Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (TG age appearance illusion) "In Dad's Shoes" 2020 Christmas CM.
A little girl "turns into" her father when she steps into his shoes (everyone else sees her as him, she follows his daily routine and has his reflection, but is still the same actress). This experience helps her figure out what to buy him for Christmas, which turns out to be comfortable socks.
- Commercial link - (DB Cooper)

- (adult attractiveness/youthfulness disguise effect) "beer goggles" illusion

Magic 101
(ARed) Commercial preview. Clip can be downloaded from ArArchive. ARed (2bya pics)

Make My Baby
- (male head transfer) 2010 cellphone subscription scheme novelty gimmick - baby
- (face FF) "" lifetime subscription plan.
The ads do not show actual age-morphed images but selected stock photos - aged - aged

- (adult BE TF inflations) "Cola" Little girl is confused about adult woman's expanding breasts - CM - breast size changes.
- Video link

Malayan Insurance
(male AR, face close-up morph) Commercial. The right insurance will help you sleep like a baby.
- dream

male old age (common trope)
- (male adult FF) Very common high-concept gag where men are seen to turn elderly during the commercial, either through cutaways or through morphing. It's as common as the depiction of girls aging into women is uncommon.
- 2015 - screencaps - caps

Marie Callender's
(face close-up FF AA fade) Commercial - spoon

Martin's Super Markets
- (male AP, male old age) male vid link Boy in shopping cart grows up, while his dad regrets not going to store with faster cashiers.

Martin's Supermarkets
- (male FF AP UCed glimpse, male OA) CM.
- Checkout years

- (male young/older adult, AA cut/fades, TGed)
Otsuka Food Co, carbonated vitamin drinks, 2017 CMs.
- "Days not Returning" CM link - "Kiss" CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (AA toon replacements) 2018 CM. Kids were AA-replaced by animated adults (and back).
- CM link - - (Tazz)

- (AR) 2007 McDonald's commercial shows middle-aged woman turn into a teenager. (Riana, metamorphose)
- (kinda ARed) "Inner Child" A woman is working in an office and freezes. A hatch opens and a child version pops out of her. This happens to every adult. The children head to McDonald's. After getting food, they return to the adults, put the food in their hands, and climb back inside. The adults wake up, and are surprised to find McDonald's in their hands. (
- (younger age forms) "Inner Child" commercial, Australia 2005. Younger selves open hidden hatches and climb out of tired office workers to go to McDonald's. de-aged
- (male AA APed) animated 1980s. male

- (AA AP illusion) "Family Circle", 2008, Ireland.
A father watches his daughter "grow" into a young adult before his very eyes.
- Video link - screencaps

- (AA FF cuts) "You've Been Loyal" Rewards, 2021/07.
A girl goes to McDonald's over the years. From childhood to college and finally with a career and family of her own. Her tastes change but McDonald's stays the same.
- Commercial link - (Brendan)

- (male APed AA from the neck down) A mother is surprised 2 boys appeared to grow stronger while playing with He-Man toys - male muscle
- (older/younger selves AA) c2008 French commercial.
- progressed - age forms

(AA FF) A woman is reflecting on the best dollar she ever spent. They show her as a child buying a goldfish, as a young teenager buying a red pair of dollar sunglasses, and then in the present day in front of a McD's dollar menu.

- (ARed AA dream sequence aftermath, RNed AA cutaway) "Family", 2011.
The parents are already regressed when the commercial starts. They returned to normal on the way out.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (male flashback AA APed parody) c2013 commercial for the old "Donna Reed Show" rerun has the actor Paul Peterson who played the kid brother inserted into a scene replacing his younger self. "I'm all grown up!" he declares before talking with Ms. Reed from the 1950s - (PixChick)

Measure Up
- (male adult FF WG morph, muscle recovery, preteen FFed cut)
Australia CM link - screencaps - (Ian Ricky male TF)

Measure Up
(male adult aging) Australian commercial. What measures will you take? - male aging

Media Markt
- (self-image "ARed" AA, RNed, cutaways) 2015 commercials, Poland.
"Odkryj w sobie dziecko" ("Discover your child"). Adults interacting with technology have turned back into babies or kids.
When caught by someone they are shown as adults again. At the end of some they have "ARed" back.
- CM link - screencaps - male only - Santa's lap.
- CM link - screencaps - male & female - Couch baby & secretary.
- CM link - screencaps - 2 males - Kinect.
- CM link - screencaps - female - Mother.

- (voice-only APed, AA dream splash/cut to OA'd) "Never Imagined", 06/2015.
Video link - caps

(male height) 2008 - 1

- (male flash forward to male OA) "Life with Meiji" 2011 commercial.
Video link - screencaps
- (Akira)

Memorial Hermann
- (adult FF morph to old) 2001 CM block.
Video link @12:20 - gif - caps - (Super Man)

Memorial Hermann
(AP flash forward, old age) 2001 Houston. Spot features baby that morphs into an adult, telling how Memorial Hermann was with him at critical points of life. Another opens with a teenage girl that morphs to a young mother and later an older woman with her granddaughter.

Menenas Verono
- (TF) c 2009 animated Tv ad for unknown product. Slim woman morphs into fat woman, turns into catwoman (quick cut), and uses a machine to change her facial appearance several times. (spong)

Mercedes Benz
- (male FF) 2017 Winter Event "One Wish".
Wishes can take a while to come true. CM link - screencaps

- (adult ff to oa) "Circle of Life" CM link - (Lunkpil)

Mercury Insurance
- (male adult FF, AR AA) "In the Future", 2015 CM.
Insurance agent gives a glimpse into a young man's middle age. However, there's a problem with the time machine and the future becomes the past (woman & men into 80's kids). "You went back too far".
- Video link - screencaps - (Time2, FARfan)

- (OA to adult rejuv poof, ARed AA) 2013. Mermoz-chan comes up! Beauty only supplement from Wakasaseikatsu.
Japanese commercial for a miracle candy featuring our own legendary Merumo/Melmo. At the end we see baby Merumo/Melmo. The pastilles will revert the ages of anime characters and can also be eaten by others.
- Video link - screencaps - (Klatuk4u, Wakasadiv)

Metropolitan Life
- (coming of age) 1970s daughter mirror scene.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
- (male adult flashbacks from old) Action RPG video game, Monolith, 2017.
"Not today Brian." An orc protected him at crucial moments in his life. Nothing will be forgotten - CM link

Midnight Switch
- (adult "OA'd" prank) "Stichting Tegen Kanker", Belgium, 2012.
5 young men lived through a boyfriend's worst nightmare: after a full day in the sun, they woke with someone 20 years older than the person they went to bed with. Cue footage of blokes freaking out when they wake next to their mothers-in-law. They discovered a major risk of unprotected sunbathing in a rather drastic manner. The message is clear: if young men don't want their girlfriend to start looking like their mom far too soon, they have to make sure she protects herself against the sun.
- Video link - caps - caps

Milk (demo commercial)
- (male AA AP) 2012. Video link - caps

Milk (growth theme)
- (dedicated AA AP, male AR) "AP comic milk Karen" c2018 - fetish CGI parody ad - (TGTrinity_AP)

Milk (tropes)
- (male adult muscle) - caps

Milk commercial
(AP) "Gymnast" A mother puts a baby in a red leotard on the floor. The baby starts to grow, and as she ages she does gymnastic things. Around age 10, she stops growing and returns to the mother, who hands her a glass of milk. The ad showed the growing baby and girl falling, but x-rays of her bones revealed no ill effects. Milk makes your bones grow stronger. The music was a popular classical theme. Info, screencaps or links would be appreciated. (tatu68)

Milk It Does A Body Good
- (AP AA dream sequence) CM. A girl talks to an inattentive boy about the growth-enhancing benefits of milk - AP scene
- (girl growth spurt) Height comparison AP scene.

Milk It Does A Body Good
- (APed AA) A girl's rapidly enlarging reflection explains many of the benefits of drinking milk - mirror
- (FF growth) Commercial. Woman explains how she used to be too small in junior high for the boys to notice her, but milk helped her grow into a stunner. Growth home video
- CM

Milk It Does A Body Good
- (dedicated AP) Parody fan comic

Milk It Does a Body Good
- (male AA AP) bullies "outgrown" in seconds.
- (male AA AP) mirror - trunks

Milk It Does a Body Good
- (male AP AA FF dream sequence) Growing boy begs coach to be picked for the team.
- (male FF AP AA growth reminiscence, muscle development) A man recounts with home videos how he used to fear bullies but rapidly grew more powerful with the help of milk.
flashback FF

Milk: It Does a Body Good
- (dedicated fetish AA upgrade) c'18 CGI parody

Milk... it does a body good
- (AP, AR RN, AA, cuts) 1986 Kids drink milk to grow up. They are replaced by a series of older actors, then return to normal - 1 - 2 - (Merlin)
- (male AP) A high school freshman who was picked on by the other kids starts to work out and drink milk. There's a shot that switches between the skinny kid and the buffed up one, as he drinks his milk and flexes his thicker arm... in the end, the guy has totally outgrown his former oppressors as he bumps into them in the hall, doing nothing short of shocking his former bullies -- who are much smaller than him -- and striking fear into their eyes.
A guy wants to be as admired as his brother, then drinks his milk and becomes huge.
A coach is standing next to the mirror and within it a little kid in a football jersey. He's small and skinny and says "C'mon coach..." asking him to let him play on the team and also that he's been drinking milk. Sure enough, the kid starts growing and by the time he's done he's much bigger and taller than the coach, his voice a booming bass.
Another milk commercial showed a boy growing tall and then morphing some huge muscles. male (Furvect)
- (AP, male AP) 1987 milk clips (Ricky) clips (registration required)

(AP AA) Milk helps bone development of fast growing girls.
video link

- (FF TL cuts) "Grow" c2011, TVC, Oates, Lab Sydney. Also print campaign.
Commercial link - screencaps - AP gif

- (male AP dream sequence glimpse) 1984 CM. Milo will make you grow - caps

(flashed forward, flashback) age ads

Mitsubishi Galant
(flash forward pregnancy) 2004 pregnancy flash forward

(kinda like ared) Turkey 2006 diaper commercials with children acting like babies and adults

Mop & Glo
(male and mother flash forward) Preview from ArArchive, new images section. male and mother flash forward (2bya caps)

- (male AA FFed to adult aftermath) Mokuro Comic, Mokoro, CarconJP. 2017 CM.
Car convenience/lease store, Growing Momoka, Younger couple discovers their schoolboy son has been AA'd into an adult man who is already older than them.
- CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
- (female to female TF) 1
- (TF) 2

motivational posters
- (FF AA AP) Office propaganda parodies - Hermione/Emma

Motor Accident Commission
- (self image ARed) "Grow Up", S.Wales, 2014, Clemenger BBDO.
Warning: drink driving is highly immature - Video link - screencaps - (Matt)

Mountain Dew
- (male ARed OC) - screencaps - link

Mountain Dew
- (male FB ARed) "Back in Time" 1998 CM.
Wanting a Mountain Dew, Michael Johnson runs around the world counter-clockwise to travel back in time to get a Mountain Dew before Freddy's market closes. He travels back to the 1970s by accident, and the four guys that watched him are de-aged back into little kids - link

Mountain View
Egypt luxury real estate. There are many Hulk-like transformations and cutaways.
- (male muscle TF CB, AP-like aspect) "Sleepless Nights", 2015.
CM link - screencaps
- (young adult muscle TFed CB, TG or pseudo APed-like aspect) C-Villa "Girl", 2016 cutaway.
CM link - screencaps
- (muscle TFed CB, male pseudo APed-like aspect) "Parents Meeting", 2014 cutaway.
CM link - screencaps
- (male adult muscle TF) - CM link
(kinda looks like ARed) 2004. Kids working adult jobs. 1

Mozzarella Unagrande
- (adult BE & development) - Vid link - screencaps

Mrs Mac's
- (old adult rejuved from the neck down) "Lean Meat Crusty Top", c2010, Australia.
Bimbo washing a classic car in summer clothes has a "crusty top".
- Commercial link - screencaps - (rgt)

(old aged parody) "Newlyweds" parody commercial for new season. old aged

muscle men (theme)
- (male adults sudden muscle development)
While showing a girl expanding into a woman right through her clothes would be unthinkable, there are many commercials in which a man suddenly sprouts huge muscles and rips his shirt.
Vid link - caps
Vid link - caps
Vid link - caps
Vid link - caps
- (Wackywildtvads)
- (young adult BE) c2010? South Africa.
Direct video link - caps - (Process)

my first bra
- (coming of age, looks like FF scene) Thailand, online store - 01 ages and stages - 02 info page.

My Scene Growing Up Dolls
(AP) "Glam" 2007. Adolescent dolls grow from 25cm to 30cm. They start as tweens. But with the twist of a dial, the dolls grow 1 inch taller, get curves and develop chests. Kids can change the dolls' clothing, accessories, and make-up to give them a teen look. (chemahg77)

My Scene
- (doll AP) - caps

Nabisco Shredded Wheat
- (face flashback "AR") c1960 - CM link - gif - screencaps

- (adult height increase) c2015 - caps

- (adult height) product. c'15 - caps - caps

- (FF age 14 height) +2cm caps

- (height increase miracle) c2014 testimony caps

- (male AA AP) morph - (Akira)

(male AP) J-league curry. A 10-year-old boy eats curry. He morphs into (Ruy) Ramos Rui. (Soccer player for Yomiuri F.C.) (Akira)

NASDAQ LivePerson
- (male adult face morph to OA) c2015, Aging Man CM.
Vid link - caps

National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan
- (FF OA) "YES STOP" What you do now may affect the year 20xx.
CM link - screencaps - (Yoshihiro21, little trip)

National Body Challenge
(body transformation) 2005. Woman slaps and pinches herself thin. weight loss

National Campaign Against Youth Violence
(male AR, face close-up) 2000 CM. Yelling coach morphs into young boy.

National Dairy
- (male self image, coming of age) pose

Nationwide Insurance
- (male AP) 2006. A father pushes his son on a swing. He pushes and pushes, and each time the son goes off screen. After the third push, his son comes back as an adult. "Life comes at you fast" (Tazz) male AA AP
- (male old age) 2006. Starts as a commercial for a new shampoo named after Fabio. He is rowing in a gondola in Venice, while a woman is sitting, enjoying his company. Fabio passes under a bridge and hands her a rose, then it shows him as an older man of about 80, and the woman is shocked. (Kris, Tazz)
- male old age (O) "Swing" & "Fabio!" The 2006 Superbowl male AA AP/ male old age commercials. commercials link

Nationwide Insurance
- ("ARed" AA self-image perception) 2015 CM.
A long wait can seem forever. Toddlers are put in real-world grown-up positions, like waiting at the DMV, being put on hold, and suffering terrible service. The end portion had one toddler replaced by a grown woman, implying the people had been regressed by bad service.
- Video link - screencaps - (Richforce)

- (AP) 2004 "Life comes at you fast" campaign. Their website has a rollover that shows a young girl, and then her again but older wearing the same outfit. The caption reads "Daddy's little girl" then Daddy's little handful" at (
- (AP) 1 - 2 - 3
- (male adult FF) - male middle age
- (male AP) "Car Seat," one of 5 TV spots, features a young couple placing their little boy into a car seat. They double-check his safety and then shut the car door and proceed to get in. They turn around and see that, instead of a little boy, their son is now a 20-year-old young man strapped in the safety seat. He gives a subtle wave to his parents as they stare at him in disbelief.
- male AP (derydan, 'O')
- (male old age) "Pool" Young muscular guy in black speedos jumps into pool across from his young girlfriend, but when he gets to the other side he comes out as an overweight bald older man still in black Speedos. (Mark)
- A young woman lying out by a swimming pool reads a magazine. At the other end, a fit young man with a toned physique dives into the water and streamlines to the shallow end. He reaches the surface and emerges from the pool as an older man with a doughboy-like body, with his hair thinning and his gut hanging out. The voiceover says, "Life comes at you fast. Be ready with Nationwide. "Sonogram", "Car", and "Butterfly" carry similar branding messages targeting other audience segments.
- male old age

- (FF AA) CM. "Things Change" In the time it takes the camera to spin once around the room, a daughter has grown up into a woman and changed into adult size clothing. Life comes at you fast.
vid link - screencaps
- (old age) CM "Bedroom". Neglectful husband is shocked his wife aged into crone while he was watching television.
vid link - screencaps
- (male old age) CM "Reflection". A man ages 5 decades in the time it takes to open and close bathroom cabinet.
vid link - screencaps

- (FF AA) Commercial years
- (male AA FF APed) c2008 commercial. A father is surprised his son turned into a man in a glance. He now needs high-yield investments to pay the bills.
- male

- (male AA FF) couch boy

- (male APed AA) CM "Hindi Lessons" targeting the Indian insurance market in the United States. A mother tries teaching her baby son to speak. Seconds later, he's rapping as a grownup. Life comes at you fast.
male vid link (derydan58)
- (FF faces) comics FF
- (male giant baby) Commercial warning about the risks of growth hormones in food.
- birth scene.

Nature Conservancy
- (OA flash forward) c2003 CM - decades

Nature's Bounty Fish Oil
- (fast forward, young adult to OA) "Treadmill", 2016.
After a promise to take Fish Oil to stay healthy, it showed her exercising at the gym and flashing through the years until she was white-haired on the treadmill. Your future self will thank you.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Timewarper, MySpecialFX)

- (looks like ARed from the neck down only) "Sleep Like A Baby", 2018 CM.
Customers explain to viewers the positive results of trying a new Mattress that allows them to sleep like Babies. The Customers also got their bodies ARed back into Baby bodies but their heads remained the same. Body AR commercials are rare. By having Adult heads on the bodies of adorable Babies who are comfy on their Mattresses, we will drive home the idea that with Nectar, you will sleep like a Baby.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (FB) c2016 caps

Neo Citran
- (male head ARed only, no size change) J Adams, baby cops, Motion Content, c2000s?
Two cops are "babyfied" above the neck in cutaways.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Ricky)

Neo Citran
- (male pseudo-"ARed" illusion) "Big Baby" commercial, 1998.
A new "TF" type rarely seen on this site? A man with a cold appears to have become a giant baby. For some reason he keeps his full adult size. The next morning he is back to normal.
- CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Neocitrin(?) Tv commercials.
- (male ARed from neck up) You see a grandfather clock ticking and you hear piano music, then you hear someone walking up the stairs. He coughs, and you see a baby head on an adult body, or a giant baby. When he enters the room you hear a women say "Aww look at the big baby". Next morning he comes out of the room as a healthy adult.
- (male ARed from neck up) Cop in car is talking to other police officer. "You should go home." "Why?" "You don't look so good." "What do you mean?" He coughs, and the other cop goes "Well, you look like a baby". When the camera zooms out you see one of the cops has a baby head. (Clock Virus)

- (AA face AP FF morph to old) "Made To Change", 2021.
Commercial link @00:40 - (Ark)

Nestle Crunch
- (AA kids inside) 2011. "Be the kid in you every day. Have fun when you munch" - print ads

Nestle Crunch
- (kinda looks like ARed from waist down) Adults shown split-screen with bottom half as kids.
- (male adult face) 2009 commercial, Mexico. A young man's face is molded to maturity - male adult head stamping.
- (split screen, rejuv dream sequences) - CM

New York Life
(AP flash forward) 2000. Girl walks into building and re-emerges as an adult.

New York Lottery
- (adult FF to OA, FB) "Cash 4 Life", 2015.
Ann Carr sat in the makeup chair for 5 hours to become the old rich woman who bought the winning ticket because a rude guy snatched away the last snack.
- Commercial link - Spanish version link - screencaps - (Horseluis)

New York Lottery
- (kinda looks like ARed glimpse, male adult size) 2010, New York's Mega Millions & Powerball.
A man "turns into a giant" while exiting the New York City Subway. This effect is done by using New York City models that get smaller as he walks. The shrinking of the people around him is represented by using child actors dressed as hipster adults, including a "woman" with a knitted cap leaning against a wall, and a "man" lifting boxes.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jitensha)

- (unconfirmed APed UC?) 2010?
NextStep Computer & Software, PartsLookup software?
- They reportedly launched an "eye-catching" print campaign pairing a woman wearing a "skimpy schoolgirl" outfit with the words "We've outgrown our clothes! ... Come see our new suit of 'grown-up clothes'"?

NFL Promo
(old age) "Feel the Power" 1999. old age makeups on man and woman. Propaganda Films, LA.

Nichiha Fu-ge
- (AA FF forms, present/future selves, young/older couple, girl/teen) 2016 CM.
New generation home cladding materials will endure longer. It's tempting to skimp on the cost, but Future You will thank you later.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Akira)

Nick at Nite
- (AR zaps) Commercial. Quick and short: Man and woman sit down at couch and man uses remote on Tv... Tv turns into bikes... then aims it at woman, who regresses to about age 10. She takes remote from him and aims it at him... he regresses to the same age and they get up and ride off on bikes - (Time)

Nick at Nite
- (couple AR AA poof) Nick @ Nite station ID's: Man & Woman v.1 (80's/90's).
Video link - gif - - (FARfan)

Nickelodeon's New Season
- (male AR) 1991? CM, E-Online Segment? A mad scientist is shown developing a formula for youth. He brags that when he drinks it, he will be a kid again and will be able to enjoy Nick's new shows. He drinks it, and in a puff of smoke he is replaced with a baby in an oversized lab coat and diapers, holding a bottle instead of the lab beaker. A voice-over announces, "Sorry, doctor! Babies can't enjoy Nickelodeon's great new shows!" th

- (male AA poof ARed) 1989 commercial.
Direct video link - caps - (Thomas)

- (male AR, adult man to baby) "Kids Only Weekend", 1980s.
A scientist takes his youth potion so he can watch cartoons - (Thomas)

(AP flash forward, cuts) "Talk with your kids" 2001. Swimming girl gets older as camera pans out until the swimming pool becomes the sea - cap

(adult OA'd) Warning: smoking causes premature ageing - birthday cake

- (male AA AP flash forward) 2007 commercial with LeBron James from when he 1st played basketball to the present day. (Nerdulon)
male vid link - screencaps

(AA AP) 2004. Another banned AP commercial. "You're faster than you think" Teen girls make themselves older, taller and curvier. At this point, they look exactly like Serena Williams. Soundtrack: Shirley Bassey "As long as he needs me" (500 K) - APed
- (blink AP AA) 2004. Shock causes little girl to change into Marion Jones. APed

nipple erection (theme)
- ("real life" simulated BE only) It's ice cold. Very very rare type of CM gag - caps

Nissan Altima
- (flashback, FF) "Born to Be", 2016.
They were meant to be together. Two people shining brighter than most are drawn to each other's light, with a little help from their cars.
- Video link - screencaps - (super man)

Nissan Moco
- (AP AA) 2008 commercial. 8-9 year old shopping girl rapidly ages to her mid-20s. During the first growth spurt, she lengthens to fit a frilly dress. Her legs elongate further as she walks. She grows another foot while passing behind a glass - AP link (Elram)
- (AP AA) commercial - fast growing girl

Nissan Otti
- (AP AA) CM screencaps

Nissan Otti
(AP AA) 2008 commercial. Little girl seen from front shoots up while admiring handbag. Her breasts push out from the side. Final growth spurt allows her to reach top shelf as her daughter points offscreen.
AP link

Nissan Pino
(excellent AP UC glimpse) Japanese commercial. In 0.958 second scene, growing girl's sleeve almost gets caught on widening forearm as it elongates forward.
Video link: AP
Screencaps: AP

(male FF AA) Fake timelapse CM.
- years

Nissin Food Group
- (AA TG cutaway) 2018. Monster city attack Power Boost upgrade. CM link - caps - (Akira)

Nissin Food Group
- (anthro male AA, TF APed form) 2018, chicken noodle "Akuma Kimura Hen".
Yes, it's really that spicy. Toon chick to adult hero. Ramen CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Nissin Food Group
- (male AA "APed") 2018 cup noodle CM.
Based on 1975 anime "Furandaasu no Inu" (Dog of Flanders). With hunger and cold, Nero and Patrasche's light of life is fading. While being called to Heaven, two motorcycle men arrive. "Your name is not Nero from now on, get up. I will give you some milk seafood noodles." Their bodies get hot and steamy, and are transformed into muscle rich figures. Regaining their energy, they start running with the men.
- CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Nissin Food Products
(male AP AA scene) Japan 1994 animated commercial. Son doesn't want to run father's ramen shop when he grows up, but changes his mind - video link - (Akira)

Nissin Foods Group
- (ARed like effect) Donbei Kitsune, vanishing fox girl, 2020.
CM link - link - screencaps - (Akira)

Nissin Foods
- (male AA AP cut, male muscle development, adult shirt tear-off)
2001 Japanese commercial for Stamina Cup Noodle, "Garlic Alien".
- Male Video link - (Akira)
- (male AA AP) Super Garlic Man attack form - male TF scene.

- (male AA APed dream sequence) CM caps

- (face AR) "Cellular Anti-Age", 2013 CM.
Woman's face morphs into young girl's face with braids. Your skin will look 83% younger.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sarah Danielle)

Norwich Union
- (face OA morphs) CM video link
- (OA) CM face aging

Norwich Union
- (slight adult rejuvenation, RN) "43 to 17" 2012 CM.
43 y.o. woman tells us she still feels 17 on the inside. We see her face slowly transform to that of a "17-year-old". The question facing her is, does she really need to worry about pensions when she's only 17? She then converts back to her 43-year-old self.
- Video link - screencaps - (Process)

NOS Energy Drink
- (male adult rejuvenation, male muscle definition) 2014. You only live once, You only Live NOS.
A life in 30 seconds. Watch the NOS commercial as an old man transforms back to his younger self. 6 jobs, 9 cars, 80 summers, and you're done.
- Video link - screencaps - (Zeppo, Entropic)

- (height comparison) "Kids Grow, Our Prices Don't" 2020/06 - link - caps - link - caps

- (adult aged face rejuv) "Expression" (Making Of) CM, c2014. Bird's nest skin care products, Astatica CGI - Vid link - caps

obesity prevention
- (FF) PSA warning

Ocean Adventure
- (AA cut-away ARed) c2013, Philippines, TVC30 CM "Child In You".
A woman regressed while swimming with dolphins.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Office Depot
- (rapid child growth AP) Mexico, 2023/07. Back To School commercials.
Fast growing kids need new supplies. They seem to have gotten bigger every time you look away.
- Female: - mini commercial link - screencaps - screencaps - mini commercial link - screencaps
- Male: - morph commercial link - gif - screencaps - (, Apuleius)

Office Depot
(kinda AR) 2002 commercial looks like AR. 1
- (male flash forward) 2003 commercial.

Oil of Ulay
- (face FF, face FB) 1988. Beauty begins at a young age.
Video link - screencaps

old age commercials
(adult AA FF) If anyone can track them down, there are some good Oscal (calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis) and Caltrate (ditto) old age sequences out there, as well as an old age of Kirstie Alley in Look Who's Talking (also BE/UC). (jbiswright)

Old Navy
- (recast as younger versions, adults FFed) 2012 Christmas commercials.
Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo recreate the settings of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1989 movie).
  "Sweaters" - CM link - - screencaps
Several classic Audreys and Rustys (Juliette Lewis, Dana Barron, Anthony Michael Hall) appear from the films. At the end, "new Audrey and Rusty" are introduced as preteens!
  Indoors - CM link
  Outdoor decorations - CM link
- (Kappa)

- (male head age swapped) "Vic2Terry", c2010, LawCreative+.
A man flashbacks to the 1950s as a boy, with a quick shot of his young self having his modern head overlaid in the past - basically young body, old head and thoughts.
- Vid link - caps - (WackyWildTvAds)

- (poof AR) 2012 yogurt CM, UK. "Just Real Tasty Yogurt".
Video link - screencaps - (Aprilchange)

Ontario Auto Center
- (male AR from neck down) 2011 CM.
Doc Dollar has discovered the Fountain Of Youth.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Ontario Dental Association
(flash forward) "Water" April 2000. Animated commercial that uses running water to depict both the change that occurs through different phases of a person's life and also the constancy of the positive relationship that people enjoy with their dentist. It shows a young person being morphed into an older person.

Ontario Ministry of Health
(old age) "TV Spots 2 HK" A teenager sneaks out to the bathroom to smoke. In one puff, the beautiful teenager morphs into an older woman, aging quickly on screen and coughing. 1 (video link, 5MB)
old age

Open Universities Australia
- (adults chibi forms, kinda slightly like "ARed") "Your Best Days are Ahead of you", c2014, The Sweet Shop.
Adults with heads, eyes, and other features morphed larger look a bit like kids with these proportions. They talk to the camera about entering a job and waking years later realizing they've been stuck. Woman's face was morphed to give the impression she was still a kid in terms of artistic-professional development.
- Video link - screencaps - (WackyWildTvAds)

- (male AR AA poof) 2017, mobiles.
Indian cricketer Kohli and his Team India boys get mesmerized by the beauty of enchanted statue Elli Avram. The obsessed team turn into boys in search of the perfect Diwali gift.
- CM link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

Optomen Productions
(AP) In pre-production. Special effects comedy shoot, director Ryan McFaul. Short but brilliant sequence wherein the principal actors are aged 20 years in 20 seconds. (

Oral-B Pro-Expert
- (adult face aging, RN) 2013, "Future-Proof Your Teeth"
Video link - caps - (Ark, Agingwomen)

(male excellent AP, CB) "Stages", 2003, shows a boy growing at odd lengths. Arms, then legs and finally his body. His clothing had become way too small for him and ripped. (JeffR, clip source O'Melissokomos)
male AP - male
- "stages" commercial at : ad-rag Just type "oral b stages" in the SEARCH box. However, it's a pay site (wadet)

Orange Empire Railway Museum
- (ARed OC cutaway aftermaths) c2016.
"A Ticket to Youth", David Dibble. Parents into kids. Dad first, then the mother.
- CM link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

(male AP) male

- (male AR) male CM.

- (male ARed) - Video for 2007 commercial - link - (Zach)

(AR, male AR) 2007 30-sec commericals for Orlando FL. Mom and daughter ride Big Thunder Mountain in Disney, laughing and screaming as they enter dark tunnel. When they exit the tunnel, the mom has been ARed to her daughter's age, about 10-12, still wearing adult clothes. In the next scene the daughter and her new "sister" are at Sea World, then Universal. At the end, the 2 sisters walk by a mirror, and the adult mother is seen as a reflection. Then it says "visit Orlando", as it shows the adult mother with her daugther again. The other commercial features a magical transformation of a father into a child the same age as his son (while visiting an area attraction). Using humor and colorful visuals, the ad highlights the opportunities to build lasting memories in Orlando with scenes of parent and child bonding as they experience all the destination has to offer. (nolecol, Louder)

(AR) A daughter is surprised to see her mother reverted into a younger girl about her own age, while riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster. They go on to visit other nearby attractions.
- Oversized clothes - regression day

Oscar Mayer
- (male AP) 2016? radio commercial. The radio ad starts out with a boy speaking, and by the sound of his voice he is growing older until he is a man - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (FF) Vintage CM - future kids caps

(male AP CB) 2004 animated male AP

Packard Bell
- (old age face close-up) vid link (MySpecialFX)
2000. In a dark city, stone lions come to life. Fascist guards march through a library. A long line snakes outside a bank in a dreary rain. Inside, the teller is a man with a white, spectral face, who gazes upon the black spider that is slowly crawling up his window. A young woman's face ages right before us, and in response, in ridicule, the bank guard laughs.
- (old age face morph) Waiting in line at the bank can drain the life right out of you.
- Screencaps

Paddy Power
- (male adult babies) London, 2013.
Bookmaker sent men disguised as babies onto the subway to publicize bets on the upcoming royal baby's gender - male - (ARWolf)

- (FF cut-away) Russia, 2012 CM - years

Parents the Anti-Drug
(flash forward) flash forward

Partnership at, The
- (male FF AA AP) "Damaged Circuits" AKA "Stop the Damage".
2013 fake timelapse PSA. DDB, The Colony.
- A fresh-faced boy explains that taking drugs alters key motivational circuits, forever changing the man that boy was to become. He evolves before your eyes into a distracted, older looking, and unfocused young man. The boy's transition from clean-cut to disheveled is smooth and eerie.
- Video link - screencaps

Partnership at, The
- (teen to old aged) "Strangers-Kitchen", 2011 CM.
Drugs turned a teen girl into an older woman-stranger. Drugs can turn teens into strangers.
Video link - screencaps

Partnership for a Drug Free America
(male AR, AA, fades) 2000. Boy gets progressively younger to show parents should give drug lecture at earliest age.

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
- (slight adult face FF) "Faces", 1987.
Infamous PSA shows a young woman's face deteriorating as an eerie voice sings Happy Birthday. This spot scared the crap out of many kids and gave them nightmares.
- Video link - screencaps - (KaijuEigaMan88)

- (male slight AP) Malaysia etc, c2017.
CM link - gif - caps - caps

- (slight kid growth) 2017 Philippines - "Pinata" girl link - gif - boy gif - caps

Pepsi Max "Uncle Drew" (spinoff movie)
- (adult "OA'd" disguise) 2017. "Uncle Drew" behind the scenes.
WNBA Legend Lisa Leslie in age make up for the 2018 movie "Uncle Drew" twerking.
- Clip link - - (Kingfaraday, AgingWomen)

Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew"
- (male old adult mental rejuvenation effect, male OA disguised) - 2012.
Pepsi MAX pretended to shoot a documentary on basketball player "Kevin." When his older Uncle Drew joined the pick-up game, some magical things happened.
- Video link - (O')

Pepsi MAX
- (OA'd disguises) Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: "Uncle Drew: Chapter 3", 2013.
Serious OLD MAN MAGIC. Uncle Drew convinces his old point guards to relive their glory days on the court. WNBA's Maya Moore appears as elderly "Betty Lou" from 1:00-1:45.
- Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000, Agingwomen)

Pepsi Twist
(TF AA) 2001. 9-year-old Hallie Kate Eisenberg removes her disguise and turns into Halle Berry. However, Halle is really Barry Bostwick in disguise. Halle Berry Commercial

- (AA swap) Madonna's 5 year old and 31 year old selves temporarily traded places - switch

- (male AA, accelerated lifetime & reincarnation trope; FF to maturity cuts) - Commercials screencaps

- (male head swap) "Fotos", 2009, Brazil. Main guy's face was cloned on baby. Vid link - cap - (Wackywildtvads)

(flashback / flash forward) "Make A Wish" 3/2/89. Banned commercial, seen once by 250 million people.
Madonna watches home movie of her 8th birthday. 8-year-old Madonna watches her adult self in black and white. Adult Madonna dances in the streets, while 8 and 30-year-old Madonna examine each other's worlds. The little girl tours the house that she will one day grow up to live in, and the adult tours her past, while the gospel sound of "Like A Prayer" plays. The time-traveling little girl walks into her adult bedroom to find the same doll that she received for her 8th birthday.... The 8-year-old holds a glass spiral-twist Pepsi bottle from the 60s, and 30-year-old Madonna looks on in approval with 80s Pepsi can in hand. Both images toast each other, and the adult says, "Make a wish." The little girl blows out the candles on the birthday cake. "A Generation Ahead".
The next day, Madonna's own version of "Like A Prayer" made its debut on MTV, and all hell broke loose.

(male FF commercials)
- (male FF AA, female OA FF'd glimpse) male link
A male baby grows up fast and lives his entire lifespan wearing similar striped shirts. At the end of the commercial, the next male baby appears to continue the cycle.
- (male FF AA) male link
A boy applies to become a monk and grows up over the years.

Petit Bateau
- (face FF AA "timelapse") "Les mois d'Izia", France 2010 CM.
Future spokes-songstress photographed from 0 to 231 months, of course sporting Bateau fashions - Video link

Petit Gervais
(male AP AA, morph height growth) Yogurt. Between the ages of 3 and 6 your child will grow 12 inches. Impressionant non? (derydan58)
video link
screencaps - 2

- (face FF) c2014 - caps

- (male adult cut-away muscle development) SensoTouch 3D CM - Vid link - caps - (Divxeur)

(FF, hair morph) flashed forward

Pic-Nic Break
- (male AP UC glimpse) c1999? French CM.
A boy found himself aging a few years while logging on the Internet.
- Video link - screencaps

Pier 1 Imports
(TF's) "Dining table & chair sales commercial" As a woman glides into 3 different styles of dining rooms, she twirl-morphs twice into 2 other women. (DaveS)

- (AA AP morphs) "Glace Cone" mid-90s French commercial.
Video Link
Animated gifs for those who can't view video: AP morph - AP morph (AprilChange)
AP screencaps: Phase 1 - Phase 2
- (male AA AR morph) "Tarte Tatin" mid-90s French commercial.
Video link
Male screencaps

- (AA AP) - Higher resolution of previously posted gif link

- (male "muscle" CB) "Hulk" ice cream, Ecuador, c2003-15?
- CM link - screencaps - (Richard)

(AP) 1951 ad. "Little girl whose dress grows as she grows. Whenever she grows, her dress grows too." AP

Plan Ahead - Allow for Growing
- (male FF AP) 1943 home front poster, UK. Children quickly outgrew clothes, so mothers were encouraged to buy them in bigger sizes to take them in and let them out gradually as the child grew. Many schools did not relax their rules on uniforms during wartime and families might have to sacrifice their yearly coupon allowance, especially if they had more than one child needing to be fully kitted out - Art

Planters Nuts
- (male anthro nut rebirth) "Baby Nut", 2020 Super Bowl Commercial.
Mr. Peanut (who died in a prior commercial) is reborn - CM link - - caps - (Tazz)

(peanut flash forward) 2003 male

Playa Vista
- (male offscreen ARed) c2008 Swimming man into boy - video link - screencaps - (Age Theater)

Playstation 2
(old age to younger adult AR) 2003 AR

(AR) ARed

- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath, face close-up) print ad - pierced baby

- (male AA TF battle upgrade) Japanese toys of the 1970s/80s, Bandai.
Kamen Rider X Transformation Belt - CM link - caps - (Akira)

portrait of exploitation
- (adult face FF) PSA poster years

- (adult FF to death) "Stuck In" 2022.
Man gets his hand stuck in a Pringles container but makes the best of it. We get good glimpses of his girlfriend/wife through the years - link - (Kappa)

Pro Life
(face AA AR morphing) Dutch commercial c2008.
- Reverse lifespan.

(AP face morph, male AP morph) "Age Progression" Venezuela commercial with male and female. c. 2008.
video link

(face morphing AP) Venezuelan commercial.
- Oral years - male - female

Prudential (UK)
- (FF head close-up fades) c2005? - Mother/daughter years CM link - caps

- (male adult puppet age forms) "Get to Know the Older You", 2015.
This is you. This is you in 40 years - Video link - caps

Public Service Announcement
(flash forward blinks) Ca 2003 anti-smoking Tv ad by Phillip Morris. Baseball-playing kid is about 7, then 13, then 16 or 17. (Uniclock)

Public Storage
- (FF AA) 2011 commercials: "Dresses", "Growing Family".
- video link - link - caps

- (adult fast-forward to OA) "Lifetime Love" 2017 CM - Video link - - (Tazz)

- (AR cutaways) - Tender Juicy hotdogs, Philippines, 2015.
Benjamin hands out sausages that bring out the child in you to several persons.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

(male FF AA) Commercial - dog year

Quaker Quakes
(18 to 34 flash forward) 2005 magazine ad. The new Quaker Rice Snacks Tv commercial, titled "Monologue", features a 30-something woman explaining how fads like legwarmers come and go, but Quaker Rice Snacks are not a fad, they're a classic.

Questions: the Anti Drug
(AA flash forward, cut) 2002. Girl on car seat "grows up".

- (adult FFed to older) "Happy Business" 2019/12 commercials.
Janine Melnitz, the 30-something office manager in the Ghostbusters movies (1984+), was known for her abrupt demeanor and signature phone greeting, "Ghostbusters, whaddya want?". The character returns at age 67 in a series of Tv commercials, still working in the same office.
She is seen answering the phone in a weirdly cheery mood, her surliness replaced by a sunny disposition thanks to the organization QuickBooks has brought the business. She used to be cranky because dealing with Ghostbuster finances "really haunted me". The thought of tax penalties sent a chill down her spine. The only thing that truly scared Janine was her cash flow.
She commends a dry cleaning delivery for getting "the burnt marshmallow stains out". Suddenly, the original Slimer ghost appears and "slimes" the delivery guy.
Janine is played by Annie Potts (b. 1952/10/28), who also portrays grandma Meemaw on Young Sheldon. Potts will also reprise the Melnitz role in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife".
- Payroll Taxes link - Payments link - Slimer link
- Commercials screencaps - (Kappa)

- (male adult FFed to older) "Happy Business" 2019/12 commercials.
Age 38 to 73 flashed forward. The second campaign features Martin Kove reprising his role of John Kreese, the owner and sensei of the Cobra Kai dojo in The Karate Kid movies (1984+). Thanks to QuickBooks, Kreese rebranded his dojo as Koala Kai.
- Commercial link - link

- (male adult to older poof) Time Machine CM, 2013, UK.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

quit smoking
- (adult face OA morphed) decades

Quiznos Create Your Own
- (TF AA adult age forms) 2012. A man walks into a Quiznos. The young woman behind the counter transforms into a clone of the man, but keeps a Quiznos uniform. They discuss the exact ingredients the customer wants. An elderly woman walks in and the employee transforms into an exact copy of the woman - (JayGee)

(kinda looks like male ARed) 2004. We are introduced to an infant who somehow speaks with the gruff voice and salty vocabulary of a 40-year-old man. It's a miracle! Sadly, this talking baby will speak only of Quiznos subs. What a missed opportunity for pediatric studies. But what a boon for those who want to learn more about oven-toasted turkey sandwiches.

- (male age denial, UC) 2009 online storage CM.
The parents have lost his baby photos, so they have to recreate them now that he's older.
- Video link - screencaps

R. White's lemonade products
- (adults FFed to old age) UK commercials.
The secret R White's Lemonade drinker from the cult advert is back - but this time he is sneaking downstairs in the dead of night for a Lemonade lolly. They remade their 1973 commercial shot for shot using the same actors 40ish years later. Any Classic Doctor Who fans out there might recognize the wife as the pixie-ish girl from the Tom Baker era episode "Genesis of the Daleks".
- 1973 CM link - 2012 CM link - comparison screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Radio Shack
- (male comic growth spurts, shoe popping) 1994 Xmas Gifts commercial.
A "fast growing" boy urgently needs better Christmas gifts. His feet "grew" so much the fronts flew off his shoes. Limb extension from his sleeves and pants, sudden chest "inflation". Will it stop?
- CM video link - gif - screencaps - (David, Coiled Fist member)

Radio Shack
(male AP CB) More info about the famous CM:
I remember seeing the tv ad around Christmas 1993/1994. A boy is outgrowing his clothes. The commentator starts "What are you getting for (kid's name) for Christmas, he's growing by leaps and bounds"? The commercial ends with the kid dancing. Suddenly he hears his pants rip. Slogan: "You've got questions, We've got answers". It is a very, very difficult vid to find. (derydan)

Radio Shack
(male excellent AP, CB) There was a Radio Shack commercial around 1993/1994 which has a boy outgrowing his clothes. His toes burst out of his shoes, pants went up and exposed his ankles and the buttons of his shirt burst open. (wadet) If anyone has this please use E-Mail on Update page.
- (AR) Terri Hatcher and former football player Howie Long are ARed... The two are showing off the virtues of a computer printer, typing out rather immature insults towards the other. In cut shots, they're ARed to ages appropriate for their barbs (6 or 7 years old). They return to normal in similar cut shots, once it's revealed that Howie's not printed out something meanspirited, but a nice little birthday wish for Terri. (Gary Hart)

(male AA FF fade) Italy 1991. male

Raymond James
- (adult FF to OA) 2010 CM. Financial planning allows 187 y.o. woman to live a healthy retirement.
- Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX, AgingWomen)

Raymond James
- (adult to OA FF) "The Woman Who Lived Longer Than Any Person Who Has Ever Lived" 2010.
"Tales of Financial Pragmatism" campaign. Fastidious librarian still enjoys life to the fullest at age 187 thanks to careful planning. Fun commercial that goes with my type of extreme gradual old aging process.
- CM link - (Keith943)

- (adult face OA) 2009 gif
(old age) old age

Red Baron
- (AA FF) "Timeless" 2016.
Scenery and cast members are rapidly rearranged to depict decades passing in a single take. Young girl professes her love for Red Baron and her dad's dad jokes. The scene shifts to her as a teenager, who now thinks her dad is lame, but still loves pizza. The scene shifts again to the woman in her late 30s and with a family of her own. She still enjoys pizza night, but laments that now she's the one who tells the cheesy jokes.
- CM link - screencaps - (Brendan)

- (male adult face rejuvenation) product

Regina Blitz
- (OA) Italy c2014 CM.
Video link - screencaps - (Ark)

- (adult rejuvenation cutaway) "The New Fountain of Youth!", 2015.
She lowers herself into a bath of Rejuvenate floor finish and emerges restored to young adulthood.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Vincent)

rejuvenation candies
- (adult stasis or reversal) Japan, c2014 - screencaps - (Turn White blog)

(male AP AA, vehicular TF) French commercial. Parkour baby grows up.
Video can be viewed at: Flash version needs to be installed to enter. Search term: "Renault Evolution"
Screencaps for those who can't access video: male AP

- (male AR, old to young to child) 2015 CM, "Fountain of Youth" v. Smartphones.
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2BYA)

Resident Evil 2
(old age) Movie trailer has old age AR. (Stefano) 1 2

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (movie trailer)
- (adult face rejuvenated) 2004.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)
(flash forward to middle age) Web ads. middle aged
middle age

Ribena Blackcurrant Juice
(male flash forward AA) 1983 UK CM for juice drink marketed at children for its vitamin content. Some nice 80s hairdos on these kids! (derydan58)
male vid link

Robinsons (fruit drink)
- (male "ARed" dream, cutaway RN) "Thanks Dad", UK CM, 2013.
Two boys play outside, tease each other about girls, drink the orange juice, and watch a film together at home. The first boy falls asleep on the couch, and the second one takes off his shoes for him, carries him upstairs, and puts him into bed. The second boy pauses at the door as the first one sleepily says "Night, Dad." We see the "second boy" at the door again, now grown-up as his Dad. "It's Good To Be A Dad, It's Better To Be A Friend."
- CM link - caps - (TvTropes)

- (boys only AP commercial, baby to man, pseudo UC/CB glimpses)
2015 Tv advert "They Grow Up Fast".
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Rubik's Cube
(excellent FF APed, male and female excellent UC/CB depictions) c2007. Kids still haven't solved the puzzle after 25 years.
Print ads "Rubik's Cube (25 years and still going)" DDB, New Zealand, photographer: Juliet Taylor.
- APed Female
- APed Male

- (BE scene) commercial. Breasts can be expanded at will - mirror scene.

SAIT Polytechnic
- (adult face FF) c2010 "Get a Career You'll Never Want to Leave".
Tri-panel billboards

(excellent AP flash forward, AA) 1995 magazine ad. Family photographed in same pose several years apart. excellent AP

(flash forward AP AA) Commercial. Growing girl is treated like a number her whole life until she enters a Saturn showroom.
Video link: Search term: "Saturn Numbers"
Screencaps: FF

Save the Cildren
- (Flash Forward cycle, AA) Agency Y&R, Mexico, c2012 print ads.
70% of abused children turn into abusive adults.
- Time cycle - cycle - cycle - (O')

Saxbys Soft Drinks
- (adult rejuvenation) Animated CM - youth beverage had to be discontinued for the sake of cosmetic surgeons.

- (male FB "AR" effect) "Celebrate Mom", 2015.
Mom helps son get ready for baseball game. Each time she calls him back he is younger. Probably flashback but done like AR.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Schuh Kids
- (foot "growth") UK c2016 - print ad

Sci-Fi Channel
(old age AR) old age AR promo (Metamorphose)

- (old age to adult AR) promo
- 2 3

- (dream "ARed" AA illusion, RNed reveal) "Inner Child" (Director's Cut), 2019.
Mother & Daughter enjoy a water park in Singapore. All the fun has shrunk her to look more like a slightly older sister.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Scooter Pies
(male CB) Someone steals a guy's pie and he hulks out. (hulkmuscle)

- (male adult muscle disguises) 2009 CM - Vid link - cap - (DivXeur)

Sealect Tuna
(adult UC pop) Thailand commercial. Woman attempts to hold in stomach until skirt pops. 1

- (male ARed dream sequences, male RN AA AP cut) c2010 CM "Blue Crew Father's Day tree house"
Video link - Tree House of youth - (ARarchive video, male AP community)

(TF, clothes change) 2007 CM "Where it begins" kids transformed, clothing morphs.

see the person, not the age
- (youths/seniors role reversal) 2009, One Scotland anti-ageism commercial.
Elderly as teens; children as old folks.
- Video link - caps - (Chronoeclipse)

- (male AR) "Make It Count", Odd Studio, Australia, 2014.
Employment company. A man aging down from 85 y.o. to late preteen using 3 actors with 6-piece make up stages. Lenses, wigs, hand appliances.
- Commercial link - gif - (

- (AA male & female AP) 2014 CMs.
"Model Royal" adjustable backpacks, Seiban Omotesando,
- The boy becomes a knight, the girl a princess. Their original clothes magically transformed with, or were moved for safekeeping.
Video link - screencaps - Male.
Video link - screencaps - Female.
- (Akira)

Seiyu Group
- (old to young adult disguised, OA face unmasking) c2015.
Company flags include SEIYU & Sunny supermarkets and Livin department stores.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Spoyu)

Shiseido Uno Fog Bar
- (male FF) 2013, mirror pose progression.
Video link - screencaps
- (Akira)

shrinkage (meme)
- (male unmanning, size reductions)
Cooling gum, c2014 ads
Finansbank, 2007 CM. Video link - caps
- (Process, Wolfrolf)

Signal toothpaste
- (adult rejuvenation, male AR) "Anti-Age Now" c2013, Hoot Commercials.
Video link - screencaps - (FARfan, Entropic)

- (male toddler maturity illusion) 2016 caps

- (adult growth product) c'16 before/after

- (adult face aging simulation) Arimura Kazumi "55-Year-Old Skin!" Miracle ingredient Pitera, c2016.
A sobering warning about what her future may bring without proper precautions - CM link - screencaps - (Mf2yxmsq)

- (male muscle development, CB) 2007.
A young man escapes a boring classroom each time he has Skittles. First, he meets angel girl and breaks out of his clothes into big muscles. Next, she hulks out, too. Well, how about that?
- Video link - screencaps - (Omega, Wackywildtvads)

Sky Broadband
- (male FF AP) "10Mbps" 2012 commercial.
12 to 32: Video link - screencaps - (O')

Slamdance Film Festival
- (16 to 21 AP glimpse cuts) "Sweet 16", 2011 trailer.
Shadow extension, blur edits. On her 16th birthday a girl must dance herself to adulthood. She watches her hands grow as the balloons inflate. She emerges entirely transformed, revealing her true potential.
- Video link - screencaps

- (adult rejuvenation) A woman approaching middle age meets herself as a young adult and wonders what happened to her in the past decade. At the end of the commercial, her body has been restored to its prime.
- screencaps
- (flashback) 2007 weight loss commercial. Woman in her 30s talks to herself in her 20s. video link
(accelerated pregnancy) Grow a baby in 15 seconds at 2009 commercial. We took 400 belly progression photos.
- Video link

smoking (hazard)
- (adult face to oa) c2014. Each puff will age you. gif

- (kinda looks like younger forms AA) Halloween print ad - mini-me's

Snuggle SuperCare
- (adult couple FFed to older) "Time" 2020.
"Why are we in Florida?!" Love how both get out of shape as they get older, too bad the wife had to stay in her jeans, else her lower half would have gotten thicker as well as getting a noticeable belly.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Kappa, Fan2000, Tylerjmcmaster)

Social Security
- (adult couple flashback, rejuv fades) "Not just for retirement", c2000?
Commercial link - gif

Social security
(old age) c2001? A young couple in their 20s ages to elderly while talking about social security.

Sofi Crece Contigo
- (doll slight "AP") 2016. The doll who grows with you! - gif - gif

Sofi Crece
- (doll AP) - vid link - link - gif

Solan de cabras
- (AR) c2009 CM, Spain. "El agua de la vida" mineral water.
Video link - screencaps - (Ricky)

Somerset Regional Weight Loss Clinic
- (male adult muscle & slight rejuvenation effect) "Prince Charming", 2014.
Indiview Media, fat to muscular - Commercial link - screencaps - (Romain)

Sony Handycam
- (AA FF timeline) 2009 CM. Experience Movie "Cam with me"
We follow a Japanese schoolgirl skipping from birth to Wedding Day.
- Video link - screencaps

Sony Handycam
- (controversial old age)
Advertising Standards Bureau, Australia:
This CM opens on a teen man and [late teen] woman sharing a passionate kiss. As the camera travels slowly around them in a continuous carousel movement, the young woman starts to slowly get older, while the man remains young. Text on screen declares "So clear, the memory never fades".
Grounds for complaints: Discrimination (race & age); portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity.
Number of complaints: 50+
Determination: Complaints dismissed.

Sony Trinitron
- (male AP UC glimpse, male old age) 1985 commercial. Baby boy grows up along with his son and grandsons.
Video link: Search term: "Sony Trinitron"
Screencaps: male

- (male kinda looks like APed or mental ARed) Handycam 2007 web ad. male - (JeffR)
- (male mental Ared, dream sequence) Parents recreate a favorite childhood scene with their now adult son.
- screencaps
- (old age) "Kiss" commercial - instant aging

Soul of Chogokin
- (male face AA FF) CM time fade
Japanese commercial for 35th anniversary edition of posable action figure. link

- (male above the neck OA AP) 2013 snack CM.
Video link - screencaps
- (Akira)

- (male head AP only) - caps

Spector Pro
- (age disguised TG) unmasked

- (FFed to OA) 2002 Argentina CM. Young people of today as old people in 2057.
Video link - cap - (Chronoeclipse)

- (adult face ff morph) "Ragazza a Donna", 2012 - Vid link - caps

- (male AA FF) 2010 Back to School Commercial - video link - vidcaps

- (male FF APed UC) Easy Button campaign, "Billy", 2005.
Parents in the desert find their son all grown up with a beard, long hair, and his clothes too small because they neglected to buy school supplies. It turns out to be a dream of course.
- Video link - screencaps - (Richard)

State Farm turns someone into a little girl
- (AR) 2011 CM parody.
Video link - caps - (NatshleyInvAZN)

State Farm
- (ARed dream sequence, AA RNed)
Another version of the car keys commercial. When she runs behind a wall she emerges as her older self.

State Farm
- (dream sequence looks like AA AP cut-away, also male ARed) commercial daughter
- (kinda like ARed dream sequence, looks like APed AA) 2008 CM. A little girl walks up to her Dad and begs him to let her take the car with some friends. She grabs the keys, and when she stands upright, she's a teen. At the end, a little boy grabs a jacket and the father asks, "And where are you going?" To which the boy replies, "Work." His older self is not shown. (Master_E1)

State Farm
- (FF) "Dream" 2009 US/Korean CM.
Video link - screen caps

Stena Line
- (parent/child reversal, kinda like mental ARed) print ad

Steri Stumpie
- (male unseen ARed AA to embryo, unseen adult rejuvenated)
2012 "Stuff of Legends" commercial. 10 y.o. boy and his mother were reverted together.
- Vid link - caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

stock photos
- (slight UC) c2013. Kids wearing old clothes - outgrown

- (AA FF)
- (AA FF) Tripp Trapp chair that "grows" with you.

- (FF) - chair

Stonyfield Farm
- (2 year AA AP) Growing girl morph
- (AP commercial) "Grow Naturally" 2006 live action PBS promo Barney & Friends. Girl grows slightly older while watching fruit grow on vine.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up
- (male younger alter egos) 2011 Cartoon Network PSA.
The dudes use junior dudes, who are younger versions of Jackson, Ali, and CJ, to discuss the problem of bullying.
- Video link - screencaps - (OldNewbie)

- (male POV flashback to babyhood) "Rewind the Future" 2013 CM, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
AKA "Your Nutrition Spot". Meet Jim: 5'9", 32 y.o., and he just had his last heart attack. As he relives the events that brought him here in reverse, you might be thinking "I've done some of those things!" The good news: it's not 2030 and it's not too late to rewind your child's future.
- Video link - (Matt)

Subaru Ascent
- (dream "ARed" AA cutaway) "A Big Day Out", 2018.
Curiously precocious little girl acting very mature was revealed to be Grandma at the end.
- CM link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Subaru XV Crosstrek
- (AR dream) "Fountain - Extended Version", 2015.
A couple going on vacation keeps getting younger before reappearing as adults at the end. Sometimes getting away from it all means returning to who you've been. You are only young once, unless you own a Subaru Crosstek.
Video link - screencaps - (Tazz, Piper, Steven)

- (AA "APed") c2012 fan ad caps
- (dream sequence AA APed) "Baby Driver" 2010 CM.
Video link - screen caps

- (kinda, sorta like mental ARed) 2010 commercial - adults talk like kids. Video link This is so creepy - (Jeffr_2bya)

(AR) Granny to Babe 2006 commercial for Scratch n Win game. Her clothes and then her head are erased into younger versions. AR

(male mental ARed) 2007 commercial.
Dad: Oh look! There's that Subway Philly Cheese Steak! Can we get one?
Mom: No, sorry. Son has to go to soccer practice.
Dad: Oh, come on. Can't we get a cheese steak? You know how much I love cheese. (Here, he throws a childish fit.) I want that sandwich! I want that sandwich now!!!
(Dad holds breath)
Mom: Oh, that's real mature.
Son: Yeah, Dad. Grow up!
Dad: No, YOU grow up.

(male voice AR, kinda like mental ARed) 2009 commercial.
A bunch of business people go out for lunch, but they have kids' voices. They argue and a bully shows up...
Some guys are sitting around a table, presumably in an office break room, eating their lunches. 2 men are begging this guy for his Subway sandwich with annoying kid voices. It plays up the whole, "I'll trade you your sandwich for my pudding" thing that kids do in school sometimes. Then a big tall guy comes up to be the "bully"...
(shrinkingman13, shrinking board)

Sugar Puffs
- (growth) "Fairground" CB TF
- (male growth CB, TF height increase) "Breakfast" Late 80s classic UK TV CM. "I want my HOOONNNEEEYYYY!" A boy trying to reach his favorite cereal does so by going monster. You'll go monster mad for it. (derydan58)
- male vid link
- (preteen CB) "Fairground" 1980s. Little girl looks down at her shoes to see the laces snapping one by one, the tops rolling up to make way for her growing feet as her toes are about to burst through the front. The buttons pop off her soon to be torn overalls, moments before her shirt is shredded to pieces by growth spurt into honey monster. vid link
- (male CB) male growth link 1988. 3 boy scouts burst out of their uniforms.

Sugar Puffs
- (male TF CB) boy scout burstout commercial.

Sugar Puffs
- (preteen TF) 1986. 11 years before a floating door saved her from a watery grave in Titanic, no one could save Kate Winslet from the embarrassment of childhood Sugar Puffs transforming her from innocent school girl into a lumbering Honey Monster. Pig-tailed Kate wins a box of the sugary breakfast cereal at the fairground hoops. Events soon turn awry as the 11 y.o. triumphantly yells out the signature catchphrase "I want my honey!" and turns into the shaggy Monster before running riot.

Sun Maid
- (height comparison, coming of age) print ad

Sunny Delight
- (male AP AA) 2000 Boy drinks Sunny Delight. He morphs from 8 years to 12 to 16 years old.

- (FF, AA Aped) 2006 commercial. FF
- (flash forward, AA) 2005 commercials. AA APed
- (male AP flash forward) 2004 male AP
- (male flash forward AA) male

Sunrise Children's Hospital
- (male preschool accountant) "Accountant", 2015. You wouldn't ask a child to do your taxes, so why take them to an adult ER? Vid link - cap

Super Monkey Ball 2
(voice AR) 2002 Sega game. Commercial where adults act like children. vid link
(Clock Virus)

(male adult rejuvenation) "V-Strom"
- face revert

Svenska Spel
- (male FF) "When I Grow Up" c2011 commercial, Sweden.
A young boy dreams of the day he turns 18 so he can buy lottery tickets.
- Video link - vidcaps

Swings-N-Things Family Fun Park
- (voice ARed) "The Kid in You" commercial, 2010 Ohio.
Excited adult visitors discuss their adventures at the fun park with child-like voices.
Video link - (Al)

- (mind transfer) 2003 CM. Young daughter activates her brain switcher. Very brief scene of dad playing fetch with the dog in the son's body.

Tanaka Learning Association
- (male cutaway muscle "AA" APed) Japan cramming college CM, 2019. Learning strengthens you. Become stronger by learning.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Akira)

Taqwiya, Jadara, Adaa', Moohassaba
- (FF AA AP) 2011, Lebanon/Norway NGOs, women's issues campaign.
"International Women's Day" animation traces the development of a shadow girl, as we see her growing up in outline through various empowering experiences.
- Video link - screencaps

- (AA AP dream spin, RNed) 1997. Skating girl "changes" into Ekaterina Gordeeva.
- (FF AA) "I am Pharmacist" 3/2011.
Young girl Virginia's true calling keeps calling and calling.
Video link - screencaps

Tata AIG
- (adult face rejuvenation) Insurance commercial, c2008 - Having the right insurance can prevent years of worrying - morph
- (male FF) Insurance commercial, c2008 - Patient boy plants tree to reach neighbor's balcony - years

- (adult to old age dream cut) c2020.
Future Self commercial link - screencaps - (Uk)
- (pseudo-ARed AA illusion) "Magenta Eins - Madchen", 2016.
Father/daughter trope. Preteen daughter announces she'll be moving out of the house, and her father helps set her up in her own place. After the final hug, it's revealed that she actually was grown up all along, the father just imagined her still as a child.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (AA morphing) 2009, Indonesia - male gif - TG gif - (WackyWildTvAds)

tennis girl
- (adult age forms look like OA)
Iconic photo was often copied in print ads - parody decades.

- (AA FF, time jump cuts) Food Love Stories - Rita's 'Rowdy' Enchiladas, 2020.
Commercial link - - screencaps - (Entropic)

TF scenes (many tropes)
- (slight adult size increase, interracial) - Belgacom caps

Thomson Reuters
- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath) 2011 CM. Kids in slightly oversized clothes want to be tax accountants.
Video link - caps

through the years (commercial tropes)
You don't actually see them "growing", it's more like age cuts.
- (AA FF) "Off You Go" 2015, Cycle of Life trope - CM link
Shows a female at different moments of her life, from running to a school bus to graduating from college, with the Quaker brand scattered throughout, of course.
Wrigley's Extra
- (AA FF) "Origami", 2013, Father/Daughter trope - CM link

- (FF/FB, adult time jumps, OA'd) Super Bowl LIV Commercials, 2020.
"Super Bowl now, #LaundryLater" - "Finally Later". For Charlie Day, some things never change, but stains can wait until later - MUCH later. They shot a lot of OA stuff, and used it to create another shorter ad. Seeing Emily Hampshire in old age makeup was INCREDIBLE.
- Commercials link - link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse, Tylerjmcmaster, Spyguy)

- (male adult to old age) CM. Tide claims it can stop aging of clothes. A man walks along and he ages rapidly, but his clothes stay the same. He reaches about 70 in the commercial - (Jeff)

(male AP, UC, cuts) ca. 1997. Boy ages while wearing favorite shirt which becomes too small. His voice changes. Quote: "Hi mom".
- (old age) "Fountain of Youth" ca 2001 old age morph from 25 to 65. Public Works, LA.

- (adult height) product. c'15 screencaps

Timeless Cosmetics
- (AA FF APed glimpse) 2010 fake cosmetics Commercial Entry.
Vid link - caps - (hana95a20)

- (kinda looks like APed slight UC aftermath)
"Girl Scout", 2008 banned print ad.
- She "squeezed" herself into her old "outgrown" girl scout uniform to sell cookies door to door to afford a bike - Second Job

TiVo Stream 4K
- (adults FF to older) 2020.
Be careful when fast-forwarding your streaming device - CM link - caps - (Kappa)

TJ Maxx
- (male UC, female UC glimpse) "TBS: Shrunk Clothing", 2015.
A boy tries on his wardrobe, only to see all his clothes are way too small. His sister walks in and she too has shrunken clothing on. When growth spurts happen, TJ Maxx can help.
- Commercial link - screencaps

Tobacco Stops With Me
- (AA unseen TFs, old/young adults, TG) Shape-Shifter campaign, 2023, Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement.
Behind the disguise: Big Tobacco's shapeshifting schemes exposed, shadow outline TFs. Part of a health protection campaign about the dangers of smoking. Unfortunately, all transformations were offscreen. Nevertheless, there were several cutaways from an old man (Mr. Big Tobacco) into young adult teen boys and girls, a hairdresser, a saleswoman and so on.
- Video link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - caps - caps - (Changer)

Tokio Marine & Nichido Life Insurance
- (adult faces morphed to old) "Medical Kit R", 2018. A new form of equity health insurance.
CM link - gif - (Mf2yxmsq)

(AP) "Innocent Color" Redheaded little girl turns into redhead adult. Gillette/Toni Tv commercial.

(flash forward to old age) Tires commercial.
old aged (TBTC)

- (shadow FF) 2011, 10-year bulbs CM, silhouette caps - vid link

- (flash forward AA AP) - "Growing Up" 2011 CM.
Pacific Motion Control, simulated time-lapse of daughter aging in car seat.
- Video link - Zoom-Out Effect screencaps

- (male adult FB rejuvenation fade, female AR AA cutaway)
2013 CM. Quote: "I'm adorable!"
Video link - screencaps - (Alagatery)

(FF AA) Magazine ad, 2006. Daughters grow up fast. AA fold-in panels: 1 2

Toys "R" Us
(AP flash forward, cuts, AR) ca 1996. The AP cuts: 1 The Ar scene: AR The growth of Lindsay Price: 3
"Quote: "I don't want to grow up".

- (flashback cuts) "Memories", 2010 CM, South Africa.
A lifetime in reverse. We watch a woman in the back seat of a car from old age through childhood to a toddler to a baby, ending with her rescue from a carjacking/kidnapping. "She won't remember him, but he's given her a lifetime of memories."
- Video link - screencaps - (Brendan)

(AP, close-up) "Nothing lasts longer than a Trane". 2002 Air conditioning commercial. A tree grows in the desert, and a little girl slowly grows into a woman. Starts as a shot of the air conditioner, but then shows growth of a tree and a nice (5-10 seconds) AP of young girl (~5-7 years old) into woman in her 20s. Her expression stays the same. (Agemagic info)

Transformers: The Last Knight
- (child to adult voice swap kinda sorta looks like "ARed") 2017.
"Kids explain Transformers" commercials!
- Anything link - Gabriella link - Georgia link - Vlad link - (Alagatery)

Trident gum
- (adult face to old) - before/after age-makeup pics - (ChronoEclipse)

- (adult slight UC) 2013. Finally you can have a shirt designed to fit right - print ad

Triple MMM 104.7
- (AA commercial, face morphs) Adelaide radio station, c.1994.
One child face fade to adult - CM link - gif - (Djkhaled)

(male nude shoulder AP morph) Norwegian Racecar ( 2000 commercial. Face close-up:
video link

(TF) Commercial. beer disguise

Tulipan Condoms
- (male AA FF APed) CM. Boy scolded by his father for sleeping with dolls wakes up as a grown man with playmates - changed

U.S. Air Force
(male flash forward, cuts) Ca. 2003. A young kid is shown playing with a toy plane, as he turns he gets older with a better toy plane, until he is in his 30s flying a plane.

UHA Mikakuto Co - Puccho Stick
- (kinda looks like ARed from the neck down only)
Japan, 2012 sweets CM.
- Many members of the AKB48 girl group were partially reduced.
Video link - caps - (AR Boards)

Ultimate Swiss-Peel
- (adult face rejuvenation) miracle

Uncle Louie G's
- (AR AA) "Feel Like A Kid Again" c2017 CM.
Commercial link - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (older hero counterparts, male hulk-out UC glimpse) 1982 CM.
Superman, The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, and R2D2 are featured.
- Each kid is busy looking in the mirror to see their underoo-clad visage transform into the character they're wearing. The real meat of this ad is at the end. The kid's facing the mirror while the Hulk is beginning to shake it. Cut to his parents in a skewed kitchen, wondering which superhero the kid's going to be. The boy opens the door and his chest is beginning to inflate, resulting in a button popping off!
- Video link - screencaps - (Wackywildtvads)

- (split/face FFed to OA) Singapore, 2008 posters.
Think you can get away with underage sex overseas? Think again - ad - ad - ad
- (TheDr)

United Way of Greater Milwaukee
- (banned woman to girl head swaps) c2008 Serve agency banned print ads
- (banned head AR) Milwaukee ad campaign showing little girls faces atop busty adult bodies to fight teen pregnancy and statutory rape. Online uproar got them yanked before they went to print. When you look at a young girl as something more, you need help - link

Universal Orlando
(male clothes ripping) Hulk ride. male

Universal Studios Hollywood
- (male AA, face morph to OA) "King Kong: 360 3-D" ride, 2011.
Vid link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Universal Studios King Kong ride
- (male face AP to OA) - Higher resolution of previously posted gif link

University of Phoenix
- (FF) "Rocket (The Complete Story)", 2014 CM.
Before you can go to space you have to go to college.
- Video link - screencaps

unknown commercial
- (adult rejuv) The classroom is in black and white, then one kid opens a box and everything is in color. The teacher has also turned "young" - (Anonymous)

- (ARed?) There were babies sitting on the ground in big clothes? There was another sorta commercial where they show babies in a huge fountain swimming, I think it was for Avion? Slogan: "your fountain of youth", which means the babies were once older?

- (FF) Japan CM.
...a time-lapse narrative depicts the growing-up of a girl into a woman. It shows a father being picked up by his daughter at the station over the course of many years. The first time, the daughter is still a small child accompanied by her Japanese commercials, the daughter is often portrayed as a vicarious replacement for the wife (Yoshida, 1998) the last frame, the daughter is even depicted as a possible young girlfriend of the father.

(adult flash forward) There was a commercial in which a lady meets her future self ("we have a glider?!")
(AP FF) Different versions of the same CM. A married couple learn they're expecting their 1st child, and we see the kid growing up and eventually having her own son... snap back to the present and the couple ask each other "Are we going to be all right?" and the other answers: "We're gonna be just fine." Very touching, poignant ads. (tesubcalle)

(AP, AR RN, AA, cuts) 1998. Mother spends years scrubbing pan as daughter grows up behind her and gets biker boyfriend. Quote: "Katie??"
(AP) ca. 2002. Drug store ad in Indiana shows how they serve you throughout your life. Bar cuts seem to keep a girl in her same bedroom. She goes from age 3 to 10 to 18 (in prom dress) to adult (and pregnant). Can anyone identify the chain?
- (cuts) other commercial: ending
(AR) 2010, NTV, CTV network, Global network. The end of the commercial features female AR. It may have been a public service ad concerning longevity. A woman was seen from the neck up with very long black hair. While she is talking, her clothing and hair undergo subtle changes. She is obviously going backwards in her life, with different clothes and hairstyles. The last shot has her wearing her hair like a 12-year-old with ribbons and pigtails. (Time2)

(BE CBed) Japanese commercial button pop - TF

(FFed) A man returns after several years to find his wife and daughter older. 1

(male APed, UC, muscle growth) vid link Hebrew language CM for vitamin drink. A mother discovers her son has had a massive growth spurt during the night. He flexes his new muscles in front of the window. Health strength through natural vitamins, without added materials. (derydan58, marathon dan)

(male growth, CB) commercial for potato chips in the 80s. Kid inflates chest and his jacket fills up really big and then bursts open as buttons fly off. (half_of_nothing)

(old age) ca. 2000. There was a commercial for a new dot-com, staring Dan Aykroyd. A woman ages via morph. It was very well done.

UPS Store, The
- (male FF slight AP cutaway) The UPS Store - "Grocery Shopping", 2018.
Her son grew older while the UPS guy was talking.
- CM link - screencaps - (Richard)

- (male AA FFed to male aged dream sequence)
"Rip Van Winkle" 2012 CM.
- Mom tells son he can't leave the table till he finishes his vegetables. The next shot shows someone the same size, only he's an old man. Then we see the kid again drinking a V8. The old man looked like a dwarf--not a case of the kid with an old man's face superimposed--but he was roughly the same size as the boy.
- Video link - cap - (Kidsized)

- (male AP AA dream sequence, male muscle) A boy morphs into Valeo Man to impress his teacher.
- screencaps
- (male AP) There was a commercial for Valeo muscle belts where a kid transforms into Valeo Man (a bodybuilder).

- (male adult rejuvenation RN glimpse) 1970 Brazil animated CM based on Urashima Tarou Japanese folktale - Blurry video link - screencaps

(flash forward to male old age) Lenses commercial.
male old aged (TBTC)

- (FFed) 3/2007, Australia.
Kraft tried to trace the 8 original Vegemite children to celebrate the ad's anniversary in a new campaign. The 1956 commercial was to be remade with the original children, now grown. The media found all 8 children in 8 days for the 50-year reunion campaign.

- (mental "ARed") Kraft "Inner Child", c2014 - Adults talking and acting like small children - Vid link - (FARfan)

- (kids acting like adults) "Susie's Lemonade Stand" 2011 CM.
Little kids run a big business: a lemonade company. Sequel to an earlier ad that showed the company getting started. You see the kids in adult roles and could image them as adults regressed in age maybe.
Video link - screencaps - (Kidsized)

- (adults rejuvenated, cut-aways) "Couple" c2009 CM.
An elderly couple in a happy romantic mood parks their car. As they reach the door they are becoming affectionate. Their hair has darkened, and by the time they reach the elevator hers is loose. He is thinner, younger, and has lost his beard. On the way up they look to be in their 30s. Her hair is longer. Leaving the elevator they have slipped back to their 20s. He is very excited and her hair comes lower down her back. They are exchanging kisses. They run to the door and become shy. As the door shuts, they are two older teens making out.
- Video link - caps - (Time)

- (male adult expansion) - CM gif

Virgin Blue
- (male adult life metaphor) "Todd's Life", Odd Studio, 2007.
Airline CM link - caps

Virgin Radio
- (OA'd from the neck up) "Don't Age Too Fast" - c2010 print ad - (JeffR_2BYA)

VISA check card
(male old age, cut-away, unseen TF) 2003 commercial. Charlie Sheen into Martin Sheen.

- (male adult rejuvenation) "Feel Faster Flow Faster" 2013 CM.
Visa Europe ad follows Granddad getting faster and feeling more agile, using new ways to pay touchless on his journey.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Vistara airlines
- (mental "ARed" AA appearance cuts) India 2016.
Continuous back and forth between adult and inner child as Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone flies on an airplane.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (FARfan)

(male APed UC, male development) Israeli commercial. A boy wakes up as a bodybuilder.
- Morning muscles

Vittel (P'tit Vittel)
- (male AP, muscle development, "UC") 1999 French CM.
Mother, we have to talk. Video link - screencaps - (DivXeur)

Vodafone Italia
- (ARed AA, RN AA transition) Everyone in the phone store was turned back into children. They returned to normal when walking out the door.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super Man)

Vodafone Italia
- (male adult weight gain to OA) 2009 Santa transformation.
Commercial link - (Ricky GotBig)

- (headswaps with children) "Kids off the leash", c2013 CM.
Video link - screencaps - (Metamorphose)

- (headswaps with children) Ash Bolland, 2013, Australia.
"Discover the new" CM features digitally created Kidult characters, who are adults who embrace their inner child.
- Video link - screencaps - (Guest, Metamorphose)

- (self image AA ARed, cuts) 2015 CM, Italy. 4G network brings out their inner children.
Video link - screencaps - (Ratchet57)

- (adult FFed FB, age 27 or 58) 2020.
Paula Abdul dances with her past self from 30 years ago to illustrate arthritis pain relief.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Kappa)

- (FF, FB, fast-forward) "new XC60" 2017, Forsman & Bodenfors, 3 mins.
Little girl with her whole life ahead sets off for her first school day, thinking about all the things that are going to happen to her. We see a montage of key moments from her life to come. Two worlds come together when the little girl steps in front of a Volvo. Can its automated braking system stop in time, averting a life-changing collision? Sometimes the moments that never happen matter the most - Commercial link - screencaps

- (voice AR depictions)
Radio Ad (Female) - 2002.
- It features an older woman asking "If you could turn back time, what would you do?" As she continues speaking, you can hear her voice getting younger and younger until she ends up as a five or six year old girl. It's one of the best audio clips I've ever heard, very well done.
Radio Ad (Male) - 2002.
- A male voice this time: At the end he said that he is going to take his kids and then his friend and then his dog to a child-centered activity of some sort?
(Bobby, Time)

- (adult sudden size increased, AA cut-away UC) c2013. Business growth spurts can happen in a moving vehicle or at a party.
Screencaps - Screencaps - (Metamorphose)

(flash forward) Commercial about 30th anniversary of the VW Golf. Triumph of time lapse, motion control and jump cuts. The 3 VW engineers age 30 years in 30 seconds as they alter the Golf to its new style.
- (male flash forward) 2003 male

Waffle Crisp
- (old adults disguised as younger, unmasking, male teen into elder TG effect) Breakfast cereal commercials, 1996.
Who among us hasn't infiltrated a Granny Factory to steal Waffle Crisp cereal boxes back in the day? Boys send in a masked spy disguised as a "Real Granny" to steal a supply.
- CM link - screencaps - "Infiltration".
In Part 02, the boys fall victim to a pair of pretty teen girls who suddenly remove their masks and costumes... revealing "Real Grannies (TM)" underneath, who steal back the cereal and escape. Women.
- CM link - screencaps - "Grannies in disguise".

- (boys only law, male APed UC cut glimpse) "male kids grow up fast" 2016.
Video link - caps

- (FF AP cut) 2010 CM "The official sponsor of moms" - years
Video link

- (male CoA puberty growth effect) I remember a Walmart Back to School commercial focused around puberty, while watching "The Next Star" on YTV (2008-14). My favourite part was the male kid's voice deepening and him asking "what happened to my voice?" So yeah if someone could find this, that'd be great. I've been looking for a while... - (Roy)
- (male adult age forms) 2020. Middle-aged Bill from "Bill & Ted's Adventures" traveled through time in a phone booth together with his 1990's young adult self - link
- (AA GTSed, GTed) 2019 Back to School commercials:
"Big Day Back", "Go Back Big", "High Rise Mirror", 2019. A giant tween suddenly notices her reflection appears more mature and sophisticated than last year in the windows of a high rise building.
"Rehilete (Pinwheel)", 2019. A giant girl sits on the roof of her house blowing a pinwheel while waiting for the school bus to arrive. Giant male kids heading to school also appeared in the campaign.
- CM link - CM link - CM link - screencaps
(This concept was also said to be an inspiration for the unrelated Lana Del Rey music video "Doin' Time" (2019). Since she was already fully grown, she appears even bigger than the kids did - link)

Walt Disney World Resort
- (dream ARed AA) "Make The Dream Come True" 1998.
An old married couple feel like kids again at Disney.
- Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Waterville USA
- (male ARed cut) "Dream of Being a Kid Again", c2016, AL water park.
Commercial link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

We're a culture, not a costume
- (premature sexualization) 2011 Halloween campaign.
People of different groups share images of party goers whose costumes parody their cultures. This is not okay.
- Print ad parody - (Rebecca)

- (adult swimmer "FF" cuts to "old age") Israel, TLV, 2018.
Commercial link - Backstage link - caps - (Uk)

Weet-Bix Crunch
- (male 16 to 18 muscle clone companion) power breakfast commercial - (musclegrowth)

Weet-Bix Crunch
(male muscle growth AA APed) c2006 commercial - male

(male 1 year growth) Muscle ad. male flash forward

weight loss
- gif

weight loss
- male

weight loss
- (adult FF) before/after changes - (O')

weight loss
- (adult size changes) - bikini - 5
- Parody weight gain scenes - 6 - 7 - 8

weight loss
- (adult TF) cosplay parody - before/after TF's.
- (adult TF) - gif - gif
- (adult TF) gif - gif
- (adult) TF
- magazine cover photo retouching gif

weight loss
- (reverse body expansion) - parody 10

weight Loss
- (weight loss before & after comparisons) Commercials. weight loss
- (weight loss miracles) Before/after commercials.
- changes - changes

weight loss
- Jessica parody gif - ad gif

weight loss
"Quick Weight Loss" progress - CGI stages - (O')

Welt Kompakt
(ARed aftermath, male ARed, face closeups) 2008. German newspaper changed to smaller format. Politicians morphed into children to fit on front page.
Print ads

- (FFed AA) parody ads.
Fast Food Mob - mascot forms - caution nudity: adult hentai

Werther's Original
- (mental FB AA dream "ARed" cut) "Feel Special", 2016.
A woman walks past the window of Werther's Original Caramels and has a flashback to when she was younger. She loved looking through the window with her mother, watching the confectioners make the caramel treats. Now she relives her childhood memories.
- Commercial link - caps - (FARfan)

When I'm 65 (BBC program)
- (adult to old age face morphing) 2012 promos.
video link - screencaps June Brown.
video link - screencaps John Simpson.
- (TenJQKace)
- (young adult face degeneration) c2009 PSA. Meth: A losing proposition.
Meth morph video, The Girl version - Video link - screencaps - male link

Wings Financial
- (FF AA dream sequence) 2012 CM.
Couple imagines unborn daughter "growing up".
- Video link - screencaps

Wonder Bread
- (AA FF fake time-lapse) 1968 Tv commercial.
CM red dress link - gif - screencaps - (Osborn Tramain)

Wonder Bread
- (male AA FF "AP") c'60 - CM link - gif - screencaps

Wonder Bread
- (male AA FF) "surfer" 1970 CM link - gif

Wonder Bread
(AP AA) Commercials - A girl grows taller as her dog looks on.
- AP scene 1 - similar scene 2

Wonder Bread
(AP AA) Commercials showed girls and boys growing and developing, stopping at about 12 or 13. (Skyes_Dad) male AP

(flashbacks) "All Grown Up" Wrestlemania 23 promo shows popular wrestlers (John Cena, Batista, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and King Booker) first as kids and then as grownups. They talk about how they dreamed of headlining Wrestlemania as kids but now they are Grown Up. video link (Tazz, O)

wrinkle trick
- (adult face rejuvenation) c2010 miracle

- (old age poof TFed, TG, body swap)
Santino Marella "Slim Jims ad" in Wrestlemania, 2010.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

WWF wrestling
- (male baby versions of wrestlers) 98-02 - Video link - caps - (Thomas)
- (male adult FF AA to male OA)
- male interior design years.
- (male adult FF) "Ein Leben" endless variety, 2007. Commercial based on the 1 picture a day idea. Man flashes older through timelapse photos.
- video link (BastianKuhn)

Wyeth Milk Powder
- (subtle APed) Promise Gold - "fast growth" c2007 Chinese print ads.
Leg tan lines hint they grew many inches in only days.
- Spurt aftermaths: female - male

- (banned male shirtless/pantsless AP AA) by Champagne, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, 2002/03.
It opens in the delivery room. A baby flies out of the mother. He rapidly ages from a boy to an old man while hurling through the atmosphere, before crash landing in his own grave at the cemetery. "Life is Short. Play More."
- Banned after 136 complaints in 2002/06 - link - (Akira, Ian Ricky Male TF)

(banned male AP) "Life is short - Play more" commercial. Woman giving birth pushes so hard the baby boy goes flying through a window. The boy matures while flying above the landscape, changing from newborn to infant, to young boy to teen to his 20s, middle aged, and finally he grows grey hair and his teeth fall out. Right at the end he crashlands in a coffin at a cemetery. This was taken off the air quickly due to graphic material. It's a very good transformation though. Especially from newborn to early teen looks great. male AP link (rockydennis)

(banned male AP) Gloomy content in which a baby becomes a boy, a young man, and an old man, whose voice changes while crying, and is headed for the graveyard without clothing. (J.) Controversial boy AP commercial was banned. info - link - link - link

- (face FF flash) '01 weight medicine CM link - gif

(Middle age flash forward, cut, face close up) 2001. Roche weight loss product.

- (mental "ARed" AA dream effect, RNed AA cutaway) "First Words" 2019-20.
Toddler girl in red dress and jeans jacket waddles and stumbles through the city, until she sees an advertisement for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro. As the features are explained to her at the store, she is seen to have AA'd offscreen into an adult dressed in similarly styled adult clothing, who smiles and says "Awesome." You could kinda say she had been "ARed" at the start.
- CM link - CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Xiomara Coronado Beauty Center
- (face OA'd) Ecuador, 2008.
Beauty clinic print ads show the risks of not getting cosmetic treatment.
Angelina - Shakira - Paris

- (male adult facial hair) CM "Be a Better Explorer!" 2007. Funny commercial about YahooOne Search. Man eats a plant leaf and "becomes a younger man".
- Vid link - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult hair appearance) - caps

(male AP) Flash media link (O)

Yas Island
- (dream AR AA poofs) Abu Dhabi, UAE theme parks. "Everyone Wants To Be A Kid This Summer", 2021.
Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Yo-kai Watch
- (male furry AA TF, power-up) Level-5, Nintendo 3DS, Final Fantasy, mixed-media role-playing games.
2015 CM. Jibanyan's Chocobo strawberry confectionery sweets. The new appearance issues from the mouth through the stomach. In stores nationwide and Bandai Premium Shops. Void where prohibited.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Akira)

Yoplait Kids
(male AP UC scene) 2009 commercial animated in style of children's drawings. Boy grows up and becomes more muscular. His shirt and pants become too short.

- (male AP, UC) Tv commercial with young boy dressed up as fireman. He eats yogurt and grows up into an older boy, still wearing the fireman outfit that doesn't fit him now. (Marty, O)
- Early to mid 80s. The boy was about 10 and grew into a hunky 25 year old. I can't remember whether it ripped and strained at the seams. (looking4athrill)

Your Future's Not Pretty
- (adult face OA'd dream glimpse) Queensland Government, c2014 CM, ALT VFX.
Communicating the physically damaging and aging effects that smoking has on the female body.
Video link - screencaps

- (male AA fast forward) Z Board, 2014 toon CM.
"Roots support the Future". Examination preparatory study materials.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male forms) - study aids caps

- (male age line-up) Print ad found in old Spanish magazine.
Male stages - (Rich)

advertising: A to L - M to Z

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal