Aging Transformation Scenes

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10 Carat Torte
- (AP, AR, RN) Rururu Kondoh, vol7, 1999
- Young witch discovers she can poof herself older in her room with magic pills. They soon wear off however - AP
- Young witch changes ages while riding broomstick, causing multiple crashes. Her dress ripped because she made herself grow up too fast. AP
- 2 witches engage in an age change battle. Cleaning lady reverted to young adulthood, new girl inadvertently aged into woman - AP
- (Shadow00000)

100 Ways of an Exorcist
- (age form TFed) Ch17 link - (Andu22)

100 Ways of an Exorcist
- (AP AA) v02.
Haunted dress causes preteen to grow older so that it fits perfectly.
- (Process Productions Forum) AP

100-nin no Kanojo
- (AR) Ch28. All the girls except Hakari were temporarily turned into babies thanks to one of Kusuri's drugs.

100-nin no Kanojo
- (ARed form OC, RNed cutaway) Ch10, Nakamura, Nozawa, 2020.
Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo - The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You.
One of his girlfriends was regressed in a high school chemistry accident, but sometimes reverts to adult - Manga link - extract - (10th_man_down)

100-nin no Kanojo
- (mahou TF upgrades & AR poof, BE, AP-like aspects) Spanish scans.
- Ch13 extr. - Ch14 extr. - Ch20 nude extr. - Ch28 AR extr. - Ch29 extr. - (Andu22)

13-Nengo no Kimi
- (male reincarnated, pseudo "ARed" effect) "13 years after you".
Overview purchase links - Previews of chapters:
Ch01 - - Ch02 -
Ch03 - - Ch04 -
She visits his former body's tomb - (Akira)

13-Nengo no Kimi
- (male reincarnated, rejuv effect) "You after 13 years", 1/2019, by Maka Mochida.
Reborn Heartful Story! 13 years ago a man died in an accident, and was reborn. Now a middle school boy, he is startled when the new teacher arrives. In front of him stands his girlfriend from his life before. A "spinning" feeling about the past, present, and future.
- - Small extract - (Akira)

- (20 to 15 to 10 to 5 y.o. age exchange poofs, magic curse) - Fantasy realm manga.
The 2 constantly swap and steal years from each other - link - link - extract - (Andu22)

- (AR, AP) 2008 manga by Kai.
Royal maid Ana and young prince Zelos have been bound together by a magical curse. The two 15-year olds are now each only 10 years of age. Each retains the ability to transform back to their original age with laughter, but at the cost of knocking the other down to a mere 5 years old! They wear clothes that fit at different ages. The age-shifting pair must search for a way to break the curse while trying to avert the disaster facing their two kingdoms.

- (AP, AR, age stasis) Shimizu Reiko manga. Serialized in Hana to Yume, published by Hakusensha, 1994.
2 androids named Jack and Elena have passed the centuries unaging and eternally beautiful. Jack accidentally gasses a young cannibal. She transforms into an older, seductive woman named Ruby. Photrisians (Foturisu-jin) switch between a normal day form and a night form to entrap victims to be eaten. This engenders a change in age, thought patterns, hair length, and all other aspects. Jack and Ruby switch between dangerous encounters and light comedy as the adult Ruby attempts to seduce, kill and eat Jack and the child Ruby awkwardly deals with the aftereffects of her predatory other half. The sex and action is interspersed with exposition of Ruby's past. Jack describes her as a young girl by day and a prostitute by night. The reason behind Ruby's transformation is that she must attract people to eat, selling herself as a desirable woman. Ruby's adult side is the inherently forbidden sexual side of the child Ruby, and the more wonderful self she has been longing for. Adult Ruby represents not only sexuality but also action, initiative and life-and-death power. The younger Ruby is a study in passivity, awkward and childish, and avoids physical contact. She is in all senses a child- dependent, indecisive and powerless. Jack's behavior towards Ruby changes with her appearance. At night, he is her willing sexual partner, playing the inexperienced young man to her artful seductress (adult Ruby licks Jack's neck and back, to his dismay). During the day he is paternal, catching her food and saving her from accidents.

29-sai Hitorimi Chuuken Boukensha no Nichijou
- (demon cutaway AA age forms) Ippei Nara, 2016. Bessatsu Shounen, Kodansha.
The character is a sucubo who transforms into an adult mahou entity at night. There is no process seen.
- Chapter link - small extract - (Andu22)

30-sai made Doutei de Itara Mahou Shoujo ni Narimashita
- (male adult mind transfer into teen mahou shoujo) by Akiresu Ken, 2020.
"I Was a Virgin Until I Was 30 so I Was Turned Into a Magical Girl". One morning, a 30 y.o. virgin man wakes to a changed reality where he has become a teenaged magical girl.
- Full manga link - (MysteryShadow)

31 Ai Dream
- (AR to teen) 2013.
A 31 years old woman dreams of returning to her high school days. She did not have the courage to reply to the boy she loved. After a high school reunion, she decides to commit suicide. She is saved by her classmate and given a medicine that can revert her back... now she is a 15 years old idol?
- Full manga index link - AR extract - (10th_man_down)

31 Ai Dream
- (AR, AA 15 to 31 age-up) 2013. Ch05 has slight (and I mean SLIGHT) AP process. No one believes what he saw. It seems the character won't be able to keep her double life secret for long. Maybe then we'll finally get a detailed transformation?
- Scene - (Bacattack)

31 Ai Dream
- (rejuvenation ARs, reducing RNs) 2022, penultimate chapters.
A secret medicine gave 31 y.o. businesswoman Chikage a new, chemical born alter-ego: the teenage Akari!
This duality has made jaded Chikage's emotional life far more complex. She is drawn between two friends on each side of her new nature, with complex feelings for the man who gave her the medicine.
A side effect is that every reversion is making her adult form slightly younger than before. Her complexion is softening, her hair longer and more vital, and she no longer needs her glasses.
This poses an existential problem for the overmighty duality she has created. Younger and younger upon each reversion into the adult Chikage, her adult self will eventually cease to be, leaving only the form and name of teenage Akari.
Chikage must choose between her renewed life as a corporate professional, or the vibrant teenager with her eclectic stardom. The conceit of her adult success is jeopardized by the growing primacy of her younger alter-ego...
Then Chikage discovers that she is running low on the medicine she needs to rejuvenate. Her personal and emotional heartstrings are caught between two selves and their respective worlds.
The mangaka Arina Tanemura may have perused Jekyll & Hyde at some point. She has promised a resolution to this remarkable story come 2023.
- (Alchemical Night)

3x3 Eyes
- (AR) vol20, Ch03, p11. 1987-2000.
"Legend of Maidens", a group of high school shoujos in a psychics club, and their overseer Youko are convinced the world is ending. They summon a demon as their servant to avert the apocalypse. The club leader attempts to sacrifice another girl, but a demon transforms her into a baby. The demon is slain, returning the girl to normal off-panel; she is last seen trying in vain to explain to her parents that she was turned into a baby.
It's rather quick but does have process, as you can see her shrink into her clothes, ending up as a baby on top of her oversized outfit. A shame the OVAs never reached that point in the manga, I would have loved to see this bit animated!
- Chapter link (p11) - extract - (Azerty47)

69 De Nashi
- (male adult rejuv/RN cutaways, age 69 to 29) by Yamamoto Yasuhito, 2012, 3 vols, Nihon Bungeisha. Magazine: Bessatsu Manga Goraku.
69 years old yakuza Yamagata Hideyoshi is broken 40 years after losing a loving woman, when an astonishing situation happens! The warlock only gave him 4 pills. The mystery starts here.
- Cover - Extract - (Akira)

69 DeNashi
- (age form TFed) - link - (Andu22)

6th Year Adult Class
- (age form TFed) by Caramel Dow. "Roku Nen Otona Kumi" - link - (Andu22)

6th Year Adult Class
- (APed AA growth) Hentai porn.
Several 6th grade shoujos were turned into adult women after chemical accident (not depicted). They use their newfound power to dominate boys who tormented them.
- (Process Forum) Uncensored version of mangas can be downloaded from Process Forum. AA

7200-byou no Romance
- AKA "The 7200-second Romance".

A.I. Love You
- (AP) 2005 Ken Akamatsu manga, TokyoPop.
Forty sees an opportunity to prove that she is an adult. She tries to take care of Hitoshi by doing the washing and cooking, but everything goes poorly. Forty changes herself into an adult body, modeled after Saatis, and Hitoshi finds himself attracted to her. Just as things get steamy, Forty utters the secret password "man" and turns into a man. Yayoi is obsessed with other women's breasts, and is constantly fondling strangers. Saati makes Yayoi's breasts look bigger, and Yayoi gets a boost of confidence.

Abenobashi Hard Boiled Shopping Arcade
- (APed) #6 "In the Night Fog!"
- The duo arrive in a moody film noir world, complete with adult bodies and somber tones to match.

Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade
- (APed) Manga of 2 kids on the brink of adolescence, Sasshi and Arumi.
- In Chapter 5 "Thump! Abenobashi * Mall of Abenobashi Academy", Sasshi finds himself in a world where he and Arumi have become high school students, aging 4-5 years. His annoying big sister is now his little sister (her age hasn't actually changed.) Which would be more thrilling for Sasshi, if his sister didn't now have the hots for him. Because this is no ordinary high school, but a love sim.....
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi
- (APed) Vol. 4 2003, "There's No Place Like Home"
- Arumi and Sasshi still can't find their way home from the alternate world into which they transported from their local shopping mall! The pair end up in the middle of a Hollywood parody, complete with adult bodies.
- (male AP) #4, 2002. Eutus briefly ages Sasshi into an adult and lets him use the full extent of his powers, still with the desires of his younger self. Sasshi's problem prior to this was that nobody took him seriously since he was a kid.

- (male FF and FB scenes, male TF battle form upgrade and reduced aftermath)
Onishi Shinobu, 1980s, Jump Super Comics.
When the teen boy assumes his mighty hero form, his clothes vanish in the chaos. Upon returning to normal he is nude.
- Full manga link:
- Partial extract - (Akira)

- (delayed age stasis) by Kei Toume, Afternoon, 2004-2010.
Title character has the body of a 12-13 y.o. girl, but claims to be 23. Her high school neighbor says that if she's going to lie, she should go all out and say she's Really 700 Years Old. She was involved in a superhero scientific experiment that slowed her aging. She'll look 23 by the time she's 80, but die around then because her lifespan is still normal.

Adventures of the Little Mermaid
- (mermaid AR TF) Saban, 1991 Japanese cartoon series. Ep10, "Sugar and Spice"
"Ningyo Hime Marina no Bouken", Mermaid Princess Marina.
- The heroine's older sister is kidnapped by one of the villains, and accidentally transforms into a baby due to a misfired spell. It's a quick, poof-like regression, and lacks baggy clothes due to the girl being a mermaid, but is nonetheless adorable.
- Video link - screencaps - (Azerty47, Tazz)

Afro Samurai
- (male APed flash forward face close-up) (O') male face close-up screencaps
- Blink-and-you-missed-it-male-AP in trailer for 2006 anime voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. Trailer link (O')

- (ARed) fan art

- (teen flashback to past selves) Kubo Mitsurou manga.
Due to his appearance and personality he hasn't made a single friend in high school. He wonders what his life would have been like had he answered differently when the girl from the cheering club asked him to join. He takes one last look at their room before leaving school forever. However, he is misunderstood by another girl waiting for her boyfriend, and as he chases her they fall down the stairs (possibly dying). He wakes on his first day of high school 3 years earlier. Thinking it's obviously a dream, he tries to correct the mistakes he made... until the girl shows up blaming him for bringing her 3 years into the past!
- (Vended)

- (young adults, 3 year reversal into younger selves) by Mitsurou Kubo. Weekly Shounen, Kodansha, 2011-14.
On their last day of high school, a stairway tumble sends friendless outcast Kin'ichiro Imamura and popular girl Akira Fujieda back to their first day of high school! He seizes the opportunity for a second chance, joining the school's troubled cheering section club.

age disguise
- (16 to 18 disguise removal) anime BE revelation.
- (16 to 18 dress alteration) manhwa - Ghost encounter.

age forms
- (AA OA illusion, AR) poof TF

age progress
- (AA age increases) - Evolution

age progression (trope)
- (demon UC) - fan service aftermath

age progression scenes
- (AA age increases) - anime TF - TF

age progression
- (dedicated FF) - Pixiv fan art. Warning shoujo Nudity, 4 poses 2 series

age regression gallery 1
- (dedicated age regression drawings) - Previously posted ARed art gallery

age regression
Reposted ArArchive/Process finds from Japanese boards.
- (ARed) - nude girl form.
- (AA AR/AP/OA) - all ages
- (ARed, male AR) - middle age baby administrator.
- (AR) - scene
- (AR) - slow revert
- (AR) - multi collage

age regression
Reposted finds from Japanese boards:
- (male AR OC) poofback
- (dedicated fetish) Nude age swap

Agigonglyong Dulli
- (man ARed into baby, OC) Ep18 "Doner, Looking for Mother" 2009/05/07?
Dooly the Little Dinosaur - South Korean series based on manhwa of same name by Kim Soo-jung. KBS 1TV, 1987-88, Tooniverse, 2008-12.
- Doner's Time Cosmos, which looks like a violin, goes back and forth between space & time, but it turns out that a new function is hidden...
- Full episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Agnyeoneun molaesigyeleul doedollinda
- (FB to past self) - manhwa by Sansobi, Ant Studio, 2020.
The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass - Prostitute daughter Aria Roscente was supposed to live a life of luxury after Mother's marriage into noble family. However, she received a terrible reputation due to stepsister Mielle's devious scheming. Being executed in her twenties, she sees a falling hourglass and is flashed back in time to age 14. She suddenly "grew taller" when she believed the magic hourglass took her life span?

Ah Megami sama
- Anime APed
- (AP shadow) Urd magically grows up behind a rice paper window - silhouette

Ah Megami-sama
- (AP, AR) "The trials of Morisato"
- Age swap: Skuld APed, Urd ARed - Skuld ARed to normal by moon rock - AP, AR scenes
- Urd decides to spend several days as a child before returning - ARed, RNed
- before/after AP age forms.
- (Process Forum, ArArchive manga collections)

Ah My Goddess
- (AP, AR) Belldandy mentions that the three goddesses are representations of time. Belldandy represents the Present, so when she uses too much of her power she just needs to sleep. However, when her sisters use too much power, Urd, representing the Past, reverts into a child form, while Skuld, representing the Future, grows up into a teenage form.

Ah My Goddess
- (AP) Skuld grows up on sleeping mat. After a night of passion, she reverted back. (Process) Not safe for work: AP, RN

Ah My Goddess
- (AR AP) The goddesses sometimes switch ages without warning.
- Age forms

Ah! Megami Sama!
- (AR AA) Urd's little problem.
- Could be seen as AR, or AP AA: lineup
- Colorized and translated content - ARed panic attack
(Weary Traveler)

Ah! Megami Sama
- (APed, RNed scene) Skuld was turned into an adult, and seeks out her mature destiny.
- APed/RN screencaps.

Ah! Megami-sama
- APed aftermath.

Ah! Megami-sama
- (age forms) - INFO PAGE

Ah! Megami-sama
- (age forms) The goddess Peorth has an adult and an adorable child form. Chapter 131. forms
Ah! My Goddess Manga vol 22 Ch 138 "Mothe--?"
- As the goddesses and Hild sing, a program begins to spiral into Peorth. She begins to grow back to her adult form. Keiichi is shocked at the thought that Peorth might burst out of her clothes. Fortunately, this doesn't happen but Peorth is suspicious as to why his face is red.
Oh My Goddess!
- (AP, AR, RN) comic by Kosuke Fujishima, #2 part 4 "trials of Morisato" (Lorekeep) Skuld evolution
- (AR) Update info: #25 anime. AR of Urd, SW of Belldandy. Ever see an 8 year old Urd guzzle sake?
- (AP) #26. AP of Skuld, Belldandy still SW. Adult Skuld in a wedding dress!
(Tuxedo Will)

Ah! Megami-sama
- (APed, ARed) Anime screen caps
- (AR) - Anime AR

Ah! My Goddess
- (ARed) - It's just been so slow, I've had to make up my own... Urd colorized art - (WT)

- (young adult dream FFed to OA) 2017.
Stalker fantasizes about growing old with her crush - Ep link @1:30 - caps - (Kappa)

Ai Mai Mii Main
- (10 years later FF) "I, My, Me, Mine" Arsenal, Ch1 - School shoujos: Time

Aizawa-san Zoushoku
- (AR OC) c2014, Shiki Seiichi manga, Ch5.
Main heroine gets younger by entering in a hole?
Mizutani Souta is confessed to by the school's frail beauty Aizawa Shino. He learns that parts of her personality split apart when she feels uncomfortable. What will this sort-of harem love story come to?
- extract - (Suning, MysteryShadow)

Akane Overdrive
- (transgender adult rejuvenated) Colorized aftermath - school shoujo
(Weary Traveler)

Akazukin Cha Cha
- (AR) S01Ep06 "Akachan ha mahou ga oheta" "Babies are bad at magic" 2/11/1994.
Ran-Ran (booby trap strategist) & Kan-Kan (WMD inventor) are associated with pandas. They trick Shiine, Cha-Cha, and Riiya by offering them drinks that turn them into babies.
- (age forms) - Little witch can appear young or older (child/adult-like forms).

Akazukin Chacha
- (AP) The main character turns (or grows up) into Magical Princess Holy Up.
- Age forms: 1 2 3 4
- (male growth) Manga volume 7 story 34 "Where is the real Riya?"
Riya appears to grow out of his pajamas overnight. And he keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Akazukin Chacha
- (AR) - Anime age reversal soda - tricked

Akihabara Dennou Gumi
- (AP AA) Anime transformation scene
(AP) Middle school shoujo transforms into "diva". Shoujos Become Women in Mecha and AP TFs (Fonzie)
Akihabara Denno Gumi
AP fusion transformations of Hibari (1st one) and Tsubame (2nd one). There are 5 transformation sequences in total. (Highlander)
- TF

- (AA TF APed) - anime TF

- (OA effect) 1986 anime film.
The 3 espers Kyouko, Masaru and Takashi were trapped in aged, pale blue shells of their child bodies due to government experiments to develop psychic abilities. They speak largely in Creepy Monotone, especially Kiyoko (who also is a bed-ridden Ill Girl).

Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R
- (mahou TF nude "age" forms) Ep2, c'20, by Bunnywalker.
She's voiced by the same voice actress as the AP-elf Nol from "Youkoso Sukebe Elf no Mori e".
- link - alt link - caps - (Boi)

- (AA AR AP zaps) by Murashita Q-Zou, 2017.
Dengeki Maoh, Gekkan Dragon Age. TF, not proper AP. Series contains gore.
- Extract - ARed - Chasing the maiden.
- Extract - adult - Burst Warning... pregnancy rain.
- Extract - AA poof APed - Maid Cafe hostess disguise.
- Code link Ch01 - link Ch.SP - (Shadow00000)

Akuma Jiten
- (AR) Suyama Shinya. v05 ch28.
Milky is involuntarily reverted after accepting magic potion from her familiar. AR

Akuma na Eros
- (teen to adult AP UC, RN ARed) Mayu Shinjo, 2001. 17 ch, Shogakukan, Shojo Comic.
AKA "Virgin crisis". The complex romance between high-school girl Miu and Satan.
- Ch02 scene: It looks like she goes back to normal soon after.
- Manga link - extract - (Andu22, T.L.)

Akuma no Memumemu-chan
- (AR) Ch23.
The characters drink milk that causes them to rejuvenate. There's very little in the way of process, but it's cute and leaves them in baggy clothes. Two girls and a boy turn into children, the boy's mother turns into a cute teen with temporary bust emphasis, and Memumemu turns into a baby. The manga can be found on the website Shonen Jump + for free.
- Full manga link - smaller extract - (Azerty47)

Akumu Koushounin
- (nightmare OA) Nightmare Negotiator - by Yousuke Takahashi, Horror M, 2004.
College student's part-time job involves eliminating people's nightmares for a fee.
- Small extract

Akumu no Present
- (overnight AP) - Terai Daikichi short, c2015. Her Christmas wish was to be aged up.
Hentai manga full link - extract

- (furry AA FFed) Ch 1-4, c2019. Wataru Murayama, Reika O-tsuka.
Age cut from kitten to cat person. Mysterious Kemonomimi creature with ears and tail like a beast fell down at the shrine. He gave it a candy ball that she adored. 10 years have passed, when he hears her voice calling - changed - (Anonsuper)

Alice in Sexland
- (kinda sorta looks like FFed) adult Alice cover

Alice in the Country of Clover: Bloody Twins
- (male AA age forms) QuinRose, 2012.
Side story to Clover no Kuni no Alice. Sequel to Alice in the Country of Hearts. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are the "Bloody Twins", amorous and affable killers who are able to "transform" into adorable children or suave gents.

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA growth) Anime version - growth spurts

Alice in Wonderland
- (preteen AA size changes) - anime screencaps - (Process)

Alice's Hole
- (dedicated TF, age glimpses) - fan manga - (Unbarred Sin)

- (AR) Touhou manga - rejuvenated shoujo in oversized skirt visits witch - aftermath - (Suning)

- (unseen CB, GTS) after (Process)

Ancient Kingdom
Genbu has the ability to turn into an adult.

Ane Taiken Shuukan
- (male ARed, RNed) Michiking, 2015 oneshot Hentai.
"The Older Sister Experience Week" The 3 sisters wish is granted by magic download. When Harutaro wakes the next day his body was changed. After shouting involuntarily, the sisters enter and hug the cute shota.
- Censored small extract - (Akira)

Angel Beats!
- (AR) P.A. Works, Aniplex anime - Similar to Tachibana Kanade? - Tenshi - (Suning)

Angel Blade
- (16 to 18 AP AA) Anime APed
(Process Forum)
- (AP) Anime season 1. Shoujo gets a bigger bust size.
(Stonegate, Dragoniade)

Angel Blade
- (kinda looks like APed) Anime.
Video link - screencaps - (MiachelAngelo2)

Angel Cop
- (adult size increase) A rare female example of hulking out occurs when the psychic Lucifer enlarges her muscles, going from silky-smooth to rippling in an instant.

Angel Ring
- (AA AP) c2011 porn manga.
An "angel" shoujo comes to earth to attain sexual maturity. We can't really see the AA process through all the semen.
- Full link - pics - (Ninja Jay)

Angel Sanctuary
- (male APed) Kurai. The demon Kira came and reanimated his body, allowing him to grow up.

Angel's Wing
- (AP CB, RN) Manga #1 by PLEX, 04/02.
- Mary the Apprentice Angel loses her wings on her 1st trip to Earth, causing her to rapidly age from a little girl to adulthood. The AP began on page 18. Over 2 pages she busts out of her kids' angel robe, which resembles a pink frilly girls' nightgown. Ken approaches as Shion takes off with the wings, and decides to help Mary get her wings back. He gives her an adult coat to cover up before she's completely naked. With the help of a bat-critter, the adult Mary acquires a standard-issue female manga costume, with the boots covering far more area than what's on the main body. By story's end, she has re-acquired her wings and is back to girl-size, at least until Issue 2.
(PixChick, TBTC)
- cover (500 KB)

- (male FF AA) Original manga heroine selects a priest to deliver a message to the continent she is cultivating. Due to the different time flows, she meets her choice as a child one day and as an adult the next, causing her a great deal of confusion.

Angoumei wa BF
- (AP, AR OC) TANAKA Hosana, 2004-05.
Previously listed as Babyface, AKA "Code Name wa Baby Face".
Middle schooler Nanami Dan is a spy from a European spy country who can turn into an adult for 77 minutes with the drug soma. While in adult form, his combat ability rises dramatically and women can't say no, so he uses it to dig for information. Vol04 has feminine age forms.
- Chapters link - link - Vol04 extract - (Andu22)

anime FF
- (face fades or cuts) - gif page - (old age progression sites)

anime time (theme)
- (FF) gag panels - characters

Anne no Lucifer - Kouhen
- (demon AA TF AP, RN) by Mizukami Ranmaru, 2008. Idol Nikutai Kensa.
Comic Hime Dorobou, vol143. Last of 3 chapters, tankoubon is censored, contains shota.
Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

- (anthros AR AA poofs, male anthro RN CBed)
Plant into seed. Super hero and villains into baby-like forms.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AR AA, RN AA) Long running anime had occasional AR episodes. Prior found 4 already, but recently discovered a 5th, where the villain makes another spray that turns people into babies. His Oni sidekick, a secondary male character, and his dog were shrunk into babies (also butterfly into caterpillar, tree into sapling, and dandelions into seeds). Process shows them shrinking, but not much change except height. The butterfly goes through cocoon and caterpillar stages. Typical AR episode, as the unchanged baby superhero has to take on the villain, and calm down her babyfied friends.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AR) Theatrical short featured a lake where one side turns the victim into a baby, the other side returns them to normal. Another short had aspiring scientist Hiyariko create a potion to make Baikinman stronger, only to turn him into a baby. When he runs off, she makes an antidote and sprays it around town... only to turn everyone into babies. Thankfully, the effects were only temporary, and everyone returned to normal.

- (male anthros AR poofed) Hero and villain into babies.
Video link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Anti-aging Mama!
- (adult age stasis) 2011. Mother of a son never ages - (Grimble)

Aoi Destruction
- (male age stasis effect) Short story compilation by Kazurou Inoue, 2012.
The 38 y.o. titular father looks like a little girl. His late wife was apparently quite masculine.

- (slight implied UC) Shiina Kazuki hentai - age-up TF process - (elanimefilo)

AP scene
- thumb - (Process)

AP scenes
- schoolgirl growup-gif - aftermath.

AP scenes
- Manga age swap (Touhou, suning) - BBS progressions.

AR Anima
- (AR) A girl's dog and cat return as 18 year old youths. 2 persons are reverted to schoolboy age. (Akira)
- cover

AR scene
- (oversized clothing) shrinking effect - (mecham)

AR scenes
- oh no (Tjlemke) - what now (Danbooru, Mikewolfskin)

AR scenes
- (AA TFs) - caps - caps

AR scenes
- (adult to child aftermath) - Content found on Danbooru and other Japanese boards and reposted on Process and ArArchive - collage

AR scenes
- (dedicated TF) fan art - (Process)

AR scenes
- (nude regression) - small extract - (numerous contributors)

AR scenes
- (poofs) - manga pages

Arata: The Legend
- (adult stasis) Princess Kikuri looks surprisingly youthful for a 60+ y.o. woman. Her powers suppress the form of her true age.

Arata: The Legend
- (ARed OC, RN APed CB glimpse) Arata Kangatari - by Yuu Watase, Weekly Shonen Sunday, 2008-
Vended already posted AR from the manga and anime, where a boy is trapped in a villain's time-reversing technique and slowly regresses to infancy. Another AR later on only goes to childhood, but lasts much longer.
In Ch173, Kannagi (guy), Kotoha (girl) and 3rd dude are regressed into kids by the villain Isora. They go through lots of tough stuff then. In Ch187, the AR is finally cancelled, and they returned to normal.
- No process, sadly; it's treated as a twist and cuts away before we see anything. Fortunately, it does leave them in oversized clothes, and looks pretty cute.
Start of their predicaments - link Page 16 - extract
Good shot of the girl AR'd - link Page 12 - extract
Female RN AP CB glimpse link Page 08 - extract - Very nice, guy changed back on previous page if anyone cares.
- (Azerty47, Cparle87)

Arata: The Legend
- (male AR) Arata Kangatari, Ep11, 6/2013.
Male teen to boy AR c12:00; boy to baby AR @13:30. Kudos to Vended for uploading the manga to the AR Archive.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Are You Alice?
- (male ARed poof to baby) "Anata wa Arisudesu ka?" by Ninomiya Ai, 2012. Ch25.5.
No freaking clue what the plot is, but Alice (who's a dude BTW) transformed into a baby after eating a piece of mushroom from the human Cheshire Cat. It happened off-panel, but leaves him in oversized clothes. There's also a much weirder male AR cutaway at the end; an anthro fish butler eats part of the same mushroom, and in a bit of dark comedy turned into a flopping tiny fish before perishing. A female character briefly discussed eating that mushroom, but to my annoyance nothing came of it, and it merely adds to the confusion. Still, the first AR is pretty cute, though I'm a little annoyed it's male; the name made me think "Ooh, FINALLY found some female AR!" but nope, it's still male because the name Alice belongs to a guy.
- Chapter link - Info link - Small extract - (Azerty47)

Aria the Natural
- (ARed, aged) 2006 anime.
One of the heroines was shown to be aged. AR has also been done in the 12 stories. Special Japanese registration required (Yayame)

Arifureta Shokugyo de Sekai Saikyo
- (demon TF age appearances) "From Commonplace to World's Strongest" '19 anime.
Vampire princess Yue was betrayed and imprisoned for 300 years until Hajime freed her. She has automatic regeneration that keeps her from aging and heals her wounds, rendering her appearance that of a 12 y.o. despite being over 300 years in age. Able to use all types of magic, Yue could only be killed if she runs out of mana. She fell in love with Hajime and became his first companion. Yue does not show any jealousy but affirms herself as his first and official wife.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
- (male TF maturation effect, muscle boost) "From Commonplace to World's Strongest".
Light novel by Ryo Shirakome, Takayaki. Anime: 07/2019 - Average male teen Hajime Nagumo was transported to a magical world. Ep01 presents a hunk treatment scene. His body got toned, and he gained a hoarser voice, implying that he was slightly matured. This surely opens the possibility of seeing the shoujos being TFed later on.
- Episode link @14:49 - screencaps - (The AP Master)

Armitage III
- (ARed) 1994 anime - fan art - (Jonesycat79)

Armored_Troopers J-Phoenix PF Lips Team
- (APed AA) Anime APed

Artist Acro
- (AR) Aateisuto Akuro, Atisutoakuro, webcomic? - - shrink - (Suning)

Arumi-san Dontokoi!
- (elf-like succubus AA TF AP) by Goraku Hiroba - (Dex164)

Asatte No Hokou
- age swap

Asatte no Hokou
- (age swap) - art

Asatte no Hokou
- (age swap) gif
- (age swap) At the end of the final ep, it was hinted Shoko aged back offscreen. She tried to force herself to grow older in the bathtub - 3 - 4 - 5
- (age swapped) Anime. 7
- (AP/AR) Manga version of the age swap growup/regression scene. Effects of growth spurt on Karada's child sized skirt were strongly de-emphasized. AP/AR (Process Board)
- (APed) Anime ages

Asatte no Houkou
- (APed, ARed) 08/2006 anime. Elementary school girl Karada lost her parents in an accident. Because she doesn`t want to be a burden on her brother, she hopes to grow soon. A woman named Shoko misses the old days. Those 2 happen to obtain mysterious stones to grant their wishes. They change their "time". Karada turns to be an adult while Shoko becomes a child. However... (Lisek)
- (AP) APed
- (AP, slight UC, AR) 10/06 anime based on a manga by J-ta Yamada, running in Blade Comics. Schoolgirl ages into adult under full moon. Shoko becomes small girl in oversized clothes. They have no choice but to swap clothes, and pray at the shrine to be restored. (Process Forum) screencaps

Ashita Mo Oideyo
- (AR) Splash of water causes Wicked Witch of the West to melt into young girl. (Sutibaru) AR
Ashita Moideyo
- (AR) "Wizard of Oz" parody manga by Horihone Saizou. The wicked witch becomes small and young after getting hit by water. (Sutibaru)

Ashita no Familia
- (demon AP UC, TG) by Higuchi Akihiko, 2010-2013. Serialization: Gekkan Shounen Rival.
Ch15: AP; Ch36: TG. No process, both are kinda off-screen, but the aftermath is seen.
- Code: - before/after AP cover - extract - (Shadow00000)

Astro Boy
- (male mind transfer) 1963 AKA "Tetsuwan Atom". Manga by Osamu Teduka. His intelligence was moved to a grown up robot's body because of an evil organization. People do not believe in a grown up Atom. (Akira)
- (AR) manga #12 "The Youth Gas" Gas reverts chickens to chicks to eggs. Aged Kabuki grandmaster is restored to the prime of youth. Crimelord wants to make himself youthful and is reverted to infancy. The transformations are cutaways; before, opaque gas, after. (SKJAM)

- (boy & girl robot APed) Satellite re-broadcast of the 2003 anime remake.
As the rival of the atom, the boy robot Atlas appears. Atlas has a girl counterpart named Ribian left in the doctor's care. Because Ribian is useless, the doctor dismantles it. Atlas is angry and kills the doctor. Because the body is damaged, it is remodeled. The two persons are reborn as robots of an adult appearance.
Afterwards, Atlas fights as a rival of the Atom. Because Ribian is a woman of a soft heart, Atlas gradually improves. It fights the space alien with Ribian, and dies in the attack on the earth.
- Info link - link - link

- (male AA APed) anime forms

Asu no Yoichi
- (mental AR) Anime ep 11, 3/19/09, "What Ibuki-san Received".
At the end of ep 10, 17 year old Ibuki Ikaruga, the eldest of 4 sisters, is given a potion by brother/sister antagonists. The brother has romantic designs on Ibuki. The potion causes mental AR; complete loss of all memories acquired since age 4. During ep11, Ibuki acts like (and believes herself to be) a 4 year old. She does not recognize her own sisters, but expects them to be younger than her. Since the youngest one (Kagome) was not even born when she was 4, Ibuki does not recognize her name. She does appear to keep her teen martial arts skills. The mental AR apparently continues into ep12.
(Tuxedo Will)

Atashin' chi
- (mother son body swap) 2003 anime movie. Son Mikan and his Mom were struck by lightning simultaneously, and switched bodies. In the following days, while Mom enjoyed being a student again, Mikan fought with house chores. Meanwhile, sister Yuzuhiko and Dad were busy looking for a way to switch them back. (

- (male adult rejuvenated AA, RN) by Tomi Hoshikawa, 1970+ mythological manga.
Ch04 - p162-170 -
- Small extract - (Akira)

Auction House
- (old age disguised) 1996 -Vol.6: Tattooed female assassin disguises herself as old lady. -Vol.17: Another female assassin disguises herself as old woman in gypsy village to steal precious necklace.

Ayakashi Oppai! Hatsujou Souran Emaki
- (demon AA BE, ARed) Hentai by Miyashiro Sousuke, c2013.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Ayakashi Yakata no Miko
- (furry, young adult to full adult BE) by TYPE.90. Ch04, 2013. COMIC MILF, vol11.
Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Ayashi no Ceres
- (excellent AP, CB) Kuruma Chidori  is a C-Genoma with Tennyo blood. Measurements: Height: 150, Bust: 75, Waist: 56, Hips: 80. When she transforms: H: 165, B: 85, W: 57, H: 83. Blood Type B. Vol 4 manga: Chidori, an elementary school kid, is visiting Aya, Suzumi, and Yuuhi. She has C-Genes. When she transforms, a change in her cells appears. She completely conforms to her new shape and now looks 16. She mainly gets taller, gets bigger breasts, and her hair grows and darkens. She pretty much has the power to change into this form at will (though her clothes are always ruined after she does!) With her changing form she can't lead a normal life. She discovers her power when one of the other patients at the hospital was attacking her little brother. Everyone practically fainted in disbelief when she revealed she was 16. She's in high school! The tennyo drug made her seem younger.

Ayashi No Ceres
- first AP

Ayashi no Ceres
- (AP CBed) Anime. CBed
- (AP UC) Ep19 anime. Chidori's rage when her younger brother is threatened causes her to suddenly grow up into a teenager, her bigger body straining against her overalls. She is promptly abducted for genome experiments - AP
- (AP) gif

Ayashi no Ceres
- (AP) Ep 11 anime took place in the hospital where Kagami tested tennyo DNA therapy, which went very wrong with a number of patients. In the scene where Chidori finally turns into her tennyo form, she not only gets blue hair, but she grows taller and develops a sizable bust. So sizable in fact, that her blouse buttons pop open to display significant cleavage.
- AP - AP - 3 - anime AP (ARarchive) - AP CBed - cover

Ayashi No Ceres
- (APed, final AR scene) Anime. Yuuhi carries Kuruma Chidori out of the secret laboratory on his back. She reverts to childhood as her time draws to a close without revealing her true feelings.
- screencaps

Ayashi no Ceres
- (flash forward) "Episode of Shuro" Nishizaki Megumi novel. Focuses on Tsukasa Shuro's life from age 4 to death. Shuro pretended to be a boy. She notices that Kei's voice is changing, and that he is getting more of a man's body. Suddenly, Shuro feels a deep pain in her belly and runs off to the ocean. Kei stares in shock as he notices the water around Shuro is stained with red, and that Shuro's breasts are showing through her wet T-shirt. When she sings her last song Shuro's hair grows out and her breasts get bigger (she becomes Tennyo). Kei appears at Shuro's side and sings along; Chidori, too.
flash forward
- (AP character) Chidori art

Azumanga Daioh
- (APed/ARed) Sakaki/Chiyo age swap fan art aftermath - (Xysash)

Azumanga Daioh
- (dedicated AP) Team fan art

B Gata H Kei
- (FF) Yoko Sanri, Shueisha, 2004-2011.
Jealous nymphomaniac's Pocket God averts restoration of childhood bond - then & now

Baa-chan Love Potion 1
- (adult rejuv) Fujita Jun hentai. Granny back to teenager - link - (Vergilone)

Baachan, JK ni naru
- (adult rejuvenation) Sunday Webry one-shot "Grandma becomes JK" by Takashi Kasai, c2020.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Baby Love
- (flash forward) Ayumi Shiina manga, 1997 OVA. Ordinary 6th grader Arisugawa Seara loves Seto Shuuhei. However, he is 3 years older, so he tells her that she has to grow up first. Years later, Seara is living in the same house as Shuuhei to win his heart. She has drastically made herself over and grown taller, all to make Shuuhei love her. She drank milk every day for the past 4 years, and looks a lot more mature than girls her age. She is also much bigger than them and prefers to be on her own. However, Shuuhei really seems to love his classmate, Ayano.

2004 Tanaka Mamoru manga. Junior high student Dan Nanami has an ordinary daytime. However, if duty calls she becomes a super spy with an adult body in a large transformation. Her cryptonym (code name) is BF. (Akira) - cover

- (implied age stasis) Czeslaw Meyer is stuck at a young age.
- (male age stasis, adult as child) Czeslaw Meyer looks like he's 10 years old. He probably should have waited a little longer before drinking the elixir of immortality in 1711...

- (male age stasis) Firo is assumed to be 14 but is 18. Now that he's taken the Elixir of Life, the disparity is only going to get bigger.

back to baby
- (dedicated AR) reverting - (Process)

- (AR, RN) c2012.
Basically a tsundere shoujo gets ARed when she lies.
- Mangareader page scan extracts: AR - AR/RN - AR/RN - AR
Ch10-15, the whole story: link - (Suning)

- (male adult stasis & OA) "Sai Kyou Shikeishuu Hen" - "The Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga" 1999-2003-2018.
Ch001-158, Eps01-24. Freakishly tall and muscular middle-aged man Speck is actually 97. The only thing driving his body forward is his determination to know defeat, hence his immunity to aging. Once he gets his wish, he rapidly deteriorates into a malnourished old man who goes out with a smile.

Bakugan: Battle Planet
- (ARed cutaway, AA RNed) S01Ep15a #29 "All Jungled Up" 3/2/2019.
Japanese/American anime series. The 4 main characters were TFed offscreen back into children. After going through the gate to the next world, they AA "progressed" back to normal.
- (Carlton)

Bakunetsu Sentouki
- (AA mahou TF AP) by Sosuke Kaise, Comic Valkyrie, c2009.
Ch02 & 10. The hot spring temples enter a tournament beyond human measure. "Fighting Spring Princesses" compete to become queen of all hot-springs!
- Extract P067-069-072 - Extract P134-141-142 - (Andu22)

Bakunyuu Fullnelson
- (male AR) Michael from Macross Frontier was reverted - (Crash Ichimonji)

Bakuretsu Hanta
- (accelerated AA FF lifetime ghost) Ep5 "Lakeside Dream Girl" 1995/10/31.
Sorcerer Hunters. The group made a detour to the back of the mountain. A little girl appears in an unpopular lake. Carrot plays with the girl and they become friends, but suddenly the girl has disappeared. Before a disappointed Carrot, a 17 y.o. girl then appeared...
- Screencaps

- (2 males merge into 1 ultra-developed adult) "Barom One", 2002 Enoki anime.
Kentaro and Takeshi hero fusion - Video link - screencaps - link - (Akira)

- (boy AP, man AR, swap?) Noboru Rokuda, 1991, 8 Ch, Shogakukan.
2m 10cm senior student Itsuki Hashiro "Baron" watches the UFO approaching.
Ch4+ purchase: - (Akira)

- (male age forms) OVA 1-6, 1992.
Episode link - link - (Akira)

- (male AR TFed form, male RN AP CBed) 1988, Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha, by Kazushi Hagiwara.
In the magical era, ancient magician Dark Schneider was sealed to be raised like a young brother with the High Priest's virginal daughter Yoko. After 15 years, he is finally back!?
- extract - (Akira)

- (adult stasis) OVA S01Ep04 "The Immortal King Di-Amon".
Yoko & female paladins set out to find Dark Schneider. Can they survive encounter with immortal vampire King Di-Amon? - (Chica)

- (male AP, AR) anime OVA (manga is better). The evil wizard Dark Schneider was trapped in the body of an infant (Rushe or Lushe). Yoko breaks the seal with a virgin's kiss and the little boy transforms into a full grown man. When Dark Schneider kisses her he temporarily changes back into Rushe. Later he frequently changes between the two forms. (Akira) 1

Battle Spirits: Saga Brave
- (male "aged up"?) Ep2 "The Promised Battle" 2019/10/25.
Short hero is extremely powerful and can lift 10 times his weight. On Grand Lolo, Zungurii fights a new card battle. Zungry's battle armor had a design like Dan, returning to old appearances. There was some form of male maturity increase? - (Akira)

BE anime
- (breast increase CB) - bustout gif scene.

BE manga
- (accelerated breast development) - teen BE (Process)

BE scenes
- pages - (Process)

BE scenes
- (dedicated before/after) From forums, c2014 edits - (Process Forum)

- (BE) Love Hina? scene

Beautiful Demon Mija
BE in Ep 1. The Demoness captures a flat mousy high school shoujo and releases her 'Epicuma'. She goes from flat to about E in a few seconds, and is left constantly horny.

Because I'm The Goddess
- (AP, AR) By Sham Neko, author of "Mahou Tsukai Tai", in Monthly Comic Gum. Vol. 1 2003.
- Pandora isn't always in her voluptuous form and turns into a normal shoujo at times. Pandora meets Aoi again in a teenage body. It's soon revealed that after she uses her goddess powers, her body turns into that of a teenager and in order to return to her regular self, she has to get a kiss from Aoi. Aoi is reluctant to take Pandora in, but eventually does so. He prefers her teenage form rather than her adult form. cover
- (AR, AP) (Process) - AR

- (male AR, adult rejuv, TG AR, male AP) c2014, v22, c240.1.
In this chapter, Beel's grandmother uses a device to regress Oga, Hilda, Furuichi, as well as herself. She also uses it to age up a kindergartener in Beel's class.
- Extract - (Mad0charles)

Belial-sama wa Shitennou no Naka demo xx
- (demon AA age form poofs) Ch 4 & 17-18.
Belial-sama is one of the Four Heavenly Generals, by Hayashi Yuuichi, c2020.
- Manga link - demon AP extract - demon AR extract - demon AP extract - (Andu22)

Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastorale
- (mermaid TFed ARed AA) Ep8 "Well, Those are Called Shoes" 2019/03/02. Seven Arcs Pictures.
Mermaids use magic powders to become human, but for one it also caused the side effect of de-aging them.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (mental age appearance) c1996.
When Eclipse happened Casca was drawn 5 years younger, looking only 19. Mental trauma made Casca become child-like. When she regained her personality, Casca's facial features changed and she looked more mature.

Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf
- (FF BE stages) c2012 hentai - Nudity scene - (Lurker1_12)

Big X
- (male AA TF AP) Ep01 "Big X appearance" 1964.
Some of the old episodes may have been recovered/restored? Japan-only access.
- Blocked video link - Blocked channel link - (Akira)

Big X
- (male TF giant/AP form) 1964, Osamu Tezuka anime.
Legendary comic artist/animator drew almost a million panels until he died. Most episodes of this series were lost.
- Ep01 link - screencaps - Ep11 link - gif - (Akira)

Big X
- (male TF GT AP, some male CB) A similar size giant appears in "Ambassador Magma" (Maguma Taishi).
Manga art - (Akira)

- (AR OC, some OA'd) 1987-89 anime series, Ep33.
Monster of the week is a weird-ass stroller demon, whose baby rattles transform people into animated babies. It gradually regresses most of the heroes into infants, leaving a few to kick its ass. In a dream sequence near the end, the villains hypnotize Yamato into thinking he's an old man or something; this illusion is quickly dispelled, and you see Yamato "age back" to normal. Needless to say the rest of the team turned back as well, though offscreen in most cases.
All ARs have oversized clothes, though process varies. The first AR is male, with old god Shaman Khan as the victim. It happened offscreen as he fell off a cliff onto a branch, and he is revealed to already be a baby in oversized clothes when the others pull him up.
The second AR has (I think) two boys and a girl as the victims. This time we get to see them shrink into their clothes, though the process is partially blocked by Yamato's dumb ass getting in the way. Fortunately he doesn't hide a lot, and it's still well done.
One of those victims is RNed back, then ARed into a baby again alongside another guy later in the episode. This third AR is offscreen too; the villains throw and detonate the rattles like grenades, and the characters are shown as babies.
Finally, Yamato's and the others' dream OA is also offscreen, though limited male face RN was shown as mentioned. All in all, a surprisingly great find IMO; I expected to see just poof ARs of one guy, but we get several ARs in baggy clothes of a fair number of characters, with one process.
- Full episode link
- First AR @05:10 - screencaps - Second AR @08:15, Third AR @16:51 - screencaps - Dream OA'd @18:45, Final RNed @20:02 - screencaps
- (Azerty47)

Binbougami Ga!
- (AR teen to child, OA dream glimpsed)
Anime Ep05, "Who's the flat-chested one now? Huh? Huh!? Huh!!?" 8/1/12.
- Momiji the Goddess of Misfortune tricks 16-year-old Ichiko Sakura into opening a Turtle God "ageing box". It's supposed to age her into an old lady, but instead Ichiko is immediately ARed into a child. Chibi-Ichiko-chan no kawaii! Smoke obscures the AR process.
She gets away from the goddess and befriends one of Keita Tsuwabuki's imouto, little Mika. Ichiko-chan spends the rest of the episode as a little girl with Keita's family to avoid Momiji, dealing with the issues of being treated like the child she appears to be, and unsuccessfully looking for a way to reverse the process. Momiji recaptures her at the end of the episode.
Ichiko is likely to be chibi as Ep06 begins - Video link - screencaps
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

Binbougami Ga!
- (ARed aftermath, AA RN child to teen)
Ep06 "Open Your EYES!!!!" 8/8/12.
- As anticipated, Chibi-Ichiko-chan returns. She spends much of the episode soul searching about the loving family of Keita Tsuwabuki that she was "adopted" by as a little girl, vs. the loneliness of no family as a teen. She's beginning to act the part.
An "aging box" is procured for her by the dog god Momoo Inugami. She thinks seriously about remaining a child and living with Keita's family, but eventually decides to return to age 16. It takes Ichiko a while to get over the experience of being part of a family as a little girl, and go back to her noisy teenage personality. Will there be more transformations going forward? We can only hope.
- Video link - screencaps - ("Tuxedo" Will)

Bio Hazard (Resident Evil)
- (APed cutaway) 60-part Hong Kong manhua series, 1999. King's Foundation continuity.
AKA "Biohazard". Preteen Sherry Birkin was infected with the supernatural G-virus, the product of an ancient civilization which the Umbrella Group redeveloped. This caused her to "grow up" off-panel. As a Patron Saint, she could control zombies in Raccoon City. After she had "rapidly aged" into a grown woman, she demonstrated the ability to heal wounds.
- Bio Hazard 2 Vol05: first appearance.
- Bio Hazard 2 Vol58: behind Dehne, a naked, red-haired, adult Sherry stands by - Small extracts

Birdy the Mighty
- (male AP) Anime 1-4. Bounty hunter/police from outer space absorbs young boy's life force. They both exist in the same body, and can take either form.

Bishoujo Zashiki warashi
- (demon "ARed" forms & AA AP scenes) Nude hentai porn by Aida Mizu? c2017+.
Beautiful girl Zashikiwarashi sex manga, 29 chapters. Spirit-like beings from Iwate Prefecture in mahou fantasy settings. Youkai and my naughty sexual activity - The family business of the temple, kimono sex education. Ch05 AR, Ch06 AP.
- Ch03 link - Ch04 link - Ch05 link - Ch06 link
- Ch09 link - Ch10 link - Ch12 link - P213-214 link
- Manga P194-195 extract - P213-214 extract - P217-218 extract - (Andu22)

Black Alice
- (AA, some size themes) - covers - scans (Parker)

Black Angels
- (male demon AA TF AP, male AA ARed) by Shinji Hiramatsu, Group Zero, battle action violence, c'85.
Agents of the Church battle for the highest stakes in the spiritual realm. Read right to left - #17 small extract - #18 small extract - (Akira)

Black Butler: Ciel in Wonderland
- (male AA poof APed, male AR AA poof, RN) Kuroshitsuji series. S2, 2nd OVA Ep04, 2010.
Alice in Wonderland is one of the best standbys to sneak progression/regression into anime and manga (which is why I wish they used this kind of story more). Dressed in a pinafore, young male Ciel essentially goes through all the weirdness of Wonderland in a 2 part OVA, much like Ep13 of Ouran High School Host Club, where a majority of the main and recurring characters play roles in Alice's story. Ciel meets with the equivalent of the Caterpillar. The mushroom is personified by a woman with big breasts, where sucking on one side makes you older, while the other breast makes you younger. You see the results of this, but it's pretty much flash TF. I do think there's enough there for the imagination, unlike some other poof AP/AR's.
- Episode link (400MB) AP @2:40, AR @3:25, RN @3:50 - screencaps - (Meticulan23)

Black Cat OVA?
- (adult to aged) caps - (old age progression sites)

Black Cat
- (AR) Creed accidentally shoots Train with a Lucifer bullet, causing Train to transform back into a child of around 8 years old. It only lasts 1 episode, or a few chapters.

Black Cat
- (male AA RN APed, unseen ARed aftermath) Anime.
Train turns back into an adult in the shower. Vid link - screencaps

Black Cat
- (male AR glimpse) Ep13 "Love Cat" 1/19/2006.
At the very end, main hero Train gets shot by a special nano machine-infused bullet that regresses him into a boy.
- Episode link @20:56 - screencaps - gif
- (male ARed aftermath, RNed AA) Ep14 "The Kitty Cat / A Chibi Cat" 1/26/2006.
He spends the whole next episode trying to adjust to living as a child. It is difficult to use his gun. He regains old memories of his parents, while the two female protagonists that are normally younger than him are excited they get to babysit him for a day as his big sisters, and can raise him again to be well mannered. He returned to normal while coincidentally naked for other reasons.
- Episode link - (Uverplanet)

Black Cat
- (male AR) After being shot with a nanomachine bullet, Train transformed into a kid, even though he was actually 23.

Black Cat
- (male AR) Manga. 1 (Akira)

Black Clover
- (old age TFs) Ep24 "Blackout" 3/20/2018.
Asta and Yuno were abandoned together. When they received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno got a spectacular four-leaf clover. The truth about Asta's power was revealed: he received an extremely rare five-leaf Grimoire, a "black clover"! A flying witch casts a spell that steals the adult youth from young adults and transfers it to herself so she can stay young.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Black Jack
- (age stasis) Thanks to being a collection of organs put into a childlike artificial body, Pinoko is stuck looking like a 3-year-old indefinitely. Technically, she's 18... or 1, depending on how you count it. She doesn't gripe about it too often, but it comes up now and then. She has a funhouse mirror in her room so that she reflects as an adult.

Black Jack
- (age stasis) Whenever doctors try to remove an undeveloped twin growing inside a woman's body they become disoriented. Black Jack tells the twin that he will not kill it but preserve it, so it allows him to operate. Later, he assembles the pile of organs into a little girl. When the woman comes back for a checkup, he introduces her twin sister, but she rejects the little girl. In the last scene, the woman drives away while the girl leans against Black Jack and sobs. In the stories that follow, Pinoco stays on as Black Jack's assistant. She introduces herself as Black Jack's wife; although she looks like a child, she is legally 18.

Black Knight Bat
- (AR & RN) Ch3.
Newly colorized English translation of previously mentioned manga, featuring apples that can make people older or younger.
- Chapter link - (Tazz)

Black Knight Bat
- (AR, RN AA) by Buichi Terasawa, Shueisha, 1986.
Ch03. A cool scene about magical apples that can affect a person's time.
- Chapter link - scene extract - (Andu22)

Black Lagoon
- (adult rejuvenation, AR) Non-canon omake has the main cast regress to adolescence and, in Balalaika's case, beyond. For the record, loli-Balalaika is the cutest thing ever.

Black Lilith
- (AA AP TFs) Anime/manga henshin series - info link

- (age stasis) Osamu Tezuka anime. The hero's pet name is Blackjack, a genius doctor. Pinoko is his attendant. She was in her twin's body for 18 years. Blackjack took out the body parts and built her. Although she is 18 years old in fact, her appearance is about 6 years old. She is a very funny girl who is in love with Blackjack and insists that she is his wife. In the 2nd episode, there was a dream sequence of her growing up to an adult figure. (Akira)

- ("APed" AA) Nel cosplay

- (age acceleration power) Baraggan Louisenbairn.

- (AP CB) 2007 manga. Nel Tu is a good-natured, child-like arrancar when first introduced. The remains of her hollow mask make up a cartoonish skull on the top of her head. Extreme stress causes Nel to grow up. Her true form is a fully-grown woman with longer hair but otherwise similar features. Her frock was not designed to handle the aging, and had no choice but to give way under the sudden titanic pressure, ripping in many places and torn in half along the waist. Her skull helmet changed slightly, its features appearing less cartoonish with a pair of curved horns. She assumes a new identity as Neliel Tu Oderschwank. (Process Forum, Highlander)
AP (2 MB) - after the AP - APed CB artwork - 5 - 6

- (AP CBed) Neliel
- Anime screencaps - gif
- cosplay

- (AP) - Yachiru Kusajishi fan-art grow up scene - (Test_0)

- (APed, age forms) adult Nel - cosplay - fan art

- (APed) grown-up Nel cosplay

- (APed) Nel ages

- (APed) Nel child and adult Cosplay
- (before AP) Nel Tu

- (AR) Rukia regression scene

- (ARed) fan art - (The_Padded_Room)

- (dedicated TF AP/AR) c2014.
"Age swap of Burasu Jazushinga and Hiyori Sarugaki" - fan art - (Silentrinity)

- (FF AA) Yoruichi Shihouin drawn older: AA fan art
- (flash forward AA) Yachiru Kusajishi's future: AA FF

- (male adult age disguised) High schooler Yasutora "Chad" Sado looks like he's in his late 20s, as do his classmates. "It's illegal for minors to drink."

- (male FF growth) Captain of the 7th Squad Komamura Sajin appears to be about the height of his friend, Tosen Kaname, when they first meet, if much wider. By the time the main storyline starts, their dimensions have changed due to their growth rates.

- (OA battle annihilation effects)
Even in his unreleased state, Barregan's touch can age his targets enough to make their bones snap like twigs. When he unleashes his full power, anything that fails to get out of the way crumbles to dust in a mater of seconds.

- (TF AP CB) Fan comic age-up scene (hamburger_Link)

- (TF) Kubo Taito? Strange girl transforms. 1
- (TG AR disguised) Anime ep 173. Little girl trying to assassinate Lurichiyo turns out to be an adult male assassin in a bodysuit. (BodySwapGal)
- (age stasis) Shinigami spirits look like kids. Hitsugaya usually acts more adult while Yachiru is like a hyperactive 5 year old.

- (younger age appearance) 2013-17. College adult Mafuyu is often mistaken for an elementary schoolchild. She plays the role of Little Sister Heroine in a Cosplay Cafe. Even her coworkers have their perceptions colored by her childlike appearance: Kaho and Akizuki are discomfited watching her chugging a beer. Hideri, thinking about what Mafuyu might wear outside of work, imagines her in a preschooler's smock.

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond
- (preteen/adult AA age forms) Ep14: The character Luciana Estevez is introduced, a female doctor with the ability to divide herself, allowing her to treat multiple patients at once. Her split clones appear like young versions of herself in oversized-looking lab coats. Blood Technique "Phantom Surgery": Luciana and her clones slice victims with her scalpel into pieces. The clones can recombine into one Luciana, with long hair and a mature physique - (Mad0charles)

Blood the Last Vampire
- (age stasis) Saaya has looked like a 15-year-old girl since WWII.

Blue Eyes
- (FF BE) Claire started out flat-chested, but then began developing very rapidly. At first she was happy about it, but soon her breasts grew bigger than even her mother's, who was already cartoonishly big.
- Meg is going through puberty too, and it's implied as Tatsuya has sex with her that her breasts are getting bigger every time he sees her.

Bobobo Bobo Bobo
- (AR) - Mass regressions

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
- (AA TF APed) Part 2: "Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo", 2005 battle form - (Process)

- (AA AP) Beauty ARed into a little kid. The episode shows her AA-ing to normal about 6 seconds in. (TB Tabby) AA scene
- (AR) 2005. In the current manga, the gang is looking for Hirukulani. His headquarters has a Children's Playground. When you go inside, you regress to your childhood, and can play with the other kids there. So when the gang goes in, Beauty, Gasser, and Suzu turn into little kids. Poppa Rocks/Don Patch, or Jelly Jiggler don't change much. Beauty's a teenager who turns into a 6-8 year old. Her clothes shrink to match, but she does get a lot shorter, her body tinier, and her head is a little oversized for her body. Bobobo goes from 28 to a kid, even though it's mostly minor changes. (Double L)

body swap
- (AA) mind transferred - (DQ5)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male flashback into boyhood self) "The Town Where Only I am Missing"
Suspense seinen manga series, Kei Sanbe, Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine, 2012. Anime adaptation: 01/2016.
- In 2006, a 29 y.o. cartoonist is blessed with special symptoms called "Revival". That is, time can be wound back! This phenomenon brings a shining future? Or...
When his mother is killed for noticing a kidnapper, he is brought back 18 years to when he was 11 y.o. to find the culprit. Satoru has returned to his boyhood in 1988. Kenya notices abnormalities due to Satoru acting much more mature after "Revival".
In order to return to modern times, Satoru must overturn the mother's death and change the fates. Satoru eventually succeeds in preventing the crimes, but is in a coma for 15 years and loses his memories.
- link - link - covers - (Akira)

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
- (male time reversal to preteen self) Kei Sanbe manga, 2012-16.
Young man Satoru Fujinuma possesses a "revival" ability, which sends him back in time before life-threatening incidents to prevent their occurrence. When his mother is murdered, Satoru flashes back 18 years to elementary school! This gives him the opportunity to prevent the kidnapping that took the lives of 3 childhood friends, and his mother in the future - covers
- 12 episode anime series, A-1 Pictures, Fuji TV (Noitamina), 2016.

Boku ga Koisuru Cosmic Star
- (male AA TFed, APed combat form) Cosmic Star I'm in Love with, #1. Heriyama, 2023.
Eichi is about to confess his love to adored classmate Haida, when a beautiful cosmic girl appears from the sky...? - extract - (Akira)

Boku Ga Mama
- (AR TG swap) 2003 Mother/son trade bodies. 1 (Farhad)

Boku no Marie
- (AP & AR split personality dispute) Level 12 AA curse.
In Ch53, robot loli Yuri downloads an alternative personality named Sayuri, who turns out to be malicious and often compellingly takes over Yuri's body, aging it to a mature woman due to her ambition and lust for becoming a sexy idol.
In Ch63, Sayuri becomes greedy, and tries to delete Yuri's personality and keep the body to herself. Yuri survives, but Sayuri successfully steals the body in the end.
It's a really neat manga in terms of both artstyle and plot. Only 3 animated OVA eps so far.
- Full manga link - extracts - (Chriskim019)

Boku no Marie
- (ARed cutaway) Ch98 Vol09. Swimsuit beach scene.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Boku no Marie
- (RN ARed cutaway, OC) 2016 manga.
Split Personality Dispute. Sayuri's APed arc reaches its conclusion. The reversion scene where she was saved from the spinning fan was a bit lacking, as apparently she shrunk back somewhere between the panels. Here's hoping the series gets its rightful anime adaptation.
- Full manga link - AR extract - (Chriskim019)

Boku no Tonari no Kyuuketsuki
- (demon AA, BE APed form) by Potion, 2011. Comic Megastore.
Another short color comic about a vampire, process is likely AR aftermath reversion but is presented as AP. Contains loli.
- extract - (Shadow00000)

Boku no Toshishita no One-chan
- (male AR) My Mum Japanese Baby (1 to 4 + bonus). c2017 webcomic.
Pixiv click to enlarge link - (Akira)

Boku wa Succubus
- (demon AA TF, young adult to full adult) Kurimochi Chizuru, hentai.
Also has male AR, male TG -
- Partially censored extract - (Chriskim019, AdonioGTS)

- (AA TF merger into mecha form) by Kohei Sukemaru, Televi-Kun magazine, Shogakukan, c'23.
Monsters and phantom demons rampage around the world! I will unite with Mom in a transformative embrace to become an unexpected hero! With the power of Bokumaman we will fight troublesome creatures who are too energetic, to protect world peace today! - extract - (Akira)

Bokura no Ketsumei
- (male demon AA TF battle upgrade) "Our Blood Oath", Weekly Shonen Jump, 2020/09.
There are vampires on the side of humans. Younger vampire brother Kou Hitsuki will transform into his older form to defeat bad friends. After having lost his temper at school, his ears became pointed and his teeth sharp. A dense fog enshrouds his body, but he tried restraining himself. When he transforms, his black hair turns white - small extract - 2 - (Akira)

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
- (demon OA TF & rejuv) "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan" Ep01.
Main character takes the halo away from Dokuro, causing her to become old and wrinkled (though not really shown in process). When she snatches the halo back from him she reverts to her younger adult self. There is quick plumping up of both her legs and her breasts (animated very nicely for how fast they go by). Of course she immediately kills him again.
- Video link 10:41 - screencaps - gif - (Meticulan23)

Bokusatu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
- (Age Stasis, possible AR, possible AP?) 2005 anime. "Club-to-death Angel Dokuro-chan" In the future, a man named Sakura is destined to accidentally create the technology for eternal life, which due to his lolicon complex freezes all women's aging once they turn 12. God refuses to allow this, so he sends his angels to the past to kill Sakura before he can gift humans with eternal life. But one angel, Dokuro-chan, decides to try to change the future without killing him. Problem is, as she lives with him, Dokuro is constantly killing Sakura and lots of other people in incredibly bloody ways with her giant spiked club -- only to gruesomely kill them again the next time she loses her temper. (Ferver)

Bokusatu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
- (slight age disguised) "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan" The title character has a 9 year old sister who looks about 9 years older than her.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
- (dedicated fan art, TG WG BE maturation) by Deviant Artist: FailedProject9, 2022/09.
"Mature Snack" AA fan service of Boruto Uzumaki - Woman Up link - link - link - link - link - Alt: erotic Fan Art I hope her thoughts don't get lost in heated "whining" Horny! I'd like to do a couple more things with Boruto but I'm not quite sure what yet.... Just... Poor thing haha.

Bousou Magic Girl (alt. title)
- (witch AP BE Charm) by E-musu Aki, 2011. Torokeru Asobi.
Contains loli. The brother can't stop himself but didn't realize what happened.
Code: - (Shadow00000)

Bousou Magical Girl
- (AP) A panty massager caused age increase.
E-musu Aki hentai, Torokeru Asobi collection - manga - (Wolfsoulex)

Brave Beats
- (AA TF AP sequences) Team TF video link
- Female screencaps - Male screencaps - Male screencaps

Brave Beats
- (AA TF AP) - Ep03 caps - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (AA TF fusion AP) 10/11/2015, Tribe Cool Crew "street dance anime".
6th grader Hibiki Kazaguruma meets an amusing little robot from the dance world. Bureikin must collect scattered Dance Stones which cause chaos on the human world. To retrieve them, Bureikin fuses with Hibiki and transforms into a Dance Hero. Dance partner Shiho Kokido's doll Adrienne has the same effect on her.
- Cover - link - link - link - link - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (male AA TF age forms) - New character - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (male AA TF age-up) New character.
Blocked vid link - forms - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (male AA TF Aped) Vid link - caps - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (transfer into past selves) Ep14. A time slip makes them inhabit preschool life.
Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

breast deflation
- (kinda looks like AR) chest reduction

breast expansion hentai
- (BE) Girl whose breasts inflate cartoonishly when sexually aroused has to tutor a boy she's in love with. About a minute into the meeting, her chest becomes home to twin beach balls. Needless to say, he's extremely impressed, and graphic sex follows. It ends with them forming a really kinky but otherwise loving relationship.

breast expansion manga
- (some CB scenes, BE) Teen breasts can grow so big that even loose shirts must eventually burst open.
- short BE scene - short BE scene.
- Slow BE manga scans - 1 panel BE scene - (BEArchive)

Bride of the Water God
- (male AP RN, male AR curse) South Korean manhwa comics, Yun Mi-kyung, 2008. "Habaek's Bride".
Mysterious Water God is cursed to live his days in the form of a little boy. He turns back to his true adult self at night. His new human bride Soah thinks that she's been married to a child, and has no idea that the attractive Mui is actually the adult Habaek.

- (AA AP) Higher resolution of previously posted gif link - (NightElf37)

- (age change dream sequences) - AR - AP
- (AP, AR) Vol 4, ep 15, S1E15 "Gorgeous Submaton Color". While trapped on a very bizarre island, main character Marin eats a giant piece of chocolate that causes her to hallucinate. She sees herself growing up to become a busty adult to impress her robot companion Meran. After a minute of examining herself she suddenly starts to turn into a baby, shrinking down into the towel she was wearing. Later he cures the hallucination. (Flargan)
- In another episode a young friend of her grows into a giant - AP scene (Gamer z2000) AP

Brynhildr in the Darkness
- (mental AR) Ep9 "False Memories" 6/1/2014.
A lab is creating "Witches", shoujos with various powers for nefarious purposes. Some have escaped. Nanami has the ability to erase people's memories and (surprise!) also implant false ones.
A couple of jerks start hitting on Nanami; they know nothing she needs, so she erases one's memories of everything after age 5. "Now he's a five year old who needs a shave."
- Episode link @04mins - (SKJAM)

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040
- (APed) 1998 anime. In the 2030s, the Genom corporation decided to rebuild Tokyo by using boomers, smart robots that come in all shapes and sizes. Ep 20: "One of These Nights", 9/29/01. Kira Vincent-Davis: Young Galatea. Galatea takes control of the Dragon Line and uses it to awaken a new wave of giant boomers. She achieves her adult form. Her appearance is no longer exactly the same as Sylia's. Can the Knight Sabers make a dent in Galatea's all-pervading army?

Bubblegum Crisis
- (age disguised) Sexaroids were labeled illegal at the series start. Sylvie and Anri are not as old as they look. Sylvie appears in her mid-20s, while Anri looks to be the Lolicon model.

Bungo Stray Dogs
- (AA AP to old age) The magic power "Gasp of the Soul" allows Blood Hound member Teruko Okura to manipulate the age of anyone she touches for interrogation and torture. Rapidly aging someone causes them to develop elderly illnesses and maladies until they're pulled back. This inflicts severe psychological damage before they can acclimate to the new sensations.
- S4Ep12 "Bungo Hound Dogs" 2023/03/22.
Teruko uses her ability to stop a drone attack, thereby aging her body.
- S4Ep13 "Skyfall" 2023/03/29.
Teruko used her ability to age into an old lady to escape from regular normal people chasing them.
- (Carlton)

Burglar Amaryllis
- (old age disguised) 1991 Vol.1: In daytime, Shiizaki Nana is a Senior high school student, one night she disguises herself as an old ugly women.

Burn Up Scramble
- (female growth) - Anime CBed growth aftermath scene.

Buso Renkin
- (AR banned) Nobuhiro Watsuki manga 2003-. Anime 2006-. According to Watsuki, Chitose Tateyama was supposed to have a dagger-like Buso Renkin which gave her the ability to change her age, but he had to give her a different one.

Busou Renkin
- (age disguised) manga. In a rare example of adults not successfully "passing" as teenagers, the two homunculi Tai and Chi fail miserably to impersonate high-schoolers. Not only are they obviously too old, but they end up looking completely ridiculous and deformed (and one of them is trying to pass himself off as a girl, too).

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal