Aging Transformation Scenes

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word list

Age Regression Story Archive
- (AR, AP) n. Website started on 2/27/97 by Heidegger as the first repository for Age Regression stories, info, images and other media. Earlier, a number of AR stories were posted on the now defunct Transformation Story Archive.
Site also has age progression content, primarily age swaps and regressed persons returning to normal. Site contains more than 261 stories by dozens of regular authors, 100s of photo-stories, a continuous story, 1000s of images, chat and message forums. Common themes include magical artifacts, wish fulfillment, youth serums, age changing devices, loose clothing, revenge fantasy, humiliation, lost coordination and balance, schooling, sibling rivalry, role reversal, makeup, status, authority, language skills, spanking, breast feeding, etc.
Often, a character becomes so young he or she loses strength and reasoning faculties. Alternatively, an elderly person can be restored to full vigor. Many stories focus on adults returned to babies, who lose their independence, have to wear diapers, and ultimately forget who they were, as they return to innocence of youth.
Within a year, the ARarchive was followed by 2 Be Young Again and original Fountain Of Youth site (deleted). By 1999, The Process and Turn Back The Clock had AR content. Many sites followed in the years since - 1

16 to 18
- (AA) Young adult to more mature adult, make-over. Very common age-related transformation in which artist wishes to depict character's increased maturity without growth. For example, frumpy high school student becomes powerful woman of the same height with heavy makeup and skimpy costume. Sometimes the bust is drawn larger.

2 Be Young Again
- (AR, AP) Website started on 1/27/98 by JeffR as a place to host and trade AR/AP materials. Contains by far the largest and most complete AR database on the web (also significant AP content). Became the home of a large (and for some months the only) AR story collection, and a media service.

- "2 Be Young Again" abbr. - In 2016, this site was integrated with the Visible Time website to become 2BYA-Visible Time.

- Abbr. for "Age-Appropriate Clothing". When a person age-transforms and their clothes grow along with them. It is a hateful term, like "glimpse", "blurry", and "unseen". On this site it is the most horrible curse. We would rather have nothing.
The second worst type is instant "poof" transformations. Worst of all is when they deliberately remove their clothes before the aging process.
- However: it is VERY important that all age transformations be added here. That way, those persons who prefer AP scenes that include clothes growth (almost all) or with clothes tightening (almost none) will know where to look.

AA curse (AI problem)
- (dedicated AP sequence attempts) '23/08. It's almost impossible to get AIs to make images of too small or outgrown clothing. Clothes will always grow with a person, it can't be helped - sequence

AA curse
- (near total ban on UC or CB depictions in all media) This curse may have started with Alice in Wonderland - caps

AA curses (updated)
- (age appropriate clothing only)
This is what we hate the most. EXTREMELY common tropes to avoid depicting the clothes tightening. Bad TF scenes are worse than no TF scenes. A very incomplete list:
-type 01 AA curse: clothes deliberately taken off before the growth starts.
-type 02 AA curse: clothes replaced by different, larger clothes in poof transformation.
-type 03 AA curse: clothes may burst but camera looks away from damaged areas.
-type 04 AA curse: clothes may stretch but it happens off-camera between scenes.
-type 05 AA curse: clothes may tighten but scene is so vaguely drawn we can't see (Otonani Nuts).
-type 06 AA curse: clothes 'partially' grow with (Magic Pants).
-type 07 AA curse: clothes fully grow with (Disney Curse).
-type 08 AA curse: blurry darkness transformation with vague jump cuts obscures clothes damage (Ginger Snaps).
-type 09 AA curse: age increase attacks carried out against adults only (Dino Thunder).
-type 10 AA curse: clothes are destroyed by energy release, not the growth.
-type 11 AA curse: clothes magically removed/swapped before & after TF sequence.
-type 12 AA curse: growing children "coincidentally" mostly unclothed as growth occurs (Smallville, Sandcastle).
-type 13 AA curse: vague symbolism, 'found' clips, or AA slideshow to symbolize growth.
-type 14 AA curse: "old age" without size increase.
-type 15 AA curse: fake age increase where adult is still played by same child actor.
-type 16 AA curse: full circle. child already wears adult clothes before expansion starts (To the Ends of Time @29:30-35:30).

AA curses
-type 17 AA curse: clothes vanish for no reason at all before the TF begins (also see Teen Titans).
Deliberate continuity error. Extremely BAD tendency to avoid showing clothes bursting or tearing due to growth.
- I won't name this series from 1994. It's one of the worst cases. A monster was bullied. Somehow, his clothes were lost during the scuffle, before he begins to expand - caps

AA curses
-type 18 AA curse: continuity ignorance. They don't even care that the clothes should have gotten too small with the age change. Actually THIS may be the worst of all, not the one where they take off their clothes before the age increase. It's hard to tell which is worse since they are all so bad.

AA fetish
- (clothes grow to adult size)
It should be noted there is a major genre of stories where clothes growth is a necessary part of the character's age increase. This is because the story focus is not on the physical transformation, but on the social aspects of the aged character suddenly having to act like an adult. This would obviously be difficult for them to do if they had to go around in torn clothing.

- ("poof TF" scene, instant character replacement) male commercial age increase.

- Abbr. for "Adult Baby". Adult man dressing as baby.

above the neck
- (female timelapse FF taboo, face close-ups only)
Girl "daily photo" or timelapse projects can not show height increase or body changes other than the face. Example: Lotte Hofmeester. Does not apply to male growth photo series.

- (mental immaturity) Japanese for "adult child(ren)".

adult baby
- (adult role reversal, mental infantilization) - forced babying tropes

adult rejuvenation
- (old adult to young adult, OA reversal)
This, and the various old age TF's, are by far the most common age transformations, followed by adult to child transformations.
- CM face youthening scene.

adults dressed as children
- (AA age disguised) Common Trope seen in many media.
Fictional grownups have been known to disguise themselves as some pretty silly things. From time to time, Tv adults try to fool everyone by masquerading as gigantic children, and occasionally teenagers as well. In an attempt to blend in with their supposed age group, Totally Radical speech patterns will nearly always be employed and the character will always end up looking like an idiot. At least to the viewers, that is. The other characters sometimes can't see through this odd-looking, strangely out-of-date-sounding kid's "clever" disguise. Depending on the realism of the show, the adult in question will either use:
- Disguise type A: dressed in an exaggerated, stereotypical version of what all today's hip young teens or kids are wearing.
- Disguise type B: fall back on cartoonish old classics such as beanies with propellers, sailor suits, and giant lollipops.
Not to be confused with Dawson Casting, which is about adult actors portraying teenagers, typically with some level of Suspension Of Disbelief on the part of the audience. Roughly the inverse of Totem Pole Trench (AA) in which children pile up and put on a Conspicuous Trenchcoat to make them look like an adult, and Sexy Schoolwoman (AA) - (TvTropes info)

aftermath scenes
- (AA APed) Usually caption stories. One of many AP-related story genres, focusing on the immediate aftermath of an age progression transformation. Photographs of adult entertainers in erotic poses, often removing flimsy negligees or wearing tiny lingerie shirts, are combined with a short AP story describing a sudden growth spurt from a young girl into an adult woman. Common themes include aging potions and age changing devices, which the girls were warned to stay away from. It is not uncommon for the newly aged women to wish to explore their sexuality. Similar to AR caption stories.

aftermath scenes
- (APed aftermath) Examples of the type of art photos used to make adult APed captions.
CAUTION contains Nudity
- sleeping beauty - schoolwoman discovers she grew up.
- (APed) caution Nudity - growing - grown-up

age collage
- (old/young body halfs AA) Photos of the same person at different ages stitched together into composite image - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
- 05 "growing up" (Bizarre Banshee)

age collage
- Now known as split/face (see Media page).

age cut
- (flash forward) Tv Trope. A type of Match Cut that shows a character aging. Often, different actors are used for the young and old version of the character. By showing both in the same position and location, it is shown that it is the same person, only older. Common version starts with a slow zoom in on a character's eyes, which then cuts to the older version and zooms out. Another is to dissolve from one version to another. The same technique can be used to start a flashback, in which case the character gets younger. Ex: the ending of Kung Fu Hustle - (TvTropes)
- (AP FF AA) age cut - web short FF

age disguise
- (AA) Youthful-looking adults can sometimes enter Theme Parks for the children's price. For example, a woman could hide the shape of her body under overalls and a baggy T-shirt. The trick, of course, is not only looking like a kid, but remembering to act like one...
- (unseen) Either Internet predators or the FBI agents trying to catch them posing as teenagers.

age disguise
- (kinda like aped) Any attempt to pass for older or younger than one really is. male - 2
- (male adult appearance) He is 12 caps

age disguise
- (male adult TG AA) At least two adults were convicted for fraud after being caught pretending to be high school students. The most notable case is a black hermaphrodite named Charles Daugherty AKA Storme Shannon Aerison pretending to be a white teenage girl 10 years younger, and actually getting a modeling gig - 1

age disguised (anime/manga)
- (ARed AA pseudo-child forms) Chibified characters.
Fantasy series with mysterious little shoujos, especially side characters or antagonists, have some possibility of AP RN content. Most characters like that are revealed to actually be adults or have age AA TF ability. They usually take younger forms to hide or limit their power.
- Good examples would be:
"Dance in the Vampire Bund" - Mina
"Monogatari" series - Shinobu
"Negima" - Evangeline
"Queen's Blade" - Aldra/Ymir
"To Love Ru" - Yami
- (Chriskim019)

age fabrication
- (age disguise AA) When an individual deliberately misrepresents his or her age, usually to garner privileges or status not otherwise available. For example, in Hollywood it was extremely common for actresses to subtract years from their actual age.

age mirror
- (AP FF illusion) Trope. Person imagines seeing themselves older or younger in mirror. AA APed

age play
- Noun. Play that involves taking on the role of someone of a different age. Most commonly, adults take on the role of children, perhaps in a submissive capacity. See also daddy/boy, infantilism. Younger people may also take on the role of older people.

age play
- Sometimes my girlfriend has this weird fetish and we pretend like she is 12 when I fuck her, but I always tell her "Don't worry, you'll be 12 in a few years" - (Thanato)

Age Regression (other meanings)
- (mental states) This can refer to adult activities that are not in any way transformation-related, just adults mentally acting like babies.

age stasis (tropes)
- (male adult face) years

age stasis
- (adult looks younger) caps

age stasis
- (AS) Person who does not age. Legendary situation of individuals who stay the same age (can be child or adult) indefinitely.
- AS - 2
- (male adult) 1932 to 2012 clothing styles
- (male adult face) years still more years

age swap
- (AR/AP) Stories, dedicated fiction and comics.
Very rare Trope in which 2 differently-aged characters simultaneously become younger and older until they have completely exchanged ages.
Manga fan art examples:
- change - change - change - change
(Japanese Attack Team)

- (story continuity, changed character ages) Also see "Dawson casting". Applies to Tv/movie adaptations of books and cartoons. For various reasons studios prefer not to work with children more than necessary. The most common script alteration is to rewrite child characters into "teenagers", so they can be played by men and women in their 20s. Their thirty-something parents are then "aged" into their forties and beyond.

- (adult age stasis) Ancient Greek. It means unaging or undecaying.

ageshifter speculation
- First speculation. The number of girls who have the physical ability to rapidly transform themselves into grown women, exploding right out of their clothes, is about the same as the number of girls who wish they had that ability.

- (AP, AR, CB, UC) n. AKA Age Shifter. Person who can/does change ages. In fiction: Kuruma Chidori, in Ayashi no Ceres manga can make herself go from 9 to 16 at will.

Aging Women (website)
- (young women "aged up" to middle aged to elderly) - Discussion Boards that evolved from the old AgeMagic Yahoo Group since about 2000. The purpose is to celebrate increased female beauty with age. They often post adult "flash forward" (FF) photo comparisons, like Playboy cover bunnies then & now. There have also been many thousands of stories and discussions and contests and link collections and edited and improved images and found videos from around the Web - Link

- (AR) c2020. Short for "age regression", related to Adult Baby, Littlespace. For people who want to live as if they are much younger - link - link

Aka-Chan Pure
- (infantilization) "Baby Play" Japanese expression. 'aka-chan' is the default name of any baby whose name you haven't learned yet. Supposedly, this fetish originated thusly: Stressed out businessmen like to relieve some of their tension by going back to the "baby days" when they had no responsibility and could depend on Mommy to take care of everything, soggy diapers and all.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome
- (self/others shrunk illusion) AKA: AIWS, micropsia, Lilliput sight.
Neurological condition which affects sight, hearing, touch, and sometimes one's own body image. Subjects perceive humans, parts of humans, animals, and inanimate objects as substantially smaller than in reality. They can appear far away and extremely close at the same time. A dog may appear the size of a mouse, or a normal car may look shrunk to scale. Small children form a large proportion of those afflicted. Can be caused by mononucleosis, complex partial epilepsy, or psychoactive drugs such as dextromethorphan.

almost curse
- (avoidance of AP CB depictions in all media)
Aversion. Almost means NOT. Whenever something good "almost" happens it would be better if nothing had happened.

ambiguous clothing change
- (AA) Extremely common tendency in all media to ignore or hide what happens to clothing when a person transforms to another form or age and the clothes don't change with them; especially in children's programming. Sometimes the clothes appear to fade into the transforming body, as in morphing effects. In Teen Titans, Beast Boy transformed out of a humiliating bunny suit, but the clothes bursting was of course concealed.

and your reward is infancy
- (life reset) Trope.
Our hero has fought the good fight, and now it's time for him to go on to something greater. It turns out that his ultimate reward is... to stay right here as a baby. This is the universe giving a well-deserving character new life, often returning him to the people who loved him in his old life. This can be especially touching when it happens to a character whose life has been full of hardship, fighting, or suffering; now they can return to a time of innocence, being taken care of instead of having to care for everyone else. This may involve Reincarnation, De-Aging or Body-Swap. The villainous version is known as Raise Him Right This Time - (TvTropes)

Androxi Effect
- (AA) 1) Tendency in Japanese anime/manga not to show what happened to shoes after child suddenly aged into adult. Ex: Asatte no Houkou 2) Tendency in same of shoes to grow/stretch with when person suddenly ages into adult. Examples: Magical Melmo, Sasami in "Baby Sammy", Hinako Ninomiya, etc.

Androxi Effect
- (foot age growth, shoe CB) When a child suddenly grows up, the shoes should be the first affected.
- 01 - the growth begins - popped shoes.

Androxi Effect
- (outgrown shoes) - Trying on shoes from when i was little caps - dedicated CB art

- (AP, AR) Japanese animation/cartoons. They feature many transformation scenes, including some age changes.

- (growth FF) Measurement of the human body, also growth studies. 1
- (growth) Medical photography of growth stages. height comparison

- Abbr. for Age Progression. A person rapidly becomes older. There are 5 kinds:
1) Girl to woman. There is no stronger taboo.
2) Boy to man.
3) Short men admiring giant teens.
4) Young woman to old woman.
5) Young man to old man.
- morph - AP Image Archive 2 - Shoujo in blue dress grows up and out of her shoes: fan animation - AP

- Abbr. for Age Regression. A person is made younger. It can happen fast or take a relatively long time - AR - male AR
- AR Image Archive 1
- AR Image Archive 2

- AKA "AR Archive" see: Age Regression Story Archive

- (AP CB wish) Fetish where the individual is aroused by the notion of suddenly growing up into an adult and bursting out of their clothes. Unfortunately females appear immune to this condition unlike gay males.

Desire to be innocent female child - 01

- (ARed wish) Paraphilia. The desire to be an infant.

- (ARed wish) Paraphilia. The desire to be prepubescent.

- (AP) The study of human growth. 1
- Female AP:
- (AP) Medical photography of the growth process. More sequences are urgently needed. teen AP
- From The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Growth and Development: blurry AP - male (very blurry)
- (AP FF) Medical photography of the growth process. 5

- (pseudo adult baby, fashion/decorating styles, AA) c2015+ aesthetic involving "cute" babylike paraphernalia. Leans toward softer pastels and more kawaii elements, unlike bright colorful kidcore styles. Babycore adherents know all about fashions and decorative flourishes, unlike real babies. Adult sized pacifiers, onesies, bonnets, ribbons, snug blankets, rattles, simple toys, etc. It's important to make sure everything fits comfortably.

- (dedicated slight adult CB) - "She's Growing pt2" bust-out - (Mightyboobs)
- Abbr. for "Breast Expansion".
1) Admiration of porn stars with large breast implants.
2) When the breasts suddenly enlarge.
- BE scene (fake) - gif - slow growth

birthday effect
- (coming of age confusion, AP beliefs) Phrase. Young children are sometimes confused about how fast they grow up, if it happens in stages, and if they can influence or reverse the process. Jodie Foster jokes: "Charles, the older one, [...] has only seen me in these after-school children specials, which they show on TV. These were movies I made when I was a little girl. So when I say I'm in a movie, he asks: 'Were you a little girl?' He thinks when I go to work, I transform myself into a little girl." Indeed, he will be able to do what few children can: Watch his mother grow up on screen - from the time she appeared butt-naked in Coppertone advertisements at the age of 3, to the Disney pictures and sitcoms she made in her preteen years, to the Lolita-like prostitute role in Taxi Driver that struck a raw chord in audiences and earned her an Oscar nomination at the age of 14.
- I used to think that growing up happened overnight. That I would 1 night go to bed and wake up a grown woman. I would pray when I went to bed that the next day I could be a grown-up and start my grown-up life! (Lil Nicki)
- I used to believe that one day I would just wake up a teenager. I would have physically grown up and matured over night. The thing that worried me the most was, what would I wear when this happened until I could go shopping for bigger clothes? (Shirin)

body elongation
2002, Jacques Kitsch. "My mom did yoga things, like I'd come into the kitchen to find her doing a handstand with her legs behind her head. She could somehow discouple her leg joints from her hips and make herself about 6" taller."

body swap
Mind Transfer. 2 persons exchange souls. Their bodies do not change.

- (FFed) c'20 - 1

- The time in a girl's life when she begins maturing into a woman, as shown by her developing boobs - (Urban Dictionary)

born sexy yesterday (trope)
- (young adult women depicted with childish innocence but full sexual maturity) 2017 fantasy movie trope.
Best known example "The Fifth Element", where a sexy woman was artificially created as a full-blown adult without ever having grown up. Usually seen in science fiction scenarios, featuring various adult female gynoids who may be brilliant fighters, but are completely naive about social mores and romance. That means they also don't have any inhibitions - Info video link

boys only! (AR/AP scenes)
- (male TF bias at the expense of female TF in all media)
From my professional experience, Hollywood doesn't mind male AR, but it is very hard for female AR to make it to the screen. They seem very much biased against female AR in a big way. Part of the reason my comic was rejected from conversion to animated medium was because of a recurring female character that is AR-centric.
I have always felt that males were regressed to dramatize their loss of power. Either they could no longer hold an important position, or they seemed foolish for trying to do so. An older woman, however, would be improved by AR, because she would become more fertile, and more sexually attractive because of her youthful appearance.
This is why women were never ARed in older films, since it would be awkward for a rejuvenated woman to become sexually active, even implied. However, for a woman to be aged would be the same as if a male had been ARed, explaining why such a change was marginally more acceptable. The ultimate taboo of course would be a girl suddenly growing up into a woman - (AR/AP contributors)

breast development
- (coming of age) stock photos - measurements

breast expansion
- (BE, size increase) gif

breast ironing
- (attempted body modification) Aid agencies started a campaign in Cameroon to stop the widespread practice of massaging and flattening the growing breasts of young girls with hot objects. Many girls in the African country undergo the practice to make girls seem less "developed" in hopes of staving off sexual assaults from men. Mothers do this to their daughters in order to "protect" them. Unfortunately, flattening a girl's breasts isn't an effective method of birth control.

- (male furry excellent growth) Kent (buckywhitetale) - bursting out.
- Abbr. for "Clothes Burst or Rip". A person ages so much in a short time that their clothes burst.
- CB Image Archive 2
- gif anim
- buttons pop gif anim

- abbreviation of "clothes burst or rip".
- (male furry TF) "Bleuxwolf growth spurt" - TF

- (kinda like ARed AA, not TF) Common anime/manga trope. Adult characters are briefly drawn in a more childlike state to symbolize their confusion or vulnerability - 1

The ability to mentally affect the flow of time. Examples: Tempus and The Avatars in Charmed, Illyria in Angel - (jeff2beyoung)

- (AP/AR) AKA ageshifter.
An individual who regularly changes ages, either voluntarily or at certain intervals.
- ages - ages

- (preference for different ages) A fairly obscure general term, applied to any age-related paraphilia.

- (FF) Portrait photos usually arranged from youngest to oldest.
- Time - collages of collages - Time

coming of age
- (AA clothing/style/behavior changes) The social transitions from child to adult - before/after - choices

counterpart theory
- (temporary age uncertainty, small RS UC possibility)
Modal metaphysics, alternative to Kripke possible-worlds semantics.
Identity may be shared between objects in different possible worlds.
- An overlapping individual has parts in different worlds. Intrinsic properties which supervene on its parts may differ.
How could someone be slightly or significantly younger or older than they are? One way is to have a counterpart in a possible world, who has the property of being slightly or significantly younger or older. Subjective identity might unify if age-unconsciousness occurs, the likely duration inversely correlated with the age deviation.
- A trans-world individual is the mereological sum of all possible individual versions in the different worlds. Most attributes won't overlap.

- (bio power) Paraphilia. Sexual attraction to any form of strength.

- (mental age disguise illusion) When adults secretly tell children what to say and how to act through hidden earpieces (or vice versa), people talking to them are unable to detect the trick. This illusion persists in cases of extreme identity incongruity between source and shadower. When Stanley Milgram arranged for 11 and 12 y.o. child shadowers to be interviewed by teachers, none believed they had been talking to anything other than an unusually bright child.

Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG)
- (pseudo "infantilization" styles) 2010s ageplay. BSDM, kink, fetish wear, fashion trend. Hypersexualized "child" aesthetic which also borrows from anime. E-girls may look more mature (dominatrix) and/or younger (babydoll) than they really are.

daily - weekly - monthly - yearly photo project
- (flash forward) Project in which someone photographs themselves, or allows themselves to be photographed, in the same pose at regular intervals, showing them slowly changing. This could be a photo series of a 10 year old girl wearing the same shirt and pants, recorded at least twice while standing in the same pose over a 5 year period. While this does not exist, there have been numerous completed and continuing sequences (usually face close-ups or from the shoulders up) of mostly adult men through the years, often featuring beard growth, hair growth and changing sideburns, some weight gain and weight loss, and sometimes muscle growth.

Dawson casting (trend)
- (adult actors pretending to be teens) Very common industry practice where adult men and women are implied to be "kids" in the roles they play. Someone posted a Tv episode scene where a male "teen" was magically expanded overnight to full masculine maturity. In the context of the series he was now able to act as a social adult. Another example can be seen in the Supernatural episode "Swap Meat' (2010) mirror age scene link

Dawson Casting
- (adult face FF) - stasis

Dawson Casting
- (kinda like age anomaly, casting/continuity error) Tv trope/idiom. High school students in television look nothing like high school students in real life: they're played by actors up to 30 years old for legal and practical reasons. Real teen actors are described as looking too young. 33-year-old Stockard Channing played 17-year-old Rizzo in Grease. 16-year-old Judy Garland was cast as 11-year-old Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. James Van Der Beek (20), Joshua Jackson (19), and Katie Holmes (18), who described how they just got adult genitalia in the 1998 Dawson's Creek pilot, played 15-year-olds.

de-aging story
- (AR) Common plot device in Fan Fics.

- (retcon continuity change kinda looks like rejuvenation) Fan term about a plot change that occurs when writers decide to make a character younger without explaining the physical alteration.

dedicated age changing scenes
- (adult rejuvenation, OA, AR, AP erotica) Caption and text-based sexual stories, and often anime-based fan images, deliberately depicting some aspects of various age changes.

dedicated TF fictions or depictions
- (TF fetish genre tropes) Deliberate focus on the transformation process from a sexual angle. Erotic fiction of pseudo-human or humanoid entities undergoing various fetish modifications.

- (types of AP depictions) The opposite of "unintentional". Almost all AP drawings and AP stories were deliberately created for specific purposes. Almost all real-life photo series of the same girl growing older were just random snapshots taken from many angles, that were later sorted. We have to be honest, we wish it was the other way around. We are looking for a more academic or medical or scientific depiction of the growth process.

DeviantArt memes
- (FF AA)
Memes by which artists are encouraged to draw the same character at different ages.
- Not-Cleverly Named Character Meme
- Do the Time Warp!

door growth
- (FF) A method to measure children by standing them against a door or wall at regular intervals, and making a permanent mark to record their growth. male

dream aging
- (AP) In the liquor store, the 9 year-old girl ahead of me pouts at the clerk who wants to see her I.D. She suddenly grows up and pulls coins - one at a time - from her wallet until finally there is enough to pay for her bottle of hooch.
- (male AP UC) I woke up as an adult Harry Potter, with uncomfortably tight kids pajamas. After looking in the mirror and realizing that I was "big" I also realized that the actor playing the part of the adult Harry Potter was Stephen Colbert. Then I believe there was the basic parents flipping out, who the fuck are you, and so on. I convinced my mom to take a DNA test to prove that I was her son.

dream aging
- (AP/AR) AKA "age dream" in which a character's age changes.
- Growing Girl: "I sit the little girl on my lap. She is about 2, wearing a white nappy under her clothes. As she sits there, she grows. In the space of a few seconds, she is 9 years old. She is wearing grey tracksuit trousers and a pink top. I help her down and she's still growing."
- "One night I dreamed that I was trying to nurse my baby when she suddenly turned into a grown woman . She squirmed out of my arms and yelled, 'This isn't working and I am hungry!' She quickly grabbed a gallon of milk and guzzled it down. I awoke horrified!"
- (AP, AR) Group of kid orphans in the care of an old hag are playing in backyard. Old hag goes on a rampage and destroys the whole game. At this point everyone is no longer a child but an adult, wearing glitter and torn children's clothes that look very skimpy on their fit-looking hairless adult bodies. People are trying to make gloves out of their now tattered creations. Everyone seems full of disbelief and about to cry. Old hag changed into a small darker-skinned girl when we all changed into adults.

dream aging
- (APed ARed AA) Will Ferrell and I go into the lounge, and meet up with my friend Megan and some of her super hot friends, who were hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. They were all wearing these way sexy black dresses and stuff designed to attract men. Of course I got super nervous and shy and had to walk away from Will and all of them to catch my breath before rejoining the conversation. We decide that the day is over, and it's time for everyone to take off. When I tell them that I'm leaving, Lindsay responds "OH! Well I'm coming with you." So we take off for my car and were talking about something I don't remember, but the weird thing is that she keeps changing age as we are talking. One second she's my age and then the next she's morphed into this little girl with braces and then into a grown woman and back all over the place. It's hard to keep the conversation going cause a topic brought up by a mature Lindsay would be followed by a comment like "well I still have my braces so..." For some reason I had the feeling that she had maybe been abused in the past. Looking at her was really super weird cause her appearance kept changing faster and faster. I assumed that even though it looked as if she was changing age, that her true age remained constant. The dream ended when we got to my car and she looked at me in a way that suggested she somehow trusted me - (Justin)
- (self image flashbacks, AA APed) A woman troubled by memories of her intimidating father towering over her childhood self saw herself "grown" into an adult in seconds.

dress down day
- (very slight implied UC glimpse possibility) Wear casual clothes to work, or perhaps your old uniform to school.
Dartnewsonline, 10/7/2011: Seniors go back to grade school.
- Seniors reach back into the past (and their closets) to "resurrect" "grade school uniforms" for dress down day. See how many seniors "squeezed" back into their pre-STA plaid.
Aye pladdie - The senior day dress down theme was grade school uniforms and saw many seniors reaching back into the past.
I see London I see plaid - Seniors found their grade school uniforms to wear.
Jumper for joy - She wears her grade school uniform. Senior fits into her old jumper.
Pretty in plaid - Seniors model their grade school plaid. Comparing old grade school skirts.
- pics (more needed)

dress down day
- (very slight UC?) c'15 - We wore our junior uniforms from 3 years ago - pics

dual age modes
- (AP, AR) Trope.
Many fictional characters can change their shape. A lot are limited to only a handful of forms. One common set includes an aged pair: the same general appearance in a childlike and an adolescent or adult form. Often, one will be the natural form for the character, with the other being invoked by some external trigger. Most of the time the child form will be used only to make the character look more innocuous or relatable.

- (dramatic transition) Also applies to the change from girl to woman.
Spanish art historical concept describing hypercharged cathartic state of aesthetic and emotional revelation or "black sounds." Irrationality, earthiness, heightened awareness of passing time, and a dash of the diabolical.

early apples
- (FFed, CoA) When a girl sprouts breasts before puberty or the age of consent, or when a girl suddenly grows breasts at an early age - (Urban Dictionary)

- (possible age forms) Also see "tulpa". Occult concept describing non-physical entities arising from collective group beliefs. Historically they were angelic beings or watchers, with rituals and practices from Enochian traditions.

Fetish for size increase of creatures or objects.

fan art
- (ARed, APed) Fan-created images of mostly fictional characters. May be shown at different ages. AR - AR (Process Forum)

fanfiction curse
- (low or no-quality throwaway TF depictions) Related to fantasy curse. Almost without exception, fanfictions are set in worlds as different from our reality as possible. There is no limit to the undescribed powers and magical figures passing through. Anything can happen for no reason. Universe-destroying magic is mentioned in passing and forgotten by the next sentence. However, every 10 or 15 years (it's getting longer) there might be a story set in our world, where the AP element is the only anomaly. Even then it will only be a few hastily scribbled sentences that are usually abandoned.

fantasy curse
- (low or no quality AP UC/CB ability scenes)
This ruins everything. Most fictional age increases are useless throwaway snippets in fantasy stories that don't count. Clothing effects are brushed aside.
It does appear there cannot be anything good in this world. Every 5 years there might be a mildly promising text fragment. It sucks so GODDAM much.
We want stories where the age changing ability is the only fantasy element, or can stand on its own merit. As close as possible to reading about a real-life actual age shifter.
- Related to: fanfiction curse (anime, Potter, etc, etc), TG, furry, Amazon, RPG, GTS, AA slideshows, obesity, Sims, mislabeled worthless porn, clip art, deformities etc, etc.

fast forward
- (AA, TL fade effect) The character's aging or growth stages are shown by means of a blurry fade representing the rapid passage of time.

fast forward
- (face ff) - gif

fetish transformation genres
- (dedicated TF depictions) Many different tropes about various creatures changing forms.
Both visual and text media genres may only depict the physical metamorphosis, or include detailed story settings and characterizations. Standard tropes focus on different parts of the process, often with strong sexual overtones. Our favorites involve all types of growth-related clothes tearing and bursting.
Mainstream media TF scenes (AKA non-dedicated) have higher budgets, but are carefully designed to be non-arousing. For example, there has never been a good live-action girl to woman AP CB scene.
- Aging fetish CGI 3D stories - Old Age fetish photorealistic edits.
- Adult Rejuvenation fetish gif - gif - (small previews taken from deactivated Deviant Art account).
- Giantess fetish comics CB burstout - Giantess fetish films CB burstout - mixes of mainstream and dedicated content.

flash forward
- (AA before/after) AKA FF. The same individual shown at two points in time to visualize normal aging process.
male years - male life time.

flash forward
- Themes and memes dealing with normal age increase.
FF - FF - FF - FF

floating timeline
- (age stasis) When characters in a show are not allowed to grow up, but must appear to remain roughly the same age in each episode no matter how many years have passed. They also don't learn from, or are affected by, the events of previous episodes. Example: The Simpsons.

forbidden zone
- (dearth of female FF photo projects) The period from about age 10 to age 14 is a very sensitive time for girls as they transform into women. Parents usually discontinue ongoing timelapse photo projects of their daughters. Limited exception: Zoom-In Effect, strictly above the shoulders. Face closeups may still be acceptable at this time (Suman, Lotte)

- (size-independent identity) AKA "Doctrine of temporal parts". Ontological position that an object's persistence in time resembles its extension through space. "Temporary intrinsics" involve independent properties subject to change over time. The same object can be, say, a girl and a woman. "Three-dimensional time" eliminates intrinsic properties by indexing them to time relationally, instead of intrinsically. "Exdurantism" or the "stage view" countenances objects with succeeding temporal parts; a single stage (time-slice, temporal part) is related to others by "temporal counterpart" relations.

Fregoli Delusion
- (TFed, slight age changes) Rare disorder in which someone holds delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise. Named after Italian actor Leopoldo Fregoli who was renowned for his ability to make quick changes of appearance during stage act. First reported in 1927 in case of 27 year old woman who believed that she was being persecuted by 2 actors whom she often went to see at the theatre. She believed that these people "pursued her closely, taking the form of people she knows or meets."

Full House paradox
- Bayesian probability quantifying supremely unlikely occurrences. rel: ageshifter speculation, conjunction fallacy, Borel's Law etc.
Conjecture that events with vanishingly small probabilities appear about equally likely to take place.
For example, the probability that the Tv series Full House would have featured a scene where one of the three daughters suddenly grew up into an adult woman, bursting right through her clothes, was not significantly higher than the probability that one of the actresses playing the daughters would have quietly locked herself in her room and then grown up into a woman, bursting right through her clothes. In the absence of further info, inconceivable social changes or extraterrestrial interventions appear about equally probable.

furdom (TF tropes)
- (dedicated anthros ARed) Fetish stories, comics, and toons.
Many or most AR depictions in all media are actually of fictional non-human entities with humanoid aspects and supernatural powers. These tales are usually set in mystical and magical environments.
In addition to many types of demons, there are also anthropomorphic characters based on various animals: AKA furry fandom, furridom, etc. - "Red fuur" by Janus Steel art

Creatures that appear part animal and part human, or mostly men who wish they were such beings.

- (FF, FB) Different stages of the same thing at different times.

- (old age) Phobia: the fear of growing old - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (age shifts) Fan fiction power for evolved humans not derived from canon: the ability to manipulate age. With this power, you can shapeshift yourself or others into older or younger versions. Unlike chronokinesis, the ability to manipulate time, it only targets the time fields around biotic matter. While the chosen subject is shifted, he gains the characteristics of that age group, so a person could realistically gain the stamina of a child, have the ambition, strength and logic of a middle-aged person, or the wisdom and patience of older age. One could even age the desired subject to be too young or too old to defend themselves. Persons can only shift to differently-aged versions of themselves. If an opponent is good at identifying faces or discernment, this power is nearly useless.

- (OA preference) The rarely seen attraction of non-elderly individuals to the elderly.

Glam Of Shazam
- (AP AA) Tv Trope seen in Magical Girl (AKA Magical Idol) genre, and some male comics heroes. Character has the ability to turn into a noticeably older counterpart of themselves. Often a type of wish fulfillment.

growing pains
- (coming of age, rapid size/length increase)
When a person goes through a rapid growth spurt, they may experience sudden cramps.
"She's A Growing Girl" stretching legs - (DemashitaWanWan)

growing pains
- Pains actually caused by growth spurts in adolescence, like Osgood-Schlatter disease, do not fall into the category of typical growing pains.

growth chart
- (FFed) after a growth spurt.
- (growth measurement) Vertical chart mounted on wall to measure child's height - 01

growth spurt
- (AP) Kids go up and down the percentile charts, shooting up several inches in a short time, then growing very little for a long time. Just keep track of the clothes they outgrow. My daughter didn't really grow at all between ages 8 1/2 and 10 1/2. She literally went almost two years without growing an inch or gaining a pound. On Nov. 1, she woke up, and was 1 inch taller than she'd been the night before. She grew another half inch before we could measure her. Since last week, she's grown at least another half inch, probably closer to an inch. She did at least 1/2 inch between breakfast and dinner time on Sunday. I know, because she went from being at "just under chin height" to "if I lean forward, my chin bonks her" height. In the 6 months prior to that, she gained 5 inches and 10-15 pounds. That's just how she does it.
At birth, she was 7 lbs 11 1/2 oz. At 2 weeks, 9 pounds. At 4 months, 20 pounds. We joked about how she would be the first 150 pound, 6 foot tall 3-year old. When she was 6 months old, she was 24 pounds. By 1 yr, she was 26 pounds. Right before she turned two, she was 27 pounds. Then she put on 3 pounds in 3 weeks and the Dr. lectured me her height and weight were not proportional. A few weeks later she grew a couple inches!
At the moment, she's getting "spindly" around the middle. When she was 8, she was slightly padded before her last growth spurt. Right now, it doesn't seem to matter how much she eats, it all goes UP. She's skinnier, proportionally, than she's ever been. (Mom)
- (AP) Yesterday (2004) Truley woke up and felt taller. After standing by Granny, everyone thought she was. They measured her, and sure enough, she's convinced everyone that she grew 2 inches during her sleep the night before her 16th birthday.

growth spurt
- (AP) Sudden rapid size increases in children. Daily length measurements of a male infant first proved the existence of growth spurts. Despite much anecdotal evidence and the convictions of many parents, biologists had not generally recognized the reality of short, sharp growth bursts on the order of 1 centimeter in a single 24 hour period. Rather, the consensus was that child growth was divided into three stages (infancy, childhood, adolescence), characterized by different, but steady rates of growth. However, when children were measured more often (weekly or daily), the growth curve was seen to be step-like rather than smooth. Indeed, the mean amplitude of the growth spurts was found to be about 1 centimeter; and the duration of the spurts, about one day. These spurts punctuated long intervals of no growth. In infants, for example, 90-95% of their development is growth-free! (Lampl "Saltation and Stasis: A Model of Human Growth")
- 5'9" Landi Swanepoel described her sudden breast development: "I was about 16 and they were just there," Landi says. "One day I woke up and I was like 'oh my god!'"

growth spurt
- (FF) My daughter went from 4'6" to 5'8" in 16 months, from age 13 into early 14. We knew she was going to grow because her feet were way too large for her size. On a bike, she looked like feet peddling down the street before the growth started. One season of softball she was slow getting out of the batter's box because her coordination had not caught up. Once she got moving she was fast. At age 15 she's 5'9 1/2".
- (FF) My daughter is 12 1/2 now, and 5'5", 120 lbs. She gets her growth spurt every summer and during Christmas break. Usually about 3-4"! I watch her feet, they have finally slowed down in growth (size 11!) so I figure she'll be done growing in 2 years time. Estimate between 5'9" and 5'10".

growth taboo (mental block)
- (grow-up video ban) By now, it would have been possible to make detailed time-lapse videos of over 6 billion breasts developing. However, the actual number of times this process has been recorded is indistinguishable from zero. More than a taboo, the transformation process of human growth is something that cannot even be thought about.

- (adult growth) Fetish films - Very slight CB
- Abbr. for Giantess.
1) A normal woman as seen by a shrunken man.
2) Crushing or inserting shrunken men in body cavity.
3) A giant woman. May or may not involve growth.
- (AA) In most giantess stories or depictions the woman's clothes either grew with her, or were designed to fit her larger size - AA

- (synthetic age forms) A humanoid robot designed to look like a human female, as compared to an android modeled after a male. Could appear as a deceptively innocent looking child, or a smoking hot adult.
- (age disguised) mental image illusion

hand me down
- (male UCed) When a child has outgrown their clothes they are handed down to a younger sibling - male trading

height comparison
- (growth) Common Tv Trope or plot device. 1) Persons of different height pose together, for example tall woman and shorter man. 2) Young teen boy finds same-age crush is much taller than him, because girls grow up faster than boys. ("Big", "Even Stevens") 1
- (ages and stages) grown women - girl/woman

height illusion
- (kinda looks like very slight AA size changes) changed
- (looks like growing or shrinking) Background can make people look different sizes, possibly older or younger. 1
- (looks like size change) 2

- (occasional AP, AR) Japanese erotic manga and anime.

- (TFed, tiny possibility of AR, AP) ex: Mystique.
Shapeshifters are "common" in fiction due to their flexibility. They can "turn into" a wolf, giant, tree, whale... Much better however are humanshifters, who can only transform into other persons. This could lead to Gender Bender tropes. We like it more when they can only change into people of their own gender. The best sub-variant of all are ageshifters, who can only change into themselves at different ages.

hypertrophy of the breast
- (BE FF) When an adolescent's breasts grow rapidly and achieve great weight, AKA juvenile macromastia, juvenile gigantomastia, or virginal breast hypertrophy. Some experience breast growth at a constant rate for several years, while the nipples also enlarge. Other adolescent females experience minimal or negligible breast growth, until their breasts suddenly grow very rapidly in a short period of time. At the start of puberty, some young females with little or no breast development can grow three or more cup sizes within a few days. "At puberty I went from being as flat as a board to a "C" cup in one month. The first time I conceived, I went up two cup sizes in a matter of days."

I'm a jack!
- (growth power) Trope, expression.
A person blessed with size or age changing abilities can easily use the pressure of her growth to lift massive objects that her physical strength alone could never budge.

I'm baby (meme)
- (mental infantilization) 2019.
Meme saying or post on social media, in which an adult refuses to accept adult responsibilities or care. Popularized by Little Space, "age regression" or "agre", & adult baby communities. If someone wants them to do something complicated they just say "I'm baby".
- Info link - link - link

Abbr. for "Innocent Bystander". Passerby is caught up in AR/AP incident and suddenly aged or regressed against their will.

junior idols
- (AA FF) Younger stars whose growth and development can sometimes be followed for years - idols

- (adults wearing/decorating with child styles) 2010s aesthetic centered around bright colors, 90s icons, and kiddy themes.
Common motifs are highly saturated primary colors colors used on kid's toys, indoor playgrounds, stuffed animals, robot pets like Furbys, "naive" furry art, Lisa Frank artwork, rainbows, etc. Adult-sized kid-style fashions can have basic primary color patterns, but also include baby/pastel colors like purple, baby pink, baby blue, and rainbow colors.
- Collared shirts, light-up shoes, old sneakers, denim overall shorts, T-shirts of kids shows/animals, striped socks, stockings, knee/ankle socks, shorts/jeans adorned with stickers/glitter, toy earrings, friendship necklaces, bandages.
- Spooky Kidcore subgenre mixes cute things with witches, skeletons and jack-o-lanterns. Overlap with Halloweencore.

last year's clothes
- (UC photographs) - straining at the seams?
Dress up in old outfits from a few years ago!
- Girls wearing outgrown clothes -

letting out clothes
- (AA adjustment) As kids grow, their clothing can be extended so it will fit a few months longer. Extensively altered dress

life extension (theoretical research)
- (adult age delay or stasis or limited reversal) Aubrey de Grey, English author/biomedical gerontologist.
Might medical technology enable humans to avoid death from age-related causes?
Books: "The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging" (1999), "Ending Aging" (2007).
2005 plan: "Strategies for engineered negligible senescence" (SENS).
Research groups: "SENS Research Foundation", until 2009 the "Methuselah Foundation".
Commercial products: AgeX Therapeutics.

life extension (theoretical research)
- (male adult) - face article art only.

- (fantasy wishes) Erotomania with inspirational effects. The state of adoration and attachment to an unattainable situation involves obsessive thoughts and behaviors from euphoria to despair, contingent on possible reciprocation. Intense emotions involve sexual incentive motivations arising during attachment formation. The motivation to attain the object intensifies so long as a mix of hope and uncertainty exist. However, limerent fantasy is unsatisfactory unless rooted in reality. It can occupy an individual's waking hours completely, resulting, like severe addiction, in complete disruption of normal interests and activities, including work and family. This can result in debilitating, lifelong underachievement in school, work, and family life. Fantasy dreams give out strong emotion and happiness when experienced, but end with despair when the subject awakens.

- (flash forward) A threshold in time, where one condition changes into another. The moment at which a young girl becomes a teen, or a teen becomes a woman. Also when a regressing character can suddenly no longer pass as an adult, and loses privileges.

line of age
- (age/height line-ups) AKA "age line".
Persons lined up from young to old, and short to tall - 01

- (AP flash forward growth stages) - c100 images.
Drawings and CGI diagrams of growing people shown at increasing ages.
Clip Art of posture poses and puberty progressions.
- LineUp Gallery - growth & aging timelines -

liquid assets
- (age transfer) A form of Hollywood Science where it's possible to "drain" or "transfer" physical conditions. The usual form is related to Life Energy - if you drain someone's life energy, they start to show the physical signs of aging. Transferring life energy ages the victim and youthens the recipient.

- (mental ARed) AKA "Little Space".
Mindset in which an adult relaxes in a state of childlike, responsibility-free safety to relive childhood scenarios or desires. The mind space your Little goes to to escape and engage in activities viewed as childish. Mental age can range from newborn to 7 years old. The adult may be referred to as an Adult Baby, Little, or Middle. An adult in Littlespace may involve another adult as a caregiver, or participate in adult interactions.
- A mental denizen of Littlespace.

Loathly Lady
- (old aged disguised, ARed to young adult)
Common literary device used in medieval literature and Celtic mythology. A hideous woman bargains with a man to kiss or marry her, sometimes for the answer to a question on a quest. He complies, but is personally disgusted and publically embarassed by his ancient and ugly bride. When he cannot bring himself to sleep with her, the lady reproaches him, and asks him to make a decision. When he makes the right choice, she transforms into a beautiful young form. See examples in story section. - 1

Lolita Fashion
- (AA) Adults (or teens) dressed somewhat like Victorian era children. Children's clothing of that era looked like shortened versions of adults' clothing anyway.

magic pants
- (AA story element) Extremely common plot trope where transforming heroes who change in size don't have to worry about shredding their clothes in the process. Simply put, during the Transformation Sequence they may lose the "civilian" clothing the characters wear as they go about their daily business, but once the dirty work is done and they have shrunk to normal, they'll reappear back on them right where they're standing. This can even happen if the transformation explicitly "shredded" the clothing. Many characters spontaneously regain their clothes, even when it's inconsistent with what gives them their powers. In a few cases, the rest of the clothing is destroyed, but the pants mysteriously survive. Related to Magic Skirt. (TvTropes)

magic pants
- (AA) Advanced-technology battle costumes can sometimes stretch with a fast-aging or growing wearer to a certain extent.
Examples: Sailor Moon, Supergirl, Hulk - manga fan art - (Attack Team)

magic shoes
- (AA shoe growth) Shoe CB taboo. AKA "Androxi Effect".
Normally when a girl suddenly grows into a woman her shoes burst at the front and sides and the laces snap. However, in animation and comics their shoes almost always stretch with their feet. Also see "magic pants".

- (AP, AR) Japanese comic books, strips, or graphic novels. Feature many transformations, including age changes.

Chinese language manga/anime mostly produced in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Occasionally contains AR, AP.

Mostly South Korean manga, print cartoons, and animation. Occasionally contains AR, AP.

Abbr. for "Mental Change". Person's mind and personality is made older or younger. However, their body does not change.

me then, me now
- (AA child/adult side by side comparisons) - when adults recreate childhood photos of themselves in the same poses and backgrounds, while wearing larger clothes.
ages - ages

Merlin Sickness
- (reverse lifespan) Trope. A character who lives or ages in reverse, going backwards in time. The character may remember the past, but age backwards, or the character may remember the future, allowing them to serve as a seer. Sometimes the character remembers successively less of the past as they get younger. Usually this occurs when Merlin Sickness is contracted partway through life.

- (shapeshifter TFs) AKA humanshifter.
Can transform into other persons. Is usually limited to human forms, similar mass with size changes - i.e. Mystique, Changeling.

- (mental AR side effect) Greek word describing a change of "ousia" (state of mental being).

- (kinda like ARed) Theme. 1) Image in which adult is shown with smaller body, like a child. 2) Image in which adult and child swap heads or sizes. parents and daughter
male millenniumhippie (O') - male

misdirection (common "TF" depiction)
- (AA curse) Replacement illusion often seen in TF scenes. As part of the suspension of disbelief, it is important to distract from the transformation process, so that the aftermath can be presented as an accomplished fact.

- (coming of age) "Hoisting from water" was a ceremony undergone by a Japanese apprentice geisha to signify her coming of age. When the older geisha deemed the maiko ready, the topknot of her hair was symbolically cut.

Momo no sekku
- (FF) Japan, March 3rd. A day to celebrate the growth of young girls.

- (AA face AP) years in seconds.
- Word derived from metamorphosis. It means the smooth transformation from 1 image or object into another.
male old age
(AP AA) 2

multiple personality disorder
- (kinda like mental ARed) AKA "dissociative identity disorder".
Some people display different personalities in times of stress, including childlike personalities. They may have changed voices and memories.

my clone
- (kinda looks like flashback/ flash forward) Tv Trope or common theme. Young girl imitates older girl, including hairstyle, way of talking, clothes (smaller size). 1 - 2
(girl/woman) 3 - 4
- Adult clones (possible unseen accelerated growth?)

Narnia Time
- ("accelerated" time AA) Related to FF. Info < A HREF="">link

no immortal inertia
- (OA) Trope.
An extension of No Ontological Inertia and This Was His True Form. When an immortal and eternally youthful character has his (or her) immortality taken away, his years tend to catch up with him in a hurry, with tragic and often grisly results.

not allowed to grow up
- (continuity error looks like age stasis) n. AKA "perpetual childhood." Tv trope/idiom. When a Tv-series is so rigidly defined that the children can't be allowed to grow up, lest the program dynamic change unrecognizably. Emmanuel Lewis, the star of Webster, was 11 when he started playing the title role and 16 when the show ended. His character aged only 3 years during the show's 6-year run, from age 5 to 8. Gary Coleman's character Arnold Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes aged much slower than the rest of the cast. SCTV featured a bittersweet parody: Martin Short portrayed a (former) child actor who has been in the same role for 30 years with the character on the show never aging, even though the actor did. (
- (UC, Tv Trope) My Three Sons, 1970. Child star Erin Moran (Victoria) was forced to wear ridiculously inappropriate short dresses way past her growth spurt.

Nu da shi ba bian
- (CoA stages) Chinese saying. "A girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood". Pinyin for "The eighteen changes of a grown woman". All the changes a girl makes when turning into a woman or blossoming into adulthood. Also title of 1958 Mandarin movie.

- (TF limerence) Transcendent state arousing spiritual or religious emotion of awe-inspiring mystery.
C.S. Lewis, Rudolf Otto: Suppose you were told there was a tiger in the next room: you would know that you were in danger and would probably feel fear. But if you were told "There is a ghost in the next room," and believed it, you would feel, indeed, what is often called fear, but of a different kind. One is not primarily afraid of what a ghost may do to him, but of the mere fact that it is a ghost. It is "uncanny" rather than dangerous, and the special kind of fear it excites may be called Dread. With the Uncanny one has reached the fringes of the Numinous. Suppose that you were told simply "There is a mighty spirit in the next room," and believed it. Your feelings would then be even less like the mere fear of danger: but the disturbance would be profound. You would feel wonder and a certain shrinking - a sense of inadequacy to cope with such a visitant and of prostration before it - an emotion which might be expressed in Shakespeare's words "Under it my genius is rebuked." This feeling may be described as awe, and the object which excites it as the Numinous.
The experience that underlies all religion has three components designated with the Latin phrase "mysterium tremendum et fascinans". Wholly other from anything in ordinary life, experienced with blank wonder or stupor, evoking a reaction of silence or terror of overwhelming power, may be merciful or gracious yet represent absolute unapproachability, overpoweringness, potent charm or attractiveness in spite of the terror of one's nothingness in contrast to its power. Terrible dread or majestic awe.

old age
- (OA FF stages) osteo lady - OA

older alter ego
- (AP TF, usually AA)
Trope closely tied with Magical Girl series and some Western superheroes, this is a character with the ability to turn into a noticeably older counterpart of themselves. The most famous use is the "Magic Idol Singer", a pretty blatant piece of innocent wish fulfillment.

older alter ego
- (AP, RN) Trope about a child who can be powered up into an adult form, or the Sleep Mode Size of a powerful Adult Mode locked into a Child Form. If the character just ages from childhood to adulthood by normal means, it's a Plot Relevant Age Up or Time Skip. If a child is forcibly transformed into an adult, it's Thirteen Going On Thirty; the inverse is Fountain Of Youth.

older than they look
- (adults disguised as children, age delay or age stasis) Tv Trope mostly used in anime/manga. An adult woman who looks like a child. AKA "fauxli", a portmanteau of "faux" and "loli". Contrivance designed to allow fandom to lust after apparent preteen in a mostly guilt free manner. Other Tropes: "Age Is Relative", "Improbable Age", "Older Than They Think". (TvTropes)

otona ni
AKA "Otonani" To adult. Japanese for growing up.

oversized clothing
- (kinda slightly looks like ARed aftermath) When younger persons dress up in adult sized clothes. The typical aftermath of a regression scene. Also some "mental AR" photos are included.
- OC photo - 1 - 2

- (suspended or cancelled maturation) AKA pedomorphosis, 1891/1922. Phylogenetic change.
Retention by organisms of juvenile or even larval traits in later life.
Involves acceleration of sexual maturation relative to development (progenesis) and/or retardation of bodily development re. onset of reproductive activity (neoteny).
In certain amphibian species development is arrested so the larval form and aquatic habit persist as it attains sexual maturity. In some species only a few morphological features are retarded. Adult humans, for example, display various neotenic body features other primates do not.
In some species all morphological development is retarded; the organism is juvenilized but sexually mature. In evolutionary terms it suggests that larval and developmental stages may give rise to wholly new organisms.

- (AP) Age Shifting: the ability to accelerate a being's age.

- (fantasy desire) AKA xenophilia, the experience of intense sexual arousal due to highly atypical objects, situations, or individuals. There are many bizarre fetishes.

paraphilic infantilism
- (ARed wish) Paraphilia. The desire to be a baby.

parasocial relationship
- (dream or fantasy) A state of adoration for an idealized person who usually doesn't even know you exist (a romantic crush may qualify). A parasocial relationship isn't a relationship at all, since it's not reciprocated. However, you can pretend they have all the qualities you are looking for, including "impossible" ones. Similar to the relation one might have with a tulpa or waifu etc.

- (paranormal entity or force) Holy Presence when what one most wishes to exist really exists.

Abbr. for "Physical Change". Person is aged or regressed. However, their mind does not change - (TBTC)

- (male arousal) size increase diagrams - comics scene - texts

- (male expansion) stages
- (male) Preview pics taken from deleted Yahoo Group - male erotic expansion.
- before/after normal arousal comparisons - male - male process - male
- 06 - 07 - gif - 09 pants bursting.

- (male expansion) stages
- (usually male size increase, some TG)
AKA "Penis Expansion". Similar theme to Breast Expansion. The penis expanded to extreme proportions. Not known to involve UC, CB - male

- (age play AA) Paraphilia. The desire to dress like a child.

- (age flow) The philosophical view that material objects are not wholly present at any instant of time. "Ted was once a boy." The boy bears the temporal counterpart relation to Ted.

photoshop contest
- (AP) Contest (worth1000,, etc) in which source image is altered in various ways.
AP - AP - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

pinch for an inch, a
- (growth) Birthday saying. Recipient pinched to "grow an inch".

plant manipulation
- (plant AP) Ability or superpower to accelerate the growth of, control, or animate plant life. Comics examples: Poison Ivy or Gardener.

plot relevant age up
- (AP) Tv trope/theme. A character is aged, usually to adolescence, after being in another dimension, time travel, or other. Done for same reason as Inexplicable Age Up
- (SORAS) Also seen in sitcoms. Easily spotted in advance if the presence of a baby or little kid doesn't make sense. Occasionally, the writers will decide the age-up was a mistake (or won't be able to hold on to the age-up actor), and will revert the character back to where they started. Examples: ST:DS9 "Time's Orphan" 8 y.o. Molly was adultified into Michelle Krusiec. Angel: Angel's son. Starhunter: Travis Montana goes from a young boy to an adult in between seasons.

point of view
- (dedicated unseen male AR trope) POV. In fetish films the shrinking of a man into a boy is represented by only showing the mocking reaction of an adult woman to his loss of power and status.

poof process (TF trope)
The easiest way to depict a transformation scene is to avoid showing it at all. One way is to make it so vague or blurry that nothing is visible. The change is completely hidden behind a sudden explosion of fog or a bright flash. Alternatively, a simple frame cut may be used.
Distinct from a cutaway, where the camera actually turns away from the process, as in Melisandre's old age TF in Game of Thrones (example link).
- (teen poofed to full adult) - age-up

posture photos
- (full body photography) - Caution nudity. The correct poses to be used for growth photos

posture photos
- (sometimes flash forward) Extremely rare type of photograph. Subject's whole body is photographed while standing straight up and facing foward, their arms at their side. Was sometimes used in long term child growth studies.

- See: Point Of View.

pregnancy progression
- (FF) Recording the changes of the pregnant body.
- alternate
- (FF) 2
- (time lapse) FF CGI

Process, The
- (AP, AR, TF) Web community and archive started by Lorekeep by 1998 as a home for female transformation scenes. Different sections show women transforming into bodybuilders, giantesses, transsexuals, dolls, balloons, clams, gnus, etc, etc. The AP/AR section of the site deals exclusively with female age transformations, mostly manga/anime related. Updated several times per week.

- (CoA) One of the physical changes of puberty. The first appearance of pubic hair.

- (coming of age, FF AP) changes - Dutch info brochures - spurt - FF stages - changes

puberty superpower
- (coming of age) The acquisition of superpowers or abilities at the onset of becoming a teenager, usually not below 14. This is probably to avoid the inherent danger of a child or baby casually using powers in a potentially destructive manner, or blowing the Masquerade. More often, it works as a transparent metaphor for puberty. Few such teens have trouble figuring out their new powers, but this doesn't stop mentor figures from putting them through Training From Hell. Poltergeist manifestations are frequently associated with adolescents, and have been interpreted as a metaphor for sexual awakening.

- (coming of age) - changes
- (FF AP) May contain Nudity - unsorted diagrams

- (flash forward AP) AKA adolescence. Stage of rapid physical development when secondary sexual characteristics appear and reproduction becomes possible. French: Puberte. German: Pubertat, Pubertaet. Italian: Pubertà. Spanish/Portuguese: Pubertad.
Chinese name for puberty:
Japanese name for puberty:
Japanese name for adolescence:
(AP) Same girl photographed in 7th and 8th grade.

Punky Brewster Effect
- (flash forward) Noun. Occurrence in which young child star suddenly becomes beautiful woman after going through puberty; named after sitcom character played by Soleil Moon Frye in mid-80s; also known as Rudy Huxtable Syndrome. Keisha Knight Pulliam, Alyssa Milano, Candace Cameron, Lacey Chabert, Madeline Zima, Raven Symone, Mackenzie Rosman, etc, etc, all went through the Punky Brewster Effect.
Name of male version of Effect is unknown. (urbandictionary)

quantity/quality (tradeoff)
- (lo-qual AP depictions) See: Sturgeon's Law. While there may be a lot of "content", it mostly all just sucks.

- (COA moment) Hispanic celebration of a girl's 15th birthday when she becomes a woman. In Brazil the celebration is called festa de debutantes, baile de debutantes or festa de quinze anos. French Caribbean: fete des quinze ans.

realism (fiction style)
- (TF depiction format) This is our preferred style of age change, or the only type. Live action is always better than comics or cartoons, unless they are meant to be essentially realistic. For the strongest suspension of disbelief, the age change should be the only fantastical element in the story scene, to almost convey the illusion that it could really happen.

really seven hundred years old
- (age stasis, age disguise) Tv Trope mostly used in anime/manga. what better way to hide your identity than by taking on the form of a perky prepubescent girl who looks like she's barely out of elementary school? - (TvTropes)

- (AR) Medieval Latin rejuvenescere, to become young again, c1631: a renewal of youthfulness or vigor.

- (kinda looks like AA APed) The deliberate, unexplained change of a previously established fact in a work of serial fiction for plot reasons, such as the alteration of a character's age.
AKA "continuity change", "reality shift". Some examples that were found in Tv soaps:
OC, The
- Marissa's 10-year-old sister returned in season 3 as a 15 year old (Willa Holland).
Days of our Lives
- 6 y.o. Belle Black and Philip Kiriakis returned to Salem as 16 year olds (changing their birth years to 1983).
- 8-year-old Sami Brady was aged into a 15 y.o. in 1993 (Alison Sweeney).
- Abby Deveraux was changed from 11 to 17 (14 y.o. Ashley Benson).
All My Children
- Kendall Hart (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was a waifish teen in 1993, despite the fact that she was born c.1970. Fans protested, and so the show's producers immediately aged Kendall to "over 21".

- (AR) Age Shifting: the ability to reverse a being's age.

- (age stasis) Japanese term.
Chinese xianrén, "immortal person" AKA xian "immortal".
- Examples:
"Ikkaku Sennin" (One-horned Immortal) was a Noh play by Komparu Zenchiku (1405-1471).
"Gama Sennin" (Toad Immortal) is a Japanese legend based upon Chinese Liu Hai, a fabled 10th-century alchemist who learned the secret of immortality from the Three-legged Money Toad.

- (tireless search for what may never be found) Neurotransmitter wrongly associated with pleasure AKA well-being. In fact with dopamine it regulates compulsive pleasure-seeking behaviors like addictions. The compulsions can themselves be pleasurable, or at least the anticipation of finding what is being sought.

shadow tropes
- (outline age change, FF AA) older
- (silhouette FF AA) A person's growth shown in outline only.
Life stages clipart.

- (TF) Ability or superpower to change appearance or body structure. Comics examples: Hulkling or Chameleon.

- (TF) Paranormal ability to assume the form of another person, an animal or some other entity such as oneself at another age. See also lycanthropy, therianthropy, werewolf.

- (de-aged appearance) Shoujou, J. Female-like entity in anime/manga works. Usually has strong neotenic, chibi, or super-deformed characteristics. May control magical objects and energy streams. Powerful mystical entities are often disguised as small innocent beings.

skeleton trope
- (pseudo "oa'd" effect) Comic trope used in throwaway gags. To represent that something took a very long time, they show the waiting person has passed on into an (often still standing) skeleton. Usually done in cutaways, but there may also be intermediate "old" aging stages.
- Short film example: CollegeHumor - "Sorry, I'm a Slow Eater" 2018 - vid link - caps - (Kappa)

sleep mode size
- (size reduction AR-like) Tv-Trope. When immensely powerful Anime characters have their power sealed, the artists will draw them in their depowered or "sleep mode" states as tiny, delicate, and incredibly doll like versions of their normal selves, with the wardrobe to match, be it Elegant Gothic Lolita or a more standard Kawaiiko. A normal sized character can be turned into Sleep Mode Size if she has her powers temporarily drained. Another version is the character just looking like a child version of herself. Sometimes the cast knows about only that version. The Reveal will show her to be extremely powerful... and really good looking.

- (male AP flash forward) Archaic term for study of the form of the human body, including growth. male growth - male

Abbr. for: Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome.

sprouting out
- (FF, AP metaphor) Trope.
In comics, cartoons, and other media, a character's growth often happens in awkward, uneven spurts, in which first the legs and then the arms extend, and then the face changes. There may also be foot expansion.
"Girl to Woman" painting in Wolph art exhibit - changing

sprouting tropes
- (uneven AP, sudden growth spurts) leg growth spurt - (Akuoreo)

- (male AP, muscle development) Uneven growth meme - boys

- (growth measurement) - Devices to quickly measure a child's height and/or weight. Also see growth charts - 01 - 02 - 03

Steady State Theory
- (expansion effect) Archaic theory that new matter is constantly being created from "nothing" in the universe.

- (FF puberty) "stretch marks" can form during rapid child growth - skin - skin

Sturgeon's Law
- (low quality of media AP depictions) Adage stating that 99 percent of everything is crap. When it comes to girl to woman AP depictions, Sturgeon was an EXTREME optimist.

suppressed mammaries
- (breast minimization, age disguise) We've all seen it: a popular young star is fairly flat-chested in her most recent role... but then she appears at a live event, and my has she grown! The titular mammaries were quite obviously suppressed for the sake of the role. This was famously done to Judy Garland to make her look younger for the role of Dorothy Gale. If the actress underwent a reasonable length of "developing time", it is not an example of this trope.
- Examples:
Jennette McCurdy was almost a full cup size larger at the Teen Choice awards.
Lazy Town
Julianna Rose Mauriello had to have her growing breasts strapped down at puberty, since Stephanie was supposed to be only 8 years old.
Mickey Mouse Club
Annette Funicello and the other female Mouseketeers had to restrain their burgeoning bosoms, supposedly at Walt Disney's personal insistence.
Family Affair
Buffy in later seasons.
- Patty Maloney wrote that she had to have her chest bound whenever she portrayed a little girl.

- (includes g2w AP CB ban) The strongest force. There are almost no depictions of girls suddenly turning into women, only neotenic furries, shoujos, avatars, or toon gynoids transforming into mature bestials, mystical goddesses, or combat angels (a la Deviantart).

Tanner Stages
- (AP) The stages of growth as seen during puberty - 1
- (AP) excellent AP BE From A Guide to the Practice of Paediatric Endocrinology:
- AP - male puberty stages close ups - ff - ff - male - male
- (AP) medical photography of growth stages 5
- (AP) BE - BE

Tanner Stages
- Series of drawings found on puberty info site shows boys at each of the 5 Tanner Stages - male
- (AP FF) 9
- (AP FF BE) growing girl
- (male puberty growth) Medical photography of the male growth process:
- male - male
- (AP BE) stages - medical (Katsumend) More to come.

teens are short
- (continuity error reduced size illusion) Imagine that you are making a Tv show which features teenagers alongside adults. But wait...these kids are taller than the adult cast! Basically, they don't look immature enough. Average teen boys usually reach their fathers' height at 14, while girls reach their mothers' height at around 12 or so. The average female height in America is 5'5" (164 cm), while the average female height in Japan is 5'2" (158 cm). For males, add about 4-5 inches to those figures. Let's hire the shortest teens possible so we can tell the parents and the offspring apart! (TvTropes)

- (maturity preference) A generally unused term, describing the attraction of younger individuals to older individuals.

temporal duplication
- (age forms) Ability or superpower to bring past and future versions of oneself back to the present. Comics examples: Flashback or Damian Tryp.

ten year wall
- (lack of female puberty timelapse photo projects) Tendency of Growing Girl photo projects to end around age 10, at the start of the Forbidden Zone (Natalie, Madeline, Ellora, Ava Zoe, Schneider, etc). Males do take growth photos of themselves during their adolescence. Other female teens start face timelapse projects after age 14.

TF bounce
- (dedicated AA BE AP) There is only one type. When secondary sexual characteristics are brought forward in time, their rapid "expansion" will cause them to jiggle as part of the fan service. Orthopedic enlargement (limbs, torso) or pubic hair are undepicted - UFO Princess screencaps

- (CB scenes) - TF - TF
- Abbr. for "Transformation". When a being changes into a different form.

Abbr. for "Trans-Gender". A being suddenly changes gender.

- (AP BE) 1st stage of secondary breast development, occurring at the beginning of puberty in girls. Referred to as "breast bud", or Tanner stage 2.

Time Lapse Girls
- (AP videos) - 2007-2010, 230 members.
Deleted Youtube Group featuring almost 1000 videos, all about girls growing into women. It was taken down.
- Archived Youtube Link Page -

time manipulation
- (FF or flashback acceleration) Ability or superpower to affect the flow of time, slowing, accelerating or even stopping it. Comics examples: Kronos or Zoom.

time shifted actor
- (FF AA) When a story spans decades, heavy make-up might let a 30 y.o. actor play age 90, but rarely 10. A Timeshifted Actor will usually be credited as playing 'Young Mr X' or 'Old Ms Y' - (TvTropes)

time shifted actor
- (flashback, flashed forward, 100% AA) Heavy make-up might let a 30 y.o. play 90, but never 10. A Timeshifted Actor will usually be credited as playing "Young Mr X" or "Old Ms Y". An Age Cut may allow the actors to be swapped quickly. Sometimes the necessary resemblance will be achieved by use of a Real-Life Relative. If only a photograph is required, an old picture of the actor/actress will suffice. Compare and Contrast Role Reprisal.

time-lapse photo project
- (AP FF)
heebie-geebie: "My parents videotaped me and my brothers every 3 months, wearing the same type of outfit, standing against the same wall, for 24 years - (my brother was born in '71, until I graduated high school in '95). After I graduated, they spliced it all together, so that they have us growing up in time-lapse photography. It's set to honky-tonk music. It's a wee bit embarrassing, too. There's several awkward years where I'm just standing my leotard..."
mrh: "Also, you have to keep buying new leotards as they grow up."
heebie-geebie: No, leotards can just stretch unflatteringly as you "blossom".
- (AP FF suggestions)
Youtube comments made about adult face close-up time lapse project:
I knew someone who took a picture of their child every day from the day she was born to her wedding day. Talk about weird.
It would only be "changing" if you took a pic of a growing kid each day, rather than an adult. Now THAT would be interesting. It would have been best if this was done with a child, and you could see the kid grow up.. cuz overall.. adults don't change very much
It would be really cool if someone did this their whole life from the day they were born
Try this concept with a child. I think you'll get better results. Then again I take that back because of know what...this is really sick...haha
It would be cooler if it were like a 12 year old girl or boy and you can see them mature or something
Might be a good idea with children to see how they grow and change, as you can't really see much ageing or development clearly here, other than the change of hair etc.
You definitely should continue to do this, do it with all your children and pets as well. That would make a good horror film. It would be better with smaller kids (though they'd have to keep the same expression) cos they would change more.
Yeah, she doesnt change, but still nice. It could be much better if she was younger, like 8-13 yrs kids change their appearance a lot
Yeah I was just thinking that, on a bigger scale from about 10-22 when you change from a child toa fully grown adult, I'd love to see the change, as I think it'd suddenly kick in
There was this guy in England who did that when his daughter was first born till her 3rd birthday it was soo coool to see how much she had changed!!
I took a photo of my 4 yr old every tuesday since the day she was born. I plan to put together a video similar to this when she is about 20. I hope she thinks it's as special as I do.
That is cool. Would love to see a sample over even more time so you can really see how age sets in. Some teen should do this b/c you change so much more physically at that age.
I love it, great idea. Once seen a series of pictures of a little girl wearing the same (at first very much oversized) dress. Her mother took the pics every year at her birthday from age 3 or so until she was 16. Was fun too.
I did something a bit like this, a picture of me every month from when i was 13 until when I was 16 - it was rather cool but im not putting it up on Youtube because I looked awful back then! lol anyway yeh very kwl, like the music too!

- (AP FF) AKA timelapse. Adj. Photography of slow process at intervals to show change. For example, the growth of a girl into a woman.
AP - AP - AP - AP - AP - AP - AP

timeline project
- (flash forward photo series, AP AA effect)
Girls growing into women.
- Grow-Up photo sequences - through the years.

- (AA) c'14 adults dressing in vaguely "child-style" clothing - info story

- (adults mentally acting like children) Fashion/lifestyle theme of people seeking to relive the joys of early childhood while rejecting the harsh adult years.
Elements include pastel colors and oversized soft shapes. Babydoll/lolita dresses, mary-janes, barrettes, ribbed socks, overalls. Fruit-flavored or very sweet sugar sticks, candy necklaces, cotton candy, lollipops. Artists: Melanie Martinez - info link

torn clothes
- (kinda looks like CBed aftermath) Fetish for damaging, ripping or tearing items of clothing - rip

totem pole trench
- (age disguise attempt) overcoat

transformation movies suck (trend)
- (low or no quality AP depictions) Applies to all other media as well. The TF scene is never any good. It's an incidental plot element to drive the story forward. FUCK the story. We want the transformation ability to be the plot. Not as Fetish Fuel, but at a more meaningful level.

transformation scene (trope)
- (dedicated TF AP scene) Heroine battle form age-up expansion - (Attack Team)

transformation taboo (mental block)
- (TF ban) Paranormal phenomena like precognition, telepathy, or clairvoyance do not exist, or are impossible according to the scientific consensus. However, scientists agree these things are vastly more likely than certain other imagined supernatural events, particularly real-life age transformations, with sudden child to adult transformations the very last. See: growth taboo.

Transformation Tuesday
- (FFed AA) c2012. Self shots showing how much someone has changed since the past.

trying on "children's clothes" challenges
- (AA attempts) China, 2021. Social media selfies trend. "BM style" or Uniqlo challenge, inspired by Brandy Melville clothes famous for small sizes. Followup to "A4 waist challenge" and "belly button challenge". Fad where influencers take pictures trying on larger or stretchable "children's clothes" to show off their super slim physiques. Other women expressed outrage at the unreasonable body standards - link - link - link

- (virtual being) Deliberately created imaginary mind entity. Can have any gender or attribute. Said to be part of its creator's mind, it appears to be independently conscious.

Turn Back The Clock
- (AR, AP) TBTC. Website started in 1998 by Uniclock collective as a repository for AR/AP comic scans, other media, original content, and an interactive AR/AP database.

- male
- Little girl likes to wear outgrown clothes - art
- male
- UC top
- (boy height measurement) male

Abbr. for "Undersized Clothing". Personal growth causes clothes to tighten. However, they have not yet burst.
- alternate

uncanny valley
- (age transition) Feeling of discomfort when one is unsure which type of entity one is dealing with. Originally meant to describe the response to increasingly human-like robots. Can also be used to describe the discomfort associated with the transition between any 2 entities that look similar, but have extremely different social roles, such as the change from girl to woman. Mori's modified hypothesis states that as a little girl becomes more mature in her appearance and behavior, the emotional response from bystanders will become increasingly meaningful, until an age is reached where many heterosexual males feel sudden discomfort or even revulsion, unsure whether to think of her as a cute kid or as a sex object. As her appearance becomes indistinguishable from a fully grown, over-18 woman, the emotional response suddenly flips back to positive.
- (FFed) Hermione

undersized clothing project
- (UC photos)
Mostly video stills of young women squeezed into teen and sometimes even kid-sized clothing.
Outgrown Clothes screencaps page

vague age
- (age continuity errors) Tv Trope. When animated characters are deliberatly drawn at ambiguous or inconstant ages, without age transformations taking place. Related to "chibi" phenomenon.
Sailor Moon Hotaru Tomoe, AKA Sailor Saturn, showed odd variations of age depending on who she was with. Some fans believed she has the power to de-age/age at will.
Happy Tree Friends are whatever age is necessary for the cartoon to work. A handful of characters are always portrayed as adults.
Animal Yokocho anime (or Ani Yoko) has a super mature 6 year old.
- (

- (TF reaction) Meta-normal feeling when something profoundly implausible is presented as real. Sometimes seen in popularized SF. Numinous or hyperthrill, related to gaslighting or the obsessive fever of falling in love. This may be a reason for this site.

video mash-up
- (kinda looks like AP) AKA "mashup" Off-topic scenes that are technically not AP, but portions can be interpreted as part of aging scene. With creative editing, out of context "found video" can be used to simulate transformation scenes. Added here due to critically extreme shortage of CB/AP or real life growth sequences.
teen daughter CB
UC scene costume shrinking scene looks like growth spurt
flashback - FF

voluntary shapeshifter (trope)
- (dedicated TF BE AP) A shapeshifter who can fully control their transformation process at will, instead of it just happening to them like a natural force. There are many kinds, but we prefer humanshifters, and even better ageshifters - future INFO

Wall, The
- (OA transition) "The Wall" When a woman suddenly loses sexual attractiveness when hitting menopause at middle age. Does NOT apply for Old Age fans.

weight gain fetish
- (adult obesity "UC") The only "outgrown" clothes images one may find online are of severely overweight adults wearing clothes that are the right length for them, but too tight.

Werner's Disease
- (OA decrepitude symptoms) It was reported that a boy from Kazakhstan became wrinkled overnight at the age of 4.

Westermarck effect
- (coming of age) Reverse sexual imprinting: When 2 people live in close domestic proximity during their first few years, both are desensitized to later sexual attraction. It operates from birth to age 6. When a brother and sister are brought up separately, they may find one another highly sexually attractive when they meet as adults (genetic sexual attraction).

wild child
- (coming of age, flash forward) AKA feral children. Literary theme in which child grows up alone in natural setting. Examples:
The Capacity and Extent of Human Understanding Exemplified in the Extraordinary Case of Automathes
(male coming of age) Rev John Kirkby, 1745. The extraordinary case of a young nobleman who was accidentally left in his infancy upon a desolate island and continued 19 years in that solitary state, separate from all human society.
The Little Savage
(male coming of age) Frederick Marryat. "I was now, by Jackson's account, nearly fourteen years old. It might be fourteen more, or double that time might elapse, before I should again fall in with any of my fellow-creatures."
The Little Savage
(male coming of age) 1959 swashbuckler. Captain Tiburon is saved by the only inhabitant of an island, a young boy named Frank (Terry Rangno, with Robert Palmer as the adult Frank). They save a comely maiden.
The Wild Man of the Woods. A Story of The Island of Sumatra
(male coming of age) AKA "L'enfant des bois". Elie Berthet, 1868. 8-year-old son of a planter is kidnapped and brought up for some years by orang-utan.
Ambrose and Eleanor, or, The adventures of two children deserted on an uninhabited island
(coming of age) 1796, Ducray-Duminil, Francois Guillaume & Lucy Peacock (trans)
New Eden, The
(coming of age) Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne, 1892. A scientist isolates a boy and girl on 2 remote tropical islands for experimental purposes. "A Robinsonade of feral man, embodying a philosophy of social development. Surprisingly frank for its period.

Wild Girl of Issaux, The
- (flashed forward, possible UCed) She was lost in a forest snowstorm at age 7 while out with friends, and was found again as a 16 year old c. 1719, grown up to a normal height. Like so many feral children, she wasn't happy to be reunited with human society and longed to return to the wilderness.

wish I was older
- (maturity desire) Real-life and fictional trope - dreaming

- (TF embellishment) Derisive term used by skeptics of paranormal claims. Such stories tend to be made more interesting with each retelling.
However, due to the EXTREME shortage of any content, on this site all age-related paranormal claims are welcome, no matter how vague.

worse than worthless (saying)
- (AP depictions/glimpses of ultra low quality) See: AA curse; fantasy curse.
Things are really bad right now, but it was obvious since the beginning. There's almost no good live-action or real-life based AP out there. What little there is, is accidental and unintentional. Is there any hope?

Worth 1000
- (AR AA) Popular online photo modification community for humorous or artistic reasons. Photoshop contests - 1 - male - mix - 4 - 5

- (flash forward) c2010s. Wuntsah is simply an idea: Once a month, you take a photo of yourself and post it with a brief summary of what happened to you. Over time, you see how you've subtly changed, and have a very simple chronology of when things happened in your life. Track your personal, social, and physical growth visually through periodic photos, using whichever frequency (wuntsah day, wuntsah month, wuntsah year) you feel most comfortable with.

zoom-out effect
- (FF time-lapse) n. Paradox re. long-term photo projects. A growing person photographed over time can appear to shrink when in fact they're getting bigger as the camera gradually pulls backward through the years. The opposite effect will happen as female puberty approaches, to avoid showing the breasts developing (Lotte Hofmeester etc.).

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal