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fetish fiction
furry mall AR story
- (gradual furry AR) I think I read it on FurAffinity years ago. A group of high schoolers at the mall (it focuses on one person) gets younger without realizing they used to be older. But they still have the same personalities even as kindergartner animals. Someone's phone turns into a toy phone. Does anyone remember this story? - (Mayhem)

God Mars
- (male youth power-up TF?) S1Ep2 "Behold! the Six God Combination".
AKA Rokushin Gattai Goddomazu - Mecha anime series 1981-82 - Japan-only, blocked link - (Akira)

Engine Sentai Go-onger
- ("woman AR!") Ep24 "First Smile" "Saisho no Egao" 8/3/2008.
Inaccessible link - (Akira)

Odd Squad
- (male AR) - S1Ep9 "Skip Day/The Great Grinaldi". Men into boys @1:00
Blocked in your country link - youtu.be/IO0Y3MzcwfY - (Entropic)

note for NightElf37 (11/2018)
So far, all attempts to upload the Mahou Sensou anime videos have been blocked on all video sites by Kadokawa Corporation. We are working on getting the gifs small enough.

Japan-only Toei video links: We are unable to view any of the following videos despite proxy attempts. They have all been completely blocked:
- ("boy girl AP") - Space-time warrior Spirvan Ep 02 link
- ("boy girl AP") - Space-time warrior Spirvan Ep 14 link
- ("man AP") - Special Relief Order Solbrain 05 story link
- ("man woman AP") - link
- (Akira)

unknown AR
- (adult to old age, AR to oblivion) c'18, fan manga.
Found this comic scene on Pixiv. Kinda dark and gory as both the AR and the OA are to death, so heads up... Could someone translate this? Its fairly obvious what is happening with the reactions, but I am curious now.
- www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=51484653 - full manga - (Klatuk4u)

- (male AR) Every time a guy gets sexual pleasure with a female (maybe being breast fed), he gets younger. He ends up as a baby in her arms. I wish I could recall the name of it. It's buried deep in my collection somewhere - (Jeffr_2bya)

An idea to share: I was searching for AR content lately and came across this Japanese thread:
It's a forum thread listing AR and AP content, with quite a fair bit of AR info I didn't see anywhere else. The catch is that since the thread is so old, several of the ARs mentioned became very hard to find; I've been searching for days to no avail.
The page is basically a temporary forum, where users list the ARs and APs they came across; from video games (standard or VNs), TV dramas, anime, manga, short novels... I browse through the page, translating its entries with Google, and when one catches my eye, I search for it online and see if I can find it.
The thread being almost 12 years old as of late 2017, many of the finds mentioned have become quite rare; still, I think it's worth looking into. Hence the wish list idea. Would a page that lists all unfound age transformations in general be worth making? I feel it would be a good idea to let other AR/AP lovers know what could be out there, in case they'd be willing and able to search for it.
This page is also intended for very vague descriptions of half-recalled scenes where we don't remember the title of what it was.
- (Azerty47, Klatuk4u)

3x3 Eyes
- (AR?) PS1 or PC or Saturn. One of the games seems to have AR offscreen only mentioned; I'll look into it further when I can - (Azerty47)

Penguin no Mondai
- (AR) A Penguin's Troubles - Ep76 c2009?
The first of 4 anime Tv series? 250+ eps. Rejuvenating chocolate causes several characters, including the main female lead, to regress into babies. I couldn't find a video of it, though; the anime is surprisingly rare - (Azerty47)
Does anyone have this?

The Devil is a Part-Timer
- (AR?) by Satoshi Wagahara, Oniku. Manga/light novel/anime, 2011-
AKA: "Hataraku Maou-sama!", "Working Demon King!", "Demon Lord at Work!". Also see:
The Devil Is a Part-Timer! High School!
AKA "Hataraku Mao-sama! Hai Sukuru!" Spin-off manga by Kurone Mishima, 07/2012, Dengeki Maoh magazine.
It's confusing me because my search phrase "turn into a baby" didn't pop up anywhere on the page. Furthermore, the manga's name sounds familiar, though my searches so far didn't yield jack, which makes me even more confused. So I have a question: does it indeed feature an AR that was already mentioned somewhere I missed, or did Google and my memory crap out on me? I'm continuing my searches just in case.
Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

THE Fundship Guardian Spirit
- (AR) "THE Fundoshi Shugo Rei" - by Masami Hosokawa? Weekly Shonen Champion, 03/14/2007-2008.
In one chapter, a man who can control people's time transforms the heroine into a baby, and the male lead into an old man.
Does anyone have this?

Seiken Kotonoha
- (AR) "Magazine Great", 05/2007 (special issue).
Unknown chapter has a high school shoujo trapped inside a cocoon and ARed in baggy clothes (I assume into a baby, but the term used in the entry could also mean child). The series was released in 4 volumes via Amazon import, which makes me wish I could buy them.
Does anyone have this?

Stamina Tenshi
- (AR) Yamada Mario, 05/2007. Houbunsha, Manga Time Lovely.
After bathing in rejuvenating hot springs or something, the heroes (male and female I assume) are regressed into kids and babies.
Does anyone have this?

Alosha Trilogy
- (AR?) by Christopher Pike.
Alosha (Book 1), The Shaktra (Book 2), The Yanti (Book 3).

Criss Cross
- (AR?) by Lynne Rae Perkins.

Alienators: Evolution Continues
- (AR?) 26 Eps, 2001-02. "Cradle Will Fall"?

Prison Break
- (pseudo rejuv or OA?)

Superman: The Animated Series
- (AR?) 1996-2000.

old requests
- (wish list) - link - (JeffR_2bya)

Radio Shack
- (male AP CB?) 1980s? There was said to be a commercial where a boy supposedly grew up and burst through his clothes. There was a confirmed Flintstones Vitamins CM like that.
Did this really happen for Radio Shack or did someone just dream it?