Aging Transformation Scenes

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(Artworks, Objects, and Images)

10 Year Challenge
- (CoA, some AA FF) 01/2019 social media mass meme.
AKA "#10YearChallenge, 2009 vs. 2019, Glow Up, How Hard Did Aging Hit You" Challenge. You post a photo of yourself 10 years ago, and how you look now. Caption it however you want. That's it! Many parody versions were also made - changes - changes

10 Year Challenge
- (FF) - Abigail Breslin Zombieland movie posters

18 to 21
- (adult size increases only, BE) - FF scenes, caution: nudity.
- 01 - 02 - 03
- (adult FF AA) - or a 17 year adult flash forward scene in this case - maturity
- (adult "growth" FF) - BE - BE
- (coming of age, kinda looks like BE stages) 1997 German magazine article - deleted Yahoo Group Nudity scan

- (FF puberty) CGI documentary animation about female development - stages

AA curse
- (AA, AKA age appropriate clothing) AA cuts, AA scenes, etc. Subvariant: Disney AA curse.
HORRIBLE tendency in all media to have the clothes "grow" with during age increase transformations. Our point is we really, really hate AA.

Adam Spizak
- (coming of age, precocious baby "kinda" looks like ARed aftermath) Photo illustration inspired by song "Sober" by Tool. c2009 - art

adult rejuvenation
- (adult face) morphed - (Vivalook)
- (face close-up) smoothened
- (reverse OA, male body AR) clip art - gallery art installation.
- Magic mineral Water reversion stages.

adult tight clothing (classic fetish)
- (women's fashion styles, tight clothes kinda look like UC) - 2000-2005 Yahoo Groups trend, and ongoing.
2021/05 Instagram post featuring adult UC #dressup #selfies. Just something that was found, I have no relation to it:
- New dress series.
We also found some classic 2000's photos taken from the deleted adult fashion groups by Jambal and others:
- CAUTION Nudity - Virtual UC - bustout - bustout
- Fashion series - series
Dedicated/fetish photo captions: over-18 stories that show adult performers wearing tight clothing designed to display cleavage etc. The text explains that only recently, they were much smaller (the women, not the clothes).
Professional Japanese models often wore outrageously styled or minimalist swimsuits. Teen models also experimented with lightweight outfits. This does not exist anymore.
- Idol stars virtual UC - dedicated captions - teen art/fashion models
- (Alex, Jambal)

aftermath scenes
- (dedicated slight BE "APed") 2023. They are getting older by the second, and will not stop - AI art

aftermath scenes
- (kinda looks like slight APed aftermath) You could sorta pretend they made themselves a few years older.
Captions needed - after - after - after - nude

aftermath scenes
- (kinda looks like slight APed) - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

aftermath tropes
- (oversized clothing "ARed") shoes - male baby clothes

age cut
- (kinda looks like AA FF or AP) blink
- (looks like AA flash-forward)
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07
- girl scout shirt stretch-out - 08

age disguise
- (instant "ARed" disguise) c'18.
How to transform yourself into a little girl 101: Clip link - gif - caps

age disguise
- (AP FF UC, age growth spurt illusion) - years in seconds.
- (kinda like APed/mental ARed) - BE scene - age & size discrepancies.
- (kinda looks like APed) - dressup kids 03 - rapid growth scene 04
- (kinda like FFed or OA'd) - girl scout - adult faces

age disguise
- (instant "ARed" disguise) c'16 vid link - gif

age forms
- (AA AP, RN) Shoujo heroine child/adult combat TF's.
- girl to woman - 01 - 02

age illusion
- edit

age illusion
- (kinda looks like AA age forms) "My younger sister and my older sister both put on the same swimsuit. Good thing the straps could be adjusted to fit perfectly!" c2020.

age illusion
- (kinda looks like FFed TG) Similar shirts, different ages - info link - collage
- (kinda looks like AP or FF)
- Girls long wait in stretch costumes.

age illusion
- (looks like very slight FF) very slight "age increase" photo experiment - swimsuit

age illusions
- (kinda looks like AP UC scenes)
Angelikamodel and Marinamodel were photographed wearing the same outfit. As Marinamodel is slightly older and taller, it sorta looked like an AP growth collage.
- age models - age models
- 5 - 6 - different poses - 7 (Wodca)
- (kinda sorta looks like AP UC)
Rearranged or edited photos can simulate the process of aging.
- ages - schoolmodels.
- ages - 3 leotards stretch-out.

age illusions
Illusion - Camera angle age change.
Illusion - No change? High school age stasis.

age makeup & prosthetics (techniques)
- (adults disguised as older adults) AKA aging make-up, practical effects.
Instead of using CGI, the actors are physically made old/elderly with elaborate face applications and bodysuits. Sometimes they also gain weight in real life. For example, Charlize Theron gained 50 lbs. for the film "Tully" (2018) - Google link
- The works of makeup artists Douglas Noe, Zoe Hay, and others are shown at the important site The Makeup Gallery - Link - "This Is Us" info link
About half the time the stories are fantastical, but they don't necessarily involve transformations.
- Depictions below include (movies, female): Big Fish, Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Destroyer, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Into the Woods, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Hours, The Reader - (movies, male): American Hustle, Gold, J. Edgar Hoover, Vice - (Tv): True Detective, Star Trek TNG - (movies, TG): Albert Nobbs, Suspiria.
- 19 pics INFO PAGE - (multiple sources)

Age of Time
- (male adult face close-up) Old to younger, photo blending, split aging effect. male

age progress
- (AA FF APed) Various character lineups shown from child to adult
- catfan - school years - demon girl
- male grunch - childhood - 11 to 14
- giant girl - Gothic 16 - Sonique
- medieval fantasy - desert fantasy
- face phases - blonde progression
- sweet 16 final growth spurt

age progress
- (AA FF) Deviant Artist Elmicro link - lifetime stages

age progress
- (before/after FF) 2023/06. AI FF, slight "grow up" stages attempts
Some of the images are still very simple and blurred or distorted.

age progress
- (FF) timeline

age progress
- (simulated FF BE comparisons) "teen boobs don't stop growing" Grow-up parody project, 2023.
A lot can change in a few years. AI art & pic edits poke fun at wanting to grow up too fast - Then & Now stages - (Lattenjup)

age regression
- (ARed face) Photo editing art.
- Halle
- adult retouch

age swap
- (ARed, BE) after switch

- (puberty reduction TF) Bedside practicing - c2011 GIF

Aging Timelapse Background
- (face FF to OA, zoom-out effect) "SVGA" short clip, Churchmediavideos, 2009. A slow and subtle aging progression.
- Vid link - caps

Ai Maehara
- (kinda like APed) Japanese model whose pictures concern skimpy outfits and shredded clothing. Resembles immediate aftermath of child to adult growth spurt. (metalguyver)
kinda like APed

Alain Delorme
- (maturity effect, kinda slightly ARed-like) "Little Dolls" edited photos, c2006.
A little blond magazine head, as sterilized as the cake in front of her. Inspired by advertising aesthetics, the series takes an ironic and worrying look at the identification by young girls with western female stereotypes. These baby women can be seen everywhere. A body mutation operated by computer tools, in the same line as Aziz, Cucher or Inez Van Lamswerde, this form of digital plastic surgery erases the real with images of a "worrying strangeness" that charm and disturb at the same time, thanks to a "minimal gap" of representation. They want to look like sweeties, colourful but sour. In the pursuit of eternal youth, these portraits question childhood feminization as well as the parents' projection on their children. They transpose the norms of adult beauty and their dreams of success. The representation oscillates between womanhood and childhood, fantasy and reality.
- Girls - Girls

Alice in Wonderland (fashion meme)
- (AA size themes) model age forms - fashion model - model

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA FFed BEd to adult) - Poser/Daz CGI "Alis at 9 feet tall" - grown Alice - (Allogagan)
- (AA) - grown Alice cosplay - cosplay - scenes

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA room expansion, adult AA form) - trapped - trapped - (Process)
It symbolizes her struggles for autonomy against confining restrictions.

Alice in Wonderland
- (implied size change possibilities) c2010 recreated book scenes

Alice in Wonderland
- (preteen AA size increased) drawings - trapped - trapped

Alice Robrish
- (flash forward growth sculptures) "Age Progression Series" examines women transformed by life's journey from childhood to old age. Life-sized torsos represent the innocence of childhood, a young girl on the cusp of adolescence, the soaring confidence unfolding in a young woman, the lush fullness of pregnancy, the interior richness discovered in middle age, and finally, the scars left by 8 decades of life.

Alien Worlds
Radio show, 30 eps - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) S02Ep03 "Time Clash" 07/29/1979.
- (female adult rejuvenated & old age) S03Ep02 "The Parallax Deception" 1979.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Allogagan art
- (AA female size increased) - classroom - size scenes

Andrew Wyeth
- (adult FF) American painter - "Christina's World" 1948, looks like old age aftermath.
- (adult flash forward) "Helga Pictures" Wyeth created over 240 works of neighbour Helga Testorf from 1971 to 1985, ages 32 to 46. 1 work in 2002.

- (AA AP) Child and teen forms - 02
- (flashed forward) AA (Process Forum)

Angela Glaubitz
- (kinda younger form FB) c2013, Earthsvirgo. Classic - Bestest Friends Setting - Jess & Angela - image

Anita Elder
- (adult face partially rejuved, large image edit) c2015, Fountain of Youth found!
The older woman is already mostly submerged - Changing

Anna Gaskell
- (slight UC, CoA metaphors) "Wonder", "Override". 1997.
She began photographing girls as they collectively acted out stories reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Foreboding tableaux of preadolescent girls in matching uniforms are shown in ambiguous situations. Their unity is suggested by their identical clothing. Alice's instability is invoked in the varied sizes of the photographs, referring to her size spurts and shrinking spells. The girls try to control the changes to Alice's body by literally, physically holding her in place - a potent metaphor for the anxiety and confusion experienced by children on the verge of adolescence.
- Art Photos

Anna Radchenko
- (kinda like pregnant women OA'd aftermath) "GRANDmothers", c2020.
Multidisciplinary artist tackles ageism. Imagine 60- and 70-something Millennial and Gen Z women having children even as grandparents.
- Photos link - Short film link - (Chronoeclipse)

Annelies Strba
- (coming of age) Art photography compositions - FFed

AP fan chart (trope description)
- (avoidance of TF depictions) c'20. New animes often promise to feature AP scenes, but they usually avoid showing the process - curse cycle

AP scenes
- (UC) - A girl grows into a woman in a second, dishevelling her clothes while popping her shoes - caps
- AP scene (Moremorphing)
- (hiccup growth) - Reversible girl to woman aging spasm
- 13 (neonknightart)

AR gags
- (fake) '13, mother/daughter comparison meme - AA poses - (F5)

AR tropes
- (age regression) Common tropes are frequently used to depict a character's sudden return to childhood or infancy.
Example from Dragon's Lair Ep05 "The Pool of Youth". Man & woman into children, stone frogs. Video link - screencaps - (SickBoy, Grundverkehrt)

AR tropes
- (dedicated AR OC) The change can happen at any time without warning.
"Moving forward in reverse" c2018 jogging sequence - (Everchangings1ayer)

AR tropes
- (female/male AR only) A bunch of old stuff from the Process/AR forums (unsorted) - pics

AR tropes
- (slightly oversized top) unsorted pics - (ArArchive)

- (aftermaths) - unsorted collages - 1 - 2
- (face close-up) - morph
- (lineup TFs) Youtube screencaps - art

ARchived pages
- Morph Lab - Honey I Shrunk

ARed tropes
- aftermaths
- dressing down

ARed tropes
- (oversized dress) - loose

Ariko Inaoka
- (FF) "Erna and Hrefna" art photos. She photographed a pair of twins in Iceland, starting when the girls were 9 y.o. in 2009. "I am mostly fascinated by how the twins grow and change each year...Physically, this is the period our bodies change a lot in really beautiful ways."

- (FF) Sculpture "Infanzia e Pubertà" 2005. age contrast

Baby Alive (dolls)
- (toy AA AP) "Baby Grows Up!" dolls, c2020 - CM link - caps

back to baby
- (flashback) 2008 - the boot fits Christmas Stocking pose "recreation" - (Acca)

back to baby
- (male face AR) reverted

back to school meme
- (FFed AA) Celebs revisit their past - big schoolgirl

back to toddler
- (dedicated AR)
new infancy artwork.
promotion - Crystal Second ChildHood Daycare.

- (coming of age) art - art
French Painter, 1908-2001. Favored subject was girls on the cusp of becoming women.

Band of Outsiders
- (adult clothes with a youthful vibe) LA-based retro-preppy sportswear, Scott Sternberg, 2004-.
Partially inspired by Jean-Luc Godard's 1964 film about a trio of ne'er-do-wells who lose themselves in childlike escapades and reveries. The clothes, appropriately, evoke a longing for lost youth, with "shrunken proportions" that suggest the "slightly outgrown" uniform of a boarding-school truant. This is geek chic.

Barbie - Francie
- (doll "AP") 1967 prototype 01

- Doll Avatar BE scene - (Zdoodler)

- (male old age) Toys back-story.
During a clash with Makuta Teridax, the Shadowed One grew 3000 years older in a matter of seconds. Longer exposure would have turned him to dust, which is the fate Makuta's distraction army received earlier.

Blue Jam
- (audio only plays, some age-related anomaly forms) Ambient surreal dark comedy/horror radio programme, BBC, 1997-99.
- 1.2 "oo ab welcome" - "Baby" trapped in the body of a man - 2.1 "oo vudge welcome" - "Little girl" had genitals of older man.

Bob Scott
- (kinda looks like OA'd aftermath) "Older Action", c2017.
Old people still dressed as young people -
- Female - Male - (Kingfaraday)

body expansion
- (TF) Female "growth" screencaps - 1

body swap (story theme and trope)
- (mind transfers, mental age disparity) incomplete INFO PAGE - (JeffR_2bya)

- (FF AP) Age change - studio photo was digitally edited to show the appearance before and after wearing dental braces. (jyb)

breast development
- (coming of age) clip-art memes

breast development
- (parody) - gif

breast expansion tropes
- (adult BE) - CM swelling gif - costume pop gif

breast expansion
- (simulated "BE"d aftermaths) - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - (deleted Yahoo groups)

breast expansions
- (BE) Lab coat, anime ability, CM - Gifs

breast swelling
- (BE) - gif

breast swelling
- (slight BE) - c'16 Femail info. It is normal for your breasts to change size, not like a million miles bigger but maybe an inch or so - changes

- (flashed forward) Disney-related Deviantart artist. Her most popular series features Alice, a young woman by now, and Reginald the Mad Hatter. They're lovers, but they also hate each other at times. (a0040pc)

Bryan Crockett
- (age warp) "I made 2 figurative sculptures carved in faux logs depicting a male and female in a sort of time lapse called Male Ghost and Female Ghost (bath 2005). Both figures depict a gradual shift from head to toe of the human body transforming from birth to death. The male figure stares at the female figure as his body transforms from the skeletal head and back of an old man into the body of an adolescent, into the legs and feet of a newborn, conversely, the woman is depicted aging from head to foot. She is represented with the head of a baby, her body aging by stages, until at last her skeletal foot is revealed. Creating these works in wooden material, I was thinking of how wood, in the nature of its growth, is a record of the seasonal passage of time."

Burger King
- (AA gtsed) 10/02 Simpsons Halloween figures, children's meals promotion. "Creepy Classics" set featured 10 plastic Springfield characters as famous movie monsters. Lisa Simpson was the Incredible "Growing" Girl - 1

- (coming of age) Generation X magazine, since 1993. #5 is about "My Life as a Girl", with nostalgic looks back at the grade school and junior high years. Tricia Warden offers a documentary essay on her landmarks towards womanhood: growing breasts, pubic hair, menstruation, sex, and finally orgasms. Miss X describes her tumble into teeny-bopperdom, complete with David Cassidy and Simon LeBon.

busting out
- (UC scene) child sized vest
- (UC shirt) Woman busts out of her shirt - bustout
- (UC) shirt pop
- (BE scene) - 12

But Mommy, I Don't Wanna Grow Up
- (kinda looks like ARed) Costume.
kinda like ARed

C.B.S. Radio mystery theater
1970s radio plays.
- (adult rejuvenation or AR?)
"Stephanie's Room" Ep187, 12/16/74.
A housewife decides to visit the house in which she grew up. There she meets an elderly woman who never had children. They develop an odd, symbiotic relationship as strange things happen to her old room.
- (male FF AP?)
"A Sacrifice In Blood" Ep55, 3/12/74, CBSRMT 740312.
A pair of archeologists find a baby boy in an Aztec temple of evil. They decide to raise the boy, much to their regret.
- (2BYA)

Carra Sykes
- (looks like adult rejuvenated) "Mother + Daughter", c2015.
An ongoing series of portraits. Each diptych features one photo of Sykes and one of her mother, wearing the same clothes and holding the same pose.
- Ages - Ages

Carra Sykes
- (looks like adult rejuvenation, AA) "Mother + Daughter", 2013 - Photo link
Most of my work comes from searching for that feeling of being a kid again. I know that I will never regain my full innocence, but I like to remind myself of those moments of vulnerability. Sometimes there is a bit of sadness in this fight to regain, but there is also the freedom of letting go and exploring the unknown.
- Carra's mother likes wearing her daughter's sorted out old band shirts. She thought it might be interesting to put her mother in some of her current clothing, and pose both very similarly for a mother/daughter comparison. A personal study of Carra and her mother's relationship and physical traits.
- (MySpecialFX, Agingwomen)

- ("growth" TF scene) burst

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Adults getting older and younger in the strangest of ways - INFO PAGE
- (male AR/reborn) #25 "Mother Love" 01/30/1974.
- (minor male AR) #26 "The Man Who Asked for Yesterday" 01/31/1974.
- (male AR) #55 "A Sacrifice in Blood" 03/12/1974 - (JohnDee)
- (male adult mind transfer, rejuvenated/old aged) #92 "Forever Man" 05/15/1974.
- (male adult immortality) #129 "The Picture of Dorian Gray" 08/07/1974.
- (AR) #187 "Stephanie's Room" 12/16/1974.
- (male adult immortality) #324 "Age Cannot Wither Her" 04/11/1975.
- (male AR) #355 "You're Only Young Twice" 09/29/1975.
- (female AR) #543 "The Unborn" 10/29/1976.
- (male/female adult rejuv) #778 "Dr. Heiddegger's Experiment" (sp.) 02/07/1978 - (AP Scout)
- (baby age stasis) #804 "Wise Child" 03/24/1978.
- (minor female AR or rejuv) #1150 "The Fountain Of Truth" 01/20/1981.
- (male AR) #1216 "A Second Chance" 07/03/1981.
- (JeffR)

Charles Ray
- (oversized children) proportion "Family Romance" 1993

cheerleader memes
- (possible UC) "Trying On Old Cheer Uniforms!" c'19 link - caps

childhood nostalgia meme
- (adult aftermath) Used to fit - stuck

Chino Otsuka
- (past/present selves juxtaposition) c2013.
Japanese photographer took old photos from her childhood and put pictures of her present self in them, creating bittersweet double self-portraits.
- Time Travel - (O'Melissokomos)

Christophe Huet
- (male) theme

Christophe Huet
- (pregnancy) "unbirthing"

Cindy Sherman
- (some adult age disguises) Photo artist makes portraits of herself as differently aged adult characters.

Claudine Doury
- (coming of age) c1994-2010 art & documentary photo series.
- Sasha was photographed for 3 years of her adolescence in a suite of magical images and illusions.
- "Artek": 9 years of teenagers passing through a Russian youth camp.

clothes swaps
- (kinda looks like adults TG TFed) - exchange

clothing obliteration (rapid TF trope)
- (aftermath CBed) - Transformation scenes are easier to depict if they happened very fast, eliminating their clothes as a fait accompli - info

Comic Geek Speak
- (AR) Online Talk Show? 2006.
62 year old woman has regressed and has the choice to live life over again, or to return to normal. Podcast story, talk about rejuv audio story.

coming of age (art theme)
- (age metaphor) c'10 painting

coming of age
- (puberty tropes & problems) - It may be an awkward time but it's perfectly normal: changing - changing - (various)

coming of age
- (younger boys/older women, mental maturations) - 03 - 04
- (puberty transitions) changes - first bra - growing up.
- future boobs - first kiss

Cool Kids Table (podcast)
- (ARed aftermath) "Hogwarts: The New Class 001: Voluntary Second Puberty", 2017.
Harry Potter-based game using Savage Worlds system. Jake, Josh, Shannon, and Matt Hoadley just got their acceptance letters. They were de-aged back to 11 to go through Hogwarts and learn magic naturally - link

Corinne & Ann
- (adult FF to OA) - Adult comparisons from the bloom of youth to full maturity (caution nudity)
- Au Naturel before - 30 more years after
(MkG2k7, Agingwomen, Process)

Crack Ups (?) (birthday card)
- (OA young adult disguise) (design #K6096, Comstock Cards) An old man lasciviously sitting on a bed, staring at an old woman halfway into a very shapely rubber suit with attached mask and wig labeled "Miss World Outfit". Inside is the message: "Sometimes birthday fantasies can come true!" - (Aaron Knute)

- (coming of age AP FF) c2012 "growth" drawing - (Karen)

Cristian Girotto
- (high resolution adults digitally retouched into immaturity)
"L'Enfant Exterieur", 2012. "The Outer Child".
- Somewhere inside each of us there's a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naive. What would happen if this intimate essence could be completely revealed? A world of men in the shape of children, as if the body could slip on the ugliness of life, big fawn's eyes winking in the night clubs or little chubby hands shaking in the offices - Search link - (F5)

Daily struggle
- (adult aging & rejuv body morphs) Annelien Hofmans, LUCA School of Arts, Belgium 2016-17.
Bachelorproof? Video installation shows the aging process of an adult female body and her invincible struggle against it. 3 stacked monitors show her body maturing and rejuvenating like a balloon. The viewer hears the sound of breathing in (symbolizing the effort to appear young) and breathing out (symbolizing inevitable aging).
- Vid link - gif

dance of age
- (AA FF AP swirl) "Every Young Girl's Dream" Trope.
Metaphor for time passing. A girl's development from girl to woman is sometimes shown through cuts, cut-aways and fades during an extended dancing scene.
TF dream - (Izumi_Kage)

dance of age
- (simulated AA progression) 2015, annual recording service.
Video link - screencaps

Dave Engledow
- (slight FF) 2010-. Father Daughter comical portraits.

- (AR face) Trisha - (Brian)

Deborah Paauwe
- (some CoA themes) 20 years of large color photos of anonymous girls and young women.

Debra Tomaszewski
- (coming of age) "Growing Up Girl Project" fine art photography. Environmental portraits capture poetic metaphors in everyday moments. Universal themes of childhood as viewed through the female lens. These portraits capture the confusing emotions and developing gender identities of girls as they come of age and glimpse into their inner lives.

Deconstructed Girl Scout
- (coming of age chrysalis effect) A "girl scout" removes her clothing, seeming to symbolize the emergence of her adult self - caution nudity - (mjranum)

demotivational posters
- (CoA) - puberty - changes

Diana Blok
- (FF, coming of age) Photographer. Milenna, Nadia. collage

Die sieben Lebensalter des Weibes
- (FFed AA) Hans Baldung painting, 1544. stages

Dina Goldstein
- (FFed to OA) - c2012 photographer "Fallen Princesses" - Fairy tale characters - similar: 2

Disney theme parks
- (adult rejuvenation) Indiana Jones Adventure - Disneyland 1995, Tokyo DisneySea 2001.
Enhanced motion dark ride. Turbulent quest aboard troop transport through subterranean lost Temple of the Forbidden Eye or Temple of the Crystal Skull.
If the transport gets the Fountain of Eternal Youth, Mara says, "You have chosen wisely. This path leads to timeless youth and beauty." Purifying water cleans the rusted, corroded doors. In the Hall of Promise, painted murals show the ageless beauty of Mara's chosen ones, as everyone else gets old. Scrims depict true believers drinking mystic water, discarding their withered skin, and emerging young and beautiful. Mara suddenly opens his eyes and rescinds his gifts. His marble stone face begins to crack and "age" as the vines shrivel and petals fall. At the end of the ride, Sallah mentions "If you drank too much from the Fountain of Youth, we will be happy to assist you with strollers."

- (male old age) Multiple locations. Haunted Mansion ride. Haunted paintings in the mansion include aging man and lady turning into cat from waist down. (Scissorhands)

- (kinda sorta looks like UC or CB) Art photo models posing in artfully torn clothing.
- Collage - Collage

dressing down
- (kid imitates adult celebs) c2013. Same style, smaller size - fashions

dressing down
- (younger versions) 2013 costumes

- (adult to OA TF) 2011 animated sketch 30th birthday

- (dedicated AA APed) c2014 Gumi "grow up" b&a TF - (Vocaloidrinnychan)

ELLE Korea
- (age disguise kinda slightly looks like ARed) 2010. 10 y.o. Kim Sae-ron dressed up in adult garb for a photo shoot - 01

Elle magazine
- (possible rejuv?) Vol12 #10-12 1997.
...four-Star general Maguy Le Coze is leading Le Bernardin into the next millennium Maguy le Coze is aging backward... (Jeffr_2bya)

Ellen Phelan
- (flash forward) Artist plans to work with existing photographs - family-album snapshots of her life from childhood through adulthood, some shot by her father and others by her husband.

- (FF AA) "Birthday Girls" - 0 to 16 annual sculptures
- (FF) 2
- (flash forward) "Growing Up" Porcelain Figures ca. 1982, Birthday Girls Ages 1 to 16. 1

EPCOT Center
- (AP AA) Orlando, Florida. 1984 "Energy" ride. Dozens of simultaneous animations, including line drawings of girl becoming woman.

Erik Almas
- (kinda like ared) Photographer. male

Escape From Virtual Island: An audio comedy
- (FB "rebirth") - caps

Escape From Virtual Island: An audio comedy
- (rebirth illusion glimpse) Paul Rudd, Audible sound play, 11 Eps? 2020.
In 2038, a woman relives her birth through virtual reality at an island resort where you experience your fantasies.
- "Funny Or Die" trailer link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Esquire (magazine)
- (face FF) Pictured Essays: "A Little Girl Grows Up", 1964/12/01.
"Look on this picture and on this: the counterfeit presentment of Virginia Fagini, aged thirteen and eighteen. The photographer, Bob Willoughby, first saw her in Rome in 1957 when she came into a little trattoria in search of pasta, and he thought 'Botticelli?' and he thought 'Madonna'. (That is how photographers think when in Rome.) She was shy, the family's permission was needed to make a photograph; she was a student in the School of Industrial and Applied Arts; she used no arts and applied no makeup. Back in Rome five years later Willoughby looked her up and found her as you see her. She was shy, the family's permission would be needed, she was going to art school in Rome. Nothing had changed. Except that the world of a pretty child is several light-years removed from that of a beautiful woman and Virginia Fagini had made that invisible and unimaginable journey." - teen years scan

- (adult age) 1967. After 21 women are done. She's too old cover

- (male AR) Magazine article on aging.
male youth potion

Eve big eye art
- (kinda looks like chibi infantilization) 1960s paintings like clothed versions of "Love Is" comics - works - (Watson)

executive reversion
- (AR trope involving status loss)
Story/comic Trope in which a powerful female becomes younger until she has lost all authority and finds herself in a state of complete dependence.
- Manga fan art: seniority decrease
(Japanese Attack Team)

Faces of meth
- (adult face flash forward) Series of mugshots supposed to show effects of sustained drug use. ff
- (adult face FF) 2
- (adult face FF) - 3

Facial Expressions: Babies to Teens
- (flash forward) Mark Simon book, Watson-Guptill. Reference photos of up to 70 models ranging in age from newborns to 19 year olds. An age progression gallery will present numerous photos of models from the same angle as they age.

- (adult AA TF OA) gif

- Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield. 37 contemporary artists.
- "I AM U R ME" 1998 Tony Tasset. Seamless videotape of mother, dad and child at the breakfast table, continually morphing into one another as they exchange places and fond smiles. Over a 30-second loop, he, his wife and son, all wearing blue T-shirts, metamorphose with uncanny grace. Sometimes the young boy morphs into someone very large who dwarfs his parents, who often shrink. It was easy to watch this piece for several minutes.
- (male) "Patriarchy" Travis Greery exhibits 100 white plaster casts of her father's head, consecutively diminishing in size down to that of a pea as she outgrows his parental mentorship, and a long lineup of them resembles a spinal column.

fantasy curse
- (low quality or ruined AP glimpses)
Too much content has been falsely tagged as "AP". The less said about false AP, the better. They don't treat it with the awe and respect it deserves, but almost with contempt. Mostly it's "comically" rendered cartoon characters. Live-action AP depictions tend to be throwaway plot devices for some story we wish didn't exist. They barely depict or acknowledge the size increase, and almost never clothes tightening. It's often ruined with magic spells and unrealistic gibberish. The torture of false hope, that in the end delivers nothing...
Almost all AP in all media is false AP, a dead end that prevents the AP we really want from being created. Our dream is to experience the momentary illusion that AP could actually happen in reality, and the implicit power of this process. False AP is infinitely worse than no AP. If I could have one wish, I would delete 99% of it.

Fases Growing Girl
- (slight age forms) 1

fast growing girl
- (APed scene) - height measurement clip art.

faster than bamboo
- (FF AA, UC) Growing girls seen at different ages - Gallery

Favorite Story
- (temporary adult rejuvenation) Old-time radio program "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" 5/15/1948.

female size increase
- (AA CGI) c2009 grow up wish

first to burst
- (foot growth CB) slipper scene toe breakout

flash forward
- (AA) self shots thru teen - change
- (FF AA) - face aging & age progression art predictions - Eva

Fountain of Age
- (mostly OAd, very small amount of AP, face FF)
Worth1000 Photoshop contests.
- Dakota Fanning morph

Fountain of Youth (trope)
- (adult rejuvenation/regression)
- INFO PAGE - (JeffR_2bya)

fountain of youth
- (dedicated face morph AR) 2009 - Vid link - caps - (super man, russjazz)

Francesca Woodman
- (coming of age themes) 1970s.
More than 700 photos from age 12 to 22. Fleeting self-portraits illuminate often overlooked aspects as Woodman "transforms" from a girl to a woman. A blurred figure as she rushes out from behind the camera into the frame of the image personifies the idea of girlhood as a state of flux.
- Source: "Girls! Girls! Girls! in contemporary art", 2011.
8 essays - "Girlish Games: Playfulness and 'Drawingness' in the Work of Francesca Woodman and Lucy Gunning" by Harriet Riches.

Frank Brunner
- (kinda sorta looks like APed aftermath) Fantasy painter/illustrator.
He created Alice in Wonderland artworks featuring a very grown-up unclothed Alice. You could pretend she earlier had an unseen growth spurt where she outgrew her costume dress.
- adult Alice art

Fred Einaudi
- (coming of age metaphors) Painter - artworks

Funko Pop! Figures
- (male RN ARed OC aftermath) 2019.
Bobble heads and toy figures from movies, shows, games, and comics. A wave of figures from the movie "Big" includes Zoltar (the fortune teller machine), adult Josh on the giant piano, and kid Josh from the end-of-movie RN scene. He is depicted in a giant adult-sized suit - (Tazz)

Funny or Die
- (banned TG young/old adult mind swap story parody) 2017 - Text
"So, You Had Sex With Your Father While Freaky Fridaying With Your Mother?" Switching bodies with your mother on your parents' anniversary can be tough.
Ew ew ew ew ew! That link title. The article was taken offline. It's a short body swap story, popping back and forth between describing how the mom is improving the son's personal and professional life while the son is having sex with his dad while stuck in his mother's body. The woman looked more like a grandmotherly type than a MILF, and it was played for gross-out comedy instead of taboo sexiness. The kinky TG premise is something I'd be into, but I didn't enjoy the way they executed it.
- (male mind swap parody) - "Jimmy Butler & Miles Brown Have A Freaky Friday" c2018.
NBA player Jimmy Butler and child star Miles Brown sit down for an intense one on one in an episode of "Thoughtful Pairings", the only show guaranteed to end in a Freaky Friday situation! - link
- Similar to the John Mulaney SNL sketch about a producer who explains why he rebooted the sitcom Switcheroo, with a father and son that switch bodies. It's about how odd it was to be so obsessed with that idea. I know it sounds like a creepypasta but it was very tongue in cheek and funny - link
- (Carlitos, Whoopsie, Mindi Flyth)

future self meme
- (FF face) 2012 - Culkin - Lohans

Gehard Demetz
- (kinda like ARed, CoA) Italy, 2005+
Based on classical church art. Lifelike wood sculptures of children.
- "Reverted" authority figures, images of dictators as boys. "The siblings in me", 2014: a second younger face on a figure.
The tropings of age, not wholly a child but not yet an adult - pics

Getty Images
- (face FF) c2013, stock art stages - lifetime - older

Getty Images
- (male face FF) - change

ghost girls (theme)
- Fan AP - couch aging.

ghost girls
- (age stasis) - caps

ghost girls
- (TF face maturation) - Halloween cards Change

ghost girls
- (TF) - size changes gif

giant teens
- (height) "Evening Independent" 10/2/1944. Tall news story

- (CB scenes, size scenes, also BE, TF) Manga/anime.
- GTS - GTS - GTS (Process Forum, GTS Board)

Gillian Wearing
- (adult to old age edits) 03/2017, National Portrait Gallery, UK.
"Rock 'n' Roll 70 Wallpaper" in "Behind the Mask, Another Mask" installation exhibit.
- YBA Artist imagines herself as a 70 y.o. in 30 different situations and clothes: a biker lady in a white vest with breast enhancements and tattoos, down-to-earth in a dowdy yellow sweater, posing happily with her real-life partner who is also digitally aged, and a triptych of Wearing today and digitally aged and a blank space for when the artist really is 70. Wearing worked closely with forensic scientists for the project to ensure accuracy.
- Images - Images

Gillian Wearing
- (age/clothes disguises) c2005. Conceptual artist photographed herself wearing increasingly lifelike masks of her face in her mid-40s, at age 16, and as she appeared at 3 years old - ages

girl scout meme
- (kinda looks like "APed", pseudo UC?) - pics - pics

girl scout memes
- (FFed "UC" possibility?) "Cute scout gets fucked" - WARNING adult porn link - caps

girl scout trope
- (slightly resembles AP aftermath) You could almost pretend they suddenly grew up in their uniforms - women scouts

girl scout uniforms
- (fashion FF) - stages

girls grow up faster than boys
- (coming of age, height comparison)
Theme: clip-art

Girls Residence (art projects)
- (dedicated realistic shoujo AA FF forms) Japanese line drawings, Purchase commissions, c2016+.
Mature categories. Fan artworks of fictional teens in high school, some shown at different ages. There were some loosely posed line-ups. Various books were published.
- - Art page - (Backfishcalter, ArArchive info)

- (kinda looks like AA ARed) Magazine 4/07 "Play Date With Drew" Drew Barrymore photo shoot wearing clothes that fit perfectly but posed to look younger. 1 (Alec Leamus,

Global Photo Project
- (kinda like flash forward)
- Developed from 1997 project in Södertälje, Sweden. 168 people were photographed; the youngest a newborn baby, the next youngest 6 months old, the next was 1, then age 1 1/2, age 2, etc. The oldest person was 103 years old.
- Complementary work in 20 countries with 1 photograph for each year of the local life expectancy. Each location is represented by 40-80 people, hung in a horizontal age progression in such a way that if you follow them vertically, you will be looking at individuals of the same age in different parts of the world.
- Russia (2002), Thailand (2004).

- (male adult face FF) .SWF years.

Grow Girl
- (adult plant TF CBed) c2011 "burst"out.

grow up dolls
- (AP) Skipper BE AP

grow up gifs
- (AA AP) It happens to every girl. Poof caps
- (AA) Twirl, toon spurt, class years - Gifs

grow up pill
- (dedicated AP) waiting room manga art - (Attack Team)

Growing 2 B Marky
- (male AP, muscle development) growup

growing girl
- (looks like AP UC) Different ages, same clothes: Growup AP illusion
- (comparison UC effect) - 02

growing kids
- (coming of age) size changes.

growing up all wrong
- (FF AP, coming of age) Size increase painting

growing up dolls
- Mary-Ann Grows Up (FF AA) 1943 paper doll by Fern Bisel Peat - 1

growing up dolls
- (AP flash forward) Jack and Jill magazine, Aug. 1957. These paper dolls were shown as babies, four-year-olds, ten-year olds, and teen-agers (there is another set of this series with the girl twin as bride).
- Paper dolls - 1 - 2

growing up dolls
- (unfolding "age forms") - c'18 FlipaZoo plush dolls

Growing Up Ginger
- (AP doll) 1976 doll. Rotate her arm and she grows modest breasts and her waist slims - 1 - 2

Growing up Skipper
- "I wish I still had my Skipper doll. My parents thought she was positively vulgar. Her stomach was kind of soft and pudgy and her chest was flat until you turned her arm. Once you did that, she grew taller, her stomach flattened, and she sprouted breasts. It was so cool. I couldn't WAIT for just such a development to happen to me!" (Jodie)
- "I was endlessly fascinated by the fact that you could crank her arm and her chest grew. I cranked my arms for hours, but nothing happened."
- "When you flipped her arm back she'd grow boobs, and if you flipped it forward she'd become pre-pubescent. I used to show her to all my friends and we'd laugh our heads off for hours!"

Growing Up Skipper
- (AP doll) AP (Process Board)
- (AP doll) growth
- Debuted in 1975. When you turned the doll's arm, she grew breasts (and a longer torso and thinner waist).
- 1 2 3 4 5
- APed (Process, thejakeman)
- (doll AP) BE

growing up
- (AP) Unknown sequence

growing up
- (coming of age) Random, unsorted puberty clip-art found online. CAUTION may contain some Nudity.
- Collages - 1 - 2 - 3

growing up
- (FF AA) Teen and adult leg length/sock comparison

growing up
- (FF metaphors) 2 paintings with this title: Evolutions

- (FF) Vintage growth & puberty pics

- (UC, height comparison) Archived clip art - height comparisons, collages and photos of girls wearing clothes that are slightly too small or look slightly too small - gallery

growth acceleration chamber (trope)
- (AP) Various maturation machines and chambers have been depicted in all media - future INFO

growth chamber (plot device)
- (dedicated AP) A child is placed in an enclosed device that, when activated, causes her to start growing older really fast. Afterwards the process may be reversed.
3-panel transformation - (Attack Team)

growth chart
- (growth measurement) - 10 - 11

growth chart
- (height measurement)
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
- 06 girl/woman.
- 07 height increase.
- 08 too tall.
- 09 growing bigger.

growth charts
- (measurements) Height against wall - size - waist

growth power (theme)
- (accelerated biological development) - Story trope. Young girls often have the ability to make organisms grow faster through female energy - Gifs page
- (nude adult) - preview. c2013 photo shoot said to depict AP aftermath

- (APed aftermath concept) "Cool Art" model Selena. c2012 nude photo series.
"One night she fell asleep still as a child and in the morning she woke up as a woman, completely naked. Two swelling breasts suddenly became a predominant part of her figure. The slender curves of her body were brought to perfection as if outlined delicately by a craftsman. She checked the mirror to see if everything else was left in place. Still no signs of pubic hair, but two wonderful new breasts. Her intimate parts had developed in one night, but her "young and fresh" face was still that of a "little girl" who is just starting to go down the road to life."
- Purchase link - 75 pics.

Guo Wei
- (UC, coming of age) Chinese painter. "Untitled No. 15", 2001. His daughter wears a frilly white dress as she stands next to a boy who wears only a bathing suit. The girl's features are oddly adult; she seems to have outgrown her outfit. UC

Gustav Vigeland
- (flashed forward) Oslo. Frogner Park Obelisk statues by Vigeland show girls at different life stages. 1

- (FF face OA) - old years (Frank Rogers, AgingWomen)

gym gurlz
- (kinda looks like slight FFed)
"Before/after" age illusion poses.
- gymnasts ages - ages - ages

gymnast growth spurt meme
- (BE only edit) 2012 thread. The left picture was from Beijing 2008. In reality she also grew somewhat taller - gag

gymnast illusions
- (AA "AP") height comparisons, face edits - ages - ages - ages

hand progression
- (adult FF OA) decades - (AgingWomen)

Harpenden Growth Study
- (medical time-lapse photo series) child to adult growth process photos - males - females

Harper's Bazaar
- (adult age disguise) age trick

Harper's Bazaar
- (adult aged effect) 09/2009 "Fabulous At Every Age". Celebs photographed at different adult ages.
Most celebrities go to the ends of the earth trying to keep their wrinkles under wraps -- but not Leighton Meester - celebs - cover

Harper's Bazaar
- (adult face FF) 04/2003 - Britney at 50 - (AgeMagic Yahoo Group)

Harper's Bazaar
- (adult OA'd) May 2009 magazine cover features Halle Berry airbrushed to look older than usual. Her face has been slimmed down dramatically and lightened, and her cheekbones over-defined.

Harry Potter series
- (FF) Hermione motivational poster.

Harry Potter
- (FF AA) Motivational Posters.
Luna Lovegood FF - Hermione puberty magic.
- (male flashed forward)
Dirty Harry Potter movie poster - (O')

Harry Potter
- (FF AP TG) "Emma's labyrinth" - her famous pose progression - stages - (O')

Haunted Mansion, The
- (adult OA) aging painting

Haunted Mansion
- (ghost old age) Disneyland attraction & ride, 2021 makeover.
There is a new changing painting of a woman rapidly aging to death and beyond like the Aging Man in Disney World.
- Behind the scenes video link @01:00 - gif - (TAnimation 7)

Haunted Mansion
- (male adult aged to death) Walt Disney World, c2008. The portrait of a young man (believed to be Master Gracey) in the foyer just before the start of the dark ride - link - caps

he will never have a girlfriend
- (FF) - years

he will never have a girlfriend
- (male FF) c2011 before/after grow-up memes - male

head swaps
- (parents/kids face photo edits) - babied

head swaps
- (partial role reversals) Parents/Offspring - babied - babied - babied

height comparison
- wall poses.
- tall
- (body development, coming of age)
05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
(Growthspurts, and deleted Yahoo Groups)
- tall - taller

height illusion
- (AA) - magic chair

height illusion
- (AA) Ames Room

height increase
- (teen expansion) - taller

height measurement
- (child growth) 1

Henry's Concepts
- (AA) 2013 Alex Neary. What if shapeshifters were real? - before/after

Holly Andres
- (coming of age themes) Portland art photographer. The "Sparrow Lane" series and others are a metaphor for the precarious transition from "girl" to "woman" - pic

Holly Burt
- (tall teen) Student who was bullied at school, called "daddy long legs" for being 6'5", challenges record with her incredible 49.5-INCH pins. Holly was always destined to reach great heights. Growing up, she used her height to advantage playing sports, and helping her shorter friends get stuff from high places a lot. But being tall proves difficult when Holly uses standard cars, or shops for clothes.
"I first realized I was really tall when I was in 2nd grade and I was taller than my teacher. My mum is 6ft 1in, my sister is 6ft. I happen to be the youngest and the tallest in my family. I definitely have seen guys come up to me who have a fetish for long legs. When people see me in heels their jaws hit the floor. I have a rule that I won't date anyone under 6'3", and fortunately New York is full of tall, hot men. I love the attention that I get. If I see someone in a bar who is taller than me I will go straight over and try to chat him up. My inseam is about 38 inches - I do have a lot of shopping issues when it comes to finding something that fits me."
- Before pics: age 4, 4, 8, 11, 13 photos

how I met your father
- (young adult flashback) c2011 forgotten date - (Numin)

Hulk memes
- (TF muscle) - art

Human Speechome Project
- (male flash forward) Access restricted. Since 2005, MIT researcher Deb Roy has videotaped every waking minute of his infant son's Dwayne's life. Roy embedded megapixel video cameras with fish-eye lenses in the ceilings of his house, providing overlapping coverage of all rooms that the baby might occupy. 14 microphones exploit the ceiling's resonating qualities to deliver CD-quality sound. A 10-computer cluster was programmed to time-stamp and compress a daily take of 200 Gbytes. They can switch off the cameras while Patel is breast-feeding or hit the "oops" button when something too personal gets recorded. Roy insists that he'll shut down the experiment when his son is consistently constructing rudimentary sentences, well before he's even aware of the cameras, which may happen before his 3rd birthday. He has set up secure servers accessible to only a few trusted people.

- (male adult face baby disguise) c2011, Landon Meier masks
- (male adult disguised as baby) c2011. Oversized mask "Happy Baby" - link - gif

I'm growing up
- (APed scenes) Caution Nudity
01 - young Japanese schoolgirl suddenly grew to full adulthood in the classroom.
02 - rapid teen growthspurts can be awkward.
03 - CGI rapid breast development scene.
04 - why is my shirt popping open?
05 - not all girls develop at same rate.

I'm taller now
- (height comparison) growth aftermaths, catch-up tropes

In 20 Years
- (face morphed) c2010 web morphs - baby aged.

Independent, The
- (OA'd) "The Independent" - Marilyn Monroe made to look older.

Inez van Lamsweerde
- (partial face TG-age tampering) 1990s "Final Fantasy" photographic series.
Innocence is no more than a figment. At first glance, Wendy, Ursula, Topaze, and Caroline may look like cute little girls from glossy magazine ads, but they are in fact constructions. Hired from a children's modeling agency, their poses have been tightly choreographed. Through computer manipulation, their mouths have been replaced with the grins of adult males.
- "Claudia: 60-54-61", 1991 series "Vital Statistics", eroticizes a ripening girl to the point of cliché by posing her in a standard submissive position, with a juicy cherry balanced in her mouth. Claudia is dropped into an alien environment, the only connection between body and site being that they are both "under construction."
- van Lamsweerde questions notions of appeal and desire, emphasizing the vulnerability of cycles that are not yet complete.

Inner Sanctum Mystery
- (male adults to old age) Old time radio show. "Quicked", 1941-1952? One of 526.
An immoral scientist discovers a formula that speeds up one's metabolism so one can move faster. In that quickened state, he sees everyone else moving slower. Teaming up with a thief, he tests the formula to speed both of them up to 10 times normal, allowing them to get rich by being too fast to be stopped when robbing banks and jewelry stores. But when the scientist makes an improved formula so the two can move 100 times as fast, the two instead end up watching each other quickly age to past 100 years old and turn to dust. Superb voice work gives the impression the two men are gradually turning older and more feeble - (

It's just not a good fit....
- (UC) child-sized shirt

Jaime Moore
- (kinda like sudden FB) 2013. Instead of "unrealistic fantasy" characters, she photographed 5 y.o. daughter Emma recreating classic poses of powerful and iconic women. Let's show our girls the REAL women they can be - comparisons

Jake and Dinos Chapman
- (TFed) Artists create plastic models or fiberglass mannequins of people, such as "zygotic acceleration". No AP yet.

James Baillie
- (male FF AA to OA) c1848 "The Life and Age of Man - Stages of Man's Life, from the Cradle to the Grave" lifetime - (Deniz)

James Fridman
- (photo edits) c.2015+
The concept is that people ask him to edit their personal snapshots to make them more aesthetic or professional looking, but he always gets it wrong and makes them worse in unexpected ways. In some cases, subjects ended up with an older appearance.
- Examples: OA - OA

Jan Saudek
- (FF AP) Czech photographer modifies portraits.
"14 years in lives of Josef and Veronika" 1992
- Before-and-after shots of a father and daughter: in both photos the man is wearing jeans and a hat but no shirt. In the left panel he's holding her as a naked baby, and in the right panel she's standing full-frontally nude at about 14; her head hair is painted yellow both times.
- change - "Years of Veronika" 1972-1975-1982 - change

Jan Stursa
- (coming of age development) - "Puberta", 1905 sculpture

Jana Brike
- (coming of age metaphors) b.1980, Riga.
Mostly art of young girls frozen in transitional moments of time as they evolve toward womanhood, but also some boys. Her art includes younger self portraits. Limited AA therianthropy (girl/tree TFed) - Paintings

Jaya Ancol Dreamland
- (old age) Indonesia's largest theme park in Jakarta. PeopleVision has completed a native SpokesMannequin: a young Indonesian woman who ages 100 years in 29 seconds.

Jee Young Lee
- (some limited CoA themes) AKA JeeYoung Lee, South Korean visual artist.
Photos of elaborate studio installations without digital manipulation. Surreal images using hand-constructed props. "Resurrection" 2014, etc. - Art

Jeffrey Jones
- (AP, old age) "3 Ages of Woman" AP painting Aging Beauty Link

Jeffrey Jones
- (FF AP OA) 3 Ages of Woman - (Age Magic)

Johannes Bouwer (artist)
- (AA FF) Netherlands, 1780-1793. 48 FF drawings of a female shown from baptism to marriage, with captions. Dutch: "De Jeugd werd hier gestigt / door 't Werk in tugt gehouden / Gelijk men dagelijks ziet / van 't Dopen af tot 't Trouwen" - (Louise)

John Currin
- (FF, coming of age) US painter.
- "Thanksgiving", 2003: he painted his wife Rachel Feinstein at 3 different adult ages.
- BE'd AA in "The Bra Shop", 1997.

Journey into Space (radio plays)
- (young adult age stasis, limited adult OA) BBC audio broadcasts.
The Red Planet, 1954.
- James claims to have been born in 1940, which is consistent with appearing to be in his early 30s. However, he was actually born in 1893, and he disappeared in 1924. He has not aged a day since. After he dies, his body reverts to its true age of 78. The crew discovers the same is true for every human brought to Mars. They are all at least 15 years older than they appear to be.
The Return from Mars, 1981.
- Cassia appears to be 17 but tells Jet she is 38 Tribosian years old. Jet is shocked her true age in Earth years is 152.

Julia Fullerton-Batten
- (male APed CB) c2006 Stihl, DDB Paris, unknown commission. "reunion"
- (coming of age, same clothes comparisons)
Dramatic and cinematic images straddling advertising and fine art photography. Some of her work explores the sometimes awkward social transitions that define female adolescence.
- Teen uniform schoolgirls - schoolgirls

Julia Gallardo
- (adults "OA'd") artist, c2020+ She often takes pictures of real young people, or other artists' drawings of young people, and draws them as old people - - art - (Chronoeclipse)

Julia Morgan
- (coming of age transition themes) "Pedifacts", 2001.
Supposing childhood passed into adulthood in one definable moment, and that the child had several seconds face-to-face with his/her grown-up self; what exchange might take place? What memory, gift, or request might the child impart that the grown-up could retain?
Trails of colorful children's footprints lead to a door adorned with worn children's shoes. Behind the door impressions of adult feet cast in cement slabs are arranged. Like relics, these shoes and footprints are presented in isolation, separated from the original bodies. Shoes and clocks and watches imply the act of passage, which a door also allows. we are compelled to reflect upon the nature of the inevitable passage between intertwined states.

Just Wait Till I Grow Up
- (FF cuts) 2016 meme.
Musers create 15 second videos with the soundtrack provided, showcasing old photos and current appearance video.
#JustWaitTillIGrowUp - demo vid link

kids grow
- (ages & stages) Random unsorted pics.
line-ups - FF AP girls clip-art - girls FFed - changes - girls - (various)

Kristy Lender
- (adult FF) Illustrator. Bachelor of Fine Arts project, 2015.
Lifetime meme link - (Lunkpil)

- (AA size-up) 2011 Dutch magazine. Precocious fashionista Tavi Gevinson was digitally extended with cut n paste strips - feature - (Louise)

Larysa Dodz
- (adult to OA split/face) "time is damage" c2010 - hour glass

last year's clothes
- (UC photographs) - straining at the seams?
Dress up in old outfits from a few years ago!
- Girls wearing outgrown clothes -

- (AP CB) - cosplay scene.

Leaps and Bounds
- (girl to woman flash forward photo series)
Grow Up Time-Lapse Gallery

lifetime (themes & metaphors)
- (FF) - Alaina Yuresko, 2014 gif

Lights Out
Old time radio plays INFO PAGE
- (adult stasis) "Live Forever" AKA "The Immortal Gentleman" 8/31/1943.
- (adult stasis) "Nobody Died" 12/09/1936, 12/16/1939 - (JohnDee)
- (male adult to old age) "Speed" AKA "The Fast One" 1/5/1943.

Lil Celebs
- (AR AA) - Mandy - (ARSA)
- (AR face edit) Mandy
- (male) Xzibit

Lil Celebs
- (FB "ARed" AA) 2023 AI art - She's "getting younger" fast - Britney backwards.

Lil' Starlets
- (ARed) Bad Baby Courtney - (Douglas Greene)
- (ARed) Photoshop retouching art projects. A number of female celebrities have somehow been reverted into preteens.
 -  Avril Lavigne  -  Jennifer Love Hewitt
 -  Nicole Kidman  -  Catherine Zeta-Jones

- (Weary Traveler submission)

Lil' Starlets
- (ARed) Photoshop retouching art projects.
- Alyssa Milano - Rose McGowan -
- (Weary Traveler)

line of age
- (FF AA) life stages clip art

line of age
- (FF) - stages clip art

- (AP flash forward growth stages) - c100 images.
Drawings and CGI diagrams of growing people shown at increasing ages.
Clip Art of posture poses and puberty progressions.
- LineUp Gallery - growth & aging timelines -

Lisa Yuskavage
- (coming of age art) "Lisa Yuskavage: Small Paintings, 1993-2004" Abrams photo book.
She's obsessed with adolescence, a major transformation that occurs in public: "It's the most powerful moment in almost everyone's life - the operatic note." Her paintings feature a disturbing melange of portraits of babylike women residing in a world of lush, saturated colours that belie a dark psychological space just this side of the fetishistic. With striking intensity, these childlike women both attract and repel with their frank and seductive psychosexual power.
- (coming of age FFed, BE'd) Young girls discover their maturing bodies - APed Artworks

Little No
- (slight coming of age) Video installation 1

lost youth tropes
- (maturity memes) Time Flies - (John)

Lucas Cranach the Elder
- (adult rejuvenation)
"Fons Juventutis" AKA "The Fountain of Youth", "Der Jungbrunnen"
Executed by his son in 1546. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. Nude older women are seen entering a Renaissance fountain and exiting it transformed into youthful adult beauties - scene - (ArArchive)

Lucien Freud
- (older teen to adult flash forward) UK artist made several paintings of daughter Esther. She wrote the novel "Summer at Gaglow" about the experience of a daughter being painted by her father. "Sometimes while my father painted I stared up at the huge beast of my body, my gargantuan breasts, my widened thighs, and tried to find the charcoal outline of my former self." Initially she had been delighted when he asked her to model for him as it meant he wanted her to be a part of his life. But the results were not entirely pleasing to her 16-year-old self: "I had an idea of myself as gorgeous and fawn-like and when I saw how large and fat he had painted me I said to him "I'm not that big am I?" But later on I came to realise that he was painting my big personality - who I was, and not just a representation of what I looked like."

magazine progressions
- (face FF prediction article) Star Kids page scan
- (adult FF to aged face) 2006 magazine predictions: Britney - parody cover
- Explanation comic "You from the future"

- (FF face AA) - c2012 "The pages of life" print ad

make me old
- (young adult to old face disguise) c2012 age makeup project - (Barron)

makeover magic
- (adult face rejuvenation effect) make-up illusion.

male AP scenes
- (boy to man growth aftermath UC) - 01 - 02

male clothes bursting
- (male adult shirt burstout kinda looks like male APed) - too small shirt rip aftermath

male old age
- (male adult face FF) - gif animation - 02 face sculpture.

male UC
- slightly outgrown photos

male UC
- stock photo "growing pains" - outgrown - (ARSA)

male undersized clothing
- (male UC, male slight CBed, kinda looks like male APed aftermath)
- too small costume no longer fits right.
Young men wearing clothes that fit fine a few years ago, but have now become slightly too small:
- Males - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 TG swap.
(deleted Yahoo male growth groups)
- slight male UC

male years
- (AA FF) swap faces
- (AA face age morphs) male

male years
- (male adult FF) George Lucas 1983 - 2005 - 2012 - the future is in 3-D - (O')

male years
- (male face FF) ages/stages side profiles - progression painting

Maluma - Ya no es nina
- (FF AP) 2016 short slideshow music video.
She arranged a few photos to make it look like she's growing - screencaps - source link

Mamoritai Corps
- (AA TF doll upgrade) 2011. "Wonder Festival" figures.
A mystical entity powers up into a larger form.
- Video link - screencaps - (Nightelf, APzone)

Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille
- (AA adult age disguise clothing lines) 1997.
Japanese clothing boutique chain specializes in Lolita fashion. "Manifesteange" means the advent of an angel. "Metamorphose temps de fille" means the time of transformation into a little girl. The Angel Who Transforms Into the Time of the Little. "Little' time" is used in place of the English expression "when I was young". "Almost everyone has the desire to 'transform' one's self, be it into an angel, or even back to the time they were a little girl."

mannequin progression
- (FF AA) - 02 - male - mix

mannequin progression
- (FF AP AA) APed

Map of Heaven
- (adult rejuvenation) Nu-Body Machine restores the recently resurrected to their prime dating years - map

Margaret Cogsdill
- (slight UC) c2012.
I hold onto my vanishing childhood through photography to prevent forgetting it. In these images I struggle to experience the pleasures and terrors of my former childhood self. Alone, I return to my grandmother's land where my strongest memories of childhood play are associated. I inhabit my great-grandmother's dress from when she was a little girl, and use relics as conduits to become a character in a world of fantasy. The result is a new world of make-believe where my character meets the challenges of her childhood self.
However, it is impossible to completely return. The character is alone in the landscape. There is a strenuous relationship with her adult self, as she physically does not fit in the dress or the spaces she once inhabited, in a timeless place where imagination rules - Art photos

Margi Geerlinks
- (flash forward, flashback, coming of age) Photo artist. A little girl crochets a breast that she then displays on her chest with a mixture of pride and doubt as to the final outcome. Digital imagery enables the child to project herself into her adult life. Whilst face creams are supposed to erase the ravages of time, Geerlinks applies this demonstration literally in her photographs of faces in which wrinkles are erased by the miraculous action of a simple cotton wad sans technology. Her constant concern is human beings relationship with time seen from the angle of giving birth. Full-breasted 70-year-old nurses a newborn.

Marlene Dumas
- (coming of age themes) South African painter exploring the theme of childhood. In the manner of Maria Marshall, she uses the figure of a child, at times her daughter, either in a pose of sensual abandon or in symbolic scenes of tension.

Martin Creed
- (exceedingly rare real-life BE video?) Work No. 1071, '07 or '11 B&W. Said to be a close-up of a breast with the nipple slowly becoming erect. The sequence is then reversed and the nipple goes back to its original state. Similar to past video of a penis going from flaccid to erect, forcing viewers to take a close look at how our bodies function and react.

Martin De Pasquale
- (male inner child) c2014 - Photoshop Art - (F5)

Marvel & DC superheroes (live action TF tropes)
- (mostly AA forms, some limited monster-like UC/CB glimpses)
Ms. Marvel - (2022) sucks total ass. They banned all transformations for this heroine, it's just energy tentacles. I'm not even going to discuss this series.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law - (2022) mostly wears elastic AA clothing, but there were a few CB glimpses: link @01:10 - shoe burst extract link
Her business suit was shown to have been somewhat torn during a hulk-out in the courtroom, though she was able to remove her shoes in time to prevent her expanding feet from ripping them apart. Also a male adult monster expansion. It seems there won't be many more transformations.
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - (2022) has the heroes "age up" in AA poofs - Trailer link @01:10 @01:32 - (Akira)

Marvelous Melmo
- AKA "Merumo". Age forms - (Process)

Marybeth Hicks
- (male UC APed) 6/4/06 Jewish World Review
"His clothes looked as if they had been made for someone with shorter arms and legs. The school pants I bought at the start of 6th grade fit like clam diggers by Christmas. The too-short sleeves on his uniform shirt make him look like Frankenstein, but don't tell him. His sneakers were too snug just weeks after they were purchased. When I finally had his feet measured at the shoe store, I discovered we had skipped two full sizes between purchases. male UC

Maurizio Cattelan
- (kinda like ARed below neck) Italian sculptor. Superdeformed (oversize heads etc) lifelike & self-portrait statues resemble chibi adults. "La rivoluzione siamo noi", 2000. "Charlie", 2003.

me then, me now
- (FF AA) collage

Melanie Manchot
- (AA, face FF) "11/18". 2016 video installation, UK. 18-mins sequence of daughter Billie from 2008 to 2015.
Filmed for 1 minute every month, from age 11 to 18 while standing in the same spot: no sound or colour, just being herself. "By the end ... would we still see the same person? I marked the spot Billie would stand and it stayed the same for 7 years. Billie had veto rights all the way through. Then it would become a portrait for us as a family."
Billie at 11 looks more playful, more relaxed ... newly pierced ears ... hair goes through typical changes - straight fringe, side fringe, no fringe. Makeup appears ... more still, more wary, more steady and composed ... a holding back. Certain gestures - the way Billie pushes back her hair and looks up - survive from 11 to adult.
- In the final minute, all the images appear at the same time. And then they are gone - extracted

Meow Wolf: Convergence Station
- (AA curse, Old Age cut) "Get Out and See the Worlds", Meow Wolf art installation, Denver, 2021/09.
Like "Omega Mart", it appears to be a normal commercial that gets weirder and weirder. One scene shows a young girl looking at her fast-moving watch, which leads to her AA-ing into an elderly woman. You don't see the AA process, except for her arm wrinkling at an alarming rate.
- Video link @1:47 - caps - (Lmorgado)

Merja Laine
- (coming of age, flash forward) Large watercolors describe her daughter's development from a small girl to a young woman, in a way that instinctively flaunts the romantic imagery of the 19th century. The paintings are a mother's interpretation of her growing child, her joys, sensitivities and the great unknown ahead.

- (AA APed) Anime/manga heroine.
The cosplay girls wore adult size clothes, instead of Melmo's stretched-out children's clothing, as that would have been just too provocative - cosplayers

- (CoA metaphor) "dancing" postcard, c'15. She meets the person she's becoming - art

- (OA'd unlayering) Digital artist. face

Michelle Henningsgard
- (slight UCed illusion) c2013, grown-up "Alice in Wonderland" - Art Photos - (The Process Forum)

Millee Tibbs
- (flashback, flash forward AA, kinda ARed APed) 2007. RISD artist used photoshop tricks to seamlessly insert her adult self into childhood shots, with the poses and clothes recreated very exactly. The compositions try to locate the self by evoking the impossibility of going back to childhood and questioning the desire to do so - link
- (AP collages) 1

mini me
- (kinda looks like ARed age forms) More and more celebs have smaller duplicate companions - me's - me's

- (age/height comparisons) - 05 - 06
- (male head swap) switched

mirror meme
- (adult face slight OA reflection) "Aging" c2010 magic mirror - (Fashionfetus, David)

mirror memes
- (adult face reflections) Your reflection can look older or younger than you - stock art

mirror memes
- (FFed AA dream sequence) - mirror
- (kinda like ARed AA) "Reflecting on the past" 2
- (teen weight change illusion, coming of age) - forms
- (AA FF) magic change

mirror memes
- (past/present selves) "the girl in the mirror" - ages how I've grown - (lillamy89)

mirror of age
- (AA age dreams) trope
- (ARed dream sequence) self-image flashback
- (coming of age FFed) - older

mirror of age
- (coming of age wishes) time reflection.
- (mirror AA ARed) "To The Girl That I Once Was" image - (liska rediska)

mirror of age
- (dedicated TF AP) short CGI animation scenes.
TF scenes are best appreciated from several angles - 2 short clips

mirror of age
- (male adult rejuved effect) c'19 adult illusion gag

- (adult face FF to OA) swf aging animation - short gif
(AgeMagic Group)
- (OA) aged

Morph Lab
- (some early ARed images) c2001. A few images - ARed Gallery

- (male AR) 1

- (early AP morphs, AR morphs) c2000. Very short TF clips - Morph Gallery

- (face FF to OA) - Lifetime - (Age Progression Zone)

- (face reversal) - female caps - male caps - (Super)

- (FF AP AA morph, face close-up) Girl to woman documentary scene AP - (2 be young again)

- (FF AA, face closeup) caps - caps

mother and daughter
- (height comparison) - 01 - 02 - 03

mother daughter comparisons
- (looks like ARed) - 2015 Daily Mail comparisons

- (AA FF) years

motivational posters
- (FF) Tatyana Ali puberty
- (FFed AA) Hermione

- (past/future selves juxtapositions) Collaborative art duo Richard and Stephanie Nova Milne.
"Study for Retrograde Motion", 1988-2008.
- The work places the yellow raincoat wearing artists upon the Moon, interacting with archive footage of their younger selves. The 2-screen work plays forward and in reverse.
"After The Rainbow", 2009.
- Wizard of Oz child Dorothy is offered her future: the actress' adult self, broken by alcoholism and wracked with regret. Swept up in the hurricane, she is again haunted by images from her future. Dorothy emerges at a stage where she sees her adult self singing. The images of adult and child cross fade to black.

My Dream Baby
- (AP doll) 1 MGA Entertainment.

My Scene
- (AP dolls) She really grows taller! She gets curvy!
- Grow-up

Nancy Burson
- (face ages)
One of the first artists to use digital technologies, Burson's early focus upon faces led to hauntingly altered portraits.
- "Self Portrait" (1976) depicts the artist at ages ranging from a wide-eyed young beauty to a 70-year-old wise woman.
- Baby Marilyn and Baby Elvis, Aged Barbie (1984).
- "The Age Machine" (1990) interactive installation allows viewers to scan their faces and digitally alter their ages, ethnicities and (dis)abilities.

- (maturity cohorts) Nicholas Negroponte, 1997. Swatch Internet Time.
A project to create a conceptual "online country" based on the Internet, to be "owned", populated and governed by the children of the world. Its borders were defined by the age of its citizens as opposed to geography. The goal was to "empower" young people with representation in world affairs. John Perry Barlow requested that the young at heart be admitted as ambassadors from the adult world, or at least granted temporary visas.

Natural History Museum
- (AP flash forward) London. Nude mannequins of girl at different ages.

New Yorker
- (UC) 9/6/47 "She's outgrown her school uniform" cover

- (adult face FF simulation) How Diana would have looked on her 50th birthday - aged

- (adult face rejuv morph) 2021/04/16.
Can blood from young people slow aging? Biotech startups are trying to hack aging and stave off devastating diseases.
- Cover clip - (Fan2000)

- (old age) old age couple
- (shadow outline FF AA) How much will the typical female spend on beauty products in the course of her lifetime?
- Info graphic

Nina Roder
- (looks like adult rejuvenated) "Mutters Schuhe", mother's shoes, c2015.
German photographer brought together 3 generations of women; her grandmother, her mother and herself; to pose in turn wearing the same clothes in the same decor...
- Ages - (Matt)

not Androxi Effect
- (male shoe CB burstout) Once again we can imagine how incredibly awesome it would be to see a girl's foot grow into a woman's foot right through her shoes. It would take advanced practical effects, and CGI animation and compositing. This scene alone cost more than most people will earn in a lifetime - 2003 Hulkout gif

OA photo edits
- (adult face) I aged my photo! Future morph

- (face) morph caps

Oak Park Camera Club
- (adult age disguises) Oak Park Oak Leaves, 5/2/1940, P57.
Panchromatic colors and lines were used on the model, Lucille Garrison, to change her apparent age over a range of 17 to 87 years.

old age clipart
- (adult FF memes) c2012 stock images

old age memes
- (dedicated young adult to older/elderly, fetish tropes) - Edits making fun of or celebrating middle age to old age transformations - various pics - (AgingWomen)

old age memes
- (elderly adults image themes & parodies)
- Decades - (Matt)
- Celebs FFed - Celebs future FFed.
Age illusion gif - ad gif face rejuvenation product.

old age
- toon aging - face aging projects - (Age Magic)

old age
- (AA face morph) years
- (face FFed) aged
- (face edits) Who Are These Ladies? Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham! aged
- (adult FF) 07

old age
- (adult face FFed) "Old Prince William and Kate" 2011. One of the most realistic old aged Photoshops - The future - (Deniz)

old age
- (adult FF AA)
- Face aging morphs - adult years - (deleted Turn White sites)
- Worth1000 engagement couple - photoshop contest.
- teenage closet incident.
- face aging make-up test.
- The Curse - face aging scene - (Aging Women groups)

old age
- (adult flash forward) - clip art - celebs - (AgeMagic)
- (slight adult face FF) morphed
- (adult FF) - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
- (adult face close-up) - Sarah

old age
- (face) - c'15 edit

old aged
- (adult OA FFed) - model - couple - couple - (AgingWomen,

old aged
- (adult years, OA FF) Lucy Hilmer "Birthday Suit" annual project - Nude photos

old school uniforms
- (slight UC FFed) They still fit us!
- Dress Down Day - snug - fetish trope

old school uniforms
- (very slight UC) They used to fit us.
Dress Down Day club - last year's - too small

once I reach puberty
- (coming of age promise) c2012 "Once I Reach PUBERTY, I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass" shirt

one hundred one
- (face age line kinda looks like FF) AKA "101", c2011.
Face photos of 100 men and 100 women ages 1 to 100. You can get a very detailed look at the aging process.
- link - (MySpecialFX)

Onion, The
- (adult COA, flashed forward) link
- (flash forward) SALEM, OR-Kimberly Jones, 43, vividly remembers the bygone days when she took umbrage at being pursued by aggressive suitors, sources reported Monday. "I was quite the looker back in college-I couldn't even go out for a few drinks with my girlfriends without some guy macking on me," Jones said from the kitchen of her one-bedroom apartment. "That used to really piss me off for some reason I can no longer even begin to fathom. Maybe my memory is starting to go." Jones then gazed longingly into her cup of tea.
- (OA FFed) aged

Onion, The
- (unseen adult aging effect) 2021/03 parody news story.
"New Special Effects Technology Able To Age Young Actress Into Elderly 30-Year-Old" - On social media you can enjoy dozens of comments from fans freaking out at the idea of making Anya Taylor-Joy 30 years old. If only they could see the kind of things *we* do with her images! - Report link - (Chronoeclipse)

- (AA FF) - shadow silhouettes

- (male face) c2010 flashback

overnight age up (trope)
- (mostly male AP depictions) Trope found in all media. When a child is rapidly aged into an adult, the change often happens while they are sleeping (real life growth spurts tend to happen overnight). When they wake up they think everything is normal, until they get out of bed and notice the floor looks too far away. Sometimes they only notice when they look in the mirror and scream.
Examples: Big (film), Akumu no Present (hentai manga), True Blood (Tv), Big For Christmas (book), etc.
- Caution CGI topless nudity - Future INFO

oversized clothing
- (OC) - caps

Oz books
- (FF AA) - timeline

patents (intellectual property)
- (adult age stasis) "A method of controlling the aging process (In re Eltgroth, 419 F.2d 918, 164 USPQ 221 (CCPA 1970))"

Patricia Piccinini
- (no age themes yet) Hyper realist chimera sculptures.

People, The
- (adult face FF simulation) "The People", UK tabloid, 2011. How Diana would have looked on her 50th birthday - aged

Philippe Faraut
- (some coming of age themes) French sculptor & wood carver, b1963 - art

photoshop contest
- (AA FF APed) - Zoe - AP
- (AA ARed) - classroom reversal.
- (male APed glimpse, male muscle development, body size increases) - 11

Playboy magazine
- (adult playmates FFed) - covers

- (adults to older, pose/costume FF) 2017. Playboy Playmate women recreate their classic magazine covers decades later (no nudity) - link

- (UC, APed pics) Image Gallery

Portrait of Jennie
- (accelerated FF)
There were several radio play adaptations of the story/film where her voice became more mature:
Academy Award Theater
1946 CBS Radio show, 30 min adaptation, Fontaine/Lund.
Lux Radio Theatre
1949 radio play, 1 hour adaptation of the film.

- (AR CGI) Reverting woman scene

Precious Moments Chapel
- (kinda like ARed) c1990 Sam Butcher. Stories from the Bible brought to life in dozens of murals. The great thing is all the figures are Precious Moments babies! The central mural depicts Heaven itself, in which everyone in the afterlife is a Precious Moments baby.

Process, The
- (website/forum all about TF content & general TF info) "The Process". The largest Otaku/Weeaboo aggregator and info clearinghouse for the advanced connoisseur of female transformations. Many bizarre changes into fantastical beings. No creature is too strange for a woman to morph into.

- (AP UC) archived img - growing taller

- (FF AA) years

- (FF AA) c2010 - years - (acca)

pubertaet im aussendienst
- (coming of age, kinda like slight APed)
Essen, 2011, "Puberty outsourced".
- Nudity Art Photo - Changed - (Luisa34)

- (male Nudity CoA) Goteborg library, 1999.
The tension of a boy becoming a man. Uneven feet symbolize sudden growth spurts - sculpture - (Matt)

puberty changes
- (FF, CoA) - male difficulty - male willy problems.
- Sudden Spurt

puberty clip-art
- (coming of age) unsorted pics - changing - changing

puberty clip-art
- (FF) grow - grow

puberty statue
- (coming of age) torso

- (coming of age themes)
- Original paintings by Edvard Munch that inspired other artists - art
- Other paintings titled or tagged "Puberty" - art

- (coming of age) Another painting with this title - development - (Vernice)

- (coming of age) More artworks entitled "Puberty".
changing - changing

- (FF, coming of age)
More paintings with this title:
- awkward - stages

Pull my strings and I grow
- (AP doll) 1978 Mattel 1

Queen's Gate
- (AP AA) Lost Worlds combat game books, Flying Buffalo Press, portal to the Queen's Blade series. Alice

Reader's Digest
- (old age, same clothing, simulated) 02/03. A couple is shown at various ages from 18 to 65. (JB)

real life BE
- (CBed glimpse) 2016 cap

reality shift
- (adult face "change") - change

rebirth tropes
- (kinda like ARed) When a character is reborn as a baby they may grow up fast - toon caps

regression origins (info)
- (pioneer AR artists) c1998+.
Legendary Japanese content creators from the turn of the century.
- Mamekyu:
Alleged to have started the whole thing. Famous for ARing characters in real world situations, and showing the humor and effects. His greatest creation was "The Reverse World" and "Mamekyu's Age Regression Laboratories".
- Mols:
Said to have been "Mamekyu's rival" of the times. He's created works seen as more visually stunning, and possibly created one of the earliest regression animations. One of the most mysterious and least known ARtists.
- Nomad2000:
Creator of the "Electronic Morph Galleries", and another famous regression animator. One of the first to go for male AND female regression, where Mamekyu and Mols stuck to almost all female.
- (TurtwigChampion)

- (dedicated chibi TF AR) "Alma gets chibi with it", 2015 restricted manga-style timeline. Cute shoujo dancer turns into little tomboy - Art - (Tsuyoshi_kun, Aquaziron, Silver Spoon)

René Magritte
- (head swap) "The Spirit of Geometry" 1937 - gouache

Richard Phillips
- (age forms) "GirlChild" painting. A little girl, 3 or 4 years old, stands alongside an older version of herself, a teenager on the cusp of womanhood. Both are in a state of suggested undress, and both stare at the viewer with a same vague stare that, were the older girl alone, might be regarded as demure or even sensual. The dynamic between them and the viewer is confrontational; they demand to be regarded in equal measure, on the same ground. This juxtaposition defines the terrifying transition of the child into an adult. 1

Rising Curves
- (AP only) Girl to Woman Image Gallery

rising curves
- (dedicated AP UC/CB) 2001 to 2011 - before/after puberty photo edits

rising curves
- (dedicated AP UC/CB) 2013 to 2017 - old pics from the deleted Group.

rising curves
- (dedicated before/after AP CB pics)
growing girls morph page

Rising Curves
- (dedicated g2w AP) - Fast Bloomers

rising curves
- (female AP only) A bunch of old stuff from the deleted Yahoo group (unsorted) - link

rising curves
- (AP) Restored link for image/morph site deleted by Yahoo.
Growing Girls Gallery

Rising Curves
Self Raising
- (dedicated AP photo edits)
Before/After Morphed Pics:
- Gallery - Gallery

rising curves
That's So Raven
- (dedicated AP CB) Sudden grow-up ability - Tv show fake fan cosplays

Roger College
- (CB APed) Paintings. "Dark Alice Grows Up" Alice turned the tables on Wonderland. Shown in shredded attire, "Dark Alice" has grown up to dominate not only the world of cards, but the ever elusive Cheshire as well. AP CB

Roman Opalka
- (numerical FF) Warsaw, "1965 / 1 – 8".
He began painting a process of counting – from one to infinity. Starting in the top left-hand corner of the canvas and finishing in the bottom right-hand corner, the tiny numbers were painted in horizontal rows. Each new canvas, which the artist called a 'detail', took up counting where the last left off. The concept has no end, and the artist pledged his life to its execution.

Ron Mueck
- (coming of age) Photo-realist artist makes giant or tiny hyperreal fiberglass resin statues. "Big Baby", "Ghost" (1998) A seven-foot adolescent girl in a bathing suit, the perfect metaphor for her poignant discomfort with her own body. "Giant Boy".

Rush Attack Team(s)
- (AP CB) AKA "Special Attack Guy" Princess Peach grows up - and out. Japanese AP pic board

Rush Attack Team(s)
- (major AP manga artist) c2005 "Japanese AP Team" also went by the name "Kingyo" - (Chaos Echo)

S. Drake (graphic artist)
- (flash forward stages) c2015?
Offset lithograph of 'age progression of a young girl'. Line-up of 3 smiling girls wearing the same pink shoes - Print

Sam Jinks
- (adult ages) face sculptures evoke different age stages - masks

same clothes illusion
- (AA) - FF

same clothes project
- (AA age/size comparisons) Girls and women wearing the same style clothes (kinda looks like different age forms).
We are looking for photos of the same girl wearing the same clothes at different ages to show how much she's grown. However, all we could find so far was photos of differently aged females wearing the same age-appropriate clothing styles together.
- 01 - 02 - 03
- 04 - 05 - 06
- 07 - 08 - 09
- 10 - 11 - 12
- 13 - 14 - 15

same clothes project
- (AA) Note: these are all child-adult AA collages. If you are looking for clothes that become outgrown over time, see the different "same clothes project" entries on the photography page.

same clothes
- (st/ages) Different art models wearing the same green bikini: Comparisons - (Bart)

same clothes
- Ultra-thin mother (5'1") and heavier 7 y.o. daughter (4'5") fit in the same dress size (left) - compare

Santa's Lap
- (ARed) Reduced rivals.
- Christmas Card
(Weary Traveler)

Sasha Rubel
- (male growth) "Brendan" painting.

Sergi Cadenas
- (face FF to OA) Spain c'18, kinetic wall art. The paintings look different as you walk past them - "Getting Old" link - gif - portraits

- (FF AA growth stages) Puberty development changes - 1 - 2
- (coming of age) - 3

shadow trope
- (age) forms

Shaman Soul Studios
- (APed) AKA Pinki Pinkerson. APed

SHE Magazine
- (FFed to OA) - adult years - adult years

she will never have a boyfriend
- (FF) - years - years

she will never have a boyfriend
- (FF) c2011 meme.
Isabelle Furman older - Scarlett
- (FF) c2011 unlikely meme - older

Sherlock Holmes
- (equine OA'd) Old time radio show "The Case Of The Sudden Senility" 01/11/1948.
After a young horse dies of old age, Sherlock is called to solve the mystery.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Sherlock Holmes
- (male adult rejuv?) Old time radio show "The Creeping Man" 3/17/1947.
Has a professor found a way to regain his adult youth? Why does his dog keep barking at him - (Jeffr_2bya)

shoe trope
- ("ARed") clip ARt

shoe trope
- (aftermaths) - Too big sizes - size

shoe trope
- (kinda like "ARed" aftermath) - 11 - 12

shoe trope
- (kinda like ARed aftermath) clip-art: loose - loose

shoe trope
- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath) too big now

shoe trope
- (oversized footwear kinda resembles ARed situation)
too big for me - (ArArchive)

Shoujou Star
- (AA TF kinda ARed?) transformation sequence gif (Process)

- (AA AP) "Stock footage growing girl", CGI, c2013, 14 sec.
She ages while running toward the camera - Video link - screencaps

- (face FF morphs) "aging timelapse closeups", Podermanski etc., stock clips.
Face - link
Eyes - link - link - Face gif

sibling rivalry
- (age/height comparisons) "sisters"

Simpsons Ride, The
- (baby GTS AA) Simulator ride at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood theme parks. Grampa falls asleep while Maggie crawls into a nuclear reactor room, causing her to grow larger. Maggie grabs Sideshow Bob and bangs him into ride car, which almost falls into Hell before it is saved by Professor Frink. Bob then steals Maggie's pacifier and tells her that she must destroy Springfield to get it back. She mistakes the ride car for a new pacifier, and sucks on it repeatedly, before spitting it into the Simpsons' house.

sister comparisons
- (age/stage comparisons) - The two sisters have the same pose but one is further ahead - Both real & fake siblings - (Acca)

- (CoA wish) 2010s. They want to look more mature - kids

Snow Queen, The
- (AA, small possibility of AA APed scene at the end? probably not though)
"The Snow Queen" - 1984 anime, Toei Animation Studio.
"The Snow Queen" - 2005 anime, TMS Entertainment.
"The Snow Queen" - 1992 American animated short, Sigourney Weaver.
"Faerie Tale Theatre" - 1985 episode, Melissa Gilbert.
"Snedronningen" - 2000, Danish live action, Jorgensen, Kuncewicz.
"Snow Queen" - 2002 Tv movie, Hallmark. Bridget Fonda, Chelsea Hobbs, Wanda Cannon.
"Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child" - 2000 episode.
"Lumekuninganna" Marko Raat.

- (coming of age art) Collages of artist's family at different ages. art

Annegret Soltau
- (some CoA FF) German visual artist, b.1/16/1946.
- c1970-1989: Photo montages of her own body and face sewn over or collaged. Video-performances/phototableaus of intimate processes like sexuality, pregnancy, birth.
- c1977-1980: Pregnancies and birth of her children. In the video "being pregnant" she observed her body over the whole time period. Physical/psychological changes.
- c1994-2005: "Generativ" combines photos of the naked bodies of her "female chain": grandmother, mother, daughter and herself. The whole span of bodily change between young and old, between fading and the emerging body in puberty. "My main interest is the integration of body process in my work ... body and spirit as equal parts."

- (face age comparisons) times - times

- (face FBs) - then/now art

- (face FF/OA) celebs - celebs - daughters

- (face swap FF) ages
- (youth/OA face stitching) 07

- (female face FF)
"Me at 4 and 20 years old", 2011 - years - (O')
- Dakota

Sports Illustrated
- (flash forward) After 10 years, Tyra Banks, 33, returned to the Bahamas to recreate the shoot that landed her on the coveted 1997 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover, even wearing the same red polka dot bikini - with a few adjustments. "I was about 140 pounds on that cover ... and I'm 161 now," the 5-foot-10 TV host says. "I'd say I looked like a stripper when I put it on." Some extra fabric was added to make the bikini a little less itsy-bitsy. "They covered the sides of my chest so that it wasn't so much hangin' out. And they put some extenders on the sides of the bikini bottom so it fit." Banks said she considered going on a crash diet before the Bahamas shoot to look the same as she did 10 years ago, but thought better of it. "I think there's more power in embracing what I am now and showcasing that. I'm thinking that I should probably do this every 10 years. So, in 2017 maybe I'll get in the swimsuit again and I'll have to get them to add a little more fabric."
flash forward

Spy magazine
- (CoA growth implied) 06/1997. "Jailbait 1997" article "The sudden Thor-like rise to power of sexy little girls".
"Liv Tyler, in short, is a woman. Or more precisely, she's a concise fleshly representation of the last few poignant seconds of childhood before womanhood becomes a mathematical fact ... while parading her breasts - themselves achingly suggestive of evansecent ripeness. Rather than dazzle you with their nudity, Tyler's breasts have mastered the craft of looking like they're wearing clothes, a constricting carbon-spandex blend into which, a few critical seconds of maturation later, they would have just failed to squeeze."

- (child height and growth rate measurements) - clip-art - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09

- (height measurement) - poses

stages & ages
- (AA FF) lifetime clip art.
- (coming of age) clip-art "growth".

stages and ages
- (FF, child to adult growth related) Random unsorted growth-themed clip art found online.
Caution may contain some Nudity.
- 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07
- 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13
- 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19

stars without makeup
- (adult face FFed) Christina

- (male adult slow FF) - Keanu parody - (O')

Steven Klein
- (adult to old age FF) "Time Capsule", a 2011 video installation.
Fashion photographer Klein's experimentation continues with moving images through the depiction of the stages of one woman's life, played by model/actress Amber Valetta, until she reaches the age of 110. An exploration of the illusion of time: a woman projects herself into an imagined future and creates the dynamic range of aging. Time Capsule challenges our ideas and concepts of linear time, and of dimension; she is aging in a realm that is timeless.
- 09/2011 W Magazine photo story project under the theme of "TIME". It seems the story was inspired by "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" movie. Amber transitions from a young woman with flapper curls and Clara Bow-esque brows in the 1920s right through to modern times with some eerily realistic makeup and prosthetic work, dressed in various different fashions each decade.
- He made a series of 10 trippy short films chronicling it, showing her getting older. On each screen, a different scenario - and the fashion in it - suggests a different decade: Prada for the sixties, Ferragamo for the eighties.
- Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX, Aging Women)

- (flash forward) The adjustable Scandinavian High Chair design that grows with your child.
male AP

Story Lady
- (male rejuv or AR?) Radio audio show? "Fountain of Youth". A man finds the Fountain? - (Jeffr_2bya)

strange change
- (APed BE'd aftermath) - girls drawn just after they got bigger - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04

student ID meme
- (face) - FF - FF

student ID meme
- (FF face progression) c2012.
Student years - successful puberty - (John)
Student years

success kid meme
- (male FFed) c2010 parody - (F5)

Sue Benner
- (adult face FF painting video) 32/62 "Self-Portrait Project - TimeLapse", 2020.
My 30th wedding anniversary, and myself as a 32 y.o. bride. 3 decades of change, 2 works of art, one collaged over a print of the first.
- Vid link - (Lunkpil)
- (flash forward) E-Greeting card

- (adult clothes swapping, looks like before/after adult TF, slight adult TG age forms) c2013.
Adult couples shape-shift into each other? A project emulating Hana Pesut's Switcheroo series: Info link - Google link
- A few other photographers have done their own riffs on Switcheroo (Sindayiganza etc).
There are a ton of clothes swapping videos on YouTube listed as "Clothes Swap Challenge" and/or "dress up challenge." Most M2F, but some F2F, and even a few M2M.
- (Mr Ed)

- (coming of age growth) Drawing. Uneven body expansion, leg widening - puberty

- (doll TF forms)
"Jenny and Licca" Japanese fashion dolls.
- Patricia aka Pat-chan" - 1973-1976.
Licca first met Pat at a "magic show" with Rie. Pat's father is a famous American magician "Mister David". She can change her height and use disguises and masks to impersonate 19 different characters.

tall to small
- (male) age line

Tanner Stages
- (BE) - CGI caps

Tanner Stages
- (BE) Animated gif, CGI rotation - BE

Tavi Gevinson
- (FF) Preteen to adult fashion blogger with many styles - Pose pics - pics - pics

Teen and Transgender
- (coming of age, TG) "Teen and Transgender Comparative Study No. 1", 2008 - budding women and transwomen pose together - changes

teen to man
- (male young adult slight expansions)
Same Shirts - slight growth.
- (male FFAA) c2012 motivational memes.
Years - Years - (various)

teen years
- (FF AA) before/after puberty clip-art.

TF tropes: aftermath bust-out
- (dedicated adult UC) See: 14 Going On 30. The basis of various fan-clips related to the "Replica" book series. The AP growth has just ended, but her clothes haven't completely burst open yet.
Simulated teen to adult gif

TF tropes: aftermath only (nude)
- (implied but unseen CBed during cutaway) - The growth is complete, leaving nothing behind of her clothes - example only nude cap

TF tropes: clothes grow with
- (AA) - gif

TF tropes: overnight age-up
- (aftermath discovery scene) As seen in "Big", "The Fruit is Swelling", etc - awakening

TF tropes: overnight age-up
- (dedicated nocturnal sleep growth) CGI bed scene.

TF tropes: period progression
- (dedicated APed CB) First menstruation may come with a growth spurt - rest room shock

TF tropes: progression sequence
- (dedicated CB) It happens in stages, and may be uneven.
Standardized manga tropes, focusing on the different parts of the body in turn - caps

TF tropes: sudden transition
- (male cutaway ARed) Common trick to avoid showing a transformation. The person is revealed to have changed while hidden from view, passing behind obstacle - CM caps

TF tropes: trauma-induced transformation
- (sudden AP) See: hulk-out memes. The strain of being too small to deal with a complicated situation may trigger a sudden growth spurt to summon the needed strength - gif

those can't hold me (trope)
- expansion

Three Little Girls
- (flash forward) Paper dolls. flash forward

Thundercake meme
- (FF APed) Your assignment is as follows: draw your past self and your present self together.
- FF This is what puberty does to you (uppiguppi).
- FF (jinksydawg)
- Related scenes - 3 - 4
- (FF AA) 5 Shinga.
- (FF AA) 6 MurakisSlave.
- (FF AA) 7 Elmo.

Thundercake meme
- (self AA FF) 14

Time is Art
- (face FF morph to aged) Thomas Randolph, 2012.
Video link - screencaps

Time Lapse Girls
- (AP videos) - 2007-2010, 230 members.
Deleted Youtube Group featuring almost 1000 videos, all about girls growing into women. It was taken down.
- Archived Youtube Link Page -

Time-Lapse Sculpture: The Aging Face
- (adult face FFed) 2012 clay sculpture age modifications.
Video link - screencaps

time's shadow
- (AP effect) future self outline - (LittleLadyFin)

timeline project
- (flash forward photo series, AP AA effect)
Girls growing into women.
- Grow-Up photo sequences - through the years.

Tip Toland
- (adult FFed to OA) Hyper-realist sculptor's work evinces a love affair with the human physical condition and realistic aging effects on the adult form.
"The Whistlers", 2005, "Marilyn" 2005, "Milk for the Butter Thief", 2008.

Tomoko Sawada
- (kinda like age disguised) 30 year old CGI artist photographed self as schoolgirl.

too tall, too small
- (UC scene) Undersized costume

twins no more
- (dedicated AP/AR photo edit) nude age transfer

undersized clothing project
- (UC photos)
Mostly video stills of young women squeezed into teen and sometimes even kid-sized clothing.
Outgrown Clothes screencaps page

Universal's Islands of Adventure
- (male growth TF CB glimpse) 1999, 2016 redesign.
The Incredible Hulk Coaster, launched roller coaster at Universal Orlando Resort, Fl.
- The '16 refurbishment involved heavy modifications to the line queue storyline. Guests are placed inside a perilous scientific experiment by General Thaddeus Ross. Screens now show human test subjects being exposed to gamma radiation and transforming into Hulk-like creatures. Don't worry, if you're female your sports bra can stretch enough to still cover your chest. While your pants will rip along the legs, the upper fabric will hold. Your shoes are goners though (not shown).
- Clip link - screencaps - (Romain)

Universal's Islands of Adventure
- (TF CB glimpsed) "The Incredible Hulk Coaster", c2015.
In the queue, government test footage is shown of young adult volunteers being turned into Hulk-like superhumans. Just go with the change. The male's shirt burst off. Fortunately, her sports bra stretched to cover her enlarging torso.
- Vid link - 05:56 male young adult -- link - 06:40 female young adult.

- (AA FF AP?) I recall watching a video that featured age progression that I'd love to find again. Through a series of subtle "morphs", a young girl grows up over one long tracking shot of her walking through her community, crossing streets, and so forth like in the AIDES toon ad. I believe it's a short film and it's all live action. Anyone know what I'm talking about? - (Danielsangeo)

unmasking tropes
- (young to old adult disguises & removal, TG) Adult age appearances, mask illusions.
Realistic looking old persons often seem to turn into younger adults - TvTropes info link
Comodines Casancrem "Milhojas", 2011 Tv commercial - example link - caps

V Magazine
- (adult weight comparisons) c2012 "Skinny VS Curvy"

Varga Girl, The
- (came of age) "A Little Girl Grown Up" alone on home front, Esquire 5/43 - 1

Venus Angelic
- (age disguised effect) AKA "Venus Palermo" c2012.
15 y.o. "human doll" makes herself up to look a bit younger or timeless - 01
- Story link - link

Venus Angelic
- (young adult age disguise) play forms

Victor Nizovtsev
- (adult split/age forms) Russian oil painter, c2020 - art

video reversal
- (TF scene inversion) Playing a film or photo sequence backwards or at different speeds is the oldest special effects technique. Videos and image series can be altered in many simple ways to visualize or simulate hard-to-see changes.
Rejuvenation process turned back into OA TF - Related to time-lapse images.

Vogue Italia
- (UC glimpses) "Shrink To Fit", 04/2010 cover story.
High concept photo shoot by Steven Meisel.
- What happens when you squeeze 9 top models into teeny, tiny clothes, matched with over-the-knee socks and wild hair cemented into place? They end up looking like naughty schoolgirls who've outgrown their uniforms. Not such a bad thing, particularly when your models include the likes of Amber Valletta, Freja Beha Erichsen, Lara Stone, Monika Jagaciak, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Angela Lindvall, Joan Smalls, Giedre Dukauskaite, and Gwen Loos.
- "Playing with proportions", "Overgrown schoolgirls"
All the photos: page scans - page scans
- Fashion shoot video link - screencaps

- (slight AA AP/OA) Vogue Paris magazine, 11/2008 - The same young woman photographed in a different light to appear to be different ages.
- Ages 10 to 60 aging illusion. (Agingwomen)

Walead Beshty
- (male flash forward) "Untitled (Age Progressions)" at "Control, Escape, Delete" group show at the Society for Contemporary Photography, Baltimore. Like a collection of high school yearbook photos, there's something unsettling about the portraits of these 8 young men. Their skin looks too smooth and plastic, like an airbrush job gone bad. Beshty sent school photographs of himself, between the ages of 6 and 12, to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He led the forensic artist to believe that they were pictures of 8 brothers, and requested renderings of each "individual" at the age of 25 - his age at the time of the project. The center produced 8 startlingly different images, none of which resemble the grown-up artist. Beshty calls attention to our misplaced faith in the wonders of modern technology and our tendency to accept photographs as truth. "They were pretty pissed that they were exploited."

watch me grow
- (UC image galleries)
Girls wearing clothes that have become too short and too tight for their growing bodies.
-  Gallery01  -
-  Gallery02  -  Gallery03  -  Gallery04 
-  Celeb UC 
-  Gallery06  -  Gallery07  -  Gallery08 
-  Gallery09  -  Gallery10  -  Gallery11 
-  Gallery12  -  Gallery13  -  Gallery14 
-  Gallery15  -  Gallery16  -

weight loss
- gif

what happened to me?
- (kinda looks like FFed UC) schoolgirl uniforms "cosplay progression" aftermath

what happened to me
- (ARed discovery) Common age transformation tropes: Regressed woman's child sized feet are shown wearing shoes that are now much too big for her - 1
- (ARed discovery) Age transformed woman lifts front of shirt in shocked disbelief - 2
- (APed) - trope

what happened to me
- (ARed discovery) Shoes too big - 2 - 3
- (male wish) Chest shirt
- (development) surprise
- (kinda looks like ARed) "When I grow up..." - Dress-up mirror - 2 - 3

what happened to me
- (kinda like ARed aftermath) shoes too big - (CogitoIErgoISum)

William Larkin
- (kinda looks like AA FF) "Three Young Girls" c1620 by Follower: painting

windows in time
- (flashback)
Trope in which an old photo of a scene is photographed as it covers the same background as it appears today.
- then/now - Me now, 16 years old, and me as a 3 year old - (O')
- then/now

windows in time
- (past face insertion) - face selves

wish I was taller...
- (FF growth) secret

Woman's Life
- (FF AA face portrait painting FF animation)
Live painting show, 2014, Stonehouse, Yirigun.
- Info link - info link - video link - screencaps
- (Acca)

World Dream Bank
- (dream of age, AA APed) - Dream 161 page

World of Babies
- (looks like ARed) 2005 London exhibit. looks like ARed

- (exceptionally strong or oversized kids AA) size themes.
- (FF) "Fountain of Age" contest series.
- aged celebrity photoshop contests.
- (OA) celebs - celebs - (Aging Women contributors)

Yu Xiao
- (photo/CGI ARt) Chinese digital artist b.1984. In her work, "Never grow up" (c2010), she digitally creates child versions of herself as a commentary on China's one child rule and the intense focus on childhood that results - self images

Yves Lecoq
- (kinda like male ARed, OA'd) Photo-manipulations artwork.
- Kinda looks like male AR - kinda like age mirror

Zizi Sexuel
- (puberty FF APed) Paris exhibit - 1
- (male) - PE

Zulu Lulu swizzle sticks
- (adult profiles, FF sagging) c1960 novelty drink mixing sticks.
"Nifty at 15, Spiffy at 20, Sizzling at 25, Perky at 30, Declining at 35, Droopy at 40" - silhouettes

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal