Aging Transformation Scenes

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California Voodoo Game, The
- (accelerated pregnancy stasis) Steven Barnes, Larry Niven, 1992. A loa-spirit in the tournament adventure impregnates Mary-Martha, and its offspring grows to full term over the course of a few dozen hours. The semi-divine fetus changes its mind at the last minute and decides to stay put, possibly forever.

Callahan's Key
- (mental accelerated development) Spider Robinson, 2000.
Jake Stonebender's supersupergenius daughter Erin appears to be a Creepy Child. At the age of 14 MONTHS she responds to a compliment with "Why, Uncle Nicky, what a sweet thing to say! I'm going to start fucking when I'm sixteen, would you like to take a number? I can work you into the single digits if you hurry."

- (FF UC) Simone Poirier-Bures, 1994.
Snippet: They grew like weeds: their clothes shrank, their toes burst through the sturdiest of shoes...

Care and Keeping of You, The
- (CoA, some FF) "The Body Book for Younger Girls" - Valorie Schaefer, 1998, puberty-ed book - line art

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
(male age stasis) Brian Jacques, 2001. Ben is stuck at age 14: just old enough to fall in love, but still young enough that if he stays in one place too long, it will become obvious very quickly that he's not aging. The angel tells him and his dog to walk the earth forever, wise and forever young, to give kindness and guidance wherever they go.

Castle of Bone, A
- (AR/AP)
The google 'snipets' mutilated the text in such a way it was impossible to read what if anything happened to their clothes while aging.
p67: "Anyone old could get into the cupboard and be made young again. They could grow old again and be made young again. They needn't ever die."
p68: "Would you really want to be made young, Anna, over and over again, and grow old again. To change and change for ever and for ever?"
p72: But there was in the kitchen no full-grown Humbert.
p141: They were Penn and Anna, yet not Penn and Anna. "They're both grown up," said Jean in an awed voice, and indeed they were. They looked exactly as they knew them, but they had ... greater age and authority, Anna having something of her mother's brilliance too...
p106: ...between each pair of trees he felt the pressures grow stronger.
He passed through a vast, an enormous pressure; all the other pressures came with him and stopped dead as he did, ...
p151: The living evidence remained, of course. The kitten, Humbert, had to go once more through all the processes of growing-up, including neutering.

Castle of Bone, A
(possible AP RN scene(s), AR theme, male AR) Penelope Farmer, 1972. A grave, transformative tale of maturation. The castle of bone is a metaphor for one's body.
Anything placed in Hugh's magic cupboard is returned to an earlier stage of existence. A pigskin wallet turns into a large white pig. Hugh, his sister Jean, and their next-door neighbors Penn and Anna give chase to it. Dried raisins become grapes. ...And then, by accident when they are roughhousing, Penn falls backward into the cupboard--and comes out as a very small boy! Later he becomes a wizened infant. The children's panic mounts, finally becoming terror, as they strive to return Penn to his rightful self. Hugh dreams of a strange castle. At last they go into the cupboard.

CB scenes (plot element)
- (exceedingly rare outgrown clothes bursting)
- The death of the Sorcerer had broken all his spells, and the dwarfs began to grow to their full height! In less than two seconds, they tore through their now way too small clothes, and found themselves nude, behind the line of archers of the now deceased King.

Centre of Magic, The
- (rejuv/AR/OA?) Pamela Freeman, 2003.
3rd & final Floramunde book. Knowing that Floramunde is filled with Wild Magic beyond Human Magic, Colchis crosses over to exploit it. ln - th

Centre of Magic, The
(AR/AP) Pamela Freeman novel. (R. M. Fisher "Ravenna", Jeffr_2bya)

Cerulean Blue
- (adult rejuv) Wray Miller, 2003. Elixir of youth is invented.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Chameleon Corps and Other Shape Changers, The
- (TF) 1974 anthology. 5 stories about a galactic spy organization whose members can change shape at will. Also 6 other transformation stories.

Chameleon: Book 1 of the Forest People: the Awakening
- (teen shapeshifter TFs, UC/CB glimpse, age forms) Maggie Faire, 2013.
Fantasy curse. The book features a too-brief prequel set in our world before switching to a standard fantasy setting.
- 15 y.o. Camryn Painter has always been rejected by society because of her amazing ability to physically transform her body into any other person in seconds. Who would want to have anything to do with someone like that? Her adoptive parents die in a car crash when she's home alone, the police arrive a week later, and now she must escape from a locked facility.
... She'd been adopted at birth, but these were the only parents she knew.
In the past year, her inability to control the changes had become worse. Now that she was fifteen, maybe they had given up on helping her. Maybe they didn't want her anymore.
She'd said she'd rather be dead than a freak. She'd screamed in pain with each change, first turning into her mother and then into her father.
It must be hard to know your daughter would never have friends, never date, never marry. Maybe they finally couldn't take it anymore.
It seemed that all she did was yell and scream and cry, and make mountains out of molehills. Maybe they'd send the cops to take her away to some institution where freaks were kept permanently out of the public eye.
... When she was a child, she used to be able to control what her body did when she was scared or nervous. The calming exercises her mother taught her used to work, and when they didn't she'd crawl into her lap and they'd breathe... together. But not anymore. Not since sixth grade...
That's when her parents finally pulled her out of school - or when the school forced her parents to teach her at home. Now everytime Camryn focused on someone, she turned into them. Man, woman, child, it didn't matter. She had little control over it and, since she'd reached puberty, the changes happened faster and became more painful every day.
Her parents insisted her changes were a gift - a gift she only needed to learn how to use. They'd said all teenagers had a hard time with their emotions. It's just that she was special, because her emotions caused her to become someone else.
... "That's better," the policeman was saying... "We can work out what's best for you. OK?"
Camryn tensed under his hands. Concentrate! She shifted her gaze back to the woman. Stay. With. Her.
... tingling scalp warned her of the coming change. Her hair grew longer as the shower of a thousand stings worked its way from her head to her chest.
She grew taller, older.
"She could be my twin!" the policewoman exclaimed.
Normal. How could you be normal when no one wanted to touch you, when even the doctors made you sit away from them while asking those stupid questions that no girl in her right mind could answer.
"Do you ever talk to yourself?"
"Sure. There's no one else to talk to. I'd go insane if I didn't talk."
"Do people tend to stare at you?"
"Duh! That's why I'm here, right? People don't like that I look like them. I don't like it either, but there it is. Nothing I do seems to stop it."
... no belts, no ropes, nothing that she could hurt herself with. She scanned her three white blouses ... hiding in a corner trying to disappear. Today was her sixteenth birthday.
Camryn stared hard at the orderly. Within seconds she grew another foot taller, and gained at least 50 pounds, her clothes split at the seams as she changed.
The orderly screamed and dropped his hold on her.
Five feet, five inches tall. One hundred twenty pounds. The tingles started, and she sucked in a breath, determined not to scream out this time. Chestnut hair, curly, waist length. Blue eyes... Camryn pitched forward. The change was happening...
Camryn... had changed back to a more youthful girl.
... she felt her head enlarge, her legs and torso...
Her skin stretched and bones creaked with such pain she fell to her knees as her limbs expanded and her torso grew taller. She screamed and fell onto her back, barely able to breathe as a vise crushed her center from shoulder to pelvis.
With every step, her body changed again. Each change painful. Each change slowing her. She had no idea what she looked like now, who her body had chosen to become.
Camryn ran her fingers across her brows, then beneath her eyes across the bridge of her nose to her cheekbones, smoothing the age lines of the face staring back at her. The pain of the change was barely perceptible - Purchase link

Chance Fortune and the Outlaws
(male TF CB) Shane Berryhill, 2006. A "boy" has a condition causing him to temporarily "grow" larger when angered.
"When he spoke again it was an outright roar. "YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M MAD!"
They watched in horror as the little boy's face turned crimson. His head and jaw expanded, his skin bubbling and stretching. His arms and shoulders swelled into mountains beneath his crimson skin. The buttons popped from the boy's shirt as his increasing bulk ripped it to shreds.
In seconds the boy had transformed into a twelve-foot-tall bull-roaring monstrosity. The other students screamed in terror as they trampled over one another in an attempt to flee the scene.
The thing moved with surprising speed, swatting..."

Chaos Engine series
(male old age) Steven A. Roman, Marvel Universe. In Avengers #289, 3/1988, Cosmic Cube hatched into adult form Kubik.
Doctor Doom demanded his Cube change reality, but it overlaid universes instead, aging Doom and the Cube at an accelerated rate. X-Men attempted to stop Doom and Red Skull.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
- (AR) Roald Dahl 1972. Grandpa George and Grandmas Josephine & Georgina take overdoses of Wonka-Vite, which de-ages George & Josephine into babies, and Georgina becomes minus 2 years old.
- link - link

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
- (rejuv, AR) Sequel to the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka gives youth pills to three of the grandparents in a ruse to get them out of bed. They all take too much and regress to babies, with the exception of Grandma Georgina, who ends up a 'Minus.' ln - th

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
(ARed age disguise, RN AA OA, male FFed UC scene) Jenny Nimmo, 2004, "Children of the Red King" children's fantasy series.
Belle Donner is the child-like form of Yolanda Yewbeam, a powerful shape shifter who appeared at Bloor's Academy, and integrated herself with the evil characters. Belle is staying with Charlie's great aunts, but he soon discovers she isn't really 12, Belle's an age shifter. Her clothes change to ancient gray rags.
Mr. Bolvoda's invisible brother has been living in the attic for a long time. When the magic snake squeezes him to normal, it is revealed he outgrew his clothes long ago.
p28: "... "There's a very pretty girl trying to get your attention." Charlie turned to see Belle looking up at him ..."
p42: "... "Sorry said the voice. "It used to have a bit of sock and shoe on it, but the shoe got too small, and the sock wore out. ..."
p96: "... He was walking across the landing above the entrance halt when the new girl, Belle, appeared.
p97: "... her pretty features stretched and sagged, and she was growing taller and taller. ... an ancient woman with yellow skin that hung in folds beneath her chin and a huge crag of a nose."
p101: "... Belle wasn't a girl at all but an old, old woman. She had changed her shape, but she had also done ..."
p203: "... Yolanda's here. ... only she isn't old. She looks my age. ..."
p315: "... His hair was two shades blacker than it had ever been, and he looked at least three inches taller. ..."
p377: "... at least two sizes too small for its owner: the person whose bony wrists extended well beyond ... "Oh, the poor boy, look at his pants," said Mrs. Onimous, regarding the tattered bits of cloth that ..."

Chataine's Guardian: The Annals of Lystra
- (growth) Robin Hardy, 2004.
The child had grown six inches overnight, creating a state of emergency with her wardrobe. Also, tiring of her waist-length hair, she had hacked it all off just above her shoulders with a purloined kitchen knife. Nanna had almost fainted...

Chelsea Whistle, The
(UC, coming of age) Michelle Tea. "There were my hips, I felt them for the first time ... here was my body, finally. I could see my little belly in the mirror, the tiny triangles of new tits jabbing at the inside of my body suit. Weren't boobs supposed to be round? Mine were poky, fleshy pyramids. I flushed at the sight of them ... look at that one girl, Sharon, with tits as round and hard as apples. You could see the stitching of her bra beneath her body suit, Sharon was growing too fast for her clothes to keep up, one of those girls. Puberty is hardest on poor girls. The lag time between your tits showing up and your mom rustling up the funds to accommodate them. You just hung around bursting out of your outfits. I could see the strain on the girls around me."

Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2
- (UC scene, growth wish)
"...could think about was growing taller. I did everything I could to grow. I drank lots of milk. One rainy afternoon, I went up into the attic. I found the big box were my mother kept the clothes I had outgrown. When I came downstairs, I was wearing last year's blouse and pants. The sleeve of my blouse and the legs of my pants were too short, and my arms and legs stuck out.
"You sure are growing quickly," my mother said. "You're popping out of your clothes." But that night when Aunt Rose measured me, she just said, "Nothing yet, small fry."
When Aunt Rose left the room I stared at the measuring line. I didn't want to see it anymore. I ripped it..."

Chicks Ahoy
- (male ARed, OA'd glimpse) Ed: Esther Friesner.
"That isn't the baby we've been taking care of...He's, what, 9 months old?"
"It is! I put that ribbon on his ankle."
"...that the cook shop was much younger!"
"They're under an aging spell... Queen Alzira says... [afterwards] she was years older, he was just a child."
Now that she looked at the baby more closely...

Child Thief, The
- (age stasis, some TFed) Gerald Brom, 2009.
A dark retelling of the stories of Peter Pan and The Lost Boys. The children were not twisted into malicious scaly creatures, but grew strong, fast, and amazingly powerful.

Child Who Wished To Be Grown Up, The
- (age wish) Nancy Thelot, 2009.
A moving story about a young girl who wishes to be a grown-up. For any parent to share their wisdom and encourage children to slow down and just enjoy youth - cover

Children of Eternity series
- (female and male ARed) P.T. Dilloway, Claire Lachance, 2012.
Forever Young (Children of Eternity #1)
- A 10 y.o. girl wakes up on an island with no idea who she is. Samantha is introduced to a town full of children with no memory of their lives before arriving on the island.
Young Family (Children of Eternity #2)
- Five years after waking up on the island of Eternity with no memory, Samantha Young is getting restless. Will Samantha finally get the answers she seeks?
Young Hearts (Children of Eternity #3)
- Now a teenager, Samantha Young and her friends are forced to undertake a perilous journey from the island of Eternity to the mainland.
When You Were Young (Children of Eternity #4)
- An old adversary appears.
Purchase link - (Entropic)

Children of Possibility, The
- (age disguised) Thomas T. Thomas, 2012.
Posing as a little girl, Time Juggler Merola Tsverin hunts for genetic samples. Merola is trapped in the 21st century and seeks a way forward to her own time.

Children of the Age
- (UC scene) Knut Hamsun, J. S. Scott, Norway, 1924.
p145: "Julius' small brothers and sisters stand in the corners and gaze at the stranger; they too have grown, so that their clothes are far too small"

Children of the Lamp trilogy
(male OA) P. B. Kerr, 2006.
Book 3: "The Cobra King of Kathmandu". John and Philippa Gaunt are celebrating their first Djinn birthday. They can leave clones behind to fool their parents. Their mother casts a Methuselah binding spell on their father, causing him to grow 20 years older every day the twins are not home. This will ensure that the twins are forced to stay, so he will return to his real age.
Book 4: "The Day of the Djinn Warriors" 2009. (2BYA)

- (size increase) Elizabeth Bear.
She grew taller, as he watched, sparer, attenuated. Her stormshadow hair grew fine and dark. He knew her. Not too far from...

Chocolate Rules and the Starship Meatloaf
- (male APed CB, possibility of female APed CB?)
Jerry Piasecki, 1997. Text access destroyed, no info available.
- Snippet: "All of them were now fully grown and definitely adults. Their shirtsleeves ended just past their elbows. Their pant legs fell a few inches below their knees. And all their clothes were bursting at the seams. Louie bent over to tie his shoe. The sound of..."

Chocolate Rules and the Starship Meatloaf
(unknown CB scene, no further info could be extracted) Jerry Piasecki, 1997.
"And all their clothes were bursting at the seams. Louie bent over to tie his shoe. The sound of splitting fabric filled the Meatloaf."
The Starship crew and their 6th-grade visitors travel to the year 6789. The Buttermans discover that people in the future have never tasted chocolate before. Soon everyone on Earth is hooked, and will do anything the Buttermans say to get more.

Choose Your Own Adventure
- (AR, old age) Books:
- Inside UFO 54-40 Edward Packard, Paul Granger. 02/82. 30 endings. In the room of the ship in which you were trapped, the prisoners got younger every day - until they got TOO young. You were surprised by talking babies when you entered the room. You yourself were becoming one. This ending isn't illustrated.
- House of Danger R. A. Montgomery, Ralph Reese. September, 1982, 20 endings. You are an amateur detective and psychic investigator. You are confronted with a specter that forces you to choose between becoming older and becoming younger. If you choose to become younger, you go too far and become a baby again, and you rapidly become bored with the experience. If you choose to be older, you're too old - quite elderly, in a wheelchair, living is an effort - and your heart stops beating... This is illustrated.
- "Curse of the screaming knight" or something. One of the multi-endings has all the characters de-aging into babies with the hero saving them, but getting stuck as a baby himself. For old age fans there is some serious old age concerning the clocks.

Choose Your Own Adventure
- (TF CB) fan parody cover.
(AP/AR?) #6 "House of Danger" R. A. Montgomery. What would you do if a ghost from the Civil War gave you the chance to change your age? Would you change into a baby or an old person? What about living someone else's life?

Choose Your Own Adventure
Various AR and AA OA scenes described in the second person - INFO PAGE
- (AR, AA OA) #6 "House of Danger" R. A. Montgomery, 1982.
- (AR) #12 "Inside UFO 54-40" Edward Packard, 1982.
- (unicorn AR) #51 "The Magic of the Unicorn" Deborah Lerme Goodman, 1985 - (Dark Oni)
- (mental AR) #61 "Beyond Escape" R. A. Montgomery, 1987 - (Midnight)

Chorus of Mushrooms
- (adult rejuvenation effect) - Hiromi Goto, 1994.
On the mushroom farm, Obachan Naoe experiences a sensual awakening that Irigaray describes as a physical and spiritual rejuvenation, strengthened as she soaks in the moisture of the fungus.
- p84-5: ...her sallow cheeks shone a little more roundly, and the loose skin where she once had breasts began to rise like bread, like manto. Her skin, so dry, slowly filed, cell by cell, like a starving plant, the mushroom moisture filling her hollow body. The wet tinkling into her brittleness. Blood stirring, restless. Like silk threads, they wound through her. Old chicken arms grew longer, filling with supple strength, her buttocks, curving, swelling, with flesh and longing. She could hear her body filling, the rippling murmur of muscles and bones, squeak of hair growing long and smooth, long enough to sweep the soft skin of her back. Her yellow parchment skin growing taut, glowing coolly like newborn silkworms.

Christmas Tree Angel, The
- (FF) Cynthia Patience, 2011.
As the Christmas tree angel's little girl grows and places her higher on the tree, the angel discovers more about Christmas, until she reaches the top and witnesses the true meaning.
"Each year, the little girl grew a little taller, and as she grew ... even taller and could reach the tallest branches. Then came a Christmas when the girl had grown into a young lady..."

Chronicles of Amber, The (series)
- (AA, accelerated time areas) Roger Zelazny. Corwin fathers a child, who grows to adulthood in Chaos, in what to Corwin is days.

Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped, The
(TF, coming of age FF) 1985. Part of Sheri S. Tepper 9 novel series The True Game. "Song of Mavin Manyshaped": Mavin is a girl shapeshifter about to come of breedable age in Danderbat Keep. "Flight of Mavin Manyshaped" traces a much older Mavin as she searches for her sister, another shifter who escaped. "The Search for Mavin Manyshaped" places us 20 years later as Mavin returns to find the wizard she parted from so long ago.

Chronicles of Narnia, The
- (AA FFed age forms, RNed)
In "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", The Pevensies age to adulthood while in Narnia, and their original ages/clothes are magically restored upon their return to England. However, in other books the characters change into their normal clothes before returning to England (Prince Caspian), or take their Narnian clothes back with them (The Silver Chair), while not changing ages.

Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair
- (male adult rejuv) C.S. Lewis, 1953, 1978, 1994.
1990 BBC Tv series. c2018 movie reboot.
Eustace and Jill don't remember all the signs and directions given by the great lion Aslan, but he nonetheless guides them in search of Prince Rilian. The sixth audio book easily stands alone, complete with background mumblings and assorted nonvocal sounds. Old King rejuvenated into young man.
- ln - th - ln - th - (AudioFile, Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult rejuvenated) Yves Meynard, 2012. "He grew taller, leaner, and younger by over a decade. His muscles stiffened, and as they tensed and relaxed he felt his power ascend ..."

Cicada Prophecy, The
- (age stasis) "Rise of the Immortals". J.R. McLeay, 2014.
In a futuristic society you have your pituitary removed at age 11 so you never get any older and live forever. You have to wear hormone replacement patches. The entire world is made up of seemingly 11 y.o. people running around.
The children are given the choice: mature, become adults, and eventually die, or stay young forever. The state is very heavy handed in basically forcing the parents to comply. Obviously, there aren't a lot of real kids anymore. Very few in vitro births. Also disturbing is the fact that these... they call them juveniles... have sexual intercourse. They are adults in mind, just not in body. Thankfully those parts are not graphic, more mentioned in passing - (Areg5)

Ciel Halligan series
- ("TF" UC/OC) - AKA In a Fix series by Linda Grimes.
"In a Fix" (2012), "Quick Fix" (2013), "The Big Fix" (2015), "All Fixed Up: A Novel" (2016).
- Aura adaptor Ciel Halligan is able to take on her clients appearances like a human chameleon and slip seamlessly into their lives, solving any problems they don't want to deal with themselves. She has a childhood friend/rival with a constant flirtation. In Book 2, 10 y.o. sister Molly has already begun to show signs of being an adaptor. She accidentally took on the form of the baby orangutan she touched, and can't change back!
... Molly's hand slipped easily from the handcuffs ... "Then my clothes won't fit," I grumped ... Reluctantly I morphed into my client, wincing as my clothes suddenly pinched ... I almost changed right back into Mina so my clothes would fit ...

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella
- (UC scene) Susan Lowell, Jane Manning, 2001. "The older sister had crushed her feet into little bitty boots, so just for an instant the spur almost fitted, But then her boot split open, and her toes popped out like puppies from a basket..."

Circus in Winter, The
(minor AR) Cathy Day, 2004. Jennie Dixianna could have been as young as 18 or as old as 40, and depending on the quality of light, she looked anywhere in between. She never revealed her age, and some of the circus people believed she cast spells and swallowed bitter pills to change her age at will.

Cities in Flight ("Okie" story series)
- (adult stasis, some rejuv) James Blish. "Anti-agathics" drugs are crucial to interstellar crossings, and are duly developed in vol01 "They Shall Have Stars" 1952-6.

Cleric Quintet, The
- (male adult OA) - "The Fallen Fortress, 1993 - The Chaos Curse, 1994 - INFO PAGE - (JeffR_2bya)

Clifford Grows Up
- (canine AP) "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" series - ln - th

Climax Kids 1956
- (dream sequence APed glimpse) D.E. Vincent, 2004.
...she rubs the sleep from her eyes, and looks all about her. She stretches her arms above her head ... it is then she notices that her arms and legs have outgrown her clothes. When did she grow? Could it have been while she was sleeping?

Clique series
- (BE) Alicia develops way more rapidly than anyone expected. She's supprised and embarassed when she gets teased for her overinflated look by the other girls. Guys however are more impressed.

Clockwork Angel
- (TF, some "ARed" effect) Cassandra Clare, 2010.
In the demonic underground of Victorian-era London, orphan heroine Tessa Gray is forced to realize her powers of transformation. As a "changeling", she can take the shape of anyone she desires, becoming their doppelganger.
"...her reflection made her wince. There was the pale oval of her face dominated by hollow gray eyes - a shadowed face without color in its cheeks or hope in its expression".
Tessa is gray and colorless; a mold waiting to be formed. Initially, nothing but an object waiting for an identity. Her reflection, in Lacanian terms, is that of a fragmented body, a mirror image causing the subject to recognize she is not whole. As an unformed being, Tessa can take any identity. Regardless of how much Tessa dislikes her ability and multiple forms, her double self is necessary for her own identity. Without her ability leaving her questioning who she is, Tessa would view herself as fragmented.
"What if one of the times I Changed, when I turned back into myself, I didn't do it quite right? What if this isn't even my true face?"
Tessa's captors, the Dark Sisters, tell her to imagine herself as clay, being shaped and molded on the potter's wheel, her form amorphous and changeable. The first glimpse of Tessa's power is when she is handed a little girl's bow.
"She opened her mind and let the darkness come down, let the connection that bound her to the hair ribbon and the spirit inside it - the ghostly echo of the person who had once owned it - unravel like a golden thread leading through the shadows".
This doubling, Tessa literally becoming the young girl who wore this bow, is caused by a connection to the past through the world of shadows. Forced to change into murder victims, she fears her ability and only uses it when required of her.
The Magister wants to marry Tessa to exploit her ability. They tie her to a bed so she will not escape before the wedding ceremony. The young girl's bow allows her to change into a smaller child. Tessa, who could "Change into someone a second time, without touching something that had belonged to them", reshapes her body and slips the girl's smaller hands through the ropes on the bed. Tessa's lack of power while tied to the bed represents the perceived submission of a woman not only through marriage but the consummation of that union. Through the double, she gains freedom to choose her sexual fate, whether to submit to her forced husband or not. Tessa is empowered to break free from the bonds of an arranged marriage and losing her virginity.
She borrows fellow Shadowhunter Jessamine's ring and becomes her double: "Jessamine was gazing at her in abject horror, like someone who has seen a vision of their own ghost. For a moment Tessa felt a stab of guilt. It lasted only a moment, though. Slowly Jessamine lowered her hand from her mouth, her face still very pale. 'Goodness, my nose is enormous,' she exclaimed. 'Why didn't anyone tell me?"
In the nurturing environment of The Institute, Tessa was empowered to control her identity as a changeling. Soon she is able to easily and frequently change her appearance. "'If,' Charlotte said, 'you do not wish to use your power, then no, we will not force you to. Though I do believe you yourself might benefit from learning how it might be controlled and used.'"

Clotilda's Magic
- (APed wish?) Jack Kent, 1969, illustrated children's book. AKA "Clotilda"?
Fairy grants wishes? Betty wishes to grow up to be a nice lady like her mother? Of course Tommy chimes in "She would have done that anyway."?

Codex Alera series
- (adult age delay) Jim Butcher. Watercrafters have an innate healing ability, which causes them to retain their youthful appearances even as they age. Gaius Sextus is over 80, but looks around 40. A cop mistook 50-year-old Isana for a streetwalker, until she lifted her hood so he could see her graying hair.

Cold Rock River
- (UC glimpsed) Jackie Lee Miles.
The screen door opened, and Grace Annie wandered out, her nightshirt no longer covering her knees. She'd grown another two inches.

Cold snap as yearning
- (TF CB dream sequence) Robert Vivian, 2001.
I saw the horse-woman in the middle of the day in the middle of downtown Omaha, and it scared me.
The horse-woman was my secret, an inviolate gift given only once. I would not see her again. was not given to me to know what it meant...
Horse-woman had abandoned her shawl outside of the city limits, and one by one, her limbs took on the qualities of a horse, as her black belly burst the seams of her dress, which blew away to a thicket or the slanted woefulness of a wire fence.
...she wasn't really a woman at all.
...horses could have shawls and women could be horses.

Colors Insulting to Nature: A Novel
(BE'd coming of age scene) Cintra Wilson. Robby Benson romance, Ice Castles movie scene. Alexis "Lexie" Winston: Lynn-Holly Johnson.
"Overnight, Lexie trades her blonde pigtails for a Sophisticated Hairstyle (Hollywood symbol of losing innocence and/or Coming-of-Age) and marvels at her own budding breasts in the mirror, touching her new chest tenderly (with blouse still on, natch, but this is very serious Girl-Becoming-Woman fodder, although no teen girl has ever done that, ever; it has only ever happened in the porn-infected male screenwriter mind)."
"Frustrated by the shallowness of the big-league skating world,..."

Coming of Age, A
- (coming of age) Timothy Zahn. All people are born with powerful telekinetic powers, and lose them at puberty. Adults keep kids in line by controlling all knowledge, but kids can fly under their own power, so it's clear who has the better end of the deal.

Confessions of a Memory Eater
(mental flashbacks) Pagan Kennedy novel, 2006. New drug allows user to relive any memory at any age.

Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, the
- (coming of age, FF) Louise Rennison, UK.
The exploits of a growing teenage girl and her friends, as told through her journal .
- The titles are:
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (1999)
It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers (UK title) / On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God (US title) (2001)
Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas (2002)
Dancing in my Nuddy-Pants (2003)
And That's When It Fell Off in My Hand (UK title) / Away Laughing on a Fast Camel (US title) (2004)
Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers (2005)
Startled by His Furry Shorts (2006)
Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing (2007)
Fabbity-Fab Journal (2007)
Let The Snog Fest Begin (2007)
Georgia's Book of Wisdomosity (2008)
Stop in the Name of Pants! (2008)
Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? (2009)
Georgia Nicolson's Little Pink Book (2009)
Luuurve and Other Ramblings (2009)
Withering Tights (2010)

Confessions of Max Tivoli, The
- (male reverse lifespan, FF) Andrew Sean Greer
"...breasts full and low, her neck ringed with folds. By her final years, when she could no longer hide the lines about her mouth, I desired her more than ever. Not the girl I'd met at stung-fourteen, but every variation of that girl. How luscious to see my Alice grow broad and then thin again, frail and gray, pleating her face with laughter! This is what my sacrifice was for: to have her ripen until death in my arms."

Confessions of Max Tivoli, The
- (male reverse lifespan) Andrew Sean Greer 2004.
A man appears as a 70-year-old in 1871 and grows steadily younger as the years progress. He deals with this condition, trying to make relationships and find love along the way, and ultimately coming to terms with the fact that he will finally get too young to exist sometime in 1941.
- (PixChick) ln - th

Confessions of Max Tivoli, The
(male reverse lifespan AR) Andrew Sean Greer, 2004. Early 20th century tale.

Conjure Wife
(mind transfer AR, mind transfer old age) Fritz Leiber. Old woman forcibly trades bodies with beautiful young wife & tries to get husband to kill her old body.

Conjurer Princess, The
(AP, old age) Vivian Vande Velde. 16-year-old Lylene's sister Beryl is kidnapped. Lylene sets out to rescue her sister. Wizard bestows her with magic powers she needs. The magic is limited to making temporary copies of real objects -- and in gaining it, she ages 60 years. The budding romance between Lylene and Weiland is nicely handled (although some might feel a man in his late 20s is a bit old for a girl of 16). Unable to regain her true age except by wishing her extra years onto others, Lylene does so with few pangs of conscience -- until, near the end of the book, Vande Velde somewhat hastily has her acknowledge the moral burden of this action.

Constellation of Sylvie, The
(AR) Roderick Townley novel, 04/06. Sequel to "The Great Good Thing" and "Into the Labyrinth". The book is stowed away on a space shuttle embarking on a 4-year mission to Jupiter. Princess Sylvie and the other characters must act out the book's plot while floating weightlessly through the pages. Ice from one of Jupiter's moons provides oxygen to sustain the shuttle crew, but it also contains a compound that reverses the aging process, regressing the crew toward babyhood. Birth, death, and infinity become fatally intertwined. Soon the astronauts are only children, and their own lives, and the fate of the characters in the book, lie in the hands of Sylvie, who must reach into their dreams to help them make it back to Earth alive.

Copycat, The
- (AA curse, TFed, TGed "age appearances") "The Copycat" by Wendy McLeod MacKnight, 2020.
Extract: "... plaid work shirt and jeans morphing into a purple hoodie and black leggings ..."
Ali and her parents have moved at least once a year for as long as she can remember. Unexpectedly, she inherits the Sloane family's ability to change her appearance at will. Being the new kid is hard enough without worrying about losing control and turning into your teacher. With the help of her family, new friends, and a touch of magic, Ali might just survive middle school after all. She attempts to change into different animals and characters, including the Incredible Hulk.

Coriolanus, The Chariot!
(AR,AP,TG) 1978, Alan Yates (p 165) The people drink a fluid that allows them to change their shape. (Brat)

Corrupting Virgins: Standing for Truth in a Jungle of Opinions
- (AP) Thabang Tlaka, 2014.
"Her chest began to expand and relax rapidly, her hips widened, while her eyes, though filled with terror and confusion, began to shine. 'What is happening to me? Mother, what is happening?' she frantically enquired. Her mother, filled with ..."

- (male age disguised) Frank Boyce, 2010 children's book.
A boy looks remarkably adult, so much so that people mistake him for one. He takes advantage of this, and gets into all sorts of trouble. He remarks that adulthood is wasted on adults.

Cosmo's Reason
- (male age disguised) Julie Losoya-Harthi, 2010.
He stopped aging when he became a man, around eighteen years old, but he could choose to look older if he wanted. When he found his mate, she was already in her fifties, so he chose to look the same age for her.
I was this age when I was awakened. I don't have the same power to age at will.

Counter-Clock World
- (reverse lifespans) Philip K Dick 1968.
All of Earth is aging backwards. Told in a realistic style with some good third party descriptions of people aging backwards. ln - th

Counter-Clock World
- (reverse timeflow) Philip K. Dick. All of Earth lives backwards.

Counter-Clock World
- Shows an Earth which is partly, patchily reversed. Corpses come to life in graveyards and are rescued to begin life from the wrong end - but this is a genuine rescue, by an ambulance with a digging crew, rather than a mere inverted funeral.

Covert Operations: Alpha
- (male adult rejuv or AR) Eugene Nelson Jr, 2010.
After failed attempt to steal information from genetics company, Spy's friend is killed during re-attempted theft. Caster becomes younger and younger.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

(adult APed ARed) Laurell K. Hamilton anthology. Eileen Wilks "Originally Human" story. Succubus heroine Molly Brown (whose age varies between 19 and 300, with stops at 50 and 35) discovers a naked man in the woods and decides to help him recover his memory. Guess what supernatural species the hero is? There weren't quite enough glimpses into the heroine character. "So I'm a succubus, and I can change my physical age."

Creating Ever-cool: A Marketer's Guide to a Kid's Heart
- (AP concept) Gene Del Vecchio, 1997.
...let us create a story about a ten-year-old girl (column 1) who wants desperately to be older (column 2) - say a teen-ager - so she can attract some teen-age boy. We will give our character her wish through science (column 3). But how do we do that? We add context. Perhaps the Tinkerbell lip gloss she was recently given by her parents (Too babyish, she thinks) was inadvertently contaminated at the factory with an experimental rapid-growth protein. Our character reluctantly puts on the kiddy cosmetics to please her parents, and the next morning discovers she is a teen - transformations are grand, remember. That leaves us with a ten-year-old mind in an eighteen-year-old body. Our character, as you can imagine, discovers that being eighteen is not as much fun as she thought it would be. We will make it a comedy with a trace of drama (column 4). Our awkward eighteen-year-old is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps she goes to a nightclub and sees a crime she should not have, so bad guys need to rub her out. The storyline involves lots of chases. Maybe she gets helped by her ten-year-old male classmate who, the day before, she would not even speak to because she thought he was far too juvenile. We can call the story Lip Gloss, a girl's version of the movie Big.

Creature Keepers and the Hijacked Hydro-Hide
- (ARed, male OA) by Peter Nelson, 2014. Strange old man Harvey Quisling changed his age?
"Your grandfather came searching for a mystery greater than any cryptid," Eldon said. "He came to find the Fountain of Youth."
"They're old people? Made young?"
"The dedicated workers here at headquarters, too ... you and I are the only people down here who aren't over eighty or ninety years old ... But they were young at heart, with lots of living left to do. They were the ones who deserved another go-around."
"You said my grandfather's house had become an orphanage."
"It was an old folks' home, run by that awful woman."
Jordan thought of everyone he'd met, all the dedicated "kids" he'd watched as they worked at Creature Keepers headquarters. "So, Alistair . . . ?"
"In his late eighties, the old coot," Eldon said. "Harvey, too, until recently."
"How did that traitorous toad manage to grow old so quickly?" Bernard said.
"He must have stopped taking his elixir."

- (destiny control) Ginnifer Albin.
In a very different world, people called Spinsters can weave time itself and determine the course of everyone's lives. When Adelice discovers she has the ability to weave time, she's thrilled.

Crime and Punishment
- (mental aged effect, AA dream sequence) Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1866.
Part Six: Chapter 6.
- Returning to his room, Svidrigailov dreams of finding a young 5-year-old girl whom he picks up and takes to his room. In his dream, this girl briefly acts older and assumes the role of a depraved French prostitute.

Criss Cross
- (possible AP scene?) Lynne Rae Perkins. A group of childhood friends faces the crossroads of life. 14 y.o. Debbie wishes something would happen so she'd be a different person. Unconfirmed AP report could not be verified.
"I wish I could make myself be taller."
"Taller? Why?"
"I just want to be closer to eye level. I'm tired of talking to people's chests."
"...but then I stopped growing and everyone passed me up. I still think I'm tall until I look around."
Lenny's face was smiling, too. For a minute they were both ten years old. Time travel in real life.
She wasn't her ten year old self now, but traces of that self lingered behind, little flecks of joy visible...

Cross on the Drum, The
(height increase) Hugh Barnett Cave, 1959, vodun themed. "She grew taller. It was no illusion; it had nothing to do with the drumming or the effect on his senses of Catus' incredible dancing; the girl grew taller. ..."

Crown of Stars
(kinda like accelerated growth) Kate Elliott epic fantasy novels. When Liath entered a place where time was altered, Daimone daughter Blessing's growth rate accelerated. Her growth disorder subsided since Jerna left, to a 3:1 ratio by the end of CoF. By the time she hits 4, she should appear to be around 12-15. Blessing may need to be past puberty during the Great Return.

Crystal Palace, The
- (FF) Phyllis Eisenstein, 1988, 2nd "Book of Elementals". Sorcerer Cray Ormoru crafts enchanted mirror that remains blank for many years, until one day he sees the image of a young girl. He watches her transform into a lovely woman over the years, and Cray realizes that he is destined to find her.

Crystal's Adventures
- (time leap AA, AP) Alecia Waskiewicz, 2012.
When Crystal looked at herself she saw a much older girl with beautiful studs in her ears.
"Oh young lady don't touch them they are very sensitive now."
Without thinking he cleared the rubble and found Crystal laying underneath it all. Except she did not look like the Crystal he remembered. She was much older and so much prettier. He couldn't resist giving her a kiss.
"Who are you?" asked Crystal. "I should think you would remember after you said I was in your heart forever." said the boy who looked like he was getting older every second.
"You look so much different as if you got older." said Crystal.
"Speak for yourself" said Aaron.
"I won't fall for it, I'm the same 15 year old me," said Crystal.
"Oh really then, maybe you should get a second look," said Aaron as he ran to the mirror.
When Crystal looked into the glass she saw a 17 year old staring back.
"Oh my god Aaron this is not me, I am not ready for it," said Crystal, tears spilling from her eyes.
"No my love you are still my Crystal just a little older and more beautiful. Does that bother you?" asked Aaron.
Oh no my body it's also changing. I think I'm getting taller and my stomach fatter, Nebula thought to herself. Before she could think anymore she felt her body hit something soft. "I shouldn't be pregnant, I'm twelve."

Culture series, The
- (adult rejuv) The Culture - Iain M. Banks, 1987+.
Stasis treatments, plus Immortality/Upload, are free to all in future cashless Utopia.

Curies: a biography of the most controversial family in science, The
- (TFed) Denis Brian.
"...capable of defying natural laws. She grew taller or shorter at will (a real-life Alice in wonderland)."

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Apt. 3W, The
(male AR) 2002 Gabriel Brownstein

Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The
(male AR) F Scott Fitzgerald, 1922. Inspired by Samuel Butler's note-books and Mark Twain story.
- Movie in pre-production. Without warning a 50 year old man begins to age backwards, progressively growing younger. As he begins to regain his youth, the man starts to fall in love with a 30 year old woman...but how can they have a future together if he continues to grow younger and she older with every year that passes by?

Cyber Zone: Virtual Nightmare
- (male virtual OA) #3 - by S. F. Black, 1997.
Andy Winkler wakes to find himself trapped in a virtual reality game in the body of the aged Rip Van Winkle. Unless he finds a way out before turning 100, he will be stuck there forever!
- Cover - (TheTonka)

Cycle of Fire
- (alien coming of age FF) Hal Clement. A world apparently inhabited by two intelligent life forms who turn out to be alternating generations of the same species.

Daddy's Little Girl
- (FF AA) c2011 picture book, Peter Wilson - caps

Dancing Tiger, The
- (FF) Malachy Doyle, illustrated, 2005.
A tiger dances in the woods outside a little girl's home. They dance when the moon is full. Seasons come and go, and eventually the little girl grows older and has children of her own.

Dancing With the Moon
(AP UC) David Conlin McLeod. A young girl suddenly grows up during a live performance, stretching her outfit.
p. 128:
Amy sees herself walking onto a lit stage. The heavy crimson curtains have just been pulled aside and the music is about to start.
She is dressed in a ballet pink leotard, matching tights, and white ballet slippers. Her long, strawberry blond hair is pulled back away from her face and neatly arranged in a bun tied with a pink ribbon. She wears a short chiffon dance skirt tied around her slender waist. The skirt is of translucent lace that glitters and shimmers in the bright overhead lights.
Amy is dressed for a performance she didn't know she was giving. The eyes watching her seem almost hungry. The faces lack any real color or complexion. Amy feels all eyes upon her as the lights grow brighter and hotter.
Looking down at herself, her leotard seems to tighten across her chest and the rest of her body. Her tights seem to cling to her legs and cinch her waist. Her skirt seems to shrink, revealing more of her legs and thighs.
The orchestra in the pit in front and just below her readies their instruments. The whole orchestra slowly turns to look up at Amy in her tightly fitted ballet costume and leer at her. They all seem to want her in some indescribable way.
Amy backs away, shielding her modest figure with her arms and hands over her waist and just developing chest. Her breasts had just begun to really develop, and now they seem to bulge and grow in this tight fitting leotard.
Her body seemed to change as she felt more eyes staring upon her. As she backed further away, almost against the solid wall behind her, she noticed her legs were becoming a little more muscular as were her arms. She was feeling a little taller and fuller.
Backed up against the wall, Amy could see that she wasn't a slender toothpick of a girl anymore. Her body was that of a mostly developed teenager or young adult. She grew and developed into a young woman.
The 13 year old Amy now had the fully developed body of a 20-something year old woman in a ballet costume suited for someone half her age.
The first tones of the harp and the allegro of flute and fiddle announced the opening of Camille Saint-Saens'
Danse Macabre.
Amy stands clutching herself as the audience rises from their seats to approach the stage.
Amy feels the touch of cold sweat across her body as she watches the finely dressed gentlemen and ladies waltzing with their eyes seemingly glued on her blossoming figure. Amy presses her hands over her newly grown breasts and feels her heart beating and pounding wildly, almost in time to the percussive climax of the music.
The faces grow larger and more menacing as the audience pounces upon Amy, seeking the juiciest bits of flesh to suck on. Amy feels sharp things piercing her flesh as hands rub all across her body. Invasive hands rub between her legs and across her breasts. Hands grip around her neck and turn her head side-to side as teeth search for available veins and arteries. The audience stretches her out on the stage and spreads her body as wide as it can as they sink into her and dine on her blood.
Amy flings herself from her bed and screams as her bedroom door slowly opens.

Dangerous to Love
(UC scene) Melanie George, 2000. Only a small fragment of the text could be extracted: "But, as his gaze moved down the clinging rags she wore, he concluded that she was definitely a woman full grown. Her clothes were far too tight for his..."

Dante's Inferno
- (memory reversal) The damned know the future, but have no memory of the past. Eventually, when history comes to an end at the Second Coming, they will know nothing at all, for all eternity....

Dark Cindy
- (dream AR?) M. Apostolina, 2006.
Teen chick-lit revenge tale of sorority girls turned nasty. The perfect conclusion to the battle between Meri and Cindy.
"I could see my horrified reflection. I brought my hands to my face in disbelief, and right as I did that, my face changed, growing younger and younger until I saw a wailing baby. I was a baby now (and a very unhappy one) (but definitely cute)"
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Dark Embrace
(old age) 2002 vampire novel by L A Griffith. P 58: "Within a matter of days she aged forty years. Without the blood of another living being entering her system, she slowly became mortal."

Dark Fires: Steve & Ginny Book 2
- (UC scene) Rosemary Rogers, 1996. "Her hands touched the faded cotton of her dress, straining across young, growing breasts. "Teresita says it never does to discount feelings..."

Dark Light
- (adult rejuvenation effect) Randy Wayne White.
The illusion wasn't imaginary, yet it was still an illusion. Had to be an illusion. With each bloom of electricity, the woman appeared fuller, younger. I could see the way she looked in her fifties.... now her forties.
Chestra was as beautiful as any woman I'd ever held.
We are a photosensitive species. There are certain processes in chemistry in which light alters not only the appearance of a substance, but also its molecular configuration.
Our DNA is coded to repair some - but not all - cellular damage caused by ultraviolet light. It's an omission that defines the aging process more accurately than the clumsy prop we invented to measure age: time.
Illusion or reality, the storm was indifferent.
She was there again, alive behind those eyes, a younger woman inside, staring out, saying, Show me.
...subtle than sexuality; beauty is more complicated than bone structure, elastic skin, and an assemblage of hydrated cells.
With certain women, I realized, age did not matter. Mildred Chestra Engle was one.
...long legs, sensual symmetry of hips, breasts full and firm enough to resume their natural curvature once free of the garment's constraints.
"Her age changes. The way she looks. It's because she's a ghost." Chestra, Tomlinson meant.
"Ghosts aren't like the ones in cartoons. They have bodies, they eat food, make love. But they're empty people because they're just visiting. Trying to finish unfinished business. Most of them died too early. I meet ghosts all the time. Everyone does."
...the more I became convinced I was mistaken about Chestra. She wasn't Marlissa Dorn. It was as implausible for her to be Marlissa's age as it was for Chestra to be a ghost.

Dark Seduction
- (TFs, ARed-like form, TG) by Cheyenne McCray, 2012.
"I need to get these cuffs off." She concentrated on an image in her mind of a small child she knew. She shuddered and started to shift. Oddly enough, it hurt even more to shrink in size than it did to grow taller. Her muscles compacted, her bones shortened, and she grew tiny and slender. The cuffs slipped off her wrists and dropped to the concrete floor with a loud clanging sound.
She sounded like a little girl as she spoke and was tiny enough to slip through the bars.
...While they watched, she shifted into Carla, growing six inches taller, pain shooting through her as her limbs grew longer, her scalp tingling as hair spilled down into a golden fall past her shoulders.
...She grew four inches taller from Carla's height - which was ten inches from Tori's natural height - her face felt rough with stubble. Other parts of her anatomy felt odd, something she never got used to when she shifted into a man.
...She slowly shifted back into her own form, not Carla's. her cover was blown ... McKnight studied her. "And who are you really?" Tori held out her hand. "Agent Tori Adams."

Dark Seeker
- (teen rejuvenation) Taryn Browning, "Seeker #1" 2011.
17-year-old Seeker Janie Grey rids the Baltimore streets of the undead as an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. This is her second time being this age since Seekers go through a special cycle. While she is acting as a Seeker, she cannot age past 17. When her 18th birthday rolls around she reverts back to 14; the age at which she began her duties.

Dark Sister, The
(FF COA growth) Rebecca Goldstein novel. Hedda is simply too tall--6 foot 2--and exceedingly thin. She is, however, appropriately introspective, self-deprecating, uncertain, and solitary. She spends many hours each day staring at herself naked in the mirror, searching for an identity that seemed to elude her as she grew taller and taller, farther away from her culture's ideal of femininity.

Dark Tower, The 7-book series by Stephen King.
The Gunslinger
(male adult APed) Toward the end of the first book Roland of Gilead is aged 10 years after talking with "The Man In Black" in one single night that lasted a decade.
Wizard and Glass
(minor AR)
Wolves of the Calla
(accelerated growth) Roland and his posse learn that every 20-odd years the "Wolves" kidnap one child from each set of the Calla's twins, bring them to the Tower and, weeks later, send them back mentally and physically impaired. They grow up painfully in months to giant size but their minds are ruined.
Song of Susannah
(minor AP)
The Dark Tower
(spider boy male TF AP) Roland's hideous quasi-offspring Mordred pursues him.

Darkest Lie, The
- (OA, male age delay) - Gena Showalter.
...Gideon asked. He was surprised by how rough his voice was, as if his throat had been scrubbed raw with sandpaper.
Chronus sighed ... "Shortly after Rhea and I were cursed with an aging spell, Scarlet grew unexpectedly happy. Not because we were aging, she hardly seemed to notice that... You see, any time Rhea tried to kill her, the queen aged a bit more."
And if the queen had looked anything like Cronus ... she had tried many, many times to off his sweet Scarlet.
...Actually, months had passed before they noticed how much they were aging.
"But he was a baby no longer. Centuries had passed, but he was only a teenager, his immortality slowing his aging process...

- (age-up mention) Mick Farren, 2010.
... to be Master of the colony, she would have to age herself up to adulthood. Even she must realize that it would be just a little too diseased to have a colony run by an outwardly ...

Darkness Weaves
(mind transfer AR, mind transfer old age) Wagner, Karl. Disfigured Queen forcibly trades bodies with beautiful young stepdaughter.

Darknesses: The Corean Chronicles
- (AR/AP) "Vol. II" Book by L E Modesitt. (Jeffr_2bya)
- (male age disguises) L.E. Modesitt.
p375: "He is making himself look older than he is? Has someone taken his place? Someone younger? ... Are you certain it is Enyll?"
"...I have known Enyll since he was a child. His features have not changed..."
"Then he has discovered a way to become younger?"

Date Me, Baby, One More Time
- (adult age stasis, possible rejuv?) Stephanie Rowe, 2006.
Paranormal romance adventure comedy. Justine Bennett is the immortal guardian of the Goblet of Eternal Youth, an espresso machine named Mona. Her former bombshell of a roommate is now an 11-foot-tall dragon. Hunky pretzel mogul Derek LaValle is certain that beheading Justine and taking Mona will break the family curse that leaves every LaValle man dead at 31. Naturally they fall for each other. "Who tried to kill whom first?"
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Daughters of the Moon 8: Possession
- (mind transfer) Lynne Ewing, 2002.
Serena has been having sudden lapses of memory and acting like a completely different person. An old woman has been taking over the bodies young girls for decades - (Kira)

Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex
(flash forward) illustration. ff

- (rejuv or AR) Tim Lebbon, 2007.
Climactic battle offers variation on raising the dead. "She was growing younger, and the tide of time seemed to be changing with her. 'It's not pointless,' Alishia whispered..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

day on fire: a novel suggested by the life of Arthur Rimbaud, The
- (male FF UC glimpse) James Ramsey Ullman, 1958.
Tardily, but now quite suddenly, he had begun to grow. His face was still that of a boy, fresh-skinned and ... his feet swelled out of their old shoes, and his hands hung, big and awkward, from the too-short sleeves of his shirts.

Daydreamer, The
- (male APed AA dream sequence) "The Daydreamer", text
- (male AP, male AR) Ian McEwan. Peter Fortune finds himself transformed into a doll, a cat, a difficult baby and -- perhaps most harrowing of all -- a grown-up. He and his infant cousin, Kenneth, switch bodies: "Tears were pouring down his face, and he was just drawing breath to fill his lungs and bawl out his sorrow when something powerful clamped under his armpits and he shot 50 feet into the air. . . . He was staring into his aunt Laura's face, which was as sheer and colossal as a cliff."

De fille en femme
- (puberty FF info) Dire... series, Anne-Marie Chapouton, Chandia, 1980 - cover

Dead Witch Walking
- (OA) - Kim Harrison.
- p367: "Go Turn yourself," ...
Feeling the press of adrenaline, I awkwardly rummaged with my good hand in my bag for an aging spell.
As I set it around my neck, Edden made a sound of disbelief and admiration.
Whenever a human showed any appreciation for my skills, I got all warm and fuzzy. Sucker.
"You look like an old woman," the pixy said.
"She reminds me of my mother." ... "She even smells like her."

(possible AP RN? possible ARed, age stasis) Morris Gleitzman, Paul Jennings, c2000.
When Amy arrives home for her birthday tea, her parents have vanished, and in their place is a baby she's never seen before. Meanwhile, Sprocket wakes up naked with amnesia on a deserted mountainside. The family drinks a tea which keeps them young as long as they have it every day. Both kids set out to find the people they belong to, and embark with the baby on the deadliest quest of their lives - (TBTC)

Dear Dumb Diary
- (coming of age, slight FFed)
Jim Benton children's books about middle school girl Jamie Kelly, 2004-ongoing, Scholastic - Book covers

Deceive Not My Heart
(UC scene, coming of age) Shirlee Busbee, 1984. p42 "Snippet view": "...though wearing an outgrown cotton gown, the outline of the firm young bosom could be clearly seen, and while the high waist of the gown hid the ... this one too had been outgrown. Her firm young bosom rose above what had once been a demure neckline; it seemed if she took a deep breath her breasts would burst from the material."

Deep Secret
(male FF APed UC, female maturation) Diana Wynne Jones.
p308: She was the old Maree in every way. She was the right color again, though pale, and her hair was once again brownish though possibly even bushier.
For some reason, she was now wearing the woefully ragbag skirt and top in which I had first seen her, and large soft shoes that put me in mind of the children on the hill. Even her fingernails had grown long and spiked again.
With all this, she was a whole new Maree. It was hard to say how, but I knew immediately that the same change which had overtaken the quacks had overtaken Maree too. It was not that she was older. It was not that she was more, or larger. It was as if she had not been filling her proper ... outlines before this. Now she did. A small, small measure of the change was that she now looked good in her woeful old garments. She looked astonishingly good.
p311: Nick surprised Maree by opening both eyes and eating the lunch we had brought. Then he too said he needed to change. I looked at him properly for the first time and saw that he was wearing clothes as ragged as Maree's, very short and tight, as if he had grown out of them, and shoes through which his toes showed. Something to do with Babylon, evidently, although neither Rick nor Maree said so. if there was an embargo on their talking about their time in the dark landscape.

Defector: A Variants Novel
- (teen shapeshifter novel, no UC/CB) Susanne Winnacker, 2014.
"So what about your mother ... is it possible that she could take on other appearances like you do?"
"Her Variation is regeneration. I don't think that entails changing into other people. I think she can just make her cells renew themselves, so she looks young again."
I jerked back, gasping. My throat, my rib cage, even my body felt too tight. I let out a cry - a cry so foreign that it made goose bumps flash across my skin. And suddenly my body seemed to explode. Rippling, shifting. I flew through the transformations. The bodies became a blur. My bones ached, my head throbbed, but I kept changing bodies. Faster and faster. Someone wrapped their arms around me, warm and reassuring, and the transformations slowed until they finally stopped and I was myself again. I breathed in Devon's scent and closed my eyes.

Del Amor y Otros Demonios
(hair TF growth) Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. 'On Love and Other Demons' The tale of the wonderous Serva Maria, a 12-year-old girl with the gift of tongues, whose lustrous hair grows to 22 metres within her tomb. Before long the lovely but deranged Maria has ensnared the Inquisitorial cleric sent by the evil bishop...she manages through Yoruba magic and childish tantrums, to get her own way.

- (adult TF age forms) Bertrice Small, 2002.
She grew taller, tall and straight. Suddenly he was looking at an older woman with the same white hair as Mabelle but with a fine-boned, elegant face and two piercing green eyes. The woman's bearing was regal, her whole manner refined...

(old age disguised, RN rejuvenation to younger adult) Bertrice Small. Alexander's mother disguised herself as crone.
"...Alexander watched, her features seemed to twist and change. At the same time, her body altered its form. She grew taller, tall and straight. Suddenly he was looking at an older woman with the same white hair as Mabelle but with a fine-boned, elegant face, and two piercing green eyes.
Alexander gasped.
"Everyone knew I was a sorceress..." She glared at him defiantly. "Has it occurred to you that I have had to endure the same torment that you have? That I have been trapped in the hideous form of an old crone for even longer - since a few days after your birth? I have also had to endure shudders of disgust behind my back, to face the world as a kind of monster. I wonder if I gave up my beauty and suffered for naught!"
...he knew that she was not more dear to him now because she was beautiful."

Delikon, The
- (coming of age) "The Delikon", H. M. Hoover, 1978.
Children's SF about an alien child who has been transformed into a human appearance to better train human children.

Deliver Us From Evil
(old age) Michael M Alvarez novel. "They both seem to have died natural deaths, from old age. The last time I saw Doris, 2 days before her death, the woman was a vibrant 23 year old. How in God's name could she have aged so quickly?"

Demon Hunting in Dixie
- (TF) Lexi George, 2011.
In addition to the startling color change, her hair had grown four inches overnight. It floated around her shoulders in soft, wild curls that gave her a tousled just-been-bedded look.
She dashed into the bathroom to brush her hair and halted in front of the mirror. Good grief, her hair was a disaster. It had grown another two inches overnight and hung below her shoulders in loose platinum curls. At the rate it was growing...

Demons and Dragons series
- (creature AR) Evanne Lorraine. A demon is reverted to infancy - (Entropic)

Demonwars series
- (mind transfer ARed) R.A. Salvatore.
Chezru Chieftan Yakim Douan takes advantage of a prophecy of rebirth to literally be reborn for centuries by taking over the bodies of unborn children.

Denim Lace
- (UC scene) Val R. Cheatham.
"In her room, Jane slipped into her pajamas. Just like all her clothes, they were too small. Not around the waist or hips or bust. Zero size would fit there. It was the sleeves and especially the legs, all about three inches shorter than they should be. To school she wore short-sleeved blouses, but had to add material sewn to the pants legs to keep her ankles from showing. She didn't dare wear shorts. They would call her 'stilts' for sure!"

Der kleine Konig Dezember
- (male reversal) Axel Hacke, Sowa, 1993, "Little King "
The eponymous king is met as a shrinking miniature creature, reaching the end of his backwards life and imparting wisdom.

Designer You
(male AP) Bob Stein, young adult Ebook. 12-year-old Evan Morris finds a piece of software called Designer You. The old man running the garage sale seems in a hurry to get rid of it. The software has some very unique properties. Whenever he manipulates his image on the screen, the changes actually happen to him! He's able to bulk up his body and get noticed by the girls, he can run faster, alter his seems like a dream come true. It isn't long before Evan discovers some very strange side effects, and his annoying little brother is about to make everything a heckuva lot worse.

Destroyer: A Power People Novel, The
- (dream AP scene) Zoe Books, 2015 self published ebook.
I heard a young girl scream. Before I thought about it I had turned and stared directly into her wide eyes. She had seen a butterfly but she was trapped by me now.
I felt the hidden power within me expand to the point of pain. My eyes ached and my skin crawled. I hated when my power came out. I hadn't ever triggered someone so young before.
I desperately tried to draw my eyes away but it was too late. Slowly the young girl began to grow taller. Her face faded to a pale white as her body filled out to that of a young girl about my age. Her body grew breasts and a slender curve. I watched her chest as the power inside that girl swirled and came to life. It consumed her. She grew to the full dimensions of a sixteen year old girl before she fell to the small five year old again.
I rushed to the girl as she collapsed to the ground. Her eyes stared at nothing and her skin was pale and cold. The life that was ecstatic about a butterfly no longer existed.

- (accelerated growth) Kimberly Baines was possessed by Kali and aged to adulthood by her 12th birthday.

Devil's Dances Trilogy, The - Dance of the Assassins
- (male ARed) Herve Jubert, Anthea Bell, 2005.
Futuristic fantasy/mystery trilogy about virtual-reality theme parks set from the 17th to the 19th century. Tourists wear period costumes and totally immerse themselves. Count Palladio masterminds famous villains come back to life.
A sorceress in her 40s and her 20-something assistant. Astral twins, telepathic hedgehogs, and babies comprised of organs from murdered women. Brief sexual situations and some graphic violence make the story more suitable for older teens.
"By the time I caught him he'd turned into a baby ... one year old, no more. I picked him up. He was very upset. The end came in only a few seconds. He turned into a new-born infant, and then his features gradually disintegrated..."
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Devilish Slumber, A
- (unseen oa shift mentioned) "A Devilish Slumber", Shereen Vedam, 2015.

Diamonds in the Rough
- (adult rejuvenation, RN) Unknown Friend, 2013.
P09 ...from dawn to midnight you will be young and from midnight to dawn you will return to your present age ... The danger was in the change of age. Her maturity had been painfully won ... set the alarm before dawn because she wanted to experience the change in her age ... asked Nunzio to return her to her real age. Nunzio reminded her that whenever she needed to change ... arrived home she returned to her old age...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
- (male CoA) "The Ugly Truth", Jeff Kinney, 2010, #5.
The plot revolves around puberty, and the fact Rowley is maturing faster than Greg. Greg realizes he could use Rowley's puberty to his advantage. He draws a 10-foot Hulk-like Rowley about to cream some bullies.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
- (male coming of age, puberty FFed) Jeff Kinney.
"The Ugly Truth" 2010.

diary of Anne Frank
- (UC mention) 1945. This is one of the VERY few works in human history mentioning a girl wearing clothes that are being outgrown as she wears them.

digital daredevils, The
- (ghost AA TF) Staff, Cooke.
...the frail girl shied away and started to giggle in a cruel mocking way ... Fox took another step towards the sniggering child ... the features on her face began to rearrange themselves. The young body of the girl began to stretch and grow and her clothes began to take on a different form and fashion ... staring into the face of an evil-looking witch.

Dina's Book: A Novel
- (UC scene) Herbjorg Wassmo.
"Alone in her room, Dina raged and slammed bureau drawers. Because her clothes no longer fit.
Her stomach and breasts had grown, giving the young body dimensions that would have attracted the attention and envy of those less well endowed."

Dirge for Prester John, A
- (age stasis) Book series by Catherynne M. Valente.
"The Habitation of the Blessed ", 2010. "The Folded World", 2011. "The Spindle of Necessity". A literal Fountain drives the plot, but it's nothing like what the characters expected. No one who drinks from the Fountain three times will age.

Discerner of Hearts
- (FFed, UC) Olive Senior, 1995. "And last year, the last time she came, they were astonished to see that she had grown breasts and hips like a woman, for she was bursting out of her clothes ..."

- (age stasis) "Mort" - Ysabell won't grow up.
- (male reincarnation ARed) Abbot of the History Monks wound up in the body of a young baby. The Monks play with time.

- (male reincarnation rebirth) Guru-abbot from an order of time-traveling monks has already been in a cycle of death and rebirth for centuries. After his most recent death, his spirit hovers over the house of a nice married couple waiting to be conceived. The real kicker comes when he's back to being a baby guru, drooling and bonking senior monks with his rattle whilst dispensing wisdom.

- (reverse timeflow) Trolls believe they live their lives backwards, basing this on the fact that "the past is in front of you, so you can see it, while the future is behind you and therefore invisible."

The Last Continent
- (AR, adult rejuvenation) Terry Pratchett.
When the wizards arrive, their ages fluxuate. Ridiculously, the Dean, the Lecturer in Recent Runes, and the Senior Wrangler all become 6 years old, while Ponder Stibbons becomes 104 years old. They all regain their proper ages before the Dean briefly becomes 13. Mrs Whitlow and the Librarian appear at the end of the section as a young woman and a baby ape - (Metamorphose)
- (AR, male teen regression, RN, accelerated plant growth) Terry Pratchett, 1998.
Rincewind's arrival in Fourecks has distorted the space-time continuum, and he has to sort it out before the whole place dries up and blows away. The Wizards' "temporal glands" get out of synch with reality.

Ditto List, The
- (adult UC effect) Stephen Greenleaf, 1985.
He took her hand and bowed. The girl inhaled with surprise, as though she had feared herself untouchable. She had somehow outgrown her skin and her clothes as well, her blouse so taut across her breasts and belly he feared its buttons would soon be missiles...

Divided We Planetfall: Brave New World
- (adult age stasis) Lawrence V Bridgeport, 2011.
...never complained about the charges his wife ran up. If he noticed the age-retarding change in her, he did not mention it ... places with gray. Her face displayed the biggest change: without regular doses of her youth drug, small age lines had begun to appear around her eyes...

Do Diligence
- (oa glimpse) Christophor Rick, 2012. "As he sucked the life out of the woman, her body began to age and desiccate. Her hair began to change from brown to silver and then to pure white before..."

Do You Remember the First Time?
(AR) 2004 Jenny Colgan. Flora wishes away her disappointing life to find herself back in the body of a teenager. Obviously, wishing to be 16 again is very different from actually being 16 and Flora soon remembers that been a teenager isn't all it's cracked up to be. cover

Doc Savage
- (male adult stasis) Vol.13 "Brand of the Werewolf/Fear Cay" Kenneth Robeson 2007?
After a failed kidnapping, Doc and Pat Savage travel to the West Indies and encounter a 130-year-old man on a strange island.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Doctor Sleep
- (adults rejuved, age stasis, ARed) Stephen King, 2013.
They liked moving around, and that was good, because they had to. If they stayed in one place, they'd eventually attract attention, because they don't age like other people. Apron Annie or Dirty Phil (rube names Anne Lamont and Phil Caputo) might appear to grow twenty years older overnight. The Little twins (Pea and Pod) might snap back from twenty-two to twelve (or almost), the age at which they Turned, but their Turning was long ago. The only member of the True who's actually young is Andrea Steiner, now known as Snakebite Andi . . . and even she's not as young as she looks.
A tottery, grumpy old lady of eighty suddenly becomes sixty again. A leathery old gent of seventy is able to put away his cane; the skin-tumors on his arm and face disappear. Black-Eyed Susie loses her hitching limp.
Diesel Doug goes from half-blind with cataracts to sharp-eyed, his bald spot magically gone. All at once, hey presto, he's forty-five again.
Steamhead Steve's crooked back straightens. His wife, Baba the Red, ditches those uncomfortable continence pants, puts on her rhinestone-studded Ariat boots, and says she wants to go out line dancing.
Given time to observe such changes, people would wonder and people would talk. Eventually some reporter would turn up, and the True Knot shied away from publicity the way vampires supposedly shy away from sunlight.

Doctor Who and the Dinosaur Invasion
- (male ARed) Malcom Hulke, 1976.
In the Tv Episode "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" (1974), the Third Doctor states the Blinovitch Effect "tends to limit research into time travel". The novelisation reveals that Blinovitch was a "great bear of a man from Russia" who had reversed his own timestream, reverting to infancy.

Doctor Who Expanded Universe
- (kinda sorta resembles male physical ARed) "The Blue Angel"
Alternate reality version of the Doctor "could talk from birth." You know you're scared of the talking newborn, but his mother just saw him as unusual and precocious.
- (possible age stasis?) "Timeless"
A little blond girl, possibly older than she looks, with crooked eyes and a little dolly, appears where she shouldn't, plays around with the multiverse, gets people killed, knows things she shouldn't, and generally acts creepy.

Doctor Who: The Dimension Riders
- (AR/old age) (The New Doctor Who Adventures #20).
Daniel Blythe, 1994 - Franchise INFO PAGE

Doctor Who
- (male adult hyper-FFed) Scaroth OA'd Professor Kerensky to death in City of Death. The novelization takes an alternate interpretation, describing how Kerensky was trapped in a faster timestream, spending the entire rest of his life there, slowly dying of old age, as the main timestream moved incredibly slowly around him.

Dolliver Romance, The
(male age stasis) Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1864 uncompleted novel. See Heidegger's Experiment. Elderly guardian of 3 year old great granddaughter drinks green elixir to stay alive.

Don Gastone and the Ladies
(CB FF scene) Parise, Goffredo. 1955. The threadbare lives of an Italian city slum. Access restricted
"Each day her clothes were stretched tighter and tighter, so that her bosom thrust forward and burst open the buttons and her buttocks split the seams, shaking provocatively.
It was grandfather who chose the bicycle - a red one, be..."

Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight
- (slight UC) cover

Door in the Lake, The
- (slight male age stasis effect) Nancy Butts, 1997.
12-year old Joey vanished while camping with his family, and can't remember what happened during the 2 years he was missing - or why he has not grown. Then he starts to have seizures and believes he was abducted by aliens.

Door into Summer, The
- (FF, FB) Robert A. Heinlein, 1957.
The romantic situation is rather odd: a mutual interest between an engineer of thirty and an "adorable" but very mature girl of twelve, that culminates in marriage after some hop-scotching in time to adjust their ages a bit.
After going back in time, Dan heads out to meet Ricky at her Girl Scout camp and suggests she takes a cold sleep at age 21. After sleeping for the second time until 2001, he greets Ricky, now a 20-something beauty, and they are soon married.

Doris Barrilleaux
- (FF) - cover

Dot's Diary; or, Banished from Fairyland
- (TF rapid size increase) -
She kept quiet, therefore, about Dot, who was also quiet enough, though growing still as fast as ever.
In the afternoon Kate was much surprised to find that her charge had grown so much bigger that it would be impossible for her to wear the old clothes anymore.
She then gently woke Dot, and helped her into the fresh things almost before she was quite awake.
I'll tell Tiny and Bob that you're a little girl come to see us ... But mind, you must try not to grow so fast ... we have no bigger clothes ready for you just for a few hours.
"I'll do my best to stop," said Dot, "but I'm not at all sure that I can."
"You can but try," replied Kate...

Double Trouble for Jess McColl!
(UC scene, coming of age) Elaine L. Schulte, 1995. "Her clothes were tighter, Jess thought. Either she was growing or her clothes had shrunken in the wash. Surprised, she tried on her favorite tennies."

Dr. Franklin's Island
(TFs) Ca. 2002, Ann Halam. 3 teens are changed into beasts. The transformations are so drastic they're a little hard to swallow?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
- (male adult rejuved form) Robert Louis Stevenson. Whenever Dr. Jekyll changes he becomes slightly younger as Mr. Hyde.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Dr. Who
(excellent AP scene, CB, also old age) "Reckless Engineering" 2002, Nick Walters. excellent AP scene, also old age

Dragon Sword and Wind Child
(AA AP) Noriko Ogiwara, 1988 Japanese fantasy novel.
- Data reported by (Clickme, posted on the Process Forum):
There's a really well described AP scene. It's halfway down on page 209 in the new reprint, and about a 1/4 of the way down on page 242 (or 252) of the older, now out of print, version. I give it a four star rating. Good description. It really paints the picture for you.
- Synopsis: Saya was found as an infant by villagers who raised her as their own. At age 15 she finds out that she is the reincarnation of Princess Sayura, the Water Maiden. She rejects this fact and becomes a handmaiden of Prince Tsukishiro. He asks for her hand in marriage, but she realizes he only wishes the reflection of his unreachable sister from the Water Maiden. She goes to the forbidden shrine where the Dragon Sword lies. Saya is helpless as the seemingly endless cycle of birth and rebirth begins again. She travels with the Ground Spiders, people of Darkness, and becomes the new Water Maiden. As of this time, no further data has been found.

Dragon Sword and Wind Child
(ARed, AA AP) Fantasy curse.
Princess regressed herself into little girl to elude enemies. Once the need for the deception has passed, she rapidly grows back to her true age.
Complete AP extract:
"That girl, Fawn, I can't get her to recall her parents. She is more like a little demon than a child born from a womb."
Saya could not feel this was enough reason to censure a five or six year old child.
In the crook of a tree, just at eye level, sat Fawn, swinging her legs back and forth. At a casual glance she appeared as cute as a doll, but the eyes that peered out from her grimy face were piercingly cold.
Speaking in a tone that did not match her childish voice, Fawn said: "You're a little too perceptive - perhaps because you carry two lives within you."
"It's exhausting - a waste of my powers of renewal."
He saw a little girl gripping the hilt of the Dragon Sword, which was plunged deep into Natsume's back, and bathing herself in the blood.
Chihaya gazed speechlessly to the blood-drenched child. She beamed a smile at him and then, without a word, turned and ran.
He rushed out of the prison in pursuit of the girl.
She leaped lightly from rock to rock before him as though dancing through the air, and in three strides she had descended to the edge of the pool. She stripped of her soiled clothing and dived into the cold water. The girl showed no sign of haste as she stood chest-deep in the water, washing. When she raised her clean face, her skin shone pure white. Though childish, her countenance was as flawless as a jewel. She looked up at him and once again smiled gaily, while Chihaya, taken aback, remained rooted to the spot. Next she began to wash her body. Each time she scooped the water, she grew taller. Her hair grew longer as he watched, and spread out upon the water. Her slender arms grew long and lithesome, her shoulders round and smooth, and her breasts swelled like ripe fruit. By the time she had finished bathing herself, she had undergone a transformation that would have taken a mortal a decade or more to complete. When she turned to climb out onto the bank, the water lapped just below her navel against the rounded hips and slender waist of a young woman.
She rose shamelessly from the water and stood before Chihaya with her wet body exposed. And indeed there was no need to conceal her perfect form.
"Sister," Chihaya whispered.
"An excellent cleansing. Now I feel better," Princess Teruhi said as she combed her hair with her fingers. "It is quite a skill to return to childhood. Perhaps because a child is weaker, one tires easily .. I almost wouldn't recognize you. How can that be, when those of our lineage never change?"
She smiled a not altogether unkind smile. "It was for your sake that I went to such lengths to penetrate the encampment of the forces of Darkness ... I slipped behind their lines in the guise of a girl and stirred the fools up a little. It was easy to twist them around my finger."
Leaning her back against a rock and folding her arms, the Princess continued.

Dragonriders Of Pern
- (male coming of age) series. Boy soprano Piemur finds that growing up sucks for fundamentally biological reasons - his voice breaks and he loses his choir position.

Dragons and Dreamsellers: The Fourth Ouroboros Anthology
- (age TFs) Krista Joy.
She pulled out the book, weighing a ton in her tiny arms ... rushing to the reflective pool ... where she saw herself clearly. Her clothes now swamped her, as did her mane of unkempt hair ... Her cheeks were chubbier and her eyes were red from crying.
"I can't be more than five years old! I can't go back to school like this!" She began to cry again.
"Oh, it's not so bad," he said. "Just think of all the lovely little outfits that will fit you again..."
She felt her feet stretch to fill her shoes, and the fabric of her coat shrink across her shoulders. She was nearer her own age, but still not quite there. At a guess she believed she was about seven years old. She had grown a lot between five and seven, but she was still comparatively short.
"This isn't right," cried Letisha. "I was older than this!"

Dragons and Dreamsellers: The Fourth Ouroboros Anthology
- (AR, AP) Krista Joy, 2014.
...took up her Ouroboros and pointed it at Letisha, who felt the floor becoming further away and her clothes tighten. Her boots fit her once more. She patted her body, and realised that she was once again eleven-year-old Letisha...

Dream Catcher: Mind Life
- (AA "AP" dream sequence) Julianna Smith, 2002.
c1: He was in a movie theater. A little girl was sitting next to him, her blue eyes sparkling in the light of the large screen. He reached out to touch her soft blond hair.
The little girl turned and looked up at him. "Daddy, it's so funny..."
As she spoke, she grew taller, her face dissolving into Amy's. "This is the funniest stuff I've ever seen!" she laughed.

Dreaming Place, The
(TF) YA fantasy, de Lint, Charles. A very strange book wherein a girl is transformed, in what appear at first to be nightmares, into a number of different animals: a rabbit, a wolf, etc. De Lint weaves Native American/Celtic legend into mythic fantasy.

Dreams To Grow On
(flash forwards) Christine Hurley Deriso, Illustrated by Matthew Archambault. Imaginative young girl explores exciting possibilities for her future. A teacher? Or a doctor? Or a writer? Let me see. . . Today I'll practice all the things I just might want to be - pages

DreamScraps: A Magic Journal
(AR, AP) Katie Thompson, 2008.
Katie, a shy teenager, has discovered that by drawing sketches she can alter her reality. Soon Katie learns to travel to alternative dimensions, curled up in sub-length units of space. She meets Hazel, an age-shifter who changes appearance randomly between various ages. - Only a tiny fraction of the text could be extracted:
Page 59:
"Oh, they're back," was Emily's response to the sound of the door-knob being nudged. As kids of various ages ..."
"... Katie sat down, as a nine-year-old girl with long brown hair took her place on the stool at the front of the class. "Well, who is ..."
"... " asked the nine-year-old girl. "Her name is Katie," answered Emily before Katie could speak for herself. "Welcome Katie, my name is Ha -" To Katie's horror, ..."
"... "Hazel, I said my name is Hazel." Katie stood very still, staring, shocked and dumbfounded. "Don't worry, dear. I do this all the time. I'm an age-shifter. ..."
"... " "What?" Katie was barely able to speak. "Age-shifter. It means that I involuntarily change my appearance between the way I looked at the various ages between infancy and around ninety. ..."
Page 62:
"... now appearing in the form of a seventy-year-old woman with white wire brush hair, and sky blue eyes. "Tell us about it, please?" "Well it ..."
Page 65:
"... I hope you understand, dear, and can be patient" Hazel now appeared in the guise of a girl not much older than Katie. ..."
Page 68:
"... " As Hazel said this, her body transformed into that of a four-year-old-girl. "Well now," Hazel said looking at her small arms. "You might have to boil the water, but I can still explain things. ..."
Page 69:
"... " "Age-shifter. No, he's not. Bill is just very well-preserved. The genetic defect that creates an age-shifter is a rare one. ..."
"... "Well, alone at last," said Hazel with a wry smile on her now forty-five-year-old face, having transformed this time without Katie even noticing. ..."
Page 76:
"... "Uh - okay - is this um, magic paper?" asked Katie. "No," said Hazel who, as she said this, briskly changed into a two-year-old. ..."
Page 79:
"... "That is a Symbolum." As she said, this Hazel's arms started to grow and she was able to pick up the object without Katie's assistance. "I've got it," Hazel was now fifty-ish. ..."
Page 80:
"... " Katie continued to draw herself on the paper. Hazel, now in the form of a girl Katie's age, used a wooden spoon to mix the ingredients for the glue with cold water in a small yellow porcelain bowl ..."
Page 91:
"... a great morning, Katie," announced Hazel, who was suddenly standing over Katie's small feather bed. Today Hazel was in the form of a thirty-five-year-old woman. ..."
Page 109:
"... Dardale sublen stays in the Dardale sublen" "Exactly," replied Ola, trying to hide a smile. Hazel was now in the form of a thirteen-year-old girl. ..."

Dresden Files, The
- (male adult OA'd) Cassius the Denarian surrenders his immortalizing Phlebotinum coin so the honorable Knights won't kill him. He taunts the knights by saying he need only return to the Big Bad for a replacement coin, but he never manages it. The next time Harry sees him, Cassius is an incredibly old and desperate man.

Dresden Files, The
- (mental accelerated development, FF)
Ivy, AKA The Archive, was 7 years old in "Blood Rites" (book 6), and 12 in "Small Favor" (book 10). She contains the entirety of all human knowledge and understanding, talking calmly about matters of magic and vampires, and then reverting unexpectedly to normalcy when Dresden's cat walks in. "Kitty!"

Dresden Files: Changes, The
- (adult OA'd) Jim Butcher. The half vampires are aged after Harry lets loose with the bloodline curse.

Duma Key
(sand daughter AP AA glimpse) Stephen King, 2008.
"Here in front of me stood Ilse made of sand, a shifting houri by the light of the three-quarter moon, her features never the same from one second to the next. Now she was Illy at nine; now she was Illy at fifteen, headed out on her first real date; now she was Illy as she'd looked getting off the plane in December, Illy the college girl with an engagement ring on her finger.
She stood there blowing away and re-forming from the sand beneath her, around her."

Dun Lady's Jess
- (TFed, possibility of CB?) Doranna Durgin, 1994. A fantasy horse is transported to our world and transformed into a naked woman. From then on, she is a shapeshifter who transforms between woman and horse.
- "Changespell" and "Changespell Legacy" also star the woman/mare Jess.

Dune books
- (accelerated growth) Frank Herbert. "Dune" Alia grew at an amazing rate after she was born. (2bya) Alia

Dune Messiah
- (young adult mental maturity, stasis) Frank Herbert, 1969.
Alia needs to marry in her early teens as an outlet for her budding sexuality. She marries Duncan Idaho while only 15 y.o. (his age is a little murky because he died and was resurrected). While Alia's flesh is only 15 her experience is ancient. Jessica comments after 9 years that "she hasn't aged a day" since then.

Dune series - Children of Dune
(male dream sequence) Frank Herbert.
"To free your vision and permit you to recognize this conditional nature's changing ways, ... Stare at your extended hands, first the palms and then the backs."
Farad'n complied, but he felt foolish.
"Imagine your hands aging," Jessica said. "They must grow very old in your eyes. Very, very old. Notice how dry the skin . . ."
"My hands don't change," he said. He already could feel the muscles of his upper arms trembling.
"Continue to stare at your hands. Make them old, as old as you can imagine. It may take time. But when you see them age, reverse the process. Make your hands young again -- as young as you can make them. Strive to take them from infancy to great age at will, back and forth..."
"They don't change!" he protested. His shoulders ached.
"If you demand it of your senses, your hands will change," she said. "Concentrate upon visualizing the flow of time which you desire: infancy to age, age to infancy. It may take you hours, days, months. But it can be achieved. Reversing that change-flow will teach you to see every system as something spinning in relative stability . . . only relative ... This is the perspective which you create with your own belief, and beliefs can be manipulated by imagination."
..."But it moves," Farad'n said. He held out his left hand, then his right. "I saw my own hands shrink into chubby fists, and I remembered! They were my hands when I was an infant. I remembered being an infant, but it was . . . a clearer memory. I was reorganizing my old memories!"
"Very good," Jessica said. His excitement was infectious. "And what happened when your hands became old?"
"My . . . mind was . . . sluggish," he said. "I felt an ache in my back." He touched a place over his left kidney ... Then: "My mind controls my reality."

Dune series
- (adult OA illusion, RN) The power to appear aged was a Bene Gesserit trick of the Dune-iverse.
Dune Messiah
- (accelerated pregnancy) Chani's twins come to term superfast as a side effect of the Spice. She dies afterwards.

- (AP cuts) Frank Herbert Novel, 1984 movie, Tv series. Muad'Dib's little sister Alia grows at an amazing rate after she was born because her mother, the Lady Jessica, took the water of life while Alia was still in her womb. (Jeffr_2bya)

Dusha Mira
World Soul
- (mental transfer, identity swap merging) by Mikhail Yemtsev, Yeremey Parnov, USSR. 1964 SF.
Scientist at the Institute of Telepathy discovers a biotosis mutation that links human consciousness. People experience an ecstasy of full communion, but personal identity is destroyed. Outside time and space, a young woman finds herself in the body of an old man, a child in an adult. Men "become" infants.

- (age change mention) Richard A. Knaak, 2015, City of Shadows Book 3.
... this variant would have recognized her ... Gilbrin had suggested that she choose to be ten years older than her seventeen years. Under his guidance, Maia had relearned her powers enough to age herself.

Ecumenical Cruise and Other Three-Legged Chicken Philosophy Tales, The
- (adult TF UCed) Walter Benesch.
It was funny how other people around him tried to ignore the bizarre transmogrifications. Often, even the people he'd changed pretended not to notice anything. This made them even funnier with their clothes popping at the seams, with bloated chests, bellies, and bottoms, while their little pinheads tried mightily to look as if the only thing that concerned them in that awful condition was the price of eggs or avocados.

Edge Chronicles, The
(AP) Female Termagant Trogs undergo an induced Metamorphosis from cute little girls to large scary Amazons at puberty. If they miss the initiation rite, they're stuck in juvenile form, as seen in the case of Maugin the Stone Pilot.

Educating Waverley
(UC scene, coming of age) Laura Kalpakian. Only a small part of the text could be extracted:
"Nothing from her old life fit her anymore. Her blouse strained at her breasts and her skirt was too short. She was taller, fuller bodied, brown and well muscled, strong, broad shouldered..."

Education of Jennifer Parrish, The
(old age mind transfer) 1984 novel by Russell Martin. Welcome to Spencer Academy, a coed boarding school that caters to the teenage children of the very rich. In an unspeakable ceremony you will be driven out of your young, beautiful body and into the hideous shell of an aging member of the Organization. (JR Parz)

Education of Patience Goodspeed, The
(UC scene, coming of age) Heather Vogel Frederick, 2004.
My heart was thumping so hard I was sure she could see the rise and fall of my pinafore on my chest. "There, that's much better," she said, giving the ribbon a final pat. I stood up and she looked me over critically. I looked back at her. Fanny seemed shorter than she had back in Lahaina. She frowned. "Good heavens, Patience, you're growing like a weed! That dress is much too short. I can see your ankles." She plucked at the bodice. "And look at the seams here, you're fairly bursting out of this dress. I'll speak to your aunt right away. We must see about getting you something more suitable."

Eerie, Indiana
- (age stasis, adult youth theft?) "The Fountain of Weird" #6, Sherry Shahan.
Marshall and Simon find themselves at the Old Fogey's Farm, run by Doctor Beelzebug, who has discovered a way to stop people from aging. But he needs hormones from young people to do it - and he plans for the boys to be his next donors.
- (TBTC) ln - th

Efa and the Mosquito
- (APed) Alscess Lewis-Brown, 2010.
Mosquito promises to grant Efa's wish to ride the taxi-bus into town like a grown-up girl. Ms. Aedes warns that being a grown-up is a serious matter. In the blink of an eye, Efa finds herself sitting in the taxi-bus, transformed into a grown-up girl. How will the penniless Efa fare in the adult world when the time comes to pay the driver?

El Anacronopete
- (male AR) Enrique Gaspar, 1887.
One of the first time machine novels. The sons of Mars and others are de-aged around page 94.
"If by this irrefutable procedure one travels back through time, does it not follow that as the time traveler loses years, he will become younger?"
At this, the fairer sex communicated their feelings with cries of joy.
"So these forces will shrink the traveler to nothing-ness?"
...the Moors searched in vain for an exit, all to the delight of the captives who, seeing as how they were tied up, could not escape or call for help but could sit back and wait for freedom as their oppressors grew younger moment by moment... the seventeen sons of Mars emerged, climbing around sacks of flour and over barrels of provisions, a frightened gasp replaced her energetic call to arms, for none of them had been subjected to the inalterability treatment and the oldest had yet to see twenty-five springs, so the score of years backtracked since Paris had reduced the soldiers to toddlers of a tender age ... El Anacronopete continued its backward journey, and the infants regressed to the point of crawling.
"God's truth," said Juanita, rabidly. "Don't you see they're dissolving like salt in water?" ... By this point, the little angels were lying on the floor, waving arms and legs in that idle way that they do and crying a lungful. Moved to compassion, every daughter of Eve took to her busom a babe and strolled gently through the storeroom, all the while feeling them dwindle away as the implacable uncle rubbed his hands together with glee and smiled a satanic smile.
"My Luis!" repeated Clara over and over through her tears as she caressed what remained of her captain of the Hussars.
"Have you no more jokes for your Juanita?" asked the girl from Pinto to her tiny Pendencia. And that rascal Pendencia as if he still wanted to give proof of his wit, bit her dress in the very place where children of that age receive nourishment.
Suddenly, the women went pale, no longer holding anything to their chests: the soldiers had dissolved to nothingness in their arms.
"Don't you fear that this phenomenon, whose explanation we ignore, will have a cost? For every pearl we win back, do we also gain a wrinkle that we'd lost?" The observation was so wise and the fear of losing their youthful charms so deep that a unanimous cry for relief arose from their lips...
- (Entropic)

Elder tales: stories of wisdom and courage from around the world
- (rejuv or AR?) Dan Keding, 2007.
Fountain of Youth type story.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

(AP) Christopher Paolini novel, 2005. Toward the end of "Eragon" a baby girl was given a cursed blessing. In this second book of the "Inheritance Trilogy" Elva grows up fast to play her role in life. (JeffR_2bya)

Electric Hawk Fantasy, The
- (TF size increased) Tater Hill.
Arachnie would have been scared out of her pants by the horrendous creature's roar, but she was totally naked; she had outgrown her clothing long ago and was growing larger every day, and her appetite was growing as fast as her body; she could barely squeeze into her father's...

Elenium and the Tamuli, The
- (age forms) The goddess Aphrael can look however she wants, but generally takes a child form because it makes her easier to adore.

- (adult age stasis) "A Terrifying Novel of Immortality", Ken Grimwood, 1979. A woman is born immortal because of her DNA, goes through a number of marriages, and in the late 20th Century meets a man she is willing to give it all up for.

Elixir of Hate, The
- (male rejuv AR) George Allan England, 1910. c55,000 w.
Dr Pagani has invented an elixir of life. Dennison's health is restored, but he finds himself growing increasingly younger. He falls in love with Pagani's niece, but is soon too young for her. The scientist has murdered scores of people for his experiments. Dennison vows revenge, but must kill Pagani before he turns into a baby - (Jeffr_2bya, SF Encyclopedia)

Elixir of Youth, The
- (adult rejuv?) Gillian Bradshaw, 2011.
Alison is shocked to receive an invitation from her father. He was working on a mysterious anti-aging serum which was stolen by pro-lifers. A brilliant molecular biologist or a mad scientist? - (Jeffr_2bya)

Elixir, The
- (male rejuv/AR?) The Elixir - J. N. Frey, 1986.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (adult age stasis, some rejuv?) Gary Braver, 2000.
Biotech thriller takes as its premise the fountain of youth. A dedicated medicinal chemist journeys to Papua-New Guinea in search of "miracle drugs that grow on trees." He finds much more than the contraceptive plant steroids he was looking for: Tabukari, the "forbidden flower of the long day" - a blossom with the power to prolong life!
The book asks: what if? What would be the consequences to society?
- (TBTC) ln - th

(ghost AR) Gabrielle Zevin YA novel. 15 y.o. Liz Hall is killed. In the afterlife people get younger. Aside from the fact that Liz is aging backward, she is dealing with the same issues as most "living" teenagers, including romance, family, and friends. A sort of reverse coming-of-age story, or a going-of-age story. Is Elsewhere a second chance, or a next step? Owen is an adult man aging backward who lost the love of his life, and finds a new one. Despite the physical regression of the characters, there is a feeling of "growth" in the book. The relationship between Liz and Lucy was important because dogs age more rapidly than humans, giving Liz a chance to reunite with someone who wouldn't be dying an untimely or unnatural death. Liz and Lucy die at about the same age, and yet, in Lucy's case, death is no great tragedy. The "next" Liz will be eager to experience everything. Her parents (or whoever) will constantly be having to hold her back.

Ember from the Sun
- (FF, coming of age) Mark Canter, 1996. A neanderthal girl grows up in the present time.

Emily Davies: collected letters 1861-1875
- (possible AR/RN scene?) Murphy, Davies, Raftery, 2011.
Early women's rights and activism. "But still the boy had the wish for a man's life again, and urged her on; and still with every step they grew younger and younger..." - (Jeffr_2bya)

Emily Dickinson and the Labor of Clothing
- (UC) Daneen Wardrop, 2009.
...lingering girlishness in Dickinson's body and dress...tight neckline and wrists show that she had outgrown her clothing recently in an adolescent growth spurt...

Emily Just In Time
- (FF) Slepian, Coalson, 1998.
Gently rendered illustrations show the evolution from toddler to preteen. Emily grows "from not-being-able to now-she-can," learning how to go down the slide, do somersaults, and ultimately spend the night away from home.

Emily's Runaway Imagination
- (FF UC) Beverly Cleary.
..."second prize...goes to the younger generation. Emily Bartlett, who has grown out of her dress before growing into her shoes..."
There was more wild applause. Emily was astonished. Had she really grown out of her party dress? ...she bent over to look at her hem, and saw that it was much too far above her knees. And her sleeves - now that she though about them, they were too tight. And the seam that was supposed to be at her waist - it was closer to her ribs. Of course, the dress had felt tight across her chest when she put it on and she could not see much of herself in the mirror at home... Why, she had never looked dressed up at all. She had looked funny, was pleasant to know she was this much closer to being grown-up, but it was most uncomfortable to have it happen on this particular night.

Enchanted Again (Mystic Circle)
- (young adult to middle age AA) Robin D. Owens, 2011.
Magic has a price - and for Amber Sarga it's years off her life. Each curse she breaks ages her and those she has grown attached to. She realized the truth when she went from 23 to 28 and her cat died. That's why she hates looking in a mirror. Rafe Davail doesn't believe in curses - not even knowing that in his family first sons die young. Amber offers guidance but won't break the curse - (JeffR)

Enchanted Castle, The
- (AA TF, male AA AP) E. Nesbit, 1907.
- "She's not a Princess," said Jimmy ... "she's only a little girl dressed up ... look what a little way down her frock her feet come..."
"It was the right length when I went to sleep," said the Princess; "it must have grown in the hundred years."
- "I wish I was rich ... Oh, criky!" he added, and with reason. By quick but perfectly plain-to-be-seen degrees Jimmy became rich. ... could not have stopped it ... All they could see was Jimmy ... continuously and horribly growing old. The whole thing was over in a few seconds. Yet in those few seconds they saw him grow to a youth, a young man, a middle-aged man; and then, with a sort of shivering shock, unspeakably horrible and definite, he seemed to settle down into an elderly gentleman, handsomely but rather dowdily dressed, who was looking down at them through spectacles and asking them the nearest way to the railway-station. If they had not seen the change take place, in all its awful details, they would never have guessed that this stout, prosperous, elderly gentleman with the high hat, the frock-coat, and the large red seal dangling from the curve of a portly waistcoat, was their own Jimmy.
- "I say it's a ring that makes the wearer four yards high."
... even as she spoke the ring showed high above the children's heads on the finger of an impossible Mabel, who was, indeed, twelve feet high.
Height was the right word; Mabel had said "four yards high" and she was four yards high. But she was hardly any thicker than when her height was four feet seven, and the effect was, as Gerald remarked, "wonderfully worm-like". Her clothes had, of course, grown with her, and she looked like a little girl reflected in one of those long bent mirrors at Rosherville Gardens... She sat down suddenly on the floor, and it was like a four-fold foot-rule folding itself up.
- "DEAREST AUNTIE Please may we have some things for a picnic? I would come myself, but I am a little tired. I think I have been growing rather fast. Your loving niece, MABEL." "P.S. Lots, please, because some of us are very hungry."
- "Eat then, my Gerald," said Mademoiselle, now grown young, and astonishingly like a fairy princess. "It is long time that we have not seen us, me and Lord Yalding!"
- 1979 BBC Tv-miniseries.

Enchanted Deer, The
- (flash forward AP AA, TF) Classics Illustrated Junior no.554, Grimm 11, "Brother and Sister".
Gretchen makes a collar for Deer-Jon from her golden necklace, which contrasts rather with her patched clothing. They live happily in a cottage they find, and 2 panels show them growing older. The deer gets little stubby antlers, then a 4-point rack. Gretchen gets taller, develops a bosom and hips, but her tightly braided hair remains the same length, and her clothes magically grow with her. Her skirts, in fact, lengthen from above her knees as a little girl to below her knees as a young woman. The square blue patch on her red dress remains in the same position.
Gretchen tells the king that her evil stepmother enchanted her brother into a deer. The stepmother transforms back from a black deer, and is promptly accused.
- cover

Enchanted Land, The
- (coming of age UC) Jude Deveraux.
"Morgan's entire body swelled and stretched. After the first few months, she could no longer get her feet into her own shoes. Lupita brought her an old pair...
Morgan still wore Lupita's clothes. The Mexican cotton blouse that had once swallowed her tiny frame now nearly burst at the seams. Her plump shoulders and bosom strained against the embroidered fabric. As Morgan's size increased, so did her..."

Encyclopedia of Occultism
- (reportedly some adult age alteration effects mentioned)
Lewis Spence. Incl. Fodor's Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science.
Also see 4-vol. Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 24-vol. Man, Myth & Magic (Cavendish), 2-vol. Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (Mackey), and Bernard McGinn's books on Western Mysticism.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (AP scene) E.D. Pedersen, 2010.
- P103: ...the string on Nanoe's left arm snapped! His little puppet fingers began to twitch. Not long after, they began to grow. Seconds later, there was a full-length arm, attached to a twelve inch puppet in a twenty-four-by-twenty-four glass case.
The arm began to move and stretch. It formed a fist, then...
- P134: The baby was born in less than a minute. The doctor was completely amazed. He went over to examine her. The baby girl had relatively long black hair for a newborn.
"The electricity must be out doctor."
He looked at the nurse and then rolled his eyes. He turned back to the baby and noticed that she was five inches longer!
"What the...?" He held up the baby and could feel her growing in his arms.
The nurses were aiding Jacquelyn when the doctor called them over. Four people witnessed seeing that the baby was now three feet long!
The doctor cried as he held her, "She's growing."
"That's impossible," said a nurse.
The doctor placed the girl on one of the beds and stood back. They all watched in awe, as the baby's black hair grew long. Her body went from infant, to toddler, to teenager, to adult in a matter of minutes! It was dark and difficult to see her face. She was still wet from the afterbirth and her hair was plastered around her face.
As she grew, her voice went from a baby's cry to an adult yelling. She took a huge gulp of air into her lungs and cried out, "Paxhaea!"
The growing was painful but brief. Then it was all over. The doctor and nurses stared at a fully-grown, adult woman lying naked on the bed. She opened her mouth and tried to talk as well as stand.
The doctor grabbed her hand and tried to help her to her feet, assuming that's what she wanted to do. But the second he touched her, she screamed and jumped back. She began crying and shaking her head as if she had risen from a grave. As she tried to get away from them, she used the bed to hold her up as...
- P148: "Then I tried to scream, but nothing came out. He looked at me and then he put his hand out and I watched as his nails grow until they nearly stabbed my face."
"Now Jacquelyn, I don't want to alarm you, but the wounds on your boyfriend as well as another man killed in an apartment had five punctures through their back and out their stomachs."
- P149: "Do try to not worry. We have every officer in the city looking for your baby. We will find her."
Steve turned on the television.
" any news about the stolen baby?"
The reporter was talking to the detective that had questioned Jacquelyn.
"Were there any witnesses?"
"Yes, the doctor to Ms. Dench as well as a few other nurses, well, let's just say that we are working with one amazing illusionist."
"Well, the doctor, as well as the nurses, claim that after Ms. Dench had delivered her baby, the child grew into an adult woman in a matter of seconds. ..."
"You say the baby grew before their eyes?"
"That's their claim."
As the detective walked away, the reporter tried to get in one last question."
"Detective, is there a serial killer stalking the streets of London?"
- P150: ...the alleged thief of the museum had entered the hospital around midnight. In there, a patient by the name of Jacquelyn Dench was giving birth unexpectedly. Again, witnesses say that the baby was born rather quickly and then began to grow before their very eyes...
...the child had reached a point where they described her as having long black hair and eyes that matched the description of the thief.

Esther May Morrow's Buy and Borrow
- (AR?) Arthur Everest, 2008.
Age regressing potion is mentioned in the storyline.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

- (male FF, UCed) Morgan LLywelyn, Michael Scott.
He had burst from his clothes and been forced to make new ones from hides and pelts he trapped along the way...
Almost overnight his body had turned into that of a powerful young man.

- (UCed scene) Nancy Thayer, 1992. A panoramic saga of passions surging from one generation to the next. P11:"...much cake and grown up so fast that she hadn't had time to change her clothes ... studied it, then with great care began to rip it apart at the seams."

Evermagic Island
(age stasis) Novel by Heather not yet written. 11-year old girl from the normal world stumbles down a hole leading to a magical island populated by girls that never grow up.

Every Day
- (slight teen FF, mind transfers, coming of age) David Levithan, 2012.
Bodiless teen named A who borrows different person's body of the same age every day since birth falls in love with a girl he wants to see day after day.

Evil Rising
- (slight AP) D.C. Claymore, 2014.
   When she was upright and stable ... Before Lecher's astonished eyes, Velma grew. Her hair lengthened. She was about a foot taller. Her face lost some of its baby freshness, transforming her into an older toddler. When the growth spurt stopped, she appeared about two years, nine months.
Velma gazed at her hands. They were larger, more advanced. She wiggled her fingers and moved her arms. The added years provided better control and dexterity. She was now capable of accurate spelling. Her diaper had popped off and fallen to the floor.
Lecher stared in disbelief. Velma had transformed herself into a young girl.
"Why did you do that?"
"I wasn't very useful as a baby ..." ... "Okay. Can you dress yourself?" "Sure ..."
   "She used her limited power to age herself so she could help. But she became enticed by Magik."
   Biron grew taller in front of the unruly crowd. Before their frightened eyes he matured into an older version of himself. Muscles bulged ... "Say that again, you ..."

Executive Jungle: A Novel
- (TF appearances) David Levy, 1998 autobiographical novel.
He could swear once Susan responded, now, anytime, her body began to change shape and weight. He wasn't being fanciful: he really felt her body lengthen to this touch, shorten to that, or her breasts swell, become heavy and the next moment become champagne-glass sized, almost ethereal to the touch. There were moments he could swear her arms lengthened, others, her neck ... Susan had stopped laughing now, she was all pliancy, heavier, lighter, longer, shorter...

Exit to Reality
- (male AR) Edith Forbes, 1998. Merle is capable of altering his form and gender. From their first meeting in Paris, when lead character witnesses Merle's body morph from older man to young boy, a stunningly inventive story unfolds.

Fables of the Carpailtin Campfire
- (AA? age forms) G. F Skipworth, 2009.
4 volumes: "Shindaheen","Fire and Iceland", "Three Roads to Waitsburg", "The Queen Stands Alone".
Fantasy about the beauty and viability of all age groups. Characters alter their ages at will, depending on the particular advantages each offers. A sword-totin' teenage girl is mentored by a gifted older woman, but since both can change ages, they may mentor each other. The tale is about her choices, not her status as a warrior.

Facial Expressions: Babies To Teens
- Book cover
- years

Faerie Lord
- (OA'd) Herbie Brennan, 2007. Faerie Wars Chronicles Series #4. A terrible plague takes over the faerie realm and causes its inhabitants to age unnaturally quickly.

Fairy Tale
- (unseen male rejuved, canine rejuv) Stephen King, 2022. There is a sun dial that can spin backwards, but it's very difficult to reach.

Fairyland series
- (RN ARed, FF CoA) Catherynne M. Valente.
"The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making" - 2011.
"The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There" - 2012.
"The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two" - 2013.
"The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland - For a Little While" - Prequel story.
- Mallow came to Fairyland an ordinary little girl who grew up to become queen and pregnant. It was only through turning her clock back that she returned to Earth as a very angry, bitter woman in a 12 y.o. girl's body in an abusive family, no husband, no child, nothing.
Adds a serious element of Fridge Horror to the more famous example of the Pevensies returning to England and becoming young again.
- Ever since Good Queen Mallow disappeared and the Marquess took over, all is not well.
The Marquess has the body of a child but the manner of someone much older. She became bitter and full of hatred for Fairyland, first giving her so much love and then taking it away again.
The sleeping Prince Myrrh is actually the unborn child of Mallow, allowed to grow up after his mother was taken and forced into a child's body.
- September is right on the verge of puberty. Over the course of the books she grows up and grows a heart. She is afraid that when she grows up, she will not be able to come to Fairyland anymore.
At one point September begins turning into a tree.
- No time passes in Fairyland, with occasionally cruel results like reverting upon return. The third book ends on a cliffhanger where it seems this has not happened and September's mother finds she is missing.

Falcon Pawn
- (male AP CB) - Matilla the Pun Publishing.
- p106: Ezilar woke to the sounds of the moaning druid. As he turned to his friend, he was surprised to see a man in his early twenties dressed in Sevlow's clothes. The clothes had torn at the seams and draped over the mangled bearded man. As the monk took his first deep breath of the morning, he reached down to situate his robe, which was too tight around his chest. After fumbling with the folds for a few seconds, fear set in as the monk realized he too was no longer an adolescent. His arms, which extended well past the end of his robe, sported new grown hair. He looked to the druid for an explanation...
Then he remembered a lesson he had learned about ghosts. He had been told they could suck the life out of anyone who looked upon them. Perhaps this aging is what they had meant. He confirmed his theory when he noticed a gray haired Ivan sleeping next to him.
- p108: "We were not full grown yet. Seeing the ghosts has pushed us ahead in our growth pattern. You are much older than you used to be."
Ivan growled, hit the ground with his fists,... and looked for his horse. Seeing only the white mare, he....

Fallam's Secret
(old to young adult AR) Denise Giardina, 2003. 55 year old Lydde travels back in time and finds herself with a 20 year old body.

Fallen 5: Armageddon, The
- (male AP) by Thomas E. Sniegoski, 2013.
Enoch writhed on the department store floor ... and that was when Johnny noticed that the baby looked bigger. At first he just believed it to be a trick of the light and shadows ... Enoch's clothes had become too small, the sleeves of his heavy sweater hiked halfway up his arms, his bare legs exposed below the cuffs of his heavy pants.
"Bloody hell, you're growing!" Jeremy exclaimed.
Enoch yelled as if he was being murdered ... The child continued to moan and grow larger before Jeremy's eyes. He wished he had more of a chance to marvel at the transformation ... Jeremy grabbed the child and started to run toward the shopping cart and their things.
He unceremoniously dropped the toddler into the cart ...
"We have to go," the child said frantically.
Jeremy was briefly taken aback that the child was no longer a toddler.

Family Fang, The
- (FF, coming of age) Kevin Wilson, 2011.
For as long as they can remember, Buster and Annie Fang have starred unwillingly in their parents' madcap performance art pieces, as they strive to create chaotic situations amongst unsuspecting bystanders and then record the reactions. When their adult lives suddenly come crashing down, brother and sister have nowhere to go but home, where they discover that Caleb and Camille are planning one last performance whether the kids agree to participate or not. Each chapter zips to a different time period.

Family Medicine
(FF AP) - description of puberty stages

Fantastic Universe: Science Fiction
- (implied TF) 1955. Only a small part could be extracted:
P71: "...the way she should be.
Already she seemed to feel her dress straining against her chest, and deep within her something seemed to whisper that, like chrysalis into butterfly, the change would be sudden, and immediate instead of gradual, as it was with human beings.
"I am becoming someone new..."

fantasy curse (plot trope problem)
- (AP glimpses ruined by being embedded in fantasy settings)
What part of real don't you understand? We want AP scenes to be as REAL as possible.
Not characters taken from cartoons or anime or franchised characters. No Japanese names (unless they're realistic Japanese people living in our world) or mythical characters or furries. Not set in some mystical past or useless fantasy setting. No stupid magic spells or special chosen ones.
No no NOOOO.
All these things make it worse than worthless. They may have value outside the AP field, but should not be combined with AP. We would infinitely rather have nothing then. As much as possible, AP scenes should be set in the real world, so we can imagine they could really happen.

Far From the Tree
(coming of age growth, UC) Donna Grant novel. "12, going on 13, was such an awkward stage between girl and woman. She was neither and both. Odella felt like she grew taller while she slept, and dungarees that had fit a few days ago seemed to have shrunk overnight. It was like her whole body had a secret pact she wasn't privy to. Blouses that she wore to school didn't button anymore, thanks to newly sprouted breasts. Her skirts suddenly became too loose in the waist and too tight across her hips. She hunched her shoulders in an effort to conceal her chest and appear shorter, until Odell made her stop. A few days later she came home from school and discovered a pile of new clothes on her bed. None of that helped how she felt about growing up and out."

- (FFed, CoA) David Thompson, 2010.
The question had come from Rachel Nevens. A sweet little thing who wore her skirt so short it became a belt. She sat right at the front and spent every class crossing and uncrossing her legs. Over the two years I had spent teaching her absolutely nothing, her breasts had developed so that now she could attack on three fronts, so to speak ... looking in her eyes only...

Fate Totally Worse Than Death, A
- (young adults to OA) Paul Fleischman, 1995.
Perhaps the greatest piece of mainstream old age literature I have ever read. Do not be scared by the fact that it is categorized as 'young adult' - It has a very dark humor to it that steers away from the 'silliness' of most young adult books. The characters are so historically funny that I've had several friends of mine read it. Also, there is sort of a pseudo-'infantilist' bit in it. One of the girls loses control of her bladder, forcing her to wear adult diapers. The book very much felt like something off the AR/OA boards.
- The basis of old age movie "Bad Girls from Valley High", 2004 - (Chrono Eclipse)

Fear and Yoga in New Jersey
- (AP dream sequence) Debra Galant.
...he saw naked pubescent girls, thin and small breasted, on hands and knees, balanced on each other to form a pyramid of flesh. The girl on top swelled into a full-grown woman, with pendulant breasts, and she climbed down off the pyramid onto his lap, straddling him, and pushing her breasts against his face, wrapping her arms around his back.

Fee, Fei, Fo, Fum
- (excellent CB TF growth) John B. Aylesworth, 1963. Extremely rare growth depictions. The ages and genders of the growing persons are unknown, but they are most likely to be adult males. Only a tiny part could be extracted:
"It was gradual at first. My collar started to get a little tight. Then my belt broke. The seams started to split on my jacket. I felt a bump on the head when I hit the ceiling. I crouched down and squeezed through the door."
"... five inches, and his clothes were practically splitting at the seams. ... could scarcely conceal his amusement at the sight... in a suit that was now several sizes too small. His shirt collar was practically strangling him ... feet were about to burst ..."
"I couldn't get out of the car. I had to break the damn frame off and then crawl on my hands and knees through the lobby into the street. I was still growing when I passed out."
"...her growth from girl to giantess. The easy way, of course, would simply be to surround her with a huge curtain, suspended by helicopters, until she was fully grown. Then she would don the one huge wedding gown that would be..."
- cover

Feliz... Idade
(FF APed AA) Part of sex-ed informational book series. cover

Ferin Chronicles, The (1-3)
- (male adult demon rejuvenated) Daniel Pierce, 2018.
Book 1, "Forever Young": Recently divorced Jason Richards is in his 40s and hates his job, but everything changes when he's attacked by a redheaded vampire. He wakes up in a mansion surrounded by beautiful women, and is told he can never go home again. More importantly, his bones no longer ache, he feels amazing, and looks like a 20 year old man again! That's because he's a Ferin, a Forever Young, gifted with immortality and special abilities. With his gorgeous haremettes, Jason must defeat the vampire who created him and uncover the dark truth - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fifth Head of Cerberus
(AR, old age) Gene Wolfe. The abos have the ability to shape-change. "In the bright daylight he could see fine wrinkles near her eyes; the girl was aging." He then asks her how old she is and she replies, "21." Are the wrinkles genuine, or the result of minor shape-shifting? The same question can also be asked of Celestine Etienne's youthful appearance. Is it real or like the acting abilities of Victor's mother, who "could talk to a man, and he would believe her a girl, a virgin, barely out of school. But then if she did not like him, she would become an old woman--a matter of the voice, the muscles of the face, the way she walked and held her hands."

Five Summers
- (FFed 9 to 17, CoA) Una LaMarche, 2013.
An ending and a beginning. Bittersweet, funny, and achingly honest story of friendship, love, and growing up. 4 best friends over 7 years. They came back to camp for a last reunion of tipsy canoe trips to the island, midnight skinny dipping, and an epic game of capture the flag, boys versus girls. But the memories come flooding back...

Flame Alphabet, The
- (coming of age metaphor) Ben Marcus, 2012.
The speech of children suddenly becomes lethal to their parents, a kind of reductio ad absurdum of the pain all parents feel as their little angels turn into cruel teenagers. The drama of parental obsolescence is sharply articulated.

Flash art, Issues 125-130
- (possible AR fragments?) access destroyed by search engine.
snippt: We can de-age, Jesus said. ... And in giving up our life, ... then we'll be shown the secret of de-aging... my ... age at will...

Flash House
- (UC scene, FFed) Aimee Liu. "It had been three months. The girl had grown inches taller. Just look how her shoulders strained at the seams of her blouse. She was losing the childlike roundness of her face and throat. Her cheekbones seemed higher, her chin and nose more tapered."

(age stasis) 2005 Octavia Butler vampire novel. Shori Matthews, a 53-year-old vampire who looks like a 10-year-old black girl, knows only that she needs to feed. Once she's drunk someone's blood (as quickly happens with Wright, a man who picks her up on the side of the road, whom she then beds) that person becomes tied to her in a relationship that's closer to love than it is to slavery, though it's an uncomfortable mix of the two. What proceeds is a darkly erotic story of a family and race crisis. Shori's frank and carnal relationship with her symbionts is complicated by her looking like a little girl. Despite his affection for Shori, Wright persists in asking awkward questions about the nature of her devotion and the extent to which he's really free to resist her. "Do you love me, Shori, or do I just taste good?"

Flesh and Blood
(UC scene, coming of age) Emyr Humphreys 1999. "The blue summer frock she wanted to wear was too tight under her arms and around her growing breasts. Angrily she took it off again and removed her vest..."

(flash forward) Wendelin Van Draanen. 2 alternating viewpoints: the boy and the girl. It begins when they are 7 years old and ends when they are 13. Bryce's first concern with Juli Baker is that the girl won't leave him alone! His eyes make her feel weak all over. She runs over while his family is still moving in and absolutely takes over. Bryce runs through most of the book just to stay away from her. However, by the 8th grade he senses a strange difference in how he feels about Juli. Just as he's thinking there's more to her than meets the eye, she's thinking that he's not quite all he seemed. Everything flips and Bryce stops running from Juli and she starts running from him. Bryce gets crazy over her and tries kissing her in front of the whole school and plants a tree for her.

Flossie Teacake's Fur Coat
- (RN AR) "They were all staring at Floz. Something amazing was happening before their eyes. Floz's body was getting smaller. The tall, lean, thin, lithe and beautiful girl was slowly starting to disappear. In her place, or so it appeared, a little girl was emerging."
- Info link

Flossie Teacake's Fur Coat
(AP book series, AP origin story, girl to woman rapid transformation event, APed child-as-adult plot elements, RN)
Hunter Davies, Laurence Hutchins (illustrator), UK 1982.
The heroine is an ordinary person living an unremarkable life. 9 year old Flossie Teacake hates being young and not allowed to do anything. She longs to be older, to have the independence of her older brother and sister, and to go out and have fun. The book explores the thoughts and ideas that a child of this age has about growing up and changing. It is easy to identify with Flossie's impatience to be grown up. Every small girl (and boy too for that matter) has surely longed at some point to be grown-up ahead of time.
One day our protagonist trespasses while her older sister Bella is out. When sneaking into her room, she immediately spots a fur coat on a shocking pink hat-stand. The coat, "rich and prosperous", calls to Flossie, who sees "strange shapes in its silky, shiny surface" as she strokes it. She tries it on, "wishing with all her might that she could be 18 years old, this very minute, and not a boring nine-year-old with specs and a fat tummy and bossed around by everyone and told to eat green salad."
The sweaty-palmed sense of suspense as she fastens the buttons of the coat remains gripping. The miracle occurs when she does up the magical third button, and grows up instantly into leggy, glamorous Floz, her 18-year-old alter ego.
[ -- Description found online ends at this point. No further information could be found as of 1/18/2009, 7:25PM -- ]
The adventures of 'Floz' begin at once! Hunter Davies manages to capture the mentality of a 9 or 10 year old girl experiencing the situations that a teenager might find herself in to hilarious effect. It is full of perceptive observations on the ideas, thoughts, desires, and attitudes of a suddenly grown-up child. The vicarious gratification of her desires, as well as Flossie's complete lack of high-mindedness, chivalry or selfless virtue, is what makes the Teacake books so appealing. Hiding behind the beautiful mask of 18 year old Floz, Flossie promptly exploits her new power, discovering the joys (and problems) of boys, Saturday jobs, discos and more. Whether she's off to be a waitress, a dance instructor, a hairdresser, or simply down to the pub, she leaves a trail of fried-egg milkshakes and spaghetti-haired customers everywhere she goes. Floz usually comes out on top, coat-pockets stuffed with loot to make most 9-year-olds drool.
Flossie Teacake Again
(AP book series, girl to woman magic transformation plot element) Hunter Davies, Laurence Hutchins.
Flossie Teacake Strikes Back!
(AP book series, girl to woman magic transformation plot element) Hunter Davies, Laurence Hutchins.
Flossie Teacake, the girl with a magic fur coat, enjoys more weird, wild and wonderful adventures as her alter ego, the grown-up Floz.
Flossie Teacake Wins the Lottery
(AP book series, girl to woman magic transformation plot element) Hunter Davies, Laurence Hutchins.
The 4th story featuring the madcap 10-year-old, Flossie Teacake. Her older sister's magic fur coat transforms Flossie into Floz, a teenager who can go anywhere and do anything - including buying a lottery ticket and winning a million pounds!
Flossie Teacake's Holiday
(AP book series, girl to woman magic transformation plot element) Hunter Davies.
Flossie goes on a holiday, and is sure to pack her older sister magic fur coat.
- More information is urgently needed.

Flossie Teacake
- (AP AA TFs novel series) covers
- (AP book series) Only the family dog recognizes Flossie both at age 10 and at age 18. Her friend Carol and her father think she looks vaguely familiar in her adult form. It's difficult to keep the secret from her older sister Bella.
"Most of all, she'd like to resign from being ten years old and having no money.
"I feel I've been ten years old for the last twenty years," she sighed.
She had bought these fashionable cycling shorts with her birthday money. She had worn them non-stop till they had begun to, well, pong a little bit.
She put them on, tugging and heaving. They did feel a bit tight round her middle, so Flossie gave them a few twangs, just to ease things a little.
...It was the voice of Bella, Flossie's big sister, shouting from downstairs.
"Don't you dare go into my room!"
She's a witch, thought Flossie. How does she even know I'm near her room?
"Hurrah, it's still there," said Flossie to herself. But will it still work? It MUST still work. She was already half closing her eyes as she put it on.
It seemed to drown her at first, with only the tip of her nose peeping out, and her feet nowhere to be seen. She carefully buttoned it up, one button at a time, and wished as hard as she could that the magic would still be there.
As she finished the last button, she stopped turning round - and at once her body began to tingle. A strange sort of electricity was surging through her, a life force bursting out, expanding and exploding.
She opened her eyes - and the fur coat now fitted her body exactly. Not too big, not too small. Just perfect.
Flossie had miraculously been transformed into an eighteen-year-old, the age she had always wanted to be, exactly the same age as Bella. She had been catapulted forward eight years in time, leaving behind the small, rather podgy frame of ten-year-old Flossie.
And she had left behind the spectacles, the plump little legs and the mousy hair. She was now Floz - tall and thin, confident and fashionable.
...Floz was large and grown-up looking, of course, being eighteen, and appeared tough and sure of herself, like most eighteen-year-olds, but she was having a slight problem with her feet. Last time she had been Floz, she had appeared in pink trainer boots. Now she found she was wearing big black boots.
I don't look at all like little Flossie. Now I've got to eighteen, I'm not only taller, bigger, thinner, but I don't need specs and even my teeth are a better shape. And unlike that Bella, my skin is ever so lovely and fresh.
...One of them suggested she should take off her fur coat.
"Oh no, I can't do that," said Floz. That would ruin everything."

Flossie Teacake
(AA AP) Book illustrations - art

Flowers in the Attic
- (faces lined up to OA, FB effect) - art

Flowers in the Attic
(4 year flash forward, coming of age) V.C. Andrews 1977. First book of "The Dollanganger series". Narrator Catherine Leigh Dollanganger (12) is the second of 4 siblings, following older brother Chris (14) and preceding twins Cory and Carrie (5). Their existence is kept secret. They must remain secluded in the end bedroom and the attic of their grandparents' vast mansion until Malcolm's death. Cathy and Chris grow into beautiful young adults who begin to develop sexual feelings towards one another, which confuses and terrifies them. The 3 surviving children are finally able to escape after years of confinement. Chris is almost 18 years old, Cathy is 15, and Carrie is 8. Carrie has almost stopped growing due to the stress of being locked inside.

Folk Keeper, The
(TF) Franny Billingsley. 15-year-old Corinna Stonewall is never cold, she always knows exactly what time it is, and her hair grows 2 inches while she sleeps. Relates to the Kelpies of Celtic Mythology and the old English Myth about seal women.

Following the tambourine man: a birth mother's memoir
- (UC) Janet Mason Ellerby.
This was the summer I grew to my full height of 5'9", and my graduation dress, only months old, is clearly too small. The waist is high; the sleeves are straining around my shoulders. At fourteen, I am already a big girl barely contained in a little girl's dress.
I can see that I am completely uncomfortable with my height. I look so ungainly, so awkward. There it is - that full-sized body, straining against distressed seams..."

Fool on the Hill: A Novel
- (transformation scene) Matt Ruff. Shapeshifter could also be capable of age transformations to an extent.
"...the clock touched midnight. Calliope's ears perked up at the sound."
"A moment later she walked beneath one of the streetlamps, and her hair was longer. Longer, and darker - it covered her ears, nearly touching her shoulders. And that was not the only thing different about her, though for a moment it was the most noticeable."
"Thirty-some paces in the shadows, and another streetlamp captured her. Her hair, black as the new moon, now hung halfway down her back. Her skin had taken on color, and her eyes were phasing from silver to dark brown."
"More paces, more changes. Calliope's entire stature began to change, becoming shorter, thinner; her skin continued to color, taking on a rich olive cast; her breasts grew smaller, more compact, but still perfectly proportioned; her nose widened."
"The entire metamorphosis took perhaps five minutes. When it was done, Calliope stopped under another streetlamp and looked at her reflection in a nearby storefront. It had been a long time since she had been Asian; she liked what she saw. ... executing a graceful pirouette in the lamplight..."
- (TF) 1998. Calliope, an ethereal muse who happens to be the most beautiful woman on earth, can transform herself into anyone's vision of female perfection.

Forbidden Embers: A Dragon's Heat Novel
- (CB) Tessa Adams, 2011.
There were at least twenty pairs of eyes on her - twenty pairs of male eyes at that - so she didn't bother to strip. While nudity was fairly common in the shifter world, by necessity...the last thing she wanted to do was to flaunt the fact that she was female.
So instead, she simply let the clothes rip away as she shifted.
From the time she had first learned to change she had been able to do it quickly. Like, a few seconds quickly. Like, blink of an eye quickly.
It was not a talent she had ever bragged about...
Her clothes split at the seams, fell to the ground in a forgotten heap.

Forest in the Hallway, The
- (ARed?) - Gordon Smith. Snpt. fragments:
- p182: ...kind of enchantment? Like one that made him younger by, say, thirty years?"
"Ha!" the OSHA man said. "De-aging. Nasty business."
"Harry, ..." the girl they had rescued looked at...
- p225: "Must've been the de-aging spell," said Leo. "She brought you here for a few days to let it start to take effect."
Nothing like being de-moted to work up an appetite.
After a raid on the abandoned-clothes chest to find things for Beatriz's parents to wear...

Forest of Hands and Teeth, The
(undead age stasis) Carrie Ryan. Zombie infant has apparently been laying in its cradle for years after the house was abandoned, restlessly kicking the footboard.

Forever Man
- (adult stasis) George Michael Greider, 1995.
A consultant discovers some of the bank employees are centuries-old people who have found a way to rejuvenate themselves. They start killing to preserve their secret.

- (male adult age stasis) Pete Hamill, 2003. Man was granted immortality in the 1700s but can't leave Manhattan. The book follows his life up to the present.

Formerly Brandewyne
(body swap AR) Jennifer Chapman, 2001. In the 20th century, Brandewyne Parker is a successful businesswoman struggling with being middle-aged and single. Over the years, she has gained more weight and wrinkles than she would prefer, and an unwavering devotion to her career. With the memories and experiences of a 39-year-old woman, Brandewyne finds herself in her teenage body in the year 2078.

Formula, The
- (adult rejuvenation) "The Formula", Don Viecelli.
Ingrid smiled and explained the process again. She planned to reverse thirty years of aging. "I really don't want to be twenty again," she joked to the camera. Jack watched as she took her first dose of the drug. The scene skipped forward one week at a time and documented the changes. The transformation was just as dramatic as her father's. After four weeks, she had transformed into the beautiful woman Jack had just interviewed. It was almost beyond belief. There would be many who would need more proof.
Ingrid continued with a detailed explanation of how the drug worked and what genetic changes occurred in the body.
...It was another video, this time using other test subjects.

Fortress of Dragons
- (male AR) C. J. Cherryh, 2001.
Fortress cycle. The vile Hasufin plans to use the first-born as his conduit. "Tristen gripped the boy's shoulder, then his hand, and increasingly as he walked the hand he held was smaller and smaller ... He found himself with a newborn baby in his arms, a wizened, bloody creature with tight-clenched eyes..."
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Foundling, The
- (FF, coming of age) "The Foundling", Frank Lauria, 1984. Dani, an abandoned young girl raised by nuns, develops the power to start fires, control nature, and manipulate people.

Fountain Of Rhooth, The
- (AR) Robert James Warner.
Mike Greyson finds the Fountain of Youth on the planet Rhooth. He takes a bath in the fountain and loses 43 years of his age, regressing to the age of 30. Marlon the tycoon and his people also take a bath in the fountain. There are radical changes as they regress to an earlier age, losing their hair and teeth and old skin. Mike takes another bath in the fountain, regressing to age 10. Marlon learns that he will not stop growing younger and smaller. Mike meets a girl of about 10, new age, and they get married. Victor Marlon becomes a baby in a crib. Will he stop growing backwards or begin to grow forward again? - (Entropic)

Four Souls
- (male FF, UCed) Louise Erdrich.
...the boy grew past the bounds of my care. It happened suddenly, with a bewildering rush, in fact. He seemed to enlarge by the hour, by the day. He burst from his clothes and could not fit into our laps.
He was as big as some boy twice his age.

Four Stories from Tagore
- (male APed) Swapna Dutta, 2004.
Sushil woke up to find that his clothes were tight and bursting at the seams. His body had become strangely bloated. Nearly half his face was covered with a salt and pepper beard and moustaches. There was no trace of the unruly hair that had...

Fourteenth Goldfish, The
- (male ARed?) Jennifer Holm, Tad Carpenter, 2014.
11 y.o. Ellie misses fifth grade. Then a strange boy shows up... who looks like Ellie's grandfather, a scientist obsessed with immortality? Could this pimply boy really be Grandpa Melvin? - (Piper)

- (male TF, coming of age) Gillian Rubinstein, 1994. Tod, 12, meets a spirit fox who allows him to transform into an animal himself.

Fran That Time Forgot, The
- (female AA age forms) Jim Benton, 2005.
Franny K. Stein REALLY didn't think someone would say her middle name at the Science Fair award ceremony. All the kids and teachers burst out laughing. So she goes back in time to change her name. However, things don't turn out well, and Franny ends up having to face her teenage self in a kid-versus-teen, good-versus-evil battle of the minds!
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son
- (male adult rejuvenation) Dean Koontz, Kevin J. Anderson, 2007.
A character uses a variety of treatments and supplements to become younger.
- "This turning back of the clock was highly desirable, of course, but he reminded himself that he could youthenize himself too far. If he reversed himself to the condition of a twenty-year-old and stayed there for a hundred years, that would be good; but if he got carried away and made himself twelve again, that would be bad"
- (Capst)

Freaky Monday
(teen to adult mind transfer, AA) Mary Rodgers, Heather Hach, 2009.
- "Freaky Friday" sequel by the author of the original book and the screenwriter of the recent remake.
Overstressed A-student Hadley finds her 13-year-old body mysteriously switched with her earthy English teacher, Ms. Pitt. Their daylong adventure produces predictably awkward situations, a (double) first kiss, and enlightening revelations for both. Hadley and Ms. Pitt land their dream boy and dream job just in time for Tuesday. Change can be pretty enlightening, even if it is a little freaky!

Friends of Freeland, The
- (kinda like UC) Brad Leithauser, 1998.
Her hair was always springing loose of its pins or ribbons or barrettes. Her shirttails wouldn't stay in her skirts, her tights wouldn't stay up on her legs, and I even liked the way her toes poked through her tattered gym shoes...

Full Moon Magic
- (unsuccessful AR attempt) Holly Warriner, 1998. 12-year-old Sally and her witch friend Lucinda concoct a magic youth potion for their neighbor Phoebe's grandmother Maya, but the spell does not work.

Further Adventures of Aladdin
- (AR) #03 "A Small Problem", A. R. Plumb, 2004.
Evil sorcerer tricked almost everyone in the palace into drinking enchanted water, causing them to grow younger by the minute. Most people in the kingdom have also drunk youth water. With the Sultan a boy on the throne, and toddlers forming the palace guard, Aladdin and Jasmine must stop him before they have a city of babies.
- (Tazz) ln - th

Future Eden: A Brief History of Next Time
- (slow AR) Colin Thompson, 2000.
It is the year 2287: "There was no problem bringing everyone back to life and at first everyone was wonderfully happy. Actually a lot of people weren't that happy, especially old men who had re-married younger women when their old wives had died and now found themselves in court for bigamy. And it seemed as if the New-Living were younger and healthier than when they had died. And that was the problem, they were. A month after revival they were ten years younger than the day they had died. Six months later they were twenty years younger. It was fabulous. Old arthritic men threw away their sticks and married women half their age. Except that after a year the women weren't half their age. They were older and a year later the old men were teenagers and there was no way of stopping the rejuvenation process. After two years all the New-Living or Re-borns were dead. A few survived as cells frozen in laboratory dishes but for the majority, they passed their first birthdays, forgot how to walk, lost their teeth, threw up on their wives shoulders, spent a few days attached to robot breast feeders then simply fizzled out."
- ln - th - (Jeffr_2bya)

Future of Us, The
- (future adult self manipulation, coming of age)
Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler, 2011.
- In 1996, 2 teens inadvertently access their Facebook pages 15 years in the future after loading an Aol Cd-Rom. They learn their present actions will affect how they end up in their 30s.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal