Tales to Astonish

Tales to Astonish # 10

Comic Book: Vista Publications (Marvel): "What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd?!! " (July 1960)

The elderly Simon Drudd was a chemist trying to create a “youth serum”. Using all sources, from the legendary formulas of the ancients to the most modern medical findings, Drudd, and his assistant Bentley, struggled onward, despite the growing ridicule from colleagues and the public.

One day, Drudd cried out in triumph that he finally had the correct chemical formula. Drudd ordered Bentley, at gunpoint, into the freezer. Drudd then revealed that he always intended to use the formula only on himself for his own selfish purposes; planning to take the serum every twenty years, he planned to become immortal.

Drudd drank the serum, becoming younger and younger. From old man, to young man, to teenager, to boy, to infant, Drudd continued getting younger. The police arrived and freed Bentley from the freezer; going into the lab, they found an empty pile of clothes, the only thing remaining of Simon Drudd.

Comment: Speculation - Drudd’s “youth serum” may have been an unstable variant of the immortality elixir used by the evil alchemist Diablo, first mentioned in Fantastic Four # 30.

-- John Kaminski

Tales to Astonish #36

Comic Book: Vista Publications (Marvel): "The Hands of Time" (OCT 1960)

Aging fugitive steals a clock that takes him back in time. As he travels back through time he gets younger. (Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Tales To Astonish #43 (1st Series)

Comic Book: Vista Publications (Marvel): "The Mad Master of Time!" (May 1963)

Ant-man achieves instant geezerhood (AP, RN).