Aging Transformation Scenes

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Cain Saga
- (male age stasis) Kaori Yuki manga series. Evil Organization member Cassian is a middle-aged man in the body of a prepubescent boy. He joined the organization because their weird, futuristic occult-medical hybrid technology might give him an adult body. Cassian becomes 20 y.o. Jizabel's preteen father figure.

Camp Heaven
- (minor male TG/ARed) 2012 hentai manga.
A teacher is turned into a girl with a penis.

- (AA TF RN to true battle form) Ep13, 9/28/12.
The villain from Ep4 has a dark twin who undergoes a similar age-up.
- Video link - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

- (goddess AA AP glimpse) Ep04, 7/27/2012.
At 08:08 the villain Yuri gets her hands on an artifact that increases her power, giving her a much older and mature appearance. After being defeated she reverts back. Ep13 also has a minor poof.
- gif - (Bstgate)

- (age stasis ARed, AA TF APed form, RN ARed)
"Rogue Athena" anime Ep04, 7/27/12.
- Apparently, Goddess Athena was forced in a child form as punishment for some past event. After obtaining the magical item she sought, she powers up, breaking the block on her age. Her clothes are dissolved before the unseen process to her adult battle form. Once defeated by protagonist Godo Kusanagi, she reverts back to her child form and is banished.
- Episode video link - screencaps
("Tuxedo" Will)

Cannon Busters
- (male age stasis disguise) American comic with anime adaptation - 10 "Squeaking Springs Afternoon" 2019.
Philly the Kid was arrested for murder. Said to be left alone by his parents, the childlike assassin/bounty hunter Jojo seems innocuous until called "short". He reveals his true colors when Casey helps Philly escape.

Captain Kid
- (old age disguised) 1990 Vol2: To seize a treasure, pirate R. Sutajezu disguises herself as old woman.

Card Captor Sakura
- (male age stasis, man stuck as boy) Eriol Hiiragizawa seems to be a regular, 11 year-old transfer student from England, but he has stopped himself from aging for decades. Kaho falls in love with an adult man stuck as jailbait, adding what may be unintentional squick to certain scenes.

Card Captor Sakura
- (possible age control) S01Ep12 "Sakura's One Endless Day".
Time is a Clow card that can change time, such as stopping time and turning time backwards.

Card Captors Sakura
1998 Anime. Sakura, a primary school shoujo can use the magic power of the cards she collects. She becomes a giantess by using the "Big" card.

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate
- (male AR OC) S03 Finale 9/25/2016.
Boy to Baby about 04:00 mins in. He used to be an older man before that through artificial reincarnation. Ryuzu baby is pretty adorable.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Utopianfubar, Richforce, Username)

Cardfight!! Vanguard
- (AA age forms) 2012 anime.
The end credits of the series have changed. In the new ending, all the characters disguise themselves.
A child goes rapidly to an adult. An adult returns to a child. This is like a dream image.
- Direct video link - Screencaps:
- age forms - older cast - comparisons - TF glimpse

Carole & Tuesday
- (adult FF) Music anime, Shinichiro Watanabe, Studio Bones, Fuji TV, 2019 - cap - (Kappa)

Case Closed (AKA Detective Conan)
- (male ARed shows, some RN) - INFO PAGE

Casshern Sins
- (TF AP) A young girl leaps and transforms into an adult woman mid-air. Most animes would sexualize this, calling attention to her growing bust and constricting clothes, but Sins does not.

Castle Town Dandelion
- (age TFs) 4-panel comic manga, Ayumu Kasuga, 2012-
Hikari Sakurada's (age: 10-13) Royalty Superpower can temporarily manipulate any living organism's biological age up and down. When she matures herself, Hikari develops a curvaceous figure and large chest like Kanade. She becomes taller and can fit in Akane's clothes. Hikari also stars in Joukamachi no Dandelion.

Catch! Teenieping
- (AR AA poof) Ep35 "Do you wanna be a baby?" c2021 manhwa.
Korean CGI toon series. Bebeping's magic! You hate babies? Then, why don't you become a baby yourself, bebe! If we don't move fast, she will turn everyone into babies!
- Episode link @03:10 - - caps - (Tazz)

Catch! Teenieping
- (AR) S02Ep35 "I like babies - Bebeping!" 2021. Korean CGI series, 12 mins.
Do you want to be a baby? A creature turns people into babies (English version is on Netflix).
- Episode link - - (Tazz)

- (slight AP) - bigger TF extract

- (TF AP, PE) Murata Shinya & Hakozaki Isuka & Hiyama Daisuke, Vol08, c2016.
A big BE AP was teased for Vol09. It looks like the shoujo grows up like the Boss in Arachnid did. In the final volume we see she is kinda ageless, and her body just poofs older instead of aging normally. She'll need to power up even further to battle Kabutomushi. Her clothes are baggy and her shoes too big, in order to hint at the coming progression. She also uses them as extra space for her fake arms. If only her upper clothes were baggy, anyone could figure out she was hiding something.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)

Change 123
- (BE TF) When the main character's split personalities manifest, they are accompanied by changes in the placement and internal balance of her muscles. The usual sign that the Cute Bruiser side has come out is that her bra snaps, because her boobs have "grown" too big for it, presumably due to her pectoral muscles pushing them further outward than usual.

Change 123
- (slight TF, possible age forms) AKA "Chenji Hi-Fu-Mi" Manga series by Iku Sakaguchi and Shiuri Iwasawa, 2005.
Female martial artist Makoto Gettou developed 3 sub-personalities, each possessing a combat skill, that appear when her glasses come off. Hibiki is an aggressive karate tomboy. Fujiko is calmly proficient in the use of weapons. Mikiri is the child-like grappling and submission expert. Her bust reduces in her assassin personality. The hair colors are different for each personality. The clothes are always proportional. The boy and other male muscles grow dramatically in seconds.

Change 123
- (split personality forms, male development) Sakaguchi, Iwasawa. 2005-2010 action-comedy.
Trained excessively by her three martial artist fathers, Motoko Gettou developed the personalities of Hibiki, Fujiko, and Mikiri (HiFuMi). Each gained a different combat mastery, and her body changes in response. As Motoko tries to live a normal high-school life, she only finds herself in the most awkward situations. The exciting time begins! Teen boy with secret feelings dreams of being adult metal hero to defeat the pervert.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Charm the Cat
- (AP, slight UC) By Trump, p7-22. Fujimi Comics 1991, Akane Comics 1998. Shoujo grows up alone in her room after petting magic cat. AP

- (BE AP) Warabino Matsuri hentai, 2010-11, Comic Megastore.
Short color comic, 8 pages long. Young genius scientist has a lab incident.
- - extract - (Shadow00000)

- (AP DG AA, TG AP AA) TG-hentai, Caramel Dow, 2002. Girlfriend and boy grow to adults during liaison. AA (Process)
- (AP/DTG) By Caramel Dow, 10/15/02. Like some APs, it includes significant BE, with emphasis and focus on her breast size. Also growth: she appears much bigger than the other shoujo. (Shadow00000)

Chibi Devi!
- (dream ARed) Ep44 "The Dream Picture Book" 2013/02/11, & Ep45.
Middle school girl discovered a devil baby on her bed one day. Daycare principal ordered a dream picture book to allow the sleeping devil children to share a "Big Adventure" dream to the treasure cave. Their parents also appeared in the dream as children.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Setsuna)

Chibi Vampire
- (male mental ARed) AKA "Karin"
The story is about an unusual vampire girl, who instead of drinking blood must inject it into others because she produces too much, lest she suffer exaggerated nose-bleeds.
- Meet Marimo, a 10 y.o. girl who gets to take care of a young man called Takuma (age 19), who believes from time to time he is a baby in a short story in the manga collection "Chibi Vampire Airmail" - (Trash Raider)

Chichi ga Loli na Mono de
- (AR/TG man-to-shoujo, TG M2F teen, TF cockroach-to-kawaii shoujo)
High school protagonist Tanaka is a closet loli lover. His busy father comes home from work as a little shoujo surprising Tanaka. He invented a potion that causes AR/TG. In one chapter, the father clandestinely gives the potion to son Tanaka and his friend. They become female teens with predictable hilarious results. In another chapter, a cockroach is accidentally splashed with the potion and evolves into kawaii shoujo C-ko-chan. I'm sure more AR fun will continue in upcoming chapters.
- Manga page links - (Tuxedo Will)

Chichi ga Loli na Mono de
- (TG ARed) "My Father Is a Loli", c2012 short manga series.
40-something biochemist father invents a TG rejuvenation serum and is (supposedly) accidentally exposed to it, so he is now a little girl. He takes this suspiciously well, despite not seeming to have any mental regression. Several other people also get transformed over the course of the series. The teenage son is very fond of little girls in the bad wrong way, and this is treated as a hilarious character quirk.
- link - (SKJAM)

- (FF) Comic Angel Club 2011, KFD Piero. The sister grew up - Hentai manga

- (adult rejuvenation) "Hell of Love & Ecstasy", Young Magazine Uppers, Kobayashi Makoto.
Chiya Minakami lived the life of a saint. After her death at 92, the Prince of Hades asks "How can you have enough experience of love when you died a virgin? We shall give you the body of an 18-year-old and dispatch you to the 'Pleasure Hell' named Chichionmanchi. Chiya is thus given a young and voluptuous body and sent to the strange home of weird beasts and erotic flora. Her flesh may be young, but her mind remains old, stubborn and guided by 19th-century morality. "How disgusting! One is not amused by this place." (tatumaki board)

- (adult rejuvenation) c1998.
92 y.o. Chiya Minakami lived the life of a saint. The Prince of Hades sentences her to Pleasure Hell. On the way down, her elderly body is rejuvenated for sexual purposes.
- Vol01 link - extract - (Andu22)

Chiduru Bigbang (?)
- (GTS CB burstout) The growth accelerator was more potent than expected. The Doctor and Mitchi must rescue worshipful Chizuru from a giant lizard - growth (j2k)

Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation, A
- (AR OC) 1997 Hong Kong, manhua movie.
In the climax, the heroes Ning (boy) and Shine (girl) - and male antagonists White Cloud, Ten Miles and Red Beard - pass the Heavenly gates, turning into babies to be reborn. The former two manage to avoid the memory-slamming hammers, and return to normal as they exit; though only Ning's RN is shown.
Their ARs have process, but disappointingly Ning and Shine's is far less detailed and quicker. Only the 3 guys' AR is detailed, but all 5 are left as adorable babies floating among their oversized clothes.
- Full movie link @01:11:40 - screencaps - (Azerty47)

Chiruru Dilemma (?)
- (AA AP) Hiroshi Kawamoto. 10 y.o. shoujo to adult TF - scene

Chiruru Dilemma (?)
- (AP) 10 year old shoujo used age changing pills procured through the postal service to attract her older crush - (GonzoJam)

Chisaku tatte dekiru no-tsu!
- (male ARed) "You can do it!" "It's a little cold!" light novel by Miyako Kazuki, 2013.
Dahlia mix paperback. Girl Comics boys love fiction. Illus. included.
- Yuki and Hiro work for the perfume company. The rejuvenating compound developed by Hiro was drunk accidentally by Yuki, who became child-like in form!? Yuki was delighted to be pampered in public while waiting to return to his original age. He is entrusted to the in-house day care center, but learns of a conspiracy over the new perfume!
- Purchase link: - (Akira)

Chisana Rugaru
- (furry TF ARed) Hentai touhou comic "Small Rugaru, little little girl". Another translation would be "small loup garou". The AR happens when Kagerou Imaizumi accidentally opens a cursed box. Warning contains loli. ---
- Extract - (Suning)

- (age appearances) Anime. Chi sometimes looks 12 and sometimes looks 21.

Chojin Barom-1
- (male fusion TF?) Toei, Nippon TV, 1972 anime. 35eps.
2 boys change into 1 man? - Japan-only link - (Akira)

Chojin Locke
- (male age stasis, male AR) Manga by Hijiri Yuki. AKA "Locke the Superhero" Locke is an ESPer who can transform into many people, male or female. He uses the body of a female nightclub singer in early episodes but usually appears as a teenaged boy. Locke attempts to maintain an aspect of normalcy. He will sometimes do this by appearing as an orphaned child and getting adopted.

Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko
- (AP AA) Rinko Ueda.
She uses the ring donated by magic parakeet to "age up" as Mother watches from Heaven. Will he suspect the amazing truth when they meet at the train station?
- Small extract - (Akira)

Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko
- (AP TF, shoe AA) AKA "Cho Tokkyu Hiyokko", "Super Express Hiyokko".
2009 manga, Ueda Rinko.
- Sakura seems a simple child, but she has a crush on her friend's big brother. When her life suddenly changes, a magical ring appears to give our heroine the chance to turn into an adult. But how long can her fantasy last? - First AP link

Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko
- (AP)
first AP TF - aftermath - APed - APed

Chrono Crusade
- (adult age disguised) Satella looks about 30, but turns out to only be 19 years old, much to the surprise of Rosette.

Chrono Crusade
- (male ARed, RN AP) Set in the United States during the 1920s. Chrono is a sealed-into-child demon, thanks to a crippling (for demons) injury suffered in the past; though he can temporarily re-adopt his adult form, he is loathe to do so, since it requires draining time from his partner Rosette Christopher's lifespan. High-ranking devils such as Chrono and Aion are born from Pandaemonium, the devil queen, and never age.

Chrono Crusade
- (male mental age forms) Most of the time we see Joshua Christopher at 14, when he doesn't look quite like a child anymore. In his crazier moments he still acts like he thinks he's 10, which only helps the creepiness.

Chrono Crusade
- (male size increase) Chrono often expands from his Sleep Mode Size into his true adult form. When he returns to his childlike form, his usual outfit reappears. How can his coat be damaged by bullets, without getting destroyed when he grows two feet taller and gains abs and a six pack?

Chrono Ruler
- (AR) Ep01, 2017 anime, on Crunchyroll.
The brothers Kiri and Victo fight horologues, demons that prey upon humans' desire to turn back time. We learn that younger brother Victo is in fact Kiri's father. Victo lost a fight to a horologue in the past - now each time he uses his powers he becomes a bit younger and loses more of his memories. Presumably this will continue until he is too young to use his powers (or worse, unbirth) - (SKJAM)

Chronos Ruler
- (adult ARed OC to unborn) Ep01, 2017/07/08.
Jikan no Shihaisha. Koyuki meets brothers Kiri and Victor Putin chasing a strange creature. If you make a wish under the old clock tower, time will turn back. Koyuki learns the legend is a ruse for horrifying time demons to steal humans' time. The "Oath of Time" item allows the heroes to manipulate time.
- Episode link @14:50 - screencaps - (Coodie2)

Chronos Ruler
- (AR) Chinese manhua by Jea Pon (AKA Ponjea), 2014+ Shueisha.
They use time manipulation to fight Horologue demons, which appear when humans regret something to devour their time until they unbirth. Victor Putin was bitten by a horologue and is trying to kill it before he runs out of time with the help of his son. Aisrehdar's adoptive mother, who was still lively and had strong black hair despite being 64, suddenly grew older until she looked to be over 80 in her last moments.

Chronos Ruler
- (AR) Jikan no Shihaisha - Ep01 "Existence and Nothingness" 7/7/2017.
An adult woman age regresses back into a kid, then a baby, and finally into nothing. It features limited process, cut with stylized numbers that represent her time slipping away. Not that much from adult to baby, more toddler to unbirth. It's near the end of the episode, 9:15 to go.
- Temporary episode link - link - (Carlton, Azerty47-2, Godleydemon)

Chronos Ruler
- (female AR to nonexistence) Jikan no Shihaisha, 2012-2015.
Horologue monsters can suck the time out of people, causing them to get younger. In some cases persons are regressed beyond conception until they vanish. A woman was 45 prior to the manga, and looks like a young woman when the series starts. She turns into a child before disappearing rapidly in Ch2.
Other ARs already happened in the distant past and weren't shown, or happen literally too fast to see, making this the only on-page AR so far. The same scenario occurs in the manga's prototype one-shot, albeit slightly differently.
- Manga scene - Intro scene - (Azerty47)

Chu Chu Chu
- (AA AP, male AR) 2007 Nakajima Tsubaki, Ribon Magazine.
Kojima Mitsu (aka Honey) is so small that she looks like she's still in elementary school! One day while changing into a maid uniform (with not much success...the uniform is too big for her), she finds a little bat blocked by the window. Suddenly an awesome guy appears in front of her! He thanks her by turning her into an adult with a vampire kiss. Unfortunately her clothes transform with her.
- Male ARed link - AA AP scene start link
Page scan extracts: male ARed - AA TF AP.

Chu Chu Chu
- (AP) TF

Chu shite Bomb!
- (age forms) 1994, Kodansha, Kurita Riku.
Chu is the sound for a kiss, Shite being "to do", and Bomb the noise resulting from a kiss. 15 y.o. male Oozora Haruhiko was living alone in an old house. He discovered a secret passage to an underground lab, where he found a little girl in an egg shaped capsule. Oozora awoke the girl when he opened it and decided to ring the police, giving the girl hot cocoa. When his back was turned the girl Daisy became a very lovely, well-built 15 y.o. teenager.
Turns out hot food makes her older while cold food makes her younger. If she kisses anyone she takes on their form, so when Daisy kissed Oozora he fainted dead away. Daisy was not just an ordinary girl android. Though she may protest the super natural powers she is also endearingly "human" in a girl child way. Haruhiko keeps her existence a secret at home, but Daisy starts following him to school. As a result, Haruhiko passes Daisy off as his half sister. Her unusual nature is hard to keep a secret, and shady characters appear to whisk Daisy away for some sinister motive. - th

Chu Shite Bomb
- (AA AP/AR) Manga - scans - cover
- (AP ability) Manga, aka Kiss me Bomb, Chu Bomb. Girl grows up and regresses in seconds.

- (age disguise, RNed) Ueda Rinko, 2001.
Elementary school shoujo Hitomi is constantly mistaken as being older than a 5th grader. She falls innocently in love with a high school guy working at a pet shop, and tries to pass herself off as an adult so he can fall in love with her... but of course nothing goes as planned! - (Ephemeral-Dreams)

Churaumi tentacle hall
- (AR) Doujinshi "stink bug (Winter God)", c2013.
Aquatic fauna will suck the age out of you - Partial manga extract - (10th_man_down, Jeffr_2bya)

- (ARed) Antenna-haired heroine Nagisa Furukawa is in her 3rd year of high school. OC

- (dedicated ARed) - aftermath fan art - (Mikewolfskin, Chiisana Oota)

- (dream AR OC scenes) Ep4 "Wandering Kouhai" 10/29/2016.
A really cute AR scene as Schubert's music transforms a crowd of listeners into babies. Males and females were both regressed, but males sadly got the main focus (including a group of policemen), with only two females briefly glimpsed, but it's adorable nonetheless! At 17:10 the camera shows up, and it seems like it was just an illusion, only mental AR. The same people were merely acting like babies, though their faces were blurred on the news. I can only hope he'll play more of that music later on.
- Video link @16:46 - gif - gif - screencaps - (Suning, Azerty47)

- (minor male AR OC) Ep6.
Schubert's music physically regresses a few workers into babies, though they're quickly returned to normal. Like before they shrink into their clothes, which is so cute! I can only hope more AR will pop up, and that at least some will be female.
- Aftermath is glimpsed starting @15:20 until 17:39, when the Musik stops and the RN happens - Episode link - (Azerty47)

- (male FF, ARed) Runty, skinny, and generally useless kid Raki reappears after the 7-year time skip, traveling with a regressed, child-like Priscilla.

clothes don't change with (TF depictions)
- (very rare OC, or slight UC glimpse?)
Someone transforms (no matter what kind: gender, age, animal, etc) and their clothes do NOT change with them.
- Ch05, gender
To Love Ru
- Ep7 & OVA 1 - gender
To Love Ru Darkness
- Ep5&6 - gender
Trans Venus
- Ch01 - gender
Seijo Kochakan no Jijou
- Gender, Rei Rei
- Ep01 - gender
Momoiro Sabbath
- Ch20 - gender
Futaba kun Change
- (entire series) - gender, Bar Laimu Laito
- Ch3, 58, 138 - gender
Rune Soldier
- Ep18 - gender, age, animal
Shuffle Memories
- Ep12 - size
Princess Tutu
- The character Duck - animal, anime
Magic User's Club
- Ep05 (not OVA) - size
Fairy Tail
- Ch119.5 - gender
- (Jeck L)
One Piece
- Ep92, 115, 116 (Bon Clay) - male & gender in own clothes - Also see Ep439 & 442
One Piece Film: Z
- Nami into 8 y.o, Chopper into 5 y.o, Robin into 18 y.o.
- (Dato)

Code Breaker
- (age delayed) The female protagonist's mom looks child-like despite being a bit more endowed.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
- (ARed) 2006 anime - scene (Shrinkmaster22)

Code Geass
- (AA age forms) ages

Code Geass
- (adult age delay) C.C. may not exactly be an old woman inside a sexy 16-year-old body, but she's close.

Code Geass
- (male age stasis) V.V. looks like a Cute Shotaro Boy with lustrous Rapunzel Hair, but he's actually a man in his 60s, because he got his Code at an early age so his physical growth was stunted.
- (mind transfer ARed effect) Empress Marianne Vi Britannia survives an assassination attempt by jumping into the body of a little girl who happened to witness the shooting. From that point she spent most of her time dormant, but could take full control of the girl's body whenever it was convenient.

Code Geass
- (mental AR) When C.C.'s Code is temporarily sealed, she mentally regresses to the last point in her life where she was mortal - which was when she was 10 years old and living in the Dark Ages. Dialog in a later episode implies that this has happened to her before.

Comet Lucifer
- (unseen AA APed) 2015 - link
Magical entity Felia was physically a child, with the mental capability of a newborn. She had to learn everything from the boy and his friends. In Ep05, Felia is in a giant sphere with Sogo trying to reach her. She decides to use her powers to rescue him, and it causes her to physically and mentally TF offscreen into a young adult.
- Caps - (Cakey)

Comic Angel Club
- (AP) Kitsune demon just needs some sperm to grow up. First she is portrayed as a young shoujo just for a little bit.
Hentai sex scene - (Dex164)

Comic BomBom magazine
- (rejuv/AR?) Kodansha Comic Bunch 3/1/2006.
No old age, but there was TF from an old woman into a "girl", which could mean young woman or younger, in the comic candy March edition - (Yayame)

Comic LO
- (mother AR) "Seinen Komikku Eru O", Akane Shinsha. vol 74.
"Lolita Only" erotic manga magazine featuring Lolicon or prepubescent, early pubescent and highly juvenile-looking girls - overnight AR - (Suning)

Comic Megastore
- (APed UC, RNed) 2011. "Kami da Nomi" by Mitsuya? A small school shoujo prays to be made older overnight - manga - end - (Suning, Shmendrick, Wolfsoulex)

Comic Unreal Anthology
- (male AR, AA AP, Shotacon, Pregnant Femdom)
So ladies, you know that guy you really want, but in a dominating way? So you sneak over to his house, brainwash him, use your magical power to regress him, and then do unspeakable things in the span of a few pages with your "growth powers"?
- Hentai sexual unbirthing - (Dex164)

Comic Unreal
- (AA TF anthro APed) vol 25, higher-res. version.
Canoid entity upgrades to magical battle form - switch - (Suning)

- (AP AA) 04/2014, vol48, P312 - Fashion shoot transformation - (Dex164, Chriskim)

Comic Unreal
- (AR AA AP) vol33.
AR - AP - (Suning)

Comic Unreal
- (porn adult/teen age forms) KTC publication, 33 - hentai - (Process Forum)

Corner! He is an Alien
- (male AA TF power battle form) - small extract - (Akira)

Corner! He is an Alien
- (man AP) Akihiko Miyamoto, 2000s. Ikkaku, Kodansha shonen. - (Akira)

Cosmic Baton Girl Kometto-san
- (FB/FF) Ep25 "The Forgotten Brilliance" 2001/09/16.
AKA Princess Comet - full Veoh link - Youtube link - time jump of the teacher and his class @20:55 - (Adam)

Cosmo Police Justy
- (AP CB) Anime fury causes space preteen to rapidly increase in age. Like any girl in that situation, her fast-growing body can't help damaging her clothes.
Frame-by-frame AP grow-up scene - AP aftermath scene.
Adult teen life AA - she has to learn how to balance her larger, heavier body.
Video link - (Thunderagent)

Cosmo Police Justy
- (AP CB) Manga AP trauma - (viz, TB Tabby)

Cosmo Police Justy
- (AP) 1986 OVA. Astaris Vega is a 16-year-old with a 6-year-old mind; she aged herself by sheer force of psionic power. (Stefano)
The Tears of Astalis
- (excellent AP scene, CB) Part 1 manga, Tsuguo Okazaki, Viz.
A convict's young daughter watches as Justy vaporizes her father. Justy was not expecting to hear him cry out for his daughter with his last thought. The pain on Justy's face is evidence that he fully comprehends what he has done to this little girl.
Astalis declares, "Someday I'll grow up and be as strong as daddy, and then I promise I'll kill you! Yes, I'll kill you!" An old woman wants the reward for Astalis. She locks the little girl in a windowless room by herself. Then, in one big "UUURRRPP" Astalis begins to change, growing into a young woman. However, the expression on her face, and that badly done sound effect, give the impression that she is shocked at a massive burp she has just released. It's quite funny. Cosmo Police Justy2
This is followed by the demon-possessed look as her body triples in size and grows breasts and she nearly rips out of her child's clothing. The noise caused by this sudden growth spurt draws the old woman back to the room where she finds a young woman in the place of the child she locked in there. Astalis escapes and wanders a desolate town on Doon in her ill-fitting clothes. She now has the body of a woman, but her mind is still that of a child's. This becomes especially evident when she stumbles across a little boy who has some food; they exchange a series of looks that, one child to another, they both understood, and he agrees to give her just a little, much to her delight. Cosmo Police Justy3
A creepy man grabs her arm. Astalis uses her power to protect herself. We as the reader are simply wondering how she manages to stay in those clothes, which after her encounter with the "bad men" leave her right breast hanging completely out. Her child's mentality and thirst for revenge keep her from noticing or caring that her clothing is falling off of her now-developed body. Astalis explains she made herself older and stronger for her dad so she can kill Justy. Cosmo Police Justy4
- (AP, CB) Pt 2. Astalis begins to adapt to her new form. Justy defeats and captures her. Jerna is put in charge of this 5-year old in a woman's body. Astalis recovers quickly and goes on the attack within HQ after she learns Jerna is Justy's sister. God is used to explain away a necessary evil to a child! Justy tells Astalis, "God was on my side, Astalis. That's why you couldn't win." This whole explanation, religious bit included, does get Astalis to accept the truth about her father and Justy's apology. She's just a child so the battles can only grow from here! - cover

Cosplay Complex
- (AA AP BE) TF scene.
- (AP) Anime about the misadventures of a school costume-play club, whose efforts are aided by a Cosplay Fairy who can change into clothing at will. There are TF scenes of many types, mostly clothes. In the third episode there is a not bad AP sequence. (Stefano) The first pic is the shoujo normal, and the second is her
APed. (Kane)

Cosplay Sex Machine
- (age TF shapeshift) "Jinkou Shoujo: Henshin Sex Android", 2009 futanari anime.
Fanboy receives strange package which becomes shape-changing sexaroid Seri. She fulfills his fantasies (including anime characters from other shows), and assists him in tracking down the idol of his dreams.

- (AA TF APed form) Nao Akinari, 2009 manga. 29.
Chibi-angel Sasara's mission is to help people fall in love in order to increase Japan's birthrates by guiding losers through the dating process. She explains that the people she helps fall in love will make her grow.
- before/after - (Highlander)

Cowboy Bebop
- (age stasis) "Sympathy For the Devil." Wynn doesn't age.
- (male adult age disguised) - Jet looks like he could be in his 50s, but is only 36.

Cowboy Bebop
- (male AP) "Sympathy for the Devil" Session #6. A young boy looks 8 years old. He is immortal. A crystal is fired. The boy glows and he ages rapidly. He becomes a man. The transformation is quick. Then he is an old man. 1
- (flash back) "Speak Like a Child". Faye Valentine views old Beta tape from before she was frozen. 2
- (male age stasis, adult as child) Ep6. Wen looks like a young boy while actually being 80 years old.

Cowboy Bebop
- (male AS, male AP to OA) S01Ep06 "Sympathy For the Devil"
Boy prodigy Wen is discovered to be far older than he appears, his age frozen by a hyper-space gate accident. He puts people into comas to use them as his parents and kills to protect his secret. Eventually Spike returns time to the boy and he rapidly ages, becoming too old to stay alive. Pretty much nothing can hurt the kid except for time returning, which makes for dramatic moments as Spike tries to stop the kid from killing people.
- (Dieusani) ln - th

Cowboy Bebop
- (male OA) "Sympathy for the Devil"
Immortal child Wen's circadian rhythms were disrupted due to the gate explosion, resulting in him not aging like he should. The vast energy of the explosion was enclosed in the gem of a ring that his latest victim Giraffe threatened to use to "return time to him." Spike crafts the gem into a bullet, and Wen rapidly ages to death before Spike's very eyes.

Crash Bandicoot: Dance! De Jump! Na Daibouken
- (mental ARed) Vol02 Ch10 "Baby Crash", by Kawashima Ari, c1999.
Crash, Cortex and Uka Uka are trapped in a cave. Crash wants to be carried, but Cortex mentions only babies need carrying. Crash dresses up like a baby but Cortex tosses him. An icicle hits Crash in the head, making him think he is a baby.
- Gallery link - (Tazz)

Crayon Shin-chan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri
- (AR OC) "Kureyon Shinchan: Shurai!! Uchujin Shiriri", 25th movie, 4/15/2017.
Alien Shiriri basks Shin-chan's parents in his laser, making them 25 years younger. Hiroshi becomes 10 and Misae only 4. To change them back, they need to find Shiriri's father. It actually does have mild process with baggy clothes, to my pleasant surprise. I hope that Shin-chan's parents won't be the only victims of this de-aging ray...
- Trailer link - gif - (Azerty47)

Cream(y) Lemon
- (AP scene UC, BE) 12 "A Couple's Life of Heartbreak" Little Ruri loves older Koji, but Koji has eyes only for Konami, the idol singer. When Ruri wishes upon a star, her prayers are answered by her fairy god-fox, who grants her the power to transform herself into a grown woman. The very next day Ruri decides to try out her power by asking Koji for a date. She gets a bit more than she expected, though, when Koji can't resist her curvaceous new body.
- AR-AP cover - AP

Creamy Lemon
- (AP UC glimpse) A preteen wished to be aged in order to experience adult pleasures.
Higher resolution of previously posted gifs - link - link - (NightElf37)

Creamy Lemon
- (AP) - caps

Creamy Lemon
- (dedicated APed CB) fan art - (Trickbind)

Creamy Mami
- (AA AP, RN) 19 - 20
- (AP AA) Anime.
- TF - TF - TF - TF

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF AP) - 2 gifs

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF APs) - Just a hint of the power of female anime growth - 6 gif page

Creamy Mami
- (AA TF sequences age-up) - The last 4: gifs - gifs

Creamy Mami
- (AP series) 1983 Aliens give her the power to change into an older girl, and become an idol star.
So what's a 10-year-old to do when she's got a 16-year-old body?
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8
- 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14
- 15 (TF) 16 - 17
- AR scene - link

Creamy Mami
- (AP series)
One of the best AP TF scenes in the history of Japan. Also 2 images of Mami still wearing her child-sized night gown:
- AP - Another view of Mami's first transformation.
- AP paper dolls.
- ages - ages - ages - ages
- ages - ages - ages
- TFs - 35
- dolls - gif - manga 7 TF aftermath scans - hentai
- TF
- 1985, "Long Goodbye" was set several years after the original series. Mami had grown to adult size through normal means, but still has the same hairstyle as her child form.
She begins to transform into her idol form involuntarily - FF
- age forms

Creamy Mami
- (AP) - scans
- (first AP) - 45
- (AA AP/RN series) Album cover art

Creamy Mami
- (AP) - Higher resolution gif extract of her previously posted first TF scene.

Creamy Mami
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Long Goodbye
- (TF APed form, RN TF ARed) 1985 OVA. 1 hour special.
Shingo is planning the big budget film "A Story of Two Worlds" starring Megumi. Yuu is asked to costar in the film in her full adult form. But her transformation to and from Creamy Mami is happening without her wanting it. Can the magic last long enough?
The first sequence, though limited with a flash of light, occurs @14m03s. It's more like a late preteen to teen change, though she got noticeably taller. The magic also applied makeup to conceal her identity. There are several more changes: The first revert is in the late afternoon (no flashes, just a moving shadow outline). A bit later Yuu goes to bed as herself, only to find she's changed into Mami again in the morning. Things get difficult at the studio with the uncontrolled changes.
- Full anime OVA link
- SCREENCAPS PAGE - (NightElf37)

Creamy Mami
Mahou no Tenshi Kuriimii Mami

- (AR AA TFs)
Someone made a compilation of all the TFs in the show, including the few AR RNs. More to come.
- All 3 AR AA morph gifs - (NightElf37)

Creo the Crimson Crises
- (AP glimpse) - AP scene.

- (male AR/AP, female AP?) Haritama Hiroki, 2009, Kodansha.
- One can be transformed into their future appearance via the Time Motor. What reality is waiting? A boy dreams, longing for a girl. 2 protagonists cross in a dramatic fashion!
- Intro small extract - (Akira)

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
- (male AR AA, male ARed OC) Ep4, 2015 anime. LOVE! Binan Koko Chikyu Boei-bu Love! The shonen heroes are reverted twice, falling out of their magical costumes.
- AR starts c12:00 - screencaps
- (Atsuyo, Dawnofmawl, Octavian, Entropic)

- (TG, teen to adult AP) Makoto Tateno manga, 2004+. High school shoujo Jun Takaoka is in love with Mitsuru Sudo, who desires adult-like women. Jun drinks a hormone growth test-medicine her father made to confess her love feelings. She wants to change into an adult-like woman, but transforms into an adult-like man instead. Although she returns to her original figure, she transforms into a man whenever her heart beats faster with Mitsuru. A high school boy who transforms into a woman also appears, and the story becomes complex.

Cutey Honey
- (demon age change, TF) Warrior of Love has the ability to change her appearance to anything she wants and her powers match her appearance.
- Go Nagai's New Cutey Honey Vol.2 Episode 4. Cutey takes on The Black Maiden, a nude teenage female in a giant black robot battle suit. The Black Maiden undergoes a transformation revealing her to be Panther Zora. During her transformation she goes from the flat chested teen Maiden to the buxom and evil Zora. It's more like an AA AP. (Justbe)

Cyber Blue: The Lost Children
- (male 18 to 21 TF muscle) Yoshihara Motoki remake, 2010 - pages - (Akira)

Cyber Blue: The Lost Children
- (male young adult body development) - after/before - (Akira)

Cyber Blue
- (male AP) 15 year old Blue is accused of an offense he didn't commit. He becomes a youth of about 25 with special mental powers. (Akira)

Cyber Blue
- (male young adult muscle boost) by Tetsuo Hara, Zenon DX, Weekly Shonen Jump, 1988–89.
Original version. In 2035, on the devastated colony planet Tinos, Blue merged with a 300 y.o. robot to revive as a powerful human cyber being.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Cyberteam in Akihabara
- (AP) Anime DVD. The main characters' PataPi (e-pets with legs) change into older versions of the shoujos. (Quadhouse, Process Forum)
- (AP AA TF scenes) Anime eps 1-22. Group of girls finds toys that allow them to transform into killer women mecha machines.

Cyborg Grandpa-G
- (old age AA, adult rejuvenation, RN) Tokyo is endangered by a youth sucking monster, which wants to turn Japan into an elderly nation! Standing in his path is G-chan, a retired senior citizen whose hobbies include gardening, painting, and converting himself, his wife, and his talking dog into 2000 HP combat cyborgs! Manga link

Cyclops Shoujo Saipu
- (FFed, BE'd) Tora Yasu, c2012.
In middle school Fuuka's puberty kicked in. Now she's really tall and has huge boobs. Her affection for her older brother was cute when she was a little girl and said she wanted to marry him. Now it just freaks him out, since she's adult enough to follow through - 01

- (AR) "Moving in The Storm: 2 AM", #159, 1975, Jump Comics.
The series tells the story of a boy named Allen Walker, a member of an organization of Exorcists who make use of an ancient substance called Innocence to combat the Millennium Earl and his demonic army of Akuma. Sadly, it never made it to the anime series. Kanda and Lavi are turned into children - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male TF AP with slight UC) "Dark of Resurrection" anime 1.
Japan only video link - screencaps - (AniChan, Akira)

Dai Mahou Touge
- (AA APed, ARed RN) Anime ep 8, 2006. Pyun and Potaru got beaten up again and want revenge. (Tuxedo Will) AA APed
"It can't always be like it is now, becoming an adult is kinda scary" Pyun and Potaru AP from 8 year olds to sexy 20-something adults using magic pastry spell. They hope to defeat high-school aged sister Punie using their newfound size and power advantage. After the battle, the twins quickly AR back to 8. (Tuxedo Will,

Daimaou no OFF
- (demon ARed) Ch14. Mizuno Madoka, 2016, Leed.
Female Demon Lord wakes as a baby because of anti-aging drugs? No process, but we get decent glimpses of her oversized clothes, and it's pretty darn cute. The AR continues in the following chapters, though I couldn't tell for sure how she RNs. It's implied she gradually but rapidly grows back in AA clothes (a la Hare Guu).
- Info link - Chapter link - extract - 2 - (Azerty-2)

Dalao Chongfan Shiliu Sui
- (male mind transfer rejuved effect) by San Mao, Ye Yi, Xing Kong. China, c2019+
"Gangster returns to 16". Powerful crime lord got shot and killed, but then wakes in the body of a 16 year old male at high school.
- Chapters link - (Mysteryshadow)

Dalen Jean
- (male AP)
After dealings with Crepsre to save the friend Steve Lennard, Dalen becomes a vampire hero. He was a usual boy who gradually becomes a genuine vampire. He rapidly grows up, with the body going from 12 to 15 years old, in a ceremony called a purification action. A lot of hairs grow, though his hairstyle was clean shaven. (Akira)

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan
- (male ARs, unseen RNed) Ep08 "A Town Without Adults" Hidive.
Anime based on video game. The princes of Inaco's neighboring lands are good-looking, but hilariously weird. They proceed to go on wacky adventures.
The heroes reach a village plagued by a curse that turns ONLY men into boys. The male heroes are affected after they arrive. Incorrigible flirt Vino is turned into a child. Vino refers to Ani by a childish nickname, so a passerby thinks his mind was reverted too. However Vino always talks to her that way. Prince Mare and the others were also regressed. They find it's caused by a demon, purify it, and the curse is lifted, returning the men to normal offscreen.
It's pretty cute, but while it leaves the victims in oversized clothes, there's no process; the scenes just cut away to the aftermaths. As a side note, how come so many ARs I find on Google lately are almost exclusively male instead of both genders? Oh well, whatever.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Azerty47, SKJAM, Neverlander)

Danball Senki Wars
- (male adult rejuvenated, male RN AA to old age) Ep36, "To the future of us", 2013.
Seredy Kreisler's true character was an old man. He was 90 years old in fact, but was rejuvenated into a 15-year-old boy. Finally he returned to his old figure again.
- Ep video link - screencaps - (Akira)

danbooru AR art
- (AR) Manga artworks gathered over many months were earlier posted on the Process Forum.
The reversal begins : teenhood - childhood - oversized clothing aftermath scenes.
- (tjlemke)

danbooru AR finds
- (AR)
Catgirls are more likely to suffer from sudden age changes than normal girls - shrunk
- blondes - aftermaths
De-aged incident - de-aged incident
- (images found and provided by Tjlemke)

danbooru board AR finds
- (ARed) age forms - after - (Tjlemke)

Danbooru boards
- (AR) biochemistry experiment has failed - accident aftermath fan art - (tjlemke)

- (AR) - regression incident (read right to left) - before/after comparison - serum aftermath (Suning)

Dance in the Vampire Bund
- (AA AP) Ch12 manga - scan (gamonthehand)

Dance in the Vampire Bund
- (AA APed, RN ARed) Nozomu Tamaki manga.
Warrior shoujo flings away her child-sized clothing and, after having done so, then grows up into a nude adult.
- Vampire/werewolf battle

Dance in the Vampire Bund
- (mostly off-screen AP/AR) Lolicon manga, Tamaki Nozomu.
Vampire queen buys landfill in Tokyo Bay as vampire sanctuary. At the end of vol01, we are treated to an AP event. The story semi-indicates it may be a ghost. The female AP appears again in Vol02 Ch12, where Adult Form fights the main character's Were Form.

Dance in the Vampire Bund
- (TF AP) 2010 anime, Ep07.
There was a very nice and smooth sequence between 17:10 to 17:30. Princess Mina was glowing very bright - (The Vanishing Boy)

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken
- (preteen age stasis effect) "I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying".
4-panel manga by Coolkyousinnjya & anime, Ichijinsha, 2011-2015.
Rino Juse looks and acts 5 despite being 25. Her husband Nozomu mistook her for a Child Prodigy and feared he'd be mistaken for a pedophile. They rarely have sex because he's concerned, though that didn't stop her from safely birthing triplets in the spin-off epilogue.

Dark Elf
- (AP/AR) It is an elf and we don't have enough brown girls in pornography. There are some sex scenes until she reverts back.
Misono Jogakuen Bunkasai - Endless Requiem (yasha) - Kami No Misosiru (Misao) - Those Who Hunt Elves - Seirei No Musubimi (Arcana Heart) - ARCANA Do-M Hoihoi - Kira hen.
- (Dex164)

Dark Whisper
- (unknown age TFed) Yamashita Ikuto, 1990? Serialized in Dengeki Daioh. Girl age fixation processing. (Hill)

Darker Than BLACK
- (AP, AR) Season 1 Ep 20: "Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2nd Volume)" (Jeffr 2bya)
- (AR) Anime. Creepy and stalker-ish, green-haired Amber is Hei's old comrade from the War. Amber's contractor power is control of time. She can turn back time, and can even see into the future to some degree. The price that she has to pay, however, is high. Every time she uses her power, she becomes younger. This might seem nice initially, but by the end of the series, she looks like a toddler. For obvious reasons, the Amber/Hei pairing has no future. It will be quite impossible.
- (male AR scene) Anime. A villain is defeated into a small boy wearing oversized clothes.
- Male rapid regression - aftermath scene.

Darker Than Black
- (AR elimination) anime AR (tifa, catgirl)

Darker Than Black
- (reverse aging) Amber currently looks like a teenager; a flashback to 5 years earlier shows her looking 20-something. We have no idea how old she actually is.

Darker Than Black
- (young adult/OA age forms) - INFO PAGE

Darling in the Franxx
- (social/mental age groups) AKA DarliFra, anime by CloverWorks, Trigger, 2018.
Immortal adults live in Plantation cities where procreation became obsolete. Artificial "parasite" children with short lifespans are kept in "birdcages" emulating bygone eras to pilot giant mecha Franxx in boy-girl pairs to defend against klaxosaurs. Hiro encounters Zero Two, an elite Franxx "Partner Killer". Despite the rumors, he volunteers to become her new "darling" partner. In the future, Hiro and Zero Two were reincarnated into children who meet in the final episode.

Dash Kappei
- (male AA TF, body extension) Ch17. Sports manga by Noboru Rokuda, 1980-, Weekly Shounen Sunday, 158 ch.
Kappei Sakamoto excels at every sport Seirin High School offers. Standing not even one meter tall, his Achilles' heel is female undergarments, resulting in frequent beatdowns from the female coach - extract - (Akira)

Date A Live
- (AA angel forms) 6th spirit Natsumi appears past 20 y.o. It is later revealed her true form is a little shoujo with unkempt hair and clothing.

Date A Live
- (AA) S3Ep4 also has a couple of age-up & AR TFs in it - (Carlton)

Date A Live
- (demon AA age forms, ARed cutaway) S3Ep3 "You're Natsumi" 1/25/2019.
Light novel series. Natsumi disguised herself as Yoshinon the puppet. All the missing people reappear, and Natsumi's true form of a little shoujo is revealed. Natsumi then transforms the spirits into younger versions of themselves.
Off screen process. Female age-up at 21:12. Female half of the main cast transformed into children at 21:34 or 23:21 - (Carlton)

Date A Live
- (demon age battle forms) S03Ep11.
The mighty spirit Kurumi Tokisaki uses her powers to increase in stature to aid Shido Itsuki in combat. The RN reversion happened off screen - (Carlton)

Date A Live
- (demon age TFed appearance?) S4Ep5 "Fairy Tale" 2022/05/06.
Westcott forces the Spirits to play the parts of fictional characters. An alternate version of Shido comes to their aid - (Carlton)

Date A Live
- (demon TF AP & RN AR forms) S03Ep12.
Kurumi uses her power to progress herself into her adult busty form to flirt with Shido. She reverts back when her power suddenly deactivates itself - (Carlton)

Date A Live
- (demon/ghost AA age forms TF)
- S3Ep6. Natsumi uses her powers to AA AP & AR herself.
Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet 3
- Noco, 2018. Spin-off novel/side story.
Magical spirit entity Kurumi Tokisaki battles the "White Queen" (an alternate Kurumi). The White Queen steals a lot of Kurumi's "time", rendering her with a much younger appearance. There is also a pic of adult Kurumi.
- Gothic lolita/bullet dress/heterochromia Art
- (Carlton, MysteryShadow)

De-mon Seiten (?)
- (AR) Title means "demon sacred book". Set in the near future. A "demon disease" causes a man to rejuvenate and, at the end, disappear. A girl hero is also rejuvenated to 10 years old from 17 years old. (Akira) from cover

Dead Leaves
- (AP) Retro and Pandy have sex, and she is visibly pregnant roughly ten minutes later; not long after that, the baby just kind of... comes out of its own volition, but ages super fast and dies in short order.

Dead Leaves
- (male AP) 2004 anime, Hiroyuki Imaishi.
Retro and Pandy (now obviously pregnant) reunite, and find themselves facing down the Warden. The baby (who has a pair of speakers for ears) births itself, and floats through the air while dual-wielding pistols. Pandy, Retro and the baby (who has aged into a young adult) pursue, but are unable to stop the giant space caterpillar/Warden. So the baby, who's now an old man, flies into its mouth and blows it up.

Deadman Wonderland
- (fake children, kinda like age form disguises)
Powerful combat shoujos often appear as innocent caricatures before their first battle.
- 2nd Grade Undertaker (Deadman neutralizer) Daida "Punishment" Hibana knows way too much about various methods of torture, having apparently learned from her mother as seen in flashback. Understandably, she is a bit delusional having to invent nonsensical punishments for herself. She uses a sectioned sword as large as her body.
- Minatsuki Takami was already a sadistic psychopath as a child.
- At first Creepy Twins Ichi and Hajime appeared to be a single, creepy Forgery Kid with a lollipop.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
- (male adult rejuvenation illusion) 2018 anime, 12 Eps.
A 29 y.o. programmer for an online RPG wakes in an alternate world with many similarities to his game. He also discovers that he now has the body of a 15 year old.
- Info link - (Gilamon)

- (demon TFs, body swap, TG, AP, AR) AKA DEATH LESS by Rikudo Koshi, 2010-2016.
Serialization: Gekkan Young Kings OURs GH. Bespectacled university student Mizuki lives with her grandparents. Strange women Suzaku and Kamado are deathless beings who consume time from people. Now Suzaku and Mizuki share the same body...! Most changes are via time manipulation, seems that the regression is only temporary. Contains loli, the series is non-hentai.
Vol02 2011 - AR-AP-TG/AP.
Vol04 2012 - AR.
Vol06 2013 - AR-TF.
Vol07 2013 - AR-TF.
Vol09 2014 - AR-AP-TF.
- Code: - Restricted thread link - Manga OA AR extract - (Shadow00000)

- (flashback) 2 "My Dear Friend" Anime. Interesting tale of three girls, Aki, Saori, and Itou, who dig up a time capsule they buried 10 years ago as first-graders, only to realize that there was a fourth girl who was with them that day whom none of the three can really remember. They find out who the little girl was and what she left behind in the time capsule....

Deka Kyoushi
- (male AR effects) AKA Deka Kyoshi, Deca Teacher, #3, by Tamio Baba, 2007.
Flex Comix, from Monthly Shonen Blood (suspended). Psycholo Files of a tense hostage situation.
- Small extract - Small extract - (Akira)

deleted Japanese AP Board
- (dedicated AP UC) schoolgirl incident.

Delicious Party Pretty Cure
- (furry AA costume TF APed) Ep27 "Kome-Kome's Big Change!? Ran's Happiness Plan" 2022/09.
Kome-Kome uses magic to AA into a teenager at 13:10 - Scene link - (Carlton)

Delicious Party Pretty Cure
- (furry AA TF APed) 19th installment, 2022-23 - Ep27 screencaps

delivery service
- (dedicated AP, male APed) Witch spurt - (Attack Team)

Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
- (AA TF scene, older mahou form) Vol02 Ch22.
The grandmother's kid Momo also became a Magical Girl.
- Chapter link - extract - (NightElf37)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (AA TFs, TGed, rejuvenated age form) Tomonobu Tsuyomi, Tsubaki Ayumi, c2019.
Can You Become A Magical Girl? Peaceful Amanogawa town is in crisis due to demon attacks. An 88 y.o. grandma is given the ability to TF into a young mahou shoujo to fight the demons. In Ch10, a young boy is also given the power to transform into a magical girl.
- Manga link - (Carlton)

Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
- (adult rejuvenated) A granny becomes a magical girl.
XX demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka? - Can I become a magical girl even though I'm XX?
Ch01. The town is attacked by a demon who turns shoujos into figures. Granny listens to his tragicomedic backstory, gives advice, and even cooks for him to turn him back - - (NightElf37)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (male AR OC) Can You Become A Magical Girl?
Ch16 Vol02. A boy named Aoi is regressed into a baby to help save his mother's soul.
- Full chapter link - longer extract - (Carlton)

Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
- (OA rejuv, AR, doll) Tsubaki Ayumi, 2017. Shogakukan biweekly webcomic.
xx Honyarara Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka? Can you become a magical girl? AKA Grandma still can turn into a mahou shoujo? Seems like bad spirits have fetishes and TF people into their fetishes.
- Ch01: Old Lady to mahou teen everytime Grandma does a henshin -
- Ch02: Teen to Kindergarten -
Main link: - extract - (Suning)

Demo mahou shoujo ni naremasu ka?
- (old to young adult TF AA rejuvs, RNed) Can You Become A Magical Girl?
There are a few more TF rejuvenations scattered throughout the manga, given the elderly protagonist's magical condition.
- Vol01 Ch01 link - The first TF extract - (NightElf37)

demon age forms (theme)
- (AA TF) - vampire caps

demon age forms (theme)
- (demon AA TF) My friend Yukiko told me about a hentai involving elves. One elf was too loli in comparison to the overly voluptuous others. Official pictures prove this demon has a mature form. If the hentai keeps going, some sex transformations may occur - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)

Dengeki Daioh
- (anthro AR) It happens when someone pulls her tail - reversion - (Suning)

Densetsu no Yuusha da Garn
- ("ARed" disguise, AA TF RN AP) Ep28 "My friend is a witch?!" 1992/08/15 - Episode link - caps - (Akira)

Densetsu no Yuusha da Garn
- (AR AA disguise, AA RN) Ep22, 1992.
"Legendary Hero Da Gaan" villainess again infiltrates the hero's middle school as an innocent looking schoolgirl to steal his TF device - Episode link - caps
- (male alien TFed size reduction, "ARed"-like effect) Enemy cadre "Buccio", De Buccho, is a giant like the Incredible Hulk. Usually rejuvenated to the size of a human child, he is a circus leader. The toad-like creature was resurrected into 8 smaller versions of himself.
- (Akira)

Densetsu no Yuusha da Garn
- (ARed AA into teen form) A terrible punishment? Ep30 - link - caps - (Akira)

Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn
- (ARed infiltration form) Ep 14, 1992.
Pink Yamamoto was Lady Pinky's disguise as a cutesy little girl. She appears too mature to be 12. Ohboss' eventual punishment for Lady Pinky's many failures would be rapid aging.
- Episode link - caps - (Akira)

Deo Geimeo
- (AA AP poof) AKA The Gamer, AKA 더 게이머. Korean manhwa by Naver, 2013-.
A dialogue box appears in front of Han Jee-Han. He recognizes that he has become a video game character, and supernatural events start happening. The loli who taught him magic makes him join a mission. She gets in the driver's seat of a car and... well, see for yourself. In 3/4, the earth spirit also levels up with AA TF AP, although the process is kind of poof-ish.
- Direct scene link - partial extract - (Anonsuper, Zenaku)

Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
- (postmortem male AA age forms) S02Ep11 "Episode 11" 3/18/2017.
The purgatory-like place where the recently deceased cross the Sanzu River requires a fare, which, big surprise, Sukeroku hasn't been able to afford yet. He asks Yakumo for money to move on. For a while they become young boys and then young men as they discuss the past. In this place time is kinda hard to put a finger on. Once Yakumo's a boy again, he quickly falls back comfortably into the deep brotherly bond they shared.

Desert Punk
- (flash forward) Anime features pervert character Sunabouzu. He meets a little girl who begs to become his apprentice. He refuses, until she shows him a fake picture of her mom, who is very hot, and extremely well endowed. So, he agrees to take her on, planning on raising her to be his perfect woman. Sunabozu has repeatedly teased her about being flat-chested and she hates huge chested women because of it. Poorly done dream sequence morph shows her aging into a hottie like her "mother". Kosuna herself imagines what she'll look like when she gets older. When both Junko and Kosuna were in trouble, he was unable to decide between saving the current pleasure (Junko) or the flower yet to blossom (Kosuna), thus showing what a pleasure loving pervert he is. (XD)

Desert Punk
- (male adult growth) Desert gang leader Makoto has a case of "Hulk Syndrome." Insult his mother, and he grows huge muscles, goes berserk, and destroys anyone who crosses him. You gotta say she has a fat belly button for him to really get mad.

Detective Conan
- (unseen AP before/after comparison, AR)
Anime regressee Ai trembles as her child-sized body prepares to temporarily grow back to her true biological age. The screen fades to black at this delicate time. After the growth spurt, she of course no longer wears her preteen clothes - AP - AR scene.

Detective Conan
- (male AR, male AP) 17 year old Shinichi Kudou is regressed to a 6 year old kid. At least once in the series he returns to his older age.
- A programmer invents a machine to predict the face of a human being in ten years time. Conan's 6-year-old friends are pleased with this. However, Conan does not try the machine personally because he was already rejuvenated 10 years, and must hide his identity. (Akira)
- (old age) 2000 Vol. 28: Kimie disguises herself as her 120 year old grandmother.
- (AR, AP AA) Hentai manga. ARed - APed - ARed - cover (
- (AR, male ARed) AKA "Case Closed" anime. Ep 128, Ep 129 "A University Professor and the Girl Who Came From the Black Organization" 12/21/98. The new girl in Shinichi's elementary school class, Haibara Ai, reveals she was the Black Corps scientist who developed the AR drug which regressed Shinichi. She took her own drug to commit suicide. Apoptoxin is supposed to cause all cells to apoptose, or commit suicide. Rather than die, she regressed and escaped. You see her hand/arm shrink enough to slip out of the now-too-large handcuff. Apoptoxin and its resulting regressions are excruciatingly painful. She's barely able to crawl out of the lab in her now too large lab coat, let alone react to her condition. She attaches herself to Shinichi, the only one who shares her situation.
- (unseen AP, AR RN) Ep 176 "Meeting with the Black Organization Again" Part 1 (1/17/00), Ep 177, Ep 178: Shinichi has Ai drink an old Chinese sake named Paikuru which returns one's body to its proper age for a short while, although it only works once before the body developes an immunity. There's a long buildup to the (unseen?) AP which makes for a good mood-setter. Afterward (offscreen?) she immediately removed the remains of her child clothes and changed into worker's coveralls. She only came up to the knees of adults, which makes for quite a size change and much destroyed clothing. Shinichi now only reaches his girlfriend's knees with much interaction. The effects of the alcohol wear off and Ai regresses back to her child form. Ai wants to stay a child, otherwise the Black Corps. will find her immediately and kill her. She was shot several times and fell down the chimney just prior to the AR, and realizes 3 seconds later a Black Corps. assassin was sitting on the room watching her regress - 6 (dsojourn)

Detective Conan
- (AR) Anime. Haibara Ai uses an experimental AR drug to escape from her handcuffs. All alone with nowhere to go, she turns to the similarly reverted Conan until they can find a cure for their condition - AR

Detective Conan
- (AR) Ep178, Ai Haibara fireplace regression scene.
Clip link - gif - (NightElf37)

Detective Conan
- (ARed OC aftermaths) AKA "Case Closed", 2018.
Found this merch during a trip to Japan. It shows some other characters than just Shinichi, whose bodies have shrunk back to childhood.
- figures - (NightElf37)

Detective Conan
- (ARed, male FFed time skip) "Quarter of Silence" 2011.
Touma is in the opposite position of Conan. In elementary school he had an accident that put him in a state of sleep for 8 years. He was surprised to find he had transformed into a 16-year-old although his mind was still that of an elementary schooler, and felt uncomfortable with the change in voice. Since he witnessed a mysterious culprit, his life is threatened.
- Anime trailer link - manga extract - (Akira)

Detective Conan
- (ARed) Vol99 1048-1049 "Why Are You Crying...?" 2020.
Young detective prodigy and others were shrunk into children's bodies with a secret drug. Spy character was forcibly made younger than her own daughter while underwater.
- Full manga link - extract - (Areat)

Detective Moko
- (old aged, adult youth disguised) 198? Moko has used robber masks to disguise herself as many characters: young or old.

Deviant Artist: GomyuGomyu
- (dedicated age swaps) - art

Deviant Artist: GomyuGomyu
- (dedicated AR) AKA MogMog - It's been a very difficult year changes - changing

Devil & Devil
- (AR) One of the first monsters was a huge tentacled... thing, that sucks time out of people. It turned a young woman and two young girls into babies, and a third young girl into a child, but they all reverted when it got its ass handed to it by Sword.

Devil & Devil
- (AR) Schoolgirl watches tentacle monster rejuvenate classmate - AR (meanfean)
- (AR) Time-sucking tentacle causes age loss in oversized clothing - AR (Process)

Devil & Devil
- (ARed) The manga mentions a young female teacher was turned into a baby at dusk. The tentacle aftermath was briefly shown. A mysterious baby appeared outside the school when the teacher disappeared, swaddled in her oversized clothing. It took a while to realize what had happened - extract
- Uni the little sister got a reverse growth when transformed - (Azerty47, Trash Raider)

Devil May Cry 3
- (AP UC transformation) Code 1: Dante.
A young shoujo offered herself in a devilish ritual. Her growing feet apparently removed her child-sized shoes and stockings. It starts around page 88.
- Full manga link - TF extract - (The AP Master)

Devil May Cry 3
- (AP, RN) Manga issue 1, prequel to Playstation 2 game, 2005.
Dante sees young girl in chair, holding stuffed rabbit. Dante shoots the stuffed rabbit out of the girl's hand. She doesn't move.
Dante : Jackpot! C'mon Alice. Time to go back through the looking glass.
Alice's eyes open, showing all black. She growls as her legs lengthen and she stands up, more than twice as tall as Dante.
Dante : Well this is new. I've heard of kids having growth spurts, but you, darlin'
Dante shoots out her knees, and she falls to the ground, held up by stubs from where her legs were.
Dante : Heh. Give the term knee-high a whole new meaning. *sigh* Kids today. They grow up so damned fast! Bad little girls go to time out. Big time.
The rabbit spreads a clawed hand to child-age Alice, who begins changing. She starts to scream.
Rabbit : Do you think she will return to her parents? How do you think she came to be here?
Dante leaps up and grabs Alice, landing safely with her in his arms. Alice has turned into a full-grown woman now. She brings up her arms to hug Dante.
Alice : You saved me! My hero! Look! I have breasts! And my legs, they're so long. Do you like me, Dante? Do you want me? Am I desirable as an adult? I hated that no one noticed me. I wanted to hurry up and become an adult. I always believed that my prince would come for me. I must do this! I'll never go back! Not when I'm so pretty! Let me go! What are you?! No! NOOOO!
Dante lies on top of the now normal aged Alice.

Devilman G
- (demon TFs GTH APed form) by Takatou Rui & Go Nagai, 2012-14. Yokoku Hen. Champion RED Ch08-12-13.
AKA Devilman Grimoire. Rainuma Tsubasa somehow acquires Sirene's battle powers. There is nothing to compare her increased height until Ch13. Contains loli & gore.
- Code: - extract - TF extract - (Shadow00000)

Devilman Grimoire
- (demon TF AP) Devilman series, AKA "Devilman G", c2013.
Supposed to be a human vessel for demoness "Sirene", Tsubasa's conciousness was resisting. After Tsubasa was rescued, a minion kills an old scientist close to Tsubasa, weakens her conciousness, and injects Sirene's essence by force, allowing Sirene to finally take over.
- Extract - (Chriskim019)

Di Gi Charat Nyo!
- (ARed, AA'd back to normal) Ep101.
The characters glow back to their normal forms - Vid link 0:48-1:00 - caps - (Chriskim019)

Di Gi Charat Nyo
- (AP AA, RNed) Anime ep51 "Chotto dake Oneesan kibun nyo"
The class instruction for the day is to drink a weird juice. All the shoujos glow gold. Suddenly they grow into young adults! Gema freaks out completely. The shoujos have aged by 5 years, and now look about 15. They're much taller, with a slightly mature character design. Aqua also becomes a "young adult" at roughly 180 years old. The magically aged shoujos go to the Maneki Shopping District. Yasushi is excited to see a more mature Puchiko. Daifuku and Kinako are crying because their "little girl has grown up". Mike is super-excited because she can finally ride the rollercoasters. An x-ray shows that she's only 150 cm tall, but when the ride worker lets her onboard, Mike jumps on the guy and hugs him to death. She then sits down, wearing sunglasses, and says that mature people order black coffee. Everybody applauds her maturity. That night, Rabi remembers she can transform. The next day, she bursts into the classroom as a trendy, 19-year old girl, like a kogal with bunny ears. But the other shoujos have already returned to normal. Rabi gets very depressed that she has wasted all her effort.

Digi Charat
Ep 101. Petit Charat grows up. The princess school drinks a secret juice. After a dense light, the 5 year old suddenly has the form of 15 years old! Being late, not able to drink the juice, the vexatious sister loses seniority. 1

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!!
- (AR AA, RNed) Vol. 1, 2000/07.
Original Japanese version of Digimon movie 3. Corrupted Digimon Wendimon didn't recognize Wallace as he had gotten older. In his confusion to find his human partner, Wendimon abducts the original chosen children (minus Takeru and Hikari) and puts them in a strange space within himself. While inside they start to de-age. They were released back to normal after Wendimon's defeat.
- Screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

Digimon Frontier
- (APed) Izumi (girl) to Fairymon and Shutumon (older teen) TFs.
- (AP AA TF scenes) Anime eps 1-32. Izumi gains the power to change into sexy woman heroines, Fairymon and Shutumon.

Digimon Tamers
- (AA AP) Anime 45b "The D-Reaper's Disguise" - age demon caps (Process)

Digimon Tamers
- (AP AA) Series 3, Ep45B, "The D-Reaper's Disguise".
Evil clone emo girl with handpuppet age progresses herself and turns into a monster. Jerrie started the transformation by growing taller.
video link @ 07:20
- (APed TF) Ep 46B "When Is a Mon JustiMon?". The process continues:
video link @ 01:57
(pitviper18, Darkborn, gammera1976, geno13)

Digimon Tamers
9/29/01 Takato talks to a female friend about his evolved Digimon, Gilamon. The female friend assumes he's talking about a girl who's recently been "developing" and he now feels awkward around. This gives her the mental image of a female silhouette going from pre-teen to teen... (SKJAM!)

Digimon Xros Wars
- (male AA TF APed) 2010 anime.
Heroes live in an empty country of angels where two men fight. The gentle-minded boy had a spirit of evil. He transforms from a young person's form, half of his body becoming satanic in appearance.
- Info link - link - (Akira)

Digimon: the Movie
- (AR, RN) Around the end of the movie the 12 year old children become 4 or 5 years old. It lasts a long time.
- Movie 3: "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown" and "Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals" is the part that contains AR. A Digimon is making everyone age backwards to try to find Willis, who was 4 years old the last time when he was last seen. Includes AR of other people and Digidestined. (TBTC)

Digimon: The Movie
- (AR) Enemy Digimon's vaguely-defined powers somehow cause several human characters to become toddler versions of themselves. Sadly, this is all done by cutaways, but what the hey.
- (SKJAM!) ln - th

- (AA FF) "Talia Through The Years" fan art age stages - (Brillonsloup)

- (age spurt) fan gif hiccup - (ARSA boards)

- (AP outline) (2BYA) AP

- (AP) During "spirit evolution" the dress is torn and replaced by armor. The body grows and the voice becomes low. (Akira)
- 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
- Kari Kamiya - Mimi
APed AA:
- APed - APed

- (dedicated TF AP) - fan art - (Eduart Boudewijn)

- (dedicated TF AR) "bnb M&E training i kid you not" c2014 fan comic - (Lord Evell)

- (FFed) The anime finale presents the Chosen Children as adults with children of their own, but still maintaining their Digimon companions. By the end, everyone has seen Digimons in one form or another, and so they became ubiquitous.

- (TF AA AP) demon form upgrade - (Process)

Dirty Pair Flash
- (BE TF) Kei's anime transformation scene sometimes includes her growing breasts damaging her shirt.

Divergence Eve
- (time reset) Anime. 13: Mission 3 (24 December 2317). In the Ghoul War, time is rewound to 7 April 2314, back when everyone was at the Allied Forces Military Academy.
Divergence Eve Misaki Chronicles #3: Continuum
- (adult flash forward) Many years later, Ertiana is reunited with Lyar, now an older woman. Past and present contrast.

Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon
- (mahou AA TF, age combat forms) by Kenji Saito, Shoji Sato, 2019.
Vol01. Middle school classmates Kaguya and Himawari were abducted by the secret society Millennium - extract

Dna No Kagami
- (AR TG) (Farhad) A boy was turned into a little girl. 1

- (male upgrade) Mega-Playboy is Junta's alter-ego, gifted with super speed and strength, and the ability to swoon any girl at will. Junta gained the ability to transform after being shot by Karin's DCM bullets. However the more he transforms, the more his DNA stabilizes.

- (male AP) Manga. On his 14th birthday Niwa Daisuke suddenly feels hot. Something starts happening with his DNA and he is transformed into an older form. He demands that his mother explain this. He transforms into the mysterious thief Dark Mousey whenever he sees Risa, the girl he likes... and he gets transformed back only when he sees her sister Riku! Animation started 04/03. When disguising himself as the thief "darkness", the body becomes large and the clothing is also torn. Voice and character change. In fact, the boy who is following him also disguises himself as an adult. 1 (Akira)

Doctor Slump
- (demon TF or TG AA age-up form) Gatchan is genderless - link - link - screencaps - (Andu22, CinderBH)

Doctor Slump
- (male AR) "Dr. Slump", 1997, Ep23 anime remake.
The doctor wants to increase his chances by creating a youth potion. It works but too well and he turns into a baby. The AR starts around 2:20.
The youth potion story is also featured in the older anime as well as the original manga.
- Video link - screen captures - RN - (Mad0charles)

Doctor Slump
- (male TF burstout expansion) 97-99 DragonBall prequel.
Goku transformation video link - link Viewable from Japan only.
- screencaps - (Akira)

Dog Days
- (AA TF) S3Ep4 age form battle upgrade - link - caps

Dog Days
- (dedicated furry AR) - Doggu Deizu 2011 anime. Eclair Martinozzi, 14 y.o. Knight of Biscotti fan art - (MisstyMeeadows)

Dog Days
- (multiple anthro ARs, RN)
"Battle at the Cave of Sealing!" 8/18/2012, S2Ep7.
- During a routine inspection of an old cave, one of the demon seals decays at the touch of Adel. This releases a demon that manifests as a horde of mice-like sprites.
As the trio fights to reseal the horde, it comes in contact with 2 of the 3 inspectors, ARing them to children.
They call in reinforcements of most of the main and secondary characters. During the ensuing fights, most are ARed into children. Kawaii cat-girls, dog-girls, bunny-girls, lion-girls, and humans!
Meanwhile, the horde is charging up with energy. Eventually Hero Sink and Prince Gaul attack the horde, causing it to release its energy, and returning them to adults in the process. As adults, they subdue the horde, coalescing it into a single giant "mouse", and it is finally sealed.
After some time, everyone returns to their proper ages with some embarrassing nudity occurring. When the spell is suspended, the magical costumes are dissolved. A must see episode!
- Episode video link
AR screencaps - AR screencaps - RN screencaps
- ("Tuxedo" Will, Ryse)

Doki Doki School Hours
- (age delay, adult as child) Mika-sensei is a 27-year old woman who appears to be only 10, which encourages her student Kitagawa's attractions.
- (male adult age disguised) One of the students looks and acts like a middle-aged man even though he's still in high school. They even call him Oyaji.

Dokkiri Doctor
- (excellent AP scenes, CB's) 99/05/26 Ep 22: "Kaori Popping 17" AKA "17 years old which can repel the fragrance! !" AKA "かおりちゃんのはじける17歳!!" 7 year old Kaori Tajima drank Dr. Haruka Nishikikoji's age promoter formula and randomly grows into a 17 year old version of herself. Her mother does not know this. One time her mother thought she was a bimbo when she turned 17 while sleeping with her father. Yuki Hiro is a few years older than Kaori, and also drank the medicine. He explodes out of his uniform.
- Ep 3: the medicine enlarges the bust.
- Ep 16: School nurse bursts out of clothes and building and becomes a giantess - aftermath scene (Metamorphose)
- male AP CB sudden growth spurt scene (Akira, Eric)

Dokkiri Doctor
- (AP, RN, UC) Hosono Fujihiko. Vol1, 1998. Schoolgirl grows up while sleeping in father's bed. She attends grade school as a teenager. AP

Dokkiri Doctor
- (AP, UC) ElTransformador and ElAnimefilo found anime video link of Ep 22: "Kaori Popping 17" The effect of Kaori's constant growth spurts on her shoes was not shown. Her parents demand Dr. Haruka Nishikikoji do something about her constant age changes. At the end she drinks antidote and AR's back to normal.
- Screen caps: AP - AP - AP/AR
Link to the source video: video link Ends with AR RN.

Dokkiri Doctor
- (APs, RNs, male APed) Anime.
- Random age shifting daughter

Dokkiri Doctor
- (sudden age changes, androxi effect)
We already have this, but I saw another AP from 5:23 to 5:26.
- Video link - screencaps - (Nightelf, APzone)

Dokkiri Doctor
- According to Japanese sources, the AP was in Episode 23, NOT in Ep22 - Anime link - (Nightelf37)

- (AP/RN ARed) - more age scenes

- (reverse aging slow rejuvenation) AKA Dokkoider, 1999 manga, 2003 anime.
The enemy Sweet Pea ages in reverse and gets younger. (tvtropes)

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
- (furry demon TFs, AA age forms) by Kitada Ryouma, Jump SQ, 2017 ongoing. Ch08-09.
Kitada was assistant of Tosh, I think most of his hentais were serialized on Comic Kairakuten. Chacha briefly changes off-panel in Ch08 by copying Kirara's body with a doppelganger/polymorph-like ability. Contains some loli at the end.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
- (furry TF AR OC) S1Ep6 "New Roommate (?)" 2020/08/08.
Within the first 2 minutes of the episode, an identical animal twin of the main character shrinks back to her original form. Not much process breast/butt wise, but it's shown at least.
- Episode link - Alt. Ep link - screencaps - (The AP Ninja, Shadowsbane99, Checkit1414)

doll-size me
- (AR) Manga combat opponents can be weakened by turning them back into child-like forms - sushi shrink spell (tjlemke)

Dominion: Tank Police
- (APed) Masamune Shirow 1994/2000 manga. Police tank Bonaparte is piloted by tomboy Leona and would-be boyfriend Al. They have their hands full with the cyborg Buaka and his catgirl playmates Annapuma and Unapuma. The Puma sisters are easy to make happy, just give them candy or food, and they can sleep anywhere. Jealous meter maid Anna can even change her size to a shapely adult. Puma sisters also make appearance in Ghost in the Shell.

Dominion's End
- (adult mind transfer TGed & rejuved) by Yu WO, China, 2014-2017.
Light novel. Red meteors rained across the sky and humans no longer dominated this world. After the apocalypse, I struggled for 10 bitter years. When I opened my eyes again, I had "transformed" from an ordinary 35 y.o. woman into a beautiful young man of 18. The apocalypse had vanished with the unexpected return of 17 years of adult youth. Just as things couldn't possibly look any brighter, the end of the world came crashing down again.

Dong Yun Dragon
- (AP CB) c2016 Hentai by Shinonome Ryu. Eps2-3, Pleasure of the dead.
The first part of the story had old to young woman rejuvenation without process. This one had transition scenes for the AP, with school uniform tearing after standard shoe removal. 6 parts total.
- Full hentai link - AP extract - (Shmendrick, AdonioGTS)

Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey
- (furry male anthro ARed) Anime film, 24th volume Doraemon Long Stories, 2004.
Elderly anthro dog Eiji travels across time to find ex-owner Nobita. The unstable time tunnel caused him to warp back to infancy. This also happens temporarily to Gian and Suneo.

Doraemon's Non-Serial Movie
- (AR) 2010. Anthropomorphic dog Eiji travels across time to find his ex-owner Nobita, but the unstable time tunnel causes him to warp back into an infant. This also happens later with Gian and Suneo, but only temporarily.

- (AP) - Age serum unwelcome growup scene.

- (AR OC) AKA "Doraemon: Gadget Cat from the Future". Ep734, 11/6/2015 - Episode screencaps - (Azerty47-2)

- (AR OC) Ep734 "Mama became an elementary school student".
As Doraemon was doing laundry, the Time Cloth was blown by the wind around Nobita's mom, regressing her into a child. She passes herself as another student to find out what secrets he's been keeping. The AR, though partially hidden by the cloth, has decent process, leaving her in baggy clothes. She just fixes the problem by tying a knot so they don't bother her. Now if only they could do an AR of Shizuka!
- Video link (Ep starts @10:03, AR @11:06) - (Azerty47)

- (AR, AP) A robotic cat from the 24th century gives 4th grade boy Nobi Nobita a Taimu-furoshiki (Time wrapping cloth). On one side any item you touch the cloth with becomes newer, and the other side will make an object older. If you put the wrapping cloth on persons, they will become younger or older.

- (male above the neck only TF AP) 2016 series, Tv Asahi.
Trailer link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male AP, AP, adult slight rejuv) - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male past/future forms) - 45 "I'll Be My Own Teacher" c1979.
Nobita decides to ask his future self to do his homework for him, but his future self is dumb because Nobita didn't study now. His future self's future self complains that he is dumb too, because Nobita 3 years in the future also did not study. The three of them visit kindergarten Nobita to get him to study.
- (male FF, RN ARed) - 120 "Ran away to Uninhabited Island" c1979.
Nobita finds island life very difficult. By the time Doraemon finds him, it has been 10 years. They travel a decade into the past and use the time cloth to restore Nobita.
Similar to? - 910 "Nobita Runs Away From Home for a Long Time" 2018/02/23.
- (male AR) - #1563 "Nobita's 3 Years Old!?" c1999.
Boy into toddler. With the "What if Phone Booth" you can rewrite reality by saying "What if..." and it becomes true (other episodes he asked what if his family was poor or people flew).
Video link - -
- (FB/FF) - 330 "45 Years Later... My Future Self Came to Visit" 2009/12/31.
- (FF) - 635 "Nobita's Bride" 2014/08/08.
Future Shizuka thinks that he's her son for some reason?? - link - cap
- (AA TF age-up forms) - 694 "I want to be an Adult" "Otonaninaritai" 2015/05/22. Boy into anthro cat & various adults.
Video link -
- (AR OC, OC AA trope) - 734 "Mama is Still in Elementary School" 2015/11/06.
Woman into girl. His Mom continued wearing her adult clothes rolled up so there would be no CB if she suddenly grew back up. Unseen RN.
New alternate link @01:10 -
- (FB) - 751 "Reunion! Nobita from 5 Years Ago" 2016/01/22.
- (AR, reversions) - 985 "The Time Cloth" 2019/03/08.
Dog into puppy (title card), kid into baby, older man made younger, objects made new or older, dinosaur bones made alive, eggs to chicks, bag into alligator.
Video link -
- (future selves) 1043 "The Presents From Time Skipping Pulley" 2019/12/21 - Nobita's son
Similar plots: "Time Skipping Pulley", 1987 - "My Birthday's The Same As Always", 2008.
There were many mass upload dumps by persons who chose not to list the episode numbers, titles, or airdates:
- (AA AR) - "Past me" - Boy into little kid who time travels - link @03:20 -
- S_Ep10 "Nobita Turned 4 Years Old" Boy mentally time travels to his past (begins c10:15) link -
- Boy & girl made older - link @04:30 -
(Tazz, AgeTheater)

- (painting old age) 510 "The Continuation Spray" 2012/10/26. AKA "Sequence Spray".
Doraemon tries to help Noby by giving him a spray that lets you see what happens next in a picture (like seconds after a photo was taken or cameras stopped filming). They spray Mona Lisa and she ages to elderly.
- Scene link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (male rejuvenated / age stasis) by Q Hayashida, 2000-18.
Manga/anime. Obsessed with sorcerers, Professor Kasukabe looks remarkably young for his profession. Estranged sorcerer wife Haru (who since became a devil) has de-aged him from his sixties into a young teen as "practice". Sorcerers use ordinary humans as experimental subjects. He hasn't aged in the decade since that attack. It startles people when they realize he's actually a mad scientist of renown, and not some random kid - pic - (SKJAM)

Dororon Enpi-chan
- (dedicated ARed) '15, Enpi Chan fan art

Dorothy of Oz
- (AP AA TFs) Vol 1, Son Hee-Joon, UDON. Mara, the most wanted criminal in Oz, defeated the Witch of the East. When her new friends get their butts whopped, she transforms into a witch. Like so many other magical girl stories, the change to her alter ego includes her clothes being ripped away, and replaced with more suitable, butt-kicking attire. In Mara's case, the metamorphosis also changes her into an older, generously endowed beauty, complete with a silly pointy hat and high heels.

Double Arts
- (age stasis) Naoshi Komi manga. A boy and a girl are forced to join hands for all eternity. A character goes to meet a new found friend's family, and is introduced to a little girl she assumes to be his little sister. But wait! That's his mom!

Double Arts
- (ARed-like appearance effect) Naoshi Komi, 2008. Going to meet new found friend's family, she is introduced to little girl she assumes to be his sister. But wait! That's his mom!

Doukutsu Ou kara Hajimeru Rakuen Life
- (AA demon TF, nude APed form) "The King Of Cave Will Live A Paradise Life", Naehara Hajime, Demise Takao, c2020.
Ch4.1 - link - extract - (Andu22)

Doupo Cangqiong
- (AA TF, TGed age form) - Fights Break Sphere, Battle Through the Heavens, manhua.
Hunan TV, China. CGI series. Reveal in S04Ep16, 2018/09.
- Villain disguised himself as little girl with cool cutaway RNed effect in Ep16 - Full episode link @10:50 - screencaps - (Guest)

Dr VERMILION - Touhou Bloomers
- (f/AR?) Hentai Manga 2012.

Dr. Stone
- (FF "APed") by Riichiro Inagaki, Boichi. Weekly Shounen Jump, 2017.
Teenage science genius plans to rebuild civilization after humanity was petrified. Younger character ages during timeskip from 8 y.o. to 15. Before checking the latest chapter and spoiling the story, I recommend trying the manga itself since it is quite good.
- Full manga link - Ch196 extract - Ch197 extract - (Anonsuper)

Dragon Ball Daima
- (chibi ARed) 2024 Fall.
Chibi-stylized anime set before the End of Z, after the Supreme Kai and Kibito defused. Daima means big or large. In 1996, Son Goku was transformed into a kid thanks to the power of Black Dragon Balls. Daima has not just Goku as a kid, but de-aged the Z-Fighters: The trailer shows Vegeta, Mr. Satan, Master Roshi, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and 18 as children. Some other characters are still adults.
- Trailer link - caps - fan comic - (Akira, Matteso586)

Dragon Ball GT
- (future older adult anthros, male AR) 1996-1997.
At the start of the series, Pilaf's wish caused Goku to become a kid again.
- Scene link - screencaps - (NightElf37)

Dragon Ball GT
- (male adult rejuv) S03Ep18 "The Shadow Dragons" 12/11/2004.
Piccolo Daimao's wish for youth was made after Kamesennin died. He wanted to become stronger so he wished to be a young adult again - (Jeffr_2bya)

Dragon Ball GT
- (male AR) S01Ep01 "A Devastating Wish".
Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku a kid again. In order for Goku to RN, he needs to find all seven black star dragon balls or Earth goes KABOOM!
- (Drao) ln - th

Dragon Ball series
- (saiyan/demon age stasis)
Chiaotzu looks 10 his entire life. His design was based on a traditional Chinese ghost. Goku still looked 7 at 15. At 18 he finally started to look like a teen. Vegeta's brother Tarble looked teenaged at 40 when they met. Goku, Vegeta, and Broly at 43 looked like 20 y.o. hunks.
Mrs. Briefs, Bulma's mother, doesn't get older during the series. Krillin and Bulma looked middle/high school aged in their 20s. Bulma in the Buu Saga in her 40s could pass for late 20s. Bulma searched for Dragon Balls to become 5 years younger, with the implication she's done this before.
Cus/Kusu, the angel of Universe 10, is the Grand Priest's oldest child but looks and sounds like a little girl. Goten and Trunks at 14 showed no signs of 6 years of growth.

Dragon Ball Super
- (AA TF age-up forms) - vid link - caps - (Akira)

Dragon Ball Super
- (ARed RN) In a Bad Future, Mai had merely grown back to her teens instead of her original age.

Dragon Ball Super
- (muscle boost AA TF) "Space Survival" 2/5/2017 Toei.
Trailer link - female upgrade gif - (Akira)

Dragon Ball Z doujinshi
- (TF APed, AR OC) ZZ (Dragonball Z) by Shouji Hariko.
In the doujin's second story, Pan apparently took some kind of accidental medicine and "grew" off-panel into a teen/young adult. She has wibbly-wobbly sex with Trunks, then after all is said and done, the effects wear off with a vengeance. She doesn't return to normal, but instead turns into a baby. Sadly, the AP happens offscreen as Pan goes behind a bush as she TFs, and the AR is a poof, but at least they're both cute; the AP leaves her clothes nice and tight, and the AR has adorably oversized clothes.
- Manga gallery link - censored extract - (Azerty47)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
- (ARed aftermath) 2013 anime movie.
Emperor Pilaf & his henchmen Shu & Mai made a wish to the Dragon after the events of Z to become young. Shenlong made them a tad too young and turned them into children. Trunks develops a bit of a crush on Mai in the movie. The first appearance is at the 27:00 mark:
- Video link - screencaps - (Chachazero90)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
- (unseen ARed) 2013 anime movie. If you collect dragon balls a dragon will appear to grant you one wish. Wishes that have been granted include Youth on 2 occasions, one being the main character who spent an entire sequel series as a boy - and Resurrection.
Pilaf and his goons Mai and Shu now appear to be kids. They gathered the 7 balls and wished for youth. Usually he tries to wish for world domination. We didn't see their TF though - Introduction video link
They believe that Goten, Goku's second son, is actually Goku and was turned into a kid as well. Goku was actually turned into a kid in GT, he never did turn back, just became an adult again the natural way, we think. A hundred years passed and we see Goku as an adult again, though not really old. His aging process is a bit slow.
- (Tazz, Noliwankenobi)

Dragon Ball Z
- (male adult rejuvenation) King Piccolo and Lord Slug restore their youth, fixing their power level at their prime.
- (adult age stasis) Roshi and his sister Baba drank from a Fountain of Youth, which, rather than restore their youth, fixed them at that age, unable to die from old age.

Dragon Ball Z
- (male expansion TF) Toei Video DVD. CM link - gif - (Akira)

Dragon Ball
- (male AR or RN?) Shonen Jump Vol13 Viz "Piccolo Conquers the World" 2000 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Dragon Ball
- (male creature rejuved)
Vid link - caps - Dragon Ball Z movie: Lord Slug. Old alien into young.
Vid link - caps - Dragon Ball Z: His Name is Cell. Cyborg/bug creature back into a larva (possibly egg).
- (Tazz)

Dragon Ball
- (male FF growth) Goku starts out rather runty, but thanks to his appetite that doesn't last long.

Dragon Ball
- (male Great Ape TF resembles male AP CB) 50th Anniversary Commemoration "Jump Exhibition! The Legend's Beginning!"
Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha, by Akira Toriyama. 07/2017, 2 vols.
- Emperor Pilaf plots the world conquest. Goku's Saiyan form expands through their armored prison cell to destroy the castle. Read right to left. -
- Small extract - info link - (Akira)

Dragon Ball
- (male TF CB resembles age increase)
When Goku and Gohan gaze at the full moon to absorb Bruits through their tails they transform into Oozaru. A Saiyan loses the ability to reason in this form.
Video link - link - link - link - Screen caps - caps - caps - cap
- (Akira)

Dragon Ball
- (old age stasis) Kame-Sennin and Tsuru-Sennin (or Master Roshi and Crane Hermit) are over 300 years old.

Dragon Century
- (male creature AP) "Ryu Seiki", 1985, 2-ep OVA anime. A dragon ages himself into an older dragon - (Dragoniade, Stonegate Shadowlord)

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken
- (male adult demon rejuvenated) TV Tokyo, Eps90-91-92, 2022/08/13-27.
Vearn's frail appearance was in stark contrast with his true monster form: a muscular, fair skinned, younger looking Demon Lord with long silver hair. He unveiled his real appearance by fusing with his original body. Dai fights a fully restored Dark King. The final decisive battle between master and pupil of darkness begins - Vearn art - (Akira)

Dragonball GT
- (male AP) Goku's Super Saiyan 4 state always has his pants in a good condition, despite the fact that Goku has a child body with child clothes, and the transformation makes him grow into an adult.

Dragonball GT
- (male AR) Anime ep47, 06/04/97, The Big Reversal! When the 2-Step Attack Explosion smoke clears, Gokuu has reverted to a boy, and he collapses in the huge crater he made.

Dragonball Z
- (young Goku) male ARed
- (male adult development) muscle
- Super Saiya-Jin 4 (Japanese Ep 35, 1.29.97) Goku reaches this form in GT as a child, even though when he changes he turns into an adult.
- (TF) One of the characters, Lunch (Ranchi), has a split personality. Normally, she's a very nice and gentle, friendly, naive teenage girl with dark-blue hair. When she sneezes, she becomes a blonde-haired young woman with a lethal temper named Kushami. Both stand about 5'8". Due to their constant switching, clothing varies greatly.
- Marron flash forward. 1
- male
- (male growth scene) anime male

Dragonball Z
- (ARed) - Mai fan art

Dragonball Z
- (male RN TF APed glimpse) - Goku gif

Dragonball Z
- (slight age disguised) Piccolo is only 8 years old at the beginning, but 24 in Namek years. Demons take longer to reach maturity than Piccolo Daimaou's other "offspring," who are full-grown when they hatch.

- (APed, very slight UCed) fan art
- (male AR, male AP) DBGT: Goku gets wished back into a little kid by Pilaf but returns to normal. Trunks and Goten age to adulthood. The Japanese opening theme shows Goku regressing into a boy. Plus, they show him regressing in the first episode of Gt. (Bakura)
- male 4 ages of Goku (CJ)

- (male growth furry CB) Anime monkeysaurus TF

- (male TF burstout, RN shrink) manga - (Akira)

- (male TF kinda resembles maturation expansion)
Gohan into oozaru and back.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male TF) - battle Rage - (Akira)

Dumb Girls In Puberty!!!
- (AP, inadequate UC glimpse) "Growth. 1 Inside Nubile Body Is...?"
SELFISH, 2018 ecchi Hentai, $13.
- Not sure if there's any shown process, so I'm not 100% hopeful. The title implies there may be more of these in the future.
The protagonist is a teacher in a small kinder garden. One day the shoujos ate cookies that induced rapid physical development, and became grown-up. They behave in their usual ways despite the voluptuous bodies. Receiving lots of unintentional temptations, his patience is about to run out.
- Purchase link - preview - (Meticulan23)

Dungeon Meshi
- (male demon age stasis, male pseudo "ARed" & RN AP CB effect) AKA "Dungeon Rice" by Ryoko Kui, 2016+
Cooking/gourmet manga. Magical team brainstorms how to reach dragon dungeon in time to save Falin from digestion. Laios presents a cookbook about making meals from monsters to sustain themselves. The pros and cons of these meals provide running gags.
- The halfling Chilchuck Tims looks like an elementary schoolboy with large ears but is really 29 y.o. He got married and has three daughters. Chilchuck was killed by mimics multiple times while a novice adventurer, and narrowly escaped being used as succubus bait. Like Marcille he draws a hard line at eating demi-humans. In Tall-man form he looks like a human adult - Small extract - (Akira)

Dynamite na Honey
- (age disguise looks like APed) 1998 Kodansha Comics. Riria is a middle school girl in love with a 26 year old businessman who considers her just a kid. Riria transforms herself (with the help of several fashion magazines, a short dress, lipstick, curling iron and a padded bra) into a totally different person, trying to make herself look older. Riria as 'Kashiko' makes quite an impression on Rinpei! However what will he do when he finds out 'Kashiko's secret? Riria takes on her sexy persona many times with hilarious results - cover

Earth Defense Family
- (AP CB) - caps
- (AP CB) Anime 3

Earth Defense Family
- (AP CB) It was caused by an allergic reaction.
Higher resolution of previously posted gifs - link - link - (NightElf37)

Earth Defense Family
- (excellent AP scene, CB BE GTS growth) "Chikyu Bouei Kazoku" 13 episodes, 2001. Detailed animation of the growth. 8 year old Daiichi sees Ellen's allergic reaction to plant. She grows in age and size. Her body does not know how to stop growing.
- AP burstout 1 - 2 (GTS Depot, Blar, densuke, Allogagan)

Earth Maiden Arjuna
- (age stasis) Anime. Little red headed shoujo is actually much older, but she never ages.

Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-Bu
- (ARs, male AA AP, AA RN)
Ep 9 "The Astronomical Club's Great Victory! Face Tomorrow, Ready Go!!" 9/8/12.
- Small-for-his-age mild-mannered teen Itsuki Noya was forced to cross-dress in a sailor fuku and act female by Kyoko when attending meetings of the all-girls "asstronomy" (sic) club. His latent powers are unleashed and he TFs into a domineering adult cultivating an underage harem [ lucky this is a comedy, ne? :) ]. He is able to freeze Hakata-chan and Kyoko long enough to administer an AR pill to each. The pill changes them into kawaii shoujos draped in their too-big uniforms. Some process was shown. He intends to make them loli maids. Later, Itsuki's older brother Eiji shows up to administer an AP pill, which returns them to normal. An AR pill is also given to Omori-sensei but it doesn't work on her for some reason :(
- Video link - Screencaps:
- male AP - AR scene - AR scene - RN scene
("Tuxedo" Will, Suning)

- (ARed) scan - (Suning)

- (furry cutaway unseen APed aftermath)
There is also progression in Ch32. Vol03 link - screencaps - (Andu22)

Ecstasy Bomber
- (AP CB) Matsutoh Tomoki porno manga.
Sexually transmitted virus turns victims into beautiful girls. 3 shoujos are exposed to bodily fluids on the playground and become stuck in a climbing frame after growing to adulthood - AP CB scene (godleydemon)

Eden's Bowy
- (age TFs) - Youtube video channel link - (NightElf37)

- (APed, AR RN) 1998. In a world of sorcerers, warriors and catpeople, a young man (Yorn) travels on a grand fantasy adventure with Elisis, a cute elf who can transform from young girl to generously proportioned ass-kicking babe. Elisiss is very quiet and shy, and Sieda is her 'older sister', a woman of extraordinary magical ability who claims she sent Elisiss on an errand. Elisiss has the secret ability to transform into a more powerful adult version of herself, all thanks to her magic pendant. She casually spins, shreds her clothing, and what do you know, she's a magic girl.
- 1 - 2

Eden's Bowy
- (demon AA TF age forms) - Link
The character Elisiss AA-transforms in Episodes 02, 03, 07, 09 (demon ARed) and 13. When she turned into her adult version, she was called Sieda.
- Anime opening screencaps - Ch02 extract - Ch07 extract - Ch09 extract - (Andu22)

- (BE) Mifune notes how Chiharu's chest continues to grow in size every day. In the first episode her bra snaps open once and bursts open on another occasion. A main character is 1st-year high school student Shinonome Chiharu. Height: 159 cm (5'2-1/2"); when we first encounter her, she's 88-55-82, but as her younger sister Yuriko points out, she "keeps getting bigger"; by story #96 she is closing in on 100 cm and she surpasses this around story #107! A minor character who's otherwise hard to miss is little 6th-grader Harumachi Komoe, who's sweet and innocent. Height: 145 cm (4'9"), measurements: 111-46-65.

Eiyuu Kyoushitsu
- (demon TF, young adult to full adult upgrade CB) - Classroom For Heroes Ep5, 2023/08/06.
Light novel series, anime @04:56 - screencaps - (Carlton)

El hazard
Ifurita 1

Elfen Lied
- (accelerated development) Silpelits age at double the rate of normal humans. Nana looks 14-15 and is really around 7 years old. Mariko is really around 3 years old.
- (TF) Mariko or Number 35 appears like just another cute little girl until she rips you open with her 26 11-meter-long inhumanly strong invisible arms, which she views as a fun game.
- (flashback) When Lucy was a child the cruel kids from the orphanage harassed her for her cute little horns, emotionless nature, and loner status. They got more than they bargained for when Lucy snapped and left no witnesses. In ep9 Child Lucy hallucinates the mutilated dead bodies of the cruel kids coming back to life and mocking her.

Elven Bride, The
- (AR, old age) "Elf no Waka Okusama" OVA. Kenji's grandmother Ba-chan steals souls to remain youthful (you see her arms and legs mature from kiddish to adult). Kenji's colleague was so filled with lust for her that he didn't even notice his body shriveling as they made love over and over and over... A woman goes from human-looking housewife to demi-werewolf, swelling up just slightly in the process. Part of the transformation does watch her chest. (PrBlahBlahtson)

End of Summer 2
Kurumi asks Wataru to make her look more mature.

Endless Pain
- (AP AA) Comic Unreal 2007-12 Vol 10, p. 9-14. Hentai by Mashue. A type of elf grows older during sexual encounter. Censored version. AP AA Caution: Nudity

Enjo Kouhai
- (demon AA bukkake TF age forms) Ep04, 2023/01.
Hentai animation based on manga Ch10 by Takunomi had an offscreen AP scene? - 0 - (Boi)

Ergo Proxy
- (flashback glimpse) Anime ep10 "Existence/cytotropism" 2006 Seiko Takagi.
Young girl invites Re-l to play. "Whoever you are seeking is probably abominable. Even then, what you are looking for is the truth, as he is carrying it," says the young girl, as she transforms into an older version of herself with blue eye-shadow. Then the young girl returns the pendant as a lucky charm.
- (flashback interaction AA) Anime. Woman interacts with childhood self. age forms

- (AP, CBed) Catgirl grows into woman. Dress begins to rip around areas of greatest pressure. Read right to left. Caution: nudity. (Process) - AP
- (old age) 2000 anime, DVD vol.7 Those weird cat women finally have what's coming to them. By using the luck thing they turn old. (guyverxxx)

- (AP Cbed) Cartoon style anime. Immature cave shoujo is brought to a higher state of being to help her tribe (Powerpuff Girls) - TF
- (APed) - 2

Excel Saga
- (age disguised) A pedophile takes a 9-year-old to a love hotel, only to learn that she's "prodigious."

Eyeshield 21
- (male accelerated development, male muscle) 2002- American football manga/anime.
- Square-jawed, muscle-bound, 6'7" high-school freshman Rikiya Gaoh is capable of bench-pressing over 440 lb.
- Atsushi Munakata of the Amino Cyborgs has tremendous musculature and a broad, dashingly handsome face that make him look over 30.
- Middle-aged construction guy Musashi is actually 17.
- Yamabushi from Shinryuuji looks much older than he is due to his half-grown-in beard, as does Mamoru Banba.
- Mr. Don, Gaoh's opponent in the American game, is supposed to be 18, but looks closer to 60 with his white hair, massive stature, and heavily-wrinkled face.

Fairy Mischief
- (male AR) Hentai manga, 2012. A guy is reverted into a little boy.

Fairy Musketeer Akazukin
- (AR) "The Little Princess" ep 25. Anime. Main character has a comb put in her hair, and turns into a younger version of herself. (TinyTot, Ararchive)

Fairy Musketeers Little Red Riding Hood
- (AR) "Otogi-Jushi Akazukin"
Ep25: Snow White gets turned back into a little girl due to a magic comb and Gretel has kidnapped mini Snow White! Can Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty rescue Snow White and turn her back to her normal self even though she's so kawaii as a little girl?

Fairy Saver
- (AP, slight CBed) Hentai by Kamitou Masaki. Mushi Jiken, 2003. AKA "Seirei Tokusou", "Fairy Saviour". "Obscene Insect Case". Magical girl begins to grow out of swimsuit during sexual duel. AP

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
- (furry AP) 2018+
Another (minor?) TF of Wendy Marvell. To occupy the overwhelming magic power, she grew up a bit. Don't know whether the others did the same, for "friendship" card was in play.
- Ch88 link - extract - (Kazumamiyato)

Fairy Tail
- (AA age forms) Future self - manga comparison cover - (road)
- (AA poof ARed, AA poof APed) Ep146.
In the first 20-some seconds there are some age form swap-outs.
- Video link - caps - (Kevin Generic)

Fairy Tail
- (age acceleration power) Ultear Milkovich.
- (AR) Ch344, 7/2013. Final scene.
Only Erza is affected, but there will be more AR craziness to come! The pieces of her battle costume tumbled off her shrunken body.
- Full Chapter link - AR Scene - (The AP Master, Suning)

Fairy Tail
- (ARed poof) Ep228.
The AR of Erza is briefly seen at the very end for a second. As in the manga, no process at all. The woman from Sabertooth will also regress in the Sun Village. We can take a brief glance at Natsu's AR... If Natsu, who turned into a kid without manga process, does show process here, the rest of the cast may also do so... Soon to come is Grey's Ar, and possibly Erza's AP. Erza's RN had actual process.
- Video link - (TGManiac, Marthlord54545, The AP Ninja, Mecham)

Fairy Tail
- (dedicated age TFed) "ancient forbidden magic pt1" Wendy and Cana - fan art - (Ardenkopokefan)
- (dream glimpses: male ARs, male muscle, male AA AP, male old age, AA AP, furry)
Anime Ep146, "Spiral of Time", 9/1/12.
- At 6:40, the Real Nightmare caused reality to change by The Infinity Clock, affecting our heroes. Gray becomes a small kid, Gajeel an old man, and Wendy an adult. Erza fixes the problem.
- video link - screencaps:
- male AR officer - transformed aftermath - before/after RN scene.

Fairy Tail
- (male & female AR OC, AA AP) Manga ch349, 350.
Pages (read right to left): AR TF scene - AA AP TF scene
- Full manga chapters: AR link - AP link
(The Ap Master)

Fairy Tail
- (TF age changes) Ep228. The Sun Village Eps should involve several ARs and APs (mostly Erza and Grey). - (Mecham)
- Ch344: Erza turned into a kid, but there was more AR in this arc. The following chapters had Natsu and Gray turning back into kids as well. For a brief moment in Ch349 or Ch350, everyone turned back into kids; even Wendy, already 12 y.o. to begin with, got younger. Pretty cute, though it didn't last long - (Azerty47)

Fancy Lala (doujinshi)
- (AR) "Magnificent Harvest" parody manga of the Miho/Lala (9 to 15) idol character. Miho and her older sister and mother are brutally abused.
Guro rape hentai, cumshot facial, creampie eating, bukkake, ass to mouth, bondage, enemas, spanking, forcible impregnation, scat play, humiliation, lactation, incest, bestiality. There was no clothes tightening as that would have been inappropriate.
- Censored sex scene

Fancy Lala (doujinshi)
- (AR) Caution: manga nudity, sexual situations.
Remember the Fancy Lala hentai called "Magnificent Harvest"? I decided to make a short TFed GIF out of some particular last pages - (NightElf37)

Fancy Lala (unauthorized fan hentai)
- (AR RN) Trigun - group: Gold Rush, author: Suzuki Address, C54 short.
Defloration doujinshi. "Lala" walks in at a bad time. It looks like she shrinks back 6 years into "Miho".
- Manga porn extract - Uncensored adult link - (Nightelf37)

Fancy Lala
- (AA AP) Our first attempt to compare the reused transformation scenes from the credits and the first and last episodes. Using a nude template, the animators drew different outfits on separate cells for each episode's trance-like TF sequence. At the beginning, her adult-sized clothes are very loose on her child body. She must also have changed out of her underwear. Her legs stretch out from under her clothes, filling the leggings and shoes as she turns. An arm slides out of a sleeve. Much is hidden by the radiation. When her torso turns away, she has already grown halfway from age 9 to 15. The motion is calculated to conceal her widening shoulders and hips, and of course any active depiction of breast development, as her limbs are implied to thicken and elongate in a profusion of female curves. Her arm is raised as she emerges from the turn, but the full magnificence of her new bosom soon comes into view.
- 9 gifs GIF PAGE (8MB) - (NightElf37)

Fancy Lala hentai
Unauthorized Kankan Vol 2. (AP manga) 2002 adult manga about Fancy Lala. Thumbnails only, can not be downloaded: 1 2
Fancy Lala Renshuuchou
- (AP manga) Segawa Aoi, 2000, Owari Komaki. Adult manga about Fancy Lala.

Fancy Lala
- (excellent AP series) 1998
- Main image page
- 9-year-old Miho can make herself 6 years older whenever she wants to. She does not disclose this ability to her parents or friends. Before growing she changes into adult size clothing or she will get into trouble. 15 year old Lala still has Miho's personality. Only her hair stylist recognizes her adult form in the final Ep. She has to learn to walk in high heels. In Ep. 4 Miho has to talk on two different cell phones to her agent and her mother at the same time. (Miho is able to pass her voice off as Lala's over the phone.) The transformation scene isn't always the same. The colors change and, in the last episode on DVD, she's wearing a culotte instead of her usual leggings. At one point, she lost her pad she uses to draw adult clothes and can't transform. A broken leg (and cast) also keeps her from transforming.
- Quotes: "If you grew up in what you're wearing now it would be bad." - "The parts that come out would come out." - "I grew this much!"
- (dream AR) Ep 14 "Omocha no Kuni no Miho (Miho of the Land of Toys)" Pigu and Mogu tell 9 year old Miho to transform, as Lala has to go to work. After removing her child clothes and changing into Lala's adult-sized clothes, Miho ages herself to 15 years old. But then she suddenly faints. As Lala falls to the floor, she automatically regresses back to Miho (as well as the clothes disappearing). Chisa opens the door just when Miho (probably naked) crashes to the ground. In the following fever sequences Miho is around 3 years old.
- Fancy Lala's AP and AR transformation scenes - link (25 MB)

Fancy Lala
- (AA TF AP) the final reused "TF spinning" gifs - comparison GIF PAGE (7 MB)

Fancy Lala
- (AP, RN) Cover Art - ages 9 & 15
- (AP, RN) Vol01 manga.
- Mogu: The magic we know is of the temporal dimension. It's not much, really. What it will do is allow you to become an adult. Here, use this.
- Miho (age 9): "to become an adult"?!
- Pigu: First thing you hafta do is use this pen and draw in this notebook the clothes you're gonna wear when you're a grown-up.
- Miho: Mine won't work?
- Mogu: Once you change children's clothes won't fit you!
- Pigu: Although...
- Miho: Umm... - Gosh, let's see, what should I do? I can't decide... oh yeah! Last night on the TV I saw Miki Yumeno wearing a floral-print outfit! I'll wear that! Yes...that's it...just like that...I did it!
- Pigu: Oh that's really good!
- Mogu: Right. Now for the magic words!
- Miho: Magic words?
- Pigu: When you put the cap on the pen, you hafta say "Dabu dabu".
- Miho: Um Dabu dabu! Wooow!! What what the?! Ugh!
- Mogu: And here's your change of clothes!
- Miho: Yep! How do I? Oh oh I feel a little like royalty!
- Pigu: Now, put this around your neck and say the magic words aloud.
- Miho: Uh-huh uh-huh Concentrate your thoughts on the memory of time! Now become splendid! Grow!
- Lala: Impossible! How could it have worked?!
- Mogu: It's simple. You cast a spell!
- Pigu: Yeah!
- Lala: Whoopeeee!! - Is this really me?! Look how tall I am! Is this really me? It seems so impossible!
- Pigu: Even though she changed, under that bod, she's still little Miho.
- Mogu: Judging by your appearance, I'd say you're about fifteen.
- Lala: Fifteen wow, this is SO COOL! I'm even better than Miki Yumeno in this outfit! I could be a real idol! (much laughing) I look like that girl in Hiroya's song "La la" A girl with short hair Lala Lala...
- Pigu: Lala!
- Mogu: The girl's a little cheeky! Yeah girl! Take the name and make it yours! You're so cute, Miho!
- Lala: You're embarrassing me! Ok! Now let's go take a walk! - I want to know if the transformation really did make me cute!

Fancy Lala
- (AP, RNed) A preteen was given a way to secretly grow up.
Since it was intended for a younger audience, the series was limited in what it could show.
9 y.o. Miho dressed in oversized adult clothes before making herself older, alone in her room or secluded places. If you were hoping she might accidentally age herself while still wearing her child clothes, you can forget about that right now.
They always used the same transformation sequence, but with different fashion styles and accessories. It's not clear if her upper body and shoulders widen as her cells proliferate, but her face becomes more mature as she spins around. Her arm slides out of the loose sleeve. Once, the gloves almost seemed to catch on her extending fingers.
Hidden by energy coils, her legs stretch and thicken as the camera moves up her rotating body. Already A-cups, her breasts have expanded to their full size when she turns around, but you do not see them growing. Her hips also look rounder as she comes out of the turn.
The only AR sequence showed a normal transformation in reverse. She put on her child sized shirt before leaving the room.
- All TFs video link
Girl to Teen screencaps AR at end - Girl to Teen screencaps

Fancy Lala
- (APed BE'd) hentai cover

Fancy Lala
- (AR RN) Ep12.
This was the regular transformation sequence shown in reverse.
- (offscreen AR RN, clothes disappearing) Ep14.
Something has gone wrong! Miho collapses after transforming into Lala due to a fever. Her large adult clothes vanish one after the other, leaving her naked offscreen before she reverted unseen to age 9 just before her sister enters. At 10:07 she ARed even younger, while walking through Toyland in a fever hallucination.
- Episode link @08:15 - GIF PAGE

Fancy Lala
- (dedicated AA AP) Pixiv artist: Ingma, 2019. A Korean Fancy Lala fancomic inspired by Ep23 - Nudity alert: eroge link - 1

Fancy Lala
- (no AP) KanKan Hentai only. 9 year old Miho is inspired to act like an adult but she doesn't use her AP ability - AA
Just because Japanese anime and manga often feature magical age changes does not mean they have any interest in the subject of clothes tightening or clothes bursting. In fact they don't.

Fancy Lala
- (TF age forms) coloring book line art

Fancy Lala
- (the best AP series, RN) Anime.
9 y.o. girl supported by ear-winged dinosaurs receives devices that can bring time forward, making her grow 6 years older in seconds, and that also provide larger clothes that she first changes into. No one must ever witness the transformations.
Anime screencaps:
- AR - Scanned animation cells from the "Land of Toys" episode.
- AP - The first age transformation alone in her room.
- AP - Miho enters enclosed Ferris Wheel cabin as a 9 year old, changes into larger clothes inside, and emerges as a 15 year old. The ride operator was confused. (deleted AgeMagic Group)
- AP - One of Miho's classmates found her transformation pad and suspects part of the truth.
- AP - After an exhausting day, Miho is called to transform into Lala for a performance. Afterwards she secretly reverts and changes back into her normal child sized clothing, but has to be carried home.
- AP - Miho changes ages in the playground.
- AP - 4 age transformations.
Character design sketches:
- ages
Before/After comparisons:
- ages - ages - ages - ages
- fan-art - cosplay - dolls
- In 1 episode the mystery man was seen trying to hand out transformation pens to other children.
The manga:
- covers - scans

Fancy Lala
- Anime Ep: Miho gets irritated and yells out that she wants to be the older sister (forgetting that she's surrounded by magic). She gets her wish and ends up inside a past version of her sister Chisa's head.
- Ep22: a pair of twins from Miho's school chases Miho/Lala around, suspecting a connection between the two. Miho has to pull a few crazy stunts to fool the 2-person newspaper club.

Fancy Lala
INFO PAGE The anime has 6 volumes.

Fantastic Children
- (demon age stasis disguise) Nippon Animation, TV Tokyo, 2004-05.
A group of enigmatic white-haired children has been spotted in Europe for over 500 years. Always appearing about 11 y.o, they behave far more mature than they should, never grow old, and seem to have supernatural power - link

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to
- (TG body replacement into preteen) by Yuu Tsurusaki, Shin Ikezawa, 2019+.
AKA Fabiniku, Isekai bishoujo juniku ojisan to. A naked goddess forcefully summons two men to a fantasy world. Because of the goddess's mischief, she kills one and resurrects him as a beautiful young girl. To get back his body, he has to go on a journey with his friend to defeat the demon king! - Ch link - (Gilamon)

Fashion Lala
- (AP AA) - Age-Up TF scene

Fashion Lala
- (AP) 1989. "Harbor Light Monogatari Fashion Lala yori" is a magical girl anime OAV by Studio Pierrot. Talking dinosaurs from magical book cover give girl ability to transform into an older form named Fashion Lala.

fast forward (tropes)
- (time jump FF) - comic

Fate/Grand Order
- (AA APed) Mobile game manga where Miyako and/or Illya suddenly AA-"grew up"? - small extr. ln

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
- (AP) Illya appears about 17 when she becomes a Heroic Spirit.

Fate/stay night
- (male AR to embryo) It's probably a doujin (or somehow related to the Fate franchise), originally released as an adult PC game.
Unknown Extract sequence - (Jeffr_2bya, Alessi)

Fechippuru -Our Innocent Love-
- (female mental AR) by Zurachy Rurihara, c2019.
I love long hair! Under the impulse of alcohol, Tatsu Yunoki and Kotoka Hatsushima decided to date together. All they know is they love each other's hair and back?! It's not necessary to know anything else! And well... What is your fetish...?
- Ch27-29: A Tv hypnotist causes Kotoka to believe she's a child, and she ends up thinking that Tatsu and Mashizu are her daddy and mommy.
- Chapter link - (Sen Oluguat)

Feng Qi Cang Lan
- (AR OC) Chinese manhua, Ch.71.2, c2016.
Villainess has committed acts warranting punishment, which could have exiled her grandfather. The heroine gives him a pill to feed his granddaughter, transforming her into a baby so they might have another chance. Relatively quick, with limited process; we see a glimpse of her head becoming smaller, and her hand shrinking into her sleeve, leaving only a baby in oversized clothes. It's confusing without context, but very cute.
- Chapter link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

Fighting Foodons
Anime. A male sheep-type foodon has the ability to transform into anything or anyone, including a cute little girl and a sexy little girl. (Metamorphose)

fighting for justice, The(?)
- (AP) AKA "Fight for Justice" hentai manga by MEE-kun aka MEE aka Minoru Tachikawa. Manga about a shoujo that has a mini alien within her. She transforms into a busty heroine to fight other aliens. She loses her clothes as she ages into an adult and at the end they are gone. Everytime she transforms back her breasts grow a little bigger. (Smith)
Fight for Justice
- (AP) (Process Images) 18+ manga cover - AP

fighting for justice, The
Seigi no Mikata
- (APed) Hentai link - (Shmendrick, The AP Ninja)

Figure 17 Tsubasa & Hikaru
- (Girl Becomes Woman Alien AP TFs) 2001. Tsubasa is a shy little girl whose life turns upside down when an alien spacecraft crashlands nearby. Tsubasa fuses with a metallic entity called Riberus and becomes Figure 17. Riberus absorbs Tsubasa's memory and takes her exact shape, passing as a twin sister named Hikaru. (Akira)

Figure 17
- (body merging APed AA) Anime eps 1-20. Two young girls find each other and merge to become one woman heroine.

- (TF AP) Manga Battle ch5. Witch adult combat form has super strength - power-up TF scene (read right to left) - (chachazero90)

Flame of Recca
- (age forms) "Recca Hanabishi"
Shishiten member Kirito's madogu gives her 3 different bodies: the forms of a young girl, a young adult, and an elderly woman. Her clothes remain the same however, and consist of a dress as well as a vest with four straps across her chest. In her youngest form, Kirito's hair is tied into two braids over her shoulders. In her young adult stage, her hair is a bit longer and is untied, and Kirito is taller as well. As an old woman, she is short, with grey hair in a ponytail. She wears glasses in all 3 forms.
Just as her age changes. Kirito's personality changes with. As a young girl, she is somewhat meek and quiet. Her prefered adult form, while polite and somewhat playful is quite manipulative, and a deceptive actor. Her elderly form is by far the most unpleasant and has the personality of a cranky and ornery old woman who likes to put down her enemies.
Kirito's desire is to know her true age, and which of her many personalities is the real Kirito. She fears that if she turned out to be an old woman, she would be horrified.

Flame of Recca
- (AR, AP) Rinne (Life Cycle) bracelet worn by Kirito allows its user to change their physical and mental age, with slight memory loss and schizophrenia.

Flexible Kid
- (slight "TG AP", M2F) - small extract - (Akira)

Flint time detective
- (growth CB) A corrupted Muscles uses an overdose of his power on the female good guy (who's about 12) and she grows to giant size. A magic screen is erected to hide her nudity - 1

Floor ni Maou ga Imasu
- (AA demon poof AP/AR cuts) c2014 ecchi manga about demon lord loli looking for job at family restaurant.
After being fed, they go through instantaneous AA transformations into older forms. They spontaneously revert into their beginning forms when hungry.
- Noniko the mushroom person and Amon after feeding - Extract - (Cakey)

Floor ni Maou ga Imasu
- (demon TF, monster age forms) by Kawakami Masaki & Hato, 2014-, 27 ch.
Gekkan Comic Alive. No process, all poof or off-panel TFs. Also male furry, WG. Process Forum source link
Demon Lord Amon Patricia ruled the land before escaping the Clan of Light to family restaurant "Humming Dining". With her bottomless appetite, will our hero be able to keep his sanity?!
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Floral Magician Mary Bell
- (ARed cutaway, RN AA) Hana no Mahotsukai Mari Beru, Ashi, 1992-93.
Ep35 "World of Children".
Mary Bell looks like a preschooler but is actually 500,000 years old. Grandma was reverted back to girlhood.
- Italian dub episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Flowering Heart
- (AA TF obscured AP sequences, AR RN)
Eps01-02 clips link - Clip Ep02 AR AA process link - Clip Ep04 link
- 14 TF screencap compilations - (NightElf37, Andu22, The AP Ninja)

Flowering Heart
- (AA TF sequences, age form battle upgrades) The initial sequences were not as fanservicey. More to come - screencaps - (NightElf37)

Flowering Heart
- (age forms, RN glow TF) Korean anime. "I've Become an adult?!" 2016.
Preteen shoujo group often uses magic to solve real-life problems and stop the Queen of Despair. The main character is the first to be AA-replaced by her adult form at the end of Ep01. Ep02 deals with her being an AA-d adult for the first time. Of course there can't be age-related clothes bursting in such series. Because of how society is changing, no one would really do anything that sexualized in recent anime. At most a poof thing to not get in trouble, or cutaway body shifts with gas or pink radiation effects.
- Ep 01 link - Ep 02 link - screencaps - (Vended, Tazz)

Flowering Heart
- (RN AA AR) - gif

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
- (FF) 2016.
We catch a glimpse of a main character's past. The flashback and present scenes look somehow AP-ish - caps - (Anonsuper)

Fountain of Youth (?)
- (AR) 1950s unknown short anime. The item runs about 15 min. Japanese woman finds the fountain of youth and drinks too much of the water. She gradually becomes a baby.
Does anyone have more information about this motion picture? (Time)

Fox's Devil & Black Grimoire
- (AR) 8/2011 Shonen Ace "Black magic and demon fox manual guide".
Her now oversized combat costume falls off her flattened chest. B/A panel scan - (Suning)

Franken Fran Frantic
- (omni-weapon TF "ARed" disguise, age form TF CB RN AP) sequel series, 2019.
"Devil of Biology" Dr. Naomitsu Madaraki worked for the Biochemistry Division during the War, creating Fran and her "sisters". Shapeshifting Transformer Gavrill Madaraki can destroy entire armies with little effort (often between panels). Who would have thought such a mighty assassin has disguised herself as an innocent little girl? An easy mistake to make... and quite possibly your last one.
- Extract - Extract - (The AP Ninja, Kaiza TG)

Franken Fran
- (adult regeneration, degeneration) 15 "Eternal Beauty" 2006+
An elderly figurehead in the financial world wants to live forever, and uses doctors to make clones of herself to harvest for cells. She then has the doctors killed and steals their information. Fran successfully reverses the aging process, and the lady attempts to kill Fran by having her throat slit. This does not work on Fran of course, and she stitches her neck back into place. Fran returns to the lady to inform her of cell processes. The lady begins developing tumors at a ridiculous rate, and becomes a large, cancerous blob.
- rejuvenation - (Sutibaru)

Franken Fran
- (ARed effect from the neck down) ch40.
Veronica gets cut in half by Gavrill, and Fran attaches her head to one of Gavrill's victims, who happens to have been an 8-year-old girl, which is unfortunate for Veronica but does come in handy.

Fresh Pretty Cure!
- (mental dream FB ARed AA, RN AA zap) 6th series, Ep28 "Precious Recollections! Memories of Grandpa!!" 2009/08/16.
Camera monster flashed Love back 10 years in the past to age 4 - Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

Friendly Winter, The
- (age disguised) 2011 Lee Jun manhwa comics.
Due to different disorders, a 19 y.o. female has the body of a child, and a 17 y.o. male has the mental capacity of one.
In many situations they look like a physically and a mentally regressed adult (or a progressed boy).
- link - (Vended)

Fruits Basket
- (FB, FF) Hanajima was taken as a little girl and shuts herself off for years, fearing people outside her family would hate her. It took Tohru Honda and Arisa Uotani to get her to open up and stop cultivating the Creepy Child image to keep others at bay.
- Akito becomes a Creepy Child after snapping due to the local Evil Matriarch. She doesn't get better until she's in her 20s.

Fruits Basket
- (FF growth) Momiji has aged over time.

Fruits Basket
- (male "chibi" stasis, RNed) Momiji looks and acts like an elementary schoolboy. Tohru is shocked to find out he's going to her high school. He eventually goes through a growth spurt, and becomes as Bishounen as the rest of the boys (if not more).

Fukei-san to Ansatsu-san
- (mental ARed) Policewoman and Assassin, by Orihara Sachiko, c.2023.
While hatching a plot to assassinate a businessman, an assassin accidentally hypnotizes a policewoman. He wants to make her assassinate his next target, but a poorly timed comment by someone makes her regress to the mind of a carefree little girl. The assassin feels responsibility, and tries to keep her out of trouble - extract - (Sen Oluguat)

Fukumen Mania
- (AA TF AP, RN) "Masked Maniac".
Imaki Shoji wrestling manga, 2013 - covers
- (Akira)

Full Moon (W)o Sagashite
- (AA AP/RN series)
- from manga - caps
- from manga - caps
- from covers - covers

Full Moon (W)o Sagashite
- (AP AA series) caps
- (AA TF APed) - scene

Full Moon (W)o Sagashite
- (AP series) "Finding the Full Moon" "Mangetsu wo Sagashite" 01/02 Ribon magazine.
- Manga about a 10-year-old girl who wants to be a J-pop idol and get closer to her boyfriend. She doesn't want a sarcoma operation to save her life because it will remove her voice. She disguises herself as a 16-year-old healthy singer. Animation begun in 04/02. (Akira)
- transformation - AP - 3 4 5 - AR/TF
- APed, AR
- Quotes:
Mitsuki - You really did transform into the other person right? Using the God of Death's power I want you to transform me into an adult...So can you?
Takuto - Why?
Mitsuki - In order to attend the audition I have to be 16 years old. I'd like to be 4 years older...To be the same as Eichi-kun who is also 16. I... I'd like to be an adult.
Takuto - Being 16 is an adult? I understand. Then you must be aware of your health condition during the transformation. Drink this. With my signal, the capsule will break inside your body. You will feel a weird sensation, so be patient. Good girl.
It is uncanny. There is a strange taste.
Mitsuki - ! Ah...Waah! This is great!! I really am 16!! Thank you God of Death-san!! Thank you so much!! Umm...I'd like to dye my hair.

Full Moon ni Sasayaite
- (ARed, AA RN AP, TG) "Until the Full Moon" Ch6.
Age altering wine turns Marlo into a little boy - then Marlo, being half werewolf, does the transformation thing under the full moon... only this transformation isn't into a big bad powerhouse of a beast - it's into a GIRL! Then she grows up.
Full manga chapter link - AA AP TF scene - (Entropic)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (dream sequence age forms AA) Anime ep27 "Interlude Party" 10/11/09, FUNimation.
Hohenheim converses with a young Pinako. He finds encouragement from the child form of his deceased wife Trisha Elric, who then appears in an older form.
Trisha: ages - ages
- The Homunculus Sloth also took the appearance of Trisha.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male adult face to OA) c2010, "He Would Swallow God" - King Bradley death.
Man (long story what he is in the anime's lore) ages while he dies after a battle.
- Scene link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male demon cutaway TF ARed into fetus) c2010, "He Would Swallow God" - Pride's Death.
Before you judge, he might look like a "boy", but is really an evil being that's been around for ages. He poses as the leader's son. His empty clothes fall on the ground.
- Scene link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- (male FFed) Edward Elric "grows taller" by the end - caps

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (adult mind transfer rejuvenation effect) Dante from the 1st anime starts off as an old woman, but switches bodies with her young and beautiful maid Lyra.

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (age stasis) Martel looks early 20s but is much older. The snake venom cleared her wrinkles. During "Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shamballa" Al looks 13 while his brother is fully adult. When Al got his body back he returned the same age as when he revived his mother.

FullMetal Alchemist
- (male age disguise) 400 year old Pride/Selim Bradley/Salem has the body of a little boy.
- (male APed) AKA "Full Metal Alchemist" link An elder brother is 16 years old, although he seems a young boy? A 14-year-old boy's body is a giant's armor although his voice and heart are younger. cover (male APed)
- (male AR) At Ep 47, 4.11: "Homunculus Seal" Wrath has a near death dream in the beginning of the episode where he becomes younger and younger. Ends up from a 12 year old kid to a baby crawling toward his mother. (Master_E1, Jeffr_2bya)

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (male AR dream sequence)
Anime Ep47 9/4/04 "Sealing the Homunculus".
It's in the first few minutes of the episode.
- Video link - screencaps

FullMetal Alchemist
- (male AR) Androids called "Homunkurusu" are hostile to heroes. The 7 are given the names of the Old Testament mortal sins respectively. The eldest son "Pride" is actually alive through external children for 100 years or more. It is an android with a good head that does many homicides in the shadows. It usually pretends to be a child. "Pride" fights with hero Edward, and the child's body collapses fast. It has turned back into a baby at the end.
- embryonic combat reversion - (Akira)

FullMetal Alchemist
- (male dream AR to baby) S04Ep11 "Homunculus Seal".
FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- (male adult rejuved, male AR into fetus) S01Ep61 "The One Who Devoured God" 06/13/2010.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

FullMetal Alchemist
- (male FF, male OA) Hohenheim anime end.

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (male OA) Hohenheim shows the transmutation marks all over his skin when he loses the philosopher's stones in his body. Then he ages to old age and soon dies.

Fullmetal Alchemist
- (male OA) Wrath suffers a massive age increase after deceasing.

FullMoon Wo Sagashite
- (AA TF) scene

Fureruna Kiken!
- (BE AP) by Sakai Hamachi, 2012. Comic A-UN, Vol189, Ch05 & Ch07.
Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

furry ears regression
- (dedicated AR) TF scene - (Process)

Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo
- (boy age change?) Ep03? "dango candy brothers"? 2020/09/22?
"Mysterious Candy Store Zenitendo", E Tele anime. Traditional Japanese confectionery shop can only be reached by lucky people. The sweets recommended by owner Beniko are perfect for your worries, but should you foolishly use them wrong, misfortune will befall you! - (Akira)

Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendo
- (male TF, boy to were demon) S01Ep16 2021 - screencaps - (Akira)

Fushigi na Chikara de Netorareta Ore to Kanojo to Choukyou Douga to
- (AR/unbirth) by Reitou Mikan, Konozama, c2020 hentai.
Female character was ARed and unbirthed to be re-raised. NOTE: It was found on Nhentai, but this scene features nothing mature/sexual.
- Full porn link - 4 page extract - (Klatuk4u)

Fushigi Yuugi
- (adult age disguise, OA'd) Magical old hag Taiitsukun has a beautiful true form.
- (APed) Nyan-Nyan. Little girl who can multiply herself and also appears in an adult form.

Fushigi Yuugi
- (AR) Time Master Subaru briefly uses her powers on herself and her husband Tokaki to help Miaka and the Suzaku Seishi.

Fushigi Yuugi
- (male adult stasis, plant acceleration) Character: Tatara of The Byakko Seven (110 y.o.).
- (age stasis) S01Ep42 "The Wall That Can't Be Climbed".
- (AR) S01Ep44 "Transient Defense" - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
- (AR) Mayuki Anan, Vol2 manga adaptation, 2005.
2 characters (I assume and hope the titular twin princesses) transformed into babies. The bad news is that it's a bit underwhelming, being a poof with their clothes changing with - (Klatuk4u)

Fushigina Melmo
- (age forms, magic clothes) Tezuka Osamu 1971.
AKA Marvelous Melmo or Mysterious Melmo.
- Tezuka Productions series following his retirement as president of Mushi Production. More than just a sex education story, it incorporates far-reaching themes about the dignity and mysteries of life. The girl Melmo learns the meaning of being a "woman" through countless adventures in which she AA-"grows up" and returns to being a baby with the help of miracle candies. Using the candy in different combinations changes her into different animals when growing back.
- (StevenB)

Futanarikko Cafe ni Youkoso
- (AP) by Shidou Mayuru.
P91. The entire collection contains AP content, both process and before/after - (Kira)

Futanarikko Cafe ni Youkoso
- (APed without process)
"Welcome to Futanari Cafe" 1-7, futanari. Mangaka: Shido Mayuru.
- Full manga link - extract - (The Ap Master)

Future Diary
- (age forms) Muru Muru's (AKA Mur Mur) normal child-form is restrained, but when the seal placed on her is broken she becomes a bigger monstrous version who can attack at near supersonic speeds and fights with rabid, animistic strikes. In one of the shorts Muru Muru has a type of candy that allows her to change ages.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal