Aging Transformation Scenes

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Addie and Dakota's Infant Transformation Stress Relief - HD
- (dedicated AB, adult mental rejuvenation) 2013.
Wouldn't it be nice to go back to when you had no worries, no stress? Using a magic rattle, Addie mentally transforms into a baby with Dakota so they can forget their adult troubles. Suddenly, both women are naked (except for diapers) giggling like toddlers and using baby talk. These adorable adult babes suck their toes and roll on the ground. These women have NOT learned to share yet, so Dakota whimpers and screams shouting, "Mine!" When they reconcile, the women play with one another's bodies, poking at their boobies, butts, and even "down there." When the mental regression wears off, the two ladies get back up on two legs, fully clothed, and admit how relaxed they feel.
- $14.99, 16 mins - Purchase link

Addie's Embiggening Reverse Regression
- (excellent dedicated APed aftermath concept, unseen CB)
Addie was once little and young, and now she's grown up and big! After developing a special instant-aging serum, our scientist (in POV) hears a crash and clothes ripping, and runs into the living room to see a now-grown Addie stumbling around! She babbles and talks and flops onto the couch, and explores her new grown body! She plays with her boobs, butt and pussy, exploring all her new parts, giggling and laughing. She accidentally falls to the floor from the couch. Oh no! But she climbs back up and keeps playing with her body. Then, suddenly, a knock at the door - uh oh!
- 7/14/2012, HD 1280x720, $9.99.
Purchase link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Adult Baby Source
- (dedicated adult babies, adults mentally rejuvenated)
c2010 Fetish Website with many videos - Purchase Links
- A site with many mental clips. They have a strong infantilist bias, but not much regression stuff. The women don't so much become true mental babies, as learn to love being like babies, or being treated as such (the "Happy Baby"). She is more passive and acting drunk-like. You have to pay a monthly access fee to view the content, but trust me it's worth it - (cakipopo, Oni)

aftermath only (theme)
- (unseen CBed depiction) Pseudo "girl to woman" nude screencaps

Age Progression for a High School Cunt HD
- (dedicated young adult to old age) 08/17/13.
Sexy adult to haggard old: nose, hairy moles, wrinkles, spider veins, saggy titties, tummy, and hair loss. An extreme bitch gets "progressed". I love a woman's vanity used against her.
- We love being the hottest women in school. My dork neighbor put a note in my locker to ask me out on a date! What a dweeb! I tell him I am horny for him and my parents are out of town! I put him to sleep by the cloth and grab his credit card! I am exhausted by my bad woman criminal antics. I draw a bath and start to masturbate. I am unaware of the changes happening. My youthful face starts to grow dark wrinkles, my arms grow hairy moles. My breasts start to dart blue spider veins under the skin! My face also has the same spider veins. My eyebrows thicken, grow wild and long. My nose extends and grows into a witch-like nose. I scream, I am horrified! Larry has somehow done this to me. I feel my hair falling out from the scalp, I pull chunks of my hair out. I am shaking, humbled and humiliated at my look, I get on my knees and beg Larry (still tied up) to change me back to young. I can feel myself aging and aging, "please change me back before it's too late."
- $17.99, 15 mins. Purchase link - (Missa)

age regression masturbation - mov
- (dedicated unseen POV) My boyfriend Andrew becomes 16 with a rock solid cock and needs instruction to stroke it. Oh the fun I have with him, I tease him, and now he's 12 and regresses all the way to an infant. I am no longer your girlfriend, I am now your Mom and you'll have to grow up all over again.
2012, $12.99, 12 mins.

age regression Mistake
- (dedicated Pov unseen adult to 10 y.o. boy) Missa.
I have had the worst day. "Honey, please put your arms around me. I need you."
He immediately grabs my breast. I realize that I have married a pervert.
I fondly recall how sweet he was five years ago. His few gray hairs turn jet black, the wrinkles under his eyes fade, and ... oh... oh! What's this!?
He keeps regressing: younger, younger, and younger! Wow! A young son is surely to cuddle and comfort me.
- $11.99, 9 mins, 1/17/13.
Missa purchase link - (Jeffr_2bya)

age regression TEST SUBJECT
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Tomiko.
Dr. Tomiko surprises Lacey with a syringe to the arm. She wakes as a mental 16 y.o. who is bratty and can be your worst nightmare. She is mentally turned back to a 3 y.o. She starts to seem sweet, but then has a tantrum. Then she is a mental b a b y with diapers who plays on the ground with her bunny. She crawls and coos, sweet as can be.
- $16.99, 16 mins, 01/13/13.

Alison Enslaved
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Penny has purchased little Alison to be her own adult baby woman, mentally regressed to the age of an infant. Penny decides to return Alison to her adult state.
- $15.99, 15 mins, 08/16/08.
Pampered Penny purchase link - (Delightful)

Alyssa's Grown Up Orgasm
- (dedicated adult pseudo APed "aftermath") 09/2016, 11 mins.
Alyssa Reece is frustrated her parents treat her "like a baby". She sits on her bed talking about how she wishes she was older, that she could just be an adult. She starts to feel strange, and realizes she is "GROWING". Her T-shirt becomes "very tight" and starts to rip, she notices her breasts are "growing", they are becoming full and her nipples are sensitive and perky. Her hips "widen" and the skirt is being "ripped apart", she looks down to see ripped panties underneath and pubic hair. She feels something unfamiliar, it makes her gently caress herself. It feels better than anything she's ever experienced and she needs a release.
- $11.99 Purchase link

Angry Reverse Age Regression Pt.1 to Pt.6
- (dedicated unseen POV) Alura hates you. You wasted years of her life promising to marry her and give her a baby but never did, and now it is too late. She finds a new man and decides she wants you to pay and become her baby. Nice really slow really mean reverse age regression with some humiliation - 2012.

Angry Reverse Age Regression
- (dedicated POV unseen male AR) Alura Jenson hates you. You wasted years of her life promising to marry her and give her a baby but never did. She found a new man and decides she wants you to pay and become her baby. Nice really slow really mean reverse age regression.
-, TSC, 2012, 34 mins, $25.
Purchase Link - (Crash77)

AR Phone App
- (dedicated adult mental rejuv) 2014, Missmissa.
Missa is controlled by her husband's phone, loses her ability to speak and then walk, then drools, then babbles, then protests against her mind regressing, diapered, messy, and licks a sucker.
- I agree to let him try the App, get it out of his system. I am surprised how it controls my mouth! I can't speak, I can gasp, but my ability to form words in my mind is gone. I am livid, I decide to leave the room, he stands in front of the door. I lose my ability to stand. All I can do is crawl. My ass hits the ground when I struggle to stand. "I am not a baby," I say in between incoherent babbling. I am in diapers and make a mess of myself. He shows me a sucker, and my face lights up. I am his mental baby forever.
- Purchase link - link - link

Babysitter Trap, The
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation)
Tomiko's Fetish Store, 2011 diaper fetish.
- Tomiko looks into the hamper and sees some adult-sized little girl clothes. Halloween is coming up... What a cute outfit. Tomiko tries on the outfit with adult-sized tights, shoes, shirt and all. She starts to mentally transform into a little girl until the babysitter shows up. Tomiko is back in adult mode explaining that a babysitter is not needed. The babysitter is not buying the story from this "special needs" child. Tomiko starts to have a temper tantrum and mentally reverts back into a child. She is made to do her homework and gets a spanking for being bratty. When it's bedtime, Tomiko protests like a little girl as she is changed into an adult-sized nightie and diapers with tights. Mental little girl Tomiko tries to explain that she is all grown up. Rachel tells the babysitter that Tomiko is her daughter and that she will need her to babysit her for the whole weekend. Tomiko can't believe it, and stays a mental little girl. I am not a little girl she says in her little girl voice...
- Purchase link - link

Babysitters, The
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "The Babysitters" - "Pampered Penny" - When she shows up for the interview, Spoiled Mina learns she's the one being babysat as one of Penny's many @dult b@by c@ll girls!
- $23.99, 23 mins, 12/12/09.

Be My Boyfriend... and Now Slowly Turn into My Baby Pt.1 to Pt.6
- (dedicated unseen POV) Holly is tired of you as a boyfriend but wants to keep you around so she slowly turns you into a baby that she can love and keep forever. You have your age drained, going from adult slowly down to being her diapered baby - 2012.

Bewitched HD
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation), Miss Missa - An amazing video.
I am humiliated! What is happening to me?! I try to write and do simple math, and I can not. I notice a squishy feeling in my jeans, I am wearing a DIAPER! My bra then disappears! I lose strength in my legs and I can not walk away, I turn into a drooling, babbling, playful mental baby. I play with my diaper and then fall asleep.
- Purchase link - (Jetski22)

Blue to Baby HD
- (dedicated adult mental infantilization, adult baby play) 6/13.
Dr. Ray has sent medication to my home to cure me of my depression. He is mentally regressing me as part of his therapy, younger and younger in stages! The video is almost entirely role-play mental process. It will likely also satisfy other kinks for diaper, breasts, ass, and wetness.
- Purchase link - (Missa)

Body swap old woman and girl
- (adult mind exchange) Japanese porn, 90mins, c'20. Swap old cleaning lady and adult girl, I like old women/whores possessing or swapping into younger bodies (if there is evil intent like keeping the body it's even better) - Adult link - (xlcbx)

Bopo's Wonder Baby
- (dedicated mental AR soft porn, hypno-robo) Tomiko's Fetish Store. 18 mins, RM. 2010.
Bopo has stolen a huge diamond, but Wonder Tomi busts into his lair and confronts him. During her Superheroine speech about Good Vs Evil, Bopo sprays his babyspray into her mouth, and Wonder Tomi mentally reverts to being a 4 year old. Bopo thinks she will be easier to handle, but she turns out to be a Super Brat!!! Causing Bopo lots of trouble, she throws her food at him, won't play ball nicely, hates what's in her juicy cup and cries till he hands over the diamond he stole. Will Bopo change her back or keep her as a spoiled brat???
- Purchase link - (crash77)

Boss to Baby: A Long Regression
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation)
42 mins, 2011.
Taylor & Holly baby-style diaper scenes. Holly plays an abusive boss who gets her comeuppance. The mental regression process is longer in this clip.
- Purchase link - (Crash77)

Career Opportunity
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2013. 4 adult rejuvenation transformations, old to young adult, $20.
One of the adult girls was wearing a retainer which was a bit disturbing, made her look underage.
- Purchase link
- (dedicated POV clips, adult mental rejuvenation, reaction to unseen male AR)
Erotic Fetish videos.
- (dedicated POV clips, adults acting as if they are in the presence of an unseen age regressing partner)
Erotic Fetish videos.

College Boy
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Mommie starts to reminisce about when you were just a b@by. Wouldn't it be fun to do that again?
- $20.99, 22 mins, 4/24/10.

Cory Chase - age regression - mp4
- (dedicated unseen POV) Cory slipped something in your punch sweetheart. You didn't want to have her baby, so you will become the baby she always wanted. You are now regressing in age as she talks you through masturbation instruction, right up to the humiliation of you not even knowing how to use your dick anymore.
2012, $5.99, 5 mins.

Cristina's Caffeinated Regression
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) 2014 Photo Story, 307 Photos, Nudity, $15. Intermittent availability.
There is something strange in Cristina's coffee. She mentally regresses and transforms from a well dressed business woman into a shy mental schoolgirl.
- "Great expressions, angles, Cristina was a great fit for the idea" - (Mars) - blog

Daddy Daughter Growth Fetish
- (dedicated nude aftermath POV) Dirtylittleholly, 11:20, 2/12/16, $4.99.
Daddy, I think I'm growing! Do I look bigger to you? Look, daddy... my boobies are definitely getting bigger! It feels really good when I play with them. My pussy is getting hair. Uh-oh! I think I'm growing again! Step back daddy... I'm right in your face hehe! I love exploring my new big girl body with you, daddy! - Purchase link

Deceptive Man to Her Baby Boy
- (dedicated unseen POV) Your wife Kimberly is furious with you. You went behind her back and got a vasectomy. She wants a baby and will get one by making you her baby. You will regress and become her baby.
2012, $29.99, 26 mins.

Deviant Artist: CrisKane
Girls Mature Faster
- (dedicated AP) 2017 - 4-panel gif link - artist link - caps

Diaper Change Age Progression Transformation
- (dedicated adult baby pseudo "APed") 2015 Age Play clip contains only "TF", multiple angles, sound effects.
"Baby" Fifi squirms in discomfort as she whines for daddy. Concerned at her endless crying, he removes her diaper. She begins to calm down, and Daddy beeps her on the nose playfully. He pulls out some wipes, and cleans her as he uses his voice to soothe her. His touch causes a reaction to her body that begins "stretching it out". Her legs "grow", slowly working up his chest, and eventually landing over his shoulders. Dad is confused and shocked as he watches his daughter "grow before his eyes". She twists and turns, dropping the pacifier out of her mouth, and moans uncontrollably. Startled and disoriented, she backs up and tries to figure out who the man is before her. She runs her hand down her body, and Daddy can't help but admire his new beautiful daughter. "Daddy?..." She begins to relax, still moving her body, and moans, "Hi, Daddy."
- $5.99, 5 mins - Purchase link

Diaper Doll
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Chrissy starts waking up wearing different outfits that match those of the diaper doll. In the end she finds herself fully regressed in a nursery.
- $15.99, 15 mins, 4/25/09.

Diaper Slave
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Penny's cruel captor tells her that she's going to be regressed and sold! Then she's forced to strip, diapered, and left alone until she wets and plays with herself, while slipping into deeper regression.
- $29.99, 29 mins, 08/23/08.

EllaDearest Wife to Hooker mind swap
- (adult acting as older/younger adult) c'20. The wife described her new body as if rejuved - Adult link - (xlcbx)

Everything Changes When You Hand Me a Piece of Bimbo Blow Bubblegum
- (dedicated mental adult rejuvenation, adult age disguise cut-away mental process) 2010. clip4sale bimbofication Over-18 video.
A female manager is about to fire the only male employee for sexual harassment. Tara Tainton took the simple idea of a stern boss turning back into a young schoolwoman, and knocked it out of the park.
"Oh, some bubblegum while I hear your silly last words before I fire you? Don't mind if I do... Bimbo Blow? *chew*chew*chew* What's that? What happened to my glasses? Well, I must not have been wearing them. Now, what did I call you into my office for? Oh, you like my short pleated mini skirt? I don't remember putting that on this morning. What's happening to me??!"
Price: $23.99, 21 mins, 205 MB, WMV.
- Main video page - purchase link.

Fabulous Fetish Fantasies: Going to Dr. Beauregard
- (dedicated mental AR soft porn)
"Going To Dr. Beauregard" part 2, 2010, 10 min. MP4.
Fresh faced Midwestern girl Clare (Candle Boxx) has just found out her hubby has a diaper fetish. Dr. Beauregard convinces Clare that the only way to truly understand her husband's fetish is to indulge in it herself. Reluctantly, Clare removes her pants and lets the good, buxom Doctor change her right there in the office. It brings back comfortable memories of her own diaper wearing days, ending with Clare seeming to regress in mental age while intensely suckling Dr. Beauregard's ample breast.
- Purchase link - (crash77)

Fast growing girl
- (dedicated nude "growth" aftermath) KateRoss, 20:09, 11/18/15, $9.99.
Kate the scientist tells you she found a girl who is growing very fast! We see that I am not a little girl anymore. I show my body to Kate. I go to sleep, and we see that I am already decreasing.
- Purchase link
- (dedicated adult babies, adults mentally rejuvenated)
c2010 Fetish Website with many videos - Purchase Links - (Jeffr_2bya)

foot growth (scenes)
- (dedicated shoe CB) Female growth experiments - tearing leather caps - toe breakout caps

Forced Memories of Youth
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) 2011.
TaylorMadeClips, 20 mins, starring Mika.
- Principal Tan is a very strict headmaster. A student's mother casts a spell causing Miss Tan to mentally regress and remember what it was like to be young and younger. When she finally awakes we are not sure if it was all a dream or reality.
Buy it here and likely here
- I thought Mika did a pretty good job with the mental regression from adult to mental schoolgirl to mental baby. The mental schoolgirl section lasts about 10 minutes and the mental baby section about 7 minutes - (crash77)

From Old To Young Again for the Yearbook
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2/27/15, $10.99, 10 mins, 747 MB,
Andrea Rosu custom commission, Part One of Two. I've only done a handful of commission videos and this is easily the best end product. De-maturation from mid-40s/early-50s to 22. Second part will be 22 to "teen". If you're interested in a custom video, email me at: info at andrearosu dot com.
- It's that dreaded time again, when you come around to take the teachers' Yearbook photos . As I get older and more exhausted I look forward to this less. Let me try to suck it up (and suck in my aging gut!) one more time! Once you take the photo, I sense a change. All of my wrinkles are gone. I don't look, nor feel as tired. Did my hair grow longer?! Who would know since I just throw my hair up in a messy bun all the time now. My eyesight! It's perfect! I don't need these glasses anymore. Wait a second... was I wearing this skirt a moment ago?! I would never wear such a short skirt, but more importantly... My legs! They're more toned than I could ever remember!! Speaking of memory...why are you in my office?! Oh, a picture for the Yearbook. OK, well, since this is my first year as a teacher... wait no... that doesn't seem right.
- Purchase link - (Elfinone1)

- (button pop) Galactically stacked Japanese model-turned-pornstar has the breast bust-out version as part of her repertoire.

Genius Chemistry Student Experiments on His Teacher to Take Her Down a Notch
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation video, adult age disguise effect)
2010 Tara Tainton POV pay video.
She's the meanest teacher in all the school. Chemistry teacher Ms. "Terrible" Tainton takes pride in being strict and stern. Completely prim and proper, and always in control, her reputation precedes her... and terrifies every one of her students assigned to her class. Well, MOST of them.
You're her star pupil; no one can deny that you're the smartest in the class. Ms. Tainton even acknowledges that... which is why she gets so very angry about you acting up in her class, engaging in horseplay, and generally disrupting her lectures any way you can think up. You know she has her eye on you... she knows what you're up to... she wants you to make something of yourself and is about to set you down for a stern talking to for nearly a full hour in detention. Yuck.
But no one knows just how smart you really are. You've actually paid attention in chemistry class, and there's something very special - and powerful - that you've been working on for your science project this term. Ms. Tainton could never, would never, certainly should never DREAM that you're capable of and bold enough to try your newly developed chemical concoction on the teacher herself. This is your perfect opportunity. You've seen what your science project can do to animals: completely revert them back to newly birthed. Ms. Tainton is your next guinea pig, your first human testee. All you have to do is try to stop snickering while sitting in detention, watching the teacher transform before your eyes as her lectures turn into giggling, girly impatience, even brattiness... and cooing between sucks on her pacifier... There is also a bit of foot play and toe sucking when she is regressed.
- Download Store: buy - buy
Also check "Fantasy-Come-True: Principal Transforms into your Cheerleader Girlfriend" and "Everything Changes When You Hand Me a Piece of Bimbo Blow Bubblegum"

Genius Teen Grows Bigger
- (dedicated adult AA) 1/11/16, 10:32, $10.99.
Ashley is still viewed as a "kid", no one takes her seriously. Her parents still think they can ground her! Ashley wants to be bigger so adults will respect her. A special formula will make her grow up. As she sits on her bed, her appearance begins to transform. First her hair, then her face and finally her outfit. Ashley stands to get a better look. She must only be college aged. She begins to transform to a professional age where adults have to take her seriously. She didn't realize her boobs would get so big and such a sexy body. Her pants get uncomfortably tight. Ashley realizes she is growing in size! - Purchase link

Getting Older Fast
- (adult AA POV mini-GTS illusion) Ivy Starshyne - $18.99, 18 mins, 2019.
She grabbed some of her "Step-Mom's" clothes to try and impress you. But when you see her "flat" chest and those "scrawny" legs with no ass ... well... You're NOT into her, she's just too "young" for you. Pissed off, she decides to drink some stuff left by her "parents". She's grabbing her body, feeling very strange and... is taller now? She's almost to your shoulders? And her tits are bigger too, "almost" "exploding" out from her top. And her skirt even hikes up to show an ass that's filling in a pair of panties MUCH better! This woman is now a full-blown WOMAN. And her mouth starts to speak like one, too. She's much taller than you, placing her hands on YOUR shoulders, saying she knows how it feels to be the intimidating one - ultimately, to your demise - Purchase link

giantess fetish
- (dedicated adult CB glimpse) - expansion scene.

giantess videos (genre)
- (dedicated adult size increase) Adult sex performers overcome with lust pretend they have grown to giant size. Often uses greenscreen backgrounds and toy models for stepping on. One conceit of the genre is that the cameraman has to film any fabric tearing in extreme close-up. Sometimes you could almost imagine it kinda looks like an AP scene.

girl scout uniform tropes
- (unintentional UC glimpses) Porn videos sometimes feature woman scouts dressed in costumes that somewhat resemble real scouting uniforms. Occasionally these may appear a bit "too small", though every effort is made to avoid this. But it does happen, albeit very rarely. You could then almost pretend it looks like a slight "AP scene" aftermath - caps - '23 AI art outgrown

Girl to Granny
- (dedicated adult to mental old age zaps) 2014, Miss Missa.
High school adult, 20's, 40's, elderly lady. Masturbation, tub play, and adult aging sensual tease.
- Purchase link - (MissaX, Merlin commission)

Granny Gets Regressed HD
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation, male unseen POV AR) 5/2013.
A scientist answers a dating ad from an old, lonely woman who was Miss America in 1956! He is working on an age regression potion that could make her young and beautiful again. If he can win an old woman's heart, she will become a stunning prize to show off to his family and friends.
A few weeks of dating, and the scientist explains the potion. She is eager to try it. She starts to feel a burning through her veins, feels woozy, and stumbles off the bed. Opening her eyes, she feels as if she has a new body, that she remembers from so long ago. She picks up her nightgown and views her abs, her legs, her arms, and is amazed that she is the same as in the 1950s!
She had hoped the potion would work, because she has a secret want for a sweet baby boy. She has always wanted a child, but husband after husband failed to get her pregnant. The scientist's need for a young wife is very shallow, and she chooses to spike his drink with the rest of the potion.
WOW! He regresses in stages. He is an unseen teenager who is very cross with her. She giggles and says not to worry, because soon he will be younger and forget all about this mess. He regresses unseen to a High School kid, a very handsome young boy, a preschooler, and then a toddler. She gets nervous when he loses his balance, she pulls her hands out and encourages him to stand.
Finally! He is just an unseen babe. She lifts him, and will love him forever. This lucky son might get a little brother if she can find the recipe!
- 11 mins, $12.99 - Purchase link - (Missa)

Growth Dreams
- (dedicated adult GTS expansion but some closeup/POV CB illusions)
Some of the scenes or vidcaps you could almost imagine it's like an AP aftermath, but different.
"Danielle Speaks" - 8 mins, Purchase link
- She talks about what it is like to have a growing affliction were she has random growth spurts.
"Alexias New Breasts" - 6 mins, 2016 - Purchase link
- We did this with progressively smaller shirts and tiny bra, and video cuts and body gestures.

Growth Fetish Daughter Of Scientist
- (dedicated adult "CBed" aftermath) Alyssa Reece, '16.
Alyssa is tired of her father keeping his experiments from her. She found a strange bottle in his lab. After careful consideration she turns on the camera, takes the lid off, and takes several sips. Her body starts "GROWING". Her top rips apart and her breasts make their way out of confinement. She feels POWERFUL. Her pants start to rip as her bulging thighs break free - Purchase

Growth Serum: Baby to Babe Transformation, The
- (dedicated adult baby to adult partial mental RN, AA adult clothes rip) 2015, 17mins.
Aiden regularly babysits adult baby Fifi when her parents are out. He attempts to work on serums as she crawls on the floor. Fifi crawls to the desk and grabs the flask. Once she's full, she gasps and feels herself "growing taller". Her adult-sized shirt begins to rise with her "developing" body. Suddenly her diaper rips at the side, and her shirt "tears" down the middle, exposing her "new" breasts. Her chest pops out and "expands". Overwhelmed with sensations, she moans as she explores herself. Her ass "grows", and she smacks it. Aiden comes back from the bathroom and tries to resist, but she grabs his hand. "Mommy, I'm all grown up! ...and there's cum all over my face!"
- Purchase link - link - (FifiFoxx)

Growth Spurt
- (dedicated adult pseudo FFed slight UC glimpse) - Caution Nudity: caps

GTS burstout
- (dedicated adult "CBed" glimpse) - screencaps

GTS fetish
- (dedicated) - screencaps

GTS videos
- (dedicated slight adult UC or CB) c2017. As always, this is not what we want but it's all there is. As girl to woman fans, there are moments where we can almost imagine how awesome it would be if it was completely different. The giantesses wear very adult-style clothing. Nothing is more unthinkable than showing an adult woman bursting out of child clothes. Still, a few scenes might be taken out of context to slightly resemble a teen-to-adult AP aftermath glimpse - screencaps

- (dedicated unseen male POV AR reaction clip) Missa, 2013.
He is regressing, I am observing. I took into account some of your suggestions and added them to the clip - Purchase link

I am the scientists and i am playing with the fast growing girl
- (AA dedicated adult nudity) RussianBeauty, Ukraine, 3/2016. 16:19 min, Lesbian Fetish Masturbation. Very typical. Supposedly, it's supposed to be unseen "APed" "aftermath", but there's nothing.

I grew because of a magic pill
- (dedicated adult mental AP, pseudo CB) Diane Chrystall underwear age play. $14.99, 10 mins, 5/2019. "Growth Fetish/Age Progression clip". I put a lot of care into writing this script, as well as considerable money in the commission. If anyone were to purchase the clip, could you provide feedback/critiques? If my commissions are well received, I will certainly spend more on new scripts...
  Mom, where are you? Have you gone working in the laboratory?
  I love candy! Uhhhh....That was not candy... What's happening?! Why is everything shrinking?!
  My clothes!! They are all destroyed! OMG I'm huge!
  Hey, That's my mom's vibrator. Feels so good! I can't stop squirting! I'm nearly dehydrated!
- Email on store page if you want your own custom video - Purchase link - (Cptkaveman)

Infanto Worm Strikes Again, The
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation, soft porn vore) Tomiko's Fetish Store.
2010 Tara Tainton sequel. $15.99, 15 mins, 349 MB, WMV.
- The Infanto Worm's next prey is burned-out magician Annabelle Lee. She tries to fight it with a wine bottle and struggles to get free, but it has managed to consume her whole. Just when we think this is the end, we see some movement. She is slowly spit out, but she has been mentally turned into an infant. She crawls around with her camel toe diaper, sucking on her toes and baby talking. She causes some mischief in the bathroom and then continues to crawl around. She waves bye to the worm as he looks for his next victim.
- Purchase link - (crash77)

Infanto Worm
- (dedicated mental AR soft porn, vore) Tomiko's Fetish Store. 20 mins, WMV, 2010.
Sexy Tomiko the cop investigates a house supposed to hold black market worms. Little does she know the owner always leaves a worm behind to watch his place. Once you are eaten by the Infanto Worm, it makes you think you are a 2-year-old baby. Tomiko has no idea that she was ever a cop, as she acts like an innocent baby crawling around, babbling, playing with things, sucking on her toes, etc.
- Purchase link - (crash77)

Keisha Evans
- (CBed) Porn fetish video. A small bra busts apart and gives in to the massive weight of her boobs.

Kuikomu! Hamidasu! Yabukeru! Bakunyu bakushiri chiisai fuku paradise
- (dedicated APed aftermath, some UCed)
"Bite! Expose! Rip! Paradise of Huge Boobs and Ass in Tight Clothes: 120-cm K-cup Jun Minami"
- GAS-272, "small clothes paradise", 2/23/2013, 140 mins.
Though everything was normal yesterday, Jun Minami had become big when she woke up in the morning. She wants to dress in 130 cm children's clothes at a height of 170 cm. Small clothes distort the large breasts and butt. They will protrude from the clothing of the past, and the small bra won't fit anymore. The sailor uniform is shortened, and an A-cup bra can't much hide the nipples.
Small clothes emphasize the huge tits and ass. They are not easy to take off for sex. Stretched yarn and straining buttons pinch the new boobs. They press with great force, and are torn by the massage. Her small swimsuit from the last year of school has ripped! Looking for outfits to enclose her form was hard.
CAUTION: not safe for work:
- school uniform - swimsuit - sailor uniform - shirts - collages & cover.

Laughing Latina, The (performer/creator)
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult age-up videos)
She made many adult age change reaction videos - Purchase link - (Shadowsbane99)

Little Shrinking Man
- (dedicated unseen POV) I give you a triple dose of "enhancement" pills that make you feel younger and give you stamina... but little do you know, that these pills start to regress you in age! First you go back to being 17, and I get excited to mess around with a younger guy. But then you go to being 13, then 6! Now you're way too Little to handle me, especially that shrinking little weenie of yours! I laugh and tease you and make you jerk it, until all of a sudden you turn into a little baby! Now it looks like I'll have to raise you all over again!
2011, $14.99, 14mins, WMV.

Lolillyta Grows Up
- (dedicated adult chubby nudity aftermath) 11/7/15, 09:06, $8.99.
I wake up again - these growth spurts have changed my body! Watch me explore my new more womanly curves - Purchase link

Magic growth formula
- (dedicated mental RN "AP", UC possibility??) MaceyJade model, 2014.
Starting as a mental baby in "nappy pants" I drink a special formula and suddenly "grow" into a mental lil girl... I'm wondering what happened and why I'm wearing "nappy pants", so I take them off, but my top is getting tight 'n torn a little, so I take it off & get a t-shirt to fit me and nothing else. I go to play games and eat as I'm super hungry all of a sudden. I feel a pain in my stomach and "grow" again into a woman. With your help (POV) I explore my body and let you explore my "new" pussy with your tongue. I hope the formula lasts so I can cum as a woman.
- $12.99, 11:15, 435.27MB.
- Purchase & Info link

Male Morph Artist: Anthony
- (dedicated male adult rejuvenation & muscle aging) 2018 morph channels.
I have started making adult progression and rejuvenation morphs. For examples, visit my Tumblr page (won't allow me to post all content) and my YouTube channel:
- Tumblr Page link - YouTube Channel link
For samples, a morph of an old white man becoming a young black man, and an adult progression morph:
- Male link - Male link
I will do morphs for free for other people. I can morph any two images of people in similar poses, as long as they are legal. If they want a morph, have them contact me on my YouTube channel. I will not post them if they don't want me to - (Tony)
- (dedicated adult "APed" aftermath) - "I am the scientists and teach girl", KateRoss, '16.
I am teaching the girl who just was a baby and is now a woman how to use her sexy body - Purchase
- (dedicated adult "APed" aftermath) "Another girl growing fast", KateRoss, '15.
The sequel to the first one: - Purchase
- (dedicated adult weight "burstout") - Purchase

Maxgrowth: Holiday Special
- (dedicated adult OA wigs) - Taylor Made Clips, 2015. Koa has run afoul of a naughty magical elf and is put through several offscreen adult TF's:
Grandma Claus, MILF Mrs. Claus, BBW Classic Mrs. Claus - Purchase

MAXGROWTH: Super Remote Control
- (adult to old age, weight gain, rejuvenation) 07/2016, $18.00, TMC.
18 mins. Breast-Butt Inflation, Ass Expansion, Popping.
- There is adult to older adult progression, adult to younger adult regression, and hourglass body expansion.
Lucia's lazy boyfriend discovers the new remote has magical properties. He fast forwards her into a hot granny, reverses her into 18+ college age, then keeps expanding her hourglass figure until she explodes.
- Purchase link - (MaxGrowth)

Megan Jones - age regression - m4v
- (dedicated unseen POV) Megan's boyfriend tells her he doesn't want to have her baby. So she'll have to make him her baby. She slips an age regression pill in his orange juice. Ha! He starts to regress from a horny high school student all the way to an infant. How cute, I'm a mummy now!
2012, $3.99, 3 mins.

- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation or POV)
2013 custom short films:
- Free video for Mr. Soooyoung:
Age Regression Pills HD
- Custom video for Ftoborg13:
Father Time and WonderWoman HD
- Cakipopo Carlos idea for an Autonursery:
Robot Automatic Nursery Mistake HD
Diaper fetish category. The TF part is short and near the end. The magical Autonursery turns me from a reporter to a mental baby. I had SO much fun being transformed from a professional woman.
- (Melissa)

Mistress Taylor's Age Cream
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Uptight reporter Holly Webster interviews Mistress Taylor about her adult youth cream. She tries it and mentally regresses in stages until she wakes and wonders if it really happened.
- $25, TSC, 2011, 32 mins.

Naughty Niece, The
- (dedicated infantilization effect, shrunk adults playing children, pseudo AP, pseudo AR, forced role reversal, humiliation, maturation aftermath)
"The Naughty Niece", 12/2014, 18 mins, Miss Missa.
- A classic swap with a lot of fun special effects. Brought by Dreamtales (
Mischievous little Missa "grows" into an adult body with a young mind. Breast expansion, and spanking by Auntie Lana who experiences shrinking and breast deflation. I also give a spanking.
Little Missa is a real hell raiser. Dropped off at Auntie Lana, Missa's little body makes the sofa look huge. She plays with her toys carelessly.
Auntie Lana is an uptight sexy scientist. She rolls her eyes at Missa's ruckus while working on her human genetic regression formula. Little Missa tries to get her attention.
Auntie Lana tries to quiet her and ignores her. Missa grabs the growth hormone and drinks it. Missa feels a little funny, a little dizzy, oh my... Auntie grabs Missa and pulls her over her lap. Spank, spank, spank! Missa's little bum gets bright red, her eyes water.
Missa sneaks the reduction formula into Auntie's coffee. Missa giggles and walks to the bathroom. She looks at her hands, her body, her dress looks shorter, is it possible that she is taller? She quickly removes the dress and gets into the shower, she bumps into her chest, what the ... boobies?! Oh, my! She tweaks her new, womanly nipples. She notices hairs on her kee-kee. "Woooah!" She has to tell someone, and skips to the living room.
"Auntie, look at me. I look like such s big girl!" She twirls to show off every inch of her womanly body. Auntie is shocked but pleased that her formula worked, but she needs to get her back to her little size! "Oh God, where is my reduction formula." Missa picks up the empty vial and shows it to her.
If she can't get Little Missa back to her 3 foot size, how furious will her mother be, lugging around a disobedient 5'6 little one trapped in a woman's body. Auntie Lana's body shrinks inside of her professional, frumpy black dress. The sleeve falls off, Auntie Lana gasps! She shrinks, shrinks down until she is about the size that Missa was originally, three feet tall!
Auntie Lana is furious. "YOU are getting spanked again, you naughty little.." Missa interrupts, "Oh no, Auntie, it is YOU who is getting spanked. You're so little, you can't run from meeeee!"
"whap, whap," she spanks her Auntie's perfect bubble butt. "Oh my! Your lady parts look so different than mine."
Little Missa walks into Auntie's bedroom, she puts on the thong and models her new grown up body. She puts on a neglige as well, and is shocked at how womanlike she looks.
"Oh my Auntie, I think you need to wear my old dress. It's your size now. How about I give you pigtails?"
"How will I get out of this inconceivable situation?" Missa giggles, she thinks it's so funny when Auntie uses big words. Flat as a board, flat as a little one!
Auntie Lana starts to lose her intelligence. She falls down and throws a temper tantrum, her little hands beating the floor, her legs flailing around.
- Purchase links:
- Vidown ($3 cheaper) - Clips4Sale
- info - info - (Missa, Dreamtales)

Newborn Husband
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Missa.
- I start the effortless transformation process, and it is so sexy. I stop when he is in High School, and his youthful body and strong hardon almost makes me want to fuck his youthful version right then and there. He goes through more regressions. I make sure to stop and talk to each of his life stages.
He is transformed all the way down to an 1nfant and I coddle him. I have been dreaming of having a bb for so long, yearning for a bb, that my body has started lactating! I feed him, and watch his beautiful, innocent eyes, as he feeds on the nutrients I give him.
I decide to keep him in this stage of life. I'm sorry honey, but you will grow back eventually!
- $14.99, 13 mins, 02/01/13.

Old lady to young woman body swap
- (adult mentally acting as older/younger adult) c'20 - Adult link - (xlcbx)

Old Secretary Transforms into HOt New GIrl!
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2013 - Purchase link

Overnight Development
- (dedicated APed, basically AA) Ashley Alban, 10:23, 9/9/15, 1GB, $10.99.
Ash wakes before school and realizes she has adult breasts now. Her shorts feel really tight and her panties barely cover half her butt. Plus she is definitely taller, at least 7 or 8 inches. Ash worries her school uniform won't fit. She tries on her skirt, but must wear it high on her waist. Her butt peeks out of the bottom, and with her longer legs, it is much too short now. Her shirt is even smaller and barely covers her big breasts. At first Ashley is distraught, but she can't help getting turned on. She decides to put her uniform on and can't wait for the schoolboys to see her!
- Purchase link - screencaps

Penny Gets Regressed - parts one, two, & three
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Penny is studying when she notices a baby bottle. She slips back in mental age, diapering herself and playing with blocks and other baby toys, and removing her big girl clothes. She starts to get a little sleepy, sucking her thumb and cuddling her teddy before crawling back onto her bed.
Fully regressed, Penny is bottle fed and cuddled. When she has an accident in her cloth diapers, Eric has to change her. She gets a little fussy, but he gets the job done and puts his little princess down for a nap with her blanky and teddy bear.
- 2008.

Photographer's Regression Fetish HD
- (dedicated adult mental reversion) 2013.
A mischievous photographer is able to mentally regress me with every flash of his camera. I start at 40 y.o., go through several wardrobe and life changes, and end up in the mental infancy stage.
- Purchase link - (Missa)

Principal's Revenge, The
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) c2013.
Old principal takes an adult youth drug and in several steps reverts from old, to middle aged, to college aged, to high school adult - Purchase link

pseudo AP (tropes)
- (AA) No UC/CB is shown, but outgrown shoes were alluded to - caps

pseudo APed
- ("aftermath" only scenes) Some Japanese fetish films feature "former" shoujos who claim they woke with more mature bodies and must have sex - caps

pseudo UC/CB (TF trope)
- (dedicated adult TF) In almost all dedicated transformation videos, the tightening and bursting of the (always adult) clothes is only briefly simulated. The clothing is not actually too small, as that could be perceived uncomfortably by the adult models. They show closeups of tearing fabric and pantyhose, maybe a button being pulled off a blouse, lingerie falling away, and bundles of fabric tumbling to the ground. The focus is on the sexual sensation of her metamorphosis and the realization of her suddenly empowered status, not any collateral damage to her outfit. Not once in the entire history of humanity has there been a video of a woman bursting out of child-sized clothing.
- An example of the TF trope is the "adult beautification" and bimbofication video "Dr. Jekyll's Sensual Transformation to Miss Hyde" by Missa (2013) with extensive hair, makeup, nails, and adult mental changes. Her appearance change automatically converts her whole persona, from highly repressed to sexually uninhibited. It could also be seen as unleashing suppressed desires that were always present.
- Purchase link - (Cade)

QUACK TRACKER EXCLUSIVE: Mistress Taylor`s Age Cream
- Holly is an uptight consumer investigative journalist interviewing Mistress Taylor about her youth cream. She tries it and mentally regresses in a couple of stages until she wakes up and wonders if it all really happened.
2011, $25.99, 33 mins.

Regression Switcheroo, The
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Taylor Made Clips, 2011.
In female domination/humiliation clips the actress usually tells her husband how she is going to mentally regress him and/or treat him like a baby, but this time the husband turns the tables and mentally regresses her. There is a well-acted buildup to the start of Kimberly's mental regression featuring a "baby-style" diaper.
In my opinion this is the greatest MR video of all time for the "little girl" portion alone.
- Purchase link - (Oni, crash77)

Regression Test, A
- Helena decides she wants to mentally regress to 3 different simulated ages (mental teenager-toddler-baby) with physical environment changes. At the very end she turns the machine on the camera. Several poof type mental regressions and time spent at each virtual age. After each stage she talks about what it was like.
2012, $33.99, 30 mins.

regression Therapy
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Cherry has been having some pretty wild dreams that she's diapered and treated like a mental baby in a big, pretty nursery.
- $19.99, 19 mins, 03/28/09.

Renew Diaper Transformation
- Directly from woman to mental baby with no stages in between - 2012.

Reprogrammed: Wife to Horny Babysitter
- (dedicated adult mental reversion) 2014, Miss Missa soft porn.
Cranky wife gets reprogrammed by techie husband into slutty baby sitter.
- Purchase info link - link

ripping clothes
- (button pop) You could sorta imagine she was just made older, but only a few years - Caution Nudity gif

Robot Automatic Nursery II HD
- (dedicated adult mental forced infantilization) 1/14, $14.99, 10 mins.
Missa clip purchase link
- The robot lifts me over its shoulder and puts me in an adult sized crib. Gravitational pull makes it difficult to move. I try to deactivate the robot. It spanks me! Ouch! My fair skin turns red. The robot put bebee powder on me, and pulls up a diaper. The robot tosses me around like a doll when it dresses me. I feel so vulnerable. I am horrified, whimpering, and crying out for "help." The robot puts a binky into my mouth and I spit it out in protest. The robot then grabs a stuffed bear and tries to amuse me with it. "Are you KIDDING ME?! I am a grown woman, not a beebee!" I am forced to orgasm. I mentally regress. I become completely content with being a mental beebe.

Romantic Rivalry
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Penny drugs Maxine and puts her in a thick cloth diaper and plastic pants. She dresses Maxine in a cute little bubble suit and bunny hat and pretty butt plug.
- $22.99, 22 mins, 09/01/12.

schoolgirl tropes
- (UC possibility) Very rarely, adult entertainers portraying "schoolgirls" wear an actual schoolgirl uniform instead of a porn costume. Every effort is then made to conceal the fact it's a bit small on them - caps

schoolgirl tropes
- (unintentional UC glimpses) Young adult "schoolgirls" in adult films may sometimes wear "real" school uniforms that may sometimes accidentally be a bit snug, though this aspect is always hidden. But if you wanted, you could almost imagine they had a "growth spurt" - Porn caps - Porn caps

Scientists' Regression
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation)
c2010, Amateur Fetish Videos.
- Young scientists Tatiana Petrova and Nina test a miracle anti-mental-aging liquid made from a newly discovered plant. They drink the liquid and before they know it, both have mentally regressed to 3-year-olds still with adult bodies. They end up in diapers, playing in the living-room, sucking toes and acting silly just as I've seen real babies act; crying, rocking, swaying, etc. One even throws a tantrum as a toddler.
34 minutes, $30.00 download - Purchase Link - (Oni)

Secretary Regression
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation)
c2010, Amateur Fetish Videos, 30 mins, $30.00.
- Secretary Nikki Brooks decides to spike her humorless boss Heather's water with a regression pill. Heather starts to drink the water and with each sip she mentally regresses further, going from a woman to a mental baby. Nikki comes back and braids Heather's hair and watches her color in her coloring book. When Nikki leaves the room for a minute, Heather finds the regression pills, and playing around, drops one into Nikki's water. Both women end up on the floor in diapers, sucking on their toes and playing before deciding to take a nap - Purchase Link

Shaman's Revenge
- (dedicated unseen POV) Missa. My sister desperately wants to look younger now that she is in her 40s.
Midnight strikes, and I can clearly see her turning younger, a year a second. But what's this.. she keeps going, and her skin gets dewy with youth.
She opens her eyes and looks at me with that familiar youth from our High School age. "OMG, you look so old," she tells me, "you could totally get us booze!" She is the same as she was back then, mischievous, outspoken, and a total bad girl. She starts to feel sick, and I see her turning even younger!
She is so short, just a young little thing. She looks at me scared, doesn't know who I am. She wants her "mama."
She babbles as an 1nfant. She drools, and wants to be picked up by me.
- $12.99, 10 mins, 01/29/13.

She Lost Some Years
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation)
TaylorMadeClips production.
$29.00, TSClaire, 2011, 31 mins, 599 MB WMV.
- Uptight mature executive Caroline is setting up a baby shower for her niece when a package arrives with a strange card. The shower never occurs as she goes through a strange mental age regression.
- Purchase link - Taylor is currently asking for scripts and requests for more adult mental age regression material: board link.
- Infantilism, diapering themes - (Utopianfubar, crash77, cakipopo)

She-Hulk trope
- (adult "CB" close-up glimpse) You could imagine how awesome it would be if it was actually an AP scene - caps

shoe bursting
- (dedicated foot "growth", kinda could look like AP) Edited caps

Shoe Growth Fantasy HD
- (dedicated adult GTS CB) Media Impact Customs. GTS, $14.99, 12 mins, 2017.
Foot growth video focuses on breaking out of shoes. Custom with Keri Spectrum that focuses on slow growth, but also has clothes rip, button popping and bra snapping off. The video really focuses on the shoe aspect - Purchase link

Side Effects!
- (dedicated pseudo APed aftermath) 2016, 30 mins, $28.99.
Taboo role playing. Maturity for Kayla and POV regression for you; school girl, bikini, skimpy dress; bratty to powerful woman.
Your younger step-sister is super freaking annoying and whiny. While Mom and Dad are on vacation, you are left in charge, instructed to cater to her every need. All this moaning and whining and nagging has REALLY got to end; you've finally gotten her something to battle this cold of hers. She gulps down the gross fluid and falls fast asleep! Upon waking, things seem strangely different! Has her bed gotten "smaller"... or has she gotten "bigger"? And what happened to her pajamas? She is now wearing her school uniform, and it's like "way-too-small"! You are pleasantly surprised her squeaky, whiny voice has been replaced with a voice that matches her more curvy and voluptuous body! You encourage her to down more magical cough syrup! Gulp, gulp. Her boobs "grow" huge! Gulp. Her hair grows long. Gulp. Makeup, a big, round ass, and long legs "appear" before you! Your step-sister is super sexy and wearing only a tiny bikini! At the height of ecstasy, she finishes you off... "You think I'd satisfy you, after how you EXPERIMENTED with me? I wish you were young and sick!" And oddly enough you "become" younger... smaller... and sick with a cold! Now she is not only the most gorgeous girl in town, but also the most POWERFUL! She wishes herself into a smoking hot club dress!
- Purchase link - link

Sister Regressed me to a baby HD
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation, diapered) 2013.
My sister lets me know that she will be going with "Josh" to the club instead of me. She hands me her iPad and tells me I can play video games to keep busy. How insulting!
I hear a paralyzing beep. It stings my mind but makes my body feel exhilarated. Then I look down and see a diaper! It's warm and poofy. I try to pull it off, but it will not allow me to pull it down.
I feel so much younger. I am no longer interested in dancing. I want to play! I start to jump on the bed. Oh, I dislike these clothes. My breasts confuse me. My nipples hurt to pull on. I drool like I am just a few years old.
I can not speak. My hands. My binky. I am feeling so tired. I start to close my eyes as I watch the pretty lady put on a familiar dress.
- Purchase link - (Missa)

size increase/burstout themes
- (dedicated adult aftermath) "age progressed" why is this happening to my body? nude caps
- (dedicated adult size increase) "giantess expansion" nude caps

Sophie Little wants to Play!
- (dedicated Adult Baby, adult mental reversions, adult age play) 2014.
Welcome to my play room!
I love to have fun in my diapers and play make believe. My "little self" ranges in mental age from helpless, little mental "babygirl," to rebellious mental young lady. Feel free to tell me your deepest ABDL fantasies, and watch as I make them come true!
I do camming and fetish modeling to support myself, but the ABDL lifestyle has always been my "first love!"
I have been an Adult Baby girl and into diapers ALL of my life. I have a special understanding of the adult baby lifestyle, because I have LIVED it!
- Video Purchase Links

Spanking for Penny, A
- (dedicated AB, adult MR) "Pampered Penny" - Penny is playing with her doll house and makes a HUGE mess. Her Daddy is not amused. She gets a spanking over her thick, cloth diaper.
- $18.99, 18 mins, 12/26/08.

Spontaneous Body Transfer Sends a Sexy Devious StepMom Off to Boarding School by Mistake, A
- (dedicated adult mind alteration) 2012, Tara Tainton.
A woman is involuntarily robbed of her mental maturity - Purchase link - (Nolecol)

Step-Mother-Step-Daughter Switch
- (dedicated mind swap, younger/older adults acting older/younger) Jordana's Spellbound Beauties. $11, 10 mins, 2015.
Jordana's stepmother Gigi is so mean! She is always picking on her outfits and telling her to do her homework! Today Jordana pours a SPECIAL POTION in Gigi's drink, and then drinks some herself. They slowly start to feel the effects. Gigi and Jordana start STRIPPING their CLOTHES off, and putting the other's clothes on! Suddenly, they ARE the other person! Gigi is now a bratty girl in slutty clothes, and Jordana is a strict, overworked stepmother! Now she yells at Gig for not cleaning her room, and even SPANKS her! - Purchase link - (SoulSeeker)

Stepmother's Revenge Age Regression
- (dedicated unseen POV) 25 y.o. Sammie's step mother is angry at you for cheating on her with a younger woman. You are 30 and you had the nerve to tell her she is too old. Her stepmother invites you over and regresses you in age, with Sammie watching and making fun of you. You will lose everything, regressed back to a tiny adult baby in diapers.
2012, $14.99, 11 mins, MP4.
- Purchase link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Student Becomes the Teacher!, The
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation & adult age-up) c2013.
The main young adult (who is hot) goes through an age-up and an adult rejuvenation - Purchase link

Swapping Bodies With Step-Dad
- (dedicated younger/older adult TG mind swap) 2017/10.
Adult daughter pleads with Dad to switch bodies with a contraption they use offscreen. She takes off and doesn't come back so Dad has to pee in her body. Then he realizes she is using his body to have sex with his girlfriend. He decides that if she can have sexy fun in his body, he will do the same in hers.
- Preview link - Purchase link - (Grimm)

- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Tomiko.
Bratty AnnaBelle Lee is in her diaper not being good. Tomiko spanks her diaper butt. AnnaBelle wishes that she is a grown-up and Tomiko is the mental little girl.
All of a sudden, it is Tomiko in the corner and AnnaBelle Lee is now the grownup. What is going on here? Tomiko demands in a little girl voice.
It is now AnnaBelle's turn to spank Tomiko. She wastes no time placing her on the bed and removing her clothes as Tomiko protests and has a tantrum.
She is left there to cry and finally she falls asleep...thumb in mouth.
- $10.99, 10 mins, 10/30/12.
Tomiko purchase link - (Oni)

Tainton Zone - Episode 10: The Fountain of Bottomless Youth, The
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) 2011 - purchase link
Submitted for your approval, a sexy tale about one woman's quest for adult youth. Tonight, you'll discover what happens when a woman obsessed with her signs of aging finds herself mentally regressing in age until she's sucking her thumb in diapers... Your honored hostess on this journey, Tara Tainton xoxo.
- $26.99, 21 mins, 250 MB AVI - (crash77)

Tainton Zone - Episode 15: Desperate Measures, The - 2012.
Purchase link - (Crash77)

Taylor Made Clips
- (dedicated adult age play & mental infantilization videos)
Online Video Store specializes in TF clips and other fetishes.
In terms of age regression, they have some adult baby TFs and point-of-view TF reactions.
- (Omega)

- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) Missa. My husband is messing around with his silly hypnotism practices. My eyes turn black, and I start seeing my limbs transform!
Before I know it I am crawling underneath my women's sized robe. Wow! I am so amused by the littlest things, and get so angry at the slightest inconvenience for my little body, my husband is standing there to soothe my tantrums with a pacifier.
My husband puts a diaper on me. I tear it off after toying around in it some. I am a handful as an adult woman and as an 1nfant.
When my husband tires of my moody ways he snaps me out of my trance.
- $15.99, 13 mins, 02/01/13.

Time Alteration Device, The
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation, some adult mental OA)
Tomiko's Fetish Store. Professor Ariel X's new invention isn't quite complete but she wants to test the Time Alteration Device anyway. Right now it can only alter clothing and mental functions, but it can't perform physical changes. She tests it on a teddy bear and nothing happens. Inanimate objects can't be affected, she observes. She decides to try it on herself, and it mentally turns her into a very old lady. She fusses a bit and then tries to figure out the device so she can change herself back. This time she is mentally transformed into a 4-year-old still in her grown up clothes. She complains as she watches cartoons and hits the button again, changing her wardrobe into an adult-sized schoolgirl outfit. She is delighted but gets bored after a while and hits the device again. It goes extreme and mentally turns her into a baby in diapers. She crawls around. How will she change herself back?
- 2011, $22.99, 22 mins - Purchase Link - (crash77)

Tomiko videos
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) 2012.
Erotic Fetish videos. Look under the diaper category.
- Baby Box
- Gypsy's Baby Revenge
- Hotel Mistake
- 3rd "Infanto Worm" clip
Purchase link - (Oni)

Transformations as a discipline. Cruel training of the annoying (but sexy) lil sister
- (dedicated pseudo "OA'd") Liza K fetishes, POV, 2016.
We will see how you like being a granny! Ha! Old, gray and toothless... well, sister, it's not sexy, but cruel enough for me to like it! Teaching you to be nice! A sweet Teddy bear? So how do you feel being plush? Sucks, doesn't it? - link

- (dedicated adult TFs, rejuv) Siren Tales Productions, c2018?
$12.00. Feature length indie movie with body swap "TF" theme. Old to young adult, TG morphs, MtF, other - Purchase link

Transforming my husband HD
- (dedicated POV unseen male AR) - I do believe the husband gets ARed back into sperm... Harsh.
Tonight we will conceive our b4by. I have wanted a b4by for so long. My unseen husband comes in and starts to roll on a condom, oh NO!
Now it's his turn to SHRINK. I make him regress unseen in age. I am so amused at his different stages of life. His brain is not regressing though.
I decide to make HIM my unseen b4by. He is inside of me. I can feel him squirm in disobedience and defiance.
I take him all the way back to an egg in my uterus. I will now feel the joys of the entire cycle of pregnancy. I get so turned on by my mischievous ways... I cum so hard.
- Purchase link - (Jeffr_2bya)

transgender (tropes)
- (adult BE TF TG) from "Transformed". You could sorta pretend it's really a puberty transformation in close-up - gif

Vicky- too big for clothes part 01
- (dedicated adult UC) Fat, big butt, clothes outgrown, jeans.
Vicky is too fat and big for some clothes. She tries to wear tight clothes, but can't button the jeans, these clothes don't fit anymore.
- $16.99, 15 mins, 2011 - Purchase link
Vicky - i am too big - part 02
- (dedicated adult UC) Clothes outgrown, belly, tight jeans, cloth rip.
- $16.99, 15 mins, 2011 - Purchase link

Xil Studios
- (dedicated adult TFs) 2009- GTS, "body thief" had TF in own clothes? - (Shadow4755)

Young Girl Wishes To Become Older
- (dedicated adult portrayal of "AP" scene, pseudo "UC/CB"?) - Alyssa Reece, 6/30/15, $8.99, 8 min.
"Clothes Destruction" category? I just wish I could be older right away, and be an adult right now. It feels like my body is growing all of a sudden. Oh my god, I have boobs! My body is getting way too big for my clothes and I have to rip them off, they are SO tight they are starting to rip on their own. I'm only 10 and now it seems that I have gotten twice as old in minutes! Aah I can't believe it, I have pubic hair. I'm having all these strange feelings, intense urges taking over my entire body.
- Purchase link

Young Girl's Age Progression, A
- (dedicated adult AP portrayal, basically AA) $8.99, 8 mins, 6/20/2015. Alyssa Reece.
A young girl is the victim of a government experiment... The effects begin to take hold shortly after her escape, and the 9 y.o. girl rapidly grows into a stunning adult woman. Breasts, feet, legs... all rip out of her clothes as she progresses in age. She finds herself insatiably turned on by the sudden onset of hormones and her womanly physique, and desperately needs to explore the power of her first orgasm... with the doctor's help, of course - Purchase link

Your Secretary's Past Comes Back to Fuck You in the Ass
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2014.
Middle-aged secretary revert to young adult, weight loss, eyesight improvement, lips, nails, flats to heels, breast expansion, futa, and a role change.
- Purchase link - (Miss Missa)

Youth Serum Gone Wild
- (dedicated adult to OA, dedicated adult mental rejuvenated), 2012, $34, 38 mins.
Coco creates an adult youth serum which she mixes wrong, and she slowly ages about 50 years.
Then she reverses it and becomes her age again, only for her mind to regress to mental infancy.
- Purchase link - (Crash77)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal