Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (some slight mental "infantilization" tropes) 2019/09.
By Melanie Martinez, includes several of her music videos. Cry Baby disguised herself as a woman named Lorelai to free everyone from the spell.
- Cry Baby: Melanie Martinez - Lorelai: Katie Sheridan - Movie link 01:21:51 "TF" AA poof.

K3 Love Cruise
- (AR AA poofs, TFs) Flemish, Studio 100, 2017.
The K3 girl band goes on a cruise. A genie seeks to fulfill an old curse. Looks like there is multiple AR in this. Couldn't find the movie in full though.
- Short vid link - screencaps - (lbh, Kupy)

Kaixin da maoxian
- (father/son body swap) - Happy Adventure - Li Zuonan, Guan Lijie. China, 2012.
The film revolves around a single-parent family. Father and son exchanged souls; father went to school for the son, son went to work for the father. They encounter a group of jewelry thieves by accident.
- Trailer link - caps - 2 - (Dylan)

Kaixin da maoxian
- (father/son mind swap) "Happy Adventure" full movie link - (Akira)

Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: I'm Born!
- (male AA TF APed) AKA "Gekijoban Kamen Raida Den'o Ore, Tanjo", "Kamen Rider Den-o Ore Tanjou", 2007.
Theatrical adaptation of the Kamen Rider Den-O Tv series.
- Male metal hero transformation scene - (Akira)

Karanlik Sular
- (age stasis) "The Serpent's Tale" Turkey, 1995.
A cabal of vampires, led by an ancient Byzantine princess trapped in an 8 year old girl's body, search for scrolls which reveal the key to eternal life.

Katta odam 2
- (AA adults/children role/body swaps) Uzbekistan, 2019.
The boy from the previous movie lost his younger brother who got kidnapped. He uses the pen again to change reality to help find him. Now his parents are behaving like children. His brother swapped bodies with his grandfather. All other adults including the kidnappers swap bodies with various children in the world, but continue their jobs even with child bodies. The boy assumes the role of his father in this new reality. I am a bit confused about what is actually going on.
- Full movie link @13:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

Katta odam
- (AA adults/kids role swap) Uzbekistan, 2016.
A boy found a magical pen from an old man. He uses it to write his dream wish, to have all the adults and kids trading places. His wish comes true, and now the kids are in charge of everything!
Various classroom and office reversals, kids acting out adult jobs and adults acting immaturely.
- Full movie link @05:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

Kaya Palat
- (male ARed & OC, male RN APed CB glimpse) 1983, Hindi.
"Life Prolonging". A scientist took a wrong medicine and transformed overnight from age 28 into an 8 y.o. boy. He invents an antidote to return to normal. He and his police friend then use the formula several times to turn back into boys, for fun and to catch culprits. No TFs, only offscreen age change aftermaths. He complains his payjamas became too small.
- Video link AR@24:30 RN@50:30 AR@60:00 - screencaps - (Dylan)

Kaya Palat
- (male ARed, police AR, male RNed) Bollywood 1983 - trailer link - - (Jeff 2bya)

Kdo hleda, najde
- (AR cutaway) 2007 Czech Tv movie, remake of 1974 version?
A magic well appears. Scene link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Kebun Binatang
- (FF, coming of age)
"Postcards from the Zoo", "Die Nacht der Giraffe". 2012, Indonesia, Germany.
- 3 y.o. Lana was abandoned in the zoo. Raised by a giraffe trainer, the zoo is the only world she knows. Suddenly, without indication that time jumped forward, Lana reappears as a grown woman. We see her become an assistant to a cowboy magician who magically disappears. Later we see her as a masseuse at a spa. The audience observes the natural phenomena of childlike wonder giving way to the adapt or die realities of adulthood.

- (male AR, OC) 2021/01. "The Watchman", "The Keeper".
Russian fairy-tale movie. @01:10:00 a man was poofed into a toddler.
- Full movie link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Kick-Ass 2
- (FF AA) 2010-2013. She went from 12 to 15. Her costume now has shoulder pads but the gloves are shorter - then/now

Kickin' It Old Skool
- (flash forward) Jamie Kennedy. Boy knocked out in 1985 wakes up 22 years later.
- FF - 2

Kid Who Would Be King, The
- (male adult rejuved disguise) 1/25/2019.
Soon, Morgana will reenter the world of the living. Merlin has disguised himself as a 16 y.o. school student to go incognito - Unrelated disguise UC caps

Kid, the
- (male AA younger self) No AR/AP ending

Kim Possible
- (male AR back to early teen) Disney Channel original movie, 2/15/2019.
Live action adaptation of the cartoon. Athena is part of Drakken and Shego's plan to steal Kim's motivational essence, and is revealed to be a gynoid. Kim short-circuits the essence transferring machine, turning Dr. Drakken back into a 12 y.o. boy as a side-effect.
During the end credits, young Dr. Drakken enrolls at Kim's high school posing as a gifted student, with Shego posing as his mom. He begins his final plan to defeat her once and for all.
- Maxwell Simkins (b. 10/17/2006): young Drakken - Todd Stashwick: mad scientist Drakken, Kim's archenemy - (Steven)

Kim Possible
- (male AR cutaway) Disney Channel, 2019/02/15.
Kim short-circuits Drakken's motivation transferring machine. He was regressed back to boyhood - screencaps

King of California
- (coming of age, slight adult age disguise, FFed) 2007 film based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" by Mike Cahill.
- 16 year old Miranda dropped out of school and has been supporting herself as an employee at McDonald's while her father Charlie resides in a mental institution. Charlie soon finds reason to believe that gold is buried underneath the local Costco. He encourages Miranda to get a job there so that they can excavate after hours.
- Allisyn Ashley Arm: Young Miranda; Evan Rachel Wood: Miranda; Michael Douglas: Charlie.

Kiss, The
- (mind transfer) "The Kiss", 1988. Older spirit steals little girl's body on train - (Kingster)

Kodomo Keisatsu
- (ARed) "Kids Police", 2013.
Detectives in the Kanagawa special investigation squad go after Yokohama criminal organization "Red Venus". While pursuing the gang, the 7 males and 1 female (who was later tied up) turned into children due to exposure to a special gas. Unknown if there's process.
- Video link - (Thesaint137)

Kun Pho Kraprongban
- (TG swap, father/young adult daughter) "Father's skirt", Thailand Tv movie, 2011.
They discover the change upon leaving the elevator after a disturbance - Movie link swap @15:00 - caps - (Gnosis, Hektor)

Kundskabens trae
- (coming of age FF) Denmark, 1981.
AKA "Tiedon puu", "The Tree of Knowledge".
- A class of Danish students grows up between the ages of 13 and 16 from 1958 to 1960. The film examines their friendships and romances.

Kung Fu Hustle
- (AR) AKA "Gong fu" China 2004. There was an AR scene in this popular movie. The kung fu hero met the woman from the lemonade sales in front of the candy shop, who was a childhood friend. He returned to a boy. And the woman (played in her adult form by Huang Sheng-Yi) who seemed to be an acceptable love returned to a girl wearing the same skirt and white shirt and pink bow as the beautiful woman. Two people entered the candy shop hand in hand - (Akira)

Kung Fu Hustle
- (male muscle maturity increased)
Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Kung Phooey
- (AR) 2003 movie. Apprentice monk Art Chew must set out to find the "ancient peach", which grants whoever eats it eternal youth. No TF is shown, but the evil owner of a Chinese restaurant, who is obsessed with wanting to look younger, eats the peach and becomes a little girl of about 5. Joyce Thi Brew: Helen Hu. Sophie Oda: Young Helen - (

Kuwentong Bahay-Bahayan
- (minor item, kinda sorta like ARed) Philippines 1953. 1-of-a-kind Tagalog musical comedy. All the parts are played by children. The story revolves around the lives of the family of the wealthy landlord Don Liwanag, and that of one of his tenants, Kadyo. Don is running for Congress but his wife disapproves because elections mean spending money.

L'age de raison
- (some mental flashback) 2010, Sophie Marceau, France.
"With Love... from the Age of Reason" - 40 y.o. Margaret suddenly receives letters she wrote to herself at age 7, causing her to re-evaluate life.

L'Anima Gemella
- (adult female TF, increased beauty effect) "Soul Mate", "The Twin Spirit", 2002 Italy.
Deciding to do anything to regain her love, Teresa resorts to a witch. This old woman transforms Teresa to look identical to the bride Maddalena. Teresa steals the clothes from the kidnapped Maddalena, so she can take her place with Tonino. We briefly see Maddalena's nude figure when her bra & dress are stripped off.

La abuela
- (dream young adult to OA) - The Grandmother - Paco Plaza, Spanish-French horror 2021.
A supermodel leaves Paris to help her grandmother in Madrid. In the middle of each video they describe a dream of the protagonist Susana, in which she wakes and goes to see to her grandmother (who is invalid) and starts to age (aging face, wrinkled hands, graying hair, and unfortunately lost teeth with a lot of blood) before waking from said dream. If you're able to find the entire clip I'd appreciate it, even the bloody teeth part.
- Spoilers link - link - caps - (Fan2000)

La Belle Endormie
- (AP movie)
France, 2010, Catherine Breillat. AKA "The Sleeping Beauty".
Baby princess Anastasia is condemned by bitter hag to prick her finger and fall into a 100-year sleep, but three more attractive witches also attending the birth attempt to remedy the curse by bringing forward the date of her enchantment to her 6th birthday, and having her wake up 10 years older in the 20th century. "Growing up stinks, better to go through it dreaming."
Having sustained said injury following a slightly unsettling kabuki performance by the 6-year old princess' (Carla Besnainou) friends, she falls into the dream world where she must prepare herself for adolescence. After wandering through various scenarios symbolising different stages of childhood growth, she is awakened as a sexually curious 16 year old (Julia Artamanov) by the great-grandson exploring her frozen castle.
Johan starts to seduce her in a tease of undoing the buttons on the back of her dress, before she is tempted to explore things with another girl. Unfortunately, real life romances aren't as easy as the fairytale ideal.
Massive efforts were made to learn how her clothing fared after the aging, but none of the reviewers mentioned this important detail.
- Movie scenes screencaps

La Cite des enfants perdus
City of Lost Children
- (AA dream TF AP/male AR) 1995.
Perhaps the ultimate AA aging and regressing scene in the 1990s. Evil man Crank tries to steal children's dreams to stay a young adult. A little girl taps into his mind at the end, giving Crank all her dreams, and causing him to grow progressively younger in an astonishing morphing sequence. As he grows younger, she begins to AA "grow" older, reaching adulthood, middle age, and finally old age as Crank becomes a toddler. All the morphs are done using older and younger computer-enhanced look-a-likes. It looks astounding and is very, very convincing. Highest possible recommendation! - (Zietgiest) - ln - th
- (AA AP, old age, AR RN, dream sequence) Mad scientist steals a girl's dreams. She AA ages rapidly as he gets younger. Also separate face close-up of boy AP/AR.
- AP/AR scene, age swap - changes - changes
- (AA AP to old age, male AR, dream sequence) French. 10 y.o. Miette slowly AA expands into a woman and then old woman. Camera strategically pulls away from her chest area before the breasts swell. Krank regresses into a boy and then a baby. Slightly larger version of clip originally posted on 2bya - AA AP, old age, male AR clip (11MB) - old age / male ARed aftermath clip (5 MB) - brief aftermath clip (3 MB)

La derniere vie de Simon
- (male TFs, OA/adult, one AP UC glimpse) AKA "Simon's Got A gift", French, 2019.
Simon is a unique orphan with the power to copy someone's exact appearance and condition. At the start he snuck out and turned into an adult man. Longing for kinship, he befriends a boy with a perfect family, hoping to be part of them. But it gets very complicated.
- Spoilers link - screencaps

La formula del doctor Funes
- (ARed, male RN APed UC glimpse) - Movie link - (Whyamidoingthis3)
Scenes - male AR @00:27:40 - fem ARed @00:50:45 - ARed @01:00:00 - male ARed @01:14:20 - female AA AR @01:17:50 - male APed @01:24:00

La formula del Dr. Funes
- (AR OC) An older scientist turned himself into a boy with a formula. Quick morph of an older woman into a kid. Elderly into kids aftermath in a nursing home.
- Trailer link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

La formula del Dr. Funes
- (multiple ARed, OC) 2014, Spanish/Mexican, based on Francisco Hinojosa children's book of same name.
Numerous instances of AR aftermath. 11 y.o. Martin has been using his telescope to observe old man Dr. Funes, who is conducting experiments to return to about age 18. The potion works too well, and he is reduced to the same age as Martin, who convinces his parents to let the doctor stay with them. It seems the doctor wants to spread the youth around, as he uses the potion to regress Martin's biology teacher to about 8 y.o., a dog to a puppy, a police officer to a baby, as well as a whole group of seniors at the old folks home to very young children. The doctor's rival tries to get the youth potion, but accidentally turns himself into a very small donkey that could fit in your hand.
- Info link - link - link - link - link
- screencaps - screencaps - (Mad0Charles, Ricky)

La influencia
- (old to young mind transfer, AA FFed) AKA The influence - Rovira. Spanish, 2019/10.
Based on the 1988 novel by Ramsey Campbell. Witch grandmother tries to take over 10 y.o. granddaughter Nora. Spooky girl Luna is also involved - (4of11)

La Machine
- (male mind transfer) 1994, Franco-German, Gerard Depardieu.
Scientist invents a mind swap machine, but an evil criminal steals his body and sends him to jail, and then steals the body of his young son who already suspects something is wrong.
- Male adults link - Father son link - screencaps - (Akira)

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
- (flashback AA) 2001 - face ages.

Last Home Run, The
- (male adult mind flashback?) 1996. A friend suggests a retiree use magic to transform himself into a boy so he can play baseball again... An older man lives out his fantasy because he had a stroke... ln - th

Last Man on Planet Earth, The
- (male AP) 1999. Geneticist clones a man in futuristic Earth ruled by women. The clone, named Adam, begins as a baby and ages 1 year per day. The scenes used different boys to show the progression of age. There was a scene where Adam was standing naked and wakes the geneticist saying: "Sorry to wake you. None of my clothes fit." I was hoping for a morphing scene where Adam's growth spurt rips his clothes leading up to that scene - (lewis, 'O') link

Last Witch Hunter, The
- (AA TG age form) 2015.
Tattooed man: Joseph Gilgun. Little girl: Samara Lee.
Protagonist finds a disheveled and scared young girl. She suddenly spins around to slash him while changing into an adult man in a cloud of smoke - (CJ, Metamorphose)

Lat den ratte komma in
- (age stasis, slight age disguised effects) 2008, Sweden.
AKA "Let the Right One In".
- Eli (Lina Leandersson, 9/27/1995) was 11/12-ish when she made the film, but she sometimes looks older, especially in the bed scene where she appears 14 or 15. Her voice was dubbed over because the character was supposed to be 200 years old. In some cases her features were altered with CGI. She looks quite a bit older as she sits on the jungle gym, really young when she knocks on Oskar's door before the bleeding scene, but a lot older in the basement. Those dark trousers tend to make her legs look long and slim, which of course makes her look more mature. In the subsequent scene where we see her running in silhouette she looks rather young. An older actress stepped in to play Eli (Robin De Lano, Susanne Ruben?). It was claimed Lina's physical appearance changed considerably during the course of filming. Her apparent age could change by just her turning her head a few degrees.

Late for Dinner
- (female adult FFed to OA) 1991.
A young man and his brother are cryogenically frozen in the 60s and wake 30 years later. The man goes on a quest to find his now-much older wife, who looks to be in her mid-50s. Daughter has grown up. Decent, if minimal, aging makeup for his wife.
- 01 - (Zietgiest) ln - th

Latitude Zero
- (adult age stasis) 1969, Ishiro Honda.
Lucretia's dead body is seen to rapidly decay into dust.

Le Mirage
- (adult rejuv effect) 1992.
Based on novel "Die Betrogene" AKA "The Black Swan" by Thomas Mann, 1953.
- Woman believes she can recapture adult youth by rediscovering love... with no regard for the inescapable realities.
Maria Tummler, still quite beautiful despite her fifty years, is possessed with consuming passion for a young adult friend of her son. Daughter is delighted to witness the physical transformation seemingly taking place. Maria is prepared to live this miracle of resuscitated love, even as signs of a strange weariness invade her new-found well-being - (TBTC)

Le Sens de la famille
- (AA mind swaps, parents/offspring/animal) So I got to fly on Air France for probably the only time in my life, and saw this movie on the plane (along with Mandibules, Adolescentes, the end of Gagarine, and the beginning of Old). The best part is definitely the mother being stuck in the body of the small daughter. She acts exactly like a put-upon adult trying to regain control of a preposterous situation. The little daughter stuck in the body of the teen brother puts on her dance costume, which is much too small now and ripped. If instead she had been stuck in the body of her teen sister this would have been the most awesome thing ever... The reason for the swaps isn't seen until the very end.

Le Sens de la famille
- (parents/offspring body swap) In production. AKA "Family Swap"? Benes, Dubosc, Lamy? 2020? France.
The Morels' 2 teenagers & 7 y.o. daughter "Chacha" are driving their parents out of their minds? One morning, they all wake up inside each other's bodies? - (Eric, Greg)

Le Voyage imaginaire
- (adult rejuvenated blurry fade/poofs) Rene Clair, 1926 French silent comedy.
He kisses a row of old crones and several other hags, who all become young adults again - Extract link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The
- (male adult stasis/OA) 2003, public domain classic superheroes/villains.
Dorian Gray has a large role in the film adaptation. He was blackmailed into working for Professor Moriarty as his portrait was held hostage. Gray and Mina fight an unwinnable battle due to their invulnerability. When Harker shows Gray his portrait, Gray rapidly ages until he becomes a rotten corpse. The disfigured face in his portrait becomes a young man once again. ln - th

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
- (male adult age stasis) Dorian Gray's portrait took the effects of aging and injury for him.

Leech Woman, The
- (adult age stasis, adult rejuvenation, old age) 1960.
152 year-old African woman Mala offers Paul her tribe's secret to long life.
He and his aged wife June go on an expedition to Mala's village. June realizes Paul wants to test the potion on her and becomes enraged.
37 y.o. Coleen Gray played June as being significantly older than 50 y.o. Paul.
Mala undergoes a special ceremony, extracting the pineal hormones of a man with a spiked ring and killing him in the process. She then mixes it with orchid pollen and drinks it to restore her adult youth. June chooses Paul as the man she will kill. She undergoes the ceremony, and she and the guide then steal the ring and pollen and escape. June realizes she must keep killing men to stay young and alive, and kills the guide. She uses her newfound adult youth to pretend to be her younger niece, and goes around town in her older form to trick drunks and con men for their pineal juice. Terry kills Sally with the ring. Crazed, June tries to use Sally's pineal juice, however June does not stop aging - in fact, she begins to age even more rapidly. Realizing she's lost everything, she throws herself off of her bedroom balcony and reveals her horrible secret in death - (TBTC)

- (AP face close-up, blink transformation) 1985, Annabelle Lanyon. The faerie Oona changes herself into older looking woman - TF

- (adult BE, expansion) - gifs

Les Lèvres Rouges
- (adult age stasis, younger adult body theft)
AKA "Daughters of Darkness" "the red lips", 1971, Belgium.
Ageless lesbian vampire countess Bathory drains victims of blood.

Les Visiteurs
- (adult rejuved) '93. Early on, a witch forces an old woman to drink a potion. This causes her to inflate and rocket through the roof (judging from the other holes she wasn't the first victim), only to fall back a minute later as a younger woman.

Les Visiteurs
- (OA adult slight face rejuvenation) 1993, France - screencaps - (2BYA)

Let Me In
- (age stasis) 10/2010, Chloe Grace Moretz vampire flick.

Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice, The
- (male AR, RN) 2008, 3rd TNT Tv movie. A man is hired to keep an eye on a mythological Library that also holds the Fountain of Youth. A character calls out with a man's voice, and we see a very young looking kid near a waterfall. He walks out and ages back to normal - (Tazz)

Life in a Day
- (accelerated growth to OA'd) AKA "Antidote", 1999.
Full movie: link - Another link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Life in a Day
- (AP, pregnancy CB, slight UC) 1999 Chandra West.
- Genetically altered baby grows to maturity and old age in 24 hrs. She is dressed in oversized clothing for the process. Quote: "I'm bigger again."
- 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
- 07 - wound healing.
- 08 - 09 - 10 - 11
- collage - c2
- old age - credits

Life Size
- (doll growth TF, shrinking doll, role reversal) Lindsay Lohan Tv movie. TFed

- (involuntary male adult old age TF's) 1985.

Light in the Forest, A
- (demon TF adult rejuv) 2003 adaptation of Frank Latino children's book, "The Legend of Hollyboy".
Direct link - screencaps - (Guest)

Like Father, Like Son
- (male AR, RN, mind transfer) ages

Little Makeover, A
- (younger self) Unproduced screenplay by CGALEONE, 2013.
When a shallow image consultant falls under a curse, her quest to reverse it helps her discover true beauty, by seeing her life through the eyes of a child: herself, aged 7.

Little Mermaid, The
- (AA TF into demon sea monster hag) 2023. Melissa McCarthy (52) played Ursula and Jessica Alexander (24) played her human form. So when Ursula became human it's rejuv, and when she turns back its OA - Vanessa turns into Ursula scene link - caps - (Tazz)
- Fan Art link

Little Nicky
- (male TF) male demon TF

Little Pictures
- (AR, RN APed AA) Unproduced movie screenplay by Christina Galeone, c2010.
Celebrated Hollywood image consultant Amanda wakes up as a 7 year old, and promptly falls out of bed. Finding herself much shorter than expected, she gasps as she sees her little legs and the way she swims in her nightshirt. She raises her arms in front of her, and screams when she realizes the sleeves are half empty. She frantically rolls up her sleeves, revealing her tiny arms and hands. She rushes to the dresser mirror and jumps up and down to get a better look at herself. "Okay okay I'm having a nightmare." She goes back to sleep, and falls out of bed again. She pinches herself and slaps herself in the face. Finally, she accepts the truth: she's been cursed.
Now calling herself Mandy after her own niece, the fab fashionista is forced to live life as a child again. Quitting smoking and black coffee, restoring the image of her cheating fiance (and client) and keeping her mani pedi intact are just a few of the things that make being 7 oh so difficult. She spends the movie looking for a magic necklace that will let her grow back up:
Harry quietly gets behind still child-sized Mandy, and slips the age progression necklace over her head. (She refused to put it on earlier.)
Mandy screams. Panicked, she jumps up.
Gracie: It took hours last time.
Mandy: It's a magic necklace. You can't be too sure about these things. I could like turn into a toad or something. I need to go to bed!
Mandy races to the house. Gracie wipes away tears.
Jamal: Look at her go. She must really be tired.
Fireworks light up the sky as Mandy disappears into the night.
Ext. Ocean - Night. Stars twinkle over the water. The tide rolls in. Transition.
In the next scene, travelers crowd a busy airline terminal. We see an adult woman walking from behind. As the camera swerves around, we learn the age progression transformation has been successful! Mandy has grown back into an adult during the night!

Little Princess, A
- "Every little girl is a princess", says the heroine to the sour headmistress, Miss Minchin. "Didn't your father ever tell you that?" "Didn't he?" And as she says it, she appears to grow taller and Miss Minchin, smaller.

Little Princess, A
- (changing camera angle) 1995. The scene with Sara Crewe (Liesel Matthews) confronting Headmistress Minchin kinda looks like AP - height

Little Rascals
- (AR) - AR, RN

Little Rascals
- (ARed, male AR, RN, male RNed) AKA "Our Gang", "Hal Roach's Rascals". 1922-1944, 220 short comedy films starring 41 child actors.
- ARed
- male RN APed UC
- RN morph
- male AR morph

Little Rascals
- (face FF) - poster

- (adult to late preteen AR, ARed OC aftermath) 2019.
A high-powered and mean African American business lady was magically transformed overnight into a 13-year-old girl!
This automatically triggers the hope of an RN AP scene with clothes bursting at the end. However, everything we have learned these past decades tells us there is basically no chance of anything good happening in that regards. And yet we can't help hoping against all hope.
- Trailer link - screencaps - (Filthymind)

- (adult to teen AR, RN UC?) 9/2019.
Described as Big in reverse. Stressed-out woman Regina Hall regresses to her teen self, played by Marsai Martin (Blackish). In addition to starring, 13 y.o. Martin apparently had the idea for the film, and will also executive produce. As always there is a tiny possibility of an RN UC scene at the end, but by now we have learned that almost never happens, unfortunately.
- Info link - link - (Filthymind)

- (ARed cutaway & aftermath, RN APed cutaway UC?) 4/2019.
Reportedly, at the talent show at the end, little Jordan wore a black sweater/pants set (with "hearts or stars" or other decorations)? Since it was a dance routine, this should be expected to be elastic material? When she wakes up the next morning as an adult again, this outfit was said to have been "stretched" out? There is no further information.
She did NOT wear her form-fitting teen overalls before growing back up. Not in this lifetime...

- (RN "APed" cutaway) - She grew back to normal overnight while wearing highly stretchable clothing. Level 16 AA variant - Aftermath screencaps

Lobos de Arga
- (male face AP) AKA "Game of Werewolves", Spain, 2012.
Calisto enters the labyrinth to kill the werewolf. Instead, he finds a boy whom he takes home. As they leave the village, the boy's age catches up with him. His face morphed into an old man's face and the screen turned black.
- Screencaps - (TF dimension)

Lone Star
- (FB/FF) 1996, John Sayles.
Much of the movie is told in flashback, with the camera panning from a present day scene to the location of some event in the Fifties where we see it replayed, then panning back to the present characters, lost in recollection of those days gone by. The overlap of past and present in the same shot serves up a new style of filming that breaks all set boundaries of time conception.

Long Story Short
- (FF time jumps) Australia, 2021.
Teddy wakes the morning after his wedding to discover he keeps jumping forward to the next year of his life. Watching his whole future flash past, he must use every precious moment in a race against time.
- Spoilers link - (Mystery Recapped)

Look Who's Talking
- (BE UCed) Kirstie Alley in "tight" button shirt - 01 - 02

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The
- (male adult oa'd, AA) Bilbo has aged 50 years in a matter of months after giving up the ring.
Bilbo Baggins looks as young as he did when he first met Gandalf when he still possesses the One Ring. After leaving it behind for Frodo, his Ring-deferred years catch up with him and Bilbo becomes quite elderly. In the book Bilbo will keep living 20 years after giving up the ring, reaching the record age of 131 years. In the movie, where the intervening years between Bilbo's farewell and Frodo leaving Hobbiton are compressed, it's far more apparent.
- Gollum, who had the Ring a lot longer than Bilbo, is still alive and mostly unchanged 75 years after losing it, probably because he was also a lot more corrupted by the Ring than Bilbo was. Gollum comments, however, that if the Ring is destroyed, he will "die into the dust."

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
- (male old aged rejuvenation to middle age) Aragorn, Gandalf, and Gimli meet a king who is under the evil wizzard's control. As a result the king looks like he is 110 years old. But Gandalf breaks the spell and the king returns to his regular age of 50 years old - (ArFreak)

Lord Of The Rings
- (male adult OA'd & age stasis) The One Ring kept Gollum alive for hundreds of years, and he looked like it. Bilbo barely aged (other than his white hair) while he had the ring in his possession. It wasn't until he gave up the ring that his 111 years finally caught up with him.

Lost Highway
- (male adult rejuvenation) David Lynch, 1997. Saxophonist Bill Pullman is accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to death. The lights start flashing, his face starts burning, and he inexplicably changes into a young man (Balthazar Getty) with a completely different life. No longer an emasculated husband, a woman is now willing to risk her life to save him.

Lost Horizon
- (adult stasis, OA'd) 1973 version, musical film.
If you can find Shangri-La, you can stay a young adult for centuries. Celebs float around what looks like the courtyard of a Malibu Marriott hotel, singing or portraying ghastly Burt Bacharach/Hal David songs. Fortunately, Gielgud (as Chang) and Charles Boyer (as the High Lama) don't sing. Chang warns that Maria came to Shangri-La long ago at age 20. When she leaves the valley, she ages to age 100 and promptly dies.

Lost Horizon
- (old age, age stasis) Frank Capra 1937, based on book by James Hilton. A plane crash delivers a group of people to the secluded land of Shangri-La. The founder claims to be hundreds of years old, preserved, like the other residents, by the magical properties of the paradise he has created. Hilton's Manchu princess - the young woman who really was 70 years old - has been split into Margo, who loves young Conway, and Jane Wyatt, authentically youthful, who has a romance with the elder brother. Torn between love and loyalty, they leave, taking Maria (Margo) with them. She denies being 70. After several days of grueling travel, she becomes exhausted and falls face down in the snow. When they turn her over, they discover that she has died...of extreme old age. Her departure from Shangri-la had restored Maria to her true age. She aged 50 years in a moment. The film was remade as a colorful, big-budget musical in 1973.

Love Me If You Dare
- (FF to OA) 2003 - time

Lovely Bones, The
- (FF) 2009. Rose McIver (10/10/88) plays with ease a difficult role from age 11 to 18 as deceased Susie's sister Lindsey.

Lovely Complex
- (height comparison) scene

Lovestruck: The Musical
- (AR) Jane Seymour wants to become a musical star, but her daughter quits the show to marry a rich man.
Because her leg is in pain from dancing injuries, she takes a liquid in a bathroom stall that turns her 22 again. Good dance number to celebrate her restoration of youth. Her divorced husband is reduced to her age as well, and a great aunt is turned into a child. All offscreen, but it is handled well, especially the great aunt with loose clothing! - (Time2)

Lovestruck: The Musical
- (older adults rejuvenated) ABC Family Tv movie, 4/21/13.
Jane Seymour: older Harper - Chelsea Kane: young adult Harper.
Tom Wopat: older Ryan - Drew Seeley: young adult Ryan.
- Harper wants to stop her daughter's wedding so she won't quit showbusiness. She takes a swig of a strange elixir that turns her 30 years younger. Harper's younger appearance allows her to secretly infiltrate the wedding, but Mirabella's father Ryan recognizes his ex-wife in any form. He too experiences the reverse-aging effects of the elixir. After she accidentally ruins the wedding, the two must right the wrong that Harper created so their daughter can get married and live happily ever after.
- caps - (Time2)

Lubov Morkov 2
- (APed UC glimpse, male APed UC, ARed) Russia 2008.
2 kids make a magic wish. The next morning, the daughter doesn't notice her feet no longer fit in her slippers. She discovers she has grown into an adult resembling mom. Her brother also grew up into an adult resembling dad. The parents are horrified to find they have shrunk in age and size, and are now indistinguishable from their own kids. They have to live each other's lives until they can find a way to return to normal.
video link - (Tuggy24)

Lubov Morkov 2
- (body swap APed/ARed, male/female UC/OC scenes)
- Introduction - Magic wish, wakeup scene, daughter's slippers too small.
- Kids APed discovery - Each sibling thinks the other is their parent.
- Parents ARed shock - Bedroom surprise.
- Confusion - Body discovery scenes.
- What to do now
- Clothes exchange
- Before/after the swap.

Lubov Morkov 3
- (adult body/age swaps) "Lovey-Dovey 3", Russia 2011. A married couple trades forms with their elderly parents.

Lyubov v bolshom gorode 3
- (AA aged-up) AKA "Love In Vegas", "Love in the Big City 3". Russia-Ukraine, 2014.
While the mothers are completely occupied, fathers find parenting harder than expected until Saint Valentine AA'd their kids into adults overnight. Why are there grown women in your bed? Are your daughters hiding behind them? A birthmark looks familiar? "No, I'm Masha."
Artyom Isaev 5 y.o: Ivan Shmakov - Artyom Isaev adult: Alexander Petrov.
Dasha 5 y.o: Agnessa Yudintseva   - Dasha adult: Parveva Alexandra.
Masha 5 y.o: Veronica Yudintseva - Masha adult: Natalia Parieva.
- Video link 13:00 15:15 20:20 screencaps - 30:30 misunderstanding.

Ma vie est un enfer
- (some adult rejuv-like TFed scenes) 1991, France.
She makes a wish to the devil, and goes from a 35 to a 25 y.o. body - caps

Mack & Rita
- (adult to old age TFed & aftermath) Diane Keaton, 2022/08.
At a strange ceremony during a bachelorette trip, 30 y.o. Mack's "inner 70-year-old" is accidentally released. She magically transformed into her future self "Aunt Rita", and becomes an unlikely social media sensation.
- Trailer link - caps - (Kappa)

Madame Sin
- (adult to OA or rejuv?) 1972.
Expensive Tv movie. Bette Davis chews the scenery as a Fu Manchu villain whose arsenal includes "age manipulation" techniques? Maybe it's just hypnotic drugs or mental infantilism?
- (TBTC) ln - th

Jane Austen's Mafia!
- (pseudo "UC", BE done by digital warping) 1998. A boy's wish "comes true". They didn't want to touch the actress so her "growth spurt" was a purely visual effect - development

Magic Flute, The
- (old adult rejuvenated cut) The Magic Flute - 2006, Kenneth Branagh.
English-language movie version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera "Die Zauberflote". All of Mozart's music was retained in the film.
The old hag Pappagena was reverted from behind into a young adult girl.
- Part02 link 32:00 - young adult Pappagena link - screencaps - (Yoyoeldas)

Magic Kids - Three Unlikely Heroes, The
- (male AA monster TF, pseudo male AP aspect) 2020 - "Werewolf" caps

Magiczne drzewo: Czerwone krzeslo
- (AR) "Magic tree: The Red Chair", Poland, 2009.
Based on a Tv series. A 45 y.o (business)woman's body is regressed to 7-8 y.o. The boy's wish was to make her smaller than them. After being changed in a windstorm, the evil aunt starts screaming and tries to order the kids around, but they are not listening anymore and start laughing. She threatens them without effect. Since she is now too small to drive a car, she decides to join them to avoid being kidnapped.
Sadly no process, and her clothes are magically changed as well. It's all off screen in a poof transformation way. A shame how movies tend to use this when it's not so difficult making process with modern technologies. Just showing face and hand changing, then the kid in baggy clothes, that's not so difficult. I prefer a process scene rather than a sudden transformation, but at least her clothes don't stay exactly the same. If you look closely you will see they are now bigger on her, not hanging but longer. The dress reaches almost to the ankles.
Her mind has not changed and she starts going to school with them. In the end the magic wishing chair was destroyed. She does not grow back.
- Video link @38:00 - link - screencaps - (Gooddemon, Ricky, LilAngel, Vended, Filthymind)

- (minor female adult age reduction) 2010.
Ayu and Malik are in mourning after the death of their mother. Malik gets lost in a magical world called Magika. The Nenek Kebayan captures Malik to be the main ingredient of a youthful herbal medicine that can only be made using children's tears. Ayu tries to save her brother but also gets trapped - (Jeffr_2bya)

Magnificent Six And A Half, The
Movies, 3rd series, part 5 "Time Flies" 1971, time machine tale. Without an age stabilizing drug, the trip can be hazardous - (TBTC)

Major and the Minor, The
- (kinda disguise ARed) 1942 Billy Wilder, based on play by Edward Childs Carpenter. Ginger Rogers: Susan Kathleen 'Sue' Applegate/Susu. "Is She A Kid - Or Is She Kidding?" A woman disguises herself as a child to save on train fare and is taken in charge by an army man who doesn't notice the truth. Susan is transformed (there is an elaborate scene of metamorphosis at a train station) from a failed woman into a wildly popular young girl; Susan's 'time-transference' allows her to become a subversive sprite. The idea that a little girl can disrupt a rigidly ordered military base on the eve of war is subversive. A hick girl who has blown all her prospects is able to infiltrate the military elite and overturn an arranged marriage. She takes Kirby out of this crippling environment, out of an enchanted land and the witch that would keep him there, even though she herself has magical powers that allow her to change appearance and age at will.

Maléfique remake
- (unconfirmed rumor, possible male AR to death) Neal H. Moritz. 2009

- (male AR to dust) 2002 - video link - screencaps (AR Board)

- (coming of age, PE glimpse) 2000.
When he sets eyes on the delectably curvaceous Monica Belucci, the camera zeroes in on a ceremonious erection "appearing" in his shorts.
A young man "noticed" an adult woman for the first time - male gif

Man from Earth, The
- (male adult age stasis) 2007.
Goodbye party for Professor turns into mysterious interrogation when the retiring scholar reveals he never ages and has walked the earth for 14,000 years.

Man in Half-Moon Street, The
- (male adult age stasis) 1945.
A male adult scientist discovers he can live forever by receiving gland transplants every 10 years. Unfortunately, the unwilling donors must be killed for him to survive, which doesn't bother the scientist until he falls in love. The girl is innocent of his grisly secret. He is due for a new transplant, but the endocrinologist gets a guilty conscience and refuses to help anymore. Desperate to remain a young man, the scientist finds someone else. Scotland Yard gets wind. The girl finds out and remains true to the scientist, causing him to abandon his mad quest for eternal adult youth. - (Time)

Man Who Could Cheat Death, The
- (male adult age stasis, male adult old age) 1959, UK.
Remake of "The Man in Half Moon Street". In 1890, Dr. Bonner plans to live forever through periodic gland transplants from younger, healthier adult victims. Bonner looks about 40 but he's really 104 years old. People are starting to get suspicious, and he may not make 200.

Man Who Turned to Stone, The
- (adult stasis) 1958.
Psychiatrist & social worker at young women's reform school prison puzzle over suspicious deaths. The warden and doctor are behind a centuries-old evil plot to steal the life force of young women to extend their own unnaturally immortal adult lives. As always, the more flesh the scientists consume, the more they need! - (Jeffr_2bya)

Maria's Lovers
- ("UC" dress button pop) accidental bust out scene.
- 1984. Anita Morris is wearing an absolutely way "too tight" dress and she takes a deep breath and the buttons ping across the room.
- Shirt button pop gif scene.

Married to the Mob
- (UC scene) 1988 Michelle Pfeiffer - UC

- (AA FFed) 2008 horror, France - imdb
Missing little girl Lucie was found wandering after a year on a country road with no memory of what happened. She grows into a comely young woman with serious issues. Close friend Anna is a similarly affected victim.

Maru Ghar Kyan Che
- (old aged) India, ca 2001 Gujarati film. Chandini plays the role of a 16 year old girl transforming into a 60 year old.
Meenakshi Pictures, Mahendra Bohra. Stars: Chandni Sarsa, Dharmesh Vyas, Reeta Bhaduri, Rajiv Verma, Kunika and Ramesh Mehta. Cinematography Hasmukh Rajput, music Kirti Girish. Venus film. Chandini starred in 1999 Kannada version of "AK 47", "Love You" with Shivamani, and opposite Adam Bedi in "Wonderful Moments". She won the Gujarat state award for her stupendous performance in Maru Ghar Kyan Chhe.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
- (dedicated adult OA face edits) Widow & Witch fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

Mary Pickford (actress)
- (adult disguised as child) 1892-1979.
As an adult, she played a little girl in 7 feature films; in 3 she remained a child throughout (The Poor Little Rich Girl, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and The Little Princess - all from 1917).
Pickford first experimented with a little-girl role in a brief flashback sequence in The Foundling (1916).
"I always study a part very carefully and try to get into the spirit of the child I am to portray," she commented in 1918. "The costume, dressing the character, means a lot. You know, when I'm dressed as a child, I never walk. I always skip or run. Funny how one feels a character when... dressed for the part. You just naturally lose your own identity"
During 1917-20 Mary Pickford achieved celebrity in adaptations of "Stella Mans", "Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley", "M'liss", "Daddy-Long-Legs", and "Pollyanna". These "growing girl" films instantly eclipsed the popularity of her earlier adult roles. Audiences were delighted to discover the "Little Mary" of the long, backlighted blonde curls, in Tattered-Tom clothes, a sometimes smudged face, and with no visible breasts. At her zenith, Pickford's little-girl roles established her as the highest paid and most powerful female in the entertainment business.
"The Poor Little Rich Girl" was her first and perhaps most important "growing girl" film. Her 11 y.o. Gwendolyn marked her first attempt to portray a girl so young. "As the years went by and I continued to play children's roles, it would worry me that I was becoming a personality instead of an actress. I would suddenly resent the fact that I had allowed myself to be hypnotized by the public into remaining a little girl." Practical businesswomen that she was, she continued to play little-girl roles, even when it meant strapping down her mature figure, creating an environment of oversized props and sets, and casting tall actors in supporting roles.
"There are many things to remember in impersonating a child role. For instance, the facial muscles of the grown-ups are controlled, while those of a child spontaneously reflect passing moods... Another technical problem that is difficult to solve is that of carriage. You see, the child moves about freely, its arms swinging carelessly, its shoulders droop very slightly, the knee joints are loose, and the toes point inward. An actress can't be too careful in noting and copying such movements as these in the case of a child. It all takes time and study--more than my audiences have imagined."

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation scene) Based upon the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov (many more movies made about the "biblical" parts of the book only).
We don't know if any of these films include any depiction of Margarita "rejuvenating" under the influence of the Devil's lotion from age 36 back to her 20s maybe? They may have skipped that part.
- "The Master and Margaret" AKA "Il Maestro e Margherita" AKA "Majstor i Margarita" by Aleksandar Petrovic, Italy-Yugoslavia, 1972.
- Unproduced script by Roman Polanski, 1989.
- "Master i Margarita" by Yuri Kara, Russia, 1994.
- "Master i Margarita" by Sergey Desnitsky, Russia, 1996/not released.
- "Sometimes Look at the Sky" by Kamal Tabrizi, 2003.
- "Il Maestro e Margherita" by Giovanni Brancale, 2008.
- Scott Steindorff unproduced project, 2013.
- "Le maitre et Marguerite" by Charlotte Waligora, 2017.
- Nikolai Lebedev project, to be released late 2022?
- Baz Luhrmann project, 2019+

Mata Hari
- (c.14 to 40 FF AA) Movie never released.
Since 1977, David Carradine had been at work on a film about the famous World War I courtesan and spy, starring his own daughter Calista Carradine (4/1962). It was supposed to take 25 years to make, as his daughter's real life was going to parallel Mata Hari's life from teenhood until her death by firing squad at age 41. Filming over 3 decades in Holland, India, and the U.S., he would shoot a few scenes at a time whenever he had money. He discussed the project in his book Endless Highway.

Matchstick Men
- (age disguised as teen) 2003. Klein informs Roy that he has a 14-year-old daughter, Angela (Alison Lohman, 9/18/79). Her youthful energy rejuvenates him, and Roy agrees to work with Frank on a con. However, Angela turns out to be in her 20s.

- (FF AA) gif

- (flash forward AP fades, AA, AR/AP flashback) Mara Wilson. 01 02 3

Mauvais Esprit
- (male reborn, kinda like ARed) AKA "Mean Spirit", France, 2004.
Comedy about a man who has his architectural design stolen from him. To make matters worse, Porel accidentally hits him with his car. But Simon is reincarnated as Porel's baby, and does everything in his infant power to make life miserable for Porel.
- (TheGuy) ln - th

- (flash forward) Lucky McGee, 2002. Little May is alienated as a child. An indeterminable amount of years later, her adult form is a social misfit played by Angela Bettis, who wants more from life than conversations with her imaginary friend. She gets involved with an auto-body mechanic she has willed her fantasies on.

Mazaa Mazaa
- (AA young adult to adult flash forward, kinda like slight mental ARed?) 2005 India. Hindi musical movie.
15-year-old Jassi feels that she's not good looking or happening. She always complains of being too young and not being able to do things that are done by her elder friends. Their dresses are jazzy, they are seen at all the in-places having fun, and they do all the things prohibited for a girl of Jassi's age! She feels bored confined in her private world. Jassi's only sympathizer is her fat, ever-loving friend Rocky. Monica, her smart and manipulative rival in school, is modern in her outlook and can make things happen her way. Due to some magic dust, Jassi's dream of growing big and beautiful comes true when time moves on overnight. She, her rival Monica (now a successful model), her friend Rocky, and the entire world become older by 10 years, hence giving Jassi ample opportunity to hit back. Jassi (Payal Rohatgi), a youngster with the body of a 25 year old, enters a world of adulthood not yet armed with the experiences of growing up. She has a figure to die for, while her age permits her to do all that she dreamt of. She goes to discotheques and clubs, hangs around with friends, and wears everything that she could only imagine earlier, but she still has the outlook of a teen.
- poster

Maze, The
- (male adult old age) "The Maze", 1953.
A Scotsman abruptly breaks off his engagement and moves to his uncle's castle in the highlands. Kitty and her aunt discover Gerald has suddenly aged. Mysterious things happen in an adjoining maze - (Arkhamdrivein)

Me, Myself and Irene
- (male FF AA) 2000. 3 brothers grow up on sofa - (2bya)

Mean Girls
- (UC scene) 2004. The main antagonist (who gained weight during the plot), futily attempting to fit into a formal dress, inquires the salesperson if a larger size is available. The salesperson snootily replies, "I'm sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, 5-- you may wish to try Sears"
- FF

Memory Run
- (adult rejuv effect, stasis) 1995, Synapse.
The year is 2015, and Big Brother is everywhere. The search for immortality is over. Mind, Body, and Soul must no longer be one. Those who benefit will wake to a new and adultly youthful beginning - the rest of humankind must wake to a living nightmare - (TBTC)

- (male rebirths) Alex Garland, UK, 2022.
Body Horror, male accelerated pregnancy. Naked man, now in full Green Man form, gives birth to young boy, who in turn gives birth to the vicar, then Geoffrey, and finally James, heavily mutilating their bodies.

Mephisto Waltz, The
- (male adult mind swap) 1971 horror.
A classical piano player on the rise befriends another famous player at death's door. Unknown to him, the guy is a satanist who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death, so that he can become a young man again and continue to play the piano.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
- (male AR cut) 1996.
Adult man turned into baby by his own magic potion.
- (Michael Allison) ln - th

Merlins Shop of Mystical Wonders
- (male AR, male old age) 1996 male AR (Ricky)

Messieurs Les Enfants
- (male AP's, AR's, possible AP RN) 1997 film and novel. Kids and parents swap ages. Inspired by the novel "Kamo et moi" (1992) rgrssd. - 2 - info

Messieurs Les Enfants
- (male APed CB, mixed AR OC, unseen mixed AA RN)
3 males were brought to adulthood. The parents were turned back mentally and physically.
Direct video link
- male AP screencaps - ARed, male APed screencaps - male AP/AR screencaps
- male AP, ARed screencaps - ARed aftermath screencaps - (FARfan)

Mighty Joe Young
- (AA FF) 1949 & 1998 versions - years

Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance
- (adult to old age scene) 1994.
Cruel aunt of injured girl exploits her niece for money, until a haunted mirror takes its revenge. As she looks in the mirror, the aunt starts to age quickly, her worst fears realized. She goes from middle age to extreme old age in three separate shots, screams in horror, and is never shown again. Nice makeup, but a very quick scene.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Mirror Mirror
- (adult to OA) 2012.
Snow White cuts the necklace, the Beast becomes engulfed in light, and Queen Clementianna begins to age. During the wedding celebration, a crone in a hooded robe appears and offers Snow White a poisoned apple, but she realizes it's Clementianna.

mirror scene
- (coming of age)
Occasional movie trope. Teen girl gazes in mirror at her developing body, sometimes wishing she was more mature. Also see "age mirror" - puberty pose

Miss Change
- (adult rejuv disguise) 2013 Korea. TG movie about a man who could never date a woman in his life finding a sexy woman bodysuit. At the end he gives up the bodysuit and an old woman finds it. And she is REALLY pleased to become young and beautiful. Brief but nicely done - (Kreaf,

Miss Congeniality
- (brief flash forward) face

Miss Granny
- (adult rejuvenation) "Susanghan Geunyeo", "Suspicious Girl", S.Korea, 2014, Hwang Dong-hyuk.
74 y.o. foul-mouthed and shameless widow Oh Mal-soon lives with her son, a university professor of gerontology. On the day she is told that she is being sent to a nursing home, the dismayed Mal-soon comes across a mysterious photo studio that claims it captures one's youth. After taking her last portrait for her not-so-far-off funeral, Mal-soon is dumbfounded by her reflection: a fresh 20 y.o. woman. She hides from her family and decides to make the most out of this opportunity. All anyone sees is that Doo-ri speaks with a regional accent and walks like an old lady, and that she acts very motherly for her age. After wowing a group of pensioners with a stirring karaoke tune, she attracts the notice of her unknowing teenage grandson and a TV music producer. Ji-ha invites her to join his heavy metal band, and she convinces them to switch to more audience-pleasing melodies. Meanwhile, she gets caught in a love triangle.
- Poster - (Akira)

Miss Mystic
- (soul swap between old/young adults) low budget independent film, 2004.
A good body theft film if you can get your hands on it. I really like stories where old women "become young again" by tricking beautiful victims. It involves a F2F swap between a young woman and an old hag trying to escape death. The best part was Katrina telling her brother about how the young woman will just have to get used to living in her old body. After they tricked her into swapping bodies, they teased her and walked out, leaving Alyssa trapped in her old body.
- Snippets link - (BOB, ROBO, L, Dexter Dickie, Stag)

Miss Mystic
- (young/old adults mind exchange) 2004, Christopher Jacobs film-noirish supernatural student thriller with a twist.
Like "Freaky Friday" meets "Double Indemnity"!
- Eccentric old fortune teller Katrina uses an obscure herbal potion to switch bodies with innocent & trusting teenager. Alyssa in Katrina's body must convince her younger brother what happened and devise a plan to change back. Past family relationships complicate their motivations - (Metamorphose)

Misteri Bando Bertuah
- (adult age swap, old woman/young woman) 2015, Indonesia.
Full movie link @55:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

- (male AA cutaway, APed form, RNed AA cutaway) NHK Tv movie, Kenki Saegusa, 88 mins. 11/26/1988.
"Morning Bridge", "The Bridge of Resurrection", "Rear Bridge".
- His father was lost in an accident, and his mother was missing. A 4th grade student living alone in Kyoto is kindly taken care of by a pure female teacher. One day he wishes, "I want to be an adult like Chiharu sensei". When he crosses the Return Bridge, he will become an adult. Ms. Chiharu will be fascinated by his adult appearance, and will consider engagement. Awkwardly, the teacher touches the boy and appeals for a wedding with a kiss. But this love will not be fulfilled. If you try to cross this bridge to become an adult, it will be in the process of demolition. He will not be an adult anymore because of the replacement work. Chiharu lights a candle in a castle ruin and waits. When the candle disappeared, he stood as a boy in front of the dismantled bridge. It was a drama with strong feelings.
- Vid scene link - screencaps - (Akira)

Moi a ton age
- (AA movie, adult/younger adult mind swap, mother & daughter) 2012, France.
Adaptation of "Zwei Vom Blitz Getroffen".
- It's not easy being single Mother of a 17 y.o. Daughter in full rebellion. Relations between Caroline and Fanny have reached a point of no return. They are incapable of communicating without shouting, or of putting themselves in each other's shoes. But Fate in the form of a mysterious storm places Caroline in the body of her Daughter and Fanny in her Mother. After legitimate panic, each must live in the skin of the other, while maintaining appearances in high school and with the suitors. They learn to understand each other, and finally regain their bodies after long adventures. In the last half hour, the Daughter in the Mother's body doesn't feel very well. She comes out with a pregnancy test. Based on the reaction, the Mother's body had gotten pregnant before the swap.
- Movie link - (Tuggy24g, Holt, TheDetective)

Monkey Business
- (mental AR) 1952.
A chemist (Cary Grant) has been trying to find the fountain of youth. His chimp inadvertently succeeds, and mixes it with water from the water cooler. Grant takes a drink, reverts into a teenager, and goes off on a wild afternoon with his boss's 26 year old secretary (Marilyn Monroe). Grant's wife (41 y.o. Ginger Rogers) takes the next dose, and reverts to a shy schoolgirl who locks Grant out of the bedroom. The third dose turns them into young children. Finally, the board of the company gets dosed, and they turn into a group of boys. All of this is mental AR, but it is some of the best around. On the VHS box it states that Monroe gets a dose and turns into a kid, but this does not happen.

- (male clones, time FF) After 3 years on the moon he finds out he is the 5th clone, and his memories are implants. His newborn daughter is actually 15. The station has hundreds of clones ready to be woken.

More Winners: The Big Wish
- (male "shrunken teen" pseudo AR effect, teen baby, mental infantilism) 1990, Australia, TV Movie.
Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AA, accelerated growth, some CoA issues) Luke Scott, 2016.
Young girl Morgan has been genetically engineered to embody the best of humanity. She grows a little too fast, and starts to move beyond the capabilities of her human caretakers. "I am something new," Morgan says before violently turning on the scientists.
- Amybeth McNulty: Preteen. Anya Taylor-Joy: Grown - Trailer link - screencaps - 2

Motivos de Berta: Fantasia de Pubertad, Los
- (coming of age) "Berta's Motives", Spain, 1983 - adolescent summer

Mr. Fix It
- (adults rejuvenated cut-away dream sequence) 2006, "The Way You Look Tonight".
Quick old age to young adult of old men and women. Lance helps his friends serenade the O'Mally widows, and watches how love appears to make them all younger again.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
- (no AP/AR) 2007 Natalie Portman comedy. Described as a cross between "Willy Wonka" and "Big", Portman plays the manager of a toy store infused by the spirit of its eccentric owner. Her depression has turned the once vibrant store to a gray pallor.

Mr. Nobody
- (anomalous life/time jumps) 118 y.o. Mr. Nobody's last words are watched by the world. The expansion of the universe halts, and time appears to reverse. Nemo is able to return to his childhood, watch his parents reunite, and be with Anna. His younger self finally found his one true love and life - caps

Mr. Nobody
- (male time skip to OA, FF/FB) 2009.
A tale spanning different time zones of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Nemo Nobody leads an ordinary existence until reality skids and he wakes as a 118-year-old man in the year 2092. He tells of alternate versions of his life at age 9, age 16, and age 34. One life path has him married to Elise, another has him married to Jean.
- Nemo age 9: Thomas Byrne
- Nemo age 16: Toby Regbo
- Nemo adult/age 118: Jared Leto
- Anna age 9: Laura Brumagne
- Anna age 15: Juno Temple
- Anna adults: Diane Kruger
- Elise age 15: Clare Stone
- Elise adult: Sarah Polley
- Jean age 15: Audrey Giacomini
- Jean adult: Linh Dan Pham

Munsters' Revenge, The
- (undead ARed) 1981 Tv film reuniting Munsters cast members. An attempt to return a mummy to life is botched by giving it too much potion and turning it into a living baby.

My Life as a Dog
- (coming of age, flash forward) 1985. Saga (Ing-Marie Carlsson) starts out as a tomboy. She tries unsuccesfully to stop her growth by restraining her breasts. Later she becomes proud of her new body.

My Mother Was Never A Kid
- (flashback) 3/19/81, ABC Afterschool Special. 13-year-old Victoria Martin (Mary Beth Manning) is convinced that her "clueless" mother has absolutely no concept of what it is like to be young. Her attitude changes dramatically when, as the result of a bump on the head, Victoria wakes up to find she has gone back in time to 1944. Here she meets and befriends a young girl named CiCi (Rachel Longaker), who is very much like herself -- and who turns out to be the younger version of guess who? Based on book Hangin' Out with Cici

My Super Ex Girlfriend
- (teen growth scene) 2006.
Young teen Tara Thompson is zapped by meteor. Clothes strain audibly as her breasts become firmer, rise up, and swell against the fabric, but her bra doesn't snap. Her straightening teeth pop off her braces, and her hair changes color.
- power metamorphosis

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
- (TF BE) Very brief scene shows the immense power in the human female body - gif

Mysterious Giant Heroine - Queen Grande Z
- (AP AA, RN AA)
60min, 4/22/11, members only.
- 10-year-old Riela who lost her parents spends her days taking care of her little brother Touto. Peace-loving alien Aries gives her a strange bottle of candy. "The purple candy will make you 10 years older, and the pink candy will make you 10 years younger." One sunny holiday a group of suspicious-looking men come up to them. Riela manages to lose the chasing men and eats a purple candy, which immediately turns her into an adult. Her Melmo-costume is designed to fit at both ages. She fights the men, who, it seems, are after her bottle of candy.
- Riela as a little girl is played by Miss Maika Aoyama, who is an elementary school student in real life. I remember she played a small role for a ZEN Picture film before, and she has become a little bit more adult since then. Popular gravure idol Miss Maria Tainaka plays the adult version of Riela. It was real fun working with two talented child actors whose performances were refreshing.
- Screencaps: first TF start - park battle start - cover - studio snapshots
- (AP AA /AR RN, boot expansion, pseudo-UC effect)
First Transformation Video Link - (El Animefilo)
- Screencaps: AP scene - adult body aftermath - magical costume heroine battles
- (AA TF APed) body increase discovery - aftermath - (ElAnimeFilo)
- (age forms AA) battles

Mystery Science Theater 3000
(male adult baby, male AR, adult rejuvenation, old age)
- S03Ep06 "Time of the Apes" 7/13/1991.
In the beginning host segment, Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank start a day care business in Deep 13. Frank invents a miracle-growth formula, causing one of the babies to explode into a giant adult baby. Then at the end of the show, the Mads argue over who should change their miracle growth baby.
- S03Ep07 #307 "Daddy-O".
The premise continues into the next episode. The miracle-growth baby returns and the Mads demo their alien face-hugger teething nook. At the end of the show it takes about 8 times to get the credits rolling because the miracle-growth baby got strained carrots in the Mads' keyboard.
- S03Ep20 "The Unearthly" 12/14/1991.
A mad scientist creates havoc when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry.
- S05Ep23 "Village of the Giants".
When a young woman bursts out of her clothes in close-up as she grows, they quip that "girls grow so fast when they're that age" - link
- S08Ep03 "Leech Woman" 2/8/1997.
A sordid tale about the fountain of adult youth and a woman who wishes to be a younger adult.
- S10Ep13 "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders" 9/12/1999.
An old man tells his grandson a story about the magician Merlin.
Segment Three: Servo turns Mike into a baby.
- (Cabby456)

- (male AP's, male AR's) AKA "Nani". India 2004 musical movie, Telugu version of New. 8-year-old kid wants to be a big man to avoid reprimanding by his mother, who beat him for wetting the bed. He is about to commit suicide when a scientist gives him an injection that physically changes Naani into a 28-year-old youth (the injection increases a physical state by 20 years!). His mother lodges a complaint that her son is missing. Transformed into a robust youth, Naani (Mahesh Babu) joins a toy-manufacturing company. Mahesh looks innocent in looks and mannerisms. The daughter of the company owner Priya (Amisha Patel) falls in love with him. However, she looks elderly costarring with Mahesh. The way how she gets closer to the hero in the film is really laudable. By force, he reciprocates his love. Realizing his mother's affection for him, he requests the scientist to return his original shape. It will not work out completely. Naani will be a 28-year-old from dusk to dawn, and from dawn to dusk he will return to his childhood. Compromised with his fate, Naani gets married to Priya, whose father agrees to the match since Naani is an intelligent product designer. In the morning, he goes to school. With the dusk setting in, he is busy with company affairs. Close to the midnight, he becomes a husband. By early in the morning, he sleeps and before the Sun rises, he leaves his wife... to don the responsibilities of a boy till sunset. Meanwhile, Priya gets pregnant and his real identity gets disclosed. The dialogues are packed with double meaning. The story ends with a touch of sentiments which make you feel the pain of love when the last kiss of the heroine turns the man into a boy in a man's clothes. male APed

- (male AP) - lo-qual "growth chamber" caps

- (male AR/AP RN forms) Telugu, 2004. Tamil version: New, dubbed Hindi: "Naani: The Magic Man", 2015.
8 y.o. Naani was turned into a grown man by a scientist, before being changed back. Naani reconciles with his mother, but that night he returned to manhood again. Naani must live as a boy during the day and a 28 y.o. man (Vichu) at night.
Raj kidnaps him on his wedding day to Priya, but Naani shrunk back to boyhood. The kidnappers release him. Naani grew up again in time to marry Priya.
Naani turns into a man in front of Priya, who is shocked to learn she will be bearing the child of a child.
20 years later, 28 y.o. Naani lives with Priya as her husband. He goes into his room and comes out aged 48, father of a 20 y.o. son.
- Full movie link - AR @02:00:20 - (Akira)

- (CoA & aging perception) Finland, 1997. Kiti Luostarinen interviews, 52 mins. AKA "Gracious Curves".
Some limited meditations on female physical identity and the mental aspects of coming of age and maturation through various life stages.

- (male reborn, "ARed" effect) - "Partner", Russia, 2017.
As the Police Force Major dies, a baby is born nearby. He wakes as a toddler in a crib at 19:56, already having spent a year in reincarnation "prison". Damn that fortuneteller curse! The mother has no idea that her son is capable of interrogating criminals, and the policeman father is forced to become Chromov's unwilling partner. Father and son must hunt down and capture the dangerous mafia boss.
- Full movie link - - (Tazz)

Narnia series
- (AA FF, AA RN ARed, some AA age morphs) - INFO PAGE

National Lampoon's Vacation
- (unintentional FF) The theme park ending was filmed 8 months after the rest of the movie. "Audrey have you grown?"

Ne te retourne pas
- (adult reality shift AA) AKA "Don't Look Back", 2009, France.
Sophie Marceau's body begins to change. She visibly transforms into Monica Bellucci, but no one around her seems to notice. A photograph leads RosaMaria to the strange secret of her true identity - (Michael Binary)

Ne Te Retourne Pas
- (excellent TF UC glimpse) "Don't Look Back"
Someone posted a video showing a portion of the aftermath of her sudden size increase:
Video link - screencaps
Another female TF occurs in the same video at 1:32:
- (AR) Basically, Monica Belluci acts as if she shrunk and then morphs into a younger girl:
Video link - screencaps
- (AP RN AA scene) Regressed pre-teen wearing adult-sized clothes locks herself in train bathroom and puts on different adult-sized clothes. When she pulls down the new adult-sized clothes, her bust is larger and she has an adult face like Sophie Marceau. In other words it is implied she grew up while pulling down her top:
Video link - screencaps
- (Katsumend, Case Scenario)

Near Dark
- (male age stasis) The child vampire Homer is considerably pissed off by his condition.

Near Dark
- (male age stasis) Vampire child made of Explodium was stuck in his 10-year old body when he was turned, over 5 decades ago.

Nemesis 2: Nebula
- (minor flash forward) 1995. In the 21st Century a perfect-DNA child is created as humanity's last hope in a cyborg-dominated future. The child's mother flees back through time to the East African desert in 1980 with the child. The child is taken and raised by a native tribe. But as she grows into womanhood, the child, Alex, sees the entire tribe slaughtered by a pursuing Nebula android. As she is forced to fight for her life, she comes to discover the super-human abilities inside herself.

Never Been Kissed
- (woman disguised as teen) Amazingly, everyone is fooled and believes that Drew Barrymore is in fact a teenager in high school, probably because the other teenagers were Dawson Cast as well.

NeverEnding Story III - Escape From Fantasia, The
- (kinda like APed) 1994. Child-like Empress is all grown up and acts like a teen (Julie Cox). form
- (FFed AA) actress

New World, The
- (minor flash forward) 2005 movie. 14 year old Q'orianka Kilcher plays Algonquin princess Pocahontas from age 12 to 21.

- (male AP) India 2002, 3 versions. Controversial Tamil remake of 'Big', has S J Surya playing the role of a kid who turns into a grown up overnight, thanks to a medication. Actor Krishna's son Mahesh plays the hero in the Telugu version of the romance. Also a Hindi version. male - male

Nick Danger in The Case of the Missing Yolk
- (BE) 1983 video by Firesign Theater, "Booby Chew" spoof commercial. Slight UC kinda, sorta looks like puberty growth - Video link - screencaps

- (girl TF) Clive Barker 1990 horror movie.
Slime-glopola monsters live under cemetery in Canada. Weird psychiatrist is slashing housewives. Whimpering mutant E.T. dog turns into little girl of about same size. Her clothes are not stretched. Why do we believe the heroine would pick up the little sick dog-like child-creature and save it when, if we saw it on the streets of New York, we would all act like it wasn't there? Babette the dog-girl holds the girlfriend's hand and shows her the past.

Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A
- (future adult face nightmare) The Dream Master - Young woman dreams she meets her older self - screencaps

Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A
- (future adult self) The Dream Master - A grown girl's worst nightmare comes true when she meets herself, now an old woman, still working at the same lousy diner she hates after all these years. Not exactly AP, but worth a look, even though it's a very quick scene...
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Nightmare On Elm Street 5, A
- (male AR) "The Dream Child" 1989.
Unable to overpower the Dream Master, Freddy haunts the innocent dreams of her unborn child and preys upon her friends with sheer horror. Will the child be saved from becoming Freddy's newest weapon? A brief scene where Freddy's souls that he has taken are ripped away and he reverts back into a baby in a cut scene. The Dream Master's unborn baby who looks like a young boy is also reverted back into a baby in a cut. ln - th

Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, A
- (male ARed dream sequence)
- intro - Freddy AR clothes collapse - fall
- male withering - adult female decay
- male ARed scene - (Jeff2beyoung)

Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
- (male APed) In a dreamspace of sorts, nun Amanda Krueger gives birth to a little baby who promptly runs to the church where Freddy was killed. Lo and behold, the baby grows up into Freddy Krueger so the carnage can begin.

Nightmare on Elm Street series
- (coming of age) dream

No Dessert Dad, 'til You Mow the Lawn
- (kinda mental ARed) 1994. The Cochran kids have figured out how to control their parents.

Nochnoy Dozor
- (male adult face to OA) AKA "Night Watch", Russia, 2004. - caps - (TFdimension)

- (adult ages) Nigerian film industry features occasional TF elements - Toyin Aimakhu in Iya Ibadan, 2015 - older
- 2012 - "2 kids suddenly "grow" into adults during a meal"? - (rich_pikin)

Not Another Teen Movie
- (AR, RN) 2001. Jamie has a flashback to when she was 8-10 when she had her first crush, but her brother and father remain the same age. What makes it AR is that she knows she is older and they should be younger since this is a flashback.
- (OA as teenager age disguised) "Never Been Kissed" parody scene. An 80 year old infiltrates the high school as a teenager. Again, no one notices.

Not Another Teen Movie
- (AR) Deleted scene.
"Ugly" girl Jamie flashes back to when she was 8 years old with her first "boyfriend". He leaves and she is upset. Then her now-older brother comes into the scene still looking like himself, saying that's why you never dated boys again. To make it look like AR she says this is a flashback, and that means you are younger too. Then her father comes in, and like her brother he is normal, and he says where am I? - (ARArchive)

Not Bewitched XXX
- (AA pornography, RNed not depicted) 2008 adult parody of 1964-1972 Bewitched sitcom. USC Title 18 Section 2257. Porn stars experiment with sexual positions and recreational group sex. Tabitha was previously an unseen toddler who was AA'd into adult sex worker wearing a 1-piece porn costume.
link (Fulg18)
- (crAP) AA scene.

Not in Ohio
- (possible AP RN, AR) In pre-production, independent film project.
5 childhood friends go on a last adventure as adults... and find themselves unwillingly transformed back into kids. Ben buys a mysterious map to get his friends back together for a treasure hunt. The old pals quickly learn that their inner child is still very much present. Chrissy wakes up after getting lost, to discover that she has regressed back to being a kid, and so have the others. To mixed reactions, they realize the only way to return from the mysterious world is to find the Lost City of Gold, and solve the puzzle of the Sphinx. The realm is a vivid mixture of childhood dreams, and fantasies of the map's previous owners. Chrissy still has a crush on Matt, while Phil is equally crazy about Chrissy.

Notebook, The
- (old aged flashed forward) "The Notebook", 2004, Rachel McAdams.
- (adult FFed to OA) 2004 - time

Now and Then
- (flash forward, slight UC, coming of age growth) 1995. Cristina Ricci, Thora Birch.
About four 12-year-old girls and their friendship from the 1970s to the 1990s. Christina Ricci is concerned her breasts are growing too big. However they can't be stopped. Quote: "No matter what I do, they just keep getting bigger." - can't stop growing
- Roberta and Teeny are concerned about their development - BE - growing girls - poster

Nowhere in Africa
- (flash forward blink) She appears to have aged several years while being twirled around. vid link - screencaps

Nowhere in Africa
- (flash forward) Regina Redlich is just 5-years-old when her father decides that it's best for the family to move to Africa. One scene that was particularly well done was when Regina is older and leaves the house in the middle of the night. The age progression of Regina's character was so flawless it seems they might have halted production for a few years so that Lea Kurka could grow up, but, indeed, she is replaced by an older actress, Karoline Eckertz.

Nutcracker: The Motion Picture
- (AA) 1986, Pacific Northwest Ballet. In a dream, Clara "grows up" while walking behind an ice crystal. She briefly checks out her older self in a mirror before proceeding.

Nutty Professor 2: the Klumps
- (male old age CB, dog AP, male AR) 2000 male AR

- (FB, FF) 2013, Lars von Trier.
4-hour sex-o-rama. A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts the story of her life from birth to age 50. Stacy Martin (22) plays Joe from age 15 to 31. Charlotte Gainsbourg (41) plays her later in life.

O statecnem kovari
- (OA'd adult, rejuvenation turnaway) 1984, Czechoslovakia.
Fantasy movie link @01:01:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

O zivej vode
- (adult rejuvenation, old man to man) 1987, Czechoslovakia Tv film, AKA "The Water of Life".
A king was dying. Only the water of life could save him - Movie link @01:05:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (mental age) De Palma. During a close-up of psychologically regressing Bujold, the tilting camera alters perspective to appear to turn a disintegrating woman "into a little girl" before our very eyes without cuts or special-effects trickery.

- (FB AA) 2014. In the flashbacks, the siblings watch their younger selves in the same space reenacting events from their past.

Off the Map
- (flashed forward) 2003, based on Joan Ackermann play. 11 year old Bo watches her father come down with a crippling depression. Over one summer, she learns answers to several mysteries and comes to terms with love and loss, and grows in several ways as the film progresses in true bildungsroman fashion.
Valentina de Angelis: Young Bo. Amy Brenneman: Adult Bo.

Oh Boy!
- (male AR) Associated British Picture Corporation, 1938.
Comedy of an elixir discovered by a scientist which first turns him into a virile man but then gradually changes him into a baby. In this form, he foils a plot to steal the Crown Jewels - (Jeffr_2bya)

Oh! Baby
- (adult rejuvenation, male ARed) India, Telugu-language fantasy comedy, 2019.
Remake of South Korean film Miss Granny. 70 y.o. woman Savitri dreamt of becoming a great singer during her young age. She finds a photo studio with the hope of getting a good photograph for her funeral. Astoundingly, after having her picture taken, she turned into 24 y.o. young lady Baby! Thereafter she starts a new life as part of her grandson Rocky's band. Chanti learns that if Baby loses her blood, she will again become an old lady. After reaching the hospital, she finds Rocky requires AB-blood, which Baby donates. In the climax, God is shown transforming Chanti into a young boy.

- (accelerated growth APed glimpse, old age) 2021.
As mentioned, this appears to be an incomplete combined Type 03, 04, and 12 AA curse, but there was one aftermath glimpse where it looked like the early-teen daughter's swimsuit became too small for her bigger and taller body after she grew up into a fully developed woman. "Dad, why are you looking at me like that?"
- Trailer link - 01 - 02

- (probable old age, possible AP, tiny possibility of UC?) M. Night Shyamalan, 2021/07/23.
In production. 2020/09 update: apparently this will be inspired by the (Type 12b) AA-curse comic book Sandcastle, which had children and adults in skimpy swimsuits who were aged on a mysterious beach. The age progression effects are shown in numerous pages, with kids having rapidly outgrown their swimsuits (as indicated by the fact they're not wearing them anymore). Adults begin to die from old age. Kids who became adolescents start to have sex, with a subsequent fast pregnancy, etc.
- Please note: there can be no nudity of the type shown in the comic in PG-13 films. He may leave out the children, but only show young adults being aged to extreme old age. This could be very interesting for old age fans. Current known cast list only includes adults - (TW, Vended)

Olive Branch, The (screenplay)
- (unproduced script, FFed UC) Caryl Anne Vredenburg, 2000.
Olive and Mary Ann are seized ... Mary Ann is weeping and Olive is trying to soothe her. Their clothes are now too small, threadbare and falling off them. Olive is holding on to a Yavapai skirt she has made of skins. "Mary Ann don't cry, it was only cloth. We can make do with other material. Look, I can make this modest enough. I know you are ashamed, I feel shame too..."

Olle Hexe
- (AA no size change, fading/unveiling, head/costume-style swaps) German.
Old witch swaps places with young sister. Video link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Olle Hexe
- (mind transfer) 1990 Germany. The young siblings Anna and Paul are fighting all the time. One day an elevator suddenly drops them into the realms of a wicked witch. The witch is out for their youth, since her own time is running out. The witch wants Anna's body. After a second body swap with the witch, Anna turns back into herself. Paul wakes Anna with a kiss - (TBTC) old aged/ARed

- (male demonic AA AP) Tv movie, 2015.
Young parents accept stranger's offer to resurrect their 6 y.o. son, but the boy who returns is not the same one they knew.
- Temp. 66 MB link - - caps - (TF Dimension)

Once Bitten
- (adult demon to old age fade cuts) 1985.
My hope for the Vampire Countess aging upon losing her power was fulfilled. Been told this is kind of a classic in some circles.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Spyguy)

Once Bitten
- (old age, adult age stasis)
1985 Jim Carrey comedy.
- The Countess (Lauren Hutton) is one ssssmokin hot vampiress... at least until she ages hundreds of years in a matter of seconds. She is required to drink the blood of a young male virgin to keep her youthful appearance, but good looking male virgins are almost impossible to find in the 1980s.

One 2 Ka 4
- (continuity error flash forward) Indian movie, Shah Rukh. Due to some unavoidable reasons the film was delayed but the gaps are not too evident. But there were some natural factors that could not be overcome. The kids had shot up in height.

One of Our Spies Is Missing
- (male adults rejuvenated, male & feline ARed) 1966.
Movie version of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. S2 2-part Ep "The Bridge of Lions Affair".
- Suddenly youthful 83 y.o. male biologist went missing. Statesman Sir Swickert complains of being far too old to have political power. De Sala reveals her desire for such power, and her ability to make him younger with Gritsky's help. Swickert becomes convinced middle-aged Bainbridge is actually the elderly Lancer made young via a medical process.
Kuryakin tracks missing cats to a laboratory. He finds a cat de-aged into a kitten. They conclude the cats, having a similar nervous system to humans, are being experimented upon by Lancer and Gritsky. Swickert is de-aged and regains his stature as a man of power. Solo and Kuryakin confront him and demand the secret of rejuvenation.
Jordin blackmails De Sala: he will only continue treating Swickert if De Sala makes Swickert do THRUSH's bidding in political matters. Swickert decides that Gritsky and his secret must die to keep anyone else from suffering his fate.
Solo and Kuryakin investigate Gritsky's lab. Gritsky has committed suicide by de-aging rapidly into a child. Jordin takes Gritsky's notes and destroys the machine so no one else can have it. Since the secret was written in code, it will be lost to science for a very long time.

Operation Petticoat
- (slight adult UCed glimpsed) 1959. Nurse Dolores Crandall (Joan O'Brien) "filled out her uniform easily". A number of jokes concern her bursting the buttons on her blouse and her requiring clear passage through the submarine corridors.

Opposite Day
- (AA) stills
- (adult/child mind swaps) 2009.
If you thought Friday was freaky, you haven't seen anything yet! Sammy makes a childlike wish "I wish kids ruled the world". An ambitious experiment to decode the language of babies goes wildly wrong when a machine explodes. The personalities of the kids and the adults are reversed, resulting in a town run by kid cops, firemen, judges, lawyers, etc.
9 year old Sammy, his 8 year old sister Carla, and their grandparents return from their vacation to find the world a much different and more chaotic place. Sammy is determined to enjoy and take advantage of the situation, while Carla is more worried and cautious. They discover that being responsible "adults" isn't as much fun as they had imagined.
Pitted against their old friend Chas, who wants to turn this freak accident into a permanent global phenomenon, the siblings have to learn to trust each other, and that the rules of growing up are there to help you grow up right - poster

Opposite Day
- (kid/adult mental swap) hypothetical cap

Order, The
- (male age stasis) "The Order", Brian Helgeland 2003 movie. Bernier goes to the cathedral and meets a sin eater, a man named William Eden who is nearly 500 years old.

Orest z rodu carodejnikov
- (adult to old age) 2010 Czech Tv movie.
Magical battle into dust - "Woman ages to death 19" link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Orest z rodu carodejnikov
- (fast forward, AA scene) 2010, Czech Tv film.
Bedroom years - video link - screencaps

Orphan: First Kill
- (young adult playing childlike young adult form of childlike older adult played by preteen) 2022.
12 y.o. Isabelle Fuhrman played a woman impersonating a child in Orphan (2009). They used a combination of makeup, body doubles, and forced perspective shots to allow now grown-up Fuhrman to again portray Esther at an even younger age - 1

- (age stasis) 2009.

Os Trapalhoes e a Arvore da Juventude
- (AR, male OA, AA RN)
Men and woman into kids, other two guys into elderly... One side of the pool makes them younger, the other makes them older.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Entropic)

Os Trapalhoes e a Arvore da Juventude
- (male AR, RNed AA, AR) 1991, Brazil.
About the search for the fountain of youth. Key regression scenes:
- Direct video link - link to 2 separate scenes.
- Male AR screencaps - Male glimpse screencaps - Mixed AR screencaps - (FARfan)

Osama to Boku
- (mental boy inside man's body) "The Boy Inside" AKA "The King and I"
Tetsu Maeda, 2012 Japanese drama. Based on the manga by Yamada Naito.
- After 12 years in a coma, Morio still has the mind of a 6-year-old. His childhood friend quits university to get him to fit into society. Eventually Mikihiko realizes that even someone as childish as Morio has to face a world as ugly as sin.
- Trailer link - (Akira)

Ostra e o Vento, A
- (coming of age) Brazil, 1997. "The Oyster and The Wind".
The film flicks between time periods to tell a subtle island tale of a man and his daughter. Conflicts revolve around her growth into a young woman - and all the things that implies - whilst her over protective father stifles her. Themes of blossoming sexuality and the imaginative madness that comes from isolation run throughout - 01

Others, The
- (ghost AP, old age, AA, RN) "The Others", 2001. Little girl appears to turn into old woman. Quote: "But I am your daughter." aged

Our Gang
- (FF) "The Little Rascals" 1922-1944, 10 to 30 mins.
Some kids had a very long run in the series. Farina was 3 years old when he started in the silent era and he lasted into the talkies. Spanky McFarland was barely 3 when he started and he stayed 11 years. In the late comedies, Spanky is literally bursting out of his clothes, not a cute little kid anymore.

Oz the Great and Powerful
- (adult stasis, cutaway TFed to OA) 2013.
Evanora aging during her confrontation with Glinda at the end - Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000)

- (kinda sorta like ARed/APed) 2004 Solondz. Aviva Victor is a 6-year-old black girl. She's also a series of 13- to 14-year-old white girls, an androgynous white boy, skinny, redheaded, a heavyset black woman and, ultimately, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Which is to say that Solondz has cast her with 7 different actors to encourage us to identify with her regardless of our race or body type-and, on an even deeper level, to suggest the immutability of personality. Features teen pregnancy (the character, no matter who plays her, gets pregnant at 13 while fooling around with a family friend and wants desperately to be a mother); abortion (which Aviva's mother, played by Ellen Barkin, forces her to have); child molestation (Aviva runs away from home and gets involved with a truck driver who has to be in his 40s); and the murder of abortion doctors. Leigh, who plays Aviva in the final section, gives the character a palpable sense of weariness at the end of the character's journey, yet you truly feel as if you're watching an insecure, 13-year-old girl - which Aviva is still supposed to be, because as the title suggests, she hasn't really changed.

- (old age flash forward?) 1991. Having dealt with the grief of relocating to another city and school, Amelia is rewarded with a magical horse. Young Madonna type about 30, Native American Sage aged 45, Ailing Grandmother aged 68:
old age (TBTC)

Panic Room
- (FF continuity error) Kristen Stewart bra size debate. Between the original filming and the reshoots, you can watch her "go through puberty" - (

Parallel, The
- (adult flash forwards) "The Parallel", 2007. A young man's laissez faire life encounters a fork in the road when, the morning after his high school graduation, he wakes up 39 years old, married to the wrong woman, and with no memory of the events in between. Credible makeup advances the age of Danny's lost high school love (Margaret Scarborough) and his hostile wife (Darla Gordon). We're all living parallel lives - if we even exist at all.

Parental Guidance
- (mental AR, in pre-production)

- (male flashback) 1989 - male

Past Perfect
- (AR) 1996.
Executioners from the future come back to carry out capital punishment on juvenile delinquents who are future serial killers. When the truant officers' molecular coating is breached, they rapidly age backward until they match the local time period - or they disappear altogether. ln - th

- (preteen to baby head unwrap) 1997. Balloon unmasking AR above the neck.
Video link - gif - (Grundverkehrt, Ageregressionfan01)

Payshanbadan payshanbagacha
- (male AR OC, ARed, RN AA) Uzbekistan. c2014?
A new spell appears each day in a magic book, causing havoc in the life of four men.
@00:10:25 - TG: spell one transformed a man into a woman, keeping his voice.
@00:22:00 - Clothes/personality TF: spell two transforms second man into a fireman.
@00:34:00 - Male AR: spell three transforms 3rd man into little boy.
@01:03:00 - TG RN: spell 5 returns the male body to the first man.
@01:10:00 - Animal TFed: spell 6 transforms the fireman into dog.
@01:15:00 - RN: next spell AAs the little boy into an adult again. Then the dog becomes human again.
- Full movie link - screencaps - (Dylan)

Penangkal Ilmu Teluh
- (OA, RN) adult aged - face/off rejuvenation RN (JeffR)

Penangkal Ilmu Teluh
- (young adult to old age, adult rejuvenation RN)
c1978, Indonesia, "Black Magic Talisman Knowledge", S.A. Karim.
One especially graphic scene has the village round-heeler stricken with premature aging, leaving her face terribly wrinkled. Seeking the services of a witch, the woman undergoes a Third World "chemical peel" where the hag flays the woman's face with dull knives. The witch then applies a thick cream that is peeled away as a mask, restoring the woman's face to its previous beauty.
- Video link

Peter Pan (production notes)
- (height FF) Jeremy Sumpter grew 2 inches before the movie was even filmed, and continued to grow 6 inches during the movie's 10-month shoot. They had to keep lengthening Wendy's bedroom window 4 times so Sumpter could fly through it without bumping his head. "We just managed to get the movie done before Jeremy started shaving."
During the filming, he fell for his co-star, Rachel Hurd-Wood, who played Wendy. She grew 5 inches between her 12th and 13th birthdays. More interesting than her growth in stature was watching Hurd-Wood make the transition into young adulthood. "I asked, 'Do you have any boys in your room?' 'Oh, nooooo.' Well, the Rachel who left Australia is not going to have dolphins on her wall any more."

Peter Pan projects
- (possible male age stasis, in pre-production)
At least 4 "Peter Pan" inspired films were said to be in development in 2011:
- c2013? - Billy Ray, Channing Tatum.
Origin story re-imagines the classic 1904 stage play and later novel by J.M. Barrie with the boy and the dastardly Captain Hook as brothers?
- John Swetnam spec script: the story of Wendy and the forever-young boy with a Twilight-ish spin.
Peter Pan
- Pitch by Jeff Rake: a Pan family adventure concept.
- Spec script by Aaron Henry, Kirk Kjeldsen: Pan is recast as a villain abducting London's children, while Hook, the hero, must stop him.

- (male AR, male AA RN) 1996.
A man wakes up as a 10 y.o. the day before his wedding.
- Full movie link (Chinese dub) - RN screencaps - (Vended)

- (male ARed, possible male RN) France, 1996 Tv movie, Patrick Volson.
It's "Big" in reverse: the day after his bachelor party, a man discovers he's regressed back to childhood.
At 33, Leo is happy. One detail, however, disturbs this bliss. The morning of his wedding, he was awakened in the skin of a 10 year old boy.
Is he living a dream or a nightmare? Is this a new beginning or a new trial?
Will he restart his life avoiding certain errors, or is he doomed to relive the events of his existence?
Leo does not know what to think. He suspects his family has played a trick, and scrutinizes what in his past could explain so absurd a reversal.
(doctor anguish, Monkat, Ricky)

Petite Maman
- (flashback encounter with past form) Celine Sciamma, French, 2021.
Lonely child encounters a fantastical playmate by time-traveling to meet her own mother as a child.

Phantom of Death
- (male adult OA) A famous piano player contracts a genetic disease that causes him to age into a rotting zombie. Good aging effects, but they lean more toward monster makeup.
- (Zietgiest) ln - th

Phoebe in Wonderland
- (FF, slightly older dream form)
The fantastical tale of a young girl cast in the school production of Alice in Wonderland by her peculiar drama teacher.
- Danielle Kotch: 2 and 3 year old Phoebe.
- Elle Fanning (4/9/1998): Phoebe.
- Tessa Albertson (8/13/1996): fantasy-world Alice.

Piano Teacher, The
- (minor old age) 2001 Director: Michael Haneke. Late in the movie, Erika seems to age years in a matter of seconds, suddenly resembling her unnamed mother. The process is so seamless the method used by actress Isabelle Huppert isn't apparent.

Picture of Dorian Gray (storyline)
- (male adult stasis & picture OA) - INFO PAGE

Pirates of the Caribbean 4
- (adult rejuv rumor) 2012.
Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow. "At World's End" teased audiences with Sparrow and Barbossa both in hot pursuit of the Fountain of Youth! - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
- (blurry adult growth glimpse) The men play out the thick ropes wrapped around Calypso to restrain her. They snap one by one as she grows taller and heavier - screencaps
- (GTS growth scene) Tia Dalma (AKA Calypso, goddess of the sea), played by Naomie Melanie Harris (9/6/1976) Height: 5'8" (1.73 m).
- Ragetti releases her by properly whispering the incantation, as if speaking to a lover: "Calypso, I release you from your human bonds". She grows to nearly 60 feet high, snapping and ripping out the thick ropes that have been completely wrapped around her to hold her in place, and cracking the deck planks under her massive weight.
- Video link - (Process)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
- (FF AA) Young Elizabeth Swan finds a medallion as a ragged pirate ship sails away. We then see her wake up as the beautiful Keira Knightley. She pulls the medallion from a desk drawer, covered in dust. Her father arrives with a new dress for her to wear. Struggling with the corset, she hides the medallion beneath the fabric.

Playing Patti
- (FFed, coming of age) 1998 or 2006? AKA "40 Large"?
Fake documentary / dark comedy about a child actress growing up? Dark-humored documentary about television child actress Patti Cohoon and how, on the occasion of her 40th birthday, she reflects on having attained her greatest creative and financial success before reaching age 19?

Plotzlich 70!
- (adult to old age) Germany, 2/7/12 Tv film.
"Suddenly 70!" Extensive old age prosthetics of the face, neck and upper body.
- The Thai masseuse remedy caused a young attractive woman to age-up overnight into a 70 y.o. so she can reconnect with what really matters.
Trailer link - (Ark, Aging Women Group)

Pohadka o lidech a Bozi lekarne
- (male AA poof APed) 1995 Czech Tv film. Extract title: "AP Boy into Man 21".
Clip link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

- (male face insert gag) - poster

- (old age, cut?)
- (OA illusion) - INFO PAGE

Poof Point, The
- (mental AR, RN) 2001 Tv movie. AA

Portable Life
- (coming of age) 2011, Netherlands.
Road movie. 17 y.o. Sea keeps meeting people from a previous lifetime who influence her maturation - (Louise)

Portrait of Jennie
- (ghost AP, height increase) 1948.
- The book was about a young struggling artist who meets a mysterious little girl playing by herself in a park. He befriends her and learns that her parents are high wire jugglers. She reappears a few more times, each time maturing by years, fulfilling a promise that the 10-year-old had made to 'hurry and grow up so they can be together always'. Basically, she seems disconnected from time. The artist's sketches of Jennie give him the break he needs to make his career, but before long Jennie is all he cares about. The book moves quickly to the inevitable ending. It allowed other people to see and interact with Jennie.
In the movie, Jennie is played at various ages by Jennifer Jones. Eben meets the adolescent Jennie Appleton, a kid playing alone in central park, who dresses and talks like a tot from 1910 and sings a ghostly tune from the beyond. He sketches the kid from memory and makes a substantial sale; but when he bumps into Jennie only a few days later, she appears to be several years older and taller. Jones successfully convinces us she's growing from pigtails to womanhood; her coquettishness and immaturity are engaging and her adult incarnation embodies romance like a goddess fallen to Earth. Suspecting he's crazy and that Jennie is a phantom, Eben confides only in Miss Spinney. When the adult Jennie disappears, Eben puts together clues from her stories and from Jennie's teacher (from 20 years before!) that launch him in a race against a fated death: he rushes to Cape Cod to keep a rendezvous with his ghostly lover on the rocks below a storm-tossed lighthouse. Eben finally finds himself on a rocky spit of land in an impossibly violent storm, making love to a woman who doesn't exist while a tidal wave (of reality?) bears down upon them to vanquish his fantasy forever. Portrait of Jennie2
A breathtaking ending color view shows the eponymous portrait in a museum being admired by a pre-teen Anne Francis (now there's a bit of romance out-of-time to ponder).
- Screencaps - 01 - 02
- Also a BBC "Boy Meets Girl" play in about 1969, with the utterly wonderful Anna Calder-Marshall playing Jennie.

Possession, The
- (small possibility of AP-like effect?) "The Possession", 2012. Preteen Natasha Calis is haunted by a cursed box. Can the spell be broken?

- (male AA age forms, TG, in pre-production) c2016? Forthcoming movie based on Robert Heinlein story "All You Zombies." Male time loop, some serious physical alterations. How much of it will the movie incorporate?

Premature Maturation
- (unmade movie, possibility of AP UC) 2010 announcement, Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark.
It was pitched as "The Hangover" meets "Big". A group of middle school kids would transform into adults, and crazy shenanigans would ensue. This is very interesting, because there might have been a brief scene where an adult woman would be shown wearing much too small teen-sized clothes before changing into larger clothes. There is literally nothing more difficult to find in this world. At that point I would stop watching, but the real drama/comedy would only just be starting, as the grown-up kids have to deal with their new situations in unexpected and/or wacky ways. However, it seems that this project has never emerged from Development Hell - (The Planet of the AP data)

- (adult time-skips) Sandra Bullock lives the days of an eventful week in her life out of chronological order. Also a prologue flashback and FF scene.

Pretty Cool Too
- (male adult maturity AA and body TFed illusion) 2007 throwback sex comedy.
A high-tech cell phone gives a mischievous high school senior the power to influence others. "Little" brother makes himself look like his much hunkier big brother so he can hit on his girlfriend...
- Video link - screencaps - (Muscledrain)

- (demon TF) 2019. The final act shows a crying little girl being possessed and suddenly turning into the original demon. She violently attacks and kills many people. Madeleine gained the ability to transform into a monster that killed everyone in the village except her mother. In the end, Naru experiences a shift where she becomes the predator and the Predator becomes the prey, completing her warrior journey.

Princess Bride, The
- (male old age) Wesley had at least 31 years of his life drained away to the point that he was Only Mostly Dead.

Private Lessons
- (male CoA) poster

Professional, The
- (FFed) "The Professional" AKA "Leon" - Mathilda movie poster fan art
- (FFed) Natalie Portman imaginary sequel - future fan art - fan art
- fan art stages

Prospero's Books
- (male AR, male AP, cuts) 1991. Boy blinks through various ages.

Prosto uzhas!
- (males TFed cutaways, RNed, pseudo ARed/APed effect, OC aftermath & UC glimpse) USSR, 1982.
AKA Simply Awful! - Another Russian father/son body swap movie! Remake of "Two Days of Miracles".
- Boys-Only Law is in full effect. The film tells the funny adventures of 6th grader Anton Murashov and his dad, who are confident that being a different person would be much easier than being themselves. The father of a friend invented the "Wishmaster" (abbreviated as "IL"). With the help of this device, Anton and Vadim Petrovich switch bodies. Anton becomes his veterinarian father, who takes his son's place as a schoolboy. The UC was filmed very discreetly, with the pants effects only hinted at.
There is an especially great scene where the father drives his son around town in their car. Looking to the rest of the world like a child, he disguises himself with a hat while sitting on a booster seat to appear more adult.
This movie differs slightly from the original. In this version, the father accompanies his son and gives him directions at the vet's office, telling him how to act and what to say. Later, he even forces his son to read veterinary medical journals in case they don't swap back. Of course they do return to normal in the end.
- Full movie link swap @30:25 - screencaps - (Derek)

- (male AA FF APed) 1984, 30 min.
Independent short film based on "Frost and Fire" by Ray Bradbury - video link part 1 - video link part 2.

- (male AP AA) grow-up days screencaps

Quiet Room, The
- (flash forward) 1996. Chloe and Phoebe Ferguson (7 and 3 respectively) play one girl at 2 different ages.

R.L. Stine's Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls
- (young adult to OA) Netflix, 9/29/2015, kids Halloween movie.
Teens go to a traveling horror show and become cursed into creepy things. A girl becomes an old witch - (Tazz)

Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation
- (continuity errors look like mostly male AP/AR) 1982 - 1988.
Some kids took upon themselves the task, from the ages of about 11 to 17, of remaking the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, with all the same dialogue and scenes, and with the kids playing adults. Throughout the movie, the kids change ages and sizes. They go from pre-teen to teen and back. Their hair grows long and gets short again within one love scene. Their voices change. They had to explain why they spent 7 years of their lives dressing up in hats and building paper mache caves and memorizing an archaeology movie.
Currently in pre-production is a movie about the adaptation, with a script by Dan Clowes of Ghost World.

Railway Children, The
- (younger age disguise) 1970. One of the female leads (Jenny Agutter?) allegedly had to have her breasts strapped down because she was playing a much younger girl. In fact, this was such a big secret at the time that she wasn't allowed to smoke or drink off the set during filming, or for quite a while after that to keep up the pretense.

Ready Player One
- (virtual reality scene, adult demon sim to OA) 2018.
Bathroom "nude" ghost woman from Kubrick's The Shining transformed into old corpse.

Red Dress (?)
- (unproduced age disguise or age change movie?) c2009? "The Red Dress"?
Sarah Lambert, Veronica Sive, Jane Ballantyne? - Desperate to dance and escape the realities of home, Ellie "changes her age" to sixteen, dons a pair of fishnets and heads off on tour? Careful what you wish for? All access and info have been destroyed.

Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The
- (male adult mentally reverted) 1975.
A doctor hypnotizes a man and he learns about his past lives - (Brat) ln - th

- (adult rejuvenation to OA extremes) AKA "The Rejuvenator", 1988.
Scientist's serum makes a movie queen into a young adult again, but the formula calls for non-stop cadavers. It turns her into a grotesque monster occasionally. The makeup effects look astounding from the photos - (Zietgiest)

- (demon-like TF, adult rejuvenation) 1988.
Rich actress who got too old for leading roles employs a scientist working on a formula for eternal youth from certain fluids in the brain. The serum's unforeseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster - cover - (Aras)

- (adult rejuvenation) 4/15/2017, Japan.
A 27 y.o. male loser is rejuvenated by 10 years for a scientific experiment, and returned to high school. Two of his female schoolmates may be similarly rejuvenated - link @08:40 - (Jacky W)

- (adult age stasis or rejuv) 2007.
2054, Paris: corporate giant Avalon sells the irresistible promise of "ageless beauty." The sudden kidnapping of a gifted young scientist draws a tough-as-nails cop into a twisted underworld of corporate espionage, genetic research and organized crime.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (Mind transfer AR into younger self) Unconfirmed pre-production status, 2011. Robert Zemeckis is rumored to be interested in shooting the adaptation of the Ken Grimwood novel. Middle-aged man wakes up as an 18-year old and gets the chance to relive his life again and again and again. Woman wakes up as early teen.

Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ 7gou of Dreams
- (AA, past/present age forms) 6/24/2015, "Kaettekita Ressha Sentai Tokkyuja Yume no Cho Tokkyu Nana-go".
In 2025 the ToQgers are all grown up and have entered life, but one day the fight must resume. Right and his friends can't transform because they ... lack imagination! Can their past forms help them now?
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (younger forms of battle heroes) 1/17/2015.
Upcoming VS. team-up movie between Ressha Sentai ToQger & Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Will include appearances of young Right, young Tokatti, young Mio, young Hikari, and young Kagura.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (younger forms) - cap

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- Longer CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Restless Years, The
- (flash forward) AKA "Teach Me How to Cry" 1957. In that first role, Sandra Dee (b. 23/04/1944) was shown aging from 12 to 18.

Return to Salem's Lot, A
- (age stasis) 1987. Looks like ARed.
age stasis

Return to the Blue Lagoon
- (flash forward) 1991 movie. Milla Jovovich, Courtney Barilla, David Gallagher. Follow-up to "The Blue Lagoon". After the lovers of the first film die at sea, their young son is rescued by a ship infected with cholera. The son escapes the ship with a young girl, her mother, and a locker full of adult-size clothes. The two youths become lovers on an uncharted island - (JeffR link)

- (AP, male flashback) Unproduced screenplay by David Allen Rigsby. Novelization: "Revelations Alpha and Omega"
FLASHBACK - DAVID'S LIFE: We SEE him going backwards in time, getting younger as the flashes get shorter. The final flash is from an elementary school Christmas play, where a young David is dressed as Joseph.
Little girl angel takes a bracelet off her wrist and places it on Apollyon's wrist. GIRL ANGEL (telepathically): I made it for you. The little girl angel backs away, still blushing from her brother's kiss. She MORPHS into an adult angel, where we discover it's Laurianna, as she runs off into the garden.
DREAM SEQUENCE: A little girl dressed as an angel in a Christmas play appears. She MORPHS into the adult female angel painted on David's plane. This sexy image causes him to WAKE UP SCREAMING!
Subtitle: Nine months later. The CRYING SOUND of babies being born fills the air. Lililea gives birth to a redheaded, green-eyed baby girl. LILILEA: We'll name her... Lilith. EXT. CAIN'S CITY: The giant children are now full-grown adults. They're playing alongside reptiles that have grown into full-sized dinosaurs. LILITH is fully-grown. She stands about eighteen feet tall.

Riding in Cars with Boys
- (UC glimpse, flash forward, coming of age) Brittany Murphy and Drew Barrymore swap dresses. Drew's larger, more curvaceous body damages the fabric of the too small dress. Based on a true story. Mika Boorem plays Drew at age 11.
dress too small
dress too big
dress damaged

Ring, The
- (ghost AP, cut aways) "The Ring", 2002. In 1 scene, the little girl has the body of an adult - sizes

Ringu In the sequels we learn Sadako aged and matured in well. She "morphs" into victim. After accelerated pregnancy, newborn reaches adulthood in 1 week. Novel had male old age scene.

- (males/females reappear younger) 2003 Tv movie. Sci-Fi Channel pilot for an unmade miniseries. There was a 2010 miniseries.
Hale is reincarnated with many others on a mysterious planet. Anyone who has ever lived and died on Earth comes here rather than 'the afterlife'.
(Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Road to the Fountain of Youth, The
- (AR movie was never made) Bob Hope's production company planned to make one more "Road" picture, which was sidetracked by the untimely death of Bing Crosby in 1977. The company had under contract nearly a dozen kids who could imitate Hollywood celebrities, including a 5-year-old girl who supposedly could do Mae West to perfection - (PixChick)

Robert Zemeckis project
- (unconfirmed rumor, possible old age, possible AP) In pre-production? He is itching to make a live action film where the main character ages dramatically, and he wants to do it digitally, not with makeup. He's just waiting for the right script.

- (kinda like ARed) 1997, Germany. Children act as adults and adults behave like children. A neglected French castle, its surroundings and 18th century music are the stage for a costume comedy adapted from Carlo Goldoni.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
- (FF to "OA'd" dream sequence) 1997, Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow.
Future video link - caps - (MySpecialFX)

Room, The
- (male AP CBed glimpse) - The Room 2019.
There is a room in the house that grants wishes with a dark side. Objects created this way can't leave the premises without aging to dust. The mother takes the male baby she wished for outside and starts screaming as she holds him. Apparently he aged into a boy on the spot. We see a glimpse of the father and the boy's bare feet, and a broken baby shoe on the steps. Later, he became an adult man off camera (still with the mind of a boy) then an old man, soon enough followed by death.
- Summary link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (adult TG to preteen mind swap) 2022, Italy.
Toto (a 40 y.o. Neapolitan crime boss) is shot in the chest the same instant that Rosetta (a 10 y.o. fifth grader) hits her head from a swing. The girl and the boss undergo surgery, and wake up in each other's bodies! The kind and dance-loving child in the body of a gangster, and the gangster in the body of a little sensitive girl!

Royal Tenenbaums
- (FF AA) 2001 - time - male

- (AA FF) years
- (flash forward, coming of age) AKA Mermaid Russia, Anna Melikyan, 2007.
Fanciful adult tale of an introverted little girl who grows up believing she has the power to make wishes come true. As a young woman, she grapples with love, modernity and materialism.
Anastasiya Dontsova: Young Alisa
Mariya Shalayeva: Alisa

Rush Hour 3
- (FFed AA) We meet Ambassador Han's daughter again after almost 10 years. Carter mentions that they should get her a teddy bear, then he sees her and adds "and a push-up bra!". Surprisingly though, the film doesn't play up her attractiveness very much beyond that.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal