Aging Transformation Scenes

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O Corpo das Garotas
- (girl/boy puberty AP FF scenes) Jairo Bouer, 2006. Sex-ed books about girls bodies, Brazil - also "O Corpo dos Garotas" - book covers

Oerken Leaves, The
- (male APed) "Book 1, The Whole Creation Groans", Thomas Clayton Booher, 2008.
Trilogy reminiscent of C. S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Evil youth Brutus from earth visits the perfect planet as 2 earthling brothers and their sister observe his contamination. With little effort, Brutus betrays the trust of the Eskathoerians and uses deception to make them honor him as a leader. He has met the devil in a pond and is morphed into an adult.

- (adult growth CB scene) Liam Jackson.
"The old woman now stood taller by several inches. In a matter of seconds, she had grown from an inch above five feet to a height well above Pam's own five-ten. Fabric ripped at the seams and clothing fell away to the floor. Her shoulders and arms bulged, filling out with knotty muscle and sinew. All the while, the woman continued to talk.
... Ellen Wainwright cackled again and..."

Ogre Downstairs, The
- (mind transfer) Diana Wynne Jones, 1974. A mystical chemistry set causes 2 kids in a blended family to switch bodies for a day. The swap is discovered after two Not Himself situations.

Ogre Witch-Queen, The
- (old age, age stasis) N A Preece.
Amethyst changed before their eyes, slowly at first, and then quicker and quicker she lost her appearance of beauty, becoming what time had been robbed of all these centuries. She became old, bent with age, her voice becoming feeble.
"What is happening to me? I demand you stop this now; help me; don't let this happen to me I beg of you; I promise I will change my ways."
She was frantic with fear and promised anything if only the change would stop and she be returned to her beauty.

Old Man's War
(male adult rejuvenation) John Scalzi novel. Recently widowed and seeking purpose in his life, Scalzi's 75 year old narrator enlists in the military so that he can have his consciousness transferred to a younger, genetically modified body, and defend human colonies. "The Ghost Brigades" (2006) envisions a platoon of servicemen created from the DNA of human beings, born as physical adults and bred solely to fight.

Old Truck, The
- (FF) "The Old Truck", Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey, 2020. Story of a young Black girl from childhood to adulthood and a truck on a family farm. We watch the truck wear out and break down before the girl, now a grown woman, works to bring it back to life. The girl grows taller. The grass grows taller. The color of the leaves change on the trees. Snow falls. The truck rusts. As she grows up, the truck grows weary and is put out to pasture. She pulls the truck out of the weeds and works to restore it.

Olivia Kidney and the Secret Beneath the City
- (height increase wish, stasis) Ellen Potter, 2007.
The 3rd book in the Olivia Kidney series. Frannie is trying to make herself grow so that people will stop mistaking her for a 7 y.o.? A mysterious jungle plant might do the trick? "Although Frannie was the size of a seven-year-old child, she was nearly fifteen - two years older than Olivia."

On Stranger Tides
- (AR or rejuv) Tim Powers.
Turn back the clock to the time of the pirates, and throw in voodoo magic, zombies, sorcerers and the Fountain of Youth. The journey to the Fountain is one of the creepiest and most magical scenes.
- (Michael Battaglia) ln - th

On Stranger Tides
(possible adult rejuvenation, AR, age stasis) Tim Powers, 1988.
The book deals with the legendary Blackbeard the Pirate and the Fountain of Youth. Puppeteer John Chandagnac has no choice but to join the buccaneers who have taken him prisoner. Blackbeard is assembling a ruthless navy of living and undead pirates to voyage to the fabled Fountain, and Jack Shandy must use magic, swordsmanship, and even his puppeteer skills to free himself and the girl he has fallen in love with.
This novel may become the inspiration for the 2011 movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
- (Tazz)

Once and Future King, The
- (male adult rejuv) Arthurian fantasy novel. "The Book of Merlyn" 1941, 1977, about backward-time-traveler.

Once and Future King, The
- (male reverse time) T. H. White, 1958.
Merlyn remembers the future, and this serves as an excuse for the book's Anachronism Stew.

Once There Were Giants
(flash forward) (Bhi Fathaigh Ann Uair) Martin Waddell, Penny Dale. English and Gaelic. Once there was a baby in the house, and to that baby, Mum, Dad, Jill and John were giants. But little by little the baby grew - until she became a giant too.

Once Upon a Childhood
- (AP mirror effect) Elvis Ray.
The wall beyond the table consisted of a silver mirror...
As Celest approached the mirror her gaze was transfixed upon her own reflection. With each step her image grew older, and her beauty also became more and more pronounced. Her dark hair grew in length, and as she grew taller her face took on the same elegance she loved about her mother's. Celest was nearly at the table when she noticed that the warmth had left her reflection's eyes.
Before she could close her hand on the item that would end her quest in folded time, her older reflection stepped out of the mirror and gripped her already aching wrist with a grip that could make a river troll cry like a baby.

Once Upon a Curse
- (TF old age) Tales of the Frog Princess Book 3, E.D. Baker, 2004.
Sequel to The Frog Princess and Dragon's Breath. Emma is about to turn 16 and is worried about an old family curse: upon reaching their 16th birthday, the women of her family must not touch any flower or they will lose their kindness, beauty, and youth. Emma saw it happen to her favorite aunt and is determined to find the cure before she too turns into an old ugly witch.
- th - ln - (Jeffr_2bya)

One Day
- (young adult to middle age) David Nicholls, 2010. We drop in on them on July 15 for the next 20 years.

One Knight Only
- (adult rejuv?) Peter David, 2004.
King Arthur, in his modern incarnation as Arthur Penn, has been elected President of the United States. But with political power come powerful enemies. An assassination attempt puts his beloved wife Gwen in a coma, and her only hope lies in the lost Holy Grail.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

One Pill Makes You Smaller: A Novel
(accelerated growth) Lisa Dierbeck, 2003. Alice Duncan feels monstrously tall for her age. At 11 years she stands 5'7" and is fully developed, and beautiful too. In her own opinion, she's a freak: "a kid's head grafted on a woman's body." She looks so much like a grown woman, she's hit on by her classmates and their fathers. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the novel portrays a young girl's unwilling tumble toward adulthood. Most of the time the author makes her seem like a 22-year old Playboy playmate or a Barbie doll in terms of her physique. Page 6: "... alarming rapid-growth spurts, like the Grow-Me Barbie doll whose torso lengthened when Alice pulled her hair in one direction and her legs in the other. Rabbit knew that despite Alice's unusual height, she was 11. He'd even attended her 11th-birthday party."

- (TF rapid size increase CB) - Peter Luber.
- p138: I could not stop her approach. I could slow it to a crawl, which only stretched the time in which I was able to watch as she bloated, her body growing as if being inflated by some unseen air pump. In my arrogance I had mistaken my perspective of Cassie as a change in position.
She hadn't come closer; she had grown larger just to give the impression. At first I hadn't noticed, because she had maintained her excellent proportions as she grew, but now she was growing huge, and I could not stop her rapid expansion. When she burst out of her clothes, Cassie loosed a scream that froze my blood. Her skin stretched until she was twice her original size, then she cried out my name and...

Opening Spaces: an Anthology of Contemporary African Women's Writing
(male APed) Yvonne Vera.
"The next day, the woman was pregnant. Before the day was over, she had given birth to a son."
"When the child felt ready, he said goodbye to his parents and left without looking back. With each step he took away from them, he was visibly growing up. So much so, that by the time he could see the city in the distance, he was already a man."

Ora world: the Destiney Begins
(AR) Hayumi Ejipt, self-published link. The story of a land where adults rule. Inuyan and her friends were just normal primary students who ran away from home, and fell in a hole into a land were adults turn children into babies. (Entropic)

- ("age stasis") Jessica Khoury, 2012.
Pia was raised to be the start of a new immortal race. She discovers a hole in the electric fence that surrounds her sterile home.

Orphans of Chaos
- (accelerated age form ability) John C. Wright.
"You obviously wanted to be older, bigger, stronger when you were still a very young child. Many young children have this wish. Most do not have the power to make their wishes come true. You had the body of a five- or six-year-old when you were three ... when Miss Fair began to develop her ah... rather generous signs of puberty, you also wanted to be older, and quickly, like most girls. Most girls, however, are not shape-changers. Despite our efforts, your powers are still influenced by your subconscious desires. In a few months, you had the body and glandular reactions of a fully mature woman of twenty or so; and, like all girls your age, you wanted to look like a fashion model ... the perfect wasp-waisted hourglass figure..."

Orphans of Chaos
(age disguised) John C. Wright. In "Young persons", as the author and others have noted, the ages of the students are in question. The Headmaster insists to the "girl" narrating the book that she is 14 years old, but has made herself look older with her powers. At other times, the book suggests she is 16...or 20...or perhaps ageless. Still, it is precisely the implied and in-practice adolescence of the characters that spices up "virgin" "teenage" Amelia's thoughts about sex running through the book.

Ossie series
- (male AP AA TFs) 1985 Hunter Davies, illustrator: Malou Bonicos. Bodley Head Children's Books.
A boys' version of the Flossie Teacake books. Young Oswald turns into an 18 y.o. when he borrows his grandfather's medal.
Come On, Ossie!
Ossie Goes Supersonic
- (male AP transformation) 1986 Hunter Davies, Malou Bonicos.
Ossie the Millionaire
- (male AP transformation) 1987 Hunter Davies, Malou Bonicos.

Other Side of Dark, The
- (amnesia FFed) Joan Lowery Nixon, 1986.
Stacy wakes in a body she doesn't recognize, to discover she's been in a coma for 4 years, the only eyewitness to her mother's murder.

- (reverse life) Joan Gould, 1980.
Pacific island inhabited by a race of people with a radically different conception of birth, aging, and death.

Otto Grows Down
(male AR) cover

Ouroh Trilogy, The
- (AP) Thomas D. Bryson, 2012.
When the kids wake in the morning they have all become several years older, and this causes some problems:
- "Trudy woke with a struggle ...she swung her legs over the edge of her bed in the comfort of familiar squeaky bedsprings. She sat upright with a well-practiced groan.
She stretched her arms only to find a tender pain on her chest. She was stunned when she made eye contact with the shadowy reason for the tenderness.
"Whoa... I got bosoms!"
Trudy had petite breasts beneath her suddenly way too snug nightshirt. After a minute she laid aside the mystery in her need to get dressed... She stood slack-jawed before her dresser mirror. Her nightlight revealed that the nightshirt was shortened to halfway up her thighs. It had touched her knees the last time she remembered putting it on. She hadn't just grown out, she grew up as well. A look of disbelief stared back at her... She had an insanely tangled head of hair to add to the mystery. "That will comb out to at least a couple of feet," Trudy mumbled to herself in shock.
"Mom is going to have to explain this one," she thought. She quietly rummaged through her closet and dresser to find something that fit. Nothing was close enough to merit an attempt.
Trudy snuck down the stairs so as not to prematurely wake the others. She thought to find something suitable in the laundry room... She shut the door before pulling on the light cord. In the too-be-folded basket she found one of her mother's thin cotton nightgowns. She peeled her nightshirt off with a couple of mumbled curses at it and her hair.
The clock on the kitchen wall and her nose determined that it was much later than she initially thought. Coffee was already made.
At the kitchen door, Trudy paused to yank the ruler of its hook. Backing into the door-jam, she placed the ruler on top of her head. Her hair fought her subconsciously engrained maneuver of holding her hair down to get a good reading. She huffed in a fluster to finger-part the mass of hair. She ducked and spun around to see the results. Her mouth dropped as she had gained over nine inches in height above her previous pencil mark. In a shock she stumbled outside...
"I'd put on a robe before the boys get up if I was you." ...the nightgown was too diaphanous to be worn publicly.
Visions of the embarrassment of being seen in an uncompromising...
"...I have hairs on my chest," Trevor yelled from behind the upstairs bathroom door. "Seven of 'em!" He reached for his dad's shaving cream and razor... "We get to shave!" He was enthralled with his caveman appearance that projected the essence of his manhood.
Trudy shrieked as she ran down the hallway, barely making it into her room...
"Yeah, I got hairs all over..." He had barely registered the blur that darted into the girl's room. Whatever the situation was with the girls, it was not as important as shaving. "Man, these swim trunks things sure are snug!"
Trudy slammed the door behind her. Her relief was short-lived as Imagination was standing before her dresser mirror in her birthday suit.
Hopefully Imagination had stayed in the bedroom while the boys were up and about.
..."With a little sun," Trudy said... "Okay, a lot of sun"... She wasn't going through the pain of having to explain the shade of baby pink that Imagination now appeared... examining her long locks of baby soft dark brown hair... Her hair's silkiness... felt like it would blow away with a slight breeze. "It's so soft!" She scarcely registered Trudy draping a light bed throw over her shoulders.
"What happened to us?" Trudy asked.
"Tantantra's time shift," Imagination answered in an inattentive tone. "We're older," she said, as if the matter of fact should be obvious.
"Duh, like about three or four years or so," Trudy snapped at the intrusion of her natural growth. "I gotta be pushing fifteen or sixteen."
Trudy peeled off her mother's nightgown, determined to get dressed. Her jeans were murderously tight and simply not making it past her bottom. Her hair was driving her nuts as it got tangled in everything. This simply wasn't going to do. Even lying flat on her back she couldn't get a skirt's button within a couple hand-widths of the buttonholes. Blue jeans were simply out of the "what to wear" question. With Imagination's help, Trudy peeled the skirt back off and grimaced as her panties split in the rear. She heard her mother coming up the stairs as she fumed.
Tantantra saved the children by throwing bags of store-bought clothing into their rooms...
The new clothes confirmed Imagination's explanation of Trudy's mother imposing a time shift. The girls picked through the clothes and dressed quickly.
Trudy howled as her hair caught in the top button of her new blouse. "Enough!" she shouted. She stood before the mirror...
"Sit," Mother said before Trudy could burst with a zillion questions. "First lets do something with that hair."
It was like your hair being blown out by a hand drier. When it settled into place, Trudy had a short - but cute - hairstyle.
Trudy couldn't believe her eyes. Her brother had to be almost six feet tall, and Ideas was but a hand-width shorter. Her brother sported a small piece of red blotched tissue paper under his chin. The thought of his shaving brought to mind that she was going to have to do something about the hair under her arms and on her legs."

Owl in Love
(TF, coming of age) Patrice Kindl, 1993, YA novel. Teen shape-shifting girl comes to terms with growing up. Owl Tycho stalks her science teacher at night in the shape of a bird. She survives her infatuation, learns the give and take of true friendship, and finds a soul mate in a boy shape-shifter who has given in to madness since he cannot come to terms with his true nature.

Oz books: The Lost King of Oz
- (AP CB glimpsed) In the Oz series, time seems pretty much the same in fairyland and the Great Outside World. In one incident, Dorothy visited California and rapidly grew up to the age she would have been if she hadn't moved to Oz. Her story worked out happily, as she was able to return to Oz and her childhood with some wishing sand - book illustration scan

Oz books
- (AA FFed) teen Dorothy fan art

Oz books
- Frank Baum, others.
Paradox In Oz
- (AP) Suddenly, in the Land of Oz where no one grows older, everyone begins to age. Ozma (the lovely ruler of Oz) must save her people and restore the enchantment that keeps them young and vibrant.
Queen Zixi of Ix AKA "the Magic Cloak" Wishing cloak brings age change to Oz. (TBTC)
Sir Harold and the Gnome King From "the Enchanter Reborn", L. Sprague de Camp, Christopher Stasheff, 1961. Depicts an Oz with the no-aging spell no longer in existence. Both Dorothy and Ozma are older and married.

Oz books
- LKoO P123: "...Dorothy in her torn stockings and frock and the dummy in his regal..."

Oz books
Dorothy and the Magic Belt
- (AR) Susan Saunders, 1985.
Doctor Nikidik's son doesn't think it is fair that his father can't practice magic any more. So he resolves to steal the Magic Belt - and turns Dorothy's friends into babies to do it!
- (TBTC) ln - th

Oz books
Emerald City: The New Adventures of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
- (male AR) Arnold Schildkret, 2011.
Invents anew the characters and landscape of Oz.
"You're safe as long as you stay in Emerald City. No one dies here except by an accident. You'll swim in our Royal Pool of Perpetual Youth. You'll get younger and younger every day."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Oz books
Mrs. Pickering Goes to Oz
- (AR, tiny possibility of AP RN UC/CB?)
Vincent Ward, 1975, 2006.
2 children receive a magic wish when their parents are inadvertently reverted to childhood. They journey to Oz to find the solution - (Jeffr_2bya)

Oz books
Lost King of Oz
- (excellent AP scene, girl to woman growth CB, RN)
Ruth Plumly Thompson, 1925.
- Page 111: "...the Dummy believe I'll call you Humpy!" cried Dorothy, clapping her hands softly. "Oooh! Ouch! What's that?" In sudden terror Dorothy clutched at her left shoe. "I don't care what you call me, but I'd call you very odd!" said the dummy in alarm. "You've grown at least a foot since I've been looking at you. People in this country are supposed to stay the same size," he muttered, edging away uneasily. But Dorothy scarcely heard him. There was a frightful pain in her heart and both shoes pinched so terribly that she screamed aloud. At the same instant ... "Are you going to burst?" asked the dummy anxiously. "Oh! Oh! I'm afraid so," gasped the little..."
112: "...The girl, clutching herself about the waist. At each word she shot up another inch, for Dorothy, who had lived in the Fairy Land for many years, was suddenly growing up. In Oz, no one ever grows up, but in America Dorothy would be quite a young lady by this time and, removed from the magical influences of that magical land, she was growing all at once and finding it, as most of the rest of us do, an exceedingly uncomfortable business. Her screams as she grew taller and taller were so piteous that Humpy fell off the log.
"Help! Help! Help!" wailed the dummy, beating his flimsy arms up and down among the leaves. "Oh! Oh!" panted Dorothy desperately. "I can't stand this another minute. I wish I were back. I wish I were back!" Next moment there was not a sound in the ravine, nor a person, nor even a dummy. Only a startled squirrel ran up and down the log, chattering with fright and annoyance. Certainly he had seen two people on that log. Well, where were they now? He frisked his tail, he wiggled his..."
114: "...size this minute and another size the next is all wrong. I wonder where she is now!" - "Here I am," called" - "...we got here?" - "Little again!" groaned the dummy, just lifting his head long enough to look at her, and then letting it drop back among the leaves. "Little again!" - "Oh, am I?" Dorothy jumped up in great excitement and began measuring herself as best she could. Her stockings were stretched and torn, her dress was ripped in several seams and minus all of its buttons. But outside of this she was her old, or rather her young, sweet self again. "Why we must be back in Oz," - ... or are you going to shoot up into a young lady again? Don't shoot," begged the dummy quickly. "It makes me nervous!" - "Well, I don't know," said Dorothy doubt-fully. To tell the truth the little girl had not had time to think at all, nor did she quite realize that she was one age in Oz and another age in America. "I'll have to ask the Wizard about..." Oz books3
133: "...mid-stream by this time. "Good-bye!" called Dorothy and Humpy, picking himself up clumsily, waved his crown. "Ah, still the same size I see," smiled Humpy, looking amiably at Dorothy. "Any more adventures coming?" "Well, I liked that one," chuckled Dorothy, pulling..."
166: "...every single thing that had happened since her fall into California. Snip was especially interested in Dorothy's sudden change in size. "Is that what tore your dress?" he asked curiously. The little girl nodded and Tora, ruffling up his silver locks and looking first at Dorothy and then at Humpy, murmured over and over: "Well, I can hardly believe my ears, I can hardly believe my ears!" Dorothy could not help thinking that the tailor's ears were hard for anyone to..."
227: "There are still two things I don't under-stand," mused Dorothy, as Pastoria finished speaking. "Why did I change size in California, and" - "Both very easy..." - "up the mysteries. If you had lived in America as long as you have lived in Oz, you would be quite a young lady by now, so of course, when you reached California, you resumed your proper age." - "Then I'm never going back," decided..." book cover (no AP)

Oz series
- (FFed) Galerie Maghen, the Book Show, 2012.
What if Dorothy never came back from Oz? Maybe she'd grown up and become a lady... so she needed new ruby shoes!
- Fan Art link - (Pinup Doodles)

- (ghost AP UC) Catherynne M. Valente.
p24 "She drowned, in the Volkhov, before I was born. She was wearing a red dress and black stockings - it was a cold day."
p27 "I missed you, Olezhka," said the dead mouth of Lyudmila, her red dress far too small now, the weeds of the Volkhov still throttling her neck...
p60 The woman in the red child's dress combed a long brown weed from her hair...
p61 She sat at his table, waited for him to come home from school, and then from work, and the years ground against each other like gears.
The dyed lace on her collar was twisted up around her neck... He'd grown accustomed to her comings and goings ...when he was seven...he had see her sitting on his ashen footboard, knees drawn up to her chin, her dress seeping a wet crescent onto the edge of his blankets.
She had put her arms around his neck and fallen asleep that way...
Once, when he was 14...Lyudmila had crawled under the covers again, her dress already too short to be decent when faced with such activity, and put her arms around him, her mouth so close to his ear that afterward he would have to hop up and down like a swimmer to get the water out.
p234 ...his sister in her squeezing, tiny red dress who would hold him until all his memories...
p334 ...I wanted my real sister, in the real world, as she has always been, in her red dress and her wet hair."
p75 snippet: Dismayed threads pop free of shoulder seams; buttons fly.

- (dream age appearances?) by Gayl Jones, 2021.
Historical magical realism, 17th Century. Genitalia disappear in moments of peril and reappear, characters seem to change age at will, time collapses or expands, and plenty of mysterious potions and spells.

Pan: From Lieutenant Thomas Glahn's Papers
(APed?) Anita Loos Knut Hamsun 1894 symbological novel. "The year had 12 months, but night became day and you never saw a star in the sky. And the people I met were peculiar and of a different nature than the people I used to know; sometimes a single night was enough to change them from child to adult, making them come out in all their glory, mature and fully grown. There was nothing magical in this, I just hadn't seen anything like it before."

Paper Roses
- (UCed glimpse) Amanda Cabot, 2009.
...girl's blonde braids ... her skirt revealed too many inches of leg; her blouse strained at the seams. In sharp contrast to her outgrown and somewhat shabby clothing ...

Paradise Bargain, The
(UC scene, coming of age) Betina M. Krahn.
"...he just saw those bumps and bulges on her body that branded her as hopelessly female...
Until today, it had still been her lingering hope, that if she ignored the changes in her body, they would someday go away. But nature had already prolonged her childhood well past the norm, and now seemed bent on recouping lost time by inflicting womanly attributes on her with a vengeance. At fourteen, when most of the young girls in the valley were budding and filling out and casting sheep's eyes at the young bucks, Whitney had still had the shape of a young lad: broadening shoulders, long, gangly legs, slim hips, and a flat chest. Then at the ripe old age of fifteen, she began to "bust out all over", as she had dismally put it. "Blooming," her aunt Kate called it. made her shirt fronts bulge and her breeches bind...
She had breasts, now, healthy sized ones, too, she'd learned from surreptitious comparisons. Her waist had suddenly begun to shrink, and her hips rounded and mounded alarmingly. Her bottom rocked and swayed annoyingly when she stretched out to cover ground. It was all faintly embarrassing, having her body up and change on her like that."

Paradox in Oz
- (OA effects) Edward A. Einhorn. Amby notices a gray hair in his beard. Everyone seems to be aging again. Glinda offers a baby named Zoey, the Man Who Lives Backwards.

(possible AP/AR, not confirmed) Christopher Andrews 2002. The White Flash bathed the Earth in its awesome glow. Almost immediately, some people began changing ... Some people gained the ability to change their age, race, and gender at will. "He did not grow in size and rip out of his clothes like The Incredible Hulk ... he simply knew that he wasn't giving it his all." "Philip struggled to contain himself. Only a close examination of the fit of his clothes convinced him that he hadn't physically grown in size." "Old people, young people, black and white and Asian people, tall people or short people all change. Some babies even change before they are born." "... colored skin and who have different religions should be treated equal, then a man who can change the color of ..." "He read the part about the color-changing man again ..." "How could someone be a Class One hair-grower? Turn into a big fuzzball or somethin'?" "Hey, since the White Flash, you never can tell, right?"

Pasta di Drago
- (AP, AR) covers
- (possible AP? male AP RN? male AR, age stasis) AKA "Die Drachenpaste" "The Dragon Pasta" Silvana Gandolfi novel, Italy. It is night in Kathmandu. An old man hands a mysterious pasta to 50 y.o. Andrew with the order to bring this to 10 y.o. Kumari (to prevent her from growing into a woman). Andrew is curious, and eats the pasta. It makes him younger at the rate of a year each day. Together with Kumari, a dangerous and adventurous race begins for the magic charm. (Chica)

Patrone, The
- (OA glimpse) "The Patrone", Toni Silk.
Traci went to screaming, before everyone's eyes she began to age, in sixty seconds she was an old hag, she went white-headed and she was aging so fast ... Tracy fell to the floor and was a skeleton in ninety seconds.

Pauline P series
(coming of age) Sanja Polak book series, Croatia - cover

Pea Brain
(male growth spurt, male UC) Janette Brazel.
p22: If you want to play basketball, Bruce, you're going to have to do a lot of growing," Robbie said matter-of-factly.
p96: Violet hugged Bruce then looked him up and down.
"You're growing up right before my eyes and I hadn't noticed it. Look how short your jeans are. We must get you some new pants next week if things are going well!"
Bruce looked down at his jeans. Violet was right, his jeans were sitting a good few centimeters above his joggers. He had grown! And he hadn't even noticed.
Perhaps his growth spurt was finally happening. He saw himself charging down the basketball court, dodging defenders and putting on a perfectly executed...
p130: Sure enough, Bruce was taller than the mark left on Saturday. "Three centimeters, Robbie! I've grown three centimeters in less than a week. No wonder I've been feeling lousy, my body's going through a huge growth spurt!" Bruce proceeded to bounce around the room, whooping with pleasure. Then he picked up his basketball and...
Robbie followed Bruce into the séance room. She looked him up and down, a strange expression on her face.
"What's wrong?" Bruce asked.
"Look how short your pants are." Robbie burst out laughing. Bruce checked out his skinny legs sticking from his jeans, which were now halfway up his shins.
p152: Closing his eyes, Bruce realized his toes were touching the end of his bed. I'm still growing,...

Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Gynecology
- (puberty FF) Tanner Stages

People: Celebrity Transformations
(flash forward, AA) 2009.
A simple idea with great photo impact: Follow your favorite stars through the years, from childhood to the present, in photos that capture their style and transformations. What did they look like as kids? Who was a teenage goof? Who's always had style at the Oscars(r)? With treacherous trends, fashion triumphs, and hair moments that'll make you go "Hmmmm." link

People: Child Stars: Then & Now
(flash forward, AA) 2009. What Happened to 100 Child Actors after They Outgrew Their First Burst of Fame?
They starred in TV's The Brady Bunch, Full House, Diff'rent Strokes, The Cosby Show, Punky Brewster and The Facts of Life and in movies. Many got famous and rich before they got driver's licenses. But what happened after that first -- and often fleeting -- burst of fame? Find out what became of all the kids who came of age in Hollywood in the '70s, '80s and '90s. link

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Chalice of the Gods
- (fantasy setting demigod AR, RN) by Rick Riordan, 2023.
To complete a task set by the gods, Percy, Annabeth and Grover find themselves in the realm of Hebe, the goddess of youth. While trying to ascertain information in an arcade known as Hebe Jeebies, they anger the goddess, who causes all three to regress back to their 8 y.o. selves. The emotions they once had as children reemerge as they try to find a way to change back. No TF description like when Percy was turned into a guinea pig, just the stereotypical poof.
After several chapters, Annabeth tricks Hebe into regressing back into a baby, and returning them and herself back to their original ages (For Hebe, it is a teenager). Some slight process was described, as Percy watches Hebe regress, but he doesn't go into much detail - (Mecham34)

- (adult stasis or rejuv) AKA "Voyage to Venus". C. S. Lewis, 1943.
The benign planetary environment of Venus may rejuvenate visitors.

Perfectly Princess
(UC, coming of age) Lisa Thompson UC

Perilous Code
- (age TF) 2013. Book 1 of "Aurum Trilogy".
...he vows to avenge himself and other mutants for the terrible things his stepfather has done. Joined by a dragon-based Irish punk, an age-shifting criminal...

Perma Red
- (UC scene) Debra Magpie Earling, 2002. "The buttonholes of her favorite dress strained so tight you could see skin. Ten days into the school year she could take almost anything but she had grown..."

Pern books
- (coming of age, FF) Anne McCaffrey.
As everybody knows, when the dragons of Pern go into heat their riders are also filled with lust for each other. We learn the hard way that a green dragon that gets out of its Weyr during mating season can fill all the humans, even the young ones, with a sexual frenzy.

Perry Rhodan series
- (OA effects) Simple pendants provided certain characters with immortality and improved healing. When lost, the wearer had 62 hours before dying of accelerated cell decay.

PetePite: Az apu en vagyok
- (male TF AP CBed, TF AR OC, father/son swap) by Gabor Nogradi, Hungary, 2000.
The story of Pie. Father and son wake to find they have transformed into each other! For a few days they have to live each other's lives: father goes to school, and the boy must work at a television studio.
Dad, I want to grow up!: The story of a boy who wished to be an adult
- Translated, 2017. One crazy morning, 11 y.o. Pete Peters realizes he can't fit into his bed. Two hairy feet peek out from under the covers, his hands are huge, and his voice is deep. To his dad's great surprise, he wakes as a little boy! Can they cope with all this? - cover

Peter Pan in Scarlet
(male AR) Geraldine McCaughrean 2006. The original Lost Boys have strange dreams. Every time they wake up, a memento of Neverland is left in their beds. They capture a fairy and try to put on their own children's clothes. Because of magic, the clothes make them all younger, and fit their new frames perfectly. Toodles borrows his daughter's ballet tutu, changing him into a girl with blond plaits. (

Peter Pan
- (male FFed) fan art

Peter Pan
- (TF size increase) "Tinkerbell Growth" - fan art TF scene - (test_0)

Phaze Doubt
(FF APed) Piers Anthony 1990. In the last Apprentice Adept book, Wunderkinds Flach and Nepe age a decade between chapters. The cast is hiding out in an underground stronghold gimmicked to speed up time twenty-fold.
20: "Then she changed form, and became a young woman, tall and slender."
282: "... to give them time to forge their weapon. "Hello, Weva!" a voice called. It was Flach, looking another notch taller and older."

- (adult rejuv) Dorothy Mills, 1926.
The restoration of an old woman back to age 20 inflames her doctor, who is Lebanese and sexually beyond the pale. 70 years later, Bruce Sterling had a similar idea for "Holy Fire" - (Jeffr_2bya, SF Encyclopedia)

- (male AR, unbirth) Jean-Marc Parisis, 2005, French.
40 y.o. corrupt and unfaithful lawyer suddenly become 15 years younger. He covers it up by faking a very expensive facelift, but later he ends up 10 years younger in a second youth spurt, and seeks refuge in the house of his wife and their 20 y.o. daughter. He kind of ties back with his rich carefree daughter, whose friend he made pregnant earlier, and unconcernedly learns she's failed law school from all the pressure. He ends up one morning as a 7 y.o, and the wife starts being all motherly with him, not seing him as her husband anymore. With each regression the chapters become shorter. He finally ends up as a baby, and the daughter's friend, taking care of him as a babysitter, mocks him and ends up taking him into her womb as he start regressing again. She eventually gets an abortion. Some slight hints may point to her being the origin of his regression.
- (Vended,

Picture Of Dorian Gray, The
- (male adult OA) 1890. Dorian is kept eternally young while his picture turns hideous and ancient. When he destroys it, his servants find the picture of a young Dorian and a crumpled, ancient corpse on the floor, only recognizing him by his ring.

Picture of Dorian Gray, The
- (male adult old age) Oscar Wilde, 1890.
At first, Dorian's portrait does all the aging for him, letting him live his life as a gallivanting charmer - but when he can't take the portrait's honesty anymore, he stabs it, which causes him to age instantaneously to his true age: a decrepit, hideous old man who dies.

Picture of Dorian Gray
- (male adult OA) - INFO PAGE

Pig Tale
- (FF) Verlyn Flieger, 2002.
Between one day and the next she grew taller and softer, or so it seemed to those who began to watch her. Her legs got longer and her body stretched and softened into smooth curves. Tender, vulnerable breasts began to show through...

Pillow Friend, The
- (FF, coming of age) Lisa Tuttle, 1996 fantasy.
Neglected and disturbed, Agnes craves a perfect companion. When she's 7, it's a doll; when she's 13, it's a horse; when she's 17, it's a first lover; when she's 22, it's a dreamy poet of a husband. But magic is tricky -- be careful what you wish for.
"I wish I was grown up," she muttered... "If I could just stop being a kid, right now, and be a grown up..."
With a small pang of fear she realized she had just made a wish. All at once, everything looked different: sharper...
She looked down at herself. She hadn't changed, from what she could see. Her chest was as flat as ever, her shorts and flip-flops still fit. She felt a little strange inside... Suddenly becoming a grown up could have been a problem. How would she manage if her parents didn't recognize her when she went home? ... she hadn't really meant the wish...

Pippi Longstocking
(unseen implied age stasis) Pippi doesn't want to grow up, so she eats Krumelur pills to remain a child.

Plague of the Invigilare
(AR, OA, APed, male) Joseph DeMarco.
p201: staring at the aged photograph, not speculating if it was Tradere or not ... but how my patient could be the same age in the photo as he was now...
...1984. I figured he'd have to be under the age of ten and that was a liberal estimate.
p205: He winced, then came out of his trance saying "It was nice seeing you, Doctor, but if you'll excuse me, I have some personal business to attend to."
He reached out his hand, and I knew what was coming next. flesh tingled, and I felt my grip on reality loosen even more...
The professor stood next to me holding my minuscule hand, aging several years in a matter of seconds. His hair had turned all white, his skin sunk in, and his spine hunched over, then this tide reversed itself and he began to look younger.
I felt myself begin to cry, ball my eyes out, as the professor held my hand...
p208: ...the same being, the same entity, somehow with the ability to change age rapidly, unlike the rest of us.
p229: Then gradually the scars closed until they were merely thin lines on his face.
"I am an invigilare, an age shifter, one of the watchers," he claimed, showing no resentment whatsoever, "forced to watch the earth evolve for all eternity, cursed by god to age ten human years every day of the week. Every monday at dawn I officially die and start the nightmarish progression over again."
p238: "... As for the rest of the fallen, well we were given a curse: shifting ages every day, never being able to live a normal life," he stated with dark tears rolling down his cheeks.

Planet of Youth, The
- (adult rejuv/stasis?) Stanton A. Coblentz, 1952, real estate boom on Venus - (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (FFed) Michel Houellebecq. "Plateforme", 1999.
p39: "... Valérie was fourteen, she was just starting to wear makeup; in the bathroom mirror she watched her breasts as they gradually swelled..."

Playboy compilation
- (kinda looks like AR) - Some images were slightly airbrushed - magical age effect mirror (Process)
- further edited fan art

Players of Null-A, The
- (adult mental reversion) A.E. van Vogt, 1956.
In the final chapter the hero catches the villain in a logic bomb that can only be escaped by erasing what led to the contradiction. So the villain rapidly regresses mentally, until the final line "A baby that has not yet been born does not cry."
- link - (SKJAM)

Pleistocene Redemption, The (APed not depicted) Dan Gallagher. Harrigan and Freund are infected with a retrovirus that will bring about the resurrection of the dead: Women will suddenly begin to reproduce parthenogenically, pumping out children containing the original personalities of all their dead ancestors back to the very first human. The children will grow up at a greatly accelerated rate.

Plowing the Arctic
- (UCed scene) Gladdis Joy Tranter, 1945. "...old and ragged, they do not keep one very warm; and when a child grows the clothes do not grow with it, but seem to shrink and tear with every wearing..."

(mind transfer AR, mind transfer old age) Noon, Jeff. An older woman gets her consciousness transferred to her daughter's life.

- (shapeshifting abilities) Scott Westerfeld, 1997.
- Gifted with the ability to change her physical form at will, a young woman moves anonymously through a futuristic New York City society. She thinks she's unique until she happens upon another of her kind, one who is all-too willing to use his abilities for his own sinister ends. Now she must stop this renegade shapeshifter out to seize control of the entire post-industrial world!
Only a few tiny fragments could be extracted:
"She readjusted the velcro on her pants, which had grown too tight.
She looked down at the Mylar dress, afraid to speak. She had made no changes to her voice.
...perhaps it was easier to fit a body to clothing than vice versa, or perhaps it was that any suit would look good on this thin model's body...
Sometimes, someone would come home with her (or him) and would be amazed at the closet. It was the..."

Portrait of Jennie
- (accelerated FF, AA) Robert Nathan, 1940 novella, 212p.
Young girl in park inspires artist to paint portraits instead of landscapes. Each time they meet she has become several years older, as she is apparently "slipping through time" - INFO PAGE
She was doing a figure eight; and none too well, I thought. But she seemed to me to be taller than I had remembered ... When Jennie returned, a fortnight later, I realized how much taller she had grown in the last few meetings. She was dressed in a uniform... older, too; I wasn't even sure it was she until she looked up ... "It seems to me," I said, "that you've grown a lot since I saw you." "I know," she answered. I no longer thought of her as a child...

Portrait of Jenny
(ghost AP)

Postmortal, The
- (age stasis) "The Postmortal", Drew Magary, 2011.
Whoever takes the cure for aging will remain the same age indefinitely. A mother gave her 8-month-old daughter the cure, ensuring she would never learn to walk or talk. A 42 y.o. former supermodel was bribed to get the cure at age 18, and feels compelled to act like a teenager: get drunk, play dumb, and party, even though she regrets not having the chance to experience maturity. The world can't handle the end of natural death.

Pourquoi les filles grandissent-elles?
- (coming of age) cover

Power of Six, The
- (potentially excellent AP/AR character)
2011, Pittacus Lore, "Lorien Legacies" sequel to "I Am Number Four"
A movie version may be made.
- Surprisingly, "Number Ten" Ella surfaces as the 10th Elder, a Loric with the ability to change between the ages she has already lived through, also gaining the lifespan that comes with each age. The only other Aeternus has been Lorien's former last elder, Loridas.
Between 11 and 12 years of age, Ella already displays signs of enhancement in being unusually agile, quick and athletic, while playing a perfect, rather upbeat little girl who seems to have lost everything. She oftentimes disappears during the day, moving "like a ghost" making no sound at all.
Ella is one of the kindest and most innocent characters. She is very loyal, always completing any task. While defending Marina from some convent girls she suffered near-fatal wounds. Ella is shown to be a very good actor, with an uncanny ability to deceive others.

Power of Six, The
- (slight age changing ability glimpse)
...a girl's head sticks out. I gasp. Auburn hair, curious brown eyes, small features. She's older by years, but there's no mistaking that it's her.
"Ella?" I ask.
She looks eleven years old, maybe twelve. Her face, which brightens at the sight of mine, is more slender now.
"Hi, Marina," she says in a voice I don't recognize.
"I don't understand," I say, still staring at the older version of Ella ... shaking my head, unable to replace the younger version I've come to know with this older one.
"Show her, Ella."
While standing in front of me, Ella begins to change. Her arms shorten and her shoulders narrow; she loses twenty centimeters of height, and her weight drops significantly. The shrinking of her face shocks me the most, and quickly she looks like the tiny girl I've come to love.
"She's an Aeternus," Crayton says. "She's able to move back and forth between different ages."
"Ella's eleven years old," he says. "She came with me on a second ship from Lorien. She was just a baby, only hours old. Loridas, the last remaining Elder, sacrificed himself so that Ella could assume his role and grow into his powers."
Ella slips her hand into mine as she's done so many times before; but it feels different now. I glance over and see that she's returned to the older, taller version of herself. Recognizing my discomfort, Ella shrinks back down, the four years quickly melting away until she's seven again.
"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you the truth, Marina," she says in her soft voice.
"Changing his age is how Loridas was able to live as long as he did. Each time he grew old, he made himself young again, and assumed the vitality that comes with it."
Ella grabs hold of my hand, back to her eleven-year-old self. Crayton pulls the slide on the gun, and I hear a bullet clicking into place.
"She was born able to change ages, but she's young and hasn't developed any Legacies yet."
"Don't worry, Marina. I'm fast," she says, smiling. I can tell she's no stranger to firearms.
Ella tenses in my arms as the road ends ... and Ella's accelerated pace matches my own.
"The tree, Ella! Get inside!" I yell. She tries to make herself as compact as she can, shrinking down to a younger age. I close the trunk up around her, leaving just enough room so she can see.
If I'm going to die, then I need to release Ella first. I cautiously lift my hands and envision the trunk separating.
She spills out of the trunk and falls into my arms.
Ella steps forward and shrinks to her seven-year-old body. She extends her small hand towards Six, who has her mouth open, speechless.
Crayton starts to explain Ella and the second ship to Six.

Power of Six, The
Lorien Legacies: The Rise of Nine
- (microscopic mention of "age changing ability") Fantasy curse. We have to take what we can get. The character Ella, or "Number Ten", was said to have the alien ability to return her body to earlier ages she already lived through. The 2 books give us zero details and little else - However there was some promising fan art

Prairie Rose, A
- (UCed scene) Bertha Evangeline Bush, 1925. "Quite unexpectedly, she began to grow again ... She was prettier than ever; but, alas! her clothes did not grow with her. Her dresses became shorter and shorter, until Rob began to call her Shanghai, and she felt that the length of limb displayed beneath her once modest..."

Princess and Curdie, The
(flash forward) George MacDonald. Tangle and Moss grow up throughout their allegorical journey, and share a moment of gradual recognition in which they stare at each other for years. Rosamund is so "lovelily altered" (139) that her selfish parents fail to recognize her when she returns.

Princess Candy - The Evil Echo
- (preteen TF power) "Graphic Sparks". 2010, Dahl, Nickel, Crowther - Shapeshifter origin

Princess of Dhagabad, The
- (FF) Book 1, Anna Kashina, 2000. A coming of age story. The princess's love for her djinn grows slowly as she emerges from a 12-year-old girl into a woman of 17.

Princess of Roumania, A
Tourmaline, The

(AP, also male AP) Paul Park, 2005, 2006
Teenaged Miranda, wearing her black jeans, and her otherworldly friends Peter Gross and Andromeda are transported across the dimensions to the world of their birth: uncivilized North America. Buried memories begin to flood back into their minds, and strange changes assail their bodies. With the removal of spells, they age 5 years instantly, becoming adults. The 3 adult teens strive to master a world of deceits and dark magics. Many things remain unspoken.
- Roumania:
97: Now Peter was staring at her with a puzzled expression, as if he were noticing her for the first time that morning. "What happened to you?" he said. "What's wrong with your face?"
She put her hand up to her nose as if to brush away some smut.
What was he talking about? Why did he say that?
"Look at yourself," he said. "You're different."
Which maybe didn't sound so bad. She didn't feel any different.
99: If the trees had grown up over - what was it called - the fairway...? Maybe they had gone into the future.
101: She was older than he'd expected, older than the photographs the baroness had shown him: not a child at all, really - a young woman with the pale, narrow face and dark eyebrows of her father's family, and she looked older than the boy...
He tightened the focus, held him in the circle of his glasses - no, a chance resemblance to an older man.
119: "Go on," Miranda said.
What was different about her? Her hair was the same length, kept in place behind her ears. Her dark eyebrows were the same, and her blue eyes. She was more solid, somehow. Had she put on weight? Was she taller?
...Her skin looked rougher, darker, older.
321: "I dreamt I was twenty years old," she told him.
He was surprised to see her at the bottom of an odd, small dell, taking her clothes off in the snow.
Then she took off the old gypsy's bulky coat, and lifted her shirt up so her skin was bare. She was touching and pressing at her breasts.
She was looking at her hands, and she undid the front of her pants and turned away from him completely, and he could see the arch of her back as she leaned to examine herself, as he imagined.
- Tourmaline:
46: She sat down and studied her face again in the dark glass. The candle was behind her. But even in the uncertain light she could tell. In Williamstown she'd been fifteen years old.
She turned her face, lifted her chin, put her fingers to her upper lip. What was the difference? Peter had seen it right away. "What's wrong with your face?" he'd said on that first morning in the woods. Well, what was wrong with it? Something lost and gained. She did look older now. Peter had said so and it was true.
Was it coarseness, a thickening? Everywhere and nowhere - rougher skin, a darkness around her eyes? Or else she'd put on weight. Maybe it was to avoid perceiving these things that she'd been thinking so insistently about her friends.
She touched her cheeks and forehead, touched her breasts. in this room when she was a child, now she remembered wanting to grow older ... she had looked into this same mirror, desperate to grow older so the Lieutenant Prochenko might look at her. And sometimes in Williamstown for other reasons...
57: The night before, she'd slept in her dirty clothes and her damp underwear. The wool shirt was Blind Rodica's, but the jeans she'd worn all the way from Massachusetts. Her bra was too tight. Her underpants were stiff and gray and streaked with blood.
58: But she wanted new clothes ... The clothes in her own room were for a seven-year-old girl.
When she was younger, she had always tried to avoid looking at her own body. She was self-conscious about it and had not kept a full-length mirror in her room.
...Miranda had tended to slip into her clothes without looking, especially as she'd started to mature.
59: ...Stanley had walked in on her while she was staring glumly at her face and hair.
Even now, with no one around, she found it hard to strip down to nothing and examine herself. She found it hard to strip out of the hateful clothes, the chafing underwear, stiff with salt from the previous day. And even when it was all off, she found herself looking at different parts in isolation. Close to the surface of the miror, she examined her elbow, the seawater rash along the crease of her thigh.
Maybe she couldn't remember anymore, but there was no individual part of her that seemed different when she looked at it alone. And maybe it wasn't just modesty that had made her hesitant, but a premonition. When finally, with a lump in her throat, she held up the candle and stepped away from the glass, and stared at her face and head and body all together, her first impression was she scarcely recognized herself. Something given, something stripped away ... there she was after all, her pale skin and narrow nose, her ears that stuck out, and her nice, wide forehead ... her thin lips, her long neck, and then the rest, and you might even say there was an improvement.
Look at her - her childhood was gone.
How many people could recall more than just a couple of things from when they were five or six or seven? So what difference did it make?
Now, standing nude before the mirror, the thought of Peter filled her with embarrassment; she looked for a small moment more, and then she put the candle down.
...she slipped on some men's clothes that she had found in a back bedroom ... everything was much more comfortable...
99: Peter found himself thinking one more time about the tunnel to the future. "A little older," he murmured, part of a longer phrase ... he'd used to say in front of the mirror ... "I would like to be a little older," ... something he'd always felt in school, where gym class had been a nightmare...
Miranda had left him behind. In high school she'd been a couple of years younger, which had felt good to him. But as soon as they'd arrived here he had seen the change in her. Now he wanted to catch up.
108: "Andromeda?" he asked. Almost he didn't recognize her, although she'd scarcely changed out of the girl he'd known at school - years before, it suddenly seemed. a moment he looked back, fascinated (or so he told himself) by how she'd aged: a woman, he supposed. Five years. was this what getting older meant, this sudden vertigo, this aching in his head?

Princess Pawn, The
- (time discrepancy FFed AA) - Maggie L. Wood.
Willow Kingswell thinks of herself as an ordinary fourteen-year-old. Being a magic princess is the furthest thing from her mind.
- p9: ...aging process complete itself?
- p60: I'm afraid 'tis more your appearance. You were, after all, but a babe when last they saw you. And now here you are, scarce more than three months later, a full-grown young woman."
Willow sat blinking. Three months?
- p254: ...her own three-month old baby standing in front of her all grown up. Willow winced. Must be like having your kid snatched and then finding her years later, a tall anonymous stranger.

Prodigal Father, The
- (male rejuvenation or AR) "The Prodigal Father" - J. Storer Clouston, 1909.
Satirical novel. Not to be confused with "Frankenstein: Prodigal Son" (2007).
- Cranky old lawyer has had it with young people. But when a mysterious medicine inexorably begins to turn back the clock, his attitude begins to shift - (SF Encyclopedia, JeffR_2bya)

Prodigal Sun, The
- (adult stasis or rejuv) The Prodigal Sun - by Philip E. High, 1964.
Secret power of Earth may rejuvenate those properly attuned to Gaia.

Prospero Lost
- (rebirth) L. Jagi Lamplighter, 2009.
...could be reborn without losing his memories...I would not envy Gregor, finding himself stuck in the body of an infant with the memories of a grown man. Nor would I want to be the woman who gave birth to a baby who remembered his previous life...cigar-smoking baby I had seen in some cartoon flashed through my head...sister Logistilla. then, voila, a flick of her wrist, and she turns him into an adult...

Prospero's Daughter trilogy
- (adult old age stasis) L. Jagi Lamplighter. Eramus can cure anything that would kill you but can't grant youth for him and Miranda.

Prostho Plus
- (AR) Piers Anthony, 1971.
Collection of interconnected stories about a dentist who has galactic adventures. He makes short trips into the past so that his present day teeth are in better shape. Each time he goes back, he takes his assistant with him, and she finds herself 10, then 20, then 30 years younger. Only problem is that she is only 26...
- (JeffR_2bya) ln - th

Protector of the Small quartet
- (FF growth) Tamora Pierce.
The development of Keladry (Kel) of Mindelan:
At the age of ten the girl was already five feet tall and still growing.
"I'm five feet three inches tall now," she said proudly . Her nose was small and delicate, her skin tan and dusted with freckles. She was big for a girl of eleven, five feet three in chest all and solidly built.
Flabbergasted, Kel stared at the front of her nightgown. Sure enough, there were two slight bulges in the proper area for such things. When had this happened? They weren't large enough to be visible under her loose clothes, but how could she have missed them when she bathed?
As [Lalasa] slid [the measuring cord] around Kel with brisk efficiency, Kel was startled to see they were exactly the same height. She had grown an inch in three months.
She had added almost two more inches since Mid winter...
Kel was five feet seven in her stocking feet at the age of twelve and a half.
The fourteen-year-old girl was big for her age, five feet nine inches tall, and dressed informally in breeches and shirt.
She had gone from five feet one inch to nearly five feet ten inches in four years, growing so fast that she half-expected to hear her clothes straining.

Protector of the Small
(4 year flash forward, coming of age) 4 novel series by Tamora Pierce. 14 year old squire Keladry of Mindelan struggles to understand her changing body and opinions. With the help of her reserved maidservant, Kel manages to surmount the challenges that nature throws at her. Ordeal takes place in magical Chamber.
(UC scene) 2002. "She had gone from five feet one inch to nearly five feet ten inches in four years, growing so fast that she half-expected to hear her clothes straining."

Proteus Series
(age stasis, adult AR) by Charles Sheffield. Sight of Proteus, Proteus Unbound, Proteus in the Underworld. 1988, 1989, 1994. Feedback machines change people into other forms. The Office of Form control developed a test that would tell them if the form started out as human. Strange code in the systems causes not only strange forms, but in some cases death. TG, strange combined forms, age regression (not to young, but they can pick an age to regress to, and keep themselves at a certain age), other TFs and alien TF. (

Ptolemy's Gate
- (AA adult to older adult) Jonathan Stroud, 2003. The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 3.
Kathleen "Kitty" Jones ages when she travels to the Other Place, although it is said that the effects may improve - (2BYA)

Ptolemy's Gate
(minor AP/male AP) 2005. The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 3. Jonathan Stroud, 2003. (Jeff_R)

- (FF) textbook info - growup years - mixed growup years

- (coming of age) clip-art

- (FF) changes

Pure Dead Magic
(giant infant TF, size increase) Debi Gliori. Extracted fragment: "Blissfully unaware that she'd been transformed into an adult-sized infant, Damp stopped in mid-whimper and crawled toward her beloved nanny."

Purple with Pink Polka Dot Ponies, The
- (TF) - Rochelle Carithers.
Jasmine's growing legs scrambled on the slippery floor, making her lose her balance and she crashed into the wall with a loud thump.
"Ow!" She whinnied.
"Are you okay sis?" Gypsy asked her. "Oh no!" she cried. Her legs were starting to sprout too.
...past the nurse ... they landed in the darkened parking lot in a flurry of chestnut coats and flying manes and tails, and instantly changed into full-grown ponies.

- (coming of age, slight female growth) Keith Cole.
...she had split to the knee and patched with a triangular piece of denim... she slipped on a tight yellow collar-less shirt...
Izzy walked across the room and looked at herself in the mirror.
Her mother had just recently told her how she was beginning to look like a young woman... she felt a little different.
She could see that her body had changed over the summer. She had grown almost three inches and was no longer skinny and clumsy-looking. Now she was tall, thin, and muscular and had a chest that wasn't easily hidden even by the baggy clothes she usually wore. She was, as her mother had said, more "shapely".

Pyana, Queen of the Lions
- (girl to woman accelerated aging event, AP growth transformation)
Patricia G. Winchester, 2010.
No further information could be found at this time.
3-year-old Pyana travels with her parents to Africa in search of a place shrouded in mystery called the Golden City. Her father, a world renowned scientist and archeologist, is given the highly sought after expedition. Following a series of unexpected events, a centuries old promise is fulfilled. The faith of a nation is greatly rewarded when Pyana is seen to have grown up all at once to take on her leadership role. Instantly changed into a beautiful, captivating woman endowed with great power, her sole purpose is to rule a great city that only she can enter because it sits in the midst of a phenomenal lion's den.

Quantum Leap
- (flash forward, mind transfers) "The Wall" 1993, Ashley McConnell. Sam leaps into a 6 year old girl in 1961. Later he leaps into the adult body of the same girl.

Queens of Nightmares and Dreams: Book Two of the PenDragon's Requite Trilogy, The
- (male ARed mentioned) Victor C. Brice, 2011.
"During the Unification Wars, Merlin magically made Arthur an adult to fight as a viable king for his supporters. After each battle, Merlin would make Arthur a child..."

Queer Beasts: A Mystery Tale for Young Folks, The
(male growth FF/TF/AP CB) Arthur H. D. Acland, 1919. A servant boy grows up fast. Portions of the text can be read at Google Books.
when the man turned and ran out of the room John noticed ... that the stranger's coat had evidently been torn right down the back from the collar to the skirt!
A nice-looking, cheerful boy came running out...
What could Johnnie mean by "It's growing"? and then the thought of the moon slipped into his mind.
He lay back again sleepily on his pillow, watching the boy with half-closed eyes. Then it struck him how very quickly boys do grow - for there was no doubt about it, the boy's trousers seemed to be getting very short for him; so short did they look that John Lang wondered he had never noticed it before.
As he left John Lang, watching him still, thought he had not noticed before that the boy's head came so high as it now did against the door-frame.
"How fast boys do grow!" he thought, as he shook himself together and began to get up. The thought of Johnnie's height did not occupy him long.
John was really angry now, and was insisting on an answer to his question, when there came a sudden noise of tearing and of ripping of cloth - as if someone's clothes were all coming to pieces with violence! What was happening? Why, simply that! The boy's clothes had all burst at the seams with violence and were coming to pieces, and were falling off him in strips, while the buttons were flying all over the place. One of them actually hit John Lang in the eye. It was most unpleasant.
"Tut, tut!" said Johnnie, "I'm afraid you will be annoyed!"
Annoyed?" cried John, mopping his injured eye - "annoyed!" The word seemed to him to be hardly strong enough.
"But," said the boy, "what are you going to do?"
"Do?" shouted John Lang- "do?" Again the word did not please him.
"Yes, do," said Johnnie. "I can't go about like this."
"No, indeed!" That was quite evident, but John Lang did not in the least know what he or anyone could "do" under such circumstances.
But Johnnie knew, and, indeed, had his plan quite ready. He must, he said, for the moment, wear a suit of John Lang's clothes, and they must then go down to the tailor's, that he might be measured for some new clothes of his own.
So John Lang and the great tall boy Johnnie set out cheerfully enough, ...
we must follow our two friends to the tailor's shop where Johnnie was to be measured for new clothes.
So here was more trouble! Johnnie again far too big for his clothes, washstand smashed, bed broken to pieces. John Lang began to feel quite anxious about money affairs. For not only were there new things to buy, but Johnnie 's appetite had increased with his size!
For a time he felt most thoroughly puzzled. Puzzled - and, compared to Johnnie, very small. For at each full moon Johnnie grew - taller, and taller ! and broader, and broader! But never for one moment did John Lang lose courage.
Johnnie's head appeared at the window and his huge hands reached up...

Quest, The
(male AR, flash forward) "The Quest", Wilbur Smith, 2007. About 3/4 through the book... (p 350 or so) main character Taita regresses from old man to young man. Queen Lostris died in a previous book, is reborn, and grows up again, but remembers her previous life... (Coodie2)

Question of Magic, A
- (age increase TFs to OA, RN) E. D. Baker, 2013.
"A Question of Magic" - Serafina is living the normal life of a village girl, when she gets her first letter ever from a great aunt she's never heard of. Little does Serafina know, her aunt is actually a Baba Yaga, a magical witch who truthfully answers the first question. Serafina's life takes an amazing turn as she finds herself becoming the new Baba Yaga. Telling the future doesn't always mean knowing the right answers...
"She had felt her clothes tighten just as they had when she first became Baba Yaga ... Even simple questions made her age. If she went home, people were bound to ask her questions..."

Question of Magic, A
- (TF UC age forms AP) by E. D. Baker.
p44: odd look and hurried on his way ... she'd taken only a few steps when she noticed that her feet hurt and her dress felt tight across her chest. Glancing down, she saw that the fabric of her bodice was pulled taut, and she wasn't able to take a really deep breath. She tried wriggling her toes, but her shoes had suddenly become painfully small. What was going on? Had something in the cottage made her grow overnight? But then why hadn't she noticed it sooner? She was running before, but now she doubted she could even walk very far with her shoes on. Serafina had taken off one of her shoes to examine it when she heard the sound of laughter ... "Hello!" the young man said when he saw her.
p45: ...once again she lost control of her body. Her arm raised itself and she pointed down the road. Words came pouring out of her mouth. "Mala Las is twelve miles in that direction ..." Serafina dropped her arm the moment she had control of her body again. When she tried to take a breath, she couldn't draw air into her lungs and she gasped instead. Her gown was so tight that she couldn't breathe. If she could have spoken, she would have asked the couple for help, but they hurried off so ...
p46: ... quickly that she didn't have the chance. Her fingers fumbled as she tried to loosen the strings on her bodice; she was seeing spots in front of her eyes before she could get the strings undone. When she finally was able to breathe again, she took in great gulps of air and sat down until she could stop shaking. Her feet were throbbing when she took off her shoes. Given how tight they had been on her feet, she doubted very much that she'd be able to get them back on. Twice now someone had spoken to her, and when she had been about to reply, she had lost control and told them things she hadn't known she'd known. Each time she had grown as well. Was she going to lose herself every time she talked to someone, or grow every time she answered a question?
p47: Barefoot and limping, Serafina turned around and headed back the way she had come ...
p48: Serafina's feet hurt. "Ow!" she cried, stepping on yet another stone. She wished she could put her shoes on again, but her feet had grown too big. She was examining the damage to her foot, when she heard a faint trill of laughter.
p54: Serafina sighed, but the bodice of her dress was still so tight that deep breaths were uncomfortable ... There were a lot of gowns in the trunk, but only a few fit her ... she started to take off her old clothes - until she noticed that the cat was watching her ... she found his gaze disconcerting, so she went into the corner ... and turned her back to the cat before slipping off her under-shift.
p58: When Serafina stood to close the door, her dress felt uncomfortably tight again and her hem was inches above her ankles. "I need a mirror," she murmured, and let her gaze travel around the room.
p59: ...the moment she caught sight of her reflection she couldn't look at anything else. She'd had the face and body of a girl when she came ... but now her cheeks were thinner and her hair was more lustrous. Glancing down, she saw that her body was as curvy and well-rounded as her older sisters'. Serafina's heart pounded in her chest and she began to breathe too fast. Although she looked older, her mind ...
p60: ... was still the same as it had been before. What was happening to her? Serafina was fighting off increasing panic when another voice called "Hello!"

Question of Magic, A
- (UC TF AP) E.D. Baker, 2013.
Had something in the cottage made her grow overnight? But then why hadn't she noticed it sooner? She was running before, but now she doubted she could even walk very far with her shoes on. Serafina had taken off one of her shoes to...
"Very well," Serafina said, and went rigid when she realized she'd said it in her Baba Yaga voice.
She had felt her clothes tighten just as they had when she first became Baba Yaga. There was no getting away from what had happened to her. Even simple questions made her age. If she went home, people were bound to ask her questions; they would just slip out, unintentionally. She would age then, surrounded by her family and friends. It would be impossible to hide what was happening to her unless she drank the tea every day...They didn't believe in magic, so how could they accept what had happened to her? It was likely that her parents would think that she had some awful aging disease and want to find her a cure...any doctor they called in would probably label her crazy...
And what about Alek? ...once he saw how she aged after answering a question, he wouldn't want to marry her anymore ...her footsteps slow and dragging ...It took her longer to return ...and her footsteps slowed even...
...quickly that she didn't have the chance. Her fingers fumbled as she tried to loosen the strings on her bodice; she was seeing spots in front of her eyes before she could get the strings undone. When she was finally able to breathe again, she took in great gulps of air and sat down until she could stop shaking. Her feet were throbbing when she took off her shoes. Given how tight they had been on her feet, she doubted very much that she'd be able to get them back on.
Twice now someone had spoken to her, and when she was about to reply she had lost control and told them things she didn't know she'd known. Each time she had grown as well. Was she going to lose herself every time she talked to someone, or grow every time she answered a question? What exactly had happened to her in that cottage?...
Serafina's feet hurt. She wished she could put her shoes on again, but her feet had grown too big.
It didn't take long for Baba Yaga to tire of answering questions, especially when she saw how doing so made her grow older and none of her own magic could make her any younger.
...the color returned. Suddenly she could see and hear better. She glanced down at her hands as the soft wrinkles and brown spots disappeared and the skin became taut. Her clothes fit differently; things that had been loose were now tight. She blushed when she glanced down and saw the changes and realized that her father and Dielle were watching her.
"Are you all right?"..."I'm better than all right! I feel wonderful!"

Quilting Lessons
- (UC scene, FF, coming of age) Janet Catherine Berlo
"Short, all of them short," I'd tell myself disdainfully. "They look like they are only twelve or thirteen."
...that is the essential longing at that age--to be older.
It was only in that eighth-grade classroom that I felt like Alice, who had sipped from the bottle marked "Drink Me" and grown till her head hit the ceiling and her arms stretched out the doors. There, I was constantly, shamefully, aware of how much space I took up. My legs poked out into the aisle from under my too-small desk. A good two inches of wrist jutted out of my ever-too-short sleeves. The waist of the jumper of my brown school uniform rode way too high on my long torso.
Why were the rest of them so short? And why did my height annoy them so much? "Don't they know that tall girls wear clothes better?...

Rage of a Demon King
- (male/fem rejuv) Serpentwar Saga book 3. Raymond E. Feist, 1997.
Erik Von Darkmoor trains soldiers for The Kingdom while Rupert, at the height of his trading success, is coerced into financing the war. The Emerald Queen's forces are approaching Krondor for the 'Lifestone', the legendary device discovered by Pug and his cohorts in A Darkness at Sethanon.
- "Nakor, you look younger." Nakor grinned. "Am I handsome yet?" "It's the Lifestone," said Pug. "It's Rejuvenating us." Miranda's forehead furrowed. "That explains it," she said as she put her hand on her stomach.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Rainbows End
(male adult rejuvenated) Vernor Vinge 2008.
An English professor and famous poet succumbs to Alzheimer's, languishing in a nursing home until 2025, when technology is working wonders. He recovers most of his mental faculties; his 75-year-old body is rejuvenated; even his wrinkles vanish. But he's so lost in this new world that he has to go back to high school to learn basic survival skills.

Raising Boys
- (male coming of age) Biddulph, 1999. Dutch translation cover

Ramona Quimby series
- (FF AA, normal growth rate) Beverly Cleary.
Ramona goes from being 4 or 5 in the 1950s to just turning ten in the 1990s. In Ramona and Beezus (1955), she is 4; in Ramona the Pest (1968), she is 5; in Ramona the Brave (1975), she is 6; in both Ramona and Her Father (1977) and Ramona and Her Mother (1979), she is 7; in Ramona Quimby, Age 8 (1981), she is 8, and stays that way in Ramona Forever (1984); and in Ramona's World (1999), she starts out 9 and turns 10.

Raven's Strike
- (male AR?) The Raven Duology Series: Book 02, Patricia Briggs, 2005.
Willon gets younger? "When he was three centuries old he stopped aging and began to get younger. It was good, until he began getting too young. When I last saw him he looked...
- th - ln - (Jeffr_2bya)

Real Story: The Gap into Conflict, The
- (male accelerated growth, mind switch) Stephen R Donaldson, 1992.
Davies Hyland is force-grown from a fetus to a 16 y.o. teen. Of course he's also implanted with the mind of his 22 y.o. mother.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers
- (preteen rapid size increase, RN) - Walter Rouzer.
- p30: "Her husband Mitchell just recently disappeared too. I only see her daughter now-Marie. She's ten. Bellarouse bought her a handmade guillotine for her tenth birthday.
- p31: "If she doesn't get what she wants, it's like everything around her self-destructs. All that's left are broken pieces."
...the last time she didn't get her strawberry yogurt, she went, like, nuclear. Bellarouse's house was in ruins-broken windows, plates, doors-
- p39: It read, "Marie White, born December 2, 1999, died December 3, 1999, after supper for not eating her broccoli."
"I told you, Rebel, Marie is the psycho universe record holder."
- p278: Marie slowly got up from her chair and followed Bellarouse toward the door. ...she suddenly stopped and placed her hand up against her forehead, looking as if she was about to faint.
Marie's hands started swatting the air ... She swung wildly in every direction.
- p279: Rebel found himself face to face with the monster he had created. He felt like Dr. Jekyll creating a monstrous daughter of Mr. Hyde. Marie started to act like a saddle-busting bronco, twisting and turning. Her stomach bellowed in and out like an accordion. Bellarouse could no longer hold on to her daughter. Marie flung her arms madly about, uncontrollably striking Bellarouse across the face ... collapsed to the ground unconscious.
Marie's true inner self started to manifest in bodily form. Her terrific anger and selfishness fueled a sudden out-of-control burst of growth. She grew bigger and bigger with each passing second. She started to shoot up like a beanstalk, higher and higher toward the roof.
Rebel and Becky clung together, shook their heads in disbelief and fear, and pressed their backs against the tent wall.
Marie's head pressed against the roof. Rebel could hear all the ropes anchoring the tent start to rip away from the canvas. Rebel and Becky
- p280: wasted no time slipping underneath the tent wall, then sprinting away out across the open field.
Marie's feet sprawled out across the fairground grass. She rolled Bellarouse's unconscious body along the outer edge of her foot. As Marie's feet continued to grow at a fantastic rate, Bellarouse's body slid farther out, till she reached an embankment and rolled down a dirt slope, splashing into a slow-moving river ...
From the outer fringes of the fairgrounds, Rebel and Becky stared in awe, watching Marie mushroom up higher and higher at a fantastic rate of growth. They saw people on the grounds suddenly flee for their lives-some into the woods, others to their cars. They all sped back toward town, leaving clouds of dust behind them.
Inside the main circus tent, the ringmaster looked toward the ceiling as he introduced the men on the flying trapeze. Just as they started to perform, all the spectators looked straight up as the top of the tent suddenly lifted up into the air. Four trapeze artists were shaken from their roosts... Another trapeze performer... saw the bar he was about to swing to suddenly lift up into the sky... In utter horror he stared straight up, beholding a monstrous face looking down at him.
The members of the audience stopped clapping as fear gripped them. Unbelieving, they exchanged glances of horror. Children were silent as they squinted up, wondering what happened to the tent.
As everyone looked up, they beheld a horrible figure-a monster in any childhood dream. Their eyes rolled in terror. Marie cast shadows of darkness across the landscape. Little ones started wailing in their
- p281: mothers' bosoms. People looked back under the shadow of Marie's monstrous form as it reached toward the clouds above. The sounds of screaming and crying filled the area. The crowd began to run, like water from a busted dam, gushing out across the landscape. The crowd fled for their lives, tripping, pushing to get across the field and out of the reach of Marie's crushing feet.
Like a mammoth cloud, Marie's outline cloaked the sun, creating darkness upon the landscape-so great, so long. People from miles around glared up at the terrifying monster. They felt like ants that at any moment could be squashed out of existence by a single misguided footstep. Every time Marie spoke, the sky rang out like clasps of thunder, crashing, vibrating to the earth below.
The higher she grew, however, the thinner the air became and the less oxygen she had to breathe. Rebel prayed she wouldn't get dizzy and fall. The consequences could be catastrophic. Marie's monstrous eyes grew so large they became like giant reflectors. When people looked up, they saw their entire town mirrored in her eyes.
Marie gazed down at the little figures below, they reminded her of her dolls at home. But as she grew taller, they gradually became more like ants. The swarm encircled her, but kept their distance for fear of being stepped on. Marie turned her back to the sun, towering a wicked shadow southward, blanketing an entire city in a total eclipse.
Marie felt enormously powerful now. She had her mind set on making a lasting impression-much more than just giant footprints.
As Marie grew taller and taller, the feeling of power became so strong she felt as if she could control the whole world.
"I'm a blast! A blast!" she hollered horribly. "I will make the whole world serve me hand and foot!"
- p293: ...into the clouds.
Marie walked across the open field in a daze from her rapid descent back to earth. Bellarouse grabbed her daughter in a bear hug and spun her around in her arms for joy. Marie looked toward her prize railroad car full of yogurt, then sprinted out across the field, climbed up the side of the car, and dove into the yogurt.

Red Is For Remembrance
- (excellent APed glimpse, ghost ARed) Laurie Faria Stolarz.
...but I stop at the front door. It comes up to my waist, like a child's playhouse or fort. The door edges open, inviting me in.
"It's dry in here. Take a seat and have no fear."
I bend down to enter. It's just a box inside, barely enough room for two people. The little girl is sitting cross-legged in the sand.
"Are you ready to know the truth, or will I have to let you sleuth?" she asks.
She looks so much different up close: long wheat-blond hair that goes straight down her back; pale, grayish eyes; pointed chin; and a tiny curl of a mouth. She's like a younger version of Porsha.
"Close your eyes, and I'll show you a surprise," she says."
I close my eyes and she takes my hands. Her fingers are cold; they quiver slightly in my grip.
"Okay," she says after several seconds. "I'm ready."
I peek my eyes open. Sitting before me is no longer a little girl. It's a grown woman. I gasp and try to pull my hands away, but she squeezes them, holding me in place. "Don't be afraid," she whispers.
I scoot back to give her room, noticing how much she's grown in the past few seconds. She's still wearing her long and flowing gown, only now it fits her, and, aside from the obvious age difference and growth spurt, she doesn't look so much different than her little-girl version.
"Are you Porsha's mother?" I repeat.
She nods. "You can be any age on the other side."
"The other side?"
"I haven't quite made it there yet." She tucks her feet up under her legs to avoid kicking me.
"Where is there?"
"That's up to you to decide," she says, angling her neck forward so her head doesn't bump against the ceiling.
"It's hard to explain," she continues. "Even though I haven't crossed over, I still have some of the other side's privileges, like changing my age at will."
"Will you ever go to the other side?" I ask, noticing how she's no longer speaking in rhyme.
"I hope so," she says. "With your help. You need to help my little girl."

Red Lion: The Elixir of Eternal Life, The
- (male rebirth cycle) Maria Szepes, 1944.
Recounts the adventures over 4 centuries of 16th-century alchemist's apprentice Hans Burgner, who murdered his master to possess a potion conferring the gift of immortality. Having drunk the elixir, Burgner is condemned to be repeatedly reborn, century after century, as a cursed visionary who sees injustices and cruelties but is powerless to prevent them. Eventually purified by his sufferings, he fulfills his destiny: to prophesy the reappearance of the Messiah.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Red Moon and Black Mountain
- (male FF AA APed) Joy Chant (Eileen Joyce Rutter) 1971 Tolkien inspired novel.
3 English children are magically transported to a world called Vandarei. Messianic elder brother Oliver rapidly transformed into grownup warrior who inexplicably forgot his origins. He was adopted by horse-lords, and in a peculiar time-dilation effect grew to adulthood among them. His younger siblings, taken in by the princess, remained children.

Red Moon
- (CoA, young adult TF) Benjamin Percy, 2013. Werewolves as a partial stand-in for "puberty".

Red Wolf, The
(growth) Margaret Shannon book. Little princess Roselupin receives a mysterious golden box full of yarn for her 7th birthday. She knits herself a magical red wolf suit, and, when the princess puts it on she begins to grow and grow bigger and bigger, until finally she bursts right through the roof of the tall, stony tower and, with one giant leap, jumps out in the forest. The princess dashes off; stomping all about and doing just what she pleases. When part of her wolf suit gets caught on a tree and begins to unravel, she grows smaller and smaller.

Red-Eared Ghosts, The
- (possible AR, OA, AP?) Vivien Alcock, 1998.
Mary Frewin stumbles through a time wreck.
One false step may transform you instantly into an old man or a pile of bones. One false step and you may dwindle rapidly into a howling baby, or go screaming into the darkness before you were born. test the time around her. If the paper crumbled and the writing faded with age, then so would she. If the paper vanished completely, it would mean it hadn't yet been made in the past.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

(temporal anomaly flashed forward) William S. Kerr. Phase-shifting boy can walk through solid objects but loses track of the time.
"...they all gathered around the girl I ran into.
Her dress was dirty and torn at the side near her knee and she was fiddling with that.
She couldn't tell them what happened, and there was nothing seriously wrong with her, so they turned toward the river again.
Even Regula - she forgot about her dress pretty quick when the crowd started murmuring.
I sneaked over behind Regula. It wasn't until I was close that I noticed something. Her clothes were different, of course, but the same kind. What I noticed different is that she was older than she'd been. About our age. You could tell from her face. It was ... bonier. No, not bonier, but it had more shape.
"And she was filled out a little here." He made vague cupping gestures around his chest. "But she wasn't much taller than she'd been. She was still smaller than me."
Konrad and he had many speculative and querulous discussions about the difference in growth between the boys and girls in their class. The girls towered over the boys. They hunched their shoulders in self-consciousness, as humiliated by their heights as the boys were by their deficits, but this just made them loom.
Mark was infatuated with a girl named Vicki White... One could almost follow every dimension of her growth day by day.
"It has been two years."
"It's only been a couple weeks for me."
She was taller and older and prettier, but it was Regula."

Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The
- (male FB) Max Ehrlich, 1974 p.72.
A doctor hypnotizes a man and he learns about his past lives. 1975 film - (Brat) ln - th

Rejuvenation of Miss Semaphore, The
- (AR) Jarrold and Sons, A Farcical Novel. Hal Godfrey, 1897.
The tale of a woman who was somehow changed into a baby.
- (Jeffr_2bya ln - th

Remember Me?
(flash forward amnesia) Sophie Kinsella
Our lives take unpredictable turns and we all change over time. But it's so gradual we don't always notice it. Would your younger self recognize your older self? Amnesiac heroine Lexi Smart awakens in a hospital, blinking up at her Greek god of a husband, whom she doesn't recognize. Convinced that it's 2004, she finds it's actually 3 years later, and she no longer has crooked teeth, frizzy hair or a loser boyfriend. She's become a gorgeous, cut-throat businesswoman with a perfect new glossy, unrecognizable life - from the designer handbag to the perfect millionaire husband. The only drawback she can see is that she's aged 3 years. But then so has her mother and (not-so-now) little sister...

- (repeating lifetime portions, FB ARed) Ken Grimwood, 1986.
Jeff Winston, 43, didn't know he was a 'replayer' until he dies of a heart attack and wakes 25 years younger in his college dorm; he lives another life but dies again at the same time. And lives again ... and dies again - in a continuous but ever-shortening cycle - each time starting from scratch, but with all the memories of each life intact. Is he the only one whose life replays? No, a woman is similarly affected. The first time, being reborn as a teen, was the hardest for her.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Replica (series)
- (simulated BE "AP" edit) Many of the genetically altered "perfect girls" have a "rapid grow up" function automatically triggered on their 13th birthday, since the scientists didn't want to wait for them to grow up. Normally, it happens while they are sleeping. The process may be accompanied by an age dream. Amy wore a loose nightgown when it happened, which must have tightened significantly, but probably didn't rip. It is implied she has pronounced curves after becoming 12 years older. What if she had fallen asleep while doing her homework wearing her normal clothes? The reaction upon waking is determined by each girl's personality.
- Simulated fan edit gif - (Process)

Replica series
- (AP) In the book series it was mentioned that some of the genetically engineered perfect girls have a "rapid grow up" function that automatically triggers on the night of their their 13th birthday. What would it be like for a tomboy to suddenly grow up into a 25 year old woman? Fan edit - Gif

Replica series
- (some slight AP) "Perfect" teen clone Annie Perrault is highly charismatic, but ultimately evil and self-serving. She is disgusted by all average "inferior" people.
- Return of the Perfect Girls
Annie befriended Amy Number Five and Amy Number Eleven. She tried hard to convince the other clones to support the Organization's goal of taking over the world. When most Amys escaped the island, Annie chose to stay behind and was artificially age-progressed from teen to adult by the Organization.
- War of the Clones
Unfortunately, the process had damaging effects on her health, and ended up killing her near the end of the book.
- "They're waiting for us to grow up more," Amy told her. "But if they've got this acceleration thing happening, that's only going to take a day or two."

Replica series
- (sudden AP meme)
Another example of how Amy's clothes might have become too small when she suddenly grew up on the day of her 13th birthday, into a fully developed (and beautiful) 25 y.o. woman.
- Immediate aftermath shirt pop gif

Replica series
(AP) A number of teen girls have been genetically engineered with extreme strength, perception, and reflexes as part of a world domination plot. To reduce the wait, some clones have a rapid-grow-up feature automatically triggered at the onset of puberty - covers

(AP, RN) Book series by Marilyn Kaye
- (excellent AP novel, AR RN) "Happy Birthday, Dear Amy" 2001.
Amy Number 7 is just an average kid with amazing strength, speed, senses and reflexes. Her birthday is coming up. She's turning 13. Now she'll be an official teenager -- and she wants to celebrate with a real blow-out. On the night before the big day Amy dreams she's a baby (minor scene). Amy wakes up and is definitely not ready to party. Getting out of bed her whole body feels different, and her appearance is somewhat unexpected. She finds out her growing pains have taken on... well, unusual proportions. She has matured quite a bit more than she wanted to, and now looks like she's 25. The book describes her reaction to her new body but not what happened to her night wear. She has to wear her mom's jeans. Her family and friends don't know what to do. So her mom takes her to a hospital, but after a few days there with no results she runs away. Her boyfriend doesn't recognize her, but doesn't mind that she looks like a model. She awakes restored to normal. Amy may be an extraordinary "perfect" girl, but can she ever just be a normal teenager? Quote: "She gazed at her body in awe."
- cover - APed text

Resemblance: Photographs by Anna Gaskell
- (some coming of age themes, slight "TFed") 2002.
Mysterious color photos and scratchy, toothy drawings.
Girls' heads bowed in a secretive huddle, spindly hands and skinny legs, lab-coated figures standing in a clinical circle, girls being eaten by one another, girls throttling another girl's two-foot long neck.

Retro Lives
- (rejuvenation) by Lee Grimes, 1993.
The whole book has age reversion in it. A man lives for 60 years, then he lives and forgets 35 more, leaving him 25 years old again. All his male and female kids do the same. Robert Widdick is caught in an endless cycle of regeneration and regression, doomed to repeat most of his adult life over and over, but is determined to break the cycle.
- th - ln - (Brat)

Return to Innocence, A
- (male rejuvenation or AR) Melvin L. DeFleur, 2006.
Is the Fountain of Youth a Holy Grail? 70 y.o. Prof. Michael Corey's wife dies, and he has a severe reaction to an inoculation, is struck by lightning, and receives an overdose of x-rays while undergoing a CAT scan. His friends and colleagues are puzzled by his changing appearance. As the days pass, he looks younger and younger. His doctor and medical lab conclude the trauma altered the DNA in his bone marrow. Undifferentiated stem cells are replacing tissues in his body that cause aging. When a pharmaceutical firm and the U.S. Army find out, Michael becomes the target of a botched abduction. He changes his identity and goes on the run. For Michael, youth has its advantages, including more sex. But as he becomes younger and associates with younger people, he confronts a dilemma he never anticipated: people seem to be more shallow, poorly informed, and boring. Will Michael want to reverse what is happening to him? Can he find a way to reverse it? A story to make you reconsider getting that next plastic surgery.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Return, Book One in the Heritage of Horror Series, The
- (old aged TF) Lynne Hansen.
p84: "The woman threw her head back and laughed again. "You can't kill a zombie! They're already dead!"
Right before Jacob's eyes, his angel's skin began to wither. She aged years in seconds, the skin crumpling and sagging under her eyes and along her cheeks. It gathered around her neck in thick folds. And then, as if the weight of wrinkles were too much for her to bear, a huge chunk of her left cheek slid..."

Return, The
- (OA'd disguised) "The Return", Lynne Hansen, 2002.
...the beautiful, young woman's face dripped to the floor...beneath lay the ugly...face of a witch...her slender body collapsed in upon itself...her fingernails grew long and her hands became gnarled claws.

Return, The
- (OA) "The Return", Lynne Hansen, juvenile.
She aged years in seconds, the skin crumpling and sagging under her eyes and along her cheeks. It gathered around her neck in thick folds. And then, as if ...

- (ARed) Terry England, 1997.
Aliens mysteriously made a group of adults into children in oversized clothes. The AR part is minor, but the ramifications of the act are explored in great detail. They do NOT grow back up at the end.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Rifters Trilogy
(male AR) Peter Watts. A pedophilic character is captured by a police sting operation, using a man who had been artificially transformed into an apparent child as bait.

Rise of Nine, The
- (age changing ability)
Exceedingly rare. The book series includes minor mentions of an age shifter. Ella, AKA "Number Ten" has used her ability to hide in small spaces and seems to become younger when she is scared or intimidated.
Eight: "That all you got, Ten?"
Ella tries to change into an older age without success.
Ella: "I guess so." :(
- Book trailer screencaps

Rise of Nine, The
- (AR glimpsed) Pittacus Lore, 2012.
Lorien Legacies, Book 3.
- Number Ten/Ella Johnson has the ability to change her age. Despite being only 12 she already displays signs of enhancement in being unusually agile, quick and athletic. She attacked Gabby, a girl years older than her and twice her size at least in her 7 y.o. state. She distracts the guards by making herself younger near Stonehenge.
- "I have an idea," Ella responds. Shrinking herself into a six year old, she ... puts on her best little girl voice as she calls out "Daddy? Where are you?"
She's quite the actress. Ella turns up the waterworks, and says, louder now, "Don't touch me!"

Road to Hell
- (male burstout) Gerard Houarner, 2003.
His feet burst through the sneakers, and socks and rubber and leather fell away, leaving him with bare feet. Seams and zippers burst, nylon ripped, underwear unraveled, until he was naked, a wild mane of hair waving like sea anemone...

(AP) Jack McKinney, Del Rey, 1994, "Macross" adaptation. Max and Miriya went on to have a 2nd daughter, Aurora Sterling, who was gifted with psychic powers and ages at an accelerated rate. In the "Shadow Chronicles" she is called Maia.

- (adult rejuv) Robert J. Sawyer, 2007.
A billionaire offers to perform a "rollback" on Sarah and her husband of 60 years. The process is successful on Don, but fails to work with Sarah. This leaves her gradually creeping toward death while Don's life begins anew. Sex between the rejuvenated now-physically 25 y.o. man and his still physically 87 y.o. wife is not without problems. Much of the story focuses on Don as he discovers the advantages and disadvantages of being young again, with flashbacks to Sarah translating the first alien message.

(male adult rejuvenation) Robert J. Sawyer. Husband is slowly regressed to his mid-20s, but his wife has to remain in her 80s, which becomes problematic as the age difference increases. (Sci Fi Essential Books)

Room Beyond, The
- (age appearance) Robert Spencer Carr, 1948, Snippet.
A few paces closer, and he saw it was not a girl, but a young woman. As he came closer still, she turned into a grown-up lady, taller than she had seemed at first, and yet somehow no older than the smallest child about her feet...

Root Cellar, The
- (time travel past/future selves, slight coming of age) Janet Lunn, 1985.
12-year-old Rose discovers an old root cellar-and stumbles into the world of the 1860s. Time as reached through the root cellar moves differently, and soon Susan and Will are grown. Rose's knowledge of present day New York becomes useful in her 1864 trip. To her amazement, the previously unloved girl finds love in each period. One of the adult characters of the past is part of the present, and Rose and Susan meet again.

Rosario Tijeras: A Novel
- (slight adult age disguised) Jorge Franco Ramos, Gregory Rabassa.
...she was twenty, then we heard her say twenty-two, twenty-five, then eighteen again,... changing her age the way she changed her clothes, the way she changed lovers.
"How old are you, Rosario?"
"How old do you think I am?"
"About twenty."
"That's right."
The truth is that she really did look all the ages she was lying about. Sometimes she looked like a child , much younger than what she would say, barely an adolescent. Other times she seemed very much a woman, much older than her twenty-some years, with more experience than all of us. Rosario looked most deadly and most woman when she was making love.
At one time she looked old and decrepit, ... her bones showing, skinny, weary, as if she were carrying all the ages of the world, withdrawn.

Ruby Knight, The
(old age) (Grafton; 1991; 0246137312) Fantasy novel in Elenium trilogy. One of Azoch's creatures' life is speeded up to make it transform to its next and harmless form.

Rules of the Universe by Austin W. Hale
- (AR, male OA, RN AP?) Robin Vaupel, 2007 children's book.
13-year-old budding scientist comes across a mysterious star-like object that can reverse or accelerate the aging process. Austin's fish evolve into amphibians; his angry adolescent sister gets younger, becoming the sweet child she used to be; his dog becomes a puppy; and he has big trouble in camp when he accidentally turns his best friend into a little kid and his bunkmates into old men - (Entropic)

Russian novelists in the age of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
- (UC) J. Alexander Ogden, Judith E. Kalb, 2001.
"The poor, orphaned, and mistreated heroine, Annushka, has outgrown her clothes and, with no money to replace them, wears tatters that reveal her shoulders and breast: "She had nothing with which to cover herself." Her nakedness is a..."

(UC) By Emma Carolina Wood. "Too old, too small, even for her slight dimensions, were all her clothes; so when she walked up the long assembly-room, her frocks were too short, her darned stockings were visible, and her old shoes rather down and twisted at her heels, and patched at the toes, were observed by all ... the outer covering was a blue pelisse ... She had outgrown it; the sleeves did not reach the wrists; it was strained across her beautifully rounded bosom, because it had fitted her when she was twelve years old; and the band of blue cloth had been pinned and re-pinned, and strained to coax it to meet, till the texture would scarcely retain the pins. Her uncle thought her beautiful, any way. I am not sure he disliked the look of the strained broad cloth. He did not wish to think of her as a woman ..."

Sag Harbor
- (adult rejuv?) Colson Whitehead.
One of the few black students at an elite prep school, every summer Benji escapes to the Hamptons. At Sag Harbor a small community of African American professionals have built a world of their own - "My mother looked great. Always this magic happen: as the summer went on, she got younger and younger" - (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Saga of Darren Shan, The (series)
- (male age stasis) Darren Shan, 12 parts, 2000-.
Child vampire or "frozen age" theme. More juvenile, like Harry Potter. Darren was turned into a half-vampire in book 1, around age 11/12. He befriends snake boy Evra Von in "Cirque du Freak", but by book 4 Evra is a young man, still his friend but not his "buddy" anymore, and Evra demands adult chores in the Cirque while Darren keeps doing the same kid duties.
Why? Just because Darren still looks like a kid? Both are the same age! In this universe vampires are not totally age frozen, they just age much slower, and Darren will become an older teen later.
- (Maskedman)

Saga of Recluce
- (adult rejuvenation and age stasis) L.E. Modesitt Jr. Natural aging is a breakdown of order and an increase of chaos, which can be countered by using magic to restore order to a person's body. While this makes a person healthier (and an order master is effectively immortal), it also causes cosmetic changes, like gray hair returning to the person's natural color. In the 1st book, a secondary character goes from black to gray to black hair repeatedly while using too much chaos magic and then recovering.

Sanja - The Unintentional Vampire (Vampire Houses Book One)
- (AP) Michael Blackthorne, 2011.
11 y.o. Sanja became a full-grown woman overnight, with powers other vampires only dreamed about. How was she to deal with the newly stirred adult feelings for Manuel, the handsome prisoner of the vampires?
- "... from the tunnel stepped a young woman who seemed eerily familiar ... She was naked, except for a bit of red cloth held against her chest, and her lower, more private areas. The young stranger stood there without saying anything ... "Who are you?"
"Don't you recognize me? ... I'm Sanja."
Sanja held herself back in the shadows of the tunnel ... held the torn dress against her exposed, preternaturally mature body, trembling with shame. She hadn't been hurt. Nor had the dress been ripped from her ... her own body had done that.
It was only the darkness that mollified Sanja's shame about her own nakedness. She didn't yet know how to feel about the swollen fullness of her breasts or the heavy meat of her buttocks, though her fingers kept creeping along the flesh as if denying their truth. She was glad that Manuel had agreed to wait further down the tunnel until she called him.
"You can't be Sanja. You look nineteen or twenty..."
"I was told that sangrists age when they take their first power," said Sanja..."

Saturn's Race
- (male adult rejuved) by Steven Barnes, Larry Niven, 2000.
Xanudu is populated by the wealthiest people on future Earth. Main character undergoes a top secret rejuvenation process, assuming the identity of a grandson.

- (FF AP BE) Suzuki Sadahiro (Sadahiro Suzuki) nudity.
Daughter photography info

Scorpion Shards, The
- (male reverse aging AR) Neal Shusterman, 1995.
12y.o. Thaddy made a wish to grow backwards after he outgrew his favorite bike and starts becoming younger over the years. His little brother Winston soon becomes his big brother.
- (Piper) ln - th

- (apparent AA size-up?) "Monster Jam" Book 3. Kieran Flynn, 1998.
Sarah is the shortest 5th-grader on her basketball team. She has had it. After visiting a strange old rat-lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to "grow" (it's not really growing but AA (?) size change?) and at first it improves her basketball skills. The only problem is that she keeps "growing" and "growing" and "growing". Sarah gains a huge new perspective on height.
- Cover - (A0040pc)

Sea Child
(TF) Sylvia Peck novel. Lured by the plaintive cries of a seal pup, young Molly stumbles over the gruesome remains of its butchered mother. Later, a mysterious girl named Meara shows up, with glossy dark hair and odd ways. Readers will guess Meara's secret (she is a selkie) long before Molly does, but that won't spoil the bittersweet ending, in which Meara makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of her beloved new friend.

Second Chance (Chances Are)
- (TGed, AR) P.T. Dilloway, 2013.
Detective Steve Fischer turned into Stacey Chance. A scientist kidnaps Stacey and daughter Madison and turns them into children again. While they search for a cure, they get a second chance at childhood. But danger lurks around the corner... - cover

Second Season
(growth scene UCed) Joseph Monninger, 1987. Only a tiny part could be extracted: one seemed to find anything unusual about her. It didn't seem possible that he was the only one to see it. He decided to confront her.
...she was wearing no shoes, he checked all the details. Then, very lightly in pencil, he put a little line next to the medicine cabinet so that he would be able to compare it the next time. He waited a week; then he pulled the same trick. When he compared the new smudge...
Kate squeezed over closer.
"Then one day he noticed his wife was getting taller. She wasn't a great deal taller. At first she was just a fraction of an inch...
...taller than she was, but she seemed taller. Her clothes looked short, and her head came up to his chin, when before, it had just touched his breastbone."
"Is this supposed to be real?" Michael asked.

Secret Agent "X"
(old aged) #22 "Brand of the Metal Maiden". 01/1936, Brant House.
A music master was the Emperor Zero - master of murder music. For his pupils danced a mad rhythm into the grave. Young people they were, but as they danced they aged - years in seconds. Young faces became furrowed with the mark of time. Their hair became as white as frost. Mummies they became - in silks and satins, and modern dinner coats... Secret Agent X hurled his crime-crushing organizations against the Emperor Zero. But Agent X found himself enmeshed in the hilarious dance to hell.

Secret Kingdom: Chronicles of the Red King, The
- (possible AR or rejuv) "The Secret Kingdom series" #1, Jenny Nimmo, 2011.
Timoken must use his two gifts - a protective cloak and a potion for youth - when the Viridees attack. He, his sister, and a talking camel search for a new home - (Jeffr_2bya)

Secret Order of the Gumm Street Girls, The
(old age, young adult age stasis) Elise Primavera, 2006.
Young girls meet the vicious teens Bling Bling and Coco. Their beauty and visibly firm skin will soon disappear. Both are eager to try the Beautyliator, an odd mechanism used to transform raisins into grapes, on humans. One day, Pru is shocked to discover that Coco has transformed into an old hag with many fine lines and thick ankles. Coco makes to throw Cat and Pru in the Beautyliator. Cat pushes Coco inside instead, and Pru pushes the button for her to be beautified.
"...Staccato looked exactly the same age in the photo as he did now."
"That was over sixty years ago ... and-" "I don't look any older."
"...and more foul as their hair became less and less lustrous, their skin became less taut, and their bodies became less lean."
"...firm skin, and they had many, many fine lines. They were aging, and fast. The Gumm Street girls didn't dare say anything."
"... revealing that her once creamy (if green) complexion was now etched with deep lines and wrinkles."
"Take those brats and see if that stupid Beautyliator really works."
"Then Aunt Cha Cha could get lots and lots of brats to use in the Beautyliator and we could all be cute as buttons..."
"The Beautyliator pressed her and pinched her, it shriveled her and squished her as she was sucked through the Beautyliator extracticator..."
"I can now have visibly firmer skin and get rid of fine lines ... forever!"

Secret Temple of Kintamani, The
- (male AR) Ernie Palamarek, 2000.
Conniving stock promoter enters scintillating world of Balinese myths and legends.
"Now he was but a toddler. The earthen jug slipped out of his hands and crashed into pieces on the ground. His clothes sagged comically around his now-tiny body. He looked around, panic-stricken. The gun slid down to the ground where he looked at it without recognition. His body toppled over within a mass of clothes billowing around his body - now that of a baby. Frightened, he let out a shrill cry..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The
- (demon AA stasis or OA/rejuv) The Warlock.
Tsagaglalal the Humani is at least 10,000 years old. She has been posing as Sophie's and Josh's Aunt Agnes to watch over the family females. At the end of The Enchantress she started "aging" after she gave Prometheus part of his aura back. She pulled out her old white hair and grew young black hair.

Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The
- (slight lifecycle glimpse) In "The Alchemyst".
Hekate grows and ages throughout the course of a day, starting young in the morning and getting older as the hours pass, from being a maiden, to a mother during the day, to a crone by the evening, only to be renewed next morning. It should be noted that she does not have control over the process, however. In the early afternoon is when she has all her knowledge.

See Through
- (UC scene) Nelly Reifler. "... she wore a blouse that our mother had tried time and again to hide in the pillowcase full of clothes for the charity shop, but that Una always pulled back out. It was tight, too tight: her flesh pushed at the seams, the buttons were pulled taut against their thread."

Sense of Wonder
- (male age character) Bill Schelly.
The one original element to Super Heroes Anonymous was the debut of a brand new super hero.
...I had gradually formulated a character with the ghoulish name the Immortal Corpse. It was the story of a mortician named Jon Walker who was gunned down--and came back from the dead because of a strange chemical substance which had seeped into his wounds. He discovers that he is able to change his age at will, which effectively renders him immortal. I typed up his origin story ("Murder at Midnight!") and created a drawing of the character for our cover.

Sent for You Yesterday
(dream sequence APed) John Edgar Wideman.
...he couldn't help but think of the space between Lucy's legs and think of wings or racing car wheels or the flying thunder of a whole posse of sheriffs chasing outlaws across the screen.
He'd dreamed once of Lucy growing in a red crockery flowerpot like his mother had beside the living room window. Lucy grew fast. Faster than an onion. Nothing but a little girl string bean but as he watched she sprouted nubs on her chest and apple cheeks on her behind. She was bare and smooth all over and it wasn't like peeking at the woman parts of his sisters because Lucy was planted in that pot and growing faster than a storm just for him.

Sentinel, The
- (TF AR glimpse) "The Sentinel", Dan Tuttle.
A wrinkled hand reached up ... the body began to change. A young girl's face stared back at him as her clothes began to sag around her shrinking form, those two molten eyes never changing even as the rest of her did. What was left was perhaps a girl of eleven or twelve...

Series Of Unfortunate Events, A
(FF) Exceptionally clever baby Sunny's physical development occurs in a deliberately uneven, contradictory way; for example, even after she learns to walk, she is small enough to sleep in a casserole.

sex ed books
- (coming of age) - puberty info.

Shadow Falls series
- (teen APed, slight UC)
#2 "Awake at Dawn", C.C. Hunter, 2011.
Our lovely Kylie the ghost whisperer has a sudden growth spurt, and can run like the wind, break heavy oak doors and concrete walls, and heal injuries.
- p96: "What is it?" Kylie asked.
"Nothing," Della said. "It's just... your heart's still racing really fast, and you look... different."
Della continued walking but held her hands out in front of her boobs. "The girls."
Kylie looked down at her chest. "You've seen me without my bra before."
Della stopped. "It's not that your girls aren't supported. It's that they're bigger."
"They are not." Kylie stopped walking and protectively cupped her full size Bs in her palms. And the craziest thing happened. They didn't feel right. They felt... "Oh damn!" They felt bigger.
"She's right." Miranda cupped her own boobs as if checking them.
"Oh, God," muttered Kylie, staring down at herself.
"Hey, if you don't want them, pass me a cup or two over here," Della laughed.
Kylie recalled thinking that everything was changing. She just hadn't expected that to mean her boobs.
"That's not all," Miranda added. You're taller too. You must have had a growth spurt overnight."
"A growth spurt?" Kylie stood straight and visually measured herself against both Della and Miranda. She did appear to be a bit taller. Right then, her shoes felt tighter too. What was happening to her?
Kylie wanted to believe this was just a normal growth spurt ...
Della looked down at her chest. "Do I look like I got bigger? I wish."
Kylie looked back down at her boobs. "What if it doesn't stop. What if I just keep getting bigger?"
"Then you'll have boys lining up for miles." Miranda snickered. "Hey, you know how they feel about boobs. The more the merrier."
Kylie tried to appreciate their light-hearted reactions to her situation, but it didn't dampen her concern.
...she occasionally wished she had a bit more on top. Especially when she compared herself to Sara, her best friend back home who no longer called, whose boobs were an eye magnet for guys. And sure, another few inches of height meant Kylie would look thinner.
... DNA coursing through her body made her nervous ... would she end up having to have her size F bras custom-made ...
Kylie still had her boobs in her hand when the chill ran down...
... ghost folded over and barfed all over Kylie's too-tight tennis shoes...
"Gross," Kylie jumped back and slammed into Miranda.
- p122: ... Bigger. I know." He reached out and caught a handful of her hair. And your hair is longer."
"I'm taller too," she said.
He took a visual measure of her and his eyes widened. "What happened?"
She shuffled her feet, painfully aware that her shoes were pinching her toes at this moment.
"I told you. I'm embarrassed ... about getting bigger."
- p129: Kylie held out her hands in front of her boobs.
Holiday's brows wrinkled. "I was hoping you'd just gotten a new Wonderbra."
"Afraid not. There's my hair too." Kylie pulled it over her shoulder. "Plus my shoes are almost too tight, and I'm sure I'm a whole inch taller."
"Mmm, it's odd ..."
"What's not fair is to leave me in the dark. Because believe me, whatever you have to tell me isn't going to be half as bad as what I'm imagining."
Kylie had suspected that Burnett had noticed her boob increase. To his credit he'd dealt with it well, but to think he and the others were discussing it, well, it felt like overkill. Really dead stinky overkill. "You two discussed my boobs?"
- p142: Standing up, she shucked off her nightshirt and slipped back into her too-short jeans, her too-tight bra, too-tight tennis shoes...
- p162: ... do some clothes shopping. It was either that or Kylie was going to have to borrow someone's shoes and bras ...

Shadow of the Conqueror
- (male adult rejuvenated) by Shad M. Brooks, 2019.
Daylen attempts to commit suicide by jumping over the edge of Tellos past the bottom of the universe. Instead, it granted him a form of Lightbinding magic, while reversing his physical age to 17. Becoming a teenager again means that Daylen has to put up with raging hormones as well, which is especially frustrating for a former Dirty Old Man to whom Cold Turkeys Are Everywhere.

Shadows Fall
- (dream image "ARed" AA RN) Simon R. Green, 1994.
Her height shot up, her hand crawling in his as it grew, and in a moment she was a teenager again. He could see in her the beginnings of the woman she'd be...

Shangri-la: The Return to the World of Lost Horizon
- (adult age stasis, OA) Daniel Altieri, 1996.
Hugh Conway recovered his memory and returned to Shangri-La to become the High Lama. In 1966 a Chinese general seeks out Shangri-La for loot. Conway has to leave, risking normal aging, to confound the general's plans. He may stay 10 days in the outside world without aging, but falls in love with the general's daughter. Ma Li recalls the story from the vantage point of a saner time, 2007, before embarking on her own, late-life quest for Shangri-La and her lost lover.
- (TBTC) ln - th

- (TF, possibility of CB?) Bruce Coville. Young Adult collection of short stories about people who can change into animals.

Shasta Summer (Erasmus, Shasta & Merlin, #2)
- (fantasy curse, "accelerated growth") by Teresa Geering, 2011?
A young girl's heritage from a past life will change her fate. Eight and a half year old Summer is the reincarnation of Shasta, who the village is named after. She immediately re-falls in love with boy-turned-cat Merlin. Assuming that Summer's parents are relatively normal and very loving, I cannot fathom they only call aunt May "eccentric" when she tells them their preteen daughter vanished into the past, where she also magically grew older.
- May ... gasped in amazement. Summer's hair had certainly grown during the time that she had been staying here but it now seemed much longer ... Summer was so surprised at the change in herself, she almost missed the chair and sat on the floor. Could that really be her, she wondered. She looked so different and so much older. Strangely, her hair had dried almost immediately and was now past her shoulders ... Since she had changed Summer's hair to blonde, the child seemed not only to grow in height, but also to have matured into a beautiful young woman. Summer seemed to have taken this in her stride, laughing many times when she had tried to fit into clothes and footwear that was much too small for her now. Consequently, May, with Summer's help, had done a few spells which provided Summer with new clothes and shoes.

(APed accelerated growth) Teresa Geering trilogy, not yet published, 2008.
Schoolgirl Poppy Backer had once been Shasta, a legendary folk heroine.
"...she realised it was only two weeks ago that she had arrived in Shasta village as Poppy Backer. She was a vibrant young schoolgirl and the highlight of her life was arranging or planning sleepovers with friends. They would spend half the night giggling over schoolboy heroes and comparing them to unobtainable pop stars.
During her time here she had aged ten years and matured into a beautiful young woman ready to accept her awaiting heritage. This was all due to the magic of the village."

(old age to death) 1886, H. Rider Haggard.
African white queen Ayesha has made herself immortal by bathing in a pillar of fire. Ayesha has been waiting 2000 years for the reincarnation of her lover Kallikrates: the European traveller Vincey. Ayesha wants him to bathe in the pillar of fire so that he can become immortal and remain with her forever. His doubts about its safety lead her to step into the flames once more. However, with this second immersion she reverts to her true age, and immediately withers and dies. The old age occurs in chapter 26.

Shed No Tears
- (coming of age FF, height growth, BE) - Ollie Morgan.
Abigail was sure she was not the only person that recognized that Rachel had grown rapidly over the months. She could conceal her development, but Rachel was nearly six feet tall.
Seemingly overnight her figure blossomed. Each evening, as they prepared for sleep, she marveled at how her friend was unmistakably becoming a woman. Her dark breasts were the size of small watermelons. The pronounced nipples were like black grapes that strained the cloth of the thin dresses she wore.
...Abigail had been given some of Mrs. Richards' old clothes ... Abigail too was maturing. Her hair had grown thicker and hung down the center of her slender back. She too had grown taller but remained several inches shorter than Rachel...

Shifting Love
- (TF) Constance O'Day Flannery, 2004.
Maggie O'Shea is a shapeshifter who belongs to a mysterious foundation that employs her to restore the hearts and hopes of pivotal men. Her mentor Marcus, who does the same thing with women, tells her she must awaken the heart of one Julian McDonald. This means sleeping with him, making him fall in love with her, and then letting him down easy since she's the one who comes before the right one. This time it looks like she might not be able to turn off her own heart. The worldbuilding and "rules" for shapeshifting were at times underexplained. Just when you thought you grasped how things worked, the heroine would evidence a new power when it was convenient to the plot.

- (TF) Bethany Wiggins, 2011.
After 20 incidents of indecent exposure in just the past 2 years, 17 y.o. Magdalene Mae is transferred to her last foster home. Fitting in has never been her strong suit. It has to do with the deep secret that she is a shape shifter. Maggie Mae can turn into virtually any warm-blooded, carnivorous animal because her mother was a shifter and her father a skin walker. Clothes don't change with, causing the monthly nudity problems.
" unavoidable as my period, and when I change I can't take my clothes with me...I unhooked my new bracelet and then tore off my clothes...For the second time that night, I stripped, folding my clothes in a neat pile...I wanted to turn into a cat, slink out of my clothes..."

Shores of Tomorrow, The
(adult rejuvenation, OA'd) David Price Mason, 1971.
The Triana - Ancient hag, witch queen of dark mysteries.. or beautiful young queen, mistress to command a thousand worlds? Ian Kinnon must find the secret of a woman who could age herself at will, or make herself young again, and the secret of her people.

Shrinking Pains
- (male AP CB burstout glimpse, many male AR scenes & AR scenes & adult rejuvenations)
As the massive ArArchive content upload enters its 3rd week, it has finally happened! For the first time in many years, new AP CB text depictions have been posted (male of course). There are PNG scans of every page.
One of the AP CB scenes is when he returns from age 6 to 12. It is very minor. The other one is less detailed.
The first time he grew back to normal while coincidentally naked for other reasons. The boys and adult villains revert many times. The 14 y.o. teen cousin only ARs once at the end. She shrinks herself back to age 7 to slip out of the ropes. She grew back to normal unseen between chapters.
- Text extracts:
Boy, did he have to go. His bladder must have shrunk like the rest of him.
...I got in the water ...then suddenly everything stretched out.
...He got his clothes off just in time.
R-R-R-R-R-R-ipppp! "I think I owe my brother some new underpants," Doug gasped.
...Doug tore off his clothes. Just in time!
..."I don't feel too great. My stomach shrank, but not the candy I ate."
...Doug ran into his room and threw off his clothes ... he returned to his regular size.
...He was saying that Doug had better get himself out of his clothes or he'd find himself in tatters like the Incredible Hulk ...Cassandra...told him she wasn't about to change his clothes for him.
Things returned to normal while he was in the shower...
...something truly gross happened. His beard sprouted. It was like watching a jillion tiny snakes slither out of his skin all at once. At the same time, his face began to wrinkle. She shrank back. "Eeeeeeew." It was so disgusting that for a second she felt too fascinated to be afraid.
..."I have to get out of these tight jeans before I change."
..."A killer might cross an international border carried in the arms of his mother."
...Cass struggled against her ropes ... Immediately he got an itch between his shoulder blades.
Cass laughed. "Everything will be okay, then. Doug will burst his ropes."
"That's the Incredible Hulk," Milo said slowly.
"But that's good, right?" She waited. "Right?"
"Sure," Doug said. He knew where Milo was going with this. It wasn't good.
"For Heaven's sake. I'll close my eyes, if that's what's bothering you."
He'd burst out of his clothes. That much was for sure.
"The first one whose ropes break will untie the others," Cass went on.
"The ropes won't break," Milo said softly. "They'll slice open his ankles and wrists. Then the same thing will happen to me." ... He'd bleed to death.
...A shower of earrings hit the floor, along with her nose stud.
"She did it!" Milo called.
A seven-year-old Cass with orange eyebrows sat in what looked like a heap of her mother's clothes ... She pulled her sweatshirt forward and looked down at her chest. "I'm flat."
His hands were almost numb, but he grabbed the shears from her and cut the ropes around his ankles. Just in time - sort of.
His clothes practically dissolved on his body. He was squeezed in the rags that remained.
...Milo was able to take off his clothes before he changed, so that gave Cass a full set.

Shrinking Pains
(excellent AP RN novel, AR/AP scenes) Maureen Goldman, 1996.
Best friends Doug and Milo, both 12, along with Doug's worldly cousin Cassandra, 14, discover a fountain of youth; the water halves the age of whomever drinks it, but only for 3 hours. The kids' clothes dont shrink. The boys enjoy shrinking to age 6 and going trick-or-treating, getting into the movies for half price, playing at the mall, and sneaking into a girls' slumber party. The results of their schemes are often unexpected and sometimes horribly embarrassing, as in the memorable line "he was naked at a girls' slumber party." Most of the time they are 6-year-olds. In a bizarre episode Doug shrinks, bumps his head, and forgets that he isn't really 6 years old. Others know about the fountain, however, and will stop at nothing to get control of it. The kids are tied with ropes at age 6, about to return to their real age. Doug and Milo realize what's in store for them if they can't escape from tight bounds before changing back to their normal, larger sizes. Bad guys AR to babyhood. (JeffR) cover

Sibling, The
- (male mental ARed? FFed) "The Sibling", Adam Hall, 1979.
A brother and sister whose childhood wickedness surpasses understanding meet again years later. Fascinated with their power as adults, the evil they share boils into flower. P144: A doctor hypnotizes a boy and "ARs" him back to when he was 2 - (Brat)

Sickened: The True Story of a Lost Childhood
- (FF) Julie Gregory, 2004. front of the mirrors, my breasts begin to form. They get white, tigerlike stretch marks on their sides from a burst of growth. My hipbones expand like a time-lapse flower in bloom. I grow like a girl in puberty. The pod I was stuffed into has perforated breaks in the skin...unlacing myself from its tight shell. I touch my face in the mirror, study it for hours.

Silent City, The
- (TF) Elizabeth Vonarburg, 1981.
Genetically engineered shape changer girl Elisa must use her extraordinary powers of rejuvenation to save the remnants of a war-ravaged world.

Silent City, The
(TF) Vonarburg, Elisabeth 1981. Elisa, the main character, can change her shape, but only has sex with members of the opposite sex.

Silken Shadows
(UC scene, female growth BE'd) Jennifer St Giles.
Still he hesitated. Swallowing any uncertainty, I slid the first button of my dress loose, moving to the second, then the third. As I fumbled with the fourth button he groaned and pushed away my fingers and deftly undid the buttons all the way to my waist, peeling back the edges to expose the thin chemise stretched too tautly over my aching breasts. I usually outgrew my clothes bosom first, and things had been snug of late, but never this tight. It was as if my breasts had swelled from my need for him.
I arched my back again and several buttons on my chemise popped off.
"Hell," he whispered. ... then he finished the deed. The rest of the tiny chemise buttons popped and cool air fanned my breasts as they spilled free from the binding.
"Nothing's wrong. You're just so... blessed."
Looking as awed as I felt, he leaned down...

Singularity is Near, The
(adult rejuvenation, possible AR/AP) Ray Kurzweil, 2005, futurism. In the near future, morphable nanobodies will allow individuals to appear at different ages

Singularity Sky
- (male ARed) Charles Stross, 2003.
Future human Luddite space colony receives massive influx of new technologies. The governor was granted his wish to once again become a young boy with faithful animal companions.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

(male flash forward) William Sleator, 1985. When quirky and cute neighbor Lucy enters their lives, the competition between 16 year old twins escalates. Harry makes a decision that will change the nature of their relationship forever: he locks himself inside a Year Inside Hour Outside device, so that he'll be a year older than his brother.

Sister of the Dead
- (male age increase) The Noble Dead Book 3 - Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee, 2005.
Magiere the dhampir and her partner the half-elf Leesil journey to uncover their mysterious pasts. Their expertise as vampire hunters is required to save a small village being tormented by a creature of unimaginable power.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The
- (AA novels, magic pants) Ann Brashares 2001. They were just a soft, ordinary pair of thrift-shop jeans until four 15-year-old girls with very different sizes and builds took turns trying them on. The pants settle on each girl's hips perfectly, making her look sexy and long-legged and feel confident as a teenager can feel. "These are magical Pants!" they realize.
The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
12/04 Delacorte Books for Young Readers. With a bit of last summer's sand in the pockets, the Traveling Pants and the Sisterhood embark on their 16th summer. Carmen is concerned that her mother is making a fool of herself over a man. When she discovers that her mother borrowed the Pants to wear on a date, she's certain of it.
Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
1/05. After 2 years of personal growth, will the pants still fit? Yes.

Sisters Grimm, The
(age control) Michael Buckley, 7-novel series, 2007.
Everafters, who are eternal, can choose to age and stop aging at will. Puck has chosen to remain somewhere between age 11-13. He has the ability to shape-shift into any form he chooses. The Sisters Grimm have usurped his role as sometimes-visiting only-child in Granny Relda's home. In book 2, Relda decides that he must accompany 12 year old Sabrina to school to be her bodyguard, and forces him to take a bath, comb his hair, and brush his teeth, transforming him into a somewhat attractive young man. Even Sabrina is forced to admit that he is cute. This is the beginning of an unsteady relationship between them, even including a kiss. In book 5, Puck starts to show small signs of growing up, although he said before that he hadn't found any reason to. Sabrina and Daphne are sucked into the future, find out Puck has decided to grow up at the same rate as Sabrina, and eventually marries her. He throws fits about growing but continues it anyway. In Book 6, 7 year old Daphne tries acting grown-up which severely irritates Sabrina.

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (AA TF, age?) 23 fantasy novels by Monteiro Lobato, 1920-1940, Brazil.

Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventures Series
The Pirate's Coin

- (preteen size changes) by Marianne Malone, 2013.
...hoping above all else to stay small... "Quick, under!" She felt the neck of her T-shirt beginning to readjust ... her upper body was on the outside now and she yanked her growing legs from under the door. In less than three seconds, they were sitting, full size, at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell. "That was awesome!"
The feeling of growing while falling had become one of Ruthie's favorite sensations ... Her attitude had changed since the first time she had tried it, which had been hair-raising. Weightless, her hair flowed behind her and for a few seconds, while still small, the air passing under her outstretched arms gave her lift ... she had become skillful at landing completely balanced as her full-sized self.
...flicked the key away from the web. She expected to grow in the usual smooth process. But it was as though the web was fighting back, clutching half of her body! She felt her right side rising while the left was being pulled down. She thought she might break in two! Finally - and although it was only seconds, Ruthie saw her life flash before her eyes - she reached the size where her body was stronger than the spider filament. She burst free of it, and in the process the web ripped apart...

Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventures
Stealing Magic: A Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure

- (preteen size changes) Marianne Malone, 2012.
Please let it work, Ruthie thought fleetingly. She had almost forgotten the sensations involved in the shrinking process. In a split second, a gentle breeze began to blow her hair. Her clothes caught up to her new size as she got smaller and smaller; she perceived what she though must be the minute sound of threads crinkling. Her skin temporarily tightened ever so slightly, and her muscles contracted as she shrank under the unstoppable force...the room melted into a weird expanding blur around her...Ruthie stood five inches tall, and the now-enormous room came into focus. Tiny Ruthie scurried across the carpet - the loops of wool came nearly halfway up her shins - and scooted under the door...She stood and let the key fall so she could go back to her full size, nearly losing her balance as she regrew. She felt her clothes tighten, then expand; her muscles tingled. The ledge appeared to descend to her height right in front of her!...Then she picked up the key and let herself shrink again.

Size Matters: How Height Affects the Health, Happiness, and Success of Boys - and the Men They Become
- (FF) Stephen S. Hall, 2006.
Tanner and Whitehouse were chroniclers, cartographers, and photographers of this momentous transformation...they charted every aspect of pubertal change - from the topography of emerging the first appearance of whiskers in boys - with almost military precision...when axillary hair...began to appear (well into the growth spurt, after age thirteen)...a time-lapse map charting the appearance of hair on the face of adolescent boys: the first wisp crops up at the corners of upper lips, then marches inward across the entire upper lip, then spreads to the upper cheeks and that little central divot below the lower lip, and then finally fills in the sides and recesses of the chin. They defined the physical changes, not only in height but also in shape, that occur with the growth spurt, as well as the differences in timing...between girls and boys. By 1970 they had produced a kind of syncopated, orchestral map of puberty...Once the testes begin to enlarge, multiple changes are set in motion. Shortly after age twelve, pubic hair first begins to show in boys. Around twelve and a half, the penis begins to enlarge...announces itself, rudely, as a wet dream...about one year after the penis has enjoyed its little growth spurt..."often during sleep and accompanied by appropriate dreaming."...the volume of gray matter in the frontal cortices...peaks in girls at age 11 and in boys at age 12...

- (adult rejuvenated effect) Skinned Trilogy, by Robin Wasserman, 2008.
Lia Kahn was perfect: rich, beautiful, popular - until the terrible accident. Now she has been downloaded into a young adult body that only looks human. Lia will never feel pain again, she will never age, and she can't truly die. But she is also rejected by her friends, betrayed by her boyfriend, and alienated from her old life. Forced to the fringes of society, Lia joins others like her. But they are looked at as freaks, hated and feared... for which they must pay the ultimate price.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sky High
- (male/female AR, RN) James Thomas, 2005 novelization.
Even though Will Stronghold's parents are the two greatest super-powered heroes on the planet, they are too busy saving the world to realize that Will doesn't have any superpowers, and may be doomed to spend his life as a sidekick.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Skye Sparkler
- (AR) - purchase link
- (AR) Kim H. Metzger.
A woman in her 30s designs a little-girl superhero character, and subsequently, permanently becomes her.

Skye Sparkler
- (AR) Kim H. Metzger.
Aspiring comic book artist Marcy Martin worked at data-entry when not trying to sell the super-heroine she created, Skye Sparkler. When Marcy did a good deed, she was given a magical, wish-granting rock. The rock activated when skeptical Marcy wished to be Skye Sparkler. Now Marcy is incredibly tough, strong, fast, and even has the ability to fly. But she isn't sure that compensates for the physical change the wish has caused...
Marcy fights to prove her identity to the world in a battle that eventually brings her up against a force far more formidable than any super-villain: The Congress of the United States!

Slade House: A Novel
- (male mental pre-incarnation) David Mitchell (author of Cloud Atlas), 2015.
"I perceive an alternate fate. I resist. My newborn mission makes me strong, and my mission is this..."
"I transverse down with the ponderous snow, the living snow, the eternal snow, undetected, I pass through the mother's coat, her underclothes, her skin, her uterus wall; and I'm home again, my new warm home, my anchorage; immune to the Dusk and safe in the brain of a fetal boy, this miniature, drowsing, curled-up, dreaming, thumb-sucking astronaut." - (Magicformula)

Sleep of Stone
(TF) Louise Cooper 1992. Shape-changer Ghysla is sure that Prince Anyr loves her as deeply as she loves him, even though she has shown herself to him only in the guise of animals; she can't believe he loves his beautiful bride-to-be, Sivorne. Ghysla plans to steal Sivorne away, substitute herself, then reveal all, imagining that the result will be great joy.

Slice of Cherry
- (uc glimpse) Dia Reeves, 2010.
Kit starts to create her own identity with her own activities, and embraces her journey to adulthood. This angers sister Fancy who tries to create a stasis around her, including wearing her outgrown, childish clothes to resist her growth into a woman.
- She followed him off the carousel, tugging at her dress. Had it always fit so tightly?"Then why are you wearing that tiny dress? Don't you have anything that fits? The straps are cutting into your shoulders." He illustrated by trying to wriggle his finger under the strap, but he couldn't. "If I cut that dress off you, I'd be doing you a favor."
"If you think a skimpy little kid dress is gonna hide all that," he waved a hand at her body, "you're wrong." Fancy crossed her arms over her chest.
- p258: Fancy realized as she watched Selenicera becoming healthier that she must be closer to 9 or 10, life with Datura had stunted her growth ... Unlike her sister Datura began to weaken in the sun. Her skin shriveled and dried ... Selenicera began to grow taller...

Small Town South
(UC scene) Sam Byrd.
A bright-skin girl the color of a new saddle hung on to his coat-tail and peeked out at us. Her bare toes were buried in the ooze of a mud puddle and her dress seemed almost too strained to hold her growing body any longer. Her blunt breasts pressed against the threadbare gingham as if she had slipped cups from a child's tea set inside her blouse.

Snakes Don't Miss Their Mothers
- (FF) M. E. Kerr, 2003 juvenile. Snippet: "You see, I'm looking for someone who'll look like a teenager." "I believe you're right: She has grown taller," said Ms..."

Snow Queen, The
- (AP, male AP) Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale in 7 parts, 1845.
AKA "Sneedronningen".
- Preteen girl Gerda rescues little boy Kai (Kay) from the Snow Queen after he was inflicted with a shard of the devil's mirror and turned cold hearted. Upon their return, all is the same at home in their garden, but they have changed! Turning as they pass through the door, they perceive they are both grown up, and have become man and woman. They are delighted to see that it is summertime. Poetically the whole adventure portrayed their adolescence.
- This tale has been adapted many times in all media.

Snow White (stories)
- (CoA metaphor, some FF, always AA) Many versions. In some she got older during the story - art

Snow White
- (coma FF AA AP) Charles Santore, 1996.
She is still a preteen when she dies, but lies in the glass coffin for many years. This is reassuring, as the Snow White who gets married is obviously no longer a small child. But I find the inclusion of this plot point from the original story highly suspect. Because guys... she hit puberty in that coffin. The dwarfs made damn sure to enlarge her white dress as she grew - illustrations

Solaka the girl with the Long Blue Toenails
- (kinda TFed) nail growth.

Solario the Tailor, His Tales of the Magic Doublet
(adult rejuvenation scene) William Bowen, 1922.
"On the earthen floor, ... the old Ragpicker was kneeling before a brazier containing a brisk fire, over which hung an iron pot.
Presently she stopped stirring, and sniffing the contents of the pot nodded her head as if satisfied. She picked up from the ground an iron ladle and ... drank it down, every drop.
She put down the ladle and the bowl, and stood motionless, as if waiting. A change began to come over her. Her back straightened; she grew taller; the wrinkles left her face; her skin became fairer, her eyes larger, her hair longer; and there before my eyes stood a young and beautiful damsel, tall and erect, with dark eyes in a pale face, and two thick braids of brown hair hanging to her waist.
She held up her right hand and looked at it. The long black stiff finger with the hook was still there. She screamed, and burying her face on her left arm shook with sobs. In a moment she raised her head and put away her hideous right hand behind her where she could not see it. Her left hand she placed over her eyes, with a gesture of despair, and as she remained standing in that attitude the hand over her eyes grew old and withered; she began to shrink and stoop, and she moaned to herself. It was plain that the effect of what she had drunk was beginning to wear off. She shuddered, and gave a mournful cry; and in another instant she was the old, bent Ragpicker again."

Solomon Grundy
(male AP, movie in pre-production) 1997 Dan Gooch novel about newborn baby who becomes an adult in 1 day and lives an entire lifetime's worth of experiences in 1 week.

Some Kind of Fairy Tale
- (time divergence) Graham Joyce, 2012.
15 y.o. missing teen returns 20 years later looking only 6 months older as confirmed by dental records.

Something Evil Lurks in the Woods
- (male adult TF CB) Charles Edwin Price.
The trio watched as if transfixed. Mr. Thurgood's clothes ripped at the seams as his body ballooned in size. The spectacle reminded Articus of the Incredible Hulk on television.
Mr. Thurgood grew taller. Dark brown hair sprouted all over his body.
Missy screamed. In a few seconds a horrible, twelve-foot tall beast loomed in front of them.

Something Occurred
(TF old aged) Benjamin Leopold Farjeon, 1893, 331p.
- After 1 year of marriage, young wife Edwina was suddenly transformed into an older person.
- text extracts:
"May I take the liberty of inquiring who you are?"
"Who am I?" replied the old lady. "Why, I am Edwina!"
"Merciful powers!" he cried, as he passed his hand across his brow. "Edwina!"
"Upon my word, love," said the old lady, "I shall get cross if you go on playing this stupid game any longer. But, heavens!" A sudden alarm seized her. "Something has occurred!" she cried. "I see it all! Oh, my poor darling, you have lost your memory! Your mind is a blank. Everything in the past is blotted out, and you will have to commence all over again. But I will stand by you, love. You will always be to me the dearest boy, and I will never, never desert you! Oh, how sorry I am for you, dear Harold, how sorry, how sorry!"
"Edwina," said Harold, much moved by her tenderness, "I have not lost my memory; I am" -he glanced at himself in the mirror over the mantelpiece- "myself. So far as I can judge, there is no change in my appearance, and I feel none mentally. I perceive now that you have Edwina's dress on, and, yes, Edwina's rings are on your fingers and the bracelet I gave you is on your wrist, though they are rather loose. Edwina -for I will continue to call you by that dear name till the crack of doom, whatever you become; no change in you will alter my feelings for you- Edwina, it is to you, not to me, that something has occurred!"
She saw that he was speaking the truth, and she rose slowly, trembling in every limb; and as she rose she discovered that her frock was both too short and too loose for her -which proved that in a few moments she had grown taller and thinner. Edwina, in her own proper person, was a plump little body, somewhat under the ordinary stature, and she might well lose a little in roundness and gain an inch in height without in the least detracting from her loveliness as an old lady. But the fear that assailed her as she now rose to her feet was that she had been transformed into either something hideous or something so ludicrous as to cause every one who saw her to shriek with laughter.
"Harold," she whispered, clinging to his arm, "you will not cast me off, will you? You will not run away from me?"
"Cast you off!" he cried. "Run away from you! How can you think that of me? I took you for better or worse, as you took me, and I am going to take care of you and to be true to you through thick and thin. There!"
He kissed her, and said to himself, "Not so bad," though of course he would have infinitely preferred Edwina's plump, smooth, velvety cheek. This sign of affection did not reassure Edwina. "Harold is such a dear fellow," she thought, "that he will submit to any sacrifice to comfort me." Very, very slowly, guided by Harold, she approached the mirror, but it was with closed eyes, and there she stood for quite a time with her hands before her face.
"Look at yourself, Edwina," said Harold encouragingly.
His voice was so exceedingly kind that it encouraged her to take a peep, and gradually she widened the lattice of her fingers, and gazed at her reflection with a feeling of intense relief; and as she gazed, a smile so charming came to her lips that Harold put his arm around her and pressed her fondly to him.
"You dear boy, you dear boy," she cried, "it might have been ever so much worse than it is! What lovely hair -and what white teeth, considering my age! Harold, dear, when we were each other we had to accept it, and now I am goodness knows who, we must also accept it."
"Certainly we will accept it, and will make the best of it," said Harold.
"There is nothing repulsive in my appearance, and therefore there is no reason why I should be boxed up, as we were before. Dear Harold, you will not box me up, will you?"

Something Wicked This Way Comes
- (male AR) Ray Bradbury.
A couple of people get "de-aged" back into children with the help of a magic merry-go-round.
"And Will?" said Mr. Dark. "Let's ride him back and back, eh? Make him a babe in arms, a babe for the Dwarf to carry like a clown-child, roundabout in parades, every day for the next fifty years, would you like that, Will? to be a babe forever? not able to talk and tell all the lovely things you know? Yes, I think that's best for Will. A plaything, a little wet friend for the Dwarf!" - (Jeff)

Something Wicked This Way Comes
(AR, AP, RN) Ray Bradbury. Merry-go-round runs backward and makes at least 2 people younger. (JeffR)

Somewhere a Band is Playing
(age stasis) Ray Bradbury novel, 2006. About a community where no one ever ages.

- (14-16-29-OA, RNed) by Lois Lowry, 2012.
The Giver Quartet #4, fantasy curse. Trademaster's bargain for transporting Claire to her son Gabriel is taking her young adult youth, which rapidly turns her into an old woman. She gets better when he is defeated.

Soul to Settle (Twisted Souls #4), A
- (unseen accelerated) "A Zombie Paranormal Origins Tale". Cege Smith, 2013. Fantasy curse. Cameron Lowden ... only to point to her accelerated growth as a sign of her uniqueness. She grew from an infant of six months to an eighteen-year-old woman during their interim in the underground bunker. She had abilities ...

Soul Traveler
- (possible AR or AP?) Laurance Pearsongreer, 2002.
An ancient race hid from humanity. A daring trip through time, space, and humanity?
- (Sally G. Laturi) ln - th

Soviet literature
- (UCed) 1977. I, sitting between them, tried to do the same, but discovered that I had grown out of my sailor coat with round yellow buttons and my hands would no longer go into my sleeves, they were too short and narrow. The sea kept surging past, ...

Space Station 7th Grade:
(AR/AP) Jerry Spinelli episodic novels about the traumas experienced by junior high schooler Jason and his friend Richie. (Jeffr_2bya)

Space Station Seventh Grade
(ARed allusion) Jerry Spinelli.
p102: You could get younger and younger - till you're a baby again!
p103: He just goes into orbit around it. Waiting. Growing.
The grandmother. They put her into the freeze-dried grandmother launch pad and send her off. ...faster and faster, and pretty soon the grandmother is going as fast as light. Then faster than light.
And so her time is different from everything else's time. Her time starts to go backward. It goes back to the day she died. And then she un-dies, and it's the day before she dies, and then the week before, and she's going faster and faster, and getting younger and younger, and by the time she reaches Alpha Centauri she's only fifty years old. Or maybe even forty.
And there waiting for her is her grandchild. ...what she has to do is slow down, and that means she'll start getting old again and die.

Space Vampires, The
- (male adult OA'd-like effect) Colin Wilson, 1976. Mysterious, erotically-charged space female tells her discoverer lover "I am the feminine in your mind". 1985 film adaptation "Lifeforce".

Space Vampires, The
- (old age) movie version: Lifeforce.

Spectrum in Between, The
- (slight accelerated growth) Brandy Devoid, 2009.
Five years had passed and Ryan tried to hide her accelerated growth but, at this point it was extremely obvious that she had the body of a gifted beautiful ten- year-old red headed girl who didn't even look like her parents. The doctors couldn't ...

- (adult rejuvenation) T.L. Breeze.
She stared into the mirror trying to imagine how she would have looked in her twenties. Amazingly, the image of her hideously scarred reflection in the mirror began to change. The scars faded away along with the wrinkles and the changes that time had made in her appearance.
Phyllis' mouth dropped open as she now looked at a young, beautiful woman, staring back at her from the mirror. The young woman's mouth dropped open at the precise moment that Phyllis' mouth did, and Phyllis made other movements, which the mirror image mimicked exactly.
...modeling and revealing to Phyllis all the beauty that was meant...
Her hair was long and thick. It was lustrous and jet black, with soft red highlights and waves that fell down below Phyllis' milky white shoulders and onto the skin of her smooth, flawless back.
Phyllis let out a little sigh, and a perfect pink blush grew upon the woman's cheeks.
She threw back her head and ran her hands through her hair and down the sides of her breast. Then she caught her breasts in her hands and teasingly displayed them...
First the woman cupped them in her hands, squeezing them with her caresses, forcing them to grow hard and full. She caressed them until the nipples grew hard and erect. Their pale, beige color deepened the more the woman in the mirror rubbed them.
...she could feel her own breasts, rising, growing, and changing.
A metamorphosis was occurring, from scarred hideous woman into goddess.
She put her hands on her waist, not an inch of flab.
Her waist was tiny, and her stomach was flat.
Her nipples hardened even more, and her back arched...
The man whispered her name. "Phyllisss! Come to me Phyllis, I can make you young and beautiful, all you have to do is come to me."

Spooksville: The Witch's Revenge
(AR, male AP, male old age) Christopher Pike 1996. link A lot like Goosebumps. A girl is slowly ARed into a baby and a boy is APed into a old man. (JeffR) cover

Spy Babies
(possible AP RN scene(s), AR novel) Ian Bone, 2000.
Ellie Prest runs away to her friend Brand's house to teach her mother a lesson. But Brand isn't the friend he used to be. He's a spy! Then Brand and Ellie are captured by enemy agents and turned into babies!

Squire's Tale, The
- (male memory reversal) Gerald Morris Arthurian novel.
The hermit Trevisant ages normally, but remembers less of the past and more of the future as time goes by, until at his death he sees only the future. It is revealed that he had a spell cast on him so he could forget a traumatic event.

Stag Boy
- (TF, coming of age?) William Rayner, 1973. Jim uses ancient helmet to posses the body of a giant stag during hunting season. He finds it increasingly difficult to return to his own life. Mary dons the helmet to confront the black god.

Stain: A Novel, The
- (UC scene) Rikki Ducornet, 1995. "...two cotton camisoles that already constricted her forming breasts, and several pairs of mended black stockings, all too short for her lengthening legs."

Star of Gray
- (TF UC) by Hubbard J. Tozer, 2012.
...look...different." ... Jyrisa's hair was no longer brown and curly, but long and rippling silver. She had also managed to grow about a foot, and her clothes strained to contain her new frame. Jyrisa looked down at herself and sighed.
"Oh yeah. Sorry about that. My concentration was broken. Give me a second." She closed her eyes and her body started to change. Within seconds it morphed back into the small Latina women that she had been before. Taris' mouth dropped.
"... I'm half Ato. All Atos are morphers."

Star Patrol: Descendants of Bazborn, The
- (some de-aging) Benjamin W. Schenk, 2011 superhero epic series.
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Star Trek New Frontier
(unseen male accelerated development) Xy, the son of Burgoyne and Selar, is the chief science officer of the Excalibur at 5 years old. He's cursed to rapidly age and die very young thanks to the intermingling of Hermat and Vulcan DNA, until his mother gives her life to find him a life-extending drug.

Star Wreck V: the undiscovered nursing home
- (adults rejuvenated) Rewolinski, Trumbore, 1993.
Satirical look at Star Trek series. The original crew discovers Fountain of Youth and sets up amusement park to distribute the water. The Next Generation crew must rescue it for the Federation. Broad satire with some fairly good rejuv. The original crew all turn into 18 year olds and after that all the women who visit the fountain turn into 'hot babes' who want Kirk. Deanna gets turned into a 15 year old Valley Girl.
- (JeffR-2bya) ln - th

Starik Hottabych
- (male OA'd) "Old Man Hottabych" by Lazar Iosifovich Lagin, 1938, 1956.
Russian and transl. A genie was freed from captivity by a Soviet schoolboy. The genie's jerkass brother tells the heroes to choose the manner of their deaths. One boy says he wishes to die of old age... guess what spell the genie cast?
- Was filmed as "Starik Khottabych", USSR 1956, and remade as Khottabych, Russia 2006. No AP.

- (alien coming of age) Sydney J. Van Scyoc, 1976. Planet babies can be molded into duplicates of their caretakers and grow up to be educated and sophisticated young women.

- (mind transfer) Lissa Price, 2012. In a future where only the very old and young survived, teens rent their bodies to seniors. 16 y.o. Callie takes over the life of her rich renter - (Michael Binary)

Stitch in Time, A
(FFed dream sequence AA) Maria, a lonely child, thinks very deeply about things and has a marvelous imagination. She discovers an old sampler, and starts to think about the girl who made it. Maria imagines herself grown up: "And having thought of this, in an off-hand sort of way, the thought suddenly took shape... so that a grown-up Maria (wearing spectacles, for some reason... and dressed in a tweed suit like Aunt Ruth's) stood before her, smiling quite benevolently, and so real it seemed almost possible that other people might see her also".

Stolen Child, The
(male age stasis, male APed) 2006, Keith Donohue.
Henry was stolen as a baby and becomes a forest pixie stuck at age 6. Changeling Henry has to remember to grow himself up, with comical results.

Stolen, The
- (teen/oldster mind swap) The Stolen - Alex Shearer, 2003.
Carly has a vacancy for a best friend, and new girl Meredith might fit the bill. Meredith, however seems bored with being a child, and not very interested in making friends. Her granny on the other hand longs to join in the children's games. One day she tells Carly an incredible story, which makes Carly determined to help her, to her own great peril.
- (Metamorphose) ln - th

Stolen, The
(mind transfer) "The Stolen", Alex Shearer novel, 2003. All about Carly, and a girl she meets called Meredith. Or is she Meredith? What would it be like to be trapped in an old person's body, with a young person's soul, and no one believing your story? (Metamorphose)

Stone of Tears
(age stasis) Terry Goodkind novel. The Palace of the Prophets in Tanimura is surrounded by a unique spell that slows the aging of its inhabitants.

Stop! Growing...
- (coming of age) Stacie Reil-Berry, 2012.
Light-hearted children's story sure to tug at your heart's strings addresses a parent's realization that their child has seemingly grown up overnight, and the child's surprise at how quickly life changes.

Stories and Mis-Adventures of Cassandra West, The
(APed) John Hattaway, book not yet written. Cassandra was magically pulled into her adult body, and wants to return to being 11 years old. She cannot cross a certain river in her adult body and must find another way to return home.

Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, The
- (some age disguised, kinda like age stasis, TG elements)
Henry Joseph Darger, Jr. (1892 - 1973)
- Reclusive American outsider artist became famous for his posthumously discovered 15,145-page, single-spaced fantasy manuscript, along with several hundred drawings and watercolor paintings illustrating the story.
The 7 Vivian Girls fight evil and protect each other from the sinister world of adults. Blengigomeneans occasionally take human or part-human form, even disguising themselves as children.

Strand of a thousand pearls: a novel
- (FF) Dorit Rabinyan, Yael Lotan, 2002.
...She grew taller and the bed kept growing smaller. Mama was convinced that it was excessive sleep that was making her grow so precipitately, and tried to pluck her torpid daughter out of bed...

Strange Orbit
- (male & female AR) Margaret Simpson, 1995, teen sci-fi.
Spaceship misses its destination and hurtles into deep space for a mysterious voyage that transcends time and the mind itself.
You know how they sometimes show plants growing on television, all speeded up, so that you see them sprouting and flowering and withering all in a few minutes? Well, this was happening to Mikey, only in reverse. Already he had gone from a little boy to a toddler, and now before my eyes he was steadily turning into a fat baby who could hardly sit up.
"My God, darling! This time reversal is ..." because, like Mikey, we were getting younger by the second.
"Not my problem, darlings," said Muriel ... Meanwhile Mikey was screaming "Waaagh!" already he was back to being a newborn baby, all purple and wrinkled with no hair.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Strange Orbit
- (male AR, female AR, possible FF or AP??) Margaret Simpson, 1995.
Underdeveloped 14 y.o. Jessica Baron is selected for a mysterious voyage that transcends time and the mind itself.
Tragically, no information could be extracted.
- p212: "As for my body, which I hadn't seen naked for-well, two years in "real" time-it had changed! I had breasts. Quite big breasts, too!"
- (Jeffr_2bya data)

Strange Woman, The
- (male FFed, UC) Ben Ames Williams, 1945. "You're a grown man!' She laughed in a rich, husky fashion entirely unlike her usual laughter. 'You've grown so much that sleeves are too short, Dan."

Stranger in the Mirror
(male, old age) Allen Say. When 8-year-old Sam comes into the kitchen for breakfast one morning his parents and younger sister scream. He has rapidly aged overnight, with a child's body and an old man's wrinkled face and gray hair. Sam visits doctor after doctor, who say there is nothing wrong with him, and suffers changed relationships with his friends and family.

Stretch, Swallow & Stare
(growth) Veronika Martenova Charles. About 3 multi-cultural women who each have amazing abilities. Stretch could stretch her body taller than the tallest tree.

Styx Complex, The
- (adult rejuv/stasis) Russell L. Rhodes.
Nazi surgeon invents compound which makes the human body clay-like. He uses it on himself to transform into a beautiful young woman, who then uses the secret formula as a youth potion for the very rich.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Sudden Noises from Inanimate Objects: A Novel in Liner Notes
(male, face close-ups) Christopher Miller. Male time-lapse project looks like AP.
male text

Summer I Shrank My Grandmother, The
- (AR) Elvira Woodruff, 1990.
Preteen Nelly discovers a magic chemistry set. They test a youth potion on Grandma's dog. Nelly's grandmother becomes a young woman, but Grandma keeps getting younger: a teenager, a girl Nelly's own age, a pre-schooler, and finally a baby whom the preteens have to diaper. The dog has disappeared, and it looks as if the same fate awaits Grandma - (Cobe)

Summer Jackson: Grown Up
- (ungranted age wish) Teresa E. Harris, 2011, ills.
Sassy, trendy 7 y.o. Summer is fairly certain she's ready to be a grown-up—right now. She wants to wear a blazer, read the morning paper, and boss around a few second graders. Grown-ups have it so easy! But wait, do grown-ups play on swings? Sometimes, being a grown-up is not all that it's cracked up to be. Being a kid might not be so bad after all.

Summer Project
- (BE) Glenn H. Cochran.
"...he tugged the madras away from her upper body ... He watched, fascinated, as her nipple became erect under his gaze. He glanced at Jennifer's face, seeking an explanation of the phenomenon, but her erect nipple was her personal joke, and she didn't share it with him ... His eyes moved ... to her other nipple, also erect. "Are you cold?" She smiled ... shook her head."

Sun Visor Spider
- (UC glimpse) Jason Lee Brown, 2011.
...her white shirt rose and showed her belly button.
She had grown so fast all her clothes were too small. Her brown pants stopped at her ankles and her shirt sleeves looked like a tank top.

Supernaturalist, The
(male age stasis) Eoin Colfer, SF cyberpunk, Puffin 2004. Lucien Bonn, called Ditto due to his habit of repeating what people say, had gene-splicing experiments performed on him as a baby to produce a "super-human"; however, these experiments stunted his growth. Ditto is basically a 28-year-old genius with a 9 year old's body.

- (adult RN rejuv, adult OA disguise) Clair Conway, 2014.
"The elegant woman standing before them began to undergo a metamorphosis. Long, luxurious auburn hair turned gray with streaks of white, shortening until it was frizzy and barely touching her shoulders. Taut facial skin sagged as though gravity was reclaiming its own, and the once-flawless complexion disappeared, to be replaced with a roadmap of wrinkles liberally dotted with liver spots. The lush and youthful body broadened with additional weight. Pert breasts drooped into shapeless masses, and her fingers became twisted and gnarled with the ravages of arthritis.
And suddenly, she was Marlee's aunt! Older perhaps, but undeniably recognizable as her beloved Fina! A collective gasp went up... "So totally not possible!"
In the twinkling of an eye, Fiona resumed her youthful appearance... I only pretend to grow old with the passage of time..."

(coming of age UC) Jean Lorrah. Star Trek: The Next Generation.
"So she thought about warm clothes to replace the ones falling of her growing body. She had had to tie front and back of the top of her garment together with bits of string, and it kept slipping down in front, barely covering the "bazooms" which now made her a valuable commodity to the rape gangs.
Some men had seen her today, and eyed her greedily, but she had slipped away..."

Sweet Valley Confidential
- (FFed, came of age) "Ten Years Later..." Francine Pascal, 2011.
The twins and their friends have aged at a normal rate from 17 to 27.

Sweet Valley Twins
BIG For Christmas
- (excellent girls to women Age Progression transformation novel, multiple UCed aftermath scenes and limited clothes effect descriptions, slight CB incident and growth-related wardrobe problems, implied BE/height and size increases, coming of age, RN ARed)
Francine Pascal, 11/1/1994, 256 pages.
- Magna Edition, 3rd book.
From description found online:
- 12-year-old twins are invited to the biggest Christmas party ever, but their parents won't let them go. They go to a carnival instead where they make a wish to be big. When they wake up the next morning, a shocking transformation has occurred!
Elizabeth wakes sweating and her nightgown is really tight around her neck. She gets out of bed and stretches, and the arms of the gown rip. She looks down and sees her nightgown is hanging above her knees, whereas last night it was floor length. Hmm, very strange! Being Elizabeth, she thinks she is just half asleep, and goes into the bathroom. In the mirror she sees a blond haired, pacific-blue eyed woman looking back at her. Liz thinks there's an intruder in the bathroom. She screams and runs back into her room just as Jessica enters the bathroom.
Jessica has also woken up feeling a little odd. Her pajamas are a tad short, shall we say! She sees a blond haired, pacific-eyed woman rush into Liz's bedroom. Jessica thinks there is a burglar in Elizabeth's room, but she does note the woman looked "oddly familiar". Liz wonders who this person is, so she peeks into the bathroom:
  "Arrgghhh!" the woman screamed.
  But this time, Elizabeth wasn't going to run away. She was going to face the lady down. Slowly, she began to step toward the strange young woman.
  The strange young woman seemed to have decided the same thing.
  She was approaching Elizabeth in the same, cautious manner in which Elizabeth was approaching her.
  Their eyes met, and Elizabeth felt another strange sensation. It was the shock of recognition.
  She was looking at herself!
  "Jessica?" she asked in a whisper.
  "Elizabeth?" the lady gasped.
  As one, Elizabeth and Jessica turned their heads toward the mirror that hung over Jessica's dressing table.
  "Arrgghhh!" they screamed together.
The twins are GROWN UPS!
Mrs. W knocks on the door asking who screamed, and obviously they can't let her in. Jess quickly makes up a story to fob her off. She then decides they need to leave the house and therefore need some clothes.
Liz suggests the big tracksuits they have, but these are too small!!
There's only one thing for it - raid Alice's closet. Jessica is thrilled: this is the opportunity she has been waiting for for years! Jess sneaks along the hallway, has a close shave with Ned, but escapes being seen by hiding behind a closet door. She steals a black jumpsuit and a conservative suit for Elizabeth. Jess also takes some high heels and some pumps for Liz. She notices "with a thrill" that she is now slightly taller than her mom!
Jessica goes back to her room but bumps into Steven. He tries to block her way but Jessica barges past him saying, "very mature, Steven". Steven doesn't recognize her and the twins quickly get dressed and shinny down the drain to escape the house. They get jobs driving a donut truck and working in an office. Steven finally realizes the grown women are his sisters, and something has to be done. They go to another carnival and find a wishing well to unwish the original age change. They drop the coin and there is a flash, but they are still fully grown.
On the bus back, the twins fall asleep together on the back seat. Steven is trying to figure out how to break the news to their parents when they reach their stop. Steven calls the twins to wake up, and two blond, tousled, 12 y.o. heads pop up. The wish worked!
All 3 are really happy as they make their way home to find Ned on the doorstep. He rushes them all into a big hug, saying he doesn't want an explanation of where they have been, but as punishment they are grounded over Christmas so they can have some quality family time together.
- Excellent original UC cover art before & aftermath scene.
Notice: there is no evidence this book was adapted into one of the Tv episodes.
- (zippyladoodles)

Sweet Valley Twins
Teen novel series.
- (flash forward) 100: "If I Die Before I Wake" Jamie Suzanne, Francine Pascal. "If Eva was not dead, shouldn't she be older and bigger by now? I think she should be taller than the twins, and she must have outgrown her clothes and slippers."
- (mother daughter switch) cover

Sweet Valley Twins
Big for Christmas

- (excellent overnight young teens to adult women APed glimpses, aftermaths) Jamie Suzanne, Francine Pascal, 1994.
Only a few tiny snippets could be extracted.
She yawned and stretched her arms out wide.
The shoulder seams on either side of her gown tore and left a large gaping hole across the back.
What in the... She jumped out of bed and her...
She wanted to go get help, but she knew she couldn't keep Jessica alone in there. Not with a strange woman who, for some weird reason, seemed to be wearing Jessica's pajamas, the blue ones that Elizabeth had given her for her last...
Jessica straightened her posture and squared her shoulders.
The entire sleeve of Jessica's pajama top tore...
Jessica ran into her room and made a frantic lunge for her bottom drawer, where she kept clothes that were a little too big. She reached for the warm-up suit that Aunt Helen had sent a few months ago. She peeled the torn pajamas off and stepped into the pants. "Ugh!" she said out loud. The pants were way too tight. She felt as if she were being strangled from the waist down.
She tried to pull the top down over her...
...and get everything zipped and buttoned. The hem was a little shorter than she had expected. My gosh, she thought in surprise. We're taller than Mom.
She ran into her bedroom, threw up her win...
...were taller than he was. It would be pretty tough on his dad to have to look up to yell at the twins.

Swing in the Summerhouse, The
- (possibility of AP?)
Jane Langton, juvenile fantasy, Book 2 in The Hall Family Chronicles series.
No info could be found.
- "Uncle does silly things that an adult would never do, like playing tag and doing cartwheels. Georgie wants so much to be able to read and add two and two. She is sure she'll get what she wants if she breaks the boards and goes through the forbidden door marked "Grow Up Now". Will she? Oliver Winslow, the children, Uncle Freddy, Mrs. Dorian all go through: "... wearing a marble shirt with too- short sleeves that showed his knobby wrists and marble pants that rode halfway up ..."

(TF) 1994, Kate Thompson, trilogy. Tess is a Switcher, able to change into any animal she chooses. She discovered this ability at a young age, but she has kept it a secret. While she and her parents are close, she can't tell them about this. Then she learns that Kevin is a Switcher, too. Switchers have to choose whether to be human or animal on their 15th birthdays. Tess and Kevin travel north, Switching from form to form until they find themselves confronting the terrible krools. Some of the details are a bit questionable: the Switchers' clothes change with them, and while that is certainly convenient for the characters, it strikes the reader as implausible. A sequel is Wild Blood, 1999. Tess is almost 15 and has to choose her final shape.

Sword Watchers, The
- (AA fantasy story, heroine battle form upgrade, RN ARed AA) by James Tonks, 2001.
The Sword Watchers - In a mystical land of fantasy, powerful magic is embedded in a jewel set in the hilt of a legendary sword. There is an AA TF battle form age-up at the start of Chapter 9, a forced RN AA at the end of Chapter 13, and two sketches of the preteen protagonists before & after.
- - page scans - (Prof Malicious)

Sword Watchers, The
- (probably male AA TF AP?)
James Tonks, 2001. Louise Bohling, illustrator.
- A short but memorable AP sequence, with a bit of AA to boot. The effects last a while, until the RN happens just before the climax of the book. Simon and Rebecca find an old sword. A time honoured battle between good and evil is about to be reawakened, and the children find themselves in an enchanted world of danger and adventure - (Prof)

Sword's End, The (series)
- (age TF?) "The Sword's End", Lowell Ellington, 2007-. Too many TFs to list, including age TF reportedly.

Symphony of the Fallen
- (TF age forms) Eric McCann. Fantasy curse. Velma: "I can turn myself older if I want to you know..." She suddenly grew taller, her breasts fuller and her hips wider as her child-like face changed into a teenager's. "I am now your age, you like this body?"

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal