Tales From The Crypt (all media)

Tales From The Crypt v.1 #12 (new series)

Comic Book: Gemstone Publishing: "A-corny Story!" (Jun. 1995) ( reprints EC's Tales From the Crypt #28 [? 1951])

Man inherits a company and fires an old loyal employee, who sends him a tree that grows unusually quickly. As it grows, he regresses.

Tales From The Crypt

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Staring Ally Sheedy. She gets older while a corpse rejuvenates?

Tales From The Crypt

Comic Book: Gemstone Publishing: "Staired In Horror"

Same as TV show?

Tales From The Crypt

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #04: "Only Sin Deep"

a wicked hooker (played by Lea Thompson) sells her beauty to a pawn shop in exchange for cash that will help her enter the social high life. A month afterwards, her facial tissues begin to age at an alarming rate, and she ends up looking positively ancient, even though nothing but her face ages. A great story and top-notch makeup effects. Highly recommended.


Tales From The Crypt

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "Judy, You're Not Yourself Today"

Old witch swaps bodies with a young wife.

-- Visible Time

Tales From The Crypt

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #14: "Curiosity Killed"

two elderly couples go on a mysterious trip by van into a swamp, where they discover the fountain of youth in the roots of an old tree. The African-American couple becomes younger, and so does the white husband, who refuses to give any to his nagging, elderly wife. Angry, she poisons the root mixture, and her husband and the other couple age quickly to their deaths.
The wife takes the remainder of the potion, and morphs very convincingly into a young woman. She is happy, until their violent pet dog eats her and regresses into a puppy. Great morph from old to young, and fantastic old age makeup for the wife make this a very enjoyable episode.

Tales From The Crypt

TV Series: Season 06; Episode #09: "Staired In Horror" (14-Dec-1994)

Clyde is a fugitive who holes up in a house occupied by an elderly woman. One night he finds an attractive woman upstairs, but he discovers it's the same woman.
She tells him that a long time ago her spouse caught her having an affair and put a curse on the house. She must stay upstairs if she wants to be young forever. The same thing will happen to the man if he comes upstairs.
The cops arrive and he goes upstairs to change his image but he finds himself getting weak and the woman turns back into a helpless infant unable to do anything but crawl. (Done in cuts)

#28 "A-Corny Story":