Aging Transformation Scenes

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18 to 21 (theme)
- (dedicated adult maturation) 2014, "Of All the Stars".
Access restricted - - TF scene - (NSFWdizzy, The Ap Master)

18 to 21 (theme)
- (dedicated adult progression) TF scene - (Locofuria)
- (dedicated adult TF maturity increase) birthday spurt.

AA scenes
- (dedicated TF) c2013, "Growing up and up", 8 panels - Change - (Tsuyoshi_kun)

ABC Comics
- (dedicated AR/AP scenes) 2011, Bojay, $8.
A grab bag of short age change comics kinda/sorta based on the old Robert Crumb underground comics of the 1960s.
Plot Summaries:
- Milk Does a Body Good: 9-page story shows what happens when a little girl gets too much bovine growth hormone.
- Halloween Witch: 6-page comic with an incredibly detailed AR sequence, 1 of the best ever by Bojay.
- Ebb and Flo: a brother/sister switcheroo.
- more short comics, one-page pinups and "pretend" comic covers.
29 pages, 25 multi-panel pages, some colored - purchase link - (Dreamtales)

adult rejuvenation
- (dedicated granny to hottie) - zapped - (Moremorphing)

adult rejuvenation
- (dedicated OA to young adult) "The Light Cure", 2012, 16 panels TF scene - (Wyattx)

adult rejuvenation
- (dedicated TF stages) c2012 Pinako rejuv request.
Changing - (Oppaiman)

aftermath scenes
- (dedicated APed CB) "sudden maturity" c2014 commission - outgrown swimsuit surprise - (Toonexterminator)

age progression scenes
- (dedicated fan artworks) AA - OMG - (Mizutizurak)

Age Regression Comics
- (dedicated fake comics series) - Classic "lost" issues - Covers

Age Vampire, The
- (dedicated male AR & female AP) 2012 Bojay comic.
The story is based on an original concept by Bojay, and his pencils have been inked and colored beautifully by Sedna Studio.
- Summary:
Mike, the biggest hunk on the beach, is amused as little Tina tries to tag along with him. But the more he sees of her, the bigger she gets. Meanwhile he's starting to look a little short and skinny himself. Imagine a vampire that takes your age instead of your blood!
- 26 multi-panel color pages, plus 5 B&W drawing and concept pages.
Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Alice bust-outs
- (dedicated TFed, some CB, size increase kinda looks like APed)
When Alice "grows" her clothes normally grow with her. Fan art:
- "Alice's growing potion fail" - ripping - (Iamsketch)
- "Does clothing grow too?" - popping - (MarioChavez)
- "Alice cake" - bigger
- "Crystal in Wonderland" - taller - (TekWeapons)
(Process Forum finds)

Alice grows up
- (dedicated AP UC/CB) indoor growth

Alice in Wonderland ("grow-up" trope)
- (dedicated AP CB) - Manga style scene - (Andu22)

Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated AP) Alice in: Growing Pangs - c'18 Disney fan art - (Madbeavers)

Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated TF, AP CB) - fan art

Alice in Wonderland
- (looks like APed immediate aftermath) 1 panel, "Grimm Fairy Tales"? Alice scene - (Process Forum)

Alone in a New World
- (dedicated TF APed) #2, 2018. Based on the end of Evangelion; continuation of my old comic.
Art by WitchKing00. Shinji searches by the seashore, and finds Mari has managed to survive several days without food. Shinji takes her back to the NERV labs, where they find a mysterious person...
- Purchase link - (Locofuria)

Alyssa the Witch Little Sister
- (dedicated AR/AP, age swap) - 2011.
A fun new Age-TF comic with artwork by Dan Parent, the nationally known main artist for Archie Comics, and a great professional.
The comic features all-new characters and is colored by the Pepper Pair with a logo by Bojay.
- Story Summary: Kim's world turns upside down when she discovers that her younger sister is a witch! But Alyssa has only gotten to the letter "C" in her spell book, so she can only do a few spells like Age Regression and Breast Expansion. Sparks soon fly between Alyssa and her older sister... who doesn't look that much older any more!
- 18 pages feature transformations. 9 different process scenes over 10 pages, with 5 female AP scenes, 3 female AR scenes, and 1 nice male AR scene. The biggest female AR sequence spans 2 pages. The characters stay regressed afterwards, with at least 1 regressed female character on 16 pages.
- 21 color pages, $8.00 - Purchase Link

Amulet, The
- (dedicated AP scene) grow-up fast.

Another Day
- (dedicated teen to adult) grow-up - (plastikevol)

AP Girl (character)
- (dedicated AP CB/AR RN) SHFan character, 2006+
Imagine a super-heroine who "grows up" from girl to woman whenever her powers are needed. Her adult costume emerges from under the ruins of her child clothing.
- Deviant Gallery link - Registration is required to view content - "NSFW" by Deidurimour" fan art

AP scene
- (dedicated AP CBed) - Dragonball fan art
- (dedicated TF scene, slight UCed) - age expander - (Process)
- (dedicated APed UC) c2010 - teen puberty (spacejunq) - growths - Arale

AP scenes
- magic trick stilt legs web short.
- BE sketch FF.
- CGI aging.

AP scenes
- (dedicated AA) "Shelby origin" TF scene - (Dreaming_eternally)

AP scenes
- (dedicated TF & aftermath)
- stretch swimsuit - shoujo - ARed disguise - Nude experiment

AP scenes
- (dedicated) "The Fall of Camelot" disguised princess age-up - (Mr DNA)

APGirl (character)
- (dedicated TF AP, RN) Character by SHFan, c2018.
April (aka APGirl) is a 19 y.o. woman who suffers from a rare condition that reverts her into a kid. However when there is trouble, she will Age Progress back to her original adult form superhero.
- "A great gift" - by Deidurimour of April Mid-TF into Super Heroine form!

April O'Neil 02 Extended
- (dedicated adult increased beauty/mini-GTS boost-up) 2015.
Follow up to the first chapter. April escaped from the trap. On the way out, she finds a portal to another dimension where she will face her other self! The present April O'Neil!
-Starring: April O'Neil (Classic) + April O'Neil (Nickelodeon) + Donatello (Nickelodeon).
-Boobs, adult "age progression", lesbian, threesome, comedy, etc.
-More than 66 full HD color pages!
- Purchase link - (Witchking00)

AR scenes
- (dedicated TFs) - Naked OA to baby stages

AR trope
- after

Arania's Art Gallery
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) c2016 "The old lady grows young".
Arania has an old to young adult sequence, with tags that go directly to all the age reduction material.
- Comics page link - (Nutty)

Au Pair, The
(dedicated AR comic, AP) 2009.
Bojay's first full-length AR comic! The Au Pair has 47 pages of Bojay art with over 150 different scenes, including several age progression and age regression sequences, an extended shrinking scene, and spanking scenes. The comic is in black and white with colored front and back covers. Bojay gave his imagination free reign; some of the scenes are purely his idea and really add to the story. The result includes some of the best AR work that Bojay has done. It also has some really sexy scenes!
Plot Summary: Cindy loves working as an Au Pair, taking care of Katie and her little sister Missie. Sparks fly when Katie develops a crush on Cindy's boyfriend Bobby. Cindy tries to patch up their relationship by taking a youth potion, but while Cindy is getting younger, Katie has been busy growing up!
The Au Pair is available for sale for $10.00 on Dreamtales Site and the AR Archive. This was by far the longest and most expensive AR comic ever created. If things go well, more AR comics with Bojay are possible. As always, any money raised from this project will go right back into new comics.
Storyline, sample illustrations, purchase: The Au Pair

Baby Babysitter Part One
- (dedicated AR/AP) Dreamtales Comics, art by Bojay. 25+ 14 pages, B&W, 4/2019, $10.99.
Part 1 of 3. Big tease Ava plays a mean trick on her boyfriend Ethan - she uses an Age Ray to turn into a little kid! This backfires when her little nieces Emily and Hannah rebel against their shrunken babysitter. And what happens when little Emily accidentally messes with the Age Ray? The AR is somewhat concealed by Ava's three times too big bikini still "floating" on her body. The AP is a pair of shots of the back of the character, cut above the waist, and one of her chest covered by her arm - Purchase link - (Vended info)

BE stories
- (dedicated adult breast fetish) - increase

beach adventure
- (dedicated pseudo AP) c2012 web short TF scene - (Jcdr)

Beach Blanket Beauties Part Two
- (dedicated AR/AP aftermath comic) 12/12.
When we last left Suzy and Marilyn, that nasty brat Mandy had used a Youth Ray to reduce Suzy and Marilyn to innocent kids. Meanwhile Mandy used the same ray to grow herself into the sexiest babe on the beach. The first 5 pages recap the action with new artwork of the age transformation scenes so you get to see them shrink and grow all over again.
Little Suzy and Marilyn, shrunk to children, are under Mandy's thumb. A desperate attempt to escape goes wrong. And then things start changing... and changing! Can Suzy and Marilyn escape the clutches of that nasty freckle-faced brat? And what punishment does Mandy deserve for being so mean?
- 28 color pages, $8.99 - purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Beach Blanket Beauties
- (dedicated AR comic, AP) 2011.
A Suzy and Marilyn AR comic by Palcomix! The artist perfectly captures the excitement and trepidation of two ladies slowly getting younger. Roughly based on the dedicated AR story of the same name. The best Palcomix artwork on any of my comics so far, period. The unnamed artist also did the detailed inking and as a result the expressions are incredible.
- Story Summary:
Cute adolescent Mandy tries out her dad's youth ray on Suzy and Marilyn. The two ladies' plans to find boyfriends at the beach get frustrated as they slowly regress to teenagers, adolescents and below. Meanwhile that little brat Mandy has big plans of her own!
- 29 color pages, $9 - info/purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Big Crush, The
- (dedicated AP, male adult shrinking)
2011 AP/Shrinking Man story, 21 pages, $7.
- What happens when a young girl outgrows her crush? Cute little Sarah has a big crush on Tom, an older boy who's the coolest guy in school. But as Sarah blossoms from a skinny girl to a tall, curvy young woman her perspective on Tom changes. Suddenly he doesn't seem so big any more.
- 16 multi-panel pages of really great detailed artwork by Bojay, colored by the Pepper Pair. There's also a "Comic Cover Gallery", another 5 pages of fun fake comic covers and splash pages by Bojay. See what the next issue of "Female Growth Comics" or "Shrinking Men Comics" might look like!
- You can see sample illustrations and buy the comic here

Big Little Sister One, The
- (dedicated AP) 05/2018. Art by The Pepper Pair.
Justin's cute little girlfriend April has an even cuter little sister Kelly. April likes playing games and dressing as a much younger girl. While they think it's funny that Kelly has a huge crush on Justin, it gets less funny as Kelly grows - and grows and grows!
- Note: not the same plot as my original story "The Big Little Sister" I wrote years ago. Part One is basically an Age Progression / Female Growth comic, while Part Two is a Giantess tale.
47p; 37p color multi-panels, 10p B&W drawings & concept pieces by Bojay. $11.99.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Big Little Sister Part One, The
- (dedicated AP) 2018 Purchase link - cover

Big Splash Two, The
- (dedicated AP/AR/GTS/SM comic) - 3/2016, 48p, $11.99, The Pepper Pair.
A group of friends go swimming in a remote lake that makes them shrink and grow. Poor little Kristen is sorry she tagged along with older sister Megan and her pals. They're just too grown up for her! But the swimming girls start having trouble keeping their bikinis on. Soon Megan and her friend are shrinking while Kristen grows bigger and sexier. The guys find themselves mountain climbing in an unusual place!
Kristen's starting personality and "before" body were great. Her initial growth was depicted over a few panels. Additional panels show Kristen's giantess growth. Her breasts did not grow that big in proportion. When they did seem to grow, they seemed to shrink back in subsequent panels. At 8' or so Kristen's head should probably not be twice the size of a 6' guy's.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales, Hunter S. Creek)

Big Splash, The
- (dedicated AR/GTS/SW/AP comic)
12/2010. 38 pages, color, US$8.00.
- A beautiful, fun comic by "The Pepper Pair", a new team of artists from China. The Big Splash features Kristen and Megan from my comic "Squirt" in a wildly colorful world of little girls getting very big and big girls getting very small.
It pretty much has every kind of Process from Female Growth to Giantess, Shrinking Women, Age Progression and Age Regression.
- Story Summary:
Kristen and her friend go swimming in a remote lake, where an industrial chemical makes them grow from cute adolescents to sexy 30-foot-tall giantesses. Meanwhile Kristen's older sister Megan and her sexy friend choose another lake and find out what it's like to be on the short side.
More info, sample illustrations, and purchase link
- (Dreamtales)

- (dedicated magic TF AP CB) 4/2018, CGI comic. In a world of magic, the younger daughter of a witch can't wait to grow up. The shoes come off before it begins, but her glasses break from the growth. Something I've been working on for quite awhile... cheers!
By multiple request we are temporarily rehosting smaller versions of the 23 images. For the full size story: link - CAUTION: contains adult themes and content - Image Story - (Prinz Eugen)

Bikini Contest, The
- (dedicated AR comic) 2015, 20p, color, $7.99. Artwork by PalComix.
The Bikini Contest is a fun comic that explores what happens when a group of sexy ladies competing in a bikini contest gets regressed by a rival. The sexy ladies try to steal Lauren's boyfriend Bobby. Unfortunately for them, Lauren's pheromones cause the rivals to get younger. The bikini babes go from bombshells to brats as Lauren and the audience look on in amusement. A classic AR comic that cuts right to the action!
Note: This is technically a sequel to A Growing Attraction, but can also be read by itself.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Bob (artist)
- (dedicated AR/AP) swap - swap

body swaps
- (dedicated AR/AP TF aftermath discovery) 1-panel scenes.
switched - switched

Bojay AR Pack
- (dedicated AR/AP) Art by Bojay, 2011.
This includes the following comics: The Au Pair, Remembrances of Sisters Past, Princess and the Potion.
- (Dreamtales)

Bojay Female Growth Pack
- (dedicated TF AP) Bojay, 2011. Includes "The Big Crush", "Gift of the Magi", "Something in the Water".
- (Dreamtales)

Bojay Time Warp Modified
- (dedicated AR/AP) 2011 compilation of over 400 images and drawings in both black and white and color. Subjects include Diaper Girls, Animals, and more Girls. Lots of great sketches and thumbnails for AR stories. Also includes two animations.
- (Dreamtales

Booby Battle AR Sequence
- (dedicated AR) 2012. A fun 5 page Age Regression sequence by Cluedog. Our heroine, a cute but skinny Scientist, is trying out various body-altering formulas in an attempt to get more buxom. Unfortunately for her, she's not too thrilled with the results.
- Comic link - (Dreamtales)

Booby Battle
- (dedicated female AR glimpsed) 2012 Giantess and Shrinking comic.
Our plucky heroine uses a shrink ray and some special transformation formulas to teach 50-story tall Humonga a big lesson. 2 panels could be considered AR.
- 28 multi-panel & 54 single-panel pages, no dialogue.
Purchase link - (Jeffr_2bya, LitLOne)

breast development
- (dedicated growth) 5-panel BE stages

breast expansion
- (dedicated adult BE) bust-out scene.

Brother Complex
- (dedicated mini-giantess, FF BE'd character) Manga-style webcomic by Tapas, 9/16/2016-
Jack Drake returns from a couple years studying abroad to find some BIG changes. Little sister Rose used to be a "small kid", but by his return she's somehow become immensely tall and busty. Her breasts are bigger than many persons. Apparently she was hospitalized for a while, and a lot of tests were run. After being discharged, she had a massive growth spurt, and perhaps there's more in store yet.
First comparison link - Apparent time-lapse growth link - Non-canon AP dream sequence link
- First comic link - Latest comic link - (NightElf37)

Brother Complex
- (dedicated mini-GTS sibling) - art

Campfire Tales (Halloween Special)
- (dedicated TF, young adults AA-zapped into fully matured adults) "The Milf Witch" by JayBeeTG, 2020/10.
Purchase link - extract - (Andu22)
- (dedicated AR) 2019/08/15.
Authors include: TGTrinity, TinyThea, Golden Dawn, Typewriter 17, Lenio TG, JoJoTF and Miss Simone. Most do mainly TG comics, but there's a ton of male AR to infancy and breastfeeding too.
I update the site daily, including the Daily Comic: A Little Providence. If you happen to be a TF comic or image creator, you are welcome to become part of the team!
- Changing Comics link - Membership is free! - (Areg5)

Comic Con AR Part One
- (dedicated AP, male AR) 2017, by Bojay.
Transformations at the Comic Con! Cute young Jess and Kitty have trouble filling out their costumes. The Scarlet Witch comes to the rescue, transforming them into a very sexy Jessica Rabbit and hot Kitty. The Scarlet Witch also takes revenge on two teenage boys, turning them into little boys.
- 31p, color/B&W, $9.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Comic Con AR Part One
- (dedicated AR) - preview

corset AR
- (dedicated regression) Manga-style art Trade, Meduteja before/after - (Mikewolfskin)

Court Adjourned
- (dedicated CGI AR) 2018.
F1ction Zer0's first fetish motion comic is a wild ride of humiliation: 6 months after a former man underwent a forcible sex change for his crimes against women, he pleads his case before the Supreme Court of Magical Affairs, the highest, most powerful court in the world. The Chief Justice amuses herself by playing judge, jury and transformer - casting a series of chaotic transgender, stereotype, class downgrade, age regression and humiliation spells, before the court case finally comes to a close.
- Story link - Alternate link - - (TaintedSins)

Creation of the Mechanical Nursery
- (dedicated Adult Baby comic) 2011 prequel to "Prisoner of the Mechanical Nursery". $5 purchase link - (CreationComic)

Crybaby (review)
- (dedicated AR) Dreamtales comics.
The first two chapters have also been leaked. If there isn't a surefire cure for the age regression ray, Superman and Lana's amusement at Lois shrinking and toying with her by pretending not to recognize her is rather monstrous. And while I get it's AR, I do find the tendency for the girl babies to be depicted with giant lips and eyes as if they have a full face of makeup rather bizarre. It's like a baby with Liza Minnelli's head.
While the script suggests it might have been planned, the story avoids outright on-camera nudity by Lois after she starts shrinking. We see her nude as an adult, then again as a baby, but not in-between. I suspect this might be partly to avoid inappropriate accusations, and partly because it doesn't seem to appeal to Dreamtales. If this is indeed the case, many of the stories I suggested are inoperative.
One bit of Baby Lois nudity that is shown is the re-imagined version of the splash page with Lois in a playpen fuming while Lana hits on Superman. In the original, she's diapered; in the revamp, she's naked, presumably to amp up the humiliation. This is also presumably why she's given a "Goo gah!" speech balloon. It's worth noting that Lana's outfit is also altered; her skirt is shorter and her sweater now has a plunging neckline.
- (Doctor Anguish)

Crybaby Marilyn
- (dedicated AR) 2011 Palcomix comic.
37 multi-panel color pages, $10.
- More Suzy and Marilyn Age Regression fun as Marilyn experiments with a youth ray inspired by the classic Lois Lane AR comic "The Crybaby of Metropolis," featuring Marilyn slowly regressing to a teenager, adolescent, child, baby, and then...?
- Frank is hosting a special exhibition of inventions, and Marilyn and Suzy are invited. Marilyn tries out a youth ray to get rid of her grey hairs in a bid to steal Frank from Suzy. As Marilyn gets younger and younger, Suzy is looking less like her rival and more like her big sister - or her mother! (Note: This comic features an unbirthing scene.)
- Info & Purchase page - (Dreamtales)

Crybaby Part 1
- (dedicated AR) 2020/05. Art by Yuan from Yard Work & Bojay. 32 pages, $10.99.
Dreamtales comic based on the classic Silver Age Superman/Lois Lane AR comic "The Crybaby of Metropolis", which had female rivalry, conflict, clear motivation and believable circumstances.
Not to be confused with the related "Crybaby Marilyn" comic by Palcomix, 2011. This version is directly based on the original, with well developed characters that have become embedded into our collective psyche. If given a choice to read AR comics about females inhabiting Superman's world versus similar new comics, I would choose the former. Perhaps that is the traditionalist in me.
- Lois slowly shrinks from a sexy adult to a skinny teen and finally a little girl. Sexy rival Lana smirks, as shrunken teen Lois tries to chat up Superman. Then she puts the moves on him.
However, I would have liked a bit more art work from each artist. The plot follows a similar path as the original, with some departures. I do understand that propriety prohibits showing too much, but would have enjoyed it had that line been pushed a little further. I really enjoyed the extra cover redo of the original 1958 art. BoJay loves to add every joke and pun he can think of into one panel. Yuan is responsible for Flu Shots, Yard Work and Little Joker to name a few. There is real energy in the art work. Bottom line is that I cannot wait for the next part.
- Also 6 pages of highly detailed B&W inked art by original artist Kurt Schaffenberger from 1958! This art is MUCH more detailed than what appeared in the comic.
Artist's Edition ($12.99) includes 20 pages of original sketch drawings plus 20 pages of uncolored inked and sketch drawings showing the amazing detail of the original art. 78p.
- Big Cartel purchase link - (Alec Leamus)

Crybaby Part 2
- (dedicated AR) 2020/06.
- Dreamtales originally wrote 4 stories based on this classic DC Comic:
The 1st used new characters and went deeper into Lois' embarrassment at the hands of Lana. The man was also regressed to infancy; then in the sequel the antagonist as well. The 3rd tale involved Lana left on a desert island by Superman to care for Lois, who ended up getting breastfed. In the 4th tale, a restored Lois exploits an ARed and shrunken Superman (Red Kryptonite) on that same island. And there are grass skirts in the new preview pic...
- Other comics could also be revamped for Superman AR:
Imagine the Silver Age version of "The Babe of Steel" with several scenario changes: Perhaps the Red Kryptonite exposure is involuntary, perhaps his costume doesn't shrink with, perhaps his powers are a bit shaky at baby size, perhaps his day is a lot busier, and perhaps people aren't so laid-back at the sight of baby-sized Superman.
The Golden Age version could also be fun. After all, the Prankster's greatest joy is humiliating Superman, and this offers him endless opportunities.
- Purchase link - (Doctor Anguish, Oni)

Crybaby Part 3
- (dedicated AR) Dreamtales, 34p, purchase link - (Doctor Anguish)

Danbooru (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

Dark Mother (Chapter 02)
- (dedicated demon TFs with Adult Age-Up, Futanari, BE, Butt Expansion,...) 12/2018.
The comic is based on Angel Blade Ch02, like a spin-off. Nailkaiser remembers when she was first transformed into a mutant. Phantom Lady brought 2 college students to turn them into her brand new sex toys.
- Purchase link - (Locofuria)

Dark Mother (Chapter 04)
- (dedicated demon futanari, lactation, BE, butt expansion, AP-related elements)
Phantom Lady wants her daughters back, so she sends Nailkaiser to attack Isato. Karin will be taken back to her mother and turned into a mutant.
- e-junkie purchase link - (Locofuria)

Dark Mother
- (dedicated TF APed) 2018. Angel Blade Punish, Ch01 spin-off.
Art by WitchKing00 & 6EvilSonic6. Nailkaiser remembers her first encounter with Phantom Lady, where she saved her from some strange creatures and turned her into one of her mutants.
- Purchase link - (Locofuria) - - - -

Demon Candy
- (dedicated AR) Fan comic. A Boy who was tricked into selling his soul for a Klondike Bar is constantly trying to be seduced into guilty pleasures. Each chapter explores a different fetish (most recently TG). Ch.12 involves AR - adult link (Ava)

demon TFs (common theme)
- (dedicated non-human magical entities, size or maturation upgrade) Fantasy curses and magical spells.
"A familiar's feelings," 2018 - expansion - (Yurixthewanderer)

demon TFs
- (dedicated adult TF expansion form) c2018 magical & identity upgrade extract

Deviant Art: Aeron to Pearl (character)
- (dedicated young adult size/power increase) "Aeron in Wonderland"
Links: part 01 - part 02 - part 03 - (NightElf37)

Deviant Art: Yolanda & Ji-Woo (dedicated character forms)
- (dedicated FtF TF, slight BE) Collab comic "Yolanda's Day":
Part 01 link - Part 02 link
By Gearlordex, TF-SquareSting.
- Ji Woo can avoid transforming into abrasive Yolanda as long as she keeps chewing...
Yolanda to Ji Woo - Anonymous: Part 01 link - Part 02 link
- (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: 46val
- (dedicated adult OA) c2021 - link - link - link - link - (123anon987)

Deviant Artist: Abimboleb Comics
- (dedicated adult rejuv, mental) Super-Brats c2017 CGI comic.
Harley Quinn's DNA modifier sets a trap for busty versions of Wonder Woman and Supergirl. The gun allows her to pseudo-regress and erase anyone's memories past and present. Unfortunately for Harley, she fires the DNA gun in the air without protection, and the trio zaps back into busty "teenagers" with no memories of who they are - Creator purchase link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Deviant Artist: AdonioGTS
Jade and Anne Adventures, The
- (dedicated shoujo height/size increase, BE, mini GTS) 2017, CGI panels. Sailor Students experiment with magic spells to enhance their appearance.
Preview: Page 01 link - Page 11 link - Process Forum (registration required) link - (AdonioGTS)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated CGI-comic, fantasy TF sequence, power-up AP form, CB) 2017.
I just released my first age progression flash animated movie on Deviant Art: Abby First Encounter.
- Scenes of a nocturnal encounter in a world filled with magical legends. A mythical heroine seeking strength for her quest must enter a temple to commune with a mighty spirit. Dialogue text and Daz TF video of their mystical exchange. Multiple angles of rips spreading across her tight battle costume with tearing sounds. This is only the first encounter.
- TF Story link - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: Agegrowthfictions
- (dedicated magical stasis, gynoid TF AP) "Nirvelly" by Navetsea, 2018 adult nudity.
A fantasy curse has its effects until the spell is released...
- Trailer link - - preview - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: Agegrowthfictions
- (dedicated mini-GTS, femuscle, power maturation CB scene w. AP elements) "Nirvelly 2: The Elementalist".
Drawn by Navetsea, 2020/06. The second part of Nirvelly's mythical hero evolution. Destiny takes many forms. In a sword and sorcery universe, animal companions channel the magic waters through her body.
- Comic link - temporary reduced mirror for those blocked from DA - Caution Nudity - 10 pages - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated TF AP form) "Abby First Lesson", 11/2018.
A new Mage is granted her full powers in a dark ceremony to fullfill the ancient prophesies.
- Video link process starts @04m50s - very incomplete Nude caps - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated TF AP) "Abby Second Encounter", 2018 Flash video.
Mature Content. Several years have passed since Abby first came to visit the spirit of the ArchMage. Despite the dark Mages keeping a spiritual eye on her, she decides to take the risk and return to the mystical ruins.
- DeviantArt link - Vimeo link - (Mister AGF)

Deviant Artist: Akuoreo
- (dedicated transformation scenes and sequences)
 Bridezilla: TF and AP giantess.
Parts 01 to 08 start link A haunted wedding ring.
 Alice's Wonderland Puff-Up: AP/BE AA with RN in the last panel.
Parts 01 to 06 start link Down the Rabbit Hole (haunted gloves).
- (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Aogami
- (dedicated demon AR) 2017. I just commissioned another big AR picture! 18+ with nudity, reverse development of the girls and captions!
- Comics page link - (Gigabowsercq)

Deviant Artist: Aogami
- (dedicated TF artist) 2017. He mostly does furry stuff, but you can find AR here and there. A group of pictures involves a dragon girl and a mouse girl being ARed to pre-birth. I've commissioned a long AR animation that includes shrinking out of clothes and a toddler getting diapered for $1200.
- Commissions purchase link - (ArArchive Board data)

Deviant Artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AA TF AP scene) "Skipping Grades", 2018 animation - link

Deviant Artist: ApFan101
- (dedicated AA TF AP scenes) 2017/2018. CGI short Flash movies.
Mature Content, breast/butt expansion. A new 3D animator has started. I really must say, his posted works so far are simply amazing. Please check him out and show support if you like his works. He is definitely up there with 3D animators like TheForgottenOne96.
- DeviantArt link - gallery link - (Chriskim019)
Wand of Aging
- link - After having little Jessica put on her mother's dress, the teenage boy couldn't wait any longer as he waved the Wand of Aging. It was said to be a magical artifact that can control both the target's physical and mental ages. What should have been another boring day of babysitting could transform into something much more enticing, if the legends proved true...
Wand of Aging - Part 2
- link - Jessica's babysitter uses the Wand of Aging on her once more, this time alongside her best friend Megan, who was staying over for the night.
Ring of Age
- link - Alternate story path in which Ashley and Jennifer rediscover the Ring of Age by accident.
The Gym
- link - Rebecca's workout proved more potent than she could have ever imagined.
The Babysitter
- link

Deviant Artist: AR-Kayn
- (dedicated AR) "The Regular Regress". In May 2018, I did 21 daily AR drawings on my Patreon, and these are now publicly accessible. More to come for June. Updates 3 times weekly rather than daily, with the ability to vote on ideas.
- Patreon link - AR comics link - (Kayn)

Deviant Artist: Areg5
- (dedicated AR, TF, AP comics)
List of Premium Comics (purchase start link):
- Just a little girl - (5 parts)
- Keeping your guard up
- Remote control
- Wayward girl
- We adopt you
- The clothes make the woman; The clothes make the girl - (sold in 5 parts or complete)
- Cheerleaders - (2 parts)
- Operation Sleepover - (2 parts)
- Outside the box
- Keeping your guard up - (sold in 2 parts or complete)
- House of Dreams - (4 parts)

Deviant Artist: BernardoNevermore
- (dedicated TFs to old age) - Main Gallery Link, c2018+.
Adult femuscle & weight gain, demon witches, adult youth theft and rejuvenation, old age to decrepitude. Powerful villainesses and heroines. I always find Deviant Art tricky to search, but it's great when you unearth something as brilliant as this. Good A.R. in his catalogue as well if that floats your boat. Seems he's reduxing his prior pages and damn they look good.
Two main series include "BC Chronicles" and "BC Remastered".
- Temporary only: reduced comic fragments for those who are blocked from that website - temp. extract - extract - (Niddlyby43, Ark)

Deviant Artist: BlazePhoenix21
- (dedicated adult AA, mini GTS effect, AP-BE-like TF, RN-AR-like TF) "Origin Comic: Terra Kuroki - The Shadow Self".
12 pages comic, 2021/10. Undersized woman Terra Kuroki bitterly bewails her short stature and mousy look. Then a strange job opportunity flips everything on its head. A mighty dominatrix makes her first appearance in the dungeons...
- Full comic start page link - small extract - Artist gallery link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: BOAStudio
- (dedicated furry TF AP) c'19.
For this sequence, I promote the artist from hidden potential to the next rank - Fan's dream link - link - link - (The AP Ninja)

Deviant Artist: Bob
- (dedicated AR AA scenes)
de-aging stages - before/after

Deviant Artist: CrisKane
- (dedicated stock photo edits, age TFs) some AA line-up sequences, c2020 - Gallery link
- AR link - AR link

Deviant Artist: CubaGTS
- (dedicated growth TF) "Growing Sister", CGI, 2022.
After starting medical treatments, a young woman with dwarfism grows immensely huge and busty as her brother looks on. Gallery link - (Theperv584)

Deviant Artist: Davaba19
- (dedicated TFs, AA line-ups to old age) - Gallery link - c2020.
They are cute! I like how the characters relationships to the others change as they age.
- Example link - link - link - link - (Chronoeclipse)

Deviant Artist: Dawn-Lab
- (dedicated TF) c'19+
$10 tier: high quality mini GTS, muscle growth, ass expansion, BE AP.
- Patreon purchase link - Art purchase link example - (Theperv584)

Deviant Artist: DKTF
- (dedicated AR) Main TF gallery link - My favorite link - (Vended)

Deviant Artist: Dragon-FangX
- (dedicated AR) c2017, CYOC style stories.
Cyber Road:
- link - link
Mechanics of War:
- link - link - link - link - link - link
Another Princess Story:
- link
mouse AR:
- link - link
- (JackpotMans)

Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated TF AA, young adult to bigger adult) 2019. A fan-made Ace Attorney magical TF sequence.
Ever wonder how the transformation of Maya in her kimono into her late sister would look like in the Ace Attorney games? ...OK, it seems I'm the only weird perve in the room who does. After countless poof TFs through 4 games, 2 anime seasons, and a live action movie (without counting the endless barrage of doujins who ALSO omit the process), I decided I had to change that (heh).
- TF sequence link - link - link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Fallere825
- (dedicated TFs, maturity forms) 2018, "Mega Evolved" Fancomic.
Basically, Clemont has a Mega Evolution device that can adjust attributes. Naturally, most of its chosen users are heroines, so expect lots of fanservice as it turns their bodies older or stronger.
- Comics link page - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated CGI AA TF, short age-spell clips) 2018 DAZ AArtist.
Magical changes can happen quite fast. Now some experiments with loose/oversized clothing growth spurts.
- Restricted log-in - Gallery link - (Sam15)

Deviant Artist: Finley (commissions)
- (dedicated young adult demon TFs) c2019.
A fully fledged dedicated TF/adult age comic, featuring their own original character who appears to be their mascot.
- Outline link - Intro link - (The AP Ninja)

Deviant Artist: FmTFluver (commissions)
Kim "Possible AR"
- (dedicated AR) 4-page story, 12/2018.
I've been working on getting it drawn, inked, and colored for some time. Beside the pages, there is dialogue in the description. It was kind of pricey, but I'm pleased with it.
There's a twist in the way the antidote is administered - or should I say, the way the antidote is administered is twisted? Consider it a Christmas gift for the AR crowd everywhere. Somewhere, there is another story where Kim's mother is regressed.
- Gallery Page link (Adult registration required, or click on a pic and enter your birth date to prove you're over 18) - Info link - Pages link - (MaleKim)

Deviant Artist: Glassthorn
- (dedicated GTS CB) - burst - burst

Deviant Artist: GomyuGomyu
- (dedicated AR, AP, TG, expansion,) c'19. AKA: Mogmog on Pixiv.
One of my favorites, really cute art style. His point commissions are relatively cheap, and open to occasional commission/request periods for a limited time. He draws single images, before-after pictures, sequences, animations, comics, and still and animated avatars. I don't know if he has AR/AP limits though. ^^"
- Commission list link - Koala AR link - Swap link - Nanako AP link - (Azerty47-2)

Deviant Artist: Hs2300
- (dedicated old age TFs) - similar to Yayame/Turn White Gallery

Deviant Artist: Iizokore
- (dedicated FF & AP UC & CB) 2016+ sketch art.
Japanese schoolgirls have outgrown their clothing - Restricted Gallery link

Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated magic AR transfer) 2020/01.
"Sheila's regression" - 1-page short comic (9 MB PNG image, 5720 x 6205).
- Captain Ash has commissioned Secretagentmittens to draw a scene from The Mirror Mistress fetish story universe! In the ancient realm of Zumbia, a wondrous Looking Glass grants those who pass through it a second childhood, by trading places with their adult reflections.
- Full-size Comic link - small copy - cover - (Inkognitolord)

Deviant Artist: Japanese AP Team
- (dedicated TF BE AP) I remember well that some of his/her art featured on The Process when it was more than just a forum and store.
AKA "Kingyoap" - restricted access gallery link - AKA "The A-Team AP Team" - R-18 Pixiv page link AKA Rush - Special Attack Guy etc.
- Pretty much everything they have ever done is there. We know access to these sites is blocked for some, but reportedly there are proxies? - (Kuriboh_fan, Abazaba)

Deviant Artist: Kitsu-Senpai
- (dedicated teen accelerated growth, some shoe bursting) "Natsumi's Growth Spurt", 2019.
Original characters - P01 link - P02 link - P03 link - P04 link

Deviant Artist: Kojiro-Brushard & friends
- (dedicated mighty heroine TFs, gynoid power expansion & rapid shrinking) c'15.
- Main INFO PAGE - (data by NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Lady Kraken
- (dedicated age swap aftermath) 2019.
"Sakura-Tsunade Age Swap Commission" - Naruto characters art link

Deviant Artist: Laprasking
- (dedicated TF) 2018. I tend to dabble in AR from time to time. Mainly TG, Hypno, etc; but very open to ideas - link -

Deviant Artist: Locofuria
- (dedicated TF BE-CB, young to adult maturation, sock tear, mini-GTS)
"Girl AP" - Pablo's first Locofuria animation project. A captive shoujo unfurled into full maturity.
- - - - -
- CAUTION Mature Content - link - (NightElf37, Locofuria)

Deviant Artist: MeanMark93
- (dedicated adult to old age TFs) I am doing some photorealistic OA TF comics based on the Power Rangers Dino Thunder Donkeyvac character suddenly stealing adult youth of unsuspecting starlets.
Am also open for commissions of anyone's celebrity or non-celebrity of their choice.
- "Donkeyvac attack" gallery link - (MeanMark)

Deviant Artist: Mporci
- (dedicated age TF sequences, AP/AR) c2018 line art.
Includes age stages. Restricted Gallery link

Deviant Artist: MrInternetMan
- (dedicated AA TFs, adult rejuvenations) 2018 stories about morphing forms.
- Artist Gallery link - link - link - link - link - link - link
- (Andu22)

Deviant Artist: Multi-Commer
- (dedicated AA AP) "O.K K.O - Dendy's Age Device" etc, c'19.
Fun little progression comic. It's been a slow burn, but very cute - Gallery link - (Tylerjmcmaster)

Deviant Artist: Nimeyal
- (dedicated old age) The Book of little Helpers - The Comic. 2013+.
2 young women wish to become more intelligent, but their new wisdom ages them up to the hundreds. Some pages edited due to NSFW content.
- Gallery link - (Anonguy)

Deviant Artist: Okayokayokok (paid commissions)
- (dedicated ARed, shrunken women effect) Physical and mental.
Power Princess 2: Wet Nurse Leaks Again!
- 11 page comic, 2019 - 1 panel Preview link - Purchase link - (Utopianfubar)

Deviant Artist: Panahinuva
- (dedicated adult furry age forms TF) - INFO PAGE - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: PariahExileWrath
- (dedicated age form TFs) 2018. I commissioned him before and can say he has a really quick turnaround (like a day). Holds true to his claim that he will draw ANYTHING the commissioner wants. Pretty cheap commission costs too - link - (SBlitz370)

Deviant Artist: PariahExileWrath
- (dedicated AR to unbirth) - "In the Waiting Room" - 2018 short commission - AR comic -
- (dedicated AR to unbirth) - "Reversal in the Delivery Room" 2018 AR comic link - I liked it so much that I wrote a prequel: link - (Groblek)

Deviant Artist: PariahExileWrath
- (dedicated demon AR) 2017. The simpler art is a good value, just 5$ per character on a single frame or a comic, even the weirdest things. I ordered 4 arts from him, including Milf to preteen 3. Some of my favorite AR images:
- link - Shantae vs Risky Boots AR.
- link - Jetta Maxx Age Reduction.
- link - Princess Peach Age Reduction.
- link - Magic Hourglass.
- link - An AR tournament Pariah and LordBwargle posted back last year.
(Azerty47, Klatuk4u, Gooddemon)

Deviant Artist: PariahExileWrath
- (dedicated to all TFs) c'19.
Wide variety of weird stuff. His art style is special, but I still like it - Some AR so far: link - link - (Azerty47-2)

Deviant Artist: Prinzeugen13
- (dedicated demon AP & WG, male emaciated reduction) - Encounter with the Succubus - 2021.
Posting a comic I have been toiling away at for awhile now. A late 20-something fat slob who eats, drinks, and smokes too much, encounters a Succubus who appears in the form of his first summer crush when he was a teen boy... Hilarity ensues as she coaxes him to give up his sperm.
I use my Deviant Art account for pin-ups and some BE scenes. This comic which depicts an erect penis would violate their Terms of Service I believe.
- Preview gif - gif - Caution Adult Nudity: Full-size comic link - Temporary reduced size mirror:
- The succubus introduces herself - 15 pictures - The transformations begin - 30 pictures

Deviant Artist: Red Chocobo
- (dedicated AR) Classic artist. Tifa AR, etc. His older Transformation art is lost - (Klatuk4u)

Deviant Artist: Ritter30
- (dedicated AP CB tales) c'20.
Fetish comic/stories written in such a way they almost seem like regular stories about a young teen girl who has a condition that causes her to grow older and bigger whenever she gets upset or anxious. She has to run off and hide before anyone notices her growing up and out (except for one friend who's in on the secret).
- Story link - "Shopping Dilemma" story & 6-page comic link (registration required) - Full comic Mirror - Story link - Story link - (Andu22)

Deviant Artist: Roninkagashi
- (dedicated male AR) "Charley's Regression", reposted by jeff2beyoung, c2010s.
11 panels. Video extract link - Source link - (Akira)

Deviant Artist: SabraeTrash
- (dedicated TF AR, furry) 2018 artist who has just gotten into the scene.
This is her first ever AR piece. Censored version link
- Main Deviant Gallery link - (Natasha)

Deviant Artist: Sannamy
- (dedicated AR OC aftermath) "Unexpected Regression", 2019 commission for Areat.
She made two versions: with more items, or with a clearer view of the characters - link - link
- Main Gallery link - (Vended)

Deviant Artist: Sannamy
- (dedicated couple AR aftermath) 2021 commission by Sannamy. Did a great job at it.
1-panel swimwear ARt link - (Vended)

Deviant Artist: SellicDr
- (dedicated young adults to OA) '18 new OA artist. Some pretty fun TFs of various cartoon characters. Most are of Gwen from Ben 10.
Gallery link - link - (Anonguy, MeanMark)

Deviant Artist: Sephzero
- (dedicated TF scenes, young to full adult & adult rejuvenation stages artworks)
Power Boosts INFO PAGE 2 - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Sephzero
- (dedicated toon TF, expansion and reduction, non-human entities, maturity power boost, adult rejuv, BE, furry) c'14-'16+.
- Very extensive INFORMATION PAGE - (data by NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Siritusval
- (dedicated CGI AR, AP) AKA "Siriage". New artist, 2020.
- Deviant Art link - Pixiv link - Patreon link - (Lopi)

Deviant Artist: SirRender87
- (dedicated CGI AP scene, AA) 2017 Flash animation. Mature Content.
A preschooler grows up in the playroom as little Timmy watches in astonishment. Alternate version of a scene from my new comic. I won't be using this one, but figured it'd be a waste to not share it. Hope you all enjoy it!
- TF scene link - screencaps - (The Forgotten One)

Deviant Artist: SirRender87
- (dedicated CGI TF stages, AA AP, male AR) 2017.
New dedicated AR/AP artist, will have animated transformation scenes up soon. A few of the Forgottenone96's old sequences are up too, he gave me his permission.
- Artist channel link - example: oversized lingerie fitting link
- (Odin)

Deviant Artist: Skwang
- (dedicated TF AP) 2016.
"Aeron Ryans" by Sephzero & TF-SquareSting, 6 page comic.
- P1 link - P2 link - P3 link
Mature Lock requires login to continue:
- P4 link - P5 link - P6 link
Blocks still in effect for this site - Temporary reduced mirror art - (DarkProductions2019)

Deviant Artist: SuperSpoe
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation)
Gloriosa Youthening, from One Piece, 2017. Maybe Jewelry Bonnie did this idk - link
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation, BE firming)
Magic potion - link
- (Cool Dude)

Deviant Artist: SuperSpoe
- (dedicated rejuv) c'19.
Looks like they mainly do Old to Young stuff, but that's fine by me - Edna link - Wakeman link - Recovery link - (Ooof)

Deviant Artist: TGtrinity-AP
- (dedicated CGI AR AA AP pics) 2018 - Main Gallery Link
Many dedicated magical changes in age and status.
- rejuv link - rejuv link
- AA AP link - AA AP link - AA AP link
- AA AP link - AA AP comic link
- male milk ad link - fem milk ad link - AA AP link - AA AP link

Deviant Artist: ThatFreakGivz
- (dedicated TF age-ups, TGs)
Mystical heroine & anime characters. This artist does quite a couple of APs: Gallery link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: The Forgotten One
- (dedicated CGI AR/TF & AP content) 2015.
My material is available here:
- Deviantart - Dailymotion also Vimeo.
I also have one comic for sale via Dacast. Made on Windows Media Maker, over half animated, with a lot of aging and regressing process. I'll send a promo code to allow viewing after the 30 days expires.
- Premium Comic purchase link - 17 mins, $7,00.
I'm going to continue to make more, as well as a little TG. Most content will be free, but every now and then I'll release a longer video story for a modest fee.
- (The Forgotten One)

Deviant Artist: TheGodlyWaffles
- (dedicated demon TF age swap, AR) To Love Ru 4-column fan comic, c2018?
This was apparently a special request. Every few minutes one heroine gets older, and the other younger. Only one way this story can end...
- Page 01 It's totally fine, don't worry about it
- Page 02 You thought it was over? Nah son
- Page 03 Doesn't Lala invent things? Ah whatever
- Page 04 Finally, i must go to my home planet now
- (Arlether, Dalzuffo, N Spark)

Deviant Artist: Toongrowner
- (dedicated TG TFs, some age changes) c2017 - Gallery
More traditional TG than AR, but some gems here. My personal favorite being his Batman series:
- "Harley's little girl" link - link - link
He's also done a couple of toon AA AP gifs:
- Timmy to Vicky link - Steven to Pink link - (Wise288)

Deviant Artist: Typhoon Manga
- (dedicated fantasy TF AP, RN AR OC)
Manga-style PG-rated comics commission. Story & characters by WildCirno, art by Typhoon Manga. All rights reserved. Artwork (c) 2018/2019 Typhoon-Manga. Do not use without permission, copy, steal, trace, tamper with, or redistribute.
- Part One:
Admired From Almost Afar - 12/2018.
- The Protagonist has been helping a young woman with her studies. Now he hopes she will ask to take him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. Instead, she asks him to babysit her little sister, so she can go to the dance with someone else!
Little does he know the younger sister may be a mahou shoujo in training... The preteen tells the Protagonist he is much too good for her big sister. She tells him he deserves someone better. Someone like her.
Then a strange Reality Shift takes place: Her hairband snaps off. Is she looking taller? Suddenly, before him stands a voluptuous young woman with large manga breasts!
Her clothes have changed into a ball gown, and she asks him to go to the dance with her adult self. Now wearing a tuxedo, the Protagonist agrees immediately!
At the dance, there is a hushed murmur as they enter, and they are the center of attention.
A tale of wishes granted. Magic IS real.
- Pg01 link - Pg02 link - Pg03 link
- Pg04 link - Pg05 link - Pg06 link
- Pg07 link - Pg08 link - Pg09 link
- Part Two:
Midnight Fate Denied - 01/2019.
All good things must end.
The grown-up little sister reveals the magic will wear off when the dance is over. She will go back to normal, and is already shrinking down in her loosening costume.
The Protagonist cannot accept this, and begs for the spell to endure somehow.
There IS one way... Only the magical power of true love can make this happen.
The Protagonist promptly declares his undying love, and tightly grasps her child form on the dance floor. He really means it.
Darkness falls. He wakes to find the world and everyone's memories have magically changed to conform to their new reality. The younger sister is no longer little. They now have a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship as adults (not shown).
- Pg01 link - Pg02 link - Pg03 link - Pg04 link
- Pg05 link - Pg06 link - Pg07 link
- (Nightelf37)

Deviant Artist: Wongsj
- (dedicated age TF sequences, AP/AR) c2018 line art.
Includes age stages. Restricted Gallery link

Deviant Artist: Wongsj
- (dedicated TF) 2018. Though he has drawn nudity, please avoid being too direct, as I don't know where his limits on the subject are. I know he doesn't AR characters who are too "chibi" to begin with - Heroine ARs link - (Azerty47-2)

Deviant Artist: WongSsj
- (dedicated shoujo TF sequences, some CB) Access restricted or censored, c'18.
Pencil art, new Gallery link - Uncensored previews:
- "The Goddess Blessing" stages - Hose tentacle swap stages - Native growth stages

Deviant Artist: WyattX
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult OA sequences, FMG) 2019/20 - Gallery
Happy New Year! - (De)Aging stages - stages - stages - OA stAges - stAges - (Wyatt)

Deviant Artist: WyattX
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult OA sequences, FMG) 2021.
"Growth and Ungrowth" transformation sequences featuring superheroine attacks and magical power-up restorations!
- (De)Aging DA link - IG link - 8 sequences - (Wyatt)

Deviant Artists: adult maturation
- (dedicated aging effects)
- GingerDaydreams - link - link - link - milf photo gallery.
- Amokk20 - link CGI timeline.
- SurakuraAnon - link teen to postmenopausal swimsuit art.
- BalancedCrib59 - link TG swap caption story.
- sagging link - stuffing link - big booty link
- "youth elixir" links - "age progression" links - gilfs/milfs links - (123anon987)

Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated adult old age TFs) c2021.
BernardoNevermore - rejuv link - Wonder Woman link - link - link
ThatFreakGivz link - Rukarioru0930 link - ArkangelDan link - ClueDog link - CanaWrite link - RebelMinder link
- (123anon987)

Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated fantasy TF, AR/AP elements) Mid-2017 update on some of the most established fetish artists:

- Ar-Kayn
- AutumnNatural
- BoaStudio - Famous for TG and mermaid related stuff. Seems normie so watch your language. Eager to do AP/AR.
- DarkerEve and Seonidas - Regular Sephzero artists that are eager to do TF related stuff, specially involving TF or muscle growth.
  Some of the characters are APing teenagers, so it is unknown how "permissive" they are.
- DKTF - Some "uneven AR" - link
- EduartBoudewijn
- GomyuGomyu
- JadenKaiba - Did TG and some teenage AP in the past. Specialized in sequences but done in a special way... check their TFs to see what I am talking about.
- Mr DNA - Eager to do AP and AR. It can be sexy but NOT sexual.
- OkayOkayOkOk - He seems to have no taboos. Seen doing some AR/diapering commissions.
- PariahExileWrath - TG.
- SeptemberSignal
- SinArrow - He has done an AP sequence in the past. Now he is eager to experiment. The terms are unknown, more is needed.
  Although respectful, he doesn't seem very fetishy, so watch your language.
- TfSubmissions - Silvia purchase link - Has done occasional AP sequences, knows how to draw comics. Not into hardcore porn stuff.
  He is not into what he draws but does it for artistic passion and challenging himself, so watch your language.
- TheDangerCat - Danger-Catt - Okay about AP and maybe AR, didn't specify an age limit: more info needed.
- (The AP Ninja, others - all info from Process forum threads)

Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated fantasy TF, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, AR/AP elements) Mid-2020 update.
Paid commission rules and prerequisites as they apply to some of the most established fetish artists:
- Will ONLY do teen-adult AP, bonus points if it involves muscle growth. Nudity can only be displayed if the aged character is over 18, though some degree of physical underdevelopment is admitted in those of adult age. The TF mentality must be empowerment: won't do anything humiliating or degrading for the character - link
- AR only, babies included: consult rules - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, further noting needed to determine their limits - link
- Willing to do vanilla F2F - link
- TF sequence sketches. Willing to do vanilla FtF - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. Seen doing diapering commissions, so it seems like he has no taboos - link
- Eager to do Teen-Adult AP/AR - link
- Eager to do AP/AR of any kind as long as it is not sexualized - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, further noting needed about his limits - link
- Eager to do AP/AR, may need some direction. AR must not be too sexualized - link
Kojiro Highwind / Kojiro Brushard
- Eager to do AP/AR. AR must be non-sexual and the transformee does not go below 10 y.o. or becomes a loli - link
- Specialized in comics, eager to do AP/AR of all sorts. Regular client discounts apply - link
- Animations & art. Eager to do AP/AR, taboos depend on context - deviant link - fur link - pixiv link - patreon link
- Willing to do AP/AR - link
- AR only of all sorts and kinds, even diapers - link
- AR can reach diaper level. AP commissions: character clothes will change and they must have long sleeves at the end. Reverse ARs as progressions - link - link
Night / n647
- Eager to do AR/AP, although their women can get quite busty - link - link
- Specialist in BE/bimbofication, further noting is needed - link
- Willing to do AP/AR as long as it doesn't involve children (teenagers are OK). Only does comics - link
- Willing to do Old Age adult rejuvenation and vanilla FtF - link
- Willing to do vanilla FtF - link - link
- Very cheap commissions, specialized in sequences. Eager to do AP/AR. Watch for language, he has somewhat strict limits - link
TF-Artistchan (Britney)
- Willing to do vanilla FtF, further noting is needed - deviant link - twitter link - fur link
- Cheap commissions, eager to do APAR - link
- Willing to do AP/AR if it is not sexualized. Willing to do vanilla FtF with no taboos - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. Underage characters must not display genitalia - link
Zipalo / AntZurser
- Willing to do regular FTF - link
- (Process Forum)

Deviant Artists: old age art
- Young women and gynoids brought to decrepitude and the reverse.
MPCreativeArts - (dedicated adult bimbo to elder) CGI art, 2021.
- Rebooting problems link - DND hipster nerd to thicc Milf link - (Kappa)
Fiddlesticks-56 - (shrunken old mahou, adult rejuvenation stages) CGI art, 2021.
- "The Bimbo Witch Of The West" link - (Andu22)
Sortimid - (young adult FF to mother) AA toon stages, 2021.
- "Tomboy to Stepford Milf" link - (Kappa)
BernardoNeverMore - (young/old adults, obesity changes, rejuvenations) c2018+.
- link - link - link - link - link - link - (123anon987)

Deviant Artists: old age
- (dedicated adult to elderly TFs) 2022/08.
JackpotMans got these commissioned and they're awesome:
- Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel (Kamala/Carol) link - the old Marvels link
Hey, Lunkpil's doing stuff! Give their gallery a peak, they've been active lately:
- Pics and short story combos link
- "Sensible Attire" link
- "Hotel Transylvania" - An artist's opinion link
Deviant Artists who have a special place in my heart:
- Kamackazi link - Fan2000 link - JayTee-FAArtist link - Jake27 link - Melissa822 link - JoeSixPack60 link - favorites link
Some more old age related postings:
- link - link - link - link - link
- (Kappa)

Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 1)
- Most of the following artists are new, with a few classic stars. Over-18 registration may be required to view.
You should never underestimate the power of magical or mystical beings - Process thread link
- (list by Andu22, The AP Ninja)
Deviant Artist: Cadaver86
- (dedicated AP) c2018 - Jade Chan link
Deviant Artist: MrInternetMan
- (dedicated TF rejuv) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: TimGarabatoz
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link - info link
Deviant Artist: EduartBoudewijn
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link - major thread link
Deviant Artist: Areg5
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: DracoKnight545
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Category link
Deviant Artist: AR-Oasis
- (dedicated AR) c2018 - Collection link
Deviant Artist: FAP2000
- (dedicated AP TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Firem1te
- (dedicated AP) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: DKTF
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link - AR cat. link
Deviant Artist: MajesticHentaiSenpai
- (dedicated demon AP/AR TFs) c2018.
- Wendy link - Succubus link - Inkling link - Jade link
Deviant Artist: Asteban
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AA commission link
Deviant Artist: Jackal0199
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AA cat. link - cat. link - e-hentai link
Deviant Artist: YurixTheWanderer
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link
Deviant Artist: SecretAgentMittens
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: DarkSpyro15
- (dedicated AR) c2018 - Yami & Risa link
Deviant Artist: ThirdSync
- (dedicated AR) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Suany
- (dedicated AR) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Mangapym
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - turn back time link
Deviant Artist: KlonoaHedgehog
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link - cat. link - AP cat. link

Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 2)
- (dedicated multi-fetish TFs, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, commission artists) Late-2020 update.
Paid commissions prerequisites. These are artists who don't normally draw female-to-female content, but can do so if asked, and occasionally have already.
- Generalist. Characters below 13 are taboo, specialized in comics - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. Avoid display of explicit genitalia - link
- Generalist willing to do AP - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR - link
- Generalist. Regular Sephzero artist eager to do AP related stuff. Unknown AR rules - link
Eudetenis / gigiEDT
- Generalist, hourly commission rates, can draw TF sequences - deviant link - main link - pixiv link - picarto link
- Generalist eager to do vanilla FtF, nothing with underaged characters. Specialist in fusion/merge transformations - deviant link - fur link - tumblr link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR. Children must not be involved in sexual acts, pregnancy or gore. Somewhat strict limits - link
- Generalist, cheap commissions. Willing to do AP/AR (not below 14 y.o. in any case) - link
- Generalist. Limits worked out per commission basis. Willing to do AP/AR - link
- Generalist did TG and teen AP. Specialized in special sequences... check their mask TFs - link
- Generalist eager to do AR/AP, bonus points if it involves clothes stretching/loosening - link
- Generalist willing to do AR - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. It can be sexy but NOT sexual - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR. No NSFW situations involving underage - link
- Generalist willing to do vanilla FtF (nothing involving minors). Please address her as Zi - link
- Generalist, seems to have no taboos. Seen doing AR/diapering commissions - link
- Generalist says he has no taboos. Seen doing baby AR, further noting needed - link
- Generalist willing to draw AP, Old Age, rejuv. Depicted characters are always over 16 - link
- Sephzero artist eager to do AP work. Unknown AR rules, further noting needed - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. No rape involved - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR. Proper story behind the change is a plus. No brainwash - link
- Generalist has done occasional AP sequences, also draws comics. No hardcore porn.
He is not into what he draws but works for artistic passion and to challenge himself, so watch your language - link
- Generalist eager to do vanilla FtF - link
- Generalist willing to do AP/AR, may need some direction - link
- Generalist eager to do AP/AR, but underage characters should not be sexualized - link
- (Process Forum)

Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 2)
Deviant Artist: No-Face-girl
- (dedicated AR) c2018 - request link
Deviant Artist: AssortDis
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - invention link - AR cat. link
Deviant Artist: Luxianne
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018.
- AR link - TF link - Sister link - TF Challenge AA-up link - Challenge AA-up link - Challenge AR link
Deviant Artist: BehindMusgo
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - request link
Deviant Artist: Amaz2k12
- (dedicated CGI adult bimbo rejuv OA) c2018 - p08-15 link - p01-12 link
Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: JabeBeja
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Hinata Kushina link
Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: PlanetoftheAP
- (dedicated AA TF AP) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Rick-Tick
- (dedicated age-up TF) c2018 - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: BlargBlarg1012
- (dedicated CGI age TFs) c2018 - A New Sound link
Deviant Artist: HaloWars117
- (dedicated rejuv, TG) c2018 - art link
Deviant Artist: Bokuman
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Growing Pill link - link
Deviant Artist: iBenz009
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - APTF link
These 3 I'm not sure they are age progression: - link - link - link
Deviant Artist: Schinkn
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - Lilo link - AP cat. link
Deviant Artist: Akizz
- (dedicated CGI rejuv) c2018 - The King's Bounty link
Deviant Artist: Skwang
- (dedicated age reversal) c2018 - Aeron link
Deviant Artist: Fallere825
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - info thread link - Gallery link
Deviant Artist: Hurek
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AR cat. link
Deviant Artist: DarkSpectralGoat
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link
Deviant Artist: Kando123
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - TF AP collection link
Deviant Artist: Tsuyoshi-kun
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link
Deviant Artist: YuKiKo-Sakurey
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link - info thread link
Deviant Artist: KCruzer
- (dedicated age TFs) c2018 - AP cat. link
Deviant Artist: SuperSpoe
- (dedicated adult rejuv enlargement) c2018 - AR category link - info link

Deviant Artists: rising stars (part 3)
- (dedicated fetish creatures, demons, furries, transgender, adult monster entities, possibility of age TF commissions) Late-2020 update.
A list of artists that have never drawn female to female TFs in their life. However, their art style (previous experience in other kinds of transformations) make them worth to try out for paid commissions, including AR/rejuv/AP-related works:
- Willing to do AP/AR. NSFW for underaged characters is forbidden, adult form is OK - link
- Willing to do AP/AR - link
- Has said he is willing to do AP/AR, further noting needed about limits. Has drawn muscle growth TFs - link
- Anything goes as long as the characters are adult. Has never drawn F2F, may need some direction - link
- Willing to draw AP/AR of all kinds. Everything under 15 y.o. must not be depicted naked. No shotas.
Is a bit normie so respect his limits. Has not drawn F2F before, may need some direction - link
- Willing to do vanilla F2F (no underage characters, but adult to older or younger adult are acceptable) - link
- Willing to do AP/AR but needs direction - link
- Willing to do AP/AR, has only done comics so far. No display of genitalia or sexual scenes - link
- Eager to do AP/AR. She has not ever done it so may need some direction.
Nothing Rated M must happen in the comic while the character is still underaged - link
- The intermediary of a wide group of artists with VERY different art styles & rules.
Highly recommended to discuss with him what you would like - link
- Willing to draw everything. She may need some direction - link
Non Deviant Artists available for paid commissions:
Furaffinity: Chessire88
- Seen doing FtF and AR, further noting needed - link
Furaffinity: Draltruist
- Generalist willing to do vanilla FtF - link - link
Furaffinity: Halcyon
- (dedicated TF art) c'19. Generalist eager to do AP/AR commissions. No rape involved - link
Pixiv Artist: Ichimatsu
- (dedicated TF) c'19. Skillots commissions.
You can use English, but they only speak Japanese - pixiv link - skillots link - twitter link - jimdo link
Pixiv Artist: Monochrome shio
- (dedicated TF) AKA "Shimodzuki shio" commissions, c'19.
Demon/mahou entities, has drawn mid-transformations in the past. Japanese-only - pixiv link - skeb link - twitter link - wix link
TF artist: Aogami
- Generalist seems OK about AP/AR, eager to do animations. Commissions paid hourly, not by number of characters drawn. Extra charges apply if contents are NSFW - link
TF artist: H-panda
- (dedicated TF) c'19. Generalist willing to experiment with pretty much anything.
Has not done AP/AR before - twitter link - picarto link - commission link
TF artist: JeiMorph
- Seen doing TF-related work, GTS/BE. Seems permissive enough to try AP. I have asked them, and they seem OK with it.
Their limits are still unclear. Further noting needed - patreon link - newgrounds link - twitter link
- (Process Forum)

Deviant Artists: Up and coming
- (dedicated fantasy TF, possible AR/AP elements) Mid-2017 "rising stars" report:
Includes regular and established Sephzero TF artists that may also be eager to do AP/OA/rejuv/AR related stuff. Includes some Age Regular artists that have been seen multiple times doing limited age transformations. Other artists have not ever drawn AP in their life, and their position remains unknown. However, their art-style and maybe ideology make them worth trying out. Age Occasionals are artists that are not AP Regulars (they tend to do TG, breast expansion, and stuff), but they are now known to be eager to try Age Progression or Regression. Some are very flexible, it is worth contacting them for paid commissions. Many artists on this list may consider "default" AP/AR jobs unless otherwise specified. That is: a child or a girl growing into an adult woman, or an adult woman regressing to a child. These definitions do not necessarily include older women, nor toddlers or babies. When referring to Normie, I refer to people that may not like the fact that your commission is satisfying a fetish, so avoid being very straight with them. As I said, there will be exceptions. Marthlord/Dracoknight and Edwartboudewijn are regular forum users, check out their comment threads:

- Amateur-Unleaded - Will ONLY do teen-adult AP, bonus if it involves muscle growth. Nudity can only be displayed if the aged character is 18+
  Physical underdevelopment is admitted. The TF mentality must be empowerment: won't do anything humiliating or degrading for the character.
- Alcione - AP ONLY, he finds it difficult to draw flat childish characters. Cheap commissions.
- Ar-Kayn - AR only, babies included: consult rules.
- AutumnNatural - Eager to do AP/AR, further noting is needed to know his limits. Bonus points if it involves TG.
- Aya-Yanagisawa - She has drawn an entire AP hentai comic featuring a child-adult TF. Frequent hentai artist, may be eager to do more TF related stuff.
- Da-Fuze - Eager to do AP and AR, seen doing diapering commissions, so it seems like he has no taboos.
- Dizzyornot - Irregular availability. Eager to do Teen-Adult AP & AR.
- GomyuGomyu - Eager to do AP/AR, further noting is needed to determine his limits.
- JeiMorph - Seen doing TF related stuff, GTS and BE. I have asked them and they seem to be okay with AP. Their limits are still unclear.
- H-Panda - I've not seen any AP or AR from them, but... they seem to draw pretty much anything you commission.
- Herretik - Eager to do AP and AR. Since he hasn't drawn much it may need some direction, AR must not be too sexualized.
- Kaiza-TG - Despite doing TGs, he is an AP fan. Unknown AR rules, limited availability at the moment.
- Kojiro Highwind/Kojiro Brushard - Eager to do AP and AR as far as it is non-sexual, and the transformee does not go below 10 or being a loli.
- Kyo-DomesticFucker - Specialized in comics. Eager to do AP and AR of all sorts. If you are a regular client, Kyo can discount your pieces or even give you the final pages free.
- MaxMam - AP only. Specific rules: the underaged characters must grow in height off-screen, their assets may be developed afterwards onscreen.
- MentalCrash - Posted already, AR -only- of all sorts and kinds, even diapers.
- MikoToWolfSkin - AR (can reach diaper levels), AP can be commissioned, but the clothes of the character will change, and they must have long-sleeves in the end:
  think of these ARs in reverse as progressions: link
- Night/n647 - Eager to do AR and AP, although their women can get quite busty.
- Nathan123qwe - Ok this guy is special: the intermediary of a wide group of artists with very different art styles and rules.
  It is recommended you discuss with him what would you like. Seen doing TF related stuff.
- Shadako26 - She has done TG, GTS and masking comics, although she seems permissive enough to try AP/AR out.
- SutibaruArt - Unknown age limit, but at least willing to do teen-adult AP. Unknown AR rules, notes are needed.
- Teto-Kasane04 - Very cheap commissions, specialized in sequences, eager with both AP and AR. Watch your language, he seems a bit normie.
- VoidStrata - Eager to do AP and AR. Underage characters must -not- display genitalia.
- (The AP Ninja, others - all info from Process forum threads)

Deviant Artists
- (dedicated TF fiction, furry or fantasy AR)
AR artists and authors obviously tend to like each others works, so you will find plenty more gems.
Simply use the name in the url to search for more author content - (Klatuk4u, Vended)

Don't Drink the Water
- (dedicated AR to unbirthed) - page art - (EmperorNortonII)

Dreamtales comics
- Get them while you can - INFO PAGE

DreamTales: Falling Leaves
- (dedicated AR, AP TFs) by PalComix, 2019/08.
#01: 30 pages, $9.99. A classic role reversal comic with some great sexy art. Little Emily is ordered around by big, bitchy, domineering sister Angela, who makes her work in the yard. But Angela's Weed Shrinker turns her from a young adult into an innocent little girl, while Emily grows into a sexy bombshell as she washes the car with Super Gro. Two more issues to come - Purchase link

DreamTales: The Minotaur
- (dedicated TF) by Bojay, 2020. There will be 6 parts with AR in the future!
A great talent for wild creatures, transformations, and period details. And of course, lots of nude beautiful ladies! A giant nude Aphrodite casts spells, lots of topless sexiness, and a whole panoply of wild fantasy creatures; including the Minotaur, Satyrs, Fairies and Centaurs.
Ch03: AP; shrinking; and animal TF as the half-man half-bull Minotaur grows up.
- Purchase link - (Utopianfubar)

Eenie Meanie Marilyn
- (dedicated AR comic) 2010, 26 color pages, $8.
The first Suzy and Frank age regression comic! Palcomix did a great job on this one, with their longest and most detailed AR sequence yet. The comic features extended age regression sequences, baggy clothes, humiliation, role reversal - and Marilyn in a Princess Leia slave girl bikini!
- Plot Synopsis: What should Suzy wear to Marilyn's costume party? Marilyn has a suggestion - let's both get younger! Suzy regresses from a sexy woman, to a cute teen, to a fresh adolescent, to an innocent child, experiencing a series of small triumphs and humiliations along the way. But that Meanie Marilyn has a trick up her sleeve...
- The cover promises a great AR sequence of poor Suzy. Her baggy clothes and the impression on her face are priceless. The story begins when Marilyn and Suzy decide to go to Marilyn's costume party as 9-year-old girls. While getting younger, Suzy takes the chance to play up her role as a little girl. Without spoiling too much, Marilyn plays a foul game, and ends up doll-sized for punishment. The story and the drawings of the AR process are among the best. I especially enjoyed the surprised faces of the transformation victims. (Captain Ash)
- Sample artwork/purchasing link

Eenie Meanie Marilyn
- (dedicated AR) preview art

Eiko and the Mist
- (dedicated anthropomorphic AP CB) - progression scene - (Mr DNA)

- (dedicated AR CGI tale) Based on the story by Sumner, one of my all time favorites! 8/2018.
My best works IMHO are my adaptations of some of the fine authors at this site. I've done Louder's Poolside, and had the privilege of doing 3 stories by the great Dark Oni.
Part 1 & comic excerpts released on my Patreon to supporters $10 and up - link
- Source story link - Art link - (Areg5)

Erika's New Perfume
- (dedicated AA AR, AA AP) Regressing Heather's and progressing Sarah's clothes change to fit their appearances. Only partially played straight for Heather, because while her clothes did change to fit her new size, she did not get training pants out of it, as her sister soon mentions. Erika's needs in clothing (particularly underwear) change after she uses the perfume, but she keeps the same ones that (according to the way everyone now remembers her) she's never supposed to have had.
Both Marie and Heather are reduced to 3 years old. Neither returns to their proper age - (TvTropes)

Fam's Race Against Time
- (dedicated AR anthro comic, omorashi, nudity, diapers) 2016.
Art: Born-to-die. Text: GigaQ. Cover link
The main character undergoes a curse to change her age appearance. All nudity is artistic in nature. No sexual act depicting a minor is shown.
Fam is a humanoid ruin explorer who runs across an ancient hourglass. Due to clumsy handling she releases a curse and finds herself regressing in age! Will she be able to escape the curse in time? or will partner Ihrie have to put her in diapers?
- 7 pages, uncensored cover page, 6 bonus images of main character at various ages and regression pictures.
All sales will go towards funding more AR comics in the future!
- Purchase: send a Paypal payment (goods and services) of $5.99 to ( and add YOUR email to receive the file ASAP! - (Gigabowsercq)

fast growing girls
- (dedicated AP scenes)
Single panel cartoons and short age increase comic strips.
aftermath - Taro spurt - (Daimajin)
infant growth JLCD - (Nazhana95)
shoe pop Kelanna commish - (Pensuke_kun)
dress up game "April Flowers" - (Wilmel)
rapid development strange case.
before/after sudden spurt.
BE puberty bust-out.
magic cake "happy_birthday" - (TsuyoshiKun)
age stages time wish.
flash growth "growth comic 04" - (Locofuria)

Flu Shots Five
- (dedicated AR, AP) 12/2016, 39 pages, $10.99. Art by Yuan.
The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, sexy little sister Zoe, brother Michael and more. Multiple changes of multiple characters - and a big showdown between Madison and Zoe!
- The Doctor finally gets rid of the spoiled flu shots - by dumping them into the lake! Zoe, Austin and friends are affected as the shots cause an epidemic of age regression. Meanwhile Michael has a big crush on the Nurse, and Zoe and Madison's war comes to a surprising resolution.
- Purchase link - Selz store link - Bigcartel link - (DreamTales)

Flu Shots Part Four
- (dedicated AR & AP) 9/2016. 39p, color, $10.99, art by Yuan.
Poor Madison struggles to adjust to being an innocent child while bratty sister Zoe grows. Life is becoming full of small and big humiliations as Madison adjusts to her reduced circumstances. She loses a big fight with Zoe, and becomes the victim of an embarrassing case of mistaken identity. And as Madison gets younger and smaller, even little brother Michael is starting to look big to her!
- Purchase link - Selz link - credit card link - (Dreamtales)

Flu Shots Part One
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) 4/2016, 28+6 p, $9.99. Art by Yuan, Bojay concept.
Big sister Madison lords it over younger sister and brother until a mutated injection changes the family dynamics.
- Little sister Zoe is frustrated; domineering older sis Madison bosses her around and she has to share a bedroom with bratty brother Michael. Some mutated flu shots start the slow process of growing and shrinking, and soon...
- Purchase link - Selz link - CC link - (Dreamtales)

Flu Shots Part Three
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) 07/2016 36p, $10.99. Art by Yuan.
Poor Madison continues her slow humiliating descent into a child while bratty sister Zoe grows and grows. After Zoe has another growth spurt, Mom decides she should join Madison in her bedroom. Meanwhile Madison keeps getting smaller and younger. During a trip to the lake, Madison sees erstwhile boyfriend Austin - and he sees Zoe. Poor Madison is stuck with the kids while Zoe joins the grown ups.
Part Three of a Multi-Part Series. Also see "Flu Shots Three (Artists Edition)".
- Info/Purchase link - link - link - (Dreamtales)

Flu Shots Part Two
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) 28 + 11 pages, $10.99, artwork by Yuan & Bojay.
Older sister Madison continues to shrink while younger sis Zoe grows. Humiliated at being reduced to an adolescent, Madison has to wear her little sister's clothes, and disguise herself to keep her friends from recognizing her. As the family goes to dinner, she watches in horror as little sister Zoe starts to outgrow her.
In the epilogue, cute teen Zoe challenges skinny little Madison to see who can pick up two teenage guys. Poor Madison tries her best while sexy Zoe looks on in amusement.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Flu Shots series
- (dedicated age conflict stories) - review INFO PAGE - (Process Forum)

Forbidden Spells
- (dedicated young adult age increase comic, BE, butt expansion) #1, "Dark Mother", 6/2018, $9.
A mysterious book has appeared in the School of Magic. It is found there by a student, who will soon utter one of its spells without knowing the terrible consequences...
- Purchase link - (Locofuria)

Fur Affinity (online artists)
- (dedicated anthro TFs, including furry AR) 2005+.
Once you find an artist who does animal AR you can go through their faves to find more!
- Site link - (Daddy_C)

Furaffinity: Izayoi_16
- (dedicated animal or male TF expansion)
He specializes in manly transformations. Some works show male creature AP as well. NSFW sequences.
- Access blocked - FA account needed to view - boy/bear link - APTF link - APTFMGWG link - APTFMGWG link
- Access blocked - Pixiv account needed to view - Gallery link - (Male TF Blog)

furry AP
- (dedicated TF scene) Fox AP "X Mas_Gift Special" stages - (MoonliteSonata)

furry TF
- (dedicated AA AP) A furre magically becomes older - scene - (Akuoreo)

furry TF
- (dedicated adult demon growth) c2007 art

- (dedicated beast TF AP) c2015 panels - scene

Gelbooru (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

giantess growth scenes
- (dedicated adult CB) - also TF, BE, etc. - CB - CB - CB
- (dedicated CBed) fan art

girl scout spurt
- (dedicated AP CB) They grow up wearing their uniforms - sudden age increase

girl to woman
- (dedicated AP CB)
Fan artworks posted on the various boards.
- AP Kitty - (SutibaruArt)
- I'm outgrowing my clothes!
- girl scout growth spurt aftermath.
- "Dimples Growth" 10-second-puberty - (test_0)
- "magic stone AP" age flash - (s2325)
- ARed stroller burstout - (AP)
- English schoolgirl classroom disaster.
- character expansion
- "rough growth" 5-second Tanner Stages progression - (femfortefan)

Girls Gone Child
(dedicated AR/AP comic) 2009, $10. Updated version of the original Lauren and Betsy tale by PalComix, which was taken off the market due to some concern over content. Several scenes were removed (including anything that could remotely be construed as sexual) and replaced with a new ending by the same artist. The new version combines Part 01 and Part 02 into a single 35-page comic. There is a short AP sequence on 2 pages, plus some minor growth later on. All proceeds will be used to make new comics.
- Info link - (Dreamtales)

girls grow faster (meme)
- (dedicated FF APed stages) Scrawny nerd had a sudden growth spurt, c2020 - Art - (Lurkman45)

girls grow up faster than boys (trope)
- (dedicated AP CB) We've all experienced our female classmates suddenly growing a lot taller in a short time.
c'19 - Manga style short girl growth scene - (Andu22)

girls grow up faster than boys
- (dedicated nude FFed) c2019.
Manhwa, 3-panel comic & translation - age stages - (Andu22)

Growing Attraction, A (Part Two)
- (dedicated AR) 4/5/15. Lauren continues to shrink her sister - and her Mom! Betsy and Lauren's fight over boyfriend Bobby comes to a climax, with Betsy taking the short end of the stick. Since Betsy refuses to give up, Lauren repeatedly regresses her older sister to an infant - and smaller. As Lauren's ability to shrink rivals becomes stronger even Mom is affected!
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales, Janus Steel)

Growing Attraction, A
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) "A Growing Attraction", 3/2015.
Artwork by PalComix. 45p, $11.99. Part 1 of 2.
Betsy and Lauren return in a love triangle for the ages! Lauren tries to steal Betsy's boyfriend, and discovers the ability to shrink her older sister! Loosely based on the premise of Mating Wars, where girls use their pheromones to naturally shrink their rivals.
- Story Summary: Betsy has a growth spurt when she goes with Bobby one summer. Next year Lauren tries to take him away, and starts growing herself. When the girls compete for his affection, Lauren's pheromones put her older sister at a big disadvantage!
- Purchase link - also on the new Selz Store: link - (Dreamtales)

help, I'm growing down
- (dedicated AR) 1 panel - fallen - (Grace)

High School Confidential
- (dedicated AR/AP comic)
2012, 49 multi-panel color pages, $12.00.
- Betsy and Lauren return in another twist on the classic sister rivalry, as the girls battle it out in high school.
Story Summary:
- Sexy Betsy is one of the most popular girls in High School, while poor Lauren is the smallest girl in her freshman class. A growth potion turns Lauren into a head-turning babe, while Betsy finds herself at the mercy of mean Mandy. Can Betsy survive her fall from the top of the pecking order to the bottom? And how will Lauren act when the tables are turned?
- Purchase link
Note: For those of you that voted in the "AR Comic Poll" a few months ago, this comic was underway long before that poll was posted. I do plan to have some new AR comic scenarios in the near future. Betsy and Lauren are still the most popular AR characters, and the longer format gives plenty of room to really explore these AR and AP themes in detail - (Dreamtales)

House Sitting Part One
- (dedicated AR, SW, AP) 01/2017, 34p, $9.99, art by PalComix.
Another TF showdown! Suzy and Marilyn house sit a mansion for a friend, and find that nasty Mandy is the neighborhood troublemaker. Suzy gets into a Weed Shrinker water battle with Marilyn, shrinking them both to kids, while Mandy and her pal grow to sexy adults. Mean Mandy and her friend turn the tables on poor Suzy with a huge dose of Weed Shrinker.
29 multi-panel color pages, plus another 5 fun sketch pages by Bojay.
- Purchase/info link - Selz link - Bigcartel CC link - (DreamTales)

House Sitting Part Two
- (dedicated SW, ARed, APed) 02/2017. 38p, $9.99. Art by PalComix, Bojay sketches.
The exciting conclusion as Suzy and Marilyn meet Mandy and her nasty pal for another TF showdown! Poor Suzy & Marilyn are reduced to helpless doll sizes, while nasty Mandy and her pal have grown to sexy adults. Can Suzy and Marilyn prevail against their powerful foes? And just how much humiliation do they have to go through before they do?
- Purchase link - Selz store link - Bigcartel CC link - (Dreamtales)

- (dedicated AR sequence, demon AA AP cuts, age swap, lactation, unbirthing) 2017, by Idatrah.
5-page mini comic commission. Some of the most lifelike Age Vampire art yet depicted! Just a warning, it's probably going to be disturbing to some. The first page should give you a good idea whether you'll like it or not. Registration is required to view adult content.
- Caution Nudity! Pixiv comic link (full size) - Process thread link - temporary reduced mirror - (Blankage, Katsumend, Aliased)

Intro to Archeology
- (dedicated CGI AR comic with TG elements) 2013.
Full download link
There are embedded videos in the downloadable version. You can also enjoy the video version.
- I've also been posting all of my newer stuff at DeviantArt - (Areg5)

Jar, The
- (dedicated AP scene) "The Jar" - age punishment - (Danellz)

Jen's Pacifier
- (dedicated AA AP/AR)
CGI crib growth - (ArArchive)

Just a Little Girl
- (dedicated AR comic) 06/2017 CGI comic, Areg & Oni. Parts 1-5, sold separately?
Contains animation. Those on Areg5's $10 monthly Patreon saw it first. I personally think this is the best AR work I've done, with many plot twists. Pretty exclusively Female AR, but includes ABDL and unfair situations in the slice-of-life epilogue, and mental AR.
- If you only like male AR, don't bother, but for fans of regressing women this is a must have. A crazy ride of AR situations that keep giving, with spanking, role reversal, diapering, etc. The backgrounds are very well done, and the characters' skin, faces and bodies are of amazing quality. What I've been most impressed with are the baggy clothes rendering scenes, something we're used to being a bit crappy with 3D TFs. I wouldn't say it has become completely realistic, we're still far from that, but it's clearly the best so far.
- Purchase: Deviant Artist account link - (Oni, Vended)

Just a Little Girl
- (dedicated AR stories) 2017 Areg5 (art) and Oni (story) CGI comic.
The second AR/AP comic collaboration. The first was Wayward Girl.
- Spoiled brat usurps her big sister and then takes over a playground. Over 250 frames of age change goodness. Includes Female AR/AP, Diapers, Forced Clothing Changes, Mental Changes and more. Also included are 190 frames of what will be part 2.
Some scenes have clothes changing as well, some don't; some have mental changes as well, others don't; some become tween, others kids or babies, some get spanked and humiliated, etc. Mainly has the best "regressing out of clothes" scenes I've ever seen in a comic. Straightforward, standalone stories with top notch animation. This would almost be too stressful to read if the regressing women didn't make such cute girls! I love the inclusion of an Asian woman into the mix, but have to say Jodi really grew on me inversely as she was shrinking down. Was hoping for more baby stuff in the first part, but am really excited to see what's in store for part two!
- PDF download or Youtube links - Preview: link - Purchase link - Patreon link - 400 points or $5.
Areg (link) commission costs: $3/frame for full story, $2/frame if given full script. Maintains ownership to sell on DA.
- (Areg5, Oni, Vended, Alessi, ElisaEve1985)

kid prodigy
- (dedicated AR, mental AR) youthenized

Last Tango, The
- (dedicated rejuvenation) "The Last Tango", 2018.
A work in progress that tells the story of 75 y.o. Mary Chan Brown, a brilliant Scientist desperate to save her husband from slow death. You will need to request a Process account to view.
- Thread link - (Prinz Eugen)

Lauren Grows Up
(dedicated AR comic, AA APed) Palcomix slight AP Growing girl completely dominates older sister until she's a baby again.

Life Interrupted
- (dedicated AR comic, APed) 2008 PalComix commission, Process Productions. A new comic to go alongside Dreamtales' Lauren and Betsy. $5.00 download, 27MB.
Erika wants to lose a few wrinkles on a budget. She gets her wish and so much more! As she youthens, her relationship with her family and the world changes drastically.
- Original download link (Process Productions)
- To conform with the wishes of the store owner, Lauren & Betsy I and II, and Life Interrupted were removed. Scenes depicted in the comics were unfortunately pushing the acceptable boundaries of content on the site. The AR/AP comics are still available by Check or Money Order. A private P.O.Box will be set up soon. Until then, to acquire these comics, send an e-mail to:
processproductions at gmail dot com.
- (AR, APed) sample

LilPapoose DayCare
- (dedicated TF AR) Bojay commission, c2005?
If I recall the details properly, Bobby wanted a comic with attribute transfers: skin color, eyes, hair, etc. He, Nomdreserv, and I split the cost; and I wrote the story outline. BoJay did 2 versions: the original 'thumbnails' concept sketches, and the final product. I do love the baby feet on the final regression.
- Info link - DA link - Thumbs link - Start link - (Oni)

Little Joker Part One, The
- (dedicated AR) Written by Heidegger, 9/2017, 40p.
Jackie is a Little Joker; she loves playing tricks on her little sister Serena, who she drives crazy with her silly practical jokes. But one big trick backfires, making Jackie regress into a child. Part One has a great unaware sequence, plus an appearance by the Puberty Fairies. And the comic features one of the best looking Moms ever!
- $11.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Little Joker Part Two, The
- (dedicated AR & AP) 10/2017, 41p, art by Yuan.
The fun conclusion to a classic Female AR/AP comic! With Jackie shrunk to a little girl, sister Serena finally gets to turn the tables on her. Serena uses her own tricks to humiliate her once-dominant sister - but does she go too far?
- $11.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Little Miss Smarty Pants
- (dedicated adult mental infantilization comic) 2013.
Elven Dreamer and I have finished our first comic. Featuring mental regression, wet and messy diapers, and some Adult Baby paraphernalia.
- $5 for 10 full color pages plus cover, sketches, and a full color pin-up in PDF format - Purchase link - (Parker)

Making a Scene
- (dedicated young adult to full adult TF, WG/BE mini-GTS sequence, TG) by Lemon Font, 2016, 10p.
Adult expansion at the convention extract (censored) - Full comic gallery link - (NightElf37)

Mako's Collection: From Russia With Love
- (dedicated TG TF AP scene) 2011.
BlackShirtBoy art inspired by my short story - Video link - (NightElf37, Miss Mako)

male AP
- (dedicated scene) - c2014 growth spurt

Maternity Ward, The
- (dedicated male AR) 3/2018, art by Bojay.
B&W, 31p, multi-panel, plus another 3 sketch pages. $9.99.
- Visiting medial salesman Roger uses a baby hormone treatment to shrink to baby size and join a unique maternity ward. The ward is filled with sexy, topless nurses that fawn over him. All the nurses breastfeed the babies. But trouble arises when Nurse Helga finds out what he's up to! Great detailed ARtwork by Bojay.
- Purchase link

Mating Wars Part Two, The
- (dedicated AR, AP) 8/2014, 32p, B&W, $8.99.
Art by Bojay. Carol and Gail continue their slow descent from hot babes to little babes. Reduced to skinny adolescents, they attempt to fight back, but their efforts prove futile as they learn their sexy rivals have developed powerful biological weapons! Can Carol and Gail survive the showdown with sexy Denise and Sam?
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Mating Wars, The
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) "The Mating Wars", 2014, by Bojay. 31p, B&W, $8.99.
Part 1 of 2. Did you know that jealous high school girls could make their rivals younger? Or that girls can grow sexier to attract boys? And what do pheromones do?
Carol and Gail are sexy, popular girls at the top of the social ladder - and heading towards the bottom. Meanwhile their once-skinny rivals are looming ever larger. Will they survive the transformations and get boyfriends before it's too late?
- Part One purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Mean Mandy
- (dedicated AR comic, female AR, male AP, male CB scenes, spanking)
Mandy the sadistic teenaged baby-sitter is spanking young Danny on his bare bottom to show him who's in charge and punish him in advance for misbehaving.
As she sends him to his room with a warning to stay out of her way, something amazing suddenly happens! Mandy's breasts and hips start to contract, and she rapidly gets shorter. As Mandy regresses in age, her clothes first become loose on her, and then slip off her body altogether. She ends up as a nude infant.
Danny notices his own body is changing too. He grows taller and more massive in seconds, his clothes stretching and then tearing. The change continues after the main 3-panel growth scene, as he becomes even older and more muscular. Most of the shirt ripping occurs then.
Both characters react differently to each step of their own and each other's transformations. Some portions of Mandy's personality survive in her reduced body, but she has lost most of her verbal ability, adult coordination, and emotional control. How will she react? What will Danny do now?
- Art and dialogue by BoJay, story idea by Alec Leamus.
This is vintage BoJay! Mandy is a mean babysitter, and she uses her size and age to control young Danny. However, the fates step in, and turn the tables on poor Mandy. Danny wonders why his pants are tightening, while Mandy's skimpy costume feels loose on her.
- 16 images over 6 pages in two-tone color, only $5.00.
This comic was included as part of the original "Time Warp CD" but is now only available at The Magic Box.
- (dedicated AR scenes) For a limited time, order the Combo Package and receive both "The Potion" and "Mean Mandy" for only $8.00!
(Alec Leamus)

MILF in Cheap Clothing
- (dedicated adult Vore TF, rejuv, mini-GTS) Vore Fan Comics - by Mac Rome, Octo, 2020/08.
"Anti-Aging Foods". Mysterious old woman Gretl Stein regains an Amazonian young adult body by devouring any adult with a figure sexier than her own. MILF, mouth/tongue stretching, body distortion, femuscle, outgrowing, button popping, shoe splitting, ripping, height increase, BE.
- Purchase link - (Valeyard Vince)

muscle growth comic
- (dedicated male muscle TF AP) Vid link - (Akira)

New World
- (dedicated TF, AR, furry) Magical transformations involve genderbending, and either age regression or furry changes, or for Mina all three at once. Rebooted as TG comic Spiderwebs.

Night at the Opera, A - Part Two
- (dedicated female AR, male AR) 44p, $10.99.
Frank continues his humiliating regression, turning into an infant in front of the well-dressed sexy ladies at the Opera. He's taken home by Suzy and Marilyn, who try to outdo each other in playing Mommy for him (17 p. Palcomix art).
- Plus 27 pages of detailed AR by Bojay:
Brent shrinks to a baby and gets spanked (7 p.).
Marilyn regresses to a toddler (6 p.).
- Purchase link - Selz store link - credit card link - (Dreamtales)

Night at the Opera, A
- (dedicated male AR comic) - A Night at the Opera, 2015 PalComix. 30p, $9.99.
Part One of Two. A fun comic with Frank, Suzy, Marilyn - and Mandy!
- When Suzy attends the opera with new boyfriend Brent, Marilyn convinces Frank to regress to a teenager to keep an eye on her. Frank keeps getting younger, going from one embarrassing situation to the next. He shrinks out of his clothes and hides in the bathroom - which turns out to be the ladies room! Poor Frank is chased and spanked by a horde of angry, sexy, well-dressed women.
- Purchase link - Selz store link - (Dreamtales)

old age
- (dedicated adult to middle age expansion) - 2012 TF scene - (Darktaro, Dante)

old woman rejuvenation
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) back to babehood - (WyattX, Process)

Olympic Trials Part Two
- (dedicated AP, AR, male AR) 2014, 42p, $8.99.
PalComix, Bojay art. More age-changing fun with Suzy, Marilyn and Frank on the Olympic Gymnastics team! Suzy and her newly nubile teammates plot revenge against Marilyn for putting growth serum in their water - Purchase link

Olympic Trials Part Two
- (dedicated AP/AR comic) 5/30/14.
Marilyn cheats and wins. However, the girls take revenge and get her growth formula. After teasing her, they drop the antidote so that Marilyn is stuck as a little girl. Marilyn won the competition at the cost of her adulthood, and her victims are in charge now. Marilyn didn't regress into a toddler, but barely won the competition as a girl.

Olympic Trials
- (dedicated AP/AR, gymnast progression meme)
2014, Suzy & Marilyn comic.
Art by PalComix, 30p, $8.99. Part One of Two.
- Suzy and Marilyn compete for a coveted spot on the Olympic Gymnastics team. This is a situation where being little and skinny is an advantage, and being big and sexy is a liability!
Skinny little girls make the best gymnasts, so Marilyn concocts a scheme to put growth serum into the girls' water supply. The fast growing ladies quickly find that being big and sexy can get in the way of their routines!
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Outside the Box
- (dedicated AA AR/AP scenes) Areg5, 2015. Part of a series.
Daz3dstudio CGI scenes & animations with mature content. Digital art/storybook, bodyswitch, transgender.
A story within a story. Yes, I do listen to requests. This is a "What If". For all of you that wanted to see Erin get the treatment...
Also see the other works: Evil Girlfriend, Intro to Archeology, Monique's Very Own Episode, Fun Sized...
- Preview link - Purchase link - (Areg)

- (dedicated fetish old aged aftermaths) First-person shooter game, 2016.
c'19 original fan art - Adult cast OA'd link - link - (AgingWomen)

- (dedicated AA AR humiliation) "Jade Chan Adventures" cover
- (dedicated AA AP) fan mod (reversed scene) c2010 - (agingwomen)

- (dedicated AR comics) 2010's. Many memorable Fetish TFs. A magical watch called Spooky switched the heroines? - (V00d00)

Peter Is The Wolf
- (dedicated TF comic) As a new Thrall (a were who's created rather than born), Sarah tends to transform whenever she gets too excited. She transforms into a wolf form 3 times her normal size and can only be calmed by sexual gratification.

Pixiv artist: AtomicRavioli
- (demon TFs, power upgrades) c2020 - link - link - link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Dianhua
- (dedicated AR, some TG & AP) manhua artist "Telephone", c'20.
Restoration of youth, babification, into little girl - small extracts page & link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Dosu
- (dedicated FF growth) sex education growing record, 2021.
Uncl. shoujo link - if blocked: alt

Pixiv artist: Dr_DragonBreath
- (dedicated gynoid upgrade) "Transform & Pimp Out" (Minerva), 2021.
Seems a little autobot medic is in a sticky situation - link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Fellatrix
- (young adult aging) Uncl. hentai link - if blocked: alt - (Katsumend)

Pixiv artist: Ginmedaru (Silver medal)
- (dedicated adult to older body swapped) "Ijiwaru Mom (replacement switch)", 7 manga panels, 2020.
I have to take my aunt's part-time cashier job to return to my body, I was told! - link
- Continuation of "Messy mother", 2012.
"My mother Toko has been unhappy since she was a child." Toko is jealous of only daughter Misaki, who she had before her husband left, and plays a trick on her!? Misaki and the customer's aunt Shinob are exchanged.
"Eh! What is this? Why am I in front of me?! I'm the old lady!!!"
"I'm sorry for you! But it's a really good body" - link
- (Kaminasama)

Pixiv artist: James
- (dedicated mahou TF BE AP form) - Gallery link - art - (Andu22, AP Ninja)

Pixiv artist: Karatekikku
- (dedicated demon/furry AA extreme body deformations, WG, BE, age forms) c'20.
Channels: Pixiv - Skeb - Twitter - (Kazumamiyato)

Pixiv artist: Megamega
- (dedicated demon GTS AP effect) "Philipe transforms", 2021 - TF link - (Andu22)

Pixiv Artist: Morose
- (dedicated growth spurt aftermath related manga sketches) - もる - c2016+
He draws Japanese schoolgirls whose clothes and uniforms suddenly don't fit anymore. Japanese text sometimes explains what happened to them.
- Restricted Access Gallery link More to come - (F5)

Pixiv Artist: Morose
- (dedicated UC) I got Ms. Kajiwara to put on clothes that had become smaller. Ms. Toriko had suddenly increased in height at the elementary grade level, so her uniform became short. Still a flat body, but it is growing a bit ...? I tried wearing a standard elementary school uniform, it was cramped. My old clothes that I liked were short because my height increased. Minami-chan before and after growing with suspicious medicine - blocked access caps

Pixiv artist: Rensyu
- (dedicated FF growth stages) R-18, health and physical education, 2021 - -
Uncl. link - if blocked: alt

Pixiv artist: Rimu
- (dedicated TF) transsexual fiction, rapid growth, nurseMC.
BE link - AA mental link - AA TG mind switch APed extract - R-18 continuation link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Shibaishi hirame
- (dedicated AP TF) Account link
Fate/Grand Order: inadvertent bloodline activation of rapid summer growth in swimsuit.
- The child servant Kama fan art - (andu22)

Pixiv artist: Siriage
- (dedicated CGI fetish stories with mostly nude AA AP/AR)
Note: you must sign up for an account or you can't see anything - Gallery link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Tasa
- (dedicated TFs, full adult to shorter teen) "Restoration of youth" - Gallery link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: U-Non
- (dedicated furry/anthro AA TFs) - furry dog girl - lineup
Uma Musume Pretty Derby horsegirl - dryad "APed" oneshota - (Andu22)

Pixiv artists: monstrous morphing
You must have an account to view the hentai illustrations.
Sanshiki / Noahidelaw
- (dedicated gynoid femuscle GTS stages, adult demon masturbation) Commissions link - Deviant link
Cobra nowoyatsu
- (dedicated femuscle upgrade stages) - link
Kei kurin
- (dedicated demon height BE upgrade stages) - link - (Andu22)

Pixiv artists: Potter.L
- (dedicated TF) age forms

Pixiv artists
- (dedicated demon age stages) c2022.
Cypress - link - if blocked: art
Monet - link - if blocked: art - (Katsumend)

Pixiv artists
- (dedicated TF ARed/APed, FF) c2018.
- Old school AR of Maria Balthasar from Xenogears - link
- More battle angel TFs - link - link
- The blond haired AP character is normally 10. With magical talents, she can grow fast to have the body of a high school student for 3 hours. Her growing figure is very sexy and attracts attention, but she does not like it. Since there are elementary school students, she is desperate for watery eyes to conceal her too big rump and chest, and too long limbs. Her childhood friend met her grown shape, and now she is adored as an older sister. She plays with him in this form - link - Scene
- A troublesome situation. Hayato-kun, my favorite childhood friend, wanted to see Adult Aya. He never suspected the disguise, but thought the younger form was still intact elsewhere. By the way, once you become an adult you can not return for at least 30 minutes. Go for it, Aya!
- Main page: - link - Kinnaka (Small & Large) #tall girl big breast rapid growth yukata
- Heroines before/after suppressed and unbound age forms.
other Pixiv artists
- Nude Gallery Page - Also see: Mogmog - Rom link (nude FF) link
- (dedicated age TFed) link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - I am upgrading my old works: link - (Kingyo)
- (dedicated old age) "Yayame" new link
- (dedicated TF AP BE) "Japanese AP Team" new link
- Site to download Pixiv gifs - - (Andu22, Quantum Heart, Long_Neko)

Play With Me
(AR AA TF) ARed doll by Glockens

Potion, The
(dedicated female AR comic) 2009.
- Review: THE POTION contains 32 images on 7 pages, with detailed nudity. The transformation begins when Rita drinks the potion. At first she doesn't notice her breasts starting to shrink. The comic shows the emotional reactions as she watches the intimate changes to the areas of her body. She quickly loses her height and her curves. It should be noted that when the drawings are arranged in reverse, the comic resembles a nude AP scene.
Alec Leamus presents THE POTION: A brand New BoJay Comic! Rita discovers a youth potion and decides to take just a few years off. Unfortunately she drinks too much, and quickly regresses all the way back to infancy! This is the first comic to show a fully nude woman regressing with graphic emphasis. Each panel focuses on her private physical attributes as she reverts. This art work has never been previously published.
Graphic, 7 pages, black and white, only $5.00.
Go here for samples and to purchase.
(Alec Leamus)

Power Princess
- (dedicated Adult Baby, mental regression comic) 2012, $8, rar file.
Spoiled rich girl and glamour model used her family fortune to create a Super-Heroine alter-ego as a means of promoting her brand. When a spoiled, selfish heiress (and competing reality star) is kidnapped, only to be returned to her family a helpless, infantileized Adult Baby, it's up to Power Princess and her sidekick Power Ball to solve the mystery. Will she save the day... or end up another helpless Adult Baby?
- Art from okayokayokok: diaper and baby clothes, multiple mental regressions, multiple messy diapers, breast feeding, some spanking, light weight-gain.
12 full-color pages, full-color cover, original script and sketches, and a totally awesome pin-up by our old friend Pink Diapers!
- Purchase link - (Parker)

Precocious Polly
- (dedicated age TF) - art

Precocious Polly
- (dedicated AR /AP comic) 2012, Bojay. 27 pages, US$8.00.
In the mold of the classic Harvey Comics characters like Little Dot or Little Lotta - except she's got a really hot figure.
- Plot Summary:
Little Polly can't wait to grow up to be as big as her older sister Libby. Polly gets her wish when the girls accidentally drink their Dad's new invention, hair tonics that make them shrink and grow.
- 19 highly detailed multi-panel color pages for the main story, plus another 4 pages of "gags" and 4 detailed character design sketch pages by Bojay.
Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Priestess of the Backward Look
- (dedicated unbirth) c2015 NSFW link - A comic version of one of my stories commissioned from LadyDrasami.
PDF version link with a link to the original story - (Piper, Groblek)

Princess and the Potion
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) 2010.
A new AR/AP comic with some of Bojay's most beautiful artwork yet! The illustrations are exquisitely rendered in pen and ink, and painstakingly hand-colored with watercolors. Each page is a real work of art. This comic features almost every variation of female AR and AP, including adult to youth, adult to old age, and youth to adult.
Story Summary: Beautiful Princess Delilah is summoned to marry Price Adam. Her servant Sheila, an evil witch in disguise, offers an escape - by turning her into a child. Princess and servant switch roles, and their plan becomes a nightmare when Delilah is assumed to be a real servant child. Can Delilah regain her age and royal status? Will the wicked Sheila be revealed as an old crone? And who invited the Huns to the wedding ceremony?
- More info - Buy the Comic

Prisoner of the Mechanical Nursery
- (dedicated adult baby comic, forced infantilization)
2011, 5 full-color pages + cover.
- The story of Tatiana Belanova: Industrial spy and saboteur for hire. Hired to get the scoop on Nannytech international's automated nursery project, she meets unexpected resistance, and becomes the nursery's unwilling test subject...
- preview - purchase page - (Parker)

- (dedicated AA AP) c2012 Nude CGI ero-comic. Delta-TSF, TS Process Hi-boost - growth scene

- (dedicated age increases) c2012 fan work TFs

- (dedicated TF APed depictions) c2014.
- "Sibling dispute TG/AP" - (Sutibaruart)
- "Little girl growing up" - "Pinafore" aftermath - (Osmar Shotgun)
- "Syren AP" - Street clothes before/after - (Amateurunleaded)
- Manga-style - (Amateurunleaded)
- Age swap - (Deviant Artists)
- Stages - (Deviant Artists)
- "Rockmanexe Maylu" - normal puberty BE - (Sucht17)
- "Emily grows up" - commission - (Kannelart, Blankage)
- Kim Possible - & others.
- Bedroom progression - Empty text balloons.
- 3 new women - Busted out.

- (dedicated TF) short fan scenes.
AP time line - (Chicken_Yuki)
AP classroom change - (evilotis)
growth - growth - (Process Forum finds)

puberty changes
- (dedicated TF's) - growing girls

Puberty Fairies Part Two
- (dedicated AR/AP TFs) 9/13.
Betsy gets a dose of growth magic; The volleyball team finds their bikinis on the big side; Mom gets zapped and zapped again; Random regressions as the fairies fight; And lots of AR and AP sketches by Bojay!
I rate this 9.0 out of 10. Buy your copy today! Best comic in a long time.
- Purchase link - (JeffR)

Puberty Fairies, The
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) Part 1, 2013 Betsy and Lauren story, Palcomix art.
Magical fairies Dewey and Daffy make little girls big, and big girls little. They keep dropping their fairy dust on the wrong people.
- Summoned by Mother Nature to help Betsy and Lauren grow, the silly fairies cause havoc among the beach goers. Lots of detailed AR/AP sequences as the spells fly. The new comics are longer than the old ones. The artwork is impeccable and the grammar perfect.
- 45 color pages, $11.99, purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Puberty Fairies
- (dedicated age TF) - art

Puberty Postponed
- (dedicated BE AP) - rapid grow-up process - rapid delayed aging

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated AR, spanking) "Evaluation Day" 2022/03.
Angie delights in teasing Benji about the special evaluation to determine his grade level. Michi gives him a little reward after the tests: she uses the BTM to make Angie young and Benji older, and he gets his revenge!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated AR) "A session with Cherry", 2022/04.
Dr. Jessica Cherry uses the BTM for a session with Benji, and he spanks her. She accidentally became trapped as a little girl until morning. Michi and Angie take care of her, which means more spankings!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated AR) "The Tutoring Session" 2022/07.
Benji is getting ready for HIGH school, which means extensive remedial lessons. Angie and the girls line up a little old fashioned role-play. Naturally, things do NOT go well, leading to many spankings and paddlings. Seems they'll ALL be standing at future lessons.
Serena and Maxine use the BTM to let Benji spank them. As it's not a huge portion of the story, I'll understand if you don't care for it - Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated male ARed aftermath spanking) by Rose St. Andrews, c2021.
A fancy restaurant on the moon... The comic featured AR aftermaths of main characters Michi and Angie, and both got spanked - link - link - covers - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated male rebirth, male "reincarnation" ARed, spanking) 7/2019.
Rose St. Andrews. $5, $10. Two issues done, 250 copies sold so far. All money goes to pay for issue #3.
Benjamin Mayhew was reborn in the 24th Century from the Brain Bank. Now in the body of a 6 y.o. boy, he's placed with his great-great-grand niece Michi Mayhew. Benji has revealed his spanking fetish to her, which she shares.
- DriveThruComics purchase link (registration required) - (DrWhoAR, Wise288)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking AR) 2022/08. Both Scarlett and Benji's new friend Ariana get ARed and spanked.
Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, females ARed) #06, 2021/08. Spanking on the Moon.
Michi and Angie reduced to little girls at Benji's mercy! - Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male ARed) #04 "Scarlett's Big Secret" 2021/06.
Scarlett works on a school report on Benji, gets spanked by him, and learns about the spankings he gets from Michi. Then she gets to give him one.
- Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male ARed) #05 2021/07.
Spanking in space - Purchase link - extract - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male rejuvenation) Issue #3, 11/2019.
I'm using all funds from the issue to pay for the next one. Got plenty more to come!
- DriveThruComics purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: A Little Experiment, The
- (dedicated AR, aftermath spanking) by Rose St. Andrews, $10.00, 2021.
A blueberry pie trap leads to a trip onto Dr. Jessica Cherry's lap! Michi sentences Benji to help her, and each baking session includes another spanking. Then Michi and Dr. Cherry are zapped by the BTM into little girls, and Benji takes his revenge on both!
- Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Homeward Bound, The
- (dedicated ARed) 2021/04. The latest issue of my spanking-themed comic is out - Purchase link - cap - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Homeward Bound, The
- (dedicated male ARed) "Working the Show" 2021/05.
Purchase link - preview - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Island Visit, Island Sacrifice!, The
- (dedicated male spanking, "rebirthed" aftermath) Rose St. Andrews, 2021.
Remember the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" group spanking scene that was aborted? Damn disappointing! In this comic, the main character gets to live it out without interruptions.
- $10.00 purchase link - preview cap - (DrWhoAR)

Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew: Rebuilding the Past, The
- (dedicated AR, aftermath spanking) #25, by Rose St. Andrews, 2022.
Scarlett and the girls help Benji repair his cottage, but then they screw up! Using the BTM he makes them little again and himself an adult, and then it's spanking time! - Purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Regressing to the Mean
- (dedicated AR/AP comic)
New website address! Update your bookmarks!
- A brand new 41 page Betsy and Lauren comic by Palcomix. Follow the adventures of the two siblings as they spend the summer at an all-girls camp.
- When Lauren rebels against Betsy's domineering personality, Mom sends the girls to a summer camp. Betsy is mistakenly put in with the youngest girls, while Lauren is placed with the oldest. Soon each girl starts to act and look like their new friends, with Lauren growing to a young adult and Betsy shrinking to an innocent child. How does Betsy react when her once-obedient little sister becomes an authority figure?
- You can get more info and buy the comic here - (Dreamtales)

Regression Rattle
- (dedicated furry AR) by BabyStar, 2017. 3 page comic commission for Candymane. I guess he's trying to teach me that magic really does exist...
- P1 link - P2 link - P3 link

- (dedicated AR) shrinking - shrinking

- (dedicated before/after revert) "Nutty Professor" c2014 fan art - (Dante)

Remembrances of Sisters Past
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) Bojay, 2010.
Another great exploration of a classic theme: when the younger sister outgrows the older one! Remembrances includes 51 detailed inked pages plus an amazing 3-page extended AR/AP fantasy sequence with another 48 images of AP growth and AR shrinking. This comic is really a labor of love, and the product of several years of collaboration with Bojay.
Story Summary:
A young boy's childhood games with two sisters takes on a new dimension when they meet again years later. Built roughly around a series of reminiscences, this comic includes lots of fantasy illustrations of little girls getting bigger (and some bigger ones getting smaller). Almost all of the drawings are detailed pen and ink illustrations.
You can see sample illustrations and buy the comic here:
- Remembrances of Sisters Past

Remote Control
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2016 CGI story, $5.00.
Deviantart commission about a guy who gets a mysterious remote control that can change ages. He uses it on 3 people. 2 elderly women are transformed into sexy teens.
- Preview and purchase link - (Areg5)

Revenge of the Little Sister
- (dedicated age swap, f/AP, m/AR CGI comic) 7/2016.
Iray graphics. Still scenes with animated transformations, 2x female AP, 1x male regression. 14 mins.
If you enjoy a good role reversal & humiliation story with well animated transformations.
Rachel Swanson is just your average 11 y.o. girl. When she makes a wish to be able to do something about her older brother always bullying her, an unexpected package arrives that might just solve all her problems.
"Truly fits in well in the AR/AP community! A Classic AR/AP story in a beautiful presentation! The render animation is way above average & worth every penny! Beautifully neat animation without major glitches, so you can feel the characters are real!"
Available on DeviantArt AND Bela04's new website I will also be uploading my new age related transformation content on, it's a really great site and regularly updated. I will keep my Deviant art account mainly for TG content.
- Purchase Link - (The Forgotten One)

Rita's Lil' Adventure (continuation)
Little Rita Grows Up, and then Grows Down Again!
- (dedicated spanking AR/AP) by Rose St. Andrews, 2022/07.
New issue of the Little Rita comic picks up where the last issue left off. It takes Rita through being little, getting to grow up, and then having to be little again.
Poor Rita is stuck at Helen's house as her "daughter". After a number of spankings, Rita is allowed to grow up. While swearing revenge, her new office ass-ignment has Helen in charge of the office, and Charlie as her assistant! Rita is trapped. She chooses to accept to be a little girl again in the interest of furthering her career; which means another year of spankings at the hands of Charlie!
- Purchase link - caps - (DrWhoAR)

Rita's Lil' Adventure
- (dedicated spanking, adult disguised as child) by Alec Leamus, Rose St. Andrews, 2022.
Continuation of "Little Rita" mini comic about a woman who often gets mistaken for a little girl and spanked. Rita calls her friend Helen to borrow a dress, who tells her to let herself in. Rita arrives at Helen's house and for fun decides to try on her friend's daughter's school uniform. But her friend failed to cancel the babysitter, who surprises Rita and mistakes her for the daughter Heather Stone. Rita gets angry and punishment ensues. The sitter spanks her, makes her do homework, and in general treats her as a child.
- Palcomix original link - Continuation purchase link - cover - (DrWhoAR)

Rose's Writing
- (dedicated AR) 2019/08.
Site for my new comic with previews, text, and clips. First level free, second only $1, and I'm looking into creating a third where you can view the comic.
- Patreon link - (DrWhoAR)

Sanakuku Complex (website)
- (fetish TF/age categories) Image posting chan site - Caution sex/nude link - (Entropic, Maniacaldude)

Sanderson Step Sisters, The
- (dedicated Adult Baby, "school girl" scenes) 8/2012, #03 "Morning Sickness".
Tf comic project.
- There's also a comic called "Haunted House" with AR and other TFs soon to be released.
Purchase link - (Theregressed)

Sanderson Step Sisters
- (dedicated limited AR or rejuv) #4, art by Okayokayokok, 2012.
This issue includes boob expansion for two characters, some AR or rejuv, animal TF, shrinking women, spell casting, and new characters and story.

schoolgirl change
- (dedicated AP) - "Altered Numbers" the solution became her new age - blackboard incident - (Test_0)

Sex in a Bottle
- (dedicated AR, AP comic) 2014, 38p, $9.99.
Sedna Studio. By the Yard Work art team! A classic mother/daughter role reversal.
- Single mom Karen is struggling to control unruly teen daughter Jessica, while trying to jumpstart her dormant social life. Frustrated with being short and skinny, Jessica orders a new growth formula called Sex in a Bottle. The formula works so well, Karen tries another product - Youth in a Bottle. Soon the balance of power starts to shift!
Part 01 of a two part comic.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

shift of age
- (dedicated AA AP)
Some fictional girls just can't stay the same age for very long.
- "Shift into Captial A" - outerwear tightening - (Chicken Yuki)
- Flower elf age forms.

shoe bursting
- (dedicated CB) could be seen as AP fan art

shoe bursting
- (dedicated foot growth CB) Looks like it could be part of an AP scene.
- Story: you could imagine she was in trouble and needed to be stronger so she made herself older - running
- manga by Nathan123 - Kitsu Senpai - close-ups
- Story: early teens felt too young to drive so made themselves older - car growth

sister swap (trope)
- (dedicated AA) - c'18 age exchange

skills showtime
- (dedicated AA AR/AP) c2012 art trade pic - age change - (Jcdr)

Some Like it Young (Epilogue)
- (dedicated AR) c2016 CGI tale.
DL link - YouTube link - (Areg)

Something in the Water
- (dedicated female FF AP/male AR comic, power reversal, BE'd) 2010, $10.
Bojay comic with 31 detailed pages of multi-panel artwork, plus 18 sketch pages including 6 pages of wonderful fantasy sketches!
Story Summary:
Why are all the girls in middle school growing up so fast? And why are all the boys getting so little?
Follow a class of young students as they mysteriously grow into tall sexy women - or shrink into immature little boys!
How will it affect Cindy's relationship with her boyfriend Roger? Watch when Bobby the school bully gets payback from Lisa and her sexy friend Marcie!
Sample illustrations and purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Spells 'R Us: Visual Aid
- (dedicated young adult to full adult TF APed, BE, light TF scenes) 2016.
Magical Transformation, Accidental, Adult Progression, Permanent, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Beautification, Bimbofication.
23 pages, written by Aliased, illustrated by Lycra. Released by Blankage and 3pyon.
- A high schooler wandering around her hometown finds a Spells 'R Us recently opened there. She goes in and finds an empty art canvas. The shopkeeper informs her the canvas is extremely unstable... At home, the self-conscious student illustrates herself in a more favorable hand, and awakens to find she looks just like her painting. Her younger brother finds the painting and makes some edits, drawing inspiration from his fapmaterial. Another transformation occurs the next day and the young girl's efforts to revert are foiled, as there is always a dangerous side to magic.
- Purchase link - (_aliased)

- (dedicated AR comic, AP, UCed) 2009.
Another great comic by Bojay in the tradition of "The Au Pair", with dedicated AR/AP storylines and artwork!
It's tough being a little sister, especially when Kristen's big sister Megan is a blonde bombshell who teases her mercilessly. Wouldn't it be nice to be big and sexy like Megan? Kristen tries out her new Hourglass Shampoo, and finds that "from flat to full body" takes on a whole new meaning. Meanwhile, Megan gets more (or less) than she bargained for when she uses Kristen's new Baby Shampoo.
No oversized clothes, but there is an undersized clothing scene. Pretty detailed TF, with a young girl growing to a very well-endowed adult, and vice-versa. It's about 50% AP and 50% AR. Also several scenes where the character is struggling with her reduced size.
Black and white, 29 pages, 96 images, color front and back covers, $10.00.
- main info page / buy

SSJ Girls
- (dedicated AP, FMG, Super Saiyajin) #1, "Bra", 06/2016, Locofuria & Dante Mondego.
You can find the comic on my Deviant account and my E-junkie store.
- Purchase link - link - (Loco Furia)

- (dedicated BE meme, increased beauty meme, mini-GTS meme) 2014 manga-style comics.
Two sororites beseech an over-endowed succubus to expand their sexual attributes. They become hot ladies who get popular at their university.
- Purchase links: Ch01 - Ch02 - (Witchking00)

Super Hero Party
(dedicated AR) Suzy zaps Marilyn! They dress up as their favorite superheroes, and get their super powers, too. Here Marilyn, dressed as Wonder Woman, puts down Suzy who is dressed as Zatanna. Suzy doesn't exactly respond well... Process Productions can't post AR, so I've decided to release the AR pages for free.
- AR link - The next Suzy & Marilyn comic will be all AR! - (Dreamtales)

- (dedicated AR) "Superbaby" - nude fan art

swapping ages
- (dedicated AP/AR) - 2-panel gags - sudden changes

swapping ages
- (dedicated short AR/AP TF & TG scenes)
Art - TG/ARed AP "Baby Momma 2".
Art - AR/AP "Zap".
Art - AR/AP, c2012 3-panel TF.
- (2beeadorable, Godendag, Kojiro Brushard)

swapping up/down
- (dedicated shoujo attribute swap, could be seen as humanoid age exchange, BE) 2014.
Manga style. All characters are subject to the Androxi Effect at all times.
Akiko and Wynn "age swap hourglass revisit 1" - TF scene - (Kojiro Brushard)

- (dedicated age swap comic) 2014, PalComix.
Older sister Robyn is stuck babysitting 4 y.o. little sister Abby at the beach. The Puberty Fairies mess things up and make the sisters switch roles. Little Abby grows into a bombshell in her skimpy 2-piece bathing suit, while poor Robyn gets sent back to kindergarten. Robyn is forced to watch as Abby takes over her dream date with hunky boyfriend Bobby.
Abby is the little redhead from Puberty Fairies Part Two. The artist did such a great job with her that she deserved her own comic.
- 56 multi-panel pages, $11.99. Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Tale of Two Sisters, A
(dedicated AR, AA AP) Bojay, 2009. 29-page dedicated AR comic, power reversal/infantilization, $8.00. A brand new story featuring Betsy and Lauren from "Girls Gone Child".
Plot Synopsis: Betsy teases her little sister Lauren, but the tables are turned when Lauren outgrows her older sibling. A visit to the doctor makes matters worse when Lauren gets a growth booster and Betsy a growth inhibitor. So what do you do when your big sister turns little? Can Betsy stop Lauren from stealing her dream boyfriend? And should an adult Lauren give her childish older sister some well-deserved discipline? - buy

TF artist: Aogami
- (dedicated AR) - c2020+ Collections link - Small extracts:
A Much Needed Downsizing - Aligning Perspectives on Regression Research - Samus Bunny
I really hope s/he will finish up the undercover cop project. The plot twists and chaos so far are very entertaining - Scalamity (formerly Sblitz) link
TF artist: Inkgirls
- The Camera Subtracts 10ish Years... Give or Take
TF artist: Kimera
- Bathtime for Mommy
- (Katsumend, JeffR_2bya)

TF Artist: Aogami
- (dedicated furry AR art) Seen doing GTS and animal TFs, doesn't seem to have problems about AP. Further noting of his preferences is needed. Eager to do animations, commissions are paid for hours of work, not characters drawn. Extra charges if the contents are NSFW - InkBunny link - (Process)

TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 4) "The Power: Playtime" CGI comic, 2021/06.
I decided to make a small follow-up comic to my animation "The Power". I wouldn't call this a part 2, but it does take place after the events of the first animation. Bobby and the girls explore their "reversed" roles when the element of sexuality is added to their relationship. Caution Nudity.
- PDF download link 20 MB - (Apfan101)

TF artist: Apfan101
- (dedicated AP, part 5) "The Power: Bedtime" CGI comic, 2022/01 - PDF Comic link - (Apfan101)

TF Artist: Phinci
- (dedicated AR art) Extensive collection of TF fetish works. There's also a lot that isn't AR though, and definitely a lot of NSFW content, so beware of that - Tumblr Pages - (EduartBoudewijn)

TF artist: Siritus
- (dedicated nude pregnancy & birth, nude mother/daughter age swap) CGI art, 2022 remake.
Bela took the liberty of extending my story. The second part takes place in the attic, standing in front of the mirror.
- Proprietary link - link - PDF screencaps link (20 MB)

TF artist: TOBATO the DOG
- (dedicated old aged) c'18. His/her Patreon and Deviant Art accounts feature 3 cool, well-drawn OA images.
Pixiv gallery link - samples link - (Youthdrain)

Too Much of a Second Chance
- (male AR) Art by Aogami, story by Shockcat. c2019.
Previews are thumbnail sized, full-size pages are 2MB. You have to download each page completely and find the full-size page in the downloaded folder.
- ArArchive link - Alternate link

transformation comics
- (dedicated limited CB) - Changes

transformation scene
- (dedicated adult growth CB) - TF
- 5 - 6

transformation scene
- (dedicated heroine/muscle upgrade) c'18 sequence

transformation scenes
- (dedicated AA TF APed scenes) c2012.
3 b&w 1-page comics: Tankette AP, Dechibification Leena, Anissa De-chibi.
- Magic character upgrades - (Pensuke_kun)

- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) c2017 - stages - (Cool Dude)

Urgent Transformation Crisis
- (dedicated adult rejuv) 2015 furry webcomic. The storyline involves a woman regressing. It begins to be noticeable.
Cover link - page link - (Case Scenario)

vampire incident
- (dedicated AA TF APed form) strange encounter

watch me grow
- (dedicated girl to woman rapid growth transformations)
Rapid grow-up scenes featuring mostly original characters.
- "Farm Girl" - (wilmel)
- "random girl" commission - (Pensuke-kun)
- beginning to tear.
- Eiko
- Rydia
- "Older Age, Bigger Boobs" tears.
- clothes stretch
- budding
- colorized sudden growth spurt - (Lynn)
- getting taller

Watkins Cosmetics
- (dedicated rejuvenation and...) Multi-part CGI comics. Concept by Louder, storyboard by Areg5, 2020.
15-20 p. installments. Miranda Watkins is too busy climbing the corporate ladder to be a proper mom to 16 y.o. niece Lucia. The accident so traumatized Miranda she can't remember her brother's adulthood, while Lucia struggles to remember her own missing childhood. Feeling old for a scheduled business meeting, Miranda asks her friend to help improve her appearance. Vanity and desire have everlasting consequences...
- $10 and up Purchase link

Wayward Girl
- (dedicated AR CGI comic) 04/2016 project, Oni story, Areg editing/Poser art.
A fleshed out version of the Little Trip story adaptation with female AR to childhood and infancy, some mental AR, some female AP, role reversal, and lots of humiliation fun with emotional subtlety.
- Purchase link - (Areg5, Dark Oni)

Wayward Girls
- (dedicated AR) 2018 Areg/Oni collaboration.
A sequel to our 1st collaboration from 2016, "Wayward Girl", because, well, there are more girls. So if you wondered what happened later with Lucy, Mari and Candice, or you just like female AR, come and join the fun. Embarrassment and humiliation, yup. Spanking, certainly. Accidents, yes. Also a good amount of mind games, and AR into child and baby. Oh, and there will be women in diapers and a little male AR thrown in too...
- Available for viewing on his Patreon link. Each part released for sale once it's done - (Oni)

Which Baby is Witch?
- (dedicated AR/AP TF comic) 5/2012.
Alyssa the Witch Little Sister returns. Artist Dan Parent (Archie Comics), inker Kim Demulder (Marvel, DC), coloring Vasco Sobral.
- Kim and Alyssa are stuck babysitting baby Minerva. Alyssa tries to liven things up with a shrinking spell, then accidentally turns Kim into a baby. She compounds her error by turning baby Alyssa into an adult and then... See what happens as Kim goes from babysitter to babysat.
- Over ten different process sequences packed into 30 multi-panel color pages, including shrinking, AR, AP.
Only $9.00 Purchase Link - (Dreamtales)

white rabbit's house
- (dedicated size increase CB)
"Alice GrowthComic" burstout - (Criticalartist)

- (dedicated APed) "a spell gone wrong", c2014. 1-panel art - (x138x)

Wrong Sister, The
- (dedicated AR/AP/SW/GTS tale) - "The Wrong Sister", 2016, art by Yuan, 30p, $9.99.
A love triangle with multiple fantasies. Rob is caught between two sisters. Sexy younger sis Kelly will make out with him if he'll date skinny little Amy. Rob's fantasies soon take over, as he imagines that the sisters regress to kids, grow to giantesses, and shrink to doll size. But Kelly and Rob fall for each other.
1-cell AP of Kelly with Amy still regressed. When Yuan gets it right, he gets it RIGHT, though Palcomix has more consistent character design.
- Purchase link - link - link
- (Dreamtales Comics, Godleydemon, VoltTron, 10th man down)

Yard Work Part Eleven
- (dedicated AP, male shrinking comic) 2015, 38p, $10.99. Yuan, Arieta Studio.
Hey, didn't Amy have some cute little friends? Before he shrank, Kaitlin and Bethany had a big crush on Luke. They are thrilled to find him reduced to their size. More complications as the girls mess around with some Super-Gro! Plenty of teasing and role playing fun.
- Purchase link - info

Yard Work Part One
- (dedicated male AR, female AP) Yuan, Sedna Studio, 2013.
Part 1 of 5. The series explores - in minute detail - what happens as a big older brother shrinks while his irritating kid sister grows. A huge role reversal!
Hunky college guy Luke is pestered by his annoying little sister Amy. A lawn treatment causes them to slowly begin shrinking and growing. While poor Luke discovers he's not quite as tall as he thought he was, Amy grows from a skinny brat to a hot teen, to a sexy knockout - who teases Luke every step of the way. Meanwhile, Luke's Mom and Nicole, the Girl Next Door, keep getting taller and sexier. Luke has a surprising date.
- If you liked "A Little Game of Hide and Seek" you should enjoy this one.
34 p, $8.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Yard Work Part Two
- (dedicated male & female shrinking and AR, AP) - 6/13, 38p, $9.99.
More adventures of older brother Luke and his bratty (and rapidly growing) younger sister Amy.
- Luke and Nicole take a shower in Weed Shrinker; after a romantic interlude, Nicole washes off with Super Gro; Amy's teasing kicks into high gear as Luke keeps shrinking.
Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Yard Work
- (dedicated male AR, fem AP) - gif

Zephir's Dark Secret
- (dedicated TF AP comic) 2014. Art by Aya Yanagisawa, 26p.
Well, this is my first time doing an Age Progression comic for my store; the story is based on the final chapters of the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth, with the AO process of the Princess Esmeralda.
- Princess Esmeralda, who is Zephir's Pillar, has desperately fallen in love with her servant Zagato. She will do anything to fulfill her love, even if that means abandoning her youth to become an adult!
Comic trailer video link - Comic purchase link
- I am open to suggestions and new ideas for future comics with AP - (Locofuria)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal