Aging Transformation Scenes

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Quack Pack
- (feathered male AR AA poofs to egg, RN) First he appears the way he did in his early cartoons - screencaps

Quack Pack
- (plant & anthro male fowl AR) "Can't Take a Yolk", 10/9/1996, S01Ep17.
The boys use a shrinking formula to reduce their yard work, but Donald uses it in his bath and gets progressively younger. They must stop their uncle from wreaking havoc throughout town.
Sunflower into seedling, tree into seedling then acorn then giant size unseen. Adult duck into teen, then toddler, then baby, then egg, then back, then unseen into giant.
- Alternate video link - (Thomas)

Quasi at the Quackadero
- (AA past/future selves) 1975, USA.
A duck couple and their male robot pet visit a time museum. In one scene they see themselves older and in another they see their past.
- Direct video link - screencaps - (Time, Jeffr_2bya)

Quest For Camelot
- (AA AP flash forward) 1998 "On My Father's Wings" song. Kayley looks at her reflection in the water. One tear drops and she becomes 12 years old. The water flows again, and she becomes 18. (film017) vid link
- (flash forward) caps

Rabbids Invasion
French/US CGI series about 2' tall maniacal anthro rabbits from the Rayman Raving Rabbids games.
- (anthro size-up) S01Ep23a "Vampire Rabbid" 10/18/2014.
The rabbids experiment with instant growth tonic.
- (anthro mental) S02Ep11 37c "Rabbid Babysitting" 12/11/2015.
A rabbid accidentally switches places with a baby.
- (anthro male AR) S02Ep14 40b "Mini-Rabbid" 1/10/2016.
After another failed attempt to reach the moon, a rabbid falls in a clothes dryer and is shrunk to baby size. Mini-Rabbid has an innocent child-like behavior, with low self-esteem due to his size and everyone treating him like a baby. He often gets frustrated when nobody listens, and works hard to prove himself. Eventually, Mini-Rabbid manages to become more confident - Vid link
- (anthro ARed) S02Ep15 41c "Mini Rabbids vs. Giant Chicken" 1/17/2016.
To cheer him up, the other rabbids decide to shrink themselves to the same size, and Mini-Rabbid plays with them.
- (anthro size-up) S03Ep4 56c "Gorilla Rabbid" 7/12/2016.
Prof. Mad Rabbid creates an enlarging machine but his assistant gets stuck inside. He turns into a gorilla-like giant monster.
- (Isabella)

Rainbow Brite
(FFed) fan art

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (anthros AR poof, RN) S1Ep1a "Purrfect Party" 1/18/2019.
Magical entities are poofed into crying baby creatures.
- Scene link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (AR, RN) "Fountain of Too Much Youth".
Miguel's favorite malt at Mythic Malts is only available from the kids' menu, so he and Felicity go on a quest to find the Fountain of Youth. Miguel takes a huge gulp and turns into a toddler, but since he was only supposed to swim in it he keeps getting younger. Felicity has to babysit him as he regresses further on their journey to the Wheel of Aged Cheese. After back-and-forthing from baby to teen/adult, Miguel is restored, but now Felicity is splashed with the water and she becomes a baby herself! She's restored to normal, but all 4 main characters get wet and the episode ends with them as babies.

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (furry AR poofs) S1Ep7b "Fountain of Too Much Youth" 2019/02/17.
Dog into little pup, then baby, then over time into smaller baby, then aged to teen, then back to a baby, then aged to adult, eventually back to normal. Finally the main characters were splashed into baby creatures.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (male AR?) "Fountain of too much youth". Nickelodeon.
Not to be confused with Cartoon Network's Unikitty. When Miguel discovers his favorite malt is now on the kids menu, he drinks from The Fountain of Youth to get younger - (Tazz)

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty
- (male AR) Miguel drinks instead of bathing in the magic water, so he ends up getting younger and younger. Lots of poof transitions - (Vended)

Rambo: The Force of Freedom
- (adult age disguised) 1986. Intro featured his female assistant K.A.T. removing an old woman mask - (Robur)

Random Rings
- (male AR AA zap) S2Ep3 "Gramma vs Perry The Platypus" 2020.
Disney animated characters make prank calls - Ep link - - gif - (Tazz)

- (furry mental AR) Hindi, 2013+ Ep "Crying baby Domdom".
Adapted from "Oggy and the Cockroaches". Turkish version: "Ta-ta-ta-taaam". Dog mentally into a baby, then mouse mentally into a baby.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Rated A for Awesome
- (mental "ARed") S01Ep38 "Brat Busters" 2011/12/20.
Lars has to babysit little cousin. After his kiddy-hypno-ray fails, Thera, Les Lars and Mr. Twitchy have to keep Derek entertained! Kids mentally into babies.
- Clip link - - (Tazz)

Raw Toonage
(AP) 1992. One episode had a cereal commercial with an age progression scene in it. (GOgre54)

Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest, The
- (male old age stasis) Man was cursed with eternal life without eternal youth.

Real Ghostbusters, The
(male AR) screencaps

- (AA digital age forms)
"The Great Brain Robbery", S01Ep10.
- Megabyte intends to send a heavily compressed ship into Bob's head to control his brain. However, things don't go exactly as planned... Enzo has a little mental AR trip.
"Game Over", S03Ep04.
- Megabyte is sealed inside firewall. But the virals are scheming, and Enzo and AndrAIa face the User in a dangerous fighting game. If the fight doesn't go Enzo's way, will the User win?
"Icons", S03Ep05.
- After getting stuck, Matrix, the hardened and cynical warrior once known as Enzo, and AndrAIa have been wandering through the games. They arrive in a barely functioning system, devastated by virals and lost games.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

(AP) 1994 Canada. Matrix is the adult Enzo Matrix. He compiled-up (grew-up) in the games. AndrAIa is a game sprite who made friends with Enzo in Season 2. At the time, she was about Enzo's age. She grew up with Enzo in the games, becoming a beautiful young woman. Voices: Andrea Libman for the young AndrAIa, and Sharon Alexander for the adult.
- 01 - 02

- (FFed) - fan art

- (male adult age disguised) A government inspector masquerading as a kid was found out when TJ overheard a buzzing noise in the school toilets and discovered him shaving.

- (male old age & OA dream sequence, FF BE'd dream sequence)
"The Pest", Disney's Recess #1.13, 11/1/97.
Jeffery admits to harboring an enormous crush on Gretchen, and insists that she should be his girlfriend.
- Episode video link - screencaps - (Deniz)

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
- (AA TFed weight loss, beautification effect) South Korea, 2019 CGI film. A poster depicted the heavyset Snow White next to her thin self caused by the magic shoes. "What if Snow White was no longer beautiful, and the 7 Dwarfs not so short?" This caused a massive controversy. Chloe Grace Moretz was appalled and the movie had to be retooled - 1

Regular Show
- (anthro adults AA to OA, AR to nothing) "Terror Tales of the Park II" 10/15/2012 Halloween horror episode, S4Ep3.
Flashback segment. Margaret tells how Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen and herself went on a party bus that ages people to dust as the party goes on. However, when Mordecai puts the bus in reverse, the 4 regress into babies and extinction.
- Story start: 5:47 - OA start: 8:37 - AR start: 9:47 - AR end: 10:26.
Video link
- old age screencaps - AR screencaps - (TheMan3033)

Regular Show
- (male adult face rejuv) "I see Turtles", S06Ep15, 2/5/2015.
Old man into young @04:45. Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Regular Show
- (male muscle TF FF AP) S05Ep11 "Power Tower" 2013/11/18.
Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorrenstein is a strong obese humanoid, who was very muscular in his youth but let himself go.
- Edited scene link - screencaps - (Male Muscle Growth Archives)

Reign: the Conqueror
(looks like male AR, male AP) 2003 Japanese animation, Peter Chung. AKA "Alexander"

Rekkit Rabbit
- (AR OC) "Baby makes four", S2Ep23, c2010. French anime-style cartoon series.
12-year-old Jay Shmufton had an ordinary life until he met Rekkit, a friendly eccentric rabbit who ran away from his job as a magician's assistant. The mother is reverted to babyhood by door-to-door salesperson. Can they hide the truth from grandma before finding a cure?
- Dubbed video link @ 3:30 - screencaps - (Entropic)

Ren & Stimpy Show, The
- (TG age disguised) "Eat My Cookies" 1991. 3 Barette Beret girls unmask to reveal old businessmen - (Robur)

Ren and Stimpy Show, The
(male AP) 1995 "I was a teenage Stimpy" Stimpy goes through cat puberty. Growth spurts and cocoon.

Ren And Stimpy
(male accelerated aged) "Fake Dad". 6 foot tall, overweight, with hairy arms and a 5 o'clock shadow, convicted criminal Kawolski is only 10 years old.

Return Of Hanuman, The
- (male slight AP glimpsed) 2007, India.
Hanuman reincarnated as Maruti rapidly ages into an elementary school student in 3 months in order to quickly help an elementary school boy who's being bullied.
- Video link - (TvTropes)

Richie Rich Show, The
- (male AR, RN) "Youth Maker", 10/26/82.
Professor Komoto invents a Youth Maker. Bad guy Dragon-man uses it on several people including the Professor in order to steal treasures. Richie gets the device back and returns ARed Komoto to normal.

Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show, The
- (male ARed AA, AA RN) Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo shorts - S2Ep3a "Scooby-Dooby Goo" 10/3/1981.
Scooby and Shaggy were temporarily shrunk into "babies" after Scrappy forgot to take them out of a steam machine at the gym - INFO PAGE
- Episode link - screencaps

Richie Rich
- (males AR OC, robot AR into blueprint, RN, canine OA)
S3Ep6, 32 "The Youth Maker" 10/30/1982.
- Episode link (second part) - screencaps - (Mad0charles)

Rick and Morty
- (anthro avian "ARed") S05Ep09 "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" 2021/09/05.
Rick abandons 2 crows trained to replace Morty on a planet of cybernetic anthro crows. He zaps one back into an egg that he steps on and says "he is definitely saving this one". It might not return, but sometimes they bring stuff back.
- (male APed, RN ARed age forms) S05Ep10 "Rickmurai Jack".
Season finale where Rick left earth and became an antihero space cowboy with his crows (kind of like Samurai Jack). Morty shows up as a 40 y.o. who says years passed on Earth. Rick returns home to find Morty just drank an aging potion. They go to the Citadel of Ricks to "Re-Build-a-Morty" (link) to age him down. A machine splits him 3-ways: He now appears 7 with a duplicate, who merge into one, leaving regular Morty at 14 and the leftover 26 y.o. Morty.
- (Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (avian AP) S6Ep4 "Night Family" 2022/09/25.
In a quick gag we see Rick's alarm clock laying an egg that births into a chicken. Age-up to adulthood to cock-a-doodle-doo, then age to death with a likely repeat the next day.
- (male AR) S6Ep5 "Final DeSmithation" 2022/10/02.
In an epic battle, Rick poofs an armed mercenary at the fortune cookie factory back into a baby. Other soldiers' fortunes poof them into random things... bird, car, banana, giant head, a robot t-rex (likely ref to the Transformer Grimlock), and a computer.
- (male adult OA) S6Ep7 "Full Meta Jackrick" 2022/11/20.
Jesus ages to death.
- (Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (creature TF AP) 2013, Adult Swim "Back to the Future" spoof.
Morty breaks a vial, and a greenish creature comes out that rapidly ages from birth until it dies of old age in seconds - (Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (furry age poofs) S5Ep1 "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" 2021/06/20.
Complicated backstory, but anthro dog rapidly goes back and forth between ages like baby, old, and normal before exploding. Jessica decides to stay friends with Morty after her outlook changed significantly from being imprisoned for eons.
- Video link @14:59 - - (Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (male age stasis below the waist only) "Baby Legs" - A detective Tv show-within-the-show, as seen on Interdimensional Cable. His chief is partnering him with Regular Legs.
- (alien FF cuts) S5Ep1 - link
He unwittingly interferes with the history of a world. Anthropomorphic goat alien woman, start @1:33, sudden time skip @1:50.
- (FF lifetime sim to OA) S6Ep2 - link
In the video game "Roy: A Life Well Lived", Morty's consciousness is split 5 billion ways. Time goes faster in the game and we get to watch Marta, a teenage girl version of Morty, age as time goes forward and she attempts to save him from dying 5 billion times.
- (FFed to OA, simulated rejuvenation RN) S6Ep3 - Full ep link - Beth & Space Beth link
Pretty good scene. It's super brief but damn. Side note: In a joke, Morty notices they're in a time bubble. He realizes they've had a buncha Thanksgivings already and he hasn't aged. 2nd time this season they've brought this up. Love it!
- (Kappa)

Rick and Morty
- (male clone AP, fetus to man) S03Ep09 "The ABC's of Beth" 9/24/2017.
Tommy's ghost became de facto leader of Beth's "imaginary universe", where he commits incest and cannibalism of his children to survive. Rick and Beth clone Tommy as an adult in the real world to save his father from execution. Beth may or may not be replaced with a clone herself - (Jeffr_2bya)

Rick and Morty
- (male creature AA AP) Green alien ages to death @ 15:30.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Rick and Morty
- (male younger mind transfer) "Big Trouble In Little Sanchez", S2Ep7, 9/13/15.
Rick transfers mind into the body of teenage clone of himself, "Tiny Rick" - Vid link - (Tazz)
- (male monster accelerated) "Raising Gazorpazorp", S1Ep7.
After Morty gets his alien sexbot pregnant, Morty Jr. grows up fast - screencaps

Rick and Morty
- (monster rapid growth AP, male AP) S03Ep06 "Rest and Ricklaxation" 8/27/2017.
A spa machine extracts Rick's egotistic cynicism and Morty's cowardly self-loathing, but both toxins become sentient beings. Toxin Rick and Toxin Morty devise a plan to turn the world into toxic beings. Rick then convinces Toxin Rick to merge with him, and returns to his normal self. Morty, however, begins a new life as a stockbroker until his crush Jessica helps Rick to merge Morty back to normal.
During a fight scene, the two Ricks try to kill each other. Toxin Rick uses a monster grenade to imprint a fast-growing creature to maul his double. After re-cloning themselves, baby versions of Rick emerge from other bodies, aging quickly to old Rick.
- Scene video link - screencaps - screencaps - - (Jeffr_2bya, Tazz)

Rick and Morty
- (younger versions look like ARed) 2021 April Fools Day prank. They pretended to announce Adult Swim Junior, with kid-friendly versions of their shows. Fake commercials ran throughout the night. They only changed the Rick and Morty intro, and dubbed a season 2 episode with kid voices. Morty tries the trench coat trick to get into a movie and younger Summer no longer has breasts though her chest is mostly hidden - Scene link - link - - (Tazz)

Ricky Gervais Show, The
- (reverse aging AR) 2010 "Karl Pilkington's Ideas For Human Ageing".
4 instances of AR are shown, 1 with process, the others being sort of image comparisons, and 1 that's extremely rapid.
AR - AR - AR - AR
- Video link - the AR occurs from 1:23 onward - (myspecialfx, robiotic)

Right Now Kapow
- (AR) S01Ep21 "Ponce De Leon" 5/26/2017.
A sketch comedy-like animated series. Ponce De Leon visits the queen of Spain to report he found the Fountain of Youth. He reveals his hand is that of a baby. The queen is quite creeped out, but accepts him going back to get the water for her. He returns, now with the head of a baby (she is even more creeped out). Since he lost the water in an accident he goes back again. He returns with a barrel, but now his whole body is that of a baby, with only his other hand being adult size. The queen is grossed out and tries to get his hand in the barrel, but he refuses. Eventually the barrel spills over half the queen's body, so her entire right side becomes that of a baby (head, torso, arm, and leg are babyfied on the right side only). The queen sets out to find the fountain herself to make her other half a baby. Sadly, the segment ends before anymore hilarity. The sketch was split into parts.
- Episode link - (Tazz)

Ripping Friends, The
- (male anthro ARed) S01Ep05 "Ovulator".
Chicken man reverts back into an egg.
- (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord) ln - th

Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood
- (mental "ARed") S02Ep19 "Child's Play" 7/20/2016, CGI.
Girl mentally into toddler. Ep link - - (Tazz)

- (male adult anthro arthros into OA, anthro bugs poof rejuved/ARed AA) Ep50 "Youth Juice" 6/12/2004.
They visit the nursing home. Roach brothers youth extraction into elderly. Elderly insects into young, then kids and then baby grubs. RNed offscreen.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Robot Chicken
- (BE, coming of age wish) "No Need For Glomer". Stop-motion sketch of the animated version of Punky Brewster, where Punky asked an abused Glomer to make her breasts bigger.

Robot Chicken
- (blonde mother/goth daughter soul swap) S9Ep4 "Things Look Bad for the Streepster" 1/14/2018.
Sketch: "Switchamaf**k!! The Movie!"
"Freaky Friday" and other AA movies mash-up trailer spoof. They swap through various wishes. Links:
- -

Robot Chicken
- (FFed to 15) Grown up "Dora the Explorer"
Video link - caps

Robot Chicken
- (male action figure AR) S11Ep13 "May Cause Indecision... or Not" 2022/02/21.
"Space Ace" parody, man into teenager 0 - (Tazz)

Robot Chicken
- (male action figure to teen AR) S11Ep13.
Borf the space genie gives Ace a second teenaged life... - Scene link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Robot Chicken
- (male ARed) "Choked on Multi-Colored Scarves" 11/4/12, S6Ep8.
Skeletor and Beast Man (from Masters of the Universe) try to infiltrate He-Man's castle by turning themselves into babies. The segment begins with them as babies. Skeletor likes being spanked, so he gets in trouble to get spanked and ages back in the process.
- Video link - ( Tazz)

Robot Chicken
- (male ARed) "The Skeletorminator", 2014.
Skeletor decides to travel back in time to kill He-Man's mother before he is born. Transformed into his younger self, he realizes the killed woman is his own mother, and he is erased. Baby Skeletor had a skull face.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Robot Chicken
- (male puppet ARed cut) "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship", 10/18/2015.
Batman stops Ra's al Ghul from leaving his Lazarus pit. He went from man to baby in the vat. Then baby Ra's al Ghul drowns or reverts back into nothing.
- Direct Ep. link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male TF APed) - caps

Robot Chicken
- (male TF ARed, RN poof) "Baby Want More", S6, Ep108, 11/04/2012.
Beast Man and Skeletor were reverted to infiltrate a daycare, but he can't help getting spanked.
- Video link - screencaps

Robot Chicken
- (rapid breast development)
"But Not In That Way" - "No Need For Glomer" S4, 2/1/2009.
- Punky Brewster wants to grow up and leave childish things behind.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Robot Chicken
- (young adult characters FFed to older) S03Ep50 "Moesha Poppins" 2007/10/21, Adult Swim.
"Girl Toys" parody segment. Michael Moore spends time catching up with classic toys of yesteryear, including middle aged Jem from the Holograms - Ep. link - (Kappa)

- (OA, AR)
Mostly male old age island - RN AA scenes - bully male AR AA revenge scene.
- (toon "AP") - First change caps

- (toon APed/old aged, AR RN) "Zap! You're Old" S3 Ep5 2008
Robotboy gets battle damage, G-Man becomes an obese man, and Lola... DAMN! (SubspaceAce)
Constantine attempts to blast Tommy with an Aging Ray designed to make him grow up and lose interest in his Robot toy. Instead, he succeeds in blasting everyone except Tommy - including Robotboy himself. As Robotboy, Gus and Lola speed-age towards the end of their lives, Tommy must find an antidote before it's too late. (Gumbyx84)
- (AP AA) "Zap You're Old" - Lola toon AP start - toon APed, male toon AP harassment

Rocket Power
- (FF AA dream sequence) future Reggie fan art
- (FFed) - fan art

Rockin' with Judy Jetson
- (male adult as teen disguise attempt) 1988 musical Tv-movie. George got arrested for impersonating a high-schooler while looking for Judy.

Rocko's Modern Life
- (AR, old age) Rocko, Heifer, and Heifer's Grandfather are on a cruise with senior citizens when they cross the Bermuda Triangle, which alters their toon ages. All the elderly passengers revert back to young adulthood, the ship's crew turns into babies, and Rocko and Heifer become elderly - (metamorphose)

Rocko's Modern Life
- (OA, AR) S2 Ep8 "Cruisin'" 1/1/95. A cruise through the Bermuda Triangle plays havoc with everyone's age.

Rolie Polie Olie
- (mind swaps/ages) S06Ep75 "Big Babies" 9/10/2003.
CGI series. A machine blows up and swaps Olie and Spot; Mom and Dad are now the babies Coochie and Coo and vice versa.

- (male UC) Angelica tricks Chuckie into thinking he had a major growth spurt. male - male
- "All Growed Up" 2001 poster The gang goes 10 years into the future, aging along the way until their return.
- (flash forward, dream sequence) In one episode Tommy and Chuckie say they can't wait to be older. Tommy talks like a grownup. Later Chuckie falls asleep and wakes up as an adult. Everyone they know is an adult. None of the regular adults are in it. It was a dream.
- (FFed AA) Parody comic mother/daughter fan art
- (FFed) - fan art

- (fantasy ARed) S9 "Fountain of Youth" 2002/10/05.
Tommy, Chuckie, and Kimi think the Fountain of Youth really exists. Tommy imagines playing with his Baby Father and Baby Drew. Young Chas and Stu also appear. The kids are happy until Angelica tells them she will be in charge after the adults are tricked into becoming babies. They decide to try to drain the lake.

- (male AA FFed dream sequence) "A Visit from Lipschitz / What the Big People Do" 11/29/92, 26, 213. Tommy and Chuckie imagine their lives as adults.

- (male furry AA FF AP) S02Ep04 "Rupert in Timeland"
Rupert and Podgy find themselves unaffected by a sudden time freeze. When visiting Father Time, both journey into the future and age with each leap of time.
- Vid link - (Soltiger)

- (male furry adult FF) 18 "Rupert in Timeland" 10/4/1992.
Rupert Bear and his friend Podgy have to help Father Time repair his machine after Podgy broke it. On their journey they end up straying from the path, which causes them to flash forward through various parts of their futures and eventually become senior citizens. Thankfully, Father Time has fixed his machine by then - Episode link

- (male adult rejuvenated) S09Ep10 "Of Solitude and Self" 2023/04/22.
Vol 9 Finale. The Blacksmith gives Alyx's dagger to Jaune, who is reverted back to his younger adult appearance, yet retains all his memories and some white hair streaks. Long story short, he was sent back in time earlier, thus had become older when the rest of the cast caught up - but was reset to his original self in the end. He even comments on his voice changing.
- Pay link - screencaps - (Gavin)

Sabrina series

Sabrina: Remote Possibilities
- (dedicated furry poof TFs, AA age forms) Eric W. Schwartz, 2003.
The anthro skunk Sabrina has problems with a remote control. She poofs into different versions, including TG and cub form, and regular toon skunk and human.
- Video link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
- (adults mentally reverted) 2014 CGI toon, S01Ep17 "A Renewed Sense of Magic".
After losing their magic licenses, Sabrina's aunts Hilda and Zelda mentally regress to their teenage behaviors, leaving Sabrina the responsible one. The episode ended up being female emotional, rather than full-on mental AR. No physical changes, despite the synopsis of the episode indicated - (Ferver)

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
- (mental rejuvenation) Ep17 "A Renewed Sense of Magic" 4/5/2014.
Sabrina must be the responsible one when her physically unchanged aunts become mental "teenagers" all over again.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Sabrina: the Animated Series
- ("growth") Sabrina's widening hips get stuck in dollhouse - AA size increase.
- (kinda AR) "Brina Baby" 1999.
Sabrina's 'inner witchlet' comes out and causes trouble - caps
- (male CB AP, RN) "Harvzilla"
Harvey wishes he wasn't such a little wimp. Sabrina helps him out by spritzing perfume on him to give him some oomph. He gets a little taller and a little more athletic. Then he takes a bunch of the perfume and has two more changes. By the time of the wrestling match he looked fully adult - male "growth"
- (old age, AP flash forward)
Sabrina meets herself as an old woman. Her rival Gemini Stone is all grown up - future
- (AP) "Anywhere but Here", Ep 1-14, 1999.
Sabrina is tired of being treated like a child - so Salem gives her an enchanted watch that makes her an adult and transports her into a world where she is a grownup. There Sabrina learns of the hassles of grown-up life - like taking care of her own kids- and decides being a preteen is not so bad. If she doesn't return by 6:00 PM she'll be stuck in her adult world forever! - (Cobe, Metamorphose)

Sabrina: the Animated Series
- (AA AP, male time skip, RNed)
Video link - screencaps

Sabrina: the Animated Series
- (AA weight gain) Rival Gemini "Gem" Stone - hallway TF and aftermath scene.

Sabrina: The Animated Series
- (mental AR) "My Stepmother, The Babe" 10/10/99. Sabrina is disappointed her father has brought along his fiancee. Sabrina puts a spell on Futura to turn her into someone she can relate to. Unfortunately Futura now acts like an obnoxious 12-year-old. Just when Sabrina's father is about to break off the engagement, she 'fesses up, realizing she should have considered her dad's feelings.
- (mental rejuvenation) "My Stepmother the Babe" - screencaps

Sabrina's Secret Life
- (AR, RN) "Baby Makes Three" 1/6/04. Sabrina plans to hold a party while her aunts are away, but they send a baby-sitter, so she casts a spell on the sitter in hopes of making her a teenager for the party, but it only turns her into a baby. - AR
- (AP height growth, old age) "Time Flies" 22, 1/20/04.
Sabrina uses magic watch to control time. By the second day she has apparently grown taller. She says her legs are longer. The aging apparently didn't stop at this point - old age
- (UC) "Food 'Tude" Sabrina thinks she has grown in width, but Salem has shrunk her clothes - UC
- (male AR) "Cat Man Do" Ep 24 1/27/2004.
Sabrina turns Salem into a human boy in order to hide him from an evil warlock who he betrayed 75 years ago, but the warlock disguises himself as a human boy too in his quest for revenge.

Sadie Sparks
- (mental ARed?) S01Ep46 "Oh Grow Up!" 2019/09/19.
CGI. Young girl with magic powers and a talking rabbit is instructed to invent a spell? An immaturity spell is cast to slow her down, but it hits Gilbert instead? Sadie is forced to babysit two immature mentors? Could be mental? - (Tazz)

Samson & Goliath
(male "growth") AKA "Young Samson & Goliath" NBC, 1967. Samson would turn his bracelets, click his arms, and become huge. Sometimes he would turn them again, and bulk up even more. The reverse transformation was never depicted - (Musclegrowth)

Samurai Jack
- (male OA) "Jack and the Lava Monster", 2001.
Jack defeats a warrior who had been immortal for thousands of years as a punishment from Aku. He immediately ages to look about 80, but that's still pretty spry for someone in their thousands.

Sanjay and Craig
- (ARed AA, RNed) "Diaper Dinks" 6/18/2016 Nick.
The gang sees adult Baby Richard eating baby food. They comment how babies have it made and eat some baby food that expired 3 decades ago, AA-poofing them all into babies. Baby Richard then takes them on an adventure, telling them how great it is to be a baby. He leads them underground to make them slaves. They warn they'll tell their parents, but he has babyfied the town as well. They escape and find Sanjay's mom has already found the baby food...
- Source info link - caps - (Tazz)

Santiago of the Seas
- (AR AA poofed) S01Ep17 "The Curse of the Pirate Baby" 2021/07/16.
Bad pirate Bonnie Bones was poofed into a baby. The Prince's treasure chest was protected by a spell that turns whoever touches the lake into a baby. Santiago and friends have to babysit baby Bonnie while on a quest to retrieve the treasure while not turning into babies themselves - at which they sadly succeeded - and reverse the spell since it was a kids' show. The treasure chest had baby toys (teddy bear, pacifier, etc.) in it.
- Scenes trailer link - caps - (Tazz)

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
- (male old age effect)
S01Ep06 "What The Hex Is Going On?"
- Sharon's uncle Stewart turns up, aged into an old man! Then he turns up aged to the point of being a skeleton! - screencaps - (Deniz, 2BYA)

Scooby Doo: Thirteen Ghosts of Scooby Doo, The
(adult FFed) Scooby sees a Bad Future where the Monster Of The Week has taken over. When he meets Scrappy and Flim Flam, they haven't aged a day, but everyone else has: Daphne is fatter and has noticeable lines, Shaggy has grown a beard and looks older, even Bobo and Weird look older despite being ghosts.

Scooby Doo
- (adult FFed glimpse) future fan art
- (male furry TF AR) "A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle", 1996. Werewolf into puppy - (Thomas)

Scooby Doo
(AR AA scene) AR TF lineup, created using the character designs from the "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" and "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" saturday morning cartoons. Since her mind may be unaffected, she still wears purple clothing instead of the pink costumes she preferred at a younger age.
- Daphne Blake fan art
(Weary Traveler)

Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
- (age stasis effect) 1998.
The zombies turn out to be the good guys: werecats have drained their lifeforce. The gang defeats the cat-creatures and they decay away.

Scooby-Doo series
Crimefighting canine and paranormal investigator - INFO PAGE
The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries:
- (male furry AR, RN) S1Ep8 "Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle" 10/28/84 - (Stonegate, Dragoniade)
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo:
- (male AR) S03Ep07 "Scooby Dooby Goo" (13 Ghosts Of Scooby-Doo) 10/3/1981 - (TBTC)
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!:
- (male adult to old age) S01Ep06 "What The Hex Is Going On?" '69-72.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
- (adults FFed age forms) 2023 Tv series reimagining. Future Ramona Flowers travels back in time to persuade Young Scott Pilgrim to be with Young Ramona and thwart Future Scott - "Super Ramona" link - caps - (Kappa)

Screen Song
- (male & avian AR) Ep "The Funshine State" Paramount, Famous Studios, 1/7/1949.
A rugged explorer lands on the Florida coast with a parrot on his shoulder, and samples a glass of carbonated drink from a store on the beach. The beverage subsequently causes the hard, vicious explorer to revert to an innocuous baby.
- Video link - screencaps
(Dr. Otto, JeffR_2BYA)

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
- (male ARed AA poof) - caps

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol
- (male rejuv and AA AR poofs, RNed) CGI film, Netflix, 2022/11.
Scrooge falls through time, gradually getting younger before turning back and landing in his own past.
- Scene link - - (Tazz)

Secret Magic Control Agency
- (AR AA poofs, ARed aftermath) Netflix, 2021/03/25.
Hansel and Gretel of fairy tale fame grew up to become secret agents who now hate each other. They must use magic to find a kidnapped King. Thanks to Hansel's constant bumbling they were accidentally poofed into kids, and a monster dog became a puppy.
- Trailer link - poster age forms - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Secret of Kells, The
- (male FF) 2010, Tomm Moore. At the end the boy has become a man who brings the book back to the Monks.

Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, The
- (male anthro mice FF) 1998. DTV, MGM Animation.
The rodent brothers Timothy "Timmy" Brisby (10, 13, 17) and Martin Brisby (young, corrupted, redeemed) are depicted at various ages - (Isabella)

Secret of NIMH, The
- (rodent adult stasis) 1982 Don Bluth. The injection the rats and mice are given slows their aging process - (Keith Simanton) ln - th

Secret Show, The
- (mostly male AR AA, RN AA, AR retaliation)
"Commando Babies", 10/14/06, S1Ep5.
Controlled by Nanny, commando babies are kidnapping important people worldwide and using a babyizer ray to turn them into commando babies.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Secret Show, The
(male AR, RN) "Commando Babies" 2007. Babies were used as henchmen for the nanny's dirty work. The male hero was changed from his normal age into a baby.

Seven & Me
- (mental AR) - 7 Nains et Moi - France, Netflix live-action/CGI mix.
Ep20 "Back to Childhood" 2016.
- 11 y.o. Snow finds out she is the descendant of Snow White, and gets 7 dwarves of her own in a modern setting. During a rare green moon, being tired of being told what to do (and the youngest dwarf feeling the same way), they find out they can make adults into mental kids again, so now they can be in charge. Her parents, most of the dwarves, and later the whole town act like kids - (Tazz)

Seven Little Monsters
- (monsters ARed cutaway & OC aftermath, RNed)
AKA "Maurice Sendak's 7 Little Monsters". Ep38 "Dinner for Breakfast" 1/21/2003.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Richard)

Shazam! (franchise)
- (male AA TF flash, AP & RN AR) Various series include:
"The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!", 1980s - "Justice League Unlimited", 2000s - "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", 2000s - "Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam", 2010.
- Transformation scenes compilation link - screencaps - (Akira)

(alter-ego/costume change TFs) 4 eps. Classic 80s cartoon where Mary Batson becomes Mary Marvel.

- (furry AR) S01Ep35, "The Mirage Maker", 1967, Hanna-Barbera, CBS.
Two-Headed Tiger Regression (2 Tiger Cubs) - (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord)

- (adult growth burstout) TF

Sheriff Callie's Wild West
- (dedicated furry AR) 2014-17 preschool CGI series. Request 4 step regression Sheriff Callie fan art - (Remilia San)

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
- (male old age to young man, male AR?) S01Ep01 "The Rise and Fall of Sherlock Holmes" 9/18/1999.
How Holmes came to be revived. He anticipated two centuries' progress in cryogenics and preserved himself in honey. Moriarty's clone prompts Inspector Lestrad, like her ancestor, to seek Holmes' help. Her compudroid so loves the stories it assumes the role of Dr. Watson. ln - th

- (AA AR, AA RN, male AA to OA) "Babysitter Jitters", 8/3/13, S1Ep19.
Teen boy and girl into little kids and then babies, Woman into little kid, Boy into old man - Video link
- AR screencaps - AR screencaps - RN/MOA screencaps - (Thomas)

- (male/female AR, RN) S01Ep13 "Babysitter Jitters" 8/3/2013.
Kelly and Maz, sister and best friend of the main character, use anti-aging cream by mistake and start de-aging through the episode, finally becoming babies. Also the villain Terra gets hit with the cream - (Steven)

Shimmer and Shine
- (AR AA) S4Ep3 "Genie Babies" 2018/11/19.
Genies into babies - Scene link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Short Vision, A
- (young adult face to old age to doom) "A Short Vision", 1956 UK experimental art animation.
Peter & Joan Foldes. A strange flying object brings death along with it - link @04:29 - gif - screencaps

- (male adult de-evolution, furry ARed) S01Ep17a "Ye Olde Sidekick Village" 2010/12/18.
Trevor is Kidnapped by a technology hating villain with a tech de-evolving device, the Anachronoticron! The crotchety old Sheriff Marshal is hit with his own beam and de-evolves into various things, including a baby monkey. Problem solved.
- Video link - info link - caps - (Tazz)

- (male muscle maturity wish) Mandy & Eric dream

Simpsons, The
- (AP cut) "The War of the Simpsons" Ep 7F20, 1991. Babysitter remembers Bart.
- (CB twice) "Dog of death" Ep 8F17. Maggie outgrows her costume.
- (AP scene) 2000. A consultant had a visual representation of what the family would look like over the years if their financial situation didn't change.
- (male AP, flash forward) Treehouse of Horror XIV "Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off" #EABF21 / SI-1421, 2003 - male
- (flashback, face close-up) "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" - flashback
- (flash forward, male) "Homer's Paternity Coot" 1/8/06 Couch Gag. flash forward APed

Simpsons, The
- (flash forward to teen years) 4/17/05 "Future-Drama" #GABF12 / SI-1612 -
Bart and Lisa stumble into Professor Frink's house, who shows them a glimpse of "Eight years from Tuesday", when Bart and Lisa are getting ready to attend their Senior Prom. Lisa at 16 has a scholarship to Yale, started by Mr. Burns as punishment for cancelling Christmas. When Bart saves Mr. Burns from a robbery, Bart gets Lisa's scholarship - teen Lisa, male muscle CB
- (mental age) mental old aged
- (ARed, AA AP) "Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Three Times" 2007 opening Couch Gag shows the Simpsons as diaper wearing infants. They crawl to the couch, and after they get on they age to normal. (Tazz) video link
- (male age disguised) "Little Big Girl" 2007. Bart almost marries his pregnant 15 year old girlfriend, who thinks he took an overdose of anti-aging medication to stop accelerated aging disease.
- (AA AP to OA) S15 Ep15: "Co-Dependent's Day" During the intro, the family enters the living room and sits on the couch; while they are sitting there they all grow old and turn to dust.

Simpsons, The
- (AA age swapped) In the opening gag they run to the couch. Bart and Lisa are adults around their parents age, while Marge and Homer are kids. Homer is 10 and Marge is 8. She still holds Maggie, who remains unchanged.
- (ARed image) Originally the show was a cartoon short. Segment: what's Maggie thinking? Bart and Lisa are wondering what Maggie is thinking about. They show two things: in one of them they are devils, and in the other they are defenseless babies wearing diapers in a cradle. She then tickles them and Bart and Lisa beg for mercy.
- (Unknown Fan)

Simpsons, The
- (AA forms) Pixelated intro. They randomly became things as a glitch. In some Homer and Marge appeared to be teens. Bart and Lisa as really fat adults from past episodes - Vid link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Simpsons, The
- (adult FF) - Origin of the Crazy Cat Lady link
- (fan film, older forms) - Lenivko Kvadratjic (Lazy Square) 2019 Intro/Couch Gag parody link
- (Kappa)

Simpsons, The
- (adult rejuv illusion) "Days of Future Future", S25Ep18, 548, SABF13.
Homer keeps dying and is re-cloned. After 30 years Marge is relieved when the last clone dies, since she is tired of having funerals for hundreds of Homers. Frink instead uploads Homer's mind into a hard drive. Eventually Marge commits suicide to upload her mind with Homer. Before that she was around 65, but in the virtual world she is 35 again - (Tazz)

Simpsons, The
- (AP CB, AR) age swap fan art - (xXBluespinXx, akhter13)
- (FF AA) couch gag
- (AP CB) "Teen Lisa's Torn Clothes" fan art - (Locke831)
- (BE UC) Busty Lisa fan art - age stages fan art - (April)
- (dedicated AP CB) - erotic fan art - (The Process Forum)

Simpsons, The
- (dedicated AP CB) "El Diamante" - Lisa and Sherri or Terri grow up together - fan art sequence - (locofuria)

Simpsons, The
- (dream demon AA TF AP) Ep600 "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" 2016/10/16.
Lisa AA-progressed her imaginary friend Rachel into her own mother who is married to a dentist when she tried to kill Homer.
- Scene link - gif - caps - (Deleted)

Simpsons, The
- (FF AP, OAd) Family prediction
- (male) "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" 409, 12/16/07. Homer's photo every day video.
- (FF face close-up orthodontic prediction) - Lisa FF
- (APed UC) "Grown up Lisa" by tommysimms fan art ffed
- (AP AA scene, kinda like ARed) - couch gag
- (flash forward AA) "Springfield Up" 2/18/2007 S18 Ep13. A parody of the "Up Series" of British documentaries, in which a filmmaker follows Homer and his friends from grade school into their 40s.
- (male AA AP dream sequence) male
- (male FF AA face closeup) Homer took an analog photo of himself every day while growing up - slideshow
- (preteen age stasis) "Behind The Laughter" Cartoon documentary about the show. Lisa complains how she was forced to take anti-growth hormones to prolong the series. Homer dismisses the idea, noting, "That's ridiculous. How could I even get all 5 necessary drops into her cereal?"
- (flashback, coming of age) - 13
- (growth CBed) "nothing fits" fan art - Lisa's curious flu aftermath.

Simpsons, The
- (FF) 6/23/2013 Parade magazine cover & article, "Science Of Siblings" - couch years
- (FFed AA) "alternate future" c2010 enhanced fan art - (dynamoob)

Simpsons, The
- (FF) S27Ep09 "Barthood" 2015/12/13.
A play on the movie Boyhood. Bart and Lisa "grew up" while dealing with the problems from their childhood.

Simpsons, The
- (flash forward) "All About Lisa" S19, 5/18/08.
During Krusty the Clown's 4,000th episode, his original Krustkateers are re-introduced as adults "except for the successful ones", including bald Jesse, CJ the former sex-kitten, and Cubby who demands reparation for having taken a fall for Krusty and done time in jail. Krusty then announces that he's searching for a new Krustkateer.

Simpsons, The
- (flash forward) "Holidays of Future Passed" 23.9, 495, 12/11/11.
Simpsons Future Christmas Cards - couch years - (O')

Simpsons, The
- (ghost AA TF AP) Ep 600, 1 second scene.

Simpsons, The
- (male "ARed")
Parody comic exists only in The Simpsons. Given the characters back stories, they must have been ARed:
- Watchmen Babies in "V for Vacation" - (O')
- (male adult age disguised)
Mr. Burns masqueraded as a Springfield Elementary student to convince Principal Skinner to spend the school budget on the nuclear power plant. His garb looked strangely similar to Jimbo's. Of course nobody was fooled.
- (male adult age disguised)
Homer sneaks into Bart's class to try and get one of the twins to go out with Bart. Krabappel didn't seem phased and agreed with his statement of "grabbing anything you can".

Simpsons, The
- (male adult aged) "Duffless" S4.
Hans Moleman looks like an old man, but confessed during the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that he was really 31 years old, and looked like an old man due to his alcoholism. In later episodes, Moleman is seen at the Springfield Retirement Home.
- (FF AA AP) Caution Nudity - Lisa years fan art (Process)

Simpsons, The
- (male adult OA illusion) "New Kids on the Blecch" 2/25/01, s12ep14.
It looks like Grampa Simpson has joined the Springfield marathon, but it's actually Homer in a state of dehydration - (Deniz)
- (male adult face OA illusion) "The Old Man and the 'C' Student" s10ep20, 4/25/99.
When Bart vacuums Abe's face at the old folks home it makes him look like Homer. "Cool! Grampa, Homer. Grampa, Homer."

Simpsons, The
- (male adult OA) "Treehouse of Horror XXI" 11/7/10 Halloween episode.
In the beginning, Prof. Frink is explaining how to use a DVR remote by fast forwarding through scary parts of The Simpsons. He does it so much it fast forwards to the end, spoiling the episode. He believes he isn't worthy of such power, so he uses the remote to age all the way to dust, the wind blowing it away to reveal the episode title.
- Restricted video link can also be seen on ArArchive - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Simpsons, The
- (male age "disguised" kinda like ARed) S34Ep03 "Lisa the Boy Scout" 2022/10/09.
They show banned scenes that were never aired as it would ruin the series. It turns out that Bart's nerdy classmate Martin is actually a grizzled 36 y.o. father of three, with an aging disorder that leaves him looking 10!

Simpsons, The
- (male age stasis)
Elementary school bully Kearney looks old enough to be in high school, yet he's in Mrs. Krabappel's 4th grade class. Kearney was actually alive when the Watergate scandal happened, has a child from a divorce, was in Otto the bus driver's 3rd grade class, is old enough to drink in a bar, was tried as an adult and jailed, and has a car.
Ned Flanders reveals that he's really 60 years old, and only looks younger because he's never done anything sinful or crazy in his life.

Simpsons, The
- (male dream ghost AP CB) S28Ep14 611 "The Cad and the Hat" 2/19/2017.
Bart's guilt is personified as a sinister twin who keeps growing. When his guilt returns, his clothes and shoes have already begun to split, and they burst as he grows more. It all ends giant-sized. Lisa's worn-out guilt does not grow. Haven't found the best of the 3 TF scenes yet.
- caps - gif - gif

Simpsons, The
- (male FFed) - In the not too distant future, Nelson sold his pituitary gland, which aged him into a senior citizen.
- (adult old disguised) - In The Simpson's Universe, Carmen Electra spent lord knows how long in disguise as a rich, elderly widow.
- (Kappa)

Simpsons, The
- (male puberty onset) "Fat Man and Little Boy".
Homer remarks Bart has the beginnings of stubble and we see Bart briefly with identical stubble to Homer's. "I thought that was just chocolate milk!" - (Otaru)

Simpsons, The
- (OA effect, no size increase) "A Test Before Trying" S24Ep10, 1/13/13.
Twins Sherri and Terri become wrinkled when they are separated to different schools - cap

Simpsons, The
- (TF) "The Tracey Ullman Show" animated short.
Maggie briefly turns into Bart in order to convey the message "Bart stole the cookies."

Simpsons, The
- (VR simulation, male muscle TF CB AP effect) S31Ep14 "Bart the Bad Guy" 2020/03/01.
Bart was trapped in the Marble Studios universe to stop him from leaking the plot of their new movie.
- (male adult TF muscle CB) S31Ep15 "Screenless" 2020/03/08.
Dr. Drew was at rehab because he was addicted to Fruit Ninja. When he got angry at the game he transformed into a Hulk-like monster.

Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt
- (AA expansion, male teen to muscle man) Hanna-Barbera, syndicated, 1965-66.
102 Eps, 5 mins - Shonen Sindbad Japanese OP link - (Akira)

Sinbad Jr., the Sailor
- (male) AKA "Sinbad Jr. and his Magic Belt", originally "The Adventures of Sinbad, Jr." 1965.
It was about a kid (Sinbad) who sailed around on a boat and when he got into trouble he had this magic belt. All he had to do was tighten the belt and his muscles would grow huge. link
- (male) Salty the parrot pulls the belt with his beak because Sinbad is pinned to a mast with ropes. We see Sinbad from the side, and only from the neck down, as a burst of energy surges from his groin. His chest thrusts out and his arms grow beefy, snapping the ropes. (Musclegrowth)
- male

Singing Princess, The
(male AR, male AP) Movie. The abducted princess has 3 bumbling friends who try to rescue her. The villian leads them to a fountain of youth and boom, baby time. They show the 3 baby boys growing up. Julie Andrews is the voice of the princess. (Jeffr)

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (reptile ARed) S2 "O Aniversario da Cuca" c2013.
Crocodile witch into egg which does hatch - Ep link - .be/zgbSu4SFJg8 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets, The
- (cutaway ARs) S1Ep7 "The Castle of The Lost" 2014.
The kids get lost in a maze-like castle where an evil magician turns back the hands of time. Can the gang think ahead to get back to the present? Male/Female AR/RN in off-screen cut scenes. Smelly diapers ahead!
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Thomas2)

Skinner Boys: Guardians of the Lost Secrets, The
- (male AR to baby) Ep11 "The Fountain of Youth" 2014.
Teen grandsons have inherited Skinner Mansion. Feisty teenage cousin Tara is the 4th Guardian.
- Episode link @18:30 - (Jeffr_2bya, Rufus Mendax)

Sleeping Beauty
- contains "old age" sequence - (Deniz)

- (creature ARed form) Ep "Leila And The Little Pets", 2019.
Biggs transforms himself into a cute baby creature to infiltrate Leila's Zoo to steal the Earth Stone. But all the sweet attention from Leila makes Biggs question his loyalty.
  Episode link - .be/Z8cYiVy_znI
- (creatures into puppies) Ep "Silly Smighty Day" 2019.
Sneevil and Biggs transform Smighties into helpless puppies. Zap has to pretend to be a puppy to stop the Villains.
  Episode link - .be/zUTb7YdNzlI
- Screencaps - (Tazz)

Smiling Friends
- (adult/anthro dream FF to OA) S1Ep3 "Shrimp's Odyssey" 2022/01/10.
Adult Swim series. A pathetic shrimp calls the Smiling Friends hotline after being rejected by his true love. Shrimpina, Pim and Charlie debate how to handle this. Humanoid male crustacean imagines himself and human woman fast forwarded until they are very old on their deathbed together. I don't know how long that video will stay up.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Chrono Eclipse)

Smurfs Adventures
Syndicated version with male/anthro AR/AP scenes - INFO PAGE
- (male TF AR) S01Ep20 "Baby Smurf" 11/07/81.
- (male anthro AR) S01Ep25 "The Fountain of Smurf" 11/07/81.
- (anthro AR) S02Ep35 "Smurf Van Winkle" 11/13/82.
- (anthro AR) S05Ep04 "The Smurflings" 09/21/85.
- (male AR, AP) S07Ep67 "Gargamel's Second Childhood" 12/05/87.
- (male anthro AR) S09Ep27 "Grandpa's Fountain of Youth" 12/05/87.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Smurfs, The (2021 CGI series)
- (anthros ARed) S01Ep28 "Smurfy Day Care" 2021/10/24.
Storm finds the whole Smurf Village has transformed into babies offscreen! Can she become the super smurfsitter needed to take care of the tiny creatures? And how will they change back?
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Smurfs, The (2021)
Les Schtroumpfs
- (anthros AR) Ep26 "La grande creche" "Stormy the Babysitter" 2021/10/22.
CGI series. A freak accident turned the Smurfs into babies. Smurfstorm has to take care of them while trying to find a cure. Only image I found is of Smurfstorm with a bunch of baby smurfs grabbing on to her - (Tazz, Username)

Smurfs, The
- (anthro entities ARed) S5Ep1 "The Smurflings", "Sassette" 1985/09.
Adult Snappy opens the door to the magical clock. Nat's butterfly flies through, causing Nat to go after it. The clock goes haywire and begins to de-age Nat and the butterfly, and when Snappy and Slouchy go in they too are de-aged. Even Father Time can't undo the damage. In addition, the three Smurfs seem to forget their lives as adult Smurfs.

Smurfs, The
- (anthros ARed, male adult OA) "Smurf Van Winkle".
The Smurfs pretended to have become elderly in order to fool Lazy to get him to do work for them. Then they were actually turned into baby Smurfs.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Smurfs, The
- (AR) "The Smurfs" Ep192 "The Smurflings" 9/21/1985. Natural, Snappy, and Slouchy were childized with the help of Father Time. There was no cure for the miniaturization, but they didn't mind.
- (OA disguised) Nanny Smurf was Smurfette using magic to make herself older.
- (male AR) - Papa Smurf de-aging potion

Smurfs, The
- (Gargamel into baby smurf)
"The Baby Smurf", S1Ep14, 10/24/1981.
Video link - (TF Theater)

Smurfs, The
- (male & anthros ARed AA) "Fountain of smurf".
Deer into fawn, Papa Smurf into kid, Gargamel, his cat, and an ogre into kids.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Smurfs, The
- (male anthro age disguised & OA)
"Smurf Van Winkle" S2Ep27, 11/13/1982.
- Smurfs pretending to be old are then turned into kids.
Video link - Info link - (TF Theater)
- (male AR, male AP, male OA, male AR to baby)
"Gargamel's Second Childhood", 12/5/87, S7ep67.
- Gargamel and Scruple switch ages thanks to a magic powder. Scruple really enjoys being an adult and shoving Gargamel around, but Gargamel hates being younger. They return past their normal ages at the end of the episode.
- Video link - Screencaps:
Male age swap AR/AP - male old age - male AR
- (Otaru)

Smurfs, The
- (male anthro oa & rejuv) S06Ep1-4 "Smurfquest" 1986/09/13.
Grandpa Smurf returns from a long journey. After the elements are added to the magic stone, Grandpa ages so rapidly he collapses, to be revived by the tears of mourning Smurfs.

Smurfs, The
- (males ARed) "The Fountain of Smurf", 11/7/1981, 17.
A deer drinks from a pool and they see it regress in some detail into a fawn. They pay the ogre with a book for the drink. Papa Smurf drank the present offstage, and turned into a kid. They need the book to turn him back. After recruiting Gargamel for help, he and the ogre fall in the pool and revert, and Papa Smurf is restored offscreen - (Time2)

Smurfs, The
- (OA) 4-part "Smurfquest" episode.
The Long Life Stone, which allows the Smurfs to live long lives through decreased aging, is losing its power. However, the Smurflings didn't grow taller as they aged, and Baby Smurf only showed slight wrinkles.

Snezhnaya koroleva
- (AR AA) 2012, "Snow Queen", Russia.
Video link c01:05 - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
- (old age TFed) 1937 Walt Disney film. Evil Queen fan art - (Wicked Fairest)

Sofia the First
- (male poof AR AA, AA RN) "Two Princesses and a Baby", 3/7/2014, S2Ep1.
Disney AA. Boy poofed into toddler around 5:00, AA RN around 16:20.
- Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2bya, Entropic)

Solar Opposites
- (adult FF, RNed) S2Ep3 "The Lake House Device" 2021/03/26.
After realizing his warranty complaint box can send letters into the past, Korvo uses it to make Terry more receptive to Korvo's work requests. The letters turn Terry into a psychopathic murderer. He meets a blind woman in a park and falls in love with Yasmine in an Up-style montage @16:00. Many years later, an elderly Terry sends a letter back to Korvo with instructions to return to normal - (Kappa)

Solar Opposites
- (dream teen rejuv AA & AR, FF to old age) S1Ep8 "Retrace-Your-Step-Alizer" 2020/5/8.
The Pupa links with neighbor Lorraine to let her relive memories of her late mother in exchange for retrieving his whistle.
- Episode link @10mins - screencaps - (Kappa)

Son of Bigfoot, The
- (male CoA, some puberty metaphors) 2017 CGI movie.
Teen outsider Adam thought he was going through puberty. His feet burst out of his shoes and hair grows out of control. He sets out to uncover the mystery of his lost father, who is none other than the legendary Bigfoot!
- Trailer link - gif - screencaps - (Richard)

Sonic X
- (male AR) S02 "Cosmic Chaos" 10/22/2005.
When he travels to Sonic's world an inconvenient time warp returns him to his 12 y.o. body. This left the audience dealing with a more mature and useful Chris, while keeping his familiar body, making it easier for animators who had been drawing him as 12 for years now. There were few complaints about him afterwards - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sonic X
- (male ARed) "Cosmic Crisis" 9/17/2005, S3Ep2, 54.
Chris arrives in Sonic's world as his 12-year-old self in oversized clothing.
- Video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)

Sophie Ruby
- (male AR AA poofed into baby, ARed aftermath) Ep49, Hawkeye Becomes a Child, 2017.
AKA SofyRuby - South Korea, CGI manhwa magical girl series, Chu Kwang Ho.
- 13 y.o. mahou shoujo Ruby is given the power from the Wish Fairy who appears as a sketchbook to AA herself into 19 y.o. Sophie, in order to help cursed Prince Spinel collect "good deed stamps" to break the Magical Spell.
- Episode link @08:10 - - Part 2 link - screencaps - cover - (Tazz)

South Park
- (male) 2002 Future selves. male
- (male puberty symptoms) "Are You There God, It's Me Jesus" 47, 12/29/99 - male
- Wendy BE'd
- Chef flashback.

South Park
- (coming of age BE) "Bebe's Boobs Take Over Society" Wendy gets jealous of Bebe's boobs because they've captured all the boys' attentions, and goes to get hers augmented... Only to find when she returns to school that the boys have gotten over their fascination with them, thus leaving her with ridiculously large breasts.

South Park
- (dedicated fan art, BE "buxomization" AP) by Thegxjudgement, 2022/09.
Wendy had a rough day. While trying to think of something else to do, she'd imagine lady whores with big breast and hips. When she slept a shooting star came in, and like "screw it". Add some magical powers to suddenly grow up into an adult. I wonder how that ended up... - Fan Art link - 1

South Park
- (FF CoA, father/daughter trope) 2016.
Live-action Comedy Central promo for the cartoon's 20th season.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Super Man)

South Park
- (FFed) - fan art
- (male ARed cycle) - cap
- (male dream sequence AA ARed flashback) "Insheeption" 10/20/10, S14Ep10, 205. They get trapped in Mr. Mackey's childhood dream.

South Park
- (male dream sequence hero FFed) The cast imagines themselves older - male
- (male mind transfer) "Dead Celebrities", 2009.
Kyle's younger brother Ike is starting to see ghosts... Not just any ghosts, but celebrities who have died within the past year. Michael Jackson has always thought that he was a little white girl. He possesses 4-year-old Ike's body, and won't leave unless people respect him as such. The kids enter Ike/Michael in a preteen beauty pageant. (Tazz)

South Park
- (male FFed muscle dream sequence) "Good Times with Weapons"
"Soulcalibur" mash-up: cast - (O')
- (male muscle) "Up the Down Steroid" 113, 2004.
Timmy attempts to tell Mr. Mackey about Jimmy using steroids by mimicking Jimmy shooting up and then getting all muscular, but Mr. Mackey still doesn't get it.

South Park
- (male rebirthing ARed, male unseen AP RN AA) "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" 11/10/10.
When Kenny dies, he is reborn. His parents take the newborn into his room and place him in his orange hoodie, where he will age back to a child by the time he wakes up - (Tazz)

Space Ace (Saturday Supercade)
- (male AR to teens, male RN)
"Age Ray Riot", S7Ep7, 10/20/84.
- Video link
- male AR - male RN - male AR - male AR - male RN
(TF Theater)
- "Infanto Fury" S7Ep13, 12/1/84.
Borf takes over Earth's moon base to turn the population of Earth into babies with his Infanto Ray.

Space Ace
- (AA AR, ARed, AA RN) S02Ep11 "Calamity Kimmie" 1984.
Saturday Supercade, screencaps in the toons section - Better quality episode link - (Adam Haneline)

Space Ace
- (AR) - AR
- (male AR/AP) 1983 interactive animated game. Super hero is reduced to 16-year-old weakling nerd named Dexter by the evil "Infanto Ray". In his child form, Dexter boards a spaceship and pursues the evil alien villain, who has kidnapped Dexter's girlfriend and threatens to reduce all of earth to screaming infants. Dexter seeks to regain his manhood: (O) link
- 1989 sequel. A comic book mini series incorporated elements from the game and cartoon series, such as Ace randomly changing into Dexter and back.
- Space Ace 2: Borf's revenge (some AR) - (ARarchive)

Space Ace
- (ARed) - Kimberly panel - (WT)

Space Ace
- (male AR/AP) 1984 animated series.
- (AR AA, male AR AA, RN AA) Screencaps:
- group ARs - Kimberly AR - Kimberly RN AA - Ace
(Weary Traveler)

Space Ace
Saturday Supercade Cartoon Series, 1984.
- (furry AR) S07Ep01 "Cute Groots".
- (TG age disguised) S07Ep03 "Dangerous Decoy".
- (male ARed) S07Ep04 "Moon Missile Madness".
- (male villain AR, male RN AA AP) S07Ep07 "Age Ray Riot".
- (male younger age appearance) S07Ep08 "Wanted Dexter".
- (female AR, AA RN) S07Ep11 "Calamity Kimmie".
- (worldwide AR, male AR) S07Ep13 "Infanto Fury".
INFO - (Jeffr_2bya)

Space Ghost Coast to Coast
- (male adult OAd) glimpse

Space Stars: Teen Force
- (OA no size increase, RN) "The Space Slime"
NOT an AR episode. There is slight OA. I found this by going through every episode in the series. Kind of a bitter sweet day.
- Ep. link - screencaps - (Ferver)

Space Stars
- (brief male AR) S01Ep34 "Time Master" 10/17/1981 NBC.
A Time Satellite fires beams on the planet Glax-3 that turns back time. Space Ghost and sidekicks discover that Tempus the Time Master is trying to harvest Luxor to build a Time Shredder. One man is aged back into a baby and then disappears - (Jeffr_2bya)

Space Stars
- (male AR, unseen RNed) "The Time Master" 21, 1981.
Man aging backwards into unborn.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (AA to OA, no size change) "Teen Force" Space Slime, 1981.
Elektra, Kid Comet, and Moleculad have a bout with time - (TBTC)

Spider Rider
- (male adult rejuv) S01Ep32 "Hero" 12/3/2006.
Mysterious old man claims to be the hero Quake. Magma is overjoyed to meet childhood hero, but Hunter is dubious. Hunter is eager to learn from Quake but the old hero keeps giving him menial duties; no one can tell you how to be a champion. You must look deep within yourself. Old man transforms into Spider Rider and is a young man again - (Dragoniade & Stonegate)

Spider-Man series
- (male adult age stasis) S01Ep18? "Fountain of Terror" '67/'68 - vid link
Spider-man: The Animated Series:
- "Sins of the Father Chapter XIII: The Tablet of Time"
- (male adult rejuvenation and AR) S02Ep10 "Neogenic Nightmare Part 12: Ravages Of Time" 11/25/95.
- (male adult rejuv, male adult OA) S02Ep13 "Neogenic Nightmare Part 13: Shriek Of The Vulture".
- Partners in danger IV
- (male adult RN rejuv) S02Ep14 "Neogenic Nightmare Part 14: The Final Nightmare".
- (adult rejuved/OA) S01Ep02 "Sword of Shikata" 7/12/2003 - vid link
Ultimate Spider-Man:
- (male AA age forms) S01Ep17 "Snow Day" 8/5/2012.
- (male TF power-up, male AR) S02Ep03 "The Rhino" 1/27/2013.
- (ARed) S02Ep12 "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" 6/9/2013.
INFO PAGE - (Jeff, TBTC, Arfreak, Tazz)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
- (male CoA FFed UC) 12/2018 CGI movie.
Miles Morales tightening pants imply that he is entering puberty? He probably shouldn't have said that out loud - screencaps

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
- (male adult age stasis and OA) 1994-98.
The victims of the Vulture suffer temporary Rapid Aging when he drains their youth with the Tombstone of Time. Crimelord Silvermane went through Rapid Aging (after he had been regressed to an infant in an earlier episode) that restored him to his true age in a matter of seconds, when the even older Vulture used the Tombstone to steal his accidental adult youth permanently.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
- (male AR) S2Ep12 "Ravages of Time" 11/25/95.
Old man into young man into child into baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
- (male ARed aftermath, male adult rejuvenation, male AA AP to old age)
"Partners In Danger chapter 5: Partners"
- S4Ep5, 5/3/97.
Baby Silvermane: Quickly you must change my diaper!
Alisa: I'm sorry it turned out this way, father. But at least you won't have to worry about diapers anymore...
Silvermane: I wouldn't be so sure about that!
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (Thomas)

Spider-Man: The Animated Series
- (young adult youth theft to old age, RN) S2Ep13 "Shriek Of The Vulture" - Scene link - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel)

- (adult OA'd, adult rejuv revert) "Shriek of the Vulture", Debra RN scene.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

- (adult rejuvenation) CGI animation - magic sword
- (old age rejuv) Ep 111 "Sword of Shikata" 07/11/03 MTV. Spider-Man encounters a woman who looks young, but a sword she uses gives her youth. At the end Spider-Man destroys the sword and she turns back into an old woman and dies. (ARFreak)

- (male AR, male adult rejuvenation, male OA) 1990s. Elderly villain Silvermane tried to become younger via magic and wound up turning himself into a baby. The Vulture constantly shifted between youthful and elderly adult forms, eventually managing to stabilize himself as a young adult by taking Silvermane's youth via the Applied Phlebotinum meant to restore him to adulthood (thus returning Silvermane to his original elderly form.) Later, Venom and Carnage were recruited by a villain to steal Life Energy to release a Sealed Evil In A Can, which resulted in rapid aging.

(old age) Ep unkn. "The Vulture" aged a female lab assistant.

Spidey and His Amazing Friends
- (male chibi anthro AR AA) S2Ep5 "Li'l Hulk" 2022/09/30.
AKA "Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends", CGI series, Disney Junior. "Young versions" of the superheroes. Green Goblin uses his Baby Boomer ray gun rattle to turn anything into babies, enabling him to commit crimes. Team Spidey must find a way to thwart the heist and get Hulk back to his true age!
- Episode link @00:10 - - caps - (Tazz)

Spirou et Fantasio
- (male AR cutaways, male adult mental AR, tree AR cutaway) Ep18 "Cure de jouvence" ("A Toast to Youth") 2007/05/17.
Franco-Belge cartoon. Spirou and Fantasio come to spend a quiet weekend in the mansion of old scientist Count Champignac. Alas, Fantasio inadvertently makes the count drink an elixir of youth that the scientist developed long ago. The Count is restored to the full dynamism of his adult youth. But things get complicated when it turns out the process is continuing. He physically regresses over the entire episode offscreen. Our heroes must find an antidote at the risk of seeing their learned friend irreversibly rejuvenated. Alas for them, the younger Champignac finds an unsuspected rebellious character!
Fantasio mentally regresses to a baby around the 11:00 mark thanks to a brainwash-esque helmet. At 14:30 it shows The Count regressed to a baby sitting in oversized clothes. He then mentally regresses to a baby shortly after.
With the help of a mycologist an antidote is synthesized. Towards the end, The Count reverted back offscreen.
- Episode link - male adult rejuvenation screencaps - male AR screencaps - male ARed screencaps - (Mad0charles)

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (AA anthro whale growth) Ep128a "Growth Spout" 7/19/2009.
Mr. Krabs tries to find enough food to feed Pearl as she goes through her growth spurt. "What's happening to me?" "I paid thirty bucks for that bed!"

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (anthro AR) S05Ep11 "Goo Goo Gas" 9/29/2007.
Plankton creates a gas that turns adult sea creatures into diapered babies - vid link - info link
- (male anthros OA'd) S05Ep15 "To Save a Squirrel" 11/23/2007.
Heavy rain falls as SpongeBob and Patrick become old with beards and dirty rag-clothes. Old man fish stuck in cave for 40 years was really Sandy the squirrel testing their survival skills all along - info link
- (Isabella)

Spongebob Squarepants
- (anthro AR) S05Ep11 "Goo-Goo Gas" 7/19/2009.
Probably not a major turn-on, but arch-villain Plankton invents a weapon that shrinks his opponents into babies, both physically and mentally (Yes, their clothes change too, though there's a quick scene where Krabs and Spongebob return to normal but are still clad only in diapers).
- (anthro AR) S10 212a "The Incredible Shrinking Sponge" 07/2017.
An over-hot oven causes Spongebob to dwindle to tiny size, making it difficult for him to do his job. His clothes don't shrink with so he spends most of the episode nude, though he's really just a square yellow box with no genitals...
- (Doctor Anguish)

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (male adult anthro to OA) Patrick ages 30 years per second while figuring out where the last puzzle piece goes - caps

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (starfish OA) S6Ep125a "Pineapple Fever" 6/2/2009. Patrick has difficulty comprehending that there's only one place the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle can go, to the point that his rate of brain activity increases and ages him to around 200 y.o. over the span of 5 seconds.

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (adult old age, male ARed OC) S4Ep8 "Caves" 2023/10/19.
The main characters tell each other stories about all the previous times they were trapped in caves. In Mariner's story, she and the Delta Shift ensigns are trapped in a cave with mineral veins that contain chronitons. Mariner and a Delta Shift lady move closer and age into elderly ladies. The effect is pretty well done. Another male ensign also got aged, and the last male ensign was regressed into a boy.
- Scene link - caps - (Generallyawesome)

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (male alien TF ARed AA zap) S01Ep02 "Envoys" 2020/08/13.
(Best clip I can find) old Andorian revealed to actually be Vendorian shape shifter. Goes from old man to tentacled alien to little boy alien.
- Scene link - - gif - (Tazz)

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (male split/body slow OA/AR) S1Ep7 "Much Ado about Boimler" 2020.
A ship carries several crew members who had transporter accidents. One man is rapidly aging on one side of his body while the other half is getting younger. When we see him, his right side is an old man and the other half a boy. He needs a cane since his young side is much smaller. He goes back and forth between sounding old and young. Sadly we don't see any TF, and he doesn't change during the episode - (Tazz)

Star Trek: Lower Decks
- (unseen AR) S3Ep2 "The Least Dangerous Game" 2022/08. The characters mention how the captain was turned into a baby by a Temporal Rift, causing Vendome to be made captain - (Tazz)

Star Trek: the animated series
- (male adults to old) S1Ep4 "The Lorelei Signal" 9/29/1973.
The crew members' male adult vitality is extracted by the Sirens, leaving them as little more than old husks.

Star Trek: the animated series
- (male FB) S1Ep2 "Yesteryear" 1973/09/15.
Spock must travel back in time to his childhood, and keep his younger self from dying and being replaced by an Andorian.
- (AR) S2Ep6 "The Counter-Clock Incident" 1974/10/12.
Both ships are pulled into a negative universe where time flows backwards, so everyone begins to grow younger into children. Karla Five seeks the help of her son, a much older man named Karl Four. April (now only 30) retakes command to bring the Enterprise to safety before it's too late. He and his wife Sarah then use the transporter to restore themselves and the crew back to their proper ages - Clip link

Star vs the Forces of Evil
- (AR) S02Ep32 "Mathmagic" 2/13/2017.
After refusing to solve a math equation in class, Star is stuck in a time loop she can't escape because she never paid attention. She keeps reverting to different versions of herself... in one version I guess she is a baby.
- Versions from S01Ep17 "Freeze Day": Elderly Star, Young Star, Infant Star - link - (JayTee)

Star vs the Forces of Evil
- (demon TFed AR AA) S03Ep21 #56 "Conquer (Part 2)" 4/7/2018.
The Season Finale ending had a demon age regression back to demon baby. It happened in a flash.
- Just as Star is about to be defeated at the castle, Eclipsa takes her wand and regresses Meteora into a baby. As everyone's souls return, Star allows Eclipsa to keep her wand, thinking it should be hers. However, Eclipsa then flees with baby Meteora to monster-husband Globgor's crystal prison - screencaps - (JayTee)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (AA ARed poof, AA OA'd poof) "Freeze Day", 2015, Disney XD.
Star meets Father Time. He stops doing his job and causes time to freeze. They must cross a stream by hopping onto floating clocks. Boy and girl AA-poofed into babies. Then girl AA'd into elderly, and boy with the head of an old man and body of a baby. The boy had his body on the baby clock so only his head aged.
- Video link - screencaps - (Generallyawesome, Thomas)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (adult alien elderly disguised) Cool, mysterious club owner Milly Sparkles runs the Bounce Lounge, where kids across the Multiverse have been partying for millennia! Well, turns out the party has to end... Look at that tired, old granny on a mobility scooter. Best reveal eva! - caps - (Kappa)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (dedicated ARed aftermath) c2016 fan art - (Toonbabifier)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- (male FF, RN ARed) S02Ep31 "Running With Scissors" 2017/02/09.
After getting stranded in an alternate dimension for years, wimpy Marco Diaz became an incredibly muscular suave action hero. However, he was reverted back at the end - - caps

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
- (alien FF) CGI series, 2008-2020.
At first Ahsoka Tano was only about 5'6" at age 14, whereas Anakin was over 6 feet. They slowly made Ahsoka grow to Anakin's height of 6'2".

Steven Universe (fan art)
- (dedicated young adult to old changes) -- Tiarastwilight "Connie's Scatology Test" (TF/MC/Log Entry), 2019 link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link if blocked: Alts -- Cyanoray "Connie the Stepmom", 2019/09 link -- Anawinkaro "Old Steven and Connie" sitting on the beach together, 2017 link (just so you know the artist is a normal so don't go crazy on her/him) - (Kappa, Anonguy, The Doc)

Steven Universe Future
- (male cutaway AR OC, RN AA AP) 2019.
Steven shapeshifted into a boy after a fight, then a quick grow-up scene back to adult man.
- Scene video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Steven Universe Future
- (male monster TF expansion, pseudo male "AP" CB effect) S01Ep14 "Growing Pains" 2020/03/13.
Steven laments how everyone is getting married except him and glows pink in frustration. His body suddenly swells up, causing him to accidentally rip the freezer door off. His hand swells so big that he accidentally accepts Connie's call. She expresses worry as she sees his face and body begin to swell up, and suggests he go see her mother at the hospital. Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran checks his temperature and heartbeat. As she takes his blood pressure, his right arm swells and breaks the cuff. He glows and swells up, and she manages to calm him before running more tests. His x-ray shows numerous unusual fractures. Despite "miraculous recoveries", she wonders if he has suffered emotional trauma in addition to the physical traumas. Steven recalls past events, including aging quickly. Dr. Maheswaran concludes his body is responding to minor threats as major ones from the incredible stress he has been through. As he thinks about his proposal to Connie backfiring, Steven starts to glow pink again and grows exponentially. Connie comes into the room and witnesses Steven growing out of control. She realizes that Steven's rejected proposal the other day was the doing of this. Steven continues to grow and becomes even more stressed when he learns Connie never told her mother about what happened. The entire room is damaged as Greg arrives at the last second. Greg assures him that he'll be there when he needs him and is able to calm him down and get him back to normal.
- The videos were in that annoying webp format, they may not work in all browsers - clips

Steven Universe
- (male AA AP) - stages
- (TG merger, AA age upgrade) "Alone Together", 2015. Steven fuses with friend Connie, turning into a teenage girl with attributes from both. They do not appear to mind - (Swiftner)

Steven Universe
- (male AP to OA, RN) S01Ep13, "So Many Birthdays", 3/3/14.
Boys only AP. The female shows no process, just offscreen youth to infancy (sorta). The male process is very detailed, showing the main character going through various changes til old age. The others need to discover the cure to revert Steve back to normal before he expires.
- Video link - male AP to OA screencaps - male RN screencaps - (Mecham, Jeffr_2bya)

Steven Universe
- (male AR OC) "Steven's Birthday", 1/5/2016.
Steven uses his gem powers again, but he stays older too long, so there is a snap back where he turns into a baby.
- Baby TF: video link   - (Backdrop1234567, Dawnofmawl, Jeffr_2bya)

Steven Universe
- (male AR) caps - gif

Steven Universe
- (male AR) S02Ep23 "Steven's Birthday" 1/5/2016.
Steven makes himself a couple years older offscreen, but when talking to Connie he regresses back into a baby. It's short but animated pretty well, with baggy clothes and everything. Nice to have some AR in a western cartoon, haven't seen it done like this in quite a while.
- Scene link - caps - (Meticulan23)
- (male maturation effect scene) - caps

Steven Universe
- (TF AA cut-away ARed) ARound the 5:00 mark. Instant change from adult female to toddler - caps - (JeffR)

- (AA lifetime FF, infancy to marriage) 2016 CGI movie.
An adorable moment where the main baby's life flashes before the Main Stork's eyes. It's beautiful and no words are spoken.
- Adult Tulip enters the defunct baby factory and activates the baby-making machine, creating a pink-haired infant girl. Millions of archived letters are inserted into the machine, causing it to rapidly produce babies to distract the storks. Junior rallies the storks to deliver the babies to their families. Diamond Destiny is delivered to the Gardners, and Tulip finally meets her family.
- Screencaps - (Alexander)

Strawberry Shortcake
- (ARed AA dream sequence, AA APed dream sequence) S3Ep5, "Baby Takes the Cake", 11/2006.
Little girl dreams that she became a preteen while the 4 preteen girls became babies.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Strawberry Shortcake
- (FF AA) 1980s. As is the case for Rainbow Bright, normally younger character is sometimes drawn as older teen.
S04 "Big Country Fun" - Due to the changed style, the artwork leaves the impression that the characters had aged into teenagers. This illusion was further backed by Strawberry applying for a job and driving a car.
- "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" fan art - (O'data)

Stunt Dawgs
- (AR AA poofs) S01Ep27 "Stunt Puppies" 1993/03/29.
The villain created a ray gun to turn people into babies to facilitate crimes. I spent years looking for it.
- Spanish dub episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Stunt Dawgs
- (AR) "Stunt Puppies", S01Ep27, 3/29/1993.
AR also glimpsed in clip episode "Dream on, Fungus". The villain makes a device that can turn people into babies - (Thomas)

Stunt Dawgs
- (furry AR) S01Ep27 "Stunt Puppies" 3/29/1993.
The Dawgs are transformed into babies by the bad guys. The villain then goes on a crime spree a la Borf.

Summer Camp Island
- (furry and anthro ARed poofs) S1Ep2 "Monster Babies" 7/7/2018.
Things and creatures are poofed cute... and a monster into a baby.
- link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Summer Camp Island
- (male elephant ARed effect) S02Ep11 "Pajamas Party" 2019/07/07.
Oscar's talking pajama feels afraid that Oscar will outgrow her. Hedgehog does a spell on Pajamas to make her bigger, but accidentally shrinks Oscar instead. The Toad Doctor gives them the RN potion, and a potion to make Oscar and Pajamas grow at the same rate. However, there's a chance they'll grow thumbs on their forehead. Jimjams explains to Pajamas that it's okay that Oscar is growing.
- Scene clip link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Summer Camp Island
- (monster AR, RN) S01Ep36 "Midnight Quittance" 2019/07/14.
The Tome of Time: historical flashback of old monster into toddler and then back. Using Moon Rocks causes Time Babies to appear.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Super Bheem
- (male AR) "Kalia turns into a baby" c'22?
Magic book zapped male youth back into a baby.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (adult chibis to OA) "Revenge of the Baby Sat!"
Thor & Ms Marvel are aged - Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (chibi AA AR, RN) "Revenge of the Baby Sat" Ep49, s2ep23, 2011.
A time mishap transforms several of the Squaddies! The energy orb grabs 3 heroes, and when the light fades the super-deformed characters' secondary sexual characteristics are missing, they are much shorter and smaller, their voices are higher-pitched, and all they want to do is play! It's up to the unaffected heroes to find a way to fix the Super Hero Toddlers before they're stuck that way forever.
- Video link - caps - (April)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (chibi adult OA'd & AR AA'd RN scenes) "Revenge of the Baby Sat!"
Ironman, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Ms Marvel reversions.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (male AR) 2009. A city has chibi versions of all the Marvel Super Heroes. The intro shows the heroes and villians fighting various battles. The Hulk picks up a glowing crystal dropped by Mole-Man. Later he is seen still holding it, and turns into a baby - Video link (Tazz)
- (male AR) - screencaps

Super Hero Squad Show
- (male AR) "Fate of Destiny" S2Ep14.
Thanos acquires the gem which can manipulate reality in any way he wants. When he comes face to face with the Kree Empire, he uses it to turn them all into babies. He then turns captain Marvel into a baby as well by saying "do over" in a short scene. Their cute, exaggerated features looked very babyish, the feet were nice, the partial uniform was adorable, and the crying and reaction priceless.
- screencaps - screencaps - (Tazz, Entropic, Oni)

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The
- (AR) S01Ep18 "Three Plumbers and a baby".
Princess falls into fountain of youth and transforms into baby. The Mario Bros. have to protect her and find a way to reverse it. Koopa and his slaves are all babies as well.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The
- (male FBed?) c1990. There was an episode with Little Marios. A flashback scene with Mario and Luigi as babies for some reason? - (Richard)

Super Mario Bros. Super Show
- (AR AA, RN AA) Ep21 "Two Plumbers and a Baby" 1989.
Princess Toadstool, old men and King Koopa were AA-splashed into babies.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
- (male AA AP) - TF caps

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
- (male AR AA) "Night of Fear", S4Ep7, 10/21/2006.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
- (OA'd) Johnny Sunspot along with his two teammates were aged rapidly whenever Skeleton King was near. It all started because Johnny said "Hey, we have their robot... Maybe we don't need to be taking orders from you anymore."

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
(AA FFed) Jinmay fan art
(Blue Leader)

Super Wish
- (male AA to old age) S01Ep15 "Den for Over 10s" 2022/07/23 - blocked link
A strange merchant offers magic tokens to those 10 or over. Jesse enters the arcade and uses the tokens, getting older and older.
- (age TF?) S01Ep45 "Which Digit Did It?" - blocked link
Winnie tells a tall tale about her age, and the consequences are BIG.
- 1 - (Maxwell)

SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show
- (male adult to OA) "Terror from The Phantom Zone"
Three Kryptonian criminals escape from the Phantom Zone, imprison the Super-friends, and make Superman old by exposing him to red Kryptonite - (TBTC)

SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show
- (male AR) S01Ep05 "Uncle Mxyzptlk" AKA "Super Brat" 9/29/1984.
Wonder Twins accidentally expose Superman to the unpredictable Red Kryptonite, which this time turns him into a Super Brat. Mr. Mxyzptlk manipulates Super Brat. The Super Friends must bide their time whilst dealing with Mxyzptlk, and wait for the Kryptonite to wear off - (TBTC)

- (male adult OA'd, face RN) "Terror From the Phantom Zone" Superman was aged - Vid link - caps

- (male OA, AR) S01Ep23 "The Mysterious Time Creatures" 10/15/1977.
Evil alien Dictor from another dimension takes control of planet Chrono and uses a time medallion to age the rightful leader. Wonder Woman and other super friends turned into children.

- (mental AR) "Around the World in 80 Riddles" cartoon. The Riddler makes Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Superman regress mentally into children, and they must solve his clues to reverse the process before it becomes permanent.
- (AR, male AR, male old age) caps - (ARarchive pics reduced in size)

- (male demon TF, male AR) S1Ep7 "Mr. Grumpy-Pants" 2008/11/09.
A twisted, disturbing tale. On his birthday, The Warden's inner child demon escapes.
The Warden was feeling old and decrepit, so Jared bought "ancient Chinese mystery butter" to restore his youth. It ends up in the birthday cake, leading to a bunch of inmates regressing into toddlers who violently kill each other.
- Info link - caps

- (male adult OA'd to death) S1Ep9 "Time-Police" 2008/11/30 - caps

Superman: Red Son
- (adult aging effect) 2020. The battle turned Diana's hair whiter and caused some degree of wrinkling.
Also in the original comic from 2003 - extract

Superman: Unbound
- (adult age stasis) 2013 animated movie - (Jeffr_2bya)

Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam
- (male TF AA AP) hero battle form.
- (male adult battle form, "poof" costume TF, RN) 2010.
Video link - (O')

Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
- (male adult OA) Black Adam is defeated at the end when he is forced to say "Shazam" and revert to his human form, which aged 5,000 years instantly and turned to dust.

- (kinda looks like mental ARed)
1996 S01Ep4 "Fun and Games"
The Toymaker kidnaps Lois Lane and makes her wear a really cute adult-sized doll's costume that's just begging for a fanfic or AR story.
- Video link - screencaps - (GooGooGirlie)

- (multiple FB/FF young/old adults) WWII hero American Ranger's wife was seen at different ages; Zenith/Portia: Amazon Goddess/ Talk Show Celebrity was a member of the League in the '70s; Black Saturn's mom was a "Super Model" member of a Charlie's Angels parody group; S03Ep10 "Comicarnage"; Dr. Devizo's Ex Wife - 1 - (Kappa)

- (AA poof TFs, TGed age forms) "Parent Teacher Noobs", Ep22, 1/4/2016.
The noobs poof into their parents to attend the parent/teacher conference and hide their secret activities. Kevin ends up in the shape of two of the moms. He often ends up in the wrong form - caps - (Morphan)

- (male alien AR) S01Ep48 "Noobs vs. Venamus 12" 8/1/2016.
The villain Count Venamus turns himself into a twelve year old to find out what makes the Supernoobs tick in the hope of defeating them - (Richforce)

- (male monsters cutaway AA TFed, male "teen" forms) S2Ep6 "The Noob Kids at School" 5/28/2018.
Mem and Zen transformed themselves into middle school teens to prove their life is easy. It happened offscreen.
- Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (male AR AA) S2Ep5 "Forever Young" 2020/03/21.
Old spider into young, old scientist Dr. Spooky into teen and then poofed into baby.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Swamp Thing: The Animated Series
- (male adult rejuv) S01Ep02 "To Live Forever".

Swan Princess, The
- (FF, AA TF, OA to younger adult) "The Swan Princess", 1994 musical film.
Rothbart sends his hag sidekick Bridget to the ball disguised as Odette - (Dragoon)

Swan Princess, The
- (flash forward, coming of age) 1994. Odette and prince Derek were engaged from an early age, but couldn't stand each other because she was an incorrigible tomboy, and he thought girls had cooties. When they meet as adults, they see each other in a different light and fall in love.

Sword in the Stone
(AR) Australian movie. There is a musical scene where the witch Madam Mim transforms into a beautiful young woman to show off her powers.

T.U.F.F. Puppy
- (AR) "Pup Daddy" 6/3/12, S2Ep12, 51.
Keswick invents the Young Gun, which either turns someone into a teenager or an old person, but it also makes them age backwards. Agent Dudley wants to use it to make a pizza slice new again, but accidently hits a disco ball on disco dance friday, and as a result Keswick, cat agent Kitty Katswell, The Chief, and a baddie are turned into teenagers. The baddie escapes with the gun and turns his crew into teens. While trying to capture the baddie, the teens turn into kids and later babies. Dudley has to get the gun back before they become unborn. He succeeds, but accidently makes the gun go off again, turning them all old.
- (Tazz)

Tales from the Cryptkeeper
(possible TF) 1993, 1997 series New Tales from the Cryptkeeper. "Growing Pains", 10/29/1994.
Plant enthusiast Wendell falls for Rose, a new girl at school with a rather "weedy" family secret.

Tales of the Wizard of Oz
- (male AR, OA to baby)
"The Fountain of Youth", 1961 - video link
- screencaps - screencaps - (Jeff2beyoung)

Talking Tom and Friends
- (furry AR) "Kids Again" 2015+ CGI series.
Ep link - caps - 4BkKp07YUa8 - (Tazz)

Talking Tom Heroes
- (furry AR AA, adult disguise rejuvs & TG, aftermaths & RNed) Manhwa web toons. Ep36 "Baby Potion" 2020/6/11.
Talking Ben has been turned into an unhappy kitten by an evil witch. Dog and cat into babies, plants into saplings.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Tangled: The Series
- (AR AA, RNed) S02Ep18 #39 "You're Kidding Me!" 3/31/2019.
Looking to escape the Mystery House, all the gang except Rapunzel and Eugene were turned into little kids due to a magic spinning top. I really loved it when the 2 toddlers asked for a diaper change, but hate it when they give babies beards and facial hair.
- Clip link - caps - caps - (Steven, Mecham, Utopianfubar, Username)
Rapunzel's sun-powered hair could heal wounds, and reverse aging to some degree. The subject must be in contact with her magically glowing hair. Her tears also had some resurrection and healing powers.

Tangled: The Series
Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure (retitled)
- (ARed AA) S02Ep20 "You're Kidding Me!" 2019/03/31. Rapunzel and friends come across a room full of toys and play for a bit. Cassandra finds a spinning top, which turned her and Lance into little children and Shorty into a baby. Too bad there was no process, and their clothes changed as well - link @04:45 - (Username, Vended)

- (adult age stasis, FF, adult OA scene) 11/24/10 CGI Disney movie.
Rapunzel's golden hair keeps the villainess witch Gothel young and beautiful. The adult rejuvenation happens fairly frequently throughout the film. Rapunzel's mother uses the magic hair to become not decrepit and young instead. At the end she ages back and turns into dust - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult age stasis, OA scene)
Intro link - OA link - vid link
- Screencaps - (Process Forum)

Tara Duncan
- (adult rejuvenations) "The Mirror of Youth", Ep9, 2010.
Moonscoop, France. Krislak comes to take the Mirror of Youth hidden in the Manor.
"Grandma" is rejuvenated 60 years from a "76-year-old" into an oblivious teen.
- Video link - (Thomas)
Rejuv screencaps - male screencaps - RN screencaps

- (adult stasis & OA) S02Ep23 "Tarzan and the Fountain of Youth" AKA "Tarzan and the Arrow of Death".
Aviatrix emerges from jungle looking as young as when her plane went down many years before. Unscrupulous hunters seek the secret Fountain of Youth. Tarzan tries to keep the hunters from finding the hidden valley. The flyer ages as the effects of the fountain wear off. Cheetah drinks the water - (TBTC)

(male flash forward) Movie "Son of man" sequences.

- (anthros male ARed) "Taz Babies", S01Ep19, 9/12/1992. Spinoff show ideas: Taz & crocodiles into babies off screen - (Thomas)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AA old age poofs, male adult rejuv) "Salty Codgers".
Clip link - screencaps - (Dragoniade, MeanMark)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR AA poofed) "Halloween", 2014.
The Titans were AA'd back into kids again to renew the spirit of Halloween. I know most do not like cartoon AR, but it seems more apparent in cartoons than anywhere else. I look at them for ideas for stories - (Steven)
- (young adults AA OA'd) "Salty Codgers" aftermath gag, 2014.
Video link - screencaps - (Jim Beam)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR AA, AA OA) S07Ep31 "Control Freak" 2021/12/04.
When the Titans run amok in the Tower's evidence room, Robin does everything to keep things under control. With a special remote control, Robin AA-rewinds Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg back into babies, before AA-FFing them into elders.
Scene link - - (Tazz)
- (AA "OA'd") The Elderly Teen Titans also appear in these episodes:
S01 - "Super Robin"
S02 - "Salty Codgers" - "More of the Same"
S03 - "Operation Dude Rescue" - "Think About Your Future"
S04 - "Fish Water"
S05 - "Them Soviet Boys"
S06 - "Record Book" - "The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One" - "Bucket List"
S07 - "Glunkakakakah" - Various caps

Teen Titans Go!
- (male AA APed poof) "Beast Man".
Beast Boy discovers he can transform into an adult - screencaps

Teen Titans Go!
- (male FB AA "ARed" dream sequence) In "Robin's Reckoning" he first relived painful baby memories from the circus - Vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Teen Titans Go!
- (male humanoid AA, age form poofs) "BBBDAY!", S03Ep15, 119, 11/12/2015.
It's Beast Boy's Birthday. But what will happen if the Titans don't celebrate it? He turns back and forth between baby, middle age and elderly... and back again.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Teen Titans Go!
- (TF poof reduction) S02Ep31 "Hose Water" 2015/02/19.
No TF... They turn younger into eggs. Weird concept, but based on what was said, I guess everyone starts as eggs in this universe - link - - (Tazz)

Teen Titans Go!
- (TF poofed male "ARed") S06Ep34 "Toddler Titans... Yay!" 2020/11/14.
Control Freak thinks the Titans' humor is too juvenile for their timeslot, so he "ages them down" to a preschool show. They were poofed into spoofs of Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues.
- Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

Teen Titans Go
- (AR AA poofs) S6Ep36 (297) "Baby Mouth" 2020/11/21.
To find out his family history, Robin takes a DNA test and discovers he's from Babylon. That explains his baby hands. Everyone in the whole world was AR poofed, with 5 examples being shown. It's Teen Titans Go, expect not too much.
- Episode link - scene link - screencaps - (Username)

Teen Titans Go
- (pseudo "ARed") "Hose Water".
Starfire and Cyborg find an egg that makes them act childish. As a result they become unborn eggs of the same size with feet sticking out (like Sheldon in Garfield). A stork comes back to make a pickup. The Titans follow them to a land "where babies come from" (more big eggs with feet). Robin tells them to not act childish. First Beast Boy becomes a green egg, then Raven a floating black egg. Robin can't resist and turns into a blue egg. "The e-gg" (play on end) - (Tazz)

Teen Titans
- (male TF's, implied male CB never shown) Beast Boy male
- (pseudo AP, teen hair growth, metaphorical CB) "Birthmark" Raven goes through changes on her birthday. Her hips do look slightly wider:
- Episode vidcaps
- (male coming of age, TF ability) Beast Boy has to let go of his childhood in the Series Finale appropriately titled "Things Change".

Teen Titans
- (AA adult size increases) 2-part "Homecoming".
Elasti-Girl is able to expand gargantuously or shrink down at will, and stomp the mightiest enemies into dust. She becomes a reluctant mother figure for Beast Boy. Her growth may be delayed by trapping her in a special force field container if you can.
gts - gts - gts

Teen Titans
- (ARed dream sequence, RN AA) Raven ARed
- (male AR scene, flashed forward) 01/10/04 "How Long Is Forever?" (fan2000) male AR scene
- (male old age, RN) "Revolution" Animated, 10/16/04. Mad Mod steals Robin's youth. (O) info link

Teen Titans
- (FF AA) Future girls fan art
- (insectoids reverted) "Date with Destiny", S2Ep6, 19, 2004. Giant moths into larva - Alt. Video link - (Thomas)

Teen Titans
- (male adult age swap, rejuv & OA, RN) "Revolution", Robin & Mad Mod swap adult ages.
Video link - Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Teen Titans
- (male AR, old age flash forward) 01/10/04 One of the characters goes 20 years into the future. "How much time is forever?" (fan2000)
- (alien puberty) "Transformation" 02/21/04 Starfire's body is going through TFs but her clothes "can't keep up". - shoe burst - puberty symptoms
- self-image ARed
- (AP hair growth, costume torn) "Birthmark" Raven AP.
- (AP RN, AR) #51 "The End" Part 2, animated. 2005.
Raven's Demonic Father Trigon takes her powers and regresses her to about about 4 or 5 years old in her white uniform, off screen. It's also Mental AR due to the fact that she doesn't know who Robin is. She finds the inner strength to revert to her normal form and defeat him. (lbh)
- (TF) Bumblebee has been classified as a sizeshifter.

Teen Titans
Chibi and mental forms - INFO PAGE
- (male self image AR) S01Ep02 "Sisters" 7/26/2003.
- (AR AA) S01Ep06 "Nevermore" 8/30/2003.
- (FFed to old future selves) S02Ep01 "How Long Is Forever" 1/10/2004.
- (creatures AR) S02Ep06 "Date with Destiny" 2/14/2004.
- (male adult rejuv, male OA) S03Ep07 "Revolution" 10/16/2004.
- (Jeffr_2bya, Dragoniade, Stonegate, Shadowlord)

- (anthro AR AA RN) "My Mom is obsessed with how I look - And I'm going CRAZY! Family Struggles by Teen-Z" 2022/06.
Webtoons. Teen into kid @02:40 & back @04:08 - Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (demons AR AA) "Older child vs Younger Child - Funny Situations In The Family" 2021.
Web toons, no dialogue. Kid again? - Baby Violet - Bully vs. Kid Pinky. Demon teen into little kid (1:32) demon woman into baby (5:54), demon teen into kid (10:09).
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (demons/furries AR AA poofs & OA AA poofs & age form AAs) - undialogued web toons, full length episodes and shorter segments.
"What Is My Secret Identity?! Gender Switch and Body Switch Stories by Teen-Z", 2022.
1st story: Teen girl into adult, then into kid, then mermaid offscreen, then old woman, then teen boy, then old woman, hairy monster, then small unicorn, then normal but with beard, normal, then demon, normal, then baby, then teen boy, then reverse mermaid (fish top, human bottom), normal, then adult, then frog, normal, then demon, normal. Guy into girl, then normal but in tutu, etc. 2nd story: Girl into guy...:
- Ep link -
"BABY PINKY Going To A Doctor | Crazy Hospital Checkup | Kids Struggles By Teen-Z", 2022.
Teen girl into a baby, then later a teen boy into a baby:
- Ep link -
"Kids breaking the rules in prison! Crazy Escape Room CHALLENGE by Teen-Z", 2022.
Teen into kid, then back to normal, then into elderly:
- Ep link -
"Growing Up Together Full | High School You vs Adult You || Best Baby Compilation Stories by Teen-Z", 2022.
Magic remote sends teen back in time to when she was a baby, a kid, back as a cavegirl, into elderly, then back. Then her and boyfriend into babies:
- Ep link -
"How to Go from WORST Nanny To BEST Nanny - Teen-Z", 2022.
Teen girl into kid. Teen girls into babies:
- Ep link -
"I Became a Child Again || Child VS High School You by Teen-Z", 2022.
Teen girl into kid:
- Ep link -
"CHILD VS TEEN YOU || What Age Is Best by Teen-Z Like", 2022.
1st story: Teen girl into old offscreen (we see her get gray hair... but she shows up old), then poofed into a kid, then back to normal. 2nd story: Teen girl into kid and later her friend into a kid. 3rd story: Teen girl and younger sister swap ages... Then both become old:
- Ep link -
- (Tazz)

- (furry demons to OA poofed) "Pinky, You Got Old! - Age Swap Challenge" 2021/11.
A teenage cat-girl who is also a cheerleader witch and her kid sister swap ages and then attempt to revert, turning them both into old ladies around 04:30.
- Episode link - cap - (Chronoeclipse)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward
- (AR, RN) 2006 season.
Mikey accidently turns his team members, some of them female, into toddlers. The superheroes were crying right after being turned into babies and then being cared for by April and Casey Jones. Another scene showed April a little older, and two of the babified girls as little girls in their oversized uniforms. In other words, April re-raised them - (AR Archive Boards)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (adults FFed to OA) "The Turtle's Awesome Easter" - The Turtles time-travel to the future. Their old future selves are truly pathetic, fat, and senile, but help them defeat time traveling Shredder. They encounter April 'O Neil as an old woman still working for Channel 6 - (Zietgiest)
- (alien AP) "Case Of The Killer Pizzas", S02Ep06, 11/15/1988.
- (alien AP) "The Starchild", S07Ep15, 12/18/1993.
- "Adventures In Turtle-Sitting", S06Ep04, 10/5/1992 - Turtle Babies.
- (JeffR_2bya)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (anthro reptile AR) '87 series.
- Kraag created an Age-Reversing Serum to return the turtles into tiny tots to get them out of the way. Mutant Trainer with his own Circus of Mutants agrees to help in order to keep the turtles he catches. Leo and Mike become very adorable and yet very active 5-year-olds.
- Don invents a Food Revitalizer to turn rotten food back into edible. However he ends up zapping the other 3 turtles, regressing them into 5-year-olds. The tiny turtles want to stop Shredder, with Mike and April having to stop them while trying to get them back to normal!
- The regressions in both only take about a minute, but they show a bit of detail and effort. The tiny turtles memories shifted to explain how they are small but the others big, calling them "Big Brothers" and referring to April as "Aunty April". The first one especially shows how wild kids can really be!
- (RyuuAinaki)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (anthro reptile AR)
- Shredder attaches a device to the TV transmitter at April's station, causing all adults to think they are children. Various bits with adults playing. April and Irma act like 5 year olds, giggling and playing tag in slightly higher voices.
My one disappointment in this show was that they turned April into a young teen with her driving the Turtles crazy. I can just see her beating them to the pizza - (Time2)
- "Leatherhead, Terror from the Swamp" - Shredder rescues Leatherhead from the Florida quicksand that the Turtles, the Frogs, and Leatherhead have fallen into. Mutagen creates a modern day fountain of youth. Shredder falls in and ends up a baby at the end - (Kira, Jaimesbabyboy23)
- "Back to the Egg", S04Ep13. Krang invents an age reversing serum. Kroolik only gets to squirt 2 Turtles' pizza. Michelangelo and Leonardo turn into little Turtles who wander off and end up at Channel Six with April. To keep them occupied, April puts them into a kids show audience. Donatello tosses antidote pizzas, turning them back to normal size. With the odds against them, Kroolik and Shredder flee back to Dimension X.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (dedicated CB) "Irma growing" corrected version of cartoon series scene. Could kinda be seen as the immediate aftermath of a full AP - fan art - (Immortaltom)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male anthro FB "ARed") "Turtles Take Time (and Space)", 2016 SD Comic Con short, Brandon Auman.
Flashback. As a result of a magic time scepter, they travel through time and space, including into their bodies when they were first hatched.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male AR, mental ARed glimpse) 1987 series.
- In the Ep. introducing Leatherhead, Shredder is accidently knocked into the "fountain of youth" and turned into a little kid. April wants to have a go too, but the turtles prevent her from doing so.
- "Adventures in Turtle Sitting" - Mikey accidently hit the other three with a revitalizing ray, causing them to go from teens to tots in a matter of seconds.
- "Back to the Egg" - Age reversing serum is placed on the turtles' pizza and Mikey and Leo grow younger, but Don and Raph create an antidote.
- Male mental AR occurs when Bebop and Rocksteady try to mind-control the citizens. Everyone briefly thinks and acts like small children, including April and Irma.
(Oni, Mecham, Trash Raider,...)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male AR) "Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp" S3Ep30, 11/9/89.
The heroes find the waters of the Fountain of Youth. Near the end, Shredder was de-aged into a baby.
- Video link - screencaps

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male ARed AA poof) "The Real World" Part 2, S03Ep23, Ep75, 4/2/2005.
At the end, the Daimyo bemoans the loss of his adult son. Lord Simultaneous will demonstrate the good the Time Scepter can do in virtuous hands. The time lord turns the pile of ash that was the Ultimate Ninja into his 8-year-old self. The boy rushes to his father, crying about having an awful nightmare. The ruler hugs his son and explains that he too was having a bad dream, but now everything was going to be all right.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male AR) In the 2003 cartoon, the Daimyo's son was de-aged into a young boy - (Jeffr_2bya)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male reptile AR) "Back To The Egg" Leonardo and Michaelangelo are reverted.
- (male reptile AR) "Adventures In Turtle Sitting" Leonardo, Raphael, and Donantello are turned into children, and slacker Michaelangelo has to look after them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Reptile and furry devolutions - INFO PAGE
- (alien AP) S02Ep06 "Case Of The Killer Pizzas" 11/15/1988.
- (male anthro AR) S03Ep30 "Leatherhead, Terror from the Swamp".
- (male anthro AR) S04Ep13 "Back to the Egg".
- (future adult selves FFed) Ep unknown "The Turtles Awesome Easter" 1991.
- (male anthro AR) S06Ep04 "Adventures In Turtle-Sitting" 10/5/1992.
- (alien AP) S07Ep15 "The Starchild" 12/18/1993.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Terrible Thunderlizards, The
- (male anthro reptilian AR) "Lizard of Aaahs", dinos into babies - Vid link - caps - (Tazz)

Thief and the Cobbler, The
- (male adult FF) 1993.
Main character Tack begins the story skinny, pale, and mute, but by the end becomes muscular, tan, and much more confident, with the voice of Sean Connery.

Thomas Edison's Secret Lab
- (AR) Ep29 "Burpin' Babies" c2015.
Kent's youth serum works a little too well and turns the gang into screaming babies. The serum soon "wears off" and now they're adults trapped in baby bodies. Von Bolt doesn't know whether to obey or burp them.
Boy into baby @03:00; boy and girls into babies @04:15; AA to normal @09:50.
- Episode link - - (Entropic)

Thundarr the Barbarian
- (adult ages, mind transfer) "Island of the Body Snatchers", 9/26/1981, S2Ep3.
Evil witch Circe needs a young sorceress body. When Ariel arrives, Circe switches bodies with her and tries to leave the island - (Metamorphose)

Thundarr the barbarian
- (adult old demon mind swap with young adult) S2Ep3 '81 - Scene link - caps - (4of11)

- (furry male AR) S2Ep12 #82 "Time Switch" 9/30/1987.
After opening a Suspension Capsule dug up near Cat's Lair, the kinda sexy hero Lion-O regresses from an adult to an infant to his imminent doom. His clothing changes along with. The regression scenes themselves are fairly detailed and happen throughout the episode. The only way to save him is to bring him to the Cave of Time, but the young Lion-O and Snarf are captured by the Lunataks.
- Video link - alt. link (Stolas)
As you know there also is mixed gender furry AR in:
#94 "ThunderCubs, Part 4" 9/8/1988 - Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Snarf, and Snarfer are changed into ThunderCubs.
And also in:
#102 "Return of the ThunderCubs" 9/20/1988 - Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara are sent to the Canyon of Youth. Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens with the Mirror of Truth to restore the cubs.
Then there is man AR in:
#120 "Malcar" 9/15/1989 - Alchemist returns old and weak so Mumm-Ra must restore him. He stays in the canyon too long and reverts to infancy. The baby is adopted by a Thunderian couple.

- (male AR) "Malcar" 9/15/1989, S04Ep10, 120. Old man into middle aged man, then young man, then teen, then baby - Vid link @15m - caps - (Thomas)

- (male furry AP) Lion-O is the Lord of the Thundercats. He used to be the same age as WilyKat and WilyKit, but got warp-aged in his suspension capsule en route to Third Earth, skipping his teen years. As a result he tends to be a bit impulsive and hotheaded.
- (male furry old age) Tygra accidentally wanders into the Cave of Time and instantly ages years. Cheetara can run faster than time and saves Tygra without aging herself.

- (male furry AP) ep1.
Lion-O ages from boyhood to adulthood when his cryogenic pod malfunctions. Essentially he is a boy trapped in an adult's body. The series did not cover this emotional aspect very often. His impulsiveness is said to be related to his "true" age, but he rarely shows any signs of childhood behavior after his sudden growth.
- Video link - (Otaru)

- (teen furry ARed) panel - (WT)

(furry AR, RNed)
"Return of the ThunderCubs" S2 Ep37, 10/28/1986.
Screen captures:
- The AR scenes - the AR aftermath
- Retraced and modified from multiple scenes. In the original cartoon, the characters body type didn't change much from their adult state. They just had larger heads:
- Fan ARt - aftermath scene.
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs artwork)

(male furry AR) Feline AR process.

ThunderCats (1986):
- (male furry AA APed) S01Ep01 "Exodus".
- (furry adult to old age) S01Ep05 "Trouble with Time".
- (male furry AR) S02Ep17 "Time Switch".
- (furry AR, RN) S02Ep26 Ep27 Ep28 Ep29 Ep30 "Thundercubs" Part 1 to 5.
- (furry AR) S02Ep37 "Return Of the Thunder Cubs".
- (male adult rejuvenation) S02Ep55 "Malcar".
Thundercats (2011):
- (m/f creature AP) S01Ep04 "Song of the Petaliars" 08/30/2011.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya, TBTC)

Tick, The
- (male adult ARed illusion) The Tick - S03Ep05 "Devil in Diapers".
Mr. Mental steals a device from Dr. Pendecker that lets him hypnotize Arthur and the Tick into thinking he's a baby so they'll protect him. Unfortunately, Mental leaves the device in the taxi and has to recover it - (Jeffr_2bya)

Tick, The
- (male ARed illusions, male adult baby effect) The Tick Ep31 "Devil in Diapers" 10/6/1996.
Mr. Mental hypnotized others to see him as a baby so that he could hide out in the Tick and Arthur's apartment, which is the safest location in The City.
- Episode link - Male AR illusion gif - Male baby AR illusions screencaps - (Username)

Tick, The
- (male caging) Ep17 "Coach Fussell's Lament" 9/30/1995.
Boy supervillain Brainchild used his baby-sitter The Mad Nanny to capture The Tick, who is disempowered into a two-headed bird who lays a chocolate egg.
- (adults FFed to old) Ep26 "Grandpa Wore Tights" 2/17/1996.
An aging Terror tries to recover his Desire-O-Vac from the aging Decency Squad - link

- (male AR) S1Ep9 "Tigtone and the Singing Blade" 2019/02.
Tigtone must recover a murderous singing sword wielded by a boy. Being a grownup hero he can't battle a kid, so he takes a universal transformation potion to poof into one. After sidekick Helpy helps him overcome his childishness, they battle the boy and reclaim the sword...
- Episode link - caps - (Username)

Tiny Toon Adventures
- (anthro AR) - INFO PAGE
S01Ep30 "Fields of Honey" 2/21/1990.
S02Ep09 "Love Disconnection" - "The Amazing Three" 11/25/1991.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Tiny Toon Adventures
- (anthro teen AR into baby duck) Video link - screencaps - (Russjazz)

Tiny Toon Adventures
- (avian male AR) "The Return of Batduck", 9/19/92, S3Ep6. Anthro duck younger. Tantrum revert at the start - Alt. vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Tiny Toon Adventures
(TF, BE) Babs was demonstrating her knack for impressions, and turned into Dolly Parton, complete with accent and huge breasts, and remarked, "I'm-a bustin' out all over!"

- (male old age & OA dream sequence)
"Trente Ans de Moins" France, 2005.
"30 years younger" Titeuf's mom decides to escape the constant stress through a treatment course at the rejuvenation spa. When a mysterious girl suddenly appears he suspects the worst has happened.
- screencaps - (Deniz)

Tom and Jerry Tales
- (dino monster AP) Ep13 "Din-O-Sores" 2006/11/04.
Tom and Jerry are washed up on a deserted island where they find dinosaur eggs. A Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus grow instantly into adults.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Tom and Jerry
- (feline male adult kitten) S01Ep12 "Baby puss" 12/25/1943.
Little girl is dollying up Tom to make him look like a baby cat. Jerry laughs at him, prompting Tom to chase him around the house into a doll house. Jerry dresses up like a doll to escape from Tom without him noticing. Jerry shows the alley cats from outside the way Tom looks, and they laugh and make fun of him. The alley cats come in the house and dress Tom in diapers and REALLY make him look like a baby. That's when the little girl appears, and makes the alley cats leave in a hurry. The little girl continues to turn Tom into a baby cat, while Jerry and the alley cats watch while laughing at him - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (AA AP, AA TF, RN AA poof) "Melisserella" segment. First the fairy makes her older, then more beautiful.
Video link - screencaps - (Austin)

- (furry AR, adults rejuved) #19 S2Ep6 "For Your Info-Mation" 12/21/1998.
Dr. Vic sells his fountain of youth potion on an infomercial. Dog into puppy, Cat into kitten. Old women became young offscreen.
- Episode segment link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

(AP) 14 "Melisserella" 10/26/1998, 201. Hateful brat Melissa Screetch plays absurd brief parodies of popular stories. She makes a coarse imitation of "Cinderella" titled "Melisserella". Her "Fairy Godmother" turns the dwarf, hideous and cranky kid "Melisserella" into a tall, attractive, beautiful and kind teen. At 12:00 a.m, the beautiful "Melisserella" turns back into an insolent brat again. (Eddieursa)

Toopy and Binoo
- (male anthro AR) S01Ep10 "Baby Toopy" 11/03/2005.
Toopy (a large, talking rat) wants to play baby with Binoo (Toopy's living plush cat), with Toopy being the mommy, and Binoo being the baby. But Binoo wants to be the mommy, so he puts a pacifier in Toopy's mouth, turning him into a baby. He remains a baby until the end, when he drinks a bottle of milk and changes back to normal. Then Binoo puts the pacifier in his own mouth, and turns into a baby.
- Video link - (Metamorphose)

Total Drama Daycare
- (younger forms) 2018 crossover spin-off/prequel of the Total Drama franchise and 6teen.
Cake Entertainment, Fresh TV Inc. In an alternate universe, cast members like lovable Owen and uptight Courtney appear as if they were de-aged from teens to 4 y.o. toddlers. The cast may be pint-sized, but their personalities are fully-formed.
- Screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Total DramaRama
- ("FBed" forms, "FF OA'd") Ep14 "Tiger Fail" 10/27/2018.
Alternate reality where the more popular Total Drama Island contestants, and Jude from 6Teen, are 4 y.o's at a daycare run by Chef. @01:40 time goes a flowing?
Personally, I think their "elderly" figures are a tad too youthful. The voices were entertaining, especially since Gwen's original actor took the role. But the wrinkles??
- Clip link - screencaps - (Kappa, Agingwomen)

Total DramaRama
- (male AA ARed & AA APed poof) S02Ep41 "Space Codyty" 2020/12/19.
Two little kids and the guy who watches them are sent through a wormhole @6:00 and start turning into things. From the kids into adults and the man into a baby, to all three becoming giant block heads and then cats before turning back.
- Episode link - - caps
- (male AA "TFed" pseudo ARed) S02Ep19 "Us 'R' Toys" 2020/09/15.
When Chef brings in some old toys from his childhood, they get poofed into them. Man into baby toy and kids into other toys.
- Episode link - - caps
- (Tazz)

Total DramaRama
- (offscreen AA pseudo-"OA'd", no size increase) S03Ep47 "Senior Sinisters" 2022/06/10.
Harold concocts an "anti-aging cream" for Chef that turned the kids "elderly". Chef hides the reversal cream because taking care of old people is "making him young again"!
- Episode link @4:30 - - (Tazz)

Totally Spies (fan art)
- (dedicated teen adults to old age, TF drawings of imagined scenes)
"Totally 2067" by Peter-Sakazaki, 2021/11.
Commission for Jackpotmans. In 2067 the world is finally at peace. Sam, Clover and Alex have retired from WOOHP after 60 years of hard work. They went back to San Francisco to enjoy their retired lives. Sam takes a small nap as she is still energetic in her mind. Clover has to use the hearing machine but still dreams about her days as a youth spy with her friends. Alex is enjoying herself having dreams about when they were young and energetic. It was fun to draw them as their elderly selves - link
- "Totally Spies Aged" by John Gallagher mimicking the show style.
The series had no real aging, only people acting like old people.
- "Totally Spies Auntification" by M-a-v-e-r-i-c-k, 2019/06.
The Spies are trying to stop the villainess of the week, Aunt Mathilda, whose repopulation plan involves transforming the world's young women into Aunties like herself. In a careless moment, all 3 are zapped by her ray gun from offscreen, which starts transforming them into BBW aunties - link - link
- "Totally Moms" by SuperSpoe, 2022/01.
I don't know why they thought bringing back the Spies by aging them up to middle aged milfs was a good idea, but I'm not complaining - link
- "Totally Spies Old".
Commissioned from SerisaBibi, after seeing another Spies fan work of hers.
- Fan Art compilation - (Kappa, JackpotMans)

Totally Spies
- (AA ARed) Teen Spies were sorta "turned back" into "little girls" for infiltration mission - fan art
- (adult rejuvenation RN) restored

Totally Spies
- (AR, mental AR, old age effects, TF, GTS, RN AA APed) - French anime.
- mental AR
- (CBed furry) feline TF
- (mental old age, unseen AP to dust) Alex suddenly feels old. old age
- (16 to 12 AR) 2006 "I Hate the Eighties" Entire episode can now be downloaded at (Maniac folder). Alex and Clover are zapped with AR gun. Their clothes changed to 80s fashions. Sam notices friends getting shorter and younger and acting childish. Mandy also ARed to about 13. Sam gets zapped but since she started later she towers over the other spies. Alex is too short to reach the pedals! They learn the hard way that they're not strong enough anymore to beat up villains in their usual manner. When they returned to normal, they gained about 10 inches (growth not shown). Clover and Alex still wore the same magical costumes as before the RN scene.
- AR - AR - AR

Totally Spies
- (old age ARed RN) old age AR RN to young adult
- (flash forward) 80 "Futureshock!"
When the Spies fiddle with Jerry's new time machine (mistaking it for a cool video game), they accidentally jet 25 years into the future! When the spies seek out their 40 y.o future selves, they discover that they're being held captive by Mandy!
- (GTS UC) 85 "Attack Of The 50 Foot Mandy" 2006. Mandy is suddenly getting bigger in every way. She doesn't realize why she's suddenly able to spike a volleyball or why her size 4 pumps don't fit her feet anymore, but as she gets larger and larger, she can't deny what's happening to her. As the spies start to investigate a rash of disappearances among Miss Beverly Hills contestants, they find out that Mandy, who is now nearly 50 ft tall, is behind the crimes. Along with becoming bigger physically, Mandy's meanness has also become magnified. Can the spies stop this monolithic Mandy menace before it's too late? Clover is a fast "growing" girl.
- teen "growth" CB - CB

Totally Spies
- (slight FF) The Spies got a breast enlargement in the third season. In the 5th season however, their breasts became smaller again.
- (young adults age disguised) Alexandra's elderly disguise is seen in: "The Granny" and "The Show Must Go On... Or Else".

Totally Spies
(slight old aged effect) "Evil Hair Salon".
A crazy wig maker kidnaps girls in order to grow their hair for profit, weakening them in the process. The end result resembles OA. Clover is subjected to the process offscreen. Sam and Alex escape before any changes occur. Video link

Totally Spies
(worldwide AR) "Evil Airlines Much" Flying backwards around the globe at the speed of light causes time to reverse for everyone.
- time inversion
(AR Group)

Totally Spies
Save the world while looking fab - INFO PAGE
- (mental AR) S01Ep05 "Child's Play" 12/01/2001.
- (time reversal AA) S03Ep16 "Evil Airlines Much?" 4/10/2005.
- (some AA "AR") S04Ep03 "I Hate the 80's" 4/05/2006.
(Hobbimton, SpyHandler, AveRage Joe)

Toxic Crusaders
- (male & female adults to old age) S1Ep2 "This Spud's For You" 1/8/1991.
Episode link - (Chrono Eclipse)

Toy Story 2
(flash forward AA) Girl FF AAging scene years

Toy Story
- (male FF) - c2014 parody comic

Tracey McBean
(kinda like AP) Animated, "Stretching Machine", Ep. 1, 9/6/02. Tracey's annoyed at being the smallest in the family, because even Megan, her little sister is taller than her, so she decides to invent a stretching machine which will make her taller. "Everyone in my family calls me..." Tracey says. "Shrimp," her whole family finishes. This episode is the novelization of the book:
Tracey McBean and The Stretching Machine by Mary Small and Arthur Filloy.

transformation scenes (theme)
- (TF CB) were change.

Transformers Animated
- (AA APed) Sari Sumdac fan art

Transformers Animated
- (face aging to OA) "Along came a Spider". Sari was aged without size increase - Vid link - caps - (DivXeur Corp. link info)

Transformers Animated
- (male adult rejuvenation RN) Nanosec's speed suit caused him to age quickly after Bumblebee ran him into old age. Fortunately, possibly love interest Slo-Mo was able to de-age him with her time altering powers.

Transformers G1
(ARed) S3 "Forever is a Long Time Coming"
The Quintessons use a time travel device to prevent the Transformers from taking over Cybertron. Earth Defense Force member Marrissa Faireborn was zapped into an infant. Since this was an American late 80s cartoon, there was no process. (ZemusTheMetroid, ArArchive)

Transformers, The
(AR) Captain Faireborn is hit by an AR ray and reverts to babyhood in her now oversized uniform - screencaps
(AR) Generation 1 / Vol. 5 Return To Cybertron, 1984. "Forever Is a Long Time Coming" The main human female Captain Marissa Fairborn of Earth Defense Command is regressed to a baby due to time altering effects. (dambust 23)

Transformers: Animated
- (android AA entity, face OA only) "Along came a Spider".
Clip link - gif - (MeanMark, Dragoniade)

Transformers: Animated
- (cyborg power-up AP TF, protoform embryonic state) 2009.
8 year old Sari Sumdac wants to help the Autobots in battle, and uses the key on herself to get an "upgrade". Her arms and legs get longer as shreds fly, her torso fills out a bit, and her neck and head grow slightly. Sari also produces battle armor out of her body. The Autobots suggested she first take the time to learn what her body is capable of.
- video link 6 min 0 sec
(Asmodeus, MaxJ1800)
- (android AP) - transformation scene

Transformers: Animated
- (male mecha battle upgrade & organic chibi forms) S3Ep8 "Human Error" 2009/04/18.
The Autobots wake up woozy, and discover they are now made of flesh! Optimus and Bulkhead cry out when they find they have become human. Bumblebee has somehow become a young male tween smaller than the others.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Isabella)

Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (boys-only AP wish meme, male AP CB, male AR OC scene, male role reversal)
"One for the Ages", Ep29, S2Ep3, 3/8/2014.
- Experimental technology turns Cody into a grown-up, affecting his standing. A stasis machine will freeze objects in time, but Cody plays with the remote and abruptly ages into an adult. Doc Greene needs a missing part to reverse the aging. Cody's just excited that he's finally an adult.
- Full Episode video link @6mins - male AP screencaps - male AR screencaps

Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (male adult rejuv/stasis, OA) - S02Ep23 "Double Villainy" 2014/07/26 - S02Ep24 "Rise of the Heroes" 2014/08/02.
Supervillain doctor Thaddeus Morocco periodically used his "Verne device" to rejuvenate. Later he was aged and his voice changed - info link - (Bella)

Transformers: Rescue Bots
- (male adult stasis OA/rejuv) 2012-16. Doctor Thaddeus Morocco stole a mechanical Fountain of Youth that he uses to stay young. He must do so very often since the machine makes him age much faster than usual.

- (age forms AA) fan art "Sari meets Sari" - (jojorules)

(male old age) "Nanosec" Season 1 ep 7, 1/26/08. 2-bit criminal gets stolen Nanotec suit that allows him to run at super speed. Optimus Prime, Prowl, Ratchet, and Bumblebee discover the speedy thief has aged due to the suit draining his life force. (

Triplets of Belleville, The
(male AP flash forward, male muscle growth) 2003 French movie.

Tripping the Rift
- (android old age illusion) S02Ep04 "Ghost Ship" 2005/08/10.
CGI series. The crew must face their greatest fears on a ghost ship. The upgraded bot Six is confronted with a hall of age mirrors - Episode link @16:20 - screencaps - (Dax)

- (age stasis) DreamWorks Trollhunters, Netflix, CGI, 2016.
A group of trolls called Changelings blend into human society by taking infants and making them into familiars. While the Changeling grows to adulthood in the child's place, the baby stays the same age in the mystic plane, allowing Changelings to spy on humanity for centuries. If the link is broken, the child begins to age normally, and the Changeling reveals their true form - (Richforce)

Trolls: TrollsTopia
- (anthro AR & OA) S6Ep3a "Big Sis B" 2022/02/17.
Peacock show. Rhythm & Blues invent a de-aging machine to restore Poppy's cupcake. Older sibling R is accidentally de-aged into a little kid troll. Poppy and B have to babysit her till they can restore the machine. They went too far and she became elderly - (Tazz)

- (male anthro AR poof) Ep13 - Troll into baby - link - - screencaps
Ep04 - Troll into anthro/troll hybrid - link -
Ep18 - Troll into fly - link -
Ep19 - Troll into dog - link -
- (Tazz)

Turma da Monica
- (boys & canine AR, male adult age stasis) "A fonte da juventude"
Video link - screencaps - (leparkourpoa, Thomas)

Turning Red
- (AA poofs, RN AA poofs, CoA metaphors) 2022 CGI movie. Disney AA curse.
13 y.o. Mei Lee discovers her body is replaced with the form of a giant red panda whenever she feels strong emotions. This is an old family curse - Trailer link

Turning Red
- (AA RN APed cutaway) - caps

Turning Red
- (regressed form) Her mom AA-poofs into a Godzilla-sized Red Panda and goes on a rampage destroying the SkyDome. Mei Lee does the ritual to restore her back to human. In the realm of their ancestors, she finds her mom as a crying young teen. Mei calms her down and walks her to the ritual site to get rid of the Panda... as they walk closer, her mom AAs back to normal.
- Spoiler link - - (Tazz)

- (male undead AA AP to OA, RNed)
Video link - screencaps

- (male undead AP, OA, RN) "Old Man Tut" 11/27/2004.
Tutenstein becomes aggravated because he can't get into adult movies and clubs, so he decides to change his appearance to look older, even though he is over 3000 years old - (JeffR_2bya)

(male AP/AR) "Old Man Tut" 11/27/04 animated. Tutenstein becomes aggravated because he can't get into adult movies and clubs, so he decides to change his appearance to look older, even though he is over 3000 years old. (O)

Twelve Forever
- (male AR AA, male RNed AA) 2015.
Bully into baby and then giant muscular baby. Muscle growth on guy. Teen boy into giant woman. Monster into baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (ArArchive, Tazz)

Twelve Forever
- 8-minute pilot. The Butt Witch created a potion to turn people into babies. Reggie is tricked into using it on a boy she angered. After Reggie and Shane restore Tristan to normal, the Butt Witch falls victim to her own concoction and has to be carried away by henchman.

Twinkle, the Dream Being
- (AA TF?) 1993 toon series.
The title character had the power to "grow" really big. A little, yellow wish-granting genie turns the wishes of the inhabitants of the Land of Possibility into reality.

Ugly Americans
- (adult rejuvenation) "Little Ship of Horrors" Old woman to young adult - (Pitviper18)

Ugly Americans
- (age TF) S01Ep02 "An American Werewolf in America" 3/24/2010.
Mark deals with a werewolf, Randall is overwhelmed with a need to eat his roommate's flesh, and Leonard has to deal with his popular magician brother, Christ Angel.

Ugly Americans
- (demon BE) The presence of a baby can cause immediate breast swelling - gif

Ugly Americans
- (male AP AA, demonic AA TF, femuscle TF CB, degeneration with "OA'd" effect)
screencaps - Stage magician Christ Angel is reborn out of a bystander and grows back up onstage.
screencaps - Circumcision makes a man out of a boy.
screencaps - Woman into decaying abomination.
screencaps - Kids into same sized devils.
screencaps - Beautiful woman grows into monstrous troll.
- (Dutch Bull)

Ugly Americans
- (male AP) "Wet Hot Demonic Summer" s2ep1 6/30/11.
The wizards gather at Mt. Magic with their apprentices to get them circumcised before they become full-fledged wizards. A naked wizard boy with a turban is circumcised and ages rapidly - (Jasobres)
- (AA unseen TF FF APed) "Bringing Up a Demon Baby" s2ep2 7/7/11.
Callie got a little sister, who rapidly grew into a sexy adult throughout the episode. The growth was never shown, but she aged one year every day.
Trailer proprietary video link - screencaps - (Zenaku, Kastragos)

Ugly Americans
- (male ARed, nude male RN AP) 2010 Comedy Central.
Amazing stage magician regressed himself by poofing out of his clothes. He then has his female volunteer assistant become pregnant, followed by her giving birth to him in front of the live audience, and a quickie male AP back to himself seen from behind. Finally he pulls his clothes back up. (JasonSlayer)

Ugly Americans
- (male demon baby expansion) - gif - caps - (Male TF)

Ugly Americans
- (possible OA?, TG) "Better off Undead" 2010.
Mark allows himself to be transformed into a duplicate of Randall's ex-girlfriend Krystal. Unfortunately Mark would visibly age into an old woman for the next week only to die of old age ...unless he were to have sex with a man to completion - (

Ugly Americans
- (size changes) caps

Ugly Americans
- (TGed cutaway, young adult to old age, worm person life cycle part) S1Ep8 "Better Off Undead" 10/6/2010.
Lead character was inadvertently turned into the hot woman who was being stalked by his zombie roommate (while keeping his masculine voice). He/she starts aging rapidly due to it being a curse, and for the cure he must have intercourse with a man (who turned out to be his boss) completion......*vomits uncontrollably*
- Episode link starts at 17:45...ugh - screencaps - (Anonguy)

Ugly Duckling And Me, The
(avian FF AP) Denmark 2006. When slick city rat Ratso sees Ugly, all he can imagine is dollar signs. He plans to exploit the duckling at carnival sideshows... until Ugly's rapid-onset 'puberty'.

Ultimate Book of Spells
- (AR) U.B.O.S. - S01Ep16 "The Tear of Moolana".
- (AR) A class of students is supposed to transform themselves into 5 year olds, but all the students except for a few turn into 5 month old babies - (Dragoniade & Stonegate Shadowlord)

Ultimate Book of Spells
(AR) AR spell (TBTC)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (AA AR effect) S2Ep12 "Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man" 6/10/13.
Loki has magically turned Spider-Man, Thor, White Tiger, Nova, Power Man and Iron Fist into little versions of themselves. They are enrolled in S.H.I.E.L.D daycare.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (adults OA'd glimpse?) S01Ep18 "Damage" 2012/08/19.
They work as a superhero battle damage repair crew. We now have two reports this episode showed the cast getting old for a brief moment, but were not able to confirm this - (Bella)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (ARed dream sequence, young adult expansion TFed) "The Rhino", 1/27/13, S2Ep3.
Skinny teenage nerd Alex grew into muscle man Rhino to get revenge on bully Flash Thompson. While seeing Flash fleeing from Rhino, Spidey comments that he is screaming like a baby. He then imagines Flash as a baby and him taking care of him - (Tazz)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (male adult body swaps, adult ages) We have received 3 requests to include these episodes:
S01Ep08 "Back in Black" 2012/05/13.
- A more complex role exchange involving Venom's host Harry Osborn and Spider-Man's black suit - info link
  The difference between the black suit and the host is made visible in the Venom muscle inflation scene?
S02Ep14 "The Incredible Spider-Hulk" 2013/06/23.
- This has Spider-Man switching bodies with the Hulk.

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (male age form ARed) "Snow Day" S1Ep17, 8/5/12.
On a deserted island, the team encounters a young boy and then his "older brother" who can control the sand. It turns out they are both the villain "The Sandman", who used the form of the boy so he wouldn't be lonely.
- screencaps - (Tazz)

Ultimate Spider-Man
- (male young/older adult mind swap) S01Ep10 "Freaky" 2012/06/17.
Wolverine and Spider-Man switch bodies like in "The Incredible Spider-Hulk". This involves an adult trading places with a teenager.
In English class, Peter's teacher starts reading an extremely convoluted text, causing him to fall asleep. He wakes in Wolverine's apartment and begins retracting his claws uncontrollably. Logan trapped in Peter's body storms out of class in a confused state, later flirting unsuccessfully with Mary Jane Watson - (Bella)

Ulysse 31
- (AA FFed) fan art (Process)

Ulysse 31
- (AP) Yumi time warp fan gif

Ulysse 31
(AP, male oa'd, male oa RN) Ep9 "Cronus, Father of Time", 10/31/1981.
AKA "31 Uchu Densetsu Yurishizu Satiwan", French series animated in Japan.
Ulysse is saved from a Trident attack by Cronus, the god of time, who wants to use him to reenter the home of the gods. The child companions Telemaque and Themis and the brave Nono are sequestered in an accelerated-time-room, where they become about 10 years older while trying to escape...
Noumaïos and the rest of the male adult crew in suspended animation are aged, but restored to normal by Ulysse. The kids RN scene was not shown.
- Original French full episode, AP begins at about 8'55" - Video link
- English dubbed version, the slow AP process only - Video link (Mecham)
- the AP screencaps
- male adult OA face closeups - male OA'd to early middle age face RN.

Un tresor dans mon jardin
- (male AA OA'd cuts) Ep6 "Les boites" "Boxes" 2003/09/02.
A Treasure in My Garden, songs and CGI shorts, Canada. The box the boy is riding in gets sucked up by a tornado. He spins into a man and then an old man.
- Video link - caps

Uncle Buck
- (AR) Unknown. Cronies from the rival summer camp have a boating accident and end up being doused by the fountain of youth. Their boss uses this to his advantage, sending them to the other summer camp to spy and cause trouble.

Uncle Grandpa
- (male AA AP to OA, AA AR poof) "Older", 5/14/2015, S02Ep10.
He transforms a boy into a 300 y.o. man, and must return him to normal. Boy into adult and then old man. Cop into baby. Tree into sapling. Man into kid. Moth into larva. Monster into teen and then aged to skeleton.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Uncle Grandpa
- (male AR) S4Ep1 "Jerky Jasper" 7/1/2016.
Man into teen and then baby. Uncle Grandpa learns he's not young enough to see Pizza Steve's imaginary friend, so he reaches into his belly bag to reset his biological clock - (Tazz)

Uncle Grandpa
- (male TF AP, some CB effects) "Nickname", 9/16/2013.
Video link - screencaps - (

- (AA time/flip age forms) - gif

- (adult to dust) Rotoscope animation, Rosa Salazar, Ep01 2019/09/13.
Amazon Prime, adult comedy-drama series. Trailer shows a woman being aged to a skeleton while sitting in a chair. The heroine travels through space or time, and materializes nude at her workplace. It sorta kinda looked like she flashed back as an adult into her own past, causing her clothes to explode off her suddenly enlarged body? We can be almost certain that nothing like that will happen, but will have to watch.
- Trailer link - gif - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (dream AA "AR" effect) S2Ep2 "The Painting" 2022/04.
"Rainbow Song" scene. Adult sisters "flash back" to the past and their younger selves - screencaps
- Scene link - gif - (Kait)

unknown Scooby-Doo cartoon or movie?
- (male old age)
It might be "Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders" or another direct-to-video animation? - (Deniz)

- (old aged) "Key | Master Key (?)" Soviet animated movie about fairies who bring boy the Happy Land. Boy's grandfather, who is master of metal working, discovers that life without unhappy moments is very short, and in a minute its residents become old and gray. Fairies steal human lives. (Inry)

- (adult FF) "Though the Years" change - (grim_vi_iii)
- (FF) growing up together - fan art - (Krossfire)
- (male FF) - 2009, concept artwork - male years

Us Again
- (adults dream rejuvenation) 7 mins, 3D CGI Disney short, 2021/03.
Released with "Raya and the Last Dragon". An elderly couple regain their adult youth in a rain storm and dance the night away.
As the people of New York dance to the music, elderly Art grumpily watches TV while his wife Dot tries to get him to come out. Art looks at a photo of himself and Dot when they were young. He steps on the fire escape when it suddenly begins to rain, which rejuvenates him. He sets out into the city, where Art and Dot encounter each other, with the latter also having become young through the rain. They dance ebulliently through the streets.
When the clouds begin to move, Art continues to chase the rain. Eventually, the clouds leave completely and Art also reverts to old age with Dot. Art and Dot proceed to dance together, though not as vibrantly as before, as a younger couple watches admirably from afar. The rain puddle beneath them reflects their younger selves.
- 01 - (TAnimation)

Us Again
- (male adult rejuvenation "dream") - Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Van Helsing: the London Assignment
- (adult rejuv) 2004.
Van Helsing attempts to stop Dr. Jekyll and his terrifying associate Mr. Hyde from their bizarre and bloody quest to turn septuagenarian Queen Victoria into a lovelorn girl again.
- (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord) ln - th

Venture Bros., The
- (parody "adults FFed" older) S02Ep11 "Viva los Muertos!" 2006/10/01.
Adult Swim. What if they weren't Meddling Kids anymore? A van containing a quartet of aging hippies and their demon-possessed dog finds the Venture compound. The Groovy Gang were a group of mentally disturbed amateur detectives making their living by looting buildings they broke into during their adventures. They resembled an aged version of the cast of the Scooby-Doo series and certain infamous criminals.
- "Hunting for Groovy Treats" scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Victor and Valentino
- (male AR AA, aftermath) S01Ep30 "Escape from Bebe Bay" 2019/10/05.
Seeking refuge from a water-gun fight, Victor and Valentino use an experimental rejuvenating cream to camouflage themselves. Turned into babies, they must escape a daycare center to get home. 2 boys & a man ARed together.
- Episode link - AR scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz, Username)

Vir: The Robot Boy
- (male AR AA poof, TFs) Ep27 "Baby Gintu" c2013, Hindi.
Djinn into baby. Imli was showing her childhood photos to Vir. Gintu says he does not have any childhood photos.
- Episode link - screencaps - part02 episode link - (Tazz)

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
- (adult to OA, adult RN rejuv) Darkstorm's Power of Decay causes its victims to age rapidly, though this can be reversed. In Ep02, Darkstorm uses it to terrify his subjects, forcing them to say: "Darkstorm is master of all" twice before he restores his victim to normal. Later in the series, Darkstorm uses his power on Leoric while the Spectral Knights are travelling to the Eternal Spring, which they hope will counter it. The Darkling Lords destroy the Spring to make sure Leoric stays old and feeble. At the end of the Ep, Feryl forces Darkstorm to restore Leoric to normal.

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
- (adults to old age) Hasbro.
There were multiple adult age AA TFs after magic returned to the planet.
- "The Overthrow Of Merklyn" - Virulina aged to statue.
Video link - screencaps
- "The Dark Hand Of Treachery" - Man aged by demon.
Video link - screencaps
- "The Power of the Wise", 11/2/1987, 08.
The Knights are afraid of being aged by Darkstorm's Staff and set off to find a rejuvenating spring. Leoric falls victim to Darkstorm's Staff, and the Darkling Lords destroy the spring. The experience teaches Leoric (who is restored to normal) that there is more to old age than being weak and feeble.
- (Stonegate)

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
- Adult magical changes - INFO PAGE
- (male adult to old age, AR) S01Ep05 "Power of the Wise"
- (adult female to old age face) S01Ep08 "The Overthrow of Merklyn"
- (JeffR_2bya, Flint Dille)

(old age) Ep 7. 80s cartoon series about knights who transform into their totem. The evil leader of the darkling knights punishes his female knight Verolina by turning her into an old hag. (Captain Ash)

Voltron: Legendary Defender
- (male AR AA, RNed AA cut-away) S2Ep1 #12 "Across the Universe" 1/20/2017.
Netflix series. Reboot of Beast King GoLion anime and the Voltron franchise.
- Everytime their ship goes into a wormhole they experience a time loop. The 4 mice turn into squirrels, then aliens, then giant snails, then a 4-headed creature, then giant floating balls with faces, then birds. Meanwhile, Cortan becomes unknowingly younger each time. The first two times into younger men, then a teen, then a boy, then a little kid, then a baby... funny is he still has a mustache. Allura is the only one who seems aware.
- Video link - screencaps - - (Richforce, Tazz, SKJAM)

- (14 to 16 AP, AR RN) 2004 Disney comic and Italian anime about 5 junior-high girls who have magical powers. When they use them they turn into older teenagers and fight the "Evil Forces" in a Magic World and the Real World. (Highlander)
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - AP TF's - APed - APed
"Whenever Will unleashed the glass pendant's powers, the girls were transformed into beautiful, knowing, young women -- complete with mod, winged, purple-and-turquoise outfits."
"The orb's power transformed the girls into their magical selves -- young women with long legs, mature faces and bodies, and fabulous outfits. And, best of all, Will thought with a giggle, we have magical powers and strength enough to kick any bad guy's butt!"
The girls' bodies are "enhanced" when they transform from immature, gawky, sometimes bespectacled adolescents into curvy, winged superheroes replete with skintight, skimpy costumes. When the girls' transformations into their magical selves are described, their bodies become curvier, their lips poutier. Suddenly, they are supermodels. Most of the "art changes" are for foreign markets, like having to add some inches to hemlines and kneesocks for the girls' outfits in Saudi Arabia. They've probably added little pajamas in some scenes here, since the Europeans have no problem showing Will sleeping in her skivvies. Also a manga version. More than once, transforming powers are misused to attract the latest crush or look good at a social function.
- TF forms

- (16 to 14 AR) AR
- (AP, AR RN) "B is for Betrayal" 06/06 animation. The girls age a few years whenever they transform into Guardians, and their costumes change with them. Cornelia wants the boys to notice her, but is too young. During a battle she discovers her power to make things grow, but can't control it. Towards the end of the episode, she was still stuck in her older form while wearing her normal clothes. (teknoman01)
- introduction - APed

- (AA AP) - Cornelia elevator incident - midnight basketball encounter.

- (AA TF, girl disguised) Shape-shifting spider-like demon Miranda takes the form of a small Asian girl in her early teens. She often uses her human child form to trap and trick her prey and enemies, but still manages to keep her creepy spider attitude - video link

- (adult age stasis, magical adult rejuvenations)
Judging by the age of her daughter, Susan Vandom, who works in IT, is about 45 years old. Judging by her appearance, she's about 25 and a professional glamour model to boot. Compared to her, Cornelia's mom and Irma's mom are less mind-blowing, but still look nowhere near what middle aged women should (or do) look like. Though we do get an idea where their daughters get it from...
Halinor, the blonde bombshell of the previous team of Guardians, still looks quite good for her age, with only a few facial wrinkles. She definitely doesn't look like she's pushing 60, and Yan Lin even comments on Halinor's youthful appearance when they meet one another in a 2nd season episode.
Similarly, when we meet Kadma (basically a grown up version of The Libby) she's supposed to be about 70. Physically, she has a line under her eyes and white hair... otherwise she's maintained her prized assets and slender, youthful looks perfectly. Compared to Narissa (who looks the Universe's age) one has to assume she's been tapping her magic to stay young.
Later, all 4 older females turn into eye-popping teen hotties.

- (AP, RN) "F is for Facade" 2006. Cornelia can age into her older form at will simply by concentrating, without the usual elf transformation, striped costume, or flower petal wings, and claims to be her blonde sister, who's actually much younger. Her normal clothes magically enlarge in all directions to contain her maturing form. With a "phony name and an even phonier body" she secretly dates Taranee's older brother. (teknoman)
- In the 1st episode Cornelia brings the fact that after transforming they have tits to their attention. Their ordinary clothes were twinkled away. It's not a huge change, just like crossing the puberty threshold, they were more flat before and have moderate breasts after, slight change to their curves. Quote: Ir.: "What's that on the back of us?" Cor.: "What's that on the front of us?" (KeiichiRX7)
- It's much more noticeable in the comics...and it's Irma who both notices they have breasts and gets stuck in her transformed older form once. No surprise, she has the biggest pair. (NinjaBunneh)

- (APed AA TFs) Hay-Lin - Taranee - Will
- Will isn't recognized before transforming into her older form. "You're not one of the Guardians I saw. Where's your older sister?"

(14 to 16 AP AA TFs, RN)
"Divide and Conquer" 2/26/05. Will makes herself just a few years older to win downhill race against Swiss rival. She hides her increased body length and fuller curves by slouching over her ski poles, and covers her more mature face with a heavy scarf and goggles.
- ski jump transformations - Will's deception
"A Service to the Community" 2/12/05. The girls suspect their teacher is a demon.
- transformation scene
Various AP AA scenes:
- age forms - back alley age-up - nocturnal changes - Will's prison well
The first AP AA transformation:
- Cornelia's new curves

(AA TF BE AP scenes, RN)
- In the Halloween episode, the girls assume Guardian forms openly for the first time, as they can now go out in public without looking weird. Cornelia's mother sees Hay Lin, an Asian girl who is usually flat-chested but now sporting Gag Boobs, and embarrasses her in front of the others by implying she padded her costume to make her breasts look bigger. An embarrassed Hay Lin angrily sticks out her chest to prove otherwise.
- In the same episode, Irma, in her very buxom Guardian Form, meets a boy she has a crush on. He is quite happy with her "costume", which he points out while staring at her chest.
- In ep 01, after first gaining their Guardian powers, flirty Valley Girl Cornelia realizes their breasts have effectively doubled in size... she's quite pleased.
- In the comics and the series, on 2 separate occasions boy-crazy tomboy Irma uses her magical abilities to make herself taller and more buxom in an attempt to attract older men. Unfortunately both attempts fail hilariously.
- Cornelia gains a temporary boost in power from absorbing the energy of a magical orb, and her breasts grow even larger (as well as making her taller and more mature in other ways). Irma suddenly looks very insecure and crosses her arms across her chest.
- In the series, Cornelia instead of Irma became stuck in her Guardian form, and tried to use her enhanced physique to get an older boy to date her.
- In an earlier episode they were also trapped as older and taller Guardians, and Cornelia contemplates dating older men as she's now more buxom - (TvTropes)
(age forms AA) Before/after TF forms

(AP AA deception, RN ARed disguise scenes, instant clothing TF's) "F is for Facades"
- (AP AA) Cornelia secretly makes herself just a few years older in the elevator when she thinks no one's watching.
AP scene
- (APed) The girls discover Cornelia turned herself into a fully grown teenager to go on a date with Taranee's older brother Peter.
- (APed, RN) While on a date with Peter at the skating rink, Cornelia's other love interest Caleb (who knows both her age forms) inadvertently appears. She rapidly reverts to normal to conceal the inappropriate use of her age shifting powers.
RN scene
- (multiple age shifting AA scenes) Cornelia must shift back and forth from a young teen to a fully grown teen to hide her secret from Peter and Caleb. Peter twice glimpses her younger form, but she manages to duck out of sight just in time.
age transformations
- (AP, RN ARed) Caleb discovers her secret, and she has to break up with Peter.
("growth" TF AA) "U is for Uninvited"
- The girls use "growth power" to burst free from their restraints. Ice and fast-growing vines.
breakout scene

(TF AA AP) Unclothed line-ups, posture studies comparing Will and Irina side-by-side in their junior-high and mature heroine roles.
- 14 to 16 ages

(adult rejuvenation) 2nd season Big Bad, Nerissa starts out as a 60+ hag with viper-like features, but as soon as she has power to spare she turns into a 20-something diva.

Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald, The
- (male AR) "Birthday World", 3/30/2001. Hamburglar, upset that he didn't get Ronald a present, invites everyone to a fake amusement park. Ronald and pals are ARed into toddlers by a roller coaster. Both Franklin and Tika are wearing diapers.
- Vid link - th

Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald
- (AR AA poofed, aftermath scenes) - screencaps

Wacky Races
- (AR AA, male adult mental AR, unseen RN) Ep21 "Formula Racing" 12/21/2017.
Reboot series. IQ's newest invention poofed most of the racers including himself back into babies. The owner and announcer must retrieve a button from hostile robots that will restore them. Dastardly and Muttley are stuck babysitting the infant racers.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Wacky Races
- (male age disguised) "Scout Scatter" 1968. The Ant Hill Mob fooled the sheriff by disguising themselves as Boy Scouts.

Wacky Races
- (OA) S02Ep20 "Never Too Old To Wacky" 11/29/2018.
I.Q. Ickly accidentally ages the Racers into their 80s. They are retired to an elder care storage facility in Florida.
Penelope Pitstop is in her 40s? I.Q. is 15 instead of 8? P.T. Barnstorm passes away? Also a flashback of all the baby Wacky Racers? - link? - (JackpotMans)

Wakfu: The Animated Series
- (male adult OA AA, male AR AA)
France, 2008-2010 anime-style cartoons, based on the video game.
"Kriss la Krass".
- (male AR glimpse, male enhancement) Men video link - screencaps
"L'Enfer du Boufbowl, Pt3".
- (male adult OA'd) Kriss la Krass OA video link - screencaps
"Yugo l'Eliatrope", "Calme bleu".
- (male adult face OA & RN) Alibert OA & revert video link - link - screencaps

- (demon AA age-up) S3Ep3, 2017.
Series has featured a few smoothly animated transformations with well-detailed processes. Our heroes fall in a time trap which AA's them older with each step they take. Sandglove's daughter is imprisoned too; she AA's from a loli into an adult shoujo with a breast expansion shot. Yugo and everyone else age until they're too old to continue to walk.
They really thought out the increase of the feminine curves from her hips, waist and chest, and even took the time to actually do some parts people tend to neglect, like the curves of the legs, feet, size of the eyes, and even the elf-like ears and the hairs! Of course, they left out details like the nipples growing and poking through her tight suit, but since this is a kids show we can see why they didn't do that. No further process, no process for the other girl, and no reversion process sadly. They just seem to get rescued out of the trap by some passing characters, and everything is back to normal as if nothing happened.
- Episode link - link - screencaps - (Gwadahunter2222, Azerty47-2, ChrisKim019)

- (creature ARed) "Young Norville" 11/13/2015.
Fantasy show to help kids read involves a kid named Wally, his friends and family, and his pet dragon Norville that acts more like a dog. Norville accidentally bumps into the magic word "younger" and becomes a puppy again - (Tazz)

- (creature TF AR) S02Ep10 "Young Norville" 11/13/2015 - Norville accidentally bumps into a magic word and becomes a puppy again. Dragon into baby dragon - (Tazz)

Watership Down
- (animal OA or AP?) S03Ep13 "The Last Battle".
It's time for the final battle. Silverweed uses stolen magic and pays the price - (Jeffr_2bya)

We Bare Bears
- (FB/FF scene) S03Ep36 "The Perfect Tree" 2017/12/01.
Chloe and Ice Bear imagine the perfect Christmas tree but have a lot of trouble - FF scene link - caps - (Kappa)

Weekenders, The
- (flashback, FF) "The Weekenders", Disney. Middle school girl Frances does nothing but say "I like pointy things" while her eye twitches. She used to be a kid genius who was friends with Tish before her sudden decline.

Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
- (male overnight growth spurt AP) 5 "Growth Spurts" 10/6/2002.
Robot Jones modifies himself to be tall enough to be on the basketball team.
- Video link @ 03:50 - screencaps

Where's Waldo
- (AR poof, AA RNed) S02Ep10 "Toddle-lu, Mexico City" 2020/08/20.
Waldo and Wenda are invited by 12 y.o. antagonist Odlulu to Mexico City to celebrate her quinceanera (15th birthday). Since Odlulu isn't 15 yet, she wants to use the AA "Grow-up Key" to AA herself to age 15. Hijinx ensue, and instead Odlulu was AA'd back into a toddler who promptly runs off. They search for the key to AA her back to normal.
- Episode link @06:42 - screencaps - (Username)

Wild Grinders
- (male AA to OA'd dream glimpse) "Fast Times at Sprawl City Middle School", S2Ep4b, 30b, 2/19/2014.
Official link - screencaps - (Deniz)

Wild Thornberrys, The
- (AA FFed) fan art
- (TF implication) A girl whom Eliza believes to be a shape shifting River Dolphin wants to transform Debbie into a River Dolphin too, because she is lonely and wants a friend with a distinctively lesbian subtext. Debbie doesn't transform, but it is never confirmed whether the girl in question was a Dolphin or not.

Wild Thornberrys
- (FFed) - fan art

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa
- (bovine OA & AP) "Skull Duggery Rides Again" - More info:
On Halloween, Skull Duggery emerges from his collapsed mine at Skull Mountain to get revenge on Moo, Dakota, and Cowlorado. He has obtained an age accelerating spell with the help of his fellow ghosts. They start aging everything in Cowtown.
- Cow old age and cow AP (Cody the calf turned into a young bull) - link cow person AP scenes at 11:14 and 17:00 - (Muscledrain)

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa
- (male anthro bovine AA AP, anthro bovine adult to old age, anthro adults to OA, RN)
"Skull Duggery Rides Again", 11/13/1993, S2Ep9.
- Full episode video link
Old age caps - Male AP caps - OA caps - RN caps
- (April)

- (male TF AP effect, magic pants) "Soul Of A Giant", S01Ep07, 11/26/1994.
One of the heroes has a dream/flashback about his growth from a boy into a monster man as his father watches in horror. The muscle growth leaves little intact of his outfit.
- Source link @ about 3:50 - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

Winsome Witch
- (some adult rejuv-like effects) Ep8 "Winnie's Baby" 1965.
Winnie turns herself into a beautiful woman to hide herself and the baby from the Police - (Juupton)

Winx Club
- (AA ARed) "The Gem of Empathy" S5Ep9, 11/4/12.
Stella was turned into a 3 y.o. by an Age Changer Spell.
Preview link - Italian link - screencaps - (Steven, Coodie2, Jeffr_2bya)

Winx Club
- (AR AA poof & aftermath) S07Ep20 "Baby Winx".
Two animal trappers AA the Winx girls back into little kids - Vid link - caps - (Soltiger)

Winx Club
- (AR AA) "Baby Winx" 2015/09/30. Alternate link - bigger caps - (Adam)

Winx Club
- (young women to early teens AA AR)
"The Black Willow's Tears" s3ep12, 2/23/07.
Magic vines dunk the Trix Senior Witches into the river of rejuvenation. The prospect of getting a timeout sends the KidTrix fleeing.
- Video link - screencaps - before/after - (Age Theater)

Winx Club
(flashback) Imitation of "W.I.T.C.H." flashback - male tfed

Wish Kid
- (male AR) S01Ep10? "A Grand Ol' Time?"
Kid has magic baseball glove, but the wishes never last too long either. His grandpa wishes he was young again and becomes a little younger than his grandson and starts playing tricks on the bully next door.

- (male teen AA to OA) S01Ep10 "Goodbye Short Pants" 2017/10/10.
They wish Dez was old enough to drive. But the closer they get to the concert, the more of a cautious driver he becomes. And why is he balding?
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (seal "APed") S01Ep08 "Baby... Seal... Thingy" 9/26/2017.
Episode link - - screencaps - Baby seal into adult seal (still with baby mind).
- (boy leg increase, RN) S01Ep18 "Million Mo' Wishes" 11/21/2017.
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, The
- (adult demon TF to old) Ep5 "Keep on Rollin'" 2020/12/04. Disney+.
Mickey and friends' disco night at the roller rink is crashed by Peg-Leg Pete and his roller derby team. His date is a young and slender hottie in skates... that suddenly "explodes" into Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
- Full episode link - TF gif - (Deleted, Keith943)

Woody Woodpecker
- (adult age disguised) (?) Walter Lantz cartoon. Woody removes a harem girl's veil revealing a hag's face. He removes the hag mask revealing her beautiful face - (Robur)

Woody Woodpecker
- (anthro avian FF OA'd, FB, ARed) "Born to Peck", 1952.
In the future, Woody is an elderly woodpecker whose beak is too weak. He recalls his bird babyhood and youth. AR was imposed at the last second by the animator to prevent his suicide - 1

Woody Woodpecker
- (fake reptile AR) "Romp In A Swamp", 1959.
Ali Gator chases Woody around the edges of the 'Fountain of Youth' until Woody trips him. A moment later, a tiny version of Ali emerges from the water. Woody tries to lord it over him, but the real Ali appears and explains the tiny version is really just his nephew - (Doctor Anguish)

- (dedicated fan art TF BE AP) "The Age Storm Rises", by Deviant Artist: TheGxJudgement, 2022/04.
Commission from rubberman1 The female superhero is flying around checking unexpected weather in the sky. Suddenly, a thunderstrike causes an unexpected Age Growth. Will her clothes survive? The uncensored version will be at my Patreon and Furaffinity.
NOTE: In the actual continuity of "A Little Bigger WordGirl" it was shown her costume from the planet Lexicon could stretch with her body without tearing. However in that episode she only grew somewhat taller, and her breasts did not yet develop - Censored Fan Art link - 1

- (dog, man, monkey, girl, woman AA-poofed into babies AR, RN) "Big Baby" S8Ep5 AKA S05Ep16b 7/8/2015.
About a 10 1/2 y.o. 5th grade lexical superhero. Mr. Big's latest mind control scheme involves a ray that can turn any creature into an adorable baby version. It's WordGirl to the rescue! But will Mr. Big cause Becky to neglect her plant-sitting duties? - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (sudden height increase, slight UC) S7Ep2b "A Little Bigger WordGirl" 8/8/2014.
She suddenly grew taller inside her costume.
- Info link - Transcript link - screencaps

(preteen GTS AA) "Birthday Girl". PBS cartoon about 10 year old girl super hero. link Eileen has an odd feature. Whenever she acts greedy, she "grows" bigger and her skin starts to turn green. At one point, she's King Kong sized and carrying a chimpanzee in her pocket. A bystander wonders, shouldn't the ape be carrying the girl?

World of Quest
- (entities AA ARed) "No Way Out" Ep22, 4/12/09.
Spite gets a gun which can "babytise" anything. During a fight with Quest and his crew, Spite accidentally hits Way, and she becomes an egg.
- Video link - end scene screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

World of Quest
- (male AA power upgrade) "Happy Birthday Nestor / Take A Chance", 2008.
In Ep01, Nestor becomes a superpowered hero (more muscular), and after he returns back to normal.
Video link - screencaps - (DivXeur Corp.)

Wreck-It Ralph - Safe Mode
- (anthro computer program AA upgrade) SB99, fan parody, 2020/05.
Vanellope von Schweetz was infected with a software virus that turned her older looking.
- Cartoon link @8m40s - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Chriskim)

Wreck-It Ralph
- (dedicated TF AP) 2012. "Sugar Rush Racer" Vanellope von Schweetz fan art transformation - (Trickbind)

- (AA AR human/feline, unseen RN) "Terrible Toddlers", S1Ep4, 2000.
Episode video link - screencaps - (TF Theater)
- Ep08 "Big Feet": Tyrannia and Bubonic turn everyone into giants by making their feet grow.
- Ep21 "Bubonic Plague": They turn everyone into themselves (men are turned into Bubonic and women are turned into Tyrannia).

X-23 (character)
(accelerated growth AA) - FF

X-Men Evolution
- (male adult age stasis) Magneto is at least as old as his movie counterpart, but looks only middle-aged when we see him without his helmet. In a later episode it turns out he uses his knowledge of genetics to maintain vitality and the appearance of youth, and when this fails him he reverts to his true age. Then he uses the Rebirth formula (which granted Captain America his powers) to de-age himself again, and looks like a young White Haired Pretty Boy for the remainder of the show.

X-Men: Evolution
- (flash forward accelerated growth) Wolverine's teenage girl clone X-23 first appeared in "X-23", S4, ep40.
- X-23 - FF age forms.
- (male rapid muscle growth) Animated X-men series from the 1990s. A "nerdy" guy finds the gem of Cytorrak and transforms into the Juggernaut. (derydan58)

X-Men: Evolution
- (male adult rejuv wish) S02Ep14 "Operation: Rebirth" 2002. Magneto steals plans for a secret project that would make him a young man again.

- (adult to OA) S05Ep05 "Longshot".
He tumbles into this world with a murderous gang on his trail. Using Jubilee as the 'prize', Mojo lures Longshot and the X-Men into a deadly contest which Mojo broadcasts 'live'. Spiral gets aged - (Stonegate)

Xi Yangyang yu Hui Tailang
- (furry AA OA) Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
The cast ages rapidly in the episode where the Earth begins spinning uncontrollably fast when the aliens' spaceship gets caught in its orbit.

Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang
- (furry AR) Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf - Joys of Seasons Ep09.
The goats need to save Mr. Slowy from dying of old age and Wolnie wants to restore her youth. There was no water left in the fountain of youth because too many animals drank from it - (TvTropes)

Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang
- (furry ARed) Ep47 "The Crisis of Shrinking" 2021/03/20 - Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Chinese animes.
Baby goat, who was old in the prior episodes, went back to adult. Goat and stars into babies.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Xiaolin Showdown
- (male FFed OA future forms) "The Sands of Time" ep21, S2Ep8, 11/13/04.
A meteor reveals a message from a much older Omi. The only way to stop evil is with the Sands of Time. Jack presents very old Jack. Omi returns with old Omi, starting a Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami with the 2 Jacks. Old Omi uses the Thorn of Thunderbolt to blast them out of the maze.
- (FFed OA future forms) "Time After Time" S3Ep12, 5/6/06.
Dojo comes up with the idea of turning Omi into an "Omicicle", and waiting 80 years to ask his older self for advice. After unfreezing, Omi and Dojo rush to see what the future is like. They meet older versions of Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay. Old Raimundo explains that Omi and Dojo disappeared one day. Raimundo classifies him as a dope, while Clay explains that since he had frozen himself, there was no Omi to grow old.
- (deniz)

Xiaolin Showdown
- (male toon TF AP CB)
Raimundo Pedrosa transforms into an adult warrior.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Xiaolin Showdown
(TF age forms) "Enter the Dragon" 20. 11/6/04.
To trick Omi into releasing him from a cage, Dojo the comedic dragon changes into Master Fung, a little girl crying because she is lost, Omi's mother, and Omi himself. (Dave)

Yellow Submarine
- (male ARed, male OA'd, male RNed) 1968. "The Beatles" and Admiral Fred are aged in the Sea of Time - more than strictly necessary to overcome the Fountain Of Youth effect. They get better.

Yin Yang Yo!
- (anthro rabbit AA AP, male furry APed UC, dragon rejuv, OA) "Old School", S1Ep8, 3/31/2007.
Kraggler uses the hourglass to absorb youth from Yin and Yang after overhearing their wish to be older.
- Video link - screencaps

Yin Yang Yo!
- (creature age changes) "Sitting Shaggler", 3/5/2007, S01Ep23b.
Old dragon into baby, then back, then adult, teen, kid, baby, then kid, teen, and adult. Young cat into older cat - Video link - (Thomas)

Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey
(adult rejuvenation) Witch screencaps

Yogi's Treasure Hunt
- "Secret Agent Bear" - Yogi and his pals spoof James Bond movies. In it they accidentally fall into the fountain of youth and the adults become little kids and the kids become babies. Later the villain uses the water to turn world leaders into kids and is then turned into one himself.

Yogi's Treasure Hunt
- (furry male ARs, AR, male ARs, AA only)
S3Ep9 "Secret Agent Bear" 3/25/88.
- Video link
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

Young Justice: Invasion
- (alien "shapeshifted") S3Ep19 "Summit" 2013/03/09.
Miss Martian disguised as a maid, and later it's revealed she's been disguised as a little girl - (Guest)

Young Justice: Invasion
- (male adult age stasis) S02Ep02 "Earthlings" 5/5/2012 - INFO - (Jeffr_2bya)

Zeke's Pad
- (male AP AA, male AR)
"Portrait of a Young Artist" 2009.
- Tired of having to obey curfew, Zeke Palmer turns to the Pad to draw himself older. When the draw is complete, Zeke's voice is much deeper and he has a moustache. Because he is older, Ike and Rachel look to him for dinner. However, Zeke's moustache grows quickly, and soon he is balding! Jay and Zeke are supposed to go to a party, but the aging Zeke could not make it because he forgets his heart medicine. It is funny to see a progressively older Zeke struggling to get on a skateboard. Zeke goes from 14 to 94 in just 6 hours! Jay manages to get Zeke to draw himself as a young person just moments before the unthinkable happens, but the pad continues to make him even younger. Soon, Zeke is a 3 year-old kid, throwing tantrums and cramming his mouth with chocolate cookies. In the nick of time, Zeke draws himself back to his age with a stroke of genius: a stick figure of himself fitting in his pants. This way, the Pad changes Zeke back to his age and he will not age anymore.
- Male AP video link - screencaps
- Male AR video link - screencaps
(deniz, dragoniade)

Zeke's Pad
- (male OA, male AR) S01Ep08 "Portrait of a Young Artist" 5/2/2009.
It's not fair. Every time Zeke's parents go away, Ike is in charge because he's the oldest. And now he gets to decide whether Zeke can go to this really cool party. So Zeke draws himself as the oldest. Awesome, until Zeke starts aging and aging and aging! The pad took him literally, meaning 'the oldest', period. Jay and Zeke have to get the elderly Zeke back to normal before he ages right out of existence. Zeke, in his inimitable, unthinking way, draws himself 'young again', but now he keeps getting younger and younger, and Jay ends up babysitting and babysitting. They've only got a short time before Zeke's back in diapers! - (Steven)

Zeke's Pad
(male AP to old age, male AR) "Portrait of a Young Artist" Ep10, 5/2/09.
14 year old Zeke wants to be the oldest in the family, so that he can tell Ike what to do instead of the other way around. When he draws himself as the oldest, the pad takes him literally, and he won't stop ageing! After Zeke draws himself young again, he begins to revert back to diapers.
- info link - vid link (quick AR in intro)
- The infancy regression cut in the intro is probably from Ep03 - info link - during the showdown with the robot.
- (Steven, Jeffr_2bya, Oni)

Zeta Project, The
- (AR) S01Ep11 "Kid Genius" 8/11/01.
11 y.o. child genius Bucky enlists Zee and Ro's help after they discover Dr. Tannor's age-reversing spa, where Bucky's parents have been turned into helpless 6 y.o's. Later they are ARed into infants.
Bonus AR at the beginning of every show. During the intro they show Zeta going from adult man to child to hide from the bad guys.
- "Folks want to be in their prime, not pre-school - Ro" - (Dragoniade, Stonegate Shadowlord, TBTC)

Zeta Project, The
- (ARed, AR) "Kid Genius" Ep11, 8/11/01.
Bucky Buenventura's parents were forced to work on a machine designed to rejuvenate patients, but it has malfunctioned, turning them and several patients into small children. The machine malfunctions further and reverts Bucky's parents into babies. Zeta downloaded the machine's schematics, and will be able to return them to normal offscreen.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Zeta Project, The
- (male AR) The secret robot Zeta can project a hologram around himself and alter his voice, letting him become anyone. In the opening he uses the disguise of a boy. (JeffR)
- (AR, RN) "Kid Genius" #11 8/11/01 Boy-genius Bucky's parents are working with his nemesis Dr. Tanner on some kind of youth-restoration project which has gone awry. Bucky's parents, among others, have become children or devolved apemen. Zeta downloaded the schematics so they can restore Bucky's parents to normal, while an escaping Tanner is stuck with the rest of the "children".

Zig & Sharko
- (anthros ARed & OA'd, AA poofs) S03Ep74 "The Cloud" 2020/01/21.
An electrical cloud that randomly AA poofs animals and a mermaid from young to elderly to teen to baby? On a cruise ship? 1000% on board for stories like that!
- Episode link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Zig & Sharko
- (anthros ARed) S03Ep64 "Daddy Bernie" 2020/1/13.
Seagull back into egg (which then hatches); shark, hyena, and mermaid back into babies - Episode link - - Info link - (Tazz)

Zula Patrol
- (alien AR, RN) "Young at Heart", 2008 CGI.
When Dark Truder's latest scheme turns Bula, Multo and Gorga into toddlers, the rest of the Zula Patrol does double-duty. They must resort to babysitting, while searching the different planets of the Solar System for an age-appropriate cure.

- (demon & anthro bee "OA'd" poofs, RNed) "Jogo da Velha" 2018?
Witch and bee temporarily zapped elderly by magic potion - Episode link - - screencaps
- (anthro spider ARed) "The egg". Garfidea mistakenly took the Witch's rejuvenation potion and zapped back into an egg.
As the Witch has no patience with children, she sends Garfidea to Zuzu's house until she RNs - Episode link -
- (Tazz)

animation: A to F - G to P - Q to Z - short toons - fetish toons

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal