Aging Transformation Scenes

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link page: male

- O'Melissokomos: The Bee Keeper includes male AP
- (male TF) - blog
- (male TF) - muscle growth forum
- (male TF) - muscle TF info
- male AP TFs Art Galleries > The 'O' Zone > APAR

- (male AA) - "Pretty Cure" boy henshin Henri into Cure Infini TF scene - (Akira)
- (male adult "rejuvenated" appearance) - glitch
- (male adult de-age disguise) - short
- (male adult face rejuvs) - The opening sequence of "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" had Harrison Ford "de-aged" back to 1981 - story - video
- (male age stasis) - Jeffty never grew older than 5, physically or mentally. He also gets current versions of popular culture from the past...
  Somehow, his radio plays all-new episodes of long-canceled serial programs, broadcast on stations that no longer exist.
  He gets new issues of long-discontinued pulp magazines, with new stories by dead authors. Even never-made films of classic science fiction novels!
  Only the narrator knows about this because of Jeffty's trust. His parents are scared of him, wondering why he is staying a little boy.
  "Jeffty is Five" - short story by Harlan Ellison (1977) - - (Jeff 2bya)
- (male AR, adult to toddler) W.E.I.R.D. World (1995) Good/evil aspirations motivate brilliant young scientists at near-future research center.
  This looks like a better copy. Less blurry full movie - movie - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male ARed) - fake AI trailer
- (male CGI face FF) - AI
- (male face AI FF) - Stable Diffusion, Team New Yorkled, 2023/05 - Growing Old
- (male FF AA) - AI
- (male FF stages) - lifetime AI timeline - male
- (male lineart blurry puberty height) - hand-drawn animation
- (male UCed) - try on old clothes
- (dedicated male adult TF) - I want to suggest that movie makers create Body Horror Male-Pregnancy-Birth movies by copying the exact concepts from this video: (605 MB)
CGI fetish animation: In a ruined world, a man decides to drink a potion. First his belly swells as his shorts fade away. Skin stretches and ripples. His erection bulges up to truly monstrous dimensions. Finally he "gives birth" to another man who falls out the end! - (Eddie Winters)

- (boy AP?) - Tetsuwan Atom - AKA "Astro Boy" Ep5? "Atom Tai Atlas 2: Atlas Fukkatsu" - "Atom vs. Atlas 2: The Resurrection of Atlas"? 1980/10/29? - Astro's 2nd encounter with Atlas. He stops a scheme of enslaving humanity by technological thefts, which involves the proposed robotic mother and father for Astro? - alt? link - blocked link? - (Akira)
- (young adult TG to full man?) - c'13 unknown commercial has a really cool morphing effect to it.
  After seeing this snipped on YouTube, does anyone know where these 4 seconds could possibly be from? - (simplicity808)

The Incredible Hulk
- (male adult muscle growth CB closeups) - 1977-1982 - all the transformation scenes

- (male "UC") - shirt
- (male adult "rejuv"?) - Stiftung folteropfer, Germany, 2005.
  Dungeon prisoner skin shedding, torture victims PSA - (Ian Ricky Male TF)
- (male adult muscle CB) - "Red Hulk" Dutch Fruit-tella CM.
- (male adult OA) - "The Vengeance Of She" 1968 movie scene:
- (male adult rejuvenation and AR to nothing) - Outer Limits "The Last Supper" - Scene link
  Dr. Sinclair injects himself with her blood and is racked with convulsions. He regresses continually from a young man to a teenager to a boy, until he's little more than a naked infant. The family watching in horror and shock then witnesses the baby dissolving into a puddle of raw cells on the floor, as he becomes unborn - (Akira)

- (male adult to OA) - S3Ep5 Creepshow "Time Out" 2021/10/21.
  Matt's secret cupboard manipulates his time - with side-effects - link - - (Wolfrolf)
- (male age disguise) - "adult baby" stroller infiltration prank - (male AP) - "Chojin Sentai Jetman" Ep36 - (Akira)
- (male AR) - The Boss Baby scenes - (Akira)
- (male ARed aftermath spanking) 2021/11 comic issue - Michi and Benji visit a VR salon.
  He gets to spank Michi as Batgirl and later as Leia dressed in that slave outfit - Purchase - (DrWhoAR)
- (male mahou chibi TF maturation effect) - from Yamato Oji to Yamato Bakujin anime scene - (Akira)
- (male old/young body swap) - Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima - A boy switched souls with a dangerous killer.
  The final manga chapter - (Akira)

- (male) - face - (male) - face

- (male AP CB, ARed at end) - Da Grande 1987 full film - (Akira)
- (male ff 13-16) - years - (male UC) - try on old clothes
- (male AA AP) - "Life is Short" Xbox commercial - (Akira)
- (male AA) - toon baby grows gif - (male ff) - "Birthday" 2018 CGI short toon
- (male AA ff) - toon spurt hospital checkup commercial
- (male unseen UC AP, adults to extreme old age process depictions) - "Old" 2021 movie trailer
- (male AA "TF" APed-like form) - blocked: Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Ep66 - (Akira)
- (male FF) - 9-13 - (Pinocchio to boy) - Kashi no ki Mokku finale Episode - (Akira)
- (male TF AA age form?) "Digimon Frontier" Ep01 blocked link - (Akira)

muscle men
- Some Youtube channels and playlists about muscle growth (I love it):
- (Romain)
Growth and Transformations
- (male muscle growth) - Channel
Obsessed with all things transformational, monstrous and muscle. Hulk Foot Growth, Bigfoot Foot Growth, Male Hulk Muscle Growth...
Muscle Growth
- (male adult muscle) - Channel
Gelty Drake
- (TF creatures "growing") - Channel
The subject is growing! Every scene in cartoons or movies what contains size growth, inflation or transformation here it is! Help donating videos with growth...
- (male adult creature muscle) - Channel
Muscle and muscle growth channel of various media featuring only male characters.
I Am Sylar
- (male adult changes) - Channel
- (male TFs) - Channel
Male Transformation Fantasies
- (male changes) - Channel
- (Romain)

- (boy change TFed in episode) - Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman (Tekkaman: The Space Knight) Ep10 1975 - Italian dub - (Akira)
- (male AA TF poof APed) - Kuro Ame 2001. Boy turns irreversibly into black candy man - restored commercial - (Akira)

- (boy time stop) - Motorist takes off helmet and it's a kid! Children are abducted through video games by Golgom to create child warriors!
  Kamen Rider BLACK Ep31 - (Akira)

- (male furry shrink TF OC) - The Witches (1990) clip
  At the end he grew back up from mouse to boy and burst out the dollhouse - (Akira)

- (male monster impersonation) - Ultraman 80 Ep35 "The 99th Year Dragon God Festival" 1980.
  RN: The boy's body can be seen falling at 24:08 after the dragon's defeat - Ep link - (Akira)

- (male FFed) - E.T. "reunion" Christmas ad CM & info
- (male adult face rejuved effects) - actors made to look younger.
- (male AR & aftermath) - only if you can read German: story
- (male demon TF CB AP) - UFO Robot Grendizer - Ep29 "Farewell to Space Friends" - Alternate link to the scene - (Akira)
- (male AA) - pseudo "puberty" cuts
- (male AA monster TF) - Ben 10 space battle - (Akira)
- (male AA TF AP upgrades) - Ep01 "Tomica Kizuna Gattai: Earth Granner" 2020 - blocked video - (Akira)
- (boy TFed) - Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn - 1992 anime, Takara, Sunrise.
  Japan-only blocked Ep03 - (Akira)
- (boy/robot interform) - Yuusha Shirei Daguon Brave Command Dagwon, 1996 anime, Sunrise.
  Japan-only blocked Ep01 - (Akira)
- (CGI male height/size reduction edits) - "IT: Chapter Two" (2019 movie): Kid actors were digitally de-aged because they grew too much.
- (male AA) - Doritos ff CM
- (male "APed") - UC spurt glimpse
- (male AP) - Mado King Granzort - Ep34 link - (Akira)
- (male UC) - old clothes don't fit right
- (male AA APed muscle forms) - Toon heroes Twitter comic artworks - (O')
- (boy into monster TFed) - Hikari Sentai Maskman Ep24 1987 - Japan-only blocked episode
- (male AA body swap) - short - (Akira)
- (male TF AP form?) - henshin: Kamen Rider Kiva blocked - (Akira)
- (boy dark side) - Ep44 "Hikari Sentai Maskman" 1987 - blocked video - (Akira)
- (male AA poofs) - New dark hero "Earth Granner" spring animation. Boy & man voice actors
- (males body swapped, old/young) - Mizutamari ni Ukabu Shima ch.
- (male deepfake) - face swap
- (male aa face ff) - 1 to 18
- (male AR/AP poofs) - NBC promo, Fall 1976, Big John, Little John @15mins - (Kidsized)
- (male ff) - 13 to 15 face
- (male young adult) - face
- (father/son switch) - "Freaky Friday 2019" short
- (male ARed) - story
- (male face) - FF - (male) - ff
- (male mind swaps, boy/man) - Kidou Keiji Jiban Ep44 1990 blocked video - (Akira)

- (male adult face) - braces - (male adult) - 50 yr. age illusion
- (male adult stasis) - time traveler
- (male FF) - The triplets Benni, Basti and Florian Fueger take a photo for 34 years
- (male "ap-ed") - glimpse story
- (male AA) - Adolescencia: Cerebro y equilibrio docu
- (male adult?) - Waking Up - Comedy Movie, 2018, India. 29 y.o. Rahul woke up an old man? short
- (male "ARed" poof)"Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Rocket & Groot & Shazam!" 2018 talking toys video - (Tazz)
- (male face) ff - (male AA FFed) - 17 years son link
- (male accelerated CoA) - precocious puberty problems story
- (male adult below the neck "ARed") - animatronic baby - (FARfan)
- (male adult) - OA - (male adult) - CM FFed
- (male adult shrinking and unbirth) - "American Gods", 2017 nude scene
- (male mini-monster TFed cutaway) - Anime trailer - (Akira)

- (male mental rejuvenation/"ARed" aftermath captions) - Tumblr blog with over 130 caption stories.
They're all-male, about 95% mental AR, 5% human-puppy. Some of the captions are 5,000 words or more.
- Mind-Wiper - Tumblr registration required - (Bfboy)

- (male pose FF) - years If you could run it backwards it could look like AR.
- (male AA "TFed") - MORPH: Ranger Kid, Power Up
- (male face) - 14 to 19 - (male) - uc
- (male AA age form upgrades?) - Toei blocked, Japan-only link. Kotaro Sakuma - Uchu Sentai Kyuranger hero - (Akira)
- (male) - FF - (male) - FF
- (middle aged & young adult selves) - Bill & Ted upcoming sequel info

Samsung Galaxy
- (male young adult FF) "Growing Up" 2007-2017 makes fun of the iPhone - CM

- (male) - FF - FF - FF - face - (F5)
- (male AA size-up) - Kyuranger - (Akira)
- (male face) - FF
- (male flash forward) - Found this interesting but funny picture of Hansel then & now for some reason! - before/after - (Sandlot)
- (male slight adult FF) - "Nippon Express" 2016 CM "Moving" - (Akira)
- (male older adult head on female young adult body TGed) - "Akagi Dairy" 2017 commercials - (Akira)
- (boy FF?) - 03/2017 anime - "I carried a dream bag". The school bag is packed with memories from 6 years of elementary school - cap - (Akira)
- (boy FF?) - 03/2017 anime - Children away from important friends during graduation or class change know the scars together - cap - (Akira)
- (male TF) - TGF Junior Running Shoes CM - (Akira)
- (male face age-up) - Daz Studio Iray Genesis 3 Male Aging Experiment - CGI
- (male face) - FF
- (male slight TF) - Werewolf - (Akira)

- (AA replacement upgrades) - 2017 Jumanji sequel. 4 totally different adult teens are sucked into a video game and become their avatars:
  Jock becomes weak loser. Popular girl becomes middle aged fat man. Awkward male teen becomes muscular hero. Average girl becomes hot - Trailer - (Tazz)

- (male AR) - Love Tyrant pages 1 to 50 manga - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male FF AA poof at end) - Dolan Life Mysteries "Can Deaf People Hear Their Own Thoughts?" toon - (Tazz)

- Links were provided by O'Melissokomos

- (dedicated male AR) - Foxtrot fan comic
- (male adult) - face
- (male AA TF APed) - classic Kiba Ranger episode extr. Japan only link - (Akira)
- (male accelerated maturation) - children - (F5)
- (male adult werewolf TF) - 2011 Lulea Hockey, "Thriller"-inspired promo - (Sandlot)
- (male adult) - face - (male adult) - face
- (male AP/RN boy to man to boy, AR woman to girl) - "Aao Wish Karein" - movie link - (SickBoy)
- (male ARed, male APed) - "Dospelaci muzou vsechno" full movie - (SickBoy)
- (male CoA themes?) - "Evolution" (2016) Trailer - (Akira)
- (male face FF TL) - LIFE... A Daily Photo Project (3,055 days)
- (male face morph) - b&w years
- (male face?) - "Magne Robo Gakeen" 1976 anime "Unbeatable King of the Kee!" (Japan only) Ep01 - (Akira)
- (male FF) - NES Christmas - (male face) - FF - (F5)
- (male form) - (Japan only) "Giant Robo" Ep21 Toei "The Terrifying Space Mummy" - (Akira)
- (male TF AA creature upgrade) - Disuke Kawaharo B-1 warrior Kemona - (Akira)
- (male TF AP?) - 2017, 41st Super Sentai season Uchu Sentai Kyuranger with space theme - (Akira)
- (male unseen shoe CB) - "Son of the Hulk", 2012 short film - (Michaelforthriller, Sandlot)
- (male) - FF
- (male) - young adult FF
- (male) - face
- (male toon FFed) - Danny Phantom, Sam, Tucker 10 Yrs Later - (Matt)

- (AA poofed) - 11 going on 16
- (male adult de-evolution expansion CB) Captain Future And The Space Emperor anime episodes - (Akira)
- (male adult face rejuved) - CGI - (Matt)
- (male adult muscle) - Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger #05, 3/13/16, zoo ranger trailer - (Akira)
- (male adult) - face - face
- (male adult) - hunk
- (male adult) - FF interview - (Matt)
- (male adult) - muscle shirt - (Romain)
- (male age stasis) - Geico '15 "Peter Pan" CM
- (male AR, unbirth) - "Mr F. is Mr F." - J. G. Ballard audiobook - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male ARed to past) - "Mujaki no Rakuen" Japanese colorized chapter - (Akira)
- (male CoA) - "Boy meets World" s02 "Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?"
    When sprouting body hair he thinks he's becoming a werewolf - (Richard)

- (male face AP project) - 2 years growth - (Matt)
- (male face FF) - teen - teen - (male adult) - years - (Matt)
- (male face) - FF

- (male face) - FF morph -
- (male muscle upgrade) - Brave Beats - (Akira)

- (male UC) - incident - (male forms) - Earth 2 heroes attack Batman & Superman!
- (male) - TF - Momotaro Densetu - TF - (Akira)

- (male) - face
- (male) - muscle - 15 to adult
- (male) - face - (Matt)
- (boy ap?) new face? (Japan only) Ep05 - (Akira)
- (male adult) - face
- (possible age TF) - New sentai series trailer - (Akira)

- (male adult weight) - loss

- (Hulk cb glimpse) - TF
- (Potter shirt) - male ff - male aa curse
- (male aa stasis) - face wrinkling
- (male aa) - "ap"
- (male adult AA) - increased - (male) - life
- (male adult CGI oa'd) - clip - clip
- (male adult muscle) - looks like "Bruce Almighty". 2015 "Absolutely Anything" movie trailer 01:00 - (Romain)
- (male adult muscle) - milk parody - (Matt)
- (male adult) - face - hair
- (male adult) - face
- (male adult) - tf uc
- (male face) - morph - FF
- (male FF photo project) - Father/Son years - (Matt)
- (male ff) - couch cm - CM
- (male head) - swapped
- (male OA'd) - alternate link - Kamen Rider W Ep43 - (Akira)

- (male progeria) - "My Brilliant Life" - 2014 South Korean drama film:
17 y.o. teenagers' son suffers from rare disease. By the time he is 17 himself his body suffers the infirmities of an 80 y.o. - Trailer - (Akira)

- (male pub. toon) - 7 sec - (male pub. toon) - 7 sec
- (male toon) - morph
- (male) - (15) musculation
- (male) - oa?
- (male) - FF - (Wolfrolf)
- (male) - ffap - (Louise)
- (male) - face - face
- (male) - aa - face
- (male) - C&H FFed

- (boys only face FF) - 13 to 16
- (boys only face FF) - Project
- (Beards) - Kevin Love - I Shouldn't - Glorious - Animation
- (dedicated male adult aftermath) - caption story
- (comic character evolutions) - past/future selves Fantastic Four - SPOILERS: The REAL Nick Fury - Nathan Drake
- (comics) - Aaron Diaz's Justice, Doom, Batman reboot
- (comparisons) - Spoofed my son's facebook photo... Parody - guy grows into Quentin Tarantino... info
- (male adult) - AA
- (adult clones) - Image Comics "Clone". Can Luke survive against his younger adult selves? info
- (stop-motion) - Don't like your hair? male adult - strawberry
- (male 12 to 19) - ff
- (male AA AP) - dance
- (male AA FF) - shirt - (Matt)
- (male AA FF/FB comparison) - Same pose calender - (Acca)
- (male AA) - gag
- (male adult aa) - oa
- (male adult age stasis) - proposal
- (male adult CM) - infantile
- (male adult face) - 7 years
- (male adult face) - Reverse aging 15-yr portrait sequence
- (male adult FFed) - Potter - (Matt)
- (male adult hair) - beard/plant FF
- (male adult to old effect) - face
- (male adult) - face
- (male adult) - UCed
- (male adult) - face
- (male adult) - face - face
- (male disguise) - power suit CM - (Akira)
- (male disguised) - kinda like "ARed". 4 y.o. Ryker AKA Mini Style Hacker - (Douglas Greene)
- (male face ar) - poof
- (male face) - swap - (Douglas Greene)
- (male face) - FF
- (male face) - 12 to 19
- male aa cm
- male "aging" AA
- male AP txt
- (Dawson casting) - Buscemi in high school
- (boy AP TF?) - There may be an upcoming new DaiRanger Sentai movie - (Akira)
- (boys only) - high school FF
- (male face) - FF
- (male face) - ff
- (male muscle, size illusions) - Sims 4 Official Trailer - (Divxeur)
- (male older teen face) - ff
- (male slight ff) - CM
- (male AA) - story
- (male slight ff) - height cm
- (male teen) - muscle ff - male
- (male) - face
- (male) - ff
- (male) - ap
- (male) - height - height
- (male) - face
- (male) - face OA'd reversal.

- (boys only FF) - lip syncing through puberty Project
- (FF film) - Boyhood: The life of a young man - 5 to 18
- (male adult) - 27 y.o. guy never went through puberty. This is amazing - The Doctors - (Muscledrain)
- (male adults FFed) - 2014 Radio Shack commercial 80s Stars
- (male FF AA AP, adult FF) - family photos - (Matt)
- (male FF) - father/son 60 year TL - grow old - (F5)
- (male) - FF
- (adult forms) - Bro-1 took a selfish. Dad, Bro-2, & I: poses - Sisters & Mom: poses
- (male "FFd") - Parody: Adventure Time - Parody thumbnail: In 20 years
- (male & adult FF) - Oscar selves
- (male AA) - low qual
- (male aa) - trick
- (male AA) - boy to teen to man stop-motion
- (male AA) - preschool to high school: outfit
- (male adult age disguises) - Grandpa Clark
- (male adult audio) - hulkout
- (male adult comic book makeup) - Before - After
- (male adult face "FF") - X-Men: Days of Future Past - Magneto
- (male adult face aging effect) - Ageing process morph
- (male adult face disguise) - Getting a driver's license steps
- (male adult face) - 24 years - (Matt)
- (male adult face) - Marlon Brando makeup - Thomas Lennon: 3 minutes - A year of walking

- (male adult face) - The Aging of Mark Wexler morph
- (male adult face) - The Walking Dead Rick - AR beard - Bill Murray - Haley Joel Osment parody
- (male adult fat loss) - 3 years - 2 years -110 lbs - -250lbs?
- (male adult FB) - De Niro with father - Leno/Letterman: 1979
- (male adult FB) - Simon Pegg: age 19 - Mac (It's Always Sunny): Then
- (male adult FF parody) - Dr. Dre's homies
- (male adult FF) - "Adventures of Superman" #46 "Strange Visitor" lifetime info - info
- (male adult FF) - "Starlight" comic info
- (male adult FF) - "True Detective": Time is a flat circle The Cast
- (male adult FF) - actors - Bill Murray 2009-2014 - Fijian taxi driver after 14 years
- (male adult FF) - 2005 - 2013

- (male adult FF) - Lincoln before and after - Hair - recreated Hogan - Egon Spengler costume: Years - male Bathtub
- (male adult FF) - 2 years before and after - Santiago Aragon - "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman
- (male adult FF) - Better with age RDJ
- (male adult FF) - Comic: Static through the years Fan art
- (male adult FF) - Grandpa in his 20s and at 93: Same shirt
- (male adult FF) - JHallComics years
- (male adult FF) - Leo DiCaprio in a tux since 1997
- (male adult FF) - Max von Sydow after 40 years
- (male adult FF) - Ron Washington: Time
- (male adult FFed to aged) - Comic: Superman in the future - God's End
- (male adult flashback) - JFK - John Wayne - Jeremy Clarkson - Little Bale
- (male adult heads swapped onto younger bodies) - "SingItKitty", 2014 CM Starship app - (Matt)
- (male adult mass) - Josh Gad drops 30lbs for movie: Story - Push Up Muscle Shirt parody
- (male adult muscle FF) - Comic: Skyrim
- (male adult muscle) - "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" A bodybuilding course works better than imagined - comic info
- (male adult muscle) - Robbie Frame: 19yo - 23yo
- (male adult parody) - 500 cheeseburgers 10 yrs - Info
- (male adult portraits) - recursion
- (male adult to OA) - Comic: Mirrors
- (male adult weight loss) - -150 lbs - -74 lbs. - 2 years - ~80 days - -200 lbs.
- (male adult weight loss) - Man Loses 392 Pounds After Seeing Obese Reflection on TV Screen: story - pic
- (male adult weight) - Down 105 lbs. - 86 pounds - 167 pounds - Fat to Fit
- (male adult weight) - fat loss - 300->170 - 240lbs-155lbs - Down 115!
- (male adult) - -200 pounds
- (male adult) - face - face - face - face - face - face - face
- (male adult) - face - face - face
- (male adult) - jay to silent bob FF
- (male adult) - lose 40lbs, gain 6-pack & $50,000
- (male adult) - World Cup 2006 and now: FF
- (male adults FFed) "Full House" men reunite for Super Bowl - story - teaser
- (male age disguise) - Mother Dresses Up 4y.o. Fashion Model
- (male AR) - Lex Luthor - Child Murderer cover
- (male face) - comparison - bro/son compare - best look - 67 to 13
- (male face) - TL
- (male face) - FF
- (male face) - FF
- (male face) - cancer survivor
- (male FB) - Benedict Cumberbatch then - Stan Lee - Chris Christie then
- (male FF interaction) - First and last day of school age forms
- (male FF) - "The Life of Alfred" comic
- (male FF) - 1 year later
- (male FF) - Recreation - Tub
- (male FF) - 1996 to 2014: Time
- (male FF) - Aaron Schwartz into toned and honed hunk
- (male FF) - Brothers in a bathtub: 20 years apart
- (male FF) - How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster - poster - info
- (male FF) - me and my dad: 20 year later
- (male FF) - Richard Linklater's Leading Boy
- (male FF) - Success kid 7 years later
- (male muscle) - growth
- (male muscle) - The Rock's wax figure - Parody - Uncle and Nephew after 11 years
- (male parody) - Bran Stark of Winterfell matured
- (male recursion) - Culkin-Gosling t-shirts - Parody
- (male talking) - CM baby
- (male teen face) - FF - FF
- (male TF maturation dream sequence) - comic Fatherhood
- (male UC) - costume
- (male unseen ageshifter) - story
- (male) - age-up story
- (muscle growth) - 19yo-21yo before & after - progress - 240 to 195

- (boys only FF AP) - same clothes shot for 5 years
- (boys only teen growth time-lapse) - 2 years chair growth
- male puberty Game
- ABDL Daddy with evil intent needs to deny the loss of his own child - video - (Magicformula)
- male weight loss - male
- (some male AP) - Fan Fiction: story - story - (Matt)
- (FF line) - male puberty info
- (male "FFed" ) - Ash looks older...
- (male "TFed" combat avatars) - boys change? new anime - (Akira)
- (male AA AP) - Fairly Oddparents muscle TF
- (male adult age disguise) - Young Again (2014) Info
  Lured back to college baseball, he passes himself off as 10 years younger.

- (male adult ages) - Me & Jack Black
- (male adult baby) - "Daddy", 2011 horror story.
- (male adult body) - Change - Muscle: 2002-2006
- (male adult face fat loss) - My new drivers license today after losing 80 pounds Change
- (male adult face fat loss) - My new passport and my drivers license. Change
- (male adult face FF morph) - 2006-2012
- (male adult face ff) - time
- (male adult face FF) - All my licenses, from age 16 to 23
- (male adult face) - FF
- (male adult face) - FF
- (male adult face) - Adventures in Beard - Gave up shaving
- (male adult face) - birthday logo - (Acca)
- (male adult face) - I de-hobo'd myself: Beard
- (male adult face) - The Truth About Beards - Game of Thrones: The Hound
- (male adult face) - They say I look like my Dad... comparison
- (male adult faces) - Dad's Beard is gone - Won't Shave again - Shaving Meme
- (male adult fat loss) - 128 pounds - 19M 6' Fatass to Badass 236-178lbs - Changes - 330 to 185 - 400 to 200 - 340-235
- (male adult fat loss) - 2 Months of Lifting and Dieting Change
- (male adult fat loss) - 4ish years and 2 marathons later 240-145lbs Change
- (male adult fat loss) - 65 pounds in 90 days :) Change
- (male adult fat loss) - From Morbidly Obese to "Athletic" Change
- (male adult fat loss) - How I Got My Six Pack in Two Months Change
- (male adult fat loss) - I forgot to give f^cks in 2013 Change
- (male adult fat loss) - I lost around 50 lbs. My wife lost about 8 Change
- (male adult fat loss) - I said goodbye to the 700's, 600's, 500's and the 400's Change - Change
- (male adult fat loss) - One year Change
- (male adult fat loss) - Progress - 08/2010 - 07/2013 Change
- (male adult fat loss) - Such a great print ad! Change
- (male adult fat loss) - Took me almost 12 months to change my body Change
- (male adult FB) - Arnold approves a younger statue in his hometown in Austria Muscle
- (male adult FB) - Bill Cosby in college
- (male adult FB) - Chumlee from 'Pawn Stars' Then
- (male adult FB) - Duck Dynasty's Robertson men younger
- (male adult FB) - Singing telegram Tarzan: Nathan Fillon
- (male adult FBs) - Mike, Buzz & Neil Then - Sorry Woz... real v. actor - WWE's Undertaker Then
- (male adult FF) - Time - 6 months of traveling.
- (male adult FF) - Christmas Cards 2008-2013
- (male adult FF) - How will your tattoos look at 80? Time
- (male adult FF) - retired after 21 years
- (male adult FF) - Suddenly I feel old... Ryan & Colin
- (male adult FF) - Time portraits
- (male adult flashbacks) - Harrison Ford - Zach Galifiniakis - Hugh Hefner - Trek cast - Bambi's voice

- (male adult hair) - New hairstyle after 5 years
- (male adult makeup) - Sharlto Copley's characters
- (male adult muscle) - 10 months building Change
- (male adult rejuvenation) - Shaving effect Comic - Real life Example
- (male adult split/face comparison) - 5 years difference Brothers
- (male adult split/face) - Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past Poster
- (male adult stages) - "Oh this shit again??" Time Windows
- (male adult UC) - PJs from when I was 8: Vid
- (male adult versions) - Hulk & Thor
- (male adult) - mustache growth comic
- (male adult) - Wesley Crusher's old sweater - male "muscle" Conan the O'Brien
- (male adults FFed) - "Dumb and Dumber" sequel 20 years later
- (male AP) - 5 sec TF - 5 sec TF.
- (male AR) - Older to younger 5 sec - Back to baby 5 sec
- (male CoA) - He has become a man - comic - (Matt)
- (male comparisons) - My father and I 36 years apart - 1983 & 2013 - "future self"
- (male fat loss) - 237 lbs.
- (male FB) - Aaron Paul - Christian Slater - Luiz/Silva baby "look-alikes"
- (male FF AA) - 18 Halloweens - 3.5 years
- (male FF face) - Time
- (male FF parody) - Batman realizes it: Change
- (male FF photos) - Face - Face - Face - Face - Time
- (male FF) - Time - Prince William
- (male FF) - 1984 and 2013
- (male ff) - Time - Time
- (male FF) - Annual photo with Santa: 34 Years
- (male FF) - dad & his brothers, 40 years apart - dad & I, 30 years comparison
- (male FF) - Kindergarten to Courtroom: 14 years later
- (male FF) - my childhood thoroughly photo boothed: 10 Years
- (male FF) - nothing ever changes
- (male FF) - Snatched at five, reunited at 28: Story
- (male FF) - Tobey & Leo friends
- (male FF) I was quite photogenic - then - now
- (male FFed) - - Adventure Time Fan Art
- (male FFs) - 3 best pals, 1990 & 2012 - Buddies for 19 years - our 10th and 22nd birthdays
- (male FFs) - Brother and I, 15 years apart - 20+ years later - 3 Brothers, 20 Years
- (male head) - swap - (Matt)
- (male older face impersonation) - Jim Carrey's Clint Eastwood impression
- (male shadow lifetime FF) - time - (Matt)
- (male stages) - Bad Luck Brian, Mackelmore, Toby (The Office) Parody
- (male stages) - Mr. Irby (teacher wears same clothes every yearbook pic) Change
(by O'Melissokomos)

- (male teen face FF) - aging
- (male teen fat loss) - What you guys think? 14 to 16
- (male teen FB) - Brad Pitt at 14
- (male TF to OA) - 5 sec lifetime.
- (male TF) - Discuss your first muscle growth/body swap fantasy. We would LOVE more responses! - New Poll - (Derek)
- (male TL FF AP) - 14 to 16
- (male UC) - "Gnaw" boy
- (male uc) - shirt
- (male younger versions) - Rappers album art
- (male) - Marty helps Steve seem more powerful on the wrestling team - "Teen Angel" Ep4 "Wrestling with an Angel" - (DivXeur Corp)
- (male) - Mugger apologises after 30 years
- (males) - Grandpa, Dad, & Me: 3 generations

- (mostly male adults FF) - Famous Movie Bullies Then and Now - (O')
- (male AA FF) - Friends since 1st grade, yesterday we graduated High School: Time
- (male AA muscle AP glimpse) - Hulk - (Matt)
- (male AA portraits FF) - My little man is 6, still taking this shot every year
- (male AA portraits) - My little man is 2. Wonder when he refuses to keep posing for this picture
- (male AA TF hero AP) - Shazam
- (male adult "muscle development") - The real photoshop masters.
- (male adult age disguise) - Professor Menace (Static Shock) - a nod to "Dennis the Menace".
- (male adult appearances) - I repainted the 7 dwarves from Snow White, realistically! It's finally - done! - (O')
- (male adult comics aging) - Superman Beyond: Man of Tomorrow - future version - (O')
- (male adult cut-away muscle development) - Philips SensoTouch 3D CM video - caps - (Divxeur)
- (male adult face age) - makeup
- (male adult face aging) - 40 years same outfit - (Acca)
- (male adult face FB) - Oh hello, young Harrison Ford: Then
- (male adult face FF parody) - Timelapse GIF of Patrick Stewart aging over the last 20 years - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - Years
- (male adult face stages) - A former skinhead's remarkable but painful transformation - (O')
- (male adult face) - My buddy just shaved his face. "Summer of the Stache!" Change
- (male adult face) - Steve Carell is aging Clooney style: Time - (O')
- (male adult face) - War changes a man: Kaiden from ME1 to ME3: Game
- (male adult faces) - 25 Reasons Why Beards Change Everything.
- (male adult faces) - Stachetosis effects
- (male adult fat loss) - 33 years old, obese my entire life. A year ago, I decided to live healthier: Before/After
- (male adult fat loss) - Body Transformation: Diet-Driven Results!
- (male adult fat loss) - Hard work pays off: Change
- (male adult fat loss) - Lost 50lbs this year and I'm happy: Change
- (male adult fat loss) - Sophomore year and just after graduating: Change
- (male adult FB) - Stephen Hawking before he developed ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) - (O')
- (male adult FB) - Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andre the Giant: Then - Arnold reminisces
- (male adult FF faces) - 8 Years of NHL hockey -- Dion Phaneuf
- (male adult FF) - Robert Andino (baseball).
- (male adult FF) - 1 Year Later. Fuck Cancer.
- (male adult FF) - Travis Fimmel From Calvin Klein Poster Boy to "Vikings" Grunge Star - (O')
- (male adult FF) - The Butler (2013) Cecil Gains served 8 presidents as the White House's butler from 1952 to 1986.
- (male adult FF) - Time: Judge frees convicted rapist, murderer David Bryant after 38 years; says attorney bungled trial - (O')
- (male adult FF) - A decade of judo and friendship - white belts to 1st degree black belts: Time
- (male adult FF) - America's Oldest Veteran plans to spend Memorial Day smoking and drinking whiskey-stiffened coffee: Time
- (male adult FF) - Before. During. After. My Friend's Meth Pictures - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Last year I cut off my hair and donated it. One Year difference - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Meth can cure baldness - Change
- (male adult flashback) - Billy Mays, Jr. - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Andre the Giant at 19 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. The college years - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - I met Bruce Campbell at a wedding in 1996. Here's us sharing a strawberry :) - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Jack Black and Giovanni Ribisi in The X-Files - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Yeah, it's Will Ferrell's prom picture - (O')
- (male adult future) - Andy Kubert's "Damian: Son of Batman"
  Damian "Robin" Wayne takes on the mantle of the Bat: Potential Future

- (male adult growth spurts) - record breakers.
- (male adult muscle development) - Body Transformation: Massive Motivation!
- (male adult stages) - Doug Benson and I. We've met before... Time - (O')
- (male adult weight gain) - Christian Bale transforms himself again.
- (male adult weight gain) - Hunky to chunky: The action men going from fit to fat
- (male adult weight loss) - One year older and 130 lbs lighter; never felt better.
- (male adult weight loss) - -100lbs
- (male adult weight loss) - 1 year & 100 pounds later.
- (male adult weight loss) - Face
- (male adult weight loss) - Down 75.6 lbs since 1/1/2013! Change
- (male adult weight loss) - Goal achieved. M/23/5'8", 380 lbs->145 lbs. Change
- (male adult weight loss) - I lost 150 lbs in 6 months!
- (male adult weight loss) - Lost 123 lbs in 13 months - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - My weight loss journey began 9 months ago - Change
- (male adult weight loss) - Not much to many people, life changing to me: B/A
- (male adult weight loss) - Papa Joe Aviance Lost 250 Pounds on the '99-Cent Diet': Change
- (male adult weight loss) - Rob Kardashian flaunts weight loss at sock line launch, still has '40 to 50 pounds' to lose: Changed
- (male adult weight loss) - Struggled my entire life with a weight problem. Finally got sick of it... Change
- (male adult weight loss/face) - My driver's license FINALLY expired! - (O')
- (male adult weight loss/muscle gain) - You will be shocked: Change
- (male adult) - (haircut): Before and After
- (male adult) - Man rescued after being forced to work as a slave for 13 years without one day off: Change
- (male adult) - My Fashion Evolution
- (male adult) - Powerhouse: Blue Jays' Jose Bautista Trains For Strength And Longevity: Change
- (male adults FF) - Freshman Year.. Who knew our spirits would be broken so easily: First vs. Final Days - (O')
- (male adults FFed) - John Carpenter And Kurt Russell Reunited - Info - (O')
- (male adults FFed) - Will "Fresh Prince" Smith reunion with Carlton Banks.
- (male adults flashback) - Vincent Price and Christopher Lee: Then
- (male adults) - Me and my father in the Marines: Compare
- (male age forms glimpsed) - "Not-So-Super - A Serialized Novel" male
- (male age forms in future chapters?) - Envy is falling in love with an "age changing" vampire - story
- (male AR search) - link "Juukou B-Fighter" Ep39 - (Akira)
- (male body swap AR/AP) - "Vice Versa" full movie, Father/Son TF scene - (Akira)
- (male face FF) - 4 months
- (male face FF) - 1 year
- (male face FF) - I put four of my self portraits next to each other, all one year apart. Last one at 16 years old - (O')
- (male face FF) - James Cook, 2 to 16 clay sculpture, 2011 self video
- (male face) - Trampoline G-Force: Little Brother Looks Suddenly 50 Years Older - (O')
- (male facial FF) - Beard growth: How to Use Man Soap - (O')
- (male fat loss) - 2 year transformation of my friend. So handsome now he makes me question my orientation - (O')
- (male fat loss) - Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation! - (O')
- (male FB) - 14-year-old David Beckham signing for Manchester United.
- (male FB, kinda like male ARed?) - "Butterfly Effect" remake?
- (male FF AA) - I too updated mom's favorite pics for Mother's Day. Not much changed in 30 years - (O')
- (male FF AA) - schoolboy years
- (male FF AP) - blink toon
- (male FF faces TL) - Ages 10 to 13
- (male FF versions) - (Inspired by Adventure Time: Puhoy) "Ages of Finn" fan art - info
  Depressed by his feelings with Flame Princess, Finn enters a pillow fort built by Jake leading into a new world to begin a new life - (O')

- (male FF) - 13 years later...prom to wedding - (O')
- (male FF) - Before and After pic done right - (O')
- (male FF) - Stages Chad Allen - (O')
- (male FF) - months
- (male FF) - Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint make for a series of amusing events - (O')
- (male FF) - Brother & I, 17 years ago vs. today - Time
- (male FF) - Dad and I recreated a trip photo. Happy fathers day old man! Time
- (male FF) - Identical twin holding identical twins: babies - babies - high school
- (male FF) - Leonard Nimoy's son Adam Nimoy: Then - Now
- (male FF) - Little brother and best friend in a tub: Then & Now
- (male FF) - Made my mom laugh more than I've ever seen (18 years later re-creation)
- (male FF) - 'member this guy? He just graduated, still giving free shrugs: Change
- (male FF) - Mothers' Day present my brother and I made - (O')
- (male FF) - My best friend of 20 years flew into town to marry me and my wife: Then/Now
- (male FF) - My dad and me. No one believes I'm black or that he's my dad: Time
- (male FF) - Son and I decided to recreate a photo from 10 years ago. How'd we do?
- (male FF) - The Evolution of Pokemon Players: Comic
- (male FF) - Toy Story 4: A New Toy
- (male FF) - Yes, That's the Kid From 'Love Actually' on 'Game of Thrones'! Time - (O')
- (male FF) Justin Lee - 01 - 02 - (O')
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- (male FFed) - "How to Train Your Dragon 2" trailer: 5 years later
- (male FFed) - The three Eds Grown Up: fan art
- (male flashback) - Andre the Giant with The Rock as a child - (O')
- (male flashback) - Is this Wil Wheaton autograph fake? - (O')
- (male flashback) - Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling back in the day: Then - (O')
- (male flashback) - Was watching a Friends rerun and noticed this... 3 years - (O')
- (male flashbacks) - Childhood Photos of NBA Stars: Then
- (male older adult to dust) - animation - (Matt)
- (male slight UC) - old PJs
- (male stages parody) - Ancient Aliens guy - (O')
- (male TF burstout) - Dragonball manga vid - (Akira)
- (male TF) - Inazuma Eleven soccer anime monster expansion - info - (Akira)
- (male TF, revert) - Dragon Ball Part1-22 monster expansion - (Akira)
- (male unseen APed) - "Fringe" German fake news report
- (male young adult FF) - The Evolution of Brent Burns
- (male young adult weight loss) - Looking for some motivation? My brother lost 120 lbs in 6 months. He's only 16. - (O')
- (male) - So far, he likes the reactions he is getting. My son just got this shirt
- (male/canine FF) - My dog of 15 years had to be put down. It wasn't easy to smile for this one - (O')
- (male "puberty") - bloopers - (Tony)
- (male AA FB) - Gillette commercial - time windows
- (male AA TF AP) - "Dai Ranger" battle expansion - (Akira)
- (male adult AA muscle TF forms) - Shazam! - Tv series: 23 y.o. Billy Batson powers up into Captain Marvel - fan art - (O')
- (male adult age forms) - "Looper" movie make-up info
- (male adult B&A) - The Dwarf Cast from 'The Hobbit' (make-up) - (O')
- (male adult body swap) - "Big" drama KBS - (Akira)
- (male adult CoA bass fall) - pubestep
- (male adult face comparison) - 100 years apart, my great grandfather at 18 in WW1 and me at 19 now - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - Before & After pics of man who injected himself with Melanotan-II for 5 months - (O')
- (older/younger males body swap movie) - 18 Again full movie - (Muscledrain)
- (simulated male OA) - I got a kick out of my friend's dad making fun of him on Facebook mirror pose - (O') - male
- (boy AP) - Blocked content viewable from Japan only - Anime video? - (Akira)
- (male adult face FF) - Last Christmas I took a picture I was disgusted with. 6 months and 78 pounds less I decided to take another shot - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - Man left in solitary confinement for 2 years gets $15.5 million settlement - (O')
- (male adult face flashback) - David Bowie (in 1969 and 1995) - (O')
- (male adult face maturation) - Becoming Santa - (O')
- (male adult face to OA) - rock stars
- (male adult face to OA) - morph - (Matt)
- (male adult face) - Many Faces of Johny Depp animated - (O')
- (male adult face) - yes, just like that - change - (O')
- (male adult faces) - Andy Serkis and his roles - (O')
- (male adult fat loss) - 366 Days 0 Cheats, 1 New Year's Resolution, Feeling 150x Better... - (O')
- (male adult fat loss) - My friend ran three miles a day for two years and lost 140 lbs. (before/after) - (O')
- (male adult fat loss) - Only 35lbs can (m)ake a big difference. I fucking love running - (O')
- (male adult FF stages) - 1969 - 1979 - 1984 - 2012 - (O')
- (male adult FF) - "The World's End" - ages - ages - info - (O')
- (male adult FF) - "World's Best Father" stages - (O')
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- (male adult FF) - Two years ago this Scumbag entered my life - (O')
- (male adult FF) - A friend of mine, a father of two, just posted this to Facebook: changes - (O')
- (male adult FF) - After 17 years I decided to cut my dreadlocks - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Friends of mine take a photo with Santa every Christmas - (O')
- (male adult FF) - RDJ 20 years apart - (O')
- (male adult FF, muscle development) - Indian Inspiration progression - (O')
- (male adult FFed) - Jack Klugman has passed on Christmas Eve at age 90. RIP to this Hollywood legend - (O')
- (male adult FFed) - Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes and Levar Burton older - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Ian McKellen as a young man - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Another shot of a young Winston Churchill (Different photo, same uniform) - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Nathan Fillion circa 1995 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - parody: Arnold now/then - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Remember when Christopher Walken looked like Scarlett Johansson? - (O')
- (male adult growth) - Always eat your vegetables... Parody - (O')
- (male adult hair) - My best friend got bored and did this split/body - (O')
- (male adult mental reversion) - medical condition - documentary preview - (Derek)
- (male adult muscle CBed) - Marvel Universe AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES #12
  When Captain America hulks out, only mild-mannered Bruce Banner can save the day! - Art - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - Finally decided to revolt against my fast metabolism: changes - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - My journey from 100lb twig to 200lbs of muscle - (O')
- (male adult muscle) - Chris Pratt Shows Off Ripped Body (Fit to Fat) - (O')
- (male adult muscle, PE CB) - Expansion Artworks
- (male adult split/face) - father and son - (O')
- (male adult stages FF) - Bruce Springsteen: The Rolling Stone Covers - (O')
- (male adult weight gain) - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Rob McElhenny put on 50 pounds of funny, funny fat - IMDB - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - 150 Pound Transformation (340lbs to 188lbs) - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings" vs. "The Hobbit" - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Hard work and determination gets you where you want to be. Never looking back: changes - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - I changed my life in 10 months (before and after) 310-190 - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - I put the fork down and lost 200 lbs in 15 months! - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - My 4yr Transformation: 210lb Tubby to 152lb Ironman Finisher - Before - After - (O')
- (male adult) - fat loss + muscle development. Almost 3 year gym progress. A lot of blood and sweat, but no tears - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat loss: 7 months and 90lbs later - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat loss: A damn good feeling to reach your goals. Losing a 100lbs in one year - (O')
- (male adult) - Make Health Last. What will your last 10 years look like? - (O')
- (male adult) - weight loss 1 year - (O')
- (male adult, some UC) - beer belly
- (male adults FFed) - So they're cool now? (Blue, Green, and Black Ranger having lunch) time - (O')
- (male adults) - Angel and Angel fly high in ALL-NEW X-MEN #8 present/past versions - (O')
- (male baby FF) - time
- (male baby FF) - 2 years
- (male face FF) - dental - (F5)
- (male faces) - My pops and I are pretty similar c1960 - (O')
- (male FF door pose) - months
- (male FF) - time
- (male FF) - 1989 and now: My grandfather and I - decades - (O')
- (male FF) - By far my favorite family photo of me and my bros: 2002 & 2012 - (O')
- (male FF) - Drake and Josh's chubby child star Josh Peck reveals his buff new physique - 2012 - (O')
- (male FF) - grow-up years
- (male FF) - Look my son! comic - (O')
- (male FF) - My transformation story - (O')
- (male FF) - The boys who played Mikey in the first two "Look Who's Talking" movies - (O')
- (male FF, canine) - Eight months ago and today - (O')
- (male FFed) - Sad realization. Growing up sucks. (Kids Next Door fan art) - (O')
- (male puberty photo a day update) - 13 to 18 - (Matt)
- (male stages comic) - Life advice by astronaut and redditor Col. Chris Hadfield - (O')
- (male teen b/a FF) - 2 pics
- (male transformation media) - Male TF Blog - (F5)
- (male UC glimpse) - ages - (Matt)
- (male/canine FF) - Come to think of it, it's been 14 years for us too! - (O')

- (males adults faces) - Daily Photo Projects:
time - time - time
time - time - time
time - time - time
time - time - time
time - time - time
time - time - time - (F5, various)

- (males FFed) - Dorkly Gaming: Then & Now Part 1 - Part 2 - (O')
- (males flashback) - Elijah Wood & Leonardo DiCaprio at the Academy Awards in 1994 - (O')

- (beard stages) - "Mattstache" by David Guetta - "Turn Me On" ft. Nicki Minaj.
This is one of my teachers. He shaved his beard for the first time in 5 years to do this: music video - (O')

- (male & pet FF) - 13 years apart - (O')
- (male & pet FF) - True Love, 13 years later - (O')
- (male + canine FF) - hello/goodbye - (O')
- (male + canine FF) - The first and last night with my pup...Rest in peace - (O')
- (male 12 to 17) - years - (F5)
- (male AA AP) - birthday wish animation - (Matt)
- (male AA APed, RN) - grow up wish
- (male AA FF) - growup animation
- (male AA TF AP) - Blue Ranger
- (male adult actors FFed) - Old Friends Reunite: Fox/Lloyd - (O')
- (male adult ages) - "Looper", 2012. In the year 2042, a mob hitman assassinates targets that arrive from 2072... till he receives a new target: himself from the future.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Joe) - Bruce Willis (Older Joe) - info - movie trailer - (O')
- (male adult CB) - Hulk-Out Wrath - (PE) - 7 Deadly Sins Animated: gallery - artist info - (O')
- (male adult face aging inaccuracy) - Star Trek really did a shitty job at predicting the future - (O')
- (male adult face appearances) - Beard or no beard? - (O')
- (male adult face fat loss) - RAGINGROBERT OVERWEIGHT GUY ASKS FOR HELP HUGE UPDATE VIDEO! before - after - (O')
- (male adult face FF to OA) - aging news reporter - (Bilbo)
- (male adult face FF) - Two years of hard work makes a hell of a difference... - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - 12 years
- (male adult face FF) - 5 years - (F5)
- (male adult face FF) - photo per day
- (male adult face FF) - years - (F5)
- (male adult face FF) - years
- (male adult face FF) - Evolution of an Amazing Beard - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - I was a dreamboat. Now I'm a shipwreck: license progression - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - My Brother After 3 Months at the University of Colorado - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - We Are Not The Dead: soldiers' faces before, during and after serving in Afghanistan: photo project - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - 'Welcome Back, Kotter's' Horshack, Ron Palillo, dies - FF - (O')
- (male adult face FFed) - Older Arnie: sporting grey hair and a beard (from 'The Tomb') Schwarzenegger - (O')

- (male adult face flash forward, maturity effect) - Facial Hair Edition:
Some guys are just born to have a moustache: Tom Selleck & Burt Reynolds - Burt Reynolds in Deliverance.
Freddie Mercury: before - after
Alex Trebek: bare - hair
Frank Zappa: with - without
Sean Connery
Hitler today book cover a friend of mine did - Adolf sans mustache.
- (O')

- (male adult face TF) - Beard Slap - (O')
- (male adult face TF) - SMBC Comics Bear(d) Attack! - (O')
- (male adult face to OA) - "When I'm 65" BBC promo - (Tenjqkace)
- (male adult face) - Suddenly... beard - (O')
- (male adult face) - 6 years
- (male adult face) - 4 years hairstyles
- (male adult face) - Fat Loss: My before and after. Not sure if it's a big deal for you guys but it changed my life - (O')
- (male adult face) - Young to Old edit - (O')
- (male adult face) Fat Loss - weight change - (O')
- (male adult facial hair progression) - Bye Bye Beardy album - (O')
- (male adult facial hair) - The culmination of my 365 Days of Beard GIF journey... the time lapse - (O')
- (male adult fat loss/muscle growth) - MrG Fitness: The One-Year Challenge transformed - (O')
- (male adult FB) - Anthony Perkins was hot: then - (O')

- (male adult FB, time travel) - Almost Normal (2005) info
  A gay man approaching a mid-life crisis is tired of being different. Suddenly he is yanked back to when he was in high school.
  But this time, the world is gay and to be straight is considered deviant behavior.
  Then he meets a girl. And suddenly normal becomes... well almost normal - (O')

- (male adult FF development) - Through the years maturing from 18-26 - (O')
- (male adult FF stages) - Beatles: Ten Great Years - (O')
- (male adult FF to OA) - prisoner years.
- (male adult FF) - Mark Wahlberg 1991 - 2012 - (O')
- (male adult FF) - David Bowie through 4 decades - (F5)
- (male adult FF) - 15 years
- (male adult FF) - 4 years and nothing has changed - roars - (O')
- (male adult FF) - 80s rockers: then and now
- (male adult FF) - After finishing college, I took a photo in the same shirt I bought on my first day. See the change with a side-by-side comparison - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Blake Boston AKA Scumbag Steve - more recent interview - the "Scumbag Steve Overture" - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Bros for Life (Ryan Stile and Colin Mochrie) stages - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Chris "Thor" Hemsworth - muscle progress - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Five guys take the same photo for 30 years - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Jeff Bridges Doesn't Change His Shirt - (O')
- (male adult FF) - JGL 7 years ago and now: compare - (O')
- (male adult FF) - The original "leave Britney alone" guy 5 years later
- (male adult FF) - video game aging

- (male adult FF, in pre-production) - "DECADES - Part i, The Rowan Tree":
 In 2002, two friends filmed interviews and scenes with what would be their older selves, 10 years into the future. info - (O')

- (male adult FF, time travel) - in pre-production Bill & Ted's Next Adventure
- (male adult FFed) - Chewie & Han - 30 Years Later
- (male adult FFed) - Who's that man? Former X Factor winner Leon Jackson is unrecognisable as he posts saucy shirtless snap on Twitter: changes - (O')
- (male adult flash forward) - Ferris Bueller Off To The Superbowl As Matthew Broderick Reprises Iconic Slacker? - Mystery Trailer - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - The young boss: Bruce Springsteen in photos, 1977-79 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Theodore Roosevelt shirtless in shorts c. 1877 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Hart Bochner - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Steve Martin - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - William Shatner c1967 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Steve Irwin - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - MiB 3 movie info. Them getting Josh Brolin to play Agent K's younger self was pretty spot on - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Awesome then and now pictures spliced together - (O')

- (male adult flashback) - Fab vs. Greatest: How the Beatles Met Muhammad Ali - 1964 - story
 Cassius eventually asked about the four long-haired young Englishmen he'd been clowning with for the cameras earlier: "Who were those little sissies?" - (O')

- (male adult flashback) - Groucho Marx and Jack Nicholson c1972 - Jack Nicholson still smokes at 75. Here he is toking up way back in 1969 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - John "Will" Ferrell 1986 - (O')
- (male adult flashbacks) - Ozzy Osbourne before all the drugs - Keith Richards - young Winston Churchill - (O')
- (male adult forms) - "Dichotomy" (Evolution and Retrogression) Penny Arcade - (O')
- (male adult hair growth) - 2009-2012 - (O')
- (male adult makeover FF) - Beauty & the Geek: "We Still Have Hope" before/after - (O')
- (male adult maturity effect) - I don't always go on job interviews, but when I do, I look completely different - (O')
- (male adult muscle de-development FF) - Shocking Before and After Transformation in 5 Hours - EXPOSED! Explanation video - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - Not exactly like the other "transformations" being posted here, but am I worthy? changes - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - Transformation of Nick "The Beast" Scott before/after - video - (O')
- (male adult muscle gain, fat loss) - As Promised, My 1 Year of Blood, Sweat and Tears Progress Photos. [Mostly Sweat] self shots - (O')
- (male adult near future self) - Penny Arcade: The Flashpoint time travel - (O')
- (male adult reassignment) - gender identity Never Give Up - (O')
- (male adult TF partial CB glimpse) - hulk-out
- (male adult timeframes) - Neil deGrasse Tyson and me with a pic of Neil deGrasse Tyson and me with a pic of Neil deGrasse Tyson and me - (O')
- (male adult to OA FFed) - aged actors
- (male adult to OA toon) - Aegon CM - (F5)
- (male adult to old age) - 2012 comic - A Minecrafter's Death - (O')
- (male adult weight gain) - Time for a change. The old me will come back: 7 years - (O')
- (male adult weight loss FF) - Male Fat Loss: I lost over 120 pounds in 1 year. overview - before - before - after - after - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - 1 year later - down 60 lbs - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - changes - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - Shedding my "Santa Suit" (260 lbs > 157 lbs)
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - My best friend and my biggest inspiration.
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - [LOST] 84 lbs in 2 years, no easy feat and still some work to do.
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - I hate the fact that I point at everything. Oh, and me down 62 lbs.
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - Lost 65 American pounds of fat and gained around 20 pounds of muscle. It was a very long year.
- (male adult weight loss) - One hundred and thirty pounds worth of karma please.... - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - vanished fat - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - [LOST] 60 pounds this year! Merry Xmas to me!
- (male adult weight loss) - body change - Here is me -60 pounds.
- (male adult weight loss) - 15 months and 150+ Lbs. Still in progress - what I've done so far - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - 3.5 years later - goal reached (April 2008 - November 2011) minus 250lbs of body fat change - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Aaron Hill video - pic - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - After a lengthy unexpected hospital stay, I decided to change my life: Muscle Development - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Dr Who fan dropped 7st, spends money he would have blown on junk food on Tardis - changes - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Here's me November, 2011 and now, 50 pounds lighter and happier than ever - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - stages: From 359 to 192 lbs. and counting... journey - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Trees have also helped me reach my goal. 80lbs lost! - (O')
- (male adult) - David Freese is Officially GQ: B&A Makeover - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss stages: How I spent my year - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss, Muscle Development: I lost 120 lbs since High School. If I can accomplish this anybody can - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: 153 pounds down as of this morning. Here's a picture - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: 338 days to lose 158lbs with just hard work and determination - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: 150 pounds down and only 20 to go! Changes - Before - After - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat loss: 29 years old. Got dumped: Lost a lot of weight - changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Disby's MFA transformation post! changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: I lost 50 lbs. over a year and all it took was a broken heart: changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: I lost 75lbs in one summer, nobody even recognized me the next year of school - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Living Larger By Downsizing: How Radio's Big Boy Dropped 300 Pounds - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Lost 100 pounds in 6 months. Hard work and dedication goes a long way: changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Lost 98lbs in 12 months through careful dieting and exercise - still more to go! changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Make 'em say uhh: 315 to 215 - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: My buddy lost 150lbs since High School. Everyone is incredibly proud of him! - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: Never, ever give up... 17 yrs, (and 150 lbs) ago, I was turned down for prom...
  Since then, I've kept the weight off and have been married for 11 yrs to the love of my life. changes - (O')
- (male adult) - Fat Loss: What over a year of keto and exersise can do - (O')
- (male adult) - How different can one man look? Hilarious portraits are lesson in bad taste - appearances - (O')
- (male adults FFed to OA) - "Super Golden Friends" fictional series opening credits - (F5)
- (male age appearance) - What I've noticed growing up. It's all about perspective (Neil Patrick Harris) - maturity - (O')
- (male age disguise) - Baby Big Body - big baby - (O')
- (male age disguised as younger) - Papi scene from "The Benchwarmers" - video link - screencaps - (O')
- (male age forms parody) - Epic Rap Battles of History: Michael Jackson VS Elvis Presley - (O')
- (male AP, RN) - "Nani" - the motion picture - (Akira)

- (male APed UC glimpse, APed to OA AA) "Jake Long: American Dragon" - "Young at Heart"
 Jake and his friends age due to a monster. Jake only ages to around his early 20s. His friends age considerably more into their elderly years - part 1 - (Otaru)

- (male face FF morph) - animation
- (male face FF morph) - Joseph Gordon-Levitt gif - (F5)
- (male face FF to OA) - morphing experiment
- (male face FF) - 12 to 17 every day.
- (male face FF) - 15 to 17
- (male face FF) - 21 years - (F5)
- (male face FF) - morph
- (male face FF) - Dewey is now old enough to be "the president of Idaho". Malcolm in the Middle: Erik Per Sullivan - (O') - FF
- (male face FF) - I recreated an old photo of me enjoying a slice of bread with chocolate: then/now - (O')
- (male face FF) - The evolution of Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Looper edit - (O')
- (male face morph) - 1 to 46
- (male face swap) - manbabies
- (male FF AA) - first years photos.
- (male FF AA) - My son is away at college now, but for 13 years we were faithful to the "first day of school" pic... if you read this chum, I love you! grow up stages - (O')
- (male FF AA) - Still my favorite christmas present - my best friend for 13 years (12/25/1998 - 9/7/2011) - years - (O')
- (male FF muscle growth) - 2006 vs 2011 - (O')
- (male FF parody) - Air Nomad... - (O')
- (male FF parody) - Success Kid grows up - (O')
- (male FF parody) - Lazy College Senior meme: Then & Now - info - (O')
- (male FF poses) - 23 years pass - 24 Years Pass - (O')
- (male FF stages) - Sweet Jesus, it's always been me! years - (O')
- (male FF timelapse) - 11 months
- (male FF to age 6) - time-lapse project - (F5)
- (male FF to OA face) - animation
- (male FF to OA face) - animation
- (male FF to OA face) - animation
- (male FF to OA face) - animation
- (male FF) - "Bubble Boy" 40 years later: Look back at heartbreaking case - years - (O')
- (male FF) - Falconer - (O')
- (male FF) - 25 Years Later
- (male FF) - William Mosley: completely adorable to gorgeous in just 7 years - (O')
- (male FF) - Daryl Sabara "Spy Kid" no more - (O')
- (male FF) - 2007 and 2012 pics: Success Kid - Now - (O')
- (male FF) - A year ago, my son was born 1lb, 12oz, and given a 20% chance to live: changed - (O')
- (male FF) - Bad Luck Brian enjoying his internet fame: High School pic - Older (and wearing a shirt of himself as BLB) - Info - (O')
- (male FF) - Best Friends for 20 Years - (O')
- (male FF) - Brave Soldier Boy fan art - (O')
- (male FF) - Exactly 12 years later! - (O')
- (male FF) - Father and son: 1949 - 2009 - 2011 followup - (O')
- (male FF) - Fortnightly Polaroid age 1 to 12: years
- (male FF) - Happy 30th Anniversery mom and dad! - (O')
- (male FF) - Joseph Gordon-Levitt years
- (male FF) - Just me and my cat... 17 years later - (O')
- (male FF) - Kelvin Fletcher: Teens - Adult - IMDB page - (O')
- (male FF) - Lenin's simulated lifetime - (Deniz)
- (male FF) - Me 26 years ago in Korea at my favorite jumping spot. Funny how much hasn't changed: leaves - (O')
- (male FF) - Me and my brothers all grown up ~18 years apart - (O')
- (male FF) - Me at 5 years old. They asked me to take off the jacket for the picture, but I refused: Then - Now - (O')
- (male FF) - Meme parody: Karate Kyle all grown up - info - (O')
- (male FF) - Mercedes commercial
- (male FF) - Met Success Kid, 5 Years Later (Wonder how long we'll keep seeing updates of him, lol) - (O')
- (male FF) - My best friend for 18 years today! I love you man - (O')
- (male FF) - My cousin and me- 21 years later
- (male FF) - My friend for more than a decade and I graduated today - school pose - (O')
- (male FF) - Not sure if this will work since I'm not a girl... my before and after: 10 years - (O')
- (male FF) - Once there was a boy... Zed Nelson photographed the aging of a baby's family on the same day for 20 years - (F5)
- (male FF) - So my dad and I went to Disneyland to recreate a favorite family photo - (O')
- (male FF) - Stages: Five years ago today - lifetime - (O')
- (male FF) - Sudden realization... Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Angels in the Outfield" & "The Dark Knight Rises" 1994 - 2012 - (O')
- (male FF) - The effect of 60 years - (O')
- (male FF) - Urkel: Then and Now - (O')
- (male FF) - What All Three Lawrence Brothers Look Like Today: then/now - (O')
- (male FF) - YouTube video "21 Years" records every day in the life of a boy - (O')
- (male FF/FB video interaction) - A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition - past future - (O', Acca)
- (male FFed parody) - Cracked Out Charlie Brown from Family Guy cosplay - (O')
- (male FFed parody) - Pokemon's Ash Ketchum mashed up with Evil Dead's Ashley "Ash" J. Williams - (O')
- (male FFed) - "Malcolm in the Middle" reunion - (O')
- (male FFed) - Josh Peck grew up very nicely - then - (O')
- (male FFed) - Bueller's 1986 reaction gif to the 2012 Superbowl ad.
- (male FFed) - Calvin and Hobbes: The later years - (O')
- (male FFed) - FYI: Rider Strong Is Still Really Sexy (Boy Meets World) - (O')
- (male FFed) - Harry Potter drawn slightly older to look more like Wolverine: fan art - (Otaru)
- (male FFed) - President Clinton reunites with 14 y.o. Bill Clinton, who was named after the president during his visit to Uganda: now - (O')
- (male FFed) - ruined album cover boy.
- (male FFed) - Whatever Happened To Viktor Krum? - (O')
- (male flashback) - Ben and Jerry Stiller in NY, circa 1978 - (O')
- (male flashback) - High School Pics of Bad Luck Brian - (O')
- (male flashback) - The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and his dad (Lloyd) in the early 1950s - (O')
- (male flashed forward) - Doug: The Movie - Parody Trailer - (O')
- (male head swapped) - Decided to see what my face would look like on my kindergarten portrait.
  Now I look like Santa's happy helper - (O')
- (male info) - earlier puberty syndromes
- (male OA) - A larger version of the "Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds" cover - (MuscleDrain)
- (male oversized clothes) - kinda looks like ARed aftermath - (Matt)
- (male political FF) - Former GOP wunderkind Jonathan Krohn's left-of-center turn - 2012 video & story - 2009 video - (Matt)
- (male reflection AP) - Milk commercial.
- (male shadow FFed glimpse) - heist vid.
- (male slight face aging makeup) - info
- (male slight voice change) - ages 5 & 12
- (male stages) - Grandfather, Father, Myself 1945-1972-2009 - All 3 + 1 great grandson in 2012 - (O')
- (male teen face FF) - days
- (male teen face FF) - few months older - (F5)
- (male teen weight loss) - body change - [LOST] 47lbs Down And Still Going. Obesity: 0, Me: 1.
- (male timelapse) - growth
- (male voice change FF) - 2006-2012 annual reports - (F5)
- (male young adult face) - 2 Months after a 5 month Accutane treatment: pimples - (O')
- (male young adult FF) - Uber-Frosh College Freshman: then - Turns out he's a senior now: now - (O')
- (male young adult flashback) - Before they were 'The Beatles': band practice - (O')
- (male younger version) - Michael Jackson's "Bad" music video - kids version - adult original.
- (male) - shirt rip
- (POV FF) - La Vida De Un Hombre En 45 segundos (A Man's Life in 45 seconds) short film - (O')

- (male adult past/future selves) 9/28/12.
Rian Johnson time-travel movie features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hitman who has to deal with his own future self (Bruce Willis).
- Info link - (Otaru)

- (male AA APed glimpse) - Baby Jaden video
- (male AA glimpse) - "RALPH GROWS UP" sicemtrombone, 2011. An imaginative boy daydreaming - video
- (male AA APed) - improv toon
- (male AA) - Modern Van Winkle: FFed
- (male adult face "FF") - Hair "growth" gif - (O')
- (male adult face FF weight gain) - Adam Richman: Man Vs. Food challenge - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - 3D model CGI vid
- (male adult face FF) - fan toon
- (male adult face FF) - I got a new drivers license photo 11 years after my first one. I'm not looking so good... changing - (O')
- (male adult face flashback) - Michael Caine c1960 - (O')
- (male adult face OA) - wrinkles video.
- (male adult face) - "Meth... not even once" - evolution - (O')
- (male adult face) - Zach Braff to Brad Pitt (middle guy is Brad Pitt's brother): "Transformation: Complete" - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Fonzie, Then and Now: mirror of time - (O')

- (male adult FF) - My grandfather worked for National Geographic for almost 40 years. Some of the interesting situations he got himself into...
Through the years - Clockwise from top left: the jungles of Venezuela; discovering the Wabar meteorite; the first journalist at the South Pole in 1957; with geishas in Japan; in Australia; recovering from a cable car accident in the Andes; with Yemeni soldiers during the 1962 revolution; with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia - (O')

- (male adult FF) - Nerd update - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Christopher Walken at age 22 - then - (O')

- (male adult flashback) - Great photo of Michael Jordan in his college dorm room - 1983 - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Steve Jobs at Apple: A retrospective - decades - (O')
- (male adult flashbacks) - Stephen Colbert - Jon Stewart - (O')
- (male adult hair "growth" FF) - So I shaved my beard off the other night... gif - (O')
- (male adult hair loss TF) - Balding by Miguel Endara: "I've always wondered what I look like bald." instant change - (O')
- (male adult head) - "Trim" - Hair "growth" video - (O')

- (male adult mental ARed glimpses) - "Liquid Television" MTV early 90s animations. "The Specialists": A hypnotist caused policemen to cry like babies by playing upon their insecurities - Videos part 3 and part 4 (does not play in all browsers)

- (male adult muscle growth TF UC) - 2011 SNY commercial - (O')
- (male adult muscle growth TF) - c2010 OHM commercial full body upgrade - (O')
- (male adult weight changes) - Man intentionally eats high-carb junk food to gain weight before trying to lose it again: body - (O')
- (male adult weight loss FFed) - Ricky Gervais IMDB photos over the years - 2010 - 2011 - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - stages - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - animated gif: 2010-2011 fast transform - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Horatio Sanz: 2006 and 2010 - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - It took 3 years: 390 lbs -> 180 lbs - (O')

- (male adult weight loss) - January 2010: decided I was done being a fat guy. August 2011: I think I've made it - evolution - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Lost 165 pounds just in time for my 10 year high school reunion - after/before - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Lost around 100lbs of body fat so far... before/after - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Whose Line 12 years later - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Why gamers are a great fit at the gym: fitter - (O')
- (male AP glimpse) - at 12 seconds poof
- (male baby tl) - poses
- (male clay face FF) - sculptures

- (male face FF) - daily photo project: 3 sons

- (male FF AA) - older
- (male FF muscle development) - Jonathan Lipnicki, former child star from "Jerry Maguire", debuts shockingly muscular adult body: evolution - (O')
- (male FF TL) - daily photo pose
- (male FF TL) - daily photo pose
- (male FF TL) - daily photo pose
- (male FF) - animated life cycle video A Life in 52 Seconds - (Deniz)

- (male FF) - College Humor: The six ways you will see your dad - time - (O')
- (male FF) - My husband told me if I ever showed anyone this picture of him on stage at a Star Trek convention when he was 8yo, he would divorce me. I'm so calling his bluff... enjoy!!!
- Then - They're still together: Now - (O')

- (male FF) - SMBC comic: got yer nose - (O')
- (male FF) - We got our picture taken at a carnival in 1994... here's the 2011 version: cowboys & indians - (O')
- (male FF) Halley's Comet appears every 76 years. 3-panel gag: comic lifetime - (O')
- (male FFed) - Chunk from The Goonies all grown up and signing an awesome autograph - 26 years older - (O')
- (male flash forward) - My twin Brother and I. I remember thinking: "If I pretend to sleep the same way he is, we'll look super cute." 1996 - 2011 - (O')
- (male flashback) - "The Three Stooges", 4/13/2012, trailer babies info

- (male maturation) - 2011 ads: 10 year old Boy Scouts with beards - (Kidsized)
- (male movie) - The problems with "Big" - review

- (male TF parody looks like AA FF) - "Mind blown" Nelson to Barney - (O')
- (male toon TF coming of age) - Squidbillies
- (male young adult weight loss) - Coast pupil loses 55kg for school project: story - (O')
- (male) - 1 year older

- (mostly male FF/AP scenes)
"Fairly OddParents: The Channel Chasers" 2004 animated movie.
- info - info/ep.links (USA only)
- Two Timmys - Screenshots:
- Adult Chester - Adult AJ - Adult Timmy - Vicky at 18
- Timmy (slight muscle) - Timmy at 16 - Timmy at prom
- Timmy at college - Timmy, 20 years later - Adult Timmy

- (male AA poof TFed) - Magic wish
- (male AA) - baseball AA wish.
- (male adult baby) - controversy
- (male adult CB TF glimpse) - Disaster Movie Hulk parody burst-out.
- (male adult face age stasis effect?) - Elijah Wood, 2001 & 2011 - (O')
- (male adult face aging) - Chronomorphimation Toon Test.
- (male adult face flashback) - Zach Galifianakis without his beard: then - With the beard: now - (O')
- (male adult face) - Beard animation - (O')
- (male adult face) - daily
- (male adult FF weight loss) - Today I am 23. What a difference four years makes - the change - (O')
- (male adult FF) - Steve Jobs Over The Years - evolution - (O')

- (male adult FF) - Your favorite Power Rangers actors after they've left the spandex behind, or maybe even before their role on Power Rangers:
Green Ranger - Jason David Frank.
Black Ranger - Johnny Yong Bosch.
After the Power - (O')

- (male adult flashback) - 35 years Backwards thru Time with Sam Klemke (Reverse Time Lapse) - annual videos - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - Ahmad Ahmad, pics from 2004-2010.
2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - (O')

- (male adult muscle development) - Revenge of the Fat Kid: The Exercise Science Major Who Becomes His Own Lab Rat - motivation before/after - (O')
- (male adult past/future selves) - Comic: Seeing the Future - decades - (O')
- (male adult weight loss FF) - "I always thought I'd be fat." Minus 80 lbs in 1 year: how it happened - (O')
- (male adult weight loss FF) - Seth Rogen - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - 5 years can change your life - before - after - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - After 4 months on the Appalachian Trail: Before - After - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - January to June 2011 (around 50lbs. of body fat were lost) - months - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - Jonah Hill Now - Then Gallery - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - One year and 90 lost pounds of body fat later... - stages - (O')
- (male adult weight loss) - P90X transformation, 170lbs lost - Dan Bruce's amazing journey - (O')
- (male age 1 to 5 TimeLapse) - years

- (male face flash forward, age stasis effect) - Change in pace... He has a condition called hypopituitarism which prevented him from naturally producing testosterone among other hormones - 1994 (17yo) to 2011 (35yo) - (O')

- (male FF to OA) - Oreo commercial
- (male FF) - On the Ohoopee River (As a boy and now) - (O')
- (male FF) - "What I want to be when I grow up..." story - time wish - (O')
- (male FF) - Craig Lamar Traylor from "Malcolm in the Middle" - (O')
- (male FF) - toon
- (male FF) - A link to the Tulipan condoms commercial - video - (Omega)
- (male FF) - Father and Son: STS-1 and STS-135. Photographed side by side at the first and last launches of the Space Shuttle: 30 years - (O')
- (male FF) - Jaleel White AKA "Steve Urkel" - gallery - (O')
- (male FF) - My sister and I graduated from the same college 17 years apart. My family's stayed basically the same - Young Us/Now Us - (O')
- (male FFed to OA) - "Way of All Flesh / Super Mario" - elderly - (O', notgf3)
- (male flash forward) - Josh Hutcherson - (O')
- (male flashback) - "The Kid in the Purple Shorts". Then: Mortal Kombat classic arcade print ad - Now: Zachary Sharpe interview starts at 06:18 - (O')
- (male flashback) - Corey Sevier: pics as a kid/teenager - as an adult - (O')
- (male flashbacks to young adult) - "How to Live Your Dreams" web comic then and now - (O')
- (male flashed forward) - This 'About a Boy' star is now an X-Man - Nicholas Hoult - (O')

- (male muscle development FF) - Former Hardgainer Gains 100lb Without Drugs Or Getting Fat - StrongLifts Member Jake went from 140lb to 240lb in 2.5 years, a 100lb weight gain without drugs, without getting fat, and with average "hardgainer"-like genetics - before/after how he did it - (O')

- (male teen slight face FF) - months photo project.
- (male young adult TF AP) - A young man wishes to be older - 18 to 21 body alteration.
- (young man FF) - Grade 9 to 12
- (facial hair effect) - look 10 years younger- (O')

- (male AA FF) - morphing brothers scene
- (male adult face FF) - Year of the Beard - (O')
- (male adult face FF) - Time of my life (31 to 48 yo) - (O')
- (male adult face maturity effect) - Better with a Beard - (O')
- (male adult face OA'd) - Man Aging Fast - Morph Example - (WebmastersGarage)
- (male adult FF muscle) - Ric Drasin photo gallery - (O')
- (male adult FF) - comics: "Least I Could Do" - "A Face Only A Mother Could Love" 1/5/11 - older - (O')
- (male adult flashback) - Ricky Gervais' career as an '80s glam-pop star - retro - (O')

- (male adult muscle development) - Creatine Commercial Parody - (O')
- (male adult muscle development) - The Transformation of Kyle Matthews - (O')
- (male adult muscle transformation) - Captain America in EW teaser - body expansion pod - (O')
- (male adult weight loss, muscle development) - comics: "Secret Warriors" - Sebastian Druid is now Thin! Power revitalization upgrade - (O')
- (male adult weight loss/muscle development) - James Ruggiero - American Gladiators Contestant on Inside Edition - changes - (O')
- (male ap glimpsed) - story frag
- (male ARed, RNed) - "Child's Play" Starsky & Hutch fan fiction.

- (male face FF) - Charles Darwin's evolution (portrait paintings, photos in progression) - decades - (O')
- (male FF) - Dudley Dursley Lost Weight, Was Almost Recast - changes - (O')
- (male FF) - Five Home Runs by the same boy at different ages years
- (male FF) - One child, one year, one picture, every day - baby's 1st year.

- (male FF, OA) - timeline
- (male fitness FF) - The fat kid runs the New York City Marathon - male body - (O')
- (male flashbacks) - Hollywood actors, then and now 2 - (O')
- (male growth spurt) - Big Fish movie scene.
- (male muscle development) - A Mad Look at Prison Life by Sergio Aragones - comics - (O')
- (male OA'd face) - photo

- (male slight FF glimpse) - Watch Me Grow Up - Over the course of the last 600 days I've attempted to photograph myself every day on Dailybooth in order to track my growth. For a while I began to feel like I was static and never grew, so I wanted to track my growth and then be able to view a video like the one you're watching right now. Here is my almost daily, 400 photo time lapse. I HAVE grown.

- (male teen face FF) - Picture everyday for 3 years - 12 yrs old to 15 yrs old!
- (male UC) - boy scout shirt button pop
- (male unseen TFed giant aftermath, slight CBed glimpse) - Johnny Test big!! - (Akira)
- (AA boys puberty animation) - male version of previously posted puberty documentary
- (adult weight loss/gain, muscle development) - Awesome Movie Star Role Body Transformation Photos - (O')

All the videos from the deleted Youtube Male AP Group:

Skyrunners Part 3

Krypto - episode 57 - Growing Pains

The Genie

vice versa fred savage part 3/11

The Thief Lord Part 10

Scene from Big

0-10 Years in 4 Minutes Flat!

Extractions, retractive braces, the headgear effect - How about Biobloc
Orthotropics® instead?

una foto todos los dias

Age morphing: 3 years to 17 years

Animation Closing

American Dragon: Jake Long (ADJL) - Young At Heart [1/3]

Photo A Day For 1000 Days

BodySlam - Kwaam Cheua - ความเชื่อ

Male - Age Progression Morph

Baby Boy to Man -Morph

Growing old gracefully

Aao Wish Karein-Theatrical Trailer

Puberty Power!

Trans Fatties: Episode One

freaky friday

Strange Days: Lifetime pt1

Sweet N' Sour Growth



Protien Shake!!

Instant Transformation-Body Building Pills!

Devin's Age Progression Morph - Turning 18


Honey, Growing Up Is Hard to Do 2

Um Anjo Muito Doido - Teen Angel - Grumpy Young Men Dublado [ Parte I ]

Um Anjo Muito Doido - Grumpy Young Men Dublado [ Parte II ]



La alegría de la vida part 4, 5 y 6 (Educación Sexual)

Angry kid morphs

The Answer ad


Divinity Effect Test-Shapeshifting

children songs - Growing

The Librarian The Curse Of The Judas Clip 01

Brain Transference

Growing up Fast

The Boy Who Grew


ljubov morkov 2 part 3

Team Morph

Progression Morph

Growing Up


LOST Morphs - Charlie Pace

LOST Morphs - Benjamin Linus

Funny TV commercial. Canadian Direct Insurance-AGING.

M4AgeMorph0102 mpeg1video

Khoda Film

Tata AIG Insurance

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain ad by JWT Sydney

Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Get The Ball Rolling TVC 2009

Jones Muscle Ad

puberty and growth


Baby to Man Morph

La vie est un jeu d'enfants...

Life to Death, Animation Setup test

Morph test Timelapse

aging from to old man

Ice Pirates Timebomb

My Brown Friend short animated film by Steven Spencer

Inside Out


神雕俠侶 Return of the Condor Hero '06 Episode 3 Part 5

The Little Man

Growth Pills

Morph from 1st grade to 12th


Kids Sure Grow Up Fast

Gifferine Calcine "Birthday" Thai Ad

Mão Mãe

Vintage Ads: Sony Trinitron - Lifetime

Andrew Freire's 120 Animation

morphing 9

Robotboy AP


Re: Re: 14 going on 30 - PART-3

Steriod kid

yogurt cre crece

15 Going on 46

Four Years of First Day of School Photos

ein Leben

Provemed - Age Progression

Adult Transformation


Infiniti G35 Coupe - Growing Up

big: THE MUSICAL commercial

Son of man - Tarzan

Life Comes At You Fast Spoof

Morphing Growing Up

Chase (Sullivan?) joins the wrestling team

Cow & Gate Growing up milk

Grow a Healthy Child (2006) - Spanish

Grow a Healthy Child (2008)

Milk commercial Growing up

2 children grow up

Transformacion de mario pequeño a mario grande

el enano crece

Boy outgrew his blue jeans


Funny Growth Hormone Kids Science Project Witches Brew

Spot Fiat Punto Feb-2007

Digimon Frontier Evolution Crips

Round The Twist - Pink Bow Tie part 2

Nationwide Indian Insurance Commercial - Hindi Lessons

Life in A Day by Salomeja



Robotboy - Promień Strarzenia (2) (3 sezon)

Robotboy - Promień Strarzenia (1) (3 sezon)

Sleeping Handsome

Jumanji Animated 36 3/3

Jumanji Animated 36 2/3

Jumanji Animated 36 1/3

The Hovis Advert

Thai fat kid commercial

children muscle grouth

Instant Grow Up

KibaRanger Henshin

Pub Petit Gervais

Meru Puri - Do you dream about me?

Heinz commercial

Daddy's magic trick - make boy bigger Rajan Joshan bhangra

From 0 to 30 in 3 minutes

Five Home Runs by the same boy at different ages batlikeapro

Morphing Brothers

Mahesh Babu in Naani

Children Grow up Before Your Very Eyes

Danonino de Danone

Danonino max

Nissan: Grown up

Passing Down Clothes

lebron james new nike commercial zoom v better than me

They Grow Up So Fast

La soupe à l'engrais/Fertilizer soup

In The Blink Of An Eye

Growth Spurt

life cycle

girl and boy transform

Growing Old

♪♫ HSM Cast Laughs at Teen Choice Awards Parody of HSM!

Milk Ad


Gargoyles 2-30-3

Vampire High - Ep. 9, "The Withering," Part 2 of 3

Grow up cool down

Ficando novo e velho

magic daughter

Travis Baker - Boost Mobile

Link Grows Up


Growing Up Fast- Crescita rapida

Giffarine 3 Calcium[PaoYinCub Highest Grow UP ]

Giffarine 2 Calcium[PaoYinCub Grandson] Thailand

Face Morphing

Fetal: Special Edition

It's Natural

Hair 2001-2003

Embryo morphs into man

Boy into Man: Lovestruck 1

(no audio) boy to man: DinoThunder morph test

(no audio) Young Boy into Teenager: Wonder Bread commercial

Boy to Man: trailer of Telugu movie "Naani"

Boy into Man: Citroen Pluriel commercial

Teen Boy to Man, Teen Girl to Woman: Captain Planet

Boy into Man: Wisk commercial

A baby grows into a man

Future Lens (now and after 30 years)

Britney 2032


Living My Life Faster - 8 years of JK's Daily Photo Project

aging machine

nice girl in ad

Heroes -- Candice Morph Effect Comparison


Growth Spurt

Valeo Commercial - Kid morphs into bodybuilder Dennis Newman

Milk Commercial

Milk PSA 1989 no.2

Fast Hair Growing (funny)

Evolution of Child

RE0 21 True Identity Of That Mysterious Young Man

RE0 22 Final Boss, Round 1

Honey, We're Killing the Kids pt 3

Honey, We're killing the Kids Commercial

Honey We're Killing the Kids Commerical 2

Kidd Video - Master Blaster Brat - 2 of 2 (Ep. 22)

To Rapidly Age Someone


Oral B Stages Commercial

Laffy Taffy

Uncle Sam Morph

the sims growing up

age progression morph 1

age progression morph 2

age progression morph 3

age progression morph 4

age progression morph 5

Growing Older Together

4 to 64 in 30 seconds

Michael Jackson - what he may have looked like at age 64

(male AA) "grow up" baby
(male adult face FF) Annual Goatee/Mustache (2001 vs. 2008) - - (O')

(male adult FB/FF) PvP Online: Justice is served - comics - (O')

(male adult FF to OA) Male Celebrities Then And Now! Hehe - (O')

(male adult muscle development) - Magnus ver Magnusson bigger - (O')

(male adult muscle TF CB) The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - "Hulk Vs. The World"
- An increasingly rare example of growth-related clothes bursting - animation - (O')
(male adult OA disguise) mystery passenger.

(male adult weight loss) Now if I could just lose the fat on my head. (186lbs. loss ~ 18 months) - before/after comparison - (O')
(male face FF AP morphing) 3 males photos.
(male FF animation) age
(male FF face morphing) 7 to 90 - decades
(male FF) batting practice through the years

(male FF) Christopher And Dana Reeve Would Be So Proud Of The Man Their Son, Will, Has Become - tribute - (O')
(male FF) Isaiah Mustafa: Before he was "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" - male years - (O)
(male FF) Josh Zuckerman pics - (O')
(male FFed parody) "I've seen... the future!" - (O')
(male flashback/flash forward) - Laurence Belcher cast as the young Charles Xavier in the movie X-Men: First Class (2011)
First 2 pics - (O')
(male middle aged as teen disguised) - fake news video

(male muscle development FF) Evolution of Alexey Lesukov - The Best Junior Bodybuilder - (O')
(male OA skeleton animation) old
(male teen muscle development) Lorenzo Becker at 17 - training - (O')
(male teen to adult FF muscle development) Brian Used Bodybuilding To Help Rise Above His Cerebral Palsy!'s Male Transformation Of The Week - stronger - (O')
(male teen to adult muscle development) - Lift2Muscleup -- My 3 Years Muscle Body Transformation - Video
Starting stats: 16 years old, 5'8", 122lbs.
Ending stats: 19 years old, 5'10", 202lbs. - (O')

- (male TF AP stages)
The first strip from 1/24/00 ultimately leads to "Ding" and beyond: 2000 - 2008 - 2011 - (O')

Avengers: The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers #1
- (flash forward, flashback)
Epic stand-alone tale jumps to the future and the early days of the Young Avengers. As a result of the Young Avengers' crusade to find the Scarlet Witch, Patriot has become Captain America, Hulkling has become Captain Marvel, and Iron Lad has become the Avengers' new leader, Kang the Conqueror. But the future of these new Avengers is deeply rooted in the untold story of the Young Avengers very first adventure -- before the events of 'Young Avengers #1.' The past and the future collide - and the secrets of the Children's Crusade are revealed.
- Comic art - Future versions of the Young Avengers info - (O')

X-Men: First Class
- (younger versions reboot/flashback) X-Men characters when they were younger: the start of a possible new film trilogy.
Cast first look - prequel info - (O')

Superior (2010)
link - Simon and Superior.
link - link - Info.
link - link - link - Reviews.
link - link - Art.
- (O')

Thunderstrike (2010)
- Info links:
Kevin pre-teen - Kevin teenager
Kevin as the new Thunderstrike
- Background links:
Thunderstrike - Eric Masterson
- In an alternate future (MC2), Kevin grows up to become Thunderstrike: link - (O')

(male & toon flash forward) Dexter Morgan's Laboratory - What he'd look like if he grew up to be a serial-killer killer :D - face (O')
(male adult CEO FF) The Evolution of Steve Jobs - over a decade of male fashion - (O')
(male adult FF) photo of the day.
(male adult FF) adult actors aging too much?

(male adult FF) Back To The Future 2 (1989) - the male old age prediction scene was way off - Michael J. Fox adult face prosthetics - years (O')
(male adult FF) Ed O'Neill's standard newspaper prop - male years
(male adult FF) Iggy Pop years

(male adult FF, arm muscle growth/deterioration comparison) Old Spice | Arm vs. Arm - Don't use it at your own risk - male timelapse (O')
(male adult flash forward) - Apple's Chief Designer, Re-Designed - male (O')
(male adult flash forward) Lando Calrissian & Han Solo Reunited (O'Melissokomos)

(male adult flash forward) Photos: Al Sharpton Through the Years (O')
(male adult flash forward) Tab Hunter book cover poses (O')
(male adult flash forward, muscle development) - Constantino Demetriou - male body years - muscle poses (O')
(male adult flashback) Drew Carey, United States Marine Corps - face (O')

(male adult muscle development) Andrei Popov, Russian bodybuilder - old and new pics mixed in the video (O')
(male adult muscle development) Clarence Devis: upper body expansion morphs (O')
(male adult muscle development) Evander Muscle Evolution / 18-22 y.o. - bulking (O')
(male adult rejuvenation from the neck down only, male muscle development)
Arano Orange Juice - Senior Orange Squeezers muscle (O')

(male adult weight gain/weight loss FF) Follow-up on the Australian personal trainer who deliberately got fat and now got thin again - videos (O')
(male adult weight loss) Before and After: John Goodman at AFI tribute (O')
(male adult weight loss) Drew Carey, down 80 pounds at TCA - comparison - (O')
(male AP movie) Link to the Indian movie Nani (Naani) - prior registration and CC data may be required to view content - Full Video (Akira)

(male face FF to age 12) photos
(male FFed) All grown up: 13 years and 5 albums later, Hanson finds way to keep going - male evolution - (O')
(male FFed) Toy Story 3 (2010) - The boys seen in the earlier movies have now become young men - Sid - Charlie - (O')

(male flash forward) Elian Gonzalez at 16 - Before - Now (O')
(male flashed forward AA, music video) Hanson is back:
Yes, the MMMBop kids are grown up and married, with kids of their own. This irresistible summer confection is inspired by a scene from "The Blues Brothers." - Thinking 'Bout Somethin' (O')

(male flashed forward/flashbacks) Grown Ups (2010): 5 teenagers reconnect for the 1st time as grown men - movie trailer (O')
(male inanimate adult, canine CGI flashed forward) Anybody else feeling a little old? - Toy Story years - (O')
(male muscle development) Chaoserver documenting his bodybuilding progress:
- The 1st vid posted in 2007 was when he was 15 - male video (O')

(male muscle self-inflation) MTV Jersey Shore ad commercial (O')
(male teen to adult FF hair) The History Of The Beatles - decade - (O')

(male teen to adult FF) Alex Pettyfer through the years (O')
(male teen to adult FFed) After Lawsuits and Therapy, Star Wars Kid is Back - Now in his early 20s, the lightsaber kid has reemerged - heritage (O')
(male teen to adult flashed forward) Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio - grown up Karate Kid actor career trouble - intervention (O')
(male UC) too small pajamas pic
(male young adult AA FF face close-ups) - hot actors in their youth

minor male AP info
male ap
Shaq morph
kinda male AP
2 3
old age make-up tips
male AR
male AP
male "BIG"
APed men
kinda male AP
male voice change
minor male ap
male AP
male - male
male - male
male - male

male growth spurts
male AP
time stopped
male youth/old age bodyswaps
hulking out male
Tv male growth spurts
voluntary aging for those who long to be elderly gentlemen
yahoo gay male TF
male shoe bursting

(male FF commercials) - (O'Melissokomos)
- (UC, adult muscle growth) Vodafone
- (adult CB muscle growth) - MaxOne
- (UC, adult muscle growth) BlueWin
- (UC, adult muscle growth) Absolut: Swimming New link.

(boy to beast growth, unseen CB) Dragon Ball Gohan - male growth video TF - (Akira)
(male adult FF) Then & Now: Magnum PI (O')
(male adult FF/flashback) Then & Now: Bruce Jenner (O')
(male AA FF) - aging years
(male adult flash forward, muscle development) Cenegenics - effects resemble adult rejuvenation - index - more before & after pics. (O'Melissokomos)
(male adult flash forward, muscle development) Professional bodybuilders before they got huge - development photos. (O')
(male adult flash forward/muscle development) Photos of Kenzie - "Before" pics were around 2002-2005 before his band broke up, "After" pics are around 2009-2010 - info - male muscle (O')
(male APed) Skyrunners scene
(male flash forward AA) Pics of 2 brothers taken 25 years apart. They copied the original poses, even up to the bandaged finger - male poses (O')
(male adult muscle) Body builder transformation - before/after change (O')
(male muscle development) Durrah - 6 years in the making - 17 to 22 (O'Melissokomos)
(male flash forward) Escobar's son seeks forgiveness - male (O')
(male muscle development) Rudy Coia, Mon Évolution (2001-2009) - male (O')

(adult flash forward photo comparisons)
TMZ's Good Genes or Good Docs?
- Aaron Carter - Ben Stiller
- Bruce Jenner - David Bowie
- Johnny Depp - Jon Bon Jovi
- Lenny Kravitz - Mickey Rourke
- Rob Lowe - Rick Springfield

(male timelapse flash forward AA AP) Milo
(male face AP morph) Devin's Age Progression Morph - Turning 18 - morphing years
(male adult face rejuvenation) RegiMen Anti-Aging Power Kit - .swf Flash web ad - rejuvenation (O'Melissokomos)

(male AA TF blink AP) male
(male adult development) An Inspiring Interview with WannaBeBig Forum Member "Unholy" (O') - muscles
(male adult FF) Ted Kennedy through the years - portrait
(male adult flashed forward) "Kids in the Hall" return with murder mystery. After 15 years, the 5 original members of the Canadian sketch comedy team have reassembled to shoot an 8-part Tv series. (O')
- Then - Now

(male adult muscle FF) Brian R. Silk Jr. (17 to 44): development
(male adult muscle FF) Now he's helping his son get into bodybuilding too: development (O')
(male adult muscle morph) Capriese Murray (O') blowup
(male adult muscle) Armin Scholz physical development over at least 10 years - male FF (O')
(male FF AA, male flashback) "Superman: Secret Origin" - Comic scans of some pages in the first issue, which came out 09/2009 - Clark Kent (O')
(male flash forward) "Where Are They Now?" Jake Lloyd, Haley Joel Osment, Jeremy Jackson, Erik Per Sullivan, Tahj Mowry and Freddie Highmore. (O')

(male flash forward) Photos of Kevin G. Schmidt through the years (O') gallery
(male flash forward) Where are they now? Problem Child's Michael Oliver. He's also the young boy seen in the Munsters screencaps. actor (O')
(male flashback kinda like ARed AA) "Penny Arcade" strip: "Retcon" (O') - reversion

(male flashback) PVP Online "Kid Super Space Cadet Man" storyline.
- Past: chrono-envy
- Present: daddy-issues - kids (O')

(male growth spurt CB, muscle development dream sequence) Clothes shopping for fast growing boys can be costly.
Least I Could Do web comic - "Beginnings" - Hulk Out (O')

(male muscle development, FFed) 20 stone teenager who can lift car off ground is named Britain's strongest schoolboy - article (O')
(male puberty diagrams) male
(male teen muscle development FF) 2 teen bodybuilders - flexforall - TeenHercule - (O')

(male adult face ff weight gain) aging
(male adult muscle development) Jan 2004-Sep 2007: He became practically twice the man he used to be in under 4 years. male (O')
(male adult muscle development, FF) Aamir Khan's 'Ghajini' Body... In The Making.
Indian actor undergoes a year-long transformation in preparation for a role. documentary (O')
(male adult muscle growth AA, male adult hair growth) UK, early 1990s. "Hunkamatic Slap Head" video link (O'Melissokomos)
(male age stasis) 26 year old man trapped inside body of toddler article
(male APed) How To Make A Movie: Age Shift. Common tropes of the boy to men TF movies.
(male ARed APed) age shifting Heroes wiki
(male CB) Music video. A young man turns into an angry werewolf (Akira) animated
(male child to adult anthropoid growth CB, muscle development) burstout Dragon Ball Kai, Ep5 (Akira)
(male coming of age) Ella Dreyfus "under twelve" photo project male
(male coming of age, flash forward) 2008 movie: Arizona Sky
When they were teens, Kyle and Jake had special feelings for each other, but small-town life was too inhibiting to express their emotions. One boy moved away, one stayed behind. Twenty-one years later, neither man's life has turned out the way he planned. Jake finds business unfulfilling. Kyle stayed home to care for his mom, tend the horses and work the diner. One day, Jake takes a vacation back to the desert. To both men's surprise, old emotions are rekindled. (O')

(male FF AA) RAI Uno commercial male
(male FFed) Jake Llyod: Ten Years After Star Wars Episode One. How has his life changed? ('O') interview
(male flash forward) Shia LaBeouf's star still rising - slideshow (O')
(male flash forward) The Evolution of Christian Bale (O')
(male hero costume TF) male - The boy Kotarou grew about 10 cm during the henshin costume transformation. (Akira)
(male mental OA'd) 2009 commercial. Inactivity Is Turning The Youth Into Old Men. Inactive kids may get old before their time. It's time for action: Participaction. (funsongus)
(male muscle development) Stephen Kuclo: late teens - early 20s (O')
(male muscle growth CB) Spoof commercial: Hulk + Sloggi. male TF (O')
(male OA to younger adult face rejuvenation) male
(male old age) 2009 Skittles Commercial. A young man was turned into an old man by a magic hourglass - male (Master_E1)
(male TF) 11 yo transforms The boy "Hunter" contracts a huge spider and acquires a special armor. The hair and height grow. (Akira)
(male) head swaps

(male adult AR) 17 Again About a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to, who wishes he could go back to high school and change it. (O')
(male adult face) FF
(male adult ff) comic
(male adult FF) Budweiser 2000 original commercial: male link
(male adult flash forward) Wassup 2008 - independent parody remake.
The actors from the original Wassup reunite 8 years later: male link (O')
(male adult flashed forward) not too mature to throw pie Two 18 year old men vowed that when they turned 50, they would have a pie fight. "At 75 we're going to be throwing empty Ensure cans at each other." (O')
(male flashback, FF) "Milk it does a body good" 1993 commercial (O')
(male flashed forward AA) Naked "Nirvana baby" still chasing dollars. (O')
(male muscle FF) growth vid BerLo's 3 year Transformation
(male) muscle development: The Biology of Love (O')
(male 12 to 28 FFed) Potatoe Boy weighs in on Quayle's campaign gaffe male - male (O')
(male adult weight gain, hair loss) FF comic
(male adult rejuvenation, male adult age stasis, adult rejuvenations) shadow animation Fountain of Youth Video. (Jeffr_2bya)
(male FF, adult FF) Where are they now: A Christmas Story the movie actors. The 2 young sons grew up.
(male adult FF weight gain) male face
(male adult flash forward) male Advice to Obama on battling presidential aging. (O')
(male AR AA) clip MADtv KISS/Jackson battle.
(male b&w photos FF) male Einstein, a life (O')
(male adult head proportions changes) male
(male old age) ending Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. (Jeffr_2bya)
(male age stasis flash forward AA) Hovis ad
(male FF adult) Bands: Reunited and it feels so Good
(male FF) David Gallagher (O')
(male 18 to 20 height growth, muscle development) male muscle
(male AA APed FF) male FF Commercial: Rock Radio WIYY, Baltimore, "Growing Up"
(male aa face morph) male FF
(male AA flash forward) male life Commercial: United Airlines animation
(male AA TF) Ben 10(Akira)
(male accelerated growth problem) 7 ft tall 12 yo
(male adult CB info) Hulk TF list
(male adult face ff) male
(male adult face timelapse year) male
(male adult face timelapse year) male
(male adult face timelapse year) male
(male adult face timelapse year) male
(male adult face timelapse year) male
(male adult face) male FF
(adult faces FF) Daily Mugshot
(male adult face) male flash forward
(male adult face) flash forward (O')
(male adult face) male
(male adult flash forward AA) The Joy of Tech webcomic male MS CM parody (O')
(male adult fraternity AP) male Young man undergoes growth spurt while sleeping in chair. When he wakes his new body has stretched out his shirt. Male muscle, 18 to 21 growth ap uc.

(male adult group flash forward) FF Original Microsoft team: Return of the '70s Weirdos (pictures taken nearly 30 years apart) (O')
(male adult muscle development) 1 2 3 Constantinos Demetriou (O')
(male adult muscle rejuvenation) male Absolut ad, "Swimming" New link, hopefully it won't be immediately deleted again. (O')
(male adult muscle restoration) male Old Ginebra San Miguel commercial, Philippines. Swimming causes weight loss, improved musle tone, adult rejuvenation. (O')
(male adult muscle TF) Drink "Muscle Kink" male muscle 1:48, 2:18
(male adult muscle TF) Protein Shake male muscle 00:38: a man reemerges more muscular
(male adult muscle) 19 + (O)
(male adult muscle) male
(male adult muscle) muscle growth spoof clips, some AP aspects. (O') Colossus Milk male muscle 02:53
(male adult muscle TF) Get Huge Juice male muscle 01:07, 01:47, clothing tf
(male adult shortening) "Growth" Formula (derydan58)
(male adult to male adult muscle interracial TFed, adult rejuvenation) Coloreria Italiana ad male changes (O')
(male AP AA TF) Billy Batson & the Magic of Shazam! Preview of #1: cover - 2 (O')
(male AP AA) Witches Brew Kids create potion to make toddler boy grow to their size. (derydan58)
(male AP AA) male - male Dai Rangers: The Golden Kiba Ranger. (Akira)
(male AP CB glimpse) male CB "Da Grande" trailer, Renato Pozzetto. (derrydan)
(male AP) 14 Going On 30 movie clips (O')
(male AP) boy grows up (Akira)
(male AP) male "The Ageing Machine" (derydan58)
(male AP) toddler growth Magic milk accelerates a boy's growth process.

(male AP, male UC/CB, body growth and muscle development) live action samples
Emerging video genre in which boys imagine themselves suddenly growing into men, and becoming more powerful. (O', TLG)
(male APed) male Danonino de Danone. 2 boys compare heights. At the end they have both grown taller. (derrydan)
(male AR AA) magic
(male AR) cartoon art
(male AR) Home video of a kid reverting in age using Ben10 Omnitrix. (derydan58)
(male AR) toons Ben 10 "Don't Drink the Water" male ARed Grandpa Max Regressed - info
(male AR/TG wish) column
(male ARed) clay face reverse timelapse animation
(male ego APed CB) muscles Billy Batson (O')
(male face close-up flash forward) headshot gallery (O')
(male FF) "Zeit Der Wunder" German documentary about 2 boys and 2 girls going through puberty. In the males cases, their physical growth and bodily changes were shown: (male FF APed) male 1
documentary (male FF APed) male 2
documentary (male FF APed) male 3 Videos will probably be deleted.
(male flash forward) male
(male flash forward) child actor galleries - young actors
(male flash forward) male ff
(male flash forward) toons Ben 10 "Ken 10" Music Videos - Future versions: male vid link - male vid link - info (O')
(male flash forward, bodybuilder muscle) male development Evan Centopani slideshow. (O)
(male flash forward, male muscle) Fan art from the Danny Phantom episode "The Ultimate Enemy": Dark Danny - Box Ghost (by O')
(male flash forwards) boy actors (Akira)
(male flashed forward) Interview with Noah Hathaway, star of The Never-Ending Story. (O')
(male flashed forward) Jonathan Lipnicki (the kid from Jerry Maguire) Gallery of pictures from 1995 onward. (O')
(male flashed forward, AA) Charlie Brown FF (O')
(male flashed forward, male muscle) ReBoot fan art: Enzo and Matrix "compiled up" in the Games. (O')
(male merging AP) AA Baromu (Akira)
(male old age face closeup, racial morphing) Schick commercial. male shaving
(male old age) male
(male parody APed) grown up surgery
(male teen flash forward) male muscle 2003 > 2007. He starts in the 8th grade. (O'Melissolomos)
(male timelapse AP AA) male APed Commercial: Nissan, Canada, 240z to 350z
(male UC) male Danonino max. A boy struggles in vain to put on his outgrown clothes. (derrydan)
(male) male qb
(male) baby competes with father for mother's affection. Kinda looks like ARed aftermath. Wilkinson CGI commercial "Fight for Kisses" (Alec Leamus)
(male 16 to 18 muscle morph) male muscle (O')
(male AA AP FF) male life cycle Japanese animation
(male AA ap) boy into man Flash forward scene from unknown documentary (ARarchive)
(male AA AP) male Commercial Break and Promo 1984 (2nd CM). Another rapidly growing kid on Flintstones Vitamins. The clip starts at 0:31 min and ends at 1:02 min. It features a kid gymnast flash forward effect through the years. (Derydan58)
(male AA AP) He-Man (male AA AP) The first TF in the latest version of the series. (O) male video link
(male AA AP, face close-up) male clips Honey, We're Killing the Kids ("O')
(male AA APed) Marty
(male AA APed) Neil
(male AA APed) Phil
(male AA TF) Ben 10 monster expansion (Akira)
(male adult AR) male adult AR motorcycle commercial (JeffR_2bya)
(male adult baby) man acting like baby

(male adult beard growth) The Year of Living Biblically (Book cover). A guy decides to follow the Bible for one year. link (O')
(male adult face close-up) male link 1 year
(male adult face close-up) male FF
(male adult face close-up, flash forward) Guy takes picture everyday. male
(male adult face) willpower beard growth
(male adult face) male face
(male adult face) male 6 month beard growth.
(male adult face) male adult face timelapse male face close-up
(male adult face) male adult daily photo project male face close-up
(male adult face) male adult 6 years in 5 min flash forward 2000 2006 male face close-up
(male adult face) male middle age male face close-up
(male adult face) male face morph male face close-up
(male adult face) male adult beard growth face close up (male adult face) male face close up
(male adult face) male old age time lapse project male old age face close ups
(male adult face) male adult flash forward, face close up, beard growth
(male adult face) male adult flash forward beard growth
(male adult face) male adult face close up time lapse
(male adult face) male adult face close-up fake time lapse PSA
(male adult face) male face close up
(male adult face) male adult face close up flash forward
(male adult face) closeup beard growth
(male adult face) male closeup
(male adult FF) male adult face close-up flash forward
(male adult FF) male adult face close-up flash forward
(male adult flash forward) male
(male adult flash forward) male flash forward beard growth
(male adult flash forward) male face close up
(male adult growth serum, shrinking) male experiment (derydan)
(male adult growth) male muscle Charmed "Baby's First Demon" (O)
(male adult muscle) male Mentos commercial (Metamorphose)
(male age stages) link Zelda cartoon. Not actually AR, but still shows baby, toddler, and child. (nerdulon5)
(male age stasis) male age stasis story
(male AP animation, male AP/male muscle) Muscle growth AP animation. Boy puts on adult wrestling singlet that's too big for him -- but not for long - male growth gif (O)

(male AP CB) Birds of Prey male AP UC video link The boy's clothes stretching and tearing is audible near the start.
(male AP UC) Kraft male APed UC commercial link (James)
(male AP UC) Strange Days at Blake Holsey High "Lifetime" male AP UC video link
(male AP) male AP milk commercial
(male ap) Poser male ap morph
(male AP) male video link, APed milk commercial
(male AP) vid link Kiba Ranger boy hero fills out his costume.
(male AP) Another link for a milk male AP CM
(male AP) male baby growth spurt
(male AP) Milk Commercial 1992, Boy wearing blue swimming trunks grows up talking to self in mirror male video link
(male AP) Milk commercial boy grows up talking to babe who ignores him male video link alternate links
(male AP) Valeo male video link Commercial - Boy morphs into bodybuilder Dennis Newman (
(male APed face close-up) male
(male APed FF stages) short film boys grow up so fast.
(male aped) brief male AP
(male AR AA) vid link 2007 Apple: Get a Mac ad (O)
(male AR) Severus Snape de-aged stories
(male AR) male AR vid Sapphire and Steel "The Creature's Revenge"
(male ARed) male ARed story
(male ARed) SG1 male ARed fics (ARarchive)
(male development) animated
(male excellent AP CB) male AP CB @ 1:00 Monday Promos 05/84. The fastest growing kid of all time takes Flintstones. It features a kid in red shirt, blue jeans and cap growing rapidly into a teenager. If memory serves correct, 71ent posted this info a long while ago, but was unable to find a clip. (Derydan58)
(male face flash forward) male
(male face) male flash forward
(male FF) male muscle growth flash forward Slideshow of Layne Norton from 1997-2004. Watch him grow from 14 to 21. (O)
(male FF) male muscle development from age 18 to 20 (O')
(male FF) Joey Lawrence male flash forward
(male ff) male baby 1st year timelapse
(male FF) Clash of the Titans male Perseus boy to man

(male flash forward AA) male grows up (O)
(male flash forward) male middle age photo project
(male flash forward) male actor link (2bya)
(male flash forward)
male actor link
(male flash forward)
male art of boy through the years
(male flash forward) male video bodybuilder flash forward slideshow (O)
(male flash forward) male link baby year1
(male flash forward) 5 to 16 morph (O)
(male flash forward) male timelapse
(male flash forward) male timelapse baby 2 month face close up, check back in 18 years - (male flash forward) male baby face time lapse update
(male flash forward) male flash forward - baby's 1st year, 9 min video
(male flash forward) male video link male face close up timelapse from age 0 to 14
(male flash forward) male video link adult face close-up
(male flash forward) baby first year
(male flash forward) (O')
(male flash forward) Male Hair Growing, 2001-2003 male video link
(male flash forward, face closeup) son 1st year face close-up

(AA AP) altern. link Late 80s "Milk it does a body good" classic milk ad. Another Christine Taylor AP in mirror (at first glance, she looks somewhat like Mayim Bialik). Girl complains about her looks to her adult reflection, and about having to dance with some geek named Jeffrey Keiser.
(male flashback) Honda Odyssey (male flashback) "Kenny Age 18 and 38" commercial video link (O)
(male flashback, flash forward) male editing flash forward. Ronaldinho "Never Grow Up" Nike commercial
(male flashback/forward) male "All Grown Up" StoneCold's WrestleMania 23 commercial.
(male flashback/forward) male Shawn Michaels WrestleMania 23 commercial.
(male flashback/forward) male John Cena WrestleMania 23 commercial.
(male growth CB) male harvzilla
(male growth) male growth video info
(male growth) male Goku stages
(male kinda like mental ARed or APed) male commercial link Sony Handycam 2007. Parents awkwardly attempt to relive son's youth.
(male morph) male face morph videos do not play in all browsers
(male morph) pic every year Slideshow (O)
(male morph, flash-forward AA, face close-up) "Honey, We're Killing the Kids" TLC program segment on the Today Show shows 2 sons as possible adults: male link approved software required to view content (O')
(male muscle flash forward 18 to 21) male adult development (O')
(male muscle) muscle growth
(male muscle, 16 to 18 APed) male vid link (O')
(male muscle, 16 to 18 APed) male vid link Bowflex spoof (O')
(male muscle, possible FF) male group reportedly with "progress" clips
(male muscle, possible FF) male group muscles
(male old age to young adult AR) male morph reversed (O')
(male old age) male Dove parody ad "Slob Evolution" (O)
(male old age) male morph
(male old age) video link male old age, minor flash forward - passport pics
(male uc) male in 4 yo pajamas
(male UC, kinda looks like Aped aftermath) male UC Hidden camera prank. Robbie and Charlie wearing old karate clothes 6 years too small.
(male unseen CBed AP, male AA AP) male @ 3:40. "Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger", ep 15 (3/3), 2007(Ararchive)
(male) - found by derydan: Zack Files "One Bad Seed" Zack experiences a growth spurt in height after eating an orange seed. He grew 6 inches the first night.
(male) toon boy morph
(Part 2)
(male) male giant baby some nudity
(male) face morph life and hairstyles (O)
(male) male aped
(male) male fetal
(male) male age morph
(male) (Part 1)
(male) Lost guys in diapers ("O'Melissokomos")
(male) male puberty
(male) male adult face close-up
(male) (Part 3)

Zack Files - "Fiber":
Zack wishes to be older. He eats a mysterious cereal ... and finds himself acting older with alarming speed. He sees an old man in the mirror.
(male) (Part 1)
(male) (Part 2)
(male) (Part 3)

(male) male It's Natural puberty doc 70s
(male) male morph
male link male knot form. Slight male FF from 16 to 21.
(male) male minor aa aped
(male) male flashed forward
(male) male video male adult face beard growth
(male) male video male adult beard growth closeup
(male) male video male adult face flash forward
(male) male adult face flash forward
(male) male AIDES FF
(male, old age) male, middle age, old age Goldberg family face close ups

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal