Aging Transformation Scenes

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7 Flags Car Wash
- (male AA ARed cutaway) "Fountain of Youth", 2004, WA.
A man shows his adult sons how their car wash is like the fountain of youth by having them go through it. He emerges a little younger, while his sons became boys again.
- Commercial link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

A.I. 15
(AP flash forward AA) c2008 La Roche skin care. Young girl grew up while admiring adult woman in elevator. Effaclar AI located corrector of cutaneous eruptions purifies in depth the imperfections and accelerates their disappearance.
screencaps - video link

AA curse (theme)
- (male) When children "grow up" in commercials their clothes usually grow with them - caps
- (male AA adult dream sequence) 2007 Boy spins cocoon and "grows" into middle aged adult in his room. What you do today affects who you are tomorrow.
- (male adult AA FF to middle age) Above the Influence CM. Drug user spins cocoon around himself - male

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream
- (parody adult face rejuvenation) c2010.
Fake face cream print ad - product does not exist.
- (adult rejuvenated effect) body

- (parent/child reversal) print ad

Aer Lingus
(male) Two baggage-laden businessmen change into Indiana Jones-type adventurers and a little boy morphs into an astronaut.

AFP Habitat
- (female & male adult faces to old age) 2012 CM, Chile.
It's never too soon to prepare your old age pension.
- Video link - caps - caps - caps - (Tenjqkace)
- (male FF to OA) web toon: lifetime

(AP commercial) French CGI animated AIDS Awareness PSA. TBWA, Wanda Productions. Wilfrid Brimo, Erik Vervroegen.
- AA AP FF screencaps.
- - caps

AIDS Awareness Ads
Homme: male APed animation (Day Pass required for access)
Femme: another link To the female AIDES clip

- (younger forms AA dream selves, cutaway RNed)
"Take a Little Adventure", 2018 small trailer commercials.
- "Nest by Airstream" - link - T6LVE0NSy_g - screencaps
- "Airstream Basecamp" - link - 1v-TVZrpHEU - screencaps
- (FARfan)

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA size changed) scenes - (Process)

(male old age) "Ken Griffey, Jr." 1995 old age makeup on 27 yr old baseball star. Fahrenheit Films.

Allan Gray
- (AP commercial) "Time Flies", 2011, South Africa.
Whenever a young girl is prevented from doing something she really wants, she just makes herself a bit older.
- Video link
- first FF - carnival height "growth" spurt.
- age inflation - teenager before/after.
- resume - wedding - pregnancy
"Making Of" special effects info vid link

Allstate Insurance
- (male adult acting like younger persons) 2010 -
Mayhem as a 4 y.o. ring bearer at a wedding swallowing the ring, as a distracted teenage driver who crashed her car, and as a wild toddler strapped in the back seat. Clothing damage and injuries carry over between commercials.
- CM link - - CM link - - CM link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male adult personifying destructive children) Accidents are everywhere.
"Social Filter" - Mayhem is a tween using a filter. So also kind of a baby face TF:
- CM link - - caps
As a kid in The Nutcracker:
- CM link -
As captain of a peewee football team:
- CM link -
Mayhem as a "teen girl":
- CM link - (alt.)
Mayhem as a toddler:
- CM link - (alt.)
- (Tazz)

- (AA FF, face age morph to OA) "Grow Healthy", c2017.
Shorter than I'd prefer, but worth checking out nonetheless. Starts around 00:18.
- Commercial link - gifs & caps - (Lunkpil)

American Family Insurance
- (adult FF cut) "Dream Homes", 2015. CM follows married couple from first home to retired life - Video link - screencaps - (Brendan)

American Family Insurance
- (pirouette AA FF AP morph flashes) 2015, "Evolving Dreams".
Another new ad popped up the other day. Multiple quick teen to hot woman stages of a twirling figure skater who ends up pregnant and the cycle continues.
- Video link - screencaps - (Brendan)

Anchor Super Blue
- (male AA AP FF timelapse growup scene) "Growth Spurt" commercial, c 2008, Colenso BBDO, Auckland. New brand of milk is presented as the way to help growing bones with the appearance of a time-lapse growth spurt - male link
- (male fake timelapse FF) Milk helps a young boy grow taller through the years until he reaches the ceiling.
- screencaps

Anheuser-Busch PSA
- (FF AA) "Daddy's Girl" "Prevent. Don't Provide. Responsibility Matters" 2006 temperance campaign with "growing" daughter who wants dad to buy alcohol for her friends. FF

anorexi bulimi
- (teen weight change) mirror

Apollo Munich Health Insurance
- (adult FF) "Love Actually" c2010 India CM caps

- (adult FF) fan-art PC - Mac poses.

Aqua Velva aftershave
- (male FF) 2011 CM.
Video link - screencaps - (Sarah)
- 2012 CM "catch".

- (male AA ffed cuts) 2012. A thriving male is seen through the years - CM link

- (male FF) c2008 CM "growing up".
Video link - screencaps

Arizona Nutrition Network
(flash forward) Animated commercials. family - male

(FF AA AP fades) c.2009 commercial. The passage of time reveals a 10 year old girl transforming into a senior citizen.
- Time screencaps
- Video link
- (old age face morphing) 2020.
Made using FaceApp and Deepfake tech! Download a song and it's yours FOREVER.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Asahi Kasei chemical company
- (young/old adult age forms) Japan, 2021.
Bone Examination Week "2 Cm Exercise" osteoporosis check PSA - link - caps - (Uk)

Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company
- (woman meets future older self) c2018.
40 y.o. J-Pop singer Miho Kanno has a curious encounter at the bus stop.
- Commercial link - caps - (Uk)

AT&T Long Distance
(male) 2001 animated. Father tosses ball increasing distance until kid is grown up and needs long distance to phone home.

- (AR glimpse) Fountain of Youth - 1
- (ARed) 2008 commercial. Pitching a telecom product, Bill Kurtis uses his straight-face and stuffy newsman voice while ignoring what could be really "big" discoveries behind him. In the 2nd commercial he stands in front of a "fountain of youth" sign. Old people who can barely walk go into the water behind Kurtis. As he's talking, young kids emerge from the water, wearing the old people's clothing. They found the fountain of youth.... but HE found the internet. Once again he's meant to look dopey by not seeing the amazing thing behind him.

- (male flashback kinda looks like AA AR) 2010 commercial "Back to the Beginning"
Video link - screencaps - (O')
- (male flashback) "Ripple Effect" 2010.
Before the conception screencaps

Autism awareness
- (male AA FF) years

- (male FF/FB) 2010 CM - decades

- (BE UC) During arousal women's breasts expand enormously.
Clip link - screencaps

Babies (PSA)
(male) (Springboard, Ontario) A group of children are playing in a nursery setting. One of the children begins walking away as the voice-over notes that we all start off the same, but along the way some of us stray. The child sitting in the corner is then transformed into an older person in jail. Voice-over suggests a reformed offender is better than a repeat offender, as the child walks back to the group of children.

baby adults (meme)
- (babies acting like adults) Baby-sized suits and urinal props - Vid link - caps

Baby Bottle Pop Rattlerz
- (poof TF toon "ARed" forms) 2011 CM, Spyro Serbos.
Baby rattles transform people into animated babies. The band "Kicking Daisies" are the newest stars to boost Baby Bottle Pop (previous was Jonas Bros). In the ad, they turn into baby toons with the Rattlerz pop one by one. A few eye-bulges in there.
- CM link - link - screencaps

Baby Bottle Pop
- (AA TF poof into younger toons) 2012, "Pick Your Baby Online".
3 kids turn into their babysonae. Make your own crazy baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (Wackywildtvads)

Baby Bottle Pop
- (AA toon TF ARed) 2010 commercial. Teens were dancing in a gym. A guy pulls out the candy and everyone starts turning into cartoon-ish infants when they eat it.
- Everyone shrinks into cartoony babies when they eat sugar candy. It has a web tie-in, where you can create your own baby character.
Video link (mecham, Ouroboros)

Baby Bottle Pop
- (above the neck toon ARed form) CM.
Kids have the heads of babies as long as they eat the candy. One boy's head morphs back to normal when he runs out of candy - (Jeffr_2bya)

Baby Bottle Pop
- (AR to animated party forms) 2010 CM - AR

Baby Bottle Pop
(male ARed from neck up) "Candy Juice"
male ARed

Baby Grows Up
- (body elongation) Aging doll

Baby Grows
- (AP doll) "From her head to her toes, Baby Grows" CM - animated AP - doll AP.
Video link

Backyard Football
- (male AR OC poof, toon ARed) 1999 commercial.
Jerry Rice gets regressed (and animated) by kid scientists in this ad. The game features NFL superstars as kids.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (adult face rejuvenation, OA RN) India CM for desktop fan
- (middle age face close up, slight AR/AP) A desk fan causes slight rejuvenating effect. Commercial can be viewed through the Aging Women Group
Link for those unable to view because under 18:

- (younger adult to young adult) Vintage bra ad

Banco Adopem
- (FF) 2011 CM caps

Banco Popular
- (male AA TF to boy, teen, and men) "E para si", c2012, Portugal.
Though the speaker's voice doesn't change, he becomes many people with different faces, hair, and outfits gently edited in.
He transforms from his business self to a variety of dudes; a welder, a woman, a boy, a teenager, a factory manager, and changes ethnicities before returning.
In some demask morphing CMs the person's hair comes down in layers, or flops down, the clothes stuff themselves away, and there's more squash/stretching. Here the clothes are folded in and out and peeled off, hats rise from the back, etc. The hair doesn't flop from sudden lengthening: the full length is revealed by linear unfading.
- Video link - gif - (FunkyRowanPixie, WackyWildTvAds)

Barbara Lang
- (FF stages) '08 age-adjustable smock (up to a point) - 2-4-6

- (FF BE) parody ad

(AA APed) Early 90s commercial for Cinderella Barbie with clear plastic slippers. The little girl put them on, and turned into the adult animated Cinderella. (rgalvani)

Barcelona City Council
(AA AP flash forward, old age, male old age) "Don't double park" commercial. Growing family has no alternative but to live in car for years thanks to succession of inconsiderate drivers.
Video link: Search term: "Barcelona Car"
Screencaps: FF

- (adult fast forward to middle age, preg swell)
"Flexible Cash - You VS Master Plan", 2013.
- As time passes, things will happen that you can't plan for, and a new photo is taken of life at that moment. The herald of the first kid is a puffy sound effect alongside his beau's belly cupping out in a nice 'jump' effect that goes with the narration. At 0:30 she says, "It's twins!" and her flat belly immediately poofs to a larger size. Back in the full cut, it swells more for the second twin. Everybody looks at the camera for the gag.
- Video link - screencaps - (Stormr, WackyWildTvAds)

- (male flashback AR) Young man into young boy.
UK children's charity, "Life Story", 2011 CM, BBH, Channel 4.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

- (TG teen to adult unmasking, adult rejuvenation)
Older teens - younger wife

(old age AR, unmasking) kinda old age AR (FDM-Group, Tim)
- BE gif scene.

Be One With the Wild
- (male facial hair, maturity effect) 2011, Boy Scouts of America print ads

- (dream ARed) "Be a Kid Again" Holiday 2017.
Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Bell ExpressVu
- (TF ages) c2005 - caps - (Metamorphose)

(UC, CB) 2003. Family wakes after massive growth spurt. Mostly male of course. Teen daughter bumps head on door.
- male CB - male
Teen daughter has "grown" so much she bangs her head. She still wears clothes from when she was smaller.
- grown girl UC
- grown UC

Best Buy
- ("ARed" dream aftermath, RN cutaway AA) "Holiday", Canada, 2016 CM.
A Mom shopping for the perfect gift has turned back into a little girl before the ad begins. It starts with her dragging gifts home and trying to hide them from her son. She AAs back into an adult as the camera passes behind her son's head when he opens his gift on Christmas day.
- CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Big Gulp
- (kinda looks like AA ARed) youth - (lbh)

Blue Dog RV
- (ARed AA aftermaths, couple AR poof) "Kid In You", 2019.
The sales staff was already ARed when they entered, then the customers were made to feel like kids again.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

BMW 3 Series
- (slight adult age effects) 2001 "Suddenly everything looks older" commercial link

(male ARed to younger adult) 'The Hire' films, episode 'Beat the Devil', James Brown is regressed.

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
- (adult rejuvenated, ARed) 2011 commercial "Water Fountain".
An old man shows off a Bojangles box. An old woman says so what, drinks from a water fountain, and becomes a young woman. "I found the water fountain of youth". Cut back to the unimpressed old man, and the woman has become a preteen and walks off.
- Incomplete video link (no AR) - cap - (Tazz, Edwardeddie)

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
- (ARed AA) A better version of the previously posted CM.
This one does show the elderly woman reverted into a young adult and then into a preteen.
- Video link - caps - (Edwardeddie, Tazz)

- (above the neck ARed) c2007. Let out your inner kid.
Gum print ads - (Wackywildtvads)

- (FF) fan art

2009 Cartoon Network commercials. Your childhood is back.
- (dream sequence ARed) Adults shrunk down while watching cartoons they remember from their younger days - reverted
- (male canine dream AR) - toons (AR Group)

Boost Mobile
(male muscle flash forward) 2005. male

- (adult OA, adult rejuvenation morphs) 1999 CM.
Video link - screencaps

Bosom Blossom - Bust Boom
- (adult bust miracle products) - Metaherbal before/after change

- (FF facial growth) before and after pic

breast "swelling" trope
- (very rare pseudo "BE") Highly stylized. It is meant to symbolize female excitement - fake? gif - button pop gif

breast enlargement
(testimonials, CGI scene) - No before/after comparisons are shown - BE

breast expansion products
- (adult) BB TONIC MADE ME GROW FULL BREASTS! - '17 Ad caps

breast swelling (trope)
- (adult BE gags) - gif - caps - caps

breast swelling
- (BE) - mirror scene

- (kinda looks like mental rejuvenated) "Tienejare", 2012 South Africa.
Commercials show older persons still acting like teenagers. Your life insurance should mature with you.

- (de-bimbofication, adult CoA) "Bimbo" c2010s.
It seems an adult girl progresses from more seductive & revealing clothing to more formal and academic. Her blouse becomes loose.
- Vid link - gif - (FunkyRowanPixie, DMZ13jp, WackyWildTvAds)

- (adult rejuvenation cut-away, male adult muscle cut-away)
Sweden, 2011 teeth whitening paste CM.
- A nerdy man uses toothpaste to turn into a buff model. Thus he goes out for a night on the town, finds a young woman, and romance ensues. The next morning he wakes back to normal, so he brushes his teeth to restore his muscles. However, the woman he brought back used the same toothpaste. Realizing he slept with a middle-aged woman, he leaves as soon as possible. The old lady brushes her teeth to turn back into the sexy bombshell. Two versions feature different young women.
- Video link - screencaps - (Omega)

- (adult to older face FFed cuts) "Super for Life", Odd Studio, Aus. 2012.
5 stages of makeup. There was also a male version - CM link - caps

Buddy Lee Dungarees
(giantess) 2004
90 ft babe

Budweiser beer
- (adults rejuvenated) CM. 2 male guides lead group of elderly women down a trail. They take them to the Fountain of Youth. The women are rejuvenated into young adult babes who apparently like Budweiser;-) Their clothes also change into skimpy dresses, although of the same print as the 'old folk' clothes.

- (adult rejuvenation) "Fountain of Youth" commercial.
Video link - screencaps
- (Omega-0)

- (AR) Beer commercial, ca. 1990. A tour group of elderly women is taken to the fountain of youth, where they are all turned into stunning women. The fountain is triggered when a can of beer is tossed in. (Time)
- Two guides are taking a group of elderly women on a tour. They reach a pool, announce this is the Fountain of Youth, and throw a rock into it. One by one the old women are splashed and turn into extremely good looking young women. Sometimes their clothing is the same, sometimes it is not. At the end, the two men are sitting together, getting served by one of the beauties, and one says "I love my job." (Time)

Buick GMC
- (adult rejuv face fade, kinda like male ARed) "Feel Young again with the Buick GMC lineup!", 2014.
Bert Ogden Buick GMC in Edinburg. A new car transforms a woman into a teenager.
- Video link - caps - caps - (FARfan)

- (male AA, boy/man replacement poof, adult TG replacement poof)
2017 Big Game CM with Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr.
- "Not So Pee Wee Football" CM link - - (Tazz)

"Find a Healthier You" health insurance campaign, Australia. This info was acquired through
- (female adult middle age appearances) "Sarah's story", 2012. The second installment. There was also a male version.
Odd Studio prosthetic makeup demonstrating how badly bad health will age you - CM link - screencaps - ad
- (adult middle age appearances) "Meet the Healthier You", 2011.
Various adults meet healthier and therefore younger looking versions of themselves - CM link
- (male flash forward cuts) 3rd installment, 2014.
Male partial lifetime progression - CM link

Burger King
- (male adults flashback) 2008, Original Chicken Sandwich.
They say your adult life flashes before your eyes. Video link - screencaps - (Richard)

Burger King
(male adult flashback / flash forward) 2008 CM "Original chicken sandwich" A man's adult life flashes before his eyes.

Burlington Coat Factory
- (flash forward APed, UC, male UC) Very good 2006 commercial depicts people outgrowing their clothes - (dumpykins24)
Please note: there is another AP commercial with 2 females and 1 male in UC in the middle of it - (John)
Important early video link - (Edixon)
- UC scene screencaps

Bus Baby
- (dream talking baby, kinda looks like ARed aftermath) Wingard, Evans, c2010.
Pregnancy prevention PSA. Teen mother pushing pram imagines she is being scolded for not using birth control by her talkative baby in the bus. She screams for it to shut up but everyone is staring at her - link

- (FF stages, b&a) c2013 CM, growth supplement - screencaps

Caltrate Calcium Supplements
- (adult FF to OA) c2005? A woman of around forty asks if she should be taking it 'now'. Every time she asks the question, she ages ten years, until she is eighty - (Piper)

Campbell's Soup
- (adults to babies, AA cutaway) "It can make you feel new again!" 1989.
Commercial link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Campbell's Soup
- (AR commercial) Workers going home file into elevator. The doors close with a Campbell's soup label and an anouncer saying "Campbell's makes you feel like new again." The doors open with everyone in the elevator changed into a baby in a cloth diaper. A few still have items similar to what they wore before, like a red bow tie on one of the babies. (ARarchive)

Campbell's Soup
- (male AR) c1989 CM.
Picture 5 weary schlepps trudging to an elevator. Their heads are bowed, their shoulders stooped. It's the end of the day, and these poor souls seem not only exhausted but defeated. The elevator doors close, revealing a giant Campbell's Soup label. The doors reopen, and what has happened to the 5 weary riders? The camera pans down and we see babies! The schlepps have turned into babies. Smiling, cooing babies. "At the end of a long day, a hot bowl of Campbell's Soup can make you feel new again."
- (Vidist)

Canadian Direct Insurance
- (male adult FF to OA) Insurance sales office decades.
Video link - caps

Cancer Research UK
(adult OA morphed) PSA awareness - aged

Candy Max
- (male expansion, burstout CB) Super Pulpazo, c2003.
A boy trying the candy grows muscularly smooth, and his shirt and sleeves burst. Next scene? He's back to normal in ripped clothing.
- Video link - gif - (WackyWildTvAds)

(male AA AP, flash forward dream sequence) male morph link 'O'
Camera commercial. A kid becomes a full-grown football player right before his father's eyes. link This clip does not play in all browsers. We need someone good in Flash to capture it. The movie is embedded inside a Flash file which may make it more difficult to extract and download. ("O", link credit furryfan1234)

Capital One
(old age) 2004. A couple is at a lake pier at night. The guy says he'll be back soon. Then he comes back and it's been a long time. They've grown older, lines and grey hair (or strains, it was hard to tell because it was night). The woman pushes the guy into the lake and says, "You haven't gotten a Capital One card". Somewhat funny, but it looked like good old age. (fan2000)

Carefree Sugarless Gum
- (AA adult rejuvenation poofs) CM. Elderly women are sitting on porch in rocking chairs chewing gum. The first one says, "This Carefree gum is delicious..." and the second one says, "...but if this gum is sugar free, then we're the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!" There is a "boom", and the women are replaced with 20-something Dallas cheerleaders shaking their pompons twirling about. At the end of the commercial, the scene is shown again, with the third elderly woman saying "Got another piece of that gum?"

Centrum Silver
- (adults rejuvenated dream sequence, RN OA'd cut-away) CM.
Video link - screencaps

Centrum Silver
- New link

CervicalCheck: Change
- (young adult to old age)
Ireland, 2009 National Cancer Screening Service. A young person ages to old age while speaking.
- Video link - screencaps

- (FFed AA) 2009 morphed
- (flash forward APed AA weight gain morphs) UK 2009 PSA - link

Chase Credit Card
(male flash forward, male old age) 2005. Goes through a man's life much like the DirecTV commercial. Getting out of college, date with the soon-to-be wife, marriage, kids, then being a grandparent - (Jeff R)

- (male "ARed" from the neck down) 2020/01 Superbowl ad.
MC Hammer appears as a "baby" who says "Can't Touch This" - CM link - - caps - (Tazz)

Chevrolet Camaro
- (adults dream rejuv cutaway) "The Pick Up" 2011.
Young man gets out of car and appears old. Walks old woman to car, and they became young adults again.
- Restored CM link - - (Tazz)

Chevrolet Camaro
- (adults to teens rejuvenated, cut-aways) "Fountain of Youth", 2015 CM, Sobchakvideos.
Going for a drive makes the years fade away.
- Video link - screencaps - (Alagatery)

- (adult rejuvenation) "The Pick Up" 2011 contest CM, Mofilm.
The Chevrolet Camaro can be the fountain of youth.
- Video link - caps - (Chronoeclipse)

Chevy Aveo
- (male adult baby) "Sumo" 2006 A driving man looks back and there is a baby in a babyseat. The man parks the car and lifts the baby out, but the baby is a full grown man. The car looks small on the outside but is big in the inside. It could be AR and the adult went in and became a baby, or AP because the baby came out as a man. (Tazz, shrinkingman13) The older Cobalt CM of a mother regressing in the passenger seat until she's the same age as her teen daughter hasn't been found.
- (male ARed from neck down) "Big" 2004
- male ARed
- (male FFed AA optical illusion) Son turned out to be fully-grown sumo wrestler due to car's deceptively spacious interior - big baby

Chevy Cobalt
- (AR) "Facelift" 2005. A teenaged girl is driving a red car with her middle-aged, somewhat wrinkly mother in the passenger seat. Evidently, she starts driving fast enough that the mother's face starts getting stretched out, like she's in a wind tunnel -- we see two shots of her face getting gradually more pulled. When the daughter stops at an intersection and turns to talk to her mother, she's surprised to see that she now looks like a young woman. (Zemus)
- (flash forward, plant growth) FF Growing daughter (AA) ad.

Chevy Cobalt
- (adult rejuvenation) "Facelift" video link - screencaps

Chevy Malibu
(FF AA APed) "Baby" 2008. Girl grew up on assembly line protected by robots until she was ready to drive off - stages

- (FB) "Maddie", 2014. Adult female to child done in flashbacks.
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2bya)

(gum AP) - male

children as adults (trope)
- (kinda looks like ARed AA, or mental self-image reduction) - c2014 CM caps

- (face AR, zoom-in effect) Germany NGO, 2017.
Third World anti-cataract and similar charity programs. Old woman face getting younger to small child as her voice-over reminisces in rejuvenating German about the good things she has seen in her lifetime.
- Ad link - gif - similar style link - (Joe)

Chuck E. Cheese's
- (male AA, pseudo FF to OA, no size increase) 1994. A commercial many of us remember seeing on the Black Beauty VHS.
He has to wait so long for his dinner that he grows a long beard and wrinkles. Time finally runs out, and he must take a nap.
- CM link - gif - screencaps - (Richard)

Chuck E. Cheese's
(looks like AR AA) c2007 kids commercial - jumping

- (AA AP, pregnancy FF, weight issues) "La piel se estira", c2014, Genomma Lab.
You can get stretch marks for a LOT of reasons: getting older, getting pregnant, and gaining weight. The first two through stopmotion cuts/blurs, the third through CG.
- Video link - gif - new screencaps - (super man, WackyWildTvAds)

- (face FF) "Go You", 2011 CM.
Baby to adult with different jobs - vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Citroen C6
- (male adult rejuv) - caps - "You look different." "It's the car."

Citroen C6
- (male adult rejuvenation) 2006 commercial: Sean Connery (link) becomes younger and younger. (Michael Binary)

- (male AP, AA) 2003.
The CM for the Citroen Pluriel begins with two kids, a boy and a girl, magically changing the car from berlina to cabriolet, and also changing the background (forest, mountain, beach...) At the end the girl says "stop acting like a kid" and AP's the boy into a teen. He then proceeds to change some potted trees into babes and leaves with them while the girl starts screaming. (Stefano)
- link - link
- male AP

Coca Cola
- (AA FF, face close-up fade) years commercial.

Coca Cola
- (AP face close-up, fade) "Snowflakes" 2000. Little girl playing in the snow, looks up, transforms into woman drinking a Coke while playing on a beach - link
- (FF AA OAd) Girl encounters Santa Claus at various stages in her life until she has a lookalike granddaughter - lifetime

Coca Cola
- (AR AA) "Refreshed", 2012 Spec commercial.
Old Man into kid, Old woman into baby - Vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Code Breaker
- (adult young/middle age disguises, looks like rejuv) PlayStation cheat disk by Pelican Accessories - magazine ad pages

Colgate Optic White
- (adult "FF") "15 years", c2020 - CM link

(unintentional AA APed, editing error) 1980 toothpaste commercial. It looked like the girl on the swing inadvertently grew up. aped Source:

- (male fusion TF AA, slight male APed height effect) c2013? Bon Bon Bum, Mega Ying-Yang candy.
They are flung together, maturing sufficiently to be with the girl as one - video link - gif - caps - (Super Man)

Colonial Jewelers
- (FF AA) 2010 CM. If it doesn't sparkle, it's not love - years

- (male "growth") caps

- (ARed cut-away dream sequences) - 2002 CM.
Mental image screencaps - (ArArchive)
- (furry FF) "Compare the Meerkat" campaign, 2009+ CGI commercials, UK.
Series of ads about rich meerkat Aleksandr Orlov and his assistant Sergei, pleading with viewers to stop confusing their meerkat comparison website with car insurance. Eventually, the two adopt a child named Oleg, who they decide to leave with a native family on safari in Africa. Oleg's new home gets destroyed, so he has to travel with sister Ayana to find Aleksandr and Sergei, and become a happy family of 4.
Over the course of the ads Oleg goes from a baby that can barely talk to a child who is able to wander all over San Francisco.
The size difference is noticeable in this video. He is on Sergei as a baby @00:23:
- Link - "Baby Oleg's Highlights", 2015.
He has grown slightly more in comparison to Sergei @00:20:
- Link - "How to get pups to sleep", 2020 - CMs screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Converse Cons
(male AP) 1979 commercial about a little black boy no one would let play basketball. He finds a box with a pair of Converse Cons in it, puts on a sneaker, and changes into a tall lanky teenager who has no trouble making the basket. He then puts on the other shoe and becomes DrJ, Julius Erving. A lot of people remember the commercial, but no clips or pics. (rgalvani)

Cook Children's pediatricians
- (male FF AA) "growth chart", Motion Content, 2015.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Ricky)

- (FFed) parody art.

Coty Cremestick
- (adult face rejuvenated) c1966.
"A Coty Cremestick turned Alice Pearce...into Joey Heatherton".
Also demonstrated in a Tv commercial? - print ad

Covenant House
Covenant House Toronto. How young do they have to be before we give a damn?
Homeless teens on the street appear to have suddenly turned into babies. Only then does someone stop to help.
- (male cutaway "ARed" AA effect) "Bus Shelter", 2000. PSA link - screencaps
- (female cutaway "ARed" AA effect) "Bus Shelter (2016 version)" PSA link - screencaps

Cow & Gate
- (male FF AA) c2013 CM caps

Cow and Gate
(male FF) Ireland, milk CM. boy growth

- caps

- (adult rejuvenation, BE) CM, elderly to young adult - TF scenes - face TF.
- (adult TF scenes) - BE buttocks expansion - BE scene.
- (male adult TF) muscle

(adult ARed) Beer commercial. An old lady is embraced by a man, then he sees a beer posed on a table. The old woman drinks a mouthful when the beer becomes luminous, indicating a magic capacity. The hurdy-gurdy sounds. She metamorphoses into a sumptuous brunette under the avid eyes of a pensioner who sees the youthening woman become much more voluptuous at the front. The pensioner drinks some in his turn, and becomes a young man again. Then the festival starts and all the pensioners drink some. A discreet morphing shows a woman with glasses become a beautiful and very sexy brunette. They are delighted to become young men and young women again. A man enters astonished and inquires of the red dressed and volcanic brown Madam "senora"? and she responds with a devastating smile "No, senorita". (Guy)
- Adult rejuvenation BE gif scene.

- (adult future selves) On the open internet, you choose the future. 2022 - CM link - (Kappa)

cycle of life (theme)
- (FF AA, parent/child legacies)
  2015 Christmas commercials:
- Cineplex - "Lily & the Snowman", CGI short film/theater trailer, 2015.
A girl and her snowman are BFFs until she has a girl of her own.
Video link - screencaps
- Peacocks - "Lifetime of Quality & Value", animated, 2015.
She "AA FF's" three times until she has a girl of her own, but it only happens while dancing behind the Christmas tree.
Video link - screencaps

cycle of life (theme)
- (FF cuts) c'13 - caps

Dairy Australia
(AA flash forward, time loop) "Time after Time" flash forward
Source vid: (O)

Dali Museum, The
- (AR OC) 2015 CM. We can't guarantee results, but The Dali Fountain of Youth has had its share of success stories. Try it next time you visit.
Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau
(AA AP morphs) "When I'm Big" 2009 commercials.
- female - male

dance of age (theme)
- (FF) c2015 caps

- (male AP CB) Australia yogurt CM, c1995.
Boys Only Law in full effect. This was already listed under Yoplait twice? Lucky Aussies! I don't recall anything like this on American Tv. While eating yogurt, his body is growing to manhood in close-up, first overstretching and then having torn his fireman costume. His belt broke first, then his jeans popped open. Every button also burst off his shirt, followed by significant tearing and his feet having broken through his boots. Mom!!!
I made a gif but not sure it was worth it, as it's bigger than the ad itself without sound...
- Commercial link - gif - screencaps - (

(male AP) 2004 website. male

- (boys only AP, FF) c2012. It will help you grow.
- Vid link - screencaps - male timelapse commercial.
- Vid link - screencaps - male fan parody.

- (male FF APed) commercial - 2 boys growth
- (male AP) 2006 yogurt commercial on Discovery Kids channel. A boy drank some yogurt and grew about 5 inches taller. (derydan)
- (male UC FF) male

Dark Cloud 2
(tree AR) 1

Delta Lloyd
- (teen/adult face, same-pose same-song, AA)
2010 retirement commercial, Belgium. Side-by-side split-screen comparison.
13 y.o. starlet Sandra Kim who won the 1986 Eurovision song contest recreates her original music video for "J'aime la vie" as a 37 y.o. woman to advertise the fleeting nature of time.
- Video link - (Acca)

demotivational posters
- (kinda adult face AR) "Wrinkle Away" parody

- (male & female FF APed, CB glimpses) "The witch - Directors Cut" CM, 2020.
Swiss supermarket commercial, Witch Pot Pictures. A witch has imprisoned contemporary kids Hansel and Gretel in her house in the woods. She patiently feeds the children fresh foods to prepare them for slaughter. Finally, the big day has arrived. She flings opens the door, only to see that all the natural ingredients have caused the siblings to grow up. Gretel went from a pretty preteen to a smoking hot adult, while younger brother Hansel became a strongly muscular young man. We are permitted a tiny peek at the right half of Gretel's right shoe. As she grew from middle schooler to supermodel, her toes broke through the front, and her widening feet have damaged the rest, apparently snapping the laces? The fabric of her socks was also forced apart in spots. Hansel's shoes and socks were even more completely demolished. Gretel's shirt may have torn along the back, keeping her new breasts from being exposed, though it's tight on front? Now is the time for payback...
- CM link - Overview screencaps - APed CB screencaps - (M)

(adult OA face rejuvenated) c2008 web ads.
- Rapid wrinkle removal

- (male adult to OA) - 2021 Superbowl commercial. Nick Jonas OA effect link

Diamond is Forever, A
(OA FFed commercial) 2003 old age

(AP flash forward) Ca. 2000. Daughter ages. AP

- (male flash forward AA morph to male old age) 2005 commercial about "evolution of TV." A young boy walks through life, with the different TV phases representing it. He continues to grow up until it's the present day and he's an old man.
CM at Search term: "Directv Forward"
- (male old age) male

Dixie Cups
- (adult FF to old age) Aging Mother, 1970 CM.
Addresses a woman who feels she's scrubbing her life away washing reusable cups. Age wardrobe and makeup illustrate the suggestions of a grandfatherly narrator recommending a Dixie Cup dispenser for the kitchen.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Lunkpil)

Dixie Cups
- (adult to "OA") 1970 print ad

Dodge Charger
- (male AR effect) 2005 CM showed a man driving the car with guys on motorcycles nearby, and when he pulls up one of the bikers says "Nice car" but he has a voice of a kid, and then we see they really are kids, he imagined them as bikers because he thought he was a bad man with the car - (Tazz)

Dooney & Bourke
- (ambiguous age) It kinda could be seen as the aftermath of a growup scene where their clothes suddenly became too small, or as mental adult rejuvenation - print ad

- (AA cut-away APed) "Wow!" c2012 CM.
A little girl turned into a woman after eating a Doritos chip while a confused boy looked on.
- Video link - screencaps - (Andy Pancho)

- (AA poof TFs, 14 to 18, TG poof below the neck)
"Transformed", Andy Pancho, 2012.
- Video link - screencaps - (super man)

- (APed cutaway) Young Chloe apparently has the ability to make herself older whenever she wants. They don't show the transformation and we only glimpse the aftermath. Clothing status was kept vague.
- 2014 CM. She is informed she isn't old enough to eat Doritos. "I couldn't wait that long!" "Hey, Chloe!" "Don't even think about it!"
- Second version video link - screencaps
- The 2nd CM version also has a male ARed glimpse at the end - caps - (Matt)

- (male AR OC, AR AA) "Doritos Crash the Superbowl" campaign. 2013 fan-made commercials.
A bag of Doritos regresses men into babies. Is any one else noticing a theme in this latest series of videos, or is it just me?
- Vid link - screencaps
Two men find the Doritos Fountain of Youth:
- Vid link - screencaps
Two middle aged men feeling the aches of their 30s recapture their youth... all thanks to a bag of Doritos ;)
- Vid link - screencaps
Old woman, young woman, toddler:
- Vid link - screencaps
(FARfan, Thomas submissions)

"Crash the Super Bowl Contests" fan commercials.
- (AR AA poofs into babies) "Overcoming the Monster", Jason Taylor, for 2015 contest.
If you ever find yourself running from a scary UFO, make sure you have Doritos; apparently they are laser-proof. I'm just wondering, what were the Aliens plans in this?
  Video link - screencaps
- (male AR poof) "Dear God App", Jai Catalano, for 2012 contest.
Kind of a Babality one. He wishes for a really cute babe to appear, but...
  Video link - screencaps
- (AgeRegressionFan01)

(TF, possible slight AR?) Woman to Woman. Early 80s commercial had a middle aged man and woman together. As the man ate Doritos his homely wife changed chip by chip into a cute senorita. Once completely transformed she did a little dance - (

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
- (dream AR AA cuts) "Feel Like a Kid Again", 2018.
Similar to the Orlando commercials. Parents into kids (and back again) as they pass behind objects. They spend the day as kids at the park, still somewhat older than their own children.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Dove Chocolate
- (female AA cutaway AP to old age, OC, lifecycle reboot, implied overnight AA AR)
"Each and Every Day", 2016, 90 sec.
- A female experiences life and all its simple pleasures in a day, starting off as a toddler who puts on an oversized blue dress and shoes (we'll soon see why), and AA-ing older (offscreen of course) during camera cuts and behind obstacles, until she reaches the cafe as a young adult, from where romance follows inevitably. The first streaks of gray hair appear at the streetcar in the evening, and she returns to her apartment an elderly woman who savours the day's memories and chocolate. Don't worry, it's hinted the cycle repeats. Enjoy life to the fullest without regrets. Recycled in 2018 Galaxy CM.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Brendan, Super Man, FARfan)

- (male flash forward AA) "You're a Man" 2/10 commercial. Video link - (O'Melissokomos)

- (AA FF) - caps - (Acca)

DrinkWise Australia
- (boys only teen to adult AA AP) c2009 CM. Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix.
Video link - screencaps

Du Pont stretchables
(flash forward) Life Magazine 9/26/1955. Clothes that "grow" with you (for kids).

- (male age stasis) "Young Looking", 2018.
More like Immortality than anything else. Their boss has remained a young boy. Sipping is believing - CM link - - (FARfan)

- (FF) CM animated years swirl

- (FB/FF) 2016 "Meet Emma".
Commercial link - caps
- (male AA TFed "APed" form) "Living Room", 2018.
Oita, Japan cramming school. Individual education, Interactive entrance examination.
- Their son looked older. 1:1 Netz CM link - caps - (Akira)

- (adult rejuvenation product) - screencaps
(OA'd, adult to younger adult rejuvenation)
2009 mangime commercial for EG placenta epidermal growth factor supplement to reverse the aging process in humans.
- link
(Turn White forums)

Eggo Waffles (chocolate chip)
- (male mental ARed) Late 1990's lost CM.
A teenager in a highchair is being fed by his mom. The theme goes "Chocolate Eggo waffles are so good it's like learning how to eat breakfast again" - (Stolas)

Eggo Waffles
- (younger male disguised as grown man, OC, masking) 1996 CM "Dad Disguise".
"Mission: Impossible" parody. Teen boy is preparing waffles as his younger brother dons a rubber mask of his father, along with a black business suit. He jumps from a vent and says "Leggo my Eggo... son" (still in his true voice though). Then the real father enters, saying "Good morning," and the ad ends with him glancing suspiciously at the copy of him at the table with a shorter body and wider shirt collar.
- CM link - screencaps

- (adult face FF to OA) "Emma", 2016. Date site spot with 3 age stages.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Horseluis)

El Paso Electric
- (UC FFed glimpse) "My, how she's grown!" - Las Cruces Sun-News, 2/16/1947, p2 - ad

Embassy Suites
- (youngsters/oldsters minds & voices swapped) 2014 commercials.
Youths act and sound like elders and vice versa. Vacations = happy kids. Two-room suites = happy parents.
- Vid link - "De-Kid-Ify".
- Vid link - "Green Melon".
- Vid link - "Touche".
- Vid link - "Time For Bed".
- Vid link - "Lotta Times":
I enter as a 30 year old, but by the time we get to our floor, I'm like 6!
- Screen Caps - (Alagatery)

Emiliano Zapata
- (adult shadow rejuvenated) c2013, Brazil. Your spirit is only as old as you allow. Election poster

- (FF) c2010 CM - years

- (adult rejuvenated cut-away) "Forever Young". 2011 web clip for commercial contest.
Video link - caps - (Chronoeclipse)

Enlightened ice cream
- (male blur, ARed OC) "Feed Your Inner Kid", 2018.
Now in 27 high protein, low sugar flavors. CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Equifax Family Plan
- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath) 2012 commercial.
Sales lady asks a customer for her credit card. A little girl pulls out and hands over a credit card. "How would you know if someone stole your child's identity?" - (Jeffr_2bya)

Estee Lauder
- (adult split/face middle age) c2011.
Top Swedish model Caroline Louise Forsling is suing because one side of her face was photoshopped to a different adult age in a skincare ad - cosmetics

- (doll "growth") 2009 "growing" baby doll - Video link - screencaps

(flash forward cuts) 2006 b&w commercial from girl to woman through the years.

Europe in the Year 2030
- (face ff) 2017. The most chilling "second a day" video shows a young girl enduring a civil war erupting in her country - link - (Vick)

Evan Williams
- (18 to 20s) - 2
- (18 to 25 FFed) - FFed
- (18 to 25) '03 maturity

- (AA adult/child age form reflections) 04/2013.
Commercial has a kind of age regression aspect to it, with adults dancing with the baby versions of themselves. It's quite cute and funny.
- Video link - screencaps - (Reina Watt)

- (AR OC blinks) "Live Young", "Oversize", 2017.
Athletes drink water and instantly poof into babies.
- CM link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

- (babies acting like grown-ups) "Baby Bay", Evian Babies, 2016.
Computer generated babies do adult-like stuff... or become their younger reflections. A surfer finds a beach filled with baby surfers and beach-goers... he even meets a baby version of himself.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (kinda like ARed from the neck down effect) c2010 - Printed shirts reveal the child inside you - live young - (JeffR_2BYA)

- (male AR AA cutaways) Marc Sway "Stan the Man" "Stan by You" Evian commercial ft. Stan Wawrinka, 2015.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Ricky)

(flash forward) "The bike that grows with you".

- (flash forward) "Train" 2017.
A young woman meets an old man on a train. We see clips throughout her lifetime battling for a just society worldwide with Expedia, until she has become a retired woman herself talking to a young man on a train to continue the work.
- CM link - screencaps - (Chrono Eclipse)

faces of meth
- (adult face degeneration) declining years.
- (adult face FFed) parody - years - FF info.

Family Series, The
(AA AP dream sequence, FFed) c2009 parody commercial - "They grow up so fast".
- Screencaps

Farm Bureau Financial Services
(male old age) "Planning for the Future" Young black man stands on front lawn reading magazine. His face is blocked for a moment. When the pan is completed, the man is much older, and the words "RETIREMENT PLANNING" appear at the bottom of the screen. (Cobe)

Fast-Forward Girls 2015
- (AA age forms) Celebrating today's role models and the generation of girls they've inspired, with Kid versions of Amy Schumer, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Video link - (GoldieBlox)

father/daughter trope
- (FF) - "Birthday Wish", 2016.
Scenes of a girl's birthdays. Each year she gets a new cake with a numbered candle on top. Finally, she comes home all grown up. Now she can pass on the parenting learned from her family.
- Video link - screencaps

father/daughter tropes
- Time passes by in a blink. Letting go can be the hardest part.
- (kinda looks like male FB "ARed") "Time After Time" 2016 chicken nuggets.
Father helps daughter at the same age separated by a line of decades.
- CM link - screencaps
- (FB/FF recollection) 2017 Subaru Forester "Making Memories".
You can pass it down but you get to keep the memories.
- CM link - screencaps
(flash forward AA) 2008 print ads. A childhood only lasts 6570 days - face FF

(male flash forward, male old age) Commercial preview. Clips can be downloaded from ArArchive. male old age (2bya, ArArchive)

- (slight FFed cuts) "Moustache" 2011. Indian adhesives. They glued a moustache to a girl's face, but the glue is too good. So she has to walk around with this moustache all her life. A nice touch is the reincarnation in the end - link - (Lunkpil)

Fiat Grande Punto
- (ARed) "Girls" ca 2006 AR commercial. Oversized clothes almost slip off shoulder vid link
also male version - male Ared link
- (ARed dream state in oversized clothing, RN) Commercial - girls

- (male FF AA) 2015. Video link - screencaps

Fiber One Chewy Bars
- (kinda looks like male AR AA dream cut-away) 2012 CM.
Video link - screencaps

Fidelity Investments
- (face FB/FF) 2013 commercials.
"Photos: Personal Economy" - Family flips face photos to show how they have evolved.
- Vid link - caps
"Photos" - A woman holds younger adult photos in front of her face and shows how she has changed over time. As your life and career change, Fidelity is there to help.
- Vid link - caps

- (adult FF) "Good Luck". 2015 CM showing a woman working over time.
Video link - screencaps - (StanKyleAndCartman, Agingwomen)

- (height FF) "The future is the present", 2015 - gif

- (male adult AP AA) 2013 CM, EA Sports game. "Next-Gen Lionel Messi".
A young man suddenly becomes a star forward. It just got real.
- Video link - screencaps - (O'Melissokomos)

Fifth Third Bank
- (boys-only AP commercial) 2015 CM. A long wait can seem forever.
"DMV" Baby to man video link - screencaps
Fan edit video link - (LitLOne)
- (male adult aftermaths) 2015 commercials.
"Elevator" Beard growth video link - screencaps
"School photo" TG male video link - "Photo booth" Race change video link - screencaps
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (FFed) c'17 "Powerball vs ageing" - - cap

First 5 California
- (male FB AR AA) - CM link - gif

First 5 California
- (male FB kinda like AR) c2010?
PSA for a California program about how the first five years prepare kids for the rest of their life.
A boy (darn it) is talking about the earlier things that prepared him for his education, with quick dissolves to younger boys. I think about four reversions from teen to preschooler - (Capst)

- (dream sequence self-image, looks like male "ARed" AA RN cut) Linkimals "Circle Of Life", Mattel UK, 2019.
When Linkimals get together, they talk, sing, and light-up together! Each product sold separately. Man revealed to be baby with imagination.
- CM link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (dream sequence, self image cuts look like ARed AA) "Let's Be Kids", 2019.
Adults are shown having fabulous adventures. Then they are revealed to have been toddlers all along.
"Friend" - It's rude to boss your friends around, unless they come with an instruction manual. #letsbekids
- CM link - caps -
"Speed" - You have to walk before you can run, and push before you can drive.
- CM link - caps - /SG-lJnIQ71E
"The Triangle" - Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all fit in triangle-shaped holes.
- CM link - caps - /MGnpDB_b5rs
"Why Do I Ride?" - The important thing is having the courage to get back on the puppy.
- CM link - caps - /UIBVNVO5Rgo
"Light Switch" - The home of the future has a really big light switch.
- CM link - caps - /N-a_Gfw7kH8
- (Jeff_2bya, Tazz)

flash forward (trope)
- (AA) - CM screencaps

flashback (theme)
- (fade to past self whilst reminiscing) One of many commercial tropes we are watching.
Could say it sorta slightly resembles "AR" - INSP - "Going Home", 2013 - Vid link - caps

flashback/flash forward (tropes)
- (FB/FF) - chocolate memories caps - male face morph caps

Flintstones Vitamins
- (male excellent AP scene) A small boy begins to grow up so fast that his shoelaces snap one by one, as his toes are forced through the front. His legs rise in his pants, and the back of his shirt rips at the seams as his shoulders broaden. The gaps between the buttons widen until they pop, and finally his suspenders snap off his pants. At the end, the older boy reappears in larger clothes that fit perfectly again.
- Male burstout scene.

Flintstones Vitamins
- (male excellent AP) "In just a few years, your child can grow to nearly twice his size." In '84 there was a vitamins commercial with a kid aging rapidly from a toddler to a teenager. His sneakers ripped open as his feet grew, the buttons popped on his shirt, etc, all with sound effects. And then not long after that all those milk ads started... (71ent)
- (male FF AA AP) 1980s commercial. Gymnast growth

For Eyes
- (BE cut) Figure improves with your eyesight - caps

Ford Ka
- (old adult rejuvenated from the neck down) "Ethel", c2011.
His elderly wife still has a young adult body.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Hskfmn)

- (mentally matured reflection) c2012 caps

- (mini-me) c2012 "Sarah" CM.
She likes Foxtel for reasons that basically have each member of the family look like her. Little girl, older sister, and male grandparent?
- Video link - caps - (Wackywildtvads)

Freedom 55 Financial
- (AR effect) California. CM had a girl talking. Then her mother was bottle feeding her, and in the next shot she was a baby - (Seth)
(slight OA face close-up) c2008 Singapore commercial. Smoking adds 10 years to your age.
- middle aged

Fruit By The Foot
- (parents into elderly) 1994 CM.
Direct video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Fruity Pebbles
- (slight animated ARed AA) "Don't let the size fool you", c2012 CM. Older sister is surprised when bro and sis unzip into toon toddlers Pebbles and Bam Bam - caps - (Edixonki)

FTD Flowers
- (FF AA) "Growing Up", 2018. CM link - caps

- (male unbirthed poof) "Start Over", 2014.
When father pushes the remote control's button, the apples turn into seeds. A parrot turns into an egg. And his son popped back in the womb! Gala television enables the viewers to rewind their favorite shows.
- Video link - screencaps - (Theregressed)

- (adult face appearance increase) 4/2015 CM.
Fatigue "ages" women an average of 5 years throughout a typical working day... however Miracle Sleeping Cream can change everything.
- Story link - 01

(ARed from neck down only) c2005 commercial - 1 - 2

Gelatina Royal
- (AR) c2011 Brazil commercial. Anyway, a mother is briefly regressed.
Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

General Mills
- (UC) 1999. Kids try to put on outgrown clothes.
- Screencaps - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8
- (old age) "The Swing Dancers" 1998 swing dancer old-age double makeups. Avion Films, Toronto.

Gerber Gala
(AR, male AR) c2005 Swiss cheese Tv commercials. A man and woman eats cheese. They regress into children in oversized clothes. A business woman sits down next to an old lady when her phone rings. The old lady hands her bread with Gala cheese. She takes a bite and regresses into a little girl and scares a few pigeons. - (Clock Virus)
Clips hosted at group - (Ricky)
- male AR - AR

- (AP flash forward) 1
- (flash forward) 2

- (kinda looks like FF AA) "United Babies" 2010 commercial.
Video link - caps

- (male adult baby) 2008 fan commercial.
Video link - caps - (Thomas)

GET Guaranteed Education Tuition
"Kids Grow Up Fast" 2012 CMs, Seattle.
- (AA APed) Swing "growth" trope:
Video link - screencaps
- (male and female AA APed) "Kitchen" - highly-choreographed blocking makes the kids look like they're "growing" before our eyes.
Video link - screencaps

- (male AP UC) 3 commercials - screencaps
Thailand Commercials for calcium supplements featuring a growing boy and his grandmother.
- (male) Video link set up ad - link before the AP ad - link after the AP UC.

Gilbert Chevrolet
- (dream forms, mental "ARed" cuts) 02/2016 "Inner Child".
Gilbert Okeechobee Has It. Let our team help bring out the kid in you.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super man)

Gilbert Ford
- (male dream forms, mental "ARed" cuts) 02/2016 "Inner Child".
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super man)

girl scout cookies (parody)
- ("OA'd" AA) ad

GNC Commercial -- The Magic of GNC
- (ARed cut-away stages) 2009 fan video.
Contest short film in silent movie style.
- Video link - couple caps - male caps - (FARfan)

Go Fast
- (male temporary adult rejuvenation) CM screencaps

Go Fast
(male old age to young adult, RN) 2006. Sports drink has some rejuvenating effects. male vid link

- (height comparison) 2012 charity campaign.
For every item purchased they will donate an item of clothing to the organization "Room To Grow".
- poster - ages
- (old adult rejuved from the neck down) 2011 web ad. Joan Rivers is the new GoDaddy Girl. She came up with the hilarious line that "My body's a temple" then slaps her butt "This is the gift shop."
CM link - screencaps - (hh1974)

- (adults rejuved & TGed) "Put a little GODADDY in YOUR diet!" 2010.
Tv spot contest starring an "old lady" getting a special can. The salesman then ends up in the same state - CM link - screencaps - (WackyWildTvAds, Omega)

GOLD 905
- (ARed AA aftermath, face fade) "Feel Young Again" 2017 Singapore.
The only radio station that plays the music they grew up to.
- Commercial link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

GoodNites Pull-Ups
- (male APed) c2011 commercial.
A mother goes into her kid's room and is shocked to see her son has become big in his now too small sleeper. His baby crib has broken from the size increase - (Iceman)

- (boys only rule, male AP CB, before/after cutaway) 2011 CM, pyjama pants.
Overnight age-up. His elongating legs broke through the footed pajamas, and his thighs ripped holes in the fabric as they widened. His chest burst out the top, and finally his new weight collapsed the bed. It is time for larger training pants.
- Video link - screencaps - (TvTropes)

- (FF) GWCS, 2014, "How Fast they Grow" Girl.
Video link - screencaps

- (pin-up OA'd) print ad decades

Google Assistant
- (male FFed) "Home Alone Again", 12/2018.
Macaulay Culkin (b.1980) reprises some of the famous scenes from the first "Home Alone" movie (1990) as an adult.
- CM link - making of link - comparisons

Got milk?
- (AP flash forward) Britney Spears
- (growth measurement) 13-year-old Cherish Wise.
- Mandy Moore
- (male) 2
- ("growing" celebs mention their growth) - growing girls

Got Milk?
- (past/future selves interact & slight rejuvenation effect) "Champion", 2014.
"You're me?" If she drinks milk now, she can win the race in the future - commercial link - screencaps

Got Milk
- (kinda like OAd?) 2004. I was watching Tv with my 3 year old, and some new CM showed a woman whose skin all fell off after drinking milk... I guess since her bones grew... I saw the milk ad yesterday where the old man's arms fell off due to lack of calcium intake. All the kids start screaming in terror and then start chugging down glasses of milk.

- (AA flash forward) c2003. Girl in car seat got bigger - 01
- (FF AA cuts) 2014, 4Ever 4-in-1 child car seats CM. 10 years with 1 seat - Vid link - caps

Green Ontario Fund
- (looks like feet-only ARed aftermath) "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" 2017 commercials.
People talk about the benefits of reducing their carbon footprints. By doing so, they seem to have gotten kids or toddler-sized feet.
- link - "Tiny Shoes" (similar to "Petits chaussons")
- link - "Petits chaussons" Fonds pour un Ontario vert - Reduisez votre empreinte carbone.
- link - "Little Slippers" - male. Twins?
- link - "Cozy Socks" - male.
- Screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (male AA to old age) 2006. Needlessly naked male baby "grows" into boy, then adult man above the waist - male vid link - male life screencaps

Grene Vision Group
- (flashback/reverse lifetime, memories) 2014 "Never miss a moment" Back to School campaign.
The first day of school is always important. It follows a girl from her first day of college back to her first day of kindergarten.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Super Man)

Grill Marks
- (ARed dream cut) "Embrace Your Inner Child", 2018.
CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Grow Powdered Milk Drink
- (slight FFed UCed) - screencaps

grow up commercials
- (male FF "growth") - spurts

grow up dolls
- (pseudo "AP") c2015 - gif - gif

grow up pills
- (FF product) box art

Grow up with Kindle
- (FF AA) 2010 fan-made CM - years

Growing Up Kathy
- (AP) 1991 Tyco "magical doll that grows up from a little girl into a real teen." What the television commercials will not say is why Kathy is magical: when the doll's arm is raised, she becomes taller, and her breasts grow. When the arm is lowered, the doll drops down to her shorter, flat-chested form.

growth dress
- (AA FF) adjustable dress "grows" with your child but only for a few years - forms

- (young adult maturity appearance) 2016.
"Dr. Slump: Arale-chan" anime pleated skirt. She is older than in the anime, and poofs into a fashionable appearance.
- CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

H-E-B supermarkets
- (dream "ARed" AA aftermaths, RNed cuts) Holiday Magic 11/2018 commercials.
Do your shopping without leaving your front porch. Get everything delivered and enjoy Friendsgiving & Christmas like a kid again.
- Commercials link - link - link - screen captures - (FARfan)

H-E-B supermarkets
- (dream "ARed" AA aftermaths, RNed reveal) Holiday Magic, '19.
Mirelly Taylor, Zuri Calderon "reverted". You'll feel like a kid again.
- Kitchen CM link - .be/9JYbpQosHFA - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (teen face FF morph/fades to OA) #hackUniTO for Ageing, #hu4A, c2016.
Video link - - screencaps - (ChronoEclipse)

- (male AR AA dream cutaways) "Freewheeling", 2015.
Nothing beats the feeling of rolling along on your bike. It can turn us into "big kids". Male AR/RN, elderly to adult, to teen, to child.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Haribo Gold-Bears
- (mental AR effect/voices only) 2017 "Meeting".
Adult executives are shown talking about candy like children. In past commercials, the Haribo factory was operated by actual children who sometimes acted like adults.
- 2017 commercial link - 2014 UK Starmix commercial link

- (mental ARed effect) French, 2016.
Adults eat candy while speaking with kids' voices in the train - (Ricky)
- Tagada, 2016 CM link
- Starmix, 2016 CM link

(male mental AR) 2006 Switzerland. cops male mental ARed Cops act like children again after eating candy. (Ricky)

Hartford, The
(growth measurement) "The Hartford", 2003 "growth chart" opens on 3 girls measuring each other on a wall and keeping track of each other's heights, while Mom and Dad make breakfast. Music opens: "Possibilities". Close-up shots of each of the daughters. 1

Head and Shoulders
(kinda looks like ARed or flash forward) Advertisement. kinda like ARed

Health Department W.A. Smoking and Health Project Team
- (OA) "What good's a pretty face when you've got an ugly breath?"
Central Coast Area Health Service, NSW, Australia, 1980s commercial. Also print ads.
The campaign points out that smoking gives you bad breath, in an effort to combat the idea that smoking makes you more attractive.
- Video link - screencaps

Heinz Ketchup
- (AA AP poofs) "Ketchup Man" children's party, 2007. Young girls were slapped into adults. Previously posted, higher-res: Video link - screencaps

(AP AA) 2007 commercial, UK. Ketchup Man ages 2 young girls into adult lifeguards.
Video link: AP
Screencaps: AP

(male flash forward AA) Heinz is enjoyed for a lifetime. link (derydan58)

Herbal Essences
(AP flash forward) 2003 1
Clairol Herbal Essence
(old age) "Opera" 1999 old age makeup. Crossroads Films, LA.

Hewlett Packard
(FF AA, TF) "Anares" Serena Williams body expansion - 1

(male face close up)
male aging scene

(male growth) Animated commercial, late 80s to early 90s. A male kid gets HUGE. (nolcrump)

Home Depot
(male ARed, RNed) 2007 commercial. We see a bunch of boys enter the store and check out grills, power tools, etc. When one boy checks out, he hands the cashier a cash card, and when she looks up the boy has become a man.

Home Hardware
(male AP) Canada ca. 2003. Little boys morph into grown men within seconds.

Homestart Finance
- (male adults cutaway FF to old) "Get into your own home sooner", Austr., 2013.
Odd Studio, 3 stages of ageing makeup for both men - CM link - screencaps
- A teen meets herself 3 months older. She does not look much bigger though - CM link
- Couple with baby in their future months - CM link - Redhead future months - CM link

Honda Civic
- (FF AA) 1987 CM. Back seat kids "time-lapse" infant to teen.
Video link - screencaps - (TotallyToonz)

Honda CR-V
- (adult face flashbacks) 2017 Big Game Commercial "Yearbooks".
Celebrities actual yearbook photos were animated to talk with their present voices (classmates replaced with generic stock photos).
- CM link - - (Tazz)

- (kinda AR flashback) "Odyssey" 2003. Debra and Kenny meet their 17-year-old selves from 1980s. Younger versions already fully grown.
- Screencaps - 1 - 2
- "You Grew Up" 1995 super bowl XXIX - 0:30 (USA)
- (flash forward) "Accord" television ad. The camera showed the back seat of the car over a several year period. One saw a sequence of camera views: first yuppie toys, then a single person's luggage, then a couple's toys and bags, then engagement presents, then honeymoon luggage, then baby gear.

- (male FF AP, some partial UC) "Stop wasting time", 2019 CM. Online coupons browser extension.
A son grew up on his father's lap while searching for working coupon codes. Boys-Only & Magic Pants laws are in effect.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (faces age-swapped) CM link

Hong Kong
- (AA FF cut aways) c.2009 CM - years

(kinda like old age ARed)
weight loss ad

Hospital of Central Connecticut, The
- (adult AA morphs, OA glimpse) "Every Woman is Different", Content Pictures, 2016 - CM link - gif - (Djkhaled)

(flash forward AA APed) 2006 UK bread commercial. "Hovis is for life". A boy and a girl run through a grain field at various ages. At the end they are grown up with children of their own. link (Process Forum) - flash forward screencaps
- (kinda looks like FB "ARed") 2016 vaccination campaign, Merck.
Time rolls back for them until the person is 11-years-old again and asks why didn't you get me the HPV vaccine? Mom? Dad?
- CM link - screencaps - (PixChick, Vended)

- (AP to old age) Thai telecom CM's. AA AP
- (pseudo AP) 2
- (pseudo AR) "Kids" 2007. 3 ages

(rejuvenation) old age rejuvenated

(weight loss miracle) Before and after shots. 1 2 3

Hyundai Elantra
- (FF AA time cuts) 2013 CM.
It shows a girl from about age 10 to 20 over the course of 25 pictures until she drives off behind the wheel of an Elantra.
- Video link - screencaps - (Ryu Hayabusa)

Hyundai Santa Fe Next Generation
- (banned male age anomaly kinda looks like ARed aftermath scene)
Advertising Standards Bureau, Australia:
- A male toddler wearing a singlet and nappy climbs out of his cot and takes the keys to his parents' Santa Fe. He gets in the car and starts driving.
- Grounds for complaints: Portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity; health and safety; FCAI (driving practice that would breach the law). Number of complaints: 115+
Determination: Complaints upheld (modified or discontinued)

Hyundai Sonata
- (male FF AA) "Growing Up", 2014. A young man aged 10 years - Vid link - (Magicformula)

- (male cut-away APed) "Expect the unexpected" groeispurt.
2014 web ad. Growth spurts can be unexpected. Is your provider prepared?
- Video link - screencaps - (Louise)

i.t. 21
- (FF AA) "When she grows" 2009, Hong Kong years

I&J Crispy Battered Fish
(male flash forward, muscle development) "Iron Jay" 2009 commercial.
- video link
info - screencaps - (O')

! Unknown AP alert !
- 2004 cat food CM. "What if people grew as fast as your pets?" Old woman sews sweater for preteen granddaughter. When she looks down the granddaughter has suddenly reached her early teens, so she keeps sewing, and when she looks down again her granddaughter is in her mid to late teens, then the third time she looks down the grand daughter is in her late teens, and she holds up the sweater to the granddaughter who is now obviously way too big for the sweater. Plus the late teen is on the attractive side =) No process, more a frame to frame change... No clothes ripping or tightening either =( (Greywolf)

- "If You Aged" - age scene

(AP flash forward, cuts) Late 90s commercial. Little girl running up stairs calls "Come here, Casey." She grows in stages to a young woman and Casey ages in 30 seconds from a puppy to an old dog.
- (AR flashback) 2000. Time flows backwards for kids and their pets.
- (kids acting like adults) 2003. Kids and pets age at different rates.
Iams Dog: "If You Aged", Cat: "If You Aged" and "Cat Years"

- (kinda sorta flashback/forward) 2011.
IBM's achievements of the past century are explained by progressively younger narrators born in the past 100 years - video link

- (AA ARed aftermath illusion) "Like a Baby", 2017 commercial, Poland.
A couple of babies wake up in their bedroom and leave the house. When they return home it's revealed they have AA-d back into adults during the day. After falling asleep, they again became babies overnight.
- CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

(male FF AA) commercial - boy

INCAA International Film Festival
- (face TF morphs, young and old adult) "Vamos al Cine", 2013.
A woman in closeup changes ethnicities and hairstyles at the cinema. Hair falls and pulls back up.
- Video link - gif - (FunkyRowanPixie, WackyWildTvAds)

Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles
- (male TF simulated) 1979. Inflatable "muscles" turn any boy into a behemoth - cover

(male AP flash forward, cuts) 2003 male

- (teen growth UC) TF scene
- (teen UC, rapid weight gain glimpse) 2009 Safer Internet Day commercial.
Teen girl rapidly grows heavier as a consequence of cyber-bullying, testing her clothes. Her belly pushes out against her desk, and her widening body smashes through the back of her chair. The chair frame groans under the added weight as her shoes bulge, but it doesn't collapse.
- video link - (Process)

Insta Age
- (teen to middle aged, face close-ups) - Parody print ad, product does not exist - more mature celebs

- (AP UC) Japan 2007 CM.
Kid wakes up to discover she's grown into adult woman overnight. Her older body strains against her pj's as she explores her new form while Mom looks on uncomfortably - UC
- (Aped) - UC

- (male AA FF) "Sponsors of tomorrow", 2010 CM.
Video link - male screencaps. (addyrocker12)

(male AP UC, male AR, bodyswaps) Japan.
Body exchange causes much confusion the following morning - male APed UC - male ARed OC

iPhone X
- (AA dream size increase, kinda sorta like shadow AP) "growth spurt", 2018 - CM link - caps - gif

- (adult face FF OA) c2010 app
- (AR) Parody comic

IQ Cosmetics
(slight rejuvenation, face close-up) 2007 old aged rejuvenated

Ito Yokado
(AP morphs) Department store clothing department commercial. AA AP

(AA morphs) Text To Speech service CM - screencaps

- (AR AA face dream fades, RN) "Big Girls Get That Little Girl Look" c1970 soap CM.
As a woman washes her face with Ivory soap, her reflection fades between adult and child.
- Video link - Screencaps: - gif - gif - gif - (FARfan)

Jackson Generals
- (kinda looks like "ARed" aftermath) "Kid Manager", '14.
Vid link - caps - (TF Theater)

Japan Post Insurance Co
- (AA FF/FB AP/AR-RN poofs) JP Insurance, c2016.
Commercial link - gif page - (Spoyu)

Japan Railways Group
- (FF) c2012 "Move your heart" display sign ads - (John)

Jason's Cheesecake Company
- (AA poof AR) 2013. Ya's Biscotti! It brings out the kid in you!
Vid link - caps - (FARfan)

(AR, RN) Turkey reklam filmi. Adults eat sweets and transform into kids in suddenly oversized clothes. A son enters just as they grow back into adults. The mother hastily adjust her awkwardly slipped top. (derydan58)
video link
(adult rejuvenation, increased stamina) web ad.
- wrinkle removal - (O')

- (age/size comparison) sisters

John Lewis & Partners
- (male FB) "The Boy and The Piano", Christmas Ad 2018.
The film begins in present day and works backwards through Elton's life to the tune of "Your Song" until the Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.
- CM link - - (FARfan)

John Lewis
- (AA FF AP to OA) "Never Knowingly Undersold" 2010 Tv CM.
Video link - screencaps

John Lewis
- (slight implied ARed, AA AP cut) 2009 Christmas CM. Video link - caps - caps

Johnson & Johnson
- (AR) Late 80s, 3 baby shampoo commercials. A woman stands before the camera, her hair blowing back. Every time a sheet of suds slides down the screen, the woman reemerges, looking five years younger, with softer hair. At the end of the commercial, she is a three-year-old. One woman was a redhead, one had short blonde hair, and another had long blonde hair. In the first shot they were in their 20s, then teenagers, then children, and then babies. How they found models with the different ages to look alike was remarkable. The background song was "Make me a baby". (Jeffr_2bya, Time)
- (male AR) Unknown European commercial for baby shampoo shows a bunch of men entering shower after a big soccer game. They take the baby shampoo into the shower. The anouncer says it makes you all clean and new. Then you see naked babies walking and crawling out of the shower.

Johnson's Baby Oil
- (face FB dream AR) 1991. I love these reverse aging commercials.
CM link - screencaps

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
- (AR face fades) There were 3 different AR commercials, using the same song. One featured a very long haired blonde woman reverting in stages into a much younger girl, and one a brunette. (Time)
- (face AR) 1991 commercial.
- Screencaps: AR bubbles

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
- (face "FB dream") No more tears. 1st "comparison" CM from early 80's - link - cap - The 1991 face dream "AR" - link

Jollibee Philippines Sweet-Sarap
- (AR AA poofs) "Jolly Spaghetti Dance" 2017.
Xia & the Jolly Kids do the jolliest dance moves to the newest Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti jingle. Policeman AR.
  Commercial link - gif - screencaps -
- (AR AA poofs, reflection ARed AA) "Dance Tutorial" 2017.
Do you want to bring out the jolly kid in you? Learn the Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti dance.
  Commercial link - screencaps -
- (FARfan)

Jolt Cola
- (younger adult into young adult dream sequence morphing, AA TF BE, TG)
2000 commercial about older teens on a date fantasizing their ideal partners.
- Video link - screencaps - (Omega)

Jolt Cola
(middle age) A high-school-aged couple are alone in a convertible overlooking the city, drinking the product. The girl asks the boy whether, when they kiss, he fantasizes that the girl is actually someone else. The boy looks at the girl, who morphs into a sultry older brunette (in his imagination), but he doesn't admit it. The girl is reassured by this. (Pics at

- (adult rejuvenated) "Frog"? c1990s.
First the kids clothes were replaced with more colorful outfits. Then the frog turned the old lady teacher into a young adult wearing Jordache apparel. Recess was declared!
- CM link - screencaps - (Mvz, Smrwilly)

Julie Newmar
- (adult FF OA'd) AdWeek, 2008 ad & before/after comparison poses - well-preserved 75 y.o. spokesmodel - (Aging Women)

Junket Custard
(AP, AR) 1957 UK. Advertising itself as "the growing up dessert," Junket illustrated that by having three children of ascending age by a table. The youngest boy eats some of the custard and appears to grow taller and older. "He's growing!" says the older girl next to him. She eats some custard too, and also appears to grow and age. But the oldest boy refuses to eat any, saying, "Junket Custard is for kids." He quickly de-ages, ending up with just his head from nose up above the table. He then eats the whole bowl of Junket Custard to get his former age back! (Metamorphose)

Just For Men Mustache & Beard
- (male, kinda like partial ARed aftermath or mental progression) 2/12 commercial.
Oversized Beard Babies are allowed to drive and date older models but can't drink yet - vid link - caps

Kay Jewelers
- (adult ff) "Someday" 2020 - CM link - (Kappa)

Kellogg's Corn Flakes
- (AP) 1960s? Jimmy Durante played the piano beside a little girl who aged as he played, until she was either in her teens or very early 20s, and she took the bowl of cereal and walked away. There was also another commercial (I forget the product) which began with a baby banging on a piano, and then gradually becoming an older virtuoso. (Skyes_Dad)

Kellogg's corn flakes
- (male AA TF size increase) Early animated/live action commercials.
All of a sudden, Cornelius jumps off the cereal box and takes a little boy on educational adventures. When there is an obstacle, the rooster whips out his box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and sings, "Tall up and up and up and up and up with the tall corn taste of Kellogg's!" And so the little boy "grows" very tall and saves the day from whatever is threatening them.
- Video link - screencaps

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats
- (AR OC poof, male AA AP poof) 1983 CM.
Cop and bride reverted, athlete progressed.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- ("AR"/RN poofs) 1994. A female race car driver pitches the Kellogg's cereal for both the "adult" and "kid" in you.
CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR OC poofs, RN AA poofed)
1989, parents. Video link - screencaps - Newscaster, arm wrestler male AA AP screencaps
- Pilot, athlete, diner lady:
Video link - screencaps
- Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Commercial Remake -College Project:
Wise guy CM (at end) & parody remake. Video link - screencaps
- Previously posted:
1986, millionaire etc. Video link - 1995, teacher. Video link

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR poofs) 1982 - Video link - screencaps

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR, male AR) Jockey, lab worker - kids
- (male AR) Juggler - male

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR, RN) Adults into kids commercials, c1988.
Video link - Bodybuilder video link - male screencaps
(Clock Virus)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR) Commercials.
- ballerina - sensei - millionaire

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (ARed aftermaths, male AR cut) 1997 CM for the cereal for the "young at heart".
Video link - caps - (FARfan)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (male AR) butler

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (possible AP commercials, AR commercials, probable AA, RN) ca. 1997 - screencaps
Airline pilot, Texas millionaire, football player, etc. explain in rhyme that the nutrious breakfast cereal appeals to their 'adult' side. Then they suddenly 'shrink' into lookalike kids in oversized clothes, who add the sugar-frosting appeals to the 'child inside them.' Commercials usually featured a man, then a woman, then either/or. As time went on, they tried to find cute end gimmicks. A couple times, they had kids suddenly turn into adults, then they tried adding bystanders to react to the sudden change. Businesswoman transforms into young girl, and matron tells waitress "I'll have what she's having". (doctor anguish)

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain
- (male FF) Australia, "Get the ball rolling" TVC 2009, JWT Sydney. Years of training help boys prepare for Iron Man competition.
- (male AA FF, male AP morph) push-ups
- (male AA FF, male AP morph) farm boy
(male age progression group)

- (male flashback) 1999 CM - vid link - caps

Keystone resort
- (dream AA "ARed" cutaways) "Let Your Inner Kid Out to Play!" 2018.
A man and a woman let out their inner kids as they find fun things to do at a Colorado ski lodge.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

KFC hot wings
- (ARed flashback) The guy wishes he had thought of the idea twenty years ago, and turns himself into a baby.

- (dance dream AR AA scene)
"Love is forever", So Good campaign, South Africa, 2011 CM.
An elderly couple gets younger through cutaways and camera angles as they dance, until they are kids again laying on a bed craving KFC. Music: Ellie Goulding "Your Song" (Elton John cover).
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Chrono Eclipse, Super Man)

Kia Stinger
- (male adult face rejuvenated, past self restoration) 2018 Super Bowl CM.
Steven Tyler gets in his car on the racetrack and starts driving backward. He drives a lap in reverse to the song "Dream on" (1973). When he gets out, we see he has returned to his young adult self (via CGI). He also has gone back in time to his heyday.
- CM link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (banned split-page age forms kinda looks like AA AP)
Moma Propaganda, 2011, Brazil. Kia has denied it had anything to do with the campaign.
- private lesson - Sleeping Beauty

Kids Foot Locker
- (male adult/teen fan head swap) "Swap" feat. Kyrie Irving, 2016.
World Champion is used to young fans wanting to be like him. Just not permanently. They use an app to switch heads in real life. Unfortunately, the phone is then dropped.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Kids Foot Locker
- (male AR AA cutaway) "Nike At Kids Foot Locker" 1999, Kids WB commercial block.
A guy who just finished playing basketball at the court goes into a sauna but gets locked in when a broom falls in front of the door handle. After the janitor appears, it's revealed the steam has changed him back into a boy like the legendary Fountain of Youth. His Nikes also became kid sized. It's the 3rd ad.
- Commercial link @00:35 - screencaps - (Richard, VHSnancy)

Kiehl's "Zoolander 2" campaign
The Derek Zoolander Center For People Who Don't Age Good
- (ARed aftermaths) 02/2016. 5-day installation, NYC - link
Aging is a really really really ridiculously serious issue. If you're one of the 100% of humans affected by this epidemic, The DZCFPWDAG can help. Kiehl's has created a limited-edition line of anti-aging products in honor of the film. In the movie, Sting tells the tale of Adam and Eve and the little-known Steve, the common ancestor of all models, whose bloodline holds the Fountain of Youth. The world's fashion designers prepare to cut out Derek Jr.'s heart, believing it to grant them eternal youth.
A number of spoof commercials featuring already regressed celebrities were also produced:
- CM link - Giuliana Rancic -
- CM link - Martha Stewart -
- CM link - Hannah Davis -
- CM link - Alec Baldwin -
- CM link - Chloe Sevigny -
(by FARfan)

King Kong: 360 3-D ride
- (male face, AA AP morph) "Life in 20 seconds", Universal Studios 2011 CM. Video link - (Vended)

Kinney Shoes
(male AR) Radio ad from a few years ago. Announcer interviews "Famous Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon" on his discovery of the Fountain of Youth. Having trekked through Florida in bad shoes, the first thing he did was put his feet in the Fountain, and he declares this made them feel "like new." The announcer says that if he had bought Kinney shoes, his feet wouldn't have been so sore. "At'sa good! Were'd I get them?" Ponce says. After noting the local address of a Kinney shoe store, the announcer asks, "If the water makes your feet feel rejuvenated, what would happen if you drank some?" Ponce agrees, and after an audible slurp...
Announcer: "So how do you feel?"
Ponce: "Goo!"
Announcer: "Goo?"
Ponce: "Goo!... Goo goo goo! Gah!... Whaaaaaaa!" as his voice cracks down to that of an infant. (pixchick)

(male UC) CM for Levi's jeans. A boy struggles to put on last year's jeans but they're much too small. male - commercials do not play in all browsers. Levi_ad_too_tight (derydan)

- (male slight AP UC scene) 2012 CM.
Soup will make your son grow stronger as his overall buttons pop off.
- Video link - screencaps

- (FF) "Kids Age" showcases a young mother with her children at the breakfast table. The spot depicts the children as they grow older, with the mother continuing her morning routine. At the end, the viewer sees the mother reflecting on a portrait of her children as youngsters.

- (FF) 1960s CM "Turn Around".
Video link - screencaps - (ClassicTVfan)

- (FF) c2000? Ocean Systems "Kids Age" CM - years

(AP flash forward) 1999 "Kids Age" commercial. link

Kona Ice
- (AA ARed) c2012 "Embrace your inner child" caps - (TF Theater)

Kool Aid
- (AP dream sequence) AA (2BYA)
- (AP AA) 2005. Girl is aged to adulthood. Clothes grow with to prevent her growing body from exploding out of the fabric. AP (2bya)

Kraft peanut butter
- (male dream AR AA) 2017 new flavours.
Sandwich can take you back to the past. Commercial link - preview gif - (DrewLightfoot)

Kraft Recipe Makers
- (adult heads on kids bodies) 2013. "Get your chef together". Basically, these kids are appreciating food with the temperament of adult age. "Three Cheese Florentine? Ambitious for a Thursday night!" and such. Vid link - screencaps - (Wackywildtvads)

Kraft Singles with Calcium
- (male AA AP) "Good food to grow up on" 2007 animated
- Kraft Singles "Growing" 2004.

(male AP UC) 2004, Easy Mac Big Packs, "Outgrow"
male AP commercial (derydan, lilbigme)

- (AP AA tumble, RN AR poof TF) 2009 Japan Tv commercial.
The young girl likes and dislikes many types of food. It is said by the mother, "It is not possible to grow when there are a lot of likes and dislikes of food". However, she grows up by practicing magic. After that, the mother says, "Because you are an adult, the likes and dislikes of food can be disregarded," and she returns to a child again. info - video link
- (AP AA, RN) Commercial screencaps - 2

Kuro Ame
(male AA AP) Boy turns into candy man to defeat bully, but he finds it's medically impossible to return to normal.
- video link - screencaps - (Akira)

(male AP) (Black candy) Japan. To save a little girl friend from the bad guys, a slim little boy licked the black candy and transformed himself into Kuroame-man, the powerful hero. But he can't change back!

L'Oreal Revitalift
- (male toon face ARed) parody

- (adult face to OA) Ageing of Asian Woman (Morphing), c2013. A short clip every woman should watch. Witness that for Asian women, first signs of ageing start at 25. Revitalift, the Worldwide #1 Anti-Wrinkle with a healthy lifestyle to maintain ageless beauty - Vid link - screencaps

Labatt Blue Light
- (adult rejuved) c2012 beer CM - cap - (

(male AR, loose clothing) French commercial for lactose intolerant milk. A girl gives milk to her dad but the dad does not want to drink it. His wife insists, then the dad drinks the milk and it regresses him to a little boy. (Ricky) clips (registration required)
male AR

Laffy Taffy
- (male AP UC) CM

Laffy Taffy
(male AP, UC) Chewing "Wonka" candy takes a long time. 3rd clip ('O') male AP

Latter Day Saints
- (FF AA) Classic CM screencaps

Laurel Road bank
- (young vs. old adult selves interact) 2021.
"You'll Thank Me Later" ads - Young people just starting out in their careers meet their future selves. 'Wow you look like my mom.' 'I'm you in thirty years.'
- Commercial link - link - (Chronoeclipse)

- (FF) 2010 milk commercial growth

- (male improvements) 2015 CM, Lenoir Plus deodorant clothing beads.
Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The
- (male adult aging morph) c2011.
Video link - screencaps

- (dream ARed, cutaway RNed AA) 2017 "December to Remember" campaign.
CM link - - screencaps - "Whispers"
CM link - - screencaps - "Stunned"
CM link - - screencaps - "Dancer"
- (FARFan)

(flash forward, pregnancy expansion, growth) 2006 electrical products commercial. Time lapse family seen through the years. Kids blink older.

Liberty Mutual
- (kids "old age" makeup) 2021. A fun behind-the-scenes post about the "Double Dutch" commercial. "Granny" pics of me... You think I'll actually look like this when I get older?! So much fun filming this and all the hours in the makeup chair were totally worth it!
- IG link - extract - (Mean Mark, Sydneytaleah)

Liberty Mutual
- (type 14 AA curse, "old age" FF cut without size increase) "Double Dutch" 2020.
2 girls and a boy skip rope for "many years" - CM link - caps

- (height measurements, AA FF) 2014 CM. They grow up so fast, remember every moment.
Video link - screencaps

Lincoln Financial
(adult to older adult age forms) Commercial. A woman is waiting in a hospital hallway, her husband in grave danger, when her future self appears to discuss her finances.

Lion Super Nanox
- (male demon AA TF morph AP) 2018 stain-devil detergent ad.
Japan-only CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Lion toothpaste
- (AA AP) Bigger version of "As you grow older". Some nice dress alteration as the girl "grows up". Her skirt billows out a bit at each "spurt" - screencaps - (DMZ13JP)

- (AA AP morph) 2011 toothpaste CM.
Video link - screencaps
- (Akira)

(male UC grown) Thai commercial. Boys clean shirts became too small.
video link

- (ARed AA, RN AA) c2013, Ladybird Range.
Myleene Klass has turned herself into a little girl and runs around in a ladybug outfit providing kids with new fashions. She returns to normal at the end.
- Video link - screencaps - (FunkyRowanPixie, Wackywildtvads)

Local 2
- (AA ARed cuts) "CMH Brings Out the Kid in You All Summer Long!", 2010.
Children's Museum of Houston promo. Various local newscasters regressed into children... and still retain their adult voices.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Lord West
- (unintentionally looked like spouse ARed aftermaths)
Somewhat inappropriate magazine ads: Vintage

Love's Baby Soft
(kinda looks like ARed) c.1976 print ads. Soft soaps make you feel like a child again - scan

Lucky Strike
- (male adult slight rejuvenation effect) - Nicotine male future obesity prevention print ad

Lunchables Uploaded
- (excellent sudden growth spurt aftermaths, APed UC photos) 11/2017.
Kids approaching their early teen years can suddenly grow up to one foot taller when they least expect it. The magazine ads also show their astonished friends' reactions to the instant enlargements. Fortunately, the spurts stopped just before any ripping would have begun. They're outgrowing most things; their food doesn't have to be one of them.
  Female nightwear sleepover - Male school uniform classroom - Female band uniform recital
- (male adult teen disguise) 2015 CM.
Malcolm McDowell painfully stands out impersonating a teenager while butchering the slang words he was given. When he reaches into the refrigerator to pull out a snack, he reads the Lunchables box as, "Take-a-Walk-in" when it's "Walking Taco." He then gives off more examples of "taking a walk" while the production crew looks on helplessly - link

advertising: A to L - M to Z

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal