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Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete
Gushing over Magical Girls
- (AR magic dream effect, teen adult baby) Ep6 "The Tres Magia's Secret Backstory" 2024/02/07.
Asahi Production, manga Ch26, Ch31 - Enormita elementary school member Korisu Morino does not speak but loves toys. At the park, Haruka spends time playing with Korisu, who transforms into Nero Alice. In her power form, Alice can manipulate toys in various ways, such as trapping victims in doll houses or making stuffed toys giant-sized. Nero Alice traps Magenta inside her dollhouse: a world of paraphilic infantilism or autonepiophilia.
Haruka is enjoying her new life as a shrunken baby until she realizes she needs to take a leak. But she quickly comes to terms with this, losing herself in the lack of personal responsibility. As she drifts off, she remembers that she's not a baby; she's a magical girl! Magenta manages to regain her senses by thinking about her friends and remembering how she and Azure recruited Kaoruko. As she changes back to herself, she realizes Nero Alice is in the middle of changing her soiled diaper.
However, Magia Magenta understands the kid in front of her is having fun - nothing more, nothing less. So she gets over it, going with the flow when the urge to release bladder water calls once again. She decides one only lives once, so one might as well let loose. She mentions feeling embarrassed, but her reaction indicates otherwise.
Magenta ends up feeling sorry for her and continues to indulge Alice until she gets worn out and takes her leave.
When Nero Alice's ability wears off, Haruka is left pantsless and soiled in a kids' park. Which, in retrospect, sounds horrible. But that's pretty much just a regular day of spring break. Both legally and morally, intentions (nuances) are important. Was Nero Alice doing something sexual? No, she's just a kid playing house to fill a void. It's the viewers who are imposing their feelings on the scene.
- Episode link - AR screencaps - young adult baby screencaps - (Adam)

Office Depot
- (rapid child growth AP) Mexico, 2023/07. Back To School commercials.
Fast growing kids need new supplies. They seem to have gotten bigger every time you look away.
- Female: - mini commercial link - screencaps - screencaps - mini commercial link - screencaps
- Male: - morph commercial link - gif - screencaps - (maleTF.blogspot.com, Apuleius)

Hakushon Daimaou
- (male AR poofs, RN poof) Ep42 "The Story of Her Majesty Queen Akubi" c1970.
The Genie Family, Tatsunoko, Fuji TV - Episode link - screencaps - (Akira)

short comics
Two Guys and Guy
- (adult FF to old) 2011-'12, Future flash forward gags - (AgingWomen)

One Piece
- (AR AA, male anthro AR AA, male/anthro old aged, RN AA)
Ep1094 "The Mystery Deepens! Egghead Labophase" 2024/02/18.
- Bonney uses her Devil Fruit power to revert herself and Jinbe, while turning Luffy and Chopper into elders at time stamp 05:00. Bonney then progresses back to adult after 08:00. It shows her hair growing back to normal, but only Bonney's shadow is seen expanding back to her adult form.
- Full episode link - screencaps - (Carlton, The AP Ninja)

- (adults rejuved & TGed) "Put a little GODADDY in YOUR diet!" 2010.
Tv spot contest starring an "old lady" getting a special can. The salesman then ends up in the same state - CM link - screencaps - (WackyWildTvAds, Omega)

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi
- (AR OC poof, TF) S1Ep2 "Talent Suckers/Ole!/Mini-Puffs" 2022/10/08.
Live action scene before the end credits with Outfit Change, AR, animal poof. Yumi takes the remote from Ami and points it at her, changing her outfit. She presses the button again, poofing Ami into a small child in oversized clothes. A final click turns Ami into a small dog before Yumi runs off.
Kaz creates a new band called The Mini-Puffs composed of 2 babies. The toddlers soon become more popular than the girls. Ami and Yumi plot to get their jobs back.
- AR scene link @21:06 to 21:18 - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Oz books: The Lost King of Oz
- (AP CB glimpsed) In the Oz series, time seems pretty much the same in fairyland and the Great Outside World. In one incident, Dorothy visited California and rapidly grew up to the age she would have been if she hadn't moved to Oz. Her story worked out happily, as she was able to return to Oz and her childhood with some wishing sand - book illustration scan

fetish toons
A.M. Studios
- (dedicated male growth TF, kinda looks like AP) "Little Bro Grows Bigger" 2023/05.
Hypermasculinity, CGI film. A scrawny fellow infiltrates his massive Muscle Brother's training room to steal a muscle building supplement. It does not work immediately but takes several minutes to explode in size - Preview link - screencaps - (maletf.blogspot)

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katanakaji no Sato-hen
- (male demon TF CB, adult maturation effect) Muzan Kibutsuji TF screencaps

music videos
Willem en Jan
- (male rejuv/AR AA) "Tussen Jou en Mij", 2022/06. Netherlands.
Animated music video, nostalgia/reminiscence. Two pals take a DeLorean back to their high school years in the late 90's - link @02:20 - screencaps - (maletf.blogspot)

Dave the Diver
- (male AR dream) Mintrocket, Nexon. 2022/10.
"Otto Tries Dish cutscene" Otto is taken back to childhood by a fish dish from his early years - link - screencaps - (Mr.TF)

short comics
- (dream flashback like adult rejuvenation) "Just like the first time" c2017. Technically, a lesbian dance rejuv comic that could be seen as OA? A friend shared this with me because we used to talk about getting old together, so when she sees anything like that, she'll often send it my way - link - alt - (VioletJames)

short comics
Sarah Scribbles
- (imaginary adult FFs to old) c2020. Sarah Andersen often depicts her characters in the future as old people - gag - gag - (Chronoeclipse)

fetish comics
old age
- (dedicated adult WGed & OA) "Fat Granny Rider", 2020. Saw this image, had to tweak it - fan art - (The Doc)

short films
- (AR) - c'23 link - link - link - link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - "Dizem que esse efeito deixa tudo retro" filter, '22.

What If... Miles Morales
- (male young adult monster muscle TF CB) #3 2022/05. Piper, Salazar, Medina. Ongoing series with alternate origins. What if... instead of being bitten by an enhanced spider, Miles Morales was blasted by gamma radiation?! Is Miles man or Hulk? Or maybe he's just a kid trying to live a normal life: school, dates, a rampaging ABOMINATION... Miles may be the strongest there is, but that won't make growing up easy - growth - (maletf.blogspot)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Kamakura-bi Azuma to 58a
- (dedicated gaining aftermath) The Idolmaster game series. Takane Shijou, idol from 765 Production. A highly cryptic girl with noble regal air. The inner workings of her mind are quite inscrutable. BBW, 2020 - link - fan art - (mf2yxmsq)

fetish fiction
- (dedicated male AR) Fictionmania author - "The Chamber", 2015 - Short sequence where he partially regresses himself into infancy, and briefly describes the experience - Stories link

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: Ginmedaru
- (dedicated OA'd aftermath) manga, c2020 - link - alt - (Kaminasama)

Die Kitty Die: Heaven & Hell
- (FB poof ARed, AA) #3, Parent/Ruiz, 2018.
In order to enter Heaven, Kitty the witch must rectify three of her previous misdeeds. One incident involved turning a childhood acquaintance into a brass toilet during a board game. Since decades have passed since then, Kitty transports her back in time to begin anew - Page - (Thomas2)

Mokushiroku no Yonkishi (Nanatsu no Taizai series)
Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse, The
- (ARs OC, AR aftermaths, TG disguise AA rejuvenated, cutaway RNed AA) Nakaba Suzuki, TMS, Telecom Animation, 2023.
Netflix. Male and female teen heroes are reverted to babies in a magic crystal cave.
- Ep13 link - Ep14 link - screen caps - screen caps - (Adam)

Yowamushi Pedal
- (male AA FF "APed" appearance poof) c'24.
"Weakling Pedal" by Wataru Watanabe. 2008+. Small extract - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Jackpotmans
- (dedicated adult heroes OA'd) - X-Elders: Rogue and Kitty, 2021/06 link - Old Naruto Shippuden, 2021/06 link - (Kappa)

Wonder Woman (character)
- (dedicated adult OA'd face edits) Justice League, Wonder Woman. c'20 fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Sortimid
- (dedicated AA RS TFs, adults aged) - Main Gallery link
- Tomboy to Stepford Milf, 2021/05 link - Loving Couple Corrupted by Riches, 2020/07 link - (Kappa)

- (male monster absorption replacement AA) Weekly Shonen Champion 4+5, 'c.'24 - small extract - (Akira)

Game of Thrones (fan edits)
- (dedicated adult OA face edits) c'20, Daenerys fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: SuperStud16
- (dedicated OAs) - AJ Lee Milf photo edits, 2021 - Progression 3 link - Comparison link - (Kappa)

- Delissa age 5 to 15 years - years

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: AgeChanger
- (dedicated OAs) Photo edits, 2021 - Meet the Richardsons link - Loserfruit, Crayator and Fasffy still together link - (Kappa)

- ("shrunken" illusion) - doll-like - (FB) - celebs
- (demons OA'd) - I've aged some fictitious characters that I like - (Paron)
- (teen age disguise) - AnUthessslayer, c'24. Makeup acting transition. A "small girl" "grows up" to be a mighty warrior

Julia Gallardo
- (adults "OA'd") artist, c2020+ She often takes pictures of real young people, or other artists' drawings of young people, and draws them as old people - instagram.com/julia_gallardo - art - (Chronoeclipse)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Broadwell-6
- (dedicated young women gaining) - CGI photo stories of adult WG & maturation.
Deviantartists who have a special place in my heart: Kamackazi, Fan2000, JayTee-FAArtist, Jake27, Melissa822, JoeSixPack60, and now Broadwell-6.
- He does Stepfordization - Young Women plumped and milfed. Ever watch that Stepford Wives movie with Nicole Kidman? Basically, it's kinda like Domesticated Housewife/Bimbo TFs. And the artist keeps adding new characters to thicken. 50+ pics and counting of young adult girls turning into milfs!
- "The MILF-Ening", 2021 - Gallery restricted link - small preview Alt - (Deleted, Kappa)

fetish films
Swapping Bodies With Step-Dad
- (dedicated younger/older adult TG mind swap) 2017/10.
Adult daughter pleads with Dad to switch bodies with a contraption they use offscreen. She takes off and doesn't come back so Dad has to pee in her body. Then he realizes she is using his body to have sex with his girlfriend. He decides that if she can have sexy fun in his body, he will do the same in hers.
- Preview link - Purchase link - (Grimm)

- niece birthdays FF rock of ages - Maja 11 to 14 FF

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Kronostar
- (dedicated young adult women into Matures) photo caption stories: Meredith Retirement, 2016/08 link - Workout to Saggy maturity, 2019/10 link - Alts - (Kappa)

Aging Women (website)
- (young women "aged up" to middle aged to elderly) - Discussion Boards that evolved from the old AgeMagic Yahoo Group since about 2000. The purpose is to celebrate increased female beauty with age. They often post adult "flash forward" (FF) photo comparisons, like Playboy cover bunnies then & now. There have also been many thousands of stories and discussions and contests and link collections and edited and improved images and found videos from around the Web - Link

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Fungip
- (dedicated adults aged/WGed) OA/gaining captions - A good story, 2020/12 link - link - Alts - (Kappa, Deleted)

Marvel Cinematic Universe
- (dedicated adult OA face edits) Widow & Witch fan gifs - (Youthdrain)

- c.10 to 11, a few months older bathing model Maria 3

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Ken4444
- (dedicated adult WG, bimbo, maturation) photo edits/collages and short story fragments.
MJ, 2021/10 link - The Mean Girls as milfs, 2021/03 link I LOVE HOW THEY'RE DRESSED LIKE MILF VERSIONS OF THE POWERPUFF GIRLS - Katee Sackoff and Tricia Helfer, 2021/08 link The hottest women at the cosplay events made the wrong nerd mad. Now they were a couple of retired high school teachers... - alts - (Kappa, Deleted)

rising curves
- (dedicated AP edits) 2013 to 2017 - old pics from the deleted Group.

short story
Tanya Huff
- (TFed APed) "And Who Is Joah?", 1987.
Fantasy curse. About the relationship between Magdelene and 13 y.o. Joah, who has more magical power than anyone she's met in ages. Joah wanders carelessly through the rooms of Magdelene's house and ends up in the underworld. Rescue proceeds with much hilarity. Apparently, Joah was "aged up" 10 years by demon prince Rak'vol to make her attractive to him.

Takara Chi no Ronnie
- (demons APed) Weekly Shonen Champion #7, c'24.
"Ronnie the Treasure Blood" - small extract - (Akira)

- (TG adult rejuved) by George Alec Effinger, 1979.
In the future, all the necessities of human life have been taken care of. At age 82 Irene sets out on a pilgrimage across America hoping to find the answers to boredom. An aging woman was transformed into a strong young man.

Wo he wo ba de shi qi sui
- (old/young male adult body swap) by Song Yang, China 2023.
AKA: Jue Jiao Ba Ba Ba, Wo de tong zhuo shi wo ba, My dad and I are seventeen, My deskmate is my dad, Who's Your Daddy?
Middle-aged tycoon accidentally switched memories with a high school student. Chen Bida soon realizes that adult rules do not work here, causing all kinds of ridiculous incidents. Trying to get his body back, Chen deals with a bunch of students including his son, who is inspired to rekindle his dreams. The two slowly become friends and win the science and technology innovation competition. More troubles arise when Gao Ming wakes up in Chen's body...
- link - link - (Videnshili)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Undeadpenguin37
- (dedicated AA TFs, young to old) - Lyra, 2019/07 link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - Iris, 2019/09 link - link - link - link - Marnie and Gloria, 2019/11 link - link - link - Saria Quest, 2020/03 link - link - link - link - link - Dawn, 2020/03. She begins exploring the Old Chateau but it's not long before her clothes feel strangely tight link - link - link - link - link - link - Aqua, 2020/04 link - link - link - link - If blocked Alts - (Kappa)

Secret Invasion
- (AA TFs) Disney+ miniseries, 2023.
Skrull TFs in Ep1: many male to male TFs, FtM Talos reveal 42:34 offscreen, Gravik girl to old man 47:10 transition, "rejuv" reveal 47:50. Gravik old man to young woman 47:26 transition. FtF G'iah reveal 42:42 transition - Ep2: Multiple TFs 05:14 & 24:53. FtM Talos 09:42 & revert 14:43 offscreen - Ep6: partial limb TFs during G'iah & Gravik's fight @18:13, with the Hulk's arm on G'iah Nick Fury - Lucas Persaud portrays Gravik as a child. G'iah was portrayed as a child in Captain Marvel by Auden & Harriet L. Ophuls - (Generic guest name)

47 Cordes
- (male/female adult TF forms) Timothe Le Boucher, Glenat, French BD series, 2021.
Professional harpist Ambroise, who draws journal entries as comics in his diary, becomes the obsession of a red-haired shapeshifter who meets him on the beach. The shapeshifter takes the form of multiple girls he encounters near the beach, before taking on a series of male and female guises to learn more and seduce him: as a young man who befriends Ambroise at a rock climbing gym; a large voluptuous classical music singer who promises to give Ambroise a harp if he will do 47 odd jobs; and a young dark-skinned girl who eventually becomes Ambroise's lover. There is an elite society of shapeshifters who change identities, changing form and gender throughout the story - cover

short toons
gif short animations
- (face FF toon, young adult to old) "Aging" gif, by Jennie Davis, c'20.
Page link - gif - (Lunkpil)

Hunger, The
- ("TFed" effect) The Hunger - S2Ep6 "Week Woman" 1999/10/17.
A man marries an unattractive lesbian to avoid deportation. He discovers his new wife can transform into a new woman each week?
- Unrelated reports on metamorphose.org? A painter was convinced to pretend to marry a woman. However, she wakes as a new person every time she goes to sleep. It's the same actress who plays the new person with a different look. As I remember, from the man's view there was a new person there as his "wife" when he came home each day - (Nixon, guest5011)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: DrainAge-AP
- (dedicated young adults to old age drawings) 2015+ Gallery link

fetish fiction
HiddenInSight (TF author)
- (dedicated old/young adult TG) "The Old Lady", 2020. It's rare for media involving older women turning into young hunk men to focus on the rejuvenation aspect instead of the gender change. Young man Jack has his body stolen piece by piece by an older married lady on an interesting weekend adventure. Inspired in part by "Becoming my girlfriend" - Fictionmania link

Steven Universe (fan art)
- (dedicated young adult to old changes) -- Tiarastwilight "Connie's Scatology Test" (TF/MC/Log Entry), 2019 link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link if blocked: Alts -- Cyanoray "Connie the Stepmom", 2019/09 link -- Anawinkaro "Old Steven and Connie" sitting on the beach together, 2017 link (just so you know the artist is a normal so don't go crazy on her/him) - (Kappa, Anonguy, The Doc)

face aging (apps)
- (dedicated adult faces to OA edits, video edits) - Reface (2020, image and video altering app) swaps out faces in videos and GIFs (like those in popular memes). So I decided to try a new process: I aged a celebrity's face in Faceapp (2017), and then swapped that aged face with their youthful one in Reface. The results are often great. I'm working on posting the examples from Imgur. Here are some examples - (Youthdrain)

school years
- (face FFs, preschool to high school) c'20 - 12 years older.

fetish fiction
Marvel: Early Retirement
- (dedicated female young adult metahumans to OA) by Spyguy, 2019.
Superhero fan fiction mini-chapters with original comics panel illustrations. This one's based on a "What If" idea from the old Yahoo Groups forum way back when. Basically, the conceit was that Captain Marvel vanished only to turn up as an old lady at an intergalactic nursing home. This turns out to be a trap to steal the adult youth of numerous Marvel heroines. Hopefully the original creatives don't mind if we all run with it for a bit?
- Original storyline link - If blocked: Alt 01 - 02 - 03 - text - (Spyguy)

Mavka: The Forest Song
- (adult rejuvenation, ARed OC) "Mavka. Lisova pisnia" - English-language CGI film, Ukraine, 2023.
Based on the play "The Forest Song" by Lesya Ukrainka, 1918. In a post-credits scene, Kylina finds the Tree of Life, bathes and drinks from the spring, and gets younger than she was planning. We briefly see her form shrinking inside her clothes.
- Scene link - screencaps - (Mad0charles)

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: StephenAlterOD
- (dedicated female-to-female AA TF APs) c.'23+, with AI art illustrations. Account required to view.
"MechaGirl Storia" - Mechanization/AP TF series. Tales of two young girls transforming into actual mecha-like superheroines via reverse-engineered alien bodysuit technology - link
"Oracle's Realizer Changes" - FtoF/AP TF story/artwork series. Persona 5's Futaba Sakura ordered a mysterious package from the Dark Webs out of boredom. A black smartphone and a suitcase with a powerful 3D printer allows her to turn into anyone she desires - Chronicles link
- The related Pixiv pages are mostly geared for my Japanese audience, but content is occasionally imported to DeviantArt:
AI AA TF vertical timeline: Futaba Sakura to Wakaba Isshiki (Persona 5) link - Futaba Sakura to Ann Takamaki (Persona 5) link - Futaba Sakura to Cammy White (Street Fighter) link - Anya Forger to Yor Forger (Spy X Family) link - (StephenAlterOD)

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
- (male/female mental ARs?) Toei, Ep45, 2024/01 - trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Fashion Land: Mia
- timeline: dress, age 13 to age 15.5 - timeline: age 11.5 to age 12.5 to age 14 to age 15.5 - timeline: bikini, age 13 to age 14.5.

- (young adults OA'd) #4, 2022/04.
Old Lady Cindy! Silk becomes her newest villain's latest victim! How will she save the day when she can't even cross the street by herself? #1 included some male adult OA. The villain is an adult youth-draining character akin to the Vulture from the Spider-Man animated series - cover - (Chronoeclipse)

fetish comics
Rita's Lil' Adventure (continuation 2)
- (dedicated spanking ARed) "Little Rita Finds Her Future" by Rose St. Andrews, 2024/01. Anyone who loves forced AR for a naughty young lady will love this! - Purchase link - tiny cover - (DrWhoAR)

Lizzie McGuire
- (kinda like toon age stasis, mental CoA themes) The animated "mini Lizzie" who comments on the storyline in every episode never grew up from her original tween appearance, even as the live actress expanded through puberty - caps

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
- (adults FFed age forms) 2023 Tv series reimagining. Future Ramona Flowers travels back in time to persuade Young Scott Pilgrim to be with Young Ramona and thwart Future Scott - "Super Ramona" link - caps - (Kappa)

Deadpool (series)
- (regeneration pseudo "ARed" phases) In the early years, Deadpool underwent an experiment that turned him into an active mutant to cure his cancer - Regeneration scenes: Deadpool (2016) Wade Wilson's Baby Hand link - Deadpool 2 (2018) "Baby Legs Scene" link - link - (Bella)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Schinkn
- (dedicated AP) - "Gwen Age Progression", 2017 - link - "Toph Age Progression", 2017 - link - "Elely Age Progression Comic - Wakfu", 2017 - link - "Mertle Age Progression", 2018 - link - (Kappa)

music videos
Stuck In the Sound
- (male ff) "Let's Go", 2012.
Animated music video. The theme is that you shouldn't let your life go by trying to achieve some super ambitious goal, but remember to live in the moment - Video link

- (male lineart blurry puberty height) - hand-drawn animation - (pseudo young adults to OA) - photos link (Kingfaraday) - (accelerated time flashby) - Tv Dimension 404 Ep06 "Impulse" 2017. A gamer finds an energy drink that lets her slow down time, but her life fast-forwards every time Spoilers (Keith943)

Detective Conan
- (ARed, male FFed time skip) "Quarter of Silence" 2011.
Touma is in the opposite position of Conan. In elementary school he had an accident that put him in a state of sleep for 8 years. He was surprised to find he had transformed into a 16-year-old although his mind was still that of an elementary schooler, and felt uncomfortable with the change in voice. Since he witnessed a mysterious culprit, his life is threatened.
- Anime trailer link - manga extract - (Akira)

HUG! Pretty Cure Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories
- (AR AA) 2018. All the old video links were taken down again - Alternate anime movie link - link - caps - (Adam)

Fashion Land: Mia
- timeline: another bikini comparison from 2018 to 2020; about 11 to 13 - timeline: a blue onepiece comparison from about 13 to 16. Initially a bit oversized, the fabric was designed to stretch under the relentless growth pressure.

Flash, The
- (young adult to old) classic #189. Some pretty great OA of Iris Allen, wife of Barry Allen aka The Flash. Never let anything super-vibrate through your wife... wait that didn't sound right lol. Anyway thought it was a very enjoyable book. A lot of these Silver Age stories have some gems. And the conclusion... love how calm Iris is, considering. And her comment at the end - scans - (Deptx)

Seisenshi Dunbine
- (TF size CB) AKA Holy Warrior Danbain. Sotsu, Sunrise, Nagoya TV. 1983-84.
Aura Battler Dunbine Vol.03 "Chapter of Sorrow" - Episode link @34 mins - caps - (Akira)

Justice League Dark
- (young adult immortal to old age) The New 52, JLD Vol1 16, 2013. Madame Xanadu pics - (AgingWomen)

fetish comics
Rebirth of Benjamin Mayhew, The
- (dedicated spanking, male ARed aftermaths) '24/01. Part 3 of his trip to Camp 50 Shades link - extr - Engagement: Rose St. Andrews extr - (DrWhoAR)

fan characters
fan art (2D) OA tropes
- (dedicated fetish drawings, old aged edits) c'20 - licensed/copyrighted characters drawn as their imagined more mature or future selves. Fan art pics - (AgingWomen)

short comics
Tom the Dancing Bug
- (male adult FF gag) "Marital Mirth" parody short, c'23 - pic

- (dedicated adults OA'd) c'20+ fan art pics - (AgingWomen)

Librarians, The
- (adult to old age) Ep9 "And the City of Light" 2015/01/18.
A grid built by Tesla in 1915 trapped the town's original inhabitants in a pocket dimension. Releasing Eve removes Mabel's immortality, causing her to age and die - backstage makeup pic

old age memes
- (dedicated young adult to older/elderly, fetish tropes) - Edits making fun of or celebrating middle age to old age transformations - various pics - (AgingWomen)

Machikado Mazoku
- (dedicated demon AA TF) - AKA The Demon Girl Next Door, by Izumo Itou, 2014+
The heroine's Crisis Management form is only a normal sized young adult - enhanced upgrade fan art

Junji Ito
- (UC) - anime cap

fetish comics
old age art
- (dedicated adult to elderly TFed fetish works) - Fan art and original character images - (AgingWomen)

- (old adults acting younger) S03Ep15 "Bicker me not" 2008/02/10.
An elderly couple breaks up and starts acting like teenagers. The grandma joins the Khaki Barn clones, dressing and behaving like them. At the end grandma has to explain to Caitlyn the boy she has a crush on is Gay - Episode link

Resident Evil
- (dedicated fan art, young adults GTS TFed, some maturation) "Ashley Dimitrescu" by Saturnxart, '21 - fan art link - alt - "CM: Mia Winters to Lady Dimitrescu Transformation", '22. She finds herself infected by the ever-present D Parasite, transforming her into a Lady Dimitrescu - fan art link - alt - (Kappa)

- (young adults to old age) - AI edits
- (young adult to OA) - "Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane" #40. Note: when you click on the link, remember, it's a site where you can read free comics. You may have to search for it when you're there. Pop up ads - link - (Kappa)

fetish fiction
- (dedicated young adults to old aged) Stories & Captions - Main Page link
2022 works: "Gram School" Kappa did this idea a few months ago. Basically it's a pun of Cram School. The American Equivalent, more or less, being SAT Prep link link - Kappa realizes now they also could've done SA&T Saggy Ass and Tits Prep link - link - "MomLifts" link - "See Ya Next Year!" link - "Ego Feeder" Doing commissions lately. Here's a specific caption from the series I've been doing I think you guys will like link - "Short Time Tales: The Hour Glass" link - "Short Time Tales: The Bootstrap Paradox" link - Yo Girlfriend So Old "Lupe and Paul" link - Suggestion ~She gots them swishy wishy bingo wings! link - "Oblivious: Yoga Class" link - "Oblivious: The Cursed Apartment" link - "Oblivious: The Cursed Apartment II" link - "Oblivious: Senior Home DJ" link - "Oblivious: Cool Girl" link - "Oblivious: Phone Upgrade" link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Dragon-FangX
- (dedicated old aged) - art - art

Fresh Pretty Cure!
- (mental dream FB ARed AA, RN AA zap) 6th series, Ep28 "Precious Recollections! Memories of Grandpa!!" 2009/08/16.
Camera monster flashed Love back 10 years in the past to age 4 - Episode link - screencaps - (Adam)

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
- (AR) Ep43 "The Overlord's Deadly Sin" 2024/01/07.
Gira and the others are in a terrible state of disarray?! The team minus Rita all de-aged by 17 years! Douga and Goroge are seen aged into old men! - Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

Fukei-san to Ansatsu-san
- (mental ARed) Policewoman and Assassin, by Orihara Sachiko, c.2023.
While hatching a plot to assassinate a businessman, an assassin accidentally hypnotizes a policewoman. He wants to make her assassinate his next target, but a poorly timed comment by someone makes her regress to the mind of a carefree little girl. The assassin feels responsibility, and tries to keep her out of trouble - Hypnohub.net extract - (Sen Oluguat)

Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
- (AA TF BE AP) "The 100 Girlfriends..." Ep11. During the bath scene, Kusuri Yakuzen uses her potion while soaking in the hot water to age progress, magical girl style. Time stamp at 17:38. It happens waaaaaaay too fast, but certainly is something that could be easily reanimated in the Blu-ray release - (Carlton, The AP Ninja)

Justice League Action
- (kinda looks like "ARed") S01Ep13 "Trick or Threat" 2017/03/18.
Halloween story. 4 trick-or-treating children dressed as Justice League heroes investigate the spooky House of Mystery, but what terrors does it hold? - caps - (Thomas)

fetish comics
Pixiv artist: StephenAlterOD (OD05Alter)
- (dedicated AA TF APed stages) c'23. Futaba Sakura (Persona 5) AA TF sequences - AI art link - if blocked alt - (NightElf37)

Fashion Land: Mia
- (FF stages) Fashion Land the modeling agency, "fashion-land.net", Fashion Dolls premier collection - timeline: 2 pics per year, about 6 months apart. Starting in 2017/03 just under age 10. It goes through 2023/03 to just under 16 - timeline: Pictures of the backsides of her outfits instead of the front - timeline: Onepiece 2018 to 2021, comparisons wearing the same swimsuit design at 11 vs 14 version B - timeline: Set 048 to 382, comparison wearing the same leotard a year later at 11 vs 12 version B - timeline: Fitness pics, 2021. Mia had started gaining a bit of weight, so began dieting and exercise. The pictures show that transformation through the year at age 14.

Gen V
- (adult unseen CBed aftermaths) "The Boys" spinoff, 2023. 25 y.o. Emma (Elizabeth "Lizze" Broadway) can "grow" to the size of a two-story house by rapidly consuming food. TFs weren't shown, only the nude aftermaths. To shrink, she must usually empty the contents of her stomach, which is referred to as "purging." However, it's implied her powers depend on strong emotions.
"I've known since the Buster Beaver incident. Google at your own peril. My mom called me a monster, then made me swear to never do it again."
My theory is she was at a theme restaurant for a child birthday party. She really wanted to eat like the other kids, but her mentally abusive mom was controlling her body size and measured her constantly. She has to watch what she eats, be mindful of her size, stay balanced. We all know how little kids react to being told no, so Emma flipped out. I think she stuffed her face with cake which caused her to get big. So now you have a huge, strong, naked toddler throwing a tantrum in this restaurant/play place. She probably trashed the joint and might have hurt people too. Her mom got mad and called Emma a monster, which deeply scarred her and made her too ashamed to get big again.
Or maybe the other kids started cheering the overeating (the way little kids do at silly challenges), and she was so happy it caused her to grow. Leaving her a seven foot tall naked little girl in front of everyone. It's just her horrible mother lost it at this perceived embarrassment, and abused and berated poor Emma until she was left so ashamed she never dared do it again.
- S1Ep4 scene link - S1Ep5 scene link - info link - caps

short comics
puberty stages
- (FF educational panels) Sex-ed grow-up depictions are sometimes drawn in more accessible comics or animation styles - pics page

short toons
pubertad ("grow-up" tropes)
- (AA boy/girl puberty comparison memes) chicas/chicos gags. Girls always grow up more elegantly than boys. c'23 link - caps

short films
- (AA cutaway child "growth") Kids grow up too fast, DadSocial. c'23 gag link - caps

- (AI) - fake celeb flashbacks

fetish comics
Underburbs, The
- (dedicated demon AA age swap aftermaths) indyplanet.com. Vampire girl from the monster world tries to take over the human world on Halloween night, and it's up to a young witch to stop her! - Demonic age swap link - link - link - link - alt - alt - alt - alt - (Kappa)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: TiarasTwilight
- (dedicated TFed, TGed, adult ages) kisekae cutouts - "Star vs School" magic battles, 2019 - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - "Star & Marco TF TGs" link - (Kappa)

Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs
- (AA TFed weight loss, beautification effect) South Korea, 2019 CGI film. A poster depicted the heavyset Snow White next to her thin self caused by the magic shoes. "What if Snow White was no longer beautiful, and the 7 Dwarfs not so short?" This caused a massive controversy. Chloe Grace Moretz was appalled and the movie had to be retooled - 1

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Dracoknight545
- (dedicated AA TF toon lineups, BE APed forms) 2020 - "Misty's Evolution" link - "Frida AP Sequence" link - "Nani and Lilo Role Swap Device" link - alt - (Kappa)

- (FFed to OA) '18 sim character pixels - (Lunkpil)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: volkenfox
- (dedicated adult furries, WGed, aged effects) "Home Recipe" 2018 link - link - link - "Nest Egg" link - link - link - (Kappa)

Tanner Stages
- (CoA, puberty changes, aftermaths) - c.2000s Informational pics page

It's a Gas
- (dedicated fan art versions) '23 AI recreations of the famous "Ghost Manor" girl to woman AP poses.
Nightgown stages by Cvlsoldier - link - link - alt - alt - alt - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Ritsutama
- (dedicated AA RS TF) "A trip to Japan" age upgrade, '23 - link - alt - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: ThatFreakGivz
- (AA TF buxomization age-up effect) "Mikan Yuuki", 2023/12 - link - alt - (NightElf37)

Team Fortress 2
- (male dream adult babies "ARed") FPS, Valve, 2007.
"Meet the Pyro", Teamfortress short, 2012. It's revealed that the masked arsonist Pyro sees the other mercenaries as cute babies that he enjoys playing with (but cuts to the real world show that he's actually brutalizing them) - Video link - screencaps - (Gavin)

Libido Hunter Takeru
- (male AA TF "APed" form) ecchi school shounen by Yui Jouyama, Jump SQ.19, 2012-2015 - Ch1 &3 extract - (Akira)

- (AA blur TFs, TG ARed form) Animated film, 2023.
Immensely powerful teen shapeshifter joins rogue knight on a CGI fantasy quest. During the big reveal of her magical powers in the broom closet, Nimona is briefly seen glowing and getting taller, before cutting to a POV of Sir Ballister Boldheart's stunned expression as her perspective lurches upwards. Nimona's rhino form explodes out of the closet and through the waiting guards. Her subsequent pink animal shifts occur in full view of the camera. After a Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure and a flashback to her traumatic past, Nimona transforms into a gigantic Kaiju monster. We only see Nimona's face beginning to change as she gives in to her despair. Ominous Obsidian Ooze begins to replace her skin, before cutting to her body erupting outwards across the park - TF scenes video link - TG AR screencaps

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Dragon-FangX
- (dedicated adult to OA'd) "Another Princess Story".
Thicc Gilf Christmas fairy tale, 2016.
- link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link
- link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link
If blocked: Alt - Alt - (AgingWomen)

main links
- (dedicated AR stories) - new commissions, read for free by subscribing - Sebtomato's Ghost

fetish toons
Dark Productions TF
- (dedicated adult TFs, BE/butt, rejuvenation, solo) "Wish Upon a Star", 2023. Woman who is tired of being old wishes to be a younger adult so she can do wild things again - link - (MrDark)

short comics
After Death Comics
- (reborn or ARed, FF) "Quick Quest", c'23. Site link - story

Archie Comics
- (dedicated adult rejuv/OA swap) "Veronica & Miss Grundy Age Swap Comic" by Tebra, c'20 - 4-panel fan parody switch - (Chronoeclipse)

- (half-fairy ARed) Netflix, 2023. In the finale, Johanna was turned into a little girl offscreen - (Matteso586)

Neon Genesis Evangelion
- (dedicated TF ARed, APed fan art) Fetish artworks, c2010+.
There were many age swap pieces between Misato Katsuragi and Asuka Langley Sory, and other AR pieces of Misato. Also featuring Tsunade, Anko Mitarashi, Motoko Kusanagi, Astharoshe Asran ("Astha"), and Kagura. By JitenshaSW and other fetish artists. A lot of Jitensha's stuff has been archived.
- Heroine fan art link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link
- link - link - link - text link - text link - text link
If blocked: fan art page - (Kilokhan, Coin, Lurker)

Game of Thrones
- (toon silhouette OA) Melisandre, AKA the Red Woman, the Red Witch. A Red Priestess of the R'hllor religion and a close counselor to King Stannis - Granny witch fan art gif - (Chronoeclipse)

Justice League: Generation Lost
- (alien FF OA'd) #6, 2010/09.
Karen Starr; AKA Karrie, Kara Zor-L, Power Girl. In the future, Captain Atom encounters a very aged Power Girl. Unable to die after centuries, her Kryptonian body and memory have been ravaged by massive radiations. The only superhuman survivor of a metahuman war, she recognizes Nathaniel within moments.
- Before info link - After info link - Fan art link - Comics link - Art - (Keith943)

short comics
Vampire Husband
- (FFed to OA, male demon age stasis) Slice of life webcomic by Scragony, c'20 - link - art - (Deleted)

- (dedicated fan art, adults OA'd) "Old Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson" by Dkidrawer, c'20. Found this artist on DeviantArt and got this commission for $25. They're very receptive and open to doing old age - Fan art - (JackpotMans)

fetish comics
TF Artist: SsongjArt
- (dedicated TF AP, AR rejuvenation, furry, old age) c'20-'23+
TF sequences: link Santa & Mrs Claus receive a gift - link - link 3 shoujos progressed by a watch from a facility they visit - link Monica Rambeau - link Blind Al receives a mystery gift - link my OC ate enchanted mooncake - link Kay and Yu from the Haven game rejuvenate - link Aloy from Horizon discovers ancient perfume and regresses - link Yukikaze from Warship Girls - link Kantai Collection character Daitou into teen.
TF sequences: link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link
- link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link - link
TF sequences: link tentacles ARs rejuv - link nude sex AR - link Totally Spies OA'd - link Spies ARed - link Spies sex AR.
- Artist link - If blocked: A few Alts

- (AA TFs, TG, furry, AA age forms) webcomics by ND Stevenson, 2012+
The shapeshifter Nimona's true age is unknown, but she typically looks like a young-looking human who can transform into any creature. Different outfits appear as she warps into any age/gender or red/pink animal form - comics art

Josie and the Pussycats
- (dedicated fan art, old aged) Ep16 "Don't Count on a Countess" 1971.
As you all know, I really like this episode, so I had SketchArmstr0ng make me an elderly version of the Pussycats - link 2020/10. Also a commission drawn by SerisaBibi, 2020/02 - Fetish fan art - (JackpotMans)

Summertime Saga
- (dedicated "FFed" to OA) Dating Sim/Visual Novel, 2023 - game info link - daughter Becca's never moving out, aged Tina fan art link - alt - (Easyrival)

kisekae ningyou
- (dedicated FFed to OA) c'18. Kisekae Set System (KiSS) animated interactive virtual "paper dolls". Expert Mode. Yellow, Pink, Green Buttons. L-R: Scars (I use this tab for wrinkles), Emotes 1 & 2 - facials, mouth, etc. NSFW options (boob wiggle etc.) - "Max and Chloe OA" stages - (JackpotMans)

short comics
educational comics (puberty)
- (FF, CoA puberty) - Scholastic/PSA, K-12. Informational comics, single panels and shorts about growing up

- (face FF editing) - Agemod software - (face FFed) - Heather O'Rourke older
- (adults "rejuved") - Photoshopped celebs - Faith Hill - (123anon987)

Round Table of America: Personality Crisis
- (meta-humans ARed AA scene) Vol1 #1, 2005. Image Comics.
Half-page depiction of ARed superheroes. As this comic seems to be a parody, there wasn't a story by Image or Big Bang Comics to depict the Regression.
In the present, Ultiman was surprised to see Christine older and with powers, as she was 4 y.o. before. Ultiman fought his daughter and was defeated.
- Read link - info link - extract - (Thomas2)

Kimi no koto ga Dai Dai Dai Dai Daisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo
100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You, The
AKA "100-nin no Kanojo", anime series by Bibury.
- (AA TFed BE AP) Ep07. I have high hopes, considering they animated the cutaway TF very well despite the two-panel scene from the manga. Not sexy at all, but still animated.
Episode link @10 mins - screencaps - (The AP Ninja)
- (AA TFed AP) Ep08 "Kiss Zombie Panic" 2023/11/26.
4 of the shoujos are in a zombie like state pursuing Rentarou for a kiss. Chem Girl age progresses, while locked together in a school locker at 14:20 (seen from behind). She regresses back at 19:06. Kusuri administers antidotes. Rentarou promises to continue loving her even if she keeps making drugs - (Carlton)
- (AA TFed AP) Ep09 came out. We do get a shot of her butt post AP, but still no expansion of any kind. Kind of losing hope that we're gonna see any sort of transformation at this point - (Meticulan23)

- (male AR AA poof) Stuck In Attic, c2024 adventure game by the creators of "Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure".
Many fantasy scene animations, including a man zapped into a little boy by magic. Maybe that spell will work on several characters? - link - caps - (Sickboy)

- (adult TG to preteen mind swap) 2022, Italy.
Toto (a 40 y.o. Neapolitan crime boss) is shot in the chest the same instant that Rosetta (a 10 y.o. fifth grader) hits her head from a swing. The girl and the boss undergo surgery, and wake up in each other's bodies! The kind and dance-loving child in the body of a gangster, and the gangster in the body of a little sensitive girl!

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Mr-DNA
- (dedicated young adult demons aged/WGed) Angela's Magic Lessons - 2013/05. A new Chain Series, starring The Underburbs' Angela Morgan!
START link - Cougar link - link - Lawyer link - link - Librarian link - link - link - Teacher link - link - Housewife link - link - Active Senior link - link
Witch link - Epilogues link - link - link - Be Stole, My Heart: Angela's Conclusion link - Christmas Edition: Angela into Milf link
Sam Allen Mommification - WrenZephyr2 OC link - Sam Allen in: Claus and Effect, 2016/12 link
Auntie Tero's Baubles - Terrormokes OC, 2020/04 link - Queen Jyraldine - Anastimafilia OC, 2017 link - If blocked: Alts - (AgingWomen boards)

short films
puberty documentaries
- (CoA) - c.2010-20 educational shorts.
Sometimes they show simplified age/growth stages - screencaps page

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation