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Everything Everywhere All at Once
- (other aged selves) Glimpse cut, 2022.
One of her many alternate universe forms has a semi-adult baby-like appearance. Seen for only a moment.

Matrix Resurrections, The
- (male adult "OA'd" self-image glimpse) 2021. In a few scenes his reflection appears a few decades older.

short comics
Kill Six Billion Demons
- (AR, old age) Webcomics. The Tree of Life can restore a withered crone to her pre-teen glory years for a few hours.
Mottom the demon rapidly degenerates to a middle-aged woman. Allison destroys the tree to stop the blood sacrifices of virgins, and Mottom ages even faster as she draws upon her powers in a fit of rage.

fan characters
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
- (male ARed, RNed) - Jonathan Joestar, The First JoJo
Fan fiction by ShipperOfFiction, 2019.
Courtesy of a surprise attack from Alessi, Jonathan is reverted to his 6-year-old self. It lasts for most of Ch09 before being reversed - link

Being Human
- (male TF UCed) George's clothes are apparently damaged when he transforms into a werewolf?

Parks and Recreation
- (adult FFed) Jerry was one of those characters everyone on the show looked down on, yet was living his best possible life. At the very end he's 100-y.o. with a widow far more youthful in appearance - link

short comics
Wotch, The
- (dedicated TG/TFed AR) The Wotch webcomics.
  Mingmei discovers she used to be Dr. Sorgaz, whose persona takes this as a second chance, and opts to merge with Mingmei permanently.
  21 y.o. Evan frequently escapes into a 4 y.o. female body called "Lily".
  "Adventures in Babysitting" - Evan turns into adult female Anne. Robin & Jason were turned into children of the opposite gender.

short comics
- (AA poof) Webcomics. Ponce de Leon and his companion look for a fountain of youth, but only come across the Fountain of Doubt, Fountain of Water So Good Even Dead People Want It, and Fountain of Girl (NSFW).

short comics
Kevin and Kell
- (furry AR) Webcomics.
  The vulture family sometimes travels to the past. Their time machine can affect someone's age.
  Dolly the clone begins to age faster than usual. A new identity is created and she gets a job as a cleaning lady for the vultures. While cleaning she accidentally activates the time machine and is "permanently" turned into a baby.
  In other strips the characters are briefly turned into babies for laughs.

fan characters
Whateley Universe
- (TG TF rejuved) Superhero school. Retired U.S. Navy officer Sam Everheart was injured saving a Hot Scientist from bad guys. The hive of nanites saved him... by turning him into his deceased 17 y.o. hot daughter.

Fairly OddParents, The
- (AP to OA speculations) Think about what 2 years did to Vicky. If I could I'd show what fifty did. Given what she looks like at 18, honestly, I thought she'd be pretty thick at 66. You bet she would be a chunky gal FOR SURE - link - (VioletJames)

fan characters
Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric
- (adult age stasis) "Going Loco" 2015.
The Robo Rebels and human allies visit a ranch where the fountain of youth is located. Historical figures used the fountain to keep from aging.

Ben 10
- (ARed) The Fountain of Youth is sought by Hex, who is inexplicably decrepit in the episode. Max turns into a 10 y.o., and is revealed to be similar to Ben at that age. Ben and the aliens turn into toddlers. Hex ended up reverted to toddler age.

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (ARed) A de-aging ray is used against Ben and Rook. Tara Strong returns to voice young Ben, and li'l Rook is ridiculously adorable... with a tail again, which his species sheds at puberty.

fan characters
Ultra Fast Pony
- (horse AR) "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" based.
Sexual reproduction has been rendered obsolete by the ability to turn adult ponies back into babies. After three little fillies learn this, they turn The Mane Six back into children for fun.

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (AR, age stasis, male AP)
  - The Fountain was under the school, kept secret by a "girl" who had been using it for years. The Delightful Children from Down the Lane were naturally opposed to its existence, and wanted to destroy it.
  - Senior citizens used anti-aging cream to temporarily de-age themselves into teenaged supervillain personas to steal tapioca pudding.
  - An adult mind in a baby's body. The CEO of a Tv network used his satellites to broadcast a de-aging ray across the world to turn everyone into babies so he'd never be called a baby again. He was hit by his own ray, and mentally regressed to match his body. His assistants reveal they're his parents and vow to raise him better.
  - The cigar-like regressing gadget comes back into play in another episode where it manipulates character ages.

Darkwing Duck
- (AA anthro rejuv/AR)
  - An elderly villain attempted to make a fountain of youth to regain his adult youth and become immortal. He was restored to his prime, but in a fight with Darkwing Duck and Herb they all became babies. The fountain was destroyed and his henchmen were turned into babies as well, while Darkwing and Herb turned normal.
  - "Disguised the Limit" - Darkwing is framed for a crime he did not commit. A scientist blasts him with a ray gun that turns him into anything he sees. At one point he turns into his daughter and a baby.
  - Darkwing becomes super fast, but the more he does it, the older he becomes. He fixes it by running backwards to become younger... a little too much and becomes a kid duck.

Emperor's New School, The
- (AR AA) Yzma uses the actual Fountain of Youth to become a (surprisingly attractive) teenager in order to trick Kuzco. Pacha and Chica also become teenagers, and Yzma and Kronk become (somewhat freaky looking) babies.

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (male adult revitalization, adult stasis, male AR)
  The Dog Talisman gives its holder immortality. Uncle doesn't look younger but becomes incredibly strong and agile like he used to be.
  The Fountain was used by a hidden tribe to preserve their ages for countless centuries. The source was stolen by the unscrupulous man who paid Jackie to find it. When he and his butler drank some of the water, they regressed into babies.

Justice League Unlimited
- (AR AA, male AA OA'd) "Kid Stuff".
After his mother insists he's too young, Morgan Le Fay's son Mordred uses a powerful amulet to banish the world's adults into a pocket dimension. Morgan then turns Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern into 8 y.o. children so they can get the amulet back. Eventually, Mordred is tricked into breaking the spell that keeps him a boy, and he is sucked into the pocket dimension. It turns out he still had eternal life minus eternal youth, and became thousands of years old and effectively immobile, basically a vegetable that his still-young mother will care for - Forever.

Spider-Man (1994-1998)
- (male AR/rejuv)
  Aged crime lord Silvermane's long-standing goal was to restore his adult youth. Unfortunately he was reverted to infancy. A later attempt also works too well, restoring him to his original old age instead of his target age.
  Adrian Toomes, AKA the Vulture, tries the same thing, and it works out considerably better.

Putri Cantik
- (adult AA) "Ep04" Indonesia, c2004? Two young women transform themselves into young women - link

short films
37 Godin
- (adult CoA) 37 ГОДИН - "37 Years", 2013, 20 mins, Yulia Rainveter, Ukraine.
Drama with mystical elements. During the hours after the death of her stepfather, Julia finds answers to many of life's issues and mentally turns into an adult.

- Alice in Wonderland - (AA) - clip - (AA) - clip - (AA) - clip
- (male PE erection process) - arousal CGI - (male PE demon erection) - scene
- (AA) - virtual reality 00:27 start - (AA) - VR

Snow White (character)
- (FF element) Snow is only seven at the start of the original story (with some versions "aging" her up to 14). In the Disney version, she supposedly started out at 14.

Shipping News, The
- (male face) 2001, directed by Lasse Hallstrom. Male "FF" morph.

Tyler Hubbard
- (no growth or FF) "5 Foot 9", Country, 2022. Female adult height worship.

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