Aging Transformation Scenes

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Safe Place, A
- (flashbacks, dream sequences) "A Safe Place", 1971.
Susan at 5: Sylvia Zapp - adult Susan/Noah: Tuesday Weld.
A strange young woman lives in a fantasy world where she can never grow up. She retreats into the lost innocence of her childhood, when she met a magician in Central Park who presented her with magical objects. She flits back and forth between past and present, fantasy and reality.

Saint, The
- (male face FF) "The Saint", 1997 - years
- (male "AP" morph, dream sequence, face close-up) Boy "turns into" Val Kilmer.

Sakura no Yona Boku no Koibito
- (adult to OA) - Love Like the Falling Petals - Netflix.
AKA "My Dearest, Like a Cherry Blossom", Toho Studios, 2022. Based on 2017 novel by Keisuke Uyama.
The future stretches before young couple until she is diagnosed with progeroid syndrome, which will age her extremely fast - Spoiler link - (Rushter)

Salim-Javed (screenwriters)
- (AA FF time skips/montages) Hindi scriptwriter duo, 70s/80s.
One Salim Khan/Javed Akhtar technique was a montage sequence representing a child AA-"growing" into an adult (first seen in Raj Kapoor's "Awaara", 1951). "Deewaar" showed a character entering a temple as a child and then leaving as an adult. "Slumdog Millionaire" paid homage to Salim-Javed by showing a montage sequence where two brothers jump off a train and "suddenly they are 7 years older".

- (FF face) 2010 years

- (male demon AA accelerated AP) 2002.
Newborn demon baby immediately grows and ages into adult. 500 years later woman gives birth to same demon @01:17 - (The Belly Guide)

Santa Clause, The
- (age stasis mentioned) All the elves are played by children. Judy, one of the head elves, looks to be about 10 years old. When she mentions that it took her 1,200 years to perfect her coco recipe, Scott Calvin/Santa Claus tells her "you know I must say, you look pretty good for your age," to which she hilariously responds "thanks...but I'm seeing someone in wrapping," eliciting a stare, a look of shock and a silently-mouthed "ooookay..." from Scott/Santa.

- (AR, old aged) 1969 Italy. A serum turns a mangy old dog into a young pup. An old hag's wrinkles and scars disappear and she is transformed into a blonde bombshell. How will she react when she returns to her former physical state?

- (adult rejuv) 1968. An "old hag" drank youth formula in a science laboratory at night and fell asleep. Next morning she woke up and found she had turned into a beautiful young woman - (Juupton)

- (adult rejuvenation cutaway serum) Italy, 1968.
Older woman becomes beautiful young woman.
- Video link - screencaps - (Mary Jane)

Save and Protect
- (GTS) Russia. Extreme, hyper-sexual version of Madame Bovary by Alexander Sokurov. The unhinged heroine becomes a giantess in one sequence, an alarming apparition that literally conveys that she does not "fit in" in her tundra village.

Scarlet Countess
- (old age) Brick Randall. After becoming mortal again, the former vampire Scarlet finds herself aging as the decades rapidly catch up with her.

Scary Movie 2
- (BE CB) 2001 BE - 2

- (torn dress scene kinda slightly resembles APed aftermath) Netherlands, 1981.
Direct video link - screencaps - (Louise)

- (male "APed" illusion?) 1977, Italy, Mario Bava. AKA "Beyond the Door II", "Shock".
A woman descends into madness when she moves back to the scene of her first husband's "suicide". Her son Marco seems to be possessed by Carlo's spirit. Includes some effective hallucination scenes and the usual vaguely incestuous subtexts. One of the scariest parts was when a boy walked up to someone and suddenly "grew" into an adult and attacked.
- (male APed effect)
Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Scissors, (The)
- (ghost AA "AP") The Scissors - AKA "Gawi", "Nightmare". South Korea, 2000. Kim Gyu-Ri, Byeong-ki Ahn.
Spirit of a young girl "transforms" into an adult: Hye-jin is tormented by visions of a strange and ghoulish little girl chasing her with obvious harmful intent. The little girl soon begins to appear in her grown up incarnation - pseudo APed

Sea of Grass, The
- (flash forward scene) 1947 Elia Kazan, Katharine Hepburn Western. Children FFed to adults. Hepburn in heavily-wrinkled makeup.

Searchers, The
- (coming of age, flashed forward) "The Searchers", 1956 John Ford epic Western. Ethan Edwards (John Wayne), an Ahab-like obsessive, spends 7 years searching for his little niece Debbie (Lana Wood), kidnapped by Comanches. We finally see the Comanche-adopted Debbie, played at 14 by the ravishing Natalie Wood. "These are my people," says little Debbie, now not so little and quite the stone fox in her snug Comanche outfit.

Second Chance, A
- (male adult rejuvenation) 2005 student film, Babanikos.
Older man has located the spring of adult youth.
Frank Hubert: Edward age 78 - Vince Pisani: Edward age 28.
- screencaps - (Matt2)

Second Chance
- (male AR, male AP RN) Lab serum causes rapid regression. male AR (ARarchive pics, Jeffr2BYA)

Second Chance
- (male AR) Children's movie. Three scientists develop a formula to make the user younger. Hoping that "younger" means mid-twenties, something goes wrong that causes them to turn into 6 year olds! They have only 3 days to change back or be stuck at that age. Exciting action and laugh out loud comedy - a movie that children of all ages will enjoy. ln - th

- (male adult rejuved) 1966 Rock Hudson.
What if someone offered you a chance to begin again with a new life organized to be exactly what you want? The organization offers wealthy people a life they would have wanted: artist, writer, politician. They kill the target and surgically alter their clients to take their places. We follow a male client from first contact, through his staged death, to surgery, recovery and adult replacement. Things become complicated.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The
- ("ARed" dream glimpse) Blu-ray Extra deleted scene.
Around the 30 sec mark, Walter briefly sees sister Odessa as a little girl.
- Vid link - caps - (FARfan)

Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The
- (male OA second childhood dream sequence) 2013, Ben Stiller.
Proposed imaginary montage where Cheryl cares for Walter as he withers into an old baby in oversized clothes.

Secret, The
- (mother/daughter mind transfer) "The Secret", 2007 horror/thriller remake of "Himitsu". After an argument, mother (Lili Taylor) and daughter (Olivia Thirlby) get into a car accident, and end up in a hospital, where we later find the mother in the daughters body, while her original body died. David Duchovny stars as the father who doesn't believe his daughter is really his wife - (

Seeing Double
- (slight mental age stasis) 2003. Clones of S Club members and various other performers such as Madonna were artificially aged so they could take the real celebrities places, but kept in a childlike state.

Seeker: The Dark is Rising, The
- (old age glimpse) Fully grown girl falls foul of a pact with the Dark Rider, and is aged into an old woman at the climax of the final fight, before she falls to her death - (aprilchange)
- old age - 2
- (old aged glimpse) 2007 film adaptation of 2nd book in 5-book children's fantasy series "The Dark Is Rising" by Susan Cooper.
- 14 year old Will Stanton finds out that he is the last of a group of warriors. He travels through time to confront the evil forces. Brief teen girl AP to old woman - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male old to young adult mind transfer) 2015. SF thriller. Extremely wealthy old man (Ben Kingsley) dying from cancer undergoes radical medical procedure to transfer his consciousness into the body of healthy young man - Vid link - - (Jeff 2bya)

- (AA movie, TFs, adult rejuvenated cutaway) 2000, Australia.
There was an age reduction glimpse when male teenager Jamie put the seal skin on older woman "Loopy" Laura, who was then briefly replaced by a "nude" young woman before morphing into a seal.
- Full movie link @60:15 - screencaps - (Bella)

Senede bir gün
- (flash forward) 1971.
An old Turkish film of love set during the period of the Balkan Wars. After their escape from the Bulgar State, we briefly see the stages of their lifetime from young adult, to adult, to middle age, to old age.
- (Deniz)

Senior Year
- (young adult "FFed" older) Netflix 2022/05.
Hot cheerleader falls off a pyramid into a 20 year coma and wakes up middle aged! She returns to high school to claim the prom queen crown.
- Trailer link - (Ark)

- (flashback) 2006 - time

Seventeen Again
- (AA adult rejuvenation) Grandmother was reverted into younger adult of the same size who resembles her own granddaughter, and is soon forced to leave the premises.
- (AA) Morning rejuvenation discovery - trouble
- (AA, adult rejuvenation, RN) An old divorced couple is reverted to teenagers of the same size. adult rejuvenation scene - male adult rejuvenation - old age

Seventh Continent, The
- (3 year flash forward)
"Der siebente Kontinent" 1989 Austrian drama, Michael Haneke.
- The last few years of a family consisting of Georg, his wife Anna, and their preteen daughter, Evi Schober (Leni Tanzer).
The first 2 parts, 1987 and 1988, each depict a day in the family's life with many of the same activities. The 3rd part, 1989, ends in their suicide.

Shadow of the Vampire
- (male old age stasis) Vampire actor Max Schreck is still powerful enough to defend himself but his outward appearance has become decidedly grotesque as his blood lust has become uncontrollable ("I feed like old men piss"), and much of his memories from his early life as a vampire have faded.

Shallow Hal
- (male FF morph, face close-up) - male FFed

- (male AR, adult rejuvenations, RNed, male APed CB RN glimpse)
USSR, 1984, Mosfilm "Шанс".
- Are you dreaming about living forever? UFO actions answer the Big Question.
A wonderful thing happened in Guslar. The inhabitants have received an elixir of youth. Thanks to this wonderful liquid, a few wealthy citizens regain their youth. Such an effect means the beginning of a whole new life, but for some the transformation has brought trouble. The reversion aftermath starts after about 44 mins.
- Video link - adults rejuvenated screencaps - male ARed screencaps - RNs, male APed CB screencaps

- (AA poof age-up superhero forms) 2019.
The "Shazamily" appears at the end. The 6 orphans were all AA poofed into older combat forms. Young adult Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton, Michelle Borth) undergoes the smallest change, only AA poofing about one inch taller. Preteen Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman, Meagan Good) AA poofs into a full adult. In the comics she only AA poofed into a tween.
- TFed scene link - Age forms - forms - forms also stunt doubles.

- (male AA TF poofs, teen to bigger adult man) 4/5/2019.
Based on the renamed DC Comics character Captain Marvel. Should not be confused with the unrelated Marvel Comics film "Captain Marvel" (03/2019), which has no AP since Carol Danvers was already fully grown, though Nick Fury will be made to look 25 years younger.
- Trailer link - screencaps

- (male AA poofs) 4/5/2019, Warner. 15 y.o. Billy Batson age-up into costumed superhero Shazam.

She's Out Of Control
- (coming of age) 1989. Overprotective father Tony Danza discovers his 15-year-old daughter (Ami Dolenz) has undergone sexy transformation while he was away on business trip, and he can't cope with the results and side-effects. In the final scene, the younger daughter (Laura Mooney, 5/27/76) has undergone the same transformation.

- (adult age stasis, female adult to old age) 1965. An Edwardian archaeologist and two companions stumble upon a lost city in East Africa, run by a beautiful queen whose love holds the promise of younger adult immortality.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Sheena: Queen of the Jungle
- (FF) 1984.
Girl separated from her parents grows up with a mystic tribe in Africa. In the first 15 minutes she is played by Kathryn Gant, 6, and Kirsty Lindsay, 10.

- (child to adult montage) AKA "Sheena: Queen of the Jungle", 1984 - Vid link - caps

Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales & Legends: Ponce de Leon
- (adult youth wish) 11/16/1986.
AKA "American Tall Tales and Legends: Ponce de Leon"
- Ponce turns 45 and embarks on a midlife crisis to discover the Fountain of Youth with an array of retirement community jokes. Conniving pirate Lucy hopes to best Ponce at his own game. The film's only serious moment is its insightful statement on our society's incessant quest for eternal youth.

Shining, The
- (dedicated fan morph) - ghost girls.

Shining, The
- (slight old aged) "The Shining". Jack catches sight of the naked Lia Beldam awaiting him in room 237. The beauty rises from the bath and stands waiting for Jack to kiss her. As they embrace, Jack looks over her shoulder into a mirror and sees, in the reflection, the beautiful girl age into a partially decomposed corpse (Billie Gibson).

Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock
- (slight AA TFs, slight mental maturation) 2009. Female baby was made super smart. The mother and father characters merged bodies, some of the kids bodies were replaced by giant insects, and one turned into a giant - (metamorphose)

shrinking scenes (trope)
- (kinda sorta resembles ARed aspect) - caps

- (mental time jumps) Kuenne, 2011.
Lately, Lovell has been living his life out of order. "Everyday I wake up at a different age in a different year on a different day of my life, and it's scaring the hell out of me." One day he will be 24, fall asleep and wake up 8. Wake up at 92, fall asleep and be 20. On top of that he has narcolepsy so he has no control over when he changes. He wakes up one morning, and realizes he is engaged and really happy. When he wakes up again, his wife is dead. He tries everything to stop that from happening, piecing little bits together all throughout time.

Si daming bu 3
The Four III
- (TFs, some age forms) Hong Kong 3D wuxia film, Gordon Chan, 2014.
"Shape-shifting" Lady Fox 2nd appearance. Nothing good, but added for completion. Timestamps include low quality adult "reduced age" @05:27, M2F @16:14 & @01:19:14.
The Four II
- (TFs) First appearance of Lady Fox, 2013.
F2F @01:00:51, M2F @01:14:43 & @01:18:54, offscreen F2F @01:19:43, M2F @01:32:22.
- Caps - (Dorkdevil)

Silent Hill
- (ghost child/adult age forms AA) 2006.
"Alessa Gillespie" - child form: Jodelle Ferland - adult form: Lorry Ayers.
"Adult Alessa" lies in her hospital bed in the Otherworld for 30 years. "Dark Alessa" can shift her appearance at will, changing from looking identical to Alessa as a silent child to a darker, more demonic appearance. Adult Alessa creates a 2nd doppelganger, a child named Sharon who grows at a normal rate, and Dark Alessa takes her to the Toluca County Orphanage to be adopted by Rose and Christopher Da Silva. 9 years later, she calls Sharon Da Silva back into the town. Dark Alessa and Sharon lock eyes, implying a recombination of the split souls in Sharon's body. Neither Dark Alessa, nor Alessa's adult body are seen afterwards.

Silent House
- (AA dream sequence, kinda like slight self-image age form glimpsed) 2012.

Sils Maria
- (adult aging mental metaphors) In production, c2014.
Aging actress Juliette Binoche becomes preoccupied with younger actress Chloe Grace Moretz, at once a rival and a disturbing mirror of her youth, who takes the role that made her famous.
She is asked to play the other side of the story, Helena, from whose destruction she built her notoriety. She must face the vertigo of time, age, and maturity. At all seasons of life you must find the strength to become yourself.

Simon del desierto
- (OA'd cutaway) "Simon of the Desert", 1965, Luis Bunuel.
The devil tried to tempt him.
- Video link - screencaps - (Totem)

Simple Twist Of Fate, A
- (FF AA) Steve Martin, 5/3/04.
Based around George Elliot novel "Silas Marner". A recluse discovers a 2 year old orphan on his doorstep. Making a new life together, their relationship is threatened when the natural father appears. The star of the film is the series of actresses who played the daughter, 2 sets of twins, some sisters and others. You could believe it was the same girl growing up.

Sin City
- (flash forward) 2005. Robert Rodriguez movie based on Frank Miller graphic novels. In the 1st story, over-the-hill cop Bruce Willis saves little girl from serial killer. When they meet again in the 3rd story, she's grown up into Jessica Alba - time

Sink or Swim
- (CoA) Su Friedrich, 1990/2013, 16mm, 48 min.
Portrait of a girl's relationship with her erudite, emotionally distant father who abandons her family when she's 11. Grouped into 26 complex, formally varied episodes named after letters (Zygote, Y Chromosome, X Chromosome... to Athena/ Atalanta/ Aphrodite). A fragmented but highly controlled narrative document of the girl's eventual emergence into womanhood, shaped by and at odds with her past.

Sins Of Dorian Gray, The
- (adult stasis, portrait OA) 1983. Dorian is a female in this Tv-movie production - (TBTC) ln - th

Sister Switch
- (11 to 18 body swap or mind transfer?) c2009 movie not yet released, 24k Black Films.
VERY tiny possibility of TF AP UC ???
- What happens when a shy, prim and proper "11-year-old" brainiac switches bodies, through the use of a scientific potion created by her father, with her outgoing 18-year-old sister who happens to be the reigning princess of R&B music? To make matters worse, her mother is a former teen star pushing the older sister into the music business. Needless to say, the results are hilarious.
- Neenah Taylor (7/10/95): Ashleigh Cole - Destenee McKenzie: Taylor Cole - (Ballin, anon cj)

Sister Switch
- (teen body swap) cast photos.

Size 'Em Up
- ("coming of age") 2001 movie. Athletic teenager Samantha finds her developing figure becoming a problem. Her mother convinces her to talk to the clothing store "bra ladies" to try to alleviate the difficulties of her bountiful endowments. She ends up learning a great deal more than just the proper cup size.
- (coming of age, teen BEd) A teen has to buy her first bra. BE ffed

Skazka O Poteryannom Vremeni
- (AR, AA OA APed) Screencaps
Villain transformation scenes.
- male AR - AR - male AR - AR
- Aftermath consternation scene.
Child youth theft victims.
- male OA progression - OA progression
- OA mirror TF scene - male OAP
Return to normal.
- male AR RN - group AR RN scene.

Skazka O Poteryannom Vremeni
- (AR, old age, male AR, male OA, AA) USSR, 1964. Based on Eugeny Shwartz's (AKA Yevgeny Schwartz) fairy tale. AKA A Tale of Lost Times, Tale / Story About the Lost Time.
4 older persons use magic spell to swap ages with 2 boys and 2 girls, who are suddenly converted into older adults. At the end, the children are restored to normal by rewinding a talking cuckoo clock, and the youth thieves are erased.
Other movies titled "Skazka O Poteryannom Vremeni" were released in 1978 (animation, Ecran, Kirill Malyantovich), 1990.

Younger Petia Zubov: Grisha Plotkin            Older Petia Zubov: Oleg Anofriev
Younger Prokofi Prokofyevich: Yevgeni Sokolov Older Prokofi Prokofyevich: Sergei Martinson
Younger Andrei Andreyevich: Sergei Karponosov Older Andrei Andreyevich: Georgiy Vitsin
Younger Anna Ivanovna: Zinaida Kukushkina Older Anna Ivanovna: Irina Murzayeva
Younger Avdotya Petrovna: Tatyana Dontsenko Older Avdotya Petrovna: Valentina Telegina
Younger Marusya: Vera Volkova Older Marusya: Lyudmila Shagalova
Younger Nadya: Lidiya Konstantinova Older Nadya: Rina Zelyonaya
Younger Vasya: Mikhail Kulayev Older Vasya: Saveli Kramarov
The AR spell:
- Video link
Same video - the old age AA scenes:
- Video link
The aged children are RN AA ARed back to normal:
- Video link
(IMDB OA fan)

Skazka o Tsare Saltane
- (male AP AA) 1966, USSR. "The tale of the Tsar Saltan" Many Russian fairy tales feature a fast growing child. While the Tsar was at war, his wife gave birth to a son. A rider was sent to the tsar to convey the good news. The message and his reply were changed. Since there was no way to disobey an order from the tsar, the palace guards put the queen and her son into a barrel, and rolled it into the water. As the queen wept inside the barrel, her son grew stronger, not by the day, but by the minute (not depicted). He begged the waves to wash them onto dry land. The waves obeyed and he and his mother found themselves washed ashore on a deserted island.

Skeleton Key
- (mind transfer old age) 2005 Kate Hudson.

Sky High
- (AR poofs) 2005. The villain zapped almost all the superheroes into babies - caps

Sky High
- (AR) 07/12/05. The villain AR's all the kids at the High School prom, who regress into little babies in their oversized clothes. He then collects and makes off with all the babies, who the hero then must rescue. AP RN not shown.

- (male APed, slight UC) - screencaps (WickedDG)

- (male growth spurt AP, slight UCed) Disney XD, 11/27/2009. A male teenager grows taller in his sleep. His feet push out from under the covers. The next morning his older brother notices something amiss. They conceal the spurt from their mother until they can decide what to do next.
- Growth spurt video link

Slums of Beverly Hills
- Coming of age scenes - 3
- (BE) 1998 Natasha Lyonne. Vivian is uncomfortable with her suddenly oversized chest. 01 - 02

- (adult to younger adult TG) Brian Sloan unknown project ca. 1999. 3 30-something Chelsea boys are transformed into teenage girls by their witchy best friend when an anti-aging spell goes horribly wrong. From the writer/director of "I Think I Do".

- (flashed forward) 1995. Auggie (Harvey Keitel) has taken 1 photograph a day from the street corner outside his cigar store for the past 14 years. Regulars can be seen changing. Images of one space connected across time show the nuanced changes that days, weeks, months and years of time bring.

- (OA/RN, woman to old woman) 1998, Czech.
Tv movie link @35:00 @54:00 - (SickBoy)

Smurfs, The
- (adult rejuvenation) "The Smurfs", 2011.
Gargamel magically transforms an elderly mother into a younger version of herself with process.
- Video link - screencaps - (Marthlord)

Snake Woman, The
- (TF) 1961 Susan Travers, Elsie Wagstaffe. In a small turn-of-the-century English village a herpetologist is trying to cure his wife's insanity with injections of snake venom. He seems to succeed and soon afterward she gets pregnant and bears him a beautiful little girl with a horrible talent: she can transform herself into a snake whenever she wants to. She soon grows up to become the scourge of the village men.

- (male adult as teen disguise) Eva Longoria, 2003. A man in his thirties goes back to high school pretending to be a teenager, where everyone is fooled.

Snow Queen, The
- (no AP) 2 Russian, 1 Finnish, and 1 UK live-action movie adaptations do NOT include the APed scene found at the end of the original story, nor does the 1957 Russian animated version.

Snow White and the Huntsman
- (adult to old age face, adult rejuvenation)
Evil Queen Charlize Theron steals victim's adult youth.
- Trailer video link - screencaps - (lbh)

Snow White projects
- (old age queen transformation & aftermath)
2011 competing movie projects, said to be in various stages of pre-production:
Brothers Grimm: Snow White, The
- (possible OA disguise TF?)
Tarsem Singh, 7/29/2012?
Julia Roberts plays a likable evil queen.
Snow White and the Huntsman
- (possible OA disguise TF?)
Charlize Theron is the evil queen.
The Seven
- (possible OA disguise TF?)
2013 Natalie Portman?
Disney Kung-Fu version of the classic Snow White tale set in China.

Snow White
- (AA flash forward) flash forward

Snow White
- (adult to old age to death) "Cannon Movie Tales" musical fantasy, 1987.
Diana Rigg as the vain and jealous queen who is aging with some impressive makeup, and her explosive ending.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Deptx)

Solomon Grundy
- (male AP, in pre-production) Adam Sandler. Boy lives life in only 1 week? He grows up in 1 day? This causes problems - (ARfreak)

Some Kind of Wonderful
- (coming of age scene) 1987. Mary Stuart Masterson looks at her body in the mirror and sighs because she's not developed enough yet.

Something wicked this way comes
- (ARed AA) Disney 1983. A couple of individuals get AA-de-aged back into children with the help of a merry-go-round. There could be more AR, a man disappears after winning a large sum of money. He goes on a Ferris wheel and is gone.
- (Jeff) ln - th

Sooner or Later
- (teen age disguise) 1979 Tv-movie.
13-year-old Jessie is in love with 17-year-old aspiring musician Michael. She pretends to be 16, but what will Michael do when he discovers the truth?

Sorcerer's Apprentice, The
- (canine AR) Disney, 2010.
Dave is chased by 3 wolves onto a train track summoned by villian Maxim Horvath. Right before the wolves attack, Balthazar turns them into puppies. To cover his tracks, he then turns them into pictures of puppies - (Tazz)

Sorcerer's Apprentice, The
- (male adult age stasis, male FF) 2010.
In 2000, 10-year-old Dave encounters Balthazar in a Manhattan antique store, as youthful as when Merlin gave him the ring. In 2010, physics student Dave makes the reacquaintance of childhood crush Becky. 12 y.o. Morganian sorcerer Abigail Williams was the only real witch at Salem. She's every bit as evil as Horvath, and managed to escape prosecution before reappearing in the present day.

Sorelle Mai
- (some FF) Italy, 2011.
A young girl's relationship with her family evolves with the passage of time.
Shot over a period of 10 years, Elena and her family struggle with shifting dynamics from age 5 to 14. Director Marco Bellocchio incorporated material from his 2006 project Sorelle, as well as adding several new characters and situations.

Space Jam: A New Legacy
- (robot male "OA") 2021. Granny uses the robot Chronos time powers against him, and he became a rusty, old robot with a gray beard - link - (Tazz)

Space Tripping
- (adult age stasis, male ARed aftermath) c2017 in pre-production.
We don't know how the baby gangster got like that, so his regression might be part of the plot. "Told you he took too much nanoyouth." Why has 'nanoyouth' never been used as an AR fiction buzzword before now? In any case I thought the facial animation was well-done for a 'low-budget' endeavor. I'll be interested to find out more about this movie.
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya, Filthymind, Babybunny87)

- (UC, no AR/AP) 2004. Deborah, suffering from low self-esteem after losing her job, in an effort to get 12 year old Bernice (Sarah Steele, who is really 16 but made to look younger) to become 'fashionably' thin, surprises her daughter with a wardrobe of new, expensive clothing, all too small for the growing girl. The clothes are supposed to be an incentive. This saddens Flor, who spends the night cutting apart the clothes, moving buttons and expanding seams so that everything will fit.

Speak of the Devil
- (BE glimpse) 1991. A phony evangelist's nympho wife cut a deal with the Devil.
A "teen's" breasts suddenly "grew" bigger under her clothes - caps

Species 2
- (male APed)

Species 3
- (AP) 2004. "Sexpot" alien Eve (Natasha Henstridge) gives birth to daughter Sara. Another alien in the guise of a chubby fat kid kills Eve. The professor escapes with the baby, to extract her pure genes and make the perfect super being. He has "grown" her in his basement, and the child became the blonde Sunny Mabrey, who looks like a young Henstridge. It's up to scientist Almond and his protégé Dean to keep her in check - AP
- (APed) 2 girls rapidly grew into women inside cocoons. Their clothing apparently did not survive the transformation. APed

Species 4
- (theoretical possibility of AP always denied) Sequel in production. In the 3rd movie a clothed young girl entered a puberty cocoon, and emerged as a nude woman.

- (APed) More screen caps
- (AP) 1995 Natasha Henstridge. Fast growing 12 year old girl enters cocoon and emerges as nude adult. Alien boy partially grows up unevenly.
- 0 to 10 - 12 to 22
- Sil emerges from her puberty cocoon (blurry) 2 - 3
- male AP - male AP

Spider Baby
- (adult mental reversion) 1968, Jack Hill. Lon Chaney, Jr.
AKA The Liver Eaters, Attack of the Liver Eaters, Cannibal Orgy, The Maddest Story Ever Told.
Last generation of inbred family lives in dilapidated mansion with inherited disease that causes them to mentally regress from the age of 10 as they physically develop. The 3 orphaned siblings suffer from "Merrye Syndrome", which makes them mentally, socially, and physically revert down the evolutionary ladder starting in early puberty.

- (male adult body development) 2002 - male strength increase.

Spiderwick Chronicles, The
- (ARed) 2008. Based on book series. Aunt Lucinda is 86 1/2 years old. At the end of the movie she is reunited with her father, her youth is restored, and she goes back to being 6 1/2. The change is only shown on her arm. When she becomes younger, her clothing also changes to the last dress she wore on the day her father disappeared - (Sara, EF-Master)

Spin the Bottle
- (flash forward) 1997 Jamie Yerkes movie. 5 childhood friends reunite for a weekend of recollections and revenge. Cast:
Jessica Faller .... Alex
April Harvey .... Young Alex
Kim Winter .... Bev
Allison Gervais .... Young Bev
Holter Graham .... Jonah
Michael Conn .... Young Jonah
Heather Goldenhersh .... Rachel
Kristen Way .... Young Rachel
Mitchell Riggs .... Ted
Zachery Newland .... Young Ted

Spirits of the Dead
- (devil age disguised) 1968.
Toby Dammit
- 3rd and final surreal segment by Federico Fellini, inspired by short story by E.A. Poe.
Enduring a bizarre awards ceremony while stoned, a deranged movie star has recurring visions of a demonic child-woman (Marina Yaru) with a bouncing white ball, always partially hidden, peeking out from behind her hair with a precociously perverse smile. The ending slows to a perfect gothic stasis, the demon girl offering herself as the perfect roadkill target - ghost girl

- (adult to old age) "Vienna waits for you".
2012, Dominik Hartl short film, German, 30 min.
Anna finds an apartment that an elderly woman is anxious to get rid of. It sucks the lifeblood right from its tenants. We get to watch as her sanity and skin are tested beyond the limit.
- Full video link - short trailer link - (Thesaint137)

- (accelerated growth) - fan summary.

- (flash forward) 2010. Genetically engineered hybrid grows up fast. Elsa (Sarah Polley) and Clive defy ethical boundaries and splice together human and animal DNA to create a new organism. Dren rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a deadly bond with her creators - (Process Forums) FF AP creature

- (old age, TF's) 1985, 1987. 2 unfinished films edited together, "Goblin" and "Twisted Souls". Kreon preserves the life of his beloved through sorcerous spells blacker than night. "I have sacrificed the youths of so many that you might live. A sorcerer's son must use death to control the force of life. This is the source of our power." Isabelle, who, from some angles looks like Winona Ryder, hated Kreon so much that she took poison to escape him. Not the best way to avoid marrying a necromancer.
A peculiar flashing blue light causes instant aging. Peter and Meegan die of old age. Rash and horny Linda probably dies of old age. Carol turns into a character straight out of "The Evil Dead."
Mysterious Asian woman Soo Paek offers to lead Rick to safety. The luckless jester stumbles into a huge web and is held fast. The clear-skinned lady transforms into a misshapen spider before draining Rich dry.

- (TF spider CB burstout glimpse) Female expansion changes
- (zombiefication kinda looks like OA'd) 01

Spring, The
- (age stasis, old aged) "The Spring", 2000 Tv movie. Kyle MacLachlan and his son stumble onto a modern-day fountain of youth while camping in the woods. No one in Springville ever gets sick or old thanks to the Spring. Children keep their age. When the Springvillians stop drinking the water, their aging skin takes on the texture of fried chicken. Brutal ritual occurs on 100th birthday.

Spy Kids 2
- (FFed) poster

Spy Kids
- future INFO PAGE
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Star Girl
- (TF) 1996 adult. Rebecca Lord, Stephanie Swift. A supposed U.F.O. specialist hunts for horny alien girl who has the ability to change her form into other humans at will. An unsual medallion on everyone she changes into is the only giveaway. After several encounters from our stargirl in various forms, he finally locates her and we discover that he is actually her mate sent to earth to bring her home...

Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock
- (male unseen ARed, male AA slow RN AP cut-aways) 1984 - male

Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country
- (TF AA AR) 1991. Shapeshifter shrinks to little girl to escape shackles.

Star Trek: Nemesis
- (male adult face rejuvenation dream sequence) Trailer - morph
- (male adult face rejuv) trailer-only gif

Star Trek
- (some AA TF) - INFO PAGE

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Special Edition)
- (adult FF disguised) 1983-1997.
In new scenes, Oola in the Rancor pit was played by Femi Taylor reprising her role 14 years after the original. Said to be in even better shape than before, some of her new dance moves were edited into the original footage with no noticeable difference in her body in the years between shots.
- (male ghost adult rejuvenated) 2004.
When Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan appear together in spirit form at the end of the movie, Sebastian Shaw is replaced by Hayden Christensen, showing a young Anakin when he was still a Jedi, with an old Yoda and Obi-Wan.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
- (male adult dream rejuved form) 2017.
Near the end, The First Order is closing in on what's left of the resistance on an old mine planet. Luke Skywalker suddenly appears to Leia and C-3PO. He confronts Kylo Ren and they kind of have a lightsaber duel. Kylo goes to strike him down, but the lightsaber just goes through like he is nothing. We find out that Luke isn't really there but still on his planet, meditating a projection of himself. The #1 sign was the fact that Luke who is in his 60s appeared to be in his 30s (a lot less gray, etc). Also, several flashbacks of them during the movies - (Tazz)

- (adult rejuv, old age, TF's) 2007.
- AR: old hag to 30-something woman
- old age: 30-something woman back to old hag in spurts
- TG: Young man to woman
- TF: man to goat, "real" goat to man, man to mouse, woman to bluebird, and more. You've got to love evil witches!
("Tuxedo" Will)
- (adult rejuvenation, OA) aftermath - faces

- (male AP, no clothing) 1984. Cloned baby boy grows up in seconds. In the Tv-series, the AP happened unseen under the snow - age increase effect.

- (minor aging make-up) 1999. Young Pittsburgh hairstylist/raver (Patricia Arquette) is slowly being possessed by a supernatural force. Investigator Kiernan soon realizes that any young woman who suddenly ages 50 years and becomes fluent in Aramaic probably deserves another look.

Story of Three Loves, The
- (male AA cut-away APed, male AA cut-away RN ARed) 1953.
An old witch promises to make him a man for the night, but at midnight he goes back to being a boy.
- Direct video link - screencaps
The next part is rather tepid and boring as he doesn't exhibit any real signs of being as young as he is. But there is a scene which cuts away from above, that shows him regressing from a distance.
- Direct video link - screencaps

Story of Three Loves, The
- (male AP) 1953 MGM romance, drama. Kirk Douglas, James Mason. Triptych of romantic stories on ocean liner. "Mademoiselle" is about a governess whose young charge meets a witch. A spell changes the boy into a grown-up who falls in love with the nanny. Ricky Nelson: Tommy age 11.

- (FF, FF to old) 1964, Joan Crawford.
Chilling Robert Bloch blood-tale modernizes the Lizzy Borden story.
Wife Joan Crawford axes her cheating husband and his lover as witnessed by her 3-year-old daughter. Mom is packed off to the insane asylum for 20 years before reuniting with the grown daughter. From this point, the axe murders continue.

Strange Circus
- cover
- (APed AA dream sequence, RN AR)
- adult form - age forms

Strange Circus
- (APed dream sequences, RN ARed) "Kimyô na sâkasu", 2005 Japan. Sion Sono, Erotic Grotesque tale, Masumi Miyazaki.
Young girl Mitsuko unwittingly stumbles upon her parents lovemaking. Just when things can't possibly get any worse, the story flips, and everything previous is revealed to be the creation of a secretive writer. During traumatic scenes, the young girl morphs into her mother Sayuri (clip banned by Youtube).
Video links:
clip 1 Face ARed RN scene at start, followed by APed.
clip 2 Mitsuko arrives at school in her adult form.
clip 2 Same clip, 1 min 10 sec later. Mitsuko reverted back to her childhood form.

Strange Woman, The
- (fast-forward cut-away) 1946.
Little girl gazes at her reflection in a pond, and when she looks up she is her future adult self.
- Direct video link - caps

- (male AA AP) 2016 fantasy/comedy, Czech, Zdenek Troska. AKA "The Spooks".
Scene link - gif - (Grundverkehrt, SickBoy)

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
- (FF AA) 2009 - time

- (implied ARed rebirth, girl to woman AP, APed scene, old age to end)
AKA "Southwest", Eduardo Nunes, Brazil, 2011.
- Raquel Bonfante (preteen), Spoladore Simone (teen to 40), Regina Bastos (old age).
"The scene when the little girl dozes off in the midday heat, with the local band's hypnotic rhythm playing in the background, and wakes up a woman is a stunning piece of filmmaking."
Of course it goes without saying that as always the reviewers didn't mention what happened to her clothing as her age increased, naturally.
- Ages - Life Stages
Young woman Clarice gives birth on her deathbed to a baby girl also christened Clarice by the bruxa attending the transitions. The baby is spirited to a remote lakeside village, where a boy soon releases her in the form of a young girl. She tries to understand her obscure reality and the unchanging others in a circular time that haunts and disorients. We learn the story of the dead woman in the inn whose spirit and memories Clarice seems to embody. In the middle stage of life, the physical transformations are subtle. What changes are the skin characteristics. It ends with another death in the same bed 24 hours later.
- The stages of consciousness evolve along with the size of the costumes and the mystery plaguing the town Salineiro. Often the screen splits in diptychs and triptychs according to the actions framed.
Simone de Beauvoir: "People do not realize old age themselves. They realize they are getting older by the look of the other." Precious strands of memory, identity, and desire add up to a palpable fairytale affirming our place in the ineffable stream of life.
- Promo caps - Poster caps

- (time cycles) Blink-and-you-miss-it AP glimpse.
Preteen briefly dozes under a tree, and when she opens her eyes she's become an adult woman who is pregnant not long after. Her friend runs away when he recognizes her older form.
You can see it @ 1hour 11mins 30s. Video link - screencaps

Sugar & Spice
- (size comparison) 2001 "tall teens" line-up

Summer I Love You
- (OA) AKA "Hao Xin Xiang Ai". Candy Lo woke up suddenly finding herself aged by 40 years and sadly leaving her boyfriend whom she'd helped recover from half-paralysis by aiding in a human experiment.

Summer I Love You
- (old age) Hong Kong 2002. Banny Lo Kam-Cheung. Realizing that her life is incomplete, Wei Ching (Candy Lo) convinces Lek to undergo an experimental transplant therapy, offering herself as the cell donor. The surgery is a stunning success, but while Lek is able to walk again, Wei Ching awakens one morning to discover herself 30 years older. She flees in panic, only to return because of her love for Lek. Unable to bear the burden, Lek decides to reverse the surgery to save the love of his life.

Summer Switch
- (father/son soul swap) ABC Afterschool Specials, 1984/09/19.
Adaptation of Mary Rodgers children's book, sequel to "Freaky Friday".
Truly a lost classic, it has been unavailable online and VHS copies are rare. A father and son make a wish to trade places, which is granted. The father goes to summer camp while his son must fill his father's shoes in the movie industry. He gets himself fired and rehired. The father posing as his son tries to boss everyone around at summer camp, which doesn't go well. The father humorously carries a pipe in his son's mouth but doesn't smoke it. Both learn valuable lessons. This movie predates "Big", "Vice Versa" and "Like Father, Like Son", which came out within 4 years.
- Video link - link - (Muscledrain)

Summer Switch
- (male young/old mind transfers, RN) "ABC Afterschool Specials", S13Ep01, 9/19/1984.
Go to 05:15 for the swap scene. The lesser known and hard to find sequel to Mary Rodger's "Freaky Friday". Father Bill Andrews swaps bodies with his young son Ben. They wind up trying to pass themselves off respectively, with disastrous results. Ben gets his father fired, then rehired and promoted, accidentally getting a friend of his father fired. Bill is sent unwillingly to summer camp, where he aggravates the counselors and alienates his new friends as he tries to gain popularity. In the end, father and son swap bodies again, and they have learned a valuable lesson about how hard it is to be a kid or adult.
- Full movie video link - (MuscleDrain)

Summer Switch
- (male) 1983. When father and son switch bodies, the father has to go to summer camp while the son attends his important business meeting.

SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2
- (male age stasis, male muscle growth) 2004 "Kahuna" was exposed to an experimental super-soldier formula in the 1940s that left him forever age 5 in appearance. Later, he developed a formula which interacts with his new physiology, giving him super strength.
male vid link

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
- (male AR) - AKA "Baby Geniuses Two", 2004 - male AR

Superhero Movie
- (male adult stasis/rejuv) 2008. Supervillain "The Hourglass" Lou Landers creates a machine to gain perfect health, at the cost of needing to drain the life energy from others.

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
- (male AP) Nuclear Man is created by throwing some of Superman's DNA into the sun. The explosion turns into a sort-of fetus inside a womb which grows into a fully grown man with a costume, logo, cape and everything.

Superman Reborn
- (male accelerated growth, movie was never made) Jonathan Lemkin, c1994.
After Superman's battle with Doomsday, Superman professes his love for Lois. His life force jumps between them as he dies, giving Lois a virgin birth. Their child grows 21-years-old in 3 weeks, becomes the resurrected Superman, and saves the world.

- (male AP, cuts) 1978, Christopher Reeve. Baby ages inside pod - male

- (male adult rejuvenation) 2000. When the medical ship Nightingale answers a distress call from an abandoned space mining colony, the crew encounters a young man claiming to be the son of Kaela's ex-boyfriend. He was actually rejuvenated and possessed by an alien artifact. male link - (O')

Supilinna Salaselts
- (adults made mentally like children) "Secret Society of Souptown", 2015, Estonia.
10 y.o. smart and brave girl Mari's parents are obsessed with work. Mari forms a secret society with 3 best friends to play scavenger games her grandfather Professor Peeter invents. One day a mysterious poison turns all adults in their city into mental children. Our group embarks on an adventure you cannot even imagine to discover the antidote within 48 hours - (Ricky)

Sur la piste du Marsupilami
- (male adult rejuvenated, male adult FFed to OA, male AR OC) 2012, French. "HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami"
80 y.o. botanist Hermoso discovers a rare orchid in which the Marsupilami cradles its eggs, manages to condense the flower into a liquid, and drinks it, returning to early adulthood. Towards the end, he becomes a baby after drinking too much of a rejuvenating potion.
- Video link around 1:34:00 - screencaps - (Ricky, Mad0charles)

Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise)
- (shadow AA FF cuts) 1931. Silhouette baby to Greta Garbo in 4 shots.

- (kinda looks like AR) Argento's 1977 classic was originally about an academy of little girls, rather than college age girls, but censors made him change this. He tried to keep this element to the story by having the girls talk like little girls, fight all the time, and by making the doorknobs level with their heads.

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl
- (adult demon stasis, adult age transfer to OA) 2016.
Adele sees the decrepit figure of her dead aunt. Beth now possesses a monstrous figure, and must be much older than she appeared. Adele aged into decrepitude when Beth stole her adult youth. The cycle will repeat itself with younger adult sister?

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
- (male ghost APed) 2005, South Korea, Chan-Wook Park. Geum-Ja, a young impressionable 19 year old girl, helped kidnap a 5 year old child for ransom. Although she was told the boy would be returned unharmed, he was soon killed by Mr. Baek. When Geum-Ja meets the ghost of the 5 year old boy towards the end, he transforms into an adult.

Synecdoche, New York
- (flash forward, male old age) 2008. Man becomes obsessed with recreating his life as he ages.
Sadie Goldstein: Olive age 4.
Robin Weigert: Olive adult.
Kat Peters: Ellen age 10.
- FF ages.

Taketori Monogatari
- (AP, excellent GTS/CB scene) AKA "Kaguya", "Princess from the Moon" 1987 Japan. Kon Ichikawa. (Kaya: Miho Nakano).
- Toshiro Mifune plays a bamboo cutter who comes across a curious glass capsule, housing a tiny baby girl. Once released, the infant instantly becomes a 5-year-old; the astonished Mifune, whose own child has recently died, decides to adopt the girl. It isn't very long before the child Kaya becomes a beautiful adult, the Princess Kaguya (Yasuko Sawaguchi, b. 1965). The girl is constantly courted by eligible bachelors. The crystal begins to emit a strange sound, alerting the girl that she must return to the Moon, whence she came and where she will reign as princess. At the end of 1 version of this movie, the Moon Princess decides to grow to 50 feet tall, instantly destroying her clothing.
- cover of 1 version - CB nude aftermath scene.
- Not the same as the original legend, in which the girl was a fairy from the moon and was finally taken back, the film ended with the girl taken back home by a spaceship. Moon Princess info link

Taketori Monogatari
1960 short directed by Kazuhiko Watanabe.

Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
- (TF demon CB burstout glimpse) 1990, final story.
Rae Dawn Chong transforms into gargoyle. The kids also grew into monster forms, but their transformation was not shown.
- Female expansion changes

Tarzan's Magic Fountain
- (age stasis, old aged, adult rejuvenated) 1949. Lost race living near the fountain of youth keeps it a secret from strangers. A female flyer crashes there and is accepted into the tribe. 30 years later she is forced to return to England to testify in a murder case. On the trip she returned to her normal age offscreen. When she returns married to the murder suspect, she is an old woman. Tarzan returns them to the tribe under the condition that no one else will ever come there. Both were reverted to young adulthood offscreen. The bad guys are killed before they can reach the fountain. Cheeta the chimp drinks a sample of the water at the end and is turned into a baby - (Time)

Tarzana "variations"
- (came of age, possible UCed glimpse) Film genre that used a variation on the Tarzan story as a thinly-veiled excuse to film scantily-clad young women who grew up alone in the jungle, such as the delightful Femi Benussi in "Tarzana, sesso selvaggio" (1969) AKA "Tarzana, the Wild Girl" or "Tarzana, the Wild Woman" - (feralchildren)

- (male bodyswap ARed) Germany, 2001, Andreas Wuttke. A divorced plastic surgeon wishes to be young. Head-on collision causes him to switch souls with infamous teenage boy who is a heartbreaker. He learns to be popular. His own daughter falls in love with him.

Ten Commandments, The
- (male adult face age) Charlton Heston, 1956. The first time God talked to Moses, his hair turned gray. The encounter caused instant aging.

Terminator "5"
- (never made, unconfirmed adult rejuvenation rumor)
"I strongly suspect the next movie is going to take place in a pre-Judgment Day 2011," McG told Film Journal. "John Connor is going to travel back in time and he's going to have to galvanize the militaries of the world for an impending Skynet invasion."
He may meet a scientist that's going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick (who played the T-1000 in Terminator 2), possibly working on a cure for juvenile diabetes, talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.

Terminator series
- (adult FFed) - face

Terrortory 2
- (accelerated pregnancy & growth) 2018. She reveals she wished to become pregnant. Her shirt is shown rising over her bare belly. It bulges before her body splits open, and a fully grown woman steps out - (The Belly Guide)

Thanks to Gravity
- (AA flash forward) 2006 Gina Philips, Rachel Miner, Voyage Entertainment. The story opens with Jordan as a young girl watching television with her grandfather. Instead of immediately cutting to Jordan as a young adult, Kavana shows the age progression by circling the camera around the room, changing the speaker on television and giving us an older Jordan each time around.

Theatre Bizarre, The
- (adult rejuved) The Theatre Bizarre, 2011 anthology film.
"The Mother of Toads" segment - A couple stumbles across a piece of jewelry and an ancient book. Hubby goes to old woman's home, where she seduces him after "transforming" into a hot chick. Before he knew it, he woke up next to a sexually satisfied old woman. She uses her froggy ways to kill the girl and try to keep the man in her life.

There's Something About Mary
- (OAd illusion) 1998. Peeping Tom shock scene - close-up

Thief Lord, The
- (male AR/AP, male UC) Set in Venice, 2 young brothers on the run fall under the care and protection of a mysterious "Thief Lord." Stealing the missing component of a magical carousel capable of restoring youth or rapidly aging male children into grown-ups, they discover a thrilling and unforgettable world of wonder and enchantment. Janet McTeer, Jim Carter. Director: Richard Claus. From the novel "The Thief Lord" by Cornelia Funke - (Ararchive)
- (male blurry nocturnal AP UCed glimpse, male AR, ARed scenes)
Magical carousel has the capacity to physically regress male and female adults of any age into young boys and girls, and to rapidly progress teenage boys into adult men.
- male AP scene
- ARed aftermath, male APed aftermath
- male AR scene
- age changes aftermath
(AR Group)

Thoroughly Modern Millie
- (slight UCed BE glimpsed) 1967 musical film.
Julie Andrews portrayed a busty flapper when small chests were in. She says, "Gee, I wish my fronts weren't so big! They ruin the line of my beads!" So she ties them down only to have them spring forth in front of a news vendor, even if they are completely covered by her dress.

Three Amigos
- (male adult flash forward) - 2011 cast reunion photos.
Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin then and now - (O')

Three Stooges, The
- (male adult age disguised) "All the World's a Stooge" short, 1941. As part of a weird plot, the Stooges are adopted by a couple as refugee children. Moe and Curly get the sailor-suit treatment, and Larry is done up as a little girl with a big hair bow and pinafore.

tianak (theme)
- (child disguise, rapid size increased)
The mythical tianak is the subject of many Philippine movies:
- 1953
- 1988
Juan Tanga, super naman, at ang kambal na tiyanak
- 1990
- 2007

Time Flies
- (AR cutaways) 1944.
Before traveling back in time, one must take age rectifying tablets or there's no telling what might happen. Two space/time travelers regressed offscreen into babies, and one into a toddler @ 9:30. They returned to normal offscreen.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Time Flies
- (slight male rejuv or ARed?) 1944 UK comedy, Walter Forde.
Time traveling to the past isn't what it used to be. Tommy invests his friends money into a time machine. Outraged, they try to get their money back, but are accidentally sent back to Elizabethan times. "They must be witches," the Queen's Royal Guards surmise. Tommy and his friends will need more than a song and dance to keep from being burned at the stake! ln - th

Time Machine, The
- (male adult OA) 2002. The villain is turned old by the effect of getting outside of the time machine.
- (Tazz) ln - th

Time Traveler's Wife, The
- (flashback, flash forward, preteen AA age forms) Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams. A time traveling librarian falls in love.
- (sudden flashbacks, FF scenes) 2009 - time paradoxes.

To Be Fat Like Me
- (fake weight TFed) 2007, Kaley Cuoco. Popular teen dons fat suit and goes undercover to make documentary - before/after

To the Ends of Time
- (accelerated AA FF to OA) 1996 movie starring Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor. An evil witch has a magical clock that turns everyone in the land progressively older, at the rate of 1 year per week. Mostly male, but Christine herself started as a preteen, who was later seen as an AA-clothed young woman, and aged into an old lady by the end of the film!
I owned it on VHS back in the day. Some pretty decent make-up and pretty astounding over-acting!
- Full movie link - (Chronoeclipse)

To the Ends of Time
- (AP, possible UC?) Rapidly grown-up princess sees evidence many years have passed while wandering through palace in blurry scene.
2 frames were enhanced (unsharp masking, quality filters, color correction, retinex, sharpening) for any evidence of clothes tightening, but no results were obtained. No usable images could be extracted from reflective surfaces behind princess.
- From movie trailer - screencaps

To the Ends of Time
- (EXTREMELY rare girl to woman AP transformation event was depicted, no further information about this movie is available at the present time) 1996.
- Little girl princess (Kristin Sweet) rapidly ages and grows into Christine Taylor (Alicia Silverstone/Marcia Brady lookalike). Comments found online:
Djenk> So...time speeding = breast enhancement!
BillDoor> Her breasts actually burst out and wounded a page this morning.
According to 2bya, the growth happened over a period of days. Anyone with pics please send to E-Mail address on Update page.
(Also old age, male AP, AR/RN scene)
Kristin Sweet: Young Princess Stephanie, Christine Taylor: Princess Stephanie, Irmise Brown: Old Princess Stephanie
Glenn Walker Harris Jr.: Young James, Tom Schultz: James, Arthur Tovey: Old James
Michael Wise: Don, Harper Roisman: Old Don
Rated PG. Satisfying fantasy with manipulations of time. Plans for a clock that controls time are stolen. Christine Taylor is beautiful. Good wins out, they kiss, and all is well. trailer (no AP)

Tomato Kecchappu Koutei
- (preteen mental maturation) "Emperor Tomato Ketchup", Tomato Kecchappu Kotei. Shuji Terayama.
Bizarre Japanese film, 1971, 1996. Children take over the world after condemning their parents to death for having prevented them from having sexual experiences.

- (APed, reincarnation age stasis) Japan, 1998, Ataru Oikawa. Derived from Junji Itoh's manga of the same name. A police investigation into the murder of high school student Tomie Kawakami (Miho Kanno) uncovers a history of mysterious deaths of girls with the same name going back to the 1860s. Tsukiko's former high school teacher is rearing a peculiar baby-like creature he found in a cardboard box. After feeding it (at one point it mistakenly eats a cockroach), it grows into a little girl. And then she's a not-so-little girl. Over the span of a few weeks it has grown into a beautiful teenager with orange eyes, responding to the name Tomie Kawakami. It isn't long before she's preening in front of a mirror and making advances on her co-workers at the little cafe' around the corner. Tomie can, it seems, resurrect herself from a single drop of blood, and is hellbent on making life miserable for Tsukiko. The beautiful monster will not die and returns laughing - ready to lure her next victims into lunacy.
Quote: "You're going to shrivel up and die, but I'm going to look young and pretty forever. God, how I envy you."

- (kinda like age stasis) Disney, in pre-production.
Raffey Cassidy (Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist) will play a preteen robot who has been around for decades.

Tong nien wang shi
- (slow flash forward) "A time to live and a time to die" by Hou Hsiao Hsien, 1985. The audience views from a distance the life of a 50s Taiwanese family. We do not know how many years have passed in the film, except that the children very slowly but surely have grown taller.

- (male adult PE CB glimpsed) 2015. "Taken" spoof movie scene. Warning: excessive erections will cause pants bursting. It was caused by pills - Video link - screencaps - (MjJudd)

Top Gun
- (adults face FFed) How the cast has aged 1986-2012.

Totally Awesome
- (male AA mind swap, dad and son) 2006, VH1.
This is from a movie that makes fun of all the different tropes from the 1980s. 11 y.o. Max is working on his Science Fair project which results in a body exchange with dad, who then has a close encounter with mom. The son finds out she is actually his adopted mother and he sleeps with her in his dad's body. This is the first really "R"-rated body swap scene that I've come across involving a father and son swapping bodies!
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Touch of Satan, The
- (AR, old age, RN, AA) 1970. Melissa and her great great grandma Lucinda are actually sisters. (old age AR, RN) - (old age RN)

- (male adult mind transfer to past self) 2011.
During the game winning play, the nation's best High School Football player injures his knee and destroys his career dreams. 15 years later, he receives the opportunity of a lifetime: he wakes up one week before the big game that changed his life forever.
- Info link - (O')

- (coming of age) 2007. Flash forward dream sequence.

Toxic Avenger 5 - The Toxic Twins, The
- (TFed creature coming of age) In pre-production.
We'll see a little of Toxie's twins in kindergarten, and then as teenagers. The son is rebellious, while the daughter is ultra-politically correct. We'll show her going through "puberty", which should be the most colorful monthly cycle ever put on film!

Toy Story 2
- editorial cartoon

- (male body swap, male APed/ARed themes) Upcoming film starring Ashton Kutcher.
A 12 year old nerd switches bodies with a football player.

Trancers 6
- (TG body switch, kinda like slight adult rejuvenated) 2002.
Jack Deth is back - traveling back in time and into the body of his own daughter, Josephine (Zette Sullivan), on a mission to save her life and the world from the most lethal Trancers yet. Jack/Jo must adapt and survive being a girl while avoiding assassination attempts.
(Weary Traveler)

1985. A cop possesses a little girl to send a message to the past.
Trancers 2
1991. Cop possesses teenage version of same girl. (Alyson Croft both)

- (older/younger adults mind transfer) 2010 Germany.
An old couple moves their minds into a younger one.
- Trailer link - info link - (Michael Binary)

transformation scenes
- (AA or CB glimpse)
- Caps - "My Favorite Martian". After digesting the guard Daryl Hannah returned to normal.

transformation scenes
- (TF) - start of the process.

transformation scenes
- (TFs, some male CBed) Werewolf/Hulk - gifs

- (adult body swap ARed/old aged) 2006, Siren Tales Productions. Action Sci-fi with humor, advanced martial arts, old to young, m-to-f TF's. Leigh Jacobs, Pamela Sutch. Hilda has a machine that lets her be young forever. Once the body she's in gets too old, she swaps with someone younger. Cool transformation effects like the Michael Jackson "Black or White" video. Instead of transforming from the old crusty woman that looks like she's straight out of a John Waters film into young sexy brunette April, she ends up becoming a man. April, whose body was stolen by Hilda, takes on the body of the old woman and dies, leaving Alan to become a sexy woman. Simple moments such as Alan standing in the mirror exploring his new feminine side seem quite realistic. A weird little love story is laughingly outrageous. Vanessa also wants to rejuvenate. Looking in the mirror in a "who's the fairest of them all" kind of way, while listening to a radio commercial about anti-aging creme, she decides her body is getting too old, and hits up a local strip club in search of one that's younger, to transform into.

Tree of Life, The
- (male FF) 2011, Brad Pitt. Starting from boyhood in the 1950s, the SF film spans several generations.

Trip to the Land of Knowledge, A
- (coming of age) 1995 art film, 65 min. A young girl escapes from her drab black and white reality into Kodachrome fantasy only to find herself face to face with her worst fears. The film describes what if feels like to be a trapped adolescent girl. Pressured by parents and teachers, she refuses to fulfil their expectations, experiencing the scary awakening of sexuality as her body grows out of control.

Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
- (male, kinda like Adult Baby) 2005 UK movie. Director Michael Winterbottom attempts to shoot the adaptation of Laurence Sterne's unfilmable novel, "The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman." The book begins with accounts of the conception of the autobiographical subject. Steve Coogan plays both Tristram, the novel's hero, and himself playing Tristram in the shoot of a film. With true offbeat British humor, we are taken through the birth of Tristam Shandy and the birth of the movie about the birth. Seeing Coogan "in the womb" may be one of the funniest bits about birth ever.

Troll 2
- (older adult to younger adult) 1990. Goblins disguise themselves as humans in the city of Nilbog and turn people into green goo, trees, and whatever. A character transforms from an older woman to a younger woman to seduce a man - (

- (adult rejuvenated) 1986. June Lockhart as an old witch becoming a younger adult witch in a cut scene. They use June's own daughter Ann Lockhart. ln - th

- (adult rejuvenation) screencaps - (ArArchive)
- (adult rejuvenation) 1986. Older woman instantaneously returned to the prime of life.
- Video link - (Process)

TRON: Legacy
- (male adult face rejuvenated effect, CGI age stasis) 12/17/10.
Clu (Jeff Bridges) was digitally rendered to look younger than the actor's actual age. He plays characters aged about 35 and 60. Time passes 50 times faster in the computer world. So while Kevin Flynn has been missing for decades, he has experienced 1000 years.

Trouble with Being Born, The
- (robot "little girl" age uncertainty) Germany, 2020.
Described as the "antithesis to Pinocchio". Wollner initially intended to cast a 20 y.o. actress in the role of the android Elli, but instead chose 10 y.o. Lena Watson. She wore a silicone mask and wig to conceal her identity, and to help her resemble the older "real" Elli who appears later (Jana McKinnon). All of Elli's nude scenes were CGI. A few quick adjustments turn Elli into Emil, a replica of mother's brother who died 60 years ago.

Tsubakiyama Kachou No Nanokakan
- (adult TG rejuvenation) 2006 Japan. AKA "The 7 Days of Manager Tsubayama".
A wrong body miracle: the older man possesses a younger lady's body, and the boy possesses a girl's body of about the same age.
(unfortw520, hominglee)

Tuck Everlasting
2002 (age stasis)

Tuo Pi Ba Ba
- (male adult rejuvenation) "Shed Skin Papa", "Peeling Dad", Tuopi Baba. Roy Szeto, China 2016.
A washed-up film director is able to bond when his ailing father begins to shed a layer of skin to appear younger every day.
- Trailer link - (Male TF Blog, Ian Ricky)

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
- (male) The blue ranger has been injured and a little 10-year old has been chosen to fill in for him. When the boy transforms into a Power Ranger he doubles in size.

Turn Back The Clock
- (male adult FB rejuv) 1933, MGM.
Joe and Mary are just scraping by. When Joe is hit by a car, he wakes up 20 years in his past and can rectify his error and marry Elvina and her money. He still remembers his other life, and what happened during those years. In the end he isn't as happy, and his new life catches up with his old one. Everything goes wrong, but he wakes in the hospital returned to normal, and tells Mary he wouldn't change a thing about their life together - (TBTC)

Twice-Told Tales
- (male adult rejuvenation) 1963.
Vincent Price & Sebastian Cabot in bad old-guy make-up?
You just know there's going to be some male younger adult regression going on in this one.
- A couple of old coots have been friends for years. On Cabot's birthday he invites Price over so that he can whine and moan about his fiancee that died 40 years before on their wedding day. Cabot has never moved on from that day and never loved another. In fact he has his woman buried in the backyard in a handy little crypt (he also has a coffin for himself so that he can be with her in death).
Price thinks his rotund little buddy has wasted his life obsessing and fantasizing about this woman. It is a dark and stormy night, there's a really big crack of thunder, and dad gum it if the lightning hasn't gone and blown the door clean off the crypt! Cabot takes Price along to investigate and they find his lady laying in her coffin, but there's something strange. She looks just as she did on the day she died!
Cabot determines the water that has been leaking into her coffin is some sort of fountain of youth (he's a scientist and ran a few tests) and decides he should drink it down. He gets younger before an astounded Price, though he is still a lard ass (now that would be something to write home about - a fountain of youth that takes off the years and the pounds!) and he convinces Price he should knock back some of the wonder juice as well.
The next step is for Cabot to inject Sylvia with the stuff and she comes back to life, not realizing she had been dead. Except Price and Sylvia used to have some type of thing going on, he got mad at her for marrying Cabot (it was to spite Price) and poisoned her!
Cabot hears this and bad things happen...
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Twice-Told Tales
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
- Based on Hawthorne short story collection, 1837.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The
- (FF dream sequence) 2011.
Jacob stares at the baby. The baby stares back at him over Rosalie's shoulder. As they make eye contact, Jacob sees flashes of Renesmee's increasingly attractive future. He sees her as a child, a teenager, and then as a grown woman. Before he knows, he has imprinted on the baby.
- Partial vid link - caps - caps

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The
- (accelerated growth) Born out of the fiery passion of their union, it's immediately clear that Renesmee is destined to be an extremely special and powerful child, I cannot stress her importance enough - caps

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The
- (in pre-production, accelerated growth AP) Renesmee will grow up very fast. How do you deal with a kid who comes out of the womb as a partly vampiric baby, who within 2 days grows into a toddler, and then ages into a young girl who can speak eloquently and walk around on her own? "I keep having visions of Benjamin Button in my head. It's certainly going to be visual effects in some capacity along with an actor. I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage [who is shrunk] down."

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
- (AP, actress age reduction effect) c2011.
9-year-old Mackenzie Foy was selected to play Renesmee at various ages from toddler to preteen, using special effects to graft her digitally altered head onto smaller bodies.

Twilight Saga: New Moon, The
- (male adult TF CB glimpses) 2009. A group of adult men can explosively transform into immense pseudo-"wolves" at will, or whenever they are angered. The growth occurs so rapidly their clothes explode into tiny shreds - Also: Dakota Fanning (no TF).
- Male video link - male video link
- Screencaps - male TF CB - male TF CB - male TF CB

Twilight Zone: the Movie
- (AR, RN, AA) 1982 movie version of the "Kick The Can" Tv episode. Transformations were not shown - (TBTC) - TFed

UC scenes
- (undersized clothing) We are looking for any movie scenes involving too small clothes.
- Carry On movies, UK. The top was slightly too tight - bustout scene.

Ultraman X: Here It Comes! Our Ultraman
- (male grown-up age form) 2016, Tiga show.
Ultraman X The Movie, Gekijo-ban Urutoraman X kita zo! Ware-ra no Urutoraman.
- Trailer link - (Akira)

Un jeu d'enfants
- (mind transfer) French, "Distant Voices", 2001.
2 children in an upper class marriage. A woman finds herself faced with visions of rape, violence and the supernatural. Her husband also starts experiencing dangerous hallucinations. Their babysitter hangs herself and the children begin acting suspiciously sadistic. It becomes apparent that the children's bodies have been possessed/inhabited by two dirty, old people - (Jeffr_2bya)

Una Famiglia Mostruosa
- (adult face to old age) De Biasi, Italy, 2021.
Trailer link - Scene link - gif - (Uk)

Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, The
- (male adult dream age forms) 2022.
Nicolas Cage must mentally defeat "Nicky", his imaginary younger adult self.

Underworld: Evolution
- (flashback AA) 2006. Lily Mo Sheen played Young Selene, the child version of her mother Kate Beckinsale. The night of her family's murder, she was made into a vampire by Viktor. Selene grew weaker and weaker, and finally slipped into darkness, awakening as a vampire. Instead of remaining a child, she grew up at a normal rate of speed. Centuries passed, and Selene rose through the ranks of the Death-Dealers.

Unearthly, The
- (adult degeneration kinda like OA) The Unearthly - 1957.
Mad scientist attempts to develop proverbial Fountain of Youth by creating "the 17th gland". In violation of scientific ethics, his research subjects think the doctor can cure their depression. However, they are turned into grotesque zombies. Some of Conway's patients catch on and intend to stop him.
- 01 - (TBTC) ln - th

Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business
- (male AP) After Luc Devereaux's brother, Eric, was killed in UniSol II, a scientist clones him as a baby. Every time the lab scene is revisited, Eric grows up a bit older until he reaches adulthood - ('O')

- (AA, 1 scene no cuts) Movie opening. A little girl is performing ballet exercises. Whenever the camera pans away she returns a little older, ending up as a young woman.
- (AP) Has anyone heard of this movie? I searched around but no one seems to know. A man turns a baby girl into a hot date and then she turns back unexpectedly. I would appreciate anyone who knows the name to please use E-mail on index page - (guest101)
- (canceled AR) c2013. Recently, a movie that was killed made the news streams. It centered around a woman who wakes up one day as a child (similar to "Little Pictures"?) - (Ferver)

- (male AP muscle) Bioskop Indonesia FILM TV FTV Terbaru 2015 - Lampu Ajaib
The genie made him older and stronger to carry his load - Movie link @24:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (past/future selves, body swap) c1990s. A kid with a lab experiment inadvertently sent his grandmother back in time when she went in the lab. Her younger self was sent forward to the present day as a preteen girl - (super man)

- (possible AP RN, possible AR) PBS movie, early to mid 70s. A scientist creates a time machine and tries to do his life over again. If anyone can find these I would truly appreciate it - (Seadream)

- (slight implied UC APed glimpse) Japan? Reportedly, there was some sort of movie that had a type of AP scene? However these people did not post the title of the film? A character was also in Ringu (1998)? Woman's mother came back as plant girl from "seeds of happiness" that grew offscreen when watered? - link @0330 - caps

Upside Down
- (adult rejuvenation) 2012.
Two planets are so close that if you look up, you can see buildings and people on the other planet. You can fall up and rise down between them, and some buildings are on both planets. The upper planet is wealthy and the lower is in poverty. The law states you can only interact if you work for a company where the top floor's ceiling is the bottom floor on the other planet. Basically it's a Romeo and Juliet kind of movie. Halfway through the guy creates something that makes people younger. We see an old woman rejuvenating.
- (Tazz)

Uptown Girls
- (flashback) 2003 - time

Uptown Girls
- (size comparison, coming of age) scenes

V for Vendetta
- (age disguised) Natalie Portman, 2006. Evey dresses as a "child prostitute" to fool the minister as part of V's plan. It was made to be quite Uncanny Valley. Your Mileage May Vary as to whether it was Fetish Fuel.

V for Vendetta
- (flashback, also "schoolgirl" dressup scene) 2005, Natalie Portman - time

Valerie a týden divu
- (adult rejuvenation) - screencaps
- (coming of age nudity movie, adult to young adult rejuvenations, AA) "Valerie and Her Week of Wonders" 1970, Czechoslovakia.
- 13 year old Valerie sees a masked man whose face changes from human to Nosferatu-like vampire. Her grandmother Babischka wishes to be young again so that Richard will find her beautiful. Babischka then shows up as Valerie's second cousin Elsa, a young vampire. All characters appearances except Valerie's are mutable.

- ("middle age", old age cuts) Some unspectacular OA work here, but hey, it's something.
As if aging from 20-40 does nothing but flatten her ass...pffft. We was robbed - Movie link @01:20:00 - caps - (Ark)

- (female adult to old age) 2012.
Sassy female vampires live the high life in New York until love enters the picture to jeopardize their immortality. Have centuries of partying taught these two how to find Mr. Right? And will he be worth the sacrifice?
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male adult rejuvenation from OA) AKA "Penthouse: Vamps", 2006.
Video link - screencaps - (Patze7)

- (demon adult rejuved effect) "The Power of Fear", The Witch, 2006 Russian "remake" of the Nikolai Gogol-inspired 1967 film "Viy". Reporter is attacked by demon hag that turned back into a woman in the daylight - caps

Vengeance of the Dead
- (ghost AP) 2001 (Young Julia: Ashley Bodart, adult Julia: Susan Karsnick). Eric is haunted in his dreams by Julia, a ghost who falls in love with him, appearing first as a little girl and later as an adult. When he first gets up to investigate, he catches the reflection of a small child in the dresser's mirror, and her mother's image as well. Julia is seen playing on a swing in his bedroom in the middle of the night. She matures as a ghost but was killed as a child. During an afternoon nap, Eric is assaulted by images of the girl and her mother. He has a daydream where Julia, now grown up, professes love for him. The adult ghost was quite a looker. She is a brunette although the child was blonde when she first appears. Eric becomes more and more involved, as well as continuing his sleepwalking slayings. In 1 sequence Eric tries to rape Julia, but chooses to spend his eternal life with her and do her mothers bidding - cover

Venus Kincaid
- (AR) Movie in pre-production. Darren Grant ("Diary of a Mad Black Woman") will direct the live-action adaptation. "Kincaid" was created in 2000 by online animation team the Love brothers. The story follows a female African-American government agent who finds herself shrunken down to a 12 y.o. girl, but retaining all of her special sleuthing skills... online animation link (lbh)
- (AR, in pre-production) art

Vice Versa
- (boy/man AP/AR swap, male "UC" glimpse)1948.
The ORIGINAL father/son body swap movie. It hasn't seen the light of day in probably 60 years.
- Father and son switch bodies after the father wishes he could be in his son's shoes. When the stone refuses to change him back, they figure that perhaps it will work for the son. He then promptly wishes to become just like his father. The son then sends the father off to boarding school while he spends his father's money at home. The transformation sequence starts about 15 minutes in.
Unexpectedly, unlike previously reported, there was a slight "clothes swap" scene.
- Video link - (Otaru)

Vice Versa
- (male AA, father/son mind exchange) 1916.
Charles Rock: Paul Bultitude, Guy Newall: Dick Bultitude.

Vice Versa
- (male age swap) 1948 screencaps: "clothes swap" - male AA ARed swap - male AA APed swap - (Otaru)

Vice Versa
- (male excellent AP CB growth, AR, RN) 1988. Also a TG scene. A boy and his dad swap places. The 1948 version was of course strictly AA.
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
- male

Village of the Giants
- (CB scenes, GTS) - gif - nude

Virtual Girl
- (TF) Charlie Curtis, adult. A computer programmer creates a seductive character who can transform herself into any woman she so desires. He believes she is falling in love with him.
also Virtual Girl 2

Virtual Mom
- (AA age forms, teen/adult) The mom, now divorced at age 41, is trying to adjust to single life as well as her daughter growing up. During a freak electrical shortage, she finds she has the ability to "transform into herself" at age 13/14. This is done via ejecting and inserting a DVD of her childhood birthday videos into her Power Mac (note, she was seeing herself at age 13/14 at the time of the surge; so unfortunately, every time she transforms, she's wearing an old-fashioned red dress from the video; sorry to any fans of clothes loosening)
However, there are some good AR elements as well:
- 1. During the first transformation, her now too big wedding ring slides off her finger. Reminded me of Mamekyu's picture 'The Wedding Ring.'
- 2. Acting as her daughters friend in her teenaged state, she takes revenge against her ex in a variety of ways, notably ramming him with a bumper car at a carnival.
- 3. The horror when the disk starts to malfunction and she is stuck in her teenage years.
- (Xanatos)

Virtual Mom
- (AP RN, AR) 2000, Sheila McCarthy. Woman ARed back to girlhood. Her clothes transformed into red dress. She then puts on child-sized clothes. When she leaves the room, the red dress has returned. When she AP's to normal, her adult clothes have returned.

Virtual Mom
- (AP, ARed, cut-aways only)
A mother turns young after using a computer program, and befriends her daughter. Reportedly, there is a scene where the program malfunctions, the young girl returns partially to normal, and she rapidly develops breasts. The scene happens in the second part, when they are at the Luna Park. When the young boy kisses her, it was claimed that she visibly grows for a moment, and the red dress strains under the pressure. After the kissing scene when her daughter walked away, she barges into the three other girls, and it can be seen that she has more breasts than before. The Tudou video link may be an edited version suited for international release.
- Part 01:
18:40: Initial AR scene, she doesn't notice the change.
21:25: AR scene, this time with a reaction.
24:15: AR with limited exploration, just jumping on the bed, and a few scenes of trying on a dress, and then off to school. Later, there are a few bonding moments, etc.
- Part 02:
19:10: AR with haircut (she cut her hair before inserting the CD).
21:15: AR & AP back and forth (caused by a mouse jumping on the keyboard and the CD tray).
21:45: Adult voice on a teen body (the mouse did it again).
23:45: A bigger body.
24:25: Uh oh, stuck as a teenager. Fading dress color.
- Video links - the entire movie, about 30 minutes each:
- - Part 01
- - Part 02
- before/during the AP scene - figure profile, 1 second face close-up.
- frame by frame - breast development aftermath.
(SabreX, uhanche, theperv584)
- (AA AR, AA RN)
- Mom reverted - Mom reverted, RNed
- (AA AR/RN) 05

Virtual Mom
- (AR AA, partial RN BE) The uncensored movie (seemingly from someone involved with the production) is up on Vimeo now.
AR starts from 17 to 25 minutes in. Another cutaway ARed at 01:02:30.
- Face RN "APed" cutaway glimpse at 01:07:05 during their first kiss. Then there is a good BE AP closeup scene at 01:07:20 with bionic expansion sound. This hints at the raw force of female puberty in a way that is almost never seen in live action. Partial deflation AR happens at 01:08:30 with sound effects.
- Full Video link - (Malaise)

Viy 3D
- (demon adult rejuved) Forbidden Empire, The Forbidden Kingdom. Dark fantasy inspired by Nikolai Gogol story "Viy". Russia, Ukraine, 2014.
Old hag transformed into young attractive woman. He is protected by a magic circle of chalk.

Viy 3D
- (demonic adult rejuvenation) AKA "Forbidden Empire", Russia/Ukraine, 2014.
Scene link - screencaps - (Andu22)

- (demon adult rejuved, OA) AKA "Spirit of Evil", Vii, 1967 horror, Mosfilm, USSR. Based on the Nikolai Gogol story.
Khoma finds they are flying, and realizes the old woman is a witch. He grabs a stick, beats her violently, and sees she has turned into a beautiful young woman. Horrified, he runs back to the seminary. After the third night of the haunted wake, her corpse turns back into the old woman, and lies down in the coffin which then disintegrates - caps

W.e.i.r.d. World
- (male AR) male AR (ARarchive pics)

W.E.I.R.D. World
- (male AR) 1995 thriller set in near future. Brilliant scientists explore top-secret projects including age-reversal serums.

W.E.I.R.D. World
- (male ARed) 1995 Tv movie.
At the Wilson Emery Institute for Research and Development (W.E.I.R.D.), emotionally unstable scientific geniuses develop projects in virology, time-travel, rejuvenation and robotics.
- Aftermath clip link - gif

Wailing, The
- (AA ghost age appearance) - "The Wailing" AKA Gokseong. Korea, Na Hong-jin, 2016 horror.
The White Female is the little girl's dead Spirit grown up. She manifested older. When she passed, her ghost tried to help her dad break out of the cycle of hell. He saw the pink hair clip and his daughter's sweater on her, and said if you're a demon I cannot touch you. She held onto him as hard as she could, drawing blood. The movie ends with them on the carousel going around for eternity. Don't worry, he says, I love you my daughter. I am a cop and you will always be safe...

Wait 'til You're Older
- (male AP movie, male old age, CB) "Tung Mung Kei Yun" Hong Kong 2005. After ingesting plant growth formula, a 12 y.o. boy grows up fast. He enjoys it at first but can't stop aging - (emptytin)
- Movie poster
- (male AR, male AP CB shoe burst) 2005. Video links: very quick male AR scene at start - male AP CB - quick male AP CB music video

Wait 'til You're Older
- (male face AR) - intro
- (male AP CBed) screencaps
- (male AP CB) male shoe burst

- (height increase wish) Lucia Puenzo, 2013.
Based on the director's novel "The German Doctor". About a teenage girl's difficult coming of age. In 1960, 12 y.o. Lilith lives with her parents beneath the Andes. Shorter than average, she looks only 9 and is bullied at school. Lilith strikes up an unlikely friendship. Doctor Mengele plans to use experimental techniques to induce a growth spurt. Dad is against the idea but mum eventually acquiesces. "It's about the spirit of life that you have when you're becoming an adult." - caps

Walk in my shoes, A
- (female adult mind transfer) - 2010.
Stressed-out high school teacher wakes up in the body of her delinquent male teen student's mom... No one is left unchanged.

- (flashback) 2008 - time

Warisan Rumah TUA
- (mind swap) Indonesia c'14? Old to young adult body theft theme - full movie link - caps - (4of11)

- (adult to old age) 1989. It would have been so cool if there had been a girl to woman transformation, but that is "impossible" of course (though they would only have to show the adult actress in torn clothing).
- The Warlock puts a curse on a young woman who fears getting old. "...your callow life in dismay...a decade twice over a day..." She awakens the next morning aged from 20 to 40 years old, complete with long fingernails and hair brushing the floor. Her aging continues through the rest of the film, adding 20 years each day. She ends up about 60 years old, with decent old age makeup, before she manages to remove the Warlock's curse. Great movie, great aging idea, and highly recommended.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

- (old age AR) 1989, Lori Singer.RN

Was ist bloss mit meinen Mannern los?
- (male AA, father/son soul exchange & aftermath, RNed) 2002, Germany - "What's up with the men in my life?"
- Based on the novel "Der Tag, an dem ich Papa war" (The day I was Dad), by Hera Lind (1997); ills. by Marie Marcks.
12 y.o. Fridolin seeks to understand his parents' divorce. On the internet he meets CGI character Boschi, who will fulfill his wish. Fridolin wishes to become the father of the family. He exchanges roles with his father Daniel overnight. The body swap scene is interesting because it shows the father and son having an out of body experience, and walking to their new bodies as they sleep. In the morning he thinks he is dreaming, and can now do anything.
The father must go back to school in his son's body, helped by Fridolin's best friend Katja. In his father's body, Fridolin encounters some problems at his job as a judge. He tries to get rid of his father's new lover, and win his ex-wife back to reunite his parents. However, his mother also has a new lover.
After some of their problems have been solved, the wish must be reversed by both father and son within 48 hours.
- Full movie link @16:10 - screencaps - (Derek)

Wasp Woman, The
- (adult rejuv & old age) 1959.
- Middle-aged cosmetics queen tries to regain adult youth by feeding off the blood of others. She adult-regresses and ages many times and eventually her blood formula no longer works, aging her to death. Primitive makeup, but still quite good. Highly recommended...
- Roger Corman classic concerning aging makeup model/executive who takes shots of wasp enzymes to reinvigorate. It occasionally turns her into a cheesy wasp monster and back to a middle-aged woman. No extensive age makeup, just some facial shadowing to suggest middle age.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Wasp Woman, The
- (adult rejuv, TF) 1995.
A remake of the classic film mentioned above, with better effects and slightly more convincing age makeup, plus it's in color. In her forties, investors advise her to step aside in favor of a younger model. At first the results seem miraculous, she looks like a 25-year-old. Worth a look. The 1988 film Rejuvenatrix was also a loose remake of the film (AKA "The Rejuvenator") - (Zietgiest)

Watcher in the Woods, The
- (female AS, no age increase) 2004.
When a family moves into a country home, the young girls experience strange happenings that have a link to an occult event from years past.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Wedding Planner, The
- (UC, rip) 2001. A scene was filmed and edited in such a way that Jennifer Lopez's dress looked slightly too small - drama

Wedding Wish, The
- (adult ff) 2007.
AKA "How I Married My High School Crush".
- A high-school senior makes a wish to marry her crush, the star of the football team who doesn't even know she's alive. A solar eclipse magically transports their spirits 17 years into the future to the day of their wedding.

- (male APed) Zeitlin, 2020.
The Darlings discover that as long as the children believe in Mother, her influence will prevent them from aging. Buzzo lost faith when he lost his best friend, and became an old man. Wendy discovers that James' right hand has aged. She takes him to the other side of the island, where a group of "Olds" live a sullen life. An older James fashions a hook for his amputated hand, and he became elderly. Many years later Wendy has become an adult who recounts the tale to her own children.

What Dreams May Come
- (AA APed, reincarnated) 1998.
- Extraphysical entities adopt other appearances so that emotions don't intervene with the assistance to be carried out. Chris's daughter transforms herself into adult woman Leona to comfort her father who is worried about his wife.
- At the end of the film, Chris and Annie arrange to meet in a future physical life. "We can return and choose from different opportunities, to try again" They find each other again as children when their toy yachts collide. Coincidentally at the start of the film they met while sailing on a lake in Switzerland.
- (AR, flash forward AP, AA) A dead couple sees their kids as older versions. At the end, the couple decides to be reborn, and you later see them as 4 year olds meeting each other.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
- (adult age disguise) 1962. Bette Davis. Former childhood star on the wrong side of 50 still dresses and acts the way she did when she was famous.

What the Bleep Do We Know?
- (AR, old age) 2004. The central character sees herself aged in a mirror (cutaway). Also, during a scene in a church she is momentarily replaced by a little girl (cutaway) - (Reversizm

What Would Kenny Do?
- (male adult age forms, movie script in pre-production) Chris Baldi screenplay. 17 year old high school student meets "hologram" of himself at 37 years old and benefits from their friendship.

Wheels of Terror
- (body double, continuity error kinda looks like APed) 1990. 12 y.o. Stephanie (Marcie Leeds) appears through the sunroof to escape her assailant, getting out onto the roof of the car. From behind, we see that sudden puberty has hit Stephanie, and she has had a growth spurt and she is now as tall as, say, a stuntwoman - cap

While We're Young
- (adult rejuvenation) In pre-production.
Based on "29: A Novel" by Adena Halpern.
- Emma Watson has signed on to the upcoming film about a woman in her 70s whose wish is granted to be 29 again for a day to go gallivanting with her now same-aged granddaughter, while possibly clashing with her stuffy 55 y.o. daughter - (000000)

White Chicks
- (adult CB glimpse) burstout.

White Dwarf
- (age TF AA) 1995. Story set in 3040 on the planet Rusta. Identical twins of different ages, same size. Also a boy ("Never") TG/AR/AP scene

White Oleander
- (flash forward) Alison Lohman plays Astrid, the 15 year old daughter of Ingrid. 23 year old Lohman convincingly takes us on the journey of a 15 year old girl during a 3 year period. Her acting ability extends to the language of her body as well, often changing her posture or movement to convey the development of a young girl growing into a woman. She even looks as if she's grown taller by the time Astrid turns 18.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
- (male age stasis) Baby Herman smokes humongous cigars, and has "50-year lust and a 3-year-old dinky" concerning his nurse.

Whore's Son, The
- (male FF) The action flashes to Ozren at the ages of 3, 8, and finally 16, with transitions between actors subtly taking place as the character wakes up older and taller.

Whore's Son, The
- (male flash forward) Michael Sturminger, 2004. Ozren, played by 3 actors, spends his childhood coming to grips with his mother's work. Much of the film unspools like a picture book: He goes to sleep as young boy and wakes up as a young adult to the same grind.

Wild in the Streets
- (teens/adults mental role reversal) 1968.
Max Frost gains new rights for the young, winning the vote for 14-year olds (Hence the song "14 or fight!"). After lowering the minimum age requirements for higher office, Frost runs for the presidency. Winning in a landslide, he issues his first presidential edict: 30 becomes a mandatory retirement age, while those over 35 are rounded up and sent to "re-education camps". All oldsters are required to live in "retirement homes" where they are forced to ingest LSD. With youth now in control of the United States, and similar revolutions breaking out all over the world, Max turns the military into de facto age police, puts computers and prodigies in charge of the Gross National Product, and becomes the leader of "the most truly hedonistic society the world has ever known". The final moments of the film indicate, however, that Max and his cohorts may face future intergenerational warfare from an unexpected source...

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
- (cast FF) - "then and now"
- (FFed AA) cast years

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
- (TF belt snap, mostly AA) 1971 - minor CB

Winning Season, The
- (male AA APed) 2004 time-travel Tv-movie. Boy travels back to the 1909 World Series and finds himself transformed into an adult, played by Jerry O'Connell. His relationship with the classic ball players teaches him that money is not as important as he thought. "When he says baseball players have servants and they live in big mansions, they just can't believe any of it," Modine said. "When he tells them that they make more money than the president, they just think the kid's lost his mind." male APed

Wish List
- (FF) Reese Witherspoon, c2013.
A little girl makes a bunch of wishes. 25 years later the coin is dislodged, and she has to deal with the ramifications of 10 kid wishes coming true all at once. She realizes the things she wished for as a child aren't necessarily what she wants for her adult life.

Wish upon a star
- (body swap AR/AP, AA, RN) 1996. Mind transfer only, no growing or shrinking. Sisters exchange bodies.
Disney heavily censored the scene where 16 y.o. Katherine Heigl discovers her taller older body.
the transformation discovered
shock in the mirror
the sisters fight and discover strength
grown sis admires self in mirror
trying to reverse TF
dress up
height advantage
day 2
clothes too tight
APed, BE'd

Wishmaster 2
- (male AR) Djinn asks Eric what he wants. Eric says, "I wish I had never been born." So the Djinn reverses the aging process until Eric has disappeared. The police enter the building as the Djinn is growing. ARed

Witches, The
- (painting AP AA) "The Witches", 1990, based on Roald Dahl novel, with Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling. Little girl in painting ages to old age over the years. Boy grows out of dollhouse.

Witches' Brew
- (adults mind swap) 1980 horror comedy, AKA "Which Witch Is Which?"
2nd remake of Lon Chaney film "Weird Woman" (1944). The 1st was "Burn, Witch, Burn!" (1962).
- Vivian hatches a plot to trade her old, dying body with young Margaret Lightman, whose husband she likes - (Metamorphose)

Witches' Brew
- (OA adult swap) More info: based on Fritz Leiber novel "Conjure Wife". Earlier film version AKA "Night of the Eagle" (1962, UK title).
On a college campus, old Vivian swaps souls with young adult Margaret, but Vivian is destroyed and Margaret returns to her own body. She starts practicing witchcraft again to help husband.

Witchmaker, The
- (adult rejuvenation cutaway magic) "The Witchmaker", 1969.
The blood of a virgin rejuvenates a decrepit witch.
- Video link - screencaps - (Mary Jane)

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
- (AA AR) 2009 Tv movie. Deleted scene from DVD. They made their parents younger for just a day. The mom became a toddler again.
- Video link - screencaps (dawnofmawl, Jeffr_2bya)

Wo de baba shi xiaoxuesheng
- (male old/young soul exchange) "Father or Son: A Wonderful Swap" - "My dad is a primary school student" 2021.
- Trailer link - caps - Full movie link bodyswap @02:30 & @17:00, RN @82:00 - (Dylan)

Wolf Devil Woman
- (child to adult montage) AKA "Wolfen Ninja", 1982, Taiwan.
A dog/wolf digs up the still breathing infant and spirits her away. Quick work is made of the rearing of this young girl into a wolf devil woman. The toddler sloppily shoves bloody meat into her mouth. Her hair momentarily turns white, setting the stage for later scenes in which our heroine will be seen, in Hulk-like fashion, going from Brunette to Edgar Winter whenever agitated. We get our first glimpse of the Wolf Devil Woman in full bloom, as well as Pearl Cheung Ling's astonishing outfits, which encompass the full range of pelt-based high fashion - (Teleport City)

- (TFed cutaway, young adult to old) comedy horror, 2014.
At the police station, hot bartender Jessica seduces Garou in his werewolf form, only to shapeshift into her true form as the town's elderly mayor.
- @57:22 - caps - (Generic guest name)

- (male clone rebirth, normal male FFed) 2011 - INFO - (JeffR_2bya)

Wonder Woman (character)
- (dedicated adult OA'd face edits) Justice League, Wonder Woman. c'20 fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

World's End, The
- (adults rejuved effect) "The World's End", 2013, UK.
If you let a robot replace you, it will have some of your memories. The robot can appear as a young adult, so you will still look like a hot high school girl decades hence.

X-Men: First Class
- Mystiques

X-Men: First Class
- (adult age TF glimpse, flashback) 2011.
Young adult Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence, 8/15/90) makes herself look older (Rebecca Romijn, 11/6/72) for young Magneto, however, he's not interested in such diversions.
Morgan Lily played Mystique at age 10 in an unrelated flashback.
- Video link - caps

X-Men: First Class
- (TF "APed" AA disguise, TF RN "AR" morph)
Charles Xavier first meets a younger Mystique.
- Video link - screencaps

X-Men: First Class
Raven - fan parody.
- Couch TF fan gif

X-Men: The Last Stand
- (minor ARed scene, RNed) 2006 movie. Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) shapeshifts into a little girl at one point to taunt a guard, but not much more than that - (
- (TF ARed) Mystique assumed form of little girl to trick guard - shapeshift

- (AR in alternate script, was not filmed) Chris McQuarrie was proud of his script, which is available on several web sites, and is a far more thoughtful and inventive version than the 2000 movie. His heroes were humans, not mutants in tights who speak in balloons. Wolverine listens to Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" while holed up in his Alaskan cabin, Professor Xavier turns the shape-shifting Mystique into an annoying little girl.

- (dedicated undiscussed TF ability) All these superhero movies suck because they never show meaningful TF - fan art

- (TF) Mystique can change her form and size at will.
TF - TF (metamorphose)

X2: X-Men United
- (age form disguised AA illusion) Mutant illusionist Jason Stryker creates a scenario in which he is represented as a slightly creepy frightened little girl who asks Xavier to look for all the mutants using Cerebro. The only thing letting on that they are one and the same is that they both share the same nonsymmetrical eyes.

Xang Xang Klang
- (ARed cutaways) India, 2010.
"AR Man, Woman and Monster into Children 06" Vid link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

- (male adult rebirth) 1982.
Sam is abducted by aliens. Woman's belly swells up with creaking sounds. Her robe falls away, and her belly is ridiculously huge. She dies as she starts giving birth in graphic detail to the full-grown Sam - (The Belly Guide)

Xuxa em Sonho de Menina
- (AR AA, AA RN) 2007, Brazil, "Xuxa in Dream Girl".
Kika: Xuxa Meneghel - Kikinha (Kika as child): Leticia Botelho.
- Kika comes from the countryside to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress in the big city, but loses her wallet. She meets a nice lady who decides to help. The grandmother with her granddaughter Juju give her an apple that turns her into a magical child again. Kikinha stows aboard a school bus headed to Rio for a math quiz. Guided by the driver and the rigorous tour coordinator, the children go on an extended adventure. But Kika's childhood enemy arrives to prevent her goal.
- Video link unseen POV AR - Video link AA AR.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

Yesterday Once More
- (male AP) Japan, Omori Kazuki. 30 minute film, 07/2008. Historical fantasy. A young boy transforms with a magic spell into an adult man (Ryuta Sato) to rescue his mother (Takaoka Saki, 35). ABC television.
Announcement:   (Akira)

Yetmish yoshli bola
- (male AA TF APed, RNed) Uzbekistan, c2020?
A boy drinks a wish fulfilling juice and transforms into his 70 y.o. grandfather. He goes on adventures through the city.
At the end he wakes up and finds it was all only a dream!
- Full movie link male OA @19:00, RN @01:07:30 - screencaps - (Dylan)

Yo La Vi Primero
- (male coming of age) "I Saw Her First" Spain 1975 Fernan Gomez. A 6-year-old boy falls off a bicycle and goes into a coma for 30 years. He wakes up as a grown man, but with a child's brain. Ricardito: Manuel Summers.

Yoqotilgan vaqt
- (male AA OA APed, male AR age swap, RN) A story of lost time, Uzbekistan, 2013.
Every 70 years, the specter of time is allowed to rejuvenate himself. To do so, he must find a child on Earth who keeps wasting his time. He finds a boy to swap ages with in the playground. Now an old man, the boy discovers the shocking truth in the classroom. He has until Sunset to break the spell and become a boy again.
- Full movie link male swap @14:00, RN @57:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

You're Never Too Young
- (male adult age disguised) 1955. Jerry Lewis impersonates an 11-year-old boy (with sailor suit) to elude mobster Raymond Burr and bother Dean Martin.

Young Again
- (AA ARed) 2011, Melody Rock, short film.
20-something strangers Ethan and Bella are caught in limbo between childhood and growing up. Struggling against the demands and responsibilities of adulthood, Ethan and Bella discover a door that takes them back to their childhood. Armed with the knowledge and experience of their true ages, Ethan and Bella marvel in the joys of being young again. However, they soon fall victim to the forgotten drawbacks of youth.
- Part 01 link - Part 02 link - screencaps - (Thomas, Jarathbone)

Young Again
- (AR) In production, release date to be determined. A short film about Ethan. On an unexpected journey back to his youth, he discovers that childhood only comes once in a lifetime.
- Trailer screencaps

Young Again
- (male to young adult rejuvenated, RN) "The Disney Sunday Movie" #30.13, 5/11/86.
Michael Riley, Age 40: Robert Urich.
Michael Riley, Age 17: Keanu Reeves (9/2/64).
- Michael wishes to be 17 again. An angel grants his wish and Mick is very happy and excited to be 17 again. He goes back to the high school where he fell in love with Laura, and finds her to be a widow with 2 children. Slowly he begins to understand why they broke up years ago. The scene where he finally gets Laura to realize it's really him (a 40 year old in a 17 year old's body) is among Keanu's best performances. She makes Mick understand that there is no way to go back. Finally Mick is willing to face who he is, and has a new start with Laura when he turns back into a middle aged man.
- poster - (Kidcasting, 2BYA)

Younger and Younger
- (adult ghost rejuv) 1993.
Man and wife run storage office. While the wife runs the business the man seduces women at the business. She dies of a heart attack after seeing one of his seductions on closed circuit Tv. After this, he keeps seeing her ghost, and with each appearance she gets younger and more beautiful. The makeup is great and this movie is well worth hunting down for the rejuvenation in it. ln - th

Younger and Younger
- (ARed) link info younger and younger

Youth Without Youth
- (male adult rejuvenated) 2006 Francis Ford Coppola movie, Tim Roth. Professor rendered into younger man by lightning strike. Based on the 1988 novella by Romanian author Mircea Eliade.
- (old age) Dominic regresses in age and masters languages he never knew. In Switzerland he meets the beautiful Veronica (Alexandra Maria Lara). Veronica was also struck by lightning, and takes on the identity of 7th century Raffini. Her age accelerates at a colossal rate.

Yue Ban Ai Li Si
- (adult TF, increased beauty effect, adult UC) Oversize Love, Yue Ban Alice - China, 2020.
By chance chubby young woman Lin Xiao Xi is given a potion by the Mad Hatter to magically lose weight for 10 hours. She uses the pseudonym Alice to approach Huang Ke - Spoilers link RN BE @04:45 - (Mystery Recapped)

Yue Ban Alice
- (young adult weight loss/ RN WG UC) XX Alice, Half Moon Alice, by K-STAR Studio - link - caps

- (OA, woman to old fade) 1979 India.
Full movie link @24:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Zapped Again!
- (looks kinda like adult CB) 1993. The underdog nerds of this teen titillation flick discover the formula that unlocks the telekinetic powers in the human brain. What do they do with this power? Rip the clothes off each others' bods, of course! A girl splits her pants when she bends down and then hides behind her boyfriend and her breast pops out but she's wearing a bra.

- (male AP, old age, flash forward) 1974. The very few Eterneals have figured out the secrets of immortality and eternal youth. At one point, an Eterneal named "Friend" (John Alderman) breaks a law and receives a 20-year sentence... meaning his physical body is aged 20 years. (A Brutal who invades the Eterneal colony, Jed (Sean Connery), is threatened with being aged 50 years, but this never happens.) (Metamorphose)
Ends with a timelapse section: the main characters have a kid, he grows up, he leaves, they turn into skeletons, the movie ends.
male AP
vid link (derydan58)

- (male AR) 2005.
Two brothers play a similar game to "Jumanji", the game that you live through. An astronaut played the game, and wished his own brother was never born. Walter wishes for the astronaut's brother to come back, and it turns out the astronaut is really Walter. They merge into one, the astronaut becoming younger till he is the same age as Walter, and they merge - (Tazz)

Zed & Two Noughts, A
- (minor flash forward) 1985, Peter Greenaway. Animals rot in fast motion.

- (male TF'ed) Woody Allen movie

Zero Patience
- (male adult age stasis) 1993 musical movie.
The ghost of "patient zero" who brought Aids to Canada tries to contact old friends. Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton who drank from Fountain of Youth and now works at museum is trying to organize an Aids Exhibition - (TBTC)

Zombie Stare, The
- (male old age) Patented movie plot by Andrew Knight, in pre-production. An ambitious high school senior, consumed by anticipation of college admission, prays one night to remain unconscious until receiving his admissions letter. Like in "13 Going On 30", he consciously awakes years later when he finally receives the letter, lost in the mail for 30 years, and discovers that, to all external observers, he has lived an apparently normal life. He desperately seeks to regain 30 years' worth of memories lost as an unconscious philosophical zombie.

Zong sheng
- (demon AA AP) "The Second Coming", Hong Kong category III, 2014.
Flashbacks show the mom trying to abort a rape pregnancy, but it fails. 18 years later, the family experiences supernatural phenomena. @01:15 her belly swells up in spurts beneath her clothing, blood leaks between her legs, and she gives birth to a ghost baby that immediately ages to an adult. It reveals that she was pregnant with twins, but the abortion only managed to kill one - (The Belly Guide)

Zwei Vom Blitz Getroffen
- (mother/teen daughter mind swap) AKA "Two of lightning met" 2000, Germany.
40-year-old mother and 16-year-old daughter sit in the car - lightning hits and their souls are exchanged. Not a comedy, the film draws a type of a conflict between the generations. Will the daughter divorce her father now? When the mother discovers her navel is pierced, she SCREAMS. The daughter cringes. Mother scolds her. Daughter lights up a cigarette in her mother's body and starts coughing while her mother smugly stands by. Mother (as daughter) attempts a morning jog and quickly returns because her daughter's body is so out of shape. Meanwhile, daughter is enjoying a smoke. Daughter's love interest is a bad boy, mother doesn't approve but eventually warms up to him. Mom (as daughter) kisses her boyfriend in front of her daughter's boyfriend. Mom and daughter (as each other) wear their normal clothes to school. (mother is a teacher) In the body of her Mom, the daughter says words to the school-director. The director has a relationship with the gymnastic-teacher. The daughter says what she thinks about it and ruins her mother's career as a teacher. The swap is over after the next date at the youth welfare office - switched

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal