Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (male AR) Comic #1, 11/1993.
UK based comic. Desperate Dan has being going for about 50 years. In this two part adventure, Dan annoys a witch doctor and is transformed into a baby.
- PART 1 - Page One: Dan, playing with a kite, trips over a witch doctor and is transformed into a baby. Page Two: Dan, who is still strong, attacks a grizzly bear in nothing but a diaper and bonnet. Page Three: Dan returns home in a pram, protests baby food (opting for his favorite cow pie instead) and is powdered and diapered.
- PART 2 - Page One: Dan's old aunt takes diapers off the line, complaining about how messy Dan is. Dan tests a cow pie as a potty. Page Two: Dan goes to the park and terrifies other babies. Page Three: Dan is transformed back by the witch doctor, but as punishment he has to walk as his fully grown self through the town in a bonnet and diaper.
- (Schumacher)

Danger Girl: Viva las Danger
- (adult to OA/RN) #1 DC/Wildstorm 11/19/2003.
Beautiful young lady to old lady and back.
- (JeffR_2bya)

- (AR) v1 #123, "Holocaust In The Halls Of H.Y.D.R.A.!", 06/01/1975, Marvel.
Silvio "Silvermane" Manfredi retells his story with the Youth Potion. Brief flashback image is shown - (Jeffr_2bya)

Dark Mysteries
- (male adult age stasis)
"Never to Die", #19, 08/01/1954, Master Comics.
A man wishes to never die, but spends immortal life behind bars.
- (

Dark Shadows
- (male AR) Daily strip based on the TV show, New York Daily News, 1972 to 1973.
In one story arc our vampire defeats the villain and causes him to regain his innocence. Hence we see an older man turned into a young boy with very loose clothing talking like a young child - (Time2)

Dark Shadows
- (possible AR/AP)
Part 2 "The Fountain Of Youth", 4/1973, #19, Gold Key.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult rejuvenated) Spider-Girl comics. He had to live as a 20-something for a while and seemed to prefer it that way.

- (AP AA TFs, RN) Philippines komiks series, Mars Ravelo, Bulaklak Magazine, Vol4 #17, 7/23/1947 - ongoing.
- Little country girl Narda finds mystic talisman-pebble from planet Marte that allows her to transform into adult warrior-woman Darna. Narda swallows the stone and transforms into Darna by shouting out the latter name. Likewise, Darna turns back by shouting her name. The secret is known to her grandmother and her brother sidekick Ding.
- Also motion pictures, Tv series, and animated series.
- origin story - message from the stars.
- vine attack, RNAR - Narda can't shout the magic word to "grow" her way out of confinement.
- transformations
- RNAR scene in bedroom

- (old age) "Where Demons Fear To Dwell" #2. Enchantress casts a rapid-aging spell on Ali to thwart her singing career.
- (old age) Musical perfomance gone wrong - aging - aged
(TBTC comics scans recovered from archive)

DC Comics Presents
- (male adult anthro rejuvenation) #35 "Whatever Happened to Rex the Wonder Dog?" 7/1/1981 "Mystery of the Moon Witch".
Chasing bad guys on Bimini island, both the elderly Rex and Bobo (Detective Chimp) drink from the Fountain of Youth - (TBTC)
- (male AA TF APed) #53 "Superman In The House Of Mystery" (Jan.) "The Haunting Dooms Of Halloween".
Little boy suddenly found himself changed into adult superman - (Jeffr_2bya)

DC Comics
- (ARed scene) c2014 heroes - (WT find)

- (mind transfers, some mental AR) DC Comics. His sole power was the ability to effortlessly possess anybody, from children to Superman.

- (male FFed) 2010 years

- (rejuvenation) #25, c01/2017.
Around 2099, Deadpool teams with Ellie (his known daughter), who despite being 90-something looks only about 40. Wadra napalms Ellie since she didn't inherit their father's healing factor, but Deadpool doesn't seem too devastated over his daughter's death. We learn Ellie has a different mutant healing factor: instead of healing bit by bit like her father, she heals all at once as her body rejuvenates inside the husk of her burnt-out old body, which her younger form then bursts out of. Deadpool explains that she becomes the age she was when she originally got her mutant powers. So she goes from middle aged to around 13-14, with all her memories still intact. Deadpool wonders what they are going to do now that she looks a lot younger. They go to a restaurant where she shocks the waiter by ordering 2 Manhattans, which Deadpool says are both for him. She later downs one and the waiter is shocked again.
- Page scans at - (Tazz)

- (TF) "Cat Magnet" # 49, 2001 In one 24-hour period, our hero Deadpool: helps an injured elderly woman get to the hospital; has drinks with a gorgeous auburn-haired nurse; rescues a wealthy Hispanic clubgoer from her abusive date and then sleeps with her; "helps" an unlucky red-haired newcomer to New York; and gets propositioned by a eager blonde grocery delivery girl. Little does he know that all 5 women are his one-time girlfriend, Vanessa Carlysle, aka the mutant Copycat. cover
Cable & Deadpool
- (male ARed) 2005 #17. The conclusion to the epic world-hopping story arc as Deadpool, Cannonball and Siryn desperately search for the missing Cable (Nathan Summers, the son of Scott "Cyclops" Summers and Jean "Phoenix" Grey). After scouring several alternate worlds and various alternate Cables, where they find the one TRUE Cable will come as a very, VERY big shock - and set up a whole new roller coaster ride for Marvel's oddest couple! - male ARed
- Issue #18 has Cable growing slightly older. Will it continue? - male APed (O')

Death Jr
- (flash forward APed) AA forms
- 2007, based on PSP game, Amerimanga. Pandora accidently travels to the future and into her Teenage Body. She must save Death Jr from his new arch nemesis. link (him)

Death Rattle
- (AA comic) "When I Grow Up", #18, 1988.
A strange game. Mental and apparent face age increases of the children only, RNed reset.

Death Rattle
- (mental AA FF) #18, "When I Grow Up", 1988.
Jones & Potter, last story, last issue - Several children play a simple game of make believe. A girl wishes on a star for her and her friends to "grow up". As their stupid lives play out on the lawn they remain looking like children. Physically unchanged, they enact the dramas, tragedies and regrets of their adult years. It's a powerful statement on the uncertainty of our futures and the wrong turns people can take, even those with the most innocent and openhearted intentions. She makes another wish to return them to normal - (Jeffr_2bya)

Deathmate Black
- (adult to old age AA? RNed to young adult) 09/1993, Ripclaw and Voodoo, Image /Valiant Comics.
- (Zeitgeist)

Decrypting Rita
- (cyborg AR AA poofed) Webcomics by Egypt Urnash (Margaret Trauth), 2012/12.
Rita the Hat Lady re-emerged from the depths of the Panopticon in a body much younger than before. She even gains a new hat to match.
- Scene link - extr.

Defenders, The
- (AA, old aged to death) Vol01 #29, 1975/11, Guardians of the Galaxy series.
3 children were captured by Aleta's father Ogord, who turned them into psychic vampires to take revenge on Starhawk. While draining their parents, the children "age to adulthood". They were stopped and realized what they did, but the shock aged them to old age and dust - extract

- (AR) #16, 1974.
Magneto grows his own mutant (not unlike Sea Monkeys) whom he names Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant. Following an encounter with the Defenders, Alpha turns on Magneto and regresses him back to infancy, along with the rest of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - cover

(AA TFed) #5: "Girl You Want" 03/04. The main character Kate's powers are a bit odd: Her physical appearance apparently changes based on how a person perceives her. When Kate bumps into a guy who only knows her as someone who works in the library stacks, Kate's outward appearance is transformed into an appropriately "nerdy library girl." In the opening scene, there's a hilarious 4-panel sequence where her appearance changes as she crosses a room. Wouldn't people be unnerved by a woman whose appearance kept fluctuating from one moment to the next? When Kate meets someone who sees her for herself, Kate projects her wishes and desires onto this stranger - cover

Detective Comics
Superheroes and supervillains and more - INFO PAGE
- (AR, AA AP) #218 "Batman, Junior and Robin, Senior!" 04/1955.
- (adult age stasis) #395 "The Secret Of The Waiting Graves" 01/1970.
- (Jeffr_2bya, TBTC )

(AP, AR) DC Comics character, Wonder Woman #143, 4/1999. Supernatural shape changer, preteen dark mirror image of Wonder Woman.
Cronus formed the image of a child out of clay, breathed life into it, and called her Deva. Disdain gave her the gift of beauty and emotion control. Devastation retains the ability to revert her appearance from a child to a grown woman.

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male AA AR poof, RN AA) 2001/02. Some mental effects because he had a backup brain.
Full comic link - extract - (JK Andrews)

Dial H for Hero
- (male AA TF upgrades) DC Comics, Wonder Comics limited series, 2019.
A magical dial enables ordinary persons to become superheroes for a short time. The H-Dial manifests in front of adult-sized teen Miguel Montez during a bicycle stunt gone wrong as he plummets into Devil's Canyon - dialing "H" for "Hero", he poofs into the much larger superhero Monster Truck. When Miguel comes to, he finds he has trashed a car dealership. Miguel's "inner hero" alter ego SuperMiguel appears about the same age as his idol Superman.

Die Kitty Die: Heaven & Hell
- (FB poof ARed, AA) #3, Parent/Ruiz, 2018.
In order to enter Heaven, Kitty the witch must rectify three of her previous misdeeds. One incident involved turning a childhood acquaintance into a brass toilet during a board game. Since decades have passed since then, Kitty transports her back in time to begin anew - Page - (Thomas2)

Dinosaurs Attack
- (male adult to OA) #1. A man is aged to death by a time beam - (ArArchive)

Disney's Jumbo
- (possible AR/AP) "Pena das Selvas Uma Fonte De Confusoes", #2, 12/30/2012, Brazil.
Jungle Fethry is hired by old men to find a "fountain" of youth. Reprinted in Mega #375, Peninha #7, and Peninha #20.
- (

Docteur Gaudeamus
- (male AR) 1960-1973, French. Art: Coq. Scen: Goscinny, coauthor of Asterix.
Only his spouse Pepita knows the great secret. She takes care of her husband who regressed himself into a baby with a youth elixir, while keeping his adult mind. This leads to some adventures.
- Small extract art - (Vended)

Doctor Fate
- (male AP) Nabu transforms Kent Nelson into a grown man. Kent and Inza die again after being aged to senescence in Zero Hour.
- Also Eric Strauss.

Doctor Fate
- (male APed) DC Comics, "Dr. Fate". Kent Nelson gave up the mantle to a gestalt being comprised of a child who had been magically aged into an adult.

Doctor Fate
- (male APed) The original Doctor was Kent Nelson. Post Crisis it was revealed Nabu was responsible for the elder Nelson's demise, and that he magically aged young Kent, who was really just an 8 y.o. boy.
- In the post Crisis series, Eric is a little kid with a very close bond with his stepmommy. She is obsessed with boinking her underage stepson, both before and after he's physically (but not mentally) hyper-aged to an adult by Nabu.

Doctor Hormone
- (boys only rule applies, male AP CB, male AP, male adult rejuv, adult rejuv) Popular 54.
1940 series about an elderly scientist who uses hormones for justice. Having discovered the secret of life itself, he injected himself with a "youth hormone" to restore his body to full adult vigor. Senior citizen to prime of life, baby to grown man, teen to grown man, animalization (spy to jackass).
- Source: - Page scans - (SKJAM)

Doctor Strange
Ancient One (character)
- (male adult age stasis & rejuvenation) - INFO PAGE

Doctor Who Magazine
- ("OA'd" mention) 251-255 "Fire and Brimstone" 1997.
Comic featuring the Eighth Doctor. The last person to attempt to commune with the Cauldron aged sixty years in sixty seconds.

Doctor Who Magazine
- (age disguised ARed illusion) "Ghosts of the Northern Line"
Monster Of The Week Mnemosyne takes on the form of a little girl ghost, who at one point stands on the tracks in front of a tube train, prompting the driver to slam the brakes - giving the other ghosts time to feed on the living.

Doctor Who Weekly
(APed) #19, 2/20/80 "Doctor Who and the Star Beast". Sharon was a secondary school student living in Blackcastle, England. The Meep used his appearance as a cute furry alien to gain her sympathy. Sharon gets a new costume that she wears for the duration of the strip. Beep's ruse was uncovered and he was handed over to the Wrarth, and the Fourth Doctor prepared to take Sharon back to Earth. On Sharon's next adventure, she not only gets a new hairstyle, but literally grows up. Their encounter with Brimo the Timewitch ages Sharon 4 years. While this did not affect the Doctor significantly, Sharon was suddenly in her early 20s. Not having been fond of being an adolescent, however, she was quite pleased with the results, and she now sees little point returning to school. Sharon APed

Doll Man
- (possible AR or OA?) #24 Quality "Exixir Of Youth" 09/1949.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(flashed forward) Character, DC Comics, "Secret Origins" #50.
A very young girl fell overboard from a cruise ship, only to be saved by a mysterious alien race that used her as an experimental prototype for a subaquatic humanoid race. She acquired gills, webbed fingers and toes, superhuman strength, and a slowed aging process. Oblivious to her former humanity, the feral young Dolphin scavenged underwater for her livelihood, eventually finding her trademark short blue-jeans and white shirt inside a sunken ship. As she grew into young womanhood, she tired of living an isolated, lonely life. Dolphin gave birth to a son named Cerdian.

Donald Duck
- (anthro rejuv wish)
Hiper Hiper Disney - #36, Portugal "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" 10/30/1994.
Feeling old, Donald Duck looks for a scientist who invented a youth elixir.
- (anthro AR/AS)
One Shot - #339, Dell "Donald Duck and The Magic Fountain" 7/30/1951.
Donald and his nephews find the Fountain of Youth.
- (anthro age stasis)
Anders And & Co. - #45, Norway "Living In The Past" 11/08/2012.
Donald Duck feels old and seeks a fountain of youth which turns out to be placed in an isolated village. He becomes good friends with the citizens but learns that age isn't all that matters in life.
- (possible anthro rejuv?)
DuckTales - #7, Netherlands "The Fountain of Youth" 9/11/1990.
- (JeffR-2bya)

Donald Duck
- (many cases of anthro AR, rejuvenation, and old age)
INFORMATION PAGE - to be updated.
Donald Duck & Co:
- (possible AR/AP) #13 Norway Disney "I marki Ostens fotspor" 03/23/1966.
- (mental AR) #31.
Donald Duck:
- (possible AR/AP) #12 "The Fountain of Youth" 05/25/1977.
Donald Duck:
- (AR/RN) #10 Netherlands Disney, The Fountain of Youth, 03/10/1956.
- (AR/RN) #36 "De fontein van de eeuwige jeugd" The Fountain of Youth, 09/09/1967.
Donald Duck:
- (possible AR/AP) #478 "Archimede e l'inversione del tempo" Archimedes and the time reversal, 1/5/1995.
Disney's London Editions Magazine:
- (AR/RN) #158 "Donald's Second childhood" 12/30/1989.
Disney's Aventuras:
- (possible AR/AP) #21 Colombia Disney "A pocao de Medeia" Medea's youth potion, 10/28/1991.

Donald Duck
Walt Disney's Donald Duck:
- (possible AR/RN or OA in all of the following comics)
- "The Spring Of Instant Youth" 12/22/1974.
- "As Young As You Feel".
- "Fountain Of Youth" 06/11/1980.
- "Second Childhood" 08/03/1989.
- "Elixir Of Youth" 1989.
- "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" 1994.
Walt Disney's Duck Tales:
- (possible AR/RN) #7 "The Fountain of Youth" 09/11/1990.
O Pato Donald:
- (AS) #118 Brazil Disney "Donald Duck and The Magic Fountain" 02/09/1954.
- (possible AR/AP) # 1116 "A pocao de Medeia" "Medea's youth potion" 03/30/1973.
- (male adult anthro mental AR) #2043 "De Volta A Infancia" 10/30/1994.
- (possible AR/RN) #2043 "There's No Fool Like An Old Fool" 10/30/1994.
Extra Donald Duck Extra:
- (old/young age stasis) #4 1/2 "The Big Sneeze" 04/09/2013.
Carl Barks Library:
- (anthro AR) #4 "That's No Fable!" 11/30/1985
- (Jeffr_2bya, )

Doom Patrol
- Not confirmed. (male AP) Comics. 1963-2004? Aging Man. Strange mutant drains mom's life force at birth, killing her. The little baby ages into a boy, and then drains another victim and becomes a naked teenager, gaining the attention of a high school coach and some girls. The coach is attacked and killed, and the young teen becomes an older man with a beard. The Doom Patrol tracks him to a diner where he is about to drain the counter lady. The man's eyes glow red. Negative Man reverses the attack and the meta-human becomes an old man. (Kris Rothacher)
- (mind transfer looks like AR) 2005. The Chief discovers a way to send one's consciousness back into the past to inhabit your body as it was then. Robotman uses the technology to go back to when he was race car driver Cliff Steele in an effort to avert the accident that cost him his body. Rita Farr (Elasti-Girl) follows in an attempt to dissuade him. Cliff and Rita see themselves and each other as their future selves. Which causes a problem after Rita admits she loves Cliff. Since the rest of the world sees a grown man hugging a 13 year old girl in a non-fatherly manner, he gets to visit jail..... (Skjam)

Dragon's Lair
- (demon TFed, rejuv/OA effects) #3, 2006.
A super hot seductress was really an ugly witch in disguise. - extracts - (Guest)


Earth X (Hulk variant)
- (male "ARed" effect) #0, 1999/03.
Earth-9997. Bruce Banner's mutation caused him and the Hulk to split in two. Banner now has the body of a 10 y.o. blind boy, who is psychically linked to a near mindless simian-like Hulk. Banner can see through the Hulk's eyes - art

- (growth, mental AR) "You're A Big Girl Now", #81, 2/1977.
A woman grows into a giantess and then regresses mentally.

Eerie's Greatest Hits - "Soul Of Horror" 12/1994, Harris.
Simon Hectate, an evil man, has the power to transfer his soul into any fresh-born infant.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (GTS "growth" aftermath, possible implied CB?)
Issue #81, 2/77, Richard Corben - cover
- "You're A Big Girl Now"
Aliens land to witness a destroyed Earth. A recording tells how a girl is born at 3 months as a healthy newborn. Rachel keeps on growing until she is higher than a blockhouse. Newspaper reporter Lowery befriends her as a child. When she grows to adulthood she gets upset he doesn't love her like she loves him. Fearful of her continuous growth the military tries to destroy her, and she goes on a rampage in New York city looking for the Statue of Liberty, which she believes to be her mother. Many years later aliens find her body and realize that she grew so large that she ended up destroying the Earth. Her body drifted off into space still clutching the Statue - panel scan.
- "Goodbye, Bambi Boone" - Giordano, Bates.
Bambi Boone is a giant sized actress who grew to a great size after an experiment to increase the size of her breasts went horribly wrong - page scan.
- "The Bride of Congo: The Untold Story" - Infantino, Mayo.
Amy finds that King Kong didn't actually die, but is wounded and needs a blood transfusion. She ends up giant-sized as well.

- (GTS, mental AR) #81 "You're A Big Girl Now" 2/77. A woman grows into a giantess and then regresses mentally - (Jeffr_2bya)

El Borbah
(male body ARed, female body old age) Charles Burns
Age anomalies

Elongated Man
(male FF) 1960. Ralph Dibny grows up looking for a way to extend his body. male

Elseworlds 80-Page Giant
- (banned male FBed comic) "Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter" 08/1999.
This comic was withdrawn and pulped because of a portrayal of baby Superman in a microwave and other inappropriate situations.

- (AA TF APed, RN) - TF - TF - TF
Malibu Comics, 1995. Young girl Elvia gained the power to transform herself physically into Elven, a superhuman elf chick in a bikini. A victim of domestic abuse, she is a voracious reader of fantasy books and has created the elf avatar out of her subconscious. Elven stops a dealer from smacking a woman, and we get a flashback of Elvia's drunken father when she's reading Lord of the Rings. Young Elvia has an appointment with her unethical therapist to deal with the trauma. The session is interrupted by Bruno, a very troubled and horny young boy who is possessed by a demon, about to violate the attractive secretary. Elvia transforms into Elven, and wackiness ensues as the two over-sexualized 12-year olds go at it - after

Elvira's House Of Mystery
- (male AR) #1 DC "The Realm" 01/1986.
A man is forced to drink too much life potion for trying to kill off his family.
- (male adult age stasis or OA?) #6 08/1986.
A man takes an amulet that protects him from death.
- (JeffR_2bya)

- (looks like mid to late teen AP cutaway) Dark Horse, 2007+.
Theresa is traumatized by attending a high school where all the girls are buxom blondes. Making a deal to unlock the power of her feminine essence, she assumes the role of fully grown heroine Sistah Spooky. Empowered's super costume is easily torn and ripped in combat.
- TF upgrade extract - TF upgrade extract - ARed RN extract - "ripped" costume extract

- (TFed wish) Sistah Spooky made a Deal With The Devil to get an excellent more mature figure. She can consume any amount of food without gaining weight. It's suggested this weight is distributed to other women.

Eve (horror host)
- (adult age forms) DC character who "narrates" horror comics. "1000 year old woman" can appear as singular Maiden, Mother, or Crone. Similar to EC's Old Witch from the Crypt/Vault Keeper gang. Eve hosted Secrets of Sinister House #6-16, and replaced Destiny as host of Weird Mystery Tales.

- (male AR) "Weird War III", 1990, Marvel.
Hitler survived. Red Skull has a rejuvenation device. Hitler is strapped in, but the scientist operating the device is killed before the effect can be stopped.

- (male TFs) The shapeshifter Morph was born a fairly squishy mass of a baby. Nonetheless he counts himself lucky, since his power allowed him to quickly shift into a more normal appearance and live a fairly happy family life.

(AR) comic #80, 2001. Proteus takes over Morph's body and discovers that it doesn't burn out like all his previous bodies. While demonstrating Morph's shapeshifting abilities he turns into Ms.Marvel and a little girl. 1 panel each. (Random)

Extremely Youngblood
- (younger or past forms?) #1, 9/1996, Image Comics.
One-shot starring a kiddie version of the Youngblood team.
- (TBTC)

- (adult rejuvenation AA)
Vol14, Witches - Frau becoming young TF - (Bird)

- (AP) 8 issue "Cubs in Toyland" arc, 2012, #114 to 121.
As a preteen Therese becomes queen of Toyland, where time can flow faster. Toyland becomes a beautiful realm again. Therese goes home to explain to Snow White what happened. At first Snow didn't recognize her due to her accelerated aging.
- Extracts: Time - (Connor)

- (male age stasis) The Blue Fairy was, due to her fairy mentality, a Literal Genie when Pinocchio asked to become a real boy. He got to be stuck as one forever.
- (OA'd) Frau Totenkinder is one of the most powerful sorceresses in existence. Granted eternal life and beauty, she intentionally aged herself into an old lady, so that she would not be distracted by youth.

- (OA'd & adult rejuvenated, FFed AA) Bill Willingham.
Baba Yaga, seemingly an old lady, chooses to appear that age.
Hansel and Mary, from "Mary Had a Little Lamb," appear as adults.

Fantasy tales INFO PAGE
- (age stasis) Vol01: Legends in Exile - #4 Vertigo "Remembrance Day" 12/1/2002.
- (age stasis) Vol14: Witches - #87 "Bufkin Chapter One of Witches" 12/07/2010.
- (age stasis) #88 "Totenkinder Chapter Two of Witches" 12/7/2010.
- (

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The
- (flashed forward) 1968-97. Fat Freddy Freekowtski returns to his hometown and meets an attractive teenage girl who invites him home. As they're sharing a bath together, her parents come home - and Freddy realizes they're his parents too, having not recognized his now attractive sister.

Fallen Angel
- (male OA) Juris, sick of being Magistrate of the magical Genius Loci city Bete Noir, passed the mantle on to his son so he could finally leave. Upon going beyond the city limits, he aged rapidly and ultimately crumbled to dust.

Fantastic Four
- (OA) #212 11/79 "Clash of the Titans" - cover

Fantastic Four
(male APed, male AR) Franklin Richards When his adult self appeared from an alternate future, he possessed immeasurable psionic powers. Nathaniel Richards took him to the future and returned him as a teenager. When combatting his future son, Hyperstorm, he was reverted back to a child.

Fantastic Four
Incarnations of the superhero team INFO PAGE
- (adult stasis) #30 "The Dreaded Diablo" 09/1964 - (John Kaminski)
- (adults to old age) #206 (1st series) "Death of...the Fantastic Four!" 05/1979.
- (adults to OA) #212 "Battle of the Titans!" - (TBTC)
- (adults old aged) #213 "In Final Battle!"
- (adults old aged) #214 "...And Then There Was One!" 01/1980.
- (male AP) #245 "Childhood's End!" 1980? - (TBTC)

Fatman The Human Flying Saucer
- (male AR, RN) #2 "Mystery of the Moon Witch" Lightning 06/1967.
Fatman's nemesis Brainman is a Martian whose weakness is water. Being drenched turns him into Brainbaby until he dries out - (TBTC)

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics
- (time loops) c2013.

- (male AR) #1 "What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd?!!
AKA Tales to Astonish #10.
- (male adult ages) #6 "The Black Ray".
AKA Journey Into Mystery v1 #66.
- (male monster stasis) "The Midnight Monster".
AKA Journey Into Mystery v1. #79.
- INFO PAGE - (John Kaminski, Jeffr_2bya)

- (AR) #16. She-Cat explains the youth formula Octavia developed is causing her to age backwards. Already a young child, she may not have much time left before ceasing to exist.
- (AR) #23 Rad develops a youth serum to make money. 2 really elderly people have taken the formula. They talk old, but look young. AR not shown. (Time)
- (AP RN CB in 2 page epilogue, also AR) #24 "Teen Femforce" 1990. Rad is off the V-45 drug and has started to age. A vitamin restores her adult youth and she breaks free. Determined to teach the Femforce a lesson, Rad impersonates the old Ms. V. and spikes their champagne with a youth formula. A group of very shapely women becomes young girls of about 13 with much loose clothing. They act less mature. The now-teenaged Femforce spends most of the story under the watchful eyes of TC and Stella. At the end the youth formula wears off and they return to their proper ages (bursting out of their clothing), just as Stella becomes a child after unwittingly drinking the spiked champagne. (Time, TBTC)
- (AP, CB) - AP growup scene.

- (AR, adult to teen rejuvenation, RN AP CB) - Higher quality scans of previously posted artwork - AR - AP CB RN, AR - (TBTC)

- (AR) Backwards-aging Octavia Howard, the third psychic bond for She-Cat, was Joan Wayne bio-chem assistant in the past.
#13, 1985, 3 appearances. Femforce Omnibus, 2009, 1 appearance.

Female heroines and villains reverted and aged - INFO PAGE
- (AR) #03, 12/30/1990.
- (AR) #13 - #15 - #16 - #23 - #40.
- (AR) #41, 12/30/1991.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Femme du magicien
- (FF) 1986 French roman graphique. Charyn, Boucq. A young girl grew up through the years to become a magician's partner, replacing her mother in that role. There was 1 very slight possible werewolf aftermath CBed glimpse.

(male muscle growth, CB) Comic by Pfeifer and Thompson. male

Flash 80-Page Giant
- (young adults AA to old age, RN) #2, 4/1999, "World's Oldest Teens".
Set in the early days of the original Teen Titans. They help the grown teenagers of Baldwinsville, who were mysteriously aged to elderly.
- Full page scans - (Joe A.)

Flash, The
- (male APed) "The Flash". Bart Allen at different ages. (O) male AA APed
- (male flash forward) future-titans, darktomorrow, adult impulse male
- (old age possible AP RN) V2 80-Page Giant #2. "The World's Oldest Teens" 4/99. Homage to those 'hep' Teen Titans tales of the '60s. The 4 Titans and all the teens in a town are suddenly senior citizens. Mr. Methusaleh has been stealing their "youthons". (2BYA)
- (presumed old age, possibility of AP) 189 "The Death-Touch Of The Blue Ghost" (June) An IB and Kid Flash get aged. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male AP) Cursed with a runaway metabolism, Bart Allen, a.k.a. Impulse, was rapidly aged from infancy to adolescence over the course of 3 years. ('O') His education and development kept pace with his rapid growth, but he's still basically a 2-year-old in the body of a teenager. And annointed the successor to the role of Flash.

Flash, The
- (AP AA, AR RN) #241, 243, 6/2008, DC Comics, Tom Peyer.
Mark Waid brought Linda and the kids back. Instead of the kids aging naturally, Iris and Jai's metabolisms are all screwed up to the point where they will experience rapid development, and could grow old and die with no warning. During a kidnapping attempt, Iris experiences an age jump from pre-teen to teenager. We see the results of puberty after her first growth spurt, wearing a form-fitting costume similar to her future counterpart. While the growth helps save Wally and Jay Garrick from Gorilla Grodd, jumping a few years is nothing compared to the spurt Iris experiences at the end of the issue. Now wearing a "kid flash"-like costume, she displays superspeed and ages into adulthood after defeating Grodd. The crimson daughter's life is on the line. In #243, Iris is returned to her original age, and her powers revert back to molecular acceleration.

Flash, The
- (adult OA, male age forms) #12, Johns, Kolins, Manapul.
The Reverse Flash reveals himself as the dastardly villain who has been aging people to death. Hot Pursuit goes speeding after him. The Reverse Flash escapes, now able to change his age at will.

Flash, The
- (AP AA) 2008. Flash daughter Iris West Allen suddenly grows older while wearing her hyper-elastic costume.
- before the AP - the APed scenes - age forms
- (male AP, muscle development) Son Jai West suddenly grew hugely muscular.
- male

Flash, The
- (AP) #225 10/05. Child appearance: JLA v2 #10 2007.
At the end of Rogue War, Linda gave birth to the Flash twins, Jai and Iris West. They fled to another planet. When they returned, Iris and Jai were older than they should be. When they were 3 months old, Wally and Linda discovered that the twins were growing up faster than usual. Jai's powers manifest as the ability to accelerate muscle growth, giving himself temporary super-strength. Physically, he appears 8 years old, 2 years younger than his twin sister. The Wests have managed to stabilize their children's powers, but cannot predict any future growth spurts. They could mature to adulthood overnight...or die of old age. (O')
- (APed, male APed, old age) Iris continues to age at an unpredictable rate after using her powers.
- OA - OA - age forms

Flash, The
- (male age forms)
Professor Zoom AKA Eobard Thawne can influence time and alter his very age. In "Flashpoint" he impersonates a young boy while victims were drastically aged.

Flash, The
- (male AR) #11, "The Road to Flashpoint"
The age-stealing Reverse Flash transformed himself into a boy so that he could develop his powers. How he de-aged and then re-aged himself while stealing people's life energies will be explained next issue.

Flash, The
- (young adult to old) classic #189. Some pretty great OA of Iris Allen, wife of Barry Allen aka The Flash. Never let anything super-vibrate through your wife... wait that didn't sound right lol. Anyway thought it was a very enjoyable book. A lot of these Silver Age stories have some gems. And the conclusion... love how calm Iris is, considering. And her comment at the end - scans - (Deptx)

Flash, The
DC's fastest superhero - INFO PAGE
- (animal AR) Flash Comics #25 - 1942 Hawkman "The Youth Serum" - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (adult to old age, male AP) Strange radiation in Blue Valley.
- (male adult simulated old age, RN) #157 V01 "The Day Flash Aged 100 Years!" - (TBTC)
- (male to adult or old age) #189 "The Death-Touch Of The Blue Ghost" 06 - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (adult rejuv, old age disguise)#193 "Captain Cold Blows His Cool" 10/16/69 - (
- (adults to old age) Flash V2 80-Page Giant #2 "The World's Oldest Teens" 04/99.

Flashpoint (comics reboot)
- (reality shift, pseudo adult rejuv effects) 2011.
At the end, The Flash "fixes" The DCU by merging it with the WildStorm and Vertigo universes into the New 52 timeline. When Flash's cosmic retcon made all the heroes Younger and Hipper, he erased a ton of characters from history. The actual culprit is Dr. Manhattan messing with the entire DC Universe from outside.

Flight Volume Eight
- (AR/rejuv/OA?) Gold Key "The Black Fountain"? - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male accelerated lifespan FF) #16 Vertigo "A Temporary Life" 1/30/2001.
Short-lived Horror anthology. In one story a man lives out his whole life in a matter of days.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
Book Cover

Flintstones and the Jetsons, The
- (male AR) "Big Baby Spacely", #3, 10/01/1991, DC.
George's Boss is reverted due to a prank.
- (

Flintstones, The
- (adult rejuvenation) "Addams Family" story.
Morticia tells Gomez to make up a new dose of ugly potion for herself and 2 old witches. Instead he goofs and they end up as young beauties. The 2 old hags transformation is really good - (Time2)

Fly, The
- (male AA TFs) AKA "Fly Man". Young orphan Tommy Troy AA-poofed into an adult hero to do battle. By the 5th issue Thomas had aged 10 years, gaining a law degree along the way, and was drained of any trace of originality. When "The Fly" and other Archie Comics heroes were revived under DC Comics' Impact imprint in 1991, the age-up trope was rebooted for the character. Jason Troy AA poofed from a mostly grown teen into a muscular man.

Fly, The
(male APed) "The Fly", 1959 Little Tommy Troy finds a magic ring that can transform him into a grown man with all the powers of the insect world. From the 5th issue onward an adult Thomas Troy picks up his old ring after many years.

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion
- (adults rejuved, RN to OA, male OA) "The Immortality Thieves", #7 DC "The Immortality Thieves" 1972.
Couple are reverted and then something goes wrong as they are aged to death.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
- (female adult stasis/male adult to old age) #11 "Generation Gap!" 1972.
A man discovers the Fountain of Youth. The effect is different for men.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Forbidden Tales Of Dark Mansion
- (female adult rejuv) #6 DC "Diary of a Dead Woman!" 1972.
A woman makes a wish to be 20 years younger.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion
- (female adults age stasis, male adult to OA) "Generation Gap", #11. The pool is a fountain of youth.

Forbidden Worlds
- (AA RN APed, OA, AR) #10 "Strange Machine!" 10/01/1952, ACG. A few people are progressed to old age. One woman is ARed into a little girl wearing an oversized dress, then returned to normal.
- (OA) #105 "The People From Afar!" 8/1/1962, ACG. A group of aliens uses an age ray to advance their victims into old age.

Forbidden Worlds
- (adult mind swaps) "Click, Click, Went The Machine", #144.
- (female AR OC, AA FFed RN) "My Strange Godfather", #58.
- (male adult AS, male OA'd, male ARed) "The Man from Ancient Greece", #42.
- (male OA, AR, OA) "Strange Machine", #10.
- (preteen female analog) "The Time Destroyer", #14.
Alternate timeline. 15 year younger form of would-be fiancee.

Forbidden Worlds
- (ARed, RNed) 010-27 - RN scene
An exceedingly rare early female "AP" depiction, although almost nothing can be seen.

Forbidden Worlds
Men and Women (and sometimes Boys) change ages - INFORMATION PAGE
- (male AR) #06 "Somewhere I'll Find You!" 06/01/1952.
- (age stasis, TF) #09 "Phantom Fountain" 09/01/1952.
- (male adult to OA) #34 "Day of Reckoning!" 11/01/1954.
- (mild AR) #39 "The Davy Crockett Mystery" 01/01/1956.
- (old age/RN) #52 "The Magic Mirror" 03/01/1957.
- (male adult ST) #54 "The Mystic Pentagon!" 05/01/1957.
- (male AS) #70 "Beyond The Reach of Time!" 09/01/1958.
- (male mental AR) #80 "The Answer Machine" 07/01/1959.
- (male AR) #84 "The Edge of The Sea" 12/01/1959.
- (male old age) "Things to Come".
- (male AR/old age) #99 "Look Three Times in The Mirror" 10/01/1961.
- (flashback / flash forward) #107 "The Endless Rooms!" 10/01/1962.
- (male/AR) #109 "The Mirror That Stole Faces" 02/01/1963.
- (male AR) #111 "The Water Hole!" 06/01/1963.
- (AR) #118 "The Octagonal Planet" 04/01/1964.
- (old age) #119 "The Girl From Bald Mountain!" 06/01/1964.
- (male & female AR/RN) #121 "Back To Yesterday!" August - (Pixchick)
- (woman to old age) #136 "Where Time Stood Still!" 07/01/1966.
- (female adult rejuvenation and aging) #143 "The Gift Of Beauty!" 06/01/1967.
- (Jeffr_2bya,

Fountain of Youth (Marvel Universe)
- (age stasis) Original Man-Thing series, first She-Hulk series.
A small village of people from the Conquistador days. Bathing in the waters leaves one immortal, but drinking it turns one into a shriveled, red-skinned immortal. She-Hulk convinces them to destroy the Fountain as they've grown apathetic. Strong emotions break the immortality, causing one to begin to live and age again.

Frankenstein Comics
- (adult rejuv/OA) #4 Prize "Youth Restorer" 10/1/1946.
Minor woman rejuvenation with some age up.

- (adult rejuv/AS/OA?)
#11 "The Fountain Of Youth" Jan-Feb 1948.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Fringe: Tales from the Fringe
- (old age) #4, 2010.
In the second story, a beautiful young woman finds her youth drained away in a matter of minutes and is willing to do anything to get it back.
- Info link - (April)

From Beyond the Unknown
- (male AR) Super Size #9, 3/1971, National Periodical.
Reprint of The Man Who Aged Backwards. A spaceman lands on a small planet whose radiation causes some fairly good AR.
- (possible male age stasis) #24 "The Man Who Lived Forever" 10/30/1973 Charlton.
AKA Strange Adventures #145.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Fun Home
(coming of age, flash forward & flashback scenes, AA) "A family tragicomic", Alison Bechdel, 2006. The author's growing up years and coming to terms with her lesbianism are explored.

Funny Stuff
- (implied anthro AR only) #38 "The Fountain Of Youth" 10/30/1948 DC.
Fennimore tries to sell Dunbar the Fountain of Youth. Dunbar Dodo and Fennimore Frog are reverted.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(age forms) 26 "A Whole Lotta Leela" 2006. Bender tries to get an "alien firearm" degree. A time rifle separates Leela into a baby, teenager, her usual self and an old lady. Anyway you look at it, there's a whole lotta Leela going on. At the very end this happens to everyone in the comic. (tim-ra, Metamorphose)

Future Shocks
(male reverse aging) 1980s, Alan Moore, 2000 AD magazine.
A man ages backwards: he was first found in the street undying of a heart attack, rapidly got better, started a job and got demoted until he was the teaboy, his kids moved into his house and finally vanished (less unpleasant for their mother), he split up with his wife, moved back home, and went to school to forget things.
"Alan Moore - The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks", 2006.

Gabriel Summers (Marvel)
- (male accelerated) Earth-616, X-Men Deadly Genesis Vol1.6 001 - art

Galaxy Heroes, Inc
(old age) #1. Staff kills Lotira by aging her to her true years. She is resurrected in #2.

Gambit: The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone
- (AR? AP?) Fabian Nicieza, 1999 Cyber Comic.
Gambit and Sek are looking for a gem stone with the ability to reverse things. Gambit wanted to use it on Spat so that she wouldn't die, and Spat was re-aged to an adult.
- Lobdell wanted to start a Spat & Grovel mini-series, featuring two of the most outrageous bail bondsmen in Marvel history! "Spat will be similarly afflicted with her age problem throughout." At the time, she was de-aging.

Gambit: The Hunt for the Tomorrow Stone
- (slow AR & aftermath, RNed) Daerick Gross, Earth-616, 1999/12/27. (Aol users only) lost digital comic, CyberComics line.
- After Gambit #10, referred to in Gambit #12. Years ago, a Shi'ar chronometric liquid fired at Remy was blocked by bounty hunter Spat. As a result Spat has been aging in reverse. Gambit helps Spat obtain the Tomorrow Stone to stop her de-aging. In his quest, he encounters Sekhmet who needs the Stone to save her mother from suspended animation. Sekhmet gets the Stone, but provides it to Spat to save her life. There was reportedly said to be a comic panel showing Spat having been returned to normal? - Character pic - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (FFed) X-Men vol2 #8 1992/05.
Bella Donna Boudreaux becomes associated with the X-Man Gambit - pic

(adult CB) - CB - CB

Gen 13
- (no AR/AP in story) V2#1 Image 03/1995.
"Li'l Gen13" variant Cover, one of 13, Art Adams. Depicts the members of Gen13 as kids.
- (TBTC)

Genial Olivier
- (male AR, RN) AKA "M. Rectitude et Génial Olivier"
10 "Un Génie ingénu", 1982 Dupuis. Jacques Devos Franco-Belge comic book.
- Olivier tested a youth elixir on his uncle, who quickly became a young man again, then a schoolboy, and eventually a baby. After many mishaps his nephew restored him to his big beard and belly. Page scans at AR Archive media section.
- (JeffR_2BYA)

Genie With The Light Brown Hair, The
- (male adult rejuv/stasis) Journey into Mystery #76 Marvel 1/1/1962.
The Genie's bottle was found by a cruel hobo. Morgan demanded three wishes, but the Genie preferred the quiet of the bottle. The Genie agreed if Morgan promised to order him back into the bottle. Morgan wished for adult youth, good looks, and great wealth. Then he made the Genie his personal stooge, but eventually Morgan grew weary of this. The Genie asked Morgan a favor: because the bottle was lonely, let him take a human with him for company. Morgan agreed, and the Genie took Morgan.
- (John Kaminski)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (AA FF "TFed" into adults partial aftermath glimpse, male adults OA into skeletons glimpse)
#1572 - original pages & translated transcript - (JeffR_2bya, Gunther)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (canine ARed, male AR to nothingness)
"Das Geheimnis des Zaubertrankes", art: Correa.
- Original page scans with translated text transcript - (Jeffr_2bya, Gunther)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (feline AR, male adult rejuvenation CB, male AR to baby)
"Die Flasche mit dem Teufelstrank", 1975.
Original page scans and translated transcript.
- (found by JeffR_2bya, uploaded by Azerty47, translated by Gunther)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (female AR to nothing) "Ghostly Tales" #1570, "Die Uhr des Sensenmannes".
Young woman manages to deal with Death to spare her dying father by stealing the hourglass he brought; unfortunately, when rats knock over said hourglass, it causes the woman to regress out of existence.
- Original page scans and translated transcript.
- (Azerty47, translated by Octavian)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (male AR to oblivion) "Das Geheimnis der verhexten Kamera", 1978.
7 page comic scans
- (JeffR_2bya find, translated by Gunther)

Gespenster Geschichten
- (old man AR to nothingness) "Wen die Stunde Schlägt"
Full page scans - (Azerty47 find, JeffR_2bya info, Gunther translation)
Other JeffR_2bya male AR finds:
- (male AR to infant) - #0036 "Specter of Youth" Twilight story.
- (male ARed to boy) - #0291.
- (male de-aged into nothing) - #0298.

Ghost Manor
- (male adult rejuv) #14 "Turnabout" 7/30/1973.
AKA Scary Tales #30. Dr. Walters discovered a potion of eternal youth and takes it to fall in love with a young woman with a secret of her own.
- (

- (excellent AP scene) Adrenaline release from Elisa Cameron's 1st kiss triggers a rapid growth spurt from teen to woman. ARarchive scans: AR with sister Margo - rapid AP growth
A Decade of Dark Horse
- #2. Ghost is exposed to a rejuvenation drug which turns her into a young teen. Some of the best AR and AP art with great loose clothing.

(TF) #4 "Reflections" Eric Luke. A startling metamorphosis overcomes Emily. Barb Wire and Ghost watch in horror as she becomes a monstrous creature that attacks without warning. She has no control over the actions of her new body, and begs Elisa to shoot her. Ghost does so, and Emily reverts back to her human self.

Ghostly Tales
- (possible male adult rejuv/AR?) #93 Charlton "If I was 50 years younger" 2/30/1972.
- (

- (male ghost ARed, RN AP CB to OA) Doug TenNapel, 2010.
A guy in the afterlife was reverted to the age of a boy until he realizes his mistakes "...we get put back to our internal age. It gives us a chance to take care of unfinished business". He slowly grows back up on the outside as he does on the inside, with several CB moments. Live-action film adaptation got stuck in development hell.
- male AP CB - male OA'd - (Oof Deoof)

Giant-Size Chillers
- (rejuv/stasis/AR?) #1 "The Fountain" 1975 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Giant-Size Man-Thing
- (male AR OC) "GOOM! The Thing From Planet X!" #1.
The AR is a benign part of the storyline, but there's limited process.

Giganta (character)
- (adult GTS CB glimpse) DC. She stole the body of a circus strongwoman with size changing abilities. VERY rarely shown, never discussed or lingered on in any way. The expansion is so fast her clothes have already exploded into flying shreds before you realize what's happening - CBed scan - AA 2

Giganta restraining chair (item)
- (temporary adult growth restraint) DC.
An advanced, immensely strong wooden armchair designed to trap Giganta, with 5 titanium shackles to bind her wrists, ankles, and midsection. The shackles are strong enough to hold Giganta, keeping her from using her growth ability. Clothes and even vehicles can't contain her. At full size she would be strong enough to effortlessly smash the chair.
- Justice League unlimited.
Mad Mod built the chair to confine Giganta while teaching her to be a better villainess.
- Super Friends.
Aquaman tricks her into sitting in the chair.
- Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
Batman uses knockout gas and places Giganta in the chair.

Good as Lily
(past/future selves) Derek Kirk Kim, Jesse Hamm. DC Minx 8/15/07. What if your biggest competition was...yourself? Grace Kwon "can't get a date", her best friend has a crush on her, and her high school just canceled the school play. Following a strange mishap on her 18th birthday, Grace is confronted with herself at 3 different periods in her life. The timing couldn't be worse. Will her other selves wreak havoc or illuminate her future? cover - preview (1.5 MB)

- (kinda like adult rejuvenation, OA'd, kinda like male OA'd)
- head final reversion scene - (s2325)

Great Gazoo, The
- (minor AR from adults to young teenagers)
"Fountain of Youth", #7, 12/30/1974.
- (

Green Lantern: Secret Origins
- (flashback) Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris first meet when they're both cute lil kids. About 20 years later, they meet again, she bosses him around, they fall in love. In her first appearance as an adult, she is a Hot Chick In A Badass Suit.

Green Lantern
- cover
- (AP) Since Arisia first met Hal, the teenaged GL had a crush on him. However, Hal never noticed. This was difficult for the teenager to understand, and her subconscious desires interacted with her power ring on her body. She started developing a subconscious desire to be older than she actually was. This desire manifested itself slowly, as Arisia's subconscious began acting on her ring and caused her body to undergo subtle changes that were a great shock to her (GLC #202). The forced maturity was difficult for her to handle. It brought about dizzy spells and periods of illness that became more profound. She suffered psychological problems later on. Due to Arisia's inexperience, he was able to defeat Hal and Arisia and trap them in an abandoned mine. (GLC #205). 206 "In Deep.": Arisia changes from girl to grown woman while she and Hal are alone together. Arisia takes this opportunity to talk to Hal about her feelings for him. She makes the case for her maturity, and in her newly matured body the argument is difficult to disagree with. In her impassioned plea Arisia makes the claim her mind has matured as well as her body. During the course of the conversation, Hal admits that he has grown to have feelings for her in return. Before they are rescued by the other GLs, they admit their love for each other and decide to explore those feelings together - cover
- (AP) (DC) 161 "Offspring" Winick/Eaglesham/Ramos 2003. Children suddenly become adult. The Zamorans (the Amazonian mates of the Guardians) return to aid Ganthet in raising the new Guardian children.
- (male AP) Alan Scott became a young man when the Starheart merged with him, and took the name of Sentinel. He reverted back to his normal age and reclaimed the mantle of Green Lantern. ('O')

Green Lantern
- (AR) #150 Kyle Rayner restores the dead Guardians as children in a mix of male and female, instead of adult males. In #160-161, Kyle and Jade meet several of the Guardian children. Lianna has the ability to use her powers already, but she still looks the same as the others. Later, she turns up missing. A mysterious figure is revealed to be Lianna. In the process of her powers prematurely awakening, she had forgotten who she was, and somehow changed in appearance to a full-sized adult Malthusian over 6 feet tall.

Green Lantern
- (AA APed) Arisia

Green Lantern
- (alien APed) #12, 7/12/2006.
What I noticed in this panel was the costume. Stop looking at the boobs for a minute and think critically with me. Hal has a flashback that ends with the discovery of adult Arisia. There was no Cleavage Slit in the earlier costume (now it seems awfully tight even with the slit). On careful inspection, those glove fingers look too small for the hands - unless, of course, the fingers are pushed back beneath the cloth of the rest of the glove. While he drew opera-length gloves in the earlier flashbacks, in this picture Ivan Reis draws a cuff that is practically on her palms. This energy costume should fit like, well, a glove! Unless, of course, she's been in stasis for a while, but has been growing all that time. Her hair has clearly gotten some length: even in Warrior she was always shown with a pixie cut. And if she outgrew her clothing, it'd be easier for the Manhunters to just unzip or cut the front rather than sneak into her head and control her to the point that she changes her costume. Especially given Arisia's legendary willpower. Conclusion: this is 28 y.o. Arisia wearing a costume sized for 14 y.o. Arisia - panel

Green Lantern
- (AP) GL v2 205, 206. Stuck underground, Hal notices that Arisia has suddenly grown into adulthood. Previously, she had been the GL Corps's resident teenager. She was as strong-willed as the rest of them, but both her appearance and personality was that of a 14-year-old girl. Her costume still covers her larger body. When Hal points out to Arisia that she has suddenly become "a woman", her first response is to shriek and go into hysterics. Hal, after slapping her to get her to stop, moves on to patronizing dialogue: she's a healthy, growing girl. They discuss the probable causes, and conclude that Arisia's love for Hal subconsciously aged her. She tells him not to lead her on romantically. When the rest of the GLC shows up to rescue them, they find Hal and Arisia making out in each other's arms. Aftermath of Aped scene:
- (unseen APed) - 3

Green Lantern
- (AR, TG) Daz CGI fan comic. Hal Jordan's and Dinah Lance's ages were reverted after encountering a mysterious energy ribbon. Can they reach someone to help them before the clock runs out?
- Links open in new window:

 -  Page 01  -  Page 02  -  Page 03
 -  Page 04  -  Page 05  -  Page 06
 -  Page 07  -  Page 08  - 

(Weary Traveler submission)

Green Lantern
- (OA) - Alia old age scene - (sixsodacola)

Green Lantern
- (slight teen to adult AA APed) Arisia age forms glimpse

Green Lantern
(APed) The Oan girl "makes Wonder Woman look like Allie McBeal". The rapidly aged child with inhuman feminine endowments was known for bouncing around with nary any clothes on, popping in on the other girls in the shower without a thought, and leveling pretty looks that floored the male characters. While she was inordinately pretty, you can just put the age issue aside by concentrating on how she's reincarnated after all.

Green Lantern
Classic hero storylines - INFO PAGE

Green Mask
(male AP AA) 1944, 8 issues. The 2nd Green Mask was Johnny Green, son of the original. Johnny did the old Captain Marvel routine, aging from a powerless kid to a grown-up hero (non-powered but good in a fight). In his case, it wasn't a magic word that brought on the transformation, but his emotional state. Anticipating The Hulk, he changed when he got angry, growing into an adult caped costumed crimefighter. The Green Mask, when functioning as such, was always in a rage, beating up bad guys like he couldn't help himself. After committing enough violence for his anger to subside, he changed back.
male AA

Grimm Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland
- (adult Alice, size increase burstout) We were permitted the tiniest glimpse of her armband straps being pulled apart as the leather splits over her widening forearm, her hips and buttocks rip her skirt, and her top overflows. The monster's hand is forced open by the unstoppable strength of female growth. In seconds her clothes are gone. Fortunately, her underwear came from the other realm and grew along with.
- Expansion Scene - cover - (Process Forum)

Groo the Wanderer
- (AR AA poofs) Marvel/Epic.
V2 #92 #93 "The Fountain of Youth!" Part One & Two, aug/sep-1992 - Page Scans INFO PAGE - (TBTC)

Guardians of the Galaxy
- (adults to old aged AA? adults rejuvenated & possible or probable AR?)
v2 #18 "Other Worlds, Other Wars." 11/30/2009 Marvel.
- After the War of Kings, the 31st Century is hit by temporal distortions! Surviving Guardians must confront familiar faces from the future!
v2 #19 "Seconds Out" 12/30/2009.
- Kang returns the Guardians to their time to stop Adam the Magus. Magus kills Major Victory, Mantis, Martyr, Gamora and Cosmo?
- (

Guy Gardner, Warrior Annual
- (male ARed effect) #2 DC 1996.
Is it only a dream or psychic channeling? Guy fights with a young gang of liberators as a 10-year-old on an alien world.

- (AA TF APed scenes, RN)
- first AP scene - magical device can turn little girl into woman warrior.
- AP power tests - different adult abilities are available.
- AP, RN dilemma - Andrea revealed her secret to 2 schoolgirl friends.
- AP battle power - adult form has the power to avert disaster.
- return to normal - back to girlhood.

- (APed) #22 "Pieces of Hate, Conclusion: Picking Up The Pieces " 1/2005. Middle school girl Andrea Allen uses the H Device to change from her young age into a fully grown woman with super powers. She gives up the powers before the device is thrown back into time. Robby briefly grows to a giant.
- In #6, Andrea Allen, the daughter of Matt Allen, first found the H-Device while leaving with her mother. She used it with two friends, but they began to fight over it, and lost it as a result. Identities: Nocturna, Illusia.

Hand Of Fate, The
- (male adult to old age) #10 "Lure of The Zombie Diamonds" 4/1/1952.
A man returns from a forbidden area, loses a great deal of weight, and appears over 70 years older.
- (goldenagecomics)

Harley Quinn
- (AR FB poofed, AA RN poofed) "Be careful what you wish for" #1. 1/2018.
DC Comics special. A genie grants her wish to return to her baby years, but the experience doesn't quite live up to expectations. She is quickly AA'd back to normal, still wearing an adult diaper. There are many other wishes.
- P28-30 extract - (Thomas2)

Harvey Wiseguys
- (possible rejuv/AS/AR?) #4 "The Fountain Of Youth" 11/1989 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Haunt Of Fear, The
- (adult to old age effect) #24 "...Only Sin Deep".
A woman's face is aged beyond her normal years.

Haunt Of Fear, The
- (male 35 y.o. ARed AA, then OA'd AA to death) "Crypt of Terror: The Black Ferris", #18, 1950.

Haunt of Fear
- (female adult to aged) #15 EC "Horror House".
Woman is aged 20 years after being scared.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Haunt of Fear
- (male adult ages) #18 EC "The Black Ferris" Some male adult rejuv or AR and adult old age to death.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Haunted Tales
- (female adult rejuvenation) #43 DC "Forever Young" 12/30/1980.
Edith Du Prey trades her immortal soul for regained adult youth. AKA House of Mystery #287 - (

Haunted Thrills
- (adult OA illusion) #17 AJAX "Mirror of Madness" 10/01/1954.
A woman is made to believe she is aged into an old woman.
- (goldenagecomics)

- (male adult to OA, AS) #50 Charlton "The Scarab" 7/30/1980.
The Baron learns that he should not have broken up the set of scarabs. AKA Midnight Tales #13.
- (

Headline Comics
- (rejuv/AR?) V2 #6 American Boys "Fountain of Youth" 4/30/1946.
Two guys come across Ponce De Leon requiring people to pay for a single drink from his Fountain of Youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(possible growth?) "Bust Out" etc. Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett. Therese Sorenson used experimental rapid-growth cloning techniques. She's now surrounded by full-grown genetically identical doppelgangers! Sorenson's Delta-series clones are research assistants, and her Beta clones - AKA. the Heartbreakers - are loyal bodyguards who kick butt like nobody's business. Each of these clones has her own personality and purpose: Delta's a scientist, Queenie's a soldier. The Biovac corporation uses her discoveries to create a slave caste of clone laborers. covers

Heavy Metal
- (male adult AA muscle expansion)
1968: In the short animation Neverwhere, a wimpy office worker builds a machine that opens a portal where a deposed queen beckons him to another world. Turning into a muscleman, he must fight monsters.
1972: In the comic-book sequel, Den opens a gateway to fantasy world "Neverwhere", where he transforms into a hairless, nude, muscular, and prodigiously endowed adventurer. Kath reveals that on Earth she is a frail, mousy novelist. She was transformed into a voluptuous, large breasted nude woman.

Heavy Metal
(growth AP, mental AR, GTS) "You're a Big Girl Now" Eerie #81, 1977, Bruce Jones, Richard Corben. A girl is born at 3 months as a healthy newborn. She keeps growing until she is higher than a blockhouse. The interest in the gigantic girl grows till the tragic end. (JeffR_2bya)

- (FF) John Constantine's birthday (10 May 1953) has remained static over the years, and he has aged realistically, with issues being set on his 35th and 40th birthdays. Likewise, his niece has grown from a 10-year-old girl into an adult, and his friend's granddaughter has aged from a baby into a young girl.

Hellboy: Weird Tales
(AR AA, AP RN) Vol 1. "Curse of the Haunted Doily" 2003. Kate Corrigan, paranormal researcher, is relaxing at home when she gets an unexpected visit from her dead mother, who promptly begins chiding and lecturing her. As she does so, Kate physically regresses, first into a young teenager, then into a small child. She tries to reach the phone, but her mother's spirit has basically taken over the apartment. She throws a temper-tantrum. At the end she's grown again, telling her co-workers how she solved the situation. (JoeEngland) - AR

(AR AA) "Curse of the Haunted Doily" Larger view of previously posted AA sequence. Katie is visited by her deceased mother, who regresses her into a little girl. She departs after being informed Katie will be engaged to a doctor, and plans to move to the suburbs and have many babies - AR

(AR AA) Clive Barker. Magic sunset rejuvenation occurrence at playground.
(Process, Ararchive)

Helter Skelter
- (AR, RN) #0,1,2,3,4,6, Antarctic Jul-Nov/1997.
Mike Harris, manga-style comics. Kazuya the highschooler was cursed by witch to randomly become 8-years-old until he's kissed by his true love. A female standing nearby when the curse was cast was also affected. Perhaps...?

- (male AR) #21 ACG "Yay, Team" 10/1966.
Several ARs in the story, which has Herbie trying to save football coach Bumpo from being replaced. Wimpus does get the coaching job and tries to bribe opposing coach at Wahoo Prep. The Wahoo coach (an Indian) conjures up a bear that chases Wimpus into a spring, where we see the Wahoo coach and the bear emerge much younger. Herbie falls in too (the tree branch he was sitting on caved under his weight) and he emerges from the spring in a diaper. He is RNed back by a lollipop labelled "This week's special for people shrunk to infancy as result of falling into Fountain of Youth." At a school hearing, Herbie gets Bumpo reinstated by noting "can't send boy to do man's job" and producing the boy Wimpus in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit.
- (ARthur & Pixchick)

Hercules Prince Of Power
(AR, TG, RN) 03/84, Limited Series #2. The shapechanging Skrull briefly transforms himself into a little girl.

Here Come the Big People
- (adult babying, world AR,) #1, Event, Beaulieu, 09/1997.
- Main character Austin invents computer system to take care of all his needs before he asks. He programs it with a maternal personality. The computer thinks he wants a mommy, and invents an artificial mother from alien elements. He wakes to discover this giant pink woman standing over him. She treats him like a small child and he thinks it's wonderful.
The computer starts making more of them for the staff and then the world. Men are treated like babies, and then the aliens actually start to regress them. Female employee with a crush on Austin tries to save the world. Before she can, the computer creates a Daddy figure for her. At the end all of Earth's populace are left as little kids when the 'moms' and 'dads' go back to their home planet.
- It is short and they could have explored the AR more, but it is worth the price.

Here Come the Big People
- (AR) Trace Beaulieu, 1997. - ending extract - (Process)

Hermelinda Linda
- (adult rejuvenation) AKA "Brujerias". #301, early 1970's.
Long running series about a witch from Mexico. This issue is about 2 soldiers who mail Hermelinda for a little help. They don't have money to pay her, but their abusive general was her ex-boyfriend. He broke her heart, and it seems he never changed. The witch uses a potion to lose weight and become younger, so she can help the soldiers and take revenge. It finishes when the witch takes a reverse potion (the RN was not shown). She leaves the general waiting for a 'gift', claiming her daughter is still getting ready.
- Small extract
- (split/body rejuv effect) #277. A similar concept appears on the cover
- (Guillermo)

Hermelinda Linda
- (OA rejuved) #301 full comic, Spanish link

In the graphic novel "War Buddies" Part 4, Au Co makes massive vegetables grow from the ground instantly.

(male ageshifter) - male

Hit Comics
- (fake rejuv or AR?) v1 #55 Her Highness: "Fountain of Youth" 11/1948.
A pair of female con-artists use a fountain to trick people into paying to bathe in a fake fountain of youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Time-power hero ensures that AR/AP victims clothes always fit - INFO PAGE
- (AR AA poof) #1 "Through the Hourglass" 4/1/1999.
- (multiple ARed depictions, AA RN poof) #2 "Tomorrow Never Dies..." 5/1/1999.
- (male adult to old age, RN, male AR) #4 "Showdown With The Lord Of Time!" 7/1/1999.
- (female AR poof, RN) #18 "Kickin' It Old-School With The JSA" 9/1/2000.
- (adult rejuvenated poof, RN) #21 "It's Psycho-Therapy For Hourman" 12/1/2000.

- (AP RN, AR) "Tomorrow Never Dies..." #2, 05/01/1999, DC Comics. Hourman accidently ARed a woman into a baby. (JeffR)
- (ARed AA, RN AA blink TFed) Hourman accidentally AA ARed Snapper Carr's ex-wife during a fight with Amazo - AA RN
(TB Tabby, ArArchive upload boards)

House of Mystery, The
- (male AP) "Ghost Ship" 197. After an encounter with The Flying Dutchman, two 14-year-old boys are suddenly aged 40 years. (Jeffr)
- (old age) "Bugaboo" 275. A man's new bride ages into an old woman after a few weeks. (Jeffr)
- (multiple OA, AR scenes) "House Odds!" 302 (3/1982) Broke young man bets against elderly casino owner in a special roulette game, with Death as the croupier. (TBTC)
- (old age AA) "House of Endless Years" (foggybottom)

House of Mystery, The
Strange and uncanny events - INFO PAGE
- (AR cover only) #36 "The Fearsome Fountain of Youth!" 03/1955 National Periodical, DC.
- (male adult age-up to OA, AR, RN) #113 "The Man Who Was Doomed By Time!" 08/1961.
- (male AR, RN) #159.
- (male APs) #197 "Ghost Ship" 12/
- (male AR or rejuv) #201 "Million-Dollar Magic" 04/
- (male adult to old age) #221 "He Who Laughs Last..." 12/30/1973.
- (male adult age stasis) #223 "Upon Reflection" 03/74.
- (female & male adult age increases) #224 "House Of Endless Years" 05/74.
- (Young woman to Old Woman) #239 "Day Of The Witch" 03/
- (adult to OA) #275 "Bugaboo" 12/79.
- (male AR or rejuv) #283 "One Last Beautiful Swindle" 08/80.
- (female AR or rejuv) #287 "Forever Young" 12/30/1980.
- (multiple male AR or rejuv & old age) #302 "House Odds!" 03/1982.
- (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

House of Mystery
- (AA old age) - scans (TBTC, AgingWomen Yahoo Group)

House of Mystery
- (female AR to baby, OC) "Forever Young", #287.
- (male adult rejuv, fem rejuv effect) "The Fountain of Youth", #36.
- (male AR to baby) "Million-Dollar Magic", #201.
- (male AR to baby, male adult OA) "House Odds", #302, 1951.

House of Secrets, The
- (male adult rejuv and/or AR?) #120 DC 06/1974 "To Never Grow Old!"
Revenge story against corrupt business partner.

House of Secrets
- (adults OA'd) #83 "The House of Endless Years" 1/30/1970.
Adult girls Judy and Peggy search for Peggy's adult brother Neal... AKA House of Mystery, House of Secrets, etc - (Jeffr_2bya)

House of Secrets
- (male adult face rejuv, male AR to baby) "To never grow old", #120, 1956.

House of X
- (reincarnation/reborn, repeating life cycles) #2, 2019/08/07.
X-Men miniseries. We learn that Moira MacTaggert's mutant power is reincarnation. Every time she dies, she is reborn in her own past. She finds herself back in her mother's womb, fully aware with all memories and intelligence intact. Through the issue, we see all 10 versions of her life.
In her first life she had a husband, kids, grandkids, and died of old age. Second time around she is thought to be a prodigy/genius, since she was super smart as a baby (when she really just already knew the stuff). Because she knew her husband's faults, they never married. During her third life she is captured by the villains Mystique and Destiny. She can only be reborn about 11 times. If she dies as a child before her X-gene activates (around age 12-14), she also won't reincarnate. The story picks up with life #11. She uses her knowledge to get Magneto and Prof. X to work together to create a utopia - Page - (Tazz)

Hulk, The
- (male growth CB) "The Hulk" - male

Hulk, The
- (male TF) The Hulk's son Skaar has a Magic Loincloth, which always shrinks to perfectly fit his human alter-ego.

I Hate Fairyland
- (age stasis) 2015 upcoming comic series.
Skottie Young (he does baby covers for Marvel) is working on a new series for Image Comics. A young girl wishes to be whisked away to Fairyland, and like all fantasy stories her wish is granted. It's the best thing ever for her. Fast forward 27 years and being around weird creatures and eating nothing but candy... she hates it. Now she is on a quest to find a key to bring her home. We learn her physical age hasn't increased a day. But her mind has matured. So we will see I believe a 10 y.o. with the mind of an adult. Maybe when she returns home her body will suddenly grow up and burst through her clothes? - (Tazz)

I Hate Fairyland
- (RN "OA" deformation) - An 8 y.o. trapped in Fairyland briefly returns to her "true age" of 37, but has blown up by too much sugar over the years - ArArchive Gallery link

Impulse/Atom Double-shot #1
- (male rejuv or AR or OA?) DC "Roll Back" 02/1998.
The Atom's attempt to regain his actual age from the unreported age that he was altered to backfires on himself and Impulse - (TBTC)

Incredible Hercules, The
- (male AR) Zeus gets reverted back to childhood, both physically and mentally, by drinking from the river Lethe - (Jeffr_2bya)

Incredible Hulk, The
- (male adult age stasis) #5 Zenith "Beauty and The Beast" 01/1963.
Tyrannus stays a young man thanks to his Fountain of Youth in Subterranea. (Later he was reverted to an old man when the Mole Man captured it.)
- (Goldenagecomics)

Incredibles, The
- (male adult OAd) 2009. Xerek, secret leader of The Unforgivables, is a victim of accelerated aging from a currently unknown source.

Indestructible Hulk
- (male adults & monster OA) #13, 2012. Hulk and some knights fight a Chronarchist - art

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- (male adult stasis/male adult to OA) Ch4 Marvel "The Cataclysmic Conclusion!"
Drink from the holy cup and eternal life is yours. Drink from any other cup and death is the terrible price that must be paid.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Infinite, The
- (male adult past and future selves) "The Infinite", 1st issue, 8/2011.
Freedom fighter Bowen's only hope is to travel back in time to stop The Infinite! Now a man in his 40s, damaged by the horrors of war, he must team up with his younger, reckless and optimistic 20-year-old self in order to SAVE THE WORLD!
- Age forms cover - (O')

Infinite, The
- (male young adult/older adult selves) 8/11, Kirkman, Liefeld.
A time-spanning story of a soldier from the future who comes back to our time to train someone to face the horrors of the near future. This chosen warrior is none other than a 19 year old version of himself - (O')

Infinity Inc.
(old aged disguise) #3. In the back-up story, Persona pretends to be the characters' elderly lady neighbour to see what they're up to. (

Infinity, Inc
- (age stasis) #18 "Helix Goes To Hollywood" 9/1985 DC.
Baby Boom's back story is explained. Baby Boom stopped growing at 5-years-old.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
Comic Book Cover

Injustice: Gods Among Us
- (male adult to OA) #19, 2013 game prequel.
The Justice League are battling Black Adam, who can transform by saying Shazam. When forced to do so, he turns into a really old man. He eventually turns back into Black Adam to join Superman's side in the video game - (Tazz)

- (20 to 35 FFed) older
- (adult alien OA) #3 03/2003. Aliens from Flaxan empire suddenly age when entering our world to invade.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adults to older adults AA) #34, Image Comic Book, 07/2006. Invincible is found by his rescuing team mates, who appeared to have aged by 15 years. A villian was given a new body - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (age stasis/acceleration) Invincible's dad comes from a race of superpowered moustache-wearing aliens that live for hundreds of years. He meets an intelligent race which lives an entire lifetime in only 1 year.

- (ARed, TF power-up) #109. In another dimension, Monster Girl appears to have regressed back into a baby due to her transformation curse - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male clone FF AP) Image series.
Villain duo the Mauler Twins have perfected a method of cloning, accelerated aging, and memory transfer. Both "twins" constantly argue over which one of them is the clone and which is the original. When one of them is by virtue of his scars definitely older, he refuses to do any work and treats the other one as inferior until the other clone poisons him and clones himself anew.
Another character hires them to do the same for him, because he was born with so many crippling deformities that he's spent his entire life in a fluid-filled jar.

- (slow AR aftermath, RN APed) #83, 2011.
After ruling as Queen in a realm where time flows faster, Monster Girl has aged into a woman once again, and has a lot of jaws dropping at her... physique - Changes

- (slow AR, AA TF ability) "Monster Girl" battle form - battle form - (JeffR)

- (TF, AR)      #14 06/2004. Alien empire of Flaxan returns.
- (AR, stasis)  #25 08/2005. Monster Girl secret origin is revealed and The Immortal background is briefly touched upon.
- (age stasis)  #33 06/2006. Invincible gets left in another dimension where time moves differently.
- (ffed/AS/ST) #34 07/2006.
- (age st./FF)  #93 04/2012. More secrets about Robot's and Monster Girl's time in the Flaxan Dimension are revealed. She can catch up again.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (TF, AR) #9 Image 02/2004.
Monster Girl: a beautiful and spoiled young woman attending private school in Europe was cursed by a witch whose grandson she had an affair with. On the flight home she AA-transformed into a yellow skinned monster. Whenever she changes, her monster form becomes larger and stronger, but when she reverts her human form becomes younger! A new Guardian of the Globe, she became prepubescent. During the Invincible stories she is mentally 29 and physiologically 12. Her team-mate Robot has put his consciousness into a pre-teenage clone of Rex Splode, and is using his intelligence to devise a cure for her reversed aging.
- (CaseScenario)

- (young adult FF) Rex and former girlfriend Monster Girl go into another dimension and return 12 years older due to a time difference between worlds. Monster Girl reappears as an adult woman still wearing a time belt that prevents her from de-aging from the gypsy curse which gives her troll powers.
Issue #71: They enter into another world. #82: They return - (Jeffr_2bya)

Iron Man Annual #3
- (TF power-up) 1976. Young female Cynthia touched the wand and it transformed her into an "adult" warrior with the Molecule Man's facial markings and the mentality of Iron Girl - TFed scene.

Iron Man
(male old age) Count Nefaria is aged.

- (OA to adult rejuvenation) 1980, Franco-Belge comics, Will, Franquin,
Evil witch Calendula undergoes a ritual to temporarily return to young adulthood, so she can steal good wizard Hermes from her own great-great-great(etc...)-granddaughter.
- Page art - (Bstgate)

It's a Gas
- (AP) Ghost Manor #23, Charlton, 5/1975.
Full story review link with higher quality scan found - (Age TF Captions)

It's a Gas
- (dedicated fan art versions) '23 AI recreations of the famous "Ghost Manor" girl to woman AP poses.
Nightgown stages by Cvlsoldier - link - link - alt - alt - alt - (NightElf37)

It's a gas
- (greatest female AP of all time, CB) 5th page - link
- Young girl ages to a fully developed woman in seconds, destroying her nightgown.

Jack of Fables
- (TG AA ARed, male TFed CB) Vol01 #34 - The Great Fables Crossover, Part Five of Nine: Ch-Ch-Changes - 7/2009.
Bolland, Sturges, Willingham. Bigby Wolf (the big bad wolf) turned into a chimpanzee, a donkey, an elephant, a pink cartoon circus elephant, and finally a little blonde girl wearing a pink dress and bow. He changed back at the end of the next issue.
- - Poofed Scene - (Jeck L)

(looks like ARed) - TF

- (age changes?) "Act Your Age" 1950s. "Dan DeCarlo's Jetta", book, 2010.
Madcap adventures of the "Teen-Age Sweetheart of the 21st Century". Futuristic curvy teen Jetta zoomed through the future a full decade before Judy Jetson.
- (Dreamtales)

Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
(AR) Disney magazine. When his grandmother babysits him, Jimmy invents an age-reducing formula to make her a little younger. The potion works TOO well and she regresses to an infant (her clothes conveniently replaced with a diaper). Grandma discovers that her irregularity problem is totally cured in her new young body, and since she is after all wearing diapers now she takes immediate advantage of her new regularity. She then tells Jimmy that since he's so much older than her now, it is his responsibility to change her... (Cabot)

JLA World without Grown-ups
(minor male AP, possible male flash forward?) "World without Grown-ups" (?) DC Comics. After a boy makes a wish, there are suddenly no adults around. (Jeffr)

Joe Kidd
- (male ARed, male adult rejuved) Limited series, 1970s-1980s.
Elderly lawman travels to outpost to bring justice. He can't figure out why they'd recruit an old geezer like him, so he enlists the aid of a young mercenary (ironically!) named Joe Kidd. When he arrives after many light-years, he realizes his spaceship has a deliberately faulty warp drive that regresses anyone who uses it. Now he is in his prime again, and Joe is an all-talking, cigar chomping, diaper wearing one-year-old... and none too happy about it. They must work together to bring the law to this outpost, since returning in the ship they were given is out of the question.

John Byrne's Next Men
(growth) #18 (Fame #6 of 6), 09/93. Sally visits her doctor because she is concerned about her sudden growth spurt. In the past 2 months her legs have grown 2 1/2 inches and her bust size has increased by 2 inches.

Johnny Quick
(male old age) First Appearance: More Fun Comics #71 (9/41) Student Johnny Chambers could move at an accelerated speed and became the costumed adventurer "Johnny Quick". Thanks to his special abilities, Johnny remained relatively youthful in appearance and vigor, despite his true age. When the elder heroes gathered to address growing time disruptions during "Zero Hour", Johnny was rapidly aged by Extant, a temporal villain, as were the majority of the assembled heroes. Though physically much older, he still maintained a costumed presence, later working alongside daughter "Jesse Quick" in the instruction of male APed speedster Impulse.

- (parents/children mental maturity swap)
"Kinderen Baas", #26, 1966, Jef Nys, Belgium.
- A serum intended to raise child intelligence inadvertently reduced their parents to mental infancy. The counterserum had the opposite effect. At the end the schools were reopened - cover

Josie and the Pussycats
- (YA AA to old aged) "Rock Of Ages", #62, 1972.
This one always scared the heck out of me when I was a kid... Melody is given a cursed stone that causes her to become an old woman until she passes the stone to another victim.
- Comic page scans - (Vincent)

Journey into Fear
- (adult OA, male de-evolved) #18 "Doomed to Live Forever" 3/01/1954 Superior.
Jeff Booth falls in love. When visiting Nina, he sees her age to 103 years old. A talking ape claims to be her husband. He explains his youth serum injections have gone awry, causing him to regress one million years. Jeff goes crazy. Probably a true story.
- (

Journey Into Mystery
- (adult age disguised) 4/1998. The Black Widow impersonates an old dying hospitalized woman who was the head of a Fascist organization - (M&M)

Journey into Mystery
- (adult rejuvenation) 75/3. Franz asked Mordoo the gypsy to make his lover Katrina Steuben a young woman again. Mordoo successfully turned the middle aged Steuben into a teenager, but she suddenly changed her mind about marrying Franz. Mordoo eagerly accepted her advances.

Journey Into Mystery
- (male adult to OA'd) "The Man Who Stopped Time", #27.
- (male AR AA) "How Harry Escaped", #40.
- (male adult rejuvenated, RNed, adult age disguised) "Behind The Mask", #48.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Genie With The Light Brown Hair", #76.

Journey Into Mystery
Male & female AR & rejuvenation & old age...oh my - INFORMATION PAGE
- (male old age) #27 "The man who Stopped Time!" 10/01/1955.
- (possible male AR) #35 "Turn Back The Clock!" 06/01/1956.
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #38 "Those Who Vanish!" 09/01/1956.
- (possible rebirth) #39 "I lived four times!" 10/01/1956.
- (male ARed beyond babyhood) #40 "How Harry Escaped!" 11/01/1956.
- (male adult mind swap rejuvenation) #41 "I switched bodies" 12/01/1956.
- (male old age) #42 "The Curse Of Ojiir!" 01/01/1957.
- (male AR) #48 "Behind the Mask!" 08/01/1957.
- (male age stasis) #55 "I Can Live Forever!" 11/30/1959.
- (male ARed) #66 "The Black Ray!" 03/01/1961.
- (male old age) #67 "The Black Clock!" 04/01/1961.
- (AS) #70 "A Thousand Years!" 07/01/1961.
- (AS) #74 "Forever is a Long Long Time!!" 11/01/1961.
- (female AR) #75 "The Magic of Mordoo!" 12/01/1961.
- (male adult rejuvenation) #76 "The Genie With The Light Brown Hair!" 01/01/1962.
- (male adult immortality TF, age stasis) #79 "The Midnight Monster!" 04/01/1962.
- (male adult petrification) #103 "To Live Forever!" 04/01/1964.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Journey Into Unknown Worlds
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Missing Men", #28.

Journey Into Unknown Worlds
New worlds and old fears - INFO PAGE
- (male adults, age stasis) #20 "Bwana Brown" & "A Monument To Mortimer" 7/1/1953.
- (male adult rejuvenation) #28 "The Missing Men!" 6/1/195?
- (male adults to old age) #36 "The Prisoners Of Time!" 9/1/195?
- (male adult, possible old age or AS?) #43 "Forever Is Too Long" 3/30/1956.
AKA Secrets of the Unknown #8, #175.
- (male adult rejuv or AR?) #55 "The Men In The Mole!" 3/1/1956.
(, Jeffr_2bya)

JSA Classified
- (male adult to OA) #34 DC "Like Sands Through The Hourglass" 3/1/2008.
Villain is aged to death by the new Time Commander.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(AR) All-Star #42, "The Man Who Hated Science!", 8/1948.
Golden Age AR Story. Professor Zodiak, AKA The Alchemist, uses alchemy to commit crimes. One of his discoveries was the legendary Elixir of Youth. When the five male JSAers at the time, Hawkman, Doctor Mid-Nite, The Atom, The Flash, and Green Lantern, are left strapped to a perpetual motion trap, they manage to grab a bottle of the Elixir and transform themselves into kids, slipping free of their bonds. (An odd cheat: When the heroes are de-aged, their costumes are naturally too big for them. This is especially a problem for Hawkman, who is usually topless but inexplicably has gained an undershirt at boysize.) After escaping, they find the female members Black Canary and Wonder Woman tied up in the next room, also regressed by the Elixir. The kid heroes, with the aid of a policeman, corner Zodiak. He throws an "alchemical bomb" which, deus ex machina, restores the heroes to their proper ages.
(doctor anguish)

Judge Dredd Megazine
- (AR to oblivion, male TFed CB) #340 - "Ordinary" series. Brooker, Williams, 2013.
What if everyone on the planet woke up with superpowers except one person?
Michael's job is to distract a senile client so that his partner the competent plumber can fix the toilet. Suddenly old Mrs. Grayson starts speaking lucidly. It becomes apparent that she's rapidly getting younger, but it goes a bit too far. Michael rushes to tell his partner, who is now a bear. Things are even worse out on the street....
- Page scans - (SKJAM, Vended pictures)

Judge Dredd
(male) Clone of Chief Judge Fargo, born in 2066, grew up at an accelerated rate. He graduated from the Academy in 2079, and has protected his city ever since.

Jughead's Pal Hot Dog
- (canine AR) #5 Archie "Puppy Tales" 10/1990. Jughead's dog gets zapped and hilarious hi-jinks ensue.

Jumbo Comics
- (rejuv?OA?) #79 Fiction House "Youth For One, Death For Many" 09/1945 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Jungle Comics
- (male/female rejuv or AR) #1 Blackthorne 1987 - (John L.)

- (adult rejuvenation/stasis?)
#4 Fiction House "The Fountain Of Youth" 04/1940 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Just Imagine Stan Lee's The Flash
- (young adult to old age decay) Kevin Maguire, 2001/11.
The Flash re-imagined as college girl Mary Maxwell, injected with the DNA of a hummingbird to travel at super-speed. Some great old age of the sexy villainess Andrea Zakara towards the end! She messed with time travel once too often... The artist did a fantastic job aging her. Love those panels, made the whole book for me - extract - (Deptx)

Justice League Dark
- (OA'd face) #16 cover

Justice League Dark
- (old age) #16, 2013.
Madame Xanadu is literally dying of old age as centuries of life catch up by the moment. Mikel Janin excels at drawing rapid aging in a powerful and scary way.
- Info link - (O')

Justice League Dark
- (young adult immortal to old age) The New 52, JLD Vol1 16, 2013. Madame Xanadu pics - (AgingWomen)

Justice League of America
(AP, male APed) Power Girl's parents died after Kara was born and Arion chose to perform certain experiments on the girl. He placed Kara in suspended animation and sent her into the future to save her from the machinations of his brother, Garn Danuuth. Kara aged about 18 years while unconscious, and emerged in the 20th century, where it would be safe to bear her child. (Secret Origins #11) Her body manifests the son Arion had "created" upon her own proper maturity: Zero Hour #0. The baby began to grow at an abnormal rate. 1995 JLA 97, 107-108: He went off on his own and reappeared with a mysterious monk; he'd been magically aged to adulthood and bore the name Equinox. (#105-107)

Justice League Unlimited
(mind transfer, male AR) #33. Stargirl and Crimson Avenger argue about the fact that she's young and brash, and he's old and careful. They get caught in a spell by Morgaine le Fey to make her son Mordred young again, and get their bodies switched. Mordred becomes a child again. (metamorphose)

Justice League: Generation Lost
- (alien FF OA'd) #6, 2010/09.
Karen Starr; AKA Karrie, Kara Zor-L, Power Girl. In the future, Captain Atom encounters a very aged Power Girl. Unable to die after centuries, her Kryptonian body and memory have been ravaged by massive radiations. The only superhuman survivor of a metahuman war, she recognizes Nathaniel within moments.
- Before info link - After info link - Fan art link - Comics link - Art - (Keith943)

Justice League
The comics series - INFO PAGE
Justice League Unlimited:
- (mind transfer, male AR) #33 "Dead Man's Party" 07/01/2007 - (Metamorphose)
Justice League Dark:
- (adult to OA) #16 "The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter" 03/30/2013 DC.
Justice League: Cry for Justice:
- (male mental AR) #03 02/28/2003 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Justice Society of America
- (male alien AR) "Hell On Earth", V1 #40, 07/30/1990.
Despero was about to kill Ted Kord when the Martian Manhunter gifted him with Mayavanna, a sacred gift that provides a reality where people obtain what they want most. Despero sees himself killing the League and destroying the world, and finally becomes at peace. Mollified by this new found peace, he reverted into a fetus of Despero.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Justice Society of America
- (ARed, meh "APed") AA. "Starwoman & the JSA Jr. #1" "Sins of Youth" The JSA was reverted back to children (true) and Star Spangled Kid "grows up suddenly". Sucked - AA forms - ARed
- "Wonder Girls", vague. 05/2000 Wonder Girl Cassie "was APed from teen to woman" or maybe not really. Her hair also "grew longer". She "needs a new costume" although old one presumably still fits. Cassie's mom Helena catches her and can't believe this woman is her teenage daughter? She later reverted to normal but stays blond. Also old-aged decrepitude, this glimpse was better - pseudo "APed" if you want to call it that.
- ("APed") "Wonder Girls" After "suddenly growing up", Cassie "needed a new costume" - pseudo APed

Justice Society of America
- (male APed) Hector Hall was born to an unidentified woman found submerged in a lake. He was rapidly brought to adulthood by the Mystic Helm of Nabu to take Doctor Fate's place.
- (male APed) Hector Hall was the reincarnated and magically aged-to-adulthood "Fate baby" of comatose Dove, AKA Dawn Granger.

Justice Society Of America
- (male size increase) Atom legacy member Atom Smasher (Albert Rothstein) has the ability to rapidly grow in adult size. This is accomplished by his bones and muscles actually breaking and reforming as he enlarges.

Kamala Khan
- (AA character) "Shape-shifting" Muslim teen becomes the newest Ms. Marvel.
Kamala is a polymorph after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist. Dream avatar Captain Marvel asked her: "Who do you want to be?" She burst from the cocoon looking exactly like Carol in her black unitard. She eventually changed back and took on the identity of the all-new Ms. Marvel. This gives her the ability to stretch her body in almost any way imaginable. Kamala can also increase or decrease from gigantic to tiny sizes. She has "grown" large enough to handle a car and shrunk to the size of a cockroach. She prefers to increase her fists, or her legs to travel great distances. In theory she could look like anyone she wants. She cannot transform again until the healing process is complete - AA scenes

Kill 6 Billion Demons
- (adult rejuved/stasis, AR OC, RN AP glimpse) 2016 professional level webcomic. Book 2: Wielder of Names - Ch04 to Ch05.
Fantasy curse. Grad student Allison was hauled off by demons and inflicted with a forehead gem in a fantasy world gone mad. Unspeakably old Throne ruler uses immortality fruit to give herself a youthful appearance and personality. Allison takes a bite and turns into a 12 y.o. again, regaining the hair color she had at that age. Her aides quickly adjust her dress to fit. A few pages later the effect wears off, but Allison doesn't get her hair dye back. Apparently her dress was adjusted again off-panel. The catch with immortality fruit is you have to keep eating it - and much much worse.
- Full webcomic link - AR/after extract - ARed/AP extract - (SKJAM)

King in Black
- (male AA demon TF "growth" illusion) "King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes" #3, 2021/04.
Venom series. Knull arrives with an army of symbiote dragons to destroy the Earth. The teenage male Bren Waters, AKA "Toxin", was bonded to the symbiote following its return from the brink.
- Pic - (Akira)

Kingdom: Son Of The Bat, The
- (male AR) Vol 1, 1999.
The greatest superheroes go to war, and Lex Luthor gets turned into a baby.
- (Jeffr_2bya) - panel

(age stasis) Character. AKA Paragon, Her. Female counterpart of Adam Warlock. Cosmic energy enhances her metabolism, preventing her from aging. In Earth X, Mar-Vell is reincarnated as the child of synthetic Warlock and Kismet.

Kitty Pryde and Wolverine
- (AA FF) 6-issue miniseries, 84-85, Claremont.
Coming-of-age storyline in which she matures from a girl to a young woman and adopts the new name "Shadowcat" - ages

Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated
- (AR, RN) "Hack-a-Bye Baby", #14, Kenzer, 8/2002.
A mysterious spell has turned what was once an incredible fighting force into a trio of terrifying toddlers.
- (TBTC)

- (male AR) "The Portrait of Youth", #21, 02/29/1965, Charlton.
A man is restored to his youth but temporarily.
- (

Krazy Comics
- (male anthro AR) "Skinny Bones", vol. 1 #9, 07/1943, Jest (Timely).
The wacky li'l 'ace of the Unintelligence Service invents a youth formula that invigorates a bearded Goofy lookalike - (TBTC)

Krypto (character)
- (anthro canine rejuv) DC, c1956+ In his first Silver Age Superman-era appearance, Krypto the Superdog had grown so old he blunders his superheroics. Fortunately Superman discovers a Fountain of Youth in a Kryptonite valley, which restores Krypto back to his prime.

Last Shot
(AP) Image Comics, Studio XD. "Last Shot, First Draw & Last Shot" #1-3, Locke, Long Vo, Charles Park & Saka. The amnesiac girl L3N sprouts breasts in just a few pages in one issue, apparently aging from prepubescence to her teens in a matter of hours, whereas in earlier issues, she was asexual and the picture of innocence?

Layla Miller
(FF AA) Layla finds a way back into the past, but is now much older than she was before. After Layla and Jamie argue, they finally give in to their emotions, and share a kiss. Jamie is awkward about starting a relationship with Layla, feeling she is still a child, though Layla tells him she never really was.
- line-up - line-up

Leading Comics
- (male OA/younger?) #5 1942.
Seven Soldiers of Victory v. the Skull. AKA Young All-Stars #27 - (Jeffr_2bya)

League of Champions, The - Lady Arcane (character)
- (AR OC) Eclipse Comics, Heroic Publishing.
start: "Champions" #3, 10/1986. 72+ issues up to 1993, 2015+.
- AKA: Donnah Hannah, Miss Arcane, Transpower. Quite possibly Earth's most powerful sorceress. Energy manipulation, "TF", projection, possession, etc.
Granddaughter of the mystic Dr. Arcane, she was kidnapped as an infant. A deal with the devil created rival Black Enchantress. She rejected magic growing up, but was kidnapped by the Demon organization. The Demonmaster took Donnah's form. The League of Champions fought Malice and Demon, and Donnah assumed the role of Lady Arcane. Continued in WitchGirls, Inc.
- Maybe the AR spell below was also used on Olga Gottmann (Sparkplug) in "The League of Champions" #1, "The Gods At War", 12/1990?
- After being raised to peak ability, Olga's sister Teresa (Terri Feran, Flare) was aged from 14 y.o. to full womanhood to battle the League of Champions. Here she seems to have been OA'd maybe?
- Magic battle baby regression - (Hungry Hippo)

League of Champions, The
- (AR) #1 Hero Graphics.
Olga is turned into a baby by a rejuvenation spell.

League of Champions, The
- (demon AA "TF rejuv" glimpsed) P.328-330. Succubus from older brown haired lady into attractive black haired lady. - scene extract - (metamorphose)
- (male FF) - Years extract

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- (TF?, age 10 to 20 FFed) Back-story character Alice from Alice in Wonderland reportedly retained her size-changing powers from the infamous scene in the children's book? Known as Miss A. L., her name is protected because of her young age. She survives both her trips to Wonderland, but her clothes are inverted and body reversed, causing an eating disorder resulting in her demise.

Leave it to Chance
(growth CB) Issue 12, James Robinson and Paul Smith. 14 year old Chance Falconer expands to her natural size, leaving her clothes behind. Not much information. (Glassthorn) The clothes bursting was very discreet. shrinking teen - growing teen

- (AA FF AP) IndieManga anthology, 2009.
"A Walk" - or a contemplation on fairy tales, viewpoints, creativity and growing up.
Sally Jane Thompson, 11p, no words:
- Young girl is being read to before bed. A beanstalk grows out of the book and takes her on a journey. She encounters the stories and artistic styles that inspire her as she grows up, from fairy tales to sparkly romance to realism and menace. As she interacts with each scene the girl "visibly grows up", and at the end she clicks the lid onto her pen as an adult artist.
Many different artistic styles are used. The girl is always drawn with Sally's trademark brushpen strokes, which brings all the disparate art styles together. She walks through panels drawn in shojo manga style, simplified cartoons, art nouveau, natural media and screentones.

Legion of Super Heroes
- (AA APed glimpse) - Aria

Legion of Super Heroes
- (AR involuntary RN) legionaires 44 - Lori reverted. In a rage, she cuts up her child-sized clothing.

Legion of Super Heroes
- (FF APed) Aria. Aged from child to adult. #24.
- (male AP) Highfather. 1982 "Great Darkness" story. LSH2 292 & LSH2 294: The Council of Teachers casts a spell: the Super-Heroes find a mysterious infant who magically matures before their very eyes into Highfather, Darkseid's ages-old mortal enemy.
- (FF APed) Lydea Mallor. Naturally conceived, technologically aged.
- (CB) Lori Morning. (excellent AP, CB) 1995 #75 "2-Timer": About time disturbances. The Legion battle Chronos. Also Legionnaires
- (CB) #32 "Here and Now": Arriving from the 20th century with 10-year-old Lori Morning, Chronos "the Trapper" ages her into her early 20s to entice her to join him, telling her they could rule time together. Chronos is killed, Lori Morning is rescued and finds she has been aged to adulthood. Lori's widening thighs ripped her bike shorts and her shoes could no longer contain her feet. (TBTC) - Lori
- (AR RN) The H-dial restores her to her normal age.

Legion of Super Heroes
- (male) Validus is a true giant of a child.
- (old age, AR) LSH4 53: Glorith claims Celeste has betrayed her, and pays her back by aging her to the point of death. Other teammates were either advanced or reverted in physical age.
- (ages) Also Rebels: Vril Dox.
- (excellent AP, male old age, old age) - (TBTC, Uniclock, ArArchive) - APs - cover
- (AR) - AR

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5
- (AA storyline, AR storyline, AR ongoing) 1994 "Wizard of Oz" story within a story.
Something very strange is happening to Ayla Ranzz's clothes: her shoes, shorts, and shirt are slowly getting bigger in all directions. As her outfit becomes relatively narrower at the waist it gets wider on top. She doesn't notice because her body is also getting older at the same time.
- cover - Ayla comic panel progression (1.2 MB) - preteen to young adult, very slow size increase.
When people are magically made younger their clothes become much too big for them, but if they're magically made older their clothes change into different, larger outfits:
- AR glimpses - AA RN scene
- slow AR in progress

Legion of Super-Heroes Annual
- (TF APed?)
Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes Annual vol 2 #5 7/28/1987 - "Child of Darkness, Child of Light"
#5 DC. Unborn child was APed into a monster?

- Note: another Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5 "The Long Road Home" 6/1/1994 had the Oz-inspired AA storyline.

Legion of Super-Heroes
- (AA AR, AA OA) #113 vortex (ArArchive)

Legion of Super-Heroes
- (adult size changes) DC. Salu Digby, AKA Atom Girl, has the superhuman ability to shrink down to subatomic sizes, as do all Imsk natives. The Emerald Eye also bestowed her with the power to grow to giant size, complete with immense strength to hold up collapsing buildings and smash opponents.
- growth - shrinking - cover - (female growth Groups)

Legion of Super-Heroes
- (AP, old age) #75 "2-Timer"
Chronos transports 10 y.o. Lori Morning back to the San Clemente lab in 1995. Ronald enters, takes a look at his daughter, and recoils. The child has apparently been "mutilated," although we certainly can't see how. XS lets us know that Chronos has slightly aged her, which was what Lori wanted. She still looks pretty kid-like at this point. They hear faint cries for help from the next room. 5 elderly gentlemen were once Lori's classmates.
Chronos reappears with an even older Lori, and we see he's aged XS to elderly. In jump-cuts, each Lori, the younger and older versions, yells at a Legionnaire to get Chronos' glove - "That's where his aging power is!" Parts of the lab and Legion HQ crumble with age, as the inhabitants scramble to safety. Lori the younger advises XS to return for the glove, now that Chronos is unconscious. Instead of pointing it at herself to de-age back to normal, XS rushes towards Lori's schoolmates to return them to their former selves. Chronos swipes soon-to-be-adult Lori and blinks out.

Legion of Super-Heroes
- (male AP) Great Darkness Saga, #290-294, 1982. White Witch teachers summon a mysterious boy, who is aging at an accelerated rate. Darkseid reveals the child to be Highfather, who has restored a "reverse clone" to Orion.

Legion of Super-Heroes
Extended story arcs with many age transformations and, incredibly, unbelievably, one (and ONLY one) glimpsed real AP aftermath scene, though we couldn't really see anything of course.
4th series comics:
- (AR) #17 "The Last Battle" 04/01/1991.
- (AR/AP) #42 "The Enemy Within!" 04/01/1993.
- (age changes) #53.
- (multiple AR & AP) #54 "A Moment in Time" "Time's Change" 01/1994.
- (adult rejuv) #58 "Down to the Wire" 06/01/1994.
- (age changes) #60.
- (IB/multiple AP, RN) #75 "2-Timer" 12/1995.
- (AP, RN) #109 "Wish Fulfillment" 10/1998.
- (AR, AP, RN) #113 3/1999.
- (male and female age changes) Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1, 4th series "Charade" 1990.
- (ARed) Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #5.
- (possible AR/AP) Volume 2 - #301.
Adventure Comics:
- (AR) #317 "The Menace of Dream Girl".
- (AR) #338.
- (ARed) #356 "The Five Legion Orphans".
- (JeffR_2bya, Zeitgeist)

- (AA age form appearances) #40 DC "Emerald Violet" 9/1/1996.
Shrinking Violet becomes possessed by the Eye of Ekron. The Legion tries to stop the influence of the Eye.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AR) - 40-08 scene - (ARSA)

(old age)
Shrinking Violet small age change
Violet old age

Les Legendaires
- (age stasis, ff) - Everyone has been turned back into a child because of a curse the protagonists caused.
In Book 6, Danael meets with a past, full-grown version of love interest Jadina. He is quick to notice he forgot how beautiful she was as an adult.
Toopie started out as a regular child and as such was still able to grow up until age 12. Razzia is quick to notice how much she has grown up, pissing off girlfriend Tenebris in the process.

Les Legendaires
- (ARed AA aftermath)
- before/after - scan - scan
- (ARed aftermath) Patrick Sobral, manga-style, France. 9 volumes since 2003.
- Evil wizard Darkhell seeks to regain his power. 5 mighty heroes succeed in stopping him at a grievous price: all the adults in the fantasy world regress to childhood. There is no process, just some before and after shots. The Legendaires themselves are also regressed. Widely blamed for the disaster, the team breaks up for several years. Danael hopes to correct their mistake.
- (ARed) - heroes

Les Petits Hommes
- (AR scene, ARed aftermath, rapid size increase CB) "Miss Persil" 38, 2001, Franco-Belge comics.
Preteen awakened from hibernation is reverted to her true mental age - (vended, French language scans at ArArchive)

Les Petits Hommes
- (AR) "Miss Persil"
15 y.o. girl who spent 10 years in a coma wakes up with a body of large person and the spirit of a child of about 5-6. The girl drinks an elixir of youth left by Dr. Hondegger to be physically 6 years old, but when she arrivals at school the bullies in her class tease her, and she tricks them into drinking the potion themselves, regressing them to babies - (Vended)

Lian Harper
- (FF) before AP
- (flash forward) Character. Daughter of Red Arrow (AKA Arsenal, Speedy, also Roy Harper) and Cheshire, who grew up over time. In "Kingdom Come", adult Lian used the alias Red Hood.

Life with Uncle Lionel
- (ARed AA, FF AA mind transfer to future self) - 1965 UK girls comic.
"Ages and Ages and Ages".
The time machine also reduced the 11 and 13 y.o. siblings' and their parents' ages. Her future self can easily lift her aged uncle with her new strength.
- Panel extract: AR - FF - (JeffR_2BYA)

Little Archie
- (ARed like form) #65, 1971/05.
Dilton asks Sabrina's librarian aunt Zelda for a book on magic, so Zelda conjures one up. Dilton discovers that saying "magic" three times backward allows him to cast any spell. The already elderly Miss Grundy poofs herself "young" and/or smaller.
- Scene pages - (Thomas2)

Little Audrey
- (AA "AP"ed) "age" forms - (AR Archive)

Little Audrey
- (dream ARed, RN UC micro-glimpse) "Playful Little Audrey" in "Baby Talk", 4, 12/1957 - Panels - (PixChick,

Little Audrey
(AA APed, RNed) "The Fantastic Fountains" Playful Little Audrey finds the fountain of youth and the fountain of aging. Comics page free link - (DreamTales)

Little Ego
- (BE) TF increase.
- Heavy Metal Magazine. Young woman inspired by Little Nemo takes a breast growth formula and they grow absolutely huge in a few minutes.

(male APed) First appearance: Namor #54. Llyra genetically accelerated her son in age to take the crown of Atlantis.

Locke & Key
- (male slight AP cut) Hill, Rodriguez. "In Pale Battalions Go", 2020/08.
Still too young to go to World War 1, he uses the magic time key to "age up".
- Full comic link - extract - (Jeffr_2bya)

Locke & Key
- (oa'd?) Head Games #1, "Intermission". 2009/01/14.
In 1988, Rendell Locke used the Age Key to appear as Prospero in a play. The key can turn the user into an elderly version of themselves. The Lady in the Well asks "Want to be a grown-up? There's one (door) that will turn you into an old person when you walk through it."

Lois Lane
- (dream sequence OA'd) #40.
Lois has been transformed into an old hag because she messed around with an aging formula. When she goes back to her apartment, Lucy is concerned that her boyfriends will now think Lucy is old, so Lois will have to leave. She goes out into the cold rain to basically freeze to death. What Lois should have said: "Listen, jerk, I'm kinda in a bad situation, having aged 80 years in a day and all, and I pay the rent here, so if you can't rustle up a molecule of compassion for me, how about YOU get the hell out?"
- Extract scene - (ArArchive, ComicFan)

Lois Lane Annual
- (AR) #10. Reprinted as "Baby Lois Lane!" (Summer 1962).
Lois is worried about looking older. A scientist's experimental ray just might do the trick.
- (JeffR_2bya)
Comic Book Cover

Lois Lane
- (adult age disguised) #40, 4/1963. Lois wears a realistic old lady disguise, plus some villains are revealed to be wearing masks.

Lois Lane
- (teen ARed) - panel - (WT)

Lois Lane
(AR back to toddlerhood fan art)
Daz artwork fan adaptation of the 1959 comic "Baby Lois Lane". Lois keeps getting younger and younger.
- original cover art
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(Weary Traveler submission)

Lois Lane
(AR) #42. Lois Lane's Teenage romance with Superman. Lois discovers Superman's identity. Because of a head injury she backmails him into marrying her. At the Fortress of Solitude while waiting to get married, she sprays herself with a youth formula and becomes a teenager. Superman is eventually exposed to the magical formula too. The story consists of him advoiding marriage to her while both of them get younger and younger. Lois and Superman are seen at 16, 12, 8, and as infants. (Time)

Lois Lane
(AR) Make your own AR story!
Collage made of various original low-quality scans that were found online.
Edited, rearranged, colorized, and enhanced blank template suitable for captioning.
(WT - Hobbs)

Lois Lane
- colorized cover
- wedding cover
(Weary Traveler)

Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616)
- (male age reduced)
He used the Norn Stones against the Void, causing him to be reborn. Thor found a much younger Loki with few memories of his acts as an adult.
- "Fear Itself", 2011: Lil Loki In Limbo info link - (O')

(female adult to OA) #5, Marvel Comics, 1/5/85? No further info. (John L)
- (old age glimpse) - Battle incident - adult face aged.

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes
- (adult rejuvenation attempt) #7 "There's A Hare In My Stew" 10/01/1994 DC.
- (Ar?) #96 "Oh, Baby".
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Loose Cannon
- (male adult hulkout CBed) DC Comics character, 1993, The DCU.
Eddie originally transformed into his alter ego only at night, and grew in strength and size as he got angrier.

Lost Girls
- (AA FFed) 01
- (FFed) 02

Lost Girls
(coming of age aftermath) Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie. Three 112-page hardbound books, 15-year collaboration.
The girls in question are Alice, Dorothy and Wendy, of the Wonderland, Oz, and Peter Pan books, 3 women of varying ages and rather sordid sexual histories, now fully grown up, who converge on a Parisian hotel before the beginning of World War I. Like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen before them, they are ingrained in our collective psyche. Almost by definition, sex is one of the landmarks that divides being a child from being an adult. Growing up, as defined by Lost Girls, involves a number of increasingly graphic situations, almost every sex act imaginable, and among other things, corruption at the hands of the Red Queen, a Freudian flying boy in green tights and a renegade tornado, as tanks descend upon their hotel.

Love and Capes: Ever After
- (male AR AA and aftermath) 2011.
What happens when a woman discovers the man she's been dating is actually a world-class super-hero?
- Issue #2 cover indicates The Crusader has been regressed in the story.
- Another male link - (MaleKim, Jeffr_2bya)
- (male AR AA) hero age forms

Love and Rockets
- (female to female TF, old/young forms) Fantagraphics, Volume IV, Issue 3, 2017.
Fritz is Luba's long-lost half-sister who shares her voluptuous figure and penchant for adventure. A parody of Dr. Who where Frizti regenerates (or rather transforms) herself - (Metamorphose)

Lucky Luke
- (male adult "OA'd") "La Fiancee de Lucky Luke", 1985. He is hired to escort a convoy of women to their long-distance husbands. A decrepit, cackling old man in a rocking chair listens in. Luke: What's so funny, old-timer? Old man: (angry) "Don't call me old-timer, I'm only thirty!" (dejected) "But this one time, I escorted a women's convoy..."

Lucky Luke
- (male adult age disguised) Franco-Belge comics.
The sailor suit/lollipop disguise was employed in Bob Dalton's first appearance in a scenario involving robbing a bank with a revolver hidden in a piggy bank.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal