Aging Transformation Scenes

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- (AR AA) Nude sex hentai by Tatsu, c2013, "Rainy Memories".
The main female is a succubus who drains young men of their sexual energy to become younger. She ends up finding a young man with a rather vigorous sexual energy and becomes a little younger than anticipated.
- Full manga link - censored extract - (Godleydemon)

Takamare! Takamaru
- Sequel spin-off to 10 Carat Torte.
- (AR, RN, ARed) By Rururu Kondoh, Vol7, 2005. After sidewalk collision, young woman inadvertently eats age reducing candies intended for breast reduction. She only notices the change after stumbling off the chair on her shorter legs and too-big shoes. She ends up crying on the stairs.
- (This manga reads left to right.) AR (1.5 MB pic)

Takara Chi no Ronnie
- (demons APed) Weekly Shonen Champion #7, c'24.
"Ronnie the Treasure Blood" - small extract - (Akira)

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary
- (AR, some teen/adult AP) - Takuan to Batsu no Nichijou Enmachou, Ch14, 2016.
Shounen jump manga. They enter a time house that keeps reverting and sometimes aging the group.
- Full manga link
p04-05 - female AP 13 to 28.
p07-08 - male AR/AP 13 to 0, 0 to 20, group AR to 0.
p09-09 - group AP/AR 0 to 3 and reverse.
p14-16 - shoujo gets aged 1247 years, but since she is immortal only minor growth.
p17-18 - old woman AR to baby.
- Male ARed extract - 13 to 28 extract - Group AR extract - Old to baby extract - (Suning)

Tanuki to Tamaki
- (AA poofs) 2022. Tanuki poofs into little sister's twin. - 1

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
- (furry AP) S02Ep10 2022/05.
"The Rising of the Shield Hero" - Raphtalia starts out as a 10 y.o. raccoon dog shoujo. The magical sword bestows her with great combat strength and a taller, fuller body.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Jeff 2bya)

Tatoeba Konna Monogatari (?)
- (AP) Ribbon magazine ("week girl's comic")? 30-page short story. The man "Sara Mahiro" (?) is the author. It was the girl version of Tom Hanks' "Big". When the 12-year-old girl got up in the morning, her body had become adult. She had the figure of a 15 year old and her hair had grown. (Akira) from cover

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
- (AP) Based on the novel "Lump of Sugar". High schooler Yuuri Mito releases a Tayutai named Kikurami who takes on the form of a young wolf shoujo. Her human form starts out as a loli, but she ages herself into a teen of Yuuri's age overnight.

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
- (AR, AP, TG, TF, FF, flashback) - 2009 anime. The first 7 episodes feature multiple transformations:
- (AR, AP) Ep01: adult goddess to child wolf-girl. Mashiro Mito is kawaii with wolf ears and tail. Later she APs into a teen.
- (TF ARed) Ep04: non-human demon to little shoujo.
- (AR) Ep05: AR back to little shoujo when Mashiro's energy reserves run low.
- (AR) Ep06: Continued AR of Mashiro.
- (adult TG's) Ep06: Male to female TG of protagonist Yuuri Mito. Several back and forth TG TF's.
- (adult TG's) Ep07: More TG's of Yuuri/Yuuko.
- (TF, avian APed, flashback) Other transformations include: human to winged human, demon to human to demon, demon shift forms (cute chick to large phoenix bird). Main antagonist dragon demon can become pointy-eared human.
- Most of the transformations are quick or cut types. Future episodes look promising for more transformations.
("Tuxedo" Will)

- (old to teen mind swap) S3 Ep33 "Constantine with Senpai" 2013/12/01.
3 min. anime series. The ghost of a recently deceased man tricks his teenage niece into letting them switch places. He intends to live out Yuri's life, but comes up short when he bumps into an exorcist.
- Episode link - (MysteryShadow)

teen AP manga
- (BE teen APed) - High school shoujo age forms.

Tegami Bachi
- (AP AA) 2006 manga, AKA "Letter Bee", Hiroyuki Asada.
- Free-fall nude TF - (Process)

- (ARed, RN UC) Roots, Piyo, 2012.
Vol14 Chapter. Female protagonist wakes to find she's been regressed back into a child. Near the end, she APs back to normal on the male foil's lap, and runs off with her toy.
Neither TF has process, since she was already ARed at the start, and she RNs offpanel. The TFs don't change her clothes though: the AR leaves her in an oversized nightgown, while the AP stretches the child-costume she was made to wear. As always the effects on the shoes were not shown.
- Small extract - (Azerty47-2)

Ten Carat Torte
- (AR/AP) "Torte from Heaven"
- "Charge! You became younger"
vol07 Ep129 - Rejuvenation with the bewitchment cookie and adult conversion.
vol08 Ep141 - Woman embodiment.
vol11 Ep192 - Appearance of the older sister obesity conversion.
vol13 Ep238 - The torte makes the chest enlargement.
vol14 Ep249 - (Yayame)

Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie
- (APed) "Damnation Angel Rabbie" 2003 Fall anime. A cute girl is named Lasty Farson. An angel gives gentle girl Lasty the magic baton to prevent the plot of the secret society. Lasty accepts angel's wish, and she is transformed to Angel Rabbie by angel's power. Based on PC game "Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie" and "Angelic Serenade".

Tenchi Forever
- Tenchi is artificially aged to manhood by Haruna.
Manatsu no Eve
- Tenchi's daughter Mayuka was magically aged to age 16 by Yuzuha. She can transform into a werebeast.

Tenchi Muyo
- (APed) Washuu OVA Series 2 Ep 8 "Hello! Baby" When Tenchi turns around Washuu has turned into an adult. 1
- Sasami Also in Pretty Samy and Magical Project S
- (AP, AR) Anime. Ep 15 "Baby Sammy" - Professor Washu dupes Sasami into testing out her experimental growth formula. At first it works perfectly, transforming Sasami into an adult, but it has an unpredictable side-effect; when Sasami awakes the next morning, she has turned into a baby! Same happens later to Pixy Misa, all courtesy of Prof. Washu. (Tuxedo Will) 1
- Sasami child and adult forms: APed
- Ryo-ohki. Cabbit spaceship. She can have the body of a teenager, but uses the body of a 5 year old to learn to balance and walk on two legs. 1
- Kagato ("Tenchi Muyo OAV" & "Tenchi Universe") can control his physical age.
- (male) Yosho Jurai: his spaceship kept him young. Tsunami gave him the power to alter his age because it would seem weird that he never aged. He can change back at will.
- Ryoko can manipulate her age. She is first seen as a 1000 year old mummy.

Tenchi Muyo
- (age swapped) 1
- (APed AA, ARed) Ryo-Ohki's age forms: AA - AA

Tenchi Muyo
- (AP) - Washuu

Tenchi Muyo
- (AP) GXP - Washu AP surprise. (Process)

Tenchi Muyo
- (AP) Washu is asked to assume her older form. fan art

Tenchi Muyo
- (APed, slight UC) Ep 8. First anime manifestation of the adult form of Washuu on the lakefront pier - APed
- (furry APed) First anime manifestation of the adult form of Ryo Ohki after explosion - APed
- (APed) Washu needs genetic sample. Aped

Tenchi Muyo
- (ARed) Ryoko was rejuvenated into a teen of about Sasami's age.
- fan art scene
(Weary Traveler)

Tenchi Muyo
- (child/adult age forms) Sasami nudity - ages

Tenchi Muyo
- (furry AP) "[Hitoshi Okuda] Shin Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki" vol5, Shin manga. "The All-New Tenchi Muyo Vol. 1: Alien Nation".
- Sasami is too young. She gets the idea that since Ryo-ohki can change her age, she can go on a date with Tenchi. Ryo-ohki turns into an adult to go on said date, but since she is only used to walking in child form, Sasami (and to a lesser extent Washu) teach her to walk as an adult. She returns to normal in the next volume.
- Sasami is the avatar of planet Jurai's patron goddess, Tsunami, and can take on Tsunami's form (which basically looks like a thirty-year-old version of Sasami).
(Shadow00000, Drybones, Sailordolly)

Tenchi Souzou Design-bu
- (tenshi ARed AA) "Idea 11" 2021/03/18 - Episode link - screencaps - (Setsuna)

Tenchi Souzou Dezain-bu
- (angel/demon ARed) Ep10-11, 2021/03 - Heaven's Design Team
They invent Earth's animals through funny trial and error. At the end of Ep10 they studied how aging works in species, including those that don't age (like lobsters) or those that rejuvenate. A horse becomes a blob like a jellyfish. They change the calculations with a halo on a creature, but it's used too much. An explosion turned the older one young again. He wonders if the others were affected... - (Tazz, Username)

Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
- (AR) Pink hair shoujo undergoes a furry transformation. Due to the power of love, she regains her senses to stop the villainess, at the cost of turning back into a baby. The hero decides to raise her again - (Snark)

Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness
- (rebirthed) 1998.
Mayuka poses as Tenchi's future daughter. He brought Mayuka's crystal to Washu, and they all agreed to revive her as an infant, thus allowing her to celebrate Christmas with the gang.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Tende Freeze
- (male age disguises) Umehachi is 17, but looks and acts like he belongs in junior high. This is repeatedly Lampshaded with people who get it wrong; his brother actually is in junior high, but looks and acts far more grownup; when they go to the movies, they buy each other's tickets to avoid lengthy explanations.

- (demon AR) by Utatane Hiroyuki. Ch114-115, 2013, Ultra Jump.
Also known as Heaven's Prison, tankoubon equivalent is Ch47 in vol10, starting with vol04 most chapters were grouped together. Contains loli, series is non-hentai.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Tenjou Tenge
- (AA TF age forms) Anime power-up

Tenjou Tenge
- (AP) - anime TF - TF
- (AP) - gif

Tenjou Tenge
- (BE) The leader of the Yawaraken is a 3rd year student by the name of Natsume Maya. She has immense power and skill, and is able to change the shape of her body at will. To restrain her power, she is typically in the form of a chibi/little shoujo. When a serious fight comes around though, Maya turns into her adult form and her power multiplies greatly.

Tenjou Tenge
- (TF AP AA) Anime - TF scene
- (AP) Magical form TF. AP (Process)

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
- (rejuv, AR, RN OA) Rigurd was a frail old man who became a huge mass of muscle in his 30s after being named by Rimuru.
Shizu must be in her 70s but looks 17. When she dies her hair whitens and her skin wrinkles to reflect her true age.
Rimuru in his human form looks about 16, but his mental age is around 40. His physical body is only about 3 y.o. at the end of the series.

Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken
- (demon rejuv, AA APed cut) Light novel, Fuse, 2016.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - AKA - Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken.
- Episode 3. AP-like impression in the goblin evolution, rejuvenation for the elder. There's room for TFs aplenty, mostly offscreen or covered by glowy magic.
- Next Ep we should see MC absorb a human female. Meaning it can transform into human body clones (technically slimes don't have gender). In the manga and light novel, it experiments with making its body older and also female, but then freaks out. Their true ages stay the same, remaining genderless despite their physique. It'll probably be poof TFs though.
- Also pseudo AR of Shizu going back home while adult, then teen, then child, but with clothes changes.
- Small caps - (Andu22, Godleydemon, Suning)

Tenshi no Katte
- (AR/AP AA age forms) Suihei Kiki manga - ages - (Chachazero, Suning)

Tenshi no Katte
- (TG TF AR) by Suihei Kiki, c2010, in Champion RED Ichigo, Vol22.
Older poof AR, with minor angel/demon TF and TG attributes.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)

Tenshi no Sippo
- (AP) AKA Tenshi no Shippo Chu. Ep: "Tonari no Makichan" by James Hotate. AP, TG in other episode. (johnta, Process) Read right to left: AP, slight UC

Tenshi no Tamago
- (AA APed transition) - Angel's Egg - OVA by Tokuma Shoten, 1985. Amano, Oshii.
When he breaks the egg, the girl screams and starts running. She falls into the water, where she meets her older reflection and was replaced by a grown woman. Her last breath creates many new eggs. Among the thousands of statues is a new feature: a figure of the girl caressing the egg in her lap. This TF scene is a complex combined Level 04, 05, 06, 08, 13 & 16 AA curse.
- Anime art film full link @61mins - screencaps

tentacle porn
- (AR) - Manga attack sucks age out of mystic warrior - AR

tentacles (trope)
- (life energy suction) - adult to OA'd glimpse: desiccation

Terao - The next generation machine
- (AA aged-up appearance) by Rururu Kondoh. Vol5-6, 2011.
Off-screen upgrade. Lara is being astrally projected into an adult to go on a date with Teacher. She's like a spirit in this form. AP was teased at end of vol05. - extract - (Shadow00000)

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth
- (age stasis) Angela is several hundred years old, but perpetually stuck in the body of a 12 year old girl. She angsts about her immortality all over the place, but also shows a bit of jealousy toward more developed women.

TF (story element)
- (transformation related, age forms) - extract

- (shrunk out of clothes) manga scene classroom incident - (Process)

Time Bokan
- (adults poofed to OA) Ep41 "Ryugu is the best Petcha" 1976/07/17.
So many great little touches in that scene - from her breasts dangling and the squids mistaking them for other squid, to her dentures popping out toward the end.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Box0783)

Tiny Boobs, Giant Tits History
- (BE) Hentai manga. An offhanded slap to the chest of a teenaged girl mocked for being flat causes her breasts to grow. The cover reads "before and after" with the accompanying pictures. The same thing happens again in the end to her brother's penis.

To Love Ru Darkness 2nd
- (demon AA TF APed, RN) 2015. Improved BD version of the episode is finally out, with the mysterious light of censorship out of the way. In my opinion the actual BE process was too smoothly animated and not as "pumpy" as the manga version.
- Video link - uncensored screencaps - (Chriskim019)

To Love Ru Darkness
- (AA battle gynoid, 18 to 21 shapeshift, RN) S2Ep4, 2015.
The character Nemesis is a transformation weapon like Yami and Mea, with full hormonal body control. She has aged into an adult a couple of times in the manga so far (there are even doujinshis about it too, you know!). The anime featured the first ultra censored AP event from the manga:
- Video link - caps - art - (Chriskim019, Saixhinata)

To Love Ru Darkness
- (gradual AP RN) Ch56.
Lala the demon got ARed in Ch44 because she overused her power, and it took a while to return to her old form. There is some process, nothing crazy but at least not a "poof" as everything in manga these days. She said in Ch54 she recovered almost enough energy. The sequence was done through two phases: stretchable school swimsuit as classmates look on and shower nudity. Phase 1 happens from pages 10-13, and Phase 2 from pages 31-33.
- Full manga link - extract - (Chriskim019, Cow, 10th_man_down)

To Love Ru
- (AA omni-weapon TF AP) Yami AKA "Golden Darkness".
Pseudo-loli with yellow hair and black outfit contemplates the idea of increasing her breast disguise using her assassin shapeshifting powers. Trying to make her breasts bigger also makes her look older. She wonders whether having a more mature body would affect her balance during lethal combat. The scene ends with a guy looking at her by accident, and she turns back and just gets embarrassed. There is no limit to her power.
- Video link - screencaps - (Process Forum posts)

To Love Ru
- (AR) Translated and colorized versions of the AR scenes previously posted on the Japanese board.
- AR - AR - AR - AR
(Weary Traveler submission)

To Love Ru
- (ARed) Motto To-Love-Ru anime ep05.
- Park bench scene - (nodbooru)

To LOVE-Ru Darkness
- (AA TF APed, AR RN) OVA 5 "Moonlight ~Moonlit Angel~" 2014/12/04.
Under the full moon, Rito panics when he sees a naked girl on the rooftop and barges into Mikan. Everyone is surprised at adult Celine's sudden growth. Rito assures Mikan her essence is still present. Celine asks to sleep with Rito and Mikan for the night. Momo, who does not understand Celine's species completely, wonders how the full moon could have affected her growth. The next morning, Celine has reverted to her baby form - screencaps

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (AP TF AA) manga ch24 - sexual encounter - (Unbarred Sin)

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (AR, AP, BE, TG)
New manga series is being animated for a 2012 OAV.
- (AR, RNed) - Manga Ch19:
The Skunk of Youth makes another appearance after a long hiatus (Ch85 "To Love Ru Trouble" manga). Several of the cast are ARed from teen to child, starting with Rito Yuuki and Yui Kotegawai who give chase to capture the animal. Yui-chan has a BE self-fantasy sequence starting on page 21. The fantasy sequence later shows an adult Yui pregnant with Rito's child (APed). Poor Rito continues to accidentally end up in ecchi situations. Yui-chan has flashbacks to when she was in 5th grade and a kitty stuck up a tree incident. Chibi-Yui-chan with pigtails is kawaii. Everyone who was ARed reverts to normal at the end.
- (body swap) - Ch18:
Rito and Haruna-chan have a M/F body swap after they accidentally mess with one of Lala's inventions. Plenty of embarrassment for both dealing with being in each other's bodies.
- Ch18.5: Sisters Nana-chan and Momo-chan body swap on purpose to test Rito.
- (TG) - Ch8:
Rite is TGed into a girl for not the first time.
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (AR) #44.
Young man Rito is forcibly engaged to alien princess Lala and quickly ends up with a bunch of other cute girls who want to marry, sex up or kill him.
It has been established that if a Devilukian uses too much power, they will physically regress. This happened to Lala's father in the backstory and has not worn off yet. In Ch44 Rito and Lala battle their friend Yami, who was brainwashed into wanting to kill. Lala is forced to use her full power, and, you know... - (SKJAM)

To LOVE-Ru Darkness
- (AR) 2012 OVA, #2.
The illustrious Space Skunk of Youth has escaped again, exposing random bystanders to regression gasses.
- Video link - The 1st story.
- caps - caps - caps - (Mecham)

To LOVE-RU Darkness
- (male poof ARed OC to baby, RN AA poof) Ch51, Smile Baby ~Baby Panic~.
Alien gas causes unexpected effects. Teen into baby boy/back to teen male (both instantaneous), breastfeeding, female nudity.
- Full manga link - extract - (Entropic)

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (TF AP toddler to teen, AR back) Ch36.5.
Space plant Celine who earlier became a kawaii toddler suddenly shows up as a naked teen, surprising Rito and his sister Mikan. Later Celine reverts back to her normal toddler form. The process was not shown, but her clothes flew off and later became too big.
- Manga chapter link (page 11+ & 16+)
Extracts: - AP scene - AR scene
- (Tuxedo Will)

- (teen TG, BE, AP, AR, age stasis) Anime ep1, 2009.
- One of Lala's crazy inventions turns 16 year old Rito Yuuki into a girl. There is also significant BE.
- The assassin Golden Darkness (who has the appearance of an 11 year old despite being an adult) AP/BEs herself to adult size for a minute before returning to normal.
- Lala's childhood friend Ren/Run can TG at a sneeze, becoming the epitome of either gender. Run-chan is kawaii. This episode was in the manga series as well.
("Tuxedo" Will)

To Love-Ru
- (AP) new OVA gif scene.
(Katt, Process)

To Love-Ru
- (AR) Saki Hasemi, Kentaro Yabuki. Shonen Jump 2006-. Ep85. Multiple regression aftermath scenes. AR scenes

- (AR) Ch85. A skunk creature runs around the city spraying people whenever it gets near them and regressing them.
- manga link
(manmountainmarko, Lucid King)

- (ARed) higher-resolution aftermath view - (Godleydemon, Danbooru)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
- (AR) Uiharu Kazari.
AR scene fan art - before/after faces - (Anirhapsodist)

Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu
- (mahou age forms, AR OC tricks) "A Certain Magical Index", light novel by Kazuma Kamachi, Kiyotaka Haimura. Dengeki Bunko, 2004+
The Kamisato Faction includes a pirate-themed magician with age control. 15 y.o. Toyama Luca magically controls subjective time. She can change into a preteen or a young adult, with her costume remaining the same size. During combat, she often uses this magic to slip from enemies and evade their attacks. According to Fran, she can also skip past that time of the month.
- Vol17 age forms

Toaru Majutsu no Index
- (AA cloned age forms)
Mikoto Misaka (a.k.a. Railgun), the main character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, was unintentionally involved in the cloning project for the military. There are about 20,000 clones of her, and 10,031 of them are killed by Accelerator. Most remaining clones look similar to the original Misaka, but Misaka #20001 (a.k.a. Last Order) looks like Misaka in her childhood, and Misaka Worst looks like her at high school age.
Pixiv drawing depicts Accelerator (center), original Misaka (upper), Misaka #10032 AKA Misaka Imouto (right), Last Order (lower) and Misaka Worst (left).
- Misaka and her clones - (Izumi5)

Toaru Majutsu No Index
- (age delay) "A Certain Magical Index of Prohibited Books". Komoe-sensei looks very young (no older than 10) and wears bunny pajamas to bed. Yet she is an adult, and her apartment is littered with beer cans and cigarettes.

Toaru Majutsu no Index
- (age stasis & disguise) A Certain Magical Index.
Rumors surface that Komoe-sensei was the subject of an age-regression experiment (though she denies it).
Natural Selector Arc: Oumi Shuri is over 30, but a Clostridium botulinum infection stopped her growth and preserved her skin and childish face. Then she had her body modified to the point she looks around 10 y.o.

Together with Awa-chan!
- (SW effect, TF AP form) Comic Unreal, Kotake, c2015.
An extremely active palm-sized figurine appears! It was accidentally taken from the strange gacha toy machine while pursuing the charm of strange girls. Following the instructions, he put the small doll in the water and it became swollen. Like bamboo shoots it sucks in the water and grows into a beautiful girl figure with age forms. Getting closer to Haruta, it motivates and raises the boy. When Haru went to school it became alone in the room and pulled out the old toys. Running around, it suddenly inhales water and transforms from palm-sized to a preeminent pirate-style beauty. The female pirate cosplay led an extreme room battle between toys. The swimsuit was unraveled by the boy's sword. Google search term link
- Small cover intro - (Akira)

Toire no Hanako-san
- (youkai demon multi-stage AP UC/CB, RN)
2015 Comic Unreal ghost loli hentai manga, 2016 Toshi Densetsu series.
- Adaptation of Japanese urban legend "Hanako-san of the Toilet".
Floating loli ghost Hanako keeps growing each time she absorbs semen for some reason. She rapidly goes from loli to teen to adult during each sex event with the protagonist. However, after absorbing too much semen, she reverts back to her loli form at the end.
The anime actually improves on the AP scenes to have some process.
- Manga link (Click left for next) - censored extract
- Japanese link - English subbed link - screencaps
- (The AP Ninja, Chriskim019)

Tokimeki Tonight
- (TF, flash forward, male AR) Manga by Koi Ikeno. Ranze is the daughter of a vampire and a werewolf woman and one day, in the middle of a heated discussion she... bites her classmate and turns into an exact copy of her! she can turn in any person / thing she bites! Many characters, including Ranze's daughter Aira, grow up. Some get old and some stay the same due to the nature of the series. The hero's boyfriend's Syun (Jun?) dies early. After reviving, his body returns from 15 years old to 10 years old. Now he adores Ranze like an older sister until his memory returns. (Akira)

Tokyo Ravens
- (furry TF AA, maturation upgrades) Ep24.
Kitsune spirit Kon aids protagonist in battle. She has the appearance of a little fox shoujo. When I first saw her, my AP senses told me she might have a more adult form. It happened in the final episode.
As Kon and the protagonist are losing against the enemies, she decides to release her seal, and AA's into her true power form. The TF is divided into two phases. They both have decent process.
- Minifur to teenfur AA (9:20-9:33)
- Teenfur to adultfur nude (10:21-10:52)
Video link - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Tokyo Swastika Revengers
- (time slip FB to early teen) Ken Wakui, 2017.
The useless freeter Takemichi learns his only lover Hinata was killed by the worst deadliest villain coalition, "Tokyo Shikai". One day Takemichi was pushed off the platform and fell on the track.
"I was prepared to die, but when I opened my eyes, it was somehow 12 years ago!" Time-leaped to the peak of life in junior high school, he started a revenge effort to change fate.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Tomica Kizuna Gattai: Earth Granner
- (male AA aged-up battle forms) Spring 2020 anime.
Mysterious alien enemy Dark Spinner battles secret defense unit Earth Granner over the energy from the Earth's rotation.
- Cover art - (Akira)

Tomica Kizuna Gattai: Earth Granner
- (male AA TF battle forms upgrade) 2020/03.
Earth Granner Academy - region-locked YouTube series.
- Ep01 link private video unavailable - Ep04 link blocked access Japan only - (Akira)

Tomie Kawakami (character)
- (accelerated growth was mentioned) horror manga by Junji Ito.
She is able to regenerate from the smallest body fragments, that can grow into full adult clones with their own minds. Tomie acts like a succubus, and can make anyone fall in love with her. Any baby girl can naturally grow into a Tomie via a blood injection with rapid aging. A disfigured stranger once disgraced by a Tomie seeks revenge by making one of these "natural" Tomies old and ugly. He encased a Tomie named "Ayaka" in a block of cement, endlessly hearing her tormented cries. Finally breaking the block, he discovers that Tomie somehow escaped through a tiny crack, her apparent wailing being nothing more than the wind blowing through the hollow block.

- (AP, baby-like regeneration forms) J-Horror manga series by Junji Ito, with several live-action film adaptations. Tomie can infect the bodies of other women and turn them into copies of herself. A scene in an early storyline implies that she is extremely radiotrophic, as her growth was accelerated by a doctor's attempt to kill her with a radiation machine used to destroy tumors.

Tondemo Senshi Muteking
- (AA TFed adult battle forms) "Muteking, The Dashing Warrior", 1980 anime.
The Kurodako Brothers plot to become alien masters of Earth. With space sheriff Takoro's help, 12-y.o Rin Yuki becomes mighty roller-hero Muteking to foil their schemes.
Episode link - link
Screencaps: muteking - mutequeen - (Akira)

Tondemo Senshi Muteking
- (male TF AA APed form) - Alternate Ep. link - screencaps - (Akira)

Tora wa Ryuu wo Mada Tabenai
- (demon AA TF, CoA themes) "Tigers can't eat dragons yet." by Hachi Inaba, 2021/04.
A beautiful tiger and young dragon Shota live together as different races! The true identity of the dragon was a small schoolboy, while the tiger was a young woman with huge breasts. How will the relationship between predator and prey, who are incompatible with each other, change in the future? Let's take a peek at the communal life of two people living hard in harsh nature - Small extract - (Akira)

Torako, Anmari Kowashicha Dame da yo
- (male age stasis) ecchi comedy, 2016.
Ch13 - Torako's older brother Mashiro Torasawa is initially mistaken for a lost little boy by the Pet Raising Club. To the girls' shock, Torako call him "Big Bro". Mashiro then throws the insanely strong Torako around like a ragdoll. It's revealed he's really 35!
Bullet: Yes!! He's legal!!

Tori Koro
- (old aged) Anime OA (old age progression sites)

Torokeru Asobi - Melty Play
- (AP UC) 2014 Hentai Manga by E-musu Aki, Ch06 "Out of Control Magic Girl", Comic Hana-Man.
Passion triggers magical expansion. The effects can not be resisted. At the end she went back.
- Manga link - partially censored extract - (AdonioGTS)

Toshi Densetsu series
- (demon AR AA poof) 5/27/2016 sequel to "Toire no Hanako-san".
UNREAL ghost-themed sex hentai compilation by the same author. The new character appears based on Sadako, a Japanese ghost with long black hair popular for crawling out of your Tv. She seems to be an online porn star who emerges from a computer porn the protagonist is watching, and shifts her appearance from a high-schooler to a younger loli (around the age Hanako was in the beginning of Ep01) to match his fetish while filming it for her own.
Only one AR and no RN AP. The appearance of the adult form is too short, she doesn't even get to have sex at that age. The anime may offer more detailed process.
- Info link - link
- Art - censored Art - (by Chriskim019, The AP Ninja, Meticulan23)

Toshi Densetsu series
- (demon BE TF "AP" glimpse, RN) c2017 hentai OVA, episode 4. Sequel to "Toire no Hanako-san".
The legends of Mary-chan the loli sex-doll are all true. The upgrade starts around the 10 minute mark during a surge of massive insemination. - caps - (MysteryShadow, Checkit1414)

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon AA AP) - Ch21 extract - (The AP Ninja)
- (demon AR AA RN) - Ch01 link - Ch22 link - forms - (Andu22)

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon AA AR/AP) The Witch Controls Her Age and Magic With a Kiss.
Mugura Tooru is so low-profile even his family loses sight of him. A witch's true identity was found out by Tooru. She says his most heartfelt wish must be granted to get her magical power back. Necessary to restore her power every day is... a kiss?!
- Ch09 link - extract - extract - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon TF age form) - extract

Toshi to Mahou wa Kiss Shidai
- (demon TF AR) by FUNENO Maho, Magazine Pocket, Kodansha, 2021.
Ch01. Something about a witch losing her powers? I like how her hat also somehow became smaller lol.
- Manga link - small extract - (10th_man_down)

Touhou anime
- (AR poof, aftermath) short toon by Haruharu, 2022/10.
"Akachan Reimu ni higeki", Baby Reimu tragedy... Woman into baby link - - (Tazz)

Touhou Girls
- (ARed anthro OC) c2013 doujin "little girl warning".
It features most Touhou girls having been ARed - Chinese link
- Aya, Ran, Reimu, & various: extract - (Suning)

Touhou Ice Fairy Sister
- (AA poof) Cirno from the Touhou Project series accidentally swallows a pill and is replaced by an older form. Hijinks ensue.
Vid link - cap - (No-name)

Touhou Project dj - Chiisana Mokottouhou
- (ARed) by Hama-chon. Yuri doujinshi, c'20.
- Ch. link - Ch01 extract - Ch03 extract - (Andu22)

- (dedicated AR) aftermath scenes - (Suning finds)

- (AP AA blink) "Victory Road of Sister" Costume heroine poofs older. AA (Etopirika)

Toward The Terra
- (adult age delay) "Space Firebird". 1991 movie. The Mu can keep a youthful appearance much longer than normal humans.
- (AP) 1980. All new humans are spawned in test tubes, raised to age 14, and reprogrammed as good, obedient citizens. Some psychics, called Mu (Myuu), can fight off mental conditioning but usually have weak or damaged bodies to balance out their overdeveloped brains. Jomy Marcus Shin, a 14-year-old who has no idea he's about to be hunted by humans and embraced by the Mu, has a strong young body as well as a strong young mind, and becomes the Mu's chosen leader. He does not grow older, but keeps the body of a 15 year old. Humanity's new leader is an exceptional boy controlled by computers, who kills most Mu, including Jomy's wife. A child suddenly ages from 5 to 15 and becomes the leader instead of Jomy.

Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk, The
- (AR AA) 2009 screencaps
- (AP AA, AR RN) Anime. A very young character seems to have the ability to age into a 15-19 year old woman. There is a quick revert in the 1st episode. (Clouded)
- AR link @ 6m 15s.

transformation manga
- (CB TF) - werebeasts TF scenes. (Process)

transformation scene
- (TF AA battle form upgrade glimpse) unknown anime.
Mystical entity power-up video link - caps - (The AP Master)

transformation scenes
- (AA APed) - anime repeating sequences.
- TF - TF - TF - TF - TF - TF - TF - TF - TF

transformation scenes
- (AA TF) Common kawaii shoujo to adult warrioress trope.
The background fades as her clothes flash away and her silhouette rapturously expands to combat-ready adulthood.
- Akihabara Dennou Gumi transformation scene
- (AA TF) age-up swirl

transformation scenes
- (AR/AP/TF) - caps

- (AR poofed glimpse) c2017.
Takara's official website. Pack-in comics with collector-oriented toylines. They are generally weird, silly, and kind of inappropriate.
Gag featuring the Transformers and combat teen Shaoshao Li. Misfire shoots Aimless at Hot Rod, but misses and accidentally transforms Shaoshao into a baby; most likely a reference to that time in the original cartoon where Marissa was also transformed into a baby. She just gets zapped, and next thing you know she's a baby in oversized armor; gags like these have never been about process anyway.
- Info link - link - extract page - (Azerty47, Spectrum Analyzer)

- (TG)
Many manga and anime episodes feature men transforming into women and vice versa.
- Examples:
Cream Lemon
- (female to male adult TF)
AKA "Creamy Lemon" - 10, "Star Trap", 12/25/85.
Episode about the lesbian crew of the USS Mischief. Run and Kanata are members of the space patrol. A huge space alien plant fights and captures the 2 people. Because space alien plants are only female, it is not possible to start a family. She asks them to explain the way to make a child. Kanata is transformed from a girl into a man's body by ESP, and sexuality is demonstrated.
- Caution nudity: video link - screencaps
Moeyo Ken
- (male to female adult TF)
Ep08 - Ryuunosuke Sakamoto gets turned into a chick after eating a pill.
- screencaps - series info

Transgenic Laboratory
- (man ARed & TG) c'16, Jun Xiamen, AKA Jun Amoi.
Near-future SF. A dedicated TG story involving cloning technology. Man TS girl, girl TS boy!
- Purchase link - cover - (Akira)

Trigun Maximum
- (male AP) Manga vol 6, Ch 6 "Seeds Voyaging to the Stars, A World Inside a Pod". P168: Flashback of Rem discovering the newborn Vash and Knives lying at the bottom of a Plant. The babies grow quickly.
- (male accelerated growth) male AP (2BeYoungAgain)

- (male AP's) Vash is really a plant-like alien who matures into a young child much faster than a human would. Wolfwood's vials give him superhuman capabilities, but aged him faster. He looks to be in his late 20s, but is much younger.

Trinity Blood
- (age stasis, adult as child) Empress Seth Nightlord of the Methuselahs is at least 900 years old, despite looking like a "cute young girl", by her own description.

Trinity Seven Movie 2: Tenkuu Toshokan to Shinku no Maou
- (demon TF AR, RN) "Heavens Library & Crimson Lord" - 3/29/2019.
Fantasy harem comedy. The 7 sins are represented by the 7 shoujos ruling Biblia Academy. To retake his world, mahou shounen Arata Kasuga must control them.
Near the start, a character regresses. At the end, she increases back to normal - (Carlton)

Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle
- (demon ARed AA) Nao, Saitou, Abeno, 2017.
Ch13 V03. Evil mage Lieselotte Sherlock from the original manga can appear at different forms.
- RAR files link - small extract - (Andu22)

Trinity Seven
- (AA age battle forms) Upon using too much of her magic, Akio Fudo reverts back to her child spriggin appearance. Her body becomes more slender, and her height and outfit shrink greatly.

Tsugu Tsugumomo
- (some age poofs) 2020/04.
Season 2 features lots of offscreen agings and deagings of characters throughout the first 4 episodes. Sadly no process - (The AP Ninja)

- (age forms) - cap

- (demon AR poofs) Ep4 "Trials of the Local God" 4/24/2017.
We see 2 poof-like ARs of main characters... and sadly, one seems permanent. At the start the effects of the attack have already taken place. This is the AR with the most RN potential. At 10:10, the villain (who turns into a secondary character) suffers the aforementioned permanent poof. Since she appears in the opening in loli form, it's safe to assume this AR will be permanent. The episode features a large-chested yokai as well... so we may see several ARs throughout the anime and maybe RNs... all we can do now is wait - (The AP Ninja)

Tsuitenai Shoujo
- (TG AR) by Yukino Minato, 2016. "Comic A-UN" vol244.
A doujin TF situation, the rest is all loli - extract - (Shadow00000)

- (creature AR, AP BE, TF) - loli h-manga - rock ceremony AR - AP scene - (Suning)

Tsuma, Shogakusei Ni Naru
- (wife reappeared as reincarnated child) Murata Yayu, Hobunsha, 2019.
"If my wife become an elementary school student". An office worker and his cocooned daughter re-encounter their reincarnated wife and mother who died 10 years ago. The process of recognition is simple but accurate, telling secrets, vows, and occasions never mentioned to outsiders. Although the elementary school girl recalls previous lives, she also has another identity with her own family. She appears precocious due to her memories, showing a uniquely intelligent appearance in class. The straight-ball man is unwilling to let her go again. While he and his reborn wife disturb the emotional shackles of their shared past, their future may not be smooth. Ignore her? Keep a distance? Or wait for her to reach legal age to marry her back? This is the beginning of a miracle and trial. A female colleague becomes curious about the private life of her widowed male co-worker, who has an ambiguous relationship with a 10 y.o. girl. A complex drama.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Tsuma, Shougakusei ni naru
- (reincarnation "ARed" effect) Yayu Murata, c2019.
If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student - manga link - (Gilamon)

Tsuru ni Ongaeshi
- (insect TF AP) by URAN, 2010. Chichi Pedia, Comic Megastore-H.
Code: - Link includes Rabbit Therapy, a short color TF story.
- Contains loli - extract - (Shadow00000)

Tubame Syndrome
- (AP) Black-haired warrior schoolgirl grows up to do battle.
1 - 2

Twelve Kingdoms, The
- (age stasis) Those who become rulers or sennin (immortals) remain at the age they were when their change in status took place, which means that some sennin stay children and others are elderly. Sennins can't starve, but can still lose body fat and feel hunger.

Twilight World
- (AA size increase breakout) manga scans

Twin Signal
- (male age forms) 1992-95. Signal has two forms: An adult Bishonen form, and a childlike Super Deformed mode with an insane love for chocolate.

Twinbee Paradise
- (growth CB, GTS, male growth) Ca 1994 anime. Pastel scarfs down some cookies and awakens to find herself the size of a doll. A chemical in the cookies was meant to make her lose weight. The mad doctor creates a growth ray which results in a 20 metre tall naked girl on the pageant floor. After "accidentally" creating another giantess, he restores Pastel to her original size. She is angry that her brother Light and everyone else saw her naked, due to her growing out of her doll-sized clothing, so she steals the growth ray and starts unloading at Light. Some more girls end up giant sized, but eventually she hits him and he grows through the roof of the convention centre. (Process Forum)

- (CB scenes, GTS) The effects of adult growth spurts can be agonizing - 1 - 2 (Process)

Two Siblings Fela Pure
- (male AR) Ch05 hentai manga, 2012. A pair of siblings received some youth pills from their father.

- (growth) BE growth Nudity (Process)

U.R.C Maniax3
- (ARed, AP UC RN) Momoya Show-Neko. Same hentai artist as Hyperpolice manga. AR, AP slight UC (Sutibaru)

Uchuu Patrol Ruruko
- (AA battle upgrade) Space Patrol Luluco, anime series. Studio Trigger, 2016.
Miss Trigger in relation to Luluco "ages up" from 13 to 17 whenever she transforms.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
- (AR to fetus dream) AKA "Space Battleship Yamato 2199", "Star Blazers", 2012-2013-
Maybe-real-maybe-not? The Yamato passes through a portal, causing female crew member Makoto to quickly regress into a baby and a floating fetus. The weird effects stop and Makoto returned to normal. It's pretty quick and doesn't have oversized clothes, but is pretty well drawn anyway, showing her (tastefully) naked, even though she's supposed to be wearing her space suit.
- Manga chapter link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 3
- (AA fusion TF, "18 to 21") Ep24, "Secret of Planet Guardiana", 1981.
Star Blazers: The Bolar Wars, Space Battleship Yamato 3, Space Cruiser Yamato, Cosmoship Yamato.
She combines with the queen mother to become a new queen, an adult lady from a younger form.
- Screencaps - (Akira)

UFO Baby
- (male AR, RN) S2 Ep73 "Miyu and kiddy Kanata" NHK - correct date: c.1/2002.
AKA "Daa! Daa! Daa!" - Episode link - (Username, Tazz)

UFO Baby
- (male AR, teen into newborn, RN) Ep73 S02Ep34 "Miyu and kiddy Kanata" 2011.
Through online delivery came a box of biscuits that turn you into a baby. Kanata eats it accidentally and turns preteen. In the bookstore Kanata turns into a toddler and then a baby. Kanata is brought home sleeping with anxious Miyu, who hugs crying baby Kanata, and is brought back to himself - (Jeffr_2bya)

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (AA TF age forms) - intro page

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (AP AA TF) Transformation scene

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (AR) S1Ep1. Teen girl to kid (offscreen 02:55, explained 07:30 - she can temp. turn back, mahou shoujo style) another teen girl into kid @18:45 - Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

UFO Princess Valkyrie
- (furry AR, rejuv/AR, AA TF BE AP-like upgrade) S2Ep6 "Mehm Night Flight" 2003.
Older woman into teen in the bath house, teens into kids, teen into baby (all offscreen), shoujo henshin into teen heroine (the only TF shown). The shame of being caught indisposed is almost unendurable.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

UFO Princess Walkure (Valkyrie)
- (AP RN AA, AP UC, ARed) Princess Walkure (aka Hime-sama) crashes her space ship into a bath house. She gives Kazuto part of her soul as compensation. However, by doing so, she regresses back to a small shoujo, playful and childlike, with big blue eyes and long blonde hair - about half Kazuto's size. Akina becomes jealous. Princess Hydra is pursuing Princess Walkure. Akina binds her power and in the process, Hydra is transformed to a small shoujo with light green hair. Whenever Princess Walkure and Kazuto kiss, Princess Walkure transforms into her true form. The AP transformation is very revealing, showing her totally naked a la Sailor Moon, but filling out to dimensions that would make the sailor senshi blush for modesty. Hydra's transformation is similar, but she is clothed. Walkure's sequence focuses on the growth of her breasts from non-existent to very round, complete with nipples. Then there's a shot of her buttocks, and finally her feet. Gradually she is clothed, first with shoes, then with hand gloves, and finally with an outfit. Akina was also returned to a child. (Akira)
- 1 - APed, ARed - cover
- Season 1 Ep 8 "Cat-Ear Vacation." Catgirl Sanada uses advanced technology to transform several dozen human girls into catgirls. The cat maids are starting to stand out in their environments with their newly grown ears and tails. They need a break - an overnight beach trip. Akino releases Hydra's seal, and Hydra transforms back into an adult, now wearing a child-size bathing suit that did not grow with her! She retaliates on Raine.
- BE scene.

UFO Princess Walkure
- (APed, ARed) Anime data: Walkure and Hydra AR and AP. A full cast AR of the catgirls. Raine can transform into anyone, but always has head antenna and big boobs (resulting in busty Kazuto, Busty Akina, and busty little Hydra among others). Raine travels through time, and meets herself at 3 different ages. Season 2 Ep 1had Akina BE. Akina and Hydra fusion transformation (Akihadora). (Ninjabunneh)

UFO Princess Walkure
- (AA AP) - TF - TF - TF

UFO Princess Walkure
- (AP UC) - swimsuit stretch-out. Notice: this may be a before/after edit, as in the most commonly seen version she wore her battle uniform before transforming.
- (AP UC) Anime swimsuit stretchout.

UFO Robot Grendizer
- (male disguise ARed, male RN AP TF CB)
Ep29 , 4/18/1976, "Farewell, My Friend In Space!"
AKA "Goldorak". The alien commando was compressed into a boy, but the disguise wears off inopportunely.
- Video link at 14:30 - screencaps - (Akira)

UFO Senshi Dai Apolon
- (male expansion) 1976. 16 y.o. Takeshi bulks up.
Video link - link - screencaps - (Akira)

UG Ultimate Girl
- (CB) 2004 Parody of Ultraman. 3 high school girls can grow to 50' tall. If they're not naked beforehand, they will be afterwards -- their clothing does not grow. They DO gain a skintight costume, but if they spend more than 2 minutes super-tall their costume starts to disintegrate, leaving them very very tall and very very naked.
Silk Koharuno: Shy to the point of near social phobia, Silk is the strongest Ultimate Girl. she really, REALLY can't stand losing her costume in such a public place.
Vivian Ootori: American, blond, short tempered and very violent, Vivian is also the largest breasted of the 3.
Tsubomi Moroboshi: A short and young girl, very lolitaish, Tsubomi is obsessed with costume playing and more than a little exhibitionistic -- when her uniform starts vanishing in ep 2, she starts taking even more daring poses. She also gets the brilliant idea to become naked BEFORE she grabs UFO Man's genitals to transform, thus saving her clothes. (Process Forum)

UG Ultimate Girl
- (GTS costume disintegration) Anime heroines grow to giant size and have to fight crime in disintegrating costumes. The embarrassment is almost unbearable.
- (GTS "CB" scenes) TF3 - gif
- (TF "CB"ed) Anime TF
- "CBed" - "CBed"

Ultra Maniac
"R&B" anime #18, 9/16/2003. Mito (Maya) gives Ayu and Nina magical chocoballs and they transform into 20 year old versions of themselves! Ayu is very shy of baring so much, but Nina and Mito drag her to a club. Why Nina chooses to dress like a porn star, however, remains a mystery. Yuta also makes an appearance.
- manga act 15, 04/03. Quotes:
Mito: Are you free today? Shall I take you to a club with an atmosphere where we, as adults can have fun?
Mito: Okay eat these.
Ayu: *PON* What what?
Nina: Wa~i! I'm 20!!!
Ayu: 20?!
Nina: Yup! This is Ayu's face in 6 years!
Mito: Then me too! *CHEW* *PON*
Mito: So, let's go!
Ayu: Can...I go out walking like this?
- APed - APed

Ultraman Baromu 1
- (male) 1972.
The 10-year-old boys Kentarou and Takesi disguise themselves as 1 adult when fighting.

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight
- (demon AA helmet TF APed form) Shinba, Hirafumi. Shueisha, Dash X, 2015+ light novel, 2018 anime.
Yurishizu Jan'nu Daruku to Renkin no Kishi - AKA - Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Hyakunen Senso no Himitsu.
- Ep5: The mahou "Philip" dons a battle helmet that makes her hair grow and breasts seem to expand. She becomes engulfed in dark power and trembles in pain. The last part seemed to show her neck expanding.
Older alter ego will be fighting the main characters. If we are lucky, there will be a shocking reveal with proper TF while admitting it.
- The male protagonist is falling in love with Jeanne, but has serious reservations due to her childlike state... Since the world turns around harem lords, maybe the helmet will grant his wishes.
- Extracts - (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja)

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi
- (mahou upgrade, BE swelling close-up glimpse)
Princess Philip of Burgundy is also a Ulysses through the ancient cursed helmet and Montmorency's elixir. She takes the combat name Noire.
- Start of TF scene link - screencaps - (Sound613Wave)

Umi Monogatari
- (AA upgrade, RN AA) Ep11, Ep12, c2009.
Little mahou shoujo Urin gets possessed by a dark spirit and is forced to AA into a larger battle form. After the heroines make peace with the spirit she is set free from control, and her frame returns to its compact default form. Both AA upgrade and RN sequences were glimpsed through silhouettes.
- Vid link - Little to teen TF AA (6:03-6:17).
- Vid link - Teen to little TF AR RN (0:14-0:31)
- (Chriskim019)

Umi Monogatari
- (demon AA age forms) Newer links added.
A spiritual battle occurs beneath the waves. Urin's insectoid upgrade appears more mature (preteen to early teen), albeit not yet fully developed. Can they rescue her?
- Ep11 link - Ep12 link - screencaps - (NightElf37)

- (demon AA TF AP, RN) 2011 anime set in near-future Tokyo.
Inga has two forms, Young Boy and Adult Woman, and switches between them quite regularly.
- Video link @00:38 - TF gif - screencaps - (Generallyawesome)

- (TF TG AA AP) 2011 Studio Bones anime.
Detective Shinjurou Yuuki solves mysteries with the help of his strange boyish assistant Inga, who has the power to transform into an adult woman, in near-future Japan.

- RAI is an acronym for a type of AI. The 'shota' character apparently transforms into a grown woman at certain points in the series when going on about perverted exploits.

Unholyness (?)
- (AP) Anime about a shoujo who becomes a vessel for a demon. It's got a great AP in it. (matgao)

- (AA AP, RNed) Vol1, Tezuka Osamu, 1976.
Unico was driven from the mythical country by a trick of Venus. A fairy tale where it wanders through different lands and times, carrying warm dreams to people's hearts - small extract - (Akira)

- (flying unicorn TF APed) Osamu Tezuka anime.
AKA "The Fantastic Adventures of Unico", 1981 - (Dragoniade & Stonegate)

- (unicorn AP) Tezuka Productions anime blocked link 285 MB @480p - (Akira)

unknown AR
- (adult to old age, AR to oblivion) c'18, fan manga.
Found this comic scene on Pixiv. Kinda dark and gory as both the AR and the OA are to death, so heads up... Could someone translate this? It's fairly obvious what is happening with the reactions but I am curious now.
- - full manga - (Klatuk4u)

unknown cover
- (APed) 1

unknown Teramoto Kaoru manga
- (unknown age TF) "It is green the month festival" Akiba puzzle medicine child transformation. (Hill)

- (AR) AR - AR From deleted Japanese AR board.
- (ARed, APed) ARed - ARed
- (excellent AP UC) From 2 sec anime clip on Japanese Moe AP forum. AP UC
- (AP) There are unauthorized (over 18) manga versions of "Creamy Mami", "Minky Momo", etc.
- furry AA APed (The Process Forum)

- (ARed) (Process) ARed
- (male AR AP) male ARed, AA AP
- (ARed old age) 1

- manga AR aftermath
- (BE scenes, CB) manga BE
- (AR) AR
- (AP) AP
- (flash forward) looks like AA AP Titled "Miu no nenrei to shinchou" (Miu's age and height) (Process)
- (AP) "Himitu No Wantacchi" (?) anime. A school girl child transforms to a high school student in the cartoon for children. There is no schedule for the comics yet. (Akira)
- (AP) anime AP - Shoujo rubs magic lotion to get older.

- (AA TF AP) Anime transformation scene
- (age changes) during - after
- (AP, RN) Age magic
- (AP, RN) Anime series - opening

- (AP AA TF) Anime clothed
- (AP AA TF) Anime nude (Neon_Knight)
- (BE) BE scene elf development TF expansion.
- (FF) FF scene

- (APed AA) TF gif
- (APed) - TF scene

- (AR AP) Moe Homelinux forum. Process, ARarchive, Animefilo. Read right to left, top to bottom. Following manga were not yet identified:
- (AR) Middle school girl sitting on park bench is slipped a pill and becomes younger. AR
- (ARed, AP) Woman has regressed into a girl but still wears adultsize clothing. After removing her glasses, she grows back as the astonished nurses look on. AR AP
- (ARed) Girl in oversized pj's complains she's getting younger. She's embarrassed, and declines a physical examination. ARed
- (ARed) Kneeling girl in oversized clothes. ARed
- (ARed) girl wakes up, looks in mirror, and finds herself younger. ARed
- (male AR) Regressing boy in oversized clothes falls out of his pants. male AR
- (male ARed) Rejuvenated boy is amused by puppets male ARed
- (male APed CB) Schoolgirl finds toddler brother turned into adult man by haunted teddybear. male AP
- (AP androxi UC) Foxtail shoujo drinks magic soda and becomes older. AP
- (APed UC) Girl looks out window of treehouse after growth event. Her older body strains against her small clothes. APed
- (APed androxi) girl in tight shirt, gaps between straining shirt buttons. AP
- (AP) Nude vortex rotating transformation scene. AP
- (no age change) Woman describes cell reversal technique. No ar is shown. no ar

- (AR, AP) Various unidentified manga scans found on Japanese board.
- (male FF APed AA) Schoolboy uniform - male
- (male old aged, male ARed) Age swapped soldiers - male
- (male ARed) Reverted man-baby is disturbed by cleavage - male
- (ARed) Kimono slips off catgirl's narrowing shoulders - shrunk
- (ARed) Regressing girl notices coat is now too big - ARed
- (ARed, APed) Nurse angel reverts into toddler in oversized battle uniform - TFs
- (ared) Reverting warrior girl is slimed and bagged - loss
- (AR) Elf shower reversion scene - AR
- (AR) Oversized clothing aftermath - ARed

- (AR, APed) Regressing girl collapses in exhaustion in stretched out clothes. RN
- (AP UC) Pencil outline art. Girl uses magic staff to grow up alone in her room. AP
- (AP, slight UCed) Hentai. Sexual secret agent grows up into adult sexpert. AP (EvilConsumer)
- (old age) Starlet is suddenly aged. OA

- (AR) scene

- (AR) Reverting girl skirt drop ARing
- (AR) Hero shrinks out of costume ARing
- (male AR) Helpless person reverts out of clothes ARing
- (APed UC, ARed) Clothes no longer fit or have become too big - age swapped
- (ARing) Slow reversion in progress ARing
- (age inadequacy) Immature breast mocking

- (ARed, male OA) - scene link - caps - (Star Regression)

- (ARed) aftermath - (Process)
- (AP TF AA) Anime transformation sequence.

- (ARed) Unidentified aftermath scenes from Japanese board. More to come.
- schoolgirl
- dress sleeves too long
- swimsuit toddler
- resentful toddler
- medical experiment mirror shock
- 2 ages
- slightly oversized shirt
- small girls jealousy

- (ARed) Woman is shocked to find herself rejuvenated upon waking. Bedroom ARed
- (ARed) Involuntary regression, lost figure self discovery ARed
- (BE stages look like 13 to 21 AP) A to F-model. AA (Process)
- (BE AP) BE

- (BE TG) Anime. breast growth
- (CB TF) Anime demonic TF

- (growth CB) Teen girl has medical condition causing her to rapidly grow to giant size when sexually stimulated in any way. This complicates her attempts to have relationships. When further stimulated, she grows even more, severely damaging her surroundings. After orgasm she immediately shrinks back to normal.
- part01 - part02 - (Process)

- (kinda like AA BE'd) Anime shoujos were obsessed with self inflation - 2 (sdofksdfs9)
- (adult TF UC) Anime female muscle strain
- (aftermath) BE discovery.
- (AP AA) Anime short - trick

- (looks like adult rejuv) Does anyone know which manga this came from? Seems like she may be shrinking younger...
Thanks! - Warning: NSFW extract - (Hungry Hippo)

- (male AR, male AP) Young Magazine (monthly), 12/9/09? "Kurosuchenja" - Executive leading double life as younger boy is tempted to infidelity.
- Manga extracts - male AR AA scene - male ARed cohabitation - erotic encounter with secretary.
- Full story can be read here:
- info (Akira)

- (male AR) Every time a guy gets sexual pleasure with a female (maybe being breast fed) he gets younger. He ends up as a baby in her arms. I wish I could recall the name of it. It's buried deep in my collection somewhere - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (slight BE, more mature adult TF) Anime elf change - (Process)
- (TF AA AP) Anime costume metamorphosis.

- (unseen CBed growth) Anime elves sometimes grow to giant size in an instant - nude - 2

zero-sum WARD (magazine)
- (unknown age TF) 2004 winter vol3. In order to borrow the power, the heroine of the strange world attaches "the collar of closing" to the body, and the appearance is enhanced or lost toward childhood. 3 people keep becoming younger. Nakamura
Comic Megastore H (magazine)
- (unknown age TF) "Only magical using?!" 4/2004 edition? Woman on magical errand reacts to using too much bewitchment with a smaller body. Whether it is reduction of the flesh or rejuvenation is at present time unclear.
Weekly Shonen Sunday (magazine)
- (unknown age TF) Girl of the enemy becomes younger during an errand according to the degree of cursing, appearing as about an elementary school student, with an actual age of 32 years old. The true form is also produced.
Monthly Magazine Z (magazine)
- (unknown age TF) Gekkan Magajin Zetto serialization. 4 witch students through magic supplement steadily become younger to immature kindergarten children. Sailor suit and underwear forms are seen, and return to origin scene.
(archived Hill AR/AP Board)

- (AP AA) Hentai. School shoujo has the ability to suppress paranormal activity. Anthology KTC, Comic Unreal, vol.07 AA
- (AP) Little witch assumes adult form after magic experiment. Sex promptly ensues. APed

- (16 to 18 BE, teen shoujo age forms) 29. Her nipple grows, becomes small, and is changed - Hentai TF - (Akira)

- (AP AA) c2012 mirror TF - (Suning)

- (AP) 23.7.
Fox-tailed shoujo rapidly grows up into adult battle form to the astonishment of male admirers.
- cleavage costume AP TF scene.

- (AP) Hentai manga porn battle upgrade - (Akira)

- (female AR/RN) #11 2/30/2008.
- (female AR) #13 6/30/2008.
- (AA TF anthro APed) #25 3/30/2011.
(Grimble, Suning)

UQ Holder! Magister Negi Magi! 2
- (demon age forms) Ken Akamatsu manga set generations later in the Negima! world.
10/2017 anime series: Main female protagonist Yukihime, AKA Evangeline A.K. McDowell, is a 700 y.o. vampire with the ability to switch from her busty mature adult disguise-form into her true loli-form body, and back again. A teacher in the village school, she goes with Touta on their adventures in the city. Eps 2 & 5 have Yukihime transforming back and forth between her younger and older forms.
- Art - (Carlton)

UQ Holder!
- (TF AA AR) S1Ep9 "Love, Baths, and Vigorous Exercise" 11/28/2017.
Near the end of the episode, Yukihime de-ages back into her true loli form to tell Tota a secret about his age form - (Carlton)

Urashima Taro
- (male adult AS/OA) - early anime adult ages

- (AP UC, RN) Arima Keitarou, 2005. Magic hog raises little girl into adult warrior who reverts inopportunely. AP bedroom UC scene.
- cover age forms

Urotsukidoji 4: Inferno Road
- Urotsukidoji Inferno, Akemi Ito into full grown woman. Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Vol 4: Inferno Road.
- (AP?) Ep 3. In a civilization beyond imagination, where children cruelly rule over adults, Yoenhime transforms into Munhihausen's pawn, the menacing Yoenki. At last she is strong enough to reap revenge.
- (CB, excellent AP scene) Ep unknown, NOT Ep 3 (Film Wolf). A girl becomes a woman.
- AP - AP

- (BE growth) Anime spurt glimpse

Urotsukidoji III
- (AA AP) A baby with a special power suddenly grows up in time of danger. In that world, a person's youth represents their power and rank. Children have access to magic, but adults don't. Having her turned into an adult is basically stripping her of her power.
- 0:22:45-0:22:54 video link - screencaps
Urotsukidoji IV
- (APed CB aftermaths) When children don't have enough time to change into larger outfits as they grow up, their clothes will of course burst apart or explode into shreds.
Video link - screencaps
- (Chriskim019, Godleydemon, Wandering Spirit)

Urusei Yatsura
- Lum. Rupa, the prince of a world of total darkness, was intent on marrying Lum. Since she wasn't willing to go with him he kidnapped her after accelerating her growth. 1 - 2
- "Beware of Earmuffs" Both Ataru and toddler Ten are swapped into the sexy body of Sakura, the school nurse. In the end Ataru ends up in his mother's body and another male classmate in Sakura's.

Urusei Yatsura
- (AA age forms) - INFO PAGE

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!
- (fan art, young adult redrawn as "OA'd") Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! 2020-22 series. So Hanna Uzaki looks too young? Well, I can fix that. I'll fix the damn HELL out of it! I wanted to make them lower, but still in the shot. The image angle made it difficult. So I had to fudge on them a smidge. But for the character, it fits. I tried making her hair whiter but may have washed the image out too much. So I re-did that guys shirt - fan art - (The Doc)

Val x Love
- (demon AA age poofs) "War x Love" by Ryousuke Asakura, Ch40-50, c'19.
It seems ecchi anime just allow themselves to delete all AP-related content and seclude it to never-coming following seasons lol. Only Date Alive comes to mind that breached that barrier.
- Ch link - extracts - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

Vampire Doll: Guilt-na-Zan
- (male TF) Powerful vampire aristocrat was sealed into cross by exorcist. He is revived 100 years later as a living doll, whose special powers are to make sweets. He can become his true form of Guilt-na-Zan for 10 minutes by sucking blood. He can also transform by sniffing a bottle with "spiritual elements" of Tanae's blood, but the transformation is delayed, and can have unwanted side effects.
- (male AP AR) Dune sucks wickedness from other people to increase his power. At max strength he looks like a teen/adult, but when he is drained of all his stored up wickedness, he becomes a young boy again.

Vampire Game
- (male rebirth) Manga 2004. At the end Duzell, who gave a Heroic Sacrifice, is reincarnated as the son of Ishtar, the woman he loved.

Vampire Princess Miyu
- (age stasis, adult as teen) Miyu looks 13, but her growth was magically stunted by the Shinma so she can hunt the ones who ran away to the human world.
- (APed) Original series manga vol 2. (Toshiki Hirano, Narumi Kakinouchi) Ruri could be AP'ed into an adult, pg 192.

Vampire Princess Miyu
- (age stasis) Miyu's mentally an older woman who was allowed to keep a teenage form to capture the Shinma.

Vampire Princess Miyu
- (male AR OC) Ep17. Man into baby around 4:40. He was entrusted to the waves.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Vanilla Series
- (APed, ARed) Hentai anime releases - cover

Vanitasu no Karute
- (AA demon TFs) "The Case Study of Vanitas" by Jun Mochizuki.
Ch38 "Naenia - She Who Harbors Death (Part One)" 2019 - Mysterious ethereal entity infecting curse-bearing Vampires with Malnomen in a hunt for their True Names. Naenia has an inky, hazy, black form, sharp teeth, and the ability to shapeshift. She changes age appearances at will, as we see her hands are younger with Louis but like a young woman's when with Noe or Chloe. Her real body is that of a young girl. When she turns vampires into cursebearers she literally morphs with their bodies and turns them into beasts.

Variable Geo
- (FF) Yuka Takeuchi is only a teenager, so her breasts are still growing. Ironically she sees this as a problem, since she's embarrassed by her breast size.

Variable Geo
The main character, 17 year old Yuka Takeuchi (Ryu clone), is very busty, and she seem to be still growing. She claims that another shirt had become too small.

Venus Versus Virus
- (age delay) Lola and Layla look at the most 9 or 10, but they're really 18.

Vinland Saga
- (male FF or AP?) Makoto Yukimura, Kodansha Afternoon, 2005+. Vol01, p120-123.
Also 2019 anime. Legendary warrior hailed as the strongest ever begat son Tolfin, who lives in the battlefield and aims to conquer the fantasy continent over bloody smoke! - - (Akira)

Violet Evergarden
- (AA FF) Akatsuki, Takase light novel. Kyoto Animation, c2018 - Ep10 caps

Violet Evergarden
- (FFed to OA) 13-ep anime, 2018. OVAs in 2019, 2020.
Violet was tasked with writing a letter for every birthday the mother will miss of the little girl's life. Decades have passed and that little girl became an old woman. We see photos of her life from young to the end. No, we don't get to see elderly Violet. HOWEVER, we do see supporting character Nerine as an old lady working at the post office which became a museum - link - (Deleted)

Viper Btr
- (APed) Manga based on interactive game. A little shoujo is trapped inside a building with a masked pervert. She disappeared into the bathroom and changed unseen into her adult form via magic wand; just a before-after scenario. Sex with the pervert ensues (maybe she felt sorry for him?).

Viper V12 Sogna ADV 1997. Magical Gambler Totocalciomi Ruri was an ordinary schoolchild who loved games of chance. Two fairies bestow her a magical rod. Immediately, she gives a wish that turns her into an adult who can turn a losing game to Jackpot. She overuses the power and is in jeopardy of her virginity while changing the mahjong dominoes of the other players.

Volcanic Age
- (demon AA upgrade, 18 to 21 "growth") AKA "Hwasan Jeonsaeng", by Jeong Jun, c2021.
A man who survived the age of war lived a life of regrets. On his death bed he was returned to the past.
- Ch158 link - screencaps - (Anonsuper)

- (hentai APed) 2005 Izumi Kyota hentai manga. The 2nd story is "Sister's Body" about a student who has a curiosity about sex. As a consequence of her still immature somatotype, her thoughts about the older brother are concealed. She mistakes a cartridge and drinks the medicine which transforms her into an adult! Also the chest expands, and she goes on a sexual rampage. The men crowd plays with the soft skin of the woman who matures. Can the science teacher find the antidote in time? Fetish hentai drawn in near clinical detail with 3P sex, group sex, paizuri, 69, lesbian sex with double dildos, female masturbation. (Akira)
- Schoolgirl grows bigger, body straining against her swimsuit. (tjohnta) Censored, original version at

- (TF AA APed) A manga version of the Italian manga-style comic was made.
- Scans 1 - 2

- (AP BE) AKA "Wadatumi" Longer view of previously posted battle TF scene. APed (Process Board)
- (APed) Kotoyoshi Yumisuke hentai manga. APed (Process galleries, Kaosu Reido)

Wagaya no Oinarisama
- (slight age disguises) Kuu's genderbending takes a strange turn as he changes into a she for more battle power, changing age appearances to appeal to the roricon and oneesama fandoms.

Wallflower, The
- (AA ARed) "Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge", "Perfect Girl Evolution", 2006.
Lust induced blood loss triggers anime reversion - caps (AR Group)

- (AA AP) Anime treasure race caused inadvertent aging - caps

Waltraute-san no Konkatsu Jijou
- (AR) Kamachi, Nagi, 2012.
"The Circumstances Leading to Waltraute's Marriage" v01_205.
- In one chapter Waltraute ate more Apples of Immortality than she should have - Before/After - (Chachazero90)

Wana Trap of Carnal Desire
- (AP CB, male AR) Kazuki Taniuchi 1999. Preschoolers are rapidly aged into adults. AP CB (Shadow00000)
- (excellent APed, RN, male AR) 1999 Kazuki Taniuchi loli manga. Rapidly aged preschool girls' dresses were torn to shreds, still clinging to their adult bodies. The grown boys ended up nude. In retaliation, the male perpetrators were reverted into toddlers. (Process Forum, Shadow00000)

Warau Salesman NEW
- (adult old aged) Sequel show to Laughing Salesman. Ep01 "Make A Budget And Stick To It" 2017/04/03.
Unpopular and unhappy office lady with obsessive shopping habit runs out of money. The loss of face is unbearable. She is given a special credit card by Mr. Moguro with unlimited money in it. The catch is that everything she buys will be repossessed the next day.
At first she admires the card, but soon gets bored with her purchases being taken away every morning. She decides to use the card on things that can't be repossessed, like spa and cosmetic treatments. In the end she learns there are no exceptions to the deal, and wakes up having turned into a saggy old lady.
- Full episode link @00:12:15 - screencaps - (TAnimation 7)

Warau Salesman
- The Laughing Salesman - Warau Seerusuman
Anime series about strange salesman Moguro Fukuzou who grants people's wishes. When the customers invariably ask for more than what was offered, Moguro unleashes magic punishment to ruin their lives.
- (adult infantilizations) Ep76 "Sandlot in the Sky" 1991/11/26.
Salary man wishes to return to his youth to play in the sandlot from the good old days, where he left a box of treasures in a pipe. Moguro grants his wish by giving him clothes that make him look like a child again. The secret sandlot is filled with adults playing in children's clothes recapturing their childhoods. But, the condition is that he can't mix his sandlot life with his real life.
All seems good until he meets a girl who tempts him into breaking that rule. Shizu reluctantly "admits" she works as a prostitute to pay her father's debts, so Gaki embezzles money to help her. Having broken his promise to Moguro, he loses access to the sandlot AND the money. Shizu was revealed to not only have a boyfriend, but be lavishly wealthy.
"Chibi" effect, mental AR. There is a difference in how the adults look compared to when they dress as kids.
  Episode link @01:10:04 - screencaps
- (male adult infantilization) Ep82 "IV Patient" 1992/01/21.
A salary man is envious of hospital patients and their nurses giving them motherly love. He's admitted after collapsing from overwork, and becomes addicted to hospital life. Over time he gets it too much, and ends up acting like a baby. By reducing him to an infantile state of mind, Moguro lets him spend the rest of his life in a hospital being cared for.
  Episode link @02:10:09 - screencaps
- (male AR, male adult infantilizations) Ep96 "Kindergarten CEO" 1992/08/11.
Busy CEO of a Kindergarten business desires the freedom that children enjoy. Moguro enrolls him in a kindergarten for powerful adult men, but warns he must not bring in any external power imbalances. After being victimized by a bully in the kindergarten, Taizou discovers the man is head of a construction company seeking a building contract. Taizou agrees to the contract if the man allows Taizou to bully him in the kindergarten. For breaching the condition, Moguro turned Taizou back into a toddler. The secretary screams in horror.
Same plot and setup as Sandlot In The Sky. The biggest difference is that the punishment was being turned into a physical toddler.
  Episode link @04:30:17 - screencaps
- (male adult age stasis effect) Ep40 "Youthful Pride" 1990/08/28.
Youthful looking manager is concerned he is beginning to look his age. Moguro gives him a doll to wish for adult youth, and it proves successful. Moguro warned Wakasa not to overdo it; however after meeting a beautiful woman, Wakasa overexerts himself and dies on the dance floor.
- (male adult old age face) Ep48 "Old Face, Young Body" 1991/04/23.
73 y.o. company president feels his age but looks much younger. Moguro gives him special dumbbells to recover youthful strength. However, it only works if he sticks to golf and does not pursue women. Wakashi ignores the warning and spends the night with a young woman. This does not effect his muscular body, but causes his face to decay into an old man's.
- (male adult older form) Ep66 "Long-Term Break" 1991/08/27.
Mature company man helps with the rehabilitation of a young woman, but becomes attracted to her. When Nagai returns to the apartment, he finds an aged version of himself needing home care.
- (TAnimation 7)

Watashi to Kare no Wakagaeri & Kyuuseichou Nikki
- (AR, AA RN, PE, PR) by Yukimaro Yukkii, 2012. Unreal Comics.
"Chounouryoku de Yaritai Houdai" Vol01. Time control based. Contains loli/shota.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!
- (reincarnation rebirthed, CoA, age forms) - Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! - light novels etc., 2017+.
Genius girl Misato Kurihara was killed and reborn as a baby in a fantasy world. She asked for average abilities. Regaining her old memories, she realizes "average" takes into account the power of the absolute strongest, making her 6,800 times more powerful than the typical human. Reina is 15 years old, her tiny appearance makes her look much younger.

Wedding Peach
- (BE) When 3 of the angels switch bodies with magical cats, the girls turn into Cat Girls, and their breasts grow. They shrink back after the girls return to normal.

weight gain (tropes)
- (adult obesity, aging effect) This can also be a fetish - extr. - (old age progression boards)

weight gain (tropes)
- (obesity/decrepitude, adult age effects) - extracts

- (gynecological AP) Yui Toshiki manga. Comic Momohime bizarre erotic stories. Kiss causes little girl to grow up. Her dress is too short. Adult content available on Process Forum (Sutibaru)
Balloon girl steals age. Censored version. (Process) AP

Wild Child
- (FF AA) Captured feral girl is forcibly civilized through intensive conditioning - training years

Witch Craft Works
- (AR) Ryu Mizunagi, c2013.
A group of enemy witches uses a new skill on one of the main characters. It's a poof kinda thing, but w/e.
- Full chapter link - AR extract - (Kevin_Generic)

Witch Hunter Robin
- (adult stasis) S01Ep03 "Dancing in Darkness" 2/19/2004.
Strangely dried witch corpses are turning up. A powerful witch has controlled insects for centuries.
- (Dragoniade Stonegate Shadowlord) ln - th

Witch Hunter Robin
- (male adult OA'd) "Dancing in Darkness", 7/17/2002, Ep3.
When the bodies of mummified witches begin to turn up left and right, the STN-J team faces a serial murderer who's only active every 40 years.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Witch Hunter Robin
- (male age stasis OA'd) A Witch of the Week who had been alive for thousands of years by feasting on others' life force crumbled into mere sand when his powers were taken from him.

Witchcraft Works
- (AR) by Ryu Mizunagi, 2010-
Ch30. Kagari is attacked, and becomes a shoujo for only 1 chapter.
- Extract - (Andu22)

- (male pseudo-"OA'd", no size increase) Ishikawa Yugo, Big Comic Superior, c2015-18. Ch50.
Humans worldwide wake to find themselves and their clothes having been shrunk. Young Alice and her dog Poco struggle to adapt to the changed world. A boy's body degenerated to decrepitude.
- Ch01 start link - Ch50 small extract - (Vended)

- (height increased) "Sayonara, Popura", anime Ep13, 12/24/2011.
Taneshima Popura always had a problem with her short height, and when she could finally reach the bottom of the chart she was undoubtedly excited. Skipping around the restaurant over her accomplishment, Popura explains her success to Takanashi who becomes troubled by her sudden growth spurt.

World Embryo
- (slow AP) 2005-.
Neene's AP is very slow and almost subtle. Her spurts occur gradually across several chapters of the story.
- Page extracts - (Piemur1)

World God Only Knows, The
- (AR teen form to shoujo, AA RN) Ch222.1 arc.
High school idol Kanon Nakagawa was ARed into a kawaii mahou shoujo by a runaway spirit spell. In Kanon-chan's magical form, she AAs back into a teen idol.
Anime OAV spin-off Magical Star Kanon 100% is loosely based on this arc. Both are recommended.
- Manga Ch. link - ARed RN extract
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

World God Only Knows, The
- (dream AR) 2012. While boy is dreaming he sees girl turned into baby - (Jeffr_2bya)

World God Only Knows, The
- (male mind/time swap) Vol20+. Tamiki Wakaki, 2013.
Keima is swapped with his younger self through a spell by the Jupiter Sisters.

Xiangqin shi shuangxiu dao lu
- (demon AA AP/AR) "Blind Date to Cultivate" webnovel, Sky Tree Comics Studio, 2021.
- Ch20 Full link - extract AP - Ch38 Full link - extract AP - Ch39 Full link - extract AR
- (Reactant, Boi)

Xue ji yu qishi
- (furry AA age forms) The Blood Princess and the Knight PRC manhua.
Ch 17-18, 2018+ chapters link - extract - (Andu22)

- (age stasis time anomaly) Seinen manga by Clamp. When an immortal dies, not only does their body vanish (presumably into the scattered dust it would otherwise be by now), but almost everyone's memories of her vanish and adjust to how they would have been if she had died on schedule.

- (male young adult age stasis) 2006+
Watanuki takes over Yuuko's shop after her death. He goes into a similar unaging anomaly-to-the-universe state. By the end he's over 100, but looks barely older than the teenager he was at the start.

Yada Kareshi no ga Hoka no Ko ni Haicchatteruu
- (furry AR) A kitsune has sex with a human and then mysteriously regresses. Maybe she absorbed too much energy? She does get pretty young, so if you're squeamish, go ahead and avoid.
- Censored but NSFW extract - (Godleydemon)

- (AA to old age, adult rejuv & stasis) 1993-94.
Kaguya, the Empress of the Moon's bunny people, has properties of a Gaki spiritual vampire. She requires the essence of younger females to maintain her adult youth and power. A simple kiss from Kaguya will drain their life energy, and recharges herself for a time.
- Screencaps Page.

- (adult rejuvenation RN) Anime reversion
- (old age) 1993 Princess Moon kidnaps young girls from the earth and sucks the life extract out of them so that she may stay young; the girls, however, become old women.

- (AP UC) - Mass youth theft - progression scene.

Yakitate!! Japan
- (male age delay) Takashi Hashiguchi manga. When Katsuo first appears in the Newcomer Exam, everyone assumes he's a child because of his small stature and boyish appearance. When he makes it to the semifinals, his wife appears to cheer him on, and he reveals that he's actually 31.

Yakudatazu Skill ni Jinsei o Sosogikomi 25-nen, Imasara Saikyou no Boukentan Midori Kashi no Akira
- (demon adult rejuvenation) Ch12, 2019. By Peroshi, Syuukichi, Guntetsu.
Chapter link - extract - (Andu22)

Yakusai Kocho
- (TF, APed) Adult anime OAV, 1997. "Demon Fighter Kocho" Kocho channels a wandering soul. Initially it appears as a little shoujo, who quickly transforms into a violent samurai, who slashes off what little clothes Kocho was wearing. A shape-shifting demon seduces Professor Kamo. The demon turns on Kosaku, transforming from a beautiful woman into a hot guy. Kosaku joyfully accepts, only to be disappointed by the demon's performance.

Yakusoku no Neverland
- (AR/AP) "The Promised Neverland" Ch136 "Maze" 2019.
Orphans must escape a demon food farm. Female AR and male AP of two younger characters - Full chapter link - (Vended)

Yamada no Orochi
- (AR) athletic scene - (Suning)

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
- (life reset) Anime "Lilith" 12/25/03.
At the end Hatsumi will be reborn as her lover Hazuki's daughter.

Yang Young soon
- (self image AA APed dream sequences) "Red Haired Anne" 1&2 - future years

Yaoguai Mingdan
- (demon AA age forms) 2014+ A misty tree demon appeared.
Anime: Ch04 older form, Ch06 mini form. Manhua/web manga: Ch22, Ch29.
- Extract - (Andu22)

Yappari Mithran Tarutaru
- (furry age stasis, furry TF RN APed) "Final Fantasy XI" hentai, Circle Credit, Akikan, SaHa.
The manga includes a fantasy costume CB glimpse near the end, and has quite a bit of Loli sex in it. The catgirl had a chronic disease that stopped her body from aging, but a sexual cure was found. For a Doujinshi it's cute and adorable at times.
- Age Spurt - (Godleydemon)

Yarechau Salesman
- (ARed TF poof, neko/furry) by Sakura, Vol01, c2010.
An adult gag-like manga, no real process.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)

Yarima Queen
- (demon AA TF, older appearance) "Sex Demon Queen" 2000 OVA. AIC, Green Bunny.
Clip link - screencaps - (Andu22)

- (BE AP slight UC) Hentai AP subject regressed back to normal after intercourse. After drinking inventor's juice, a small schoolgirl grows up in the middle of the street. (Sutibaru)
Censored version. Full size scans can be downloaded from The Process forum.

Yasuragi no Yakata - (male infantilization AR) "Hall of Tranquility". 1974, Fujiko F. Fujio.
Short manga by the creators of Doraemon. A stressed-out CEO is referred to a place where he can be cared for by giant women, and eventually reverts to a child-like state - cover - (SKJAM)

- (adults AA old age poofed) Ep101. Time Bokan series, Tatsunoko Productions, c1979.
Spanish dub - Episode link @12mins - screencaps - (JackpotMans)

Yattodeta Man
- (male AP) "Yattodetaman" 1981 and later (Akira)

- (AR) anime Ep44.
Video link @ 1:50, 3:30.
- Screencaps: male & canine - group AR - aftermath scenes.

- (RN AP CB) "Calendar men" Ch43.
This is when they return to normal. We thought it was Ch44, but it is actually Ch43.
- Dubbed It. Ep link - gif - screencaps - male screencaps - (Andu22)

Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan
- (pseudo AR) 03 "Incident No. 5; Incident No. 6" 2008 OVA.
A weird series of events happens to the resident cute female teacher. After she drinks a can of juice, she finds herself "regressing" into a little shoujo around her students' age (Though she confusingly keeps her big boobs). The scenery keeps changing, and she keeps witnessing weird shit happening. We find out it was just a nonsensical manga the main character was writing.
It's relatively quick, but is cute and does have mild process, as we get to see her shrink into her clothes.
- Episode link @25:36 - screencaps - (Azerty47)

Yo-Kai Watch
- (demons AR flash) Ep206, 2018. Creatures known as Yo Kais into baby ghosts.
Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Yo-kai Watch
- (male cutaway AA APed & muscle) 66 "Yo-kai Lafalotta" 2015/04/24.
The Yo-kai Lafalotta taught Nate how to be funny to impress his classmates. He trained and leveled up offscreen into a muscular adult to not embarrass himself again in a game.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Akira, Male Muscle Growth Archives)

Yodong's Vampire
- (AP CB, age disguised ARed)
S.Korea manhwa, "Yodongs Vampirin", LEE You Jung, 1996.
- In one day, timid 27 y.o. Mr. Yodong Lee's life is turned upside-down when he takes in a poor little orphan girl who bursts out of her clothes when she turns into an adult vampire. Losing both his virginity and his dog to his new lover's voracious appetites, our protagonist is catapulted into a radical new world of danger and excitement.
- AP starts after a few pages: Full manhwa link

Yodong's Vampirin
- (AP) She tripled her age without regard for her clothing - burstout

Yokubou Pandora
- (AP/AR) - Ch 17 AP link - Ch 20 AR link - scans

Yokubou Pandora
- (demon AA age poofs) by Hizuki, Akira. Comic ExE, Ch 17-18+, c2020.
Armpit connoisseur Takai Tsukasa knows the beauty of women's shapely armpits. A careless wish summons the most gorgeous woman alive, who just so happens to be a demoness!
- Ch19 link - extract - (Andu22)

Yokubou Pandora
- (furry demon AA AP) ecchi porn by Hizuki Akira, c2017+
Guy with crazy armpit fetish receives a demon to pleasure him - Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Yomeiro Choice
- (AA AP TF) Costume heroines - (Chacha, Crash)

Yomeiro Choice
- (FF AP) Growing family is stranded on island for 10 years - (Izumi)

Yomeiro Choice
- (male AR, AP AA) Manga.
- male AR slow process, panty perversion.
- Male infant lactation hentai, age gun AP/male AR

Yomeiro Choice
- (male AR) 2007.
Saku takes Kiiro's anti-aging supplement, which temporarily reduces his body and mind to a childhood state, and then on to babyhood. Hilarity ensues as his future wives try to take care of him. He can't help but be extremely perverted (attracted to breasts, panty theft, etc). He neglects his athletically figured wife Mebuki for her voluptuous daughter Moegi. Ran/Hiiro/Moegi breast battle ensues.

Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers
Suzunagi is the spirit of a girl killed in the Edo period. She has child and adult forms.

Yoru Baku - Yoake Kyoku
- (AR) c2018 web manga, extra chapter.
Manga link - extract - (Suning)

- (male & female AR) Takeshi Kunitsu, 2007. A witch's youth potion gets out of hand - (Jeffr_2bya)

Youkai Hatsujouki II Ron
- (APed) Iimusuaki, rakuten Elf fetish hentai. AA (Etopirika)

Youkai no Oishasan
- (AR) Satou Tomono, Shounen Magazine, vol15 2008. Three teens are reverted back into children wearing oversized clothes after opening magic box. AR
(etopirika, Suning)

Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e
- (demon APed, RN AR to teen) Ep3 c2020. Hentai anime series.
Welcome! To The Forest of Lewd Elves. A loli used her age changing ability to milk the hero dry to increase her magic and save the race. The elf's AP TF occurred offscreen, but there is brief AR RN process during sexual intercourse. Multiple orgasms are involved.
- Full episode link @10:30 - caps - (NightElf37)

Young Kyun! (magazine)
- (furry TF, feline APed, cat to micro-kitten ARed cutaway) Vol01, 2017. Kyun Comics. 230p.
Hentai stories by YO-JIN, Aoko, Oi is a Maru, Ryuji Sho, Mita Mori Tatsuya. After the transformation, he is overcome with lust. "Androxi curse": as always, the effects of sudden growth spurt on shoes are not shown.
- Uncensored porno link: - extract - AR extract - (NightElf37)

Yousei Pelsia
- (AA AP series) AKA "Evelin" - Anime opening credits - 8 - character design ages - 10

Yousei Pelsia
- (AA TF AP) "Persia the Magic Fairy".
She magically transforms into an adult for various reasons, but it's very chastely drawn. The notion of clothes tightening was the last thing on their minds.
- TF scenes video link
No one may witness her transformation, but she could always explain it away.
- Screencaps - Screencaps - Screencaps - (Onthehalfshel)

Yousei Pelsia
- (AP AA) Anime transformation scene
- (AP series) 1985. Turns into an older red haired girl with any abilities needed. 1 2
- (AP TF AA) Anime APed
- (AA AP, RN) Anime secret identity age alterations - TF - TF

Yousei Pelsia
- (AR AA, RN) Ep12.
Young girl AA poof into infant to help with babysitting, then around 8:12 she AAs back in stages through toddler, child, and preteen.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

youth extraction
- (adult to OA) age theft tendrils.

Yowamushi Pedal
- (male AA FF "APed" appearance poof) c'24.
"Weakling Pedal" by Wataru Watanabe. 2008+. Small extract - (Akira)

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta
- (AA TF AP) 2013.
At the end of Ep01, the shoujo AA's into her true witch form.
- Last video, c23 mins: Episode link - Scene link - screencaps - (Carlton, TGManiac)

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta
- (AP) Ep4.
The white-haired child grew up in her oversized school swimsuit right after diving in the pool. The process was hard to notice.
- Video link (3:24-3:34) - screencaps - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta
- (AR AA ghost squeeze) Ep02.
Surprisingly, a purple-haired nun is squished back into her child form by a boy in a hat. Land goddess Yae Shinatsuhiko's brother actually made her from a cherry blossom tree 300 years ago, so he can do that.
- Video link (20:13-20:33) - screencaps - (Chriskim019, Godleydemon)

Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku OVA 1
- (AP glimpse) Ep01. The main characters go to a lodging house managed by a dog goddess with a child-like appearance. Near the end, she is found out to actually be about 1200 years old, and takes on a much more mature appearance. Sadly, they only showed the process of her arm growing - (Chriskim019)

Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku OVA 2
- (AP, RN) 2/7/2014, "Tears of the Moon".
A werewolf comes after some siblings to obtain immortality. The vampire/mermaid shoujo gets a little blood and APs with decent process, then quickly reverts back near the end.
- Video link - screencaps - (Johnny)

Yozakura Quartet: Tsuki ni Naku
- (vampiric AP/AR) 3-part OVA, c2014.
Scene link - 1st AP gif - the AR RN gif - 2nd AP gif - (The Transformation Channel)

Yu Gi Oh!
- (AA age forms, OA) - INFO PAGE

Yu Gi Oh
- (AA 16 to 18 combat forms) Allure - stats (Process)

Yu Gi Oh
- (AA dragon AP, OA'd aftermath glimpse) Anime time is magically brought forward during duel.
- Harpy to early middle age aftermath - face OA'd
- Baby Dragon aged to Thousand Dragon - reptiloid (Furvect vidcaps)

Yu Gi Oh
- (dedicated AP, BE) Luna - (Wandering Spirit, Geno13)

Yu Yu Hakusho
- (anthro TFs, ARed form, AA RN) Ep47, 1993.
AR happens @06:29 - RN happens @09:54.
- Clip link - Ep link - Ep link - RN screencaps - (Andu22)

Yu Yu Hakusho
- (AR) 14 year old Botan reverts fan art
- (AR) Anime battle announcer Juri was reverted into a crawling toddler and has become almost incapacitated.
- AR aftermath

Yu Yu Hakusho
- (unseen male AR) -
Dark Tournament arc. Ura's Reverse Treasure Box (Idunn Box) uses mist to de-age victims past the point of conception. When Kurama's human body went into non-existence, his previous incarnation - full-powered demon fox Yoko Kurama - manifested.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
- (male demon "ARed" AA, dimensional multiplication) c2017 anime.
Process unseen. To stop Zarc, Ray used special cards to separate him from his dragon form. These cards "purify" a target into babies, splitting his soul into protagonist Yuya, Yuzu, and their dimensional counterparts. When Zarc was re-merged, Reira used the cards to seal his evil, keeping him young - caps - (Richforce)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
- (APed AA) Blair Flannigan, AKA Rei Saotome - fan art

- (male pseudo "APed" disguise, fem stasis "ARed" disguise) Ep20 "It's Tough Being an Adult" 2020/10/17.
Yoshio will be Dueling against Mimi, unaware that his opponent is his younger-looking mother, and Mimi fights against her son for his sake - (Akira)

- TV Tokyo, Bridge. 6th spin-off anime, 20th anniversary series.
Ep7 "The Transfer Student is a Grade-Schooler?" 2020/06/20 - caps
- (age stasis pseudo "ARed") - 37 y.o. Mimi Atachi somehow has the appearance of a preteen, referring to herself as the "eternal elementary school student". This is useful for infiltration purposes. When she visits a bar she wears a sign around her neck stating "I am an adult".
Ep8 "Post-Apocalypse and Neapolitan Spaghetti" 2020/06/27 - caps - (Akira)
- (male RN AR illusion) - "Transform! Fight! Show the world your will!" Mimi's 10 y.o. son Yoshio Atachi "transformed" into muscle man Good Max, the Post-Apocalyptic Revolutionary King. A mighty warrior was actually a boy in disguise!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
- (male OA'd) - screencaps - (old age progression sites)

- (AA APed) Anime. AA AP (Process AP/AR Board)
- (male APed) A young 15 year old boy finds an ancient puzzle piece and when he says "Yuuuugiiiohh!" he transform into a grown man. His language also becomes violent when his genius character appears. (CJ & Akira) male male
male APed

- (adult to old age) Anime.
Ep10 Video link - screencaps
Ep19 Video link - screencaps
- (old age progression site boards)

- (combat TF rejuv/AR) Avance became younger when donning one of the Nekroz armor. He also does this as Zefrasaber, Swordmaster of the Nekroz.

- (male card avatar upgrades)
"The Dark One Cometh", Pt 3. Silent Swordman & Silent Magician age forms.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Yume no Crayon Oukoku
- (AR OC, rejuv) The Crayon Kingdom of Dreams, Ep60, 1999.
Princess Silver's retainers (mostly old male anthros) revert into young adults after eating magic fruit. The spell is held on the fruit tree, so Silver must AR herself into a baby to reach it. The rejuv is not worth talking about, but Silver's AR is adorable and leaves her in oversized clothes, though without process; she just glows and bam she's a baby. Still, I found the caps cute enough to share.
- Screencaps - (Azerty47-2)

Yumekui Kenbun
- (nightmare to old age lifecycle) Nightmare Inspector - by Shin Mashiba. Monthly Stencile, 2001. GFantasy, 2003-07.
Each customer in the Tea House brings a new nightmare. Hiruko resolves the customer's psychic problems, which are sucked into Formalin's orb until he is ready to eat them.
- Small extract

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (AA furry TF poof) - extr. - (Andu22)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (furry AA age poofs) OVA-2 "Yuragi so no Oboro-san" "Oboro-san and the Hot Springs" 2018/10/04.
Chisaki and her mother become fond of Koyuzu and ask her to stay, but Koyuzu kindly rejects their offer because she thinks she will come to accept not being a complete adult. Smoke AA nude replacements. Also Ch09?
- Episode link @09:50 - screencaps - (Andu22)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (furry age form poofs) by Tadahiro Miura, 2016- shonen manga.
"Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs". Ch023.5 - Ch077 - Ch112.5. Koyuzu the tanuki can become an adult with a magic leaf.
- Extract - (Andu22)
- (furry AP AA) "Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs" - by Tadahiro Miura, Weekly Shonen Jump, 2016.
Ch122: A demon possesses a tanuki character, causing age-up effects - screencaps - (Andu22)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (male AR OC, RNed) Vol09 Ch72, 2016+
While cleaning relics, Yuuna the ghost shoujo accidentally spills Youth Water on Kogarashi, reverting him into a young boy with his memories also lost.
- Manga Chapter link - male AR extract - RNed extract - (Mystery Shadow)
- (mind transfer, teen to future adult self) Ch145, at the end.
A magic ritual gone wrong sends the mind of 16 y.o. Chisaki Miyazaki 10 years into the future, possessing her 26 y.o. body. She is able to return to the present at the end of chapter 148 - (Mysteryshadow)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (rejuv/ARed) Ch153, c2018.
An enemy targets Yuragi Inn with a magic spell that turns anyone residing inside into whatever they were 10 years ago - Chapter link - (Gilamon)
- (ghost "OAd") Sealed extra arc - link

Yuri Detective
- (AP) scene start link
- Someone posted this link, implying there may be something like age change in it? - (Boi)

Yuru Fuwa Noka No Moji Bake Skill
- (AA demon TFs) by Shiraishi Arata, Momoirone, 2018. Kakuyomu, Softbank Creative.
Isekai de Catalog Tsuuhan Yattemasu. A single man was transferred to a different world to learn "agricultural skills".
- Ch11
scan AA AP - Ch17 scan AA rejuvenation - Ch19.2 scan AA AP - Ch19.3 scan AA AP - (Andu22)

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
- AKA "Yu Yu Hakusho".
- Koenma Daioh Looks like a little baby most of the time but can change to adulthood when needed. Always has a pacifier in his mouth which is used to collect energy.
- male APed AR
- Genkai Old woman with the ability to make herself 30 years younger. old age/AR

- (adult TG rejuv disguise) 2011 seinen mystery-horror manga. Woman crossdresses as handsome well mannered man and teams up with hikikomori to solve a mystery involving treasure and a clocktower. An old Milf through crossdressing magic is able to look much younger. Portrayal of the struggles of a transgender (woman to man) in the 50s - (Brandygang, Vended)

Yuusha no Mago to Maou no Musume
- (ARed and aftermath scenes, RN AA) by Ran Fudo, 2017.
"The Hero's Granddaughter and the Demon Lord's Daughter", Chapter 01.
Sakurako's family curse causes her to get younger when she's hungry, regressing by 3 years every time her stomach growls. She can return to normal by eating enough food, but if she goes too long without, she might disappear.
When the demon lord's daughter finds Sakurako on page 03, she's already regressed into a little girl with oversized/discarded clothes scattered about. She returns to age 18 by the end of chapter, albeit off-panel. The towel slides open with the age increase.
- Link - Link - ARed aftermath extracts - RN AA AP extracts - (Azerty47, Karas)

Yuusha no Mago to Maou no Musume
- (demon AR scenes) c'18.
"The grandson of the hero and the daughter of the demon lord" - The 17 y.o. daughter of a demon loses 3 years every time her stomach growls, but she returns to normal when she eats. In her first appearance, she was about 9 when first seen, and by chapter's end she was between 6 or 3. Ch04 had AR to baby while she was sleeping. The hero wakes up to a baby girl kicking her. She must've gone to bed hungry. We do see panels of the transformation while she slept.
- Webcomic link 2306 - extract panel - (Suning, Tazz)

YuYu Hakusho
- (male adult hulkout, possible CBed?) When Younger Toguro releases his demon energy into his muscles, his body becomes bigger in size and strength, exponentially gaining the physical power necessary to lift objects that weigh entire tons.

Zekkyou Gakkyuu
- (adult age swap, face aging, adult rejuvenation)
Young adult youth theft (left to right)
- (Eze Cas)

Zekkyou Gakkyuu
- (adult rejuv AR, AA OA) Mom/daughter swap, small extract

Zekkyou Gakkyuu
- (age identity reversals) Screaming Lessons - Ch27 & Ch49.
UPDATE: Scans Daily original-resolution versions of previously posted Sister Soul Swap & Mother Daughter Exchange chapters.
- 27th Lesson - Link: Make-Believe Sisters.
- 49th Lesson - Link: Beautiful Mother & Daughter.
- (Pr. Malicious upload)

Zekkyou Gakkyuu
- (body swap AA) "Make Believe Sisters" c2016.
Big sister Haru is tired of little sister Miina being "the main character of our family", so she wishes to become the main character again. You can guess what happens... up to a point. The way the little sister in the big sister's body acts after the mental swap is especially good. This isn't a story with a happy ending. Kind of reminded me of the Twilight Zone.
- Also on ArArchive - - (SKJAM, Vended)

Zekkyou Gakkyuu
- (slow age swap, old to young rejuv, teenager to old AA) Screaming Lessons "Mother and Daughter", Ch49, 2008-17.
A daughter is so embarrassed by her mother's old/ugly appearance that the mother finds an extreme way to make herself beautiful...
- Full manga chapter link - (Dragon FangX)

- (AR) Ep52 finale.
Episode link - @15:21 enhancement, @16:35 female AR - Larger gif link
- (Thomas2, Username)

- (female & male AR OC, Furry OA) The third "Time Bokan Series", Tatsunoko Productions, 1980. 52 Eps.
Final episode. Dr Monja seeks the legendary Elixir of Life which grants eternal lifetimes and forever youth. A team of youngsters follows the "Time Tunnel" on a quest to find an exact answer. The Akudama Trio, however, is seemingly after exactly the same thing. They manage to get their hands on it and drink it, but because it was undiluted, they find themselves regressing into babies. There's some cute process as they shrink out of their clothes, too.
- Episode link @16:44 (no sound due to copyright) - gif page - (Azerty47)

Zenki the Demon Prince
- (male AA TF APed) Chiaki's clothes are ripped.
- Male hero battle mode AP TF

Zenki, The Demon Prince
- Kishin Douji Zenki. All 12 volumes: male AR/AP. Vol3: old age AP to super wrinkly. Vol4: Female elf demon TF/AP. Online: (chachazero90, Shadow0000)
- (male APed) After each battle Zenki promptly turns back into a kid. Only his master, high school student Chiaki, can return him to his true form with a bracelet. (TBTC)
- 1 - 2

Zenki, The Demon Prince
Kishin Douji Zenki
- (adults to old age) TV Tokyo, Studio Deen. 1995, OVA 1997.

Zenryoku Kaihi Flag-chan!
- (demon AA TFs, ARed poofs and aftermaths) "Full power avoidance flag-chan!" by Plott Inc. 2020/'21.
"What happens when you become an infant?"
- Episode link - screencaps - - Well, I'm getting sleepy...
- Episode link
"What happens when everyone becomes an infant?"
- Episode link - screencaps - - No way getting smaller twice...??
"What if an evil organization makes you a toddler?"
- Episode link
- (Tazz, Bart2)

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo
- (AA cutaway TFed, older forms, TG) Ep07, 2008.
The mirror makes them into their ideal characters - screencaps - screencaps - (Andu22)

- (male growth, kinda male AP) Manga started in Japan recently. Like the "devil man" anime, a 12 year old boy disguises himself. After the transformation he has grown up to 15 years old. link

Zettai Karen Children
- (AA AP illusion) Anime screencaps - AA AP - RN scenes. (Tuxedo Will)

Zettai Karen Children
- (age stasis, age forms and disguises) Fujiko is actually 80-plus years old, but looks 20-something. Main villain Kyosuke uses his ESPer powers to remain young. The new OP shows the adult forms of the girls multiple times, suggesting more APs, or views of their adult forms to come. Those forms were mentioned to be 20.
Screenshots of ep29: link
("Tuxedo" Will)

Zettai Karen Children
- (AP illusions)
- Anime hallucination vidcaps (Shoujo Fiction)
- adult swimsuit cover Ep09 (shadow00000)
- manga (Process)
- (AP illusions, RNed) Anime caps
- (AP preteen to adult illusions) Anime ep29. Young woman Suetsu/Hanai can shapeshift and act like other persons. She transforms into sexy adult versions of each of our 10 year old Esper heroines to fool Minamoto. Minamoto wasn't as embarassed by the fake girls as normal, since he knew it was just the perfectly legal Hanai copying their forms. ("Tuxedo" Will)
- (APed AA illusion) Anime - aged-up
- (male age stasis, man as boy) White Haired Pretty Boy Evil Mentor looks like a middle school student, but is really in his 80s. He intends to "groom" the titular 10-year olds.

Zettai Karen Children
- (APed AA illusion, AR illusion) Anime Ep9 6/1/2008 "Zettai Karen Adults!" AKA "Attractive Bodies! We became adults!?"
Minamoto Koichi (the guardian of 3 powerful 10 year old ESPers) is hypnotized by Hyobu Kyosuke into believing his charges are sexy adults. Everyone else perceives the girls at their normal ages. We see Minamoto's and others' perspectives. Their actions as children are fine, but send different signals as women. Poor Minamoto must not let Shiho touch him, lest she know how he sees them. When The Children learn the truth from Kyousuke, they try to get their guardian (who they have a crush on) to treat them as adults. He snaps and yells at them, which makes them cry. The hypnotism wears off, and he sees The Children AR back to 10. (Tuxedo Will)
- (APed AA illusion) Anime, 6/8/2008. Some left over hypnosis in ep 10. Minamoto still sees the girls as adults on a few occasions, but this time they don't realize it. The adult Shiho, very nice!
- Kaoru-chan imagines the team as grownups wearing bikinis. Later her adult self wants to hug Minamoto for warmth. ("Tuxedo" Will)

Zettai Karen Children
- (male mental AR, adult to preteen perception) Anime ep 49, 3/15/09. "Shifting and Changing. Huh, Minamoto is . . . ?"
Antagonist of Black Phantom group uses ESP talent to zap protagonist Koichi Minamoto in his sleep. He wakes up believing he's 12 years old. At B.A.B.E.L. Headquarters, antagonist Major Hyobu uses his ESP power to make everyone else see Minamoto as a 12 year old. Koichi's body outside of the illusion remains fully adult. At 12, Minamoto gets a chance to interact with our 3 ESP preteen heroines as a peer, instead of their supervisor/guardian. Hyobu arranges for Minamoto to attend the girls' 5th grade class , without the other students thinking anything is awry. Minamoto's AR remains in effect throughout the episode, and the trailer for #50 shows him continuing his second childhood.
It is no problem for the girls to apprehend the perpetrator Esper even as their mammaries breach their uniforms. FF/AP scenes of the 10 year old girls remain a possibility. There were many flash forwards of the girls to age 20 in previous episodes.
("Tuxedo" Will)

Zettai Karen Children
- (some AA TF AP appearances) Shiina Takashi manga, Vol32-47, 2012-2016.
Phase 01 takes place by 2011. The children are adults by 2020. Supplement Special Vol02 shows Fujiko in different years. Short BS-AR in past dream-like sequence.
- Vol34-34: Fujiko's AP TF is seen in reverse order as the chapter retells past events.
- Vol43-44: Hatsune Inugami is already older by this point.
- Vol44-45: Naomi projects a TG illusion to date Kaoru.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)
- (AA age forms) - Panel art - (Mysteryshadow, Shadow00000)

Zettai Karen Children
- (TF and age illusions) Ep9. Kyosuke can use hypnosis hence he doesn't need to shapeshift, unlike Chisato Hanai who has to dress to fit each person she copies. In the manga, Kyosuke appears briefly inside B.A.B.E.L. "disguised" as Naomi, in the anime Oboro instead - (Shadow00000)

Zettai Karen Children
- (TG body swap w. age difference) Anime Ep17; Manga ch17-18.
In a training exercise, 2 teams of espers compete in a survival game. Akira Yadorigi (15) does a forced body swap with Kaoru Akashi (10). The swap undoes itself when their bodies get too far apart.
- Manga link - link - Anime screencaps - (Mystery Shadow)

Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh
- (AA growth) 1991 anime.
A 5th grader and her friend get measured. The friend is happy to see she grew a couple of centimeters, but the main girl hasn't grown at all. Some older girls tease the main girl for being short, and she fears she'll never be tall. At night in her room she is fantasizing about growing up to be tall and strong. Another fantasy about an older and taller version of her has a guy confessing his love to her, and they embrace. She's praying and praying and praying to be taller. She goes to bed when the monster of this episode decides to use his height measuring tool on her. We just see a close-up of her face, smiling in her sleep.
The next day, we only see the outside of her house but we hear her exclaim in surprise at herself. Initially she was 115cm or around 3'9". The monster's first growth seems to cause her to be something like 5'4". At school everyone is surprised.
The Principal is saying good morning, and she walks past and is so tall he only comes up to around her elbow. She's now as tall as the middle or high schoolers, nearly as tall as the charkboard. She's going around flaunting it, so proud of herself, and goes so far as to pull one of the older boys by the arm and flirt with him. She is now slightly taller than him, and the guy is trying to hide that he likes it.
Later on we see her playing jump rope with her usual friends, but she catches her foot on the ropes, and it seems she's having a harder time at her height. One of the main guys (now significantly shorter than her) teases her, and she gets pissed and puts him in a full nelson. Since she's as big as everyone here, it should be ok for her to be at the command station.
Then the monster enlarges everything that he had previously grown, including her! She destroys her classroom and grows out of the building, and, after getting over the panic of becoming around 15m, ends up fighting the monster.
Afterward, the giant robot does the finishing move, and everything shrinks back to normal. She learns her lesson to wait until she gets older to grow, but gets teased a little bit anyway at the end.
(Allogagan, burnman, thetribescribe)

Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh
- (AA preteen rapid size increase) gts

Zoids: Chaotic Century
- (flash forward) Fiona is 13 years old in part 1 and 17 years old in part 2.

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
- (male hominoid AP, TF) Anime ep4 2008, The Baby Bird Hatches.
Natsume and Nyanko-sensei witness the birth of a new life. A tiny little baby is born with antlers.
A cross between a bird and a dragon, tatsumis take on the form of whoever they set their eyes on first so that they will be loved. Resembling a miniature Natsume, it will return to its original form after growing for a certain length of time upon leaving its nest. Natsume reveals the little clothes he has sewn for the baby. They don't fit too badly, but they have yet to know what it eats.
The next day Natsume finds his room in a very messed up state. He wonders if Nyanko had tried to eat the baby, but finds it has built a vase-like nest out of paper and wants Natsume to go inside to play with it.
Each day, Tama grows a little bigger. It declines to eat because it doesn't want to grow up and leave Natsume.
He is startled when a rodent runs past him. It turns out to be the youkai monk Isotsuki here for the baby. Nyanko tries to stop him, but ends up being sealed before he can transform. Natsume runs off with the baby into the forest. Isotsuki catches up easily and tries to take the baby by force.
Out of anger, Tama grows up to full size, seizing Isotsuki. Nyanko explains it has lost its senses by growing up so suddenly. Natsume pleads Tama to release the rat youkai, but it seems the shock of growing too fast has made Tama forget itself. Nyanko-sensei transforms into his majestic form and confronts Tama until Natsume touches its beak and manages to calm it down, freeing Isotsuki.
Tama then sends Natsume and Nyanko-sensei home and they bid their farewell - screencaps - (LHY)

Zoku Owarimonogatari
- (reality shift, ages changed) 2018 anime.
Koyomi Araragi believes he entered a mirror world when his friends and family suddenly appear different. His child ghost friend Mayoi Hachikuji now appears adult, while his busty friend and classmate Tsubasa Hanekawa appears as an elementary schooler. He learns in the end that the people in the city were changed to look like their inner selves.
- Cover art - (Gilamon)

Zombie Fairy
- (reverse aging slow rejuvenation) Daisuke Torii, 2007 manga.
Lin-Fa's race ages extremely slowly. She became dismayed when the first tiny sign of aging showed up (a single wrinkle). Her friend tried to help by casting a spell on her, thereby unfortunately reversing her aging process. Lin-Fa has already regressed from a full-grown adult into the series' Token Loli.

Zombie Powder
- (male age stasis) Ranewater Calder looks like a young boy, but is actually an old man who managed to retain his youthful looks.

Zui qiang zuo si xitong
The Ultimate Self-destruction System
- (AP TF) Zhiyin Animation, Chibaofan Factory manhua.
A catastrophe known as Data Crash struck the earth. Survivors rule the game and losers are erased. Jacob Wei was reborn with the incredible Self-Destruction System. Now he earns points from his stupid acts on his way to the top.
- Full manga chapters link - Before/during AP chapter 23 - After the AP chapter 24 - (Anonsuper)

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal