Aging Transformation Scenes

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Abiku concept
- (incarnation cycle, age stasis, APed) Yoruba, West Africa. Spirit child enters and exits life at will, refusing to grow up. At the appropriate time, the Abiku infant lies on the bed beside the mother, and is suddenly transformed into a grown-up man or woman.
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe (Okonkwo's daughter, Ezinma).
The Famished Road Ben Okri.
The Icarus Girl Helen Oyeyemi.
Beloved Toni Morrison.

- (male APs) Mythological hero. His mother prayed to Zeus that Acarnan and his brother Amphoterus grow to manhood in a single day to avenge their father's death. Transformed into fully-grown men by Hebe, the brothers then killed their father's murderers as well as Phegeus and his wife.
Athena also grew up instantly.

- (demon age stasis) Indian mythology. Ghost or spirit of little girl who comes down from the hills at night to bring doom.

age anomaly
- (age change effect) When people suddenly appear to have changed ages.
12/2001: "I went to see LOTR part 1 last night. There was this really hot chick sitting next to me, but like, every time I looked at her, she looked older or younger, like, weird.. I mean, first she was 16, then she was 30, then she was 20, then she's 30 again.... weird.. twilight zone stuff heh."

age demons
- (APed) Tanya, a girl from Ghana's Eastern Region, was 14 years old when her father raped her. Tanya's family pressured her to drop the complaint, telling her that she was possessed by demons which would turn her into an adult woman at night and make her seduce her own father. When she refused, she was ejected from the home.

age stasis effects
- (male adult face) USSR 1978. Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski was the only person to have stuck his head into a particle accelerator and survived. The side of his face burned by the proton beam has not visibly aged in the years since the accident.

Age-delusion: (age-misidentification of chronic schizophrenic patients)
- (older/younger age beliefs) 1994 research article, Tsuruta S., Jikokai Hospital, Japan.
Some mental patients chronically mistake their age.
- Underestimators: patients insist they are much younger than their real age. In some cases further subjective aging does not occur.
- Overestimators: patients believe they are much older than their real age.
- Vacillators: patients sometimes underestimate and sometimes overestimate their age. A subgroup gives two different fixed ages (one over and one under their real age).
Other organic brain disease patients also mistake their age. Temporal recognition disorder may be their primary symptom, while schizophrenic patients have abnormal time experience. The patient wants to objectify and manipulate their age as a number. Believing in their subjective age seems to allow them to reunify or rewrite their own past history and gain some hope for the future.

- (AP & AR TF abilities)
- "...the lead singer of [alternative metal band] Lacuna Coil [Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia, 6/6/1972] is a age shifter she can change to whatever age she wants" - (according to Eyeno)
- We urgently need more examples!

- (AP/AR TFed) In France the mononymic singer/actress Jenifer (Dadouche-Bartoli, b.1982/11/15) seems to appear as her own younger clone on Tv shows sometimes - (according to Gr Gr)

- (male adult stasis) Moses met the prophet Khidr, AKA Green Man. He was immortal since he drank from the water of life 5000 years ago. Guardian of the water of immortality (Farid al-Din Attar, "The Conference of the Birds"). Also linked to the Green Knight from Arthurian legends, dragon-slaying Saint George, Wandering Jew legends.

Alessandro di Cagliostro
- (adult age stasis) 1743-1795? Self proclaimed Count, alias of Italian Adventurer and occultist Giuseppe Balsamo. He married the beautiful 14 year old Lorenza Feliciana, who aided him in his iniquities. In Germany he exhibited a miracle "elixir vitae", which gave perpetual life and never ending youth, grace and sexual vigor. They claimed to be hundreds of years old.

Alexander Romance, The
- (adult rejuv/stasis) c.5th Century+
Includes Alexander the Great's discovery of the Fountain of Youth in India.
- Inspired elements of: Knight of the Swan (c.12th C.), Bestiaire of Philippe de Thaon (c.12th C.), The Arabian Nights, etc.

- (adult rejuv and stasis) Honey-flavored, mythical food of ancient Greek and Roman gods; Greek word for immortality. Was supposed to give immortality to mortals and gods alike when consumed; often with nectar, drink of the gods; also the name of perfumed anointing oil used to prevent corruption of the living and to preserve the dead from decay; Iliad, Aeneid, Metamorphoses.

American Indian Fairy Tales (book)
- (female age increase or AP, RN) Larned, Schoolcraft, 2003.
Adapted from legends collected by ethnologist Henry R. Schoolcraft in the Lake Superior region in 1839. Seven stories to delight youngsters and lovers of Native American myth and legend.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Anasuya legend
Guru Charitra (book)
- (adults to babies AR) Shree Swami Samarth, Vishwa Kalyan Kendra, 2008.
"...turned into babies. She then fed them with all the motherly solicitude and love, sang lullabies for them and put them to sleep in a cradle. When Atri Rishi returned home, to his amazement, he found Anasuya fondling the three babies..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male AR, male unbirth & reborn) AKA Anusuya - INFO PAGE
The wives of the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are jealous of the world's most virtuous woman. They demand their husbands try to subvert her. The Divine Trinity asks Anasuya to serve them lunch in the nude. She can't disobey, but splashes them with magic water to turn them into small children first. The three goddesses beg her to restore their husbands. For her reward Anasuya rebirths them as a three headed baby.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Ancient tales in modern Japan: (book)
- (ARed) an anthology of Japanese folk tales - Indiana University Press.
Fanny Hagin, 1985. 347 folk tales from the standard Japanese reference work, the Meii. A vivid picture of centuries of Japanese folk culture. ln - th

animated true stories (short toons genre)
- (age/growth "anomalies"? FF/stasis) c2019+
Animated mini-documentary genre, illustrated depictions of true stories some of which were submitted by teens. Short toons where narrators describe the extraordinary things that happened to them. There may be future stories with age changes?
- Meet My Story channel link - My Story Animated channel link - Episode titles screencaps
- Mom is always 20 link - I was born old link - 50 but look 20 link - adult baby link - 14 but my biological age is 63 link

animated true stories
- (male AA poofs) - Story Time Animated.
"I Can Look Any Age I Want, its a curse", 2022/02 - Story link - - (Tazz)

animated true stories
- (male young adult "OA'd") Meet My Story - "My Touch Makes People Instantly Old", 2022/08.
Whenever Rosamund touched a person, they quickly began to age (shown or described only once). Because of this she often had to change schools.
Video link - - screencaps
- (accelerated growth) Story Time Animated - "I can't stop growing", 2022/08.
She had a medical condition that sometimes caused her body to start growing at immense speed without warning. Once the trigger was identified (exposure to dairy products) her condition was soon brought under control.
Video link @02:00.

animated true stories
- (rejuv, AA OA) "The More I Sleep The Younger I Become" 2021/12.
Story Time Animated - link - - (Tazz)

- (FF TF) Daughter of Zeus and Dione. In some tellings, she washed ashore in foam or a scallop shell in the form of a girl and "transformed" into an astoundingly beautiful woman.

Apple of Youth and other Russian folk stories, The (book)
- (possible rejuv, ARed or AS) Yeoman, Swiderska, 1968.
Four traditional Russian tales - (Jeffr_2bya)

Atacama Humanoid
- (growth stasis) Chile. The mummy is only 6 inches long. Dr. Lachman concluded the humanoid lived to be 6-8 years of age by examining the epiphyseal plates in the knees.

- (reverse lifespan AR) Greek mythology describes sons of the soil who grow out of the soil as plants do. These Autochthonous come into being during times of great change when the whole universe starts moving backward. During these reversals, people grow younger and younger until they are babies and then finally disappear - (Jeffr_2bya)

Banach–Tarski paradox
- (size increase) A mathematical object like a sphere could be disassembled into a finite number of disjoint subsets, which could be assembled differently to create two copies of the original object.

Bantu myths and other tales (book)
- (male AR) Jan Knappert, 1977.
Spirit-man changed into a baby - (Jeffr_2bya)

Beira, Queen of Winter
- (age stasis, old aged) Dark Beira (Cailleach Bheara), mother of all gods in Scotland, reigned each winter. Beira did not die of old age because every spring she drank the magic waters of the Well of Youth which bubbles up in the Green Island of the West. On the first of the lengthening days of spring, Beira sat beside the Well of Youth, waiting for the dawn. If a bird drank first, or a dog barked ere she began to drink, dark old Beira would crumble into dust. As soon as Beira tasted the magic water, in silence and alone, she began to grow young again. She rose up as a beautiful girl with long hair yellow as buds of broom, cheeks red as rowan berries, and blue eyes that sparkled like the summer sea in sunshine. As each month went past, however, Beira aged quickly. She reached full womanhood in midsummer, and when autumn came on her brows wrinkled and her beauty began to fade. When the season of winter returned once again, she became an old and withered hag, and began to reign again as the aged but fierce Queen Beira, fearsome to look upon. She imprisoned Bride, the youthful goddess of spring and growth.
Once a year, when the night on which she was transformed comes round, Ness (Nessa) arises out of the river in her girl form, and sings a sad sweet song in the pale moonlight.

Bible Companion On Hiv/aids
- (AP TF, AP TG) c2011 online text.
"... during one of my missionary campaigns to the city of Lagos, the confession of a 12-year-old demonized marine spirit possessed girl stunned my heart. This girl had demonic power to transform herself into an adult male personality. She would take on the face of any of the handsome pastors in her Church at night. She would move with the person's personality to have sexual intercourse with any beautiful lady of her choice amongst her Church members.
Sometimes too, she may decide to drop her own body and transformed herself into a female adult sister of her church. She will in the beauty, gaiety and personality of the body she had assumed, moved into the house of a brother, likely one of her Church evangelists also, to consume her lustful passion with that minister.
According to her confession, she takes delight in doing those dirty things at will."

- (age stasis, AR, AP) AKA biokenisis. The use of kinetic energy to rearrange, or control genes inside the body. Shape-shifting, therianthropy. When age changes are involved, biokinesis can be related to time manipulation AKA chronokenisis, the ability to control time or the perception of time.

birthday effect
- (child AP/AR beliefs) 2002 study.
From "When astronomy, biology and culture converge: Children's conceptions about birthday parties"
Rama Klavir, David Leiser, Ben-Gurion University.
The authors investigated the development of children's understanding of birthdays from ages 4 to 9.
Young children (up to age 5) very generally believe that a birthday causes growing.
"...she will give him a birthday party ... again and again until he is older than everybody else ... He will be bigger (or older). He will be bigger than everybody ... it is a good idea ... It's not good to have so many birthdays so close together, because ... he will get to his age suddenly and the kids will start envying him, and all sorts of trouble can start ... instead of growing older and older, he would like now to grow younger and younger ... If he wants to, it's possible. He will be younger ... it's good that way, because he won't be old anymore."

Bloei (book)
- (coming of age myths) Marita De Sterck, 2010, anthropology.
"Blossoming". 60 myths from around the world about how "girls" become women - cover

body elongation and expansion
- (adult sudden size increases, RN)
Great Amherst Mystery - Nova Scotia, 1878: 18 y.o. Esther Cox's body repeatedly swelled up to an abnormal size during Poltergeist hauntings. The physicians could do nothing. In a short time the trouble always subsided.
Katie Cook seance - The medium's arm elongated to such an extent it reached the other side of the table. The limb must have stretched 3 times its natural length.
- The mediums Frank Herne, J. J. Morse, Eusapia Palladino, and Rosina Thompson also demonstrated body elongation. An arm was said to have grown six inches.

body elongation
- (adult extension) "I once watched my leg grow about an inch." 2/5/09,
6 years ago: "I think I should have you pray for my hip."
She sat me in a chair with my legs stretched out on a chair in front of me so that the difference in length was apparent. Then she prayed and three of us (her 9 y.o. daughter was there) watched my other leg grow... literally, right before our eyes. Finally the woman said to me, with as much shock in her voice as I felt, "did you see that?" We all nodded.
I remember what it felt like too...I think I would expect it to feel like stretching if your limb grew, but it actually felt like a sort of pushing or sliding...from the inside, along my femur. That was the part that had me dumbfounded even more than the watching...the feeling. So I stood up then, and as soon as I did I knew I was taller. I guess that makes sense, my leg grew, but that surprised me too. I felt taller.
I definitely have no doubt that it happened and that it was definitely outside of naturally occurring incidents, but here's the thing. My hip pain never got any is aching right now as I sit here typing. I don't really think of it as a "miracle". It's more of a dog and pony magic trick to me.
But it did happen. When Steve got home I made him measure me. I couldn't get over the "taller" feeling. I measure 5'8" now. My medical records and driver's license insist that I'm only 5'7", but I can show you otherwise. I'm taller. I just don't know why. How's that for strange and random? - (Jen)

body elongation
- (adult height increase, RN) article in "Light" (1902/05/10, p. 223), John E. Purdon:
"On one occasion in my quarters at the Sandown Hospital, Isle of Wight, I held the feet of Miss Florence Cook firmly against the floor, and can certify that there was no lifting of the heels, either with or without her boots, and that there was such an elongation that my brother-in-law, the late assistant-surgeon, Mark A. Kilroy, whose hands were on her shoulders, cried out 'She is dragging me up to the ceiling.' As he was over 5'9" in height there could have been no posturing that would account for his experience. Further, I most distinctly remember Miss Cook coming back with a jerk to her normal stature. My wife, who was present and heard her brother make the above remark, fully endorses my statement."

body elongation
- (apparent adult size increase) "Lemp Mansion" - Listed as one of St. Louis's most haunted places by "Spirits of St. Louis" group. One of the tour participants was standing in the doorway in front of the light. Suddenly she started to grow taller, and then something moved out from the side. It was a shadow person. (Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, "Stories From Beyond")

body elongation
- (mostly adult size increases) The Neoplatonists observed it in certain obsessed men. Jamblichus (c363 CE): "The person of the subject has been known to dilate and tower to supernormal height."
- J. J. von Gorres, "La Mystique Divine, Naturelle et Diabolique" (1854): "One night while the blessed Ida of Louvain (13th Century) occupied a bed she assumed monstrous proportions until she was lying in all but a very narrow strip of the bed. So great was the strain that the skin of one of her legs burst and she had a scar there from then on. Suddenly, her body began to diminish until at last it was reduced to an extremely minute size. The phenomenon was repeated as she returned from church with her friend."

body elongation
- (unseen child growth) - stretching - stretched-out miracles - "stretch"
- Simulated examples based on various "legendary" claims only. May be related to regular growth processes: Body elongation - Body elongation

body elongation
- (unseen height growth) Prayer miracle, c2009. God causes little girl to grow 1 mm taller - screen caps - video link
- (unseen rapid child growth miracles) Young girls can be made to grow a few inches taller through prayers. In the excitement we can't really see the extent of the child size increase.
growth - growth - growth - growth

body elongation
- (unseen sudden preteen height increase) c2012 miracles - screencaps
- (unseen TF growth miracle) - A short girl was made to increase slightly in height through the power of prayer inside a darkened room.
height - height - video link

body elongation
- Dr. Strickler had Christine open her eyes and make eye contact. The impression of Christine's weight on the ottoman shrank slightly. It was as if her physical weight had been lessened. At the same time she grew taller sitting right in front of me. Her shoulders straightened and leveled, her lumbar curve became more pronounced, the back of her head drew upward, tilting her chin down slightly and straightening her cervical spine and upper back. The circles under her eyes disappeared; the lines at the creases of her nose and mouth softened, her face actually became thinner. She effortlessly stood up and walked. Step by step I watched as first her limp dissipated, her lumbar curve in the low back normalized, her upper back and neck curves normalized, and her posture became perfect.
- Christine and I came face to face in each other's way. I was stunned. "Oh my God! I can look you in the eye now!" Christine just laughed and said she had been measured at the doctor's office just this week. She measured 5 foot 6 and 1/2 inches tall [more than 1 inch taller]. I think she looks 10 years younger. The autistic children she works with in her classroom were looking at her strangely.

body elongation
- Sudden height increase.
- (male adult growth) D. D. Home would elongate, standing against a wall, while one man held his feet, another his waist, and another watched his face. Home's height would then increase from 5'10" to 6'6", both heights being marked on the wall. Physicist William Crookes' report, which appeared in the "Quarterly Journal of Science" in July 1871, was entirely favorable.
- (unseen preteen growth spurt) A young girl is made to grow several inches taller through divine intervention. vid link - screencaps

Book of Exodus
- (AA legend) 6th century BC. When the escaped Hebrew slaves were lost in the desert for 40 years, the children's clothes grew with them.

Book of Ezekiel
- (metaphorical FF) God speaks of Israel as the figure of a woman in 16:7 - "I made you thrive like a plant of the field. You grew up and developed and entered puberty. Your breasts had formed and your hair had grown, yet you were stark naked." 16:8 - "Then I passed by and saw you, and you were indeed old enough for love. So I spread My cloak over you and covered your nakedness."

breast expansion
- (real life UC) - ripped

- (OA glimpse) Mara the Demon of Evil sent his beautiful sexy daughters into battle. The girls did their best to seduce the Buddha, but he remained steadfast. The thangka image shows two young women with large breasts and an old woman. This symbolizes that the beautiful girls turned into old women, just as the arrows turned into flowers, and thus remained ineffective in seducing the Buddha.

Caer Ibormeith
- (TF) Irish Legend of a beautiful swan maiden. Called "a powerful, many-shaped girl" because of her ability to change her shape. She spent a year in human form and alternate years in the form of a swan.

- (demon age stasis) Half-demon or half-fairy children.
Geoffrey of Monmouth, Arthurian legends, 12th century: Merlin was said to be the son of an incubus.
DC Comics, 1980: Raven's powerful magic comes from her demon father Trigon.

celebrity years
- (male adult age stasis) old pictures

- (adult age stasis) Moon goddess, China. She flew there after stealing the elixir of immortality from her husband Hou Yi. She lives with her rabbit companion Yutu, who pounds the elixir of immortality in a mortar for the goddess.

Chief of the Herok'a, The
- (adult rejuvenation) As retold by Richard L. Dieterle.
The young man was not looking forward to the conjugal consummation, for this old woman was really a mess. When he came back, there unexpectedly, was a woman of incomparable beauty clothed like one of the spirits. The wife of the son of the Chief of the Herok'a is also a Little Child Spirit. She clearly demonstrates the propensity to alter her adult age.

Child of Hale
- (male CB) John Middleton (1578-1623), the Child of Hale, was 9ft 3in tall. He was said to have been bewitched after falling asleep on the sands one evening, and awoke to find he had burst out of his clothes. link

child of the woods
- (preteen size increase) Appalachian story about a ghost in the woods that looks like a small child who asks you to carry it on your back to safety. As you carry it, it'll start getting heavier and heavier with each step. And if you look back over your shoulder... well, apparently nobody's lived to say what exactly they saw.

Christian Science
- (adult rejuvenation, adult age stasis)
From "The century illustrated monthly magazine" Vol34, 1887.
- Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy: The perpetuation of youth and the abolition of death.
"Man should grow younger as he grows older ... As we think so are we. By keeping the mind young we have a perfect guarantee for continued youthfulness of body. This new system will make us younger at seventy than at seventeen."
"Believing that she still lived in the same hour that parted her from her lover, she took no note of years, but daily stood before the window, watching for his coming. In this mental state she remained young. Having no appearance of age, she literally grew no older. Some American travelers saw her when she was seventy-four, and supposed her a young lady. Not a wrinkle or gray hair appeared, but youth sat gently on cheek."
Asked to judge her age, and being unacquainted with her history, each visitor conjectured that she must be under twenty.
...the delusion among the insane that they are young ... independent of time and of this world, is very common; and the most painfully paradoxical sights that I have ever witnessed have been men and women, toothless, denuded of hair, and with all the signs of age, declaring that they were young girls and engaged to be married to presidents and kings and even to divine beings.
But ...the number who show no signs of age until fifty, sixty, or even seventy years have passed, is by no means small in the aggregate...
"What do you suppose my age to be now? " said the gentleman. "Thirty," said the physician. "I am sixty-nine," was the reply, which proved to be the fact.
Mrs. Eddy continues: "Another lady at ninety had new teeth,- incisors, cuspids, bicuspids, and one molar." Such instances as these are not uncommon, but are generally a great surprise ... cases of second sight have occurred at intervals ... the progress of old age had been so great that the person had but a few months left in which to "see as well as ever they did..."
Some famous actors and actresses ... have maintained an astonishing youthfulness of appearance down to nearly three-score years and ten. John Wesley at seventy-five, not only presented the appearance of a man not yet past the prime of life, but ... had the undiminished energy, vivacity, melody and strength of voice which accompany youth. Nor at eighty-five had he exhibited much change ...resides a professional man nearly seventy years of age, whose teeth, complexion, color, hair, voice, and mind show no signs of his being over forty-five years of age.
... some who saw Mrs. Eddy at the age of seventy-four supposed her to be under twenty...

chronomorph experiment
- (ageshifter ability) rel: Ganzfeld noise effect. A girl standing on a very sensitive scale that could measure the tiniest weight changes could learn to mentally manipulate the fluctuations to slightly increase or decrease her apparent weight and age... and eventually grow up and down in seconds.

Chukchee Mythology
- (male accelerated growth) Book by Waldemar Bogoras
"The infant was so heavy he was hardly able to carry it home. In three days the infant walked about and grew to be a boy. On the fourth day the boy wanted to go to the reindeer-herd." - (Jeffr_2bya)

Clarence E. Willard
- (male adult height/size increases) 1882-1962.
Billed as the "Man Who Grows", he was one of "Ripley's Strange People in Person", who appeared at Odditoriums. "A man who grew before your eyes, who could stretch out and add 6 inches to his height."

Classic American ghost stories (book)
- (adult stasis) "Elixir of life" story.
200 years of ghost lore. Purportedly true stories from newspapers, journals, magazines. Deborah L. Downer, 2008.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male AP) 3rd Century Legend. Brother of King Antigonus of Macedonia. Phlegon says that Craterus experienced infancy, youth, marriage, fatherhood, and dotage before he attained his 8th birthday.

creepypasta (genre)
- (AR) c2016. For one reason or another, I've been finding I'm really enjoying AR horror stories as of late. The concept is that the stories are somewhat presented as true events - link - link - (AncientOnly)

- (AP) Sort of urban legends, meant to be really scary or really fake. A popular kind is a "lost episode" of a classic kids show with a very dark tone.
Spongebob: "Squidward's suicide". Simpsons: "Bart's death"... etc. It usually involves finding the episode on an old VHS at a yard sale or thrift store.
We learn time has passed, and the kids are supposedly shown aged to adults. The episode begins with them as kids, and at the end they have aged to adults - (Tazz)

- (adult rejuvenation promise) 22nd Century? Deceased persons who are frozen today may be brought back and restored with future technology.

Ctesias the Cnidian
- (age delay) 4th C. BC. He wrote about "Indica", where the elderly sometimes made it to 200.
Related legends: Hyperboreans, the ageless peoples of the North.

David Hathaway
- (growth legend) No 40 Summer 2006. I will never forget one girl in Australia: 25 years old, her spine deformed, so ashamed she would not come for prayer. I went to her, reached out my hand, and instantly God healed her. She grew 4 inches in height! So great was the miracle and she was now so radiant, the next night she was greeting everyone at the door! A young reporter asked me how such things could happen.

Demon Hunter Society, The
- (AA unseen spectral age forms) "The Phoenix Shadow", 2014.
A good family is bothered by shadow figures, the apparition of a little girl that morphs into an adult and then a demon, and disturbs them while they sleep. Great EVP's! - link

Denali legend
- (age form accelerated) Yako set off to find a wife. He stole a little girl which angered the Raven Chief. Sitting in the canoe while her Chief hurls spears that turn waves into mountains, she magically "grew up" into a woman, and makes really good smoked salmon for Yako.

Duala Fables
- (AP BEd) Book "snippet view", access disabled by search engines: "...But when they took the girl out, they were astonished at her appearance; because when the girl was stolen, she had no breasts yet, she was still a child. But when the father took her out of the bag, the breasts were fallen. ..."

Ed and Lorraine Warren (paranormal investigators)
- (adult slight decrepitude effect) Inspiration for "The Conjuring" movie, 2013. In 1971, Carolyn Perron moved into a dilapidated farmhouse. Once model beautiful, she "aged" drastically after moving in, and began to dress and speak like someone in the 18th century.

Encyclopedia of Occultism
- (unknown AR/AP) Lewis Spence. (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult age stasis) Greek myth. Eos' sister Selene, the moon, fell in love with a mortal, and carefully asked Zeus to freeze Endymion just as he was at that moment - so she had an ever-sleeping eternal Bishounen for company.

- (APed, adult age forms, OA) Sky goddess, wife of the sun, most respected goddess of the Navaho.
- She grew into a full-grown woman within 18 days of couple taking her to her new home.
- She progresses through age to age to become an old woman, then turns into a young woman again. She passes through an endless stream of lives, always changing but never dying.

- (AA age forms) Amerindian goddess.
Attractive Native American woman appearing any age between 12 and 80, most often wearing multi-color dress. Ancestral mother of Navajo and Apache peoples, AKA Changing Woman because she changes age at will by walking into the horizon until she meets herself coming back. Coyote the trickster finds her, a baby wrapped in clouds. She grows up in 18 days, feeding on sun, clouds, and flower pollens. Takes part in Navajo and Apache childbirth and puberty ceremonies - (Pat) - th

Fairy legends of the French provinces (book)
- (male adult rejuved) "The little hunchback" Martha Ward Carey, 1887.
A dying King is given some elixir of adult youth and restored to full vigour and health.
"He gave his father some of the water which restores [adult] youth; the king became [a] young [man] again immediately and got up out his sick-bed - (Jeffr_2bya)

fasting girls
- Art

Fasting girls
- (body control) Victorian term for usually preadolescent females claimed to survive indefinitely without consuming any food or other nourishment. Fasting girls also claimed to have special religious and/or magical powers. The ability was attributed to some saints during the Middle Ages, including St. Catherine and Liduine of Schiedam. Numerous cases were reported during the Victorian era, regarded by believers as miraculous. Sarah Jacob, the "Welsh fasting girl," claimed not to have eaten any food at all after the age of 12.

Folk literature of the Chamacoco Indians (book)
- (male AR) Wilbert, Simoneau, Canedo, 1987.
Collection of Indian stories from the Chamacoco.
... and finally he went as well. He passed very near the tree, rubbing hard against it. He ended up looking like a baby, with the legs of a baby. But as time passed he began to grow again, and the others began to age.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Folktales from Northern India (book)
- (male adult rejuv) Crooke, Chaube, Naithani, 2006.
An old man is made young again after eating some black rice - (Jeffr_2bya)

ghost AP/AR
- (age forms) I found time to meditate again last night and met one of my guides....a young girl dressed in white like a 1st communion dress, long curly dark hair, and brown eyes. I asked "can a young girl be my guide?" She tilted her head and laughed. Then she morphed into a grown woman briefly, then back into the young girl. I think my guide was showing me that no, she's not really a young girl, but that's just how we prefer her to appear... (Daughtie)

ghost AR/AP
- (posthumous age shifts) Spectral entities are sometimes reported to change apparent ages.
"My mom lost her life-force at age 89 in 1992. The next morning I awoke, and my mom was still there. She said, "Son, do you have any idea how beautiful death is?" It took me a minute, but I noticed that she looked much younger and seemed to have a strong, healthy glow around her. It seemed that each minute that went by on that first day after her death, she kept getting happier and happier. Also, she really seemed to be growing younger and younger. By the end of that first day, she looked about 45 and had the energy to match.
The morning of the second day, she looked and acted as though she were about 30 years old. She was so beautiful, and simply glowing with excitement about life - or should I say, death. She said to me first, "How do you like me at this age? Do you think I look good?"
Naturally, my heart opened, and I told her that she was gorgeous. She said that she decided that she didn't like being old and was making herself younger.
As I awoke on the fourth day, my mom had been sitting on the edge of my bed, and she appeared about twelve years old. I remember being startled. I knew it was my mom, but it seemed so strange to see her as a child. I said to her, "What are you doing? This is ridiculous!"
She said, "I agree with you, twelve is too young." And so over the next two or three hours she stopped getting younger and began to grow older. She quit when she reached about eighteen years old.
Mom said, "Look at me. This is perfect. I loooove this age." She was absolutely beautiful and sexy. I had never thought of my mom in this way before. It was as though her life was just beginning. And in a very real manner, it was. I knew that she was about to be born in another world." (Drunvalo)

ghost baby
- (infant size increase TF) Japanese Yokai takes the form of an abandoned baby crying on the roadside. If some poor fool actually picks it up, it suddenly grows huge, crushing them to death under its bulk.

- (male AP) Vietnam. Legend of a 3 year old boy who is believed to have grown up suddenly to defeat Chinese invaders in the 10th Century BC. His mother prepared large jars of rice which he ate until the house was barren of food. As he ate he grew, and as he grew the neighbors brought jar after jar of rice and much fruit, meat, and vegetables to help him grow even more. The villagers brought woven cloth and fashioned garments, but he grew so fast that they burst, and they had to enlarge them again and again. He used a suit of iron armor and an iron helmet fit for a warrior 10 truong tall.

Gospel of Judas, The
- (male AR legend) 4th century. According to National Geographic Channel, Jesus occasionally appeared as a boy to his apostles.
- (growth TF) Finally, I laid my hands on her and I commanded the foot to become normal and the leg to grow, and suddenly, right before my eyes, her foot became normal, her leg grew 5 inches and her spine became straight. Totally healed!

growth spurts
- (size increase/elongation) "A young girl grows up overnight."
Every youngster experiences an epiphany that is their right of passage into adult life. Mine happened in 1971 when I was 11.
Looking in a mirror, I saw a strange face looking back at me. Something was different. I was older and wiser. Instead of being "found" by Hell or Heaven, I felt as though I had lost something. Looking in the mirror again, I suddenly got the joke - and it was on me! Laughing harder and harder, I leaned up against my growth chart and saw that during the night, I had grown a whole full inch! - (Drusilla1)

growth spurts
"A few years ago, a high school girl suddenly began to grow taller. She went from 5'5" to 5'8" in just one month. Then she grew from 5'8" to 5'11". The doctor could not find anything wrong, and she shot up from 5'11" to 6'1". Three years later she met a college student who was 6'5" and they were married. Do you know what her future husband was praying for? While he was in high school he was praying for a tall wife. When the father found out he said, "Now I know why she was growing."

- (accelerated development) "The Coconut Girl" Wemale and Alune origin myth, Seram island, the Malukus, Indonesia.
Ameta found a girl he named Hainuwele. He wrapped her in a sarong and brought her home. She grew to maturity with astonishing rapidity. Hainuwele had a remarkable talent: when answering the call of nature she excreted valuable items.

- (age appearances) Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and fertility; also represents physical regeneration. In the myths, she shifted ages to enjoy companionship with other generations - thus, the cougar consciousness.

- (AP) The Havasupais of the Havasu Canyon have a legend that they are descended from the daughter of Tochopa, who was fastened inside a hollow tree. After floating in a log for many days - so long that she grew from a girl into a woman - the log settled near a junction of the Little Colorado. Soon she felt the desire for maternity.

- (age stasis) Greek goddess of forgiveness and youthful bloom.
From Greek word for youth or prime of life. Hebe symbolized vivacity, elan and beauty characterizing the brief tender period of human life. Her duty was to offer nectar and ambrosia to the gods, the food that fully protected them from time. Thus the gods remained strong and beautiful.
- She lost her position as the result of a fall which exposed her in an indecent posture. Her nakedness shocked the gods, and this unseemliness being considered ill-matched to the manners of the Olympians, she was replaced by Ganymede, distinguished among mortals for his extraordinary beauty, who charmed even Zeus himself.
- Hebe was betrothed to Hercules, which guaranteed his eternal adult youth, safe from all ills. Legend has it that Hercules intervened with his wife to have his nephew Iolaus restored to youth.
- Juventas was the name of Hebe's Roman counterpart. In art Hebe was portrayed as a "young girl" wearing a sleeveless dress.
- (Ricky) ln - th

- (young/old age appearances) - AKA Hekate - Article link - All Goddesses are one Goddess with three faces, or phases of life - the Maiden, Mother and Crone - (Jane Ellen Harrison, "Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion", 1903).
  Three-faced Hekate has become equated with this triple archetype since then - (Keith943)

- (adult youth prolongation) Report from a journey to the Orient (or Ethiopia) about a violet-scented spring. Those who bathe in it live to 120.

- (AA AP) - art

- (growth spurts) Every time you hiccup it means that you are growing.

hierophany (word)
- (dream or fantasy location) "Sacred" place where a higher power once revealed itself to humans. It may look ordinary now, but counts as a physical manifestation of the sacred, because a superhuman power once appeared there. You can't see this power, but can still have a parasocial "connection" with it by going to this special place.

Hina Matsuri
Japanese "Dolls' Festival" on March 3rd celebrates girls' growth and good health.

Hinduism: Odero Lal
- (rejuv/stasis water) Shrine near Yamuna River, Sindh province, Pakistan. The Muslims honor Khwaja Khizr and the Hindus Zinda Pir, the Living Saint.
Varuna informed worshippers he would reincarnate himself as an infant in Nasirpur. Ahirio was startled the infant Jhulelal had grown into an elderly man. He was then said to have turned into a young man. The waters can exempt certain of the faithful from death.

Hinduism: Saisava fountain
- (rejuv/stasis) Ancient place of youth near the legendary Sarasvati River. Its waters make you younger. Drinking Soma will prevent aging.

- (male AP, male growth) "Dasha Avatar" Vamana: The dwarf Incarnation. In Vedic history, Lord Vishnu descends to our world in the form of 10 Avatars when his presence is needed.
In some tellings, Vishnu was born to Aditi and Sage Kashypa. Shortly after the birth, they were amazed to see the little baby suddenly grow up to the form of a short-statured Brahman. Vamana requested three steps of land from King Mahabali. To everybody's surprise Vamana began to grow and grow. All present were astounded to see the whole creation of his body. With his first stride he covered the earth, and with his second stride he covered the heavens.

History of Chinese Daoism (book)
- (adult rejuv or AR) Volume #01 - David C. Yu, 2000.
Elixir of youth restores an old man and an old woman's adult or possibly earlier youth.
"The old man is turned into a budding youth and the old woman has become a young girl. ... The foregoing passages boast that taking the elixir, ie, the transformed liquidized gold, can change the old man into a young lad..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Ho-chunk tribe
- (reverse timeflow) AKA the Winnebago believe that time really flows backwards from the future.

Hui Shen
- (furry accelerated growth) Purported ancient Chinese explorer of North America (Fu-Sang) on the trail of the "Elixir of Life" discovered the "Kingdom of Women" where children become adults in 3 years.

- (body control TF) - grow taller cover

I used to believe
- (AP accelerated growth)
- When I was little, I used to believe that one day you just woke up and were a grown-up! (Katie)
- I used to think that on your birthday you'd suddenly grow taller. I couldn't grasp that you grew gradually...
- I used to believe that the morning I woke up for college we'd have to buy me all new clothes because then I would be an adult and wouldn't be able to fit into child's clothes anymore. (Kiana)
- beliefs about getting older--2

- (AA age forms) Idunn, Idunna.
Goddess in Norse mythology, wife of Bragi, the god of poetry. She kept golden applets which the gods ate to stay young. The storm giant Tjasse abducts her and the gods start to age until Loki kills the giant. Goddess of youth, her name means "The Rejuvenating One". Featured in the story of Idunn's Applets.
- (Jeffr_2bya, ANONYMOUS)

Illuminati clones
- (implied accelerated growth) c2015 conspiracy exposure videos. The celebrity replacement clones may have been made to grow up fast - thumbnails

- (mental adult soul stasis) Word: State of existence that cannot be ended by death, or the continuation of spiritual existence after bodily death; variants of this belief found in numerous cultures; subject of continuing religious and philosophical debate; ability to obtain immortality is sometimes linked to moral virtue and sometimes independent of it; many philosophers postulate the continued existence of reason or collective consciousness after death rather than the continued existence of the individual - (JeffR)

Immram Maele Duin
- (anthro & male adult rejuved) "Voyage of Mael Duin", medieval Irish, c900.
On one of the unknown islands visited by Mael Duin and his companions, the voyagers observe a giant bird rejuvenating itself by bathing in a magical lake. Diuran the Rhymer tries it too and emerges permanently rejuvenated.

Indigo Children
- (X-mutation) AKA Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children; Starseed; Blues. Children who are believed to represent a higher state of human evolution. Powers include empathy, cognition, electrical disruption, weather modification etc. May have both human and extraterrestrial origin from reproductive material, genetic engineering, biomedical technology, or telepathic consciousness. Many feel they've arrived to heal the earth and change the world.

Insula Jovis
- (adult rejuvenation and stasis) c1500. The "island of the young" may be found somewhere in the Atlantic. The fountain of youth was thought to be around the Bahamas, possibly on the isle of Boynca. A Lucayo Indian claimed his father had gone to Florida as an old man, bathed in magical waters, and been rejuvenated. Chicorano said that in Duhare everyone was the same age, for the old were continually rejuvenated.

- (slight adult rejuv or stasis claim) Landers, CA. This 55 ft. dome was built from 1957 to 1978 by Ufologist and Contactee George Van Tassel. Capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel.
Beyond Bizarre Ep25 "Anti-Aging Machine" c2000, Discovery Channel - link

- (adult rejuvenation) An old woman came to the Prophet and said: "O Messenger of Allah, pray to Allah that I will enter Paradise."
He said jokingly, "no old women will enter Paradise."
The old woman went away crying, so the Prophet said, "Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman." 56:35-36.

- (male adult stasis or rejuved) Ab-e Hayat: water or fountain of life or youth in Persian literature; Iskandarnamah. Al-Khidr or Kezr: unnamed companion of Moses in the Koran, stasis appearance of young adult with long white beard. Also: Xerxes disappeared to wander forever after finding the fountain of life.

- (male age stasis) "They shall be attended by boys graced with eternal youth, who will seem like scattered pearls to the beholders."
Sura 76:18 - A fountain there, called Salsabil.
76:19 - And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.
76:20 - And when you look there [in Paradise], you will see pleasure and great dominion.

- (age stasis) Roman Goddess of Youth, equal to the Greek goddess Hebe. Boys offered a coin to her when they wore a man's toga for the first time.
- (Jeffr_2bya) - th

Japanese Fairy Tale
- (AR) "Fountain of Youth". A greedy wife drinks too much of the water and turns into a six month baby.

Jesus infant garment
- (male AA) It grew with him and he wore it his whole life.

John Mandeville
- (adult rejuv/stasis) "Voiage and travails", 14th century.
He drunk from the fountain or "welle of youthe" that smelled like every spice on the Malabar Coast of India.

Story from 11th-century "Tale of Genji". Long ago, there lived an old bamboo cutter who found a little girl. He took the girl home, and he and his wife raised her. After only 3 months, the girl had grown into a beautiful maiden.

- (male AP) Bantu legend. AKA Khodumodumo, Khodumodurno, the swallowing monster. Amorphous being eats those who enter his realm, leaving the earth empty. A small male child hides in the ash. Magically made into an adult in a short time, he cuts the monster's belly, and restores the universe's form.

- (male AP) Tribe of south Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea, pop. 15,000. Ancestral carvings show komodo dragons eating humans in re-birth/creation myths prominent in initiation rituals, involving stories of boys who die and resurrect as men. Boy is devoured and re-emerges from the body of the monster as an adult.

Karamojong (Uganda)
- (AA AP, RN) "Veiled histories, and the childhood memories of a storyteller" Vol1, Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler, 1999:
...sometimes, when the woman went into the garden, the baby changed into an adult and started cooking. The woman's older children kept telling their mother how Napeikisina transformed herself into an adult when the woman left her home to go to the gardens. The woman became suspicious and said, " Ehh, let me see...

King Arthur myths
- (male adult stasis) English folk tale. The sorcerer Merlin solved the mystery of eternal life - (TBTC)

King in the mountain
- (male adult stasis, male OA) Legendary heroes sleep in remote caves; the Brothers Grimm mentioned Barbarossa and Charlemagne, others King Arthur. The sleeping king awaits a summons to return with his knights at a time of deadly peril for the nation.
Some herdsman wanders in and sees the king has grown a long beard. The king asks "Do the eagles still circle the mountaintop?" "Yes, they still circle the mountaintop." "Then begone! My time has not yet come." The herdsman aged rapidly, his hair turned white, and he dropped dead after recounting the tale.

Kintalen Changeling, The
- (male AP TF) James MacDougall, "Folk Tales and Fairy Lore in Gaelic and English", 1910.
A woman in Kintalen had a male-child with neither the growth nor the bloom of other children his age. From morning to evening he would not cease one minute from crying, and he would eat far more food than was natural for the like of him. The tailor told the mistress of the house that her child was nothing but a changeling. He then told her to throw him out into the Loch. As soon as the nasty little elf touched the water, he became a big grey-haired old man, and swam to the other side of the bay. She returned home, and found her own child at the door before her, hale and sound.

Kiviuq: An Inuit Hero and His Siberian Cousins (book)
- (AA FF) Kira Van Deusen, 2009.
The two of them lived together, and looked after the cows. As the girl grew, her clothes grew with her. Several years passed...

Kwakiutl Culture as Reflected in Mythology
- (ARed APed legends) Franz Boas 1935 book. Page 100: A grown up man transforms himself into a child. A girl that appears to be an infant is transformed into a full grown woman when sprinkled with urine.

Lange Wapper
- (male AA size TF, male ARed) Antwerp, Belgium. Similar to Japanese Youkai growing ghost baby; Ubume, Konaki-jiji; Scandinavian Utburd Myling.
Male demon comes out at night to chase drunkards, first appearing as a small male figure who "grows" bigger and bigger, until he towers over the houses. When the drunkard stumbles home, he sees Wapper looking in through the upstairs window. Sometimes, he appears as a small baby or a boy hoping to drink mother's milk like a Toyol. When the mother takes him home to put in the crib, Wapper "grows" so big he won't fit in the room anymore - (Louise)

- (mental reset) Greek mythology. One of 5 rivers of Hades. AKA the Ameles Potamos (river of unmindfulness). It flows around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld, where all who drink from it experience complete forgetfulness. The shades of the dead were required to drink the waters to forget their earthly life so they could be reborn.

Little ways to heaven (book)
- (preteen sudden growth UC) Carolyn Conway Kermon, 1983.
" small? But, if it should please You, to give pleasure to my father and mother, by making this little body of mine grow, may Your will be done."
No sooner had the words fallen from the little girl's lips, when she stood up, and in the sight of all she had grown so much bigger that her dress was suddenly too small for her. And the little face that was so frail and delicate seemed to open and blossom like a beautiful rose. Margaret and Robert were delighted with God's miracle..."

Loathly Lady
- (old aged TFed disguised, rejuvenated to young adult woman)
Medieval literary theme, proto-feminist ur-text. Examples:
- Wife of Bath's Tale, The from The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer, 1395. A fairy tale hag wins the love of a handsome young knight, gains dominance over him in marriage, and through his love and submission, magically transforms herself into a young woman again.
The old woman and the knight converse in their marriage bed about the fact that he is unhappy because she is ugly and low-born. She says he can choose between her being ugly and faithful or beautiful and unfaithful. He gives the choice to her to become whatever would bring her the most honour and happiness; pleased with the "maistrie" of her husband that all women want, she becomes young, fair and faithful to live with him happily until the end of their days.
In other versions, she will be either ugly by day and beautiful by night, or the other way around. Variations are found in the romances "The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle", and "The Marriage of Sir Gawain".
- Story of King Arthur and His Knights, The Howard Pyle version, 1903. Sir Gawaine said, "This is a shame for me to behave in this way; for since I have married that lady she is my true wedded wife." Gawaine then repairs to his wife's chamber, apologizing for his neglect. This is all the concession Gawaine needs to make. The Loathly Lady immediately changes into a beautiful fairy princess. "Because thou has taken me for thy wife with thine own free will and great courtesy," Gawaine's lady says, "so is part of that enchantment which lay upon me removed from me," asking him to decide which part of the day he would have her beautiful.
- The theme became a staple of Arthurian and Holy Grail literature: "Perceval", by Chretien de Troyes, 1190, "Parzival", by Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1220, and the Welsh Romance "Peredur son of Efrawg".
- In The Adventures of the Sons of Eochaid Mugmedon, Niall of the Nine Hostages proves himself to be the rightful High King of Ireland by embracing her. Similar stories are told about the earlier kings Lugaid Laigde and Conn of the Hundred Battles.
- Hrolfs saga kraka Old Norse, c. 1400. Helgi was visited by an ugly being in his hunting house. As the thing got into his bed, it turned into an elf clad in silk, the most beautiful female he had ever seen. A couple of days later, he was visited by the woman carrying his daughter Skuld.

Luang Phu Suang
- (male adult rejuv & AS) Thailand, 500 year old monk (siddha), ascetic hermit. AKA ...Phor Suang, Pu Suang.
On many occasions, he was able to change from about 80 years to 13-15 years in age.

Luang Pu Suang
- (male OA stasis, male rejuv/ARed form) 1582-1682? Thailand, 2000 reappearance.
400 y.o. ascetic (Siddha). Able to change from an 80 y.o. hermit to about age 13/15, he was fond of playing kites with other children in the nearby villages, where he delighted in this hobby - (Wizard Wong)

Magdalena Solis
- (adult stasis) 1963 Mexican death cult. "High Priestess of Blood" Solis, supposedly the reincarnation of Aztec goddess Coatlicue, claimed she needed to drink victims' blood to stay a young adult forever.

Magic of Shapeshifting, The
- (TF CB) Rosalyn Greene, 2000.
p127: Another strange phenomenon occurs when a physical shifter shifts while clothed. The clothes are sometimes mysteriously shredded, even though the animal body does not shred them by expanding and tearing them during the change. They are often shredded to bits. This problem appears to be most common in instantaneous shifters.
p186: ...shifting while clothed. The most obvious is that human clothing does not fit animals, and you may become tangled or strangled in it, or rip and ruin it, or be unable to get it off and end up muddying and soiling it beyond belief.
When appropriately attired (or un-attired), wait for a physical shift to...

Magic Spring
- (adult rejuv, male AR) A Korean Folktale.
A poor woodcutter hears a bird singing and follows it to the magic spring that restores youth. His wife soon joins her husband. A greedy old man notices that they are young adults again and asks where it is at. After drinking too much water he lays down for a nap under a tree and falls asleep. The couple find a baby in the old man's clothes and take him as their son.

Magic Thread, The
- (male lifetime fast forward) AKA "Peter and the Magic Thread". Said to be old French fable/fairy tale?
Republished in "The Book of Virtues", but confirmed to have existed before then. Possibly inspired by myth of the three fates Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, who spin out the thread of life.
- The village boy Peter was given a magic ball of thread. When pulled, it caused the time of his life to actually fly by! Bored of a day at school he gives the thread a little tug, and suddenly recess is here. A yank and he's standing at the altar with a beautiful bride. A tug and he's a middle aged partner at the firm. Before too long he's an old man with no memories.
- The original was strictly AA time-skip, but there were different adaptations. Also served as the basis for Dream Threads, a ballet by Augusta Read Thomas.
- Male AP link @01:05.

- (adult age stasis) c2010 special magnets cure all ailments and allow you to stay physically young forever.

Makka Indians
- (growth) "Folk literature of the Makka Indians", 1991. The little girl went; she was still very short. She looked at the tail, saying: "This must be it." She went up to the tree where the others had hung it. She tried to reach it but could not. When she felt herself growing taller, ...

Makka Indians
- (growup scene)
... she tried once more to reach the tail, but still she could not. She stretched (or became bigger) again until finally she was quite large; she had grown up. She was a young woman already...

Mapa de Cuauhtinchan No. 2
- (age disguised) From the book "Cave, city, and eagle's nest" By Davíd Carrasco, Scott Sessions. 15 essays about the Aztec/Chichimeca mapa, made in 1540s Mexico.
P401: "the ancestors showed the wizards how, by moving up or down a mountain at the sacred site, they could age at will or reverse the process to embrace..."

Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association
- (ghost AP legend) After a minute or so, Bill asked me what kind of spirit I sensed. I realized it was a young girl who seemed to morph into an adult then back to a child. She was motioning with her right hand to follow her to the window then she would change into a larger adult being. The girl was dressed in a light colored smock and barefoot, then she would change into a dark colored billowy dress with dress shoes and a small pillbox hat. Her facial expression was always pleasant and I was sure that it was the same person changing from child to adult. I'm positive the spirit was Bill's grandmother.

meeting with the Goddess (theme)
- (idealized gynoid) Mythological theme. Final encounter during great quest.
When a person experiences a love with the significance of the all-powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love a fortunate infant may experience. Often represented by the person finding the other person that he or she loves most completely.
- Campbell: The ultimate adventure, when all barriers and ogres have been overcome, is commonly represented as a mystical marriage of the triumphant hero-soul with the Queen Goddess of the World ... crisis at the nadir, the zenith, or at the uttermost edge of the earth, at the central point of the cosmos ... or within the darkness of the deepest chamber of the heart.
...the goddess (who is incarnate in every woman) is the final test of the talent of the hero to win the boon of love (charity: amor fati), which is life itself enjoyed as the encasement of eternity.

Meii, The
- (adult rejuv, AR, male adult FF to OA) "The Meii", standard Japanese reference work contains adult age reduction and old age increase tales.

- (TF, adult age stasis) The next stage in human evolution introduces various paranormal abilities, including reality manipulation and meta-cognition.

- (male adult rejuv, TG OA'd Disguised) Latin narrative poem by Ovid, 8 CE, based in part on older legends.
Jason defeats the dragon and gets the Golden Fleece. He implores his wife the sorceress Medea to rejuvenate his father Aeson. She gathers magical herbs and potions. His hair and beard turn darker, and he becomes 40 years younger.
- "Medea Rejuvenating Aeson" - c1785 Sculpture link - c1760 canvas - sketch
The Roman God Vertumnus, disguised as a talkative old woman, attempts to seduce the reclusive woodland nymph Pomona by praising the virtues of marriage - canvas

missing AP anomaly
- (taboo effect) There are simply not enough AP depictions out there in any media. Are we few really the only ones who like this sort of thing? Or might there be a mysterious force that prevents people from even thinking about AP scenes for some strange reason?

Modoc Tribe
- (AP) California, Oregon. From: "Myths of the Modocs", 1912, collected by Jeremiah Curtin.
"The Bad Brother"
"Our mother has gone down in the water; I can't see her!" cried the little sister, and she fell on the ground and screamed. She cried all day, cried herself to sleep. The next morning, the brother shot an arrow into her leg. "Get up! You are a young woman now. You must go and hire somebody to sing for you, so you can dance your maturity dance. You must dance five nights without sleeping."
The girl started; with each step she took she grew a little taller. When she got to the spring, she was a young woman. She was covered with red bark. She drank water from the spring, then stood in the low grass and waited.

- (age stasis) What happens in heaven to children who die before reaching adulthood? Joseph Fielding Smith says that those who die as children will be resurrected with bodies "the same size as it was when the child died. It will then grow after the resurrection to conform to the size of the spirit." Doctrines of Salvation, 2:56. Joseph Smith said: "But as the child dies, so shall it rise from the dead.... It will never grow: it will still be the child, in the same precise form as it appeared before it died out of its mother's arms, but possessing all the intelligence of a God. Children dwell in the mansions of glory and exercise power, but appear in the same form as when on earth,... with not one cubit added to their stature." JoD 6:10

Morrigan, The
- (adult age forms, TF) Irish mythology goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty comparable with the Germanic Valkyries. She is often depicted as a trio of sisters: Badb, Macha and Nemain or Anand or Fea. Between combats she appears as a young woman.

My Official Autobiography (book)
- (real-life growth AP BE FF) - Beverley Wright, 2009.
This is my autobiography; it is about some amazing events that occurred during my lifetime...
- p127: Alicia was 12 years at the time and had cultivated a certain hairstyle from her early child hood. She always wore her hair long, a little below her shoulders.
- Nevertheless, after going back and forth a few times Alicia realized that her father wasn't the kind of man she expected him to be, and refused to go back to Toronto. However, December 2002, Alicia came home one fine day, went to her room and just laid down all so very quiet. It was a little different that day for she never spoke a word, she just slept a whole day through. I knew something was up, but I did not know what, "probably she wasn't feeling well" I thought. The following day when she woke up, she had grown a few inches taller, and more developed in her body: her breasts were fully-grown, they were bigger than mine. "Imagine, just yesterday there was one woman and a child living in the house, but now there are two women". She was mature in body, but in her mind she was still a child, but seeing how people are focusing only on the outward beauty...

- (age stasis) Greek mythology: nymphs of brooks, springs, and fountains. Endowed with youth and beauty, they were gifted in music, dancing, social graces. Also thought to have healing and prophetic powers.

Nart sagas
- (age reversal) North Caucasus mythology.
Eating the special apple from atop the golden tree will cause a person to grow younger with each passing year instead of older.

Navajo creation myth
- (age forms) Mary C. Wheelwright, 2006.
Great Creator Begochiddy asked the people what name she should have, and as they watched she grew older until at last she was an old woman, and then she grew young again, four times, until she remained at twenty years old.

Necklace of Harmonia
- (young adult age stasis) Fabled magical necklace in Greek mythology allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful, but brought great misfortune to its owners. Much-coveted amongst House of Thebes women. Described as beautifully wrought gold and jewels, in the shape of two serpents whose open mouths form a clasp. Queen Jocasta wore the legendary Necklace to retain her youth and beauty. After the death of her husband, she was able to unknowingly marry her own son, Oedipus.
- (Jeffr)

- (accelerated growth) Lithuania.
Beautiful giantess. By 4 weeks old she had become difficult to lift. At 9 months old she passed adult height. To stop the dragon she created the Curonian Spit.

Ngereklianged's Fountain of Youth
- (adult rejuvenation) Palau.
Legend of Ngereklianged: a story telling how the fountain of youth came to be and how it was lost.
- Ngerechokl (The gift of everlasting life): Two brothers were unusually faithful to their father. The father learned from a magician the magic of everlasting life as the reward for his sons. He planted magically treated plants near a lake, intending to bring his sons there the following day. But before they got there an old woman happened to bathe in the lake and became much younger. To the father's disappointment this used up the magical faculty of the lake.
- (JeffR) - th

Northwest Brazil folk tale
- (male age forms) A boy was born from forbidden love between natives from rival tribes. The mythical being appears as a boy in the morning, an adult in the afternoon, and at night he’s an old man with a long grey beard.

Onion, The
- (male ARed) 4/12/2019 satirical 'news' article.
"Christian Bale Loses 40 Years For Upcoming Movie Role" to play young Mozart - Story link - (Derek)

Only Believe
- (CB growth legend, RN) David Davenport testimony. "You guys lay your hands on these, and believe!" Each of us laid hands on the people. "Do it Lord!" As I then looked into the eyes of the woman I was praying for, I saw that her gaze was fixed upon her right leg. Her eyes began to grow. As I turned my eyes toward her right foot, all of the noise in the room was tuned-out with the exception of the sounds of this woman's leg--moving. She had removed an orthopedic shoe that had a massive compensation sole of at least five inches in thickness. I watched as her toes broke through a hole in her nylons. I could actually hear the stretching and tearing as her leg lengthened and pushed her foot through the hole in her nylons. I could hear her polyester pants making a snap and crackle sound as her leg slid through them. I literally watched as her leg grew the full length of the left leg.

Oz Factor
- (reality shift phenomenon) AKA "Oz Effect".
When things suddenly feel unreal it means that something weird is about to happen. Jenny Randles: the experience of being separated from the real world into a similar environment which is changed enough to be disturbing - info link

pair anomaly theory
- ("rule" affecting weird occurrences) AKA double anomaly theory. The theory that anomalies often come in pairs, and sometimes even in pairs of pairs.

- (adult stasis/rejuv) Mythical substance named for Greek goddess of healing, able to cure any malady and prolong one's life. Basic form of wish-fulfillment, a medicine that instantly fixes everything. A weak panacea will work on natural diseases but might be useless against magical or evil torments. Elongates one's lifespan but must be taken regularly and may not work forever. A strong panacea is proof against anything and might well bestow endless life with one sip, making its user Ageless - (Jeffr_2bya)

Passion story of Jesus
- (male TF age disguises) 4th century Coptic manuscripts.
"Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem on the Life and the Passion of Christ", 2013.
" those who saw him he did not appear alike to all."
"How shall we arrest Jesus, for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man ..." This leads Judas to suggest using a kiss as a means to identify him.

Pawnee tribe
- (age changing ability) Nebraska. From The Pawnee, by George Amos Dorsey. "The Small-Ants' Bundle and the Buffalo"
Young man is called to enter into cave. Young girl changes herself into woman of various ages, thus representing the phases of the moon, which she now declares herself to be.

Pichal Peri
- (ageshifting, body elongation) India/Pakistan female vampire-like entity.
- Mysterious woman of darkness who exhibits enchanting appearance and whose feet point backward. A layman walking through an obsessed area in the evening encountered an alien woman in the bush. The man was lucky to escape unhurt as a driver of a passing vehicle rescued him. The guy reported that the alien woman was able to increase or decrease her biological age at will.
- Some supernatural entities have the ability to stretch their hands and feet by extra measurements lengthwise. In 1883, Indian wrestler Aziz Baksh, who was stationed in the State of Datia, encountered such a cryptic entity. The demonic being scaled the walls of a neighborhood by stretching its legs and hands lengthwise. Aziz told his family members about this incident before his death.

Pima Indians
- (accelerated growth) "Legend of Ha-ak", Arizona.
The daughter of a chief gave birth to a strange-looking female creature who grew to maturity in 3 or 4 years. Because she ate everything in sight, she was eventually killed.

- (CoA) Young girls in the transition to womanhood are most sensitive to triggering restless spirits.

- (coming of age effects) The strain of children entering puberty can cause manifestations.
From "Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings" by Colin Wilson:
...there was also a young waiter - a lad of thirteen, who was unusually tall. Lambroso may have recalled that the girl who could see through her ear was also unusually tall, and that she had grown about six inches in a year immediately before her problems began. This boy had also reached puberty.

(CoA effect) - Enfield Poltergeist pic

Polynesian rejuvenation waters
- (adult stasis, rejuvenation, AR)
- 1831 missionary report - "The Voyage of Kamapiikai" legend:
On mystical "Haupokane" island there is a stream or life-giving fountain called "Wai ora roa", or the water of enduring life. It removes all sickness, deformity, and decrepitude from those who plunge in. You may find it somewhere between Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands or beyond.
- On the afterworld island of "Pulotu" (Pulom), there is a bathing place called Vaiola, or "the water of life", that bestows eternal vigor.
Trobriand Islands
- Malinowski: All deceased end up on the spiritual isle of Tuma, where they turn into unborn "baloma" who live in a state of eternal adult youth.
- Alternatively, when they feel too old and/or ugly they go to the beach spring "Sopiwina" (washing water). Inhabitants bathe in the spring which morphs them younger, possibly into children again.
- However, one old woman cast of her skin bathing in a tidal creek and was thus turned younger. After being rejected, she put her skin on again. There was no more rejuvenation for her descendants after that.

Ponce De Leon, Juan
- (adult rejuvenation or age stasis searcher) 1460-1521.
Spanish explorer best remembered for his search for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Born Leon province, NW Spain. In 1493 he accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage. Ponce established a colony on Puerto Rico in 1508, where he heard a legend about an island called Bimini, where there was said to be a spring that restored youth to all who bathed in it.
He sailed from Puerto Rico in March 1513. On Easter Sunday he sighted the coast. A few days later he landed on Florida's east coast, near what is now St. Augustine. He named the place La Florida after Easter Sunday, "Pascua Florida", or "flowery feast."
He sailed around the peninsula. Wounded during an Indian attack in 1521, he was taken back to Cuba, where he soon died. Buried in the cathedral at San Juan, Puerto Rico.

possible girls
- (dream or fantasy?) Neil Sinhababu paper, 2008.
You can have a pseudo-"parasocial relationship" with a girl in a very distant universe, who has all the qualities you desire, including almost "impossible" ones.
- Abstr. link - info link

Power Evangelism Ministries
- (growth legends) Oklahoma. I was in three different churches preaching and demonstrating Gods power. A short lady grew and increased by half an inch.
Kenya, Africa. A lady by the name of Jane grew by 5 inches. A short woman out grew her shoes as gold dust fell in the service.

Prester John
- (adult stasis) Mythical king from the late middle ages whose kingdom contained the fountain of youth, located near the site of Eden. If you drink from it, you will stay 30 forever.

- (AP) UFO & cloning religion. Claude Vorilhon, known as Rael to his followers, said that within 25 years, group scientists may develop technology to create a full-grown human clone in just hours and the mind of the cloned adult would receive instant knowledge via the "uploading" of information directly from the brain of another person.
"It's a very beautiful step, but it's just a step," Vorilhon, 56, said, alluding to the alleged cloning of "Eve." "The next step that will be discovered soon is what we call accelerated growth process to accelerate cellular multiplication. So, instead of needing 9 months, then 18 years to make an adult, with a special technology you can have an adult clone copy of yourself in a few hours. This adult copy is just a blank tape, empty of memory and personality, just what you call hardware."

reality shift
- (unseen retroactive AA child growth) A sudden change in reality. Usually, does not involve change in physical state of children.
"Raina had no children, but wanted them. Her distress was such that she left groups we were in. On a Saturday, "Raina" said both her 11 year old and 3 year old were fine. I said that I had been strongly under the impression that she had no children. "Nope," she said, explaining that she had the 2 when she wanted them with no problems, and added, "You must be thinking of someone else." Another friend said she also remembered "Raina" as childless and desperate. Marta says she even thought she had a record in her journal. Several other people have since confirmed having memories of "Raina" as childless."

reality shift
- time loop face change
- (male adult face) change prediction.

- (TF) AKA "Reptoids". Reports of adults and children suddenly transforming into beings of similar size with reptilian features.

- (old age dream sequence) The Buddha's stepsister was very beautiful. She thought he would scold her for her beauty. The Buddha knew Rupananda was very attached to her body, so he created a vision of a female form (visible only to Rupananda) to sit near him. The girl was very young and extremely beautiful. Rupananda realized that compared to this girl she looked like a monkey. While she was looking, the girl began to grow older. She became a young woman, then a grown up woman, middle aged, old - and finally she became a very old woman. Rupananda realized that the change of the body is a continuing process, and she found out that this beautiful young girl changed into an old ugly woman. Then the woman on stage, no longer able to control her body, was lying there, dying and finally she died. Her body got swollen and worms were all over it. Rupananda thus realized beauty is impermanent, and attained Arahantship.

Saint Brendan the Abbot (ocean voyages)
- (male adult stasis) Ireland, written c900. Around the year 520 they find the island of the monks of Ailbe, who have magic loaves, do not age, and maintain complete silence.

- (life stages) The eternal cycle of age and rebirth - art

- (male AA FF) Buddhist cycles of birth, death, and rebirth - male

- (male FF) Hindu life stages

- (age change beliefs)
People with this condition sometimes believe their own or others' ages can change in unusual ways.
- When her family arrives, 6-year-old January Schofield looks surprised to see them although they visit every day. Jani is wearing a lime-green T-shirt and pink skirt with turquoise rubber shoes.
"I'd rather be 16," Jani says, putting a hand on her hip and tossing a flirty look over her shoulder. "I'm 14 on weekends, Thursdays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays." She pauses. "All except for Mondays."
A voracious learner, she's also bright -- her IQ is 146.
- It is a fairly common belief among a certain type of schizophrenic that parts of the body are growing and changing.
- Schizophrenic age-delusional patients lose their essential 'Zeitlichkeit' and shut themselves up in the unessential 'Zeitlichkeit' according to the concept of Heidegger.

- (adult rejuvenated) In the ACCs, LRH explains how wrinkles in the face are related to instances of non-communication and tells you how to get rid of them.

- (adult rejuvenation, male AP)
- A thetan "mocking up" mental images in the body can increase or decrease the body mass by as much as thirty pounds.
- "He spent something like ten thousand lives in Arslycus, and all he did was the same job over and over... When he died they could bring him back and put him in another body... They grew the body very rapidly and they put him back on the same job."
- "Scientology: 8-8008" 1952. "With this book, the ability to make one's body old or young at will, the ability to heal the ill without physical contact, the ability to cure the insane and the incapacitated, is set forth for the physician, the layman, the mathematician and the physicist."
- "Our layout artist made up a prank magazine ad about how the R6 course enlarged breasts, complete with before and after pictures ... we used to hand it to unsuspecting students and staff members and tell them to look at the exciting new ad from St. Hill."
- OT1 drills: Note several large and small female bodies until you have a cognition.
- Right after Clear I hit a keyed out OT state and could change my body size about 1 to 1 1/2 inches in height by actual measurement. Some people swore it was 2 to 3 inches, which it might have been, but it was 1 inch difference the time I measured. The ability was under control and I could do it at will. "Success Beyond Man's Wildest Dreams!" 12/12/1969.
- My hair... in the last three weeks it curls more than ever. Of course I am developing more all over. In the last week I noticed that my skin has smoothed out and is more like when I was twenty... about two months ago I noticed my feet seemed to be growing ... before starting on these sessions my breasts were unusually small. In fact, I wore a size 32A brassiere... I am now wearing a size 34C and from all indications will wear still larger. My breasts never really developed as they should, but now, thanks to Dianetics, I am beginning to be as nature intended.
- "... after one session on NED, all these somatics got erased. I realized I could be any age I want, and I could be old or young as I decided. I was now cause over time."
- (adult FFed) 1

- (adult rejuvenation) - Hubbard revealed to the people of East Grinstead that as a result of his experiments on plants and "living energies" he could reduce the physiological age of an individual by 20 years, and increase the average life span by 25%. "We have not announced anything of this to the press," he confided, "as we are already overworked in centres of the world for discoveries such as these."
- (male infantilization brainwashing) - "If you are being investigated sit tight, don't cooperate... Never spook if investigated ... Sit tight. Be silent. Make the investigator talk. Gradually put him in session if you can. Put him in birth... If you don't scare or cringe, the menace fades away - (L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Manual of Justice).
- (Matt)

- (male adult "rejuv") "A few days ago I decided I would look young. Well, how do you look young? All you do is take flesh off certain planes of the face. This is what artists do in making faces old or young. So, I selectively ran incidents until the planes of the face were smaller. Oddly enough you run out tiredness also when you do this. You can actually select off certain pieces of flesh, and change your appearance. You have with this technique the power of changing your own physiological being. You go on up, theta line running..."
"Age is hooked on to the body, normally, by the thetan himself as self-expression. And it is held in place in terms of engrams and secondaries. It's held right there, man." - L. Ron Hubbard, 1952, 1962.
- The Dianetic auditor ... produced many miracles ... withered limbs restored, burns vanished ... women lost their aging wrinkles - LRH, 1969.

SCP Foundation
- (age history retconning) - SCP-483 "Anti-Aging Placebos" - A pill that doesn't change your body, but alters reality to make all records and memories of you 1 year younger. Take more pills than your age, and you forget everything except for basics - Info toon link - - (Tazz)
- (young adults to old age) - SCP-723 "Aging Staircase" - Several local youths have disappeared. If you climb the spiral staircase in a ruined church, you rapidly get older and everything decays. Ascending subjects have not indicated any pain, discomfort, or alarm about their rapid transformation - Info toon link - - another link - (Jeff 2bya)
- (male adults FFed to death) - SCP-728 "The Forever Room" - Apparently a standard shipping container. When the doors are closed, the interior space experiences the flow of time faster than outside - Info toon link - - (Jeff 2bya)
- (adult age reduction & stasis) - SCP-776 "The Youth Cult" - The adult population of a remote town in Russia discovered a method to reverse biological aging. It requires sacrificing someone younger than the performer of the ritual, with children being preferred - Info link - - (Jeff 2bya, SCP Orientation videos)

SCP Foundation
- (some age changing mentions) Fictional archive? Many mysterious objects have been found (incomplete) - List

SCP Foundation
Secret reports about various unexplained objects with sinister properties that sometimes may include some forms of age transformations.
- SCP-006 - (adult age stasis) - new entry. A small spring emitting "mineral water" with the unusual property of "health". Ingesting the liquid regenerates DNA damaged by sufficient duplication, heightens cellular duplication, vastly improves repair of damaged tissue, and frighteningly increases immune system effectiveness.
- SCP-483 - (adults mentally retconned "younger") - Pills that don't change you physically or mentally, but alter your and everyone else's memories and records to appear 1 year younger. Swallow too many and you forget everything except for basics. People may remember a stranger in your place.
Video link -
- SCP-723 - (adults OA'd) - A spiral staircase responsible for the disappearance of several local youths. When ascended it induces rapid aging in living subjects and decay in non-living materials. Subjects ascending indicate no feelings of pain or discomfort, and seem untroubled by their rapid transformation. They have no inclination of returning to the base.
Video link -
- SCP-728 - (male adults to OA'd) - new entry. The interior of a standard shipping container experiences the flow of time differently from the outside world. Adults locked inside can experience many years passing.
Video link -
- (Tazz, Jeff_2bya)

- (male AP) "The Creche".
When a child less than 13 years old enters the chamber, it closes and locks. When it opens a few days later, they are about 20 years old. However they are mentally no longer the same.
- Video link - screencaps

- (mind transfer, "ARed" TG or "adult baby" effect) "The Beforelife" - info video by Professor Lucius, 2023.
If you listen to the cassette player, your spirit will relocate into the body of the youngest person within 100 meters.
- Info link - animation link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

secret space programs (age regression & time travel)
- (physical rejuvenation/AR, resembles mind transfer into past self) c2016 reports - INFO PAGE

Selknam Indians
- (male RN AP, male AR)
"Folk literature of the Selknam Indians". Martin Gusinde, 1975.
"The boy became the size of a suckling infant again and took his mother's breast. The following day he quickly grew as ..." - (Jeffr_2bya)

shapeshifter reports
- (TF) Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins; 2017 Howard Stern Show appearance:
"I was with somebody once, and I saw a transformation that I can't explain..."
Stern promptly cracked a joke about a woman becoming unrecognizable without makeup.
- 2018 appearance:
He saw the shapeshifter a second time, maybe had sex. "The person was naked."
"Are you saying it was a lover who shapeshifted," Stern pressed.
"I can no longer discuss this," Corgan said.

Sibyl of Cumae
- (adult old age stasis) She ended up "a tiny wrinkly little thing". The priests hung her on the wall in a bottle and charged extra to see the talking curio. By this time the only words she would come out with were "I want to die".

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!
- (excellent unseen growth spurt, aftermath glimpsed) c2018 Tv talk show.
John & Janet Proodian were at a Dr. James Maloney revival. A little girl and her mother came to the front. The girl was actually around 12, but looked more like a 5- or 6 y.o. child. Dr. Maloney declared that God would restore her stature "right now". He asked the congregation to begin worshiping the Lord. The little girl grew taller right while the congregation watched! Her shirt and pants became too short. The video is a cutaway reconstruction of what happened that day.
- Video link - screencaps

simulation argument
- (virtual TF illusions) If the one thing we want more than anything to happen would really happen, many would say that it had not really happened.

Sinful Injection, The
- (accelerated growth) Headlines Today, c2010.
Kidnapped girls in India's Alwar region are raised by villagers as their own daughters. Villagers give the young girls shots of growth hormone Oxytocin to speed up their sexual maturation. Apart from early puberty, the girls develop feelings of love and arousal. The results are shocking: girls as young as 6 or 7 years old suddenly grow up to look like teenagers. Their age on documents is forged and they are sent to Mumbai and the Gulf for prostitution. The lid was blown off the racket when Delhi Police raided Girvas village to rescue some kidnapped girls. Investigators are now focusing on apparent women in the area who have been issued passports to travel abroad in the past few years - link

small child tales (Japanese stories and legends)
- (size increase)
The folklorist Kunio Yanagita studied folk tales and beliefs centering on the motif of "abnormal birth" and the "small child" who grows up suddenly, and accomplishes very difficult tasks that normal humans cannot achieve. In doing so, the child makes the grandparents, who have raised him with great care, very happy. These children are granted only to those who have strong faith and prayers.
All the main characters in these folktales were born extremely small:
- "Kaguyahime" (Bamboo Princess) of Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) came from bamboo. She grew from a small baby into a woman of extraordinary beauty. Taketori tried to keep her away, but the news of her beauty had spread.
- Peach boy "Momotarou" came out of a peach.
- "Urikohime" (the Melon Princess) from a melon.
- "Issun-boshi" (Little One-Inch boy): princess uses a mallet to grow him to full-size and they eventually wed.
Yanagita tried to find traces of myths within folktales. In researching orally transmitted literature it is possible to establish the study of mythology.

Smith Freeman
- (male AP incident) 09/23/2014.
Foquelleh, Panta District, Bong County, Liberia. Marcus N. Malayea:
- Residents were said to be in unbelievable shock when a 2-month-old boy grew into a full grown man and escaped into the bush. According to 16 y.o. mother Lorpu Kollie, the child tied on her back in lappa spoke to her. She told the Daily Observer that the child repeated his call to untie him and put him down.
"This was my first time seeing a two-month-old baby talking so clearly like a five year old child."
As soon as she put the baby down, the boy instantaneously began to grow into a full grown man!
Apparently, the boy had warned his mother not to reveal a dream. But she revealed the dream to her mother, Gormah Kollie. The boy said he was going back home because her mother had the power to drive away witchcraft.
The baby who grew into a man took away her lappa and made his way into the bush. Smith Freeman did not have any scar or deformity indicting he belonged to the dark world.
The father of the baby described the disappearance of his son as incredible and mind-blowing, saying he did not experience any apprehension about him being beyond a normal human being. The grandfather said the unexplained vanishing is the handiwork of the dark world. The situation could stigmatize his daughter and drive away any man who may wish to take her as a future wife. Traditional leaders advised people who made farms in the direction to which the baby escaped to stay away for a couple of days and observe.

Statesman, The
- (time reversal cycle AR) "Politikos", "The Statesman", Plato, 360 BC Socratic dialogue.
...reverse action during infinite spontaneous due to exquisite perfection of balance...the vast size of the universe...the smallness of the pivot upon which it turns...a mighty change passed. For their life was reversed like the motion of the world...quickly returned to youth and beauty. The white locks of the aged became black; the cheeks of the bearded man were restored to their youth and fineness; the young men grew softer and smaller, and, being reduced to the condition of children in mind as well as body, began to vanish the old returned to youth, so the dead returned to life; the wheel of their existence having been reversed, they rose again from the earth.

Stories of India (book)
- (male AR) Sarabhai, Roy, 2000. India's rich cultural past.
A little while later, the prince came rushing back with the garment in his hands. The old woman who was waiting quickly sprinkled some water over him and the Prince turned into a little child.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (rare old aged TF) Demon who takes on the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks, to have sexual intercourse in dreams.

Sun, The
- (OA'd) "The Sun", USA tabloid article. "Girl, 15, hit by lightning turns into old woman overnight".

Supernatural Subliminals
- (age TF) 2016 "Age Shifting (Subliminal Request)" audio track.
"Shift your age" - This subliminal will give you:
- Shift your age, accelerate your age, decelerate your age, reverse your age, back to your original age, semi-immortality. Will make you taller or shorter as your age changes.
I recommend to listen up to 3 times - Youtube link

Tales from Ulithi Atoll: a comparative study in oceanic folklore
- (accelerated FF) William Armand Lessa, 1961.
Bohol island, Philippines: woman gave birth to miraculously fast-growing child after having met her lover only in a dream (Pajo, 1956).

Teresita of Cabora
- (sudden growth) Mexican folk saint who awoke from a coma with mystical powers, said to include the ability to change her body size and weight at will.

Theopompus of Chios
- (AR) "Philippica" fragments, c330 BC. He wrote about the island of Meropis, which has 2 rivers. The river of pleasure made you younger, ultimately into a baby.

Mme. Blavatsky
- (age stasis, old age to adult rejuvenation) said (in 1877) that she was 80. This seemingly wild statement she clung to, although every one who heard it pronounced it incredible. The writer, however, was only one of many who noticed great variations from time to time in her apparent age. It was not unusual for her to seem to be 60 years old. As frequently, however, she appeared no more than 35. It was impossible to say what made the difference, but that the difference actually occurred is beyond question. All discussed and studied this phenomenon without being able to understand it. Mme. Blavatsky herself declared that she made herself older or younger at will. She would not discuss the question of the potential immortality of the body, and neither affirmed nor denied that it could be attained, but she affirmed openly that she had gone far enough toward the attainment of it to make herself young whenever she chose. How it was done she never explained.

- (male adult) - German woodcut, 1722.

- (male TF) - Woodcut of a werewolf attack, by Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1512 - panel

- (TF) Werebeings. When people change forms, sometimes into animals or mythical creatures.

Ti Biag ni Lam-Ang
- (male APed) Philippines, Iloko legend. His father was beheaded by an evil tribe of Igorots. When the mother gave birth, she was surprised when the baby grew up instantly. Lam-Ang avenged his father by going up the mountains himself.

Tifalmin tribe
- (male AP, coming of age TF)
From "The Legacy of Afekan: Cultural Symbolic Interpretations of Religion among the Tifalmin of New Guinea" Wilson G. Wheatcroft, 1976.
- "As the cassowary-sinik smoke drifted upwards through the tree branches, it surrounded him and upon contact, magically transformed him into an adult..."

Tiger by the Tail and Other Stories From the Heart of Korea, A (book)
- (male/female AR) Curry, Park, 1999.
25 popular Korean folktales that "demonstrate-the power of love."
"Fountain of Youth", Tall Tales section.
- (Diane S. Marton) ln - th

time dilation
- (age stasis, old age) There are numerous stories about people disappearing for years who never realize how much time has passed, because they do not age inside a fairy circle or cave. One man went into a circle and came back 300 years later. Ossian was enticed into Tir Na Nog (Land of Youth) by a beautiful Sidhe princess for 300 years. On returning to Ireland, he touched the earth and immediately turned into a feeble, blind old man.
UFO occupants appear to be in their 20s or early 30s, yet claim to be thousands of years old. It was suggested the energy fields of their machines reduce their aging.

time slip
- (AA) AKA timeslip. Paranormal phenomenon in which a person, or group of people, travel through time via unknown means. Normally they sense a strange dullness in the air, before finding themselves in a somewhat surreal different period.

time splicing
- (flash forward APed) Person abducted by extra-terrestrials or time-traveller is put back in timeline within minutes of original departure. S/he could be several years older than expected. Hair and finger nails grow faster than normal. "I went to bed one night. The next morning, the day and date were ONE DAY AHEAD! It is a strange feeling to not really know how old you are."
(male) Valdes Controversy, 4/77: Armando Valdes with 5 members of Chilean army patrol saw objects descending from the sky. Valdes simply vanished. 15 minutes later he reappeared with about a week's growth of beard.
(male) When John Titor showed up on IRC chat in 2000, his 38-year-old self sat downstairs in the kitchen, typing away, while a 2-year-old version of himself lay sound asleep upstairs in bed. The elder Titor had been sent back in time by the U.S. Army, with a layover in the year 2000.
Doppelgangers are ghostly doubles of living people, and look very similar to the ghosts of the deceased. In some cases a person will come upon his own doppelganger who is typically engaged in some future activity.

Tir Na Nog
- (age stasis, old age) Celtic land of youth where people don't age or get sick. Anyone who is killed is resurrected the next day. In some stories, people go to a land where they don't age, but then age at an accelerated rate and die when they return.

- (male adult OA) Aurora, Goddess of the morning, gave the most handsome man eternal life, but forgot about eternal youth, so he got older and older until he withered into a grasshopper.
- Greek myth. His lover Eos asked Zeus for immortality for him. She just forgot to ask for eternal youth as well, so he ended up an impossibly old man, still living forever.

- (infant size increase TF) Philippine legends of a monster made from the spirit of an unborn child. It takes the appearance of an infant to draw in unwary travelers, then reverts to its true form to kill its kind-hearted victims.

Tlingit Myths and Texts
- (male adult rejuvenation) John Reed Swanton, 2008.
Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 39. Sitka and Wrangell, 1904, Tlingit Indians.
Then he made the old man look young, got feathers to put into his hair and a marten-skin robe to put over him so he appeared very handsome. But said to him, "You are not going to look like this all the time. It is only a day or so." After this the rejuvenated man got into his skin canoe, for this was well to the north, and paddled over to where the girl lived.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (ghost age stasis) Small child spirit invoked by a dukun or pawang (Indonesian shaman or Malay witch doctor) from a fetus.
A person owning a toyol uses it mainly to steal things or do mischief. If money or jewelry keeps disappearing mysteriously, a toyol might be responsible.
It appears like a small baby, frequently a newborn walking naked with a big head, small hands, clouded eyes and greenish skin. They are unlikely to be spotted casually.
The toyol is kept in a jar or an urn, and hidden away in a dark place until needed. Usually under the beds of the owners, there will be toys, marbles and sucklers.
A toyol is like a child, so it needs to be treated as such. To foster a closer relationship with this creature, offerings and rewards should be presented: a cup of milk every morning, toys, clothing, sweets, biscuits, candles, incense.
A toyol likes to be treated like a baby. Enjoys hugs like a baby and listening to lullabies. Some will even ride a child's tricycle.
Girl toyols are more vicious and difficult to control.
- Hokkien: Kwee Kia.
- Thailand: Koman-tong, Koman-lay (male, female).
- Philippines: Tiyanak.
- Cambodia: Cohen Kroh.
- South Korea: Do Yeol.

- (adult AA scene) "The Strife of Love in a Dream" - the transformation of 7 nymphs into trees near Jupiter - an early woodcut AA scene.

- (real life old age, adult rejuvenation) Book by Michael Crichton. Psychic woman briefly appears to get older and younger.

Trobriand Islands
- (ARed?) Their myths abounded with flying canoes, people sprouting from the ground, people who can become younger at will or change themselves into animals and back - virtual reconstruction mp4

Trobriand Islands
- (rebirth, reincarnation rejuvenation) New Guinea, Malinowski. When people die, their spirit takes a canoe to the island of Tuma. When the spirit gets old and wrinkled, it shrugs off its skin, and turns back into an embryo, which a spirit takes back and inserts into a woman. This is how women get pregnant.
- (rejuvenation, age stasis) From "The woman who pretended to be who she was:" about myths of self-imitation (people who pretend to be someone else pretending to be them) as retold by Malinowski.
- After spiritual existence in Tuma, the nether world, the individual grows old and must rejuvenate by sloughing the skin, as humans did in primeval times. When they first came to the surface, men and women could live eternally young. They lost the faculty after an old woman in the village of Bwadela returned as a young woman to her granddaughter, who did not recognize her. She was afraid of her, and bade her be gone. The matriarch, mortified and angry, retrieved her cast off skin from the bathing place, and put it on again.

Twenty-four Filial Exemplars, The
- (male age disguise) China, c1300.
"He Amused His Parents With Play and Glad Clothes" A 70-something man pretended to dress and act like a toddler so his 90-something parents wouldn't feel old - 1

UFO abductions
- (real-life AP) - "Contact" UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area: Contact Since 1955.
"Inside the cylinder, there is suddenly a brilliant blue light and a hum. As the frequency gets higher, I start getting bigger. When the sound stops and the light returns to white, I'm adult sized. I don't look like me, like my current adult version, I look different but there are some similarities. Rather than the kid clothes I arrived in, I now have on coveralls. Obviously, some serious matter transformation occurred. I felt really charged, really energized. When I came out, everyone else was coming out too and everyone is different; full size adults wearing the same coverall type of clothes. The one thing I quickly notice is that everyone looks ageless. We're in different bodies but not really. It's a rearrangement of our bodies; two 4 year olds, a 15 year old, an 18 year old and someone approximately 22 or 23. All TRANSFORMED into adults. Physically PERFECT adults I might add. Our transformed selves look similar to the extra-terrestrials sitting across from us. I know for myself that I felt and acted like a totally mature adult who knew the details of what was being discussed."

Uighur stories from along the Silk Road (book)
- (male AR) Wei, Luckert, 1998.
The Silk Road between Europe and China gave birth to many tales.
... Seley and Seide, and all the people, heard that the greedy magistrate had turned into a baby. They all laughed at his greedy act. Because the family of the magistrate could not bear this shock, they strangled the magistrate-baby one night...
... daughter-in-law ceased growing up and, on the contrary, got smaller and smaller till she turned into a baby...
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Umbundu: folk tales from Angola (book)
- (AR, AP RN) 1962. A little old woman has the power to change herself into a baby or back into a little old woman. "She changed back into a baby" - (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Urashima Taro
- (male old age) Japan. After many days of happiness in the underwater kingdom, Urashima asks to go home. The queen gives him a jewel encrusted box. Upon arriving home, he discovers that 300 years have passed. He opens the box, a white cloud is released, and he rapidly ages and dies, the box having contained his true age. Variants of this story have developed throughout Oceania.

Uri Geller
- (plant growth) "He made seeds grow into sprouts within seconds."

Uttara Kuru
- (age stasis) Hyperborean continent whose sap-drinking populace lived for 11,000 years.
Rejuvenation water rumors spread to Masai lands in the steppes east of Kilimanjaro, or closer to the mouth of the Nile.

Uxmal Ruins
- (male APed) Yucatán, Mexico. The Pyramid of the Magician is named for a local legend of a dwarf who reached adulthood in 1 day and built the pyramid in 1 single night.

- (future selves) - I keep seeing older versions of people I know in public ... a young couple sat near me on the train who looked like what I'd imagine some people I know now to look like in ten years time ... another couple who looked to be dating in a restaurant looked like they had aged 15 or so years from how I know them now ... an elderly woman walked past me on the street who looked like someone I know now, but she was probably at least 50 years older ... it's mainly in facial features, height and the way they talk that are similar ... am I seeing people from the future?
Link - (DetectiveBob)
- ("past self ARed") - Saw my friend... how she was 6 years ago ... looked out the drive thru, and saw the mother of a girl who I was very close friends with as a kid, driving the car she currently owns. "I wonder if Becky is with her" ... and I see twelve year old Becky in the passenger seat. I thought I was crazy so I turned away and looked again. And there she was. Wearing glasses (she has contacts now) and the jacket that she always wore as a kid. Still in that awkward stage and not a trace of the heavy makeup she wears now.
Could it be Becky, wearing her glasses and no makeup?
nooo... she was much shorter too.... and thinner... and didn't have boobs.
You missed the perfect opportunity to say "Why Becky! You haven't changed at all!"
Link - (Matt, Southernrain)

- (multiplication effect, time skips) Vardogr, varsel. Finland: etiainen.
Spirit predecessor, Scandinavian folklore. Reverse deja vu, where a spirit with the subject's appearance and demeanor precedes them. Phantom double or bilocation.

Varia Historia
- (AR) Claudius Aelianus, c.200 CE.
The island Anostus has 2 rivers going through it: Pleasure and Grief. If you eat the fruit of the trees that grow along the river Pleasure, you will become younger and younger until you end as a newborn.
"[He who] eats some, suddenly feels his heart freed of the passions which agitated it; if he loved, he loses the memory of it. He rejuvenates per degrees, while passing by again by all the ages of his life, which he had left behind him: from the old age he returns to the 'age wall', from this one to adolescence, then to puberty; he ends up becoming a child; then he dies."
- (Thomas)

Voynich Manuscript
- (adult rejuvenation) c 1400. Indecipherable parchment may depict people bathing in the fountain of youth.

Waking Up in Heaven
- (spiritual age forms) Crystal McVea book, 2013.
When she visited heaven she met herself as a 3 y.o. girl. "Every time she laughed my spirit absolutely swelled with love."
He made her feel absolutely and completely whole, loved - innocent like she was as a little girl - cover

Wall of Sound
- (age disguise) In 1999 this music website reported that Britney Spears was actually 11 years older than popularly believed, making her 28 instead of 17. The revelation followed on the heels of a controversial cover for Rolling Stone which had shown the young Spears in a seductive pose. The Wall of Sound's report included many specific details. For instance, it alleged that Spears was actually born Belinda Sue Spearson in West Baton Rouge on August 7, 1970, and that she had attended Robert E. Lee High School. Former classmates were said to be willing to confirm Spears' true age. The hoax prompted hundreds of people to call Spears' record label inquiring about her age.

Wealth Consciousness: A Guide from Babaji for Prosperity (book)
- (adult age forms) Roger Lanphear book, 2000.
Being fully aware of his Self, Babaji can do what seems supernatural ... Having complete command over his physical body, he can change it to light ... He can appear older or younger at will. (But so can we all!!)

Weekly World News
- (accelerated growth) Bog man's daughter ages much faster than normal children - report

Weekly World News
- (adult half aged to OA) 5/7/1991 tabloid story.
I know just saying the name of that "news agency" elicits chuckles, but some aging make-up went into the effort and a lil' bit of story: News Report - (Deptx, Agingwomen)

Weekly World News
- (ARed) 2002. Russian village was reverted to youth - article - (JayTee)

Weekly World News
- (male AP CB) 9/11/90 tabloid news story about temporal vortex age change.
"I went out in the backyard to play and I started feeling real funny. My back and legs started hurting and my hands got big and wrinkly. All of a sudden my clothes were too small and they were torn all over." - page scan

Weekly World News
- (male ghost AA AP) 1/20/04 "Picture of dead boy continues to age!" article

White House demon cat
- (feline AP) The animal can sometimes be seen prowling in the building's basement. Years go by without a sighting, but when it does appear, national disaster is said to be imminent. Some witnesses claim the demon cat first appears as a helpless-looking kitten, which grows in size and menace the closer one gets to it.

Witch of Hannayston
- (AR) Scotland. The Witch of Hannayston transformed herself into a child and into a white hare.
Source: Lowran Castle, or the Wild Boar of Curridoo: with other tales, illustrative of the superstitions, manners, and customs of Galloway. Robert Trotter, 1822.

Xu Fu
- (adult age stasis wish) Chinese explorer, founder of Japan. 219-210 BC: he sailed into the Pacific searching for the elixir of immortality.

Yanagita Kunio guide to the Japanese folk tale, The (book)
Yanagita, Mayer, 1986.
- (female/male AR) "Brothers Not Alike" - a magic Japanese fan restores youth:
He took out the fan that restored youth and used it on his mother and his wife. His mother wanted to become still younger and got out the fan when her son was away. She made herself too young and turned into a baby crawling around the place...
- (female/male AR) "The Magic Spring?" - man into baby:
He set out to look for the spring, but no matter how long his wife waited, he did not return. She went to look for him and found him by the spring. He had drunk too much and turned into a baby.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male adult OA, rejuved) India. Mentioned in the Mahabharata, the Bhagavata, the Matsya Purana.
Emperor Yayati had conquered the whole world. He married Devayani and took Sharmishtha as his mistress. Devayani complained to her father, who cursed Yayati to old age in the prime of life. Later he managed to exchange his old age with his son Puru.

Yoga Vasistha
- (adult rejuvenation, body changes, TG) 5th to 14th Centuries, text on Hindu philosophy - "Queen Chudala"
In some tellings, having become enlightened, she regained the full bloom of her youth. After 18 years, she decided to visit her husband in retreat, and took on the form of a young boy. Upon her return she claimed to suffer from a curse that caused her to become a young woman every night.
"I feel as if I am falling, trembling, melting. I am so ashamed as I see myself becoming a woman. Alas, my chest is sprouting breasts..."

youth elixirs or potions
- (mostly male adult stasis and rejuvenation) The earliest texts are commentaries on the I Ching, the Book of Changes. Such concoctions were big in China, though some emperors were poisoned instead (see Joseph Needham list).
- Ge Hong (AKA "Ko Hung") made a list of recipes in 300 CE, including divine cinnabar and liquefied gold. Unfortunately he couldn't afford all the required ingredients to complete the necessary steps himself. 300 years later there was a more detailed list, with over a thousand named compounds.

- (age stasis, resurrection AR/AP) God told the Persian prophet Zarathushtra some 3,000 years ago that all the dead will come back to life in a 57 year process. One after another, they crawl out of their graves with brand new bodies. Everyone who died as a youth will be aged 18 forever, everyone who died as an adult will be 40 for eternity.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal