Aging Transformation Scenes

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Da Grande
- (AR) Teacher suddenly realizes student is her reverted former lover - teacher regressed.

Da Grande
- (male AP CB) male AP
- (male excellent AP CB, AR RN, AR) 1987 Italy, Renato Pozzetto. Mixed-up adventures of 8 year old Marco. He puts all his heart into wishing he were big. The result is that he bursts through his clothes and wakes up in the guise of a 40 year old man. He seeks refuge in the house of his former schoolteacher and becomes a full-time babysitter. The teacher ends up as a 6 year old.
- CB scene - 2 (Akira)

Da Grandi
- (overnight cutaway APs, some pajama CB, cutaway ARs OC) 2023, Italy.
A new version of the classic Da Grande was released. This time 4 kids were progressed to adults: 3 boys and one girl. Only the younger sister noticed the goldfish was also enlarged. The teacher was regressed back to a kid at the very end by one of the magical butterflies.
- Movie link - APed caps - RNed caps - ARed caps - (Mad0charles)

- (father/son flashback age form dream sequences) 1988, Martin Sheen.

- (male adult size increase CBed?) AKA "Big Man Japan".
2007 mockumentary, Hitoshi Matsumoto.
- 40-something milquetoast Masaru Daisato leads a fairly normal existence poorly subsidized by a Japanese defense agency. Whenever giant monsters threaten, he makes for the nearest power plant, juices up on electricity, and grows about 30 meters tall to fight them as did others of his lineage before him. It is realistic that his civilian clothes do not fit after the transformation. His senile father bulks up one day and busts out of the senior care hospice, disrupting Tokyo's efficient civilian life. "Justice" Family appears to kick the heck out of the foreign red monster.

Damn Yankees
- (male adult youth stasis) 1958 musical film, modern version of Faust story. Man sells soul for adult youth, and becomes superstar baseball player for the Washington Senators. Adaptation of the hit musical - (TBTC)

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The
- (male young adult, animated muscle TF) 2002.
They imagine themselves as mighty superheroes.
Video link - screencaps
Video link - screencaps
- (Richard)

Darna movie series
- (AA TF AP poofs, RN) Filipina preteen superheroine based on comics series AA-"grows up" and reverts with magic stone. In 1951, 2 Darna movies were made starring Rosa Del Rosario, with Mila Nimpa playing Narda, followed by another 2 starring Liza Moreno in the early 60s, one by Eva Montes and one by Gina Pareno in 1969. In the 1970s films, Darna's origin was changed; no longer a little girl, Narda was now in her late teens.
5/31/1951, Royal Films, Fernando Poe.
Rosa Del Rosario as Darna, Mila Nimfa as Narda.
Darna At Ang Babaing Lawin
"Darna and the Hawkwoman". 8/15/1952, Royal Films, Carlos Vander Toloso.
Rosa Del Rosario as Darna, Mila Nimpa as Narda.
Darna At Ang Babaing Tuod
"Darna and the Tree Monster". 4/14/1965, Premiere Productions.
Eva Montes as Darna, Coney Angeles as Narda.
Darna At Ang Planetman
"Darna and the Planetman". 1/18/1969, Vera Perez Productions.
Gina Pareno as Darna/Daria, Gina Alajar as Narda.
Isputnik Vs Darna Liza Moreno was the first actress to play both Narda and Darna.
Darna Ajaib - (suspected adult to adult costume TF) 1980 Indonesian version of Darna.
- GMA-7 broadcast "Darna The animated series" in the mid 80s.
- (flash forward) In the 2005 TV series, Narda found the stone as a child, but she only became Darna and discovered her powers at age 18.
- Narda / Darna movie age forms
(Mars Ravelo)

- (male adult demon TF "OA" effect) "The Door" - Bollywood horror film, Ramsay, 1978 - screencaps

Dasi, Bom
- (aging/time reversal) Spring, Again Smile Entertainment, S.Korea, 2019.
After her daughter is murdered, the support group chose to kill themselves together. Instead, she discovers time is now moving backwards. Eventually it becomes the day before her daughter died. Only the diary remains unchanged with clues. Several years later her daughter becomes unborn, and then unconceived. She tries to figure out how to restore the normal flow of time, so her daughter can be born again.
- Recap spoilers link - - Full Movie (sadly not dubbed or subbed) link - - (Tazz)

- (age stasis) 2009, Spierig.
In a world where nearly everyone has been an un-aging bloodsucker for a decade, a girl vampire sits outside to be killed by the dawn. Her note describes how she can't take eternal puberty anymore.

- (CB growth, size increased) 1999 movie. A fairy takes the form of a pretty blond woman and visits a widowed father and his daugther. Writer of children's books reads fairy stories to young daughter. A real fairy, Crystal, listens in. Tom's dog decides to chase her. Crystal collides with a tree and is knocked out. She transforms into human form, and subsequently suffers amnesia. The bare bottom nudity is easily explained to children without any concerns (if a fairy grows to human size her clothes no longer fit!). Chantelle Stander was hot as the Fairy turned human. Tom finds Crystal and falls in love with her, much to the disappointment and disapproval of Melissa's teacher, Miss Martinet. Crystal has to return to Fairyland within 6 days! (ciberman) IMDB

De rode zwaan
- (age stasis) 1999, Netherlands. Based on book by Sjoerd Kuyper. A young boy discovers a portal into another universe. He assembles an unlikely cast of heroes, including his grandfather's childhood flame who has failed to age.

Dead and Rotting
- (blurry adult rejuvenated glimpse)
Video link - screencaps - (Bstgate)

Dead and Rotting
- (OA cut-aways)
Direct voice link - voice link - vid link - screencaps

Dead and Rotting
- (old age, young adult) 2002, David P. Barton. 3 friends accidently kill the son of a witch in the form of a cat. The old naked witch regresses in the bathtub after pouring a pink substance. Cut, and 1 very pretty young lady appears topless out of the water (Debbie Rochon). After seducing the three men, she buries their offspring fetuses in pumpkins. They sprung up as hideous creatures ready to extract revenge. The witch keeps her young form to trap her victims, and from time to time becomes old again to make fear. For the rest of the movie, she stays clothed even though she is regularly seducing men and having sex - (Paul, Xenocross, video links: 01 02

Dead Daughters
- (possible ghost APed) Russia 2006. "Myortvye Docheri" 3 killed girls return as judgmental teens. Remake was in pre-production hell c2010.

Dead Heat
- (adult decay to death) Buddy cop zombie comedy, 1988.
LAPD cop attempts to stop zombies who were reanimated to carry out robberies -
caps - (TF Dimension)

Dead Silence
- (young adult to ghost form OA)
Dead old woman's spirit possessed a lifelike human doll, the perfect puppet Amber Valletta. She heckles Jamie and reveals herself as the ghostly elder Judith Roberts in disguise.

Deadpool (series)
- (regeneration pseudo "ARed" phases) In the early years, Deadpool underwent an experiment that turned him into an active mutant to cure his cancer - Regeneration scenes: Deadpool (2016) Wade Wilson's Baby Hand link - Deadpool 2 (2018) "Baby Legs Scene" link - link - (Bella)

Deadpool 2 (trailer)
- (male AA "ARed" cut) "Bigger Is Better" 2018 movie CM.
Deadpool gets "reverted" into a child demonstrating his appearance on a regular screen and on IMAX. I hope they do more like this. We already know his limbs appear child-sized when regenerating.
- Trailer link - caps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (male) At the start Wade Wilson underwent an experiment to cure his cancer that transformed him into the mutant Deadpool. When he regenerates limbs they starts off baby sized before growing back - (Isabella)

Dear Wendy
- (came of age) 2004, von Trier, Vinterberg.
17 y.o. Alison Pill says "I just can't wait to show you", unbuttons her shirt, then holds down her bra, revealing her breasts with a big smile on her face. "They've grown. My breasts have grown." - BE'd

Death Becomes Her
- (adult rejuv firming) - gif

Death Becomes Her
- (middle age to younger adult rejuvenation) Streep

- (male AR, RN AP) 1984 Deathstalker meets a witch, who tells him to find a guy who lives in a hole. He finds the guy, turns into a kid, "frees" the guy from the hole, and turns back into an adult. Also M-to-F TG scene.

Deep Red
- (age stasis) 1994.
People are much older than they appear to be. 10 y.o. daughter Lindsey Haun can bend and "metamorphose" her body. She has been infected by an alien organism that makes her immortal, and a private detective is hired to protect her from a mad scientist who wants to steal her powers.

Demonic Toys
- (AA AP) Warning: image not safe for work. AP (ORLPH)
- (AA AP) 1991. Demon creates the illusion of a little blonde girl in a ruffled party dress of age 8 to lure a young man out of hiding. It then changes into a more mature version of the girl - a gorgeous woman in her late teens wearing a prom dress. Then it changes into the same woman a few years older and wearing nothing but an "Uncle Sam" hat and high heels. The woman is "Miss July" - a centerfold whose picture the boy was drooling over earlier and the forms are different stages of her life as pictured in her bio.
- (male AP, male AR)
Following clips have male AP and male AR blink TF's. They can be downloaded from ArArchive, new images section.
demon_toys_2.mpg (2bya)

Demonic Toys
- (male AR, male AP AA)
- male AR - male AP - male ARed
(ArArchive videos)

Descendants 3
- (Disney AA, AA OA'd) 2019 musical Tv film.
22 y.o. Mal is magically converted into an old hag in a dark robe. She is restored at the Isle due to the suppression of evil magic there.
- Scene link - screencaps - (MeanMark)

Detective Conan
- (male ARed, female ARed, unseen male AP RN, unseen female AP RN)
Kudo Shinichi no Fukkatsu! Kuro no Soshiki to no Taiketsu
- 2007, 2nd live action Tv drama.
AKA "Shinichi Kudo Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization"
- Diminutive gumshoe Detective Conan is transformed off-camera to his original full-sized self, Kudo Shinichi, after eating a piece of cake at the "Miss Japanesque" awards show party. Infantilized sidekick Ai Haibara also grew back to womanhood offscreen. Their discarded child-sized clothes are glimpsed on the floor. Before he can mull over the cause of his temporary transformation, a murder occurs, and it looks like Conan is once again called upon to save the day.
- Direct video links: before the unseen AP - after the unseen AP.
- Unseen AP screencaps - aftermath.
Haibara reverted back to childhood behind the scenes while Ran was unconscious - screencaps
- Male ARed direct video link - screencaps - male age forms Conan/Ran dream sequence.
poster - The secret can never be told - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult mother/daughter soul exchange) 2011 satirical horror. Kahn, Palermo.
Rays from an alien spaceship cause mom and daughter to swap places. Sloan Fisher wakes up in her teenage daughter Ione's body in the present day of 2010, while Ione wakes up in Sloan's body... in 1992, back when Sloan was in high school. This plays havoc with time, and almost causes the end of the world.
- It takes place near the beginning of the movie, but they show the on-screen swap in the form of a flashback around 47:52. The switch stays permanent - (Chandrabhanuto)

- (mother/daughter adult body swap) 2011.
Young adult cheerleader Ione's mom suggests Ione wish upon a star to swap bodies with Sloan's young adult self to win a dance contest. That night, aliens abduct mom and daughter. Ione wakes up in Sloan's 18 y.o. body in 1992, while Sloan wakes up in Ione's 18 y.o. body in 2011; and, oh yeah, Ione is pregnant with herself - (Dale Ribbons)

- (normal coming of age) 1995 Natalie Portman. growing up -
developing - 3

Dharam Veer
- (male FF) 1977, India. Exchanged boys grow up in different environments. The baby was switched back by the eagle, young Dharam in a mini "transforming" into the grown up Dharam still in a mini.

Didi Quer Ser Crianca
- (male AA AR, male AA AP, male AA "age swaps")
2004, Brazil. "Didi wanna be a kid".
- Suddenly, some magic pills appear, causing Didi and Felipe to exchange: Didi turns child and Philip turns adult.
Some scenes @ 30m, 46m30s, 1h12m5s - Video link
- Male AA screencaps: swap - AR - AP - swap - swap

Didi Quer Ser Crianca
- (unseen AA APed aftermath glimpse)
At the end, preteen Sandrinha (Malu Rodrigues) took a magic pill off-screen, before driving off with Didi as a beautiful adult (Fernanda Lima).
AA APed screencaps - male AR cover art

Distant Neighbourhood, A
- (male mind transfer to past self)
"Quartier Lointain" "Vertraute Fremde" Belgium, Germany, 2010.
- Adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi manga "Haruka na Machi e"
Thomas in his 50s collapses and wakes up 40 years earlier in the body of his teenage self. The purpose of our hero's incredible journey is to prevent his father's disappearance. But can we ever alter the past, even by returning to it? - Trailer link

Divka na kosteti
- (male APed forms) "The Girl on the Broomstick", Czechoslovakia, 1972.
Teenage witch Saxana faces 300 years detention for failing her classes. She escapes to a human school and turns the faculty into rabbits. Boys disguise themselves as men.
2011 sequel "Saxana a Lexikon kouzel" (Little Witch on a Broomstick) follows her daughter.
- (Sickboy)

- (presumed AA) Adult movie about cloned sister Michelle Wild. No growth shown - cover

Do or Die
- (old age transformation scenes, unseen child AP, accelerated pregnancy) 2003 Tv movie. Virus causes victims to age rapidly, including children (not depicted). The rate is 1 year per day. Old age becomes favored method of execution. Pregnancy takes only weeks. Effects on children not shown or discussed. male old age - pregnancy - old age

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
- (male age anomaly) 1996. Ashtray's teen father is younger than him. "Look at you, man. Look, you got big."

Don't Look Now
- (age disguise trap, pseudo "OA-d" effect) UK/Italy thriller, 1973.
Adapted from Daphne du Maurier short story - caps -

Don't Look Under the Bed
TG scenes old-age TG-AP - male TG-AR

Donkey's Hide, The
- (TF) Live-action 1982 USSR "Nadezhda Kosheverova" This classic fairy tale involves the daughter of a widowed Russian King. She receives a magical ring and is able to change her appearance at will. French version of the same story directed by Jacques Demy was released in 1970.

Donor, The
- (TF, baby acceleration) "The Donor", 1996 Japan. Masato Sasaki. Doctor has had a sex change and is planning to conceive a child with her own (male) rapid maturing clone.

Door Ki Awaaz
- (adult TG attributes swapped, adult rejuvenation and aging effect) 1964, India.
Full movie link @47:00 - screencaps - (Akira)

Doppelganger, The
- (body doubling) "The Doppelganger", 1993, made for Tv movie.
Graphic lengthy scene where Drew Barrymore splits into 2 exact clone-like replicas. There's also an extensive scene where the 2 merge back into 1 person again. Her split personalities had become so extreme that they needed separate bodies - (whackadoodle1)

Dora and the Lost City of Gold
- (adult TF rejuv fade) 2019.
Madelyn Miranda played 6 y.o. Dora. 16 y.o. Dora was played by Isabela Moner - screencaps - 02

Dospelaci Muzou Vsechno
- (male AR/AP cut-aways) male ARed - male APed

Dospelaci muzou vsechno
- (male excellent short CB/APed scene, male AR to infancy, RNed)
"Adults are allowed everything", "Just Because You're Grown-Up".
Czechoslovakia, 1969, b&w. Kratky Film Praha, Gottwaldov Film Studio.
- An early entry in the well-established movie genre in which a young boy is magically transformed (or body-swapped) into a grown man, and often a man regresses back to boyhood! The genre may have started with Great Britain's 1948 "Vice Versa", and carries on worldwide to this day.
Arrogant and spoiled Michael's scientist-father is reduced to a drooling infant, a situation which produces some simplistic yet amusing eventualities. The punitive institution of public education gets a sound thrashing. The film boasts several somewhat surreal sequences, as well as one wholly bizarre production number.
The only US release seems to be the obscure "'Specially for Kids" 1993 video, targeted to libraries and institutions.
- Synopsis:
A strange dream opens the film: young boy Michael drives up to school in a car and picks up cute little girl Louise. Michael tells his father to go to bed rather than watch a horror movie on TV. Michael's teacher chastises his adult students on not learning to whistle. Then Michael wakes up. His father, the world famous Dr. Dvorak, tells him to get ready for school.
Michael sneaks into the National Science Laboratory, and sees his father working on his new invention which can change the size of animals, in an effort to end world hunger. He steals the formula and adds his own ingredients. Then his father returns, drinks the formula, and instantly turns into an infant! Michael tries some new permutation of the formula, and grows into an adult! He changes into his father's clothes, hoping to pass himself off as his father's long-lost brother. Michael takes his infant-father in his arms, and tries to drive his car home. Miraculously, he manages to drive backwards all the way home.
Big Michael goes outside to try and solicit his best friend Louise, but the smart little girl knows not to talk to strange adults, and she solicits the help of a cop. Big Michael returns home to find that his infant father has made a mess out of the place. The flirty woman next door comes over asking for a date. Big Michael reluctantly agrees, and soon the young woman is leading the terrified man-child in romantic dancing.
Next morning, an exhausted Big Michael makes his way to school, and confronts Louise with the truth of his miraculous transformation. Louise at first thinks he is just a pervert trying to befriend her, but soon she sees the horrible truth about the father's miracle potion. At school, Big Michael is forced into the problematic position of teaching his own peers, but he enjoys his newfound power. He confiscates all the boys' peashooters. Big Michael taunts his enemy, Frankie, with difficult mathematics problems.
After school, Big Michael explains the joys of being an adult with the production number "Now That I'm Grown-Up".
Louise helps out by feeding and bathing father-baby, but chastises Big Michael's irresponsibility in domestic affairs. Soon, Big Michael is at an employment agency, asking to become a hockey player or astronaut. Louise browbeats poor Big Michael into fighting a boxing contest. He is saved from total annihilation only by Louise dropping the lighting fixture onto Mighty Eddy's head. Louise shames Big Michael into getting a real job as a lowly dishwasher. Big Michael informs her of his failure, and she tells him that he is still immature, no matter how big he appears to be.
Suddenly, the real Dr. Dvorak pulls off the covers, and Michael is a child again! Michael runs to the kitchen, and welcomes home his mother, with her new baby, Michael's real baby brother!
- Info link:
- Male AP/CB screencap:
(Entropic, KiddieMatinee)

Down Periscope
- (UC scene) 1996 Lauren Holly.
- UC - UC

Dragonball: Evolution
- (unseen male ARed) 2009. Widely considered one of the worst movies ever. Evil being Piccalo bent on world domination had an ape-like right hand man. After Piccalo was exiled into a jar, his ape beast disappeared. We learn he turned himself into a human baby with no memory, placed in a comet/spacecraft where 2000 years later he is found by the man he'd call grandpa (hadn't aged a day). He would remain till Piccalo's return and a blood moon, so he could turn back. Of course the baby grew up to be the hero - (Tazz)

Dream a Little Dream
- (mind transfer ARed) 1989 A bike accident transfers the minds of an elderly couple into some young teenagers.

Dream One
- (male AP) AKA "Nemo" 1984 UK/France. Jason Connery (Nemo), Seth Kibel (Young Nemo), Mathilda May (Princess Alice, also in Lifeforce). Nemo wanders into an elevator which takes him through space and deposits him on a strange beach inhabited by mysterious magician Mr Rip, the masked swordsman Legend, and the beautiful Princess Alice of Yonderland. When Nemo becomes jealous of Legend's attentions towards the princess, he asks Mr Rip to transform him into an adult so he can win her love - (Akira)

Drop dead Fred
- (flashback AR, AA, flash forward fade, cut-away) Phoebe Cates.

Du wen
- (male TF AP CB scenes) "Poisonous Kiss", Chen Xingzhong, China 1992.
A son born from deceased chemical factory workers suffered from gigantism that caused him to grow during thunderstorms. He went from a baby to a toddler to a boy and finally a young man. Even more frightening is that his toxicity became ever deadlier. He picked up the girl's body and went up the mountain. In the end he was struck by lightning amidst a roar of despair, and disappeared without a trace... Actor: Yang Feiran.
- TF scene link - Story link - screencaps - (Ian Ricky Male TF)

Dude, Where's My Car
- (BE) The 2 male leads give alien necklaces to their girlfriends, causing their breasts to expand under their clothes.

Dum U Zlateho usvitu
- (male AP CB scene, boy to old man, male AR morph OC, old man to boy)
"House of the Golden Dawn" - Boys Only Law. A young girl helps him brew the grow-up potion and watches the result. His clothes tore.
- 2009 Czech Tv film - Full movie link (male AP CB @57:00, RN AR @01:01:00) - screencaps - (SickBoy)

- (adult rejuvenation) "Jiaozi", "Gaau2zi2".
2004, Hong Kong, horror, Fruit Chan.
- Mrs. Li is losing her good looks and longs for passion. Aunt Mei cooks her some special fetus dumplings which she claims to be effective for rejuvenation. This has a wondrous effect on her libido. Mrs. Li hosts a dinner party for her friends, who compliment her and wonder about her newly found beauty and youth. Mr. Li eats one of her dumplings and has violent sex with Mei, whom he finds out to be 64 y.o., but with a form like a slender 30 y.o. woman. She attributes her looks to her cannibalism. Soon, Mrs. Li realizes that she can not stay young without eating Mei's dumplings.
- Based on short film in "Three... Extremes"

Dva Dnya Chudes
- (AA "TF" poofs, male body swaps, AA ARed, RNed) "Two Days of Miracles", USSR, 1970.
Russian language father/son body swap film! Also the mother was ARed.
This was made decades before Big, Vice Versa and Like Father, Like Son. Truly a lost classic in the body swap genre.
- Young fairies Chamomile and Violet from the Institute of Good Wizards didn't deliver their exams on time. They are sent for work experience with humans to perform a "good miracle." Materializing on a river boat, the fairies overhear the head of the therapeutic department of the polyclinic Vadim Leonidovich, his wife, and their son on vacation. The fairies offer to swap the father and son's bodies, and turn the mother back into a girl to grant their wishes. Not taking them seriously, Vadim agrees to their proposal. The fairies inscribe a spell in the air, turning the father into his son, the son into his father, and the mother ... into a cactus. The TFs are simple poof cuts, because they had a limited budget.
At the same time, two older student sorceresses from the Institute of Petty Mischief also appear, to commit petty mischief. The movie is great at showing the father and son adapting to each other's bodies after they arrive home @16:00! The father scolds some boys in his son's body, and the son rides his tricycle in his father's body. Since the next day, September 1, is the end of vacation, the son needs to go to school, and his father has to show up for work at the clinic. They desperately try to teach and prepare each other for unexpected new roles and responsibilities in their newfound childhood and adulthood. They go to school and work, and have to pretend to be each other.
In the end, the fairies manage to correct their mistake - first turning the mother-cactus back into a young girl, and later to her old self, as well as restoring father and son to their original bodies.
- Full movie link first TFed @11:30 - screencaps - (Derek)

E.T. 2
- (AP CB) Gertie fan art - under certain circumstances E.T. can make organisms grow faster.

Einstein Girl
- (flashback) "Ainshutain Garu" 2005 Japan. Highschool teen happens to fall in a timeslip. She can save her mother from dying in a past accident by destroying the time continuity. What is she going to do?

El brassier de Emma
- (coming of age) "Emma's Bra" 2007, Maryse Sistach. Family comedy set in 1962. After her older sister flies off to Paris, 13-year-old Emma remains in Mexico City with their squabbling parents. She fosters a growing fetish for all things associated with mammary glands: her own developing breasts, nursing infants, sexually curious boys, and that bizarre male invention: the brassiere. Precociously liberated Emma single-handedly launches the Mexican women's movement.

- (age disguised)
"What's the matter? Is something wrong?" Changed voice: "They told me to change my appearance, so..."
"No, it's... you look great."

- (ARed glimpse illusion) In a subtle scene, Elektra sees 15 y.o. Abby Miller (Kirsten Prout) as a younger girl wearing the same hairstyle. If the younger version was played by Laura Ward, who also played Young Elektra, it may mean she imagines Abby as a younger version of herself with a similar destiny.
- screencaps
(2BYA data)

- (male FF) 2003 - years

Ellie Parker
- (dream sequences) 2005 movie, Naomi Watts. Deleted scenes. Cuts to Ellie's inner child.

Elvia, Mistress of the Night
- (female breast expansion power) The titular character is running from the villain while locked in a graveyard. To escape, she pushes her breasts against the chain locking the gate, and takes a deep breath. Her boobs swell enough to break the chain.

- 1976 Barbara Carrera - from poster

Emerald Forest, The
- (flash forward) 1985. Boy grows up and comes of age in jungle. Yara Vaneau: Young Heather. Estee Chandler: Heather. Dira Paes: Kachiri.

Emma's Wish
- (old age ARed to younger adult, old age, AA) 1998, Joanna Kearns. On her 75th birthday, Emma makes a wish. As she blows out the candles on her birthday cake, an eerie wind sweeps through the dining room. As Emma stares at her son's wish ring from 1963, it feels warm on her aged hand. When she wakes the following morning, she finds herself 35 years younger. Now being a young woman, along with the knowledge and experience of her 75 years, she has the opportunity to change her life. Emma is determined to make her wish come true and befriend her daughter Joy - (Ricky) cover She returns to old age in spurts.
- old age ARed - old age scene

Emmanuelle's Love
- (adult rejuvenation) 1993 soft porn. She's given a mystic substance which will give her adult youth and allow her to enter the souls of other women. She searches her true love Mario from 20 years ago. When he sees young Emmanuelle, he doesn't believe it's really her, but she retells all the juicy details of her adult past to prove it to him.

Emmanuelle's Love
- (adult slightly rejuvenated cutaway) - "L'amour d'Emmanuelle", 1993 softcore flick.
Video link - screencaps - (Mary Jane)

Emmanuelle's Perfume
- (adult rejuvenation) "Le parfum d'Emmanuelle", 1992.
An old couple is restored to the sexual vigor of adult youth.
- Video link - screencaps - (Mary Jane)

Emmanuelle's Perfume
- (adult rejuvenations) 1992 soft porn. When Emmanuelle retreated to a Tibetan monastery, she was given a perfume that can reduce the ages of adults into younger adults. She could enter another woman's body and experience her sexual rapture. The sensual, magical touch of Emmanuelle's perfume rejuvenates Sam's parents by 50 years to their sexual peak ages, with devastating results...
- Sylvia Kristel: Emmanuelle. Marcela Walerstein:Young Emmanuelle - Prequel to "Emmanuelle's Love".

- (old aged, TF) 2007 partially animated Disney film. In both animation and live action, evil queen Narissa transforms into an old hag. In live action, Narissa transforms into a dragon in an obvious Sleeping Beauty reference - ( jasobres,

End of Days
- (slight adult rejuvenation AA dream sequence) 1999 face

Enemy Mine
- (alien FFed) Fast growing alien child - dress-up
- (kinda male flash forward AP, alien UC) 1985. Alien baby grows up fast.

Enfants de Timpelbach, Les
- (adult roles kinda looks slightly like ARed) 2008. For several weeks, the children of Timpelbach have been playing multiple practical jokes and nasty tricks. Overwrought, the parents decide to leave the village for what they think will only be one day. The news of a village without parents makes Oscar and his gang of thugs happy! A few daredevils decide to side with Manfred and Marianne to regain control of the village - (doctor anguish)

Enfolding, The
- (small possibility of AP RN?, AR) "The Enfolding", 2005. A research scientist is missing. Anomalies are occurring in the lives of everyone who is exposed to the force of a mysterious meteorite. They are getting younger. A thought-provoking story on the reversal of time. The audience is drawn into a mystery that culminates in a startling conclusion - (K)
Based on short story "Paradox of Order" by Gyula Hernadi.(JeffR_2bya)

Enteng Kabisote 2: Okay ka fairy ko
- (APed) "The legend continues" 2005, Philippines, based on sitcom. The magical world Engkantasya and the human world welcome Ada, Enteng and Faye's fast growing baby princess who hatched from giant egg. Angel Sy (5/4/2000): Ada Kabisote.
Enteng Kabisote 3 2006. Mikylla Ramirez (8/27/1998): Ada Kabisote.

Enter the Void
- (dream flashback fades look like AR, male fertilization and rebirth) 2010.
Several memories of people blurring through different ages are shown in similar situations through time. The reason is that he died after being shot by the Tokyo Police Department and his spirit revisits past experiences.

Entre la tarde y la noche
- (flashback scenes) AKA "The Magic Hour", 1999, Mexico.
- Angelica Aragon: Minerva - Martha Lorena Osuna: young Minerva.
A writer facing a critical situation in her career decides to re-encounter her past, the fantastic world of her childhood. She is surprised by facts she never knew as a child that would've changed her life.

Eonni-ga ganda
- (flashback to younger adult) AKA: Go Go Sister, Operation Makeover, Eonniga Ganda. South Korea, 2007
So-young Ko: Na Jung-ju, Alice. An Jo: Na Jung-ju.
30 year old Jung-joo despises her life. The turning point was failing to become the girlfriend of high school poster-boy Ha-ni. Given a chance to go back to her past for 1 week, she meets her younger self, and is determined to change the course of her life. But the task is much harder than it had first appeared to be.

Erotic Tales Vol. III
- (slight adult rejuvenation, below the neck, AR aftermath, poof to nothing) Erotic short films anthology, Regina Ziegler.
Caramelle - 29mins, by Cinzia Torrini, Italy, 1995.
A woman uses magic candies from a sorcerer to become somewhat younger, eventually overdosing into a child and then nothing.
Anna is not so young anymore, but still a voluptuous woman full of desire. Her husband prefers to watch television over making love. Diets and aerobics fail to revive his interest, so Anna turns to a fortune-teller: each candy will make Anna 7 years younger.
It seems Anna has a "sweet tooth". The candies have a slightly delayed effect. Her husband takes nude photos of her in their apartment. She seems to look younger by the use of make up, or removal of the earlier age make up (no CGI here). We can't see her face, but it's obviously the body of a much younger and sexier woman. We glimpse her in the shower, eating the remaining candies. She still appears to have big breasts. The concierge finishes repairing her faulty faucet, and leers at her youthful nudity behind the shower door before leaving.
Next shot, the feet of a little girl are seen leaving the stall. She looks up and discovers she's regressed down to a child, her hand going to her face in horror. We see her going down the stairs in her oversized red dress and iconic heels. The concierge, upon seeing the little girl in tears, offers her the last candy. She hesitates, visibly torn, then relents and eats it. After a few more steps, she turns back with a laugh, as weird colors fill the room. Under his shocked gaze, the magic regresses her into nothingness with a "poof", leaving only her red heels and the candy wrapper tumbling down. The End.
- (Russian voice over) Episode link (rejuv @25:00) - screencaps - (Vended)

ET The Extra Terrestrial
- (male mental age) 1982, Erika Eleniak. Elliott acts out romantic scene from old movie - caps
E.T. 2
- (flash forward rumor) In "pre-production". Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg were said to have been in talks to make a sequel to the Hollywood classic. Drew is anxious to resume her role as Gertie, but only if Spielberg, who directed the first film, agrees to oversee the project. Barrymore was 6 years old when ET shot her to fame in 1982. According to unsourced reports the sequel would have seen ET return to a now fully grown-up Gertie, desperate for help saving his family from extinction.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- (mental age forms) Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet with their child actor doubles (full view) - cast photo - (O')

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- (mental ARed-like flashbacks) 2004 - time

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- (mental self-image "ARed") 2004.
Joel skips work to take train to beach and meets Clementine. They are exact opposites, which is proved when Clementine seems to forget who Joel was. Clementine has had him erased from her memory, and doesn't remember having had a relationship. He goes to check things out at Lacuna, and decides to have the procedure done as well as a revenge.
Most of the movie takes place in Joel's mind as his memories are deleted backwards, the most painful relationship memories first, and then the good ones. He wants the procedure to stop, but the erasure team cannot hear him, so Joel and his memory of Clementine are forced to flee and hide around Joel's mind.
- (JeffR_2bya) ln - th

- (age stasis) 2004 Retelling/updating of the old Elizabeth Bathory legend. A sadistic noblewoman attempts to prolong her youth by bathing in the blood of virgins.

Eternity (adult films disambiguation?)
- Year: 1991?
Cash Markman adult film script, intended for The Sexual Limits adult series for director Scotty Fox?
Reportedly about a woman who stays young by draining the adult youth from her lovers?
Sin City changed the title to "Eternity"?
- Year: xxxx?
Cash Markman adult film script, intended for The Sexual Limits adult series for director Jim Enright?
Reportedly about a Fountain of Adult Youth serum?
DI (Cinderella) changed the title to "Eternity"?
- A strange coincidence, as the two stories had little in common except an obsession with adult youth?

Eve's Christmas
- (adult time reversal) 2004. Drunk 33 y.o. business woman is granted her wish to go back 8 years to change the decisions that led to her empty life.

Event Horizon
- (deleted scene featured male and female AR) 1997.
A female AR scene was removed from the finished film, because test audiences felt uncomfortable regarding it.
The female crew member had lost her son. She sees her son running down a hallway and gives chase. As she does so, he begins to get smaller and younger, and as she continues to follow so does she. She gets to an intersection in the labyrinth of corridors and hears a young child, we assume her son, giggling. She runs down hallway after hallway trying to find him, getting younger and younger with each twist and turn. Eventually we see a small child run down a long hallway, who trips and falls. The camera pulls out and zooms away, and we hear an infant's wail and then silence - (Ferver)

- (male adult aging) 2012, John Simm.
A man imprisoned for drug-smuggling charts his relationship with his wife. The film was shot a few weeks at a time from 2007-2012 to reflect the protagonist's time in prison and achieve an authentic aging process - (F5)

Everything is Illuminated
- (male FF) 2005 - male

Evil Spawn
- (adult rejuv wish, TF) 1988.
Aging actress Bresee desperately wants a part in an upcoming film, so she takes youth serum injections to look younger. They turn her into an insect monster that kills those she feels are against her getting the part. When Bresee, in creature mode, threatens her biographer and secret admirer Godderis, the police arrive and open fire, thereby ending Bresee's ambitions - (Jeffr_2bya)

Evils of the Night
- (alien age stasis) 1985.
Sex-hungry older teens are kidnapped by auto mechanics to a rural hospital run by aliens who need their blood as the key to their own longevity - (Jeffr_2bya)

Evolution of a Filipino Family
- (FF AA) "Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino", 2004, 10 hrs. drama, Lav Diaz.
Intimate epic methodically observes the collapse and hopeful revival of a poor farming clan, meant to symbolize a nation's history spanning 1971 to 1987. Lensed over 9 years, the cast members grow older ever so gradually; it's like slowly turning the pages of a photo album. By the time Raynaldo has grown from child to near adult, the full power of Diaz's unusual shooting method packs a surprising wallop - (F5)

- (adult age stasis, OA) Morgana Le Fay uses magical powers to keep herself looking young well into middle age. When Merlin tricks her into casting a powerful mist spell, she releases so much energy that she ages far beyond her natural age.

- (adult to old age) 1981.
Merlin tests magic on Morgan Le Fay, who has stayed young using her evil magic. He surrounds her with mist and she turns into an old woman, simply a different, older actress wearing Morgan's clothes. Her son runs in and kills her, thinking she's someone else. A quick, mist-shrouded scene... very hard to see anything at all. It happens near the end of the film.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

- (male APed) 1981. Morgana aged her son Mordred from a young boy into a man to face Arthur in combat.

- (OA) The grisly fate of Morgan Le Fay was rendered in a very Nightmare-Fuel-Efficient way.

Exorcist (series)
- (AA young adult degeneration, some CoA, FFed) 1973+. Linda Blair looked "older" or at least wrinkled but not any bigger of course when she was possessed.

Faculty, The
- (unseen CB, TF) "The Faculty" - transformation scene - start

Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, A
- (male age disguise, coming of age)
7/9/11 "Fairly OddParents" live action movie, Nickelodeon.
- Timmy Turner is now 23 years old and still living at home. He has gotten around "Da Rules" which state a kid must lose his fairy godparents once he matures by pretending to still be a child. He is a grown adult (Drake Bell) who wears kid's style clothing, rides a child's bike, and still goes to the 5th grade. When little Tootie shows up in town years later as a grown woman, Timmy finds he has very adult feelings for her.
- Trailer link - (Otaru)

Fall, The
- (slight FF) "The Fall", 2006.
Young Alexandria is recovering from a broken arm in the hospital. Roy Walker tells an elaborate story about 6 men on a quest. She becomes embroiled in the tale and starts mixing fiction with reality, not realizing that Roy is using her to procure morphine for him. The hospital scenes with Catinca Untaru were shot in chronological order. Over the course of 6 weeks, she grew taller and her English improved like her character's. She lost her front baby teeth right before shooting began, so filming in sequence allowed for the continuity of the gap between her teeth to remain consistent.

Family Switch
- (AA mind swaps, parents/offspring/animal) Jennifer Garner, McG. Netflix, 2023.
A chance encounter with an astrological reader causes a family to wake to a full-family body switch. They quickly realize the same thing has happened to a family on the other side of the world. Jennifer will find herself in the body of her young adult teenage daughter. Baby brother was swapped with the family dog. 'Meta' nods to "13 Going on 30".
Based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal's 2010 children's book "Bedtime for Mommy".

Family Switch
- (mind swaps) - pic

Fan lao huan tong
- (male AR, male ARed aftermath, male partial RN AP CB, male cutaway APed CB) Hong Kong, Chinese, 1989.
English title: Forever Young - Second Childhood - literally: "Rejuvenation" - 返老还童
- Boys-Only Law is in full effect. Uncle acquired a special syrup, and 4 men turned back into 8 y.o. boys. The ladies were horrified by the unexpected change. The boys attended elementary school with a 30-year-old's IQ. There must be a special place in hell for movie makers who make ARed characters retain their adult voices, though :o
@0:31:00 - male AR - @1:04:58 - male AP CB (albeit a little creepy) - @1:05:30 - male legs-only AR.
@1:07:40 - male AR aftermath (no process) - @1:28:05 - male RN CB aftermath (no process).
- Preview link - legal purchase link (preview thumbs) - search term link - limited partial screencaps:
- Poster - male AR screencaps - male ARed screencaps - male AP screencaps - male APed screencaps
- - (Phenessy, TheFunHero)

Fan lao huan tong
- (male ARed, male TF partial AP CB practical effects)
4 pals on a Thai tour drank a potion that turned them into boys, leaving one to try to steer them back to adulthood. There was some uneven restoration.
- Scene link - gif - screencaps - (Ian Ricky, Akira)

fantasy curse (plot relatability flaw)
- ("AP" depictions ruined by non-AP "magical" plot elements) Movie and film plot problem.
This is what we hate most. In the rare cases where a movie has an AP glimpse, it is completely overwhelmed and neutralized by distractions and diversions (example fan story link). They throw together so many fantastical story elements it completely devalues the AP. Each non-AP fantasy plot point leaves less room for the transformation, making it less real and meaningful. It just doesn't count anymore.
Examples include magic powers that can do anything, genre characters on the usual quests, unrelatable mystical heroes, mainstream emotions and motivations. All the boring things we've seen many times already and really can't relate to. In the X-Men movies the meaningless plot is treated too seriously to spend a moment on how shapeshifting might really work.
We don't want ANY extraneous fantasy elements mixed in with AP except to the extent such things actually exist in the world we live in. The AP should be the only fantastical element.

Farligt Venskab
- (male adult ages) "Body Switch", Denmark, 1995, Ulf Pilgaard, Morten Schaffalitzky.
Old scientist and 19 y.o. male traded places after the latter's healthy body was swiped. Can he get it back?

fast forward (age tropes)
- (dedicated AP) Blink cut/fade effects to visualize accelerated time. Video can be sped up or intermittently slowed to create time and motion blurring, along with reality distortions and glitches. Examples: FeardotCom, Annabelle, Legend, etc.
Also see: Marionette Motion, Adrenaline Time, Bullet Time, Dizzy or Jitter Cam, Ramping, Over/Under Cranking, ghost girls etc - fan morph - The glitches happened when the before/after image sections were randomly morphed into each other instead of the correct source/targets.

Fat Spy, The
- (ARed) 1966. The youth flowers turn the villains clothes into child-sized diaper pants but their voices are unchanged - caps

Father of the Bride
- (flashback AR AA, dream sequence) Daughter briefly "AR"ed.

Faust - Eine Deutsche Volkssage
- (male adult rejuv) A German Folktale, 1926 silent.
Old man Faust makes his original deal with The Devil to save his town from The Plague. When the townsfolk cast him out he gets a lot less altruistic, demanding adult youth to enjoy sensual pleasures.

Faust: Love of the Damned
- (BE) Breast Expansion scene escalates into Body Horror without any warning.

Fear Dot Com
- (ghost AP, AA, brief old age)
- APed - APed

Fear, The
- (OA face morph) "The Fear", 1995.
Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX)

Fear, The
- (old age) The Fear - 1995.
A group of grown teens is stalked by a wooden dummy who knows their worst fears. One young adult girl is afraid of growing old, so the wooden dummy makes her into an old woman. This is accomplished by fading the young actress out and replacing her with a poorly-made up stand-in. Extremely lame, and her fate is never revealed after that split-second shot... - (Zietgiest)

Field of Dreams
- (male old age) Moonlight Graham instantly ages 50 years as he passes the chalk line that Ray Kinsella had chiseled into his Iowa cornfield - male

Fifty Pills
- (slight UCed scene kinda looks like APed) 2006. Monica Keena is disciplined by principal while wearing school girl uniform. slight UCed

Final Cut, The
- (male adult time flashback) "I have this recurring dream where I'm aging backwards."

Final Cut, The
- (male mental AR effect) Memory recording reversal - (ArArchive, 2BYA)

flash forward
- (AA, some OA'd, also some flashbacks)
- female ages
The movie scenes are from:
Titanic, 1997 - The House of Yes, 1997 - A Cinderella Story, 1998 - Practical Magic, 1998.

flash forward
- (adult stars AA FF timelines) - comic caricatures

flash forward
- (FF/FB face close-ups) - ages
The movie scenes are from (top row):
- Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 1994 - 500 Days of Summer, 2009 - Braveheart, 2005 - It's a Wonderful Life, 1946 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2005 - Once Upon a Time in America.
- (bottom row) Superbad, 2007 - Tristan + Isolde, 2006 - Watchmen, 2009 - You Can Count on Me, 2003.

flash forward
- (male adult caricatures timelines) 2012. Batman, Nicholson, Murray - Evolutions

flash forward
- (male adult FF) actor Evolution

flash forward
- (male adult FF) Movies with age makeup & effects:
"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter", 2012.
"Grudge Match", 2013. Starts with digitally rejuvenated young adult Stallone.
"J. Edgar", 2011, Leonardo DiCaprio.
- Leo's Titanic "sequel" - fan parody - (various)

flash forward
- (male face FF AA, also flashback scenes)
male ages
The movie scenes are from:
Joe Dirt (2001), Nacho Libre (2006), Pootie Tang (2001), Slam Dunk Ernest (1995), Tommy (1975).
- (male face FF AA, also flashback scenes)
male ages
The movie scenes are from:
Almost Famous (2000), Art School Confidential (2006), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Kinsey (2004), La vie en rose (2007), Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988), Shine (1996)
- (face FF AA, also flashback scenes)
female ages
The movie scenes are from:
27 Dresses (2008), 28 Days (2000), Contact (1997), Les misérables (2008), Little Women (1994), While You Were Sleeping (1995), Bride Wars (2009)

flashback scenes
- (boy/man characters) - male ages
The movie scenes are from: The Addams Family, 1991 - The Education of Charlie Banks, 2007.

- (AA FF, coming of age) 2010.
When 2nd-graders Bryce and Juli meet, girl-phobic Bryce does everything he can to keep his outspoken wannabe girlfriend at arm's length for the next 6 years. When Juli finally looks away, will it be Bryce's turn to be dazzled?
- young Juli Baker: Morgan Lily - older Juli: Madeline Carroll
- young Bryce Loski: Ryan Ketzner - older Bryce: Callan McAuliffe
- young Lynetta: Gillian Pfaff - older Lynetta: Cody Horn

Fly 2, The
- (unseen male AP)

Fly Away Home
- (slight FFed) Anna Paquin, 1996.
A feisty girl's adventure to save a flock of migrating geese. She seems to be about 11 when the film begins, maybe 13 by the end.

Food of the Gods II
- (male growth UCed, giant rats) "Gnaw: Food of the Gods II", 1989.
Trailer link - giant boy link - screencaps - (Akira)

Food of the Gods part 2
- (male) aka "Gnaw" 1989. Dr. Travis has used an experimental serum on a little boy with growth problems, which has caused the boy to grow to about 15 feet. She built oversized furniture for the giant kid, who tries to run away and gets caught. Dr. Neal perfects a cure, but it's too late to help Dr. Travis' patient.

foot growth (scenes)
The rest of their bodies is growing too. A girl-to-woman sudden AP close-up could also look like this:
- (shoe UC audio, CB start) The Incredible Shrinking Woman 1981, ending scene - gif - caps
- (male sock bursting) Hulk 2003 - gif

Forever Young
- (male OA, adult FFed) Mel Gibson's character was cryogenically frozen for almost 50 years and didn't age during that time. However, the effect wore off and he eventually looked the same as he would have if he hadn't been frozen, which worked out well for him, since he could be reunited with his lost love, now an old woman.

Fortune Code, The
- (male AR) 1990 Hong Kong. In 1942, prisoners in Camp 732 must find "The God of Fortune", a treasure to finance the Chinese resistance effort. Kent Cheng has reverted to a child and has to be breast-fed by his pals. A comedy with great fights, and a lot of flat jokes.

Fountain of Youth, The
- (rejuvenation wish) The King's Academy, Studio 70, 2021 student film.
High school history teacher adventures all across Florida to discover eternal waters to save his mother while dodging a washed-up celebrity survivalist. There was a male ARed aftermath @01:06:00.
- Full movie link - - (Jeff 2bya)

Fountain, The
- (male adult age stasis) "The Fountain". A Conquistador's quest for the Tree of Life, which can theoretically grant immortality. Outside the frame, a tree essentially de-ages a cancer-ridden monkey, and presumably grants immortality to the main character.
- Rachel Weisz historical fantasy movie about search for Fountain of Youth.

Frankenstein Conquers the World
- (male growth) Japanese boy grows into adult man and green haired giant. male
- (male) AKA "Frankenstein vs. Baragon" 1965, Japan. Featured a boy getting zapped by radiation and turning into a long-haired green giant.
- "Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon" The Frankenstein monster grows bigger and bigger in the most amazing growth spurt since "Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman" and his pants grow too? Shouldn't they have just split at the seams at some point, leaving him to strut around nude?

Frankie and Alice
- (kinda like mental ARed) 12/10/10, Halle Berry. Emotionally damaged stripper has multiple personalities, including a small child named Genius.

Freaky Friday (2018)
- (AA mother/grown daughter soul swap) 2018 Disney musical movie based on the 2016 stage musical, Carr.
Mary Rodgers' 1972 Freaky Friday book has now been adapted to film 4 times: 1976 and 2003 theatrical films, and 1995 and 2018 Tv movies. That's a LOT of AA imagery through the years.
- Mother & daughter swap souls through a magical hourglass - Vid link

Freaky Friday
- (mind transfer AR AA, RN) 1977, 1995 Tv, 2003 movies based on novel. A mother and daughter trade places.
- 1977 Jodie Foster poster - 2 3
- 1995 Gaby Hoffmann, Shelley Long. poster
- 2003 Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis - poster 5 - 6 - 7

Freddy Vs. Jason
- (male AR) 2003.
When Jason is fighting Freddy in the dream world, Freddy finds out that Jason is terrified of water, because he died in the 1950s by getting drowned as a kid. So he creates a small waterfall. Jason freaks out and then you see Freddy walk up to Jason, but now Jason is a little kid, naked but still has the mask on. Jason stays like that for 10 minutes until he wakes up.
- (Tazz) ln - th

Freddy vs. Jason
- (TF, male flashback) 2003. Jason runs his machete into a girl. The girl's body morphs into different children as the girl says, "I deserved to be punished. We all deserved to be punished." Jason is seen as a young boy, bald and somewhat disfigured, as other kids at summer camp tease him. He is curled up in a fetal position, wearing only shorts, and shaking. The kids throw him into the water where he drowns.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
- (demon form "AR"ed) It ends with Jason being caught in the New York sewers' nightly flood of toxic waste. This caused him to become a normal-looking little boy in swimming trunks.
Unused ending: a tiny, normal-looking child version of Jason tried to crawl out of Jason's mouth right before the tidal wave of sludge. He was restored to his form from before he drowned in Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
- (male flash forward) 5th film begins with nightmare of Tommy Jarvis as a child before we see him wake up as an adult in a moving vehicle.
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
- (flash forward) Film begins with nightmare of Tina Shepard as a child before we see her wake up as an adult in a moving vehicle.

Fruit is Swelling, The
- (excellent live action APed, CB, UC, AR RN) 1997 Hong Kong. Fast aging schoolgirl bursts out of uniform in classroom.
The heroine is called Peach, an 8-year-old girl. She is confused by an adult movie: "The man was punishing her with his club, and she was suffering". Peach is curious, and prays the wishing tree for a speedy growing up. A friend makes the same wish. Change starts with a close-up of the feet of the hero as she gets out of bed in the morning. The adult hero in this film does not have big, hairy feet like Tom Hanks, so the revelation is more subtle. Peach has suddenly gained 10 years overnight. She has the body of an 18 year old, but the mind of an 8 year old. "What is happening to me?!" The girl playing the older version of Peach, Chun Chung, was a professional sex model.
- 01 - 02 - CB - 04 - 05 - 06

Fruit is Swelling, The
- (torn clothing AP, UCed, CBed) Thanks to bandwidth generously donated by AR Archive, it is now possible to upload video clips. The original Cantonese audio was lost.
AP, UCed clip Little 8 y.o. Peach wishes she was older. That night, a very special surprise begins to happen.
AP, UCed clip Peach discovers she aged 10 years overnight and screams in the mirror. Her mother asks if everything is all right. She impersonates her younger voice. CAUTION NUDITY
AP, CBed clip Peach goes to school. She runs into her classmates fleeing in terror. Her friend has APed at her desk while the teacher was absent. Peach and her friend (still in torn clothes) go out in public.
AP, CBed clip Peach visits her sister at work and reveals they're now the same age. Caution nudity
- (AA) age illusions clip (14 MB) cut-aways.
- Sorry audio corrupted. The AR RN was not shown. Swimming instructor visits 18 year old girlfriend at home but dad is furious. When she comes down stairs he realizes why - ARed RN aftermath clip (5 MB) - Audio corrupted. Peach briefly appears to return to 18 years old, still wearing stretch shirt ARed brief AP clip (4 MB)
- 7 - 8 - 9

Funny People
- (male "ARed" below the neck only) 2009.
Middle-aged comedian has turned into a wealthy movie star, but his low-brow films were poorly received by critics. "Re-do" is a film within the film.
"Craig, a workaholic lawyer, never made time for his relationships. Alone and depressed on his 40th birthday, he wonders about the life he could have led. But be careful what you wish for... you might just find yourself in diapers! Sometimes it takes becoming a baby to learn how to be a man.
- When you ask a wizard to make you younger, try to be more specific - Clip link - art

Future, The
- (adult coming of age, time crisis) "The Future", 2011, Miranda July.
July and Hamish Linklater play a late 30-something couple who can bend time as narrated by their cat. Sophie pictures her friends' kids growing up right before her eyes. Her friends go from pregnant to mothers to older mothers. The Sophie and Jason seen at the close are completely different from the more childlike versions presented at the outset.

Galaxy Quest
- (male flashback) 1999 - years
- (unseen alien reverse lifespans) ET's

Garyeojin Sigan
- (male 10 year FF, time jumps) South Korea, 2016.
AKA "Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned". If you enter the hidden cave, time on Earth will stop for 10 years. Everyone freezes except you.
- Spoilers link - (Mystery Recapped)

Gate, The
- (CoA wish) - cap

Gate, The
- (slight "UC" glimpse) "The Gate", 1987 horror movie.
Teen sister Alexandra "Al" (Christa Denton) is left in charge. She glances in a mirror at her developing body and sighs. Her pajamas look very slightly too small or outgrown.

- (ghost attack AP) AKA "Nightmare", "(The) Scissors". Stabbing victim witnesses age forms.
- Direct video link
- Screencaps

Gemini Man
- (male adult younger copy) Ang Lee, 2019/10. Will Smith was recreated at age 23 for the character Junior.

Get Smart
- (unseen adult rejuved) The lowest of the low? There was a worthless throwaway line where they mentioned that Steve Carrell and the 20 years younger Anne Hathaway were actually the same age (to avert squick about their relationship). By this logic, just adding a brief explanation voice-over can turn EVERY movie into an "AR" movie.

Get Smart
- (unseen adult rejuvenated age disguise) The pairing of Steve Carrell and his 20 years younger costar Anne Hathaway might have made the romantic subplot a bit icky, if not for Hathaway's character's explanation that the plastic surgery that completely altered her looks also took many years off her apparent age, and that she was in fact not much younger than him. 99's plastic surgery and Smart's lack of experience also made them the only 2 agents Kaos didn't recognize.

ghost girls
- (AP, AR) Tv and movie trope. Deceased preteen characters will often appear at different ages.
(Ex: The Ring, FeardotCom, Portrait of Jennie etc.) - fan art

Ghost Ship
- No AP but brief OA'd glimpse of the lounge singer.

Ghost Son
- (male body theft) 2006. Mark dies in a tragic car accident but his ghost continues to make nocturnal visits to his wife. When her son is born, Stacey realizes she has a problem. The child exhibits disturbing behavior, and Stacey suspects he may be possessed by the spirit of her husband. ln - th

Ghost Storm
- (adult "age acceleration" power) 2012. Spirits cause Daisy's young adult boyfriend's corpse to go from the Crypt Keeper to a pile of mulch in a matter of hours. They will turn the town's population into piles of dust.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
- (flashback) 2009 - time

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College
- (UCed glimpse) 1991.
About 20 minutes in a college girl strips to her lingerie and complains that her bra clasp broke because her boobs are still growing - (Bill)

- (TF mind transfer) SciFi channel possession scene. change

- (FF) 1998 - years - Mila Kunis turned into Angelina Jolie.

- (coming of age song) 1958 musical film. Aging boulevardier Maurice Chevalier sings: "Thank heaven for little girls for little girls get bigger every day! Thank heaven for little girls they grow up in the most delightful way!"

Gimyohan gajok
- (male slight adults rejuved) South Korea, 2019.
AKA The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale comedy. When a zombie's bite makes people 10 years younger, people start paying $500 to get bitten.
- Full review link - - caps - (Jeff_2bya, Mystery Recapped)

Ginger Snaps
- (unseen TF CB) Teen lost control and "turned into" a werewolf as a metaphor for puberty - crap cap
- (TF, coming of age) Teen werewolf film. Gloomy teenage Goth girls Brigitte (Emily Perkins) and Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) are both "late" in developing and made a pact to die before puberty. Ginger is mauled by "the Beast of Bailey Downs" on the night of her first period. Ginger's body starts changing in ways she's not prepared for.

- (male adult TGed rejuvenated) China, 2017.
A drug that can make women beautiful evolved into the highly infectious "beautiful girl virus". Infected persons will forcibly kiss healthy adults who turned into beautiful women acting like zombies - Spoilers link - (Okdtimecollector)

Glow, The
- (adults to OA, adults rejuvenated) "The Glow", 2002.
A young couple finds the perfect apartment. There are only old people in the building, and horrible screams are heard coming from the basement. The oldsters plan to suck the life out of them to stay alive and become younger adults. The 'donors' look like mummies afterward. The young wife at the last minute defeats them and they are arrested.
- (Metamorphose, Eric) ln - th

Gnaw: Food of the Gods II
- (male growth) A scientist visits the home of a patient, a young boy, who he treated with a growth serum. The boy was gigantic. Some rats were exposed to the serum, and they too became gigantic - (derydan58)

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
- (monster APed) 1995.
Precambrian organisms slumber in Tokyo Bay. The crab creature evolves beyond the military's containment abilities. Godzilla witnesses the now fully mature Destoroyah kill Junior. The freeze weapons prevent Earth's destruction, but massive fallout renders Tokyo uninhabitable. Suddenly, the radiation levels plummet, and a familiar roar is heard. Godzilla Junior, having absorbed the energy from his father's death, has regenerated into his adult form - (Isabella)

Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The
- (male adult OA/rejuv) 1974. The more evil magician Koura uses his magic to thwart Sinbad's search for mystical treasure, the older and weaker he grows. His life force almost gone, Koura deposits the first of three golden tablets into a fountain, and his adult youth is restored.
- (Cobe) ln - th

Golden Years
- (adult rejuvenation) CBS miniseries, 1991. 7 Eps of c35 mins - Trailer link
The movie is on Youtube and begins here. Part 1/7 w. Dutch subs: link - (Derek)

Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, The
- (male adult age anomaly) "The Goods", Neal Brenna, 2009.
Babs is smitten with Ben's son Peter Selleck (Rob Riggle). He is stated to be 10 years old, despite looking remarkably like a 40 y.o. man.

Gorgon, The
- (slight adult face rejuvenation de-uglification) "The Gorgon", 1964. Defeated monster hag's head turned younger - video link
(Kung Fu Man)

Goya's Ghosts
- (20 to 35 adult flash forward) 2006, Natalie Portman.

Grajacy Z Talerza
- (AA size increase) bigger - (Process)

Grajacy Z Talerza
- (growth) "Playing from the plate", 1995 Poland. Dwarf woman comes to fall in love with disfigured man. Slowly the dwarf notices that she is growing taller. It continues until she is a full size woman, which she thinks will make the man fall out of love with her, so she runs off. Yet she keeps getting taller, because she still loves the disfigured man. She outgrows her cottage when the disfigured man finds her again. You see her at 108cm, 118cm, full size at 170cm, then giant size. No actual growth shown, but she says she is growing 10 cm a day - (dumpykins24, Allogagan, growthspurts)

Granny, The
- (adult to OA) 1995.
The Granny - Horror/comedy about undead granny at war with her buxom, bookish granddaughter. The evil granny transforms her granddaughter into an old woman, and they wrestle on the floor. The age makeup is like a cartoon witch, and the granddaughter keeps her sexy figure through the transformation...
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Great Expectations
- (flash forward) 1998. years

- (flashback) 1994 - male

Greystroke: the Legend of Tarzan
- (male flash forward) 1984. male

Grown Ups
- (AR, possible AP RN) In pre-production. Columbia Pictures family comedy, producer Ricky Strauss, Ricochet. Written by Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk Robinson, the project is about the overprotective parents of a 13-year-old boy, who find themselves transformed into youngsters and enroll in their son's school - (Sapphire)

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
- (male adult rejuv effect, anthro plant APed) 2017.
We learn Star-Lord's father Ego is a sentient planet who takes human form to travel the galaxy (played by Kurt Russell). To mock Star-Lord's refusal, Ego reforms his body in the form of a young David Hasselhoff. Baby Groot has aged to toddler Groot, and by the end credits he is a "moody" teenager - (Tazz)

Haatim Tai
- (adult OA'd, RN rejuved flash) AKA "HaatimTai - The Pious One", "Hatim Tai", 1990 Bollywood.
He breaks a curse by completing seven quests.
- Movie link @02:06:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Hangover Part II, The
- (male ARed dream sequence) 2011.
The guys go to a monastery and meet the monks. To help them remember they are told to try and meditate. It doesn't work for Stu and Phil, but Alan sees some of the events from earlier in the film and some they can't remember - except the actors are replaced by boy actors. Only the main cast and Mr. Chow are shown to be boys, while everyone else remains normal.
- (Tazz)

Hangover, The
- (male dream sequence ARed) "The Hangover" - hallucination

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked
- (adult rejuvenated & age stasis) 2013.
The classic fairy tale gets a modern twist. The witch is an old Nazi selling a new marijuana blend called "Black Forest". She sucks the life from her first victim, which returns her from old age to middle age. After killing another guy she appears to be in her 30s. Soon she looks like she is in her 20s. We learn she sucks the youth out of her victims to become young, while they become zombies.
Sadly she doesn't age to death, but is shoved into her oven. At the end we find out she survived and still looks young, but when Hansel takes her picture she looks very old.
The same actress played the witch at all ages - (Tazz)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
- (AA young adult into older adult) 2011. Hermione temporarily "transforms" herself into Bellatrix.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
- (adult FFed) 2011. They were reportedly made to look like middle aged adults at the end.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
- (kinda looks like AP BE) A scandal has erupted over the movie poster. Critics allege Hermione's breasts were digitally enlarged. bust
- (unseen TF ability, including unseen age change ability) 2007, 5th movie.
Nymphadora Tonks (Natalie Tena) is a metamorphmagus who can make herself any age she wants. In the book she made herself taller and elderly. However the movie had no time for that.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- (continuity error, BE FF) 2004. Her bosom grew during the 6-month filming - caps

Harry Potter series
- (age forms) - '23 AI fan art Hermione - "Ageing Potion" info link

Harry Potter series
- (looks like young adult to middle adult TFed) Polyjuice potion.
- (FF AA) cast changes

Harry Potter series
- (male FF) train years

Harry Potter series
- (teen/preteen age appearances) - Luna Lovegood AI fan art

Harry Potter
- (kinda looks like adult rejuvenated) Shirley Henderson (11/24/1965) plays Moaning Myrtle, who resembles a teen.
- male face close-up scenes.
(TG adult rejuvenation) Crabb and Goyle turned into 1st year girls to act as lookouts for Malfoy while he was trying to sneak Death Eaters into the school - (The Gambler)

Harry Potter
- (unseen age changing ability) - Tonks fan art
- Movie opted to include no age changes - Don't call her Nymphadora Tonks

Hasan ibn Husan
- (male AA TF APed, male AR TF OC) Uzbekistan, 2013.
Overnight age-up. A chemical was used to enlarge a chocolate, causing a boy to wake as an adult looking exactly like his father.
The father keeps searching for his son and also eats the chocolate, shrinking down into a boy looking exactly like his son.
- Full movie link AA AP @15:00 AR @53:00 - male AA APed screencaps - male AR OC screencaps - (Dylan)

Haunting of Morella, The
- (male old age) 1989. Morella strangles a blacksmith and steals his youth, causing him to age rapidly and die.

Haunting, The
- (age forms glimpsed) "The Haunting", 1963.
Janet Mansell: Abigail age 6 - Amy Dalby: Abigail age 80
- When Abigail is a young girl, the rooms and corridors are generally poorly lit by gas lamps and candles with glowing halos of light. When Abigail is an old lady, the house is lit by more powerful electric lights.
- (unconfirmed AP, old aged) 1963 Robert Wise. Scene where a little girl ages into an old woman. With faces in the wall paper and breathing doors, the pounding and crying voices, the creepy nursery and "my God, who was holding my hand".
- Menacing house morphs young girl in her bed into old woman banging on the ceiling with cane.

- (old adult to young adult mind transfer, body theft) AKA "House", 1977 Japanese horror/comedy, Nobuhiko Obayashi. Based on idea from his 7-year-old daughter.
Teenage girl Oshare invites her friends to come visit her wheelchair-bound older aunt's house. They agree to fix up her run-down estate in the woods. However, the aunt is secretly a spirit who feeds off the flesh of marriageable young women. Possessing her niece, the aunt murders the girls one by one with help from her bewitched house. In the end, the aunt takes over Oshare's body so she can go on waiting for her long lost fiancé.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
- (male FF face, AA) 2001 - male

Hello Daddy
- (male old/young soul transfer) Kannada film, India, 1996.
A sorcerer swaps an officer's soul with his son to take advantage of his position. Father/son body swap at 1:42:00 and RN in the end.
- Full movie link - caps - (Dylan)

- (oversized clothing) scene

Hercules Against the Moon Men
- (adult OA'd) 1964, dubbed from Italian.
Hercules is summoned to oppose evil Queen Samara, who has allied herself with aliens. When Hercules stops the resurrection of the Moon Queen near the end, her body rapidly ages and decays into dust.
Joel: This film has aged me...
Crow: I know how she feels!

- (adult rejuvenation, face fade) - caps - gif

- (adult rejuvenation) 1983.
Italian film dud with a dubbed Lou Ferrigno. Old sorceress drinks Hercules' blood and becomes young adult again (through stop-motion, I believe). Not too bad of a scene, lasts about 5 minutes - Video link

herencia Valdemar II: La sombra prohibida, La
- (male & female old age scene) 2010, Spain.
"The Valdemar Legacy II: The Forbidden Shadow"
Lovecraft-themed forbidden magic book.
- Video link - screencaps - (Yoshihiro21)

- (ripping clothes scene) 2004 movie. The younger apprentice girl was in Crouching Tiger. Her clothes exploded off her body.

Het leven uit een dag
- (AA "clothes enlargement") Netherlands, 2009 art film. As the day progresses it seems the students wear larger clothes? That is because they were replaced between scenes by different (older) actors - Vid link

Hiding Out
- (male adult as teen disguised) 1987. A stockbroker testifying against a mob boss receives death threats, so until the trial the broker shaves his beard, gives himself highlights and goes to high school. Everyone is fooled, including his own family members.

- (male adult stasis, adult FFed)
Not exactly AR or rejuv, but the Highlander character is an immortal who marries a girl in medieval times, only to watch her grow old over the years as he stays eternally a young man. A small part of the film, but the only really good part.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge!
- (preteen TG TF body swap morphs, AR AA zap) Oliver Dommenget, 2002.
AKA Verzauberte Emma AKA Help! I'm a Boy - Magic is being practiced. 11 y.o. Mickey and Emma's bodies transform into each other while they are sleeping, so each now has the wrong body. Since they are the same size there is no clothes tightening. In 50 hours the change will be permanent. Her swim coach wants to make her an Olympic swimmer.
- Full movie (French) link - initial TF @00:21:20 - teacher AR @01:26:25 - RN TF screencaps - AR screencaps

Hilfe, Ich Bin Ein Junge
- (preteen body swap) cover (Ricky)
- (AR AA) Alternate link for those unable to open clip on Yahoo group because of "codec": video link (video by Ricky)
- (AR scene) Germany 2001. Little boy inherits magical capacities from a wizard. At the end of the movie, a malicious teacher asks him to calculate a mathematical excercise. The little boy says a magic formula, and the teacher regresses into a small 11 year old girl in the classroom - (Ricky)

Himitsu no Akko-chan
- (AA RN AR) - adult to child disguise screencaps - (TF Dimension)

Himitsu no Akko-chan
- (AP glimpsed)
The AP glimpse direct video link
- screencaps - fan link - poster fan caps - slight info link

Himitsu no Akko-chan
- (AP) "Akko-chan: The Movie", "Akko’s Secret", 9/1/2012, Japan.
Atsuko Kagami is an energetic elementary school girl with an affinity for mirrors. Akko-chan is then given a magical mirror and taught an enchantment that will allow her to transform. Haruka Ayase plays 5th grader Akko, who can open her magical compact, say "tekumakumayakon," and transform into her 22-year-old self for her elite salaryman love interest.
- Trailer glimpse link - caps

Himitsu no Akko-chan
- (AP) It starts after about 5 minutes.
Full movie link - screencaps

- (mind transfer) AKA "Secret" Japan 1999. Yojiro Takita, Ryoko Hirosue. Wife's spirit transferred into daughter after bus accident. caps

Hinog Sa Pilit (Sobra Sa Tamis)
- (excellent AP CB glimpse) Very, very short scene of a preteen girl growing to full womanhood. Laila is curious about love and wants to grow up fast. She sneaks off to the temple and makes a magic wish. That night something very strange begins to happen in her body. Hinog sa pilit refers to fruit that is forced to speed-ripen far from the tree.
Introduction screencaps.
- Video links: the AP CB BE scene - the bedroom reaction - Notice: Unfortunately Dailymotion demands an over-18 account to be able to view the 2nd video.
Screencaps: AP CB BE - morning surprise
Laila discovers her boy friend has also grown up overnight, and has already changed into age-appropriate clothing. Their classmates don't recognize the now adult children.
Screencaps: the school encounter
Low quality vid of the 1 second CB glimpse gif (1.7 MB)

Hinog Sa Pilit (Sobra Sa Tamis)
- (potentially excellent AP movie, no further info available at this time) Philippines 2002, Tagalog / Filipino. "Unnatural maturity it is too sweet"? Paolo Rivero, Sydney Segovia.
- 8-year old Laila was confused by her parents and older sister's trysts. She was so curious about womanhood that it led her to make a wish at a wishing well. The magic well granted her wish and she wakes up the next morning as a fully developed 18 year old (Monina Perez). She keeps the secret of her rapid growth from everyone except for her older sister, Diana (Halina Perez). Before long, Laila meets and falls in love. Things get complicated when she encounters difficulty in adjusting to adult life and passions. However, her boy friend also grows into an adult man - (Akira)
- Links, no pictures: Tagalog - Japanese - buy
- (AP movie) cover no AP. Pics of the cast only.

His & Hers
- (AA FF) Feature documentary, Ken Wardrop, Ireland, 2010.
Delightfully combines observation and charm to tell a 90-year-old love story through the voices of 70 women. Intimate gender and cultural snapshot explores a woman's relationships with the men in her life - father, boyfriend, husband, son. Following sequentially from little girl to old woman, each character portrait is woven into one perfectly crafted cinematic quilt - (EPDistribution)

Hit Girl, The
- (TG, adult rejuved) "The Hit Girl", 2014. In the tradition of Freaky Friday. The tale of a government hit man whose awkwardly worded wish ends up turning him into a teenage girl.

Hocus Pocus
- (very slight adult "rejuvenation") - Unseen "youth theft" video link - caps

Hole (in 3D), The
- (POV kinda looks like mental ARed) "The Hole (in 3D)", 2009, Joe Dante.
Susan moves with her sons to a rural house where they discover a bottomless hole in the basement that leads to their worst fears - specifically, their childhood home at a time when their abusive father was still around. The exaggerated scale of the sets, representing how the rooms appeared to the kids when they were very young and frightened, is filled out by the 3D in a really unnerving way.

- (TG boy into woman mind transfer) Joseph Sackett, 2021.
Crowd-pleasing cringe comedy for the gender-fluid era combines "Freaky Friday" and "Being John Malkovitch". Melanie's last afternoon babysitting 9 y.o. "questioning" Johnny takes a strange turn when his spirit inhabits her body. When Mom comes home, Johnny must navigate the outside world as an adult woman.
- Discovery scene link - (Jana's TG List)

- (TG, boy to woman mind transfer) Joseph Sackett, 2021.
The boy and his babysitter bump into some Zen meditation "open your horizons" video. The babysitter goes on to do her chores, but the boy remains meditating. After some minutes he realizes his spirit left his body and is wandering through the house until he finds the babysitter talking on the phone. His spirit enters her body. He looks at himself/herself in the mirror, and finds his own body is sleeping. Apparently his soul was able to suppress his babysitter's soul and gain control over her body, but her soul doesn't enter his body.
A few minutes later his mom returns but he gets rid of her. The boy goes to his mom's room and dresses in her clothes, and decides to experience the world as a woman. He goes to the babysitter's house and ends up assisting in a childbirth as a doula. The boy learns he can communicate/talk with his babysitter's mind, and she helps him navigate through her life and with the childbirth.
In the end, the boy returns to his body, and wakes in his house that afternoon. The babysitter also remembers what happened.
- Purchase link - - (Whitetights)

Hon Papa Da Con Gai
- (young/older adult TG body swap) "Daddy Issues", Vietnam, 2018.
Adaptation of "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan". Father and daughter magically switch bodies - poster

- (face FFed) Wendy years.
Video link - screencaps

- (FFed AA to OA) 1991 - caps
- (fairy growth power AA) Julia Roberts swells up to human size, her expanding form effortlessly bursting through a clock.

- (rapid size increase) - Fairy expansion, clock burstout scene.

Horror Hotel: The Movie
- (old/young women mind swap) Short slices of eerie tales in a decrepit motel, 2016.
"Brain Robbers In Love" segment - A powerful older woman steals the body of a young woman using a top-secret brain-swapping device from a government vault. The twist turns out to be that the young woman had terminal cancer, and was quite happy in the old cancer free body - (4of11)

Hot Tub Time Machine Review from
- (male AR) Animated movie review. Somewhat disturbing scene starts around 5:10.
Video link - male flashback screencaps - male AR screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- Also a funny bit on The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button Movie Review.

Hot Tub Time Machine
- (male adult AA time-flashback) 2010 - male ages

House 3 - The Horror Show
- (male rebirth haunting) 1989. Young adult daughter Bonnie is suddenly pregnant, her big, vein-covered belly moving around violently. The adult face outline of executed killer Jenke pushes from inside her belly. Bonnie reappears holding a baby that resembles Jenke, but it’s only an illusion - (The Belly Guide)

House of Dark Shadows
- (male adult OA, RN) 1970 horror.
Overcome with jealousy, Julia gives the vampire Barnabas an injection which causes him to age rapidly. He was restored.
- - male OA.
- - rejuved - (TF dimension)

House of Sand, The
- (adult flash forward to old age, flashback to younger adult) 2006 "Casa de Areia" period film. Fernanda Montenegro plays 2 roles in the same scene, a younger and older version of herself. The makeup for the older version took approximately 3 hours to apply, and 3 more hours to make the younger character.

House of the Witch
- (OA'd glimpse) Generic Netflix horror, 2017.
A group of "high-schoolers" set out to play a Halloween prank at an abandoned house seemingly haunted by a witch. They soon get trapped, you know the formula by now. In a brief scene, cute blonde girl Rachel (who had a fear of aging) winds up in mediocre old age makeup. I was hoping for a better build up, but alas no. There was a bit of cute foreshadowing with the girl saying she needed chapstick because her lips were like an old granny's, and how everything is old; but other than that it's just fluke boom she's there in OA makeup and unfortunately that's it. Still it's something and might spark the imagination a bit, maybe even ideas on how to improve it.
- Blocked link @01:06 - (Fan2000, Deptx)

House with a Clock in Its Walls, The
- (AA "TF" pseudo adult rejuved effect) Witch "TFed" into neighbor and protagonist's mother.
Clip link - caps - (Trifajar)

House with a Clock in Its Walls, The
- (ARed mini-poofs) 2018.
Based on 1973 juvenile novel by John Bellairs that contained no AR?
- The villains want to use a hidden clock to revert humanity from existence. Jack Black is met with an energy blast that regresses his body below the neck into a baby's (his mind was also affected). So an adult male head on a baby's body.
Clocks across town start moving backwards, flashing some adults into children. Each victim was shown for maybe a few seconds. The lighting was off, so hard to see their expressions. Of course when the villains were defeated everyone was restored offscreen. Seemingly had huge potential, yet the writers took every damn turn to make it as unenjoyable for AR/AP fans as possible. :/ - (Tazz, Username, Vended)

How I Married My High School Crush
- (adult FFed, AA movie) Katee Sackhoff, 2007 Lifetime. "The Wedding Wish", "Be Careful What You Wish For"
Thanks to an eclipse on her wedding day, a 1990s teenager wakes up 20 years in the future.
Link: adult to older adult AA

How I Won the War
- (male old age) 1967, John Lennon. In the last scene, Michael Crawford's face ages 30 years.

How It Ends
- (metaphysical younger self) 2021.
30-something Liza walks across various LA suburbs to meet people from her past and other characters. She is accompanied on this trip by her teenaged inner persona, who it turns out other people can also see now, because it's the last day of the world.
- Young adult Cailee Spaeny (b.1997) is very good at playing younger teens. The same thing happened in "Pacific Rim: Uprising" (2018).

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch
- (adult rejuvenation) 1985 - immortal werewolf queen youth theft

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, The
- (old age to adult rejuvenation) 1985 movie. AKA The Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch. Old hag 'Stirba' becomes busty, horny young 'Stirba' (portrayed by Playboy actress Sybil Danning) after sacrificing a virgin bride and sucking the youth from her! They use cutaways to howling disciples and a strange, but unconvincing, dissolving head - (Dr Destruct)

Hugga Bunch, The
- (old age) Live-action/puppetry 1985 special. A girl (Gennie James) goes into Huggaland to seek the magical apples of youth. She visits the Hugglets nursery/garden (Hugglets are baby Hugga Bunches, and the adult Huggas look like human babies, so Huggaland is like the Island of the Alive in "It's Alive! 3", but toothless). In a scary scene the witch queen gets her hand stuck underneath the glass and she turns grey. She gets about 80 years older in only a few seconds because of apple withdrawal.

Hunger, The
- (adult age stasis, adult old age) "The Hunger", Vampire Miriam Blaylock possesses eternal life and youth. Her chosen companions will share her endless existence but only retain their youth for 200 years before rapidly aging into husks.
- (old age, male old age) 1983. Bizarre love triangle between a doctor who specializes in sleep and aging research, and a stylish vampire couple. David Bowie's character ages 200 years in a matter of minutes, and retreats to his coffin. Miriam (Catherine Deneuve) is punished for her crimes, and as she screams, turns into an ancient, shriveled body who will herself be forced to live out eternity as a living corpse.

- (male adult expansion) - gif

- (male adult size increase) male rapid development.

- (male growth) Cheesy 80s flick. Computer geek sells his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming a blond hunk. The transformation occurs when he's asleep and the series of shots featuring his muscles swelling -- with stretching sounds -- ends with a generous swelling in his boxers.

- (flashed forward, coming of age) AKA The Bow. 2005, South Korea, Kim Ki-duk. Crusty old man uses bow against lascivious men who would love to paw a doelike 16-year-old girl (Han Yeo-reum) whom he has raised on his boat since age 6. When the girl turns 17, the old man is planning a "wedding", but a college student becomes a rival for her affections. The climax conveys a young girl's loss of innocence and her maidenhead - cover

I Am Mother
- (AA, cutaway "accelerated growth" unseen/glimpse) 2019, Netflix.
In the future, humanity is pretty much wiped out. A robot accelerated a baby girl from an embryo into a young woman, who is called Daughter. Eventually, she tells the robot (called Mother) that she is ready to take over.
Infant: Maddie Lenton - Toddler: Hazel Sandery/Summer Lenton - Child: Tahlia Sturzaker - Daughter: Clara Rugaard.
- Screencaps - (Rayc5678)

I Never had a Flying Dream
- (slow AR) 1990.
Tobu yume wo shibaraku minai - A Paucity of Flying Dreams.
- Middle-aged married man Toshiyuki Hosokawa is hospitalized and befriends elderly woman in next bed. They talk through the curtains, but she protests to tell him about her illness. After a few days, the old white-haired woman is discharged. When Eri returns to visit him she looks like a 40 year old lady, sensual and charming. Toshiyuki can't believe his eyes and finds himself devouring her sexual charms in the hospital bed.
Afterwards, the woman confesses she's really 67. She has a disease which has reversed her biological clock, making her grow younger as time passes. When they meet next, Eri looks like a woman in her 30's. And then, one day, Eri stops coming to see him. When Toshiyuki is released from the hospital, he looks for the woman. She is a teenager now. He asks her to move into an apartment with him.
After a bout in the sack, he's arrested on child molesting charges. Toshiyuki loses his family and the girl after being sent to prison. When he gets out of jail, the man goes looking for his woman/child once again. By now she is a young toddler. They spend the night together (in obviously the film's most controversial scene), and she's dead by morning.
- (JeffR-2bya) ln - th

I Vampiri
- (old age) poster
- (old aged) 1956 movie, Italy. Movie based on the Elizabeth Bathory legend (evil woman regains her youth by draining the blood of young women), which cleverly combines a stock vampire scenario with a mad doctor. Bava used a wig with filaments which photographed white under the green 'aging' lighting. The aging techniques were allegedly also used in "Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ" (1925), "Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde" (Fredric March), "Little Big Man" (Dustin Hoffman), "Black Sunday" (Bava again). link

I Wish I Were A...
- (impersonation wishes) Kid videos, VHS, 1995.
"I Wish I Were a Ballerina", "I Wish I Were a Football Player", "I Wish I Were a Cheerleader", "I Wish I Were a Cowboy"
- "Wishing Well Willy" grants kids' wishes - covers

I'm Not There
- (adults AA) 2007. Dylan was played by different actors.

Ice Angel
- (mind transfer, TG) AKA "On Thin Ice", Nicholle Tom. Dress-up problem as woman. TGed

Ice Pirates
- (male AP AA, old age) 1984. During the space battle at the end of the movie, the crew ages fast. A baby boy is born and joins the fight.

If You Believe
- (kinda like ARed) 1999 Ally Walker. A bump on the head wakes up a younger version of a book editor. She helps her reconnect with her dreams and youthful enthusiasm.

Ile Wazy Kon Trojanski?
- (adult time travel to past adult life, others see self as younger adult) Poland, 2008.
AKA "How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh?" Reminiscent of "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "16 Wishes".
Julisz Machulski. Ilona Ostrowska: Zosia Albrecht-Radecka.
- There was a bathroom scene where a wistful 40 y.o. woman, regretting she didn't meet her husband until later in life, wished to go back 13 years in time and was miraculously transported back to her adult youth in 1987 under communism, where everyone else apparently sees her as a young adult. Zosia tries to engineer a breakup with her first husband and a meeting with the man she will marry in 1995.
- cap - (Dimitri)

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The
- (male old age stasis) The titular character suffers from this.

Immortalizer, The
- (adult to OA mind transfer) "The Immortalizer", 1990 Horror. A crazed scientist kidnaps young, beautiful men and women so he can swap their brains with old, wealthy people.

In Time
- (adult age stasis) Amanda Seyfried, Andrew Niccol, 10/28/11. In the future, the wealthy stop aging at 25 - scene

- (AA age forms) Cobb's kids always appear to look the same, with seemingly identical clothes and haircuts, but different child actors played Cobb's kids at older ages, and it has been confirmed that their clothes were NOT the same.

- (male adult OAd dream sequence, adults OAd dream sequence)
Many years pass by in a dream within a dream.

Incroyable mais vrai
- (adult cosmetically rejuvenated) Incredible but True France-Belgium, 2022.
Black comedy by Quentin Dupieux. Middle-aged bourgeois couple moves into new house in a quiet suburb. If you climb down a mysterious tunnel in the basement, you jump 12 hours into the future and come out a few days younger than before. Marie eventually emerges as a 19 year old, but struggles in her attempts to become a model.
- Vid link - - - (Jeff 2bya)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- (male adult OA'd to skeleton) 1989 - gif

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
- (male adult to OA) 1989.
The villain and Indy race to discover the Holy Grail, which provides anyone who drinks it with eternal adult youth. The villain drinks from the wrong cup, and ages quickly and horribly into a rotting corpse. Indy and his dad drink from the right cup, and they appear slightly younger in the final scene.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Infinity Baby
- (age stasis) c2017. A futuristic business "farms out" ageless babies frozen at three months old. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are developing it, and might star as a couple of the ageless babies - (Filthymind)

Initiation of Sarah, The
- (old age RN, young adult age stasis, Summer Glau BEd height growth)
2006, ABC Family, Tv movie. Re-imagined remake of 1978 horror film, The Initiation of Sarah.
Competing covens of witches form rival sororities who lure Sarah (Mika Boorem) and her fraternal twin sister, Lindsey (Summer Glau). The "bad" coven must feed The Eternal Flame with the blood of a powerful natural witch to maintain their powers. At Alpha Nu, we briefly see Chorine's true form as an old woman who shape-shifts back into a beautiful 21 year old college student. More than anything in her life, Lindsay wants to be fuller figured. The bad coven promises to make her look as voluptuous as she wants if she joins. The next day, Sarah sees Lindsay, taller and more full-figured. Chorine offers to do the same for Sarah, if she joins.

Initiation of Sarah
- (OA'd form, adult rejuvenation morphs) Two rival Sororities are actually covens of witches (one good, the other evil). Leader of the good coven Jennifer Tilly changes her appearance to look like the younger Blonde head of the evil coven - link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

- (time loop) 2009, Jamin Winans. The death of little Emma (Quinn Hunchar) causes her father to commit suicide: he becomes Ink and is tasked with abducting his former daughter. The paradox is resolved when other characters alter the timeline and allow Ink to rescue Emma from sacrifice, thus ensuring that he will no longer exist.

Inland Empire
- (male adult old age) Laura Dern is a struggling actress whose real life starts mingling with the life of the character she is portraying. The film is told out of sequence as Nikki weaves in and out of various dreams and nightmares. In classic Lynch style, we get everything from a room of rabbits acting out a sitcom to a room full of Polish men who change shapes and ages at will.

- (possible ARed, coming of age) Lucile Hadzihalilovic surreal movie, France. Tale of a young girls school may be of afterlife since all the pupils arrive in a coffin. Hadzihalilovic doesn't shy away from a group of prepubescent girls swimming, and a bathing teenager staring at her still-developing nude body in the mirror.

instant people (movie theme)
- (AA) Mysterious characters appear to have suddenly materialized fully formed at their current ages.
- The Odd Life of Timothy Green - 8/15/12.
Couple buries their wishes for a baby in a box in the backyard. The following day they wake to find a 10 y.o. boy on their doorstep.
- Ruby Sparks - 7/25/12.
Novelist creates a young woman character who inspires him. When he finds Ruby in the flesh, sitting on his couch, he is completely flabbergasted.

Interview with the Vampire
- (age stasis, AA, Hair growth morph) Kirsten Dunst - Claudia hasn't aged in 30 years. ages

Into the Woods
- (rejuv, rapid pregnancy) 2014 Disney musical, preg. @01:14:09. The Witch regains her adult youth and beauty after drinking the potion - (Nimrodclover)

Into the Woods
- (slight adult rejuv) 2014. Ugly old witch devises potion she needs to somewhat increase adult youth and beauty. She does not get that much younger since she's played by a 65 year old actress, who, while she looks great for her age, is still way too old to play someone who is supposed to be young - (JayGee,

Invader, The
- (accelerated pregnancy) The Invader - 1997.
I have only seen ONE good fast pregnancy that ended well. An alien/semi reptile that looked like a human impregnated a female with just a kiss. All the females of his race were killed so he needed to produce more females. Their species gestation lasts three days, so you see the girl visibly grow a couple of times. The human girl during the three days becomes close to the alien who inseminated her (awwww). She has the baby safely and his alien friends takes the baby girl, having saved their race. The End - (Karma)

Island, The
- (cloning movie, minor coming of age) "The Island", 2005 Scarlett Johansson. She's only 3 but looks 18.

It's a Small World
- (male adult age stasis illusion & disguise) 1950, "man in a child's body" story.
Paul Dale is a proportional dwarf who looks like a 6 y.o. boy. It starts with him as a 12 y.o. being teased by his classmates. Then we see him at 21, running away to join the circus, only he lands in a big city where he meets a lovely woman who wants him to steal jewelry and wallets (he has to dress like a little boy to do this). He winds up in the circus after all, and meets a lovely proportional dwarf woman.
It's not really AR, but he does look and sound like a kid, even if he is 21. He's shown smoking a pipe and drinking beer (gets quite drunk and clowns around) and tries to woo a woman, but as the film's poster says, he's "a man forced to live in a child's world".
- (Kidsized)

It's Alive!
- (accelerating development glimpsed) Within minutes of its birth, a malevolent baby kills everyone in the room except mom.

Ja nejsem ja
- (male adult TF body and adult age swap) 1985, Czechoslovakia, Vaclav Vorlicek.
Bald older man switches bodies with younger and better looking man.
- Video link - screencaps - (Muscledrain)

Jack of Hearts
- (male adult age stasis, male adult mental degeneration) 1993, Cynthia Roberts, Andrew Scorer.
Reclusive seeker-of-immortality scientifically keeps his body youthful, but can't stop the aging of his mind. He wanders about his creaky estate; quoting scripture, taking drugs, engaging in bizarre rituals and vaguely interacting with his dysfunctional family until the inevitable blood-soaked climax - (TBTC)

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
- (male adult OA disguise) 2013, Johnny Knoxville. Pranks.

Jacket, The
- (flashback/flash forward, kinda sorta looks like AA ARed/APed) "The Jacket", Adrien Brody, Laura Marano: Little Jackie. The movie is set between 1992 and 2005. Little girl flashback/flash forward into Keira Knightley.

Jacqueline Hyde
- (adult growth spurt) 2004 movie. link Jackie Hyde stumbles across a serum that allows a person to shape shift and become anyone they want to. Blythe Metz performs as Jackie's villainous alter ego. She goes to strip clubs and transforms into men and women - (Metamorphose)

Jane Eyre
- (FF AA) 1996, Anna Paquin. As a child, she really knew how to perform. Grown-up Jane (age 22) is played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. I loved the transition from younger Jane to older. It was flawless. It felt like you really did see her "grow" before your eyes. The expressions and mannerisms were consistent, thus not interfering with the flow of the film.

Jean De Florette
Manon Des Sources
- (flash forward AA)
1986 French duology, historical dramas based on Marcel Pagnol novel.
A beautiful but shy shepherdess (Emmanuelle Beart) plots vengeance on the men responsible for her father's demise when she was smaller.
After seeing her bathe naked in the mountains, Ugolin develops an interest in Manon, who is disgusted by his ugliness and vileness. Ugolin's interest in Manon soon becomes a passionate love.
- posters

Jean Harlow (actress)
- (BE) 1920s star said to be compulsive exhibitionist was accused of using her ample bosom to advance her career. It was claimed her breasts expanded as the room temperature went up, and she therefore treated them with ice before a public appearance.

Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard
- (male AR TG AA scene) 1997.
Amateur illusionist Johnny accidentally sends his sister Andrea to Camelot, where they must help superwizard Merlin do battle.
- Man to girl shrinkdown
(AR Group)

Joyong-han saesang
- (unseen height increased) 2006, South Korea.
AKA "The World of Silence", "Quiet World", "The Missing Girl".
- 12-year-old fast-growing actress Bo-bae Han (Hahn Bo-bae, 3/4/94) found herself in a dilemma. "We had a hard time fitting her into her clothes because she grew more than four inches while shooting the film."

Jumanji 2
- (pseudo UC, possible FF AP?) 2017, in production.
Karen Gillan, who will play Ruby Roundhouse, commented on the social media outcry about her being dressed too revealingly in the first cast photos. In them, she wore adult-sized boots and shorts that fit her absolutely perfectly, but a rather skimpy top that looked tailored to conform to her form. She said that once people see the movie, they will realize there is a good explanation for her "child-sized too small clothes". This seems to be a clue that her character was trapped in the game as a child, and that she adjusted her clothes to fit as she grew. There could be some links with the Jumanji animated mythology as well (the Pool of Ages). There might be a flashback where we see her "grow up" in a fast forward/blur scene. That's probably the best we can hope for.
- Cast pics - Update: some new pics - (Merlin, Agingwomen)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
- (male young adult to older muscle "TFed", young to older adult "TGed") 2017 remake movie.
Bad news again: no AP, though arguably some adult maturation. 4 "high schoolers" find the old video game "Jumanji" and are transported inside as their avatars. The "TF" happens when the nerd "becomes" his avatar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Prep school girl "becomes" Jack Black. Football jock "becomes" short genius Kevin Hart, and wallflower Morgan Turner (b.04/29/1999) "becomes" badass warrior Karen Gillan (b.11/28/1987 5'11") - (Tazz)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
- (young adults replacement "TFed" age forms) Trailer dream flashes.
They are sucked into the game as avatars.
- Extract gif

- (flashed forward, mind transfer into younger selves) 1995. Characters were returned to their childhood at the end - FB - FF

- (teen to adult FF) 2008 - time

Jupiter Ascending
- (adult stasis & adult rejuvenation) 2015. Life on Earth and other planets has been seeded to harvest a type of adult youth serum that allows alien royalty to live forever.
One of the older royal women immerses herself in a large basin. Some lightning effects later, and she emerges with a younger adult body - (CJ)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal