Aging Transformation Scenes

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(Many Marvel, DC, and independent comic scans were taken from deleted TBTC pages unless otherwise noted. Much content was unfortunately lost with GeoCities.)

2000 AD
- (adults mentally reverted) "The Stupid Gun!", 1983 Judge Dredd comic story.
Male teen 'juve' Eck Muttox discovers what the Neuro Pattern Disassembler is capable of when accidentally using it on its creator whilst cleaning the Prof's lab! Muttox is fascinated yet horrified. He uses it on his own parents to prevent them from calling the Mega City One authorities... the Judges.
Faced with looking after 3 'goo-goo' idiots he turns to low level crime and muggings where the 'Stupid Gun' comes to the attention of more serious criminals. Using it on the hapless 'juve' and their own criminal organization, 2 perps embark on a ruthless crime spree across the metropolis, leaving a trail of drooling idiots of no use to the Judge as witnesses.
After leaving an unfortunate cop as a dribbling victim at a 'gem heist', our 2 perps mentally revert the unwitting passengers of a busy 'Zoom-Tube'. A scene of hilarity and chaos as the shocked, helpless passengers are systematically 'stuped' up and robbed, unable to escape the fast moving Zoom. It doesn't take long for the perps to reduce a hundred citizens into mindlessly happy regressed morons!
Unfortunately Judge Dredd ends up bringing the 'Stupid Gun' heists to an end with his heroic actions... such a shame! - (Ricky)

2000 AD
- (male AR series) - INFO PAGE
"Zenith Phase IV", #01-15, 2004 series.
- Peyne started as an old man who looked a bit younger each issue. And at the end...

2000 AD
- (male AR, AP, old age, rejuv, female AR, old age, rejuv)
- COMICS INFORMATION PAGE - (to be updated and expanded)
- (reverse lifetimes) #02 "The Reversible Man" 01/30/1977.
- (male OA) #13 #14 "Hollow World" 05/21/1977.
- (male ARed, male adult rejuvenated) #77 "Robo-Hunter Verdus" Part 02 08/12/1978.
- (male adult to OA) #88 "Date With Destiny" 10/28/1978.
- (kids/adults role reversal) #90 "Kid's Stuff" 11/11/1978.
- (male AP scene) #114 05/30/1979.
- (male adult age stasis) #135 "Time Trap" 10/20/1979.
- (male AP) #206 "Return to Armageddon" 04/30/1981.
- (male AP) #216 "Tharg's Future Shocks: The Man Who Was Too Clever" 07/30/1981.
- (female accelerated life) #220 "Tharg's Future Shocks: Hen-Pecked Henry" 07/11/1981.
- (male/female world age stasis) #271 "One Christmas During Eternity" 05/30/1986.
- (male AP) #301 01/29/1983.
- (reversed lives) #308 "The Reversible Man" 03/19/1983.
- (male adult AS) #315 "The Big Clock!" 05/07/1983.
- (male adult rejuv) #318 "The Slaying of Slade" Part 07 05/28/1983.
- (female adult to OA) #320 "Ring Road" 06/11/1983.
- (male adult to OA) #322 "The Slaying Of Slade" Part 11 06/25/1983.
- (male mental AR) #324 "The Time Machine" 07/09/1983.
- (male adult to OA) #414 "Slaine" 04/20/1985.
- (male AP to adult to OA) #491 "Candy and The Catchman" 10/30/1986.
- (male/fem AS) #537 "Resentment" 08/22/1987.
- (male young adult to OA scene) #570 "Tharg's Future Shocks: Disconnected" 04/16/1988.
- (male adult AS) #590 "Tharg's Time Twister: The Big Clock" 09/30/1988.
- (male adult AS) #616 "Tharg's Future Shocks: Want to Live Forever" 03/04/1989.
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #623 "Tharg's Future Shocks: Reunion" 04/20/1989.

2000 AD
- (male AP) #624 "Tharg's Future Shocks: Just Between Ourselves" 04/29/1989.
- (female rejuvenating) #632 "Zenith Phase III 6 Born Again" 06/23/1989.
- (animal AR) #735 "Winwood and Cord in a Prime indigo story: Smith and Weston Part 01" 06/15/1991.
- (male older to old) #791 "Phase IV: Prologue; Golgonooza" 07/11/1992.
- (male old to late middle age) #794 "Phase IV: Part 03; Executive Action" 08/01/1992.
- (male middle age rejuv) #796 "Phase IV: Part 05; State Of The Union" 08/15/1992.
- (male young middle age rejuved) #797 "Phase IV: Part 06; High Noon" 08/22/1992.
- (male adult rejuved) #799 "Phase IV: Part 08; Deja Vu" 09/12/1992.
- (male adult rejuved) #800 "Phase IV: Part 09; Plots and Plans" 09/12/1992.
- (male AR) #801 "Phase IV: Part 10; Angel's Egg" 09/19/1992.
- (male AR) #803 "Phase IV: Part 12; Kids Stuff" 10/03/1992.
- (male AR past birth) #804 "Phase IV: Part 13; Walking Backwards" 10/10/1992.
- (male adult OA) #894 "The Succubus" 07/01/1994.
- (male AP/AS, female AS) #1030 "Vector 13 Case Seven: The Immortally Question" 02/18/1997.
- (female hyper accelerated aging) #1059 09/09/1997.
- (female adult AS) #1098 "Pulp Sci-Fi: Water Of Life" 06/16/1998.
- (adults TF, aged) #1114 "Slaine: Swan Children Part 3" 07/1998.
- (male age stasis) #1131 "Sci-Fi Night Shift" 02/10/1999.
- (male AR scene) #1320 "The Red Seas Part 8: Under the Banner of King Death" 12/04/2002.
- (adult AS, adult OA) #1397 "Streets Ahead!" 07/07/2004.
- (male ARed to baby) #1521 1522 1523 1524 "Low Life Part 1: Baby Talk" 01/24/2007.
- (male/female age stasis, male/female OA) #1649 "Terror Tales Poison" 08/19/2009.
- (male old age) "The Prisoner of Xendor" - 2000 AD Starlord Annual 1980.
- (male adult rejuv from death then back) "Untold Tale of Johnny Alpha" - 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 1992.
- (JeffR_2bya data)

2000 AD
- (reverse lifespans) "Kid's Stuff", #90, Future-Shocks.
- (male reverse lifespan to unseen unbirth) "The Reversible Man", #308, Time Twisters.
- (male AR) "Zenith" (extracts), #791-804. A parallel story subplot with AR to go along with the Zenith storyline (+ Another non-Zenith short extract of #1320 for convenience).

2000 AD
- (male adult rejuvenation, male AR OC) #77, 1978.
The main character's sidekick gets ARed in the second part ("The One-Way Trip") and remains in the story as a physically regressed character with an adult mind.

- (male AR) Zenith Phase IV, #01-15.
Peyne is growing younger. He's tired and just wants to sleep. Ruby comes into his room and finds him asleep on the bed, now merely a baby. She lifts him up, looks inside his underdeveloped mind, and sees him thinking of Peter. She tells him to forget Peter and look at the world that he has made. She lifts him over the balcony, and floats him up into the air. The baby regresses into a fetus, and then gradually shrinks to nothing.
- AR Archive Gallery - (Jeffr_2bya)

2099 World of Tomorrow
- (male adult OA, RN) Marvel, 9/96, #1.
Alien places strange device on pod holding a young mutant. It ages the mutant in the pod, almost causing him to die of old age. The mutant "Twilight" turns back time in the pod to save him.

30 Days of Night
(age stasis) Graphic novels feature hungry vampire baby that hasn't aged for many centuries.

3rd Wish
- Taras Tymczyna online manga. For his 1st wish, Gibson Burroughs was granted a shape-changing girl named Dahlia, over whom he has complete control. His 2nd wish was immortality and invincibility for both of them. Gibson and Dahlia roam the landscape, trying to decide what to spend that last incredible wish on - link

47 Cordes
- (male/female adult TF forms) Timothe Le Boucher, Glenat, French BD series, 2021.
Professional harpist Ambroise, who draws journal entries as comics in his diary, becomes the obsession of a red-haired shapeshifter who meets him on the beach. The shapeshifter takes the form of multiple girls he encounters near the beach, before taking on a series of male and female guises to learn more and seduce him: as a young man who befriends Ambroise at a rock climbing gym; a large voluptuous classical music singer who promises to give Ambroise a harp if he will do 47 odd jobs; and a young dark-skinned girl who eventually becomes Ambroise's lover. There is an elite society of shapeshifters who change identities, changing form and gender throughout the story - cover

(AA age changed) #52 "A Year In The Life", 5/2/07, AKA 52 Week 52. The restored Multiverse contains many different versions of the main DC universe, but changed in many ways. Some differences are age related. (Sara, metamorphose)

80 Jours
- (male AR) "Le Tour D'Edmond En 80 Jours" - cover
Belgian bande dessinée by Nicolas Vadot and Olivier Guéret, 2006.
Wealthy home-nursed 80 y.o. man begins to grow 1 year younger per day. He finally "dies" with his nurse watching over him, after having had an affair halfway.
Distant Finale shows her giving birth to a boy named after him.

Action Comics
- (AR AA, costume fit) "The Girl Superbaby", #260.
- (male adult OA, RN) "The Oldest Man in Metropolis", #251.
- (male AR) "The Babe of Steel", #284.
- (male AR) "I'm Going To Re-run Your Life", #464, 465, 466.

Action Comics
(age disguised) #862 "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Chapter 4: Chameleons" 03/2008.
Brainiac 5 has a spy in the Justice League of Earth. A plant develops a face, and then changes into a young girl. Earth Man begins choking her, which causes her to change to her true form, Chameleon Girl, Yerr Allon. A shapeshifter from Durla, she is married to Colossal Boy, Gim Allon. (Sara)

Action Comics
Suddenly grown-up Supergirl from Action 267, and old Superman and future Superwoman from Action 270.
- (male old age, FFed AA) Superman turned into old man after breaking light barrier, and Supergirl grew up into Superwoman during his absence - panels
- (teen AP AA) A higher resolution view of Supergirl's teen growth aftermath scene - panels
(WT - Hobbs)

Action Comics
Superman's friends and foes - INFO PAGE
- (unseen AR or AS) #14 DC "The Fountain Of Youth" 7/01/1939.
- (male adult to old age) #251 "The Oldest Man in Metropolis" 4/30/1959.
- (AR) #260 1/30/1960.
- (AA APed) #267 "The Three Super-Heroes" 8/30/1960 AKA #334 3/1966.
- (male AR, RN AA) #284 "The Babe of Steel" 1/30/1962 AKA Superman #212 12/1968.
- (AA APed) #334 "The Three Super-Heroes" 4/30/1966.
- (male adult ages) #370 "Superman's Lost Century" 12/30/1968.
- (male AR, AR, RN AA) #464, 465, 466.
"Superman, I'm Going to Re-run Your Life" 10/1976.
"Think Young and Die!" 11/1976.
"You Can Take the Man Out of the Super, But You Can't Take The Super Out of the Boy!" 12/1976.
- (brief male adult to older) #585 "And Graves Give Up Their Dead ..." 2/30/1987.
- (male adult to old age) #701 DC "Final Conflict" 7/30/1994.
(, TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

Adventure Comics
- (AR) "The Five Legion Orphans!" #356, 05/1967.
The Legion orphans (Superboy, Mon-El, Brainiac 5, Element Lad, and Dream Girl) are reverted while investigating a stolen power crystal. Authorities take the Legion children to the Interstellar Orphanage, where various couples adopt them. Brainiac 5 eventually develops pills and gives them to the Legionnaires, who quickly revert to normal. Their "parents" explain that they came upon the scheme of causing the Legion orphans to become children and adopting them as their own, knowing they would be immune to the planet's fallout.
- cover
- The AR scene - kids
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
- (AR) "The Menace Of Dream Girl!" #317, 02/64.
Dream Girl Nura Nal Naltor shows up to save the Legion of Super-Heroes from a spaceship explosion she has seen in one of her futuristic visions.
- cover - the AR scene
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
- (ARed) "The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies!" #338, 11/1965. - "The Time-Trapper's Invincible Infant-ry".
The Time Trapper has the Legionnaires turned into children and tricks the group of super-babies into carrying out several crimes. But the child Legionnaires cause such havoc, that when Brainiac 5 and Superboy cross the Time Trapper's barrier, he agrees to reverse the process if they will go away and leave him alone.
- The RN scene.
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
- (flash forward) "The Adult Legion", #354-355, March/April 1967.
Superman is called into a future where the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes have become adults. Pretty much anyone who was "boy" or "girl" is now "man" or "woman". E.g. Ultraboy/Ultraman, Saturn Girl/Saturn Woman etc.

Adventure Comics
- (male AR OC, AR AA, AA RN) "The Menace of the Sinister Super-babies", #338.
DC heroes are sometimes made younger - INFO PAGE
- (male adult AS, old age) #109 "Methuselah Manor" 10/30/1946 - (
- (possible AR/RN/OA) #221 - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (AR) #317 "The Menace of Dream Girl".
- (male AR) #335 8/30/? - (Time2)
- (AR) #338 "Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies".
- (AR) #356 "The Five Legion Orphans" 5/30/?

Adventure Time
- (male AP TF) 2012.
The Cosmic Owl gives Finn 1 wish. In the 1st ending, Finn wishes to be older so he can be with PB, and the owl turns him into the Ice King. In the other ending, Finn wishes to be good enough for PB, and the owl turns him into uber sexy 18-year-old Finn.

Adventure Time
- (OA, RN) Issue #53, 2016/06. Hastings, McGinty.
The 27th Dead World is a plane where souls wander aimlessly. Jake goes there to reclaim the youth of Finn and many others, stolen by the Governor of Ghost-O-Rica, who wants to come back to life. The Governor adds Jake's youth to the elixir. Old Jake tells the Governor to enjoy being alive. He has grown tired of quests, but did this one even though he could have spent time with his family instead. The Governor sees that he abandoned his people, and returns Jake's youth.

Adventures in the DC Universe
- (kinda looks like male ARed aftermath) #15 DC "Out of the Dark Cloud" 06/1998.
Billy Batson says "Shazam" and changes to Capt. Marvel, but doesn't become an adult, although his uniform is still adult-sized - (TBTC)

Adventures Into Darkness
- (adult mind swap) #13 Standard "The Unbeliever" 3/1/1954.
A witch switches places with a younger woman of prime fertility.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Adventures Into Darkness
- (male adult stasis) #10 "The Man Who Could Not Die" 1/1/1954.
A murderer is hired by death to kill an immortal man.
- (Goldenagecomics)

Adventures Into Terror
- (male adult stasis) #44 "The Stranger" 2/1/1952.
A man creates a serum for immortality.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures Into Terror
- (male adult to OA) #03 "The Living Dead" 4/1/1951.
Immortal man ages to death.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures into the Unknown
- (AA FF APed glimpse, old aged) - "The witch who wouldn't" - Man tries to raise fast growing witch for his own benefit - 1 MB comics scan (2BYA)

Adventures Into the Unknown
- (male adult to OA, male adult rejuved & AS) "When Time Stood Still", #61, time stop.
- (male mind transfer to boy self) "Fate Rides The Carousel", #83. He returns to his past and tries changing fate.
- (male adult rejuvenation) "Unknown Atoll", #93.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Thing In The Tube", #106.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Old Man of The Sea", #115.
- (male AR to baby) "The Fountain", #117.
- (male rejuv and ARed, male AA RN to OA) "When Time Turned Back", #23.
- (old couple rejuvenated closer to newlyweds) "The Scrambler", #98.

Adventures into the Unknown
(AP) #101 American Comics Group: "The Witch Who Wouldn't" A man accidentally brings a witch into the world. The baby witch soon grows into a little girl, then an adult. She grows 8 times times faster than normal people. (Jeffr_2bya)
- Mystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't Kin Platt paperback 03/73. Herk and Steve stumble onto the witch who wouldn't (for her own reasons), and a platinum blonde who looks older than she should.

Adventures Into the Unknown
Approaching the very limits of the impossible - INFORMATION PAGE
- (male adult age stasis & old age) - #5 ACG "The Ghostly Crew" 7/30/1949.
- (male adult rejuvenation) - #15 "The Monstrous Plant" 1/30/1951.
- (male AR back to baby, RN) - #23 "When Time Turned Back" 9/30/1951.
- (male/female adult age stasis & old age) - #35 "Lady of Death" 9/30/1952 AKA Shock V3 #2.
- (male adult age stasis & old age) - #57 "Back To the Beginning" 7/30/1954.
- (male adult rejuvenation & old age) - #61 "When Time Stood Still" 2/30/1955.
- (female pseudo ARed) - #64 "Back Through Time" 7/30/1955.
- (male AR) - #83 "Fate Rides The Carousel " 4/1/1957.
- (male adult to old age) - #85 "The Room Time Forgot" 6/1/1957.
- (male adult rejuvenation) - #86 "The Secret of Death Valley" 7/1/1957.
- (male adult mental AR) - #88 "The Booster Shots!" 9/1/1957.
- (male/female adults rejuvenated) - #92 "Pie In The Sky" 7/1/1957.
- (male adult rejuv and/or AR) - #93 "Unknown Atoll" 2/1/1957.
- (male adults time stasis) - #94 "The Endless Chain" 3/1/1957.
- (female/male adult rejuvenation) - #98 "The Scrambler" 7/30/1958.
- (AA female accelerated development) - #101 "The Witch Who Wouldn't" 10/30/1958.
- (male adult rejuvenated, RN) - #106 "The Thing In The Tube" 3/1/1957.
- (male adult to old age, RN) - #115 "The Old Man Of The Sea!" 3/1/1957.
- (male rejuv and/or AR) - #117 "The Fountain" 7/30/? - (Pixchick)
- (male adult stasis & AR) - #125 "The Immortal Ancient" - (Pixchick, TBTC)
- (male rejuv or AR) - #142 "I wouldn't make the same mistake again!" 8/1/1963.
- (female adult to old age) - #150 "Taboo Territory!" 8/1/1964.
- (male rejuv or AR) - #155 "Lets Go Up In A Balloon!" 3/30/1965.
(Data collected by Jeffr_2bya, others)

Adventures of Jerry Lewis, The
- (male AR, RNed) #76 DC National Periodical 6/30/1961.
Jerry Lewis is tricked into buying the Fountain of Youth. Later on he discovers it is real, at least for him. Effects are only temporary, but there are a few switches in the comic that make it look like AR.

Adventures of Jerry Lewis, The
(male AR, TG) "Many Lives Of Jerry Lewis" #104, 02/68. Jerry uses a chromosomal altering machine to escape some bad guys who are after it. He changes himself into a little girl.

Adventures of Little Archie, The
- (adult rejuv or AR) #121 Archie "The Age of Youth".
Aunt Hilda creates a magic brew to keep her young.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Adventures of Pauline McPeril, The
- (AR) Philadelphia Bulletin, Jack Rickard, Nov-Dec-1967.
Dumb blonde secret agent successfully bungled her way through various intrigues.
The notorious Doctor Shrinkman devised a formula to turn people into little kids, and used it on McPeril's fellow spy agents. The Doctor tries to slip her a youthful Mickey in a cocktail glass on a date. Pauline tests the old spinning the table gag to confuse Shrinkman, who downs his own formula and turns into a 5-year-old boy in a lumpy suit. Instead of jail, Shrinkman is sent to nursery school - (Pixchick)

Adventures of the Jaguar, The
- (male adult rejuv or AR) Archie 9/1963 "The Teen-age Jaguar!"
A scientist's experimental ray hits the Jaguar, who deals with a teen gang in his younger state.

(male adult age stasis) Marvel Comics character. He is immortal, but never physically aged beyond 16.

Agents of Atlas
- (male restoration rejuved form) 2006+
Present-day Jimmy Woo was left horribly injured. Bob's last meeting with Jimmy was about 50 years ago, so Jimmy's physical and mental pattern gets reset to how he was in 1959.

Agents of Law
- (unseen age changing ability, face close-up AR glimpse) - Sabrinna's age changing capacity.
(AR, age changing ability) #3, 05/01/95, Keith Giffen and Dan Lawlis comic. Law is the new leader of Golden City! Warmaker One finds himself accused of a scandalous deed. Law sent a woman who could change her apparent age to seduce him, and he was discredited with a carefully orchestrated child abuse scandal. Sabrinna is a chronomorph. cover

Alarming Tales
- (reptile AP) #5, 9/1/1958. He finds the Fountain of Age - cap

Alien Worlds
(APed, ARed AA) #2, "A Mind Of Her Own" 1983 Pacific Comics. A young girl in pink dress with the power to do anything crashes on an uninhabited planet. In one panel she has already turned herself into a nude adult seen from behind. Her child sized dress did not appear again. She made herself into a little girl by accident, and quickly changed back to being an adult - (JeffR_2bya)

All New Atom, The
(adult costume TF) #16 "Psyche-Out!" 12/07, Forward! Into the Past! Swami Vedah musically changes people into hippie versions of themselves from the 1960s. A morph panel is shown. (Sara, metamorphose)

All Star Comics
- (multiple AR, RN) "The Man Who Hated Science", #42 (1st series), 09/30/1948, DC.
A mad alchemist controls an elixir of youth. The Golden-age Hawkman, Flash, Atom, Green Lantern & Doctor Midnite use it to slip from ropes holding them to a perpetual motion machine. Golden-age Wonder Woman & Black Canary get hit by a random 'alchemical bomb'. Cameo reference to this issue in America vs. the Justice Society #2, 2/1985 - (JeffR, TBTC)

All Star Squadron preview
- (AR) 09/30/1981, DC.
The Wizard vs. Batman & Robin - (TBTC)

All-American Comics
- (possible AP)
"The Aging Death", 09/30/1943, #52.
- (

All-New, All-Different Avengers
- (minor adult rejuv) #6, 2015.
The Avengers take on the time traveling villain Kang the Conqueror who can manipulate time a bit. He uses an attack to make the Avengers marginally younger. Past and present selves are blended with current and original outfits - (Tazz)

Alpha Flight
(FFed "AP") Snowbird was a fully grown woman at the age of 6. Narya grew at a rapid rate, and it was discovered that she could transform into any animal native to Canada.

Amazing Adult Fantasy
- (male AR) "The Secret of the Universe", v1 #11, 1962, Lee, Ditko.
- (male AR) #11 "The Secret of The Universe!" 04/01/1962.
Mankind discovers the effects of traveling faster than light-speed by sending a dying man into space.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Amazing Adventures
- (male adult to old age) #1 "Trespasser in Time" 6/1/1961.
After encounter with strange creature a man is aged to death. Another man escapes just in time, but half his face is aged as a result.
- (goldenagecomics)

Amazing Adventures
- (TG ARed AA) "Solo".
I didn't find it in the 1972 series, but in the 1988 anthology. A dying rape victim reincarnates as an avenging being. She pursues her attackers and poofed three of them off-panel into unclothed baby girls.
- Art - (Thomas2)

Amazing Adventures
- (TG ARed?) #1-11? #17-39? Solo 1972.
Woman turns her rapers into baby girls?

Amazing Spider-Man
- (male rejuvenation & AR past birth, OC remnants) #75 "Death Without Warning!" 8/30/1969.
Gang boss Silvermane tests an ancient Egyptian formula on himself. After fighting Spidey, the full extent of the curse is revealed - (JeffR_2bya)

Amethyst Princess of Gemworld
- (AA series)
- cover
- (APed AA, RN) Comics. Name: Amy Winston. Height: (as preteen Amy): 5'1" (as adult Amethyst): 5'8". Weight: (as Amy): 90 lbs (as Amethyst): 122 lbs. Eyes: Violet Hair: Blond.
- First transformation and arrival in Gemworld. AP
- Argument with step parents, AA "growth" spurt through the mirror. AP
- Her classmates reportedly watch Amy age into a woman (not confirmed). She meets her parents outside junior high as a full grown woman. "Believe me, I am Amy." APed
- Another trip to Gemworld and back. AP, RNed
- Through the mirror. AP

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld
- (AA age forms) - page

- (AA AP, RN ARed) - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31

- (AP, AR RN) Amy Wilson "grows" up fast in Gemworld - main index page - Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (Fonzie)
- (reverted to preteen AA) RN

- spirit AA TF AP
- Age forms AA cover

Andy Panda
- (anthro AR?) #32 "The Fountain Of Youth" 01/30/1956 Dell.
Andy Panda discovers the Fountain of Youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Angel & Faith
- (male reembodied AR) "Buffy" universe.
"What You Want, Not What You Need, Part Two", #22, 5/29/13.
- Giles was brought back with his memories and demeanor intact, but in the form of a young boy. Angel and the others react with immense confusion and disbelief. Giles proceeds to furiously criticize these circumstances. He is horrified to realize he is trapped in the body of himself at 12. The reason is that Lavinia and Sophronia envisioned him as a little boy, not his adult self. Giles expresses his anger and frustration with them, declaring them idiots who ruined his life again.
- (Spectrum Analyzer)

- (FFed APed) French language, "Fugue", Tome 1, 2008, Dimitri Armand, Jean-Charles Gaudin.
Talinn and Evrane, 2 young adult adolescents, and the slightly younger Corky, are condemned to labour the soil in the kingdom of Angor, just like their parents before them, but they dream of chivalry, adventure and freedom. After an altercation among the knights, they pick up a chain with strange powers. By touching it, they are able to change their age at will, but they must learn to master its power if they are to realise their dreams.
- (APed, ARed RNed) "Mansïouran", Tome 2, 2009.
Former teens use magic necklace to do battle as adult warriors.
- Slight adult rejuvenation male

Animal Comics
- (possible AR?) #21 "Albert and Pogo and the Fountain Of Youth" 07/30/1946 Dell.
- (

- (rodent AR?) #52 Featuring Pinky & The Brain.
DC "I Never Promised You a Kindergarten" 09/1999.
Brain's youth formula backfires. Now he and Pinky try to conquer the world one pre-school at a time. High class kindergarten advertises training for the leaders of tomorrow. "I don't think the newspaper will fit in my underoos."

(flash forward AA) "Hanna Washington" or "Hannah Washington" 3/04, Arcana Studios, Mario Gully, Big city comics. Vol 1 "Days like these".
8-year-old Hanna Washington is continually tormented and bullied at school. To escape the harsh realities of her life, she writes stories of an adult version of herself who is a superhero known as Ant. Her friend Stephen appears as "Gadget Man" in Ant's Cockroach battle, the events of which we follow whenever Hanna's diary is opened. Her father is a suspect in an armed robbery and is taken into custody. Hanna manages to obtain information using Ant to clear her father's name. When told this is impossible, after saying Ant is who she will be in the future, she blacks out, and eventually ends up in a straitjacket. She manages to escape, leaving behind one of the cans she used to regenerate her exoskeleton in her story, leading on to the second volume. Something went wrong when she was a super-hero, and she did not know how to handle it. Hanna as a teenager locked in a psychiatric ward rewrote her memories of what happened when she was a child - 1 2 3 4

APL Primer #2
(BE "growth") "Spandex not Required", "Adrionna the Amazonian" (Martin/Plegel). Adrionna introduces herself as a 17-year old "mystical protector" who shows her abilities by making her breasts expand. Then the preview diverges into some sword and sorcery vignette, still with the swollen breasts.

- (body swap AA) 2008. Teen babysitter and little girl switch souls - swap
- (mind transfer) 2007 AR story arc. Teenager Alice babysits spoiled, vengeful little girl. Their minds trade places after encounter with artifact, and each wakes up in the other's body. Can Alice ever regain her stolen life? Link: start (josuke42)

- (male AP & RN, OA?) V1 #25 DC "The Revolt of Aquaboy!" 2/30/1966.
- (male ARed glimpse) #37 "When the Sea Dies!" 2/30/1968.
INFO - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male AP) - male AP
- (male FF) As a teen sidekick, Garth was known as Aqualad. As an adult superhero, Garth became Tempest. male AA

- (male ARed glimpse) "When the Sea Dies", 37, 2/1/1968 - scan

Archie & Friends
- (adult to teen rejuv) #07 3/1/1994. Aunt Hilda tries out Sabrina's teen formula facial and suddenly is a high school teenager again!

Archie Comics
- (dedicated adult rejuv/OA swap) "Veronica & Miss Grundy Age Swap Comic" by Tebra, c'20 - 4-panel fan parody switch - (Chronoeclipse)

Archie Comics
- (FFed BE'd) "A Date with Suzy Stringbean!" Betty set up a date with a former classmate who was the skinniest girl in class. Reggie: S-Sue-Suzy! You've filled out! I mean, you've grown up! I mean, I don't know what I mean! [face turns green]

Archie's Weird Mysteries
- (AA teen to middle age) - scans (TBTC, ArArchive)

- (male AA young to old adult) There is a "furry" scene where he gets a full, really long beard and other aged attributes - (deniz)

(AA AR) The teachers are made young again, but their behavior doesn't improve.
- p01 - p02 - p03 (ArArchive scans)

Astérix and Obélix
(male AR, male AP) France, "All At Sea" #35. Asterix's huge friend Obelix turns into a little boy. Being young, Obelix cannot put up the same fight as when he was full size, so the Romans easily capture him and put him on a boat bound for Rome. They dock in Atlantis, where everybody but one elderly gent has used the land's secret elixir of youth to return to childhood. Obelix rejects staying there and playing all day. The crew has stolen some elixir and has already turned into 5-year-olds. Obelix wills himself back to his adult age (still in now very tight Kiddie pants) and saves the day. (Ricky, 2bya)

Asterix the Gaul
- (FFed to OA) 34. "Asterix and Obelix's Birthday - The Golden Book"
Goscinny & Uderzo, 2009, France.
"L'Anniversaire d'Astérix et Obélix - Le Livre d'or"
- We discover Asterix and his friends reminiscing in their future. The story begins in the year 1 AD, 50 years after all the other books. The characters are introduced aged by half a century each - (deniz)

- (FF) Falbala/Panacea through the years.
- (male AP CB glimpse) p40 Obelix power growth.

- (male AR OC, male RN UC) 30, "La Galere d'Obelix", Uderzo, 1996.
AKA "Asterix and Obelix All at Sea" - INFO

- (male ARed) "Build Me A Machine", #53.

- (male AR) #53 "Build Me A Machine!" 09/30/1956 Marvel.
- (male age stasis problem) #63 "The Secret beyond Belief!" 08/30/1957.

Athena Inc.: The Manhunter Project
(TF) 2002. Gwen, a wealthy young New Yorker, doesn't realize she is just the submerged cover persona created for Mary, a highly-skilled assassin working for Athena Inc. Mary "became" Gwen after activating an internal genetic trigger which changed her into a completely different woman.

Athena Voltaire
- (male adult rejuved stasis?) "Athena Voltaire and the Isle of the Dead", Steve Bryant, 14p., 2009.
Series centered on 1930s aviatrix fending off occult Nazis. "I'm talking about immortality, Miss Voltaire."
A Spanish explorer discovered the Fountain of Youth. Rather than risk returning to find it gone, he filled as many barrels as he could. His ship however was sunk.

- (female old age, male AR) #29?
On Earth-2, all women are aging. Golden-age Atom travels to Earth-1, where all the men are getting younger, including the Silver-age Atom, Ray Palmer.
Also in #36 "The Duel Between the Dual Atoms!" 4/1968 DC.
- (TBTC)

(adult OA'd, male adult rejuvenation, RN) Adults lose their memories as they revisit their younger selves.
- cover - adult OA'd female aftermaths - male adult rejuvenation - male rejuvenation, RN (TBTC comics scans)

- (adult rejuvenation) Andre Caroff, France, 1968.
Madame Atomos
- Brilliant scientist Kanoto Yoshimuta vows revenge against America. Already in her 50s, she creates a 20 y.o. clone. Then she makes herself 20 years younger to kill Dr. Soblen.

Authority #2, The
(ARed) 3/7/07 AKA The Authority: Utopian. Vol 4 of the series? Grant Morrison, Gene Ha. Wildstorm Universe. It's possible the AR is just a throwaway line. The art is subtle: Shen mentions that Jenny has changed her shape again (She went from 5 year old to teenager in Revolution). On page 17 Jenny is drawn smaller. Shen says: "Jenny. Ken, this is Jenny, Jenny Quarx. You've changed again . . ." Jenny: "Well, I was born on the stroke of midnight along with the rest of the 21st century. Did you honestly think the spirit of the age looked like a skinny 19-year-old supermodel? Anyway, I got sick of menstruation." At the end of Brubaker's run (she looked a little old for 14) Angie wanted to know why she didn't change back to being 8; she said that nobody in their right minds wants to be 8 years old. She scarcely appeared in the Captain Atom mini, but appeared then to still be 14. Now she's a kid again. She didn't look that much younged, but was changing her appearance. "You've changed again..." is what was said, not, "You've changed ages again."
The Authority (AR) #12 Jenny is reborn. (JeffR)

Authority Revolution, The
- (AA APed) AA APed
- (age forms APed AA) cover

Authority, The
- (AR) The Authority - v2 #12 WildStorm "Fractured World".
Adult woman claims to be Jenny Quantum's mother, but she is really Jenny Fractal (twin sister to Jenny Quantum). Jenny Fractal makes herself younger and kills her twin Jenny Quantum.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Authority: Revolution, The
- (adults to old age) The Authority - v3 #4 March.
A group of super villains appear and fight The Authority. When they are losing the battle they suddenly age.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Authority: Revolution, The
- (AP AA replacement) #7 2005 comic, Brubaker/Nguyen/Friend. Apollo is raising 8 year old Jenny Quantum as a single parent. She's sick of being treated like a little girl, and steps through the looking glass to Infinite City, home of all the Jennys who came before her. After she learns the extent of her powers, Jenny's subconscious AA AP's her body to age 14. Her dad strongly disapproves of the change. In #8, the now "adult" Jenny takes it upon herself to reunite the feuding former heroes, including her absent adoptive father, the Midnighter, to stop the machinations of Henry Bendix, the evil mastermind responsible for the Authority's misfortunes. They all agree to help, but are appalled at Jenny's smoking habits. Quote: "The Quantum girl has somehow aged at least five years in the last hour."
- age forms cover
- Introduction (600 KB)
- aged up (600 KB)
- Before & After AP (600 KB)

Avengers & Power Pack Assemble!
- (flash forward) 2006. 4 super-powered siblings called The Power Pack have been "transported to a dark, sinister world... and their only hope of getting back home lies with some very familiar allies... themselves at a different age!" cover preview link (O)
- (future/past forms of characters interact) age forms (O')

Avengers Academy
- (age increased) 2010.
Pym takes students to the supervillain prison as part of a scared straight tour. Carina transforms them into their adult bodies from possible futures (#10 ).
After Korvac is defeated the students revert back to their normal bodies, with the exception of Reptil (#11).
After the fight, Spider-Girl tells Reptil that she liked him the way he was, and he reverts back to his teenage body (#12).

Avengers Spotlight
- (AR, OA?) "Interlude in a Peaceable Kingdom!", #37, 10/30/1990, Marvel.
Nebula, a minion of Kang the Conqueror, is able to alter time/age, with multiple changes. Doctor Druid takes her on. Multiple changes to Nebula.
- (2BYA)
Comic Book Cover

Avengers, The
- (male lifeloop FF) "Born Again (and Again, and Again ....)", #218 (1st series).
He cannot die. Each time, he is reborn and has to grow up again. Now back as a kid of about 10, he wants the Avengers to finish him off for good.
- (TBTC)

- (male AP) Marcus Immortus "The child is father to...?" #200. In one hour, Ms.Marvel's baby matures to a physical age of 2 and soon appears to be about 5 years old. Within hours he has the stature of a 12-year old and is soon full-grown.

- (male AP) - male AP - male AP
- (AA AR RN) - age changes

- (male AP) I#200, Marcus Immortus.
Within an hour, Carol's baby boy grows to the size and maturity of a 2 year old. Marcus ages rapidly into adulthood (Carol vaguely recognizes his adult form), convincing the Avengers to supply him with equipment. The temporal warps continue to worsen.
Avengers Annual
- (male old age) #10. Marcus made a fatal miscalculation. After returning to Limbo, his body remains out of sync with the timeless realm, and he continues to age rapidly. By the time he realizes what is happening, he's too senile to do anything about it, and he crumbles into dust soon after - (O'Melissokomos)

- (male face OA'd) "The Heroic Age", 2010, #4 - Future Iron Man.
The timestream is broken and the Marvel Universe has fallen into utter chaos. Can the Avengers defeat Kang, and even if they do, is it too late?
- cover - (O')

- (male old age) Marcus Immortus male AA
- (male AA APed) 2

Awesome Man
(male AP) #1 "The Adventure Begins" 2002. Something mysterious, fallen from the sky, turns an elementary school kid into an adult-sized version of his idolized super-hero overnight. (TBTC)

Baffling Mysteries
- (female adult to OA) #12 Ace 12/01/1952. A woman is aged to death after gazing into a cursed mirror.
- (goldenagecomics)

Baron Wolfgang von Strucker
- (male adult age stasis) Marvel character, "Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos" #5, 1/1964.
Scientific genius with limited invulnerability from Death Spore virus leading to repressed aging.

Bart Simpson Comics
- (AR, APed) AKA Bart Simpson "Role Model" #37 "The Ten-inator" Bongo Comic 8/23/07. cover Mad scientist uses ray to make everyone in Springfield 10 years old again. Lisa and Maggie get APed. The victims retain their memories, but their emotions are closer to their new age. (SKJAM)
- cover

Batman and the Outsiders
- (AP) #8 "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" 03/84. Tannarak is APing babies in a hospital not only to provide himself with a new body but to do his bidding and drain their life force. (TBTC)

Batman series
- DC Tales of the Dark Knight - INFO PAGE
- (male "APed") #107 05/1957 "The Grown-up Boy Wonder".
- (male AR) #147 "Batman becomes Bat-baby" - (TBTC)
- (male AR/rejuv/OA, AR) #182 "Batman, Junior and Robin, Senior!" 07/66 (Detective #318, 04/55)
Batman and the Outsiders:
- (AA APed) #8 "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" 3/1984 - (TBTC)
Batman Beyond:
- (adult to OA?) #5 "Mummy, Oh! And Juliet" 07/1999 - (Jeffr_2bya)
The Batman Strikes!:
- (male AR, RN) #33 5/9/2007.
Legends of the Dark Knight:
- (female adult mental AR & RN) #61 "Knightquest: The Search - Quarry (Part III) 7/30/1994 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Batman Strikes!, The
- (male AR) #33, 2007. From the solicitation: Poison Ivy's figured out the perfect way to get Batman out of her way... make The Batman into a Batboy! A now-young Bruce Wayne will have to fight alongside Batgirl and Robin through Poison Ivy's plant army... and puberty! (O) male ARed

- (adult age stasis) "Lazarus Pits" and "Fountain of Essence" can prolong vitality for many centuries, and slightly de-age the user.
- (APed to old age) - AP, old age - ARed RN, old age
- (male AR, male old age, RN) "Batman, Junior and Robin, Senior!" 182, 07/66, 08/66. 2 stolen gas canisters: one Ages, one de-Ages. Several IBs affected. The 2 heroes continue to fight crime in re-sized costumes. (TBTC)
- (male ARed) (O) male ARed cover
- (male reincarnation ARed) 2009, Detective Comics, Neil Gaiman.
At the finale of "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?", Batman says goodbye to elements of his life in the form of a child's story, ending with the Bat Signal in the night sky. He is reborn as a newborn baby, thus ensuring that he'll eternally continue his war against crime - (Dawnofmawl)

- (male AR) #147, 1962.
Renegade scientist "Garth" tries to get Batman out of the picture with a baby ray. Luckily, Batman retained his adult mind and strength, enabling him to resume crime fighting in a... slightly less-than-imposing form - scene

- (male teen to adult face FF) Design sketches for Bruce Wayne - (O')

Brave and the Bold, The

(male old age) #12 2009. Comic tie-in into the new Brave and Bold cartoon. Adam Strange gets older and fatter for a little while, and Batman also undergoes a certain transformation. It's gradual over several panels, but the reversion to normal is between panels. (SKJAM)

Bazooka Jules
(CB, BE, 16 to 18 AP) Neil Googe. What does it mean when a young girl suddenly finds herself in an adult body? Julie Glocke is just a nice little English girl. A lecherous computer with a wacky wish-granting style reads her mind. When evil comes knocking, Jules suddenly has a huge techno-bazooka and over-aired basketball boobs springing out through her clothes! Her hair is also longer. Now she's half-naked in the lunchroom, the boys in awe that their good friend suddenly became a super-heroine. When not in battle mode, Jules' guns of each type resume their former non-existence, as does her hair. When threatened, they return. After the professor's tests she sticks plasters on the outside of her shirt, to try to hold her shirt together should she need to grow up and out suddenly, and to draw attention to her breastal area so the boys and the reader remember to keep checking back there visually for the return of great things.
- Comic scans: 01 - 02 - 03

- (female/male AR, female/male RN) #58 "Kick-Ass Koalas" 10/19/2011.
Crazed villain Doctor When zaps Britain with his time-reversing ray - turning everyone back into babies! Will the KICK-ASS KOALAS be able to stop him before the country runs out of nappies? - (Entropic)

Beast Boy
(kinda ARed RN, middle aged) Comic vols 1-4. Gemini is a shapeshifter who claims to be the daughter of the late Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil. She's in the form of her mother at the end of Issue 3, then briefly becomes Gar's late adoptive mother, Rita Farr a.k.a. Elasti-Girl, near the end. Reprinted in the "Teen Titans: Beast Boys and Girls" trade paperback. (DaveS)

Beauty, The
- (adult rejuvenation) "The Beauty", 2012 limited series.
A sexually transmitted disease makes infected persons "prettier". It thins out fat people, rounds out skinny folks, gives finer features, less asymmetry... and if you're over a certain age, say goodbye to wrinkled skin, grey hair, balding, and other signs of oldness. One of the protagonists gets infected in the first issue, and winds up looking 10 years younger. The Beauty has spread like wildfire, and little effort has been put in to find a cure. The main plot kicks in 10 years later, when it turns out there's a terminal stage to the disease.
Info link - (Vended, SKJAM)

Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine
- (AR, RN) #106 "The Flower of Youth" Archie 07/2002.
Little Sabrina thinks the teachers and staff at school have forgotten what it is like to be a kid, so she whips up some magic flowers that let them re-experience it.
- There was an earlier Archie story wherein both Mr. Weatherbee and Miss Grundy reverted to teens after exposure to a ray from a UFO - (TBTC)

- (male AR) "The Thing in the Fens", #10.

- (male rejuv or AR) #10 Trojan "The Thing In The Fens" 07/01/1954.
Scientists are trying to discover the secret formula that will give people long life when they are attacked by a zombie.
- (goldenagecomics)

Beyond The Grave
- (possible AR or age stasis in these comics)
#4 & #8 "Potion of Youth", Charlton, 02/1976 & 1983.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult to OA, rejuved) #14 Ace "Wedded to a Witch" 8/1/1952.
A witch ages to elderly, then returns to young adult age after marrying a man.
- (goldenagecomics)

- (male AP UC scene, RN) #1 Dark Horse, Hit 03/1989.
Adaptation of the movie. Boy wishes to be an adult.
- (TBTC)

Black Cat Mystic
- (male AR) - INFO PAGE
#60 "A Town Full Of Babies" 11/1957 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Black Cat Mystic
- (mass ARed to babies aftermath, male AR to baby)
"A town full of babies", #60, 1946, Strange Suspense Tales.

Black Hammer: Age of Doom
- (AA TF poofs into ARed form) #10, 2018.
The heroine Golden Gail received her powers at age 10 as a gift from The Wizard of Zafram. When she's not Golden Gail, her alternate personality is Gail Gibbons, who ages normally and eventually became very old.
- Heroine restoration AR extract - (Username)

Black Hole
- (FF, coming of age) Charles Burns, 12 issues, 1995-2005.
The cruelty and awkwardness of growing through adolescence, even without the stigma of horrible growths and loss of extremities.

Black Magic
- (ARed to baby cut-away) "Strange Old Bird", #25.
- (female AR) #25 "Strange Old Bird" 7/1/1953.
A woman is consumed in a phoenix's flame and ends up as a newborn.
- (

Black Magic
- (male adult stasis) #9 Kirby "You Should Live So Long!" 2/1/1952.
A man meets a man claiming to be over a hundred years old.

Black Magic
- (male adult to OA) #16 "End of His Rope!" 9/1/1952.
A man is greatly aged after he betrayed and insulted a mystic.

Black Orchid
(clone FF) Character. Adventure Comics #428, 1973; Vertigo imprint 1993. Mistress of disguise, pheromone mind control, mental transfer to host bodies growing in stasis. The other characters eventually find the bound and gagged women she impersonates. Her companion, a child version heretofore nicknamed "Suzy", matured over the course of the series, and took up the mantle of the Black Orchid as a young adult.

Black Panther
- (possible AR) "Cup Of Youth", #6, 1977, Marvel.
The search for the water of eternal youth continues.
- (

- (possible old age, RN, male adult OA) DC.
"The Aging Blackhawks", #172, 05/30/1957; #178.
"The Outcasts of Blackhawk Island", #202 (1st series), 11/1964.
The Blackhawks Stanislaus, Hendrickson & Andre get v-e-r-y old.
- (Jeffr_2bya,

(male adult OA) 3 men are suddenly made old beyond their years.
- cover - male OA (recovered TBTC comics scans)

Blackstarr (character)
- (AA age appearances) DC Comics, c1983. Mainstream Universe, 1950s-1986. Supergirl's enemy Blackstarr made her first appearance in the Bronze Age comics. She can change her looks at will to appear younger. The very forces of the universe took Rachel Berkowitz, molding her power to manipulate matter and energy to her will. Metamorphosis, Bio-fusion, Decelerated aging - art

Blackwulf (character: Touchstone)
- (ages) - INFO

(ARed, old age) Touchstone #1 06/1994 (Starforce, Underground Legion) Touchstone exists as a different person in each reality. She can exchange the form who interacts with Earth-616; one of her forms has the appearance of a child; another appears to be an old woman. (Blackwulf #5) Touchstone was in the body of a young girl. During the course of the mission, Touchstone switched into her adult form. (Blackwulf #7) Touchstone was in the body of an elderly woman. (Blackwulf #10) Touchstone was struck by Lady Trident's tridents, but was replaced with one of her child-like forms.

Blonde, The
- (adult rejuv) "The Blonde" fetish comics (bondage) - INFO PAGE

Blood Syndicate
(AP) Kwai. Aged from teenager to adult.
- (male "growth") Third Rail has the ability to absorb energy, which causes him to "grow" in size and strength.

- (AP dream sequence, AA) Book 3: Eyes of the Storm, Issue 12. Thorn has her most unusual dream yet. She starts off as a little girl, but then suddenly transforms into a grown princess.
- AP - misc - old age rejuvenation
- (AP) #55 (Final Issue) "Crown of Horns" The Great Red Dragon is forcing Thorn to confront her destiny. He tells her to look and tell what she sees. As a child, she sees only what is there on the surface. The next few panels show Thorn has changed into an adult, and when pressed to say what else she sees, she snaps "Why do you FORCE me to look?"

Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery
Fantastical and chilling tales - INFO PAGE
- (male adult age or AS) #7 "The Man Who Stole Immortality" 09/30/1964.
- (male adult to old age) #13 "The Five Casks of Greed" 03/30/1966.
- (male AR) #14 "The Room That Never Grew Old" 06/30/1966.
- (male old age/female AR) #25 "The Thing Called Illona" 03/30/1969.
- (male adult to old age) #95 "The Five Casks of Greed" 10/30/1979.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Boris Karloff Tales Of Mystery
- (males ARed AA) "The Room That Never Grew Old", #14.

Boy Comics
Yankee Longago
"The boy of to-day in the land of yesterday". Despite the shared main character, title and AR content, the two stories seem independent.
- (adult rejuvenation, male AR AA) - "The fountain of youth" #14, 1942.
- (male adult rejuv, male AR AA, male AA RN) - "The search for the fountain of youth", #23, 1942.

Boys, The
- (male unseen AA poof TF AP form) The Boys, 2020.
This issue does not shy away from addressing the brutal consequences of sexual assault. Billy Butcher and the Boys held down a 10 y.o. boy and cut out his tongue, to prevent him from uttering the magic word that would turn him into a superpowered man 5 times his current size. The Boys targeted the kid because whenever he became his alter-ego, he would assault, molest, batter, and rape other people. The scene ends with him crying as he keeps trying and failing to say the word, in the hope of tearing them all apart. From what I can tell, the word the kid was trying to yell sounded like Shazam lol - 1
- This series had more gruesome scenes in other media, like when Termite shrank himself to go down his sex partner's urethra during sex play, but then inadvertently returned to normal size and exploded out of his body - scene link

BPRD 1946
- (age form disguised) Hellboy spinoff investigates occult warfare projects. A demon stayed on Earth in the guise of little Russian girl Varvara.

Brain Boy
- (male AR to nothing) "The Strange Mr. Ozymandias", #3.

Brave and the Bold
(age disguise) #2. Hal Jordan and Supergirl head off to the gambling world of Ventura. After being rebuffed for being too young, Kara dresses in age-appropriate little girl clothes to do battle. Her girly dress comes complete with alien doll, pigtails, anklets, and maryjanes. AA (, SKJAM)

(flash forward) "Me and My Big Mouth" Amy Frushour, 1994. Series about a girl's puberty and adolescence, and how her life changed as her body grew into womanhood.

- (male adult old age) 1990, Wheatley, Hempel.
Chase Darrow is traumatized by the ordeal, but it is very hard to fight her sexual addiction for the lifeforce of men, leaving them decrepit mummies - covers

- (male OA'd) A gorgeous, uncannily sexy woman sleeps with men and drains them, leaving them withered.

Brotherhood of Evil
- (male old age stasis) General Immortus has aged incredibly over the years while immortal.

Brutal Nature: Concrete Fury
- (male monster TF, adult rejuvenation) #1, 2017, IDW - extract - (, FlasHes)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8
(giant teen AA) #1 "The Long Way Home". When the action picks up several months after the end of the television series, we find that Dawn has become a giantess, wearing size-appropriate clothing. It's not clear if she "grew" on purpose. Able to damage walls when angered, unfortunately her new strength is not proportionate to her increased mass.
- Giant Dawn

- (male old age stasis, male adult rejuvenated disguise) "Tales of the Vampires" Dracula doesn't age, but actually looks like an extremely old man. His youthful appearance is just a glamour which fails during his fight with Buffy.

Bugs Bunny
- (anthro male rejuv) #210. Bugs and Porky Pig seek the fountain of youth - Google drive - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Bugs Bunny
- (possible rejuv/AR?) #40 Dell "The Fountain Of Youth" 1/30/1955.
- (male furry AR) #210 "The Fountain of Youth" 12/30/1962.
Bugs is turned into a kid hare after visiting The Fountain of Youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult rejuvenated) #1897-#1910 "My School Chum Mum" May-Aug 1994.
UK comics by Andy Tew. A scientific disaster: after Rachel's father invented an anti-ageing cream, Mum was reverted to resembling a teen schoolgirl. She must pass herself off as Rachel's "cousin Emily" and attend Rachel's school until Dad returns from Antarctica. School has changed a lot since her day. Things get worse when Social Welfare suspects there is no adult in charge - extract
- (teen mind transfer?) "In Paula's Place". Carrie Weaver is fostered by the Hunts who are still grieving over the death of daughter Paula. Strange things happen after Carrie moves into Paula's old room and wears her old ring.

- (time loops) UK comics anthology for girls. "Time after Time"
- 1997 version: girl picks up time travel watch in a car boot sale. After numerous misadventures, the heroine returns to when she found it and puts it back.
- 1999 version: a town where everything repeats over and over. If you come back for a third time, you stay forever.

- (AA FFed, flashback) #24, 2010.
Cable and the now adult Hope make their final dash back to the present.
- #25 shows us how Deadpool helped Cable rescue the infant Hope.
Age forms - 2008 cover - (Sixsodacola)

Camp Candy
(male AP CB scene)
- male AP - male AP CB
- "Popcorn" #6.

Cap'n Crunch and the Fountain of Youth
- (possible AR/rejuv?) Quaker Oats mini comic book, Milt Story, 1963.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Captain America and Batroc The Leaper
- (male adult to old age face glimpse dream sequence)
Alan Davis preview, #6, 2011.
- male OA: diminishing - (O'Melissokomos)

Captain America Reborn
- (male mental flashback) #1, 2009.
While frozen in time by the Red Skull, Captain America's mind travels back to different parts of his life, from his participation in World War 2 to when his mom was dying when he was a kid.

Captain America
- (old age) vol 3 #29. Stox ages Ka-zar, Shanna, and Matthew overnight.
- (age illusions) "Snowfall" AKA Ginny Snow. I#238, 10/79. Ginny possessed telepathy and precognition. Her powers surfaced when she was less than 10 years old. She used them to appear in an idealized adult form. The scientists placed the young girl inside a life-support coffin, where Tuval made her use her powers to serve Dovecote (control of the world). Cap broke Snowfall out of the sarcophagus.
- age illusion.

Captain America
- (APed, old aged, RNed, APed) #294-296, 7-8/1984, Marvel Comics, DeMatteis, Neary. The "Sisters of Sin"
- Slash (Sister Agony) A preteen disciple of the Red Skull, her physical age was accelerated into an old woman, calling herself Sister Agony because of the razor-sharp talons she had in place of hands. She and her Sisters attacked Captain America, but were defeated and eventually restored to their natural ages. She returned alongside the Sisters of Sin as a young adult, and was once again defeated by Captain America.
- Torso (Sister Death) Her age was accelerated into an adult with superhuman strength and endurance. Restored to childhood, and progressed into younger adult.
- Sister Dream: AKA "Hoodwink"
- Sister Pleasure: AKA "Raunch"
- AKA: Sister Pain, Sister Desire.
- (APed, RNed) The Sisters of Sin, adult forms: SoS

Captain America
- (APed) After indoctrinating his daughter, Red Skull accelerated her aging, hurling her headlong into adulthood. He bestowed upon her the name Mother Superior, and gave her charge of 4 young orphan girls. The Skull brought the girls to premature adulthood as well, experimenting in the process to give each a particular talent: The Sisters of Sin. After the Skull's death, Mother Superior and the Sisters were restored to their rightful ages. Mother Night, formerly Suprema, organized them into the second Sisters of Sin. APed
- (male AR, male AP) Steve Rogers decided to investigate an unusually large number of child disappearances. He would need a disguise though, and enlisted the aid of his teammate Sersi in transforming him into a 15-year old version of himself. The Sisters of Sin were training young runaways to hate and kill. Rogers and the other "recruits" were off-loaded from the bus and put in holding cells the size of closets. One of the other kids, a girl named Jennifer, had claustrophobia and Sister Sin proceeded to beat her. Rogers tried to intervene, but found his teen body incapable of handling the combat moves of his adult self. Mother Night decided to have the Sisters beat him to death. Sersi had conditioned the transformation so that it would automatically reverse itself if he took more than 40 punches. Just as the Sisters of Sin closed in, he reverted to his adult self, and Captain America was able to take care of the Sisters with no difficulty. (marveldirectory) male AP RN

Captain America
- (male adult OA'd dream) #290. Jack (Nomad) Monroe is having a nightmare of Captain America suddenly aging into an elderly man.

Captain America
- (male adult reduction & RN growth CB) #225 #226.
- (AA age disguise illusion) #239 Marvel "Mind-Stains On the Virgin Snow" 11/30/1979.
- (male TF APed) #295 "The Centre Cannot Hold" 7/30/1984, also #296 #297 #298.
- (AA TF APed) #301 "All Good Things" 1/30/1985.
- (male AR) #355 "Missing Persons" 7/30/1989, also #356 #357.

Captain America
- (male AR) #355, 1989.
Cap needs to go a teenager! To help him pull off the de-aging deception, he enlists the aid of matter-manipulator Sersi of The Eternals - cover - (ArArchive)

Captain America
- (male kinda like decrepitude or muscle flashback) 2011.
#5: American Dreamer, Part 5 - #9: Powerless, Part 4.
- While fighting in an extra-dimensional dream world, former friend and now supervillain Bravo zaps Captain America back to Steve Rogers, before he was injected with the super-soldier serum - cap - (O')

Captain America
- (male OAd effect) Alternate future Ultimate Marvel died instantly when his Super Serum was nullified.

Captain America
Fear Itself: Sin's Past
2011 new content. Reprint book collects Captain America #355-357, 1989.
- (teen to adult partial face close-up)
The Red Skull artificially ages his matured daughter Sin (Synthia Schmidt) into a super-powered woman.
Sadly, only her maturing face is glimpsed - TF scene
- (male adult to teen AR, oversized clothing glimpse)
Captain America goes undercover as a teenager to The Sisters of Sin's youth camp. He's transformed into a de-powered 15 y.o. by the beautiful Sersi.
Transformation Scene - page 1 - page 2
- (The Planet of the AP)

Captain Britain
("growth") Meggan Braddock. Goblin Princess can change her form and apparent age, usually 5'7" tall, 5'10" in true form. Weight: usually 120 lbs., 130 lbs. in true form. Meggan of Excalibur fought Jamie Braddock and took on the form of one X-man after another, mimicking their powers and their fighting style exactly.

Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew
- (AR, RN) #9 DC "Watch Out for the Time-Keeper!" 11/1982.
Master of the 4th dimension turns the Crew into babies.
- (TBTC)

Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew
(male furry adult OA'd, multiple furry ARs) #8.
- cover
- AR panels
(WT - Hobbs)

Captain Carrot
(AR) #8 #9, 1982. Their enemy turns Captain Carrot into an old rabbit while the rest of the Zoo Crew are turned into babies. #9 has 1 panel recap. (Time)

Captain Comet
(male adult rejuvenation) "One Year Later"
During the year after the Infinite Crisis, Captain Comet was tortured and killed by Lady Styx, which forced him to eject his consciousness from his body. After coming into contact with the Weird's soul, he created a new younger body for himself. Comet then teleported home and discovered that the Church of Eternal Light was growing brainwashed clones from the charred remainders of his former body. (O')

Captain Marvel, Jr.
- (male age stasis, male RN APed glimpse at end)
"The Boy Who Couldn't Grow Up", Vol1, #40, 07/1946 - link

Captain Marvel, Jr.
- (male AR) Golden Age story had the young hero battling nemesis Thaddeus Sivana, Jr. He was using The Fountain of Youth to regress wealthy businessmen into boys he could bully. Captain Marvel Junior is temporarily regressed as well, but finds the cure and turns the tables on the villain.

Captain Marvel
- (male APed) Whenever he speaks Shazam's name, boy broadcaster Billy Batson is transformed into the adult Captain Marvel.
- (APed) Mary Marvel is the adult identity of Mary Bromfield, one of a trio of kids. The post-Crisis version of this character transforms physically into an adult woman when she utters the magic word "Shazam!" Freddy Freeman's alter ego (Captain Marvel Jr.) is somewhat younger.
- (male AP) After Mar-Vell's death, his genetic material was used to produce his son, Genis. The child was artificially aged to adulthood in a very short span of time and imbued with false memories of growing up on Titan.
- (male AA AP) Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil #1 male AA AP (O)
- (age confusion) Geoff Johns, JSA: Cap presses up on teenage superheroine Stargirl, only to get kicked out of the JSA because they think he's a pedophile. An unsettling look at how being a kid who turns into a grownup can indeed be a bad thing.

Captain Marvel
- (male AP AA) DC Comics. The Trials of Shazam! 12-issues.
The hero (now called "Marvel") takes over the wizard Shazam's role as mentor of Freddy Freeman, the former Captain Marvel, Jr. After the Fawcett years, DC Comics was unable to market their Marvel Family properties under that name, instead using the trademark Shazam! as the title of their comic books.

Captain Marvel
- (male TF AA APed) forms

Captain Marvel
- (teen disguises) Mary Marvel transforms from a teen to a more capable superhero. In the modern version, she also gets older.
(SheChangesAtWill, Fonzie, FemaleDisguise) Original version: kinda like 18 to 19 AP
- (teen age confusion) Mary Batson was re-introduced in Power of Shazam! #4, Jerry Ordway, 1994 origin story. When calling upon her powers, Mary is transformed into an adult resembling her late mother. In the golden age, Mary and Billy were twins, and Mary did NOT age when she transformed. In some recent instances Mary Marvel was portrayed as a teenager (JLA: World Without Grown-ups). Elsewhere, Mary was said to be only 16, implying that transformed she physically looks older. Admittedly, Mary Marvel was more buxom than Mary Batson, however she still looked pretty young.
- (age forms) Mary Marvel's ages
- (male AP AA) TF scene.

Captain Marvel
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam
- (male AP) 2008 DC Comics, Mike Kunkel.
Thanks to a magical rift created when Captain Marvel battled Mr. Mind's monsters, 14-year-old Theo Adam has returned to Earth from banishment. Theo can't remember the magic word that gives him the powers of Black Adam. The solution: follow Captain Marvel and get the word out of his alter ego, 11-year-old Billy Batson. (O)
- male AP

Captain Marvel
He was often involuntarily transformed - INFO PAGE
Captain Marvel Adventures:
- (male rejuv or AR) #127 "The Man Who Grew Young" 12/1951 DC, Fawcett.
- (possible AR or rejuv or OA) #131 "Mr. Tawny's Quest For Youth" 04/1952.
Capt. Marvel, Jr.:
- (male AR, RN) #3, 01/1943.
- (male AR) #5 "Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Fountain of Youth" 03/19/1943.
- (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

Captain Thunder
(male APed) Suspiciously similar to Captain Marvel, down to being a small boy magically transformed into an adult super-hero. male

Captain Wonder 3D
- (male AA APed effect) 2011 Image one-shot, 48p.
Brian Haberlin and Philip Tan show how Billy is transformed from a fan to the man himself, giving the comic an innovative polish with an eye-opening 3D finish.
- From info link:
A super high tech exoskeleton was just too dangerous to be entrusted to the government. Only a child can control the suit through synaptic couplings. In a very real sense, they ARE Captain Wonder.
Each child can only do so while they fit the suit... and kids tend to grow. There have been 24 previous "Captain Wonders" and it is the duty of each to find his or her replacement (yes, there have been little girl Captain Wonders... that accounts for that time he dyed his hair pink...)
Captain Wonder 24 had an unexpected growth spurt... one day she fit the suit, the next no-go. She had to rush to find a replacement... after all, the world can't be left without a protector for long. And that's where Billy comes in - art - (O')

- (slight UC scene) UK, 1970s, Too small schoolgirl uniform

Casper the Friendly Ghost
- (AA ARed, RNed) 1991 series, #2.
Casper investigates the cause of the populace of a nearby town having been turned into babies. Sadly no process. We do see the zap when several were AA'd back to normal - link - (Tazz)

Cat-Man and Kitten
- (superheroine power upgrade AP CB) Cat-Man Ashcan #2, "Kitten's Nine Lives" 1996 reboot of 1940s series.
The power of feline magic! After years of searching I managed to find an online copy of the AC Comics retconned version. Written in the style of classic WW2 comics, this content would not have been allowed back then.
- Cat-Man's sidekick Katie rapidly grew from a young girl into a fully developed woman. Mortally wounded in action by Dr. Macabre, Katie's life was saved when Cat-Man remembered the mystical tigress who raised him also grants the power to return from death in the prime of life. Cat-Man invoked the tigress' spirit to pass that power onto Kitten, transferring one of his 9 lives into her. This had the effect of irreversibly aging her from 10 to 20 (and applying lipstick for some reason), although she still retained a child's mentality.
Her superhero costume feels too small now. The "tights" were sufficiently elastic to conform to her long, womanly legs, her flexible boots and gloves were also stretched, but her top was made from a different material and was ripped by her widening and elongating arms. Fortunately her large breasts did not burst through the front, but there was serious underarm rippage from where the fabric was pulled forward as they swelled. Her waist did not widen enough to break her belt, but her costume trunks were ripped by her bigger hips, while her cape became too short.
Katie's emotional maturity caught up with her physical form, and the pair were married. All this was done by the writers as an excuse for preteen Kitten being fully grown in the later stories. Released from the Vault in the 1980s, they became allies of Miss Victory and Femforce. Unfortunately, Dr. Macabre was also revived and continues to attack the Merryweathers.
- Full comics link p15 - Character intro extract - AP/CB & aftermath extract
- (Asher)

Cat-Man Comics
- (FF) 1941. Cat-Man encountered 11 y.o. circus acrobat Katie Conn, whose unscrupulous uncle forced her to steal things for him. Cat-Man intervened and adopted Katie. She tried to help him fight crime, sewing a matching red and yellow costume and calling herself the Kitten. As the series continued, Katie matured from pre-teen to young woman.

- (mind transfer kinda like ARed) #1, 2010.
Female vampire hunter's soul was switched into the body of an 11 y.o. girl, whose spirit is pissed that someone took over her body. They team up to hunt vampires.
- Purchase link - (Tazz)

Challengers of the Unknown
- (AR or age reduction?) #8 v1 Dell "The Man Who Stole the Future" 07/30/1959.
- (male AR) #37 "The Triple Terror of Mr. Dimension!" 05/1964.
- (males rejuv or AR, RN) #72 DC "Nobody Lives Forever...Or Do They?" 3/30/1970.
info page - (Jeffr_2bya,

Chamber of Chills
- (female adult OA'd) #2 Harvey 7/1/1951.
Cover shows aged woman.
- (adult mental AR) #5 Marvel 7/1/1973.
A bit of mental AR through the use of voodoo.
- (goldenagecomics, Jeffr_2bya)

Chamber of Darkness
- (female adult old aged) #3 Marvel "Something Lurks On Shadow Mountain!" 2/01/1970.
- (adults rejuved or ARed) #5 "The Beast From The Bog!" 6/01/1970.
- (male adult to OA) #6 "I Dared to Defy...Merlin's Black Magic" 8/01/1970.
- (male adult face) #7 "I Wore...The Mask of Drothor!" 10/1/1970.
- (male adult OA) #8 "I Am the Invisible!" 12/01/1970.
AKA Strange Tales #67.
- (male adult stasis) #8 "A Thousand Years Later..."
AKA Tales to Astonish #15.
- INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male ARed, RN) #17 Marvel.
Shi'Ar agent Eric the Red reverses the effect of Alpha's power and turns the Brotherhood into adults once more.

Chilling Adventures In Sorcery
- (adult stasis) #3 "Immortality Factor" 10/01/73.
A story about immortality is to be found in this issue.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Chilling Tales of Horror
- (stasis?rejuv?OA?AR?) v2 #4 "The Phantom Fountain" - (Jeffr_2bya)

Chris Kent (character)
- (male adult aging) DC.
Due to his birth in the Phantom Zone he exhibits strange growth spurts: when Thara saved him he was still the 6 y.o. boy raised by Lois and Clark, as Nightwing he is shown at roughly 15 or 16.
- Action Comics 875: He suffers from "burst aging", his body accelerating about 7 years in an exceptionally draining and painful process.
- Action Comics 884, 2/2010: Chris experiences another aging spurt, becoming an old man. Jax-Ur reverts him to young adult.

- (male adult hulkout CBed?) The longer Walter/Wallop stays transformed, the bigger, stronger and more out of control he gets. Transforming back to human form takes a long time.

Classic Adventure Strips
- (adult rejuv/OA?) #12 "The Elixer [sic] of Youth".
From newspaper strips, 7/30/1956 to 10/20/1956.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Clone Wars
(accelerated growth) The Separatists were cloning Nikto to supplement the droids. When the facility came under siege, the cloners decided to bump up the growth rate to get as many new adults as possible. This didn't work out too well in the end.

Clone, The
- (male AP) "The Clone", Ricardo Barreiro, 09/24/2002, erotic comic book.
A woman brings back her dead husband by cloning him.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (age forms) DC Comics.
Numbuh 362 - KND Supreme Leader, Best Spy. Rachel T. Uno, AKA "Ray Tennyson", is her fully adult version. In the "Nextgen" series, Rachel is a tall, slim woman. She wears a bellybutton T-shirt that shows her cleavage.
- 53 issues. First Appearance: "Cartoon Cartoons" #14.
"Codename Kids Next Door" #51? Reportedly, Numbuh 362 accidentally turned herself into an adult? Reportedly, she wore her 2nd outfit, with sandals instead of her cowgirl boots?
"Cartoon Network Action Pack"? (2006-2011).

Colt Noble and the Megalords
- (male age forms) 2010 one-shot. Affectionate Parody of Masters of the Universe. Colt Noble is the adult alter-ego of 13 y.o. Prince Jaysen. Jaysen fruitlessly tries to gain entry into a strip club, and ends up enjoying himself at the club as Colt.

Comedy Comics
- (adults to OA?) #9 Marvel "The Aging Plague" 4/30/1942.
- (

Comic Cavalcade
- (adult stasis) #19 "The Battle for Eternal Youth" 2/30/1947 - (JeffR_2bya)

Comic Cavalcade
- (age?) #10 DC 4/1945 - (TBTC)

Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks
Classic stories originally published in 2000 AD - INFO PAGE
- (worldwide age stasis) "One Christmas During Eternity".
- (male adult age stasis) "The Big Clock".
- (reverse life span male AR) "The Reversible Man".
- (male adult mental AR) "The Time Machine" - (

Complete Alice in Wonderland, The
- (AA size increases/decreases) - cover
Drink Me - Rabbit House - Court Room

Concept Core 2
- (TF slight APed) Dann, 2012, 2nd pocket-sized collection, b&w.
Superheroine Streex is really 14 y.o. Mina. While visiting her father at his job, she encounters a mystical artifact and finds herself able to transform into an adult woman who resembles her late mother with energy powers and super-speed. While hanging out with her best friend, she is attacked by The Shrieker, whom she defeats with her new powers - Purchase link - cover

- (male TF AA RN, adult to teen) #5, 2013.
Constantine takes a keen interest in the power of Shazam (formerly Capt. Marvel)! But does he want to mentor Billy Batson or destroy him?
Shazam unwillingly transforms back to Billy - Reverted - (O')

(TF) Can change appearance and apparent age form at will. Of course not explored in any meaningful way - 2

Crazy (magazine)
- (male teen TF, muscle growth "CBed") - Teen Hulk AKA "Chester Weems" - Earth-80360 character, 1980.
Marvel character, short comic parodies. High school nerd "hulks out" when angered. It was a different time - Cover
- Also the title of a proposed animated series where Bruce Banner would have been a teenager instead of an adult. A preview appeared in Comic Features #33.

- (AA reverse aging, adult delusion, stasis) 94, 1978.
- "Ada", Alcala, Pearson - A girl was born as an old woman who reverts in age as she gets older. A man ends up staying with her til she turns into a baby then passes away.
- "Bessie" - A woman asks a detective to look for her daughter. It turns out the woman is Bessie herself, just a second personality of hers after a miscarriage.
- "Sacrifice", Bermejo, McKenzie - 4 boys sacrifice a cat which gives them eternal life. Every 100 years they have to sacrifice another person.

- (AA TF) tree morph scene

- (male APed) 128 "Outcast of Euthanasia" Draut, Dubay. A reporter talks to a woman about her dead son, who worked in a lab that brought dead people back to life through cloning. The son ended up being one of them too, and went on a rampage.

(AP) #128, A Warren Magazine: "Outcast of Euthanasia", 06/01/1981. Parents are able to regain their lost children through cloning.

Uncanny comics - INFO PAGE
- (age stasis) #72.
- (AR) #94 "Sugar and Spice and Hearts as Cold as Ice" 01/01/1978.
- (age stasis, AA "OA") 1978.
- (John L, Jeffr_2bya)

Crisis on Infinite Earths
(male AP) Alexander Luthor, Jr. To save their son, the Luthors place him in an experimental device that carries the infant to Earth-One. Passage through an anti-matter storm grants him powers over matter and anti-matter, and dramatically accelerates his aging process. By the conclusion of Crisis, Luthor has become a young adult, despite the passage of only a few weeks.

- (furry AR, OA)
Maybe #32? - "Gnuff" story?
- The main characters are stranded on an island divided by a steep mountain range, where one side has water that makes you younger, and the other has potatoes that make you older. If you're living off the land, you need to balance these foodstuffs to maintain your true age. Unfortunately, the pass through the mountain range gets blocked, and the characters on both sides realize that they are in terrible danger of overbalancing on one of these materials, and dying or disappearing unless they can get to the other side.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (furry TFed AR/"AP"/OA) Freddy Milton, no less than four versions.
Donald Duck, "Gnuff" story, Woody Woodpecker. "The Big Sneeze", "Gargantua's Cure".
Island divided by mountain range has water on one side that makes you younger, on the other side potatoes that make you older. You need to balance these foodstuffs to maintain your true age. Unfortunately, the pass through the mountains gets blocked, and the characters on both sides realize they are in terrible danger of dying or disappearing unless they can get to the other side.
- Gnuff link - Donald Duck link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Crypt of Shadows
- (female/male adults OA'd)
#1 "Don't Look!" 1/1/1973. Magic mirror shows people's most feared self image.

- (male adult stasis)
#6 "A Thousand Years!" 7/1/1961. Man makes deal with devil to live 1000 yrs.
AKA Journey Into Mystery v1 #70.

- (female/male adults to old age)
#10 "A Scream In The Dark!" 5/1/1974. Couple is aged through a tunnel.

- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male age stasis) 1993- Argentine comics. Also 1995 Tv series and 1999 animated series.
Von Reichter-clone Jose's genes have been modified so that he would permanently have the body of a 10-year-old to prevent him from trying to rebel against his "father".

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal