Aging Transformation Scenes

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(Short comics of about one page, gags, editorial cartoons, daily funnies, serials, and webcomics)

14 to 18
- (dedicated AP) c2019.
Use of a +4 age card makes sexual activity fully legal

18 to 21 (theme)
- (adult progression, hair growth) acceleration

18 to 21 (theme)
- (hair FF) - gif

9 Chickweed Lane
- (adult FFed dream sequence) 3/1/2011 strip "American Gothic" dance disillusion - (O')
- (FB/FF AA) "Happy New Year" 1/1/12 - long jump - (O')

9 Chickweed Lane
(adult FFed to OA) "Time well spent" daily funnies - years

90s boom
- (male FF) decade changes.

Abstruse Goose
- (male FF) "all good things" lifetime

Adam Zyglis
- (FF) 2009, 2-panel editorial gag: male years

Adventures of Bumpkin Buzz
- (AR) Comics Buyer's Guide trade publication comic, since 1991. An instalment 'overreacts' to readers' comments re: Buzz being drawn to look younger, and introduces a 'youth ray.' - (TBTC)

After Death Comics
- (reborn or ARed, FF) "Quick Quest", c'23. Site link - story

age forms
- (AA) 1 panel - Kind of Time Warp meme thingy - young/old selves encounter each other - (proving_my_existence)

age mirrors
- (AA age forms) time tricks

age progress
- (AA FF lineups) c2010 - lineups - high school - toon - sister - elfe - decaded - agurl

age progression meme
- (AA FF lineups) c2010 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Alice in Wonderland fan art
- (AA size increase damage)
Alice "grew" too big for the White Rabbit's house.
- "Crash" House burst - (FranGois)
- "EAT ME" House burst - (Nibelwolf)
(Process finds)

Alice in Wonderland
- ("growth" scenes) - manga-style comic scan - (Process)

Alice in Wonderland
- ("growth" scenes)
- "Malice in Wonderland" porn comic - last page - cover
- adult Alice nude porn scenes.

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA TFed, size increased) - stuck - (rathsantosh)

Alice in Wonderland
- (could be seen as APed CB aftermath)
Fan art bust-out - bust-out - (Process)

Alice in Wonderland
- (size increase confinement) room "growth" scenes - (Process)

Alice in Wonderland
(kinda, sorta like male ARed scene, also BE, GTS)
In this comic, Alice no longer wore her child-sized pinafore - Nude Alice

All Foobed Up
(reversion to younger selves) 2008 parody of the "For Better or for Worse" daily comic strip "reboot". In this version, the characters feel they have been involuntarily ARed.

Allison Kelly
- (male AA age forms) - future self
A flash forward encounter with his older self.
"The Arcade in Battle Alley" 3/20/2010.
Allison also appears at different ages in this comic series - - (O')

(AP CB) Euromanga fantasy webcomic about the fight against monsters and night stalkers. Has been compared to the Exalted role-playing game, but the armor, alchemical manipulations, battle spells, and dark opponents are completely different. Under the influence of an occult symbol, a compact maiden powers up into a magical warrior with enhanced agility and combat strength.
- Webcomic link
- AP CB scene

- (young adult imagined old) by Kelly Angel, c'20 - "FFed" - (AgingWomen)

AP scene
- cleavage dress - aging
- (AA FF to adult baby warrior) diaper progression - (Pink Diapers, danio13)
- Drastic Growth Spurt - nude AP scene - (HyperForceGo)
- Fountain of Clothes Growth - AA AP scene - (blackshirtboy)

Arlo & Janis
(looks like male ARed, male flash forward) About a couple and their son, who started out about 8 yrs old, but is now in college. Arlo "shrinks" figuratively as part of a midlife crisis. shrunk
(Ararchive, shrinkingman13)

Arthur, King of Time and Space
- (AA FFed) webcomic. Nimue is about 6 in July 2004 and waist high. She shot up to slightly shorter than Ector by April 2005, and Adult Nimue is actually one of the tallest characters - art

Asaf Hanuka
(male mental ghost ared) Israel. male

Attack of the Zit Monster & Other Teenage Terrors
(normal growth) Randy Glasbergen. Humorous, off-the-wall cartoon collection on the teenage years. Unanticipated growth spurts can create problems much worse than a bad hair day.

Autumn Bay
- (adult TG rejuv) c2014 webcomic serial.
Specialist tasked with bringing in mysterious leader Nesariel is changed from a 45 y.o. man into a teenage girl. More TFs are promised.
- Storyline link - (ChaosAngelNesariel)

Autumn Bay
- (TG AA rejuved & extended aftermath) Webcomics, 2019.
Captain Jack Bishop, leader of a team dedicated to containing supernatural threats, was AA poofed into teenage girl Jackie Bishop by the entity Nesariel, and told to consider it a blessing and opportunity.
- Age reduced 45 to 16. Height reduced 5'10" to 5'2". Weight reduced 170 lbs to 120 lbs - link

average Asian aging process
- (adult FF to OA) c2011 6-panel gag - decades
- alternate version.

average Asian aging
- (adult face FF) - meme

Awkward Zombie
- (FF) years
- "The Pokemon Effect" 2011, 3-panel gag, 146.
Through the Years comic - (O')

- (ARed dream sequence) 9/12/2012 Sunday funnies - snow day

Baby Blues
- (AA APed dream sequence glimpse) 7/7/13 Sunday funnies - mature dress

Baby Blues
- (size extension) 8/15/2013 - stretch-out

Baby Blues
(coming of age, Uced) Daily funnies - FFed

(AR, AP dream sequence, AA)
comic (ARarchive)

Basic Instructions
- (male to grown teen flashback, age forms) c2010.
"How to Travel Back in Time to Deliver a Dire Warning to your Former Self"
"Epilogue" second joke - link - (O')
- time forms - protection

Basic Instructions
- (male to young adults flashback) "How to Live Your Dreams" 7/24/11 web comic - evolution

- (male adult hair FF) 2010 - 1-panel years

- (AA) "reverted"
- (slight AR) 3/26/12, The "Threads of Fate" storyline - (SKJAM)

Ben Garrison
- (kinda like giant babies "ARed"?) 11/13/2015, "attack of the crybullies" college students editorial cartoon

(kinda looks like ARed) Daily funnies, Halloween '08. costumes

Bloom County
- 1988.
- (adult rejuvenated AA) thumb
- (male size increase TF) thumb

Bloomin Faeries
- (male AP CB) 4-panel serial story comics, 2011 - grow-up scene - (male TF blog)

Blue Necks, The
- (demon overnight growth spurt AP) Erick McGee, 2016 - scenes

Bluenecks, The
- (demon preteen accelerated growth spurt) The Bluenecks ChEp4 #16, 2016.
This is quite good. Angelica had a growth spurt overnight - before link - during AP link - after link

body horror (bad trope)
- (male "puberty" CoA TF) - 1-page gags

body swap
- (APed/ARed glimpse) change

breast expansion "AP"
- (AA FF effect) - scene 01 - scene 02

Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!
- (male AA TF AP) "Potion" 7/10 Sunday funnies.
Mini-Me age form upgrade.
- (O')

Bruno the Bandit
- (AA age-up) 10/11/2002 webcomic - AA

Bush Gardens
- (20 to 40 FFed glimpse) Rachel Nabors, comic about body hair. - FF

busty girl problems
- (coming of age, BE'd) - gags

busty girl problems
- (FF CoA BE'd cut) c'19 gag - anxiety change

C-Section Comics
- (ARed perception, male OA'd perception) 2010, 3-strip gag.
iPhone v. Android v. Blackberry.
How the users see each other - it's all about image - (O')

Calvin & Hobbes
- (AA FFed) fan art panels.
- "Calvin, Hobbes and Susie" - Susie (sora1589) - Susie
- "future" adult forms.
- "THERE You Are" - male (Sketchbomb) - male

Calvin & Hobbes
- (FFed) years

Calvin & Hobbes
- (male AA FF parodies) - fan art: 12 - 13 (O')

Calvin & Hobbes
- (male FFed) fan art - (O')
- (adult FFed AA dream sequence) bunny baby
- (teen FFed AA) Susie makeout fan art
- (male FFed AA) motivational poster - the future fan art.
- (FFed dream sequence AA) future selves.
- (male FFed) fan art
- (male coming of age) - fan art

Calvin and Hobbes
- (male FF) - fan art - fan art - (Fabrazz)

Calvin and Hobbes
- (male FFed) future - future

Calvin and Hobbes
- (male FFed)
- fan art
"All Grown Up" 2012 - fan art - (O')
- fan art - fan art

- (height & size measurement) 1-panel gags

- (height measurement) increased

- (male FF) 1-panel gags: boys

- (AR dream sequence) Sunday funnies 12/23/07 "Home for Christmas" - ARed (O')
- (flash forward) 2004 - flash forward
- (old aged dream sequence) - 2/24/10 funnies - aged - (O')

- (excellent rapid growth) "growth spurt" 1-panel trauma scene - (Detective E)

- (male adult FF) 2009, 2-panel gag - years

Chaos Life
- (flash forward) 2011 web comic - New Year's Eve - (Robert)

character meme
- (dedicated AA FF lineups) c2010 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Charby the Vampirate
- (AA AP/AR, furry) Cute gothy webcomic story series. Most of the cast is made up of little monster kids. Quite a few characters have shape-shifting powers, sometimes becoming much younger or older to suit a love interest. One of them, a zombie/witch child, is cursed to change into a beautiful bunny-demon whenever she sneezes. link (Metamorphose)
- (AR RN, AA APed) AA AR, APed

Charles Addams
- (male ARed) - Research lab 1-panel gag
- (male ARed) Another cartoon shows a group of boys standing next to a fountain in a jungle, all holding metal cups and dressed as Spanish conquistadors. One is saying "So, great. We found the Fountain of Youth. Who's gonna sail the old tub back?"

Chas. Cartwright
- (male UC FFed) "Stop growing!" 1-panel gag. male

- (male FF) 2008 2-panel webcomic - years

Circle of Life
- (male AA FF) Time gag - (Acca)

(kinda flashed forward) wish list

Close to Home
- (adult FF) 01/15/2007 1-panel gag OA prediction.

Close To Home
- (male growth AP) 2/05 gag

Close To Home
(male excellent AP CB) Daily funnies. Fri 2/2, 1996, 2001 or 2007. (2 Be Young Again) Update: it was 2007 daily calendar. Parents comment as their son has a growth spurt.

clothes grow too assumption
- (AA TF APed) "bimboization" - Change - (Evilotis)

clothes grow too
- (AA TF APed) changes - (Chicken Yuki)

(AP AA, AR) By Odori, Penguinguy, Waterproof, Cluedog. AA

- (male FF) "Boy Meets World" sitcom parody. Caldwell Tanner, 2010 - Mr. Feeny through the years - (O')

Coloring for Grown-Ups
- (slight adult rejuv illusion) Ryan Hunter, Taige Jensen, 2012 book.
A darkly satirical twist on the adult coloring trend - "Beer goggles" - can you find the differences?

comic book time (concept)
- ("age stasis") - In many comics and daily funnies (and animated media) the characters stay the same age even though their surroundings change with the times. Source info link

coming of age
- (adulthood pains) c2015. "Life is pain" gags

coming of age
- (normal mental development stages) change

- (sudden puberty) 1-panel fan art

(FF scene BE) "Growing Girl" Coraline drawn a few years older - fan art

Cracked Magazine
- (male AR) #183 Major "Great Moments in History: Ponce De Leon Discovers the Fountain of Youth" 12/30/1981.
But, he's become a baby and his co-explorers are just confused by this baby that is surrounded by Ponce's clothes. Of course, if they were all looking for the Fountain, couldn't they have guessed who this was?
- (

- (male FF) c2012 4-panel gag. Intelligence increases with age - evolution

(FF AA) Boy and mother - FF

creature progressions (theme)
- (FF to OA, stasis) Fan art timelines.
- lifetime - golem & girl, c2012.
- lifetime - plesiosaur & girl.
- lifetime - robot & girl.
Casshern Sins, Neo-Human Casshern, Shinzo Ningen Casshern.

Crow Strider AU, The
- (AA demon TFs, adult rejuvenated, ARed) Alternate Universe Homestuck webcomic by Meraki Sunset, c2015? - link - link
Nanna, upon ascending to God Tier, gains the ability to change ages, going from an old lady to a younger adult and even turning into a kid at one point (looking identical to Jane). She decides to stay a youngish adult, since she missed being able to stand up straight.

(male AP, male furry AR) 2004+. Adult wild west fantasy manga-style webcomic. Spirit character "changes age" from boy to man. One of the villainous characters is resurrected in a kitten body, becomes younger, and appears as a cat-boy.

- (male adult FF to OA) 2/6/12 long game

- (male adult to OA FF) "Content" 2/6/12.
Long game link - (O')

Cul de Sac
- (AA TF TG slight APed) 8/20/2011, Richard Thompson daily funnies - 3-panel gag - (Rimm)
- 2012 male tribute

Cyanide & Happiness
- (adult FF years) - Time gag - gag - (Kappa)

Cyanide & Happiness
- (FF) lost dream - male years

Cyanide & Happiness
- (male FF) "You from the future" - time travel intervention
- (male FF) - lifetime - lifetime

- (AP AA) c2005 4-panel gag - computer progression - (AgeMagic)

Dan Wasserman
- (male age disguised as younger) 2002 editorial cartoon - surgical

Dangerously Chloe
- (demon TF, adult form APed, UC/CB glimpses, RN AR OC) 6/16/2018 webcomic: "little Abby" again.
Some partial links with torn or tight top and shoe glimpses. The continuation of the storyline starts here:
- APed immediate aftermath uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - AR RN OC link - ARed RNed OC link
At the end, female demon Abby's subconscious desires (when her classmates don't recognize her grown up self) caused her to regress back into a preteen to mixed emotions.
- Partial small extracts - (Shrink-a-dink)

Dangerously Chloe
- (demon TF, age form upgrade) 2/8/2018 webcomic: "little Abby" transformed into a full blown succubus. - screencaps - (Yugo)

Dangerously Chloe
- (entity TF AR/AP) 5/2013. Spinoff of Eerie Cuties.
AR/AP scene - teen flashback scene - AA AP scene - (Johnny)

(teen growth spurt) "Growing Pains" 2006 fan comic.
Inspiration came from my then girlfriend who told me of her growth spurt where she grew out of her clothes almost overnight. I decided to put Jane in such a situation. How would a tomboy cope with suddenly having the body of an adult woman, and how would the rest of the world cope with Jane's acidic sense of humor?
Girl: So tell me, does all that extra weight cause you backaches?
Jane: (Fake sweet voice filled with venom) Well if you REALLY want an answer to that question I will gladly demonstrate to show you...
Girl: (Suddenly extremely worried) D..."demonstrate" what are you up to?
Jane jumps and clamps on to the back of the girl, who buckles under Jane's full weight.
- (accelerated growth) fan comic

David Heatley
- (male FF AA) lifetime

- (FF) lifetime silhouettes

delayed growth
- (male age stasis) c2011 1-panel newspaper editorial cartoon: refusal - (F5)

Dementia Of Magic, The
(adult age stasis illusion) Webcomic. Salth always surrounds herself with a spell to look young.

Dennis the Menace and Gnasher
(male "age stasis") UK Beano character comic, 2001. Dennis celebrated his 50th birthday (the anniversary of his 1st appearance), while the character remained physically 10.

Deviant Artist: pzjp
- (FF, accelerated growth) c2015+
Comic series outline about the rise of a group of powerful metahumans. Emilka, Sandra, Ania etc.
- Gallery link - extracts

- (AR) 1/25/06 daily funnies (O') - AR
- (male adult FF) 1995 - 10 years later.

- (male adult flash forward to OA) "The Google" 2010, daily funnies - years - (O')

- (AR or rejuv glimpsed) Webcomic #37 link "Natural Blonde".
Comic set in city in Earth. A "little bit" of female AR? - (LilKittenroo)

- (ARed) start scene - (ArArchive)

Doc Rat
- (avian "ARed") webcomics by Jenner, 2006+,
Reportedly, in one strip the use of heavy duty anti-ageing cream regressed a bird back into an egg.

dog years
- (FF) c2011. 4-panel years - life

- (FF) c2011 canine years.

- (FF) c2012 2-panel. Did you choose your religion? webcomic

- (dream sequence ARed AA) 6/21/12 - Father of the bride

- (male coming of age, adult FF) 2/28/2010, "A Banker's Progress" - male years (O')
- (flash forward) Daily funnies. Characters age over the years. 2003 male

Dork Tower
- (male adult past/future selves) 869. Adult age forms encounter - (Deniz)
- (male adult ghost rejuvenations) Webcomics, "The True Power of Force", 2013.
"Star Wars" parody comic
link - (O')

- (fem&male AP CB glimpse) "Pokemon Rare Candy" c2013? fan webcomic - Trick or Treat - (Vended, ArArchive)

Dragon Doctors, The
- (dedicated AR) TF webcomics by Speedball, 2013+
Further info about the "Thieves of Life" arc: Magical robbers try to steal a drum of rejuvenating fluid. A booby trap exposes one thief to an overdose, immediately transforming her into a baby.
- Backstory: a lake of youth was responsible for the "deaths" of several colonists. It's "hidden" for the simple reason that everyone who goes there dies. Surrounded by a desolate wasteland, the lake causes everything around it to un-grow. Even contact with the vapors can erase decades of age, causing people who get too close to vanish into empty piles of clothing. The discovery of the lake enabled the development of the rejuvenating fluid, after people figured out how to harness its effects - Chapter link

Dragon Doctors
- (AR) web comic scenes

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
- (male AR AA dream) by Winsor McCay, c1904-11.
A series of Sunday Funnies that depict people who have odd dreams after eating certain dishes.
- Newspaper Page - (Thomas2)

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend
- (male rejuv or AR) Winsor McCay, 1904 newspaper comic. Similar to Little Nemo. A man takes a 'youth pill'.
- (JeffR_2bya)

(demon entity 14 to 18 AP) webcomic elf

Dykes To Watch Out For
- (FF AA) Alison Bechdel. The adults and children have aged at chronologically accurate rates.

educational comics (puberty)
- (FF, CoA puberty) - Scholastic/PSA, K-12. Informational comics, single panels and shorts about growing up

Eerie Cuties
- (coming of age, FF) Manga-style webcomic. Chloe demonstrated that Succubus Puberty was rather abrupt at times.
- (mind transfer) C4 "Sisterly Love" manga-style webcomic.
Young vampire Nina uses magic to switch bodies with her older popular sister - link - (Paul)

Eerie Cuties
- (not quite AR) 5/16/2014, 5/17 webcomic. A mischievous demon swaps the heights of two characters. As the one who lost height previously lost her curves to the same demon, she "looks" ARed. The girl who's made taller looks like that awkward age when height shoots up but the rest hasn't caught up yet - (SKJAM)

Efroah Bilbulmoah
- (avian FF, coming of age) "The confusing chick" Aryeh Navon, Palestine 1942.
In the final chapter the young chick suddenly grows up into a strong crested cock who tells the readers he will not return to the safety of the egg.

El Goonish Shive
- (ARed aftermath) 2/23/18.
Webcomic with many dedicated transformation moments. In a throwaway panel gag, someone left the expiring antidote for their youth potion where they can't reach it anymore!
- Comic link - panel - (SKJAM)

El Goonish Shive
- (dedicated AA age swaps) - 9/29/2017 swap - webcomics - (Heidegger)

El Goonish Shive
- (dedicated magical TF, female enlargement BE) - upgrade

El Goonish Shive
- (dedicated TG, TF, furry, AR, etc) 2004-ongoing - incomplete INFO PAGE

El Goonish Shive
- (kinda age forms) Pandora's form changes to fit her mood. She only looks like a child when she's being playful and mischievous. She's a lot creepier when she's pissed.

El Goonish Shive

Emily the Strange
(APed) fan art

- (TF AA "APed") Webcomic characters stay the same age for an entire year, then suddenly level up.

- (demon rapid hair growth) Dark comedy slice of life webtoon, Brandon J. Santiago, 2014+. Follows the misadventures of 8 y.o. half-youkai Erma Williams, tending to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics - caps

Eros Inc.
(male age stasis) Webcomic. Robert isn't human, but he looks and talks like a human baby (gun obsession notwithstanding).

Errant Story
- (adult age stasis) Webcomic. Female magic-users who show the slightest sign of aging are expected to dedicate their power to maintaining their appearance. The main character hates this expectation, mainly because she's largely resistant to age magics. Her mother's doing it to still be attractive to the character's farther, an immortal elf Jerk Ass.
- (age delay) Webcomic. 17 year old half-elf Meiji Hinadori looks only 12. Angsting and insecurities cause her to attempt to enslave reality for her senior project.

- (UC, body swap APed) 2013, Belgium.
Esther was somehow drawn into another comic strip. When they tried to flash her home, she displaced a preteen twin.
- Comic page - (Acca)

Everyday Heroes
- (size increase) web comic.
Shrinking Violent has her transformation triggered with a blow to the nose. She can only be snapped out of it via massive amounts of sugar. Unfortunately she's also a Type 1 Diabetic, which means a couple of days in the hospital after every Hulk Out, at best.

- (FF AA) 2011 stages

Family Circus
- male - male UC - male UC - UC

Family Tree
- (FF BE APed) Signe Wilkinson, daily funnies, 2009.
Eco-minded eldest daughter "Twig" underwent rapid pubertal developments off-panel. At one point her breasts grew so fast they damaged her bra in a classroom, but no one noticed.
- - panels

- (AA age forms, alternate reality flashback) 2007/04/02 babies - (Process)

Far Side, The
- (male adult OA) "Dick Clark" gag

Far Side, The
- (male adult to OA) "The old age truck" gag

first boner (trope)
- (male coming of age) - awkward

flat to fat
- (male adult FF) decades

For Better or for Worse
- (coming of age) Daily comics. April Patterson was born on 4/1/1991, and grew up and out in real time. 2007 April
- (flash forward, coming of age) "All about April" "Growing like a Weed" Lynn Johnston daily funnies. Characters age and grow over the years.
old aged - growing up - growing

For Better or for Worse
- (CoA FFed) '01 gag

For Better or for Worse
- (coming of age) Parody - 7
- (flash forward) April grew up over the years - FF - FF
- (FFed AA) - 8
- (coming of age) April - 9

For Better or for Worse
- (FF) Michael returned home to find that his sister Elizabeth was actually good-looking, prompting her to go mark that date on the calendar. In another strip he noticed that she actually looked similar to his girlfriend Deanna. Brain Bleach may have been needed.

For the Love of Miss Truth
- (male PE CB scene) 2009 webcomic "The Awkward Boner1", Joe Griffin.
The adventures of a young English teacher and her students. Miss Jessica Truth's biggest problem is that she can't seem to keep her clothes on, and just about every mishap in her life winds up with her completely nude - male burstout

Formal Sweatpants
- (male AP CB puberty spurts) 2010 web - link - link

Formal Sweatpants
- (male AP CB) Boy to teen puberty spurts: burst-out - burst-out - male FF

Formal Sweatpants
- (male excellent AP CB) 10/3/10 3-panel gag "Wolfman Puberty Spontaneous 1" - instant puberty classroom growth spurt - link

Fountain of Youth, The (theme)
- (rejuv wishes) 1-panel gags

- male CB alternate - female - unseen female - male CB

- (CoA FFed) '01 gag - gag

Freshly Squeezed
- (AR dream sequences) Daily funnies, c2012 - scan

Fruit by the Foot
- (male FF) c2011 2-panel gag - then/now

fuck yea
- (male FF) 2010 "sperm" 4-panel meme

Funky Winkerbean
- (FFed AA) - cast
- (flash forward) Daily newspaper comic strip. On 10/21/2007, the comic underwent its second "time warp," jumping ahead 10 years after Lisa's death, and aging the characters accordingly; the children became high schoolers, and the original cast reached their mid-40s. Summer has grown into a popular 15-year-old basketball star, and Bull's adopted daughter Jinx, as well as Becky's daughter Rana, are also high-school aged.

Gahan Wilson
- (adult face FF) "BEFORE & AFTER" female senior change

- (feline FFed) He had a dream where Nermal comes back for revenge after years of abuse, and is massive! Cue Garfield waking up and giving his breakfast to the confused kitten. Although it's been implied Nermal is already an adult.

- (male adult feline face to OA dream sequence) 6/9/13 - waiting - (Tazz)

- (male ARed dream) 06/19/2014 - birthday - (Malekim)

- (male FF years, UC) - Jon's "growth spurt" school photos

(male adult face FF to male OA dream sequence, male feline FF) Daily funnies, 6/15/2009. aging (O')

Gary Varvel
- (flash forward) 2011, 2-panel gag. Harry Potter movies - "then/now"

Gasoline Alley
- (male AR AA) 3/31/13 - Sunday funnies

Gender Swapped
- (dedicated TG, some rejuved) Rudedude55, Rabbityak90, c2009.
Comedy-science-fantasy slice of life webcomic following two teens swapped by a magic beam into opposite genders.
Morgan was rejuvenated after pestering Sven long enough to bend the rules - Text Only link - link - link - link

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic
(age deformed) Adult webcomic. Super Deformed Chibi Sue is 36, but appears to be an 11 year old girl.

giantess comics
- (slight CBed?) GTS covers

UK 1-panel topical gags.
- (ARed) 5/21/89 - PM park pond
- (old age stasis) 9/27/88 ID card

Girl Called Lapin, A
- (furry AR) "Time" by Carlos G. 2023/07/09 - link - alt
- (furry UC) old uniform link - alt

Girl Genius
- (OA) 2001+ webcomics.
The creatures Gil's researchers pull from time-stopped Mechanicsburg rapidly age and decay. Vole ages hundreds of years in seconds. Luckily the information gained allows them to pull people out without more aging effects -

- (OA effect) c2011 3-panel gag unblurred

- (male creature AR, RN) age puzzle - (Entropic)

- (self-image reduced chibi form) 2-panel gag - stand-down

grow-up gags
- (AA "AP") c2012, 2 panel sketches

growing girls
- (AP fan art)
"Old School AP" 1-panel, English schoolgirl rapid growth spurt aftermath - (wilmel)
2-page "Sister Progression" scene.

growth comics
- (growth, AA APed) 1-panel gags - 01 - 02

growth scenes
(adult CB, GTS, also BE, TF, toons) - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

growth spurt
- (FFed AA) "Things_Seem_Smaller" 1-panel gag - grown longer - (GIANTGIRL)

growth spurt
- (male elongation) leg growth spurt aftermath - (HoorayLorraine)

growth spurt
- (male wish, no change) - male
- (male) 1 panel male

- (male AR) 1/23/12 "live life to its fullest" - throwback - (Entropic)

- (male flashback kinda looks like AR) issue 220, Joe St. Pierre.
Secret Origin of the Image Expo.
- 3-panel comic - 2011-1992-1978 - link - (O')

Halley's Comet
- (male FFed glimpse) 3 panel strip - years

- (dedicated WG FF) "10 Halloweens later" by Deviant Artist Joekie3wl, c'20.
Short fetish comic gag about Halloween candy - link - alt - (Kappa)

Hark! A Vagrant
(younger self dream sequence) Kate Beaton sometimes interacts with herself as a child - couch age forms

Harry Potter fan art (themes)
- (dedicated growth, AR)
Hermione growth comic - (Criticalartist)
Hermione AR potion mistake.

Harry Potter
- (dedicated AP BE UC) fan art (Diablito77)
- (male FFed to adult) - young adult Harry

Harry Potter
- (FF AA)
Hermione fan art - Ginny fan art - reunion years.

Harry Potter
- (FF) - fan art

Heart of the City
- male growth (CB) - AP - AR
- (flash forward to old age AA, dream sequence) 4/18 to 5/3/07. Heart wishes time would speed up so school would be over, and she wakes up the next day as an old lady.
(myspecialfx) old aged

Heart of the City
- (child/teen AA selves interaction dream sequence) 3/12 daily funnies - 9 and 17

height comparison
- (AA FF AP, male AA FF AP) - growing up years (Hyde n Psyc)

height comparison
- (AA FF) swap gag

height comparison
- (FF AA) 2-panel gag - getting taller - (shiftly)
- (FF AA) 2-panel gag - "They Grow Up So Fast" - ages - (TheMightyPen)

height comparisons
- (FF) c'15 changes

(male AA AP) Fred Hembeck's DC Universe cartoons. Captain Marvel parody. male AA APed

how does puberty work?
- (puberty growth spurt CB) c2016 1-panel gag - art - (Yukinara12)

how girls grow
- (FF BE) puberty stages diagrams.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the internet
- (male FF) c2011 4-panel gag.
Evolution - (O')

Hulk, The
- (male slight CBed) Hulk parody fan art

I Am Arg!
- (AR AA) 2/9/2014 webcomic, "The Lego Movie", 3-panel gag.
For kids of all ages. It can really bring out your inner child -
- strip - (TB Tabby)

I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle
- (AA TF ARed) c2011 online comic.
23 year old new genie Jean has to blend in with her new junior high master, so she regresses herself to junior high age - webcomic link - (Steven)
- (teen AA AR) web comic scenes
- (age change) 7/12/2012 TFed - (Malekim)

- (male AR scene) 5/7/2014 - webcomic ( - Regression - (Jeffr_2bya)

Inexplicable Adventures Of Bob!, The
(furry accelerated development) web comics, 2006.
"Molly the Monster" has yet to celebrate her first birthday. Her recently generated furry sister Galatea is even younger. An experiment got mixed with Bob's jar of crunchy peanut butter. Molly has since grown to a height of 5'8" and begun displaying a genius IQ, reading books at lightning speed. She can create machines a thousand years in advance of current technology but has the common sense and enthusiasm of a little girl.
- (creature FF AP) Webcomics - link
- (creature FF AA) 9/9/06 webcomics change

Invaders From Home
(male AA age forms) Rooftop meditation - male (ArArchive)

J.W. Bengough
- (UC) Grip magazine, 2/2/1889 issue, lead cartoon.
He again used the familiar figure of the maiden Miss Canada, and suggests that "She's Outgrown Her Dress". Miss Canada appears as a girl about to enter womanhood. The skirt of colonial status no longer fits her, and she is window-shopping.

Jack Kirby's Puberty
- (male CoA) - mental manhood

Jacky Dingo
(furry unbirthed AR) furry ARed

Jim Benton
- (male adult age reveal) illusions
- (male adult FF to OA) life
- (male FF AA AP) "Mom, can I go online?" Internet time - (O')
- (male FF AA) lifetime

Jim Benton
- (male FF AP) Lifetimes - years - years - years

Jim Benton
- (male lifetime FF) "My Feelings" 3-panel gif - decades - Comments link - (O')

- (AR OC, RNed) Webcomic, 790 "Forever Young" 2012.
One of Lamerix's alien inventions reduced Lauren's age. After losing it in the couch cushions, she was accidentally zapped younger while sitting on it. The change is not without consequences. Later she used it to turn Aragara, who was artificially aged with growth hormones, back into a kit.
- Start of the arc link - RN link

- (younger or chibi versions of DC superheroes) Webcomics, Justice League.
Yate Stewart fan parody, c2012.
- Main link - Gif link - (O')

Joan Cornella
- (AR AA poof) 2015.
Spanish cartoonist combines black humor and extreme discomfort, most famously in his wordless, 6-panel comics.
- Frog prince gag - (Shlalom_masters)

John Pading
- (male AA AP) "Playing on hard" AKA "Growth", 2007, 2-panel gag - size increase - (O', Wafflehouseninja)

Judge Parker
(coming of age, flash forward continuity error) Soap opera-style daily comic strip. The characters have gradually aged over the years, but 14 year old Sophie looked much too young. In 2008 she stopped being a pantsuit-wearing prematurely aged prepubescent, and became a belly-baring tweenage fashion plate. She suddenly went from a borderline-Asperger case, tethered to her laptop to someone who fully bought into junior high's draconian rules of social conformity.
- Aging Sophie

Jump Start
- (AA ARed dream poof) - 3/22/2015 Sunday funnies - (ArArchive)

Jump Start
- (AA) 2/25/2014 gag

Jump Start
- (flash back, flash forward dream sequences) Funnies 09/25/06 Sunny meets herself as a baby. Jojo talks to his adult self. (jeffR)
- (male AP, dream sequence) 08/11/03 - male - male AP - 3 - Sunny AP - Sunny AR - minor - 7 8
- (male FF AA) - male
- (FF AA dream sequence) Sunday funnies - 10

Jump Start
- (flashback) - the past

Jump Start
- (pre-birth intelligence, FF dream sequence) - twins
- (male adult body swap) - exchange

Jump Start
- (rebirthed) 2013 "back to the womb" - babies - (Tazz)

Jump Start
- (teen/baby selves interact) '02 gag

Jump Start
- (unbirthed ARed) 1/21/13 storyline.
The twins have again sent themselves back to the womb. This time they want to be identical. The mom realizes all of a sudden she is pregnant. As always, it ends being a joined dream, or was it... since the twins are now identical.
- Comics link - (Tazz)

Kevin and Kell
- (furry AA, RN) old age (sheep) - AR (weasel) - AP (bunny)
- (furry flash forward, old age) 20070617 ff (ARarchive)

Key and The Rose, The
- (male AR) c2011 webcomic.
Tatakey has fallen into the Fountain of Youth. Since then, he has symptoms of getting smaller and smaller. Can a medicine woman return Tatakey's original form?
- link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Knight Life, The
- (male FFed to adult dream sequence) 9/8/12 long wait at DMV aftermath.
(male adult mental) 9/7/09 daily funnies - male

Knight Life, The
- 9/9/12 "little victories" - male FFed

La Cucaracha
- (dream "ARed") 8/21/2015 daily funnies - gag - (SKJAM)

La Fille Grandi
- (AA AP) 4-panel woodcut - departure

Lay Lines
- (reincarnated) 6/9/17 comic

Lay Lines
- (reincarnation/rebirth) Syndicated 1-page funnies, Carol Lay, 2017.
Most comics are self-contained stories. An old woman feels her life would have been better if she'd been more assertive. She desires to go back knowing what she knows now. And the next scene is of her being born as an already talking baby!
- Comic link - (SKJAM)

Lay Lines
- (reverse lifecycle) "Story Minutes", 5/28/2018 reprint. Carol Lay shorts with a bit of a twist. A woman is aging backwards, but no one knows - - Comic - (SKJAM)

Least I Could Do
- (boy growth, CB dream sequence) "Beginnings", 10/25/09 - male - (O')
- (male adult FF) years

Leslie Grimes
- (male FFed) c1944, UK, 1-panel newspaper gag

Lesya Guseva
- (FFed to OA) Perm-based Russian artist, c'18. Superheroes in old age.
Sample gallery link - Instagram link - info link - (Tej2506)

Level 30 Psychiatry
- (anthro creature "AR" zap) webcomic, 2017.
With the assistance of Carmen Sandiego's Impossible Thief skills, Dr. Gardevoir removed the popularity of her species from the internet, leading to her De-Evolution into a Kirlia - link - link

Life in Hell
- (FF) lifetime

Life in Hell
(coming of age) we bust

life in progress
- (FF stages) c2010 comic strip - age poses - (HappyCow)

Life: a Chronology
- (FF AA) - stick figure aging - Life (O')

Like an Artist
- (FF AA) c2011 decades

Lil Hollywood
- (ARed starlet) milkaholic.

- (timeline FF AP) A series of panels in similar poses illustrating child to adult growth process like a comic strip - Grow Up art Gallery

- (timeline FF AP) A series of panels in similar poses illustrating child to adult growth process like a comic strip - Grow Up art Gallery

- (adults OA'd, adults rejuvenated) 2010.
"Blondie" parody aged change - (ARArchive upload)

- (male FB ARed into foetus) 2009 daily strip. He uses a time machine and finds himself back in the womb - art - (SKJAM)

(male CB muscle growth) 5/21/09 daily funnies.
- growth serum (O')

Little Annie Fanny
(AP) fan art

Little Nemo in Slumberland
- (male AA "AP" poofs) New Year's 1906 strip: Father Time takes Nemo to a room wherein each year of the 20th century has its own file drawer. Nemo has but to touch a year and he has AA-transformed to the age he'll be then.

Little Nemo in Slumberland
- (male AA time forms) - comic - (ArArchive)

Living with Hipstergirl and Gamergirl
- (sudden growth spurt AP) 4/12/2017 - 271 - gag
- (AA poof game form TF AP) 1/1/2018 - 309 - gag
- - (Reebok)

Locked Maze, The
- (age disguise ARed, AA AP) c2011 webcomic.
The Queen's sister Morgan "changes ages" at whim. We see her as a crone and a teenager (Book I), and as a little girl, a young woman, and a middle-aged woman (Book II).
- Archives dead - - Example: Book II, p.15 to 18.

- (male adult FF) "the four stages of adulthood" c2011 4-panel gag - life - (Matt)

- (flashback / flash forward) - 3 - (O')
- (old age dream sequence) - old age - flashback
- (teen TF, BE) Self absorption causes Luann to suddenly transform into rival Tiffany, putting sudden pressure on her shirt - Tiffany TF
- (teen body measurement) - 8
- (UC) - uniform rip
- (coming of age) - 4 - 5 - (O')

- (ARed OC dream sequence, RN)
4/14/2014 - prom dress - (F5)

- (coming of age wish) 10/2012 - bra discussion.
- (flashback) - 1/9/11.
mother and daughter jeans - (O')
- (flashback) 8/7/11 - younger - (O')
- (male adult face FFed dream sequence) "Father of the Beard", 7/8/12 - future - (O')
- (male FF) 5/30/2010 daily funnies - Brad years - (O')
- (male flashback, FFed) 7/31/11 - lost dreams - (O')

Lucy Knisley
- (16 to 21 comparison) "It Gets Better" 11/11/10 - teen to adult years
- (FF, BE) the first 6 Harry Potter movies - Hogwarts years

- (FF) years

- (FF) 2015, recrudence years

- (male AR AA poof) 2015, 1 page gag - Parents & son page - (Matt)

- (male ARed illusion) - Beard shaving gag

- (adult size reduced) 1 panel - c'18 miracle slimming pill shrinkage "It worked, didn't it".

- (baby OA'd effect, no size increase) 6/18/2018 editorial cartoon - Womb transplant gag

Mad Magazine
- (male adult split/face) cover

Mad Magazine
- (OA) rejuvenation failure

MAD Magazine
(flash forward) Celebs shown older, including the Beatles as senior citizens. ("when I get older, losing my hair..."). (shrinkingman13)

male adult FF
AI Comics 04. 2-panel gag - (Paul)

male evolutions
- (adult men FF) Changes - (various)

male evolutions
- (male adult FF) c2012 web gags.
- Internet Years adult lifetime
- magic spells adult improvement

male flash forward
- (CoA) - art

male years
- (AA FF) change - change
- (FF) face change.
- (male FF) time
- (male FF) time
- (male FF) aging timeline

male years
- (FFed and AP aftermaths) Time changes

male years
- (male FF/FB) 1-panel gags & age line-ups: Nude Changes - Changes

Mandrake Magician
- (suggested AR or age stasis) #29, Sunday comic: funny pages.
- (

- (possible AR/OA?) "The Official Mandrake, The Magician Sundays" compilation.
TPB vol. 01 Pioneer 1989 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Mark Trail
- (male continuity errors AA) Daily funnies age forms

Married to the Sea
- (age disguised AR effect) c2010 1-panel gag - (Parker)

- (AA poofs, "AR/AP") 7/30/2018-.
AA-plot week that has rarely been done before: toddlers into little babies. Brainiac toddler Warren slips a youth juice in Marvin's and 2 other's juice boxes, turning them into 6-month olds. The final day of the arc reveals a side effect that AA-poofs them old.
- No process was shown - Gallery link - (Tazz)

- (ARed AA) 02/2009 daily funnies. mom reverted - (josuke, ArArchive)
- (male growth spurt) 08/09/2008 daily funnies Hulk parody

- (flashbacks, mental flashbacks) "Nobody wins" - combat comics sniping butterfly memory.

meme of age
- (FF AA) ages - ages

meme of age
- (FF AA) c2010 short timelines.
years - years - years - years

memes of age
- timelines

Menage a 3
(17 to 21 FF) BE development
(Max AP)

Mike Keefe
- (male image "ARed") c2013 1-panel editorial gag

- (FF old aged, RN) Single page comics. 3-panel story arc. Twin sister hides in the past, but then had trouble returning. aged
- (AP AA) Child ghost assumes older form to relieve exhausted waitress. (2BYA) AP AA
- (OA) Head swap goes wrong. aged
- (AR form) Minus assumes childhood form of teenage idol. AR

- (flashback, flash forward) Little girl with astonishing magical powers wanders around toying with her omnipotence, often changing herself and other people at whim - (Metamorphose) dead:

mirror memes (trope)
- (coming of age, FF) - The mirror can symbolize either the past or the future - Self Images

(17 to 15 unseen ARed) Webcomic link Main character regressed overnight from high school senior to 15-year-old girl, while the other character is a boy who wakes up as a girl. The youthened girl experiences difficulties, and the boy-is-a-girl thing is always good for a laugh. It manages to be both funny and compelling at times. Though the TG and AR drive the comic, each only happens at the beginning, and neither is seen. Ash, the TGed boy, has never been seen in his male form. (Piper, KenKennedy)
- (18 to 16 AR, male to female TG AP) older - younger

Mother Goose and Grimm
- (male adult canine OA) Daily funies, 2/2/12 - dog years

My Guardian Grandpa
- (ARed AA dream) - 11/4/2013 storyline.
Judy's parents have passed on, so her grandfather comes back as a young angel who attends high school to keep an eye on Judy.
For some reason Judy wakes up as a little girl again. The school was reverted: daily funnies
- (SKJAM, ArArchive thread)

my rebirth
- (male FF) c2010 years

- (some limited age disguise themes) 2011 Oz-themed webcomic.
Start of the scene: comic link

Nathen and Killjoy
- (male AP) Webcomics by Tomatokid, c2011 "hooray for puberty" - link - comic scans

- (male anthro OA) walkway time dilation

New Yorker caption contest
- (male adult mental infantilization)
Roger Ebert 2011, 1-panel magazine cartoon - "Pampers"

Nineteen Letters Long
- (male AA TF, age-up form) - webcomic - (

No Mercy
- (unintentional CoA "UC") #9, de Campi & McNeil, '16.
The awkward fit of her shirt symbolizes her uncertain identity - cover

Non Adventures Of Wonderella, The
- (male adult fish disguised as teen) Web comic - Dr. Shark jumps both age and species barriers by trying to dress as a human teenager.

Non Sequitur
- (AR AA) 11/21/03 - poof - (ARarchive)

Non Sequitur
- (ARed AA) 9/8/12, adult rehabilitation - (Tazz)

Not-Cleverly Named Character Meme
- (FF AA) c2010 DeviantArt user projects show their characters at different ages - example

Oatmeal, The
- (FF) - Thanksgiving link - Music ages link

Oatmeal, The
- (male FF) "The Oatmeal" - "Hamster Atonement" 2010 - male decades - (O')
(TF AA adult youthening side-effect)
- Fountain of Girl

- (male FB AR effect, some OC) 2017.
Time-traveling sorceress battling some guy keeps jumping back in time to when he was younger, but he somehow keeps picking up their feud where they left off. Finally she threatens to have sex with his father and become his mother! - link - (Filthymind)

- (male FB AR) erstwhile comic

On The Fastrack
- (AR OA AA dream sequences) 11/7/10 - funnies - (AR Archive, MaleKim)

One Big Happy
- (grow-up wish?) - comic

One Big Happy
(male) 2003 kinda male ARed

One Question
- (TF creature male APed, age stasis) Manga-style webcomic since 2006.
Ranu looks like he's 8 but is really 12, until he is suddenly aged up to 18 after touching The Book.
His mother Narini is 84 and says she feels like she's 20.
5 y.o. Dart looks and acts like a child of 9.

oops I grew
- (coming of age growth) 1-panel gag awkward

- (male AA OA/AR) 6/19/05 TIVO - (ArArchive)

Our Super Adventure
- (adult FFed to OA) "Old Lady Cat" 2022/08 webcomic. Pesto is a grouchy Old Cat Lady.
I like picturing British Nans eating beans on toast. Something about that visual makes me smile. British Grandmas in general are just so delightful - link - (Kappa)

outgrown clothes (tropes)
- (FF APed UC) - then/now gag

Oz books
- (FFed) 1-panel artworks. Dorothy aged fan-art

Ozy And Millie
(furry male reverse aging AR) Web comic, since 1997.
10 y.o. Millie's father, the dread pirate Locke, has the body of a boy fox. He remembers doing some "really icky things" almost 11 years ago. When he reaches the youngest possible point, rather than turning into a zygote and disappearing, he swings around and begins to age the other way, presumably dying when he hits old age again.

P.C. Vey
(FF growth) 1-panel gag - age

Pajama Diaries, The
- (excellent AP CB glimpse, UC, AR OC dream sequence) Terri Libenson, 2006-20.
Daily funnies, slice of family life - Growing daughter gags AP with "Cul de Sac" crossover - AR "graduation".

Pants Are Overrated presents: Hobbes and Bacon
- (flashed forward)
"Calvin & Hobbes" 2011 fan comics: Calvin and Susie 26 years later.
- Comics: Link 01 - Link 02 - (O')

Pants Are Overrated
- (FFed) "Hobbes and Bacon" 5/10/11.
Adult future version of "Calvin & Hobbes". It turns out Calvin and Susie got married as adults.
- part 01 - part 02

Pat Bagley
(oa'd) c2008 editorial cartoon - Barbie

Pat Oliphant
(adult FF to OA) "War and Peace", 4/17/72 editorial cartoon - adult years

Paul Fell
(AR) Editorial cartoon.

(FFed AA) Psychotherapy fan art (O')

Pearls Before Swine
- (male FF APed CB) Newspaper daily funnies - 12/17/2013 "Calvin & Hobbes" parody strip

Pearls Before Swine
- (male mental baby) daily funnies, 5/23/2014 - panel

(flash forward AA) Fan service flash forward (Process)

Penny & Merida age swap meme
- (dedicated ARed & mostly AA APed) 2013.
There was a request for Penny from Bolt and Merida from Brave to swap ages by means of a magic wand.
- Some non-fetish Fan Art - (Process Forum)

Penny Arcade
- (male adult FF AA) c2005 - Male years
- (male AR dream sequence) Webcomic 10/1/08 male (O')
- (male FF AA) 04/06/2009 - Male training years (O')

Penny Arcade
- (male adult FF time-skip) "Another Round" 4/6/11 - years
- Evolution - (O')

Penny Arcade
- (male flash forward) "The Wandering Age", 2009. Boy is trained into adult warrior by his mentor.
"The Seventh Spring"
Part 1 link
Part 2 link
Part 3 link (O')

Penny Arcade
- (male flashback) - years
- (male flashback) "Where There Is No Light" link (O')

Peter Is The Wolf
- (adult TF scenes) Webcomic. People changing from human to their were forms will not always RIP the clothing. It depends on the size difference. The titular character is similar sized in both forms, so he doesn't do much to his clothes. Other characters who increase substantially in size... aren't so lucky.

- (kinda like age form anomaly) web comic. One graduate student acquires a posse of tiny undergraduates.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn
- (FB to past self, TFed poof OC) Dana Simpson daily funnies. - gags

Picky People Die Alone
- (male adult FF to OA)
c2012 webcomic - romantic lifetime - (Acca)

Planet Saturday Comics
- (dream sequence AA AP) Growth Spurt
- (FFed) Bigfoot

- (CoA) c2017. They often imagine their future selves - gags
- (FF BE dream sequence) 7/25/2013 - future
- (FF, coming of age, TF AA dream sequences) 2005.
Self-image AA APed changes - coming of age
Jeri's breasts may have been drawn slightly bigger as she went through puberty?
- (flash forward, coming of age) 2002 - kinda like FFed
- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
- (shirt shrunk) UCed scene

Prince Valiant
- (male AR, RNed) Newspaper comics, Jul/Aug 1990 - panels - (Snark)

Private Eye
- (FF) panel gag.
2001: (Girl looks longingly at poster of Hermione while her brother and mother watch) Aw, look, she's totally besotted with Hermione!
2009: (Boy looks longingly at poster of Hermione while his sister and mother watch) Aw, look, he's totally besotted with Hermione!

Project Star Tree
- (AA time jumps, AR/AP) c2021 webcomic by Spoon300.
The destruction of the Red Ring of Ciscero causes a time loop crash.
- CORRECTION: Onboard the Star Tree spacecraft Steven Spielberg, a woman suddenly respawned into existence 6 months pregnant. Acting captain TJ Delta Spooner crushes a server - which causes baby Gale to be abruptly born. The mother begins breastfeeding the baby for the first and last time: the acting captain karate chopping another server has caused another age-jump, and the baby starts teething. When the acting captain fires his gun at a third server, the toddler ages up to 4 or 5.
- Also, the medical officer and communications officer were shown to have been ARed by the sudden timejump - Webcomic link - sketches
- Ch03 P21: An illusionary AA AP scene involving a special outfit that grows with its wearer - extract - (Alexander)

Puberty can happen in an instant
(AP spurt) 4-panel gag.
BE sneeze

puberty diagrams
- (FF AP ) grow-up stages educational art.

puberty education
- (FF) growing

puberty memes
- (FF) - before/after panel gags, c2018 comparison

puberty progressions
- (BE timelines)
Development stages
Line art girl years

puberty stages
- (FF educational panels) Sex-ed grow-up depictions are sometimes drawn in more accessible comics or animation styles - pics page

Puella Aeterna
- (adult FF) 2016. Every dance must end - Lifetime trope.

- male
- (male AR) Webcomic, 2006 - Links: male ARed - male old age adult FF - (O')
- (male TF APed AA) Batson

- (AP TF) "Ding"
- Level Up
- (AP, male AP) "Ding!" 2008 daily serial. Teen boy and girl suddenly age several years.
- Links: part 1 - part 2 (O'Melissokomos)
- (continuity error age stasis, AP) Francis and Marcy break the 4th Wall discussing the questionable rules of aging in the webcomic world.
In another scene, the artist opted to update their delayed growth in 1 shot, rather than draw them aging in a natural manner from strip to strip.
- (male AP AA TF scene) "The Secret Origin of The LOLBAT" (Billy Batson/Captain Marvel comics parody) - link (O')

- (male adult face FF) 2010 beard
- (male adult FB/FF) 8/25/10 years
- (male adult FF) - male future years
- (male AR AA dream sequence) "Prognosis" 12/29/11.
3-panel strip link - (O')
- (male old age dream sequence) 1/6/12 "Apples and Trees" 4-panel gag - link - (O')
- (male older teen to adult TF AA AP)
2011 - Level-Up

- (male young adult AP AA TF) - "All Grown 1Up" 2011.
PvPonline webcomic link
- This is a sequel to the earlier TF/AP comic "Ding": link - (O')

- (AR past birth) Newspaper strip? Before 1938. Woman tries some Uzit medicine which makes her 10 years younger each time.

- (unseen) Norm Feuti, 2006+ ffed Halloween costume "time gag".

Rhymes With Orange
(flash forward AA) FF

Rob Tornoe
- (male AA ARed "dream") 2014 Star Wars trailer editorial cartoon

Robert Crumb comics
- (kinda like ARed from neck up, mental ARed) "The Big Baby" looks like a huge curvy woman with a baby head sucking on a pacifier who just says "goo" and uses men as pacifiers. On the cover he put a little blurb saying "relax folks, she's 18". The stories give no reason to believe that - cover

Ron Matzov
- (male ARed) anti aging urban guru comics, 1-panel gag - (ArArchive)

- (AR) Webcomic by AsheRhyder, 2008.
Welcome to the Buildingverse! Characters from different fantasy stories live in nearby apartments. In the Kids Arc, the resident magical troublemaker reverted other cast members. Jareth casts a spell on Erik so he could spend an afternoon with Christine without her seeing his deformity. Thank god the magic only lasted 13 hours.
- first link - #32 link - #35 link - last link

- (ARed OC) - oversized clothes art

Rose is Rose
- (AA) '14 - mirror

Rose is Rose
- (male CB dream sequence, RN) 1996 funnies. Pasquale grows in his sleep.
- (AR, RN, AA, dream sequences) His guardian angel and parents change ages.
- 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08
- gif anim - 09 - hair growth - 11
- (AR AA as always) Swimsuit AA scene - 13

Roz Chast
- (child to teen AA APed) "The Fountain of Puberty", 2012, 1-panel New Yorker cartoon. A bunch of really awkward teenagers stand around a fountain - aftermath

Roz Chast
- 1-panel Time Gags, New Yorker magazine, 1990-2000's.
- (ungranted age wish) "On line at the fountain of adulthood" - panel
- (male FF) "The seven ages of dudes - progression of dudes" - panel

Roz Chast
(FF AA, coming of age) "Sketchbook", "Style", 2009 - years

Sarah Scribbles
- (imaginary adult FFs to old) c2020. Sarah Andersen often depicts her characters in the future as old people - gag - gag - (Chronoeclipse)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
- (FF AA) 1/28/10 years
- (FF) 6/24/12 - inner child
- (male adult to old age)
Comic link - "Superman"
Comic link - "Grampa, how'd you get so ollld?"
- (O')

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
- (male FF) "When I Grow Up..." 5/11.
Comic link - (O')

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
- (male FFed) 5/11/11. Everyone has a plan - future
- SMBC 10/12/2008 Ap
- (AP UC FF, also male, old age) 2008 webcomic. Thumb cold war lasts 50 years

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
- (male ungranted rejuv wish) - "Life" c2019.
"Would you like to go back to the angry teens, the confused twenties, the anxious thirties, the crisis forties, the cynical fifties, or the aching sixties?" - link

Scary Go Round
- (FF adult metamorphosis) Webcomic, 2008. After a 3-year absence, the hero's geeky French student-exchange partner straightens her hair, gets contact lenses, and become magically cool and something of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Her little sister is as ugly as she was 3 years ago, but will grow out of it too.

Scary Go Round
(female growth CB) TF

Scott Pilgrim
- (dedicated ARed) "Scott bed" cast aftermath fan art - (Dawnofmawl)

Seeing the Future
- (male adult stick figure FF to OA) 2011 past/future selves

Septuple Aura
- (TF age forms) Android app only, 2013 webcomic.
A mystical being leads a double life, switching between age 21 and circa 12 battle forms. There is a brief AR TF in chapter 3.
- Installation link - (Genisis, Bstgate)

shaving meme
- (male adult face regression effect) c2014 2-panel gags - illusions

Sins, The
- (AA AP) "The Sins", 2005 webcomic. The Seven Deadly Sins are capable of possessing their masters and this causes a transformation. The Sins themselves also morph between several forms and ages. link

Sluggy Freelance
- (TF) Webcomic. Zoe gets repeatedly changed into a camel and back to a human; she remains clothed, since her dress simply bunches up around her neck in her camel form. In other cases she ends up naked when returned to her human form, the transformation having removed her clothes; as a rule, minor Hilarity Ensues.

- (FF) 10/28/11 - years
- (male coming of age moment) "How Puberty Happens" c2012 - time arrow
- (male FF) "Your line of thinking", 2011 - lifetime link - (O')

(age stasis) Furry CGI webcomic. "Emily Kat": A small house cat child in a t-shirt and shorts. Emily was an older teenager traped in the body of a prepubescent child. She often used it to her advantage but was still emotionally guided by her childish appearance. Aparently there was even more of an offset in age than the others knew. Her body kept her mind young, but not her spirit. Her kind only lives about 15 years and so death came for her - link - (Metamorphose)

Snow White
- (old age) - Evil Queen adult age TF scene - (s2325)

Sokora Refugees
- (16 to 18 AP UC) Amerimanga webcomic, 2004-2006. Schoolgirl changes into more mature elf form when blushing.
- cover AP - first AP - second AP - RN - partial AP
- (AP/UC/AR RN) American online manga fantasy/comedy in which main character Kana is possessed by elf. She takes the form of the very adult sorceress every time she blushes. The cross racial swelling process is well illustrated. She tries to put on her former clothes and walks around the school in a now very small school uniform. After a while she turns back to her normal form. link (Shard)

Some People
- (FF AA, flashback morphs) time cycles

Space Boy
- (FF, time dilation like effect) Web comics story, c'20. In the future humans use cryogenics with space travel. Amy's Dad is fired, and they're forced to return to earth in suspended animation for 30 years link - Eventually, Amy contacts her best friend, who is pushing 40 and still living on the mining colony link - (Deleted)

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki
(bull ARed) Animesque web comic. The Auroch was reduced and ended up as Chiaki's pet. As a large bull, he is capable of destroying city blocks in seconds. But as a small "lawn-cow," he can be run over by cars.

- (FF AA) - Timelines

Stephane Bouillet
- (TF with some AP-like elements) "metamorphose adolescence", c2013. 1-page surreal art comic

Stone Soup
- (ungranted age wish) daily funnies, 5/23/2014 - panel

- (dream flashback like adult rejuvenation) "Just like the first time" c2017. Technically, a lesbian dance rejuv comic that could be seen as OA? A friend shared this with me because we used to talk about getting old together, so when she sees anything like that, she'll often send it my way - link - alt - (VioletJames)

- (adult FF) Very long 1-page comics. "Fast Forward" 2011 then and now - (Marc)

- (adult FF) You can get a photo from your future self - Comic link

- (past/future selves) 2021 - Full comic link - extract

sudden puberty
- (AA AP spurt) c2012 - 4-panel grow-up reaction gag

SuperFogeys, The
- (AR) "SuperFogeys Babies", "SuperFogeys Origins", 2012 - Comics link - extract

- ("old" superheroes) Ch10 "Bubbles of Light" Pt.1, 2018. - link - if blocked alt - (AgingWomen)

- (AR) 2012 webcomic.
Super heroes in their later years discover they have been turned into infants. The question is, who did it, and can they all turn back before nap time (that part I added)?
- Storyline start link - (Tazz)

Surviving Mars
- (AR, RN AP UC CB) webcomic, 2005.
Extended AR storyline link
- AP RN link - male AP RN link - (Entropic)

tall/short girl problems
- (adult height/clothing etc. issues) c2020 caps

- (adult ages) fantasy/reality

Theater Hopper
- (male FF APed UC) 9/22/2003, "Pituitary Peccadillo" webcomic gag

then and now (theme)
- (FF AA) Dreams vs. reality - years

This Modern World
- (age stasis) stuck
- (age stasis) 1987 - kids

three dollar bill
- (male AA TF APed) c2012 webcomic Zelda parody - (

through the years (theme)
- (FF/FB) - futility - signposts - adult years - Time, 2012 Then - (John, SamSaxton)

through the years: boys to men
- (male AA flash forward scenes, themes & tropes)
3/22/12, "Getting a new game" - Then and Now
- sweater years - Growing Up
- "Family" - Decades
- Part 2 - "Gaming Then and Now" Changes
Crushes Through Life
- c2012 webcomic - Lifetime
Zen Pencils
- 2012, "11 ways to be average" - Lifetime
Talking to Dad
- 2011 webcomic - Growing Up
(various contributors)

through the years
- (FF) "Monsters_And_Dames" 2010.
Sea monster lifetime - (Tallychyck, NightElf37)

Thundercake meme
- (AA FF)
Time Warp (gottaluvthev13) - Time Warp (xKatehx)

Thundercake meme
- (dedicated AA FF lineups) c2010.
- 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

time gags (themes)
- (flash forward) - Then & Now, 2-panel gag

Time Paradox!
- (AA FF) 2010 time-travel web-manga.
Lead male has an overly imaginative mental AP-vision of what HE thinks the soon-to-be lead female will look like in the future, based on the fact that she seems like the "nerd" type. Being just a superficial teen boy, he doesn't realize that not all nerds end up like weirdos and recluses. Later I do intend to have a sexy but cute AR with the scientist chick on the front cover. Page 6 has the ugly AP - webcomic link - decades compilation - (Crash Ichimonji)

Tom the Dancing Bug
- (male adult FF gag) "Marital Mirth" parody short, c'23 - pic

Tony Auth
- (AA FF APed) 2010 editorial cartoon - time suds
- (male FF) "Life Sucks" 2/12, 6-panel gag.
Lifetime link - (Deniz)

- (male FF) lifetime

Troop 37
- (AP TG, UCed) Circa 2007 collective comic. 5th grader suddenly grew up into teenage girl and has to deal with more adult issues, including boys. APed
- (outgrown clothes) UC

Trouble With Girls, The
(male AP, CB) "Little Girls: When Lester Went Through Puberty" 1990.
Epic Comics, Heavy Hitters, 1993 male AP CB

True Villains
- (male AR & aftermath) webcomic by Kurtz, Hughes, Karpsten. 2009.
87 y.o. Elia keeps fresh with Black Magic and stolen skins. Old sorcerer Bayn Pheonix was TFed into a boy by demon Xaneth Antaris to surpass him in power. Now that age is no longer a factor he got roped into working for Xaneth once more, having only simple magical abilities. He's in a pretty consistent bad mood...
- AR scene link - link - link

- male mahou AR art

Trygve Olson
(male AP UC) 2005 editorial cartoon - male AP scene.

Tum Natakorn Ulit
- (AA young adult anthros lifecycles to OA) @tumnulit, Life of a Wax People - walking candles link - caps - (Kappa)

Tum Natakorn Ulit
- (FF to OA) Thai manga shorts similar to Yang Young-soon.
Insert Coin? Boy FFed to man, husband & wife to old couple while he played the Game of Life - Comic strip - strip - (Jeff 2bya)

- (male age FF anomaly) Comical Western newspaper strip featured outlaw Snake Eye and his little brother Snookie - ostensibly 12, he looks like a malicious hulking grown man with stubble and a moustache, wearing the classic Lord Fauntleroy "schoolboy" outfit.

Twilight series
(adult FFed to oa) fan art - (seemikedraw)

Twisted Speedo
- (male adult to OA, rebirth glimpse) - c2012 web comic Minecraft

Two Guys and Guy
- (adult FF to old) 2011-'12, Future flash forward gags - (AgingWomen)

Two Kinds
(accelerated development) Webcomic, p78. Flora looks and acts as if she is in her early 20s, but is only 11 years old. Her kind only live into their late 20s at best.

- (dino FF) Short-lived comic book would have followed a Tyrannosaurus from birth through death, but only managed to go from birth to slightly later.

(AR) 2007 Momo Impact. (Process forum) change

UC scenes
- The reason for kids' stretched out clothes? c2013 - "flex" - (Bartholomewgarcia)

(furry AR) Queen Pamela is reverted AR

- (adult rejuvenation) c2010 wish

- (old aged, reptile ARed) Webcomic, c2016.
Witch toon woman tries to console the protagonist, who's had to accept the fact he died. And when I say console, brother, do I mean console! She later turns herself old for a magic spell, swapping time with a turtle.
- -
- Scenes extract - (Kappa)

undersized clothes
- (adult FFed) 1-panel gag - tight fit

unknown daily strip
- (adult rejuvenation dream sequence) New York Daily News, c1972/73 New Years, Sunday color strip.
Humor strip involving a janitor in an apartment and the various residents. Old lady character wore appropriate granny clothes and hairdo. The janitor is sitting on a couch drinking with the old lady on the other end. In the first panel he's not happy with her eying him up. By the second panel he has a drink or two in him and she has slightly improved in appearance. Her face is softer and the nose is smaller. Her dress is somewhat shorter and the sleeves of her blouse are up to her elbows. She looks about 40. The next panel has him interested. After a few more drinks she is an attractive woman of about 30. Her skirt is just above the knee with nice looking legs. She has a trim figure with sleeves above the elbows. The next panel has her as a party girl of about 20, wearing a minidress and almost bare shoulders. Very shapely and leggy. The last panel has him drunk, and the woman changes into an extremely shapely girl with a barely there dress (more like a swimsuit). Long flowing silver hair, looks about 18 - (Time2)

- (ARed, RNed) - "Who stole my clothes?" panel glimpse - (ArArchive)

(AP AA TF) Fantasy webcomic

Up to my Nipples
- (FFed) - c2012 web comic - Labyrinth (1986 film) Where are they now?

Up To My Nipples
- (male FFed parody) "Ziggy" 2/19/12 webcomic.
Labyrinth: Where Are They Now? 1986 to 2012: link - (O')

Urgent Transformation Crisis
- (TF comics) UTC webcomic. Less fan-servicey than normal, and the implications are taken far more seriously than in other strips. Transformations are quite hard to reverse and can seriously affect one's life.

Vampire Husband
- (FFed to OA, male demon age stasis) Slice of life webcomic by Scragony, c'20 - link - art - (Deleted)

Vittorio Giardino
- (coming of age) timeline art - art - art

Were Child
(AA TFs) Web comic. Young tomboy werewolf and werecat became roommates - TF scenes.

wheels of life, The
- (male lifetime) - rolling - (Deniz)

when I grow up
- (male FFed) 8-panel

where did we go wrong (theme)
- (FF) then and now

wish I was older...
- (AP dream sequence clip art) 1-panel age wishes

- (AA FFed) future glimpse

Wizard of Id
- (male AR AA poofed) 10/28/2014 daily funnies - 3-panel gag - (Tazz)

Working Daze
- (ARed AA poof, TFs) 6/08/2014.
Dana has "awesome management powers" to transform her coworkers when it suits her - babied - (MaleKim)

Working Daze
- (male adult FF) "you may be a geek" - decade - (O')
(male AR) "Overdone" 11/01/08, Back to baby time travel. AR AA

Wotch, The
- (AR scenes) "The Wotch" web comic. Lilly was temporarily age-progressed near the end of the "What's My Age Again" chapter. Lilly
- (AP AA) 1/16/2008 AA
- (reincarnation AA) Mingmei discovers she used to be Dr. Sorgaz. The Sorgaz persona takes it as a 2nd chance in life, and opts to merge with Mingmei permanently.

Wotch, The
- (dedicated furry TF, TG, AR) The Wotch.
2002-2016+ webcomic by Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson - incomplete INFO

Wotch, The
Adventures in Babysitting
- (TG age swaps) web comic - Evan turned into an adult female, while Anne, Robin (Robyn?), and Jason were turned into children of the opposite gender - link

Yang Young-soon
- (FF, TF) Korean manhwa style comics.
"Death" FF male adult years.
"Kitty" years male FFed.
"Possessed" TF adult CB - weight gain, kinda like age increased.

(flash forward) 2003 comic 01 - 02

(FF AA) By Megan Rose Gedris. Emily grows up with her favorite plush doll. FF AA

Zap! (magazine)
(male "growth" UC) "Dr. Disaster & the Big Problem" #4, Future Publishing, 2006. Cavan Scott, Jason Lythgoe-Hay.
Dr. Disaster, a young boy who longs to be a megalomaniac if only his mum would stop getting in the way, is inspired by King King to create a spray that will cause him to "grow" to giant proportions. Shame his clothes don't grow with him?

(male flashback, dream sequence) male

- (male) "Growth spurt" sketchbook 2. male growth
- (male old age, dream sequence) 07/20/03 male old age
- (male UC) male
- (male AR, dream sequence) 2005 ('O') male AR
- male AR scene
- male growth
- (male ARed, AA AP) male

- (AR dream sequence AA's) couch argument AR (ARarchive)
- (male foot growth, shoe CB) male
- (male morning growth) male
- (male old age) male
- (male adult FF AA aging) male
- (male AA FF) years
- (middle age) - 14

- (kinda like ARed) 2010, "Love Is" nude parodies, teen to chibi forms - (shrinkingman13)
- (male AA FF) 4/2010 - years
- (male teen height) It's revealed that Jeremy would tower over his mother if he weren't constantly slouching.
- (male teen to late middle age AA FF dream sequence) 2010 - years

- (male FB/FF) newspaper funnies, 3/12 - "Old Memories - New Realities" - (WM)

- (male FF AP) c8/11 - growing pains
- (male self image) 8/19/12 reduced
-(male FF) - years

time gags
David Horsey
- (male giant baby) 1 panel - Baby Boomer retirement - (male tantrum FF) 2 panel - clean-up refusal

time gags
Deviant Artist: Xailenrath
- (adult FF) - "my own personal apocalypse", c'19 "Goth to MILF" story - (AgingWomen)

time gags
Holiday gifts
- (FF cut) - 2 panels, same pose then and now through the years - (AgingWomen)

time gags
Jonathan Pugh
- (male "puberty") 1 panel bearded primary student.

time gags
married years
- (adult FF) - 4 panels, couple gag - (AgingWomen)

time gags
Wooden Plank Studios
- (adults FFed) 2010s+ webcomics. - old folks home, now & in 50 years - (Kappa)

comics: A to C - D to L - M to S - T to Z - short comics - fetish comics

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal