The Uncanny X-Men

The Uncanny X-Men #104

Comic Book: Marvel Comics:

Shi'Ar agent Eric the Red reverses the effect of Alpha's power and turns Magneto into an adult once more.

The Uncanny X-Men #160

Comic Book: Marvel Comics:

Through the magick of Limbo, Illyana aged seven years and she joined the New Mutants as "Magik" in New Mutants #14. Later, during Limbo, Magik was regressed back to her true age in New Mutants #73.

The Uncanny X-Men #248

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: [#248 thru #272]

special note: 3 panel regression of Psylocke in issue #248.

The Uncanny X-Men #265

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "The Return of Storm" (October 1985)

Storm had been missing and presumed dead for a number of issues, and turns up in Cairo, USA as a little girl with amnesia. The last issue before the X-tinction Agenda series shows her remembered regression.

Uncanny X-Men #272

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: (1991)

Storm comforts her younger self.

-- Visible Time


The Uncanny-X-Men #347-#350

Comic Book: Marvel Comics:

Two new characters named Spat and Grovel hunting down Gambit. Spat is a 13-14 year old girl in a fur bikini with a spear who is aging backward because of Gambit. No AR , but here's hoping for some background info, or even a flashback story later on.

The Uncanny X-men #452

Comic Book: Marvel Comics: "Chasing Hellfire" Part 1 (2004)

there is a very brief AR scene. Marvel Girl and the White Queen are fighting telepathically and Queenie tells Marvel Girl "Since you persist on behaving like a baby. . ." In the next few panels, Marvel Girl is dressed in a diaper but is still adult size and then is regressed to baby sized. (aP old age, AR)

-- Anonymous Guest

The Uncanny X-Men #461

Marvel: Comic Book: "MOJO Rising" Parts 1 of 2 (06/05/2005)

The Uncanny X-Men just can't get a break. As the team tries to relax and deal with the return of their once-dead teammate Psylocke, guess who crashes their party? We'll give you a hint; he's really fat, and his name's in the title! (Ar).

-- Lillian

The Uncanny X-Men Annual #10

Comic Book: Marvel Comics:

The X-Men are regressed to toddlers by Mojo, who ages them back to normal, only turning them evil in the process. The New Mutants must battle the X-Men as they are growing up in order to save their souls.

The Uncanny X-Men Annual #12

Comic Book: Marvel Comics:

Without the X-Men Mojo has lost his greatest TV hit show. In order to fill the void, he holds auditions to find some replacement X-Men. Many different groups, all dressed as an X-Men variation show up (reversed genders, robots, prostitutes, animals), but all are rejected. The winners are a group of infants, calling themselves the X-babies. The X-babies refuse to work for Mojo and escape together with Ricochet Rita. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #12]

The X-babies escape to earth and are followed by a creature called the Agent. Shadowcat runs into them and wants to help them escape from their follower, but the Agent is able to capture most of the X-babies, gaining their powers in the process. Eventually Excalibur is capable of stopping him. Phoenix burns the Agent's disguise and it turns out to be Rita, who is being controlled by Mojo.

The X-babies offer to return if Mojo frees Rita. Mojo agrees, but Rita then follows them back to the Mojoverse. Mojo hasn't won, since the X-babies have returned but refuse to work until several changes are made in his behavior towards them.