12 girls, and photographed each girl 3 times at intervals of 4 years. The girls decided how they would appear in these photos. They are wearing their favorite clothes. Claudette agreed to all these requests, realizing that these are important factors as each girl determines her individual identity. She developed a strong attachment to these girls and, after several years, decided to photographically record their growth. The series, now completed, provides insight as children are transformed to young women. It is the natural curiosity related to a child's development as she matures. Sometimes the child is still evident in the young woman. Sometimes adolescence occurs at the age of 9. The girls mature and become self-conscious. Much is gained, but you also see the naivety that is lost. 3 photographs of the same person at different stages during the process of maturing invite you to look back and forth. These comparisons will surprise you. As the viewer, you interpret for yourself the transformation process.
- age 10, 14, 18: Esmeralda
- age 07, 11, 15: Indra
- age 04, 08, 12: Marre
- age 10, 14, 18: Nina

Clementina Hawarden
- (flashed forward) Viscountess, 1822-1865. She photographed her daughters coming of age.

- (adult face FF) AKA Madandcrazychild. Original UK photo blogger who posted daily/weekly face photo portraits in the exact same pose from 09/26/2006 to 12/31/2012, and set them to music once a year.
Unknown nymph or part elf? Suspect reasons for stopping the project: inappropriate comments, did not want to be recognized (refused TED Talk?), did not like the changes while clicking through the photos, possible extremely mild anorexia. Nothing is known. It was just one of those things that happened until it stopped.
- Partial gallery: - PAGE

- (young adult face FF)
AKA "madandcrazychild" She takes a photo every day since 2006.
2011 video contains almost 5 years of ageing.
- link - link - link - link

Collier Schorr
- (mostly male, flash forward) Photographer. For 6 years she worked on project inspired by painter Andrew Wyeth. German adolescent Jens and 3 other doppelgangers, male and female, photographed in same intimate poses as Helga in diary scrapbook. A record of the changing lines of his body and the gradual hardening of his flesh. Each page compiles years' worth of shots, the same picture taken again and again over time. The camera formats change; the boy's body changes. The boy grows further away from the soft curves of femininity yet closer in his comfort and collaboration. Published: Jens F. 2005.

Cuppy Cake Girl
- (FF face close-up) gif

daily photo projects
- (face FF) "Faith Grows Up Before Our Eyes", 2015.
Double-Up 9 to 18 transformation. Her face matures from girl to woman as we watch. 500 frames of facial changes - Video link

Daily Photo Projects
- (male, face close-ups) info support
Male daily photo projects:

daughters time lapse
- (excellent FF AP glimpses) 2011.
Height increase progressions - 0 to 10 link - 0 to 5 link

daughters time lapse
- (FF height) - caps - caps

Debra Tomaszewski
- (coming of age) "Growing Up Girl" ongoing photographic series since 2005. The transition of girl to woman has always intrigued the Kentfield photographer. The project focuses on girls between 7 and 18 in a series of visual essays.

Diego Goldberg
- (adult face FF) Diego - Susy

Diego Goldberg
- (face close-ups, FF AA, adult aging) family photography - line-up years
- (mostly male FF, face OA) Photographer took pictures of family at 1 year intervals for the last 25 years - link
- Susy old age - found at deleted female TF group.

Donna Bailey
- (FF) She takes photos of those closest to her - her children. In an intense and personal series of portraits, Bailey shares with us her daughter Zoë's world. The images convey the sometimes awkward transition from girl to woman.

dress project
- (AR simulated) 2006-ongoing annual photo tradition in Grandma's dress - reducing

dress project
- (future flash forward AP photo series) - start

dress projects
- (FF) age 1 to 6 annual photos - ongoing project.

dress-up time!
- (UC) I put on some clothes that fit fine a few years ago, but seem a bit tight now - outgrown clothing.

drinking buddies
- (flashback) 2011 - minus 24 years - (O')

- (flash forward, face closeups) 2004. Arno Klein has been taking pictures of his daughter every day since she was born. When she gets old enough, Klein said, "it's totally up to her whether she wants to continue it. It's her project." Klein's wife was initially uncomfortable with the idea of thousands of pictures being posted online, but was finally swayed by Klein's enthusiasm. Klein prefers to focus on the project's artistic and scientific promise.

Embrace The Grey (social media)
- (female adult face hair FF to OA) 2019+
Instagram time-lapse video channel link - Stages of Grey morph link - (Ark)

Expectations of Adolescence
- (13 to 16 AA FF, coming of age) Fitch: Katie & Julia - various ages

Expectations of Adolescence
- (flash forward, coming of age) Blake Fitch. 10 years of photographs of 2 cousins less than a year apart in age. "We see them as they grow up, become more and more themselves, chafing perhaps at the obligations implied by required attendance at family meetings during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays. We watch them interact, grow and change, relax (or feel anxiety), and in moments of introspection. First, Julia and Katie appear to be twins as they prepare to practice a music lesson together. But very soon, we see them as individuals growing up in parallel - and branching off. Katie and Julia grow from skinny kids eagerly confiding with each other on an outdoor porch in summertime to young women (perhaps comparing notes on college, husbands or kids). The settings have not changed in 10 years.

Familial Rapture
- (flash forward) Photo book, 09/20/96, Shinchosha. Yokoo's family portraits taken from 1971 to 1996 by photographer friend Koji Yasukochi. The 1958 cover shot was their wedding photo. The book proceeds to show 1 family portrait for almost each year until 1996. Whenever you see a family portrait, the first questions which come to mind are, when was the picture taken and how are old were they in the picture? They start out being 35, 10, and 7 years old in 1971. The most interesting things are seeing how the kids grow up and the variety of hairstyles Yokoo sports each time. He always has this distinct, trademark stare for the camera. Sometimes his kids try to mimic his stare, but fail. The family portraits are followed by husband-and-wife portraits and children-only portraits. He cut and pasted individual portraits to make unreal family portraits. For example, he's got a 1971 picture of himself and his daughter sitting at the forefront, while behind them are portraits of himself and grown daughter shot 20 years later. Another composited picture shows him sitting on a chair with three clones of his wife, each one at a different age. Then there's one intriguing digital picture of the entire family where both the parents and adult children look about the same age.

father photographs daughter every day
- (face FF, 0 to 13) zoom-in effect - years screencaps.

father photographs daughter every day
- (face flash forward)
Snap-happy Munish Bansal has amassed 8,500 digital images of daughter Suman, 12, and her 10-year-old brother Jay since the day they were born.
- daughter - son

father photographs daughter every day
- (FF AA, face close-ups) video link - alternate:

Fee Schlapper
- (AA FF) male
- (FF poses) 1988 "Gegenuberstellung: portats uber die zeit"
Intense portraits made by the author/photographer of 34 subjects in the 1950s and 60s, in the same poses 8 to 20 years apart, reproduced in this volume side-by-side for comparison.

Fels Longitudinal Study, The
- (AP) 1929-1991 Growth, Maturation and Body Composition. Posture photos of the same children in the same poses as they grew taller. Access very highly restricted.

first day of school
- (AA FF) same pose older
- (FF AA poses) - years - years - (Acca)
- (FF) - door photos - teen FF
- (FF) years - (Acca)

first day of school
- (AA FF) Very rare type of photo project where a parent photographs their child in a roughly similar pose or location on the first day of each school year to show their changes - years

first day of school
- (FF) - 07

first day, last day of school (media genres)
- (AA FF comparisons, similar pose & background) by HeartHez, 2018/08.
"Getting Ready: First Day of Freshman Year vs Last Day of Senior Year!" Going through the high school motions at age 14 and age 18. So technically this video took 4 years to make...YEET
- Split/screen video link - screencaps

five years older
- (FF pics) c'15, ages 6 and 11 side by side class photos - screencaps

flash forward
- (AA pose years) - Various comparison tropes pics

flash forward
- Where are they now? decades older.

Fukada Kyoko - Avenir
- 2001 retrospective collection of photos showing her at age 15 to 18 in 2-book set. "Passe" shows her at age 15 to 17. "Present" shows how she looks today at age 18. Also 2 head-shot color posters, one at age 15 and the other at age 18. The Passe book shows her in 1998 in school uniform, kimono, miniskirt, bikini, etc. In the second book, she looks different with face-altering make-up. Trying to change her image perhaps.

Garry Winogrand
- (FF) It was reportedly discovered that he photographed his daughter every morning on her way to school.

George Reardon
- (banned unseen FF AP) Discredited child growth study (1964-c1990).
Dr. Reardon's so-called study of child and adolescent growth patterns was a pretext to abuse and take inappropriate photographs of hundreds of children. 50,000 to 60,000 inappropriate photos fell out of a false wall at Reardon's former home after his death. 93 lawsuits have been filed against St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, CT.

getting older
- (flash forward photos)
Same pose aging - nudity aging - face aging
- (AgeMagic image sources)

girl becomes woman
- (AP BE flash forward, puberty photo project) eBook published 10/2011.
Frank Adamo art photo book.
- Artistic photography tastefully documents the transition of a girl into womanhood. More sensitive photos are interspersed with others of a general nature showing Anjeza as her body enlarges from age 9 to 15. The story of this child's metamorphosis describes how perceived peer pressure and cultural conventions motivated her to eventually wear a bra when there was no legal, ethical or aesthetic need for such a contraption.
- Project info - BUY (5 euros).
Note: in order to buy this work, you must first read "Real Child Safety" and fill out a questionnaire to prove that you have no prurient interests.
- Coming of age documentary featuring over 100 photographs, plus 100+ pages of text, following the metamorphosis of a girl as she passes through puberty.
Strangely enough, adult bras prop up the breasts like when they are growing. Bra styles sometimes try to make mature breasts appear more pointed, like when they are developing. And yet girls know no greater awkwardness than during this time of their life...
Once a mother showed me a photo of her sweater-clad daughter when she was budding. "I would never show this picture to my daughter," mom confided. "She would be so embarrassed that her breasts are so small."
Clothing isn't considered enough to cover growing breasts, so in public arms are often raised to hide the uncomfortable development. Does a "training bra" serve some rational purpose, or is it a kind of "dog collar" as one woman called it?
The truth is that exposed breasts are not ugly, immoral, indecent, etc. Quite the contrary, breasts are beautiful - even when they are small, especially when they are growing, and the sudden and relatively fast development of breasts around puberty is one of the most wonderful miracles in life.
The first step in combating breast shame is to bring the subject out of the closet. What better way than to publish beautiful images of girls during this fascinating stage?
For the past 5 years I've been photographically documenting one girl's passage through puberty with detailed text describing her thoughts and experiences as her flat chest budded and then blossomed into full maturity (Tanner Stage 5).
It took me over 10 years to find a family willing to participate in this project until the end. One American mother claimed she was sufficiently modern to consent but her daughter would never agree. When I asked the child (aged 9), she shocked everyone by saying "OK, I'll do it." But then the mother suddenly said "Wait! Wait! We have to talk about it first."
A grandmother in Bulgaria consented but the parents wouldn't allow it. A father in Mexico agreed but his 11-year-old daughter wouldn't. 2 families in Italy began the project but withdrew once development began.
This book isn't about me or what I do. It's about Anjeza going through a very special period of life, and that's why she's in every single image.

Girl Becomes Woman
- (BE FF AP) Girl to Woman timelapse art photo project.
5 euros Purchase Link.
- In order to buy this work, you must first read "Real Child Safety" and fill out a questionnaire to prove that you have no prurient interests. However we have received a report that someone had a serious problem with the questionnaire. Apparently the answers didn't convince the author that the would-be buyer had read and understood "Real Child Safety", and the would-be buyer expressed some concerns there might be inappropriate images, which is definitely not the case according to the author. Legal protection is necessary to avoid false accusations. "Girl Becomes Woman" is a long and complicated story. Has anyone else had any problems with the questionnaire?

Girl Culture
- (coming of age) Photo book. 1

glow up (meme)
- (CoA, some FF) AKA "glo up", c2018.
Before/after photos, on Instagram etc. When you show off how you have changed/improved from a past period, as during puberty. Style/poise appearance.

good genes or good docs?
- Meryl

good genes or good docs?
- (adult face FFed) Helen Mirren - Susan Sarandon - (AgingWomen data)
- (adult FF) - middle age - Jennifer Grey
- (adult FF) face years - (O')

good genes or good docs?
- (adult) 51 y.o's comparison
- Brigitte Bardot - Winslet DiCaprio decades

Google Photos
- (face FF) Slideshow compilation software. They grow up so fast!

Graham Ovenden
- (FF, CoA) "States of Grace". He photographed one art model from age 4 to 18.

Growing Laura
- (face FF morphs) 1994-2015.
A picture of my daughter's face every 3 months for more than 20 years in the same setting and light. To be continued...
- Video link - screencaps

growing up
- (FFed UC) Art Photo on the subject of time passing - too old dress

- (FF AA) Online photo management system that automatically puts the growth of your child, or anything else you hold dear, in a timelapse perspective. You can organize your sequence framed in the magnetic, modular GrowFrame(r) system, a frame that actually grows with your child.

gymnast progression
- (FF AP)
The same flip photographed from the same angle a few months apart reveals slight leg growth - older

hair growth
- (adult face FF, age overlap comparison) months

Hanayashiki Street Photo Store (ad)
- (male FF poses) Hanayashiki Dori "Moving Growth Record", c2010 - link - cap

Harpenden Growth Study
- (medical time-lapse photo series) child to adult growth process photos - males - females

height comparison
- (AA grown and growing girls)
size - She's 6'2" and I'm 5'2".
size - You know you're a midget when your 13 year old cousin is taller than you.
size - My 12 year old sister isn't 6 inches taller than me or anything.
size - Me and my 14 year old cousin who is taller, has bigger boobs, and a nicer tan... bitch.
size - Younger bigger sister.
size - 2 girls 4 years apart in age.
size - My 12 year old niece is much taller than me.
size - 10 year old Sandy Allen.

height comparison
- (very slight UC illusion) same style schoolgirl uniforms, different ages - compare

height comparisons
- (tall and taller female celebrities)
- teens - Hilary Duff v. Amanda Bynes/Michelle Trachtenberg.
- teens - Britney Spears v. Christina Aguilera/Mariah Carey/Hilary Duff.
- teens - Mandy Moore v. Natalie Portman.
- teens - Olsen Twins v. Drew Barrymore.
- teens - Olsen Twins v. Mandy Moore/Amanda Bynes.
- teens - Olsen Twins v. Mandy Moore.
- teens - Olsen Twin v. Mandy Moore.

Hellen Van Meene
- (flash forward, coming of age) Children, pre-pubescents, teenagers and twenty-somethings: van Meene's subjects range in age. Sometimes a girl is photographed over time, and we see her growing up in front of the camera. Always washed in a natural light, no attempt is made to disguise the physical imperfections of young girls becoming young women.

how tall this fall?
- (height comparison, future possibility of FF photo series?) growth chart photo poses - 01

how tall this fall?
- (sibling comparisons & FF) - heights

how tall this fall
- (male AA FF) years

how tall this fall
- slight FF

Howard Schatz
- (FF AA, CoA texts and artworks) NY. "Growing Up" Project (since 1990). A 30 year odyssey involving well over 100 children yielded riches beyond imagining. He is interested in everything about human development, and fascinated by maturation, growth, emotional, educational and physical development. A few of the kids elected to use a pseudonym.

Howard Schatz
- (FF) Most of the development timelines were only published in a tiny size due to various web quirks. Through a powerful loupe or magnifying glass you can just make out the changes in posture, broadening self expression, and elongation - 1

Hua Yunqing and Huahua
- (AA FF) 1981 to 2014 annual father/daughter pics - screencaps

Ilka Vogler
- (flash forward) Memory and the barely conveyable quality of "time" occupy the photographer in "Photo cut-outs" made from enlarged photographs of her daughter, Paula. The 10-year-old, who passionately slips into different roles, is her mother's muse and model; thousands of photos document her growing up and changing, her growth and her transformation.

Irina Ionesco
- (FF) Photos of daughter Eva through the years.

- (face FF) c2014 screencaps

jersey years
- (flashback timeline)
younger - younger - (Acca)

Jessi the Kid
- (AP) Child model has grown into teen - link

Jock Sturges
- "The Last Day of Summer": Mr. Sturges works with an 8 X 10 camera outdoors (usually in nudist resorts) to capture the emotional, psychological, and physical development of his young subjects. They are usually filmed in the nude so that you can see more aspects of their development, and are usually accompanied by parents and siblings to express those familial relationships. By repeatedly photographing the same subjects, you capture a sense of the person which is constant, in the midst of the dramatic growth and transformation of a child into an adult.
To see the evolution and metamorphosis of Misty Dawn and all the other subjects is a wonder to behold. I hope that Sturges continues with his quest, but I would also like to see books that present 1 subject/family at a time. That way, this mystical evolution/metamorphosis of his subjects can best be presented.

Jock Sturges
- (AP flash forward)
- photography info - more photography
US photographer. Review of "Jock Sturges":
- For more than 20 years, he has been taking photographs of girls growing up, in California and at nudist resorts in France. His photographs are an expression of the trust he has established over the years with the girls and their families. Calmly and almost casually, Sturges observes the aging process of his models. His striking long-term studies chart barely perceptible changes in their appearance, the slow maturing of the female body. Sturges preserves transient states that will never return; graceful forms that time will eventually extinguish. He allows the viewer to follow the progression of his models through the years. Having raised two daughters, it was like deja vu to see how Sturges' girls "grew up" in front of his lenses. I only wish my two girls could have posed for him.
- "Evolution of Grace": A series of photographic portraits of nude families. His subject is the development of young girls. Many of his models have appeared in his work since quite young ages. He wants you to notice nuances in how the bodies are changing, the emotions are developing. He lets time provide the rest of the perspective by repeatedly showing the same models over the years. In this work, you will usually see a model over 2-3 years. I liked the poses where the teenage rebellion and awkwardnesses were showing at least a little. A potential benefit of this book could be in helping female adolescents become more comfortable with their own developing bodies. Nikki: 1996, 1999; Lotte: 1996, 1997, 1999; Trea: 1983, 1998; Allegra: 1996, 1998.

Jock Sturges
- (FF AA AP) - Misty Dawn.

Jock Sturges
- (FF AP, coming of age) Non clothed photo books:
Misty Dawn
- Aperture. One of his primary and most popular muses, he has photographed her for a quarter of a century, since she was 3 years old. The photobook follows her growth from a shy, tomboyish girl to an elegant, confident young woman. The photographs depict the blossoming of an individual and explore a rare relationship between photographer and subject. The photo-eye gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico presents the prints on their website for sale.
Life Time
- Steidl. A broad range of color portraits of families in Northern California counterculture communities and on naturist beaches in southern France.
- (coming of age) Caution nudity - models

Jock Sturges
- (FF) Floss art photography - (Pr.Bird)
- (FF) Camille art photos - (Pr. Bird)
- (FF) Adele - (Pr. Bird)

Jock Sturges
- (FF) Art Nude photography.
Misty Dawn: growing years - years - years - (Pr.Bird)

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional FF) - Maeve - Misty - Misty - (Pr.Bird)

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional FF) - Seaside long-term art photo studies.
- Megan Tara - Misty - Minna - Misty

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional FF) Nudist art photos - ages - ages - ages 2000-2003-2007 - (PRBird)

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional FF) Nudist art photos - Misty - Misty
- (unintentional FF) Nudist art photography.
- Adele - Eva - Thomas

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional FF) Nudist art photos.
- Maeve - Megan Tara - Nikki

Jock Sturges
- (unintentional slight puberty FF glimpses) - Fanny - 2014.
His newest book is like Misty Dawn, just a different girl. An extended "portrait" of a young person's transition from child to woman made over 23 years. The images are at once beautiful in their detail of light and identity, as well as frankly anthropological in their descriptive effect. I've not run across scans yet - Art model

Judy AKA Janet
- (FF) German non-nude & topless. b1989, 14-16, c2005. Photographer: Karl Kalus. Indoor/outdoor. A brunette "grew up" before the camera from a cute braces-wearing schoolgirl into a delightful full-figured young woman. Deleted: -

junior idols
- (flash forward, age categories)
Japan gravure photo models, chidols AKA "child idols".
- The primary age divisions are the years U-18, U-15, and U-12, but more recent partitions are designated U-10, U-6, and U-3 to reflect changes in the marketplace and idol fan communities. Yumi Adachi, for instance, started her modeling career at age 2. While U-18 is a clean division, all other divisions can overlap by as much as a year. Even a model who has technically passed their 15th birthday can potentially still be referred to as "U-15".

Karl Baden
- (flash forward, male flash forward face close ups) Photographer who has published time lapse work and a book of the photos as well. He's been doing it a long time. Gestation Animation: A Labor Manual, 1994. Contact Sheet 106, Karl Baden: Self-Potraits, 1974-2000.

Karl Baden
- (male adult face FF) A mosaic of me's: "Every Day: 2/23/87-2/23/07, Twenty Years -- Ten Bucks", Howard Yezerski Gallery, 7,305 self-portraits.

- (face FF) 2019.
Make a movie of your child growing up. Uses machine learning to rotate and zoom faces to get a good alignment between photos. You upload one photo per month and Kidlapse creates a face movie of your growing child - 0-9 link - 0-4 link
- -

Korean Stars
- (FF AA, mostly face close-ups) Short films - years

Larry Clark
- (male coming of age) Photos of Jonathan Velasquez (2003 to 2006) and others.

last year's clothes
- (UC photographs) - straining at the seams?
Dress up in old outfits from a few years ago!
- Girls wearing slightly outgrown clothes -

leap of age
- (FF) before/after jump compilation.

Leaps and Bounds
- (girl to woman flash forward photo series)
Grow Up Time-Lapse Gallery

Lee Miller
- (flash forward, coming of age) "December Morn", 4/1915, 7 y.o, posed nude in the snow wearing slippers. Many stereoscopic photographs were taken of teenage Lee in the nude. Theodore continued taking pictures into her 20s.

Leidy Forever
- (flash forward) Art model photos, slight growth can be seen since Archives - achives

Leslie Ober
- (10 year FF) "Growing Up Girl", 2020.
Recreated favorite shots of oldest daughter approaching the tumultuous teen years. We are desperately holding on to the innocence and purity that is the magic of early childhood - pics

LIFE magazine
- Marion Chadwick. Historical. First (and last) time a daughter's growth was photographed. 1
- TimeLapseBoy
- (not confirmed) Starting with the first day of her life, a photographer photographed his daughter every day for the next 364 days in the exact same position, wearing nothing but a diaper. At the end of the year-long period, he laid all of the photos out in calendar-style order. If you looked at the baby from day to day, you could not discern any change. If you looked at photos taken a week apart, you still could not notice any significant change. But if you started looking at photos that were taken 3 and 4 weeks apart, the change in the baby was markedly apparent. Photos taken 2 months apart were amazingly different, and the change that took place between day 1 and day 365 showed what appeared to be 2 entirely different babies.
- (not confirmed) Years ago (50s or early 60s), LIFE had a 1-page photo article taken by a man who had bought his daughter an adult size bikini when she was a baby. Every year, then, he took a picture of her wearing the bikini until she was about 19 and she finally fit in it. (zeketgrimm)
- There was a 1 page spread about a man who bought a bikini for his daughter as an infant. He then took a picture of her wearing the bikini every year until she was big enough to fit into it. If someone can find just what issue this was in, I can probably locate a copy and scan the page picture by picture. I'd say start about 1946, when A-bomb testing made Bikini a household word, and then keep going from there. If we get organized enough, we could have different people covering a year until the page is found. (Skyes_Dad)
- Those annual "swimsuit" photos the father took of his daughter were run in People magazine in the late 70s. The first was when the girl was 3 weeks old, and the last was when the girl was 16, when the swimsuit finally fit perfectly. These photos were reprinted in a book commemorating People's 25th anniversary in 1997. And just to bring things up to date, People got the girl, by then 28-years-old, to pose once more in the swimsuit. The girl by then had her own daughter, who was not posing in adult clothing - (Pequod)
- (FF AP) more pics like this urgently needed. AP FF

- gif - (ClassicTVfan)

Lifelapse (male photo projects)
- (boys only) c2015, male teen changes. Some growth can be seen.
Video link - gif
Male face video link

- (male slight growth) - adolescent height gif

like a weed
- (timelapse growth) c2009-2015- 6 year edition link

Lillian Birnbaum
- (coming of age, FFed) 2009 "Transition" exhibit. Photographer of female adolescence who followed a group of 7 friends between 2001 and 2007 during a traditional time when girls become intensely self aware and suddenly more mature. She respectfully pulls back to let the process unfold, capturing the fleeting moments of their "in-between" worlds.

lost timelines
- (flash forward photo series, face close-ups)
Old archived photo sequences, c2000.
- Mostly girls growing up through the years

- (FF face close-ups) - B&W timelapse video. years

Louise Anna Kubelka
- (flash forward, face close-ups) Friedl Kubelka, 1980-1998, Austria. Weekly photography from birth to age 18. Since the early 70s Kubelka has focused on time structure as a parameter of expansion of the single photograph in her multi-part portrait-tableaus. "Time structure gives the form to the information rather than emphasizing the authenticity" The weekly portrait of her daughter Louise Anna over a period of 18 years documents not only the process of growing up or the development of a mother - daughter relationship, but also explores the process of photographic depiction and multi-layeredness of the photographic moment.
- Art photos link - years - years - years

Lucy Hilmer
- (adult female FF to OA photos) For 40 adult years, I've photographed myself on my birthday wearing nothing but my white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. I made my first Birthday Suit self-portrait in Death Valley in 1974 at 29. Without fail, I've faced my camera every April 22nd to create a coded history of one woman's journey through time. I wanted to buck the stereotypes that branded me a pretty girl, thin enough to be a fashion model and not much more. Armed with my camera and tripod, I found a way to define myself on my own terms in the most open, vulnerable way. In 2015, I turn 70. My long-term project will continue for as long as I live.
- I'm currently working on a book "Birthday & Other Suits" and a companion film - Caution Nude partial timeline (not to scale)

Maddison Gabriel
- (tall teen) 2007 Australia. Criticism about 12 year old (and still growing) model Madison Gabrielle strutting the catwalk at her first adult fashion show. "I believe that I can fit into women's clothes, I can model women's clothes, so I should be able to do it." Her mother Michelle said: "There's been a carry-on about Maddison wearing adult clothes - but every 13-year-old I know wears adult clothes. I'm very proud of her." tall 12 y.o.

Madison Kelsh
- (FF AA multi-poses) c2021. "Dad takes picture of daughter every year wearing the hospital scrubs he wore when she was born".
When I was born, my dad wore these scrubs. He took a picture of me every year wearing them on my birthday until I was 18 - Montage link - reverse caps

male aging
- (male adult face OA) Neil decades - George decades

male puberty
- (secondary characteristics only) The few well-known Tanner Stages photos taken long ago used as medical guidelines - stages - stages

male time-lapse
- (male FF) - years

male timeline
- Culkins
- high-school
- (male adult face FFed) - Jean Marais before/after - imdb - (O')
- Brothers in 1912 and 1985 - (O')
- (AA FF pose recreation) years - years
- (male adult FF) years - Tab Hunter book cover.
- Nate Richert (Harvey from Sabrina) then and now - (O')
- (male flash forward) 2011: After 60 years - (O')
- a few months
- young/old poses - poses
- (FF) - baby's 1st year - celebs before pics only.
- (male adult FF) Father and son graduation pictures (20 years later) - generations - (O')
- (male FF) first day of school.
- (male same-pose FF AA) dad/son - dad/son - boy/man - brothers - (Bafter)
- A man and his dog, ten years later, 2001-2011 (wearing the same sweater!) - male years - (O')
- A present for Mother's Day, 1993-2011 (father has the same jacket) - male years - (O')
- (2012) first days of school - (O')

male timeline
- (FF) changes
- (FF) - same pose progressions male growth - first/last day comparisons

male timelines
- (FF) - growth

male timelines
- (FF) - My hero Adam Savage thru the years - (O')
- years - years

male timelines
- slight ff - change - change - change
- change - change - change - change
- change - change - change
- change - change - (various contributors)

male years
- (FF years) - timelines - timelines

male years
- (male face FF) - celeb changes More to come - (Acca)

male years
- (male face FF) celeb changes - (Acca)

male years
- (male FF) slow growth - 02

- (middle age) Portrait series.

Margi Geerlinks
- (flash forward) 2002-2005 photos. Robin experiences puberty - 1

Mark Goodman
- (FF AA) "A Kind of History" Paired pictures of the same subject some 6 to 19 years apart. 1

me then, me now
- (AA FF) c2011 - 17 years and nothing's changed... - (O', expertphotography)
- (AA middle-age, group FF) family pose.
- (FF AA) older - older
- (FF AA) age poses - (various)
- (FF) Family portrait: then and now after 18 years - same pose - comments - (O')

me then, me now
- (AA FFed) c'19 - Same pose - Same pose - (Acca)

me then, me now
- (AA flash forward) The same person is photographed in the same pose at different ages.
- male nude - FF - FF
- (FF AA AP) side-by-side ages
- (nude FF) - age sink
- 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
- 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17
- (flash forward, face close-up) - years (Acca)

me then, me now
- (AA projects)
years - years
years - years
years - years
years - years
years - years
- (various contributors)

me then, me now
- (FF) first/last day of school - (Acca)

- (male adult face FFed to middle age) year 2000 prediction - comic

Milton Rogovin
- (flash forward) "Triptychs" series. Taken over 20 years, presented in groups of three, these photos depict working class families in Buffalo, New York's Lower West Side. The families were photographed during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. These images speak about the importance of family, continuity, and the impact of the passage of time. Without sentimentality or romanticizing, the portraits capture the dignity of these individuals and tell their stories of humor, warmth, vitality, and mortality. Other photographic series by Rogovin to document economically poor urban and rural families in America and around the world are entitled, Store Front Churches, Family of Miners, Chile, Lower West Side, and Working People. Does not work in all browsers: flash forward link

Molly Haslund
- (adult face flash forward) Danish artist. "Every Morning" daily project, consisting of more than 2000 photographs from each morning of the past 5 years, self portraits from the moment she wakes up.

Momoe Yamaguchi Photographed by Kishin Shinoyama
- (flash forward) 50 minutes, NHK, 1979. Momoe, who made her debut at the age of 14 in 1973 and quit to marry at 21, was one of Japan's biggest post-war idols. This experimental documentary gives a fascinating record of her growth from girlhood to womanhood.
Momoe 1980 Kishin Shinoyama photo book. The photos even show her in 1973 when she appears in a school uniform. Lots of swimsuit photos. At the end of the book is a detailed chronology of Momoe's life.

- (flash forward) Art model photos, slight growth can be seen since Archives sections. link

monthly photo project
- (couch pose FF) 1 to 6

monthly photo project
- (early preteen slight FF AA) - months

muscle men
- Parker Cote - info link - (O')
- (male adult development) manpower bulkout, strength increase, body expansion.
muscle - David Jacobs
Kenzie - Armin - Hadeer
- (O'Melissokomos)
- (male adult FF) left to right:
Arnold: stages - Kris Gethin: fat loss - Alexei Shabunya: before & after - body development - (O')

muscle men
- (male adult FF) Neil McT's 2-week transformation - info link - (O')
- Transformation of Nick "The Beast" Scott before/after - video - (O')

muscle men
- (male adult muscle to older) Serge Nubret decades - (O')

my old school uniform
- (kinda like slight UCed) c2010 It still fits

my old school uniform
- (UC) Straining - It looks like the excitement caused her to suddenly outgrow her middle school uniform, which was not quite adult-sized.
- (UC) Stretched - They used to fit us, but not anymore.

Nancy Floyd
- (adult FF) In 1982, at age 25, she wondered "What would it be like to photograph myself every day and watch myself grow older?" - link

Natalie Time Lapse: Birth to 10 years old in 1 minute 25 sec
- (FF, slight UCed glimpsed) 2008 featured video of the deleted timelapsegirls group.
Zoom-out effect video link - long caps - short caps

Nathaly & Stefany
- (flash forward AA) Art model pay site. Twin sisters were photographed modeling attire since age 8.
- Links: old - new

National Geographic
- (face OA) "A Life Revealed" c1984- 13 to 30

Neil Alexander
- (male nude FFed) "Growing up in a Gun Culture, My Son, 1996-2014".
A 6 y.o. boy points a gun to his left. A 23 y.o. young man points a gun to his right. Both are the son of the photographer - poses

New York Times Magazine
- (FF AA years) daughter

Nicholas Nixon
- (flash forward, middle age) "Brown Sisters" Four women, photographed once a year for 25 years. In the first picture their ages ranged from 15 to 25, in the last from 40 to 50.
- 01 - 02 - slides link - years - 1975-2007

Nozomi Kurahashi
- (flash forward AP) b.1975. Alias of Yoshizawa Ayumi.
- Following her debut as a gravure idol, she published nude photo collections every year when she was known to be a middle school student, her actual age being 11 instead of 13 in 1986. At age 13 she had her last photobook published before her disappearance from the idol world, which lasted until the turn of the century, when she announced another nude photobook, which contains many retaken photographs from her younger years.
- Photobooks:
Nozomi Kurahashi 13 Years old (1986)
Nozomi Kurahashi 14 Years old (1987)
Nozomi Kurahashi Photobook Vol.3 Last Message (1988)
Nozomi Kurahashi 24 Years old (1999)
Nozomi Kurahashi Again (2001)
Nozomi Kurahashi in Belgium (2002)

Nozomi Kurahashi
- (flash forward AP) Japanese child/adult model. B. 05/12/73. Appeared in TV commercials as a child. AP

old age
- (adult face FF) adult decades

old dress
- (UC) - I outgrew my favorite dress, it's much too small for me now! - too tight

one year older
- (late teen FF) cheerleader changes.
- (adult FF) we're not sure which photo comes first - time pose

one year older
- (slight FF) The dress still fit 18 months later but she looked somewhat older - change

one year older
- (slight flash forward) subtle age increase can be hard to see.
03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07
08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

one year older
- (very slight) - FF - FF - FF - FF
- (very slight FF) - months - months - months 110 to 140 lbs.
- (very slight) ff - ff

one year older
- (very slightFF) Kids photo poses.
Slight changes can be seen.
- year - year
- year - year
- ff - ff
- ff - ff

- (male growth UC) - too small pajamas pop open with time - growing up months
- (male FF) months

- (CoA, FF)
2013 art photo exposition. Meyrin, Switserland. 11 photographers, child to adult themes.
-Sabrina Biro - Nothing Can Stop Me Now.
-Martin Bogren - Tractor Boys, teen Swedes CoA.
-Laure Donze - Interdit aux pschtt!
-Claudine Doury - Sasha & Artek adolescence.
  "Sacha" took 3 years (Little girl to bigger, magic realism). "Artek" took 9 years (USSR metamorphoses).
-Nicolas Faure - Heavenwards.
-Paul Graham - End of an Age.
-Steeve Iuncker - Rites de Passage.
-Laura Pannack - Young Love.
-Alessandra Sanguinetti - Guille & Belinda.
-Nicolas Savary - L'age Critique.
-Alena Zhandarova - Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate.
-Anne Linsel & Rainer Hoffmann - dancing dreams film: "Les Reves Dansants, Sur les pas de Pina Bausch".
  About "Recreation de Kontakthof", 1978 film about adolescents. 40 former adolescents were reunited.

Paul Jones Photography
- (flash forward) PJcrew followed some girls for different years until 2001, but this site doesn't exist anymore since he was imprisoned.
- AP - 2 (Accafeet)

People Magazine
- (flash forward AP, zoom-out effect) 8/30/1976.
"Dad Photographs Girl from 8 weeks to age 16 in a Swimsuit"
- When his daughter Kristin was a squalling infant, photographer Bob Williams bought her an $8 adult-size medium blue latex bathing suit that enfolded the child like a pup tent. Every year thereafter, Williams persuaded Kristin to wriggle into the suit for a picture, using different camera angles and poses each time. "She went through a period in the middle where she felt it was ridiculous," he admits. Says Kristin: "I was embarrassed to get into it because it kept falling off me." No longer. This year suit and girl melded so perfectly that Williams began to look to the future. "I might continue this until she's 82," he says, "but I'm not sure I'll be around then to take the pictures."
- Magazine AP page scan - simulated constant posing distance AR age line-up

Pere Formiguera
- (nude FF, face & body, growth & aging time-lapses) Spanish photographer, 1952-2013.
- This project started in 1991. He photographed 32 people, ages 2 to 75, once a month over 10 years. By 2000, 30 people had completed the first phase.
Chico - Chica
- Double book set, 2006. I take this to mean that he continued photographing a boy and a girl through the early 2000s. The male photos of Pau are already on the photography page. However there was also a female version of the posted sequence, 64 photos of Julia with an average gap of 10 weeks between shots. Perhaps someday scans of Chica will be released but who knows - info link - 1

Pere Formiguera
- (male excellent FF AP) 2006 photo book.
Old erroneous text: A mother photographed her son every month for 10 years to record his growth to full manhood in a process normally hidden from the eye by layers of clothing.
- male AP video link - (Kev17)
- (male timelapse FF) warning: long-term male nudity.
Zoom-out effect - male years screencaps

Peter Feldstein
- (flash forward) Photographer. In 1984 he announced plans to photograph all 676 residents of Oxford, Iowa. 20 years later he reshot over 100. Babies and children morphed into 20-somethings. Some human traits and idiosyncrasies are impervious to time and change.
- AP - 2 - 3

Photo A Day For 1000 Days
- (male AA FF, puberty height increase timelapse) video link - screencaps

photoshop transformation
- (AA AP) girl to woman photo edit

Pluto Pals
- (flash forward) 5 kids were selected who were born on the day the New Horizons space probe was launched - 1/19/2006 - as well as 5 more who turned 10 on that date. The New Horizons Web site will check in on the kids annually through 2016 to find out how they're doing, and compare their milestones in life with those of the spacecraft.

Polixeni Papapetrou
- (FF) ages

portrait recursion
- (flashback) time windows

pose progressions
- (timelapse FF AA)
"Early years". Similar poses at different ages against the same background.
- male - male
- years - years

- (adult FF) decades

posture photos
- (coming of age, possibility of FF?) AKA posture photographs.
Medical photography of the body could include normal growth stages - poses
- (male leg growth) biometric photos before/after

pound progression
- (adult weight gain) before/after marriage snaps - compared

Powerstock Zefa
- (unintentional AR trope) c'13.
Stock photos show the recurring theme of children wanting to grow up too fast by already wearing adult clothes that are still too big for them.
- Poses - (Jessicalouisebell)

Project 365
- (FF) c2012. Commit yourself to taking one photo a day for a year and post them online.

Pubertat: Madchen, die erwachsen werden
- (unintentional lo-qual FF) 2015, Sandra Stein 10 year photo project. She made a few lo-res art photos of teens as they matured.

puberty clipart
- (body changes) Medical photography of the growth stages - physical changes

puberty stages
- Medical photography recording the normal human growth process. BE AP growth - male - male

Rania Matar
- (coming of age, FF)
Since 2002 she has been taking photos of her 4 children showing the stages of their lives.
- "A Girl and her Room", 2012. Teenage girls and their private spaces.
- "L'Enfant-Femme" c2012 "the Child-Women". Young teens and preteens portray emotions and clues to their selfhood and developing womanhood.

recreated photos from your past (meme)
- (AA project) Sasha Ice, Russia short films, 2020.
Repeat your child photos. Snapshot "reincarnation" videos with the same pose in the same place - link - link - screencaps - screencaps - (Acca)

recreated photos/portraits from your past (photo projects)
- (flash forward poses)
- In the mid 2000's, cheap digital cameras let people start daily face photo projects of themselves in the same pose. Around 2010 a trend started to reshoot favorite old family photos with the same persons in the same positions and places. Most of these are young adults who recreate teen or childhood poses, while wearing bigger clothes of course.
- There is a long tradition of paparazzi snaps of suddenly middle-aged or haggard-looking celebrities, compared to how they used to look as hot young adults. The few middle/old age recreated photo series tend to be dedicated projects by art photographers like Lucy Hilmer, Nicholas Nixon, Diego Goldberg, Koji Yasukochi, Milton Rogovin, Peter Feldstein, Fee Schlapper, Art Rogers, Mark Goodman, etc. Also very good are dedicated medical reference photos of individuals in the same poses at various ages.
We hope that in 20 years retired YouTuber Clickflashwhirr will start up her face photo project again.
- (numerous contributors)

Reddit (boards)
- (adult women FF to older) c2020. SubReddits about photos of aging women.
- NSFW411 link - MILFprogress link - link - link - ProgressiveGrowth link
- WomenEvolving link - link - BeforeVsAfter link - link - link
- (123anon987)

reverse ages
- (age pose comparisons)
An idea for a new meme: post 2 photos of yourself side by side with the ages reversed. For example, if you are 53, try to find a photo of yourself at 35 in a similar pose (or 26 and 62, or 09 and 90).
Attached is an example of a beautiful woman with the name of Asli. She was born on 10/6/1969. The pictures are from 5/1994 and 10/9/2011.
- then & now - (James)

Richard Murrian
- (FF) Reanna Taylor posed topless at the ages of 14-17 for his book "Reanna's Diaries", 2004.

Richard Ross
- (flash forward) Photographer. A trendy sort of serial process occurs in his imagery. Leelacyd features selected images from a project -- Ross photographed his daughter each morning in her varied and often creative outfits before she left for high school. The series dances around several notions, among them the fascination of reliving or anticipating our own battles with costume and projected persona. It's a diverting take on the family album that propels Leelacyd, now a college art major living in New York, into the role of universal, emerging American woman. cover

Rika Nishimura
- (flash forward AP) Japanese child/teen model. "6 years" Art photos taken between ages 11 and 17 including clothed ones. B. 1981. Publications: SIX YEARS 11.12, SIX YEARS 13.14, SIX YEARS 15.16. (Yasushi Rikitake Photo Office) AP - AP - AP

Rika Nishimura
- (Japanese FF) Art Model flashback years - (70Alive)

Rineke Dijkstra
- "Portraits" Hatje Cantz Publishers, 2001.
- (FF AP AA) "Out of Time: A Contemporary View".
Almerisa was photographed 8 times over 11 years. The images maintain a consistent compositional format, showing an isolated figure seated in distinct interior settings, looking incrementally more modern as time passes. The pictures not only document Almerisa's development from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood but also record her progression through cultural and geographic displacement.
- time - link
- (FF AA progression) "Almerisa" - years - beach poses

Roman Opalka
- (male adult face to OA) - (1931-2011) decades

Roni Horn
- (flash forward sequences) Photographer. This is Me, This is You 2002 photo book. Georgia Loy moves from childhood into full-blown adolescence. Peruse the 48 images taken with a point-and-shoot camera and, as you arrive at the last image, flip the book over and begin again. Each image reappears, in a version taken just seconds later. A single and singular portrait of one young girl taken over a 2-year period, from 8 to 10, of everything that can be subtly revealed in the process of visiting and revisiting a single person through a camera, through time. The work is an ingenuous, loving tribute to the girl's engaging personality, her budding sexuality, and her freedom to become what she decides to become. The aunt has watched her niece go through differences that are a measure of change, and through changes that are a measure of identity.

Rosalind Solomon
- (OA adult flashed forward) Nude self portraits taken from her 50s to her 70s.

Saaya Irie
- (accelerated growth) Japanese model born 11/15/93 Fukuoka-ken, H: 4'10" (145cm), 30-22-32 (b73cm-w56cm-h79cm) (J)F-cup, blood group A. 2005: Japanese approval of controversial school textbook caused anti-Japanese sentiment and demonstrations in China. A photo of Saaya in a bikini was posted on a Chinese Internet forum accompanied by a message in mock Marxist rhetoric: "11 year old Japanese girl with large breasts has a proclamation for all Chinese people! Dear elder brothers, a beautiful young Japanese girl is beseeching you. Please stop these anti-Japanese hijinks. If you don't, I won't like you anymore." At the end of the message, she states that her breasts would "rise up" if the people "unite for the sake of China's democracy." Shortly after the photo and message were posted, the number of anti-Japanese postings rapidly declined, largely replaced by messages praising the girl's loveliness. "This is one Japanese import I won't be boycotting," gushed one admirer. So how does Saaya feel about all the commotion? A bit frightened, actually, an official at her talent agency says. "She had a worried look on her face and said, 'I'm shocked. I wish they'd stop,'" the official quotes the starlet as saying when hearing the news. The official added that Saaya finds it hard to believe that she has played any kind of role to smooth bilateral relations. She hopes the conflict can be resolved by means of peaceful dialogue. Saaya says: "I would like to see good relations between Japan and China. If relations are good, I think everyone will be happy."

Saaya Irie
- (accelerated growth) ultra-developed 11 y.o. - 1 - 2 - 3

Sabine Delafon
- (adult face FF) years

Sally Mann
- "Still Time" photographic exhibit spans more than 20 years. The photographs of Mann's children, from her series "Immediate Family," are by far the most compelling work.

same background portraits
- (FF) years progression

same background portraits
- (very slight FF) Occasional wall poses.
Sorry it's hard to see any changes as most photo projects only continued for a few months.
- months - months some male poses.
- months - months - months
- months - months

same background poses
- (slight FF) - years - baby - months - (Matt)

same background
- (FF height) August to May - same pose

same background
- (FF poses)
Extremely rare photo series in which a person's growth is recorded by posing them against the same backdrop at different ages - years

same background
- (FF) - getting older
- (FF) toddler poses - poses
- teen FF

same background
- (FF) - time - time

same background
- (slight FF AA) few months older pose - pose - pose

same background
- (slight FF) - months - months

same background
- 2-21 years

same clothes different girls
- (kinda looks like APed)
stretchable dress fitting - bigger & taller door poses.

same clothes project
- (1 year FF) - Charlenne change

same clothes project
- (FF AP) - A lot can change in 2 years

same clothes project
- (FF AP) 1 year older comparisons growing - growing - (Acca)

same clothes project
- (FF AP) 2-year grow-up photo project.
The shirts got slightly tighter, but not enough to reduce them to shreds.
- growing up - growing up
- FF baby clothes still fit a few years later.

same clothes project
- (FF timelapse) older - older
- (FF timelapse) older - older

same clothes project
- (FF UC) "Maggie" art model, AKA "Kamilla-Model"
Faded glitter sleeves shirt.
- stretch - stretch - stretch - stretch

same clothes project
- (FF, slight UC)
- growth - growth - growth
- growth - growth - growth
- (slight FF) - growing - growing
- ff - ff - ff

same clothes project
- (FF) - 1 year older dress.
- (FF)
Growing kids can wear the same clothes for a few years, but only up to a point.
Toddler stages:
- plus 2 - plus 2 - plus 2
- school pics
- plus 2 - plus 2 - plus 2
- (flash forward) - "Mallory Model, Kristina Smotoc, Lacie, Schoolgirl Princess" art photos - a few years - (Acca)

same clothes project
- (flash forward) soccer uniforms slight growth.
- (flash forward) Me wearing the same tie die shirt as a preteen &@ 28 - ages

same clothes project
- (slight FF UC) The best one is by Acca.
Growing up years - years - years

same clothes project
- (slight FF) - year - year - year

same clothes project
- (slight FF)- time
- time - time - months
- months - years - (John)

same clothes project
- (slight UC FF) - then & now - (Martin, various contributors)

same clothes project
- (very slight FF)
In the first moments of an AP scene the clothes rise up and begin to stretch slightly, but the first rip still lies far in the future.
- months - months - months - months - months

same clothes
- (kinda looks like very slight FF)
This is not really what we are looking for, but it's all there is at the moment. Ideally we would like pics of the same person wearing the same clothing growing up.
- 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22

same pose
- (FF AA) Mama 1914 to 2009 - (Bafter)

Sander Koot
- (adult FF, pose recreations) "Back from the Future" c2011 project.
Photographer asked his subjects to find old photos of themselves. He then made portraits of those people reliving those happy moments - link

Sayo: Daughter's Photography Birth to Adult
- (AA, some completely unintentional FF glimpses & nudity) 1996, black & white art photo book.
Suzuki Sadahiro photographed his daughter Sayo in various situations and poses - Caution partial artistic topless extract

school years
- (face FF)
males - males
female - female - female
- (Acca)

school years
- (face FFs, preschool to high school) c'20 - 12 years older.

school years
- (FF) '15. 5 years - screencaps

school years
- (middle school AA FF) c'19 - 5 classmates 4 years older - (Acca)

- (FF) Artfully arrange your photos taken over the years in tasteful albums - themes

self reunion
- (FF size comparison) The same person placed side by side at different ages.
Age Forms: "multimeplication" photo inserts - years - male years - (various)

self reunion
- (male age forms) years - (O')

Shannon Bradley-Colleary
- (adult FFed, CoA themes) 2012 pose years

shrinking head effect
- (time-lapse photo project inconsistency)
When photographing the same child as they grow bigger, the photographer tends to back away the camera faster than the child grows, making it appear as if they are shrinking. In the case of female children, the photos will be strictly above the neck as puberty approaches.
- However, when making FF AP collages, the growth effect looks more realistic if the older face is not too much bigger than the same person's younger face. For apparent realism, it is better to understate the growth amount than to overstate it.

sibling rivalry
- (FF) comparison

sibling rivalry
- (FF) Sister years

sibling rivalry
- (recreated pose FF) changes

Steven Addis
- (FF AA) TED 2012 talk. Strangers photographed him every year holding his daughter on the corner of 57 Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. This annual ritual is now 15 years strong. The most recent image drew big laughs from the audience as Addis holds his now-teenaged daughter in his arms. She appears to be nearly his height.
- Video link - caps

stock photos
- (looks like ARed) Trope shows kids dressed up in adult-sized clothing - aftermaths

Suenaga Haruka - 3 years
- Watanabe Tatsuo 2001. A retrospective photo book of her from age 12 to 14 with 300 pictures.

Suwano Shiori
- (flash forward) Photo books from ages 12 to 18-20. AKA Shiori Suwano, Mayumi Arata, Shiori Wakaba, Ayane Shirakawa. Real Name: Shigeko Niimi. B: 8/13/1971. Titles: METAMORPHOSE (Million Syuppan), Kimi wa Kirari (Eichi Syuppan), 1500nichi no Network, Network in 1500 Days (Eichi Syuppan).

Suzuki Sadahiro
- (FF APed TL) "Sayo" Photo book shows author's daughter developing.

teen years
- (face FF) 2 years older.
- (face FF) friends pose

then & now
- (adult face FF to OA) Happy 50th Anniversary! couple - (O')

then and now
- (AA FF poses) c'19. 1 to 5 year comparisons

then and now
- (adult ages) decades - (AgeMagic)

then and now
- (male time poses) 2011 - Reddit inspired mother's day gift: flashback - (O')

through the years
- (preteen FF AA) zoom-out effect.
Danielle - Charlotte - Sunshine

Time Flies
- (FF face close-up) Baby's first year b&w

time lapse
- (FF) - years - years

time windows
- (photo inceptions) - 1 year flashback - 5 year flashback

Time-lapse of growing up over 14 years
- (excellent AA height increase glimpses) 2014 Ava/Zoe sequel - Video link

time-lapse projects
- (FF) c'18 posture photo series - Age 2 to 6, slight changes

- (dedicated FF pose recreation, teen months with some growth visible) - first/last day - (Acca)

- (FF AA) - age line - slight age line

- (FF) - c2020 Timeline lineups

- 01 to 13 Years - (Acca)

- (FF AA AP) - 2004 to 2006 - AP
- (FF) We need a bigger version of this pose project

timeline project
- (flash forward photo series, AP AA effect)
Girls growing into women.
- Grow-Up photo sequences - through the years.

- (FF face) .SWF animation years

- (flash forward) A horizontal or vertical lineup of photographs of the same person at different ages to show the passage of time.

- (kids disguised as adult celebs) "Toddlers in Hollywood" began in 2008 as the brainchild of New York photographer Tricia Messeroux "T. Mezz". The project transforms inner city kids into superstar celebrities, iconic figures and historic legends.
- Info link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Tom Hussey Photography
- (adult mirror dream flashbacks) c2011.
"Remembering the Past" site link
- Screencaps for those unable to view content - de-aged collage - male - (O')

Tom Phillips
- (inanimate FF) He chose a couple of non-descript corners of town, and photographed them every year on the same day at the same time, from exactly the same spot, for over 2 decades. The resulting sequence was a fascinating testament to how cities grow and change.

Transformation Tuesday
- (AA FF photos) c2017, before/after pics.
#TransformationTuesday - Popular hashtag trend, Instagram etc. A fun way for people to share how they've changed over time.

Twelve Grades of "First Day" Interviews
- (AA face FF) Happy Graduation Sweetheart, 2017.
I interviewed my daughter on her first day of school since 1st grade. Today she graduated from high school - Vid link - caps - (Kevin Scruggs)

UC incidents

Zoccari swimsuit incident

- (UC wardrobe malfunction) - c2008. This kind of occurrence is only very rarely photographed - Too-small suit? - rip

undersized clothing project
- (UC photos)
Mostly video stills of young women squeezed into teen and sometimes even kid-sized clothing.
Outgrown Clothes screencaps page

- (flash forward projects) Photo book features a photo series of 3 siblings that was taken over 10 or 20 years, but only 1 photo each year.
MoMA, NYC photo exhibit of 4 siblings over a 30+ year span, with all 4 of them in a photo per year with different compositions.

Us and Them
- (flash forward) 6/99. Spouses, Helmut Newton and Alice Springs, share their photographic perspectives of each other, themselves, and the same models. By providing images over many decades, you also get a timelapse view of a relationship and the aging process.

watch me grow
- (blurry FF AP glimpse) Boys and girl were photographed in the same pose every month while growing up for timelapse video.
- screencaps - poses - girl

Watch My Teeth Grow
- (FF AA face close-up) c2009. A girl's normal teeth and hair growth, as photographed over a period of several months.
- Screencaps - long version - short version
- (teeth FF) - months
Other projects:
(FF AA mostly face close-ups) Teeth growth over about 2 years.
- line-up - before/after (harokhga)

watch them grow
- (baby FF) - months - months - months

weight loss
- (male young adult FF) 260lbs (16yo) to 179lbs (20yo). Don't give up - progression - (O')

Will McBride
- (male flash forward) Photo book "Coming of Age", Aperture 5/1/99. He has befriended many of his subjects to whom he has returned year after year producing a pictorial diary of their coming of age. In his studio work and in his reportage for such magazines as Twen, McBride has focused on young men as they come to terms with their inner and outer development. While the subjects range from childhood (as young as 3 or 4) to adulthood, less than half of the pictures seem to be in the 'coming of age' range.

Wilma Hurskainen
- (FF AA) 2004-2006.
"Growth" is a project in which I reconstructed and re-photographed pictures that my dad took of me and my three little sisters when we were children.
- similar pants!! - collage - (Tony)

windows in time
- (different generations & flashback) portrait recursion

Works of Nobuyoshi Araki 5 - Chrysalis, The
- Nr 5 in 20-volume series. 1996 Heibonsha ISBN: 4582664059, B/W A5, 190 pp.
- Portraits of underage Japanese girls. For the young subjects, Araki has fulfilled the fantasy of every little girl: to be a woman now. For a girl, what's more frustrating than wanting to be a woman but discovering that you're still not old enough? Most normal kids at one time or another want to be like adults. They may wear their parents' clothes or even start smoking. Araki has thoroughly helped these little girls fulfill their ultimate fantasy of becoming a woman. He put adult make-up on these girls, dressed them like a woman, and posed them seductively in bed, in skimpy clothing. The subjects range in age from about 6 to 17. Araki also steps on the vulgar and cheap-shot borderline with banana-in-the-mouth shots and the too-frequent, hiked-up dress revealing underwear. We cannot deny the fact that young girls always want to look older and older girls (women) want to look younger. Araki carries the former to the ultimate extreme.

yearly photos
- (FF) 2014 - timeline - timeline - (Acca)

Young Me / Now Me
- (AA FF) side-by-side comparisons at different ages in similar poses.
similar sweater / side-by-side comparison (VERY rare type of photograph, more like this are urgently needed)
age change - age change
years - years - years (O' data)

Young Me, Now Me
- 07
- (AA FF poses) 08 - 09 - 10
- (AA FF) - then/now - then/now
- (male/female FF) school years - (O') - siblings - the brother started shorter but ended taller.

young me, now me
- (AA FF) - then/now - then/now

young me, now me
- (AA) - years - years
- years - years - years
- years - years - years
- years - years - years
- years - years - (various contributors)

young me, now me
- (FF AA) 8 year old me as a Starfleet Officer (1993) and again last Halloween (2010)
Generations - (O')
- (FF AA) Old me (1990) / Now me (2011) - time poses - (O')
- (FF AA) Future couple: 10 years... - (O')

Young Me, Now Me
- (FF AA)
Valentine's Day 15 years later: the same people in both pics, plus some other Then & Now pics - through the years - (O', Bafter)
- posing - posing

Young Me, Now Me
- (FF) - then/now - (Acca)

Young Me, Now Me
- (male flash-forward/AP AA effect or adult baby)
12/2010 - "Das Kind im Manne" (The child in the man) - With Me and My Mom: 1981-Now.
Pics from ZeFrank's childhood photo posing project taken to the extreme, where as a grown man he has recreated a photo of when he was a baby on his mother's lap.
- Male Diapered Poses - (O', idointernet)

young me, now me
child/adult comparisons.
(AA FF) poses - poses - poses - poses

Zhao Mengmeng
- (AA FF casual photo posing project) c2012.
Father and daughter took an annual photo together for 30 years

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal