Aging Transformation Scenes

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18 to 21
- (dedicated adult TF) College years gif animation - Playboy gif animation

3D Short Animation - Forever Young
- (older to younger adult rejuvenation)
CGI musicial short about a special melody opening a gateway to the past.
- Video link - screencaps - (Age Theater)

A for Adley: BABY ADLEY CARTOON!! Magic Puffs turn kids into Babies! a crazy morning of diapers and dad day care
- (AR AA, RN) re-imagined by Spacestation Animation, 2023/02.
Based upon "ADLEY & NiKO turn into BABiES!! Magic Baby Puffs mix up in our Pet Neighborhood!" - link (Note the original live-action only had mental "baby transformations")
- Instead of grabbing the "Froop Froops" cereal box, Dad grabbed a container of Navey's BABY PUFFS and poured it into Adley's bowl! She zapped into a BABY... now dad has to find a way to turn her back before Mom wakes up! It's clear that taking care of a baby alone is a lot harder than he thought! Things were going great until little brother Niko decided to eat a puff too! Finally, dad decided he needed Mom's help! All you have to do is give both babies a big kiss on the cheek, and they zap back into big kids!
- Cartoon link - - caps - (Tazz)

AA curse
- (clothes and age increased) "Ageing Diamond" 2015 short. Very bad tendency to have the clothes "grow with" - lo-qual caps

AA FF tropes
- (grow up years) c'18 - gif - caps

- c2014 caps

AA scenes
- (FFed cut) c'21 cap

- (cuts) c'15 - cap - cap

Aidan's Dust
- (adult rejuvenation) c2010 CGI Web Toon.
Video link - screencaps - (Booksbydavid, Thomas)

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld (DC Nation Shorts)
- (NO AP! AA crAAp) 2012 short, got rid of what little was good in the comics.

(FF) 2003, Vinton Studio, Mike Smith, 5 min, Young & Rubicam, Sony. Compositing, animation and live action are blended to create a highly stylized love story set in India. A young girl and boy sit blissfully in a colorful world where imagination is king, but midway through the film, they morph into adults and separate - 01

- (FFed AA cut) 2014, Brown Bag Films. To raise awareness of charity work with orphaned children in Russia. 20 years in the life of an abandoned child as she grows up - link - caps

AP scene
(BE AP CB) - sudden growth spurt
- schoolwomen Late Bloomer small gif - (Beprofessor)

AP scenes (web shorts caps)
- 3 ages girl face FF.
- lifetime AA FF sketch.
- witchling

- (old adults, mental flashbacks to young selves) 2011, Spain. AKA Wrinkles.
The opening scene features a couple at a bank where the bank manager is going over their finances for a possible loan. The man suddenly loses it, and says they aren't there for a loan, nor are they in a bank, nor is the other man still a bank manager. He tells him "Dad just eat your soup". The man gets confused, and sees a bowl of soup in front of him. He is really an old man with Alzheimer's.
In another scene he is shown his new room at the nursing home. He envisions it like being a small boy on his first day of school. Other elderlies get similar scenes. An old woman thinks she is a young adult on a train while looking out the window of her room.
The main character has a dream/memory of when he brought his young wife and son to the beach. He soon becomes old and is confused about where they are (still in the dream) - (Tazz)

- (AP glimpse to OA'd) 2009, R.J. Pena.
Minimal sketch animation. She ages during a strange aerial voyage. In the raw version (see screencaps) it looked like her shoe had slid off her growing foot during the eagle ride. The altered final version was 100% AA. At the end, she must let go of the string.
- Finished video link - raw screencaps - (Gunslinger10)

- (male OA) by TomSka, 2013/10 short gags - link
First Person: Hey, what did you get for your birthday
Second Person: I got...older! (Quickly turns elderly)
First Person: AAAAAAAAAAH - That is weird...

AumSum - What If
- (ARed effects) "What if our Body became Baby-like?" 2022.
If adults became baby-like, real babies may start hiding their toys from us, marathon runners may give up, getting stuff from upper shelves will become almost impossible, we may start crying like babies, thieves may now get caught very easily, and superheroes may not be able to fight villains anymore.
- Cartoon link - - (Tazz)

- (FF AA) 2011 web toon.
A delicate visual diary chronicling the passage of a life and the private milestones of aging.
- Video link - screencaps

Avocado Couple
- (anthros age swap) "I'm baby but look Adult! Body Swap and Super Babysitter" c2022. What to do if parents turned into children, and you began to look like an adult? Ava and Cado swap places with their folks! - Ep link - - (Tazz)

Avocado Couple
- (veg fruits AR OC) Webtoons series channel link - Episode "I was turned into a baby!" 2020/09/16.
Anthro avocado man into a boy vegetable, then back, then old, then baby, then back and forth throughout. Woman avocado also into baby.
- Webisode AR link - - (Tazz)

Back Then
(FF AA) ff

- (male anthro pastry FF) Pixar, CGI short, 8mins, 2018.
A woman suffering from empty nest syndrome got a new shot at motherhood when a handmade dumpling came to life - caps - (Isabella)

Bath Time Story, A
- (AA dream AP) "A Bath Time Story", 2016 thesis film, Margarita Kotsoni.
The bath time fantasies of a young girl growing up in the tub. Video link - screencaps

Beauty of Life
(FF AA) Couple seen through the years

(grow up wish) CGI, 2005, Kamalova, Shakirov, 7 mins, non-verbal.
A little girl is full of ideas. Jewelry, high heels, color combos - Bibi desperately wants to grow up - fast. Smothering her face with make-up doesn't quite work out. Having a very vivid imagination, she quickly dreams up a more adventurous plan to reach her goal.

(TF) 1999, Chris Landreth animated short. A coy little girl morphs into a hideous creature.

Birthday: Fountain of Youth
- (male adult head into baby) 2013 web short - Vid link - cap - (Thomas)

- (BE AP, coming of age) 2013, Nancy Chung, 5mins.
Breasts tend to sprout unexpectedly regardless of what a girl is doing at the moment. Video link - screencaps

- (coming of age interviews) Netherlands, 2006, 6x6 mins.
AKA Naked
- Submarine production, VPRO, Mischa Kamp, Sverre Fredriksen.
- Amusing personal stories about puberty are told by children between the ages of 10-13 and illustrated with quirky animations - video link - male link
- (coming of age interviews) Brazil segment. Ilham (13) "Mudanças na Puberdade". AKA Bloot
- A contemporary and wayward documentary/animation series in which growing children and teens tell us their funny and personal stories about the changes their bodies are going through. What does it mean to grow breasts and pubic hair? The stories were shot on digital video and animated through rotoscope animation. In a playful manner the animated images comment on their memories and fantasies.
- The 6 6-minute episodes are: Breast, Sweat, Hair, Sex, Menstruation, and Heavy - video link
Ask Lara
- (coming of age stories)
05/2011 followup to "Naked" AKA "Bloot", Red Kite Animations.
- 2D comedy-drama series targeted at 9 to 13 year olds which follows Lara and her 4 friends as they embark on the rocky road of puberty.

Bluey Animation
- (furry male OA) "Age Changing Cake!!!" c2022. Dailylife of Bluey, canine old age, fan vid - - (Tazz)

bonheur de la vie, Le
(male AP UC, coming of age) Documentary animation.
Folimage-Valence CFES FR, 1992. AKA "La alegría de la vida".
- male AP UC scene - 2

Boobie Girl
(AP, BE) Brooke Keesling. A little girl wants big breasts when she grows up, suddenly gets them, hates them and has a reduction. 2001 student Academy Award - BE buy

Bookworm Turns, The
- (male bookworm TF AP effect, magic pants) 1940 MGM theatrical cartoon. One-shot, 9 mins.
One of the better cartoon transformations from animation's golden age. Dr. Jekyll switches the brains of Poe's raven and a literal bookworm. He then compensates by making the bookworm grow into a giant brute. In the German dub his high pitched voice quickly became deeper and more powerful.
- Source link - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

Borge Ring
- (AP) "Anna & Bella" - caps
- (AP puberty sequence, temp. UC) "Anna and Bella" 1985 Academy Award for best animated short - AA AP

Borge Ring
- (FFed, CoA) "Oh My Darling", 1978. A feisty daughter's concerned parents can't handle her newfound independence when she grows up and has a family of her own.

- (OA effect) 2012 web toon - age mirror.

Boy Meets Dog
- (male AR) Classic cartoon originally aired as an Ipana Toothpaste CM.
A youth machine physically regresses a mean ol' man so he can later be re-raised.
- Direct video link:
The "fun" begins - the male AR scene - (RyuuAinaki)

Boy Meets Dog
- (male AR) Universal Pictures, intended theatrical release, 9mins, 1938 one-shot.
Strict father won't let his son eat sundaes, go fishing, or keep a stray dog. Father dreams of being taken to forest and put on trial by various elves, pixies and other creatures. The unwanted doggie is the star witness and the dad is sentenced to a "youth machine," which brutally turns him into a baby. Upon awakening, he reforms and takes the boys fishing - (ARthur)

Bring Me Up
- (male FF) c2015, 6 min, Miki Tanaka, Tokyo. Animation link - screencaps

Bruno Bozzetto
- (egg AR, male prenatal growthspurt AP) "Baby Story", 1978.
Italian animator. Guido Manuli & Maurizio Nichetti (screenplay). The inside story of a gestation. The Pill caused the ovum to revert.
- Animation link - gif - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya, Maniacaldude)

Bus Stop, The
- (FF cuts) Amy Kate Wolfe, 1 min, c2011. Scenes from the lifetime of one girl against a photographic background - link - (Lunkpil)

Cartoons on Tour
- (male AR) 1915, theatrical. Many years ago, Edison produced a silent short with both live and animated footage. There is a short AR sequence in the middle.
- video link (johndee)
- (male ARed AA) Fountain of Youth

Cautionary Tail, A
- (FF) animated short cap

Changes from Adult to Baby: 3DCG Morphing
(face close-up AR) Masahiro Ushiyama.
- Video link - screencaps reversion

- (CoA metaphor, cutaway, AA aged-up) c2017. Child wanders through snowy landscape.
- Video link - screencaps - (Teejay)

Charles A. Csuri
- (adult face line drawing to older face morph) "Aging Process" AKA "Young into Old", 1967 CGI animation, IBM 1130, punch cards. Csuri's early fragmentation animations foreshadowed morphing technology. He expanded his notion of object transformation to include the morphing of human face drawings.

Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion, A
- (kid characters FFed to adults) - Animation Domination High Def - S01Ep10 2012/12/13.
The family's favorite Christmas rerun is back. Catch up with the Peanuts gang, Louis CK style. Charlie Brown telling Lucy to fuck off is wonderful. I love how much I hate Lucy?? - link - (Kappa)

Chasing Lilies
- (CoA metaphors, AA TF APed) Nguyen, Inan, 2016 short.
A child grows up in a world out of her control - Video link - screencaps

Cherry Family, The
- (AA family FF cuts to OA/death) "Launch Time", Kreid, 2017.
It can be difficult to back down a boat ramp. This'll just take a minute.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dax)

Chestnut Tree, The
- (AR dream sequence, RN) Hyun-min Lee, 2008. Short film about a girl revisiting her memories of her childhood spent with her mother. link
- (dream sequence AA AR, AA RN) Screencaps - ARed - RNed

- (male FF AA) c2017 short animation.
Jan Berger. Our character "grows up" on camera. The Modular Character System enabled a comfortable workflow throughout the animation process. A single rig AA-"transforms" the boy into an old man.
- Video link - Trailer link - gif

Chrono Cream Commercial Animatic
- (AR) 2011 web toon, very rough storyboard sketch. Vid link - cap

Clay Mixer
- (male anthro OA) "Life Experiences", claymation, c2022. Teen into adult, then elderly - "Tiny and His Life Competition" '19 link - (Tazz)

- (AP, BE, dream sequence TFs)
2011 French short stop-motion cut-out animation about puberty.
- Toddler girl has an erotic ego trip throughout her sleep. Her blanket suddenly turns her into a beautiful woman, then turns her back to normal, then casts a nightmarish spell that makes her breasts grow. She uses her magic blanket to become a mermaid. And then suddenly the little girl wakes up and finds that she has turned into a young grown-up woman with chubby cheeks and small breasts. After looking at the boobs, the girl (now turned into a woman) cries in complete sadness over what happened to her.
- Official video page link - screencaps
(Tykun, Ladylike255)

- (male ghost ARed to pre-born) 2015.
A lost ghost stumbles drunkenly through the city and a park. He asks Death for more time. Returned to a fetal state, he is shown everything.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (FF) Raphael Huchon, 2011, France, 4 mins. Father and daughter plant a tree which grows through the years.

Collegehumor: Second Puberty and You
- (AA FF) Collegehumor, 2014 - Video link - screencaps

- (boys-only puberty AP meme, magic pants meme, shoe AA meme) 2014 parody web video.
"What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead" - Among the scenes that would have been your favorites. It contains a little male AP involving Carl... might spoil a bit of season 4.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

coming of age documentaries (tropes)
- (AA FF) 1950's caps

- (AA FFed) Short cartoons by Andrei Khrjanovsky, plus 2 hours of miscellaneous short films by others.
"Corey" was shot in sepia and featured a young girl planting a seed, and then the same girl, older, picking apples from the tree that she's raised. The climactic moment is when she begins eating one of the apples and you see flashes of her family and childhood, with dramatic music.

Cream by David Firth
- (rejuvenation) 2017.
After years of smashing particles together, scientific genius Dr. Bellifer revealed his revolutionary new cream with the power to fix any problem.
- Full animation link - caps

(FF AA) years

(FF clothes growth) A boy and a girl grew up together until their relationship changed irretrievably - transition

Cry Me a River
- (AA rejuvenated) 4mins, 2007, Cecilia Westerberg.
An old woman absorbs a puddle and was transformed into a younger woman crying a cloud. In the last scene a little girl rained in to the river. Water transforms itself and the female figure backwards throughout the film - screencaps

Cut It Out
- ("unbirthed" ARed, pseudo OC, AA RN cutaway) CGI animated short, The Animation Workshop, 2021.
Psychological drama following Tara being guided on the task of defusing an organic bomb in a school. All is not as it seems. She gets consumed by the bomb, and was turned into a baby. After she fights her way out, we find the change is very symbolic.
- Video link - info link - screen caps - (TAnimation 7)

Daddy's Little Girl
(coming of age FFed) A daughter grew (normally) up

Dangoheart Animation
- (male ARed) - Minecraft anime Ep11 "Witch's potion" 2021.
It's not much, but at least it's something. link - (Username)

Dark Noir
- (young adult stasis, young adult to old age) Absolut X, Rafael Grampa, 2014, CGI, hand drawn.
Female performer remained a young adult by stealing other people's talents, including their youthful outlook. When these spirits are released she reverts to her true age.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya, Vended)

David Lynch (animation)
- (TF) Michel Chion, 2006. Unknown animation? "Stretching and stretching, the father begins to grow like a plant in time-lapse photography ... the child screams twice, then grows..."

Diana Cartoons
- (male ARed) "Misty turns Diana's friends into babies" Claymation webtoons, 2019.
Kids zapped into babies - Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Dolly and Friends
- (furry anthro AA TFs, size/age forms)
S4 "Apple of Youth" 2018. Witch into young, kid into baby then giant. Witch RN, giant baby RN-sized then RN to kid.
- Ep link -
S4 "Quick Growth Secret" 2019. Kid into giant.
- Ep link -
- (Tazz)

Doogtoons Studios
- (FF) "Valentine's Days" 2023/02. Happy Valentine's Day by Doug Bresler - link - (Kappa)

- (FF cuts) "Birthdays" 2022/11 gag short.
"Happy Birthday to you" - the same wishes every decade from age 10 to 90 - Toon link - (Kappa)

Eagleman Stag, The
- (male time concerns) The Eagleman Stag, 9min stop-motion by Michael Please, 2010.
Darkly comic take on a man's obsession with the quickening perception of time that faces us as we age, and his attempts to counter the effect - Toon link

- (AA FF AP to OA) - 2014. A human life animated in one Vine. 7 sec Video link - caps

Ends of the string
- (slight AA FF AP) A Twins Aniboom Animation by Qin Leng, 2008 short.
A tale of a strange thread. Two twins are connected at a fundamental level. Can the cord be cut? Similar style to Borge Ring.
- Video link - link - screencaps

Essence of Terror
(male AP CB) Sophie Raymond 2003 Australia, at Atom Films. (2BYA) male AP CB

- (puberty) c2012 web short - caps

Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids
- (adult rejuv) Youtube channel, web toons. Rapunzel Series - Ep10 "Three Great Favors" 2020/10.
Ep link @0730 - - caps - (Tazz)

- (resurrection ARed) - ESMA, 2019.
A witch who was burned at the stake was resurrected from the ashes in a younger form by the end (cutaway poofed). It's not much but it's better than nothing. The end credits show aftermath sketches.
- Video link - screencaps - (Username)

fast forward (age bounce tropes)
- (slight AP TF, overstretching trope) Preteen to tween vid link - caps - (Qwertyhatter45)

fast forward (trope)
- (FF AA) '15. Lifetime or puberty cuts

Father and Daughter
(FF OA, AA AR) Michael Dudok De Wit.time

Figaro Pho: Gerontophobia
- (male pseudo OA, no size increase) "Fear of Old People", "G is for Gerontophobia".
Luke Jurevicius, 2009 CGI short. Boy into "old man". Go ahead and laugh out loud, it's worth every wrinkle.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Figaro Pho
- (male ARed effect) "J is for Jellophobia (Fear of Jelly)"
It is implied after the credits. Before, his head only fit halfway in. Then his nude body is fully inside the jelly, sucking his thumb in a fetal position. So my guess is ARed into unborn.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (FB looks like AR) "In Our Life" c2018. "A cute way to propose" marriage animation.
Adult flashback, AA unbirthed. Video link - screencaps - info link - (F5)

Fly With Me
- (FF) c2011 web short. Schoolgirl dreams of her future - cap

Fountain of Youth Animatic, The
- (male adult rejuvenated) c2011 web short - Vid link - cap - (Thomas)

Fountain of Youth, The
- (male adult rejuv, female ARed glimpse) Rappasfilms, 2013, Lafcadio Hearn.
Inspired by Sei Shonagon "The Pillow Book".
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fountain of Youth
- (AR) Stop-motion animation.
Old woman ragdoll into kid - video link - screencaps - (Age Theater)

Gacha Life Mini Movie: Sara who was born 10 days ago
- (accelerated growth, CBed) GLMM by Laysha 1997, 2019/11.
I feel bad for the parent's bank account, since they have to buy bigger clothes for Sara every day. After extensive consultations between the family and their healthcare providers, it was agreed to have her medically restored to 1 year old so she could grow up at a normal rate - Episode link - caps

Gacha Life
- (furry/chibi ARed) "Big Trouble In Baby Factory | Bex And Sama Were Turned Into Babies" 2022/06.
Clap! Snap! webtoons - Anthro girls into babies (one offscreen, one shown), guy into baby - link - - (Tazz)

- (anthros "ARed") "CHAPTER 2, But Everyone's a BABY?!" 2022/06.
Living toys into baby toys - link - - (Tazz)

Georg wachst
- (male AP lifetime) 2007 Martin Schmidt.
- Video link
- (male AP) lifetime

Geuloing Eob
- (offscreen ARed AA) CK Animation School. S-Korea, 2017.
"I wish I could not have a nagging mother!" CGI manhwa style.
Selfish Yeon-du just hates her nagging mom. After arguing over spending, she wishes her gone. That night, the family picture changes, and the next morning, Yeon-du meets her young mother. The daughter learns what it's like to be in the mother's shoes. (Off-screen regression & RN)
- Video link - screencaps - (Username)

giantess tropes
- (AA dream sequence) twirling - caps - (Louise)

- (AP) 2007 short toon about a girl who finds a watering can that seems to work a bit different from others... - link

- (AP) c2007 caps

gif animations
- (coming of age, growth spurt) - somewhat of a true story:
1 second gif - how it happened - (Hk100, Process)

gif short animations
- (face FF toon, young adult to old) "Aging" gif, by Jennie Davis, c'20.
Page link - gif - (Lunkpil)

gif short animations
- (FF AP)
Puberty gif - gif blinking silhouette (safrai)

Girl AP
- (dedicated TF AP scene) 2013, 1m13s. Alcione animation commissioned by Locofuria.
S/he also did a couple other AP sequences in FurAffinity.
- $5 purchase link - (NightElf37)

Girl in the Mirror, The
- (male FF to OA, ghost age stasis, male adult ghost rejuvenated) 2011 fan short.
A newly-orphaned boy is comforted by a kind woman who lives in his mirror. They live and grow together until the boy becomes a man and their relationship takes a more romantic turn. But as time goes on the man grows old while the woman remains the same. Eventually his frail body gives out. But before the woman can despair the joy is restored as the man returns, this time in the mirror with her. The two embrace as they begin a new eternity together.
Video link - caps - (MedicalTerrorism)

girls grow up faster than boys (trope)
- (5-year FF) 12 to 17 years, 2021.
Anime-style short link - screencaps - (Anime Doram)

Go Ask Alice
- (AA age forms) CGI fan video - Alice ages

- (AA fast forwards) Earth Day Doodle, 2021/04/22.
Video doodle highlighting how everyone can plant the seed to a brighter future one sapling at a time. A young girl plants a seed that grows into a tree while she AAs into an adult. The woman passes on a sapling to a boy, who continues the AA cycle with more generations of folks AAing, until the whole landscape is dotted with big, beautiful trees - Video link

Grow Your Own GirlFriend
- (FF OA'd) c2013 "grow girl-friend", Vimeo short caps

- (plant girl AA sprouting cutaways to OA) c2016.
Animation link - (Alexander)

growing pains, The
- (AP) 2009.
Manifesting the pain that naturally comes to everyone with their growth.
- Video link - caps - (gg)

Growing Pains
- (male coming of age, TF/CB scenes) Denmark, 2014 short.
Werewolves have often been seen as metaphors for out-of-control sexual urges, puberty, and even erections (after all, in TF scenes the body grows like a monstrous penis). Many werewolf films have tried to make use of those metaphors. Growing Pains is the first to successfully employ all of them.
A teenage male discovers he turns into a werewolf when aroused. The masturbation process was interrupted by his mother. The young woman who becomes his love interest is horrified to discover the changes, though she may have been initially attracted by his canine pheromones. His mother decides the only solution is to fix him in her clinic. He is saved at the last moment by thinking erotic thoughts. The transformation breaks his restraints, and another sexual expansion gives hims the strength to bust open his girlfriend's cell. He carries her into the woods, where they surrender to the call of nature at last.
- Full cartoon link TFs @04:21, @11:17, @13:08, @17:15 - screencaps - (by

Growing Up
- (AA fast forward) 2015 sketch test, Karolina Tomaszewska.
Video link - gif

growing up
- (FF TF) fan anim.

H Studio
- (face FFed drawing/erasing video) S.Korea, 2019 - Video link

help I'm shrinking
- (AR AA) contraction - (ArArchive)

Hornstromp Toons
- (anthros ARed) "Garten of Banban 3 Vs Rainbow Friends but BABIES?!" 2023/05.
"Garten of Banban" game crossover with Rainbow Friends, FNF Animation. A strange gun zaps characters back into babies.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

How Captain America Returned The Stones (Lego Stopmotion)
- (male bricks ARed) JoMotion, 2019. Man into baby - link - - (Tazz)

How It Should Have Ended (web toon series)
How "Avengers: Endgame" should have ended
- (male adult rejuv) 2019 parody.
Video link - caps - - (Tazz)

How It Should Have Ended (web toon series)
How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended
- (male demon AR AA poof) 2018 parody.
"HISHE" cartoon channel about how movies should have ended with funny endings (superhero ones end with Batman and Superman drinking coffee at a cafe, and villains at a pub). Warning contains spoilers:
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

how puberty should be done (tropes)
- (BE) - gif page.

How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended
- (male ghost AR & adult rejuvenation) 2012.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

How Star Wars Episode 9 Should End
- (male adult rejuved, adult to AA OA) Once Upon a Theory - Star Wars Theory - Ep03, 2019.
Rise of Skywalker kind of spoiler alert. Spoof ending parody where Palpatine and Rey swap ages.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

I May Be Some Time...
- (male AR AA lifetime metaphor) Ana Stefaniak, 2014 short.
Royal College of Art graduation film. A tale of a strange thread. An old, grumpy man must go back to confront the meaning of his past.
- Video link - screencaps

I Was Made Fun Of For Being A Late Bloomer
- (CoA, some puberty AP) Storybooth, 2018.
There's not much happening for Jessica. She remains skinny and flat chested, even as the other girls advance sideways through puberty in real time - Video link & screencaps

I'm growing up (theme)
- (OA) alternate future face aged
- Miscellaneous girl to woman short AA animation clips that were found online.
little Girl grows up, A
- (FF face close-up) - gif animation scene.
welcome to womanhood
- (FF BE coming of age) board game growth spurt - gif animation scene.

Imaginary Friend Animatic
- (coming of age, FF) Fan animation. Girl must abandon imaginary friend as she grows older - time change

In The Blink Of An Eye
- (male face FF) lifespan
- (male FF AP, same pose, toon timelapse AA) A man ages from a child to an old man in a minute. 1 frame = 1 month; 1 second = 1 year; 1 min = 1 life.
video link

- (AA FF AP) 2013 CGI web short.
BOO! Everybody's favorite flamboyant singing skeleton returns in this sobering look at Halloween. Not for the easily spooked. Brief and stylized "time lapse" FF begins about a minute and a half in.
- Video link - screencaps - (Case Scenario, Hotdiggedydemon)

Jaiden Animations (web toon series)
- (slight AR poofed) "Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)" 2017.
She discusses the mechanics of the Fountain of Youth. Toon sketch adults are de-aged into babies, then appear to have AA'd into old people very quickly.
- link - screencaps - (Meticulan23)

Kaixin chaoren lianmeng
- (anthros OA'd, ARed) - Happy Heroes - Happy Superman Union, Happy Friends and the Return of the Hero.
S10Ep28 "When you are old" 2019. China manhua/toons.
2 heroes & villain elderly @03:45. 2 heroes into babies @11:40.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Karneval Zvirat
- (AP AA) "Carnival of the Animals", Michaela Pavlatova, 2006, Czech.
The film opens with "Hens and Roosters". Young girls go from babyhood to "puberty" before our eyes. Boys and girls flock in disparate groups, eyeing each other suspiciously before pushing one of their own to confront their opposing representative. Hands reach out tentatively, a breast and crotch are touched, and bingo.
- Video link - screencaps

- (male FF glimpse) Reza Dolatabadi, 2008. At 3 min 37 sec, a man's reflection in the window "grows" up. video link
- (male AP AA) Male reflection

Kids From Stranger Things Hit Puberty, The
- (male & fem puberty TF AP, some male UC & shoe CB) 2017 "Stranger Things" series parody by AOK.
What happens when Eleven turns 12? Mostly male awkwardness.
- Video link - TF gif - screencaps

La formation des nuages
- (AA scene glimpsed, CoA metaphor) Turcotte short animation, 2010, 10 mins.
Visual poem without words. At the end she was AA'd into an adult lying on the grass.
- Video link - screencaps

La Piccola Russia
- (FF AA glimpses) Gianluigi Toccafondo, 2004.
Surreal, abstract sketch art montages - The story of a family, "growing" up, taking holidays, meeting with the opposite sex, marrying. There is a tension in the accelerating succession of images of family life, as boy "grows" to man, girl to woman.

La Pimpa
- (male AR AA) "Le scarpe di Armando", 1.26, 1975, Italy.
Dog turned his master into a baby with a magic clock - Video link - screencaps - (Ricky)

La soupe a l'engrais
(male APed FF dream sequence) "Fertilizer soup" - male

Land Of Boggs, The
- (fruit face OA) "RIP Avocado" 2023/02.
Aging Avocado link - - (Jeff 2bya)

Le Refuge de l'ecureuil
- (FFed) AKA "Home Sweet Home", 2018.
An old lady suffering from the squirrel syndrome hoards cardboard boxes filled with memories. A colony of cockroaches became her friends. Granddaughter visits every Wednesday and invents wonderful stories. But the little girl grows bigger and space starts running out in the house cluttered with boxes.

Le retour
- (GTSed, AR AA) c2013 short animation, Chernysheva.
Growing up, we discover the places and objects we knew before are much smaller than we remembered.
- Video link - screencaps

- (feline male AR, RN) TF

Les Dents du Singe
- (male police AR) "The Monkey's Teeth", Rene Laloux, 1960.
Surrealist storyline created by patients in a mental health clinic. Sad man has a toothache and goes to a dentist who steals his teeth to sell to rich people. The sad man is chased into a high school by some cops who get turned into children.
- Video link - cap - gif - (Jeffr_2bya)

Let's Talk Puberty for Girls
- (FF) growth

Let's Talk Puberty for Girls
(coming of age) 2006. Animated educational films by Disney. A non-threatening look at puberty for kids. The films were designed to be shown in classrooms for kids ages 9-13, and address physical changes and other issues. Also: "Let's Talk Puberty for Boys".

life cycle
(male FF AP AA) 2003 Japanese short animation. Running man races through his lifetime.
video link

Life in A Day by Salomeja
(male FF, OA) lifetime

lifetime (meme)
- (AA FF) c2015 caps

lifetime/shadow meme
- (FF AA) - '16 gif

- (AA aged-up, CoA theme) 2017 stop-motion, Israel.
Lili refuses to let go of her childhood, fighting a sandstorm that threatens to take it away. Above the clouds, she rediscovers the joy of childhood, but is forced to make a hard choice. After the landing it is revealed that she has been AA'd older.
- Video link - screencaps

- (timeline FF AP) Child to adult grow up stages, like single frames of an animation - Grow Up art Gallery

Lion Family
- (furry male age swap) "Lion family pretends to be a parent for dad" 2020/11/01.
Web toon series. Little Lion baby and dad swap bodies and ages.
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

Little Morphin Annie
(teen TF) T.H. KidWorks Animation Property. No episodes exist. "A 16 year old girl who can morph into anyone or anything" - cover

Little NO
(ARed, APed) Marina Zurkow. Feminist interactive installation, Flash web art, 2004. Animated fairy tale based on the Buddhist cosmology of the Wheel of Life. Set in a 1960s New York City apartment against a backdrop of endless cocktail parties, "Little NO" traces multiple pathways through the story of a young girl on the Wheel of Life, who struggles in her conflicts with her martini-handed parents. Like a psychological "Alice in Wonderland" story, she "grows" and shrinks in age and desire, projecting into her grown-up future, retreating into her child-like past.

Little Star, A
(flash forward) "A Little Star", Jenifer Gustavson, 2003. Child starlet "grew up" - years

Lost In Time
- (male AA AP to OA'd) 6 mins CGI short by Objectif 3D, CGMeetup, 2018.
Two children play in a temple. A mysterious sphere causes time to stand still. Young monk lets his childish side get the better of him. Old age to no return as he wanders through a timescape and ends up replacing the master.
- Video link - (Username)

Love, Limzy
- (FFed) c2013? "A Silent Drama: Chronicles of a Mother's Life".
A short clip for QQ Tencent China to celebrate mother's day. A scene where the daughter "grows" up taller than her mother and gets to be married -

magic compact
- (AA TF AP) .SWF anime-style animation - (Process)

Magic Lesson
- (furry pony AR) "Forever Young ft DRWolf" 2019/10 web toon, Lightning Bliss.
Unicorn into baby - link @05:10 - - (Tazz)

male old age
- (FF) c2012 fan shorts.
"Project: Life Cycle" face decades link - caps
- Adult ages caps

(dream sequence AA AP) Young-Sun Kim, CalArts, 2009.
A little girl goes into her fantasy world while putting on red nail polish, thinking she can become like her mother with a manicure.
- Direct video link - screencaps

Mao Mae
(male FF AA) Marcos Magalhaes, 1979, 6 min. Boy grows up under the control of a giant hand.
Video link - (pingflood)

(adult rejuvenation) "Martynko", Eduard Nazarov, USSR c.1988 animated short.
Near the end, a servant eats an apple and gets an age reversal, going from an old maid to a younger maid.
- Video link
- Screencaps - (knoxfan1316)


Mashed: Luigi's Nightmare
- (adult degeneration OA, RN dream) 2017.
Luigi is having strange visions. Princess Peach is starting to look different when the pills wear off.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Master and Margarita, The
- (adult rejuvenation?) Based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, 1940. Many art students made short animated movies. So far, none of them show the adult rejuv scene after the devil gave her the magic cream. The next scene where she flies off on a broomstick is often shown - link

Max's Puppy Dog
- (male AA ARed) "SUCH A BABY: The QUICKEST Way To Be Giant" 2023/01.
Woavideos pencilmation. Traditional frame-by-frame 2D line cartoons. Mushrooms change a teen's age, one makes him a giant. In the end, he and the dog were poofed into babies.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (adult rejuvenation) "Pickleball - The Elder Game", 2023/09.
This is a bit like Family Guy's "Old World Harm". An elderly couple uses a terrifying ritual to steal adult youth from a young man as part of a conspiracy. Off-screen poof, rated PG-13.
- Video link - caps - (Thomas2)

- (male adult "baby infiltrator" form, AA TG morph) "Let's Go DaBaby", SierraSaura, 2021.
Web parodies - Episode link - screencaps - (Batmen276)

Mei Tou Nao He Bu Gao Xing
- (male AP) 21mins. 1962, PRC, by Zhang Songlin, "Mr Brainless and Mr Unhappy".
2 boys are temporarily turned into men in hopes of overcoming their weaknesses. After they bring trouble on themselves and others, they finally conquer their flaws.
- Direct video link - screencaps

(FF AA) Masahiro Ushiyama. In the future, a robot is found containing digital video memories of girl growing up through the years.
- Video link - screencaps

Merryweather Media
- (FF) "Your Life in 40 Seconds" 4 panel anime, c2021 - link

(old aged) old age

- (male face FF) short gif animation - male years

- (old age) Sheridan Animation 3rd Year Film, Fuzzie Die Studios, 2022.
A story of a taxi that transfers the adult youth of the passengers to the driver.
- Animation link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

misc. clips
- gif 2 3 4 5 6 7
- Toon heroine bustout scene.

Mistress of the Night, The
- (AA AP) 2013, magic fantasy dance.
Video link - screencaps - (Suzie Lee)

- (FF AA lifetime vignettes) Mr Mooler, 2020.
A short CGI animation swinging through the years to the end - link - screencaps - (Rafael1907)

- (AA appearances) - male size multiplication - slight age disguises

Mother I am very sorry
- (silhouette FF, lifetime cuts) Ron Cheong, 2013 shadow play.
AKA Ma'am, I am sorry. About the mother/daughter relationship.
Video link - screencaps

MTV: The Specialists
(mental ARed) Liquid Television animation, 1992 MTV shorts. Bank robber hypnotist uses the mental insecurity of the cops who are trying to arrest him to make them cry like babies.

(flash forward AA) "Don gorgorio" toon gag.
Old men on park bench discuss growing girl's inevitable loss of innocence - FFed
- Video link

- (male slight growth graffiti) 2008 wall-painted animation by BLU. link
- (male growth) grafitti

My Magic Pet Morphle
- (AA TFed) "Mila the Teddy Bear" c2022, Morphle TV. Girl into teddy bear, in another episode into AA giantess - link -
- (AR AA) "Mila the Baby". 3D remake of the cartoon. Professor Paula has invented a youth serum! Penguin into baby penguin, girl into baby. Now Morphle has to use morphs to look after baby Mila - Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Nemo Science Center
(excellent male/female AP CB depiction) A boy and a girl are placed inside a growth acceleration chamber to study the effects of puberty. At the end, the barrier between the now grown kids is removed, and the light discreetly fades out to allow them their privacy.
- Age Progression screencaps

Nikki and the God of Dreams
- (dream flashback to younger self, AA RN FF) by Papergames animation, 7 mins, China, 2022.
Trailer animation for upcoming open environment dress-up adventure RPG Infinity Nikki. Continuation of Shining Nikki and Miracle Nikki videogames.
It depicts Nikki as a 4 y.o. child in a dream realm. Finally, she discovers a person who resembles her grandmother. Explore the dream world to find the warm memories buried deep in time.
- Video link - - caps - (Jeff 2bya)

Noah Origins
- (AA "ARed" cuts) Ep22 The Age Game 2019.
Webtoons. Unlicensed animation properties poofed into babies and old - Ep link - caps - (Tazz)

Nutcracker, The
- (clothes TF, upgrade) - caps

O Mama
(flash forward, coming of age) Animated short, Israel, 2000, Hili Tsarfati. In simple lines and few colors, a daughter´s metamorphosis from a young girl to an erotic woman is cinematically condensed to 3 minutes.

Odball: Halloween 2011
- (AA ARed, AA APed glimpses) It is usually possible to escape the ropes by making yourself younger. Flash video link - screencaps

one minute puberty
- (male) A young man makes his way through the world. "Comic" animation in which a droll clown mugs and poses through the scene.

- (furry AP) Paul Cichon, Magnetfilm, 2021.
2D short animation film about the question why technical devices break after a certain time. We see a mother opossum working inside a coffee machine with her three children. Soon enough the children get out of hand and make a mess of their mother's work. Eventually they burst out and get their own coffee jobs, leaving the mother alone with three new children. The growth is very visible, and even the mother grows a little by the end when comparing the inside of the coffeemakers.
- Cartoon link - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

- (AA AP simulation)
Baby to teen - adult power TF (Process)
(AP AA) CGI, 2007. Short film about a man who puts his child into a machine to find out her future. She morphs from a baby to a toddler to a kid to a teenager and finally a genocidal adult.

Pablito y Virginia
(male coming of age FF AA) Puberty documentary - male

- (AR AA) Sandy Hong, 2009 short animation.
A lonely woman who lives a mundane life only wishes to become youthful again. One magical night she walks into a festival and is given a choice. Little does she know what's on the other side.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pencilmates: Matherpiece theater
- (male doodle AR) Pencilmation, 2018.
- Math story link - /ufNdWuHghgE - caps - (Tazz)

- (male AA poof "ARed") "Check-Mate" Pencilmate's New Body!? 2021/02/27.
Web toons. Man grows large nose, then becomes creepy, then a kid @0:45, then giant, then flat, then gets a fish head, then a pencil, then a doormat - Ep link - - (Tazz)

- (male AR) "Call me baby" 2020.
Web toons. The worst nightmare day when Fidd changes into a baby!
- Animation link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (male doodle FB/FF age poofs) #6 "Turtles in Time" 2009.
The Pencil confronts Hank Hanky with the notion of Time! Toon man fast forwards & rewinds through his life.
- Ep link - - caps - (Tazz)

Petite Fille
(preteen growth TF) CGI web short. Little girl grows taller to defeat faun.
video link

Pica Family
- (furry AR) No No Don't Cry, Baby Puca! - Yes Yes Bedtime - Kids Stories About Baby, 2021.
What if Pica and Mommy switched places? Mom became little kid offscreen - link - - (Tazz)

Pico Puberty Porn
- (male CoA, FF AP, PE) 2011. A school boy has the usual puberty problems.
- Caution male Nudity. Video link - screencaps

Playboy Channel
(BE CB) A woman wishes at a well for her breasts to become even bigger. BE

Plum the Super Witch
- (ARed AA) 2022. Witch girl into baby, Tony and Blast must babysit her... Chaos is coming! Tree into sapling, owl into egg, butterfly in cocoon, dragon into baby - Episode link @00:30 - - caps
- (AA size changes) Kids and dragon shrink, when they "grow" back a spider becomes human sized - Ep. link -
- Really just reshots of another episode with AR - link - - (Tazz)

Poppy Playtime
- (anthro AR) "BUNZO BUNNY vs Mommy long legs: BABY MUKBANG" Ch2 2022/07.
Webtoons - Toy Bunny into baby - link - - (Tazz)

Poppy Playtime
- (anthros, arachnids, OA'd, ARed)
- Episode link -
"Oh No! Mommy and Daddy Turned Into Babies - Baby Long Legs Pretends to Be a Parent!", 2022.
- Episode link -
"Poppy Playtime, But Everyone's a Baby?!", 2022.
- Episode link -
- (Tazz)

Poppy Playtime
- (arthro anthros ARed) Kikick!, Mymy, Gametoons, 2022.
"Mommy Long Legs VS Huggy Wuggy" - Spider creature into baby - link -
Creature into baby - link -
"Baby Huggy wuggy VS Baby Mommy long legs" - Spider monster & guy into babies. Guy into big baby - link -
"Everyone's a Baby?!" - Spider monster and creatures to babies. They get even younger (well tinier, and the spider an egg), then RN.
Another spider monster became old - link -
- (Tazz)

- (AP?) A little girl finds a horse in the wilderness and tames it. Later he takes her back and turns into a winged horse.
- (FF AP?)
AKA "Metamorphoses"? Lenka Psencikova, 2008, Slovakia, 7m28s, Vytvarnik, Klatik, Kozak?
Lyrical animated movie about "transformation" of "little girl into a grown-up woman"? All access has been destroyed.

Pringus McDingus
- (AR AA poof) "Babey", 2021/03/10.
Return to ba- oh god... Context: they are remaking Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The developers decided to make the characters chibi, so this is making fun of it. Woman is involuntarily zapped into toddler with resulting mind change.
- Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AA CoA "TF") Romond Lola, French, c2014.
A boy and a girl AA'd through part of puberty. Toon link - screencaps

pubertad ("grow-up" tropes)
- (AA boy/girl puberty comparison memes) chicas/chicos gags. Girls always grow up more elegantly than boys. c'23 link - caps

- (AA) AA

puberty (documentary tropes)
- (AA poof) - toon documentary gif

Puberty Fairy, The
- (AP, male AP, BE, PE) Decksawash, 2007.
Everyone goes through it, so learn its secrets from someone who knows: a puberty fairy. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll break out all over again.
- video link (O')
- (puberty AP, male and female growth stages) growup screencaps.

puberty guy
- (male AA CoA AP) - caps

puberty is great
- (FF AA) c2010 change

puberty of Bethany Pritchard, The
(coming of age, FF UCed) screencaps

Pupu Family
- (furry AR) Baby Pupu and the alien/Pupu became a baby, 2021.
2 episodes: kid into baby cat - link - - (Tazz)

Rainbow Friends
- (anthros ARed)
RAINBOW FRIENDS, BLUE a BABY?! || BABY BLUE transformation - 2022.
- Guy into a baby – webtoon link -
RAINBOW FRIENDS, But Everyone's a BABY?! - 2022.
- Creatures into babies - webtoon link -
- (Tazz)

ralts AP
- (dedicated AP CB) - TF scene - (Alex)
- (FF) "through the years" - fan art - (outai_okami)

Reeno the Canangel
(FF AA, male furry FF) fan character - years

Reversal of the Heart
- (male TF AR poof into baby monster) Carolyn Chrisman, FiddleGriff Animation, 2011.
Senior thesis film completed after 2 years of work. Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (dedicated AR) gif - gif

- (FF AA AP) 2010 - video link - caps

Roger et ses humains
- (male adult muscle, adult TGed) S01Ep85 "Le culte de soi" 2022/04/20.
Dupuis, French web cartoons. Florence and Hugo with Roger link - caps - (Divxeur)

Scary Teacher 3d
- (AR AA & aftermath) "Scary Teacher baby" 2020/04.
Game-based characters. Old woman was AA-poofed into baby as a prank - Vid link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (excellent AP CB glimpse) Screencaps line-ups
- (excellent AP CB glimpse) Netherlands. Schoolkids can be overcome by rapid growth spurts during the time of puberty.
- Video links - female - male

SCP Cartoons
- (demons ARed) "Cartoon Dog Don't Tease Baby Piggy - Pretends to Be a Parent", 2021/03.
No dialogue. Crossover entities are zapped into babies during bank robbery.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Shadow of Time
- (adult to old age, rejuvenated) 2007, George Schlemmer, CGI.
The short takes place in the dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft's writings. Natalie, like most people, is afraid of death and the dreadful uncertainty of the future. In great despair, she visits a magical Victorian house to see her future. A luminescent ball bounces down the stairs. As the clock hands start spinning, Natalie begins to magically get older and older.
- Video link - screencaps

shifting ages
- (age forms AA) c2009 web short screencaps

shoe burst-out (rare AP trope)
- (foot growth CB) gif - (Blonde Uchiha)

shoe bursting trope
- (parody AP) - Uncle Grandpa gif

short clips
- (animal ARed) "Playing with machines" Fox into baby - vid link - caps - (Thomas)

short life
- (male FF to OA) c2011 web toons.
- years - years - years - years - years

Short Stories for Girls: Growing Up
(AP scene, BE) 2009. Girl skipping rope senses that something strange is happening in her body. She goes through puberty in a few seconds, developing curves and shooting up in height.
- video link

- (AA FF to OA) Celia Bullwinkel, 2013.
It's not easy being female. She walks through her life, confronts her chAAnging body, and learns to love herself.
- Video link - screencaps

Simpsons, The
Tracey Ullman Show, The
- (dream role reversal) - Simpsons shorts - S2Ep3 10 "Maggie's Brain" 10/11/1987.
Bart and Lisa wonder what is inside Maggie's mind when looking in her crib. In her imagination she is a giantess who is tickling baby-sized versions of Bart and Lisa.

Single Life, A
- (AA skips to old ages, AR poof) - A Single Life - 2014, CGI, 3 mins.
There is a mysterious knock on the door. When Pia skips ahead or reverses the vinyl single, she is suddenly transported to different points of her life. But...
- Video link - screencaps

(adult rejuvenation) AKA "The Bank", Soyuzmultfilm, USSR 1967.
Comic household sketches take place at a lonely bench in the city park.
- screencaps - (Youtube AR Group)

Sleeping Beauty
- (dedicated AR) through the ages fan art - (Selenaede)

- (anthro fungal AR) "Mario Gets Woke" 2020/07.
CGI web toons. Ep link @03:53 - caps - (Gavin)

- (male toon AR AA poof) "Mario's Tunnel Of Doom" 2023/05.
OOOoooOOOOoo very scaryyy. There's a quick AR Gag around 5 mins, where Luigi gets spooked into his baby form... he reverts around the 6 minute mark.
- Episode link - caps - (Gavin)

something about girls
- (AA FF AP) c2010 change

Sortie de Bain
(BE puberty) - bathroom puberty development.

- (FB, male adult dream FFed to old at end) Stop motion short. Cristina Vilches, Paloma Canonica, 2020.
Daughter and father relive past journeys with the help of mementos - link

STA Studios
- (AR AA poofs) "Baby Mod Friday Night Funkin animation", 2021/09.
Characters from the rhythm video game into babies - link @03:52 - screencaps - (Tazz)

Steve Cutts (animator)
- (AP FF kinda with both AA/UC aspects) "The Turning Point", UK, 2020 PSA.
Animals and humans have switched places. Now animals rule the earth and the human race becomes the hapless victim of climate change, environmental pollution and displacement due to the daily whims, needs and laws of the animal kingdom. An AA-growing girl gets strangled by plastic four-pack rings. Soundtrack: Wantaways.
- Video ad link @00:51 - - gif - (Jeff 2bya)

Steve Cutts
- (male mental FB, mental FF) "In The Fall", c2011.
Hand-drawn animation where his whole life flashes before his eyes as he falls. At the end he makes his peace.
- Video link - - (Jeff 2bya)

Story of Menstruation
- (coming of age, slight FFed) - caps

- (dedicated AA AR) 3-second animation .SWF

Svenskt Skolfoto
- (male face CGI FF cut morphs) 2011 short clip - vid link - cap

Swimmin with the Sharks
- (kinda like puberty TF AA AP) by Egoraptor. Newgrounds Movie Jam, 01/2011, Team Wienerbarf.
A young lady is taken to one of those "swim with the sharks" deals for her birthday. This was a very special birthday, because while she was swimming she finally became a woman... - Video link - cap - (Matsu-sensei)

Swimmin with the Sharks
- (puberty CoA AA TFed) Previously posted. Flash version.
A girl celebrates her 18th birthday by having her dad take her to an event where she can swim with sharks. The coming of age however, does more than just add another year to her age.
- Video link - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

- (AR) c2006 animated short. A story of youth.
Video link - screencaps - (Ithentic)

(male adult rejuvenation) Tim Granberg, c 2001.
Magic swing CGI. An elderly man recaptures his youth with the help of a mysterious balloon.
- male link

Teen Facts - Hormones
(excellent AP CB, male excellent AP CB) Netherlands, NEMO Science center 'TeenFacts' exhibition. As an experiment, 2 kids are subjected to 10 years of puberty in only 3 minutes. Growing feet demolish shoes. Other things expand too - AP CB link

Teen World Stories
- (male demon teen AA poofed into kid) "Older Child vs Younger Child - Grey is Trapped in His Childish Form - Funny Situation at School" 2021. Related to Teen-Z and Wolfoo, no dialogue. When you have a spoiled younger brother, you get jealous easily! Do what?! Use a little magic to be a "baby" again! Gray tries to get the teacher's attention.
- Episode link @00:25 - - caps - (Tazz)

Teen-Z: Pinky-Z
- (furry teen/preteen demons mind exchange) "ADOPTED BY PRINCIPAL! Crazy Mom & Dad Swap" c2022.
Older and younger sister swap bodies - link - - caps

Things That Happen In EVERY Spider-Man Movie
- (adult rejuvenation) 2017 short animated parody.
Aunt May always seems to get younger in these movies. (Old age to young woman.)
- Video link - screencaps - (Ranker, Jeffr_2bya)

those can't hold me (growth power meme)
- (BE burstout) It's not clear whether the expansion device triggers the normal process of female breast development (which might give this scene an AP aspect), or uses the normal breast swelling process that occurs during female arousal, though either process is of course sufficient to break any ropes or restraints - American Dad "Francine" gif

through the years (tropes)
- (FF) - "Kimberley" 2015 link - caps

- (face FF, OA) c2011 web toon - years

Tokki World
- (furry male ARed dream) "Tokki and Lilly swap" 2022/04.
Lilly wants to be Tokki's elder sibling to get to play and do what she wants unsupervised. Let's see how things turn out. Girl dreams her brother turned into a baby.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

(male old age) male

Tot Trek
- (baby versions) c2007 web short, parody.
Baby Scotty can't give them warp speed because "he's teething and his diaper needs changing."
- Vid link - caps

- (BE AA) - BE
- (FF OA) - old

Turn Around
- (FF) 2012, in pre-production - concept art

Twenty Something
- (dream age forms) Pixar short with weird "AR" take. Disney+, SparkShorts, 2021.
On the first evening of her young adult party years, Gia visits her first club. Her anxiety for everything to go right is personified in the form of younger versions of herself (ages 16, 10, 1) stacked on top of each other under a trenchcoat. The short begins with her 10 y.o. version "in the driver's seat". They refer to each other by age and the number on their shirts. She tries to chat up a sexually attractive high-status male, but her innocence and inexperience make a bad impression and she falls apart. Her older sister then tells the 3 pieces about her own first club visit, and reassures Gia her romantic/sexual future is destined to be abundantly fine. The 3 Gias hug, and upon leaving the stall they reform into 21 y.o. Gia. As the sisters head out to dance the night away, they imagine the other clubbers as kids and babies (quick transition) - caps - (Tazz)

Two Little Girls
- (FF AA) 2012 docudrama, Magde Nikolovska.
Growing Up screencaps - link

Un tour de Manege
- (AA AP, RN)
Video link - caps

- (AP scene) GDR animation?
All access was destroyed by search engine.
Source: "The Lost World of Communism: An Oral History of Daily Life Behind the Iron Curtain" by Peter Molloy, 2009.
- Schmidt? - p239: ... buys her a chocolate-milk drink (then promoted in East Germany as good for growing children), and within seconds she has transformed into an adult woman. The policeman is aroused and tries to seduce her in a municipal park, ...

up and out
- (FF AP BE) girl to woman puberty transformations.
gif - gif - gif - gif

Valentino Rossi
- (male AA AP) c2011 46 "BOY TO MAN"
Motor racer is transformed to manhood - fan video link - screencaps - (MrSunShinee)

Venus Kincaid
- (ARed) Shockwave movie,
Flash toon series about a secret agent-type who's transformed into a 12-year old by a mysterious accident. The first cartoon just recaps the incident, showing only before and after shots. The site reported that Fox had picked up the rights, in hopes of making a live-action flick - (Some Other Guy)

(BE) Harry Potter parody. A magic spell causes Hermione's breasts to fully develop in under a second. "My chest is expanding!"
- Bust growth scene

Via Molini
- (AA AP) 79/b, short animation, Valeria Cozzarini c2009.
A little girl dressed in red is giving shape to her innocent world when something breaks in. She makes herself older to fight with her yellow pencil against whatever stole her magic kingdom.
- Video link - screencaps

Vida Maria
- (AA FF to OA face) Marcio Ramos, 2006.
Video link - screencaps

VokseVaerk / Sudden Growth
- (CoA, claymation pseudo "ffed") Danish. 2018 short made at Fatamorgana.
Variant of level 12 AA curse. I hate it when they represent puberty by having them be naked for no reason in supposedly "comic" animations. Slight pseudo spurts - Video link

weight gain
- (teen CB) expansion scene.

What I Got
- (breast form FF) 2010.
Sculpting animation by Andrew Barton featuring the development of breasts before and after child bearing age. What she wishes for and what she gets.
- Video link - gif

What If You Were Born Old and Grew Younger
- (reverse aging) Bright Side, 2020.
Animated short about a "Benjamin Button" world where you are born old. As the years go by you get younger instead of older.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

What's Happening to Me?: A Guide to Puberty
- (coming of age) 2
- (puberty) - changes
- (puberty growth scenes)
- ages and stages
- (male AP) 1986, Burbank Animation. Puberty documentary. male

- (FF, father/daughter years) India, 2016, CGI short - caps

- (FF) 2010. The life of persons: Song expresses how 2 babies grow up as students, adults, newlyweds, middle-aged, old people - link - caps - (Lunkpil)

WOA Luka
- (claymation AR) Familia LuKa, 2020.
LuKa convierte a su hermana en una hormiga con la linterna de Doraemon. Girl into baby with flashlight that turns back time.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Wolfoo Family
- (anthro dream ARed) Wolfoo, Don't Be Angry with Lucy! Don't Feel Jealous of Baby, 2021/06.
Kid dreams he was turned into a baby overnight - Video link - - (Tazz)

Wolfoo Family
- (AR) "Oh No, Wolfoo Turned Grandparents Into Babies", 2021.
Wolfoo misunderstands that grandparents want to be babies with the help of an alien friend.
- Video link @01:25 - - (Tazz)

Wolfoo Family
- (furry AR) YouTube web toon series.
"Wolf Dad Turned into Baby", 2020.
- Wolfoo and Lucy dream wolf dad turned into a baby. Wolfoo and his little sister are so tired of taking care of daddy.
Episode link - - caps
"Lucy Pretends to Be a Parent for Brother", 2020.
- Wolf girl dreams wolf brother turned into a baby.
Episode link - - caps
"Wolfoo Pretends to Be a Parent of Alien Baby", 2020.
- Animal kids into babies - 0:13 to 3:23, AR starts @2:49.
Episode link -
- Wolfoo has a chance to use Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos. When he snaps everything, a miracle will happen. Reportedly animal into cub?
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

Wolfoo Family
- (furry ARed aftermath) 2021/01. Everyone but main character into babies.
"Oh No, Wolfoo! Mommy and Daddy Turned Into Babies - Wolfoo Pretends to Be a Parent"
- Episode link - (Tazz)

Wolfoo Family
- (furry ARed, RNed)
"Don't Stop Time to Prank Babies, Lucy! - Wolfoo Learns Good Manners for Kids", 2022.
Episode link -
"Three Baby Wolves Song - Let's Be a Baby - Wolfoo Family - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs", 2022.
Episode link -
"Oh No! Baby Wolfoo Becomes a Doll! Wolfoo Favorite Stories With Little Sister", 2022.
Episode link -
"Ten in the Bed - Locked in Prison for 24 Hours Challenge With Wolfoo". 2023.
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

- (furry AR)
Taking care of a baby isnt easy - kids into babies - link -
Baby Daddy - Man into baby - link -
Baby Squad - Plant into seedling, kids into babies - link -
A Little Wolfoo: I want to be a little kid - Kid into little kid - link -
- (Tazz)

Yo Mama so Hot! Thanos Snap - Avengers: Infinity War
- (male AR AA, adult rejuv effect, male baby FB) 2018.
"Yo Mama So" jokes with the Marvelverse - Episode link @2:14 - screencaps - (Username)

You're entering puberty, Charlie Brown
- (coming of age) 2011 web toon link - screencaps

Zizi Sexuel
- (AP puberty transition) Paris c2008 educational exhibit - flipbooks
- feminin - masculin

Zizi Sexuel
(AP) 2008 Paris educational exhibit. Puberty flip-book animations.
Video links:
- female - male

animation: A to F - G to P - Q to Z - short toons - fetish toons

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal