Aging Transformation Scenes

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AR Archive board people turned into helpless babies
the AR Archive--mirror--orig

The Process--shoujos, chibis & nekos
Dreamtales Comics Store.

- (dedicated AP/AR captions) - Age TF Captions
A blog featuring caption stories focusing principally on age changes.
Most of the photo captions are part of brand new original stories, but there are also adaptations of previously released material, like the all time classic comic "It's a Gas".

- (dedicated AR stories) - New commissions, read for free by subscribing - Sebtomato's Ghost

- (dedicated CGI & age story site) -

- (dedicated male attribute TF captions) - Male Body Exchange
Blog will be exploring themes of male body switch, age progression, age regression, jock/old man switch, wimp/jock switch, muscle growth and more.

- (dedicated AR CGI video stories) - Areg5 Productions
My resurrected YouTube was permanently shut down for "violating terms of service"... I finally bit the bullet and launched my own video site & forum. Also, some videos posted on MetaCafe
- Daily Comic/Pic & Comic links on Areg5 Patreon

- (dedicated AR/AP CGI comics, age swaps) - The Forgotten One

- (dedicated age regression fiction without the "ouch") - Sebtomato
I've put together a special website for my Parkdale tales, to make them easier to read. In the future, I will add new stories to this website.

- (dedicated male APed & male rejuvenation captions) - Aging Time
A blog with male age progression and age swap caption tales.

- (dedicated AR caption tales) - John Madix Smith's Transformations

- (dedicated adult baby & some AR) - Little AB's website - comics

- (dedicated old adults rejuved) - Nudity caption stories community Update Page
Hobbitmon--Capst AR shorts
Choose Your Own Change interactive stories CYOC ARcentral
Furvect AP--multiple--AR--categories

Japanese TF boards text only--wiki
Electronic Morph Gallery--Electric Morph Gallery

Tv Tropes info pages - rarely updated

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- links: "ARed"

- links: Male changes

- links: TF "OA"

- links: AA FF

We are very sorry, there are almost no good real-life female AP/UC, AP/CB, AP puberty, AP time-lapse, or AP Ageshifter story links.

- (pregnancy) - Pregnancy Progression Page

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal