Aging Transformation Scenes

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Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan
- (male TF, wolf-man maturation effect) S1Ep7 "The Beastly Batter and the Tears" 1981.
Toei's 5th Super Sentai series. Black Magma uses a father's baseball ambitions to mutate his ballplayer son into a monster - (Akira)

- (TG, AA, TF not shown) 2002 miniseries, Dakota Fanning. Little girl disguises herself as general. 1

Tale of Fairy
- (adult age disguise, OA rejuv illusions) - Gyeryongsunnyeojeon - "Tale of Gyeryong Fairy", "Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter".
2018 South Korean series based on the manhwa webtoon by Dol Bae, Naver Webtoon, 2017 - link
A fairy was left on earth and fell in love with a human 700 years ago. Now she appears as an old woman waiting for him to be reincarnated. Her true appearance as a young woman can be seen by the audience, or while she is naked. Many cut-away scenes, and a few quick animal TFs with her daughter-cat. In the last Ep, she and her love interest have an epic kiss.
- Trailer link - pictures - (Sickboy)

Tales From the Crypt
- "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today" Old witch swaps bodies with a young wife.
- (old age) A prostitute sells her youth to a pawnbroker. Within days she looks like an old woman.
- (AR, male old age AA) 14/12/94 "Staired in Horror" A woman goes upstairs and she becomes younger, and a criminal on the run becomes older. At the end they go too far up and she becomes a baby and he a dying old man.

Tales from the Crypt
- (adult OA'd) "Only Sin Deep" 6/14/89.
Lea Thompson was aged with unfortunate results - (Orionsaint)

Tales From The Crypt
- (adult rejuvenation morphing) S04Ep14.
Scene link - screencaps - (Female AR & AP Transformations)

Tales from the Crypt
- (male adult mind transfer) A rich old man wanted a better body to attract a particular young woman. He gradually had all his body parts surgically swapped with those of a young man in a process that also left him dirt poor, as the donor required huge amounts of compensation. In the end, the woman ran off with the now rich donor in his old body.

Tales from the Crypt
- (male adult slow body & young/old adult age swap) "The Switch"
An old man slowly transforms as he takes the face, body, and legs of a young muscle stud. Starts getting good around 10:20 when he meets his new donor. At 16:10 he gets his new body. Notice that his face is a composite of makeup between the actors at 14:02 to make the older actor look like he has taken a younger face. The younger actor then replaces him with a voiceover in following scenes. The woman of his dreams keeps demanding more procedures. At the end, they are completely switched but then he finds out she only cared about money, and he has spent all of his on new youth.
- Video link - screencaps - (Derek)

Tales From the Crypt
Be careful what you wish for - INFO PAGE
- (adults to old age, adult rejuvenation) S04Ep14 "Curiosity Killed".
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Tales From the Cryptkeeper
- (unknown Ep. may have AP, info needed) Season 2, #8, 10/29/94, "Growing Pains" Much like the series (and EC comics) that the cartoon was based on, the show featured different child characters weekly who ended up in twisted situations, but with a little more morality play than the HBO series. (JeffR)

Tales From the Darkside
- (adults to old aged) "Grandma's Last Wish".
Comedic episode about granny and her loud, rude, greedy family wanting to put her in a retirement home. Granny wishes her family would be old like her, and slowly they begin to lose their hearing, receive back, neck, and hip injuries, and find liver spots on their hands. When the people come to take granny to the retirement home, they find her entire family has grown old, and are ready to join her in the home. A very funny episode, but horrible age makeup, which is only featured in the final shot for a few seconds. Amusing, but no real payoff in the makeup department - (Zietgiest)

Tales from the Darkside
- (male preteen mental maturation, role reversal)
"The Bitterest Pill", 10/12/1986, S3Ep3.
- A boy is neglected and verbally abused by his parents. After they win the lottery, an old friend wants them to invest in a smart drug he invented. The boy takes the pills he leaves behind. He becomes so smart that he takes over his parents finances, and for the first time in history is awarded custody of his parents as their legal guardian. At the end it is full "mental AP" and he acts just like a mature adult, whereas his parents react to being scolded by deferring to their young son's new superior role.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Tales From the Darkside
- (OA) "Grandma's Last Wish" - aged

Tales From the Darkside
- Everything a housewife wishes for comes true. When she catches her teenage daughter using forbidden makeup, the daughter tells her that she's auditioning for the role of Cleopatra in the school play. "Well, I wish you looked just like Cleopatra," says her mother, totally fooled. POOF!
- (old aged) "Grandma's Last Wish" (spoiler: scene at 10:01) vid link (h4vy8pt20q)

Tales of the Unexpected
- (adult rejuvenation, OA?) Se06Ep13 "Youth from Vienna".
Tv interviewer is promoted to anchorwoman - and two men want to marry her. Caroline worries she won't keep her looks forever. One of her admirers is a scientist working on a formula to stop the aging process. Unfortunately, some of the effects are unforeseen...

Tales of Tomorrow
- (adult age stasis, adult rejuvenated) S1Ep8 "The Dark Angel" 1951/09/28.
Based on short story "The Dark Angel" by Henry Kuttner, 1946. Man is distraught by his changing wife. She is becoming more beautiful, more intelligent, and disappears after killing a bartender for looking at her the wrong way. It's the next stage of human evolution. Somehow, he knew from the blurred newspaper photo it was his missing wife, even though the paper said she was only 20 years old?! - link (16m30s)

Tales of Tomorrow
- (male adult made older) V3 "Youth on Tap" Atomic 9/26/1952.
Jeff is under pressure from his fiance to raise a large sum of money so they can buy a gas station and get married. A doctor offers him $1000 for a pint of his blood. Unable to resist, he agrees, not realizing the strange device will also extract his adult youth! He discovers the doctor's dark secret when an elderly gentleman bursts into the room! - Vid link - th

talking baby shows (television concept)
- (kinda sorta sounds like adults who were "ARed"?) Male adult voices or narration.
Happy - sitcom, 26 eps, 1960.
Toddler Christopher's "thoughts" could be heard by the audience like the baby in "Look Who's Talking."
Baby Talk - sitcom, 35 eps, 1991.
Baby Mickey (Tony Danza) commented to the audience on the confusing wonders of his world. He interacted with other infants who had adult-like thoughts of their own.
Baby Bob - sitcom, 14 eps, 2002.
Walter decides they must keep the talking baby a secret. Lizzy wants to show off Bob's talking skills to her mother, who constantly brags about her other grandchildren.

Tall Tales & Legends
- (male adult rejuv? adult old age/stasis?) AKA Shelley Duvall's Tall Tales & Legends.
"Ponce De Leon" Ep06 1986. Live action/puppets.
- The search for youth has never been this much fun, as Ponce teams up with Lucy the Lady Pirate. Fortunately Ponce realizes before it's too late that part of life is growing old...
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Teen Angel
- (male young adult to 20s/30s/OA) Ep12 "Grumpy Young Men"
1st age-up scene - direct video link - caps - (Josh)

Teen Angel
- (male young adult face aging effects) "Grumpy Young Men", ep12, 1/9/98.
Young man Steve (Corbin Allred, 5/25/79) wants to get into a nightclub but can't get in due to his age, so Marty makes him look older by giving him facial stubble. The next day, he wakes up with a beard and continues to facially age to middle aged and elderly-faced versions of himself.
English version videos:
- part 1 link - part 2 link - part 3 link
- beard aging - OA rejuvenation - (Otaru)

Teen Angel
- (male) "Grumpy Young Men" 1997 "TGIF" ABC sitcom.
Marty gives his pal Steve more facial hair in order to pass for 21 to get into a club. However it backfires and Steve grows a full beard and looks middle aged by the end of the episode. Eventually, the effects are reversed when he learns the errors of wanting to skip ahead.
- Portuguese video - link - link - link

Teen Angel
- (male) The main character gets picked last in gym so he decides to bulk up. His friend, a wisecracking angel, zaps him and he grows muscles.

Teen Choice Awards
- (flashed forward to old age) 2007, High School Musical spoof. The Disney Channel movies presence was felt early in the show, which opened with a 50th-reunion sketch, replacing the youthful cast members with senior citizens. vid link ("O'")

Ten Brothers
- (male AP) TVB, Hong Kong, 2/2007, 20 ep sitcom loosely based on Chinese mythology of the same name. Nicky Law (brother 5), Matt Yeung (brother 7). In eps 1 and 2 the boys suddenly grew up. The funniest scene was when they first woke up. Their facial expressions were hilarious. The "thousand mile eyes" brother looked clueless.

Tensai Tribe Kun (series)
Heavenly drama
- (AR OC cutaway poofed) Ten tere dorama (Genius Tribe Kun, Tensai TV-kun?).
NHK Educational Television. Ep "Beware of rewind light!?" Maki modoshi raito ni goyoushin!? 05/2007.
- It's in three parts, but only the third has AR. A kid gets a weird camera-like device, which can rewind everything it shines on. At one point, he uses it on his mother who was annoying him, and accidentally transforms her into a baby. No process, sadly, but she does end up in oversized clothes.
- Full Ep (150MB): - screencaps - (Azerty47)
- (dog into puppy) - link - - (Tazz)

Terra Nova
- (adult mental reversion) 2011. People are beginning to forget recent stuff and even past years. A scientist seemed to have the mind of a little kid and also acted like one, as did others. The main female character loses her memories of anything that happened in her 20s - (Tazz)

Tetsujin Ganriser Neo
- (male AA TF AP) "Iron Hero Ganriser NEO" - c'16 battle form cap - (Akira)

Tetsujin Ganriser Neo
- (possible male AA TF AP form?) 07/'16, the youngest hero. Vid link - cap - (Akira)

That '70s Show
- (dream adults FFed, slight OA makeup, WG) In many scenes the young adult cast imagined their future selves in the 1990s.
Eric imagines his future with Donna - link @01:09 - Jackie and Hyde's future as rich people - weight link at the start - (Deleted, Wazzupdawg)

That Mitchell And Webb Look
- (adult TG age disguised) UK, 2006-
Sketch detailing the origins of the Ku Klux Klan's uniform. A tailor offers them a choice of looking scary by dressing up as pointy-headed ghosts or as little girls, because; "What could be scarier than a big girl?"

That's My Bush
- (BE breakout scene) Bush's Dumb Blonde secretary tries to increase her intelligence by buying memory pills, but she buys mammary pills instead. Her rapidly growing breasts save her coworkers lives by snapping their restraining ropes.

That's So Raven
- (age makeup/disguises) - 1
- (old age, flash forward, dream sequence) "Radio Heads" old aged

That's So Raven
- (AP CB cosplay fanart)
There was of course no AP scene in this Disney series, but what if there had been?
- Raven's imaginary grow-up scenes

That's So Raven
- (height comparisons) - mini-me - tall teen intimidation.

Third Rock From the Sun
- (height comparison, implied UC scene suggestion) Different body sizes would prevent clothes borrowing - caps

- (flashback to young adult) younger

This Is Us
- (adult face FFed) - caps - (AW Boards)

This Is Us
- (adult FFed) - caps

Thorn Birds, The
- (flash forward) 1983 miniseries. flash forward

Three Stooges, The
- (adult rejuvenated, male ARed) "All Gummed Up", 1947 short film.
3 pharmacists decide to help an old lady by inventing a Fountain of Youth serum. They succeed and turn her into a young woman. They then turn her husband into an infant.
- The Three Stooges play druggists who invent a youth elixir to save their business from old and nasty landlord Amos Flint. They try the elixir on the landlord's wife whom he's kicked out of their home for not being beautiful any more. The formula turns her into a curvaceous blonde. Then they trade a dose of the elixir to Amos for the deed to the building housing their drug store. The result is AR that concludes with the landlord in baggy clothes crying like a baby.
- A few years ago, a Three Stooges fan group reported an extra scene was shot for this comedy short, but was deleted so the film could go out at 18 minutes. In this scene, the rejuvenated landlord is played by an actual baby fitted with a great mustache (in the earlier scene, they used a midget). The wife orders Shemp to feed the baby, but Shemp's efforts to get the baby to take the nipple on a baby bottle only results in Shemp getting his thumb bit.
- (PixChick) ln - th
- Remade as Bubble Trouble, 1953, 16.5 mins. The adult rejuvenation serum worked on women, but after they try it on owner Flint, he turned into a gorilla.

Through Thick & Thin
- (teen weight loss, teen weight gain, possible UC?) 06/96 after school movie, 30 mins. Overweight girl swaps bodies with her model-thin sister (Leslie Hibbard). It's not a body swap, just a weight swap. The fat girl gets to have the popular girl's figure while the popular sister becomes fat overnight. Their faces don't change - (anonymous cj, Conrad lee)

Thundermans, The
- (adults mentally like teens) The Thundermans - "Parents Just Don't Thunderstand", S02Ep11, 1/24/2015.
Phoebe and Max use one of his devices to make parents Hank and Barb act as if they were teenagers - (Akira)

Thundermans, The
- (APed "CBed" aftermath glimpse) Chloe Thunderman was born in S02Ep24 "A Hero Is Born" (3/28/2015) when Barb got pregnant the same day. Chloe had instant growth spurts into a baby who could walk. Superpower: bubbles triggered by tickling. The Thundermans bring her clothes from the baby store but eventually she keeps growing out of them. In S03Ep01 "Phoebe vs. Max: The Sequel" (6/27/2015) Chloe underwent her final spurt offscreen into a 4 y.o. and said her first words "I want pizza." Fortunately she didn't grow all the way into a teen. Permanent superpower: teleportation. Chloe had the second most number of growth spurts after sister Phoebe - screencaps

Thundermans, The
- (initial cutaway AP "CBed") S2, 2015/03.
By the age of four, Chloe's rapid growth spurts had already torn the sleeves of two outfits. Her body could simply not be stopped from growing intermittently. If she had grown all the way up, she would of course have ended up nude, but THAT was obviously never going to happen in a Nick (or any other) series. The last 2 seasons she grew at a normal speed rate - caps

Thundermans, The
- (male teen age stasis) "I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka" 7/9/2016.
Evan (real name Lucian) appears to be a 15 y.o. student at Hiddenville High. His superpower is not aging and he is really 50 years old. Hero League codename: Agent Delta. He was mean girl Veronica's tutor boyfriend, but only for 3 weeks. "You have kids???"

- (adult anthros OA'd) Cartoon series was part of The Comic Strip show - Rankin/Bass, Lorimar, 1987.
A team of heroes could transform into amalgams of human and marine animals like the ThunderCats and SilverHawks.
- What looks like a hoard of golden spheres is actually dangerous toxic waste that will cause OA in anyone touching it. Both the heroes and a villain have this problem... the other villain learned his lesson many years ago.

Time Trax
- (male AP scene, rapid growth morphing) "Close Encounter"
A young boy grows older and bigger without warning. The age growth TF scene, with face close-up and body expansion, starts near the end of the video.
- Direct video link TF - (O'Melissokomos)

Time Trax
- (male AP, possible old age) "A Close Encounter" 1/14/94 2.4. The time traveller encountered an alien boy who aged into his late teens or early twenties due to psychological trauma. It was a good morph sequence. His girlfriend crashed on Earth some time ago, but since their race age very quickly, he has no idea what she looks like. Will his girlfriend still love him? Jesse Spencer: Young Bill, Bernard Curry: Older Bill (derydan58)

Time Trax
- (male AP) Alien boy expands to his next life stage in moments.
Age increase staircase view - body changes - before/after

- (future/past selves) 1970-, ITV. Time traveling teens Simon and Liz meet past parents and future selves. Having met a coldly scientific version of herself in the Icebox future 'projection', Liz encountered an 'Earth mother' rendering in the jungle future, while Simon had become 'Controller 2957', one of 1990s technocratic ruling elite.

Tin Man
- (old age) 12/07 SciFi miniseries. Remake/sequel of The Wizard of Oz. Zooey Deschanel plays a waitress who never fit into her small town life. DG (Dorothy) is taken to the Outer Zone (OZ) where she must stop an evil sorceress. She learns that she is actually a princess, the daughter of the former Queen. In Raw's childhood vision, after their mother kisses her goodnight, her older sister Azkadellia kills DG using dark magic to usurp the throne. Her mother resurrects DG by pouring all of her own power into her. As a result the Queen ages a little (grey hair, etc). Toto reveals himself to be a shape shifter, who was her magic tutor from her childhood. (Tazz)

TiTa Tovenaar
- (AR or rejuv possibility?) 2008 series.
"De verjonger", Netherlands, 1/8/2009, S1Ep13, Part2.5.
- He invented a pill to make people younger? Since Grandpa doesn't trust his son's work, they trick Grobelia into trying the pill? - (Louise)

Today Show
- (old age makeup / possible AR makeup?) 2006. "Is that grandma partying at your college?" Granddaughter and grandmother switch places for a day. To fit into retirement community, the granddaughter gets old age makeup. Video link is under Lifestyle section in the most watched section to the right, as of 1:47 pm May 2. (fan2000) link

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil
- (adult to OA) S2Ep9 "Deathday Cake" 2012/01/12.
Giant birthday cake eats students on their birthdays. Woman into old woman, 10 sec clip - link - (The Transformation Channel)

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
- (adult to old age) "Deathday Cake", 2010- series. High schoolers confront a demonic book.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Tokkei Winspector
- (AP CB glimpse) screencaps: age 6 to 10 - age 10 to adult

Tokkei Winspector
- (excellent AP CB, AP, AR RN) "Mother, mother, help" Ep30.
Sensing her upcoming changes, the Hisashi child steals a larger dress and hides in the restroom during her first growth spurt into a tween while eluding pursuers. Driven by hunger, she sneaks back home. Her larger dress is torn to shreds as she ages into a young woman. She instantly puts on adult size clothes. The mother enters and is shocked her daughter grew up. She is returned to normal in a rejuvenation pod.
Video links:
1st AP scene
2nd AP scene
AR scene
Full episode links:
part 1 - part 2

Tokkei Winspector
- (excellent AP episode, CB) AKA "Special Rescue Police: Winspector" Japan, live-action. 90/91 Ep 30 "mama, a mama, help and" or "Mother mother helping!" or "The 30th story mother... the mother helping!" or "Missing" or "Mom.. Mom help" Ep 30 4/2/93. Elementary schoolgirl grows in spurts to adulthood. (Akira) Little girl in stroller rolls down a slope. She tries to pick up teddy bear. The Hisashi child is the outcome of a biotechnology experiment. A doctor invented her to supply organs to the dying with serious injury. Her development is too quick. The Hisashi child escapes. The Winspectors try to find her. There is almost no will in her, she simply wanders places where incidents occurred. Her finger is bandaged. The scar heals extremely quickly. She grows rapidly with at least 3 spurts. The Hisashi child looks at toys in the "Seiyu Ltd." department store. She flees in the woman's rest room. She continues growing. The clothes tear as she trembles and it is painful. She picks up new clothes at the store. The Hisashi girl disperses the old ones into the trash box before the hero enters. Quote: "There is no time! With my body as a power line, electricity is let flow!"

Totally Hidden Video(?)
- (AR pranks) This rip-off of "Candid Camera" aired in the late 1980s. Grandfathers took their grandkids to the park and "discovered" a booth that said "fountain of youth". They'd go in, and a little boy would come out, claiming to be the grandfather. The kids looked more terrified than amused, in my opinion. (DB Cooper)

Tokkei Winspector
- (old age glimpse) - caps

Tokkei Winspector
- (RN AR OC glimpse) The video has been taken down - screencaps

Toko Keramat
- (OA woman to old woman) "Gaun Biduan Dangdut", Indonesia, c2013- - Tv movie link @01:04:00 - (SickBoy)

Tom Turbo (series)
"Die heisse Spur", later "Tom Turbo" AKA "Tom Turbo Detektivclub".
Austrian kids show featuring haunted-looking bicycle solving supernatural crimes from Schonbrunn Zoo.
  Die heisse Spur
- (kinda sorta like mental regression) Ep166 "Der Plem-Plem Saft" 1999.
The evil professors Go-Nuts-Juice turns you stupid.
  Ep link - Ep link
- (male doll TF threat) Ep179 "Die Nacht der Puppen" 1999 "The night of the dolls".
Benni shouldn't have visited the creepy doll museum. He must steal a stone from Mars, or the evil dolls will turn him into a baby doll "IN FRONT OF ALL OF HIS FRIENDS AT SCHOOL!" "Oh no, they will bully me!" is his reaction. Yeah, that's the worst thing about baby doll transformations.
Their clothes are replaced with baby doll clothes, and it's all male.
  Ep direct link (boy) - Ep direct link - (dude & boy).
- (AR & male OA) Ep181 "Die unheimliche Uhr" 1999 "The creepy clock".
A mysterious clockmaker and a strange clock; you know what's coming... It turns out they were circus magicians who used the old "turn a woman into a girl" trick to distract the museum visitors so he could steal the clock.
  Ep link - Ep link - gif - screencaps
  Tom Turbo
- (TG ARed offscreen) Ep "Pony Paula bitte melden" 5/5/2012.
Male adult villain turned into a young girl with not so young female voice.
  Ep link - screencaps
- (old age) "Das Kleid aus dem Geisterschrank" 5/26/2012 "The dress from the ghost wardrobe".
Wearing a cursed dress may cause age-altering effects, as supermodel Heidi Himmlich has to find out. First the dress feels tight. Then... Fortunately everything was resolved before the fashion show.
  Ep link - screencaps
- (Sickboy, xAlen13x, fatc 2020)

Tomorrow People, The
- (age stasis disguise effect) UK, 1973-. Time traveling character looked about 12, despite being over 100 years old.

Tomorrow People, The
- (superpowers) CW, 2013. Based on UK series. Young people gain powers as the result of evolution.

- (adult rejuvenation or OA) Martha's adult age varied when Death started running around.

Touched by an Angel
- (angel OA form) S03Ep24 322 "Missing in Action" 4/13/1997.
The angel Monica (Roma Downey) was shown as an old woman to connect to an older gentleman who lost his faith - caps - (Rayc5678)

transformation scenes
- (AA or CB glimpse)
- Caps - Woman into dragon - (TF Theater)
- Caps - "Charmed" woman into monster, blur glimpse.
- Gif - "Sabrina" AA cat revert.

transformation scenes
- (TF CB) Very rarely, transformation scenes may include close-up glimpses of clothes tearing, usually as part of werewolf transformations. You could almost imagine how awesome it would be if it was actually part of a female AP scene, if there was such a thing, which there isn't - caps - gif

Triangle, The
- (APed to old age) 2005 miniseries. 6 year old girl survives plane crash. In a blurry scene, we see woman's face above the collar line, and hands above wrist. In the next scene, APed old woman sits on ship's deck, completely wrapped in a blanket. In the remaining 116 seconds of this scene, none of the bystanders mentions or asks what happened to her clothing. In the next 102 minutes of the 3-part miniseries, the status of the clothes and shoes she was found in, if any, is not alluded to.
- (AP to old age, clothing enigma) APed

Tribe, The
- (flash forward, coming of age) 260 eps, 1999 to 2003, New Zealand. Raymond Thompson, Harry Duffin, Cloud 9.
In a hypothetical near-future, all adults have been wiped out by a virus, leaving the children to fend for themselves in tribes. The focus is on the members of the Mallrats. Dealing with teen pregnancy, postpartum depression, violence, suicide, and substance abuse, the show had increasingly ambitious costume changes, hairstyles, and bright colors. Cast:
(male) Lex (Caleb Ross) Age 17 (S1) to 20 (S5) The leader
(male) Dal (Ashwath Sundarasen) Age 13 (S1) to 15 (S3)
(male) KC (Ari Boyland) Age 11 (S1) to 15/16 (S5)
(male) Jack (Michael Wesley-Smith) Age 12/13 (S1) to 17 (S5)
Amber/Eagle (Beth Allen) Age 14 (S1) to 18 (S5)
Cloe (Jaimee Kaire Gataulu) Age 11 (S1) to 14 (S4)
Ebony (Meryl Cassie) Age 14 (S1) to 18 (S5)
Ellie (Jennyfer Jewell) Age 14 (S2) to 17 (S5)
May (Laura Wilson) Age 16 (S2) to 19 (S5)
Mouse (Jacinta Wawatei) Age 7 (S4) to 8 (S5)
Patsy (Sarah Major) Age 11 (S1) to 13 (S3)
Salene (Victoria Spence) Age 14 (S1) to 18 (S5)
Tai-San (Michelle Ang) Age 14 (S1) to 17 (S4)
Trudy (Antonia Prebble) Age 14 (S1) to 18 (S5)
Cloe meets Ved (from the Techno enemy tribe). She spikes his drink and dresses him up in a nappy with a dummy in his mouth, and her teddy under his arm. Ved wakes up to the entire casino staring at him.
New Tomorrow, The
- (flash forward) A spin-off series set after the events of The Tribe, Series 5, aimed at a younger audience with a cast of pre-teens.

True Blood
- (age stasis) 17 year old Jessica, recently turned into a vampire, lives with her "master" Bill instead of her uptight Christian family. Now that she has the freedom to do almost anything she wants, she gets a human boyfriend. However, due to her previously mentioned upbringing, she is devastated to discover that after sex her hymen grows back every time.

True Blood
- (slight AP glimpsed) - caps

True Blood
- (slight APed glimpse?) "Who Are You, Really?", 6/16/13, S6Ep1.
Andy gets used to being a new father to 4 human-faerie babies. In the middle of the night he wakes to a surprise when he realizes the babies have grown significantly. "Hi Daddy!" they declare. Terry and Arlene scream to find a pack of toddlers running in their house - (Jeffr_2bya)

True Blood
- (slight APed UC glimpse) "At Last", 6.4, 7/7/13.
Also slight age increases in: "The Sun", 6/23/13 - "You're No Good", 6/30/13.
- Ahh, the joys of puberty. Andy's faerie daughters aged in a darkened room from about 10 y.o. to age 20. "It's happening again!" We couldn't see the growth, but heard their voices changing. Fast growing legs pushed the sisters off the bed. They loved their new boobs and I'm sure the audience did also.
"Look at my boobs! My boobs are nicer than your boobs."
"Where are we going to get clothes?"
"I don't know about you, but I'm raiding Arlene's closet."
- Video link - screencaps

True Blood
- (TF) 2011. New characters include a shapeshifter.

True Blood
- (TF) preteen forms

Tudors, The
- (FFed, "uced") The Tudors, S3Ep1.
Her household is in confusion and turmoil as Elizabeth has outgrown her clothes. Her governess asks for money to buy new clothes but the King neglects her. New wife Queen Jane Seymour shows sympathy and sends some money and clothes.

Twilight Zone (1985)
- (adult OA'd) S2Ep2 "Aqua Vita".
What's great about this episode is the only way to escape the horror of old age is to embrace it. That ending probably scares a lot of people despite how sweet and positive they made it out. The makeup actually isn't *terrible*. When you have somewhat decent floating orbs I expect your makeup department to be decent too.
- Full episode link @21:16 - (Deleted, MeanMark)

Twilight Zone, The (1959)
- (male adult aged to dust, adult stasis) S05Ep23 "Queen of the Nile" 1964/03/06.
A woman used a magical scarab beetle to drain the adult youth of men for herself. As a result the men aged rapidly and died. She explained an old painting of herself as an adult as being a projected age progression painted when she was still a child. Cleopatra has gotten away with it for many centuries.

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (adult age stasis) S01Ep24b "The Last Defender of Camelot" 1986/04/11.
Based on 1979 Roger Zelazny story. An elderly Lancelot revives Merlin with an elixir in the Present Day. He discovers Merlin intends to establish a new order with his magic. Lancelot drinks the rest of the elixir to make him capable of fighting an animated suit of armor. After being defeated, Merlin realizes the elixir is temporary and he fades away. The wounded Lancelot goes to heaven.
- Episode link - (Christopher)

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (adult to old aged, stasis & rejuv RN) S3Ep8 "Our Selena is Dying" 1988/11/12.
Debra Brockman has her Life Energy drained by Aunt Selena. She has gone from her late 20s to appear in her 70s. The same is true of Cousin Diane, whose adult youth was drained by her own mother Martha.

Twilight Zone, The (1985)
- (demon age stasis) S01Ep21 "Red Snow" 1986/03/21.
After arriving in the Gulag, a KGB Colonel meets a young woman who was exiled by Stalin in 1936. He learns she is a vampire in her 80s who looks 50 years younger.
- (adult stasis) S03Ep08 "Our Selena is Dying" 1988/11/12.
Martha Brockman is well into her 70s but appears 40 years younger due to stealing daughter Diane's Life Energy.

Twilight Zone, The
- (adult age forms, AA) "Spur of the Moment" Ep 141.
Young woman Anne sees a terrifying woman dressed in black on horseback, yelling at her to stop. Anne flees in terror, escaping her pursuer. 25 years later Anne has a fight with her husband and goes horseback riding, where she sees herself as a young woman on a horse. She repeatedly chases her younger self in the hope of warning her not to make the mistake of eloping with Mitchell, but can never catch up, and thus can never change her past.

Twilight Zone, The
- (adult rejuvenation, OA) 1985, S03 Ep08, "Our Selyna Is Dying"
A doctor becomes suspicious when a dying old woman mysteriously becomes youthful, while her young niece simultaneously ages overnight - (TBTC)
- (flashback effect) 4/29/1960, S01 Ep29 "Nightmare As A Child"
Schoolteacher Helen Foley is haunted by the recurring image of herself as a child. Time paradoxes play a role - (TBTC)

Twilight Zone, The
- (male adult faces) S01Ep13 "The Four of Us Are Dying" 1/1/1960 - features a con man with the ability to AA-"face-shift" into any man he chooses. His downfall comes when he appears as a crazy old man's son. The guy really doesn't like his son.

Twilight Zone, The
- (male age stasis, male OA scene) TOS "Long Live Walter Jameson", 3/18/60.
A man lives hundreds of years due to a potion of immortality. When he's shot by an elderly ex-wife, the effect wears off and he ages into dust in minutes.

Twilight Zone, The
- (male mind transfer, adult rejuvenated) "The Trade-Ins", 4/13/62.
An aging man decides to get a nice young body, but he can't afford it for his wife, so he decides to give back the body and die a natural death with his aging wife.

Twilight Zone, The
- (old age, male old age) "Aqua Vita" 63, S2 Ep4, 10/4/1986. News anchor in her 40s drinks youth water to look younger. When she can no longer afford the increasing delivery charges, she ages to decrepitude.
Links: index - part 3

Twilight Zone, The
- (TF AA, age form disguises, FFed) A shape shifting Alien Prince ran off to an obscure little planet called Earth disguised as a cheerful old man. He bonds with a young tomboy. In the end, officials from his home world catch up with orders to return him. As a parting gift he heals the girl's leg and is about to leave when she says she'd like to come with him. When the Aliens return they find two identical girls, one of whom happens to be their prince. Having no way of knowing, they are forced to take the girl along. Rod Serling gives a brief epilogue with two photographs, one of the girl all grown up, and one of the handsome prince who married her - (Neverlander)

Twilight Zone, The
Quite a bit of male AR/rejuv/OA, and some female adult changes in the 1st series - INFO PAGE
- (male ARed) S01Ep05 "Walking Distance" 10/30/59.
- ("ARed" image) S01Ep29 "Nightmare As A Child".
- (AR) S03Ep21 "Kick the can" 2/9/62.
- (rejuv body swap) S03Ep31 "The Trade-ins" 4/20/62.
- (male AR) S03Ep34 "A Young Man's Fancy" 5/11/62.
- (male FB "AR") S04Ep14 "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" 4/18/63.
- (male AR) S04Ep15 "The Incredible World Of Horace Ford" 04/18/63.
- (male AR) S05Ep11 "A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain" 12/13/63 Ep131.
- (male adult FF) S05Ep15 "The Long Morrow" 01/10/64.
- (male adult age-up, male old age, male rejuv or AR?) S05Ep16 "The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross" 01/17/1964.
- (Lady Sekhmet, JeffR)

Twilight Zone, The
The 1985 series also had no AP, but one AA FF episode.
- (ungranted adult rejuv wish) S01Ep10 "Wish Bank".
- (m/f adults to OA) S02Ep04 "Aqua Vida".
- (male adult rejuved) S03Ep30 "Father And Son Game".
- (adult rejuv, adult OA) S03Ep08 "Our Selyna Is Dying".
- (Louder, Time, JeffR)

Twilight Zone
- 1964 "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" In a future world where teenagers pick their adult bodies from a catalog, a plain girl wants to remain unchanged.
- (male APed?, male old age, male AR) "The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross" 136. 1/17/64 Tv ep. A man finds he can trade or buy characteristics from other people. He sells his youth to an old business man and then buys it back a year at a time from a young male and his friends. Based on 1961 short story by Henry Slesar. (Lady Sekhmet )

Twilight Zone
- (AA AP) 1985, 2nd series of 3. "Her pilgrim soul" Danica McKellar. A lifelike holographic projection grows from fetus to womanhood at the rate of 10 years a day. Scientist falls in love with her. Also made into MIT play with good special effects.

Twilight Zone
- (AA FF hologram AP) "Her Pilgrim Soul"
Baby to young adult - young adult to old age.

Twilight Zone
- (male adult age stasis, male old age) "Long Live Walter Jamerson"
College professor Walter Jameson doesn't appear to have aged in many years. Kittridge recognizes his future son-in-law in a Civil War picture. His immortality was imparted through an experiment by an alchemist. Jameson does not know how to share his gift with others. He asks Kittridge if he would want to be a 70 year old man forever and reveals his desire to die. Walter is being stalked by one of his many former wives, whom he had abandoned when she grew old and frail; she claims that she cannot allow Walter to destroy another woman's life like he did to her and she shoots him with his own gun. Kittridge sees a rapidly aging Walter dying on the floor. Kittridge tries to stop Susanna from seeing the aged Walter. However, he is unable to keep her out and she discovers only a pile of dust and a suit of clothes. When Susanna asks what is on the floor, the professor replies "Dust, only dust."

Twin Peaks
- (adult mental regression) Nadine Hurley awakes from the coma believing herself to be a teenager in high school and just dating her husband. Her superhuman strength allows her to enter the school's wrestling team - the first female to do so.

Two and a Half Men
- (male AA AP morph) Sitcom opening Theme.
- Video link - caps - (O')

Two Sentence Horror Stories
- (demon adult AA TG TFed age forms) S2Ep8 "Little Monsters" 2019/09/12.
A monster that adults can't see hunts the vulnerable children of a housing project. Male demon transformed into old woman and later a black woman - (Guest)

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
- (female adult muscle) Ep21,22? Junior-high ranger Hammy summons the strength of 10,000 chameleons to twist the valve. She uses the Hercules Kyutama power boost - screencaps - (Akira)

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
- (male AA "replacement APed" form into costume hero) 2017.
Space Squadron Nine Ranger, Kusurensen Kyureranger - 41st Super Sentai, composed of nine heroes.
- Blue ranger Cosuma SkyBlue appears! Boy change link! Japan only link
- New cast! Ep8 link - Ep9 link - Ep10 link - Ep10 link
- Blue ranger expands! - Action figures CM link - CM link - screencaps
- The Blue Ranger! - Ep03 CM link changed - Ep11 CM link - Ep11 CM link
- Ep11 info link - info link - hero info link - info link

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
- (male age forms AA) 2/12/2017. Koguma Skyblue is the 11th sentai hero. His Power Form is Ooguma Skyblue - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male adult alien OA) Ep1 "Identified" 9/16/1970, UK.
Anti-alien defense organisation SHADO officially goes into operation. A UFO pilot is captured and discovered to have transplanted human organs within him. After being exposed to Earth's atmosphere he starts aging rapidly and quickly dies.

Ultra Q
- (boy into oldboy) 1966 - Ep06 link - caps - (SickBoy)

Ultraman Ace
- (TF AA) 1972-73. 2 male child transformations and 1 female transformation.
Ep 03: Possessed child is cornered by TAC, causing him to transform into Super Beast Vakishim.
Ep 32: Another possessed child turns into Super Beast Coakes.
Ep 21: Aspurar is urged by Yapool to destroy the Earth and she becomes a monster.
- (Christopher)

Ultraman Geed
- (male young adult AA GT TF, battle maturation form) 07/2017.
16 y.o. Tatsuomi Hamada will star as Riku Asakura, the youngest Ultraman in the series. He previously appeared in 2010 in Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial. Ultraman Geed will be the son of Ultraman Zero's ultimate enemy, Ultraman Belial. "The movie I performed in, Belial was the villain, but this time, he's my father. Let's watch together to see how Ultraman Geed, who has inherited Belial's genes, will grow." When Riku triggers the transformation item Geed Riser, his body transforms into his more muscular 40,000 ton Ultra form.
- Ep01 link - caps - (Akira)

Umbrella Academy, The
- (AR) Season finale.
When Number 5 was in the future, he saw a destroyed world with no survivors. He arrives back 8 days before the disaster. They find that Number 7 will be responsible. She unleashes a wave that destroys part of the moon, sending a huge chunk hurtling towards earth (causing the foreseen destruction).
To stop this, they have to go back in time together. They turned back into 13 year-olds while holding hands in a circle, vanishing just before the destruction hit their location.
A bit of a letdown IMO. While Number 5 returned in baggy adult clothes, they all ended up in their school uniforms for some reason. :/ I heard next season they'll be adults again, the shot of them being kids was symbolic.
- (Tazz, Username)

Umbrella Academy, The
- (male AR) - The Umbrella Academy - Ep01, 2/15/2019.
Netflix series. 40 women who weren't even pregnant the day before, suddenly gave birth all at once! An eccentric billionaire buys/adopts 7 of the babies, and raises them as superheroes. He names them numbers 1-7. Years later, the remaining heroes reunite after their "father" mysteriously died. Suddenly a portal opens, and we see a man in his 60s appear, who then turns back into a 13 y.o. male. We learn it's hero #5 (the one who disappeared). He was sent into the future, where it took him 50 years to discover a way back. He returned to the age he was when he disappeared, but kept his adult mind.
- (Tazz)

Under the Dome
- (unseen AA age-up) S03, 2015 story arc.
Level 04 AA curse: clothes may stretch but it happens unseen off-camera between scenes. They take great care never to depict, mention or hint at clothes bursting on fast growing babies. When the adult Queen is first seen she has already changed into perfectly-fitting adult sized clothes.
A brainwashed guy's girlfriend gets pregnant with a prophesied queen. She goes from newly pregnant to 9 months in a matter of days. The baby is put into a pod. Vital energy is extracted from acolytes who sacrifice themselves. Shortly something comes out of the pod. Later in the episode we see a grown woman. One character comments she has her dad's eyes - Caps - (Tazz)

- (AP CB) - Emma Roberts.
Of course this series had no AP episode, but what if it had?
Girl to woman fan morph

Unhappily Ever After
- (dream sequence ARed cutaways, AR AA morph, zoom-out effect, AA RN morphs)
"Daddy's Little Girl", Ep11, 5/3/1995.
Jack sees his daughter (Nikki Cox) as a little girl, until he's forced to notice she has grown up. AA RN & AR morphs. She angrily AA's herself older again. The wardrobe department provided oversized shirts so we don't see her large breasts developing. "Will you stop doing that!"
- Video link @ 2 mins.
- ARed, AA RN screencaps - AR AA screencaps - AA RN screencaps
- (Johnson)

United States of Tara, The
- (mental reversion, adult disguises) 2009, Showtime.
Mother's disorder causes her to switch between 3 personalities under certain conditions. If she's really stressed, she assumes the personality and mind of a 15 year old pot addict. She is provocative in her mannerisms and style of dress, and tries to seduce her husband... who refuses, since he and Tara have an agreement that it would be complicated to have sex with any of the alters. (CupOfRamen)

- (male age stasis) A series about a lawyer set in the future, where law and technology meet. A 60 year old man looks like he is in his 20s. (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male VR age stasis, kinda looks like ARed, adult TGed "APed", RNed) Amazon Prime Video.
S1Ep5 "The Grey Market" 2020/05/01.
- Dylan lives in Lake View 6 years after falling in the Grand Canyon, still trapped in the form of a 12 y.o. boy. He buys a tattoo to wake as an adult, but didn't read the fine print. Dylan discovers the upgrade gave him the body of a young woman, which Nora then reprograms back - Scene link - (GlassBody)

V (various miniseries)
- (2 extremely rare "real AP" glimpses) Tv, comics, books.
We may never see its like again - INFO PAGE

V: The Second Generation
- (possible AP) Proposed remake of the mini-series. Possible AP from birth of Elizabeth the "Starchild"?

V: The Series
- "Liberation day" and "Dreadnaught" Ep 1 & 2, 1984. Elizabeth metamorphosizes inside a cocoon from a little girl into a 17-year-old woman. The first time it happens she appears to emerge nude. Quote: "It fits you now."
- "Reflections in terror" Ep 9. Diana obtains a blood sample of Elizabeth and clones a duplicate.

V: The Series
- (AP) Ep09 "Reflections in Terror"
Last Western Hemisphere live-action Tv female "real AP" scene (as opposed to AA TF). Elizabeth the Starchild was cloned as a fast-aging child, wearing clothes that were initially much too big for her.
before the AP - the AP cocoon - after the AP (more to come)

V: the Series
- (AP) Little girl enters dark cave. A scream is heard from inside.
- before the AP - start of the process
- The Starchild is tightly wrapped inside a cocoon, still wearing her child sized clothing. Suddenly, the growth cocoon begins to extend with a stretching sound as her body rapidly ages to womanhood. (More to come)
- (APed) APed

V: the Series
- (AP) the Starchild clone before & after her secret growth spurt.

V: The Series
- (APed aftermath glimpse) Ep02.
After waking, having been dressed in an adult nightgown, she is of course surprised she now has large breasts.
- Video link - caps

V: the Series
- (APed shadow blurry glimpse) Elizabeth the Star Child has grown into an adult woman inside a cocoon. Her child sized clothes are no longer there - caps (more to come)

- (accelerated pregnancy glimpsed) 2010 "Pound Of Flesh" Valerie tosses and turns as her accelerated-growth baby starts to kick.

- (slight AA APed aftermath glimpsed) S2Ep9 "Devil in a Blue dress".
It happened again: hybrid girl Amy is now a child and no longer a toddler. Also the Queen Egg is aged and will hatch an adult in Ep10 - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (ultra-rare live-action APed glimpse)
"Birth Pangs" 2/22/2011.
In order to grow a possible new queen soon, Anna needs to use the aging accelerator. To test it, she uses it on Ryan's (also a V) infant daughter (who is a human/V hybrid). She "aged" from infant to toddler in this episode - (Tazz)

- 1983 miniseries. Elizabeth "the Starchild" is the result of a genetic experiment. Her growth accelerates at a rapid rate - within weeks Elizabeth looks like a 3 or 4 year old child, and at several months she looks like an 8 year old girl. She has the capacity to grow even faster. Using her psychic abilities, Elizabeth prevents the nuclear destruction of Earth.
- Screencaps

Vacation Playhouse
- (male AR, male RN APed, female adult rejuvenation, female RN OA)
"You're Only Young Twice" (Unsold Comedy Pilot) 7/3/1967, CBS.
Ed Wynn: Prof. Hubert Abernathy - Ethel Waters: Carrie - Kathryn Hays: Betsy Fleming.
- The story of a scientist who invents a rejuvenation pill that can turn men back into boys and older women into young women - but only for a short time.
He takes several pills while housekeeper Ethel Waters looks on, becomes a young man, takes some more, and ends up as a boy of 10. He appears in front of a group to make his announcement and suddenly becomes Ed Wynn again (it is not known what happened to his clothes during the age changes). It seems the pills are temporary and work only once.
The two of them decide to offer them to people who want to be young again. There is a housewife whose husband is cheating on her with young women. She takes some pills and becomes a 19-year-old again. He finally confesses to her that he really loves his wife while she is trapped in a room becoming older again.
- (Time)

- (male AR & ARed aftermath, RNed) S2, 2018. Brazil series, 52 eps.
Evil scientist Randolfo erases genius scientist Artur Valentim's memory with Artur's memory helmet, and turns him into a boy. He enrolls him in Artur's son Joao's school with the new identity of Edmundo. Joao and his 3 siblings keep searching for their father, as Randolfo alters Artur's wife Alice's memory to marry her. Joao becomes friends with Edmundo and the 5 kids solve the mystery together. Finally Edmundo regains Artur's memory. He then made a potion to become adult again? Maybe by S02Ep24? Randolfo turned into a dog in the last ep.
- S02Ep01 memory erasure @18:30, male AR @22:00 link - caps - S02Ep21 memory restoration link - cap - (Dylan)

Vampire Diaries, The
- (adult age delay) S3. New witch Gloria said she could control her aging. This means she is not immortal, but just aging much slower than normal - (Yukari12)
- (male FF continuity) The kid who played the little brother grew about 2 feet between the 1st and 2nd season - a summer in Tv time.
- (unseen TFed, possible future CB TF scene?) Michaela McManus is said to be a werewolf. There "may" be a scene showing her bursting her clothes or not?

Vampire Diaries, The
- (some adult aging) "Death and the Maiden", S5Ep7, 11/14/2013.
Katherine is aging rapidly and can't drink vampire blood to heal.

Vampire High
- (old age) Ep 9 109 "The Withering" 11/10/01. Essie Rachimova (Karen Cliche) develops a serious health problem, while experiencing the withering, a time of vampire-cellular regeneration. She starts aging at an increasingly alarming rate. Carl and Merrill desperately try to find a cure for her illness and discover that the only way for Essie to live is for someone else to die...
Karl: The withering?
Merrill: It's a period of cellular regeneration when a vampire sheds its old cells and replaces them with new ones.
Essie: Yeah, it makes me sound like a bad science project, Merrill.
Marty: Don't worry Essie, women, they are like fine wine. They get better with age. W-Wait. (He smells her) Oh! I'd say you're a Bordeaux vintage hmm ... 1889. (link not confirmed)

Vice Versa
- (AA TG young man to middle-aged woman)
s2ep1 "Evolution" He changed into his mother before changing into a young woman his own age - caps - (metamorphose)

Vice Versa
- (male AA, father/son mind exchange) 1937, UK, 40 mins.
Nigel Stock: Mr. Paul Bultitude, Richard Goolden: Dick Bultitude.

Vice Versa
- (male AA, father/son mind exchange) 1981, UK, 7 eps.
Peter Bowles: Paul Bultitude, Paul Spurrier: Dick Bultitude.

Vice Versa
- (male TF, TG AR AP) French Tv series, season 2 Ep 1 "Evolution". High school student Thomas keeps transforming into teenage Emmanuelle. In this episode he loses this ability. His transformations get weird and he even changes into his mother. His brother Justin stabilizes his DNA, and Thomas turns into his new double, young Julia. (Metamorphose)

Vicky Aur Vetaal
- (male AA AP poofs, male AR AA poofs) S02Ep26 "Big Mistake" 2007. AKA Vicky & Vetaal.
Scene video link - screencaps - (SickBoy, Grundverkehrt)

- (BE) 2013.
When Ragnar is recovering from wounds and having sex with his wife Katheryn Winnick, you can literally see her nipple become erect through the fabric. That scene turned me on more than any "up in your face full view nudity" - (Arthur)

Villains of Valley View, The
- (male AA APed) Disney, 2022 - caps

Villains of Valley View, The
- (young/old adult mind transfers) S01Ep11 "Havoc-Ween" 2022/10/22.
Grandma uses her body stealing powers to take over Hartley's young adult life. She says she wants to wear a mini-skirt which she hasn't been able to pull off for ages, and Hartley's body is young and full of life/energy. The episode starts with a flashback where she possessed all the family's bodies for a minute before getting trapped in a glass orb - (Trayectpoint)
- (male AA forms) S01Ep9 - Hartley spilled water on the controls which AAged him into an older teen hottie. She kept pressing the buttons until he was AA'd into a middle-aged man, and then a grandpa!

Volshebnyy uchastok
- (ARs) Russian fantasy Tv series, 2023.
Old witch into young woman - Trailer link - Man into boy after biting magic apple - caps - caps - link - (Imperin)

VR Troopers
- (AR AA, TF RNed, RN AA, male and female) "Small but Mighty"
- (AR AA) The Troopers receive a package that reverts them to children wearing the same style of clothes as part of a multi-pronged attack by an enemy.
- (ARed, temporary RN TF) After fighting off the enemies, the reverted children discover they can grow back to their hero forms but the effect soon wears off.
ARed, TF
- (RN AA) Finally the regression victims AA back up to normal - AA

VR Troopers
- (AR) #30 "Small But Mighty" 11/09/94. video CD
- (AR, RN) "Small but Mighty" ep link AR Scene at 4:22; AP RN at 19:07 - (O')
- (ARed, RNed) caps

Waktu Rehat
- ("ARed", "OA'd") "As The Bell Rings Malaysia", Disney Channel Asia, 3/29/12, "The Magical Watch"
His grandmother told Syed his grandfather's inherited pocket watch is magical. When he winds it backwards, a little girl appears, and he discovers that she is the young Amirah. Can the watch really turn back time?
- Direct video link - screencaps

- (FB dream AA age appearance) S1Ep8 "Previously On" 2021/02/26.
Agatha Harkness shows Wanda pivotal moments that shaped her life. When showing her a flashback of when Wanda and Pietro were kids in Sokovia, Agatha pushes her and she "becomes" her child self (but acts normally). Agatha later pulls her out from under the bed and she is normal again - (Tazz)

- (magical flashback, younger self) S1Ep8. It's revealed Wanda already had powers as a child - caps

- (male AA AP) - Twins age 5 to age 10 gif

- (male AA) Ep03 "Now in Color" 2021/01/22.
Wanda finds herself pregnant like in a 70's sitcom. Throughout the day she becomes more and more pregnant, eventually giving birth to twins Billy and Tommy.
- Ep05 "On a Very Special Episode" 2021/02/04 (80's sitcom).
Wanda and Vision are having typical parent issues with the babies not sleeping and crying. Their neighbor Agnes volunteers to watch them. When they go back they hear the voices of children, and see the twins have been AA'd up to age 5 - link. Later Billy and Tommy find a dog (sitcom fashion) and try to prove they can take care of it. Wanda and Vision say they can maybe have a dog when they are 10. The boys grin and AA themselves up to age 10 (visually instead of offscreen). When the dog dies, Wanda tells them to not AA themselves further to feel better "because its convenient" - (Tazz)

- (reversal) Ep01.
Wanda has to prepare a last minute full course dinner for Vision's boss in 50's Tv style. She uses her reality powers to cook a chicken, but turned it back into an egg.
- (adult OA effect) Ep08.
The opening shows Agatha Harkness in 1693 during the Salem Witch Trials. Other witches attempt to destroy Agatha for using dark magic. She quickly drains them of their life-force (her mother included), leaving them withered and nearly skeletal. Apologies for the lackluster quality, and don't be shocked if the Mouse has it removed! - link
- (adult to OA) Ep09 "The Series Finale".
Wanda battles Agatha Harkness for the town inside the Hex. Agatha drains Wanda's energy/magic to the point that she looks like a shriveled old woman. She regains control shortly after.
- (Tazz, MeanMark)

- (TF OA'd glimpse) - Witches battle screencaps

- (young adult old aged) Ep9 '21, season finale. Ancient antagonist witch Agatha attempts to drain Wanda of her powers. Throughout the episode, this slowly begins to affect Wanda's body, leaving her withered and wrinkled. However, Wanda had utilized runes, making Agatha's powers ineffective. Meaning that Wanda's elderly appearance was of her own doing! - screencaps
Looks like somebody else wanted to see an older Wanda haha. AgeChanger fan art link - alt - (MeanMark, VioletJames, Kappa)

Wansapanataym (2010 revival)
- (AA episode? AP, RN?) Ep92 "Pinay's Big Sister" 2012/07/21.
Pinay is not fond of giving way for her little sister. She is given a magical feather that makes things around her a lot bigger. Will Pinay finally learn the value of generosity when she accidentally enlarges her baby sister?
Someone posted a few pics, it appears at one point her dress maybe got too small? This person only posted very small pics, so we can't see for sure - small pics - (Maidofage)
- (APed forms) Ep294-299 "Just Got Laki" 2016/05/08 - /06/12.
After eating magical candy, Macky and his friends became teenagers. Who made the candy?

"Once upon a time", Philippines series.
- (mother/daughter mind swap) - Ep29 "Ina'y Ko Po" 4/2/2011.
  Terry shares all her wishes with her fairy doll. Terry wishes for her mother to change. Linda wishes for her daughter to change.
  The fairy doll grants their wishes by switching their characters. How will they return to their original state?
- (male AR OC) - Ep31 "Bully-Lit" 4/16/2011.
  The strongest bully turns into a child.
  Trailer link - screencaps
- (beautification) - Ep35 "Flores de Mayumi" 5/21/2011.
  Mayumi wants to be beautiful so that she will not be teased. A magical ointment rubbed on her face turns her into beautiful Mylene.
- (time acceleration) - Ep38 "Aurora's Oras" 6/11/2011.
  Aurora always turns in her homework late unless she uses a magical watch to freeze time. It alters her life. Similarity: Clockstoppers.
- (AP) - Ep43 "Cacai Kikay" 7/16/2011.
  Cacai (Mika Dela Cruz) wants to be a lady. She buys herbal medicines from a herbal shop and mixes all four to drink.
  She wakes to find herself a fine lady, and does everything that grown-ups do. Soon she realizes it is not as easy as it looks. She regrets being grown-up and wants to be a child again.
  Trailer link - screencaps
- (male new year/old year meme) - Ep66 "Happy Neo Year!" 12/31/2011.
  Lazy and reckless boy Janus meets mysterious old man "Mang Neo", who is the "Year 2011" personified. Can Janus help Mang Neo reach his destination,
  or will his laziness hinder the ushering in of "Happy New Year"?
- (time acceleration) - Ep87 "Remote Emote" 5/26/2012.
  Lazy child Joy is not always excited to go to school because of her television addiction. TV salesman Mr. Booboo gives her magical remote to fast forward time
  and escape from doing her school works.
- (AR) - Ep103 "Yaya Yaya Puto Maya" 9/15/2012.
  Rude young girl Maya doesn't know how to respect her parents. Because of her bad manners, a mysterious woman brings her parents back to their teenage years and beyond.
  Reverse video link - Short video link - screencaps
- (FB to child self) - Ep117 "Ang Bagong Kampeon sa Bagong Taon" 12/29/2012.
  Angeline is given a magical image of Greek god Janus to show her past and future. Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her fate.

- (adult rejuv poofs) Ep086 "Mahiwagang Lampara" c1999?
Whenever the old lady lights the magic oil-lamp she becomes a young adult again:
- Episode link - caps - caps
- (group ARed poofs, AA RN) Ep 101 "Bata Okey" c2000?
Multiple female ARs/RNs - Episode link - caps - caps - (Dylan)

- (AP flash) S03Ep94 "Pinay Big Sister" 2012/07/21 - caps

- (AR to early teen OC, AA RN) Ep184 "Daddy's Girl".
I guess it's about a father successfully wishing that his soon to be married daughter would be his little girl again.
- Full episode link - caps - (Sickboy)

- (male AA APed) Ep189? "Lilit Bulilit"? 2003?
Dominic Ochoa? Bullied little boy made a wish and became a MAN overnight.
- Full episode link @19:10 - - (FARfan) - recap link

- (male TFs, AP CB effects, RN "AR" scenes) Rondel Lindayag. Ep170? "The Incredible Chuck"? 1997-2002.
A boy gained the ability to become a hulk after being electrocuted?
- Scenes: - link - male TF CB "AP" screencaps - male "AR" RN screencaps - (

- (rejuv/AR OC stages, male APed CB glimpse, ARed/male APed aftermath, RN OA & male AR OC) Ep11? "Melchora Meets Cedie" 1997. Philippines series.
Old woman reverts into little girl and little boy became adult man. RN scene at the end of the episode.
- Full episode link - AR OC caps - male APed CB glimpse caps - RN OA/male ARed OC caps - (Dylan)

Philippine series.
- (female AR) Ep10 "Melchora Meets Cedie".
- (OA'd cutaway near end) Ep41 "Stop Watch" - Channel link - caps - (Sickboy)

War at Home, The
- (flashback) 4/30/06 "Drive Me Crazy" Dave still imagines daughter Hillary (Kaylee DeFer) as a little girl (Chasity Leigh). flashback dream sequences
- (flashback/forward) 02

War of the Worlds
- (male AP TF, RN) "Unto Us a Child is Born" Ep16 2/20/1989.
Aliens invade by infusing themselves into ordinary people. During a shopping mall attack, an alien infects a pregnant woman. Due to the violent integration, she goes into labor and gives birth to a hybrid which ages rapidly. In a few hours, the child matures from a day-old infant to a strapping 3-year-old toddler. The boy's powerful urge to "recombinate" with his mother leads him to kill his nurse and escape. The Blackwood team, the Advocacy, and the possessed mother all search for the growing child monster. After the showdown, the hybrid undergoes a strange metamorphosis. The alien part of the child dies off, and the infant reappears from within. Jonathan & Brandyn Ursini: Alien Toddler. (derydan58)

Warehouse 13
- (adult mental AR) 2011 - An artifact erased people's memories, making them act like younger and younger versions of themselves until their minds were completely blank. A few adults acted like kids and toddlers - (Babyrc)
- (FFed AA, mind transfer) "Duped", 2009. A special mirror falls on agent Myka. The original Alice in Wonderland's spirit was trapped inside. In Myka's beautiful body, Alice has Myka's memories and skills. Artie and the others use a disco ball to restore Myka's spirit to her body. In the mirror you see a blond woman, Alice, screaming and beating at the glass.

Warehouse 13
- (adult rejuvenation, adult old age) S02Ep04 "Age Before Beauty".
The magic camera stole people's adult youth and transferred it to others. At the end he was defeated when the camera was used against him.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (TFDimension)

Warehouse 13
- (age stasis) Mrs Frederic the Caretaker looks fairly elderly but is actually a LOT older than she appears. Her son is an elderly old man.
The final scene of the finale gives a "several decades" Time Skip. Claudia has taken over as Caretaker still looking the same age as before.

Warehouse 13
- (female adult decay "OA") S03Ep12 "Stand" - link - caps - (Transformation Channel)

Warehouse 13
- (female adult to old age) S03Ep12 "Stand" 10/3/2011.
Finale, Part 2. Unlocked Regent Sanctum. Warehouse 13 comes under attack. Mrs. Frederic ages then dies in a matter of seconds as the Warehouse "dies" - (Jeffr_2bya)

Warehouse 13
- (mental ARed) S03Ep02 "Trials" 7/18/2011.
Pete and Myka try to locate an artifact responsible for victims losing their minds... literally. Artifact erased adults' memories into kids and toddlers, with some aftermath shown - (BabyRC)

Warehouse 13
- (old aged) "Age Before Beauty, 7/2010.
Myka and Pete investigate beautiful young adult models suddenly dying of old age. The culprit uses a camera which can transfer a model's youth and attractiveness to rich old women. At one point, Myka sees a rich old woman staring hungrily at her. The old women do not become exactly like the models afterwards, but more like lookalikes. The age transference service is offered for money by a "young" man who is revealed to be really 92. He has been stealing youth for a long time. Artie uses the camera on the villain to restore Myka to normal, and save her from dying of old age. The man becomes his real age and will soon die. No mention is made of what was done to the old woman who stole the model's youth - (Aging Women, Process, Metamorphose)

Waterloo Road
- ("UC") 4.13.
Kim orders Janeece to put her jumper on and stop drawing attention to herself – only problem is, she’s now "outgrown" her old uniform. As of now, every school uniform must look the same. Fine – they’ll all dress like Janeece, falsies and everything!

Wayward Pines
- (adult accelerated time, fast forward to OA'd) Based on Wayward Pines novels by Blake Crouch. 2015-18.
S1Ep1. Two agents have disappeared. Ethan finds Kate, but she is noticeably older than 5 weeks ago, and claims to have been there for 12 years! - Info link

Wee Willie Winkie
- (AP) "Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?" Kiwi Video, due in 2004-5. Petrina (Katy Wottrich) wants to join the soldier in the painting. She asks Fairy Godnana if she can transform her into an adult for 1 day. She finds the soldier rather cute. When she sings "Soldier Soldier won't you marry me?" he turns her down each time for another excuse - no shoes, no hat, no gloves. She gets a little angrier each time she runs up the stairs to fetch the article. She asks 1 last time only to be told that "Oh no, sweet maid, I cannot marry you for I have a wife of my own." No longer enamored by him she delivers a sweet revenge before being wafted back to the future. She is very happy to return to being a little girl again.

- (AR, AA APed) Nickelodeon, 1993.
A giant puppet stage was designed to look like a city.
- The Mayor plays around with the new time machine and everyone except for the human host and the scientist are affected. Booney becomes an egg, the sea captain becomes a baby, Baby Jeffrey turns into a man puppet and the mayor and her assistant become hippie teens - (Tazz)

Weird Science
- (adults rejuvenated) S01Ep12 "Killer Party".
The guy's parents are mentally ARed to 15 years old.
- (male AR) "Chett Reborn". Chett is ARed to a baby and then slowly morphs older at different points until he reaches his true age.
- (adult rejuvenated) "Teen Lisa". The guys wish Lisa could understand what it is like being a teenager and so Lisa becomes a teenager (although a teen without her super-model good looks in order to not get by on them). Usually you see the real Lisa although the 'teen' appears in mirrors. She IS mentally ARed.
- (Time)

Weird Science
- (male AR) S02Ep12 "Chett Reborn" 10/29/1994.
An ill-worded wish turns Chett into a cute little infant. The former gun-toting bully is growing up all over again at an accelerated rate. Now Wyatt has a chance to re-raise his brother and correct all the mistakes his parents made. Problem is, Wyatt's gentle, loving parenting turns the adult Chett into a sweet-but-pathetic wussy-boy, incapable of defending himself. It takes the dirtiest joke in the history of broadcast television and a barroom brawl to rouse the warrior in Chett, turning him back to his old butt-kicking self - (Anonymous)

Weird Science
- (male ARed, male AA RN) stages

Weird Science
- (TF rejuvenated to teen) S03Ep15 "Teen Lisa".
Episode in which Lisa makes herself into a teenager. Unfortunately not a teen looking like adult Lisa at a younger age, but a "frumpy" 'created teen', because the guys don't want her to be a teen super-model and have it easy because of her spectacular looks. Usually the real Lisa appears except in mirrors where we see 'young Lisa'. She does suffer 'Mental AR' though - (Time)

Wellington Paranormal
- (AA apparitions) S3Ep3 "Fear Factory" 2021/03/10.
New Zealand police horror comedy mockumentary. Spin-off of "What We Do in the Shadows" film.
People are being accosted by things they fear. Shop owner of Fear Factory feeds on peoples' phobias. One form was an old lady. Officers corner the shapeshifter and overload his shifting powers.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
- (teen to adult AP cut-away) Netflix series, S1Ep2, "Lunch", 7/31/2015.
c13 y.o. camp girl Abby Bernstein is dancing and singing about how boys are gross. She then rushes into a bathroom stall and evidently goes through puberty while getting her period. You hear her voice changing, and when she comes out she's played by 40 year old actress Marisa Ryan, who is bursting with teenage hormones. The character appears in other scenes, everyone still interacting with her like she's a tween.
- Prequel to 2001 comedy film spoofing 80s camp movies that used 20/30-something actors playing teens. This takes places the year BEFORE with the same cast, now in their late 30s/early 50s, playing even younger version of their characters.
- Gif - (MySpecialFX, Agingwomen)

What I Like About You
- (flash forward) (opening credits) 1
- (flash forward) Teen actress Amanda Bynes grew curves and shot up in height during the show's 4-year run, eventually dwarfing blonde sister Jennie Garth. 2

What I Like About You
- (height/size comparison) 03 - 04

What Now
- (adult FFed to "OA") 2008. Serena and Charlie cast their thoughts into the future, to see what they might look like as old people!
Vid link - cap - (Thomas)

What Now
- (AR AA, RN, OA) "The age machine" 2010, New Zealand kids show.
Charlie, Serena, & Teachinator are turned back into kids.
Video link - screencaps:
- first AR experiment didn't make much difference.
- male AR & RN scenes.
- "ARed" AA & mental ARed aftermath.
- OA aftermath scene - (PowerStruggle)

What We Do in the Shadows
- (adult demon slight OA'd) 15 5 "Colin's Promotion" 2020/5/6.
Emotion-draining vampire Colin Robinson gets promoted, and can now drain anyone of their lifeforce just by entering a room. Vampire housemates Nadja and others became more aged and wrinkled. A drained Nadja comes back and we see gray in her hair. She raises her head and looks old. I loved seeing this as I think she is an attractive character (and funny). Too few scenes with the aged and drained vamps.
- (stasis or rejuv) 19 9 "Witches" 2020/6/3.
Lazlo and Nandor discover the witches want their semen to make a youth potion. Lazlo is enthusiastic until he discovers how unpleasant the process actually is. Guillermo saves the day by striking a bargain to provide the witches with unlimited vampire semen in exchange for a percentage of the profits.
- (Deptx)

What We Do in the Shadows
- (adult witch to old, AA poof "TFed") S2Ep9.
Laszlo and Nandor find themselves shackled in a room with a coven of young witches performing a seductive dance. Head witch Lilith announces they will carry out a procedure to remove the vampires' semen, which they suddenly realize will involve the use of 18th century surgical tools. The witches revert to their true elderly forms. They will use the semen for anti-aging magic.
- She demonstrates shapeshifting into Nadja for seductive purposes, angering real Nadja as she obviously looks different.
Scene link - gif - caps - (Transformation Channel)

What We Do in the Shadows
- (male rebirth) S03Ep10 "The Portrait" 2021/10/28.
Energy vampire Colin Robinson was reborn as his baby/junior version. It emerged to crawl from the ruins of his adult body.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

When Evil Calls
- (old aged, wish subversion) Mobile horror series, 2006.
5 minute vignettes. Mysterious text messages grant the students at Wilburn High their wildest desires. Karen has a crush on her teacher, but he tells her that so long as she is his student, he will regard her as a "child". She wished to be made older to peak young adulthood age, but was instead aged into decrepitude.

Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
- (unseen concept) S2Ep1, 7/26/07. Braid (Crystal Clark) "makes herself any age, race, or gender". She was eliminated for caring more about explaining her powers than solving the crime.

Who's the Boss?
- (coming of age, possible flash forwards) Different versions of the original Alyssa Milano sitcom were produced for foreign television markets.
The Upper Hand
- UK 1990.
Ein Job fürs Leben
- Germany 1993. RTL Television, 15 early episodes.
Una familia con Ángel
- Mexico 1998. TV Azteca.
Kto v dome hoziain?
- Russia 2005. CTC - Moskva. Many subtle changes were made to fit Russian cultural nuances and viewer tastes. SPTI also produced a local version of "The Nanny".
¿Quién es el jefe?
- Argentina 2005. Telefé.
¿Quién manda a quién?
- Colombia 2006. Caracol TV.
I kto tu rzadzi?
- Poland 2007. Gabrysia Pietrucha.

Who's the Boss
- "Living Dolls" # 6.5, 10/1989 Leah Remini as Charlie Briscoe mentions her growth.
- Final episode wedding montage - FF

Wicked Science
- (AR) Australia. Ep 20, 7/9/04 "Nanna". Toby's Nanna, visiting for her 80th birthday, is transported back to 1931 while her younger self, Amelia, is transported to the present - smashing the wormhole generator. Toby and Russ are forced to take Amelia to school where she is caught by Tesslar and tells him the whole, fanciful story. Toby manages to get Amelia home and swap her back with the old Nanna just in time for her birthday party. Quote: "Let's do that again!" ARed (Ricky)

Wicked Science
- (grandma swaps places with young past self, pseudo AR) Episode link - (Super Man)

Wiggles, The
- (male flashback) "History" ep16, 114, 4/3/01. The Wiggles find an old video of themselves when they were 6 years old. Jeff and Murray ponder the age of the earth and the sun. Ep can be found in video "Wiggly Play Time" - (

Wild Kat
- (teen super strength) Eps 1-13, 2001, Australia. 15-year-old Katrina "Kat" Ryan (Pia Prendiville) has the ability to channel a Tiger's rage to free her. She gains tiger eyesight, strength and speed.

Wild Wild West
- (mental AR) "Night of the Steel Assassin" 1/7/1966. Man mentally changes an intellectual woman back to a showgirl-type child. Sue Ann Langdon is the actress. Very good, but a bit slow. (Time)
- (old age) "The Night of the Sedgewick Curse, S4ep4, 10/18/68.
Jim and Artemus are asked by a beautiful young woman, Lavinia Sedgewick, to help her mute grandfather. Both Sedgewicks seem to be under the control of a controversial physician.
- Sharon Acker: Lavinia Sedgewick - Kathryn Minner: Aged Lavinia - (Jeffr_2bya)

Wimzie's House
- (dream sequence mental ARed illusion) Puppet show.
"Babies Have it Made", S1Ep6, c1996.
- Wimzie is jealous because Bo has everything done for him. Wimzie wishes she was baby, so at naptime, she has a dream that she is a baby. She realizes how tough a baby's life is: the others don't understand what she tries to say, she doesn't get pizza, and she can't play big kids games.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (male old age) 1.09 "Apprehension" 8/7/01. While investigating the murder of a pimp, Sara comes across clues that baffle her and lead her to trust in herself and the witchblade. Kenneth Irons is undergoing a rapid age change making him older.

- (OA'd aftermath) s01 ep03 "Conundrum".
Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX)

witches are real (2013 drama & soap series)
- (possibility of age-related spells?)
Witches of East End
- Family witches discover their magical heritage.
The Originals
- Witches are magically oppressed by vampires.
American Horror Story: Coven
- New Orleans witch academy.

Witches of East End
- (rebirth) S01Ep01 "Pilot" 2013/10/06.
Witch mom Joanna explains her 2 daughters' recursive immortality: flashbacks show them being killed for being witches, then Joanna immediately swells up to 9 months pregnant in a black dress, and they are reborn - (The Belly Guide)

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (AA series, young adults to "OA") S03Ep20 "Max's Secret Girlfriend" 6/11/2010.
Spell: "Make us old and barely alive, age us up to 35". Trying to help their little brother Max, the older siblings Alex & Justin pretend to be his parents by using a spell to AA-"age" themselves when he brings home his secret girlfriend Bella Thorne. I really liked Selena Gomez as a middle-aged woman with bingo wings, a poorly done dye-job to cover up the greys, and a plump figure. I wanted her to be a little more round, especially in the hips and lower body in general - link @08:00 - (Kappa)

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (AA TG TF to male OA, TF to animate objects)
"Wizards vs. Angels" S4 Eps 9/10, 2/18/2011, 1-hour special.
- Harper insists Maxine (teenage wizard Max who was transformed into a preteen girl by his siblings) have a slumber party to acquire friends of "his" new gender/age (which is really what Harper wants because she has never had a slumber party). Maxine gets upset, and transforms all the preteen girl guests into old men. Later, Maxine changes the old men into a basket of talking fruit.
- Direct video link - screencaps - ("Tuxedo" Will)

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (adult mental rejuvenation, AA) "Meet the Werewolves", 6/17/11.
Max casts a spell on his parents' food, turning Jerry and Theresa Russo's minds into those of 4-year-olds, then mentally "ages" them up to teenagers through a cookie spell. Jerry and his wife are finally changed back to normal through Justin's pizza spell - (Metamorphose)

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (AR) scene

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (male AA AP to male old age, girl to young man AA AP)
"Back to Max" S4ep10.
- Video link - male AP OA screencaps - TG AP screencaps

Wizards Of Waverly Place
- (male AR) S04Ep05 "Back To Max" 3/11/2011.
Justin and Alex try to hide Maxine while Maxine wants to have Professor Crumbs turn her back into Max. Harper is the star of the School Show but Maxine is her spotlight. Alex and Justin's plan backfires when they accidentally turn the Professor into a young boy - (Jeffr_2bya)

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (mother daughter mind swap) "Quinceañera" It's Alex's 15th birthday. She uses a body switching spell with her mom to avoid her Quinceanera. (Swiftner)
- (small possibility of AA AP/AR?) 2007 Disney series focuses on the three Russo children, who on the surface seem to be normal teens, but are actually wizards in training.

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (teen/mother body swap) S01Ep20 "Quinceanera" 8/10/2008. Episode link

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (TG AR male-to-female) - "Three Maxes and a Little Lady" 1/7/2011, s4ep5.
Alex and Justin both transform into Max. They accidentally turn Max into little girl "Maxine" (Bailee Madison) in a now oversized shirt, which can not be reversed - promo link
- (TG ARed) - "Daddy's Little Girl" 1/21/11.
Alex becomes jealous of all the attention her parents give Maxine, who is really Max.
- (TG ARed) - "Wizards vs. Angels" 2/18/11.
Little Maxine has a slumber party.
- (TG ARed, RNed, small possibility of TG female-to-male AP UC?) - "Back To Max" 3/11/11.

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (unseen adult age increased, AR RN AA scene) "Art Teacher", #36, 3/1/09, s2ep15.
Alex finds out that her art teacher, Ms. Majorhealey, is really TJ Taylor's 16-year-old ex-girlfriend, who he turned into a 40-year-old adult after they broke up. Alex turns her back into a similar-sized teen with Undo Dust.
video link to part 1
direct link to the AR scene (8 min 45 sec)
- (adult rejuvenation AA RN, slight OAd) - Magic rejuvenation - before/after

Wizards of Waverly Place
- (young adult age disguised to old age acceleration morph, AA TF) "Wizards vs. Werewolves" 3.9, 60, 1/22/2010.
Juliet is scratched by Mason, which strips her of her vampire powers, and rapidly ages her into a white-haired old hag. Because of this, Justin and Juliet are forced to break up for good. Justin says he will accept her no matter how old she looks, but Juliet knows that this will ruin Justin's life. She reveals that she is indeed 2,193 years old.
- Video (OA TF scene starts at 2:42) link - (MySpecialFX)
- Adult OA years - wolf Disney AA TF
- adult to teen reversion scene.

Wo he wo ba de shi qi sui
- (old/young male adult body swap) by Song Yang, China 2023.
AKA: Jue Jiao Ba Ba Ba, Wo de tong zhuo shi wo ba, My dad and I are seventeen, My deskmate is my dad, Who's Your Daddy?
Middle-aged tycoon accidentally switched memories with a high school student. Chen Bida soon realizes that adult rules do not work here, causing all kinds of ridiculous incidents. Trying to get his body back, Chen deals with a bunch of students including his son, who is inspired to rekindle his dreams. The two slowly become friends and win the science and technology innovation competition. More troubles arise when Gao Ming wakes up in Chen's body...
- link - link - (Videnshili)

Wolf Lake
- (werewolf TF) The residents of Wolf Lake have a secret, they have "lupine" instincts." A teenager, at the end of the show, becomes a wolf for the first time. (Fonzie)

Wonder Showzen
- (TG APed AA) Fake kids show. Drill instructor orders girl to stop thumb sucking and grow up. AA TG APed
- (animal TF) "Ocean" 3/25/05 animated segment. Little girl wishes to become a pony, so she can fly to Saturn and talk with Mommy and get her ears pierced and have sparkles and pornos. (KitsuneKit)
- (male death old age AR to young adult flashback) male
- (misc) 1
- (TFs) TF, muscle

Wonder Woman
- (male adult age stasis) S03Ep22 "The Man Who Could Not Die" 8/28/1979.
He can't die no matter what happens to him. Perhaps even old age will have no effect on him? Also a chimp - (Jeffr_2bya)

Wonder Years, The
- (flash forward) Ep 1. Winnie grew up over the summer.

- flash forward to old age AA
- (FFed to OA) S01Ep04 "Pink Flamingos" - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (TF) UK. Eric Banks/Rex Thomas lost his clothes every transformation, very brave for a children's show.

- (male adult rejuv or AR) S01Ep11 "The Littlest Pathologist" un-aired 1992.
One member of the only surviving post-holocaust group is being affected strangely by the radiation - he's getting younger. This episode was never aired, the show having been canceled the week previous.
In another episode her breasts got huge but she had already changed into fitting clothes when it was revealed - (TBTC)

Worst Witch, The
- (AA curses, overnight to old age) 2017 reboot. Ep07 "The Best Teacher" 2/15/2017.
A "Wisdom Spell" goes wrong at the magical dormitory, AA-ing 12 y.o. Mildred (Bella Ramsey, AKA Game of Thrones' Lady Mormont) into an old woman. Now she has to pretend to be the new teacher... She unknowingly AA RNs just before entering Miss Cackle's office to admit the truth.
"You look terrible." "Excuse me, no one looks their best first thing. Anyone could have a bad hair day." "It's a lot worse than that."
- Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Worst Witch, The
- (AA series, ARed to baby cutaway poof, RNed poof) S2Ep8 "Miss Cackle's Birthday" 2/26/2018.
Episode link @07:23 - - screencaps - info link - (Tazz)

Worst Witch, The
- (AA series, teen AA to adult) S03Ep10 screencaps

Worst Witch, The
- (AA series) S1 c2017.
Ep03: - link - gif - Girl into girl bodyswap. Different body types but similar size.
Ep12: - link - gif - Girl into girl AA.
- (Guest, Grenzgaenger)

Wrestlemania XXVI
- (adult OA blink, adult TG rejuvenated) Santino Marella started to pitch sponsor Slim Jim and said "anything is possible". He took a bite of a Slim Jim. Jillian turned into Mae Young (an 85 year old wrestler from years ago). He takes another bite and she turns into Mean Gene Oakerland (announcer from the 80s-90s). He then takes another bite and he turns into Melina (a current WWE diva) and she responds "anything is possible" and they leave - (Tazz)

- (male old age AR) The WWE had a gay wedding between 2 male wrestlers from competing leagues. Boss of rival league wore great makeup to look like 100 year old priest. He took it off and attacked everyone with his backup. Before and after pictures of him on that day: male old age (Tazz, ArFreak)

X-files, The
- (cloning story) "All about Eve" Scientist makes clones of herself. cloned girls
- (flashback dream sequence) "Christmas Carol" Young Scully sees herself as an adult. Scully also learns she's a mother.
- (TF) "All Souls" Retreating beneath the staircase Scully finds a girl, whom she tries to lead to safety, but once again her good intentions are foiled when the girl morphs into her daughter Emily and asks to be let go.
- (dream sequence flashbacks look like ARed) "Demons" #4X23. Scene 1: Flashback at Mulder household, night. Samantha Mulder as a child (Vanessa Morley) wakes Fox Mulder as an adult.
Samantha: "Fox! Wake up. Fox!"
Fox Mulder: "Samantha?" Mulder gets up and looks in a mirror; he sees himself as a young boy.
- (old aged) "Dod Kalm" Mulder and Scully are in an old ship and become older. (Bianca) old age

X-Files, The
- (adult age stasis/delay)
"Squeeze", "Tooms" - Eugene Victor Tooms was a mutant serial killer who needed human livers. He looked late 20s in 1993, first murder occurred in 1903.
"Our Town" - The Cannibal Clan preserved their youthful looks through their special diet.
"Tithonus" - The photographer Alfred Fellig unfortunately gained immortality by tricking Death. He's 200 but looks 65.

X-Files, The
- (adult to OA, TF) - INFO PAGE
- (flashback face) years

- (FF OA'd) parody aged - (aging group)
- (male poof AR AA) 2013 series finale.
"Gamertag" segment "The Secrets of X-Play".
- He learns that Babalities are real, but doesn't believe it until he is turned into a baby via a babality explosion. The graphic and baby cry in MK were used.
Video link - caps - (Tazz)

Xena: Warrior Princess
- (APed) 01/26/98, #57 "Maternal Instincts". Gabrielle's fast-growing baby, Hope, was released in a tub floating down the river. She returns as an older girl, Fayla, who kills Xena's son Solan.
- (partial mind transfer) "Little Problems" Xena has a little problem. 1
- (AR/old aged) "The Key to the Kingdom" Joxer, Meg and Autolycus team up to steal the "key" prophesied to lead to the crown of Athena. Autolycus learns the key is really a baby and Meg wants to be his mother. The baby is really a king who was transformed into a baby... and his queen was turned into an old lady. (Master_E1)

Xena: Warrior Princess
- (male ARed, adult rejuvenation) "The Key to the Kingdom"
The prophecy warns the child will no longer be once the doors open. The baby crawls onto the cushion, and vanishes as the Crown of Athena is revealed. Then a young man appears on the cushion: the rightful ruler. He explains that he was a selfish king whom Athena turned into a baby so that he might experience love through the eyes of a child; Meg taught him to do so. She reluctantly returns the crown he says he saved for his queen Gryffia, who is now young, having been aged by Athena so that she might learn to care.

Xi You Ji 2
Journey To The West (continuation)
- (OA/rejuv woman) c2000, CCTV - S02Ep11 link - (SickBoy)

Xmas no Kiseki
- (male adult mind transfer AA) 2009 Japan.
A new drama started. The title is "Miracle at Christmas". The 35-year-old man who was the hero's lover gets into a car accident on his way to a Christmas concert. Nao & Hiroshi were set to get married. Hiroshi remains unconscious in the hospital, but his spirit is transported into a 20 year old patient named Ken, being hospitalized in the same hospital. Hiroshi's old body remains sleeping. The 20 year old man then goes to Nao's door but she doesn't believe. The mother and the lover keep silent about his true colors.
- Info links: chart - gallery

Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan
- (male adult OA, woman to old age) Ep123, 2016, India SAB TV.
Episode link - (Sickboy)

Yanusu no Kagami
- (young adult mental maturity increase)
"Mirror of Janus", 1985-86, 18ep Daiei drama series, Fuji TV.
- Sugiura Miyuki (b.1969). A weak woman unlocked the power of her inner gangster, "transforming" from Hiromi to Yumi. She has 2 faces for the day and the night. A teacher tries to save the divided soul of a girl who begins to spread the freedom of darkness.
- screencaps - screencaps

- (AA FF fades, male AR AA & RN) #325 "Nazad v budushcheye" Back to the Future 2020.
Russian children's comedy show. Male students used an age ray to see the future of others, but also temporarily regressed the principal into a boy.
- Sketch link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Yes Boss
- (AA age increases, male adult baby) Ep139, c2002, SAB TV, India.
Peon's 8 y.o. son turned into a grown man after eating Tanveer's uncle's medicine. What will happen now?
- Video link - screencaps

Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari
- (AA apparent age swaps) - Tales of the Unusual - 2006 JDrama, Fuji TV series.
Funny strange story. He wakes up as an adult man in enlarged pajamas. His parents (wearing slightly oversized outfits), the commuters, and a teacher all appear as children. The others noticed nothing wrong. Can he return to normal?
- Episode link (first 15 minutes) - Male screencaps - Before/After comparison screencaps - (Akira)

You Again
- (mental time travel to younger self) UK remake of Being Erica, 2011. A 30-year-old woman will travel back through time to fix her regrets. The main character is supposed to be an NHS worker called Zoe, in replacement of a personal therapist.

You Can't Do That On Television
- (male AR) 1982, Ep 27, "Cosmetics". The Stage Manager gets regressed after using wrinkle cream. male AR
- (AR) The housewife character is regressed, in the 1986 episode "TV Commercials". AR
- (10 year flashed forward, AR RN) "Cosmetics" Girl has been in detention for 10 years. flash forward, AR
- (flashed forward, AR) 1982 ep #27 "Cosmetics". NOT Ep 82 "Growing Up". Christine has been locked up in detention for 10 years. The principal comes in and she laments about having to leave 10 years older. He produces a cream made from the Fountain of Youth and rubs some on her face. There is a poof of smoke and, in her stead, there is a much littler girl, still chained up and in similar sized clothes. Then the principal informs her that she'll have to serve her detention again. Shortly after, they are on the stage and the stage manager (played by the same person as the principal) comes in and rubs some of the lotion on his face. There's a poof of smoke and there is a small boy standing there, dressed like him and with his facial hair. (
- (age stasis) The kids found out the network was secretly feeding them shrinking hormones to keep them from looking older.

You Can't Do That On Television
- (AR poof) - INFO PAGE

You Can't Do That On Television
- (AR woman to girl, man to boy) "Cosmetics" - Ep27 link
- (AR woman to little girl to baby doll) - Ep95 link - (SickBoy)

You Can't Do That On Television
- (FFed, AR)
Child to teen APed & teen to child AR scene - years back & forth - male AR scene.

You Wish
- (male AP, male AR, age switch) "Pilot" Ep01 9/26/97 - ABC "TGIF" sitcom that only lasted a few episodes.
Genie turns Gillian's son Curtis into a grown athletic man, and makes his coach a little boy. The boy turned man tells the coach he can't be on the team anymore because he's too little, and the coach sees what it's like to be told you're too little. Then Genie reverses them back.

You Wish
- (male AR, male AA AP, male AA RN) Ep1 (pilot).
Travis has had difficulties with the soccer coach, who refuses to put him on the team because he isn't "big enough." Genie reverses their situations and teaches the coach a lesson.
- Video link - Screencaps:
male AR - male AP AA - male RN AR AA - (Otaru)

Young and the Restless, The
- (male SORAS)
- Billy Abbott (b.1993), was 16 in 1999 (played by 21-year-old David Tom), aging past his niece Colleen Carlton (1991), who was only 14 in 2001.
- Nicholas Newman (b.1988) was sent off to a Swiss boarding school, and returned a grown man in 1994.

Young And The Restless, The
- (SORAS continuity error) Soap. Victoria aged from 8 to 22 in a single summer, after aging more or less in real time up to that point.

Young Doctor's Notebook, A
- (male adult FF/FB past/future selves dream sequences) 2012.
Young doctor Daniel Radcliffe will eventually age into Jon Hamm. Apparently he got taller later in life. In many "flashbacks" they appear in the same scene and interact.

Your Favorite Story
- (father/son age swap, male AA AP, male AA AR)
"Vice Versa", S01Ep27, 7/24/1953, 30 min, syndicated Tv film.
- Crystal orb from India grants one wish per person. Son complains about being sent to boys' boarding school. Stockbroker father says 'I wish I was a boy again and had the opportunity to go to such a fine school.'
The father promptly turns into a boy. He hands the orb to his son and asks to wish him normal, but the son wishes to be a grown-up, and has his dad bundled off to the school.
The father gets the worst of the deal. He complains of being forced to wear short pants, and gets caned twice by the headmaster for engaging in his favorite adult activities, smoking cigars and drinking brandy.
The grown-up son overindulges in treats like ice cream, and shifts his dad's investments from steel mills and coal mines to toy manufacturers. In the end, the father has his secretary use the orb to return both to normal, after doubling her salary.
The age transformations are done strictly by changing camera angles, in which new actors in age-appropriate clothing replace the old. Father and son retain the same voices throughout, which leads some to believe their mismatched voices indicate a bad cold, requiring them to take a foul-tasting medicine.
- (PixChick)

Yuer Marn
- (adult rejuv body theft) Thai Tv show, 2006.
Old lady wants young adult female body. It happens at the end of Ep07. She has sex with the boyfriend in Ep08 with her new young sexy body. The old lady is enjoying herself while the young lady is a ghost stuck in a jar. It is not bodyswap but female possession - (Metamorphose)

Z Nation
- (AP during cutaways) Syfy show.
About humans after the zombie apocalypse, with zombie animals and babies. Murphy survived several zombie bites and can control them thanks to an experiment. In S02 we learn that a woman from S01 is carrying his baby. We see baby Lucy Serena Murphy has aged to a 5 y.o. girl (along with zombie skin color and zombie control like her dad). Whenever Lucy is excited she has a growth spurt, explaining why she looks older than her actual age. Throughout S03 she continues to age to 18.
Technically this is like a demon TF, but I count it as AP because the character is played by human actresses. And as for the only question that I will now or ever care about: the series did have a few slight outgrown clothes glimpses.
- (AP) S03Ep10 "They Grow Up So Quickly" 11/18/2016 - caps
The Man puts a bag over Lucy's head and ties it with rope. Lucy feels as if she is going to suffocate, causing another growth spurt. The Man eventually takes the bag off of Lucy's head; she has grown 5 years from a child to a preteen!
- (AP, UC, CB glimpse) S03Ep13 "Duel" 12/9/2016 - Age Progression screen captures
The Man takes Lucy with him. Addy notices Lucy is starting to go through puberty. When she raises her arm, her shirt sleeve rips slightly. "Oh, girl, we gotta take you shopping." DEEPLY tragically, she is then changed into larger clothes. Addy explains what bras are for. After her recapture, Lucy rips off her bonds. She has yet another growth spurt and now looks about 15! Lucy exits the car and pleads for The Man to retrieve a chocolate bar. Lucy teases The Man with his fear of her zombies. She then experiences her period, which reveals that her blood has a blue tint.
- (AP) S03Ep14 "Everybody Dies in the End" 12/16/2016 - caps
Lucy experiences another growth spurt and now appears to be around 18 years old!
- (Tazz)

Zack Files, The
- (male AP) "Fiber!" 1/27/01. CORRECTION: no growth shown. Zack wishes to be older. He eats a mysterious cereal ... and finds himself acting older with alarming speed. The box of "Old Man River" cereal is about to reach its expiration date - and Zack might expire at the same time! (Turn Back The Clock)
- (male AR, male AP RN) "Little Big Zack" male AR AP
- (male growth) "One Bad Seed" 2000. Zack has gotten the basketball bug and wants nothing more than to make the team. He worries that he is too short to play. Zack experiences a growth spurt in height after eating an orange seed. He grows 6 inches the first night.
- (male AR, RN) "Little Big Zack" 2002. Zack reverts to 8 yrs old (out of fear of growing up) and returns back to normal at the end of the episode. (Derydan)

Zack Files, The
- (male AR) S02Ep20 "Little Big Zack" 3/10/2002.
Nervous about his upcoming bar mitzvah, Zack isn't sure he's ready to "be a man" and ends up as his 7-year-old self again! - (TBTC)

Zack Files, The
- (male-only rapid increase)
"Fiber" S1Ep15 video link - screencaps - (Pirate1)
- "One bad seed" - Zack eats a bean, and he grows, grows, grows!
Video link - screencaps - (Wolfrolf)

Zenta Forces, The
- (male AP TF's) 2004 Korea, EBS TV, AKA "Zenta Force" male link (Akira)

- (accelerated pregnancy glimpsed) S03Ep10 "Once Upon a Time in the Nest" 8/31/2017.
Clementine's unborn baby almost dies. In order to save it, her pregnancy was accelerated - trailer link - (Jeffr_2bya)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal