Aging Transformation Scenes

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12 Rooms
- (AR) H-game. Teacher regression

3x3 Eyes
- (AR?) PS1 or PC or Saturn. One of the games seems to have AR offscreen only mentioned; I'll look into it further when I can - (Azerty47)

7th Guest, The
- (ghost ARed AA cuts) 1993.
Old woman into young woman, into young adult, into baby.
- Direct video link - caps - (Thomas)

7th Saga
- (male rebirth) 1993. 4900 years later the player's soul is reincarnated as Saro's baby.

Abertura de Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum
- (male AR cut) Master System, 1990s. Boy into baby around 1:50.
Video link - caps - (Entropic)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
- (male OA disguised) "Turnabout Prosecutor", 2009.
Quercas Alba is finally outdone. On the surface, Ambassador Alba appeared to be a hunched, frail old man who was mostly agreeable. This was a facade, however, as he was perfectly capable of standing up straight, and in actuality he was cold, ruthless, and arrogant.

Ace Attorney
- (AP effect) Gyakuten Saiban, Turnabout Trial, Phoenix Wright. Shu Takumi, Capcom.
A series of 12 adventure/visual novel games in which players assume the role of a defense attorney in the Japanese legal system.
When a psychic medium hosts a spirit, her body changes to resemble the spirit's corporeal form. If the medium is a young girl, she can appear to rapidly grow up to full womanhood.
- Mia AP scene - Mia regression fan art

Ace Attorney
- (TF AP) Maya used her psychic powers to channel Mia's spirit to help Wright, though she was only able to summon Mia for short periods of time. Maya instantly became taller and older looking when this happened. Mia also took over Pearl's body.
- ages - ages - ages

Ace Attorney
- (TF AP) When channeling dead sister/cousin Mia, Maya and Pearl Fey become vessels for her spirit. The full-sized Mia, bust and all, turns up wearing the younger Feys' clothes. It's bad enough when she turns up in Maya's body, but with Pearl it gets downright Stripperiffic.
In one case Phoenix is trying to interrogate a Dirty Old Man witness. To get the witness to talk, he brings in Maya wearing a waitress outfit the witness considers Fetish Fuel. The witness just takes one look at her and says for her to "come back when (she's) older". Cue her channeling Mia, and the witness starts talking immediately.

Ace Attorney
- (TF poof AP) Maya into Mia, slow-loading fan gif

Adventure of Little Ralph, The
- (male nude AR & aftermath) Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken, PlayStation Japan, 1999.
2D action. The demon Valgo has come to town, transforming adult swordsman Ralph into a small child and kidnapping his girlfriend.
- Full gameplay video link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

age forms
- (dedicated AA TF APed/ARed)
Game characters fan art.
- appearances - (Pensuke-kun) - age dial

Age My Face Pro
- (adult face wrinkling) Purple, 2011-2013.
Aging Booth. Version 3. It's so much fun to make yourself look old with this free photo booth app! - link

Age of Empires III
- (dedicated AR) 2005.
Pirate character Elisabet "Lizzie" Ramsey found the Fountain of Youth being used by a dark cult for nefarious ends. They end up destroying it.
- What if she had sampled the fountain instead, and found it a bit stronger than expected? - 3-pic fan art sequence - (EduartBoudewijn)

age progression software
- face demos

age progression
- (face close-up FF) Imaging software method used to predict what a child will look like at an older age - 01 - 02 - 03

age progression
- (face FF) aging algorithms.

Age Shifter
- (AA age forms) by Buket Zehir, c2021 app. Get older or younger! Choose the right gates and collectibles to reach the target age. Don't get too old, otherwise your journey will end! - link - link
- by same author: Lifecycle ASMR

aging characters
- (FF AA) - years

aging/rejuvenation effects
- (adult face de/age edits) - Demo caps

- (adult face aging) c2014 PiVi & Co app.

AI Dungeon
- (story writing software) 2020. Create a writing prompt and the AI creates a story based on your inputs. It's like one of those online chatbots but much more advanced. It takes hours of reverting, reloading, and saving to get even a few pages of passable content, and I realized I was still doing 90% of the writing anyways by giving very detailed commands to the AI. Then it pastes a few generic sentences that fit what you're looking for based on SCIENCE! In theory it will learn more of what we like, but for now you pretty much have to lead it by the nose.

AI image variation software
- (dedicated AP) 2023/08.
It's not possible to use text to image software to make Age Progression images yet. They just don't understand the prompt no matter what you say. There were attempts to create "new versions" or variants of existing AP morph edits using image "transformers" or variations generators (like Stable Diffusion, Imagen etc). The image quality isn't bad, but the software doesn't get what AP is about. For example the AI tends to REPAIR damage from outgrown clothes bursting or tearing apart at the seams! It seems the AI writes internal descriptions of an image to make new ones - set 1 - set 2 - set 3

Aishite Nightingale
- (AR) h-game - AR - AR - AR

- (FF) You can age in this game. As a child or a teenager you have clothing and armor that fits you normally. As you grow up, will it get tighter and tighter until it doesn't fit, or will it grow as you do?

Alice in Indecent Wonderland
- (BE, some AP-like elements) 2008 Doujin, Circle Porika.
Alice was all alone in the playing field and wanted a playmate. Her good friend, a rabbit stuffed animal, took her to a sexy world that was going to make her feel wonderful. Her breasts grow to huge proportions and burst out of her clothing as she falls down the hole - info link

Alice: Madness Returns
- (AA rapid size increased)
2011, Spicy Horse - House burstout art - (Process)

All Flesh Must Be Eaten
- (male OA) Unisystem RPG. Evil Chinese alchemist who found the formula for immortality is aging a year each month.

Alter Ego: Male
Alter Ego: Female

- (flash forward) Activision 1983. You start playing when you are a little baby, you choose the quests you want, and your actions will change your personality, in a bad or a good way, and your status. Later, you can get a job, marry, have children, buy a TV, etc...

- (outlines AA FF) 2014, Moondrop. Mini games/puzzles.
Invisible entity watches over girl from babyhood to young woman. Able to move stuff within reach of the magical amphora, she meets a partner and struggles through a war.

Angel or Devil
- (AR) h-game reversions - (haCoffee, Suning)

Aoi Shiro
- (age stasis) The oni Kohaku got frozen in age as a young teenage shoujo. Kohaku resents this, mostly because being stuck in the body of a young teenage shoujo makes her a worse fighter. Yasuhime and Nami are also stuck in young shoujos' bodies, although they don't angst about it during the game.

app to become a child
- (face AR effects, TF) 2019, JP - Search link
This will make your face look younger on camera. Behind the scenes with Kanta and Tommy. Shooting with the app was too surreal.
A sense of incongruity. I got ridiculous. It looks like there is no make-up anymore!
I tried to use the app to become a popular kid now! Next, a drug to become a child in a few years?
- Vid link - screencaps - screencaps - (Akira)

April Age
- (face aging software)
- (face FF) - years

April Fools
- (AR) h-game art before/after - (Suning)

- (face FF AP) Age Progression Software is currently being used by various Science Museums to display the science of aging, and physical effects of smoking and sun exposure on a person's appearance. The Kiosk edition of the software allows the client to personalize their own interface as a stand alone exhibit, typically in a booth environment.

AR morph
- (face edit) - 13 to 4 Shrunk - (ScreamEmotion)

AR scene
- (nude AR) - age reducing mist - (Sparda)

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia
- (dedicated ARed/aftermath scenes)
AKA "The Girl Who Continues to Sing at the End of the World"
- fan ARt - Melody of Age Regression.
- fan ARt - Aurica Nestmile "Stupid Side Quest II".
(Mike Wolfskin)

Ar tonelico
- (AP, age stasis) Misha Arsellec Lune is trapped in a 12-year old shoujo body until her hymn is recovered. After that, she regains her adult form.

Arcane: the Stone Circle
- (AR, old age) Online game, ep 6. Young woman with psychic powers gets stuck between times during seance. By going through a mirror she can see her father as a young man and her 2 friends as children, and becomes a child herself. In the future she sees her friends as an old man and woman, and her father as a corpse, and becomes an old woman. (Richforce)

Arkham Asylum
- (male AA AR dream sequence) - screen caps - (Power Struggle)

Arkham Asylum
- (male adult size increased) In the climactic battle with Titan Joker, the formula has made the Joker a huge, hulking man-thing that stands easily 10 feet tall. Needless to say, his purple suit is completely destroyed by the transformation, except for a pair of ragged purple shorts.

Arkham Asylum
- (male dream sequence ARed) 2009.
Batman experiences what is being called the worst night of his life. While taking the Joker to the nuthouse known as Arkham Asylum, the Clown Prince of Crime breaks free, and unleashes every criminal in there (Poison Ivy, Bane, Killer Croc, etc). Batman must somehow survive the night. He is poisoned with fear gas by Scarecrow, and starts to hallucinate his parents' murder, at one point appearing to turn into a kid - link
(Tazz, gruselda)

Assassin's Creed
- (male FF) "Altair" reflection fan art

- (FF degeneration) Unliving Portraits, c2013.
A picture is worth a thousand screams. A fun and easy way to transform your home with a collection of haunted portraits.
"Withering Heights": A creepy family "ages" before your eyes.
- Video link - screamcaps - Mother.
- Video link - screamcaps - Father/Daughter.
- Video link - caps - Screamer.

avatars (virtual fashion "models")
- (AA software) c2001-2020. Data from thousands of body scans was converted into 3D human body avatars by Alvanon Body Platform, Optitex, etc. They could be adjusted to all ages/sizes to "try on" virtual clothing for a proper fit - article link - link - link

Baby Felix Halloween
- (sorta ARed/flashback) NES. What happens when that lovable cat Felix de-aged into a baby and Halloween goes haywire? The answer: this game - Video link

Babygrow FlipBook app
- (FF photo projects tool) 2012 - art
Wouldn't it be great to capture her amazing growth in a kind of flip book? Just pull out your iPhone once a week, fire up the app, line up the photo with our FlipBook Viewfinder, and take the shot! The app takes the last photo, makes it semi-transparent, and lays it over the viewfinder. This makes it really easy to line up the current shot with the last one. Then the app automatically 'stitches' the photos together into a video. - link

Babyz: Your Virtual Bundle of Joy
- (FFed) Adopt and raise a virtual baby.

Back to the Future: The Game
- (flashback to young adult, FF to OA) Telltale Games, 2010.
Principal Strickland's older sister is involved... you meet her in 1986 as a cranky old lady and then go back to 1931 and she's younger and not as cranky.
- decades - (Vengeance1701)

Backyard Football
- (male age disguised) Chuck Downfield looks like he's in his 20s, but is only 9.

Banjo Kazooie
- (AR, furry old age) 1998, N64 game. Winkie the old witch kidnaps Banjo's sister Tootie to steal her beauty. It is up to Banjo the bear to save her with Kazooie the bird in his backpack to help. Winkie turns on the transformation machine to suck the beauty out of Tootie. The machine turns on and Winkie emerges a beauty and Tootie emerges very ugly. (KitsuneKit)

- (adult rejuvenation wish) Gruntilda the witch kidnaps the protagonist's little sister to suck the youth out of the younger character. She only pulls it off if the player fails or quits.

- (OA to adult rejuvenated) 1998, Grunhilda de-aged.
Aftermath video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Battle Arena Toshinden
- (AA APed) Wii fighting game.
Green haired young shoujo fights side by side with her cat. Her mode change turns her into a hot adult chick.
Info link only - no AP Process in video.
(GreatDragon AD)

Battle Arena Toshinden
- (TG AA AR) hgame sprites TF - 1 - (suning)

Battle Goddess Verita
- (TF AR) Hgame, also TG.
Magical forms - small gif - (Suning)

Battle Realms
- (male reverse aging) 2001 strategy game.
Issyl, the Lotus Clan Dean of the college of time, ages slowly backwards due to a magical mishap 70 years ago, and is currently 12 years old physically.

Bayonetta 2
- (AR AA) Just like in Bayonetta 1 there is once again an AR poof in 2. The protagonist is devoured.
Video link - screencaps - (Sparda)

Bayonetta 3
- (ARed AA poof) 2022/10.
Ch1: defeat Congestus Homunculi "controlling Time & Space". Level boss flashes main character into a teen. You then use the same magic for spells.
- Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (AA AR) reduced age form

- (AR AA glimpse) In the final boss battle, the boss turns Bayonetta into a child wearing a dress. I just didn't expect to be babified during a boss fight. Spoiler blurry link - Cereza and Bayonetta had no idea until the end. (Sparda)

- (ARed AA) fan art - (The_Padded_Room)

- (ARed) Final battle TF sudden effect: Bayonetta begins to glow when something hits her or she walked on something, and she becomes a child for a few long seconds while running around trying to not get hit.
- Alternate video link @ 2:50 or so.
After she gets hit by the blue orb thing, she transforms into her younger self - (Reina Watt, TottieTa)

Belle Isle, The
- (flash forward) 2006 MMORPG social game. The seasons go by in order. Every week your character will age up one year. When your character is around 70 they'll become really weak, but there is a marriage, mate, and birth system for registered citizens (60% weapon mastery). You need someone of the opposite sex. There is a pregnant period before you can use your baby.

Beyond: Two Souls
- (FF, CoA) Quantic Dream, 2013, PS3 & 4, drama action-adventure.
Jodie and ghost Aiden grow up under the custody of the Department of Paranormal Activity. Teen Jodie seeks independence despite hostile entities from the Infraworld. Adult Jodie goes on multiple missions, and Zoey is born. Jodie watches from Beyond over the living world, warning now-teenage Zoey of coming dangers.

- (anthros dream ARed) 2021/05.
You play as a sentient animal. After your character arrives in the ruins of their home village, they have a flashback where they seemingly regress to a much younger form. This happens again for additional skill and ability enhancement at various points. Your character "ages back" once the original flashback and subsequent training is complete. It's an interesting addition - (Reina Watt)

Bioshock 2
- (mind transfer ARed TG) Towards the end, your character is strapped to a table, and your mind is transferred into one of the little sisters to collect Adam. They saw Rapture in 1958 as a giant party. It is thought they still have the innocence of children. Make sure you rescue all little sisters to reach this ending.
- Some info in video link - (Sabbatine, Katt)

- (male accelerated development) Jack is implied to be only a couple years old, yet he seems to be an adult. You find an audio diary describing the test subject of an accelerated growth treatment.

- (FF photography) - changes

Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble, The
- (male AP) A Viblefrotzer causes Woodruff to change into an adult. However, a side effect of the device is memory loss.

Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble, The
- (male presumed AA AP) Starts with toddler Woodruff aging into adult after his adoptive father sticks a device on his head. This device turns out to be an age-adjusting device Azimuth built for a plot to kill the Bigwig. When the Bigwig's men came to capture him, he aged Woodruff up to carry on the work; when you meet the (newly-teenaged) Azimuth he gives it to you, and you yourself use it to age the Bigwig to dust - (Jeffr_2bya)

Black and White
- (AR, age stasis) Near the end of Land 3 there's an old woman who can turn old villagers into very young kids again. Hand her someone who's already young, though, and she'll accidentally turn them into an ape or chimp (which you can switch your creature into!) (Ugly Red)

Black Licorice
- (TF) clickamajig. You're supposed to give the children candy, but you CAN'T give them black licorice because it causes them to transform into horrible grotesque monsters.

Black Lilith game
- (AA teen/adult age forms, BE) TF hentai combat body change.

Black Medicine Girl Misa
- (AR) H-Game AR

Blade & Soul
- (demon ARed AA poof, aftermath) Korean fantasy martial-arts MMORPG. NCSOFT, Team Bloodlust. 2012-.
Main villain Jinsoyun is defeated by your character. Instead of killing her to avenge your martial arts school, you decide to purify her soul. In doing so, she is regressed back into a preteen, and taken to another world to start anew. While offscreen, she continued to regress, and gets sent back in the next chapter as a toddler/baby to be raised again by your character, who became the master of the school.
- Scene link @03:00 - aftermath link - screencaps - (Uverplanet)

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
- (male TF AA AR glimpse) 2008.
Astral finish is shown turning Ragna into his 15 y.o. self. Amane's Astral turns Hakumen into a chibi Hakumen and Makoto into "a loli".
- Direct video link - screencaps - (MrWillikus)

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
- (AA poof AR glimpse) Amane Nishiki's Astral Heat finishing move reverts a character to a younger state. Most of the cast are reduced to children. It can only be done in the last round if your opponent is down to very little health. Thus, Amane's particular move is similar to Mortal Kombat's Babalities.
- Video link - (Master_E1)

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma
- (blurry ARed glimpse) Amane Nishiki gathers a troupe of young and handsome men around him - cap

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II
- (dedicated furry AP) 2015. AR'ed fox Makoto Nanaya becomes adult again - fan art - (Yukiko, The AP Ninja)

- (AA TF age forms) - caps - (Process)

Bloody Roar
- (TF age-up) - 1997, 1st game. The Final Boss is Uriko, a cute but creepy little girl who, due to being Brainwashed And Crazy, turns into a young woman to fight you.

Boku no Yumemiru Mirai
- (ARed) "The future that I dream of", 2010 H-Game by Yumemisou.
An unexpected tragedy took his wife. For half a year he mourned... then she came back in a younger body!? Reunited, his life is happy again. But something draws near... - 01

- (dedicated fan art of non-canon AR aftermath) "Claptrap's Screw-up" by Eduartboudewijn, 2018.
Commission for LordBwargle. 5 female characters from the series: Aurelia (top-left), Mad Moxxi (middle), Athena (top-right), Lilith (bottom-left) and Gaige (bottom-right).
- Fan Art - Restricted source link - (EduartBoudewijn)

Brain Lord
- (ARed) SNES. The second magic shop is run by 3 old women. If you go in the kitchen and talk to the old woman there, she'll offer to let you try a new youth potion. Drink it, and instead of you being youthened, all 3 of the elderly women change to teenagers - (Jeffr_2bya)

breast expansion
- (looks like breast FF scene) - Breast Sizes interactive swf file - (Process Forum)

Breath of Fire 2: The Fated Child
- (male AP) SNES 1994 console RPG. "Buresu obu Faia Tsu Shimei no Ko". Compelling story of a bloodline capable of morphing into a dragon. The game begins with Ryu at a young age. About 15 minutes in, Ryu ages into an adult.

Breath of Fire 3
- (flash forward) Garr tries to kill you, and you wake up as an adult Ryu years afterwards.

Breath Of Fire IV
- (age stasis) The entire town of Chek is populated by what appear to be kids, but are actually Summoners and Shamans ranging in age from their teens to elderly. Their proximity to the temple keeps them young.

Bust a Groove
- ("adult baby") Music/fighting game, PlayStation, 1998, Enix.
Kelly ending. The secretary conceals an infantilism fetish.
- Vid link - caps - (Shlalom_Masters)

Call of Duty: Black Ops
- (AA TF AR) 2010 FPS.
Zombies can be reverted into zombie toddlers.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Castelo Ra Tim Bum
- (male ARed cut-away) caps - (Entropic)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
- (female adult rejuv or AR?) Konami 2004.
It is the end of days and the mysterious Lords of Shadow isolate the Earth. The souls of the dead wander unable to find peace. Gabriel Belmont's wife's soul was trapped for eternity. Neither living nor dead, she guides Gabriel to his destiny.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

CGI morphing
- (AA AP) 2011 "Genesis little girl grows up". Vid link - corrected caps
- (face OA) Adult aging vid link - caps

Chaos Rings III
- (adult mahou rejuvenated form) RPG, Media.Vision, Square Enix, 2014.
Kindly old caretaker and "retired Rank V Explorer" Dorothy was looking after the protagonist and his sister. Humorously enough, her busty young lady "battle form" looks younger than one son, who appears older than his actual age. All women would love to know her secret, though she may be accessing Drei 6 genes to transform - 1

Chibi Mama
- (AR) 2004 Coremoreco online manga game. Caution adult content
- AR - AR - flashback

Child of Light
- (AA poof TF, age form upgrade)
Princess Aurora is transported to the magical land of Lemuria. About halfway through, she recovers the moon from her stepsister and is AA'd into a teenager:
- Video link (the TF begins at 20:39)
The only other transformation is a clothes change. The TF artist Flashpinup made a Child of Light animation:
- Video link - combined screencaps
- (Dylan)

Child of Light
- (CoA) 2014, PS3 RPG. "She's getting bigger?"
12 y.o. Aurora finds herself in a mythical world. She will face her darkest fears in this modern coming-of-age story.

Chou Baku
- (AR, RN) 1993, PC-98, Apple Pie, hentai stripping.
An experiment turns 4 mahou shoujos into chibis. As you progress through each stage the shoujos begin to make their way back to normal age. Remade as "T-Backs" with most of the nudity removed.
- Info link - (JeffR_2bya)

Chrono Cross
- (AP) PSX, SquareGamer. A baby is shown growing into a young teen. (Jeffr_2bya)

Chrono Cross
- (male AR, RN AP) PSX SquareGamer.
Serge is purified about two-thirds of the way through, though he rapidly ages back to normal afterward. A baby is shown growing into a young male teen.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Chu-kana Janshi: Tenhou Painyan
- (AP) 2004, PlayStation 2, CyberFront Corporation. Shoujo heroine can change into adult mahjong-playing magical shoujo. You see her child and adult forms, but no process is seen. Shape-changing tanuki shoujo uses puff-of-smoke TF's. (ElAnimefilo, TB Tabby)

- (AA face/body age morphing) A platform for Stable Diffusion AI Art models, c2023.
Age related - link - link - link - link - link

Clive Barker's Jericho
- (age stasis, age disguised) 2007.
- Child Crusaders are malevolent spirits of young children slaughtered in a crusade.
- Evil, all-powerful, godlike creature The Firstborn despises humanity. It takes the form of a small, naked child with glowing white eyes and a distorted voice made up of several male and female voices speaking at once.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
- (dedicated AR) 2008 EA strategy game.
The three-person special unit composed of Tanya (Allied), Yuriko (Japan) and Natasha (USSR).
- fan comic battle - (Infested)

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
- (AA poof APed) 2013, Spike Chunsoft, role-playing game.
Mahou shoujo uses magic spell to upgrade appearance. Direct video link - screencaps - (Godleydemon)

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
- (ARed) Serina reverted to her small form while wearing a bra for her grown form.

- (AA shadow age forms) 2013, 2D/3D mystery game. The heroine of a surreal world inspired by Film Noir.

Cool Cool Toon
- (age forms AA) Characters age up

Cool Cool Toon
- (AP AA blinks) 2000 Japanese SNK rhythm game set in a cartoon world. Amp (the shonen), or Spica (the shoujo) try to get into the Flitz Fiesta, but are told they are too young to Flitz well. After being beaten by a mummy, something happens that causes the hero to grow up, resulting in a grown-up dance off against the mummy, and then against King. It's just a flash of light and then they're older. The After video is "Grown-Up World", the first song after the AP scene. Some talking occurs during the storymode dance scenes when the shoujos find out their APed bodies are better for dancing. In Amp's game, his rival Ival sacrifices himself to age Amp up. In Spica's game, rival witch Iyami uses her magic to grow the 2 of them up. Later in Amp's game, Ival comes back all grown up. Token mascot bunny Yussa reveals himself to actually be a sexy bunny woman.

Cosmetic Aging Simulation
- (adult face FF) c2011.
A morphing illustration to illustrate how our skin changes with age.
- Video link - screencaps - (Hausgross PRO)

Costume Quest
- (AA TF AP) Double Fine/THQ, 2010. Candy-loving aliens have invaded the neighborhood. The kids must transform into the adult characters whom they're costumed as in order to battle the aliens. The kids don't stay in their heroic forms outside of combat - (SKJAM)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
- (male AR) PSX, 1998.
There are 2 endings. The villain and time dude go to time jail, and villain N. Cortex and the time guy are turned into babies. The rest of the ending shows them fighting over the mask.
- (Taz) ln - th

Crash Bandicoot in 3 Minutes!
- (male ARed) 2017 info toon, @ArcadeCloud link - caps - - (Tazz)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
- (ARed) Crash Warped (PS4), 2017.
They remade the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games, including the 3rd game which had an ending where the villains became babies.
- Video link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
- (male AR) 2017, PS4.
We are going to re-experience scenes from Crash Bandicoot 3 with updated graphics, where Neo Cortex and N. Tropy turned into diapered babies.
- Video link - (Trash Raider)

Crusade Heart Karen - Juin Sennou no Wana
- (demon entity AA TF upgrade) Medieval fantasy eroge, tentacle and monster sex, 2014.
Capture and brainwash a wide variety of cute and sexy demons.
- link - link - Agnes Grim caps - (Coin, Andu22)

Curse Of Monkey Island, The
- (male ARed) Guybrush is age-regressed to the form of a young child when he is trapped in the Carnival of the Damned by Lechuck - (Jeffr_2bya)

D'Lynn Waldron
- (face AP/OA predictions) portraits

dance of age
- (AA age-up) c2013 fan video - screencaps

Darkstalkers (fan art)
- (dedicated young adult demon to OA) c'20. Morrigan reclaims her power from Lilith "Aensland", aging her to over 1500 years. Lilith has become very weak and decrepit. Already short and petite to start with, she became even smaller and frailer. Lilith can only move about confined to a floating chair composed of fluttering bats. Her vision and hearing have faded, and she shakes from palsy. Many would consider this a fate worse than death. But despite all that's been inflicted, Lilith's cheerful spirit will NOT be diminished, and she's determined to live out her best life and be happy. Who she is hasn't changed and never will. But she deliberately employs the mannerisms of an elderly woman, saying things like "Dearie" and "whippersnapper" because it amuses her to do so.
Before she was aged, she had fallen in love with a young human male. Even after her affliction he still loved her, and committed his life wholeheartedly to taking care of her. He pushes her in a wheelchair at the park. They travel abroad. As a joke between them, they pose as great-grandmother and grandson in public and address each other as such. She insists on him calling her "granny". At home, she takes naps in his arms. To her, life is still good. She may be ancient, but she's still determined to be herself. Sure she's frail, week and feeble. Things are considerably more difficult to do. But she's not suffering at all. She doesn't view herself as a victim. She's in considerably high spirits all things considered. She has even come to like being old.
I just wanted to do something with a more positive vibe to it. Those tits be like: "AS YOU CAN SEE... I AM NOT DEAD!" What would she look like at 2000? Probably the same to be honest. I've taken her about as far as I can go, really - stages - (The Doc)

- (age forms) Finishing Move. B.B.Hood first appears in Vampire Savior. Also in Capcom's Cannon Spike and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - caps - (Midnight Pleasure)

Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire
- (age forms AA) 1997. Baby Bonnie Hood (B.B. Hood) AKA Bulleta, Special S-Class Hunter.
1 - 2

Dave the Diver
- (male AR dream) Mintrocket, Nexon. 2022/10.
"Otto Tries Dish cutscene" Otto is taken back to childhood by a fish dish from his early years - link - screencaps - (Mr.TF)

Dawn of Magic
- (male AR) 2007. From trailer.
- Man to infant screencaps
(AR Group)

Dawn of Magic
- (male reborn) In the Absolute, the setting's afterlife, the inhabitants have called a tribunal and sentenced Modo to be reborn on earth, live a mortal life there (retaining his memories but none of his power) and die after 100 years. 40 years after Modo was sentenced, he has gained knowledge of mortal magic and seeks to enlist the player's aid to live forever in the Absolute. ln - th

Daz 3D
- (AA AR) "Genesis" figure platform, c2013 - gif
- (AA FF/AP, age forms) c2013.
Posable & morphable CGI bodies - screencaps

Daz 3D
- (dedicated AA AR) '18. Clothes morphs source link "Shrinking Age Progression Morph" by MEtaBEtaBOYMSHWA.
- (dedicated AA AR) '18. Clothes morphs will conform with the character morph forms - gif

Daz 3D
- (dedicated age forms) - Pixiv art - (Randy8823)

- (FF AP) Similar to Poser software. "Sabrina Rogers" CGI character shown at different ages.
- poses - lineup - 3

- (age/weight forms) Ralf Romgens, 2018. DAZ studio, Iray, Hydrogen.
"Shapeshifter" - Vid link - caps

Daz Studio Iray Genesis 3
CGI AA aging experiments, faces & full bodies.
- girl to old & back link - AR screencaps - female face cycle link - AR screencaps - male face link - (Joe Pingleton)

Daz transformation scene
- (dedicated AA TF) c2012 CGI stages. "You chose transformation".
A Japanese "schoolgirl" changes into an adult mermaid - Expansion - (Lupusquack)

- (male face FF) - renderings Life

Dead or Alive
- (dedicated TF AP) Professional wrestling game series, Team Ninja and Tecmo, 1996.
"Child to Tina Armstrong" - c2014 fan art - (The AP Ninja)

Dead Rising
- (UC scene) XBox 360, 2006.
A photographer has to survive in a zombie-filled mall for 72 hours. The player can enter stores to change clothing. There is a children's store where you can put on really small and tight kids clothes.

Death Stranding
- (adult aging effect) Open world action, Kojima, 2019.
Has a nice premise we might enjoy. Beached Things (BTs) are surrounded by Timefall rain, which speeds up decay. The character Fragile has one brief exposure scene. Her face was obscured during the process.
- Video link @33:37 - screencaps - (Niddlyby43)

- (banned CGI face swapping) 2018. Fake celebrity porn videos made with FakeApp are being removed from the internet. It could be used to swap different aged faces on the same body.

Despair Witch
- (AR, BE, futanari) h-doujin reversion - (Suning)

Diamond no Kuni no Alice
- (age forms) Heart no Kuni no Alice series, 2012. Crysta Snowpigeon, AKA Kurisuta Sunoopijen: Queen of Diamonds. 170cm (adult); 145cm (child). Crysta can appear as both a child and an adult.

Diary of a young girl growing
- (FF AA paintings) South Korea, 2014.
Photoshop demo where a baby girl is edited in stages into ever older poses. It ends in high school.
- Video link - screencaps

Diddy Kong Racing DS
- (gorilla AA) 2007. Tiny Kong age up
- (gorilla APed CB) Age increase has caused blue jeans to burst at the hip - aped

Dirge of Cerberus
- (age stasis) Vincent's 19 year old love interest was frozen at age 9.

- (age delay) Yukimaru is 20 years old but looks only about 10.
- (age stasis) Demons are much older than they look. The protagonist Laharl looks to be about 12, despite being over 1300 years old, and Seraph Lamington is over 9000, but looks to be in his late 20s.

Doggie, Darn it
- (AP) Adult H-game "Doggie, Darn it Darn it, the Usau, this gah!"
- Size & age forms - (Suning)

Doki Doki Majo Shinpan
- (age forms) cover
- (AR) "Thump-Thump Witch Judgement" SNK Playmore. To find the witch Akuji must search the suspects' bodies for a "witch mark" using the stylus to guide his hands. 12 year old Merry Watabiki is always wearing a rabbit costume. Ability: Meteors and explosive replicas. (DQ5)

Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers
- (male adult furry, poof AA ARed) 2000, Ubisoft. AKA Goin' Qu@ckers, Qu@ck Att@ck, Quack Attack.
Final boss ending. Donald is able to defeat Merlock and rescue Daisy.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Donkey Kong Country
- (male furry rejuv) Nintendo, 1994.
Pre-rendered scene. Cranky used a potion to prepare for one last quest - cap

Doritos Crash Course 2
- (AA clothing infantilization) 2013, free Xbox LIVE game.
A multiplayer game jinx lets you cast clothes transformations on other players. You can turn their clothing into baby clothing of sorts for 5 seconds or more. The jinx basically makes a nappy/diaper, baby bonnet and dummy appear on the other avatar. Sadly, it is not something that can be downloaded for your own avatar, it can only be used against other players. Videos are hard to find that show the jinx.
- (Reina Watt)

Dragalia Lost
- (demon AA TFs, size/age form upgrades) mobile game, 2018.
Age/Size increases. Main character has a tiny faerie assistant named Notte helping on their quest. Characters are able to AA into dragons for the battles. Notte discovered she could AA herself into a human, giant, and adult form called Mega Notte.
- "Bigger, Stronger, Nottier! I can do it! I can turn into Mega Notte! Maybe grown up, I can wear that slinky gear Mym was going on about? Which do you like better? Mini Me? This Me? Or Grownup Me?"
- Magical forms - (Ghost 606)

Dragon Age II
- (male old age stasis) Xenon, proprietor of the Black Emporium, is a rotted-out talking corpse by the time Hawke meets him.

Dragon Age series
- (old age stasis, younger body theft) Flemeth obtained immortality but her body still ages, and will eventually rot beyond use. She gets around this by kidnapping baby shoujos with magical talents, raising them as her own daughters, and then stealing their bodies when they reach maturity.

Dragon Age
- (FF) Dark fantasy RPGs. Shilo Amell character art - (Agarhel)

Dragon Quest V
- (FF) The game begins with the child hero adventuring with his father, continues 10 years later with him as an adult, and ends after his children have grown up. He's still only 23 though, and looks even younger due to the years spent as a statue while his children grew up.

Dragon's Lair Trilogy
- (AR) Don Bluth animation.
2010 Wii port of the classic Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair II, and Space Ace, which involves evil guy Borf planning to use his Infanto Ray on everyone on Earth! The protagonist is hit, and throughout the game he'll ping-pong back and forth between being a boy and a man as he battles to save his love interest and the planet.
At the end of the game, many of Borf's minions get hit with the ray and are transformed into babies. A short while later, Borf is also turned into a baby. The hero's love interest picks him up and says, "Isn't he cute? Can we keep him!?" and that's pretty much that.
- (Master_E1, Grennd)

- (monster ARed) Dragon into baby - Vid link - caps - (Thomas)

- (AA preteen size increase) "Verse 7: Unrelenting"
Isn't Manah a bit young to be hitting her growth spurts? Oh well, blast her back down to size - screencaps

- (growth) PS2. At the end of one of the many multiple endings in the game, a young shoujo grows to a MASSIVE size. (about 700 feet tall) and you must battle the giant brat to unlock the first ending.

- (male age stasis) After his village was destroyed, 6 y.o. Seere formed a pact with Golem in exchange for his "time" (the ability to age), thus he can never grow up.

Dream Paradigm
- (age forms) Marinecat, 2009. Shooting game? "Doripa" becomes an adult magical girl. Attack power changes eye and hair color and clothing. For Erin, a rejuvenated appearance.

dress up games
- (FF AA) Miley

Dungeons & Dragons
- (rejuv/AR) Advanced 3rd edition RPG game. Multiple magical and alchemical items available, including "Elixir Of Youth" - (TBTC)

Dungeons & Dragons
- (AR plot elements) Tabletop games, c1977+
Dragon magazine #05 "Witchcraft Supplement":
- Priestess witch spell "Youth" can reduce the age of living creatures by decades.
Dragon magazine #60 "Gods of the Elves":
- Elven deity Labelas Enoreth can reduce a creature's age by a century, but only once.
"Forgotten Realms" campaign setting:
- Priest spell "Curse of Yondalla" reverts a living creature into an infant.

Dungeons and Dragons
- (adult aging & rejuvenation) "Succubus", playable game character, 3.5e Race.
If the target is not willing to be kissed, the succubus must start a grapple, which provokes an attack of opportunity. If the grapple is successful, the target's age progresses by one month, and the succubus' age is reduced by the same amount.

Dungeons And Dragons
- (TF CB) Tabletop game supplement on weres specified that the transformation ruined clothes, but included rules for how much damage a lycanthrope would take from shapechanging while wearing and probably destroying armor.

E-Mote Recipe
- (AR) Hgame adventure by Curious, 2004.
before/after reversion stages - (Suning)

- (OA FF danger) Tabletop game. By far the most dangerous extraplanar realm is Thelanis (The Faerie Court), where an hour equals a week on the Material Plane. The lost time catches up with you when you return, so at worst you'll immediately die of old age.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
- (old aged) A young shoujo aged into an old lady.

elf progression
- (AA TF AP form) - power-up - (Age Progression Zone)

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, The
- (age stasis) The Scarlet sisters have been 10-year old children since the 16th Century.

Emerald City Confidential
- (male cutaway ARed AA) 2009. "The End" walkthrough.
Petra and her brother fought the First and Foremost Phanfasm - Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (baby face FF) Tetsuro Ueda app, 2015. Baby growth diary engine based on an intuitive picture-a-day calendar interface.

Esperieal: The Crystal Of Light
- (APed, in pre-production) Game. You escape from your testing tube and using an "age portal" you age yourself into an adult.

Eternal Ring
- (male TF age form upgrade) 2000.
At the end, the God-child understanding of death due to his sorrow over Lyta's passing causes him to instantly mature into an adult.

Ever 17: The Out of Infinity
- (age stasis) Visual novel game by KID, 2002.
Tsugumi reveals she and her pet hamster are carriers of the Cure virus, which halts biological aging. She is impregnated by Takeshi. Ryogo Kaburaki, the Kid of 2017, played the role of Takeshi during the recreation, having stopped aging due to the virus.
Ever 17 - remake, 2011.
- Cure-infectee bodies keep aging for 5 more years until their cells have been replaced with infected cells, and then their Super Healing prevents any aging whatsoever. Tsugumi never looks older than 17. Coco manages this naturally, appearing to be only 14.

- (AA age forms) Alma info

- (ghost AP blink TF, self-image ARed) 2005 PC, Xbox 360. Alma misplaces her clothes when she suddenly grows into a teen despite being dead. video link
Ghost girl Alma sometimes turns into adult. cover
- (ghost ARed, AP RN AA) Alma reverted back into a girl after death, but sometimes grows back up. AP

F.E.X (Forced Evolution Experiment)
- (lo-res silhouette AA age forms) 2017 game where you can "age at will". You take control of failed experiment T1M in a DNA aging research facility. T1M not only has a short lifespan, but can alter age forms. You have to find your way out the lab before your time expires, or you get caught by other experiments. Use your age to get through - Trailer link

Fable 2
- (adult aging, possible AR)
Near the end 3 beings give you a countdown to either give the object to the girl and sacrifice her youth (bad) or keep the object and sacrifice yours (good). Either you or the girl become middle aged. After you beat the game, there is a new quest that could make you young again - (Tazz)

Fable II
- (flash forward AA) Players start as either a little boy or a little girl and grow up to adulthood. You will change visually to reflect your choices and actions in the world of Albion.

- (FF growth) Sister Hannah is adopted by the monks of the Temple of Light as a small child and lives as a pacifist for years, but she later more than earns her nickname "Hammer".

- (male AP) You progress not only in levels and skills, but in physical appearence as well. Your character will become "Shwarzenegger-ish" if you fight all the time, and you become skinny and tattoo covered if all you do is cast magic. Your character starts off like a teen, and matures into a full grown adult. He does not age to an old, decrepit man.

- (male face FF) Character years timeline - (O')

face aging (apps)
- (dedicated adult faces to OA edits, video edits) - Reface (2020, image and video altering app) swaps out faces in videos and GIFs (like those in popular memes). So I decided to try a new process: I aged a celebrity's face in Faceapp (2017), and then swapped that aged face with their youthful one in Reface. The results are often great. I'm working on posting the examples from Imgur. Here are some examples - (Youthdrain)

face aging software
- (adult wrinkles, skin roughening, bloating or atrophy, hair fading)
- The hobby of aging photos of young women into elders (sometimes also men) began with software like Photoshop and add-ons like After Effects in the 1990's. Gimp and 3D suite Blender became free alternatives in the 2000's. These programs are also used for regular age progression photos. There were many Worth1000 contests until 2013 and then DeviantArt.
- The goal of simulating entirely digital women who can be aged at will was more difficult. The first human CGI software was Poser (1990's+). Its free rival Daz 3D became popular in 2012.
- Specialized programs like The Flux were designed to age or de-age live-action video. There is a big future for deepfake and other deep learning software (link) like FakeApp, Faceswap, DeepFaceLab, Zao etc. Also see MakeApp.
- In the 2010's, PC programs were replaced by many smaller apps. These include FaceApp (celebs add years to their visage with old-age filter), Oldify (manually enter your age and find aging images), AgingBooth, Face Changer, Face Reading (Age My Face function with character and life analysis from your face), Make Me Old 2019 (see yourself from 60 to 120 y.o.), HiddenMe (how you will look in 20-30 years), What Will I Look Like Old Face (up to 99 y.o.), Make me Old Camera (prank application to age photos, or put stickers on your face and make a photo montage), Age Face - Make me OLD (make your friends look old), etc. - Aging face software

face aging software
- (adult wrinkling etc.) - 2019 - AI algorithms to create artworks. Available portraits can be used to create "children" with random attributes. Each portrait has "genes" you can edit - ethnicity, hair length/color, expressions, and age. Use the age slider to create an old age sequence of your very own.
- Site link - brunette caps - (Ronin)
Aprilage - 2019 - APRIL Face Aging Software v.4.0 Laptop/Tablet Edition, $900.
- Purchase link - (Keith943)

face aging software
(adult to old age photo/video editing) - 2020 and ongoing.
- FaceApp Video Creations. Was messing around with a video of a woman trying to youthen herself and it back fires, causing her to age. Though the make-up is subpar, I believe I improved it some.
Video link - caps - (Niddlyby43)
- Female age progression Photoshop.
Info link - preview link - tutorial link - gif - (Keith943)
- Angelina Jolie age progression Photoshop.
Info link - - caps - (Keith943)
- StyleGAN high resolution facial age transformation - link
Lifespan age transformation synthesis link - info link

face swap meme
- (face age reversal) c2015 change-over

Face Transformer
- (adult face aging) Perception Lab app.

- Goncharov, 2017. Has aging face.

- (face fast forward) c2015 time-line composition - demo link

- (face FF) 2015 Apple App, facial time-lapse/stop motion video creator.

- (face FF) gif

Face software AP - faces

Face aging software

Fairy Tail mobile game
- (ARed OC) 2016.
Younger shrunk versions of Erza, Natsu and Gray appeared for children's day event, with ingame sprites for Erza.
- Game link - screencaps - (Suning)

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
- (male canine AR) 2014 freemium mobile game. Basically like Zoo Tycoon (build your own Quahog). Christmas theme included new costume for Brian as a cute little puppy to potty train. The whole point of costumes is switching character. So if you have Brian look like a puppy he will be one - (Tazz)

Family Magic!
- (AR, AP) 2010 h-game -
AR - AP BE pop-out - APed comparison - (Suning)

Fantasy Life
- (male ARed aftermath) RP video game, 2012, Nintendo 3DS.
Erik Stone is the King of Castele. His child-like form is one of the Seven Mysteries. Despite his appearance he is the same age as Queen Ophelia. It is the effect of a prank-spell the Dark Sultan cast on him - (TottieTa)

Fate Stay Night
- (age disguised) Token Loli Ilya's maids and apparent caretakers appear to be around 20, but are actually 2 year old lethal combat homunculi, whom Ilya has made.

Fate Zero
- (age stasis) Kiritsugu's daughter is absolutely tiny despite being already 8. She's actually growing more than most homunculi of her type, but there's a 90% chance she'll stop before hitting puberty. In the next Grail War 10 years later, she's slightly older than Shirou, yet is still the game's Token Loli.

Fate/hollow ataraxia
- (male AR) visual novel game. Former President Evil and dog-kicking Knight Templar, Gilgamesh uses a youth potion because "this whole mess is stupid, screw you all". He reverts into a Cute Shotaro Boy that everyone loves.

Fate/stay night
- (age stasis) Japanese adult visual novel game, Type-Moon, 2004, PC. Kiritsugu's daughter Ilya is about 20 but looks younger. While not on business, she appears to be quite a Cheerful Child, but there's a ruthless, realistic side hidden under the Cheerful Child facade, one that will break through nearly anything to accomplish what she wants. She doesn't mind looking so young, and even her eventual early death from Clone Degeneration is something that she accepts with only mild feelings of melancholy.

Fate/Stay Night
- (male old age stasis) Zouken Matou is basically immortal so long as he has his worms, but his soul is rotting, and every time he gets a new body, it's in the same shriveled, horrible old man form that barely even looks human.

Final Fantasy 2
- (APed) Rydia (Lydia?) is an 8 year old Caller from the village Mist who magically grows up and learns to call monsters in battle.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
- (male FB RN ARed) RPG, Nintendo DS, Square Enix, 2007.
A kind of age regression ending of sorts. The main character appears to wish for a reset following some violent events. They are reduced back into a young boy, and time has reverted to the start, only without the events from before happening again.
- Walkthrough link @07:16:00 - screencaps - (Reina Watt)

Final Fantasy I
- (AP AA) 44 "Overworld". 4 youthful Light Warriors find an operational Lefeinish airship. They are transformed into adults after performing a favor for the Dragon King Bahamut.

Final Fantasy Tactics
- (male) Guide your nation through a revolution while defending it from otherworldy forces. Turn Ramza to the age of 150, and he'll change into Sephiroth. To modify his age walk from one town to another until he changes.

Final Fantasy X-2
- (dedicated AR) Square PS2 RPG, 2003.
Lulu dollie, Leblanc - 2012 fan commission - (Kayn)

Final Fantasy X
- (age stasis) Yunalesca has kept the same lithe figure despite being dead for millennia.
- Female characters in the earlier Final Fantasy games generally looked and acted a bit older than they were. In Final Fantasy VI, Terra and Celes were both a mere 17 years old, and 10-year-old Relm's artwork shows her as rather overdeveloped.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
- (male ARed, age stasis) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, 11/2013.
Hope Estheim returns to the 3-part Final Fantasy 13 storyline, only for some reason he has been reduced back in age to the 14 y.o. he was in Part 1.
Also it is noted that the population in the game world has not aged a day in the 500 years since the events of FF13-2, when The Chaos appeared. This has resulted in no more lives being born. No one, not even the children, have aged at all.
- (Reina Watt)

Final Fantasy XV
- (dream ARed) Noctis is knocked out and his fiancee Lunafreya is killed. A dream sequence happens with her spirit saying farewell, but since they'd known each other since childhood, their dream selves start out as kids, with Luna switching to an adult via a fade, and Noctis following suit with a rapid cut mid-action.
- Video link - (AveRage Joe)

Final Fantasy XV
- (male AA age forms) 2016, Square Enix.
Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends journey to retrieve the kingdom's crystal and defeat Niflheim.
Video link @ 14:40 - screencaps - (Akira)

Final Fantasy
- (FF) - Lydia/Rydia - 02
- (FF AA) Rydia

Fiona of Arcana
- (age stasis) Heart stopped aging after she was pulled into the Elemental World, and still looks like a little shoujo.

Fire Emblem (fan art)
- (dedicated OA'd) Elderly Fire Emblem "when I was young" by KingNanamine87. The cast of the RPG was aged. Love the way this commission came out! - fan art - (JackpotMans)

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Swords
- (male adult age disguised)
Hector: Grr... you ill-hearted old man!
Oswin: Not that I'm correcting you, but I'm only in my thirties... I would say that "Ill-hearted Gentleman" is more appropriate.

Fire Emblem
- (adult progression) "Faia Emuburemu" Intelligent Systems. Fantasy tactical role-playing. "Lute Quick AP" - 18 to 21 fan art - (Nightowlstriker)

- (adult oa CGI) c'15 stock clip caps - caps

Gadget Trial
- (AP UC, AR) "Gajetto Toraiaru" Japanese visual novel strategy game. KOGADO Studio, Kuma-san Team, 2006. fan art swap

- (AR AA) Side by side comparisons - before/after the change.
- AR - AR - AR - (Process Forum)
- (AR) H-game AR of 20 shoujos, some with baggy clothes. (Suning)

- (AR AA) Video link - screen caps - (Storm Logic)

Gemini Lost
- (male/female AR/AP) 2011 PC game.
While exploring an ancient astrological site, you were teleported to a new world! Lead your people to get them safely home. Manage your community and resources, build structures, and conduct research. Grow your population by match-making happy couples according to their astrological signs. Potions can change people's ages.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

generative art
- (AA age forms of same persons) - '23 AI pics

- (accelerated growth) AKA "Guilty Gear X2" Dizzy is a combination of a human and a gear. She has grown from a child to her present adult form in just 3 years.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
- (AR AA poof) SNES 2D side-scroller based on the manga.
You are a short-skirted redhead using her cane/whacking-stick/whatever-it-is to repel ghosts. One stage has your character shrink down to a very teeny size to have a 'big' stage.
During a sewer boss fight a rat creature shoots beams at you. He summons three little toy clowns with trumpets. If you do not destroy them quickly, the screen will flash and you'll turn into a little girl in a short green dress for a couple of seconds. You'll only be able to move, jump, and duck in this form, so it might not be helpful at all - (Alex) - th - th - th - th

Ghost Sweeper Mikami
- (AR) (Alex, Metamorphose) SNES game. Short-skirted redhead turns into a little shoujo in a short green dress.

Ghosts 'n Goblins
- (male AR) Series, in particular "Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts". Open a chest and get the Jester when in your boxers (1st and 3rd chests in a level). Arthur gets Jinxed a lot in these games - (TottieTa)

Ghouls 'n Ghosts
- (male old age) male old age
- (male AR) A knight gets hit by an enemy and loses his armor until he's only wearing a pair of boxers. Certain treasure chests contain a wizard who casts a spell. If he's only wearing boxers, the knight gets turned into a baby.

God Blessed
- (male sprite FF AP) 10 min.
The player uses natural powers to help a little boy walk through the twisty path of life. He gets older as he crosses the 4 seasons. The player has to help him advance from Spring to Winter. A metaphor of life in a game, the character begins as a child and ends as an old man.

God of War: Ascension
- (male adult age forms) Conjoined twins Pollux and Castor have time battle powers.

God of War: Ascension
- (male demon age appearances, rejuv/OA) The Gemini twins reside in the Temple of the Oracle. Castor is a towering prophet wielding weapons, while his underdeveloped "baby" brother Pollux is attached to his stomach. The Gemini twins have usurped the Oracle of Delphi's time-shifting powers. They are both old in age, but use their amulet to revert to adult youth to do battle. During the fight, it can be seen they turn back to their original ages when Kratos strikes them.

Golden Sun Dark Dawn
- (male old age stasis) Kraden has stopped aging, but unfortunately he was 70-plus to begin with.

Golden Sun
- (ARed) Mia reverted fan art - (rin fang, mikewolfskin)

Golden Sun
- (ARed)
"Golden Sun: The Broken Seal" - "Ogon no Taiyo Hirakareshi Fuin"
- "Mia AR: Stupid Water Rod" - fan art - (MikeWolfskin)

Golden Voyage, The
- (male adult rejuv) Atari, 1981, 8 bit text adv.
The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have 3 days to bring back the elixir to rejuvenate him. For experienced Adventurers only - (Jeffr_2bya)

Goodbye Deponia
- (ARed AA cutaway & aftermath, AA RN) Point & Click adventure, part 3. Daedalic Entertainment, 2013.
Donna became a red-haired baby offscreen due to a mishap in the clonation process. When Rufus acquires the necessary nucleic acid, she is briefly shown AA-ing to normal.
- Screencaps - (The Ap Master)

Goosebumps: The Game
- (unseen young to OA descriptions to death) GameMill, Avanquest, Maximum Games, 2015.
Sadly no process. Just descriptions of size increase @00:30, AA decay to pseudo old age @01:30, etc.
- Deaths cutscenes, Game Over fails link - - (Tazz)

Granblue Fantasy
- (ARed cut) Turn-based social-network gacha JRPG, Cygames, 2014.
Fate Episode - Mysteries of Mysteria. A strange tunnel is discovered under the campus. A magical trap turns Anne into a child, stripping her powers. Shoujo into kid @04:00.
- Scenes link - - caps - (Tazz)

Gray Mirror
- (adult face aging morph) c2014 interactive display concept? IDEO "Designs On" Aging.
Can we encourage young adults to take actions that will only benefit them in the distant future? Imagine seeing yourself as you must one day be.
- Video link - screencaps

Grim Grimoire
- (accelerated development) Amoretta the Homunculus measures her lifespan in days (about 3 months), despite having the body of a young woman.

Grow Me Up!
- (male AA FF) - caps
- (male toon FF AA) Qaibo Games, 2015.
Meet baby Alex, he really wants to grow up quickly! Try to make him grow up to 100 years! - Trailer link

Grow Up Bride
- (flash forward AA APed) AKA "Grobra". 2006 H-game, kind of like the old Princess Maker games... only with 5 different school shoujos. A lot of good before and after pics of the growing shoujos. (100Proof, Process) APed - APed - cover

Guilty Gear (series)
- (male rejuved) 1998+
Kliff Undersn had the ability to use his ki to temporary regress to his young adult form at the height of his strength. In-game, this only activates during his Overdrives.

Guilty Gear
- (accelerated development) Dizzy has the appearance and much of the maturity of a fully grown woman, but is actually only 3 years old, and has the innocence to match. Ky's son Sin is at most 5 years old. Ky's wife is around 8 years old, assuming she isn't Dizzy.
- (accelerated growth) Dizzy looks very adult but isn't much older than 3. She was found as an infant by an old couple with no children of their own to depend on. The other villagers became afraid when Dizzy shot up from an infant to her late teens in 3 years. This was compounded when she discovered that she had wings and a tail.

Gunbird 2
- (AR, AP) (Dreamcast) Marion is a 17 year-old hoping to release herself from her 9 year-old's body. Glassthorn's pics
ARed, APed (Process, Glassthorn)

- (ARed, RN endings) screencaps - (Glassthorn, ArArchive)

Gyakuten Saiban
- (dedicated age TFs) - "Phoenix Wright"
Mia AR, Pearl AP, Maya_AP fan cartoons - (Tftgar)

- (AA AR) - AR - (Suning)
- (AR) Oversized clothing collapses- Jem - Tina - (Suning)

- (AR)
Chemistry classroom AR incidents.
AR cat shoujo forms - Fellana.

- (AP/AR) Lilith game - gif - (Suning)
- (AR) - fan art
- Lilith game Nude shoujo and woman age forms

Half-Life 2
- (AR flashback AA) Iris the Game mod. You control a woman in a world where something is totally wrong. Our heroine has a special ability that allows her to jump back to her childhood, from the present (2024) to 2006. While Iris can return to her child self, she can't bring items from one time to the other. In 2006 the sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is in extreme harmony. In 2024 it's raining a lot, dark clouds are hanging over the city. link

Hanasaku Otome to Grimoire
- (BE TF APed effect) 12/22/2011, debonosu loli h-game.
The blue haired shoujo appears matured.
- Video link @50s - caps - (Suning)

Happy Salvage
- (AP) Playstation. I have not played this game. It is information I received from a friend. A shoujo changes from 10 to 18 years old. Her dress remains as it is - (Akira)

Happy Salvage
- (APed cut) PS1, 2000, Media Works.
Some sort of 3-stage process of still images. Marine adventure story of harem love to find the unknown treasure. There are different island girls.
- Video link - Game link - screencaps - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

Hatsujyo Carte
- (AP) Banned game by James Hotate. Maker: 13cm (or 130cm). BE, AP, Lactation, guro, etc. (tjohnta, Process) APed

Hatsune Miku
- (age forms AA) Singing synthesizer, Crypton Future Media. "Hatsune Miku" lifespan fan art - (ArArchive)

He Who Ages
- (unfinished AA age game concept, no graphics) 2012, Michael Orlando. A boy who lives in a timeless village stumbles upon the key to free his people, but at what cost? You go to the library and a woman gives you a staff/cane because you're old. You place the three amulets after obtaining the ability to change age at will.

Heaven's Gate
- (AA aped, RN) Kurara has several age forms. 1
Purikura Daisakusen
- (APed) Arcade game. Kirara is the most immature of the Apricot sisters. Like her sister Kurara Hananokoji (Power Instinct), she also can transform into a grown-up woman.

Heavy Rain
- (male ARed) There's a flashback sequence where you play as Scott Shelby as a kid - (ewere)

- (adult demons redrawn as "OA'd") "Hellcougars" fan art. The characters Beel and Lucy come across as motherly/grandmotherly. I was gonna leave Lucy as a MILF but someone asked me to GILF her, so... - fan art - (The Doc)

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
- (male AA poof AR) 2009 Nintendo DS puzzle game.
Pompous Adventurers' Club boy assistant Cole was turned into a baby. It happens about 2:30 minutes in.
- Video link - caps - (Thomas)

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
- (male rejuv & AR) The reason for the age reductions was the Golden Suit that grants youth to whomever wears it. When 70 y.o. Henry dons it, he is restored to young adulthood. When 10 y.o. Cole dons it in "The Stinger", he's reduced to infancy.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia
- (AR) Turn-based strategy game, 1999.
There is a Fountain of Youth in this game. Believe me, it's tough enough without Queen Catherine and her First Division becoming babies.
- (The Pizzadude) ln - th

- (rejuv) Tabletop miniature wargaming, 2004-10. Rejuvenation is mentioned in the backstory as a side effect of drinking from a Wellspring, the others being enhanced strength, magic, and prophetic visions.

- (AA demon TF battle upgrade AP form) 2016 MMO.
Izanami was released in the KR Servers when the game went global. Her transformation wielding the scythe of death is subtle.
- Video link - caps - (BassGS, Yuuki)

Himitsu Sentai Metamol V
- (Mahou Shoujo fighting team, AA TF AP forms) 1990s, Secret Battalion Metamoru 5.
Sega Saturn eroge game features a team of combat heroines similar to Cyber Team in Akihabara, but the TF concepts are more unique for each warrior. Only the commander has an actual animated albeit censored AA AP TF, with visible process during the opening. The others have before/after AA forms.
- Nostalgia retrogé video link @1:33-1:50 - screencaps - screencaps - gif - (Chriskim019)

- (AR) c2009 Wheel - scene - (Suning)

Horizon Zero Dawn
- (fast forward) Alloy's Training cutscene link - screencaps

Horizons (?)
- (age increase?) PC Game? (Stonegate, Dragoniade?)

Hour Face
- (face OA) iPhone app - old

- (male muscle TF, male AP form) "Tokyo Afterschool Summoners", c2017. Lifewonders RP app.
Ikutoshi Ooki has a mighty upgrade, causing his clothes to separate into shreds.
- Review video link - cover art - (Akira)

House of Dreams
- (dedicated AR) Text Game (SUDS Player) Main Character and daughter can be age regressed - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (dedicated fan art, AA TF AP) "A better relationship" by Deviant Artist: ThatFreakGivz, 2022/08.
Buxom teen to super-buxom full woman. Tiffany transforms into her mother Jessie . Patreon reward for Jake-The-Sap fan art link - 1

Hybrid Mud | Age Reduction VFX
- (digital film edits, nude adults "rejuvenated") rousselos Aravantinos c2018.
NSFW. Adam and Eve and the apple. An elderly couple was digitally "regressed" into young adults. If you're into chubby grans this is the video for you!
Basic 3D animation/rigging, and 3D hair grooming. The bodies and faces were done with 2D painting. Vector paint and spline nodes. Endless pre-rendering and rendering!
Software: Shot and processed at 6K in EXR; Nuke, for the 2D work; Mocha for tracking; Photoshop, for painting the young/old beard and body hair; Maya 3D, for hair, snake, and leaves; After Effects, for color and finishing.
- Nude Video link - screencaps - other works:
- (fem. face) - link - Digital Beauty Retouch Age Reduction VFX 4K
- (fem. face) - link - Age reduction VFX | De-aging | Digital Cosmetics
- (mix faces) - link - Age reduction VFX 2011 Woman - Man | Digital Cosmetics
- (Chronoeclipse)

Hygienic Room, The
- (AR/AP) AKA "Welcome to the Infirmary" 6/06 PS2 adventure game. PrincessSoft, BunBun. The pupils who consult the hygiene teacher are changed with the medicine of magic. The study of love develops. (YU-1) AR, APed

Hyper Life 3D
- (CG AA FF) Apple store, 2020. Pretty much the game of life if you had an avatar that slowly "ages" - info link - (Kappa)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
- (AA TF ages) 2010 RPG. Piishe to YellowHeart battle forms - (Chachazero90)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
- (AA) Yellow Heart got her child body back, but still becomes "the big me" when transforming. Neptune and Plutia also transform from looking like early teenagers to full adults.

Hyperdimension Neptunia
- (TF AA AP) PS3 game and manga.
Sega Neptune goddess has a human form and an older goddess form with a different outfit, hair style and colors. The transformation scenes are through a flash of light.
- Battle video link - screencaps - manga TF forms? - (chachazero90)

Icewind Dale
- (adult age stasis) A witch who lives near a village of mink skinners and furriers turns children into minks, and uses that energy to remain young and beautiful forever.

Idol Land PriPara
- (AA age forms) T-ARTS mobile game, PriPara multimedia series, 2021.
Also web-series - art

- (AA AR) caps
- (AR) (Dreamcast) The leggy heroine, Eriko Christie, is ARed to pre-pubescence, complete with pigtails. link

Illusion Of Gaia
- (male age forms) 1994 SNES RPG.
Will can transform into Freedan, an adult swordsman who looks quite different.

- (age stasis effect) The Peri, youngsters rescued from the Children's Crusade and made into immortals, can transform their bodies into weapons. The soundtrack had the sound of someone being stabbed, followed by a childish voice saying, "G'night!" and giggling.

Immortals Fenyx Rising
- (mythological entity ARed AA, RNed AA cut) Ubisoft, 2020.
You must help the goddess Athena, who was turned into a child (sadly offscreen). She was restored with a poof, but there was some screentime with kid Athena. It's not much, but it's something.
- Video link @16:50 - caps - (Kupy, Anonsuper)

Imouto mo Akumakko Manyuu
- (AR) Hentai game included AR scenario - before/after

Imouto mo? Akumakko!? Manyuu Henshin!
- (some age forms) Yo wa Aniue Senyou Majonyuu Dorei ja! Hentai Game. Morning Star and G-spot, illustrator: Miss Black. Strong focus on Isuta's bust going from flat to 118cm L-cup during transformation scene. She also looks more physically developed elsewhere, most notably her horns. The protagonist made a comment about changing back into a lolikko toward the end. He force-fed his little sister into transforming into a less dominating personality.

Indiana Jones and the Fountain Of Youth
- (possible ad.rejuv/OA?) c'06-'15-?? - th

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
- (adult rejuv) 1999.
A major quest is to get the 'treatsure' for an old Tibetan mystic. The treatsure is a plant that restores the woman's adult youth. It's a major quest but a minor poof and done type TF. She then single-handedly moves a giant wooden beam that even Indy couldn't move. ln - th

Inflect Graphics
- (FF) age progression animation - video link - before/after

Jammy's Game
- (AR?) In pre-production, c2017?
ABDL theme card game. The person making the game says they will include regression of some kind - info link - (SSJTyler)

Jazz Jackrabbit Xmas Edition
- (player setting kinda looks like ARed)
c1995 PC, Epic MegaGames - (ArArchive)

Jewel Knights Crusaders
- (AP) Hentai game. Hisui (AKA Jade) has the most confusing ending, wherein she gets possessed by some sort of magical entity that makes her physically mature.
Censored 1

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
- (male adult hero rejuv) - Further info: Alessi's Stand, Sethan, can revert characters back to youth. While this usually makes them weaker, it backfires on super-aged Joseph, only regressing him to his late teens. In Young Joseph's story mode, he maintains his adult youth after beating Alessi, but eventually returns to normal.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
- (AA TF AR battle moves) 1998-2000 Capcom fighting games.
"Alessi's transformation magic compilation".
Video link
- Male caps - caps - caps
- Female caps - (Thomas)

Jungle Quest
- (possible AR) Find the fountain of youth by solving puzzles on each level. (Jeffr_2bya)

Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai - quantum girlfriend
- (demon age forms) Murata Sakuhito, Mizunezumi, Satofuji Masato, c2011.
Amaterasu has differing age appearances?
- Game info link - Image link
- Extract - (Andu22)

- (height and growth measurement app) c2012, for iPad. Track Your Child's Growth - (Apps4Cams)

King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones
- (AR, OA) PC game,
Wrong order of gems in "The Door of Destiny" can make you a baby again or a skeleton. There are also some minor flashbacks, and a look into the king's future as he takes a test (also if you drink the youth potion, it will be a while before you'll be interested in girls again) - (Jeffr_2bya)

King's Quest VII - The Princeless Bride
- (AR) 1994 cartoon game from Sierra. The main weapon at the end is a handheld Rejuvenator. You use it on the main villain, turning her into a baby. ln - th

King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
- (AR) 1994 adventure game, Sierra On-Line high-resolution graphics.
Female adult bad guy gets reverted - (ArArchive)

King's Raid
- (AA TF sequence, teen to adult combat form) - screencaps

King's Raid
- (demon AA age forms) Manhwa-scrolling mobile RPG. Vespa, 2016.
Lewisia the Vampire Princess & other battle form sequences.
- AA TFed vid link - link - character animation link -- Age forms - forms - forms - (Andu22)

Kingdom Hearts 2
- (FF) Kairi years.

Kingdom Hearts III
- (adult old aged to dust) 2019 RPG, Square Enix, PS4, Xbox One. 12th installment.
New spins on Disney movies, where Donald, Goofy, and Sora participate in the stories. In the 3rd game a level is based on "Tangled", including Mother Gothel's rapid aging.
- Video link @45mins - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
- (slight age stasis) 2004. Neverland-level Wendy wants to go back to London, while Peter is concerned about her forgetting about him as she grows older.

Kingdom Hearts
- (AA FF) Kairi ages.
(AP Cbed) "Kingudamu Hatsu" action role-playing game, Squaresoft, 2002, PlayStation 2. fan art
- (male OA, male body theft adult rejuvenation)
Rapid Aging is one of the side effects of prolonged exposure to the darkness, along with hair lightening or becoming white:
- In "Birth By Sleep" (2010), Master Xehanort's ongoing experiments with darkness have clearly aged him to the point he doesn't have much life left in him. Xehanort casts off his withered body and pulls a Grand Theft Me on Terra, creating the younger Xehanort.

Kings Bounty: The Legend
- (AR?) 2008.
You go on a quest to gather ingredients for an AR potion, so an old hag can marry a younger man.

Kings Quest 2
- (AP, adult rejuvenation) fan remake. Possum is turned into a vampire together with her dying grandmother by Caldaur. While the grandmother rejuvenates into a hot vampire lady, Possum physically ages into a young woman, though still with the mind of a little girl.
- (adult rejuvenation wish) Hideous old hag Hagatha wants to be young and beautiful, but hasn't managed to find a way to accomplish that yet.

kisekae ningyou
- (dedicated FFed to OA) c'18. Kisekae Set System (KiSS) animated interactive virtual "paper dolls". Expert Mode. Yellow, Pink, Green Buttons. L-R: Scars (I use this tab for wrinkles), Emotes 1 & 2 - facials, mouth, etc. NSFW options (boob wiggle etc.) - "Max and Chloe OA" stages - (JackpotMans)

- (AA dolls, FF stages) old aged - Gallery link

- (dedicated shoujo TFs) AKA "KiSS" virtual paper dolls, c2015.
"AA AP" Models info link
- has a strip poker game featuring various characters. I have decided to age up some characters, but there are so many I may need some help.
Model repository link - I have started with Jasmine - (JackpotMans)

- (FFed to OA) '18 sim character pixels - (Lunkpil)

Last of Us Part 2, The
- (face FF, teen to full adult) 2020. Very difficult 40 seconds.
"Ellie" trailer link - gif

Last of Us, The
- (face FF) - Ellie 14 to 18 gif

League of Legends (fan manga)
- (hero upgrade) Multiplayer arena game, "Barely legal" hentai.
Smaller combat shoujo Annie undergoes a poof TF just in time to be menaced by a tentacle monster.
- Nudity scene - (Lurker1_12)

League of Legends
- (dedicated ARed) - Baby Shawn 2 aftermath fan art - (Tamaeftt)

League of Legends
- (FFed) Annie is reaching her adult state! After the visual rework her face is more mature, and she actually gained some height! Her bear Tibber looks more powerful and bigger!

Left 4 Dead
- (FF AA) fan comic
- ("FF") She started out as Ellie from "The Last of Us"? fan mash-UP

- (male ARed) The antagonist is given a second chance and turned into a baby after he is defeated, and raised by his sister who herself was raised by a wolf - (Richforce)

Legend of Legaia
- (male AR) "Regaia Densetsu" 1998 Contrail RPG, PlayStation. The game ends with the rebirth of Cort into a baby who Noa takes care of - (ArArchive)

Legend of Old Baby Man, The
- (male age forms glimpse) 2012.
You are a guy with the unnatural ability to transform between baby, teen, adult, and elderly man. Each has different powers to traverse the game. You must find the key in each level before progressing through the locked door to your next challenge.
- Baby: Can fit through small openings, and rides inside a snot bubble to float and breathe under water.
- Teen: Runs fast and is able to double jump.
- Adult: Pushes boxes and uses his briefcase to melee.
- Old man: Temporarily dies, and his ghost can phase through walls.
Game info link - (GeneticSpartan)

Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
- (dragon AR) Vivendi Universal, 2006.
The evil female adult dragon reverts back to her younger more innocent self.
- (Anonymous) ln - th

Legend of Zelda (fan film)
Game Grumps Animated
- (elf "ARed" poof glimpse) Animated commentary.
She has appeared at different ages. They joke that Princess Zelda looks younger than she is, and we see a flash of her in baggy clothes as a 6 y.o. kid. Really brief but funny and cute. Happens around 14 seconds in.
- Toon link - screencaps - (Klatuk4u)

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, The
- (dedicated AP) - Beth fan art

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The
- (ARed aftermath) 03/2017.
A 6y.o. girl used to be much older, but got regressed due to testing a youth device. You see her as a child from the get-go, and get told she used to be older (a la King Erik from Fantasy Life). She held a diary detailing her regression from old woman to child, with her mental age also changing. I was surprised at how detailed the journal was. It seems like she's trying to act the part too. A bunch of side dialogue like "this is the kind of things young people say, right?" I feel it's at least partly an act. She retains her adult intelligence and memories, but behaves like an excited child; which is freaking adorable anyway. I scoured the lab for Purah's "before" photos, but no luck - Diary link - (Ericdomo, Chaos Echo, Mr_DNA, Azerty47)

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
- (male AR) Grown male Kafei is about to be married. When he refuses to play a game, Skull Kid transforms him into a boy. Kafei spends the game in hiding or covering his face with a mask.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- (age stasis) An entire race of kids exists.
- (male ages) Ending: Zelda sends Link back to the Kokiri forest to live his childhood.

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The
- (AR poofs) 2001. There are 3 kinds of AR. You can turn chickens into baby chicks by using magic seeds. A boss can turn you into a baby with a beam of light, but only for a short period. And there is a GameShark to become a baby.
- (Tazz) ln - th

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The
- (ARed) GBC.
Grim Reaper mini-boss in level 8 & Veran's 2nd demon fairy form when half-dead due to low HP.
- Video link - (TottieTa)

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (fan art)
- (dedicated TF AP) - Deviant Artist: Tetokasane-04 "Purah's AgeProgression" 2023/05.
That is what really happened :D ... I kinda like her new look - Full fan art link - blocked mirror - (Nightelf 37)

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The
- (AA TF APed) GameCube, Wii, 2006. Midna is a resident of the Twilight Realm and a descendant of the ancient Twili people.
- Before/after AA - (Vermin Star, Process Board)
- (ARed, APed) Midna spends most of the game small and impish, but her true form is a striking blue-skinned woman slightly taller than Link. Her reign was cut short when Zant usurped her rightful position and transformed her into an imp.

Legend of Zelda
- "Ocarina of Time" & "Majora's Mask". Link can transform into an adult. male - male - Princess Ruto, sage of water
- "Oracle of Ages" One of the bosses can turn Link into a baby. How do Link's clothes fit when he wakes as an adult? Kokiris only are kids so why would they make a adult tunic?
- Midna

Legend of Zelda
- (male AA TF/APed) adult battle form
- (male AA TFed) Link APed
- (male time skip AP to OA) - Link has slept for 7 years.
fan art: male AP CB aftermath glimpse.
fan art: male old aged - (O')

Legend of Zelda
- (male ARed) Anju and Kafei were deeply in love and set to be married, until the Skull Kid transformed Kafei into a boy.
They were reunited minutes before the moon crash - fan art - art

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4
- (male toy figure "ARed", AA RN) 2010/06.
Graveyard, labyrinth. Baby Voldemort into adult in magic cauldron, c28:00 - Walkthrough link - - (Tazz)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
- (male block AR) 11/2017, Lego action-adventure game.
After the final boss fight, Kang the Conqueror (a time traveling villain) turns into a baby when his henchwoman uses his time weapon against him.
Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
- (anthro plant age forms) 11/2017.
In Guardians of the Galaxy you will know Groot cannot die. He just returns in seedling form and ages back shortly. Time traveler Kang the Conqueror has stolen pieces of cities from around time and space to make one major city. You can switch between adult and baby Groot via a time device (or press Triangle), and each form can do a different thing.
- Video link - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Life is Strange
- (flashback into baby self) Ep4 "Dark Room".
An 18 y.o. female rewinds time back to when she was just 1 y.o. - Video link @50:15 - - (Tazz)

Life is Strange
- (mental time travel to the past) PS4 game, 2015.
You play as 18 y.o. Max, a young woman who can rewind time. Throughout the game you can only rewind a few seconds or a minute (to undo mistakes or use new knowledge). Near the end of Ep03 Max somehow rewinds herself 5 years by looking at a photo to the day her best friend's father died in a car accident, so she decides to prevent him from driving.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Tazz)

life simulation software (genres)
- (age adjustment sliders, FF) The Sims and many others. Select the attributes of your heroine.
c2005+ forms - forms

Light Fantasy 2
- (AR) Japanese RPG for SNES. Tonkin House, 10/27/95. Main character gets turned into a baby (with blanket and pacifier) by witches, and is saved by a bunch of strange people. The baby actually fights in battle. Some times you'll grow a little more in age. Some options might reverse your aging process, but your character will eventually age back to normal over the long run.

Little Fears - The Roleplaying Game of Childhood Terror
- (AP) 2001 RPG, Jason L Blair.
Players take on the personae of children aged 6 to 12 in Closetland. A child that comes into physical contact with a ghost ages at a rate of 1 year per 10 seconds of contact. Is there any clothes tightening/bursting or none at all? Yes.
- 10th anniversary edition, 2011. "Happy Birthday, Little Fears".
"Little Fears: The Movie" in development by Reactor 88 Studios.
- (JeffR2bya)

Little Girl - Photoshop Make over
- (FF AA AP) c2010 face editing tutorial.

Little Nightmares II
- (AA preteen to demon TFed, size increased) 2021. When Mono finds Six in the Black Tower, he discovers her to have changed into a distorted, monstrous creature with long arms. Her body is completely warped and lanky, with her left foot seemingly dislocated. Her face is now hidden by grown-out hair and her stretched trademark raincoat - Video link - caps

software: A to L - M to Z

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal