Aging Transformation Scenes

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Caça Talentos
- (AA AR, AA RN, TF) Brazil, 1996-1998.
Fairy joins a Tv station and makes heavy use of magic.
Episodes of interest:
- "Maravilha Verde"
075 - male AP: boy into man.
076 - AR: man into boy, women/man into children.
077 - women/man, boy back to normal, boy into man and back.
- "TV Galera"
152 - mental: woman acts like a baby.
- "O Genio das Televendas"
178 - male AR: man becomes younger.
- "Eu, Bebel, 10 Anos, Explorada e Mal Tratada"
210-219 - AR: several adults into children and back.
Screencaps AR & RN.
- "Lambidao (Natal & Ano Novo)"
273 - male AP: boy into young man.
279 - male AR: young man into boy.
- "Dia das Fadas"
389-396 - AR: woman into girl and back.
Screencaps AR - Screencaps age forms comparison.
- (by Grenzgaenger)

Caça Talentos
- (adult rejuv AA poof, RN OA AA poof) Ep210-216 - Eu, Bebel, 10 anos, Explorada e Mal tratada - dif: Ep187-194-(210).
Extr. title: "AR AP Old Woman into Young Woman 37" - Vid link - screencaps

Caça Talentos
- (AR AA flash, pseudo OA flash, RNed)
Clip link - screencaps
- (female/male AR AA flash, RN AA flash)
Clip link - screencaps
- (male pseudo UC AP flash, RN AR flash)
Clip link - screencaps
- (Grundverkehrt)

- (adult TF slight age forms) "Lady of the Lake" ep4, 4/15/11.
Morgan uncontrollably shapeshifts into her 8 year older stepmother Queen Igraine - (Tal)

- (age shifting AR & AP RN)
"Guinevere", S1Ep3, 4/8/11.
While at the nunnery, Morgan learned the ability to take on the form of her younger self. Sybil taught her how to shape-shift into her appearance as a child. When her father rejects her forever, she poisons his food with some unknown ingredients, in her shape-shifted form so that she won't be recognized. Merlin foresaw Uther's death while Morgan, transformed into a child, poisoned the king's food. He goads Morgan into a display of her powers. Morgan, after restraining Merlin, transforms herself into a little girl and then back into herself as an adult. The transformation is very painful and Morgan hurts herself during it. She ignores Merlin's warning not to mess with these forces.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AR) S1Ep1 "Homecoming" 04/01/2011.
Merlin proposes Uther's male heir Arthur as rightful king of England. Challenging Arthur's claim is Uther's daughter, Morgan. She changes herself into a child at one point - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (type 8 AA curse rejuvenation) S1Ep3 "Guinevere" 2011/04/08.
Merlin is restrained to his bedpost by the powerful 25 y.o. witch Morgan Pendragon (Eva Green). She displays her dark transfiguration powers to assume a younger appearance? Later, these caused her to spew blood and suffer great pain.
- Scene link - screencaps

Camera Escondida
- (young adult to OA cut-away pranks) Troca De Atriz, c2013 street gags.
Young woman beckoning male pedestrians re-emerges from behind the van as crone.
- Video link - screencaps

Caminhos do Coracao
- (male APed UC) Hospital discovery scene - suddenly grown boy
- (male APed) Brazil, 2007 telenovela.
- Cris has the ability to grow older. The result of one of those spurts - male vid link (O')
- Other mutant powers: Metamorpho, Eduardo Mayer can copy the look and voice of others. Guest appearances of fish or any animal using strength of mind. Plant manipulation: able to control or animate vegetation, and accelerate the growth of plants and nature. Ability to generate involuntarily pheromones that cause the effects of seduction.
- Gór and Marli look on, as Cris grows to manhood inside an opaque bubble - male vid link

Candid Camera
- (AR) Prank show. Some 6-year-olds' Grandpa or Grandma would enter into a wooded shack, and a child actor came out dressed in oversize clothes exactly like the kid's Grandparents. Unlike most Candid Camera bits this was more a close to heart thing, than for humor.

Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik
- (AA age-up) Sam Pinto (AKA Sammy) is a femme fatale in a Pia Gladys Perey gown. She has the power to AA from an innocent little girl to a beautiful grown woman.
Info link - Video link - screencaps
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik
- (TF) 2011 series, Philippines. Sam Pinto as Sammy, the "age-shifting" supervillain.

Captain Barbell
- (male AR fades) 2006.
Magnetika's force caused a man to be regressed into a boy, a baby, and then nothing.
- Clip link @01:10 - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Captain Barbell
- (male AR) 2006 series. Week 20: Magnetika's Forces, 10/9- 10/13/2006.
Magnetika (Magna) demands to see Captain Barbell again or she will continue to wreak havoc on the men of the town. She feeds on the life essence of the men, making them younger and younger until they just disappear. One of her victims is Bobby - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (kinda looks like ARed) HBO, 2/13/05, S.2 #18 "The Road to Damascus"
Sophie sits and reads a book. She notices someone in the rear view mirror of the truck. She looks out and sees a very pretty, if spooky, little black haired girl standing with her back to Sophie, holding a porcelain-faced doll. The little girl turns and we see that she looks like a younger Sophie, only with jet-black eyes. According to the casting info, it was "young Sophie". "Every prophet in her house" she says. Sophie calls out "Mother" because the little girl was using Apollonia's voice. It could also have been the child who would be born if Sophie and Ben consumated their year of smouldering.
- Iris was thrown into her first vision of Justin raping Appy. In the scene Iris is older while Justin was shown as younger. Young Sophie turned into Iris and said NO! when asked about her father.

Caroline in the City
- (age disguised) "Caroline and the Quiz Show" Season 3. Caroline is asked to host a quiz show. She freezes up -standing on the stage in front of everyone, she suddenly goes from wearing a snug pair of pants to wearing a little girl's dress- complete with her hair in pigtails and feet in maryjanes. The shoes have high heels, so effect is somewhat ruined. Also, the dress is not as short as it could be. She stands pigeon-toed and pulls on her dress like a distracted little girl.

Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum
Brazil, 90 eps - (data by SickBoy)
- (male AR AA cutaways, male RN AA cutaways) "Sua majestade, o bebe!" c1996.
Boy to baby, male RN AP, baby monster ARed. Dr. Victor, Zequinha and Mau drink youth potions. Victor turns back into a boy, while boy Zeca and monster Mau return to babies. Victor develops a formula to return all to normal - Ep45 link @8:00 - screencaps
- (FB/FF cuts to baby, little boy, boy, man, old) "Gravidez" c1997 - Ep76 link @14:00 - screencaps

- (implied possibility of slight UC?) "Last Call", 12/6/10, S3Ep10.
Alexis comes in and says her old grade-school shirt still fits.

- (male SORAS) UK. Louis Fairhead aged from 11 to 16 from 2006 to 2007.

CB scenes
- (BE UC) BE gif scene.
- (CB, body development, BE) Growth burstout gif scene.

Celebrity Big Brother
- (adult baby punishments) American Ep03 (Night 3) 02/2018.
11 celebs compete for $250,000. Last place gets a "Big Bro-tox treatment", where they are made to look younger than they can remember. James Maslow (former Disney star) and Ariadna Gutierrez (former Ms. Colombia) tie for last place. For the next 48 hours, they have to dress and act like babies: crawl, suck on a bottle, etc. The other house guests treat them like babies for fun. Chuck Liddell (former UFC fighter) carries Ariadna like a baby, and they even feed them like babies.
- Imagine if Omarosa (The Apprentice) or Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy on The Cosby Show) had to act younger than when they first started acting....or Metta World Peace (LA Lakers Star) as a giant adult baby. But it was fun with James and Ariadna having to do that - (Tazz)

Celebrity Fit Club
- (adult weight loss) Former child starlets have grown up - and out. cover

Celebrity Swap
- (old age) UK Channel Five, Flame TV, 2nd season. 4 part series follows 2 celebrities each week as they undergo the ultimate makeover: 1 star couple will swap gender, another age, another race and a 4th class. They then try to fool close friends or family. Julie Goodyear and Peter Andre swap ages. 60-something ex-soap star Julie undergoes an extensive makeup process to become Linda Hart, a punkish TV producer in her 40s. The makeup is once again in the more than capable hands of Neil Gorton and Vanessa White.
- (old disguise) UK 2004. 80 y.o. make-up

Century City
- (male age stasis wish, male adult AS & OA) 2004, set in 2030.
- A child actor sued his parents over the right to take growth suppressant hormones to continue his acting career. The child actor was convinced not to take the pills through an appeal to the wonders of growing up.
- An elderly member of a Backstreet Boys-esque boy band sued his former band over a contractual dispute that forced all members to take gene therapy and other surgery to keep them perpetually boi-ish. The boy band case was dropped after one of the members who went through the procedure died of old age.

- (body TF) Sci Fi Channel. A super-killer female cyborg with chameleon-like powers discovers maternal instincts when she protects a child from government operatives in this tale set in the year 2028.

- (mother/daughter swap, mind transfer) 10/12/98 to 12/14/98. A Japanese Freaky Friday! Atsuko Asano and child star Yuka Nomura (b. 20 March 1984) appear as an actress mother and her daughter who hates her mother's work. Struck by lightning, the two are surprised to find they have switched bodies and have to live each other's lives. 1 2 - manga

- (AA FF, weight gain prediction) Holly

Chappelle's Show
- (kinda like adult ARed) To demonstrate that everything looks cooler in slow motion, he shows how his experience in the laundromat changes from mundane to sexy as it is replayed slowly (in slow motion, the old woman by the washing machine becomes a young model tossing her locks of hair in the breeze).
- (male adult FFed to male old age) 2003 S01 Ep11.
Seeing is disbelieving as Dave is blessed with a magic video camera that permits him to see people's innermost thoughts and desires... and where they'll be in 10 years!

Charles in Charge
- (height growth, height comparisons) Teen actress Josie Davis - 01 - 02

Charlie Rose
- (implied possibility of FF UC?)
"A conversation with Jacqueline Novogratz"
"The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World"
- She first got the sweater when she was 10, but miraculously it still fit her when she was a buxom freshman? Even if it still did fit, what kid would want to wear the same clothes that they wore in elementary? And then miraculously, it returned to its original size when she saw it 10 years later, being worn by "a little boy"?
The average height and weight of a 10 year old, the age at which she received the sweater, is 4'3" and 70 lbs. The average for a 14-15 year old freshman is 5'3" and 110 lbs.
She claims that when she saw the sweater again in Rwanda, it was being worn by a child approximately 10 years old, but that it "hung so low it hid his shorts...and knobby knees...only his fingertips poked out."
How could her breasts have appeared "MAMMOTH" in high school? She couldn’t have been much thinner than she is now.
If you've watched any episode of "What Not to Wear" on TLC you would have seen it is VERY COMMON for women to have clothes from their pre-teen and teen years in their possession. Some women are petite enough that these clothes still fit and have "memories" attached to them. So it is not wildly strange that a sweater from age 9-10 would still be in use by a 12-13 year old, and then also fit a MALE who is 10 years old in another part of the world.
Lots of kids are made fun of because of their bodies. How does throwing away the clothing in any way rectify this or make any sense?

Charlotte Church Show, The
- (old age disguise) "Hanging with Ginger" ep 7. Voluptuous 20-year-old Charlotte disguises herself as aged woman Ginger Jones and interviews Kerry Katona. link

Charmed (reboot)
- (adults aged & RNed) S03Ep15 "Schrodinger's Future" 2021/06/18.
When Maggie and Macy returned from the future, they had aged a bit with gray hairs. Temporal Tea Potion was brewed by Mel and Ruby to reverse the side effects.
"I never aged, I never got sick until I gave up my immortality ... I'm feeling in the 18 to 21 range...
An acceleration potion, courtesy of my mother ... with this, it took her only 30 seconds to clean up after dinner.
Going to the future for more than 30 minutes ... can lead to a host of temporal issues like... Rapid aging.
Hands of time turn around. Help us back and homeward bound ... Oh, my God. We're... Old as hell.
Unless you guys really want senior discounts, you better start drinking."
- (Carlton)

- male adult rejuvenation
- (male AA flash forward, AA AP not shown) 7.20 "Imaginary Fiends" 5/8/05.
Trailer only. Piper casts a spell to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt back from the future. A curse on baby Wyatt physically transforms future Wyatt into a darker version. He kidnaps baby Wyatt so that the sisters can not convert him back to good - not male AA APed
- (TF's, TG AR) "Still Charmed and Kicking" 9/25/05. Piper morphs into Wyatt and the sisters morph into other women. They morph back on screen. (Sara)
- (TF CB) "Hulkus Pokus" 11/20/05. A government-created virus is spreading amongst magical beings, causing them to "hulk out." Billie (Kaley Cuoco) is scratched by a demon, and she becomes infected with the virus. Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Leo (Brian Krause) realize the only way to save Billie is to turn into "hulked out" versions themselves. The Charmed ones don't get much bigger in height, but there may be clothes ripping. (lbh)
- (flash forward) 2006 final episode. Piper meets herself at various ages - flash forward
- "The Three Faces of Phoebe"

- (AA of course) S04Ep14 "The Three Faces of Phoebe" 2002/02/14. Phoebe conjures a younger and an older version of herself to help her decide whether to marry Cole. The younger version looked a lot like Alyssa Milano did when she was starting out.

- (adult rejuvenation, face close-up morph) de-aging spell gif
- (adult to old age) "Spin City" 4/18/04, S6Ep18.
The Wicked Witch of the Enchanted Forest cursed a fairy into an old woman - (Metamorphose)

- (adult to old aged) S01Ep02 "I've Got You Under My Skin" 10/14/1998.
- (male adult to OA, adult rejuved & RN AA) S02Ep22 "Be Careful What You Witch For" 5/18/2000.
- (mental AR) S03Ep03 "Once Upon A Time" 10/19/2000.
- (mind transfer) S04Ep04 "Enter The Demon" 10/18/2001.
- (adult "rejuved") S04Ep10 "A Paige From The Past" 1/17/2002.
- (adult "rejuved") S06Ep17 "Hyde School Reunion" 3/14/2004.
- (adults mentally rejuved to teens) S07Ep03 "Cheaper By The Coven".
- (male adult OA'd, adult rejuv) S07Ep04 "Charrrmed!"
- (TF, TG rejuv) S08Ep01 "Still Charmed and Kicking" 9/25/2005.
INFO PAGE - (TBTC, Zietgiest, Time2, Louder, Sara)

- (age acceleration power) Cryto.

- (CB glimpses, TF scenes) Wendigo transformations happen at night, so the fabric tearing wasn't clear.
- first TF CB - Piper TF CB scenes - nude RN

- (future older adult) - FFed
- (AA flashback/flash forward) 3 age forms were brought together - ages

- (mental reversion to younger adult, time travel interaction with younger selves) - age girls
- (adult rejuvenated) "A Paige From The Past" 4.10, ep 76, 01/17/02 Another mind transfer for Phoebe. Paige is reverted to her high-school self in 1994.
She was already fully grown at this time - reverted Paige
- "That '70s Episode" 4/7/99. Prue and Piper meet their younger selves. back in time
- (BE) "Hell Hath No Fury" 2001. Quote: "They just grew!" Paige BE'd
- (mental AR) Ep 7.03 "Cheaper By The Coven" 9/26/04. All 3 witches adult rejuvenate back into teenagers when a spell backfires. From advanced spoilers this seems to be a mental adult rejuvenation. Part of the show will feature their immaturity.

- (OA adult youth theft, male adult rejuvenation)
OA transfer - male restoration.

- (TF) "Repo Manor" 3 adult witches morph into female adults.
- (female to female morph TF) "Dirty Blondes" 10/12/03
- Screencaps 10 - 11
- (male AA APed) male AA APed
- "Hyde School Reunion" 03/14/04 Phoebe is reverted to her (fully grown) high school self.
- (adult to adult) "AR" - "AR" - "AR" scene
- Looked like an AP aftermath scene but it wasn't - 27

- (TG age changes) - AA TG AP - AA TG adult rejuvenation.

- 2002. Phoebe meets herself at different ages. 1 2
- old age rejuvenated
- (AR) "Be Careful What You Witch For" 5/18/00. (TBTC) Pru rejuvenated to 17 (she was already fully grown at this time) - male old age - 17 to 27 RN AA
- (male muscle) "Baby's First Demon": male muscle growth
- (mind transfer) "Enter The Demon" Ep 70. Phoebe and Paige switch bodies. exploring
- (adult Tf CBed) "Hulkus Pocus" screencaps, Alyssa Milano "CBed"
- (male FFed AA) "Imaginary Fiends", 20, 5/8/2005.
Piper casts a spell to understand baby Wyatt's "imaginary" friend, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt back from the future. When Vicus places a curse on baby Wyatt, the effects are seen immediately in future Wyatt, who transforms into a darker version of his previous self.

- (adults FFed to OA) S1Ep1, 1975/02/16.
Flip Wilson, Bette Midler, Cher and Elton John in an old folks home in 2025 reminiscing about their Show half a century ago - Scene link - (Wazzupdawg)

Chi and Me
- (mind swap?) Ep 155-159, India, 2004-2006.
11 y.o. boy Sachin had a close encounter of a different kind. School uniform role reversal? School students swapped clothing.
- - cap - (5329)

Child Star Confidential
- (FF AA) - years
- (FF) cover
- (flash forward, coming of age) Documentary about child starlets and how they grew up - 1 - FF - stars

Childrens Hospital
- (male accelerated age) 2008, S1, S2. Adult Swim spoof sitcom.
A 6 y.o. boy had the rarest form of Advanced Aging Disease. He looked about 40. Little Nicky takes on the tendencies of an old man once the disease reaches advanced stages. The boy ends up dying of old age, but not before he and a female doctor had a relationship (It's all kinds of wrong). Dr. Black gets pregnant and appears to die giving birth to an adult baby who also has the disease, and looks exactly like his father - (Tazz)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The
- (adults to old age) S1Ep3 "The Trial of Sabrina Spellman" 10/26/2018.
Dark reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina is put on trial for declining to give her soul to the Dark Lord on her 16th birthday (if found guilty she will be burned for 333 years). As punishment for being her Guardians, Aunts Hilda and Zelda become mortal. Throughout the episode they gradually grow older. Sabrina wins the trial on the basis of having already pledged her soul to God when her mother secretly baptized her. The court restores Hilda and Zelda's immortality and adult youth, to which Zelda replies "Praise Satan I am young again". The OA was shown over time. Near the end they appear in their 80s, vs maybe 30s or 40s. Their adult youth is restored in seconds, as grey hair fades and wrinkles disappear - th - (Tazz)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
- (adult rejuved, Tfed "OA'd") S2Ep4 "Doctor Cerberus' House of Horrors".
A tarot card reader appears. Aunt Zelda gave a baby to an old witch. In the tarot vision, she dreams the old witch had rejuvenated after eating the baby's marrow. The old tarot lady was really younger adult Mary Wardwell in disguise - (Tazz)

Chiquititas (2013 telenovela)
Brazil, 2013-2015.
- (mental man, pseudo male "ARed") - Ep385, Ep386 link
- ("AR" girl to younger clones) - Ep502 link
(by SickBoy)

Chopped Junior (promo)
- (brief AR gag) 2016. It was one of those Food Network pop up ads in the lower right corner of the screen, where the people from another show move around and try to distract you from the show you're actually watching.
The host Ted Allen was surrounded by chefs, there was a "poof", and all the chefs had turned into kids. They looked down at themselves in shock while the host laughed at them. It seemed like the kids were chosen to look like the adults, and they were dressed the same. It's a kid's version of his other show "Chopped" - (Filthymind)

Choujin Barom 1
- (male merging, older form)
2 younger males transform into Superman Barom 1, who is friendship powered, so Kentaro and Takeshi can only transform when they are feeling friendly towards each other. Barom Bop was used to detect the monsters and transform into Barom 1's car. Either boy can start the henshin. "Barom... Cross" - (Akira)

Choujin Barom 1
- (old age) Superhuman Barom 1 - Ep23 "Demon Nougeruge Inhales Brain Waves!" c1973 Toei.
Man & woman get older? Doruge summons the Demon Agent who inhales brain waves, causing a few people to slowly be dying of old age. Barom 1 punches Nougeruge down the stairs, killing him in an explosion, and turning the others back to normal - Japan-only link - (Akira)

Choujin Sentai Jetman
- (male AP scene) Ep36. AKA Jettoman, Bird-Man Sentai Jetman. Toei, TV Asahi, 1991.
Enemy executives from the time-space empire "Byrum" laugh at the defeated "Tolan" boy. He rapidly grows to adulthood by super-energy as his clothes fall.
- Direct male AP video link - male AP scene screencaps
- Start of episode 37 adult form battle link - (Akira)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male AA cutaway ARed/OA'd) Ep49 "The Fall of Great Professor Bias" 1989/02/18.
Great Professor Bias : Joji Nakata - Professor Bias (boy): Kentaro Ishizeki.
- Series Finale. A Bias with restored youth descends to Earth to continue his cycle of destruction for the sake of knowledge. Liveman must hold him off and find a way of either changing his ways or stopping the mad genius permanently.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male adult rejuvenated) Ep43 "A Mystery!? Guildos' Final Form" 1988/12/24.
Villain king was rejuvenated, but not yet to boyhood - link - screencaps - (Akira)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male AR) Ep20 "Failing Obular's Counterattack!" 1988/07/09.
Super sentai. AKA "Choujyu Sentai Liveman". Part 2 of 3.
- Gou Omura/Doctor Obular is kicked out of Volt for his failures, forcing him to resume experimenting. The brain beast Saiseizuno has the ability to rejuvenate Zimmer, and Liveman will also struggle - blocked link - (Akira)

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male OA, male AR scene)
AKA "Super Beast Squadron Liveman" Metal hero battle.
- Ep 48 "Birth!! Boy King Bias!" 1989.
- Direct video link
- Screencaps

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
- (male) 1989 - 3 - (Akira)

Choushinsei Flashman
- (male AR AA) Ep 41, Super Sentai series, Toei, TV Asahi, 1986.
Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Choushinsei Flashman
- (male AR) Ep41 "Dai Becomes a Child" 1986/12/13 - Japan-only alternate link - (Akira)

Chronicle, The
- (male adult age body swaps) "The Chronicle" - "Only the Young Die Good" S1Ep7, 8/18/01.
SciFi show about a Weekly World News-like tabloid newspaper whose stories were all true. Staff at a longevity institute and an old folks' home are being used as host bodies for rich old people.
- Video link - caps - A reporter finds that an old man switched places with a much younger man in order to continue his work. The younger man died in his old body.
- Video link - caps - Tucker is switched with a much older man who delights at his newfound strength and adult youth. They are switched back at the end after Tucker tries to reason with him.

Chronicle, The
- (old adults to younger adults mind transfer) The Chronicle - S01Ep07 "Only the Young Die Good" 8/18/2001.
Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. It would be found a half-millennium later in Westchester, NY. Dr. Suzanne Gorham ran the Gorham Longevity Institute, a high-rent retirement laboratory for senility research. She perfected a procedure to transfer her elderly residents' consciousnesses into young, healthy people. Reluctant to grow old gracefully, the wealthy reprobate retirees paid fees of up to $5 million to escape their aging bodies and move into newer models - which were already occupied by members of the Institute's staff - (Sci-Fi)

- (male demon doll "OA") S3Ep4 "Dressed to Kill" 2023/10/24. Due to breaking his bond with Damballa, Chucky is no longer immortal and slowly turns human while rapidly aging. In the final scene he is a withered old man doll, and previews show him getting worse - Trailer link - caps - (Gavin)

Cinarc teleserials
- (young adult sudden mental maturation, AA, RN) c2010, Kinshasa, D.R. Congo Tv serials.
- "Mwasi Mabe", "Mwasi Ya Satana" theme: A "bad girl" teen witch type, adolescent girls with magic powers.
A "child of the night" appears as a normal "child" at day, but the diabolical spirit governing her "transforms" her into an "adult" at night. Such teenagers attempt to break up Christian marriages through magic. The shrunken men are bottled.
- Kalaonga's maman made a pact with demons during her pregnancy. Mayimona was a child blessed by traditional healers, who introduced demonic water spirits into the baby's body.
Based upon the Central African icon "Mami Wata", a seductive water spirit. Similar iconography appears also in "Maboke"
- From: "The Making of the Pentecostal Melodrama - Religion, Media and Gender in Kinshasa", Katrien Pype, 2012.

Cinta Buta Putri Langit
- (AR flash, AA RN AP flash) Indonesia c2016.
Scene video link - screencaps - (SickBoy, Grundverkehrt)

Class, The
- (AA flash forward APed) "The Class". Commercial for 2006 Tv show. They show a bunch of kids playing on playground stuff (swings. etc). After a while they go off screen, and when they reappear, they are the adult actors wearing the same clothes, only bigger, still on whatever they were on. (Tazz)
- (FFed AP AA morph) trailer

clothes don't change with (TF depictions)
- (very rare OC, or slight UC glimpse?)
Someone transforms (no matter what kind: gender, age, animal, etc) and their clothes do NOT change with them.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- "I Was Made to Love You" & "The Gift". Ben and Glory turn into each other.
She turns into him while wearing her own clothes. At other times he also turned into her.
- "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" & "Gingerbread" - Animal TFs in own clothes.
- (Also Interested, Jeck L)
So Weird
- "Shelter" - animal
- Gender (each series does this TF)
- "Secrets Revealed" 1997 gender swap, adult series
- "She's a Man, Baby!" - Prue "turned into" a man while wearing women's clothes, and back into woman in men's clothes
- (Switcher)
- "Doing as the Romans" - woman into cat OC link
Unfortunately, this is the only TF in the series where her clothes DON'T change with her
- (Jeck L)
Fantasy Island
- "The Big Switch" - gender
- "Estrogen" - gender change in own clothes
- (Also Interested)
The Magicians
- "The Rattening" - had a character crawling out of his robes as a rat.
- (Mad Charles)

Code Name Eternity
- (TG age TF) "Fatal Error" 8/27/2000. Ethaniel creates a virus that infects nanobot android Mr. Dent, which sends him insane, turning him into a cowboy, a little girl (Isabella Fink), a clown, and even Banning.

Code Name: Eternity
- (TG AA replacement poofs) S01Ep15 "Fatal Error" 2000/08/27.
Mr. Dent gets infected with a virus and changes forms uncontrollably. He zaps into a hot girl and a little girl - link - (Transformation Channel)

Come Back Ahjussi
- (male adult mind transfer into younger adult) '16 Kdrama, SBS.
Two middle-aged men come back in the bodies of a young man and a young woman - Trailer link - (Hektor)

Come back, Soon Ae
- (adult ages mind transfer) 2006 South Korean drama, 16 eps.
Hardworking wife of 40 swaps bodies with beautiful 25 y.o. stewardess who is her husband's mistress after vehicular confrontation.
- Screencaps - (Metamorphose)

coming of age
- ("puberty" documentaries) common cliches
- (coming of age FFed, body changes) self-awareness cliches + panic.

Community Training
- (AA APed TF) 2009, NHK.
- Japanese education on the proper use of honorifics. A new program started. Shion is a middle school boy. Ninja girl "Ran" is usually a full figured girl. However, Ran is transformed by using the art of invisibility into a slim, tall girl.
- info link
- In the 8th clip, the costume girl uses a compact to start the transformation scene. The height increased about 10 centimeters.

Community Training
- (AA TF AP, RN) TF (Akira)

- (dream image doll "ARed") S02Ep11 "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" 12/9/2010.
"Baby Doll Shirley" appears in the stop-motion Christmas episode - info link

- (imaginary cartoon baby forms of cast) "History 101", S4Ep1, 2/7/2013.
Abed has a vision of him and his friends in a Muppet Babies spoof. "Greendale Babies" will be together forever.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Conan the Adventurer
- (adult rejuv?) S01Ep16 "The Child".
An elderly king incurs the wrath of Conan and Red Sonja when he abducts a boy-wizard who has the power to restore youth.

continuity errors?
- (height change?) - screencaps

Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main!
- (Japanese unintentional time-lapse FF age progression project)
2009-2013. "Through the Predictability of Television Watch a Girl Seamlessly Age Four Years in 30 Seconds!"
- Children's program about cooking and nutrition. Haruka Fukuhara played Main-chan for the show's 4-year run as a paragon of kawaii.
One fan responded by uploading a pseudo time-lapse video showing Ms. Fukuhara age from 10 years old to 14 y.o. Normally such a video of a child star would be hard to pull off, except for the fact that Main-chan would make nearly the exact same gesture, and pose framed nearly the same way in every episode.
"Except for specials I compiled 243 episodes into 16 seconds. I didn't have to do any image adjustments or resizing."
Now that's continuity for you! The video was well received by fans who enjoyed the unique retrospective: "Hilarious!" "Well made!" One viewer observed the video was amazing "but (the person who made it) seems scary!" I remember trying to do the same thing with Emmanuel Lewis over the 6-year run of Webster, but it didn't work out as well.
Her costume was enlarged to stay one step ahead of her growth. As the transition takes place in the heart of the "Forbidden Zone" of maximum awkwardness, Japanese broadcaster NHK promptly had the video taken down.
- Reposted video link
- gif - gif - gif - screencaps
- (Capo0161, Tashiro, Rocketnews24)

Cosby Show, The
- (growth) Olivia (Raven Symone) tricks Dr. Cliff Huxtable into thinking she grew an inch overnight. Quote: "I know my body!"
- (BE age disguise) - BE'd

Creche Landing
- 1999 UK Tv pilot. Mel G becomes Baby Spice for a sitcom in which she provides the voice of a toddler. The babies completely misunderstand what's going on. Children featured in the program were aged from 12 to 30 months and dressed in the same clothes throughout filming for continuity purposes, visibly growing in that time.

Creeped Out
- (mind transfer rejuv/"ARed" effects) CBBC show, UK/Canada.
- Ep2 "Cat Food" 11/7/2017.
Stu cheats to get a sick day from school. In the house across the road, a demon in a creepy old lady's body wants to steal his body. Stu tricks her, but then the demon steals his sister's body.
- Ep5 "A Boy Called Red" 11/28/2017.
Vincent takes a trip back to his father's home, but in the cellar something goes wrong. He travels back in time to when his father was a little kid...
- (Mike)

- (male adult to OA) S3Ep5 "Time Out" 2021/10/21.
Young man Tim inherits a wardrobe and discovers time moves a lot faster inside. This helps him find the time to study and get work done. Of course, Tim ages at an accelerated rate as a result. His body starts to fall apart, his attention isn't what it used to be, and he's grown prematurely old (unstable HTML link).
- - (TF dimension)

Criss Angel Mindfreak
- (AA AP) Girl to Woman - more screencaps
- (male AR AA, male RN AA) male
- (male AR AA, RN) "The Kid in Criss" S3 Ep59, 9/25/2007
Criss meets some kids at the playground and muses he would like to be younger. Since a child lives in all of us, it might just be possible with magic. He jumps down a slide and emerges a 10 year old boy. After stealing a kiss, he resumes his normal age behind a flourish of a drape. video link
- (no AP) In one illusion, he levitated a young girl in front of her parents and sibling. For 1 second it kinda sorta looked like she might start to AP. However, this did not happen.

Criss Angel Mindfreak
- (AA AP) Season 3, 6/19/07 "Screwed". Description: Famed illusionist Criss Angel finds 8 year old girl in boutique where his girlfriend and the girl's mom are clothes shopping. He asks the girl if she would like to be 20, and she eagerly agrees. He puts her in adult size coat and hat, stands her up on a table, and tells her to visualize herself as a twenty year old, slowly growing. We see the oversized coat rising up from behind, the girl's hat and possibly long dark hair under the brim slowly climbing to adult height. She twirls around, the hat sliding away, and it's revealed she now has an adult face and body. Instead of the former preteen ending up nude under the coat, her blue jeans, garment top and shoes fortunately also became adult sized. Now sounding like a college girl, she says she feels older; hops from the table; looks in the mirror and shrieks, amazed that she became 20; and excitedly runs off to tell her mom.
- vid link (istmael)
- more comments Some viewers criticized the show for changing a girl who was under 18 at the time.
- comments - comments
- screencaps

CSI: New York
- (adult face OA simulation) "Identity Crisis" 4/1/11.
"Age progression" software scene. Adam uses the software to make Lindsay look older and Danny makes the mistake of laughing a bit too hard. Lindsay is not pleased.

- (male adult disguised as teen) It turns out that a teenage high school student accused of raping a fellow student was really in his 30s. Unfortunately for him, the victim was the daughter of a minor character...

Dai Rangers
- (male APed) 1993. (Special effects from this show were used in "Power Rangers") Ep 17 onward. 9 year old Kou Koushinsei became the 6th Dai Ranger, the golden Kiba Ranger. The great love of Kou's life was Rin. To him, she was both a replacement for his lost mother, and a dream of marriage of his own: when fighting, he is disguised as an adult. 1 (Akira)

Dai Rangers
- (male TF) caps - (Akira)

Dai Sentai Goggle-V
- (boy & girl AR) Ep18, 1982. "Otona ga keru hi", "the day when the adult disappears"
Scientists invent a medicine that can rejuvenate subjects. However, the Dessmaruku Field Marshal of Dessdark swipes the medicine. The simian mystery man pours it on the scientists, and a rare gas appears. The scientists rejuvenate to childhood. Many bystanders and police officers are affected.
- Video link - caps - (Akira)

Dai Sentai Goggle-V
- (male face OA)
Dai Sentai Goguru Faibu, Great Sentai Goggle Five. Toei Super Sentai tokusatsu series, TV Asahi, 1982.
15 "The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief".
- Scientists of darkness gather to revive "field marshal Dessmaruku". Because he was sleeping in ice for years, he requests the vitality of a young man. Subordinates are ordered to deprive a boy of vitality, and the victim's face changes into the appearance of an elderly person.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Dai Sentai Goggle-V
- (male face to old age) Dai Sentai Goguru Faibu, Dai Sentai Goggle Five.
Ep15 "The Revived Demonic Commander-in-Chief" 1982.
- Super Sentai tokusatsu series. Toei, TV Asahi - Episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The
- (kinda looks like ARed) 2004. They showed media figures as children - looks like ARed
- (old age rejuvenation, male AR) 60 year old woman used topical prescription ointment to rejuvenate skin - screencaps
- (impersonation) - kids

Dans une galaxie pres de chez vous
- (male old aged, male ARed OC, RNed) AKA DUGPDCV
S2Ep7 "Up tempo" 1999. Quebec scifi comedy.
Time & space get out of sorts. Male adult OA'd to elderly @06:20; male ARed OC to baby @14:30, later RN AA'd.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Dante's Cove
- (adult rejuvenation AA, male adult youth draining) Kade Pittman, here! network, 2005- . An elderly woman sucks the energy out of a surfer to restore her youth. vid link (O')

Dark Angel
- (old age) Ep 7 "Cold Comfort" 11/29/00. It's a chilly reunion when Manticore alumni hook up. The kids from Max and Zack's batch of genetically-enhanced soldiers suffer age acceleration. We are introduced to another X5 in this episode--Max's sister, Brin. Brynn is dying of old age even though she's only in her 20s. 4 others have already succumbed to the same disease. Brin is being affected by something called 'rapid aging syndrome', normally seen in soap operas in child actors, only she goes from 20 something to 80 something in about 6 seconds. She is stashed in a closeby Army installation. Even in her decrepit, old state, she is able to take out her guard.

Dark Shadows
- (male AP) Ep913, 12/26/1969.
The Leviathan child Alexander suddenly grows older and assumes the name of Michael Hackett; in this form, he terrorizes David and targets Julia for elimination.

Dark Shadows
- (old aged) 1

Dark Side, The
- (male AA AR or OA) The Dark Side - 1965, "The Black Ferris", Ray Bradbury.
The giant Ferris wheel, a symbol of time, takes Mr. Cooper into his childhood or old age.

Dawson Casting examples
- (adult actors playing teenagers)
Examples of older actors being asked to play teenagers:
- Isla Fisher stands out as someone who easily looks ten years younger than her real age.
- Kristen Bell was afraid she would be stuck like this for a while, complaining she would look too young for many years to come.
- Ellen Page.
- Senta Moses played apparent teen Phoebe in Beakman's World in 1995.
- Summer Glau's small size, slender build, and delicate, childish features let her convincingly play characters a good 10 years younger than her actual age. In The R. Tam Sessions, she managed to convincingly play a 14-year-old girl.
- Keiko Agena was 27 when she signed on to play 16 y.o. Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls - only 6 years younger than co-star Lauren Graham, and many fans couldn't believe it when they learned her real age.
- Martin Short got away with playing a 10 y.o. boy in Clifford at age 44!
- 43 y.o. Stacey Dash looked 25. She was 29 when she first played teen Dionne in Clueless.

Days of our Lives
- (dream sequence?) 2000, #8895 In "the garden of Eden" a little girl turns into a woman and tempts Greta with an apple.
- (SORAS) The actress playing Belle was replaced by an older teenager.
- (dream sequence AR, RN) 6/3/99. As Sami lies dying she walks through a swirling tunnel. She hears her family praying to God not to take her and turns into a little girl as she continues toward the light. Sami then hears Austin asking her to come back. She turns back into her adult self and continues toward the light, but stops when she hears Austin tell her that they love her. Her heartbeat returns.
- (kinda looks like growth spurt) 1995. The character Jennifer has grown up... and up. The actress Stephanie Cameron (b. 06/25/69) looks like Missy Reeves (b. 03/14/67) but is MUCH taller, sort of a SORAGS (Soap Opera Rapidly Accelerated Growth Syndrome). 5 years later she shrunk back.

Days of our Lives
- (SORAS, continuity errors age acceleration) Soap "Salem Stalker" 2003. Jenn/Jack's daughter Abby was maybe 10/11 years old. When they got back from the island, she was suddenly 16. When John and Marlana remarried, Brady and Belle were 4 or 5. After they got back from their honeymoon, they were 16 and 20. Shawn was attacked around 12 or 13, but when they did the age growth for Belle, Shawn was around 16/17.
- (FF growth) Mimi grew taller, deemphasizing her bosom as her torso evened out. Her legs look longer, regardless of whichever shoes she's wearing.
- (male retconned, SORASed, de-SORASed) From the 1970s through the 1990s, Mike Horton (b.1968) stayed a young man.

Days of our Lives
- (AA future age form)
Stephanie is now in the blue tunnel of death. She is going to need Steve as she grows up. A grown up Steph comes to see him and tells him it is not the same. Grown up Steph and Steve have a great talk. Steph reminds him of everything he is going to miss, and begs him "please daddy come back". Steve wants to come back now and Kayla tells him to fight the urge.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- (demon AA morphs, adult age appearances) A magical shapeshifter, Charlie became a member of the Legends. Her powers were suppressed by a spell from John Constantine, limiting her ability to change shape.
- TF scenes video link - adult AA TF morphs and adult age forms gif - adult AA TF TG & female morphs gif - (Shapeshift Videos)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- (mythical reptiloid TF RN "ARed") S04Ep16 "Hey, World!" 5/20/2019.
Dragon RN into baby. In context, the dragon was a hatchling previously aged into an adult creature offscreen - link -
- (AA FB/FF) Zari Tomaz appears as a future adult and past preteen with similar hairstyles. She found the egg in her childhood home and tames the monster - (Tazz)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
- (young adults dream FFed OA'd) S04Ep12 "The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe" 4/22/2019.
Ava was knocked out by Neron. Sara attempts to reclaim Ava from mental purgatory: a supermarket filled with Ava products. "Sometimes life is this... boring!" Ava and Sara have to get through a series of domestic tasks. They handle their lesbian relationship issues by building an IKEA wardrobe.
More fighting brings the couple to their greatest unknown: growing old. After some soul searching, the two make it out just fine. That was either the greatest old-age make-up, or they got the actresses' grandmothers to play the parts - (Jeffr_2bya)

De Volta aos 15
- (mental time travel into past teen self) - Back to 15 - Netflix. 6 eps, Brazil, 2022/02.
Inspired by Bruna Vieira's book of the same name. Comedy series follows Anita's self-discovery and maturity journey.
- When adult Anita returns to her hometown, a string of disasters unfold. She takes refuge in her adolescent bedroom and turns on her computer. When she logs onto an old photoblog, our main character is magically transported back to her first day of high school - a 30 y.o. brain stuck in the body of a girl of 15. While trying to fix everyone's lives, each change in the past impacts everyone's future, and not always for the better.
- Trailer link - caps - caps - (Gnosis)

Death Becomes Her
- (possibility of adult rejuvenation?) c2013 Bravo Tv series based on 1992 movie in pre-production.

- (adult rejuvenation & stasis) Ep06 "Supernova" 2021.
Adult teenagers were rounding up old folks to infuse life into an adult girl. The hula hooping should have been a giveaway that she is older than she looks. One man became a young adult again thanks to a piece of space debris. The other man ages back to elderly after getting too far away from the object. Don't you wonder why the debris takes people back to young adults but no further? The couple decided to give back the piece and die together on their own terms - (Carlton)

Degrassi: The Next Generation
- (FF, coming of age, BE) S03.
By 2003, Emma Nelson (Miriam McDonald, b.7/24/87) had morphed from a precocious Soap Box Sadie to a more conventional hottie after the actress hit her growth spurt, lost her braces and developed breasts.
- S06 "Love My Way": Emma did climb back on the soapbox when her stepfather teacher Snake catches her buying birth control and gives her a hard time. In response, she gives a class presentation about how men are hostile toward female sexuality, which amazingly wins him over instead of making him even angrier.
- S07 "Hungry Eyes": After taking a job as a spokesmodel to defuse criticism that she was too "predictable", she takes a stand against, no, not the blatant sexual objectification of the models, but the company's ideals. She rips off her Purple Dragon outfit on stage in front of the whole school.

Dek Mai
- (age stasis, bio manipulation) - Girl From Nowhere (Netflix) - Thailand, 2018+
Student entity Nanno can live for years yet her appearance and young adult youth will never change. She's been in high school since the 1990s. In the episode "Pregnant" she biologically altered a man to get pregnant and bear a fetus who grew into an infant.

Dengeki Sentai Changeman
- (AA TF age-up) 1985, 9th series. Ep33, "The End of Giluke!?"
Nana the Rigelian preteen has gone missing. She suddenly emits psychic energy. Ahames is exposed and teleports back. When the Changemen look at Nana again, she has aged into a teenager complete with new clothing because sentai. Typically, Rigel females emit this aura once in their life, when they cast off their short childhoods and become adults. She thanks the Changemen and runs away with sad piano music. Later, Nana's adopted family is still looking for her. She walks by, but they are unable to recognize her, grown up and in a high school uniform. She tries to say something, but cannot bring herself to do so.
- Episode link - screencaps - age forms - (Captain Shark)

Denshi Sentai Denziman
- (male adult to OA, male AP, unconfirmed possibility of female AP???)
"Denjiman", Toei, 4th Super Sentai series.
- Ep08, "The Skeleton Town's Great Demon King", "Hakkotsu Toshi no Daimao", 3/22/1980.
New Vader Kaibutsu can make people old, and the male adult Daigoro Oume (DenziBlue) and a group of kids became victims! Kuso jiji can't even Denzi Spark!
It has been reported this episode includes male AP, and perhaps also female AP?! If this unconfirmed report is correct, this episode MAY contain an almost unprecedented live action girl to woman TF depiction of some sort! And that means there might be some glimpse of clothes tightening aftermath! Once again, this has NOT been confirmed. No information could be found, and the episode is not online.
- Male adult face screencap - (Akira)

Derry Girls
- (flashback/FF cuts, middle-aged to late teens) - S3Ep5 "The Reunion" 2022/05.
We're switching between 1997 and 1977 - it's a school-reunion episode! They are determined to put on a good show for the highly anticipated event. There was a really good young-to-old adult Flashback/Flash Forward dance scene.
- Article with video link - info link - caps - (Kappa)

Desperate Housewives
- (FFed to OA) 1/3/10, "If...".
Eva Longoria Parker's character Gabrielle appears 30 years older in one of the scenes connected with her character. Felicity Huffman also wears some age make-up for one of her character's scenes, but doesn't age as much. Teri Hatcher will apparently be in a fat suit. More info can be found at the Agingwomen group. (fan2000)

Desperate Housewives
- (slight UC) In this scene they play that Gabrielle's dress is a bit too tight.
Video link - vidcaps

Detetives do Predio Azul
- (AA cutaway ARed, old woman to girl) S03Ep15 #54 "Quem e Ela?" 7/5/2013.
  Episode link - screencaps
- (male APed boy to man) S05Ep03 "O Ingrediente Secreto".
- (old woman AR into baby) S07Ep05 "O Aniversario de Leocadia" - Channel link
- (Sickboy)

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev
- (male age increase) 2/20/2013, Indian mythological drama series.
Mahadev permits Parvati to make Nahush grow into an adult to marry Ashok Sundari.

Di yi juchang
- (young/older adult mind swaps) Chinese folk tale, Taiwan, 2009.
Scene link - caps - full movie: - (Eric)

- (male dino AP) "Steroids to Heaven" Ep 44, 02/12/93, D344. Jason Alexander: Grown Baby. Robbie feels he's stuck with a wimpy body that's atrophied his social life, and he decides to pump himself up with "thornoids."

- (AR to 18, AP RN to 30, male AR to baby) "Handful of Dust" 12/4/02. A deranged alchemist discovers a potion that restores youth, but it requires tail spikes from the Stegosaurus, which he is determinedly hunting and killing. Le Sage reverts to a teen.
male AR - female AR - male AR (15 to 10) - male AR (10 to 0) - femadult aging (18 to 30)

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
- (male cutaway RNed ARed AA form) S02Ep10 "Nice Jacket" 2017/12/16.
When he was returned to the magical land, his appearance had changed from a comatose old man back to boyhood as he was at the start.
At one point, holistic "shapeshifter" Mona Wilder casually mentions transforming into an aircraft carrier to burst out of and destroy the facility. "Please don't do that." It would be nice if more women acknowledged the latent power of their "growth" in some way, though this was obviously an extreme case. AA "TFs" were only shown in poof-like replacement cutaways.

Do Over
- (male mind transfer flashback) 2002 Man relives his own past. male AR'ed

Doctor Who
- (adult AA FFed) "Blink"
Angels zap people back in time, so that they die of old age in the present after living a full and happy life first. It kinda resembles the trope of young adults suddenly dying of old age.
- (adult OA'd) The Doctor almost dies of accelerated aging in "The Leisure Hive" and "The Last Of The Time Lords."
The same fate almost befalls his companion Jo in "The Claws of Axos," not to mention Tegan and Nyssa in "Mawdryn Undead." There's also poor Professor Kerensky in "City Of Death."

Doctor Who
- (adult cloning) "The Doctor's Daughter" On a planet everyone is born as an adult, with all the knowledge they need downloaded into them, including the titular daughter, Jenny.

Doctor Who
- (adult to OA'd dream) "Last Christmas", S08Ep13, 12/25/2014.
The Doctor is able to pull the crab off, only to learn that Clara is now an elderly woman. 62 years have apparently elapsed. He wakes to find, to their mutual relief, that she is still a young adult.
- Full episode link (toward the end) - screencaps - (Yayame)

Doctor Who
- (age forms AA)
"The Howling" - Melody/River had differently aged incarnations. The media reports "a toddler" killed the Doctor. The little red-haired girl at the orphanage may have been her first incarnation. She regenerated in 1969 into Mels after escaping out of the astronaut suit. "Last time I tried this, I ended up a toddler."
"A Good Man Goes to War" - The Silence would take her to Earth to "raise her in the proper environment", the infested orphanage. She escaped and regenerated six months later.
"Let's Kill Hitler" - We see her change. Being half-Time Lord, River says she might gradually take down her age to freak people out. Rory remarks how the River they know is in prison. The older River/Melody seemed genuinely not to know what was going on. She deliberately chooses to slightly age backwards when becoming Alex Kingston.

Doctor Who
- (alien ARed) "Boom Town" 2005/06/04.
Members of alien family are raised to be sociopathic criminals. When Blaine was exposed to the Heart of the TARDIS, her human suit was empty except for an egg. She will be returned to the planet's nurseries for a chance at a new life.

Doctor Who
- (FF AA) "The Eleventh Hour", Ep01, 4/3/10.
The Doctor meets Amy Pond (Amelia) first when she's 7, and after accidentally time traveling 12 years doesn't recognize the adult Amy at first since she's understandably grown since 5 minutes ago. When he comes to, he finds himself handcuffed to a radiator by a much older and more bitter Amy.

Doctor Who
- (FF AA) "The Girl in the Fireplace", 10/20/06.
The Doctor spots a young girl. The fireplace is really a "time window"; passing through, he arrives in Reinette's bedroom, although months have passed there. Returning to her bedroom, the Doctor finds that she is now a young woman. She remembers him and entrances the Doctor, but runs off to answer a summons for "Mademoiselle Poisson" - screencaps

Doctor Who
- (FF time skip) "The Eleventh Hour" Prisoner Zero knocks out adult Amy and briefly impersonates 7 y.o. Amy. Adult Amy agrees to join the Doctor as long as he eventually returns her for her wedding the next day.

Doctor Who
- (FF) He first met his companions at a young age, before taking them on as adults in the future. Girls-who'll-be-women-soon included: Reinette, Amy Pond, River Song and Clara Oswin Oswald.

Doctor Who
- (flashback) Karen Gillan, Caitlin Blackwood - age years

Doctor Who
- (male adult body exchange rejuvenation) "Utopia" S3Ep11, 6/16/07.
Dying from Chantho's shot, The Master regenerated onscreen from old Derek Jacobi to young John Simm in a spasm of volcanic, multi-colored energy, into a body whose voice Martha recognizes - (Christopher)

Doctor Who
- (male adult old age stasis)
Various characters suffer the consequences of near immortality.
- Jack "Face of Boe" Harkness is immortal but still aging at an extremely slow rate.
- "The Sound of Drums", "Last of the Time Lords"
The Master artificially ages the Doctor in order to show the Doctor's appearance if he had never regenerated and really looked his 900 years. In a nod to continuity, the result looks more like the first Doctor than David Tennant.
- The second time the Doctor turns into a creature resembling the offspring of Gollum and a House Elf.
- "The Deadly Assassin", "The Keeper of Traken"
The Master, having used up his (natural) regenerations, has aged to little more than a walking skeleton.

Doctor Who
- (male AR, AP, old age, rejuv; female AR, old age, TF evolution, rejuv) 1963 - ongoing.
Series INFORMATION PAGE (to be expanded)
- (female adult to OA) S08Ep03 "The Claws Of Axos" 3/13/1971 - (Dale Ribbons)
- (male adult OA, male AR) S09Ep05 "The Time Monster" 5/10/72.
- (animal AR, male adult OA) S17Ep02 "City of Death" 9/29/79.
Doctor Who (2005 series):
- (AR/RN) S03Ep06 "The Lazarus Experiment" 05/05/2007 - (Entropic)
- (male adult OA) S03Ep12 "The Sound of Drums" 06/23/2007.
- (male adult extreme OA) S03Ep13 "Last of the Time Lords" 06/30/2007.
- (male AP) S06Ep04 "The Doctor's Wife" 06/30/2007.
- (female old age) S06Ep10 "The Girl Who Waited".
- (mental female AR) S07Ep06 "The Bells of Saint John".
- (Jeffr_2bya data)

Doctor Who
- (male flashback, flash forward, male age forms) - Christmas Special 2010: "A Christmas Carol"
Around the year 4000, the Doctor must make a Scrooge-like miser mend his ways to prevent the crash of a doomed starliner by using the Tardis to play out Dickens' most famous story.
-Kazran Sardick: Michael Gambon
-Kazran as a child: Laurence Belcher
-Middle Kazran: Danny Horn
-older Benjamin: Stephen North
-older Isabella: Meg Wynn Owen
- Gallery - (O')

Doctor Who
- (male OA face reversal) - regeneration

Doctor Who
- (male OA, OA, adult rejuvenation) New series, S03 finale: the Doctor is aged in captivity by the Master suspending his regenerative capabilities, causing him to show his *true* age.
Many episodes in the old series ("The Time Monster", "The Leisure Hive", "City of Death") had adults aging and de-aging without any negative side affects (besides being older).

Doctor Who
- (male OA'd) S18 "The Leisure Hive" 1980 - The Argolins racial trait keeps them youthful for most of their lives, before aging to death in a matter of hours. The Doctor is forcibly aged 500 years. Being that he was pushing 900, this only caused him to go from 40 to looking like his 80s.
- (adult OA "disguise") Series2 Ep12 "Army of Ghosts" 2006 - The Doctor pretends to the Torchwood Institute that Jackie Tyler is her mother Rose after having undergone OA. Jackie is not amused.
The Doctor: And just last week, she stared into the heart of the Time Vortex and aged 57 years. But she'll do. Jackie: (indignant) I'm 40!

Doctor Who
- (male OA'd)
The Master aged the Doctor by suspending his capacity to regenerate with a laser screwdriver.
- (OA) "State of Decay" 1980.
When the Great Vampire is destroyed, The Three Who Rule's 1000 years of unlife suddenly catches up with them...
- (mind transfer age stasis, adult youth theft)
Lady Cassandra develops her Body Surfing ability in a quest to remain young and beautiful. In one episode of New Earth, she takes over Rose, the Doctor, then Rose again, then one of the disease hosts, then Rose a 3RD time, and finally her cloned assistant (who was a willing host).

Doctor Who
- (male old age) "Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords" The Master rapidly ages the doctor 100 years, giving him the appearance of an old man. In the next episode, he ages him 900 years until he is a shriveled husk. (DRW)

Doctor Who
- (OA'd) Jo Grant is aged to elderly when caught in the battling time flow analogues created by the Master and the Doctor. She gets better.

Doctor Who
- (slight age stasis) "The Caves of Androzani" 6th serial, S21, 3/1984.
The age halting drug Spectrox was created by bats that inhabit the planet's caves. Taken in regular doses, it prolongs human lifespan to about twice its ordinary length, greatly slowing the ageing process. Refined Spectrox needs to be taken daily or ageing would resume after a week or so. The trousers Colin Baker wore in the regeneration scene were modified to fit his larger frame.

Doctor Who
- (TF "AA") "Time Heist", S8Ep5, 9/20/2014.
Mutant human has the ability to shape-shift. It is suggested she may also shift into non-human forms. She wears holographic clothes - (CJ)

Doctor Who
- (young woman to OA) "The Dalek's Master Plan" 1/29/66.
When the Doctor activates the Time Destructor - a device that accelerates time - to stop the Daleks, Sara unwittingly follows him. As a result, she is caught in the field as it rapidly ages everything around it. While the Doctor, being a Time Lord, can withstand the effects, Sara, being human, cannot. As Steven and the Doctor watch helplessly, Sara ages (and is portrayed as an old woman by May Warden) and dies, her remains aging to dust.
- Audio links:
Part 1 (where the aging starts)
Part 2 (where the final aging takes place)
- Early Doctor Who episodes were lost or destroyed, so this is a reconstruction of the footage left - (Chrono Eclipse)

- (pseudo cutaway "rejuved ARed") S19Ep95 "Personal Demons" 2017/10/31.
BBC1 soap. As midnight draws near on Halloween, personal demons are unleashed...
- Episode link @16:00 - caps - (Coodie2)

- (adult mind transfer rejuvenated) "Haunted", 2009.
When Adelle's friend is murdered, she implants the woman's recorded consciousness into Eliza Dushku. The woman, well past middle-aged, is pleased to find herself in a sexy young body. Since it's only a temporary swap, she decides to use her time productively by solving her own murder.

- (adult mind transfers) "Omega" S01 Ep12, 5/8/2009.
Alpha kidnaps young women Echo (Eliza Dushku) and Wendy (Ashley Johnson). He implants Echo's former persona into Wendy, who's 3 years younger. Echo fights Alpha, and eventually regains her former persona to restore when ready.

- (mind transfer kinda like ARed) 2010 spoilers:
In the final episode, it's 10 years in the future, and almost everyone on earth is either a mindless doll or a psycho. Caroline (AKA Echo) decides to go on a dangerous mission to retrieve Topher to reverse this. Since she is very important, she makes a copy of her memories and personality, and places them in a 10-year-old girl who is a doll. She survives, so for the rest of the episode there is a second Echo, but it is a 10 yr old girl. She thinks and acts as if she was always Echo.

- (mind transfer, age disguised) "Iris" seems to be a 10-year-old girl, but actually has the imprinted mind of a grown woman - first a woman who pretends to be a girl before pulling a gun on Zone, and later Caroline, whom Zone and Mag upload into the girl to avoid the mass mindwiping that has thrown civilization into chaos.

Donny & Marie
- (AR AA cutaway dream sequences, mental appearances, RNed AA)
76-79, "The Child Within Us" skit.
- Young couple Marie Osmond and Johnny Dark argue while turning back and forth between adult and child numerous times.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Doom Patrol
- (AA TF "ARed" appearance) S4Ep1 "Doom Patrol" 2022/12/08.
They accidentally travel to the year 2042, learning from their future/past selves - Scene link - screencaps
- (some OA, AA AR) S4Ep5 "Youth Patrol" 2022/12/29.
Rita suddenly started aging. She drops a cursed bottle of magic potion. Members start de-aging throughout the episode. Mostly teenagers at first, then children, and Jane becomes a baby at the end.
- Trailer (no AR) link - - start poof only caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Dr Who
- (AA AP) "Delta and the Bannermen" 1987. The Chimeron queen's little princess grows to age 12 a few days after hatching, and her clothes grow with her.
- (AR, RN) "Mawdryn Undead" Tegan and Nissa are infected by a disease that causes them to either age or revert to children when they try to escape Mawdryn's time ship. 1
- (male old age) 1980 "The Leisure Hive" (AR RN) An anti-aging experiment goes horribly awry and the Doctor is turned into an old man.
- (AP) 1972, 6 parts. "Time Monster" (Jeffr_2bya) - ARed (Jeffr)
- (old age) Sara Kingdom (character, 1965-1966, Jean Marsh) The Daleks' Time Destructor causes her to age rapidly to her ultimate death in "The Daleks' Master Plan".
- (male mental AR) "Kinda" 1982, 4 parts. Hindle has wired a dome with bombs. The Doctor and Todd rush to stop him. Hindle is reverted to a child-like state, and Todd tricks him into opening the Box of Jhana. The light floods his mind.

Dr Who
- (ARed from old age to young adult) "Underworld". Tala (Imogen Bickford-Smith) is shown initially as an elderly woman. After she collapses from the bad CSO work, she's put into a cheap plot device which restores her to youth and beauty. Done firmly tongue-in-cheek, but quite nice, even though the Process is frustratingly brief. (Vengeance1701)
- (male age TFs) (2BYA) male AR AP

Dr Who
- (male old age) "The last of the Timelords"
Shrunk alien into adult TF scene (2BeYoungAgain)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
- (flash forward, BE) Colleen wore the same style dresses while she developed from a little girl into a woman with knockout curves. When Erika Flores left and Jessica Bowman began, Jessica wore the same clothes as Erika, even though she was much less endowed. Someone must have done some MAJOR alterations to Colleen's dresses.

Dr. Who
- (AA AP) Chimeron Queen progression stages.

Dr. Who
- (past/future selves) Amelia was played by Caitlin Blackwood, Karen Gillan's actual cousin - age forms

Dracula (2020)
- (male adult rejuv & stasis) Drinking blood keeps Dracula young. When we first see him he appears sickly and old, but he quickly becomes a young man again due to Jonathan.

Dragnut (voice-over parody)
- (male AR mentioned) 2008, Jeffery Jones.
Episodes of the old b&w series DragNet dubbed over with funny dialog.
In the Christmas episode a rare bird named a 'Boobie' was stolen from a nativity scene. The Boobie's eggs are said to make a person younger. A boy approaches the detectives and admits to having touched the Boobie and eaten an egg. The seven-year-old said he used to be a hundred and seven - (Piper)

Drew Carey Show, The
- (AA AP, old age to dust) "Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock 'n Roll Comedy Hour" with Amanda Bynes. Parody of the "Milk It Does A Body Good" CM's. A little girl can't stop AA "aging". Quote: "He calls me a small fry now, but if I keep drinking milk I won't be a small fry anymore... because milk builds strong bones and teeth" - fade-up

Drew Carey Show, The
- (dream sequence looks like adult ARed) "DrugCo" Drew turns his desk to face Mimi because he's tired of her pranks. They just stare at each other and don't do anything other than hand some files to Mr. Wick. Mimi gets a Q-tip out of her desk and Mimi asks, "What are you smiling at? Are you imagining me even more beautiful?" The camera cuts back to Mimi as a hot babe. (jasobres, metamorphose) adult ARed

Drop Dead Weird
- (young/old mind swaps) S02Ep21 "Freaky Friday" 2019.
3 Australian siblings moved to an Irish bed-and-breakfast with their zombie parents. Hoping to learn more about zombies, Frankie invents a device that lets her swap bodies with Mum, but a power surge switches mom-daughter, father-daughter, and grandfather-neighbor. The grandfather also briefly ends up in both granddaughters' bodies, and the son in his sister's body, then the middle aged female neighbor. The mom and dad zombies only make gurgling sounds - (Gnosis, Guest 42)

- (adult AA TF size increase) Philippines - size changes - size changes - (Process)

- (AP AA) Ep 3, 2008 Philippines series, GMA. Banak rears Dyesebel from a baby to a mischievous topless preteen mermaid. Many notice her shiny tail, but she thinks she's just a commoner like the others. Dyesebel's curiosity about the human world gets her trapped in a net. Little Fredo hears Dyesebel's cry for help. On her way home, Dyesebel sees a shark. She transforms into a grown up mermaid while passing behind a coral.
- (mermaid AA AP) underwater AA APed scene.

Earth: Final Conflict
- (adult rejuv cut) S02Ep13 "Second Chances" 2/6/99.
Zo'or sponsors a "fountain of youth" program, called Second Chances, which makes old ailing people into young adults again. Pearl Bell had no use for the Taelons before undergoing the first public transformation. Pearl's brain scan reveals memory alterations - (JeffR_2bya)

Earth: Final Conflict
- (male AP) 10/10/98 "First of its kind" Within moments of his birth, Liam develops from a newborn infant into a toddler, then undergoes another burst of physical development and becomes a young man.
- Screencaps: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

- (flash forward fade of Tenar) Sci Fi Channel 3 hr miniseries, broadcast 12/2004. Unlike in the novels, caucasoids Ged and Tenar (Kristin Kreuk) become sexually involved.

- (SORAS) UK soap. Cassie Carpenter went from 7 to 11 years old.

- (unseen FFed) Tommy Dreamer and Raven both knew Beulah Mc Gillicuddy at summer camp years ago. Dreamer had made fun of her at the time for her weight. Beulah grew up not just to be a hottie, but according to many wrestling fans, the most classically beautiful valet of all time.

Eerie Indiana
- (male age stasis, male APed, adult OA'd) Ep01, "Foreverware", 9/15/91.
2 identical twins called Bert and Ernie never got older than 12, and had to repeat 7th grade for 30 years because their mother locked them inside age-retarding Tupperware each night. As they state in unison, "It's a living hell". The main character pops their Tupperware open at the end of the episode, and they in turn do the same to their mother, who wanted to stay youthful forever; the next morning, the twins are happily in their 40s, and their mother is now an old woman.

El Show de los Once
- (AP) "Once Ninos", "Deseo Concedido", Once TV, Mexico, 2006.
Lulu wants to be big. She makes a wish to be older, and is surprised to find she has grown into a teen. However, it is bad because she can no longer go with her boy friend or friends because of her bigger body, and she will probably have to start working.
- Video extracts link - screencaps

Elizabeth I
- (ff) UK miniseries, 2005 - caps

Ellen DeGeneres Show, The
- (adult AA BE) 2015 Jennifer Aniston sketch. The gag was that no one noticed at first as her breasts "enlarged" - gif - gif - (The Process)

Embarrassing Teenage Bodies
- (coming of age) UK, 2008.
Showed how a teen would look in years to come if she continued to use sunbeds. Info link

Emerald City
- (small possibility of AA age forms?) 2014 NBC series. A young woman remembers Oz.

- (AA appearance TFs, age forms) S1Ep13 "Killshot Pt. 2" 2020/01/28.
10 y.o. Piper (Alexa Swinton) has unique powers. As a gynoid AI, she was part of a project placing artificial children with families. Piper's evolution is extremely dangerous but she still wants to be loved and wanted. Piper confronts Helen (Rowena King), who uses the source to upgrade. Piper sacrifices herself to contain it. Alex suggests using the disk on Helen and it works; she returns as Piper.
- Scene link - screencaps - (TF Channel)

- (SORAS) UK soap. Josh and Carly Hope were first seen as toddlers in 2001, then as teenagers in 2006.

Emu's World
- ("AR" AA) S4E5, 1983 children's show.
Grotbags decides that capturing Emu would be a lot easier were he an egg - and sets about cooking up a regression potion. What could possibly go wrong?
- Vid link - caps - (FARfan)

En Iyi Arkadasim
2004 series, Turkey.
- (AR woman to girl, AA flash) Ep04 link - screencaps
- (AR man/woman to boy/girl, AA flashes, OA man to old, RN) Ep08 link - gif - gif - screencaps
- (man/boy bodyswap) Ep22 link
(Sickboy data)
- (adult to old age poofed) Ecuador, Touche Films, Ecuavisa, web series. Comedic sketch "Audicion X", 2014.
X-Men parody. They are looking for new members. Among many others, a spunky female mutant appears with the ability to grow old at will. She poofed offscreen from about 20 to a chubby, retirement aged woman of about 60-65? But she can not become young again. The OA'd person still wears the same spandex costume as her younger version. I enjoyed the fact that she excitedly says: "I have the ability to grow old at will!"
- Spanish video link @01:45 - - screencaps - (Gibo, Chronoeclipse)

Eneng dan Kaos Kaki Ajaib
- (male AR AA, male RN AA, morphs) Indonesia, "Boca-Boca Tua", 2007.
4 men were brought back with magic pills. Only water can reverse the process.
- male AR gif - RN gif - male AR gif - RN gif
- male AR gif - RN gif - male AR gif - RN gif
Full episode link - male AR screencaps - male RN screencaps - (SickBoy list)

- (adult "age stasis" appearance gags) Hot librarian actress Morning Randolph is actually MUCH older than she looks. In part this is because of good genes, but there was also extensive plastic surgery involved. She even has to pretend her adult daughter is her sister. Conversely, the boy actors in the show "Pucks!" are actually married family men.

- (APed) Philippine telefantasya, also see Encantadia series. Evades fought the Queen's minions when Cassiopea was born. He took the baby into hiding and used his powers to accelerate her growth so that she could fulfill her destiny to help save the Diwata race. Evades became the young Cassiopea's mentor.

- (FFed) "Lost" S5Ep1 4/16/12.
When the ship with the Astraeus crew returns to earth they discover 4 years have elapsed, and time isn't the only thing that has changed. Will Jenna go back to being a toddler?

- (male adult to OA) S04Ep10 "Family Reunion" 8/21/2007.
Fargo's lost Grandpa is found as a frozen body from the 50s. He tries to get back to a normal life but begins to age fast to make up those years. From his 20s to his 70s.
- (adult to OA) "From Fear to Eternity" 09/23/2008.
As Eva Thorne seals the subterranean complex, Zoe's life is endangered as her body begins to rapidly age.
- (Tazz, Anonymous)

- (male old age) "Fargo" Long lost Grandpa is found. Pierre Fargo was forcibly frozen and unaged for 50 years. When he tries to get back to a normal life, he begins to age fast to make up for those years. He goes from his 20s to his 70s. (Tazz)

Even Stevens
- (height comparison) "A Short Story" 1
- (height comparisons) Christy Carlson Romano. "Short Story" Ren's tall frame causes her to tower over her date. Also a "giantess" (shrunkman) dream sequence. 1

Event, The
- (male old age, OA, age stasis) "The Event" - "Everything Will Change" 11/29/10, S01Ep11.
- Dempsey smuggles out a gaggle of mutant elderly little girls held in the sub basement of the hospital. He's trying to use the N.T. progeny's natural aging resistance to keep him young. Stacks of photographs spanning decades feature a man remaining the same age. Sean administers unknown pharmaceuticals. When the assassin stumbles and falls, he ages 40 years in 40 seconds.

Every Witch Way
- (shoe CB) "The Big Rescue" S1Ep2, 1/2/2014.
It is perfectly normal for girls to grow so fast that their feet burst through their shoes... especially when magic is involved!
- Katie vid link 7 mins. - screencaps

Everybody Hates Chris
- (FFed or OA'd dream sequence?) unknown episode - There is a little grown up scene (slight age change) and/or an old age dream.
- (male mental coming of age) "Everybody Hates Back Talk" Chris wants to be treated like an adult.

Everybody Hates Chris
- (kinda like ARed) "Everybody Hates Keisha" 1.2, 9/29/05. The show follows Chris Rock as a 13 year old in 1982. In the 2nd episode Chris is so in love with a girl next door that the next day every person he sees looks like her. It's really a man, or an old woman, a mother, etc. (Tazz)

Exes, The
- (adult mental aging) The Exes sitcom. S03Ep20 "The Old Man and the Holly" 2014/02/26.
Holly starts dating her old law professor, who happens to live in an assisted living facility. After Holly falls out of his bed and hurts her hip, she starts acting and looking elderly at the facility.
- Episode link @15mins - caps - (Rayc5678)

- (old age AR, body swap) Sci-Fi Channel. "A Fate Foretold" Two women from completely different worlds meet and soon discover their fates are eternally entwined. The older woman is looking to recapture her youth...literally, and finds what she needs from a babe with a bad attitude. link

- (male accelerated) 2014 CBS series.
A woman's half alien boy ages at a rapid pace. In previews he had gone from a child to an adult - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (age stasis) S01Ep03, 2023. UK.
Jennifer's boss Angela (Darcey Porter-Cassidy) looks like a child, but is really 56 y.o. due to her superpower. Angela's power was unveiled during a moment of great stress.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Face Off
- (adult face OA morphs) Syfy, c2011-.
Face disguises & prosthetics: "Switched and Hitched", "Triple Threat", "The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge".
- Video link - link - link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Face Off
- (adult to OA disguises) 2012 SyFy reality show.
Competition for makeup effects artists.
- They were challenged to age up 3 sets of triplets in their 20s. The contestants had to make one look 50, the other 75 and the last 100 - (Tazz)

Falling Skies
- (AA unseen spurt) On the season finale we found out Tom's baby daughter has alien DNA. By the end of the season she had aged into a little girl. On the season premiere, 4 months have passed, and we see that she is now in her late teens - (Tazz)

Falling Skies
- (unseen AA accelerated growth aftermath) 2013 "Brazil".
Tom and Anne's daughter Alexis was already standing up and talking at birth. She disappeared when she was 2 months old. In the finale, a 6 y.o. girl walks out of the woods saying "hi daddy". Of course Tom is shocked - (Tazz)

Falling Skies
- (unseen accelerated age) 4x04 "Evolve or Die". Anne is reunited with Lexi, and comes to realize the little girl she saw 6 months ago is now a grown woman.

Family Affair
- (continuity error kinda like age stasis) 1966 to 1971, CBS. Young actress Anissa Jones (3/11/58) played 8-year-old "Buffy" on the show. The program survived long enough for her to enter puberty, but the producers and writers insisted that her character (and public image) had to remain pre-pubescent. Despite the fact that she was almost in high school, Anissa was forced to bind her breasts and play with dolls, not only on set but at press conferences and promotional appearances. Buffy had a doll named "Mrs. Beasley" that she would claim talked to her, often making humorous comments. Marketed by Mattel, it became the best-selling doll in America. When the show was canceled, then 13-year-old Jones expressed relief that she would no longer need to carry the doll around.

Family Matters
- (adult rejuvenated) Mama Winslow (the little old lady) had a dream that she entered Urkel's transformation chamber and came out as a very hot 20-something - (Orion Pax)

Family Matters
- (FFed to "OA" dream sequence) "Old and Alone", 1991, S3Ep11.
On her 15th birthday Laura woke up as a "90 year old":
"I've got wrinkles, my hair is gray, and I'm slightly larger in the rear end."
"You could serve dinner for eight on that butt."
"You're older but you didn't get any bigger."
"We didn't eat our vegetables."
- Episode video link - cap - (Joe A.)

Family Matters
- (flash forward) ABC. Kellie Shanygne Williams (3/22/1976) grew up from age 13 to 22 on the show, changing from an innocent girl with a great smile to a self-assertive adult. Over the 9 seasons Laura's dresses got shorter and her blouses tighter.

Fantastic Journey, The
- (adults to old age cut-aways) "Riddles", 4/21/1977, S1Ep9.
Video link - Video link - Male screencaps - Female screencaps - (TF Theater)

Fantastic Journey, The
- (male AR) 1x09 "The Innocent Prey"
6/16/77. Escaped space prisoner in a sinless community is reverted to infancy, for only the innocent can use the orb.
- Video link - screencaps - (ArArchive video galleries)

Fantastic Journey
Be very careful what you wish for - INFO PAGE
- (adult mental rejuv & OA) S01Ep09 "Riddles" 04/21/1977 - (ARthur)
- (male AR scene) S01Ep10 "Innocent Prey" 06/16/1977.

fantasy curse (plot problem)
- (useless or negative value AP depictions)
We can't repeat this enough: a bad "AP" scene is worse than no AP scene. Far better if it didn't exist at all.
A common example is when the characters are pseudo-humanoid entities of a fantasy sort. Drawn or rendered or some kind of demon or avatar. These have nothing to do with our desire for realistic, meaningful, or believable AP scenes. We want AP to seem real, and to happen in OUR world. Most actual AP depictions are pointless, lost among other garbage we don't care about. When it comes to suspension of disbelief, we think the age changing ability should be the ONLY fantastical story element.
We would delete all bad AP depictions from all media if we could. Unfortunately most (almost all) so-called AP scenes are bad AP scenes. This has been a big problem for a long time. Other fictional age transformations (old age, AR, rejuvenation) are of much higher quality.

Fantasy Island (1998)
- (adult demon TF face rejuv effect) S1Ep5 "Secret Self" 1998/10/24.
Ariel was disguised as an old woman - Scene link - caps - (Transformation Channel)

Fantasy Island (2021)
- (adults rejuvenated) Ep01 "Hungry Christine/Mel Loves Ruby" 2021/08/10.
A magical island can grant anyone's fantasy regardless of how crazy, but can't cure diseases. An older black couple wanted to have a wonderful last few days (she was dying of cancer). They are told to approach a jungle waterfall to begin their fantasy. They went through and became young adults again in their 20s. "I almost can't believe they're mine. Try looking in the mirror and seeing all this hair. And not a bit of it growing out of your ears. Let's just feel how we are in these healthy and young bodies." - caps - (Tazz, Carlton)

Fantasy Island
- "The Red Baron/Young at Heart" Helen (Diana Canova) a 52-year-old librarian wishes to be 25 again and find true love. (BC)

Fantasy Island
- (adult rejuv, RN) "Young at Heart" - Diane Canova. Woman wants to be 25 again. She drinks a youth potion that reverts her from age 50. Inevitable romantic complications, and back to 50 at the end - (Time2)

Fantasy Island
- (adult rejuvenated) "World's Most Desirable Woman", 75, S04Ep13, 1/31/1981.
Older woman wants to show up her husband who runs a girly magazine. Roarke takes her to the Fountain of Youth, which she enters as bubbles surround her. She emerges in a swimming pool wearing a well-fitting bikini as a 21 year old. After enticing the husband he suspects something, but he only realizes who she is at the end. They leave the island with her still being 21 because they can't restore her, with the husband following her and wondering how he can keep up with this hottie. Barbi Benton plays the woman at both ages with makeup - (Time2)

Fantasy Island
- (adult rejuvenated) "Young at heart". Vacationers go there to have their dreams made true.
Episode review link with caps - (Age TF Captions)

Fantasy Island
- (adults made younger) - INFO PAGE
Original series:
- (adult rejuv) S02Ep21 "Fountain Of Youth/Yesterday's Love" 3/17/79.
- (adult rejuv) S04Ep13 "The Man From Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman" 1/31/81 - (Time)
- (adult rejuv) S06Ep16 "Eternal Flame/A Date with Burt" 3/5/83.
1998 Series:
- (male ARed) S01Ep08 "Handymen" 12/12/98 - (ARthur)

- (adult age transfer, OA and adult rejuvenation) A Luxan holy woman underwent a psychic ritual with D'Argo, which unexpectedly resulted in her becoming far younger, because she was accidentally draining energy from Moya, who underwent accelerated aging.

- (adult rejuvenated) S02Ep02 "Vitas Mortis" 3/24/2000.
- (adult FFed to OA) S02Ep16 "The Locket" 8/25/2000.

- (old aged flash forward, RN) "The Locket" 2000. Aeryn returns from space mist looking significantly older. Crichton reminds the old woman she's only been gone a day, pointing out a locket Chiana gave her. "I'd forgotten how beautiful you were," Aeryn mutters. She insists she's only here to warn the others to escape. She says she has a granddaughter who will die unless she returns in the pod. Crichton joins her, and years go by. Aeryn and their granddaughter have brought Crichton to their beautiful "home" planet. Crichton hasn't adapted well, still thinking about returning to Moya. He's also significantly older, since his human lifespan is much shorter than Aeryn's. On Moya, Stark and Zhaan deduce the real problem - the senta-halo they are in is a place without time. More years go by, and the trees have grown tall. Now very old, Crichton and Aeryn take a walk among them. After a long series of attempts, they launch the pod and return to the ship. When the pod docks, Aeryn has died of old age. Crichton hurries to the command deck with all the speed of a grieving 80-year-old, hitting the controls. The maneuver takes the ship and her crew back in time to just before they entered the mist, erasing what happened. Zhaan comes out of her meditations and convinces the others to change course and not enter the mist. Crichton puzzles over a strange feeling. Aeryn lightly tells him, "If something happened I'm sure we would have remembered."

fast forward (time skip tropes)
- (AA FF) c'22. When they want to symbolize that some time has passed, causing a female teen character to suddenly have become more mature looking and changing their social position. Someone posted part of a cropped version of a Cdrama scene link - caps

- (dedicated BE APed) fan edit

Firefly Lane
- (FF, FB) Katherine Heigl, Sarah Chalke series, 2021.
Based on a novel about 2 women's friendship over 4 decades. They meet as tweens in 1974, so in the present day should be around 60. Both actresses are in their 40s now, so we should at least see them play women their own age and maybe older! The trailer seems to show de-aging effects on the actresses.
- Trailer link - (Chronoeclipse)

- (boy into adult monster TF merge) Ep28 "The Boy that Came from the Planet Argon" 1973/07/17.
AKA "Magma Man", Tsuburaya tokusatsu series. Boy alien Emusa arrived from the Argon Star with monster Bemutan's egg. A ferocious Devilsaurus suddenly appeared. Emusa turned into monster Bemusa King to coalesce with Bemutan into combat form - (Akira)

First Wave
- (adults rejuvenated and old aged) S01Ep05 "Elixir" 4/16/99.
Bizarre events in Kalkaska, Michigan. A beautiful young woman goes from 22 to 102 while doing the shimmy-shake at a local bar. A drunk tale? The victim was identified as a resident of a local retirement home. Reportedly, a salesman at "The Organic Source" health food store promised to make oldsters young again. He pushed a youth elixir on a group of seniors to magically reverse the aging process. Hyams revealed himself as an alien. Why would the aliens exploit our need to stay young, beautiful, and strong, and make the old young again? Maybe they planned to use the elixir after the second wave invasion to create a vast labor force of perpetually young, strong, and renewable slaves.
- (male AP glimpse) S02Ep18 "Gladiator" 8/22/00.
The Gua infiltrates the Human Genome Project to genetically engineer a super-warrior. On a computer screen you can see an embryo turn into an adult male - (Jeff)

First Wave
- (OA, male rejuved) S1Ep5 "Elixir" 1998.
There's adult to mummy aging in the first few minutes of a woman, then rejuvenation of a plant around halfway in, and an offscreen reversion of an old man to a young man near the end.
- Episode link - (Reina Watt, Ricky)

First Wave
- (old age TF) "Elixir", S01 Ep05, 10/7/98.
A dancer's time runs out in the nightclub.
- Video link - screencaps - (MySpecialFX)

Flash Forward
- (coming of age) 1996 series.
Male and female best friends narrate the ups and downs of middle school while comparing it to moments from when they were little.

Flash Gordon
- (old age morphing, male old age, male adult RN morphing) "Life Source" A woman named Lillian arrives on Earth from Mongo to suck the youth out of men. After a track star vanishes, an old man arrives in the police station claiming to be him. When the woman drains another track star, we see him age. Both track stars die of old age. Then Lillian ages Joe. Finally, she tries and fails to age Flash. Lillian returns to Mongo after giving Joe his youth back after Flash takes her ring. The main villian punishes her by taking her life force, causing her to age to dust. (Tazz)

Flash, The (2014)
- (male adult to OA) Griffen Grey has accelerated aging as a side effect of his superhuman strength, just like his comics counterpart.

Flash, The
- (male AA AP, male mental maturation process) "Twin Streaks" - male growth acceleration.
- (male APed) "Twin Streaks".
Two scientists rapidly grow a nude infant clone of The Flash to full adulthood - video link
- Ep 17, 4/13/91. Barry's clone was "grown" from basic DNA to an infant, then aged into an adult all within an hour.

Flash, The
- (male adult to OA, male postmortem RN rejuved) "Back to Normal", 4/26/2016, S02Ep19.
Harrison Wells from Earth 2 has the power of super strength that makes him age prematurely. He looks in his 40s but is 18. During the first fight we see him age more. During the final battle he became an old man, and eventually dies of old age. They see his body has reverted back to normal (still dead) - (Tazz)

Flash, The
- (TF AA disguises, age forms) - The Flash - "Who Is Harrison Wells?". 4/21/2015, S01Ep19.
Hannibal Bates is Everyman. By touching a person, he can take on their form. In this episode: adult men and women, a teenage girl, his grandmother, and a little girl. Clothes change with. At the end they ask who he really is, and he changes into a blank form who cannot remember - (Sara)

Flash, The
- (TF male adult rejuv & OA) S08Ep16 "The Curious Case of Bartholomew Allen" 2022/05/25.
The Flash gets blasted with a shock wave forcing his body to age prematurely. He confronts Orloff out of breath. Chester says Barry is over 100 y.o. but he keeps running. Orloff ages and screams. Flash tells him to embrace the time he has left in prison.
- Video link - - (Jeff 2bya)

flashback scenes
- (boy/man characters) The Tv series are: 30 Rock, Psych - ages

- (FF future self older form) "Future Shock" S1Ep22, 5/27/2010, series finale.
A montage of flashforwards are shown. It ends with future grown-up Charlie Benford saying "They found him!" before present preteen Charlie awakens.
- screencaps - (PolikOdysseys)

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit
- (male adults aged to OA) 2014, South Korea, tvN comedy, 12 eps, "Kkothalbae Susadae".
Genius detective encounters a mystery he cannot solve when he suddenly ages into a 70-something grandfather. Fortunately he is not alone. Three detectives suddenly became grandfathers, and form a new Investigation Unit. Can they reclaim their lost adult youth?

Forever Knight
- (age stasis) Final season Monster Of The Week. Lucien LaCroix's step-daughter Divia was 8 years old when she was turned the day Mt. Vesuvius erupted. She was a child for over 1900 years.

Forever Knight
- (old aged effect, some adult age stasis) "If Looks Could Kill" 2/9/1993 S01 Ep19.
A beautiful woman loses it in the Cosmetic Department during a sales transaction. She shoots at a salesclerk while fighting off hallucinations. Instantly, a security guard shoots and kills her.
After Dr. Natalie Lambert arrives upon the scene, she sees the woman's body grow noticeably older throughout the next few hours. She has the body moved to the Coroners Department for an autopsy.
Detectives Nick Knight and Don Schanke, on the trail of a possible virus, visit the gymnasium where the dead woman worked. There they discover more women losing control and becoming ill. A woman from Nicks past, Dr. Sophia Jergen (AKA "the Baroness"), was compared to a vampire for her vanity and desire for immortality. She created a serum to allow women to retain their youth and vitality, but at the cost of extreme side-affects. The addictive drug makes its users go berserk when they need their next dose from the gym.
- Episode video link

- (AP) 2000 Fox. Who's this little ghost girl who can transform into a young Grace Jones dressed in sci-fi ninja Spandex? Derek teams up with Adam's ex-fiancee, Chloe, and together they discover a little girl who morphs into a scary-looking feral woman.

Fresh Off the Boat
- (male APed AA self-illusion) #39 S3Ep2 "Breaking Chains" 10/18/2016.
Eddie and his friends imagine themselves as fully grown men now that they're in the 8th Grade. He thinks he has a chance with his old crush.
- Promo link - screencaps - (Sandlot)

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
- (old age flash forward, dream sequence) - old

Friday The 13th The Series
- (adult rejuvenation-like effect) Woman with a special compact mirror reflects light on her victim. He or she will die, and the person wielding the compact becomes beautifuler.

Friday the 13th: The Series
- (adult to OA) "Face of Evil"
After the sacrifice, Tabitha Robbins (Laura Robinson) looks at herself in the magic compact. The crow's feet around her eyes seem to have disappeared and she realizes the power.
Tabitha shows up for the shoot looking stunning and receives compliments. As she gets ready, Joanne informs her that the lines around her eyes are beginning to show through again. The aerosol can starts a fire and Sandy's face suffers serious burns! As Tabitha looks into the compact, she notices that her face, once again, is rejuvenating.
Tabitha aims the compact at her enemies. Micki grabs a mirror and flashes it back at Tabitha, who is blinded by the light. Suddenly the wrinkles around her eyes reappear, as well as even deeper creases on her forehead. A metamorphosis is taking place. Tabitha's hands and face are shriveling up like a dry prune. Her hair and face dry out and turn ash grey in color. In the course of a few seconds, Tabitha Robbins turns into an old hag. She falls down and is so weak that when she reaches for the compact, she is unable to grab hold of it.

Friday the 13th: the Series
- (AR) "Prophesies" part 2 has some AR. (Spectrum Analyzer)

Friday the 13th: The Series
- (male AR) "The Prophecies: Part II", 10/7/89.
A ritual to thwart Asteroth permanently turned Ryan Dallion (John D. LeMay) into a 10 y.o. boy (Nathaniel Moreau) who left with his mother. The occult forces shrunk his clothes separately. He was replaced by Johnny Ventura.
- Direct vid link - caps - caps

Friday the 13th: The Series
A deal with the Devil to sell cursed antiques - INFO PAGE
- (adult rejuv) S01Ep04 "Cup of Time" 10/24/1987.
- (adult rejuved, RN) S02Ep11 "The Sweetest Sting" 1/21/1989 - (
- (adult rejuved & OA'd) S02Ep14 "Face of Evil".
- (male ARed) S03Ep02 "Prophesies" Part 2 10/7/89 - (Spectrum Analyzer)

Friday the 13th
- (male old age to young adult AR, RNed) "The Sweetest Sting" A farmer sells youth to older men. Bees from a cursed hive sting selected people. If you eat the honey from that death, a person is changed into the physical double of the murdered person. People whose lives are stolen include a young married man, a highly paid executive and the farmer selling the honey. At the end, he is about to have his bees sting the beautiful young Micki to death, and he is gloating about what an old woman would pay for that great young body! Without the honey people revert to their original bodies. (metamorphose)

- (male adult as teen disguise) Joey attempts to get an acting job playing a 19-year-old. He wears his underpants pulled high up over his jeans and a backwards cap, and tells Chandler, "Sup with the whack Play Station SUP". Unsurprisingly, he does not fool anyone.

- (flashback looks like ARed) A woman's apartment building reverts to its past self when there was a fire. Finding her 5 y.o. daughter an infant, she flees outside, and the building partially reverts to normal and her daughter is 5 again.
Later we learn a man whose scientist wife has Alzheimer's created a device from her equations to set time in the house back 4 years (to before she got sick), but as a result certain other areas are also set back for a moment:
A golf course started having garbage appear (was a dump then).
A tunnel started to be filled with water - (Tazz)
- (accelerated pregnancy) S3: Alt-Olivia's pregnancy is sped up to delivery in a few days as part of Walternate's master plan.

- (flashbacks) - then/now faces

- (male adult rejuvenation, male adult age stasis, male old aged)
S03 Ep07 "The Abducted"
- Reverend Marcus heals his flock through the abduction and exploitation of young children. The perp strikes every 2 years and always sets his victims free after 48 hours, though when the kids emerge from their cages, they're frail, sickly, and rarely live to adulthood. Their vitality is literally yanked from them. "When I got him back, he wasn't my little boy anymore." Christopher has been severely weakened by the abduction which drained hormones from him, causing massive cell degeneration. The Candy Man will stow Max in a dark closet, hook him up to a machine that drains his pituitary gland, and attempt to calm him with platitudes while Wyatt Toomy transitions from old to young adult.
- victims - (2BYA)

- (male unseen accelerated fetus burstout) Ep02, 2008. This guy is a test-tube baby with super fast aging that he's trying to reverse. Anyone he has sex with goes from zero to pregnant in 5 minutes flat. Of course this doesn't end well for the mom, because once it hits full term it... well it doesn't stop growing. Yeah, that sickening popping noise before she died was probably every organ in her body blowing up into whatever is smaller than smithereens. And then later in the episode, Olivia has a daydream where she starts "growing" rapidly too.

- (reality shift AA cutaway ARed, AA RNed cutaway) S4Ep6 "And Those We've Left Behind" 2011/11/11.
The Fringe Division begins to wonder about a series of time displacements. A young daughter was suddenly replaced by her baby self in a different room. Suddenly her mother is carrying her older form again. All the changes were kept scrupulously AA.
- Review link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

- (self-image ARed AA dream sequence)
3.19 "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" 4/15/2011.
- Rotoscoped Peter and Bell make their way towards Olivia's childhood home. The true Olivia has been sitting at the kitchen table disguised as a younger version of herself. 5-year-old Olivia is unable to keep up, and Peter dives in front of a Hummer to keep her from being run over. She turns towards the charging army and holds up her hand. "No more," she commands. With those few simple words, Olivia is returned to her adult form.

- (unseen male old aged) "The Same Old Story" 9/16/2008, Fox.
Olivia, Peter, and Walter Bishop investigate the strange death of a woman who had an even stranger child. The woman was pregnant for only hours, yet the boy she birthed was fully developed. He aged unseen 80 years in the span of a few minutes - (ashe5k)

Full House
- (dream sequence) "My Left and Right Foot" After she removes shoes and socks, Michelle's feet start growing at alarming rate. 1
- Opening credits had FF's of daughters.
- (dream sequence, flash forward AP, male old age) "Those Better Not be the Days" 63, 02/23/90.
Jayne Modean (Adult Michelle) Julia Montgomery (Adult Stephanie) Melanie Vincz (Adult D.J.) Rhonda Shear (Adult Kimmy).
Danny, Jesse, and Joey feel that the girls are taking them for granted, so the guys decide to teach the girls a lesson by switching roles and letting them see how it feels to be the adults for a day. The guys look into what could happen in the future if the girls continue to take them for granted. Jesse thinks the worst part about the future they imagined is that he wore a hair piece. Adult Kimmy taunts the old men with her beauty.
Quotes: Old Jesse: "Have..." Old Becky: "Mercy, you old poop!" Jesse: "Well at least I still have my hair." (He turns and Danny uses his vacuum to take Jesse's hair off) Danny: "Now I have your hair!"

Full House
- (age disguised) Kimmie looks older.
- (AP CB) DJ fan art
- (FF BE'd) Stephanie is jealous her friend Gia (Marla Sokoloff) transformed into a woman's figure over the summer. Only the characters reaction to the metamorphosis was shown.
- (FF, discount "old age" makeup) In a shared hallucination, the cast visualizes themselves older. The girls are grown up, but still sleep in the same beds. 1

Fuller House
- (AA, girls FFed into women) Fuller blouse is more like it? - Changes

Funny Company, The
- (TF, size changes) 1963 shorts about group of enterprising kids. One of the Company members was a shy girl named Shrinkin' Violette, who tended to "shrink" to about an inch in height whenever she was frightened or embarrassed. In some episodes she was also able to shrink at will. (Cobe)

Gabby Duran & the Unsittables
- (male young adult to OA) Ep35 "Fountain of Ruth" 2021/10/29.
Wanting to understand grandparents better, Jeremy and Principal Swift ask Wesley (b.2005) to pretend to be their grandfather with an aging drink. They eventually come to understand the meaning as the aging drink wears off.
- (AA TG TF age form RN "AR") Ep09 "The Party King and Timbuk, Too" 2019/12/13.
He disguised himself as an adult woman.
- Scene link - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

Game of Thrones (fan edits)
- (dedicated adult OA face edits) c'20, Daenerys fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

Game of Thrones
- (adult OA'd cutaway, adult rejuv illusion) "The Red Woman", 4/24/2016, S6Ep1.
In the last scene "The Red Woman" Melisandre shows her real age in her chambers at Castle Black. The priestess undresses for the evening. Looking forlorn in the mirror, she takes off her beauty illusion necklace, and her true form appears: a frail woman many centuries old. She climbs slowly into bed.
- Short TFed link - info link - caps - (kleiner harlekin, Agingwomen)

Game of Thrones
- (male FF) - parody

Game of Thrones
- (toon silhouette OA) Melisandre, AKA the Red Woman, the Red Witch. A Red Priestess of the R'hllor religion and a close counselor to King Stannis - Granny witch fan art gif - (Chronoeclipse)

Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono
- (AR, TF AA APed upgrade) Ep20, "Mother", 8/16/2013.
The Zedom turned Ryuga's mother Hakana younger with each plant removed from her. She was magically AA'd into an adult.
AR glimpse @ 15mins, video link - screencaps - AA scene @ 3mins, 55sec - screencaps

- (adult rejuvenation, RN) Ougon Kishi GARO Ep 6 "Beauty" 2005. Japan. Woman is reverted back to a young adult, but her soul is corrupted. She changes ages while seducing victim, and enjoys her sexier body for most of the episode.
Video links:
adult AR
adult AR morph
adult RN morph

- (adult rejuvenations, slight OAd RNs)
- 1st rejuvenation
- RNed, 2nd rejuvenation
- RN scene, life draining
- final RN

- (very rare "UC" glimpse) "Good Christian Belles" 3/4/12, ABC, 1.1.
Teen daughter (Alix Elizabeth Gitter) is said to have outgrown her cheer uniform top, and it pops open at a performance as seen from behind.
- "You can not wear last year's uniform with this year's breasts!"
Promo link - caps - more caps

Gen V
- (adult unseen CBed aftermaths) "The Boys" spinoff, 2023. 25 y.o. Emma (Elizabeth "Lizze" Broadway) can "grow" to the size of a two-story house by rapidly consuming food. TFs weren't shown, only the nude aftermaths. To shrink, she must usually empty the contents of her stomach, which is referred to as "purging." However, it's implied her powers depend on strong emotions.
"I've known since the Buster Beaver incident. Google at your own peril. My mom called me a monster, then made me swear to never do it again."
My theory is she was at a theme restaurant for a child birthday party. She really wanted to eat like the other kids, but her mentally abusive mom was controlling her body size and measured her constantly. She has to watch what she eats, be mindful of her size, stay balanced. We all know how little kids react to being told no, so Emma flipped out. I think she stuffed her face with cake which caused her to get big. So now you have a huge, strong, naked toddler throwing a tantrum in this restaurant/play place. She probably trashed the joint and might have hurt people too. Her mom got mad and called Emma a monster, which deeply scarred her and made her too ashamed to get big again.
Or maybe the other kids started cheering the overeating (the way little kids do at silly challenges), and she was so happy it caused her to grow. Leaving her a seven foot tall naked little girl in front of everyone. It's just her horrible mother lost it at this perceived embarrassment, and abused and berated poor Emma until she was left so ashamed she never dared do it again.
- S1Ep4 scene link - S1Ep5 scene link - info link - caps

Gene Simmons: Family Jewels
- ("ARed" gag, AA aftermath) S6Ep9 "Mr. Tweed Goes to Canada: Part 1" 2011 reality series.
It's right after the opening. Gene closes his Family Jewels book saying "And that's why it's good to be me". Then he and his girlfriend (now wife) appear as 5 y.o.'s, and she turns to him and tells him he's immature.
- Mini Gene & Mini Shannon video link - cap - (AgeRegressionFan01)

General Hospital
- (male retcon) Michael's birthdate was retconned from 1997, to 1995, to 1991, making him 17 by 2009.
- (male adult retcon, de-SORAS) Edward Quartermaine was born in 1916, then in 1928, then in 1937, making him the same age as his on-screen son Alan Quartermaine.
- (male adult retcon) Justus Ward de-aged 12 years since his first appearance in 1994. Joseph C. Phillips (b.1962), Monti Sharp (b.1967), M'fundo Morrison (b.1974).

General Hospital
- (flash forward AA, SORAS, de-SORAS, retcon) Maxie Jones (Robyn Richards) was SORASed from age 15 into her early twenties. The change was unpopular because Richards had portrayed Maxie since childhood. Maxie was then de-SORASed back to high school, and then SORASed again to portray a more grown-up, troubled Maxie (Kirsten Storms).
- (SORAS) Jason Morgan (b.1982) reached his late teens by 1991, Kristina (b.2002) had reached 16 by 2009, Morgan (b.2003) went from age 3 to 12, Molly Lansing (b.2005) was SORAS-ed to age 10 by 2009.
- (flash forward AA) Robin Scorpio was played since 1985 (age 7) by Kimberly McCullough, who aged in real time and grew up on the show, becoming a doctor in her 30s.

Genie From Down Under, The
- (AR AA, face closeup fade TF) S2Ep7, "Baby Talk" 8/11/98.
Older teen Penelope would love to help with the wedding, but she can't because one of her wishes has backfired and she's been turned into a baby. Penelope still has the opal, but since she's a baby, no one can understand what she's wishing for.
- "Look at me! He's really done it! He's turned me back into a baby!"
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR)

Genie From Down Under, The
- (AR AA) S2Ep7 "Baby Talk" 1998.
Episode link - AR gif - screencaps

Genie From Down Under, The
- (AR) "Baby Talk" Australia. Ep 20, 9/10/98 Penelope is unable to help with Lady Diana's wedding plans after a wish backfires and she becomes a baby again. She still has the opal but no-one can understand her wishes. (Ricky)

Genie in the House
- (male AR AA flash, male AA OA flash, RN) S01Ep10 "Kidding Around" 2006.
Man to boy mental/clothing AR @04:25 "who wants to play footie?"; mental/clothing RN & physical AR @07:10; OA to elderly @12:45; RN @18:40.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Genie in the House
UK sitcom.
- (male mental AR, male AR, male old age)
"Kidding Around" s1ep10, 6/9/2006.
- Sophie wishes she could see her father when he was 9 years old, and Philip starts behaving as though he were that age. Attempting to unwish Sophie's wish, Adil doesn't get it quite right: the grown-up Philip now appears in the body of a 9-year-old boy. Adil tries to sort out the wish, and turns the young Philip into a very old man, which doesn't help matters at all.
- (teen/adult mind transfer)
"Out of Our Minds" 10/16/2006.
- Emma Norton wishes her dad could know what it is like to be her, and Philip wishes Emma could understand what life is like for him. Adil obliges, and father and daughter swap bodies. Emma has to deliver a presentation to a client, and Philip has a school play love scene rehearsal with the boy Emma has a crush on.

George Lopez
- (coming of age themes) AKA The George Lopez Show. Daughter Carmen (Masiela Lusha, 10/23/1985) portrayed the 13 to 18 year old daughter from 2002 to 2007. One episode mentioned the issue of her breast development. It was agreed that it was important that she remain a virgin as long as possible. Camera angles and skirt lengths gradually changed as she aged.

German Tanteidan Maringumi
- (man AR, boy APed) Ep13, 1988 - blocked link inaccessible.
8th Toei Fushigi Comedy Series, Tokusatsu Detective Team inspired by 1911-13 Zigomar films - (Akira)

Get Smart
- (adult mental AR) S01Ep07 "KAOS in CONTROL" 10/30/1965.
Control hosted a conference for the smartest scientists on the planet, but KAOS has other plans which include a retrogressor gun.
- (adults to OA) S05Ep11 "Age Before Duty" 12/5/1969.
CONTROL defector Felix tests Dorian Gray paint to prematurely age the members of CONTROL. Felix turns Max and the Chief into 99 y.o. senior citizens as they close in on him.

Get Smart
- (female and male adult old age) S5Ep11 "Age Before Duty"
Video link (2/3) - video link (3/3) - screencaps
(deleted Youtube old age group)

Get Smart
- (mental AR, physical rejuvenation)
- A ray gun turns adults back to toddlers mentally, including a pre-Mission Impossible Barbara Bain.
- The chief is seen making out with a very hot young woman. Agent 99 and Smart don't approve, and set up the chief with 99's mother. It turns out the hot young thing is really the wife of an elderly scientist who has taken a youth potion to go undercover. No TF was shown.
- (Time2)

Ghost Busters, The
- (adult rejuved effect disguise) Ep8 "Which Witch Is Which?" 10/25/1975 live-action.
Witch ghost seeks revenge against descendant of Edward Spencer, the spell-dissolver who brought ruin to Salem. The ugly witch transforms herself into a seductive beauty to lure the Ghost Busting Spencer to his doom. Ann Morgan Guilbert, Leigh Christian.

Ghost Whisperer
- (AR dream sequence) "Melinda's First Ghost" 1/27/06, 115.
Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) can speak to the dead, and helps them move on. Getting close to her birthday, Melinda sees the ghost of an 8 year old girl (Abigail Breslin). She has flashback dreams of when she was 8, and learned a classmate had died, and she saw the girl in the classroom. Everyone thought she was imagining things. The dead girl thinks it has only been 2 days. Melinda is in her night gown in her bedroom, and talks to the girl. She asks if she looks older, and then we see Melinda go from adult to 8 year old (played by Grace Fulton) from the ghost girl's perspective. She responds your birthday's on friday, so you will be 9? Melinda just responds sure. Quotes: "Sarah, I want to talk to your mom alone, I might need to talk to her about grown-up stuff." "Melinda, you're a kid, she doesn't want to talk to you about grown-up stuff." (Tazz)
- (Jennifer Love Hewitt dream sequence ARed) "Melinda's First Ghost".
Melinda with her younger self (Grace Fulton) - publicity still - 2

Ghost Whisperer
- (AR dream sequence) 2007 season 2 finale. Melinda hears her dead grandma's voice. She then has a dream in which she is in a backyard, and her grandmother is hanging laundry. It pans out to show her face, and when they show Melinda she is a little girl. They talk a little, and then a cell phone rings, and she wakes up. (Tazz)
- (AR dream sequence) 2007. Melinda's dead dad visits her in a dream. She gets up from her bed, walks to the window, turns into an 11 yr old (the age she was when her father left her mother), and they talk. He eventually gives her a clue about a case. She then goes back to bed and wakes up. (Tazz)
- Ned Banks was 13 in season 2 (Tyler Patrick Jones). In season 3 he was aged to 16 (Christoph Sanders).

- (AA "TFed" age form cutaways, AA RN scrambling morph looks like rejuv) S3Ep9 "He's a Ghost, She's a Rainbow" 2022/10/21.
Apple TV+ children's mystery, Sesame Workshop. Fictional characters which only the four youths can perceive. Instead of a book, Ghostwriter brings to life a woman from the song "She's a Rainbow" who can change her form. They use Rainbow's abilities to infiltrate the Hawthorne Society.
- Scenes link - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

Gia dinh phep thuat
- (AA girl to old woman) - Ep22 link
- (AA girl to old woman to girl RN) - Ep99 link
- (AA girl to old woman) - Ep205 link
- (AA little girl to teenager) - Ep227 link
- (AR AA teenager to little girl) - Ep230 link - (SickBoy)

Gia Dinh Phep Thuat
- (age alterations, TFs) 2009-?
Vietnamese show about a family of witches.
- Ep022: young adult into maturer looking young adult and back.
Direct video link - screencaps
- Ep099: young adult to old age and back - little girl enlarged and back.
Direct video link - screencaps - link - screencaps
- Ep205: young adult into maturer looking young adult and back.
Direct video link - screencaps
- Ep227: little girl magically transformed into grown-up woman overnight.
Episode video link - screencaps - screencaps
- Ep230: grown woman reverted back into little girl.
Direct video link - screencaps
- (Grenzgaenger)

Gili Gili Gappa
- (male AR) India, 2/10/2011. Stern teacher is brought down. Episode link - screencaps
- (male AP, RN?) 2/11/2011 Episode link - link - link - (SickBoy)

Gilligan's Island
- The cast is aged.
- (old age adult rejuvenation, dream sequence) 1 2

Gilligan's Island
- (adults OA'd, dream) "Meet the Meteor", S2Ep32, 4/28/1966.
50 years on the island. Episode link - (J A.)

Gilligan's Island
- (adults to old age) S02Ep32 "Meet the Meteor".
A meteor lands on the island which causes everything around it to age. Gilligan notices a young tree became full grown overnight and the Professor ties the aging to the meteor. The castaways attempt to blow up the meteor during an approaching lightning storm. They make a lightning rod out of bamboo and melted lead. When the lightning storm comes, Gilligan grabs the rod just as the lightning strikes and throws it at the meteor, exploding it - (TBTC)

Gilligan's Island
- (male adult age) S03Ep08 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow".
Gilligan's hair is suddenly white, and he is sure he's aging rapidly and prematurely - (TBTC)

Gilligan's Island
- (mental AR-age disguised dream sequence) The Skipper mentally regressed back to childhood under hypnosis and saw the other castaways as his old childhood playmates, dressed in old fashioned kiddie costumes.

Gilligan's Island
- (OA) "Meet the Meteor" #2.32, 30 min, 4/28/66.
A meteorite hits the island, and its cosmic rays accelerate the life process in living things, causing Gilligan to dream about the castaways celebrating 50 years on the island - - (Angelique Juno, Timewarper)

Girl from U.N.C.L.E., The
- (old aged) "The Fountain of Youth Affair" 1967. Mark and April meet an informant who claims a politically important woman is in danger at Rejuvena Isle. However, two killers with an odd gun shoot her first. When Mark and April arrive, the informant, a very young woman, has expired from old age. Baroness Blangstead offers the fountain of youth, her wonder drug, to those who can pay her price: Official Secrets.
AOL video caused problems. For safety reasons no direct linking.
Warning does not play in all browsers.

Girlfriend in a Coma
- (mental maturity delay) c2013 sitcom. Christina Ricci wakes from coma to meet her "17 y.o." taller daughter Miranda Cosgrove, who has a higher mental age.

- (flashback) years

- (flashbacks) - before/after

- (possible flashback?) S2ep7 "The Substitute"? 2010. They are looking for 5 y.o. actors to play kiddie versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Brittany, and Mercedes.
- S2ep3 "Grilled Cheesus" had a mini-Kurt interactive flashback.
- Dot-Marie Jones grew really fast, says the 6'3" actress. "I went from 5'6" to 6'1" in 6 months in the 8th grade."

- (young adult swaps, dream sequence) "Props" 5/15/12, s3ep20, 64.
Tina is unhappy about not getting solos. When she bangs her head she envisions the glee club switching roles. A senior switches with a junior, some male/female swaps. Blaine appears to have morphed into Puck, and Kurt into Finn - but still wearing the same clothes. She looks down and sees the way she's dressed. Somehow, Tina has turned into Rachel Berry! Artie insults her in the persona of Santana. Mercedes and Brittany have traded places. Rachel is now Tina. Will and Sue have flip-flopped - (Tazz)

Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden
- (SORAS) Dutch soap. 8 year old Nina Sanders went to a clinic after surviving a kidnapping and a fire, and returned as a 16-year-old.

Golden Years
- (male adult rejuv) 1991, 7-part miniseries, CBS.
AKA "Stephen King's Golden Years". An aging janitor is splashed with chemicals at work and begins to grow younger, much to the dislike of his still-older wife. He goes from 70 to about 40, and then he explodes... don't ask. Rather lame...
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Good Luck Charlie
- (FFed to "old age" WG) S1Ep10 "Take Mel Out to the Ball Game" 2010/06/13.
It's towards the end. Not very realistic but I loved how the actor who plays the grandpa was Shawn's dad in Boy meets World, and how the actor who plays the dad was the gay Bear in American Wedding (I think he might've been the first guy I crushed on). And I love Bridgit Mendler's singing voice and her fat ass in this.
Teddy realizes she has a great-uncle named Mel, who convinces Teddy to sneak him out the nursing home to a baseball game. She learns Uncle Mel loves baseball a little too much when he causes a ruckus, moons the team on the Jumbotron, and the police get involved. A photographer offers to pay $100 to use Charlie as a baby model behind Amy's back.
40 years later, 56 y.o. adult PJ and 55 y.o. Teddy visit their parents in a retirement home. PJ is very fat, has a big beard, and is working for Bob's Bugs Be Gone. Teddy has glasses, short hair, yoga pants, a pink shirt, huge hips and a giant butt. Her hips are so big she got stuck between furniture. Her now old mom teaching a workout class points to Teddy's hips and says, "That's what happens when you don't do the squats". All the old people jump up and do the squats. Teddy tries to sit down but can't because of her butt and gives up.
- (FFed to older) S4Ep9 "Futuredrama" 2013/07/28.
In the future Charlie looks for advice from Teddy's video diaries. Teddy tells Charlie that young Gabe liked being tickled, only for Charlie to end up with a broken nose. She learns she should always finish watching Teddy's videos before trying anything. Ava Sambora as Future Charlie, Stone Eisenmann as Future Toby.
- (Hideyoshi lacan)

Good Morning America
- (OA makeup) 2006.
Life in an Older Person's Shoes: ABC News' Robin Roberts' day as an 85-Year-Old. Robin ages from 45 to 85 for a unique perspective on life.
OA makeup stages picture link - 1

Good Place, The
- (pseudo body "morphs", AA "age forms") The Good Place - S03Ep09 "Janet(s)" 12/6/2018.
4 strangers have been trying to get out of the "bad place" when they died. Janet's dimension The Void is basically a blank space. Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani all became Janet, still wearing their own clothes. Eventually, Eleanor had an identity crisis. She began poofing into other people: a younger woman, men, a young boy, old woman, etc - Partial limited caps - (Tazz)

Good Place, The
- (young adult form) 2020/01/30 finale.
Doug was initially depicted as a middle aged man. In the afterlife, he is a young man again. It's remarked that he chose his young adult body - (Tazz)

Goodies, The
- (age disguised) "The Goodies", UK comedians, 1970-82. When they can't find any kids for military style camp, they end up disguising themselves as kids.

- (male CB weight gain) "Say Cheese and Die - Again!" Ep 62 2/28/1998 based on novel. A camera takes a "bad luck" photo of the future. The kid had his picture taken by a friend and the photo revealed that he looked very fat. The next morning he woke up and his shirt had ripped after having transformed overnight. His friend took a picture of herself and started losing weight. So now he and his friend have to reverse the effects. "Although Greg manages to escape the bullies taking his picture Greg is already feeling his clothes tightening and his backpack will no longer fit. Later, he becomes so heavy he pops his bike's tires. He also feels tired and finds it easier and easier to tire out. The next day, his pajamas rip." (derydan)

- (male old aged no size change, male AR) "An Old Story" 10/4/97 - male old age
- male - male ARed baby

- (male teen weight gain CB) "Say cheese and die again"
screencaps - gif - (Richard request)

Boys undergoing various age curses - INFO PAGE
- (male AR episode) S01Ep03 "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom" 11/3/1995.
- (male AR) S03Ep04 "Don't Go To Sleep" 10/4/1997.
- (male pseudo AP, female old age, male RN AR) S03Ep06 "An Old Story".

Gosei Sentai Dairanger
- (male AA TF AP form, costume inflation growth) AKA Dai Rangers Super Sentai Series.
Somewhat perverted 9 y.o. Kou Koshinsei (Kiba Ranger) grabs Rin's breasts and looks up her skirt at times, wishing to marry her - link
- Ep17, 1993 - male TF APed scene link - (Akira)

Gossip Girl
- (giant grown and growing teens) Blake Lively is 5'10", Taylor Momsen is 5'8" at only 15 years old, and Chace Crawford is 6 feet tall!

- (AP CB glimpse) 9/19/2016 pub. stills

- (AP) - 14 y.o. Ivy Pepper is turned into a young adult after battling an Indian Hill escapee who has the power to steal people's youth. Very little information available. The only thing we can say for sure is that it won't be enough.
- Sweaterology: There are two moon-shaped gaps on the left front of her cable knit sweater that are missing on the right side. Are they still present in her adult form? The sweater seems to have changed into a v-neck? Perhaps it was ripped at the top? Photo is too blurry to tell for certain - photos

- (APed aftermath, CB glimpses) S3Ep2 "Mad City: Burn the Witch" 9/26/2016.
The first appearance of adult Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy). Technically speaking, this episode is a combination of level 03, 04, 08, and 14 AA curses. However, we were permitted to glimpse some CB damage to her leggings only, in a series of heavily backlit scenes.
When her youth was extracted, Ivy was dropped down a well while still in the body of a teenager. We saw that she was wearing boots, that were no longer on her feet when she emerged from the river as an adult. After the man takes her home, she passes his lifeless body on the way out while dressed in his ex-wife's clothes.
- Video link - screencaps - caps

- (shapeshifting ability glimpsed) S5Ep8 "Nothing's Shocking" 2019/02/28.
Jane Cartwright/Jane Doe:
- During her time at Indian Hill, Jane was experimented on by Professor Hugo Strange, being given the ability to shapeshift. Psychological trauma caused her to discard her old identity and become "Jane Doe". It also caused Jane to view herself as hideous and monstrous, unaware she was a normal looking young woman. Hence the mask when she was in her own form.
Jane escaped and vanished into Gotham City. She blamed the detectives investigating her father's murder for what happened. Taking the form of Dix, she killed two retired officers. She later went to Dix's house with the intent of killing him, but ended up fleeing. Gordon and two officers tracked down Jane to her childhood home. She knocked out one officer and took his form, but was sussed out by Gordon, who managed to subdue and arrest Jane. Left alone in the interrogation room, she contorted her hand to escape the handcuffs (scene link). Taking Bullock's clothing, she took his form and strangled Dix to death. Jane then took the form of Barbara Kean and held her at gunpoint, before fleeing the precinct. Bullock confronted Jane at her home, urging her to remove the villain mask. When she did, he was shocked that she was normal looking, but Jane thought otherwise. She raised her gun so he shot her, ending Jane's misery once and for all. The case obviously haunted Bullock. Killing the shapeshifting girl was difficult but he couldn't right his wrongs, and shooting her was the only way to save himself.
- Tribute vid link - caps

- (unseen AA SORAS) 2016. At the start of Season 3, Poison Ivy is revealed to have become an adult from a 13 year old because of exposure to toxins?

- (male adult age stasis, face OA'd) c2013, in pre-production. ABC fantasy said to include public domain characters like Dorian Gray.

Grange Hill
- (small UCed possibility?) BBC kids drama.
The school staff held a "dress in your old uniform" day. 2 female teachers wore their old school uniforms, of which one looked little girl and cutesy.

Great Ghost Tales
- (male adult rejuv, mental AR) S01Ep04 "Bye, Bye Baby" 7/27/1961 NBC.
A man gets a tape from a hypnotist that mesmerizes him into thinking he is no longer 38 but 21. He begins acting like he is 21 for longer periods after each listening. His gray hair vanishes, and his face slowly becomes like a younger man's. He also gets more energy. His wife can no longer keep up with him, so he finds a younger woman and wants a divorce. But his wife also visited the hypnotist, and got a tape to mesmerize her husband into thinking he is now 5. She plays him the tape twice a day as "medicine." The man is still adult sized, but his hair and teeth look like a child's, and he is acting like a 5-year-old while playing with blocks on the floor. His wife tests on him the "bye, bye baby" line he used on her when he thought he was 21 - (PixChick)

Grey's Anatomy
- (adults dream FFed) S5Ep1. Popular medical drama has been airing for 18 seasons. Cristina (Sandra Oh) is stabbed in the gut by a falling icicle, and dreams about herself and best friend Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) as old ladies - link - (Rayc5678)

- (adult body swap rejuvenation & old age)
One day, homicide detective Nick Burkhardt saw a beautiful woman transform into a hag.
- "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm", S2Ep22, 5/21/13.
The hexenbiest Frau Pech prepares a blood potion from the unconscious Adalind Schade. The effect is immediate: Frau Pech essentially exchanges her elderly body for a younger model, transforming into youthful adult Adalind, while the still-unconscious Adalind is transformed into the aged Frau Pech. We later see Frau Pech revert to her former body, at which point Adalind awakes.

- (adult rejuv & OA body swap TF, RN) "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm".
Video link - screencaps
Video link - screencaps
- (Dragoniade)

- (slight TF adult rejuv effect) "Last Fight", S4Ep3, 11/7/2014.
Brief. Renard's mother Elizabeth tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53 - (Jasobres)

- (TF, OA'd) "Tarantella" 2/10/12, s1ep11.
Killer demon Spinnetods must suck the life out of 3 men every 5 years to remain young adults, or they will age. We see an older woman who says she gave that up, and she is actually 26. At the end the were-spider is arrested before she can kill the 3rd man, and it's hinted she is begining to age. There was a face age make-up scene with the lovely Amy Acker. They didn't age her up until the 40 minute mark.
- Hulu vid link - (Bob, Tazz)

- (young adults to OA'd) "Skin Deep", S05Ep15, 4/1/2016, 103.
A beauty regimen proves deadly for a young woman, who seems to have aged 70 years when Nick and Hank find her lifeless body. Unfortunately there wasn't much process. They did have Summer get a wrinkle, then made her up to look like her late 40s, but they just showed her aging hands and arms before we see her dead body. The only other victim was a young man. The main process was on a doctor who bought the youth jelly from the criminal Wesen. He became addicted and at first appeared younger, before looking like a plastic surgery addict - 03 - (Merlin, Fan2000, Eric)

Growing Pains
- (AP CB) imaginary scene fan art

Growing Pains
- (flash forward AA) "Maggie's Dream" 5/21/90, 113, live-action sitcom. When Ben violates curfew once again, Maggie imagines SORASed daughter Chrissy Seaver, played by Ashley Johnson (b. 8/9/83), as an adult played by Kristine Haje (b. 12/21/68).
By the time of The Growing Pains Movie (2000) Ashley had become a beautiful woman herself.

Growing Up And Down
- (adults rejuved) In pre-production, c2015, Laugh Productions, Disney.
Teen brother and sister will try anything to get their parents back together. They figure that wishing is worth a shot, and lo and behold, the parents are back together, just not quite the way they planned. Their parents have been turned into 14 year olds! Now the kids have to figure out a way to get their folks through high school while figuring out how to get everything back to normal.

Growing Up and Down
- (parents rejuvenated into teens) Disney sitcom Tv movie, 30 mins, 2014, 2017/10/07.
This show was canceled before it began. Sydney and Ben find a magic lamp and accidentally poof their divorced parents back into teens. Their parents go to high school with them, with troubles like crushes, skipping class, and kissing the bad boy your parents hate - info link

Guiding Light
- (accelerated growth glimpsed) 1998.
Main character was cloned when they thought she was dead. Of course she wasn't dead but shipwrecked and then held hostage or something... Subsequent shows had other actresses playing the role, aging through some kind of growth formula. There was a baby, then a toddler, then a teen, and then the regular resumed the role (made up to be her younger self for a bit maybe) and then finally back to her old self...
- Hmmmmm Then I imagine the clone and real character meet. Standard soap plot-line... then maybe one of them goes blind and the other gets paralyzed but MAYBE with a new medical technology it may be possible for the stud Doctor to perform a near miracle and combine the two... thus restoring sight and curing the paralysis. Meanwhile the ' two' could have a heart-warming scene as they realize they really have been 'one' in spirit all along. Then, in the next scene, the beautiful young female Dr. who developed the procedure and is driving to meet the stud Dr to assist in the procedure is shown veering off the rainy highway to avoid a drunk driver (of course). After some quick camera cuts and screeching tires along with the sound of twisting metal, we see another motorist at her window.
'mam..mam? Are you OK?'
'ummm I think so....Who am I? Where am I? What happened?'
/Cue credits/ - (Louder)

Guiding Light
- (AP) 1998. Josh Lewis believes his wife Reva is dead and has her cloned. The clone is aged using a "growth serum". In the span of a few days she goes from a newborn to a precocious school aged child and then a rebellious teenager. As a teenager, clone Reva turns out to be more of a challenge than Josh expected. In a desperate attempt to give him the wife he so desperately wants she guzzles down the aging serum and becomes a woman. 1 2

Guiding Light
- (retcon) In 1999 Harley's daughter was 14 years old (Brittany Snow). In 2007 she came back as 17-year-old "Daisy" (Bonnie Dennison).
- (male de-SORAS retcon) Alan-Michael Spaulding (b.1981) was a teenager by 1986, then aged further into his thirties, but in 2005 he returned to his twenties.

Guiding Light
- Leah (b.2004) was sent off to a Swiss boarding school as a toddler and returned 6 months later as a 14 year old, now towering over her "older" half-brother Jude (b.2001).
- Alan-Michael Spaulding (b.1981) returned as a teenager in 1987. The actor playing the part, Rick Hearst, literally grew into the character.
- James Spaulding (b.1998) returned as a 17 years old when he was supposed to be 10.

Guinevere Jones
- (pseudo OA, RN? probably adult female into oldgirl) Ep01 "Hard Rain" 2002 - (SickBoy)

Guruguru Medaman
- (male APed AA?) Ep13 "Haunted Lullaby" 1976. AKA "Guru Guru Medaman".
Toei tokusatsu series, 30 episodes. Hiroshi (Satoshi Osaka?) became an adult (Dan Iwao) - caps - (Akira)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal