Aging Transformation Scenes

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Obaa-chan wa Idol
- (adult rejuvenation) Revolves around an elderly woman turned into a teenager - link - (MysteryShadow)

Oh My Goddess
- (ARed, RN) Magical characters can revert to save energy; Urd can also make copies of herself, so long as it doesn't tax her concentration. The manga used superdeformed versions of the characters, the anime shorts showed the tiny-sized girls having adventures in their house.
- (kinda ARed) In the anime, demon queen Hild left behind a tiny fraction of her power after visiting, which was still enough to take the form of a little girl.

Oh! Edo Rocket
- (male adult to OA) S01Ep19.
Akai's treacherous ambush is thwarted by old, old, old friend of Row House crew. Young man reverts back to old age - (Jeffr_2bya)

Oh! My Goddess
- (APed discovery) morning surprise.

Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho
- (AA TF APed) Ep1, 6/26/2004. Alternate link to the mahou shoujo disguise upgrade @14:30 - Episode link - (Akira)

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho
- (AA TF APed) Ep1.
The 3 main shoujos used magic to turn unseen into teenagers.
Video link starts at 15:00 - screencaps
- (Teknoman01)

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho
- (body swap looks like ARed and mentally ARed) OAV Ep5 "Someone Who Knows the Sorrow: Pop and Hana's Secret" 8/21/2004.
Pop (Harukaze Poppu) is envious of how Hana is treated as an infant. Noticing her wish, Hana uses magic to swap bodies with Pop. Now Pop is trapped in the body of a baby and unable to speak! When Hanna goes to Pop's school, she will inevitably lose control of her bladder... Can the worst humiliation be averted?
- Episode link - screen caps - (Mysteryshadow)

Ojamajo Doremi
- (AP) In the second series (2000-1, episodes 49) the main focus of the story is on raising Hana-chan, a baby whose birth the 4 girls witnessed from a flower. In this season, the girls are 9 and in the 4th grade. In the 3rd season (2001-2) the Ojamajo are 10 years old. In the 4th series, there is Hana-chan but now she is 10 years old! She has magically aged herself from 2 to 10. (Akira) 1
- Dodo began to grow up suddenly. Doremi was glad of Dodo's growth, and Lele, Mimi, and Roro also grew up with the same method.
- (APed) video link Hana-chan ages from baby to age 10. - screencaps
- (puberty) season 3 ep 10 described the girls going through puberty. (teknoman01)

Ojamajo Doremi
- (AA ages) - fan art

Ojii-san to Obaa-san ga Wakigaetta Hanashi
- (adults rejuvenated cutaway) Webcomic by Araido Kagiri, c2019+
"A Story About A Grandpa and Grandma who Returned Back to their Youth." Twitter series about octogenarian pensioners Ine and Shouzou, who mysteriously had their adult youths restored back to their 20s overnight.
- Chapters link - (Mysteryshadow)

Ojii-san to Obaa-san ga Wakigaetta Hanashi
- (old adults rejuved) Araido Kagiri.
"A Story About a Grandpa and Grandma Who Returned Back to Their Youth". An elderly couple who never had a honeymoon get a second chance. They're dressed and act old fashioned but are very much horny. Ch02 got a little incesty. Not really my thing, not trying to sound judgy, but yeah, threw a curve ball on me.
- Ch02 link - extract - (Kappa)

Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku
- (ARed) 2017. For a reason unknown to readers, the mother was aged down to a 10 y.o. shoujo... the same age as her son! Info link - (MysteryShadow)

Okkiku naru Fushigina Kusuri
- (TF AA APed, RNed) 2011, by Kaizuka. "Strange Growth Serum".
The royal princess has always been well-behaved, modest and humble. She takes a potion and becomes busty and domineering, forcing sex on a doctor. Afterwards, she wakes up normal again.
- Hentai - (Funfun74)

Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo
- (AP, RN) Anime, from part 05. Sayaka's beginning to deal with love, and has self-esteem issues after she gets teased for being flat. It's not easy being a mahou shoujo, and poor Sayaka has to deal with body issues at such a young age! She realizes she can change her appearance to an adult to lure Kagura. Transforming into a pig-tailed young adult, her plan seems successful. Sayaka is very pleased Kagura didn't recognize her. Sayaka is trying to be an adult on the outside, but is so clearly immature, as she struggles with her desire to act older than she is. One of the themes that was consistently touched upon was the difference between age and maturity. Kagura apologizes for trying to kiss adult-form Sayaka, and admits he got caught up in the mood. Sayaka wants to confess her true identity, and is starting to wilt from maintaining her adult form for so long. Before fainting, she asks Kagura if he likes big breasts (since he likes full-bodied pottery). Kagura ends up having to care for Sayaka. Ureshiko secretly infuses Sayaka with enough magic to feel better, and maintain her form. Kagura gives Sayaka his cell phone number and Sayaka giddily accepts it, and tells Kagura that her name is Sayaka. Kagura realizes this name sounds familiar, but has to rush off - age secret

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
- (AA AP) - TF scene.
- (AA AP TF) Anime.
Grade school shoujo asks to be excused from class and transforms into adult heroine behind curtain, confusing male classmate - age secret.

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
- (APed) Sayaka's adult form.

Okusama wa Mahou Tsukai
- (ARed) Anime hentai OVA, 2006. AKA "Madam Witch". The miracle medicine of rejuvenation was unintentionally released.

old age anime
- (OA TF scenes) - 12 unsorted screencaps

old age manga
- (adult aging gas attacks) - extract

old age manga
- (OA TF scenes) - 6 extracts

old age manga
- (OA, adult RN) Villainess wrinkles young women until the dark stranger restores them to normal - OA (Walter)

old age manga
- (TF & FF to OA) - 7 extracts also male ARed in 1st - (various)

Old New
- (old to young AR) Overnight AR (Process)

Omamori Himari
- (AR, TF) Shoujo wakes up involuntarily reverted into catgirl - forms - (Suning)

Onahole Homunculus
- (AR RN, LC) by Saki Chisuzu, 2016 - (Shadow00000)

One Operation Joker
- (male ARed poof & extended aftermath) by MIYAKAWA Satoshi, 2021.
After Batman fell into a chemical vat turning him into a baby, Joker must raise him again. Shame that it's a poof transformation, but a cool story from a deranged person slowly going "sane" sort of angle.
- Manga link - (Username)

One Piece doujinshi
- (male AR) "Loop".
Zoro eats a mysterious candy that sets him back 6 years. As the crew grow used to Zoro's 13 y.o. self, Sanji can't help but indulge his warmer attitude towards him - (Jeffr_2bya)

One Piece Film Z
- (AR) - gif

One Piece Film Z
- (AR) 2012 movie trailer.
The blue haired girl has "Return" powers, restoring targets into what they once were. It's a "Look what I can do, neat huh? Ok I'll turn you back" situation, though since she is part of the villain's crew she might AR someone she is fighting.
- Direct video link - screencaps - (Pietran)

One Piece Film: Z
- (RN AA TF AP) 12/12.
The Modo Modo no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to return anyone and anything to a younger state. It makes the user a Return Return Human (Modo Modo Ningen), as eaten by Ain.
- Ain's return powers allow her to basically de-age anything in 10-year increments. She gets Nami to 10-ish, Chopper to reindeer pup, and Robin to 20-ish. The ARs are mostly offscreen though you CAN see Nami shrink out of her clothes. Robin just kind of gets a little bit shorter, with a touch of boob and ass shrinkage (which makes no sense as she would have been full grown at 20). They stay younger through the climactic fights at the end.
Zoro defeats Ain and her powers are cancelled, resulting in the AP RN scene. Unfortunately Nami's wearing something kind of heavy, but her midriff gets a lot of delicious detail that her T&A doesn't, and Robin, wearing virtually nothing up top, gets a BE/slight growth shot. The topping on the cake are the deliciously over the top sexy-growth-moans they make the whole time, especially Robin, who's usually cool and tame.
- Short video link - caps - caps - (CinderBH, Dsojourn)

One Piece
- (adult rejuvenation) Anime Ep888 "Sabo Enraged - The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma" 6/9/2019.
- Manga Ch908 "The Levely Begins" 6/18/2018.
The pirate Jewelry Bonney uses magical powers to make herself and/or others younger or older. Near the end of the episode, she uses Devil Fruit to revert from her old woman disguise (Connie, dowager Queen of the Sorbet Kingdom) into a young busty woman - (Carlton)

One Piece
- (age stasis) Donquixote Pirates: Combat fighter Sugar looks 11 but is actually 22. Eating Hobby Hobby Fruit stuck her at that age. Miss Goldenweek appeared 11 but was 17. Young woman Shakuyaku is actually a 62 y.o. Retired Badass pirate. Kureha looks 60 but is actually 139 with a young body (Running Gag involves people assuming her to be a young woman until noticing said Butter Face). Charlotte Katakuri is 48 but could easily pass for half that age.

One Piece
- (AP, AR) "Jewelry Bonney" age forms - fan art.

One Piece
- (AP, CB, AR) "Loli Loli no Mi" Unauthorized 32 page hentai parody by Kurione Sha in which both Nami and another girl get regressed and get too small for their clothes, too! (Process Forum)
- AR - AP - AP - AR cover
- (flash forward) Anime. flash forward

One Piece
- (AR AA, male anthro AR AA, male/anthro old aged, RN AA)
Ep1094 "The Mystery Deepens! Egghead Labophase" 2024/02/18.
- Bonney uses her Devil Fruit power to revert herself and Jinbe, while turning Luffy and Chopper into elders at time stamp 05:00. Bonney then progresses back to adult after 08:00. It shows her hair growing back to normal, but only Bonney's shadow is seen expanding back to her adult form.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Carlton, The AP Ninja)

One Piece
- (AR/AP) Gluttonous pirate captain Jewelry Bonney appears to have the ability to change loli age/size at will. One of 11 pirates referred to as "The Eleven Supernovas" on Sabaody Archipelago when the Straw Hats arrive, Bonney generally looks like a cowgirl in skimpy clothes. She is slim despite being able to consume huge amounts of food, and sometimes appears as a small child.

One Piece
- (ARed, RN) Manga. Bonnie reverted back and forth randomly, or depending on her emotional state.
- scan

One Piece
- (ARed) From manga colorization & translation project - page (Weary Traveler)

One Piece
- (ARed) One Piece Film Z. Special "Volume 1000" cover shows Nami, Chopper and Robin post-regression in baggy clothes. Concept art of younger forms in somewhat baggy clothes.
Artwork cover.
- (ARed) Pixiv artist Nishiponi AKA Ponio fanart. "What if" Ain had turned other characters into kids? Mostly male but also Robin, and all adorable as hell.
Artwork sketches.
- (ARed) "I Hate Cursed Gold" Filtered content by Carotte666. A cute AR pic of Nami and Nico Robin turned into babies by a baby-shaped statue. Nami has an extreme love for money, and couldn't keep her hands off any gold she saw, even though Robin may have warned her it might be cursed.
Artwork aftermath - (ShinigamiDuo370)
- (ARed) Doujin from Pixiv may feature Rebecca ARed into a child - Info link
Artwork nudity.
- (Azerty47)

One Piece
- (FF growth) Coby is almost unrecognizable after training under Vice Admiral Garp.

One Piece
- (FF) by Eiichiro Oda. That is one of the main characters, Nami. The artist for the series did x-years-later pieces with essentially a good ending and a bad one. The male is Franky - caps - (Mf2yxmsq)

One Piece
- (old to young adult rejuv TF, RN OA poof)
15th anniversary episode "3D2Y", 2014.
Luffy faces a new group of villains. Old lady in labcoat takes herb that makes her young and beautiful through a flash sequence involving slight BE & Hip Expansion. They also show her poofed back to old.
- Video link Rejuv (10:18-10:41) - RN (13:50-13:56)
- Screencaps - Screencaps
- Alternate Rejuv link - (Chriskim019, Saixhinata)

One Piece
- (RN TF AA "AP") Ep677, Dressrosa Arc, 2014.
The Sugar spell fades down, returning all puppets in town to their human form. Detailed doll process for almost every RN. First, Robin had visible hourglass expansion, hip/butt expansion, and breast shaping^^ Then another female doll had visible breast expansion and AP-like body growth while turning back to human.
- Video link - screencaps
- (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja)

One Piece
- (TF) "Zoan" Fruits grant the ability to turn into animal forms, but the user's clothes stretch and are never damaged by the transformation. One woman could extend any part of her body as a hard-as-metal spike.

Onegai My Melody ~Kuru Kuru Shuffle!~
- (AR) Anime ep 34.
- Kakeru wants to correct bad things he did to Uta Yumeno when they were little. The girl gets ARed off screen. Yume got turned into Kodomo and they talk about past things. Kakeru's heart is unrequited but all is resolved by the j'etaime arrow.
- ch24 or 30 may have older sister AR.
AR at about 13:30. - video link
(rsplayer, Bart)

Onegai My Melody Sukkiri
- (AA AP, AR RN) Anime massage causes body to unwind into adulthood. (The Process Forum) 1

Onegai My Melody Sukkiri
- (teen "old age"-like degeneration stages & RN) Ep05 "Refreshed by a poem!?" 2007.
The girl who "ages" here is called Miki. It happens that when she lost her poetry book she lost that part of her soul, figuratively and literally. Little by little she becomes an "old woman". Her friends, in addition to defeating the monster on duty, also have to retrieve Miki's book before it's too late... This is the best aging i have seen in anime tbh.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Rafael1907)

Onegai my Melody
- (AA AP) - TF scene.

Onegai my Melody
- (AA APed) Anime. Schoolgirls steal each other's attributes including age. (The Process Forum) AP - small changes
- (AR) Anime, 10/23/05, Ep 30 "It would be nice to return back to a child!" "Kodomo ni modottara ii na!"
- (ARed, RN AA scenes) Anime. Reverted characters poof back to normal - before/after age scenes.

Onegai My Melody
- (male/female AR & RN) S01Ep30.
"It would be nice to return back to a child!" "Kodomo ni modottara ii na!" 10/23/2005.
Nearly an entire city of people is ARed - (TBTC)

- (AR creatures) Shonen manga by Crystal na Yosuke, 2008 - TFed scenes - (Suning)

Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!
- (dream sequence FFed) Ep8. AKA "Oniai", 2012 anime.
@4mins: A 12 y.o. girl eying a swimsuit imagines herself a couple years older wearing it at the beach.
- Video link - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Oniichan wa Oshimai!
- (TG ARed effect) by Nekotoufu, 2018+
AKA "Onii-chan is Done For" - "Onimai: I'm Now Your Sister!" Mahiro Oyama was just a normal hentai game loving shut-in... until he woke one morning as a young woman! His mad-scientist little sister Mihari tried a new experiment causing a disastrous change.
- Info link - OC gif - (NightElf37)

Only Yesterday
- (age forms AA dream sequence) 1991. At the end Taeko listens to the child within, and dares to break out of her day-to-day living. Her parting words to Toshio at the train station: "Next time, I won't bring my 5th grade self along." The sight of little 5th grade Taeko leading her by the hand on to her new life with Toshio is magically heartwarming.

Only Yesterday
- (flashbacks) (Omoide Poro Poro) Anime revolving around Taeko, a single woman in Tokyo in 1982, looking back at her time as a young schoolgirl growing up in 1966. The film flips back and forth between the 2 time periods with a lot of nostalgia and beautiful country scenery as Taeko sorts out her flashbacks and tries to make some tough decisions about her future. cover

Onsen Yousei Hakone-Chan
- (demon APed & AR RN poof) Ep05, 2015 - screencaps
- (demon AP poof) Ep06, 2015 - screencaps
- (NightElf37)

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan
- (fairy age forms) The Eps are only 3 1/2 minutes long.
Hakone-chan is the spirit of the hot spring. She shows up looking about age 6 wearing a miko outfit. We learn her current form is the result of her powers being drained; her normal form is a young adult.
-Ep05: at the start Hakone-chan is suddenly in her beautiful young adult form.
-Ep06: she expends power and ARs back to her chibi state.
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan
- (fairy APed & deflation AR) COMIC Meteor manga #9, 2015.
A yousei has become taller, bustier, and older looking but the effect wears off.
- Full chapter - (Akira)

Ore no Kaa-chan ga 17-sai ni Natta
- (adult rejuved) Light novel manga series. The protagonist's mother comes home looking 17 again, but the technique halves your remaining life expectancy - cover - (Shmendrick)

Ore to Hero to Mahou Shoujo
- (adult rejuvenated TF, TG TFs) by Sogou, Ch07 "Nostalgic hero" c2013+.
Web manga about grown man who reluctantly transforms into a mahou shoujo to fight monsters. The legendary hero returns: Granny's magical form turns out to be a woman in her physical prime who saves granddaughter from gummy monster.
- Full manga chapter link - small extract - (Mysteryshadow)

Ore to ya-ra nakya jinsei shuuryou!? Imouto-ka shita neechanto
- (AR start) hentai by Yuki HB, Screamo, 2016.
If you don't do it with me, your life will end!? With my sister who turned into a younger sister. 18 prohibited.
- - Code: ibrp (.dlst file) - cover - (Andu22)

Ore Twintail ni Narimasu
- (TF AA upgrade) - Alt. link - BE/hips gif - caps

Ore-tachi no Party wa Machigatteiru
- (male AR) 4 heroes defeat the Demon King. Before disappearing, he curses them. Main character is regressed to a 12-13 y.o. boy, and stuck this way. Another is turned gay, and another into a woman. We still don't know what happened to the last member, a woman. The former womanizer turned gay ends up going after any man, even the boy, as the party's recurring joke. At least the clothes didn't transform with the male AR, even if it was brief.
- Chapter01 link - (Vended)

Ore, Maou dakedo Baretenai yo ne?
- (demon AR) Yashio Goyou, 2017, Comic REX (Ichijinsha).
Ch10, Ch11. Angel attacks male protagonist. Female demon takes the bullet, and is transformed into a baby as a result. The AR is unfortunately poof, but adorably leaves it in oversized clothes. The angel cast a weakening spell on him, but it affects demons differently?
- Small extracts - (Azerty47-2, Suning, Godleydemon)

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu
- (AR TG gender bender) 2014 anime, "Gonna be the Twin-Tails!!", "OreTwi".
Ordinary high school shonen Souji Mitsuka has an obsession for twintail hair. One day, monsters feeding off human "attribute power" declare all twintails belong to them. Soji gains imaginary armor initiated by powerful twintail attributes to transform into twintail warrior loli Tail Red.
- Info vid link. The anime is incredibly bizzare - (Herold)

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu
- (AA battle upgrade TF scene, kinda like ARed disguised reversion)
Ep05, "The Third Twin-Tail!", 11/6/2014.
- 16 y.o. blond student council president Erina Shindo's glorious transformation sequence was just revealed. Pseudo-loli Erina-chan normally looks like a preteen, but using her "Tail Gear" she transforms into tall busty Tail Yellow. It includes well-detailed inner-suit breast expansion and butt expansion process scenes.
She joins Tail Red (16 y.o. male Soji Mitsuka, who TGs into a kawaii petite redhead) and Tail Blue (15 y.o. female Aika Tsube). All 3 are quite lovely with their long twin tails. Spoiler: Apparently Tail Black will join them in a future episode.
- It happens around 19:50.
- Extracted video link - screencaps
- (Tuxedo Will, Max_AP, Chriskim019)

Oretachi no Party wa Machigatteiru
- (male AR) by Enushi, "Our Party is Wrong", c2016.
A party of 4 heroes defeated the Demon King, however with his last power he gave each an unusual curse. One hero appears to be growing younger. Sadly there's no furigana to help, but his preference for the company of men is a hassle considering his relationship with the princess - art - (Jeffr_2bya)

Osamu Tezuka anime
- (AR) unknown title - AR AA scene.

Oshiete! Galko-Chan
- (fake simulated AP) "Please Tell Me! Galko-chan", Kenya Suzuki, 2016.
Despite her knockout curves, the main character is very inexperienced and innocent. She gets embarrassed over her physique and the constant accidentally suggestive situations that keep happening. MemeCenter edit combined a screencap with scenes from Amaama to Inazuma, AKA "Sweetness and Lightning", a different seinen manga about a single father raising a preteen.
- When puberty hits you like a truck - fan edit

Ossan ga Shogakusei
- (male TG ARed) "The old man is an elementary school student" - 2018 Pixiv manga story by Ocha San.
Former office worker living in detached house must return to grade school.
- Extract - (Akira)

Otaku no Musume-san
- (adult age disguised) Taeko, a high school student who happens to be a landlady, is assumed to be an older lady cosplaying as a high school student, as her tenants are generally otakus themselves. Her mother actually works at a cosplay cafe, and was mistaken for Taeko's younger friend when she turned up in her work uniform.

Otaku No Video
- (AP) 1991. Studio Gainax's classic pseudo-anime-mockumentary. Misty May is a made-up anime which the characters are making. Masters of fanservice, they coined the phrase "the Gainax Bounce" for boobs a' jiggling when they added her AP vignette. (dsojourn)

Otaku no Video
- (pseudo-AA furry TF AP) 1991 comedy documentary anime spoofing otaku culture.
The characters create their own mahou shoujo anime with a reusable TF scene. "Misty May" is usually very shy, but she transforms into an older, confident, and busty super idol bunny shoujo who's no longer bullied by her schoolmates.
- Episode link (5:31-5:45, 6:52-7:11) - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Otaku no Youjinbou (series)
- (TF AP) c2011 "Youjinbou Otaku Matsuri 8" by Yamaura Shou.
Melmo doujinshi - (Process)

Otaku no Youjinbou
- (TF APed) Melmo cover

Otogi Juushi Akazukin
- (age stasis) The main Fairy Musketeers look more like 7- or 8-year-olds than like 14-year-olds. Kazan, from the manga of the same name, hasn't aged a day since he encountered a water demon. When the story begins he's been 6 years old for 10 years.

Otogi-Juushi Akazukin
- (AR AA zap, RN AA WG) Fairy Musketeers Little Red Riding Hood - Ep25 "The Tiny Princess" 2006/12/16.
Shirayukihime was given a magic comb. Things start glowing, and suddenly she has become a kid! The reversion happened unexpectedly.
- Scenes link - - screencaps - (The Transformation Channel, Tazz)

Otona Ni Narumon
- (AP) 2004 manga, Ciao Comics. A young girl disguises herself as an adult. (Akira) cover - 2

Otona ni Nuts
- (AP manga) AKA "Otonani Nuts" 2001, Haruka Fukushima.
Kawashima Natsumi is a 5th grade student with an unrelenting desire to become an adult. She receives a package of nuts that have the power to increase the growth rate of cells for 8 hours. She eats them, thinking what if she's all grown up? Will Yashiki-san finally look at her as a woman instead of a kid? The next morning, Natsumi wakes up late to meet I-chan! In a hurry, she thinks that her slippers didn't seem to be broken before when she walked, but ignores that problem and takes a shortcut. Yashiki asks her to be a model! "But is it okay? Since I'm still a kid..." Yashiki raises an eyebrow and asks her if she has a fever. Natsumi then notices she's all grown up! Natsumi can now become an adult any time she wants. She then goes by the name of Yoneyama Natsumi.
- APed - APed - flash forward

Otona ni Nuts
- (AR) A boy and a girl are suddenly rejuvenated to 10 years old around a marriage ceremony. (Akira)
- APed - covers - APed
- Natsumi returns to childhood in her room.
- After eating more nuts she forgets to change into loose clothing before going to bed. She grows so much older in her sleep that nothing remains of her child-sized clothes.
- Read right to left: the second AP scene
- The nuts have side effects. Because of the chemical balance in her cells, she must spend equal time as a toddler.
- AR - 5 (Highlander)
- male AP scene

Otona ni Nuts
Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts
- 08/04 translation. Natsumi Kawashima, an energetic 5th-grader, is obsessed with her fantasy of being the ideal, sexy woman. Rejected at every advance by the cute guys that she fawns over, she finally gets a break when she picks up a package of mysterious pink nuts that are adults only. Eating these nuts causes her to morph into a voluptuous adult, and she's offered modeling opportunities and suddenly becomes noticed by guys who wouldn't have given her the time of day before. But, she's still a kid inside and is about to learn that things don't always work out exactly as you hope they will ... info info

Otona no Kusuri
- (AP UC, RN AR) - Larger/longer version of previously posted unidentified hentai. Partially censored but still NSFW - extract - (NightElf37)

Otonani Nuts
- new series AP
(The Process)

Otonani Nuts
- (AP, RN) Natsumi owns a supply of genetically altered nuts that cause her to shoot up from a grade schooler into a fully developed woman in moments. Scans of the transformation scenes:
time capsule photo project
theme park visit
Asuma has moved Natsumi is lonely and attempts to hitchhike to his prefecture. After several age changes, a declaration of love follows.
wedding AR The newlyweds must grow up again together
cover art

Otonani Nuts
- (AP) - scans

Otonani Nuts
- (AP) - Natsumi AP scene

Otonani Nuts
- (preteen to adult woman age changing ability)
Fantasy dance scene. Natsumi wishes she was older, but still has the body of a child.
- age dreams
The first age change. After a traumatic scene, Natsumi falls into a restless slumber.
- AP
Natsumi attempts to entice Asuma with an erotic dance, but discovers she has suddenly reverted back to childhood without feeling the change.
- RN
Temporarily indisposed, having grown up again, Natsumi must hide under the bed with Asuma to hide her massive growth rate from her mother.
- APed
The park harassment incident. Natsumi is not yet ready for the trials of adulthood. Also before/after comparisons.
- APed
Dream scene, plus the scientific explanation for her rapid age changes.
- RN
Natsumi reverts into an infant before completing her photo-shoot.
- AR crisis
First prize of the magazine contest was an exotic vacation.
- APed
Manga artworks by Haruka Fukushima:
- age mirror - BE wish - overalls art - cover

Ouja No Yuugi
- (age stasis) c2018.
Magic-wielding strategists look like kids or teens, but are adults trapped in young bodies. Inability to grow up is a price they must pay for super-powers.

Ouran High School Host Club
- (AA AP) - Higher resolution of previously posted gif link

Ouran High School Host Club
- (dream sequence AR/AP) Anime ep13 "Haruhi in Wonderland!"
Haruhi has an Alice in Wonderland fantasy dream. In the scene with the caterpillar, teen boy Nekozawa and little sister Kirimi eat from the mushroom.
Kirimi grows into an older teen, and Nekozawa turns into a baby - (JayGee)

Ouran High School Host Club
- (male age delay) Cake loving Mitsukuni Haninozuka looks and acts like a 6-year-old to appeal to the Shotacon crowd, but is really 18.

Ouran Koukou Host Club
- (AP AA) Anime AKA "Ouran High School Host Club". Nekozawa's sister Alice eats age mushroom and Kyoya macks on her. (CANDY, Process Forum) AP

- (AP CB) fan art

Oyatsu Na Jikan
- (AP AA) manga (Akira) AP

Pandora Hearts
- (adult age stasis) Jun Mochizuki manga. Break and Sharon don't age. Break is around 40-50 years old, though he looks like he's in his 20s. Sharon looks 13, but is really 23. Rufus Barma appears to be in his 20s despite being over 70.

Pandora Hearts
- (male flashbacks) - child Vincent displays signs of being the Manipulative Bastard he is as an adult.

Pandora Hearts
- (male reverse aging AR) #1.
Rich heir Oz has just turned 15. At his coming-of-age ceremony, the clock rings, and Oz is cast into the "Abyss", where he unravels the mystery of Alice and Pandora. Jack/Oz has stayed alive for a hundred years by de-aging until he's an infant and starting again - (Jeffr_2bya)

Pani Poni Dash!
- (16 to 18 BE AP) Manga. It shows progression, but its kind of a "POOF" AP... (Neko KK, Process) Chemical causes high school shoujo to develop prematurely - AP BE UC
- (16 to 18 AP) 2

Pani Poni Dash
- (AA TF AP) Behoimi power-up scene.
screencaps - (Chriskim019, TF-Viewer)

Panicle Chronicle
- (AP) Kikkawa Kabao over 18 manga. AP (Sutibaru)

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
- (ARed) "Panti ando Sutokkingu wizu Gataberuto" Gainax, 2010.
Chapter cover art - (Process)

- (ARed CB, AP) Anime movie. Paprika's clothes were eradicated by the first growth spurt into a giant baby. She then grows into a nude adult. AP
source: Warning, won't play in many systems, use vlc (Sour Oblivion, Process)
- (ARed) 2 (hobbimtom)

- (nude AP) - TF scene.

Paradise Kiss
- (adult age disguise) Isabella is high school aged, but dressing like a middle-aged Victorian lady makes her look remarkably older. Her very mature and composed attitude only add to it, as do her knobby, slightly manly hands.

Parallel Paradise
- (AP) by Okamoto Lynn, c2017.
Shuukan Young Magazine, Ch051. Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen.
- Extract - (Shadow00000)

Paranoia Agent
- (AR) 2005 cartoon, last episode. A girl who's in her early 20s turns into a 6th-grader for a few minutes via a cut.

- (age TF? probably male?) AKA "Patariro!", Mineo Maya, 1983+
Reportedly might involve boy AP? Ch05? - - (Akira)

- (male age shifting) Bishonen manga by Mineo Maya, 1982 2005 anime.
Figaro Bancoran is Major Jack Barbarosa Bancoran's and Maraich Juschenfe's 2nd son. Figaro always wears the same thing and plays dated video games. He's a genius and can grow older at will.

Peach Boy Riverside
- (demon AA TF age forms) Ep2 "Ogres and Humans" 2021/07/08.
Female ogre progression into combat form at 02:30. After female ogre fires magic cannon from her right eye, she depowers back to her shoujo form at 07:55.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Peach Boy Riverside
- (demon AR AA) Ep1.
Sadly it's offscreen, but seems like the female oni shrinks every time she unleashes her full power. Starts around 15 mins.
- Episode link - screencaps - (10th_man_down)

Penguin Musume
- (AP CBed) Japanese schoolgirl suddenly grows up while walking to class. Her shoes popped off her growing feet. AP scene

Penguin no Mondai
- (AR) A Penguin's Troubles - Ep76 c2009?
The first of 4 anime Tv series? 250+ eps. Rejuvenating chocolate causes several characters, including the main female lead, to regress into babies. I couldn't find a video of it, though; the anime is surprisingly rare - (Azerty47)

Persona 4: The Animation
- (male OA'd , RNed) - screencaps - (J A.)

Persona 4: The Animation
- (male old age) Ep17, 2/3/2012, "I Want to Know the Truth".
Teddie and Yu are hit by the aging beam. Part 1/2 link - (J A.)

Petit Roid
- (body merging AP AA) SaHa. 2 girls stitch into 1 adult. AA (Process Board)

Petite Princess Yucie
- (age stasis) From "Puchi Puri Yuushi" game. 17-year-old Yucie can never be taken seriously. How can she, when she's been cursed to be trapped in a 10-year-old's body? If she becomes the Platina Princess, her ultimate wish will be granted - and she can wish her curse away! Arc, a young lad who is Yucie's real age, captures the heart of our heroine with his childish antics and playful teasing.

Petite Princess Yucie
- (age stasis) In fact all the main girls are 17 y.o. but appear no older than 10, thanks to a spell cast when they were babies.

Petite Roid(?)
- (kinda like APed) 3 androids can join together to create an older version of themselves. If 3 join they become an adult, while if 2 join they become a teenager. Unfortunately there is little process but at least the before and after shots are pretty good. The full manga has some loli as well. (golan444)

- (BE, age-up effect) by Yamazaki Kazuma, c2010.
Off-screen AP, main content is the BE that takes place as a dream sequence. Contains loli.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)

Phantasy Degree
- (AP) 2005 manga, Tokyopop. Main character Sang has a unique ability. By taking rings off her hands and putting them on different fingers, she can change from a small, cute shoujo to a sexy adult version of herself. By doing a second change of the rings she becomes a male, with greater strength and magical powers. After she changed back from being a man, she realized she was topless. (Zetta)

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
- (FF AA, accelerated growth) 2009 anime. Cal Devens, Devensis, Drei:
Phantom assassin for Inferno was kind of annoying as a kid, but much more tolerable after she magically grows up. She was small in stature with a childlike body. Reiji bought her a dress she saved for special occasions. After the 2 1/2 year time skip, Cal had grown tall, with multiple curves and well developed cleavage showing. Her appearance is a sexy motorcycle queen.

- (male old age stasis) Osamu Tezuka. "Future" segment main character is forced to live forever to restore life after a nuclear holocaust. He continues to age at a slow rate and outlives everything that could possibly give him company until his physical body crumbles to dust and he becomes a god.

Pierrot Gakuen
- (male AA AR) Clown School web toons, 2021/04.
I've become a baby! Guhehe! All-you-can-eat as a baby shota! Licca-chan raises her child and Miki-chan and Maki-chan take care of him!
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Pink de Pink
- (AP, RN) - manga - (Full Metal Hulk)

Pink Pong
- (male rejuv & AR, female rejuv) Pingkeupong! Popular Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Korea 2017.
"Rejuvenating spring water" "Our old story". Old man into young man. Other older man made younger, then teen, then baby. Old woman into young adult.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (AP AA) Vol4, Koge-Donbo.
While Kotarou and his classmates were taking middle-school exams, Misha was taking her own angelic test in order to earn her wings. She suddenly grows up/is transformed into a semi-nude female adult in silhouette. Demonstrating her wings and other magical powers, Misha convinces Kotarou that she is indeed a true angel, and he must prevent Misha from revealing her powers to the world. He flees the scene lest he suffer from nosebleeds.
- Manga link: 021 - Scans : age forms - first upgrade

Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho
- (TF/APed) "Volume One" 2007.
Young schoolgirl Mayu inadvertently discovers a magical beverage faerie is running their Café. A strange "blessing" deters her efforts to win the affections of a boy who hardly notices she's alive. One night when Mayu is drowning her sorrows in sugar, she downs a multicolored drink. Peeved faerie Pucho reprimands Mayu for drinking the magic potion that was meant to turn her into an adult and give her new powers. Now every sip will result in a crazy transformation. If she drinks milk, she becomes bigger. The cure is to brew chemistry between Mayu and her crush, as the secret ingredient for the antidote is love. Pucho uses Mayu's new transformation ability to her own advantage.

Pixiv artist: Kakomisuru
- (dedicated demon AA age forms BE APed) Toiletta the Japanese toilet ghost - extract - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Kakomisuru
- (dedicated demon AR AA poof) "Chuu Sei" comic c'20.
Twitter channel link - manga extract - (Andu22)

Pixiv artist: Seedy Guy
- (dedicated AP BE) Peulla-woring Hateu AKA Flowering Heart - link - art - (Andu)

- (age disguised) A minor character is 12 years old, but since she grew up on the Moon with its lower gravity, her size makes her look like she's in her early 20s. This causes the 20-something main character who's been hitting on her to be uncomfortable when he discovers her true age.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
- (animal ARed) "Xi Yangyang Yu Hui Tailang", China.
Ep "Baby chief". Old sheep into baby (remains that way for several episodes).
Episode link - .be/1E9Kmemiw-o - (Tazz)

Please Teacher!
- (dedicated AR) Mizuho Kazami fan art - (Attack Team)

Please Twins!
- (ARed) "Onegai Tsuinzu", "Onegai Twins" 2003 anime - "loliiiiiii" by Minyami - fan art (mikewolfskin)

Pluster World
- (AA TF mahou APed form) Ep46.
Bouken Yuuki Purasutaa Waarudo, "Journey of Adventure: Pluster World" - link - screencaps - (Akira)

Pluster World
- (male hero TF AA sequence APed) 2003 anime. Plusters merge with humans to become more powerful ("plusting"), and seal away the evil Minusters. Beetma meets 11 year old boy Tohma. They join to battle the Minus-Beast.
Video link: opening

Pokemon (fan art)
- (FF to old) c'19 - Bulbasaur - Gengar by Matsuorca524.

Pokemon 3: the Movie
- (AA AP AR) 5 year old Molly is informed she can be any age she wishes. She becomes a fully grown young lady of about 16, complete with eye-popping cleavage! Later she becomes about Misty's age, 10 or 11. (Process Forum) APed
5 year old Molly's double tells the Unown Entei that she's too young to be a Pokemon Trainer, to which Entei replies she can be any age she wishes. Suddenly she's changing, growing taller, her clothes changing until she stands before them as a fully grown young lady of about 16, complete with eye-popping cleavage! She battles Brock. When she faces Misty, Molly is astonished to learn that Misty used to be a leader, but Entei explains that age is no barrier to becoming a trainer. Armed with this new information, Molly's appearance changes and she becomes a younger version, without any cleavage (about Misty's age, 10 or 11).

Pokemon 3: The Movie
- (age) ln - th

Pokemon Journeys: The Series
- (AR) 23rd Season, Ep87-90, 2021.
Ash, Goh, Chloe and Dawn encounter an alternate universe due to Palkia and Dialga the Pokemon gods of space and time fighting? We see a Pichu (Pikachu's baby form), and a quick shot of what appear to be Goh, Dawn and Chloe becoming little kids? Their alternate selves are shown younger - Scene gif - (Tazz)

Pokemon Journeys
- (anthro reverts, AR) Ep89: Strange events had been taking place. Dawn's Piplup was taken by a lookalike through a portal to an alternate universe. Pokemon started forgetting moves and de-evolving to prior states. That universe's Dawn's Piplup was reverted back to an egg offscreen, as were most other Pokemon. Ep90: Alternate Ash's Pikachu was now an egg. Several Pokemon de-evolve to eggs including Pikachu, Lucario, Dragonite, etc. The main characters became younger kids, as Palkia the god of space battled Dialga the god of time.
- Episode link - screen caps - (Adam, Tazz)

Pokémon Special
- (FF) 1997- "Pocket Monsters: Special", "Pokemon Adventures manga" follows a plot closer to the video games; there are numerous timeskips, and save when they are drawn chibi, every character ages correctly. Like Ash, Red starts his quest at the age of 10, but near the end of the Fire Red Leaf Green arc you can really appreciate that he is now 16.

Pokemon- Poke Slut
- (mahou entities AA upgraded) Hentai manga link - extract - (Andu22)

- (AA APed) - older form - Misty - Kasumi 20 yrs by Khanshin - (Clickme)

- (age forms) Sabrina the psychic Gym Leader had a nasty habit of turning people into dolls. Actually, the real Sabrina (as seen in the games) is older, but her childhood form still wanders around bouncing a ball.

- (age TF) "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion" 06/27/02. A young girl named Duplica (Duplika) is able to imitate just about anyone. Alias: Ditto Master, human female of about 10-13 years, bluish greenish hair, blue eyes. Misty's Pokeball is knocked away by someone with the same clothes as Ash on. The only difference is that the other person has green hair. The girl introduces herself as Duplika. They are in the House of Imitate. The other Pikachu turns into a Ditto. Duplika says that Ditto can turn into anything. Duplika takes Ash and friends into a dressing room filled with hundreds of clothes. She shows her transformation abilities. She goes through a rack and comes out dressed as Nurse Joy. She goes through another and comes out as Officer Jenny. Brock says that she doesn't capture the adult charm of the characters she is portraying. She goes through the rack again and comes out as Misty. Jessie holds a picture of a young boy in front of Ditto's face, and asks Ditto to transform into what this person would look like if he were an adult. Jessie says it was her first love. Ditto transforms into the picture frame but it still has its own face. 1
- (old age disguise, kinda looks like AR)
old age disguise ARed

- (APed, some UC) Misty drawn older. (Process) Nudity APed - APed
- (FFed) Misty fan art
- (looks like FFed) Adult Misty nude fan art (Process Forum)
- (ARed) tomboy Salon Maiden Anabel fan art - (tcwoua)

- (dedicated AA TF APed) Korrina mega evolved, '15 - fan art - (Fallere)

- (dedicated FF or APed)
Misty fan art spurt - (Bluefoxmask)
Misty fan art aftermath - (Process)
Misty fan art cast FF OA'd.
Misty fan art TF "jessie-misty 1" - (Blood-Line, Grimphantom)

- (dedicated swap, AR/AP) - 2015 fan art
- (dedicated TF age swap) c'15 Misty fan art - (B_E_Happy)

- (dedicated TF AP effect) c'18 Nude - Serena turns into Grace fan art

- (dedicated TF AP fan art) TF Artist: ThatFreakGivz, "Bonnie Transforms into Elesa" fetish toon, 2022 - Fan video link
- (dedicated AA fan art, TF to buxom GTS) "Pokegirl TF Ice Stone", by Deviant Artist TheGxJudgement, 2022/05. Lil girl Samantha found magical stone to evolve ice type Pokemon - Fan Art link - (NightElf37)

- (flash forward) It's hard to judge time in the anime. 2 weeks had passed after 5 episodes, 2 months after 9, then a full year.
Age estimates at the start of the Indigo Saga:
Ash: 10. Misty: 12. Brock: 14. Gary: 10.
Johto ends, Advanced Generation begins:
Ash: 14. Misty: 16. Brock: 18. Gary: 14. May: 10 (at times, she appears more like 12 or so)
You can tell by the way everyone begins to mature that they have gotten several years older. They could all be ageless since no one grew out of their clothes. Every region may be another year on Indigo, up to 4 years total.

- (male FFed) 2011 "The End of the Line"
Final battle fan art - (O')

- (shapeshifter) Duplika 2

Pom Poko
- (furry) Manga by DP, Comic Papipo. Poko is the delightfully cute story of a baby tanuki and her goshujin-sama. There are quite a few transformations age progressions and tastefully done futanari. Tankoubon contains: Ch 1: Only You [AP Adult] Ch 2: Poko a Poko [AP Teenager] Ch 3: Poko Shikkarishinasai [AP Adult Futanari] Ch 4: Poko to Wonderful [AP Adult] Magazine: Ch 5: Long Vacation [Body Split AP Adult & Teenager] Ch 6: Only You2 (First Part) [AP Adult] Ch 7: Only You2 (Last Part) [AP Adult Futanari] Ch 8: Ura no Yama Kara [AP Adult] Ch 9: Same Day [AP Teenager Futanari] (Taruby)

Ponkotsu-chan Kenshouchuu
- (adult body split, ARed doubling effect) Ch05. Tsubasa Fukuchi, c2019+
"Investigating with Junk-chan". Girl is given a new supernatural power daily. One such power allows her to divide objects. When she divides herself, two 8 y.o. girls appear in her place - one good, and one bad.
- Ch link - (Gilamon)

Ponkotsu-chan Kenshouchuu
- (adult size increase, UC) "Investigating with Junk-chan", by Tsubasa Fukuchi, 2019.
Shuukan Shounen Sunday (Shogakukan) - #4. Every day, Yumesaki-san is given a new supernatural ability by an anonymous God-person. But for what purpose?
- Cover, small extract - (Akira)

- (size increase AA) anime movie TF

Poro no Ryuugaku-ki
- (demon AR OC, aftermath) Demon Prince Poro Diaries, by Gondaira Hitsuji, 2017. Ch15.
Poro's male and female friends were accidentally transformed into babies by some magic, and Poro has to take care of them. No process, unfortunately, but it does leave them in oversized clothes and looks adorable.
- Japanese Chapter link - manga extract - (Azerty47-2)

Powerpuff Girls Z (fan art)
- ("ARed" AA aftermaths) "The Powerpuff Kindergarteners Z" 2023/06.
The same shoujos at younger ages. Here they are kindergartners inside the Powerpuff Dynamo Z! Aren't they adorable? Just imagine if the anime did a remake.
- Fan Art link - alt - (Noah13442, Adam)

Powerpuff Girls Z
- (AR AA poof) - Demashita! PPG Z - Ep47 link - caps
Alternate previously posted Ep51 link (Miss Bellum cavegirl AA "APed") - (Adam)

Powerpuff Girls Z
- (semi-hidden RN poof ARed AA) Ep51.
Demashita! Pawapafu Garuzu Zetto - They have to get the white ball of energy out of Miss Bellum that made her AA AP in the first place, so they zap her back in a flash, but at least she has a funny reaction to it.
- Anime link @20:48 - screencaps - (Meticulan23)

Pretty Angels Coco & Nana
- (AP, male AR) Manga. male AR - AP - 3 (Akira)

Pretty Sammy
- (AP BE UC) Manga shoujo grows older, bulging chest stretching her swimsuit: It's an unauthorized doujinshi, released in an official Pretty Sammy compilation manga. It could be considered a pseudo-AP, since she sexually matures but does not age. Previously posted link: BE AP.
The Process thread with pics scanned by NinjaBunneh: link (NinjaBunneh)

Prince of Tennis
- (flash forward) Manga 6th year just published "Tennis no Oujisama" Auteur : Konomi Takeshi. The heroine of a certain tennis cartoon aged gradually, it is visible in the work over 5 months. It was pointed out her age increased in the serialized Weekly Boy's Jump. The impression was she aged more abruptly, but it was a natural change.
1st volume page 9
10th volume page 12
28th volume page 78
(tm) faces

Princess Arete
- (AA AP, AR) 2000 fairy tale anime. Confined in the castle tower by her father, princess Arete spends her days watching the world outside her window. The knights compete for the right to marry her and rule the land by competing to see who can find powerful magic objects. Arete longs to meet the common people and travel to exotic lands she has only seen in the books she keeps hidden under her bed. The sorcerer Boax arrives in a fantastic flying machine and offers to take Arete as his wife and transform her into a proper princess. (Sutibaru)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive
- (demon age stasis & AA TF, mahou ancient entity upgrade boost, set-up & de-power poof could be seen as ARed)
Ep10 "Flowers in Eternal Darkness -Cursed Pudding-" 2020/06/08.
- "Diabolos" Guild Master Ilya Ornstein is temporarily freed from her curse, and vividly returns to normal in the protagonist's grasp. You could interpret the Vampire Princess as having been "ARed" the whole time, and also the return explosion at the end. The AA process was somewhat smoothly animated, specially the BE part.
- Episode link @12:27 - Clip link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Blackdragon)

Princess Connect! Re:Dive
- (demon AR AA) Ep10.
When a Vampire Lord leaves her sealed coffin her magic is greatly reduced, giving her the body of a small child. She briefly regains her adult body after absorbing magic from the male lead Yuuki.
- Screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Princess Kaguya
- (possible AP) Shimizu Reiko manga based on 9th century novel "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter". Clones of world leaders take over their counterparts. 19 volumes, Hakusensha's monthly magazine Lala.

Princess Tutu
- (TF AP) When Ahiru transforms she looks noticeably older, and also becomes several times more graceful, with a melodious voice and stunning dance skills.

- (TF scene) nude sequence.

- (AA TF age form upgrade) Tatsunoko, DongWoo anime.
Based on PriPara ("Prism Paradise") arcade game by Takara Tomy, successor of Pretty Rhythm. Main heroine Laala Manaka: age 10-11 (S1), age 12 (S2), age 13 (S3) 7th grader at Paprika Private Academy. In her original PriPara form, Laala "grows taller" to match the height of a middle school student, making her look more mature. Looks best in lovely-style clothing.
- Ep1 "I Became an Idol!" 2014/07/05 - A PriTicket appears and floats down to Laala, much to her surprise. Meganee determines the most befitting clothes are Twinkle Ribbon, and leads her to the scanner. Upon arrival in PriPara, Laala is startled to realize she has "grown up" as she admires herself wearing the Cutie Ribbon Coord.
- Scene link - caps
Idol Time PriPara - 2nd anime, 2017. Succeeded by Kiratto Pri Chan in 2018.
- Laala's "main" idol form matches her appearance outside PriPara after Yui accidentally folds the PriTicket. Ep178: Laala's PriTicket is repaired by Falala.
- (Akira)

- (virtual AR AA) S03Ep51 140 "Everyone~ are Friends! Friends For~ever!" 2017/03/28.
Teen girl was zapped inside a compact where she became a toddler.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Prism Ark
- (AP) - 02
- (AP CB) 2 shoujos concoct a potion that causes them to grow up into adults. Their growing bodies ruin their clothes. The effects wear off at the worst moment in the hallway.
- puberty power

Professor Layton & the Eternal Diva
- (ARed, possible age stasis, possible adult rejuvenation) 2009 anime movie - Trailer link.
Movie based on the popular Professor Layton series. Layton, Luke, and Remi receive an invitation from famed opera singer Jenice Kaitly to assist in a mystery. Jenice's friend Melina went missing one year ago, only to return as a 7 year old girl claiming to have found an incredible secret. At the Crown Petone opera house, pianist Ozro Vislar talks of a game, and the winner will win "eternal life." Layton mentions that the secret is in the song, then warns the female lead not to sing. As she's singing, a small glow (mist?) comes off of her...

- (TF APs) - TF - TF - TF - TF - (Age Progression Zone)

Psychic Academy
- (mental ARed) 1999. Character has child-like personality that emerges from time to time. (chachazero90)

Psycho Driver Nemu
- (AA BE AP) by Bowie Knife, 2011. Ch01 "Champion RED Ichigo" Vol27.
Series never compiled into tankoubon, so the only source is the magazine. They enter a VR world but Nemu can do magic. Also PE related effect - extract - (Shadow00000)

puberty memes
- (dedicated BE TF) Puberty really happens this fast - Nude gif

Puni Puni Poemy
- (BE coming of age wish) Characters imagine what they would do with the titular characters magic powers... 2 of them, including the Token Loli, imagine making their breasts larger.

Pura-Tina Plus
- (AP/BE TF, AR TF) hentai manga.
Chibi girl and busty energetic sister wear glasses that cause them to go through a magical transformation when removed. The chibi girl becomes a busty babe and the busty one becomes a loli in a poof transformation - (NeoValkyrion)

Pura-Tina Plus
- (TF AA AR/AP, AP burstout aftermath) AKA "Pura-Tina +" pornographic manga, Biribiri scans.
Conservative older sister looks very small when she has her swirly-like glasses on, but when they are taken from her she instantly "grows" bigger and more developed. Her younger sister is much more buxom with her shades on, but receives the opposite effect when hers are taken off.
Censored but over-18 content.
- Hentai page scans:
AP - AR - AP - the ropes snapped during the age increase.
AP - AR - sex battle climax.
- (NightElf37)

Pure Trance
- (accelerated development AP) Junko Mizuno. All young girls appear to be about 3 when born. One girl quickly ages about 16 years in a matter of months due to her ability to shed her skin like a snake.

Purimasu: A Plot of Nightmare
- (police man AR, AA cut, RN) - Aka Plymouth, by Tsuo Okazaki, HXL Kodansha magazine, 2007. -
- (male TF, impersonation removal AR) - Plymouth 2:
- Small extract - Small extract - (Akira)

Q ando A
- (ghost male age stasis, role reversal) by Mitsuru Adachi, Monthly Shonen Sunday, Gessan, Shogakukan, 2009-12.
"Q and A" boys and youth comics. 15 y.o. Atsushi Ando's dominant older brother Hitsushi (AKA Q-chan) passed on 6 years earlier. When returning to their old home, Atsushi sees his brother is still around in the form of a ghost, waiting for the family's return all these years. Still 11, Hitsushi now appears younger than Atsushi! As a ghost, he frequently flips girls skirts and engages in perverted acts. Strange girl Kyoko Kurosumi can also see him and other ghosts.
- Extract - (Akira)

Queen's Blade 2
- (16 to 18 AP) Anime nude young adult growth scene (Process)

Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos
- (age forms AR) c2015, aka Queen's Blade Spiral Blade/Blow.
Both hentai processes are poofy. We've never seen this character outside of the game (I remember something about exploding boobs?).
- Extract scenes - (Godleydemon)

Queen's Blade: Vanquished Queens
- (18 to 21 adult body upgrade, BE) 2014 OVA, Ep04.
Redrawn flashback glimpse of defeated queen Aldra's nude RN age-up sequence into her true form after Delmore' curse was lifted with his defeat.
- Video link (7:42-7:47) - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Queen's Gate - Mon wo Hiraku Mono Alice
- (age forms) Artbook ages

Qwaser of Stigmata, The
- (OA, BE FF) "Seikon no Kueisa", 2010 anime, Hiroyuki Yoshino.
Decades worth of years have been kept at bay except for the carved face wrinkles until the body burns out suddenly and the character falls into aging.
- "House-sitting for the 1st Time" 10, 3/14/10.
While bootstrapping herself for another school day, Mafuyu notices that it is more difficult for her brassiere to contain her mammaries; a brief appraisal later, Tomo decides to make a plaster cast of Mafuyu's mammaries to commemorate the milestone.
- (Yayame)

R Kuronikuru - Prelude
- (AR/AP age forms) "R Chronicle", Yuki Azuma, Kadokawa Comics A.
After an encounter with a silver-haired girl, the door to the extraordinary opens.
The protagonist wears Japanese shoes made of matter designed to expand or shrink as needed.
- Battle age forms - final AP scene - cover
(Process Forum)

- (male APed) "Read or Die" Tv series. The 3 main characters are young, female detectives who fight with paper. They become their favorite author's bodyguards. Miss Deep's son Junior was magically aged so he can be the right age to have a romance with the youngest heroine.

- (male reborn, ARed into baby) Ep16 "Fly High and Pierce Through the Storm -Rising-" 1/19/2019.
Based on French Manfra comic by Tony Valente. After a magical mishap, the sorcerer Doc is reborn from the desiccated husk of his lifeless body as a baby.
- Ep link - caps - (Akira)

- (time discrepancies) Time in Tokyo Jupiter passes 6 times slower than in the outside world. Ayato and Itsuki are twins, but one is much older due to living outside of Tokyo.

- (dedicated AP BE) 2005.
A small shoujo magically goes to full adulthood.
- Manga TF-scene - (Lurker)

Rakuen Tsuihou
- ("rejuved" teen appearance) "Expelled from Paradise", 2014 anime film.
Angela Balzac spent her whole life as a digitized person. When a hacker appears, she must suddenly enter the real world. Her archived DNA is used to clone a new body in an age-acceleration pod. Angela interrupts the incubation period at age 16 to emerge faster. She gets trapped in her teenage body rebelling against DEVA's oppressive government.

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
- (AA Androxi Effect AP) Oversized shoes trigger form-fitting growth spurt.
Manga grow-up scene - read from right to left - (etopirika)

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
- (AP, AR RN) manga.
Ran's family apparently hides her magic shoes to prevent her from regularly aging herself to adulthood.
- Cover - longer version of previously posted AP struggle - RN AR

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
- (AP, AR)
A preteen needs special shoes to grow up.
- rage AP - She grew older to run away after her mom left again to attend to magical affairs.
- AR glimpse - When the conductor looked away she made herself younger to return home.
(Process links)

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai
- (AP, RN AR) Elementary schoolgoddess can grow herself into an adult by putting on magic shoes. She's not a magical girl though she uses the shoes for various childish purposes, but also for learning love. A unique art style along with a sweet and heartwarming story.
Full manga link
- AP scene into oversized clothing.
- AP scene growing up fast.
- AP scene & RN bed morph.
- AP scene restroom spy.
- AR scene the secret is out.
- AP scene demonstration.
- AP scene & AR scene.

Ran to Hiiro no Sekai
- (AA AP) Double sequence. Ran's magic sure has improved. She can now age up another person along with herself in an intimate scene.
Manga scene - (NightElf37)

Ranma 1/2
- (AP, RNed AR, age stasis) Anime.
Miss Hinako's age forms - AP battle - APed, RN

Ranma 1/2
- (AP, slight UC) Miss Hinako rapidly ages in 2-piece swimsuit. AP
(Sour Oblivion)

Ranma 1/2
- (AP) - 27

Ranma 1/2
- (AP) Victims of ki-vampire Hinako Ninomiya's Life Energy Absorption attacks don't age, but wither to the point where they can be rolled up like used tissue paper and flutter in the wind. She, on the other hand, spontaneously gains enough mass to grow from her 8-year-old-looking body to her late 20s appearance, implying the ki she absorbed was transformed into biomass. The reverse happens when she expels the accumulated ki, and she shrinks back down into her child form. Even her hair reverts to its original length.

Ranma 1/2
- (ARed age stasis, TF AP/ TF RN) Anime. Permanently regressed Miss Hinako Ninomiya uses 5 yen coin to steal battle aura of delinquent students and increases her body to adulthood.
- AP - AR - AP - AP - AR - 26

Ranma 1/2
- (male ARed) Ranma and Ryoga were reverted after inadvertently eating mushrooms. The return to normal scene was not depicted - male preview (from ArArchive manga gallery)

Ranma 1/2
- (male rejuvenation) Lukkosai tried to use the Spring of Drowned Child to regain his youth, but instead went from way too old to way too young (both about the same size). He used this form to get revenge on Happo while pretending to be his own grandson.
- (male AR) Mushrooms change your age in years to their length in centimeters. Ryoga eats a short one and makes Ranma eat one. They spend most of the chapter trying to change back by growing mushrooms big enough to return them to their normal ages, while sabotaging each others' mushrooms.
- (male AR) Happosai feels the pangs of old age. To restore his youth, he needs the tears of a beast that is both male and female. Tear gas and onions fly liberally around Ranma. When he pokes a pressure point that makes Ranma gush out tears like a firehose, Kasumi wipes them up with a rag used to clean up soy sauce. The resulting potion regresses Happosai's mind to that of a baby.

Ranma 1/2
- Miss Hinako Ninomiya is more prominent in the manga. In the anime she's reduced to villian of the week status. She even tries to court Soun Tendo (Akane's father) because he was nice to her.
- 1 2 3 4 5 6
- (male) Saffron The Kinjakan matures him from a young boy.

Ranma 1/2
(AP, ARed, age stasis) The tale of miss Hinako Ninomiya.
- Back story; Little girl teacher arrives to establish discipline. She ages into woman by draining hooligans battle aura. AP
- The Battle against Happosai. Hinako crushes elder panty thief and reverts. AP
- Delinquent students are defeated. Regression at dinnertime. AP
- To cure miss Ninomiya's condition, Ranma must push her Chi pressure points before she can transform into an adult. AP
- The great basketball war. Hinako is confined inside a hoop when tricked into aging herself. AP
- Wedding proposal is disrupted at last minute. AP
- Multitude of delinquent students is defeated. AP
- Loose pullover eases aging when studying marine biology. AP
- The swimming pool battle (self-adjusting swimsuit) - The island vacation. AP
- Distraught stallion punishes those who can't draw his portrait. AP
- Battle against main villain devastates high school but the lesson continues. AP
(Process Forum)

- (male AR) In the near future it becomes possible but expensive to give people low-level superpowers. Hero fanboy and wannabe Shuto is too short and scrawny for consideration until he winds up being shanghaied into becoming super*villain* Ratman for the evil organization Jackal.
- link - link - (SKJAM, Stolas)

Rave Master
- (male APed to OA) A "Child Mage" applies a Dangerous Forbidden Technique to increase his magical powers to fight one of the most powerful villains, but he becomes an old man and dies.
- After Elie hit him, Shakuma reverted to a sadistic, disgusting old man.

Rave Master
- (male TF AP, some CB, male old aged)
"Reivu", "The Groove Adventure Rave", by Hiro Mashima, 1999-2005.
- Ch278-279, Niebel transformation stages - (Alexander)

Read or Die
- (male AR/AP) AKA "R.O.D" 2000 manga by Hideyuki Kurata. Jean Henri Fabre has the power to control insects. Every time he is killed he simply molts his old skin and emerges in a new, more developed form. In his first appearance, he resembles an old man. When he is smeared against a wall by Yomiko he sheds his skin and emerges as a child. Later, when shot, he sheds his child form and transforms into an adult. Because he spends most of the series in the form of a child, Fabre's personality is very chipper and cheerful.

Recca no Houno
- (AR, old age, AP) Manga vol 29. Kirito asks Joker: what is your age? He answers 25. Kirito escapes another of his attacks, and stands on the ceiling. "14 and 25, how nice." Kirito asks the 2nd question: how old do you think I am? Kaoru guesses 14, and then Kirito transforms into her 24 year old body and apologizes for asking an unanswerable question. A madougu changes her body's age at will. She then transforms into an old woman. Joker and Kaoru are bewildered by the madougu's power. Changed into a 9-year-old body, Kirito continues to explain that there's the side effect of changing her mental age as well. Joker relates this to a multiple personality disorder. Kirito has no memory of her life before Rinne, thus she has no clue about her real age. Mori told her that if she kills Hokage, he will tell her what her true age is. She asks the boy if he knows her true age. Kirito gets a message over her radio to tone down the blasts since it's disturbing everyone in Hell and Heaven. Shiguma refuses, and Kirito has to change into her old body. (Sumeragi)

Recharging Sis
- (AR 18 to 12) H-Doujin. Sister reverts to younger form before sexual recharging. AR

Red Hood: The Hunters Guild
- (AA AP, RNed AR) by Yuki Kawaguchi, Shonen Jump, c2020.
A shonen travels with the mahou shoujo Grimm, a professional Hunter who eliminates monsters (especially werewolves). She AAs into an adult every time there's a battle ensuing. The manga has a Kurohime vibe to it, let's look forward to more TFs and a fun story.
- Manga link - small extract - (Azumamiyato)

Red Hood: The Hunters Guild
- (age forms) Grimm was cursed into a child by a witch's hex. Only with the Layer Clock can she revert to her true age temporarily. The Clock is attached to her left thigh. This transformation only lasts 3 hours, and can only be used once a day. Normally, Grimm appears as a short girl with shoulder length blonde hair. When she grows up she becomes a tall, muscular woman, and her hair lengthens significantly. In her adult form it's revealed her boots are actually part of her pants, and she is wearing a shirt tucked into her pants. It can be seen she has a rather curvaceous figure, with ample breasts and wide hips. Height: 182 cm (5' 11")

- (adult rejuvenation) 2013 manga, 2016 anime. A male must go through high school again.
27 y.o. Arata Kaizaki finds it difficult to gain employment. A mysterious man offers him the opportunity to become a tester for a 10-year rejuvenation experiment. Apparently, the experiment is a chance to fix whatever is wrong with the subject's life by experiencing youth again. He is currently Project #002 from Kanto prefecture. Awkward classmate Chizuru Hishiro is actually Project #001, while stalkerish transfer student An Onoya supervises the experiment - (Jacky W)

Remake Toko
- (AP) Ch02, 05. Hentai by Dobunezumi Gyan, 2019+
Urban legendary demon shoujo Touko appears in the mirror to transform desperate persons and fulfill their desires, but at what price?
- Chapters link - extract - (Andu22)

Remodeling Treatise
- (slow AP, some CB) Doctor helps shoujo grow with injections. Censored version, but not safe for work. BE AP (Process)

Return: Aru Gekai no Gyakushuu
- (male life reboot, flashed back rejuvenation AR) Yuin, Yeon Jae Joong. Kidari Studio manhwa, 2018+
A Surgeon's Counterattack. "Igarashi Tohru" has lived a hard life of bullying and debt. After deciding to die while drinking alone, a mysterious woman recommends a glass of spirits to fall asleep. "When I woke up, I was in middle school!" Having the chance to start over in life, Tohru studies desperately. The goal is not to become an overworked surgeon, but a wealthy specialist!
- Chapters link - extract - (Akira)

Revival Onihimesama
- (demon AR) by Takahisa Fujibuchi, 2011. Comic A-UN, Vol179.
AR thrice, second has process. Contains loli.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Rilu Rilu Fairilu - Yousei no Door
- (ARed AA poofs, RN AA) Ep49 "A Big Pinch! Everyone Becomes Babies!" (Dai pinchi! Min'na akachan ni natchatta!) 1/14/2017.
3 fairies and witch reverted into toddler forms.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Rintaro Panic!
- (AA TG poofs) Keiko Takemiya, Lime, Dream come, Kofusha, 1994.
Girl to boy & back. A ridiculous secret that only we know! When you flip the badge, you are transformed - small extract - (Akira)

Rising of the Shield Hero, The
- (furry APed) Aneko Yusagi light novel, 2012+.
After traveling with Naofumi, Raphtalia's body inexplicably changed to the appearance of a teenager or young adult raccoon. Naofumi feels guilty or confused that Raphtalia doesn't act like a kid, because he robbed her of the experience of acting like a little girl animal. Raphtalia mostly thinks practically, a side effect of the devotion that leads her to neglect vanity. She acted immature for like 3 minutes after her body matured with the Filo jealousy arc, then just acted adult.

- (male adult muscle expansion CB, AA TF AP)
2013, Nihon Kogakuin College, voluntary anime short.
- Chagrined loli retaliates against fanboy - Vid link - caps - (Atroosky, APzone)

Rizell No Naisho
- (AP/AR hentai) c2006 doujinshi manga.
Rizelmine is and has always been a lolikon, ecchi series. One time Rizel uses her transformation ability to make herself older for Tomonori, although her transformation only lasts 3 minutes. The second story has both loli and fully adult Rizel, and all that that entails.

- (AA AP) - caps

- (AP, BE) AKA Rizerumain 2002 Anime. On a day that could not get any worse, it, as expected, does. Upon reaching his home, Tomonori Iwaki is greeted by a strange yet extremely happy and energetic cute 12 year old shoujo, Rizel (Rizeru). He is informed they are legally married. How this has happened is beyond Tomonori's understanding. Will Tomonori ever stop treating Rizel so horribly? "My first time being spun around by Danna-sama! My first time being thrown through the window with Danna-sama." She is genetically engineered by the Japanese government and can turn into an adult for about 3 minutes, so they can dress her up in adult costumes. AP starts ca. Ep 12. 1 2

- (AP, RN) - Island AP incident - adult maid forms

- (AP) Anime.
Passion causes Rizeru to swell into an adult - growth spurt

- (TF AA AP) AKA Rizerumain S01Ep02 "Monopoly! Adult's Time!?" 2002.
Rizel tries to appeal to Iwaki by becoming an ideal girl that suits his taste based on a secret photo she found in Iwaki's books.
- (AA AP) S02Ep01 "Hafuun! The Transformation With "Adult Goods"!?" 2002.
The Papas give Rizel capsules that can transform her into an adult with big breasts. Rizel uses these capsules to her advantage by asking out Iwaki on a date as an adult.

- (TF AP) Ep14.
Little Rizel runs out of capsules for her planned date with Iwaki. She infiltrates a science lab to look for the Cellular Growth Pills, which will turn her into an adult. She finds two capsules, a red and a blue one. She swallows the blue pill, and starts to grow into her adult self.
- Part 1: link - Part 2: link - (Juupton)

- (FF AA) Dana Sterling thru the years

Rosario + Vampire
- (AP, RN) II 07. Moka's little sister Kokoa Shuzen swallows grow-up pill to win martial arts contest, then reverts back unexpectedly. AP, RN
(Max AP)

Rosario + Vampire
- (ARed aftermath, ARs)
Intro. An AP pill has turned Kokoa into a more powerful adult to do battle:
- cover
- page00 - page01
AR aftermath. The pills have an unexpected side-effect. Kokoa has to deal with becoming even younger than usual. Her opponents and peers laugh at her diminutive physique:
- page02 - page03 - page04
- page05 - page06 - page07
- page08 - page09 - page10
Kokoa needs to try on smaller clothes:
- page11 - page12 - page13
- page14 - page15
Kokoa finally erupts in fury and runs off:
- page16
- page17
Enemy ambush! Can Kokoa escape the karate bullies?
- page18 - page19
- page20 - page21 - page22
Yukari APed:
- page23 - page24
Group AR. All the girls have made themselves younger in solidarity with Kokoa:
- page25 - page26 - page27
- page28 - page29
(Max AP, Capu23, Process Board submission)

Rosario + Vampire
- (dedicated demon TF) Kokoa Shuzen and Moka Akashiya age swap c'15 fan art - (Gomyugomyu-dad)

Rosario to Vampire Capu
- (AP, AR) 12 year old sister uses magic to become even more powerful warrior.
- art - art

Rosario to Vampire Capu2
- (AP UCed) Yukari yearns to be older. When she wakes from the school nurse's spell, she doesn't notice her dangling skirt suspenders and fully exposed legs. - AP

Rosario to Vampire Capu2
- (preteen to teen AP, BE) Anime ep4. 12 year old witch-girl Yukari attends 11th grade at a special high school for monsters and supernatural creatures who normally manifest as human. She has a crush on typical clueless guy Aono Tsukune. Believing he dislikes her petite prepubescent figure, she talks out loud about her wish to grow up. The school nurse APs her to 17 (process not shown, but clothes are stretched). During a school physical, Yukari is delighted when she finds out she's "larger" than the other shoujos, save the succubus Kurumu. Since Tsukune didn't respond to her new grownup body as expected, Yukari decides she needs a still bigger bust, and she daydreams a massive BE scene. By the end of the episode, she flashes back to age 12, feeling better about her normal self.
(Tuxedo Will)

Rosario To Vampire
- (AP, AR) Yukari and Kokoa, realizing they're not being taken seriously, use age-up pills for a temporary change. When the pills wear off, Kokoa finds herself younger than before. She is later saved by the Unwanted Harem (sans Tsukune) turned into children along with her.

Rosario Vampire
- (age pill) manga art - (WT)

Rosario+Vampire II
- (AA AP AR) Ikeda Akihisa. Ch 7: unseen AP. They all AR in Ch 8. (Shadow00000)

- (male OA) Unfortunate early chapter "young male" becomes elderly after he is bitten by the mermaids, and has his life energy sucked out.

Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-chan
- (reincarnation aftermath, reborn effect) "Cute Little Granny Girl Hinata-chan" by Kuwayoshi Asa, c2019.
Adorable 6 y.o. shoujo is really reincarnated 88 y.o. woman, with full memories of her previous life - Manga link - (Gilamon)

Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-chan
- (reincarnation/reborn) Worldly knowledge and artistic refinement! Green tea on the veranda, a taste for pickles, and an old-fashioned dialect! It's her personality? Hinata-chan is completely different from your average toddler: she secretly remembers being an elderly grandma! A comedy full of old-wives wisdom.
- Alt link - (Kappa)

Rune Soldier
- (AR) Anime, Vol 5 episode # 18? Main character ARed to infancy. (Flargan)
- (male AR poof, OC) "Transform X5", Ep18, 2001.
AKA Mahou Senshi Riui, Magical Soldier Louie. While organizing magic items, Ila pricks Louie into a woman! At first he panics, but soon takes advantage of this opportunity to rush to the women's sauna. But when Melissa and Genie find Louie, he's an old man! Then he turns into a male baby, a frog, and... a squid man?
- Video link - screencaps

Rush Attack Team
- (AP) gif

Rush Attack Team
- (dedicated AP BE) - outgrown armor - shopgirl

Ryona (fetish genre)
- (OA to dust) - Vid link - screencaps - (old age progression sites blog)

Ryoukan Shinkou
- (AA AP) Miracle Bust Girls. Hentai by Millefeuille, 2001.
"I love Noriko". I think only the first chapter had AP.
- Full manga link - extract - (NightElf37)

Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime
- (younger male virtual creature "age disguise") AKA Belle - Toho, Studio Chizu, 2021/07/16.
17 y.o. Suzu lives with her father in a rural town that is a textbook case of depopulation in the Japanese countryside. For years, she has been a shadow of herself.
One day Suzu discovers the massive online world "U". She dives in as her avatar Belle and becomes a world-famous singer. A mysterious and infamous Dragon-like figure appears before her. They embark on a journey of adventure, challenges, and love in a quest to become who they truly are. However, the Dragon was really played by young elementary school boy "Tomo" in avatar form - Trailer link - (Akira)

Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan
- (time reboots/age stasis effect) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. - gag manga by Shuuichi Asou, 2012+.
Saiki is a powerful psychic who reset the same year over and over to stop a volcanic eruption from destroying Japan and the world as we know it. I think he reset the world 4 to 7 times.
Point is, everyone was the same age and repeated the same year over and over, like this messed up time bubble. You enter high school, and by the end of the year you once again enter high school. You turn 5 and you continue to be 5, celebrating your 5th birthday and that's perfectly normal to everyone - (Kappa)

Sailor Moon Crystal
- (AA TF APed) "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal"
Act 34, S03Ep08, "Infinity 7 Transformation, Super Sailor Moon", 5/23/2016.
Hotaru is AA'd into Mistress 9. Cosmetics and jewelry are automatically applied during the magical process.
- Vid link - caps - (The AP Ninja, Yugo)

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie
- (age swap) 2-part anime film, 2021.
Part 1: Usagi and Chibiusa trade ages as in the original anime/manga. Sailor Moon & Chibi Moon turn back when they transform. They said let's try it, and when they do they are normal aged again. Also a scene where kid Sailor kissed Tuxedo Mask. Very weird out of context.
- Scene link - screencaps - (King_of_TF)

Sailor Moon SuperS
- (AA AR/AP) "The Secret of Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World" Sailor Moon and her daughter switch ages.
- (Skyes_Dad) ln - th

Sailor Moon
- (APed) Chibi-Usa 1 2 - Chibi-Usa's Rini AP scene (small preview)
clip (Highlander)
- (AP) Koteuchi Manami is a cute black-haired girl with the power to transform into an adult idol singer. Her normal form is somewhat mousy looking, with shoulder-length hair and green eyes. With the wand she can transform herself into Idol Angel Mami, who has longer hair and is ridiculously gorgeous. As she becomes older the transformation is less pronounced.
- (AR, AP RN) Sailor Saturn aka Hotaru sacrifices herself, and reappears as a little baby. She ages rapidly to about 10 or 12 years old. 1 2

Sailor Moon
- (AA age changes) Hotaru
- (AA APed) Hotaru's unseen bedroom growth spurt - APed

Sailor Moon
- (age stasis) For the first 900 years of her life, manga Chibi Usa is magically kept at the physical age of 5. Only when she comes into her power as a senshi is she aged about 6 years. This is stated to be unnatural, even considering the extremely long lifespans of the citizens of crystal Tokyo, and the cause is unknown. Her parents are at least 920, and appear as they did in their 20s.

Sailor Moon
- (age swap aftermath, APed RN UC, ARed RN) Anime Ep 158 "Pegasus revealed" - pajama straining

Sailor Moon
- (age swap, UC CBed) - Manga scans (ArArchive) - Pegasus 05
- (AR, AP AA) Anime.
- AR, RN - Hotaru

Sailor Moon
- (age swap) AR, AP UC
Codename wa Sailor V
- (APed TF) Naoko Takeuchi manga, 1991, prequel to Sailor Moon. 13 year old Minako Aino encounters a talking cat who claims that Minako can transform into a woman stronger and more beautiful than anyone, the sailor-suited soldier of justice Sailor Venus. Her compact can disguise her as any type of person she chooses. It needs to be put in the full moon's light to charge.

Sailor Moon
- (AP UC) Sailor Mercury fan art

Sailor Moon
- (AP) Ep 123: Hotaru, in her possessed Messiah of Silence state, steals Chibimoon's heart crystal and transforms into an adult body, calling herself Mistress 9.
- Sailor Titania She can change her age and size.
- (AP, UC, CB) Ep 158 "Pegasus revealed": Parapara transforms Chibi-Usa (Rini) into an adult while transforming Usagi (Serena) into a child. Rini bangs her head because of her new height going up to her room. She was wearing her school dress, which she was practically busting out of. In a dream she walks through a glowing wall and begins to regress, proceeding to run to Pegasus in her now greatly oversized pajamas ("I'm little again!"). Rini wakes up ("I guess I really am younger") next to Serena, who's laying in torn pj's because of her obvious AP. (also manga acts 34 - 42) 1

Sailor Moon
- (AP) Minako has a compact that swirls her into an older form in Codename Sailor V.

Sailor Moon
- (APed CB) - chibi fan art

Sailor Moon
- (AR OC, RN) S01Ep06 "Beware of the Rushing Clock" or "Time Bomb" 9/18/1995.
Sailor Moon gets tricked into a time warp. She goes through a door and begins to de-age into a toddler. Sailor Mercury pulls her back though the door before it is too late, and she returns to her rightful age. ln - th

Sailor Moon
- (AR/AP) - Hotaru AP RN - Pegasus age swaps- Chibi-Usa dark mistress AP TF.

Sailor Moon
- (ARed to baby) Anime Hotaru aftermath (Chica)
- (ARed) Anime - Hotaru after (AR Boards)

Sailor Moon
- (ARed, old age) Anime. Queen Nehellenia, leader of the Dead Moon Circus, wanted to stay young and beautiful forever. However, she saw herself growing old and ugly due to the passage of time in an enchanted mirror. As a child, she felt completely alone because of her status. She learned to love herself, leading to her incredible vanity as she grew up. She finally shrivels into a wizened old woman when defeated by the joined powers of the Sailor Team. However, Nehellenia is redeemed by the Senshi's forgiveness, and reborn as a small child around Chibiusa's physical age. She is referred to as "Queen" even at this age, and only remembers everything as a bad dream. The adult, evil version was voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara; the good, reborn child version was voiced by Wakana Yamazaki. Link: aged mirror.

Sailor Moon
- (dedicated AP CB) time warp - (Entropy Zeta)
- (dedicated AR) Mars, Venus lineups

Sailor Moon
- (dedicated TF AP) - Timewarp Megamoon c2014 fan comic

Sailor Moon
- (dedicated TF AP) Caution hentai nudity: Chibi-Usa fan art - (Process Forum, otaku boards)

Sailor Moon
- (dedicated TF APed/ARed) - age swap fan art - (Process)

Sailor Moon
- (flash forward AA dream sequence) Hotaru has her first adult dream of her father and his associates. Heavily censored. FF (Process Board)

Sailor Moon
- (OA adult rejuvenation, time reset to childhood) Anime.
From crone to prime adulthood years - back to child

Sailor Moon
- (OA) mirror

Sailor Moon
age swap
- (APed) #6 Japanese version only. Usagi transforms herself into an adult in order to sneak into a bar to follow after a piano player and order "Cream Soda". Banned in USA.
- (APed) Ep 200: Chibi-Chibi turns into her true self, a grown-up girl with odango, angel wings and a long dress. She tells Sailor Moon that she is Galaxia's star seed. 1
- Live-action photo drama in October 2003. The figure Chibi-Usa may carry out an AP transformation into "Black Lady". (Akira)
- (AR, AP, old age) "Time Bomb" Magic alarm clocks and the newest plot of the Negaverse: to cause time to move fast, and make people rush through and waste energy. Sailormoon turns into a toddler but turns back in less than a minute, and then imagines what if she got older?

Sailor Moon
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie
- (age stasis) magical fantasy film, 1995.
Poupelin plays his flute to abduct hypnotized children into a mysterious sky ship. After fighting Poupelin and his Bonbon Babies they learn Dream Coffins contain the sleeping children. A massive Black Dream Hole gathers their magical Sugar Energy. Queen Badiane says they will remain children indefinitely in her world of dreams. Eventually, all humans will enter Dream Coffins. A power drain forces the Sailor Soldiers into a partial de-transformation, weakening them without clothing. The dark Queen of Dreams absorbs the Black Dream Hole and attacks. The Guardians send their power to Usagi, awakening Chibiusa to obliterate Queen Badiane with their combined Moon Gorgeous Meditation technique. Teen Hotaru was in her battle form.
- Full movie link - (Adam)

Sailor Moon
Gekijouban Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal
- (CoA FF, demon old age) Two-part anime motion picture, Part Two, 2021.
Based on Dream Arc of the manga, continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal anime. The spirit of Sailor Saturn restores young Hotaru Tomoe's memories of her destiny. Previously such interventions accelerated her form. The costumed Super Sailors return to battle Queen Nehelenia, who is temporarily aged.
- Full movie link - FF screencaps - demon OA screencaps - (Adam)

Saint Seiya Omega
- (slow life absorption AA TF AP, male AA TF AP) 2013-14 anime arc.
Goddess Athena and Goddess Pallas are destined to fight each other. However, while Athena is fully grown, Pallas awoke in the reborn body of a little shoujo.
Throughout the arc, Pallas indirectly absorbs Athena's life force, causing Pallas to grow and mature slowly into her true form as an adult. TF AP sequences were shown in Ep65 and Ep85 so far through flashy silhouettes.
- Ep65 Video link (19:38-19:55) - Ep85 Video link (19+).
- Screencaps
The upgrade seems almost complete in Ep85, but there might be one more sequence when Athena and Pallas actually confront each other.
There is also boy TF battle AP in the first 92 eps.
- (Akira, Chriskim019)

Saint Seiya
- (male adult age stasis, male OA'd) Libra Dhoko is over 200 years old, with a body of a 21 year old (after shedding his old skin) OR a 21 year old in a very old body.

Saint Seiya
- (male OA stasis & rejuv) After Hades' defeat, Libra Dohko, a Gold Saint, was granted the divine gift of the Misopethamenos by Athena. A miraculous ability made his body impervious, but he became a diminutive, wrinkled man. After 3 centuries the moment finally came, and Dohko departs to battle Hades a second time, regaining his adult youth and formidable battle prowess from the 18th century.
He can slow his metabolism and retreat into a severely aged weak body, but with an extremely expanded lifespan. Anytime he stops using the technique, he returns to the age he had before activating it.

Sakura Hime 5
- (age?) 4/9/2012.
Strange woman with a love for Reborn and a passion to assassinate Tsuna, appears at the Sawada house and attempts to kill Tsuna with her Poison Cooking Techniques! Trying many different tactics, Bianchi continues her attempts to kill Tsuna but thanks to Reborn's interventions he somehow survives long enough to learn Bianchi is Gokudera's half-sister.

Sakura no Nekohime
- (TFed age forms)
Characters transformed bodies appear older than their nekogami forms.
C2: 10 y.o. Sakuya considers herself to be Tsunagu's wife and transforms into dark princess Kitamiya Sakuya. She wants to please Tsunagu with her transformed form's mature body.
C11: Kagari and Sakura transform into their older alter-egos.
C24: Kirara transforms into teenage alter-ego.
C27: Everyone transforms.
- (Taruby)

Sakura Taisen
- (dedicated AP) Iris fan art - (Attack Team) - official

Sakura Taisen
- (minor) Anime. Iris Chateaubriand is a 9 y.o. member of the Hanagumi. Iris possesses unusual psychic power and always carries a teddy bear named Jean Paul that she considers her best friend. It concentrates on Iris as she matures from a child to a teenager. As Iris gets older, she wants to be treated as an adult (as shown in OVA2) - Iris

- (demon TFs AP) by Silhouette Sakura, c1997 hentai.
On p128 is where you see the process. GTS on p106.
- Manga link - link - extract - extract - (Andu22)

Sakuranbo Syndrome
- (AP) - cover - (Vended)

Sakuranbo Syndrome
- (AR)
Progressive Rejuvenation Syndrome is an extremely rare disease causing the inflicted person to gradually grow younger. Agawa's saliva is the only thing that can halt the disease, so he must kiss Rena everyday for her to survive. This causes an immense amount of conflict between Agawa and his new girlfriend. The triangle relationship tests the capabilities and limitations of human love.
No real process but really good otherwise.
Click on "volume 1" - link

Sakuranbo Syndrome
- (slow AR/AP) 2006-. Progressive Rejuvenation Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder. Munenori Agawa's saliva can save Rena Amami from getting younger, but they must kiss everyday for her to survive. This causes immense conflict and drama with his new girlfriend. The triangle relationship tests the capabilities and limitations of human love.
- Full manga link - extract - (Reactant)

Samurai Deeper Kyo
- (AP, AR) Manga from New Youth. #45 - 197 Antera wants to save Kubira so she uses a drug Tokito gave her to enhance her fighting performance. However, after injecting it, Antera turns into an older girl around 18 years old. The method used to stop the disease from killing her (which is to turn her into a little girl) erased her past memories. #48 - 199 When she turns back into Antera the little girl, she forgets all about Kubira.

Sanagi Kleidoscope
- (old aged) 199? Sanagi the beautiful trickster has various mask disguises, including a white woman, an old woman, a pregnant woman, and a police woman.

- (male monster absorption replacement AA) Weekly Shonen Champion 4+5, 'c.'24 - small extract - (Akira)

- (male TF CBed AP-like form) by Paru Itagaki, 2021.
By 2080, the declining birth rate has forced Japan to implement control policies for minors. Santa Claus has been sealed away because of the curse. On December 25, middleschooler Sanda Kazushige's body seal was broken by his classmate, making him look like Santa. He can change back into his middle school form by eating jellybeans, or change into Santa by wearing red - small extract - (Akira)

- (ARed disguised) 12 ep anime.
OVA Ep14: "Body of a Zombie... Heart of a..." 11/9/2012.
- A strange silent little girl appears at Chihiro's home and tries to make zombiefied Rea look bad. Near the end he identifies her as Rea's dreamlike stepmother Aria (who appeared as her older self earlier in the OVA) - (MysteryShadow)

Reo to Mabu: Futari wa Sarazanmai
- ("APed" form) Spin-off manga by Ikuhara, Misaki Saito. RuTile, 2018-19.
Ch11: Reo and Mabu discover a baby in the street that can only say "dish". Searching for her parents, they give her the name Sara. In the penultimate chapter, Sara suddenly grew up into an adult. She thanks Reo and Mabu for being her fathers and disappears with a man. Was it a dream?

- (mind transfer) Light novel series by Akira & Hidari. 2009-13.
Anime Ep08 "Strategic Solitude" 3/1/2013. Ep09.
- For some reason, Sasami Tsukuyomi decided to seclude herself behind a magic barrier. Tsurugi instructs Tama to eat her way into Sasami's bedroom. Sasami has suddenly gotten fat overnight!
Her spirit is taken to the past. She possesses her mother while confronting an evil spectre - screencaps - (Mysteryshadow)

Sasami: Magical Girls Club
- (AA TF APed, AA RN) "Sasami: Maho Shojo Kurabu" Eps22-23.
She is mind controlled and transforms into a dark and mature version.
Unfortunately, the TF was offscreen. AR TF on the other hand, was done through flashy silhouette and showed slight process.
- Video link - Ep22: Trigger event (0:26-1:29) & Outcome (6:25-7:12)
- Video link - Ep23: Reverted back to normal (10:30-10:40)
Screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Satsujin Purgatorium
- (male adult rejuvenated) by Yua Kotegawa, 4/2018, Comic Tatan.
"Murderer's Purgatorium" shonen. Suspense and regeneration opening! A 46 y.o. hitman dies with regret in a hospital after killing his adopted father. He awakens as a 16 y.o. again for some reason.
Ch01 comic link: - Alternate Ch01 link:
- Small extract - (Akira)

- (male AA cutaway TFed, age form upgrade) 5 Vols, 1985. Shigeru Takashima.
Home design magazine supplement. The costumed hero Saunaman is very strong. It counters anemia and helps lose weight. Vol3 visits the sauna's homeland with the Finnish mafia. The sauna woman suddenly appeared in Vol5.
- Covers - (Akira)

Sayonara, Otoko no Ko
- (male AR) "Goodbye, boyfriend" by Shimura Takako, 2017, BBoy Comics DX, 180p.
Neo-shounen manga. When I woke up, my body became a child's!? 25 y.o. theater member Ashishima Kanade and bus driver Yukin Kuwata enjoyed living together with their love love. But in the morning, life has changed completely due to an unknown accident. With no way of returning to his adult body, they are afraid. It is an actor's pleasure to be an old man or an infant on the stage. But it's impossible to actually change the physical body!?
- - small extract - (Akira)

Sayonara, Otoko no Ko
- (male ARed, male AP) Shimura Takako, c2015.
Manga about a gay couple. One morning, one of the two young men wakes up as a little boy for no apparent reason. It's yaoi but not hentai, being quite tame IMO, even though some might easily find it offensive. The author is well known for his "slice of life" mangas with a mix of sweet and bitter storylines, so I'm curious to see where it will go.
There's already some tension by Ch02 with another character, and [spoiler] surprise male AP in Ch04, with stretched clothes.
- Chapter link - (Vended)

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
- (age play/disguise) Koji Kumeta wacky observational comedy series.
vol08 "You're Seventeen Years Old...Don't You Wanna Grab Your Wrinkles?"
There's a long discussion with examples about people who "have forgotten what age they are." That is, exhibiting behavior reserved for people much younger or older than their physical age. There's even a quick shot of a man engaged in adult baby play. It ends with a couple of examples of mental AP, or at least role-playing. "Is that her idea of what it's like to be twenty-eight? How sad." - (SKJAM)

School Rumble Ni Gakki
- (OA dream sequence) Anime - Having fallen through the floor, escape is impossible - OA - (t-white)

Schoolia - Norowareta Gakuen
X-rated manga by Kisaragi Mitsuo.
- (male AR, man to baby) "I love You on a Snowy Night".
Chapter link - extract
- (adult couple to OA'd) "Inlan Space".
Chapter link - extract
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Secret of Mana
- (amphibian AP, AA) Polyp grows up. AA

Seiken Densetsu
- (AR/rebirth) End of Ch26-Ch27.
Manga adaptation of Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana. The demon Irwin and mystic priestess Matilda died in the game story. In the adaptation, they are allowed to be revived as babies, with Daena and Escad looking after them.
It happens off-panel; all we see is Toto brandishing the Holy Sword glowing bright, then Escad wakes in a field of flowers and comes across Irwin and Matilda as babies near Matilda's oversized clothes.
- Ch26 link - Ch27 link - small extract - (Azerty47)

Seikon no Qwaser
- (mythical TFs) "The Qwaser of Stigmata".
2010-11 anime was said to contain AP?
- "10 year old" Ekaterina devotes her energies to BDSM activities along with the appropriate activities expected of a young kid. She has a following at St. Mihailov Elementary School due to her doll-like features and childish demeanor.
- (The AP Master)

- (mind transfer ARed effect) Baptism of Blood, by Kazuo Umezu.
Aging movie star suffering from disfiguring skin condition has her brain transplanted into her young daughter, and assumes the girl's identity - or so the reader is led to believe. The Reveal is a cop-out that makes no sense whatsoever.

Seirei Tokusou Fairy Saber W - Jyobon Mura Jiken (alt. title)
- (demon TF AA age-up) by Kamitou Masaki - Full link - (Andu22)

Seisenshi Dunbine
- (TF size CB) AKA Holy Warrior Danbain. Sotsu, Sunrise, Nagoya TV. 1983-84.
Aura Battler Dunbine Vol.03 "Chapter of Sorrow" - Episode link @34 mins - caps - (Akira)

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
- (younger/older teen body swap) Eps 09-10 "Sister Panic" 2018/11/29.
"Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai" - Sakuta is unable to find Mai Sakurajima. Upon spotting her on the street, he discovers Mai was infected by her younger half-sister, the idol Nodoka Toyohama. Her Adolescence Syndrome has caused both girls to exchange physical appearances!
The two try to adjust to their new lives, but harbor a grudge toward each other because of expectations levied upon them by their respective parents. Nodoka especially resents having to live in her older sister's shadow. Sakuta helps them to reconcile. As they embrace, the two revert to their original selves - Intro scene link - (Gilamon)

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Yumemiru Shoujo no Yume wo Minai
- (teen/adult age forms) c2019. Puberty Syndrome is an elusive disease which only affects teenagers. Its symptoms are so supernatural that hardly anyone recognizes it. For reasons unknown, Sakuta encounters two forms of his first crush, beautiful girl Shouko: one is still in middle school like himself, and the other form has already become an adult. It seems she doesn't just grow older physically, it's like her future self gets pulled into the present - (Mitch)

Sekai wo Sukuu Tame ni Watashi to Asa Chun Dekimasu ka
- (furry/demon AP poofs) Ch12.
Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

- (brief dream, RNed to youth) Ch138.
Little Kuu dreamt that she had a more mature body - scene - (MysteryShadow)

Sengoku Armors
- (ARed glimpse) reverted - (Suning)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX
- (magical gynoid TF scene, "CB" phase during battle upgrade)
"Believe in Justice" series, Ep06, 2015.
Immensely powerful loliform magician has been sitting out most battles as the poster villain. The heroines provoke her by saying they won't take her seriously given her childlike rest state, and she decides to get real... WITH A HARP. A magical battle to the death ensues.
- Full episode link (05:31) - TF scene link - screencaps - (Chriskim019, CinderBH)

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX
- (TF AA age forms) 2015, 3rd season series, AKA Senhime Zesshou Symphogear GX.
Adult Carol returns through that magical harp of hers with more fanservice this time (The TF is the same as before). She actually sings this time too! 2 Eps remain. Elfnein really needs to step it up!
- Screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Senran Kagura Shinovi Master -Tokyo Youma-hen-
- (TF APed, RNed) S02Ep10 "Two Hearts" 12/14/2018.
The youma hunter Kagura uses her combat ability to "age up" to fight Fubuki. When Kagura is defeated, she regresses back into her shoujo form - (Carlton)

Senran Kagura Shinovi Master
- (mahou AA TF cutaway, maturation effect) Ep4 "It's Showtime!!" 11/2/2018.
There is a battle form upgrade poof near the beginning of the episode. Yumi and her team infiltrate the middle school to investigate. The Shinobi Masters tournament begins - screencaps - (Carlton)

Senseijo Uoonzu G Furein
- (age forms TF) 1999, Shimokitazawa Suzunari manga.
A trio of elementary school girls transforms into teenaged magical girls - (Kira)

- (maturation effect) - c2014 extract - (OhZone)

Seraphic Feather
- (AP UC) Utatane Hiroyuki. Shoujo suddenly ages during sexual ghost merging. As always effects on shoes were not shown. AP

Sergeant Frog
- (dedicated) c2014 age swap fan art - (Dracoknight)

Serial Experiments Lain
- (coming of age) 1998 anime.
After growing multiple, bolder personalities, 14 y.o. Lain is featured nude in the ending. In a non-sexual context, it's not detailed, but symbolizes her state as a child of technology. Her older form shows her rebirth into the Wired. Lain's seen in a foetal position amidst bundles of wires, LEDs and other tech stuff as the offspring of technology.

Setsubun no Abaremono
- (demon AR) by Rairai Chikasa. Comic Megastore-H, vol110, 2013.
Only loli content, more recently published as Koishi Chikasa. This author did another one with demon-induced PE. I am guessing the kind villagers offered fine tasting poison (holly) to the oni, which she proceeds to gulp joyfully. She never reverts.
- extract - (Shadow00000)

SF Bishoujo H Virus
- (demon AA AP) by Watanabe Yoshimasa, 1994- France Shoin.
Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo, 10&15.
- link - extract - extract - (Andu22)

Shakugan no Shana
- (AR) Shana request - (jive76, mikewolfskin)

Shakugan no Shana
- (dedicated AR) fan comic request battle - (Mikewolfskin, Jive76)

Shakunetsu no Nirai Kanai
- (demon force AP, RN AR) Ryuhei Tamura, Shounen Jum, 2020. AKA "Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin" Ch31-32.
Underwater magic. Preadolescent shoujo is possessed by Poseidon, who ages her up to more effectively use her powers. He was only able to get her from "10 to 12" but apparently she'll have quite a growth spurt, because her clothes got a bit too short.
- Manga extract - (SKJAM)

- (AA "growth", AA AP) by Hiryuu Ran, 1995, She Made - Zenpen, Kouhen. Yarusanai.
First story has off-panel AP/BE, second has AA process. Chinese translation scans, contains loli.
Code: - censored extract - (Shadow00000)

Sheng yemo yan
- (adult stasis, parent/offspring TG mind swap) Christmas Eve Maen by Fumiko Hayakawa?
Man made pact to marry his daughter to the devil for huge wealth, who then made his new wife immortal. Basically, it's a mother-son swap! Yeah, I know that sounds crazy as she doesn't look that old. She died in his body, so he is now trapped in her body.
- Manhua link - page link - (Zhang Fei Fan)

Shibariya Komachi
- (ARed, RN) AKA "Bound Beauty" 2006, Princess Gold.
17 y.o. Chiyako can see the red thread of fate that connects each person with his soul mate in Japanese culture. The mysterious group of Tiers shows her she has the power to pull on these threads, though doing so binds her into the form of a 10 y.o. child. She has to exteriorize demons to change appearances.
- AR aftermath - ARed - before/after AA RN - AA RN battle age forms - (Ogsn)

Shibariya Komachi
- (ARed) "Bound Beauty".
High school student Chiyako can see the red strings of fate that bind soul mates. She matches people with their destined loves for a modest fee.
After finding a secret room, she is bound by a mystical spool of white thread that turns her into a 10-year old. The only way to return to normal is to use the same thread to exorcise evil spirits.

- (male adult age disguise) Kodansha's Weekly Shounen, 2006.
22 y.o. police detective Taketora Shibata can appear as a middle schooler thanks to his diminutive stature and baby face. He looks so vulnerable that bullies try to rip him off on the streets. However, he is actually an expert swordsman in kendo. Wearing a school uniform he easily blends into a class of teens, to the point his bosses note he started talking like them.
- Japanese live-action Tv drama, 2008.

Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san!!
- (furry AR AA RN) by Kutsugaeru, Web Comic Gamma Plus. Ecchi, c2019.
Adventurers venture in the mysterious underground labyrinth Tartaros. The rookie Rabi meets beast woman merchant Firo, with whom he makes a deal to be her #1 customer.
- Ch16 link - extract - (Andu22)

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja
- (male ARed form) by Shinkou Shotou (author), Kazabana (art), 2017. Gangan Online (Square Enix).
The world's strongest Wise Men are reincarnated to meet their destinies in the future. In order to get the magical combat emblem, a magician was brought forward to become the greatest wizard. However, that coat of arms got him incarnated as a younger male teenager, and was treated as a disqualification!
- Series info link - - (Akira)

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou
- (male furry dream AR) AKA "Ke Ai Qiao Hu Dao" - Striped Island Tiger Shimajiro.
Ep "Become a Child" c93-08, Pierrot. Tiger boy into toddler.
- Episode link - .be/wQYv0Dmr2lA - screencaps - (Tazz)

Shin Honkaku Maho Shojo Risuka
- (TF AP AA?) Magical Girl Risuka, light novel series. Nisio Isin, Kinu Nishimura. Faust magazine, 2003-2008.
"The Red Witch of Time", a 5th grader in Saga Prefecture, 10 y.o. shoujo Mizukura Risuka has the power to transform her age. When about to die, she can transform to her prime physical age of 27.
Time Manifestation: Moment. Magic involves shedding her blood and borrowing time. She can appear to heal or move to a place by fast-forwarding her life. When losing a large amount of blood, she can coagulate into a 27 y.o. for 1 minute, her prime combat/magic casting condition, and becomes very aggressive.

Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tuee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
- (male ARed OC cutaway) Ep9 "This Reaper Is Just Too Invincible" 2019/12/04.
"Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious" - Warrior king Wohlks Roseguard defeats Eraser Kaiser's demon army singlehandedly, but a curse temporally turned him back into a baby.
- Scene screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul
- (male demon AA TF AP) "Rage of Bahamut", S02Ep10 "The Way She Was" 2017 - screencaps - (TFDimension)

Shining Star
- (overnight APed) by Hiryuu Ran, 4/15/1993, Third Party.
Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Shinju no Nectar
- (demon TF AP, BE) Yoshino Hiroyuki, Satou Kenetsu, c2019.
Ch 24, 26 & 28. A powerful being prepares for battle in a magical world.
- Ch. link - extract - (Andu22)

Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion the Movie: Mirai Kara Kita Shinsoku no ALFA-X
- (male past self brought forward)
AKA "The Mythically Fast ALFA-X that comes from the Future" - "Godspeed ALFA-X from the future".
"Dad ... is a child?" New year's holiday in the theater! 2019/12/27.
9 y.o. Hokuto joins the cast... as the father of protagonist Hayato! Hokuto travelled from the past to help protect Earth, and find his way back to his own time.
- Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
- (AA TF age forms) Ep12. The anime finale featured a "full-naked" mystical entity upgrade transformation, not a poof tf.
Video link after 8 mins - caps - (Chriskim)

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
- (AP transformation scene) 2007 anime. Lil shoujo can transform into adult form with big breasts. Most of the time, 6-winged elder spirit Corticarte Apa Lagranges (Corti) has the appearance of a child. She has a selfish character and dislikes it when Phoron is being kind to other girls.

Shinmai Maou No Testament
- (demon TF scene, magical duel 16 to 21 upgrade) 2015, Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha.
I am happy to inform everyone that the long wait is over. The uncensored version of Maria's transformation is finally out, not to mention remastered as well!
- Episode link (05:40) - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Shinmai Maou no Testament
- (TF entity upgrade, BE'd, 18 to 21) Ep10, 3/11/2015.
The Testament of Sister New Devil. The succubus unlocks her power and grows heavily censored by radiation, but the before and after differences are noticeable.
- Episode link - TF extract link - screencaps
- (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja, Johnny)

Shinobu no Itte (Bakemonogatari series)
- (AA AP) by Shiina Tai - bathtub hentai - (Process)

Shinrei G-Spot
- (AA BE AP) by Rakko, 2014, Mechashico Seven. Comic X-EROS vol15.
TF AP effect via possession twice, sort of a fusion. Contains loli.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume
- (adult FFed to OA) Squid Girl - S1Ep5 "Wouldn't having a pet be squidtastic?" 2010/11/02.
Incompetent and adorable anthro wants to take over the world. Eiko finds a really small Squid Girl and raises it as a pet until Eiko dies of old age at the end. It was a dream from Sanae, who is jealous of not being in it. Not canon - screencaps - (Kappa)

Shinsetsu Bobobo
- (AP TF) - (Reebok)

Shinsou Mahou Shoujo Howling Moon
- (AA TFed, combat form full maturation) Satou, Saitou, 2017+
Corrupted best friend turned dark arch rival?
- Manga link - extract - extract - (Andu22, Gamecritic83)

- (demon AA upgrade) - Ep26 caps

- (male AA TF, battle AP form)
"Awakening" AKA "The Explosive Roaring Soldier's Sudden Raging Transformation", 01, 2/5/2000, Toei.
- After 300 years, 4 y.o.Yakumo awoke from cold sleep with the body of a 17 y.o. woman, already dressed in adult sized clothing. The rowdy enterran Mushra transforms into a powerful person in his celestial form.
- Content blocked - Japan only link - screencaps - (Akira)

Shirayuki Hime no Densetsu
- (adult age stasis effect) Anime Queen wants to steal Snow White's body. It's revealed that she also stole the Queen's body when she was a child. She has spent generations Body Surfing between beauty queens.

Shitara na na
- (demon AP) "What should I do?" Pixiv, c'20 - link - extract - (Andu22)

Shojo Chokyoroku
- (BE AP, slight UC) Adult manga. (Sutibaru scans, The Process) Censored version. Full size scans can be downloaded from The Process. AP - AP

Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road
- (OA'd) - The executioner and her way of life - Ep6 "(Regression: Memories, Soul, Spirit)" 2022/05/07.
Menou taps into Akari's Pure Concept, super-aging lady archbishop Orwell to death - 1 - (Carlton)

Shokugeki no Souma
- (mental FB to YA self, OA'd shock reveal) Food Wars! Weekly Shonen Jump. Tsukuda, Saeki, 2012-19 tankobons, Shueisha.
Anime by J.C.Staff, 2015+. Grandma Fumio Daimido is the warden of Polar Star Dormitory.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Kappa)

Shota ni tensei shitara hiro-tachi ni dekiai sa rete iru kudan
- (dedicated male reborn ARed) Japanese light novel, Irigasa / Rin Momoki, 2019.
"Being loved by the heroes after being transformed into a Shota" - Shotacon novel.
Bijou; Or netbooks. Boys love fiction. The 27 y.o. "I" is a special effects nerd who is demotivated at the bad end of a day. "One day, I struck my head and fainted ... and was incarnated as Hirota Tsubone, shota character of 'Insect Sentai Mushi Ranger'! I try to inspire the others, but one of the Rangers confesses 'I like you' ... I'm Shota!? This is good!"
- Purchase link: - cover - (Akira)

Shota-kko o yashinau tsumori ga ore-sama inma ni kuimono ni sa rete imasu
- (male AA AP)
Type 01 AA. The shota turned into a grown man in the bathtub - Part 02 extract - (Akira)

Shota-kko o yashinau tsumori ga ore-sama inma ni kuimono ni sa rete imasu
I'm going to feed a Shota kid
- (male demon APed upcoming? ARed OCed appearance illusion?) Splush Vol46, Kogomi Mochiko, 2020/03.
Kurai gave up his dream as a nursery teacher. While working at a funeral home, he was always looking for something cute. One day he was forced to protect a boy who fell on the roadside. Kurai is healed by his contact with a child after a long absence. However, what was supposed to be a boy was now an adult!? Moreover, he began to explore Kurai's body.
- - small extr. - (Akira)

Shougakusei ga Mama demo Ii desu ka?
- (reincarnated into younger body) "Is It Okay for Mama to be a Primary School Student?" 2018.
Similar to "Mama wa Shougaku Yonnensei" (Mama is a 4th Grade Student), "Mama wa Shougaku 30 Nensei", etc.
- Young adult man having love problems is approached by elementary schoolgirl as the reincarnation of his deceased Mother. It's a secret. Can this count as regression if said person retains their previous life memories? With that premise, only if the manga has side by side comparisons of the shoujo doing something that reminds him of Mom, then you could argue poof AR.
I have enough of a headache labeling breast expansion, progression, growth, and ass expansion on Sad Panda, then dipshits start thinking inflation belongs... Reincarnation (with memories intact) arguably counts as body transfer, not AR. Kyoukai no Rinne had it from Rinne's mother, and she retained her memories as a shinigami (she is a 5yo kid but still treats Rinne who is 15 as her son)... There was also Kurama Youko reincarnated as Minamino Shuichi from YuYu Hakusho, but the only AR was Juri in the Ura Urashima vs Kurama episode.
- Ch1-3 translated link - Ch1-8 Raw available link - (MysteryShadow, Dex164)

shoujo change
- (AA AP) stages

shoujo change
- (dedicated AP) Fan made TF scene - (Process Forum)

Shoujo Choukyou Roku
- (BE APed) "Young girl training record" Hentai by Penneemu wa nai.
(golan444, Process)

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
- (flash forward) Anime. The main theme of the series is the progression and transformation of Utena from an innocent child into an adult woman by enduring the pains and tribulations of adolescence.

Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Revolutionary Girl Utena
- (mental revert?) 33 "The Prince Who Runs Through the Night" 11/12/1997?
In the climactic episode, Akio accepts Utena as his new Rose Bride. His sister/lover Anthy's eyes roll back in her head, and her dress falls to the ground without her in it. She reappears dressed in "the same" short red dress she wore as a child, symbolizing how she's reverted now that she's no longer the Rose Bride.
- (male age wish?) 18 "Mitsuru's Growing Pains" 7/30/1997.
Elementary schooler Mitsuru is desperate to become an adult to get close to Nanami. His struggles to enter the grown-up world of love and sexuality lead him to Mikage.

Showa Furo Fushi Densetsu Vampire
- (AP, old age) Tokuhiro Masaya, Shonen Jump comic deluxe, p. 148. Immortal legendary vampire comic heroine gives birth to a child, which grows steadily, and suddenly is not very different from the mother, while still young. The daughter's rapid growth can not stop. An aging scene converted the body to a mummy with skin covering the bone. (yayame)

- (flashback, coming of age) 2003- visual novel.
Kaede Fuyou is shown to be a Creepy Child in flashbacks of her childhood with Rin. Later she tearfully apologizes to him and then spends the next few years of her life completely devoting herself to Rin in an attempt to make up for how she treated him during their childhood.

- (FF accelerated) Primula appears to be around 11 years of age, but is actually younger, as the most recent test subject of the Yggdrasil Project.

Shyo Shyo Rika
- (AR OC) Takumi Uesugi, 2003-07.
Near the very end, a villainous mahou shoujo attacks another female. A guy intervenes, and his glowing hand transforms the school shoujo off-panel back into a baby. The good guys will watch over her to raise her anew. The AR is "blink-and-you-miss-it" as she simply screams, her empty clothes flutter to the ground, and the other shoujo then picks up the baby. The aftermath is only properly shown later, when yet another female is shown holding her.
- JP info link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

Sirius no Densetsu
AKA "The Legend of Sirius", "The Sea Prince and the Fire Child". In the last few scenes, Malta is transformed slightly, and in her new, more "adult" form she sports faint airbrushed nipples on her previously doll-like breasts.

Sister Princess
- (dedicated AP/AR) Seinen series - age swap fan art - (Sutibaru)

Sister Princess
- (flashback/flash forward) 1999. cover - Memories Off (2001) Anime series based on a popular dating sim. cover
Some scenes involving AR and a little AP in these 2 series. They showed a slide show of the characters as kids and they even showed how they acted at that age. Slide-show morph. (Anonymous)

Sket Dance
- (AR OC & aftermath, RN AA AP overshoot) Ep23 "It Feels Great to Be a Little Princess!"
- Video link - RN gif - info link - (NightElf37)

Sket Dance
- (AR, AA AP BE'd) Ep23 "It Feels Great to Be a Little Princess!" "Ritoru Purinsesu wa Kibun-jojo", 9/8/11, 2.2.
Momoka needs to play Liberty Maji back when she was little, and is having a hard time grasping the mindset of a child for her acting. Himeko and Momoka drink the AR cola Chuu-san made a couple episodes back, and spend most of the episode as little kids. 2 girls from the student council also end up drinking it. The scientist makes a revert cola near the end of the episode, but it adds 10 extra years and they are now 27.
- The first AR is around 7:10, the second is at 12:30 and the AA AP of all four is at 19:30
- Video link does not work in all browsers.
- Screencaps: 1st AR scene - 2nd AR scene - AA AP scene - (Ryse, Lurker)

Sket Dance
- (AR, AP) Larger gifs of the earlier posted TF scenes.
We moved them here from imgur because they don't allow gif saving.
- AR/AP gif page - (NightElf37)

Sket Dance
- (AR, RN) Shinohara Kenta. 2 shoujos reverted wearing oversized clothes as males looked on, but they grew back up. ARed

Sket Dance
- (AR) After Bossun accidentally drank Chuu-san's youth potion, Himeko absolutely flips over him. Himeko and Momoka were ARed several chapters later. Suffice to say Bossun had a swell time looking after them. In Ch239, Tsubaki reverted both in his physical and mental state. Everyone, including Bossun and Daisy, gush over how cute he is.

Sket Dance
- (male ARed aftermath, male AP, male mental ARed) Male humiliation manga.
The little boss has a temper, but can no longer control his own destiny.
- page01 - page02 - page03
- page04 - page05 - page06
- page07 - page08 - page09
- page10 - page11 - page12
- page13 - page14 - page15
Can the AP potion restore Bossun to normal?
- page16 - page17 - page18
(Ar Archive Board submission, tori)

Slam Dunk
- (male adult age disguised) Shinichi Maki, the captain of Kainan team, looks over 35 but is only 17. Hanamichi nicknames him "Middle-aged Man". Maki retaliates by pointing out that Akagi looks even older.

Slayers The Motion Picture
- (possible AP dream sequence) Old Rowdy explains the Fountain of Growth, which speeds up your growth. 13 year old Lina thinks about how she would grow taller, and her breasts would get bigger. She is certain she wants to do this, strips down to her under garments, and is ready to jump in, when the villager stops her. He drops a tadpole in, and explains the Fountain is only used for vegetables. If she had jumped in, she would have become old. Lina grabs her clothes, tells Naga she is up to nothing, and proceeds to run away.

Slayers Try
- (old age) parodies the classic Japanese live-action sentai hero team by making the heroes all old and feeble senior citizens.

Slayers: The Motion Picture
- At the very end Lina goes to a spring of growth. This was supposed to be her payment for helping the blue haired man. She thinks it will make her grow taller, and have bigger breasts, but the spring actually makes you grow-- not in body, but in age! The movie ends with Naga finding Lina in a bathing suit by the spring, laughing at her.

- (AR AA) Meteor trauma causes magic warrior to revert into cosplay shoujo whose tears nourish batosaur.
- ARed
- (BE'd) 1994 NEC PC-98. Lina's chest expanded as part of the aging process.
- FF
- (shadow00000)

- (male age stasis) Demon lord Hellmaster Phibrizzo was created at least 1000 years ago, yet continues to appear as a 10 year old boy.

- (stymied AP wish) Lina Inverse, being something of a late bloomer, is always on the lookout for magical items that will increase her apparent age, and with it her height, bust and hip measurements. Naga in the movies wants to remain a young adult.

Sleeping Planet
- (AR) The side story "The Lost Sexualities" features female and male AR from adults to teens. It focuses mostly on the woman. Basically, a woman scientist tries to find the boyfriend she rejected before sex could occur in her younger years. She tests a youth serum and hentai ensues.
- Full manga 8MB link - (Vended)

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita
- (ARed & aftermath, RN AP CB) Ep11 "I Ate Mushrooms and Became a Child" 2021.
"I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level" - Main female character Azusa eats a magical mushroom that turned her into a child. Eno gives Azusa pills to return to normal, but she forgets to change out of her child costume. It tears apart, leaving her half-naked after aging back to her adult form.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Carlton)
- (adult mahou aged, RN rejuvenation poof) Ep8.
Far into the episode, an elderly witch reverts into a young one. We learn her old form was a disguise. It's not the best, but it gave me a Howl's Moving Castle vibe so...
- Episode link - caps - (Kappa)

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita
- (demon/spirit age stasis, AR OC, AP CB) by Kisetsu Morita, Benio. 2016+
I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Suraimu Taoshite Sanbyaku-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Reberu Makkusu ni Nattemashita - While Killing Slimes for 300 Years, I Became the MAX Level Unknowingly.
After a painful existence as an office worker, Azusa's short life has ended from overworking. Reincarnated as an immortal witch in a magical world, she vows to spend her days as stress-free as possible - by hunting down the easiest targets, the slimes! But after centuries of this simple job, she's accumulated immense power points...
- Chapters link - Ch32 AR extract - Ch34 AP extract - (Andu22)

Slow Start
- (age stasis) Childlike shoujo Kamuri Sengoku hasn't grown since elementary school. Her physical development greatly lags behind her actual age. When addressed with a sensitive topic, she manages to twitch her hair ribbon into an expression of her feelings.

Smile PreCure!
- (adult rejuvenation, TF AA) "Smile Pretty Cure!", 9th series, 2012.
The girls' hair "grows" when they transform into their magical angel forms.
- One of Pierrot's subordinates, short and cruel Majorina is often making various magical inventions to use against the Cures. She is capable of transforming into a younger, more slender adult in order to do battle - forms
- (Akira)

Smile PreCure
- (AR AA, RN AA) Ep38 "Hustling Nao! The PreCures Become Kids!?" 11/11/12.
They were inadvertently sprinkled with Majorina's youth potion. The henchmen Akaoni and Wolfrun were also reverted offscreen.
- Video link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Smoke Angel Malice
- (age forms) Malice has child and adult shapes.

- (AA TF heroine power-ups) Sonokong, Choirock Contents Factory, Pixel Planet Co., 2016 manhwa. South Korean CGI magical girl series. 13 y.o. Ruby is given the power to transform into 19 y.o. Sophie to collect "good deed stamps" - link

Sonic Wave
- (male AP) Fuduki Roa, 2010 shounen manga.
Tsugaru and Psyche were created as toddler boys. After downloading JPOP songs they are magically transformed into their adult forms. We end with lovey dovey kissing situations - cover

Sonic X
- (AA AP) Ep 77. Cosmo transforms into her adult form named Zeo-Cosmo.
- AA scene
- (AA TF AP scene) anime TF

Sonic X
- (male AR) Teleporting to Sonic's world causes Chris to revert back into the child he was 6 years ago.

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte
- (FF AA AP to OA) A highly perverted young man struggles to live a peaceful life.
Anime S2. Ep2. "Bombshell! The Angel is a Big Boob" 10/8/2010.
- Another view of the forest clearing scene. There was a strong obsession with breasts getting bigger. The girl was so angry they passed through the stages of man, first late teens, then elderhood.
- Screencaps - (Deniz)
- (FF APed) Chaos was left in the abyss, devouring fish to grow bigger and show her "love" using a Self-Evolution Program named Pandora. In the final episodes she returns as an adult, having consumed many fish and birds during her time stuck in the ocean.

Sora no Otoshimono
- (AA AP to OA, failed BE attempt) "Heaven's Lost Property" 2009.
A nymph attempts to age herself in order to outgrow her tomboyish figure.
Anime TF scene - (Axel-D)

Sora no Otoshimono
- (AA TF entity AP) Ch70, c2013. "Heaven's Lost Property".
A bit of a sad chapter. Absorbing Kazane Hiyori's core causes Chaos to take on an older appearance and gain Hiyori's emotions.
- Manga TF scene - (MysteryShadow)

Sorcerer Hunters
- (AP) Anime S01 Ep05 "A Dreamy Girl at Lakeside"
Carrot meets a girl by a lake named "Lake". She lives for only a short while, and grows a little older each time he meets her - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sorcerer Hunters
- (AR, RN AA) Anime screencaps

Sorcerer Hunters
- (AR) S01Ep08 "Forbidden Fire" 11/21/1995.
Group is reverted into children by an evil sorcerer.
- (Jeffr_2bya) ln - th

Sorcerer Hunters
Tira Misu may look harmless with that big coat and huge pair of glasses, but when it's time for battle this shoujo transforms into a more "developed" woman with quite a revealing outfit and whip. Other than that, she's pretty shy.

Soreike! Anpanman
- (anthros ARed AA) Meronpanna and a baby man.
TMS classic children's animation. Over 1300 episodes have aired on NTV since 1988.
Video link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Soreike! Anpanman
- (male creatures AR AA) 1988- anime, 1220+ Eps.
The villain uses a spray to turn Anpanman into a baby.
- Video link - screencaps
There is another where a young scientist creates a potion to make Anpanman stronger, but instead turns him into a baby. She creates an antidote and releases it in the air, turning the whole town into babies.
Includes: plant to seedling, villain into baby, hero into baby, villain turns back but his "girlfriend"??? Both turn into babies at the end.
- Video link - It's in chapters. Most AR happens in the 4th video but not for long.
Another episode had a lake where one side turned the person into a baby and the other back to normal.
- (Tazz)

Soukou No Strain
- (age stasis, adult as child, FF) Melchisedec and Carmichael appear to be young children, but are treated as adult mechanics. In the epilogue where the rest of the Space Squadron has aged, they have scarcely changed.

Soukou No Strain
- (time dilation age jumps) Due to sub-lightspeed travel you never know just how old anybody is, although they all feel the age they appear to be. The ending also "ages up" the entire Space Squadron save Sara - (Jeffr_2bya)

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Exodus
- (AP) 2015 anime, Ep6. Fafner in the Azure: -EXODUS-
A female age transformation at the end. Miwa Hino grew older after she fell asleep.
- Video link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Soul Eater
- ("ARed" AA appearances) Ep21 "May My Soul Reach You - A Dry Heart inside Unbearable Isolation?" 2008/08/25.
While battling Crona, Maka puts them in a dreamworld where he/she appears as a child. To finally reach her/him, Maka makes herself appear as a little kid, and the two become friends.
- Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

Soul Eater
- (demon chibis fusion into adult combat form) c2008 anime.
The Mizune are a mouse-theme Witch Family. Blair's agility and speed in her Cat Form are a match for the five Mizune. The confrontation provokes the Family into assembling in their Combined Form, a fully grown woman. Blair assumes her Human Form, and the two provocative women face off by groping each other's chests. The pair continue their perverted fondling contest, trading insults while a group of men watch excitedly.
- Scene start link - screencaps - (Andu22)

Soul Eater
- (demon mind transfer from adult to child, "AR-like" body theft) S01Ep29 "Medusa's Revival! A Spider and Snake's Fateful Reunion?" 2008/10/20.
Anime possession. The villain Medusa Gorgon was like a witch with snakes. She was killed halfway through the show's run, but one of her snakes survived and possessed a dog. 5 y.o. Rachel Boyd finds the dog and the snake possesses her. As a result Medusa is alive again, and 100% in control of the little girl. The girl became a younger version of Medusa, with all signs of the original gone. She talks with her normal voice, though at first this didn't fool the mother.
- Small caps/extracts - (Tazz)

Soul Eater
- (woman to girl mind transfer) Manga, 2008 anime: Head antagonist Medusa's adult body is destroyed by Franken Stein, but her soul escapes in the form of a snake. In ep 29 she returns by possessing a little girl; she also makes her "AR" appearance within the same episode. In the manga, she possesses the girl in chapter 29, but doesn't make her "AR" appearance until chapter 30.
manga ch 29
manga ch 30
anime ep 29

Shiro invades his sisters building strapped with explosives and Runa reveals herself. She has adult and kid forms. (Inuyashassword)

- (male AA AP) change extract - (Akira)

Sousou no Frieren
- (FF) Kanehito Yamada, Abe Tsukasa, c2020.
An elf's story has progressed 78 years. We've already come across people in her life that are now elderly... or dead. Fair warning it's a sad manga. One character has aged 8 years, and is now taller and older-looking than the elf.
Chapter 1: 50 years passed. Chapter 2: 20 years passed. Chapters 3-6: only 8 years passed.
- Manga link - (Kappa)

Sozoshu nano de Motto Yasashikute Kudasai!
- (TG soul transfer into younger body) Seto Ichiri, 2020.
After dying from a blow to the head, a man wakes up in a fantasy world... what's more, his body is that of a loli girl - link - (MysteryShadow)

Space Dandy
- (adult to OA, male OA, RN, male AR OC)
"We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby", 8/30/2014, Ep22. Bones anime series.
- Dandy plays a dimensional record that causes all dancers to age into old people. To counter this, Dandy then spins the record backwards, but ends up going too far and they are turned into infants. The cat DJ was reverted to spermhood dancing on the record.
Video link (no audio) - screencaps - screencaps
- (Lucid King)

Space Firebird
- (male FF, male AR) 1991.
The 2720s: A young'n'terrible kid grows up by himself in a single-room "kindergarten cell" surrounded by high-tech. For one birthday, he receives an android nurse: beautiful woman-transformer, programmed to teach and protect. Eventually the kid grows and enters Space Academy. He searches through the known Universe for the Space Firebird. The creature "enters" the android and falls in love with its master and friend. The youngster trades his life for his planet: reborn from its own ashes - (Chica)

Space Pirate Mito
- (age disguised) An alien looks like a 3rd grader, despite being over 10,000 years old. She uses masquerading suits that resemble adult humans. A good deal of the conflict comes from getting her half-human son to accept her actual, childlike, form, when for most of his life he's only seen her in mail-suit form.

Spas Pa
- (age stasis, temporary kiss AP RN ability, AR return, Androxi Effect)
Manga scan (Suning)

- (AP, AR) Vol 3 by Taishi Miyake
Monthly Dragon Age, 11/03 to 05/04. Suzu has child and adult forms. 13: "Two of Us Alone at Night" Suzu and Itsuki are left alone for the night. After failing again at cooking, Suzu takes a bath. Coming out, she sees a mouse so she runs into Itsuki's room. She gives him a kiss and turns into her adult self. However, just as things are getting romantic, an evil spirit comes in and ruins the situation.
- "Spas-pa Drama CD" 9/24/04 (AFC-3016) Suzu apologizes to Itsuki for being suckered and then asks him to kiss her so she can turn into her adult form and fight. He does so and she manages to rid the evil spirits.

Speed Grapher
- (teen age stasis) 2005 Gonzo anime.
15-year-old female lead Kagura Tennozu is literally not allowed to age, as she's injected with Phlebotinum that stunts her physical growth. Saiga discovers that Kagura's body fluids can give people bizarre abilities relating to their secret desires.

Spice And Wolf
- (adult TF) When Horo had to transform into a Big Badass Wolf in an emergency, her expensive clothes were torn to shreds. To avoid having to buy another set of clothes, she disrobes first when she has to transform again.

Spider Riders
- (male adult rejuvenation) Anime. An old man transformed into a spider rider and was young again - (2BYA)

Spirit of Wonder
- (GTS) (Process, Blar) Shrunken woman has burst out of doll clothes and keeps getting bigger. adult growth scene

Spirited Away
- (TF) Anime movie. boy to dragon TF (AA)

Spirits of Wonder
- (growth CB) Anime has section at beginning with woman who accidentally gets hit with shrink ray. She slowly shrinks away to almost nothing. After getting turned back to normal, she starts growing again until she becomes a giant and bursts out of her house. (Morpheus)

Star Blazers
- (AP) Anime. Sasha Fast-growing daughter of Starsha and Alex Wildstar. She returns to Earth in late 2201 as an infant. By mid 2202, she has grown into a teenage girl, complete with language skills. Appears in YNJ, BFY.

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
- (AR to teenager, RN) Anime ep05.
"The Meaning of Mandrake", "Mandoragora no hanakotoba", 10/31/10.
There have been earthquakes. School nurse Okamoto Midori's Cybuddies ability allows her to reduce her age with a love potion stolen from the science lab, shifting back a few years to dazzle the school boys as new girl "Hina". Nurse Okamoto has a fetish for pretty boys. "Honorary" Drama Club member Tsubasa was injured and sent to the nurse's office, but not affected by the potion. Nurse Okamoto tries for Takuto, who already realizes what's going on thanks to Wako's knowledge of the Cybuddies' abilities. He pretty much shoots her down, asking her if she realizes that her age shifting was causing the earthquakes, and that the Volcano on the North Island might erupt.

Steel Angel Kurumi
- Typical anime AP shows a shoujo's butt, bust and costume growing.
- Special after 1st season climax. Ep 27: "Kurumi Turns Into An Adult". The exuberant Kurumi tries to become a proper, traditional Japanese lady. She quickly learns the traditional arts of cooking, flower arranging, and the tea ceremony, but the effort to be ladylike exhausts her.

Steel Angel Kurumi
- (AA TF bust/butt development) Ep16.
Karinka has a dream that she becomes stronger than her sister by kissing the main character and aging up (She starts as a chibi form). Her legs and arms don't have any real animation and just get longer, but her breasts and butt both grow (making some very sexy noises while it happens mind you), and both are very nicely animated.
- Episode link @03:30 - gif - (Meticulan23)

STG - stories of tangle gender
- (young adult to full adult TF, F2F forms) by GEN, 2013-17.
Ch1-5 in Comic Shingeki, vols118-123-130-133-162. Dual-soul one-body story if I am not mistaken.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Stitch! Zutto Saiko no Tomodachi
- (creature AR) "The Greatest Crisis Ever!" 3/8/11, S3, 29. Babyfier strikes again!
Video link - cap - (Jeffr_2bya)
- (FFed) Ep23.
Lilo visits to reunite with Stitch, only for a while though. Lilo is now grown up, with daughter Kidda, who looks just like her when she was younger.
- (AR AA) 24 "Fight! Chibi Child Legion"
Hamsterviel sent Babyfier to turn Stitch and friends into children so Stitch would be easier to catch.

- (AA poof ARs) S3Ep24 "Fight! Chibi Child Legion" 2/1/11.
Hamsterviel sent Babyfier to turn Stitch and friends into children so Stitch would be easier to catch.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (AA poofs, preteens into preschoolers, no RN) "Toddler-fier" 2011.
We received requests for more screencaps from several anime episodes, including this one.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

- (possible AP/AR?) Anime version of Lilo & Stitch. Disney channel. Yuna lives on a fictional island off Okinawa.
"Stitch becomes a mama (Sutitchi, Mama Ninaru)" 11/12/08

- (AA AR, AA RN) c2009 anime, S02Ep07 "Rivals Stuck Together".
Babyfier has the power to turn students, teachers, animals, experiments, and aliens into babies.
- ARed screencaps - video link (Tazz)

- (AR?) Anime "fight! Chibi child Legion" 2/1/11?
Japanese version of "Lilo and Stitch". Babyfier (the creature that can convert people into babies) appears again, as in 2 previous episodes, using its power.
- (Tazz, Akira)

Strike the Blood II
- (witch demon age stasis, AA "APed" cutaway) OVA Ep5 "The Fugitive Fourth Progenitor II" 2017/03/29.
Saikai Academy teacher Natsuki Minamiya is revealed as the high-ranking attack mage "Witch of the Void". Refusing to let Kojou Akatsuki leave Itogami Island to save his sister, she traps him inside her spirit prison. There she appears in her adult form with full breasts. Outside the prison she looks much younger, her body having been in an enchanted stasis for 10 years. She usually wears a black gothic lolita outfit with a black parasol.
- "My name is the Void. I am she who reduces broken vows to ashes by my eternal fires" - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Strike the Blood
- (mental AR) 2013 anime.
A unique type of AR. It may be tricky to understand if you don't watch the series. Witch teacher Natsuki Minamiya was disguised as a mahou shoujo. In Ep16 a curse is placed on her that strips her of her "time" and memories, leaving her with amnesia, a regressed mind and a slightly younger appearance. This continues into Ep17.
- caps - (MysteryShadow)

Strike Witches
- (AR, AP UC) Lucchini fan art - (JP Donaire, Danbooru)

Strike Witches
- (dedicated AR/AP) - fan art

Subaru To Suu-san
- (male ARed aftermath) "Subaru and Sue" by Natsuko Takahashi, 2020.
Harta Comix, Kadokawa, seinen manga. A story about the cohabitation of "young man" Subaru (who suddenly turned into a child one day) and his lover Mio. It finds light in them living together, as they masquerade as siblings with an age gap. Mio begins her hard investigation in what she can do. Meanwhile, Subaru learns best friend Nishio fulfilled his dream to open his own shop. To keep his promise, he goes to see Nishio in the form of a child - Small extract - (Akira)

- (mental retrieval flashback) c2010, by Osamu Akimoto.
With a jump the little girl's memory flashed forward 3 to 5 years to a high school senior and to 110-year-old Nishino Sato-san heroine! - (old age progression sites)

Succubus Desire
- (furry swap, fox ARed AA & AA TF APed) by Yamu, 2D Dream Comics.
Hentai manga, mahou ecchi situations, 7 stories.
- Manga link - extract - (Andu22)

Succubus Girl
- (AP AA BE) Growth occurs during hentai session. Effects on shoes were not shown of course. AA (Process Board)

Succubus Nandesukedo
- (AA TF BE APed) Shirota Kurota hentai. Seminal immersion causes Fem visitor to upgrade into adult dominatrix.
- TFed scene - (etopirika)

Sugar Sugar Rune
- (AA poof TFs, preteen to adult to OA to teen to kid to preteen) Ep08.
Video link - screencaps - (Chronoeclipse)

Sugar Sugar Rune
- (AA AP, RN) 2005 anime. Chocola orders high heels from a magical catalogue. Whenever she puts them on, she AA AP's into a teenager. Sugar hill link
- (AP AA, RN) Anime. Chocola is granted maturity slippers from a magic catalogue - transformations

Sugar Sugar Rune
- (AA AP) - Temporary AP TF scene.

Sugar Sugar Rune
- (age forms) On the DVD 13 cover, Chocola is depicted a bit older, though not as old as in the early episode where she magically aged herself into a mid-20s babe.

Sugar Sugar Rune
- (age?) Ep36 "Stop the Old Man! Ba-ya's Secret Mission"? 3/11/2006.
Chocolat's Grandfather came back to the human world because he was worried she was sad and alone - (Jadetrue)

- (male AR, male AP) Anime ep13, OVA "Let's Go to the Hot Springs!" ZEXCS 2005.
AKA "Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shoganai!!" Based on BL (Boys-Love/shounen-ai) erogame, light novel.
A magical hot spring grants the bathers' wishes. 3 young boys get turned into teen men, and the 3 main-character adult men get turned back into boys.
- The unseen male AA AP scene: video link (AR starts in next part) - random unsorted caps

Sukoyaka ni!!
- (hentai entity age forms) Hentai doujinshi, Tousen, C76 "Rozen Maiden"
link - link - extract - (Process)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuv) Takanashi Mitsuba, 2013. Grandma regressed to teenager - link - link - (Shmendrick, MysteryShadow)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuvenated) Takanashi Mitsuba, 2014.
The events of a schoolgirl's sixtieth birthday?! Summer Rain, Margaret Comics.
- Kisaragi Sumi continuously took care of her grandmother, father and mother until she turned 60 without ever falling in love. After finishing her mother's funeral services, a cat calling himself Rei appears and grants her wish to "experience her youth again". What happens when Sumi gets a second chance as a 17-year-old high-schooler once more?!
- Small extract - (Akira)

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san
- (dream AA TF AP sequence) - Clip link - (NightElf37)

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san
- (dream sequence pseudo-TF, AA accelerated growth) "Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou" 7/2018.
She wishes her breasts were fuller, then realizes it may still happen.
- Ep04 full link @12:20 - clip link - screencaps - screencaps - (The Vanishing Boy, ZantetsukenX)

Super HxEros
- (TF AA alien "APed" form) Ep12 "HxEros Showdown!" 2020/09/26.
In order to prove that the Governor is the enemy queen, the censor bug Chacha transforms into a fully grown package delivery woman @03:46. Not really a TF, more like using an illusion to appear as a different person. Not really a change, just a poof type thing - (PornAccount, TGManiac)

Super HxEros
Dokyuu Hentai Eguzerosu
- (mental age) - S1Ep6B 2020/08.
News article about people mentally regressing into children. Bad guy alien of the week got killed by female hero after attack with infantile regressing silk. It only regressed Kirara's character into her lewd childish self for 24 hours. Hoshino also had a child mind again. The manga gives the alien a longer monologue about her plan to mentally regress humanity for the Kiseichuu queen to deal with. Since they will be too young to know how to reproduce, the human race will go extinct. The manga said early childhood-minded, the anime just said children - (Shota Tsunamura)
- (mental age) S1Ep8 "H-energy Monster" 2020/08/30.
Kirara suffers from hallucinations where she sees her shadow side as her childhood self.

Super Milk Chan
- (TG AR) "Farewell to Mankind" Due to the effects of radiation from a magic shitaki mushroom, Hanagi becomes a little anime shoujo with cat ears and paws. Hanagi is thrilled with the change. (Lady Sekhmet)

Suterareta Tensei Kenja
- (male "reborn", demons TF CB with AP aspect) Ch01. Oosawa Yuusuke, Miraijin A, 2021.
The Abandoned Reincarnated Sage ; I will forge the strongest empire in the Demon Forest!
Goblin village transforms into their evolved form with the help of magic. It's similar to Slime Isekai. No further TF until Ch23 so far.
- Chapter link - extract - (Anonsuper)

Suzumiya Haruhi
- (age stasis) Yuki Nagato and her associates appear about 15, but as constructs of the Data Overmind, their physical bodies are only 3 years old. An alternate theory is that the whole universe was recreated 3 years earlier, so *everyone* who thinks they're older than 3 is actually Younger Than They Look. Nagato got trapped in a time loop for centuries, without her body changing much.

Sweet Mint
- (TF AA series) - Anime 1

Sweet Mint
12 year old Mint can change into anyone she wants and this helps her with her duties.

Swing for the Heavens!
- (AR/AP, male to teen rejuvenation) Based on Pangya/Super Swing Golf/Albatross 18 MMO.
Cecilia swaps ages with 11 y.o. Kooh and later with Azer.
- AR - AP & middle age/male rejuvenation - (Suning, NinjaBunneh)

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online
- (VR illusions, pseudo-"TFed" AA age appearances) Sword Art Online spin-off. Manga 2015, anime 2018.
A university student has a complex about her height. She logs into the VR game Gun Gale Online, where her Avatar appears as a short middle-school girl, just like her university friend. A rival Squadron of mean looking women in the game are actually high schoolers in real life. At the end of the anime, it is revealed that her rival/friend Pito (whose Avatar is a tall woman) is a petite young girl in real life.
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Sword Art Online: Alicization
- (software demon adult rejuvenated) 2018+.
The hero Kirito finds himself in a dream-like VR world with artificial lifeforms called Fluctlight.
- Ep12 flashback: antagonist Quinella uses a system command to restore her adult youth and cease aging - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Sword Art Online
- (AA fast-forward) Aniplex, A-1 Pictures, Tomohiko Ito. 12/2012.
3rd opening to 2nd anime adaptation of light novel series. Baby girl to kid to preteen (then with armor).
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Sword Art Online
- (kind of AA AR/AP) Ep01.
In the not-so-distant future, video games have become Virtual Reality, so people can appear older or younger in the game. Something happens to turn their avatars into their real world counterparts. Anyone playing would basically "AR" or "AP" back to normal.
Sword Art Online II
- (kind of adult rejuved) Ep24 "The Dream Begins".
Female main character Asuna convinces her strict mother to enter the game for 5 minutes. The mother reluctantly plays as Asuna's sub-account character, so she becomes an avatar in her 20s.
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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal