Where Monsters Dwell

Where Monsters Dwell #9

Marvel Comic Book: "The Magic of Mordoo!" (10/01/1955)

Mordoo was a gypsy with a reputation for being able to perform any magical feat requested of him. He also had the stigma of bringing hardship to those who made these requests. Franz Kopnik visited Mordoo and asked him to make his lover Katrina Steuben a young woman again. Mordoo was reluctant, but after Kopnik taunted him he agreed. Mordoo successfully turned the middle aged Steuben into a teenager, but she suddenly changed her mind about marrying Kopnik. She started coming on to Mordoo, and he eagerly accepted her advances. [Printed From: Journey Into Mystery v1 #75] (Female Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #12

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Black Clock!" (11/01/1971)

A man steals a clock from a old man and ages. [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery v1 #67](male adult to old age)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #30

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Thing in The Black Box!" (09/01/1974)

Centuries ago, Zeus, chief of the Olympian gods, gave a tightly sealed box to Pandora, warning her never to open it; she did, and unleashed evil, wicked imps upon the world. The imps were sealed back in the box and Pandora was exiled to a tropical island in the South Pacific.
In present times, a man was ship-wrecked on the beautiful Pandora's isle. She tricked him into opening the box and released a single demon which grew to gigantic proportions. This demon was the personification of all the individual imps. Pandora commanded the demon to attack the world.
Meanwhile, the ship-wrecked man surrounded Pandora with mirrors, showing her her true, centuries-old reflection. Pandora surrendered and ordered the creature back into the box. The box was then sealed and buried.
(Female adult to old aged) [Printed from: Journey Into Mystery #74]

-- Jeffr_2bya

Where Monsters Dwell #33

Atlas: Marvel Comic Book: "The Man Who Meddled!" (01/01/1975)

A scientist looks for a way to speed up the life cycle of the lab mice to hasten research trials. His success in the lab spills out, as his newborn baby dies of old age withing 3 years, and now, the effects are spreading to him. [Printed from: Marvel Tales #128]

-- Jeffr_2bya