Aging Transformation Scenes

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fan characters

Age Difference
- (never made comic) - sketches -

Age Difference
- (unmade webcomic) 2011 - comic link
AP/AR character "Maria".
- Caleb would like nothing more than for something exciting to shake things up a little, when he meets a mysterious girl. Maria has a unique problem; every week her age changes. Intrigued by her situation, Caleb offers to help diagnose the problem and find a way to fix it.
- Info - link - link - (SilentJ75)

age powers (themes)
Age manipulation:
- The power to control the age of organisms or non-living objects. A sub-power of Life-Force Manipulation and Time Manipulation.
Age progression:
- (AP) Aging forward at an accelerated rate.
Age regression:
- (AR) Aging backwards.
Age shifting:
- Superpower. The ability to alter the physical ages of oneself or others. A sub-power of Age Manipulation.
Age stasis:
- (AS) To stop aging at a certain age.

age progress
- (AA FF lineups) The growth from girl into fictional woman.
- 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09

age progressors
- (FF AA APed)
Imaginary characters through the years - Lineups & timelines.
- TF - TF - TF
- TF - TF - TF

age swap
- (dedicated AR/AP, Androxi Effect) Manga Exchange

- (age changing ability story) by Weirn13, 2010.
Unfinished/unwritten story about a teen girl who apparently can change her age at will. This story is my favorite thing ever, and the most awesome thing I can imagine. I would literally sell my soul to live in a world where this sort of thing really happens. By that I don't mean I would be willing to go to hell, but I would give up an eternity in heaven to live a lifetime in a world where this really happens. For a moment there was hope, but then it stopped, almost as soon as it began - saved text

- (AP, unseen CB) From Agemagic archive. Girl voice describes her growth. Quote: "I'm growing fast this time."
AP voice

Akane Kurosutchi
- (age control) Powers: manipulation of time; she can pause time around her so that she can move at super speeds (looks like flash step) and can even age herself at will. She can go from being a 5 year old to a 65 year old within minutes (however she chooses to maintain the age of a 21 year old). Lifestyle: paid assassin. She will only take a job to eliminate people she feels are scum.

Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated TF APs) - Age mushroom - Bust budding - AA burst-out - (Attack Team)

Alice in Wonderland
- (size) scenes

- (age control) Deleted comeroleplay profile. Since hitting puberty, Alyssa has been blessed with the ability to change her physical age at will. She often uses this ability to get herself out of trouble, like pretending to be her parent or teacher, or turning into a child when she wants.

AP scenes
- (growing up) 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 (HFactory)

archer hero
- (dedicated TF age forms) She must change ages with magic pills to vanquish foes - inadvertent AR - inadvertent AR - (JAT)

Asil Ashling
- (age changing ability) c2001+ Genetically engineered clone can rapidly make herself older or younger by concentrating. Asil

Asil Ashling
- (age changing ability)
- Drury's occasional girlfriend pushed forward the person she had with her, a tender child of perhaps 14 years, swathed in a white gown with flowers in her hair.
"I... I brought you a virgin sacrifice," Meggan pleaded.
The Makluan swung round to sniff at the child. "Hmmm," he approved, "The scent of innocence. Delicious! Your name, my victim?"
"A-Asil," the shivering girl answered. "Asil Ashling."
- The first youth went down hard but the other two abandoned their captive and sprang forward. Asil blinked and realized what was happening. She felt her strapped wrists behind her, and without any conscious thought used her ability to change age to become five years old and slip from her bonds. Then she resumed her usual age and called to the thugs. "Hey!"

Asil Ashling
- (ageshifter)
- "You're not exactly a baby, are you?" Fleabot gave her a thoughtful look. "Just how old are you right now?"
Asil sadly checked her watch again. "Thirteen days, nine hours, forty-seven minutes and fifty-two seconds... now."
"You're keeping that exact of a count?" Visionary asked, surprised again. He opened his mouth to say more, but Fleabot quickly cut him off. "And how did Dr. Moo manage to hatch you to such a mature age?" he asked.
"I wouldn't know about such things..." Asil answered, lying for the first time in her young life. "I'd rather not talk any more right now."
- "Then young Asil somehow managed to shrink herself down to the appearance and size of a toddler and wriggle free through the net mesh. By the time she'd resumed her form of a teenager she too was zapped. Must remember to ask Asil about that little trick. Clearly more to what Dr Moo did to her than meets the eye."
- Asil Ashling might have been her twin, apart from a few important differences. Asil wasn't dressed in skimpy leather mini-skirt and bustier, but rather in a conservative two-piece business suit and white blouse.
"That's not what I mean," Asil confessed. "Look, I was made as a disposable thing, a throwaway knock-off to do a job nobody else could be bothered with. When I was made, and even now despite all the things I've done with Sir Mumphrey, I still feel like that sometimes."
Lisa raised an eyebrow. "And what have you done with Mumph, little me-clone, hmm?"
Asil indignantly aged herself ten years. "Nothing like you'd do, if you had half the chance, you horrid doody-head!" she snapped. "Sir Mumphrey looks after me and is teaching me how to be a person, and also a young lady." Asil blushed furiously. "I take it back. You are just like your older self, you big horrid doody-head!"

Asil Ashling
- (excellent AP character, AR) Parodyverse character. Clone of Lisa created by the diabolical Dr Moo, compelled to be Visionary's greatest admirer. Can change age at will.
"First, she thought, the manacles. She examined them carefully. They felt quite solid, and appeared to have been securely locked. Super-strength or lock-picking abilities would have been useful, but she had a different alternative. She pointed her arms down, closed her eyes and concentrated. A moment later, she was rewarded by hearing the clatter caused by a pair of manacles designed for the wrists of a young adult falling off the wrists of a 5-year-old. With a second burst of concentration (and a little wriggling to avoid tearing her clothes), she resumed her normal apparent age. Let's see Visionary do that!, she thought, a little proudly. Straightening her clothes, she began to search the walls, trying to find the exit from the compartment."
"But I was not afraid. I had a Plan. I changed my age (which is my only super-power) to look as old as Lisa, and I had bought some cheap leather underwear so that I looked just like the big doody."

Attack Team
- (dedicated AP transformations)
- public change - magic hat
- unwanted - new maturation
- soda pop - stranger danger
- hidden - sudden upgrade
- yarn - storeroom splash

- (male expansion PE) c2011 Nudity growth Shee - (CinnamonRub, G1)

Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
- (fantasy curse) - Chrona Caster 2013.
Age: 16. A strange ability. Chrona can change the age she appears to be to whatever she wishes, though most often she seems to be in her twenties. Using this power causes for a few seconds the effects of rapid aging (such as looking 10 and wanting to be 50, causing her body to age 40 years in a matter of seconds), or the reverse when she wishes to look younger.
- Even stranger is Chrona's ability to reject time from upon herself. This means she can never die from old age, and will continue living until someone manages to kill her. It also allows her to completely stop any time-based powers from affecting her - RP stats link

Blind Pig universe
- (age TF) Online stories. Chronomorphs can increase or decrease their biological or physical age. Or sometimes change the age of others. link

boys to men
- (dedicated male AP requests) - sudden age-up - sudden age-up - (Attack Team)

- (age forms) 1 - around age 7, from upcoming TP.

character meme
- (AA FF lineups) Draw your character at different ages!
- 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11

- (FF AA) age-lineups

Chelsea Stearns
- (potentially excellent age changing ability character glimpsed)
"The List" 2008.
23 y.o. discovered she can make her body older or younger at will.
- AR ability discovery glimpse - storyline fragments start - info

cut n' paste
- (AA APed) Existing comics or manga pages can be rearranged and edited to create completely new stories - fan manga - (Process)

Day With Bowser Jr, A
- (male anthro ARed) CGI web animation series - Ep04 "Rise of Fawful".
Fawful hits Bowser with a laser beam that turns him into an infant.
- 10/23/2015 (part 1) - Ep link
Kamek shows Junior an infant Bowser, turned into a baby by Fawful's weapon. The only way to undo it is to feed him an almost extinct Age Mushroom, of which Fawful holds the last remaining samples.
- 08/23/2016 (part 2) - Ep link
- 01/08/2018 (part 3) - Ep link
Midbus gives Fawful the Rejuvenation Beam to punish the intruders. But instead Fawful zaps Midbus, turning him into a baby. Both babies start eating mushrooms until Bowser gets the Age Mushroom. Once Junior makes a hand gesture that reminds Bowser of the way he fed him earlier, he eats the mushroom, turning himself back to normal.

demon TF (tropes)
- (dedicated demon) - c2015 "Samantha" 16 to 18 elf - (Mitatell)

Deviant Artist: Chicken-Yuki
- (dedicated transformation scenes and sequences) Parts 01 to 05:
 Enchanted Loot: mini Giantess AA sequence - comic link - (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: ChinchillaChris67
- (dedicated AA TF AP) Fairly Oddparents character Trixie Tang... into an adult: link
- (dedicated AA kid/adult age forms)
Naoko Chiba - Original character once used alchemy to turn herself into a shapely adult: link - link
Tara Nagata - Lilo and Stitch series. Time Manipulating OC gained ability to regress/progress herself through time using alien Chronolith: link
- (Christopher)

Deviant Artist: Ms-Viral
- (dedicated AA TF twinning APs) 2023.
This one's a gift for Redfox02 - 26.3 MB link - gif
I claim this twinning for France, and the Unicorns. A gift for Operil - 59.5 MB link - gif
- (NightElf37)

Deviant Artist: Precia-T
- (dedicated furry demon AA age forms) 2015/09 - Character info page link
BlackMN - magical fantasy entity character, commission for Blackmn. Adoptive daughter of Rosemary Mori and Veni, she can appear different ages according to her mood 1

- (dedicated AR/AP scenes)
small setback - Rika Tamer APed - (KumiChan)

Disturbance: Tomoe and Tomie
- (slow age changes) c2013 fan manga link
Weird Twin character Tomoe (AKA Envy) is Tomie's big sister. She sorta looks old, but has a disease that reverts her appearance. The older she gets, the younger she looks. That's because she has Anageria disease.
Tomie ages twice as fast as normal people and dislikes Tomoe. She has Progeria disease, but wants to maintain her beauty forever - (Envision The Truth)

doll development
- (AA maturity increase) - c2010 poof change

Dungeons and Dragons
- (TF ability) "Races of Eberron" supplement.
- Changelings are a curious sort. They can be anybody, and nobody. The Changeling can change her appearance as per a disguise self spell, though the changes aren't illusionary and her clothes don't change with her. This is an innate ability that she can keep up as long as she wants. As you can imagine, this makes Changelings distrusted in most communities where they live, when it is known that they're there at all. Without firm and visible racial ties they don't settle easily into any one cultural mold. "Passers" don't want anybody to know they're a Changeling, so they pick one form and stick with it, in all respects becoming that race. "Becomers" are the opposite, and revel in the ability to be many people in any given day. "Reality Seekers" look for the perfect form and the truth which is a stark contrast with their inherent ability to deceive. Changelings do have an established gender (they find out if they're an outie or an innie at puberty) but can be either gender at will.

- (AR, AP) Cyria changes her age at a whim. She's a teenager or a little 6 year old. 1
- Kaeh is prematurely aged to adulthood by a spell. Unfortunately, while she may look older, she still has the mind of a 6 year old...

Enrica Alvarez
- (AA age forms) 2015, "Family Guy" fan fiction character. She obtains earrings that magically AA her into a fully fledged adult. Her legal guardian treats Enrica like a drudge, never gives her pay for her work, and misappropriates her college funds. She wants to live the life of an adult, going out to dinner, films, drinking, and gambling with total strangers.
- DeviantArt link - (Christopher, ChinchillaChris67)

Eva "Eve" Byron
- (AP) RPG c2010. AKA "Tif". Mutant Everglades faerie could only think "If I were bigger, just an inch bigger!" then grew to a slender 5'4", wearing tiny rags. The workers came back to find a beautiful young girl crying her heart out. With no way to identitify her, they put her in a local ophanage. Many parents wanted her angelic face. She found that she was able to alter not only her size but her age as well, and faked 4 years of puberty. Weight: various, never over 150 pounds. Eve can speed the growth process of plants.

- (face FF AP) 2012, short animated GIF link
The dream-like quality is based on the unusually fast growing girl and how she deals with growing up. At a young age, she looks androgynous, but as she grows older, she begins to go through puberty and has many bipolar features such as mood swings (expressions). She is unhappy with the changes in her body, however by the end she is content and has grown a lot - (K. Tung)

- (AA AP/AR) Eziel y el Coletero Maldito del Crecimiento, 2014 - 10 to 18 stages - (ElAnimefilo)

fan art (2D) OA tropes
- (dedicated fetish drawings, old aged edits) c'20 - licensed/copyrighted characters drawn as their imagined more mature or future selves. Fan art pics - (AgingWomen)

fantasy curse (common "TF" trope)
- (AA or worse. Actually, nothing is worse than AA)
This never stops sucking: lo-quality "age-changing" mixed in with other fantastical elements. Fantasy tropes and magic TF don't mix with AP. Frankly, 99% of age change depictions are worse than useless. Demons, anthros, fantasy characters, RPGs etc. To say "to say that we hate that would be an understatement" would itself be an understatement. The age changing ability should be the ONLY fantastical element in any story. If everything can be fantastical, then nothing is. It would be better to feature a normal human girl reacting to such a world. Actually, we want it to be set in OUR world!
The rule should be: only one weird thing at a time. More is less.

fantasy curses
- (dedicated mystical heroine TF) - "2 stage progression" AP scene - (Amateurunleaded)

- (dedicated AP CB) progression - (4064)

Gaia Online
- (male "APed") c2009.
Online character. Dr. Singh's much-abused assistant Timmy used to be a cute kid. Then he came down with megapuberty and got a plot-relevant age-up... into an incredibly ugly and gangly man with an enormous honker (while everyone was expecting yet another hot anime guy). Surprisingly many users thought he was Hollywood Homely at worst. He got Doctor Singh into a catfight with a girl over him. Also Fan Disservice art in the man-thong from Borat...

ghost girls
- (age form "UCed") Creepy Chan, c2009.
Unknown story about the ghost of a girl who had existed far too long, and had outgrown her dress... She dwelled in some secret room in an attic.
- Ghost story art photo - (Rear Admiral Booya)

ghost girls
- (age forms) - art
- (spectral APed UC) cosplay chan

Ghosts and Shadows
RPG. Sylvie's favored form was a 12-year-old girl, with blond hair and large, innocent blue eyes. She appeared pre-pubescent in this form, and stood about 4'11" tall. Her older form was that of an 18-year-old woman, with slightly darker blond hair, wiser eyes, and full development in body. In this form, she stood 5'6" tall.

girls grow faster
- (dedicated AP) backyard teen spurt - time heels instant teen

- (male age shifting) 2002. Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946.
Billy, AKA William Kent. H: 4'8", W: 85 lbs. (variable). Known Parahuman Ability: Age Shifting.
Billy Kent was an impressionable 10-year old boy when his two older brothers enlisted in the military. Fearing for their safety, his desire triggered his Talent. He discovered he could shift his age, from that of a young child to an old man, provided he was alone and in contact with a photograph of a person that age. The shift is near-instantaneous and will last until a new age is chosen. His abilities do not increase or decrease when he ages himself. He marched straight to the enlistment office and joined up. Although he has never age-shifted younger than himself or older than his 46 year old father, he most likely could do so. Billy usually keeps the appearance of a 20 year old. He's escaped detection as a Talent... so far.
(Jared A. Sorensen)

happy holidays
- (dedicated APed) Aftermath captions - Christmas Card

- (ARed) younger age forms (Process)

Harry Potter
- (coming of age) Hermione fan art.
- (coming of age, AA FFed)
Very common fan trope. Hermione and other characters were depicted in millions of fan stories as having become older and more mature while separated from rest of cast.

Harry Potter
- (FF BEd, some dedicated TF APed)
Fan art "I love puberty" Hermione's meme - (Tacos24/7)
Cast collages - fan art - fan art
Cast timeline years - (F5)
- (FF) "She's a Girl" Hermione years - (DKCissner)

Helen Vaughan
- (ageshifter, TF) In battle and in sex she can change into a loathsome true form. She can change her age and sex at will (as a man she may still be recognizable to those who know her), and when inhuman can double or halve her mass and size. She prefers to tempt others into committing despicable acts. Taken from "The Great God Pan" by Arthur Machen.

heroine origins
- (dedicated first TF APs) They receive size-appropriate battle costumes.
power-up - GTS expansion - (Attack Team)

I'm growing up
- (APed age forms)
BE gif animation - fan girl edited into her older self - lolli age forms.
- CGI face close-up - AA growing girl.

If I'm Still Growing Up meme
- (furry FF) 2016 Flipaclip meme by The Elisa Doctor.
Short animations. Draw your character at increasing ages.
Track: Macklemore - "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" - If I'm still growing up, up, up, up. I'm still growing up - caps

Imogen Latio
- (AR/AP) Demon Joolushko has the power of Age Manipulation: to make living things become older or younger, including herself. How old Jool makes someone is up to her, the age can range from one month old up to 94. The time it takes to de-age/age someone is about 45 seconds per 6 months. How does this happen? Well, Jool simply has aging/de-aging cells. She rose in the demonic ranks by altering her own age to be younger, and altering the age of others to either be very young or very old, and leaving them weak and defenseless. (oO Zoom Oo)

Isabella Andie
- (age changing ability hinted at) c2014.
Character Info - (Closetmentalpatient)

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (AP, CB) Jade Chan AP's herself to a grown woman. AP text

Jackie Chan: All Grown Up
- (AP, CB) Short story.
AP, CB story

Kalinka Meansley
- (ageshifter) One Piece RPG
Age: Anything she wishes. As a 'lady' she won't answer the question "how old are you really?"
Hair: Lavender blue, shoulder length. When younger, it retains the length, making it long enough to reach halfway down her back.
Body: Slightly flat-chested. Of course her form also depends on her age.
Height: Up to 5'7, depending on her age.
Weight: 95 lbs at all ages (oddly enough).
Clothes: White tight short pants that serve as baggy large pants if she turns into a child. Yellow crop top which serves as a normal-appearing shirt when a kiddo, and sandals.
Devil Fruit: Paramecia-type; while exploring the marshes, she ate the fruit with no knowledge of its properties. Allows the user to change her physical age at will, making her capable of being a little child, a teen, an adult, or an old person - anything goes.

King of Braves GaoGaiGar, The
- (teen/adult age forms AA)
1997 anime, Sunrise "Studio 7", "SR-DX Gaogaigar"
- Renais Kerdif-Shishioh - Equip form, Hyper Mode:
The cute little protagonist gets big and nasty when she's angry! Any normal human being that touches her without proper protection risks suffering severe burns. Absolutely adorable pre-painted figure of Lune Cardiff Shishioh as a young teen, flopped out on her giant floor cushion sorting through her underpants - figures

Kingdom of Reign
- (AA APed) 2010.
The story of a little girl trapped in a world of pure chaos. She does not understand why she is the only human on a planet void of all good. She suffers from a growth problem and prays for the remedy to make her a beautiful, grown woman. The doctor grants her wish, but transforms her into his sick corrupt vision of a woman.
- caps - (satalito)

Kotone Deroosu
- (gynoid AA "AP") "Mujoukan School of Advanced Sorcery". Age: 10, height: 4'8"; has bright blond hair just past her shoulders; bright blue eyes that sparkle (except when she's angry). Her older form is around 5'2"; the blond hair is longer, down to the small of her back: her eyes are the same, as is her skin, although she now has a defined chest (which she's not used to suddenly appearing). The clothes change with her, so they still fit when she's larger. Normally, she's a very calm and happy girl, seeming to be the bubbly, never-be-sad/mad kind of girl. However, she has a violent and often uncontrollable temper when someone really pisses her off. And as she "gets older" when she gets emotional, she really can go all out sometimes. Whenever Kotone gets overly emotional (anger, sadness, whatever) she uncontrollably shapeshifts into a 15-year-old version of herself (as long as she's not shapeshifting as something else already). She only shapeshifts back to her 10-year-old self when she gets completely calm and unemotional. This accidental shapeshifting only started when she turned 10 years old. Quote: "The letter had made me excited, happy, overjoyed. I would be going to a school and learning stuff that other kids my age only dreamed of learning. I started jumping with excitement. Suddenly I felt awkward, taller, more top-heavy. My leg hit the ground sooner than I expected. I fell on my butt. "Ouch," I said, then realized my voice was subtly different, older, more mature. I looked down and resisted all the urges telling me to scream. Somehow I a matter of seconds, a size I shouldn't have had for another few years. And that's when my mom walked into my room..."

- (feline male FF AP) 2011 web clip.
caps - (Melazee)

Laney Riley
- (excellent age changing ability character) AKA "Laney Evans".
"The Genome Project" Asylum on Insanejournal, 2010.
- When a young girl discovers she has age shifting abilities, she will usually decide to keep it a secret. However, she may reveal her powers to a person she trusts if she thinks they'll understand.
Age increase UC glimpse (12 to 18) text link - Character bio link
- (whoages)

Laney Riley
- (excellent age changing ability glimpses) 2010.
"The Genome Project" (Asylum on InsaneJournal) - text - text

- (AP/AR ability) c2010 character - (Shiply)

Legend of Mana RPG
- (excellent AP) "Masa Shadaow", female Jumi hunter. Age 13: 98 lbs - 4'9". Age 18: 114 lbs - 5'5". Usually taking the form of a 13-year-old girl, her skin is a deathly pale, almost translucent white. Rather stringy strands of bangs hang down over her forehead. The rest of her raven black hair falls to just past her chin. She got through her childhood without killing anyone. From her demonic blood she found she had the ability to shift her form a little, however her human bloodlines crippled her slightly, restricting Masa to only being able to change her age. Sent out into the world on her 17th birthday, she managed to stay afloat for a while, playing on the streets for coins as a 13-year-old, or gambling at 18. However, pocket change wasn't enough, and financially she began to wither away.
Kaiyu: She switches ages?
She's 13. Now she's 18. Now she's 2000.
For once I'd like to see a character that's, you know, 23. Or 28. Or 32. Or 8.
Madhatter: She has some majorly messed up growth spurts. LOOK! BOOBS! Then... NO BOOBS!
Alina: So THAT's where all the extra weight goes...
Kaiyu: "Mom, I ripped my trainer again..."
Alina: "Just transform back, dear."
Madhatter: "It's still ripped though!"
"Go and get your 999th pair..."

- (FF AA) height increase years (tomagraphiste)

- (FF AA) years - (zerohope2survive)

List, The
- (age changing ability fan fiction) 2007- The List fan-written stories - extracted saved text

Lita Sanchez
- (AA AP, AR) Meta-Haven RPG character by Allure. Maximum height: 5'6'' Weight: 135. Lita was blessed with the ability to change her age, by manipulating her physical body. She can make herself look like any age she once was, is, or has yet to become. Although not a violent power, her ability makes it incredibly easy for Lita to break the barriers that modern society has built up. No longer does she have to face the pains of adulthood. If she wants to chill at a playground she can; if she wants to get into a 21 and over club she can. And she can do both in a 30-second time span if she wants. To Lita, she has the best power, one that any over-stressed adult would die for.
Once described as a lovely, gentle-hearted young girl, Lita is now an arrogant individual who always puts herself before others. Her child-like mind makes her a difficult person to get along with, which is probably why she lives alone in a small apartment. She makes decisions based on how much effort she'll have to put into it and if it's too much work, she'll push the load on another, which she tends to do at her job more than at school.
She was like any other girl her age at the beginning of her young life, until she was 12, when she turned from a young girl into a young woman - literally. After being punished for a failing grade at school, Lita had a temper-tantrum after locking herself in her bedroom. From outside the room, her mother yelled at her to grow up and act her age. Before Lita could even respond, she felt her body take on a mind of its own. She suddenly began shrinking down, losing inches off her height. Lita Sanchez2
She stared in the mirror as her clothes began getting smaller with her. Before she knew it, she was standing in the middle of her room, no more than 3 years of age. Breathing hard and on the verge of panicking, she ran to her door, calling out to her mother. To her surprise, she sounded like she always did. Her mother responded with the usual "You're not getting off punishment until you apologize and promise to work harder at school!" Lita folded her arms and stomped her foot. "Yeah, you wish. I'll apologize the moment I can get the heck outta here..." Lita fell back as once again her body began changing. She grew and grew, past her normal self and further on. When Lita was finally able to get back to her mirror, she looked into the eyes of a teenager. "Oh my god...."she touched her face, and then pinched herself. "This can't be real..." she said out loud. But it was; Lita discovered her power of (self) age manipulation on the very brink between her childhood and teen years.
Lita first thought she should tell someone of her ability, but soon reconsidered. She used her power in the way most kids would; she got into PG-13 and later R movies; got her and her friends cigarettes and alcohol. She was the first of her friends to learn how to drive; being able to look 30 when driving by yourself at 14 could enhance anyone's driving skills.
After graduating high school, Lita went to Hunter College in New York. Lita decided to reside off campus, figuring that she would be able to use her powers if there weren't any people around. She rented an apartment in Harlem, just blocks from her school. Now in her 2nd year at college, Lita got a job as a store clerk at Bloomingdales during the week. Lita hates work, but she needs the money to buy alchohol for her and her new 'friends', and to keep up with her rent. Although the people she works with and goes to school with don't know her secret, Lita hasn't been trying too hard to keep it. Sooner or later she's going to change, and someone will see her. Lita knows she has a drinking problem, but doesn't care, as long as she can get into clubs and dance the night away with her older friends. Her co-workers, believing she is a semi-successful woman in her thirties, respect her, while her employees, especially 1 in particular, despise her. Her zero-tolerance attitude makes her a horrible person to work for. College has taken a backseat to Lita's new life; she's been hanging out with the wrong crowd, and has found herself in the worst areas. The way she's been acting, Lita may always be stuck at age 12.

Little Angels, The
- (dedicated ARed) 2012 manga-style comics in progress.
2 J-Pop members and their band The Light Angels have stolen the heart of Japanese culture as a musical sensation. Rain and Rena find themselves sabotaged in a strange way. Regressed back into little kids, the Light Angels lose their copyright and become The Little Angels. Everyone thinks they're the kids of the famous Light Angels, their sponsor brand is a diaper, and kids think they're the coolest thing to happen in children's music ever! Will they be able to return to normal?
- (Mikewolfskin)

Little Prince, The
- (male ARed aftermath) - 6-panel fan story PAGE - (Entropic)

mahou metamorphosis
- (dedicated AA AP) costume TF

mahou shoujos
- (dedicated AP BE) - TF stages - TF stages - (Attack Team)

mahou shoujos
- (dedicated AP manga art) - older - older - (Attack Team)

Maia Rintsuki
- (furry FFed) 4 year old Animan who appears and acts 16/17. When Maia was just 1, she was taken to Kouki, who used an Aging Spell on her to age her into a 13 y.o. dog.

Malena Melody
- (dedicated TF age-swap) c2015 "ARAP part 1" Magical fantasy TF age stages

Medieval Realms of Fantasy RPG
- (age shifter) "Siven". Physical Description: Well... that really depends on what age she makes herself! She can be whatever age she wants to be, and wears whatever she feels like. Siven was just a street kid until she was found by the godess of love and made a demi-god of love. (nia__moon)

- (AP) Web anime. She is the littlest sister and can be a baby at times! She is sweet but a whiner! Her powers include making plants grow and herself! She can look taller but still be herself!

meme of age
- FF - FF timelines.
- FF comparisons.

meme of age
- (FF AA) - years - years - years - years

meme of age
- (FF AA) c2010 timelines.
years - years - years - years

meme of age
- (FF AA) Jenny Moreau age sheet CGI - (sailormercury90)

Metamor Keep
- (dedicated TF) c2014 - link
Age regression victims can shift between infancy and 14-15. AR people find it easy to trick adults and are adept at slipping into small places, so they are usually found in diplomatic duty down south. For transformed babies, some finessing is called for. A breakthrough by Keep alchemists led to a mixture that will cause the change as soon as it is absorbed. AR children will have the ability to shift ages since birth. Though there is some risk for AR parents, TG and TF parents are hailing it as a way to avoid the usual transformation trauma.

Mind's Eye the Webseries
- (male age forms?) c2011- fantasy short story series. The Expanded Universe, Patrick's Story. Patrick the Western Samurai has magical powers to live 150 years, and can turn into a child and back into an adult? - link

morph me
- (dedicated TF AA BE AP) c2012 swimsuit body forms - (Process)

my character
- (AA FF) Fan-created RPG or story-universe characters are often shown to look like celebrities, using found media and collages - years

- (AA age forms) AA - AR scene Myrcuriousity - (defeatedlikeyou)

Neo's Super Fetish Workshop
- (dedicated TFs, age forms/stasis) - Tumblr link 2016.
Joint blog workshop for performers who embody fetishes and kinks from across the spectrum.
- Matilda the Benjamin-Button (Irish female, age 89): Matilda was on the verge of death when she wanted one last hurrah. Neo felt sorry and decided to give her a second chance. He reset her internal clock and gave her the ability to control her age. She has, supposedly, 30 more years to live - pic

- (adult to OA) gif

Normal Deviant
- (AR, babyfur) AR artist

- (fantasy age forms) "Worm", "The Worm and Ward", etc. Web serial novels by John C. McCrae, 2011+
Ciara, AKA Glaistig Uaine, The Faerie Queen and later Valkyrie, chooses to remain a young maiden in her early teens. Gray Boy had also mastered age appearances. "When she stepped forward, she had to be careful, her longer legs unfamiliar. Staying young had come with benefits. The Crone, Schwarze Tante, had been able to give Ciara some of the time she'd stored away."

Pinnacle of Dreams
- (FF AA) - Mystic Heroes: Life Stages - Fantasy Artwork.

Pleasures of the Flesh
- (ageshifter) A carnal tavern RP, 2007.
Tiki is a mysterious woman of unknown age. Known only as an "age shifter" she has no powers beyond the abilities to become older or younger at will. Her hair is pink and her eyes are blue set over normal toned skin. Appearance changes with age. She studies herblore.

- (FFed) Misty cosplay also nudity.

PowerPuff Girls
- (AA AP) Interactive Flash screencap - toon (Process)

rapid puberty syndrome
- (dedicated AP scenes, UC)
It always comes without warning.
- spurt - spurt - (Attack Team)

rapid puberty syndrome
- (dedicated AP) - spurt - spurt - (Attack Team)

- (ARed) fan scene Negima Kokoa.

Remnant (crossover stories)
- (dedicated reptile anthros rejuv/AR) "The God of Destruction comes to Remnant" by DragonKingDragneel25, c2016.
Crossover between RWBY, Godzilla, Jurassic World, and The Land Before Time. In Jurassic World, Rexy was in her twenties, elderly by T-Rex standards. In the world of Remnant she was TFed into a Faunus woman the same age, and now a smoking hot Statuesque Stunner. Gojira was really old, but his new body looked like a teenager. Leo and Junior should be at least 20, and Minya far older, but in Remnant they turned into children - short story link

Road to Killfile Wars, The
- (APed glimpsed) #12 "Triumph", c2000.
Jesse N. Willey and Tom Russell Jr.
Elaine Coffee sat in the white walled room. The last few weeks had been harsh. She'd gone from being a semi-permanent fourteen year old girl to being almost twenty two. She grew almost a foot in three seconds. Since then, things had slowed down a little.

Robotech RPG
- (APed) Post-Invid Era. 5-year-old Karen ages to adulthood and creates a young duplicate of herself and an adult version of her best friend.

Ryder Collins - Rolanda MacRaghe
- (dedicated AR AA character, RN AA) 2014, Naughty Teacher/Perky Student, by Sephzero.
Note: her name is not Rolanda Crawford.
- Ryder Collins is a fairly popular teacher, mostly because of her sexy looks and naughty/borderline immodest attitude. She still carries a lingering regret at her school life and yearns to recapture that youthful experience. A wayward wish gave her the chance, as a gaze into the sun will regress her into the identity of perky Rolanda, ready to enjoy that springtime of youth. Only the light of the moon will bring out the true identity of this moonlighting teacher.
- AR story link - RN AA link - (Nightelf37)

- (APed) Very innocent and naive young girl has a curious nature that gets the better of her. She decides to investigate the mysterious and dangerous blue cherry blossom tree, gets surrounded by the blue petals, and disappears. Then she wakes up as a grown woman in England! It's basically a story of a young girl trapped in a grown woman's body, unaware of the dangers of being an attractive woman and of the hardships of adult life. Of course, there will be a love interest - (Deiji-ava)

Scarred Lands
- (APed) White Wolf, d20 System fantasy campaign. "The Jagged Edge of Fate: A Scarred Lands Campaign"
Alida suddenly dies while giving birth to a girl. Dimitri cares for the child as it steadily screams from its unnatural aging. After a day and a half, Alida's child has grown to a mature 18 years. The woman informs everyone that she is Sasha, Alida reborn.
"That night Sasha gave birth... I do know that Sasha gave birth and died, and as we watched the baby grew into a very different Sasha."
"The child (a girl with silver hair and goldenish skin) seemed healthy and fine, but could not stop screaming, and seemed to grow while in my very arms. The child seemed to grow years in only hours. Dimitri was becoming exhausted from casting constant healing spells on the child (soon to be an adolescent). I managed to kill a deer. This was welcomed meat, and the hide was used as a blanket for the ever-growing child. By nightfall she had matured to almost full adulthood."

school spurts
- (dedicated AP TF) - aging - aged - aging - (Attack Team)

school spurts
- (dedicated AP) Unwelcome classroom and schoolyard progression scenes - TF - TF - (Attack Team)

Seven Years Too Early
- (deleted "APed" short story) HopeJoyness, 2012.
Regina was a 10 y.o. girl who one day made a wish to be older. A wish that came true. She finds that being older isn't always what it's cracked up to be, but even then, sometimes it is. She has to deal with boys, school, and not to mention... - 1

- (AA age forms) c2016 Tumblr. Half angel half witch cat queen from heaven. She has so much magical power, she can change her age appearance - ages - (Shalina42misaka)

Shigura Tomoi
- (age changes) 2007 RP arena character. A young girl who has mastered the ways of both ninja and samurai. She can change her age at will, but only between her 7 year old alter ego, and her actual age which is 14. Weapons: invisible unbreakable thread (eavesdropping, trapping enemies), and dual kidochi with a katana. (wearyshadow)

- (dedicated TG AR) Commission stages - (KoohArt)

shoujo changes
- (dedicated TF AP) Nude hentai Line-Ups - (Katsumend)

- (dedicated AP scene) From Pixiv - manga - (Ratchet57)

- (male) RPG deity. He can control his age at will, often growing visibly older or younger during the course of a single conversation. Those offending Snake will find themselves growing mysteriously older at a rapid rate. After the offensive behavior is atoned for, the supernatural aging stops, but does not reverse itself.

Spideran Kurasu or Spidey
- (AP) From "The Napping Cat's Dream" Age: 15 Weight: 99 lbs. Height: 5' Spideran's a tan-skinned geek in a grey boy's uniform that seems quite loose. She has a dislike for dresses. In her Spidey "mode" all of this changes. From 5' mouse, to 5'7" Bombshell. She hits instant puberty, from 14 to 18. Her hair grows out to her waist, gaining reddish streaks as it does. Her body... fills out... enough to get the attention of many guys (and a few girls), she loses all her baby fat, becoming quite muscular in a lean, gymnastic sort of way. Her sleeves and pantlegs roll out, the clothes that were once loose becoming glove-tight. Finally, she ditches the glasses, her blue eyes becoming a bright green. Of course.. her personality also seems to shift in this form. She has the strength of 2 burly men. Normally, Spideran is quiet and soft-spoken, unwilling to gain any spotlight. But, in her Spidey mode, she's wild, random, and a veritable party animal. She's a horrible flirt. Spideran wasn't always a quiet and reclusive girl.. in fact, she used to be quite boisterous, back when she was 7. And then... on her 13th birthday... it happened. One day, when a particularly nasty bunch of bullies picked on her and pushed her into the mud... her shell broke. She allowed herself to get angry, triggering her kinetic. Since their backs were turned, they didn't notice, but she grew taller, older, stronger, and quite pissed. Spideran made the bullies pay... big time. Over the next couple of years, she has learned to control her transformation.. to a point.

- (age forms) 1

String Theory MUX
- (ageshifter character) 2010, Mutant powered fan stories. Character: Mika Iwasaki - text extracts

sudden age
- (dedicated AP) Unexpected age increases - raging storm - Attack Team shower

- (12 to 21 face close-up AP) art from deleted group. (Agemagic, Ragnarok)

Supermegatopia MUCK
- (furry APed) "Milk Maiden" Betsie Blossum, a 9 year old calf on a school trip, was knocked into a large vat of chemicals. When they pulled her from the vat she was far from little. The strange mix of chemicals had changed her into an adult and had given her milk strange powers.

swapping ages
- (dedicated AP/male AR) 2012 caps - caps - (Process)

Tae Adora
- (age changing ability) She is a Chronomorph who can change her age at will. It does open up some cool possibilities for some ecchi as well as some nice personality poses and things, her transforming (clothes not fitting for example) or her as a business woman, then teenager goth, then cute kid with a teddy, then 35 year old super hero, then perhaps a granny, or a mom, or whatever - (Scott)

Tae Adora
- (AP/AR ability) c2010 ageshifter character - face form.

Taria warrior girl adventures
- (FF BE) change - (Moncho)

Tazz A. Swirly
- (AR, AP RN) 2006. Female, 4'9, age 12. Cursed as an age shifter, she can become a third of her actual age (4) when under heavy stress (embarrassment, peer pressure, tests, physical stress, sadness, etc). Tazz takes an odd number of sick days due to her shifting. When she begins to change, she gets very scared and tends to hide and listen to no one else, even if they are trying to help her. She puts herself in a mental box until she calms down, which can take days.
"Tazz ran out of the classroom like it was on fire. She knew this was not the time to shift and the bathroom was not the place to wait until she calmed down (which could take days). She could always fake sick, but that was never a smart option..."

Teenage Shapeshifter (online novel)
- (some age form TFs) By hvk6589. Listed in fan section because it stopped updating in 2015.
A normal teenage girl has discovered she can transform her body into anyone else. Oh yes, it turns out to do this she must have perfect memory, not to mention incredible strength and healing power. Shapeshifters basically live forever. Before changing from teen into sexy adult, she must change into larger clothes - intro link - Ch01 link

- Race that can change apparent ages at will.
- Dessina normally appears to be in her early 20s.
- Funamal enjoys switching up his appeared age quite often, normally somewhere from his late teens to his early 40s. It really depends on how he's feeling that day.

temporal healing
- (time acceleration or reversal) RPGs etc. Superpower that heals through temporal manipulation. Combination of Time Manipulation and Healing - (Jeffr_2bya)

temporal rewind
- (time reversal) RPGs etc. Superpower invoking the ability to rewind time. Sub-power of Time Manipulation. Opposite power of Time Acceleration - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AA APed) age forms FF

TG scene
- (AR, man to little girl transgender) fan commission - (suning)

- (face TF) 2012 meme - gif

- (AA AP) 2008 - age forms - (Daowg)

Thomas J. Bruckner
- (AA FF) West Characters Shari Rock and Tam's age progression, 2021. Web comics concept sketch link - (Lunkpil) - alt

through the years
- (FF, similar clothes) c2012, boy and girl timelines - Evolution

through the years
- (FF) Emily D. high-school years - (DarylHatter)

time manipulation
- (AR/AP) RPGs etc. The ability to alter, change, control and manipulate the flow of time by slowing, accelerating, reversing, or stopping it. Chrono Control, Chrono Force, Chronokinesis, Chronomancy, Temporal Control, Time Control, and Time Warping - (Jeffr_2bya)

time theft
- (AR/AP) RPGs etc. The ability to steal time from others. Sub-power of Time Manipulation - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (excellent AP fan character, UC) "Enter the Darkness" X-Men fanfic, at
They introduced me to several more kids. There was Timelapse, a brunette girl who appeared to be 19 or 20, but turned out to really only be 13. She apparently had the power to temporarily alter her own age, and usually liked to make herself look just a little older than the other students.
Then I noticed the cute little 10 year old girl who was sitting off to the side and watching the two of them silently. It took me a moment to realize that this was Timelapse at a new age. I hadn't seen her become so young before since she usually seemed to prefer being older than she really was rather than younger.
A few minutes later, I was out by Jessie's car, waiting for everyone else to get there. Then I noticed a woman who looked about thirty or so coming towards us with a bit of a smirk on her face. It took me a moment to realize that it was Timelapse, having made herself a little older. "I'm going to have to keep you kids from getting into trouble," Timelapse said, sounding a bit smug. "And I'm going to be keeping an eye on you," Pete Wisdom said from the side, taking a drag from his cigarette. "You ain't going into no pubs on my watch girl..." "Awwww," Timelapse whined, sounding more like the 13 year old that she really was. "And smell your cigarettes the whole way?" Timelapse grimaced and stuck out her tongue, "No way..."
As soon as we got to town, the rest of us kind of wandered into a pizza joint and arcade. Timelapse immediately went for the dancing video game, which was sort of funny to watch as she still looked like an adult. The rest of us just sat down and ordered a couple pizzas.
And as I stood there, Nita came out of her bedroom, dressed only in a pair of pajamas. Another little girl about the same age, also wearing only pajamas followed her, hands on her hips and scowling. I thought that it was somewhat amusing that Timelapse and Nita were roommates, but I guess it made sense since they were the two youngest kids at the school. Timelapse scowled in annoyance, growing bigger and older right before my eyes. She aged several years, until she looked to be about 11 years old, but with her pajamas so tight that they were ready to burst open. She finally noticed this, then became younger again, stopping at the age of about 9 or so where her pajamas were a bit loose on her. "I can't sleep if you keep leaving that light on overhead," Timelapse grumbled. "But I'm afraid..." Nita whined. "Hey," I called out to them, causing them both to jump as they apparently hadn't noticed me in the hall. "So you're afraid of the dark," I looked down at Nita. I just smiled down at her, then on an impulse said, "Maybe you should use a night light." I glanced over at Timelapse, "You can have a bit of light but it won't be enough to bother her..."

- (age changing ability) AKA Alice 2007 RPG character. A female who can change her age, and shift uncontrollably through time.
- "Come hither." Inspiration: Timeshift (game). Height: 3'1'' to 5'5'.' Weight: 50lbs to130lbs. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Hazel. Reflex +10, Will +10, Initiative +3, Skills: Bluff 10 (+17), Feats: Attractive, Fascinate. Powers: Super Movement (Temporal Movement) 5 (Anywhere in time) (([Flaw: Uncontrolled])), Age Shift. Carrying Capacity: Light: 33 lbs, Medium: 66 lbs, Heavy: 100 lbs, Max: 200 lbs.
- Tock is a non combative. She can't stand to get injured, and should she get hit, her powers usually activate, teleporting her to a different time. However, she has no control over her powers, they activate on their own. Tock is a known Nymphomaniac, she takes advantage of her age shifting abilities. She uses men, and sometimes women, to further her own goals. (Manyfist) - 1

- (AA adults rejuved unseen) thatlesbiannudistcult
Caption stories about the fictional religion Zenrism, where lesbians shun all clothes to live naked in public. The goddess' love not only makes her followers invincible, but older members actually regress to their adult sexual primes! Selected photos of young adults with text stating these were old adults magically rejuvenated.
- Tumblr link - (JasonSlayer)

Ultra Fast Pony
- (anthro ARed) My Little Pony - web animation. Ep23 "Makin' Babies" 2013.
Twilight teaches Sweetie Belle where babies come from (magic, of course). Sweetie Belle tries to cast the spell, instead turning the main adult cast into babies. This implies some form of de-aging has replaced sex as the primary means of reproduction. "The Longest Recap Ever" reveals this is how Twilight made Spike stay young so long - Ep link - (Wacarb)

- Many AP/AR characters.
(male) "William Ames" When Ronald McDonald tried to give his son the "birds and the bees" talk, William jumped off a cliff head first. The bump gave him the unique ability to make himself any age he wants to be. He spends most of his time as a kid because he likes to perve on other school boys.

Universal Heroes
- (age forms) RPG game. Player psi powers include Age Modification. A metapsi can alter his apparent age (older or younger) by the number of years equal to his power rank. There is no upper limit (though higher than 100 is hazardous), but reducing his age below zero would kill him.

- (14 to 18 AA) - fan art
- (AA) - age forms

Vitae Noir
- (age forms) Gaming group, World of Darkness RPG?
Game finale: We find the princess in an industrial part of town as a young woman, not the smaller girl. The Princess had occupied the professor's daughter as a vessel since childbirth. She "awakened" and aged herself into her current form. She still remembers the professor, though not as her father.

we grew up!
- (APed UC) Suddenly grown-up girls have to adapt to their new sizes.
Manga spurt aftermaths - (Rush)

Were Grown Up
- (AP) A were-grown-up is a person who rapidly transforms from a child into an adult during the full moon. Usually she can't control the process.
CGI TF scene - (Lupusquack)

Whateley Universe (stories)
- (TG rejuv) Ma'at "trapped in the past" series by Itinerant, c2016.
70 y.o. Dr. Daniel Edward O'Neill was TFed into Dani, a 20 y.o. priestess of Ma'at - story link

- (age forms AA) WikiProject animanga mascot. 3 ages

witch progression
- (FF AA)
Those who dabble in the dark arts may have a more malleable form.
- stages - progression of the witchling - (Moonlitesonata)
- stages - Marisa into youkai - (Touhou)

- (FF AA) years

- (excellent AP character) Aww... are someone's clothes too tight? Heather created the little character named "Wren". She is a poor unfortunate thing... she has multiple curses afflicting her. She is a cat-person, and has a headband of infinite sustenance, however... If she eats sugar, she returns to her original, ADULT form; however, she also has a curse that makes her crave sugar uncontrollably. Suffice it to say, spandex is her friend... - Wren

- (age shifter) "Zafi" pixie/elf. The tree spirits took pity on the small babe and brought life back to her. The restoration aged Zafirah 5 years, and gave her the ability to change her age. After Zafirah's mother took the curse, she aged several more years, ending up between the ages of 5 and 18.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal