Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (old adults acting younger) S03Ep15 "Bicker me not" 2008/02/10.
An elderly couple breaks up and starts acting like teenagers. The grandma joins the Khaki Barn clones, dressing and behaving like them. At the end grandma has to explain to Caitlyn the boy she has a crush on is Gay - Episode link

- (young adult dream FFed to old age) Ep30 "Career Day" 2005/11/16.
Nikki and the triplets get a fast forward. I remember an episode where one girl got a tattoo and Nicki asked "Are you just going to be a 40 year old mom with a tattoo?" There was also an elderly couple who started dressing and acting young. The grandma started working at the Khaki Barn and dressed all preppy and stylish. Best part? The old lady had to explain a guy was gay.
- Scene link @16:50 - screencaps - (Kappa)

7D, The
- (female adult to old age, male adult dwarf to old age, female rejuvenation to young adult RN)
S02Ep19B "Water Ya Doin', Dopey?" 10/29/2016.
- After Hildy botches her new aging spell and turns herself and Queen Delightful into old ladies, the 7D search for The Fountain of Youth. Dopey uses his supernatural water-finding skills on a desperate search to save them!
- Info link - purchase link - (Chrono Eclipse)

7D, The
- (male dwarfs ARed) The 7D - "What Are You, Five?" 7/9/2016, Disney XD.
Hildy was embarrassed to be featured in "Wackiest Witches and Warlocks". She casts a "minus 2" spell on the 7 Dwarfs to make them 5 to take over Jollywood. However, the 7D turned into five-year-olds! Sir Yipsalot digs to the castle and rings the Bing-Bong bell. The little 7D head to her "house", but get distracted by Grim's goofs that appeal to five-year-olds. The episode uses a lot of kiddie humor. If you were five, wouldn't you be distracted by bounce houses and carnivals? At the end the dwarfs put on their literal big boy pants, but still use their 5 y.o. personalities to take down the Glooms, sending a message about having youthful spirit. Not really good on process but includes mental regression since they were easily distracted.
- Be sure to activate ad blocker - caps - (JayTee)

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
- (creature AP/AR) Show about a school for monsters. It was time for them to shed their skins to become older. One monster named Ickis is nervous that he might not shed and may be kicked out of school. He has a dream that while his classmates begin to rapidly age into adults, he becomes a baby.
- (Tazz) - th

Action Dad
- (AR poof AA, RN poof AA) S1Ep12, "Agents Gone Child", 2012.
Chuck Ramsey splits his time between working as the top action hero for the spy agency S.H.H.H.H, and being a good father to tween computer whiz Mick and spunky teen Liz. Angela works for the evil spy agency A.R.G.H, though she doesn't let that stop her from trying to be a good mother. The bad guys evil plan goes wrong and they turn themselves (and Chuck) into little kids again!
- Video link - screencaps - (Richforce)

Action Man
- (ARed, male AR, male RN AA scene) "Fountain of Youth", 1995, S01Ep02. At the end the flower was lost.
Greek dub video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Adam Ruins Everything - Reanimated History
- (dream AR AA poof, FF) "Debunking The Tale of Pocahontas" 3/2018.
Toon doc about the "real" (mostly preteen) Pocahontas. Adult female to child around 20 seconds into the video.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

adult rejuvenation
- (adult youth restoration) From various series/films: - adult TF scene.
- (OA to adult youth) time fruit - (korban dallas)

Adventure Time: Distant Lands
- (male AA "ARed" form) HBO Max, 2020-21. While in the Dead Worlds, Finn can look like any of his past lives. He briefly makes himself a girl, a blob, a butterfly, a fireball, himself as a baby, etc - (Tazz)

Adventure Time
- (anthros FF) S5Ep6 "Jake the Dad" 2013/01/07.
Jake and Lady Rainicorn's 5 offspring were born and became old enough to take care of themselves. The Rainicorns age fast, and Kim Kil Whan already has a beard! They return to the status quo with Jake living with Finn again.

Adventure Time
- (ARed) "Too Young" 8/8/11, s3ep5, 29.
Princess Bubblegum was previously ARed offscreen from age 18 to 13 in the 2-part finale Ep26 "Mortal Folly/Mortal Recoil". The invoked mechanism was that she essentially exploded and the doctors could only find enough of her original bubblegum corpse to reassemble a 13-year-old body. It might allow semi-romance subplots between her and the protagonist, but I'll miss the Ice King fruitlessly pursuing her. At least I hope he stops pursuing her - (Tazz, FurryAR, Steven, Heidegger)

Adventure Time
- (dedicated age swap) - fan art - (Soulharlequin)
- (FF, AS, OA, FB)
Flash forward to old age:
- fan art - Fionna & Marshall Lee.
Flashback to younger selves:
- fan art - Ice King & Marceline.

Adventure Time
- (demon young adult FFed) Two old versions of Marceline the Vampire Queen - (Deleted)
Version A (RIP Cloris Leachman) - link
Version B (We get a middle aged Betty in that episode, too) - link

Adventure Time
- (FF) - Marceline the Vampire Queen. Voices:
Ava Acres: child - Olivia Olson: grown-up - Cloris Leachman: old - fan gif

Adventure Time
- (FF) Ice King & Marceline - Before and After: fan art - fan art - fan art - (O')

Adventure Time
- (furry vision FF to OA) Charlie reads her future.
Scene link - screencaps - (Jero17)

Adventure Time
- (gynoid AA ARed & RNed) - (Thomas)
"Mortal Recoil", 5/2/2011, S02Ep25, 51.
Molten teen reassembled into preteen. Princess Bubblegum was reverted through loss of candy mass.
"Too Young", 8/8/2011, S03Ep05, 57.
Preteen into teen RN. 13 y.o. Princess Bubblegum has to take back the throne from Lemongrab by becoming 18 again. The Candy People graciously offer parts of themselves, and Finn's saliva provides the binding agent.

Adventure Time
- (male canine expansion) Jake can "grow" more than 10 times his size. It helps that he's also a Rubber Man.
- (male younger form) - caps
- (male) age forms

Adventures from the Book of Virtues
- (male AP, flash forward UC, cuts) Boy outgrows favorite sweater through the years.
- (male AP flash forward, RN) Animated "The Magic Thread" Based on French fairy tale. Peter, a schoolboy, simply does not want to do his homework. By merely pulling a magic thread, he can skip over any difficult hurdle in his life. When he gets to the test the next day, he pulls the string, and magically skips the whole day. Peter excitedly wants to overcome the next difficulty, and the next, and the next. Years go by in a blink. (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures from the Book of Virtues
- (male FF AA) "Self-Discipline", 9/4/1996, S01Ep06.
Waiting pays off, as shown in "The Magic Thread" where a boy learned that experiencing only the good moments in his life didn't turn out as expected - Video link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures of Buzz Lightyear, The
- (young/old clone versions) S01Ep28 "Clone Rangers".
Evil Zurg creates clones of the space rangers. Zurg orders the clones out of the tubes too early and toddler versions come out. The rangers defeat their evil mini-twins by using weakness tests. The toddlers escape after Buzz thinks they are asleep. At the end, Zurg clones the rangers again, and this time keeps them in the tubes for weeks. Old versions of the rangers pop out this time.
- (Jeff) - th

Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
- (TF, male CBed, kinda male ARed) "The N Men" 43, 11/27/04. Van Patten radiation causes strange mutations in the kids: Cindy is super strong. Jimmy discovers the dark side to his friends' new powers, and must deal with the effects of his power.
kinda male ARed
- (TF) "My Son, the Hamster" Jimmy's teleporting goof-up leads to him switching heads with Carl's pet hamster. Jimmy must reunite with his body before Hugh replaces his lab with a habitrail. male TF
- (AR, old age AA blink RN) "Granny Baby" Ep 4. 09/20/02. Jimmy, concerned by her ailing health and excessive babbling, gives his Granny his new youth tonic. However, the potion works too well - Granny ends up as a talking baby!
- (male AA old age) "Grumpy Young Men" 10/03/03. Jimmy, Carl and Sheen use Jimmy's Metabolic Accelerator so they can be old enough to buy a violent video game. The machine works a little too well, and the boys end up as senior citizens. male old age

Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
- (ARed AA, RN AA) Grandma was accidentally reverted into wisecracking baby
- (future selves, FFed AA) - male - Cindy Vortex - busty Libby

Adventures of Pauline McPeril, The
(male AR) Dr. Shrinkman turns government leaders and agents sent to arrest him into toddlers. He tries to slip Pauline the formula too, but after the old switching drinks ploy, Shrinkman gets his own formula. He turns into a 5-year-old, who is sent to nursery school instead of prison. (Ricky)

Adventures of Puss in Boots, The
- (male furry AR OC) S04Ep10 "Small Change" 12/16/2016, Netflix show.
There is a forest of fountains with the power to transform or compel. Puss falls into the fountain of 100 changes, where everytime he hiccups he endures a different effect (bird TF, walk on hands, speak backwards, etc.) At one point he becomes a kitten... although could be just a regular cat (all he says is "Mew"). At the end he hiccups again and definitely becomes a kid, with his hat large on him and a squeaky voice. It's only for a few seconds, as he hiccups offscreen to close out the episode.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Adventures of Puss in Boots
- (furry AR, rejuv) S01Ep06 "Fountains" 5/8/2015. Cat into kitten and older cat into young.
Episode link -
- (mental AR, OA) S01Ep13 "Star" 9/28/2015. Kids mentally into babies and then mentally into elderly.
Episode link -
- (furry AR) S03Ep05 "Sword's Man" 7/15/2016. Old cat into young.
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

Adventures of Puss in Boots
- (furry male AR) "Fountains", S1Ep6, 5/8/2015. Netflix.
Puss' old mentor is about to retire. Puss goes out to seek the fountain of youth. The town's crazy wizard used it to knock off a few decades, but could only do it once. Puss drinks it, but undoes it before he gets too young. We saw his hat get bigger and his voice higher. El Guante Blanco drinks it, and says he feels like a teen again. Sadly, to defeat the sphinx guarding the fountain, Guante says "Release" to cause an explosion and becomes old again - Video link - (Tazz)

Adventures of Puss in Boots
- (kids mentally into babies & elderly) "Star"
Dulcinea meets orphans who miss the days when people cleaned for them because they were younger. She wishes people would help the orphans like when they were young. As a result they become mental babies. She tries to undo it and wishes they were older. As a result they become mental oldsters.
- Video link - (Tazz)

Adventures of Puss in Boots
- (male furry shrunk) S04Ep12 "The Obelisk" 12/16/2016. Cat reduced to tiny size.
Episode link -
- (male furry OA) S04Ep13 "The Bloodwolf" 12/16/2016. Cat is forced to experience his biggest fear... aging back to elderly (in previous ep he became young).
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, The
- (male adult OA threat) S01Ep07 "Dysfunction of the Gods" 2008.
Zeus & Hera are angry and fighting. If the Freelance Police don't rekindle their love, Sam & Max will age rapidly - (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, The
- (male AR) S01Ep27 "Musta been a Beautiful Baby" 10/12/1993.
Sonic and Tails are turned into babies by a ray that is meant to turn creatures old, built by Doctor Robotnik but set on reverse, and he turns into a baby too.
- (Taz) - th

Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, The
- (male "ARed" AA) Ep8 "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel" 1990/09/29.
Mario, Luigi, King Koopa and others into mustachioed "babies" & monsters.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, The
- (male AR) "Captain N" show, NBC - S01Ep08 "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel" 9/29/1990.
Koopa and his son Kookee go back in time to stop the Mario brothers. Mario, Luigi, and Toad sneak aboard the ship. When they get to the past the time machine ship has turned them into toddlers - video link - info link

Adventures of the Emerald City: Princess Ozma
- (AA TF, TG ARed) 2000, Russia.
A boy AA'd back into a beautiful teenage girl named Princess Ozma.
- Vid link - caps - (Juupton)

Adventures of the Gummi Bears (fan art)
- (dedicated adult rejuved form) "Lady Bane redesigns" by DeniseSJones, 2016.
A pretty awesome re-imagining of evil witch character Lady Bane in her young adult state & her aged state. I do think the artist did a good job of making her young form sexier, & her aged self more believable. It's a bit of a klodge between the different designs used in the show, with a shade of additional tweaking.
- Deviant Art link - fan art alt - (Deptx)

Adventures Of The Gummi Bears
- (adult OA?) S03Ep04 "Eye Of The Beholder" 10/03/1987.
Ugly and evil witch Marzipan plots to take over Dunwyn, and Sunni must show who the enchantress really is. Can she convince Calla who is under her spell?
- (
- (adult rejuved, AS, OA) The tertiary antagonist Lady Bane is extremely old. She uses magic to de-age into an attractive dark-haired sorceress by stealing Sunni's youth, until the other Gummis manage to reverse it. Inspiration: Lucrezia Borgia.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears
- (adult rejuvenation & OA RN) S03Ep02b "Eye of the Beholder" 1987/09/19.
Ugly witch Marzipan is banished from an adjacent kingdom. She transforms herself into a beautiful lady to enchant all of Dunwyn.
- Scene link - - gif - gif
- (adult rejuvenation & OA RN, anthro bear OA) S06Ep15 "Rocking Chair Bear" 1991/02/18.
Lady Bane uses a lock of Sunni's hair to keep herself eternally young. Unfortunately, the spell has an inverse effect on Sunni. Will she die of old age decades too soon?
- Scene link - - screencaps

Adventures of the Gummi Bears
- (male age wish) S05Ep05 "When You Wish Upon A Stone" 10/21/1989.
Disney AA curse. Cavin is having problems with knight training. He and Cubbi explore solutions against a giant guarding a wishing stone, hoping to use it to get a little older. Ungranted.
- Link - Alt. - (Dragoniade, Stonegate Shadowlord) - th

Adventures of the Gummi Bears
- (ogre AR/RN) S04Ep06 "Ogre Baby Boom" 10/29/1988.
Grammi finds a baby ogre in the woods and takes care of it - (Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord)

Aladdin and the King of Thieves
- (AA TF, young adult to middle aged weight gain) AKA "Aladdin 3", 1996 direct-to-video.
"There's a Party Here in Agrabah" auntification scene link @0:25 - screencaps - (Hideyoshi lacan)

- (adults to OA) S03Ep03 "The Book Of Khartoum" 9/30/1995.
Genie and his female magical friend are having the energy sucked out of them as "the years pile on" - (TBTC)

- (male demon AA poof TF forms) 1992.
Prince Ali song. I never noticed before. Genie turns himself into an old man, a boy, a man, and a woman.
- Scene link @01:00 - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male old age stasis) Spinoff series. One of the Genie's old masters, Ajed al-Gebraic, traded Genie to a sorcerer for eternal life.

- (spirits RN rejuvenated) - S3Ep3 link - caps

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA) - gif

Alice in Wonderland (Disney fan art)
- (dedicated TG TF AP) "Mako's Collection: Metamorphosis".
The 2nd Mako Collection video comic for 2014. Precia, Wallace.
- "Male Alice" video link - (NightElf37, Miss Mako)

Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated TF AP)
Disney Clothes Burst fan art
Generic House Burst fan art - (Attack Team)
Disney Maturity fan edit - Disney AA GTS gif - (Process)

All Grown Up
- (male middle age & old age) "Brother Can You Spare The Time", 1/17/04.
When Tommy was filming the growth chart when he was 6 years old, he was the same height as Dil at 7 and a half. Tommy's chart stops at 10, his current age. Dil's, however, stops at the age of 7 and a half, even though Dil is actually 9 - (deniz)

All-New Popeye Hour, The
- (male adult pseudo rejuv, avian to egg) S01Ep15 "Popeye's Roots" 12/16/1978.
Ep link - - caps - (Tazz)

Alvin and the Chipmunks
- (furry AP) The Chipettes in "Growth Spurts" - fan TF gif - (CandideTF)

Alvin and The Chipmunks
- (male furry AP, RN) S8Ep2 "Bigger!" 9/15/90.
"Big" parody from "The Chipmunks Go to the Movies"
- Alvin wishes that he wasn't always treated like a kid, so he transforms overnight into an adult - (Carlton)

Alvin Show, The
- (AR) "The Alvin Show". First time travel: 31 Jan 1962.
Separate feature: Clyde Crashcup
Quirky Clyde Crashcup (with his assistant Leonardo) invented everything from babies to... a time machine that reverses all time. I should like to remind you that all of you who witnessed this demonstration are five minutes younger than you were when we started.

Alvin Show, The
- (male AR) Clyde's lab assistant Leonardo reverts while holding a power component of Clyde's time machine - (TBTC)

ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks
- (male rejuv & AR) S05Ep12 "Davey Boy" 2021/03. CGI series.
Alvin gets a taste of his own medicine when he zaps Dave with a youth ray, turning him into an irresponsible teen and then a baby - Scene link - (Entropic)

Amazing Spiez, The
- (AA TG "APed" illusions) S2Ep5. They test their holographic disguises - link - caps

Amazing Spiez, The
(male AA APs, RN) "Operation Grow Up", 8/29/2009, #16.
Marathon spinoff of "Totally Spies". 4 middle school kids have been secretly selected to become international spies.
Someone has been converting libraries and museums into playgrounds. Their suspect is 8-year-old Archibald, but the Spiez think he looked a lot older. Tony is hit by the villain's beam and begins to go through puberty at a rapid rate. The next morning he has grown and looks like a young man. His normal clothes (apparently?) became too small, so he already changed into adult outfit. His stretchable battle costume fits perfectly at all ages. Young Archibald often used the beam to temporarily make himself grow older and stronger, and then escaped the scene of the crime at a different age - Video link.

Amazing Spiez, The
(male AP AA, RN) 2 boys became men thanks to a device.
- Start of the process - slow male puberty
- The Spiez confront the villain in his bedroom, but he runs off. An older man appears and asks what the children are doing out so late - male AP
- Magical costume still fits at adult size - male APed - male RN scene.

Amazing Spiez!, The
- (GT size increased) "Operation The 50 Ft. Hacker" 12/19/09.
Davey Hacker uses a gadget to make himself gigantic. Megan gets a crush on a tall new student, and wants to be tall herself to have him notice her. She winds up using the same gadget to make herself giant-sized, but it eventually backfires and causes her to "expand" like a balloon. Megan then finds he dates short girls and wants to be shorter.

Amazing Spiez!
- (AA TG older age disguise illusion) "Operation Killer Condos" 7/9/10.
Team of tween spy siblings uses hologram watch to disguise themselves to rescue their parents. The watch turns the sister into WOOHP-leader Jerry and the 3 brothers into Alex, Clover and Sam (the heroines from Totally Spies!). Their voices stay the same however - (Rugal)

Amazing World of Gumball, The
- (furry adult dream FFs) S05Ep30 "The Heist" 2017/03/03.
An anthropomorphic cat woman had aged into a mature country club WASP.
- Scenes link @02:30; into skeleton; also male; main cast FFed @04:00 - (Kappa)

Amazing World of Gumball, The
- (furry AR, devolution, RN) S5Ep1 "The Rerun (Part 2)" 9/5/2016, continuation of "The Disaster (Part 1)".
Gumball tries to save his family from Rob, who has a powerful remote that can alter the world like a television program. A well done short animation of Gumball's parents regressing into infants, including the loosening of clothing, @03:10. I thought it was going to be just a cute generic poof, but it's actually a pretty cool process with them shrinking into their clothes piles. For some reason both parents are wearing diapers all of a sudden. Eh, censoring. If you dare venture further, it also includes Gumball's sister being sucked into herself out of existence and Darwin changing back into an ordinary goldfish... and nothing... Gumball is also sucked into himself, but is saved at the last moment by the villain as they reconcile. Darwin and the sister pop back to normal and the parents grow back up, but there is not much process as the video goes way too fast for us.
- Ep link - AR gif - baby gif - screencaps - (Mecham, Steven, Azerty47, Ricky)

Amazing World of Gumball, The
- (male TF "puberty AP" muscle growth) "The Mustache" 11/21/11, S1Ep13.
Gumball and Darwin develop a rapid growth spurt and experience the highs and lows of being men.
- Video link - screencaps - (Gelty)

Amazing World of Gumball
- (AA anthro age forms) - caps
- (anthro AA poofs) "The Job", S2Ep8, 2013.
The dad getting a job upsets the universe so much that things get changed. The characters chasing him in a car swap heads, places, genders. The kids become really old and the adults become babies. They become the animals they are based on. Once he is fired everything returns to normal.
- Vid link - (CJ, Metamorphose)

American Dad!
- (AA FF) Haley age lineup - (Weary Traveler - Hobbs)
- (FF AA) Hayley

American Dad!
- (accelerated growth) "Steve & Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure", 9/29/13.
Desperate to lose their virginity, Steve and Snot clone some girls who unexpectedly emerge as infants. After raising them to teenagers in a few days, they find they have developed paternal feelings toward the girls.

American Dad!
- (adult dream FFed to OA) S14Ep08 "The Long March" 2019/06/03.
Faced with a lifetime in a lousy job, Hayley quits to go on the road with Jeff. Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

American Dad!
- (adult premature aging) S14Ep13 "Mom Sauce" 2019/07/08.
Lindsay Lohan is revealed to be the corrupt, abusive Foster Parent beating the young boy in this photo with two other old ladies. When confirmed she's Lindsay, she responds "Don't do drugs, kids," and drags Snot off to the foster home - screencaps - (Kappa)

American Dad!
- (AP, AR) age swap fan art - (xXBluespinXx)
- (AP, CB glimpse) "Steve & Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure".
The fast-growing clone girls' growing feet burst through their shoes on 3 occasions. The final growth spurt into teens was not shown.
- Screencaps (APing) - Screencaps (APed, AR dream fade).

American Dad!
- (CoA prediction) S06Ep15 "License to Till".
To gain respect, Steve mistakenly beats up preteen Indian transfer student Reshma. After Steve has become popular at the party, Reshma slaps him before kissing him, and promises him first chance at her breasts when they develop. Reshma (pointing to her still flat chest): "When these come in, they're all yours." A male high school student is heard in the background "About how long do you think that'll take?" - Clip link - cap
- (dedicated ARed) "Francine and Hayley Smith aftermath" - 1-panel - (Dkalternate)

American Dad!
- (dream FF to OA) S11Ep20 "Gifted Me Liberty" 2016/06/13/
A girl "asks Steve out", he fantasizes a life together until they're old and grey, and she dies during what looks like an alien robot uprising. Then it gets worse again but he learns to adapt to the situation.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

American Dad!
- (female mental AR) S11Ep03 "Hayley Smith, Seal Team Six", 2/8/16.
Hayley gets hypnotized and turned back into "Happy Hayley" her 6 year old self.
- (Anostus)

American Dad!
- (male AA AR, OA) "1600 Candles" s4ep1.
Steve turned into a toddler, then an old man - (dawnofmawl, TottieTa)
- (male adult to old age) "Old Stan in the Mountain", 2/19/12, S7Ep11, 126.
Stan becomes overly enthusiastic about his hatred for old people. When he messes with a geezer at a camping store, a hex is placed on him that turns him into a frail, old man, despite his attempts to hide his affliction by acting younger.

American Dad!
- (male adult alien neoteny, mental baby) S14Ep04 "Rabbit Ears" 2019/05/06.
Roger adopts the persona of a baby - Scene link - caps
- (male dream "ARed" appearance) S14Ep17 "Enter Stanman" 2019/08/05.
Stan appears as a helpless "baby" inside Francine's dreams - Scene link - caps

American Dad!
- (male adult mind transfer illusion into baby) "Virtual In-Stanity", S08Ep05, 11/20/2011.
Stan's boss uses a CIA Surrogate machine to control a baby android and makes the baby cry. A woman comes in and proceeds to breast feed him - (Jeffr_2bya)

American Dad!
- (male AR) S04Ep08.
#050 12/16/2007 "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever".
Angel lawyers get younger each time they win a trial in Heaven - Info link
- (male OA, male rejuv RN) S06Ep05.
#083 11/08/2009 "Man in the Moonbounce".
Steve must become the "man of the house" when Stan relives his childhood. After Stan gets out of prison, he punches Roger for sentencing him to extra time, and notices Steve has aged under the strain. He carries Steve outside to a Slip-N-Slide and says "play on it for as long as you like." Steve's cheers of joy as he regresses back to his 14 y.o. self are quite heartwarming to say the least - caps
- (males FFed versions) S13Ep11.
#201 04/11/2016 "The Unincludeds".
Steve & Snot's future selves travel back to stop them from throwing a party, but they keep changing their lives - Info link

American Dad!
- (male FF "APed") S07Ep12 "The Wrestler" 3/4/2012.
The stairway is so high that it takes ages to climb to the top. "I was a child when I fell." - link - cap

American Dad!
- (mental AR, flashback) "Francine's Flashback" 2005
mental AR from 40 to 20
- (BE power burstout) "Tearjerker" All gadgets created by S cause Breast Expansion. As befits a James Bond parody, the fate of the world depends on Stan making a woman's breasts rapidly triple in size as the only way to burst their restraining ropes.

American Dragon: Jake Long
- (FFed AA) Rose and Trixie as grown up Hooter Girls. fan art

American Dragon: Jake Long
- (male APed UC, AA OA'd) morning discovery
(old age, male APed)
"Young at Heart" 3/24/07, 2.21. A creature steals the gang's youth. Jake becomes a man. Female cast member brought forward to old age.
Jake Long: American Dragon (male TF's, including slight age changes) "Shapeshifter" 2005 animated. male (500 KB)

- (anthro dream "ARed") Main frog character's reflection changes into tadpole while singing - link - - (Tazz)

Angry Beavers
- (male furry AR) S03Ep09 "Act Your Age".
The Beaver Boys fight over who gets the first bite of a rare, ancient oak tree that falls in their dam. Norb outwits Dag and gets the first bite. Irritated at first, Dag calms down when Norb is suddenly transformed into a beaver toddler. Daggett takes a bite and joins Norbert in beaver tot land. The dam becomes a whole new world as the two brothers go from one argument to the next. A very funny take on an AR situation - (Baxxter)

Angry Beavers
- (rodent male AR) "Act Your Age", 8/14/1999, S03Ep35B.
When an ancient tree plummets into the dam, the beaver brothers finally agree to bite at the same time. They find themselves children again.
- Restricted Veoh link - (Thomas)

Angry Birds Toons
- (male adult super-deformed anthros OA'd) "Age Rage", S3Ep9, 2015.
Pumpkin, birds and pigs into elderly - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Animaniacs (2020)
- (anthro insect rapid FF to OA) S02Ep10 "Cold Open: Exercise Minute" 2021/11/05.
The Warners do a 1980s-style aerobics exercise break with a fast-aging mayfly named May.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Animaniacs (2020)
- (male anthro furry AA TF OA'd gag) S2Ep9, Zobroflex and its Side Effects.
Wakko "aged" to elderly - link - - caps - (Tazz)

Animaniacs (reboot)
- (anthro "OA" scene) S01Ep11 "Fear and Laughter in Burbank" 2020/11/20.
Dot follows pink balloon into bathroom. Her reflection turns into an old lady. Nickelwise tells her she won't be cute anymore when elderly. Dot asks her reflection if she wants to adopt some cats. Old Dot agrees - (Kappa)

Animaniacs (reboot)
- (chibi TF poof, male ARed effect) S1Ep3 "Gold Meddlers" 2020/11/20.
At the Olympic games, people were poofed into pink cute animals and a man into a pink baby.
- Scenes link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (furry AP) "Buttermilk, It Makes a Body Bitter" Parody of a milk commercial. Slappy starts out as a cute young squirrel, who is ignored by a body builder. She tells how she will drink buttermilk as she "grows" up, even though she has lactose intolerance, and how she will become obsessed with the memory of being snubbed as a child to the point where she tracks him down and blows him up with a bomb.
- (CB, "growth" TF) "Katie Ka-Boom!" AKA "Katie KaBoom" Short 5 min skits, 93-98. Teenager Katie wants to live her life as a normal girl, but her parents and kid brother always get in the way, getting her angry, which changes her into huge she-hulk type monsters. She could "outgrow" her clothes and tears the house apart every day, then reverts to her cute, bouncy little self. Her parents somehow afford the home repairs several times a week, as well as dealing with this explosive child. Quote: "I am not over-reacting! I'm a teenager!" (Fonzie)
- (furry Ap AA, furry OA'd) "Buttermilk" Slappy squirrel
- (teen "growth") cover

- (AA teen TF) "Katie Kaboom" It is normal for teenagers to have occasional anger outbursts.
intro - curfew argument.
start of the teen size increase.
transformed form causes property damage.
returning to normal - from Hulk-sized to 6'5" to 5'5".

- (deer AR) S01Ep37 "Bumbie's Mom".
Slappy Squirrel Short; Skippy and Slappy are watching a movie called Bumbie, the Dearest Deer. When Bumbie's mother dies, Skippy gets upset and starts crying. Slappy takes him to meet the cartoon actress who played Bumbie's mom to show him she's not really dead - (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord)

- (furry adult rejuv)
Found this very brief clip of Slappy Squirrel rejuvenating a little bit during a small dream sequence. Her body slims down a pretty decent amount.
- Episode link - clip link - gif - (Meticulan23, Bstgate)

Apple & Onion
- (anthro kitchen items AR & OA) S2Ep7 "Ferekh" 2020/10/14.
Apple and Onion babysit a chicken that scientists want to dissect for the cure for aging because it remains young. Apple & Onion age to elderly, while a security cop is turned into a baby, because the actual source was a green soup-like food the chicken was fed. We learn all the years are transferred to a single part of the body. The baby security officer has an elderly hand, and a news reporter who became a kid has an elderly foot.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
- (adult & anthro FFed to middle age) S11Ep08 "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)" 2015/08/23.
Everyone's favorite nice-but-dim ball of meat gets an office job, a house in the suburbs, and a family.
- Clip link - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (ARed) - Cheryl Tunt fan art - (WT)

Archibald's Next Big Thing is Here
- (anthros AR) S3Ep1b "Lil' Chickies" 2021/07/15.
Peacock jr. Following a lotion mishap, Archibald accidentally turned himself and his family increasingly younger. The characters had already become kids and then became toddlers and then eggs. A bee poofed into a pupa to a larva.
- Scenes link - - (Tazz)

Archie's Weird Mysteries
- (adults rejuvenated AA, RN AA) "Twisted Youth", S01Ep13, 12/25/99.
A dog becomes a puppy and the teachers and Riverdale's adult figures become teenagers again after drinking a special water. Their mental faculties are also reverted. They are given the antidote at the dance and during a street race.
- Video link - screencaps - (Reina Watt)

Archie's Weird Mysteries
- (giantess, UC, CB) 1.5 "Attack of the 50-ft Veronica" 10/30/99. Veronica turns on a growth ray to quell her boredom and immediately grows a few inches. We then see Veronica preparing for an impending date, but she has grown quite a bit more and seems to think her dresses have shrunk. Archie pulls up, so she just puts on some sweatpants and the two lovebirds enjoy a most awkward date at the movies. She grows through his car's top. Dilton and Archie show up at Veronica's pool party just in time to see a 7 metre tall Veronica stomp into view, wearing a swimsuit sewn together from other swimsuits. Before everyone can pick their jaws up off the ground, she grows again in the pool, completely shredding her makeshift swimsuit so she has to use a tent from her party to cover herself. Her first spurt makes her about 190 cm or so, then up to 250 cm, then 3 metres, then 7 metres, then about 30 metres.
- (GTS CBed) Veronica's GTS growth
- (GTS CB) - start growth ray exposure - looking taller
UC clothes too small - car burstout - pool growth - aftermath

Archie's Weird Mysteries
- (young adult to old age, monster male adult rejuvenation) S01Ep16 "Halloween of Horror" 11/1/2002. Vampires adult age swap.
Episode link - clip link - gif - (Dragoniade, MeanMark)

ARPO The Robot for All Kids
- (male adult mentally pseudo-"babyfied") "Baby Bob" CGI manhwa 2012/05/15.
Not really AR. A vision error mishap causes a robot to think that a dad is the baby it watches.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

- (baby viewpoints, mental AR dream) S06Ep03 "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies" 10/8/2001.
A spoof of Rugrats. The baby was watching Tv with her older brother and sister, and commented to the dog that she couldn't do that kind of stuff. If her playpen could be opened with a screwdriver she'd be in Paris by now. She changed the channel to Teletubbies... and they were speaking Shakespearean stuff, but to the grown kids it sounded like Teletubbies.
It turns out the baby can't understand grown up talk, and they can't understand her... but she can converse with the dog. The top of a wedding cake goes missing, and she remarks to the dog that she thinks if they put it on the cake, an AR beam will emerge - (Lilkittenroo)

- (furries FFed older) Finale - S25Ep04b "All Grown Up" 2022/02/21.
Disclaimer: This probably won't satisfy anyone's OA fetish. The show had 253 episodes over 26 years, and ends with aging the cast by 20 years. Honestly, that's actually kind of a nice way to end things. Who wants to be a child forever?!
Note Worthy Side Note: Jodie Resther, the voice of Francine, voiced her from age 18 to 44. I like how her character looks the most to be pushing 30 at the end - Episode link - (Kappa)

- (furry AR AA dream sequence glimpse) "The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies", 10/8/01, S6Ep3.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (furry dream FFed forms, flashed forward) S4Ep4a "The Contest" 10/8/1999.
Fan stories contest. Segment: The Troubled Sister (Dr. Katz). 10 years in the future, 18 y.o. Arthur visits his psychologist. His troubling sister D.W. has bought a girl pony car for Arthur, to which he lets out a horrified scream.
After Arthur's segment, everyone mails in their story. 5 years later, they hear the contest winner was Holly Holland.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Richard)

- (male anthro moose dream TF, muscle CB, male furry AP effect) - S09Ep02b "George Blows His Top" 2004/12/21.
George becomes a Hulk-like monster when angered - Scene link - screencaps
- (male anthro adult rat dream TF, muscle CB) - S22Ep01a "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone" 2019/05/13.
Somewhat off-topic request but related, Mr. Ratburn becomes a Hulk-like monster when angered before his gay wedding - Episode link - screencaps
- (Isabella,

- (male furry dream FF OA'd) S02Ep09a "Lost!" 1997/10/30.
Arthur imagines himself older. "I've been on this bus for 40 years!" - transcript link
- (furry dream FF OA'd) S22Ep01b "The Feud" 2019/05/13.
Near the start, Arthur imagines himself elderly along with D.W. Read - transcript link
- (Bella)

(AR) "The Secret Life of Dogs & Babies" Spoof of "Rugrats". The baby was watching TV. She thinks a beam of light will change all the grown ups to babies so they can finally understand her. They show her age regression imagination! A whole bunch of big grown up furries regressed into diaper babies for a few seconds. (Lilkittenroo)

As Told By Ginger
(FF) 2000. The show made an effort to gradually age-up the characters. The guy with braces grew out of them, the lead aged via a change of hairstyle, and there was lots of attention to character development.

Astra Force
- (male AR) S01Ep16 "Bawlin' and Brawlin'" c2016, India.
A super hero has two kid sidekicks. Neal and Tara wake one morning to find Astra as a Baby. They have to take care of him while fighting bad guys who want to make all the humans babies - (Tazz)

Atlantis: Milo's Return
- (male adult old age stasis) 2003. Edgar Volgud made a deal with the Kraken for immortal life, but forgot to ask for eternal youth. In the end he is reduced to dust.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
- (adult age stasis) 2004.
Eccentric zillionaire sends Milo to test hypothesis with anachronistic crew. When they find Atlantis, its culture is dying because the people can no longer read the runes that explain their mysterious power source.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Atomic Betty
- (AA AR poofs) Mission: Earth - "Who's the Baby Now?", S3, 10/03/2007.
Evil alien baby Infantor arrives to zap everyone in the galaxy into a baby, and Betty is transformed as well. It's up to Noah to save the day with his army of Galactic Guardian infants.
- Video link - screencaps - (Speechjon)

Atomic Betty
- (AA to OA, adult AA ARed, no size changes) Mission Earth "Bold Age", 1/9/08, S03Ep16.
Chaz and Sparky have the youth sucked out of them. Penelope and her identical grandma swap ages and appearances.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Thomas)

Atomic Betty
- (dedicated AP CB) fan art
(male age disguised) Sparky sounds like an adult, making him look like a short adult, but he's actually a kid like Betty. Not knowing he's a kid may result in Squick for some viewers when they see him hitting on girls his own age.
- (dedicated AP) - fan art - (Godzilla)

Atomic Betty
- (dedicated TF "APed") - fan art

Atomic Puppet
- (mental reversion) S01Ep24a 48 "L'il AP" 124 12/2016.
AP and everyone else in Mega City get their minds reduced to a toddler-like state by a supervillain seeking to enslave them, and Joey must babysit the mental infants. Queen Mindbender appears out of the portal from nowhere, and shoots the citizens into mental 4-6 year olds. Joey tries to defeat her but AP was acting too babyish, much to Joey's chagrin. He tries to make AP get a hold of himself, but AP continues making messes, including drawing on a photo and a wall. Meanwhile in the Mayor's office, Mindbender tries giving commands in return for toys. AP messes with her machine, she is zapped like everyone else, and is carried through the portal, thereby reversing the effects for everyone - Clip link

Au pays des Tetes a claques
- (AR slight OC, RN AA poofs) S03Ep13 38 "Baby Boom" 10/31/2016.
Quebec mixed media satirical series. AKA Knuckleheads English language series, c2017.
- After the first rejuvenation dose, the boyfriend finds he has more energy, but the next day he has regressed to a pimply preteen, and the 3 scientists became 5 y.o's. As they fight, one of the scientists accidentally knocks the youth serum container into the city's water supply. The girlfriend finds her house a mess, and her boyfriend a 5 y.o. While driving she discovers the city's adults have regressed back into children, and at the lab the scientists are babies. They regress further into 3 fetuses and then sperms. The city's kids are now babies, including her boyfriend.
While she takes care of them, her baby boyfriend eats her facial cream, and he poofs back to normal still in his diaper. By feeding the cream to the 3 sperms, the scientists revert, and everyone else is soon restored the same way. Simple lesson: never mess with youth potions.
- French episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Avatar the Last Airbender
- (AA AP TF) Toph fan art - (arjay911)
- (adult FF) lifetime fan art - (Dorian)
(age disguised) Azula is 14, but purposefully makes herself look older to win the respect of the troops under her command.

Avatar: Legend of Genji
- (adults FFed) "Prologue - End of An Era" 2019/11.
Volunteer-based multimedia fan project in pre-production. Web-based Avatar sequel series. Korra has passed. An apocalyptic surge of spiritual energy erupted in a legendary feat of energybending. The future is uncertain... - Fan vid link - caps - (Kappa)

Avengers Assemble
- (adults OA'd) "Thanos Triumphant", S2Ep13, 3/1/2015.
Earlier in the season, we saw Iron Man regress. To beat Thanos, the Avengers convince him to use all 5 Infinity Stones. He blasts them with the Time Stone and they become old and then dust, except being a god prevents death. Thor makes Thanos age so he undoes it - (Tazz)

Avengers Assemble
- (adults to OA) "Thanos Triumphant". The Avengers and Thanos get old.
Video link 7 mins - screencaps

Avengers Assemble
- (male AR) "The Age of Tony Stark", S2Ep7, 33, 11/16/2014.
Based on the comic focusing on the Infinity Stones arc. The Time Stone can cause the wearer to control time, including ages. It goes into Iron Man's chest reactor, turning him into a boy.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, The
- (male adult TF CB) "Hulk Vs. The World" - bursting clothes scene.
- (male adult face OA glimpse) "Beware the Widow's Bite!", 19, 10/15/2010.
Hawkeye becomes suspicious of the Black Widow.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
- (male adult aged) Nick Fury has some of his life force taken, aging from looking like Samuel L. Jackson to his comics counterpart with darker skin. It looks like it's going to stick, at least for the time being.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
- (male adult OA)
Baron Strucker's villainous superpower is to age his adult opponents.
- "Iron Man is Born"
Strucker is freed by Grim Reaper who gives him his Satan Claw. Nick Fury battles and defeats both of them, though not before the Baron is able to steal a portion of Fury's youth, graying his hair via the use of his Satan Claw.
- "The Widow's Sting"
Strucker tries to drain the life from Hawkeye via his Satan Claw.
- (A Edwards)

Avengers: United They Stand, The
- (adult OA) "Kang", S01Ep03. A world ruler from the future wants a time device to take over everyone in every time. To force The Avengers to give him the device, he tests a time bomb to age a whole city's adults through morphing.

Avengers: United They Stand, The
- (male AA OA, adult AA to OA, RNed) 1999, 3 "Kang".
After being accidentally freed, Kang the Conqueror starts to create havoc while looking for a special crystal obelisk.
- AA male & adult aging beams - (aging group)

Avocado Couple
- (anthros AR) "I'm baby but look Adult! Body Swap and Super Babysitter", 2022/06.
Webtoons, no dialog. Parents and baby produce swap ages at the start - Episode link - - (Tazz)

Avocado Couple
- (demon rejuv, AR AA poof, ARed aftermath) Barbara turned into baby - Beauty Hack Fail - BABY Potion Disaster, 2021/02/27.
Old witch into young, woman into baby - Episode link - - screencaps
- (anthros CoA FFed) Short web toons channel.
High School You vs Child You, 2020 - link
- (Tazz)

Awesomes, The
- (adult rejuvenation) The Awesomes - "Pilot, Part 1", 8/1/2013.
Two elderly women who used to be arch enemies fight it out at an old folks home. A rejuvenation ray makes them 25 year olds again. It's just a flash and an offscreen change around the 20:00 mark. The reaction is rather humorous, and she keeps her old lady voice. Gadget Gal, the only original member, is convinced to rejoin The Awesomes - (Bradbarry2)
- (male AA AP) Ep3.
He got his powers at an early age. Vid link - male screencaps

Awesomes, The
- (adults rejuvenated) The Awesomes Ep1.
Closeted supervillain Tomboy has battled Gadget Gal for decades, secretly hoping to spark lesbian attraction. They're having another violent brawl in the retirement home. The nurses do nothing, cause even though they're both 80-something, they could legit beat the crap outta muscular men a third their age! At the end of the fight, they both get their adult youth back in a freak explosion. Tomboy had built a rejuvenation ray to give herself and Gadget Gal 25 y.o. bodies again.
Now restored to her prime, Gadget Gal rejoins The Awesomes, but still acts and talks like an old lady. The inevitable showdown follows. Imagine kicking the crap outta your crush for decades, getting old and grey, and, somehow, finally, getting the chance to admit your feelings.
- Caps - (Kappa)

Baby Alive
- (AA poof slight APed form) "Princess Ellie Growing Up Doll!" 2022/07.
YouTube series, eOne, CGI webtoons. The Glo Pixies need Charlie and the Dolls to give Princess Ellie a warm welcome to the playroom. However she has a surprise in store... Girl can turn back and forth between baby and toddler.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Baby Alive
- (doll AP) '22 - Skirt falls off after age-up - caps

Baby Looney Tunes
- (pseudo mental AR) "Act Your Age", S01Ep30, 11/20/2002.
Has sort of AR in it. Bugs, Daffy, and Sylvester want to see who can act like a baby more, so they start acting like babies, then younger littler babies, and Granny treats them like babies in order to show that babies don't have it made - (Tazz)

Baby Samson
(male AP, male "growth" AA) AA

Back to Neverland
- (male toon poof TFed "ARed form") 1989.
Disney California Adventure, Disney-MGM Studios theme parks. Mixed live-action/animation short film shown during the cartoon studio tour.
- Robin Williams into cartoon kid, then cartoon baby, then cartoon adult with big eyes, then long legs, then into Walter Cronkite (host), then into the dwarves Happy, Grumpy and Dopey. Then into Mickey Mouse, back into kid, back to normal... and back to cartoon kid in a Peter Pan sequel as a Lost Boy. The scene where he's animated has an unintentional GTS vibe. This was a few years before we heard Williams playing a genie (and saw him taking the role of Peter Pan somehow).
- Video link - - screencaps - gif - (Tazz)

Bad Days
- (male AR AA FB) S3Ep6, 2014 spoof. X-Men: Bad Days of Future Past.
Wolverine time traveled back to baby, back to adult, and back to younger adult.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Banana Man
(male AA AP) Eric is a schoolboy who turns into an adult superhero everytime he eats a banana! (metamorphose)

- (male AR) S01Ep01 "Bananaman Meets Dr Gloom" 10/3/1983.
Eric's enemies have been up to their nasty tricks. Doctor Gloom manages to turn Bananaman into a baby, but somehow Crow helps Bananaman into turning Doctor Gloom into a baby!

- (male TF AA APed form, male AR AA)
UK classic "regresso-ray" plot.
- Video link - caps - caps - caps - (RyuuAinaki, Akito)

Barbie as the Island Princess
(flash forward AA) 2007 CGI movie. Little girl grew up stranded on island with animal companions who provided her with larger clothing as she got bigger. FF

Barbie Camp Sister Switch
- (doll mind swaps) Eps 1-4, 2022/06.
There were 4 CGI shorts about Barbie and Chelsea switching minds with sisters Brooklyn, Daisy, and others. At Camp Starlight, Chelsea wished to be old enough to be a counselor right now! She wished upon a magical starry key to switch places with Barbie!
- Compilation video link swap @04:30, RN @29:00 - (Close door)

Batman Beyond
- (minor AP or more likely old age) 5 "Mummy, Oh! And Juliet" 7/99.
A mummy searches for his bride. In order to maintain his life force he must drain others of theirs, causing rapid aging in his victims - (Jeffr_2bya)

Batman Beyond
- (TG older/young adult body theft) S3Ep5 "Out of the Past" 2000/10/21.
Talia retained her adult youth by using the Lazarus Pits. Ra's developed a technology to transfer one's consciousness into a genetically related body. He asked Talia to submit to having his mind forced into her body. Talia gave up her life willingly, loyal to her father to the end - link - (Guest)

Batman Beyond
- 1999 to 2001.
- (male adult rejuvenation) "Out of the Past". Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pits restore elderly Bruce Wayne back to his 40s as part of Ra's's plot to put his mind into Bruce's body. Bruce reverts back to his elderly state within about a week.

Batman series
- The adventures of Gotham's Silent Guardian - INFO PAGE
Batman: The Brave And The Bold:
- (male AR, RN) S03Ep03 "The Malicious Mr. Mind!" 4/8/2011 - (John L.)
Batman Beyond:
- (male mental AR) S02Ep04 "Lost Soul" 10/9/1999 - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (mental AR) S02Ep08 "Hooked Up" 11/13/1999 - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male/female adult rejuvenation, RN) S03Ep05 "Out of The Past" 10/21/2000 - (Tazz)
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker:
- (male adult age stasis) 2000 movie/comic with same plot - (Jeffr_2bya)
Batman and The Super 7:
- (rejuv or AR) S01Ep21 "Future Tense" c1979 "Super Stretch & Microwoman" seg. - (TBTC)
Batman: The Animated Series:
- (male creature AP) S02Ep06 "House And Garden" 5/2/1994 - (Tazz)
- (age stasis preteen) S03Ep04 "Baby-Doll" 10/1/1994.
The New Batman Adventures:
- (male adult to old age) Ep12 "The Demon Within".

Batman: Bad Blood
- (male self-image "ARed") 2016.
Mad Hatter makes Batman hallucinate about the night his parents were murdered. He is a man but his reflection shows him as a young boy.
Also the main villain is Batman's clone through unseen accelerated aging - (Tazz)

Batman: The Animated Series
- (age disguised, "infantilized") "The Laughing Fish" 1/10/93 - Two of Joker's henchmen dressed as 1950s-era children (one with a beanie, one with Girlish Pigtails) for Joker's commercial for "Joker Fish". Harley played their mom.

Batman: The Animated Series
- (AP, age stasis) "Baby-Doll" Season 3, Ep 4, 10/1/94. An unaging former child star, now grown bitter and insane, kidnaps her Tv family and holds them prisoner on an abandoned sound stage. Mary Louise Dahl stopped aging at approximately 6. She carries a doll that shoots bullets through its eye socket. While Robin works to free the actors from Baby-Doll's explosive death-trap, Batman pursues the tiny fiend through a deadly carnival fun house. Baby is confronted with a distorted reflection of herself that, in her mind, resembles what she would look like if she had a normal body. She gives a pained, rambling apology speech in the voice of an adult woman. (Jeffr_2bya)
New Batman Adventures, The
- "Love Is a Croc" 1998. Baby Doll teams up with Killer Croc until she realizes he doesn't love her. Working as a receptionist, she vents out on a drunk man in a hotel for asking her to do something "funny or cute" despite his wife's attempts to stop him, and she slams a book in his face.
- Although Baby Doll is based on Baby Jane, her appearance and stunted growth are taken from an Infinity Inc. villain named "Baby Boom", a woman whose body stopped aging at childhood due to genetic experimentation on her as a fetus - 01

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (adult rejuv illusion morph, AA GTS TF) S02Ep16 "The Last Patrol!" 10/8/2010.
Elasti-Girl was wallowing in self-pity. When the Mutant Master attacks her mansion, Batman and Chief convince her to rejoin the Doom Patrol. She rapidly loses weight before expanding to full giantess size.
- TF scenes video link - screencaps

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male adults OA'd, male RNed) "The Golden Age of Justice!"
Soldiers OA glimpse:
- Video link - screencaps
Batman, Flash, Hawkman OA & reversion:
- Video link - link - screencaps
- (Dragoniade)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male AR AA) "Team-up" series.
226, "The Malicious Mr Mind"
- Sivana whips out his newest weapon, an age-reversing ray. The Marvels check on Batman, who is now a muscular young teen who worries about his acne as he "grows" ever younger. Team resentment causes toddler Batman to break into tears. He determines to bring the Marvels back together, leaving drawings for each of them showing them fighting and toddler Batman in tears. Baby Batman rewires the "growth" ray projector into a shrinking ray. Too small to reach the controls as he becomes even younger, he uses a Batarang to pull the lever, reverting Mr. Mind to his normal form. The Marvels use the "growth" ray to undo the deaging effect.
- Intro video link - male AR link - male AR link - some caps
(John L, Jeffr_2bya)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male AR, male old age) "The Golden Age of Justice!"
Professor Zee was ARed, Per Degaton was aged.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male muscle AP, AA AP poof) Higher quality version of teaser for "Death Race to Oblivion!".
Mark Desmond drank stolen chemicals despite Batman's warnings and turned into the hulking brute Blockbuster. Shortly after, Blockbuster grabbed Billy Batson and asked him "Any last words, kid?" Billy replied "Just one. Shazam!" In a flash of lightning, Captain Marvel took his alter ego's place. In confusion, Blockbuster asked "Where kid go?" Marvel told him "I'll look into it. Right after I do this!" Both Batman and Marvel beat Blockbuster into submission. Despite turning older, Captain Marvel retains his childlike tenacities with a desire to see the Triceratops skeleton at the museum.
- Video link - (Christopher)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male TF AP) "Death Race to Oblivion!", S2Ep1, 27, 11/20/2009.
Boys only transformation. Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Batman: The Brave And The Bold
- (OA scene)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
(male old age, male AR) "The Golden Age of Justice". Villain uses weapon on Batman making him old and fat. He also does it to Flash, Hawk Man, Sandman and others. They are saved by Black Canary and Wild Cat. The villain tries to use his weapon again, but it was damaged, so he got aged instead, while his henchman ARed into a baby offscreen. All the TF scenes happen near the end - video link - (Tazz)

- (male AP) "House and Garden" (JeffR) Plant boys grow up in seconds.
- (male old age) #103 "the demon within" Jason ages rapidly but is restored to youth.
- (male AP) Poison Ivy's disposable army of plant boys grows up on command - male growth

- (teen versions of adult characters)
Gotham High
The Animated Teen Batman Show That Almost Was: a proposed alternate reality link - (O')

Beatles, The
- (adult demon rejuved) The Beatles - Saturday morning cartoons.
S1Ep3b "Devil in Her Heart" 1965/10/10.
Several less-than-appealing ladies fall for band members in the course of the show. When Ringo wanders off from a picnic in Transylvania, he ends at an old witch's house. She falls in love with him and brews a love potion. George arrives just in time to knock the witch into her batch of brew. She emerges as a beautiful young adult; then Ringo chases after her! - caps

(male AA AR) "Snugglejuice" 10/30/91, 353 sec 5:53 into ep. "Wait! I'm as innocent as a newborn baby!" male AR

4-season animated series based on 1988 Winona Ryder film - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) S01Ep01 "Critter Sitters" 9/9/1989.
- (male AR, young adult OA) S04Ep34 "Time Flies" 10/24/1991.
- (male AR) S04Ep38 "Snugglejuice" 10/30/1991.
- (male AR) S04Ep50 "Beetlegeezer" 11/15/1991 - (Tazz)

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (AA ARed) Ben and Gwen ended up turning into toddler "babies" (I guess so they could still walk and talk, since fully babyfied people can't do either).
Video link - link - caps - (JayTee, Tazz)

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male & monster AR AA poofs) S04Ep23 #155 "Growing Up Is Hard to Do" 2020.
Nanny Nightmare shows up to teach the skater kids some manners by turning them into babies. An alien and Ben are ARed. Others were gassed younger earlier, but this is the best clip I could find.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (male AA ARs & male ARed aftermaths) S03Ep15 "Baby Buktu" 2019/04/06.
Several men were made into preschoolers offscreen by Nanny Nightmare, another in an AA magic poof. Puppet "AR".
- Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Ben 10 reboot
- (AR hinted at) Ep30 "Growing Pains" 2016 preview trailer.
The 5th iteration of the Ben 10 franchise. Max puts Gwen and Ben in the superstore's daycare where they meet Nanny Nightmare. She will turn all people into babies to re-raise them "properly".
- Caps - (Steven)

Ben 10 reboot
- (ARed AA) - more caps - (JeffR_2bya)

Ben 10: Alien Force
- (male adult OA, male adult rejuvenation RN)
"Paradox" 1.12, 7/5/08.
- A mysterious creature ages adults and objects. Paradox teams up with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin Levin to battle the Trans-Dimensional Monster. The creature reappears and Kevin tries to fight it, but strangely it changes him into an old man. Ben tries driving Kevin's car to chase the creature, but the creature soon ages Kevin's car into a rusted-up broken junker. They eventually escape the creature and meet the man again, who changes Kevin back to his proper age and restores his car to brand new. Back in the present they meet an older Hugo.

Ben 10: Alien Force
- (male adult OA) "Paradox". Kevin becomes an older man.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Ben 10: Alien Force
(5 year flash forward) New series, 2008. It's been 5 years since Ben last used the Omnitrix. But when Grandpa Max disappears, Ben must go hero once again. (O')
Ben has become a mature teenager. He sports a green jacket with a white vertical line and the number 10, while his soccer uniform resembles his original clothing. A love interest also appears.
Now 15, Gwen can manipulate magical energy through thought alone. Gwen is much calmer and grown up, nowhere near as fiery or sharp-tongued as she was 5 years ago, although she does occasionally banter with Ben. In this version, Gwen wears a plain, blue shirt with a white collar, a black skirt with black tights, and her hair is much longer.
info - info - review - Vid clip
- (male) APed Ben drawings (Ken 10 and Ben 10,000) by O'Melissokomos: fan art - fan art

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (alien AA TFs, teen FB/FF) S4Ep5 "Mud Is Thicker Than Water" 2013/11/02.
Gwen and her Lenopan cousin Lucy Mann, shapeshifting through the years, ages 11 to full adult.
- Lucy says she is staying for a couple of months and promises Gwen she won't get mud on anything. Gwen runs into Kevin but it's just Lucy again. A younger Lucy asked Gwen what Kevin was like. Ben appears, but Gwen suspects it's Lucy again. After Ben convinces Gwen he's real, Lucy reveals herself, greatly annoying Gwen.
- Scenes link - (The Transformation Channel)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (AR) " It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World" Part1, 2014.
Later in the episode, an evil chronosapian turns a bystander into a baby. Possibly more in part2 or next season which is the Time War - (Steven)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (male alien AR AA fades) "For a Few Brains More", 11/30/2013, Ep39.
Albedo stole Azmuth's brain. At the end Albedo reverts back to his evil twin version of Ben 10, who is 16 years old, then changes again into a 10 y.o. version of Ben.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (male AR AA, unseen RNed AA) "Arrested Development", 1/5/13, 16.
Childhood rival Billy Billions turns Ben and Rook into kids again while bringing Dimension 12 robots to Earth. Later he tries to undo his handiwork hoping to steal the glory. Too bad Gwen does not get involved as well. Wish they would have one episode where Gwen gets regressed instead of Ben all the time.
- Video link - screencaps - (Steven)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (monster AR from beast to egg) "Let's Do the Time War Again!", Ep73.
A rare Time Beast egg is retrieved. They constantly travel through time to correct their mistakes - (Jeffr_2bya)

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
- (male FFed, muscle "growth" TF) "Ben 10,000 Returns" 2.10, 4/15/11.
Grown-up Ben 20 years in the future "grows" even bigger when using Ultimate Humungousaur's powers.
- caps - (O')

Ben 10
- (AA FFed) Gwen fan art - (kilowatts62)

Ben 10
- (AA TF, age appearances) in: Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse.
Anodites are a free-spirited race of humanoid energy beings that draw life from the mana around them. Anodites can increase in size, as shown during Gwen's confrontation with Zombozo in Ultimate Alien. Gwen terrified him into defeat by showing her Anodite form. Anodites are technically immortal, as they can manipulate their crafted body's age at will.

Ben 10
- (dedicated APed) - fan art

Ben 10
- (FF) - Ben & Gwen fan art

Ben 10
- (flash forward) "Ben 10,000" S3 Ep27, 11/25/2006.
Ben follows Gwen to the future, where they discover that her abductor is the future Gwen. They also find future Ben and Grandpa Max. Both Bens must work together to stop Dr. Animo.
Preteen Gwen: Meagan Smith. Future adult Gwendolyn: Tara Strong.
- (male AR) "Don't Drink the Water" S4 Ep42, 7/26/2007.
After being in contact with the Fountain of Youth, Grandpa Max is reverted to a kid, and Ben is back to being 4 years old. Now Gwen is left to take care of them while stopping Hex, who will also be ARed, from finding the fountain's source. Are Hex and the 2 boys too much for Gwen to handle?
- (male flash forward) "Ken 10" S4 Ep47, 10/6/2007.
In the future, Ben gives his son Ken an Omnitrix for his 10th birthday. Will Ken be responsible and mature enough to maintain its power, or will he create massive trouble for himself and his dad?

Ben 10
- (male AA TF) - caps

Ben 10
- (male adult flashback) Season 3 ep 13 "The Visitor" A short flashback scene shows a young Grandpa Max. (O')
- (flash forward) Gwen's future form as adult superheroine appeared - Gwen - Gwen
- (FF/FB AA age forms) 10 year old Gwen's current and future adult bodies - costumed battle forms

Ben 10
- (young adult to old age, RN) S01Ep09 "Last Laugh" 2/25/2006.
- (male AR) S04Ep03 "Don't Drink The Water" 7/26/2007.
Ben 10: Omniverse:
- (male AR, RN) S01Ep16 "Arrested Development" 1/5/2013.
- (male adult mind swap between future/past selves) S01Ep18: "Ben Again" 1/19/2013.
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien:
- (male adult rejuvenation) S02Ep22 "A Knight to Remember" 12/2/2011.
- (male adult rejuvenation) S02Ep23 "Solitary Alignment" 2011.
INFO PAGE - (Steven, Jeffr_2bya)

Ben 10
(old age, RN) "Last Laugh" Animated. Season 01, Ep 9, 02/25/2006. 10-year-old Ben Tennyson can change into 10 alien heroes. Evil clown Zombozo kidnaps 10-year-old redhead cousin Gwen Tennyson and leaves the entire town in a chuckling daze. Gwen is prematurely aged due to Zombozo draining her soul. She is seen outside of the ring, withered and chuckling slightly. (Jeffr_2bya)

Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom
- (fairy pseudo-AR effects into baby doll)
S01Ep34 "Queen Thistle's Day Off", "Dolly Plum", 2016.
- Episode link - .be/Nh1JTKaZnyY - Episode link - .be/kXh9X317oXQ - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (dedicated age forms) Gwen fan art

- (face FF) Gwen

- (FF AA BE'd) Gwen past/future selves.

- (FF) "Kevin X Gwen" time changes - (kikikun)

Betty Boop
- (male AR & OA) "Betty Boop, M.D." 1932.
After drinking a potion an old man is turned into a baby. A baby is turned into an old man after taking a drink as well - Episode link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Betty Boop
- (male old/baby AA pseudo age swap, male baby head AP) "Betty Boop, M.D.".
Geezer/sprog switch without size change gif - Baby bonnet to Afro Samurai gif

Bibi Blocksberg
- (AP AA) "Bibi verliebt sich" #16 S2 Ep2, 2003, Germany. Joachim is 2 years older than lovestruck Bibi, but he has no eyes for little girls. What to do? The spells in Mama's forbidden magic tome have the answer. Suddenly she's 16! In the original story, her own mother didn't recognize Bibi at first, and criticized her trashy clothes and red lips. (JeffR_2BYA)
- (AP AA) "Bibi verliebt sich" ep09, 2003.
Bibi falls in love for the first time with an older boy who doesn't date babies, so she turns herself into a woman for him, but he thinks he's dreaming. After he rejects her older form, she attempts to use a love potion, but is unprepared for the consequences
- age witch

Bibi Blocksberg
- (male AA, babies poofed to toddlers then boys) Ep03 "Bibi Blocksberg als Babysitter" 7/26/1999.
The mayor thinks they are Martians. He agrees to convert his spaceport into a playground.
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Big Mouth
- (CoA) - caps

Big Mouth
- (CoA) 2017+, Netflix.
S02: Gina Alvarez is very physically developed for her age. Her unseen "sudden puberty spurt" caused a ruckus at the boys and girls soccer practice.

Big Mouth
- (coming of age themes) 2017 Netflix series. About teens in the awkward years of puberty - Trailer link

Big Mouth
- (dream AR) S6Ep1 "The Hookup House" 2022/10/28.
This series is worthless for AP, but it does have good humiliation scenes with aspects of mental regression. She gets embarrassed by being too young for a party, imagines wearing a diaper, and wets herself. This was followed by a cutaway into a baby along with her hormone monster - caps - (Tazz)

Big Mouth
- (FFed to old) S4, 2020. This series is supposed to be funny, but it is extremely irritating for AP fans. However there is some good older age FF.
Matthew is singing about his Christian Mom who found out he's gay and isn't taking it well. Slight FB/FF - link - Adorable silver lining with his Dad during a conversation about Fuller House - link
- S4Ep6 2020/12/04.
30 years in the future, game show host Nick prepares to flee a dying Earth. He finds best friend Jay is now a sex cult leader in his childhood home and doing his parents - link - The actress from Jane the Virgin played a middle aged woman. Works well for me with her voice - link - Gina and Andrew die masturbating together as the world implodes. Nick's sister also looked nice in her middle age.
- (Kappa, Keith943)

Big Mouth
- (mostly male body swaps) S6Ep10 "F**ked Up Friday" 2022/10/28.
Season finale. A sudden outbreak of body-swapping yielded awkward situations. Also a swap between Jessi and the newborn baby Delilah, and between Missy and her celebrity crush Nathan Fillion. It was interesting they actually kept the body's original voices instead of changing them like they usually do in animation - (Jasobres, Randy)

Big Red Dog
(dog AP) Opening credits - 01 - 02
dog male AP

Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines
- (male adult rejuved) 1986. Young woman steals ancient map leading to Fountain of Youth in Florida mountain range. Terrorists led by elderly billionaire "Mr. Big" attempt to retrieve the map. The criminals chase Yank and his friends. Adrian Ravenscroft drinks from the fountain, becomes a young man again, and gets chased off, aging back into an old man. After which Yank and the others use their trucks to destroy the Fountain - (Jeff2beyoung)

Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines
- (male adult rejuvenation, RN) c1986.
Anyone splashed with the waters of the Fountain of Youth located in an unexplored area will immediately turn back into a young man.
- male history - male revert - male return - (Jeff2beyoung)

Biker Mice From Mars
- (anthro male rodent AR) "Bringing Up Vinnie" 2006.
Things turn whacky for the Biker Mice when Vinnie is accidentally turned into a baby mouse by the evil Dr. Catorkian. If you thought keeping Vinnie under control was a problem before, watch as the Mice battle the Catatonians and Ronald Rump while struggling to keep little Vinnie in clean diapers!
- (Anonymous) - th

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
- (male AR AA) "When the Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted are History"
12/1/90, S1Ep10.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures
- (male AR) S02Ep07 "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure In Babysitting First" 2/11/1991.
Future guy has to go back and make sure Bill and Ted keep up with their music. While traveling with them through time he is getting younger as the future is being undone. He ends up as a baby right before they decide to stick with their music.

Bionic Six
- (male ARed age stasis, male AP, male AR)
"Youth or Consequences" 6/7/87.
- Video link - male AP screencaps - male AR screencaps - (Thomas)

Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
- (male adult to old age) S02Ep06 38 "Birdman vs. The Speed Demon" 1967.
Mixing together a concoction of chemicals, a prisoner blasts himself free through the power of fantastic speed. Capable of outracing bullets, the demonic speedster steals a fortune and then a missile. He traps Birdman inside a tornado and plots to send him off to destruction in the stolen missile, but Birdman uses special skills to redirect the missile, while the Speed Demon runs himself into old age trying to outrun the projectile - (TBTC)

- (male rejuvenated, old age & RN, male AR)
"The Lord of Time" 9/26/1981, S1Ep3.
Kadray, the Lord of Time, wants to use his Time Scepter to regress the Sagar Tree back to its acorn state.
- Video link
- Male adults rejuvenated - old age and RN scene - male AR scene.
(TF Theater)

Bob's Burgers
- (age stasis illusion) S03Ep05 "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal" 2012/11/18.
Louise Belcher will let the Fischoeder family painting grow up in her place, so she will stay a girl forever. Her painted picture already looks older - art
- (male adult rejuv illusion) S04Ep17 "The Equestranauts" 2014/04/13.
At the pony convention, Bronconius tells Bob about his intent to achieve immortality by "merging mouths" with Tina's Chariot doll.

Bobby's World
- (male muscle "AP" effect dream sequences) 1990-1998.
When Bobby Generic gets angry he sometimes hulks out.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

Bojack Horseman
- (equine FB dream AR, FF RN cuts) S04Ep11 "Time's Arrow" 9/8/2017.
The episode begins with Bojack driving his mother Beatrice to the nursing home. He angrily tries to convince her he is not Henrietta, saying they are going to a "magical place" where she will be locked up so she can never hurt anyone again. She tells him to speed up, repeating her father's saying "time's arrow neither stands still nor reverses, it merely marches forward". She asks "Isn't that right Henrietta?", and in place of Bojack is Henrietta. When it zooms out, Beatrice is a young adult horse again. Henrietta stops the car and tells Beatrice they're here. When she looks in the rear view mirror, she sees her present-day elderly self. Disgusted, she pushes the mirror away. When Beatrice steps out of the car, she appears as a little girl in her school outfit. Beatrice's memories take us from her wealthy childhood through her rebellious marriage to a would-be Beat novelist, and their eventual divorce. Time has erased or scratched out many past people.
- Episode link - link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (FB) S04Ep02 "The Old Sugarman Place".
A despondent Bojack holes up in his mother's dilapidated childhood home, and finds himself transported into her past.

BoJack Horseman
- (FF, CoA issues) Sarah Lynn (b.1984) was a child actress and adult pop star who played the Horse's precocious adoptive youngest daughter Sabrina on 1990s TV show "Horsin' Around", in a parody of the girls from "Full House".
As a child, she had short hair with bangs and her front teeth stuck out. She wore a white t-shirt under pink overalls with a pink headband. As a preteen, she wore a similar outfit of white t-shirt and cropped pink overalls with a pink headband. Following the show's cancellation in 1996, she became a successful pop singer in the early 2000s, adopting a more sexualized image. She developed substance abuse problems and a reputation for scandalous behavior from the toxic entertainment business - years - years
- (male age disguise) S01-02. Vincent Adultman is an alleged adult male whose face is indistinguishable from his son Kevin, who is never seen at the same time. Bojack believes he is obviously 3 kids stacked on top of each other under a trench coat - character

Boris e Rufus
- (furry AR, stasis, anthro porcine TF CB maturation) Ep20 "A Fonte da Juventude" 2018.
Brazil. Kids who haven't aged. Dog & cats (I guess... hard to tell) into kid animals, then back. Ageless pigs into adult swine and back.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Boss Baby, The
- (male ARed AA to baby) 2017 - End Fight video link - screencaps -
- (males face FF to oa) - Grow old together video link - screencaps -
- (Tazz)

Boss Baby: Back in Business, The
- (male mental AR) S3Ep4 "The Coo Chi Coup" 2020/03/16.
Boy was mentally "babyfied" - Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Boss Baby: Back in Business, The
- (toon slight accelerated development, RN) S1Ep4 "Formula for Menace: A Dekker Moonboots Mystery" 4/6/2018.
CGI series. Ted discovers the babies are showing signs of growing up. The formula meant to keep them babies forever was tainted with a vanilla milkshake by an abandoned baby, in an attempt to win her place at Baby Corp. Jimbo grows slightly larger, and voices change - (Jeffr_2bya)

Boss Baby: Back in the Crib, The
- (male ARed aftermath) S1Ep1, Netflix series.
Ted (aka Boss Baby as an adult) was framed for corporate crimes. He still has the baby formula from the movie. Sadly no process, as he shows up at Tim's house already in baby form and goes back to work at Baby Corps - (Tazz)

Boss Baby: Family Business, The
- (male "RN UC" AP) 2021. Towards the end of the movie, he grows partially back up during a melee - link @00:15.

Boss Baby: Family Business, The
- (male AR, OC) AKA "The Boss Baby 2". 2021 CGI movie, sequel to 2017 film.
Tim (still a boy in the 1st movie) is now a dad with 2 daughters of his own (the older one is the same age he was in the 1st movie, the other still a baby). When his brother Ted (the now grown-up Boss Baby) comes to visit, the two inevitably come to blows.
It turns out that Tim's baby daughter is a boss baby herself, and needs their help to stop a madman from turning babies into bad babies. She gives them a formula that turns Tim back into a kid, and Ted back into Boss Baby for 48 hours, with actual process.
It actually looks very cool. They start as adult characters, so we get used to them first. The AR apparently happens in spurts as they drink from the special baby bottle, and they regress to kids while their clothes remain unchanged. Perfect combo. And there's voice crack, a big plus.
If the formula is supposed to turn adults into babies, why didn't it turn them both into babies? Don't get me wrong, I love the regression, but still. I think the more you drink, the younger you get. Notice how Ted was college age and then took more.
Hopefully they end up using it more near the end, maybe on the villain. Also hoping for interaction with Tim and his daughter. Obviously some back to normal AP as well, if they don't hide it offscreen.
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Tazz, Vended, Ouroboros)

Bots Master, The
- (disguised?) 1993. A young girl was reportedly quite disgusted about being turned into a beautiful jack-booted villainess for undercover purposes? Little sister Blitzy was reportedly "changed" into Lady Frenzy? - Blitzy

Bots Master, The
- (face disguises)
"You Can Bank On It", 1993. The hero's younger sister masquerades as another girl.
"Blind Date". villainess Lady Frenzy masquerades as model Alicia.
- (Robur)

Bounty Hamster
- (male furry AA AP) "Bringing up Baby", 3/13/2003, 10.
A lady entrusts Cassie to take care of her anthro baby. His age changes are revealed to be a natural phase of these alien bears. He starts AA-ing from baby to toddler to teen to middle age to elderly, then back to baby, then to teen. His "mom" is his twin sister. We see her as an adult, elderly, teen, and a glimpse of her as a child in the distance.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (BE coming of age wish) - bra stretchout.
- (BE) Ep 58 "Busted" About Sharon dealing with pressure of being a young teenager and having braces. After Sharon is mistaken for being 13-and-under once too often, she determines it's because other girls her age are better developed. So Sharon buys a pump up bra to give mother nature a hand. After an initial thrill at all the extra attention her new fuller figure is receiving, she discovers that her new mature look comes with its own set of problems. Contains 2 or 3 minor BE scenes followed by one that you have to see to believe. (Dekashi) info link, no pictures

Brandy and Mr. Whiskers
- (furry AR, RN) S01Ep08 "Blind Ambition" 9/18/2004.
- (adult rejuv) Brandy introduces money into the jungle. She decides to sell a skin enhancer to gain the finances to live a glorious life, but when she mistreats her friends who actually make the product, things go different than anticipated - (Tazz)

- (male entity AA APed to OA, RN AR AA) "Birthday Bread", S2Ep5, 5/24/2015.
He keeps throwing birthday parties. Boy creature into old form and then back to normal in the Fountain of Yeast, then little kid, then baby.
- Video link @11:16 - male OA screencaps - male AR screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male entity age-up) "Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting", 2015, S2Ep1.
Booty-shaking duck babysitters operate bread delivery service out of rocket van. Baby creature into teen monster.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (adult rejuv illusions, TG) Comedy Central, 2012 to 2015.
Ep7 "Hello Dottie" 11/13/2012? The three fired rangers find new work. Turning off the lights in a strip club will have a de-aging effect. But it wears off when the lights are turned on again.
- Clip link - gif - caps
- Clip link - gif - caps
- (Kingfaraday, Jayden, Blogerlady)

Brother Bear 2
- (Disney AA TF, FFed) 2006 sequel to 2003 movie.
Having been transformed into a bear, Kenai is haunted by memories of his childhood friend Nita. Now the pair must undertake an excursion as bear and woman. Nita eventually chooses to AA into a bear herself with the same coloring as Kenai, and they get married. The spirits change the cave painting of young Nita and Kenai into bear cubs, since neither is human any more.
- Screencaps - (Robert Zoo)

- (creatures back into baby entities) "BT21 BABY" Korea, 2020/03.
Line Friends manhwa CGI products. "A new line up" CM link - - (Tazz)

Bubble Guppies
- (anthros AR poofs) S5Ep9 "Super Baby!" 2020/04/10.
Mixed media/CGI. Mermaid cops into babies, sea creatures ARed.
- Scene link - Info link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Bubble Guppies
- (chibi AR) S5Ep9 "Super Baby!" 2020/04/10. Nick Jr.
When supervillain Lady Goo Goo starts changing everyone into babies, it's up to Guppy Girl and Bubble Boy to stop her before they also get regressed.
- Clip link - Image link - (Tazz)

Buford and the Galloping Ghost
- (adult age disguised) 1979, Sat. morning series. A female ranch hand dons the mask of a rejuvenated ancient female Egyptian ruler - (Robur)

Bump in the Night
- (male anthro entity AR poof) "Baby Jail" 1994/10/22.
Stop-motion series. Bumpy accidentally swallows some baby formula while trying to feed a baby and becomes one of them.
- Info link - Episode link - caps

- (cutaway ARed AA & FFed old age AA) S3Ep1 "Mastering the Genie" 12/01/2018.
The characters find a magic lamp. The genie enjoys turning wishes into nightmares. Just a poof scene where the female teen protagonist became a baby and then old.
- Video link - screencaps - (JayTee)

- (furry male AR, RN CB glimpse) S1Ep9 "Son of Bunnicula" 3/19/2016.
A cartoon based on the 1990s children's book series about a vampire bunny that sucks the juices from veggies. His two friends (a cat and a dog) discover a list of what each veggie does to Bunnicula. They believe that if he sucks an eggplant he will lay an egg. When they go to a room, they find a drained eggplant next to an egg that appears fertilized, and eventually hatches into "the son of Bunnicula". The two pets babysit the baby creature, which of course gives them a handful. To save the cat's life, Bunnicula reveals the baby was actually himself playing a prank. He drained a normal egg of its yolk, then drained himself to shrink to babysize. He then did something to increase his eyes and head to make his face look baby-cute, and transported himself into the egg with his vampire powers. Of course the cat gets revenge at the end for being forced to babysit him.
- Episode link - AR caps - RN caps - caps - (Tazz)

Bunsen Is a Beast
- (AA AR poofs) S1Ep8 "Mikey Is a Beast" 2/22/2017.
Kid and creature into babies and man into kid (then back); at the end it happens again.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Bureau of Alien Detectors (B.A.D)
- (males AA ARed & rejuved) S01Ep04 "Freezer Burn" 9/29/1996.
Intergalactic aliens move among us. A male team member saved her life, at the cost of being abducted by tentacles. Exposure to alien ice had regressed him into a baby a few years later. Frozen male adults became a few years younger after brief immersion. The existence of the ice had to be covered up. Sadly no process was shown.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
- (male anthro OA) Ep61 "Ancient Evil" 2001/01/06.
The villain Natron the First steals Warp Darkmatter's life force, causing him to become extremely elderly.

- (dream sequences; excellent slight AP CB glimpse, adult to old age face, male AA APed to death) S3Ep3 "Mystery Loves Company".
A discussion about aging. Blink-and-you-miss-it dream scene where a toddler girl rapidly grows into a young child, her dress tightening and ripping one shoulder seam as strain lines develop around the fabric from the sheer pressure of her growth. There is a combined rubberlike/fabric stretching and tearing sound. Obviously, it had to stop there or she would have ended up naked. The mother then ages to elderly, while a young brother became a young adult who then aged into a corpse.
- Full episode link @20:45 - gif - gif - screencaps - (Deniz)

- (reportedly adult age increased?) S03Ep03 "Mystery Loves Company" 2020/07/16?
Live-action/animated shorts/sketches, FXX - no info link - (Kappa)

Camp Candy
- (male AR & aftermath, male RN AP CB) S1Ep8 "Mind Over Matter/Brat Pact" 1989/11/04.
Chester accidentally found the fountain of youth and AA'd into a boy again. Rex sees a chance for Chester to destroy the camp from the inside. However, he grew back up and burst through his shoes and clothes while being spanked. The level of detail was quite unusual for this brief glimpse.
- Full episode link @13:30 - caps

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
- (male & female young adults to old age, RNed) "The Creepy Claw Caper" 10/29/77.
Members of a rock band are threatened by an evil figure with an age ray who makes one old and ransoms the other for a special case of rare coins.
- Video link - screencaps:
- male old age - old age TF - old aged - RN scene
(Chrono Eclipse)

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
- (young adult to old age, RNed) "Lights, Camera, Cavey" 6/21/1980.
During a Hollywood studio tour, Cavey and the Teen Angels witness a phantom who causes young actresses to get prematurely wrinkled, jeopardizing their careers. Can the team shine on their own to save the young starlets?
- Video link - caps - (Chrono Eclipse)

Captain Marvel
- (male OA) Black Adam was tricked into saying "Shazam", and reverted to his "mortal form", instantly crumbling into dust. This happened in the comics too.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
- (16 to 21 AA age-up) - screencaps

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
- (adult to extreme old age) S02Ep17-18, "Summit to Save Earth" parts 1-2, 1992/02.
Zarm infiltrates a summit and takes their places. He transforms Gaia into a mortal woman, and traps her and the Planeteers in his ship for 10 years. This inflicts old age on Gaia, and she would continue to age until literally becoming dust. She got restored later.
- Full episode Part 1 link - Full episode Part 2 link

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
- (young adult to middle aged, dream sequence) "The Numbers Game", 2/18/1995, S05E11.
The importance of population control. Wheeler asks early on why people have children they can't afford. Later, he falls asleep in the Tunnel of Love before his first kiss with Linka, and dreams they are married. He finds himself in his 40s stuck with eight children... that he can't afford. Hope Island is destroyed by overconsumption, but the Planeteers don't care anymore. After awaking from his nightmare, thankful to avert a disastrous future, he decides to remain chaste to protect the planet.
- link aged sequence starts @13:00 - screencaps - (Muscledrain)

Captain Planet
- (FFed) - parody
- (slight FB/FF) - There was some Nudity fan-art - INFO PAGE

Captain Planet
- (teen to adult AA TF AP's, beast growth) - Grade-ups
- (AP AA) "In Zarm's Way". Size changing themes. A boy and a girl who are friends, along with their pets, are placed in a computer generated world. The two kids' parents don't get along which causes the two kids to turn on each other, and as they become older their pets also start to change into adult versions of themselves. But the kids keep aging as they battle each other and the cat and dog eventually evolve into their wilder forms and then the kids reach adulthood.
- Vidcaps - 01 - male

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
- (male AA "AP" poof) 2017. Vid link - caps - - (Tazz)

Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings, The
(male animal CB) #27? Canada 1983 animated television special. Kid runs away from home to rundown park, where he meets creepy old mad scientist Professor Coldheart. He takes the boy back to his lab where he gives him a foamy drink, and the kid begins to change, feet bursting out of his shoes, his body going pasty white and hairless while his nose gets huge and his mouth disappears. (toolman19)

Care Bears Movie 2 - A New Generation
(furry AP) The Care Bears are looking after the Care Bear cousins (who are just little babies). The cousins suddenly grow up and change in appearance, and thus are deemed old enough to make sure that everybody does not stop caring.

Care Bears, The
- (AR AA) "The Fountain Of Youth" S4Ep17, 7/16/1988.
Champ Bear, with help from Braveheart Lion, goes on a quest to find a fountain whose water makes everyone younger - but Beastly and Shrieky will stop at nothing to find it too.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas, Baby Junior)

Care Bears
- (furry AR AA) S03Ep15 "The Fountain of Youth" 11/8/1985.
Villainess Shrieky tests all kinds of booby traps while beating Champ to the fountain of youth. Beastly and Shrieky will jump ahead and use it first. To 'claim' the fountain, she takes a drink. Of course; she turns into a babybear. One of only a few animations showing a WOMANbear being infantilized. At first nothing happens, but then she begins to shrink rapidly. 'Shrieky, is that you?' Beastly asks the cloth-diapered tot sitting on the ground. She throws a hat at his head. 'Yup, that's you alright'.
Brave-heart Lion: 'I may be old, but I think I know when a diaper needs changing!'. Beastly picks her up and says 'a diaper! but I don't know how to change a diaper! I have trouble changing my own mind!' and Beastly runs off carrying Shrieky (at arms length) while Shrieky is shrieking. The Care Bears laugh and it turns out old Brave-Heart knew where the fountain was all along but he liked being old because with age comes wisdom.
- (Time)

- (male ghost AR) S02Ep10 "Three Ghosts and a Baby" 11/9/1996
The doctor accidentally hypnotizes Casper and he turns into a baby ghost with a diaper. Doc tries to find someone to help the ghostly trio take care of baby Casper. One cute scene was when they changed Casper's diaper and Fatso puts a new diaper on Casper's head instead of his bottom - (Taz)

Cattanooga Cats, The
- (furry FB "ARed") HB cartoon about a cat rock band.
Soundtrack album: Side2 Track5 "My Birthday Suit" 1969, by Hatcher, 01:40.
- Early bubblegum pop, cartoon music video featuring the Cattanooga Cats. It's oh so wrong on so many levels... The titular characters briefly shown as babies could be considered AR, but the catgirl is shown progressively older.
- Video link - - caps - (Tazz)

CBS Storybreak: Dragon's Blood
- (creature accelerated growth) 5/25/1985, S1Ep9.
A bonded orphan on a distant planet vows to earn his freedom by training a dragon to be a champion fighter. Dragons do age fast.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

celebrities as kids (cartoon series concept)
- (flashbacks to fictionalized childhoods)
Little Rosey
- With Roseanne Barr, 1990-91.
Little Ellen
- Preschool series, 2021-22. Featuring 7 y.o. version of Ellen DeGeneres.
Little Bill
- Based on the "Little Bill" books by Bill Cosby, 1999-2004. Reruns until 2014.
  Follows the adventures of Little Bill Glover (based on Cosby) and his friends in Philadelphia, learning lessons or morals.
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
- 115 eps, 1972-85. Includes a character based on Bill Cosby himself.
Life With Louie
- Based on comedian/actor Louie Anderson's childhood, 1995-98.
The LeBrons
- A family of personalities based on LeBron James's childhood, 2011.
- Kids' WB, YTV, 1996-98. More or less based on Damon Wayans' childhood.

Celebrity Death Match
(GTS UC) Cell accelerator causes rapid adult "growth". CBed

Celebrity Deathmatch
- Ep. 411: Mandy Moore vs. Pink. Mandy Moore scene?
- Episode 404: "Blink 182 vs. 98 Degrees" They had a body inflation of Kerri Russel in one episode and a GTS-"growth" of Jessica Simpson in another. She was accidentally hit by a "growth" ray. Growth was so-so with a lil bit of clothes ripping.
- (male AR, male old age) One of the 3 stooges is turned into a sperm by a time machine and one of the 3 tenors becomes 1000 years older.
- Frankie Muniz goes in the same time machine to be 10 years younger but comes out as an old man. (TAZ)

Celebrity DeathMatch
- (male ARed) S06Ep04 "King of the Lil' People" 5/9/2007.
All the fights are between celebrities with Lil in the name. The card was:
- Lil Bow Wow v. Lil Romeo.
- Lil Wayne v. Lil Flip.
- Lil John v. Lil Kim.
Well anyway in the plot, there was a problem. Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow had grown and dropped the Lil in their names and just call themselves Romeo and Bow Wow. So the solution is to kill them and bring them back to life thanks to the CDM time machine as kids (when they became celebrities). The killings and resurrections were off screen, but in the ring they complain they are kids again - (Tazz)

Celebrity Deathmatch
- (male younger past forms) S6Ep4 "King of the Lil' People" 2007/03/02.
Fight 1: "Lil' Bow Wow vs. Lil' Romeo". They were killed offscreen and resurrected via the Deathmatch time machine as their 12 y.o. selves.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Centsables, The
- (ARed cutaway) "The Centsables" - S1Ep5 "Bouncing Baby Boy", Fox Business financial edutainment, c2014.
CGI animal superheroes that teach kids about fiscal responsibility are a group of friendly bankers by day.
Granny Villain of the Week apparently took notes from real-life villain Frank William Abagnale to produce a fairly simple check bouncing scheme. She uses the proceeds to fund a raygun that could turn everyone in Centsinnati into an infant.
- Episode link - caps

Chacha Bhatija
- (male ARed AA zap) Ep82/206? c2017.
Punjabi CGI series. Bhalla & Chacha became boys again.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Chaotic: M'arrilian Invasion
- (ARed, male adult aged) "Time's Up"
The AR occurred offscreen before the episode. Male character became old, female became young. No process at all sadly, just the female character saying "scan-scan" and "yay" as a 5-year old. But at least it's something, kinda. They find her at about 3:30 of part 2 - video link (SabreX)

Chaotic: M'arrilian Invasion
- (ARed, male OA) "Time's Up" - time shifts
- (AR, unseen AA APed) 2008 "Time's Up". Time is bent around in odd ways. Go down a tunnel, and you never know how old you'll be when you come out, or what era you'll end up in. Peyton became an old man, Sarah turned into a toddler, and Kaz became middle aged. link

Charlie and Lola
- (AA age swap dream sequence) "I Want To Be Much More Bigger Like You", 10/28/05, S1Ep21.
Lola is excited about the "super duper loop-the-looper." She's convinced that this year she'll be tall enough to ride. Measuring their heights on the wall, Charlie doesn't think she's grown all that much. But Lola's not discouraged and tries to make herself grow. Then, Charlie has an idea on how to convince her there are positive aspects to being kind of small. Lola imagines what would happen if they really did switch places. This takes us to an alternate reality where Charlie is the younger sibling, and Lola is, well, now she's the older sister. "Why can't it be different for even one time? I could stay up the latest, I could have all the important jobs, I could even get my own pink milk from the fridge! It's not fair!" Lola as the older sibling looks about 10 years old, 3 years from being a tween!

Chhota Bheem
- (male AA cutaway ARed) India, 2008+
Bheem with his friends protects a kingdom from evil.
- Ep185 "Boom Baby Bheem".
Kalia uncorks the potion and a few drops fall into the laddoos. The next day the kids find Bheem turned into a toddler causing mischief - screencaps
- Ep198 "Kyuki Baday Bhi Kabhi Bacchay".
A scientist created a ray gun that makes things young. Bird into egg, tree into sapling, and butterfly into caterpillar. An accident causes the gun to go off (a mad dash for cover), and a dad was turned into a toddler. The kids have to babysit him till the scientist finds a cure.
- No process. The kids only wake to find Bheem (we don't even see him eat the food), and the same with the father (not even seen getting hit) - (Tazz)

China, IL
- (contains rapid pregnancy) S2Ep8 "Surfer God", Adult Swim - (Catfish27)

China, IL
- (male baby to old man) "Baby Boom", S1Ep3, 10/16/2011, Adult Swim.
A gigantic newborn baby appears at the college, and because it's so large, anything it does kills a lot of people. They debate whether or not to execute it for murder... it kills every second, but it's a baby. One solution is to shrink it down to normal size... they inject it with a giant syringe. But instead of getting smaller, the baby rapidly ages into a giant old man. Solution: It's no longer a baby but an old man, so in the end they execute it off-camera as a mercy kill. It's old and fragile with the mentality of a newborn - (Tazz)

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers
- (male adult anthro rodent OA) S02Ep43 "Rest Home Rangers".
Monty gets caught in another of Nimnul's inventions - this time, an aging gun that causes him to grow old before his time - (Stonegate Dragoniade)

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
- (male furry OA) The mouse Monty was zapped by a prune powered aging machine.

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
- (male adult old age scenes) Ep56 "Rest Home Rangers", 3/22/90, Disney.
Professor Nimnul invents an aging ray and turns Monty (who is already insecure about getting old) into an old man mouse. The rangers attempt to reverse the effects.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sweetbloom)

Chipmunks, The
- (furry babies) "The Chipmunks" - "Film Flam" 9/14/85, S3, 27A.
David finds an old film that contains embarrassing videos of the Chipmunks when infants. Alvin misdelivers the film tape to make a music videoclip with diapering, humiliation and such - DL-link - (shlalom masters)

- (male AP) Video link - caps

(male AP AA) spurt (Alex)

Christmas Carol, A
(AA FF, shrinking) 2009, AKA "Disney's A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey.
Scrooge sees the children Ignorance (male) and Want (female) rapidly appear to progress into adulthood. The Ghost of Christmas continues the scene to old age and death. The sequence is very quick, but the spirit takes a while to change.

Chuck's Choice
- (AA poofs, TFs, TG, age forms) Intro.
Teen male's arms into balloons (then back), gains horns, head inflates, muscular, monster, buck tooth and fat, and pirate. Teen female into mermaid, monkey, princess, adult man, robot, robot creature, flying pig, rabbit, alligator.
Intro link - screencaps
- (male teen AA'd into man) S1Ep7 "Grown Up Chuck" 5/14/2017.
Episode link - screencaps
- (male mental infantile) S1Ep5 "So wrong its right" 5/2017.
Teen male chooses to only take tests he can pass. As a result he returns to kindergarten and is treated as if he was 5.
Episode link
- (Tazz)

Chuck's Choice
- (male FB ARed) S01Ep12a "No Pain, No Dwayne".
Adult man is sent back to when he was 15. Video link - screencaps -
- (AA "GTS") S01Ep12b "Shell Raisers".
Chuck's Mom Ellen AAs into 200 ft. tall hulk-monster at the end. Vid link -
- (Tazz)

City of Rott
- (male adult degeneration) Frank Sudol, 2006, 78 mins. Zombie-themed 2D animation movie.
Fred discovers a new type of parasite known as Brain Worms. As becomes evident from the symptoms of partial memory loss, adult age progression, and hallucinations, Fred has already been infected.

- (age illusions) S2Ep8 "Time Crimes" 2/4/2016.
Main character wins a cereal box watch that he believes controls time. Through numerous shenanigans, he stumbles across a retirement facility that he thinks contains his former classmates (who all bear quite the resemblance).
- - info link - (MeanMark)

Class of the Titans
- (male AA AR glimpse, male young adult to old age AA)
"Time Enough For Everything" S2Ep5, 10/7/07.
- Odie is starting to feel unappreciated, so he uses the Timepiece of Zeus to impress his teammates.
Vid link - cap - cap - (Thomas)

Class of the Titans
- (male AR OC scene) S02Ep20 "The Game Plan" 4/4/2009.
Two guys have to use a wheel of fortune type game to find out information. One of them gets a baby symbol, which regresses him instantly.
Episode link - clip link - gif - screencaps
- (male AR AA to nothing) S02Ep04 "Time Enough For Everything" 10/7/2007.
Quick AR to non existence with the timepiece of Zeus.
Episode link - clip link - gif
- (Entropic, Natasha, Tazz)

Class of the Titans
- (male AR to non-existence, old age) "Time Enough For Everything" S2 Ep5, 10/7/2007. The 7 heroes search several temples for the Tablet of Prometheus. Odie uses the Timepiece of Zeus to impress his teammates. Ray is regressed till he vanishes. His friends are aged as they try to undo the mistake. (Dragonaide, Stonegate, 2BYA)
- (male AR, male old age)
- male

Cleveland Show, The
- (FF BE) "All You Can Eat", S3Ep22, 65, 5/20/2012.
Roberta explains how she became popular when she changed her top from the 7th grade to the 8th grade. The gag is that it was really the same top - caps

Cleveland Show, The
- (teen to middle age FF) 2011 Smartphone application to "age" a teenager.
Video link - screencaps - (Max, Process)

Clifford the Big Red Dog
- (furry male adult OA dream) S2Ep2 "Fan Mail/Hooray for Cleo" 2002/05/17.
Speckle Story: "Speckle and the Big Job". Speckle worries it will take him forever to clean up a big mess and he is growing a Rip Van Winkle beard?!
- Scene caps - (Ricco)

Clone High
- (male adult as teen disguises) pilot episode, 2002 - Principal Scudworth and Mr. Butlertron try to sneak into JFK's party dressed as completely outdated teenagers. Surprisingly, they fool no one.

Clone High
- (male/female FF AA AP) During the cartoon's introduction we see the clones of famous people being aged - (Jeffr_2bya)

Close Enough
- (adult age form illusions) S1Ep7 "First Date" 2020/07/09.
Josh and Emily mirror torture - Scene link - screencaps
- (male FB, adults FFed) S2Ep1b "Meet The Frackers" 2021/02/25.
Pearle tells the truth about Randy's parents. Here's what his biological mom looks like now. It's the voice that wins my favor.
- Scenes link - link - screencaps - (Kappa)
- (male adult muscle) - CB TF

Close Enough
- (adult OA-like degeneration to death) S3Ep2a "Hellspital" 2022/04/07 - Scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Close Enough
A show about living life in your 30s, by the folks that brought us the "Regular Show". Many jokes and comments about growing older or wishing you were younger.
- (pseudo "ARed" illusion) - S01Ep01 "Quilty Pleasures/The Perfect House" 2020.
A few scenes where the characters believe they are interacting with cute orphan children, only to realize they hallucinated elderly homeless people as youngsters.
- (male AR illusion morph) - S01Ep02 "Logan's Run'd/Room Parents".
Female character makes out with a guy she believes to be in his 20s at a club, only to discover he's literally a baby in disguise - it plays out like a pseudo male TF to infancy.
- (old age, AP UC, rejuv, RN AR) - S01Ep07 "First Date/Snailin' It" 2020/07/09.
Female lead was aged to elderly status, while Josh and Emily's 5 y.o. old innocent and naive daughter Candice Ramirez-Singleton was aged into a teen.
This episode contains: female adult to middle-age; brief female middle-age to teen; female child to teen AP; female teen to old age; reverts to normal of the elderly woman back to young adult, and the daughter from teen back to child at the end.
- Clip link - gifs - (Mecham, Chronoeclipse)

clothes don't change with (TF depictions)
- (very rare OC, or slight UC glimpse?)
Someone transforms (no matter what kind: gender, age, animal, etc) and their clothes do NOT change with them.
Martin Mystery
- "Return of the Dark Druid" - size
- "Do the Rat Thing" - animal
Men in Black
- "Little Big Man Syndrome" - size
Princess and the Frog
- Animal / animated movie
- (Jeck L)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
- (male mental flashback) CGI Brent McHale's famous baby pose - (O')

Clyde Crashcup
- (male AA AR) "The Time Machine"
Chicken into egg, man into newborn. Professor Crashcup tries to invent a time machine for a trek through history. His device malfunctions and he is almost turned back into a baby. The Professor decides to destroy the machine. Leonardo salvages one piece of the machine and he turns into an infant.
- Video link - caps - (Jeff2beyoung, Thomas)

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (AA APed) AA APed
- (AA hulk child) girl "growth" triggered by anger
- (male age stasis) male baby executive
- (male AP CBed) age changer male AP

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (AR, RN, AA AP, old age) "Operation G.R.O.W.-U.P." Ep 13 3/7/03, and "Operation C.A.B.L.E.-T.V." 1/24/03.
Multiple AA scenes - male AR - (TBTC)
- (male) 2004 "Operation K.I.S.S.", AKA "Kid Is Suddenly Sixteen".
Numbuh 2 APs himself to age 16, reverts, APs again, etc. He's considerably cuter as a teenager than as a little kid, oddly enough. When he "grows" into a teenager or shortens back his weight doesn't appear to change.
- male APed - male APed
- Baby executive - male babality
- Numbuh 2 and 4 imagine themselves as adults fighting the adult Delightful Children - APed
- (werepoodle TF CB) "Operation: H.O.U.N.D" Numbuh 5 learns her classmate Valerie has the power to transform into a were-poodle at will.
TF CB shoe burst scene - TF scene.
- (AR) - AR

Codename: Kids Next Door
- ("preteen" AA zombie "oa'd") Operation: Z.E.R.O.
Video link - caps - (Dragoniade)

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (AA AR, AA AP, old age) "Operation F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N."
age reduced - ARed, AA AP - AA AP RN - old age
- (grandma AA AP, costume transformation, weight gain) "Operation T.A.P.I.O.C.A."
- (male AA APed illusion, male CB "growth") "Operation: W.H.I.T.E.H.O.U.S.E." 69, 09/29/06.
Numbuh 1 wakes up to discover he's not only an adult, but the President of the United States. He finally realizes it's a dream-like virtual simulation, and uses his newfound knowledge to Hulk out and wreck up the place. Classic Hulk-style muscle scene - (MGN)
- (old aged AA blink TFed) "Operation: Z.E.R.O." 8/11/06.
Papi, aka Grandfather, plans to restore his evil reign by turning everyone who was once a kid into ancient, evil zombies. As more and more KND operatives are turned evil and old, Numbuh One has to get help from unexpected places - vid link AA TFed at end of clip - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (FF APed AA) Adult Numbah Three: fan art - fan art
- (male FFed) fan art

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (AA AR) S01Ep08 "Operation: C.A.B.L.E.-T.V" 1/24/2003.
- (age poofs) S01Ep12 "Operation: G.R.O.W.-U.P." 3/07/2003.
- (OA rejuv) S02Ep03 "Operation T.A.P.I.O.C.A" 2003.
- (male AA AP) S02Ep06 "Operation K.I.S.S." 2/1/2004.
- (AR/RN) S03Ep04 "Operation: F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N." 7/9/2004.
- (age stasis) S05Ep08 "Operation C.A.K.E.D.-F.I.V.E." 4/14/2006.
- (AA OA zombies) "Operation: Z.E.R.O." 8/11/2006.
INFO PAGE - (Unknown, Spec, Dave, Jeffr_2bya)

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (coming of age, FFed)
When KND operatives grow up and out of their roles, they turn into the enemy (teenagers/adults). If they submit to the mandatory mind-wipe, they become harmless; if they don't, they do an automatic Face Heel Turn and join the opposing forces. In the series finale, one of the characters even equates adulthood to a disease. To hammer the point, the adult versions of Sector V are portrayed as live-action actors. However, towards the end of the episode, the show begins to imply that growing up may not be so bad after all.

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (male AA AP spurt) "Operation D.I.A.P.E.R." - Vid link - caps

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (TF to decrepit) "Operation ZERO", Villains into old zombies.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Combo Ninos
- (AR AA, RNed) c2007, SIP Animations, France.
"Kid Grinto"? Mostly male adults into kids, plant into sapling, bird into egg, kids into toddlers.
- Video link - screencaps
- Video link - screencaps
- (Thomas)

Conan the Adventurer
- (male adult aging, male old age, male adult rejuvenation, male adult muscle restoration, male AR)
"In Days of Old" 9/24/1993, S2 Ep23.
- Greywolf was drained of his youth. The Sorcerer left him to die. Conan and Jezmine decide to pay a visit to the Sorcerer but will they suffer the same fate as their friend?
- Video link - Screencaps:
Male OA rejuvenation - Male rejuvenation - Male old age - Male AR
- (TF Theater)

Conan the Adventurer
- (monster TF AP) S01Ep05 "The Heart of Rakkir" 10/10/1992.
A baby phoenix named Needle is changed into a huge adult Phoenix - (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord)

Conan the Adventurer
- (rejuv, AR, possible OA?) S01Ep18 "In Days of Old".
Conan runs into a sorcerer stealing the adult youth from other people by using birds that take youth away. The sorcerer is given his just deserts when he crashes into the potions and becomes a baby again. In a way he has been given a second chance at life.

- (adult rejuvenation) 1975, animated/live-action blaxploitation, Ralph Bakshi.
Surreal old lady to young woman nude TF scene begins at 4:28.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tykun)

(kinda like adult rejuvenations) 2009.
11 y.o. girl longs for more attention, so she enters a parallel world in which her parents want to turn her into a ghost child. The movie is filled with sinister and enchanting transformations, as when the 2 portly, retired British music-hall performers burst out of their shells of voluminous bosom and elephantine waist and fly through the air as slender, graceful young maidens.

Courage the Cowardly Dog
- (AR/RN AA) S01Ep13 "Little Muriel".
Disaster strikes in Nowhere as a tornado tears through the neighborhood. It picks up Muriel and due to its spinning motion, reverses time and turns Muriel into a 3 1/2 y.o. child! Courage discovers the joys of babysitting - (Jeffr_2bya)

Courage The Cowardly Dog
- (rat AR) S02Ep13 "The Tower of Doctor Zalost" - (Dragoniade)

Courage the Cowardly Dog
(AR, RN) Muriel is AR'ed to 3 1/2 by tornado - 01 - ARed scene.

Cow and Chicken
- (furry adult baby) "Sumo Cow/Comet!" 2.4, 2/3/98. Cow and her friends want to play sumo. "Diapering" clip, Earl's "beauty parade" sissy/TG - (shlalom masters)

Cramp Twins, The
(male flash forward) male

- (AR AA, ARed, RN AA) S1Ep9 "Forbidden Fruit" 4/4/2004.
2 young teens turn younger after eating a magical fruit. Then cutaways into kids, then little kids, then toddlers, then babies.
- Episode link - D-c67HXfpGM - screen caps - screen caps - (Tazz)

Daft Planet
- (male accelerated growth APed) S1Ep4 "The New Me - Kinda" 2002/09/23.
The science class learns about the horror and beauty of human cloning. Ched accidentally sneezes into a petri dish that contains a cloning formula and mistakenly pockets it. The next day he discovers a baby version of him in Hudson's living room. The clone has a lifespan of one week. He goes on a date with a girl as a teenager, and is an adult by the time the movie ends.
- (body swap) "Trading Faces". Ched and Harley learn what the other's life is like.
- (Deniz)

Danger Mouse (reboot)
- (anthro chicken AR & OA'd effect, RN) S02Ep25 "Twysted Sister" 2018/09/17.
By mishandling her age-reversing balm, Danger Mouse accidentally turns Professor Squawkencluck (the show's scientist) into a teenager with no adult memories. He finds he much prefers her younger, more carefree self. To help her turn back, he asks for help from her alternate universe self, where things are reversed. There she is a mad old woman fowl scientist planning on draining the sun. They defeat her and turn Squawk back (with no memory of what happened).
- Episode link - - Alt link - caps - (Tazz)

Danger Mouse
- (AA AR/AP poofs) "Tampering with Time Tickles, S05Ep09, 4/16/1984.
The villain frog tests a weapon that makes people older or younger with balls with a plus and minus sign on them. Danger Mouse gets hit with the minus ball turning him into a little boy. His partner got hit with the plus ball turning him into an old man. They return to normal at the end and turn the villains into babies - (JeffR)

Danger Mouse
- (TG AR) UK, 83 "Crumhorn Strikes Back!" 2/6/92.
Professor Crumhorn uses transformation pill to turn himself into a little girl in an attempt to gain DM's confidence, and get him to break into Fort Knox. Penfold, DM's sidekick, accidentally takes one at the end of the show.
- (body swap) 85 "There's A Penfold In My Suit" 2/20/92.
The "swapping stone" causes a king and his daughter to switch bodies, and at the end of the show Penfold is in the body of the princess.

Danny Phantom
- (FF AA) Minnie fan art

Danny Phantom
- (male age forms)
As the ghost of time, Clockwork can't stay the same age for more than a few seconds. Due to his time-based nature, he will constantly switch between his child form to adult form to old form (it is unclear which is his true form, although his voice mostly matches his adult form). This follows a specific pattern: Child, Old, Adult, Child, etc.

Danny Phantom
- (male coming of age) Danny made light of his "evil puberty" powers once he received the Ghostly Wail. His powers reacted to his growing teenage body (example: his nervous emotions towards a girl triggered an unexpected intangibility).

Danny Phantom
- (OA) "My Brother's Keeper" old aged screencaps for those who couldn't view video
- (male "growth" CBed) High school football player expands during demonic possession. male
- (old age unwrapping) "My Brother's Keeper" 6/18/04. Danny's older sister Jazz suspects his secret, while evil counselor steals students energy to stay young. Vid links:
part 1 introduction
second half The old age unlayering scene is at end.
- (old age) "My Brother's Keeper" 06/18/04 cartoon. Spectra is posing as a counselor at Danny's school and feeding off kids misery to keep herself young. Spectra, after been hit, started rapid aging by peeling off each layer of herself, and getting to be a really old women. (Metamorphose)

Danny Phantom
- (shoe bursting) foot increase cap

Danny Phantom
A highschooler with a secret identity - INFO PAGE
- (old age) S01Ep09 "My Brother's Keeper" 6/18/2004.
- (AR/AP canine) S01Ep10 "Shades of Gray" 9/24/2004.
- (ghost/AR/AA forms) S02Ep05 "The Ultimate Enemy" 09/16/2005.
- (Jeffr_2bya, The Gambler, Stonegate, Dragoniade, Lit-L-One)

- (adult as teen dressup AA) Magazine editor Val ran her own magazine supposedly appealing to teens - and never stopped trying to act like one despite clearly being in her early thirties. Few were fooled, though people tended to suck up to her anyway.

- (flashback) "Boxing Daria"
When Daria was 6 years old, the Morgendorffers lived in a single-story Highland home which the teenage Quinn later refers to as "the old house."

MTV's Daria: The Iconic Cartoon 20 Years Later
- (young adult continuity FFed) 2017.
Music: "Sophomore Makeout", Silent Partner - The cast 20 years later: info toon link - cap - (Kappa)

(coming of age) She appeared stockier in "Beavis and Butt-head" than in "Daria", but this can be attributed to the fact that 15 year-old Daria had not yet completed her pubescent growth spurt at that time. There was a conscious decision to make her taller and slimmer in the spin-off series - ARed fan art (EdMinistrator)

Dark Crystal, The
- (slight adult anthro entity rejuvenation) The Skeksis use the light of the Crystal, focused by a reflector, to drain vital essence into a liquid that they consume to restore their youth. Podlings restore youth for a handful of seconds. Gelflings restore it for a longer period, but the effect is still fleeting. The Skeksis exterminated nearly the entire Gelfling race for their essence, which ran out as a result.

Dark Crystal, The
- (slight adult rejuvenation) Puppet animation. Captive Podlings are drained of their living essence to provide the Skeksis with mindless slaves. Drinking the essence gives a temporary "youth boost" in appearance.

Darkwing Duck
- (anthro male AA AR poof TF, RN) "Disguise the Limit", S1Ep38, 1991.
Negaduck, disguised, frames Darkwing for a series of crimes. To go into hiding, the hero uses an experimental S.H.U.S.H. design to spontaneously change into whomever he looks at.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Darkwing Duck
- (male adult avian to OA, RN) "Going Nowhere Fast", S2Ep11, 11/16/1991.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Darkwing Duck
- (male anthro AA AR & RN) "You sweat your life", s1ep18, 9/30/91.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Darkwing Duck
Disney waterfowl & allied anthros - INFO PAGE
- (anthro mind transfers) S01Ep14 "Trading Faces" 9/24/1991.
- (anthro rejuvenation and AR) S01Ep18 "You Sweat Your Life" 11/11/1991.
- (male anthro AA poof AR) S01Ep38 "Disguise The Limit".
- (male adult anthro to old age) S02Ep11 "Going Nowhere Fast".

(TF) Philippines - AA

Dave the Barbarian
- (AA muscle FF) "Growing Fang" fan art - (Jose_Ramiro)

Dave the Barbarian
- (creature AP) "The Brutish Are Coming", 4/30/2004, 113. Young dragon into adult - Video link - (Thomas)

Dave the Barbarian
(AR) "Night of the Living Plush" 12/27/2004. Candy has bought too many plush animals. Chuckles the silly piggy regresses the heroes into 2 year olds by magic. (Jeffr_2bya)

DC Showcase: The Phantom Stranger
- (male demon adult stasis, adult youth theft & decay to dust) animated short, 2020.
Seth and Phantom Stranger engage in a sword fight. Seth feeds off Stranger's magical aura. Marcie finds her friends as drained husks. She seduces Seth by saying he is a "king of ages" but needs a "queen". The ruse works long enough to grab his pendant and smash it to pieces. He turns to dust and ash.

Der kleine Kapitän
- (possibility of APed?) AKA "The Little Captain" - 1985 Germany, Inter Nationes, 29 Min. Uwe Jeske, Jürgen Egenolf.
The sea washes the little captain ashore and leaves him stranded on a sand dune above the little harbour town. Together with the 3 children Tubby, Hotch and Martina, he sets out repairing his ship. The children want to sail to the island of "Grow-up-and-get-big", where it is possible to become grown-up overnight. The way there lies through the hazardous Dragons' Gateway. An exciting adventure unfolds.

Detective Bogey
- (male bug mobster AR into baby insect) Ep4, The Island of Eternal Youth, 1994. Spain.
Teacher Logan discovered the formula for eternal youth. Dr. Sinister kidnaps him to prepare the potion for himself, but Bogey attempts to rescue the poor teacher.
- Episode link @20:00 - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Dexter's Laboratory (fan art)
- (dedicated TG TF AP) "Mako's Collection: Dee Dee Transformed Me With Science", 2013.
Mako Collection video comic #4 of 2013. Art by Zetarok - Video link - (NightElf37, Miss Mako)

Dexter's laboratory
- (male, AA) "Eww, that's growth" Dexter wants to be bigger.
- Dexter makes his sister 50 ft. tall, causing her to burst out of a rat costume.
- (AR, RN) "Don't Be A Baby" 11/26/97. Dexter creates a device which AR's the world, excepting himself and Dee Dee - AA
- (flashback) 2
male AA AP
- (male APed, CB, dream sequence) Dexter imagines himself as an adult superhero.
male APed CB
- Mandark and Dexter recall their youths.
male flashbacks
- (AA APed) "Dexter The Barbarian". DeeDee

Dexter's Laboratory
- (age disguised) "Trick or Treehouse", s2ep81, 3/4/1998. Dee Dee wears a mask of a pretty young woman to fool Dexter when poking her head out of a tree - (Logoliker2003)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (ARed) S02Ep54 "Don't Be A Baby".
Dexter and Dee Dee (his sister) are in charge of their babied parents in a strange role reversal... they get outta control - (Hexed Gug)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (dedicated AP) - Dee Dee fan art - (Moremorphing)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (dedicated AP) - Dee Dee fan comic - (Pablo)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (FFed to OA) S4Ep8b "Bygone Errors" 9/12/2003.
In the far future of Dextopia, Old Man Dexter spends his time as the wise ruler of the world, sleeping on his rocking chair while still living with his big sister. "Old Gal Dee Dee" is Dee Dee's elderly self. She is much less spry and agile, and needs a walker to get about. Dee Dee continues to pester Dexter even in their golden years, and Dexter still maintains his "sister alert" warning system. They tell stories of their youth (although poorly remembered) with Dee Dee occasionally correcting or worsening Dexter's memory. In the end, Dexter fell asleep and his still loving sister put him to sleep on his rocking chair and gave him a blanket before leaving the room - cap

Dexter's Laboratory
- (FFed) - fan art

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male AA APed) S01Ep20 "Baby-sitter Blues" 11/27/96.
When Dexter's aspirations to win his baby-sitter's heart fizzle because he's too young, he AA-transforms himself into a 17-year-old. The incredibly advanced technology not only enlarged his body but also his clothes - (TBTC)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male OA AA, no size increase) "Old Man Dexter" S1Ep4, 3/17/96.
Dexter attempts to age himself in order to be old enough to stay up to watch late night movies.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male TF)
"Hunger Strikes", S2Ep9, 8/6/1997. Dexter hulks out to crave vegetables.
"Monstory", S01Ep39, '96. Dexter and Dee Dee AA into giant monsters - info link - (Richard)

Dexter's Laboratory
- (TF AA "APed") A female suddenly turned into an adult woman. Dexter turned Dee Dee into a duplicate of his mother because he had a parent-teacher conference. Dee Dee's immediate reaction is to say "Oooooh..." as she rubs her new Hartman Hips, which produces a glass squeaking noise.
- Dee Dee ate one of Dexter's experimental cookies while donning a rat costume, and her costume turned to shreds when she became huge. Somehow her normal clothes stayed intact as she transformed into a 50ft giantess.

Disney animation
- (some rejuv, AR) - INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
(furry AP, AR, old age) "Rocking Chair Bear", 61, 1991. Evil witch Lady Bane's secret of youth requires the hair of a young victim, and Sunni Gummi just happens to be available. She aged into a hottie overnight, then grows into an old woman bear before the spell is reversed.
Video links:
part 1 old age
part 2 bear AP & old age, adult rejuvenation
part 3 old age at 05:08, ursine AR RN
(MiachelAngelo, wolfman-al, ZodiacX)

Disney's Hercules
- (AA AR, AA RN, AA OA) "Hercules and the Spring of Canathus" 2/24/1999.
Pain and Panic plan to use water from the Spring of Canathus to turn Hercules back into a baby.

Disney's The Little Mermaid
- (merman AR AA cutaway, AA RN poof) S01Ep11 "Red" 11/14/1992.
Ariel's father King Triton is feeling his age. Greedy glofish treasurer concocts a scheme with a banished witch. There is a poof-style regression into a young and energetic merboy, and Ariel has to play "the mother" to him. Hilarity ensues, and lessons about adult/child relationships are learned.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Username)

Doc McStuffins
- (AR AA) S5Ep5 #125 "Adventures in Baby Land" 3/1/2019.
BABY DOC!!! When Doc's little sister can't find her favorite toy, it's up to Doc and the toys to find CeCe in Baby Land, and the only way in is to be a baby.
Despite all the singing it was a cute regression, but nothing really changed about Doc's behavior. I thought she would be acting more like a baby, but she was just herself in a baby's body.
- Clip link - screencaps - (Soltiger, Cakipopo)

Doc McStuffins
- (doll AR) S04Ep21 #113 "Toy Hospital: Lambie and the Mcstuffins Babies" 7/15/2017.
CGI. Lambie, Chilly, Stuffy and Hallie fall into Baby Doll Headquarters. Baby doll maker turns them into baby toys. Lambie and the gang must deliver the babies to the Nursery - caps - (Soltiger, Tazz)

Dog & Pony Show, The
An anthro dog befriends a magical pony.
- (AR, AA RN OA'd cut) S01Ep20 "Growing Up and Down!" 2021.
Dog & Pony visit Pony's grandma and her friends in the nursing home. Pony makes 3 of the residents kids again to have fun. But when they try to make them old again, Pony (who does mess up spells) makes him, Dog and Misty old. The young old group must now help them.
- Scene link -
- (anthro AR) S01Ep26 "Baby Pony!"
Pony accidentally turns himself into a baby.
- (Tazz)

Dogs in Space
- (anthro canines ARed) S1Ep5 "Settle down" 2021/11/18.
Netflix. Stella discovers her crewmates have turned into puppies. They even changed the opening song/intro to "Puppies in Space". We learn what happened through flashbacks told like how kids explain things.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Dolly and Friends
- (furry AR) "Friends Turned into Toddlers - Babies are Playing" 2022/12.
CGI series, ToyStarMedia. Characters turned into baby animals - link - - (Tazz)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
- (puppet OA) Online surreal horror comedy series. 6 eps, 2011-2016. Sloan, Pelling. UK.
Tony the Talking Clock teaches 3 puppets about time before decaying them alive. He interrupted their debate by screaming "Meh!" louder and louder (an alarm can be heard in the background).

Donald Duck
- (suggested/AR) "Donald's Fountain of Youth", 1953.
Character INFO PAGE

Donkey Kong Country
- (male simian anthro AR) S01Ep05 "Ape Foo Young" 9/6/1998.
Cranky makes a youth potion to make himself younger. Donkey Kong upon finding the potion thinks it's just a regular drink, and is turned into a baby - (Jeffr_2bya)

Donkey Kong Country
(simian AR) "Ape Foo Young" Video links: Parts 1 - 2 - 3

Dora the Explorer
- (AA FFed) - unsorted fan art

Dora the Explorer
- (age forms) future fan art

Dora the Explorer
- (FF APed AA) Grown up Dora fan art
- (preteen hair growth) Dora makes her hair grow to allow friends to scale caste wall - hair

Dora the Grownup
- (FFed) 2017-18, Dora the Explorer parody series.
Adult life is not that easy. There is a drinking problem. Ep01 link - Ep02 link - Ep03 link - Ep02 screencaps

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
- (AR AA) S02Ep17a "Kingdom of Dreams" 2019/03/29.
Dorothy and her friends must rescue Lion from the Kingdom of Dreams in the Nonestic Ocean to help the woodland animals of the Emerald Forest. They don't know where it is or how to find him. Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tin Man into little kids, Toto into puppy.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Dot and Keeto
(shrinking) 1984 animated movie. Dot's love of all creatures great and small even extends to insects. Her good deeds in rescuing a mosquito and a dragonfly from a spider's web finally pay off after she accidentally eats a magic root that shrinks her to insect size.

- (male AR, dream sequence) male
- (male FFed) fan art

Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop
- (male AR & rejuv) Ep39 "I Was a Teenage Zitbag" 1994.
Dr. Zitbag de-ages himself into a teenager to prove he's cool to Officer Deadbeat's son Damian and the Exorsisters' nieces. At first he mistakenly de-aged into an infant, but skeletal canine companion Horrifido helped him grow a bit older into adolescence. He reverts back to adulthood by the end of the episode.

Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop
- (OA)
AKA "Dr. Globule" France, 1994 - Ep41?
- Dr. Zitbag starts a quest to find the Fountain of Rejuvenation. At the end of the story, one woman drinks from this fountain, but instead of turning young she goes through old age - (Uhanche)

Dragon Hunters
- (male adults rejuv) S01Ep04 "Isle of Mist" Episode link - (Chrono Eclipse)

Dragon Hunters
- (rejuv/AR/OA?) S01Ep04 "Isle of Mist".
An order of monks hires our heroes to slay a dragon. When they learn the island is home to a fountain of youth, the monks have no intention of letting them leave - (Jeffr_2bya)

Dragon Hunters
(male old age AR to young adult, male AA AR) "The Isle Of Mist" Male AP RN not shown.
Captured with FastStone Capture. To disable black screen in Windows Media Player go to tools > options > performance > advanced > disable overlays.
male AR caps

Dragon Tales
- (male AA giant) "One Big Wish" - Max wishes he was "big". At first Max's problem seems to be solved; he's big enough to hit home runs and catch high fly balls. But he keeps "growing"!

Dragon's Lair
- AR (ARarchive)
- (AR/AP) 1984 Ep 5 "The Pool of Youth" (Jeffr_2bya)

Dragon's Lair
- (adult rejuvenation, ARed OC, RN AA) "Pool of Youth", 1984.
Old witch becomes young witch after a dip in the pool of youth.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Mary Jane)

Dragon's Lair
- (AR) S01Ep05 "The Pool of Youth" 10/6/1984.
Dirk the Daring and Princess Daphne find the Fountain Of Youth. The knight and the princess drink out of it and turn back into 3 year olds - (Time)

Dragon's Lair
(AR AA, male, RN AA)
- Screencaps:
AR pool - male/female ARed oversized clothing - RN AA scene
(Weary Traveler)

Drawing Power
(AR, male AP, male old age, AP) NBC '80-'81. "Playground Power" From the creators of School House Rock. Mr. Different transforms a troublesome boy into an old man and the pestered old woman into a young girl. Kids speculate on their future careers and change into adult versions of themselves. Supershoes transforms an unruly class clown into his older female teacher, kinda. He does seem to be filling the dress out in the right place. (Justin, Metamorphose)

Drawn Together
- (AR, male puberty) "Clum Babies" 11/16/05. Wooldoor Sockbat hits puberty at long last. Foxxy Love briefly AA AR's when she tries to decide if she should cure Clara. (Parody of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats commercial)
- (AA AR) "Klum Babies" AR

Duck Dodgers
- (adult rejuvenation) "M.M.O.R.P.D.", 1/21/2005, S2Ep9.
Sword & sorcery tale to thwart wicked sorceress Lezah. Old witch to young - (Thomas)

Duck Dodgers
- (male anthro AR) "Duck Codgers" 2003.
Dodgers and Cadet are affected by a plant gas that causes rapid aging. They must bathe in a Martian spring guarded by X-2 to return to normal. X-2 was ARed into an infant in poof stages - New link - (Username)

Duck Dodgers
- (male anthros to OA) S01Ep04 "Duck Codgers" 9/13/2003.
Daffy and Porky are exposed to an adult progression pollen. Duck Dodgers and Space Cadet search for an antidote after they spontaneously turn old - (Dark_angel)

Duck Dodgers
(male old age, martian male AR) 2004
male old age, male adult AR

- (adult anthro fowl FFed to OA) - Grandma-ma cap - (Kappa)

- (anthro AR, adult youth theft & slight male AP) S03Ep11 "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" 2020/10/12.
The episode mostly dealt with anthro AA aging. Ponce De Leon runs a popular resort for spring breakers. In order to stay young he uses the water's true powers. Basically it's a fountain of age in the form of a pool, and the teens who swim in it are aged, creating the youth properties he uses to stay young.
Uncle Scrooge and Goldie fall in and become teens. Duey dips his toe in and ages enough to become taller, and is now the older sibling. Another old villain becomes younger, and his Frankenstein goon/butler is given a huge jug and turns into a baby.
There is an" age to death" scene? Scrooge and Goldie turn back old, with the former teens on spring break and Duey returned to normal.
- (Tazz)

- (anthro AR) S03Ep11 "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!" 2020/10/12.
Scrooge and Goldie O'Gilt are turned into teenagers as they race Rockerduck to the Fountain of Youth - (Tazz)

- (male anthro rejuved in the water's reflection) S01Ep24 "Sweet Duck of Youth" 10/21/1987.
To avoid getting older, Scrooge sets out for the Fountain of Youth. His search takes the ducks to the eerie Okeefedokie Swamp, where a hermit and the ghost of a Conquistador await unsuspecting visitors - (JeffR_2bya)

Dungeons & Dragons
- (Dog AR) 1983, Ep 4 "Valley of The Unicorns"
- (AP/AR) Ep 9 "Quest of the Skeleton Warrior" (Jeffr_2bya)
- male ARed, Diana old age Young boy de-ages into screaming infant. Woman suddenly grows very, very old; too old even to hold her staff. She collapses to the ground, holding the infant as the monsters close in. (TBTC)

Dungeons & Dragons
- (furry AR) S01Ep04 "Valley of the Unicorns".
A pack of wolves get regressed - (The Unknown)

Dungeons & Dragons
- (male AR, old age) S01Ep09 "The Quest of The Skeleton Warrior" AKA "Tower of Doom".
Group of adventurers is trapped inside evil tower that brings worst fears to life. The woman and younger male of the group get trapped in a haunted catacomb. Suddenly, they are surrounded by monsters. She collapses helplessly to the ground, an ancient crone holding the newly regressed male infant as the monsters close in. They are saved at the last minute - (Zietgiest & Shortysboy)

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
- (adult age disguised) "Sinister Symphony", 1976. Manyfaces masqueraded as an old woman - (Robur)

Earthworm Jim
- (male anthros OA & AR) S2Ep2 "Opposites Attack" 1996/09/14.
Prologue. Evil Jim uses his Chrono-Laser to age Jim and Peter Puppy into seniors. The elderly Jim spits out his false teeth, putting the Chrono-Laser in reverse and causing it to de-age him and Peter into babies. The infant versions use their cuteness to scare Evil Jim away.

Ed, Edd n Eddy
- (male mental pseudo fallback into "baby") S1Ep3b "A Pinch to Grow an Ed" 1999/01/18 - caps

Ed, Edd n Eddy
- (male and female FFed to OA) "Take This Ed and Shove it", S04Ep25, 11/5/2004.
A bump on the head causes Eddy to wake in the future, when the cul-de-sac kids have become old but still live the same way. It turns out it was only a dream, but then it turns out the dream was only a dream.
- Bigger screencaps - (JackpotMans)

Ed, Edd n Eddy
- (male FB ARed) "Every Which Way But Ed". Boy reverses time to when the 3 first met as toddlers.
Episode link @08:20 - dailymotion/video/xyw1ck - screencaps - (Tazz)

Ed, Edd, n Eddy
- (AA FFed) Older Kanker Sisters fan art (Process)
- (looks like male forced infantilization, male growth) "One size fits Ed" - male size and maturity TF's.
- (male shrinking) "The incredible shrinking day" music video. male (Bobby)
- (flash forward to old aged) 3 Kanker Sister crone.
- (FFed AA) Adult French-maid Nazz: fan art

Ed, Edd, n Eddy
- (male FFed) fan art

Eek! the Cat
- (anthro AR, shrinkage) "It's a Thunderful Life"? AKA "Eekstravaganza", S04Ep18.
The rival dinosaur group develops a machine that can regress anyone to infancy - an 'infantizer'. But the machine accidentally shrinks some of the lizards by mistake, as well as the Thunder Lizards. When Bill, a human caveman, encounters it, he doesn't regress to infancy - he shrinks to a few inches tall - (Kidsized)

- (male adult rejuv & stasis) S01Ep15 "Lost in Time" 2015/04/11.
Leo's archaeologist grandfather Flint disappeared long ago. A pool of water in a cave changed him back into a young man and maintained his adult youth for years.
- (male "TFed" age disguise) S01Ep5 "The Shadow of Exaton" - Anubis took the form of a boy.

El Chavo Animado
- (AR AA poofed & RN) S06Ep14 "La fabrica de juguetes" 8/13/2013.
Episode link @12:15 - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya, Vended)

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
(FFed AA)
Frida Suarez is Manny's 12-year-old human best friend. fan art

El Tigre
- (AP AA TFed, OA) "Evil" Ending shows Frida and Manny AA-APed. There is a nice little 2-step AP to a good curved age. After that comes old-age TFed - (Soatome101)

Electric Piper, The
- (banned musical animated film, adults "OA'd", RN adult rejuvenation) Nickelodeon, 2003.
In the 1960s, a guitarist gets rid of the rats in the Hamlin suburb. When the mayor doesn't give him his reward, Sly takes his revenge by convincing the children to run away with him. In this version of the Pied Piper legend, the town of adults rapidly age after the kids have vanished. They were restored through the power of rock music. The cartoon hasn't been seen since Hendrix's lawyers shut it down.
- Full movie link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Elena of Avalor
- (male AR OC stages, RNed) S1Ep4 "Island of Youth" 8/12/2016. Disney Princess CGI.
Man to teen @ 8:30; teen to boy @ 10:30; boy to baby @ 14:00; return to normal @ 17:30.
- screencaps - (Entropic)

Elena of Avalor
- (male AR) "Island of Youth" 8/12/2016, Disney CGI series.
Can they escape the magical island containing the legendary Fountain of Youth before it vanishes? Elena must save Esteban when he drinks too much magic water and starts getting younger and younger.
Chancellor Esteban: Christian Lanz - young Esteban: Anthony Avlia - baby Esteban: Desmond Gerber - (Steven, Tazz, Mad0charles)

Eliot Kid
- (OA'd dream sequence glimpse) "Revenge of the Seniors", S01Ep20, 3/26/2008, 18, CBBC.
Boy imagines mom getting older when the skin cream runs out.
- Ep. video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Emperor's New School, The
- (adult rejuved) S02Ep02 "Cool Summer".
Kuzco and Pacha's family go on vacation to the beach. When Kuzco thinks they are taking away his coolness, he starts hanging with a girl named Yasmine, who happens to be a young Yzma in disguise.

Emperor's New School, The
- (ARed) S01Ep17 "Kuzcogarten".
Kuzco must go back to Kindergarten in order to get his credits to graduate. However, Yzma turns herself into a kid so she can join the class and get Kuzco kicked out.

Emperor's New School
- (adult rejuvenation, OA RN, AA poof ARed) ep 23.
Evil Yzma drinks Fountain Of Youth water for disguise purposes. All *poof* TFs, except for a short revert scene.
rejuvenated, OA RN - rejuvenation, AR
Video link (bstgate)

Emperor's New School
- (male old age) An episode ending involved 18-year-old Emperor Kuzco - (Deniz)

- (AA poofs, male "ARed" effect) Disney animated film, 2021.
15 y.o. magical family member Camilo Madrigal was gifted with the ability to shapeshift into any living human he has seen. His clothes have a chameleon motif and always change with to match the person's whose shape he is assuming. Camilo can shift only parts of his body, alter the size of his forms, and take on exaggerated features. Shock will cause him to involuntary shift. When nervous, his head may turn into an infant's and his arms small and skinny.
- TF scenes link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (bug AP) 2013, CGI. 102 mins.
A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where she bands together with a rag-tag group to save their world - (Jeffr_2bya)

Extreme Ghostbusters, The
- (rejuv/OA/AR?) S01Ep13 "Be Careful What You Wish For" 9/24/1997.
Ghostly salesman in Grand Central twists peoples' dreams into terrifying incarnations. The EGBs must outsmart the ghost before he leaves town forever.
- (Jeffr_2bya) - th

Extreme Ghostbusters
- (18 to 30 AA TF AP) "Darkness at Noon" Ancient evil spirit Achira infects new Ghostbuster Kylie, who mistakes Achira for her deceased Grandma Rose. Achira merges with Kylie, and switches her appearance into an adult woman dressed as a witch. AA TF link
- adult age

Extreme Ghostbusters
- (AR below the neck only) S01Ep13 "Be Careful What You Wish For" 9/24/1997.
A ghost entity grants people their wishes, but gives it to them in horrible ways. A middle aged woman wished to be younger and was turned into an infant, but with her head remaining the same. The police from Grand Central arrived on scene and took her statement.
- Episode link - (MysteryShadow)

Fairly OddParents, The
- (male AP AR RN) "The Big Problem" 3/30/01. Cosmo and Wanda grant Timmy's wish to be older and incite a disastrous AA spurt. Unfortunately, Timmy isn't the buff, heroic young man he thought he'd be. Instead, he's trapped as a plump bald guy who lands in jail doing things young Timmy thought would make him cool as an adult. His babysitting nemesis, 16-year-old Vicky, beats him up. When he returns to normal his clothes shrink with him.
- (male AR) "Apartnership" When Cosmo yells "I am not a mama's boy!" to Wanda, she waves her wand and turns him into a baby, saying, "You are now!" The camera zooms in on Cosmo as the last part of Wanda's spell takes effect and he makes a mess in his diapers. (Cabot)
- (male) Timmy wishes various muscular superhero bodies for himself, while a fly experiences the perils of puberty. male fly AP - Timmy enlarged
- (old age) The big nasty fairy steals all the fairies' magic and they all turn so old they turn into dust. (TAZ)
- (AR, AA, unseen RN) "Switch Glitch" 7/12/02. Timmy wants to be the babysitter. Vicki is regressed to 5. ARed
- "Babyface"
- (male APed, CB) Season 5, 57, 5-1 "Love at First Height" Timmy wishes to be 16 to go on a roller coaster and he "grows" out of his clothes and becomes muscular. Vicky falls in love with him. male APed CBed (Furvect)
- "Channel Chasers" DVD. Vicky AP's from 16 to 18.
- male flashback
- (male "growth") "Odd Ball" Timmy "growth".

Fairly OddParents, The
- (male AP/AR) "Go Young, West Man" Animated, 5/9/05. Timmy wishes Adam West could be a kid again, because he never had a childhood. (O') info link
- (male APed) male
- (male muscular "growth") male muscled
- (AP CB) Vicky fan art - fan art

Fairly OddParents, The
- (male ARed) "Baby Face" In order to hide from Francis, Timmy wishes he was a baby. Because babies cannot talk, he then spends most of the episode as a baby. In the end he turns back into a 10 year old again. (
- (FF APed AA) Vicky fan art - nude BE'd fan art

Fairly OddParents, The
- (male AA AP) S01Ep01 "The Big Problem!" 3/30/2001.
- (male AR) S01Ep04 "Apartnership".
- (OA) S02Ep04 "Action Packed".
- (male adult age-up) S02Ep18 "Knighty Knight" 9/6/2002.
- (AR) S02Ep17 "The Switch Glitch" 7/12/2002.
- (male slight AR/AP) S03Ep17 "Chip Off the Old Chip" 11/21/2003.
- (male AR to baby) S04Ep06 "Baby Face".
- (male AP) S05Ep01 "Love at First Height" 2004.
- (male ARed) S05Ep02 "Go Young, West Man" 2004.
- (AA age-up) S05Ep04 "Teeth for Two".
- (fairy rejuvenation) "Wishy Washy".
- (fairy AR to babies) "Poof's Playdate" 8/14/2008.
- (male AP, male AR, male FFed) 3rd Movie "Channel Chasers" 2004.
(Tazz, Cobe, Jeffr_2bya, Furvect, Stonegate, Dragoniade, RomeGirl8696)

Fairly Oddparents
- (16 to 18 AP scene) Vicky rapid puberty completion.
- (AA FF) "Vicky Through the Years" fan art stages - (BlackRobtheRuthless)

Fairly Oddparents
- (AA FFed) - future Trixie fan art
- (FF APed) - Tootie fan art - fan art
- (male RN AA ARed) - return to normal TF wish.

Fairly OddParents
- (AA giant ARed) "Oh Yeah!" episode (Fairly OddParents pre-series appearance).
Wanda briefly becomes a giant baby - direct video link - screen caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fairly OddParents
- (AA TF 16 to 18, AA male muscle TF) combat form TFs - female - male

Fairly Oddparents
- (dedicated AA TF TG) c'19 "Timmy to Vicky" fan gif - (Redeye202, Toongrowner)

Fairly OddParents
- (dedicated FFed adult form, coming of age fanfics) - caution nudity - Trixie adult fan art.

Fairly OddParents
- (male AA AP FF) years - (O')
- (male FFed) multi-toon college years fan art

Fairytaler, The
- (excellent limited preteen to teen APed) "The Fairytaler", 2004, Denmark, Dauri.
S1Ep17, Ep18 "The Snow Queen"
- It happened when the girl was trying to escape the magic garden, and when she got out she was older, making her dress look smaller.
This was because while time stopped for her in the garden, years went by outside.
- You can click on the text to make it go away:
Romanian dubs: Part01, direct video link - part 02, video link
- Detailed screencaps - (Teknoman01)

Familie Fox - Die Geheimnishuter
- (male AR) "Die Quelle ewiger Jugend", The Fountain Of Youth. Ep11, 8/30/2014.
Mysterious boy Oscar can't remember his origin. Man into baby @18mins. At the end he grew back up and ran away in a diaper.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Family Guy
male AP (dream sequence) -
male CB
- (AP BE) S2 ep10 "Running Mates". Peter watches female classmates develop breasts while sitting in auditorium. link
- (male flash forward) "And the Wiener is..." 33, 12/08/2001, 2ACX22 male
male - male
- "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" (49, 3-21, 3ACX12, 2/14/2002) Meg is not impressed by ability to make nails grow at will. 5 flashback
- (male) "A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Bucks"
male AR
Old Peter: The adult in me is excited over how fun this will be...
Kid Peter: But the kid in me is suicidal over what a fat bastard I'll become!
- "A Hero Sits Next Door" 1ACX05 Peter invents "Facts of Life" Transformers
puberty doll (weight gain)
- "Chitty Chitty Death Bang"
male muscle growth CB
- (flash forward) "Stewie Griffin: the Untold Story" 2005 DVD. The 2nd half takes place 30 years in the future where we see Stewie and Chris (Male flash forward), Meg (TG flash forward), Peter and Lois (Old age flash forward) and many of the other regulars 30 years older. (MySpecialFX)
- (boys only AP flash forward, also Lois BE) "I Take Thee, Quagmire" 3/12/06. Peter rides "The Great Space Coaster". male AP flash forward

Family Guy
- (adults flashed forward) Stewie visits the future - FFed
- (CB BE) "I Dream of Jesus" 10/5/08.
Jesus causes Lois' breasts to expand suddenly at the dinner table - button pop scene.

Family Guy
- (AP, AR) age swap fan art - (xXBluespinXx)

Family Guy
- (AR AA) Lois Griffin fan art - (Glockens)
- (male adult as teen disguise) In the toad licking episode Peter goes undercover in Meg's school as teenager Lando Griffin, and not only fools everyone else but becomes the most popular kid in school.
- (male infant as teen disguise) 1-year-old baby Stewie Griffin successfully infiltrates high school and gets a teen girlfriend.

Family Guy
- (ARed to teen) - Lois crossover fan art - (Weary Traveler)
- (FB, age reversal) Ep200, 2012. Brian reverses the direction of time and visits historical situations - (Tazz)
- (male adult age disguise) Quagmire has been revealed to be 61 years old. His secret is carrots.
- (male adult chibi form) S14Ep02 "Papa Has a Rollin' Son", #251, 10/4/2015. This is the one with "tiny Tom Cruise".

Family Guy
- (male adult face FF) S13Ep12 "Stewie is Enceinte", 3/8/2015.
Peter takes one photo of himself every day for a year but it goes wrong - Clip link

Family Guy
- (male adult FFed to OA) - tropical fish gratitude - (Matt)
- (male FF APed) - coaster

Family Guy
- (male ARed aftermath) S20Ep17 "All About Alana" 2022/05/01.
  Parody of the 1990s cereal commercials. At breakfast it's revealed the dad has been ARed once again:
"Where's Peter?"
"He's just in the kid phase of the Mini-Wheats cycle."
"The shrinking process was incredibly painful. I take adult-sized poops, but I have kid-sized parts. I could die from this."
"Yeah, that's-that's part of why I don't let Peter do that."
- Scene link - caps

Family Guy
- (male mental ARed) S18Ep15 "Baby Stewie" 2020/03/15.
Stewie mentally becomes what he is actually is... a baby. Then he is zapped into a tortoise, Stewiechu (a Pikachu/Stewie hybrid), a muscular toddler with long hair, a giant spider, giant plant, poop, and finally a gremlin - (Tazz)

Family Guy
- (male old age AA) "Ocean's Three and a Half", 115, S7Ep7, 2/15/2009, 6ACX11. Stewie falls in love, and is willing to do anything to win Susie's heart. Bryan Adams "Everything I Do" music video parody aging glimpse.
- (sudden puberty) BE
- (TF dream sequence) - Lois muscle expansion.

Family Guy
- (OC kids glimpse, looks like ARed aftermath) S16Ep08 "Crimes and Meg's Demeanor" 12/3/2017. Near the start.

Family Guy
- (old age) "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream", 2/12/12, S10Ep13.
James Woods was restored to full vigor after stealing the adult youth of a teenager.

Family Guy
- (TG disguise) TG
- (male ARed) "Perfect Castaway" Peter's ancestor Ponce de Griffin discovers Fountain of Youth. male ARed from neck down only (Tazz)
- (BE UC) "I Take Thee, Quagmire" Season 5 Ep 11. BE Lois' breasts get bigger.
- (age disguise) "Jungle Love" Season 4 Ep 13. Chris' 11 year old bride looks older.
- (makeover) "Don't Make Me Over" Nr 54 Season 4. Meg transformed
- (parody) "Perfect Castaway" Gilmore Girls makeout

Fanboy and Chum Chum
- (male AR) S02Ep05 "Crib Notes" 8/27/2011.
Kyle's spell to cheat on his Milkweed Admittance test turns him into a baby. And that makes Fanboy and Chum Chum the babysitters! - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
- (male adult to OA) S01E23 "Johnny Storm And The Potion Of Fire" 10/13/2007 - INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Felix the Cat
- (anthro age?) S02Ep19 "Youth Water" 9/26/1960. '60-'61 shorts.
After 20 years Felix is back! The Professor and his assistant Rock Bottom are after his bag of tricks, but Felix never fails in foiling them - (TBTC)

Felix the Cat
- (anthro AR) 1960-62 Tv syndication, Joe Oriolo.
Felix is hired by adversary Professor Nutmeg to babysit brainy nephew Point Dexter, who is to be in bed by 8:00. But Point Dexter makes a robot in his little lab and programs it to be Felix's babysitter. It puts him in a baby bonnet, feeds him a baby bottle, burps him, and repeatedly tries to put Felix to bed. But Felix keeps escaping. So Point Dexter force feeds him a pill that turns him into a baby cat.
Half his normal size, baby Felix proves harder to control than when full grown. In a massive chase, the crawling baby wrecks Point Dexter's lab and robot. This all leaves Point Dexter so tired he falls asleep in his bed, to the delight of the returning Professor. Felix is restored to normal by crawling into his Bag of Tricks and emerging as his full-grown self in a second.
- (PixChick)

Felix the Cat
- (male anthro feline rejuv) S02Ep10 "Felix Wakes Up" 9/15/1922 silent.
After falling asleep on his way home from the nightclub, Felix dreams of meeting a doctor who's distributing a fantastic youth tonic. Upon taking the tonic, Felix heads to the jungle to capture a lion. ln - th
- (age?) "Baby-sitter"?

Fender Bender 500
- (male & furry anthros ARed AA, RNed) Ep35 "The Fountain of Youth 500" 1990.
Part of Wake, Rattle, and Roll - Wacky Races spin-off for the 90's.
The racers competed in Florida. Won by Wally Gator and Magilla Gorilla, the prize was the Fountain of Youth. Several characters are splashed into little kids, while two kids become babies.
- Episode link - - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (Tazz)

Final Space
- (alien TF AA age forms, FB, AA teen upgrade) - multiple episodes screencaps - (Tazz)

Final Space
- (male furry TF cuts, AA age forms) S1Ep7 "Chapter Seven" 04/16/2018.
Little Cato the cat alien & Kevin the Robot try to steal a time ship. They trigger its self-destruct sequence, causing time to leak out. They AA-poofed back and forth from young to old.
- Episode link @19:23 - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Final Space
- (older and normal age forms) S1Ep7 "Chapter Seven" 2018/04/09.
Little Cato and KVN are trapped in a time leak.
Video link -
- (OA'd, RN rejuv) S2Ep4 "The Other Side" 2019/07/22.
Half the ship is stuck in a bubble where time moves rapidly. Little Cato was trapped for 60 years (to keep sane he imagined the other crew with him). They destroy the barrier, and Little Cato reverts from his 70s back to teenhood. Mentally he may be 70s now.
Video link -
- (alien life cycle AP) S3Ep1 "...And Into The Fire" 2021/03/20.
Trigore lays an egg (his species switches between male and female every 6 months). The egg hatches into a baby and ages to full adult in seconds.
Video link -
- (rejuved effect) S3Ep3 "The Ventrexian" 2021/04/03.
Avocato is forced to relive his dark past. Could be considered healing, but he looks younger afterwards. Decaying villain was restored.
Video link -
- (mental FB) S3Ep5 "All the Moments Lost" 2021/04/17.
The ship is pulled into an anomaly. Quinn feels the effects by reliving her childhood memories.
Video link -
- (maturation effect) S3Ep6 "Change Is Gonna Come" 2021/04/24.
Ash, who was made a teen, receives a power-up which does age her. I didn't notice until the next episode when a character remarks she is older.
Video link -
- (Tazz)

Flintstone Kids: The Adventures of Captain Caveman with his son, The
- (AA male age & size changes, male AR)
"I Was A Teenage Grown-Up", S01Ep08, 10/25/1986.
- Mr. Bad uses Grown Up Gas to make male kids act all mentally grown up. It soon affects Cavey Jr., making it difficult for Captain Caveman to stop Mr. Bad.
"To Baby or Not to Baby", S01Ep14, 12/16/1986.
- Mr. Sciencedome is tired of Captain Caveman's show taking away his television viewers, so he creates a Fountain of Youth formula which turns Captain Caveman into a baby.
"The Big Bedrock Bully Bash", S02Ep07, 04/10/1988.
- A bully grows to giant size. When Captain Cavemen tricks him into drinking the antidote, he shrinks down to a shorter size than before.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Flintstones, The
- (male AR poofs) S06Ep10 "The Stonefinger Caper" 11/19/65.
Spoof of 'Goldfinger.' Barney and Fred are mistaken for scientists and captured. The magical 'Gazoo' tells Stonefinger 'You started out wrong, so you'll have to start OVER!' With a snap of his fingers, Stonefinger turns into a tiny baby. When his henchmen come running to help their boss, they get turned into babies too - (Time)

Flintstones, The
- (mental infantilization) S06Ep15 "How to Pick a Fight With Your Wife Without Really Trying" 1/7/66.
The Great Gazoo tells Fred that women need to be treated like children. At the same time, Betty and Wilma conclude that it is men who need to be treated this way. When Fred gets home, he and Wilma treat the other as a child in turn.
- Episode link @06:30 - (Magetim)

Flintstones, The
- (old aged) fan art
- (teen ARed) - Wilma fan art - (WT)

- (AA "AP BE" TF blurry glimpse) Birthday cake poof
Marcy Page, Chris Hinton, 2002, 8 min. In a house on a hill under a looming storm cloud, a squiggly family's life unfolds at breakneck pace. Seeds explode into plants in a split-second burst. One minute a daughter's blowing out candles on a birthday cake, (forcing her breasts to sprout) and in the blink of an eye she's moving out, just as her doofus suitor makes his appearance. His finger taps a pink blob attached to a network of ganglia associated with the thrill of teenage sexuality. They kiss, thereby setting into motion a mini-Rube Goldberg organism of slurpy procreation complete with sperm, egg and umbilical cord which becomes the rope of the swing which returns us to the opening episode.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
- (dedicated AR)
Frankie is the caregiver at Foster's and helps keep everything in order.
- Nude fan edit

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
- (male FFed to OA) S02Ep07 "Mac Daddy" 2005/05/06.
Mac believes Cheese (who is later revealed to be Louise's imaginary friend) to be his second imaginary friend, and Bloo's brother. Bloo is horrified at the notion of him and Cheese staying at Foster's together forever. A nightmare scene depicts Bloo and Mac as old men in rocking chairs, as an equally-elderly Cheese says "Look what I made!", showing them a telephone with a sock taped to it.
- (male FFed to OA) S05Ep03 "Say it Isn't Sew" 2007/06/08.
Madame Foster takes a VERY long time at the craft store. Bloo has to stay in the daycare with Chauncey, a middle-aged man who has been waiting decades for his own mother to finish her errands. Eventually, Bloo dreams he's elderly and Madame Foster a living skeleton, who tells him that they won't ever be leaving.
- (Deniz)

Fox and the Crow, The
- (male AA AR)
"Punchy de Leon", 1950, UPA.
- Fox and Crow as Spanish explorers compete to bring water from the Fountain of Youth to the King to earn a chest of jewels. They find the coin-operated Fountain, but before bestowing the jewels the King wants to see if it works, splashing himself and the 2 characters. The King is pleased to turn into a handsome young man, only to experience a second flash reducing him to a homely little boy. The 2 animals turned into little kids wearing sailor suits in a flash. At that point, the only value they all see in a long jewel necklace is its use as a jump rope.
- Direct video link - screencaps - (FurryAR, PixChick)

- (male FFed) 16-year-old Dexter Douglas transformed into the title character after being sucked into the internet and spitted back out. Notably, his adult superhero persona is far less emotionally mature.
- (OA) Villainess decays when she fails to drain Freakazoid's essence in time.

- (male creatures AR AA poof, baby infiltration, RN AA poof) S01Ep11 "Baby-Sitter Ben".
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male young adult insect/corpse to old age poofs) S01Ep10a "Senior's Discount" 8/22/2016.
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male zombie/anthro bug old age, RN) 8/22/2016 "Senior's Discount" 10a.
Hoping to benefit from the senior's discount at the Barf Bistro, Ben and Lenny get Priscilla to create a potion that will make them temporarily old. However, they take too much of it - (Deniz)

Freaky Stories
- (adult aging, rejuvenation, OA) S3Ep5 "Fountain of Youth" 1997.
Middle aged woman into young adult by utilizing the Fountain of Youth. However...
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Free Birds
- (male anthro adult avian to OA) 2013 CGI movie, S.T.E.V.E. Intro, turkey to elderly.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (ARed AA, AA RN poof) Ep17, "Baby BB"
Chicken into chick into egg, teen girl into little kid, then toddler, then baby.
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR-2bya)

(APed RN, AR) CGI Animated Series. S01, Ep05 "Baby BB"
Mya is working on an age reversing potion, which only works when it's exposed to a blast of pure 13th note energy during a soundclash. BB regresses to a 5-year-old girl when she has some anti-ageing potion spilled on her.
(MasterCyclonis1, 2bya)

Fresh Beat Band of Spies
- (AR AA poofs, RN AA poofs) S01Ep20 "Fresh Beat Babies" 1/22/2016.
In her neverending quest for cuteness, the queen of cute Squee Z. Dumpkins uses a musical device operated by her fuzzibunkins to turn some couples, the Police Commissioner, and everyone else in the city into cute babies.
- Official video link - link - AR screencaps - AR screencaps - RN screencaps - (Tazz, JayTee, Jeffr_2bya)

Fresh Beat Band of Spies
- (AR) "Fresh Beat Babies", Ep20, 1/22/2016.
Squee Z. Dumpkins is back in town, and Commissioner Goldstar and other people are turned into super cute babies. The spies must stop her before the city becomes baby town - (Soltiger)

Futurama 2003 Calendar
- (kinda AR theme)
(ARSA) - th

- (male AP) 3acv14 "Time Keeps On Slipping" 5/6/01. The professor ages his superbabies to adulthood, causing them to burst out of their cage. 2 boys transform into old geezers.
- male AP - (blink male AA AP, old age) - male AP
- (AR, AP RN) (3/30/03) "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" AR - RN
- #511 "Three Hundred Big Boys" - old age
- (dog flash forward) "Jurassic Bark" - fan art
- (flashback) Leela remembers Orphanarium. FB
- (not CB) 7
- (size increase scene) - space slug growth

- ("virtual" rejuvenation & male AR) S07Ep10 "Near-Death Wish" 2012/08/15.
Scene link @1:00 - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (adult age stasis) Before making his Heroic Sacrifice, Slurms Mackenzie says his party girls have served him well for the past 40 years. They look only about 20 years old.

- (adults FFed to OA) S6Ep7 "The Late Philip J. Fry" 2010/07/29.
Fry's delayed birthday card to Leela - Scene link - caps

- (male dream AR & adult rejuvenation)
"Near-Death Wish" 8/15/12, Ep124, S7Ep10.
- Professor Farnsworth enters a VR world at the Near-Death Star where his parents live. He reprograms the VR so that he and his parents are back at the farm where he lived as a child. His parents revert into young adults and the Professor ARs into a boy. The Professor then runs and plays with his parents happily chasing him as the episode ends - ("Tuxedo" Will)
- (teen ARed) - panel - (WT)

31st Century delivery service INFO PAGE
- (AA FF age forms) S03Ep14 "Time Keeps On Slipping" 5/6/2001.
- (male adult rejuvenation, AR, AA RN) S05Ep07 "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" 3/30/2003 - (SKJAM)

Fuzzy and Nutz
- (adult furries FFed to OA) "What if you stopped showering?" 4/2018 short toon documentary.
Time moves faster in the shower. Bear & Squirrel to old people.
- Ep link - - caps - (Tazz)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal